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The Truth About Sugar - New Documentary 2015
\\I always thought a low fat diet was the weights go saturated fat was always the enemy because it raises cholesterol and then there was a big move on this it does so because it raises your blood pressure but now it seems something that's been in the sent me lucky enough copies for centuries is when you Public Enemy number one its sugar and you know what I don't really know why so many guns confined I'm here to Phoenix and like most of us I know my Swedenborg try one to discover the latest science about what should that is really doing to us this is part of the brain reacts when you have sugary foods and check rejects and why you might be eating far more than you think shouldnt Papillon covering how you can spot the sugary things you'd think we should the free Lillian hammerfall looks tastes well Evan cookery can get weak results yeah I think sugar rarely diminish and revealing the sugars that even Gulf to save command joy guilt free Lockhart I think I'm going to find out the surprising and very sticky truths about sugar why ... the we Brits love all sugar it's one of life's great pleasures and the way getting through over 1000000 times a year that's I think he spends 8 a dang there's no getting away from it not fool them we should be eating I'm meeting up with full front the phrase volunteers in new console I'm going to stop by showing them how much you get each of them is getting through every week got a table aides say if you can pick your table that you already have that's me sweets it's terrible they'll suspect they might have to switch it to I want to do something about 6 so I'm asking them to come back to just 60 spams a day a target the World Health organizer shim believes is the past doing math first stop is Qatar Pattison his color is table it is predominantly brown yes Los Angeles Claire I even know that you eat chocolate for breakfast acting chuckling coffee Kara Pattison splits her time between working at his school and being home looking after her 4 year old son Noah one I don't she worries that showed that is taking over her life I'm definitely addicted I shot back I crave a the less time I one shot I was dismissed on Waco I have breakfast almost contains something sweet whether a he expressed a top class we'll call you I'm for H. Danish of intake was 28 10 teaspoons of dying in a what good does that so car is eating nearly 5 times the 6 teaspoons a day target that I once had to aim for this is going to mean some big changes for her it ... you may well know script Rick Cubilla comes from a Sikh family with a history of type 2 diabetes he worries that his love of sugary Indian sweets could land him in the same boat so colorful and the look so innocent for me all so let's assume if what you Indian deserves which we know very high sugars knees are normally a complete with so my screen and we should be even more sure as I think putting you should do the owners who would you like to review your sure the consumption do know you are pulling their ads 29 teaspoons per day date and a day looks really terrifying to be honest like cholera Rick is full so nearly 5 times over where I want him to be Ngee cannon feels how plates he's getting out of control life on the road is in acquisitions manager has led to a diet of processed food and sugary snacks I'll be going to meetings and things and cloud computing fringe of and stress in the calm it's easy for me to meet him because it is team stuff something because I just want to go home sometime you having caused huge supermarket Reggie males Michael the chimney beef heck thought contains 5 teaspoons of sugar in off the pack which is a portion would even think to look at the sugar content or maybe look at the calories all the fun Bob never ever thought of looking at Shalom your average daily intake risk 23 teaspoons via so to be on target Audrey's going to have to cut pretty well 3 quarters of the sugar from a diet Simon Gallagher bluffs his physique call so called but said 26 time he's becoming increasingly worried about his health but all of the out of 3 or 4 times busy during if funds patrol can be pretty much any amount until I feel like sick basically all until I'm not a left Simon you're smiling man yeah out of nerves the problem is that you have huge sugar as it stands you having a whopping 79 teaspoons of sugar every day yeah what's lost just to reiterate this is 57 kilos per year or 14000 teaspoons of sugar so you're putting into your body Simon is 6.5 times over and we'll have to make the biggest changes of rules although current guidelines suggest we should aim at less than 12 teaspoons of sugar a day the World Health organizer shin thinks if we could use this to 6 it would have even bigger health benefits it's going to be a tough target for my volunteers but some hoping the more I can learn about sugar the mole I can help them cut bank should is we need to be looking out full and known as 3 sugars mazing today the sugars found in honey syrups and fruit juices but the main culprit is refined sugar we have to fear what does refining