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Why Is Self-Harm On The Rise? The Trews (E447)
\\n't hello there is may Russell brand among you'll find among you'll feed them on your device I mean your life right now and I love you if you like this share if you don't like it I am actually really so he isn't doing this to make you happy I don't have to do this you know what public driven by the ego is now on some level but is this determination first August on the status of the continues to motivate the truce and today we're talking about teen self harm serious issue 1 I'm personally connected to through the skies a mile on this land more about it now a study has found evidence of an alarming recent rise in self harm among 13 to 16 year old girls between 2011 and 2014 the number of cases that GP's recorded dealing with rose by 68 percent I think young goes up to keep trying to admit that this lots of changes going off young goes around that time in their lives to save me lots of concerns from body image should social position and ... how they relate to their friends ... how they what was having similar becoming young women social median pay pressure becomes very very important that particular age group you'll likely experiencing even this on social media and if you are a young person is experiencing any of these issues are hyped it reach out that that group that makes their accident are really into a stamp and there are other groups that will talk about and into the scope I suppose well I want to say to you is the I reckon a lot of these can ins are exacerbated by sin bay by the very idea of body image suggests out there is a form that I'm as in spice to head toward Seoul is a white I'm so I feel the other people's lives of different to mine and better than mine and I want my life to be like that all my life isn't how I wanted to pay is a strange and sad impetus that people are harming themselves at you are harming yourself in this way I think of as a way out of the I mean me I obviously bounced around in the world of addiction in various way self harm I have heard people argue that even bite your nails is the soul of the impulsive self harm is present and nothing works because it tricked chi mak compliment St correct by Longstreet we pull out your head self harm as like most things various gradients bus poses Roo a source is not loving yourself and finding a way to loving yourself accepting a self poem pa the journey to adulthood I mention this phenomena is common in females because that bombarded with lots of images of how they should pay him what I should feel more is to be a young woman I reckon Hounslow adolescence which is a period of transition from childhood into adult hood and that somehow you want to mark the podium in short is what sort of spirit analytical ways you guy it is curious that rights of passage in indigenous societies often involves wisely canola edging change change in the body trying you from ... ... a young person into an adult person often has a ritualized form to me in societies there is not as detached from essence is the one we live in a box or psychoses on mutations of impulses that would be quite useful in a society or culture that was more connected to spirit by which I mean to who we are in essence as opposed to form how we should be externally so I feel that it isn't an external condition is being imposed upon you externally and that there isn't but the thing is being manifest internally is not necessarily a bad thing I know it's not actually because I know that you are not battle broken but are in fact peaceful by the time Emily was 15 she was resorting to self harm daily to try to deal with her emotions I think I was just star overwhelmed with life right everything changes when you're changing schools like everything is just always causing changes so much pressure on it when Emily stumbled across web forums promoting self home as a positive thing it encouraged her to continue set up on my closet before that during this and that I think that it's a good thing that that helps them rescuers when people identify around negativity isn't it like online forums that serve promote self harm I know that they were compatible things if anorexia which so suggest that people coming together and bonding does have a roof of momentum and energy behind it book I suppose wouldn't it be be useful if that energy of coming together in union could be about hearing her analogy now wounds and healing of wounds as opposed to disappearing more deeply into the darkness a kind of anti life force experts say steering teenagers away from the sites is vital it might feel like reaching out to a community health and he's got that support but there is a real worry in sites and places a pro south home because the advice they give could be harmful and dangerous here a few more facts about so farming youngsters yourself Hollinger about 9 times more likely to die in unnatural death in those who did not 17 times more likely to die from suicide to 34 times more likely to die from accu alcohol or drug poisoning Sir in NYC signal is in Asia so wholly true crime help is an expression of something I wonder if that ... impulse can be differently directed into an area that's beneficial both to the people suffering from self harm and people around the research has suggested a growing number of young women are experiencing mental health problems of contributing factors including bars appearance the rise of social media and online content around self harming that these things could OP player off interesting I suppose the continuum around consumerism and being regarded as I can she month more than as a civilian or sort of subjects in a mystery to me put it what but ... either community member that is for your mind role in life is to consume products then you are continually being told you're not good enough in order to stimuli that need to purchase it seems that young people are vulnerable and in this particular act Tice young women are particularly vulnerable except perhaps more work needs to be done in reassuring embracing reaching out so and loving members of that community both by trusted mentors and other members of that community new ways of connecting to 1 another that celebrate ourselves and build a house so from harming US shows if you are affected by this issue on anyone your call the Samaritans in the UK 116 once the freight national suicide prevention line if you're in a American person in America and lifeline in Australia because we hope to be to consider all of the people in the world that makes you so great if you're in ... ... in the Yucaipa wherever you are in the world and let the pain you are suffering let it be full to me to tell you that you up useful to a perfect you have everything you need inside you and coming together in different communities with different motivations will be part of your salvation and I hope to see you along the way good luck thanks watching this title //
"2017-10-27 18:08:53"
Russell Brand Recounts The Birth Of His Daughter
\\so is it them month door was blown leap era guys and serving of it John Radcliffe hospital to maternity wing think it's cool to spas Ike's midwife lately southco narcotics Moore wants to be in a different position the contractions surgeons boxer Jesus which minis are need constant now she swishes a bow in the pool on all fours on her back then finally squatting like a frog on her toes heels up knees outward and we lock that the allies in the forums Nora he it dives within herself entirely as clearly as the physical fathoms was sort she deliberately goes within the pool is raised so I'm able to see Laura's vagina perfectly and my own eyes doll to between hers in the true focal point of the action and in this moment the midwife seem like corn a man in a prize fight hanging back knowing now that the coaching in strategy are over and only night chair remains I can see the mound of the head round didn't burgeoning behind the vagina which is not yet opened Laura somehow manages to be completely primal and well break see multi initially finding a voice I've never heard before but still not swearing that it minimized that she said crawfish and stuff like that by Enid Blyton swear words ridiculous amounts you did is brilliant there is but one moment of doubt amidst peace Gideon climax a conduit she says to Marie who responds again with the barely perceptible smile Laura no one in the history of mankind has not given birth after reaching this point with this gnostic promise received Laura rose more easy in tanks and an aperture emerges heralded by an unfurling flume of plot like a silent Clarion call and I see the hate a small was a conference a coin sized revelation of the pop of the baby's head how can it all be so surprising how is it so amazing I mean this is what we here for why then is is so amazing more searches more rules more P. G. swearing the vagina opens and I can see more hate and now I am involved like a very light I. E. ninth minute penalty at Upton park involve like life and death truly depended on football then out arms locked another pushing 50 percent of a human head appears it is beyond spectacular so often spectacle is without substance another push more roaring both of us now me effing a blinding in Almena Laura screaming life affirming animal scream an instrument to measure pulses produced the head is nearly out the baby's heart has slowed a few currencies.but we are reassured is normal says Marie then another push in the whole hate for a moment just the hate he's out nature this extraordinary in vivid sought the strangers ahead walling below the surface so peculiar but just night check and then a final push a scream frozen clocks and stillness the body emerges and moves not with independent motion but with the caress of the war to one side tip to date goldfish down the toilet and was saddened by the resurrection that the war to granted in water the fish rippled in elegant perfection and for a moment it was as if life it returned this baby is moving only by the power of the war to the baby looks like an effigy of the baby atoll a special effects by a be a model the motion is provided only by the water or the so quiet and still Lauren I both reached down she takes a it's a girl the court trials and tangles ban in her mother's arms with searing and sudden certainty as if to topped by the finger of creation her all eyes flash open and life possesses her and exudes from her like seeing behind the curtains she moved from life shadow to life how different is inanimate flesh to a living being I watched the life flow in and in this moment where she came on line where her consciousness ignite it I felt new life and a mini I've heard new fathers sigh I never knew such love was in me but all I always knew I just didn't know what to do with it when I saw her by new I knew her and I knew what to do climbed into the pool and Laura talks to head towards her hello I'm new mommy Hanuman mean you've done so well she doesn't cry but we do not assaulting or weeping tears run as if a newly acquired altitude is ringing them from our faces ladies and gentlemen Russell brown //
"2017-10-20 15:55:45"
Gender Fluidity - Is It Time To Abandon All Labels? | Under The Skin with Russell Brand & Mae Martin
\\my mind is an award winning Canadian writer and comedian he's performed set out seasons in Australia and Britain London nominated for best show this is amber festival her contract dope examines a lifetime of possessions fandom an addiction she has appeared on babysitters live from the BBC and comedy central and recent presented her critically acclaimed series my mind's guide to the 20 first century sexuality don't be an article for my mind's guide to 20 first century sexuality on BBC radio 4 my Martin thank you for joining me on under the skin thanks for having me I'm fine if you seem like a pretty advanced person data yeah really yeah you very much yeah thanks your of an addict let me in recovery yeah yeah for ages now ... every 10 years yeah I how did you know that you ... have problem with substance use and that you needed to change ... it was is all kind of my teens were kind of close 7 I I started in comedy really young I think you did till dinner nice young is you you lot were 12 has well when I was 11 a comedian I got me up on stage and may may be his them ventriloquist's dummy set out I wouldn't count that that what I say FFF at this you know sitting not a threat now pioneering experience yet he he are I was in the front row I was loved comedy and they got me up and he said I'll squeeze the back you're not can you open your mouth and make you say stuff but he thought I was a little boy because I wasn't 3 piece suit ha ha answer is making me say like filthy stuff and that it is fun and I got lots of laughs and then got obsessed with it home yes even in my teens started doing drugs and I got hit on my house soon and I parents who were her well they read my diary is actually I'm I mean rookie mistake had been keeping these I've meticulous diaries and I found out all the stuff I've been doing and then I guess their reaction once I'm some level of anger and they were doing tough love so decides he can't lift anymore and then I think I was so away how old we it's seen as very very young yeah center on Thursday I suppose that that's the I. age why first moved out one of 16 or so kind of input shoot of addiction yeah one might mean Laith except the addiction itself thinking about it now the reason that your fascinating gas of course your would like within the field of comedy are highly respected in Europe doing brilliantly ocherous isotopically you're doing stuff that's Klein a defining about time you do that show before you lost ones about gender and gender identity much recent shows about the action in a sense and like in anglophone they can possibly non anglophone countries these is determining ideas like west people look to understand it evolving and dissolving forms of categorize action we look for the from white to understand ourselves can you talk us through ... whether or not that question is clever thought just for observation it wasn't really a question was it's very clever I'm very flattering ... but yeah I think I hope we hear the word spectrum a lot and I think well with addiction anywhere I think if you from had a problem with drugs and then you've acknowledged I'm an addict it can be quite isolating any filler care part of this kind of small subsection of the world who just can't handle their shit and then it's been cut but I'm is a really recent thing for me just reading about it in learning about but the biochemistry of it and recognizing addictive behavior and other and all the stuff you've been talking about ... but I think you're further along with that the man still like my mind is blown and suddenly I like because it's a spectrum of behavior and I think it's the same thing with with sexuality you can think on this weird yeah queer person and anything I've already has a sexuality in that suspect yes is extraordinary Ashley something of only been learning about because I'm probably substantially older than you and I'm sorry educate in different have difference of cultural references when I see something not 40 percent if he wanted 25 down I didn't fly with us over homogeneous sexual grew more interested in Florida a and even though I think most of us of a counter cultural person upset over people did it jig I don't need to though like I I mean I'm 30 I think my son was Freddie like cool but then I do gigs at universities might freshers wakes and there I don't know the right terminology and I am I putting my friend my mouth and they're so tuned into it they got all gender neutral toilets and they're all have crazy in terms for themselves and it's awesome right into why it is so of make sense I suppose that what we know someone of my age and all the it's like they were very clear identity roles are very clear social roles and I I think questioning a lot lately or how I would identify and how I've grown now if the conversation of being more involved in my own adolescence because you know what the main feeling I had growing up in in the ordinary at Essex harm a suburban home was on not like the other boys yeah sense out of the other boys when like the other boys just whether that we rule truck magnetized to an imaginary cadre and lost there is so you know I don't I counted as one of the muscle for most places in a good yeah this seems like there was a biochemical basis for at least use of biological an anatomical aspects of gender up button but beyond that the white people identify demonstrate represent a sexuality errors same side does something that we need to examine it more closely what was what your devices on that I think it's so interesting I think that all the way we're talking about it's all it's still in its infancy I think in in 25 years it'll be so different but so hard to sort of disentangle ... cultural influences and stuff in terms of gender roles and what's normal for men and women in your right as a biological thing that this also I mean so hard to undo those early influences about wouldn't you know masculinity and femininity so yeah it's interesting I think if we can disentangle those people be a lot less stressed I think we both serve on drugs in this looking people there now so of bisik gender group are you quite a beautiful man yeah I don't think it was I was going for I'm a handsome woman I get that a lot yeah you'll be useful but I think it went up in doing this I am when I been doing this book stuff are like you know when young people are coming turn out like signings and tear Marcia I've I've been having some conversations that really you I've among mind us being too young person and god now that's like that I said you know I identify as binary I don't identify with anything pretend that I really felt myself on the precipice of my own understand yeah my own linguistic abilities and my own prejudices yeah I I what do you think is going to be the key component here because one of the things that I've noticed around like an E. politics is people that so far off mean a traditional a conservative often feel I think a lot of shame and love confusion yeah it can become quite oppositional quite quickly totally ... that yeah I think it's easy to experience a real sense of vertigo about it because it's just happen so exponentially quickly and and there's all these new words and it feels like I did I know how you are at moss and stuff but I I used to get this panic in math class like when they would introduce things like algebra and I I believe it just doesn't as too much information and you did and I dropped out of school pretty much because like love and I think people have that feeling and I think the main thing is just asking questions none has a responsibility in the people who are using is no words to explain patiently and we can all despair patient gonna how how did you look at these things in your stand up show them where are you personally on these ideas identification I I'm I hadn't my parents were real hippies and them yes a growing up there were always this is I mean only just realizing and for moving to England I how unusual this is that when I was a kid they would always say you know you grow up and you need a man or woman and it always they just presented it as an equal auction as good price I saw him who knows of thoughts but I've always been bisexual I always dated men women and children of this because they said that or maybe they were like well she keeps wearing suits and like we said no that's 3 piece suit you add on yeah that magicians first I think you're overdressed for any deaths are that thing for a magic show time spenders yes that I was lucky in that area so I've always been bisexual and been great but yeah well I found a surprising as a new fava of the I a female child congrats thank you Ranma mine yeah like he's really a vessel lies between the sofa spiritual sense of all while new consciousness is a marriage glory glory that she exists and kind of a little fish basket now get off my butt he said it really pendulum experience but yeah no control no off button extraordinary but become very sensitive error in a way that so surprises me around identity yeah like I'm I'm I guess my wife is more traditional than I am and puts like you know sometimes puts her in dresses and things like that and are sometimes I'm not up one of just the way things are practical for someone to come Walcott dry yeah she should just be where little parents and stuff you know and I'm like I don't know because in a way you could look at this is a very stiff conventional an old fashioned idea pops on the man who so unconsciously want to travel miles south of fuel that's all but unlike the other like any ornamentation of family and it's you know because it feels like something's being pull on her it's not she's not choosing yeah I think that this experiment how I was got experiments wrong I think this is that where they had a baby in neutral clothing and a room I hear this and then people come in and play with the baby and sometimes I'd say it's a boy baby and them when they said I was a boy baby everyone was like bouncing it really aggressive not aggressively but really physical and always face the baby looking away from them and when they said it was a little girl they all turn the baby towards someone to sort of cuddled like yeah that's serve so yes movie not really conscious of how it like in a Toyota parents one of things you hear that we've become a batter's people sigh and all you have but you know they just to stop playing the vacuum cleaners cherish show I'm just there for it I am usually sign up to pin the marines like is I know how you got you win the aware of the unconscious cues that Jose gin on through laughing already have that like when people go because this is a question people are tossed me on chat shows I like got where you been such a woman Alicia how you gonna feel when you'll do was 16 she brings home a Russell Braga she'd my not bring home as you might think I person yeah I live she's gonna come on with such sorry lawsuit will questions no works yeah I do that soon my friend hasn't a 2 year old niece then they came back from some baby thing where that dude just Europe thought to do those it makes it a lot of monkey musical yeah just behind stuff and all the parents are so talented yeah about so they they bring material back in when I hear myself going I guess in the smarmy way like a city of a boyfriend unit look to the to what I'm saying that I'm doing yeah right look us win on aware of our own conditioning yeah so this is something like continually within your stand up comedy is this the kind of perspective you try to have as a comedian tell me a little bit about your process of conception my how did you come to the idea that you're gonna write you a very successful shagged out home I it I guess it's like we're saying like I always I've always wanted to talk about drugs in that period in in my life but I just haven't felt like I have enough distance from my perspective on it to do it you know where I can keep a really light and in control of it and then I heard this breakup like 2 years ago and I just felt so similar to getting off cocaine like it was I I know this feeling exactly and then started reading about it and then have this you know I started seeing these patterns in all areas my lesson on it I started improvising it on stage I was way too dark and then to slowly adding punch lines that we need to eat you do like a work in progress and it's like since there is so many odd you stalk off your development process is to start with just being very very honest and possono yeah uncomfortably Issa yeah how do you feel about state of the I really enjoy it I don't know what that kind of masochistic sometimes especially when you're like I know there's no punch line coming so it's quite that intense fire like that and then I'll every other year in odd number I do an improvised show right people write some questions and I answer them and then it comes out of that too because you get to know what people want to hear you talk about and yeah yeah I like that idea I have a similar process move from me my access point full committee is to start saying things that are truthful often actually one of my and guided his was just as this might be feel a bit shy yeah it's ho do it yeah through their ears got hot yeah Michael I don't have to know that about me Nestle and then but I was with this something about exposure Sir what if you don't mind me asking what kind of revelations will you making about that break off what kind of realizations you just like I mean they've done numb they've compared brain scans Habana flick a coke addict and that someone is as a maudlin love in it so you I just think the hormones and things are insane and during the break I just I felt so not like myself and there's such a so the right thing to do it and over there would like relapse and I just I was using all this terminology the us like goddesses yeah and I'm not the healthiest relationship to love and how can you lose yourself so completely and it yeah such a damaging relationship early it was on the bus yeah miss gray in that in a lot of ways but not not the bass but yeah right now they are punishing components to it I've only recently started United like somehow so I think I'm really clever but I realize now you look at night looking ETX everything thanks much too long to realize some results of what I like I think a few convoluted complex neurological roots said Mike the most basic observations like family live in small isolated but it sure is helping America adventures healthy balance the working on nature's health yeah I saw very long thesis of examination of Ross the color green via a synthesis into connectivity the role of oxygen me are overlooked a phrase used force and will want Asian guy who will come the will to see you know like it's taken me a long time to come to tell you that by now is that modern tendency in relationships without beeping disparaging about the particular individuals I was in relations with yeah was thick set up on him dramatic yeah situation things I'd be producing situations and then that so euphoric when you see that anxiety it's this quite weird cycle yes it is an office may I manages to addiction they if you continually find yourself in a place where I'm not good enough they never gonna cool well of course I'm brilliant art but just pick now to maintain this phone no fucking only pretend to be someone else for another 5 years ago they we can have a child exactly about yeah yeah and that is a little I mean sometimes I think that substance addiction is the most rational form yeah picture and because it's a direct route to the good feeling and some of the other ones are quite convoluted yeah you're right yeah I'm not easy to control I mean as long as you have server live hookup if access track pipeline and heroin or whatever drugs young people take these days is becoming much easier than the US of giddy awful I am vertiginous experience of being in love yeah so that's a lot of what you're who shows about is it is it about how your drug addiction as a young person they can you be expelled from the family home yeah he found those pounds of pay in themselves in romantic situations yeah I think I always just thought I got addicted to drugs and I went to rehab none of them clean ever since I never really thought about it was much more than that announced thinking early early on when I was about 6 had is mad obsession with Bette Midler like really I saw the world through this lens of bat mitzvah just everything's a relation about medlar was so obsessed with her everything was in relation to Bette Midler yeah what what that think about this what's she wearing today you could like I loved her I mean my grades are slipping at school because I was just sitting and thinking about that yeah when somebody in on drugs none relationship but making half usual kite way yeah big I don't know what what was it about what was it beaches hocus pocus that that the moment at which is a yeah yeah right so you locate in Canada here in a minute free pay say yeah literally that's not how it went I think I saw it 1213 times in cinemas and it just minimize to been at a sexual that I must of had a crush on Batman there and I just lost my mind I sizes so ... what is it vatia from the Saddam Facetti this fast without food I've long woman Russia take care of us wouldn't yeah she could like his government's often tells us like it's gonna be a kind exotic van olden many skin of its sexual and should sort of cut you down quite cruelly but then you know I mean it via your she's growing onslaught benefits slash then back goes what you gonna do with that little thing yeah I don't know mention me out it is so nice goes on there all caught him came in and I don't think you're looking at her lovingly actually want to take a picture it'll last longer our government shot all caught up here like him ones are so her accepted awards golden globes and she said how about these couple of golden globes jet streams and I'm dressed you have a third style and some from when all unusual in may but something which they made all fell off a limb yeah no fear in my heart Tahoe at all unusual not you think this is something but Midler isn't guy icon yeah so is this was all before you would have had any over all cultural sense of ... gender or sexual identity that you would automatically found herself to solve sums of quinntessential figure within they pantheon yeah you're right I mean I think megacentre witches as well though I I any kind of design data which is about as another one when they want it mail street wanted Elvis or something Sarah Jessica Parker could have gone for that yet not into it just bat issues most evil I think I'm her voice then yeah not enough yeah I must admit that happens a lot of them as obsessed with them scary spice so as a child naman wishes kind of a chaotic fun to the upside is sweet isn't it because I think a lot about clones trucks cultural court whether or not we are attaching to these things or if there is in the central truth in a way these crosses over with some of young's ideas of synchronicity that there was something happen on a psychic level these were light into the objective world unawares of course materials will tell you know these days they were just over patents that signify nothing things of that material value but if you as a little kid into run I've some out happened upon guy I could know in a particular content and only right that Jordan needs more complex than that base just interesting that that guy is she could either France is not what Bette Midler she's not guy or anything is it is just as a particular this on me person yeah I think it's hurt her confidence and but yeah you're right I cast some third yeah when when people in huge numbers respond to the same thing quite emotional and then you know that there must be some universal yeah young Ian thing that you're responding to its it can't be just but there's a great PR team or whatever you know are there must be some essential residents now where did you graduate to our off the bat Midland not the Syrians have crushes in terms of your ... what we should do fell like a next attachment I'm done comedy so yeah when I was 1113 Nash I'm comedy and I started doing stand up and I was I had braces and IBM my school uniform income for school smoking this weird sort of circus act and I'm good at it every night of the week and on the other that's a high like any other business yes very much but what will you act like you say Sir example you go for some props on guessing now are just I was I mean I went through so many different I just imitating people but I didn't know who I was I was I'm gonna phase rose just doing but basically bill Hicks stuff you know and then the smoking smoking every pay so little cave yeah like Carrick neither character stuff and I tried all kinds of things all so terrible thank god that no one had no smartphones isn't it interesting one of things I identify with their my is this up idea of being a little kid and not feeling particularly connected to the place where our laws and feeling a little bit lost in a drift I'm from a from me like you know when I first saw from via my cousins heard the smiths and then so of looked into the character of more safe I think ... okay this guy and let you know that they someone is beautifying our site and said yeah vulnerability but your status and not about us that I can be of an access point and then like Frew more say you get to learn about more seasons change things he stuck and if that type of cinema marshes into Oscar Wilde's you start learning about school Waldron here then you can trust ethics is interesting isn't it house of unit I suppose as a person my framework for understanding reality is spirituality and specifically spirituality through the lens of addiction so it's about I'm not understanding how life form attachments but coach it does have a great potency and can be a white to understand yourself in a situation in the vote has great do you see and it sounds like bill Hicks again was very significant vigor for may result like you have it in him I suppose slightly more it's not a sophisticated why impossible to add an exile as an adult when I first saw bill Hicks novel on one thought that's how you're supposed to do stand up comedy but I'm very curious to me a tiny little kid intron appropriate that kind of stuff yeah I guess I must serve I mean it's hard to remember how I felt at the time I must of felt a sense of otherness and then especially in in high school and probably feeling a bit Kay and then going and finding a comedy club where people were not only like declaring what was different about them and we are but I'm being applauded for it and and we have lots of other thing probably pretty mind blowing yeah Liz yeah isn't sure here under surveillance he turned up smoking a cigarette not quite early let you smoking cigarettes aside I just thought committed smoke because I thought I thought about that scene like Richard Pryor and stuff so I I a yeah I went on with a cigarette and people are just I'm in there so it was silent but they were so concerned sounds like who has allowed this to happen to him she might choose to be notified in yeah there's some notification yeah I've been so you work is the famous second city of sex either side in Chicago base of like a by word force of improvised nation brilliant since over there so vanguard of comedy writer yeah both when you were little kid that yeah I started dumb yeah started out there for a few years and then ... and then eventually when drugs kind of took over and replace comedy then I got banned from second city for 2 years from the house I've devastate mix I love said and idolized all those people and I think suddenly have run towards others persons to young to be so high all the time in this building so coming up and from them but what was the problem what we did in I mean everything that most sleep a coke was the big one yeah I was disposable cash from comedy to I think I just don't give a teenager any money now is a very natural conclusion to have him on this here what you gonna do you not like yeah hunter Walton by mortals and my in a veteran even then as the color is so easy to find a way to substances if you've got cash you can pipe caching hind foot the thing live gate is nice yeah and then it's around on and then I guess I obviously had this predisposition you know sort of people 2 coca never wanted again less right here we have the predisposition we doing drugs rattles yeah big time us with isn't it yeah looking back I think it's weird at the time I felt so natural because I wouldn't give a child trucks mascot fast I'm gonna come on a limb yeah both suspects vigor manifest on Aug got heroin it was off to my children but I really yeah sofa Menem's gums got that knife attack Asian boys if you never techies that's just my personal bigotry elevenths of young dark skinned labs in Hackney yeah I always on the thought 19 myself but I will possibly th that's a matter of adorable Jarrett guy skinny not with heroin Michael some off of them yeah actually terrific as you might imagine that yeah well yeah but really that's us all that is interesting to show you if you have the access to the world of comedy now that you saw of blonde that headlong into the into a fiction I surprise you dealing drugs as well yeah I was very I think I was with these adults who were doing drugs I think was very convincing enough about not being a teenager I mean I don't know I was but I was I think I I really did my best to put everyone at ease with doing drugs of me and I'm not a big deal and how I don't you know they were villains but they're definitely some inappropriate behavior for sure and that's not touch them know about the ... drug dealing any good at truck then we have now tell me the key problems teach chest it's just not a terrible about amounts by that self control ... sort of allowing a lot of people out of money it's quite scary very quickly ... yeah probably you broke Biggie Smalls is golden rule don't get high on supply yeah yeah who are learned from big gay I'm not if a truck there's I did a small amount of measurable mainly sleigh unsuccessful drug dealing myself this year yellow might mark I've made acquired all of amphetamine he says so that your school and you couldn't make some profit shuffle a little higher out its business model but a poem was his house friends have a couple of big boys and not like took some flash drugs and I couldn't keep charging them because of just it was like there's too much fear in the relationship and that sophomore bicycle an absurd too much the Memphis means and it remarked the fools in Macbeth if on my side think other colors look better I would pay so much money to see it very much bath I will team here he wouldn't of life you might because it was quick off the disk failure of not unite winner drums will they divide up the play into the various you know like that once graphic out vehement Bethany right right right somehow she's doing one bit they always doing this he's just mad that came down kind of and if you're familiar with the play and he comes out with these that that goes awry old bursaries just on a terrible murder any food or or for that matter musician the family in that and I thought a lot because I wasn't the type of activity do any prep or 2 instead of Iraq awful spate rice a lot on some spade instead of like learning about doctors and United murders for some of us are come staggering out eyes a chi with I'm just got bought a knife that I can say but said that that like you won't have to merge working with but that's life by knife switch a non and did you did you learn the words or not I 11 and I love those words by think what it would have been you know I I like I'm fat I mean truck is gonna make you all I think it doesn't put you in the pit of your belly took you into ... push into the office shot Chris or nothing doing a murder you probably be really and you've got a thing isn't it similar to some object if you're about to do about a knife you the Vatican plunge in Ohio as rips yeah you have I mean your pupils with dilated to be Swati but yeah you're right another awful that law was doing was a good job but you know the end when I tell you have or not you have done a good job fantasia set that was not a good job unanimous only one live in the year below set off we were good to wait on that was meant thanks how clean without mark but if they they way he was now a person's opinion could be relied upon if it doesn't have any clue just within the school system Santa couldn't use it to run as a camera Prescott yet not thought that lives in the lawyer flaws good will babies it is a I'd never done how when I was in year 4 August windows 8 or 9 a Charlie Brown and I play Charlie Brown as Mike my crowning moment in school and that I took it so seriously that I did this monologue in it and I cried real tears like I really went for it and it was so immensely a comedy ever on us horrified they thought some you're gone wrong what was it about Charlie's mother look that made you think tears would be appropriate my well I'll tell you he's sitting at lunch and there's this girl over there and she's ignoring him and he just wants shares peanut butter salad and then he he's like almost nobody likes me and that sort of really went for it I got a really felt it both my parents for like waving at me I am trying to legalize it into floods of tears shot around I've what some would think of as a minor misdemeanor but I think in that with the seeds of what would become a great career as a performer thanks other things you talk about in your show at does is to sort of neurological in scientific representations of what you've experienced person me yeah just a little bit about that well I mean I could watch some Ted talks of rats yeah but I'm not I'm a deathly will got it all wrong I think but I think the sum addiction specials club Gabor Mitanni to know him yeah I'm fascinated by immigrants but last night I think we can get on with Paul cost yeah I interviewed him for him and his sidekick because of a cult is so amazing through his voice is so deep and he be if they had left his victim going even if you don't tell me all about what he'd do you talks about dopamine levels fandom like if you one of the theories is a fear of a dopamine deficiency than when you do get ahead of that pleasure chemical it's so overwhelming and then the cravings really intense so that's what he talks about in about looking at the origins of addiction and an early childhood where your brain chemistry is all getting wired up and stuff like that but I can be quite uncomfortable I think looking at your own early childhood why smile I know I it's hard as an exhibit to take full responsibility for all your actions yeah he never once like you're casting blame especially on your parents going on but everybody rumor so fragile and we've all got weird you know but one of the challenges I think my of the pathological mortal of addiction is that the kind of places people are addicts in the position of a kind of Sophora yeah V. him yet no home to anything about imho Polley it also lets the culture off the hook you know where there is so so many cultural forces that you that one imagines a seems to suggest exacerbate action yeah quality poverty persecution right in there are 2 completely about universal wouldn't within and Marika yeah but it so it's it's interesting to note the theories if apple mass Hey there that dopamine deficiency could pave the by a chemical brew of what we identifies addiction and abuse and make sense of the idea that the patents I'll replicate regardless of the object reverie sister of a crazy relationship a substance a career how many open Midler which of chasing the same thing yeah exactly and I think I'm I'm also been really interested in I didn't realize how how malleable we are and how your house how you can affect your brain chemistry with just things like your social environment even now as adults and you can booster dopamine levels of exercise and things I just didn't know where so Atta malleable yeah right you have is a fatalistic model of just all I'm just faced this is how I feel yeah this is something I'm learning that now have less of a kind of in the country don't stimulate yourself into a frenzy threatened Tyler was if I do exercise don't look at pornography like the survivors of simple rules of how to create a spice in your consciousness this president yeah I'm still getting there you've yeah everything you said that sounds so in a sly was lost but now my mind was running around among my phone a Lotta I probably drink too much have I mean but I'm I you know I exercise and eat I eat really well I'm trying to like this balance isn't I'm I know I should live in a constant should live in the woods but it's hard business yes really hard on them which what why when you go embraced an abstinence model if you've identified as an addict quite early in your life and I'm going to feel really puritanical and judgmental now for a yeah it's a good question I mean I don't yeah yeah yeah I've never I've never I don't drink every day IRS look alike I know you're right I think the next thing to go probably but on your foot a few successful sober light it like I what is interesting when you're in that position glad this with little Russian under lafarge let 20 foreigners being on MTV and I had a radio show on exit and maybe even kind of one of these bloody rooms like this one they sent me this building barred like at that point was escalate as a drug addict you know when you say when you as a young person you have accessed suddenly to ready Monday yeah just like at just addiction fuel him I must of pipe me in heroin yeah I've saved me that exchanging not so life now that you're now that your disposition of a kind successfully on the precipice over them margin of US of a different kind of success that tipping point Republican it on TV shows to impose real my film lives kind things with president often silent what are you gonna do to stay spike will straighten out yeah I think I'm I think I mean I've practice like pretty rigorous ... you know therapy and things I go to an a and I and I surround myself with really good people and yeah syrinx support groups and you're in therapy I I got support groups and I'm a Osirian Farah pay and I'm always walk on continually looking for is what is the most recent in our local coven otherwise the current manifestation of my fix it by yeah and that's when he starts to begin a given that as we've talked for your room in it likes of the seemingly innocuous and culturally recognizable an acceptable forms of addiction right into the eventually necessarily in fact oppose each year if your extreme addicts arrive in the office and chemical dependency or if you do have a less severe strain one can hover long enough so in banal forms of mental tyranny through addiction meanwhile I have to do so like look at like the thing I like about ... 12 step recovery a tough recovery I believe it is brings you to a place that's I recognizable from other forms of spirituality I a spy in the moment trying not to be so self obsessed yeah do surveys for of a papal blessings that lack of these crops up and everybody religion this doesn't solve really really works yeah that stuff keeps cropping up it's got to be the road to solution for sure I think come yeah being vigilant and ... yeah I got to go to nature that I mean it's I'm really progress with technology how are you without with your father like if are not lost on them a friend over there Jenny who works here I don't have my pulse work no more forum 3 I realize yeah like what is I tell myself I'm just because I'm on a book tour just having a look for business reasons yeah for long you know you get too deep into it almost all of those APSA designs now people the finger come from Silicon Valley and what sort of projects are signing internet will this delivery design service of trigger response not yeah it'll you might cakes side that they're attractive and appealing that's what you do know that I can access black people learning yeah nice done today that isn't it it's crazy and everyone I mean everyone kind of casually says on our objectives are phone since like now guys we are all addicted to our phones is quite as quick but yeah he's only got so I could use guys no because it like one of these items are for those written there and that gods in the outfit that I was that like he's come someday you'll be okay attention is being continually competed full yeah you don Knotts come down but sometimes the live through this autumn authorities so overwhelming is ridiculous like law and the guy this guy that designed the like button suffice but before that I had been some of the talk about and he came up with a just sums of for a night out and I least doesn't drop icon even conceptualize my mind if I came up with a light on he says he don't even bring is fine up stairs noble he plugs in in the kitchen at 7:00 PM that's it that's the end of it he's a lucky he's had his personal assistant people are like Tyco the I've put child proofing on these 5 areas self compounded out so the people that know the school about tech same watch it because I was forced to Wallace purse potentially 10 year ago how whenever he sadly died was sighing we gonna buttons before hunter foundry I think you know some small 5 he was saying we're not far away from a society where you're staring at a screen all the time and the people on the other side of it don't love you and I just want to sell things to you yeah and now we are living in there yeah and it's also worrying with a parenting and stuff I mean you see families out in this this scream between the child and the parent and the yeah I actually about doctor talks about it about Cabramatta yeah does he says it's ... goes on a physical separation with the child but it's the proximal separation because you're not making eye contact you're not connecting not surface so crucial for them brain development what demi proximo separation so far I have no idea I think it means not physically separated by the separate because you're in a different slice ultimately lilac approximate probes a proxy means yeah right so the little kids in this case monoliths kit yeah in the night garden or just bloody special iPad apple for children because ... but the thing is is that the child does preferring not gotten to affix yeah yeah like given the choice like if you lost if you live in the not gonna tell yeah oil parents to cope in the not gotten up and you care about him they're idiots a bullet particular if that will move the bears have talk about your mother like that yeah that is what people are cool a cheap joke about a subject nonetheless I think got on to be encouraged him bottom going quest to makeup drugs yet come in my mind set is you identified another quite quite early in your life your proposals on the periphery impressive is of interest in cultural ideas you old enough to understand into prison T. if working from lived experience spoon they're important fascination figure her tell me what you gonna do now own hunk I'm that's going to hurt ... yeah this my first tour with Doug yeah it's a very different sort of a new show called died yeah yeah yeah yeah and it's ... I'm getting on trains I'm staying in August hotels and tunes on yeah I mean they got like a machine in the corridor that serves food yeah and that's in me in the bed and also washing your hands at the same time it's like a little sink like the bathrooms within I could be convenient and some seconds and yeah yeah yeah but mostly is troubling yeah I know I base hotels I'm an ibis hotel slant of Gyptian bed you wash my hands in the sink you lying there in the bed you're on tour how you stop I am not start tonight I'm going to Oxford and then multiply how does glee club glee club yeah ready for this the glee club for your home touring life I think so it's not that crazy of Alicia's away sign about 18 shows in total so it's pretty cash I think all got friends to come visit me and I think it'll be fun hand then I'm meant to be writing a book about I'm for it furry 14 year olds about sexuality Sutton junior right at one month tour odorless quickly promote probably the my ma and ... stand up show I thought of how the people get tickets for that ... I think they're on may go my mind don't net buy tickets to see my ma and thankful can I anticipate and they shot a high that Christian I lost it does have a composite bath tell us something about your show plays that's good to promote it I mean it's everything we just talked about that with them jokes what kind of compared to what kind of mates is to guide you mostly in the supplement or 2 sometimes got jacket and gnats or shall take most of like you know your trolley frowned performance I mostly like that's I guess I I guess I get a little more energetic but I mostly like that's extremely affable thinks I think I'm I think I'm Avalon stays home yeah you're likable aren't you that's it was good is I'm while dealing with this complex new language around identity and and people of all old people having to re examine their unconscious prejudices is nice to meet people that are potentially arm I would have explain and convey the information at this time pressed pa and stuff like we have to have a solid guy yeah would have prevented it progress I get loads of fun people out there want more when I talk about sexuality a lot on stage I've got people bring their parents and I'm coming out to their parents in front of me like they'd they'd wait to meet Matt and then they choose that moment to savor their parents actually on I'm glad I'm so not equipped so kind of mediate that exchange but I have not off it was amazing and and I guess they were the parents of just in the shows that they're filling up you know there are in a positive mood and and one time a girl said I'm that I'm bisexual in for an another dots that you need to it's crazy all I know and then they asked if I wanted to go to G. A. Y. I see your bisexual or not right Hugo boss said he was a lot of fun yeah is like what you think of this hearing he literally sub because my boss actually hearing the highway yeah my son loves Eli the priest of ... coming out insists of modern gender through the TV and so roughly the same freeing himself from previous paradigms I'm I'm more I feel like home I illiquid sometimes I get people often confessing their gay things to me like people going my wife is in the toilet I just need to tell you I did give a blowjob once and I'm like cool how come he didn't say like yeah yeah I love the show yeah but just be using uses of a vessel for their shame about a sick child he is a great pity isn't it that ... that we've become unable to leave our own shadows that our culture is told us that there are aspects about sexual self night than a self are unacceptable I definitely feeling shame and stuff men often come to come see your shadow localize what have I show her my pride because that's what it all meant I don't know what was going on I checked out your garbage total the management watch the house do you get it I'm not talking about addictions you get loads of people coming after shows and talking about their own experiences yeah there's been a slight hiatus in that but that if I was up and deliberately and city asleep promoting the book I've not come back I'm back unsure how this is good I'm back on the suicide like I'm gonna be like us respond the columns there against the next 6 months riot yet on as you I'm sure where I do my level best to appear miss psionic unsure manic while on stage going so far as even in intervals to solve sworn about like Gaza say saves a whole lot of why I you'd really like it here lock out much in it it's been the vote showed 90 minute gap in right Athavale some waves rejoin him okay this all night I'm sworn in around him because the tower room positive not topple flicking a lot I'm sad about something on the edge of my my own was about as likely wouldn't is to take how other people come out like maybe get so my friend Matt what is right as having the guys he's of sentiment follows you needs to cry looking not you to impressing the sleepwalking through touching babies and then try and I did a lot yet to spare on through it I said I am do you want to drop it about walking around yeah yeah sings I'm very available to available to the south yeah yeah I do a single person currently yeah I am yeah of that's dangerous on tour isn't it I think all I mean people yeah I did a lot of couples actually otherwise not hide that seems to be my nation bike that I go we wanna avocado that's the proposition but yet it's almost like I'm glad because I think I don't know if it was because of the old inculcation and acculturation early in life I've never been that he's around miles and sex it up in an orgy with this pin man and was a younger man I was involved if you face him sat a man in them are they either lost or anything yeah I'm need the gentle nice I I'm not sure femininity very much resonate with me when you talk about met about meters po and matriarch last of some energy on gravel of course that sort of implicitly a married man with a baby in the crib happy now but it's going to talk about von sexual brandy yeah is that stuff but you couples is it yet they I get out I get I get propositions from couples in a post your show sounds amazing pillar of office goodbye Joe Bob's prey on guys yeah me too all this doesn't go well if you want to live with us right now was coming on my pretty exciting yeah yeah criminologists yeah right back in the bloody cabin but it's a reality Hassan Abbas Marshall to manager hubby slamming that Randall of shops locked ruin the ibis yeah isn't really an Egyptian bird I think side sounds that sounds right at my pictures provided some so stoked public deliver of new life meanwhile what that's like to that word we work affects everything we appropriate the corporate world everything really proud to see Jenna take up these couples on their models of wildly inappropriate personal questions that while Johnson that I'm I have I have but not post show and then I got to meet up with good old you get so caught up in the social dynamics hug I I think if I think I wouldn't mind if it was 3 individuals who just Matt I was my favorite yeah in those days right is with a couple I put the right thing they keep telling each other they love each other throughout all yeah you're on the air number allows me once as a younger man in freer and more liberal talk office of that from the shale that you fully understand that at la I wouldn't recently moved to humans and then to humans really liked each other motivated by art just beautiful out he's nice and I found each other yeah via made off they went I'm very happy together soul economizing seat crossed over from commonality of it was a thing that's of interest me about 6 actually I've never been on a vote mechanized Conteh provincially mile plus it's actually I I do enjoy the office charity for a kind of transcendent union that can occur that there is even in the most promiscuous in fleeting encounters a kind of thing this feels like love very much if I can't be sustained in a relationship you know asking it to do that if you're just finding about the August yeah I'm venting about I agree though I think come those I mean you're just getting ahead of those love for months with the same feeling of justice that yeah temporary yeah that's right also once said like the ... well why is longevity the key component you can fall in love with someone just in a moment and that's enough in fact George Orwell writes and I quote if the law is on the first page of homage to Catalonia one of the few pages of only Scott idea of Rick you guys lightly easing the line to sign up the poo more some Anna kissed group to fight the Spanish Civil War on the block in front of him 6 Italian gaze of ginger era and he said he loved him Nathan knew they could love him like just another island is never so sore McGann could have something about the man that was very very beautiful and you know these of senses of solidarity that commit curving crisis this thing that we are looking for yeah disconnection definitely I think wanna be nice if the I don't I hate breakups I hate it I don't know why we do it but I think come imagine if there is a 2 week time limit so you meet someone you fall in love they both kind of microchip or something that if you ask her what Ivan thought it through how hot was it is in my family money's on 2 weeks mother weeks have been like euphoric and then you both know after 2 weeks you've got of never see each other got killed my soul for a good hot it's good because it prevents any attachment yeah I don't know I I like the city hall breaking even go to raise one thing about my marital life the one the one thing one of the many things he got a sense of humor think half of my career of one of the many things just because one the many things I like about my life is the sense and I have this morning when I go out there just like all of please go out because it's bad for this person again tonight and I don't hafta worry no animal and hopefully this life will be a continuation of going to bed with this person and then one of us will die that's terrible at the end to end filling your version and in a fortnight smushed too quick I know you're right I mean my my parents Sir ... madly in love to been together yeah it's crazy having not model of monogamy there there I mean crazy it like talk about their sex life all the time and just you can just see it there so they hang on each other's words it's crazy yeah I guess that can happen also is given air you seems like you've been developed in the crucible wave came out I able to embrace yourself outside of what was formerly known as convention that what about this book you're writing and that sounds quite fascinating tell me a bit more about that well it's tricky it's how do you how do you do it how do you have deadlines and that's do you disciplined about it so tricky I'm trying to write it now 0 was that I was the type who only lets it of a 50 it has a lot to Tycho make that commitment but money how fugitive