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5G Networks And Frequency Warfare
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FISA Memo PROVES Deep State Coup by TRAITORS
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This HEROIC PATRIOT Needs Our Support -- Dr Laura Pressley
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Decloaking the DEEP DEEP State
\\every single thing you do everything you watch it's all being recorded that's where the money is it's all being recorded insulting taken captured important supply house worthy keeping those files of what Madonna you reach that point to be I think so much for tuning in we have a good friend W. each wise carver on the line but before we begin what a timely interview this is our friends at virtual shield VPN reached out to me customer I use the EPA and myself it's simple to use and your IP address from prying eyes of Big Brother did you know that back in April president trump so aggression repealing rules that would have required internet service providers to your permit I collect use and sell the information about your online habits that's right they can spy on you and sell your information for profit guess what you have the right to remain private and it's very simple to do with a high quality VPN like virtual she'll check out guys here's my IP address without virtual and here's my IP address with virtual she'll it's just that simple in it's the reason why everyone should use a VPN virtual shield does not keep any of your browsing logs whatsoever so go to virtual she' right now it protect yourself against big data spies virtual shield offers a variety of different packages starting as low as 599 per month but I'd recommend the protect my family package which can be used on as many as 15 devices at the same time if you click on the link directly below this video the more information section STT report viewers can get 20 percent off their order so click on the link head over to virtual she' and start your 30 day trial for free right now my goodness I can't even keep up with what's happening with the Las Vegas shooting the story keeps evolving so quickly it's really the most incredulous incredible story that I can think of besides 911 this Las Vegas false flag shooting guys is waking people up in droves and even the mainstream media is taking notice to the degree that we have Tucker Carlson asking very pertinent questions about hero haces Campos in the ever evolving story why did he flee to Mexico after the shooting how did he get back if he was shot in the leg how did you drive 7 what do we actually know about his for example you seem really a licensed security guard we checked today and it turns out he's not registered with the state of Nevada as private investigators licensing board confused by this we called the Clark County sheriff to find out what license is required to be a security guard at a Las Vegas casino the sheriff's office refused to tell us this haces compost is a victim the spokesman said we don't speak about victims naturally we repeated the question he became angry he started yelling and ultimately hung up on us the FBI doesn't want to answer any of these questions and you know what we're going to keep hacking at the root of truth until we get to the truth of the matter because we know that deep state is in charge I've W. H. wise carver and author back on the line a friend asked you to report you guys can check out his books the resurrection series on Amazon please do support the author 999 for the kindle edition come on guys go check it out resurrection series on Amazon W. twice carvers here bill how are you yeah I'm doing fine Sean how are you today until right back yeah it's a pleasure to have you back man thanks for coming back on there so much going on that deep state is now in my opinion the shadow government as former CI a agent Kevin ship has told us is in charge human life keep the shadow government folks that includes us they stage AT Cruz overseas and they've engaged in multiple false like I endorsed the book called off Gladio then who is by Paul Williams he documents the C. I. A. staging false terrorist attacks in Italy to make it look like the Italian government was doing it and they killed at least 491 people to do it goes deep deep deep deep deep and we see these people targeting the sitting president now I was at the club on the treadmill the other day and wolf Blitzer dedicated his entire show to targeting the president saying is unfit for office and then in the middle of that CNN wolf Blitzer show bill here's the spot that I saw play in its entirety from billionaire Thomas dire who's trying to drum up 1000000 signatures to impeach the president listen to this brought us to the brink of nuclear war the justice of the FBI and in direct violation of the constitution is taking money from foreign governments threatened to shut down news organizations that report the truth that is the case for impeaching removing a dangerous press what is our cause that's a very very pertinent question bill what has our government become because I'm here to tell you that Tom Steiger would not be making such a commercial if Hillary Rodham Clinton was president he just look the other way as it pertains to her litany of crimes you're absolutely right and what it has come down to is that that you have to competing forces now are looking at and and that is on both sides of the Republican and democratic machines or looking at at trump as the enemy and others while you're seeing you're seeing of the president being attacked by both sides in that little clip there is a perfect example it was not ... get Loctite I don't I don't agree with the way you're getting into name calling of the west where of the nuclear nuclear triggered now 27 year old sociopath patrolling North Korea I don't I don't agree with a lot of the things that he says and how he said that the fact remember his style fact of the matter is it is not don't trump it has brought us to the brink of nuclear war it is not Donald Trump that that has ... showed what yeah yeah I was doing on the campaign and I think some of the other ... reaching allegations that have come out now Shumpert there because the Democratic Party that was working with the Russians and not and not Donald Trump we have yet to see anything about that we're seeing those things that they want to blame the president on and he's not really not being able to you know that they're not allowing him to even get his message or his agenda up forward so would we do she initially because the train would be running just find address has been for the past 35 years I want to ask you about the JFK documents I can't believe the deep state is comfortable the CIA is comfortable with these documents being released because it's probably gonna point ... directly to who actually shot the president ... the majority of Americans believe there was a conspiracy to kill that president in that the Warren commission's lone gunman theory it requires a magic bullet to believe it is not accurate of what actually happened on November 22 but before we get there I do want to ask you this as it relates to Clinton and the deep state and the mainstream media you said that they would not be targeting Clinton issues in the White House do you think that the majority of Americans are waking up to this deep state apparatus which is exemplified by the mainstream media not really reporting on the fact that the Clinton campaign and the DNC helped fund the trump dossier this whole bogus Russian trump collusion all made up out of whole cloth your thoughts on whether or not the deep state is now being laid bare for Americans to see I I really think that people are waking up in droves another case in point is this Las Vegas shooting we can't get a straight answer from the FBI and any of it none of the evidence matches up the eyewitness accounts the police scanner out recordings all point to multiple shooters how do they expect everybody to remain asleep when there's just it's just so evident now that the deep state is in control and targeting this president reversing the point and I think the reason why it's coming out as a lover who is if there's is that I believe that I believe in the neonate intelligence of the average American man down from all walks will all walks of life all weird across the country Tom I have borrowed of course through my background in what I've been doing it in my life I am I've had an opportunity to clean clear across the strata from the harsh reaches of government and the wallstreet to to vote developed farmer out in the middle of Kansas so I had never thought that the American people for do we or didn't believe it that there was in a deep state or that the that there was ... corruption at the highest levels of our government what is happening and it because they have been getting away with it for so long and I really believe it started in probably when the early walking down and the Cold War was over there was no longer any excuse for depression or the funding that was going to the deep state apparatus arm and what happened is basically just people quit I'd these people quit trying to cover up what they were doing they were being so blatantly obvious unit all of that good now they can't hide when which direction of of adult charm and quite frankly with similar things that you're hearing out from Steve van this is the problem they quit hiding it I mean we went we went in 2003 and we invaded another country with half would which would basically went further beyond our troops that we need and then ... under a false pretense ... Jewish you directly what happened in the Gulf of Tonkin resolution they got us involved in Vietnam but they didn't try to hide they just want figures went forward with it they didn't even try to hide the fact that they took away glass Steagall regulations on the financial industry let the financial industry go crazy and then when they had because of their greed literally collapsed the global financial system they bail them out with taxpayer money you don't need to dream of someone who pays attention to politics or have have had the experience that that I've had told you the research that like people like yourself in one of your a lot of your other guests to do and you have to be experts in these things you can see that the weather gets and that is why the American people are still strong behind Donald Trump whereas the system both from the Republican or Democrat needs some good things that we've seen now with with the Republicans love you know becoming upset and I am no longer going to be I'm I'm no longer going to be a part of the espy are retiring and and making statements the American people consume and they are now if you will hoist on their own petard the deep state if you will because they haven't even been trying to hide it for the last 20 years right it's just been blatantly obvious problem for well in you know what's scary about it is they I guess don't feel the need to hide it anymore because they have total control and they don't necessarily have total control of the people right people know about the deep state now people are angry about it but what can the people do I was watching a presentation from former CI a agent Kevin ship who was talking about the deep state apparatus the military industrial complex in the shadow government and he just gave one example for how far reaching this web of deceit a corruption is he said that Lockheed Martin and of course our skunk works Lockheed skunk works with all the hidden up black projects but Lockheed Martin it's grown to be such a big apparatus within the shadow government deep state that he said they're funded to the tune of essentially attacks of $260 on every man woman and child in this country you pay 260 Bucks every year goes to Lockheed Martin to fund what they're doing ... and that's just one aspect of this military industrial complex deep state I believe it's that same deep state the military industrial complex the CIA who I believe took out president Kennedy now we have trump saying he's going to release those 3000 JFK documents when the CI a would like to see them ... withheld for another 25 years now if that's not example of trump taking on the deep state I don't know what is your thoughts I I would agree I would agree what you're saying and that from the standpoint from the standpoint though that dead even is more than just the military industrial complex arm and using Lockheed Martin as an example bomb right now the top 5 defense companies literally get 35 to 40 percent how do you trust her defense budget now you know what what are they doing with it and how are they doing with it the top 5 defense companies are the number one technology sellers to the United States government Tom and that god not only encourage them only kludge DHS and intelligence apparatus but all the government agencies in and of themselves well maybe this is why you're seeing a lot more healthcare website didn't work cost $850000000 the entire startup of capital that was needed to create Google which is probably the most if your kid far ranging global network at several been invented product wish they didn't have 150 the start up their entire network and you just paid $150000000 for website it never really worked and this is where one glitches where I think people would start missing the point on budget state all along Lee the conspiracy is aunt you know everybody's so wrapped up in that it's about it's about the same thing that the Roman Senate was running around doing when they realize that they had control and access to a global empire and it was all about how much can I take and that is what that's what's gonna ditch you can go welcome to our that's all that it's about the same is run by money power and greed that's it runs deep state the shadow government that their fuel is fear and intimidation you know when you draw a glutton walking Martin doesn't have some global idea of taking over the world they're making money such abuses about and you're having too of course Hey people within the Congress who were supposed to be regulating them and deep doing things for the government Tara Butler for the benefit of the people you know are Republican new Republic form of democratic government that we're supposed we hadn't but that's not happening and the tax issue that we just saw our is another example of it and everything in it gets from from the top there too you know who killed JFK junior downstream Bosnian shooting because all these things are are used manipulated for somebody to say and I giving wealth or power from the American people start machine that it's what that's how the president was elected because people that are not where do we go from here well I wish well when I tried it will try to write in my novels which you know the person came on 2014 have warned everybody will host committee activity Europe $4000 60 the other dirt band that's working on the show that you know you were you are guiding you where you're going ... where do we go from here and so I think that is the important thing that people like yourself and really the only people that are gonna be telling us the truth and religion looking at do you think and asking the questions you know personally eschew cheat and some of the other ones go wrong on these independent news that works where do we go from here that's a very very good question because it seems to me that ... the American people although having a steely reserve and tired of the corruption may not have been pushed far enough yet to be willing to go into a full blown revolution ... because I don't know how we shake off this corruption of somebody like Hillary Clinton is still walking around free people you know would you start to we start shouting over covering Lucien industry when Italian deployment for that that's what they got GHS war that's one thing that would be passed to the up that herb who do ya gore because we have a northern command that we have we have military being able to operating here don't worry we're ready for that okay but we don't need to do that all we need to do is get people to wake up and understand what his knuckle heads are doing what do you think these people or do you think these people are are leaving Congress because now after after reading you really got to walk past you guys could keep the pac contributions users are are are walking away from a tough reelection then you're not going to fight the urge knows them all yet we're gonna we're gonna fight against up so we're gonna we're gonna fight against trump because he's saying I'm not playing you know you're putting out overall you know actually current walking away with 10 to $15000000 in attack countries if they get to keep I mean it's like you don't recall the parachute into ridiculous ridiculous I mean I'm I'm telling you these things because I'm what I'm saying is is that this it's an all in the losing if the American people just wake up and say say to their elected officials or people running for office say so we want campaign finance reform because that's what's happening people don't understand the tax policy exposure of this country is not the issue the issue is the lobbyists to put over 6000 changes in the last 15 years tort action our tax we used to insure one of us or under herbal regulation to the IRS and yet and yeah we're we're each treated like were of multibillion dollar conglomerate under deregulation clock where well only about only about 25 percent of the regulations remain intact even checked the average American you know you want your real tax reform what they've done with the demos are set up for another political prisoner which which will never pass which will never passed thank you and next year couldn't remember him taking up because you're gonna be right in the middle well you know all of you know watching treat and all of the studios it is for our good more pac contributions for more people for their real watching campaigns our next November but even that's all that's older versus and they're gonna know far earlier north by the drug doing what he's trying to do it and and here we go all over again and then married gonna let you know that we're not going to keep pushing things urgent push you think up so that so that they are not going to give up power well you're not going to give up power Welch we make them do that and the only way we can do that is to actually get out there and don't become aware of the issues and understand the connections to reach the level of power that Jewish people are at right now okay there is nobody critiquing nobody was clean hands well that's right into that's right into my my position on the bushes as it's my opinion is that the bush has created the Clintons and it's the mean Arkansas CI a drug running that was ... exposed by Gary Webb any paid for it with his life that thought really ties the whole picture together for me personally and it really takes us full circle to as it relates to bush junior who then became president and I was on his watch that 911 happened and we had his buddy Dick Cheney ... you don't control of ... P. Oct down there in the basement the White House as whatever hit the Pentagon was allowed to hit it and then we soon find ourselves in Afghanistan right in a couple years later in Iraq as you mentioned in this Afghan about how they really has my blood boiling I want your opinion on Afghanistan because really as it relates to Gary Webb and CI a drug running that he exposed me to Arkansas ... when Clinton was governor now we see Afghanistan are the US military is essentially guarding the opium fields in Afghanistan and under the Taliban's watch opium production in Afghanistan was at an all time low near an all time low now it's near an all time high and I can tell you firsthand living in the suburbs where I am there's no hair when in this suburb where did not used to be and people are dying and it's all over the streets of this country and it's starting to feel a little bit like ... the British opium wars against the Chinese but who's bringing in this opium how is it getting in and based on my knowledge of mean Arkansas I'd say it's intelligence agencies bringing it in but your thoughts on Afghanistan because it's really starting to destroy families this drug issue here in this country heroin legal opioids it's just I feel like ... its war against the people from within well it is using war against the people but people are collateral damage to a new garden this is what what I think is important for people to understand yeah it even the driest wealth and power you drive for more you drive to take okay or do things are happening and they're happy by the people that have been elected in the war have been designated body our Republican form of government Q. managing these issues for our benefit ordered safety of the nation for the safety about 50 of the American tradition for the betterment of all of the the American goal to create a more perfect you but unfortunately unfortunately that is not what they are about and we ... Europeans are if you notice you know ruled superstate first thing somebody says well beyond Attorney General Reno sessions has your we need more crackdown on the bottom yeah longer preconceptions well why don't you show them to people that are pushing these drugs a person instead of the people that are using drugs because they have nothing like you know I always when people bring the Scoobies questions up I'll watch what I like to do and I asked them a check movie just brought some comported if yeah tomorrow pursue sherry heroin became legal you could buy an inner you can buy in the 711 you know would you start taking heroin and of course everybody says no I wouldn't creature I would be any enlightening show what unusually low low meekly grower John Volk firer mood you're likely take your help it takes it takes your soul bombardier and no one is ever enormous covering rule of trip OJ so why don't we focus on the problem of why somebody would want you nullified their notified their life we are we are spending billions of dollars that we are doing things we are doing things like what we're doing in Afghanistan supposedly to protect American sinking yet we're not spending a sliver to actually create a society where somebody doesn't want to nullify the like when they have absolutely nothing else to do but you know what they're like so the opiate right now present knowledge just starting to come out eroded came out with this drought we're gonna be the drugs are any vendor comes out that he's the one who is one of the lobbies drug companies to push discovered out into the American people right okay miniature well okay we'll give you drugs are great what they do decorum backing the Congress where you can write more laws to allow these people to happen because the American people and not sure coursed through the people in the in Pennsylvania businessman this person's district lucky so and not worse one of those you're gone you're gone we have to vote you out I think that is that is what we are doing in there again it's it's mark McClellan that that but Steve Gannon that's what I've seen some things that he's been talking about he's talking right talk we need to see Google's some walking the walk we need to see the president the other one walk the walk Victor talking and that is that is what the American people elected him for and that is what is supposed to be doing okay I I do I agree with what they're trying to say but we need to see some action on that and we are not and the American people need to take that critically think about that not worry about who's grabbing ingest are we need to instead we do instead start thinking critically about what is going to have to work to do just do this morning that in the past disturb the budget Pikachu budget and now they can move to the tax reform ... looking looking American privilege start foxtrot 3 things do you know that I mean what I said before no show like a broken record I know I'm not and not really yellow not as entertaining as some people would would although the wild berries and everything else but trickling in American people need to do they need to vote for the person that how much is born early and be show them a plan on how to get competent comprehensive campaign finance reform to reinstate the glass Steagall Walsh and then to know apply to repeal the patriot act it closed UHS if you do those 3 things you would probably solve some personal problems in our country yeah I don't disagree yeah that's exactly what I was going to go next and I was going to ask you about those 3 because I know they're very important you know what to ask you specifically about 0.3 in the DHS I despise the DHS for a variety of reasons not the least of which I know that because I've lived through it I know that it was created on the back of the 911 line it was created it's very Nazi ask and I'm going to play for you right now an eyewitness testimony from Las Vegas I have no reason to disbelieve this woman she says that ... Jews at the hard rock when gunshots were fired she says multiple shooters she says DHS was there and had the whole thing locked down before the FBI was even there now here's what I find very very funny about all this media coverage okay everybody's talking about the L. BPD and everybody's time of the FBI but I know for a fact homeless security was there and they were running shit they were they were running everything okay FBI one area they were not there homeland security was there and they are the ones who vetted the bomb threat out and so I just want to ask you why it is that you despise the department of homeland security ... is much as I do watch we get rid of the patriot act and how to get rid of it and why should we disband the DHS I fully agree with you but I want to hear from you well it actually probably the most on constitutional law that was ever been passed and we never saw anything like it part of me are open Cheryl but could still the ... started war one America's long and began passing the espionage that was quickly done away with fellow at the bottom part of the twins why did you act patriarch basically or breaks about 3 different amendments Earl of all of the constitution Brad Bradley would break so they break so the first thing forced article you know if she is subpoenaed patently patently wrong so constitutional and there are no you know written of democracy democratic government has ever amber illegal to look through which you should start American which is why in the book I'll usually parallels of the one of our Republic you know how Germany at the end of World War one and what happened to one of our Republic when the rise of the Nazis and I use that you know kind showing our history well thought out from 1945 you know in the books you know that's when one of your people fictional way's galactic premarket so constitutionally wrong now you've experienced the most serious is that is that we are spending $67000000000 a year from which we know about personal across 5 parts of and when we get into that what is clear just doing okay well you what have they done what what cal had leased saved us every year dutifully whose work when you look at students I think its inception and people say oh well honed in on their own you know we have a panic attack terrorist attack now we have we had military attack 70 years order 7 year-old's will will be 5 years if you will are shooting each other okay for nothing okay and then look at what do you just look how much hope they did in Katrina look a bit I'm looking much help we've been doing now for us now suppose we are suppose to be doing additionally this was really during their spending goals of dollars in creating the surveillance state Tom that should bring students should begin to us leash through are dealing with people like Equifax they're still doing what they're good at here protecting the people there are atoms does are opposed to us or at least had absolutely no ... reason to help us work to be able to support us and then finally if you really look at it strictly from a financial stake yeah infrastructure was collapsing we have we have children that aren't being educated we have locked out of healthcare in this we have yeah whackos up you little will be staying in the reason we've got people in Detroit right over and quite frightening lot closest well I was a child people might be surprised at that but when I was a child you can go to the faucet and you could drink the water you can treat the water navy sitting in a major metropolitan well Aaron really helpfully anymore okay so do we need to spend $16000000000 so that people can actually load up and find a timeout reliably stoical and what's happening complete data beach fusion surgery and all of this data this is it means just like like an Equifax which even more it's huge even greater in that I thought I was started on every single American has a U. comes in and every single thing you do everything you watch everything look if it's all being it's all being recorded that's where the money is it's all being recorded resulting Caitlyn captured according to files will be keeping those files more of what Madonna you reach that point to be okay and so if you look at this thing from a constitutional standpoint from a benefit to the solutions for their tax dollars and work deep necessary needs that we have in this country in our society you can you know Greta regardless whether you're a conservative or a liberal or a liberal charity now tell me what GHS is doing other than creating and a vehicle to which right now in my own view is all about money it's all about and share it always contractors are making money and would spark but if you earlier about budget and the committee chairman and chair women are making lots of money autistic pac contributions are revealed what happens somebody walks in and want something more than the money and it got his vehicle all put together what's the problem no I completely agree with you and it's a Orwellian police state Big Brother apparatus that would make or well themself blush I think in the punch line is we're paying for our own enslavement because there is if it's our tax collections are under right at this point I think it completely unconstitutional tax system that is keeping us on the plantation and they built up this police state apparatus now to say the very least it's appalling and horrifying okay I think that's an understatement because it's far worse than just appalling or horrifying it is it should not be allowed it should be dismantled in the American people should be marching in the streets to get the constitutional form of government back guys you're listening to W. H. wise carver I give him a lousy introduction at the top is far more than just an author he's a former marine and Top Gun graduate he has served as a national security adviser on a U. S. Senate leadership staff and counsel for the Senate Armed Services Committee he knows his stuff and bill before we let you go before we lose you here ... do you currently still live in Las Vegas yes you do I should remember that Misha contacted you the minute this shooting happen because that is what your opinion on this as it pertains to the official story of what happened in Las Vegas you've been in those casinos have you not I mean I think that those casinos probably have Big Brother eyes in the sky that would make even DHS jealous these guys aren't messing around when they have billions of dollars of cash moving through their casinos on a weekly basis here I think it's pretty remarkable that we haven't seen one stitch of video evidence from the MGM or from the FBI nothing's been released to back up the official story nothing how did this guy get access to the cargo elevators at MGM was he on those elevators alone all good questions that now even Tucker Carlson are asking your thoughts being somebody who lives in Vegas who knows about the deep state and knows about the FBI corruption with Robert Mueller etcetera this is official story in your opinion add up and all well you did your Christmas story out up actually it's your what is your personal story it changes it changing chintz far right and here again this is the problem being the problem when people start focusing on a conspiracy instead of going back to one of the fact that we know and why are they not why are they not letting those facts out or where we moved into you were something right off the bat right off the bat capital form it no one has talked again in the course because lobbyists here do you know that that country western our data was go to college loans a country western that all who do not harvest festival that was country western you know when you have something else that was part of that he was a Christian it was a Christian country western music festival they don't really haven't talked about that we all know well would you want to talk about that and you talk about you talk about how we just got a real and why did you like it what Harry was reviewed she some this more video you're absolutely right to casinos do you guys don't here down the street from me yeah they invented sorcery which well they're the ones who rented it so why hanging wait while here again I have to go back to occam's razor and you know 2 competing interests kicked the one inch dirt is easier to it KP since one is usually the one that can be better but a problem and I will tell you only Jack if if tourists stopped coming to Las Vegas for one month it's time to go bankrupt so why did everybody get so upset over religion nothing include the undoing her don't worry about it our units keep coming here and spending the money well that's all that's all good just because you're going to be worried about parenting and you know peaches or something more to it god only knows there again between heaven and hell there are worlds on imaginable herself I keep using the book several several places northern returning self managing RG set started to young people some decent Americans say not local church just one long nap would start did that go made it impossible shot dead Vera work you know and be able to get so many bullets out so fast now you know everybody really chic everybody watching you just crucial I mean all you have to do is just look at that won't one time and you show you where you see where they had shopkeeper you literally see it okay now we're gonna release as well you know we don't have we do have a bunch of are we going to have a vote on a bunch or revelations you know it had 50 years to clean those files you think they haven't been working on this for the last 50 years or cars perhaps even the people the people that data I'm gonna won't be interested in hearing about because it's it's it's literally trips literally lifestyle for a lot of these guys arm is the people are gonna actually be able to know them better talk so many of these allegations and revelations all of what was happening and I had during the time and on the assassination themselves well I'll be interested to hear what they have to say but all I know is all I know is that that what happened afterwards told you everything that you need to not okay what's going to happen after yes our afternoon which you know what investigation comes out Tom Warren surely here then you will understand a little bit more about one what was the reason he didn't want to wear for if that makes sense yeah well it doesn't and I fully suspect at some point it one of the predictions has been made that what they really want to do is rollout TSA D. H. S. style airport body scanners in the hotels had Vegas all in the name of our security and ultimately role that apparatus out nationwide and of course again it's the same insiders that will profit from that should it happen but I'm here to tell you I have no interest in staying at a hotel that would roll out that kind of technology and ... we'll see where it goes from here you're absolutely right about the Vegas shooting there's a lot of information we don't know if we're gonna keep an eye on it try to figure out what really happened the official story the official narrative does not add up and again even Tucker Carlson is starting to take notice of that so bill you know how much we appreciate your time your voice your intellect can you remind people how they can get your books if they wanna get copies well I hope you can reach me at ... and get a little humor of the book at Amazon and on point and noble and on my email who's bill Pat WH white and you'll be able to give a gift that are coming still she sums things and and take it and I wrote it I rode which server extracting like you said ... diplomatic people need to wake up and realize what's happening and also do you see why politically in this book here's the history here's what happened here's why it happened and here's what you can do about it because we have right now we have right here to technology to financial resources and the beat sure intellectual brain power and I'm talking about everybody from former in Iowa chew chew up programmer Eugene Silicon Valley to look up each bomb in Florida we have been like to fix every problem that we have but we're going to have to wake up and understand what the issues are both wisely Jewish next coming November because we have a chance to change it click the message out my friend keep pushing yeah I take all the sewers at a tinkling of heroes and did also assures me to tell one other person to comment listen guest Eugene and and and ask yourself those questions you know I'm keep thinking about what stuck watching the reality behind them that because once you do that you realized it the deep deep state as terrifying albeit has has overpowering engineers has corrupted you use it is an illusion by which they control you and you have the power change that you have the power to change it but touch probably discussion for another time internet address placement that's exactly what we need I love the Cup half full perspective I get that from my friend Harley Schillinger too he reminds me you remind me a lot a Harley Schlanger ... by saying the things you just said a bill so thank you so much for that and guys as as many of you know there are patriots in our government patriots who used to be in our government people around this country are waking up and are engaged and do really care so I don't think all hope is lost and ... if you guys want to support bill please do check out the resurrection series of his books there on Amazon our guest has been WH wise carver bill thank you so much thank you John alright guys thank you so much for tuning in we very much appreciate your support at STT check us out at the for hand selected videos I choose myself for you and the liberty it's all real news 247 the antidote to corporate propaganda god bless you all have a great week but I sure did after 2 in the first time in history in America junior however Kuchar eating a environment of Russia fluke being the key feature with absolutely no evidence whatsoever //
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\\well the National Archives has released 2891 JFK assassination records 54 years after the assassination of the beloved president if Donald Trump tweeted the long anticipated release the JFK files will take place tomorrow so interesting well it is tomorrow today my friends and it is believe it or not very tightly even 54 years later because you'll see the same parallels as a pertains to the Las Vegas shooting among the files are too intriguing memos from J. Edgar Hoover who said quote we need to convince a public that Oswald is the real assassin sound familiar right now we believe it's a soul actor alone wolf type actor and we had the place are under control reading in this from 0 hedge in a memo issued by Hoover he appeared to be particularly concerned that the public would have to be compelled to believe that Oswald was a lone actor not part of a larger conspiracy whom we are comfortable that the primary aggressor in this segment is ... has expired or passed away and I he is no longer a threat there's been multiple multiple phone calls and accusations or conjecture coming through social media ... that there's multiple shooters at other result resorts that has been proven to be false again direct parallels to what we've been seeing coming out of Las Vegas this month referring to Nicholas Katzenbach the deputy Attorney General at the time Hoover dictated quote that thing I am concerned about as so is Mister Katz in back is having something issued so we can convince the public that Oswald is the real assassin but believe Paddick is solely responsible for this hideous at we are aware of the rumors outside of the media and also on social media that there was more than one assailant we have no information or evidence to see port that theory Hoover also indicated that his concern may have been influenced in part by diplomacy dictating that there could be serious international complications if the public thought Oswald might have been part of a larger plot cats and back is known from previously released documents you have shared Hoover's concerns writing a memo the next day on 11/25/1963 that the public must be satisfied that Oswald was the assassin that he did not have Confederates who are still at large and the evidence was such that he would be convicted at trial and quote again parallels to Las Vegas public must be satisfied advanced and that there are not Confederates or other plotters still at large I can tell you this we're very confident that he did not there was not another shooter it's funny that these documents from 1963 reflecting the deep state and the cover up of the assassination John F. Kennedy send ripples through time that reflect exactly what we're still seeing today in the United States as it pertains to operations like 911 and of course more recently a shooting in Las Vegas unfortunately not much has changed the deep state apparatus continue to paint pretty pictures and dictate to the American people their version of reality thanks for watching in fort real news 247 visit us at SG T. there is no conspiracy between the FBI between LVMPD and the MGM nobody is attempting to hide anything //
