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"2017-05-13 15:13:57"
\\yeah that's a real welcome to another nerd the memories I got so many requests for me you to make a you know corn cake and not just any you know going came pretty very specific kink that you've been sending me pictures on social media it looks like a unicorn face I'm so excited because I love unicorns one there my sister's favorite animal to their magical 3 they make everything better a unicorn traffic Gino better unicorn cookie better a unicorn headband better so today we're gonna be making a magical unicorn cake then skip started a recipe that we're making today is a fun city came from scratch that things will need will be 2 cups of all purpose flour bulletin a half cups of sugar one stick of salted better you wanted a room temperature 5 large a grades 3 fourths Cup of whole milk a fourth Cup of shortening quarter teaspoon of almond extract teaspoons of vanilla extract 2 teaspoons of baking powder and teaspoon of salt 0.25 Cup of rainbow sprinkles now let's put it all in their first step is a whisking together are drying greedy in in in in bowl and your flour baking powder here they sell TeenNick tell well combined and set off to the side next in a large mixing bowl cream together your butter shortening in sugar then using an electric hand mixer looks together until the light and fluffy and like to start on a low speed and work my way up to medium now adding your egg whites one at a time combine them all in a bowl so just eyeballing then mix it up and the next day mix it up next day mix it up next day mix that last name mix it up and don't forget this group downside well adding your extracts vanilla Khomeyn Ian once again makes it that this smells so good ... ... what mixture dry mixture email now alternate adding your dry mixture and your milk to the west and a third of the dry mix it up half the milk mix it up second third of the dry mix it up last of the milk mix it up last of the dry makes it would get this great down the sunroom our battery is almost ready but we have and magic yet we need some rainbow sprinkles to make this a true friend Freddie king reading the friends then 4 with a spatula you don't wanna use electric mixer because it may break apart your sprinkles they're a little bit delicate it to keep party but we have to be chicken bucket back keep batter that is for a net has some fun Betty it smelled delicious knew we divide the batter between 3 cake pans I'm using 6 inch or around a circle cake pans greased and lined with a piece of parchment paper at the bottom to make it easier to remove the king cakes are ready debate here and then to 350 degrees and bake for about 30 to 35 minutes just keep your eyes on the cake while they bake as soon as the top turns a golden brown may be a good idea to poke with a cake tester or if you don't have a cake tester you can use a toothpick just placed in the to thank for the cake tester Louis poured down and there's no better sticking to it the cakes ready for this year cakes have big to give them plenty of time to cool over here I have leveled them you can use a cake leveler like me or Asher pending knife no he's turned to assemble arcade in front of me have a look cake plate a turntable make frosting a little bit easier take the first slayer knee sit down and a baby and a school dance and then there were buttercream frosting I like to pay for an outline all Louis area then fill it can even be using an offset spatula smooth it out now and the next layer Ian covers frosting just like we did before can all that love Freddie king now for a top player remember this super cool trick you're gonna flip your cake upside down to the bottom of the cage is actually on the top across the entire cake starting at the top then working your way around the signs 20 paved a senior from the bottom to the top of the cake take your large offset spatula gently pressed against the cake as you spend the term people to get a single very smooth you may have to spin it around a few times seems smooth the signs the worst thing a way to delay sticker spatula you bring in the time working way all the way around after icing the cake I placed it onto a cake stand if you don't have the kickstand placer cake on whatever you'd like to serve it on a serving tray a cake plate whatever you have seen I think this one because it was like to proceed to a place it on top of the turntable again next step is adding some decorations with a bunch of different colored butter cream icing so they have over here we're gonna pay a bunch of these all over the top Ian cascading down the side to look like a unicorn its name at David icing's light purple P. darker purple in blue pastel blamed I just that these colors would look good together but you can use any colors you'd like I'm gonna start by painting rosettes with my light purple and a light pink both of these have been open star tip this is a number 2 for a rose cannot looks like a little rooms you start on the inside and work your way up I only some scared of frosting Skinner just jumped out at me here seem thing with the big arena and left now I'm using the late peeing in a darker pastel purple French tips easier number 4 be paid little dollops in between the rows at last but not least with iron dark pastel purple and blue kissing the tips at the end of these are round circles a number 28 sweet down apply pressure and then pull up so it looks like a little Hershey's kiss when the noise helps it helps me got her magical unicorn mean the paper done now it's time to paper on the high seas over here in the little paving bank and have some black icing for the number for tips I'm keeping my eye design very simple by typing too arches list a little flash and so you can take any design you'd like our unicorn peak is almost done mill unicorn with alto horn up the cake in the fridge while we work on making our final decorations the unicorn horn even years first step is making me years in front of me eighteenth down a piece of wax paper so the fund it won't stick to the surface and then got a little bit of powdered sugar menace sprinkle little bit down on top of the wax paper spirited around break off a little