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"2017-01-31 02:23:05"
The Earth is Not a Sphere! Inside the Secrets of the Flat Earth with Michael Tellinger
\\this is Russell Scott in this presentation I have a quick conversation with Michael telling her about why he no longer talks about the flat earth theory and this is then followed up by Michael challengers in detail explanation of why the earth is flat and not a ball enjoy the program like comment scratch ER look the thing is the thing is that it it costs so much a fee if such earn a backlash I was shocked I'm still yeah I was really shocked to see up close minded people are and how unprepared they ought to talk about new stuff that's outside of their comfort zone you know what without without any kind of ... reason or poor or rational response it's a complete knee jerk reaction I'm on guard you've gone crazy and I can no longer believe anything you say you know that that kind of response it's just harm that's just like no goes on if you could see the number of emails I got from people about about me talking about a flat earth I just went you know what's ... all told to talk about it to people yeah off the record and that's because right now it's gonna it's gonna really do damage to the bottom movement and and I don't damage movement and the growth of it those in the know will talk about it those who those who have opened their minds and and hearts to new information will will be informed and that will resonate with what's going on but it's so it it's like I'll I'll tell you what happened for example I had a tour of Europe I was gonna do a tour of Europe in the end my which good counsel post but the guy that organize it saying he cannot have anything to do with anyone I said with the flat earth that was as blunt and is as plain as that and canceled my entire tour of of of Europe so the effect wasn't was not positive it was very negative and and I'm stunned I mean are you all I mean you should know by now I'm prepared to talk about everything and anything spiritual ... const good conspiracy everything and and talk about it openly and analyze it and digest it and look at it scientifically and spiritually and in every possible way ... and bet the flat earth my god it was something that I did not expect so it is that the worst you've been attacked over something yeah absolutely by far my father did the Willis the more you start studying NASA you realize how they lie about pretty much everything it is unbelievable one of the greatest deceptions is that most of us believe that a picture of planet earth has been taken from space well to my horror I realized quite recently and that is actually a lie not a single picture has ever been taken off planet us from space this might come as a shock and horror too many people but this is the absolute truth it's called the blue model and the blue marble is gone through various I started just first 1 tiger in 1972 which is the most popular in the famous ones southern Africa strangely enough right at the center point and the blue marble has has taken on many shapes and this is the guy that actually created the blue marble nakal Robert Silman and he very proudly told studies you choose clips how he was given the task to create the perfect image of the ball us on the planet by using compilations of low earth orbit images I'm compiling them together too great a complete image of what the US would look like from space okay if you don't know this please don't do your research because now we're getting into the biggest lie of them all about NASA space it to exploration and what's been going on right under our noses and we so dazzled and amazed by the lies because they so big we cannot imagine that somebody could possibly put together something so large I'm just I'm the lie that is being perpetrated for us on such a grand scale so blue marble Robinson the creator of the image of our planet which is a lie what I find fascinating even when I watched the full 1 off hours of the Apollo 111969 launch what came to mind is the many sorts of had watching numerous launches of space shuttles and other rockets and under your arm cycle on rockets in a band we take thanks idolizing despise insightful you never ever see Iraq could go straight up into the sky surely the shortest way from us into space it's straight off into the sky not on some wood trajectory and even in the Apollo 1969 footage well I found absolutely shocking is that within about 3 minutes of the launch Apollo I mean the the yacht Apollo 11 is not flying up into the sky it's flying horizontally and it's about 102 miles high in fact Apollo 11 never went higher than 102 miles into are into this that part of our ally atmosphere ... Mrs fields stratosphere when in school that that are that'll teach you to and they were all kinds of reasons and very complicated technical in mathematical formulas that they bring you we're just all lies and be yes just to confuse those that don't have enough knowledge and information and most people don't have enough knowledge and information and this is why we buy only V. S. all the time we just swallowed up so what I found is that the trajectory off pretty much all the rockets and shuttles launched by NASA a very very strange I never go up it's always this will trajectory and then putting 3 minutes let me tell you of the launch of Apollo 11 within 3 minutes that the rocket was too far to be picked up by cameras so what could then do they switched to and the motion mode and the rest of the world watch the entire Apollo mission and the moon landing in animation mode that was the original Apollo moon landing we watched a bloody and the motion of the event and then they switch over to armed with studios in England where all the scenes on the moon was shot by Stanley Kubrick and this is what was both cost to us that is how big the lie is the entire moon landings is being a non ongoing lie obviously we don't mention the van Allen belts which on deadly radiation belts that start at about 1000 miles high and go to I think about 9000 miles radiation belts that go around kind of us that no one another's thing can go through to start going through a lethal drive