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\\on the night of 10/1/2017 lone gunman Stephen Paddick opened fire on a crowd of concert goers at the route 91 harvest music festival on the Las Vegas Strip at least that's the official story this is a video we'd rather not make but it must be made the truth about the Los Vegas false flag shooting must be exposed what most Americans still haven't really come to terms with this but the FBI has been a criminal operation for a long time in fact Robert Mueller refused to allow Congress to interrogate FBI informant who had been inside carousels before 911 given that the earliest narrative was that alleged lone gunman Stephen paddock was this a 4 year old white male who was radicalized by ISIS if these new reports ... bear fruit that isis is claiming responsibility for this ... allegations that this man converted to Islam months ago and given that we know who the real powers are behind isis and the creation of ISIS loser early 2014 email from Hillary Clinton so not so long after she with secretary of state to her campaign manager from protest it states ... that I so vices is ... funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar the governments of Saudi Arabia and given that there were early predictive programming warnings on local media about the potential for ISIS attacks in Las Vegas the first thing we did was reach out to match her that Tommy did you not believe this is credible threat rather an attempt to inspire and motivate some form of action the new ISIS video calls for specific attack similar to be Orlando polls nightclub and at the Las Vegas is not mentioned by name in the video strip is shown and experts say the intention is clear the following conclusion is nearly inescapable this story gets murkier by the day and that is the opposite of what is supposed to happen it's impossible to know exactly what is going on with the biggest shooting we're not going to speculate but it's obvious that there is lying and incompetence at the heart of it as ex CI a agent Kevin ship has pointed out human life is cheap the shadow government folks that excludes us they stage AT Cruz overseas and they've engaged in multiple false like I endorse the book called operation Gladio the unholy alliance of it's by Paul Williams he documents the CIA staging false terrorist attacks in Italy to make it look like the Italian government was doing it and they killed at least 491 people to do operation Gladio is a perfect example a worn out decades old page from the NATO global shadow government playbook the thing is run by money power and greed that's it runs deep state the shadow government that their fuel is fear and intimidation use black ops deep state operatives to create a mass casualty event and then blame it on whoever you'd like in order to gain political and or legislative advantage in the court of public opinion more restrictions on second amendment freedoms check wide scale rollout of invasive police state Big Brother surveillance technology check sheriff Lombardo's clearly surrounded by a foe gag orders preventing troops on the record evidence ignored all evidence that points to the fact that the Las Vegas shootings official narrative is a desperate attempt to prevent the American public from learning that the entire operation was a Gladio style black operations pre planned false flag event so who are the real perpetrators of this unthinkable crime for whom the FBI and by co version the sheriff is being forced to cover up ex CI a agent Robert David Steele may have gotten it right in the early days following the shooting when he said this Las Vegas is absolutely a false flag bent whether people died or not this is been contacted by the CYO compliance by the deep state Aaron rouses job previous to being the FBI special agent in charge of Las Vegas was the section chief in the counter intelligence division at FBI headquarters his job was to stop apprehend in jail foreign intelligence assets or spies working within the United States but as we now know from 911 the FBI isn't very good at bringing such spies to justice particularly if those spies are from Israel why is that since September 11 more than 60 Israelis have been arrested or detained either under the new a treat anti terrorism law or for immigration violations I handful of active Israeli military were among those detained according to investigators who say some of the detainees also failed polygraph questions when asked about alleged surveillance activities against and in the United States documents say they quote targeted and penetrated military bases the D. E. A. F. B. I. and dozens of other government facilities and even secret offices and unlisted private homes of law enforcement and intelligence personnel the majority of those questioned quote stated they served in military intelligence electronic surveillance intercept and or explosive ordinance units our purpose was to document the event have you ever looked closely at the seals of our various government agencies here's one from the U. S. house of representatives it features 13 stars representing the original 13 colonies and they are arranged in a very specific way given the influence of a pack over our federal government and given the Rothschild influence over our entire monetary system since 1913 through the U. S. federal reserve is it not possible that our constitutional form of government has been usurped by a foreign nation state here's the seal for the US department of state no wonder Hillary had a private server in her basement in Chappaqua when she was secretary of state and never went to prison for her crimes and here's the seal for the department of justice U. S. marshals it features a popular Israeli symbol behind the 1789 soaring American Eagle but it doesn't end there this is the seal for the U. S. Supreme Court again 13 carefully arranged stars surmounted placed atop the U. S. symbol for a free people represented by a Republic guaranteed to preserve liberty is it not possible that this foreign nation state behind or compromises much of the shadow government that ex CI a agent Kevin ship has exposed and this is a former congresswoman saying in order to serve Congress one has to love Israel before you're allowed to love the USA and she posted this anti Israel policies are anti taxes policies clearly this is what's now going on back in may governor abit proudly signed the anti BDS legislation into law house bill 89 which is known as the anti boycott divestment and sanctions bill which prohibits all state agencies from contracting with and certain public funds from investing in companies that boycott Israel the governor hosted a bill signing at the Jewish community center in Austin and as you can see here he sat in front of an Israeli flag not the American flag while he signs this so that should tell you about the priorities it's definitely Israel first and not America but now they're making it to where your civil liberties are out the window in relation specifically to Israel is it not more likely that this shadow government power is behind the Las Vegas shooting which has been blamed on a lone gunman who is now deceased just like Lee Harvey Oswald just like Adam Lanza and just like the alleged London bombers on 77 died today we were running an exercise for accompanied by mine I'm now the private sector and we sent everybody down in the city 0 people involved in the whole organization but the crisis team an immature thing was we based off scenario on the simple tennis taxable underground in mainline station so we had to submit switching exercise from fictional too real I won the first things is get that bureau number when you have a list of people missing tell them as a long time 50 get this right you are actually working today on an exercise that Indonesian that virtually the scenario I almost precisely hours until 2:00 this morning because it's our job by and company visor consultants we specialize in helping people to get the crisis management response how you jump from slow time thinking to QuickTime doing and we chose a scenario without assistance which is based on a terrorist attack because that by close to ... property occupied by Jewish businessmen there in the city and we chose a scenario without assistance is based on a terrorist attack because that by close to ... property occupied by Jewish businessmen there in the city if the FBI could not bring those dancing Israeli Mossad agents to justice even though they were caught in New York City on 911 in later admitted they were there to document the event one wonders if the FBI is now also covering up for other events which upon closer inspection might also reveal in Israeli fingerprint perhaps this is why sheriff Lombardo and the FBI continue to obfuscate the evidence and the truth about what really happened in Las Vegas the night of Sunday Tober first 2017 thanks for watching and for real news 247 visit us at as GT there is no conspiracy between the FBI between LVMPD and the MGM nobody is attempting to hide anything //
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\\the alternative truth news media has been vindicated once again will tell you how in a minute given all that we now know about Hollywood from Harvey Weinstein to the new revelations of Netflix stranger things star fin Walford a 14 year old boy who fired his agent claiming the man's it's funny that the mainstream corrupt media still largely controls the narrative regarding the systemic Washington DC plague of child abuse known as the pizza gates can child abuse is of course putting it mildly human trafficking as representative Steve Scalise called it before an assassin's bullet almost took his life is far more accurate while many of us would like to believe that this issue isn't some affects us the sad truth is that you may trafficking is a real problem plaguing each and every community here in the United States enough is enough but the American people are waking up in droves there are 2 different shooters at 2 different locations and the spell cast by the corporate controlled media is being broken the Las Vegas shooting official story just one more example the media and law enforcement trying to force the blue pill down the collective throat of Americans there is no conspiracy between the FBI between LVMPD and the MGM nobody is attempting to hide anything any evidence that contradicts the official story is nothing more than a collective delusion they would like us to believe but people are waking up in droves and it can't be stopped why is the police saying that the one that got killed last night committed suicide this morning why is it that we as shots fired everywhere legitimately because I I mean I heard shots myself those them I told me some money shot down in New York New York I will believe that because nobody show shot at me or near me at planet Hollywood course waking up taking the red pill is a painful process understanding that there are sinister forces in control of all of the official narratives hardening even devastating because the real story is far more disturbing than any lone gunman could ever be so what or who are these sinister forces Stanley Kubrick told us exactly who they are and it's 1999 film eyes wide shut J. Dyer author of esoteric Hollywood sex cults in symbols in film has done a spectacular breakdown of the film in his YouTube video titled eyes wide shut hit Nicole meaning the story of Dr William Hartford played by Tom Cruise and his wife Alice played by Nicole Kidman reveals everything about who the global elite are and what they worship Kubrick's warnings never been more timely than they are today when the Hartford's arrive at the party we see a clear symbol of what kind of initiation there on the Golan it is the left hand path we see clearly an inverted pentagram and as I can tell us the only scene where you actually do see an inverted pentagram if you've seen the film when you think of it you probably first remember the horrifying scene when bill is caught attending any lead orgy in a mansion and he's brought before a masked road elite cult that's most certainly satanic in nature that scene tends to stay with you because it seems almost certain that bill is going to pay for his trust pass with his life but there is another equally upsetting warning the Kubrick gave us in eyes wide shut and like the alternative news media's narrative about Pete's agape it points directly to child sex trafficking bill enters a costume shop to rent a mask and robe in order to attend a sex party for which he has no invitation quickly learns that the shop's owner farms his adolescent daughter out for pay child sex sex with a female minor as easy as renting a costume is the release of the S. key character in this part who actually whispers to build something very telling he says he'll need an ermine cloak and an ermine cloak is the cloak warm by European nobility in other words bill is about to enter into the real liminality so to speak Kubrick's choice of casting cruise and Kidman may well have been another clue hiding in plain sight in 2014 child sex abuse survivor Fiona Barnett penned an article for independent Australia alleging that Nicole Kidman's father Dr Antony Kidman part of an elite peta file ring in Sydney Australia and that Barnett was one of his many child victims up until she reached the age of 15 Barnett originally reported Antony Kidman's crimes to police in 2008 but nothing was done and Kidman died in Singapore in 2015 amid the ongoing allegations that he was the main perpetrator of Fiona Barnett's childhood abuse but the pizza gate allegations have all been debunked right just the crazy rantings of delusional internet salutes who read John Podesta's bizarre emails about pizza cheese pizza hanker chief and hot dogs words acknowledged by the FBI is being codes used by peta files just emails misrepresented by lunatics on the internet and like Las Vegas it's nothing to see here folks please move along free Kuwait in blue pills at the end of the line however for researchers in the alt media it is very clear that pizza gate and pedal gate are real and are the keys to exposing the elite I tannic global shadow government and thanks to this article by red pill at the we have further evidence just how real it's a gate and that coded language is in this article corrections officer busted for child porn after placing Craigslist ad for cheese pizza help shed more light on the protest emails with so much coded language a New Jersey corrections officer who works for the state department of corrections has been charged after federal law enforcement agencies found him to be in possession of child pornography 37 year old Steven settlement of Lodi New Jersey was arrested by the United States immigration and customs enforcement and homeland security investigations on Thursday at his home in Bergen county solomid was charged with one count of receiving child pornography according to a news release the initial criminal complaints against Salamanca as reported by local news press of Atlantic city states quote in may an undercover law enforcement officer responded to a Craigslist ad placed by solemn act seeking woman moms that are into cheese pizza the complaint said solomid communicated with the undercover officer and requested photos of an 8 year old child in July authorities executed a search of Celebrex email account finding he communicated with multiple people about pornography and pedophile Leah a search warrant a solid mix home was executed where he admitted to authorities cheese pizza was a reference a child pornography and he knowingly received emails containing child porn unknowingly communicated with various individuals regarding child pornography and pedophile Leah but again the mainstream corporate media would have you believe that pizza gate isn't real and that it has been debunked and that any reference to cheese pizza hot dogs handkerchiefs or other coded language in the John Podesta emails is nothing more a coincidence and while that may be the official story Stanley Kubrick trying to convey a very different story thanks for watching and for real news 247 visit us at S. GT //
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\\this is a civil rights issue they are targeting families of kids with special needs and parents with disabilities and they are stealing their children patrons thanks so much for tuning it means the world to us look in lieu of all that's going on in Las Vegas in the real research investigation being done by the real truth media I'm going to take just a break from that step back and Turner to back to flight of me children all over the planet this article from the Kansas city star how did 70 plus children go missing from the Kansas foster care system guys who remember senator Nancy Schaefer who exposed the CPS stealing kids and when she named the names she lost her life I served in the Georgia state Senate and after 4 years a viewing the ruthless and unsparing action of child protective services also call CPS which our years tonight I wrote a scathing report entitled the corrupt business of child protective services the report cost me my sentencing friends it also cost her her life in now turning your attention back to this most important article about those 70 children plus 70 more than 70 children vanished into thin air this comes from 41 action news everyone on my current salary in an alley state lawmakers are now questioning house 70 foster kids can go missing in the report coming to light after a lawmaker confronted the agency about the missing kids yesterday our investigative team is pressing leader 41 action is investigator just McMasters taking a deeper look at how these children are actually tracked by the state Jessica Arianna department for children and families have contractors that place children in the state of Kansas with foster care parents so DCF doesn't handle these cases directly we did speak with one of those contractors KBC health systems about why and how these children are going missing after being placed into foster care director of communication Jedi cuts tells us most of the children who have gone missing are run away if she says KBC follows protocols in and 3 missing children's case by alerting police and various other state employees including DC at for some a pause it there and say one very important thing it is a catch all to say that all of these foster children are runaways and I want to paint a picture for you how horrifying would it be to you as a parent if your children are taken from you for bogus reasons when you're a loving parent only trying to protect your children and they're put into the care of CPS or foster care system and then disappear or you don't know where they are or they're being sexually abused and you're powerless to stop it I have on the line right now Daniel Larsson who is going through this right now and also on the line is a friend of his social worker named Emma and ... his wife is under a gag order and cannot speak that's what they do folks when they want to shut you up they put you under a gag orders that we see going on in Las Vegas Daniel thanks so much for joining us you're very welcome thanks for having me here I am under no gag order so I will be speaking up god bless you for doing so and Emma welcome to think you know I'm I'm happy to be there what we're happy to have you wanna make one thing very very clear folks not everybody who works in CPS is a bad person who kidnaps children but as Nancy Schaefer told us as she so eloquently quantified before she lost her life there is a huge problem throughout the country with missing kids and a lot of them go missing from the CPS system as we're now seeing in Kansas city with 70 plus children vanishing into thin air with no answers coming from CPS other than to say they're probably all just runways I'm here to tell you that is probably 100 percent untrue Daniel how it where do we start as it pertains to your 15 year old boy Max you have a daughter ... Isabella 14 Alex 11 in a brand new baby Elias and now they've all been snatched from you and put into the hands of CPS where we begin I am that's correct where do we begin out well for us all and they are my step children all of these children that you mention ... we began a year ago when ... they took the is started with maps and ... there are heroes ... my wife Tricia of medical child abuse against Max are claiming that he is not really sick he does not have any issues and that ... those things are a figment of Tricia's imagination so that was a year ago little over a year ago and they took him and they took the other children as well ... Isabel and Alex and I thought they were listed under threat of harm so because they think she did that's what Max that the the other 2 are quote unquote in danger and threat of harm ... at the time she was 4 months pregnant and since then subsequently around she had a baby alliance and after 12 days at home with us they came in Turkey alliances well and we've been dealing out with that ever since now they put her under a gag order ... she my wife spoke out and are created a website where she spoke out and shared her story because I neither CPS know our ... the DA representing CP us care to listen to anything she had to say they literally they avoided any better that does not any information that does not support the narrative that they are trying to put forth rain literally just avoid it like it doesn't exist and so she spoke out with this website and in some other ways as well and as a result of the website they put a one person gag a one party gag ... against my wife while no other parties that are involved in this case now have any gag on them let me pause you care go I'm gonna make a note there no other parties have a gag on them that's where we can pick it up guys I've dogs my own but is there a way to make that dog stopped barking because it's very distracting yeah I hope you were just in time you will switch what okay is that better ... I'm sure will beat you up so you can just pick it up from there nor the parties have gag orders on them that's correct so I have when this gag order was placed on orders placed against their several parties you have CPS represented up each each of the children have their own a lawyer representing them these lawyers are just rubber stamps for CPS and odd then you have a car so which is called does that stand for court appointed special ... advocate and it is the casa is supposed to be ... helping you representing the children in a way that helps them adjust to their their foster situations or what not and they're just another rubber stamp for CPS as well anyway so you have all those parties that are involved in this case you have about 8 to 10 people in this courtroom on one side and my wife right there on the other side just her against all these other people none of those other people have a gag they're allowed to go say anything they want to anybody they want arm which they've done they've they've actually everybody they talk to you or I'm bill go and give a one sided story talk about these things as if they're fact instead of just allegations and they do it for the purpose of getting the support they want any answers the wants to ... basically manufacture evidence against my why you are so she's got none of them are that's why I'm speaking and she is not ... because there's no gag against me yeah I'm they can't shut me up well Daniel let's just stop here and let's get the up basic facts on what the accusations are because I just want to point out to folks that that in terms of the CP as we now see them going after people for home schooling did a buffalo mother's fight to educate her own children actually land her behind bars tonight I Chiari Harris is facing charges while her 2 young children sit in foster care she tells us her decision to home school her children put a target on her back but no Daniel please explain to us what caused all of this to happen did Max have special needs and you're trying to get care for Max I know that you guys sought out a neuroscientist doctor and that only made things worse so explain to me how we got to where we are so I'd like to add something on as a social worker in the state of Oregon this is this is somehow yeah I am a please jump in it there is a huge issue in Oregon and this issue ... is involving families of children with special needs I am currently the state department of Human Services DHS child welfare is targeting family is like Tricia's they are struggling to meet the needs of families of children special needs and they are removing them and 2 of Trish has 4 children have documented ... proven special needs they have epilepsy and they have ... developmental disorders and these are all well documented throughout that throughout their medical records but hounds what's and what's happening is doctors who are having disagreements with the way that these children are being cared for are then making calls to CPS and then CPS is getting involved and the problem is these social service providers most people who work for child welfare do not have masters in social work most of them are you know perhaps maybe a college degree are most of them are not parents and they are suddenly taking over in the care of these children with complex medical needs when in reality I am the system really needs to be focusing on providing comprehensive support for these families and not bringing on a trauma of remove all so what you get is doctors who are frustrated with kids with complex needs an arm mismanaging their care and you have a child welfare who can benefit financially from keeping these kids in the system and so essentially this is what has happened to Tricia she has 2 kids very complex medical needs and doctors who disagreed about their cat okay thank you for that background ... we've had challenges in our own family with a child ... with some of these needs because he was vaccinated when he was very very young and I didn't know any better ... I would bet that ... your children to receive all the vaccinations enough to get into the vaccines ... issue right now I would suggest people watch the movie faxed ... but Daniel is that true were ... Max in Isabela both fully vaccinated correct that is true yeah I just it makes me wonder we know the incidence of autism in this country is now I think one in 60 ... it wasn't that long ago folks when I was growing up it was one in 10000 so we know children are being damage not all children but many many of them in there all being damaged in different ways with different ailments many of them in different parts of the spectrum some with full blown autism others with ass burgers others with processing disorders others with neurological issues and as a parent who loves your children all you can do is try to help them of I recently reached out for a friend of mine named Marco I've interviewed and he said that bentonite clay can be used for safety talks and cilantro oil with Korea said one study has showed that after 3 months of treatment 71 percent of aluminum had been removed in 90 percent of lead and mercury I'm no doctor but as a person who cares about us kids as a person whose heart goes out you Daniel we got a look at homeopathic options because you try to get your kids help you and your wife did try to get them help and you put them in the hands of this neuroscience doctor and things only got worse is that correct yes and actually I would like to add one thing and I'm kind of piggybacking on what you so sad about the vaccines one of the issues in the state of Oregon is that if you do not follow a doctor's recommendations you can have your children removed their parents in the state of Oregon who are against vaccination and they could potentially face losing their children to child welfare because they're not following the advice of these doctors so the overreach of government in the state of Oregon in terms of what parents have in terms of rights to decide medical care for their children is extremely concerning well it absolutely is and it's the over reach of government you you just hit the nail on the head Emma because if we do not have the right to our own physical bodies and to the welfare and control over our children we are absolutely slaves on a plantation because we cannot that's backs the movie has proven to us we cannot trust these big pharma companies and out the vaccine schedule it's a very tyrannical used to be I think when I was a kid 891011 vaccines throughout childhood before the age of 18 now it's north of 30 and they want to do I think they want wrapped up to 70 so they're shooting our children filled with this stuff and what our children and up damaged it's we the parents that have to live with the consequences meanwhile California criminal governor Jerry Brown passed into law the mandatory vaccination bill and what the home school private school or go public schools does matter you have to get your children vaccinated now by law in California and I can think of nothing more to radical can you Emma now and and and what's really concerning to me as that there is no accountability for the government or for these doctors if things go wrong up parents are you know facing having their children removed if things do go wrong so that's that's a concern there needs to be accountability for the doctors are news to be accountability for the government item in terms of the well being of these kids well in our case this is Dan speaking of our case in particular arm you know vaccination I I don't whatever the cause is where the the bottom line is treasure my we trusted the doctor to know the doctors the one with the qualifications and the credentials and we trusted that the doctors knew what they were doing and ... when that when that happens and it doesn't go right this and the state comes in their overreaching power abuse of power comes and blames the parents for impossible misdiagnosis or or what not with the child how how was that I don't use and abuse of power that's over reaching and it's not even if the doctor what should be the one that's accountable since they are the ones with the qualifications and they're the ones that went through all the training they're the ones that are required to do you know you use their profession use their knowledge to diagnose properly and figure out what is wrong ... arm and like I said in markets in particular I have no idea what because maxim Isabel's conditions I have 0 idea 0 clue but we trusted that doctors we trusted that they were doing following the proper procedures following the arm you know their training to to discover to find out what is wrong and how to treat the children you know I wish so badly that Tricia wasn't under a gag order because I want to ask her about her experience as a mother when these babies came into the world you and your wife were trying to get these children help now when you told me that you've been accused of medical child abuse I just assumed that meant maybe they're coming after you for trying to seek homeopathic treatments or remedies that's not the case at all here you went to ... I guess probably you correct me if I'm wrong but you would to an AMA doctor and we're getting traditional medical help is that correct rod each yeah absolutely highly qualified romaji ads at Swedish and ... is a highly qualified very trite we trusted him implicitly harbor trade I believe and we were just following what we thought was best and we trusted that he have the training to properly treat the children and that's exactly how can you be accused of medical child abuse I don't understand help us understand what the accusation can even be when all you did was take the children to this doctor to try to get help so this is where this idea of medical child abuse ... comes from what if you have a parent that ... over seeks medical care in the opinion of these doctors ... that they can be accused of medical child abuse mattresses case is a great advocate for her kids and she didn't oversee care she'd just reported what she saw with her children ... but I think doctors just began to get really frustrated because they were prescribing medications or making things worse and instead of taking ... responsibility for just not knowing what to do they instead blame parents at all it just must be something she's making up and ... well it also speaks to the authoritarianism of the state right when the doctor call CPS CPS is gonna take a doctor's phone call very seriously especially as it pertains to accusations against parents so yeah parents most parents do not have the funds to defend themselves properly the state has an ending resources to accuse a parent and they have on ended the resources to support a doctor and oftentimes these doctors in the state work together they are colleagues they help each other out and so they're going to take the word over a doctor from the doctor over the word of the parent which is wrong and one of the biggest issues is they can choose who they investigate vacant suse who they interview they what they can do is they can do investigations under completely poorly done where they don't interview key witnesses who know what's really going on all to support these doctors which is wrong Dan speaking again so what what Emma said is that's exactly what has happened in our case they failed to end to end interview a witness says that I have had extensive contact with our family over the years extensive contact and and ... very close to the family with ... caught up with it without it about your knowledge ... and experience with our family they failed to talk to at least a dozen people never they think they never interviewed any of them and including myself by the way they nobody ever invented the talks in interviewed me in an investigative role ... regarding a anything in this case and you think they would considering my role arm I join the family bout with a little over 3 years ago and they just absolutely ignored anything I had to say and it's because what I have to say does not support their narrative they literally ignore any any information witnesses and evidence that does not back up their narrative I also wanted to just say something regarding you mentioned earlier about doctors calling CPS this case did not originate from any doctors having any concerns this case originated with Tricia's mother used have personality disorders actually calling CPS no doctors had any concerns ever ever there were no records show any concern of any issues with Tricia are making up or exaggerating symptoms this originated with her mother calling CPS and then from there ICP ask just her mother lied to CBS and 1000000 different ways I it would take hours to go over all the ways in which she lied to them provable lies easily provable lies that we've actually demonstrated by CPS does not care of our very early on CP has decided that they wanted to believe her mother and since then they have like I said they haven't interviewed anybody that ... has any kind of opposing story and one of the things that happens in the state of Oregon is we have these child abuse assessment centers and they are affiliated with the hospitals and so ... these are forensic pediatricians is what they're called so these are pediatricians that don't have a clinical background they just see their contracted by the state so child welfare uses these pediatricians to evaluate children they feel might have been abused and then we as pediatricians I am are the ones who provide all information for the case now the problem is these pediatricians are not specialists they do not have their nonreligious they're not Nero surgeons they're not geneticists and so they don't have experience with these more complex kids their experience is interviewing any and helping CBS to build a case against the parents and that's what they do and they ... really should be enough and I have you know in an ideal world their job really should be to contact all of the specialists working with the children they should be contacting ... that doctors are working with these kids and gathering information but what they're doing instead is coming to an opinion and then convincing all of the doctors on these children's teams and this happens not disinterest as case this is something that has happened in several other cases here in Oregon convincing them that the parents as a child abuser and ... because these are states armed sponsored pediatricians I that said doctors are working with these families are kind of forced to kind of change their opinions about these parents which is really a major problem because again the use the use pediatricians these friends of pediatricians don't have that clinical data the experience of working with these families they don't know these families well they don't know these kids well this is just a one time shot in there you know and they're feeding these kids into child welfare they're feeding these kids into foster care and unfortunately some of these doctors are presenting themselves as child saviors and this is a problem because putting a child in foster care is not saving a kid supporting the family is supporting these kids supporting good care for them that's the Meanies well I have absolutely I just wanna say that ... taking children from loving parents is the absolute worst thing you can do especially for a child with special needs emotional needs processing disorders or otherwise putting them into the hands of a foster care parent who may or may not be a good role model or a loving a substitute here in the meantime in many cases are not is the worst thing you can do it I just want to talk real briefly and I am a you can weigh in on this if you like but there is a conflict of interest for people who work for the CPS this comes from December 14 here from the new American when CPS kidnaps children for money in the article says Everytime CPS sees a child gets money from the government lots of money that is a conflict of interest is it not yes and that and this is specific doctors that are these forensic pediatricians they have a conflict of interest in terms of evaluating these kids because they are being paid for by the state they are being sponsored by the state and their only interest is building cases for the prosecution they don't have they're not people who are trying to be ... objective and look at things the way they need to happen and this is this is a huge problem another thing to do is I'm keep in mind that that money that they get for the children that they can yeah they get more money when the children are medically fragile or have special needs they get more money through then I would find Titus Evan funds so that title 7 finds essentially allow child welfare to huge amount of administrative costs which can pay for their social service workers and this is especially a problematic when you have a state that has a wound tax system that doesn't support child welfare which is what happens in the state of Oregon because state Oregon dozen have a sales tax and so state of Oregon depends on those federal matching funds that they're getting from title 7 funds and so when they pull a child with special needs they can actually access a much higher level of funding to pay for their system and to pay for their social service providers to pay for the managers to pay for on that program specialists and to pay for these doctors and so that's it does one of the cutest problems and the problem with these funds is that they can only access them if they have removed the child and place them in foster care right there are not any preventative funds there there are some but there's very few album there's no prevention of removal what they're doing is the only way they can access these funds by removing the kids and then once a family is in the system then they continuously target that family especially if it's a kid with special needs because they can access all the funding they need to keep their their program going yeah I would just say one thing I agree with you the problem in this country and I think there are people suffering silently people that don't have access to even my little platform here I unfortunately I don't think that there's anything I can do to help you guys change this other than to give you a publicity here and to get the word out that people need to protect themselves and I do then we can talk about solutions I'm not even sure what they are in this case but ... I just want to say that there are people suffering silently with children who need help and you guys are right there's endless resources once they get your kid into the system endless resources in these prisons in the jails you ever notice that endless resources once people are in the criminal justice system or in the system you're describing the CPS system but precious few resources for parents who need genuine help and are searching for help for these kids prior to getting into those systems that you find that fascinating I find it extremely disgusting interethnic goal but in this country we have 3 times as many people incarcerated in prisons as China in China has more than 3 times our population there's something very very wrong in this country that's absolutely true that's absolutely true and elite regarding the word where they're gonna put CPS and child welfare ... I have it I'm I'm not the one who coined this term but I'm gonna use it that child welfare industrial complex okay it's a huge money at it throughout the country every single state if there is just tons of money in that system and the majority of the money is in the back end after they take after they kidnapped the kids after they destroy families it's all most of it is put into the back end and very little into the front and one of my silly but be perhaps they start but first of all get rid of incentives because CPS also has incentives to take children and incentives to adopt the children out to new parents right to foster parents or are new parents and so you have incentives to actually take the kids and adopt them out it's more money for them instead of that perhaps putting more money and they got billions billions put that money in the front and in in helping if you find a family with real issues and real problems perhaps take it would be so much cheaper to put that money into actually helping not family in the ways that you deem CPS deems they need the help although I don't trust the PS is judgment there but but but my point being that star pointing money enough what I called the flag man instead of the back end after they've destroyed the family and kidnap the kids yeah well shut problem is that they are taking it without any preventive services right and that is the biggest issue they need to have funding for preventive services and they need to be preventing not just taking this family through the legal system in destroying them it's not helping these kids that's not helping the kids at all but as Nancy Schaefer revealed before she was I think murdered along with her husband of course they call that a ... murder suicide I believe that for a second no wonder why she yes and she revealed that the CPS system is not there for the most part to help people to help families help children tonight I'm talking about those children removed from their homes intentionally for prostate children are seized unnecessarily from their families do you to the federal aid created in 1974 entitled the adoption and safe families act it offers financial incentives to the states that increased adoption numbers to receive the adoption incentives or bonuses local CPS must have more children they must have more merchandise to sales and that's the problem guys I would encourage everyone listening including my guests here to ... follow my friend Melissa Zachariah the honey bee on Twitter I don't think there's anybody that I can point to who's doing more work day in day out to expose the injustices of what we're talking about here ... she does a terrific job you can follow Melissa the honey bee on Twitter in doubt she could certainly help you guys get the word out to some degree but I don't otherwise know how to help you is there anything that we can do to help you what are your plans how do we protect these kids we got Max Isabel Alex and Elias now in the hands of CPS do you even know where they are are you getting updates on where physically they are in the world well I'm not aware of where they are yeah we have we have regular visits with them arm but it just seems that there the case is not progress there at all arm as far as helping us in particular I mean publicity does help you know I want to get the word out because CBS I'm telling them up to operate in the shadows they do not like are their actions to be known and that's why they get away with what they get away with it's disgusting and all that in the last year all the things that I've learned this EPS is done to families not just in Oregon but all over the country and they do this they get away with that because they work in the shadows we actually tried to in the website that we did they we try to expose it and guess what they did they got my wife and once again because they like to work in the shadows and now they're back in the shadows again so honestly in terms of our particular situation I you know I just I don't want them to be able to work in the shadows and get away with this and one of the major issues is that parents are ashamed to be involved a child welfare because they're being labeled as unfit parents it's a horrible place to be and I think what people don't understand is this could happen to anybody this is not something anybody is immune from you could be a well educated ... somebody who has a good solid life going on for you and you can have your kids removed you could be labeled a child abuser and they could destroy your entire life and but the problem is most parents don't want to go out and say Hey I have my children removed because of the same factor and I think that we need to bring this out into the light this can't be hidden in the way it has been hidden for so many years parents need to be able to talk about it and the general public needs to understand that this is a major problem that is going to impact us all this is not you know just a bunch of low life parents that are having their kilts remove this is everybody we are normal you know good members of our society to pay taxes and have jobs and the general public needs to be aware that this is an issue that needs to be looked at yeah I might add something to what am I just said along those same lines is arm a lot of the time and I think one of the reasons the icy when I've seen in this last year the way I've seen CPS and the state operate in terms of literally lying in court arm in terms of yeah of basically ignoring my wife's rights okay I just the way I've seen them operate I'm one of the things that has shocked me throughout this is arm up is the fact that the public doesn't get outraged at these kinds of things that what they're doing it one other at one of the examples of a lie this is a straight up why the CPS worker I'm in that the very first hearing we had where they go arm in front of