bit of white marshmallow fondant cannot rule it flat I have a tear drop in a smaller tear drop cookie cutter cut out 2 of each mostly taking a little dab of water the water helps the fun and stick together impact as in and he says crewmen to show years allow them to dry on top of something rounded I'm just a measly funded rolling pin but you could also use open score another ruling tend to make your unicorn horn I have rolled out a T. bird rope of fondant its finger at one end thinker at the other alley to using long lollipop stick but if you don't know one of these at home you can also use a wooden skewer take a little peek brash get some water on the end and Pete you're lonely pops this will help the funding package now twirl the fondant around the lollipop stick to create a little corn horn like those unicorn lollipops think he see if Disney land in there all rainbow would delicious this is what the horn looks like have left some space of the lollipop stick at the bottom you can stick it into the cake now just let it sit out for 10 to 30 minutes to harden final step to me here funded decorations worth enough pain call over here have some gold edible high later does a little bit goes a long way you don't need to use a lot or a little bit and to a small bowl then I came and then some only extract so that when repeating it won't be streaking you can actually use any cool here alcohol look how pretty campaigns move the gold of renowned I want to paint a liner on the witness this is so pretty mental pain thing inner ear in the whole porn goal just take the cake out of the French aids children like creation step and arm who he hears yeah then the up here in the unicorn peak we made today when he heard me any cake recipe different things so many pictures of these can be cakes all over social media and I absolutely loved making this one I'll be posting lots of pictures in the recipe online Rosanna beans unicom Facebook Twitter Instagram you can check it out there and if you guys make this cake please take a picture and send it to me I love the senior baking creations makes me happy it makes my day as everyone it's unicorn it's my sister's fee for it in the wall well it's a toss up between unicorns and then our walls which are unicorns of the sea fairly fairly you have any other ideas for any other noon the memories please let me know only me coming down below and to make it happen thanks again he does but my I they I //
"2016-08-13 16:02:24"
\\it is it's a road today we're going to be making something that I got a ton of a request for it today we're gonna be making emir cake for those of you who are familiar with a mere cake it's a very specific type of glaze that's very reflective and I've also been getting a lot of requests for a galaxy themed cakes I'm going to combine both of those things today and I'm gonna be making a galaxy mere came here is that the things you leave it will be 26 inch around a vanilla cakes 8 counts is overweight chocolate the type that I'm using his covert sure I've tried other tapes of chocolate and it just didn't work as well 1 Cup of sugar a Cup of cold water and many separate measurement of water which will be a quarter Cup of water half a Cup of the light corn syrup half a Cup of sweetened condensed milk 5 teaspoons of powdered gelatin some vanilla buttercream frosting food coloring depending on what colors you want to be clear cake you can make these any color is that because I'm making a galaxy cake I'm gonna be using black white navy blue electric blue purple and pink and then lastly the spread is optional but I'm to be having a little bit of edible black disco desk first thing that we're gonna do is a level or 2 cakes remember you can use any type of a thing you'd like but I'm gonna be using Manila because I love it and I'm just placing it on top of the piece of parchment paper so that it will be on the table and I'm taking a leveler it's got a little wire in the middle and little feat siege that the feet down and then you saw back and forth and you gonna take off the top which is the best part is like the muffin tops so good you can crumble list that put in a little container in me cake pops like there's so you're gonna save this for another treat the top level the now we're gonna cut it in half so with their little kid leveler and moved it down a few more notches and lined it up so it's hitting about half way through it doesn't have to be perfect there we go and now you're going to do this to your other king cakes I level the next thing that we're going to do is assemble a cake in front of me have a little turn which makes it a little bit easier to frost in a little cake board I got this one and make calls you just gonna need something that will be the same size as your kids then over here I've got some vanilla buttercream frosting that I put into little plastic baggie and they just cut the end so you just put a little bit in the center so that your cake won't move pick up your first layer placed in the middle then we're gonna cover the top with your frosting fly if we keep first flyer mile round in a lately so near gonna put on your next layer and frost again smooth it out then that for the top earlier we can actually flip it upside down so that debate to buy them is on the top tier cake is assembled I just popped mine in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes to set and chill again before a frost and I'm just going to cover the whole cake the top in the science with frosting it is totally covered and frosted now using a big offset spatula and going to smooth it out tears going to plant he'll spatula here and try not to move the angle and then this indicate around of a creator released some move to finish all the way around if it's not perfect the first time around it in school but around again and on the top just kinda smooth it out and now I'm gonna spend around pushing the frosting out to the edges and you'll see that a little bit of frosting is hanging over the end and that's okay because then you can turn a spatula like this skip into our cake is completely frosted and now we're going to set this in the refrigerator for 2:00 hours to completely sat in jail and while it is