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"2014-03-20 16:05:51"
Healthy $40 Grocery Haul For Work Week: Meal Plan Included | HAUL
\\Hey guys today I have a $40 grocery hall florea that means that everything in this hall adds up to be last man of $48 so what we have included we have breakfast for every day of the working week lunch for every working day also for dinners so this is an awesome grocery list to bring with you to the grocery store on Sunday to get ready for that work weeks out let's get started now you're gonna have the same thing for breakfast everyday I know this may sound boring but when you're on a budget and also you're trying to maintain a weight loss or lose weight eating the same thing actually has been shown to work when it comes with because I have some organic raw and simple bear el Nino from that our earth I got this on sale for it last van to dollars and it comes with 10 houses so that's actually 2 working weeks worth of practice that made sense right then that might not be enough free guys so we also have been and as each one of these puppies was just 29 cents at trader Joe's and also if you want some protein I highly recommend bringing some hard boiled eggs go ahead and grab 12 hard boiled them when you get home and they're perfect for snacks or to bring for breakfast for a filling meal so the total Fairbrass is just $6 for the week that's the bananas the Aggies and help them then we have lines recently I went to all the is it is a discount grocery store if you're not familiar with what all these days I have a link down below the more info I bought this can't you know which is wild cots and it's also solid white albacore in water no salt added I there's 2 servings in here so for lunch what I like to do is I like to make some tuna salad with comments and also Dijon mustard you guys know this and then I will wrap it up I really like these Joseph's flax wheat bran whole wheat flour I tore T. S. there's just 70 calories in them and for 5 of them are for 6:00 am sorry just $3 so you wrap that up with a little bit of lettuce this here is a levy as I got to say a whole foods it's a little bit more expensive but last week I did buy the identical package with organic lettuce from all these for just $2 saying how cheap all these as you need to check it out that's kind of an affiliate for lines because it would fill me up for lunch so I also have included some baby carrots and Thomas I thought knees baby carrots outrigger Joe's for less than $2 I got this a trader Joe's for 299 that I got the exact same thing same packaging everything up all these for just 199 so you don't have an all these you can go to trader Joe's and is a dollar more but if your budget conscious and you have an office nearby check it out so that you have your fall you had a nice hearty breakfast and lunch he wanted afternoon snack a pick me up before you work out maybe so I've included some rice cakes and also peanut butter now I don't eat rice cakes a time I would like to eat ... peanut butter with salary but let's be honest enough salaries kind of a pain in the butt sometimes to chop up and bring with you so if you're going to work make yourself a nice little P. BMJ or just P. B. and ... race cake sandwich maybe adding some banana if you'd like ... I got these again at all the edges to the grocery shopping there which is why a lot of these products are included from them same thing as trader Joe's seeking yeah a thing as a natural thing a fire at your shows for less than $2 is the organic so it is a dollar more less than $2 to get a jar of peanut butter with out any sugar added and then these rice cakes here were lessons callers as well there's 14 rice cakes in here so you have 2 at a time it's gonna last you all week for dinner yes you are going to be eating this same thing again and I now you're getting tired of it but trust me when it comes to weight loss eating the same thing in having yells planned out works and also saves you money and time from planning what you're gonna happen so I went takes at least that I've ... sweet potatoes and you're not gonna believe how much they are when I tell you I got all the sweet potatoes for last then $3 a lot of times trader Joe's does have a bunch of sweet potatoes especially when they're in season that are less money so you can deftly picked up a messy business for the week under $4 he's more like 239 please ET you can either have them as ... beats the potatoes were just put them in the oven and roast them guys stab it with some forks or you could chop them up adding some all space in some salt and roast them to make kind of like sweet potatoes home fries you have your roasted or be sweet potato and then we are going to have some shrimp right here I have a bag of frozen strand I'd say I'm the easy yell Rastriya therefore servings inside and this bag so you'll want to follow them and then you can click on they take no time at all which is why it live shrimp there really quick I when it comes to preparing so if you don't have a lot of time to make dinner and they're great option and they're also help the US armies on the 0 calories in you also get 19 grams of protein said this was $7 on you can get similar similar frozen face at target or also trader Joe's ... but similar pricing this was in all the by so how to save money on vegetables buy them frozen this huge bag I got it all these was less than $4 and this has 7 servings now I'm not gonna have 1 serving ... I would have liked to our 3 each time I wear to make this so you can either served as the brown rice don't wanna do the sweet potato and then add the shrimp on top add in a little Sawyer Tomari sauce and there you have a delicious dinner so all of these foods at at to less than $48 you're going to ask for dinner 5 lunches and also you're gonna get 5 practice now I bought 2 of the cans of tuna on the fifth day you may not have to unite so I recommend making egg salad instead so you'll have some hard boiled eggs left over take those chop a month I mean son Thomas and then mix that in with your lettuce as the rap yum delicious you can play with your own egg salad recipe if you like I have a lot of other hall videos and sick around at the end of this video you're gonna see links to watch the other hall videos including ones where I share what I eat in a day what my favorite breakfast foods I so hope you enjoyed this video subscribe to my channel I upload new videos every week for you guys let me know white if I recommend a new video down below by the Saudi exact same thing in all these to want want want //

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