the judge to supposedly are justified their their decision to take the children yeah CPS investigator stood up and and ... lied about ... Max using a wheelchair said Max was wheelchair bound and and now he's you know now is not using a wheelchair Max literally never ever use a wheelchair okay arm it is well known since then they have acknowledged that that has it that Max told the investigator that he never used a wheelchair and after that was when he went to the judge and he made the judge believe that Max used a wheelchair well when you when you are when when you're told here's the wheelchair and then you see him walking and running you're gonna think a miracle happened but and that's what they did to get support that's what they did one of the lies they told in order to get the judge to just to use rubber stamp their their decision to take the kids arm I kind of went off track there but my other point that I was going for was that when people I think when the general public hearers that CPS got involved in families lives I think most people will think to themselves well gosh if CPS took the kids then there must be something there and I'm here to tell the world that that is absolutely not true they took these children based on nothing and they do it not just in our case they do it every day they take it they they take kids away from parents based on nothing based on such small small evidence that that they call it shelter care when you go in front of the judge and that that shelter care hearing at most I don't know the numbers but generally they the judges agree with CP yes I you know I don't know that they ever done they're just it's just another rubber stamp there as well I think it's just a sham just to give the appearance of due process but it really isn't and back to my original point as they take kids based on nothing so when people think to themselves well gosh there must be something that is not true they can do it to anybody if they decide to it would take more evidence charge people with the crime than to remove their kids they have to have a lower level of evidence 26 to take somebody's children then to charge them with a crime like shoplifting and that's a problem it's a civil rights issue this is a civil rights issue they are targeting families of kids with special needs and parents with disabilities and they are stealing their children I think maybe we can sum this up by understanding that our families in this country are under attack in have been under attack for decades by the medical industrial complex by the Rockefeller medicine complex ... by for lack of a better word the New World order if they can destroy our families from within they destroy our ability to have a healthy Republic by and for the people if they can separate mother from father through jobs are divorce if they can take the kids and indoctrinate them in the public schools or better yet remove them and put them into foster care they literally destroy our country the very fabric of our foundations from within and I do think that we are all under attack in the reason for a conversation like this is although I can't do anything to help you get your children ... back Daniel Tricia I very much have empathy for what you're going through and I wanted to help you get the word out and I'm sorry that there's a gag order on your wife I very much wanted to talk to get her her input on what's going on here the website injustice is now unavailable to view because of the gag order ... final word from you Daniel on anything that we can do can we follow you guys on Twitter a what else can we do just to keep updated on your battle ... yet there is that there that you can follow us on Twitter we all are that's what we've been posting on Twitter that is most just general CPS Jews are not case specific stuff and that's because of the cats so I right now that's ... the only thing the only presence we have is on Twitter arm I do I am aware of ... ... possible under ... yeah I'm looking into other means but right now we have his Twitter away injustice Oregon on twin has organ correct yeah so it's done it like I said it's not them case specific stuff we talk we talk about more just general CPS corruption and things like that because it is it is corruption its abuse of power it stayed over reach ... end in our in particular though our case just the exposure like I said earlier they operate in the shadows and if we can expose them you know if if that's all I get out of this right now ... then hopefully that'll help ... perhaps that can help another family stand up to them and just getting more families to stand up to them and not allow them to to have railroad people like this and destroy families yeah and if ... anyone listening ... thinks that they have a way to help this family pleased to reach out to them via Twitter injustice Oregon at injustice Oregon on Twitter Daniel Larson has been my guest in his friend Emma who is a social worker ... Emma any final words for you before we part ways I just want to have I just wanna thank you for listening to the story because I think that as I said before this is a huge civil rights issue and I really feel like the only way this is going to be addressed as a family is like Tricia's come out into the open and let the world know that these things are happening at these injustices are happening and I think people need to be aware that this is an SCO and the government is never going to raise our children batter then families who love their kids and the government should be working to support families not to destroy them you know that's right thank you you're well thank you very much you're welcome it's my pleasure in die I'm sorry this is happening to you so my best your wife Tricia who could not talk with us on this call because of the gag order ... guys thank you so much for listening look we're all in this mess together I used to say that all the time we got to start saying it again because what you're talking about our economic system in the U. S. debt levels which are out of control but the rabble rousing for you know World War 3 with North Korea or the cases of CPS snatching kids 70 foster kids gone missing in Kansas city how is that acceptable because we have a neutered captured corporate mainstream media that will not do its job and will not report the truth be it the truth about what happened in Las Vegas or the truth about what's happening every single day in this country as children go missing thank you so much for listening we very much appreciate each and everyone of you you make a world of difference for us by tuning in to SG to every single day for real news 247 may god bless you and your families we love you thank you so much of a great week but I there is no conspiracy between the FBI between LVMPD and the MGM nobody is attempting to hide anything //
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\\a friend Sean from S. GT here with a very important precious metals and economic update put it you got Ben Greer is get it right when he wrote this article a world of lies but gold will reveal the truth we posted that it S. GT and you can read the entire article there for yourself but we're going to go down memory lane here to paint a very important picture for you about how far gone the system is and how little physical precious metal there is left in the vaults this article from 0 had Scotia Mocatta put for sale after multi $0 money laundering the world's oldest gold trader is for sale after a massive money low scandal may have terminally crippled one of the most iconic names in the business guys I'm gonna take you down memory lane and remind you what Harvey organ told us back in 2010 I interviewed him myself we're gonna share is 0 hedge article with you to refresh your memory here in just a second but let me read this Canada's bank of Nova Scotia is exploring options for its gold business Scotia Mocatta the Financial Times reported which include a possible sale of Canada's most popular precious metals trader will skip down here while gold trading has been in a cyclical decline in recent years the quote straw that broke the camel's back in prompting the sale was Scotiabank's lending to elemental a precious metals refinery in Dallas Scotiabank was one of its biggest traders they said Chris doing is reported about this in detail the problem emerged in March when U. S. prosecutors accused workers at a subsidiary of elemental NTR metals in Florida of a money laundering scheme using billions of dollars of criminally derived gold mostly from Peru NTR imported more than 3.$6000000000 of gold from Latin America from 2012 to 2015 the court documents allege 2 of the accused sommar barrage in one ground up pleaded guilty last month to a charge of money laundering Empleados after the story came to light in March elemental was kicked off the London bullion market association good delivery list of gold refiners now there's a funny phrase good delivery list I don't think that there's much gold in physical form left in any of the vault anywhere why do we know that what we have Harvey organ telling us so as it pertains to Scotia Mocatta itself Canada's largest physical bullion bank back in 2010 here's the article let me remind you what Harvey said the latest gold fraud bomb shell Canada's only bullion bank gold vault is practically empty the recall I've interviewed Harvey organ about this very story on several occasions the article reads continuing on the trail of exposing what is rapidly becoming one of the largest frauds in commodity markets history is a recent interview with gatt as Adrian Douglas but you look at the physical market so they'll be my ... it trades ... 20000000 ounces of gold a day on that basis ... which is ... ... ... $22000000000 that's 5.$4000000000000 a year that's half the size of the US economy if you take the gross amount it's about 0.5 tons of US economy ... that is not trading 100 percent backed Michael there is a fractional reserve places so ... unknowns you can tell that from the LP might website because they trade in all the case unallocated accounts and if you look at that definition unallocated account they say your on security credit to well if it's on allocate if you buy 100 tons of gold ... even if you don't have the serial numbers you should know how to conduct also have you been on secured creditor wells because it's free fractures of the county in the contrary that much gold doesn't exist in the world ... so if people are hedging these positions IBM I are essentially paper hedging paper course that's the same hearing guys in which Jeffrey Christian let the cat out of the bag about how much paper gold is in the system saying that gold trades like other financial assets and like Thiebaud's anti bills are traits 100 to one the physical and people say well there is and you heard it today there's not that much to the cool metal out there there isn't but in the physical market as the market uses that term there is much more metal than that there's 100 times what there is now of course it was Harvey organ in his son Laney who discussed their visit to the only bullion bank vault in Canada Scotia Mocatta located at 40 king street west in Toronto and found that the vault was practically empty her you were called to testify before the CFTC because you would have alerted them about your visit to the Scotiabank vault under the control of Mocatta in which you and your son Lenny were shocked by a vault which contains precious little physical gold and silver party can you briefly recap that story for us what what what what actually happened was is that of the family was doing ... reorganization and we had to do an audit and we could and the auditors came in and says always they ran down to 40 king street Toronto and says we're here to do an audit and they said well you can't come in and we said what those who leave our auditors sessions party this is an audit of your physical precious metal yeah right okay and what actually happened was that we we receive we receive this throughs are comics purchases through ... bank in Nova Scotia and that they are they are one of the carriers ... Mocatta there 100 percent owned by by the bank of Nova Scotia and they brought our silver and gold up ... from New York in and it was housed in Toronto and then when they family we want to do the reorganization of course we had as they say is the author of how to do it I'm not and that's when the fun begins and the other thing was also the or at the time was we are hearing a lot of funny things are going on with that disappearing silver and gold around the planet my son was also very scared and that's why he lost demanded to go in as well and there was a whole series of letters ... written by the lawyers that they manage to stay with it you know the see what was there and finally we don't know how love my son I was in techselect at a time but my son goes in and he sees that ... are silver and gold was not there they actually went in this that where's our stuff there and ... if you take a note of how much silver and gold was there and basically the unallocated was basically nothing and we allocated he could see so the stuff that that was allocated like Eric Sprott stuff was certainly there ... ... I think there's 1000000000 fund was certainly there ... but the the amount of unallocated or on the other side they called on Alec it was nothing which means all the banks what's ... certificates of of of silver and gold was basically nonexistent there when he goes on to describe exactly how much or how little as the case may be silver was available roughly 60000 ounces in physical form as for gold 1600 ounce bars 4000 maples 500 gold eagles 10 kilo bars 11 kilogram pieces of gold nugget form which Adrian Douglas calculated at the time as being $100000000 worth which is just one tenth of what the royal mint of Canada sold in 2008 alone as Harvey organ concluded at the time the game ends when the people who own all of these paper obligations say enough and take physical delivery and that's when the mess will occur now if memory serves it took Harvey in his son a very long time to finally get the physical delivery of their gold which was supposedly stored at Scotia Makana they fought that battle in it took several weeks I believe to get their gold but they did finally get it and that is the cautionary tale for everybody else listening if you don't hold it you don't own it all paper money goes to their intrinsic value and that intrinsic value is 0 print once you understand that and it will and these guys are do anything they can the bankers are crackers and we'll come full circle with this article a world of lies but gold will reveal the truth suggest everyone read it in the conclusion from Egon is this I have a message for an oblivious world which doesn't realize what will hit them to avoid total wealth destruction by insurance in the form of physical gold and silver while there is still time when history's biggest Ponzi scheme is found out it will probably be impossible to get a hold of physical gold and silver at any price friends thanks so much for listening if you want to seek the protection of physical gold and silver please click the banner at the top of SG team report and visit our good friends our sponsors at SD bullion and they'll take very good care of you thanks so much for listening and for real news 247 visit us at SG T. what most Americans still haven't really come to terms with this but the FBI has been a criminal operation for a long time in fact Robert Mueller refused to allow Congress to interrogate FBI informants who had been inside terrorist cells before 911 so the FBI is absolute criminal operation all part of the so called deep state //
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\\Hey friends thanks so much for tuning in you know this is a real thrill for me to be able to just take a step back from all that's going on in Las Vegas right now to return to the world of economics in precious metals and crypto currencies and take a deep breath here to talk about all of that stuff for their good friend Jay asked him his the founder of smart knowledge wealth academy and I'm thrilled to have him back on the line live from Bangkok Thailand Jay's Kim Oria I'm fine Haley Sean I'm good thanks for coming back on man so whether they're in yeah but a little bit rainy button surviving surviving yeah well we're moving towards the fall here in the Midwest where I am terrible terrible fires out west unimaginably Armageddon like fires in the northern California area some of which you're being are written about in people are doing videos about the each of these fires being so unexplained structures being burned to the ground entire neighborhoods literally disappearing but the vegetation alright I owned still in terms this did not come in from a forest bar these homes burn from the inside out I don't know what is responsible for it but ma'am we're going through a lot of changes and I wanna mention this as it relates to economics as the Dow just 23 0 today is reading this conversation a can even believe that in be do you remember a guy by the name of pastor Lindsey Williams do you know who that is vaguely vaguely remember yeah Dow 23000 I just ... remind folks here real briefly he's taken a lot of heat for getting something's wrong but he's a guy who claim to have sort of a high level elite insider friend of his and he used to work in the oil patch is up there in Prudhoe bay Alaska ... and use a pastor there a lot of the oil man and he always used to do these videos saying that his high level insider friends told him here just one of it one example of his predictions I can make a lot of money do you remember when oil was up around what well north of $100 a barrel in it retrace to 23 year below 30 do you remember that chest yeah I do he predicted before that happened that it was gonna happen in then oil was gonna rebound to like $150 a barrel he got that prediction right had you bet on Lindsey Williams predictions there yet I made more money than you could have imagined specially he'd used options and then he also predicted that when the Dow was below 10000 he predicted that the Dow would go to unimaginable heights the elite we're gonna take it much higher than anybody thought was possible in here we sit today at Dow 23000 can you even believe it I mean what's it going to 30000 it seems like they could take up to 50 and nothing's going to stop it because they're in control yes kind of amazing that you have the Dow is still climbing the SNP 500 is still climbing for the majority this year because yes Benham massive bubble in my mind for a long time now so do the way I see it is that I think that at least ill prolly jeep going until January th next year and that's because that's when Janet Yellen is set to resign so you know definitely she does not want this bubble to burst under her rain because then historically she's going to be blamed for it right so I think she is certainly doing her darnedest you just keep it going at least until she resigned so she can escape and then let her successor take the fall yeah you know what's funny about that though I mean of course you remember when Ron Paul grilled Ben Bernanke about what is gold and the response was it's addition I you know the same argument was made with Bernanke all will be well till he leaves on the blame it on yellow and here we are sitting with yellow and I didn't actually know she was going to resign their next January but then they're gonna hand the baton to somebody else meanwhile we have people saying this whole thing was going to be blamed on trumpeter claps since trump comes in office it's just defying gravity and you know many hedge funds have closed because even the smartest people in the room can't figure out why the market is behaving this way it only goes up until those elite decide it's ready to drop in when they're ready to drop it it's gonna drop like a stone share our best don't think they have like absolute control over it because like you think it only defy reality for so long so there is going to come a point in time and so yeah you know you are right because I do remember people saying it's going to fall apart when after Bernacchi lasts for the same reasons that he wanted to ponder his tenure in that Jenny yelling could be playing so you know perhaps that's there refutation that's going to fall apart when yelling these but I also want to see who trouble points to to be the next chair of the US federal reserve and I think we'll get a better idea than when we see who is new appointee is yeah you know all of us in the truth space though with so much more prefer to see the Rothschild federal reserve being abolished I mean wouldn't that be a breath of fresh air but that's not gonna happen we know it's not gonna happen because those central banks around the world are controlled by the elite and they're not going to relinquish their control but there are so many people out there around the world now that are embracing crypto currencies and I wanted to get your opinion on that point because I know you've written a lot about it what is your take on bitcoin in the crypto currencies in general because you and I both know the crip does have drained a lot of money mountains of money north of $175000000000 away from precious metals would be one Avenue that money could onto all that money that's gone away from other avenues has gone into kryptos as sort of an escape valve is sort of a last alternative escape from what the Dow and the nasdaq which you're both in bonds which are all in a bubble shark shark well my take is shown that I look at crypto currencies and the 0 percent digital currency platform as the next stage at central bankers are taking us to I don't know big Korean is part of that but I do believe that central bankers because they understand that their fiat currency system right now is imploding and we you know we see that with the loss of purchasing power the U. S. dollar the euro the yen and the British pound right the 4 major global currency so I think they understand that their rule if the off currencies is coming to an end if ya currencies no problem has the purposes are just digital currencies anyways right we have trashing coin but that only comprises maybe 2 percent of the fiat currencies in existence out there already 98 percent digital so their desire I believe is to take it 100 percent digital and the question the big question the big elephant in the room I think that a lot of the core now the kids do not want to address is you know our central bankers behind bitcoin are least I think at a very minimum they are deathly using the rise in Piqua to basically gaze of public and gain acceptance of 100 percent digital currencies even if they're not behind it I think they're using the rise of bitcoin to gain that acceptance of 100 percent digital currencies you know that's curlers taken now I've made the same argument to ... so is Chris doing is it possible that this whole thing was created by the elite to get people to willingly accept digital currency to take us to a paperless society which we know they want to do date sat yeah and maybe this whole thing has been done by design but the flip side of that coin is that even a bit coin is the creation of the deep state there are other crypto set have sprung into existence out of the free market that maybe would be good for humanity so at the end of the day there's good and bad to the blockchain yeah I'm I I actually support the blockchain because the blockchain has all these other you it's just the size crypto currencies and that's the one thing too because the upper lot of people argue ... you know why the claim is that anti banking free humanity type of currency you know they'll say it's the qualities of money and ... I've heard Aristotle's 4 qualities quoted one of which is that it has ... and hurried value or has you know some type of intrinsic value which I don't believe crypto currencies have because you know basically he said has intrinsic value look at the definition that means that the values the same no matter what it use across the board and a cryptocurrency basically it's values derived from its record on the blockchain so depends how about blockchain is used which means it doesn't have it doesn't fit the intrinsic value characteristic because one way that the wreck on the blockchain you know the transaction the box thinking to use this to protect intellectual property SSH recording ... intellectual property of a photographer then obviously is not going to be that close to $6000 that that record I transaction is for big court so it doesn't if it does for characteristics but other than that I don't really think if it's their characteristics of sound money either which you know basically you want something that has ... a pretty long record now declaring what was an event at the 2009 right yeah etcetera for about 7 ... about 8 years now so that's not a long enough time record to really prove up ... stability in purchasing power and decide that we know is really Basel now's granted it's been ballots on the good and because it's been increasing as far as in dollars but for you know anything to fit their definition a sow money you really want price stability over a long period of time so you don't even want that volatility because you know bait for some money you want to be able to gather it and store it and save it and then know that its purchasing power is going to be their retirement which I don't think we can really say with decline at as you know as of today yeah I don't do I agree with you but ... here's the thing about the brief history of big point cannot be denied that since its invention any purchase your made at any time has made you money and that cannot be said for virtually well maybe for apple computer Amazon some of these other nasdaq bubble stocks like Netflix but virtually any other investment has been far more volatile to the downside in one read this from Julian a son she ... in that we're gonna bridge into the war against truth by Google in fake news Julian a son she tweeted this out on October 14 here of this year my deepest thanks to the US government senator McCain and senator Lieberman for pushing visa MasterCard PayPal amex money bookers it's such a into erecting illegal banking blockade against wikileaks starting in 2010 it cost us to invest in bitcoin with a 50000 percent return boy that's purchasing powers it yes yeah I certainly certainly but there's actually just a couple of the points I wanna cover real quickly about the hope you're going to be whether it's anti banking or it was invented by central bankers the pusher 0 percent digital currency agenda and that is why people are say because it's ... disruptive decentralized currency correct yeah okay but here's the thing is that when we look at history I for example when we look at the Aldrich plan right they gave gave rise to the federal reserve on the final bill that passed it actually of they said that when you look at history that progressive Democrats demanded our resources the mechanics the supply owned and controlled by the government right nor did counter the man money trusting to destroy the existing central as our 16 concentration of credit resources on wallstreet so the second sort of Democrats back dance propose that de centralized resources them owned and controlled privately but free wallstreet domination now we know that was just propaganda right but we see that same decentralised yeah I'll I'll decide 5 narrative pushed back then to get the U. S. federal reserve approved that there pushing I don't know actually who's pushing this decentralized narrative of big point but we know that's not true and sometimes we have instances in history where those in power you know the money trust have push something is 18 banking which they were behind so we have historical record of this and in fact we also said in The New York Times the news media to slander the altars plan as the Oklahoma bill than Nebraska bell referring to the home states other ferries there's biggest opposition leaders but one of them was ... senator Robert Alwyn and how it's in South disputed that New York times claims saying he supported a new bill because he said it was just all down the sky so you know we have some of the same narrative is being pushed in bitcoin that were pushed to get theirs you aspire reserve approved and that what makes me really wary about top of that as far as decentralization we can even look your goal because there's no central producer Golding the entire world right you know that various gold mines are owned by different companies but different people's decentralize production of golf but yet the they basically the determination up its price in US dollars has been centralized so decentralized production does not necessarily even mean decentralize control because gold is a perfect example where we have the social aspect option but the centralized control of its price that's 0 percent correct no that's a great point and I was just gonna say that about gold and silver get your thoughts on it you're in the east where in the west the power's moving from the west to the east I think in terms of economics and well I don't know about free markets but it sure seems like you guys are doing some great things in the east while the powers that be want to clamp down with trump's trying to correct this by reducing regulations on small businesses freeing up the free market to actually produce and make money without government intervention and ... your a I think in the sweet spot in the east it's exactly why Jim Rogers who he moved his whole family to the east because he saw what's happening now 10 years ago is I know everything's moving to the summer take my family they're they're gonna learn Mandarin anyway the point is your there we're here people in the United States still don't really think very much about gold and silver in again if anything is stolen gold silver standards the kryptos you live in the east are people in the east do they care more about physical precious metals did they see the value of gold and silver in physical form as far as you can tell more than Americans do sure yeah I actually there is a definite distinction between east and west as far as I tease towards golden supper and I think you know that has to do with of the type of narrative that's pushed by their respective governments and also the history because gold has a long rich history in Asia of being money so you know as opposed to you saying that you hardly know any America's own golf here no matter where you go what is Japan and China Thailand Singapore not traveled all throughout Asia you almost can't find someone that doesn't own this at least a little bit of gold or a little bit it's over so it's the opposite I'd heard that in I believe it to be true to I know that's certainly the case in India people love gold and what I like about that is they don't see gold as a way of spending fiat and then just buying a luxury item they see that as a way of preserving their wealth when they trade their fiat for the gold jewelery or whatever it's a tangible way to store your energy and your labor in really the symbol of your life's work in something that cannot go to 0 in relief wasn't manipulated it would be far far higher than 17 Bucks for silver in 1200 Bucks for goal today wouldn't I sure would but there's I think he also a crypto currencies would shut it nests in an easier in Asia it's certainly have gained a lot of traction because it's not like when I speak to people they don't know what the corn is I I've found I've talked to quite a few decline investors in Singapore and the interesting thing about India because as we all know the prime minister there mody he ... band the 500 and ... was of 1000 review no I think those are the routine us out basically comprise like 98 percent of that cash notes in the Indian economy at that time I think that was the effort actually keep demonetized gold and also to gain acceptance of 100 percent digital currency there and I've spoken to Indians about and said do you think almost wild to me that India could adopt 100 percent digital currencies because it's been for the most part just that cash the economy and like you said gold is been a staple out their economy and even poor people will convert Indian rupees that's a goal SOSUS not gold is not just looked as I walk preservation tactic that the rich even those that live in poverty one goal more than rupees and he told me he thought that in the wind never go to 100 percent crypto ... our digital currency or cryptocurrency economy just because of the rich history of gold being money in India he doesn't see people banning called even if people also owned pickling in other crypto currencies India yeah well it's interesting because I was really surprised and I don't I'm not very familiar with Indian culture I've never been there but I was a little surprised I know and I hope Indian so take this the wrong way I view them as a passive people so people are in they were extremely passive when their government tried to take or did essentially eliminate 98 percent or whatever it is of their fiat they just grinned and Barrett and I don't think they should have I think it should cost revolution my fear is that that was a litmus test in there get the bankers gonna try to do this around the world and I hope people don't stand for it because when they take our fiat they take all of our privacy away and you know the key and they want to centralize their power is Aaron Russo told us in that famous documentary by Alex Jones that's what they want in that they don't agree with your politics then they don't like what you're saying in your YouTube channel then they can just turn off your chip good luck taken part in the economy when you have no access to money that's the problem and ... rant over you can jump in on that if you'd like but otherwise I wanted to bridge into the fake news thing in the whole Google clamp down on truth our thing I'm sorry okay other thing one thing I like the ads is your statement is that fact that in member what record first came out everyone was saying was anonymous and that no one knows who owns it now right yeah you must been disproven because of course you have a public record of the transaction on the blockchain for every single transaction that's ever been made into Kuwait and the fact is that if you don't really understand if you're not a hacker you don't really understand these privacy issues at some point when you convert your Piccoli back into fiat currency if or if you're going to buy gold with it are you going to use a banking system in some capacity they said most people will make some kind of mistake where their identity will be trackable so even though you know you you're you don't have and I don't need the actually attached to the transaction record that you are it's actually much easier they say to eventually uncover your identity if they want to know who you are transacting in in these ... could the currencies where the wreck of the transactions on the blockchain and then reality probably Tash is more anonymous then any cryptocurrency since every single transaction in the history of the currency is a public record on the blockchain yeah you're right but you know as well as I do that any transactions up to this point cryptocurrency for the majority I can't speak for everybody but for the moat majority of our audience these are not people doing drug trades are laundering drug money but is soon as they wanna come after you or since they wanna come after the crypt does and we've seen this in the media that's what they're going to say the cryptozoologist right even when we know it's the big enter national banks that have been caught laundering drug money and terrorist money and it paid fines for doing so HSBC Deutsche Bank I think even while Spargo's paid some of these fines for doing just that so when they wanna come after the kryptos they're gonna come after the crypt doesn't say the exact same thing just like they do with cash even though we know it always tracks back to the big banks char not I I do agree with you there is as far as I think it's just a lot of people trying to escape death spiral of the yacht currency system or more power to them because they have been able to you know ... basically not only preserved awhile but increases tremendously you know against the US spiraling downward purchasing power descent of alba fiat currencies all the major global fiat currencies today right well let me ask you this here before we before we part ways I want to take too much your time but have you been following the Las Vegas shooting or this Hollywood Harvey Weinstein scandal ... or the assigned Hillary Clinton twittering ... Twitter wars that are going on if you've been following any of that I was following the ... Las Vegas a little having gone it's a death that listen to you know couple your podcasts on its ear yet allow more information in yeah seems curious how the security guard just disappear alone he was set to go to the press and by different I think a spider for press conferences definitely yeah good then I'll they actually for a year so even though I wasn't an actor I wasn't in that business at all ... I had many friends that were in those rumors about why steam had been going off for and ever so I've even heard about them when I was out there so yeah I think it's just that again it's just the matter of those in power ... with Powell out corrupt in perverted they are being of the cover it all up because they have a lot of power over media that covers them yeah in that's what I wanted to preach to next because I know in the surprise me but he emailed me when we set up this interview couple weeks back that you have suffered because of the Google all the all the rhythms in the attack really on truth media this is the good news guys we're seeing the Hollywood glossy narrative everything Hollywood is supposedly ever stood for fall apart with these wines Steen accusations ... which I think ultimately will lead us down the rabbit hole of peta gate and up pedophile here which is the number one problem in Hollywood according to former child actor Cory came we've seen the Las Vegas shooting narrative the official narrative absolutely fall apart at the seams for really day to and now we see Hillary Clinton really taking more fire from Julian a sun jet wikileaks who's starting to make us believe there's even more DNC Hillary Clinton leaks coming the whole power structure at least in this country jazz is falling apart and it feels great because as you know Google is trying very hard to clamp down on the truth which I think is affected you specifically it's affected you as well hasn't yet even in certain ... you know key words which I really focused on that as far as building my website like best ways to invest in gold and I used to be in the top 10 consistently year after year and that's out of I think believe it was tens of millions of results so that was super important to my business and on Google and then so we got pushed down to the bottom of the page and then to the next page and then to the third page and and to the fourth page and I noticed that I started getting pushed down more and more the more I spoke about ... fraud of you know the futures markets of you know paper gold paper silver markets and how they did it represent the actual supply and demand that the physical laws of physical silver markets and also you know the more I wrote about if you're going to buy physical quality physical silver don't died in the banking system you have to hold it outside the banking system because a banking system cannot be trusted and ... yeah so it's interesting because when I checked but I do so for the last 67 years I'm still on that top 10 results in the last time I checked actually just last week I was though actually the very first results for that exact same search because I don't think China sensors you know best ways to buy gold because they want their citizens Rita own goals yeah it is very interesting because for people who don't know in this country by 2 is the Google in China it is the biggest search engine in China so apparently they have an adopted the same censorship tactics that Google has which is very funny because here we are sitting in the United States in its very clear at this point to Google is a fascist entity which is aligned with the deep state and against truth so I'm starting to wonder where there's more internet freedom visiting China it or is it with Google yeah actually it's probably pretty equal because I I have spent sometime hitch and I know that the Chinese government sides a lot so for example if I were criticizing the Chinese government my search results will be Barry but it on this is that it's it's interesting just to see how widely the search engine results Barry just for you know searches on gold well they don't want the truth about goal being told here ... either but ... they're probably not quite as draconian about that they're far more draconian about trying to keep 911 truth buried trying to keep you know 77 truth buried about the land at London bombings in absolutely now they've got the wagons circled about this Las Vegas official story because if you type in Las Vegas shooting all you're going to get is the mainstream media's official narrative of what happened a lone gunmen no surveillance video backing it up they're gonna ignore all the eyewitness testimony they can and ignore all the police scanner recordings talking about multiple shooters verified all of it according to the mainstream media the official narrative is nothing more than a mass delusion people aren't buying it yeah the very just thinking I find about that Julian Vegas's motor fright because usually you need some type of motive and they still haven't been able to come up with a motive right is that correct because I don't follow it super close well not yet motive no that's 100 percent correct although the early reports right at the gate were that this I think 64 year old man Stephen paddock had been radicalized by ISIS which is a very convenient catchall especially since this government and I'm gonna just say it out loud you don't have to agree with that Zionists entities in Israel want to foster in foment ISIS terror around the globe so that the United States will continue to essentially do these proxy wars for net another nation state and to continuously stay in a state of unconstitutional warfare around the globe all in the back of fighting a boogie man that used to be called up kind of which is now called ISIS yeah it's very very interesting how that is all developed and it's all developing a play how the one last thing if I may shot the one I think I wanted to say ... just about big Korean is I do a vicious thing I found that thing that I found out forgot to mention earlier that ask people invest in bitcoin because they say it's the anti banking line you know humanity liberating currency if they would invest in the crypto currency because you know the whole you're either off-again is this whenever I bring that up people say well you're not for liberating humanity that's I'm not necessarily against crypto currencies I thought I would definitely be for cryptocurrency that was backed by gold then people are you know talk to people that have invested me a lot of money to clean then say unless interesting how about work and then I tell them and I thumbed you wouldn't have the opportunity to make these massive 50000 percent gains on a call back cryptocurrency because a properly constructed one would be measured by cold weight and what actually not even have any fiat currency price attached to it because that's the real valuation goals by weights and should be valued in a fiat currency like dollars then you is so that or evening for sound money price stability and their hair cut their currencies backed by gold and people you know will make ... ridiculous argument is not a goal in the world to back it of course there is it just depends Yom on what fraction of gold would be the bar you know this is the weight units for cryptocurrency in and you can make that is divisible into very small fractions so could be less than a Grammy can be a fraction of a gram in it it certainly function in that way to be more than enough glow in the world if you made it the units approximately grant and I just watched on I've yet to find one person that is bought big going because they say it liberates humanity that say they would invest in the crypto currency backed by gold because what I thought would happen to have this opportunity make like 10000 percent or 20000 per se gains because this is gonna be stable money and it would be the most humanity freeing 18 banking sound money in the world they say they're not interested in a callback cryptocurrency itself is that narrative really real shot that's what I'm really getting at it's a great question and you're right about fractional eyes gold I mean they could divide all the fiat currencies in the world by however much above ground goal there is to get that correct number and we've seen that with big point which you know wasn't that long ago you could buy a big point for 6 or $700 and now only one fifth of a bit corny is going to cost you more than $1000 so it's really fractional eyes pick point as you know fiat all over the globe pours into the cryptocurrency space 2 questions before we let you go number one have you done the math at all since we're talking about gold have you done the math at all in what you think the real world value of an ounce of gold should be one price in US dollars same question for silver let me ask you some questions you're asking me Sean you because I think valium price are not the same concept although they get completed a lot because if you look back to that times when gold and silver where money and it we just tackled at several points right they workplace than any type of currency right there they're basically valued by weight so I still think today the true values by weight so we have our work to go back like I said to call back for the currency I think they should value devalued by weights only because you know when we value them and ... by price which I think is the wrong way to do it then that's how we give the people control all the central bankers that Billy T. to move price up and down and therefore in their minds as people he creates price the value you know control the narrative in that sense so by now you I think it's always you know the same because one gram of gold is one gram of gold anywhere in the world among grams silvers one gram the silver anywhere in the world and the interesting thing is even in physical form today in queens they don't have the same equivalents yeah currency price so another words like a one ounce silver coin I believe is ... one says one US dollar rate that's what's meant that on it of course you know that this band you know more than 20 north of $20 to buy one ounce of silver right ... forces were going by in Canada will save ... 