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"2017-08-26 02:24:29"
Secrets Revealed as Government Collapse/Restructuring Takes Place w/Clif High - Pt. 3
\\innovation disruption and big issue this is changers with Sarah west dogs and maybe a you know a greater representation worked at that center and I certainly hope so that would be really cool but it that the that we're getting into Antarctica and at this level tells me we're gonna be busting out pretty soon right because I know I've run into some physical therapists and I've run into some welders right you get these guys had a few drinks in them they're going to be Levin like Meg you know Hey look what I saw down there they had me welled up this page for this bastard or something you know that's what I'm looking for is that it will he loaned you all there it's gonna start right and you know how gossipy massage therapists or they've just got to talk to you because they got nothing else going all day if you so the Dogon theory relate were all you know and say that my mom Zachary sich in and what he ... citron's bullshit okay Hon sorry he was a he was a Mason in Iowa all of the stuff that Suchinda of all the documents that such an supposedly translated we now have translated they're available from ... someplace in Chicago I think it's at university of Illinois in Chicago now all of Sanskrit it's translated to get at it on a online you can see the original ... working see the transliteration and you see the translation and know where did such a never say it was on this tablet at this section that this word appeared in never did any of that and so if you but if you were to take all of surgeons writings you cannot in any of those tablets in any any way you can structure that language can you find what he wrote about so he was writing about some weird story that he was told to write about does not relate to the underlying data and they pinned it on the cuneiform saying oh what's in here and you and if you could only read this you would you would say this to you so it was he purposely trying I often somethin Eminem somethin wanted to create the whole night bureau thing planet X. all of that stuff is all bogus it's all misinterpretation anyway one that's what Wallace start she did say that I it stars can come through our resources and you think that's an how ARE moon was created in Saturn you severe sign and there's all this evidence that but it's the whole neighborhood stuff is a different deal am I in a electric universe if in fact there was a planet X. if it were to approach us even as far back as I say we're Pluto is we would have giant amounts of lightning that would be from our son all the way out to it and back ... so we would be watching it we would be seeing it this was what I wanted when yeah and when Venus was captured okay we were going along as a solar system and we snagged Venus Venus's orbit is the same as that year and it revolves exactly the opposite of all the other planets in our system and we snagged it and it just just come along but when that occurred the meso Americans wrote about the interplanetary lightning that they could see blue and green lightning that would go from the sun to this new planet that was coming in and everything got wonky there were giant earthquakes that wasn't a good time to be on the planet minute eventually all calm down one that's there just like we're talking the Dogon it's been I miss that are this all over the world and I've been into some of these places where you know I've been in Germany and I had a friend I'm not into caves but I had this friend that was a caper and ... so he took me in there and there was all these weird carvings of basically people with webbing between their fingers and you know mermaids and stuff on the site cables no way no way no one is in the black forest ... so it's deep in Bavaria nowhere near an aquatic site so why are you making paintings of aquatic beings in there and it was some of I'd it was not charcoal it was it was dark and so my demon blood for all I know but it was it was old and we were kids we know what we're doing here just you know and he knew of him we told some people in the I never went back I don't know if they were still in upper not but we got the same kind of caves over here in the Washington state in several places east of the mountains and you see the petroglyphs in Hawaii okay I mean you've got some tourists up their their children around and you know making strange things on the rocks but in Hawaii they also have the all of the petroglyphs of all of the astronomical problems and the their representation in the normal and we see these ... aquatic beings all over you know I I'm stop the so fast take enough of it are you seeing any anti aging septic mere days since yeah actually I can I can tell you about I can tell you about some of it okay because I'm involved in some of it myself for it well I'm so it you can this gets into it needed this needs to be its own book and get into it in a serious way like I am writing a book about it okay aren't well this is cool then here's some serious material for you alright ... not not from the ... a Antarctica the other side of it not from the ... data sets and not from the I. energy kind of things that it's talking about rather from a practical approach okay so a home a few years back we discovered this new industrial material and it it showed promise in a number different ways and it's a very unique industrial material and we wanted to use this industrial material in a number of different applications and we need to make this ... and so it was decided at an international level that we had to do certain things in order for the singer this industrial material to be widely used in a in our industry and one of things we had to do was to determine is a unsafe and so big they they E. you I actually think was a U. N. at that time was the science agency of the UN ho decided they needed to know what the LD the lethal dosage of this stuff works and so they let a contract with the French lab and the head of the French lab is a is a Frenchman of Algerian descent ... I bring that up because of it it forms the basis of how he does things each culture puts an imprint Tatian of how you'd so science done by Hindus is different than science done by Algerians they just take different approaches just like software would be different anyway so the Algerian scientist ... decides because it's a contract that doesn't know what he's gonna do is a small sample study and high doses until he kills his reps basically we figure out what the little dosages and so he takes 12 reps 6 of the IT of 6 females 6 males on a separate amount into 2 groups of 63 males 3 females one group the control they go over there and they live in they just eat corn and drink water and stuff the other ones get this industrial substance now the the other goal of the study was to see if we could take this industrial substance and in a natural fashion and have it be legal to us as opposed to injecting it so they did not initially injected into the flesh or anything and so they give this industrial substance to these rats and dog day decided that the way to do it was to get the rats to eat so they dissolved and olive oil that turned out to be a hell of a task for him to do that alone and they ended up doing this and this ... industrial substances given to these rats on ... pretty massive dose ... once a week for a couple weeks because the the Frenchman wanted to collect his money on finding out what the lethal dose was even wanna waste years incrementally get up there right and so that's why the Algerian aspect the practicality of it enters into it because it you determine the dose based on he guessed that this amount would kill him pretty quick well didn't kill and and it didn't kill and they were stuck at that dosage level because that's what they decided to go for and they decided okay though uses dosage level keep it up on a weekly basis and continuing over time and it'll it'll accumulate and in the rats and it'll kill on the neck sliced open the rats and find out where they died established a lethal dose they're done well time passes all the control rats Donnie all the control rats had to your life or lack simply pick up their thoughts while they're doing this because they want their wanting to earn some money and they're like all crowd anyways it's amazing what's going on okay okay so in this you can find out I'll tell you the substance you go look it up and you can validate everything I'm telling a okay so they ... either they give the rats these dosages and it doesn't kill and so some time passes you can look it up as to the amount of time and then so they finally got a Frenchman says well you know these rats are Diane of this I got this other contract to see what ... this lethal dose of radiation hips and so let's take a couple of these rats and Zappa with this radiation we'll see what the legal does is it will be done with them and they will also be able to come up and see what's going on with this industrial substance were beaten well radiation until and was way into the radiation was well over lethal dose well over lethal dose rats just sit there laughing it off there they're happy there bear in mind at this point up all of the rats have lived at least well one third again as long as they should have their own into their third year in the all these rats are genetically programmed to die around 2 years and ... into the rats are going along the rats have good sure they look young ... there's no problems with them and finally they start getting frustrated they start euthanizing the rats and because I tried cancer causing chemicals to kill off the trying what you now baby no mortal well they become really hardy ha ha alright until finally they ended up killing them and they killed these rats that very advanced ages for these rats far beyond what they should've lived and when they open up their brains are clean their lungs are clean their livers are gorgeous their spleen so beautiful the got no problems whatsoever in spite of all the radiation and all the cancer causing chemicals they've been fed to try and offer them and see what was going on and so whatever the substance is it's a it works on their system in such a way that it preserved there a internal organs at a level that was useful okay in in spite of the fact that in spite of the fact that the rats were aging but the rats were not aging as normal the amount of wear and tear they were showing was minimal there was no like I hear discoloration of the skin issues none of the systemic degradation that usually couple your company's old age and basically they had no idea when these rats would die if they just kept feeding them this regular diet of the substance dissolved in olive oil so how they do this and that and over the course of time I think maybe the last rap was killed 3 times and you'll have to look it up I don't remember exactly but I think it was killed it 6 years it was 3 times as old as the rational lived and they just killed because they had to know when they had in the study in the guy had to get paid and so they could not determine a lethal dose that way so another group was was commissioned to determine a lethal dose these guys didn't mess around they took some mice and they injected the substance in our water of bass directly into the minds of the level of one tenth of their body weight and that and that killed him okay and it was an injection was a intramuscular but it killed and so they knew that if you if you had one tenth of your body weight of this material injected in you that was at least a lethal types and they had a go down right they can't suddenly the monkey about with that no they didn't they didn't use it you can get help with this but yet that we know what time I will come and you know it's going to be injected and then it later on shuts down all your the other systems they really couldn't say why it killed him and then one of the doctors that was involved in the study said well if you just took a substance out of the water are just that much water being inject it and yeah sure take your box could kill you so they lost anything at that amount would likely right right so so anyway though so this is where we're at on that in the end at this stage this is not a substance for human consumption okay humans eat the substance constantly what we've been seeking while 2 years ago we've been seeking this the substance for of as long as humans have been around it forms the basis of alchemy alchemy was seeking the substance which was the you know the philosopher's stone the eye of perpetual life all of this kinda stuff they've been seeking at all these different ways the Taoist have been seeking it with the other and the Yankees are seeking it with boiling down mercury in all of this kind of stuff the substance occurs naturally in the planet it's concentrated in the planet and various different areas we have only become recently aware of the substances called see 60 carbon 60 but Mister fuller reams okay buckyballs and so Bucky balls these these complex sort a carbon atom we have many different carbon is an interesting stuff because it has many different forms Mostow like gold only has one form in nature carbon we have carbon 12 come 14 carbon 16 Carboni teen inside or outside or carbon 60 is unique because it it takes the carbon atom unfolds it back on itself so that all of the receptors from the carbon atom for connecting to other atoms are fully involved with their own molecule if you will under those circumstances there's no like a carb carbonic attachment to your to anything so if you had a free carbon atom it's kinda like a non US reactive is an oxygen atom little global into you so to speak right because it's got a highly energetic particle that wants to stick to something but just this former carbon does not have that they don't know why it does what it does but they do know that ... it does do that now humans can get hold of the stuff you can buy it it's a readily available carbon 60 C. 60 is readily available from Europe in a purified form you can mix into anything you want and consumer it occurs naturally in coal it occurs naturally in the stuff called Sean got well it occurs naturally in this other stuff cold on of the shell geet were asphalt home so it's been known about since arm the time of the ancient Rome it goes all the way back into the you'll get world maybe 6 or 7000 years it was a necessary part of their revitalization revitalization programs that people would undertake that was really gruesome if you get into the yellow cake perspective how they did it with the goal of time in all these various different mechanisms or or or schools was to concentrate this stuff didn't know what you see 60 they just knew that date animals that drank water from this particular water the whole lived longer look better didn't age as much and so on turns out that water holes in a piece of land are showing guy term material which is this like a primal material of the earth huge levels of C. 60 unit or maybe it was the Yom in the in the of Emily and mountains they would seek goats and they would even see Tom the animals from the deep forests work their way all way up into the the mountains to go lick this black goo that was coming up underneath bomb of these glaciers and basically that was all of the material that had been smushed by the glacier into a very thin layer all the biological material in a concentrated the C. 60 and so that's been their form of it coming in these various different ways now we know it exists now we know what the molecule lives in now we can purify it on a cold and all these other things and now it's still an industrial product which you can actually buy it well you could even consumable ... and you get this affects myself but mice don't Amir they die free radical damage speedy way and so I would say restless since I would manage manage in that really takes care of your radical in the free radicals and all the things that it our cells if that's how it's sold as an anti oxidant correct but does much more than that okay alike it does it does interact with the telomeres it does link there's a line in the teen years because the passing of appealing years is you don't have it's what they're finding anything but if that's not the kills us remark dozens going but that alone I mean that is basically the ... that's not yeah that's your clock okay I mean you start off with the X. number of a man you know like that I the yogi say you know you're given next number breaths and when you exhale that last breath ... near or far in time that's the in your life or you know maybe the thing to do is to breach slow you know that kind of thing but you can only duplicate so many duplicates your humor get shorter well run on Billy injuries in a one action not until he's been working on that night multiple interviews of him just some easing you came on my show and talk about how they found the solution they have it it's just really expense and so they're trying to find a just just from thinking humors me says now that's not the only thing he thinks although if you're human years or longer in your cells are younger now they can get hurt well it can your cells deal with the free radical issue younger cells can deal with getting rid of free radical damage answers I think so they don't know yet into the I do it but they are doing a trial ... with Madagascar these it'll lemurs because their little primate other tiny and they have 15 people sign up for the trials are happening in east but there's like over $2000000 so it's it's really expensive it's on a solution for the average person well also leads us a lot of the stuff as he notes that leaves a lot of the stuff on addressed and here's where see 60 is interested yeah exactly this is this okay object areas into when you're with this is off okay so on top of that okay so let's look at C. 60 in some of its other ancillary effects not only does it mess about with the length of the ... ... soul degradation reproduction issue right the more you reproduce the cell though the the the sloppy or the copies become right okay it deals with that it also deals with the antioxidant issue the free radical issue instantly because the nature of the Bucky ball is such that the free radicals want to adhere to it and it's excreted so it pulls these things right out of you also also the C. 60 molecule can cross the blood brain barrier so it's pulling out toxins all throughout your entire system also as a side effect people that humans and I'm in contact with a great number of these humans through some French people I know that a great I mean of 4 from for a large number I can reach out to maybe 150 people to herself ... experimenting with this material okay that it had some number of years yourself experimenting with this job well it's working in those providing positive benefits to them whether or not it's going to increase their age we don't know okay because dirt did the other day if they haven't gone done exceptional lifespan yet because it has been so on I mean that is going in and read about the Frenchman in the trial with the rats and stuff that's only a few years back so we've only known about this for a few years I don't even think we cost crossed 20 years yet in an uncertain older where they yes yes and so we have there real people than they are during the eighties and they don't look have wrinkles and arm it it's not instant to carry it takes awhile so it is a reverse