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LIVE Q&A | Ask Me Anything! - Science Studio After Hours #12
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What the Heck is a YouTube Sponsor?!
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Meet the... DELL GTX 1070?!
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LIVE Q&A | Ask Me Anything! - Science Studio After Hours #10
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I Read Good, Bad, & Misleading Craigslist PC Ads
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What is Pulse Width Modulation?
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"2018-05-10 01:31:11"
Back to Basics!
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"2018-05-07 02:02:43"
LIVE Q&A | Ask Me Anything! - Science Studio After Hours #10
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"2018-05-06 04:32:41"
Can You REALLY Activate Windows for $12?!
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Nvidia Gets Sassy (& Drops GPP)
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"2018-05-03 14:00:04"
Building an Ultra-Clean Small Form Factor PC
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"2018-05-01 13:30:01"
The Best Ultra-Low Profile CPU Cooler?
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"2018-04-29 03:52:35"
Beautiful and... NOT White
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"2018-04-26 22:12:02"
How I Financed My Small YouTube Channel
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"2018-04-25 00:30:49"
R5 2600/2600X Review + XFR vs. Manual Overclocking
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"2018-04-23 02:07:15"
LIVE Q&A | Ask Me Anything! - Science Studio After Hours #9
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"2018-04-21 22:51:18"
A Classic Case of Fanboy
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"2018-04-21 00:19:55"
Ryzen+ 2700X with a Cheap B350 Motherboard?
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"2018-04-19 13:51:57"
Ryzen 7 2700X vs. 1700X vs. i7 8700K | Value Reigns Supreme!
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"2018-04-18 08:04:57"
Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic Review and Custom Loop Build!
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"2018-04-16 06:48:06"
LIVE Q&A | Ask Me Anything! - Science Studio After Hours #8
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"2018-04-16 00:54:17"
LIVE Q&A | Ask Me Anything! - Science Studio After Hours #8
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"2018-04-14 18:32:54"
be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 Review
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"2018-04-13 13:00:06"
Unboxing Embargoes are Stupid
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"2018-04-11 22:28:14"
I Read a Terrible Craigslist PC Ad
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"2018-04-10 12:00:09"
Ever Wondered Why TDPs Aren't Listed for AIOs?
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"2018-04-09 04:06:52"
Stream Testing with OBS
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"2018-04-09 00:50:54"
LIVE Q&A | Ask Me Anything! - Science Studio After Hours #7
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"2018-04-08 01:12:52"
Best $50 Microphone? Rode VideoMicro Review
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"2018-04-06 10:57:30"
Cooler Master H500P Mesh vs. NZXT H700i
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"2018-04-03 20:43:45"
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"2018-03-30 23:21:08"
I Read Ridiculous Craigslist PC Ads #4
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"2018-03-29 00:41:03"
FPS & V-Sync: Where Do Extra Frames Go?
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"2018-03-26 21:49:26"
A (Likely Unpopular) Response to JayzTwoCents...
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"2018-03-26 01:13:17"
LIVE Q&A + Giveaway! - Science Studio After Hours #6
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"2018-03-24 15:31:27"
Should Graphics Card Prices Be Regulated?
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"2018-03-22 17:00:01"
The SLEEPER | $560 USD 1080p Gaming PC Build + Benchmarks
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"2018-03-20 12:00:04"
Thermaltake View 37 Case Review - Beautiful and Flawed
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"2018-03-17 02:02:24"
eBay Graphics Card Scams 101
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"2018-03-16 00:47:08"
What Happened to H370 and B360 Motherboards?!
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"2018-03-14 01:08:35"
Intel or AMD... Which Should You Choose? | Gaming/Editing Benchmarks & Value Assessment
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"2018-03-12 02:22:38"
LIVE Q&A | Ask Me Anything! - Science Studio After Hours #6
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"2018-03-10 18:00:11"
i5 vs. i7 for Gaming | All You Need to Know
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"2018-03-08 18:00:02"
This is NOT a Dyson Video
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"2018-03-06 17:52:24"
Should You Consider an Engineering Degree?
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"2018-03-05 04:03:15"
LIVE Q&A | Ask Me Anything!
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"2018-03-03 18:00:02"
CPU Core Scaling in Games: 2-18 Cores Tested
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"2018-03-01 18:00:01"
Google & Facebook Use YOUR DATA for Cool/Creepy Things
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"2018-02-27 18:00:01"
Global SSD Giveaway! | Addlink S20 Review
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"2018-02-26 03:19:35"
Call Me Maybe (855) 999-7844 |Live Call-ins| - Science Studio After Hours
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"2018-02-25 01:33:20"
Best & Worst PC Case Trends | What's Next?
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"2018-02-22 18:43:44"
Are PSUs the NEXT Victims of the Mining Craze?
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"2018-02-20 18:28:18"
A CS:GO Pro's Perspective: BenQ Zowie XL2546 Review
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"2018-02-19 03:15:01"
PUBG Turbo Edition | Science Studio (female included)
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"2018-02-18 18:00:00"
Watercooled (For No Reason) Streaming PC Build
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"2018-02-15 18:00:01"
Radiators, Fluid Temps, & How to Avoid Thermal Issues
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"2018-02-13 18:00:00"
Optimization: The PC Gamer's Achilles' Heel
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"2018-02-10 18:40:15"
I Bought the Cheapest (and BEST) 4K Monitor I Could Find
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"2018-02-08 19:45:25"
Don't Fall for this Crap... GTX 1080Ti on eBay for $98.99
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"2018-02-06 18:25:39"
How a PC Guy Reviews Cars - 2011 Audi S5 w/ Armytrix
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"2018-02-03 14:02:53"
What to Expect From AMD's Raven Ridge APUs
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"2018-02-02 03:17:16"
Gaming on a Graphics Card with 80 Stream Processors?!
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"2018-01-30 12:00:00"
My Custom Computer was DESTROYED in Shipping...
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"2018-01-28 01:31:45"
This Case Has a Built-In Flow Meter!
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"2018-01-25 12:30:01"
I Read Ridiculous Craigslist PC Ads | Cryptocurrency Edition!
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"2018-01-23 11:30:03"
The Science Behind All-in-One Liquid Coolers
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"2018-01-21 23:53:15"
Building My Most Powerful PC to Date!
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"2018-01-17 20:57:15"
Better than Micro Center? We Visited Fry's Electronics in Las Vegas
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"2018-01-15 22:42:52"
This RGB from Thermaltake will BLIND You - CES 2018
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"2018-01-14 09:25:48"
BeQuiet's NEW Dark Rock 4 Series Air Coolers!
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"2018-01-13 16:51:22"
What New at Deepcool? - CES 2018
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"2018-01-12 08:24:20"
Lian Li Brings VALUE to the Masses! - CES 2018
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"2018-01-10 19:11:05"
Gigabyte Suite: X470, Fire Alarms, & Custom Computers
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"2018-01-08 20:33:11"
Fractal Design Define R6 Case Review & Build
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"2018-01-06 18:24:23"
We Built a SILENT Computer!
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"2018-01-05 23:40:51"
Building and Benchmarking a Ryzen 5 1500X + GTX 1070 PC!
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"2018-01-04 17:56:31"
BUG | But Why Intel?
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"2018-01-03 19:59:36"
Finalizing the Office Computers!
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"2018-01-02 13:00:01"
Speed Up Your PC with Intel Optane Memory
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"2017-12-31 15:00:00"
An Honest Comparison: Apple iPhone X vs. LG V30
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"2017-12-28 14:22:02"
We Visited a Tech Store in Germany
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"2017-12-19 16:06:27"
The Winter Build | Custom Loop for CES 2018 (Part 3 of 3)
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"2017-12-16 22:51:40"
The Winter Build | Custom Loop for CES 2018 (Part 2 of 3)
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"2017-12-15 20:57:07"
5 Tips for Small Tech Channels
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"2017-12-14 18:41:36"
The Winter Build | Custom Loop for CES 2018 (Part 1 of 3)
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"2017-12-11 18:00:03"
AMD Ryzen, Faster Memory, and the Infinity Fabric
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"2017-12-11 02:46:49"
*Insert Clickbait Here - Science Studio After Hours #3
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"2017-12-09 00:57:27"
Does a Case Exist for an Octadeca-Core CPU?
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"2017-12-08 15:56:11"
How to Remove Echo/Reverb in Audio Clips
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"2017-12-04 20:09:17"
A Question of Tech YouTuber Ethics
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"2017-12-04 03:10:57"
Youtube is Killing Itself - Science Studio After Hours #2
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"2017-12-04 02:45:00"
Science Studio After Hours - 12/03/2017
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"2017-12-02 19:31:41"
More Progress in the Film Room!
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"2017-12-01 18:03:30"
How Do Quantum Computers Work?!
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"2017-11-29 17:39:19"
How to Build a $600 Computer!
\\ //
"2017-11-27 17:06:41"
Building and Benchmarking a Ryzen 3 PC!
\\ //
"2017-11-27 00:55:10"
Science Studio After Hours - $4.99/min to Watch
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"2017-11-23 12:00:03"
Net Neutrality Explained. Will Ending it Free the Internet?
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"2017-11-22 04:54:34"
Here's Why You Should Choose AMD this Holiday Season
\\ //
"2017-11-21 16:07:15"
How to Build Your Own Custom Computer Desks!
\\ //
"2017-11-18 18:00:00"
BeQuiet Dark Base 700 vs. Lian Li Alpha 330X
\\ //
"2017-11-17 17:27:23"
We Went to Home Depot to Build Stuff!
\\ //
"2017-11-16 16:23:17"
How Do We Turn Light Into Numbers?
\\ //
"2017-11-14 22:46:21"
Meet the New Apartment and Studio!
\\ //
"2017-11-11 03:44:37"
Live Q&A w/Science Studio After Hours
\\ //
"2017-11-11 03:41:42"
Live Q&A w/Science Studio After Hours
\\ //
"2017-11-09 17:22:44"
How to Buy the Perfect Gaming Monitor in Your Budget
\\ //
"2017-11-07 16:31:21"
The Death of the Modern Transistor and Moore's Law
\\ //
"2017-11-05 04:16:02"
"Machine Learning" is Killing YouTube
\\ //
"2017-11-04 19:40:56"
How to Vertically Mount Your Graphics Card (the Non-Ghetto Way)
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"2017-11-02 04:00:01"
How to Pick the Correct Motherboard (Beginner's Guide)
\\ //
"2017-11-02 01:30:01"
How to Pick the Correct Motherboard
\\ //
"2017-10-31 21:57:22"
Rebuilding the Original Walter White PC (with Upgrades!)
\\alright so in this video we will be building inside of the in 687 0 I I just reviewed it you can check out that review video right here how do you guys want to see what a bill looks like inside of this not just a review of the case features that we're gonna do in in this video so I've got the fractal design mischief I see sitting in front of the it's 100 I because we'll be taking most the components in this bill the throwing them into here primaries where we're doing that's because the mother board in here it's the MSI tomahawk X. 299 ... work to condition mother board is is of white PCB board so that will look really good and the whites by it's 100 I skis means to many names to worry about here ... and then we'll be throwing and also a 360 E. exit captain ... orgy be A. I. O. cooler not because it's the best area out there that's not but because I think it looks the best time this will fit with the white color scheme also we're going to be pairing a crack in G. 12 which is a ... this with the graphics card mount for a typical crack in a I owe movie using the kraken X. 42 too cool our 1080 T. I. N. here so we stripping off the ... reference without a reference cooler but it's just the blower stuff cool frumpy and wife and putting on the G. 12 bracket with the X. 42 and that we should have a pretty sweet looking white beam build for Basil gonna call this the new Walter white P. C. I'm not sure how many of you watching this video were around when I uploaded the original Walter way PC build log I was a super fun filled in a lot of the film love with the white color skin weren't too many white builds on you tube at the time especially you know that want custom cool of the relatively cheap billed by comparison night had to contend 7 uniting of 67 0 K. so we're going to up the ante a bit by throwing in a 700 X. this time around and gtech's 1080 TI but we sticking with the same white color scheme which is nice and also will be using primarily in 60 components with the deep cool cap into 40 E. X. thing upgrade this time to the 360 R. G. B. E. acts ... that we're you know we're sticking with similar components in that sense of similar coolers and similar cases also similar white motherboards without further ado let's I sickening in this build and throwing the components into the 87 0 I alright so this is where we are with the motherboard installed the it's 100 I looks very good I like how the White I accents on the board of match the White cable shroud which I have been different opinions on this point I still think thing in the way of our radiator AI over gonna put up top and that's gonna be the default captain 360 X. RGB color so stay tuned for the installation of video ... and them will also probably take these 2 SSD trees out when locked up at 3 assist these appear thing which you have 1 of the front aso bridge simple here the modularity this case is police to off and it actually doesn't look like as a ski trip even belong appearing more which is cool so if you're if you're not keen on putting 2 or 3 assist you surprised you can just remove the trays and it's not enough like here you know missing any important ... drive not right off the bat here you can see how this cable throughout this can pain to work around I was thinking about running the tubing this way so having the idea to make starting on the rights of the case and kinda looping around back to the CPU block versus doing it the other way because this is pretty long to me here ... but the problem is if I want to drop the sound from not that hard yeah I can get it through the first slot but then tried it widget you know between the cable shroud and ... these preinstalled fans is not going to happen actually think I'm gonna have to remove the fans to get this blog through the gap between the cables from the from the chassis to you are connected to the mother board so just a just a big pain here also for those who were wondering ... I don't think right now if we can remove the cable throughout I am not sure if that is possible see here Chris we got one screw in the front so that's good news it's kinda funny it's good news we can remove something ... there's another screw seizure is one of here some you know that's what's group they're not hard to see but there's a screw there and I think there's one more at the back of the case and ... get there is again you can't see that there's one back there so there's 3 screws holding the shredded place so I think what we're gonna do is ... go ahead and remove the cable shrapnel reinstall it ... after everything is kinda thrown into the case already okay so I decided to mount it yeah I owe to the front of the case after mounting up top which sexy really easy because that removal bracket ... at the top of the case ... I decided that the cable slipped do not the cables for the 2 of you look just a little too weird because they're so long because the radiator so long ... the extra tubing which is kinda like not doing a weird spiral affect and I didn't think that was cool because it was trying to pop out toward the the tempered glass and left side so with this config here and see all we have to do is a car wrapped up like that and it's a very clean run this this to look a lot better ... in this orientations that we're gonna do and I keep my mouth and have another set of tubes running from the radiator mount to the back a case to the G. 12 bracket on our 1080 TI WNED NJIT and here you have it this is the new original Walter white and Edwards there because re renditions of all throughout no Walter white what a cool your whatsoever in it board a I L. M. solution for cool Brackett ... really happy it's like here and it quiets cool without all the just like to give all of you recall that Walter we had a white we're working on the bill bill your P. owner of Walter white follow me on Twitter sign away to cool 2 words yeah all of your takes on he built a lightweight color of the Hannah is troll by the RGB the White River color very well on a red bill just you know the strip nobody else in there to read and there you go read bill so what I'm gonna do for those who are interested in building their very own Walter white with a budget something that's overkill like this and I'm gonna be Frank with you most the stuff I get for free anyway so I really can't even call this my bill because I did pay for any of it out of pocket so that it doesn't make any sense from specification standpoint for most workloads including gaming and I would argue editing as well $0 CPU you'll be just fine with 8700 K. or 1717 their necks from rice and ... what I'm gonna do is link a cheaper alternative you can make a a bill look almost exactly like this with much cheaper hardware all those parts are linked limited description tied to my Amazon a new way to Philly counts so any purchase through those does help us quite a bit a small kick back but it all adds up analyst Bruce more content like this a check out that sheep Walter white version are in the description it looked very similar to this in fact most of it is still the thing of similar if not the same parts topic check it out if you wanna build something similar if you look at the picture gives a thumbs up I appreciate that you give it a thumbs down if you feel the complete opposite or if you hate everything about life yet 2 choices there quick subscribing to have already it's a red button down below Annabel advocation icon for us notifications liquid videos like these this is science studio thanks for building with us //
"2017-10-29 22:42:54"
NZXT H700i Review: A New Standard in Case Design
\\meet the NZX T. H. 700 I mean isn't it beautiful the 87 0 I we have here is in a way a successor to the H. 440 which was the previous ... large mid tower case humans Eckstine so by by the way I look like a mini fridge and it really like that design very much this design though much better in my opinion possible few details that I would personally change on the next time around real talk about all of the very cool unique features about this case especially the cable management at the rear ... will go really in depth with that and then we'll also follow this would you up with a built in this case are gonna put a white mother board here and try to make this case that just look as cohesive as possible it looks beautiful without anything in it I can't wait to throw in components that follow suit with the color scheme let's go over the dimensions first this is an H. serious case like I said so it's gonna be a bit larger in total volume than say the us the 40 elite which I'll be comparing this case to quite a bit this is about 23 centimeters wide just over 50 centimeters tall and about 50 centimeters deep it's constructed from steel and a tempered glass at the front and weighs just over 12 kilograms 9 inning else really important here that want to talk about not really got the usual 8 series fan and a radiator configs you can fit up to 320 motor fans up top along with radiators are space for ya gonna removable tray up top which is pretty cool as well and then in the front you can fit the same config up to 3120 mil fans or radiators and there is a large space in the basement the dispatch across the entire length of the case for extra room he wanted a radiator there maybe even a punk down below and have this huge run up for doing some like a hardline to being ... build then this case is a definitely suited for that there is a problem though with the cable shall talk about that later I'm not really a fan of this I'm really I think it's a little too ostentatious and can get in the way of some very precious pipe routing you can fit up to 7 SSDs in here which I think is pretty cool 3 of which will be situated on the front the case somewhere that he exposed to the room obvious to those on top of the basement and 1 is in front of the basement this is similar convicted yes before you leave the improvement here with the 800 I is at the top 2 SSD trays are modular in the sense that you can move them pretty much anywhere you want along these groups atop the basement descript a lever on the right side of each and you can well do whatever you want here move them further towards the back of the case you can move them further forward you can even rotate inside with you want really fancy with that although just from a cable mended standpoint keeping them roughly where they are is the smartest way to go is also hard drive shelf down below it you can slide forward and back depending on how big your power supply is and how much room you need in the front for cables radiators and reservoirs who want to talk about what else you get with the case there are 3 included 120 millimeter a your fan from in 16 the front there's 1140 mil a R. fan situated at the rear but these are pretty cheap just at first glance others no rubber grooves anywhere to mitigate that the sounds of vibrations Walt I really be helped in any sense here ... and I'm really disappointed that despite this case having integrated like an art and interpret RGB strip up top which I think is really cool you don't get the RG a B. fans the RGBA are found from and the X. T. with this case are not that they would you know do much at the front because the front panel is not transparent at all about having one of the rear maybe would be a nice touch should just just something to make it feel premiums is a $200 case you need some cheap fans in this ... cases the disappointing I would like to seen something nicer than what we're getting with these fans here despite the cheap fancy though this case doesn't look too bad from an air flow perspective it has about an inch of clearance between the front panel which is not perforated and the chassis more the fans are mounted so decent space for air to move in but again laterally so we're not talking about air flow moving directly in from the front which is always going to impede ... your cooler or your fans ability to pull in air also on top of that this is going to be a louder case because the air does have to make such a sharp turn to enter the other large space inside there is a large dust filter up front that spans all 3 found slots it's magnetically attached as well to the chassis which is nice and there's a second US filter underneath the case protecting the power supply there is no dust filter included the top of the case in these little holes in the side or can do great job mitigating dust build up so only running exhaust config at the top of the case don't pull air in from the top because it really makes no sense any great heat rises asa run and intake set up here at the front exhausted up on the top and a single exhaust fan at the rear and you should be fine the slightly negative pressure build up you have in the case should be protected by the dust filter up front the age 700 I does have some subtleties that I would like to point out however one of which is included in the front I owe config so there are 2 SP 2.oh ports to SP 3.oh ports a standard you know microphone headphone Jack the power button and he's are attached to the chassis by the ways you can remove the entire top panel not to worry about dealing with cables attached to the case and this front bio of the USB 3.oh hubs are actually painted it purple instead of the typical blue color which is nice I mean that's the it's NZXT's color scheme anyway with purple white and black so it's really nice to see that in this case just a small thing a small detail that they did not miss also there is a cut out on top of the PSU shroud for routing gore VGA power cables so that if you're worried about that it is still there I'm glad they included that most cases nowadays are overlooking that now this is something I'm glad to see still existing in NZXT's cases another cool feature they've included a smart device which is what they're calling it but it's basically a fan hub slash RGB strip club it's basically everything all in 1 I think who did with the purchase of the case it better be for 200 Bucks ... and it all can be controlled via cam software and a USB 2.of connection to the motherboard sing control fans with this thing you can control the colors of RGB strips in RGB fans with this long as are compatible on you can look all that up on their website on the net can all be controlled via canned software which records all integrated is included with the case again like I said it better be for 200 Bucks or so ... but it's it's already mounted actually to the from the case that done a great job blending it in with the rest of the design so there's kind of showing off and from which I think is really cool now onto the 1 thing that's really bugging you about this case and it's pretty obvious that I may not be obvious that's bugging you but it's bugging me a lot and it's the stupid cable shroud like I get that there's some functionality to it like what blocking the cables making it more difficult to connect your 24 Pentium motherboard that's I'm sorry I'm really really here but I think this thing is just stupid and they've been made it worse by making it more prominent in the 87 0 I also the smaller variants of this case which also linked in the description I get with the trying to do here I really do but it's it's just going to get in the way I I think that it is just a show piece it's just like the the icon of NZXT's cases of this point ... they've made it more defined it wraps around the entire front side of the case and it's it's just a nuisance it's a pain ... workarounds a pain to run cables through I really think that they need to subdue the somehow keep some sort of design quality that makes an indie XC case look like in in 60 case sure but don't impede my own building ability to make this thing look the way you want it it's really the only major concern I have about this case that and maybe air flow run some tests ... but that the shroud is just it's I really just seen as a showpiece and it sticks downplayed by would say probably the rear so inches and it it can fix just I'm no one doing it what is the what is it that we care ... some people like this design more some people like the design of yester for elite more I would lean more towards that design from just a lead dean standpoint but the functionality of the ace of 100 I does trumpet the functionality VS 40 elite they've done a lot more here at the front that got a lot more also at the rear of the case on the right side of the case which I wanna talk about next there's a lot going on back here and it's mostly good stuff so to remove the right panel all you do is push this button here at the rear super easy to do I just make sure you have a hand there to catch the panel will fall once you push that button you just click it back into place once you're finished with we need to do on that side very nice I think all kids should follow this design I like to see a bunch of different things come mesh together from multiple companies into one alternate case this right here this quality I want to see in every case from NZXT's from this point out now onto some more good stuff you can see there are a bunch of cable management guides there's one big one here for the pre routed cables from the front I owe ... and from the included hub you have space for routing 24 pins you have your anything EPS you can wrap your kind of crazy stuff with you have to S. each race that are secured via a single thumb screw and plenty of tie straps to keep everything else nice and tidy if you're willing to remove the hard drive bay in the basement you'll have plenty of space for mounting Indy 5 modular pump that you can then use to Ralph piping up to the rest of the components in the case and there is plenty of space on top of the basement that will cut out the front there for us squeezing ought not only radiator thin radiator at that but it's still got the space for it and the tubing necessary to mount a pump down there that was an issue I have with other cases were like the cut out would only be enough for a fan and radiator config but the space between that and the end of the cut out where the basement begins on top would be too small to to route to being so it's nice to see the extra space here you can put thicker rad or you can ... put to being here instead so there's nearly an inch of cable management space on this right side and that's that's more than enough not only that but you got the groups you've got the tie straps this should be a breeze to throw any sort of martial even non market power supply I in here you could stuff cables down below especially if you're going to remove the hard drive day and in the rest of you can Ralph very cleanly up to the ports on your mother board and elsewhere look I'm really like in this case a few things to keep me from just going all in on it including the price including the stupid shroud I'm sorry I just don't like it I just I thought it was interesting looking at first like UL that's obviously NZXT's case but then life when I started looking at like just how it's how it's integrated what it's actually supposed to do I I I just don't like it only has not space between the ... the motherboard tray and the start of the shroud your cables gonna be squished as always they were that way ... in the SP 40 as well Anna and I I just don't like how much space there is between this and the top panel it just looks weird and that's that's all it just looks a little weird to me and I just removing it makes things look so empty in here so they need to do something but they don't need to do this this is the 1 architectural issue I have with the H. 700 odd isn't enough to prevent me from recommending this case no it's not I still think it's a really nice case I think it's overpriced yeah ... and you can sell all the included RGB strip in a smart hub and bought a lot whatever okay unit compare this price to the previous page 440 price it it's just that slightly overpriced for what you're getting ... and I think that it S. U. 40 elite will serve the same purpose basically with the exception of additional water cooling support but then again this is really gonna bother if your water cooler this is like right in the way of everything if you want a route ... tubing from your CPU block maybe 2 radiator up top for up front this stupid thing is just gonna get in the way it's the one issue I have with it again ... and it's the only thing keeping me from just going all women wanting to build a custom loop in the IT 700 I saw got some raw opinions yeah but they're just that their opinions and I've been building and several several cases throughout the years and this one is it's not the best it it's really not considering there so much space in here to work with it feels limited by the cable shroud stars we think women on comments below if once you build in this will be short of an optimist there somethin duh and like the video that be cool like the video we can just dislike it for whatever reason non skid number build this case anyway stay tuned for that and find the product description any info where to buy this thing in the bitter description I think as of right now is of the uploading date in publishing did this video you can only buy and injects it website but it is coming soon to new items on state and for those those links will be available once you can actually buy this case from those marketplaces be sure to click the subscribe button for more content like this I'll catch you in the next video this is science studio thanks for learning this //
"2017-10-28 18:36:36"
$4000 Custom Loop Gaming PC Build!