5 Canadian dollars yeah but if you do the for ethics for hate is not it doesn't come out the same equipment US dollar in that it's the same thing in tie you know when you look at what they they actually will stamp on yeah Vera seem ... you know one ounce silver coin or one ounce Gol Kuwait in ... a U. N. and they converted over to U. S. dollars all different fiat currency prices which it is ridiculous club just saying what would be the free market price if this central bankers that control the access I have no idea I just know would be multiples of what it is today and I know that some people have tried to calculate it by looking at the highs in the 19 eighties and that looking at the real inflation rate not that you know official governments inflation rate which is not really sufficient but you look at the real their story then I see people you know come up with those of that $1000 silver prices and you know north at $10000 for gold so I think that's how they have come up with those prices they just basically quite to the highest fiat currency US dollar price in the 19 eighties and then account for what real inflation has been in that just give the inflation adjusted price right well Adrian Douglas did so much work with him 1 and 2 and 3 money supply to and trying to figure out how much money is actually been printed that we know about that even counting the money we don't talk about the trillions that have exchanged hands ... you know between banks and you know who really knows how much money they've printed because you know when you own the printing presses J. as in when you control the notes coming from the federal reserve and the central banks are all owned by one central authority bleeding right back to the bank for international settlements settlements above are the IMF the World Bank who truly knows what the truth is the only people who know the truth of those people that bill Hicks talked about when the president gets taken down to the elevator in the base for the White House on the first day any meets a whole bunch oligarchs smoking cigars in a dark room any asks them okay what's my agenda and they lower a big screen real slowly and they show an all new angle of president Kennedy being shot the knowns ever seen before and then they look at him and they say any questions he says nope only what my agenda is I don't think it's really it's a futile exercise and I know I've seen I think even as recently as last week I saw another predictions so we're going to buy $100 is based on but everything is based upon estimate upon estimate upon estimate because like you said is only a small handful of people that know the truth about a year even when you look at China's gold reserves right there been estimates they have 20000 tons including you know all the reserves held by the citizenry of China's was a P. B. O. C. but not in you know again it's just based upon a lot of speculation and you can kind of you know do some backtracking try to look at like imports of golf from Hong Kong to China to try to come up with estimates that people think are pretty accurate but we're still dealing with estimates on this probably pretty wide variance you know in those estimates ... for ... certain percent error tracked so you know yeah and I think we're all just speculating in really trying to come up with yeah a best guess no I I completely agree with you and ... it's what we're up against and it's why you and I really dedicated our lives trying very hard to find truth speak truth to whoever we can wherever we find it and you know to how the consequences to hell with the consequences because if we don't stand up for truth for the constitution at least in in this country for human rights around the world in against the deep state the shadow governments the control the world we all know what's coming we all know what's coming transhumanism 5 G. the internet of everything controlled by very few all of the assets being centralized for the benefit of the very few at the detriment of the very many J. Askim stands with me for truth in jazz how can we support you I know that your new venture smart knowledge wealth academy is something you're very excited about tells about that how we can support your efforts humble you follow me on social media and ask K. stamper smart knowledge SK walk academy on Snapchat and Twitter because I'll be releasing a lot more information about the launch of SK what economy which I think will be in early 2018 of basically what SK WAP academy or smart knowledge what academy is yeah I'm really excited about this song because it's going to be online education economy and like the name while what is going to focus on a more holistic definition of wealth because I think today people define what a success just by material while but I look at well is not including material wealth because that you know that's important because if you don't have the money to pay your bills that's a lot of stress in your life some not say material wealth is not important now but I think it's just a small part of the overall equation which also includes psychological wealth and happiness which also includes finding your mission in life which also includes critical thought which I see less and less up today because I think those that are charged of the power structure day been very successful in dividing us is the whole dividing conquer because we're forced to take sides liberal versus conservative Democrats versus Republicans left versus right and saw you know we've discussed the division in the you know calling the 18 banking verses thanking our ... very many verses brothers leaving Maggie and I think that a lot of people we have these beliefs that we believe are our own but we haven't really a critically thought about I think a lot of the police effort should be honest with ourselves are Billy's weep and grace that we've been told to embrace and not really believes that we formed our own so where the whole ... the very poor and a focus of smart aleck drug academy is I wanted basically develop something that I think has been lost and damn X. because I don't equate academics today with education because I think if you can't critically think when you're not educated and I wasn't hiding the graduate university graduate I know that my critical thinking skills are not foster that basically out of Boston my own critical thinking skills outside of academic system so when he returned education to academics is obvious that sounds because I've been education for all up a large portion of what constitutes education as that strip out of academia I completely agree and ... critical thinking skills is exactly what I jotted down while you're talking because I'm glad you got there I think it is the most important asset we can give our young people is the ability to critically think and ask questions in challenge authority in in today's authoritative system as you know Jay us they don't want to be challenged by critical thinkers at least in this country we have a whole system that has been deliberately dumb down to prevent critical thinking sounds like SK wealth academy is going to be well worth the investment guys want you to check that out and yes remind us how we can follow you on Twitter soon get the latest updates church where I'm I handle it ask Kay what academy ... all Snapchat's the same as scale up academy so those are probably the 2 best ... I use the following me and that actually on you too it's smart knowledge you so I'm gonna put actually do a podcast of the article in which I question whether decline is a Trojan horse so for those that you know just like the listener podcast ... other put audio podcast feed so if you just follow me on YouTube Aspar knowledge you you'll be able to find that it's up as well okay very good guys I want to thank each and everyone of you for tuning in it means the world to us ... you guys very special people you are the people of critical thinking you are the people who are engaged you are the people who are able to and willing to make change and speak up speak truth your friends family colleagues neighbors because I know most of them don't want to hear it but little by little we will win this battle with false flag events like the Las Vegas shooting helping us to wake people up with at the deep state the shadow government wants it or not in my thanks to Jay ask him for joining us tonight live from Bangkok Bangkok Singapore chance thank you you awesome shot really do appreciate it guys appreciate each and everyone of you special thanks to my patrons over he made a huge difference for us keeping us in the fight thank you so much thank you guys so much for listening god bless there is no conspiracy between the FBI between LVMPD and the MGM nobody is attempting to hide anything //
"2017-10-18 22:07:35"
THE CALI FIRES: "It's Like They Have DECLARED WAR On Human Beings"
\\a French children S. GT report here with a very quick update for you number one I'm working on a new Las Vegas essentially a microdata memory which I think will reveal the powers that were behind what is clearly a false flag in Las Vegas I thought I'd get that finished and posted tonight that's probably not going to happen hopefully it'll post sometime tomorrow but I wanted to give you this update I have time to investigate this very deeply but I want to address briefly fires in California many Reese jurors are citing the cataclysmic fires in the devastation that these fires have caused and raising very good points it's like they have declared war on human some people are talking about microwave weapons having been used I don't know about that yet but I wanted to share this clip of a huge tree at least a 100 year old tree on fire from with it and I want to give credit to Jerry Tony on you tube who made me aware of this information watch this video not a big craziest thing I've ever seen right there in Iraq fire and sell them and it's coming straight up the middle of the tree that is the craziest thing I've ever seen X. hollowed out the tree now how in the world could a tree beyond fire on the inside if our friend Ron Johnson from STF news is right we're in even deeper trouble than any of us may have suspected X. watching now I'm gonna play this other video guy and I linked at all my last you too but I work like this because I think you need to see or R. here we go welcome back to make a weapons on SDS and you're looking at a 25 megawatt real gun able to walk hold it and even walk walk out on 25 megawatts of power just like your local cellphone tower Morris the power supply rail gun cellphone U. you're a hell John 25 megawatts no follow our you and your local cell phone sound or the FCC or red cell towers the 400 watts correct China yet they cabling here suggests a 25 megawatt power supply 25 megawatt man someone burst of to put that into perspective here's what a 2 kilowatt magnetron you are to kill a lot microwave on a stag I just imagine what 25 megawatts cell phone tower can do you can cook ya why yes league a weapon of last resort to keep populate undesirable location it's a weapon of last resort in Key 7 and the Asia or an outgoing if they can see all the food supply if they can coordinate the water supply bacon's braille lite blogs with the chemtrails supply just imagine what's are authorized to do while you sleep weaponize cellphones our 7 place everywhere they're able to strike small children as they play it will go quietly new Cup population and less than a day scientific studies show that a one what cell phone defines can start cooking your brain and less than 20 minutes that's just one will walk of Paul so ask yourself now where do you think is 25 megawatt cellphone death ours can do rapid sector depopulation extermination brass that affect that Saddam launched reasonable designed to kill without war demand these towers be taken down slide your local city council which psilocin requests get a measure on the ballot call the local news have them investigate and talk to them about magnetically assisted transfection agents 8 came Cheryl weapons chemtrails follow what's not using radiation can have disastrous effects electromagnetic pollution doesn't have to be at high doses the kill it can bloggers constantly overdoses and still have the desired agenda 21 a fact take these towers now //
"2017-10-17 03:12:43"
\\okay friend Sean from SG T. report here you know that last video I just posted with our friend highly Schlanger about the FBI and Robert Mueller well after that call was done highly just being a great guy as he and I talked for another 789 minutes in his chest the liner notes or a highly bonus that I wanted to share with you here now so I hope you enjoy it have a great week we've we've got a figure out a way to give people a sense that people do have power it's it's not a question of do you have the tanks and guns one of the people in the military are very happy with the way things are going right well I do think that the fact that trump got elected in that whole movement to get him elected and all the people standing in line talk in the universe's Hillary's dwindling crowds is is very telling me people are paying attention and they are fed up and that's why I brought up the Vegas shooting as being as important as 911 because it's very clear the official stories ally in its not just clear to those of us who are in the old media reporting on it it's clear to the thousands of people that were at that concert none of them believe the official I area I recall from earlier German contact of mine who's a ... ones early of website and he said to me you know I I didn't think much about this Vegas thing until I heard you did change the timeline and then they actually didn't know this was going on there but this one room at least was involved in it at an earlier point and so now here's someone in Germany who is obviously paying attention to the alt meeting and ... you know I someone or you to cover it and he said that I I can't another able to in Germany their strict censorship on these things so I can imagine what you can't talk about Zionism there you go to prison so it is very confounding you made a great point when you brought up or while in the rewriting of you of history because you know then we have guys like Eric Schmidt alphabet saying there should only be one answer Google's filled with bugs it's broken because when you use Google you should only get one answer for every question we should be able to give you the right answer when you use Google ... you get more than one answer we're shooting him well that's about you we we have more Bucks per second it in from the world there was what would we we should be able to give you the right answer just once which you and I both know means that deep state answer well you remember what was Winston Smith's role in in the late 1984 he got old newspapers and change them so they match the new line this time sporting too rich for cash 3 by lying to should read many powerful cost increase Chalker Russian it's for 5 grams per week I well that's right you do the rewriting of history and that that's an explicit point that Orwell makes it it's it's unclear to me whether Orwell was saying this is how you control people or this is detained her when you try to control people all I actually record lows on the wrong side but that's another story that's right Orwell item what is his real name Eirik Blaire yeah yeah yeah a I think there's some deep state connections there too with Eric Blair that brings us full circle to because again with the bush family you know with the riches in Ben riches son is the head of rand corporation we can you think of a more deep state organization the rand corporation is right up there with Lockheed skunk works how about Ben rose in his brother was what NBC news well you have been rose national security guy for Obama and then that so the Dulles brothers in the CIA I mean there's an or here's another one for you and also in you the article I just wrote on this Richard Salant clinic which is a pretty important fraud while his partner in developing nudge theories Cass Sunstein who is one of the controllers of Obama whose wife is Samantha power who is Obama's UN ambassador who was with meetings Oksanen crew regime change in the world unbelievable will you know what I recorded at work we got honored Christopher steel was working with the former British ambassador to Russia retaining was being mediation point between British intelligence the F. B. I. in no none of this is surprising if you know what you're dealing I almost brought up when you're talking in our conversation too and I got off track that Carl Cameron 4 part series about Israeli spies in and around you know meddling in U. S. affairs documents say they quote targeted and penetrated military bases the D. E. A. F. B. I. and dozens of other government facilities and even secret offices and unlisted private homes of law enforcement and intelligence personnel the majority of those questioned quote stated they served in military intelligence electronic surveillance intercept and or explosive ordinance units before 911 and you know you ever hear about that it brings us full circle talking about air and sea routes who was the chief of counter intelligence at the FBI his job is to route out spies but again we see these guys standing behind Lombardo at these press conferences whispering in his ear to not go there on I'm sorry floorplan don't ask me to make assumptions so they're clearly not 100 what does it UP Sean occupied need your PDF within your dossier we did because it starts by quoting in the head of counterintelligence for the FBI in 1982 who said he was contacted by British intelligence with a request did they investigate larouche's ties to the Soviet Union and this guy said well we don't know at this point whether there's anything direct but we suspect larouche would be a useful conduit so we don't have a letter from British intelligence but we have the FBI responding to that and then they set up beget Larisch task force no that's when William weld was the first person who's heading it up and then he went to the justice department and his assistant was Mueller what was larouche doing in 1982 he had been passed by Ronald Reagan to judge Clark to negotiate with the Soviets whether they would be interested in joint work in deploying a strategic defense initiative against nuclear weapons so it was Ronald Reagan larouche who's working for when he's being accused of being a Russian agent unbelievable and history repeats itself up in history re-attempt exact same playbook label it's unbelievable or so years Roger stone the other day and that they're using the Watergate playbook and they're using the leverage case playbook you know the problem though drunk you know the old saying those that don't understand or know history are condemned to repeat it we do know the history of many many many of us watching the same playbook roll out again know the history of and that's why this deep state is now being revealed that's why we're gonna stay in the Vegas story think it's so important it's like 911 you can wake up a lot of people by showing them the blatant lies and cover up that's going on with this fake issued just like 911911 woke up a lot of people who work for 911 I would look up Harley I mean I probably eventually would help but look up quicker because I saw the lies about 911 nothing added up World Trade Center 7 think the official story never adds up in these events well the good news is showing that you did wake up and if you're doing something about it and I I do appreciate our relationship because back in number of years now but it's always been a positive source for me now me too I really appreciate you very much are highly thanks hope you're all about good what most Americans still have really come to terms with this but the FBI has been a criminal operation for a long time //
"2017-10-16 07:23:18"
\\what most Americans still haven't really come to terms with this but the FBI has been a criminal operation for a long time in fact Robert Mueller refused to allow Congress to interrogate FBI informants who had been inside terrorist cells before 911 Hey friends of SG T. report thank you so much for tuning in once again I'm very gratified to have back on the our good friend Harley Schlanger from larouche PAC and the guys I do want to thank my patriarchs so much for your support in making the difference for us as again YouTube is really starting to clamp down Harley on real news as it relates to this Vegas shooting on a talk just a little bit about that but first welcome how are you hardly I'm good I'm not surprised they're going up YouTube because of going after everything else yeah sure are I and I just want to say this I don't know if you've been following the Vegas shooting but I think that what happened in Los Vegas is now as big a cover up and is as dangerous to the deep state in exposing the shadow government as 911 because you have multiple witness you can't brainwash everybody hardly if you've watched any of these press conferences with the sheriff Lombardo standing right over his shoulder it's the former section chief counter intelligence at the FBI air and sea routes almost like Darth Vader is standing over this guy's shoulder always staring right at him it is the scariest weirdest thing I think this is the biggest display of the deep state that we've ever seen because as I said everybody that endured what happened in Las Vegas is saying it believes there were multiple shooters it wasn't died okay let's all leaving now it's okay not we all start running and they can we use them only 5 way that that guy that was the sure we have a tractor trailer and all the way around in general be advised shots are coming for coming from gay 7 gay savage shots are coming from gate 7 well we're getting from civilians and that there might have been or insurers its heritage confirm there are at least 2 shooters will fully automatic weapons in the FBI says nope there was only one shooter and he's dead and people aren't buying it I think this is just a huge huge story and it's not going away well the report was doing what you just reported is the role of the FBI because what most Americans still haven't really come to terms with this but the FBI has been a criminal operation for a long time although if you know you go back to Charlottesville for exam ... and the FBI was on both sides provoking the violence the FBI works with people like Soros in the antiphon yet BR has so called informants inside Islamic terrorist cells all in fact Robert Mueller used to allow Congress to interrogate FBI informants who had been inside carousels before 911 so the FBI is as well criminal operation all part of the so called deep state and in a good thing justices building that the biggest problem we have in breaking away from the old paradigm the fact that you still have this police state overseeing everything of importance yeah it's the corporate government at this point I've really come to the conclusion that the United States is a corporation run by the shadow government and yes there is a constitutional form of government but that constitutional form of government in the justice system is constantly usurped by the deep state by the shadow government and now that is just it's in the wide open for all to see and you know you mentioned the FBI's role in 911 we also have to mention the role of Chertoff isn't the dancing Israelis back to Israel who then openly admitted on a talk show our purpose was to document the event and now in this case we're hearing rumors that the whole goal of what happened in Las Vegas is to roll out more of those invasive body scanners as we've seen roll out the airports post 911 into Vegas casinos and then across the country all in the name of security all in the name of enriching the same people that were enriched after 911 I would just so sick and tired of it in this country Harley it just feels like were captured people you know this is where we we just put out a dossier on who is Robert Mueller which I think is really important and if your listeners are interested they should go to the one British that to get a hold of this you'll learn and I don't know if I talk to you about this before Sean but Mueller was the chief operative in the gut larouche task force in the 1980 that is when larouche was tasked by Ronald Reagan and his national security adviser judge William Clark to meet with the Russians to discuss sharing the technology what became the strategic defense initiative there were people like Henry Kissinger to George Herbert Walker bush E. Kennedy machine in the Democratic Party went crazy and demanded a full investigation of larouche the FBI was approached by British intelligence told that they have to demonstrate that larouche's a Russian agent and the person who took over that case was the counter intelligence chief of the FBI he turned it over to William weld and welds assistant was Robert Mueller Mueller handled the prosecution of larouche it was thrown out of court in Boston in 1988 the judge declared a fraud against the court it brought Alexandria Virginia and that's where they were gonna convict laroche well the reason I bring this up is Mueller is not a Johnny come lately he's been leading this for years and look at what they said about what version the 8 he's a Russian agent is trying to influence Ronald Reagan of all people on behalf of the Soviet Union so this is Mueller's expertise groups plus police they'd operations remember he was you became FBI director just after 911 he was there with the whole establishment of the better data collection the surveillance state and so on which he lied about repeatedly and now what's his job it is to grow out trump or minimally to tightrope down so that the neocons inside his administration the Zionist Saudi operatives running around inside his administration control of ofcourse so we can't do what he was elected to do what he said he was going to do so I think this is a really important thing to look at Mueller look at his history and realize that this is a guy when when we think each state we're talking about foreign intelligence visited British intelligence operations they had a big impact on bush junior and Obama your Tony Blair and then others inside with the that didn't regime change horses were carried out that trump was elected stock you know you're right over the target as usual you sparked a thought here I I started the call by saying that Aaron C. rouse was the former section chief of counterintelligence at FBI headquarters a year ago he was placed in power as the special agent overseeing Las Vegas for whatever reason not saying this is planned a year ago but who knows yeah I just want to say though guys the section chief counter intelligence at the FBI his job is to find spies his job to prevent foreign intelligence from circumventing the laws of the United States and spying on us and in this case of Las Vegas it now feels like he's protecting the very same people that pulled this off and I'm gonna quote and of taking heat for quoting Robert David Steele because people say that this info agencies like CI a but he said it right out of the gate a couple days after this thing happened Las Vegas is absolutely a false flag event whether people died or not this is spent cock cock get by this I'll come ons but each state answer feeling that way to me Harley so you know we don't have to beat the Vegas thing to death because everybody in all media is covering it I've been covering it and it's frankly it's taken me off task from covering other very important issues so what do you see happening in the world that maybe we have a bent for a week or 2 so it's Vegas slaughter happen let me just mention one other thing about Robert Mueller because former U. S. senator Bob Graham of Florida who's the one whose report on the Saudi role in the Saudi involvement in international terrorism was suppressed by bush in the Obama Graham said of Mueller he wasn't just engaged in a coverup but aggressive deception and when you have the FBI director accused of aggressive deception and then he was brought in to protect call me Brennan Cooper and the other whining immoral criminals from our intelligence community under Obama and and before then you know that this is what you're dealing a it a criminal operation out overturn new wishes of the American people is expressed through an election now I'll just mention a couple things off the top and and we can discuss them because I know these are things that that you're quite concerned about also hopes to close the door in Asia at the beginning of November now one of the bright spots of his administration was his initial opening to Putin which they did everything to shatter and secondly his personal reporter with president she's in pain of China and particularly the possibility that the United States could break out of our continuing funny money depression by joining with China in major infrastructure projects so as he was preparing for this trip to China and Asia what we see going on well that the Vegas thing is one thing you have all this so hubbub coming up about Hezbollah and Iran where does that come from it comes from the are Israeli and Saudi operations to try to control the administration and control US policy not just in the Middle East but internationally now the other thing I want to say about that which many people are probably missing because it's never covered instead they're actually has been a dramatic change in the on the ground political strategic relations in the Middle East because of the Russian intervention into Syria alright I'm sure you saw the king Solomon's trip to meet with Putin and there that has so many implications in terms of our oil relations in terms of the prospects of moving away from the dollar system into some kind of you on gold of ... basket of currencies that would be allowed based on these new arrangements but also that Putin said he's trying to mediate between the Saudis and you're running what could scare people like Netanyahu more and the Netanyahu flunky sue surround trunk more than the prospect that the Russians could bring together the Saudis near Ronnie no I have no real trust in the Saudis but if that could be done we could see not only an end to terrorism in the Middle East but an end to the geopolitical games that have held the world captive to this protrude Ahlers central bank fraud it's gone unfulfilled going back to 1971 yeah endowed the world would like to see that Petro dollar fraud come to an end because it would mean the end of these imperialist wars of hegemony right this over reach of the military likely it's not our military anymore though I don't want to make that clear because I sound very anti government but I'm I'm anti shadow government I am pro constitution and our military has been usurped and captured by this neocon entity that continues to thrust us into wars the American people want nothing to do with hardly and that's what 911 was all about right now you're absolutely right and I think it's important because we're seeing now reports not just coming from Russia but from other countries that the US and buddy U. S. they they're they're somewhat vague but the US is continuing to provide weapons to Syrian so called rebels including terrorist now I agree with you probably not being done by truck but you have so many different operations that have been set a foot by the privatization of military privatization halogens but that's what we're seeing these these all solid black stoner but it didn't I can't remember blackrock I guess all these kinds of private alone mercenary armies they have huge amounts of money a lot of it drug money that's been laundered our money to move our arms to move soldiers and and this is with the continuation of the terrorists fight it's going on in the Middle East that the Russians did a pretty good job and from all the reports I have there was a real coordination going on between the US military Russians out of Amman Jordan but that's threaten the held by these new reports show you S. weapons being off loaded into the hands of ISIS and al Qaeda forces in Syria and Iraq you know let me jump N. into say something it maybe a bit of a right turn but I think it helps us understand how if if trump because didn't trump just recently ordered the C. I. A. out of Syria do need just order the end of arming the rebels but now you say it may be happening anyway and it I just wanna share this with folks last night I watched Stephen Greer's new documentary called unacknowledged you can watch it on Netflix it's very very good I really enjoyed it in in that documentary about UFO's in hidden technology in breakaway civilizations in the deep state in the skunk works and all the stuff that goes on that black book black projects it's in that movie and it makes a lot of sense because there's been president after president there's been CIA directors even who have who have asked for documentation of think you know this Carly this phone remind you believe this this iPhone is we're having this conversation guys I'm not even gonna edit this out were having a conversation right now and I have this stupid iPhone sitting here next to me and it's now on its own that look let me read this to you this is my iPhone says saying here's what I found on the web for it's very very good I really enjoyed it in that documentary about UFOs in hidden technology in breakaway civilizations my phone is recording me see this is the problem our luck but this is the problem we are all under surveillance whether we like it or not every word we say is being recorded but the point I was trying to make is that in that documentary it becomes very very clear that there is amazing technology that a breakaway deep state form a OB skunk works secret shadow government has incredible technology that it's using that it's not releasing the people and I just want to share this was in the documentary about Ben rich former head of Lockheed skunk works who said whatever you can imagine we can already do we have the technology to take ET home what I just realized the other day from a reader who sent this to me is that the president chief executive officer of the rand corporation it's Michael rich Ben riches son a point I'm trying to make here is that deep state is a familial thing the bush family the Dulles brothers the riches all of this stuff the shadow government deep state is familial its families its power unseen behind the scenes and ... I know there's a long way to get back to Syria but if they're arming the Syrian rebels there's not a damn thing trump can do to stop it because the deep state the shadow government they do what they want and they're above the law the CIA is above the law that's the problem lots one before you that's where the fight for national sovereignty and economic sovereignty so Orton because everything you just reported is underwritten by the central banks and their creation of a funny money there are elimination of all regulation and the opening of on a dirty money whether it's money that comes from knowledge gun trading down drug trading prostitution I don't work how much of the quantitative easing money may have ended up in the hands of of these mercenary force so we're dealing with a criminal operation red is diametrically opposed the idea a functioning nation state that's why look anything else you might wanna say about Saddam Hussein he was trying to keep this nation together Qaddafi was trying to keep his nation together so was aside so's Putin socialization print who were the countries with the United States and and the deep state support countries that are willing to Serbs signed away their sovereignty overseeing in Europe now shown in this is very interesting is the continuing dynamic of rebellion against the establishment Amy the voting Germany unloading the R. F. day is still we still don't really know exactly who they are and what they're going to do but the people who voted for them voted against the existing parties miracles party had its lowest vote total since 1949 the social Democrats who have been in coalition with miracle had their lowest vote total since the 18 eighties you know what I mean that means people in Germany don't like their government one bit be my call elections number crawl reserve a phony but he got elected by people who voted against all the establishment parties that would put trump in the White House now we know there for a good bit as you were just saying people don't like we don't like permanent wars we don't like being told we're we're not rich because we're stupid or lazy or ignore it you know he just gave the Nobel Prize for economics to this fraud Richard Taylor whose theory is that people are inherently irrational and make bad choices and you need some force outside of them to nudge them in the right direction you know whether it's the nanny state or a top down authoritarian Orwellian dictatorship that's how being leaked think and people don't like it but they still haven't broken from it and were watching as the president it's been cold and in many different directions well I don't think he really knows what he's up against yet all people who tried to tell him of been forced out the they'd better have cut him off from some of the people who were important during his campaign Arab and I think it's now up to the American people do not just express our contempt for these Amy but to demand that the United States joining with those forces in the world they're opposing the steep state and that's what the Chinese silk roaders if people could say all they want about one party government in China and dictatorship but what are we talking about in the United States read the Chinese or at least investing in something that adds value to good the economy and helps the people in their country whereas in this country it's the other way around but people are being destroyed and lied to lower funds ends up in the hands of the of the same one percent at the top who control this apparatus yeah and we'll come full circle here at the end of the call I wanna be just a few passages from an article but before we do that wanted to ask you about North Korea now you probably saw that clip of trump the other day saying this is the calm before the storm and everybody wondered what that meant I immediately thought he's probably talking about North Korea because he's been such a rabble rouser as it relates to North Korea I mean really off the hinge yeah he's off the hinges far as I'm concerned because North Korea has not been a real problem for the United States for decades what we really talking about here and why is he doing this is he being forced to do this because I think there's much much bigger problems on planet earth then North Korea being an immediate threat to the United States Harley I there's something bigger at play here well written gotten 0 risk of sounding somewhat off the wall myself I would say that Kim Jong Lin has sown shown a certain amount of rationality by maintaining a nuclear program because every nation that we've targeted then it was developing nuclear weapons when they gave them up we went in and invaded and killed the leader and carried out a regime change in wrecked the country not North Korea isn't not very good place but you're not going to change them by threatening them and this is where we saw the the it's a free meal let's say of the trump administration when he spoke at the United Nations well the first part of the speech was beautiful is about how we don't tell other people what to do we don't believe in regime change we have our system we have our constitution although it and we're willing to work with any other people LOL as long as they respect our constitution and we'll work with and then he'd laid out the case for regime change in 5 or 6 nation so I don't know if he can see there that's schizophrenic but I think that there's someone in there volume group of P. although maybe around McMaster all of me being Jared Kushner has that much cold but I doubt it he seems like quite a lightweight just good someone's being used by others but there's a group thing in there probably nutrition is a part of it Goldman Sachs guy Gary Cohn who are pushing trawled pushing his buttons to get him to sound off on North Korea sound off on Iran right now although while at the same time there's something he's doing that are quite interesting and good let me just mention one of them not to the central but it gives people a sense that there's a schizophrenic involved here when he wasn't worried going he said we're gonna have to write off Porter because that he was right on 2 counts one bill never be able to pay it back 2 he wasn't just talking about Frederico no it's not Twitter Rico $72000000000 debt that threatens the world financial system the tens of trillions of dollars of of of nonfinancial debt over E. gather students of car loans of housing loans it can't be repaid of bond markets and then the hundreds of trillions of derivative obligations that banks are carrying on their books when trump said that debt may not be paying we can't pay it this scared the hell out of the deep state and now we see the whole Iran situation blowing up there's the question of is Hezbollah planning terrorism in the United States so I I think I I would characterize it as the an administration that has schizophrenic tendencies there are being pushed in the NYC related from both the outside and within well that's why yeah go ahead nonetheless widely held Russia gate because we would does he really think was really really think Vladimir Putin spent dollars 6 about $60000 on Facebook ads in that won the election for trial no Wittrock was colluding with the Russians of course not know what they're upset about is the break away from the deep state in the geopolitical doctrine that's dominated world since then at least 1971 and that's what's causing trump to be schizophrenic yeah I mean can you imagine being in his shoes it be a little bit like sheriff Lombardo if we can assume he is an honest sheriff who finds himself in Las Vegas in this situation where none of the evidence is adding up to support the official story and he's gotta go into press conferences with Aaron C. rouse breathing down his back literally staring at him as if to say stay on script or you're a dead man I mean literally