sugar actually in both and why does it make it the potential health problems biologists talk to Marty jumps and is going to help you find them this he's a one piece of shit cut and cut it off good for the whole thing such a huge Geragos that goes down in the tropics and this stuff is packed full of sugar and the way we get it out was first in your state we need to break it down a bit set him have a mallet I'm 26 beast anyway once saw that ends is it okay cannot join the fun my calories now what you do seem to be dispelled you need to get around that jeeps sick sounds familiar Hey we got easier said than done lossing there's some spluttering and sex bullshit goes hot natural and come from plums sugar cane and sugar beets he used in sugar production as they have particularly high concentrations I all this refining is designed to make that concentration even higher okay the carbon dioxide is then used to remove impurities like wax gum and fats all with the aim of giving us fuel refined sugar 6 and now just have to boil it down in so what we have now 6 0 we believe that to cool and Chicago stopped the ones out what you'll end up with it this one I made earlier she's refined sugar and refined sugar is a little trickle that was well yeah but not Moonies incredibly sweet home I would love it's not that much movement as they consider it came from for this boat paragraph it took to get it what's yes exactly what we we gonna throw away with this this roughage and fiber so what you're left with here dissension to some of the refined sugar that we use at home has basically had all the fiber and roughage stripped away to become shul and gene and Marcy wants to show me just how much energy there is in the full grams of sugar that makeup a level teaspoon I've taken a teaspoon level T. 7 but you can also icing sugar and put one in each of these 2 2 teaspoons of sugar you take those put them on a first and what we do tastes hello down these cheeks lie unto you 3321 what annnnd so cool that in New Jersey in one level teaspoon action exactly it's the energy you get if you eat he says well it's the same amount of energy flames may look impressive but based energy is the real danger of sugar if you've done funny TULF it can make you fat very quickly but I had no idea just how quickly imagine say you're drinking Sri cups of tea a day written couldn't put 2 teaspoons of sugar in every cop and 365 days imaging also not burning off fat how much of my lovely sat substitute would you end up in your house official badly if all the fuel sugar that you put into a team was turned into fattening wasn't bundle 60 screens a day for a whole year and I didn't find home correct how many of these one of them's during one of the nice try one countries to one sugar is one of the cheapest forms of calories it's not just bad for your teeth if you have too much you level will end up turning it into fatty acids that your body will stole past facts that feels really uncomfortable Kim's mumble from some kind this I don't want mold that if there is more I'm afraid zoom we get in the so what you've got then is full and honks you know use of fat expo mover home office stone I know I can feel it at all because of you seeks spoons of sugar that you are having every day for a whole year that way access to what you need coming a sweet tooth what that can lead to weight problems which I'd be seriously dangerous if just a few excess calories from sugar can cause issues over time what have high sugar diets down to my full volunteers at Newcastle University professor might try now he's going to find out one of the problems we shudder as it allows you to type large amounts of calories on very quickly which can make your base Mike uses high tech equipment to measure the body fat percentage of my full volunteers so I went 51 percent feel bodies facts really while tough love would do it mmhm full full have levels that are higher than they should be and it's this body fat that can lead to health problems gaining weight can link to heart disease diabetes and other long term conditions I'm fed the tests show that my volunteers are already in danger but background high sugar high body fat it's going to price more more stress on your liver canoe muscles mainly on the pancreas and over time if you don't do something they having to take insurance turning Chechen just what happens with people when they have type 2 diabetes for a long period of time and for Simon excess fat is led to signs of a potentially fatal disease when you live has true much food inside of it it starts to have this long silent screen which is indicating to us that you have a condition called nonalcoholic fatty that it it takes and if what you do something very likely that you're going to go on to develop type 2 diabetes then I'll do something should it doesn't directly because conditions like type 2 diabetes in Leviticus days but because it's so and the G. rich along with other carbohydrates and fats it is one of the things most likely to increase your body fat and it's this facts that will do the damage time for my for volunteers to stop cutting back I'd like you to try and get down