\\alright so this is the final result here inside the air cool peace see one pro very ... very large case various Miller design Syria the exterior though a bit to Gration air flow set here with the RG I looked glass side panel on to show you that it's not very tense like the dark 10 the LEDs and that if you purpose to wash off all of your bill not just LED so I'm really glad this has a very slight to it and it is on right now like I said it is a bit but you can still see my sister inside the store LED strip top like I did not and everything should be very visible I will talk about specs here I did mention too much what was going on in this build in the review video ... while I had to support flowing in here without the to me so I have first off 2 GTX 10 eighties just plain old honey bees and there are running in SLI these are just reference PC bees I have a gigabyte or scheming 7 Z. 370 motherboard with an I. 787 0 K. ... all of the custom lived your you seen here with the exception of the CPU block and the graphics card water blocks ... is from primo chills so the radiators that are painted white by them at their factory can get them custom colored whatever you want basically all this is done at primo chill on the paint job is very sturdy it's not gonna just chip away with the slightest scratch of your fingernail deprive take a pick axe the same to be honest in the pain start shipping off so I love the way I'm glad I got wife for for this bill in particular are also the revolver fittings the best fittings on the market as far as I'm aware there there's no fitting better than these feelings when it comes to just the ease of use ... and how reliable they really are the tubing is P. ET Gee it's just my tubing of choice I find it's easy to work with the most forgiving is like a shadow acrylic ... and it's not too expensive either go with play hard line glass or ... maybe copper would may be given just more sex appeal but it's gonna require more work and you're not gonna get these beautiful bands that you're seeing and you're especially with that asks that ass is just like I will go through an account a last minute thing but I I really think it makes the bill pop perhaps the most noteworthy feature of this bill is of course the S. this with a single banded only took me 1 tribe but 1 of the issues I had was not having enough to being willing to make it to the back of the CPU plus a series all couple are here to attack a very small piece of 2 and it was kind of downward to the S. bent and this goes all the way up to the 240 male rat so I think that Ben is that the most prominent in this building deftly gonna stand out once we fill this thing with fluid speaking of which but get to that right now and I ask you a stand for science so there's that notes for filling in dreading this loop ... asking to be a pain as most of my lips are I don't really find their utility and planning out a super complex terrain system I just I really don't think that it's necessary just flip your case if you time to get most of fluid out and start tearing our your custom apart piece by piece get wrestle fluid out just be careful with you know which way you've got openings in 2 beings leaning and you should be fine if that's how I've done it since I started building custom we PC's Passover drain pour it just sticks straight out of the reservoir here on the right side just unscrew the cap and most of it in the resume out at some of the top 2 its confinement down thanks to gravity on the rest of it will have to be drained out of my foot in the case are taking it apart piece by piece for the should be too much of a problem filling it was also kind of a pain because the reservoir is lower than the highest point loop so you just kind of have to work with that you got a fellow at the top and then not sure the PCR let's turn the pump on let that floats are circulating that level there as will lower than you can add more fluid in the new capital often that when you turn the PC off all that fluid ... will will kind that's equalizes settle out most of the air gets stuck in the rat but most of the year is gone which is a good thing it wasn't like that in the last customer bill had I do wanna say one thing about the fluid in here this is premature opaque white fluid it was ... up combined with distilled water from their factory that's distilled water that is really matter we get from ... and it also added a trigger to it you can use a piece of silver or they have Alger side drops you can add to loop depending on how much fluid you have in the system overall is quite a flute here because there are 2 ... to radiators not just one also to graphics card blocks so things things can get pretty heavy when it comes to fluid treating and what not having to flesh things out every 2 or 3 months which is probably the bare minimum on time you want to do that a year special with opaque fluid ... should be okay course not my custom loops last for longer than maybe a few weeks so we'll see how long this will last before I decide to tear down as for stating and what not this that this fluid in particular have not noticed any standing at all even on a P. T. due to being which is pretty rare for opaque fluids and I'm very satisfied with that premature low paiks are what I would recommend right now so that's about it if you like this video surely gonna give this one a thumbs up button cruciate that also if you just like the bill itself let me know they give them thumbs up that the super cool of you only become a down below suggestions for future videos future builds like these we have super cool custom we build coming up in the dark bass pro 900 white edition also I'll be reviewing the ins the X. T. H. 700 high if that's in the studio to the holy actually ... so that will be a video coming up here soon stay tuned for all of that content good stuff on the way this is science studio thanks for building this //
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Salazar's Birthday Livestream | Science Studio After Hours
\\ //
"2017-10-20 14:29:10"
Graphics Card Prices from an Economic Perspective
\\so for those who follow me on Twitter you have a bit more insight into my personal life must be there know never to graduate with my engineering degree and right now I'm currently working on my masters in business administration it's like concentration in finance particular ... and in my first semester I actually took a course ... on microeconomic theory and there I learned a bit more about the perfect competition model which is what I want to talk about this video regarding graphics cards in a nutshell perfect competition is defined by 5 assumptions the first is that market consists of many buyers the second requirement is the market can so many sellers 3 the firms that sell in the market are free to either enter or exit the market any time for the crime is that the good soul by the sellers in the market are assumed to be homogeneous in this case the particular good its graphics cards now assume that the multiple GPU variance and slight clock speed deviations are that there are modernist and number 5 buyers and sellers in the market or soon to have perfect information this means that all resources and pricing strategies are known by all buyers and sellers in the market now obviously the buyers in this market are us we are the consumers we want the graphics card doesn't matter what we intend to use of graphics cards for could be gaming mining content creation the purpose of the purchase is irrelevant the fact is we are in the market to purchase graphics cards when interest in either spike that's the popular online currency so many are mining nowadays the theory M. graphics card demand spiked in particular are ex for ease of 47585 seventies and GTX 10 sixties 107 isn't an eighties pretty much every mid to high range graphics card on the market all skyrocketed in demand folder cards including the R. 9390 also flew off the dusty shelves of retired PC gamers so we the buyers created this bubble most of us understand the basic supply demand structure as demand shifts to the right equilibrium price rises this video will seek dive much deeper in the matter what essentially happens here what happened with the graphics card market was that the perfect competition model was broken turned upside down from our 5 rules rule number 2 was broken once Inish supply of graphics card was drained from new agony Amazon warehouses among other places the market was no longer perfectly competitive and if we assume rule 1 was maintained which weakened and directly verify with the jump and second hand graphics card sales from sites like eBay and Craigslist what we're left with is a graphics card market had temporary disequilibrium are perfect model assumed that the market would quickly converge to a single acceptable price for our ex 5 babies and you to extend sixties that was somewhere in the low to mid 200 when dementias did that price increase but the market was still an equilibrium at least until supply was dried up something else dimension and this is a shift in demand and not a slide along the original curve since demand increased for all prices when either interest spiked case in point I sold an old orix for 70 on eBay for 420 US dollars I purchased it at Best Buy 480 only a few months earlier entered an entry courses were taught that supply and demand curves are actually straight lines this in fact is not the case they're called curves for a reason at lower quantity supply tends to be elastic mean that small changes in price will yield a greater response in the quantity provided when demand curve shift as a result of sudden interest bikes required supplies shot into inelastic territory where small product quantity changes yield enormous price disparities is because suppliers of difficult times scaling up production conversely demand ships left word it need only for suppliers to stockpile inventory not good in the long run but slower to manifest from a price perspective in the short run as a result we're left with an awkward supply demand plot by this point you might be thinking this is some sort of market shortage rights of suppliers like EVGA gigabyte a su Springwatch any graphics for manufacturer rebrand are out there is short on supplies so the reason why we have such high prices is because we don't have enough graphics cards in supply well in a free market with near perfect competition the answer is a bit convoluted at first yes a market shortage does exist however suppliers will quickly catch on to what's happening there in charge of inventory after all once they raise prices to this point the market will once again be in equilibrium that's right what we experienced earlier 2017 was a market at equilibrium there was no shortage here the market was perfectly stable where it was and it still kind of is that way it's capitalism at work love it or hate it so in a nutshell the market shortage occurred because prices were initially too low when the demand skyrocketed no this is not the fault of suppliers that they had seen this coming months in advance a group pricing strategies to kind of alleviate that sharp spike in price right they could have driven down inventory levels slowly or driven them up by increasing or decreasing price accordingly escapes I recommend they probably slowly and gradually increase graphics card prices to a point where we were at an equilibrium lower than where we were when graphics cards were at their peak price it's just a particular pricing strategy which may have worked in the situation it's kinda hard to even play captain hindsight here because we aren't sure of all the variables involved 1 thing's for sure though raising prices in gradual steps early on would have given those with the most immediate demand reason to purchase amid fears of rising continuously rising prices that is leaving those on the fence at the mercy of time those who see a new graphics card providing the most utility will purchase earlier on in spare themselves from higher prices later on capitalism is like mother nature ruthless and all about survival of the fittest in this case it's those who first saw the demand spike months in advance mainly those you pump and dump online currencies so continuing with our economic analysis here the market wasn't equilibrium once the prices became stable at around what 44 50 Bucks for arts 4580 sometimes even more than that those variances in prices are all function of demand versus supply but the market did have a fair value equilibrium price where demand and supply curves intersected okay so it was an equilibrium no matter what anyone says there was no shortage market shortage okay the amount of graphics cards in supply had nothing to do with a shortage because prices were allowed to settle at a particular equipment on the market shortage definition involves some sort of price ceiling so if the government stepped in and said Hey we're not gonna allow the suppliers to raise graphics are prices were gonna force them to keep the prices really low so that it happened demented state really high supply sit really low and the institution at hand said nope these are gonna stay really low prices were gonna say around 5400 Bucks for arc for radio-canada out of market shortage because then graphics cards would have done immediately out of supply and it would have been any available for sale that is market shortage we don't have that you can still buy an arc for eighties gonna pay a lot more for it that's a market at equilibrium believe it or not similar things happen in the weeks of natural disasters when hurricanes threaten U. S. coastlines suppliers ramp up prices to compensate for the impending demand spike they're aware that their inventories will be drained so they seek to obtain the largest profit possible when it happens people see this as distasteful and unethical but the only look at the situations from consumer perspectives you can be costly and time consuming to restore supply levels to market equilibrium people always blame capitalism evil greedy capitalism for the extremely high prices that we see in natural disasters for example sticking with our hurricane example ... but the fact of the matter is if a single gasoline supply let's say it jacked up his prices to $10 a gallon that single gas station would make a single sale at all unless it was the only gas station in the city which then I would argue the government intervention is required but if the government stepped in and said well we're gonna make prices stay at 3 Bucks a gallon everyone the city's gonna go to the gas station get gas and that's going to dry up you want any gas available for sale any more after that the same analogy works for graphics cards as well of suppliers had raised prices those consumers who found the most utility in the graphics cards in question would experience a market shortage in full force in a self correcting economy of those who demand the product the most will in turn pay the most for it better to have little supply at a high price then no supply at all least is how it works on paper many will always seek to unethically manipulate an innocent market but this year isn't on nothing neither is this the seller isn't forcing anyone to purchase his or her product consumers desire enough they will pay the price consumers do not they will abstain or look elsewhere eventually forcing the asking price down or driving that competitor out of business the only unethical construct involving the free market and higher prices are price gouging someone call it would be the case of court health in a bunch oligopoly suicide to team up and always prices at the same time which essentially gives the consumer no choice but to purchase the product at a much higher price this is illegal and is actually I in the case of the United States federally maintained so if the government sees that a few cell phone companies for example which they're only a few major self companies in this country decided to always prices substantially the F. T. C. would step in the Federal Trade Commission and say out that's not allowed I'm sure could be another year or entity ... any government they would all stuff in and stayed up this is all I can do that ... and then they would have to force prices back down that is where I would say that's a fair government intervention property I tend to be more just on the free market side of things in most cases just because if a single graphic supply many factor decided to severely raises prices well I know it's gonna buy for my graphics card supplier and the few people that would would would somehow find utility that product everyone else would purchase cards that are offered a much cheaper price that's how the free market works and if that single company charging much more decided that it wasn't worth it to sell it that high of a price he will be forced to lower his prices or go out of business again survival of the fittest is also some debate as to whether or not government intervention in any sense of the word should be allowed in a truly free market it really depends on where you stand regarding this fiscal policy in essence everyone's an economist and this is really a political issue which I will try to stay out of as much as I can but I will say that in most cases companies like a suse giga byte and others are going to price gouge the individual when they can help but they are merely responding to demand stimuli from outside sources including Etheria mining if you like this video maybe yeah I like my shirt be sure to give this one a thumbs up I do appreciate that also put that red subscribe button for more content like this if you want to see more topics like this discussed leave your topic suggestions in the comments below I pretty much get all of my suggestions from you guys so but I don't know especially I like to know about Rita bell a researcher that I make a body like this to explain all of you in this particular case I really like learning about the this particular mechanisms as to why prices and supplies behave the way they do in wake of sudden demand spikes really interesting stuff stay tuned for more stuff like this this is science studio thanks for learning with us I to to I //
"2017-10-16 20:28:24"
Aerocool P7-C1 Case Review
\\you might recall a company called aero cool sponsored a steering or copy text 2017 coverage their case power supply and prefer company station out of Taiwan what I have today is something we showcased while we were there a large mid tower PC case with integrated RGB lighting attempt last side panel and excellent ventilation so I'll be completely honest there is a lot more to this case than meets the eye and what you do realize how many things there are to cut Tinker with and get right it can be a bit overwhelming there are also several variants to choose from including non pro versions of both white and black see 1 variance this here is the white P. 7 C. 1 pro model can be found in the video description and it comes well equipped with tempered glass and a solid steel frame aesthetically speaking this case has a lot going for now at first glance it might appear to be a full sized power it is not by definition it is simply a mid tower only has 7 PCI slots at the rear this also only supports ATX motherboards 98 checks thanks to the induction the rights of the case which is useful for cable management at the rear too large feet spanned the length of the case and also look at a good bit off the ground for adequate PS you breathing room behind the glass you'll find a basement spending the same distance all the way up to the front of the chassis where you can store up to 31 20 millimeter fans or radiator combos a large dust filters also included and the removal from panel welcomes air with its many perforations glad to see this in a case the size speaking of which yes this case is a bit on orthodox in the sense that it's only mid tower it's pretty dang tall probably 1 of the talisman towers around and I thought that at first they would not have enough room to store cables in the back panel because it doesn't look very wide it actually is pretty wide it just doesn't look why because it's so tall so you'll find plenty of cable storage space at the rear other aren't any tie straps I wish that they had included some of those you have a few points which to use anti straps to our and security was in place but no I went looking for velcro straps that's the word us another those are included now but I don't think you're gonna need to really take the time to write a cable is there so much space in the back of this case I think I'll be plenty happy with what you have do keep in mind though on the left side the case where you'll be building your P. C. primarily there is not much space for a large CPU cooler so up 200 65 millimeters I believe is the maximum CPU cooler height anything beyond that and you will be hitting that tempered glass at the back a case you'll find a cut off for motherboard rear I owe a 100 20 Miller fan or rackmount 7 PCI slots as mentioned earlier and APS you cut out at the base I like your how air cools included a PCI bracket cover similar to how fantexts and others keep a nice clean concealed look just to thumb screws are captive but they're still there will hold this in place from the first insult graphics Carter to then swap it back on for that nice finish as for storage you'll find for 2.5 inch drive bays as well as 23 0.5 inch once the 23 haven't whether actually mounted to the PS you from underneath they're not not to to the bottom of the case which is an interesting approach also find 2 of the 4 to 1 half inch drive bays are on top of the power supply a shroud which is nice it's kinda like an index yes we 40 vibe here there is 1 large cut out for cable management by if you want to plug in HD audio though or use that authority left SS deed charade then you're gonna have to kind of put your cables is spread out over the basement a bit because there's only that 1 large cut on the center which they've added the second 1 probably 1 of the only major changes that I would have made this case up top you'll find a a very nice array of features including a standard USB 3.0 anti point to lay out power and reset buttons microphone and headphone jacks and also an SD card reader access to a 1 micro SD in 1 standard a city useful especially for situations like my own room constantly swapping data to and from my camera the not the fastest card readers on the planet I believe they're using the USB 2.of interface but it's still nice to have them there unpack the card reader use right now is U. S. B. to cliff his I just have a bit the bullet and purchase the USP 3 per card reader so I actually might be using this instead further back on the top panel you'll find a few grill slits for are the ventilation actually retorted 40 millimeter a I owe up top and I was also able to squeeze 2120 mile fans and saw plenty of room for cable management with the mother board below they do a decent job and are too restrictive and while there is no dust filter to remove appear fans should really be set to intake anyway this will be an exhaust array no 1 of the selling points for the C. 1 pro not just the regular see 1 for the pro model apart from the tempered glass which is a deviation which I I'd like it slightly tented it's not too tended to write feel just like I can't see anything in there of its nice have tempered glass in general the second perk of going with the pro model is that you have full RGB control integration also full fan control with the included hub Erekle causes the P. 7 age 1 and it does allow for multiple RGB LED strips case integration and fan RGB integration all to be supported and controlled by a single hub here you just plug it into a USB port on your mother board also it acts as a fan help so the 3 front fans included with the P. 7 see when Israel RGB cable so separate wire offer each of these fans plugs into the hub for RGB control Nick was also under 3 Penn fan headers to plug into The Hobbit control the fan curves there is a fourth band included with the P. 7 C. 1 pro at the rear but it's pretty trashy honestly wondered where that once it's it's very loud it doesn't do that great a job at staying quiet so it's really nice that air cooling it's the hub with the purchase of the C. 7 he won this case is gonna run you anywhere between 100 52 0 Bucks which isn't too bad I would say I have a sweet spot for this case to be closer towards $150 into our dollars is cut it pots the offer and there are but do take into account the fact you do get the heart which is in itself maybe $2030 value yet for fans 3 which I suggest you keep these are all RGB are controllable they all have separate cables for controlling RGB functionality with The Hobbit not and that the case also has integrated RGB lighting sort of done here I really like this case like how much room has being it is only a mid tower I can still manage to fill up most of the space with a custom Lupin that's why through 1 in here does not finish the PTT tubing is gonna be the last part of this project and that's a that's a whole project in itself of it that's what I'll tackle at a future date I just want to show you what would look like if you want to do a custom with arrangement in here because you don't need that though you could stick a 360 mil radiator combo upfront her up top and actually pretty hidden to conceive barely then tell that there's a radiator up there ... with 2 fans because they're so much space up top which is really nice very a custom of friendly case being that it's only a mid tower arrangement ... and I'm looking for to finishing this thing is really really cool by the way this is a coffee lake 87 0 KCP was here with the gigabyte see 370 gaming 7 motherboard as always and find the P. 7 see 1 in white and black link in the menu description along with their non pro counterparts if you wanna spend around 100 or so US box on your not getting the temper glass front panel nor the hub I believe ... few other things you just look at spec wise but then the case is going to be pretty much the same form factor was that we are keeping a consideration here this is a case that is really bring a lot to the table it's not going to be that this that most friendly case to build and there are a few things I would change I guess of the cut out in the basement on needs to be added the 1 on the left side I don't really like how the cables are kind just are supposed to go through the small opening between the left and right sides of this act panel I would prefer rubber grommets such as me personally but everything else about this case looks really good and I can't wait to turn the thing on and off she goes what it looks like it's all powered up so stay tuned for that let me know what you think about this case in the comments below and give us what comes up if you looking forward to what this piece is gonna look like when it's all said and done this is science studio thanks for learning process I //
"2017-10-13 09:52:23"
PC Buying Tips for Beginners in a Hostile Market
\\yeah haircut the PC gaming market is a tough one to get into right now let's be real graphics card a power supply prices are inflated thanks to excessive mining and system ram and storage drives are nearly double what they use to be thanks to micron sampling and others shorting current supply in favor of or indeed look if I could surmise his entire economy to a single picture it would be this one right here are you freaking kidding me miners buying these up in massive quantities because I mean why the P. horsepower write it down the so much press that even otherwise useless CPUs of inflated well not useless at the cellar on but not to worry about all the pro tipsy beginners out there need when first getting into the PC gaming industry how to do so without breaking the bank in how to do so without because my thing too much on the performance and I know you so precious we desire now if you the steps that might hurt just a bit not gonna lie in a few you might not agree with all of my choices here but if I was a baller on a budget jumping into the PC industry for the first time and these are the things that I would would do I would hope someone would recommend to me in such a hostile market first thing I recommend new PC gamers do show that side to build which I recommend is out for only 8 gigabytes of system ram this is temporary of course and only suggested for pure gamers but it'll easily shave off 60 to 80 Bucks and I run these tests countless times in fact very recently not much has changed since this video rate here's a gigabytes is still plenty for gamers I don't recommend that for content creators and what not that this is just a video addressing those who want to get in the PC game for the first time so with prices being as hostile as they are currently I recommend a gigabytes for now once prices you come back down maybe upgrade the other 18 pack later on just a few years ago you could buy 16 gigs of ram for the price of 8 today just a bit outrageous if you ask me the next protest involves a question I get asked quite a bit great which I agreed first my CPU or might GPO not confess I usually say the graphics card regardless of what CPU motherboard ram to get in unless it's something from 1999 in which case it just completely rebuild your system ... but if it's you know relatively recent some of the last 55 or so years if you're on FX or maybe ID bridge that's probably the furthest back I would go and even then I would still try to get you to squeeze out some money for any platform eventually although ram prices to keep me from recommending that totally right now the graphics card swap is literally just that its plug and play are and it's not gonna cost as much as a completely new platform this recommendation also assumes that you'd be jumping from DDR 3 to 4 in the event of a platform upgrade which would require you know ram and that's gonna cost you quite a bit right now but when so damn expensive I choose the platform instead but with our ex 580 cents sixties intense seventies working back in the stock and advice this upgrade first especially if you're moving from anything earlier than invidious 5 I or AMD 7000 series distillate this is solid framer jump as well in fact I would argue that in most cases you'll see a higher frame rate jump by upgrading your graphics card than you will if you upgrade your CPU and ram those next it goes up to those of you who insist on pairing 1000 watt power supplies with 300 watt computers I know they look beautiful I love the modularity of love that they're super quiet but in a budget build this should not be a top priority and sorry stop wasting money I don't care what your 80 plus efficiency is or what overclockers sporting input your CPU and graphics card just not worth it 1000 watt PSU is over kill in most cases an 800 watt power supplies over kill a cake if you want the future proofing upgrade path live you guys call it fine okay but you shouldn't be looking to future proof that many things in a budget bill that cut defeats the purpose instead I invite newbies to check out my power supply wanted to be a for good idea of what you should opt for I recommend at least 80 plus but going for anything above 80 plus gold really makes no sense in a budget bill sick to name brand manufacturer like see sonic and you should be a okay the next thing I recommend at least a quad core CPU and from a modern generations they like rice and don't go with affects 43 0 I'm sorry that architecture gonna cut it more on that right here also I wouldn't go much further back than maybe house well wishing get IV Bridger sandy bridge for super cheap price were talkin sub 200 Bucks for the CPU ram and mother board all included of most cases in our 516 0 of your best value chip even though it is 200 or so Bucks but it's gonna be worth it I don't recommend you keep it on your CPU because if you do changing the CP would always go take a lot longer but you might even have to swap your mother board swap your ram it's just not ideal I would say that in a future proofing situation just to buy a cheaper CPU now only that planta Brady CPU 2 years from now because by then a newer CPU gens gonna be out you know what that instead packing 6 cores and 12 threads the R. 516 0 is my sweet spot I recommended in separate video the quad core variants are also very compelling us for Intel a hand me down I 5 rice that like I said would do nicely miss for back as I be bridge can find the platform for a decent price DDR 3 isn't too pricey either it's remained rather untouched by the sound bizarre market behavior sure you're taking a step back but there are some killer deals out there and fight you just have a look that's all I'm saying these are just a few tips in mind that should steer you clear of much the price inflation taking place in the PC gaming industry at the moment go free to critique it as you please the comments below everyone's gonna preference these are just the first few things in which I would compromise in this current market feel it's beneficial to give a thumbs up thumbs down for the opposite or to hate everything about life will be shipped with the dislike button feature click subscribe and having a ready for more content like this and stay tuned for a yeah more content like this that didn't go very well this was signed studio this is science studio while so just falling apart here thanks for learning with us //
"2017-10-11 09:52:31"
Building My Brother a Gaming PC!
\\nnsl nnsl I the I I the I I the the the I PC built like these are always loads of fun I had a lot of fun building this one I really think about is going to love it for a while he's you're actually graduated this you're I did can you be if north simulations of I'm over so guy for some run down of the you're all shown earlier sporting and it hurts for 100 all the other part you're relatively course the Garth gigs of for now the silver on only a couple the role RGB a glow of a bad piece price you're looking at callers with they are available over rise and fall be a better there is things ability course a low profile cool is that under arise and fight I used it be excellent for game grades only about to do with this bill to where my hard drive don't see in the world hard drive due to storage on if you like this video of it like this build shortening of a given but are instead getting up she very soon we're gonna really cheap low on the budget were at the resort to Yallop say it you know the city of folks for more like yeah thanks for building with I I the I I I //
"2017-10-08 19:04:52"
What is VA (Vertical Alignment) Technology?
\\welcome to our minute science playlist here we condense and simplify for the sake of time to be looking for more drawn out in depth analyses check out our crash course playlist here in this video we're gonna talk about vertical lines if you haven't yet seen my IP espers all it video I invite watch that before diving into the help make things the more clear in a nutshell the distinction between Oleg an LCD resides in its light source away panels use organic I would sit only displays utilize LED or CFL back light source more commonly the former today pros and cons are discussed in the crash course video vertical alignment or VA technologies very somewhere architecture to IPS are inter plane switching technology when current is passed through a pixel liquid crystals react by rotating 90 degrees in the vertical markets the VA hence the name or on twisting in the case of I PS this is thanks to tiny pairs of electrodes that share the same plane liquid crystals and IPS pixels are always parallel to the glass substrate this is what differentiates IPS from T. end but on twist still by varying degrees with respect distance from the dual electric apex by contrast Elsie's NBA pixels rotate perpendicular to the glass substrate hence the name as a result more less light from the back way underneath is allowed to pass through said pixel with varying degrees of applied voltage color filters alter back late wave lengths for various RGB shades and polarizer straighten out the race but what does this mean for the average consumer what should you look for in your next display will start with budget first be a panels are often offered as cheaper IPS alternatives much in the same way that T. enter twisted nematic is market but if you ask me VA offers a much cleaner look then tea and I think most would agree here especially at sharp angles and refresh rate advantages of T. enter no longer very relevant plenty VA panels are currently offered up to an exceeding 120 hertz Soviet panels will be cheaper than IPS but generally but more expensive than T. N. panels what about the visual trade offs for one viewing angles IPS technology is still the superior technology in this category and that's why it's great for a large living rooms and even old from white monitors VA panels aren't bad but IPS screens are still noticeably better we're talking nearly 180 degrees of undistorted coloration another vintage IPS technology is color reproduction this is a category to which content creators should pay special attention these panels will often very closely mimic the sRGB gamut not to say that your panel don't have excellent color reproduction but IPS screens are typically a it better the last part of I PS response times since crystals in these displays need only pivot horizontally by varying degrees they can react quickly to sudden stardom all the chips in most cases grade to grade testing reveals slight ghosting in VA panels whose crystals must rotate a sum of 90 degrees which is a bit more distance to cover in total and then the liquid crystals and I PS technology when choosing VA for a gaming panel tried to find a look around 5 milliseconds response time a lower on the contrary very few IPS counterparts will be higher than 5 milliseconds so you should be fine in this department not all is bad for VA that they're actually if you know where the advantages of choosing vertical alignment over IP yes one of which being contrast ratios they can be anywhere from 2 to 3 times higher than I PS thanks to crystal arrangements when in the off position blocking more light from the source underneath like uniformity is also superior on VA panels IPS panels generally exhibit more bleed around corners and even and splotches near centers look no monitors perfect there will always be some sort of trade off yes old it also falls into this category up it's great that we have these different technologies to choose from competition is a good thing it encourages innovation if you like it's gonna be sure to give a thumbs up thumbs down for the op cyclic subscribe and have an a rating statement more content like this this is science studio thanks for learning with us it's I and to the //
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Intel i7 8700K Review: A New Gaming King
\\we have a new gaming CPU king and is the 8700 cattle is video focus on what are some synthetics Rothman runs in gaming benchmarks to justify what you saw in the title now unlike other technical though there were not gonna waste time talking about how the same 14 in a process of the district 2 extra coarseness like large die this is a just a benchmarking but if you want to the numbers here they kill so we're very briefly talk about the platform specs so of course with 85 0 K. that's paired with a gigabyte Z. 370 gaming 7 motherboard and 16 gigabytes of course their dominant platen train 3000 megahertz paired with a GT extending the T. I. reference card to spice things up though I've thrown into extra that's a benchmark for comparison sake so I have these 37 0 K. which is the earliest rendition of 14 and architecture see how far we've come in 2 or 3 year 70 the time but I think it's been that long and then I also have a lower clocked run of the 87 0 K. for all of its benchmarks to see okay if you want to just keep it low at around 4.6 gigahertz which is it's hard to believe but that's a low frequency but it is for the 87 0 K. other will have that clock for clock comparison between 87 decay and the 67 0 K. 4.6 gigahertz and the 87 0 K. at 5 gigahertz which is certainly attainable are you ready here we go like start things off of cinebench R. 15 just a raw CPU worth our comparison here the 67 0 K. scored just over 1000 points of 188 on the single core score the 87 indicate the same clock speed scored 1370 this is most likely due to the extra Cork out though the frequency here in the I PC jump and play much for rolling see that a single course scores 100 91 person 100 88 is not remiss in a huge IPC jump but we expect a Cuban and say can only by the way but that's 10 nanometers that's that's coming soon I this is still the same 14 nanometer architecture and the 87 0 K. at 5 bigger to scoring 1610 so pretty solid boost jumping just 400 megahertz up and ... the single core score also jumped to 214 percent were stored geek bench 14 see all 3 CPU scored within around 2 or 300 points of each other the 87 0 can actually scored at that lower clock for clock in the 67 0 K. did on the single core score which is a bit weird maybe optimization us play a role there Alberta did surpasses 67 okay thanks to its 2 extra cores a 24 0 59 ... points and then 5 gigahertz these under case scored 28 0 which is actually about 2000 points away from the I 979 0 acts of putting credible the CPU not being ... anywhere about 350 issue US dollars this is a pretty sweet score I'm getting a lot of performance out of a chip that is still on the consumer grade platform next up there in a 5 minute tape P. 60 FPS video file through the adobe premiere encoder and you 2 penny P. preset was selected and the 67 under case were a time of 200 58 seconds or lower is better here the faster the wintertime the better the 87 0 hit the same clocks he'd score 214 seconds and it is a motorcade 5 gigahertz scored 100 88 seconds this money was not far off at all from my overclocked 79 0 X. CPU notes jump into the games I always start with GTA 5 in these cases because it's a pretty good balance of both GPU and CPU horsepower especially in a resolution like 1440 P. but tallest at a very high no anti aliasing or advanced graphics the ace about arcade 5 gigahertz which grant about a love the high frequency sort of PS of 100 55 on average 0 fourty 4 for the 4.6 gig run and the 67 a case or 140 the difference between the 2 the same frequency is pretty much negligible and that carries over to the 1 percent and 0.1 percent lows as well testing do invoking a 1440 peas in the older priest that resulted in pretty sweet performance for the 87 her Kate 5 gigahertz learn 44 FPS it did cap out many times around 0 89 I believe I can see that a 1 percent and 20 percent those were identical between the 2 ... CPUs at different frequencies the city so her Kay was a bit lower across the board but I don't think this is anything worth splitting hairs over onto which 3 which is a more graphics for intensive game I was actually surprised to find that the overclocked eighties of her Kate 5 gigahertz scored the highest across the board I I thought things would be pretty stale here I think GTA 5 tests were pretty stale witcher 3 actually turn things around a bit ... so the 87 okay 5 it hurts 1 across the board at 4.6 it was still ahead of the 67 0 K. which scored the lowest considerably also point upset loads for the 6 of our K. were a lot lower than the other 2 so this might be a core utilization issue onto universe and box 2 at 1440 piecemeal to preset in the earth in many moons simulation which really stresses the CP more that the spirit here on the 87 arcade did perform much better than 67 okay that's come what we should expect the 6 core CPU but at a higher frequency and then the 4 core counterpart popping 78 F. P. S. on average the huge jump from 50 for the cities of under K. 1 percent and point Marcello's were also higher for the 5 gigahertz 87 0 K. run on now to pubs which is better that's still in the development phase but it's worth testing because I for the life of me cannot get this game to run over 100 FPS I don't know what's going on I thought the 87 her kit would fix this especially 5 gigahertz but it didn't happen we did see some small performance don't especially with the extra 2 cores on board and it this this game which is still in need of some desperate optimization we reap the full benefits of our CPUs and GPUs in this game last on the list is planet coaster did this 1 more less just for fun because I really like roller coaster tycoon taken to even taken 3 was a bit harder to get used to have it taken to is my favorite I'm clinic coasters really nice modern rendition of that game so I ran both CPUs and the 3 other presets in this game and we still couldn't hit 100 FPS on average which is pretty surprising to me but I really like this game actually did description it's not ... being sponsored anyway I just genuinely enjoy playing it ... so it's something you should probably check out if you like roller coaster tycoon 96 FPS for the 87 or kit 5 gigahertz 91 of 4.6 and 86 for the 67 0 K. again did did these differences here are pretty negligible I would say if for a game like this upgrading your CPU from skylink even house will to the new copy like CP is really makes no sense I want to answer this question again with a broader scope taking all of these benchmarks and consideration including the synthetics and the video rendering with adobe premiere pro which is important someone like myself I'd I it's difficult to justify an upgrade if you're already on sky like he really come and completely honest with you sky Cabey were already axle gaming CPUs especially had I 5 and I. 7 that could be overclocked and you were willing to deliver especially for Katie lake of you get some serious over Clark's and some serious performance jumps with those over clocks in games I'm not sure though that it's worth upgrading from that tick coffee lake and here's why because you're not only at the Bundy CPU but also a new mother board right so Z. 370 chipsets are only gonna be compatible with the latest copy like CPU cannot throw coffee like CP what was he to 70 board as of right now it appears any bios that I know the flash on an older mother board to make it compatible they're they're different ... power requirements from power delivery methods for coffee like that make incompatible so older motherboards are not going to be able to support it but that said I don't think that it's worth upgrading via Skype Katie that's my verdict there if you are already on rice and stay with rice and I think the rise in 5 is still the best value ... CPU lineup currently will look into the I 586 under came later on see what that offers but this is where I'm gonna ask this woman leave it on only to hear if you have anything older than sky look that's the house well especially I be for an ivy bridge by this point is gotten upgrade just move on to DDR 4 get yourself a new feature sets you'll be plenty happy with it of it I think it's a waste if you have sky Acadie to upgrade check to buy new mother board ... along with the new CPU that's easily 500 Bucks if you want the 8700 K. so this is where I'm going to call and going to give you some cut clean and dry opinions based on fact with the price of the new mother board and the CPU taken into consideration I don't think an upgrade to copulate if you just want to look at the 8700 catcher upgrade path is justified if you're already on sky or Katie platforms house well in later there has well and earlier I should say give it some thought now if you're on IT bridge I think this is now the time you need to upgrade to get the 6 cores because that's planning for the future and you get that high overclocking potential if you're on an FX platform from AMD or earlier then yes also consider this upgrade path look this is the best gaming CPU on the market okay soon cost you pretty penny if you're a new mother board DDR 4 and ... and CPO swords upwards of 67 $0 depending on what you want feature wise but I think it's gonna be worth it you'll see some huge gains in games and also in the editing space if you're on a rising platform not sure what you're doing here maybe to scope out the competition of it I would be perfectly fine if I had a rising platform right now and I saw these benchmark for the first time I looked you guys are after the value the bang for the Buck that's exactly where rice and offers and I still think the rise of 56 0 CPU is the best value CPU out there you get the 6 course salmon accords you get with any senator Kay for considerably less the motherboards are also fairly cheap you to be thrifty motherboards to overclock 3.9 gigahertz which is pretty good for a rise in CPU and get a duty or for the new feature set so it's a recent platform you can get decent informants and you gonna get the the strong editing potential with the High Court counts in the rise in line up that's we're gonna call it if you like this but it should give a thumbs up thumbs down for the opposite or if you hate everything about life just a quick dislike button just just don't don't be shy be sure to click that subscribe but if you haven't already institute for more content like this on the channel this is science studio thanks for benchmarking with us and I I //
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Science Studio After Hours | 4AM EST! Live Q&A + Announcements
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Here's How the 80+ PSU Rating System Works
\\we discussed power supplies in great length on this channel most recent one I recommend you watch before we double of this topic include the card right here you a kind of idea of what kind of power supply should be looking for in the first place we're gonna talk about in this video our power supply efficiencies WNED year terms like 80 plus goal in 80 plus platinum the first thing you should be thinking of is the efficiency of the power supply and apologize in advance I'm saying power supply yes you quite a bit in the video it's just how it's gonna be a so the 2 huge price determines for a PS you're going to be lowered water so if it's at 5:00 powers fire 1000 watt power supply and then also it's acquittal efficiencies of 80 plus all the way up to 80 plus tight if it even has an 80 plus rating at all power supplies get hotter and require better power channels AS load one Greece's we just by price tends to increase whether geometrically passed around 800 what's the 1 many tend to overlook when hunting for power supply is its efficiency rating and that becomes more more important as wattage increases gridlock about why in this video firstly let's define the 80 plus rating system developed by ecos consulting the intention is to promote power efficiency with respect to load wattage so as its name suggested no power supply can be branded with the 80 plus a logo on this is at least 80 percent efficient at 20 percent 50 percent and 100 percent rated loads for example consider 500 watts 80 plus power supply 1 from EVGA at 20 percent of its rated load 100 watts the power supply must be at least 80 percent efficient if we assume it is exactly that the dividing the load by the efficiency implies a 100 25 what input to this is the power pulled from the wall into the power supply in essence this is output power divided by input power for efficiency rating of 80 percent that's 100 watts divided by 100 25 it was 80 percent for 8.8 efficiency factor 100 watts of it is dispersed to the various connected components and 25 watts dissipated in the form of heat as a waste product virtually all systems designed to convert forms of energy are inefficient to some extent and I say virtually because electric space heaters technically do their intended jobs with a near 100 percent efficiency factor converting electrical energy to heat isn't nearly effortless with that said it's pretty incredible in modern power supplies like this 1 here from Animax manage insane workloads of these incredible efficiencies this 1 sporting 80 plus titanium rating the highest of them all is fully modular even comes with unique sleeved cables and that brings us to the 80 plus rating tiers but simply 80 plus of the scuffed earlier 2150 percent workloads must remain 80 percent efficient a factor 0.8 but it see 80 plus gold the 20 percent equivalent load must maintain inefficiency factor of point 87 at 50 percent 0.9 at 100 percent point 87 once more so again let's recap an 800 watt 80 plus gold power supply operating 50 percent load must lose no more than 45 watts of power in the form of heat that's 400 watts 50 percent of full rated load divided by the required gold efficiency valued at 50 percent which is 0.9 is pretty simple to calculate you just need the chart for reference by the way 80 plus titanium it's the highest rating the factor reaches point 94 even requires a special circumstance for titanium power supplies a 10 percent load what efficiency of 90 percent but why are low wattage load efficiency so important this is something else to touch on the reason why these 80 plus efficiency curves are indeed herbs is because power supply struggle the most at extremely low and high powered draws with respect to their wattage readings this is why I recommend a buffer discussed in the video I pointed to earlier putting a 1500 watt PSU in a system that only child 100 watts on the wall is far from ideal but not just from a budget standpoint it can actually stress unit to a great extent most people don't know this in a similar situation para 500 watt PSU with a system drawing considerably more power say 700 what's considered merely heat up your unit and force power trips was a random shutdowns when peak power demand isn't supplied by the power supply so to wrap this up power supply efficiencies become more important as load wanted increases for 2 reasons the first being that if you have 1000 watt power supply is not efficient all that it might be pulling up roots of 1314 0 watts from your wall and distributing only about 800 watts of that to your very powerful PC that's a lot of extra power that's just wasted in the form of heat because the power supply isn't built efficiently and that's extra money in your power bill every month the second reason why you might consider a higher efficiency power supplies in regards to its longevity power supplies are built more efficient typically have better components inside the last longer and you don't want dead PS use taking other components in your PC's with them with that said like this but it should give a thumbs up thumbs down for the optically subscribing to have a rain stay tuned for more content like this this is science studio thanks for morning with us the the yeah so the //
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How Strong are Tempered Glass Panels?