microwaves it'll surprise you in seconds and yet in 19693 guys in little tin can went to the moon through the through the mandolin ballads and returned safely to look to look very happy like they've just been down yeah from LA to New York and I'm back and saying well what a great trip we had it's all lies so this brings us to where this whole thing off are bull moose like like Jim NASA has been showing us the blue marble where that all started I know it's fascinating because it actually only started in 1543 with this gacaca pernicious prior to that pretty much all ancient cultures believes that the earth was flat that will speak about a flood us even the ancient Greek philosophers talk about flood us I know this is really important stuff to do to die just people could put it this is a well known tree my sin now I'm going to some deep conspiracy in some people's minds and opinions but this is not a conspiracy is a seer just simply facts and information you can call it what you want could it this was the instigator that was used body leads to propose this new heliocentric model the sun is at the center prior to this anybody believes for millennia millennium millennia at the sun moved around the US the sun and the moon moves around the us and not the us moving around the sun company because change all that obviously the Catholic Church was not happy with that isn't it interesting that the Catholic Church in those as well was not happy with that and yet today by promoting all you bowlers philosophy then about 60 years later comes along this guy called Galileo Galilei who takes this thing to a whole nother level he makes his little puny little telescope that is a lot weaker than most of the powerful binoculars to day all camera lenses that can give you know 60 times magnification I'm and that and 100 times magnification Angello got away magnetism need miraculously sees the moon that moons of Jupiter with these little known with these little telescope that magnifies only 30 times and suddenly the whole heliocentric and the ball goes philosophy yes even more entrenched I am the and and there is when you start doing your research you find very little evidence I know what some interesting documentaries on this that the US is actually moving and this is a shock to me I must tell you this is an absolute shock to me when very recently I watch a documentary in fact up posted on my Facebook page because it blew my mind so much where also the most car runs recent scientists from all the universities from make our call crew we often see a wall climbing there is no real scientific evidence that the US is moving through space then around 16 I seen this guy comes along Isaac Newton and certainly we all know he was a very advanced freemason as well it's very important keep keep tabs on this people all these instigators of new ideas and sorts through art pretty much all of human history our old pronounced Freemasons especially in the last 0 years Sir Isaac Newton comes along and suddenly he brings this idea on gravity to us under remember that this is an observation that he might and suddenly gravity becomes a new fox summing up we observe that we cannot explain and it seems that it was all perfectly stacked new ideas to promote all you concept of a bull lists where previously nobody can ogle because everybody knew those was flat so suddenly you start seeing the evolution of the idea and that sort and if you need to this keep your mind open because I'm gonna share some interesting things with you that's a very easily explained Sir gravity is this something that we observe and when you ask any scientist or any astronomer any message mathematician any such as us today to explain what gravity is non works it cannot be explained this is another thing that really blows your mind when you realize how little we know about something that we just take for granted and believe someone that rota but whole bunch of rules and laws about this thing called gravity this new force I read this note we have to throw the elephant into the room I am the most exciting the banks that are ever come across that has emerged over the last 2 to 3 years I'm has exploded around the world and many people just do not want to go there but we have to keep our minds open and discussed this the fly does most of them that the ball earth misses the fact of my service yeah remember everything we've been told is a lie 2 out of ancient times we've been exposed to lies and deceptions hidden in plain sight you mentioned carvings in the ancient murals in ancient pictures the walls and the ceilings and the flaws of ancient churches and temples are fooled with advanced knowledge on the song raisin buns magnetism and beyond Hollywood has taken that role on today to expose the truth Strossen Haydn plain sight many of you know this already this is not news to anyone some of the best examples as you know all the movie the matrix and we are actually in a matrix we have measured that we have measured all crimes and many others have measured the energy fields around the US or up in the sky should we say it's not say around those let's say the energy fields up in the sky because we always look up at the sky and then obviously the wizard of oz there wasn't of gold follow the yellow brick road that leads to the wizard of oz the wizard of gold you it controls the gold controls the world and so the ex line and and expose this knowledge and information to us always hidden in plain sight and this is where I find absolutely fascinating the Truman show is another one of those hidden in plain sight the whole TV show was broadcast from the world's largest ... largest storage I'm foam storage ever constructed this joins dome that this make believe reality and his Meg Billy's lies all the entire tone in the Truman show was brought costs to the outside world sooner or later Truman discovered that he was in a show that he was not 3 and he was under a dumb and that there was a way out I find it fascinating that in recent times we have a book by Stephen King it's called under the dome and in that book was then turned into a TV show what stress many miles away if you look at that picture under the dome