oil into yeah for it slows Audi unlike a private bathroom ... I am yeah but it'll be good it's the at the idea is to write the book that you that I wish I had when I was 14 brilliant yeah about sexual out it's all about sort of fluid sexuality and so cool man how's it gonna work I know it's so hard to write it me another pragmatic what is this what did you wish you had when you were 14 year old you aren't what I guess I had a unique experience that my parents were amazing but it's I'm I'm it's a combination of per member saying personal anecdotes about sexuality do 1101 do an embarrassing and it got to 1 to 1 doing the harassing that it that I mean I think I want to tell story about my brother when he was a toddler one underneath the this is not embarrassing to me so it's it's it's a volunteer he but we are sort of ours and not enough about her hometown he'd titled under the table my doctors again nudist is always naked and ... I was an enormous penis my father and he was is that I have noticed that and my brother totaled under the table and that that the tip of my dogs day and ... my god I forget what the punch line of the phone might you better find one because it's not really horrific line of the stories you probably be put that on the take so if we don't find some conclusion we're all left we have the image I know presence Podujevo painful in your votes come out with Jen the fluidity mess I follow no but usually that's gone massive Willie little Bravo guys on the title body shook died on the Willy that we have made the wrong choice with anecdotes Australian piracy month well ours was challenging of the check it out I think with that you have here yeah yeah that's the only dirt I have my brother's love the cleanest the life and I I remind them of it's a the right that's good to give you you probably just try to get movies life as a professional police here I am doing that's what so you put that on the day yeah that's before you start judging me for being up the vanguard to you identity politics and being a book dialing androgynous won the figure up on the site there's never forget that die you picked out of that they all got to stop right now yeah it's when he says that I've never done anything with a guy and I go well im's massive debt and the emphasis of the size lot which you know in a sense the story did me no I know Greenlandic that which I think of the story real soft White House today he never has watches asserted here is that I hear the brotherhood that either we don't want anyone and not know it was gonna be an embarrassing story about humor yeah where is that story ... I ha I talk about ... I had my first boyfriend was called Ian peach does houses real name and then ... we've him for our broke up with me and them and then years later as doing an interview and I said why do you think your guide which tricky question not also a lot of the songs in the my question but I was I think around here yeah and I just panicked inside may be impeached but they misquote him and I heard maybe eating a peach alright so I was a bizarre and they refuse to change it unless we saw Lorien page the theories in the yearbook yeah I know that does make sense his his his off-again pate but he in a page spells harvest vice it powerful potent on the times which seem to have been present throughout much of this interview neck tightly they spike into awareness in time brutish familial verdict out until the image of you in and I've been fed yeah my mom has a Google alert set up with my name you know anytime my name comes up she gets an email so that you got any more thought interview about eating a peach I got this phone call like it's really how you feel as if we gave your brother the same pictures I don't know what so stressed about it and the father must pay a man is constantly on the precipice wiring about the tip of his John relay game noise off for one of the offspring via their extraordinary attack medicine person you are this may show that we've Vic cut covered everything that we need to cover right you're right I'm not book acting if one please calm down right I guess yeah I'm gonna quit that went on to be now I don't know if you got other ideas I'm I'm going through now as compound sounds quite good quite good legs who don't quite Nike on the fate at a time as my good July comes out good then brilliant and also your own too and now we should go to my to get out ticket when all come to see you all come see you somewhere to be great lived over in the same place the same time right bastion do that may not be confusing filter this that have you have you basically forgot about the second joke in and out timeframe for man calling himself a professional comedian charging money I say on there what a nice time you're very beguiling and charming after book signing recently this person identifying as binary in I we ran into each other in the park we push on a bench together away I said explain this to me will you then as we hear and then I explained to me well what it is is I don't feel like I want to identify with I've of those categories I'm an actor you know gonna go to the school and then about acting and I felt like you a focus of both old and young simultaneously as I reached across time to this person and explain new gramma new words and I realize that the important thing the thing that all of us have to learn is a kind of non judgment and a willingness to let go of our system to categorize ation because not only are they impeding others that probably impeding ourselves in facilitating this bizarre tendency we have as human beings to cost our shadow out would sweep of us as individuals or as houses size you see the role of many many oppressed and persecuted groups being too bad that I had Germany's inability to look at its wounds the inability all of that power vice United States there ironies and wound or currently what we would term as Islamophobia many other things emerging from the various forms of identity politics so it's over confuse having shifting in my the quiet life as a good yeah that's so good so exciting same no I'm yeah and it's changing all the time it's it's I think it's an exciting time of these that's a positive thing we can I mean I I think of demonstrably positive thing that these things are shifting missed so much badness going on that that's a really positive thing that people are changing their thoughts on labels and identity and I think that we had in the right direction and that's a pretty simple thing we can sort out us humans who think like should have the developer had is making a lot of people they cross but now I think they're going to be ultimately over I am and I'm think you'll be very freeing them liberating for a lot of people so come scrambling up tear off your shot and sigh what abroad yeah yeah yeah closer to home felonies can appeal I yeah yeah food all my mind has been a really really wonderful in that you have me making sure a final thought proper jobs proper job some proper jobs done promo done promo down that is is that this nightmare my is bisexual yeah that's what monies I think we need to reframe the way we think about sexuality and refers to stop the food to be one to 25 down identifies kind of strike a lot back that to me seems like yvolution of consciousness by young people coming for this small and now yeah our awakening they not gonna accept they'll twice in the oath out codes brilliant that's yeah friends in Canada who I mean I guess they're straight like they've only ever been with the opposite sex but they're like I just not gonna call myself I because what if I meet someone tomorrow and then off to come out like that stressful so why not never say anything then never have the strength to know much about what's going on in affiliation with his his rounds of no platforming thickly within academia leading kind of that you know I think about us stuff not really I hear that phrase what is I mean no I think it means like some people cont fork colleges because I've said something in a fan S. something offensive yet often around but then a politics of I don't know much about it by now is effective it E. G. Germaine Greer around gender identity and pay a Tatchell around L. G. B. wholeness and LGBTQ issues yeah I would like and about me feel my age 5 of those people stand this of great civil rights giant yeah sorry sort of interesting curious there's no reason why you have to pay them gonna authorial you have no idea but it is so interesting yeah I don't know why now this trick you yeah with freedom of speech and then also you don't I mean you don't incite hatred and violence and stuff so it's yeah very grin we're breaking new ground hard enough there is a right answer I think know the why upset student bodies I guess to take to sort of discuss it amongst themselves and have a majority I think you're right I am student did you know that either way size university I'm just a young student Mike no why should I have just plucky Caitlyn dreams buzz I would us learning very little because a cop focused almost sunrise on their religion in global politics and I think that Dio tomorrow we'll go to a new module which she's the origins of yoga in India I think lost your skin got lots of stuff about gosh secularism the role of religion rationales USC's irrationality beats of advent of person isn't in this apartment because so much stuff Wes fight entry in my mind for the stuff Michel Foucault the brains just brimming over with clap trap it so good that it is good isn't it yeah hold yourself up with the veiled Babbitt cleverness just anti sooner argument one by yeah really reach into that little coveted knowledge I love all that I mean it's a whole other conversation I'm Fagan said Joseph Campbell and stuff yeah me too so god isn't I would I let's go back to school maybe I could do that this new malleable case you're wandering around you wanting to move to the country yeah yeah family members a fire a southern gothic feel free China universe it's a lot more about perennial is a myth which I am fascinated by the because in a way we have to come the hero of our own life she's not actually about empirical evidence is about belief and faith yeah and becoming so the journey of becoming a becoming a hero in your righteousness which I can certainly say that you seem to have been it's been very difficult for me so come of their income to live back to la behind it is first option Miaka hurt my mind find someone like you so much we have to come see you I think you want him charming thanks thank you so much for having me thank you so exciting been good isn't it yeah really get Iraq couplet darlings that show was sponsored by recovery get recovery by guns Amazon or Russell brand but calm come only get it would a book the older books very good getting out of a match in this voice now but read the book at you love it I can see the re birth to her leads I evoke cyber attack is fast on it right now London Apollo who feel awfully first of all time I'm first November law should alert lost all the coming that night's debate also leads the apps it's gonna be a bit and not in a second in November probably I don't know who's in who's in the in them not a cloth what events cover drive in November locking less stuff I've written I've ever tried we've all day finally if you like the show plays subscribe I'm reviewing in I tunes or wherever you download stuff from and I only give it a 5 star review as you know I'm very sensitive you also might like the right Eric's part cost check that out as well thanks for listening if you know what love is you'll know that I love you from //
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Does Jesus Care Who You F*ck? (E446)
\\NBI was Jay's is a real figure or easiest of amalgam of personal ideals that we should all aspire to the Christ within pure consciousness pure love well no one will ever really know the one thing we know for sure is that Jesus Christ deaf mute in really interested in whether or not you have sex with people with Willie or vagina here's some trews people have pushed us very hard in recent times to choose between lobbying same sex attracted people and lobbying real marriage I've saved we shouldn't have to choose this is of course the story good Catholic archbishop in Australia is that the government should stay out of the bedroom as he urges a no vote on same sex marriage because some people will argue that stay out of the bedroom in fact more people still of America that everyone should stay out the bedroom is on this consent I heard a man who's an expert on ... so phone rule around site I might as saying that the issue is always a signed consent consent consent if people can send in for things then you'll Cole who conned consent animals children mentally ill people everyone else can consent if you so consensual it's no one else's business everything else is just heist isn't it Largo I like men who are on the moon site that I shouldn't really write any more interest than that and it doesn't need you with dealing with your own particular friction intentions and I suppose the reason but historically the church is interested in sexuality to a sexuality is a potent energy that is difficult to control and the church's role I suppose has become about the management of these urges and drives them except comes the management of violence that other great pilots in force within human beings then it's nice to have some theoretical guidance and indeed around sexuality behind your life to be completely governed by your sexual behaviors but on massive tightest in web both mean consenting adults is no one 's bloody business and frankly I feel like an on a good note from anybody's or religious persuasions the same way as I think religious people Shaffir view on people's sexual persuasion but it does seem upset to see a man in the eye by that gold kind to speak talking about what he records Jesus would fake when was I got the move anything but if you try to distill it down from my room what was Jesus Christ saying he was saying look off to one another don't get coffin illusion find the divine love within yourself and operate on that level it before the people going around with that until the point of we shouldn't have any bombing but I will open them up really nature stated that not all come out of college on it so kindly to sign no to re defining marriage we can continue to support laws and customs that on a man and wife coming one flesh while also respecting and caring full that was Christ why this is same thing O. mogu says isn't in our country mobile views on same sex marriage marriage is a sacrament and the decision of what is a sacrament lies with the traditional with parliament the day before I got married the feelings I thought were very very powerful sometimes reach tools and the idea of making a vow taking an oath and bonding and exchanging rings all that stuff there is real value in and there is real power but that power shouldn't be used to anoint and as of right certain sections of society or certain persuasions entice should be used to recognize that love is so powerful X. amounts the physical world when you get married to have about his act I love this person so much that I'm going to ignore the fact on sofa free physical entity and make a commitment that power and I carry with me at all times so if a farmer civil mind wandering about some guys out of sight logo well could I have this thing about me I'm married who have the time shouldn't be about making that got into that made it that means no interesting the ritual is what's interesting sadly the ideologues pipe religious believers time of folks and tried to shut us out of the debates for the soul about culture and the definition of crucial institutions if we did that because being a serious behalf about how and he's so of wielding a golden set so you're not you combi behind the pulpit with a ghost taken a cone hat on annoyed knowledge that what you're doing you seem balik you're dealing with symbols not dealing with literal meaning and even to sort Dolly viens that literal world's sorrow ludicrously a tired expose these but the threads of all their religious institution held together with 5 from belief death by from belief applaud the important things these I'll be invisible realms that matter as with him but as soon as it's not used in order to bring about the given us like a prejudice bigotry and judgment and in fact to be demonstrative of love and connection then then you'll put in at the friends of your own power as well I feel like I'm watching this what should someone pull the pop the Catholic Church you know like when you see ... pope Francis that guy's clued in any thoughtless and love is the outside be calling back to cooperate and something hot Catholicism's Beaufoy appeal for business when you see like a and M. ... outside a mosque with its been violence going on in our time big that gays are out these weary and we know it's a judge anybody when you see religious people behaving compassionately and lovingly then you see the point in religion when you see people talking prejudice prejudicial you think religion is pointless if overseas experience is anything to go by if marriage is free to find it will be very high to speak up full real marriage any more in schools at work socially using a phrase like real marriages you really really toxic pace of language and the eyes no place in spiritual discourse creating light systems of characterization implying that there's an inferiority to the kind of choices people make on that basis it's something that the shirt shouldn't birds in itself we've been lucky if you're competing to exist as an institutional compete to exist as a voice in a world that needs spirituality you should disabuse yourself of the idea that in any way you can support bigotry all big guy key parts of that kind of morality that's at 8 so shy now because I am a spiritual person I do believe that the onset and many of the world's common problems lie in the spiritual and I would never deny anyone the right to seek it out under the guise or with the knees shuzhen of existing but denominations out maybe it's longer thing maybe Catholicism or Hinduism or Buddhism or whatever are like if you get it but that with the cavea that the point of use connection enough and any person in a position of religious so far eva ever says anything that sounds like it's not laughing offering our desks not that's the switch offers not only you don't participate that divide them more my hope it doesn't have to make every impacts on the rest of the situation because you have a pipe seems like a cool guy serve and they said I think it I suppose was being reviewed here is the world is changing we got so many solving situations that I left it in the ideas of the past that people in positions of authority have an obligation to move quickly and in fact to lead not to hang on to conservatism not to augment bigotry but to be I true voice and the only argument them out as the argument bring about union togetherness one this that's a true news subscribe here if you choose to we don't mind what you do you couldn't subscribe with at all I think genital ornata or 2 of the site will 2 different months we just sit in this chair all people are expected but some prudence I //
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Austrian Election: Nazis The Sequel? (E445)
\\n't when a little boy is Mike king of Austria in order to leave the far right coalition what does it tell us about global politics in the relationship between the knife in spite of the worldwide economy is the world full ring appalled listing some troops this is the face of her chip voicestream politics just 31 years of age suggestion courts is on track to become the country's next chancellor Thursday's king of Austria is a bloody little boy I'm not in that he does like how he startles less than a decade ago he headed up the party //
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Does Trump Mean We Can Never Make America Great Again? (E444)
\\n't culo on us around this the truce is a particular postcard from America the some just back in the United Kingdom off the spending a week in America was being curious is that's the first time I've been in that country since Donald Trump became president and there is a tangible and palpable atmosphere on the streets and in airports and atmosphere of the satisfaction and if you think about even the most ardent trump supporters upcoming night from that perspective of aggression is known in the world going ha ha since trump became president I just feel a little more love and a lot more patient a lot more ace the best case scenario is start finger point in socks well fuck you that's the best you're gonna feel isn't it vindicate it in your in a right which as we know is the fuel for trump's assent unaddressed right general disappointment with the political system that didn't present viable time if I had several personal encounters they've whom I ate my I suppose my personal account of what the phenomena of trump means I'm what's happening in America think of that most obvious aphorism the slogan of his campaign Mike America great again while I fail and what made my heart pounding in my belly swirl was America is great America's full of fantastic people the counter cultural America is bull you Malcolm X. Dorothy Parker ma in leaves the king Jimi Hendrix F. Scott fitzgerald this country lease rolling country of creativity in beauty with these glorious nitrous incredible culture it's brilliant innovation a novelty in ideas his intention of perfect democracy all of that stool homes in America all of it is still present an accessible box submerged by the inversion of the shadow American inability to address I think the cruelty abuse foundation not to a fully integrated because by believing that America is you know I see the school the United States of America believing that is the greatest country on earth lest they buy some you know that meritocracy is there a defining attribute whether on an individual level or national level what you are saying is you will you will you are refusing to acknowledge his it was a country that was built upon genocide you know and obviously as a British person this is not a national identity if she because with that you know one of their key providers of colonialism around the world and then of course slavery that other great slur on the American identity I filled America's inability to correctly addressed a shot was made that the shop votes even realized it so from the shadowed figure of Donald Trump and I suppose the easiest way to understand that is not on some sort of macro political analytical level but for the personal experiences I had when you meet making Kelly needs it off she's a human being like some of the once worked on fox news I must have been to some degree I don't mix and I'm now what particular but must of been peddling the ideas that fox news is 94 by which I mean a kind of in sheer luck Americanism a kind of pro corporate anti socialist agenda no but she she now at least saying to me lock up ordinary attractive brought to Vivek shifts woman who had been somewhat traumatized by hand ... buy her a brushes with trump and I love him in the daytime well done coming into the glorious light his and also when you meet her the idea that he would sigh eat stuff like you said to her unit likes it seems like sort of cooling and we it I have 0 respect from Megan Kelly I don't think she's very good at what she does I think she is highly overrated yeah a person I'm out they curiously and hung out with and is a friend of mine is the actor and comedian Rosie o'donnell who like I think trump as if his life trees up front to pay if you have no idea Rosie o'donnell is what these glorious Vivek sha certain mighty tree Aug warrior out like fools like you tell stories in these how potent vulnerable and calling them funny and pioneering and loving under these are the very kind of figures that America should be celebrating America's dive but a city America's ingenuity the excitement of America all frontiers and piety is impossibility old broken down on that the towing the thought myths are on rely self loathing absent a lot time in America relief there before cardinal of American friends the something happening there that is deeply deeply on usually on I don't think that the solution to it is a political solution other figures like a table is just get really good Democrats around mean yeah if it's like Bernie Sanders yet every someone is talking openly about getting power to ordinary people challenging the structures because what is the thing that trump said the resonate most will yes the source some more romantic and all Audrey on rooted make America great again also drain the swamp let me get a break down these institutions were gonna challenge the banks and the financial institutions we gonna give power to ordinary people the rhetoric he used like is often the case with far right groups and I think Patsy fits into that category not I'm suggesting Troms oppose a rice is no I think far from it I think that was resonating is that sense of unfairness injustice of a country that this didn't happen overnight America wasn't like if things are maturity perfect then trump is I know loads of stuff was happening look at the things have gone up on the web is junk strikes in foreign lands financial corruption all breaks right so across the country only things were happening anyway and people of a left tendency if they don't own that and acknowledge that there is a risk of repeating the mistake precisely because I think the suburbs on a psychological level is the refusal to acknowledge in our own your own shadow well I feel needs to happen now is at an end or genuine alternative to trump and to be able to and if the trunk you can't be living in constant response to trump as I heard say it when I was on bill not one of the political guys we got to go back to Pennsylvania Michigan Wisconsin Ohio in attract voters who did not vote for Hillary Clinton not vote for Democrats and try to get them to vote for Democrats in 2018 in 2020 the whole flavor of the Democrat movement was kind of one of if only we could go back to a Bama what we talk about 2 about Marin why would we want to because it's a Bama that lead to trump nope we precisely need a kind of politics excuse me where ordinary people feel empowered that they close it's a power that real changes happening that whoever the system works full this is the area that needs to change who all the corporate and financial entities the benefit from thinks thang this why is it possible even to address climate change from within this political model without breaking down capitalism in its current form without addressing the limitations of democracy in the reason why is led to such mass disillusionment you can never and trump you will only repeat a or make minimal redress sees so all I was in America amid beautiful African Americans beautiful women that you were going to be offended by trump I went on all sorts of shows from the highest Zeus of give east more esoteric so intelligent users have the day off this Bryce bites on things and again and again is confirmed to me America is already great it's a great country but what it needs to do is to give real power to Israel people and that can only happen with genuine real systemic change you don't need to make America great again America is already great but the thing that makes America great is its people so get your power to its people changes institutions that is not so true news but simply a man's opinions off your holiday describe here if you like it share it thank you I //
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Why Won't America Put Down Its Guns? | Under The Skin with Russell Brand
\\Gary young is a British journalist all fought and brought Costa he's at out at large for the guardian and a monthly political columnist for the nation he lived in the United States from 2003 to 2015 and his books include stranger in a strange land encounters in the dis United States no place like home a black Britons Jenny for the American south and is most recent another day in the death of America a harrowing account if children's lives cut short by the ubiquity of gun violence in the west Gary Franks a coming thanks army if memory came to get you here for a long time I'm the tickling Julia journalism and your comment tree on the subject of violence what are you I mean we know that your kids talk about never die in the death of America way did you wear the devices that just in 124 hour period you I suppose I live by the deaths that type place on that by and tell their stories did you really just choose the dye around them I did it was the first day I could do a bin in ... London promoting a previous book in October and then I came back I had the 7 month old baby found a little bit of work today to get in the good graces of my family then it was thanksgiving earned my family's America my wife is American and this was the first Saturday after thanksgiving so it was that it was retrouvez terms I mean was awful about I am and what shapes his boat is the reliability of the sophistic every diet America 7 kids on average shot dead and that statistic is sufficiently reliable that so long as you're choosing a weekend because more do down at the weekend over an hour and what more do die the weekend even more dying the summer when kids around playing him over that and that you could do any weekend it would it would work horrific way so you could in the most brutal manifestation of it you can sit down and wait for the kids to die they will die only isn't reliable is supposed to be reliable statistic I haven't seen the stance but I can almost guarantee you that last weekend on average 7 kids who lived at the 7 kids with items such Venice someday and next weekend will be the sign was he in particular about these deaths that goal she why are you fascinated by this it's more that there you go make and that am if America pays attention when it's a mass shooting or some kind of spectacle not every time but most of the time but on a daily basis these death just what a white noise around you everybody get some within you do become almost a near to it you know you watching the TV images ... after this well before the sports you know and 16 the exam and Harrison a 17 year old boy was shot dead last night when blahblah blonde and this is showbiz mum crying saying you're so lovely pool and then you're on to the weather and then after a one room that just becomes the way things go and I am I do think innocents helping British and thinking well it does not to be right now actually and so what I wanted to do with this random guy was pick let the day pick the kids moon and then you know there are speak a different value get a different book I'm ... they're wrong at every twice a week a toddler either kill themselves or kill someone and I'm you know there are not there would be other days it will be more compelling maybe the would approve would produce more compelling stories but the point of this was let that die shoes the kids I mean I will follow the mountain find out who they will have to register to stick I understand so you because your methodology how that has the because it is random it gives you access to the horror of the randomness because it wasn't selected on the basis of it being as you say a compelling story just like you could spin a roulette wheel and that will land on a diet where there's devastation in on this every day let's run I I'm I'm many of them all compelling actually one of the most compelling in their own way but that what was important to me was not to coming okay met in order to try and draw row you know some you know to Jorah specific emotional response so I was also very determined and went back with him full which is my everything about it M. M. that click the order of the day come in the order they were shot criminals like build a story he had not the best one here and so the first chart to be shown using in some ways the most horrific name and there is a problem that food for a book which is that you pick up the stories about he picked up his book the first child is the youngest child he's 9 years old he answers the door and his mom's ex lover shoots him in the head and then runs off and leaves him female ends up getting shot by the cops himself and it's really the story of this kind of mums unrelenting grace and her struggle it kind of get back to some kind of normal life and ordinarily you wouldn't give outcome of you know I read the first chapter in life pretty damn for weeks you know and but I thought it was important ... it's that field in which I can then that's the order in which you know they should be written the province gaming it I'd put something a bit easier for I'm sorry so obviously what we're saying is true fees importance to you and a kind of practical truth as opposed to the different kind of truths that emerge in these times that to do with cgin of deliberate construction of stories to engender a feeling that some people would argue even from an artistic perspective you know I'm not a serious journalistic perspective all know but I it will be more true Gary if the if the if it ends in this climactic moment more people you know the cut the kind of way that we lost this creates if people to ... compromises usually a will reach more people will be easier is an element you want more people read books so why did you have a kind of ... and almost puritanical determination to commit to truth yeah I mean is there is something a bit brushed him about it in that sense of discount of you not just here is I am I I guess what I felt was how separate interests as well do it in terms of kind of them I'm not gonna try to manipulate your emotions here ... although I mean the subject matter was emotionally now I want to engage you critically I'm also one why I'm not saying that this is what I set out to do nonhuman made a pitch for pristine book about child before didn't but the way the you described I thought that sounded like that I met come of them a on the one hand the stories are so horrific I'm I feel compelling in their own right that ... I am then I'll need to be getting but that also there is some power in saying this was the die this was how the day progressed here's the seas this is what happened and I mean it's still my books are still things I left out and things I put emotional locker didn't edit room and it's also not like I didn't deserve desire response from people but that and to the extent that the premise starts with something random I would have to keep keep almost to that as much as I as much as I possibly could I can see why you would is a very very confronting idea just a cyclist I happened and this is how the day unfolded in the readme this is the reality of that die so if you feel like that was a brutal unbearable willow that simply the consequences of looking at reality not the artistry of the creative person you with it they get you over it interesting position to analyze what's happening in America with violence more broadly I read something that you brought a couple of days ago about wall trump means in terms of height tread and I as a band submerged ideas becoming explicit do you is there a relationship between the ideas are exploring this particular book all that all a all we see something that is a ... important and unique now eh do you think in America I think we are I think that em if you pull to recognize that trump didn't invent racism or bigotry he you know he's but what there's never been if someone at such a high level who's prepared to be so brazen about that bigotry and that is near to have that lead from the front you know you love George Wallace in Alabama segregation is running full at present but nobody so he was gonna Whitney was a protest candidate instead you have trump going to Alabama which only removed a state ban on mixed mixed marriages in 4000 I mean this is you know you're talking some serious kind of telling me stuff out that now yeah alright yeah you're doing them don't know right and them yeah I'm trashing these black athletes to ... I'll make you a protest about black house mana know when that was just a few in their listeners fast that you this is the projects were NFL players a kneeling during the national anthem to sign this the Sampson don't include me sound as that idea of that this on film until we found him represents the ideals of the country I'm not gonna stand up for him and damn I am I guess room relating that to the themes in the book coming most interesting in the bookies none of the kids or the shootings that we now all of our side rice which is usual in America America segregated to death a white people kill white people black people kill black people Suai than that the term black on black monism mean anything consists of violence that's how American behind its works and damn I am and none of them were killed by cults but the date the 11/23/2013 comes in between ... when George Zimmerman is acquitted for shooting tribal Martin dead in Florida which is when the black lives matter hash tag was coined and Ferguson which is when it really took off when Michael Graham is shown by top in broad daylight innocent Allison Lewis so it comes in between those and it doesn't cope none of the death conform to that comment and of that morality play golf white cop black kid I'm ... but there are 2 ways in which it relates to the cruel to feed them the first days the way that the police treat these deaths were the most powerful witches you know that's the kind of thing that you know happens them this way down very few of the deaths are ... solved enough refuse the Madison solved and most of the parents think that the cops on even trying and then the other thing is the way that they're treated by the press which is that's not news rewrite if a kid gets killed down there that's where kids get killed you know sound yeah yeah them I didn't actually do this in the book but develop this kind of motion subsequently that when I which jobs and school news you know that's the thing when the wind dope by some man that's not a story when a man bites dog that story but sometimes you have to ask yourself why do these folks keep blowing people and why design people keep getting bitten and who controls the Stokes sometimes the fact that someone keeps happening in the place is a reason to investigate him a reason to ignore it very interesting is that it is a surprise that the normalize I should is an important part of the intoxication thought that this is normal do not question it leave it alone even that just do it well non journalistic trope is and that I suppose a way of establishing what normal ways we've always surprised that what we is acceptable I learned that because I'm a poverty is at this point because of guides this year to university now I wanted to learn more and now I learned this thing about Necro politics I who is okay a kill noggin and I suppose in the normalization of the deaf these children in these particular regions what you're saying is what that more in it to stay in that it doesn't matter how you are indicated in that this is your continually broadcasting it doesn't matter that diet doesn't matter they die exactly the black lodge number and there were these us right and these are some comic con man so one boy in Dallas he's them ... he gets just a T. words in The Dallas Morning News ... keeps saying that he was shot dead while he was walking with his friend and then the first comment off to the side he would just this woman saying what I want to blame the victim because that's what exactly bush should arrive and but you know where were the parents you know that I would let my kid now 1130 at night this is you know ... ... pancetta also some sensible questions about the first thing that raises is what time should I keep yeah I'm no good show you know when's curfew for kind of childish next attack you know music at don't shoot after this taught children can be shelf yeah exactly so I would buy said he was a he was an a student inside well what grade you have to get tough up up up up up on the passing of the not so sure they that child wasn't but doing that well academically yeah loan you just pulled his you know just just just tried a bit better algebra mom now we learn that vein exalted may now be legal rights but then suddenly this woman knows nothing about his family 9 so I find his family because it's not like they were interviewed you and go as he words and you find out that if money were exactly way wells and that Molly it been with his friend he was out of that because he was gonna lose ground each church makes that I no word of a lie this is why it's useful to have these other things where you're saying I'm not saying now because it is just council idyllic they drank how come they watched with the members I may play do now the worst thing that Samuel Brockman Dave he's the Kitty was shot that night was cheat at it now and he was a very very persistent cheater enough by all accounts then he decided to walk his friend the 6 minutes blank to his granny's house and during that 6 minutes he was shot dead nobody knows why Samuel did not remove that quite recently finally did many weddings quite a sweet quite Fredro kid actually ... by every cat will the people of New remembers lots of kids in the book where nobody says about them are ... and them and I'm then you've got this woman saying well you know I blame the parents knew it well no you know no you don't know the parents but there was an assumption if you're black of what he calls and you live in some of these areas that is not just like that depict that while we don't know anyone like that it's that day come almost different species fears here where the parents thought monthly kids of the kids that might lie for the parents of negligent kids apparel understand is like it becomes permissible and inevitable silent few things that I brought back lives my eyes is it necessary response to the assumption black lives don't matter beyond study it to black lives don't matter I see also that your commitment to truth is a requirement because what we're dealing with is the management of narrative in order to facilitate a particular response the 8 in a sense that the first comment after the I. E. word you Gee lunar light was ... like that's almost like a reflex that person had what do you say when I buy presents killed in Iraq all right where the parents are Disneyland night I mean with the sick can give a result conditioning as in America when that tribal ma in was murdered and I like Lisa even though so if grandma over news is so he's gone and intensity to it this of you see the police cars you see an overhead helicopter shot of a little warning also seems a bit like is all merging into crime and gang even if those words on explicitly being saved because those tracks exist in my mind already so we need to do is far a few real triggers I'll go yeah probably that keep us of a criminal law some value net like these it takes effort to arm pit move my conditioning is that why English person in America having already been indoctrinated before my arrival yeah I mean it it takes everybody left actually even like you know ... ... I mean different efforts have different kinds of people but the condition in the dome and then slid coming hegemony of that marriage is so strong that the parents of the kids who Tony who sites you I have been in trouble with the police didn't do drugs I'm what we're doing is listing the reasons why he shouldn't of talent are high listing the reasons why the child should have died every single summer retain kids go short bed that during that 24 hour period in my little black 7 with black tea Latino one wife every single bright parent when you lost them did you think this would happen did you helped me about was this on your right down to a person males have I don't know yeah yeah I mean Samuels mom and some of you know you can get in trouble in school or anything and his mom said Baden figure BMI phobias brown you know the did data near it just did not doing your job properly she doesn't think that you key could be show in these cities just devalued E. so if there is this kind of what would you call it Necro Necro politic metro politics is kind of it's not just for the dominant forces Inc in terms of who should be show a kind of it encompasses all of our stuff of thinking well sub I've to American kids and damn we were living in America while I was writing this book and that's when you realize you have that's the that's the feeling I have for my child I'm walking around with that too and there was a weird thing in the reporting of it because people went on about parenting some items so I thought looking to see if there's any documentation about parenting and ready and I found out that ... this was a government study that black dance with us will more likely to be single dad so many of them Bryce but secondly were more likely to by read to help the children with homework ... and have breakfast with them a whole range of things that black pants while they released RB to live with the mother they were the most likely to do all these things with their kids and I just wanna come true okay universal Ameritech I'm looking at a branch of a lot of black back well no this point I'm looking through you know ... China following someone who's written something to and then I think we'll want to have you doing your black that you do all those things I'm sorry I'm not I'm not your kind of you know that they're bringing in the the idea was so dominant in it that you just you know obviously no you know am but it was based more powerful than our right mind that the Groucho Marx quote who you gonna believe meal you rather nicely fit and that voice becomes side of dominant in your consciousness to a user ups reality although as I say I know I see the importance of the device that truth it like if you had that the commitment of the simple truth exposes narratives that ... aside to ... VC rule so Stalin and everything it re awakens aus from the normalization of the death of children Sir in your book is I altering many children die in is the thing that you just isn't as non IT was a bit chewy and then just roll your eyes inside it must pay permit responsibility now I can so see again that there all idea of parental responsibility in the incorporation of crime and stuff into those stories is why have in haunts in both the idea that these you always somehow culpability of the victim your responsible and that has a that plays a big role in American culture in that is part of the general this is an individualized how traffic some terrible bad things happening to you it's not because you all this color will from this economic loss is enshrined in the creation of tribal elders to duck a show about initial like it is it's a bit eh different hue so I'm is bays that's naturally SS of of flight old thread impacts is the defining freight of ... via an American ideology is individualism and personal culpability versus any kind of connect collective or national response really about something that continually being eroded out his gun culture participate in this why is it a given the opposite tell stories in the way you do what life is not a lot we saw the people just like don's why is this idea sorrow ... irresistible te American people what why isn't it lightly and I got you cease of right para but by my speech off that signed the OQO evolve is avail right that's that they now where we don't dive down the city mo basis but not why why is this foresight powerful what does it mean to bear on consciousness which which is an excellent question I'm them I guess one of the best ways to explain it would be new touched on it where in terms of feet tapping into some cool things about how America feels bad self they've got nothing to do with guns but work quite well with gems song ... when are you sketch the MRI and went to a couple of NRA conventions the national rifle association which is the gun lobby and loves the viper like we did and we did I'm kind of them slot of white guys and that's the kind of non T. percent of the demographic probably more who led the China push comes in in lower limits directions of loss of now pink gums and nice things he can carry a gun in them solid waste to look pretty with your gun stuff well that but I am I am Lhasa white guys I met almost kind of almost sexual relationship to these to these weapons to electronic the stroking amendment kind of you know that then you love that kept pouring them basically in and I would really play up my Englishness in these things yeah I mean first of all because it that you know it helps himself to me because it wouldn't fit guides the black mass behold off up up up up up we throw me now if I'm doing a movie to yeah well yeah Scott was down to my becoming have you man I got a good bit of the mountain from Steve lives rely and I've got a lot of my past Daddy I'm looking a puff Daddy but I'm hearing them happy if I can explain Stevenage to them that would so everything out enable everybody Stevenage's a shit so arrived benefit old you can continue their prejudices has often cries in Essex there Sir flag resilience to Stevenage ... arrows are not understand this around but I don't understand this ... explain it to me and to a person they were off to the races of say are you married here do you have children imagine someone broke into your house and they wanted to ... regular wife and to your children and take everything that you worked for would you give a damn are you gonna what wave a stick of them you can have Cole the cops away from the cops to come or you gonna defend your family and defend what you end and so he speaks to kind of masculinity when homestead nam about small government individualism I I'm notion of kind of might being right defend bush fuels now realities well there are several kind of facts contradict left firstly what most people who were shot dead kill themselves second may you much off the lot you much more what should be shot dead by someone you know in the someone you've done so well I should say is are you married yes will watch out for awhile let's try loves it always vote yes and so am I Daniel I'm somebody evoke these up very primal PS ... things in the culture here I'm when confronted with that if you start talking about no background checks and ... your house babbling semi automatic weapons tougher he's not really a match for these basic ideas of American individualism small government masculinity and so on you talking about tinkering with excellent but I have a powerful narrative that they can tap into I'm a gun control people down is brilliant isn't because it doesn't seem like it should be important off a national rifle association freeze I imagine being the fashion I've just rip on chick gazes in Burbank Jackie's hanging around in the show is that there will be you wouldn't think affecting policy and I'm sure we have our own so uniquely bizarre equivalent leaving some of our more satanic issue in our own culture about what I was struck by Gary there was like a shows you the limits of the rational mind which is curious when we live in what is a purportedly a rationalistic materialist culture the spice primarily X. least explicitly on economics the people's drives are not being sourced from Russian now there's a few him we've 9 and I you must let me first to kill yourself will be killed by someone that you know so the best thing you can do if that is your fear a fear is your mother via these do not have a gun it doesn't are now in the British just ahead yes stay indoors that era but by is the ultimate solution just atrophy in a cop but I had to cook brilliant the solution wasting away in a darkened spice so like you just shows you the truth again I is irrelevant it's irrelevant because they must know that they must know they must of been hit with live stats to think well ad that they have I'm what what they do is ... they deflected them to everything so you're talking about the hood I don't live in the hood that's when these things happen you know so if you say to that which is true you much more likely to be shot people have guns in the house a much more value should be shown the may basically deflect that too value talk about black people greatly so when I was promoting my book in America home ... the radio ... he was courting shadow and one guy said ... if you just took no a few cities in America then that whole average would be kind of way Lalla I'm not saying well yeah baby took a few season America will be America would it I mean America is now what takeout Chicago New York and I Detroit where I get a house from where you can get your blues from what you know yeah we do you believe so that's again is in its code to eat like that this is a get even if it meant only that was decimalization happening yeah why the statistics and nation is regarded incorporates again I was original this is terrible statistic but fortunately as what people that live in a suburban area is irrelevant Max out of that facilitate by an individualistic idea reason or an individualistic prospective a of yourself and your country aspects of a country so not this am over your kids American service in the us but everything you mentioned this is like it everything that a in that national rifle connect ... conveyed you seem like it was primal you know they sexual connection the idea of power the idea of fear so we when we talk about guns were not ready to get back on with talk about power and fear sexual energies lay and impotence sent solved social breakdown rampant individualism up so is a very very difficult thing to unravel because you know it's very hard for people to get like I wonder what would lectured act like that why is it that it's not a president can countenance on no government can countenance listen we're just doing this fame because he's playing with arriving today well yeah consequences yeah I mean this problem is a fatalism about it so when I almost every family that I spoke to so what do you think is going on here when Allison open ended question none of them mention comes wow because I figure in the book it's like if you could go run out of he wouldn't say well traffic we have to get rid of traffic his comments in a world where traffic and so I am you have imagine a world without god that I mentioned puppeteer did I mention racism because it's not less everywhere you saw coming home you know so I'm gonna go with on it now parents or that kids dad or this is a rough neighborhood but no the kind of them ... ... big good thing 3 I also think that kind of them ... tons of big business and sowed they raise that's what they don't have to be bigger than that would make because like a statistically if you financially is not enough to have that kind of potency must be serving something very very powerful and think that what you said there about that people call imagine me we just caught with that's been taken off the table the idea that we could mother right traffic the idea that we could moderate counts yeah that all of these ideas were excluded and we accept that this is a this is reality I think probably all of us are on that Skiles somewhere with what we can conceive often how radical a change we're willing to countenance how do you affirm the world with prepared to imagine them with non of us are willing extol sidelight either side like what kind of conclusions this these lead you to in terms of power structures and the white power all porites if you so if he seems like tree on the match in a poll to know Afghans well that I miss as you suggest this Kim worked for almost anything in any country that if you are able to kinda swamped the field in a way if you ever able to kind of if you were able to remove something from public discussion and remove it from public accountants then ... ... did ms no reason why should get warm Greta sounds of tell a different example be nuclear weapons are used to being quite involved SEM day I use to be on the National Council of sea obey you I went away for kind of 12 years 15 years to ... to the slave and when I came back in Kuwait when we talked about getting rid of triton and I counsel if you still go childhood can Germany's I I'd get people stop talking about it still being and some of the stop being a thing and you also told how we'd I thought we were supposed to be afraid of you like young men from the north west with backpacks that's right now we've got this kind of new lumbering kind of weird that he used who we spoke to be firing that yeah poems but it could have even been removed from discuss I just kind of stop thinking about in your presidency and a pair of the breast of these ideas that's very interesting is was it ... because we we took it and I was that we will be at operate in in a time where the powerful now have amassed by al and historical knowledge of how public consciousness in the public sphere works site almost not even legal manage this for a little bit of time we're gonna be cool and I think an obvious and postponement recent examples Grenfell in the management of the deaths around the tires let just keep just getting distracted by talk about them clarifying information it will be supply I surely will know not one of those top Technik Avensis scars on national consciousness because he's almost too perfectly sometimes happens I know using current affairs way symbolically many many freights come together and is an indelible connection to truth you because you've got another this must be because we've long regarded pull people as dispensable I'd we've been making terrible financial decisions would be Norman and all of our social infrastructures are Piper Tigers there's nothing set up to protect people which you don't care so now we're gonna have to stare in the face even invite when that kind of emblematic event a because there's a soul of sense that just ride this out they'll stop caring aba stuff will happen in a while this who seem like an obsolete concern like trident replaced with a new are more novel kind of fear yeah I met I mean your point about Grenfell because I do I do remember thinking at the time ... because it hadn't it we talked to the ... elections we calculation and that her more effectively what happened June 9 election was that labor it introduced a series of ideas that was ... once considered mainstream and actually in most of Europe are considered benching better been removed from the public square would give a tax rich people a bit more ... ... we do not have tuition fees which for most of the university didn't exist ... we are you know we give the we gonna move to a rally we actually had with Himalayan of living memory for yeah so it's not like you know a mild and dry I'm I'm I'm a cold austerity what it wills I'm so that was when Grenfell happened I do think there was a place for people to put it that we just have this moment and then the Grenfell happened then there was a kind of like that's convert something that we've been talking about you know that it was that was part of the constellation accountable those trips together I think and damn ... I'm not sure it even on social media where when things like this happen there's always a group of people Cobb who I'm sympathetic to he won a patrol the border conclusions and say you know look this is possibly bigger you know if it's not to let them know what I am and them is always a group of people who seem to be more dominant and in any case have the power over me behind them who sigh you're exploiting this tragedy for placement stop talking stop talking about all the serious stuff and respect for the victims alright and they tried that on social media with grim Philly didn't work people right now this is exactly designed to combat this what else should we be talking man and I do feel that I'm saying you know job who would make that happen but that I'm coming how old through this election that was up there was a price to go there was a language for and people were kind of achieving to it I'm damn and it's one of those examples where people can interpret got well though I didn't win the unanimous fight well actually they one cloud of arguments and they change a national conversation and yes they are not the you know they have not formed a government but that stopped him made him with anything who didn't change anything a slight is an identifiable dish junk because the soul of proceeding media noise was so much about condemnation and ridicule that the fact that in the face of that they was up positive reaction in a positive result it starts to demonstrate this Fisher the exist between this is the reality with telling you and this is the reality your experiencing now the efficacy of media in dad's Indian and ... mosque in our own reality even as you say like get us thinking about the even me as a person or a light sprinkle on readouts a change in so radical ideas like a few lucky di di school goes because they might get rid of tuition fees bloody hell is on your right I'm a black but was still in my lifetime that I free education is over that the white is situated now what they suggest to be my and given that we so start off talking about the way we tell stories and you to elected review most recent book to make a commitment to truth even if that cost you in the us a structural saying so I'll know the best terrible bath