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"2017-08-29 00:30:00"
What Really Happened: Mike Rivero Monday 8/28/17: Today's News Talk Show
\\what really happened with your host Mike Rivero you're listening to the Republic broadcasting network what you'll find out what the machine is going and aloha America welcome to our show today it is Monday 8/28/2017 and ... unfortunately just as we started the show our server for what really came under intense hacker attack they always we just when getting ready to do the show and then we'll come on in and out they have succeeding crashing the site so ... eh they know that where one person operation if I have to do the show that I can't go in and ... deal with all of this so obviously something is going on where people are very concerned that you not be allowed to hear certain things so there we are I anyway it is Monday August 28 27 team go start of a brand new week and all kinds of in ... insane stuff going on there and ... of the good news of course is you probably noticed on the fate up here I finally got the new mixer I installed here and for those of you on band user this is the old mixer and ... it's already been spoken for so don't send any emails ... so that's going to be I shipped out this afternoon ... okay who my server just came back the automated systems work huzzah huzzah huzzah alright so let's get into what we've got so much to talk about today in fact I got a very full talking points list here I am we're just gonna tear right into it right now //

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