if you look at Aaron C. rouse staring at the sheriff as he tries to report on the latest changing timeline which is a huge huge problem that the timeline keeps changing and then there's another agent behind Aaron C. rouse who says when a reporter asks about the shooters car the other agent whispers twice don't go there sorry I mean literally they're interfering with justice a parallel to what trump must be feeling in the White House surrounded by snakes surrounded by deep state at the Pentagon at the CIA it has to be very very unsettling it would make even the most normal of us feel schizophrenic well and in the financial community is well where every time trump says something about going back towards glass Steagall or when he talks about working with the Chinese ... there 25 articles that come up saying that this is for his own hotel business or all of that user corrupt guy here you can't think an idea through so we're dealing with are in a sense I brought up war well earlier I've just been doing some research on George Orwell and you have this idea of an Orwellian state where you rewrite the past to control the future and this is what we're seeing happening what do you think Mueller's and they're sticking there's not been defined on Russia so as well senators burn Warner admitted the other day they said we've interrogated hundreds of people gone through thousands of pages of documents and so far we've found nothing to indicate Russian meddling however intelligence community said it happens we gotta keep looking well no they don't they should call the intelligence community people in there and start going through how often need why do the American people lied to Congress but the problem is the Congress is largely bought by the same networks no what really frightens them is what we saw in Alabama and I'm not saying that Roy Moore is a solution but Luther strange was not the solution he wasn't McConnell guy and he was voted out now quarter stepping down you have a whole bunch of these people were beginning to realize that the American people don't like them don't trust them we'll go along with them anymore and we've got a tape that brought potential educate your programs like yours and and a handful of other blogs that actually get into real economic thinking we've got to go out and get a core group in the United States to understand what real physical economy into take the power away from the print the money take the power away from the federal reserve from the bank of England from the European central bank and put it in the hands of government that's controlled by people not corporations then the deep state will be starved and strangle for those people who think the deep stage is permanent and will never be defeated you haven't been paying attention they're extremely weak but their strength is that the American people don't believe they can be defeated well I hope you're right Harley I really truly do and one of the ways that I would see that you may be right about the deep state being weak is that again it's like the wizard in the wizard of oz has all the power into you pull that curtain back in you realize who he really is in the deep state does not like being exposed and I think Vegas is exposing them just like 911 expose them in now will come full circle because I do want your thoughts on this from Russia insider and the title of their article was China and Russia's China and Russia have a plan to dethrone the dollar if they succeed most of the world will rejoice and we sort of talked about this earlier in the call Harley about the end of US hegemony but let me just read this 4 paragraphs to you the highlights of the article and I would really like your thoughts on it and what it means for us as Americans and our future in recent years it has become clear to many nations opposing Washington that the only way to adequately contain the fallout from the collapsing U. S. empire is to progressively abandoned the dollar this serves to limit Washington's capacity for military spending by creating the necessary alternative tools in the financial and economic realms that will eliminate Washington's dominance this is essential in the Russo Sino Iranian strategy to unite Europe Asia and thereby rendered the U. S. irrelevant the dollarization for Beijing Moscow and Tehran has become a strategic priority eliminating the unlimited spending capacity of the fed in the American economy means limiting US imperialist expansion and diminishing global do stabilization that last sentence Harley is so powerful diminishing global destabilization guys you may not know living in this country but the rest of the world is blaming us for what's happening globally in terms of destabilization Harley your thoughts on any of that I don't agree with most of those those thoughts look I'm I'm here in Europe and I'm watching the Europeans trying to decide if they're gonna stick with me what what from here is a London wallstreet Washington a consensus and you know what you have is a rebellion against that in the west but as you point out in Eurasia do already building new structures now imagine you talked about alright Russia China and Iran or the article did imagine including India with that Egypt and possibly Saudi Arabia all we're talking about what's left in the west is a broken down economic system the broken down physical economy we you know you look at the United States not from the outside you realize the infrastructure problems in the United States are far worse then they've been at anytime in the last century we don't have railroads at work we don't have airports that function we we can't protect our cities from flooding where's the rest of the world is moving in a different direction investing in physical infrastructure in physical economy in developing new technologies are educating the you all instead of drugging them and sticking them all because they are on their cell phones to be entertained 2004 hours a day the world is shifting there's what Mrs larouche calls a new economic paradigm coming into existence now Greek conjoined United States could be a part of it and if you put together you S. Russia China alliance then that would change everything but that means we have to take our country the United States back from this gang of criminals and swindlers and that's a hard fight but I agree with what you were saying on on 2 points if people know who they're fighting and no there there there are others fighting then we will be strengthened and we know there's already an alternative being put together internationally that can help as well that in a sense of what what we've been calling recently the spirit of the new Silk Road that's gotta catch on in America and I I would encourage people to go to our website due and though if people want to be in touch with me on this I am writing an article every week right now I'm happy to send out the latest article of people are interested are you can contact me directly at Harley S. C. H. at GE so that H. a R. L. E. Y. S. C. H. I. G. who's got a pool our efforts in one of the reasons I appreciate you so much John and I'm always willing to come on and talk with you is that I know your listeners out there in spite of sometimes being cynical and all demoralized based do you want to change they want to change the world and I think now we have no choice to do it but to do it because if we don't this deep state will push us into a war which will probably be a nuclear war with Russia guys you should check out larouche in try to find that publication that article they wrote called who is Robert Mueller that is on the website correct yes it's actually called Robert Mueller isn't immoral beagle assassin an even better title I love you guys over there larouche you don't mince words and you are laying out a roadmap for America and for trump if you could shake off the deep state you know there is a way out of this there's a way out of this there's a way to listen usually listen the STP report no he's well he should listen to you guys and read you know he should probably meet with larouche and I do find it fascinating that Robert Mueller was behind the ... strategy to put the Russian president how many other good men have gone to prison that didn't belong there you know Peter Schiff stat same story in many died in prison I'll tell you at this point in human history at least in American history it's pretty clear that these profit for profit prisons hardly there not meant for people like Hillary Clinton they're meant for the enemies of peace to let Hillary Clinton exactly alright alright guys up hardly thank you so much for your time it's just always a pleasure to talk with you and ... when we end the call here stay on so we can get you scheduled again thank you so much okay currently shock alright in guys thank you so much for your support again a special thanks to my page runs over a P. trance slash S. GT report you really truly making a huge impact for us and 1 thank you so much for that and a special thanks to our sponsor as steep bullion if you guys wanna get some physical silver and gold visit SD or better yet click at the ad for SD at the top of SGD report it'll take you directly there they're great guys into really appreciate their support thank you so much for listening and for real news 247 visit us at as GT god bless there is no conspiracy between the FBI between LVMPD and the MGM nobody is attempting to hide anything //
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\\it's a quote made famous by William Shakespeare in his play hamlet and today it's used to indicate doubt in someone's sincerity bottom how like you to play the lady doth protest too much there is no conspiracy between the FBI between LVMPD and the MGM nobody is attempting to hide anything and there's the rub as the FBI watches over every word sheriff Lombardo otters my temp like I stated earlier is to give you information unverified calm the public not to establish a legal case he admits the goal is to calm the public with unverified information not to establish a legal case we could spend the next 10 minutes dissecting that bizarre statement and with alleged Mandalay bay hero made its man Campos now missing high Hey can we speak to ... hazes compost we have information that he's actually missing in a canceled it was Sean Hannity there's major concern throughout the nation that something happened to him any missing or is he here I have to go he's not here we can't talk about if the missing now it's getting difficult to even comprehend what the official story even is at this point and it's clear that sheriff Lombardo is beginning to crack under the pressure of the FBI's glaring eyes recalled was a sharp 9 just before 10 they shot out window as far as you describe them there were so let me let me help you with that can cause you picked up on it yes that shot missed Campos changed through investigation as I have conveyed to you from the very beginning and your zest for information in my zest to print sure the public safety the calming of their minds some things are gonna change in official narrative that no longer makes any sense in this field where we're going to focus on the real cause of this chaos the shadowy powers behind the official story and the agencies to control these ridiculous narratives as we pointed out recently the guy on the right is Aaron C. rouse the special agent in charge of Las Vegas now we previously reported that Aaron C. rouse was married to John Podesta's daughter Meghan rouse as was reported by researchers on vote the claim is now being made that Meghan rouse is married to this man Gordon rouse who does have a clear hatred for president Donald Trump if that is the case we regret the error but here's what we know for certain about FBI special agent rouse he was previously the section chief of the counter intelligence division at FBI headquarters so what does that mean a counter intelligence division is a division of the national security branch of the federal bureau of investigation the division protects the United States against foreign intelligence operations and espionage it accomplishes its mission by interacting with the local law enforcement and other members of the U. S. intelligence community soon protecting the United States against foreign intelligence operations and espionage spies that's what they're supposed to stop right like the Mossad you may recall Carl Cameron's 4 part series on fox news in the days following 911 which revealed Israeli art students some of which were Massad agents serving in areas of military intelligence electronic surveillance intercept and or explosive ordinance units and they were meddling in American affairs since September 11 more than 60 Israelis have been arrested or detained either under the new patriot anti terrorism law or for immigration violations a handful of active Israeli military were among those detained according to investigators who say some of the detainees also failed pop if questions when asked about alleged surveillance activities against and in the United States the FBI's counter intelligence division did little to bring those Israeli spies to justice in fact Michael Chertoff sent several of those Masoud agents back to Israel where they went on a talk show and said this about their presence in New York City on 911 our purpose was to document the event and despite the FBI's counter intelligence division doing little to bring any of those Israeli spies to justice in the wake of the 911 attacks divisions funding and manpower were significantly increased which brings us full circle because it's now very clear that when ever sheriff Lombardo speaks he has a very watchful eye peering over his shoulder insuring that he stays on script error it least trying to prevent him from revealing too much truth over current list of how sketchy Stephen paddock is the police are also hiding something here Lombardi was being told by the agent behind him don't go there when asked about Stephen products car I'm sorry or plan don't ask me into medicine so when you hear the phrase isn't deep state or shadow government you really need to remember what happened on 911 and how those Israeli Massad agents were sent back to Israel and not brought to justice documents say they quote targeted and penetrated military bases the D. E. A. F. B. I. and dozens of other government facilities and even secret offices and unlisted private homes of law enforcement and intelligence personnel the majority of those questioned quote stated they served in military intelligence electronic surveillance intercept and or explosive ordinance units and remember that entire expose by Carl Cameron was completely ignored by the rest of the mainstream media driven the deep state in shadow powers that are clearly in play at shaping the official story of what happened in Las Vegas in a couple of these items I will read from the narrative because I don't want my comments to be screwed or changed ... so I want to ensure the accuracy of their ... book most of this conference will be done are strictly through my narrative provided to you perhaps it's no wonder the president Woodrow Wilson wrote since I entered politics I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately some of the biggest men in the United States in the field of commerce and manufacture are afraid of something they know that there is a power somewhere so organize some subtle Sir watch full so interlocked so complete so pervasive that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it friends will continue to keep an eye on what's happening with the official story in Las Vegas has the deep state or shadow powers continue to shape the narrative as it falls apart and the real question at this point is why are the only real questions being asked by the alternative real news media thanks for watching and for real news 247 visit us at SG T. number one Las Vegas is absolutely a false flag event whether people died or not this is been contacted by the CYO come ons //
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\\well this Harvey Weinstein drama certainly is interesting and here's a case of Jake tapper and the pot calling the kettle black some in the media not everyone in the media but the media really played a role in serving as Harvey Weinstein's enforcer ... and the media some of the media are responsible for this happening this continuing to happen they have they have assault and rape on their hands in my view now what I find really interesting Jake tapper played 8 lead role essentially hoping to down on the you to gates story and the pedal gate story and we'll get back to this Ronan Farrow hardy one story here in but when I remind everybody that Jake tapper's wife Jennifer told the Washingtonian magazine in February of 2016 that box fishing and camping was their favorite date night restaurant and that the tapper family's favorite restaurant to take their kids to was comet ping pong both establishments on the same block that's home to the pizza gate scandal and James Elephanta as don't you find that extraordinary cheerleading is known to hang out countdown here he likes the world sounds components and little boys and children I think are with NDSU and as it relates to this Harvey Weinstein limited hang out because that's exactly what it is because as everybody knows many child stars including Corey Feldman have alleged that the number one problem in Hollywood is put aphelia and that's for Ronan Farrow who broke destroyed NBC news who refused to run it his sister is Dylan Farrow their mother is mia Farrow and of course Woody Allen has been accused by his daughter Dylan of being a part of file but you won't hear Jake tapper talk about that fact and you may recall this open letter from Dylan Farrow which was largely ignored and or maligned by the mainstream media and puppets like Jake tapper and here's what Dylan wrote what's your favorite Woody Allen movie before you answer you should know when I was 7 years old Woody Allen took me by the hand and led me into a dim closet like attic on the second floor of our house he told me to lay on my stomach and play with my brothers electric train set then he sexually assaulted me he talks to me while we did it whispering that I was a good girl that this was our secret promising that we go to Paris and I'd be a star in his movies first long as I could remember my father had been doing things to me that I didn't like and she goes on to recount multiple experiences of being sexually assaulted by Woody Allen the problem in Hollywood is not just the sexual molestation and sexual assault of pretty young actresses the big problem in Hollywood is paraphilia which is also a big problem in Washington DC and around the world but Jake tapper place cover up artist when it comes to that story the media some of the media are responsible for this happening this continuing to happen they have they have assault and rape on their hands in my view and just to come full circle on the media's collusion and protection of peta files in power will remind you that woody Allen's wife SUNY was his adopted daughter Woody Allen says his 23 year relationship with soon Yi worked because of their previous parent child relationship and let it sink in that Jake tapper's wife Jennifer told Washingtonian the third the pizza gate scandal broke that their favorite restaurant to take the kids to was comet ping pong as I said in videos before in a metropolitan area is vibrant with his many wonderful restaurants as Washington DC has what are the chances that their favorite restaurants would become a ping pong and box fishing and camping so now let's bridge over the Las Vegas shooting briefly and I want to ask this what does it say about our captured and corporate controlled mainstream media when a Kitty cat and you tube is asking more important questions about the Los Vegas shooting then CNN or fox regardless of how sketchy Stephen paddock is the police are also hiding something here Lombardi was being told by the agent behind him don't go there when asked about Stephen products car I'm sorry or plan don't ask me to make and that's the official story about the Las Vegas shootings changes by the day even the spokesperson for MGM resorts Deborah deshawn is now contradicting the FBI's version of events saying quote we cannot be certain about the most recent time line that has been communicated publicly and we believe what is currently being expressed may not be accurate CNN calls this major revision to the shooting story this is their words they say this change by the police if things right can change yet they're not calling the police conspiracy theorists that's just a label for people like me and you so are they trying to cover their butts that the PT what are they doing why is it the real question about all of these events are always being asked only by the alternative meat you are the Mandalay bay entrances act right of the bill and I another thing okay with place you the media some of the media are responsible for this happening this continuing to happen they have they have assault and rape on their hand why are they trying to get this radically all lack did rise it Dan and Pete just the answer is I don't the answer is sex trafficking president trump is the first president history United States that hasn't filed you go after not only had a files but the elite kind of bias the world is run buy only yeah files //
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\\as the official story about the lone gunman Stephen paddock in the shooting of Las Vegas begins to collapse almost as quickly as World Trade Center 7 on 911 we're going to tell you the horrifying truth about the even bigger lie about the Vegas event that almost no 1 is talking about forensic audio analysis of the Las Vegas shoot is providing nearly conclusive evidence that alleged and now deceased shooter Steve paddock could not there are 2 different shooters at 2 different locations meanwhile the FBI's official timeline of the changed with new revelations that paddock allegedly shot cure to guard a full 6 minutes before he opened fire on concert goers this astounding revelation blows yet another huge hole in the official narrative and lead to those who are not mentally impaired to ask the Mandalay bay maintenance team could and would respond to it overflowing toilet in a 30 second floor suite within 6 or 7 minutes to prevent flooding where on earth was the casino's security teams that evening we now know that nearly everything about the official Las Vegas narrative including the official stories check in date for Stephen paddock is untrue and as sheriff Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department attempts to keep the press updated on the ever changing storyline FBI handler special agent in charge Aaron C. rouse keeps a watchful eye on Lombardo as if to say stay on script and would like to point out something very strange about special agent rouse probably just an odd coincidence but according to researchers at vote Aaron C. rouse who before being assigned as the special agent in charge of the Las Vegas division of the FBI most recently served as section chief in the counter intelligence division at FBI headquarters but that's not the strange coincidence no the strange thing about Aaron C. rouse is that he's married to this woman Dublin California school board trustee Meghan rouse and the weird thing about that as Megan's father is this man John but that still but that's not even the horrifying truth about the official Las Vegas narrative this is regardless of what exactly really happened in the Las Vegas shooting the mainstream narrative continues to parrot that alleged shooter Stephen paddock was radicalized by ISIS which immediately took credit for the attack that unproven storyline has even found support from alternative media sources like info wars Alex Jones show 1011 days ago on October 1 we told you but our sources reveal to us that there were major ISIS connections to Las Vegas shooter now by Monday it became clear from our White House sources that the national security apparatus is as the president not to release this information because I says was planning this attack with codes built into it to trigger massive sleeper cell attacks across the United States but we've even been predicting would coincide with the anti if uprisings ... that are now beginning as readers and viewers of S. GT report now no isis a rebranding of al queda is little more than a C. I. A. created Pentagon funded group of mercenaries that are being used to cause destabilization throughout the Middle most recently in Syria where Pentagon back ISIS leadership has been photographed meeting with senator John McCain and where ISIS rebels are being trained and used in the attempt to topple Syrian president Bashar al Assad so if ISIS sleeper cells are active in the United States as Jones is reporting question is who comprises these teams who funds them how did they get into the country and how given the Big Brother surveillance state do they move around the country so freely the answer to that question may indeed be deeply disturbing in July of 2014 Knesset member and former shin bet chief Israel has son gave this blunt warning to visiting group of European diplomats if you do not stand by outside the day would Islamic terror would read a bit stiff kindergarten will come soon here wait a minute standing boys are all sought wa which at its target Europe law could be these routes on on such a threat it's a subtle threat from Israel could be a relationship between the jihadi hobby and she had a Israeli sheen bets one of the army intelligence intelligence services of the regular national jury special forces this wasn't published for for gentile readers with the Jewish publication for Jewish people they think we gentiles were stupid we don't read but what they write for them selves when we've seen other attack throughout the world when asking the question Cui bono who benefits it always seems the real beneficiary of the attacks is Israel the fact of the matter is we are coming from a country that experiences terror daily our purpose was to document the event ndeb this warning is only limited to the European people burn them never using a slow lazy as a target as well of these jihadis where many Israeli Jews go to Israel 7 Israeli defense force serving their army intelligence serve in months that serve in ... ... counterintelligence branch is serving their electronic seem to sit branch serve their explosive ordnance branch you 9 and then they come back to Australia and then nines bill John I told just I know the my working for Israel forgot to mention one more the we get this all that it's worth it to school killing people heart attack stroke car accident truck Israeli academic who threatened that if Daddy from Europe didn't Stambaugh I ... Israel ... abandon Israel they would need to ... European cities Israeli professor of law of military history it's it it's an incident Martine van creatively critical Martine van Creveld said Israel had threatened European capitals if you look at the ... background of this love Israeli military power researcher Astoria Bankrate bill had actually threatened you if you were here can't cities with annihilation so when the next terrorist attack in the domestic United States occurs and it's immediately blamed on or claimed by ISIS keep in mind the warnings or thinly veiled threats former shin bet chief Israel Hassan and you may want to revisit the recent claims of ex CIA agent Robert Steele about the true nature of the shooting in Las Vegas number one Las Vegas is absolutely a false flag of that whether people died or not this is spent cock cock get by this I'll come ons by that deep state this is something in which Sheldon adult son who wants the casinos in the area where it happened and Michael sure toss the Zionists first director of the Nevada department of homeland security are in a cult conspiracy with others //
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\\okay friends shown from SG T. report here and it's high time that we took Paul Joseph Watson to the wood shed Paul Joseph Watson believes he has a monopoly on truth as it pertains to the Las Vegas shooting and I would like to play a clip here for you a Paul Joseph Watson talking with Stephen Crowder and in this clip Watson talks about any of us who've been talking about multiple shoot in Vegas is being idiots who are they gonna punish who's gonna get punished through out obviously is going to be you Steven is going to be made an honest because all these ATX come out as multiple shooters multiple chewed it won't buy what but it goes viral and so because of that then I'm gonna come after us censorship and we can get into that Stephen I don't know if you got DM's open but it's been a no over the past few days with this multiple shooter thing people will not let it go despite the 5 it's been debunked and now it's actually a causing the gaudy in dry headline it's in the horrified Cameron said right we're gonna crack now alright guys first thing I want to say about this is that the victims are horrified about reports of multiple shooters many of the victims themselves have reported they believe there were multiple shooters it wasn't died okay let's all leaving now it's okay not we all start running and they came in that's why there's no physically human lives physically you them only possible way that that guy that was the only ship victims are horrified by reports that the whole thing was a hoax so Paul Joseph Watson in this interview was already conflating 2 different things that's number one number 2 Paul Joseph Watson was not there nor is Paul Joseph Watson a detective on the ground with first hand information Paul Joseph Watson does not have a monopoly on the truth so let's review the facts number one the police recordings can not be quote unquote debunked they are fact they are on the record in initial reports from police officers themselves where that there was an active shooter inside the fairgrounds in an active shooter near gate 7 sure we have a tractor trailer and all the way around thank you all be advised doctor coming for coming from gay 7 J. savage shots are coming from gate 7 now to back that up we will play this video clip from deplorable news network which shows first hand people on the ground the fairgrounds and records audio gunfire some distant some present some overlap people heard like bullets in different places and stuff and not really accurate when it's picked up by cellphone Mike is yeah we know the guy was firing out the window he was turning round and firing inside the hotel room at the dole because the security guard ... interrupted him so last why it was a harsh light would sound and then a muffled sound that sounded far away because he was firing inside the hotel room so according to Paul Joseph Watson the very present sounds of gunfire heard by concert goers ntfc nmsiis to be written off as nothing more than delusion in further any of the audio recordings documenting present gunfire verses very distant gunfire is impulsive Watson's mind simply because the lone gunmen did a 180 degree turn inside his hotel room and began shooting his weapon towards the door so all of the recoil and all of the sound of the automatic gunfire would change drastically merely because the gunman turned 180 degrees let's listen to audio analysis of the distant and present gunfire to see if that explanation holds up very distant now there's no M. is is a continuous roll they're not stopping and starting the recording ... there isn't there's no present recording there's just this distant thing and it does sound different than the echo so here's a distant shot and here's the echo here's the here's the very present shop there's the echo no present shot just a distant shot think okay eva driver saying this is from a long ... at a long ways away and then right as they're talking here all eyes are there was another very distant either echo or recording but now what's important is to see you could see where the part persons park the driver is part if she doesn't leave she doesn't leave she's in the same spot she's in the same spot and then here's the distant recording all right are distant shot and now we have a 13 shot burst roughly very close range and by the way Paul Joseph Watson rests his debunking efforts on the fourth floor strobe the other thing of all is a flashing light on the fourth floor them is to be in another gunman on the fourth floor now back washing light was that during the was that before the shooting dismissing out of hand any suggestion that there were multiple shooters when we have police recordings suggesting there were indeed multiple shooters at Mandalay bay we just hold a security model of internet shops farm 29 and 30 second level what we're not that major crime problem I do not know what they are they're not going to get out what you don't like it is not going to prevent what they thought well it's related to confirm or at least 2 shooters will fully automatic weapons and is Mike Adams the health ranger has reported law enforcement themselves say the Vegas shooter could not have acted alone in addition when we reviewed the police recordings keep in mind that the recordings are first hand we have police officers saying confirmed casualties at Alibaba and dials east of the Catholic shrine as well as in the Mandalay bay so we have 2 scenes that would indicate multiple shooters usual you know why he came propping I how you and your team is that Ali Baba and dialled Easter camp with your line as well as in the Mandalay bay so we are 2 scenes also shots fired inside of New York New York I don't worry about it II yeah awful artwork not fire inside your New York learning of working in a there's the adviser of the shooter at the front desk in Britain the verdicts in a New York they're rising actors years possibly coming down the escalator from New York New York X. however and with active should reports of medics under fire you're the Tropicana control freedom forgot medics reported they're getting shot at Tropicana industrialized now is active shooter after Tropicana act you're talking and how does Paul Joseph Watson explain this police recording describing a W. M. a suspect in black fatigues we believe that stands for white male adult near cobalt in Tropicana don't want WO me in black even a white party off of Obama's Tropicana itself up you're a very few secret warrantless shotgun facing our view that the suspect list posted near having a height of Clark County part of her manager and finally we have reports by police of shots fired at Caesars and the blouse geo which is backed up by eyewitness testimony in fear right now are getting shot fired at Caesars and allies you know all I know is what happens here at the glass you know this is where Daniel and I were and when the shots came hiring in through the front door of the lobby and mass chaos instant he we I was under the table as this story continues to develop and evolve we wonder if ex CI a agent Robert Steele was right when he said this number one Las Vegas is absolutely a false flag event whether people died or not this is spent cock cock get by this I'll come ons by that deep state this is something in which Sheldon adult son who wants the casinos in the area where it happened and Michael Chertoff the Zionist first director of the bill are department of homeland security are in a cult conspiracy with others and given that Paul Joseph Watson and info wars never wants to address the plague of Zionism and the role of Israel in the most side in so many false flags including 911 the fact of the matter is we are coming from a country that experiences terror daily our purpose was to document the event we wonder if this is exactly why Paul Joseph Watson continues to support the official story of the lone gunmen lie in Las Vegas thanks for watching and for real news 247 visit us at SG T. is definitely someone on the ground definitely most definitely the way they heard it all of us in and they kept coming leaving came into the part that back parking lot and shut people out out there too so it they just kept coming like I said there's definitely someone on the ground //
"2017-10-08 00:59:21"
\\in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting the mainstream media has turned its full power against the alternative media especially the attorney of media and you too with advertising age reporting that false flag videos about Las Vegas pop up on YouTube lamenting that that's the case saying that Google has and refine its algorithms to prevent conspiracy theories from rising to the top of search results and on October 4 din New York times published this article no there was not more than one gunman Las Vegas shooting the article claims quote a familiar pattern often emerges as the authorities investigate a mass shooting speculation in online forums that one person couldn't have possibly committed this act alone the author claims that Stephen paddock who killed at least 58 was the only government the author cites assistant chair of Todd Vesuvio of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police who says quote I want to emphasize we believe paddock is solely responsible for this heinous act we are aware of the rumors outside of the media and also on social media that there was more than one assailant we have no information or evidence to support that theory or that rumor we believe there was only one shooter and that was Stephen Paddick based on what you're about to see that statement from assistant sheriff Todd FISU should leave you completely dumbfounded so now let's turn our attention to all media research which strongly indicates but there were multiple gunmen in this attack we'll begin with eyewitness testimony an Australian man who was staying in the room right next door to the alleged shooter Stephen paddock at Mandalay bay has confirmed he witnessed multiple gunmen in the attack quote there were multiple people dead and multiple shooters Brian Hodge told Australia's courier mail next we have this eyewitness testimony from a couple who was at the belies yo hotel bar when gunfire erupted on the main floor of that hotel I don't know what happened and the glass you know Daniel and I were and when the shots came hiring in through the front door of the lobby and the mask he I was under the table security team back over screaming everybody gets back everyone it it literally like by shooting in Cuba and is definitely someone on the family must that the the way all of us in the evening came that they and shot well there too so it they just thing was going on and not be there's better it wasn't okay let's all leaving we all start running and they came in there's no clearly in the only possible way certainly in the midst of events this one I witnesses can be confused but are we to dismiss out of hand entirely the police scanner recordings indicating multiple shooters record sure we have a tractor trailer and all the way around thank you all be advised shots are coming for coming from gay 7 J. savage shots are coming from date 7 well we're getting from civilians and that there might have been or insurers do you just hold it security model of internet shops farm 29 and 30 second level introverted confirm there are at least 2 shooters will fully automatic weapons usually you know why he came propping I how New Jersey is that Ali Baba and guile you didn't count with your line as well as in the Mandalay bay so we are using all don't worry about it E. nap while you are at work not fire inside your your learning of working in a there's the adviser of the shooter at the front desk in Britain the forget you name New York they're rising active years possibly coming down the escalator from New York New York X. caliber controlled freedom forgot medics reported they're getting shot at Tropicana is revised now is active shooter act that Tropicana hacking sugar Tropicana there's one W. only in black you know why RV off of cobalt Tropicana itself up you're a very disagree we're gonna put a shotgun facing our view that the suspect this post in the end very behind a Clark County part of her manager you realize now are getting shots fired at Caesars and mobilize young and then there's the audio analysis of the gunfire which clearly indicate at least 2 different weapons firing from 2 different locations there's like 2 shots and then like 6 more shots very distant now there's no M. is a continuous roll they're not stopping and starting the recording ... there isn't there's no present recording there's just this distant thing and it does sound different than the echo so here's a distant shot and here's the echo here's the here's the very present shop there's the echo no present shot just a distant shot think okay out sounds like eva driver saying this is from a long a a a a long ways away and then right as they're talking here our lives are there was another very distant either echo or recording but now what's important is to see you could see where the part persons park the driver is part if she doesn't leave she doesn't leave she's in the same spot she's in the same spot and then here's the distant recording alright distant shot and now we have a 13 shot burst roughly NBI very close range now it sounds like it's coming from owning the farther away now as for the flashes coming from the fourth floor of the Mandalay bay hotel which have been largely dismissed as strobes and quote unquote debunked as not being gunfire because there were no broken windows bill still is reporting that he was contacted by a window installer who claims to have been involved in the installation of the windows at Mandalay bay and this person says the windows are removable if you know how to do it new information came in overnight that I can't ignore and it's caused me to reassess the possibilities of a second gunman on the fourth floor and I do try to correct my stakes 2 different viewers sent me 2 different photos of the Mandalay bay on a sunny day with multiple windows pulled out from the inside I can't find the email but earlier in the week a window installer Rodin saying he had installed these windows and said that it's easy to take them out for cleaning if you know how to do it in light of the windows being removable there are several troubling questions there was police scanner traffic asking officers to investigate a possible second shooter on the fourth floor of the Mandalay bay who responded what did they see you know ground fighting now force problem team into and I came here possibly another suspect on the fourth floor here is the video some kids talk of the shooting they were at about this location there are 72 shots in this volley with a 2 thirds of a second pause in the middle not enough time to put in a new clip NME's enough for the benefit of the New York times we would like to cover just a few more anomalies number one the brother of alleged shooter Stephen paddock on day one said he and his family were dumbfounded that his brother could have possibly been involved in anything like this because he wasn't even a gun guy not an avid young guy at all the fact that he had those kind of weapons is just where the hell did he get automatic weapons he's not he has no military background like that and just a day later his opinion changed 180 degrees saying Steve did this all by himself people say all we ought to have help Steve had no help Steve didn't take help it did not take a village first Steve was in our I'm sorry please don't Steve was in our I'm sorry please don't I'm using a colloquial to I was about to use clip will turn that would this much wanted to be armed forces now you may be asking yourself the only way he could know that for certain is if he had pre knowledge so did he implicate himself as being involved with that statement Steve had no help Steve didn't take help or was he told to say it and justice troubling independent investigator Laura loomer is reporting that Mandalay bay has deleted the entire record of Stephen paddocks stay at the hotel the reservations his name it's all gone and further reports that records indicated that Stephen Paddick checked in on September 25 with aghast 3 full days before authorities say he checked in official story is the check in date was September 28 and also troubling is this fact MGM management distributed an internal memo to its employees encouraging donations via a gift program donations that would go to the ADL the Southern Poverty Law Center and among others the care foundation a known terrorist organization given the MGM's enthusiasm for the 80 al and the SPLC one wonders effects CIA agent Robert Steele was right when he recently made this claim up number one Las Vegas is absolutely a false flag event whether people died or not this is been conned cock get by this I owe cons by the deep state this is something in which Sheldon adults some who wants the casinos in the area where it happened and Michael sure toss the Zionist first director of the bill are department of homeland security are in a call conspiracy with others as the New York times and the gate keeping mainstream media continue to advocate the truth and cover up the evidence of multiple shooters in this false flag operation it's no wonder more and more people are turning to the alternative media the truth media for real news 247 and you can rely on us at its GT for the antidote corporate propaganda thanks for listening they're using these events to justify the shift never let a good crisis go to waste even if you have to create that crisis to justify what you want to do next //