a because too early or whatever it is you not so what one thing I think that seems to eh be a current is at that outcome then what what we doing if we've got true form outside a brew be speaking by which I mean they're collectivized breakdown pow wow stop telling the stories of the individual stop ignoring the how the influence of the powerful was having a devastating effect on ordinary people's lives stop separate from one another finding reasons to hate each other they how come why we not able to tell the stories in an effective why if we have true fun outside of why it is this dominant story continuing to dominate ... I mean I think there are a few reasons as probably millions but just I mean apparently I I feel sometimes we don't quite even believe those stories are sales that we want things to be true but ... we we don't know where they are with Guatemala's so there are these moments but when you realize all my god everybody else has been sitting out there today shelling of its heavy who are 6 months as well I did realize who's that moment during the election where is one of the questions homes when a young woman says discussion about nuclear weapons and disarmament and she says I'm just wondering why so many people wanna bomb everyone and there's a big cheer notions right you know what what what are we while we're having that conversation do you wanna bom and so there are we've we all feel like well maybe she's made with this lack of confidence I guess but then it's also true I think that we are ... I have for the most part notwithstanding social media we don't Brahms staff you know we don alone a large media corporations and things like that we are still coming quite marginal in terms of the means of distribution and then certainly in a country like Britain or America you have to kind of wait all of this come up awful history which to some extent M. could damn the people within it so if you want to talk honestly say about British racism or whatever about Britain and you have to talk about empire and slavery and meta data and a range of things that come of people feel implicated in them if you say and you know people say well ... people will say we won the war or even within the family more we won the World Cup event it and try to them ever say we aren't slaves and I I think I'm just the old stuff alleged that led just not gonna do that in open a kind that I'm so having come up only's conversations about who we are and what we've done ... people come up short I. wife not so in more powerful countries people kind of them the more honest conversation with more truthful conversation is also kind of a more difficult conversation we've put too much into our shadows we've been allowed this to be a kind of repository of truth where we don't look at under this is what Britain means so be careful when you talk about 3 and this is what freedom it this is what we have done this is what we must die so Tripp lite we've become and of course there are many many truths but there are so many unaddressed aspects of our reality that I suppose mmhm constructed realities that we were invited to participate in see more ... tactile more attractive because we have of an I. S. over non willingness for us to embrace our that the truth of who we are culturally out I would have to argue who we all individually that there's been there's a reluctance like well I was I was I think Gary like is it might like you know like I hold these ideal spot if side like an oppressed but I don't like it when people got me why don't you give up all your money then I western mass like I'll fuck off and leave me alone yeah because stuff that come out in argument right now like I do some I think would be a lot right okay what happens if I this guy would add these people gonna call anybody needs a houses can love and live in my house now what was I going to do to my consciousness was my resistance to the idea easy a personal thing now no I've got limited power as an individual but as my unwillingness to committees and unwillingness to look washing my shadow my unselfishness my and capitalism and my own love of comfort my I love preached village my own prejudice my own why ease of garnering while I am and who I feel about myself that participle but I am a participant in the system in these ways yeah amounts to come of that Israeli ... in a way we kind of have to keep this to things that I had at the same time right so we all we all people we are from the old individuals and we live in a capitalist society and we you know we want houses and we once things that I didn't want my we you know we want things we won't come pheasant I money personal feeling about all that stuff you do what you have to do so long as you don't screw anybody else I'm for and you have you can point to a time or price we have actually done some you know actually made somebody else poorer or worse off then that's one thing but let I'm you're giving away your money doesn't change capitalism it just makes you poor and then ... I'm interested in changing the system not in you may have seen you and I am a senior in in public take but also just kind of linking where we are as individuals to come more corrective things service there and this comes back to the gun thing actually I'm and children in particular that we talk about personal responsibility I'm not with guns but there is also act with children particularly a collective responsibility last while we have social services child protection services child cooled school that kind of thing there was an awareness that they not fully responsible and so there is this general why am I understanding things I think that like I am not a state I am not a society on an individual so when people say well said someone did that to your kid when you want to just go out merit to that and so yeah I would that's why I'm glad this court because I don't want to be responsible for kind of you know how we respond to these things person made that I would I would rather there was some independent reasoned way of doing the things and I guess yet we all have certain privileges we knew that we live in the west and we all have certain privileges so we have to be aware of them but we call the house have them disable what can we learn from that particular distinctions between these 2 that the studies of violence that you've undertaken in the United States and and England wanted the differences sigh about those countries do you think well I am so I've been doing a series this year own knife crime in Britain cool beyond black white and I'm looking at trucking over the deaths of kids my team Amanda and I'm from ... ... from stabbings I am damn which kind of mirrors in a wide what what was happening in the states a I think the broad the broad lesson that you want to learn from both of those things is that is that there our reasons why this happens that I'm not people kind of feel like this falls out of the blue sky or dark sky like that kind of its evil deeds you not bad people is and it's really you know in America if you take segregation Parvati ... braces them come underinvestment in in communities and a new poll on the top of that big part of tinder I violent weapon that can kill people really easily hi what do you think's going to happen in Britain ... if you kat child unless a mental health services cut eServices ... slash ... give our social services through content via local councils ... then what do you think is gonna happen someone's gonna give it of course is going to be the poorest people who are gonna suffer so they're all and nobody as our use the last piece I did for the M. bill McBride series was an interview with the mafia of a child who had killed someone he's been sentenced and she had written to our MP saying please save my child she heard taken parenting forces she had told a local social services either my child's going to be killed was gonna be a body back she had asked him to move because their child was struggling she'll try all the stuff from what she said was did my child did the local authority put a knife in my child's hand now is responsible for what he did didn't try everything I could yes and will be filed yes harmonies possible to keep all those things in your head at one time yeah that everybody has to take responsibility for what they do and that includes OSC collectively as a society I understand we've been overly biased seeing the towards narratives that are about individualism and the reason I think which are susceptible to the ID's because we believe in our nets we are individuals that seems what if people go you know what will we do the Senate that is in Korea I mean I didn't do it there's a majorly is over for all ground for that's a flourishing and they're almost it requires of us a little more work to CS and they're invisible freights between us the collective connections that our culture is my Dow polls any fat stories no articulated and beautifully tiled we forget it is almost like I feel like I've returned Lysa Cepheus to there myself as as individually to have ... and all my own about is kind of the psychological means lie that they affect peeve in my own it so it it takes an effort to feel like I'm connected on Paul if they saw we are ruled Juan is it difficult stories are is a the way we live in a culture that tells us the stories about ourselves of the worst stories and neglect to tell us the pause if stories and it seems like I mean gosh economics is one level of it by our you know sometimes I wonder if there is more than just entropy or ... you know like a militia of work behind it because that seems like such modesty seems like it can this be as simple as that attainment of profit behind one of the suffering behind all these pipes just we've got none on ice bath to sell stuff if people think they're individuals in that I've got by things to feel bad I would if they lots about it's they follow yeah that Gary well off the wheel using electricity it's ... it's up it's more about neglect it's more about these go back to the black rose member thing these people don't matter what happens to these people doesn't matter ... and I and if we can convince ourselves that these people that match and what I'm what Hanson doesn't matter them all sorts of things coming to cry and said what does what would patrol dubium applied why was so keen to interview Feb the mother of the boy too killed was to make the point that in order to sell the things we have to humanize everybody know whom we actually we have to it's not a killer is a child who killed is a targeted summing monstrous Islam monster that people are more than make crimes that even world where some of these people anybody in this story isn't human all sorts of things are possible to I'm not neglect to forget to dismiss I am so we have to start from the basis that even the people who were doing things that we had Nazis with humans and that actually is the problem with a not human which appalled wet somewhere else that that period and all of the other periods of a sin lives in my Armenian genocide does matter they were committed by human beings that's what's scary about it once we stop pretending that all human beings then we found a way to kind of ... ... Paulk this stuff somewhere else so people do people can do very bad things they can also do premium wonderful beautiful things and them ... is away and and and then comes the problem of saying well Nelson and that he was a site or saying that people write wonderful figs and slightly above the still that people here that people and that is a very inspiring motion because it means it could be a new he could be doing that yes yes I see that as sensitive and I see you now I understand your commitment to truth because you're within true fairies complexity and in the complexity that there is a revelation if you so finish off a if you allow the threat to finish with the conventional narrative vans then you OB didn't you're denying yourself truth just beyond that is where the explanation is if you allow the story of it was this time and I in this community with this within this demographic then you will not participate in in real truth that I understood I understand the importance and significance of that also recognize and how important it is to brought cut to firstly Kryten iden identify different stories age I I think another relatively recent an interesting example where the it was it when was that that they were so the viceroy police custody murders of around north London owing Hackney yeah that all day though they kick peculiar why they solve blooms like some self continuum of consciousness was over regionally awakening what did you what did you think about that those disturbances some well lived not far from ... one where I live and to them you know ice-t's I I thought will yes it you know a young person's been killed and ... what kind of world would it be where people were angry about that I'm you can try and manage anger but the real way to kind of I mean there are 2 things you have to do to actually confronted the first is tell the truth about how that happened to make sure somebody's accountable executive make sure it never happens again and anything sure of that well one dissipate Lianga but people have a right to be angry not least when people you know there is there is this sense where with with Grenfell or or something that they should like well that's not a way to kind of you know sort that Tarantino writes a letter to your MP your well when people feel that systems failed them and that it didn't just fell them like I would now you know it's gonna be another week before him out but my toilet is fixed we found them in a way I lament the subject only but it was existential somebody donated or Inc in case Grenfell loss of people die them or anger is the very least you can expect and ... ... there is some sense for those people who could never imagine that this could be them that there is some sense of decorum missing some sense of propriety I'm you know I'm always struck but remembering Michael has a talent pamphlet I know I even see that coming to us yeah my tool has influence reports after the a few one riots we're which was entitled it took a riot and he's making the point yeah I know we had that Mike now what else would you have listened to these people have been saying all sorts of things for all this amount of time and nothing's happened so what if not this I don't think this was intent on his argument but it took this for you to pay attention I am dumb ... SIS tossed itself when these things blow up and I said well you know we have to kind of them get back to normal we have to get to you now court calls for calm Zulus calls for Conan list like how calm can you be when people being shot dead in the street how called can you be when people being mad about the state what kind of peace existed before these rise and show you felt very peaceful but I don't feel peaceful if I think that my child to be one of those I'm there is coming back to the booth where is the sense from that that led to the woman who kind of well enough to send me a broad band of this could not be my child here this could not be may I cannot imagine a single why in the world which is could be made from this is happening to a different species brilliant this is I I lie in James Baldwin's phrase about or at least analysis of the creation of taxonomies the necessary although the if you can have a demonstrate really different and of power hopefully visually different other then there's a sense our I'm not culpable but like it doesn't require such vivid demonstration like I know the way that I think of people to our ... rough sleepers as our that's not me lies like that couldn't be me I like is that once you recognize that these distinctions are merely superficial stories Vinnie is over the truth suddenly we all vulnerable suddenly it's all of our children suddenly we're all at risk suddenly change becomes an absolute necessity within which we must all participate and I really appreciate the way that you tell stories in the way you communicate for illuminating through truth ideas that might otherwise didn't know of being revealed so I'm very grateful thank you for coming on under the skin microphone than me it's good food good show wasn't it splendid we've nice one way and you go my quest on it before we go as well as you rhyme book whatever books would you recommend some as we ask people to recommend a few books with that we should treat I'm ... I've just been reading now is low enough dynamic throne which I think is ... she's been on the show she's good United I'm not excellent ... ... Kabila book from the ground around roads and die Colson Whitehead which is a brilliant book the bell and ... abolitionists easier if some novel ... which is ... ... which is which is really good if you've got kids under the age of about 4 so Munch I really like story about 2 kids and everybody's coming rack is a bit of a surprise party for his dad and it's kind of every comma slice Ove comic Caribbean life I think you ma'am the Saudis on coup de de looks like a beta player in his artsy whatever ... who looks like she probably ... works American government and he's got to out someone's really fat mum's really skinny amend his bomb anyway movies that comes out of real facility because scared I have you know in the plot there Gary yeah Scott a law that yes I am yeah well the kids end up going to bed Bago are vandalizing in next week's underneath it all there's a subtext so that we're clear that by us thanks very much Gary ketamine on another day in the death of America that's out now yeah of radio lightly if but these and 19 fifties what people in the kava good co could shout because as I said we're very clear Cemil seeking the chi of their welfare colleges your husband to come is thank you //
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Does The Establishment Know Anarchy Is The Answer? | Under The Skin with Russell Brand
\\weapons on the skin with Russell brand today on under the skin of the talking to con Ross Congress is a former senior British diplomat Orpha and journalists having resigned from the British foreign office after giving secret testimony to an official inquiry is the Iraq war events out the world's first independent diplomatic advisory group independent diplomat and nonprofit organization that provides diplomatic advisory services the government's I'm political and international political affairs come Daniel Rey right there I knew tropical movements are local governments and political movement governments and political movements governments and political movements left out of international diplomacy he's written about international political affairs for a wide variety of publications and is the author of 2 books independent diplomat dispatches from an unaccountable late and the leaderless revolution how ordinary people will take power and change politics in the 20 first century this year also saw the release of the documentary about him accidental on a case welcome con Ross to under the skin I hear you are that first person I think that has collaborated both vocally and literally on there construction of their intra a control freak and yet you believe in the dissolution of power systems this little Tivoli hall to view other mon I immersive cold flu victim cold yes ha ha ha how we going to deal with that I will lose the first his contradictions missus most obvious yvolution itself individual versus environment subject as his object now we'll start off with is diplomacy business you have at an expensive career in international affairs could you explain what your roles were what drew you to the foreign service more eventually because utilities oh I'm what drew me to it was I think I'm being brought up in suburbia and being very bored and trying to find things that were interesting and I was very very interested by international affairs Wallace the vast Soviet invasion of Afghanistan I'm am's I I found in slash relations really compelling and so I decided to quit and then the age I wanted to be a diplomat and a that's how I became a diplomat I into the foreign office and it all came to an untidy and with the Iraq war yes for those I suppose were you involved in international diplomacy around there who fight with Seth discovered the weapons of mass disk at mass destruction what which were part a mandate for the invasion of Iraq so well that relate to what the solution then I'm well I was very heavily involved in the Iraq WMD issue I helped set up the weapons inspection agency the UN weapons inspection agency I was deeply versed in the intelligence about WMD and so I was extremely familiar with the the case that the government was making for war and knew immediately that its case was at to put it politely grossly exaggerated ... but also and I think this was an important thing that's often ignored that that the government had ... ignored alternatives to war and that's a basic moral requirement of war that it's ended last resort and I had written papers on what an alternative to war might be and so I knew that the government in a had not taken that seriously is interesting that moment was personally pivotal for years was or so perhaps globally pivotal I think a lot of people were affected by that by that war in particular by the issue of weapons of mass destruction so why why is it that you think it was so important I'm familiar it was the combination really of I'm a growing disillusionment with government armed with the way one is forced behaving government I myself have behaved in ways that I found shameful are not as a government servant around that I defended things that I think what morally indefensible I'm so that was positive at a process of disillusionment of which the Iraq war was kind of the the cap of it arm and I couldn't avoid a a responsibility to decide whether I supported it or not because I was actually very closely involved I was off Iraq experts to the UN security council so it wasn't something where I could say well you know this is not my issue I knew exactly what had been done so I felt I had to make a choice and I sat with myself for some months it was an ugly process I didn't think it was a a clear or heroic process inept eventually just fell icon go back and work with my colleagues again I call sit with ministers and with a smile on my face and and some of them you know it was that it was that kind of choice it was all it really wasn't I mean the whistle blower ... heroic resignation narrative is one that's very familiar and popular culture but it it actually wasn't like that for me prior to this moment way you are left diplomacy and use your left the foreign office you said that you'd already felt shame what why I'm what it was sanctions on Iraq armed which I'm at work up a perpetrated on Iraq out throughout the nineties after the ... Iraq Kuwait or 1991 I'm a comprehensive economic sanctions which were then amended into life to forms of sanctions but they did enormous humanitarian damage to the Iraqi society Iraqi economy and I was very much part of the defense of sanctions and negotiating sanctions that at the UN and looking back on that experience I feel considerable shame at my involvement in something that I think was really morally wrong and in many ways are necessary we don't often speaks people of of pain inside what we would call the system or the actual power structures that implement that that kinda action that people protest against will pick the people use for evidence of corruption of the system or a hidden agendas and objectives it's interesting to hear you speak of the emotional impact on you as an individual been involved with it what what's the Jenny light from penis so I don't know if you were particularly patriotic but you must have believed in what you were doing the truth of what your day was it like to move from that position of thinking this is what I'm doing is correct and ethical said whatever you describe as disillusionment disembowelment out and ... well I mean first thought is gradual I mean I didn't have a kind of one kind of gotcha moment I that lying I'm required to walk out the door ... it wasn't clear it wasn't a black and white choice for me it was a very painful thing I mean I'd always wanted to be a diplomat I love the foreign office I was very fond of my colleagues I really enjoyed the status of being a diplomat of being able to set politician armor purchase diplomat and last lawsuit and you know that went down well in your wish is my final posting so cool it sounds a bit like being a spy and I'm engineer to suit and we hung martini glass and I sort of a 4 hour rush I PA a you have sort of tenth right tent James bone than a cheap next say that kind of thing yeah and I was rather attached to all of that but also you know it's a great job I did extraordinary things I went to Afghanistan accompanied Yasser Arafat round London cool just lots of things are not like I write speeches for the phone secretary just very interesting was she like Esther Arafat will I'm I'm afraid so he was very very very unimpressive I don't know what you mean Claudia saying nothing I'm and I think to be fair to him by that stage she was actually pretty aged and then he was very incoherent and not able forcefully to articulate what he should saying I'm a am by that stage the you know what was called the peace process was falling apart and he was not wholly but partly responsible for the collapse of trust in that process and you didn't really get to grips with it wasn't able to defend his position very effectively and I think you know it's not from that experience but the experience of being around people in government ministers prime ministers presidents that it's one of the reasons I became an amicus because I think it's some it's all a bit of a myth that these folks so really impressive incompetent and know what they're doing a lot of them are very well intentioned people a lot of them are competent but we put them on a pedestal and we want to believe they are heroic that they have some kind of access to trees and a reason that the rest of us don't have a night I'd never really saw that never sort by and incrementally with I know at the moment of epiphany but slowly gradually have your experiences within the privacy began to think of the season a process that we can trust I began to think that it's constructed on ideas which are not humane harm the idea of national interest arm which taught by their very nature regard as as a moral states are allowed to do things that individuals in the flap to do above all commit violent states have a monopoly of violence ... but also that the state system as I saw it wasn't attending to the things I thought was most important about the future of the world in the future of humanity and of that was just disjunction between the state system and what the well the kana politics world actually needed and that slowly became clear to me I didn't I kind of understood it in a very incoherent when it took time analytically to get to grips with something that emerged as a kind of commitment to trim and a cousin if you're curious enough to say that I am main reason we're told T. is silent you can explain to us what I make is in Maine what you mean by an occasion and how I am a cake and change the world up but initially I suppose I'm fascinated by your move because it seems to me like gore defector from the system sunlight you know that they're the whistleblower now it is a fascinating one because he's always haunting to hear someone listening to some ethical in a voice something that transcends their role because I'm minded over nice Arafat is coming here he said that with me in how in a in a vocal is powerful people such as Wolfgang shall we realize that he's power only extended as far as his role that power is contained in this from when I heard that it was very interesting why ... to understand have systems operate the people the fun themselves in those positions and necessarily and have the power that the position of force and not to mention lots of Chomsky's times analysis if you find yourself in that position you've already bane good refined vet 8 to the point where your present gonna behave properly so I think it's a reason why incidents such as this so seldom occur it's rare for someone to god like and maybe he got it I have in the background I have the fact that I saw Colin I'm trust this guy I don't trust the system we elves signing on I take enough it kind experiences that what's on the drug addict the coup that would lead to that kind of this development but you as being a person ways not just conjecture I use I none of this truly asi and the law I think about those weapons of mass destruction as part of a a construct the fascinating us I would like your your rejection of what we would call the state or the system in not wholly ideological easy experience to you when they you tasted it absolutely is experimental it was I'm I reject the state based system because I sort from the inside and I saw what he is capable of and I saw the way it made people behave and I think one of the most disturbing things I felt about it was the you know I've I've wants to regard people like me and my colleagues as decent people and in many ways they are decent people arm I thought of myself as a decent person and yet you are put in a framework that allows you to do terrible things and this is the you know the history of moral crimes is usually people are put in circumstances that make them behave badly people are not innately evil they wouldn't otherwise choose to do evil things up but you put even decent people in the kind of circumstance instructor what they can do bad things and bad things follow and I think that that was one of the profound is things that I I learned it kind of dawned on me very slowly I took a sabbatical from the foreign office I am after 911 up in fact before the rot war started and it was kind of I like to thanks Vince sorted it was at 911 that you take a sabbatical no I was it was no coincidence what happened there when I was living in New York at the time and I I you know for the Senate it up not easily given yeah because I mean there are all of us know what domestic structure I mean they're your little buddy of god on their lives and being no I wouldn't yeah you know the first plane flew over my head and stuff like that and you know I mean everybody's got a 911 story that ... it was a profoundly profoundly upsetting experience a you know I could see the towers from my apartment window I've and ... I dealt with the diplomatic consequences immediately at the U. N. off too as I was in the security council negotiation the UN resolution the day after the attacks I went to Afghanistan after the ... US U. K. invasion so non Levantines while I fundamentally but also I think profoundly unsettle me as it did for so many people it was an epic failure of this whole thing I was paid to do you know I was I was a Middle East expert to the UN security council and we we actually failed and ... you know the states basic duty which was to protect the population and then once that failure it happened I saw the state in particular Washington constructing new way to legitimize itself by finding an enemy almost any enemy in order to prove its necessity to a population that was out of otherwise would doubt it's at its need for a state that had failed to protect it if we see my reasoning yeah and I saw the construction of that narrative from the very beginning I was with the US government right after 911 and the days following I went to the state department for weeks off to his talk about Iraq and we saw how the narrative on Iraq began to shift and I saw my own government guy with it and felt question at and it was an extraordinary experience to see how a government to the states I am adapted itself to a circumstance where it was required to prove itself and I realize that states behave in a way that isn't rational arm that is ultimately driven by need to prove the necessity of their own existence and this is what I can think about all institute if the institutions ultimately have their own set of interests which are ulterior I'm and the state is one such institution above all states in the people who work in and I knew this because I had worked in it want to feel that they are necessary and sometimes they have to prove it and war I'm afraid to say is one of the ultimate ways of the state proves its necessity how how do you mean well because the the basic contract between the populace in the state is we give up our freedoms we allow ourselves to become worse by law and this the the system of justice arm in return for the state protecting us a both again from each other but also from other states and from terrorism what not from external threats that's the basic contract will though we never asked if you want to sign up to that when you're born you have to go and register your child within days at the registry office or else you get fined for not signing up your child and to this contract which whenever whenever asked if we actually want that contract but it is the basic contract played them it's their hopes in Balkan that we all make with the state and what that means is when the state fails in that duty to protect us it must re prove itself in must reassert its legitimacy is the hopes in ballgame you look after us will keep paramount shot went kickoff that's there absolutely it's based on a premise that other people not to be trusted that without authority we would and return to a state of nature which is essentially violent out real advocate of a violent crime but we don't kill each other at when life is nasty brutish and short ... has helped put it I'm and I don't believe the people already like that and that the the claim that we have to have coercive authority to control us to stop that happening I think isn't at best an untested claim and at worst it's a fact that I'm not a fallacy which with foolish to believe it within it it seems there is an inherent hatred she fantasy what it's a it's a it's certainly a view of what kind of people humans are ... it is a very very negative here is basically that they are not to be trusted odd that we can only form relationships with each other and negotiate with each other about our needs and wants in the in the structure of rules and authority enforcing those laws arm and of course you can see what kind of vision of the human that office you have very -1 appearing on I'm actually much more positive about what humans are really like cured that in legislating for this purpose presumed perspective it is realized of course of course I'm if you treat people in the particular wife you treat them as if you don't trust them then they will behave in an untrustworthy mana by soldiers from from myself and violent with violence in Kosovo why soar government that was basically at shorn of any real responsibility arm it didn't have control over its own affairs because the U. N. was running costs about and as a result the politicians behave very irresponsibly yes incited violence and indeed that the state itself even in a media example such as our own democracy is the realization of this lack of trust all this hatred of a subculture and concealed motivation of the inability to reveal that it's truth because it's truth image truth easy Sunday they were a very interesting count contra example is what happens when authority collapses and and that's a very interesting book by women called Rebecca Solnit which examines how humans behave and in the absence of authority at off in particular natural disasters ... black off the harken sandy's or in New York with us occupy sandy people spontaneously organizing to help each other in a way that was much more effective than the state's response him but also to most and why I think that was most fundamental to my experience after 911 you saw people in New York behave in a way that was extraordinary and tremendously moving and the diametrically opposite of the way the government was behaving the government was saying threat aggression we must take revenge the people as far as I saw including mean of survivors from the disaster from the attacks behave with tremendous compassion and it was a profoundly moving thing to to witness so it's almost like state authorities bill on the bugs assumption that we're gonna inherently bad that we need to be controlled will yield to these natural forces you can ask how does that relate this of cows and destruction but quite a country when in crisis when people it's all stuff people have I've I've we've authority an agency in in response to a crisis type I've with compassion and with cooperation so how does this lead us to an accused him com well I mean your views of it I mean you said today very well you've stated the basic problem with them despite model arm is that it it at at she denies people the possibility of cooperation of negotiating that relations directly it denies the best of what we are as human beings and that at an amicus believe that actually we can only lift them is fulfilled flourishing life and have a truly successful society and proposition relations with each other without power and without hierarchy without our institutions governing us that's the basic idea firstly Irma is Perea you readies to light into a podcast Gaskins but we better do it quickly and one of things you know it's just like out with ideologies that pose challenge te present order they tend to come for asylum pull up bone when I'm an educated in the mind of the I was with at that deeply deeply at embedded negative connotation such as communism as a think of drab gray were deployed to suit the queues ages to get a loaf of bread either I'm a chasm could ever be it's chaos is virtually cut off on the kids and that's a a telephone book 3 of the wind is kicked him in the eye thing with with a circle around it but what is Anneke isn't actually pays well I'm your right to bring up a stereotype because unfortunates what most people believe but I think it's it's it's a ferret type that's perpetuated in order to dismiss the importance of the ideas it's actually a very rich school of thought and you know it's a spectrum a all fooled from hot libertarianism it if you like which is the individual should be allowed to do whatever they want without moral rules without state rules and that is you anyway to create a meaningful human existence and I've been in fact or to society to a more common ovation of Anakin's in which is what I believe which is you do need some system of organization you do need some structures are but they need to be armed run by people directly arm where everybody is equal and where everybody has a voice so you have a kind of minimal level of organization I am but I mean it's a national title democracy really thought that if we would just if the army people here with the people that are in this building we're in Leicester square in the ironically in NY at global right the avs conglomerate that we the people that work here would run it that we would all have a value and we would go over at the White that we are affected in and eyes we would be in guys have it directly is that right that's why I'm I mean I think one of the ways to think about is direct direct democracy but by that I don't mean kind of localism I think one of the ways of a can of dismissing it as are you talk about cross reads democracy you just talk about localism local councils elected the stuff no it is the abolition of site centralized authority of all kinds it is the old decision should be made from the bottom up it doesn't mean you can't make decisions at scale for the for a large number of people but those decisions have to be made at the bottom level they can only be administered from up a higher level if you see the distinction it up a whole society governing itself in this way is actually plausible this isn't just about village whole politics soul you know running your school in a participant tree why it's it's a much grander and I think more exciting vision can you give us a vision of Britain off under this kind of rule up and indeed is there such a thing as a brain once you start a like once you abolish the state the state as we understand it once you start Monday in power as close as possible to the people by her area who are affected by what does Britain the come to we need to pretend that we need in America that we need these ideas of 19 that I helpful I think at a fundamental level I think the idea of the state is an absurdity on that created by colonialists that almost all borders a crate to through violence of one kind or other and you know accepted in the bizarrely accepted as legitimate a any subsequently I don't really understand why that should be I don't really believe in borders I think that all people of a born equal and yes our life circumstances in chances in life a a largely determined by where we're born and that's not right that's fundamental marlin justice and people we we might people suffer for but would they be Britain no that wouldn't ultimately be a person in a manic his vision the it that would be lots of communities that would be self governing 3 direct democracy but I think it's not just a mechanic cool sort of systemic differences a different culture I think this is it can only come about through a fundamental fundamentally in a fundamental different view or experience of how we treat each other as human beings a it's it's Farah going from the micro to the macro and I don't even I couldn't even describe to you how that might look begins I think one of the most important things to understand about anarchism is that it's about means not ends it's not a picture of a utopian society I'm not trying to describe a 9.2 out what I would only suggest you humbly is a series of methods about how we might run Arafat's that we should do so without hierarchy we should do so on the basis of complete equality and inclusion attending to the most vulnerable first am doing side non violently and if you follow those principles you you will get to a different kind of society I can't tell you what that would look like but I can suggest you the principles of how we might get that because it would it would it that's really important I think actually because usually the methods alba are absent in any kind if you type in is in but that you're saying advocates and is entirely about method and the things that you sit there seem to put to me nonviolence taking care of the vulnerable first non hierarchical but at like the other examples and I know now this is one of those sort of questions where I always been tried out and can have you well they don't advertise that that the one big heart historical examples in Republicans painter in the civil war where in Catalonia and the look beyond that that was a a kind of attempt to build on that Annika society but it was in a a of a conflict arm and it was ultimately defeated by fascism ... but it was an extraordinary attempt to to build a nest society based on on a quality and self government workers to Kaiba factories arm hotels ... peasants took over farms I and it worked a George Orwell amongst others witnessed it and saw something extraordinary so it's not just the kind of pie in the sky a kind romantic vision it is actually a plausible doable thing was famous EFC town of cod it from almost Catalonia way to try to so that they can a in the beauty of being in Barcelona during this peculiar interim twilight time prior said there escalation of the Spanish Civil War is key striking to me because it's very much about the feeling that people have being empowered is very very beautiful and somehow a again diametrically opposed to our common experience of democracy which is I suppose a less informed version of the disillusionment that you experience with your direct access to the dike surrounds the air evac wars subsequent and subsequent minutes activity that will think this isn't real what's coming down on the participate in this my life doesn't matter my experience of the world doesn't matter one shouldn't I just you know I have an iPhone half the length of a pot of chocolate get drunk unit have some substantial experience precisely but because we are treated as human beings were Val I didn't say where without impact so you're saying what I think is in is really at a loss to talk about the methodology was likely to be engendered is at an experience as a human being off personal empowerment yes I I think that's you that's very well put its its sudden empowerment but the longer I've lived with this philosophy the more I felt it it goes much beyond mere political structures and merely about power that started it you have to abolish power relations if you're going to get to the society but ultimately I think it's such a spiritual philosophy are about how we should live and how we should treat each other and how we see each other and a belief which as I get older I guess I I believe more more that the only thing that gives us meaning is our relationship with each other as the anything worth having really well love I guess you could call it a solitary confinement as a punishment for a reason faster rate peaceful observation and we've heard before in these rooms that at that you know who always without one another that we exist in dialectic we existing connection and communication without one another by never had that sort of shit confinement is a punishment for reason that's a very beautiful idea now let this intersection of a spiritual way if the political is now in an area of particular interest of mine because it seems to me that there's something about that coven oppositional politics the I don't provide genuine connection vision or motivation for change it there was something that was that was comes to my mind so of dusty a kind of air and then tropic emptiness and test it to their common discourse and you're saying that there's a spiritual the few things that there is a spiritual components manic isn't and it becomes very tough possono about the way we treat one another can you eliminate data I it's I I mean you bring up very profound questions and I I think Madonna Taylor 20 twentieth century political and economic model capitalism represented democracia obviously rationalists models that modeling society on the basis of of notions of what humans out that are ... that are in a sense rational the in in economics people are consumers they will consume and silicide shaded in democracy the have certain sets of interests which you can only be negotiated successfully peacefully through institutions this makes perfect sense but doesn't capture the fullness of what to do is to be human of course it doesn't it's a very productive view of the human and that is its tragedy and that is why is it when lost it will file and we are reaching the end of it in some form and it could be a very bad and ugly and or it could be one where we create something data but because it's not actually a full account is not based on a philosophically full account of what it is to be human it's not going to work and this is why I feel someone satisfying and why it feels dusty if you light so dry and entropic because it doesn't really fulfill us it doesn't really attend to what we really want as human beings which is something something actually you can't really describe in rational terms you can't really describe in numbers or in words it's kind of indescribable it's the ineffable I don't cut a says the old thing is bad but the new thing is not yet formed this could be the new thing couldn't it at percent per perhaps because the organs of 4 track half a dozen nationalism and can it temporary is at in and national state politics have provided us with many of the tools that could could mean that the communities could cooperate and assemble a local Avon oaks are as you say and data macro level I'm so I'm thing that I need to know who's who of super important there only at that say that was that pull AU allegro you so fat place in Brazil where hike idea off the budget and what people do yeah well it's a city ... fairly large city in Brazil where they have I'm at practice mass participation in decision making I'm deciding the city's budget and I'm I'm it's not a full aniket society would be wrong to claim that they don't decide everything ... but they decide the budget priorities and what has happened I've attended is is that it's hot mixed ordinary impact on how the city looks the best cities become much more equal that the provision of services has become much more even between rich and poor areas hospitals schools ... sanitation and but also interestingly the party politics is kind of dissipated up because the opportunity for leads to compete for the spoils of government has been ... destroyed through a transparent decision making process and I that shows that you can do it at that at the scale of a city arm so it's it demonstrates the possibility of autumn direct democracy at scale button just go back to what you were saying about you know that there's a kind of paradox that capitalism has given us the tools to connect and organize in a way that we didn't have I I'm not so sure because I think that the whole kind of virtual connection in the internet democracy is a bit of a a red herring in a really yeah because I think our connections of irony really formed face to face and I think we can only really arbitrary our differences face to face if you I mean studies have demonstrated that when people argue online they become more polarized not not less arm and this is what you see of course on the internet unit credibly horrific I at anger frustration and polarization of different tribes in groups I am but I think once you are in the same room as somebody and we discussing say into the future about kids school I will not see was a Tory or labor passing a Republican or Democrat I will see you as a guy with kids at the same school as my kids and somebody therefore with a common interest I will see you as human as something more than you'll political label and up and up and up F. political scientist because Stanley fish can that Stanford has modeled base in in a psychological experiments and indeed demonstrated that when people meet in person they are more likely to to come to consensus can I get another ineffable hard to quantify component that means that at that demonstrates that we are forming societies and structures that and not demonstrative of what he is to be human do use them turned to I'm when looking at this as a and it is in the new reference anthropology and not that they've perhaps ideas of how primitive cultures my vocalist local women at that for example here when you found now her are becoming a talks about like in a guy like an issue for chimpanzees aside will be 75 to 100 I sing beyond that people saw it a little bit confused and the 8 fragments in Spain to some people Congo alone have you and let you look how do human societies up organically foreman behave when they don't have eh the external power foresees influence them and control them and manipulate them is that an important part of an occasion I mean it might be analytically how some people gather it wasn't my journey up partly because I think those examples you know that they're taken out of context we live in an extraordinary circumstance and in the 20 first century amend nobody's ever live like we live now humanities confronting these extraordinary remark really confusing challenges and I think we have to attend to the facts of those arm and I find that you know sufficiently challenging and absorbing that I didn't really need to or find the need to look back at different forms of human society which were in very very different circumstance or indeed other animals could you not try to find some essential model you're just saying live by these principles and the mother will appear this is what is no visions is not like I am owned many human beings are supposed to live like this why don't we create I it's more like well if we have no hierarchies if we don't allow the exertion of power if we look off to the vulnerable what will formulate will be necessarily fair idea in a sense is a moral normative rules the one hopes would be propagated by our own behavior rather than through rhetoric all through Theriot by top and authority but I think I'm I think you know I don't I don't find it necessarily particular instructive to look at other examples I think we have to look at facts of how they out states very very difficult to look at facts and theory is very confusing and I think the only thing we can really do is practice now given that you've set that con that we all have to look at facts the fact of the matter is this what we live in is there and I we live on the materialistic rationalism we live in a secularized democracy we live well aware that both of the white power functions is monthly concealed not many people have been in the extraordinary position of having experienced they have been through the Looking Glass down the rabbit out all those Lewis Carroll things a good purchase around and come back to us on their side having awoken in the pulpit and said it's all bold attacks now how do we get these populations to transition from where we are now and not to work in one of these buildings raise 8 and sometimes you have a great privilege but you can see how it's become postal warily in some bizarre key brick it's happening is happening people are becoming cyborgs people are a gave it to the I I agency is deteriorating and over we know speaking as we have recently done to US of a and a very brilliant Marxist professor who tell you that lightly in blood that we have album desires and needs have been sigh of steam been stimulated to the point where you that we identify as consumers when the spiritual things that you talked about and my I I about like how change our interpersonal relations is something that occurs to me is that alright inadvertently have learned to Kamal defy relationships that one of the things I am consciously day with me in people is and I have to pick myself up on it continually as in like what does that person mean to me welcome that person give me when I was a single person and it was if a mouse in my case it would lock eyes is a person I will be having sex with if he's a mile a mighty midday it by this man I need to beverage control in are like that the for me this is an a an important component of capitalism and the us pressure your land spite dominance is the I behave as a consumer in mind consciousness in my I'm most intimate relationships it's in there who is the all I that I'm dealing with when it's been so deep when I've been so deeply inculcated to behave in this way and we're talking about is on a huge huge scale with talking about people that they would like in about that the understandable and rational apathy of dispossessed population went without gaining some bloody Alfa populations I'm talking about so anglophone cultures where people are relatively affluent in some pasta population how do you know without I know you continually referenced that cried the impact of crises do you think that without crises without major at best in my in crises is possible to in just this kind of tight and present these kind of ideas into why this seems feasible possible and attractive I am I do otherwise I don't think I'd a pursue this philosophy Roswell just below my moments of despair I doubted you've gotten our ... point but the but I actually think change is extraordinarily easy in some ways I mean we think that that the system is is kind of stock and you know where locked in kind of apathy and that and nieces ties reality and nothing is possible but people have overcome far far worse circumstances them where in today and and change happens remarkably quickly have that I would like ISM yeah you know I'm communism I mean look at the Cup the F. people thought communism would last forever the Soviet empire that it was a kind of permanent fixture I say though at this point because you know you're just extremely clever solitary thing don't you think the what appears to be change superficially is actually the managed mutation of power systems as it continues with a sound that receive NJ the number of Nazis on it's just that we're incorporate it into American culture there are you know look how Russia is an of the former Soviet Union nations talk Greta currently round that whatever wherever this power is that we experience this type how we expenses democracy I'm not getting the conspiracy stuff I'm just trying that power necessarily conceals itself in order to perpetuate itself so even things like the defeat of fascism obviously great thing from one hour to perspective and there's no version of a welcome Alicia capital that fascism but it actually those powerful interests continue to be represented continue now to be represent I mean I think Tara's danger no circumstance in that certain types of people in groups of interests that will try to it exerted in any circumstance and it always has to be resisted I'm talking about a continual process of political effort and struggle of that will in juror even once new status choir is effective and an achieved but I do think actually change Israeli posible now a because news is communicated pretty fast today you know something that we did today in London would be understood in Tokyo I'm tomorrow or even quicker than that and I think the power of example is extraordinarily strong that if I you know I don't believe in talk despite the fact I'm an expert at talking about myself rifle talking brown but I actually believe in the power of example of people behaving differently setting up new structures new kinds of institutions to do things differently and when people see that they are inspired and they can change things or should we do then well I mean I think you have to start with you and think that you know about and you know the professional life that you have your personal circumstances of social circumstances and try to attend to those start with the small in this more immensely becomes the big but I think even the big can be changed I mean off the occupy Wall Street some of us tried to start a bank a cooperative bank across America because there is no cooperative bank for the whole of America is actually illegal private the private banks have captured Washington to such an extent it is illegal to have a national cooperative bank but it wasn't a movie failed and it was why am but it was an implausible but if your child we failed because we were a group of volunteers and we had day jobs and we couldn't get enough time we fail because the legal defenses of the current monopolistic banking system in America are extremely formidable and 12 the comp that they would not impossible to I've come and setting up a a a commonly owned coopted bangs I'm buys customers in stock is not an impossible thing and actually it's a good idea because it could plausibly undercut the big for profit banks that is one example in the political piece a change I could hear could be in a very big thing I'm you know this once you break it down into practical stuff arm I think it's it becomes much more durable small steps to a big change at some point it's likely that there will be a considerable conflagration now I know that non violence and I eventually agree with that that ideology of non violence but like I say if you if you were to identify targets I used to say to a point right we're gonna take a vow this organization this organization should pay island by the people that what they said was like Tesco or ask that this guy should be a lot of the first things gonna happen is like holding on and then I kissed because I owned by its shareholders like at some point like to attend meaningfully demonstrate these principles you would have to attack some very very powerful interests and like we said at the beginning the part because the reason these was I on occasion and communism come lots of old fogey stupid joke words that I've liked relates a punk and madness and crap is because fair if the systems have potential the systems could bring about change soap they're like how low if you were to identify a talk about it IE 7 attractive and appealing target an attractive an appealing idea what we think we know the US would John Lewis is going to appoint workout Ron and stuff would like him to demonstrate changed to demonstrate efficacy how would you tell about that you know this is what I am a person with limited limited limited experience what artists are not bound by is pointless myself is still a kind of kick back around not still when people write about that at now is deliberate mis understood that people deliberately unisex but so I would like but you know why I know is that caused a slight rob shot a quarters because the tension because it it could create a little ficha for moment people when I don't like not concerned people went yeah is telling the truth I'm not saying I'm some brilliant social love that change silent nature that comes up belli one saying is is there if you find an identifiable target level why not you know like Adbusters say stuff like you know shut down she might as attack at what these kind of corporate targets because Matt office and of people think that's where the power released the state power rate is now at the behest of these transnational just isn't right you think a yes pretty much Jana sore from myself I sold the