\\so we took a trip outside the studio for an old school elementary science experiment here I have a temper glass panel from a fantexts P. 400 US embassy how high it we have to drop the saying in order for the temper glass to shatter up but in a nutshell a glass panel is tempered by undergoing a heating process followed by a rapid cooling of the outside of the glass which forces it into a sort of in the end side of the glass schools much more slowly which tends to pull away from the outside edges and that puts the inside of the glass into tension the result is a very sturdy glass actually about 4 times stronger than regular glass the issue though is that when it does shatter you better have a broom handy for those who are wondering our test will be conducted on just pavement here like typical of street pavement ends pretty rocky sister can assimilate a worst case scenario here for a dropping tempered glass I imagine most people either drop this class on carpet or hardwood or tiled but this is a bit rougher so it's gonna break anywhere it's gonna break here we just got a bed sheet that we turn kind of into a makeshift out painters blanket so that's going to capture most of the glass hopefully ... when the shattered in a thing about temper glass was saying earlier is that when the stuff does break it really breaks it shatters into 1000 pieces of not more that's when I make sure we can gather as much of it but then the blanket as we can when it does break will sweep the rest from the road for the first part of this test for only gonna drop the glass from about a foot high I I don't know when this is gonna break if even will from a purge of 34 feet ... this in your first test so foot high just assistance here we go it's pretty strong hot surprise that didn't break it all right now my job from the same height but this time parallel with the grounds if this makes any difference now for test number 3 were gonna drop this vertically from 2 feet high about 2 feet looks about right in Rio this is pretty sturdy stuff alright and now 2 feet high horizontally I don't even see scratches on this thing parrots are we keep having to push this camera further and further back so this is 3 feet from a vertical drop roughly 3 feet I Susan festive season see here this is about the only damage tempered glass panel took from a 3 foot vertical drop I'm I'm surprised really by the way you should definitely wear some safety goggles if you do something like this for whatever reason do as I say not as I do so it's gonna be a 3 foot horizontal job now there aren't even any scratches on it you could literally stick this back on the PC case seller on Craigslist and nobody would know that we drop this thing multiple times on concrete from several feet high roots are here so we are at this point after 23 foot drops 1 from a vertical position 1 from a horizontal position relative to the floor ... the glasses has literally taken almost no damaging see the only damage right here in this quarter and that's where it hit the concrete first I believe so for anybody concerned about tempered glass ... rigidity in and toughness and durability and I've heard a lot people say 0 you're by tempered glass she's gonna break on if I drop it first off I hope you don't plan on dropping your PC or any component from 3 feet high a but even if this thing fell from 3 feet high and a worst case scenario on some concrete like this ... your glass is likely not to break that you know we're gonna keep dropping this from higher and higher elevations until we do you get it to shatter all right so I can kinda freaky now for a fourth set of testament droplets from shoulder height about 595 tenses prior on 5 feet high and ... yeah I don't know why you would have your PC this high off the ground and it's on the top of the bookshelf or something weird like that but ... I'd say this is beyond the worst case scenario if this doesn't shatter at this high advertisement throw it in the air and see what happens here we go vertical 5 foot drop yeah what is he going to tell you I don't know what to do I don't know what to do it still looks great 5 foot horizontal drop I I don't even know what I'm gonna do now it's a slate but 77 feeder so to a 7 foot vertical drop can be pretty explosives and turn around and we got there we go these see how it shattered into well over 1000 pieces ... that's what tempered glass does by age of how it's made so yeah about 7 feet on to ... pretty rough concrete is what it's going to take at least for this particular panel to get it to shatter into 1000 pieces and there we go that's is ... one of the remaining pieces that is now breaking into many other pieces of art Pantex P. 400 S. tempered glass panel alright good to be back it's hot outside so a few general conclusion we can make about this a little experiment here the first is that tempered glass is relatively sturdy it's gonna withstand some pretty serious drops as we've just proven even on some of the worst terrain possible this is thanks to the way the glass is in fact tempered though a downside to this is that it does happen to shatter it will do so into 1000 pieces one other generalization would like to make to those who often classified tempered glass cases into that fragile category oil to draw my glass and have it shatter but it's pretty tough in fact I would be more concerned about the floor in which you drop the panel then the panel itself that's what this video sought to prove if you'd like to see more videos like this on the channel let me know by giving us one of thumbs up I do appreciate that also don't be shy about quicken that read subscribe and down below pretty sure you're not gonna regret this is science studio thanks for learning with us but for yeah and //
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How Bad is this $6 Lapel Microphone?
\\this video is brought to you by last pass your one stop solution for conveniently and securely storing personal data such as passwords and details and your own digital vault even get an auto fill tool to make filling out forms a breeze LastPass is used by millions including myself and is highly regarded W. happened this last past outcome to get started see this but if description for more details when I first started this channel one of the name science studio I was unsure of what microphone to purchase being that I was a baller on a budget and have much money to spend it all and I was not a fan if you cameras built in microphone the cameras using at the time is like a Nokia 540 L. 540 something on this lines it's a built in microphone well stocked at this fall the Pacific plate is sliding up no more and the north American plate relatively stationary kind of moving down but really it's the Pacific plate that's move quite a bit there are pictures of picket fences that have moved further down on a plane simply from the sliding off one played over the other if you look at this you hear the Pacific plate is on one side and the north American plate is another so I just heard I was in desperate need of some much better now you might wonder why I'm outside right now that's because typically when you purchase really cheap microphones they don't do a great job suppressing background noise outside it's pretty lot of dogs are barking inside the house because I'm out here and they're not our cars are driving by their birds chirping and here just that ambient sounds being outside are that you don't have when you're inside and that's pretty secluded noise wise I so I'm not here just to give you a sample of what this microphone sounds like in kind of a worst case scenario it's not very windy though that would be one situation which this microphone would definitely fail ... but you don't look the same qualities not too bad being that this microphone is super cheaper talking under 10 US dollars Highness was actually the first microphone I ever bought on Amazon I like I said I've got this lapel microphone hurt leveille microphone every really wanna call it plug directly into my phone I need an adapter for this particular model because this is only a T. R. S. microphone which means that if you just while looking from a physical standpoint has 2 black bars okay you want 1 that has 3 black bars for most modern cellphones or it will just attack the microphone as a headphone set and that's it you won't want to take the microphone built into it as well ... so if I just plug the microphone directly into the phone without the small adapter which has 3 rings on this and then the phone would basically try to play music through the microphone which course would not work and it would never detect sound from this device to keep that in mind you want T. R. or S. that's 3 rings on your lapel microphone versus 22 is a no go unless you buy the adapter in which case you're spending way more than you really need so I make a very clear distinction between what a studio professional microphones set up what sound like which is what you listening to right now and let something like this say 3 or $4 a lapel microphone that plugs into your phone sounds like so the difference really comes down to 2 different things the first is going to be audio clarity that's how clear your voice sounds in general at the yearly bit ray is involved ... if yours any static distortion that just comes with the quality of the Mike to condenser microphone ... or if it's an omnidirectional microphone those all play a role as well also whether or not it has noise canceling capabilities this lapel microphone obviously does not all there are some microphones like this that you plug in a phones that you have noise canceling capabilities give it a minute paying a bit more than maybe 2030 Bucks which we can do a video on that separately this is just about a really cheap set up here my studio setup consists of an audio Technica 2035 which is similar to the 2020 which was super popular as well as the Yamaha mics are now all of that is discussed in detail this video right here I invite you to check it out for more info ... but in a nutshell sounds pretty good right and it's all excel are powered in this case though with a 4 to $6 a pill microphone notes the quality and the clarity of the audio dramatically reduces obviously isn't a fair comparison some appointment doing 6 though a little microphone versus $300 Axel are set up that's not what this video is about ... but I do want to make the distinction between what a really crisp audio set of sounds like and what you're 4 going when you decide to go with more portable sound system the big issue I have with these little microphones are the ones are super she they don't have any noise canceling capabilities is the fact that they're meant to be right taken outside of the studio outside into the the the world where you can scout walkaround have a camera and sink of audio and video later because no noise canceling capability the sound quality of your voice gets really really distorted especially when their stuff going on the background and he winds up I would say any music people talking within 20 feet if you will all be picked up by this microphone it's super sensitive and it doesn't do a great job at Qana cleaning up the sound as being processed by your phone so I got a surround sound system set up right now playing some music in the background in every speaker and the subwoofers pointed in this direction ... and we're using the excellent like that of course right now so you can get an idea of how great this microphone does the entire system does at isolating my voice which is the point where you want my voice to be the thing that you hear more than anything else now we're gonna shift over to the lapel and well not too great the the base is definitely taking over a bit this is ... not not doable I would say because my voice isn't being isolated up to where you you are distracted severely by the sound plane back and only about 10 percent volume by the way so that's 1 big issue is noise suppression right the background noise that you don't want picked up and a microphone these are gonna do a great job that obviously there $6 microphones but 1 of the upsides affected these microphones literally work off of your phone's power they don't need a dedicated power source you can legally plug and play take this ready goes on the phone has power the microphone does as well the Gobi honest my verdict on these mikes we really aren't too bad because of the 1 cost less than 10 Bucks I mean that's less than what it would cost if you bought a number 1 at McDonald's so you're getting a lot of bang for your Buck that's for sure but you do have to keep in mind you cannot go places where it's going to be extremely loud hearing crowds of your ... an event like CS or copy text for example these mikes will not cut it what we actually use to copy text 2017 was a wireless microphone set up that we bought on Amazon for about 300 Bucks comes with 2 mikes and a receiver that you can kinda stash atop your camera plug everything in the run directly into camas audio sings up nice and clean I it's not the greatest set up only because things are being transmitted wirelessly of course that wireless transmission so we can integrate audio to some extent on this case a little more than the pricier Sennheiser options and what not you can find for around $1000 of it 3 under Bucks not bad about this 1 link in description as loyal as the super chief $6 lapel microphones and some that are actually less than 6 Bucks but this 1 here was about $6 for this microphone and look the these are just different options for you to choose from if you want to move more professional to do a better job at isolating sound than by something worth around 300 or so Bucks that's where you really get the most for your money I would say around 300 Bucks organ take the dirt cheap option pay 6 Bucks for a lapel microphone like this it doesn't require a dedicated power source ... and that really gets the job done and relatively quiet situations like we are in here outside though things definitely change so I hope you learn a few court thing about lapel microphone specially the ones a plug directly into your phone what you should look for if you're going to buy something similar to this offer under 10 U. S. no there's equivalent I have them link in the description by the way the one that I use in the past this one isn't too bad considering it's not very expensive and you get a multiple microphone so if you want your friends to plug anyone to occur in a multi person shot you can certainly do that and split the audio accordingly if you like is that it should give a thumbs up thumbs down for the opposite that's the AC unit the district on it's not been picked up by the Mike stay tuned for more content like this also sub for more videos like these this is science studio thanks for listening with us the WNED nnst //
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Phanteks P300 TG Review - Insane Bargain!
\\move the money shot we're gonna go right to the point here fantexts those excellent jobs making cases that are affordable and premium so this right here is a $60 enclosure and you get tempered glass included I'd like you to meet the P. 300 and I'm a bit late with this review everyone else release there's earlier in the day ... but this is a smaller take on the P. 400 prevent text which was already a great value factor tempered glass addition that case was my favorite case for the longest time up until fractal released in their defined see tempered glass addition so like I said the P. 300 has a smaller chassis then the P. 400 that's why it's a 300 not 400 you get it pretty simple right so the case of the goes far back that's the first thing you notice here also the basement is kind of like a part of the chassis so you can see and feel the basement on the exterior of the case ... and tempered glass actually only goes down to where the basement begins actually it's pretty cool give this case a bit of flavor and ... differently distinguish that from its competition also being this is only $60 closure seem tempered glass on board is definitely a plus and no it's not extra tented it's just slightly tinted just enough in my book in terms of hardware support we're looking at ATX motherboards and smaller only because there is an invention you're kinda like the front refined see case ... that gives more room in the back for cable management cable storage in general I think that ... this is a ... worthy compromise most people are going to use E. ATX case is the few that do or can make a big deal about how these cases all support ATX but the fact of the matter is a majority of people using a T. excise motherboards and smaller so I don't see a problem going with the ... better cable management in the back speaking of which is very clean backyard for easy to and a maneuver cables and store things that you really don't need especially if you don't have a modular power supply I love the space in the P. 300 it's actually an easier case the bill then believe it or not in the P. 400 regarding fan and radiator support this actually takes on pelican in the X. T. S. 345 so you get a single 1 to 1 male fans for the back you have up to a 140 millimeter fan on top only a single 1 it does ... have a dust filter included just or magnetic 1 so least there's that well that's something the US 340 elites does not include I'm pretty sure and then up front here you have support for up to 280 millimeter a I also have a 240 in there right now I guess is plenty of room still for a larger radio but you can't put a triple right in here and about show you why so if you remove the front panel of the case you'll find a hard drive tray actually turned sideways so you can access your drive bays from the front Lexi pretty cool at the same time it does kind of cut into space in the basement so I have a really large power supply here actually their powers but larger than this 1 on the market now this 1's considerably larger than the average power supply for a mid tier build and it will not fit including the cable lengths there's no way get this power supply to fit in here so I had to use a smaller form factor power supply because the hard drive tray was left intact now if you want more space then you can remove the hard drive tray of course there is no wealth but 3.5 inch drives keep in mind this is still considered a mid tower case so there are 7 PCI slots at the rear again that 120 male fan read support of top you have your mother board I rewrite or cut out down below just a simple power supply mounting system Noah extra you know hinge or anything like that to worry about here just like power supply in from the right side of the case that the 300 stands firm on the ground with its 4 large feet I'd 7 incher so of breathing room for the power supply if you're at your fan downward ... and on the bottoms of the feet the fine little foam pads to keep things from getting scratched up on your desk but for front I owe the cases sporting a headphone Jack microphone Jack into USB 3.0 ports can we complain here the $60 case so how many excuse the ports would've been nice but at least you got some up here also there is an RGB cycle but up front which will change the color of the power button up top as well as the thin LED strip at the front the case on top of the basement but Peter had also includes extra wiring harness is if you want to attach some compatible LED strips or even sync it up with your mother boards lighting system pretty cool how they've done this us if you want a full on RGB build or adjust the rate that is in a sitting 1 color scheme are then you can actually control at all with this 1 button up top if you really wanted I am a bit concerned about the front panel this is always been fantexts Achilles heel ha so there are 2 very tiny dust filters here and this is basically reminiscent of how much breathing room this case is going to offer you at least for fans up front either is another dust filter and integrated now hear the bass so there are dust prevention mechanisms built and the front panel but the front panel itself is rather constricted I would say this is more restrictive than the typical define sea define ass from fact design also maybe even slightly more restrictive than the S. 340 lead because there are these grill all slots here and it's not just an open not space for air to flow through so this is probably the the most inconvenient thing about the P. 300 then again it was also inconvenient for the P. 400 snaps a nice and sturdy there are 2 other issues I have with this case at this point of just really being picky because if you consider a $60 price tag this case is a huge bargain I would recommend this case to anybody looking for a relatively affordable case also include some amenities like tempered glass and RGB I integration the one thing that I'd like to see in the with the basement is a cut out for VGA cables there's not one of those which means you have to route your graphics card cables through the slots at the rear where you would follow it 44 and USB 3.on such a that's the other thing like complain about I'm not the biggest fan of what they've done this their angle that 90 degrees to the cut outs are gonna make your cables look slightly pledges crushed I'd like to see maybe a 45 degree angle here are just simple cut outs facing the right side of the case but I've got to be honest in this regard as well this is a huge bargain huge bargain for 60 Bucks cannot stress that enough despite the few down falls that really I mean you can't you can't chop this case for its 60 Bucks this is one heck of a bargain I'm gonna recommend it to anybody looking for a case it's not $100 hi this is yeah this is probably the best case 60 Bucks period and I say that with confidence I've built in anything this cheap that isn't this nice to bill then it's this easy to building that looks this good either as always you can find this product link in the video description along with this P. 400 counterparts like large case but does offer a bit more breathing room offer custom loop someone I'd be pretty difficult for the customer opened here you have to really cut back on radiators and and nothing's are fairly important for custom lives ... if you want to support us and Amazon you can click any of us links and buy products via those links and that will give us a small kick back and we do recycle most of that money back into the channel to bring more content like this actually just went to Best Buy and purchase about 500 Bucks worth of storage drive so it does really help us out and it lets us build more peace he's like these and in cases either as beautiful as this one and frankly more beautiful for 60 Bucks is a great case there are better case out there and to be honest but for 60 Bucks there's no better case I've come across it isn't this great of a bargain if you like it if you give a thumbs up thumbs down for the opposite click subscribe it had already stay tuned for more stuff like this on the channel this is science studio thanks for building with us //
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This Custom PC Has No Name
\\alright what do you think folks Nagano pipes and Billy for runs one of them was way back here behind the Reds where it was ... put in place in part one of this slow build Sirius and I finish this band right here and this one leading from the graphics card to the top the reservoir so the fluid direction because of the way this is going to the premature palm prints combo here the fluids gonna be forced out the back home he can't really tell cameras looking to reduce justice so crack Kayser room but that's what I like I it's really come so everything's billet filled up and you so the food's gonna entered the top which is just a good conventional set up here and then from the radiator down to the CPU block and if you talk to the graphics card and then from the graphics card up to the present work enough people are concerned about the fact they'll have a single tune in 40 mil radiator in here I understand where your concerns coming from most of the custom we build you see online or over kill over the top they don't need you know to 480 Mallrats fewer saying why do you throw 316 here are second to 40 up front or something habit if you look at it on a component basis this radic sort of the single 120 mil rad space and the Cebu has another 120 Mallrats space to forties fine we all know that you can pair a graphics card and I own a single 120 morale and it's gonna stay perfectly cool granted as a separate system on their broken apart like that even though we're including both into the same loop temperatures will still be fine will run tests in thermals after this videos up just to make sure that everything is stable of this been proven time and time again I'm pretty sure jade the somewhere video on a set of rabbit sort of CPU and court of the single to 40 Milorad ... and everything was just fine so the next thing I list were gonna fill this puppy up with some cool and some for you but we're gonna put up ever tell to hear the bass in case anything weeks should be like so this fitting for provincial are affluent get that super tight sealing here with the single are in was pretty incredible and they look great and white are the only thing that's not from primo chilled it's custom loop a family in this case is of course the fantexts a graphics card block and the thermal take CPU block now my gonna tell you what color cool 1 I'm putting in here you have to just watch the video market skip ahead shame on you you're missing the tech foreign speaking of which here goes so the this it's I I I I I this to nnst alright so on a small issue on a really small will see how it turns out when the here's actually stress test but there are air pockets in this loop that are literally and to get out with shrine and are trying to fill with fluid and in each of those runs because I can't get these pockets of air into the reservoir and that's where I'm filling the loops from the reservoir the issue the reason why this happens because the radiator is up top here and there's a huge part of air in here it's very difficult to get rid of I've tried rotating the case on making the reservoir the highest point in the case I've rotated it probably 50 or so times I just try to get these pockets circulated through the graphics carboxy people walk into the reservoir after that every time I do that because there's a port on the back of the reservoir air pockets just move right back up into the radiator so no matter how hard I try to get these into the reservoir the reservoir will just have pockets of air leak into the radiator so ... we're gonna see how this turns out with temperatures for now though it is a Finnish loop with the exception of their pockets and the cool thing is when you turn the PC on despite there being air pockets which will be ... accreting thermal issues for sure how you can actually see the food moving which is pretty cool alright now been running have a benchmark here for a little bit and 45°C at the core pretty sweet so that means that the whole air bubbles in here circulating through the barn detrimental to any major extent I am perfectly fine without 45°C now as for the CPU the temperatures here reported at 68°C knows is not under load by the way so you can see usage here is there it's around 50 percent or so for maybe half a chorus half of her turned off but ... I must have listened to disabled that's weird anyway so 6 many resources number this is this is a 20 degree offset so I am to do this purposely now with the 1700 acts and the 1800 acts of this is actually a 49°C temperature is just being offset by 20 degrees because AMD's I am D. well here you go it's all hooked up and it looks like it's running fine I've stressed tested it for about an hour or so and the GPU and CPU got up to about the the jeep you got to 55°C which is pretty good after an hour in the CPU got to I think 80 and that's with a 3.8 gigahertz overclocked modest voltage nothing to ... to optimal adjusted the basic settings in the bio speaking of which this ... tai chi X. receptive or from as rock has a beautiful bios the updates are consistently rolling out Verizon I and that's why I like the sport so much that's why I recommend it to anybody looking to build a rise in P. C. the Thai chi X. 370 from as rock is 1 of the best ... overclocking and just ram support boards out there for Risan also if you're wondering the ram colors they're doing the whole rainbow effect right now I haven't changed yet but you still have software that of showcase before all that we can use to have this alternate between say red and white which is a theme going on here so all in all I am very satisfied with the bill I'm glad that the graphics card is no longer sagging at its vertical opposition right now ... and the fluid is it I'll be honest it's not as red as I would've liked for it to be it's actually a bit more pinkish than it is read only because of the air pockets in there so if you just look at the food when it's stagnant it's a very deep red ... but 1 the air bubbles get moving through the loop it does turn a bit lighter if you like to see some benchmarks this bill may be the future once in temperature tassel on some stress test see how are the thing fares the only 240 Milorad which many if you were concerned about in part 1 let me know in the comments below if you like this video or maybe like the bill should give this video a thumbs up I appreciate that subscribe for more content like this and also let me know in the comments so what do you think I should name this beautiful machine I'm gonna call beautiful because I I really do think that it looks good I think it's 1 of my best custom rebuilds to date are not only because I well it's got a red white theme which can go wrong with red white and also because of the few in August modest Mars a gun here with the graphics card ... and orienting the components in the case in such a way that you don't have to really do anything with the basement which is cool I don't like having a little hole in the basement for the pomp and what I just looks that I don't know I'm just a bit more ugly that's just me for the list of parts used in this PC to check out the video description some of those links are tied to my Amazon affiliate account just give me a small kick back with a punch back up exact kicking you can't see it ... just that small chunk of change are usually recycled back into the channel by more PC parts and stuff like that show of cool things maybe by some really interesting tech that you wouldn't think the Bible that you know what the heck for science right I and if you see new egg links those are not tied to any ability kind of any sort I actually don't like new exhibit a program because they don't have their own proprietary program they actually use ... CJ and a few others that just are terrible led to their just terrible compared to Amazon's affiliate program so good on you Amazon even other bit picky about where you put links and how you do it and this and that other small kickbacks do go a long way for me this is science studio hope you enjoy the P. C. build thanks for building with us uhhuh //
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Memoirs of a Custom Loop Builder
\\it I nnst and and NCCU over cool intro not be looking at another custom a loop project into this one has given me quite a number of issues before it even started bent and by the way first off this is just sagging like a mother and it's because it's so heavy so this is the block from fantexts this is ... made specially for the 1080 TI and it weighs a anywhere between 2 to 3 times what this card would way if it was just using the reference cooler ... and that is basically creating a great deal of Saguenay can't really tell now it's not too bad anymore but it needs to be raised about like that not to be nice and straight flush with the case awesome hoping that some of these tubes of fix that in the worst case up put maybe some like rubber stoppers down here to help lifted up as well and that's just because again it's really heavy also this right here I'd like you all to meet the band that's right has is really nothing else to say about it ... took a long time to get right and it's not because it was super technical with the terms which is because the term for so freaking close together on the side to go from the CPU block to the graphics card block and also you see guys conceived this one kind I'm going in the motion so this is the stand from the reservoir up to the back of the radiator now there's not much room in this case this is the fractal the fine C. tempered glass addition I've got the school bands here ... that I cut down the size so it's cut ... to length find suspect but getting it back here is just near impossible on and just because of how I decided to arrange this entire loop so we got the resin for here and we've got a couple fans of front with dust filters in between the chassis in the fans to come to keep the dust outer mitigate the dust build up ... to say the least and then we have the radiator up top and we have some fans gonna be basically going up pull config and then we have one exhaust fan at the rear which I will turn down to the lowest possible RPM to eliminate the negative air pressure build up in the case we've got one of these ready to go you've got the mother cameras refusing to focus on what is important right now ... the next what is this 11 of the scholars now what's the name of this thing right here are some got the fitting alright we got the ... little G. quarter inch fitting in this is exposed to the cap or something the captain gringo the cafeteria cap on this end cap on this and I'm gonna widget somewhere back here alright get on back here amount of precision involved with these custom loop especially cases that aren't technically custom with friendly and I will say that confidently about the fractal design define see like nothing wrong with this case is my favorite cases and then the last video but it's just not the easiest thing to water cooled so I have no room to make note of it all launch let's plug and the 8106 pin VGA cables because water that now they're not blocking the type running from the resort of the radiator and now the last events are the one from the graphics card up to one on either the reservoir of that Brad and then the CPU block to whichever one we don't fill up first now also managed to kind of get the graphics card straight so you seen some beer all clips now of a relatively flat graphics card at least consistent with the basement level and ... I'd I just manage to do this by cutting a few slots into the back of the grill over here I have a video on this it's not recommended for most people know sure okay with cutting up your case if you do it wrong to have just random holes in your grill ... but if you can pull it off it especially with a heavy card like this I think it's an looks sweet ID given open block a custom looping see the fluid come moving inside it's just gonna be the icing on the cake for this bill so this right here is kind of the icon I haven't talked about what fluid Carmen put in here it's going to surprise for part 2 but I think you're going to love it and no it's not what you think it's going to be okay it's not any white okay so you can yeah relax not so it's super hot and this room now and ... McCullough quits for this part of the fractal defined see tempered glass build I think that on the next if difficult if I wasn't a difficult that's not bird next difficult step will be formulating some kind of run from the graphics card port on the right side to the reservoir such or such do ... that way we can get fresh ... coolant from the radiator into the CPU block even though technically one salute equalizes temperatures we pretty much the same everywhere I'd just conventionally nice to have the radiator feed the CPU on a course have the reservoir and pump feed the radiator so this band is gonna be a little tricky not only because it's going to count to 3.turn in the same way this one 's actually 2 points because that is not to go backwards again up but this pipe is kind of in the way of this run this is actually almost level with this pipe it's also about the same I distance back from the front side the case so much really sure how to do this might put a 90 degree here have a cut jet off this way but I feel like that will look kind of silly amateur and keep in mind we also have to have a a run from the CPU up to this port on the radiator again not really sure what we're gonna do there also if you're wanting with these are so this is kind of like my fill port I guess is with this gonna be just all cap here nothing too fancy and this is my drain pour I usually just take a final under stick it on here and then just popped cap and let it drain nothing too fancy ... now we much else I can do here because I did not remove the basement door which I think was accomplishment in itself because there's not much space in the defined see not and that's just a compromise I'm willing to make because I love the compact nature the case especially when you have a custom loop inside also on this note let me know what you think I should do for this that's gonna go from here to here that's the only rule but I'm I'm open to creative solutions I don't care if you want to go over and through or not is really strange I do keep in mind we gotta have the run from here up to the radiators wealth can be pretty difficult but look it's gonna pay off ... I'm going to end the video thanks for watching this is just a note to the weekend upload blog if you wanna call and that I hope you enjoy the B. roll the tech porn and ... that truck is very loud gives me a thumbs up if that was cool mission to subscribe for more content like this is a science studio thanks for up building the US to //
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This is My Favorite Computer Case
\\this video is brought to you by hump net yep you heard that right hope that is the storage and server company I personally use for securing it in videos like these off site and out of mind they're offering one terabyte VPS to the first 200 science to your subscribers for only 20 Bucks a month they've undercut industry pricing it will not last long this is more than just a cloud service folks you have root access and full control over your personal data could link limited description for more details this is my favorite case of all time I can see that with 100 percent confidence and certainty because ... well it's my opinion and you don't have to agree this is one of the best look the bill then and it's been a prove even further with tempered glass meet the fractal design define C. tempered glass that it and I the you the so yes this is my favorite case of all time and I look back way back in some prehistoric piece a case of them close to the if you're wondering where I score this compared to is the X. T. fourty lead honesty you I would say this number 1 fantexts cases number to and the SP 40 elite is number 3 so this video right here for more details on the latter 2 so in this video very briefly on talk about why I think this case is the best case you can currently by the market both in terms of the building experience and the theme and looks overall much of this info is arguing covered in my fact designed mesh if I see review the defined see that was the original chassis and it does compromise their full just slightly but for the sake of extra hardware compatibility so in this case you can actually wedge fans between the chassis and the front panel which is an apple for airflow obviously you will suffer ... a few degrees of higher core temperatures for your CPU and GPU if you have a full on Lupin here on that that's why you would want to do this if you want room for reservoir and a pump and radiators and fans all the front this case but it is not very long then you're probably gonna have to resort pushing fans in between chassis in the front panel but even if you're not a hardcore water cooling PC enthusiast not that I blame you you could still fit just all air cooled parts in here and have plenty of room to spare also cable management is a dream thanks to this invention on the right side of the back panel to have plenty of room to stash your cables all these tax cuts are included and the inclusion of a basement means well you can hide anything else down here and still look pretty from the front speaking of the basement there is a panel of your front you can remove to offer support up to a 360 millimeter radiator fan counterpart and up top there are 2 fan slots for 1 twenties or 140 you can also manage to put a 240 mil a I own here or a 2 and 14 on a radiator with fans but I don't recommend to 80 because you might have some ram clearance issues and at the back of the case another 120 millimeter brackets the radiators fan should be a problem that you also should know that there are 2 fans included with the case to 120 millimeter fans from practice Zion and he's actually are pretty solid at low RPM although they do get pretty loud at high RPM that tends to be the case with his fans in general though they are not going to be enough top tier fans by any means I will say though that they are white end and the brackets at the back of the case government PCI slots are also white which is a bit weird still change those to black they are black in the mesh of icy at the top of the case I always exactly the same as it was for the regular to find seats with a headphone Jack microphone Jack a reset switch power button and 2 USB 3.of ports you also get the module vent covering the 280 millimeter fan are up to that ... bracket up top and this is actually a move will you get included mash cover if you want to stash bands up there so you get decent Aeroflot maybe an exhaust set up to get the hot air out of your case I'm a huge fan as SSD tray very easy to remove single thumb through that is attached to the brackets that won't go anywhere I it's it's just a really innovative way to take advantage of space that is otherwise wasted doesn't really never an issue with fraud like cases in this form factor there's a very large does filter spanning the height of the case up front is also a large one down below that spans the length of the case all the way back to the power splicing or in your power supply downward now where about just getting sucked up into their ... and does support fully power supplies also keep in mind this hard drive tree down here which is it's nice that they have it it is removable which is also a good thing so if you want to fit a customer but to put a pump here instead of a hard drive than the trays very easy to remove with 4 screws down below it's a very sturdy cases well quite heavy feels premium it's looked off the ground thinks the 4 abreast feet for adequate yes you breathing room if you really want to know what a P. C. looks like inside of the fractal design define sees how we're tongue twister there define design see ... then check out my Andromeda PC build series appreciate the series on a maybe it in one video now but it's right here uses purple calling because a purple gray black 5 and that it was built in the regular defined season just replace that front panel the temper glass panel and that's basically what a bill will look like in here anything for the most part can look gorgeous in here as long as you don't know throw weird like ITX motherboards hard disk full awful Talib it's a mid tower ATX case this case really has it all and that's why the defiance he is my favorite computer case of all time it's the perfect form factor for me not too large for mid tower and it's got a non tinted ... tempered glass front panel I love the fact that it's not into that's a huge pet peeve of mine cable management should not be I difficult at all thanks to the invention of the back panel and air flow is going to be decent not the best but I will take form over function in a case like this nothing has really wanna hear some negatives like if you really want to hear a negative thing about my favorite case of all time I'm gonna I'm gonna really try hard here to some pretty stupid Sonny's 0.3 to be rather moved up you have to know going into this that this case will only support up to ATX motherboards no E. ATX because of the invention of the back panel I'm also not a fan of the fact that the motherboard standoffs enough pre installed just an extra step okay yeah I'm a little lazy but I'd like to have those already there I don't know anyone is going one reason ITX motherboard in a case like this even micro takes a look will silly I recommend going full on AT X. the motherboards here if you want my critics version factor does offer a fractal to find many see strictly for micro ATX motherboards printing of one more thing it's -1 more thing that's All I Want is what one morning about you it's really difficult to find something to pick on here ... I what's actually you know what the power button this glows blue I find that kind of distasteful make it white just matches thinks better than blue does it give a red thing going on here than a blue power LED it's just a little off but despite those really cheesy negatives this is my favorite case by far think it looks the best I think its price appropriately and I think that is the easiest case I've ever built that the fine ass was also very easy to build and because it was a bigger form factor even though it's still a TX but they did have a basement I think the basement clues in the fine C. makes it the most compelling offer as always you can find a tempered glass edition of the defined see link in the video description along with its not a burlesque counterpart he just mention a cheaper option much of I see is also down there along with a defined many see for our micro ATX builders if you like this video or least appreciate the honesty let me know they give this one a thumbs up I do appreciate it basically subscribe but if you haven't already statement from more content like this on the channel this is science studio thanks for learning with this I I to WNED //
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Savage Studio After Hours: Live Q&A
\\ //
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What the Heck is the Silicon Lottery?!