"2017-10-06 01:03:24"
DEEP STATE SLOGAN: If you see something, DON'T say something -- Dan Dicks
\\you guys it's shown from SG T. as GT report YouTube channel here and we are going to dig deep into what's going on and what has been going on in Las Vegas since the mainstream media simply refuses to do its job I have back on the line our good friend Dan Dicks press for truth.CA and his excellent YouTube channel is weaving spider if you have not subscribed please do now this is a decades long truth teller here Dan decks please do support among patriotic as well Dan how are you I'm doing very well then thanks so thanks for having me on again well thanks for coming back on again ... I know you need support like we all do ... you to continues to do you monetize our most important videos the ones that cut closest true so can you tell people about your picture on page I do not Sir Petri slash pressed for truth and obviously for those people who are familiar patriotic so where you can contribute monthly and that just goes to what I goes towards helping me produce that daily video content as much as I can and the odd documentary film whenever in many produce one and so on and yeah patrons a great waited well acted to support independent media yeah it sure is and we very much appreciate our patrons to make a huge difference for us and that's keeping us in the game the other thing I want to say is that guys if you haven't subscribed dance YouTube channel please do it right now weaving spider yeah operate out there with our friends at true stream media and so many other great channels out there doing great work and in this conversation Dan I'm actually gonna play a clip powerful powerful clip from our friends listen Aironet true stream media but I really want to run down what I think are some of the biggest anomalies as things evolve in this Vegas shooting and you know what I think is very interesting down this shooting seems to be bringing almost everyone I can think of in the alt truth media together we are all pretty much on the same page here that we may not know exactly what happened but we know for 100 percent sure with our Spidey sense and all these facts and all the holes in the official story that the official story cannot possibly be true yeah absolutely did the more of these facts because I know the more that that becomes the truth that the official story is just completely doesn't make sense there's too many too many strange in autumn anomalies here and like you said people are I'm catching on to this there's a lot of research going on ... however I I do think within this movement as you say people who are researching this and are starting to question the validity of the potential false flag attack I'm I think it's really crucial that we separate the differences and we defining the terms I'm when dealing with talking about things like false flags birch is something like a hoax and I'm really starting to I I almost get pissed off with the amount of people who are going down that hopes road immediately after these kinds of events I'm suggesting that down you know it's all crisis actors in this fake blood and nobody died in you don't know what he was shot that's I'm is something that I feel as good as the inside hampering the movement at this time on and a false flag we have to understand what this is is it's a military term this is a military operation we carry out an attack in you blame the attack on your political enemies that's what we're talking about here when we deal in false flags I'm so I think we really need to clear the air near there so a lot of people come muddying the waters I'm in regards to this suggesting that it that didn't happen I I I personally think people did die there I that day I've seen some pretty gruesome gory videos I showed these videos to to the people who are on suggest this didn't happen and sadly that's not enough for them a lot of people see the video and they say well now that could still be a glutton actors and I don't know if it'll ever be enough for them but we need to be careful moving forward with how we define what a false leg is because false clicks are very real they happen all the time I've been exposing them for almost 11 years now I'm on my channel and then you know I I think the monies that the waters are getting money right now with this Sir everything's a hoax movement why think you make a great point and I think that what happened here in Vegas in my opinion is much more like what happened to JFK with Oswald you know Oswald at least before he was murdered had the opportunity to say I'm a Patsy you know he had the opportunity to at least speak in this case Stephen paddock is dead just like at sandy hook with Adam Lanza dead men tell no tales we see that time and time and time again with these these are lone gunman shooting events and ... you make a great point guys because 911 was a false flag now others might argue that sandy hook was a hoax or a pyramid level event as Sophia small storm has ... has described it a ... DHS are deep state pyramid level event because we do know Dan that the government has now given itself blanket authority to lie to the American people and use propaganda against the American people I think was back around 2013 that they dismantled the is at the Smith Munt act the prevents them from using propaganda on the homeland against American people now they can do that so we do need to be very careful and ask ourselves how much of what we hear it's propaganda I agree with you in this case I think it is a ... for black of a better phrase a false flag event that really happened ... in people did really die I do have a second hand piece of evidence suggesting that it was a real shooting we have friends in California ... this gal her name is Val Notre for decades one of my wife's best friends she and her husband know somebody who was shot at that event and they sent us pictures saying the girl was shot she's in the hospital she will hold up probably recover so that's all I know I mean that's not proof but it is a real world example that I think people did actually get shot you make a great point sort of blather on like that but I I wonder what do you think are some of the biggest anomalies or would you like me to go through my list first then we'll just go back and forth sure we can we can go back and forth I mean each year were you pointed out some of the similarities that that that this particular event has to pass the buttons ... any in regards to the actual shooter and something that recently came out I'm was this guy was on drugs he was on something called the die as a pain I believe it's called it's a it's a type of valium permit may be actually valium I'm in it's used for on people who suffer from anxiety which ... makes sense the man was a compulsive gambler you know he was constantly gambling ... but what what people don't know is that I had a side effect of this particular drug is aggression in actually warns that did the drug I warned you that if you know you tend to slide towards being an angry person this maybe heighten that I'm so that's something I think god needs to be looked at as well when you look at the similarities between all the past shooters who do similar things here a lot of these guys turns out there on drugs and if that it turns out to be a true in this case that needs to be seriously looked at well I agree with you to in the background of Stephen paddock needs to be looked at I mean why a multi millionaire I guess by some accounts or real estate gurus some extent I don't know maybe it's not a guru but he'd certainly had some real estate properties rental properties why would this 64 year old man be compelled to do this and how in a facility as secure as a modern day casino where they certainly don't want to be robbed how in the world with this guy get 40 plus guns up to the 30 second floor when you know there's cameras everywhere there watching everybody in the elevators in the hallways in the casinos ... the eye in the sky doesn't miss much in a Las Vegas in less it's paid off to miss something up the ownership of the casino certainly comes into question I'm gonna report here today ... saw this from Jason of YouTube channel that I looked at the article MGM resorts international CEO James Marin sold 294150 shares of stock on Friday September 8 worth 10000000 and then over another week or so we sold another 8000000 that's 18000000 shares of stock he sold just a month before this event some of the other anomalies as soon as the band left the stage as the shooting began the crowd lights went up and stayed up making these the crowd visible to the shooters later after the shootings stopped the crowd lights were turned off preventing triage we've reports that the exits were blocked and we have this report I wanna play this for you think it's very important we have this report that there was a shooter on the ground near gate 7 listen to this control be advised shots are coming for coming from day 7 J. savage shots are coming from date 7 now keep in mind the exits were blocked in people couldn't get out it sure seems like this was a to me Dan yeah I mean E. in these kinds of programs obviously it's it's pandemonium it's it's chaos that tactic I'm I'm a lot of the people obviously didn't know which direction was the safe direction to go you know if there was allegedly these bullets raining from so far above I'm it's tough to know what where is is they place to to run into I'm as far as the police officers on the ground a lot questions that are being raised there there's reports coming out right now and that these police officers in yellow jackets some were seen one in particular at I think at the blonde's deal we're talking about a different casino here run things through at the casino witnesses claim that around you know the time that this is going on this guy running through the blood you in being chased by 2 other guys in also yellow and other vests like god you know chasing after one of the road anybody has any questions as far as what they're saying on TV and what is actually going on here's the proof we call them and and we also call the news all I know is and here at the glass you know Daniel and I were and when the shots came hiring in through the front door of the lobby and masking he I was under the table NMAC over screaming everybody gets back which raises a lot of questions about what was going on I'm in the other casinos in any and in the area with these yeah yellow pad I think you know there's a families come but I I can also bonds or or you know why a lot of you know we will go through all of these I don't wanna I wanna see all the ones you have in regards to there ... I think that one needs fairly easy we are explainable just because we know he was staying in the hotel for a number of days I'm E. at the police told us he checked in on the 20 eighth this gives them you know 3 whole days I'm to be able to take pieces up their asses brother said in interviews he's a very wealthy man he doesn't take things up by himself he would pay a bellboy $100 to throw away heavy piece of luggage onto a cart and wheeled it on up there for him I'm so over the course of 3 days it it's not that it's inconceivable to imagine how these could have been brought up there on but still that doesn't you know there's still a lot of questions about his physical capabilities of knocking out those windows with a hammer and down and things like that so yes I'm I'm I'm curious to see that the other point you have because there's a lot of people trying to currently debunk these and we have to we have to be be careful that we separate the facts from the fiction of writing for you right right what just a couple of thoughts here on paddock his brother says he was not a gun guy well I'm a semi sorta interested gun guy I have a couple of ... firearms up but I'd never shot an automatic weapon I would not have the first clue on how to load improperly shoot that kind of weapon under pressure so that we have a lot of research suggesting the number of rounds that was shot while were shot does not add up with the amount of time the shooting was happening there had to be a second shooter we have audio analysis coming across a from Mike Adams another suggesting that there absolutely was 2 weapons being fired at a minimum ... during this but I just want to say this is a pertains to this guy ... if he wasn't a gun guy why in the world we bring 40 guns up if he's just if it's him acting alone we're going to do with 40 weapons me Sir yeah 3 would be plenty for 10 that would be all over kill us so the 40 weapons doesn't add up but here's the thing you you mentioned a debunking I want to talk about the flashes coming from the fourth or fifth floor if you look at the video and many people now have gone over the video with a fine tooth comb you don't see any muzzle flashes coming from 30 second floor now we do see what a lot of people are describing as a strobe coming from the fourth or fifth floor we have the taxi driver of video showing what she thought was a shooter lower in the building of the fourth or fifth floor now a Paul Joseph Watson others have come out and try to debunk that saying well there's no broken windows okay now we have end times news report ... Jake over there saying that he has got some of the blueprints of the lay out some of the windows can be opened from within my position on this would be look if it was a well orchestrated team certainly a window could be removed and put back in if it wasn't muzzle flashes it certainly was a distraction that would keep people you know law enforcement focused on an area that the shooting maybe wasn't coming from your thoughts on yet that big debunking the flashes and fourth fifth floor well it's tough to say what it is ... but it is armed safe to say that it's clearly not the that the gun that we thought it was on the because the video showed us that it was flashing in the same manner in the same area I'm at a different time in the in the in the evening like that it was a totally different song being played before this happened I'm as to why that would be there I mean it is Las Vegas you know it's it's the city or do you know why at the city of sin there's people partying and in every hotel room there's lots of stuff going on here it's tough to say what that could be but when these false flag and talks are carried out there constantly distractions and then you know I ways to divert ... in and confusing and and muddy the waters I'm all of this information so I am I I'm leaning towards that ad that the fact that it doesn't it doesn't appear that he's not flashes were actually to gunshots that looks like it's the same flashing that was occurring earlier in the night question is yes what what are these flashes doing there why were they there ... can but a again it is Las Vegas I'm Pete it was late and even people are carting I I imagine there's lots of things you would see in hotel windows I'm in that kind of an area that member time right but we again we're not seeing any flashes coming from the 30 second floor which I do think staying in you know needs to be addressed ... I do wanna play another clip for folks now it stay with us I think some of the most powerful clips I can possibly play for you guys are coming up so just stay with us I should've said that at the beginning of the interview this is a recording this is police audio recording of live in the moment of an officer reporting where the shots were coming from at Mandalay bay and he does not say the top floor does not say 30 second 30 third floor he said halfway up yeah what we're not doing a different problem there if you don't know what they are they're not going to get out what you don't like it is not going to prevent what they thought well you know we have a record sure we have a tractor trailer and all the way around and yes the recording again another recording from an officer saying that there is a shooter inside the fairgrounds ... and then we have this report that the lady who is Hispanic warned the crowd 45 minutes before the concert you're all going to die I'm sure everybody's heard this one no player quick yeah I thought I had a positive correlation do it like obviously she was telling us that in either to tell us to warn us here to tell us that Jews part of it okay Dan and ... next I want to play a very important clip from true stream media ... they did a video called Yuri predictions in Vegas Cui bono that's what we need to ask right every single time there's an event like this we need to ask who benefits that's the number one job of the media and law enforcement is not yeah yeah absolutely key bonus a key question and ... you know I was as a true adds a fan of true stream media myself I I yeah I did check out that video and I thought they did a solid piece I saw the the the thread on 4 chan are by the same guy named John and I was incredibly intrigued and don consider doing a video on it myself and then I saw their video and I was like you know what that pretty much nailed it they covered everything that I would want to cover and so yeah it's important media yeah I play a clip this is 2 minutes and 20 seconds roughly right now from Erie predictions in Vegas Cui bono it's from true stream media Aaron a Melissa they're friends of ours ... personally of me and Dan and they are just hit it out of the park this is a thread called if anything happens Morrow it's Mossad false flag level alpha and I'm sure every single year on September 11 you'll see a post with the same morning or similar warning just by default ever since 911 on this website I'm just guessing but this year you had some pretty interesting and specific responses that make way too much sense I was able to carbon date this page back to its creation date and it was apparently created 235959 on September 10 one second before midnight September 11 somebody out a message they definitely wanted to put out there and down here in this thread is a post from John I'm sure that's his real name he says look I feel bad for some of you on this website so I'll let you in on a little secret if you live in Las Vegas or Henderson stay inside tomorrow don't go anywhere where there are large groups of people also if you see 3 black vans parked next to each other immediately leave the area you're welcome people started debating what that meant and he comes back and says it's called the high incident projects they want to make the American public think that places with extremely high security like Las Vegas aren't safe they're trying to create more regulations you'll see laws propose in next few years to put a more metal detectors and other security devices medium politicians will be saying places with lots of police need even more police I can't guarantee anything weapon tomorrow but Las Vegas is on their minds then he comes back 1 last time and says if their plan is successful state of Nevada will pass along the future making all casinos have mandatory metal detectors and backscatter machines soon after a federal law be passed to put these machines in universities high schools federal buildings you name it O. S. I. systems and chairs offer the main producers of these machines sometime around 2020 shares off no SI will merge into a single company after the merge the owners will sell off all their stock and make billions in profits Mr Chertoff has been in contact with Sheldon Adelson Mister Addison will become huge sponsor these machines and he will be the first the put the meniscus he knows when the law passes this is my last message for now don't expect me to return anytime soon our deposit there Dan guys just bear with me 1 last clip to play in this is about Sheldon Adelson specifically Dan just make a note we're gonna circle back and talk about Chertoff backscatter technology all the stuff that was rolled out by DHS in the airports after 911 you know who's behind all that always the same people right guys this is an interview with Robert steal from Victor's Libertad Las Vegas was as Iacon operation he says and it really backs up that 4 chan post listen to this number one Las Vegas is absolutely a false flag event whether people died or not this is been conned cock get by this I. O. comments by the deep state this is something in which Sheldon adults some who wants the casinos in the area where it happened and Michael Chertoff the Zionist first director of the bill our department of homeland security are in a call conspiracy with others okay guys I'm gonna turn back to Dan because there's so much to talk about here almost defies belief it's almost as though Robert Steele is John who wrote that on 4 chan my goodness any kind of paid off any better damn ... yeah I mean that that sounds a lot like what that would John not I I just this John guy on on 4 chan was saying and I I think the important point to to make here what with both these guys are saying is what the end game is here you know when you're asking qui bono and if this was a false flag this was a problem reaction solution type of band then we got a look to what is their solution and now guess what it just so happens to be gun control and it just so happens to be body scanning machines and metal detectors going not not just in the airport yeah hotels and casinos I'm good stretching this out all over the place and the only way to be able to achieve that is to you know I I have a have been attacked here you know I'm in order to provide the excuse to do so so we gotta remember there is there is a I I I 19 eighties or overwhelming in nightmare engaging cheater and in order to bring us us into that world it has to be done incrementally they know we're not going to just go along with this kind of ... Tierney unless it's done incrementally ... so that's the important point you take from this mysterious I guy you posted this on another move I think was the morning of September 11 things only you know 23 weeks ago ... so this is a very very intriguing that he specifically mentioned Las Vegas he warned people to be careful any names the companies that we're going to potentially benefit even saying the red cell accompanied 2020 for billions of dollars so it raises the question who is this John guy well and we should remind our listeners who helped roll out the backscatter technology in the scanning machines in the invasive body scanners in the airports right after 911 right Saddam guy who let the ... dancing Israelis go back to Israel after 911 and they went on TV to declare that they were there to record the event are yeah our goal was to document the event the fact of the matter is we are coming from a country that experiences terror daily our purpose was to document the event how do you document the event without having pre knowledge right Chertoff's at those guys back now in terms of you know questioning the people who were there documenting this event ... you know ... I getting into the minds of these witnesses you're you're brought up this girl you talked about did the person who warned everybody 45 minutes before that this was gonna happen that they're all going to die no this is really important eyewitness testimony because I want my thoughts on this is why isn't there anybody else coming forward I mean not you this is probably true that's probably the case but I mean surely some other people would have ... experience this witness this is well and I've seen the viral videos of this girl going around talking about it so I wonder if anybody else from the venue is going to be willing to come forward to court corroborate that story to say yeah I am I I can I can verify what she said there was a lady running around saying everybody's gonna die but right now there's only one person who had said that I'm I'm waiting to see who else in the area I'm is going to come forward and speak out that they also got this prior warning any good mood there's a number of other points that you brought up to Shawn that I'd like to touch on you still with me yes Sir I'm here close a good story I'm so yeah you're through a few other points that and and I'm not you know as somebody who's been exposing full flight for a long time you know I'm not trying to do good things here I I'm just trying to clear I'm some of the waters and I know that this that a lot of people saying that the 573 the combined people who were wounded and killed could not have possibly come from that many Browns but I I'm not so sure why people are assuming that all of those injuries are coming from the rounds themselves I mean I'm not so sure it's a lot of those entries made of being you know sprained wrists and ankles and people falling over people getting trampled ... up 490 people have already been released ... from the hospital would leave us with the yeah up police said so I am I'd be curious to know how many of those injuries were actually suffered from around and bullets ... been because I think it was just a rapper were you brought up that in it was an excellent point but I started thinking well we don't know what these injuries were maybe with people getting trampled falling over and you know so we again we have to be careful about that and when it comes to the the potential of this guy to be able to shoot these weapons I mean he didn't live in Las Vegas and this is the place where you can go and shoot at all kinds of these types of guns and and get extensive training all on your own in your own private time you can go to these places and paid her shootings guns alright all you want ... so it is conceivable that I he was able to do this mind you the man had a frail weak body he was an old man as I said earlier doesn't still makes sense to me how we gonna smashed out those windows and you can be no problem guns even if you had the tripod I'm so I guess I I still have a lot of questions about this but all a lot of the things I think there's a logical answer for as well know your points are very important in die you know I don't think anybody is doing the research as it is and I did and I know you agree with this nobody's trying to muddy the waters we're just trying to you know get to a clear picture of what actually happened because we know the mainstream media isn't going to evaluate any of these anomalies and they're certainly not gonna report on these anomalies on CNN so I think then again it sort of brings us full circle I think the old media the truth media we all are on the same page that there's more to the story right we know that the end game ultimately would be to destroy the second amendment and take the guns from the American people but in lieu of that why not rule out a technology it invasive Big Brother technology in hotels throughout the country so that the elite oligarchs who victimized us on 911 can again profit from increase police state apparatus in the United States stripping our liberties in the name of security it's the oldest joke in the book then it should be such an eye opener and make it so clear to people but the current system of surveillance is clearly not about protecting us I mean the NSA that they can listen to your phone calls that can tap into your you know they they can sit and read your emails I can read your text messages they have super computers with powerful algorithms that can recognize these red flags and ... it's clearly not used to stop so called terrorism I'm it's clearly used her to spy on the people who are potentially going to rise up against the government and and go against the status quo that's what the Big Brother Orwellian nightmare surveillance grid is truly all about ... so the more people give up their their fundamental freedoms their their abilities to protect themselves in America with the second amendment of the worst things are are going to get so yes like you said we have to remember what the overall any game here is is total control over the American people and eventually the whole world yeah alright well I mean I we're not gonna get to the bottom of this here in this call guys but we wanted to share what we thought were some of the most important anomalies ... whether we could debunk them or not but certainly the MGM resorts international CEO James Moran selling 300000 shares of stock you know more than that then because he ultimately sold $18000000 worth of stock just over the past month what convenient timing how I mean it's just like the insider trading on 911 right window there were these puts sold against I think American Airlines and United ... creating I think a $7000000 windfall profit ultimately that was never picked up by the winner of that bad because of course that left a trail right back we know that trail led right back to the CIA anyway I think if we if memory serves yeah yeah yeah absolutely that's going to be an important 1 to follow to I'm wouldn't when doing these investigations yeah we're gonna follow the money absolutely fall the money where to go unlike you sent all the insider trading I'm during 911 absolutely crucial key and to be able to point to work who the real you the real shaker and members of players are I'm so yeah we we gotta keep a close eye moving forward on these I'm backscatter machines or whatever they're called the D. yet the X. ray scanners that that that body detectors the metal detectors I'm going around here and the company's in cults I'm with the sayings trading on the market and I'm yeah keep keep a close eye out I for these types of blood disease Shadia shady shady tree trades that may implicate who was actually behind this thing yeah follow the money out the other thing is this Sheldon Allison point is is a stickler for me it really needs to be flushed out a little bit further ... he's a Las Vegas casino magnet and ... is a billionaire and in my mind and I had it that he was closely connected to Hillary and her corruption but as I'm googling some articles here what's really coming up are his donations to the Republican super pacs I think he'd donate $20000000 to a Republican super PAC he probably plays both sides of the fence ... products where he was more closely tied to Clinton in that version of the deep state than trump needless to say I think we need to look further into Sheldon Adelson when we talk about Cui bono yeah yeah absolutely and like I said I think more info is gonna come out and now that disguise on everybody's radar and so you'd better better be careful especially with the insider trading ... and that's something I I you know in regards to the the ... surveillance state and and the potential ... the trades that are going on this summer I want to talk about too and that that's so interesting I notice you you interviewed a guy I'm not too long ago that's involved with that a blockchain company tried called high blockchain this is interesting because I've always thought that blocking technology could potentially go into the the direction in the future of completely in sleeping amenity in being used by these leaders to control you know the internet of things and to document everything but I think right that's working the road where it could actually I do that but it could be also going into a potential area of helping people to be get away from these particular oppressors I'm so that's why I noticed just you a couple weeks ago interviewed this guy from high blockchain yeah that's Frank Holmes he's the chairman of ... hive into is a gold guy he previously cut his teeth with a big gold fund for decades and decades and I started this new thing which I think is cool because it gives you access through traditional like Wall Street means brokerage accounts I raise to get involved in the crypt of space yeah yeah it's it's a cool way to be able to get an all day and then they're like we said we're bringing it into the mainstream quiet gold and silver I mean I think that's 1 of the the the biggest sound safe havens traditionally I mean it always has been I I personally owned on deals in gold and silver and I would suggest that people kind of it you know maybe put closer to 80 to 90 percent your assets into usable cannibals and metals and if you are playing the creek does go maybe 1015 percent your assets like reptiles now but if you are going to do so I hide is interesting ... that you check out anyways but yeah gold gold silver it's true yeah would build the thing that I thought was interesting about that hive thing is simply because I have in one of my arrays some G. see which is 8 ETF essentially a over the counter tracker of big point the trades at like double bit coins actual value because it's the only thing that as he seat well maybe because it's OTC it in even have to get SEC approve but you know ... there are no other ways I play the crypto space through traditional Wall Street vehicles like stock so that's what I thought was interesting about it yeah and it really hopefully this is going to be able to keep this out of the hands that up to people who want to use this system this technology for controlling us just like the NSA is doing I'm spying on everybody is clearly has nothing to do with our safety we just saw what happened Las Vegas on and they do want to control that more so we gotta make sure it goes into the hands of the right people yeah but the bottom line though I do agree with you about gold and silver I mean that is one of the safest ways to protect yourself from the storm is coming economically and I continue to buy silver you know pretty much monthly and ... but I think the crypto space is interesting and I do have a little bit points material like on some of these others I don't think they're all entirely evil and so my ideas you know I'm going to do anybody good standing in a bread line so if I can make some money on the crypt does to buy more gold and silver to protect my family I think that's a win yeah yeah I wouldn't I'm I'm I'm on the same page with your brother alright man well I do appreciate your time your analysis is always excellent your YouTube channel is fantastic guys it's weaving spider on you tube and Dan shout out the website again for us we please sure it's a price for truth.CA and of course everything goes up on 9 my you tube channel if you type in press for truth you'll find it I'm I also put everything up on deep to the and ... esteem it out on my account there is pressed for truth and of course if you want to have been you can do so at Patreon.coms let's press Richard or press Richard.CA slash donate because we know pitcher on is sometimes you know better even even suppressing free speech all Lapwai portrait so press Richard.CA slash donates a good place to go to in in the face of this I apocalypse we have defined needs other means and that's why things like it shooting did me in deep to steam it and all these alternative sources are popping up and it's a beautiful thing yeah it is a beautiful thing to in there some beautiful people out there showing some real support for many of us so my thanks and dance thanks to all of you who have stepped up to help us and not keep us in this fight for truth is you know Google CNN YouTube they just like us all to shut up and go away and then Google just give you one answer for every question you have courting Eric Schmidt there should only be one right answer in Google will provide it we we should be able to give you the right answer just once we're here to help combat baton that try to keep insanity here in the world Dan thanks so much for your time buddy my my pleasure thank you alright guys check out Dan's website press for truth.CA and please do check us out for real news 247 at SGD antidote to corporate propaganda X. for listening have a great weekend guys but I they're using these events justify the chef never let a good crisis go to waste even if you have to create that crisis to justify what you want to do next //
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\\they're using these events to justify the shaft never let a good crisis Goethe wakes even if you have to create that crisis to justify what you want to do next okay friends thanks for tuning in this important interview is brought to you by crowd whiz which tackles the ineffectiveness of established banking and financial institutions with the first ever crowd wisdom based investment ecosystem make wiser more profitable investment decisions by combining your knowledge with others crowd whiz let you create your own fund and invite others to join it it then enables the fund's participants to make capital decisions together via a clear transparent voting process using the theory of blockchain crowd was eliminates expensive middlemen like fund managers banks and hefty fees and soon there will be crowd was landing crowd was exchange and crowd was insurance so profit from the wisdom of the crowd I see over crowd whiz begins October 18 but the pre sell which offers a 20 percent pre sell bonus begins October 10 for more information visit crowd was done I AO a friend's thanks so much for tuning in it means the world to us and with all that's going on in our nation with what appears to be in my opinion a false flag shooting in Las Vegas there certainly more questions than than answers as it relates to Stephen paddock and I was able to obtain all those automatic weapons ... this interview is going to be more focused on the economy and the fraud going on within the American economy and we have back on the line our friend Lynette saying she's the chief market strategist at ITM trading Aline that welcome hi so glad to be here today I'm sorry about what happened in Las Vegas though I mean that's just a horrible event yeah it's just a horrible horrible beyond words and ... you know only a madman would target you know helpless individuals attending a concert up or perhaps there's more to the story you know my opinion sometimes on at these things go unanswered inconveniently the shooters the lone gunmen in this case are always dead and they can never excel their side of the story there's never a trial so there's really never and and just the official story that's rolled out and parroted by the mainstream media out multiple reports of multiple shooters on the ground let me just find out what you do not know what they are they're not going very well way out like this rock would prevent went very well well we have a record sure we have a tractor trailer and all the way around where the police recording suggesting there was shooting coming from gate 7 on the ground control V. advised shots are coming for coming from gates 7 J. savage shots are coming from gate Savin up so many questions that need to be answered but just like our economy right just like the fraud we see it Equifax at Wells Fargo the bad guys and the bad guys and never ever brought to justice so I just before we get into that though your thoughts on on this shooting and you know what the mainstream media ought to be doing in terms of helping investigate because I think right now we've seen you know judge and jury ... Stephen paddock is they're saying he did this all by himself 64 year old man toted all of those heavy they're saying over 20 weapons were in that hotel room how in the world would he get that no that ammunition up there all by himself in a Las Vegas casino one wonders you know you you do wonder and I've been to Vegas enough times where I suppose if he is since he was local you know he could have driven there parked in the parking garage and and there's really I mean he could have brought them up actually pretty simply on a bell cart to be perfectly honest with you there's who would stop you well you know I open question at 1 does wonder though you know I mean that we've all seen the ocean's 111213 and doubt those casinos have stated the art video surveillance on every single person that walks in and out of those casino so here's my question they actually do you're right you're absolutely right and they're watching them I mean they do they have the whole room up there with all of those all of the security officers you write well and here's my question in this is a ... an open letter essentially request to Mandalay bay into the owners of that concert of that casino and a law enforcement I would love to see video surveillance of all activities on floors 39 in the 40 8:00 hours leading up to that shooting and in the hours after because we have multiple reports of how shooting a shooting coming from the lower floors of Mandalay bay and some video evidence suggesting that that's the case so we really like to see video surveillance footage but I don't think we ever well and that's the problem it's the same problem with the criminals on Wall Street we never ever see justice so I guess we can bridge over to that right now there is ... hearings right now in Congress for the massive fraud committed by Wells Fargo the C. E. O. rolled out to apologize of course that's all it takes these days you just need to apologize as opposed to you know going to jail or being fired and then we have the Equifax CEO also ... in during some public shaming over his eye over the Equifax hack I'll tell you Lynette well how do you even digest all of it uhhuh might well you know what we can look at all these little teeny pieces ... and I don't mean to say that these scandals are little because clearly with Wells Fargo you know there was what 100 at no 3.5000000 identities that were stolen or something like that and then the auto scam I mean it's gamut Tapan scam upon scam but don't worry because Warren Buffett was on this morning and he said but they handled it the right way they just got right in front of that they just apologize yeah the CF up P. B. let them off with a small fine and a little slap on the wrist in shut that case down real fast before the autos scandal opened up and you know when you listen to them I mean I do love Elizabeth Warren I do I she was really quite direct because the current acting president of Wells Fargo were C. E. O. of of Wells Fargo has been there for 30 years I was sitting there telling everybody what changes they've made and how much she has had an impact on the changes in the culture over the last 30 years and Elizabeth Warren just nailed him so you mean to say that you're you been there for 30 years this is a great thing they need to get rid of everybody and change the culture and it's the same kind of thing with Equifax with 143000000 identities breached which you know I I would have to look at this to be more accurate because they were saying that was 50 percent of the adult population but then this morning that somebody said that that was 100 percent of the adult population so everybody's records were breached and I I would have to do a little research to find out how many adults were in population but either way what is he do I love it it's easy they retire so they give up a little bit over here but they keep the lion's share of all of their ill gotten gains and I have to say I don't really remember ever signing something to agree for apple fax or any of the other credit Rajan see actually what am I saying it would have had to have been in those contracts that we all sign that people don't read and I believe me before I started reading contracts I signed without reading them throw as well so probably I did agree to it to be perfectly honest with you probably we all agreed to it but no worries because he's now retired so most of his benefits remain intact but the real issue here is the financial is Asian of the whole global markets that started in the early seventies once next then handed over full control to a private central bank that's a that's a private corporation to gauge the inflation and so we can see that over time corporations have actually become sovereign entities and their economies are greater than a lot of countries economies globally and they certainly can go and to any of these countries and if they even think that our government's policies or change in the laws impacts the income that they anticipated