to 6 taste brings the sugar obtaining which if some of you it's going to mean losing 80 percent of what you're consuming ship a wise at the moment a tough challenge do you think it can tear it it's very positive Garrett well they're fighting at the reality of cutting back I'm going to be looking at 3 of the main sources of refined sugar in their diets to see what they're up against sweet treats the most of us days of the biggest challenge All I Want to uncover the science behind why we crave them savory phase one is the food industry putting sugar and products that we just you should refrain and what is it that fizzy drinks states who are of the type that means some scientists say that if biggest problem oval and I can't think wheat malt base gets than any other country in Europe and sweet treats software we Brits get most of us sugar from camp for a volunteer is these have to be the first things to go how tough will that be it's the sink equivalents of Christmas day and there's a big celebration in the local tempo a source of great temptation for rape this is going on with Dave Jeez that will press which is a celebration all the the birth of our first group as our Christmas if you will so there's a lot of sugary sweets and treats to celebrate this event this is torture we but sugar ray in pretty much pissed the price and then to serve it doesn't get any better bottles of this again evil cruel enough every his being a good boy so foggy has put anything sweet on his tray but this that change the celebration like Christmas day without the putting this is actually quite a it's quite a big deal it's really quite challenging that the guys teasing me doesn't help but it meanwhile cholera is really struggling her husband rope is refusing to dump the sweet treats I am just gonna Shesha home my store for Melissa but you've got the he'll stop from half of the stuff with less Sugarman so there were ranging that couplets into his and hers someone who crave sugar this is asking for trouble but cholera is determined to fight temptation she really wants to kick because we'd have it for the sake of her son Noah he's the ultimate motivation because I want to be around for him as the capsule attacked one of the bit I wanted it do things with them after one show that the the Hornets in 20 years time well there is one thing that's holding cholera back cravings that she'd just come on beat if Kiffin last 9 house of see I'm no one knows but why do some of us like Colorado gets really strong cravings for sugar I'm taking has a reading university lying down neuroscientists here have been studying what happens to the brain when you eat sugar and to see what's going on in Congress head she's being put into an MRI scanner that money it's his brain activity cholera is given sugar in the form of a sweet drink and changes in have brain a picked up by this scam it so Carl at the system ... image of your brain that we just took when you were in the scanner this is a structure of image and on this we can see parts of the brain that we know to be involved in the reward system so for example here we have straight up and this is part of the brain that reacts when you have very pleasant experiences like when you eat things the reading I like sugar me ... foods and chicory trucks and so ... if we look at this hour image over here this time you can see the actual activity in this part said that is the reward Santa and that's the brains sang moon this Israeli really nice wouldn't mind some more of that so current king happily keep feeding herself sweet things in the brain will make her feel better what do you think saying this it's really interesting because often I crave I sweet things were a lot of the time no matter how much check if them the grievance Salamina still want more yeah we are hard wired and biologically driven to seek I'd energy dense fates symbol of last have a prime evil I urge to it to see chi energy fades in our brains are telling us that every Friday ... like sugary sweet things because it's at a natural drive what differentiates people who over consume those fades from people who don't out we don't know what the biological differences are machine type yet so sweet things habit forming then if you have more brain activity underlying test I'm craving I this I reward seeking behavior then you're going to repeat it not make sense of that is that is like how but yeah all I so there you have it that is why sugar is so hard to give up we are hard wired to enjoy it to see him now and it is okay in ancient times I guess when food shortages met that high energy sugary foods were literally the difference between life and death but things have changed now and sweet she sugary foods rule around us and that is not good for us and frankly on DNA really isn't helping I mmhm ups if you brain is making you want to have a sweet treats other any that are better than others I am confused as to whether any of this stuff might be best if you order a white sugar right let's have a look here we go you know from head that hunting is good for you that brown sugar is healthier than whites and that may fool Sarah is not possible should