aging not an anti in check so slowly slowly it cleans up the free radical damage and thus your skin the next time those cells reproduce don't recreate that wrinkle okay it's it removes these these issues it affects the internal organs our it creates new of veins and ... a hyper oxygenate your body in a hyper oxygenate you down to the level of them the mitochondria within the cells but with out the free radical damage so it's it's it's not only hyperactive oxygen needing you yet some of doing so without the expected damage of all the oxygen can you get it the form that you're talking about that you could buy it is that form you need or do you need it in a different form hard work don't know so you can go right now to a L. who shouldn't say it because the guy probably you don't know what they have to go through to create this stuff okay goodbye I correct here is there Nichols so their tape okay alright so well and you have to be you know you need to you're gonna understand this okay you could be very careful about this because this process is not gentle alright so they would be anybody that takes the stuff you will go through detox now you could take little tiny bits and build up over time so that the detox was low level in continuous from month no no no no I I know because I I get large your muscles does it does or not does not close it and so we get different reports of different effects okay so so I know of 11 person who had could it that the tax you know strong okay no no it'll make them extremely uncomfortable people that are extremely weak cow woman that I know of that has a has had surgery for brain cancers had 3 or 4 surgeries for hard has had 5 or 6 death experiences were harder stopped ... she's taking it with very good results in spite of the detox okay the detox is mainly gastro internist okay awful I've had it pretty hard the tax for well okay let's let's be real clear about this this a little bit more than that okay this is not simply a better object to people that are older who don't really need what right and so it you may need to really think about this you have to be an adult with the substance and it is not approved by anybody for human consumption it is an industrial material and people will sell this to you as an industrial material in a in an oil base of what you do with it is your business now here's something to be a boxed originally they did it with olive oil the C. 60 in my opinion this is where we're gonna get into some of of my opinion parts here see 60 works by being called an oracle magnifying other things so if you're taking a drug of some kind it may magnify that or it may magnify your body such that the drug is no longer effective we've seen both of these being reported by people that were in that circumstance so see 60 is not particularly gentle is not really harsh you're not gonna be vomiting or anything like that for days or or anything like that but because it's company oric I don't favor putting it in with olive oil because olive oil has its own impacts towards detoxing the gut and I don't think they're necessarily beneficial for most humans so the the guy I favor the fellow that I favor he makes it and he puts it in I'm well avocado oil or coconut okay and ... and in both cases there could be a lot more gentle loan you simply because they are not on the coconut less so but they're not themselves detoxing agents the way olive oil it's so if you take were so say the recommended recommended dosage was a tablespoon a day if you take a day tablespoon a day of straight olive oil you'll feel it in your liver and even even without the C. 60 involved so you just have to be very cognizant of this year it's not like it's a panacea it's not like it's an anti aging pill or any of that it is as though you've got to be taking up for a long time because of the ... if you're to obtain any armed a anti aging benefits but a in terms when planning your lifespan okay so ... without getting too far into it there's a difference between lifespan in life space what would occur appears to occur here is that our life space is increased and then if your body is up to it you can have a longer lifespan within that like speaks and that's really a way to think well cold is going you're on correcting correct correct and sort restores all of those it is harmonious to you once you're into the groove of it and it might take some people a year but other people mainly only a month I would not advise taking this if I were a young person is not going to do anything for you if you know until you're actually experiencing some of those yeah Iraq I think they have on the market now it will me that's us 100 but it's portable and some I'm getting unavailable in this available in the east Japan that replaces on and on and have my pure on but it it's not a full on it it's only 60 percent is gonna make them feel a lot better but it's not the full blown they will no retreat no here's the good part of the so rent if you were to go to the purple power is called see 60 purple power online if that's the guy who sells it in avocado oil and and coconut oil what is the website again ... see 60 purple power that makes the oil purple colored okay ... and you know the poor poor fellow may not be able to keep up with it because you take some days it takes days to get the stuff to us all right right into that could be a problem for him you know so everybody needs to back off of his case if you order from him and let him make the stuff because he's got to gear up for it right and they have to do the little you know electric spinners that spin in a vat of oil to dissolve the stomach precariously but using US okay you so he's selling an industrial lubricant okay see 60 and in coconut oil or olive oil is sold as an industrial lubricant okay so if you were to take the olive oil in this or enter the coconut oil you will feel better because angle feel more energy because the of the ... oil that's being provided as a good fat for your system and because in my opinion the C. 60 is providing a comment or a benefit that is helping to purge out your liver and your and your gut bile but from the reported she doesn't live in these to be in a book and you need to have all these cautions it's better to take the C. 60 with dairy products then knocked if you're not lactose intolerant it's better to take the C. 60 with raw milk chief for then commercial Gilbert so it it and there's all these sort of things that you learn as you go along that make it easier on your system because bear in mind say that you were 80 and the you wanted to get the benefit of this if indeed this is going to a double your lifespan and there's no reason to suspect that you have to get it by a particular age in order to have that occur then you're gonna have to go through maybe 2 decades of a continual low level level of of detox in order to reach that 16 under into every cell in every and correct change correct correct you're brilliant you're absolutely brilliant that's exactly what's going on in a take 7 years for your bones alone right so you for 7 years your bones are going to detox all the crap they picked up their gonna get rid of all the radiation all of the the pollution and all of this kind of stuff that gets in your bones that we can sample bones now and say that all look this guy was exposed to a nuclear radiation tested some point as life in his bones show that the sort of thing so so we do have those issues so it's not like a pill it's not so you gotta be adult about it you gonna know what you're doing you go look at it as a decades long process it beginning of ink on aging where it's just like any other fewer start figure it out but it's gonna you're gonna get gas incident let's put it that way well it's you know yeah takes up the whole room instead of that it can only be a calculator or whatever it's not that we just don't have button and it's starting I because I've talked to enough people in and seeing us this and face it if we can live to be 200 more years you don't 200 live to be 300 let's say which you know Liz parish on the one interview she was if you can live to be 1000 why can't you live to be perhaps you know I mean there's no reason why you know hurt ureter actually years they're actually as long as they're not ever consider it relative to consciousness and memory okay it yeah hidden circle looking it up more science from a different researcher from diverse but he puts it from your body they're correct yes but now we keep talking about our world needing if we need a girl in order for us to this might be our chance to grow up you know maybe we do time to mature yeah we need those few 0 years to be a mature species you know we got it we gotta figure out a purge and not have some lunatic who's in charge for hundreds of years book well yeah there's always that he's right but we had that for some time you know their budgets going all the way back but but I mean that's what we need we're children we don't do we just don't have enough time to grow up well you know the yogis do have a home and the Chinese even do have this deal where man exits use at the age of 80 and this is from their history right now here's some things to think about in the in the world when I was young ... shun Guite and asphalt home ... the naturally occurring concentrated forms of this stuff were more readily available in certain areas and so you know we help you know how we have on of the caucus mountains as being an area lots 100 year old people will hate their shun guide the water up in there and so they're drinking water was C. 60 and water was the 60 and it is not as good a way to get the C. 60 as is the oil in my opinion and is also demonstrated by the French the French the okay there may be a guy who who may have been into this for some considerable time and I and I won't betray anything about him he's the is the old man in a particular a subgroup of of people that are sold experimenting with this stuff and he's the more rational of all the people I've met with ... and talk about the sort of thing and he's got a real good sense of it and his senses that the biology to your point that we need that that space to mature that our biology has been really chalked down in his thinking is that a maybe a lot of the structure around history and all of that is to get us to believe in our own minds the limited view that there projecting a book of humans in history right and if we had a different view of ourselves all of sudden things open up and even ourselves just having different levels of thoughts going on about ourselves create a different environment for our physical body or energetic body subtle yeah and this is now this man I mean nobody knows how oldies or how long he's been doing this but if you have a question about this stuff and I get in a question to this guy he's got a very definitive answer he's never ever steered me in any way other than exactly precisely to the correct point of it all and so I trust his view point at this stage and so he's got some a lot of things to say about it you know so for instance is information conclusion the I can give you the information I don't know if he'll I mean you can we can ask questions I got a Lotta coming to me by the way because I was I was going to write a book on my own on this just hit it out now that I don't think we gonna won't bother right now that you're yeah I mean I'll show you the cover gonna stop you yeah I suppose so but anyway but so there's a lot of lot of references here lot of them research being done by Russians about this because that's where Sean guide to is really found any more is in a Siberian some of these places you can go online now to Amazon if you wanted to take a little keep up approach to this you could go by some guy rocks and they do this in Russia and they do it in Germany when I got to Germany I saw this going on all the time in in this is back in the days when they still had honey wagons collecting human waste put on the fields okay so was before Germany was a high percent really rebuilt into the modern age and you would see some of the old farmers that we live nearby though women would would every week they would take them black rocks out of the Crockett and wash the rocks off and put new water in there and then they drank water out of that crock all week long it was some guy and it and it restored a made a healthy insults overwhelm something to it must it pass through but correct shaman shaman and in the alchemist been working on this for a long time were remnant civilization they probably knew about this stuff we yeah correct it and so we have the records of it that's why the alchemists were trying to always rediscover there were always looking for something that had been discovered in the past that was known they could isolated that mean that could describe what they were after they just didn't know how to create it and that's why all of the alchemy all of our chemistry and everything was trying to recreate and even the word alchemy or from which we derive chemistry right and it's an Arabic word L. Kim 1. okay and the and the thing is that that in fact the whole the whole thing thereafter was C. 60 and they didn't know it was either boiling down everything they could think of to try and create this deep black stuff that they knew that it came from and they were isolated from it right they didn't have the asphalt in in the ... once the Roman Empire fell apart there were no longer trains bringing the stuff from the ... glaciers in India over to the Romans and we have all kinds of anti aging things in in ... Egypt with the pharaoh's and it was not energetic and was all related to darkness into blackness in the one thing about C. 60 years it absorbs light which is weird it's a weird molecule when you play around with it on its own seems to react to a cluster around lasers that are shot through the oil so it seems to what turned so somehow the look of photonic energy seems to be drawing it which when I thought that energy that you need to be there some what's interesting read the I've already read other they talk about there's there's just thing more here and we're on the you know where some people are playing I am and it's breaking out now this I let your seeing it in your data sets I saw it some time back and then I investigated it and have been doing research now on those for 5 or 6 years maybe because it was just like the crypto currencies run 2005 I started seeing stuff in the data sets about well what would become an anti aging movement within the though general part of humanity like everybody else I assumed we had to liberate it from the room the ruling elites but that's not the case it's being brought up organically so to speak its roots out of them populations as a result everybody wanting to use Bucky of Bucky balls for Lou for lubricants with an industrial machines and needing to find out a lethal dose on it now there are people out there that are replicating the rat studies you've got other people that are doing on the studies on the extracted chicken livers keeping those alive with C. 60 other kinds of stores now it was Quebec to their to their parents though okay you're gonna get more energy taking the stuff and that's true and so you may want to live current older person you may want to ease them into a little tiny bit so they get the feeling of what the detox might be like your diet will adjust okay if I take you can build up your your current 6 correct and then at some point you get into things and you and me as an old guy and I'm 64 you get up to the point where you would of been to take some of the stuff and and the energy involved would the good are you talking now yeah yeah though for 19 months so and I'm different I was suffering from 30 plus years of a disease that was would've killed me this year had I not gotten on top of it and now I would as it yeah but not because of that I found that a after getting into that trying to cure the disease part right I mean I was wracked by a liver disease basically well hate one of the things you find if you look long enough usual find this connection between ... liver or habitat protection and habitat at rebuilding reconstitution and see 60 there's actually are documents that we can get through the NIH now about C. 60 rebuilding liver tissue and so once you start getting into that if you've got a liver disease and you recognize you got a liver disease you start doing more investigation and and next thing you know you're on this particular trail right and so you have more energy out of it it has weird effects you start talking to the some of the individuals that are ... taking it and one guy is complaining that he's got to eyebrow here's that he has to cut every day at least an inch off of okay it only the least and beginning to plug it in plug about in the one time you and the reason he has to is that he had won he plucked out to groups so as not to pluck it out again but he says he cuts it cuts an inch off every day other people it's toenails they've got to trim their toenails every 2 days because of the exceptional growth other people it's veins that are just new veins that are just growing all throughout your your body as its oxygenated and building everything and hear some of the other side effects if you're taking this stuff and you were to you know be involved in an accident or have to go and get even and routine blood draw the phlebotomy us might freak out because they'll draw fatal blood but a look like arterial because it'll be so oxygenated so read they'll think they hit an artery and this is actually occurred numerous times that means become somewhat summering it it does and it's become a sort of a story ... I had my flip on missing some what some of these people will say number in mind ugh I lose a lot in translation because in a lot of it is in French and sort of a patois French and ... Russian and German because these are the primary researchers in it in the primary self researchers the French seem to have been into it longer than anybody else except for the Russians Russians are somewhat closed mouth about there that day come at it from the sugar shun guide approach as opposed to learn of the early industrial compound approach and ... they have a longer history of it the one in messing around with it and now you're starting to see some guy come out in all different kinds of forms and people are saying that ... well you know you wear the medallion and it helps you out and it may help you out because the C. 60 in there absorbs energy like electromagnetic stuff but it's not gonna do you anything on not the same no just like taking a water is not the same as taking an oil because it does get ... ... taken up and deliver in may of been happy accident or universe saying we needed to know about this what's told the Frenchman to use oil would go to all that trouble is close to making a drink it because you won't believe what I gotta go through to get this stuff to be S. innocence manager and what they did it correct correct intercedes you know aging is so there isn't the thing that in print that I can change the world more I mean I just nothing yeah I'm just giving us them there range to mature and being you know able to think about things longer deeper for any longer is the issue I think and letting kids be kids longer letting it you know weddings yes do their thing for a longer then they're having just so many things I will have other issues what I am chapter on the ethics of all that stuff but you know maybe works another point they're on their