\\this video is brought to you by deep cool in a new captain to 40 E. X. RGB available now in white on and a special deal for science studio viewers use this promo code at checkout for 8 percent off your purchase more info in the video description so I fires are definitely different than I sevens obviously and our 5 are definitely different than our sevens but it doesn't just stop there to 7700 case could still be radically different from other standpoints this also extends to GPUs so what does binning mean and what is the silicon lottery this is our minute science playlist and yes this is going to take longer than a minute to finish nmap when residents 7 launched the hype was a real man although they were never really true gaming CPUs isn't most camp will come anywhere close to fully leveraging 16 threads they offer unique value proposition to those previously considering only I sevens and Xeon spit AB not only brought octa core CPU to the maintenance of the same thing with hexa core CPUs in the 3200 acts which were priced comparably to Intel's I 5 CPUs what many aren't aware of though is the fact that rise in 5 CPUs use the exact same die as resin 7 counterparts mean that if you were to disable sequential course opposing CC axes you could have a right and 5 CPU from arise and 7 CPU that mean similar IP see someone overclock ability and similar power drop per core with respect to TDP thresholds AMD's disabling cores in resin 5 in rising 3 CPUs but why to save money of course but my architectural perspective doing this because some cores are passing the mark think of this as a sort of inspection of a single guy with 2 CC exit the 6 course passed with flying colors into that don't than the dye will likely be thrown into the 16 series pile from here the degree of metal vapor deposition and current leakage among other things will be used to further determine whether or not the dye becomes a rise in 516 0 or 1600 acts photography with better overall structure will appropriately handle larger power draw so those will become 1600 taxes with higher TD piece this is the bidding process of every CPU GPU manufacturer on the planet does this to some degree but what about our previous example with 277 0 case why can 1 overclock above 5 gigahertz with ease and relatively low voltage and 1 barely touch 4.8 gigahertz get extremely hot this is where the silicon lottery earns its name in for CPUs it applies when they're unlocked if you buy 77 0 K. from online vendor like Amazon or do you and your guests is as good as mine regarding overclock ability and resulting P. core requirements this have to do with the very tiny imperfections within each die not all connections between transistors in caches memory up to par resulting in varying degrees of late C. N. power lost in the form of heat if the inefficiency of a single core or complex is great enough it will be quarantine ineffectively disabled within the dock but if we can see is minimal it will be left intact in Silicon lottery takes effect in answers the question how high can overclock my CPU with said voltage not no 2 CPUs or likes if you wanna get really fun into detail which no you if I would ever let you do you could eventually narrowed down each specific voltage for every CPU ever designed on the planet that means that every CP will have a certain voltage at which it could reach frequency and remain relatively stable this is typically regarded as banning when you hear it use its referencing the silicon's degree of perfection Intel and AMD already do this by locking certain skews and disabling course the graphics for manufacturers run the same analysis consider 3 EVGA graphics cards at gtech spent 8863.though it detects an 80 super clock and GT extent 80 for the win Vasey 6 cards a boost clock at 1700 33 megahertz Wally at sea in for the windows 1800 4718 60 respectively by nature how EVGA bins its cards certain ports are grouped into any of these categories the ones that can clock higher are costlier as a result your sensually paying for a better benefits under the radar but it's actually pretty cool so if you want a car that can run stable at a higher frequency gonna pay a little more fort holy capitalism on a small scale it's the same thing you do when you choose to forego a 77 0 in favor of a 70 700 K. 77 0 K. has a higher been the 77 0 so if both chips were unlocked we should expect the case the risk you to overclock a bit higher as a bonus here you can actually pay a premium for CPUs are pre bent silicon you'll pay a premium sure but your clocks is a voltages and settings are guaranteed according to their website if you like this video be sure to give this 1 a thumbs up and you appreciate that beautifully subscribe but if you haven't already in statement from more content like this in the channel this is science studio thanks for learning with this //
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I Read Ridiculous Facebook PC Ads
\\this video is brought to you by somewhere space look folks domain website online store really doesn't matter what you need you can do it all over tack on a forward slash science studio to get 10 percent off your first purchase it's linked in the studios description I like the previous this playlist with the bit of insight into why I even bother making these types of its exact science videos per se there just street smart videos if you're new to PC building and you're interested in buying a new or used PC in either market then I recommend watching a video like this if you gonna shop on Facebook on Craigslist on eBay anywhere else in the world for a used PC especially be aware of when you're being scammed that's not to say that everyone out there is going to rip you off in fact I would argue that more people than not are going to be genuinely incident selling you a component of PC year something along those lines for a decent price because they know that it's either been just devalued over time or they need the cash quickly so we're gonna show you mostly bad deals there are few good ones that I found it Facebook marketplaces has littered with some garbage so that's what this video is I read terrible ads Facebook marketplace addition by popular demand took it up right into this now for those who are not familiar Facebook marketplaces basically Craigslist it's great list but anybody anywhere can sell anything first on our list of this in the $1500 asking price gaming PC from Pensacola Florida a 50 watt power supply AMD FX 63 0 in our 9390 volcano graphics card but he's got a 250 guests us do you could not too bad 16 gigs of ram but ... there's really nothing appealing here and I'm not sure where he's getting the $1500 asking price wary of next year a custom built gaming and developer work station PC asking price 28 0 $35 from Dothan Alabama this isn't on the specific price for this PC and a good game you got yourself a shot there this PC utilizes the M..2 specification for its hard drive that's not a hard guy that's in and out to its solid state drive which means is nearly 100 times faster than any HDD you can buy current people computers don't even compare with available because it's such a new technology and the specs I 7 summits 100 Keiichi text 108032 gigs of trident's EDT are for 1 terabyte him not to heated cheap out on the and that too that's for sure opulent H. acts 850 I 850 watt power supply you put in a 570 X. from course there that's really the extent of the bill though and he's asking for nearly 3 grand just in case you're new to PC's terrible deal ever go $450 gaming PC for low to medium games GTX 668 gigs of ram not sure the CPU is you should probably less that if you gonna sell a computer like this looks like an AMD cooler some assume maybe like it affects 63 0 affects 43 0 I can't really tell all this is good though can throw in the 320 gig hard drive for the right price that by her dress and costly $10 Jesus artless gohan ... will Yukio cards for gaming PC is pretty straight up about is not trying to be flyer anything I'm not sure what the value of these you give cards are played a long time but 420 Bucks should get him a decent starter rate of combines and use parts ... that's really All I Want to show you here it's pretty funny no I would live here 25 $0 any PC this we can play in 1440 P. at no ease and also for K. 67 0 K. at 4.5 gigahertz Intel assist before a gig hard drive so hard drive those assets D. there's a different hard drives are not solid state drives totally different 60 gigs of ram some 50 watt power supply in a GTX 1080 item looking for what he has in this rate that's making him come to the conclusion that it's worth 25 $0 fine I thought this was pretty cool at first glance he's got an I. 7 semis of 100 hand there to GTX 1080 T. eyes and in his ecstasy 40 elite custom loop looks really clean right and then I found out that he's only including 1 graphics card when you buy it with only 11080 I. sorry dude not gonna cut it custom gaming PC workstation computer Intel core I. 5 so I don't know if you can call a computer with an I. 5 minute a workstation PC single click baby to me 38 X. 6 of Ranma on the vomit that it's kind of weird ... 107760 T. case a 1 terabyte SST SCX a 50 M. power supply including windows 10 that's good 8 fans and ... let's see I don't think he's including this 144 hurts 4 K. monitor no he's not apparently he sells them on the side interesting $21 my conclusion is day what is this PC parts I 7 gaming P. C. right so the CPU motherboard must be sold together economic sense right ... I 74790 K. an asus maximus hero 7 so he wants to 1 in 70 Bucks for that the sexually pretty solid deal here that I 7 that's has well but you could still probably squeak out around 200 Bucks that's I think a fair price for an older I 7 but even the house was not that old so anywhere in the 200 to solid for I 7 plus he's including the mother board basically free of charge is really cheap which is nice I 1 of his including the ram that that's not in this list maybe he's just moving that 2 different bills of it that alone just the $27 for that combo is pretty cool $750 gaming PC in Tallahassee Florida can run many games at Max settings knows is good when he starts the whole lad off with the sentence here 60 gigs of ram affects 8350 Kozelek coming and that's he's good nvidia GTX 660 ana G. T. 6 hand was using 1 for physics 850 protiviti 60 Gaza city in a 1.8 terabytes hard disk drive $750 is not gonna cut it what do we have UT 5810 gaming PC pretty sure that's a Xeon rig that such a server bill not necessarily gaming rig all the double check on that 64 gigs of ram sounding more like a server than anything else 1 terabyte solid state drive and a GTX 1070 video card price is not negotiable this whole bill just doesn't make sense all women that classic UV green coolant did we up for sale here is the PC I built from the ground up building computers for almost 20 years and that's the plastic casing but what time and effort in this had plexiglass custom cut LGA 4820 K. 16 Dicks of course they're dumb plots got to 918 SLI interesting nations are geographic for black edition LG 2011 mother board and a bunch of fans he's got a corsair HX 1000 I for absolutely no reason to leading 50 gigabytes Samsung SSD 840 pro I'm more less just concerned about the value of the custom loop gear and wondering if he's accounting for all of those costs are appeased kinda given us a discount here and be difficult break it all down he's got a lot of stuff going on in here I don't recommend anyone looking to buy a PC prebuilt go with a custom liberate it's just it's a really hard for me to recommend that because this can require so much Maine and in the long run this is a gaming PC and monitor McKinney Texas $1000 bond this gaming PC and monitor in June just don't use anymore works great will send specs to serious buyers are you kidding me why on earth would you even bother posting at every night with the specifications really it's just more work for both of us just make it simple I'm gonna assume this is for the terrible bill because you're too shy to put specs on screen brand new high end gaming desktop scissors section in my hometown and what city beach Florida $2000 amazing build gaming desktop this will shred any game it's ready for 4 K. gaming for V. R. I 777 0 taking about giving my board a little sketched out there by the mother where because it to your board I'm curious as to whether or not that is even as the 270 boredom might be a P. 250 bookmark the check he's got 116 gig stick of DDR 4 full strange 3 terabyte hard disk drive 5 I guess SD gigabyte orris 1086 interpret what power supply you plus and the corsair crystal for 60 acts over check this out he hasn't started yet but he's planning on putting in a nice wifi card all of this I can represent here never been overclocked or abused so you're telling me that you have a 77 0 Pena Rick with an aftermarket CPU cooler and you never tinkered with the overclock either that or this guy's doing the same thing the guy the last video didn't he just paired an unlocked CPU will lock chipsets we can't overclock even if he wants to make a custom 4 K. gaming PC from would wait Texas 15 our dollar asking price but this 1 a little research beforehand he actually price it out fairly certain I 57 0 K. which will do decent and dance not the best but it's close to GTX 10 eighties in SLI and he's got a what a 2 terabytes of hard disk drives in raid 0 is the 2 on the basement and he's got a 120 to get 60 for the operating system in GXT crack in X. 52 and is accepting PayPal for those interested you're gonna say this 1 really isn't a bad deal if you want to buy a monitor from is also selling that so I don't get this guy up did the seriously I mean for the 2 graphics cards alone especially with the mining grace the way it is although graphics for president they're gonna go down just a little bit of the select Haiti psych throughout the best mining cards ... patch per lot anyway this is still a decently priced PC and and this video I want to show you how I was searching through Facebook marketplace maybe would be something somewhere on your channel or just in your spare time plans and decent deals out there that do exist on this ... on this site you can ... signed into your Facebook account it is required actually to do anything here if you don't sign and that is not knowledge search ... it will probably pull your location in search really anywhere so it's type then Seattle Washington and there we go now you can type in what you're looking for a cute gaming PC and the top searches should have to do with that what you were looking for whoever does the juicy one so ultimate gaming P. C. 4 K. and virtual reality ready GTX 10:00 ET custom loop say see my point super simple to use I invite you to just give a shot see what you can find in your local area so we've seen that the good the few that I showed the bad there were plenty of those to choose from and the ugly no what I want you to do this my call to action in this video is to go on to your local Facebook marketplace I've been gaming PC or something along those lines and see what kind of deals you can find if any exist at all might take away from this base for marketplace it's got a lot of crap I'd say as much if not more crap than Craigslist and that's saying something feelings but it sure gives him a thumbs up I do appreciate that also the suggestions for future I read videos on this playlist and click subscribe red button down below see more videos like this in the future this is science studio thanks for learning with us the I //
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Where Do My PC Builds Go?!