be debates but what's the trees so essentially all of the use of office they rule from that ship goods from clones falling to different ways so it doesn't make any difference with 20 years it's I did not know that I thought if I put a teaspoon of honey in letting it would be much better for me than a T. spring collection brown sugar simply has a base of molasses in it and has roughly the same calories as whites refined sugar and a level teaspoon of honey in your tea will actually have more calories than a level teaspoon of sugar because it has more nutrients in his densa so there's no getting away from it none of these forms of sugar up to 2 really good for you up there is some better news one of the surprising truths about sugar is that if you do want to sweet treats scientists say that friends is the outside that's because the naturally occurring sugar free it contains comes with some much goodness life its men's minerals info eva that it doesn't count towards your recommended daily allowance mmhm the sugar and safe from our case isn't just limited to sweet treats its actually in quite a few savory products as well and often with a lot more sugar than you think I've got a phone call pad Thai noodles a savory dish of the say so what direction sugar was not much I think you'd like to speak to name what you think CC Spain's the sugar in that dance okay you admit under bad because they're ... close to home naming 9 Hannah phone booths teaspoons guys 9 in Ohio I well then so it's not just read emails that can have added sugar what's about one of the healthier apparently savory breakfast cereals so from slaves dry up her head so I could but how many teaspoons of sugar if you'd expect and it's holds me in the I one taste great just so on just the one okay right I can tell you is that that ... remove fats a close look 3 teaspoons uncertainty yeah because I have about because I think that's the healthier choice and it doesn't and then this pack of sweet and sour chicken with rice contains 12 and Ashcroft teaspoons of sugar I and this ... this takes teaspoons of sugar in this can of baked beans ideally that would be your entire sugar intake for one thing I'm really surprised how much sugar is in some of our supposedly savory foods I want to know why manufacturers arising it so I'm visiting an international research facility in sorry why scientists are employed by manufacturers to help them create the perfect products so what we got hair on the sides you missing its tomato soup and we've got to depress visit talk to CPA one 's got no sugar in it on just a little bit sunyata so you ought to Tyson's you think okay alright soon startled face one would think you know show or by in that one okay I was at noon okay thing okay well that one 's got a little bit of sugar in it which I think is interesting because just a tiny amount can change takes pride fall and actually make it taste a bit better sometimes it actually tastes delicious and it brings out the taste of its wants a Haymana scared heart skips toxic soup but is that a good thing is it not them waltz the manufacturers of doing making painful life care but sugar and and so they 8 long they buy more but they're also getting bigger as well they do want to make things that people like it ends the day in fairness to the manufacturer is many already making attempts to reduce the amount of sugar in their products and it certainly isn't just the case of the motion do you put him the more you'll sound scientists here expense at finding the precise degree of sugary mess which will appeal to customers the so cold less point we today we call 9 testis her hair behind this ... 69 these eliciting a kind if it'll screams and we have followings different recipes are 2 of JC goes from those that have very little sugar in them to a little bit more on that a little bit more and actually to stage with some consumers might find it too sweet and the purpose of this exercise is to find recipes that the majority of them will like so one of the products we do test in terms of a sweetness or edit showboat huge range of products I mean everything from yogurt cheese and no but emails drink so confectionery Paul so Alice ... taste is a rematch from the hatches they've tasted their suits what happens when they say we're hearing now viewing facility we can see them but I can't see out so this is a one way mirror earn okay so we can listen in on the side of things that they're saying about all smokes a seeps and in a moment dell site along which one they think a school she asked the right level of sweetness in it so let's start off with some 4341 please can you raise your hand if you provide that sample well that's interesting let nobody is very cheap for the long waits no sugar I found 646 please 1 full voice number 336 and check ups the midrange isn't it I'm fine what about 763 okay sucks too I'm too thanks for the 6 of us senators and the 3 percent is the women that's the one they prefer and that sort of information for the manufacturer of a savory food is is processed I'm a student yeah well I have to say I'm really surprised that there's so much science behind the exact