I have an interview action all cool about some right right that's it that's why into those the thing is I don't sign like with the crypto Sligo other guys saying he'll tell you all about this just wanted to sign an NDA I say no no no because I have too much anxiety because I'm sure I'll I'll miss speak and blab it out you know you are right on us though once we got off where she was much more hacks you know but you can tell they have to come but she she admitted on it here that they're working with and that there were wish her because I explain what technology and Mike yeah in its patent by you receive Colorado and in MIT's looking there in schools she said yeah we're working with and then she got but limited do it yeah this is this is basically her getting to the like the blue chickens in their their own marketing group a we're seeing disclosure now in the form of the stuff that's being leaked out and are so our social order through the powers that be through the special access projects they're providing all these machineries the you know instant DNA analysis like you you see on TV that you know there's a crime and they take some of blood sample or something and they come back you know 2 minutes later in the TV when they say it's been the next day in the gut DNA samples and we'll DNA test take weeks and even then they're there mostly unreliable and so but now we're getting into genome splicing and and reliability are in it and stuff that is just phenomenal then we also have you know the idiots out there with the quantum computers that we got to do something with you know when I got that right scary there's somebody else you and I I would think that they would be watching that really cool and they know these guys are these guys are academics another of their streets you know what I called the they follow the existing paradigm right they don't look at any will even though they're deep into the wheel business without quite a computer and I think the older they know they're pushing something away so that they could the quantum disturbance they call it the quantum effect they know that they're trying to push that away when I'm never really thinking what it is and what might happen from it as a side effect of that and so they don't talk about it there's no discussion about it in all of the documentation around that's what right so much or who runs straight and that's why the electric universe understanding what we are and not bombarding herself is that are killing us that we actually understand it you know what yeah it makes sense you know ... will of you're made of this you don't want to be doing that stuff over here you know what I have xrays should match your you know and maybe Hey baby turtle watches and cell phones are too good I too maybe it'll change during site more peaceful maybe a harmonious I mean there's all sorts of other things but that's changing that's changing anyway because the energies yeah well because the sun is yeah yeah yeah that's phenomenal and I was like what they want this is just great thank you I like the talking you like once a quarter because so much happens that then we're back together like okay but yeah all the stuff you know that will think of what Antarctica will yield next quarter the hot water so well before we see close this out how can people get hold of your reports I mean packed with so much information this one talk to her is which people are doing those open doing those because of this okay of of about 24 months ago I discovered that the something was going on the data over a period of time I discovered it was these blue chicken people that were because of the marketing effort coming from an unexpected area there were polluting certain linguistics and I've had done undo those so during the period of time that been working on and doing their impact on my lexicon I've been producing only the crypto reports and so I've had of the 6 crypto currency reports that give you ... they're produced over these past few months to give you a good overview of the situation as to what they are how they all work and what the relationships are to each other as well as some of my favorite pics barren mind that I think there's now 1600 a group of currencies out about well on the planet in there's gonna be tens of thousands this time next year because this is the funding source now we're not gonna be doing IPOs anymore the stock market's good weather just because we won't have new stuff coming into it why do an IPO and give 60 percent to the banks when you can do it on your own and keep that right and so so there's a huge economic incentive to do just that I'm gonna be doing it all to report here at the end of the month we ran into an issue in work able to move ... the way we'd anticipated I bought a house was covered by an H. away ... we we ran in all kinds of problems duplicitous real estate agents in this kind of thing and ended up buying a piece of raw land in an old rental house next to it were good we have the rental house and live in there while we build a house on the on the on the raw land but that means that I'll be able to because that we have is gonna take 3 months I'll be able to continue to report it to produce reports through November probably early part of November and so there will be at least one more critical report here for September and ... then regular reports on October and maybe one regular report from for November then I'm also gonna do the alter one here in another one another all to report between September and October crystal reports that's the plan at the moment so you're in these are often happens to it so the first one we check in being or is going to time passes and that's the end of this month right and see that the blue chicken guys were they were trying to their marketing efforts or marketing campaign it's a machine that was some idea I can screen out movies like screen out songs like screen out most Hollywood but it never dawned on me there to even think about screening out all of the new age conference O. N. sphere or circle of information because it was never organized and so I wasn't expecting an organized effort to come out of that that you don't really get into it they they identified a market because so many people are interested in the internet and meet correct about correct and they have you know their their money goals and they got it all planned out it's it it's all structured in the whole thing and it's a you know if it had been organic and sprung on up the my data sets would've been valid but they were pumping certain language because it relates to their money flows and so cause problems within my data sets and so as a result of that I've had to re tune up and I think I'll end up having to return about 16000 words when I have to go through each word after change values and 60 potential into 64 cells that are associated with that word and I'm gonna make sure I get the values close to what they were before the blue chicken people intruded with their marketing effort are you gonna and they affecting you as much now that people are so you know I've been able to isolate oneself what are they doing okay I was isolating them and 100 percent from that point on and isolating out all of the new age stuff on 100 percent to get out of there ... so I don't have that issue it means I have to throw more stuff away but I I just want a return it back to where we were because ... the accuracy rate then was much more accurate than it is now accepting in crypto currencies so my accuracy rate with the crypto currencies has been so high because it's in a narrow niece I was able to screen out all of the blue chicken stuff real easily and they go back to my regular routine with the regular lexicon because it didn't involve these what I think may be 16 or 17000 words a guy thing about like 3800 words a I've purged of the blue chip and stuff so alarm yeah I know I know the printer goofy guys you know what I mean is it like people making stuff up and then a lot of people are taking it seriously now it's like well here's here's the thing though there's a thing I look with the night vision goggles I see the secret space program up there flying around so if you've got those night vision goggles and you see those things it's like Antarctica at some point you expect one of those spaceship pilots come on down and start blasting you know I mean you would expect that to naturally occur because we see the I mean I say we I mean everybody with a night vision goggles you see the triangular floaty things you can see the big cargo ships and all of this so you know and they've been getting very reactive up there and there's a lot more of them now than there were 2 years ago so I expect I can't you know you want the loom P. C. V. ... sevens of their generation okay about 2025 $0 on eBay something like that and dubbed third decent and they work if you need to do ... ... all the optics will always have flaws in them you need handpicked optics if you're gonna do these and expect put video out that's decent on that day may run you about $6000 but a once you've got those things it's like around the world does not look the same first of all they're going home and if it can freak out if you you know and then you wonder okay what's going on and then you hear somebody that says well yeah I used to fly one of those and in its 30 easy to believe you know sort of as a following yeah yeah yeah and then you you say well now wait a second you know this guy can't tell you what he used for money to buy toothpaste or what brand of toothpaste he used on that ship and you know we couldn't tell you any of the details that would give you any kind of an understanding of what he was going through or in the nature of a ship at all exactly so that it they're just piggybacking on the on the existence of the secret space program being visible so it's so well thank you so much your so much her to talk to you well thanks much I I gotta go and do some real work here and get it gets above my throat but yeah but quite quite fun ... but you know everybody needs to be cautious if you're going into that see 60 stuff you need to be really adult about it because ... you know there are those those issues yeah but this sort of self correcting I mean I when I look at thank you so much and I have a great we yeah //
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Pt. 2 - Secrets Revealed as Government Collapse/Restructuring Takes Place w/Clif High
\\innovation disruption and big issue this is changers with Sarah west dogs and we could do it with you know of modern day tools but that had taken along Thailand's problem not worth the effort in it why don't China's been working at they're trying to correct that crypto current you're 56 yeah will locate you you hear her of people talking about that and I've seen a lot of attribution of some of these Chinese firms as being involved in that and some Chinese individuals of being involved in that listeners until I don't think they're actually doing that I think they're trying to find a replacement the next next grade up see their own version of that if you will because the encryption is highly valuable of or on the internet extremely valuable if you come up with a very fast nam secure form of a new kind of a hash that is you know well it has travelled east characteristics in memory of efficient a space efficient so on but you get that ... it's worth billions and billions of dollars that would be the next block chain so to speak right and that is a limitation it takes a long time to do hashing effectively one lots of rose and that's what the blockchain computers are competing around is basically how fast they can do that well do you see world governments moving towards her Tom you know as a dollar here is class sing and needing to reset could that be the long term goal of government since kana move us into a cryptocurrency gently you know I don't gently I I actually think I'm of the opinion it's the wild strain I don't think it may have been created in government but it's gotten help from their control I don't think that the powers that be like it wound there're very much afraid of where it leads because it's the return of power to the people and dumb barren mind anybody can set out create their own cryptocurrency there's nothing to stop you whereas before of if you created your own dollar bill hated color counterfeiting they did it they created their own dollar bills on nothing but if you do it it's unfair somehow and so you have to go to jail well that's not the case anymore and they can't put that that cat back in the back this is a particularly nasty cat is gonna fight on the whole way and it just isn't going to work on this case just out there already and so no I am not of the unit that opinion I think they're playing catch up I think it's far too late and were on our way anyway but a hug or I don't really think it was their idea and know the powers that be or or no laggards really well they like their team okay silent rather maintain your team then do something that's really risky you know I know now well okay so I think you're in your element here I was reading through your crypto currency things like just Thomas's Collette's element you blog this you had a whole bunch of things and watching their whole new there everything this explosion of things that are happening could you go down some of the coolest things that are happening with black jeans and some of the things that you talk about in your news report boy there is so much of it there plum like some of your favorite yeah a couple of my well a couple of the interesting ones and I don't know my favorite at the moment courses so either him because they're about get over ever so much faster and the theory in network is a on the platform upon which people like myself can write code instructure businesses and so they're the couple really cool businesses that I know of that are running on blockchain and I did interviews with both of those C. Eelam's no one is populace in the other's parity seems of both of these are run by 2 different along a mind sets entirely one guy approaching it from the populace guy is approaching just remediation of an existing industry biotechnology and dawn at studio Steve Nicol Williams and then nam Origi Middleton and ... Verity CM is ... taking technology on a different level of technology to disrupt any business that they came at and so ... arm of both of murder to be world changing in their own ways and at some point I expect both of these crypto currencies to be worth more than the underlying crypto currency of the theory on which is the platform upon which they run so it's kind of like the theory would be the arm of the big department store and populace you would be the item of bank inside the department store are scared about being cited target correct to exactly in they might end up generating more money than the store around them you know just because of their draw and that's exactly what's going to happen with a bunch of the script was especially based on the theory of network now we're gonna also have competition deuterium networks and that'll make it even better immersing it bust out a lot of different ways a strange one I really like is this some alright a couple Russian come companies ... one is doing ... other coins around sand ... buckets of sand if you buy one of their coincident titles you to present the coin at their own home same distribution placing get 3 cubic meters of some of the finest sand that you can find in Russia and you know people look at me like well you know okay ha ha who what's going on there but the thing is Russia is in the process of building out of the hug their section of the one belt one road initiative from China and this is the largest continental railroad system that has ever been created absent CERN it will be the largest amount of money invested in a continent wide machinery base and they've just started this thing is going to be thousands upon thousands of miles of train tracks and not just 1 train from Beijing to Berlin but all of these train tracks all these different spur lines and other connections and so on they're just beginning this and we can think of this as the like the build out of the intercontinental armed of freeway system in the U. S. which took decades while we're looking at decades worth of production as they build out the 11 belt 1 road system from Beijing through to Berlin and every aspect of it needs sand a hook so host of the sand coin is pretty good in my opinion in its strategically located near Moscow ... where they're going to have a lot of the ... headquarters of this stuff that has to be built as well so these guys are gonna do well with their say what's kind of like a cryptocurrency that based on medals to write and it's that same concept in if you have on not at the underneath that that's there's there's the problem though see I hear something the sand is good be used up answer you present the coin they redeem it someone in the sand gets gets gets used up the system with gold is different and that's why I'm not favor of any of the gold back systems I've seen so far because they all rely on your ability me trusting Sara's ability to keep all of our gold safe and what we know what the heck always exactly and big government comes along and says well wait a second sure sitting over there on a bunch of gold we could use let's gar it convicts Herbert crime or even just charged with a crime and go snatch all that gold and then they can fight just to get it back there's nothing we can do about it from the cryptocurrency side of things right so so I'm not a big fan of any of the metals where the ideas to fault the metal not only do you have the the trust issues involved which got constant cost involved in that kind of thing and it's working now within the fiat system from some places like gold money where you can buy gold and spend it on your credit card that kind of thing of the ones I do favor though are the ones that are involving themselves with silver and and acting as a price of stability mechanism and you know conduit to get sober to manufacturers so I'm aware of a couple of of crypto currencies that are gonna be out early next year whose goal will not be the US does storing of silver at all but it will be done or to provide burgeoning silver mines with the earned the funding to get the silver out of the ground and the idea is that these coins would in the main be sold to the manufacturers and would be redeemable by silver delivered to the manufacturer so it's not really a sober backed coin because the coin itself it is not in any way security because the coin is actually there to cover the energy costs of getting the silver out of the ground and then the profit is built with the necklace so do you think that will be a means hoping silver get burned out from underneath this huge seduction because the suppression is current dominated yeah it is terrible it and it it seems like it's all alone and that the actual minors can't make money correct level manufacturing in many areas it is and that's gonna be a function of the amount of energy required to get the stuff out of the ground in your the local ... tax structure and ... how much they have to pay for overhead and so it DIC OC this is the beauty of it all ... we've we've hit this huge level of efficiency for the silver mines to raise money in the dollar ... and debt system they would have to basically go through all of the market Asians involved and heading towards an IPO whether they