look at that picture I write sort of at the top and you see some interesting patterns forming there looks like water well like shimmering in on the surface of water right I'm and this is under the blood on the TV show DB series I'm done this brings us to the the maps of the worlds of ancient cultures and we realize that engine scripture in pretty much all ancient civilizations talk about this sliders I am this this for a moment in the sky there was created by god or the creator it talks about how god creates the heavens and the US and how guards then puts the firmament in the sky yeah soap separate the waters of the heavens from the waters of the us and ... and the more you read the scriptures I must add I'm all this reality becomes more and more real how we completely misunderstood the scriptures and how we can manipulate since into believing something that may not be so yeah what's fascinating even more is the fact that the United Nations map I actually shows the flat earth map the same way as being promoted by the slightest movement and I was doing research in that area what's even more fascinating that in general nice you know 7 on the front page of the Hawaiian Gazette to nothing close on the hole in the Honolulu and use their siege of this ancient map that was found in Tibet I'm engrossed to Honolulu approach to how why and they published this mac of an ancient world showing the sliders marked and outside the and arctic wolf would just outside of the flatness mac we see dozens of giant pieces of land this really poses a question what's going on here who is lying and who's telling the truth here I didn't rule Richard E. Byrd's we became 1 of us United States most celebrated explore is I'm in an interview in 1953 I believe he clearly talks he was he was called the most famous explorer in American history he was one of the few people not the only one that crossed the North Pole I'm and lead an expedition he was also a a promoter of the whole hollow earths well I'm gonna serve principally actually claims that he somehow intent another world another Rome it seems to be installed in the earth's you couldn't explain and then I'm all good also I'm also I am did a major Antarctica expedition with planes and ships and and a huge team of people here several expeditions Antarctica would you go and do your own research and then in the 1953 oblivious 1950 SI that he did this interview on 1 of the major television networks in the USA where he very openly states that on the other side of Antarctica now I'm not sure how you get to the other side of an arctic but on the other side of Antarctica they are lost unexplored lands never seen by any human then a much larger than the United States these days would you can go and watch this entire interview on you chew gum was recently released admiral Byrd's one of the most celebrated and explore is in the United States history and that really tells us that they stuff going on the aunt Antarctica that we don't know and this is why Antarctica is a no go zone and the Antarctic treaty was signed by all the major countries in the world no one can own it nothing can happen there and the number of countries have have stations they that do you apparently experiments and research in the arctic but before we finish this debate on the flat earth or the ball at us I went into this about 2 years ago I it kind to my attention I've noted for that first year just like most people do I just thought this all fly with movement was a bunch of nonsense Bob thank you ignorant people they're just trying to distract us from reality and what's going on just another distraction and also the responsibly I an infiltration by the leads to just confuse us and then a year later I started looking at it more seriously and also let me explore what these guys are saying let me see if there's any merit to what they say so I was looking for some undeniable irrefutable scientific facts Iraq could hook myself into and I found that in the very simple realization that there is no coverage and this simply blew my mind so I good you those that it really struggling with this flat in a sing a boulder this is a slide as go out to do some research I mean look at the Kubitschek issue this is the most important scientific irrefutable fact that will hopefully no once you honor on a more ... movie tell im Juni of research the formula to calculate the curvature of the earth is on the horizon is right times distance in miles score it okay if you're on a list member this if you do research you'll find it very quickly as you know I've done a lot of flying around the world and no matter what height you on an airplane the horizon always rises up to meet you I'm also a gone Hoth weapon the sky the horizon is always at at at our level and there is simply no could which I do this every Tom Oslo picked up one of these one of the the menu to something in the pocket in front of you know cleared up against the window and you can see it's as flat as possible the fact that there is no could you people and there is no curvature please go and do this research for yourself that means only one thing then we can all be living on a full us that's the only conclusion we can reach so that is not the conclusion that I reached because I just found no could reach scientists of today lyrically tell us that there is no real scientific evidence just conjecture and suggestions no scientific evidence that the US is actually moving through space there's a lot more to this a lot lot more but once you open this door just like any other door then opens the door to the rabbit hole you will find information that'll blow your mind it will shake the foundations of everything you've been told because it truly is the biggest lie and we've been told is the cover up of the shape of the world we live on I hope this is giving you some sort and insight is that the Florida thing is not just some crazy idea some crazy people now want to distract us but the fact that it actually affects everything our religion our history our signs of physics are astronomy arcus Molly Gee and it now becomes the biggest lie that we've been told //

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