\\what is up everyone the studio is a well clean ready to be made dirty very soon I want to sort of the video though by talking about this work met here this is a something you can use the actually ground yourself ... if you want to be super proper with PC building and the like but I think those off issues this comic is a building Matt to protect the finish on the wood underneath even noticed us really isn't that expensive but I haven't met link the description along with few other alternatives this one is from alpha cool and it's pretty pricey certainly getting something maybe bit cheaper than this that will do the same thing that this one was designed to do it's also easy to cut down to size so it kind of fits the shape of the desk not as for today's video we've got to attack a tour to the closet here this is not only my personal closet for clothes and what not but also all of the tech you'd have kinda stash back here along with 2 PC builds to have it torn down so in this video going to tear down the rise in 7 custom loop PC builds on the skater here this is the fact defined see sorry about the weird out of focus in the dark it doesn't do very well the too soon dept too soon so in every custom looping get 3 primary components you got your radiators you've got your water blocks your graphics cards and or CPU then you've got your reservoir somewhere else in the case I recommend having resorted pretty hard to fill you didn't have one the trick to draining a custom loop is to start with your lowest common denominator minutes figuratively speaking so I want to drain from one of these 2 ports consist pretty much the lowest point in the loop with the exception of a pump which is down here this I can hear it difficult to get out reticent tilting and what not to get the rest of the fluid out but if we'd turn one of these dials here the fluid from this run is going to fall out that's expected but what we're going to have an issue with this trying to get error to be forced from the top of the loop down through the loop to get the fluid out the bottom right because if we have everything still the top in the only foods gonna leave the fluid right here in this can be a lot of pressure built up ... in the reservoir and also in the blocks and prevent a lot of this fluid higher in the loop from falling down bring takeout anything that's not critical to the looper gonna take out all of the cables that we can easily access including the 8 pen VGA cables and we're also going to take out the 24 Penn pretty much anything where the power supply one out first because if we do happen to spot a leak somewhere we don't want a power supply getting soaked by any means you know the last time I clean this was the last time I turn this PC on and just still manages to find its way in here does this kind of the issue with semi modular power supplies at the cables that you need will have to be plugged into the power supply any extra cables just kind of have to be hanging around that's kind of what I found myself a running into here also the pump is down below so any access cabling couldn't go down there food is kinda had it on a plate like this part personally is removed now we're going to rotate it and start draining the fluid after this morning with the cooling composition is I'm using some D. I. water and some true opaque ... white the sisters concentrated premix here I added that to I think it's one of these for every gallon of fluid don't quote me on that but very simple procedure to stumble and mix it and you'll be fine now for the drain because remember server gonna unplug one of these 2 here probably this one just because it runs to the CPU block ... we're gonna uncapped this we're going to use a funnel 23 finals pick and choose your poison never have a drain from the final itself through one of these rubber tubes to the bottle alone to recycle the stuff out of all the food in there right now so we're gonna use it in a future build now if you got really fancy the custom loop or maybe just at the right way and included a drain valve somewhere then you could just simply screw this on to the other side of the drain valve and open it up and then this could funnel into it whatever you wanted the fluid funnel into power but for now we're just gonna try the old fashion way gonna shove a funnel right you're here and just kind of road dog let's see how much of it we can catch in the bottle also in the event of any leaks make sure to have some kind of splash proof zone ready to go yes this is Thomas the train do not judge me and just as another precaution and take a towel blindly and said here's a humming fluid find its way in the crevices of the case and we're gonna go ahead and start training now cast news all I NCLEX organ up pretty well I I food is pretty much out of the graphics card blocks for now that's a good thing we're gonna go ahead and isolate the rest of the loop here by taking these out so these 2 pipes are gonna be kinda just hanging what I'm gonna do is take out this run to the CPU and just capped off with one of the few core caps and then the only available agas exit port for fluid is going to be this pipe here on the turn the PC ... up against the side down and this will be where hopefully at the remainder of the fluid drains I'm well I got all you're gonna be spitting here from premature literally warped the PTG to me talk about a water tight fit there is 11080 there is 2 techniques the isn't it weird how empty the case look for that to graphics cards seems to be pretty much got the radiator isolated the fluid for the top is kinda sitting so expect the flu though to be somewhere around here actually this is where the fluid equalizer this points of the fluid in the radiator is probably right here somewhere ... and we could see that up in the back there's no fluid so we're going to go ahead and attach the reader to clearly and try our best to pull that out although it is kind of waged against the pumping come with around a little bit and then the last 2 pieces to remove the reservoir and at the pump I but I I I I the right in the last 3 things to come out reservoir and the you block fluid flying everywhere alright and after about an hour or so of cleaning all these parts I have actually torn down the ... blocks but assuming you still in there it tore down the seat you blog for the radiator flushed voir make sure and the end result here some rise I will re use it in we built a for those wondering what Lucas video most that a tear them down now we have an empty can for us the name build I joined this look at what I do when on this a weekend of your city uploaded if you want to leave for future and blowing shit up of course on social media and this is science studio thanks for learning //
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Live Q&A w/Savage Studio After Hours
\\ //
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This 32" Curved 1080p 144Hz Freesync Monitor is $300 | Viotek GN32C Review
\\this is the incredible via technology and 32 C. curve 32 inch 10 BP 144 hurts freesync integrated gaming monitor and guess what it only cost 300 US dollars I Tuesday is actually pretty short and sweet not because I wanna be lazy walking a because I do want to be a little lazy but also because it's very difficult to emulate how good this panel actually looks in person via video so to start things off this is a VA panel which stands for vertical alignment it's similar in architecture to it IPS displayed which I talk about in detail by the way in this video right here check out for more information the technical side of things of it in a nutshell vis a is going to be somewhat of a middle ground between IPS and maybe T. N. ... it does have a few compromises color production isn't the best of the screen is fairly bright on this display and the contrast ratios are pretty incredible for this not being and Oleg display one of the best selling points of the G. in 30 to see I have to say is got to be the freesync technology integration I think that's a pretty sweet bargain in a $300 monitor also the 144 hurts refresh rates you can have super smooth picture super smooth gaming experiences and also freesync in there if you have an AMD graphics card to make things even more buttery smooth as for build quality of gotta say about a lot like other $300 monitors what you'd expect in this price range it's very plastic you all the way around although I will say that the frame and the base of the monitor them understand those are both very rigid and the installation process actually super simple just 4 screws and you should be ready to go that's for the picture quality and build in general I don't see any dead pixels that's a good thing the response time for milliseconds of virtually no ghosting at all I guess of the contrast ratios here are going to be pretty stellar for a non ola display again VA is one of the advantages of having a technology there is a 20000000 to one contrast ratio so blacks you look very black on this display of the white balance a little often need to be calibrated just a little bit you can see here next to ... my a 16 panel of the monitor on the left that's the biotech monitor a bit bluer than normal and ... honestly Macy's monitors just a bit more red than normal probably should fix that eye on the back the panel we have a DVI port HDMI 1.4 port in DisplayPort now the importance of HD my 1.4 here means that we can send 1080 P. 0 fourty 4 hurt signals to the monitor via an HDMI cable so you don't have to just use their DVI or DisplayPort in this case all 3 should work as long as your cable satisfactory ... and you're actually not helping them in France to your monitor I haven't actually tinkered with the onscreen display at slits the ... we see that is to do plus a few people online complaining about this in the reviews but selecting the different inputs pretty straightforward actually really like this display here it's very big it's easy to navigate through ... so how much use whenever HDMI works you just enter there you go course I only have each you my plugin so there's that also the 3 things you get in the box other than just the monitor in the stand are the court's power cable the HDMI 1.4 cable and the user manual of course though everything set up wise is pretty straightforward you should need the manual as for the integrity of the monitor like I said no dead pixels on the display ... the backlight bleed is pretty consistent and minimal throughout especially was dark with situations I will say there is 1 tiny imperfection physically on the monitor it's down here by this plastic frames this actually 6 are just slightly on 1 side more so than it does on the other on the opposite side of the biotech logo I only notice is no slouching down so it's like I can see more of just the the black part of the panel underneath here than I can on this side and that's because the plastic isn't all the way pressed against the display I don't know if that's just a production issue or just this individual unit ... but it's not too concerning I've gotta say though what a steal at roughly 300 Bucks for this panel the fact that has freesync integration the fact that it's a crew of 1080 P. display and 100 fourty 4 earth refresh rate pack into it all for that price is pretty sweet the 1 thing I do wanna talk about the before in this video is the screen size with respect to the resolution I discuss this topic in detail in this video right here but there is an optimal viewing distance for this particular screen size and this resolution I roughly 32 inch diagonal an attendee deep you resolution you will see pixels at roughly 2 feet away that's 9 or 25 feet is where most chemical find themselves if they're sitting in from other desk playing video games or surfing the web of the like so this is really pushing it for most people who are concerned about seeing pixels you will definitely notice pixels on this display just because it is so large and so the optimal screen size for this kind of display pretended to peer would really go higher than about 27 inches 32 is a bit big this is more like a TV a pixel density more so than a gaming monitor pixel density several pros and cons associated with this gaming monitor but this is a $300 gaming monitor get expect compromises in a panel like this the question though is whether not those compromises justify the 300 or so dollars price tag that's for me the only thing I'd like to see changed this monitor is the resolution 1440 P. would be the sweet spot for 32 inch display and I would keep the curb aspect just because Hey check out my monitor its curved even though doesn't really do much at least for me some people swear by curve monitors you get that like type immersive experience but I'm not really seeing here and I haven't seen with other curve monitors which is something that I guess is preferential I got this monitor and other biotech displays linked in the video description of your check some of those that we know if you have one similar to this that you like to come about in the comment section below I'd like to know your opinions on this monitor particular eyes for biotech is the company I'd say they make pretty decent products based on what I've seen so far with their G. and 32 C. pretty solid displayed no real physical defects for the most part ... and it's just it's a beautiful display for the price it's the best bang for the Buck right here in a 32 inch curved display for sure if you like this topic like this product featured in this video a thumbs up to appreciate should click subscribe to have already it's a red button down below also click the little bell medications he get more notifications whenever these videos like this one this is science studio thanks for learning with us I //
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HBM vs. GDDR5 - Differences Explained
\\what on earth is the difference between H. B. M. and GT are 5 and for that matter HP in 2 and G. DDR 5 acts welcome to our crash course playlist WNED so age PMR high bandwidth memory in its essence is a form of stackable memory designed to reduce power consumption and ramp up data transfer rates the first beach beams kind was implemented fury in theory acts with H. B. M. to which lost twice the number of transfers as the first generation you tell what that in a second here thrown into the latest Vega carts it's a largely AMD venture but should be noted that invidious P. 100 Tesla court also post H. B. into the primary physical difference between H. B. M. G. did your 5 you need to know is that the latter scattered around the GPU on the PCB most graphics cards from early nvidia and AMD up of the Tennessee tier set up this way the primary difference between she did your 5 acts and G. DDR 5 being the double bed with made possible in part by a quad data rate interface rather than a double data rate 1 found in regular old DDR 5 every time the data rate has doubled the number of clock signals must double and to achieve 11 gigabits per second that insane noise in general levels was no simple task for micron but it's taxing is this was in the production phase PCB modifications required for G. did your 5 X. integration are minimal 190 pins are used by single chip versus 170 in the older Jen but apparently the shinning didn't change so this alteration is nowhere near as costly as H. B. M. integration which we'll talk about the second in a nut shell here Gee did your 5 X. utilizing quad data rate signaling should actually be called G. QDR 5 but you see what attack on the X. instead now we're GDR 5 models are physically scattered around the graphics processor 8:00 PM dies or extremely close to the GPU actually on the package itself Deram dizer stacked atop a controller to form an H. B. a module which is connected to the GPU via an imposer between the 21 0 and 24 data links exist assuming forced act around guys per module each with 21 0 28 channels per die every H. B. a package boasts 8 channels of 100 28 times 8 equals 1000 24 bits if the graphics card in question has 4 HBM stacks the memory bus of the court is 1000 24 times 4 equals 4000 96 bits this provides chords with H. B. M. and insane memory bandwidth HP and 2 which is found in Vega and the P. 100 essentially doubles the pin transfer rate of H. B. M. 1 and also allows for much more storage per unit the R. 9 fury acts on HBO 1 for example was limited to 1 gigabyte per ... stack which is why I was only 4 gigabyte carted only had 4 HP in stacks with HP into a gigabyte is a much simpler feet and in the case of big 56 only 2 stacks exist on the package so let's calculate AMD's of a 56 memory bandwidth as an example the arbitrary numbers can get kind of confusing total band with what you see on graphics card manufacturer websites like this here is the product of bass Deram clock speed memory bus with invites and the number of interfaces jump back a minute or 2 in this video if you need to review the variable in this equation the question itself is very simple but the terminology can be quite confusing this the possible fight with great help from Steve over gamers nexus by the way I think a few other articles that are tied to this topic at hand in the video descriptions of huge thanks to him and his team over there so I've mentioned multiply the 4 values attached to Vegas HBM to clock bit 800 megahertz memory bus with the 2040 bits divide by 8 to get 200 56 bytes and the number interfaces at 242 modules on the package every band with equals 410 roughly gigabytes per second as such you can see how changing the clock speed of the memory has a direct impact on memory band with a 900 45 megahertz for example band with jumps up to roughly 400 84 gigabytes per second the primary benefits of H. B. M. too are rooted empowered frequency optimizations since memory pathways are extremely short power consumption is lower than that for GDP or 5 but that's not the full story since each bus is much wider packets can operate at much lower frequencies and maintained comparable or even higher memory bandwidths than GTD or 5 counterparts lower frequency was lower input voltage and there's your efficiency parameter but it's no secret that HBO is a costly venture printed circuit boards are much cheaper by comparison which is why GDP or 5 it's been so feasible for so long and a production of GDP are 6 leave us questioning the viability of 8:00 PM in the first place and he's often been the Guinea pig for new and exciting technologies will see soon though if H. B. M. to actually pays off for now with the general consumer needs to know that card with H. B. M. typically result in smaller form factors and are marginally lower power consumption cards though not the case with Vega both GDD are 5 and H. B. M. band what's are sufficient for gaming you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference and literally any scenario so the real benefit of each family and it's small design useful especially for a BR applications this topic is brought to you by one of your fellow Twitter followers be should thank them for that are in a survey and the remaining 3 videos in the crash course Sirius or actually maybe minutes science series it really depends on how long the videos and of being ... will be arriving soon on the channel and still working on getting those scripts together because a lot of stuff I have to do research for which is why the end of every video I say thanks for learning with us because I don't know most of the stuff going into it I like to learn and I'm glad that you all like to as well that's why the channel exists so if you like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up thumbs down for the opposite click subscribe but if you haven't already in statin for more content like this this assigned studio thanks for learning with us //
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Apple MacBook Pro 13 vs. Dell XPS 13
\\this video once again brought to you by square space whether it is a domain website or online story need be sure to make the next move with squarespace go to WWW that's where attack on a forward slash science studio for 10 percent off your first purchase so this video right here a classic comparison between the apple macbook pro 2017 base model and the dell XPS 13 now the dell XPS 13 is actually almost fully loaded I don't have the 1 terabyte in BME assist you hear just the 512 get but it does have 16 gigs of ram and the core I. 775 0 you on the opposite side of this macbook pro 13 inch model is the most basic of anak approach the you can buy so not only is it the 13 inch model 15 inch 1 but it also has the most basic specification lined up you can possibly arrange for macbook this cost around 1200 $5013 and this 1 cost about $1500 so just from a price to performance standpoint you're obviously getting more with be windows laptop that's pretty standard though what also getting though are you getting the better build quality here or here about the better keyboard the better operating system the better performance overall especially with the operative system taken into account we'll talk about all of this video I purchased both these laptops by the way out of pocket so I am by no means biased just for the sake of being biased because the company sent me 1 I purchased both these myself in a little exactly how I feel about both in this video one of the first differences you've noticed between the dell XPS and the macbook pro is the difference in build quality so don't took a unique approach your the decided to sandwich carbon fiber slab in between 2 aluminum panels the carbon fiber is a welcome feature think it sets this laptop apart from its competition at least in the window space it does though have a rubbery consistency doesn't feel as premiums I think it should I and also is a fingerprint and oiled magnet the macbook pro side though the inside the back panel and the top panel are all made out of aluminum the fund a solid piece on top seemed to back and same with the front this build is just I really think it's next and I think the build quality the macbook pro is superior to that of the XPS 13 is only because everything is just so well crafted the macbook pro housed very minimalistic appeal and I am okay with that just look at the pack panel complain it is but so much had opened both laptops with one finger and okay XPS is moving a bit no it didn't open for the mac books seamless another superior quality the macbook pro it's enormous track had some people think it's a little too big but I don't mind the extra real estate here mean really this is wasted space other than that of the ship like a fingerprint sensor something down here so I like the extra space it's very smooth trackpad the glass is seamless and I also like you'll have to eat and then they have built into these literally the opposite can be said of the XPS 13 struck Pat it does feel fairly smooth but it is considerably smaller than the mac books and I don't like the actual physical clicks of left and right on the track at once you use a macbook trackpad it's really difficult to go back to anything else the next set of differences on to discuss how to do with these keyboards Namak books lately have gotten a bad rap over their butterfly switches but there are 2 different generations you should keep in mind the first generation was implemented in the 201516 macbook 12 inch models I think you're still implemented in the mac but 12 inch series and those which is really had no key travel no actuation a Catholic you're just typing on a solid desk I was getting used to it all admit but now that I have enjoyed gentoo switches for quite awhile got to say I really like the feeling of his keyboard it sounds weird it doesn't look like you would enjoy this keyboard because the keys really don't move very far at all but I like the feeling of these better than I do of the XPS 13 keyboard it's it's just my preference I don't like the mushy feeling of the chiclet keyboard here on the XPS 13 he travels considerably higher but it just it feels like a typical membrane keyboard hotkeys kind of wobble from side to side and it it just doesn't give you that satisfying feeling both keyboards are also fitted with LED backlights the mac books are a bit more pronounced and they don't have too much bleed around the keys the XPS 13 are the complete opposite village depends on what you want aesthetically here now when it comes to screens this is where things are gonna get fairly subjective who won a touch screen gotta pay more for it on the XPS 13 if I got was fully loaded but without the touch screen this laptop would literally cost as much as the macbook pro does this is the base model keep that in mind so this 32 1800 resolution eggs so panel ... is a very beautiful display I'd say the colors are fairly accurate and see the color gamut here comparison I like the touch screen capabilities of the XPS 13 I think it's a nice addition and it's hard to go from a touch screen laptop back to 1 that doesn't have that capability but I will say that the trackpad of the macbook pro does make up for some of this loss gets considerably brighter than the XPS 1310 is also slightly larger but again does not have any touch screen capability another part of the XPS 13 in this category is it's near a basilisk display this is what dell calls its infinity display and it's super beautiful I've gotta say it's difficult to jump from this back to a laptop with average vessels like the macbook pro 13 they just seem super thick just like wasted space in comparison to what dell has done with the XPS 13 and it's 15 for that matter something else to note the macbook pro suffer some a bit more backlight bleed on this IPS display the bottom left headquarters especially pronounced the XPS 13 doesn't have too much of that at all regarding your concerns on battery life the macbook will generally last about an hour or so longer just with daily use if you wanna talk about just Netflix in general using Google chrome to stream Netflix will result in the ballot 40 5 minutes or so of extra battery life in a macbook pro both of these displays at 50 percent brightness and then if you want to look at it from just the software opportunistic standpoint yeah XPS 13 has the ability to download the Netflix app from the Microsoft Windows store which means that you have considered less overhead there then you will using a browser like Google chrome which is unknown to utilize resources in questionable ways so using chroma stream Netflix safari to stream Netflix and also the Netflix app on the XPS 13 the expense was actually able to pull out just a bit more for a better life from the athletes out because it does have less overhead then both safari and chrome do on a macbook both of these laptops are sporting ultra low power key big CPUs which means that H. I. 265 encoding decoding on Netflix in high resolutions like 4 K. will result in slightly less battery being consumed in the long run the macbook pros I 5 does fall a bit short of the excuses I 7 but user literally almost the exact same CPU that same core same thread count wanna just clocked a bit higher been debate high which means slightly better performance of XPS but I would say in most general cases you won't tell a difference between the 2 once more the macbook pros Intel iris plus graphic 640 gives it an extra punch in games to be willing to play that resolution lower the native something like 720 P. you can actually maintain study frame rates as for the XPS well not too shabby in any game including data to other features of the XPS 13 kind of just a walk round review at this point Nelly notification light up front in front of the trackpad which in turn orange if your battery life gets low around 10 percent or so on the rights of the laptop and SD card slot which I wish the macbook had this is really good for content creators the speaker over here on the right side also USB 3.a hub with power share on the left side you'll find the power connector a USB type C. port with thunderbolt 3 capabilities another USB 3.0 hub and a headphone Jack also a battery notification light which is super cool to tell you how much battery have left new laptop you don't even have to open it up to figure that out the other speakers on the side as well macbook pro ... nothing really to show off here nothing on the bottom nothing really on top of the shiny apple logo that does not light up any more on the left side a laptop there are 2 USB type C. ports and on the opposite side just a single headphone Jack kinda weird that there's a headphone Jack on the macbook pro but not on the iPhone 7 there are a few remedies here though you could of course Kerry dongles around which I just yeah it's come a fact of life you home foot with tight seaports of it these become just a hassle to carry around smashing him multiple dongles and on top that if you lose one you're kinda screwed so has quote revolutionized the way that we look at dawn Wilson macbook pro accessibility think taking a case of little you think a faux leather case and they've included I owe ports for HDMI Ethernet USB type a and an SD card slot you can get 2 additional type C. ports for whatever else you cook up like 10.pieces together and have an unlimited supply of Ohio ports I am surprised no well known company has done this yet for the 13 inch and 15 inch macbook pro's dockets has ... the sleeves for both model sizes and I'm gonna say this is just a very cohesive product I really like how simple it is to use light about the biggest benefactor you have the plugin a small type seeded type C. connector to link your macbook to but Hey it's better than not having those I. O. ports that actually a Kickstarter running that will in a few days they surpassed their goal a long time ago this tell you how much hype there is behind this product how simple it is to use and just how effective it is well so if you want to contribute in any way you can find their Kickstarter link in the description something else to kind of throw into the mix ought to show that while there are solutions coming out for the macbook pro peripheral issue now here's the fun part I'm going to bring up both of these cameras and I'm gonna show you how terrible both of them are okay some recording with both laptops and see how orientations are definitely different here so the macbook has a just a very generic location for the camera up top and its resolution is subpar audio is not bad though the XPS 13 only different story not only is the audio not that great but camera positioning is super bad because of the slick minimalistic bezel design that delves implement budgeting is beautiful previous compromise camera location let's flapped awkwardly like point it up super high sea can see my face I'm really not a fan of either being for laptops that cost over $1000 each that they're just some part there's really no other word for something else not about the XPS 13 that documented in a dedicated video check right here is the coil whine this laptop has insane coil one and it's pretty much a common thing check forms regarding XPS 13 is a lot of people experience this issue and this laptop is no exception oil I get so loud sometimes I really wish you could hear in the microphone just have a listen to how bad the sounds both of these laptops and do you have built in fans of course the XPS is to turn on a bit more and they're also slightly louder I think that's just less to do with the low overhead of OS 10 also mac books have been known to get super hot before their fans turn on because apple wants that super quiet appeal right this is silent laptop or it sounds it can be but that does result in your lap getting super hot sometimes I'm serious you could end up with third degree burns if you set this on your lap when it's under full load here's another distinction sound quality coming from the speakers XPS 13 they're decent but they get pretty troubling pastor on 40 percent volume the macbook speakers are incredible here's the XPS 13 that full volume and here the macbook pro speakers at full volume so I would say yeah microprose speakers win by a long shot the last things to discuss with each of these than their operating systems at this point it's difficult for me to advocate for windows 10 laptop and Altschul power CPU like this only because this fan will spool up if I open up something as simple as the task bar I'm not even joking this thing will spoil upping get pretty hot because seep utilization reaches 5060 percent just with task manager open whereas with OS 10 things don't get very hot because the operative systems already low profile I'm also a huge fan of optimization on mac OS I use final cut pro all the time in a month ago also I movie I'm still results in better render times an equivalent file with adobe premiere on the XPS 13 and this is what 16 gigs of ram twice as much as this one and an I. 7 verses and I 5 my personal pick between the 2 it's got to be the macbook pro and it's only because I use this on the go video editor I do that for a living and I want to have the best experience possible this provides that it's just much easier to use these programs with the very large trackpad the excellent battery life and the low system overhead you might crucify me for saying that but in a mobile sense I do prefer mac OS I prefer a macbook pro over an XPS 13 or the like I use windows in the studio because well I need windows transom of programs that I used to bring you content when actually create stuff where I am now when I'm on the go this is really all I need sure you get better specs more bang for your Buck with a windows laptop than you do with an equally priced macbook or macbook pro but that's not really the point here the programs that I knew the content creator when I'm not in the studio are better suited on the macbook pro in fact you can even use like a pro on a windows laptop so that kind of rule things out there there are pros and cons to each obviously different user base is different intense for what I do is a content creator I much prefer final cut pro on the go also prefer the faster render times with that software here if you can get it on the equivalent windows laptop if you like this video at least appreciate my opinions befitting of a pseudo thumbs up you appreciate that should give him a thumbs down if you feel the complete opposite describe but if you haven't already it's a red button down below also click the little Belzec notifications when I upload videos like these this is science studio thanks for learning with us it's to to WNED //
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The Cryorig H7 Quad Lumi is Awesome! (But Can it Handle the 7900X Egg Fryer?)
\\Cryer rig has an excellent reputation no doubt from their low profile small form factor C. 7 to their top flow see 1 mammoth to the R. 1 cinder block these are all excellent coolers in their own rights and I've reviewed and filled with all of them linked in this video description by the way but for those looking into affordable yet beefier cooler somewhat similar the best bang for the Buck the choir at 87 probably comes to mind price at only 35 U. S. D. it's an excellent alternative to the ever popular hyper to 12 Ivo sports one less heat pipe in the eva but a considerably larger heat sink now in this case acquiring has yet again outdone themselves maybe not so much with the price of the product but with the looks and performance both of those are much better with the ... new rendition of the H. 7 cooler them about to show you and that is the quad loony if in a nutshell the crier age 7 quad Lummi boasts for heat pipes versus 3 on the previous model the same beautiful fin array and multi zone RGB lighting paired with the white LED fan this is 1 of the best looking tower coolers on the market in my opinion and for an average asking price it could be better all admit it's both the 160 watt thermal design up 20 watts from the previous 87 cooler full ran high compatibility with any chips that out of the box and support for any socket type including the latest am for serious for Risan with nickel plated copper basin 40 aluminum fans it'll handle any consumer grade CPU on the market even overclocked it's also extremely quiet but when we venture into enthusiast great territory I'm not talking about 77 0 K. 1800 acts I'm talking about I 979 0 X. territory in that kind of CPU how well this is cooler hold up we all know by now how hot the 79 0 X. runs and that's why it's the perfect candidate for the stress test so what happens we stick a 160 watt TDP cooler atop a 140 watt CPU overclocked across the board to 4 gigahertz remember a cool is required TDP for any given CPU tends to increase exponentially as we linearly increases the court frequency or talking about 10 court 20 third CPU here all 10 cores overclock to 4 gigahertz apiece we're talk about massive power consumption Jones and as a result what Pete being dumped from the CPU so think of this as the worst case scenario for the age 7 quad limit this is by no means a fair test it's not supposed to be but this will handle any consumer grade overclock period okay 700 K. 18 her next you name it any overclocking get with an equivalent 120 maybe even 240 hill a I owe you should be able to get with the 87 and keep times in a similar range so with the given settings the I 979 0 acts at 4 gigahertz across all 10 of its course and a standard fan curve set from the bios the results and I to 64 were ... well they didn't do too well it forget it I'll just say that so right away the temperature shot up to around 90 degrees which was a bit alarming and very quickly ... we reach the threshold at which are CPU began to thermal throttle only about 2 percent I did want to go any higher than that because this is a really expensive CP I don't wanna ruin anything so I backed off the test right away once it started thermal throttling if that was that was enough temperature across the least 1 of the cores was 105°C so ya forget hurts for the H. 7 cuando me on the I 9 is not going to happen so the next thing we did was really the only other thing we could do without under clocking the CPU now was run at stock voltage settings and at stock frequencies across the board now there is turbo boost enabled on the CPU actually turned on turbo boost technology 3.0 which will allow single quarter reach upwards of 4.5 gigahertz just a single core though not across the board not but that of course didn't happen when we stressed all the course equally and I to 64 so in a few instances a couple of course would reach 4 gigahertz but across the board 3.8 gigahertz was the standard and I ran a test for 30 minutes and the cooler did pass with flying colors these results should be too surprising that 160 watt TDP cooler atop a CP require 140 watt cooler is like that's a green light Hey it's okay that 21 delta is actually what compass under 90°C I would say that if we had a TDP cooler matching the TTP the CPU then we probably beat just on the edge of T. junction at around 100 degrees or so I'm gonna say that I am still very impressed by the 87 quad beams performance this is not a super beefier cooler but it's it's a decent size unexpected it would do okay its stock it'd make it would really allow for much overclocking headroom granted most A. I. O.'s still 1 left much overclocking headroom with the I. 9 not talk about that in this video right here okay so I've got my phone about the same distance away from my face as it is from the cooler and this is under full loads this is while I was 64 is running through running for about 30 minutes now and you really can't hear the cooler at all this is what the stock fan curve so if you're wanting about how the cool gets under load especially in like a worst case scenario like this with a very hot CPO ... night it's not at all and that's a very good thing so if you had any doubts about the CPU coolers ability to keep your CPU well cool all the while maintaining a relatively low audio profile those that should exist anymore all in all I gotta say this is 1 heck of an air cooler look it's a bit pricey I understand that anything about 50 Bucks for around 4160 watt TDP cooler is a bit pricey but you're paying not only for the cool is ability to dissipate heat but also the RGB functionality and the cohesion between the cooler and in GXT scams software I didn't talk much about this in the video because it's pretty much a straight forward is changing the LED config on it cracking like 62 or the NZXT's hue plus a but it is nice to see in the ecstasy and cry ricotta working together here to bring you 1 just really fluid ... and well made product as always you can find links to the H. 7 quad looming and the regular query 87 in the city of description I mean in the comments below what you think about both and what your next air cooler purchase might consist of if you like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up thumbs down for the opposite be sure click subscribe button if you haven't already stay tuned for more content like this in the channel this is science studio thanks for learning with this I she I //
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Hidden Windows Installers Crippling Your PC's Performance?