ever got there or not right and the cost involved would be ... much higher than the underlying product is here with the efficiency of the icy owes you can raise millions of dollars a quite easily in the matter of an afternoon once you open up your initial claim offering once you got everything set up so my ticket couple months to put all the software together check it out get it set up it's not rocket science it's been done before you can there's number of different schemes in your funded and you put that money into an escrow account you can have it said in a number of different ways to use over time so the customers are protected they I've even come up and put it on my site a a scheme that would allow companies to have a performance bond with the bunny back smart contract that would enable logo under percent confidence because you wouldn't lose money below a certain level of the fiat you put in ... so and you can do all of this and a small fraction of the cost about 2.5 to 3 percent of the cost of involved so that's not much in it in overhead and it means that now we don't have to have that 50 plus percent going to the banks and other bonuses the US will be able to buy more save yeah so Chris could does or the weight way to go against the wave of the future more companies are just deciding to hell with funding any other way or yes it seems alright now everybody's every string to hedge their bets on what what's going on with the market wind again now window just dive into other things and I suppose once that thresher come like the tipping point once and not people gonna the dollar than it dice right run we're just waiting for when that tipping points can happen I'm I'm not I don't care anymore I'm so moved into cryptozoology so much into that world and so many other people I know that it is it's truly no longer much were concerned for me I mean as far as it is far is it up heat you know upheaval of society right I actually think were the group does Republican to save us okay because had we hit that hard wall as we know they Rothschild bank the economist ... owns the economist magazine as we know in 1988 they put out a cover that said in 2018 the Rothschild gold standard comes along the Phoenix there you know the emblem of the Rothschild the Florida Lee all of this stuff and we're going to dominate the world with the gold standard well that's not gonna happen now alright that it just can't happen was stupider to begin with had it happened millions of people would have died because or just in time a delivery system would have 100 percent failed as we attempted to gear back up into liquidity tower provided since most of it all runs on debt credit anyway and now that's double be necessary because we'll have crypto funding going along side by side on this thing and so ... increasingly it is becoming more and more common to be able to use your cryptozoology used to do and a lot of people now could not ... gender crypto currency for rent aura of or mortgage payment but in the future that necessarily won't be a limitation and once we got to that level then it's like who cares if there's a dollar if you can take your your either corner you're likely to whatever and go in and and by your Starbucks or you know a use it at the grocery store whatever it no longer matters to you and if you're using a a plastic would credit card like device you're familiar with that you know how that works for it no big deal you know what you think slowly companies are just going to move towards it even so I think we are going to have all your you think also overnight companies are serpentine that point you think I just think it's gonna be home like any other hello technological adoption okay so I'd be if you've ever been in a large organization ... you're way too young so you would have grown up with computers right but I've been in organizations that were no computers and then we had to bring in computers to 100000 employees we had less than 13 months to do it and this is a staggering task because people are not prepared many people just quit their jobs rather than learn new trade because there were 50 or 60 years old they could take retirement get out so we're going to have that kind of an effect as the technology goes through the social order however because it's such a vital technology everybody's going to have to get it and you'll find the grand kids helping the grandmother get the hang of the crypto sentada spend them in this kind of thing because it'll be necessary and then once they're familiar with it it's sort of you know fades into the background I don't like that commercial where the green kids come visit grandma and grandpa when he and the mother computers to fix it I think that it would seem that if lyrically it's good okay I have another question for me where you from one of our listeners this relates the Rothschilds it's anti just weird stuff at non sack we I'm pronouncing that right was reported the richest man in the world by ICANN few other magazines in Europe never reported in United States and then suddenly he's missing are you'll familiar with that situation what yeah it's what is that the odd there's a whole lot of unanswered questions there okay song familiar with the situation and I know that there is just hole after hole after hole that you go into and there's no no depth beyond that so I think that the situation there is relatively being ... scrub or suppressed of that at this stage I think we need to wait a little bit there's got to got to be a break one way or another because something of that make some person of that magnitude ... doesn't simply disappear ... in especially with all of the business interests in this kind of thing they're not easily subsumed so it would be akin to ... you know the king and queen in the whole royal family going missing that kinda and the weird part is nobody in this country that knows who the guy here not often so weird though because our media so controlled and they've got a so focused you know if you're in the United States words controlled with the richest man in the world is different in another country than it is here yeah when this whole but was no are you know you have to admit it that is our okay but if you want proof of it going look at the any major national magazine in our country and you'll see that there's international additions and those international editions don't look like what they're showing here what no one I know because when I delved into this this this guy I got copies of the other magazines and that's what 6 okay you know this is real this year but it could help put it out so people can see that the front page of of the magazine how it differs here and there it also though to arm we we have to be careful about saying who's the richest in all of this simply because it's an issue of how you tabulate well act because errors in order him people and in India the technically ... or don't own anything at all but are in control of probably far more ... wealth in it and thus in essence ownage then even the Rothschilds interesting I hadn't heard it like that but the Rothschilds and and the reason the wealthy people aren't even on-again it's not happening I'm not being on the list okay well let's get into some an amazing things that that is not in your part this time I'm sure it's going to be another one on Antarctica now there's a new using stuff going on there what have you learned recently about that okay there's hard Durst through basically 3 tracks there I mean we won't we weren't able to get your kid is job as a welder down there to be our spy okay so but there are people down there that are new hires that have been in contact with me and a couple of people that have just recently come from there that above of finish their contracts they're talking to me that and I wanted to ask you about I'm sure their people there so many people come in there and so so yeah that's a good thing it and it heap they've laid their second love fiber optic bundle from Brazil to Antarctica now that's a huge undertaking for even one of them and they've laid the second one earlier okay and these bundles reputedly I can't say I've only been told this but these fiber optic bundles are reputedly of the whitest band with its ever create and so they're the biggest so to speak in terms of diameter so we know those penguins are demanding that they get that high speed internet because they're you know why else would you have the need for this what just a huge investment so wracked giant investment well also okay so well we we know that this is occurring ... was bars put on to this by a guy who actually worked on one of the the ships that did the laying of the cable went validated that the contracts that existed that they've done this and then in the process of doing that I also found out how to validate on some level of the money's involved in food shipments forward the of some of the contingency down there and they're now shipping food basically of a monthly for an annual a kind of a population not a seasonal population where most of them would go home before winter sets in and leaving a few hardy souls now they've got a very large populations on down there to the extent that they're hiring of people like massage therapists and physical therapist for a especially for damaged anthems and stopper and rigor that kind of thing Welham they're hiring these people and these people are going to be there on multi year contracts and they get a vacation but basically they're working there you know 24 by 7 for there for a year that kind of a deal worse before they might sign up for 3 or 4 months in the summer and then be gone so as to conditions have changed and now we and so so that's at that level that we have that going on then we also have the issue of the ... science that's being released that they're willing to talk about so they're willing to talk about the giant chunk of ice that broke off and then a few weeks later after that they say 00 he'd look we discovered you know acres and acres and acres of Akane knows that a rapidly melting the ice much more so than we had thought words before we thought there were 11 or 19 or something now we know they're 60 or 500 I mean huge increase in the number and they're all active and and screwing like mad underneath the ice is melting at this kind of thing and so now there's armed an admission that the ice is going away that the topology or via climate of the area is changing without it being too of global warming so it could be kinda hard for them to maintain that Antarctica is could become ice free when the global warming story goes away later in this year and most of us are suffering from the first part of the ice age other 2 are not connected by the way you can have an ice age without having your polls covered by Alex we're not talking snowball earth we're talking ice age around the the land masses ... anyway so there so there's that about the changes down there that also been some current changes and we saw this recently and I don't know that it's 100 percent related but other at the same time that I became aware of the current changes to this little chunk go above Antarctica is not actually a whole continent it's basically a of a giant area and then assortment island archipelago area and I actually think there's been some kind of undersea armed connection now between the east and the west oceans bear in mind that the ... there's a difference between the Atlantic and the Pacific up 6 inches in height okay the Atlantic is 6 inches lower than the Pacific overall and we have any well see this is where they meet traditionally was the sea of storms off the Patagonia right there rounding of the ... though the horn and on either Africa were ... South America was deadly and that's because the the oceans were trying to work out this this difference well the other day it was reported that are in ... away in Brazil the oceans drained away in a way that was so shocking and not in a title of episode the people there thought they were about to be hit by a giant tsunami because a drain away so far from the non traditional beach and that may have been coincidentally the same time that this whatever connection I suspect existed or was created came into existence that now allows the on flow of water between the oceans at a at a sub surface level soon announce it permanently away from Brazil's beach or did it because I did it has it had to come back but it took an exceptionally long time and when it was the way it was several 0 yards out from the of base of the sand where the ocean usually would be so all of the luxury hotels there I don't hurt each they're exactly girl freaking out they actually got older people up and everybody went up thinking it was going to be a tsunami that would take up about yeah works they reacted very badly but you had giant ships certain in the mud because it drained out that rapidly so it sort of seemed like a tsunami then it just took forever to come back so there was some kind of an effect that was ... mitigated or magnified by the tights and it happened all along the coast of Brazil and ... Uruguay the I'm got some ... questions down to some people that are on the opposite side of South America to see if there was any impact on Peru which cetera right and we'll find out next couple of days when these guys get back to me because I could go talk to see coastal fishermen that we had any kind of resemblance of realness this you know what I mean you know this would not really conquered well in Brazil it was walk everywhere yeah you cannot cover it there right right so but see that's what so that's related to Antarctica is my understanding I mean I can show you my of funky little globe here but because they didn't think anybody ever cared about Antarctica they got all the metal bits go right through the the the assault America to hold it there is he can't really see it but if you look at a map on of Antarctica you can see that there's a whole chunk that sticks out and I actually think down at the base of that chunk under the ice there's no connection between the 2 oceans and and if I'm correct it would naturally occurred as a result of the ice being cracked off which we called this other piece to rise up and the portrait of pressure in that area providing the hot water disorder clear off the last of it and if if I'm correct in the effect of that will be this equalization of them of the highest levels of both oceans over the course of a relatively short period of time it may result in fewer storms in the southern seas ... a lot of which was living waters calmer waters correct is it also put it at that level differences start to level out bright as can be really really strange here as well because of the high on potential for new flow from basically the the ... east side of Antarctica to the west side and so they should have new creatures in all different kinds of stuff going on very interesting so okay us we will see that we don't see that part of it but it's still really need okay so do we think you said there is technology that they found in Antarctica like well I was just getting to that and just get okay I am like why they don't just this is part of our report okay so I'll give you a guy who has video of it online this is a guy ... dabu 077 DA is I you tell is on you too okay Albuquerque section that okay and he's one of maybe a dozen others that are out there doing these things what they're doing is they're basically ... watching various different kinds of satellites that feed us data down here and they are running other recording it of the satellite feed so you can watch so hold a you know a solar ... observatory online just put in so ho when you get pictures of the sun if you wanted to run a recording program you could record what you're watching and they're doing that in there catching stuff coming out of Antarctica and so W. 7 is caught one or 2 or 3 of these episodes of these what I'm calling room but cannon sort of a ray gun cannon that is being shot out of Antarctica and though it though best example he's got comes off from what I think is like the Weddell sea part of Antarctica and it goes across the us southern hemisphere and rises up from the equator and exits are atmosphere somewhere over Hawaii at about 19.5 degrees ... north assigned it it almost in a straight line in the Nichols up no no it goes in a straight line leaving the plane okay yeah because that's when it's around it correct correct so so it's going in a straight line so it's not changing its trajectory or anything and it's a series upholstery rings that ... or obviously held within this ray are part of the raid in the rings themselves ... or visible within that range and you can see the disturbance in the clouds and everything within the widening part of the euro of the raid itself and this this is a giant thing to be able to span that distance of our planet burn mind it's it's spanning it shooting this ray out we don't the ray doesn't disappear it keeps going into space for all we know but they it's covering up over a third of our planet in the process of shooting this ray out so that would be like the equivalent of you being able to take a well you know your water hose so to speak enda fire at several 0 miles with your thumb on that when the end of it that sort of thing minute just the energy involved it's just phenomenal these people are spending over a third of the planet with this one instance in our scene 3 captures of it double 7 it's got one of the better ones well it's been shooting off intermittently here underlying energy that's flip enemies yeah and then there's other parts of there's other weirder ones too okay that maybe it's the same device mass them a misfiring maybe the same device the exhaust from what we don't know but there have been these weird little loopy sort of arms energy waves that go out of Antarctica over to South Africa Ella and those are not at the same time as the ones that are fired over Hawaii but ... door within a couple of days up every single time it's more than a couple of days following and so I don't know if it's a test of the got a clear out the tube or whatever the hell is going on down there now our data sets still polluted by the blue chip and stuff so I'm still working on that but Dayr pointing out that the house these things or guidance system did it and so one of the did the to raise that you're able to see the 2 examples I cited here are entirely different the one that goes towards on Africa is not at all likely a I'll move array at curves it it wanders off it almost seems more physical ... there appear to be balls in it as opposed to the rings of smoke ring effect that you see in the other one so they're different and and no one of them is being called a guidance system within our data sets and so I have the work but on the other one we have the word for Sentinel and carved in century and stationery and all of these kind of things showing up so maybe it's a weapon system maybe it's like a planetary weapon system that kind of thing and the data would suggest that that's ancient the data also suggest that someone turned the on switch no Hey it's just things to work when it works it went well now see we I don't know where else right what would that we we don't know when I can't trust the ancient part because I have yet to get to that language and that language still has some level of pollution from the blue chicken guys so I don't trust that ancient part but when I do trust is the guidance system part and then the Sentinel part the