setting up we are going to make our me years delays which is what makes our mere cake uglier cakes the first step to making ugliness is we're going to balloon hard gelatin is you gonna pour all of the gelatin into the half a Cup of cold water and then with the spoon organised scared together and you'll know that it's ready when it looks like apple sauce and then I'm gonna send it off to the side for about 5 to 10 minutes to bloom then in a medium size saucepan it we're gonna and our quarter Cup of water either late corn syrup even owners sugar then I'm gonna wis together until well combined and then take this mixture over the snow during your heat to medium low and cook for 78 minutes your mixture will slowly begin to boil and dissolve the sugar once ready turn off the heat and go back to your baking station are mixture is hot and fresh off the stove so be very careful this sauce pan is a really hot still now we again and our blue gelatine then we're gonna list together next we're going to add our sweet condensed milk Ian was together 1 more time are mixture is ready and now we're gonna pour it into a bowl with our chocolatey and this is still hot some them be use an oven Mitt since it still hot we're gonna let it sit for about 2 to 3 minutes a rate here and let it melt the chocolate or chocolate has softened it is ready to makes I'm going to be using a handheld immersion blender you can't just use a regular hand mixer that's fine but they really like to use this type of blender for chocolate because it gets things very smooth is going to turn it on and makes it in over here I've got another medium size bowl with a stream here on the top and we're just gonna pour the mixture through the strainer to catch all the little air bubbles are chunks anything that wasn't Simoun some let it drip in there because our whole them lyrically is I can get I now we're gonna split between 5 mole spore are different colors and now we're going to color our mere delays and this is where you can pick any colors you'd like if you'd like to make a rainbow mere cake or a type that Amir cake you can take any colors over this one can be adding a little bit and maybe in the here I'm gonna be adding 6 of electric blue and 2 navy blue for this one looked up to be a little bit of purple in a little bit of electric blue then over here I've got 5 different schools and now we're gonna mix them together be sure to move quickly as they sat the colors are all done and I am so excited because now it is time to pour in the Hoover are frosted king our cake is ready to become a mere to get out of the fridge in a place it on top of little vase and a very small these if you don't have a little vase you can use a little Cup whatever you have around your kitchen and then I place it on top of the cookie sheet lined with a piece of parchment paper so that when we're pouring the glaze will be easy cleanup over here and got made base glazes so whatever color you want to use for the base coat I'm gonna be using the dark space color and the darker blue I'm gonna pour into into the space news menus in the spelling and give it a gentle swirl but I'm not mixing it together just giving any real swirl and then we're going to pour it on the top of the key and let it drip all over the science we're gonna cover the whole cake with this base coat of clay's from a start on the top and it's just going to trip over the side owe you guys look at that if you were just doing a single color or a 2 tone color you would just stop here and let the cakes that we're going to be adding some extra details to really look like the galaxy another helpful tip is you want your pleased to be at about 90 degrees temperature of a little candy thermometer is you can stick it into the glaze to make sure that it's 90 degrees hotter than that it's gonna be too thin and not stick to your cake if it's colder than that can be a little thicker than a little clump beer it won't spread as even and if they cool down you can just pop in the microwave and sternum up to make a warm again women take me later blue with this bill and I'm just gonna poor crossed to get some cool detail in a little bit of purple leann just have fun with it you can make it look however you'd like think once it got your colors on the cake announce the take a very big spatula and very gently brushed the top to Kenny evenly blend the colors I'm gonna be moving with the street looking very very gentle you don't want to expose the frosting over here and got the black disco dust and a little paint brush and I'm just going to do it ends into the dust and then I'm just going to flick it on top of the cake it's adding this really cool shimmer of fact look so cool the shiny and share Murray lastly using the same brush we're gonna decrease into a little bit of weight food coloring over here in the sum of all our good deals Blattner just like rap a little bit about the but it's very fun because we need stars in our galaxy yeah never gonna let our geeks it for about 20 minutes to let the excess glaze drip box after year near Cape has said you can transfer it onto a serving tray her serving plate and the bottoms are very very sticking so if you've transferred and there's any imperfections on the bottom this for it's totally optional but I'm going to be adding a little traditional kick border all the way around the bottom edge to hide any imperfection I just got some butter cream frosting with the star tip at the end doneness here is the galaxy mere cake that we've made today a big thank you to you guys for suggesting this video this is the first time that we have ever made Amir cake before I love it it's so shiny and glossy did you can see your reflection in there's so many different possibilities you can decorate it so many different ways so you guys make a mere cake please take a picture and send it to me love singer breaking creations me happy just makes my day and I'll be posting pictures of this cake that we made today on Facebook Twitter Instagram tumblr of you have any other ideas for any other types of videos you make 50 we make please leave me a comment down below irate think again you guys but I //

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