access the corporate power had within the holds a place like the foreign office that they have much more access and delivery people our NGOs option rights activists or whatever for safe we vote it in some very progressive government in it let's say we stood on a platform across the next general election said that like in our like we ate we love Jeremy Corbyn but we are proposing that we do self Powell way possible that Britain is wrong according to this is a series of national assemblies where possible will handle called in one 9 of 9999 no power no party that comes to power in a centralized system gives up centralized power measures the paradox you don't change what you are and and in any case the labor party's nafta proposing a very centralized model of social change in the social change I believe in the model of how to go about it is not something I believe we got a grave so from municipal public on ... what I've nationalized under chief of row wise and things I don't like that I know but I'm not I don't believe in stay on the ship I believe in local and shipping Coleman no control and enough for them democratic control of institutions and utilities like railways a bank's whatever may be a centralized government could start us on the way to that but they couldn't complete the task absolutely not pay could be transitional in the same way that socialism was transition although I don't hear that the labor party's current 99 no 2 line I don't I don't him talking about transitional programming you rise because in there but like that but I will could unite house a week we the people ask could it could we stand to say look we want to stand in this election and what we propose is after this was decentralized power wherever possible other political parties that do that I will that there is 1 in Denmark was proposing that the cold the alternatives what flight he's got a knife isn't it what is it behalf welcome faith in them proportional representation to be precise a allows in Scandinavia efforts posso pie system is obviously militates perfectly again small parties but I am not circumstance and indeed frankly ... no capitalist societies I think the idea of getting elected to make changes and is a naive one I think we have to create change ourselves I don't think we takeover Tesco's we create an alternative test because I believe not in overthrowing structures perfectly violently because I think that is that a kind of change that just invites reaction and illegitimacy and the reaction I believing constructive alternative systems that top ETA near that I tend to people's needs and I think you know we were very much stuck in a culture protest in voting and aggro on the internet and none of these methods will give us a society we want the only thing that will give us a society we want is constructing things institutions up processes I'm forums companies changing the nature of the company itself a social relations from the micro to the macro is constructing that ourselves and that takes work and a no compiler soul you know I have a lot of people happy to come to the square and and and and protest it was a much much smaller group of people who took the time to go away and spend literally years trying to construct something that would injure so it's a it's a it's work yes his work isn't it is curious because of polarity suggests an integral relation to the other preacher trying to overthrow you know like if you're involved in the kind of you you'll connected to it you consecrate kit with a protest movement that's that's not religious miser at I think process legitimizes the thing it protests against it says that you are you are meaningful you mata when in fact actually this you know these institutions are iniquitous exploitative dominant socially domineering need to be just ignored because and what's we create something better they will dissolve away they would evaporate because we've created something that is so much more compelling and exciting and human and just better yeah that is a model of change in our current circumstance doesn't require you to go on the streets and throw yourself on the tank tracks doesn't require you to throw Molotov cocktails that doesn't require you to vote for somebody's United might or might not deliver the change you wish to see it they require something else that she just a pragmatic cooperation with colleagues who share the same ambition to build something and that's really fun I mean is that she really satisfying to try and build something Newt it's difficult you know and you won't fail you may fell 100 times we it may take us 1000 ships to know we may need to launch 1000 ships for one of them to get through but if that one gets through them we we can succeed the occupy movement is not that blood the punk geek that Morrissey and new order everything with that your life itself like it was at this moment occupy that seems to have spooned and go right many thinkers theorists activists audiologists it saves ripples us this very much felt I think today so what if it's a wave of something it's a real it was a real cry out that things are not right 9 in America where I was living at the time it made in the quality of political topic that is of extraordinary importance you know that even Obama couldn't talk about equality until occupy came along and made a legitimate topic of discussion so that was a huge achievement in itself but then we now need to reflect on whether that protest took us it didn't create the transformation we will we all want to see now we need to be asking ourselves what would when it did I think they will talk about capitalism and as say this this type of system call it what you will these relationships is a powerful institutions corporate owners national and international it that what I am astonished by and afraid of is there room lockable efficacy in consuming counter culture how caught counter culture is promoted into the mainstream of these things become soul of ... if we sit right it and turned into amber them Sir lime this ID you have in in which I think of great stuff I'm Buckminster fuller that guy create will turn if systems and they simply begin living in accordance with them I wonder why it well I suppose even though you say this you know the amicus missing heaven in about a vision because of vision proposes a kind of fascist I suppose it has stitched into it here is the utopia to which we must have known about that but so let and it mean means doesn't it lie on the ground or where we are in the moment that what we have to do is simply begin to organize things differently not got other supper I radio station or supermarket or whatever is this not run like that unlike was that was that because the Spanish example moan moan that icon methodically that's a bloody good Spanish accent might be just what like half a for that moment my god you got on the boat knowledge flag can also follow who will love and my waist Montag off what is a it's a it's a it's a huge cooperative company a clink conglomerate of cooperatives arm that is I think spines tenth largest company now it's because insurance banking ... metafiction ing up base in the Basque region ... and again it demonstrates that a cooperative economic model is is entirely a practical and effective and it is not problem free and now you you know I think one of the other important things to understand about anarchism is it doesn't claim the human is perfect it doesn't claim that these things will come without trouble you know ... it takes a great deal of effort and it will take imperfection and when necessary work as well as we we might wish it would work but it is possible I think once you take away the sort of aesthetic beauty the sort of claim of aesthetic perfection from political change that actually becomes more ... reachable I you know it's dirty it's rough it but it's manageable it's not something that is up a beautiful geometric design it's not a it's not a romantic painting it's something that's actually just about our everyday rough and ready circumstances and actually we can change those things much much much more easily than we think we've been told we can't change things and I think the left in particular school awfully good at explaining cultural phenomena as a reason change doesn't happen rather than going out and actually trying it I'm gonna think postmodernism has been a rabbit hole that the left has disappeared down into while others have taken power and I think through me you mean by that place how plasma tentative impaired the left well I've I've I've repressed rather foolishly the GS a diversion here but ... but basically that I'm rather than take home power and rather than create a new kind of society in the sixties and seventies a lot of left wing thinkers went into it the academy and work on postmodernism worked on the meaning of signs and words arm at the money that is how we gave it our yeah I'm like yeah understanding how living I think somehow it run on the spending power rather than practicing it and believing that that's understanding was a way of subverting it when in fact isn't it to sweat analyzing it and actually what we've got to think guys have subvert power you know they've got it we haven't had we take it by us in a sense any real question that matters a movie I've got it we have an added we take it back simply by taking it back and what you like as a person then happy Aulia the other other attorneys have to us others him abetted judges the me of what I'm like way too late for sky non I live in northwest London Cauchy day have no us from south London now this is my first experience of north when I get on there I really really like it meets him stuff in there the moments arise where abouts are you alright I mean I'm gonna saints primrose hill their way not far from us we made of arrow which is really nice yeah yeah what would you do did you begin to you about what what is they'll provision stuff of course yeah I know I'm in I'm guilty the bourgeois liberal and then expand some my politics as make my question had a privileged upbringing I'm a privileged person today I'm but I don't think necessarily that advertised sport because it means that we do politically or what we think politically and I I think it's such important to escape from that is that is rather individualist nations that the the messenger is the message momentum that's actually a wave diminishing the importance of these ideas are enough to get what I'm like just attend to the substance of the of the ideas I don't think human consciousness behaves like that might not think you're right I think you're right I think we do look at people but I actually I think what you're saying is so right that I think it's actually explains what political change really looks like we look to others as examples and if we start to be examples to each other and people around the start to do things that we will replicate them and in that way change can spread very very quickly and I think people do look to each other much much more than they listened to a pompous words of people like me and they look at examples ... of how other people behave that's half faction works and that's how I am trends work is how much everything works we rule train full of was world to monkeys lucky the teller marring what the other other monkeys think about us I'm actually if a few of us and you know start to jump up and down in a slightly different way than other people might start to do the same thing what do you think about love and god and connectivity do you have any particular spiritual or religious beliefs I'm well I'm I'm curious example of a rationalist to that trying to adopt irrational has irrationalism I think one of the profound as political philosophical shifts I made was in an accepting the limits of rationalism and that what is beyond rationalism what is beyond empirical description is actually the most important stuff to us and you can call us spiritual you can call it religious you can call it an affable I'm whatever you like but it it actually is probably what is most important assets as human because that includes for example love yes there's no numbers to live there's no cost does not to earn money price you can put on it and yet it's the most important thing it's left out in no calculations of neoclassical economics will CAC capitalism or indeed representative democracy and then assigns you know I guess my journey is what what what is the political fairy that gives us the most love what is the way to create the most love and in this sense the politics that I now have come to believe in is is in a sense the practice have that because to treat another person without hierarchy to it abandon all power between 2 people is in a sense to really a practice a loving relationship with somebody and they can be a stranger and I think you know life has many many different forms and we've sanctify the end fetish ized as a particular form between people who are in romantic laughed but in fact applies to almost all human relations perhaps with more purpose in family and this idea of indiscriminate level behest of sit love outside of their conventional value systems of of repose romantic love etcetera air and numbness and and not of probably not anomalously props to liberally given that until the match George Orwell appears on page one via new page I've read of homage to Catalonia went to address in the Italian plug side lights on and off a puma whatever is is it the fact about this man I knew I could love him I love him in that moment that these glimpses of humanity as you say there is something ineffable and difficult to understand semi difficult to quantify semi difficult to legislate that you can have the if you find we if you can in your self find that connection to loving this that your like that when you online disembodied binary codes flashing across your screen are easy to height when you're in a traffic jam people ensconced in 10 are easy to live with that lights but when you come from a position of loving yourself on an essential understanding about one this which is this of a spirituality that speeds baton many times palmitate and regurgitate fruits of Christianity in every single so theoretical or theological rather tradition it's that it's quite beautiful and these my chief I think offer sacrifice the crucifixion and now or just out that that kind of connection one hears on reports of heroism seemed to be to me because when someone sacrifices themself for another indelibly in that is the realization we all want that doesn't matzah alright die you will leave you will leave and that that that a White Sea not some emotion that you're a psychiatric time and times could be so of like a benevolent experience have beyond tiny some shelter of beauty deep within us whether we receive from our camaraderie comradeship whatever that there is a sense of connection now as a material rationalism necessarily denies that because it's about what kind be wasted when and what can be measured what can be given price I'm too if you know if you lost the dying what matters most to them what they regret most in life what what they must celebrate they always talk about other people there was talk about their relationships with their children with their significant other with their friends oil I regret that they didn't spend more time with their children that's all they have said they don't say I wish couples live McKinney white had a pack of had a bigger car and you know one of the experiences I am most move by is the experience of soldiers in war I am why is it that people in war experiences intense comradeship arm why does it require war for us to feel like that why can't we have that feeling of common chip come worship an absolute solidarity with each other in total loyalty and a willingness to sacrifice without the need the need for war what what is it about the structure of our current political and economic circumstance that make fat so unlikely and I guess my quest is to try and find the political and economic system that gives us that feeling you know of us charging towards a flag together in a course that we passionately believe in and where you know we look to each other more than we look to ourselves and where we value the collective far more than we value the individual and where we would make sacrifice of for that for that great of course and I think that that's you know I I I feel a bit silly saying that but I'm a kind of you know here I am a rationalist I'm an economist I'm a diplomat I will own you know all these difficult issues all over the world and yeah I think that's what I really really I'm trying to get at yes it seems to me that you have a mission that some and an ass of traditional sense that something has awoken in the our yeah definitely I'm not I'm grateful for the crisis that happened to me I'm grateful full being in I've thrown out the foreign office to the painful objection that I I am practiced on myself ... you had to send out incidents are grateful for their I was walking past the foreign office the other day and trying to come from my demons my anger and my sadness and grief at leaving this institution I feel to this day I'm and actually I walked down the road next to a bright eyed port 0 times before going into work and I I fell how glad I was to have the life I live now I feel free I feel you know a man man I make my own choices is not an easy life and I you know I feel many constraints in the that everybody feels gonna money family kids all that kinda stuff but at least I am free and ... that is that that is a truly great thing and I look to others who I think it truly free people who live a life of existential fulfillment I don't see many people order line up but the ones I know the ones I see I I look to this continent saintly figures but that people I'll look up to in a sense of that's how we should all live we should all be that free with none of us should be living under the constraints of economies of of economics of work of the boss of hierarchy of you know the the in that incredible bullshit that modernity subjects as to the stupidity is about the indignities when you know each we are in the circumstances of war for instance or after 911 which I soul you know when we're in a club you know having a great time together we are extraordinary and beautiful unless something really profoundly moving about and I'm very very moved by other human beings in that way not be useful will add these full journey of being on from a kind of a bureaucracy to ... presumably secular evangelism Zaher it's a very last night in a beautiful Sir this since you confident lighten up about 9 means me all factual corporal doesn't end here are some soft transcendent creature from another dimention combined will so spiritually and my shin about Soviet tightest will think my name is very funny I bet Idaho yeah how the Venezuelan girlfriend that wants them they will will have family for it's hilarious that because it means love letter was slash yes well people still say to me I'm 51 now they still thought you know what con means in Spanish and I say yeah I actually had a dinner since about 3 limit that's it's not only kissed his eyes you know Cornish magnets for is it it's from Karen the parlous times tonight hot that's it where it said the Rosses marriage the cons a long time ago so I'm used to be con Ross my family so technically my name could become Congress which would be a bit ridiculous come on give it awhile Kankan rough sighs goodbye 9 them twice let Boutros Boutros Ghali yeah I never am this feeling is called magazine my tons of being you and general up around the slim well yeah if you're different in the last hour I made it without put this out is there something you're often found out that through right now because I don't type II well thing that's really really beautiful I mean are all good luck concluded if you'll have to conclude that just seems to make you yeah I'll find that very very educational and very very moving and very very inspiring I was thinking all list I talk to calm Los thank you I appreciate thank you for educating us untested it meant I was a great and //
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When Mass Murder Becomes Normal - What Does It Tell Us About America? (E442)
\\I American and it's very peculiar to be in America when the archetypical American story the mass shooting happens obviously is just happened and that's not been the assessment the full assessment of why is this happening but it's interesting to see how news operates when it it up because in any case obviously it's tragic and focus should be on the victims but not just that's not how news generally works you know they'll be at some point a photograph on the air among talk show growth of the already 50 can found dead and surely mobile time in the case of a Muslim perpetrator then narrative ID some packs of how this is connected to the ideology of Islam being at terrorist ideology when it's a white perpetrators it it is in this case the composite then there's a less attractive narrative around don rules Nevada being a state where gun laws a very relaxed it's interesting that America's idea about freedom to purchase homes continues to hold the imaginations are strongly even off the sandy hook and as I say so tragic that when I'm looking at Walt 50 people have died instead is like one of those things has happened 8 east already normalized by virtue of the fact it happens in all their son tropes and cliches in how this event will be reported but well I don't think we'll be reporting is that when they saw thing happens frequently it's an indication that was a kind of a social psychoses amounts on happiness nothing of note is in America on you if he was more book I've written a book about mental health and personal development a change of conscience there's an opioid epidemic phase that president missile sends the tweet like warm condolences god bless you exclamation mark it seems that the realization of an old unconscious force a kind of loathing the kind of analysis I'm using here will be familiar to people that I recognize as of this format but James Baldwin uses at in he's kind of analysis of the slave trade and persecution of African Americans I which he says you can learn a little bit about a film I'm not your Negro in order to create the cat agree if need drugs you need to repress an aspect of yourself subdominant that hegemonic force of the eggs of white population I'm not too good at ordinary what people they know in the White House spin not dominating things in governing the country I'm talking about the White House in powers for doing that I'm in the end the times of the analysis I'm I'm never kind needs to create the Negro category in order that one yeah for economic reasons but to to have think to have the very notion of otherness now when we apply this critical theory so much shoo ins what is it that's not being addressed what is it that's bubbling up from under the surface in the form all violence of this kind all I would argue face extreme unhappiness extreme darkness and on address darkness now it become fee is convenient when it's ... I must I tried to excise all I see is that maniac say that respect our freedoms but when is what person then it becomes a lone wolf I psychopath a mentally ill person and when the query that person is mentally ill I would say that the social phenomena occurring this regularly and our ability to see its kind of normal is an indication that we need to address the root cause of the root causes all Weiss the consciousness of human beings on an individual and social level ID people of very very very unhappy and manifestations of the some happiness are everywhere so we need to change the systems by which we live of course stronger gun laws but perhaps more important and that the way we address our own mental health the way we address our own spirit because we are manifesting on mass levels account of darkness sympathy obviously to the victims are necessarily site that but really what it's important I think case to prevent this happening on this one stop happening unless we change our mentality at some my true new seems outright excites my analysis of a terrible terrible situation //
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Russell Brand's "Recovery" Book Launch | The Alternatives
\\ //
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Marxism On The Rise - Can It Really Defeat Capitalism? | Under The Skin with Russell Brand
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Trews On The Move: Prince William Is Right - we do need to talk about legalising drugs
\\hello then this is Russell brand with troops on the move as it turns out and a sky studio about your summing this guy that can resist as of June it's about him prince William's ... session ... or at least inquiry into whether or not drugs should be legalized you're naive say at the daily amount to spark protracted fight will as a recovering addict and as a person is of particular interest in drug addiction to give the time of the release in my book recovery I'm Scott elevated this new generation of roasted at best strokes Rifat yeah I mean there be many others that think that air in the modern Britain has no place for among the keeper Harry and William that up like they've got the the pastoral sat some time in particular when it comes to this line of inquiry around at drug addiction because my personal experience is making drugs illegal simply inconveniences addicts turns addicts into criminals and exacerbates the problem so pretty prince William in my opinion is doing precisely what you should be doing eyes and a knowing it leader of IT a sovereign state always you know the leader of the summit site and I'm not and until this unit to more to get out the white and colored them in Atlanta up what I think is is this is precisely the kind of compassionate this is precisely the kind of prayer compassion enquiring about you in fact come at precisely the kind of compassion inquiry that we need to all public figures so I would Salim personal for me in the vat experience on the D. stigmatizing what base mothers vanities brother was doing around mental health and OCI Austin an intelligent question my personal opinion for what it's worth nights at pretty penny look at my jumper wars on this we're gonna wear it again and is that by legalizing drugs you'd be have to address the problem at its essence a mental health problem a problem that needs a problem of loneliness and loss sigh well I'd say in this instance well don prince William and mayor Daley Mao Kansei is that this of so little parents grown on a parent and I think I'd rather my kids grew up and we'll try to legalize we can an honest clear conversation so that drugs also of controlled area I'm more men lucid honest open why him possibly to create the kind of culture where drugs are not needed because everyone has a few desperate Eileen I it isolated and alone so in this instance at least I find myself agreeing with prince William that said to buy any conversation that needs to be have that's true is on the move thank yous //
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The Cycle Of Addiction - Unf*ck Yourself From The Modern World (E442)
\\n't addiction addiction it's everywhere regrettably suffered a book by some that ... idea everyone is in some form and that makes my idea is that all of us are addicts on this guy off somewhere and the news seems to confirm that gambling the number of problem gamblers and you tie is recent among the 400000 too many people are addicted to gambling what do you mean gambit means they logs being ruined by gambling and they still won all calm stop look at drugs in America hunch before we 2 Americans die each die from drug overdoses thoughts and 911 every 3 weeks and 911 of drug addicts at dying every 3 weeks deaths involving cocaine rose by 60 percent and also look at this in the UK I 18 percent of 21 0 men think they are addicted to pornography 90 percent of young boys and 65 young girls have been exposed to pornography before they reach the age I ate but I think that everyone's on the scalp because I've experienced many different levels of the scale extreme an obvious chemical dependency got got to sexual addiction obsession around pornography problems around food from adolescence co dependent and difficult relationships bring in relationships that pine for not knowing really what's wrong all why the Salk who seems to be repeat myself to just the everyday problems of thinking I'll feel bad if I get these admittedly quite cool trying as I did feel bad some assistive hoop it back when I look at another pic Mokelumne he cannot hope they've been there's only a few types of Celtic where was a month point gaze that it can be quite minor things that take you out of self here's a 5.guard to the soccer prediction one pine say here in Pine who's not in plain in this crazy world high in the east everywhere this everywhere and it won't ever into 2 we addressed out enough room constellation out enough colds and how we feel we've been we've trying jobs and will change the outside world subprime to using an addictive I didn't like alcohol food sex work dependent relations to suit even distract when you feel part would you do a glass of wine books that what is it you're doing you something free temporary Anastasia or distraction numbness like I look at where a Facebook or Instagram however not to make you feel bad with Vietnam's me now it noms is this the ... monopoly now looking at a brilliant Ted Hughes pyre about folks school D. appear finish properly rate that time is absolutely fantastic Trina's our social media can do good things but how often do you look at social media makes you feel worse than you felt before you buddy started full consequences like severity action house obvious consequences if you are a drug addict you are a criminal annual probably at some point get into some trouble if you're an alcoholic in your drinking all times gonna affect your work is gonna affect your relationships you might and that game Austin some capacity for that if you're in bad relationships you'll never experience in the truth of who you are what this book tells you is what I've learned through there wasn't a central you face trying to realize the self I know not realizing it because you're being this by the external coldness of a world that wants to be a consumer a civilized being is that of a connected spiritual force 5 shame guilt leaving to pine or low self esteem and the cycle begins again because it really is a program if he is not we don't change a lot between having a program and not having a program you choose between having a conscious program or the unconscious program you've been saddled with from your school your family and the culture that you live in you've been programs you've been programmed to be a consumer we've been programmed to be an addict this program is a way out that program and a way of becoming who he is you want to be who is your surprise debate the first step is Juan you've got problems second step is is possible to change the first step is all made helping older tries to help could be some kind of Fyffe or belief or it could be the support of a community or another group certainly about all of those things point to change check it ideally the first 3 steps to the works in the time it takes to know Joe had free time I have a problem yes I see it could improve yes I see that I will need help yes I will accept the hell yes when someone is in that frame on ever chance this is the spot you need to achieve to recover so when I talk about recovery I don't just mean recovery from severe addictions I'm in recovery from the problem of how they're being hypnotized into the belief that the material world and temptress circumstance consult the spiritual and perennial problem of being a mortal being trapped in this world momentarily trying to suck nutrition and not a rich man out bogus on arriving you systems all Taylor how this applies to Maine you command we keep track with this application to your problem I think a problem you want to change that relationship is the food you ate you know exercising is it enjoy your job or are you in fact just market are you happy no marriage all you happy in your life are you have to know what you think must go north Cape and been told no you may not be unhappy that just live lotsa struggle some so Protestant idea some sort of Mona feast day ahead hammer that toes you're not worth of you being happy and connected by you all for me this is a simple accessible white I'm fucked yourself from the modern world the modem lotus tied you to addiction every day you see or another celebrities died because of drugs known as another person in the Piper from her drink driving all the time continually gambling out of control drugs out control Alcoa control food at B. C. rights at new levels children need too much body sugar free 0.4000000 deaths a globally pornography all of us spellbound to digital ghosts of Dave conjugal time goals but we stromal self stupidly trying to make ourselves happy trying to hit upon a happy chin one telling you it in this book the east prop possibly not Beyonce about babies and on set a one you have to have a look at this book and tell me what you think because I think the consumerism materialism individualism capitalism ties to an external world and that is a way out of it if we can solve the problem in ourselves and I think we can change the world as a 2 year old Schindler said he the site of one life saves the world into our stop by saving your own life then we can make a difference thank you very much less intrusion that spice it some promotional material //
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Mogg And The Rise Of Pantomime Politics (E441)
\\n't Mork mania is sweeping person our member it was beaten mania annnnd I think now with distilled it down to a true Piura that's 2000000 new with only one clear reference of where it comes from stands for living within your means if Thatcher was a man a thin man a man you say it's over up 3 like a jelly bean would it be this double barreled man as I look at him do you think this shambles in which we find also be seen anywhere respectable conduct what do you think other but like you know I think you are classically over states ... washes in fact talked to the prime minister's house into an election looking for a new mayor so bad day for the biggies and also your sent items on your recent is everyone is a shambles you use your save that some virtual slaughterhouse the seems to mean extraordinaires after hours not minutes we'll shambles means ... of which I'm surprised that no ... mission some characteristic is it with things that because when I hear back charismatic politicians you think bloody hell on me alot charismatic politicians but they seem them quite a limb a framework I mean you know he's no Elvis Presley is a hollow but what I think base exchanges a good example of is him behaving in a way that we've come to see as as it is extraordinary firstly he's being playful and he's picking up to is playing a game with Jon snow boom tone snooze used would show blue home grooming the true meaning of the word traveled you're in trouble by Margaret Thatcher was not like as educated as Jacob Rees Mogg but she certainly had that kind of stability vessel of XO grinding platform make kind of super love someone so in closing you mean there in 2 legs and saw her heart to to say inner landscape of banal politicians apology new can do ... joke about the work shambles there and I I and a revealing his nose of the pit epistemology of that work seems over enjoyable Jon snow's Barroso ouch in an interview situation any so flat station him up now like in this ... interview he's on the I like ... good morning TV show we've piers Morgan who's also so I had strong opponent in an interview situation and in here I think we see a different side of Jacob pre smoke he said he saw of a kind of resolution we think we used to politicians like David Cameron on and even Tony Blair figures the seem somewhat amorphous Blair was explicitly choir religious guy David Cameron and I think he did the inverted commas talk religion is required of politicians in this country for awhile Jacob Riis smoke is prepared to school flux Bernie most dearly calmly alone he's owns over religious faith even in an area where that view point becomes most problematic when it's about ownership of other people's bodies in this case talking apples and so too in a man to that women's bodies through the lens of a patriarchal religious system or even refracted for politics but what he says he still interesting winds arm same sex marriage that is something that people are doing full themselves with abortion to something that is down to the unborn child are you come that he has heard so portion in all circumstances on your style rape and incest sexual I'm afraid so readily yes I know it seems absurd doesn't it lucky's relishing the villainy that with I'm afraid to ask I'm surprised that people think there is a significant number of living voting people that would be in agreement with Jacob Riis Mulcair but weeks but I remember when we were bush and Donald Trump campaigning thinking I mean this is our Larry assignment for thinking this is hilarious and mental but there's no way this person could believe regardless just too many people who think this is mental and are delighted in the certainty but don't jump adobe president nothing to worry about the disease to Matt that Justin Julia as a cult so of comedy show I I was wrong about that because without them I'm good indeed become prison United States so I suppose we shouldn't make the same mistake again I suppose the consistency is possibly it an individualistic malice and a kind of a good joyful lack of compassion well this pop me they enjoyed it anybody sticking up for the principles after being used so many politicians or just sigh whatever needs to be said against the position they want to get into the fabric of true importance much about whether Powell works when money was would always be concealed by the ides shifting figures that we're just friends for big organizations referring back to Blair and Cameron like it's sort of like an effort while this guy least unknowns who EA's unknowns way believes in even when you no pasen a boring thing to say and this is where we get proper we it is when he starts the positive spin on food banks and now I start to think this is almost pandemonium like some of that who I think could superior to cook shop owned food banks to banks predate the conservative ... government ... but crucially the change but took place was at the conservative government but allowed Jobcentre plus to tell people a few banks existed but I don't think the state can do everything but it tries and it provides a base of welfare that should allow people but to make ends meet during the course of the week but on some occasions that will not work good poverty in the middle of the week and talk about the starvation a weekend that should be enough to get you for again it seems like a kind of peculiar relish in saying the on site opal but what a study it within it also is I don't think that the state can do everything and I I think that is button pushing I think because we've all been fed for a long time for tabloid media and tabloid mentality media yep I've read in the papers about people make in an abuse in the welfare state if you guys are food bank is if the finger I makes me my sad is when you think of people using them and feeling embarrassed and feeling ashamed of it that's the bit that Haas most is the is the real thing real people they're using them for a necessity and even this argument that the welfare states couldn't do welcome held true to green but also to the people of Mexico comes close what is being denied in not stated in groups on the minds did Jacob Riis smokes argument in of empirical in all these laser working people are using food banks and not being paid enough and enough to feed himself in the reason that's how it's because of the continuing trend if dis empowering ordinary people on it Jacob Riis more demonstrates the British version of the move to a more extreme version of what's already not working in order to solve the problems that we're experiencing what if we put even more that way Sir Donald Trump far from being an establishment sorts of numerous stabbings suppose was curious about these these in out current landscape figures like this are not comedic in reasonable that havoc certain political potential that could be realized so what Ollie thing of Jacob Riis smoke is that this season as a piece of anti if I found out he was a character like the Iraqi was a car crash not only brilliant is really good but he's not a comedy creation he's a political fiction real in that exists B. is drawn from Margaret Thatcher he's drawn from my I. negativity he's drawn from a wilful misinterpretation of Chris spiritual scriptures which unit like a someone said discriminating which are fully Hussein are from in routed from sunburn Sime be conscious pick and choose which bits of Christianity all liked the bits of Christianity which uses this abrupt us that the soft cultural inflections of an old ideology shouldn't be used to persecute molten people as this guy sports out Ashanti's mostly about being nice big hearted sharing our living Jesus will go I think it's good to people living there all food bags I think it's good that people are aware of their leprosy Mukherjee heal them Brunei's ticket just a little looks is the US so patronizing villain version of Christianity so well so I enjoy the spectacle of re smoke I don't think I would enjoy the reality because I enjoy the spectacle of Donald Trump and the reality of Donald Trump he's at evidently quite troubling for most people in the world so I suppose what this reveals to me is like I at the system keeps manufacturing really ought characters to sustain itself and only systemic change can break this trend thank you that's my opinion it's true news scrub here if you choose thank //
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Russell Brand Speaks Candidly About His Addictions & Recovery
\\this very special edition of under the skin because I'm not even hosting it I am the guest this week on the skin will be hosted by the great Welsh philosopher they'd Dylan although merging you consciousness it is Brad Edmonds and what this man doesn't know about violence isn't worth noting and I should I should but alas right myself and kick me out at him before I deny he's knowledge of the subject of violence with the at with my book coming and Brad has kindly agreed to into view may on the subject of recovery Brad I've money very much a philosopher over the course of these ... at of this excursion in to the subcutaneous world we have become friends and I'm very grateful for you doing this I full authority to you and Pat was I did yeah like Atlanta and I'd like to begin by saying I don't have an advance copy of your book it was actually a real privet privilege to read it I was actually taken by all of the courage that you put down on the pages so that to me is something to be deeply uploaded now the one thing I guess you know I'm also I guess kind of humble that Jaci show trust me to do this so to thank you and thank you for a friendship that's something with your cherish and I'm I'm going to go do not directly into this question us it's kind of you know it's interesting being on the other side of the sons the one thing that which I kind of think about you know is that for anybody who writes a book they know that it's a whole series of procrastination sometimes it takes months softness 6 years and I guess the first thing that really struck me was what compelled you to write this book at this particular point in your life so that anybody that's in recovery because this experience where what begins as something that you're using to tackle a particular addiction in my case initially crack and heroin becomes so by the time like a yeah I realized that the tools and techniques I was using tear one that's harm not use drugs and alcohol what the coming you realized in every area of my life the way that I feel about sex the way I feel about food all behavior and all forms of attachment can be tackled or at least my perception of him complete ... it by working the 12 steps so excuse me coffee may but so what I felt was by the Salem like at this point in my life where I feel like I'm Husam many lies of disillusionment disillusionment with a fine disillusionment with Hollywood disillusion with sex and disillusionment if nothing by not a bloody good thing he wants to pay illusions yeah life son yeah and I it's awful lot when you know that that recovery is the lens through which I live my life isn't my relationship is conducted through the program are described in this book obviously my spiritual development the white I relate to other people I by no means do it perfectly bracelet technique that might that so effective that I want it expanded because I've seen it change lives of people with really serious chemical dependency really serious behavioral problems and I think is a technique that office is a con account a white so the over riding a ideology about time which seems to me to be a kind of determined an icon and yeah I'm plungers self centeredness Newton erotica when I was reading the manuscript in the school transformation really comes through there and you you can see there's a very personal journey that you go on I'm because I just was trying to figure out M. what type of book actually was and I know this is bloody ironic come from so cal postmodernists try does try to label and classify it and I think you know in an affirmative way it's it's almost like an anti self help book I think what we mean by this is that I think the central message which really jumps off the pages that's precisely these kind of trite summer self centered individualistic kind of fuck the world narrative I know it's kind of loving sentiments which kind of gets us into this fix in the first place is kind of just help yourself narrative I think what really to me comes out of this is more about a sober and props more truthful cry for human connection is that where you see the hope for the yes because I think our culture and our biochemistry collude to create a kind of a chronic individualism and I feel that the natural conclusion of ... I kind of eh secular rejection of the mystical leads us to the conclusion that we just individuals we here to survive we here to fulfill our impulses in the original 12 step literature he says like we have no argument with those people that site perhaps man's purpose is simply to fulfill these by camp by chemical drives to procreate survive to dolman night the selfish gene approach but he says one thing we're settled his no one has made a worse mess of this way of life them we'd it suffer from alcoholism and addiction a lot may well I try to live my life as a means to find personal fulfilment or get into so of a kind of peculiar despair are starts to loneliness that food is connected that I mean I don't pick up the cudgel once again and try to find my way back to force profits want to qualify to write a book on ethics is because I've been addicted to heroin abilities to crack addicted to find money sex out relationships over people's approval I see this phenomena emerge again and again I'm starting to think that the label of addiction in itself is too confining that well actually this is the human condition in motion yet yearning itself yearning and we live in a culture I think that uses fuel this will to acquire a night like I us through it's become the reason or the book is because it seems to me that a simple though this is a particular though it is in origin it we entitled within the autos that could change people's perspective in quite a profound why what you say their breath about it takes you from a point of view of kind all I found nothing get this when I get that I'll be cool riff that person understood me or if I could have sex with that person if I could get those shoes these puppy and personal examples from my own life like every room brocade and it doesn't work but if I go home that you know and I don't do enough because I'm again I every day I wake up once again bewitched and hypnotized by individualism but when I go and spend time helping other people sometimes in real polite and sub princess Diana why he's like going to a homeless shelter and getting proper and on and being a mom stay or if just on a basic communal way like we human beings should be taking phone calls from other people that are suffering reaching out to grab their problems for China which you know it's all that it needed to be full my 8 for me to understand it because I'm sure lots of people just bloody do it naturally but it just is no different wife tokens might if my eyes again for relationship struggles a person struggles a workshop was a thing of what this is good because I can connect to you here and want to continue a one before self and my own problems and the more too yeah I think you know looking Chris Janney Brett Butler I wanna easing about list of man but when he talks about when Christ says it get down with a pole yeah that's where is that there's a local my goal to cut this guy wasn't lesions is what you buy some energy there when you're helping others and the client and not only that the other people the help of his abusive full so you start to feel a kind of elevated sense of connection purpose meaning all of these words that are I think being increasingly marginalized empathy only sings of being excluded from that is so political ideologies of our time in the socializing owners is about time suddenly become accessible through this most basic things in their lives an interesting point in terms of you know I think we can all kind of you know in our lives when human connections seem deeply meaningful to us why we know that these connections exist only thrive on them and we know that the kind of really reciprocal because that based on ethical understanding and an idea of love with one another but we often driven actually to relationships what would you say we're trying to seek confirmation in the wrong places and they become very toxic and they become and sometimes society cannot she promote those types of relationships which we know what actually deeply in a detrimental to ourselves or emotional well being taught intellectual well being and yet we still strive for the men and even though we know they are completely empty meaningless what indeed maybe nihilistic in terms of our own sense of self and I think possibly romanticism and I'm not saying they're a romanticism is a mendacious idea but the is that the notion that you can find fulfillment by being with some the rational thing got some diet see some living go that's your own personal Jesus I'll find salvation if I find the one you know that that idea I think he's highly prevalent but it even more toxic than this I think is the commodification of relationships that that happens won't quite the as I say is a collusion between biochemistry and culture like is very natural I think on some level to meet a man and think what kind this Monday for me tiny serve me kindly make me feel bad cannot make money is going to be good at lying to fly welcome to do that or in my case with women do I want to have sexual intercourse with that woman is this person there might be feel better about it if this is the commodification in the objectification it happens there in my case you haven't quite quite will magically I have to work to not approach relationship in that way Sir of the so for me the program is the antidote to the type of thinking to which I have a tendency vessel it addiction is is a tendency left on my own I will go that way unless I intervene unless there is a program and the other thing Brad I think he seems to me to be important is we don't choose between I program and no program we have a program you have the program of your family you have to program of your society you have the program of your culture you left the program of consumerism if you don on do that program if you do not the code yourself like someone leaving a cult then that's the program you're living with the program I'm not good enough I'll never be good enough unless I get the subject of a person can set me now while I think this office because it was designed to tackle alcoholism and addiction is a why of untangling the strands that web asked to materialism consumerism and objectification and individualism all these things are based on the idea that welcome be measured welcome be white is what is important see like mine a it's not like I am NC atheist in any kind of we know unless we were there right he's probably let the fantastic and exclude every small and compassionate wonderful people my concern is that it is a threat with the knife USM that tells you that all the only thing that matters is that which can be ascertained amber and science in in in all of its main disciplines is forever peripheral forever on the brink of made discoveries when you get someone like a long mosques and bike like you live with the kind of virtual reality technologies we now there's no way of proving that we know all currently living in a virtual reality and I had to go my mice but to anything my little my as right on the 11 years I'll have only to look you can be a most now in a totally new a and slightly different reality Serena mosques and if we can do that imagine while other cultures could conceivably do you calm let the possibility that this is what will bloody hell that's what he says in the back of Maggie exhibit doesn't ease the hurt computer you know what what is it that you want in a now was saying is the material world is an illusion this have gotten aids transmitted into your consciousness through the senses you reconfigure and Ewing's and and the inflections of your culture do not what meaning you attribute to the external stimuli they only laughed decoding that I think will right I a coating that his bike impersonal so impersonal crisis you get the opportunity to re evaluate that crosses could be divorced they could be drug addiction it could be a heart breaker or some other existential crises but when you're at that point whether as an individual or as a society you can say is this the kind of life I wanna Billy yeah Bob when I leave do I believe it could be different I'm a willing to accept help once you take those of the first 3 steps once you take those 3 steps it's possible to have transformation after that is a process of infantry a willingness to change and then add at their devotion to conscious contact and to set of base and then you've got completely to the world yeah I think this you know this re evaluation is you know it's isn't it I destruction is a really important thing but it's also very difficult thing to start to re evaluate everything about your own sense of self you sons of behavior you know it's often easier to project your troubles on 2 of the people who are either not rather rocky say in actually is this something about my own self which I need to you know what how will my shamefully compromising the power in a way that's affecting my own relationships the way I'm objectifying things they've occasion and so on Rwanda brings on to the for the put the step that you said you know because I think what I was reading the book the first kind of couple chapters was kind of like yeah I can go with this store's kind of you know this is a step around okay admit you have a problem thing go and speak with somebody then you just go into the section now what you need to do is write your inventory of all the things that really piss you off right I don't know wait a minute this is where it started to get challenging line is going to start to get difficult and you you even say those words to begin to look at this is not easy but this is difficult and when you talk about you know that this right on all those things which you think create a second your assault on your sense of self food on your sense of dignity and you know and the phrase you ought to use it as the uncomfortable confrontations it's a deal with this uncomfortable confrontations in your life and I wonder how did you actually feel like of course from writing the book because in many senses you must of had to re visit a lot of uncomfortable confrontations what you'd already might kind of dealt with but in writing the book that was almost like an attempt to kind of revisit those issues and you know how how did you feel writing this book because of the efficacy of the program Brad it did not feel like the resurrection of their cadavers of my past because they have been buried and a event in examine them this Beth was going well if for the purposes of the head for the purpose of the book is like it day and night they they and they don't bring them back to life now light yeah so I have a propensity to return to space of shame yeah I like that I have that Amy is easily triggered in me is easily treated like leaving out said my wedding like because I think like a this is the last of it then explain this monarchy right mom might Matt Morgan he said to his keeps climbing up so high a widow climb up the issue for you have to smash open market make one every 6 months at that a little boy cutting keeps going home to my head of special economic mess at the images to liberate a child's better handle things that I like is to pilot and an image rice I me what getting married but I don't think I'm getting married in the morning last time the only way I think what he's marriage manages a ceremony this is a ritual this is about the relinquishing of the ego this is about coming together and making a vow to become a different man it's a live in alignment with new principles sign up on the because I'm looking at what what you know inadvertently accidentally with not consciously but somehow actually looking at what is the meaning of a marriage it introduces a study in me past the point of ritual to induce a particular state know Meredith's as my friend merit if she goes that people think that religion is about the text is about the ritual it doesn't matter if you can't understand the Latin mass but it's just hear little babbling and serving what is this guy talking about here a lot because I'm sure some people identify with right now but it is like the ritual in juice the study in me the fee was so terrible the fear was so terrible brat of what not gonna do and I have to use these program to cope with the level of fear I feel about getting married the next I know any fear about marrying my wife because I really wanted them really wanted to but something about that ritual that ceremony it meant something it wasn't nothing it wasn't it was elevated piped up so turn up a judgment upon a no no no no no my friends there is beyond scene there is the invisible Taylor her that way some when the 100 percent I have to surrender a symbol is the sphere trying to tell me what is the fear won the fear is communicate in the theories talking to me from my own by chemistry from my own body from my own country and makes it a powerful message is being said send and if I don't listen to it something but I described to me I surrender I surrender wholeheartedly and every time I do that my life improves new states of consciousness or achieved through the surrendering of these by chemical circuits that somehow contains these neurological leaps that we've allowed to encircle us and tell the rest to love states of consciousness I I think you know I'm no no I understand I met yesterday on the bus I'm uncertain at this distance consent and I hope I wanna connected back to a question of philosophy because I'm you know the trouble is with us bloody critical theories we convert any book without actually looking for the political and philosophical implications right go on so you know like you know I'll read on someone on the go this is the best book a political theory ever written right but often we read books actually mostly love them just devoid of any significant philosophical significance or implications in other words they don't force you to think about a problem differently right now the one thing which I admired about the book was it's such as a very deep political philosophical but I philosophical architecture to end the ones in which I was kind of struck with the book and what I was kind of excited when I was reading with his is when you talk about this attempt a connection of about connection you also link it to the question of course you know life is very fleeting life is short and we need to find these connections and a meaningful existence I think what the book really kind of finds almost like a rescue in for me is an attempt to introduce something of the substantive over the superficial and the substandard fit for you is spiritual I wonder how you can kind of maybe risking it talk maybe a bit more about that that you know what is it about the spiritual that is substantive for you in terms of dealing precisely with maybe the philosophy of the book why substantial about the spirit to Timmy's efficacy it works when I do these things I feel bad when I am kind when I'm loving when I surrender all I feel better now these things calm be measured math can mechanize the