raygun aspect of it some many of the other descriptors well there because the heart is if it's if it's from us why is it a happy in Antarctica why wouldn't be happening in different places you know some real high level security place and you know United States or wherever well because they don't want certain know about it and where else to put it you never go down to Antarctica they had seen you there in years and so on everything we do well and so that's that's the point that's the point I am so pick up you know you can do a lot of stuff in Antarctica the you can't do any other place on the planet because there's not many people to see it but they're doing it as a world if you that's kind and I don't know that they know that we know they probably do pretty quick because there's a lot of people talking about it now but of they may have been unprepared for it leaving traces in the satellites that they had up there looking at us anyway right they may not have known that it was good to this you hit the switch and you see that you know that certain error vibrating or whatever it does and then you you if this was the guidance system well okay looks like it's doing fine and you don't know that sending out all these waves that you know will leave a visible trail in the infrared or something right weird part is they're doing this as a world after right I mean Brazil's crop insurance thing or is it not is it just Brazil's going in German you don't know I don't know I know we got a lot of individual companies down there within the western empire the companies are coordinated by the deep state that's a good assumption to make that at the deep states behind it armed globally there a lot of deep states in fall in Antarctica even so late is international right and so maybe indeed it is being done at a world level but I don't think it's at ... visible world level they don't want us to know about and I'm quite sure well now what do you think there's Morris stopping and covered with all these volcanoes do you think it may be years I in a patch we're we're a much more you know the the world in collisions I just did I sure I on interview with Wallace store you know absolutely fabulous on electric universe and what we were before and how things were before very interesting at all the architecture that's our archaeology that's coming on around the world Sheehan showing that now is it us in an advanced state or is it you think technology or combination to I won't put anything down to alien technology until we actually see them critters okay because it takes away from us were really smart ... humans have really screwed up and we are the remnants you and I are right where the remnant culture in the past there have been much at least 7 other cultures that have been advanced enough to have nuclear weapons and or their equivalent because we got huge areas in the end so hero where the use of it of cities were hit by nukes and placed over in in in India even and so ... so I know that we exist and human scary because I discovered that you do that for because yeah and a lot of times as exact as good at that time very possible yeah exactly welcome but also so at this stage we know that there are that that is true that humans go back millions of years and it's a bunch of B. S. from the academic viewpoint that humans crawled out of the caves 40000 years ago ... the ... follow archaeology proves that if it was not us then it was something about well there's the archaeology shows us that we go back a long long long long wait but there may be something before us that was there we know that there was something before us the giant megalithic structures that we have no way of moving that stone now their stone so large that are cut and chiseled and they're not even chiseled there will finally machine up purposely built replicated you know several different dozens of them in each of the stones are so big we do not have cranes or helicopters occurred lot don't understand about up a little picture here have one on my website at this huge pillar and there's Pete look tiny people on it it's still sitting in the quarry yeah exactly and end it now unmoved but somebody had moved the 2 others that were side by side to it we don't know where they are Parker yeah so some of that stuff was really going on in that it was not humans no we also know that there were giants on this planet giant humanoids we know that the giant humanoids existed as late as the 1912 okay because prior to 1912 prior to the degradation of Russia the czar actually paid for Cossacks to go on giant holds through the late 18 hundreds and and they found and killed individuals that they would bring back and one guy of they brought brought him back on a desiccated basically a big bag of bones took him several years to do and when they weighed the bones this one hominid wood who was over 30 feet high his bones is bones wait over 4000 yeah of what they earn bones all over the place that helps to put it newspapers but yeah it's like it's all been scrubbed it's really weird I know it's the Smithsonian okay the Smithsonian Institution is the largest of false flag ever created it's the most well organized well funded false flag ever in existence it's the greatest of among our own training ground for of the closed minds of the of these individuals are the they're in charge that I've ever seen okay it because they're people that will go to the Smithsonian and in the Smithsonian's own records or or records of you know so and so working forum doing this and yet if I call them up and ask will did so and so from the Smithsonian ever go to the Grand Canyon and they say no he never even in workforce and yet we got all these newspaper records that you know I just like those from the period but why they so hell bent on keeping us in the dark and something that just doesn't seem like it needs to be in the dark now I will religion ties and stuff but I even thought I know I talk about giants right exactly and here's the thing if they actually work truck around like that nam and if you admitted that indeed the world is not as academia would have it then why would you believe any of the stuff they're saying why would you accept that the queen of England theoretically owns one fifth of the planet all the people that live on it you know or any of this kind of stuff right I mean you were just disregard any of the but that comes from the perspective of suddenly being pushed into the real knowledge the giants existed and that there were hominids that they were cannibalistic relative to our species and that they aid us in all these different kinds of things when he did that welfare aid then there may be no we don't we didn't want her how well there is that see and there's there's native American myths here and we've been have them up here in the Pacific Northwest of of of the native American myths of the giants now would they were something that had to be hunted down I. N. basically you've stayed away from home of but if they got too close to the tribe in the tribe would have to make other plans to deal with these individuals because they don't want to be prayed and it's really what it what the situation was now there's all kinds of fun around this fear uncertainty and doubt in nam obfuscation because everybody or you know them though of for instance the masonic lodges these days the masonic lodges are relatively innocuous but throughout the late 18 hundreds into the 19 hundreds as they were rebuilding Mason ... our structure here in the United States they had the masons in charge of ... of basically being the young carriers for the Smithsonian so the masons were the ones that moved all the bones off of the giants off of the islands in Catalina put among fishing boats and navy boats and took him out to see and dumped it was all true all along the west coast here whenever they found bones of giants would be the local masonic lodge that would be in charge of the removal of the bones and many of these were quote sent to the Smithsonian but we also know the Smithsonian for years when a giant dumping operation a lot of ... Roanoke Virginia and that was their headquarters forget it disposing all the stuff that see that they didn't wanna wanna see around there were trying to scrub and maintain a particular view of history to support the ruling classes and the power structure now why the power structure shows that I don't know I can't go to their intent I think it's really damaged humanity but I also think it's now really cool for us because all the steps could be coming out over these next few years reasons gonna come out is pretty soon nobody will be able to afford the salaries they will pay the salaries of the Smithsonian and boy talk about people crawling out of there with stuff to sell so that will be that's an example of people calling on holes with a permit and then I just I need for that ... wanna be cool again little bit on some of that stuff I paying it looks suddenly a wall like cool how it is going to be lifted this could be a shock you know you're gonna get sunburned and there's gonna be you know information burn and people are gonna go crazy trying to reconcile it Miska this sort of thing but none the less we gotta go through that and and it's necessary they held us that they've held a slim stations too long it we do need it's important for us to know the real facts because otherwise he'd those on the with a little girl going at I didn't know that's important for us to know the real facts but I know that it is desperately important for us to be able to have the freedom to go and look for you know to go in and speculate about him and not be shut down so it is I find it is the la of the push the emotion for the exploration that is important whether were other ever successful casual always debate about firing right you're right yeah yeah not being suppressed I like that I like that the facts themselves aren't as important as not being suppressed and trying to figure out what the facts are you know those that you know it's like an island those those bastards you know keeping us down and keeping the information and and we paid for it you know I've I have worked on this planet for she's a 50 plus years here and it's like well how much of of my labor went to pay for all these bribes the corruption and the hole in the bones out all of that kinda stuff you know well you don't wanna get me started the trillions and trillions and missing that you really should get back so that we can have a Chris you know just get I did that and move forward I don't wanna back okay in the I don't wanna back because I want the stuff they paid for it now is that we need that more than we need the right then the debt but only I don't think we're gonna get the dollars back anyways left the hut that's another incident yeah yeah but I want one of those little floaty triangle bastards you know when I bid on eBay for that too it with all your pick my money when you come ultimately know or maybe you are anyhow okay so you were talking about the dole 9 yeah I thought that was actually fastening and I've been you know listening to them a little bit or people die hards large Stratton ridiculous what it's name is he actually studied them for a long time wanna get among my show but you study them to can you tell us a little bit about who they are you know why they're important well the Dogon are actually a number of very minor tribe ... in Africa they were at 1.their own nation how large I can't say but there's records that show that the Dogon people were on more nationalistic in the past than they are now they were ... pushed around by circumstance and other tribes they moved from Kenya up into the area that they're in now which is Molly and they're they're presumed to have migrated over from Egypt alright there is indeed some some level of knowledge that came over but there's actually more genetic history showing that they came from further south in Africa neither here nor there but they ended up in Mali where they encountered some Frenchman the very early part of the century these were French archaeologists and one of them happen to ask of this guy logo actually 2 people in the Dogon tribe about their creation myths that led the Dogon turn spewing out all this kind of information that was written down by these French guys and much of which was considered be extremely fanciful and you know bomb made up so to speak and so on but now it turns out to be provable factual and in this kind of thing so for instance the Dogon told the Frenchman in 19 28 or 32 of that well serious is not a stoner serious is a cluster there's there's 3 major components of serious serious a BMC you didn't column that and that Syria see even though it is the smallest of all of these is the most interesting because that's where the dole or that's where the normal come from and that Syria see is eighties a star that is so small that we represented here with the smallest grain that we have found in Africa this is little tiny seed that the date that the they use and they use this is comparison this seed to this other seed is the ratio exact ratio they claimed between Syria see in serious 8 in terms of the stars maps and they're so they get held out these 2 seeds in the French were right all down and then 1520 years later all sciences he's serious isn't a star to star cluster there's actually 3 groups and they're separated by this distance something that bird Dogon also said was that the spacing between serious presented it as a single ... platform Taurus but serious C. was much further back than serious a or B. from our perspective and so everything that they knew about this far distant star cluster turns out to be accurate in invalidated even to the point where they can now say that the serious seastar in in terms of its relationship to the series a star is exactly this proportion of the small seeds of a large city and they knew they had all this it was orally transmitted and this was just part of this incredible Incheon term a knowledge base that these guys have but they've maintained and within that knowledge base is the knowledge of the the normal or normal and there of an aquatic species that the Dogon saying came in created us and created humanity and also created most of the life as it exists currently of on the planet both in the oceans and and on the earth on the on the terrestrial part and ... though no mo of legends while we find or replicated throughout all cultures in antiquity so if we go in we dig up stuff in Mesoamerica we find representations of these little aquatic arm of beings that have sort of the mermaid kind of features in a way the pretty ugly our from our perspective that's something that's common in all of them is that none of these these no more or what we would think of it's pretty creatures and in the ugliness that the type of ugliness in the faces and someone is replicated by all the people that carved them and whether the carbon into stoner created a mound of clay or whatever we find this all around the planet northern and southern hemisphere and we find the myths the linguistics that the the Dogon have replicated in a lot of the linguistics appear in the Pacific Northwest with the Puget Sound Salish in the coastal Salish not so much the inland tribes well and we also find that that myth goes only up into the template and in the house last governmentally down into a Polynesia Melanesia Micronesia in only over to the mile and so the creation myth in the Pacific area is as pure as is the creation myth as it's described by the Dogon because it's been unpolluted by lots of people going through because not a lot of people stop by all the silence of the myths have attempted to stay pretty clean and basically being the story is that DR number all came here they found a planet that had water in some cool stuff they took some of the DNA they go often they create a few things and one of the things they create this is what they do okay there into genetics is just how the normal role this is the whole thing and they're an interesting being there in aquatic being they're immortal are and eternal unit we are merely eternal were not immortal they're immortal because they could take their what we would think of a stir consciousness and their soul and birth those through their own body into a new being and as they gave birth to one being are that would be them in that new body it be like a snake almost shedding its skin except this is a whole body with a sort of yes very much so it's especially the consciousness level you're quite correct okay and be a whole new body and so that they'd have that next life in their long live anyway ... and they and they also knew eternity so they they knew that if they were are destroyed by an accident of that body was destroyed by an accident it did not destroy their consciousness right so they were aware of this and they imparted this to the Dogon that when we created you weird work because of this so up front that we happened to cause to earth worm we're giving you are not only eternity but were making you aware that you have eternity and they did it because they screwed up okay the the whole noble created of 4 pair for breeding pair of beings now bear in mind the number 19 are basically female the whole room whole species is female but then they become well within themselves become mail at the time they need to fertilize their ma'am alien like but not really mammals ... they do have life birth so the rule vaporous ... ... viviparous and love they do have some other characteristics they share but they don't have my 0 plans and they don't have internal organs to sing we we do but they are created us through the ritual for breeding pair of according to the story were created as in their image and these beings were and we'll have to use a word that's inappropriate but I'll use it anyway and they're they're hermaphrodite okay so they could be either sex since they chose and her own to these beings arm of fell in love with each other and pro created when they were both male this is something that the term done no most said shouldn't do and are your term but it drove one of them crazy in this crazy one got into one of the numbers spaceship now the number are interesting because they actually can go through interstellar space like a son and they do it with a thing called a liquid coppery engine where they would literally have a liquid copper on front of their ship that wouldn't this device that did pulled them through interstellar space and so they look like a son or a comet as they were flying around anyway one of the ships took off being didn't get very far and he brought it down and crashed on the earth in a polluted risk for who knows how long in a deadly deadly way with this liquid copper stuff killed most of the the life on the planet and then then normal felt very bad about it and so they they went away brought back stuff to cleanse the earth and they did this cleansing and a great inundation the greatest flood that had ever been seen and so these flood myths come down from the normal cleansing the earth they basically came down and covered the whole planet with some kind of chemical to some level of depth and expunged the stuff they've done then they set about rebuilding life on the planet because David screwed up it was their fault they had to fix it and in the process of fixing it they ended up creating all of us now in the Dogon myths of all of this they talk about why this occurred okay so they have a greater depth of it the Salish up here don't go into the Hawaii but they have that X. same myth about the man who changed everything and how the very first thing that he did was to create raven and raven was allowed to walk along and see all the other stuff that was going on it's a raven is over expository these tales of the changer and that's what Reagan called of the normal as the changer and the changed was aquatic instead about raven was the first land creature but those changer created salmon whale and all of these others ballot and you know the water mammals in the near mammals and then did the same on land and so the myth is the same back and forth although those sailors don't go into why but they knew it was from a debt that there was a death involved and so it's really an interesting tale about how we ended up where we are and we see replicated even in the house go Beckley took place in the in the the constructions there that they uncovered although statues are all about a genetic manipulation of ends up creating humans you know horses and a pigs and cats and dogs and all of these kinds of work as we understand to understand what is actually being said you know because it's a story it's a book yeah yeah so it's a fascinating and so that's that's basically the creation myth insofar as the Dogon have and I think it's probably the closest thing we've got to an understanding what actually occurred now maybe of the deep state and those around you know the people that they're fronting for maybe they know more than we do and maybe there's more in it in Antarctica to discover //