I'm talking about multinational corporations now but if they think that their income was impacted by the changes in the laws they could take them to a tribunal and have the cut and overrule the country I mean there is a great example of that with chevron and destroying the Amazon rain forest and this is a court case that went on for years and the government wanted to to get the Exxon to pay or chevron rather to pay for destroying the Amazon well got kicked out of court so corporations multinational corporations are sovereign unto themselves so that's why nobody goes to jail right because it's all contract based we don't write or read the contracts but also all of these multi nationals that and all of these trade agreements we're sovereign governments have signed Dirk right away signed our rights away because you're supposed to protect us so it's pretty disgusting really disgusting no it's a it's very disturbing and ... it's even more disturbing when you find out that the United States itself is run as a corporation so then he started it yet you start to understand why people like Hillary Clinton you know people to commit hardcore crimes even when they're in office never pay a price for those crimes because I think they're relieved ... in service of the corporation is what many of us are starting to come to realize and you're absolutely right my ... author friend Brad Olson scribed basically what you just described with corporations I as sovereign entities as neo fascism and who's making the argument that the heads of the corporations are now those that control governments and I think he's been exactly know mark Zuckerberg is a great example ... Eric Schmidt over at Google who says Google when you do a search should provide only one answer the right answer every time well is the arbiter of truth Google gonna trust them to tell us what happened at Mandalay bay I'll tell you at neo fascism is exactly what it is and I don't know how we fight it other than there is a movement now to hold these people in corporations personally responsible for their crimes they cannot hide under the guise of the corporation and ... I think that's where we need to go we need to put these people in jail personally when they defraud the American people or hurt us with their vaccines or whatever else are responsible for well yes but will also what about the monopoly laws okay and you know I do agree with trump when he shut down TPP and the other trade agreements because we need to go in we as citizens need to actually read what our governments have agreed on our behalf that's why these multinational corporations come can come in and really have that sovereign ruling in a country and that they don't even live in but can overthrow those governments laws and rulings exciter so yeah we need to really we as citizens need to be educated and informed so that when we actually see them doing something we know what they're trying to do which means that they can get away with it as easily and yes heads have to roll but if current heads roll they're only going to replace them with other kinda like a hydra right where the ads just keep growing so we need to change the foundation break up these monopolies that have the ability to to take over really sovereign destiny our destiny I re write those rules so it's it's bigger than yes people have to go to jail for sure they do what you got to get to the root of the problem well it is and go ahead go ahead I'm just gonna say it is a multi headed hydra in every 10 cut off 1 head you know there's 1314 other heads and then it grows a new head anyway and ... it gets me back to Ron Paul ... grilling me no Bernanke about gold and really try and get down to the root of the matter which is on its money in trying to educate the American people about honest money and what was burning his response to remember he said ... up its tradition it's tradition I'm yeah so we've got 6000 years of tradition we know what works and we know what doesn't work and what doesn't work is allowing them to eat for us to just put our blinders on I just allowing this because there are more of us than there are them and we vote with our purse we vote with our choices and we have to start making our vote count and the more that that do that and actually come together as a community then maybe we can make a difference because we have to break up these huge corporations we have to because that's who's really governing us no I whether its lobbying or or any other way I entirely agree with you you know if there is a revolving door fascism in our own government look no further than the FDA or the FCC that wants to ram 5 G. down our throats to hell with the consequences to your health they don't care about it that they say this is the new economy and we're headed full steam ahead spike opened all of the risks to health the 5 G. will present and ... I don't know how we stop it in that's that's the problem you know it's a multi headed hydra how do we stop it when this fascist corporate system is aligned against us because I don't think they're gonna let us returned honest money I think that it's pretty clear how they you know put in and around Paul's campaign in 2012 even though he's the front runner the GOP the GOP stole it from him just like the DNC stole the election from Bernie and gave it to Hillary meanwhile nobody goes to jail for those well known crimes and the lawsuit filed by Elizabeth and Jerry back is thrown out of court this country has our dishes corrupt core okay and the most precious corrupt people are sitting in DC right now running the show and for me the media are elite in establishment that surrounds and protects them and Karl gets their bull shit all over the airwaves it also it's always protect the system protect the puppet masters that are helping run the U. S. corporation so I I mean I hate to be so bleak but I am getting a little desperate I'm not sure how we take this thing back well I'll tell you Sean you know number one what you are doing and what I'm doing I want all those other truth Sayers out there are doing is one way it's education and the more people that we can reach and and honestly you know I know that people like my charts my grass in my research and that's wonderful and I got into the habit of doing that because you know somebody that's in mainstream does not need to prove their point they just say it and everybody goes all I must be what stocks are worth I want gold is worth 6 cetera but I want to prove my point because maybe somebody out there in main street go whoa whoa wait a minute she's just shown a provable plate here maybe there something more to it I we catch their attention so when you do the same thing I mean we're all of us in the truth community use provable documentation and provable points we just need to open more and more people's eyes until we can reach a critical mass and then we can have choices so that's what my work is all about I want to reach as many people as I can with the message though do you and that's how we do it that's how we do it you know I do love our only chance yeah and I love it that you show quantifiable charts and graphs because people need to see that it's one thing to hear it but it's another thing to see it and so we should talk a little bit about what the insiders are doing we know their criminal but in the case of Equifax for instance I think you very well documented the fact that a lot of these insiders we're selling as fast as they could before this news broke in you remember what they did to Martha Stewart right they put all yeah clink for like what a $60000 profit trade they say she got a legally or whatever with insider information added your party yeah we gonna see a perp walk with these Equifax executives that were selling hand over fist before this terrible news came it will be you know and the interesting thing and and Meghan can you pull the Equifax data for me please but the interesting thing about the Equifax 2 is that they knew about the breach and had the fix in March they were breached in March and yet they never even let anybody know that they were breached and somehow this morning he kept saying something well he he did not want to use the word breached but what I found interesting in this ... let's see this is the Equifax Gimme a second here because what I found really really interesting in here was that here we go this is the one I was looking for okay can you see that in the last transaction of buying or selling was may 23 right so the first breach happened in March and then they had of and then they had the fix for it they didn't do anything but nobody bought or sold any shares from may 23 until July 28 or may 24 I should say till July 28 I look at these things in the nasdaq all the time that is very unusual very very unusual so and then all of a sudden there was this huge rash of selling and earlier this year the president I can't even remember his name but the C. E. O. of Equifax that's in that ... in front of the Senate right now he sold 19000000 dollars worth of Equifax stock and you can see all of the other selling in here so they're something that was kind of interesting and 3 weeks before the breach was announced I had a good heart and I because I did on insider trading there was a ton of selling and trans union another you know in the same category company do you think they knew something was something like for every dollar's worth of bodies were $2200 worth of Sally so these guys know what's going on and they don't even let us know until 6 weeks after they supposedly found that I mean I I gotta tell you I don't believe him I don't believe that I I could be wrong certainly because I can't prove it but the data and what they say doesn't make sense if you had a breach in March you how to fix and you did not put that fix in place which you did not pay attention to any other strange activity that wasn't exactly the word he used please forgive me on that but that's they saw some strange activity and they didn't follow up with that to make sure that there wasn't no breach or I don't know maybe put that 6 sand in there a tremendous amount of unanswered questions with Equifax and ... and I you know I don't believe that I mean this alone there's more to it but the fact that there was no activity in that period of time when the data was being stolen is kind of telling to me well where's the SEC right it it's the same question that needs to be asked as it pertains to the criminal banks which manipulate gold and silver on the record with the Deutsche Bank lawsuit HSBC minute manipulation of silver gold markets in the CFTC really does nothing to rein them in either they can't find anything they can never we have those lawsuits on silver and gold for particularly silver for years years and years and years and they could find nothing and now some of the stuff is coming to light was I Thalia well it tells me that ... Sobers worth 1 heck of a lot more than 17 Bucks an ounce I just bought some more recently and I don't buy that much gold anymore because it is a bit pricey feels great to get you know for the price 1 ounce of gold you get what now is it 7075 ounces is over for the price of gold 80 ounces it's a real bargain in doubt when you get it in physical form if there's a real reward a psychological reward to it because to me well you know people like to spend money right because we all work hard we trader labor in our time for fiat dollars and people like to do stuff with that so they feel reported they might wanna go buy a new couch or new 65 inch you know TV or a new car but the beautiful thing about buying physical silver is you're not spending that money on it depreciating asset your trading it for something of real value like pie I like to call pirate booty and when you put it in a treasure chest or safe you really are a modern day pirate I mean look at all of those shows like porters and all of the shows that people who spend their lives buying trinkets in garbage to try to fill their lives up with stuff in at the end of their lives they're left with nothing to hand down to their families you know in our cases our kids when we go they're gonna be able to open up these least saves right with the the magic ticket the magic number to open it up and they're gonna find real actual tangible treasure that's what I love about physical silver despite the manipulation by these criminals well this is a fact and I think that everybody should always be able to identify the true value of whatever it is that they are you know we can say buying or converting but you made such a good point and people don't understand that the primary function of money was to value labor and then any labor that you didn't need to use today you could save for the future when you did need it at the same rate of purchasing power so what silver is and what gold is is real money its labor based because it takes effort to pull it out of the ground and mine at and so we were trading our labor for somebody else's labor very fair and equitable but the fiat you're trading your labor for government debt that you are obligated to repay and they never repay that debt it just keeps compounding now you know I really do think that a lot and we are hearing a lot more hacks even at the SEC and you're gonna see that's gonna come about more and more and more because they want to move everything onto the blockchain so they're using these events to justify the shift never let a good crisis go to waste even if you have to create that crisis to justify what you want to do next but you know really silver has a really important function but like you said you can buy a lot of silver verses one ounce of gold but it is harder if you need to move quickly or you have storage issues it's harder to store a lot of wealth and silver than it is in gold because it's a smaller package so for me it's more about function what I buy is more about what how I'm going to use that that goes back to the strategy and and I mean I've been studying currencies since 1987 and you see these powders and so it's simple once you know what to look for is it's frankly really simple to recognize that and then move forward with that that's why I developed the strategy so you know Walt how much silver do I need how much gold do I need what's the function of that you know where how am I going to use it how do I know to change it from one to the other so where you are accurate that you know my children when I'm no longer on this planet will open up the safer open up my hiding places and find all sorts of wonderful gold and silver through this trend cycle there will be opportunities to build dynastic wealth and dynastic wealth is wealth that's lasted and families at least 300 years so it's the kind of wealth that lives through regime ships and currency life cycles and and major crisis and it's composed of 3 legs real estate rare collectibles and goals and arguably gold is the most important leg because number one it enables you to maintain those other 2 and number 2 if you need to leave quickly you can't put a piece of real estate on your back and take it away but you can put some gold coins in your pocket and travel with them very inconspicuously and and with silver that's harder to do but just because it's so bulky so don't get me wrong I love silver I own silver I too have recently bought silver but I've also bought gold so I do a combination based upon my personal strategy I what I'm trying to accomplish for my children and my grandchildren and their I set my grandchildren's grandchildren because these opportunities will present I want to take advantage mom yeah yeah we'll know me too and it's the reason we have these conversations I note this whole silver stores get long in the tooth because of the manipulation of people think this manipulation will never and but I do just want to point out to people that regardless of what Bernanke says Colchester tradition there's really no we reasoned owner 1.out to people and remind people what happened one NATO went in and toppled Qaddafi and.turtle Libya into a cesspool the first thing that was stolen was the gold the second thing that happened was a a Rothschild central bank was implemented in Libya if memory serves and that is yes that is that the moral of the story because when you go when you passed away when I pass away our children are going to discover that we were smart enough transfer our energy to physical precious metal most of the world's population at least in this country mostly American population are not doing that and when they go they're going to have precious few tangible assets that will be a representation of their time here on this planet when they spent all their energy and time in foolishly traded it for Rothchild central banking paper that's the moral of the story and I'll turn it back over to you and then I have one more question for you about never letting a good crisis go to go to waste which I think was which was set by Rahm Emanuel so but that that is the moral and ethics yeah that is the moral of the story isn't it you know you will trade your energy for either worthless fiat or you'll be smart enough in prescient enough to try to find other ways to save your energy as a symbol of what your life was here on this planet because right if we leave it to the central banks they're just gonna turn us all into paupers and that's really the goal of central banking total control over the population through fiat and the beauty of you know I'm I'm sorry because I know up that this is bent kind of like a little bit of an issue but this is why they want all physical assets on the blockchain to because they can break them down into bite size pieces and even the un banked right even the Popper on the street that selling apples can can buy a little piece of a property in Texas okay so this is really important to be aware of what you're talking about but that's also for the central banks the beauty part of of like Oct chain claimed that digitizes assets there other points that digitized like water rights I'm going to be looking into that more of but different oil right here right water rates if they digitize all of these things and they put it into a little teeny token you know at dollar bills are local those are what local users here but if you're in crypto currencies now that makes that stage global and they can take these physical assets or or even shares of stock at Amazon there wet and 1000 Bucks a river Amazon happens to be at the moment and if they break that down and digitize them into little tokens well how many people can afford 1000 Bucks for share stock in my day when I was a stockbroker they would use stock splits because more people could afford a lower priced stock today all they have to do is digitize it and boy they could sell it to the Popper on the street that doesn't really have anything and he won't know anything so if they can get you to then sell to use all of your wealth go to the mall by the experience and use the equity in your home to do it were you know war the equity on your fingers if everything is all digitized so that you're right we all end up with nothing all that wealth has transferred to the top to those corporations the guys that run those corporations as well as to the central banks I'm sorry to say the government's legalize the theft of that but it's really all of those corporations that benefit from it your and they're really the ones that are ruling well what I'm afraid of it I do see the slippery slope I know you can have David do bind on ... and he ... I think his you tube channel is adapt 2030 I've interviewed him he's a brilliant guy he speaks fluent Mandarin ... he knows all about what the Chinese are up to as it as it pertains to kryptos ... and believe me guys the crypto story in China is not ending just because they temporarily shut down those exchanges which was not even a top down command from the Chinese government officially as David told me in a recent interview they're all coming back online in now probably January according to David and day the central authorities in China will just have more power at that point so they're using this as an opportunity to consolidate power with bitcoin with the blockchain so that I look forward your interview with him but misled pre slope icy is the potential to digitize human rights right that's ultimately not not bankers would like digitized water early digitize air digitized energy and then we are truly slaves on a digital plantation that is why the AC chain and all of these other kryptos warrant discussion because some can be used for good many can be used for evil especially just take a look at the fed coins from the federal reserve they're all working behind the scenes to try to figure out ways to keep this Ponti going and I think they're going to use the blockchain to do it that doesn't indict bit coin specifically guys saw no reason to hate on us for this conversation this is just us being intellectually honest about what's coming nobody knows exactly what's coming but we know the history of these criminals that run the central banks in the history of these criminals is to find ways to ensnare and enslave humanity alright so right and and that's and that's the piece that we have to really it it's about for me it's not a look look we're not going to stop it this technology and I can see a lot of benefits in this technology so there is good but people have to open their eyes to not allow them to put everything digitize everything because our energy that we work for is really what they want to digitize too and you know really is about energy that's what technocracy is about but but that's the whole piece the systems are more important than the individuals so the system that they put in place you know all of these central bankers are technocrats warts Chinese government dirt technocrats it's about the system it's not about the people I wanted democracy where the people come first and then the government's supposed to support and protect my rights not hand them over to corporations and this is not a level playing field and and you know there was a thought that came to me this morning and I could cite as the peace the core of corporate sovereignty is what I'm working on for this week and sometimes I get my best ideas when I'm shampooing my hair and you know and in my mind I saw this one chart and you know I see this whole piece of how the playing field has known it hasn't been level for a really long time you have these multi now national corporations that can earn income anywhere in the world and choose where and how they're going to pay taxes and whether or not they're going to pay taxes and you have all of this new technology that the central planners on the corporations want to use you know they did that with the internet now you please yourself and they're doing that with the black chain block chain for a minute now you you better figure out how you're going to police yourselves so they're allowing the foxes to continue to watch these 10 houses allow a crisis to occur and them what they do is they going in they solidify their power there we have to be smart we have to see this for all sides of what it is both the good and the bad so that we can maybe reach from that the good parts in it but we can keep the bad parts away that's right site makes sense yeah make sense to me and that's why we'll continue to have this conversation and track the crip does ... okay we're gonna come full circle here I think we just did here never let a good crisis go to go to waste so gonna come full circle to talk about the Vegas shooting because what happened there is so beyond repulsive and I think there's a lot more to the story and I think one piece of evidence that suggests there's more to the story at least for me because I know I know what she's all about how she's wired is the tweet that Hillary Clinton sent out as this was all happening and she says a quote our grief isn't enough we can and must put politics aside stand up to the NRA and work together to try to stop this from happening again end quote alright she wants to come after the guns the Democrats the whole communist Marxist manifesto is it it did they rolled out Australia and they took the guns under the guise of a false flag they want to take the guns here in the point that she needs to understand and does she just not intellectually honest she is a liar is that automatic weapons like the one used or the multiple ones use probably by multiple shooters in Vegas are illegal so the point is in there there never intellectually honest about this Lynette criminals will use guns whether they're outlawed or not if they make us defenseless and destroy our second amendment what that accomplishes for them is it makes the entire population fence less against a tyrannical government that's why our second amendment is perhaps the most precious amendment because the second amendment is the one that will allow us to keep the first amendment it's free speech end of the route for me but honestly Rahm Emanuel never let a good crisis go to waste and what Hillary do she tweeted about taking the guns that said I and and not a big surprise that they would do that because that is they took the gold away from us so we can protect our purchasing power they take the gold away fro the guns away from us that we can't protect our persons and our families I'd I personally I had 4 guns I've given for guns back so it's really hard for me personally to like I would never shoot somebody because they're hungry I will feed them that's really more what I'm about but I still want the ability goes back to I want the ability I want to choice I want Zaid choice should be my choice not anybody else's and so I agree you know people that are criminals they get they get what they want whether it's money or guns or anything else they're gonna find a way to get it because they go outside of the system anyway yeah it that's right yet look at Chicago on some of the strictest gun laws in the nation and the murder rate is out of control so with guns got gun violence so obviously I have people in the know know what's up and we know who the real enemies are of freedom and liberty alright so in fairness to my sponsor SD bullion which is where I buy a lot of my silver and gold they've been a sponsor of SG key report now for a couple years great guys over there you guys also sell precious metals and I TM trading what you tell people who I know you're you're really getting a a large following now Lynn that you're really resonate with PR all thank you ... you got a great personality a lot of charisma you're very genuine I think that's what people love about you so tell people how they can get a hold of you guys should they choose to well if they want to do business with us ... we also do bowling and we also do the collectibles but really what makes this different is that strategy that we talked about earlier and everybody here as is trained in that strategy so they can Taylor it and they can give us a call at 888-696-4653 or they can go online as well I TM a but also we have a tendency to get a lot of questions and we trying to answer all of them in the queue an aids but ... also even if you're not going to buy anything and you have a question give us a call were all here to be of service were all here to help and you know really I we're all on a mission to do just that so that's who we are where we are and how you can get us alright very good I you know I appreciate your time it's really terrific I you know in fairness to everybody listening we got sort of wing this one guys because this interview was on my calendar for a month 0.5 and then it suddenly was deleted from my calendar and so I missed the initial connection today and ... Lynette and the team were kind enough to still do it here about an hour later so Lynette thank you so much for your time I really do appreciate it ... it's my pleasure Sean I I always enjoyed doing your shows you're doing a fantastic job and for those I haven't watched the David you bind interview watch it he's brilliant ... thank you I'll try to put that in the ... more info is another one you know I appreciate that David is a very bright guy though that that ... that interview was very enlightening to me too so thanks again for your time guys check out Lynette at ITM for more information and also to check us out for real news the antidote to corporate propaganda every single day at SG T. our sister site the liberty and for some very challenging information plucked directly for you from you too from a variety of great sources check us out at the and a special thanks to my Patreon so could do without you guys thank you so much have a wonderfully safe up there yet be safe up either love you guys alright but I there is not an audit official audit since I think it was 19 6 common sense you have to ask you know why is that why is that not been in order //
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\\a friend Sean from SG T. report here with a very important update about the Mandalay bay false flag shooting in yes we are now calling it a false flag shooting for very specific reasons and first I want to give credit and I will give credit in this video to multiple true third YouTube channels this is why the old media exists and this is why the truth media the alt media will remain the only true media in this country because the corporate media will not tell you the truth about these events number one lone gunman Stephen Paddick again how convenient he's dead as is the case so often in these shooting incidents think no further than Adam Lanza and sandy hook dead men tell no tales number 2 his brother has been interviewed and immediately said he cannot even fathom his brother Steven doing this because quote unquote Steven was not a gun guy number 2 he said Steven had no military experience number 3 he said how could his brother even obtain automatic weapons which is a very very good question when one takes into account the fact that to obtain automatic weapons you typically need to be a gun guy who's willing to undergo multiple background checks they can take upwards of a year and the other point that needs to be asked is how could this 64 year old man smuggled these weapons automatic weapons into a place as highly defended as a Las Vegas casino we need to see video of alleged shooter Stephen Paddick walking in to Mandalay bay with hundreds of pounds of gear automatic weapons and ammunition necessary to pull off what he's alleged to have pulled off how would come by and all the fact that he had those kind of weapons is just where the hell did he get automatic weapons he's not he has no military background like nothing heels I mean when you find out about my sentence just pick he's a guy who lived in a house in mesquite program Las Vegas another point with credit to truth warriors YouTube channel and Hispanic lady was escorted out of the concert grounds by security 45 minutes before the concert started telling people that you're all going to die here's an eyewitness account I mean were you thinking oh my gosh this this woman told us that before before we left yeah I thought I had a positive correlation do it like obviously she was telling us that in either to tell us to warn us there to tell us that okay so are they want the description of this woman described to you what this woman look like her and her boyfriend were both his shorter 5 footers but about 5556 ... they just look like everyday people and as I shared with the reader who wanted to know my take on this earlier tonight I told her Mike Adams did a very good video about this today 5 questions he has which suggests there's more to the story but lastly I told her why did these things happen because she asked first in this case the gun control agenda doubts can use it 247 on CNN as a reason to ban guns in the second amendment even though it's already nearly entirely illegal to own automatic weapons as were used in Vegas so they will use those false flag to try to ban semi autos and backed up point up further we are change did a video earlier tonight and show to tweet from Hillary Clinton that says our grief isn't enough we can and must put politics aside stand up to the NRA and work together to try to stop this from happening again let me be very clear number one the NRA has nothing to do with illegally obtained automatic weapons which may be the case here or a false flag act of terror carried out by a Zionist operation or an antiphon operation funded in part by George Soros as has been well documented Hillary Clinton being the Rothschild sellout shears will use this as I said to try to ban guns and take down the NRA now for the most important evidence of this being a false flag I want to play this video almost in its entirety from Jake at end times news report who does an outstanding job day and in day out delivering real news truthful news to the American people so be sure to subscribe to end times news report and these other excellent you 2 channels I've already mentioned as Jake documents here in this must see must be answered by the mainstream media and law enforcement video this is clear evidence of a shooter on the fourth floor and is the official story tells us the alleged shooter Stephen paddock was on a floor much higher I believe it was Florida 32 and he was killed by law enforcement so now we need law enforcement and the mainstream media to address this video which clearly shows a shooter on the fourth floor of Mandalay bay how much there right hander yeah right I don't like it coming from up there yeah like the 30 second WNED and noticed the San Juan it's also the light because you should know me from up there you know piping gel or in New Delhi came up with another what color there's possibly a suspect on the fourth floor for which now there is clear video evidence proving that that was the case for real news 247 be sure to subscribe to wonderful YouTube channels like end times news report we are change lawyers and Mike Adams and naturalnews and also SG corporate propaganda antidote 247 please share this video news report with everyone you know it's high time we the American people stand up and take back our Republic show the people responsible for these acts of false flag terrorism //
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\\a friend Sean from SG T. report here with they celebrate Tory video about the Catlins voting for independence 89 percent of them despite the government's wishes Spain's wishes that they wouldn't be able to vote at all cast their votes and they voted for independence we're going to talk about that in a second and about what the boot stomping on the face of humanity looks like because that's what it looked like earlier today in Catalonia but first I just want to play this amusing clip from this atrocious but coin channel this young Jewish man now was celebrating Yom Kippur any made it clear to his audience that that's why he was wearing his suit and evidently somebody sent him my interview with Andy Hoffman the one that resulted in any Hoffman being released from Franklin and I'm not in the habit of targeting little channels this disguise 12000 subscribers but he name to me specifically and here's what he said about my channel and what we do an SG team report SG team report what advice do you import channels you know it goes on these channels you during a video says he's not going to go on Scott I cringed similar crazy channels anymore I would never well I for chat because they go on like anti semitic are spears I don't because I can that side of things here but yeah well let's do get into that side of things here I it's amusing to me that because he's Jewish he so eagerly throws out the anti semitism card we've never been anti semitic never not once said SGP report we talk about Zionism and the plague of Zionism and this big coin fool may not understand the history of the Rothschild central banks in the plague of Zionism and the plague of Zionism on his own homeland I suppose you'd call it Israel which is essentially a Rothschild controlled this state as are almost every central bank on the face of this planet the plague is Zionism and it's not anti semitic to discuss it and so I wanted to address that and I think some of the comments below ... actually sum up quite nicely what people feel about this guy ... Isabel rights trying to look trustworthy in that suit Adam the circus is getting worse by the episode and somebody else wrote this she was unaware of the lies his dangerous cult propagates and I think therein is the rub saying such things these days is instantly considered anti semitic but any al the Southern Poverty Law Center and by characters such as this guy but little does he know little does he want you to know that the plague on planet earth the number one enemy of humanity is Zionism in the Zionist controlled central banks period they make the funny money they created out of thin air Indian slave nation states with the debt they create that's a fact and I don't care if you're Jewish if you're a Muslim if you're Christian or if you're agnostic or atheist that is a fact when I've just shared is 100 percent fact and it's not anti semitic now back to the celebration in Catalonia it will probably be short lived guys because Spain the Spanish government has said it will not recognize the vote it will not recognize Catalonia's independence or autonomy from Spain and if you want to see what a boot stomping on the face of humanity looks like look no further than what went on today and I'll show you some of those videos in a second now ironically in a speech earlier in the evening Spanish prime minister rejoice who tried to suppress the vote by jailing public officials in shutting down electronic voting machines ordering police to manually destroyed ballots and seal off polling places declared that no referendum had taken place public remarks delivered following a speech by IRA joy Carlos pooch month said that with this day of hope and suffering citizens of Catalonia have won the right to an independent state in the form of a Republic Spanish government today is written a shameful page in its relationship with Catalonia any says the cattle in government will transmit to the cattle in parliament the seat an expression of the sovereignty of our people the results of the referendum so that he can act according to that laid out in the referendum law and we're going to scroll down just to show you how brutal it got that was the scene earlier today as Spanish police were hitting the peace protesters with rubber bullets in being extremely violent injuring some 700 plus Catalonian and here's one of those rubber bullets one of the witnesses said they were deliberately firing those rubber bullets at people's heads but what I found particularly disturbing today were videos of these Spanish police and special forces trying to break through windows and doors to access the polls in the polling places to take the polling machines and prevent people from voting can you think of a more tyrannical or fascist illustration of violence you know that you know not on the anybody still about it in the Russian market Twitter account who wrote knock knock Catalonia who's there democracy ... they wanted to prevent this vote at all costs as the E. U. crumbles and as the New World order masterminds lose control of the people there only solution is violence the violence of the state and this was a particularly disturbing video once police were inside polling places here's how they were acting all in the name of the democracy they so clearly fear look tell you what if this doesn't give you pause I mean even the Catalonian fireman stand with the P. event the police delivering this is an illustration of what the state does this is the problem with the government this is the problem with world government when people want autonomy when they want their sovereignty and when they rebelled against the government when they merely tried to express themselves 2 democratic votes they are met with violence because the state is bankrupt the EU is bankrupt morally and otherwise and they're only response their only recourse to try to keep it all stitched together is violence so the results aren and 89 percent of cattle ins have voted for independence from Spain and we've seen the reaction and I think it's the same reaction that we will one day see when Texas or another state within the 50 states decides to rebel against a fascist and out of control federal government by succeeding in turning to states rights states rule and state sovereignty what we've seen here in Catalonia it's just a sample of what tyrannical governments around the planet resort to when the iron fisted rule is at risk their only recourse is violence thanks for watching and for real news 247 visit us at as GT you know I would imagine that it's pretty tough to take your own life the way they talked about here and that you know maybe somebody was with them at the time holding down it as he fought in the last minute //