\\I picked so the creation of this video was not planned was actually in the middle of benchmarking the crier rate age 7 quad Louis cooler the 1 that I have in the system right now along with the I 979 0 X. which is known to be a very a power hungry CPUs also a CP that runs extremely hot but in the middle of my testing using I to 64 realism my CPU which should have been idling was not actually doing that I had no other substantial background process running confirmed via the task manager except for 1 thing that popped up that I was on aware of at the time that was the windows module installer this little Gary here is a nuisance not only because it does you lie somehow your CPUs available force power but it does so without actually telling you but to be honest I wasn't too surprised by this Microsoft has been known to push updates without user consent in the middle of gaming the middle editing and rendering Microsoft might say Hey we're gonna restart right now because we're Microsoft but that of course is a separate issue well I have an issue with here is the amount of CPU horse power that the module installer was using while I was supposed to be at idle the I 979 0 X. is an absolute behemoth attend court 20 brit CPU it's a beast a carrot in this video right here I do have problems with that 1 of us is how hard it runs and that's why I was testing with this technically under powered air cooler from Gregory gives Coliseum what the worst case scenario would be for the cooler W. coming very soon what had a problem with that this is a 10 or 20 third CPU okay overclocked 4 gigahertz and still in the module installed was running when the computer should have been idling CP realization topped out at around 20 percent that's pretty substantial had this been a 4 core 8 thread I 7 which makes much more sense for the general consumer utilization of been much higher that's a very bad thing especially when it's unplanned so wanted to see just how much of an impact the module installer had Iran GT 5 it know how long I can do this because I was sure how long the module installer would be running it's completely random as far as I'm aware an also ran deep bench and cinebench while confirming that the module installer was still running via the task manager the game I tested with GTA 5 which offers a pretty fair balance between CPU and GPU horsepower with the module installer running average frame rate was 120 FPS one percent lows were 74 in point one percent lows were 63 FPS by contrast in the module installer was not running average F. P. S. was 100 311 percent lows at 80.1 percent lows at 72 FPS my comparison standpoint average frame rate really didn't change the should be expected that the 10 core CPUs is 1 the best case scenarios for gaming in general even though estimates in her case the better gaming CPU the extra course on the 10 core CPU allow us to do other things in the background without hindering much of that performance at all but where we really started to see the installer affect gaming performance was in the 1 percent and 0.1 percent Los 6 separate filter for 1 percent LOS I would say is fairly substantial I don't think it's insignificant this is almost a 10 percent reduction in that 1 percent lowest frame rates we observed 0.1 percent Lowes depicted even worse case scenario 63 FPS when the module installer was running versus 72 when it was not we're looking at nearly 15 percent 0.1 percent FPS low reduction just from having that installer running in that can be substantial especially at the lower frame rates run 1670 F. yes we can also look at this graphically these are the frame times across the entire benchmark for both scenarios the blue dots here represent the install frame times and in this case you want to lower frame times right it's the inverse of F. yes the lower the frame time the higher the equivalent FPS it's exactly the inverse of frames per second by the way so a lower consistency here is we're looking for and of the free color the orange color here is slightly lower you can see our frame times are not his spiky there aren't as many spikes upward with the orange color as there are with the install blue color with a graph like that the flight of the line in the lower the line is 20 the better off you are this is pretty substantial if you're a professional gamer specially I recommend checking the task manager beforehand to make sure that module installer is not running when it came to CPU synthetics attested cinebench Nikica bench justice see what our actual drop was in potential CPU power with that task running in the background starting with cinebench R. 15 single core score dropped to 118 from 171 more the core from 2217 to 1984 and with deep bench for Singapore score dropped by nearly 900 points in over 4000 points on the multicore sites or singer multi core performance dropping significantly whereas sue core really isn't being impacted all that much really depends on what course being stressed and what chords are being utilized heavily by the installer module so like I said if this video was not planned it was not scripted I just came across this when I was benchmarking the CPU actually putting it through a few stress test I went to see just how much heat the 87 quad that we can dump from something as hot as the I 979 0 acts odd this is something that I don't think is too significant for most people it most of time you will notice the frame rate drop in only a few times you have those dates to be pretty significantly might say have something else seems to be going on in the background here always notices of because I had CPU diagnostics open and running if you're not someone who looks at stuff like that a lot probably won't even know what's going on and that's kind of a Microsoft once they don't want you knowing that they're doing all the stuff to your PC in the background otherwise people would just keep turning it off and Microsoft would never be able to update anything still pretty salty about this one that I can imagine a fight and I 3 I 5 Verizon 3 CPU this realization will be much higher that would impact quite a bit especially if your gaming you notice home fires a seem more laggy all of a sudden if you notice that check your task manager first and foremost make sure that nothing is taking advantage of maybe more than 5 percent or so of your CPUs total utilization space unless you're screaming for doing something that you know that it's gonna take advantage of the extra horsepower I understand this is not a novel discover it's not something no one 's ever heard of before obviously Microsoft does this kind of stuff all the time but but I do know this is going on until I had I to 64 up and running and if your gaming you sure as heck aren't good enough you're gonna be preoccupied with the game not that I blame you if you like this video be sure to give this one a thumbs up thumbs down for the opposite should acquit subscribe if you haven't already institute for more content like this especially the IT 7 Kwantlen review from crier rate with the NZXT's software kind of mixed in there this is science studio thanks for learning witness I ... //
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We Went Shopping for Used Computers on Craigslist
\\okay what's up everyone so I'm here with Tony Tony from fertility who I've ... keep a few spots religion is a lot of cool things for us he's made a lot of cables how we've even clapped a bit with the few bill to help me with my first custom build and kind of just is my mentor source becomes a custom loops in general ... and so all of his details relating description of my guys to follow his channel subscribe to what you can to help them out because this content eyes pretty unique made a local stuff cases in and custom lips so he's with me and we're gonna be looking through some Craigslist posts amber do some will different here and title says we're gonna call a few these people just to us see what their explanations are for why they're charging so much for some of the species he's he only built a month ago and he reached diamond to in league of legends and the legendary eagle and counter strike go in in a month this 6 ha ha this explains why he's asking 23 $0 frankly ridiculous just look at the specs your folks I 777 0 K. a single gtech's than AT and ... here's the inside scoop Sinatra fans McMinn cheap out grin at they're not the same model knock you fan that's kind of a peeve they're gonna be picky of it I mean it's a solid bill but it's not a bad bill that all he chose a decent case but it's not worth $2300 not even remotely have you ever seen a 160 giga SST have you ever seen one going up ... never heard of a little to get the city maybe he's rounding up from 0 28 outputs look a hell ... Intel SSD 160 gigs they actually make them while I'm impressed now we got a $900 gaming P. C. affects 8350 a suse 970 ... what you have here is good GTX 760 and his including a cheapo viewsonic 22 inch tentatively monitor anyone's $900 for the pre sure you could build this PC even knew for less than $100 not below yeah here we go this 1's a rich 60 hundreds just that that's like the 5820 K. counterpart right so it's only like a $383 if you were looking at maybe a 200 percent markup for this PC here yeah 3 grants pretty steep do you it's so simple so long teachers like comedy disa gree pages double spaced with guys like hold my beer fan this is one of the census is really he overkill on the power supply and he's regretting at this price now is asking way more than he should for this and the power supply is one of those things he definitely could I do that's like probably like $180 power suppliers and couldn't do it's not even the sea hawk he shot one of the pictures that you would hear hybrids but I think I like what did you look at the all you hear like their own card they keep put the wrong picture on it in the pictures of the building to see hawk but I'll check that out you know it's good 80 plus gold certified 0.5 percent all jap caps jap caps I would see it if we really wanted to build this use we can build it for probably 300 I think your idea I mean the 10 fifties a new car but it's only $100 you could pick up the rest of that stuff for 200 Bucks easily all my extremely powerful it's in that that our 900 all you'd I just noticed the graphic it has a single graphics card it's not included in the league X. it's actually dude 6 gray and ward so we've got 1000 in the 1600 K. you've got another 700 issue and the tea I do to 1500 what what's the yeah it's a over kill by you could power 3 of the systems for the Tina I know this is durable take custom water loop 3 most likely the most powerful computer on Craigslist so way there you have it folks the ultimatum tell me this guy has a phone number did you get a plea deal Hey I I saw your your ad on Craigslist for a $6000 PC I want to ask you I'm I'm kinda new to the whole PC thing but ... where all this like tubes running to and from like the middle of the case and stuff yeah Georgia called down there you know ... I'm waiting for my water blonde become you're not either items are not a problem well early on it got down to deep you liked it $1100 you know you know look at his key words at the bottom his key words are gaming P. C. racist so not my business assist textile related all be honest I just came because I type the word racism Craigslist should do it akibat a 67 0 K. any part of the 250 mother board and at $1500 PC with a BT 50 motherboard and he put up he put the H. 100 I. on that 6700 case so he can get some sick over clocks let's see if well let's I'm a columnist see if he'll admit to overclocking her not overlooking the city said something well Hey I'm I'm calling about the ... $1500 gaming PC on Craigslist yes okay ... okay can you tell me if I'll be able to overclock the CPU with this PC you can see where you auction buyers army sorry so I can I can just over thought that will if I buy it from you right now can overclock it you now see people gonna look at that and say well great that was really rude you don't even inquire about the piece you just want to catch him lying we have those kind of points so anybody who doesn't know anything about PC's might ask that question because he wrote in the ad unlocked processor so if I ask the question can overclock this and the seller says yes you can that's a lie you cannot with this mother board so people need to know that that's exactly why I did what I did there because you could be misled and I mean like even the seller probably didn't know that you can overclock it but that's why I ask question I love how he's like will for OEM GTX 1060 OC if prices right like what do you mean if the price is right like a my supposed to offer you more than $800 for this plus the cable management I'm sorry folks I have to mention it needs a bit of work just it just does anybody with eyes could see that it could be handled a little better than it was Haley Steve routed the cables like well not all of them but some of them I hate that I see out that that's the struggle is real when he got that connected 8 penned 6 pin VGA cable there and I just kinda dangles like there's nothing you can really do about that $1100 want to check the specs Manitoba look bad either 67 0 K. Z. 170 mother board 850 Ivo 500 can guess the city 960 evil and that to 250 gig SST initial at 1017 okay not too bad and ... let's see we've got 750 what a political power supply fully modular what this case is gonna end when it of 5 and a custom loop at that and healing with $1100 this is actually a good deal folks if you press without he's asking for considerably less than I'm sure he paid for it yeah I think this is it this is a good example of someone that's god like price it's goddamn Platz I mean this is a good PC for that price that one from the graphics card of the CPU turns right and it goes too far in any backs it up what is that is that one in front of the cable shroud is that like just like kinked up or something it looks like it is look at how the look at the first picture to the fluid is just like the light is reflecting off for that part of the band really we hear like it's kinked up several times yeah I won the it's like wrinkles this is kind of a gray area because this is like and the run of the mill I would say average spec PC I 565 0 our ex 48240 giga assist the so that triple configure be quiet fans and a case of DDR 4 which I would recommend upgrading 16 had a 120 mil a I owe and looks like a fractal design for that define and now it looks like the name and so this is I mean this is a good looking case he's got custom cables he made it look nice $900 though that's really the question here I don't think it's too outrageously pricey kept under 1000 at least but could you build this PC or something similar to it with second hand parts for less than 100 Bucks and also managed to include labor and still keep it out of that price yeah and then factor in that it's used yeah that's what I mean yes so that because it's a used PC you can automatically kind of deduct the price of some of these components because you're gonna assume that if you build it yourself you could buy some of these parts second hand now used for like the I 5 for example this was MSRP around 180 to 200 Bucks you could probably find this on eBay for I don't know ballpark maybe 140 to 160 yeah I think it even cheaper I was gonna say I think 100 fifties a fair price for that I would give it a solid 750 just for the fact that it's a it's a good quality PC it's bill looks like it's built nicely and it's good quality components so there's nothing cheap and they're like not crappy quality components 1300 so that even I wouldn't look at the text it like it's easy 97 some card that's the size of a pop tart and the okay I'm sorry but he'll literally has the cabling from his top fan just like dangling in front of his mother board com takes this is probably some of the worst cable management I've seen I guess he just didn't care at all right in cable I wasn't sure on the last 1 this 1 is for sure dirty as hell man it is it's dusty up the dust around the ... Stanislaus doesn't top the graphics card just to the right behind the PSU shroud on the fans and on the 2 being bodies everywhere all do you look on top of the chipset heat sink or not chips up at the abbey are and you think that is gross yeah that the cable to go the 810 EPS cable look at there's like a there's like a termite mound on it like she's this I'm actually kind of impressed with this build for the price I mean like yeah I've gotten older graphics card in there and that I 5 is not the newest I 5 but it's some of it a 50 watt power supply and hit a custom live in there the pretty sweet looking block and we owe it earning 380 S. yeah once 450 don't stop bad dude I'll tell you what man Portland Oregon is littered with overpriced PC's oh yeah you know this one 's brilliant here $2500 high end desktop build their self 4 months ago people genome so the 700 K. GTX tentative TI still not anywhere close to the $2500 asking price Massey here's one guys like I'm only selling this because I want to build something with a different theme you're saying that I 777 0 K. locks you and a GTX 1060 for $1250 it's got a fan from like a car radiator these little real massive sand like what is this case then okay looks indecent acts like he's got a GTX when ... tightened acts one yeah looks a tight next in there and a 67 0 do you look a tight next did but it is if you can find someone to buy it like it's a 678 $0 in that price range it's some it is a Max will tighten experts ditto I don't what a weird PC the like why does he have a PC with a tight necks that only has 8 gigs of ram and a 6700 with the stock cooler do take one look at this PC and just tell me what you think for $150 now do you look at the cables on this thing yeah this is definitely a cable management nightmare that's just another thing to do 1050 T. I N. a G. 4560 that's is GPC pure combo let's see what he paid for his Philippine Sea particulate here I don't mind that like it look its transparency so it says he paid $175 but he's including the price of windows 10 per hole which is $90 according to him a razor Black Widow transmission gaming keyboard ha ha yeah so the keyboard and the operating system or what it pushing this price above what it should be and looks like he did a better job with some of his bands actually at first glance students take it will close although it's weird it looks like he has some like soft tearing and also some cartoon yeah what that is it looks like maybe just that 1 too this saw yeah and he's got a 1700 acts in their and our X. 480 duty has a he has a 360 millimeter radiator ended 240 radiator just for the sepia he's got corsair in the front thermal taken the topic we are but the top in rear fans our intake in the front his exhaust he feels like a half of a push config no matter what through that rat Pickwick does add because it says gaming PC set up price dropped $1200 so they are severely probably asking us to begin where you've got an idea arguing about it ships dude it's to Whistler's dads are added and I was like okay spoiler contents of your 1080 it literally says it doesn't currently have a GPU we will this total price $1200 ... Kalash it's because it's RGB is that I don't go let's see GTX tenet yanking Penn best graphics card out right now and sold out is that why he wants $3550 oddly specific by the way it's a 700 K. 18 year bill and he really has nothing else to fancy and is it a one terabyte essence the so he paid some pretty pennies for that but nothing out here is is extremely pricey except for the graphics are but that still doesn't come anywhere close to $3550 I mean there's no doubt he spent a lot of money on this but you can't spend all the money and then just turn around expect someone to like pay more than retail for a used PC every arising 5 gaming P. C. GTX 1060 with the GPO priced at MSRP for 1200 $79 book is a single stick of DDR 4 yeah like what that's the thing too that's killing me he didn't it's not like he put all premium parts in here to help justify the cost it's like the cheapest of version of every part but it's not yet especially the powers that yeah that are split ms Maasdam heating at the 5 what like the bronze rated just the generic like 30 or $40 but you can catch that power supply on sale for like 30 Bucks 0 yeah I bought it many times actually I've already look at the specs and I gotta tell you look he's got the GTX 980 priced at $550 right that's how much it costs knew like 2.5 years ago the total sum of all the parts new right now is $2003 he's willing to let it go for 1500 to get that vote is doing you a favor and what nice guy all other ... con about your $1500 PC across the seas to have that arm I still have but actually made the blood it out might be getting through would you like to hear yes I would are the monitor unfortunately it no longer there I just know that monitor today palm where did you need either grab bars I mean there are that you can act like you Howard are heading yeah okay so what does that do for the price then I'm in bed right the course would be lowered ... I guess you know how I would be a fair price would be had it you could be our let me give that young Alan Puran court there yeah I've gone through your stuff yeah I see I see where your I mean like I'm looking at your MSRP is that I mean all of that stuff mean as these these are new prices I'm not buying a new PC and buying a yes PCSO I'm trying to tell me which one of learning to spend all of my the prepare our what to call that yeah I completely get your all the parts in there you know while I am not in the cards are the cigar me about 800 got brand new or will you know take it all locked for where you okay so the way I see it you took off the monitor completely so you have that price at 330 so just if you watched it with MSRP is deduct that from 1500 first off and then you downgraded me from a 982 at 1050 T. I. which is only a well I'll give you a fair $150 price on that so really you've deducted about $700 from your asking price but you only took off about 350 sees me for 50 from here price on the ad so I would need to be somewhere around 78 0 Bucks or say $100 for it yeah right right now that they are good about it while I about 100 pounds Tom wait ... reminded me that I have right now yeah you should probably take that deal what I'm really surprised about is like this effect even answered my call considering Abbott area code that's exactly 25 0 miles away from them so we're gonna call it quits in this video we've been looking at a lot of them and I know Tony's pretty soft if about 2:00 hours punting ... I gotta say most of the ads on here I keep saying this in every video they've been pretty good right tone any most of them aren't too bad even pointed out a few of those in this video actually yeah we found a couple decent deals actually on that not too bad that the ones that we pointed out there are a few of them especially were 3 outrageous are the ones that are around 23 $0 even at $6000 asking price that's just you know out the window there ... but hopefully there for those of you who may be new to the whole P. C. building buying thing others but you can help you out a bit giving idea of what's in these parts are worth I recommend at least checking eBay for like the average going price for components in pre built PC isn't priests is that people are trying to resell on that should get you started you kind of know where you can go from there with the asking price so with that our special thanks to Tony again for stopping by and making this a bit more entertaining the rest of you be sure to follow him ... on his social media links and subscribe to his channel link in the video to fit into the the video to I'm not even gonna redo this because I don't want to redo the whole thing video description and that will catch you in future videos this is science studio and I'm here with a really thanks for learning with us uhhuh I //
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Science Studio Live Q&A
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"2017-09-01 02:26:17"
An In-Depth Analysis: AMOLED vs. IPS
\\this video is brought to you by aero cool and their new P. 7 C. one mid tower computer case with integrated RGB lighting and a tempered glass side panel I actually be reviewing the case very soon kick out links in the video description for more details we're gonna jump right into the science of this one what's the difference between all add an IP yes what's the difference between 11 and 1 for that matter and why have larger mainstream displays taken so long to adopt bullet technology welcome to our crash course playlist NPI remember my first ever cellphone it actually wasn't too long ago to be Frank in middle school I never owned a flip phone in the Motorola razors were pretty hot our talking like mid to late 2 thousands my first phone ever was actually in 2011 I want to say it was a nexus S. when I hit high school I clench my Big Boy pants I bought one off contracted sported half a gig of ram 5 megapixel camera and a super amylin display that was the all that was what I was so intrigued about with super analytic knowledge with infinite contrast ratio because each pixel produces some light and then the love really bright yellow talk was 5 member correctly from gingerbread old school android but the colors were super saturated and whites looked oddly warm but the technologies aged well but some of these characteristics are still president and modern day Emily displays so how do they work this one 's gonna get pretty technical first off Amil it stands for active matrix organic light emitting diode it describes a single pixel in a display generating its own light using a flat film cathode and array with a conductive layer of organic material sandwiched in between now how does all work right this is just a bunch of technical jargon in a nutshell this is a diode which is a one way current self TFT either thin film transistors scatter the substrate and deliver very knowledgeable signals depending on the picture shown typically to tee up he's per pixel store current in a charging capacitor and control voltage output to the pixel and it's this charging that makes Pamela so friendly for battery life in fact that's what makes annelid analyst passive OLEDs marketed in older products like MP 3 players require additional voltage since no charge capacity is present hence the passive charging they're usually just called all the displays because it sounds a lot better than people lead most take using all the technology today though including phones and TV's uses active matrix displays something of each pixel has its own triple labeled config with its own power source when the screen is to be brighter more current is supplied each that's pretty rudimentary the material comprising the substrate of each section of the pixel determines its color it's like that for most LEDs out there aluminum gallium indium phosphate for red LEDs in Indian gallium nitride for blues and greens when only displays need to pick white all substrate eliminate according to the screens color calibration and when it needs to depict black all current is shut off providing that infinite contrast ratio for which all the displays are so well regarded additionally viewing angles are spectacular since Catholic and sandwiches are so then just throw a gorilla glass panel top and you're all set now in the case of IP it's technology in individual pixel does not produce its own light that's usually what people say when they're trying to describe the difference between IPS and annelid standing for in plane switching it represents an attempt to improve previous T. an LCD downfalls including trash viewing angles and accurate color reproduction modern IPS pals are still active matrix panels in the same way annelid screens are utilizing charge capacitors but they rely on an LED backlight for elimination instead of the substrate sandwich all the displays use IPS pixels use Elsie's of the liquid crystals to control the flow of light from the source underneath usually an LED or CCFL that's why this is called IPS LCD technology there along with the surface of the glass above it oriented in such a way to block light from the source which is ultimately never shut off when more current is applied to a pixel from 2 electrodes underneath the liquid crystals twist up to 90 degrees ants interplane switching to allow for more less light to pass through the glass substrate depending on the calibration TN panels typically require current close rather than opens its backwards there polarizer straighten a light into uniform lines and color filter shade the light into red green and blue tents picture this process for the 3 sub pixels that comprise an RGB array red images will only result in LC shift under the red substrate for example white activates all 3 and black keeps the crystals oriented in plain with the glass preventing most of the light underneath from passing through it won't fully cut off the light that which is why you have some extent of back we bleed and a contrast ratio that is not infinite so these are the technologies in a nutshell I have the Xiaomi MI 6 in the 1 plus 5 to depict the pros and cons of each technology the MI 6 has a beautiful 1080 P. IPS display colors are accurate sharp and vivid although for most IPS panels viewing angles are excellent this ones aren't too great I realize that after the fact in fact this is one of the best IP is implementation of ever seen without exception but this isn't full proof contrast ratios are excellent but not infinite as you should expect with this technology so you'll be able to see a bit of the backlight bleeding through this isn't usually a deal breaker but it is evident even when the crystals are in plain with the glass also the display's brightness is slightly Denver than that of the hamlet counterpart on the one plus 5 since both electrodes and I PS pixels are placed below the Elsie's less light is allowed to pass between them from the back light source and not back late is the Achilles heel here the OP 5 ola displayed by contrast presents slightly oversaturated coloring this is perhaps most noticeable in the red coloring family displays the you to blow here is super saturated whereas the MI 6 offers a subtle interpretation additionally a depiction of black here results in an absolute shut off of the pixel or pixels in question because there's no backlight the contrast is literally infinite know what will be omitted from these sounds apart from the over saturation though only displays are disadvantageous and a few other respects for one as brightness of the display increases its depiction of white becomes less accurate as shown in this graph white backgrounds consume significantly more power in Amil displays and I PS one since also pixels must be set to Max brightness rest IPS technology provides consistent lighting from the back light underneath so many factors will often limit the brightness of some sub pixels and these amylin displays to conserve battery life adversely affecting white balance all the displays also experience some degree of burn in overtime since the light source enough heat source is much closer to the phosphor coating under the glass if mitigated well in today's technology but the same nexus as I told you about earlier suffered a great degree of burn and after about a year's use now in my opinion hamlet is the superior technology and extremely mobile devices like cell phones I love the infinite contrast ratios and I'm usually okay with the over saturation and calibrated to extent in most smartphones nowadays anyway but for laptops and desktops I've got to say I enjoy I PS a bit more particularly apple's iteration of this technology and they're read the displays the color reproduction is insane a huge plus for content creators the displays also appear softer on the eyes just pulled a knife on 7 next to a galaxy device and you'll see what I mean it's really all preferential this is just what I personally prefer with my mobile devices if you like this video like the content in addition to this one a thumbs up thumbs down for the opposite be sure to click subscribe but if you haven't already in statement from our content like this on the channel this is science studio thanks for learning with us mmhm I //
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How to Mod & Vertically Mount Your Graphics Card (the Simple Way)
\\this video is brought to you by squarespace whether it's a domain website or online store you need be sure to make your next move what squarespace by the way use the link in the menu description it's also right here in the video to get 10 percent off your first purchase who wants a graphics card mounted vertically in a case support vertical guy it's great mounting this guy look what he did the cost $0.00 so I know what fun with a try to get this GPU mounted vertically another said this video will cost you a dime assuming you have the one tool that is required for us and altering the case of it that one tool a pair of diagonal cut or something you would use to cut wire or a thin metal in this case just plastic and aluminum are what comprise the chassis and so it was in the difficulties these to cut through the aluminum and the grill at the back of the case that's the only other thing you're gonna need other than a graphics card that's actually a fit if you have a specially large CPU cooler installed ... is a back grill with some open holes that you can use to Chyna wager graphics card in there and that's why this is a tool this thing like you don't need a bracket or anything else at least not for this particular case any case really the has the small little holes in the back should be good enough for mounting the graphics card the way that I have in this case so to get things started I suggest lining up about ex corde roughly where you expected to be when it's all said and done so you wanna have enough space underneath the card for the riser cargo that's with connect the graphics card to the motherboard self you do need that with a vertically mounted part I still have to have one of those on hand but the actual model itself is not gonna cost anything at all I so when you have a line up roughly we think it's going to be I suggest cutting out 2 slots in the back real they're going to get for those little metal feet on the back of the graphics card cut out just enough room for those legs to squeeze through that's really all you need to do at the base of the grill not top you've got that 90 degree hence the usually used to secure the graphics card to a case that just has native ... horizontal graphics for mounting you're going to use those to kind of keep the cart operates you can use the 90 degree bend to what the card hanging on the chassis the trick though is finding a way to mount that 90 degree bracket and keep it on the grill gonna want to fall this way right if you don't have anything locking that hinge in place so what I did was like cut the grow out and I I cut in such a way that I allow the grill to be wrapped around some of those small little areas were cut into that hinge so can see how I bent to areas in this grill around them both one through the central hole where one of screws we go and then also one of the top where the second through yes on using those to prevent the card from falling this way and if you are the feet properly secured at the base this card really shouldn't going where it's pretty sturdy as is and you see it's really retaining its original position just wants to be level one flat if you find the card a slightly hanging and you can kind of just then the grill little bit this this thing really isn't going anywhere connect your 8 pin 6 pin VGA cables whatever you have up top and are ever to connect the riser card which is really the only purchase necessary but the actual mom like I said it's it's for you can do this with one tool I and then your card should be working fine oh don't forget to cut out a few slots at the back for your HDMI or DisplayPort ... connections those obviously it is well just to take those are Dagnall cutters curfew slots out and voila they go of vertical graphics card mount and ... the money itself costs literally nothing everyone about temperatures this is a blower style card so all year is pull them through this opening here and it's being forced out the back of the court now with the front panel being literally about 2 or so centimeters from the opening a graphics card you might be wondering how temperatures are faring this way verses if you just mounted horizontally and this graph here shows you the delta so between 2 actually had a 2 degree increase for the GPU temperature with the card mounted vertically not not super substantial I don't think that it's going to deterring one from one do this keep in mind that this is a borstal car like I said so if you have a car that's you know cooled with 3 fans it's an a ID card then not temperatures may vary slightly but this isn't gonna absolutely choke your graphics card that's not what's gonna happen here in fact with fans in the front you still gonna have pretty solid airflow moving through the card anyway even if these fans up front are getting much air so maybe overcompensate with the front fans and you should be fine no this points you might be thinking yourself Greg I don't know if I want to take the risk here I mean you cut it now looks fine with the car there but if I cut mine and it doesn't turn out well in my car doesn't mouth the way that you mounted yours hunters can have an ugly hole at the back of my case and yeah that's the risk that you're incurring here but I would say I mean you're gonna be looking at your case either from the side or from the front and you can't really tell how I cuts up in from the back it's pretty rough not gonna lie I didn't bother shaving the edges the sharp metal ... edges there but it doesn't look back from the front and I'd say that I yeah I would do this again for sure in a case that he was compatible with this method look short you can go out and buy a proper to slot graphics card bracket to mount vertically could travel to your case to make it look nice and pretty but you can't really see the dirt from the back of the case unless you're at the back of the case which would be a weird orientation anyway lets people look at the case on the front and from the side and from both I think it looks pretty good in this month only took me about 10 minutes so if you're looking for a quick and dirty solution I say this is the way to go assuming a case that supports this cutting method here you got some kind of Nash metal grill at the back of your case and you should be able to pull off something like this with a simple tool you least like the effort or like the idea we should let me know by give us video thumbs up I do appreciate that also click subscribe button for more content like this on the channel and a stay tuned for a few reviews that I have lined up and do a laptop head to head match up and a review of the one plus 5 coming here soon this design studio thanks for modding with us //
"2017-08-29 18:57:14"
Here's How We're Improving Giveaways for the Future
\\perfect what's up everyone I want to talk to you all in this video about how we're going to handle giveaways in the future on this channel now they give away that we did with Stephen Brian the triple piece to give away was a great give away by the way the winners are announced on Twitter but they are right here unit the 3 winners and they should all been contacted by now OB this giveaway really made me realize that a lot of people are taking advantage of a slightly surprised look I understand that if you you are familiar with who we are what we do but you see hail that's a P. C. giveaway I'm glad so that channel I'm not knocking on the people who are doing that that's I mean that's the point of the giveaway were supposed to not only reward those who have been here for awhile but also encouraging people to join them in the the whole goal of a youtuber is to grow his or her channel so it's got to the point now where I'm starting to realize that this is being taken advantage of by quite a number of people and I can just tell that by the number people who are subscribed to the channeler following on Twitter and then subsequently on solving our own following immediately after they realized they didn't win and those are the kinds of people I one of the channel I want people who want to be involved who want to learn something or see me screw up and learn from my own mistakes that's the point of this channel it's why we take a scientific approach to almost everything that we do because everything is a learning process so here's what we're going to do to remedy this issue to keep the pool from being diluted by those who were only reaching for the sake of the giveaway Hurley thought about how I'm going to explain this on campus let's see how well I do here we're not going to use clean anymore okay that's the first thing of actually terminate the pro account we have on there when I can using that anymore for any giveaway that we do specifically on this channel there might be a few exceptions with some companies might work with in the future who may stipulate the going to use for a give away but for any personal giveaway that are on this channel clean one up used anymore as some of your dislike yeah no more going anywhere because that's plagued with issues I get that but the way giveaways will be handled much and from now on which is the the core the meat of this video we will not be announcing when a giveaway begins in fact it won't even be like at a time through it for which you can enter our giveaway that won't even be giveaway entries all there will be or just give away announcements for those who are already subscribed already following on Twitter Instagram Facebook soldier giveaways based on different social media outlets so ... Facebook winner might be one of the giveaways another winner might be from Instagram another from Twitter ... and then of course from YouTube as well which is our biggest media outlet at this point someone these days I might just come out of the channel and say Hey by the way are we selected a winner for a giveaway that we didn't mention and that subtle graphics card and the winner was Bob schmo from Facebook then we'll know Bob's most details to some extent because will have access to some of his data leased from social media what he releases and will find a way to contact him or him us and there you go there's the winner but we're not actually going to say Hey we're announcing this giveaway starting now all if you knew people who were just gonna leech off of the giveaway should subscribe and follow just so that you can unsubscribe unfollow if you don't win the Super unfair to those who really do care about the content and who have been here for a long time those of the people I want to award no I do want to encourage people to join and maybe this will be a way for that to happen of course Michael here like I said I want this channel to grow into something bigger than it already is but I don't want people coming here for the sole purpose of trying to win a giveaway that's not what I want this channel to be about so I hope you all can respect that release understand where I'm coming from with this I don't want people who are only here for giveaways to be the winners of giveaways straight up I don't want to reward them I want to reward people who want to be here who want to contribute to the channel into things that we're about to do ... with our website and with our other social media outlets so let's begin courage meant follow on Instagram Twitter Facebook there's the social media plug for you know but you have to stay followed because if I do a random giveaway announcement and you're not followed on one of those outlets that's on you and I'm not going to reward you for just being temporarily subscribed to a media outlet so that's all he really wanted to say in this video kind of just an announcement video if you have suggestions are tweaks for how we're going to handle these give voice in the future leave a comment in the comment section below if you're here especially early then you'll have a chance to talk with me personally we kind of Asha how can handle this I think just on in the broad sense this is how I want to do it from now on if they can be more fair for those who genuinely care we can cut a washout the leeches who were just here for a moment or 2 be sure to like subscribe get involved anywhere you can if you want to donate a pitcher on that's a big help for us all that money gets recycled back in the channel you also get away to personally interact with me on discordant like human aids and stuff there's just for patrons donors you can do so by clicking the Pitrelli down below even a dollar helps really doesn't it all adds up to thank you for that be sure to give us what your thumbs up for no reason at all be sure to click subscribe but like I said if you haven't already in state to for more content on the channel this is science studio thanks for us chatting with us WNED //
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How a Basic Computer Works (In Literally 1 Minute)