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Secrets Revealed as Government Collapse/Restructuring Takes Place
\\innovation disruption and big issue this is changers with Sarah west dogs welcome to business game changers I'm Sarah Westall I have a fun show lined up here we have cliff high coming back we're going to talk about crypto currencies in finance and you know the the change of the deep state and governance then we're gonna get into fine technology and all sorts of interesting things as we dive into this is actually a 3 part series we had but a lot of fun talking first it gets pretty serious we talk about what's going on with the government and the dollar and I a currency's it's you know it's serious but said he calls it a new renaissance which I agree there's a had a positive feeling out there on where things are going things being cleaned up lots of positive things and then we're going to get into technology and kind of out there stuff on the edge of what is going on and also some inter sing ancient understanding and that bands are and and and article what's going on down there which is absolutely fascinating so let's get into that any of you now with cliff I hi clip welcome back to the program low right now is to be here yeah I'm excited to have you back where we talked for awhile so we have a lot to talk about ... let's dive right in you just have a new report that came out although crypto currencies and other things so we're going to dive into a lot plus I heard you talk about other things in a couple of shows that I want to dig into further so I'm gonna go there as well I hope you're okay with that sure that's fine but let's go let's start talking about your mom report although your port has plenty of heavy material right your reports always pretty happy because it's you know emotional content ... you talk about it collapses in scandal and things but it seems like the overall world is trending towards a more of a rebuilding in reforming healthier foundations positive or I think it's a positive response from the realism that they're seeing from all media what it is that a good assessment or not I don't know that it's so that that's a clause but in it but it certainly isn't a symptom ... but I actually put it down to the ... 40 year bonds cycle and the fact that it was headed down into 0 and they have no way out which and as a result of the ... crypto currencies a rising all those years ago we now have a way out and the on natural in nature of humans is that there're there're enthusiasm the ... entrepreneurial spirit now has an outlet and so there it goes in there you can't restrain that once you let that horse out there you're not going to catch it again and that I really think well ... there we just stayed at this weight that that humans are in fact the world bursting out emotionally we do have a much more positive attitude about things especially here in the in the USA empire and this is in spite of the the are very realistic news that to a certain extent is mostly negative are and I'm not talking about the stuff that's pervade by the arming of the panda rivers in mainstream media but rather you know that the real reporting on everything that's going on by inspite of all of that I I find that indeed all of the emotional trends within our model heaven have turned they've all picked up and when I actually put it down to is that what we were trapped as a species actually less so in China and even less so in Russia but we were trapped emotionally by the of 40 your bond cycle going down to 0 interest rate and not being able to turn usually when you got down to about one or 2 or 3 percent in the past rich were really extreme periods well you would have the bond vigilantes come on out and they would basically reorder society by being a student off to take mass quantities of wealth from the idiots that were running things but the idiots that are running things these days have it so locked up with high frequency trading and total manipulation of all of the ... debt pay cycles that we've been very very very trapped for all these years and I think it impressed on our on our psyche and it's gone now and that is it regardless of what the causes we can state that we can see the entrepreneurial spirit Eunice is bursting out all over and I personally think that this is a a very good thing in symptomatic of where we're gonna be headed for the next few years we are rebuilding and it's in spite of the crumbling of the giant financial debt empire around our ears but I think the crumbling navy is why we're rebuilding it's sick how now we see like hints of light that things can happen plus there is a guy tsunami of new technology and new opportunities coming our way ... manifesting quite right now and it's interesting because we're seeing this in very advanced software as in not a I I mean I hate that term it's really misleading well gotten not that at all but rather the a very sophisticated about the pushing down of software well into the century level so that we're now getting that much more input for all of our machines there that much more efficient everything last longer and so we're seeing this technology come on out plus we're seeing all kinds of new technologies at an industrial level letter that are emerging and so it's kind of like there's a whole new machine tool industry forming up behind us and this machine tool industry will be delivering products to them to the masses and it's kind of like if we turned around a look we could sort of see something analogous to those people that built 3 D. printers okay so there was an industry that had to form in order for 3 D. printers to come on out ... but once the 3 D. printers actually did come on out you could actually use your 3 D. printer to build another 3 D. printer if you wanted also which is kind of a a kind of funny to think that we could look at it but but so we got that appearing as well and other other kinds of ... other industry 9 nations and and that pressure there is actually a any demonstrable manufacturing pressure date is are exerting itself on a lot of different ... us of the systems around the planet and we're picking up on this you know I mean there's a certain amount of it where were were feeling this scenario especially in the other excitement at the la software level of the crypto currencies and so on but it spreads out a couple of the crypto currencies that I'm aware of her being used to finance some very ambitious our device build out firms and yet we also have to understand too that software is now given us an efficiency that never existed before so not only are the entrepreneurs busting out now but they're not going to run into this barrier of the big banks because most people don't understand this but as a small business person I actually got to the point where I had to consider an IPO years ago in the nineties and the album the ideal was quite disheartening because of the huge amount of of ... Rakoff that the banks took on the process and how they were basically a screwing the entrepreneur in that company as well as the people that were buying into it on the other side I am take 50 person right I mean I was quoted I'm scored 65 percent in the nineties that's how much wood would disappear into the banks as a result of this and I said wasn't worth it to me I couldn't have all those people on my case if they're you know if the stock went up and then immediately crashed because the banks have come on in and and basically I had a giant rake that's not it took 65 percent now and will just think how much more prosperous we could be at the Honda took a reasonable 10 percent angry or or could yeah 3 or 4 I I was being generous from 65 and how went to future paratroopers in our people were you doing stuff yeah and Baker bonuses so that they can snorted up there knows you know yes yes skimming off people doing work so I got the sense that was the worst current all these that is the worst crime on the planet yeah and we're busting out of that this is really cool okay the from my perspective within the all the wheel data it shows us going into sci fi world and the thing about sci fi world is that we may have giant corporations that we may have huge on a centralized of the power structures but we're not gonna have a empire dominating kind of things and so it'll be a whole lot more like around a large fractured in open and chaotic but this is all good fruit for regular humans because it gives us that much more breathing space that we were opportunities to get at things and we don't have this idea of a central oppressing authority that gets followed so entitled on its own that it feels its first and primary job is to protect its turf at the cost of even the turf itself which is all of us right and so hurt so that it was a very much self defeating and empires when they die it's an ugly process and unlike the death of the British Empire bomb before us the death of the dollar empire we now have its replacement being built Bonnie those same individuals that that used to hold hard or even half heartedly put their effort into maintaining the empire so many these people are bailing on it now that the entrepreneurial gates of them burst open and they're saying bye bye banking and and all of that I'm out to do honest work you know that kind of thing and it's a lot like it alot release right because he didn't like it either but that's they had to go with the polling that was the strongest at the time are they only pony in the show and the ones that the word that they were actually being herded all towards anyway I mean they were everybody was forced into the system the septic system was solved solve containing himself word compressing so to speak and it's and it's broken open into could it had to break open because they cannot allow that 0 percent interest rate to rise if horizons beyond a very small amount than the entire debt system comes unglued a we've recently been told that it's now over 2 quadrillion dollars in on derivatives dead and growing growing at an ... an increasing rate each and every month such that will reach the third quadrillion dollars in less time in in about a third of the time that took us to reach the second and so it's a it's an accelerating process so it isn't in the process of collapsing now the good news from my perspective is that we are bleeding it out at the same time that it's collapsing the last empire when it collapsed there was a an abrupt shift over to the U. S. armed dominance in the world financially now we won't have that we're not going to have an abrupt shift to China dominating the world ... rapidly financially although it does and should just based on population in history well but what will see rather is Liam is the is the loss of centralization and decentralization is now rising in de centralization means were all our own bank means we gotta be adult about this you know the no nanny state only gonna take part of it all but yeah yeah yeah so we so we got to grow up but at the same time in growing up there is huge amounts of our of opportunity to did not ever exist before or haven't has not existed let's say in hundreds of years well I think if we grow up we can solve so many of our issues right meanness but we're not embarrassed you know just growing up but you know you talk about ... secrets exposed people crawling up from the seeker holes much like the fall of the Soviet Union so but more entrepreneurial is what you're talking about now what we mean by the seeker holes well here's a here's what's going on in and I'm writing about this in the next alter report which will be out at the end of this month because they're so much data about it a we find ourselves in sort of the same situation as the collapse of the Soviet Union after the white revolution that to Yeltsin brand that was the sort of the second collapse but at that point on one word of the entire financing system for their state government velopark and so you started hearing rumors it was really pre internet at that stage excuse me the internet existed but Tom we had yet to get into each team well ... but you heard rumors about Soviet scientist had this or whatever they'd smuggled this out of the lab and they were trying to sell it and of course the worst rumors of a mall was the Soviet scientists who had smuggled on a nuclear bomb that if they're gonna put into a suitcase gotta gotta gotta but many bent over the the armed pathway was there for them now are in the United States was our empire fails we have these things called special access projects these are the projects that they don't even tell the president about they don't even you know some people in Congress probably know their funding them and they probably been told some lying about what they're supposed to be and that's about as far as that goes so we don't really even know what they're working on but we do know that there's a are now for every Russian scientist at the height of the Soviet Union that was working on a deep dark project we have 88 scientists working 88 so so yeah back a lot of deep state money exactly huge amounts of trillions of dollars being stolen well and they're gonna keep stealing the trillions but the good news for us is that that's not worth much anymore and so as we all exit the dollar and start dealing in kryptos these people are strangling their dying and their their funding is shutting down and it made even be reference ... seen visibly in la slowing down and lack of chemtrails I think they're running out of money to pay for it you know like thing they haven't seen chemtrails wants yeah we had was our weather here because we haven't seen a lot there was some today but I haven't seen any for weeks and it's it's we were of the in the Puget Sound area were a gateway to most of the other north east and the M. O. southeast of Canada of because that would blow the form up over here in la and a blow across the the young the Great Plains and stuff but John ... they've even shut those down but but getting back to the other point though the scientist well we're gonna have people crawling out of these ... secret access projects that have a pension that just gone poof because the government it entity is never going to acknowledge that they exist because it doesn't have to and ... the pension wouldn't be worth much anyway because it's denominated in US dollars salon these guys are gonna be in the same situation as the Russian scientists in the eighties and they're gonna have to sell things or tells things in order to make money now that the good news for them is were also desperate for something that's close to the truth will pay him you know they're gonna be able to set up a home you know cryptocurrency donation pages or sales sites you know coming by this a nifty DFT a little of and thing that we reverse engineered off the space alien ... ... spaceship here and and you know it's a replicator for you know making infinite number of shoes or whatever I mean I don't know whether it be producing but they're gonna be hauling the stuff out in our data sets or talking about next year as being ... basically the beginning of this ... ... a flea market but really what could be it's gonna be a a a you know an international global flea market is all these people come on out have to say things in its because the government's going to go through a big or governance okay not our government per se but the idea of governance being paid for by a central bank it's going to hit a hard wall here in just a few days I think that the first real indicator will have will be around the 20 fourth August 25 and then we'll hit another part of it in September 5 and up from that point on it starts getting even harder on it and basically what it comes down to is the lack of the but the bond vigilantes to turn the bond cycle back it means that it's not gonna be turned back and it's just dying which means the dollar is dying and it means the debt system itself is dying as a result of of the way in which it structured government needs to continuously our personal federal government USA government need to continually rising stock market dial indicator order to be be healthy and it can keep that thing going up to about 50 or 60000 but now Niamh purchasing power that that is netting in this weird little incestuous loop with the central bank is going to result in something that that is a barely marginally adequate in so bits and pieces of government according to our data are gonna fall off and it'll happen like gum there might be some ... earthquake in Alaska or appear in the Pacific Northwest now is the result of the earth of the eclipse that's coming up next Monday and so after that may be in that process that earthquake maybe we get a couple of dozen roads or small bridges in national parks that are simply damaged to the point they can't be used anymore round here in the in the Pacific Northwest a lot of these bridges are not cement they're built out of a steel or or in some cases joint huge logs and so they'll be damaged and other federal government will be told about this some point after that that affects sometime in August or September in at that point the government will look and say well okay that's fine clothes apart we don't have the money were not to be able to repair it for 10 years it'll keep going like that and they'll start saying this about all different kinds of things usually it'll be background support stuff that'll go first ... and will see it just like it happened with the Soviet Union in that regard until all that's left is the facade and then it all comes crashing down whole chunk just close 7 I mean programs so was that Sir it may be it may be but it also may be there are high on a proactive attempt to avoid a lot of this by choosing what you're gonna shut down right because we know that there are such huge amounts of waste in government la in the estimate it on the on the on IP o's for banks is pretty much the same on government I think okay the actual cost