amounts of sugar Chris being put into a foods because ultimately it's done to make different tastes nice though so we find it and it's good for business so the question we need to ask ourselves really is if manufacturers started taking sugar and 2 frames would we still buy their products NPO all this sugar in savory food is making life difficult for acquisitions manager Audrey cabinet with such a busy lifestyle she's come to depend on a first date and read emails ups with a history of heart disease in the family she's determined to kick the habit first time from work and normally I would cook and some processed foods and such as these Bucky witches and if you think about about you sauce but when I checked on the label had 3 spoonfuls of chagrin and I was astounded realize so I'm gonna make my own trying to get her sugar consumption down main soldier is completely rethinking have 3 choices it's been a big quick call to see how she was and what I feel a healthy foods but's it's made the weekly show of real headache I have we found it difficult in what a baby thing the difficulties being in what to buy I'm looking at the sugar content of something going on the supermarket that's been the biggest challenge both juries not the only one to struggle with food labeling I do too so how could we know when the project is high in sugar traffic light system which is the front pocket system is great because you can see if diplomacy if something is red amber or green for it for different nutrient so take these and sweet and sour chicken dishes all of these so called reg for sugars on the front high sugar value means it's got over 22.5 grams in 0 grams a product traffic lights make it easy but manufacturers on legally obliged to use them some don't spend some also choose to indicate the sugar content of the potion rather than passenger grams it takes itself all this talk of clinching of corn flakes you do have some nutritional information on the front of the it is not color coded should count see it flaunts her issue because in that with products like this consumers have to examine the pack to find the information that some dietitians all cave is the most useful this is where they must know how much sugar was in this you could turn to the back of the pack and here we can see for for sure because it's 35 grams so that's how I should go because if you guys hate in this molten 22.5 such a sugary cereal this type of supermarket homework is particularly revealing with savory products that you might have thought with sugar free you'll see how much sugar it contains 22.8 grams per 0 grams so it's a high sugar product something that you'd have a new chip so you we went which you would associate with sugar with something that you think was signed for yeah just with some products label per 0 grams in some proportion and not everyone using the traffic light system pie wants to know why feed manufacturers phones making sure the content much easier for us so I'm off to see the food and drink federation which represents the industry do you think that if full foods produces were mates with dates the traffic light system that might help because that to me is clearer than all the other systems of excess well I think that there isn't a single solution for a problem as such as obesity that's a so called as a traffic light system would help wouldn't it because if you see a red necks to the sugar content us that would make me pretty damn the information that is available nonprofit web lace through the reference intakes values that whether it is through the traffic light system is clear and these accurate do you think bear Holm Clara if the package showed how many teaspoons of sugar that everyone would understand that the reason full and the amount of sugar and so as to be labeled her 100 grams or powerful position in crimes is it again in the food information to consumes regulation way or nutrients are treated the same and the ground is a very wet recognized unit when I talk about disposal tablespoons with the same 456 grams well very family seems as though cool the regulation all the information on this verse which most of us don't make much sense all is all that for a reason 62 educates hostess make sure we make the right choices but in the end it is their responsibility is to us and I don't think with the amount of sugar that putting in some foodstuffs that its rulings I really don't I think that more of this should be taken by the manufacturer added sugar and processed food means the best way ready made aficionado poultry can get has sugar intake down to just 6 teaspoons the day cook everything from scratch but softer die on the road he said Toensing prospect terms about half past 6 and I've just got in from work and I know how to think about and lumpen have fatigue so feeling a bit so if for straight into conscious Coleman cook something easy enough but to prepare and think about it and tough plenty of ingredients in the house when really all I wanna do is clean how much he'd sit and chill I but is there a way for Audrey to have the taste advantages of chagrin savory foods in a healthy way and without too much hard work