monetized but they are in fact in fact effective there is some truth in them that is difficult Sir meaning legislate so it's a right so that's what works for me and I think perhaps the reason that this program is so good it's All I didn't invented it was invented or constructed by someone else like in a in the 19 thirties in America a chronic alcoholic bill Wilson who after like an incredible series of an epic drinking binge that that the type which should define these life had what he's described as an epiphany in I believe epiphany to be the revelation of essence a previously concealed revelation of essence would want feel this way what's going on suddenly powerful you know why and bill was not disappear Finney and realizes that he will never be able to be free from drink and the problems that result from a unless he helps other people from the eve realizes one he can never drink again one that time 2 he's gonna have to help other people that have the same problem in order to achieve the state and sets about a a major league festival troubling drunks in New York I up the paper in Boston that may help you let me help him them predictably sign no get elsewhere policemen loud then eventually has the soul of a program I I and experience which in the myth of the foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous is there significant moment the defining moment that conception oppose it or he's in Akron Ohio and a worry for a business appointment and it comes on in these in the hotel they staying at and he sees the Barney hears the music and is tempted to go in about adjacent to the entrance of the doors a public telephone this is the 19 thirties remember and that he takes a chance the rings of any calls up a local priest and says look if you call anyone or talk to maybe calls like I've you go I know who it was a priest Hugo anyone in this area that's been coming I mean I'm a tech who trying to help me help me and I go yeah we have got to be put in touch with that Cox I need some serious help block and I wanna help him because I yeah this guy needs a few more phone calls even as they make the connection but eventually ends up with van yeah that doctor bald they out that founder of Alcoholics Anonymous casualties as he says this guy listen I've got this problem I've unable to stop drinking once a star is ruining my life I renew my relationship to my job opportunities for the pa is destroying me explains to him his condition they have a guy starts talking about his problems the 2 of them having initially like the but they apparently that.the bald guy was like you know I'm going to tell me like you tell the secretary come get is gone after 10 minutes okay seems a bit with it I'm gonna find because had a blue from people want to talk about those stand up talking for hours and hours and hours they recognize it into the full house that neither of them at 18 you doing during that whole time because that alcohol is not the problem out because the solution to the problem of living under the false ideals of a materialistic society people are looking for something and looking for a connection some people just cont live without that connection said they find another solution to living without the connection booze drugs sex gambling and I think we're all on the sky was somewhere all of us are one way or another trying to come out of it the very light colored eyes like the 2 of them they stopped on the hospital's trouble enough of people we are a year there and people here to hear from because of blood alcohol related problems yet that they live in that baby's gonna pining awesome night hearing shall in from down the guy and I'm not Ativan guy they him up and suddenly you know this this is you know as you know a lot more than me Brad within lucky historical terms this is only the 94 is when 27 a it grows and grows and grows people realize this works it works now that is written in the Christian language of the time is written in the patriarch cool terminology of the time it's also understandably protective of its identity the anonymity is to make sure that I as a thing is protected in that no one person sent me not me concise hi I'm Mister right yeah because I know that on really still crazy after drink take drugs tomorrow some it happens you know I don't know I don't know what I'm gonna do I'm sitting dinner that guys I might clear in the book is not written from a position of authority he's written from a position of experience well I don't know better than anybody my like I don't know what crazy things I'm going to do I just but I know that if I what is program I'll be alright if I what this program will be right the only problem stuff for me when I got I think I'll take control of this situation and thought of me then ego desire pleasure FIA right each the other program steps backing so the reason the spirit is important because it's the only thing that can transcend the material was the only thing they can have crucible of them well what is consciousness where did it come from what the fucking hell he's got a number at night and for me this very simple tool gives us access to consciousness in a way that we will not attain if we live in accordance with a biochemical drives and a culture that uses it to turn us into past concealment here I couldn't connect us to the politics of the times in terms of you know on the one hand you know we constantly told nobody's in control writes Mr except in security vulnerability not only to our people being anxious but what you seem to be saying is actually letting go of this very ridiculous idea that we can be in control of other people's behaviors of the people's lives like bloody North Korea this morning if we dwell on these things then we going to live in the basically you know in this constant state of anxiety about things become possibly deal with and I think that's kind of and how do we seek some kind of information out of this world maybe the 2 entered as a a different sense of the consciousness might be the alternative to that won't come back to your story about you know this question of confiding to the example you talk about these 2 guys who speak in and of course there they are confiding in one another yeah I'm not ideas of to confide in one another of course Rick requires confidence which confide requires confidence you need to have the call to confide in somebody I knew it might be a random stranger bread least you have an established trust around this kind of sense of you know of the confidence in this particular passage of what you read from the book and I'm not only I think because it brought a tear to my eye to shut any illusions people have of me I do have emotions every now and again I'm just seem like it yeah I did not know the truth and suicide and you're reading the side of a tin of beans but I think I don't have much snow but the fellow but also because you know I think it really addresses were stake here in this kind of you know it's as him suddenly my fruit and frighten childhood became reasonable and soothed my mum was doing her best and so was my dad yes people made mistakes but that's what humans do and I am under no obligation to hold these errors and allow them to clutter my perception of the present yes it is wrong that I was abused as a child but there is no reason for me to relive it consciously or unconsciously in a way that I conduct my adult relationship my perceptions of reality even my own memories unlocked objective obsolete they are biased and they come be altered now this to me is a really powerful passage in the book because what you're talking about is not only come we sometimes you know decide that we do have a choice around you too if you talk about the things that we hold and carry along with us not saying that we can never forget the more we can outlive them but we can choose whether they define our lives and not I'm the Fitbit central message which I think comes out of this is a very positive messages if you do come find in others not sweat the transformative potential you cannot simply transfer wake up one day and say I'm gonna be an entirely new subjectivity yeah you know it doesn't happen that way because in order to change your behavior you need to change your behavior in the eyes of others right we all human you know we are human beings with human becoming so we always connecting to people and disconnecting and reconnecting I not since it requires a certain you know confidence to transform when I wonder what you think you think about underneath your children they arrive Pratt and one of the things that because lightly since Jennifer Fathi said it on this part cost was it we exist in dialectic who what is called like can I see you mean appalled and shoot me into spice who like in a minute why am I well I'm over hours Jarvis Cocker put it more simply without pay ... enough in a lot so let yeah you're quite right that it is a collective and communal activity this book you could done you could read it on your own you could do the program on your own but primarily it's about how you relate to yourself and how you relate to the people and add the passage that you read from a book just to clarify the abuse happened outside of my family and you know the thing I think is it important about I'm yeah that the my stance that you kind one can alter their perception of the Boston if you will to alter your perception of the past you will to the president is that there yeah I as I said that there is no objective reality but you're right this is gonna be a state is difficult to achieve just sat near where we could cut a site that's yourself you have to be realized in relationship I believe who who yeah I'm I want to connect this then now than to the social implications of pretty well you've already talked about you know you see kind of addiction as I am something which is not just an individual pathology but it's a social construct aren't we in our society could you please certain values and those values in many ways play to human desires in a way which lend themselves to addictive personalities and actually talk to dissolve very things we bring us back down toward Yanni's miss some of the tabloid press in Britain which is kind of revealing of this you know would like nothing more than the celebrity who falls right because it's almost like this that's not the system failed in its working all too well right because we kind of expect that's right we want this to kind of happen you know brought a kind of connected also to your other will come and I think you know that some of the other powerful will couldn't advocacy work you've done on the war on drugs and link in this question of addiction to drugs now as we know historically the war on drugs is being kind of separated between almost like a war legal paradigm this is a health development paradigm now I think you know the shift towards seeing it as a health problem is a positive shift away from the wall paradigm but too often when we shifted then to the health paradigm it invariably retreats back into individual pathology right it's the person who is just simply fault because you know the fallen through the cracks whatever else I think would you book is also trying to do is add another layer on to this and so yes you know addiction is a health problem it's a mental health problem but unless we understand the social consequences in the social effects which give rise to this problem constantly feeding then we will not gain a real tangible purchase on and you know it I wonder what your thoughts on this because this is to me who I find is really important and really pushing the debate forward on addiction and the war on drugs will generally and my question of violence and everything for those criminalization of drugs disease who social tool in the management of populations in this is been explored in film slot 13 and the house I live in Berlin films on how the criminalizing tion of drugs and hashish criminalize portions of the population in form of Necro politics okay in new car economies new opportunities for social management and social engineering tickling the night stays with us economically requires slavery in some form to sustain itself it at that health model you're right I said I hadn't really thought of that as I have that the implications of F. it did that health models a determinate means the individual pathology is eh there is suddenly that defining contribute outside a condition there is clearly a relationship like a Yemen Hari's written about addiction and the the like the example he cites his rap park where we have rats that were kept in conditions lighting a lot because he is so interesting about this is that a post modernist Duprat that there's the assumption of what normally he's in in the bar she conditions that I ate very with I'm thinking maybe I have this is normal and I put rats in cages and a lot of these rats I much prefer the war bowl full of Krakow chi min no Moolah and then at some point at ultimate problem or avoid that cash flows well right it's given skates and withhold near good shit today and I stopped taking cracker curiously enough so you know that there is I'm down to play E. like addiction can affect anybody but do you know a particular chemical dependency but is certainly exacerbated by economic depravity but there are different forms of depravity also emotional depravity isn't like is not a condition that that that some of the the economically deprived people have the exclusively control of Lebanon's from traffic squishy control of something owned but it's affects all felt more there if you Kong get into treatment if you call it affords to address it it is more likely that you know I mean your criminalized from the get go you're already a criminal so now is what degree of criminality is it that you're gonna cop full when I went to that and I went on a police raid in west London once and it was like there is a is a very rather like every experience for me Brad because like the back at the door made of what was a crack house like gonna even the term crack house once I got but even as a president in Krakow these I've never really so questioned the idea that that's that's an ounce well he's not really a crack house and you went into you when in them bowl but well within the crack house was not months this it was like boo in down the door for leukemia ruled then my CA it broken pay poll slumped pile in a chair denied sunlight of every variety spiritual and literal just hold in their lives to give up with drugs and that it's interestingly circular that this program on an individual level takes you from self obsession the narcissism and deposit you a point of service and kindness because that is precisely the program is required on a social level that if we have an inclusive empathetic loving society but that it necessarily he envied the is the you include people it will become a more inclusive society I didn't think this could model of sacrifice that exist within Christianity there there there there sacrificed called okay for me I apply in my life when I see ever I see suffering I think that guy's homeless so I don't have to be a my mind go ease leg amputated recently and he is a person who works this program 8 a I met him at this of a conference for drug addicts who's very badly organized and the fact that he was on crutches and what all you want my attorney may much before you know it was a nice guy but at 9 that well you ice Capades there you I might a guys all yeah it was with a crutch easier expect in our in our trip to Brighton ankle sums of Mina interest story in a geyser of all kinds from having my little at that amputated than they are talking no bloody and has no no no I'm good I want to live a wanna be clean an ounce of luck some wave hit me of life there truth of what he was saying abuse awful up then about his personal quiz number that in touch with the weekly not Saddam Hussein is gone but not before that because he's fun frog imitators be genetic studies but on a bet on a bed move midway on IP it's because of the nature the pie medication would blissfully happy and he continues to be because we have this program is a program that is effective he transcends the material condition this as well ladies been at its height it akong control that but I can control my reaction to my leg be amputated I don't think about these I can't get it obviously out my it how was this gaudy managing this how is he doing it because he's not putting it on to the gym every day alright Wilson's doing this then yeah I'm going on record and of the thing today so so exactly and the reason is is because he's accepted it you surrender to is working this program and he's getting all movies live is not on now I will be defined by this problem and that's unbelievable as unbelievable to me that is that powerful in its affective and he does this again as we sat in communion in conversation so it works on an individual level but you're quite right Brad it's not something that we should ascribe to individual pathology because where all these bloody boundaries what do you mean an individual might of the same stuff we're all thinking the same force rules feeling the same feelings other than the variety provided by cultural inflection and social conditions we all basically basically the same so laden with we have systems that encourage empathy if we have systems that emphasize the corona being connection between us then we will build a better society near and I want to put you on the the title poem which is recovery and I think you know you could offer almost like a simplistic productive reading of the title which is almost like you know how can you kind of go back to a previous path to self I taught I recover myself it's almost like the George best question of where does it all go wrong in your life right and then if you can pinpoint displeasure you as you say you know for a lot of people who are in this condition a social forces the complex social forces that is no pin pong table moment in somebody's life or you can say this is kind of what it all goes wrong but I think the way I understand in the way you using the term recovery also is also a critique of the idea that we can live a perfect life under the one of the striking things which comes out up from me of this is kind of a humility with what you're talking about is you know on the one hand not only not to take yourself too seriously although we you know we have to deal with serious issue in the world but also this idea that it's okay not to be okay sometime and to admit this is no bad thing true and this is something again I've only really found in a week within spiritual conversations and spiritual not doctrine that in the right leg base like aids for me this is a weapon frame spiritually that when I talk to Sharon souls but on this poll because she said that when you meditate in it's normal that you stop thinking all the time that punishes self that you just returned to the mantra or attentive breath you accept fallibility as part of the paci equation if your humanity the EU to a degree relinquished the idea of perfection but still somewhat paradoxically I suppose Brad it live that one of them meanings or implications of the term recovery is that you recovered the person you're supposed to be a surprise to being in fact because I suppose but meaning that I am not troll by chemical entities as a human being or a tree does having a car who'd a has an intention it will grow a certain why if unimpeded by in our case social cultural personal familial conditions so what does the point of recovery aids is to get you back onto the intended path and it is my belief that the intended path is not to be a passive consumer it just cooperates as and as a unit wit within at within the system that site holds just as a statistic who we are engaged we must re be reborn until a present so that we can become really what we are so that we can become what we L. near so this idea of rebirth I'm gonna kind of try to end them in a very positive note and cool and then at the start of the books you deal with the big impending D. or the death question right so nothing more positive than death I am because you point out an introduction the reality of death individually and it certainly is something we don't like to talk about publicly arm I did of course we know from Plato one woods is this idea that the philosophy is effectively to learn how to die moon isolated until death might not be a physical death he might be the death of a relationship with the death of you know an idea the death of the person you once were good you can kind of more miss right but I don't however think this goes far enough and I think I actually look you might need to take a stage for them is a quote from David Bowie when he puts his has religion is for people who fear how spirituality is for people who have been there now I think with this in mind I think the question your book kind of leaves me asking is how come we blew in to examine our live in a way in which may be as you say you the addicts you know how does a certain experience will value line because they have seen rock bottom hi they come look at life almost the example you give the people deprived of lights right in this emaciated state they know what it means to look at life from the perspective of death by the almost already dead right so I think you know in terms of on your hopes of the book you know and look at the future how can we live in and maybe take the voices of the people much seriously in terms of if we appreciate all kind of knee deep in the mud right I'm we know existence is tragic but we know existence is also wonderful right so how come we may be living to go beyond this question of just simply learning how to die and look at life from the perspective and become much more affirmative of what we actually have in this all too fleeting exist well for me Brad it's become set and quite simplistic attitudinal shifts such as acceptance gratitude that are relinquished the idea that they're on not homeless in a ga smack top off my not because I'm somehow superior but just because of a sofa of random set of cold innocent events have deposited me in a comfortable life and I'm really really lucky and gracious somewhat don't have a punitive actually towards those people and I see a means they like universe of sometimes it brothels but where I can as repositories of potentially of great truths in an important formation ... one is the recovery back how aids organizations out there you see work with FBI see o'connor they run facilities in button on trend in the United Kingdom and Stoke on Trent me in writing ever in the Midlands those areas and I went to an event with them the other day and they got to sponsor that service users which means and in this case drug addicts and stuff and not to talk for what they're doing in their program the council is to prove that a good number of the counselors themselves PP recovery which I think is always very very helpful then off to his mind wife was the US of a sign that I put on a lovely spread for escort laugh immunize us in Christian maybe something even as far flung as bruschetta up but the kind of process that one would get in Stoke on Trent catch up I have been involved lunch I can have enough you know this is Boca there who was a pro parts of drones and like if you can imagine shaggy from the cartoon Scooby doo but he slipped out sars free Aaron is not a bloody good kicking in my dental work like this is what is guy let life seen broken and the let isn't tentatively I'm not lucky so he's come lie and the scene is Faulk and he's like ransacking the path I quite gently in I just think it was food they'll type batons of packing up stuff and okay July my and others all yeah you you and you know I'm not alone yeah yeah yeah that's right and I'm not because I'm not one of among the other people with addiction issues I feel like I don't have the obligation to try not welcome no one doing all the I'm clever that I'm in control and a 6 on to that Feelin la yeah like yeah maybe mentioned same in some capacity in ago yeah about to get like you know get nervous market fry and here's what you have fun for a lot you will you Russ Brandon but you can't love people think about you have if you build magic people but not yes that now you fuck him right noses is highly colloquial button Laika OCI for me is so a profound and beautiful and also the fact that he's even willing to take that role when meeting someone who's there so a visa in in kind of like I'm here as a patron of this organization but he'd like it's not like dumbfounded by the idea that I'm nervous and fearful he accepts all these guys just the same as me and it's an honor in that you know a real ana and I think that awaken people not only realize it but somehow can live here I'm so of realizing it but the challenges leaving me inner light that is is there is no distinction there is no separation between him and me we're all experiencing it we're like is that right bill Hicks said we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively and when only realize and use that on not on my own anymore I'm not afraid anymore I don't have these obligations to prop up some avatar of myself that people might love for approval for boost doppel might not show of to the media like some in a sense of worthlessness they reserve the a with the Salvi's in the wound Salvi's in the wound in it when someone punishing says I'm worthless I'm nothing easy trying to reach the truth beneath that that we are essentially not divided separate from and Ethel are everything in the one this is is not about annihilation of the self I seen the subjugation in the this is referred to your work in of violent and destructive way but the recognition that there is no need full fear and there is no disease need for desire because we already one we already won and that these things and not just philosophical tropes O. M. T. mantras they are things you can live by recognizing that your own suffering can become a tool and the suffering of others can be an opportunity if you can just breakout of the pre existing and imposed paradigm that you are here to earn money they your worth is established by what you've gone into and like our Jason Segal yet so I'm friends with him and he went all those things we defined ourselves by but you know maybe there's a Billboard up with your face on it is just the symptoms of other people making money out of fear snow you know you and all that being flying around in the chair and fight it out like that's not something that fear not doing something to we've escaped her because gaucha Caesar in is why is there is grandma if course glamorous a thing people respond to it pleasure Erin older as things but there's no real worth in it like I met a homeless guy once and let not know he was not home as you've got what was in house people may mean New Orleans he was off to go and serve to help house some homeless deal yeah feeding the homeless people and even recognize that was famous as sway going exits ma'am of fame money order that that's the crumbs I wanna be at the banquet the banquet and somehow we've been treat anything in here that's what religious people so that you go you'll get out of line and crack over what it's doing but this is not about subjugation this in on bass says he's in this you know about the Nile this is about finding the truth and often the the material world is preventing you from get in there is preventing you from getting there because we call optimum imitation and then the concert we will power of one garment near southern to kind of sum up the one thing which I've take really taken from the book M. is being alone and loneliness is the greatest killer right it's the way it because not only does it result in people dying prematurely but I can kill your sense of self esteem and dignity and the 2 broadcast messages which are one to maybe just bitter reiterate of why take from the book is that if you are feeling alone speak to someone or if you see an somebody was lonely just give them a helping hand because the problem needs you more than you realize and I think that to me is the one thing which I want you to take from the book and is that how you know do you have any final comments on that or you try to remind myself when I'm talking to people like that I'm talking to another human being and I try to talk to them of love respect and often if they are if the opportunity is explicit like an atheist emptiness some as good drug and alcohol problems or some other problem identify with this is an opportunity to be Lovin I forget this with time on pre long distance from perfection but I try to remember in all good you can really look at the US and the allies you didn't make an attempt to connect with them but lease it we can come from a perspective of love we don't need to only become from self preservation in the ... he competing for resources it's that yes there is a process of evolutionary truth to that millennia a guy but it's not true now will we hear to help one another and in deciding that we can create well it's a pleasure as always chatting to Russell and you know thank you for the opportunity to get under the skin with you and turn in the titles around as a bloody good wrap up brat thank you so much for doing is really love loses owes you of a very beautiful person Greta I know clever but what it does my well I say I could go on such a long run in good light when I'm referencing Zen Buddhism bloody Jack Kerouac consciousness itself biochemistry unlock it ever got yeah yeah thank you not like your minds 3 seconds faster than mine which I don't like incidentally you Brad this show responsible my new book recovery pre order your copy by going to Russell and if you like the show please subscribe under review in I tunes only 5 star views please I'm very sensitive //
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Are Some Of Us Not Made To Be In Relationships? Trew Recovery (E440)
\\NBI how low will the true covering with maybe your friend Russell brand a reason I mentioned I'm your friend is because the economy to problems and this is where I'm gonna help you them why would not because look after all I have written a book about how to solve my problem some definite qualified Steiner fear in your life or I'm on a sea animal Davey hieros what do you think some people might be in a relationship and some people line of extremes Linus for a little while if I've never had a boyfriend the concept to attract men so what's your relationship with robin of pure nationally shut the team you think off on a boy from one that works and they may never happen I don't really know if if he wants me to be in relationships I don't know if that's true seems that a lot of coaches have a so monastic tradition where some people just don't do that with some people don't live normal domestic householder lives a state go often try meditate tend to their lives trying to in touch with consciousness in a different way so I certainly don't think that well if you haven't go upon the you know a complete person that's on the way I see reality I would look inside yourself Annabelle and see what it is you feel that you're looking for and may never have another economic pixel sort of questions about the type of gender of the person you're going full page of the person they are crying foul weather on another person can never fufu might person experiences being when not being in a good spice myself mentally and spiritually everything else is taking care of itself semi focuses in on my own self awareness of my own self development name relationship stuff think carousel highlights use booty jet Pericos Russell tell me how you doing staying substance free I'm in the early stages and seems like it's going to be a mutual daily 5 does it ever get easier love you ma you found some to Love Me even when you got fourty struggle it definitely does get easier my it's much much easier a first we can think about is walk out of love some drugs to take the edge of reality but then you realize after while off to do a particular type of work if you get a pair communion of office and attend out suggests self help groups with different addicts or alcoholics come to give it a self a common problem using a program once you do that such realize you are taking drugs to because it's been of law if you were doing it to do with some feelings once you start to experience those feelings different names like I mean face them few then except that you recognize that you in a pine and unless you address that pine you'll always be in some version of pine truck stopped working few deny my of what used to be taking them it definitely gets easier other problems com life continues we are more but life can be beautiful moments moments like that that the early part of recovery he very very hot well done Steiner Jenny made it us basically get easier as long as you work a scifi okay just I know willing to accept help from other people good luck might these Mashad how you Ross how does one deal with loneliness of food companionship often doesn't quite fill the gap has one moved to it being alone but not lonely keep up the good work St well Sam I K. bees matcha he said they self companionship some of that work is really easy to feel alone and trapped in the head much less fuel like we just live in a continual if not loop of saucy next MIB variety in the throes 70 tracks in the circuitry of our mind what we really need is connection or addiction I think comes from a lack of connection and loneliness I think is a peculiar condition about time it's difficult to talk about but let me tell you many many many people feel it so if all of us feeling the same thing how alone Ollie I reckon what is a way of overcoming loneliness yes there is an actual companionship apart I think he's honesty honesty with yourself and honesty about it when I'm talking to people about black programs always very near the beginning tell him I'm and lifestyle me and then they so far home or my relaxes people is disarming that through that you alone in the C. 7 to be ashamed of because any for the feeling of loneliness and the feeling of shy just be honest about it I mean this people find the endearing over to find it endearing and I don't even really know so this is the grail unless I suppose in being alive because we thought that the material mechanical world is the only way that we can provide solutions to our problems but I find that within my own consciousness there's something in there with me I'm not alone in that it's not just my thoughts and my feelings is the experience of my for some feelings I think it might be the same as the person experiences your foursome feelings or the phenomena fasten my review of a simplistic level looking at it so lost in many things in the exterior world are an illusion I believe many things in the entire world and illusion including online in us but as a simple tip truck honestly speaking to other people about it and I think that you'll find that the companionship you speak of will become more nurturing and effective either information's been of some use to you and if it hasn't I'm just don't remember it like a time it might take on Russell //
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Are You Addicted To Screens? Trew Recovery (E439)
\\n't color wheel true covering where I receive brand stick my nose into your problems you Ross may well Jessica type heart Russell love your channel of recently realized I'm completely addicted to the screens I earn TV laptop cell phone sometimes I will freak out at once is added intro chords on my husband it's just now but for now funds unless we come come out completely have we find healthy it's really hard to its name do I think gore is doing now unless you're conscious and aware which you already are conscious and aware of it so it's a problem do you believe right check this out this is at work took all you'd be fucked yes just you are you looking to have fun in fact why could you not be 5 year because I'm fucked with that in that same way I want to do now Zechariah I'm only lets in a coma phone for this half hour in the soft power Oliver into that died and if you own a finer locals work that's cool being a final for work but my time in the evening with your husband with us if you have a check of your first time forces on who's not gonna go listen Jeff enough eyes too much he's got on the air and and our rights we agreed between sensor a and 10 we don't do nothing funds we listen to music ever we read we make a little love relationships like so you're conscious of it go believes Kobe bath named fat fing are you any longer I'm fucked yourself because not any device you Austria given here so there's a little plan a suggestion chat with your husband agree a deal and then stick to that little deal and if you find out stick type deal where he picks up a final you pick up the phone acid drag his name you learn that the when is it was strong and you full of digest the telephone right off maybe some other place that's well out there and then you can see habits and tendencies that the self up the drift back into a muscle tendencies because I'm momentum void done do things like cry a major type guides means be kind to others take advice from people who know more than me are will automatically eventually start taking drugs again or stop one attack I have different types of 6 people that know again if I don't allow that to happen because of this accepted it are accepted that's the way my life goes so just for won't work on those first for you've already done it except the program could you not be fought you beat because she can instantly find what invented twenties and what we do in their free you're no longer on for example not you know but luckily there are people who can help in this case me so try that system trauma situation agujas cuckoo clock Bucky boy 5 hi Russell my mansion you live a hectic lifestyle being a celebrity Infocom's and now with the average response put if off with what you do keeps her grounded aki game balance the stress and I'm gonna sing says I'm not aware and I'm in desperate need some sound advice members that I do I make 6 lost I'm not really no more who's likely to cause I'm married and I I've got a baby what if you have ground if uncle marriage and either by me and remember that slavery was you put in Viacom is that is that I'm meaning less and transient and will be over when I'm dead if not be full and of being for a season is not my me feel any better so it doesn't mean anything about you know I'm not complaining about it you ask and maintenance is just doesn't mean anything Sam I will keep me grounded he's I've practices in my life that prevent me from getting carried away with stuff out cool illusionary all mainland US soccer wanna love due to be a stand up comedy brilliant tickets be truthful people or love writing a book great exhibits be honest when I'm star stuff you know and I hope I get a 5 star review arm into it won't make anything fast flashback 5 star if you I'll just couldn't go 5 star vin then minutes later a one some of the new thing I kind of thought that pepper fragile had left and then right now or beef cake cake would be delicious you could always one you can always won now most this thing I get balance of stress and anger that seem to surface and I would I don't say I sent my way they said if you sow the part of you that you know where all 4 he's cool inside cash reserves beyond conscious mind not pick this commitment person live or sexual abuse anger and stress is coming is telling you something recycling of life you ain't addressing me hot and I will ease because a I don't know enough about you can give me for if we weren't stone Stamberg alright can you produce maybe they think I am working on into our life she should be here in the United States or you have expectations in your life and not being fulfilled will you have to change these expectations because nothing's going to really make you happy other you will be contained in connected if you learn to look behind these feelings if you had to be opened yourself and if you have communion in your life that isn't about gain stuff which I do have a pray and meditate everyday I pray for me is a petition to the innermost self which I think is in Maine in every one I mean everything and is a crucible of US involvement reality housing all phenomena interested and the meditation in Brussels being bitchy Indian so that when I do do praying I'm a bit more connected to the motorist Sharon outlet as to 5 Christmas into a limitless spinning different universe saw her best cements my dying sorry guys hard also house yet with teenage the start so farming recently I found out my exist ice 15 start doing that having been believe it when I was a rise a few Loughran status I will post an active state and destructive theses on a truck approaching show support will help or any advice please will might proprio too young to do like the whole job on Iran and probably anyone is to limit to do without over there on but are we see self harm and is the old scars on their own their obvious thought of that now says if you want to tell people the truth my coming off of a wise they'll kill you underneath them is the scars from when I self harm I did it because I was angry and frustrated communicate in words or for what could be heard so communicate in ranging subdued feeling worthless hatred for myself in complete disconnected and no sign contracts that he wanted shark in your sister's pretty field some of those things the bulimia I was happily Mestalla from China win some who's the most Matt will book and resented the blame goes to when it comes to food you know it's a fields of come through it by and follow up you know and if they wanna be fat so picked up again so will our reckoned revealed younger sister is site la I'm really upset me at times hoax I love you so much and if you ever want to sue me I'm here if you don't do anything I can to help you because I love you and then see what she says and then tell her about your own pain and the reasons that you believe me and this might help us to trust you Odle says suggest sending adults that you trust and involving them in the process because Xena econ cannot cope with the stuff who said these organizations I would suggest 12 step organizations and probably both of these cases way south who insist that you're pretty realizes also to anger frustration that is inaccessible to extend the vocabulary of sensitivity to express it because she's Yang mana to last month's suggestion hype is families to make good luck to both of the well let's Russell brand sticking his or an annual complex problems based on hunches hope based in semis to a close you know love unicameral and are just trying to best thanks //
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Diana: Princes & Presidents - What Do Our Icons Say About Us? (E438)
\\n't it's 20 years since princess Diana died I remember the hysteria at that time and the genuine sadness 2 decades later what does it mean when an icon dies I'm what throughout all idols in icons do for us Houston juniors the public can't pick their queen or king but they did choose Diana and wherever she went the cameras of the world followed and when her marriage to prince Charles eventually fell apart I did openness about its failure was both unusual and embraced by the British public I suppose Diana was always an extraordinary figure because the institution of the Mona K. but that that that was the state purpose in policy east figure rates for our data for our national identity like she is the head of state the queen of England service over a family for us tools that no spokeswoman goods bush to be had in a time where supposed media was changing celebrity was changing their look different magazines Diana was perfect because she was beautiful she was photogenic and had a kind of accessibility however it's ongoing you know because she was a collection that actually a color she was let out a sticker but she's if beautiful harass the crap that is accessible and many other members of the royal family bill the identity around a certain kind of neutrality the queen I know she thinks back anything so she got Stokes knows he's asked about it isn't really but Diana with those great big limb pick blue eyes peering up over that don't this mosque in each of the only got this is a beautiful human being she's like us but a more beautiful version of office but ultimately even Diana couldn't control her own fame in August 1997 while speeding away from a pack of paparazzi her driver later found to be drunk crashed in a tunnel in Paris an icon exist for us we project our feelings and our aspirations on Diana was a perfect one for that time of the ship fugitives he frailty beauty magnificence munificence all these things are so present and I but also she was deeply flawed office they save up that there was ... infidelity and marriage on both sides as she was a person that had a certain kind of egotism but she was appealing she was perfect for that time in the end though curiously but I'm not talking about a literal and legal or medical terms from to getting symbolically she was sacrificed for her role define myself somehow consume death that's why I think there's a lot of theories around her death you know I think I swooned like a popular British title to die Paul Burrell have film about a thing once they're a conspiracy there will be continual conspiracies because there is so much tied up in like the OJ Simpson case really once in awhile crises come around with this so much data being held so much projection so much information that it's so of thrall sweep it occurred at a I'm kind of a potency that belongs to all of us really nice not really about the event itself is about the projection the deaths had this on a beautiful symbolism on the site if no peaceful symbolism to it and that chased by a pack of paparazzi while going out with that not a man she met her demise in that time the level places underneath via in flashes of light so what or the wall things happen or material Monday and practical level we're looking for symbolism in it and if you go you read too much into it the monkeys are living the not actually any different from what she died because I wake Alton hacks have nice houses and stuff like that those things of projections she's not literally transcendent bays this fusion of the ordinary human and this and our need for cults that creates this kind of tension in this kind of friction them on the king are literally cost the queen isn't literally anointed by god we make a decision inside ourselves that the queen is to from us we make a decision inside ourselves that Diana was different from us but if she'd married somebody else she wouldn't of pain I knew people for a while the news that she was a normal person she was a normal person we imagine that what happens inside out conscious that's when the magic happens the woman who showed it was okay to be vulnerable couldn't console a grief stricken world I remember that feeling we went a bit mad I went about bloody shrine look to all that bad see over cellophane and in time cold and ugly time gentle offerings stock I went over to Bonnie a note and it was I you offerings at such a god awful Annie's with pagans but we did it we do and our own why you do it says every roadside cyclist crushed Lee it leaves out of there is a floral tributes left so when it happens on a national scale it brings up so and national massive level of a motion thousands lined the streets during Diana's funeral more than 2000000000 watched on TV as the young princes walk behind Diana's cat in water ... oldest overcharging waving which in a way right close the molecules story is story of what Brittany's this is the queen of England the whole lineage which it's why the story is not react relate to reality it was we would pay more attention to details around national identity during the world wars where we had lots of German members of the royal family all that anybody because that no story wasn't being told them the story of the marriage of Charles and Diana reserves Laka any scroll on complex marriage with infidelity adultery and difficulty for she obviously represented something to a nation and I think it was to do with purity redemption transcendence in many ways I don't believe in the necessity for a royal family economically and it it is socially it's against what I believe in that we're only quarterly chronicled by having means telling stories he's obviously highly effective now we live at a time with the king of America is a kind of symbol of rage impotence curious broken hegemony we leave enough time way Europe this great and ancient seat of colonial power is breaking down and asking questions over its role I think that we have to be careful about heroes we choose we have to be careful about the stories that we tell once in awhile things like this happen that defy propane explanation but indicate something important that is to do with our inability to ever be happy with offi cial identity it sort of expose the idea that Britain wasn't a real thing the England wasn't a real thing that the royal family couldn't function in the way that we need to do it that the symbols icons and signs we made me must rely to actually experience is a human Diana inadvertently did that she found those of marriage it's about family she found herself in that position suddenly the glare of celebrity I was shown upon her and somehow essentially in patches I want it LV speed she meant something about time Elvis with these in their sexuality another at a time where a teenage identity was a merchant Diana I think is an icon of fragility frailty a time when national identity was breaking down at this point I think what we're seeing is C. emergence of a kind of a grotesque new national identity into why we need a new Diana or certainly we need to harness the feelings but she about to give ourselves a different type of story because the story with telling ourselves at the moment is one that runs contrary to our own safety as individuals nations on a planet that is some complex analysis untrue news //
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\\in my new book recovery freedom throughout the action I explain a system that was given to me that can help you change your behavior around any kind of attachment that you want or initiate you'll find that you just automatically if I'm thinking about it stop looking at Facebook into the U. watching this right now on your Facebook feed or on Twitter or something did you mean to look at it when you pick that we find what you just gonna send one message of course and suddenly you're trapped in a spiral of addictive behavior any behavior that you'd like to change that you think might be making things worse than you and you'd like to our this book and help you with it Russell brand freedom from our addictions truly Scalia //
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Inequality Is Killing Us All. Are We Going To Stop It? - Under The Skin with Russell Brand
\\Jason Hickel is an anthropologist at the London school of economics originally from Swaziland spent a number of years living with migrant workers in South Africa studying pounds of exploitation and political resistance in the white of apartheid alongside his ethnographic work he writes about development inequality and global political economy for the guardian another online outlets his new book the divide a brief guide to global in equality in IT solutions is out now Gysin welcome to under the skin thank you for having their us or is it an honor to have you on your actually adulta I am also not the kind that can save your life sadly good because ... Inna main will could to buy medicine electronic stuff but I'm much more interested in tune to you about a global in the quality and a full one thing's after us of like reason having had I'm al goal on the show for example you can a huge issue like climate change it's interesting I feel to listen to the framework within which these conversations specifically conversations about significant change at that that they take place within us of unidentifiable friendly I wonder if you could talk to us gives a bit of an overview of global in equality at how it how things stand economically how we go into this position them will crack on from there well I suppose the place to start is what we presently think about global inequality and what's going to happen in the world so there's there's actually a dominant narrative out there that comes out of the World Bank predominately on and it's repeated ... in the media quite often that global inequality on it again a global scale is actually diminishing ... out along with globalization so we know for a fact that globalization has caused an equality rights within countries to get worse but the arguments from the World Bank is that on a global scale it's getting better so the media picks it up ... again this happened was recently a couple of years ago and argues that look globalization is actually good for for the poor of the world ... you know it's working we should keep doing it because that's the moral thing to do so what's interesting is if you look behind those statistics you find out they're actually quite misleading because ... they think about global equality and ... as if everybody arm in the world is part of the same big country right and so on that basis does appear that global equality is diminishing but only if you include China and East Asia that interestingly the that's the only part of the world that I'm has not been forcibly globalized ... by the Washington consensus under US pressure out since 19 it is they basically ... transform their economies ... according to their own standards so it doesn't really work to have them there to work that way now and use the crucial point if you look at global equality between regions of the world between say the global north and the global south or rich countries versus poor countries what we see is that rather than diminishing global Nicole is getting dramatically worse since the 19 sixties ... the the per capita income gap between the north and south rich countries and poor countries it's tripled in size that's really that's really a dramatic tear dramatic condemnation of ... of globalization pointing out that it's just not working for the vast majority humanity arm of the majority of of the yields of a global capitalism are going to rich country it's I think that's a big problem how does in the why it would be obvious that globalization would increase in the quality is globalization is a term which really covers that power of trans national corporations to have one marketplace this regulate it in a way that's beneficial to them so kata make sense that that would mean that money was traveling in a particular direction and it would be beneficial to the poorest and most vulnerable people how how these myths is spying Jason these ideas I mean I like trickle down economics and they have good mass production that ultimately will the net like how how off this of nearly a century at these kind of ideas sustains it kind of a form of propaganda and of the management statistics as you've already mentioned yeah I'm a first offender briefly ... touch on what you mentioned just now with trickle down so if you look at this arm at all of the new income generated by global GDP growth over the past couple of decades slash GDP gross domestic product basically measures this the increasing size of the global economy I'm only 5 percent of all new income generated by global growth has gone to the poorest 60 percent of humanity so that's an extremely slow rate of trickle down barely trickling down until it won't even get they'll be if I pass by the time itself lay down that's exactly right yeah and economists a pointed out that at that rate of trickle down ... to eradicate poverty from the face of the earth which is what we technically theoretically want to be doing out would take over 200 years out that's a slow trickle down if there was any intentions actually eradicate poverty this is not the means by which you could do it then that is definitely true enough so that's basically the argument I make and in my book the I mean that there is no intention to eradicate well that is necessary is in it for these global economic model pacey or not anthropologist an anthropologist main study of human behavior yes that's yeah that's and apology ... so my arm my and the political work is focused on a particular part of the world that South Africa originations laws and so it's quite close to where and so I'm gonna look at patterns of migration and exploitation and that reason but ... but just I guess just by virtue of having grown up in Swaziland and then moving to the states from a university and PhD arm you know is really grappling with this question of why are some countries so immensely rich and consume so much what other countries are so miserably poor and have been for such a long time up so I guess that's you know that the question of of why the world is divided as it is economically has really exercising and I kind of let me on this really 10 or more your journey to to understand more about the global coming works and right up in a way that the average person to understand sorry aspect of anthropology the interest you is there movement of resources and capital and systems if dominance and also your decade of research leading to this book feels the divide what are your most important observations and that I'm glad you said in a language anyone can understand because I'm anyone so can you put it in that the tests we most important of that I what I want to go back to the question you asked earlier about no no I think it's going to have had the ultimate answer the question you just asked right now you mentioned this thing about narrative right I was from there to the city keeps insisting chugging along and so it was a brilliant question yeah and I think that probably ... you know that the center of this narrative is that's ... you know rich countries become rich based on their own hard work and so they have the right policies and so they're smart of Sarasota where is poor countries are poor because ... you know they have internal policy failures maybe their crops me that maybe that bad climate snot of resources etcetera etcetera I'm but rich countries very generous and what they do is they give generously of the surplus across the divide the poor countries to help them sort of ... up to develop a ladder and so we hear this all the time for politicians talking about the other international aid but of the foreign aid budget ... and on a global scale the foreign aid budget that flows from rich countries to poor countries it's huge it's $130000000000 per year right now that sound like a lot of money and it is that's about the ... the equivalent of all of the profits of all of the ... commercial banks in the U. S. combines ... that that goes north or south every year but ... if you look at all the money that was around the world way more flows from south to north an order of magnitude than trickles the other way and I think that is really the ... the key point we need to make sure the aid is not flowing north south it's flowing from south to north it's flowing rivers so basically poor countries are developing rich countries I see rich countries and not developing part of it so that that 8 but the for what that thought that flows from north to south is contextualized is I ate and thought that flows from south to north its contents to contextualize is good business is economics but really you taste post colonial exploitation yeah you can see it as as plunder reconsiders tributes on but he has a really important fact Sarah this is actually quite recent data are so I guess is the December January I'm in an institute in Washington DC called global financial integrity partnered with the Norwegian school of economics to do the most comprehensive study of financial flows around the world ever conducted in the world are in history and what they found is that support countries are net creditors to rich countries ... ... too are on such a scale that for every dollar of aid to the poor can reserve receive from rich countries ... they lose $24 in net outlets right I'm so basically the south those effectively hemorrhaging wealth to the north and it happens to all sorts of flows like ... Alyssa financial flows that basically corporation stealing money out of poor countries and so and storing it in tax havens are many of which control the city of London which I stealing money what do you mean by what made us yeah so this there's a mechanism called are called trade miss invoicing and basically the way this works is that a company will ... will falsify its trade invoices when it's exporting goods out of a poor country into a rich country right ... ends by doing that you can actually end up taking ... taking money offshore putting a tax haven and it's very difficult for custom system under the practice that's been legalized basically by the WTO since 1994 ... again and WTO chorus is controlled largely by rich countries since I have the bargaining powers they're able to submit stopwatches rule which is deeply detrimental to poor countries they suck apparently neutral governing and regulate everybody's are in fact you know why the administrative