of doing an IPO in the nineties when I looked into it would have been about somewhere between 3 and a half percent to 4.5 percent realistically and that would have allowed within that about a quarter of that amount for profit and so ... are a huge difference between that 60 percent I think and I think government is at that same level in terms of its own balloon to so to speak in terms of how it spends and so they're gonna run into some extremely hard walls here as their income flattened sword decreases and we'll see it right at the peripheral levels because they're so much that the federal government does not pay for directly but is in charge of signing a check on so in other words outside of their there's no main funding sources a lot of these departments have special funding arrangements where you know I don't know maybe ... trees harvested off of a particular part of a forester sand or gravel or something that money gets fed back into the support of that national park system of those kind of things and as those are impacted the government of the world had the ... a real ability to buy new stuff they can prove print more money but with fewer and fewer people taking it fewer people working the general collapse of the overall system they don't have the energy basically human energy human capital to get it together and get this stuff done there is no positive feeling about it in so it would tend to languish the shutting down of some of those on yeah departments were ... agencies are subsections of the government I'd I think at this stage Israeli goods over Asia and acknowledgement of the realization that this is already ongoing and it is an attempt to prune is they go it happened with the Soviet Union as we ... watch them collapse before the ... appearance of the second revolution with a Boris Yeltsin and those guys so for instance the Soviet Union I used to have all of these are well Cuba before the Soviet Union collapsed the cut you off sending Cuba into a crises because that 92 percent of their income vanished overnight and they had a really react ... and so Cuba in that sense was a national park of rush and they just couldn't afford it anymore and we're at that stage of as well we see it in the degradation so on ... you can see it and 40 year old buildings armed S. cement lion structures and steel structures bidding decaying and that our government of institutions that are simply not being maintained and so there's a huge amount of deferred maintenance everywhere potholes in roads all of the sort of anti but this gives us also to do is we're working through the day the chaos is to fix all this stuff well yeah foundations he'd fixed but we need to manage it in a really I'm like wait a instead of just prom is siphoning off a money in the criminal that okay completely disorganized and and not managed well but beyond that so much of it skimmed off from corruption and the deep state me use can't you can't run anything like that right it's like the arm of parasite that kills the Hoechst you know it's just not a good thing for either one of them and it is occurring who couldn't who can stand a 60 or 80 percent Rakoff on on your daily work of take so to speak the money energy you put out you can't no business can survive that yeah when I try that kind of stuff in the Middle Ages the peasants realize no I can't live on those few potatoes while you get that that ham soap you know it's revolution time guns it you know choice exactly yeah I mean there were hitting walls here where we're being forced that's what happens your force innocent just to survive so you're saying that the full blown renaissance revolution will be in full production call it by 2020 I think is positive I read I mean the thing because it is on this we we realize that we're aware of it make sure it was not positive direction and not the chaos can come out where all the dust settles and some Rongai ... holding bags right so it's gotta be smart about this but arm wouldn't do you see the cool hearing and when you see the clearing sorting happened when will reach peak you say 2020 yeah when will go ahead at the peak of it would probably be high on in terms of the emotional energies that are showing within our data sets would be like December through March of 2018 to 2019 okay that would be 8 at least insofar as USA pop which is my largest emotional segment that I trust the data from so it'll be hat that will be our peak here but ... emotionally it's already winding down and some levels and picking up in others I it's difficult for instance to maintain a la just give you not in an analogy would be very difficult to maintain the French Revolution and you know the chopping off of heads of the Royals and all of that that emotional tone to your country at the same time you were happening a owned a rip roaring ... a industrial revolution that was generating vast quantities of wealth okay the 2 do not go together they sort of did at the time the ... what occurred was the industrial revolution came into the French Revolution and then they ran into the hard wall of the Royals taking off all of the money and it led to the French inventing the world word they called sabotage which is wooden shoes thrown into the machinery to make the machinery stop working in the whole factory comes down and saw though was a wooden shoe they used to wear and so ... we're past that though actually in this particular instance so our peak or or or a our revolution is already under way and it started ... in in 2005 et or 6 or so and then we broke out with the crypto currencies and the crypto currency was were just so weird and so out of the of mainstream they didn't they upset a lot of people but a lot of people in the in the upper echelons didn't see the threat now it's too late that a dollar is being eaten by the crypto currencies and with that as our outlet and so that is our hyper industrial revolution that's going to be ongoing at the same time that the old system crumbles so I actually expect in the data seems to be confirming the lot of the people that might otherwise be out in the streets of throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails or in fact go to find that down the people behind them of over or get siphoned off and doing real work making money and it's like our whole you know come on over here and join us stop throwing rocks come on over and you know a it will put another shrimp on the Barbie and show you how we do this you know that kind of nuts all healthy getting the part where people are working in producing thing do I mean that is that's the building the foundation that that's what you're talking about renaissance that's that's it yep that's that the renewal it both emotionally and then an infrastructure level and then once we got that then well it also occured same time but the on going you are I'm quite because of the weird things I look at all the time I'm privy to the information about all the strange kind of devices that are being built and new technologies that are coming off of them and so I I got this theory that term bomb may have some grounding in fact and that was that most of our current technology in the technology you know you're using to communicate derives from a reverse engineering space alien spaceships that we shot down in 1947 and that we actually actively shot him down with analog rate or the pretty much since then we've abandoned the idea of analog anything and were into the digital world and it's taken a 70 years to eat through that level of technology and now it's spread out into the globe and we have in our cell phones all the way up through the microphones and everything here and and so it's kinda like okay I jokingly said in this article well now it's time to turn that radar own again and shoot down some more these critters to put her through start etcetera and write stuff but anyway but but I actually think that that it's probably not necessary I think there's a secondary stage that's ongoing in a what we might think of as these industrial tool machines so to speak machines that are designed to build other machines firm for masters distribution and and I and I'm pretty sure I'm seeing that secondary level are out and about getting built out and so that would argue that we're going to have another flush on the incredible new technologies over these next 45 years and that so to a certain extent it's you know or not even 1999 again relative to technology and we're seeing this especially with the crip does the adoption album the impact of software on the rest of our social order and now it's eating money which is our so your currency rather not money but cheating currency and that's our 1 of our primal own bottom line emotional hooks in our lives it'll especially here in the American empire and so the fact that were there tells me that yes the renaissance is here it's being ... augmented by technology it'll run at the rate the technology does through society so it has a predictable adoption curve and you want your plot where you are on the curb you can figure out where the rest of it's going to be and were into the about to reach the arm pushing out into our social order of the second wave of this and I know that that second wave is coming because I see the machines that are going to produce the machines that will be ending up using and so I'm actually quite of them I get all excited it's just it it side by world is just so cool credible while the new technologies incredible too because they can get to the building blocks serial and then miss wrong with that human print that out yeah and you know I think it's a side of things a bit and told a sack you do actually why why is it hurt because because nano technology has an in built on inherent limitation and that's the size of the atom not be not that they can't manipulate atoms but nano technology you can't send command and control instructions to it except through an electron we don't have any other method of of manipulating lower than electron and so we can't make devices too small we we can make them but they can't receive instructions because they're too small in the electron is so large it doesn't effectively do anything for so that's one aspect of it but also look at what it's supposed to do one idea is the ... in science fiction is that you maybe have a handful of these guys are something in a glass jar and you could go and pour onto a a thing of on a rusted old metal then maybe these nanites would recreate the metal into shining steel or something for you right and so they would work at that atomic level well again Adams aura or color sack which really underneath the Adams is the energy so how much cleaner to just make what we need directly out of energy in 19 involve ourselves right now all I still draw draw the energy up through a template that makes it into a Turkey or makes it into a tussle with our solar cell phone but and that's when when I'm thinking and I'm talking small so you are saying okay when I'm gonna we're gonna get really small so yes I agree no you don't actually it's it's called field technology run calling it that you talk as a showcase the core very mild exactly yes they will all the energy itself and we can actually told this energy brief ... just right at that point just before it's gonna decide to become an Adam we can say no we don't want to be a hydrogen atom we'd rather you be iridium order or a healing at not having that power we again we need to be but that's that's another thing right these guys know how to do they know that this power exists because of these reversed engineered things they've had to create and they're really scared to let it out because we're not as mature as they think we ought to be you know what though I kind of agree with them for having all these wars and we have to evolve as people to be able to handle that somehow we can't have cycle paths have it in our hands and what what one 21 people are cycle so yeah you yeah we were unable to evolution the other disgruntled workers instantly knives the money's good on the playground right road in there some that you know they want to dominate all of that but there's also a yeah I'm agreed welcome ... I focus a lot of attention on these energies from space because humans react to him okay so because were energetic and 10 I and so we're going through a a period now although it is actually the last of or the waning part of our energy cycle that we can plot that goes back to about 1942 and it relates to the sun and solar cycles and in this kind of thing in the sun is now calming and because it's calming it's going from 5000 degrees down to 3000 degrees Kelvin as a side the issue we're going to an ice age okay that some degree but up part of that calming is actually a change in the energies that come around the sun and get back to us here on earth and these energies include things like cosmic rays so we'll see more producers precipitation because cosmic rays because clouds and so chemtrails may not be named needed in the future simply because the cosmic rays will be doing this for us creating a huge cloud layers plus will cosmic rays also or coincidence because we're not the coincident with a lot of volcanic activity and so the volcanoes will be putting up stuff we won't have to necessarily do chemtrails however that same level of cosmic rays or or it isn't is some it's part of a symptomatic of of a greater amount of energies that are coming on back that we will feel and react with and and be part of and we can't separate ourselves from so we can't separate ourselves from being bombarded with a certain amount of X. rays constantly when we're out about you can get and underneath the caves in this kind of thing but in general you're not even a wearable in these energies were unaware of and they're gonna be influencing us for the next you know several 0 years probably 425 or so on into various different other frequencies but the good news is in my understanding that the love of energies had been causing all of the heightened level of contention and of the bifurcation of everything in every different level the tendency to harden up those energies are waning and in fact I think we passed the peak of home sometime in July based on some of the readings I've been able to get out of soho and stuff it's still a little dodgy I'm still working with this in terms of it plotting all of these things but I am I am of the opinion that for sure were were waning out of those whether it sort of was the turning point in July or not or it'll show up in September I can't say for sure but we should all feel it by I would think November December things ought to be a lot more calm inverse the some of the positive side will also be able to get that much bigger of a of an impact so to speak because there isn't that much of pain over here to eat up some of that running well that would be great much more healthy state we're sold out I the electricity and I'm everything going in and out of us and I had an interview with Wallace story how the electric universe and he was talking about you know what to say science could start to embrace these theories which are proving out glancing electric universe we would have a much better idea on how we react to all that weeds and signals everything our technology is put out a set of us just behind the putting stuff out we could create a much healthier environment for ourselves and so much of the problems with certain weaning and son is doing that as well it's huge what is not the sun so much it's the energies coming around it because I think it's it's coronas actually shrunk and so they're more stuff is able to slip around it isn't pushing through space but but basically yell and seed you it it's it would be a very huge of science would accept this science is a religion in so far as it's paid for these days and so they can't step outside of the dogma and we noticed that people therefore have to do this on their own and so if you look around you can find that people are not necessarily you find lots of people bitching and moaning about all the electromagnetic radiation they're saying we shouldn't use this we shouldn't use that and and that's a nice natural outgrowth of what I was looking forward did find were was this whole thinner layer of people they're saying okay what we've gotten now how do we deal with it and so you see people that come up with some really cool ideas ... such as copper strips that go inside your shoes are very thin that stay in contact with the sole of your foot the come out through the shoe and then form a grounding Pat on the bottom of the shoe and so you're constantly able duh ground out the energy because most of us are insulated now in the past we would be walking barefoot and so I I will leaving the electromagnetic radiations spectrum aside just the natural spectrum the cycle we're in is a 400 year cycle of foreigner 20 years of last for 125 in a in a law that another 425 and so we've had this as humans repeatedly through millions of years because we've been around on this planet for a long time but when were barefoot love these energies just ground out were just totally unaware of them because they passed right through us so the idea of grounding out a human the idea of you know sheets that have a a copper thing that goes on out grounds into the ground this makes a lot of sense and you feel better if you take your shoes off and you go walk on the sand or on the grass or this kind of thing right especially you know in early spring you've been trapped in the war in that you've got cabin fever you've been in the buildings all winter you going out there sunlight going up to the park for the first day take your shoes off and and Busher feet around in the grass and you feel better for days and it's because you've been able to shed the negative ions in the positive ions of buildup on the disproportionately so yeah it be nice if if science hoped if people in was specially medicine we wake up to learn how we're actually constructed yeah medicines and which part I mean cancer obits oh yeah so okay I have so many things on your okay let's dive into crypto currencies a little bit more because on their breaking on full scene now I only seen huge gains on any Gardi really explain this but good coin has split recently I'm hearing that it it you know they had some scaling issues in the splitting house deal with us the scaling issues as well but then people are saying that it's a less secure now what are your thoughts on that no I don't see it as being less secure at all the hashing algorithm hasn't altered in you have to underprivileged understand that if I was a bit coin minor and I'm one of maybe 20000 bitcoin miners you know I got a PC here that's mining the blockchain into and all the transactions and so on and creating patrolling if I was one of them I could split the bit going blockchain on my own I can alter my own code and thereafter I would have clips bitcoin and maybe I would be the only person mining it everybody would say well you're you're foolish and they would just disappear but I could do that so the split is not as as dramatic as a lot of people might make it but it seems ... is not particularly I'm effective I think it's really good because ... if we now have been able to separate out the underlying technology from the wealth that was holding bear in mind that that ... if you bought bitcoin in the if you had 1 bit coin 7 years ago that 1 bit queen is a or $1 's worth of between 7 years ago would translate to 1.