I've set nutrition is Christine beini this challenge ... tray you'll partial to the old reading you so what ticks me vote festival about ready male supermarket reading meles what to have for a time as you know a lot of them contain sugar but particularly outside the shop what sources things like you know this to market chops the sweet chili sauce that beings and sweet and sour sauce the answer it seems is great remember sugar inference doesn't count towards your daily allowance so where cooking is sweet and sour sauce using the natural sweetness of chunks of pineapple to replace refined sugar and to give it more cake without the calories just that spices we can I still had to offer here's some silly ... some garlic you're doing the ginger ... of goodies Munyon as well and the mostly good I just a little bit Chinese 5 spice which has sat down lofty so oriental flavor today throwing some onion pepper and soy sauce and we have a lotion cuts weeks source to which we could later added bits of chicken or maybe chrome's moon it's delicious it is not as a catcher for Walter only Jane you in your busy life made this the simplest and it is because I could just have this ready and then just cooked chicken when I get home is just bought some rice and committees that we compile could hate couldn't yeah and Pat batches of free said yeah whipping that when you get home for Audrey it's problem solving Sasha taste sweet loom no one does it probably won't happen it's really delicious that is another source of Chicago that many of us enjoy it's this fizzy drinks is drinking sugar the same as eating it well according to some scientists they don't say is not true drinks can have a shocking amount of sugar in them and they wanted the quickest and easiest ways to see your sugar consumption so I and what is your favorite SF I want you to cut and number one teaspoon sea thinker in this conflict in Japan incidental the I know but it and talk about I am living we well it's not that no look at you I am not feeling when's east one no no I'm not snow to this one in the hall fleets a bottle of strawberry flavored water contains 18 teaspoons of sugar this 750 millimeter bustle of elder flow smuggling will tell that team teaspoons and this conflict to book live sports drink 15 teaspoons of sugar most orange juice doesn't have any added sugar but it still counts towards your daily allowance we need to use the fruits you're getting most of the sugar without much of the 5 girls both so glass of juice can be packed with far more sugar than you might think but how aware of way of 6 well what I hear so many things one is a phone number teaspoons of sugar my theory is USAID filthy because it's you that I know the server and you it tastes wears a shareware all for now and the days for you know Fraser among do you as a child just 8 days don't says believable what do you think they're not magic not but when it comes to you go what's the tweens eating oranges and drinking orange juice what has a lot to do with the amount of sugar you can consume in a very short time I'm back to me moxie to find out more make the difference of you you have a litter of orange juice which is made from 12 oranges and in front of you can you can we have 12 oranges and what we want you to do is we want you to well beetle drink what you got in front of you as much as you can it's not a race we just want you to to drink until you feel you've had enough okay so be ready when you get I do like arms IT because that's it dumps and your phone may he still government may still going so maybe you've drunk what 3 quarters of a meter yeah owns dance Anthony came kinds one in the hall one in the halls oranges so what does that mean what does that mean would have actually meet right well maybe you have just drunk approximately 18 teaspoons of sugar while K. protects words you've hides many beans 33 0.5 something like that teaspoons of sugar in that I'm not saying the reason you've managed to eat less is because the oranges full of fiber as well is chock full of fine but there's got to things it does possible it keeps you sexist fills you up much more than the orange juice does the thing is Yukon eat as much sort oranges as you count orange juice I mean you couldn't eat knowing oranges just could not have done a second think it does is it actually makes the sugar that you have eaten release very slowly into your blood okay say there are benefits despite the fact that fruits Scott sugar in their own benefits for 18 free definitely fruitful find that determines great fear freakish on the other hand images unit in moderation it's good for you it's been aware of the ship and sent so without realizing it not only his Meggie managed to drink 5 times the sugar that Kaneka has eaten it'll get teams who have blood streams saper fost causing a sugar rush public books arena in London's Olympic com sea nettle teams a helping us with this fascinating experiments which gets to the very heart of the truth about sugary drinks there thanks on appetite some drinks can have as many calories in them as a meal but will these liquid sugar calories can you up like eating food well go to