henchmen of the system of globalization is bison exploitation of poor countries yeah that's a good way to put it I should write that in my next book I thought that I'm so alone yeah so you know so if you look at if you look at just a list of financial flows alone ... then that's over 1000000000000 U. S. dollars that flows from from poor to rich every year out which outstrips the aid budget itself by a factor of 10 not right and is also is also the other flows like I'm like the interest payments on foreign loans apartment part is up to Pat a ... ... profit repatriation from multinational companies ... etcetera etcetera suppose pop your point and Jason is that many of the systems that we consider to be a sort of objective and Jobst are kind of administrative fictions pops the economy itself and even something like a G. D. pay it's just an idea is not on an objective reality is that Paul who is fine might not know absolutely ... and are all deathly when talk a bit more about GDP and how that as a fiction of our imagination that's become quite destructive but I'm but just to just go back to what you're saying earlier about these administered Minnesota Vikings he runny sketch so wise I'm sure question from home I'm very fought now you mentioned you mentioned his global Minnesota bodies was not just the WTO it's also like the World Bank and im so look I've never liked guys and our names acronyms voice for I MF WB out allow less light when if I see something that don't we all they they're definitely dodges in his the deal is that the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are ... are basically the institutions that control the rules of the global economy right now and here's the thing they're profoundly anti democratic institutions so rich countries which have a minority of the population of the world ... have about 50 percent of the vote in these institutions the U. S. government has a veto over all major decisions made in his institutions amis Alphans pointless anyway I don't think that it's a I mean that's deeply it's a deeply compromise system of site and and and for me you know the problem is primarily that and if you were to ... I'm you know open up the WTO and World Bank International Monetary Fund see real democratic ... practices and give poor countries of Farah voice in how the global economy is run definitely we would see dramatic change okay Shelton's have put bothering about with it circus hurt WBO I am if all those things I keep anon listing boxing organizations now because of the good guys so I think we've had a fight Philip Baker I say that I'm Hey give us some of those statistics that a sort of a mind boggling like I would like who it is how can we put a lot how can I. an on going over to it and now it's just be the depletion of poverty when AJ 0 people living on this that's alright I am the one that so voice clumps me in the face when I read it the richest I people in the world control the same amount of wealth is the poorest half of the world's population it's a killer facts horrible I'm so I'm gonna go to the poverty number that just mentions Enzo and that sounds about negotiating that assist America so you know the world the World Bank and the UN ... are telling us that ... the number of poor people the world lives between 700000000 and 1000000000 people basically right now ... ends what they've been saying is that that number's been decreasing over the past 15 or so years I'm because of their the the way the good things about doing basically to aid and so on ... but if you look at how they measure poverty are there's a real problem at stake ... that that number comes from poverty line that's a dollar 25 up per day right now ... scholars from all over the world have been pointing out that nobody can live on until it's gonna have to head it's a totally ludicrous immoral number are so in order to achieve the most basic levels of human senses ... to achieve normal human life expectancy you know to have a decent chance of surviving past her fifth birthday etcetera etcetera you have to have at least $5 per day right as like a moral minimum the colors the ethical poverty line I just get below that moral made in the exclusive exactly so his than if you measure for measure global poverty at that level then ... it's not 1000000000 people in poverty it's 4.3000000000 people in poverty which is 60 percent of the world's population and the number has been getting bigger over time not getting smaller and so again I think that the narrative that we house ... that comes out of some of these bodies that don't worry poverty is a diminishing inequalities diminishing is just not true and if you look at the scholarship behind it we see exactly the opposite story and so we really have to ask ourselves why is the global economy so fundamentally flawed Vince to fix this problem to make it fair ... is going to require more than just tweaking around the edges of the bit of aid here and there ... the rather fundamentally reorganizing the system how on earth will you fundamentally reorganize the system when the system is clearly beneficial to the people that control it that's a good question Sir so if you know a disagreement about the slime ... in terms it is just possible and not ... so I have lots of students a lot a lot of my students come in like you know deeply concerned about poverty and inequality and so on arm and they get really interested and and and solutions like you know microfinance or foreign aid or whatever it might be on ... but the problem is that the solutions that they're interested and don't actually target the real structural causes of the problems that they they are so concerned to address here and if we can if we can get messages out to set the seasons here fill the development industry and all the dull organizations are out there they're trying to tackle these problems that what we need is to tackle the is that the real deep structural drive yeah real cause of the problem the first place ... then ... then you know the problem can be solved relatively quickly go on ... suffer arm so you know I I mentioned one of the one of the top solutions for me would be democracy and the institutions of global governance so ... and they're also to proposals out there I mean this is demand that global south countries been making for a long time for a fairer for fair but we never hear those arguments about I've Frege's having I think we have been democracy in these world governments organizations that message just never gets hurt her because it never gets old ... yeah so you know I think that there's also some other interesting ones like for example on this issue to wage differential between workers in the global north workers the global south Adam and a lot of that is due to the fact that multinational companies can move around the world looking for the cheapest possible labor no workers can't move across borders as freely absolutely no 6 which is horrible so what that means is that workers and of having to try to compete with each other to drive their own wages down ... and that's really been it was a horrible Gein this horrible disease dystopian lives we'll have ready living in dystopia yeah we are in the global north luckily so that's something yes it slows are although it's not totally clear to me that we really deserve our privileges here I don't so we're not part of those 8 people that got off of everything are years oddly yeah so like as you say is deep structural change like that leadlight windows 2 of 2 kids alkyl who was absolutely lovely him and love him with a talking at alcohol for unfairly in my view but that are wanted on my main point was how can you have significant changed within the context based is a hunter prohibit real change someone's mind yeah star Hawkins was here he said you said that you know that Wolfgang shall the city of democracies are chasms that change anything so as you are now saying Jason systemic changes what's required now while on the air a lot so the water level in this part because it was Marshall people's attention into the correct areas instead of gun or would be if some lost touch moniker banking not your lovely students coming in on day one in that big lovely scoffs they rosy cheeks so full of optimism is that about saying well what is it well ideas should we be pushing what should we be campaign fund I've mentioned democracy at the level of global ... thing institutions that prop ... Telvent global finance is one thing a kite with remember that what else so in order to really understand what's at stake here I think that we have to understand how ... global inequality came to be as extreme as it as it is right now right series like some of the historical perspective there okay all had to this month love people a very very lazy and this country's European countries where we really over an industrious bunch and we cracked so they got a lot of things down there is there an alternative version this the alternative version of that we might want to start with colonialism right ... rich and if you wanna look for sort of like the origins of a mass poverty it really is ... it really is under colonialism which was basically a process of mass displacement of peasants from the lands and ... and a total wreckage of ... of local economies I'm so we know for a fact that during during the colonial period ... in most reasons ... income growth real income growth per capita was about only 0.5 percent per year for the entire colonial period out meanwhile as a result of colonialism and rich countries like Britain ... got to grow at our more than 3 times that much and so that was a major driver of equality but he but here's the interesting point there and if you want to go back to colonialism at some point but I'm but in the wake of colonialism in the 2 decades after colonialism ended in 19 in the 19 fifties 19 sixties there was a complete miracle in the global south arm you know there suddenly had a democracy and that control over their own economic policies and what do they do that elected leftist progressive leaders items they brought in that tear for section to protect their markets from ... cheap goods from abroad they ... they nationalized their own resources they nationalized are a lot of big companies and banks ... you know the increased labor standards they they they redistributive land from rich landowners to peasants and with this policy they were remarkably successful well that somewhere and he's on the team which meant I mean it was all over the global south you can you can see it I guess most ... most clearly I suppose in Latin America I mean look at what's happening and ... in Chile and Brazil and Uruguay got associates and I'm and parts of Middle East like Egypt's in East Asia that's that's very clear as well ... said the club itself unshackled from colonialism found its way towards a policies socialism nationalism redistribution of wealth management of trite I suppose systems that were focused on papal rather than profit broadly exactly out there and they were used and they were using their their national wealth to invest in things like education and healthcare and so as you can imagine you know up in a poverty starts diminishing and the gap between rich countries and poor countries starts closing for the first time in history is really a kind of miracle and you would think that rich countries something always go on about wanting to develop or countries will be very excited about this trends right finally you know the success and poverty is reducing but quite the opposite actually what we see is that arm rich nations feel that they're losing their access to cheap labor and cheap raw materials in the global south I am so you know that the access they enjoyed under colonialism I so they start intervening ... violently by deposing a lot of these progressive leaders so I remember reading lists about those leases are a horrible bunch society SO globalization's just colonization by another 9 ... not realizing yeah I suppose yeah I'm but we know what's interesting is that ... is that you know that the series of coups that's unfolding ... but you led by Britain and the US and France and Belgium Wilmington we're funding coups it at that very rare either overthrowing ... leaders the global south ourselves her we are funding movements to overthrow them or we're just supporting right wing dictatorships to prevent ... democratic revolutions are happening clitoris I'm a softie Aaliyah really love affair it would do everything to us go get as I say we off-again opal north source president art wow how thoughts of passing I didn't know that those are the kind of very short period of time post colonially economic disparity was decreased because people of us reacted in a kind of national self interest not us over rampant individualism and inequality producing systems that way of ground to know enough but these about over of these are room regions were pretty much successfully destabilized in that movement was quashed right well the other movements cost but it wasn't actually by the cruise so the coups becuz took a really tall right and most famous citizens the coup against Salvadorian and Chile in 19 and you can watch footage of it on YouTube those are like but up but Sir even despite these interventions the global south was still rising through the seventies aka ... but then and and in the global north in the form of the 27 literally sit sat down around tables leaders of the 2 sons that are down around tables to figure out how to stop this movement ... movie was called developments wasn ... and it was very successful and I and they couldn't figure out ways to block us because it was becoming very powerful in the heart of the U. N. which is democratic body global south countries were winning ... new policies that were fairer for them basically I'm so but then in 1980 the tables turned dramatically in a single crazy events that change the global order in one fell swoop and how was the third world debt crisis so basically the the U. S. title reserve jacked up interest rates I'm at you know to really high levels like 20 percent and the global south ... countries were heavily indebted on in US dollars they suddenly were not able to pay their debts back because of the interest rate hike and they slid to the brink of the faults now inside it and if the death if they were going to default wallstreet would have basically collapsed and the wallstreet talk to the US government and said please need to bail us out and solve this problem the US government talk to the I. methods are you're going to go and roll over the deaths of those developing countries ... on the condition that they adopts what we call structural adjustment programs which basically means liberalize your trade are cut your labor rules cut your environmental regulations ... privatize your company is in your assets on our etcetera etcetera days Lizzie what 9 because it was about in shock doctrine is in it that they so available policies led to add that destabilize nation of those regimes just want put on a pickup when adjacency that 20 percent hike by the federal reserve was that part of the scheme how come I did that so that was not exactly part of the scheme actually that had to do with ... with a domestic problem in the US at the time so U. S. was suffering with what we call stagflation ... visit and have her say her star closure printed Dr Jason's Mrs is involved don't know a code show up everybody's it is with great high levels of inflation but low levels of growth and so we had to figure out some way to to increase levels of growth again because the rich people really upset that they once that they were dating a fair income share answer what they figured out that they they could if they raise interest rates would basically because the recession and it ends up the factories break the back of labor unions are very powerful and ... and decrease the price of labor which it succeeded in doing ... and as a result the cost of labor in the US has not risen since 1980 if you can imagine have so it was it was the fall the domestic political problem right I have these ramifications around the world to change the way the world works I ultimately for them to the benefit of the same interests not because that wallstreet set to whine if guy roll over these lines thanks it will do it as long as you adopt a systems that are amenable to our world view and everyone's because stage up the garden you're very good at describing these things like that ... understand clouds that that just then no I'm angry about it well we're gonna they're ... it yeah I'm gonna listen to a lot of hope for most people in the world angered knows I resume my I'm I'm really not no it was just one of the few or so angry that they took to the streets and masses right so this so this structural reform programs cut like caused per capita income growth rates to collapse from a high of 2.2 percent which is really high for the south ... down to 0 points I resent basically economic crisis right in Africa and we saw incomes actually declined over a decade or more I mean this this because millions of people ought to be pushed into poverty it was just a complete travesty are if it was the greatest single cause of poverty on ... in the twentieth century after colonialism so people understandably took to the streets ... I and what we called I met riots ... you know moon goddess what's what's interesting is that you know and and and the complaints are governments are like like you know stop these austerity policies basically up what they are nam you know we wanna go back to the fairer I cannot post as we had before ... but just the thing is that global so countries themselves the governments themselves couldn't do anything about it because control over macro economic policy making end up in these countries have been shifted to bankers and technocrats in Washington and New York right and so in fact social doesn't and worked as a kind of bloodless coup if you well yeah I in one fell stroke almost they were able to establish effective control over economic policy making ... prophecies in the global south Serena was sense democracy the level of care at the state level was irrelevant and redundant because they economic strains were held elsewhere overall you just said that Jason about economics at the economics is not some objective science is Yanis Varoufakis if anywhere near is and as I now look I'm learning from you these just a model from mom if of maintaining inequality that all of the systems are old crippled by certain people some people are allowed to shift the rule change rules some people on and his wife continually managing power yeah exactly I think that's so important understands that is that flows of of resources and wealth around the world all have to do with the rules of the global economy and who gets the set of and so I'm in the in 19 it is basically beginning then is when ... power over these rules was centralized in in Washington and New York at the World Bank and Wall Street and the IMF you don't have it over them easily well you know and what's up I mean personally yes I do believe that I'm and I don't think that's a radical position actually since ... most people in the global south and have made the same demands for a long time ... why calm that I'm sorry for asking questions that 12 road todos Y. con that I saw us come to the clubs have grandparents stuff and we'll let these that weapon with grace is updated them we would sing Piney money how do I do that nothing mustn't think that such a good question because the other option the global south countries how'd instead of submitting a sexual doesn't would have been to just default on their loans right now there's there's some problems that Hey I'm in the 19 eighties ... somebody tried was that this is such an inspiring story on there's a guy named Thomas Sankara he was the president the revolutionary president of Burkina foss west African he was a young man he was brilliant social reformer he was considered the shag of our of Africa cool might and you can listen to the speeches online they're amazing is really nice guy and got Thomas Sankara Thomas Sankara era and the times when Kara out as president of the can of Oslo stood up in the halls of the African Union I'm in the early 19 eighties I once I and ... ends he gave his famous speech against that his side arm you know comrades basically debt is a form of neo colonialism it means that the west gets to control what happens ... in terms of economic policy in our countries and this is what is at his side amusing about debt a if you do not pay it nobody dies yeah it's we surely die and it was interesting because the room electrified and he basically like started a kind of ... revolution against that right now and 3 months later he was assassinated hall in a French backed coup alt so and so here's the thing of it is that my name was going to end welfare al-assad's here's a good looking guy too I don't objectify impostors come out of a brilliant bloody revolution against that of but we'll have a look at them in a minute I says I bloody hero solo these terms weren't as interesting said Lockett light on light that that is the US of a another wife crowbar remains of colonialism into the mix when I was thinking about light nips these rules people think about these what rules these economic rules of Dominic I've looked for a global trite in the flow of resources around the world as a sort of objective but I of course determined by the powerful show should look very carefully at these non national transcendent global organizations such as the IMF and of the other things I keep thinking of wrestling organizations because the asset in the structures that main that change is impossible another thing I just cut him even people say like you know was he owns a redistribution of wealth redistribution of wealth what's been happening all along the wealth of the south has been re distributed a northern of course this isn't just happening on a global level is happening off all the on the level of cost and Klaus within each of these countries because his eyes people of course looked out his window here in London Leicester square and you'll see people there in the globe in the global north I think I'd see well for them all about this leaping out there on the streets now like I suppose really was required is an ideological shift but said to eat they know that that the self corrective measures that were applied in some of the countries in the seventies that bull about that economic miracle on a national level of socialism nationalize I should and I have a protective trite tariffs is almost like at this point we need to why all of scuse me presenting those kind of ideas on Wall a global level or just popularizing ideas so Pat Papa is could run on the good songs in off the what mystery Sir in Grayson Interlaken and so what's happening in this country Jeremy cool band a buddy sounds in the in the US I I sometimes think will if they you did have a lead like Kobe and go ahead words these are global institutions prevent real change from being enacted what I I'm well I can watch a question from this whole I suppose yeah I suppose one of the most important dimension ... is to cancel debts and I really need I don't mean like as for let's forgive some dots which you know it's just like some other things raw these debts anyway well so that the death of most of them actually were accumulated during 19 seventies after the oil after the oil crisis 1973 I'm basically what I meant is that in order to ... to define their own consumption global south countries had to borrow tons of money because the place the price of oil is so high ... and so a lot of these debts are actually still hanging around since 1970 some even older than that and because of the miracle of compound interest many of them are been paid paid off many times already and yet they're still paying them off and so it's kind of this I mean it's it's a problem to as ... it's kind of a flat like a flood of that goes from poor countries directly to banks mostly rich country ... and the other thing is that means that that ... governments don't have effective control over their own policy making uneconomical looks so if you cancel that that's our inner in a radical way in which would require of course I'm gonna tell countries getting together to resist that yeah you to refute collectively refuse repayments you know we can assassinate them all the same time that live bands another place that right then then you know then you free them countries are freed up to pursue policies are almost like you don't want the knoll for that into canceling them because once after we ate pie and that is it's not we didn't not that you have so little we capture them we're just not paying it Passover what's required now special get with what what historically what the penalties of pain have been as you say the assassination of people the proposed by Scott images and the replacement we've Raijin stuff friendly to the objectives of the of the institutions that continue to benefit so what was I suppose it like interesting is whether or not new alliances could be mad because I feel so of naturally more of an affinity with the people that would be canceling of that rather than that that is even though I'm gonna hear the loveliest you do you have in the global north and I'm doing pretty well for her yeah I think that that's maybe increasingly true because if you look at the number of people student at and I mean that's a that's $1000000000000 in student they also realize that there's a real problem with that system ... and if if you could if you got some buildings sort of at least conceptual alliances across I'm across different classes of debtors but I think that you can you can sort of for yourself to imagine a world without it canceled that yeah exactly were resistant because one of the things are thinking again without goal was like that we like we've we've prioritizing economic systems which are fictions off I 5 occasions certainly concepts have been created by mankind with favoring them either actual factual material physical things like the planet and meteorological systems unlike in with all this in light with it what you say about debt management and trite manipulation some countries have resources said like how the country like Africa these mineral rich all like Latin America with all of its agriculture and minerals how they pull if you can produce those things and that's it you've produced those things sure rude clearly what is required is not on one level that a different way of looking at economics on a global basis but that's going to mean that the obviously what that does is it challenges the interests of the people that are in control of the system as it currently stands so ultimately you arrive at a point don't you Jason where what is required is not like you said these things out loud now these ideas are out there so would you do you popularize these ideas or what but what wages the rubber meets the road is our American cousins say where did it come out well we're not doing I mean that we and this gonna found that who is the enemy who do we target where do I stand what do we do I'm you know that's a good question what's on it I guess we could brainstorm right now but but for me ... you know the important first step is to free ourselves of these false narratives about aid and development that we have right now you know black good non yes her ... and then ... and again you know ... .cancellation of things some soul democratizing the world's at some I was gonna mention earlier was gonna mention the importance of a fairer out international wage system so ... you know again wages in the south are much lower than in the north if you know it is possible actually to to bring in a kind of global minimum wage system would be governed by the U. answer the international labor organization and you would set the minimum wage at 50 percent of each country's median wage and basically ... you're reddiquette working poverty pretty much overnights ... ends this proposal the made by number of economists we know that there's a system in place that's capable of handling it was a counter argument like you said you can't do that by that could lead to there was their argument for why can't they suffer that August area would be lots of fun you know ... well I guess I guess property liberals and so you should never regular wages ... but he but here's the way that I see that right if if we're gonna have a system where ... where capitalism is globalized then it only stands to reason the menu system where the rules that regulate capitalism are also globalized alright I said ... I guess that's the way that I would say if you have global free movement of capital you need that I will free movement of way eh of love because if you have global capitalism you need global regulation of why the people of pipes or is it really biased messed up system tell me about like you know there's some of the some of the bogeyman of the system whose benefit from this what about companies like a big belly and likes to super into it a transnational Cummings I apple of it was kind of them I'm your sums of terrible things tell us about them ... yeah I mean I guess I guess I was only one of many companies that ... that only really exists because they're able to to exploit very cheap labor in the global south ... ends you know at some point I think ... trump even said to the CEO of apple and I need to bring the inspectors back home the company's somebody else and he was like like these factors are not going back home basically apple cannot camera has no business model become beyond it though unless you've got little boys 9 anything to Africa buckle that we so we'd made a like a and who choose it on the news thing we did and it was 18 Arafat was of some temptress also liking the terrible thing about little children ... moaning for this resolves that's in your iPhone haze of water into all bloody help elect is of us unimaginable and aids of drop what I'm indecisive negligence cruelty irresponsibility that we we don't really count since wet when you hold an apple iPhone or an iPad in your hands you don't think and encouraged not to think about the consequences of that all and for I'm not with because I haven't we already in braids and inculcate you to think as consumers you know I think you'd be very difficult for me as an individual although I am willing to pay it to got to let go of you this product that product based provision that privilege people continually if your pie if you know so bicycling homeless or living in the call me appeals are what you give up because they wanted to have the same one he got that and I think he sings roll valid arguments as Paul of us or mobilization of significant jive but you can see the any gestural move from any individual is of little value and this is a soft target shines when the things I read once in Adbusters I really I was saying like pick a couple of corporations to really target Anania lie but you know like the same like if you're in a because of like I I've I outlined how few corporations attribution transgressed general mo is with a responsible you know and not recalling calls that they they were killing people does it work how economically battered even out in private lawsuits or Philip Morris now if he is that tobacco was killing people or even what you saying they're like you're gonna big friendly and attractive organization like apple look in those products I own and use and will use within the hour it are locking people be listening to his podcast on nice fight it we're all participate in it but we participate in from the school post positions of Jason of impotence unlike I feel that couldn't because this of really what we end up discussing here isn't narratives the why the stories are told but we don't think it's possible to have significant change unless we come up ourselves with stories ideas objectives that are accessible and attractive change won't happen I don't know how to solve stall gonna get people on the street buying a drum to bloody the Mecca democratize the IMF announced that might people do that I do you have left or interest people in 90 there are you know it is the way that I think about it I'm I guess I I guess first of all ... you know that this idea of of singing about changing our own personal consumption habits I think that is important but what's much more important is that we organize collectively to create a system in which it's not it's not possible in the first place that applicant exploiting workers like right ... you know so we need a kind of collective solidarity before we just need personal responsibility nam so do you feel collective solidarity with you know do you feel that as a man do you feel is that something that you so experience or an anthropologist you're an economist of teaching young people about this stuff even they are only 34 years old about sums of gorgeous boy band professor storage objectify you but you did it to that man in Africa so how do you react I have to unlock it so do you feel the sense of misconduct solidarity on even now watching a man who I message from Latin America emptying alcohol beach here global ... I live in a nice I'm an E. in a this is everywhere this is all around us this is us and you know I'm that I find it very difficult to debt purchase to understand that what shall I do now then I think of a reason relapse I I think this of the surprising result of the last election their their success of bunnies on this 2 degree I like all these things point to people's appetite for change in lucky's Army the fight was stored like an awkward like when nagraj followed at night could need your accu average but in Ireland bloody penny shy and all that you're going that's how things amended the hours go obey ice and not the struggle in island ice of grew up with the view your spies to lapse in as I'm not you know it's very difficult to get the stories out there how to be a motion being guides people around so of economic arguments that always feel abstract as I'll bloody abstracts image or to keep money in some minimal somewhere they're not I think that's actually right we need better and more powerful and more convincing stories I think about the power of the existing development now so we need something that will turn out a part but also ... you know create a rival to it right member thing is you know there's no question that that that we are more inspiring and more convincing and the thing is that I can see it in my in my own sentence right not like that they'll want to change the world that they have these little ideas about 8 in microfinance it would as soon as you explain to them how the world actually works in terms of the global economy ... ends and put them in the direction of real structural change they're so excited about that now imagine if the millions of ... of people in Britain who are part of gap year is in others alike student development projects or NGOs ... and the hundreds of billions of dollars that are in the industry measure that was channeled into making the world fair I mean it would change radically radically in about a clean and would not require a single drop of additional foreign aid ... interludes eradicate poverty inequality ... I say seems like your best of luck in all 5.plan of 5 things that would radically change the world right guy right they here are 5 ideas that if these things were permitted to radically change the vote then the fed next thing you hear is the people whose interests are currently being staffed telling you aggressively repeatedly why these things won't work and why and then in a program that taught me she person they Sidle mad and you can have a you know a right to express that kind of thing is also stuff happened booby good to distill it down to 5 simple things so what what awesome as it is you sign massive debt cancellation of for everybody council that has a really cool I'm not not that not getting my mortgage on in a lot of I am and ... lost that what some of the other ones a global minimum wage of 50 percent of that national median I wasn't I was a good one right where I am in full that like I say we think of a few more because I'm literature organizer level reveling I carried this Playhouse account has her own expense Sir are so in the fall in the second last chapter my book I actually have in fact a list of exactly 5 things we can do to change the global economy thoughtless and so we're going to talk to a lot of them we have that we have canceling that we have the ... the changing the wage system ... that we have democracy democratizing global governance of economic policy I'm I I think that they're they're easy ways we can ship we can change the international trade system to make it much fairer to poor countries as well so now ends you know right now for example right now ... and because of the WTO is your way around which came in into effect in 19 nineties a global south countries are losing on average 700000000000 U. S. dollars in potential GDP per year because of ... imbalances in the in the WTO trading structure so I'm not 7 times more than they receive an aide right so this is a major cause of global yeah I develop a it is completely irrelevant so in the book I lay out ways that we can change the trade system arm and then also I think that a really crucial in here is thinking about climate change because here's the deal we know for a fact that ... the vast majority of historical emissions 70 percent of them in fact I'm have come from ... from industrialized countries in the west but the V. the vast bulk of the consequences of climate change are hitting the global south out really really dramatically ... through wildfire is you know droughts etcetera etcetera I'm so M. and as a result of climate change ago some countries are losing in the region of $500000000000 per year in terms of losses and out you know which again now 60 a budget by a factor of 5 there so we need a we need much more rigorous action on climate change to a 0 arms get rich countries reduced all these points from points her over the ... own of these proposed regulations main that powerful economic interests will be curbed and confront it can you imagine them ever like it license histories of looks to me like at a glance and that's all I've ever given it out like a sore struggle between the powerful and the powerless with the powerful conceding the bare minimum amount of power they can't conceive of your own blood deal with a lot of us who are on it we Helena slavery anymore all I how can I mean they just about it Donald's it for as long as I can and then give the minimum in aids crisis I well you know like here we are all these years after suffrage and women this is still exploit in the pipe as much as men only night states that was happening around rice and continues to have so these things in a sense move slowly unless this of radical systemic change and you think it's unlikely the radical systemic change people around without force I'm death ... yeah so ... I agree with you and I think that basically the system we have right now is a kind of global apartheid and it's about it and just as they did the anti apartheid struggle in South Africa required and you know immense collective mobilization ... I think that the thing is going to be true of the struggle and we need to abolish global apartheid and slot will it's will it end up you know and conflicts ... it's totally possible and historically when attempts have been made to make the world fairer than that ... but you know what what what is promising is that ... is that people run the global south are are increasingly conscious of how unfair the system is to them and they are the majority of the world and and and and and the more and more that we include them in our in our in our discussions in our in our discourse through the internet through our media etcetera I'm you know the more this message is going to come through by happily galvanize some working class white black in down costarring Dave Essex yeah because they similarly are suffering as a result of this economic system but then I'm gonna stop thinking now op United identify with some bloke in Chile here how do you have a global movement in there like and if this isn't just happening in the global south like during the time that we've been doing this pope cost you know there's people who probably minimum wage worker because his business that I imagine would not take the risk of pipe people below minimum wage with other public outsourced to cleaning company they using paper after you have got nice how that document it or whatever you know like I said like this is not I have missed very cleat divided Missy's everywhere yeah I think that's definitely we can definitely see elements of the south right here in the north no question about it ... and not just actually people from the south who are suffering you know among us but ... but the same dynamics ... out of the south like you know slums ends are horrible healthcare healthcare conditions and so on are present right you know it in global north countries themselves yet because you are an expert if I'm picking up from the inter on like cut those of ethnographic stuff right unlike but likened less able this child is bill lock is cooler lost weight here that's over like why went to university can you imagine kidding wings crazy so what is it right so what do you think about I mean I like it like so for me once proves upright now round gain will not save us wrecks of a clear indication that if of fusion disempowered like in a while people's I'll get on to the sofa coven it dude trump administration people through a small a certain bag a somehow acceptable to express more extremist views thought that might be true but also that people must be feeling something in order to do that you annoying though in most people know that what they're talking is incorrect in immoral but what they're feeling is real left feeling something they're feeling anger right how do we reach those people or do we just got mint fiquei announces or get me because I didn't feel that way also not only sees these people need help there I I mean I completely agree and I'm very torn because I I'm the one on the one hand you know I think that we absolutely have to fight fascism wherever it rears its ugly head but on the other hand we do have to feel the kind of compassion for ... for it at least at least for those who who reached these conclusions because they feel a mis a redditor dispossessed or something ... in inlet and illegitimate sons right out so so to the extent of their people who turn to these narratives these white nationals narratives because they feel that the system is screwing them out in some real sense because the system is very unfair with noticed I think they're absolutely we have to we have to work on building a consciousness ... to accept that these people have not been mis read it but are nonetheless still races creeks then that we can't give them any of our capacity that's got just what kind of way I feel about that good food like that you know like I don't know what prices is because I'm a white man but like I feel like when that so stuff happens and I look at the faces with those torches we had stuff and I feel like a week I feel we Conleth people behind I'm not suggesting you know Soviet my allegiance lies with people that aren't marching around with torches but laughter that unless you address them the resource right each feeling unless pit like a ghost who should I be angry with their on that pay out if you get people March around in the streets open talk honestly some gravy seriously well you know unless unless that's addressed then this will reformulate and re manifest the way this clear over the course of our conversation Jason that the exploitation that time with colonization roof simply represented as globalization that behind the mosque of at the at the previous national identity corporal identities were able to continue the same exploitation my kidney or not and gestures here or there when it became impossible to not do that number to make significant check you have to start dealing with what people a feeling what's happening in people's hearts and mind and spirit is really excellent D. here you outline how these things that have why that happened and what would need to change in order first significant redistribution or a fairer society to emerge but like a tear unless people can be emotionally engaged I don't see how that will happen because I think most people have a vague idea everything's corrupt everything's the makeup but I think people think of broadly impotent I'm I think that another another thing you have to consider here is that you know that the south might just take matters into their own hands rotten and and already you know it I guess in a way like we're kind of irrelevant to this to the struggle I mean really west like we're obviously on the wrong side so ... so if you look like if you look at what's happening in the south already you know you have in Latin America you have I'm a number of governments working together to form kind of like ... like alternative trade networks that sounds better that are based on fare principles and so on you know you have you have the rise of alternative and sit up alternative institutions like the ... the bricks Bank and the Asian infrastructure Dylan bank that are tried that are trying to provide an alternative to International Monetary Fund not and render these these big global organizations irrelevance yeah right now we don't know if that's going to work or if they're going to be like instruments some sort of sub imperial evil for the countries that run them like China right yeah we don't know but out but at least that's what people are trying to do and there is some hope there and perhaps behind these ideas I wonder is that when you were saying the stuff like it when you think of like how we regard the global now if like they all know this is just the way things are some countries reach some countries are poor is because we car I got off off off apparel season invent if the spinning Jenny and then and then the video and then up yeah behind soap within this there also of concurrent narratives around things like Darwinism that on the right that kind of philosophy survival of the fittest life is a struggle for resources and that's just the way it is the fittest in the strongest in the past survive these are already self selective narrative isolations if history the Mecca of the mechanistic model of the planet the world is a bit like a machine evolution is a bit like a machine selecting in making pottery choices like as well as we are on the written by that kind of philosophy then why would we be compassionate ... why would any emergent system not resort ultimately to it like you said a sub imperial all compatible trained in Alexa and not some rival economic models over that China's involved in other name much about China but there's like that I don't look to me not a funds have a threat in flowers for each child is there thinking mates have amassed Saatchi's that's what they compare pre Larry bunches well whoever kicks off site unless you got you know where all the resources for these rules where it why are we going to come up with a from where do we reach inside about sales and find a philosophy by which we can legitimately live and call ourselves human I'm cool ourselves brothers and sisters and custodians of this planet it where war is gonna be the resource and this is the bit where I go its spirituality if I think that's I think that's X. actually so importance are I think rep reps are realizing that we are all connected on that you know that we're brothers and sisters something that's essential and sounds sounds so silly to say I guess because we've been taught to think it's so silly 7 people in crack on an exploit everyone does say that silly to be brothers and sisters run a shop you know brothers sisters their individual well I think that you know if if globalism is done anything good for us ... and it's it's the globalization of our sense of connection and so I'm you know I think that that are you know what we're nothing more aware of each other right now ands ... I think that yeah we need we need to realize that's ... in order for us to to create a world where where we were able to eradicate poverty on we need to learn how to share and I think that's so fundamental because the narrative that we've been sold from people in power is that the only way to eradicate poverty is to GDP growth right but we know that on a limited planet which is what we live on ... and in an era of rapid climate change continue GDP growth is not an option so without without growing GDP and having some of it trickle down to the poorest how are we going to radically poverty the only way to do it is to share what we already have more fairly and that's going to be a realization for us none of us want to live in a world that's marked where 60 percent of your population is it is in poverty right are if you talk to the outlook on the street they're not going to want that are and so the key is that just as the realize what's necessary for us to create an alternative world and that really is sharing ... and that's exactly the opposite kind of narrative out to the one that we've been fed all of our lives that's right and it's been under and again 5 different aspects of science and philosophy down in size that like a survival of the face not it's an evil lesions in may of course is it's imperative and prove a pandemic should prevail but the implication that we should be competing with one another for resources is SO that's conjecture past just an idea a different ID will be we should be sharing that we are here together the ari life as individuals is not as important as our life as a community got what you thought of a question just and Michael was and this is a question Jason up just so up with using my brilliant little brain is there any hope within tyrant global power structures are there any good guys and you know we can look too optimistic ... that feel the blush I made that clear other than this and people you know us talking about structural adjustment earlier crucially those eggs the exact same policies they were imposed on the south in the 19 eighties are now being imposed all over southern Europe right in Greece of course is the is the other key example of this ... ... so Greece is being structurally adjusted for the sake of bailing out French and German banks basically the same thing happens in 19 it is for the south and the sentencing of the emergence of of resistance there performance result released it was a kind of resistance and yet it's very focused and you're not there school is a cool guy yeah and I I like it yeah but it's not just him there also people I'm you know also in south I think that ... I'm the president do you want to create a gang of global criticizes a bit like they and Marvel Avengers franchise and ... I mean is well I and that will go around can it was brilliant ideas and then me so kind it's a semantic trounce he's preaching at around 12 yes I definitely want to do that the folks out I think it's really him someone attempting a really what's the point you made about spirituality and ... and this is why you let's elect look right now that the levels of consumption that we enjoy in the west are completely ... are completely based on extraction and plunder in the south didn't let that depends on the maceration of people ... in in the import of trees now I think that actually prolly plays really really badly for our or our sense of psyche at our home in a well behaved I think that none of us will live in a world like that where deep inside we know that every that the things we consume the privilege that we have depends on the suffering of other people I think it makes us all look deeply anxious and some even unspoken level even if you don't acknowledge it yes ... and so you know that in order to have a kind of inner healing we have to we have to live in a world where our daily actions are not creating misery in the rest of the world as peaceful we need to become conscious we need to come awake really think how happy is that fine making me how happy all these train is making me become aware that be distracted don't lose your connection connect to who you really are any ... books you won't gonna recommend for a service to your book which is called of the divide a brief guide tech global inequality in isolation brief I this is great fast August by serious my afraid bangs riled Bennett how many pages ... looks like 340 without without a worry that and I think that includes in that sense if you don't do that Armonk okay Terry out as soon as I get it I'll hold it at the back of this very odd your copy of going to sign up for you home college I'm not but Hey the pack count can to cast just wanted to kiss your some top kitten coverlet ... I guess I recommend you know one of my favorite ... thinkers in this field as a guide and Hodgen Chang a brilliant professor ... in Cambridge and he wrote an amazing book called bad Samaritans and I definitely the people did that what's his name again his name is hajj June Chang Hodgen Chang yeah he's from South Korea see if I have to remember that known so Christian sounding names was there who is that African plug Thomas well Thomas Sankara Thomas Sankara we're looking him up and amongst the south Korean economist fella ... his name is is how ginseng Hodgen Chang Thomas car next week they will be a quiz if you don't know anything about us to pay poll you will be banned from downloaded this podcast probably from our chairs is also part I found but not the problem but we will use these tools Monday to bring about a better world Jason thanks coming on the show you've been absolutely a limit at brilliantly illuminating so clear so wonderful author some are already have memorized some of those things you said well one for Castro thank you thanks Russell //
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Trump & Farage - Living Statues For Dead Ideas? The Trews (E437)
\\NPI whims of the truth whether it's Donald Trump and neo Nazis in Confederate statues or terror attacks in Barcelona Europe extremism is once again dominating the news where better to go than for some balanced opinion then fox news with living nasi statue not river ouch you're looking live at Barcelona where vigils have been set up following yesterday's deadly attack the attack just one of many Europe has recently durable years we just mentioned 3 years so what role does open borders play in the threat of ISIS and tear is interesting say because again like I'm my this privilege of didn't things on folks need to remember the point of the chase his knees analysis Sir if you look at the way this news broke because he's working he's taking the issue of terrorism is Sam it's been I in 3 years in Europe and then it's I lying the story already to borders because that serves up a mainstream agenda to to coin or to excuse a fright about border control and nationalistic arguments side I that the terrorism in Basel and watched in napa will during Friday S. size of grief and confusion start to introduce the idea of borders at this point is a good life determining the likely consequences all of the terrorism how much are open borders to blame I mean Europe is a very different policy that we do here in the U. S. yeah I mean look at what we've had ... failed immigration policies that many years ached Huntsville lack of integration of a huge part of the Muslim community with the rest of our towns and cities well because I didn't know that was what people said on the news anymore so so that's the way that case report it lack of integration we swim in it because after bricks a full week got rid of their old knowledge of frost fairies looming on the horizon in front of a Westminster backdrop stirring up hatred abroad like he's doing a swan song like he's got the Harlem Globetrotters of hatred do an exhibition matches of hatred you've done your job who breaks it up if everybody loves the other still do bit Molucca cool speculation over there no please no joy global colorful toys and monochrome views and 620 fifth day in anybody that comes across the Mediterranean and puts a foot on a hose all the soil of any European country has been allowed to stay in it as we speak there are people landing in Greece Italy Spain and we have not a clue who they are or if he knows how generally these men like trump and for all job rate shall you big Giles hang them there chain is live at the second set about Buddhist but I consider everyone between the head of the chest whodunit because we don't have borders Sir I mean frankly a whole thing is madness and this is ... what brought you to prominence the bricks of movement in Great Britain that's right thanks reminds us yeah that's right that's why we go put within the lunatic because of the bricks in movement which by the way is widely now being so analyzed looked at risk for some so for grand confusion by people from across the social spectrum now reviewing Livernois likely to meet their fears and then names because I think pricks it like Donald Trump Opeth expressions of anger and rage and in the same way as terrorism is admittedly I it's happening within the political forum but it's the same emotion range dispossession anger breaks it trump terrorism until we find a more appropriate means for expressing these feelings until we find ways of organizing and addressing these failings of even to continue draft match political leaders Matt political outcomes I'm on pony terrorism I don't think you'll be controlled by so checkpoint Dyson Bob weir and I think that's going to deal with the source normal nations make their own laws controller and borders and choose who comes to live work and settle in that country we had surrendered that as a member of the 2 of I made absolutely the central point of the campaign he did make the center put this is complex argument not to because of things like colonization because of things like imperialism because of things like Java because of things like astronomy and the right of the planet he's one clear thing and only the ideas such as sovereignty and borders and who's allowed to live and who's allowed to die and who's allowed to earn money and who's not out there on Monday are just narratives plucked out of the base I what I pine and let me just put it here looking at it from this side what I come believe in the wake of Barcelona is the risk that a sizeable chunk of Americans who want to tear down historical statues saying these figures of the enemy hope whereas it's pretty clear Islamic terrorism is a threat to all of us who that's it that's it curious in in in a way helpful for us to help us to align these 2 opposing ideas but I suppose wouldn't argue for our stands for is making a particular kind of ethno nationalism the default position for invite comments ordinary people why would you want to tear down the statues when the real enemy is then when the real enemy is ISIS now of course borders and boundaries I suppose again similarly symbolic do why not of Ross talks about them is functional it's confusing to me because I think the borders are ideological I think what much of fraud wants to save babies office and there was then he wants to make clear lines between us and them but what is always consent means the continuing populist appeal of these ideas when ordinary people will not benefit from the kind of ideas that come at you through fox news and the rage that people feel marching on the flags of the confederacy marching on the the swastika will never be alleviated by the people to say exactly flies from for those statues out of it Donald Trump all night of rock thanks people one ordinary people to be poor dispossessed and angry they require their anger that anger is the fuel for Donald Trump and Nigel for Rosh so the fact that by Donna they support harness they suppose wanted greitz of paradoxes and continuing performance of all time vitalism Apatow I to keep pop statues to dead ideas and to erect borders that won't have any functional meaning but continue to facilitate the dominance of the currently powerful and the people that are applauding and cheering it burning torches and waving flags for a people that penalized under a system for may suggest there's much education to be done I don't want to sound like some hippie guy saying those marching ludicrously under tiki torches and Nazi flags need empathy education and love and it's not from a wooly place I suggest about precisely what's required of course those actions need to be curtailed and penalize when I occur bought it when I watch the flood fox news not to for AJ hawk called see out any version of condemnation and High Street is gonna help this already seething conflagration true news //
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Can We Protect The Planet When It's Not In The Interests Of The Powerful? | Under The Skin