\\as a back to school special deep because offering over 10 percent off their latest cases in coolers including my personal favorite RGB edition captain to 40 E. X. A. I. O. check out the link limited scripts and for more details U. S. from the science via the last exactly one minute so here's how a computer works the heart of any computer is also its brain that's the central processing unit Vic's you'd sort programs command using billions of transistors to sort through trillions of lines of binary code ensigns binary involves 2 states open and closed it's easy for transistors that is to the single threshold voltage random access memory is also about I see allows for temporary and speedy storage access to some data process is quicker than any hard disk or solid state drive because disposal the graphics processing unit other interpreted or just try to try trying to descend from the CPU into onscreen dynamic pictures individual pixels must be assessed and treated simultaneously which is why graphics processors incorporate thousands of course for parallel processing most dedicated courts have their own ram and power delivery systems much like modern motherboards speaking of which the mother board acts as the unifier the highway between the CPU ram and discrete graphics processor information fed from ram storage devices like here by the CPU and translated by the graphics card into a physical image power is a tribute to the CPU mainboard peripheral in graphics card from power supply with a kid rail 3 nickel to choir means usually 12 volts for anything major in 5 volts for peripherals this design studio thanks for learning n't //
"2017-08-27 00:52:59"
Science Studio: After Hours (PUBG)
\\ //
"2017-08-26 16:18:09"
(Insert Frustrated Title Here)
\\all right I don't know what it is about me and tack that form such an incompatible relationship sometimes but every once in awhile I do have something malfunction on me or I do something that it invert only causes a system crash your dead component whatever and this case well I'm gonna get anything wrong I'll assume swapping cards PC's off you know you hold the power button down for 2030 seconds make sure all the power string of the cap and I was walking records because of benchmarking Vegas 64 to get this video right here for that also biggest 6556 coming up here soon and then I put the tentative TI back in here just because that's the car that's usually and this rig and the computer would boot up and then shut off about 20 seconds later and keep cycling over and over and over mind you the only thing she the variable involve here is the graphics card this card work perfectly fine with the PC before attested Vega I know that they didn't cause this problem at least I'm fairly certain I didn't I wouldn't have anyway proving that anyway but we're not gonna focus on that miss gonna tell you how I diagnosed it and of what this means for this particular PC so I'm really glad that the gigabyte Z. 2 subjects designer motherboard which are viewed right here by the way has a debug interface are down in the bottom right you'll find the other 4 little LEDs and they check for CPU Deram VGA and vote stability and when I turn the PC on with all 4 DIMMs installed bhagavan do that showing that you see what I'm experiencing here the LED notification light on the bottom here flickers between CPU and Deram it stays on Deram tries to move out of CPU and comes immediately back to the room stays about 34 seconds and just gives alternating like that and ultimately what happened is that the computer will still try to boot anyway after cycling through these 2 notification light to the bottom and then shut off basically the power trips and it tries to reboot again just repeat the same process so any second now the computer will shut off and a second now and there goes and we'll try to boot up again and if you notice the LEDs around the mother board and the ones that are sync up to their deep cool cooler here won't turn on until the P. C. had just tries to force itself pass a little checklist here the bottom were keep cycling between the D. ramming the CPU so the save me a bit of time like I said though in my trouble shooting video Thomas Alva keep cycling in the troubleshooting videos that one of the first things you should check for ... in terms like malfunction parts is the ram most of the time I did have a properly seated ... module or one of the slots dies that actually happened in my house rock ATX motherboard ... and that video so what I'm going to do already know which what what's wrong here but it does involve the ram so I pull out 3 sticks usually one in there doesn't matter really which slot and then another thing a preference on the board for which life should put the first module in but we're not really to focus on that because we're not sure if it's a module issue or if it is they slot issue for Lewis lost not functioning or if one or more of the modules is dead I'm pretty sure it's not a model issue just going right into this because this is a ram pickup in an alley somewhere and sketch fill in this is of course Sir Tom Platz so when I took the last account but I'm going to just insert one them on the far outside right slot and see if we get a post when I checked the LED ... interfaced on the bottom and so we're not getting the flashing anymore see it's moving to VGA check and we're good so this is a post you tell the bios ... configurations kicking and because all the fan cursive drop now and though this is stable so this actually works I pointed at the computer and do the monitor and make sure that this was a functioning system so one stick around money outside slot is good to go now there 2 things we can do from here on out we can start moving this module through each of the slots in it the slop problem or week cycle through all for the dems and see if it's a macho problem I'm currently shorts not a dom plat issue just gonna say that right off the bat I have faith in the course are down flat series so we're going to assume it's a slot issue and stick with 1 card and we're gonna continue moving it through slots 15 and there we go so second slot is functioning properly never moved to the to enter us lots of too close to the CPU and see if 1 of those is in fact dead so we are getting the LED swap here on slot 3 heard this is actually on the board DDR slot to the second closest to the CPU socket and so the mother board yeah Ellie needs turn on is the thing tries to post and that shuts off friendly just like that so that tells me that slot to on the board is dead now just so that we're sure we've dotted all over eyes were gonna try the innermost slot now and see if ... some reason we have 2 dead slots instead of one as for peace of mind sake and we're getting the same LED cycle so actually that DDR 4 slot for and slot 2 are both dead and I don't know what could have caused that I mean other than just swapping out the graphics cards and touched anything up top I did install this cooler but I mean really like what what could I have done with that and cooler installation would've killed to ... ram slots as little weird so the lesson we can do just to make sure again for peace of mind sake is swap the modules just make sure that these are still functioning properly and the slots that we know are working on the board already done that not with your time these are all still perfectly fine so dumb plants again very reliable and this is pretty much where to call it quits for this video I'm just gonna go ahead an army this board I have my good eye contact and we're gonna see if we get a replacement I cannot speak to what caused the issue it's just I mean it's a fluke thing and it just seems to happen to me more so than any other tech tumor on you to the good thing is that we lease you learn a few troubleshooting tips for dinner to check all the troubleshooting guide you can click this video right here if you like this video or at least ... up feel bad for me press F. respects and you can also have the like but I do appreciate that click subscribe but if you haven't already in St you in for a more interesting stuff here on the channel this is science studio thanks for trouble shooting with us //
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My Verdict on AMD Vega 64 (and 56)
\\you always want to start off these videos with a bit of history talk about said company struggles to produce that product and ... you know where they see themselves in the future American to do that with AMD though I might not do that with Vega in particular because ... well it's not all that great look Amy did a great thing with their CPU department they've got a solid compute performance for prices absolutely shattered Intel's offering price to performance that is the I 777 0 K. is still the best gaming CPU on the market thanks to its higher PC and overclock ability we have to shell out 300 Bucks for it whereas the same price on the red team you can get an 8 core 16 Fred counterpart in awesome actually compute performance chip although really booster times a week reduce your times actually welcomes the video editing and rendering thought and then also give you still solid giving performance not the best performance but still pretty darn close so we expected this with rising going into it the price to performance king and I said before large that rising would never question telling gaming but that wasn't the point I am he's competitive advantage with CPUs was the bargain offered how you can get so close to matching Intel performance for significantly less Moolah in terms of gaming that is that's why the red team is such a devout and loyal fan base but the Buck stops here you see AMD battles on 2 fronts they've been doing pretty good against until they pretty much shut them out when it comes to any bargain CPU at all I don't really know why you'd even want by high 5 this point I'm going to go as low as an all Pentium or none of my 3 you might as well just buy the similarly priced quad core CPUs from the red team but when it comes to read verses green we've got a serious problem here AMD is no longer the price performance king when it comes to graphics card not they really were in the first place they always tried to do that with CPUs but with graphics cards it's 237 different marketing approach are and I've got to say as of right now given the current price structures of Vega it's not looking too great the big a lot of balls into the fourth category of GCN architecture and sports some pretty cool features at least on paper among these is AMD's infinity fabric similar in design to thread rippers multicore layout as a result we got a huge die with vague nearly 500 cubic millimeters compared to the tiny TI's 300 or so the 56 and 64 also boasts nearly twice the number of transistors compared to the TI seriously though the specs for bigger are pretty insane to go high band with memory got over 4000 stream processors thing over 11 teraflops of compute performance that's all incredible on paper great but I really don't care what any of those the number I care about is the number I see in the top left corner my screen when I play games and that's the frame rate so I use the same I. 767 0 K. overclocked 4.6 gigahertz just pictured in my hand right here 16 gigabytes of DDR 4:00 to 3000 megahertz and swap my 1080 in 1080 T. I. for the liquid cooled Vegas 64 graphics card I gotta say this card looks beautiful a huge fan of the backplate AO integration and metallic finish though I do wish the tubing here only I was a bit shorter add up and improvise here price though net will discuss this a bit later I tested of 1440 P. to leverage the GP just a bit more not too many people are getting a 4 K. at the moment so I think that 1440 P. is a pretty good middle ground I mean they're plenty for kid benchmarks ever else when you do a bit relieved the benchmarks you're looking at right now are all that are needed to tell the full story honestly I expected a bit more here I mean the specs for Vega our insane transistor county to be like I said these cards or loaded but the V. 64 is now performing the GTX 1080 in literally anything and it mind you is priced higher than the 10 he currently and the 10:00 EDT art which is priced almost identically is absolutely destroying it and while consuming significantly less power mind you these are all at stock clocks by the way the 1 game showing anything other than absolute defeat is the doom benchmark Vulcan gives make an edge here no doubt 1 percent and 0.1 percent low state above extended counterpart showing that added stability in game but across the board the 10:00 EDT I which really we should be looking at here because this is the card that's priced almost the same as the B. 64 counterpart is still the best graphics card in general consumer price ranges and by that I mean under $1000 which is still pretty excessive 6 in a box is a lot to ask for any component in the PC but with the TI you're getting massive performance jumps over Vegas 64 once the mining creates relaxes and the dust settles around the summer therapies I do expect this card to make the fall just slightly under the tenet TI's average asking price if it doesn't that's worse news for big things for I'm hoping that this price does drop significantly within the next month or so I hope AMD in its ... third party vendors realize that this court is just that it's not gonna sell very well at the current price is knowing why would you buy this court if you could buy 10:00 EDT I that would blow it out of the water for the exact same price look at 500 U. S. V. 64 is a compelling offers sure it liberally draws power but it gives the GTX 1080 a run for its money competition is a good thing doesn't win and literally any average F. P. S. benchmark but at least it sticks around and that's the other thing I want to discuss here look I don't really understand why Vega is receiving so much negativity in the press I understand the pricing scheme whatever you wanna call it scandal okay and become a screwed us there and a lot of reviewers are pissed off because we originally recommended Vega and then once the price went up we had to go back and say well we don't really committed anymore because it just makes no sense I mean the eternity T. are making 64 is gonna blow it away and I am we keep saying that because he need to know that do not buy this court at this current price when it makes no sense at all and by the way the a AU tacked on here it's pretty loud and really doesn't do that great a job at getting rid of heat from the card I mean you can you get a little extra overclocking headroom but I didn't bother touching that because the car's gonna throw itself anyway but what I really don't understand going negative press is why people are so upset that Vega is only performing on par with its nvidia counterparts what they expected a 64 to absolutely destroy the 1080 T. I. in almost every title they I mean like that Die Hard devote fanboys who really thought that it was gonna be like their saving grace right a new longer have to choose from the green team I can just choose on the red team because are gonna make an awesome cards can destroy everything in its path and mind you at a great price point Vegas none of those things okay now bay is just an alternative and that's really all it's meant to be Amy hasn't been looking for the budget conscious consumer and graphics card markets because so alright anyway I mean people are still gonna buy bigger because it's a name be card and that's just a fact so the gist of this graphics card review really has nothing to do with the benchmarks probably the first time it's ever happened why only benchmark for games of the only games I knew the benchmark to know what I needed to tell all of you if you want 40 benchmarks check out hardware box Steve is the benchmarking king okay but for is all I needed to tell you this at 600 Bucks big is not worth it basically force not worth it I'm gonna review Vega 56 in a separate review but spoiler alert the story is kind of the same it's still a bit price you can attend 70 which it is targeting and I just I don't know it just feels like we didn't really plan this out correctly I mean look at look decent on paper the original prices looked great but now these rebates in these bottles are kinda dislike dissolving into thin air we're left with an S. R. piece it really hard appealing for Vega at all 56 or 64 and be sick and I want to add another 0 or 200 Bucks you did just stay away but I wouldn't necessarily call this a flop for A. M. D. maybe just growing pains it is disappointing to see them not follow suit with the budget can mind set on their CPU side but vague it was really only meant to compete with nvidia not shut them out in the same way that they did with Intel gonna say though until prices relax a bit because the prices are pretty ostentatious right now I don't expect many bake sales except from the Die Hard aid the fans and those who were really interested in the strong compute performance that Vader carts offer like the 4000 plus stream processors pretty incredible there the problem is though either these games just aren't optimized for vague yet or the drivers are still in the primitive states or you just look at a price standpoint say now these cards aren't worth it and I will discuss my detailed be 56 review these cards do not outperform their intended rivals ouch if you like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up you appreciate the honest to be sure to give the thumbs up I do appreciate it should look at sky but if you haven't already stay tuned for more content with us in the channel several reviews on the way because several boxes were here alone I came back from Europe this is science studio thanks for learning with us he the //
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How to Pick the Correct Wattage Power Supply
\\I need more power favorites here fair but how to pick the correct Wantage power supplies this is a tricky question especially for first time builders who might not be familiar with how power hungry some of their system components are but I will also say this once you do select efforts power supply subsequent PC built become much simpler that comes with the territory and the how power hungry systems are on the can choose a power supply wattage higher that according to a specific buffer zone which will also discuss in this video so that's what we're gonna do it let's talk about power consumption and how to select the perfect power supply let's start first with a common conception this is something we get out of the way first and foremost because I see it quite a bit I see people recommending power supplies based solely on TV peace now this is a good way of kind of gauging roughly what your components will be desiring in terms of power but it's not just a sure fire thing if a CPU has a TDP of 91 what's that is not even a CP will only consume 91 what's in fact if you want to overclock a CPU my consumable to 150 watts of power under full load I'd even with stock frequencies in mind sometimes this power spike to do jump well beyond 91 what's TTP stands for thermal design power and as such describes the hula capacity needed to keep that CPU or GPU whatever you're talking about a well within its thermal limits sequencing how TTP in total power consumption or somewhat proportional as you increase total power draw the heat output must also increase but there's a small margin there for the work to be done most of it is lost in the form of heat because no system is 100 percent efficient so in summary adding TTP isn't actually an underestimation of total power draw would make no sense for a component to lose more energy in the form of heat and it is a drawing energy from the wall that that just doesn't add up so we're gonna run through some general rules of thumb and then we will talk specifics first and foremost it is important to note that the 2 most power hungry components in your system will almost always be your graphics card and your CPU usually in that order so it comes to picking a PS you you want to refer to these 2 first and foremost it makes sense to better power supply wattage unload consumption of course but there are several scenarios to consider gaming load editing workload torture load list goes on depending on what you do your power consumption will Mary if you play quite a few video games on a daily basis you're probably pulling more power from the wall than if you were editing on a daily basis usually editing software if you wanna do video editing photo editing that'll usually leverage your CPU more than anything else but gaming workloads will leverage CPU and GPU worth power in different ways and usually they're both being used around 56 percent of the games while optimizing a pallet system now a torch hoop is a bit more extreme than a gaming with because you're using unrealistic benchmarks in most cases to determine how stable your components actually are still put unrealistic workloads and your CPU and GPU to ensure that under the worst case scenario those components will be stable at given frequencies and voltages prime any 5 is an excellent example of a CPU torture test the just adds an unrealistic workload to the unit itself is a good indication of how stable your system is with said overclock think of it as a worst case scenario when GPU and CPU usage are maxed out at 100 percent which rarely happens east both at the same time so again the workload is a pretty safe under estimation what your power supply wattage should be but I also recommend using the wattage higher than the torture load power supplies can often supply wattage above rated limits IE 750 watts pulled from a 700 watt power supply it is possible but it isn't recommended for long term use as transformers and rails can become extremely hot so there is a sure fire way determine how much power your build will pull from the wall under any given workload use allot meter stick it between the outlet and the power supply and do not so much power systems pulling under any given load but keep in mind that some of that power will be lost due to the inefficiencies of the palace by itself somewhere between 80 and 90 percent of that in most cases is actually being used by the computer but the problem with that of course is that you need the computer built beforehand so how would you know what power supply to use in the field if you have to have the PC built before we can determine how much power is pulling from the wall that contradiction is why I recommend a site like Tom's hardware I trust the reviews 100 percent and all of the power supply investigations all their different a component power consumption graphs are super helpful for first time builders I've link their site in this video subscription take this 1 for example this graph depict CPU torture test power consumption we got the right things 7 CPUs here Intel core I. 777 0 K. and a few other hungry counterparts I recommend starting here or a graph similar to this 1 for your CPU of choice just scribble something along the lines of Tom's hardware rising 560 her next power consumption just insert your CPU or GPU of choice and that's the beauty of their testing they've tested and compared almost every mainstream component on the market so if for example your CPU GPU combo with a rising 516 0 GTX and 70 search for both of these graphs similar to this 1 and add them up in the case of this example roughly 90 watts plus 170 watts for some of 260 this is a very low figure however and it would be unwise to shove a 260 watt power supply into the system several factors should be accounted for including overclock ability whether or not the graphics card is reference or a I'd be and how many other components or peripherals are in the system addressing ability first this is a slippery slope generally speaking over Clark's tend to drastically increase power consumption so by person initial frequency overclock might increase power consumption by 5 percent below by 10 percent for the next 5 percent overclock followed by 20 percent for the next 5 percent of the vote and so on the fields not directly related and they're not linear by any means so the I 979 0 packs observatories power hog but lower core counts ships will usually manage power in a much more civil manner and that's what most consumers will go after something like a 24 or 6 core CPU so it really depends on what your sporting your rig and what you're overclocked intended overclocked is the general rule of thumb I recommend at least a 50 percent lower power consumption buffer for your CPU unless your reference is already showing overclocked consumption so for our example multiply 90 watts by 1.5 for a 100 35 what overclocked torture workload following suit then far 1600 X. 17 her combo now has a power buffer of 100 35 watts plus 2 and 65 for a 400 watt total power consumption this is a pretty bare bones recommendation but I'd be willing to bet my lunch money that a proper for her but he is you could handle this kind of a full system isn't recommended though no absolutely not let your powers of life 100 percent efficient which is impossible higher power demand result in more of it lost in the form of heat which explains why power supplies get harder and louder under load so it's a safe practice to include an additional buffer I swear by 50 percent but you're free to throw in something higher I recommend higher don't go much lower than that for a 400 watt calculation like ours if 50 percent additional buffer zone yield 600 watts which should also account for hard installed state drives LEDs peripherals and fans most of the smaller components usually won't consume but a few watts each so if you put together a system like this one here which I would consider it well balanced it's linking the video description by the way a 600 watt power supply with a solid efficiency rating from a reputable brand would put you in a great position supply ships a rather quiet if it's built well and sharp power spikes shouldn't trip your system for free to apply this rule across the spectrum by the way introducing a second CPU which would be weird for gaming system or second graphics card which I imagine most consumers will be more interested in ... would only require that you repeat the affirmation process just one more time for set component I will say though that if you're going to hustler crossfire 2 graphics cards you don't just multiply the original low power consumption for the single card by 2 that's not how those configurations work actually Esalen crossfire are pretty inefficient we will look at from a power consumption standpoint self one card consuming 200 watts under full load ID stick a second card the exact same one in there and I can have a 400 watt loaded thank you might have something along the lines of a 300 or 350 watt load ... and that's under like a best case scenario so really got a second graphics card you don't even have to add that 50 percent buffer can be something lower just keep in mind like don't be surprised if your system is not really pulling that much more from the wall if you add a second card for most build with a single graphics card and CPU it'll be perfectly fine on a 6 to 800 watt power supply I would say upward toward 800 what would be well within your safe zone could even upgrade at a second graphics card and still be okay generally the more expensive the component inside though the higher the what it should be again just for peace of mind wouldn't make much sense to pair $40 PSU for the $1500 system while in many cases your system would run perfectly fine is a proven this video right here it's just not a good practice to parent ultra cheap power supply with an altar expensive computer if your computer isn't that expensive you would really hate yourself if your power supply took your entire system with it because you decided to cheap out on one component that you should not have a simple analogy don't pair 600 horsepower Ferrari with that sort of $20 tires he picked up at a junk yard makes no sense you know it's been a pleasure to give it a thumbs up thumbs down for the opposite be sure to click to subscribe but if you haven't already in station for more content in my original studio in Florida and still in Germany they'll be home very soon a long plane ride ahead not looking for that one this design studio thanks for flying //
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I Read Ridiculous eBay Tech Ads
\\what's up everyone I am still in Germany this point basically on vacation now that the be quiet or is finished and other explains the weird background here and the lackluster audio but I have been using my macbook to find some ridiculous sales online this time eBay addition first up on a list here and you've got to ask yourself what on earth is going through this retailers mind this is a zine 97 board from a series 3 generations old mind you and are asking 1100 $42 for it here's an I. 76950 axed corporate you may want to 5 are they not aware that you can actually buy the same chip on new a brand new for 1600 SX too good a deal when you're taking with you buy something acts 4 actually cheaper than that now user both U. S. sellers by the way this person think that just because you're the Vegas 64 GPU on pre order you can subsequently charged 1200 $48 fort please do not buy 1 anywhere near this price this is so bad $516 asking price for a micro ATX al's rock each 97 mother board here we go young hearts in the United States asking $1314.87 for his RRG strix GTX 10 eightieth minute TI's just attend 80 owning case you're wondering financing is available this right here is officially the highest priced PC case anywhere on eBay that I could find is the thermal take level 10 titanium addition asking price just 7 grand here's a delusional mining craze reseller EVGA GTX 1079 0 $35 not exactly sure what I'm looking at here but what I can discern Steelcase it was buried dug up and sent to a war zone yeah the power strip on top is just the bonus but Hey at least it's got a basement and all of this can be yours for just 500 U. S. plus $790 for shipping here's 1 I teased on Twitter this guy's asking $1200 for an Intel core I. 3 GTX 750 T. I. computer build and check this out C. is assuring us that it's a very expensive and reliable PC so it's got to be a great deal you know owned by the way does this cable management remind anyone of a squid thanks Tony for that 1 now you can't unsee it so I searched ram on eBay and the highest priced item was a Dodge ram 1500 asking price $450000 I'm here we go real ram 400 63 U. S. dollar asking price for a 16 gig kit of laptop greed DDR 3 is being sold from the United States mind you just for kicks here's a 35 0 on the dollar virtue phone equipped with a gold frame and genuine diamonds it's too bad it looks like a Nokia from 2005 this is a penny P. Ilene where monitor bundled with alien where keyboard and alien where mouse for 3000 U. S. dollars why because alien where just kidding seriously because Alienware here's an I. 74960 acts for 45 $0 nothing more to say here not exactly sure what's special about this keyboard but for nearly 3.5 grand it better cook me dinner what's more concerning the fact that the property sold 6 of these now this 1's actually kind of cool so this is an original apple iPhone on open verified by apple themselves according to the seller 4 gigabytes which is supposedly rare than 816 counterparts because the fourth discontinued when they realize that not many people wanted to forget variant and the asking price is 73 $0 not so sure about that price it's on the specific but it's firm according to the seller about expert this realm but who knows I've got another phone appear to finish things off this one is the LG L. 52 V. probably something you could buy in Walmart for around 50 Bucks in the asking price here is 6495 U. S. D. this one being sold from Anaheim California so it seems like I as this video series progresses we are managing to find where summer so deals which twin extend is entertaining that's kind of these videos of bin of balance the purpose if it but there underlying purpose here is that you should really do your research before you go out and purchase products like bees especially from sketchy sellers that aren't mainstream maybe Amazon or knew a few in the states a some other reputable vendor from your country I would say for the most part can be pretty reliable when it comes to honest pricing but when it comes to third party resellers individual sellers even like myself price check check everywhere even if it seems convenient it seems like a good deal of the time I mean look several people fell for some of these price scams when it's little what they are they're scams and that's why in a sense I don't mind exposing these people they're asking outrageous prices and are trying to just use the ignorance of the consumer to make a huge profit I was very pleased with the enthusiasm and number of submissions yet for part 2 of the series which can check it right here by the way someone open up another Twitter earned just chain for all of you to post submissions for part force women do review all the links you guys post I mean it's it's easy for me I'm to be honest don't do the research you guys are kind of doing it for me all review them make sure that they're legit not you know actually good deals I'm gonna give me credit for those links in part 4 in that video to be just like this video dislike part 2 and part one so get active in that I appreciate all of the submissions I'll be sure to donate on patron if you wanna be super cool all that money gets recycled back the channel thanks videos look better on you some better stuff like that ... you can also follow me on Instagram and elsewhere to get a little more involved on things that aren't you too related because I want branch out just just full of it mark it lays there be sure to give a thumbs up thumbs down for the up cyclic subscribe but if you haven't already institute for or a real science here channel this is science studio thanks for learning with us //
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BeQuiet HQ Tour in Hamburg, Germany! (Part 2 of 2)
\\so this is the nostalgia room here at the be quiet here Hamburg other bunch of old systems behind me somewhere new but a lot of these are ... comprised of older components and the reason why is because once these power supplies are developed ... they have to be put through a bunch a test and obviously not everybody was the P. C. he's in the thought that a hardware so he quite likes to make sure that their power supply still function on older hardware which is usually not as power efficient as their newer counterparts the other person in this beautiful room with Christian magazine is the technical director of power supplies here be quiet and he's about to give us a full tour of ... all the stuff that's in here so this system here for example this is a 1213 I want consumption that business past 2600 watt power consumption right here goes from the east immediately because a lot of this in our 9295 takes too so have to city leaders for for week crossfire and a big CPU while it gets older set of 7 here we're this actually here you can see all my change existence because sometimes also after sense have maybe some problem so make user for compatibility so I always keep the old systems conductor to change it to figure out what kind of problem they have so a bit further power supplies to be able to deliver a lot of power in a short very short amount of time that's taxing on on a P. issue like that the demand for power being so quick now because of just the ability for these cars to fluctuate power demand so fast if this is that the main problem for the pulse of but if you have a cheapo supply you it would easily shut down the system because he cannot reach it very fast loading changes and I'll post apply from strip or up to dock polar all have stupid 99 percent of the loading can provide patrol vote only because if you get caught and the TV or oldies total right so and here for example we do some testing for the I'm pierced with recording comes out from the cart so user compro peer receive how is it totally ... distribution of the total current it's very interesting that must the total cost in the budget cut also comes out from the crowd because some current also go through the PCI slot back and comes out from the 24 bit or la so that's why we also need to figure out how it is and then we can set of all forms of life it's amazing how big is the current actually on each wire you concede he already have 12 I'm peers going to the video card and this is so times 12 volts crack use souls to in a 40 watt already how going from this cable in the VJ card and you can see the pics site the ground is only lesson 11 appear so means 1.5 I'm pickles somewhere comes not back directly from you not thoughts going on the motherboard somewhere or he is more critical this magical 040 appears in and only 9.something appear out so all other schools to main board and in the end you can see it comes here and this guy's to the echo the possibly we also we have a manual trauma you maybe know this time yeah without bigger one down yeah this is actually the same but only meant because it manually one so I can adjust the company from the sale of programming here can look Mattel's supply and can see also for the cross loading problems may be what a civil to tribulation and I can also put my possibly connect to hear what Google wire put in my small timber and the second heat up to 50 degree so Elsa can test of a reverse case a power supply see what will happen in the high temperature so you literally take a power supply and you just plug all the catechism here as you would a regular mother board and that's where the power is being delivered yet that's where you can monitor and control these boxes yes ... but actually not only test by this way because this is just to the petaflop Consejo is just like a resistance so if you want to really understand the power supply you need to really look at on the reef system right rightly different story I can control something a comic frequency see everything but you never can make it like a real system that's whatever testing on both like they would test them on the on the ground with and then they were taken to real easiest and that's why also in existence here without distance you cannot really make sure the possibly renew working right right how much is like a just one this problem I just got into other cost for the whole set here to this set is to only turn you loose reloading units and the AC source is around 20 K. you'll around $20000 right it was from chromic Judy I know like this more so actually that's why I create my own one but it's not installed yet corporate build my own you made this yourself we did it this is a play together so actually for me this is more easier duplicate he always you need to use some adapters because you don't have enough connectors here so this always have lost so I'd be great this once couldn't better connect 2004 PM P. 8 as a means to be once you 2.9 connectors forget your cards and they'll to conclude sata and Multics here and I can directly measure he also that little noise values golden connectors here so we can therapy detect a school measure the rumors further that it was like some kind of mining revisited the list actually I appeal to mining system but in fact not really for mining we have account for short but there is the main point is I want to understand the 2 local distribution to the system affect because we solved and found out that many users do it in one week if they have for example a beach ID cards and you have nobody this kind of bridges here you need to support us by power and they deliver it sought out up to so if a plucked from post of places out here it's only one wire normally to vote and what the end users do if they have the cable have many for clinical they can't they look look look look look look for pieces on one wire so they're pulling a lot when I heard it on the table is how often it that's why a test here how is the best way to connected and then we make a small briefing we also sent to ourselves and office of guy so they can teach customers how to connect pride and a good system up who's 10 graphic arts ... yeah you mention to sell them to move up to the house and tells it like it real lucky because the main book from the Middle supplier from the window at the city sorting PCI slots special made for mining that that's what's funny is it's an H. 110 board like if not even like a thug here nothing and even the good ice we only in yeah exactly yeah that's why they were concerned about a penny and I 3 prices going up if you don't need a super powerful CP Julia I reach articles that many people who still wrong via yeah that's what is important is a bit young paraplegic carts this I built also bought myself some totally pissed afloat without fan because the problems of photos on this you can not check noise on the pulse of my behind him is to love so I use this way I can test my power is almost so this one that we can make foreign about with the post apply but it's almost so I can check very detailed if we have some noise inside from components or from the fan because we develop offensive or self that's 400 watt letter this phone about Lyle and I have another one in my of the room is up to 800 baht for 400 what you came here mix we have nothing and fame is still only if this offends voltage over smitten out has only 2.92 world to actually just in the beginning actually we have some buffer insight also from the component so the fan even up to 56 percent just rotate in there beginning and what we do beside other ... possibly Bendis is we always let the fans been even a good beginning because you're giving us hope you can you know right right but the problem is if you use force on his any parts of solution many support it pose of lavender to this so they have up to 40 percent defend will not speak for example right right the problem is your component getting more hot in this situation and actually a lifetime begin much more shorter hours away to prevent this because you'll to give the 5 years warranty for the power supply lifts defend always been left over some airflow even very small but still have elf will arrive to save the component of it think about it like having an off versus having it on what its lowest setting it's indistinguishable so ID rather get the air flow and has nothing to lose early and make that up and I think a lot of power supply the do you have the like the auto shut off in the middle to stop turning the fan altogether but this is for the component is a respected right right and also do the design that was our vendors together for the PCB so for the component position you can see I always try to make space inside a put the components to out and and maybe the center so we have very good airflow regal in that double click comes out from here play in the fact that you have to be able to route all the connections on the PCB itself is that we may hold Z. due to data ports holds connections and we fondly out to make its smoothly without writers and at the same time manage to keep their they components far enough apart to allow for outlaw airflow yeah wow is always a big work to design the power supply is not only from electronic aside from the logic from the topology is also how where you put the components and there are there also other routes you cannot move maybe the main transformer too far away from the S. R. otherwise you do have to many lost a little of you to take everything actually the topology smaller supplier okay but I work together to send to move the things to watch what I understand from my experience what is the best airflow what is best heat conduction this possibly comes also from SP FSP okay you've worked with several of them the other night here is we we had we work was eh some different ... suppliers but sure FSP is still our main supplier is it the same for the dark power is okay FSP because they have the best solution for the high quality high wattage high level policy right solutions I have my small museum here with all the old clothes supplies just like have nipple appears he's yeah but this is I can show you another room since his stash right here for her will have an entire floor dedicated use power supplies stacked on top critical then because I always need to have to testify and you have some Christian and eat it from every series every model in my hands I cannot over school too valis put another one out right right so I need to start here now that all the new power supplies Christmas and ... those all use the same modular configurations leave this is what I but I have no actually I would dock polar all were street new strip phone show up how was the one and even to power the cable are competitive that's correct each other that's awesome my view is no I keep asking that question showed us a stash over there but yeah and from from my job seeing so I control the developing I control the quality management and the project manager this is a beautiful around even for me I like to sit here especially on this death benefit consoled or something to buy Hedberg so have the fresh air and with a we wanna so how long have you been in this position with the client I work in this in over 12 years and in this position for the quiet holds over 10 years or 10 years old while I do the developing for possibly what a sinless it's coming from other someone want to argue with me fashion at the thought that maybe one of these guys pictorial and you're something so ID in the user reading power of just from being wrapped around the table actually you know we took to to to to to make some connection its use by magnet coils of negative image of the magnet field ex wife ... is a very good technology that's good because that's really how because you're not actually connecting anything physically these Calif Hippolyta didn't like these so I built my adeptness with the voltage and I'm from me to you to put the wire here connect to rigid cock connected here writer jockeys we appear perfect to complicate this is much easier this is really nice and this allows you to isolate power consumption to each cable even I can just only use one wire to wire whatever it wants easy easily to change obviously available commercially available here I've actually opal this and other movie you know the store Conrad is a is a very big store in Germany for different things okay and the brand is small craft so it's not so expensive actually I know needs 0.01 exactly no meat Riley I had no need to perfect if I'd want to have perfect results I use Michael right and right then I have perfectly results but for this to see the distribution of the power company enough this is really column of gun violence can we get for trouble shooting in general isn't it actually is 18 euro one piece for Lana 3 shift has I was on the live the typical like ... well if we pull meters and snow yeah like the slave the proven so you can new venue high or current in the fuse on the from the tool broken in a red house if you will appears early along the liars you can measure up to 100 appears how god yes or anything PC related to have hip hop it no problem sick this stuff up quad SLI set up of GTX 2 sixties from ABC and satellite time so he's got motherboard sorted by socket type so 115051 FM 2:00 AM 3 plus LG 2011 FM 2939 FM 1:00 AM 311551156 I can only see those but I it really ODOT that LGA 775 for 23478462 well we found a gap in the rain to finally film yeah sure for this video if the nursing yeah woods than typical ... Hamburg summer you know it's like you know 16 Celsius and like showers going down all time and it's just crazy this is just one part like of the the whole idea behind as you can see if you like you have the ... like half of the main building and that we will they're just finished out on tour and ... yeah mostly interesting it was on a lot of we appreciate you guys open up your doors horse and generous behind the scenes stuff is really cool to see how old is distributed how it's all tested trouble feuded that's cool and all its on site and like we saw even the fact that you guys had like this kind of makeshift PC's to train people who don't even have to work with PC's hands on just so that they are familiar with the discount yeah yeah exactly that's really nice of the known generally at least the basics and I wanna let you know when to sell if you know you need to know a little bit about it you know that hit song that's really nice to see so we've had a lot to cover today in this tour I think you can be 2 videos if not more I just because there is so much to see so much the task and find out but actress who appreciates it I don't out was really nice of you to do this for you know right now I think we back in Germany very soon so I think you and studio thanks for toying with I //