Jason gill from the university of Glasgow medical school is going to help me find dance so was the experiments and states have experiments Leisel about sugar entering support to double team so that we can give one of them drink with sugar off the off the gate I'm gonna give give the group sugar free for us for the same trick mimicking of moldy can eat buffet and see how much food they choose stories about I know that on weekends that the team this given the training wage Shivaram with that for the rest of us what you think we can assume that's up to the pace of do they eat fewer calories because they've already consumes companies that think the whole so but the red ones for the red team on the blue ones for the blue team and only when you do is take a bottle and drink all of it before you leave for Cole says he likes how does that help himself the what the red team doesn't know is that bag guzzling sugary blackcurrant squash which is packed full of calories the blue team equally on knowing a drinking no calories that'll but will the red team to Senor those extra calories through drink 8 glass and the team that has had 0 when the girls have had they failed that cost to me the real no and while they're out we carefully weigh everything left on the table calculate the amount of calories each team has consumed they're in for a shock we gave you these 2 drinks beforehand but you didn't know that Mr cut sugar in it and fox was a sugar free version of the same during and then we had to this buffet and we we we wait out all the food for him to wake up at the end I'm calculates how many calories you consumed and this table consumed 1000 calories in total more from this type I I know seem tiny because if sugar content in the drink that's different yeah differences the sugar in the trick is what happens when you drink a chagrined great you consume the coverage are easily your body doesn't really sends them very well so they could make you feel full so when you go to eat you don't eat any less fruit because the calories that make you feel full from drinking out beforehand so what does that mean times of what do we know the sugar sweetened drinks are a big determined to obesity affect your drinking lots of these drinks is one of the big things that's responsible for fuck the world getting facts a particular children people who have lots of sugar in their diets do tend to put Tom Waits and that's partly because the calories in sugary things especially sugary drinks all the best for making you feel full so you're more likely to carry on eating therefore take on more calories sign in Houston down up to 7 tens of fizzy drinks a day and the calories in them have been a contributing factor to him developing fatty liver disease he's been trying to go cold Turkey and not drink Kenny fizzy Papa told but see appears to be having withdrawal symptoms I have been a bit more tired than usual but I expect it's probably more like you do with the fact that I'm not why independently from sugar which shows clearly fi FE little bit on edge the mashed twitchy sorted yeah my attention span isn't as good and Simon is into line with his habit your average breaks gets 315 liters of sugary drink so I'm back at Leatherhead food lab see what that really means and whether that's an all time this is what 50 liters of water looks and this is the amount of sugar you have to add to make it as sweet as your average soft drink nearly 5.5 kilos I ... well I came only in this way old fashioned and that's where and and famous Dickens wife take as that swings wake anxious well that water for another one now let's try an experiment okay so we have the same amount of water here I'm I'm going to put in 10 grams old space on no surprise so you took increasing it takes tech and kind of like sand that's mixing up well at least it's time for us to taste this strange concoction and yes you lose learn gosh definitely suites is the ship one and yet Goulette should go that went into them 15.4 killers and 10 grams of your artificial sweeteners 10 grams of the synchronize that's because it is only 100 times sweeter than the sugar that we used thoughts anything that would make alone bells ring with a low pay for days is an artificial sweetener along with artificial sweeteners comes all sorts of stories of it it links to al health 20 Jesus freak no good or the sweetness all rigorously tested in a very tightly regulated fail tested and tested and tested on it takes years to develop the sweet nothings something so to be very very sure that they all safety using feet before would be allowed to use them US officials sweetness undergo meticulous testing by scientists which is then reviewed by the European food safety authority before they can be used in food and drink and leading scientific groups like cancer research UK say there's strong evidence that they are safe for humans although the debate rages on this science seems to indicate that the 20000 calories consumed by the average Brittany year from sugary drinks are much more likely to cause you health issues than a tiny amount of replacement sweet now yeah a full volunteers of reaching the end of their