\\you are listening to Russell brand all under the skin with me today is my guest Mr vice president Al Gore thank you for coming well thank you for having me Ross it must be strictly does it what what Washu film and I love to film when if you come in to remove one stands up as I sounded even like you guys standing ovations before jokes being delivered holes sometimes sometimes they seem to be the case in the film now all I just to establish is I'm the dumb fail ... all all the great intense about the promotional aspect of what they see and if you don't ask in time I think it is important for people to see in this film an inconvenient sequel speaking truth to power because for me it rendered to the issues Alva al global ecology in a way that was easy to understand made it clear that there is imperative that we act now but also there's great caused optimism that their shift by from right wing thinking people like him and at the end that's over a lovely man who shifted in George town which is I think of like a bull's eye of what you would call conventional republicanism and also that that that politics can be functional ineffective fast woggle from the you yo activity at the Paris climate conference way you are able to put together a deal with the solar energy company in India who might have reneged ... on on on on this off on the Paris club agreement little Debbie now than they appear United States would renege call home anyway so like I think it's an important film for people to see one of the things that struck me was the vice president ways though white that you appear to be guided to it to some degree by your spirituality by a feisty much of it was that I I would like mission the sea is a personal mission and ... also that some of the language is somewhat biblical unavoidably because this ecological I ask that we are facing holiday how does your spiritual prospective in full meal mission to affect global ecology and Iraqis who was it well first of all thank you so much for doing this interview and for putting so much thought into it Russell ... I don't wear my ... spirituality or religion on my sleeve but it is a core part of who I am and this is ... ... an issue of biblical Scahill in the sense that the future of humanity could be at risk were we not to grab hold of this crisis and solve it the good news is that we are beginning to do just that book but there it is so much at stake you it it's really essential to put it in the context of it will we have a future or not again I'm convinced we will come by to this this is not the normal issue were now 7.5000000000 people are technologies are incredibly powerful and we have to wrestle with our vulnerability to short term thinking and greed ... and behaviors that don't really ... move us forward into the future which are indeed spiritual issues greed is a spiritual issue one of things I was struck with time and time again because greed is a to prioritize personal need over social need will fraternity the brotherhood of man the collective is a spade is a spiritual issue because individuals in house clucking but he's facing the background the voice scanning rooms is that why I live on the inside Mister vice president I like saying Mister vice president by the way I'm sitting job thing for person assigned roles and I've professes and don't is in here come on yams actually or like social climbing looks pale I'll get things like the time and I it fuels my sense of grandiosity now pay for even a world where conceptual and the fictitious ideas such as economy is privatized over an actual factual materializes such as the quality will hope do we have how how can we change people's concept conception of ecology when we have a generation of people that been schooled in consumerist capitalist thinking how we guns on pick up in a generation do you think that economic arguments such as solar panels are cheaper will be a sufficient toll on pick generations of indoctrination people that been taught to think like capitalists and well I think that the the rapidly declining because of both solar and wind and now electric cars and now batteries and sustainable agriculture forestry fisheries these new techniques will help us but I I think you're right that the emphasis on mass consumption as a pathway to happiness is definitely a part of the issue you and I probably disagree on ... the role of capitalism per se and I I don't get sidetracked too much into that but I want to sync is a side track because how is it that people can ever think of the world as their home in the White House evidently do with your fiction that ... I'm rather beautiful attachment to that image only I thought first photograph when people clearly see the earth as a result and culturally economically and I think what a deep philosophical less level if people to see the outside world is something we can because she and relationships that consumed commodities that consumed ideas media that conceived without a fundamental insignificant shift how can you hope to achieve such an ambitious ago thanks might as saving the world yeah well I do totally agree with you of that are we need a shift in consciousness and we need ... a a keen awareness of what we're doing to the earth ally and but but I do want to tell you about my views were capitalism is concerned I believe that the alternatives to capitalism in some form or explored a twentieth century both on the left and the right and they were found to have us some some serious of problems and excesses but capitalism in its current form I think is in need of serious reform we need to start putting a price on the so called externalities light pollution also the positive externalities we count investments in education and mental health care and treatment for addictions and community services as as an expense and then we ignore the benefits of those expenditures so that's a distortion that needs to be remedied we don't account for the depletion of natural resources and we should we ignore the growing inequality in incomes which is threatening the future of democracy if we don't address it is because built into the economic model but under which we Leyba there is enough potentiality for the inclusion of giant crowds are here right now the failings of the ideologies of the last century and all their extremism and the war in the have a good I read for me does not put a full stop on the potential for new systems in their Hoving systems are emerging national socialism terrible terrible idea communism as practice particularly Soviet communism which really repeat the model of the czar ism that preceded it Rahman being illegitimate you know it's been so V. experience with Powell most paralleled and equalized idea Clelia and cute via but that doesn't mean that it doesn't need to be huge if I'm thinking about what this quote know anything about it spice man called us to teach power ace when he spoke to Bertrand Russell who lives in the late sixties was a prominent campaign for nuclear disarmament I suppose the point and get rid of these nuclear missiles if we don't change the consciousness they invent it and people will continue to manifest these kind of tools in these kind of weapons something about that stays with me that what you seem to what I have experienced possibly is a transformation in the way that you see the world now how much impact to be had politicking at the Paris climate Victor India to accept solar power only for the U. S. to renege on it because of individualism consumerism materialism a platform that's been laid for 50 years Donald Trump Donald Trump didn't appear in a vacuum although this seems to be one inside of him in a lie title like you know so I think it how do well I think we have to be to achieve the kind of thing you want to achieve I think that there needs to be a transformational little I'm an individual it is quite quite profound yeah I think that's true ... up I think that there are fundamental truths about human nature that are going to cause both problems and opportunities whatever political or economic system we find ourselves living in I I have always had immense respect for those who are for the founders of the United States of America because they were humanists who separated religion from politics and actually took into account some of these truths about human nature and ... ... a British citizen lord Acton said famously power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely and putting boundaries around the accumulation of too much power yeah by a single individual or small group of individuals either in the political system or the economic system is a recipe for danger and one of the problems we have is because one of the reasons we have this climate crisis is that the large carbon polluters have accumulated too much power to influence our politics and they distorted the conversation about climate by using their money to put out climate denial and creating false doubts in exactly the same way that the tobacco companies years years ago they hired actors and dress them up as doctors and put them in front of cameras to falsely reassure people that what the doctors had found out about smoking cigarettes and lung cancer was not true and now the carbon polluters are doing exactly the same thing about the climb across exit with their view as I say Hoffa century if in transient funding for academic studies so now they don't require access because the whole thing is theater the whole thing is applied that when you talk about the potency of ... ... you utility monopolies ... Mister vice president Al Gore long name to sag you really are you can issues Allen just because they always ask how familiar you what happens or your adequacy if you wanna be proper theoretically say Chris advise a formal around games that are here and can listen to say now that if I sleep now is fun our cousin for many for many were laughing at maverick Morales of English culture your Highness I mean we love a tile over if I don't I'm so yeah like day easy it for president being vice president United States into in a period in which many of the economic decisions that have relates to the kind of infringing monopoly utility monopolies that we are on the wish America and now the south is is a patch as airfare what do you do to you what they are and so you yeah but is it before the I love people that are left parliament or if Congress so I could focus on politics you know because you're young star fox kind anyone's NY said politicians only have power within the limitations of their role did you find that when you were vice president and I size that your power will be is quite limited that the our ability to be effective vertically with the issues that you're passionate about like ecology were limited because ultimately spike power is nullified by superseding economic powers and financial interests well I think because the skillful exercise of political power ... which includes the mobilizing of public opinion can bring about a more potential for change then perhaps in any other position but out one of the limitations of working in the White House is that you cannot focus only on one issue you have the responsibility to focus on on mini and one of the luxuries that I have now is the the freedom to focus almost exclusively on the climate crisis and those elements of the crisis that are connected to the way our news media operates the way our economic system operates but I see it almost exclusively now through the lens of the climate crisis say and and I think we we have to make it the top priority I agree with you but is us over a moot point unless there is so powerful legislation on an international level the eva prep prevents a prohibits profiteering by the monopoly of the utilities the spake openly affects let the call crises of our plan is I will the way the oil is refined theme of profit these companies here like you said they more heavily say like traditional energy resources and will have to subsidize them mode and renewable energy 40 times as much of what we might badly we go live in just like stop stop subsidizing it might go with eyes doesn't require a kind of radicalism because when I see these apocalyptic forever like every images fires storms Filipino dance around them wasn't well it's not too much to ask to simply say right from the and forget 20 full a or 2050 Osama fall for long time live a Q. brick Kian movie tomorrow no more profit and let these and now I know that's not possible is it because the political and economic model which is an alloy fictitious is countered by the consciousness of mine will not permitted he called my guys come Taiji because I grew restless night mo GM anymore there's no ex on exams closest survivor reclaims it there was a famous economists who once said thought things take longer to have them than you think they will and then they happen much faster than you thought they could and changes in consciousness sometimes take time but they can occur and this climate movement is very much in the tradition of previous movements that changed consciousness the abolition of slavery the granting of the right to vote to women the civil rights movement and in my country and I apartheid my most recently the gay rights movement is if someone had told me even 5 years ago that gay marriage would be legal in all 50 U. S. states and would be accepted honored and celebrated by 2 thirds of the American people I would have said I sure hope so but I think you're being completely unrealistic but the climate movement like all these previous movements of ventrally gets to the point where the strong men are discarded and you see the central question which is a choice between what is moral and right and what is immoral and wrong and that's where we we're right at that tipping point in the climate movement now I he well but like I am permanent civil rights campaigner once it to me Buck Powell will always yield on civil rights issues eventually because ultimately it doesn't affect them them they resource season but when you go for money that's when you will face resistance now I'm I'm and it to be I'm for a picnic 8 twelves there've been a huge success isn't civil rights in the last half century United lot one down after spend too long on Google to see that here and I don't want America now it's got us on the way there is a huge taking clog site I don't I suppose I saw what I want to encourage the Styria but I sort of sense that radicalism is required and you in your new transcendent role to role as a kind of global name which I bought a sad about all of the climbing move on and author of uniquely positioned to spell out just how like part of the film I wish every month god this is serious serious crises in you educating people of the world to doing a tremendous job who mine I mia celebrity to even question you on the subject but my point is is a business a type of a seems to me my intuition is that the recession transient corruption within politics that the financial industry as these things Sloan up so deeply the ordinary people supplying the so called Zapatista each of the issues that you are said whether it's women's rights African American rice civil rights opposed blood is spilled great mentor imprisoned when he died he shines before anything changes do we have this time with this apocalyptic issue do we not have to invoke the diet season the demons do we not have to speak to a level of people on the level of it the peace true self about what kind of world they want to live in what they prepared to sacrifice who they prepared to confront it away and now I don't disagree with that at all I think it is time for people to to take action absolutely and and 2 of I'm very proud my daughter was arrested ... ... in a protest against the new natural gas pipeline network private in home care and so you know times have changed one appearances on so proud my daughter stress into and what I am what does that say about authority when a parent is now proud the authorities challenges says authorities de facto corrupt 9 William Donald Trump really isn't just a grotesque executor exaggeration of the preceding decades no disrespect because you took part in those administrations but without clean and without a Bama you dunk get trump we were being coached we've been lubricated we've been fluffed and prepared for the trump for the other trump through I said and what the cool aid and frolic reference he seems somehow appropriate with that man but but like you we've school we told people to be individualist we told people to be materialistic consumerist and now was surprised when is a selfish racist sexist president it leads the world well I I would interpret that history differently from the way you do I think that that there are a lot of good people trapped in bad systems blood when you work for positive change because sometimes there is a backlash and I think that trump represents a backlash I think that brexit represented a backlash I think that for a lot of complex reasons globalization intelligence added to automation of the growth of any quality there is a lot of unhappiness and unrest about the stagnation of middle income wages for this attack aids now and this and a demagogue can take advantage of that ... it and focus it in an irresponsible way but the nexus of region everyone of those issues is an economic system that will not yield power and when we so ... how would we have the system is because the people a dominant this system works absolutely fine thank you we don't want to change we don't care if the plan is destroyed we don't care if their posts a and is there's been a phase economic inequality across the planet I would see breaks and trump eyes if I give my language as our democratic populations and fuck you to power and I've Casey you looking off to ask why should we care why should we care I'm willing to hold the lands and enters a lot and we've been told that women are inferior we've been taught all this talk about a guy a people separate the people of boulder peering at the cost of suing for decade after decade they've witnessed power one not come taking care of the interest I think that's right I think there is a thing this wave of populist authoritarianism is a response to the unhappiness and anxiety that people have been feeling for quite some time but how do we bring change in spite of economic interests opposing it take one example the anti apartheid movement in South Africa you talk about an economic a set of interests opposing that change that was massive Nelson Mandela said it's always impossible until it's done I end this kind of change comes about sometimes when the potential for change bills are pushing against a barrier that suddenly gives way and and and then you see a tremendous change that people did think was impossible but eventually came from is I think there's a generational aspect of changes well I think the younger generation now is far more committed to saving the climate than those in in my generation and I think it's because they've seen that every night on the news is like in nature right through the book of revelation and if the news media doesn't connect the dots then they connect the dots themselves laden and their understanding that this change is essential it does require a new way of thinking I absolutely agree with that how do we bring that about are are ranting and railing against it has its place working with him and I'm not characterizing you that that way Russell I think I'm characterize that way I know that some of my biggest assuming ranting and raving that has its place but patiently working within the system as it exists to try to you pull the levers and press the buttons and make the machinery operate in a more constructive way also has its place for al everyone of these examples you give icon help but think of us and alternative narrative inner Nelson Mandela when we went down to 27 years he was prepared to kill and die for what he believed in and ultimately I think if we investigate it though that applied indeed when the economic interests that web that benefit from Apollo I'd found a way of maneuvering so that they could maintain their power without applied by having been some African really very recently I didn't fancy being Batman much clearer may have a very low this a bit the little hooks in Atlanta township but there's a lot of people still in the I'm Bob weir cannot live the way for my silly made experiences into what power does as well as the ban minimum we can give these people what is the bare minimum so if we I am a bare minimum that's what they'll give us some for me it seems like what we should do is focus hunt radical annihilation overhaul in revolution and that way we might get some kind of parity some kind of justice so like that do nothing but understand that rule change happening in other solar power and and renewable energies is better you all right you're 100 percent right so like why not th focus on identify the obstacles unnamed make it clear that these are the targets on all these companies are the problems that's what I try to attack that's exactly what what I'm trying to do is to focus on Amazon co gravel yes absolutely so what it what would like why if you would like a you want calmly have write XO now has to be moved nationalized is already subsidized we're already paying for it so that we can align it why don't you do that ... you know part of the movie focuses on the destination of Exxon Mobil that's now underway I hope they will be held legally accountable for the fact that they have financed climate denial as the coat brothers have financed climate denial they they've tried to fool people into thinking like rises isn't real and now they're trying to fool people into thinking that the renewable alternatives are not viable in real as well it's very insidious you see these insidious and the consequence of it is I suppose of maybe a law I am I suitable dimly see a reason to become a father I have a 9 month old congradulations thank you ma'am is changed everything I'm sorry love with icing creditor and what is your name fickle my boy went from will cover this morning in the fields near where we live I look at the tree I look every time I think about that out connection to nature is absolute and this is it like and when you share the images you repeatedly doing a film an inconvenience a coalition government I musical Thailand Weiss of ironic alike is cool basically to compete in our house Samaria double math vice vice messa I'm alive it makes me feel that what we do one house the nurture the inherent connection we have with this place we have to personalize it all things have become commodified is very difficult for people to our struggling to see the significance of it all from broader global issues when globalization Wallace is both of a commodity revolution will go wonderful finds thank you very much that delightful what is also done disease turned us into a planet of consumers this any and this is why the beginning of this interview I spoke about spirituality because I think this is when the transformation must take place the way we regard the exterior wall to the way that we would call a god have sales and a role on this planet as you evidently do as a 7 you are obviously living in service now kind of the feeling I would like it if I dare be so bold as to speak for most people I think was proving that politicians are corrupt people in positions of power on trustworthy and manipulative lawyers and that we should divorce ourselves from power on on I think there I hope person in your position who is being behind the curtain who must know things that if you after them out loud your life would be at risk to see a person like you in pricing in issue in this way is very very heartening for ordinary Peto I hope he's that we continue to aggressively pursue these issues and identify and target who the problem is Saddam aggressively I agree I agree this is a time I'm for for passion this is the time for people to mobilize I I couldn't agree more I wish we had tea for longer vice president Al Gore by now there are many many people to speak to I they've caught at an important and busy schedule it's been really really lovely to have you here I respect you gonna say one the movie current ... is in 340 theaters this Friday and tickets are available at all of the places you get them and then a week from Friday it opens widely all across England cause an inconvenience sequel truth to power guys see you probably get more from it than ... guy and I washed it I wasn't really turning to muscle guilty in popcorn aka 7 points a month but I think the owner will might do if my life is an optimistic film you will learn from it I endorse this film I winners or in only you know how you have to make some of your views interview someone important like you by force you to watch the film known out of time guy anyway someone else watch and tell me this when I actually went and saw myself and I enjoyed it thank you thank you for saying that and I like it I should be adult unlike your cowboy boots unlike unlike a lot of things about you album will thank you for what you're doing for the world thank you for the interview //
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Addiction Epidemic - Why Is The World In Pain? Trew Recovery (E436)
\\n't hollow drugs are bad shocking numbers out of the U. S. centers for disease control from 1999 to 2015 the number people who died from drug overdoses tripled the CDC found that more than 16 out of every 0 Americans died of a drug overdose in 2015 compared to just over 6 in 1999 almost half of these deaths were caused by heroin and other opioids who don't would jump problems of all the inner just saying now if we're over all that stuff may I'm playing on and take a Pulitzer anymore is too terribly dated 10 did I mention it drug overdoses claim the lives of 52 0 Americans a year more than 60 percent of those deaths related to opioid drugs including legal prescription painkillers as well as illicit drugs like heroin and I chuckled fentanyl undervotes Americans die each day from drug overdoses thoughts on 911 scale loss every 3 weeks is not an interesting presentation of that statistic because I suppose the way that death is now devised is more important than death it self every die drug overdoses last bout nowhere well trying now to look at drug addicts is criminals as of diseased as disposable one there's we've told you before on the trees as Necro politics who is the okay to kill whose deaths don't matter drug addicts or on the strong side of that particular line say 7 percent of Americans are somewhat addicted to prescription opioids all pain killers with nearly one in 4 people now and selling guy what are some these drugs a survey showed that respondents still blame users head of doctors or pharmaceutical companies but evidently when an epidemic because when statistics also radically or shift or are exacerbated eyes described here it's obvious that there the context is not irrelevant but there is a trend that something's happening doctor killed Alexander co director for the Johns Hopkins center for drug and safety and effectiveness said each year I think it's hard to imagine it getting much worse and yet last year we had the highest number of deaths on record don't explain to me is they will appeal it's due in very so via matching at 88 sky language said that well and I hope you it does is it acts as a blocker to stop signals of pine be not that the signal times transmit that content through to the receptive eggs the IPO it blocks it when I think about my own heroin addiction how the person is suffering from idea to final physical pain alone many people with an opiate addiction problems begin to try to alleviate physical pain and I know why physical pine which seem more acceptable the mental pain I do because we live in a materialize culture that value I see things a evaluate things that you can measure and why more highly than things that are central abstracts ulterior less easy to understand but I think that it works the same way when you try to block mental pine you just don't want to deal with pain anymore occult hoses addiction begins with pine and aims of pine is a cycle of pine I am I feel recently developing a kind of in my own individual life of course a global perspective when I'm looking at the phenomena of Angat it's difficult not to see how geopolitical events a demonstrative of that when looking at a phenomenon like addiction is difficult again not to see in a global context the time of this connection at time of pine at the at time of general malaise in out of the way people feel on Hathi and lost of course it's going to be an appeal it academic of course people gonna be talking about me at mental health eh problems in great numbers of course people's perceptions of themselves their identities is gonna become altered this is a time where I think we are truly without clear paradigm without a clear understanding of which lends to view reality for I think addiction will get a lot worse I think mental health issues will get a lot worse unless we start using systems both in terms of our individual consciousness and in terms of our social organization thought predicated upon what human beings need not on what for want of a better term capitalism Nate consumerism Nate materialism names we have Nick I ate abstracted and lost our connection to the spirit and these are the costs we start to see the cost plus the connection to our environment to the planet we live on we've lost that connection to one another we've lost that connection to outreach selves we don't know what's really gonna make us happy anymore forget they see if I get back or addiction to opiates is is an amplification of I. ubiquitous condition all the out something that I can play cool might we feel better if I get this relationship if I watch this movie if I get the shoes forget this job if I get this the grief of at least rise I will feel bad if the something from outside that can come into my we feel bad it will never work is never ever worked for me I suppose my life is back and now the I have more economic stability and now I have more domestic stability but there are significant changes occurred in my own life is that I have been able because of the practice of the principles of the 12 step program of work to start to address the source of the pain I feel a bit I would say accepts the on my own my life is in trouble and I'm powerless and the I a fire that change is possible is possible for me in my case not use drugs or the live free from sin by fees but only if unprepared CD get help and share at the community and time with other people with the same conditions made as it lasts of that beginning off it but if you think of an epidemic which is being described dies that's because these values are lost on a cultural level the most people Lynn good many people did feel disconnected don't feel that change is possible I don't offer help that anything any help is forthcoming once you got those conditions you are that's there so of last that bacterial conditioning for this virus to really grow and the numbers only continue to grow drug overdose deaths increased from 1999 to 2015 in all age groups but adults between the ages of 45 before had highest death rate in 2015 as a lot of talk about my people my age feeling lost because where we were told everything was gonna be cool if we know you got a good job if you became famous if you got money and even those of us that were able to fulfill that some wall high flew in brief of discover the last not true Ole miss what you see high profile suicides or high profile figures that we enjoyed great fame and fortune breaking down on camera welcome me in suicidal in taking their own lives to use it 10 I agrees and more appropriate because none of this stuff works and no one providing in return if it's not gonna work for you art is a wonderful video that ... Alan watts a of almost made by ... the South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt stone with I describe that your heart your law in your life you are placed on the conveyor belt we are told if you go to school if you get a job if you do these things if you play the guy will be half a well it ain't true and it was never true and it's never gonna be true that we are being lied to on a huge scale no in a conspiratorial white but just in terms of the social model that needs it fault that in order to perpetuate it and the casualties are many Miri ads and legion and you all of them you drug addicts you the mentally ill we the discarded however phytate way we are it's fodder I ... beetle overdoses are becoming so common in the U. S. that they're driving down the average life expectancy of white Americans want want to make films Barrett ridge drive expansion he's going to you but to do something about this is affecting the average why Americans of average Andrea fighting goes well actually the overall number of deaths caused by opiate overdoses has quadrupled during the same period according to doctors in recent years prescription drug abuse has reached an all time high forcing drug makers pharmacists and physicians to crack down using certain methods that pot bloody problem along the he like the father that this drug is doing well how well but it's a well made headlines tell you to get addicted to it yeah and only will selling illegal drug recall a diff soul of hope that would happen actually alright we'll work carry all day like closer prescription tracking or tamper resistant forms a medication so they can't be crushed or altered in any way so the problem is the way the old taking it like a smoking it rejected hideouts biker chick peas terrified drug taking Noel formed like a respectable junkie heroin also accounted for one quarter of the overdose deaths in that same year only confirming what has been widely suspected about the increase of this ongoing opiate crisis in the United States well I suppose the obvious conclusion to draw from this is that we're living in a time where pine medication is a necessity to addictive to grace because people are in song much pine so many people were inside much pine that pain medication has become a detective it's not a coincidence I think that we live in a and a time of ecological crisis of economic crisis of possible military crisis at because the very same much pain is so much pain now and the systems that we have in place are incapable of dealing with and without significant change I imagine this pain will continue to perpetuate on an individual level programs for personal change with regard to addiction are available with their social change it's a more complicated still soluble problem but more complicated for in a people who got no you want changes and assets hard thing to embrace spot that see what happens because it looks like they'll turn it is to be blown ethnically will cite other lobbyist on to consider //
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Unf*ck yourself from chocolate and sugar addiction with my new book #Recovery
\\I was told you about my book recovery freedom from our addictions because it's applicable to all kinds of substances this self help book but you might've considered AG truck and should have you eating do you think to myself as I know will use the one I sometimes have the capacity to absent mindedly and unconsciously eat food this book I think and wake you up to your habits and your patents and help you to confront and change a perspective of the world and change the person you are whether it's about food or sex or drugs in this incident to him Ashoka stopping //
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Sinead O'Connor: Do We Live In A Mentally Ill System? The Trews (E435)
\\n't Sinead o'connor's face Provigo gives Chaucer talk about mental health and through the lens of celebrity this do that Irish singer songwriter Sinead o'connor posted a troubling video shot at a local motel to where Facebook page on Thursday that details a recent struggles with mental illness hundreds seems like it's one making this video the mental illness you know it's a bit like drugs doesn't give a shit who your an equally you know what's worse existed when doesn't give a shit who you are I'm Austin all over me for me it was me and we've gone straight away when some of our own destinies stressing Sinead o'connor yeah I suppose it is interesting to look at this in the context of the creation night o'connor had to use a very beautiful searing person with the great gift of this voice always accompanied with the kind of intensity the moments of controversy clearly she's a person that's being conflicted and as we've said before how could you not be conflicted in this world there are so many conflicting messages there are so many counterintuitive messages continual rewards and endorsements of behaviors and ideas that seem inherently negative that at constant materialize I shouldn't commodification of things that we value the things that seem precious and beautiful continually self back to us she neither Connors seems like someone is sailed a little bit close to the truth of noticed a lot when dealing with people with of course self declared mental health issues and I are seemingly quite sensitive and intuitive a little bit rule that I've exposed the law of the gift to the world and a I think can be a hard thing to carry it seems like a person that is really really Warren now and it's interesting as well that she saw of that with a religion in the way that she has as well that she's had these kind of infatuation with Feith and theology slot pick certain people are looking for something for some kind of connection identify with that blessedly I've not felt the way she looks like she feels for a while but for me that's that feeling the memory of that fast you better give me some drugs when a film that lack kind of level of Tara and dragged an alienation and purposeless ness in a white doll serve a purpose in that in that when people are talking about Chester Bennington Leka made his death it's like this is a prelude to this is the kind of mental state that one imagines proceed suicide so here is there an example we got on a dime there anything radical you know is going to feel like this forever there is a way of feeling differently but there Jim schools around Isaacs on one hand there's the idea that you can just just accepted that the world sort of it meant no when you know you've challenged in the way that you are you calling have real connections and you watch ecological meltdown in political and economic inequality and like it just to accept all of that stuff or there's a different journey at the pigeon a humble personal journey glow bloggers are the number 2 years no as punishment for me mentally booking ill I didn't make it into video because I am one of I got thrown out really Scott peaceful there even in the state she's trying to call in a catch phrase earnings climat nowadays is a person that this is private and it that we look at I think that's private but when you feel that full moon hopeless in desperate when you solving Mindy Cohn spate proprio use your proper voice that that we live in a culture now the Expos he sat entranced me it's not road Costa that's a sofa may not exist searching and groping mentality that really suggest people looking for something in that same wise you could see Donald Trump as some carbuncle affects hall for American right age Sinead o'connor he seems to be demonstrate plea the strangled and unappreciated female the kind of god S. energy these cloaked in Sharpton unexpressed who the somewhat discarded fight it temporarily in when a little weight and I like to fame and fortune but now in some motel room and and and rolled costing have misery is some so over last morsel of entertainment and really what Sinead o'connor like anyone's stuff free movement wealthy she's needs his connection meaning purpose love and if it time reading my mind once said it's a shame isn't it there used to be my son he said it's a shame the econ really just be someone who reads books and sits in the park and stuff you know that you have to have a job that define G. because he'd be alright my lackey with that and that so struck me in that moment in one easy that you're only valuable if you useful to society we did that idea come from you've got earn money Nick off a good job that's just an idea you know site will one no I know you recall if you go look for body leaving her body work at work but will Wally Wally there's no reason for it there's no purpose for it is actually what you're working for a reason lolly someone else's idea someone else's privilege some of the straw are abstracted from your own life Sinead o'connor's expressing I think almost on behalf of the society as using facts claiming today is that mentally ill systems create mentally ill people disconnected systems create disconnected people awhile to form one aspect of this is this is the usual could live plot the T. M. Z. celeb story another aspect of this is this is a cry from the hall of humanity who good to boot didn people on earth in every day onscreen for 2 fucking years of running hard life miserable with Iran chose not dieting and that's not living as interesting that where where these ends up these as I call it a form of entertainment into why we assume of taking over the cadaver of this pace ourselves now to give you this analysis in the 90 from from any outside more populist in me numbing kind of media organization except I hope I feel Dakar recognized that I feel like there isn't a place reserved for being one of those motel Bates fight and stay connected pa of my wife doing there is to remain connected to other people identify with the way I feel in my case that's often for the identifying as an addict among men will miss most obviously demonstrated so for you so substance dependency have a bite through dependencies by working a program one of acceptance connection belief that things could be better and a willingness to ask for help my 5 model hope position night o'connor in doing this thing this thing that we spotlight and spooned in spiral for various pop portals that it will function somehow is a confession that will function somehow is a connection and that it will be something that Sinead o'connor comes back from and that it won't be some live in Senate tough for a woman already decked the fact he's now that she's in hospital maps you received that the kind of care that she needs but for me from just watching that briefly that said real life long gulp of required connection of own diving in would work an acceptance that this world needs a different Y. L. looking ice inhabitants that we need to have a more harmonious society more harmonious with if there systems within which we live the plan itself this is what this connection brings this is what it this is what happens when people on the I. able to the what they meant to pay this is stifled spirit mental illness is a kind of disjunct a breaking down but you can't divorce it from the context in which it happens in that this is not taking place in utopia this is not taking place in need in this is taking place no desperate and broken system suppose ultimately we after hope pray in fact Sinead o'connor gets better and that the world is better Chinese //
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Will The Psychedelic Revolution Meaningfully Change The World? | Under The Skin with Russell Brand
\\my guest fun under the skin to die these doxa robin Carhartt Harris the hate of psychedelic research at imperial college London and he's not even 37 years of age yet he's already been described as the whiz kid of psychedelic recession imagine how competitive that field days and the cooler a younger brother of Brian Cox who we still know who we have only he knew her sister lovely thing isn't it his reset is exciting as it is to burn he investigates the brain effects and potential therapy uses of psychedelic drugs and the such as the first person in the U. K. to have legally administered doses of LSD to human volunteers since the misuse of drugs act in 1971 don't try robin thank you for coming on the show pleasure yeah nice to be here thanks invites me how you're so kind to site can I call you doctor sure although not a medical doctor hidden I don't go into thanks I don't think any of that anyone is not a medical doctor I think should be stripped of her title later wearing a white car and put your fingers up people's problems cause heart disease you part of our system as like that thanks doctor robin I'm ... but still over there VC sufficiently Dilettanti issue to find titles and moving doctors professors or the last telephone buying into it and tell me what can you tell me what that means that you are that hate of psychedelic research at the empirical what it looks kind yeah so yeah I'm for the last few years I suppose about ... 8 years now I've been doing ... human research with psychedelic drugs ... I've done a number of brain imaging studies looking at how these drugs work in the brain ... most recently I've transitioned into ... giving a psychedelic for a particular psychiatric disorder to trying treatise depression and how we give solace I been which is found in magic mushrooms and so now I'm the team is transitioning more in selecting a applications and how these drugs can be useful not just how they work presumably if you're moving to the point of application some of the efficacy of these substances have been established now a roving before we get into that I'd like to learn how is someone going up your average person I now how did you get into is psychedelics because is it seems to me like a broad and interesting field like I would tell me about your academic background in online how you became interested in yeah well ... this courtesy to aspects of the story and and perhaps the they're left alone which is easier to talk about ... happened around ... my early twenties when I was studying a psycho analysis cite Freud and you've been ... and I was absolutely fascinated by this topic and I couldn't get enough of it and I was you know you got any opportunity reading whatever I could ... but I also felt so little and dissatisfied with west psycho analysis sucked in terms of mainstream psychology and it felt clinically kinship felts a house not scientific enough it didn't seem to have convinced people of the ... validity of its main ideas like the existence of the unconscious mind for example and I was happy he believer in some sense but I didn't want it to have to be that way I don't want it to have to be a kind of leap of faith and I thought we could maybe demonstrate them that certain principles of psycho analysis a true somebody's prints moves you mean primarily the existence of an oncologist on an individual level yes but also a collective level so that would be call unions work that those aspects of our psyches that a shed United certain themes certain ways of being certain aspects of the human condition that a rehearsal and Mrs demonstrate what fruit make my tapes an archetype yeah yeah why did you find this interesting well I think because it felt true because it resonated with me ... and I think you can see it in culture you can sit and religion ... and and so I've I've kind of wanted to demonstrate that you know that there was still that is real meet Ted it's not just the United fund to seal the product of our ... unions in and others you know you what wild imaginations of these things a kind of real for me this book Casares are there is to educate myself and to educate others and to try to in some ways translate they ate gap that exists between academia and what you'd call a spy normal people yeah well everybody else that doesn't have it access to this slabs of privileged ... nomenclature of academia which the word no man could show is undoubtedly an example I'm a lot so that when you talk about like a Freud and jung and the psycho analysis in some of these lucky ideas like what is the it wasn't this distinction between Freud's view of the oncologists and your own view of the unconscious for example yes of Freud put most of the emphasis on on sex I suppose and sexuality and will say ... ... the young conscious the Freudian oncologists if you want had much more to do with ... our own lifes our relationships with important figures in our lives ends particularly our parental figures ... where is human I'm kinda transcended that level and talked about the unconscious mind with reference to culture and religion and mysticism ... and so it was a kind of if you want a specific deeper aspect of our minds are unconscious minds if you want but the union was particularly interested in he'll say that was a bit of a spat between the 2 think is an onion fell Freud put too much on sex and and the personal innocent like pretty funny marriage you're already thought about sex for you don't get about sex stop thinking don't go to both but frightened young doesn't come by me just that I'm like so Freud for if it was coming down to 6 near individualize life of at night young full that there's enough evidence to suggest through archetypes McCurry might take some themes free religions culture added to suggest that they sums of interactivity about in overslept for its work on not tokenism into both they and their indication that if of sun to booze of recurring throughout cultures that that in itself is an indication of some some soul of collectivized mind yeah I think you know I think for aids ... touched on it and I think it's a bit of a slightly you know oversold differentiation that I just hate United and and Freud was ... would refer to as a kind of collective aspects of the unconscious Freud was more mechanistic ... well you know who's is well I think the difference is there a kind of emphasized put pipes to much because of this personal spot between the 2 and because they kind of emphasize the differences I emphasize the differences because I suppose we take for granted the things that we share in common and said the differences stopped coming Putnam and your mindset from this early interest in unconsciousness some are another she start to think it was or ought to sit there and doing drugs syfy assailed her wasn't ready quite loud it was more the come you know how contest this stock home and and I was in the seminar one day in and day with the seminar leader in the people in the group was talking about all the different ways that suck analysis had to access the unconscious mind and the best that it could come out with pretty much was dreaming you know entry who supported him and fascinating but the court I'm reliable and my home they are just good now that I'm a crack may not move from one site an exception cultural up coming out of it okay yeah but I would say this is the tools of empirical told fractures in the unconscious our dreams hypnosis phase it out is about that movie I recognized will toast Benoit and you think that those tools are a bit line yeah basically learn it and you know you know I and has been proven really you're not gonna convince enough people with those tools because unite people said of dreams that I just chaotic than noisy state I mean and I think I actually disagree with that but yeah that's a popular view that there's yeah a little young's work on my site for a return of that massive compensate every dreams that that jury like that that that the unconscious mind is at least trying to narrow advise your life was trying to communicate with you when you've talked already about the idea of archetypes he seems that when we are like in the ins some sense he's we're referring to the transcendent over referring to ... Apollo in an all encompassing being it could in fact be regarded to the our own unconscious is the repository for right information great knowledge though I am we have a kind of a peculiarly on ceremonial and inconsistent relationship with this aspect ourselves were absolutely in and this is where it's psychedelics come in because ... and I stumbled across kinda stumbled across some literature on LSD being used in psychotherapy in the fifties and sixties and dumb I was just blown away to discover that the main rationale for using LSD in psychotherapy was that it would lower ego defenses and then allow access to this United farm foster a realm of our minds the unconscious mind and I just thought this is true ... her data had you taken psychedelics by that time home that you would be embarrassed about to go out no embarrasses just a sensitive one why didn't I think because the stigma sticking around ties and also a stigma of being a scientist studying these and the mainstream scientific community I'm a scientist how it weighed third drugs yeah and I think you have to you know a scientist yeah I'm it is interesting isn't it but they it's in itself it's supposed subject in its over its origins wars over who are early pioneers amounts like that is what Timothy Leary or like orders Hawksley ram bassoon that could either a few people who looking of mescaline early on in the early twentieth century have ... but really a breakthrough happened who ... when the Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann ... kind of slightly serendipitously came across LSD and synthesize the list they were looking for drugs ... ... more to do with with with Blanton and ... and and United the blood system he synthesized it so for like a lie so he he's working why under some subplots circuitry around the circle to mean drugs what was I made related to ... I'm these fun guy that that grow in certain crosses Hashemi's working we've mushrooms and Stephanie come what was he comes at a friend mushroom related to and and and ... one of the compounds the synthesized one of quite a few was this LST 25 ... and ... it the story goes that he got he kept it on his skin and ... somehow you know you ingested it and had this like mild and psychedelic trip and then I think the next day he went back and thought well I'll take a tiny little bit just to see if if it was this LST 25 that made me feel so strange to take 200 Mike switches quick things to under 2 engine fifties quite big dogs you know I of LSD yeah and then we had a full on and I mind blowing ... trip fluff of nightmarish visions and and such like who all I like that because sounds a little bit not the hulk Bennett you a little bit on him by accident many becomes so basically hole course by a man who ever exile flotilla template some encounter which is it bloody a you mean Aidid Arenales anything like an encounter some some of them and mentor encounter and it comes up as it goes by next by next to engine 50 of whatever or via any guys into with some form of some sort of transcendent realm then why I'm so between the twenties in the sixties we danced I hear rides again ready to it what fifties and 60 S. though dumb heated up in the fifties people started using a list the and really psychoanalytic psychotherapy which kind dominated psychology than the kind of Freudian model really noun and then into the sixties things got a bit more colorful and people started taking it recreationally and then Timothy Leary came on the scene he took some magic mushrooms after reading an article ... about these ... tribes in in Mexico who were taking ... mushrooms and then he took LSD and everything changed any kind using academic origine he was it hard for them he's got some so Harvard fuddy Duddy with it to keep out time to sue on in the foyer now it is true name dropout Ivan Nagy relax so this very curious that locally substances own only substances this idea seems to exist in indigenous cultures the idea of I don't know so shy minis them all planned by some transcendent experiences is a I'm old idea and option original idea and indigenous idea possibly one of the somewhere in the crucible of civilization we will find this idea where man becomes religious when man begins to believe you do you think it's as important as that is that what is the basis of your interest things and personal interest in psychedelic other in those parts of it so yeah therapeutic side in and does a lot of I'm and deep wisdom today's ... cultures that use that have you psychedelic for you know maybe thousands of years ... and in a way which is kind of to some extent with it rediscovering what those cultures always mu but we all bring something new to the table over I think with bringing ... in I ... for or love through all of this is sort of you know ... Weston and can I secular people ... we'd we'd do you have an ability to see ... break things down to deconstruct them and to try and understand the mechanisms underneath mass important is it to have an understanding of the medicinal and mechanical operation of these chemicals I think sigh I why stay at home I think it's important to understand ... how something works you know that some people would argue that it it makes a difference to me to not to have that knowledge but I think sometimes you know there can be some ... differences for for example in web people describe the locus of action of a drug say for example indigenous people might say that it's the ponds that holds an intelligence and we talked in 3 taking the plan we we surrender to it and allow its intelligence to guide us but that's the mushroom of the Iowa scope yeah yeah exactly ... or they may say that it's the songs you know these ekerot is that the shaman saying at these kind of chance that a song to people while they're under the influence of SA I what's gonna it's jungle psychedelic Kim I whether it's Wavell particle somewhere or another is affecting consciousness reveries though why even the vibration form of the charm of the particularity of the substance well one Maranatha consciousness is being shifted this way versus Pakula argument that wall is the essential element well is it is it may be a lie or is it let it be matter what is it what is it that Y. boom V. might when you net been bloody drug seller known about it it clearly some sort of like you know me I'm in recovery that I may on the recovery hadn't take of not have taken any drugs at or have a drink one that talks full in the Hoff use curiously bill Wilson the founder of 12 step fellowships himself but I'm very interested in psychedelics for a brief while on the heat got clean from alcohol and I think hung William and Tim Leary there yeah while and he won its integrate list the into the 12 steps which would be an interesting addition her at all Donna Matson is kinda finding finding gold isn't funny with in the sense that the 12 step is ... having had a spiritual White Plains as the result of the steps who made the decision to turn out often will have a guard and spreads his principles in all our affairs are but eventually I suppose a lot of altruism philanthropy and service by stone this realization that let me are like you've never bookings medium bright children's books I'm prepared to say that like kind of taking a statement as eyes of less than I think I was 16 and something very and I mean it seemed well I say shit when you say like that it was used in therapy to break down the eagle consumer people named the cause will that most of the area's most obvious most major and most tangible thing I experience was on no only not me I remember thinking that I'm thinking I'm not me I'm not well I threw I walls this idea because you are what I personally felt was very trying and to my identity on Russell loves bullet this time is what I believe in us for west ham United I like Morrissey and I remember feeling all that stuff's dismantling in a mirror unlike a feeling some wall afraid I can see why they would need to be caution ceremony mentorship and guidance when dealing with that and I suppose in a secular society clinical conditions is what replaces the idea of ritual ceremony the Shamen guidance that celebrity should we take it in the border trade home of doing this in a park we've we've pill and in doing doing acid and stared at the cutouts of throwing up a in the clean side while I slowly limit of bloody lip archery no I mean in a way home and we deplore I from what school before and ... ... in terms of the sort of shamanic model in the sense that we ... do you change that the board tree and I we get rid of the fluorescent lighting and that's all I have thank god sightseeing and we have ... we have some nice ... ... ambient music had pipes some supply the pan pot payout for W. create indelible retreat come a lot of origin conditions for psychedelics means wallet Tony for what the process is so you know I'm well and well bring in some some low lighting ... will that composite that have them play lists the that has a certain structure of our truck shut someone up the 2 of them paid the something like can we live in the night who who home and said ... is because some of us that we will build a certain relationship as well say at of trust you know something yeah and ... which I get to know each of the I'm going to lay things out on a table Adam and which I changed legislation manic objects at all the ... and fitted say in an atmosphere of trust and open communication how many people at one time we go into the larger in London England I just with you in one person out of this book ... usually 2 people we call them guides will citizen that many people are on the level that not took nothing ... usually they have you know I got money in that moment I know this cyber the disciple guides the site visitors ... and ... and that you know basically compassionate and and encourage a ... ... an atmosphere of openness found of a willingness to let go to ... 