$14000000 now okay so that's how much appreciation we've had or how much the dollar has died relative to bid point okay in 7 years time it went from $1 's worth of bitcoin being you know this much bit going but that much now is worth 1.14000000 and so did you really that crying then no no no I started accumulating in a getting a little tiny bit those awful hard to get leisure were minor were new people of that that were mining it was difficult to get before there were exchanges and so on so I actually got some bit going before amount Cox even originated ... but I it's been like I've had some sense of 2012 and so no not not 7 years back but 5 years but that's totally good yeah in its done well for me I mean I'm you know between been very good to me so I don't have to have anything to bitch about there but it's it's it this is nothing compared to where it's gonna go it's estimated that only a 0 of or yet 0.015 percent of the populace of the planet is even aware of it yeah they've you know what it is so wow is it do you think pick one is a better and no you can't give investment but I'm gonna ask your pain and everybody knows he can't investment by advice it'll come and sue us but isn't it kind of got better investment in silver arm yeah it's a okay yes you especially in the long run okay but there's gonna be a a flash of stuff for silver as ... sober busts out next year and it's gonna have to do with these technologies and then work a according to the way the data shows that overall over a period of time what's gonna happen is between gonna keep scaling up and then a 2020 the having workers traditionally or or historically with whenever that happens within a month or so between doubles and nominal dollar price so in 2020 of between is at $1000000 each for 100000 each it doesn't matter what it is it'll double relatively soon thereafter sober on the other hand is going to have a good go through this little bit of ... breakout in its prices relative to things now but then in 2 dozen 18 there's gonna be a number of silver ... not backed but sober facilitating a crypto currencies and these are gonna really busted out because at that same time we're gonna have all these new industries that are to be a very sober dependent and so they're gonna wanna secure silver prices long into the future and they'll do so by buying coins now so there will be a point for a number of years that silver is a very good investment our it won't rifle bit point because the forces acting on them will be different but there will be a time when silver will appreciate and silver based IC goes or or coins will be will will appreciate much faster than the bit point itself but after a time will be relatively brief a especially considering but coins long of future so so sickly summer will be good for a shorter period of time but decline will be great for the next room exactly it's an underlying store of wealth it's it's always shown up even in our data sets back 2 and 3 and 4 years ago it showed up as being the vehicle of settlement between our countries or or a you know very large transactions okay let's hook up watching and how secure are blocked can they be correct ... block chains are protected by hashing algorithms on the individual transactions so the idea that you could crack the block chain would imply that what you were after was a generalized tool that would allow you to decrypt the hash on any given transaction to develop such a generalized tool to crack the Shaw to 56 algorithm would be extremely difficult and it would be a bomb of an effort of many years and lots and lots of money and or and or an absolute brilliant idea out of DHEA left field but even if you had that it doesn't need you you can't crack the transactions within the blockchain most people think it's like this okay most people think that the blockchain is sort of like a a bomb maybe a train car or a bucket brigade or somethin and the bit coins are put into the buckets of Kate and so that they think of the blockchain is being this transport system for the transactions that and they also think that in their wallet they've actually got it shows up you've got one bit court and they think that somewhere in that in that wallet there's a number one in a column in a in a designator for a bit coin there doesn't work that way in your wallet hers actually transaction codes and so your wallet is composed you you actually a bit coins but your bit coin is composed of the addition of this line in a in a blockchain and the and this other line and they're being funneled over to you and that equals your bitcoin and so it's actually to some of these 2 transactions it's always the some even if one of the transactions as negative so basically your your wallet is filled with the some of songs and then it goes through and tallies that in make sh and and so it it has all these transactions and keeps a record of all of the transactions so you don't actually have anything that can be transferred out which as a or cracked out of your wallet itself isn't it right it's all distract correct and they couldn't spend it because of the double spending rule so no you can't really crack it that way and so getting to the idea that you could crack those Shaw well or any of the algorithms any the hashing algorithms using quantum computers you could I would argue with this point that that first off quantum computers are not deterministic so the aim it at a particular kind of a a cracking is gonna be very difficult might require days of programming isn't quite shooting just really we're I mean we don't even there were no longer going you know I really don't know what they're they don't know what they're doing they're approaching up from a scientific perspective that doesn't acknowledge the nature of reality that were in what they're doing I can explain in a number of different ways because I come from a wound perspective it's very empty apparent what they're doing and here's what's going on ... them there's nothing that you do are or if there actually is something that your mind does right now that keeps Sara's fingertip the atoms of the era into us service fingertip from merging with her microphone when it picks it up locate your consciousness creates the cohesion that keeps this finger finger and microphone microphone your consciousness does this and of that consciousness was not present there would be no every time you touch something you would lose party your finger or your finger would become Metallica's abroad over some of the other stuff there because Adams would just merge all the time but Adams can't really merge because of the nature of the the energy underneath them again controlled by consciousness now here's where it gets into the will part all right appear British Columbia's when there was where their manufacturing these cubit computers and they build computer chips that were highly advanced and and really on their own they're kinda spooky anyway then they put these computer chips inside me on let's call it a the vessel was sore like putting a other in ink cartridge into a pin and then they take this this pin and they push it into a a bigger vessel and inside that bigger vessel they vacuumed out all the air they've chilled the thing down to where the items are not even vibrating because the Cuban it really cold and they're doing everything they can every single thing they can to push out consciousness okay that's their entire goal they in fact when you when you work on these things you have to go through this little ritual basically is what it amounts to of doing the specific things that is to get your consciousness out of the way so your consciousness does not damage though the equipment you're working on and this is a well known effect that's been ongoing since the nineties when they started doing some of these quantum experiments they would find out that they couldn't have a student sit there overnight monitoring these things because the consciousness of the student would affect it writing and so you're so we I can I can I can explain that but it took us a while we have to go often but but just like when he's 26 context we'll just leave it like a movie where you and my husband does he just go look that's there at the limit okay but there you go but you just pull the plug right let's not go down there yeah yeah but but basically there's there's 26 ... quanta effect and ... by doing it a or a most often in in our reality rowly advocacy forum but if we really really worked at it we could look and see some of these other 26 but what prevents us from seeing the other 26 all the time is that our consciousness gets involved in they discovered this with students and in science experiments basically and so these quantum computers go to a lot of trouble to push away though what let's just call it the womb factor okay the consciousness factor that's drowned all of our reality so think of what that means it means 2 things they're creating up our consciousness or a wound vacuum that they're stuck in the chip into so it doesn't get get altered by any other stuff going on industry can do it's quantum stuff but that also means they're making it work dance but he literally pushing it away and maintaining that consciousness absence field with all of their stuff constantly so they're sending out ripples into consciousness continuously as they operate these machines and so it gets spooky around where these machines are put in everyone of these machines that I've seen placed creates a center for Mandela fix the very end you can plot it from the very first ones that were placed at NASA in Texas we had Mandela affect showing up in that area interpreted by the largely on a fundamentalist Christian a population in its fashion with all of the changes to the Bible you get these things put down in California near Google and you have the quanta affect mental effects showing up in the new age groups so until resultantly claimant what this one the questions my listeners wanted me to ask David typically the deal with them in Dallas spleenwort that is and they keep talking about okay but the met okay no Mandela the mental effect is named after a ... a screw up in a room newspaper reporting okay Mandela did not die of this other guy Steven Biko died and it was mis reported that Nelson Mandela died that went around the planet and then most of them does newspapers at the time in the seventies did not ever report the correction and so I remember reading that article in that I remember reading 3 days later oh no it wasn't Mandela that died it was Steven Nick got a beagle and so ... how well that that was the situation but it's now become it's really even gets even really spooky or because before that exist okay but for the case of mistaken identity with them of Mandela's death done several years before that that I think 5 there was actually linguistically recorded Mandela effect Friesen's being used and we can't now track down what it was being used in reference to but it existed before the effects so indeed maybe these quantum computers are causing time ripples and and I think that actually what's actually going on is that it is not a case of Iran our own memory distortion on aid alright so I'm of the opinion that there may indeed be memory distortion but without the squad to computers the mental effect would not be widespread and might not even being named are known by us and that I think that what they're doing because they're pushing out all this consciousness and temporal disruption into the local environment that it's spreading out effecting our consciousness and or in our memories and stuff because were energetic antenna I and all of a sudden if you live near these areas you get this weird different energy and I don't know that you can feel it but there are a lot of references by the people that have to maintain these machines that indeed you feel them as you walk into the room when they're active so and so would be and Mandela excuse you some examples can you go over shirts you so wants to see how it works yet yeah it's like the Oscar Mayer thing okay ... if there was a little song Oscar Meyer did this song and it was you know MA Y. E. R. 4 M. E. Y. E. R. people remember it both ways there's I remember one way my wife remembers it another way I swear that that my memory is it is good she swears her memory is good we can't reconcile it and it's that way al all the way around la you see it showing up in movies where you and songs you know a recently also one come on up ... what would you do or what would you blank if I sang out of tune right what would you do if I sang out of tune is how I remember it but it's what would you think if I sang out of tune on if you go look at the lyrics now okay but all through my life I level it now doesn't mean I didn't miss remember the lyrics and so on but it is possible that mind my memory my connection to my memory has been altered by proximity and it essentially is being affected by this if this is the case I think it's somewhat self correcting okay if I'm if I'm correct will get up to the point where we have enough of these quantum computers out there that enough people will become involved that the society will become a affected at a level that might induce dysfunction and thus will all start pointing fingers and saying what's going on here and maybe will shut down quantum computers because the they were a bad idea just like digital watches you know we shouldn't be doing that second thing is deja vu connected to that at all that's a natural whom the currents dead youth data is AM is an emotional reaction to a memory okay it's a it's a a deja vu all over again but there's also Prisco vu seeing ahead are as opposed to seeing twice and so on so there's all of these these are historically known they have that emotional component the mental effect also has that emotional component although it doesn't necessarily involve the same true love on initiator of those emotions as as deja vu right but it actually does go to that same emotional level and that's how I was able to see the mental effect without really understanding what I was looking at within the data sets I would see that people were in fact becoming aware of in reacting to the emotional disturbances and then you eventually I was able to track it down and it aggregated and it grew over time and then I was able to plug it to the locations and then I said okay what's going on in those locations had I find in everyone of these hot spots there was a a a a quantum computer placed or it was a laboratory where Clinton computers were la designed so for instance of the chronic computer industry if you will began in the northeast around Boston and that's where we also have specific Mandela facts that relate to that area no one can Peter's return it you just contains order power just Sir you don't need all that what are you going to do with it they've run into a problem okay hello Google in all these other guys we have so much data now that deterministic brute force machines can't get through it so for instance arm Google indexes how much of the internet which you think 3 percent if they're lucky they get maybe 3 percent and even at 3 percent of the internet well that's pretty much beyond their limit for effective search so even without her even if they were going to be 100 percent honest and not skew the search towards their our advertising partners in all of this if there were to be 100 percent honest they're only gonna be accurate on about 60 percent of all of the searches in terms of how they've defined accuracy okay and they're different definition of accuracy is bringing up in a Broadway eminent if redefine their stuff but is bringing up a search result you wanna see within that first page or 2 and so they they ran into this problem they could run these machines generate best lots of heat from these things doing calculations and still get no closer to providing better search services right or even managing the data and so we just had this huge data volume wall and there is no getting around it from a deterministic view point if you got a step through billions and trillions and trillions of rows of data that chip is just going to take awhile and pretty soon you find out that once you reach a certain level of of indexing on the internet just to do one search take 2004 hours because we just had just looking through everything would just take 2004 hours and that's with indices that's with everything they can do so quantum computing comes along and the ideas like this well armed there is a particular arrangement in the US flake of steel in this 12 foot or 12 inch by 12 inch piece of steel that's a quarter of an inch thick that's of unknown purity that has these little flakes in it that you can see and if we do something to this plate of steel heated up and then call it at exactly the right minute you'll lay out exactly the O. role we need to go to to get that search 100 percent and bring up that that thing you want to see in the top line okay and ended up it's because all the molecules are moving around in the play to steal what we got a hot then we freeze at just the right moment and it points to just the role we meet we don't know how it does it but in order for it to do it we got a show about all of the other consciousness of Beck's and all of that this is called quantum and kneeling okay they actually do this quantum annealing they also do quantum tunneling they do quantum linking and all these others there's 4 basic though for once that I was talking about out of 26 quantum effects or the ones that they're trying to use these are the crudest okay these are like the fire in the water I mean we're like really crude but these things at this stage in quantum a kneeling is their attempt to do this now here's here's the down side of that from their viewpoint it's only gonna be successful 80 percent of the time that is to say that there's a you know for 20 percent of time's gonna fail miserably and not yield the role they wanted to give you a bad result you go off somewhere you you don't wanna go but the beauty of this is that if you get this thing working you only have to do it twice you get the perfect search result because you eliminated going through all those billions of ropes one of these things is bound to be basically it's bound to be accurate gauge of result you want so so to be kinda weird search it go hunting for white rabbits it'll show you just the one link you wanna help and then something totally you know white rabbits from ... the DM greater region of up the police eighties or something you know just something really off the wall because the other one will be totally wrong but they won't have to do any deterministic concert any of this in the hope they'll be able to do this not a problem at this stage with quantum computers it takes you hours to program one of these and kneeling states it might take a day to run it for all I know takes huge amounts of energy we're just starting this in just getting of the very beginning of it and that's why nobody ever need worry about quantum computers being used to crack blockchain or any of this not only would it be stupid because there'd be nothing there to get out of the cracking effort but quantum computers don't work that way if you could ever try and get the hash ... cracked it will be with them very good deterministic machine and a I'm not a very good programmer and we could do it with you know a modern day tools but that had taken a long time and sprawling out with the epidemic //

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