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\\okay friends of SG T. report thank you so much for tuning in guess why back on the line Chris Dwayne it's been a very long time since Chris was last on and we have a lot to talk about course you guys know Chris from its over shield coins which are her pride Terry creations of Chris and die get those directly from the gold statement or check out his website silver shield Chris how aria thank you Eleanor Roosevelt in intro thank yous could just talk to you what sort of what we're talking about yeah we have no agenda got literally we want to go on a anti crypto rants are appropriate toe rants are little of both we could do that but it's not my desire to go to war over Chris does with Chris we may get there we make it's tough but I want to start with the real enemy Chris as you the federal Saddam used today from Jeff Wacker over on Twitter and die it's this want to learn how the Federal Reserve Bank works refer to rule number 11 of the popular board game monopoly let me read the rule tia number 11 what if the bank runs out of money some players think the bank is bankrupt if it runs out of money the bank never goes bankrupt continue playing use slips of paper to keep track of each player's banking transactions until the bank has enough paper money operate again the banker may also issue new money on slips of ordinary paper that sounds about right doesn't Chris yeah I mean especially you know the history of why no monopoly was created it really was that not as a game of you know fun in chance in all of this stuff does really sought to be an educational tool ... you know to show the average person know how rig the game is in once the new you know very powerful people have a monopoly there's no amount of winning ... I've played this even with my children where I am you know and I naturally when ... decay is a key of winning monopolies to get into debt very quickly by half as much property as you can and then slowly start out your competitors which I do with my children every time I play ... but it teaches them a valuable lesson that once the game is rigged there's no way of getting back into it and that's the sad part about it that majority people don't get that our money is debt that the very nature of our banking system is a fraud ... and it's owned by people who literally are 0 airs like we think Bill Gates house at $60000000000 in soccer Berg that's cute there's guys out there who are 0 years because they own the money the bank the debts ... you know literally everything because they own the central banks in the world then you're right rule number 11 home never go bankrupt ... though just simply keep printing more and more money ... then go when their game sales the footboard and create a whole new ... monopoly ... which is whatever this global you know crypto you know mark of the beast type no currency that they've been wanting forever they wanted digitally track and trace every single transaction that's part of the reasoning why the Rothschilds are behind how carbon credits and man made global warming and stuff like that and ... you know they're they're gonna keep playing this game so long as we keep buying it there's no way of winning it there's no way of making enough money in the stock market in the real estate market to kind of be out of it the only way I feel that in individual can win stack real tangible well outside the system wait for the inevitable collapse that will occur you know during our lifetime ... and hopefully put ourselves in position to create our own paradigm and you know maybe it's just this is sept self sustainable little ... community your village or something like that but that's what I'm looking for you know and and police in my lifetime and if something better comes out of that them great well you know what's interesting about monopoly I mean it's a terrific name for that game exactly mirrors our experience here in the real world you know you're right the bankers have a complete and total monopoly they've had multi generational banking wealth that's been built over centuries which dwarfs anything that Bill Gates Sir Warren Buffett could have because that's single lifetime wealth in it's not central banking while right they don't have the license to create the paper out of thin air in what's funny about that board game is that you're chasing paper dollars in monopoly and it's no fun once somebody has the monopoly in you keep landing on their properties the games no fun at that point and I sort of feel like that's how life is today they have us chasing paper money were trading our labor and our time for money that is shrinking in value so they've got us chasing this damn paper that they create that's losing value by the day and you know what guys I just bought another 15 ounces of silver just the other day ... because I think it's cheap and every now and then I still buy more physical silver comment on any of that before I ask about sales yeah over she'll coins are I'll I'll tell you ... the thing is in this is that what I feel is the grand re sat once they own the board once they own the properties the corporations the government's the military's all of the stuff money Dan doesn't really matter ... because they now have the systemic control over everything arm and they literally can ... are really you know like when you have the monopoly on all that wrapped up work on the thing and you have all the cash in your all your players are about to go broke and sat on one play this game anymore this is what I do in my children I hand out every single dollar I have and I give it all back to them and they got all of this is great now now we're gonna you know I mean we're dealing with you know 89 year old so it's not like it it's thing but then then the then that could play this game again they keep going around around the loose again I'm gonna go Hey I'll give you all your money back again and they go Renner in the consulate lose because the game is rigged there's no way of winning inside of it so you're right as long as you're chasing paper dollars you will always offer frauds in and ... schemes and stuff they profit off of the collapse is more than they do on the ball rounds are they get you going both ways and they're always making interest on everything ... so this is why I think when the dollar does collapse the this is not a sustainable system that they will go for some sort of crypto market the beast thing and they will use this thing err megastar look at this because this is what's coming universal basic income and that's what they're going to use to put into whatever this new currency that they're gonna do whether its global or national currency ... and they're gonna give money to people ... you note mainly so they don't write it and go kill you know near the politicians in the bankers out there they're gonna give it to them and they're gonna keep ... you know using this big money you know that they have the monopoly nothing will change nothing will change you know like big they have the system so long as you claim to the system you always always lose ... and especially if over generations they did get you coming dollar so the only way I see this is what the Rothschilds that the reason why they became so wealthy is because they stored their wealth and gold they hit it from the tax authorities ... you know I mean these guys were Jewish bankers and you know stay in in countries that purge Jews like they do they you know they they they ... they do you know were against them and yet what they did was they stored their wealth over generations unaudited ... transfers of wealth untaxed traits transfers of wealth and that's how they were able to eventually leverage it into you know owning trolling the central banks in the world so you know if you want to learn something stop chasing paper assets stock changing digital illusions of well stack real tangible wealth think generationally and think you know even on a moral basis to me it's a moral I used to live in a in a world that I need millions of dollars off of selling debt every day like it was just that's where my family is making more money and at some point when you wake up to this you start to realize not only is this a moral it's not sustainable and I'm not prepared for when it ends and that's half the reason why I left my very privileged in you know happy lifestyle that I had and went on to this path of creating something I think is consciously different ... and certainly real and tangible on it and ... you know it now I believe will help a lot of people when times get tough well tell you this I'm still a big believer in physical silver and gold and I continue to acquire precious metals in physical form but I have dabbled in the crypt does as you probably know if you listen and my interviews and I suggested people dip a foot the pool back about 18 months ago and pick on us down around for 500 my thesis wasn't that big going can save the world my thesis was it's probably going to revisit its $2000 all time high and go beyond that you may want to have some so that was pretty much the sum total of my thesis but thought we can talk about kryptos in you know why you're convinced that they are I don't if you convince their evil but let's talk about cryptosystem I think are good right some of them are on there to protect your identity and your transactions make everything private some maybe are bad like the new fad coin here's an article ... from nasdaq of all places fed going could replace the dollar as we know it won't read you the whole article but the federal reserve is literally working on fat coined that can't be good for humanity so I mean let's face it I mean these are guys that literally go by competition is a sin ... that's you know when I first came into the crypt us base I was recruited by you know developers of declining and ripple lead developers of both of them I remember doing you know interviews if you and brother John and you know just to get the Queen Victoria and I'm like no you know at first I thought it was just a Ponzi scheme I think it's much more sinister than that ... if you remember my my my second fave famous videos they did was a 3 coming false flags I said this paradigm is unsustainable did these guys that only control this paradigm are going to use false flags of some sort to fell forward you know to create enough chaos so that they can re establish a new order I will run for another 4 generations in the other side I said that there's 3 threats to them there's out financial threat where the system that they've built up is totally unsustainable here's a military threat with China and Putin and I think there was also a truth movement threat you know that this conscious awakening of humanity and I hypothesize back then this is 2000 are all 11 or 12 that they would use another false flag like 911 ... possibly blame Iran or China or somebody else for ... a military ... you know ... military attack that would force the United States into a larger scale war that we try would enable get away with you know like with Iraq or something you know it's not on par with what I thought would be World War 3 I said they would probably ... use that as an excuse to blow up the financial markets which are completely unsustainable just because markets blow up it's not the prick that you know does it it's the guy's a blew up the bubble in the first place ... and yet they're gonna get away Scot free to go create another Ponzi scheme another bubble on the other side ... you know whether it's fed corner whatever it is ... but the third one I said was the truth movement near this conscious awakening of humanity I mean back in 2001 there really wasn't a you tube in this certainly wasn't you know truth channels out there people researching and doing all that other stuff so they were to get away with that kind of false flag back then because the media totally controlled it ... you know 2000 a comes around you see a lot more people you know seeing the financial crisis and so on and so forth we saw them try to get us into the Syrian war and that really stopped because I think a lot of people said Hey false flag you know couldn't even came into a UN you know like we we have some influence and I said that ... I don't know how they were gonna stop the truth movement but you know if you guys are an evil genius guy and you come up with you know crip does and you know put it out there and saying Hey it's you know ... inotes private C. centralize gets around the government you can now send money overseas and stuff like that and it China I know you don't believe I am firm believer NSA created the crypt though ... you know way back and there's a 1997 white paper called how to make amends off of cryptographic bowl ... money ... Ike I told you I interviewed that lead developer Gavin Anderson who went to the CIA in 2011 a Langley how with ink you tell us specifically about big going way back before you know everybody's been popped up on this bubble are there's definitely some deep dark roots encrypt does and now you have all these people out there buying selling and loving it and using and stuff like that what a better way to silence the the truth community and all these people who would probably be ... in all ready for a false lag of monetary false like buddy in trapping them in something that is money laundering or they could say it's terrorism financing imagine the next false flag comes through in they say oh Omar Sheik Khalif used there you know 30000 big going to finance this now everybody's involved in that is now a terrorist you can see that coming ... so that's my new concern on top of it being up total Ponzi scheme the only reason why these things go up is because there's no money coming in is no ... income stream to revenue no assets know anything has to do with how many more people are coming into this thing and it's disproportionately benefiting those guys had tried to recruit me back in 2011 who got you know 6000000 bitcoin for very little computational effort may make this ... you know proof of work it digital circle jerk to make it seem much more difficult than it actually could have been had they done it so I you know I and nobody wants to hear this I know you don't and ever I get bashed everyday about it I'm so solid about this like to me silvers the only way out ... because it's real it's tangible it's opposite consciousness since it's not ... it's in your hands and I just you know I don't like crypto that doesn't mean that I don't like watching I think blockchain in itself has should be is widely used ... Ennis free is email is I mean it's just it's a string of coded so it's a line of a chain of of ... work going through so you know and unfortunately now Jimmy diamonds practically copying everything that insane for 5 years I told them you know that there were short silver that they had no physical silver where they do the crash the price of silver then they get a vault and now they own what 12000000 ounces it's over ... you know they come and Jamie Dimon basically repeating all the same stuff that I said over last 4 years kryptos Ponzi scheme blockchain good you see now as long as it's a digital receipt for real tangible wealth and that's what they're going to do they're gonna either use it as a fed going where there's just a pure fiat ... blockchain ... that will be enforced by the IRS the FBI this thing a CIA the military nukes and hold power the government ... but they're not going to allow competition they're not and needs much as people say Hey ... even if they outlawed well then now you're you know a money laundering now you're a terrorist financing and that's what they're gonna treated as just like a worn drugs and I'm like the war on drugs this is all on the internet they know exactly where all the stuff is there's nothing I say for private about it yeah there might be new crypt those a kidnapper room big point first came out ... safe from private now we know for a fact it is not well I'll just say this about the the conversation I don't mind hearing your viewpoint on up a coin and who created it not 7 videos many times well we don't really know who is behind ... the creation of a a big coin this Satoshi white paper I mean who knows it's probably a collective a group think it's a little bit like Shakespeare I mean yeah yeah the real William Shakespeare so I know I have no problem at all in a accident videos it may be a creation of the I I've talked others who ... believe that's the case I think it's Dave Kranz or who believes that's the case ... you you obviously do as well so no I mean the bottom line is as it pertains to big point having no value though in my mind is you're right in that faith people have in bitcoin in the money pouring into it is giving it its value but I think the more important story is the fact that people around the globe arc so quickly losing faith in their own crappy currencies and even in this country now people are I don't mind that dollar late they're sick of it they don't want to hold these crack don't buy this now you told me that if you told me that in 15012 and oil was going up to $140 you know barrel in gold and silver rocketing up yeah I I believe that right now I really believe people are just going for it because they see that there can make a lot of money on it there's there's not even currency crises like even the European crisis is kinda called down like use isn't all that as well you know this is like China and ... you know maybe hot money from China but now they're cracking down on that and that doesn't bode well for the on the so I do think in general you know people who are into criticism silver don't like dollars and began in one and stuff like that but when you have this hot sexy girl out there who's you know get everybody you know huge profits ... you know that's where the people are going in there and you know I think people in my group I mean even in the silver shield group this not alter a hardcore sacker group I mean the the the amount of like talk and beginning of September when it was like bubbling up to the highs I mean people are selling silver for creek those and like tell me tell me how what financial book goes into selling low and buying high like tell me how that ever works ... and since then I've had to one of the guys I mean proponent who's been ... you know it was all about that now admit last week that he's out of cryptozoology this over and sucking his thumb ... you know so I I at the end of the day Sean when time when if you're dealing on a global O. start this off a central banks central banks very concrete money out of thin air so had creating crip does it on the air it's not that much of a leap faith but when you have nations like China and Russia in United States and banks and it comes time for resetting the global board you think that they're gonna go for gold or creating a cryptocurrency you know and from there everything is going to be created offer that I think there will be a rush for gold on a national level I think gold will be revalued at a much much higher level 5000 and thousands of it may be and that will be the new reserve currency up for the world for awhile until some major power steps forward and says Hey ... where there but we're not gonna go from the dollar reserve currency to the U. on reserve currency I think there will be a a period in time or gold will be the de facto ... international trade currency ... when all these other currency start it destroyed and then from there I mean Jeez I could talk about how much undervalued silver is and how much more valuable silver is and how much more rare severed is above ground ... and I think it's just that that's to me is the the lottery ticket that I think is going to be ... worth much more than anything else out there well I hope you're right because I have a lot more physical silver and I have big corner crypto currencies my whole point on people not trusting fiat though ... is based on the hyper inflation we've seen in Zimbabwe were becoming is trading at 85 percent Venezuela odds Uele people are trying to you know turned anything they can that has value or retains their purchasing power self yeah I mean I think that's that's a valid deal but you're right people are also speculating a big point and despite what Jamie Dimon says about it it's now bounce back to you know it's slightly over where he slammed it yeah up if you find yourself don't you must find it ironic that you and Jamie Dimon are whistling the same tune is a pretty myopic going I thought because you guys believe the same things it's because I think bitcoin it least he wants you to believe is a threat to his banking system now is banking buddies do you think that's about it requirements itself is not a threat and it does 7 transactions per second it consumes 170 wait at 8 kilowatt hours to transact ... one big point mean that's enough to run I think 5 houses for arrow year whatever it is it was an obscene amount of thing it's slow it's archaic it's not meant to be money it was meant to be a Ponzi scheme they made something that was cheap and useful ... they created 6000000 of them for themselves whoever the east you know first 0 buyers of the Korean War and then they went out to the guys like you and me to get it out into the populace and then they watched to go up and up and down and up and up and up and they you know they created something from nothing and in the end there will be nothing from something ... so I I don't be queen itself is not a threat at all it you know but I think these are those 40000 transactions per second was never meant to be a rule that currency is a pure speculative asset people I've built up way too much and the guys that are making these outrageous claims of the ones that habit for nothing and they're making so much money off of every new person that comes into the game it's a total Ponzi it will end horribly ... and I just always encourage people you know please don't confuse gambling and lock with investing in intelligence because I just because your bets are good now ... you know it you've got to be playing with house money not liking for your example okay showing you bought 400 and it goes to 4000 or whatever like why would you cash out $3600 to go buy some physical silver and just let the 400 right like ... in or do you want to go back down to 400 before you go to like my buddy who who is selling silver you know at the peaks and then buying crypto and watching to go down and you know going back and second without Mike it's it I it's it's not it's not gonna be the next thing if anything it's got a liability with governments are cracking down we all know that F. B. I.'s already got basically a home office echoing bass ... innovate they've been there for years and they're probably using it to shut down other websites would take very little to no track and trace of top one I think I saw the statistics 1600 people own 38 percent of all the bitcoin in I think the top one percent on 99 percent of all that that point so in all these new people who are talking about all the commenters on your board they may have a couple $0 but they're not players and there are only profiting those guys that created the scheme okay well let me ask you this then as it pertains to any other crypto currencies that are out there like damn their armor is working on his newest I guess threat to it there and ... is what it's miss being called potentially the theory in killer and that he owes but ... there are others out there you know civic 10 acts ... no I mean obviously the top 0 KA crypto currencies can be found at crypto market are there any crypto currencies that you've not one ... not one is good Freeman in that one now worth about one no I know I did think that though I find that I could you know I might I bill white I think that's very close mine that because now I think I don't pick point give maybe we could agree that bitcoin is a creation of an essay that's certainly possible but out of that creation of bitcoin sparked a free market which is come up with many other crypto currencies that rapidly to the energy and these guys are coming out with like your Yarra daily armor I don't know who he is call okay but he's putting together some code they may take them arrow $0 with the coding hours and he's gonna do and I see our maybe you know passion for 20304050 $0 he's cashing in on creating something out of nothing and at the end of the day there's nothing stopping him from creating EOC 3 year yields 15 areas whatever and keep saying each 1 of them's better because god knows apple does that every year with the brand new iPhone ... and they create something out of nothing and there's nothing backing so no there isn't a crypto on earth ever that I would ever be interested in because it's just money from nothing created out of thin air and he has no now the liability of you being labeled as a money launderer taxed she'd ... terrorists find whatever the government's new used to crack down on what I am interested in is blockchain for a digital receipt for silver gold slumber 10 copper you know whatever ... that I'd be interested in and unfortunately Jamie Dimon who I'm sure is a subscriber on the greatest you never told I understand the logic and sees where this is going in which is why he's got 112000000 ounces of silver more than all the other supper banks combine considering the fact that they didn't have any in 2012 ... you know when we were both of us were bashing them that GP moral shortened silvers rising organic you know break the bank ... so no there is not a crypto ever and I'm interested in because all it is is some kid making some code that to create a some coin and creating out of thin air there's no no inherent value behind it fact sheet so how worthless they are iodine queen created a 0.5000000000 coins out of thin air in the market cap I think was like the arrow couple $0 like it having yeah I did your receipt for nothing doesn't mean it has value because there's now when I first started looking at that crypto currency market cap there was 800 market 800 crypt those on there and I know there's over 1100 and that's just in the last what 3 months I mean they're going to continue to do it until the government comes in like Jamie Dimon said and then shut it down and in your people all they can shut down we can you know ... atomic trading or whatever the thing in a peer to peer trading and stuff like that no the real threat is that the Ponzi bubble blows up at the risk of owning it is is too much ... and the people selling that they're not worth anything that they're viewed as kryptonite that's what I'd be more concerned about you know what's the Ponzi collapses who cares if you trade you know all these big coin their work nothing you know over the internet's like ham radio guys you know trade and ... signals over the clouds like it does matter that ... you know my concern is that the Ponzi collapses and ... then there's also the legal liability ... tax fraud there's no a statue of limitations for people not paying their taxes I think during the year that require one up on our 300 percent there's only like our 800 people at filed any you know ... taxes and meanwhile they know that there was more than that which is why the F. B. I.'s echoing bass I don't know I just I think there's so much risk forget about the bubble forget about the Ponzi scheme just the risk of owning them eh to me is is it's not worth a dude you know you look at ... Randall lord mean this guy was ... you know had a medical practice and this guy's going to jail now for 5 years I think sun is to simply for having a big queen exchange like he's done this is a guy who is successful in this paradigm and for 5 years he's no now criminal you know and there is that ... neurologist in Phoenix Arizona same thing sold the $4500 worth of big pointed undercover FBI agents offer cash and now he's going to jail and then he losing his practice I mean your brain surgeon on what grounds and heard that what ground Monday possibly imprison him for selling leading honor money how that money logon un UNH UNH unlicensed ... money exchange or something like that see that's the problem with this criminal government though in they could do they think of you that's what you're up against but no but if what you're up against I'm up against with physical silver too because what happens when they want to confiscate physical sober if it is valuable as you say it is yeah and I know that it has more intrinsic value than a cryptocurrency and yes I mean that's why I've been buying physical silver all these years but you know a criminal government could make lawful things criminal yeah it's in and they may do that was so over they may do that with gold just like they did a goal confiscation back in what 1930 about mostly whatever the hell of confiscation was not a defective confiscation of the date Africa would amendment it is I think like the Fifth Amendment that the government can't just go in and steal stuff they have to pay for it so the confiscation of gold really was Hey bring your goal then we'll give you a $20 gold ... ... gold certificate but it was a mandatory value for value is mandatory if you didn't you just thought he hunted your closet that was a crime yeah but John they paid you dollar for dollar they just give you paper dollars for it and steal it didn't say Hey you're going to jail if you don't turning your goal well is an entirely what we're gonna everybody tell you then then they doubled the price for it well I'm just saying though that when they do value that afterwards and they give a 70 percent raise to the value of gold after they revalued it so they took in all the gold then they revalued it well and by the way there's been no audit of Fort Knox since what 1956 I mean all the gold that's left in Fort Knox according to a report by the globe which I think probably has more merit than anything out Steve munchkin would tell us are according to the globe all the gold went out the back door in the early seventies in the early seventies and all that's left is the melted down confiscated gold the stuff that would even be good for ... international trade because it's a yeah 90 percent pure yeah my moods and went there he said ... I I assume the gold still there again soon use has been watery secretary the first one to go in 30 years I assume menopause treasury secretary the first place are gone initiate or an inauguration day was I'm going down for not see what we got yeah where the pictures yeah you know he can tweet out clad gold a safe which doesn't really tell us anything he's glad gold is a safe investment him glad gold a safe in the hands of the Rothchild what it's what god yeah so no my whole point about pick point yes they can criminalize it but they can criminalize anything that we do okay so we're gonna probably criminalize us for holding this thing extremely valuable rare commodity called physical silver when they want to get all that back to here's the difference that I see because I get this too because they soon as people get to the point where they're like okay crypsis maybe you're not gonna thing in there is a legal thing and I'm getting really nervous about then they go Hey Chris what about your silver gray big point in itself by simply transacting in over the internet you don't know who the buyer seller is it could be China could be North Korea could be Iran it could be anybody you're doing an anonymous trade online ... and you have no idea what you're participating in the benefit for the government is that it's all track and trace I mean that's it open public ledger they'll figure out who owns what and what when where and you know let's face it they could create ... you know they could say Hey Sean you specifically bought that big point from shake Colyer I'm I'm a lot about ... you know who financing terrorism thing and how would you be able to prove it wrong you know I mean the good little crater thinner so then people go okay we'll creek those are not anonymous they're totally track ... you know it is a Ponzi and you know what if they confiscated I don't think they're gonna confiscated I think what they would most likely DO ... is send the IRS for I mean obviously any on pay taxes that you had from sales that you didn't report ... they would probably use ... as ... civil asset forfeiture and treat you like a money laundered drug dealer and then not only risking your crypto you're risking your house your car because just like in a drug deal ... you call with drug selling drugs they're gonna assume everything you own is that in the state's gonna take all of that ... so just by the very nature of crip does opens you up to this I mean Pandora's box of problems that I don't know if they will do it but you know when you get market cap is $150000000000 ... you know there's a lot a juicy money out their ends it's not even the market cap that they could be after who what's the net worth of all the individuals involved in that main a lot I would assume ... so and then gets back to silver okay Chris what if they come after sober I did a sober confiscation video talking about okay let's put this to the test first of all the when the government confiscated gold they didn't confiscated they paid for a dollar for dollar then they devalue the dollar so it's not like you know or the armed agents came and little left with nothing you know like that just didn't happen ... the theft happened after you know the the devaluation arm but not everybody complied in there is many people that you know can I hold the gold overseas it didn't involve anybody ... and the banks in the end overseas and stuff like that and certainly not the people upset are now also said back then people trusted the government like the worst thing you know this feeling of Roosevelt in you know in a brown this together and there was a much more moral society and a conscious society right now at trump says anything half the nation would be upset if Obama said anything the other half would be upset like people people don't trust the government in specially when the government's $20000000000000 in debt then if the government decided laughter sober what does it say about the their bond market their treasury market their stock market their housing market me quadrillion the dollar's worth the derivatives in debt like and they're gonna go after the $16000000000 bid output that and that's only in the United States like I don't think that's there then where would they go they would go to JP Morgan like how are they gonna go to your house when JPMorgan sonata 12000000 ounces they would go for the comics vaults they would go for the men's they would go for ... nationalize the miners where is it in the rational thing where they're gonna send swat teams out to everybody who owns silver to may or may not still have it and have essentially drug type rates to go still sober and in the end will keep keep their silver at their home so late I I find it totally implausible that even our road rapacious government like if Hitler Stalin gets in charge and they're gonna go confiscate silver shit that stuff is gone and you know find out you go to jail you know a leave it for my kids I mean if that's the best thing I could do it and that's what it is but I don't see any other option other than owning physical silver and I and I it's not trackable it's not traceable you want anonymous money that's what that is ... and it's something that's totally ... been used more as money than any other a former money throughout all of history and all civilizations I think it's tremendously undervalued and especially right now of all the tension the crib those are getting just an absolute gift ... and people should be I think cashing out of whatever gambling that they're making encrypt those and start loading back in the physical sober alright final question here it will rounded out with that Rothchild 1988 economists cover began you know we're standing on the cusp here 2018 you know Phoenix rising from a burning pile of fiat in around its neck a gold medallion that says 2018 so do you think that the prisoners vero kind of look like a digital crypto yeah I was gonna yeah I was gonna get there and I and I wonder here's the thing these bankers aren't going to let humanity rise alright crypto center going to save us ... I think they're good crip does just as there are crypto sick can be used for evil deeds but where do you think we're going from here in 2018 as it pertains to that Rothchild prediction are they just going out you know was this whole crypto thing just a test tube baby what you have to ask your baby to get us all to agree to use crypto currencies and digital money and sooner or later they're just going to introduce the 1 mandatory 11 coin to rule them all just like more door and lord of the rings you know that we're headed you think in India and where would that come from all that come from the bank for international settlements or who you know how is this I was trying to come from some young charismatic 30 to 40 year old guy that we've never heard of before who's gonna run against trump on the on the last ... much in the same way that the guy and now France and the guy in ... Canada these totally blown paid for charismatic puppets ... come onto the scene and you got the micro llamaba Rothchild what yet former Rothchild banker McCrone yeah and yeah and then I have out there now Justin Trudeau in Canada of yet pledging his fealty to the queen did you ever have that when he's beyond or actually yes I did I Justin PJ Trudeau do solemnly and sincerely swear that I shall be true and faithful servant to her majesty Queen Elizabeth the second as a member of her majesty's Privy Council for Canada I shall keep secret all matters committed and revealed to me in this capacity or that she'll be secretly treated of in council generally in all things I shall do as a faithful and true servant ought to do for her majesty so help me god when I saw that video is like I need this for my idea debt slave are thing and of course the BBC got their copyright of that ... yeah video yet they tried that on me when I buried it too and I just fought the copyright I actually won on that one how did you are gonna yeah that that yeah you gotta fight that because it's fair use especially in our video that's a you know it's all your personal creation except so yeah here's my Clinton but yeah but anyway as as it pertains to ... Trudeau literally an agent of the queen in anything he says in private or she says to him in private is held privately between them so if you want to know why CB si is now telling of the citizens of Canada don't fear sharia law here if you want to know why nefarious things are happening like legislation that will put you in jail for using the wrong gender pronouns in Canada look no further than the queen who's a knee deep in this whole New World order right along with the Rothschilds yeah I can't wait for her to kick the bucket ... so here's what I think is gonna be the gameplay are I think they know that this system is going to collapse I think that they dumped the entire Ponzi scheme on trump's lap ... you know and maybe it's starting to 18 ... but I by no means is this going to and and 1 year ... you know if you look at the beginning from the Great Depression from the time that Black Friday happens at the end of World War 216 years you had 16 years on from the 2008 financial crisis were always up to 2000 24 so I think for the next 7 years were in this huge window of you know the same kind of change that we saw over the last paradigm shift where you know the United States went from Great Depression to World War 2 I accept that it's much more dangerous now because we're dealing with many countries that have nukes ... we're dealing with the advent of artificial intelligence and robotics ... and a global Ponzi scheme that will collapse ... my fear is that they're going to use ... they're the same guys just like we're talking with anything they're going on the next monopoly board so there will be no real change ... you know their federal power might get low you know lightened much in the same way that the collapse of the Soviet Union happen ... but I think that they're prepared for that ... and what they're gonna do is they're going to collapse whatever currencies are out there the stock markets in bubbles I am just like the Rothschilds came to power by knowing who won the battle of Waterloo ... they will come in with a new thread going ask your queen you know settle crying Goldman Sachs ... proprietary a crypto settle ... and and really bring flake the system and I think that they're gonna use universal basic income which is what mark sucker burger ... and a lot of these other billionaires are talking about ... where they're going to just like we can I do with my kids a monopoly just give them the money and they're this money is going to be nominated and to whatever crypto market the beast is going to be and it's gonna be digital money and it's going to be given to people who were utterly desperate ... inode completely dumbfounded you make you mention like being in a victim of burning made off but ... the whole world's going through that ... and I think that they're gonna roll out some planned ... solution I mean how could they not this is a great change wild cards are what is Russia do what is China do what is no India do what all these other nations still ... that that's to me the real wildcard I think that's where gold off 4 time period will be the true de facto reserve currency and any length fed going to gold as a you know like I said a blockchain digital receipt for real tangible asset and they could say oh yeah we do have all this gold in ... you know for not summer gonna come up with this but you know as well as I do do do they're gonna just start to a fractional reserve banking and financial is ation nail right away you know so whatever sound money that they come out with their or what not ... it's simply just going to be are gonna start the game all over again and my real fear is that the next go around they're not gonna need humanity they don't you know with a I am robotics you know after World War 2 they know they've brought in all these people into the you know the inner cities and you know had all this manufacturing United States is the only global manufacturing characters all the rest of world peace the bomb the ashes and that's how we got to where we are today and since then we've been living off of the the real wealth that was created during that time period but during the next collapse man they don't need us they don't need our human labor you know these guys asking for $15 to flip burgers they're simply going to be automated you know they each story loses what 20 people ... that no longer have jobs even at the lowest level sign there saying within your 10 to 15 years 50 percent of all the jobs out there will be you know or potentially automated mean looking truck drivers it's by the most ... in a populist job out there now and I just saw test line Mercedes involve all with their own you know a self driving big race and you know it's a thankless job but ... they could make it so much so that you know even driving a car that make it insurance say Hey it's too dangerous for humans to drive you know you're gonna pay you want to drive yeah gonna pay higher insurance but if you have an automated car are that we control then your insurance is as lower so I I can get real dark and gloomy about our future do ... and ... interpreting paint a very dystopian pitcher that you just don't want your children growing up that I anything get negative about and stuff like that but I think that ... while the world screwed up my world doesn't have to be and I will be are ahead of the curve ... seeing what is is coming have the real tangible wealth and I hope the by you know land and and businesses and properties and technology to ... you know to create a small you know community I think every individual stacker can do the exact same thing in and build that ... protection around them for the people that they love and so what they roll out with the crypto market the beast you know how would I use that any different than the dollar today I don't like the dollar I don't support the dollar but yet you know what I use it and I use it to conduct business I use it to stay out of tax trouble I use it to stay out of jail I use it to buy silver and now I continue doing my business exact same way ... irregardless how they set up the board yeah into that dystopian future you're you're talking about there is one that I can see easily coming to fruition as well and I do believe that if you look at the Georgia guide stones are the aims of the people at the top of the pyramid who write clearly it to me at this point they're clearly this variance they do want to phase out humanity in this whole move to transhumanism in a I are just steps in that process of literally quite literally phasing out humanity as we know it and it's a it is a very horrifying dystopian future that I hope does not come to fruition that is what we're battling against not come now to the sound conclusion I think Chris that what we are engaged in on this planet is spiritual warfare people who truly hate humanity based on the beast they worship and I wanna leave everybody with a good note now let's talk about your silver shield micro mintages because I think what you've done this business you've created is one the people should take advantage up because of the micromanages these coins often have instant premiums after that manages are close so tell us about your latest pointer coins and tell us about how people ironically can get leak is my skull Jamie Dimon going it off ... in Dayton death they still trust a trust and it's the skull version of Jamie Dimon smugly sitting there it is too big to fail tag on ... and it's a it's a another design based off of the original design that I did which my first one in 2012 which was I in Dayton death they trust and that was based off of the Rothschilds ... in had their Christ and I mean disco version of ... Baron von Raab Ross child back in the day and now I've updated it to say they still trusted because the system is still in place ... but that you have the wonderful thing about the silver shield many mintage up their BO their price comparable to what you the pain for an eagle are maple leaf anyways they come with a certificate of authenticity are there only made for one week only never to be made again advantages have ranged anywhere from a 3000 up to 12000 ... so they're instantly way smaller mintages it's part of a growing collector series it's consciously different I think it's historically significant are and then the response on eBay is yeah I mean Shaun I'm I go through my list every week they update it I mean there's 100 percent premium over spot on my silver shield many mintage like on average posts and then like the trump one I think at the last one I saw sold was for $78 mean while will it yeah but you know you know if you work hard you know because I do not buy it why would you buy like 100 millions of dollars worth of our Canadian measles like number allotment value like me police right at this one I want to just weigh in on that because you would have brother John used to talk about this a lot in we threw around a term ... that we like to use which is semi numismatic coins and so I would always make dark me up by semi numismatics as opposed to American eagle's because in the case American eagle's a Canadian maple still just make millions and millions and millions of them to meet demand in the design never changes so there's there's never any premium to an eagle or a maple but its government issued seen on has value up or you know it's real but with the semi numismatics and aisles like to point to like the Perth mint Kerberos inside try any of the lunar coins the beautiful thing about the ... the kookaburras is every single year they changed the design and the use to cap the mintage at 300000 I think it's 500000 but if you go back and you look at the 2009 in the tents in the eleventh and twelfth that I bought those go for a huge premium on eBay because they're no longer available when that run was over it was over in the same is true with your micromanages but I didn't know that on average your coins are you trading in 100 percent premium that stuff yeah what yeah and and also I finally got thinking time for that t