2 X. brutal and to surrender that analytical mind now that I was talking about earlier ... and to trust in and to kind of go with the flow of the experience what substances of you in working with solace I've been magic mushrooms and socialism is imaging machine LST ... now DMT and I have my colleague next to me Chris to him and he's I'm starting to empty at the moment ... and and you know merman won't sure helped me to understand did today passed by summer Sugarman song I'm quite childish ... follow actress to men a lot like a you introduced as I'm PhD student what you do Chris hello welcome what you do in the past in my ... in the pits the I'm currently leading a study on trying to find out who are the effects of the empty in the brain lately it and kind of like Clinton experience and bring you try to workout that will have so tell me what the involves will you did increase ... so we're basically giving the M. team to ... a number of healthy participants of this young people students at imperial college primarily Exley not necessarily I mean you have a wide range of interests that people in our studies and you can have from 20 to 50 years 50 year old people I came to me through the process so ... we have like to kind of like eh main faces of the studies on the first one we wanted to you know address can we give a nice dose of DMT without you know inducing anxiety strong drug that you want to do it in the best safe possible way but you want to get the effects of your after you want to get to those far out sort of experiences in the best way and safest way possible so we first did a pilot phase ... would there was no brain imaging being done you know what just people were just sitting there in a nice environment just chilling and we gave them different doses of DMT ... up in you know in the study setting we saw what happened during the experience we kinda like ... did interviews questionnaires become like address that in the most detailed way possible trying to map the Syphax in experience ... and you know with it that we characterize it will find the right dose and now we're moving into actual you know brain imaging by proper you know how many people did you trial to establish what you consider to be the right dives about 12 people right so what did you find across these 12 people ... which found that ... you got we tried out 3 different doses right the right does the experience characterized but by the right does for those kind like the stages that were you know we think are very interesting so have the first one is this kind of like but Lee rush you know this feeling that people are actually expanding outside of the body somehow ... then this kind of like entering into a geometric sort of like space ... very kind of like wonderful beautiful colorful moving symmetrical patterns and then pushing through into this kinda like different sort of space feeling that you're entering some sort of round that it's not coming from inside but it's actually you know you're visiting some both and in this space you know many people encounter entities presences writing dates with them communicate with them some we see very meaningful information and some receive like cost mixed of spiritual stuff other others have like personal insights on their lives when they feel that they're being carried by someone through you know messages of importance about how curiously corroboree ... Chris and Robert Rubin and we'll Chriss describing and what you said about your interest being triggered by the work of human Freud and that there is a commonality of experience that that people I I describing and let that one of the early phases of it is transcendence which you could please just made a damn tape what does it stand for dimethyl tryptamine dimethyl tryptamine from what is the substance are derived ... it's found in nature and seriousness like plant sources ... you can find the actual drug ... we you know we buy from a lab that synthesize it for you know ... experimental procedures itself but you can find it in nature can find in the body you as well this human body has the substance in it with a lot of my destiny thing too there's some evidence on it yeah well we have a very very small amounts ... so we don't know if it's you know if it actually plays a role into any of these you know naturally occurring spiritual experiences ... or if not or if just maybe some sort of like out product of the system just happening by accident by saying that we did it but since I'm nonessential I suppose what we're interested in is consciousness isn't it the nature of consciousness what is the race and that's happening to us what is being an ass what is it to experience the information conveyed to us through the senses and to see ourselves as the sole participants in and also all of our own reality so anything that can significantly disrupt the manner in which we understand reality has potentially profound implications for us as a species for the way that we symbolize socialize and organize you could one can see why is a substance that Spain heavily controlled cities inception blame the sixties when people world work of ETA stay there was a point where god speaks of quite heavily policed controlled apparent is that true yeah yeah and in ... in the late sixties ... ... number states in the U. S. started to to make it illegal essentially ... and ... the research was affected and by implication really it was it then became no impossible but very difficult to do the research and actually at one stage it did become impossible and ... ... regulate she people coming round and confiscating psychedelics and so does a very rapid ... about turn in ... many societies ... perspective on on psychedelics for what's happening in America in the in the late sixties threaten the heyday of their interest with regards to this that controls on experiment Okaloosa gins inside that ex now I mean there's a lot going on culturally in terms of the counter culture and I think there was some fear is that maybe LSD was feeling some of that ... political ... yes it's quite likely that if there was a silver black civil rights movement Vietnam wall live merchants of counter culture the ideas of the bay since start to become in a sense politicized but these are like the 8 eastern mysticism is now black eyes for the conduit of ... of American literature and poetry and starts to come kind of socializing and politicized form as well as an artistic form and no one can in ... perhaps ... you know and shoot but conjecture that if society is in agreement if people start looking at society differently one consciousness differently themselves differently the potential for changes suddenly dramatically in harm's do you think that that's possibly why The Simpsons were controlled rather than people wide about a dental care whoever not pay for their overall I I think say you know in some ways you could characterize it is to the east becoming more conscious and and less conformists more questioning that's exactly what they were doing whether they were doing that anyway whether psychedelics right she fueling place changes because of this I did psychedelics ruled in consciousness and is an interesting I'm a fan of Terence McKenna was our spies like it there so one of the great pine isn't he one would save so if this piece of plot by studies but also love for you guys to academics he must be serve a controversial figure and when the things with this pope cost is up become aware that they were so sanctioned academics and then this paper a lot over yeah right that guy Taipei poll on like a under my even though I'm a super cry at Myra as tears you can exit the so lucid and vivid and brilliant articular imagine race of for profit in a sense lie the I've picked out that there are he's on the side of the fence of what lex nope British types of stuff you know the thing about terms we can resist these a fascinating personality a great speaker ... that way is incredibly interesting I did is now whether that Truman hot is another is another question and my view is that the jury's out read the on a lot of his ideas and and what the meaning of true he's under a lot and bill Hicks Laika over that one of the great comedians have at 20 and I think has got like he serves 8 Connors said that not having that I'm getting my butt is from a can or maybe from you'll feel this way you guys are expressed that like our shame in these images so of ... I'm sure and psychedelic plants are like an agent of evolution and they say hasn't impact on consciousness and apogee spares now I'm guessing Chris might from what you're saying about might be experiments you've done even if we would look out at the empty yourself now if you don't mind me tell me exactly what happened space cadets know about it from the prices of how it seemed piped to weapons to your mind and if you can describe the experience using so bluntly told us language I'd like if you do it so so just going through it again ... not from when you get a hit on the pipe alright and then what happens in your brain not like from a screen from from experiencing yeah so ... it all begins ... with this intense very very impressed Russian the body you know that there's discovered it feels like this very strong flow of energy going through you know what people scribes how much she piping and how you say you'll put it on a foil on a like how you people usually do yeah ... go to hell you doing because he's in a university does it look a little bit less under the bridge ... will yeah I mean I can yeah but rather not well I see what you think the mechanics of it wiring on I it worries you guys talk about it no really nice night that we give intravenously so it's not a it's not like a cut away a trip point a needle in any no sky and it was a light so give people it does somewhat why don't we do if you take it you take intravenously anti smoking because you find out it's not by up to you if I would have to take it is illegal you lied about legal stuff all professional stuff well yeah both okay if you have physically let's say hypothetically you how would you can it ... you know smoke would be the the easiest I'd like that they'll do lungs on that I probate guys straight for the straight for the old main systems are brought into the brain who depend for the night the net a target unlock at night I don't do drugs I think you know like as a person in recovery thing after very careful this is all toolkits psychedelic can influence addictive behaviours and and any issues around dependencies is very very interesting area when it comes because on my personal belief is that it addiction stems from trying to solve a spiritual emotional psychological issue from external means are that sexual behavior or other extreme bags around food or gambling but most notably in obviously dependency and out of a reliance on alcohol and drugs now what I see if someone could become dependent on this experience with us we feel tremendous rush on the body then you do have some experience of geometry suggesting that geometry is one of the 8 archetypal things exist in creeks run the something that geometry is actual ways of energy and shapes and mass of forming and then offer that you going to watch some diamond realm where they're paid to be entities communicate with you on what do people say these tell me about that bit that's a very interesting thing I mean there's this kind of like you there's this transition from the space of the geometry into this actual kind of like you know different sort of space different realm that feels alive I feel very true as well for many people I mean if if the dose is high enough people kinda reliably go into this but and this space can be you know full of color different objects numbness are you will get the same sort of like shapes anti TV some people speak about aliens so speak people speak about goblin some people don't even speak about visual evidence entities just something being alive around yes because I suppose that would be interpretive a friend of mine who's been on this poll cost Simon and 2 is a British comedian he said that which he is that with his experience if I Huesca the a set that is described at the different people in the group user group Essex people he said in the hay as US of a secular rise to a Jewish person are a experts this guiding psychiatrist there's I. Hindu person right next phase we've connection a Christian does not Christ like the divinity needs an avatar the divine comes to you in the form of a of an image which is really just a form of geometry I suppose leaves geometry about whatever and having the same the central experience over there is there is an authority there is something accessible to consciousness which you said they christened you said it was a robin maybe external might operate yeah well of course soap seeing Jesus you just took it you just inject just over a big arm full of delicious what demo method trip to lane by middle tryptamine yeah so what what is this what people think it might be external because of the consistency of experience it it's an it's an interesting definitely an interesting question I mean the thing is that it's always a drug you know it it's an actual thing entering your body you know costing this experiences the feeling the experience story we army feels very real and it's I think it's definitely you know something to respect right and people people fielder some authority there something external something that you knew or bow down to in some sort of weight you have deeply that being said ... not necessarily you know it is something real well or that something that exist actually outside of realm of you know personal experience we don't know these things it's different it's difficult to access them yeah from a scientific point of view what leads you know might most most things around side of Austin I most most things most objects in a most entities are outside of us and even when we dream we think we're in a world where things are outside of us you know but we know that that and ... you know play if he one is being played out unit in our minds and we know that there are changes in brain activity the account for and it's a similar thing with psychedelics I mean we know you you know with very high reliability that they work on a particular aspect of the brain that they work on a particular your I. transmitter system a particular receptor serotonin receptor if you block it you don't trip you don't see the entities that really all the evidence is that it comes from the brain it comes from the mind but there's a thing that humans do which they'd they have an inclination to do which is to kind of mixed on the lysine night to project and say it's out that the realm is is real that's another dimention in I these entities are actually aliens that come from wherever serve become so in a way overly sensual and I've really materialistic it becomes out mining types of tools to work often owners external as opposed to internal possibly one could could I mean we could have bias to see things my wife is the highest of externalizing in materializing might we have this behind us what we have done or I am loans interest in so many things here mostly get an outline not nothing is better than that I somehow I'd always have to be very very careful I've got great respect and indeed fear of drugs curve of white it made my life goes or really really badly wrong but like what what I'm interested in I said think it I think is the exploration of this well that when you would be under these clinical studies of illusions in studies that yourself that you are conducting and in previous studies what part of brain is being impacted and what can we learn from that yeah well it is the US with serotonin system in the molecules come in they can certainly where else would we see that I think I see that's largely in the Goths home but we got a lost him all in our brains down there isn't such a massive you know that's the kind of relationship with those with those systems people talk about visceral feelings yeah sister is a fairly oughta yeah exotica instinct ... so yes so serotonin is in the braid them that much likes range different things states of consciousness sleep moods the way we think and ... site that is can hijack the serotonin system in a certain aspect of it and then kind of tickled at this particular school 8 seems right cheeky little devil as they get in there ethically there why on the systems and the and then at the kind of broader level in terms of the whole of the brain that changes networks in the brain and and that's the way we tend to think about brain function these days we don't think of all this they hit does this unit is like this distributed system that often encompasses the whole of the brain with bits of the from and it's in the back yeah does something like yeah and I visual and aural movie as well yeah this model of compartmentalize ation likely come from these period of industrialized nation that of which I love these discoveries were made in one week soul mechanistic models has been compartmentalized and as we realize but at a time where technology is understood in terms of cybernetics we start to look consciousness and the brain as a comparative entity it's unlikely that used to looking out the window button and this by going to the toilet tree there's a nice instead to it eyes DMRC would cite as the mind rule the body it is the body roll the mind Aidan out so that it is so cute yeah right that is well that we have all the east where all these boundaries where all these lines who's drawing the main and for what reason okay said that one of the things Athens the serotonin that true of transmission and reception starts kind will unusual yeah what else and not that creates the conditions of of plasticity or of potential for change ... and you know in those kinda looser conditions ... the constraints on brain function the way the brains working ... ... of certain ... lifted and the brain can operate in a much free away and what happens under those conditions as the brain networks the that we know that we nice of serve different functions like vision not moving hearing like high level things like even consciousness they begin to break down they begin to dissolve and disintegrate and when they do that another interesting thing that happens when you look at the whole of the brain is that the systems become less ... different from each other they kinda stopped to blend in to each other and those 2 things are the disintegration of networks and the kind of coming together of networks in the city blending relates so we've seen and some think to some of the ... kind of most abstract aspects of the experience of one of them is ... these reports of ego dissolution that you were talking about earlier you know that that sense that your narrative self you know you Russell is ... is being compromised and you'd just is the way justice consciousness but all of a sudden that narrative self stripped away and the other one is that you might feel when that happens fast food fit but also you if that's transcended the sense of connecting to something bigger and I a sense of connectedness a sense of oneness as you think so ego one 's idea of eyes narrative iced self so over a physical entity with a story in a long life into perspective when not dissolves there's a sense of connection and relief in race that I do remember I took it as the choir loft for awhile and sometimes it felt very brilliant and beautiful 92 if I remember I wasn't taking and the lavishly conditions house taking under the probably the worst conditions you could take a onda a 6 investors and thence of liking hanging out and knocks of people's bad seats in new cross guy and like with people that not with themselves just young man and like you know lots of I 18 year old black hats uncut come for example is not the worst thing that ever happened to you check this out but everyone possibly at the sound of go a lot of acid like sheets of the stuff and I oversee isn't very keen young drug user flow all of that and when swat my bike for a good she in there unlike I've attended one night that they rule did in sound and they ordered just a little bit pipe which is what the form that it was delivered in and all I took real asset but they would only act out of a pipe a minute how arenas my trips kicking name by a guy yes well we didn't typecast if someone now owner trip that requires you sit in the poetry conditions Trost release and all of that and I'm told that none of the rest of the student my does not happy that day and I could because I was stunned like you know my again I'm a yeah I'm an adolescent mile someone identities forming my ego is a fragile thing anyway come for the kind of background I came from and here are members like feeling very very disruptive in very very frightened very afraid of me so that the secular jobs not things to be toyed around with lightly but I think this of this general awareness lists of I'm a big fan of Daniel Pinchbeck he writes a lot about so if that taking different ... plot by different plant medicines and stuff in different cultures and stuff I think that is important and potentially revolutionary information held in these plotline I absences I yeah I mean I agree with I'm people of said the psychedelics are kind of you know they're kind of apart from all the drugs and there's a bit of evidence to support that say for example these big population study in the U. S. look the yeah some 200000 people and then look at the patterns of drug use in the relationship to mental health and found the psychedelic stood out like a sore thumb because we're not the drugs the more you take the worse your mental health the psychedelics the more he took the low were with psychological distress in the lower with suicidality the 2 measures that that they looked out to be real question whether you can even call psychedelics recreational drugs because at least in principle they shouldn't have taken for recreation maybe self exploration military Pete's at work but not you know not a policy or whatever the exact remember blot my impulsive Tichenor some 6 minutes ago in fact in all drugs I wanted to get out myself I felt like traptanium soften pine unlike also they have a thing curiously FO is what we're experiencing is reality is not the ultimate reality there's something else I want it back circuit but popular that way than drinking loads and enough drugs eventually on the crack and heroin addict but the thing that had based all transcendent and what a woman says of like on tiny almost 0 called I feel even when we're talking about it way I start to feel this that tendrils that connects me to my personal self flexing and big hug because something in me knows there is another world and it's difficult because it's the dim mine primarily of religion society that the material world is an illusion and this stuff really not as we're all want these tropes are found in religion that's a very what you're doing is bringing these ideas are exploring these ideas in academia and then chemistry and he and you the same today solve some more light than with 2 blue and prohibition even within your field essential both cautious about talking about in the past you know why why I was there I mean a lot of different aspects that but I you know I guess dumb I mean the state was a massive thing and ... and what it's like with condoms walking a very thin line yet I you got the enthusiasts own on one side psychedelic enthusiast that might look in and say all these guys are so dry the such you know I so scientists you know I ... that pouring a whatever and the novel the pressure that I like the and then we go in the ... you know the mainstream on on the other hand the look and think all the not real scientists they study psychedelic they must be hippies about the tight places like that does a really sort of difficult line to walk and personally in I a major motivation is to trump ruled on that walkway in a way you know to kind of eats into some of the mystical aspects and allow people went like this kinda secularized them and and I don't see that as a threat hello some people will I see it as kind of bridge building and ... and ... insulation like every rule within the city of Rosetta stone of the spiritual experience to the material experience because materialism is out dogma how we gonna get information out of him yeah if then if you make it dogmatic put it a person I wouldn't ever want to depreciate things like an entity experience and I think some people sometimes people are so threatened by and think all you're trying to explain away this experience to change my life or whatever and and say you know you want to say it soul brain activity and I'd I don't post now don't do that tool I draw the allow that way of looking at things to just sit I suppose you know you of my motivation would say I think it's interesting to understand how the hell happens unite ... and so for me it's not explaining away it's just explaining is but like United the wonder of nature it still is magical and beautiful you know I ... whether you understand how how a tree grows the lead of the yeah yes that's right under gotten however fall along guys materialistic lay mechanistically for which have a scientific discipline one is still left with the question of well how why what's motivating the skin will easy CTT a war in thrones this procedure and I think you're right I agree with you entirely that the more that they can be description and translation of these ideas the more it will benefit its advance what's your personal motivation in carrying out the studies what you want to do what you want to chafe ... education is one thing night I'd I'd like it to be more normalized soon unless I'm I tonight esoteric United the unconscious mind that it the something that's taught to kids even in I learned ... I think that will help to broaden the you know populations consciousness of talk about colleges didn't yeah I'm much in the way you would we talk about it indigenous cultures maybe they have some of that you know and often had quite healthy cultures and you know it's it's less to view you and maybe some of that kind of policy lighting is something that that western people have done you know you I'm particularly sort of you know zealously yes ... and so yeah there's a motivation to normalize ... I don't want psychedelics the beast so oesa terracotta will the unconscious mind in Seiken Alice's ... to be so unusual and tabun stigmatize you know there is a motivation to to bring it into the mainstream and to you know get people talking about and thinking about it I think Kim being more conscious fossils we're less likely to perhaps harm ourselves number god does a very peaceful and important idea I'm intrigued by it because I feel that we are all too content Tara dismiss activity that we will experience like we all do dream every night this amazing thing that happens and everyone's mind most dieters got out half crackle and pay the gas bill call 9 mortgage rates have gone out fathers have another forum will and every night with us tumbling to some girl or in this world of Wanda where our own life he's re render this is a myth and that that that the information is in there is some now ignored and that the fact that there is obviously of potential to understand ourselves differently that a book that I have written is about in itself is about how mind message over recovery now all I was given the 12 step method was why have recognizing that the model I had of myself was ineffective was an ineffective way of living and I needed to conduct on a journey of being a different kind of man to succeed in the world and what my sense is that prohibition around philosophy prohibition around substances are no little I I find it very difficult to regard the state particularly took about this period of inception in the sixties yeah as as parental and loving when so many of these items can have executives have been subsequently revealed today the fittest mendacious says the law is likely the prohibition around the psychedelics shares that objective that if more people experience this and that's probably like me you know shamanism culturally is not for everybody not everybody in the tribe goes off everybody die and wonders around the nest in a sea of real realms and in the unconscious mind and is expected to interpret its different types of people of different types of abilities but some people should be experiencing different aspects about Congress and all of us should have a different whatever lay into ourselves in totality not just aw well I'm just this bug and and like best bait lives I've heard about malt by I don't do you face-adornment's who did more clinical work ... we're looking at solace I've been magic machines ... as a treatment for depression and we we don not already angle and I did that it works and some idea of how it works but now properly but serotonin stuff right it's serotonin and it works on those networks I was talking about earlier on them and ... and and the soul of reset mechanism as well seems to be going on in I that's curious what led the narrative can be interrupted to go on the it's not me now I'm not being a blues type now let's face it you can kind scrambling often and dissolve it but it comes back you know but it comes back like a malfunction computer is rebooted and it comes back it's functioning again nearly ... yeah that's something to test more as we go on but it's that have you had some negative stuff then I'm that something yeah god proper crackers yes absolutely will like well I'm it can be nightmarish week we you know we can of patients writing during the session one that lit Trinity United facing demons ... and and you know our but I come back I think I was terrible at this thing I mean where's views to kidnap history lifted that that kind of thing ... and ... and so they need to feel like they can go there and and this is literally half of that plan was killed himself anything magic of the un known not not not that the that the experience itself is incredibly challenging like it might have been traumatic experience that to be traumatic staring around in your unconscious is going to be 2 months is also is a crap lying around in their own interest but like it or just someone having a traumatic time ain't necessarily a neck if things are because at least you live in it and and the commute break 3 and so this is a thing in and we encourage the patients to look that demons in the eye and sometimes those demons that kind of manifestations of an abuse of say and and when they do that they get this curious like shift in perspective and they'll see the abuser as it almost as a victim United that they can sort of see the chain of causality that led to them you know being so you you know damage that they would do something damaging these results can be achieved therapeutically also mean lots of the re framing ins have signed your linguistic programming would be about like looking ... the perpetrator of the peace ask themselves at like you say victim like that you know that you could but I'm imagining you could probably do that a lot quicker with a healthy does decide a sudden people say that you know famously said about psychedelics that they can be like years of therapy you know in a few hours ... the danger freeze does feel like you we should put a caveats on that name was we talked a lot about the environment in the context than I do think is true the you know in in the wrong context psychedelics could be harmful yeah if you're not person Liston mentally unwell invite calmness is probably not a good idea to take any mind altering substances alone and nothing but but my personal belief is that the addiction phenomena as a result of people Medicaid in themselves in the society that doesn't know how to treat them and has no real desire to take care of the mentally ill are smoking weed I was drinking because ups imply in a couldn't cope and curiously the other thing is I already said was I didn't powerful curiosity about what was going on in my mind my experience as a colleague of mine Rosslyn waltzes is done some nice work around this theme of connectedness you know in a lot of them mental disorders in and probly addiction unite people suffer from the feeling of being isolated of being disconnected from things and they might be disconnected will say for meaning United yeah there's a sense of meaninglessness and what seems to happen with psychedelics when when there is a breakthrough is that people feel this ... strong sense of reconnection are let in on a personal level more experience used to half of people in recovery type came they saw substances because our I'll Bonilla I'm in recovery outlets in about people with 5101520 years plus in recovery from drug and alcohol use in the seventies and then not going often relapsing and holding up a gas station and kicking Iverson been stuff on their way out of the lab well I'm I'm because no evidence of psychedelics promote you relapse and and like us saying only that they kind of all sort of yeah you know it drugs apart from other drugs in a way you know the not Morrish then no addictive in themselves can ... in fact after psychedelic experience people often say even never get no not for awhile yet I even if it's if it's transformative and and and euphoric and they usually have to go through a tough time to to get that ... so they know who donate drugs really you know and then no I don't think right cool Hey tell us some of your greatest hit some of things people of same some of the things people have come back with rush Chris tour sure yeah so ... okay I have one thought on ... our last participants ... I see you know she was going through the pace of the place of the geometry she pushed through but she couldn't push through any further because there were some you know press insist not letting her go by ends somehow a bit come like punishing her because of the audacity of going into this realm right ... so that was quite scary for her right so this collect first 15 counter but then slowly slowly she started you know ... kind of lie going through this haze of clouds ... and then they were entities like ... chanting all around her and healing her and she came back from the experience that's how well I mean yeah one not unless I'm I'm that clinical conditions on the clinic who ditions I'm still undecided son of mine off when their time while that sounds pretty good doesn't it and I mean even just the idea that as things in Iran contra smile I mean dreams are in themselves evidence yet need to type trucks to say that the stuff going on your unconscious mind they don't know about the fact just looking around the high and dry now something's pumping blood into it you know not a conscious mind isn't deciding sigh look where we are oh continual evidence of our unconscious activity but for me the idea of these narratives and this idea of external phenomena been experienced not via the material world all the sensual world but via some kinda this other Talia Ginny ceases that Robert tagged as some of the technology that that baby's momentum and receipt of data with outgoing food material world if I like the sounds of that very very much because that seems like a lot people say the reason the world's not changing is because of a lack of vision because no one 's got a better idea into that we live in a political address forms of management and shift of a person out here or there but the things they're interesting politics about kindness and love and compassion and oneness in socialism is just we roll on we should look after each other and I suppose capitalism is just do that bloody best cabin what you got yeah so like the idea that they could be new data new information and empirical so that's why I think it's important you building material mechanical empirical bridges because the idea that there was another vision within each of us another way of being another version of yourself waiting to be realized has pretty exciting isn't it anything else have you got anything else for me and have the stores of stuff you see what I would tears are can as Siamese seeing ads but I like this idea about like out of some of the things I had to do things on you to the light one was a Peruvian Shamen who'd like ... you know if you've worked with plants in his capacity as a shame and being given DMT in clinical conditions and they described exactly as you did that like get out bodily sensation the sensation of for speeding up then the idea then thought stopping banned the sale of personal sense of death allow my gold that brings that messed up the dosage I'm gonna die and then realizing all about that bass in fact personal death the death of the ego and then so encountering other entities I love that I like you know the sound of Assamese and since how I see it bloody terrific fun things he talked about the loss of time they said that all these white back from the experience ever eat because off probably gone thousands of years I hope that some of my descendants alive became by mix of said to the commission's all could anyone alive it well yeah everyone's been gone 10 minutes might Sellecca DMC experience is what love is just 10 minutes or something yeah that you know me well yes well it permanence actually eat much less then comes back incomes but it's like 5 minutes or even 3 5 minutes you're in around less of the rules of the material world and the physical world seem to bite and you experience things that beyond your own understanding beyond your on the car would be limitations of consciousness one of things I let the tears because it is it is ... if your foes with to land on the White House south lawn it will be less impressive on what's happened happening unconsciousness Yang consciousness on Deontay reveals to you that everything we understand the limitations and prohibitions the material physical world about one frequency of being bought one modem of reality within a soul exists of different potentiality for an interesting interesting way of putting it on your side to side yeah well why don't have a budget of about some girl at the peak of full of alkaline but what I think is interesting is like this breakdown of the way of seeing the world I mean this is the interesting thing and and you mentioned that at some point I mean this idea of transitioning into another mode of being can be very healing in itself as well I think this is something that's really striking about the experience and why you know people build this very intense narratives around them as well it yeah it you know you couldn't tell how did that and we got it slut bus released speak of myself I have the United the it even though it might feel like to transcend the physical and material ... I'm not sure if he should do because there's no real evidence for that and waste of physical material in these terms you know mean to transcend it may be just the experience of totality that the idea even the paradigm of the template that suggests material and transcendence of material is a materialistic or a limited idea was was psychologically things have the psychological reality the in a way them you know are ever different way of of looking in understanding things then that looking at the biology and I'm looking at the biology is a is an objective perspective and you look at yeah where is that you know this other perspective the feeling of experience is inherently subjective and it's hot if it's hard to to reconcile those things either in a way there is that sort of and things get a bit philosophical with tons but like an inevitable Judaism yet I know that there is a psychological reality to these experiences that you con and that you shouldn't try and explain away with biology but you can let them both sit next to each other and say when I you know I deny what maps on soda feeding and not experience there's no you know it's and then you know it them if you want to try and you know I shock to them ... present sort of paradigms in science and and and you have this belief ... hypothesis the actually these breakthroughs into another realm are actually literally true and that you know that there are other dimensions and such like didn't you got a hypothesis and you can go ahead and try and test it moot you know we have we have done I couldn't leave something in there yeah I'm Joe got a beach pool is unthinkable and I bring something back for me I'm just as interesting what I'm talking eh ... but we've mentioned at the beginning the idea of a collective unconscious at one of that that perhaps the defining union idea is it there in with the work that you've done with psychedelics over ... your professional life time is there is an interesting consistency across substances and across experiences that suggest that there is a commonality to the conscious experience of people using these substances well I am you pass but I'm I'm and I guess one unifying ... ... aspect to the experience is this feeling of all almighty guardian I myself was a construction United that it that it was built up that it's not absolutely real in I ... I think that's one thing that's that's Coleman to everyone and then when that is transcended another common experiences that ... that we hope will hold on to craft wow but no one wants that drug out there the you ought we rule on drug you better go look I'm afraid I'm not gonna do you gonna pay your mortgage why you need to achieve a goal for what reason it may certainly presents a lot of questions that might might be challenging to keeping a population behaving in a certain way there's a very very there's a lot of interesting stories in that I think they're a 2 tier law under the skin yeah name of the show has ever been more potent because a subcutaneous current cities in the world suggests a potential for huge huge change I'm there so grateful ... eyes to both of you robin and Chris fact come in and explaining OB in some because he's tentatively but importantly very professionally and I think still within the confines of academia something that sounds like a wonderful wonderful mystery and when they had the great brown cloaks tools that physics is the mystery and the one that I'm the glory and our attempts to understand and explain it this fascinating in all forms of discipline but when it comes to consciousness itself and not just one more phenomena but the crucible of all phenomena is deeply deeply fascinated so we thank you both very unusual thinking in a political really cool who's got a syringe not Hillerman image everybody used to you ... you've been listened to and the skin with Russell brand is to 8 Sir on you know ironically it with all sincerity sponsored by my book recovery I new way of looking at the action and new applicant consciousness and the why of managing your own feelings and your own life guy Russell about their website redesign to which we could all have their sights on the skin all on there completely free for you as if the truce completely free for you completely free there's the message on the skin thank you //
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Trump-ageddon! Can It Happen? (E434)
\\n't when Donald Trump became president some people were concerned 1 night they would bring the world to the very brink of Armageddon and now from Armageddon sprinkle we bring you the truce day 201 of the trump administration and it started out normally announced this guy's doing the news from 1950 so they either invite we get news out of them or by a 900 pointed toe by afternoon though he had use superheated cataclysmic language as a counter threat to North Korea North Korea best not to make any more threats to the United States up exams told him to stop doing that thing with his hands because he's really very self consciously guy not I was out doth Cumia than that vet did that states this you 5 views re he called about a problem and I'll grab you got faith keep that bedrock of same though the old they will be mad with Firestone fury life in the world has never seen I think that ... this kind of Mick at metro posturing is an interesting manifestation of their general right age that bull Donald Trump the Powell I see Donald Trump as a carbuncle of Ralph that they it was Ben unexpressed unconscious so posture will of anger there is now reason to the surface many many people full I feel angry something legitimate reasons some for reasons that are little bit bogus that I've been trying to feel if people constantly fed solves ceased messages so homophobic messages sow homogeneous messages about the rightness of whiteness even now I look out the window of this discrepancy a child kicking a pigeon in human nature is the potential for cruelty is the potential for brutality if it's not correctly Marshall's it will express itself what we see now Donald Trump is a sort of the manifestation overall fireman theory is right on both sides of it unconscious rage is coming to the surface this is a time of transition and transformation all I think it's generally a positive thing if it hasn't paid for a nuclear war which guys are me unconscious developments may become somewhat secondary he has been very threatening beyond a normal state well things about them from these whites might add global news and geopolitics soft cotton the citation though it does seem like some peculiar murdering success Rio Stella street condensation of global affairs he has be threatening sounds like ... he talking about dispute just with some bloke but ultimately dynamically that is what's happening and as I said they will be met with fire fury and frankly power so funny he does consult with and advice from because these assumptions of now I'm in a why trite word it's a in that that kind of cliche I'd fall idea a few ray they sent like computer game language or a bizarre fear for life film franchise firearm fury 7 like this is this is actual political who think schools but we are witnessing but again I at what might the thing I can't help but think he's washed what Donald Trump he's doing many many examples to many to list even actually literally now a lie because of all this lean observe the plate bass I still think that he is very representative of the system rather than a rogue individual because it's not like 4 years ago we were rolling you type here and in a way out of the time people wonder then strays and demands while Bob flies landed on our show Disney in this case it turned out not it was heading this way it was heading this why MLK we all on I it's easy to be nostalgic about Barack Obama because he's comparatively easy seems light within the dim high enough they seem and charming and elegant and all of those things but I am month general feeling is that these men external avatars of power are less important and the power is self and while there have been some changes already so Glasow stuff trump tries to do that healthcare things get blogs you know they see what actually happens how much of this is blaster but then I do remember side Donald Trump come up because then the night sights and it turns out that he's the likes of which this world has never seen before thank you that isn't really afraid of Armageddon there last their bodies on the I think think we've seen anyway I'm a few dozen not Churchill speeches or even Hitler speeches or that but lashing say stuff like that this is not really our tradition this off post ... second World War even post Westphalian tree right guys not world doesn't use that kind of language doesn't use religious language is not like a pipe pull for a lead in the archives over religious army of crusaders this is that the leader of a technocratic nation the very fact we've arrived at this point look at the just behind the stars in the stripe in the eagle what do the symbols and emblems means what don't I mean this is an indication of where we really now hours after that the north Koreans threatened so attack Guam Brunton this attack on Iraq and then they go about that for those not familiar with Guam it's a U. S. territory population 168000 U. S. citizens this so flat off the ladder of absurdity here because Guam is officially American soil but it's not in the land mass that you convention we think of as America like Hawaii where a Bronco BAMMA wishbone dawn old but it's ... is us to separate the tangent old masses over this sort of mean North Korea now back in a sense these old isn't it that there's a bit of land over there in the Pacific Ocean that's regarded as American so that's America is is it ... yeah what is America America's ideally we could impose on you and you better stop agreeing with it love the life it's good night this genuine overseas threat comes at a low point in terms of public trust in this president just 35 percent of Americans say they're I'm civility to handle the situation with North Korea's nuclear program and I think we can really rely on public polls because that is elected president now high failing not confident not coming I mean at this point he's gonna conversational tools seems somewhat redundant and you don't don't you feel now that this is time for a genuine transition that my fear is that people will fall back to easily into cultures come we have a pre trump world come we go back to pre bricks it land note because those worlds lead to this one weak points to something who's been a often is signed for a while ago but boy I bet I learned that people move better educated with barrel gives the movies and for a long long time massive systemic change required that has to do with corporate power media power government power and in this sense the breakdown of institutions as bold as far reaching as nation I think that once America means Donald Trump you have to question whether or not America North Korea was a problem one trump walked into the White House when he was still a candidate last year he did not seem to want to get involved now here is what he has said about North Korea since president we'll handle North Korea would be able to handle going through the it will be handled we handle everything we certainly doom the countries on the hook some things that we shouldn't be handling by whom accounts and I don't mean I suppose that like America is as an exceptional example of the problems of nationalism and global the rewarding of course Great Britain one of the ... early impetus and purchase of this idea of yeah this guy around the world making people staffing slight in people selling people killing people doing what we want I'm looking now at 2 union jacks flailing in the wind in 2007 take so many of our ideas that we take for granted that we don't look beyond need to be radically challenge the world needs to change significantly Donald Trump is merely a symptom but I'd hope that the office of presidency is not vested with the kind of power that we superficially Schuman the personal characteristics such as the fragility that this ... on TV talking head expert described isn't really bestowed upon political leaders that true power operates differently and what we dealing with a superficial wall be importing some areas of trump's bizarre presents a ... shows of power rather than actual power itself but if there is a nuclear war that will prove me wrong and not to be the worst aspects jojo McEachern though of Mosul Boba true news subscribe here //
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My new book! A guidebook to un-f*cking yourself - Recovery!
\\follow on Russell brand of one 's introduce you to my new book recovery freedom from our addictions where all I demonstrate you don't have to be an addict to recover because addiction is all around us what makes food bad relationships or indeed sex drugs and gambling this book is written by me about the way that I got clean and not because I'm better than you but because I'm worse than you more vain more superficial more connected to material objects and more likely to fall into bad hypnosis and that charm how to look at this book if you want to look at free salvific a Russell and check it out thank you //
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Are We Addicted To Social Media? Russell Brand Wilderness Highlights
\\this is the writing process cataracts suddenly you're in my social media like some of the things you talked about it they you know seats so you can yeah tractor we're trying a mowing the lawn Nnamdi lady he sides appeared before her social media they distract saw mowing some clearly all the time things we want and I wonder how you do use it yeah yeah various uses hop on it's actually a really really difficult because if you're lucky self interested persons I was lucky because of look could pick can get involved but nothing it could become the main stage about where we don't have other who will correct me saving any bass that went over today on this so I think that you can get a movie with those who is a former that the social media are using that definition something you didn't see much it's not helping you in one shot so you call stop it if those criteria are met with the schools right then it qualifies addiction and I would say that the system I've just outlined the program of just described workers well with that as anything else met with the Scalia with things unnecessary AG food and sex the program does tacos accidents may I wonder if I'm then going back drugs please go over every 6 again one that you have to us like girlfriend she's in town but and not only could I I you know I'm gonna be right but like that all programs that allow you to formulate your own relationship with phenomena with which you are going to integrate these Ivies already exists and I think they universally applicable I think that I would change a lot of individuals and I think that if we change individuals is an inevitability to the world trying to you know I someone famous is the famous I do not remember where I go wrong if you could change and I changed my the whole that will generate that's rookie school they got married because it could thank you no one //
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Are We Divine Beings? Russell Brand Wilderness Highlights
\\yes my dear Australian make my friends and that recently right signs up old school but the sixties riveting British children goodnight and leaves a little to lose told me in central visit the year before it happened about September 11 sick SO lives good day called the world's attention to the domination of the money goes what many say about our addiction to the domination of the money framework that we live in this world today Hutton Papa happily come home free sending up the count we hung loosely in Finland the equivalent of one anything that is not asking me around that means clearly from the outlining questions we know that the posts and so not easy on so what do you think we you know it's time to you to nature and have the how each and listen to live by that slowly only a money machine Ali is the extent a we are the Syrians yeah in Sweden claim on here it's not detected by fee or bike week and that is not a shame opinie throughout or is there any other why something else on the glove and if necessary all the way the government and the the creative use about confuses losses no uranium mining no weapons of war and though dependence on non renewable energy sources so we have a home on this beautiful earth we can learn the lessons of this human birth and give thanks to life on earth is Islam game because but you really in the transcripts to say I think not if you so well //
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Recovery (from a dodgy chair): Russell Brand Wilderness Highlights
\\there then you know this is closest nnova Mabel format me so well is a festival is a convalescent a swindle rules temporarily put aside the fellowship we love them the law should be fun time they too will rise up again that patriarchal chains for all who is the power to remove a big rise in from the now he could move in share lakes Bosko in the moment and American like a whole week trip that //
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Recovery and Freedom: Russell Brand at Wilderness Festival
\\I will the season I'm done anything like this before Nancy C. N. N. really Mabel thematically so what is a flexible boys economy by spice where normal rules temporary then I shall be layoffs than the law should be fun they too will rise up again should all hook showing school offers the powder room who is Dr who share Bosko in a moment I'm sure that but this is a surprise because the band was that but it's my belief that systems that we use within the essential oil doesn't matter in the field things if not all tree very upset about it she there delivery available you need them but the only way we communicate something on your right 0 passing contest with syphilis temporary suspension is temporary relief from the normal way ally stay inside you during carnival to see licensee priorities debate here still they called Gulf that night a good walk spoiled leann so we find ourselves on the plane goal for we have another guy back on even in the idea here among these planes among these things will that be 6 different type of world he spoke of recovery it's found shall fly go clean from drugs and alcohol use in particular system and seems appropriate for drugs and alcohol I realize that that message with which I was able to get clean would work up of schools at dictionary sometimes fun even identify 50 gambling we know about now no house addiction can help you whose behavior around through with Eric in effective strike around 6 now technology pornography that we've outlined I suppose I'm hoping is that my TV they want their children and today's so this book is a different way looking at the world a sound to substance she's a big pain really said anything just to give you a quick grin definition of addiction us opposes any behind that you are a very sweet but would like the softball change Funcom they've made it does tend to go back to qualify as a fiction if you have no problem as many of you every day rocks how are you do you want it neovia bracelet yeah I was gonna marijuana working working no problem well 8 as in my case it's an attempt to address some so you know lack some sensible off some sense of emptiness some sense of being inadequate or not somehow right there is not the way there is another way because I have a feeling that this is not universal home people who do not receive free or not NBI many of us trying to compensate with the ego and material for some sense of loss and to this nice license inside seems to be almost upon the human condition this game greatly exacerbated by consumerism so that's what this whole case is a different way of looking at the action addiction something whether or onyx on this section if you've got a good living you know obviously slot may snap case you'll notice if you look at your fun too much you're always looking at the phone person you have when you wake up in the morning if you have a relationship we fade a little bit of absolve you will resolve your own person cases if you're looking for salvation in the arms of another if you think about so horrible away a lot of the what about people I don't know I don't close the reason I'm writing this book or written this book he sometimes is that made up the whole they NBI the freedom from your fiction trust that looks like that will pay people when you got no right to tell anybody any the whole point was like no you see I'm not better than anybody on the glove side a qualification for brightness I believe and with many bad that money will make me better federal and each one of the schools 2 thirds of the calls a day so I have learned as a result they thought it might work national how nice I policies put in the drawer recount off the old blow jobs sorry kids you know so it's very much like Chalabi's in spirit why suitable for he's got nothing to play because the genes that allow with the inculcation indoctrination going their own way Connecticut even with the moon and the sun trees in the biggest hello and we'll see if that crucible midwife awesome I'm gonna face the manifest more easy that takes us from ... bone to bone wall easy well is it that Richard Jewell case hold means these repeat I read people's minds Hoffa Satria go call your own Kobe archetypes of the unconscious images and ideas recurring throughout time limitless stories as you think E. spot one minds that we are experiencing subjects like great deal Pixar so we're gonna film when I practice so this is that not good this bird here most of the night beta so terrible analogy for the night the material world really right people whose book my share it seems this is close to the people who publish in act I you know I mean pretty how John get good quotes race and ethnic when industry trying to hurt you who has this kind of her only son public that is not the same night as a purveyor of pay so they had a chance someone about what to call it 1000 times you know like when you're a kid because some because I am so I find meaning if we can get a guy like we I they so I use ... what found peace is a self help book but not written by let's see I love that well for example in that aloneness need to look I mean I'm I'm serious well no way along I'm going to but I know one guy who when he's gone long legs so I don't know if I will not well it's not going to succeed but among boys how long yeah he's soon need yes point break we he is see the allegations in the south holds out racism are pretty thin plaza retrospect yeah well it was a sight because he yeah but well hold many new well someone might decide to give me a call Hocine about IDC locking