low sugar diet and they coming up with their own solutions all the physique drink junkie Simon has been trying out free teas and flavoring bull tat with large chunks of freaked eventually through trial and error he's made the breakthrough lemon many it is really really refreshing it tastes like a sensation corporate mobile water just by cutting out the fizzy drinks Simon has dramatically reduced the sugar intake and he thinks he can feel the benefits already when you punch a falling down in public that's a good sign if they've lost weight and taught us how Audrey has become the home cooking queen preparing everything sheets from scratch and using the internet to track down more sugar free fast food like do it yourself famous basically you just offer the kind of chick peas up a few things to it and put in a blender totally homemade hummus but it's absolutely delicious so should Frank is doing well he has come sleeping stopped eating sugary treats during the day fox is consoling himself with a bit more nighttime chair relaxing down the pub for a couple of pints and hoping he'll still make the grades now I and self confessed sugar addict Kalra she's cuts had the biscuits cakes and sweets through sheer willpower the rest of the things that clock like lost 15 but I'm gonna have cake from good house well I can deal with those days now one is full so that would be an entry table in just one day off to 6 weeks are low sugar experiment is a mover and my volunteers a back at Newcastle University for the same series of tests they had at the start Rick is gone from 1829 teaspoons of sugar a day to 7 narrowly missing acts on his 6 today tall gates but still well within current guidelines so you can step on the scale farming power however is down from 28 teaspoons a day to just 3 full tree from 23 teaspoons to a quarter of a teaspoon I and Simon has gone from a massive 39 teaspoons of sugar a day to just a quarter of a teaspoon all full of were at risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes it's so what his then you'd low sugar regime down to that how it cholera and luxuries results a very similar the headline of Italy's thing you've lost just over 6 kilos in white or just out of a stone so you've lost about 5 kilos she's nearly a stone so well done thing the changes that you've made to your diet by reducing sugar substantially reduced to restore from conditions like heart disease and type 2 diabetes as well as the wonderful things that extend feeling traveling when he first came through looking coil officer how your body was processing Shaka yeah I am pleased to be able to tell you that from the blood sugar results that we've taken you've improved hugely which is for leaving a lot of the stress will go bankrupt so cholera and Audrey have dramatically improved the health by cutting back on sugar break however despite not eating any Indian sweets hasn't lost any way to to Rick you have substantially reduced the match a shocking taken from 29 spoonfuls found 7 but at that same time you've increased your alcohol intake answer any benefits you would have had from reducing a sugar I taken away because you're taking in more alcohol going here the volunteer might cause most concerned about was Simon he was showing signs of potentially fatal fatty liver disease his challenge was the greatest of whom he's my sleaze just over 6 kilos which is just over stone well now I'm pleased to tell you that the markets that we had to fight to the vertices have gone down by 40 to 70 percent good one that was the most moving good yeah well that was the most handsome and I couldn't be prouder wild action it's been a huge challenge lots of old full revolver into is this just the start of a whole new lifestyle I'm baby Prof myself and I'm definitely not continue where they I feel now that I'm kinda sick celebs stop it seems the songbook I guess that would risk in health all yes you can socialize you kind be a sink bandying feel Jolie and cut out the chagrin become just you just got to be a little bit more wet and not given to the pit and social pressures of other so what I really wanted to I obviously I have a long way to go but I'm because the first steps in the most liberal ones I'm already moving away so approaching if you were to come back and see me in a years time I would really hall for money on I've actually gone down to exercises I don't mind going shopping and buy new clothes and I also have no problem putting in the chart to back because I'm living in whether the game because I'm not going to be like that again the truth about sugar is that a composite on the pounds frighteningly quickly and all that extra weight can lead to a whole host a very serious health problems it isn't the only culprit say much of most foods will make you fat I think sugar is the thing many of us tend to binge on your body craves it often doesn't fill you up while most things we know are okay in moderation shouldn't we really do seem hard wired for excess so sorry but this time you really caught have you cake and these have time the surprising truth about calories will rid //

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