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BeQuiet HQ Tour in Hamburg, Germany! (Part 1 of 2)
\\what if everyone we are in the Hamburg Germany or just outside of the city of Hamburg ... as the be quiet headquarters this is there media rooms Israeli film on their suite B. roll for their new products being released now showing us around the entire facility they have distribution centers they have much a testing warehouses a bunch of stuff goes on here and they're gonna show as well most of most of the stuff that we can't show you you'll see so for this is the power supply ... sorting facilities the distribution center for Europe be quiet power supplies or in this room then a bunch stuff in their warehouse as well they're attached to this one but I is is probably the most power supplies have ever seen in a single room and ... I'm I'm loving every second of the box the premature explanatory you see straight power 10 a plus Golda yeah so you order one of these new living your and as you can get the spot for here and we're in the conference room I hear with Chris from be quite midnight complex surf somewhere else on you tube he's pretty much the front man for the quiet you seem on Twitter and ... showcasing a lot of products in a lot of stuff coming up and less of the currently offering so I want to first I guess ask you about how you started working at be quiet and ... we think of it ya area that's that's a pretty long time ago actually I started that with computers in the late late nineties I think ... like seriously Hon not with the ... older stuff I guess I never really worried about that but yeah yeah bill my first PC and 99 I think ... and then I went to the states at some point and ... put myself in an affluent 800 that was my my first ... idea wife PC flight 800 what I grab for them that one I would remember that I think of that time on I had a I had a voodoo voodoo or how does how does something if I'm feed the ex that for sure at that time they were really the best I think and then they have like a 2 chips on one card and there was like unheard of and yeah I booked myself one of those so of the 3 against major product categories here power supplies cases and coolers crime here so which of those is the most popular I mean that depends on the on the country really because ... here in Germany we actually house since this the company was based on on selling power supplies ... dislike our poll best selling product but the other categories are growing very very strong and ... we started with cooling maybe like 45 years ago and ... we we came a long way and tell you of them now 2 years ago we started with cases and ... all in one water cooling like last year ... so yeah I mean we we came a long way but power supplies in Germany still like I I roughly 70 percent maybe ... but yet other parts of the world you know is right always depending you know what ... ... what these countries so would you want so you have 3 major power supply Prada categories correct she of the purest breed in the dark power series yellows basically it yeah we have we have like a few more existing power and a power zone and as a fix L. which we introduced of just that computations ... but give those are like maybe the main now areas we have it's like the good better best so we start with a with a fuel power ... it it started as the name suggests as like an entry level of power supply but ... like yeah over the over the years it just evolved into into like a normal mainstream house plans all bestsellers so far we have the data with and without ... and Manjula options ... so yeah it's it's actually pretty good and well price that you can you know we have like the the main spent mainstream aspect of it straight powers more ... very much focused on silence arm and yeah it comes also in Germany with ... with and without much of a cable signed the U. S. we basically have only on much of the power supplies and ... gets more ... focused on silent aspect and with the doc power we basically have like it's our no compromise product down it's just like the best of the best inside you know you can you can see that all the from from test results you know that those are really great and us on a personal user the dark brown 0 long on this because of the heart of 1200 watts exactly as once they're busy 5 or 52 truffle what so we were in the warehouse just a second ago the clip that we just saw so you have that you're European distribution center excellent okay so on basically anyone who wears anything from Europe regarding straight power pure power or power power supplies that's where it's going to come from the warehouse where exactly plan there's a lot of powers of us down there because that we sell tens of thousands ... every month and ... via what what we ... the famous with you know so up house of lies that were best selling our product here in Germany all basically in Europe as well ... so yeah we we put a lot of focus and to ... like as a development into these products and that's why he I guess were selling so well it's running running through the test program on the net that shows like pass so not sure here what we have different parts of the power supply if you 24 and you're a penny if yes CPU for pens all that's being distributed to this unit right here and it's our individual power reading some of the system is doing over there is checking to make sure that the power being delivered to this unit is that correct person you know mineral ripped all that stuff you wanna watch for on a power supply so this was very stable and that's ... what showing here my sewage running through a series of tests what you just saw the Christmas points earlier ... seal see the power shutting off shooting back on very light load in this case sometimes a ramp up and be very heavy load oscillates when you do a bunch of dynamic test to make sure this power supply is in fact good to go so once the power supply in question has been tested on the big machines over there there there ... the plug it into a PC like this for Sir regular old system and other make sure that it functions properly and a real PC ... just for no real world safe making sure that everything's got to go and ... so different here but everything's running fine company was a distributor before for a mainly cases first and then you have the branches started when they when they saw that Hey you know of people one night good ... cited products because 7 years ago you had like an unlawful Sione like retail company we have here and ... the fans were just outrageously he noisy Saho yeah I was on my finger and I was your competitive advantage was just the environment is something okay into the side and ... yeah thing is coming coming through and those who are parents call come baby quite interesting to focus in silence month Hagar her through the name come from so you said that the quake got into coolers like CPU coolers for example that for 5 years ago yeah I think so even offer a wall hated her 8 of us cooling products you got some of the biggest ones over here on the left one this one here used quite a bit and then I even got some smaller ITX form factor cooler there really great and had this with this immature and ice here and then ... something pretty small but just like standard ATX onetime better yeah atlas our very ... entry level model appealed slim okay just reach over 25 Bucks in I mean you know it's a no brainer so I guess what we can do here then I just kind of run through each cooler like what a builder would look for on how much they do understand what kind of quaint country looking at with each of these coolers discount aka yeah overview yes I mentioned down the small as one starts with a 25 that I use them as a P. R. and then you will all the way up to like $90 MSRP for the very thick one here so you have like a wide range ... off off of of products of course with the price also increases the GDP so that now the heat ... every off the schools can dissipate enough from your from your CPU arm and we just did like a few different versions you know for example you have like the shadows from this very slim and ... here you won't have any of suction for with a ... with the memory and when you have like very told memory which is of course a problem when you have this school year ... it will be a little more difficult even though you can move the fan a little bit up that ... shouldn't be really big that for ... problem but with this one you have 0 ... problems you know and John have that's like how all of these coolers ... differ you know you just have here you have a very thick one here a when you want to play around you know with like ... with the air direction for example you can you can mount the fan or to fans like on any side of this cooler ... yeah or you have to like it stuff like the doc role ... T. F. which is so like yeah yeah do tough town a top down cooler now you can remove for example the fan over here to make space for total memory again or you know you leave it on and then you have like a massive amount of fat cooling capability again and ... yeah one thing we we really take care without who lives with is like having ... nice looking how fit you know so if you can see like all of the school it doesn't matter if you if you just pay 25 Bucks ... you still have a really great looking at like this nice and caps here it's on it's just something you know usually don't see in the market that I was with any of the competition so I yeah just imagine you have these on I I can't pointed out enough justice one in your in your case you know it's just looking really great like you own in a light wind tunnel for ... CPU sell half her face puts like really this is like the defining factor you guys nicely pointed out with a massive one like not only to take up a lot of space in your case which is nice that you one of I said a slot if you want fill up as much space in your case it cannot be space just looks on use like you're missing something even though you probably are but not only is it an advantage but the way that airs dispersed through the cooler for the fans but it looks great the same time and you get that signs that even with the really cheap cooler still I really like that one hears you know it's just you know is just you from the build quality al form that I use is just so very cute during a small you know really cool cooler you know you can just you know when you build a small system is just really insist looking really great on it and ... one thing we need to mention is like at all of these ... coolers have out fuel wings ... to fans on it and in the higher and ... you find always our asylum in 3 cooler fan on it and deliver something you know ... guy I guess you can only find with required that we develop our own fan and ... yeah keep on putting it on our products and I Libya power supply of the cooler or the crew and the the ... cases so on there's one thing I think it's a pretty unique and ... yeah you can you can just control the silent factor much better that way so that's 1 thing I wanted the consequence you then so you have your wings fans any of silent wings things exactly this is a silent wings fan here so yes these legs of his coming to power supplies like the higher end once you also get ... these included with cases it can purchase as well so what is the difference between I mean other than just price because the filings are gonna be the more expensive ones but obviously that they have there cool if different yeah and the different technology in different features I mean when you way just to look at the at the pew wing for starters you know it's it's it's a normal fan and I was just a normal fan and it's just so you know they they retail for like 1011 use dollars and I think ... info for that you get immediate and a ton of like ... good features and I really like entry level of package and of course here when you take the US underlings there's her it's like double double the price basically are but what you get is just really an amazing technology for example they'll come with the 6 poll motor which is just much more amazing it's a much more silent and ... yeah it's it's just a better ... technology and ... via this just the tone more you can see of other than a mounting for example you know we have like 2 different mounting kits you fall for each fan so if you wanna mounted on a radiator or a case you can take like different jet mounting kit and ... yeah as you can see also from the ... the shape is differently here to increase their pressure little bit you know and those are just much better fancier but China yeah now speaking of Salameh's 3 you think of this so yeah I did youthful white family thing and I don't make these like you don't manufacture these needs that this you know it's very difficult he has a very difficult to produce a wide a fan because you know with all of the different plastic parts you know and and it's just really difficult to really match everything her purse and that you have like you know one unified white color so yeah we just have one fan a spate pain in myself because I know you like ... like ... white ... system built so we wanted to have a look if we can ... just offer you know something like this and ... maybe for unix built yes that's another Walter white bill coming out in the in the white now is from 900 and yeah are the thing look really good and that's the arena put couple these than actually more than a couple hopefully find if you pick up more of an idea I don't see how yeah yeah there's so many like intricate parts in this band email makings and everything so but let's say I have a little ... practice this looks really good I'm really excited for this on on hand and a fantastic yes ... if you if you want to have ... this kind of fan you know just ... leaf would like it in the comments you know and ... get our ... product apartment you know that you give them some ideas in now and ... yeah I would be would be great to hear your viewpoints of others so that Congress like right now there's not a company religious produces white products that you have to get like an exception you know the compass appears like a limited edition white banner white power supply of it if you actually a solid line up wait wait fans I mean like cases those of taking off sounds interesting you go my before knows that he quite can look into the future I'm fine let me clear it like a headless good anything unfortunately I syste gather productions this really difficult but ... here let's have a look so not only if we're still we have to wait this and ... display shows I 35 degree follow the environment temperature so after images sweeps will stop the system to just paying all the details on it over here now fence to keep written by a man still the same that include down if you step in to Wong foo thanks so you have like you see on the right side the dummy 3 yes like that's like below the CPU cooler it's creating the heat to their connection okay as the amount of so cooling and like this you can also find out that you can peer to peer for each quarter you run ... whatever you want to have to come at 6 200 to 40 to 50 and then you have a look at the clip and still make it Sandra certified and in front it's just the temperature down and they also have to merchandise inside of a book you guys obviously have a lot of stuff coming out soon much of which we can't show or talk about still one yet in the production phase there you've got it ready to go for it now I keep it secret for a little longer build the suspense so where do you see market share going like Nick and with power supplies coolers cases like where would be it equilibrium for you guys in terms of like how popular each of those categories is do you think I mean in general it definitely working on every offer these ... departments are equally it's just ... yeah society knows it's did dip depends on the countries you know and we have like a lot of success with cases ... all around the world and with our cooling and ... yeah with power supplies that they're building up as well and and like in some countries we only selling power supplies those incidents yeah it's a pretty funny actually and ... it's a challenge and ... I definitely love it on but I think in general yeah we have a ton of products coming out actually announce and sometimes you know you think like up in our we need some new products and then suddenly we have like you know we we introduce the SFX alunite competence that long will come out of pretty soon now then now we also I hinted at ... new straight power line you know the 11 and so we have those are ... also coming I think either this year or beginning of next year and then you know we we tease the ... the white.based Sempronia 0 slalom threat that is coming ... OJ of beginning of September when the new supply limited supplies yeah and ... and ... then we have another case coming up ... this year still ... can talk about that yeah sure nice but I'd I compose you that will be very interesting and early on then we going into the new year than that we have C. S. C. S. coming and ... now that we will meet again in Vegas I'm sure and ... here let's have a look at what kind of phone is looking into these at that time figured I'm neither so I know it's like what we're showing you on in these videos are so much you're seeing were trying to get as much of it as we can and toward itself ... but you guys have been growing like crazy here you have the base in Taiwan that's really great and has been ... great experience and it's a great adventure you know and how you S. is running really well yes in Canada and and we're just ... yeah we definitely will focus on the ... North America Antonio then we start with South America at some point Asia's running really well as well in owns most of grade school thing then rock British show you as much of this ... 8 headquarters I guess as we can in this video ... so stay tuned for more B. roll some more of the tour itself an average year some cool rooms does have some really cool stuff to show off medical testing centers and caught her shooting areas who was like yeah here with the the dream of every ... like enthusiast I guess and I wasn't nothing everywhere just parts everywhere like testing equipment everywhere yeah I they didn't violate the chroma machines downstairs and it's great you know you just ... test power supplies really in a really crazy way you know very easy and you can just have all of these results popping out suddenly in on like an 80 page ... review as described yeah I just don't think they did make anything else yeah pure energy drink from be quiet early on to try this now yeah you do you do the father for yet another thing is something my mother's car hours time good taste is good he tried no I can do their intent from the fish you won't be quiet pure energy energy drain not push the lack of in the middle of an ad there you messed up yeah alive must be super serious I the //
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Fractal Design Meshify C Review (Tempered Glass!)
\\I'll admit when I first got serious about building custom PC's fractal design was not the first case manufacture they look toward I was more into the flamboyant ostentatious cases that just got caught your eye from a different perspective it is made to look at it because it looks so weird and out there vital cases of always been some dude and that is what I have learned to love about them the fractal defined ass was perhaps one of their biggest successes because it allowed users to throw whatever they want into the case they have plenty of room left over and cable management was an absolute dream the front defined see which I reviewed inadvertently in a video right here manages to keep the same cable management standard but includes a basement and a shorter profile overall and now we've come to the fractal design Nash if I see this is still based on the define seat chassis it still has the same basement still has the same removable top panel for custom cooling compatibility put pumps down here whatever you really want and it also has improved upon some of the airflow qualities that restricted the defined see it's a beautiful case up front and I think that it's priced well it also includes a tempered glass side panel let's talk about it what I like about it but I really like about it and what I think they could improve upon in the next Gen right off the bat yes this is a tempered glass case much like the newly released defined see tempered glass edition of it this is its own case because they changed a few things about it that well might appeal to some might not appeal to others it really depends on what you're going for with your bill that's what that is like these are going to be for the first and most obvious difference between this case and the defiant see is the fact that this case has a mesh front panel hence much of I see this will be great for those who want to mount radiators up front even just a fan configuration it will offer smooth airflow through these front little slits now you won't have that restricted and a side panel air flow pattern that the defiant see hat is from panels also tessellated quite a bit which gives it a bit more texture looks a bit more dynamic up front than just a solid front panel I and it is completely mashed out so if you want air flow through the front just put a couple fans up there and you should have a problem air flow at all you'll also find a fact designed logo toward the bottom left the front panel is also a bit more difficult to remove and you'll find that the front I owe ports have been integrated into the front panel so be careful when you remove this you'll have to vying to the cables that are attached up top in terms of front aisle you'll find the execs and configuration here exists as was on the sea reset switch microphone Jack headphone Jack power button and 2 USB 3.oh ports at the very top you'll find a single measure magnetic dust filter now this is the only thing included a top you do not get the module Vance this actually was packaged separately with the defined see when it shipped up here you only get the smashing dust filter I guess that's good though if you're looking for maximizing airflow this is really all you need other improvements that in my opinion the mesh I see has over it's defined C. counterpart or black PCI slot covers instead of white ones which I don't know why they've been using life long this time another black which is good fractal has a I guess improve that the sense and then the fans that are now included there to include it with a knife I see both 1 twenties have black fins instead of white once you find the key supported by 4 large sturdy rubberized feet just like the defied see and the same large dust filter that spans the entire base practice also stuck with the same PSE mounting system you'll find the bracket they kind of ripped off from NZ Eckstine here although it only uses 2 thumbs reason this case versus 4 very easy to use simply melted to your power supply and that's like a power supply in through the back use the 2 thumbscrews to secure in place rubber gonna cut outs everywhere as usual and a hard drive cage down below which is removable ... that includes 2 hard drive brackets I'm a huge fan of the census de tray behind the motherboard shout a simple dumb school removes it install the SST config to your liking and then reinserted I think it's an excellent use of otherwise wasted space look airflow designed with the measure by sea has drastically improved over the defined see I speak from experience there what hasn't changed which is good in this case is the cable management set up so the back of the case is identical to the fines if you're familiar with that case at all you'll you'll find that cable management in this case is a dream as it was with a defined see as it also was with the define pass every full in mid size tower on the market should follow suit with this design it makes these cases such a breeze to build that if you know fractal design you know the cable management the top priority this is 1 of the easiest cases to build and hands down off of the far left a fine freckle supremo cable management technology here so this back panels actually bumped it a little bit for extra cable management space I think all cases like it's such should do this and you also have included velcro straps to keep those cables for they should be but the compact nature of the mesh if I see which was also in a way the Achilles heel of the defiance see is extremely hardware limiting you can see this even just from the camera angle there only been in it for the space 20 and those graphics card at the beginning of the 240 0 how in this is a reference P. CBS of third party coolers with third party P. C. B.'s on them might extend a bit further toward the front case that's a serious concern for on the mesh if I see a way you can get around this with the defiance he's by putting maybe your fans in front of the chassis but behind the front panel that would restrict airflow but it was better than not being able to stick your graphics card into your PC that's actually what it had to do with my defined see custom blue bill that had put the fans between the front panel in the beginning of the chassis and then I rest the radiator just behind the front of the chassis as they give me a bit more space for my water cooling tubes to a run up from the basement and also give me a bit more breathing room for the 10 eighties I have in the current bill but if I want to throw the exact same customer config into the match if I see it wouldn't happen there is no way that it would work can run the tubing first off between like I probably could have you really couldn't close between the graphics card and the radiator also could move these fans here ... into the front panel compartment is really about I'd sit centimeter space between the front panel and where the chassis begins just because they have an injury to dust filter in here and ... kind of a mash metal sheen on the very front it's really the only serious concern I have with this case they've improved everything with defiance he was lacking including air flow but they've compromised hardware compatibility to an extent so if you want to for a 240 mil a I only here and add custom graphics correctly something that's not reference for 1 then you're gonna have to really pay close attention to ... the link to your video card how much space you're gonna have between that and the radiator you could try mounting the radiator fan config up top there is room for 2143 to 120 fans in the radiator counterparts but I'm not sure you could fit a radiator I guess that I'm out he cut it close would certainly block off part of your mother board and I'm not sure if he thinks you're would interfere with the radiator either it's just something to consider hardware compatibility it's restricted here I'd say it's restricted by about 3040 percent less defined see was already restrictive but they managed to work around via the Kinks by giving them more space in the front panel here not the case at all the lesson gonna complain about only because this is a subjective video really it's just gonna come down to what you want your bill I'm not a huge fan of the extra tinted tempered glass it looks not let tended because I have this huge white panel you're that's gonna shining through it but this is a rather dark tempered glass panel and I kind of find that defeats the purpose of having a temper glass panel in general it becomes rather difficult the see what's inside so you're gonna need a ton of LED strips in the air just you know other RGB I can fix to illuminate what is on the inside otherwise you're gonna have to really squint to see what's inside a shine a bright LED panel like I got here ... into the case it's foam padded not going to rattle or anything of that sort it's also got rubber mounts so it's designed well and it's implemented well especially from a company that hasn't done tempered glass and typical cases like this before but the tent is just it's a little too much for me I think that the P. 400 asses probably as far as I would go along the 10 line I think that NZXT's actually 40 who lied to their white version I don't know if the black versions the same I think it is that 10 is the best sent my opinion just very slight up you can see everything inside regardless of whether you've got things lit up in here not that's away tempered glass panel should be this year with the extra tent it's just how it feels kind of cheap so that's my review of the fractal design measure fly see I was honestly prepared to give this my favorite case of the year award I think that this is a true contender against the S. 340 elite and the P. 400 S. T. G. E. the only problems here I have mentioned the tent on the tempered glass is all that appealing to me I and I think that this case could be maybe an inch longer foot after video card a I owe compatibility may be in custom look compatibility this case would look awesome a custom loop in it but it's gonna be really difficult to pull it off fight but reservoir on the bottom of the top 10 I don't know I don't know how you can fit a radiator and fans up in the front with a standard video card Mike that's just I'm not seeing that happening right now I'm also going to link to define CTG in the video description I think that's a true contender over this one if air flow optimization isn't your thing then I don't really think you should consider the mash by sea we're gonna be okay or they can think like this but customer compatibilities gonna favor the defined see at the expense of airflow yes I can attest to that personally but this case is restricted it really is are some early decades of the troops and also to review the defined CTG in a dedicated video and I give my final decree as to whether I think that case is the best all around mid size tower on the market look at an ideal world I would say the defined asks with a basement would be the best case overall but I would be willing to compromise the extra length forge the more compact style I think this is a pretty good style here ... and keep the basement I think a defined sees uprooting nice middle ground for most people I and tempered glass is just the icing on the cake but if you like this case maybe like this video be sure to give this one a thumbs up I do appreciate that should acquit subscribe as well it's that red button down below and click the little bell notification icon so that you get notifications when I upload more videos like these on the channel this is science studio thanks for learning that this it the I I the //
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Ultimate Triple-Gaming PC Giveaway!
\\mortars up everyone in great here this is like my twentieth take of this ... video so we're gonna try to get it right this time around this is the official announcement for the start of the triple gaming P. C. giveaway that's right you can win this PC here you can win the one that Steve from hardware on box built he selected benchmarking got of YouTube so we don't know hardware box here really missin out awesome awesome informative stuff and then Brian from tech yes city is the third tech to protect enter his peace into this massive to regaining piece to get away Brian is like the best deal finder on the so this is my personal entry I have the specs listed in this video right here this winter through the specs in this video because all there in that video right there on the court is click on that you can find out what's inside here walk away with this P. C. and then not 2 more of you when the other 2 PC's being hosted by Steve and Brian are the way to enter the giveaway that's kind of what you're waiting for it so the green mile link it's the first thing listed in this big description click on that there are several ways you can enter and of course the re people when doesn't really matter how you when you could enter by subscription to our channel to enter by following companies are us on Twitter just follow those of course the more times you enter the better your odds even though we imagine this will be a pretty dense giveaway it's still worth trying I mean worst case you don't win but you wasted what like 15 seconds of your life so give it a shot I would if I didn't build one of these already I mean that's the you got nothing really to lose so a best of luck to all be sure to give this video a thumbs up if I'm I'm doing this is like a 2 minute video but a 2 thumbs up you'll give voice and stay tuned for more stuff like this much and I'm actually getting ready to head out to the airport for a flight to Germany more on that in a future video this assigned studio thanks for entering the giveaway with us //
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My Honest Review of the 13" Apple MacBook Pro
\\this video is brought to you by square space whether it's a domain website or almond retail store you need to make your next move with square space we should start a free trial today at and thrown a forward slash science studio link in this video subscription for 10 percent off your first purchase every once in awhile I have to review something controversial on this channel is one way to get the comments exploding down below it's an apple product apple has a stigma for charging more than its competitors for an equally suspect product this example here is no exception I've been using the dell XPS 13 this is the fully loaded model right here because for about 6 months now and I'm very satisfied with the but something told me that I needed to go out and purchase a macbook pro now this is the base model your estimate of paying about $1250 after tax so not too far off from us this laptop here this 1 aspect much higher than this 1 although I 5 and I. 7 ultra low power processors really don't differ much in terms of performance so in this video while stepping on many of your toes I imagine I'll be giving you my honest impressions of the macbook pro 13 inch 2017 model here we go so my impressions out of the box this is without a doubt the best built Poulter book on the market period cannot take that away from apple the solid aluminum body is pristine than the edges are very fine part of the reason why people are willing to pay the apple tax because these products are built so well I can attest to it not only in this case but also in the $2000 apple experiment case right purchased 2 grand worth of apple products that button macbook 12 inch ... an iPhone as the which was later upgraded to an iPhone 7 and an apple sport watch I had never gone full health before not only was the ecosystem great but the build quality in all the products they purchase was top notch okay okay Greg we get an apple products are built well so what there are 2 huge drawbacks when choosing a macbook pro over a dell XPS 13 for example the first is the limited I also 2 USB type C. ports on the far left you can charge neither 1 of those but that's all you got so ... not be prepared to bring some dongles the other huge drawback police for some people is the operating system mac OS is ... well mac OS look I'll be honest I didn't purchase the macbook pro for mac OS when they really purchased a 4 was on the go video editing I talked about this to an extent in this video right here but math books and macbook pros even macbook airs are actually when it comes to video editing thanks to a certain program and that is final cut chances are anyone who's professionally edited on a macbook laptop has use final cut pro and it's a good reason it is extremely well optimized I can edit for key footage on here usually around 5 minutes or so and it will literally render and around that same time that is incredible because FCP allows for background reading so while you're editing and doing other things on your timeline the program is actually rendering the video for you look it takes around 10 to 15 minutes from a rise in 717 0 X. dual GTX 1080 SO I set up to render an equivalent for K. file that mind you is in adobe premiere pro which has many advantages over at CP but 1 of them is not rendering and that's really the meat of this video wire purchases macbook pro for on the go video editing I don't need any fancy at its I don't need adobe premieres special effects to a render travelogues not like what I don't do sophisticated and its when I'm not in the studio so this is just fine for that and it renders so quick and only person around with this thing here up in my lap I really missed the 12 inch macbook actually give it to my sister for Christmas last year so I decided to up the ante a bit and go for the macbook pro 13 inch again didn't spend much more than the macbook last year only because this is the base model pro a but there are several improvements over the Thomas Mack we're gonna do one hint at in this video the first improving I noticed immediately was the keyboard so the macbook 12 inch model had these weird butterfly switches I'd never used before almost felt like I was typing on a desk there was really no actuation point and the key trouble was extremely minimal but the key trouble really hasn't been up at all on the macbook pro models but the butterfly series 2 switches are a bit more tact or you can feel the click a bit better even though he travel is still reduced typing is a breeze and I have to be honest here it feels a bit better than my XPS thirteenth keyboard thirteenth keyboard is a bit mushy I like typing on some membrane keyboard from 2004 the macbook pro though feels very modern now another huge improvement of this macbook pro over its previous generations the speaker set up so 13 inch macbook pros really haven't had the best speakers that usually bend down firing and toward the front sound a bit tinny the base wasn't really there just wasn't clear overall 15 inch macbook though had really good speakers these macbook pros here have insanely good speakers even better than the 12 inch macbook which already had better speakers the my XPS 13 did I listen so you can think of tessellation as the literal division of polygons that comprise objects that we see in games and other special effects use the same Max mine config on the XPS 13 so you can think of tessellation as the literal division of polygons that comprise objects that we in games and other special effects the button on porcelain hubris again this tends to be one of the most polarizing topics regarding macbook pros nowadays having 2 USB type C. ports are yet limiting our especially for some like myself who content creates a lot so I need preferably an SD I would take on I would swap one of these USB type C. itself for an SD card slot I think I would be okay having a single type C. port and an SD card slot full size that would be alright a course I do miss something USB type a good I'm willing to accept the fact that people are ready to move on that's fine apple's going to be one of the first companies to innovate if you wanna call it innovation the single headphone Jack on the right hand side of the laptop is nice to have all the would you find it funny that I have macbook pros include headphone jacks but ... iPhone sevens do not a little weird to me there plenty of strategies we could argue about regarding apple that they're they're controversial company but it's 1 of the reasons why they're so popular and why they're so successful take the trackpad for example apple has refined this to the point we're going back to any previous generation macbook pro or any other laptop in existence for that matter feels primitive this is without a doubt the best track pad in existence its smooth and responsive through and through the happy engine makes things feel mechanical despite this literally being a piece of glass atop a motor battery life is also excellent I stream Netflix for 12:00 hours uninterrupted at around 50 percent brightness should last you a full day without a doubt unless you doing some serious video editing in which case expect around 5 to 6:00 hours of battery life lease with the base model if you opt for the model with a touch more expect battery like to decrease by around our 2 there are a few other physical constraints worth mentioning if you want to upgrade the SSD especially among like this 120 gigs it's not gonna be enough for most people going for 256 gig going to cost you an arm and a leg not only because will drive serve pretty expensive nowadays but also because the drive in here is proprietary while not apple proprietary but you'll be hard pressed fine and assist the little fit inside a laptop like this ram is also soldered on so ... good game apple performance of the macbook pro over although fairly solid this is only the I 5 base model of 8 gigabytes of ram but it does perform admirably against the higher priced XPS 13 sporting 16 gigs of ram and a core I. 7 frequency will throttle on demand pretty standard for most ultra low power processors this 1 here to get too hot the fan really only turns on for me 1 of course on video editing or if I'm on a Skype call and doing something in the background maybe opening a few chrome tabs not to touch on the touch bar option for laptop like this I talked to many people with differing views regarding the touch far I played around with 1 that had it at Best Buy and I have to say I really wasn't all that impressed okay it's in all its screen that's really cool so you don't have to see any weird back like coming from a black background but is it really all that viable I mean to even see the touch or you have to be looking at your keyboard from above so if you like using this thing on your lap lawyer laying down good game and to be Frank in the few demos I'd seen the touch were really did local and personal I mean sure it had a few shortcuts for some native apple apps that I don't know it just it really didn't ring a bell for me and it didn't justify an extra 2 to $300 price tag the last thing I have to complain about here the camera this is a test of the macbook pros video quality will say Adios on point pretty good for a 13 inch macbook but the picture quality is sub par and that's kind of been the trend with apple's ... smaller laptops recently even the 12 inch macbook suffered the same the issue is this mediocre video quite expect better from apple special you're paying this much for laptop so to sum this one of the things that I really like about the new macbook pro 13 inch speakers definitely the beautiful retina display they get extremely bright and it's also fairly accurate color reproduction and to be honest the keyboard I would also include battery life but most ultrabooks can get around 8 to 10:00 hours so this is really nothing special for the macbook pro this point the things that I don't like port selection the camera and the price I have to say though despite paying around $1300 for this device I think the pros outweigh the cons this is a beautiful laptop it really is and it it's so reliable functional you know the operating systems limiting for some but you know what you're getting into that when you purchase an apple product in the first place I know it sounds super strange for a windows guy who builds PC's for living and runs windows on all of them to recommend a macbook pro but I'm telling you if you do a lot of traveling any traveling at all for that matter you concern about video editing on the go spend around 300 Bucks in final cut pro it's worth it for me book of this caliber and buy a macbook I know that's in our mission dislikes I get it but I have to be completely honest you look it's not for everybody I would say most people who go to school who just type out documents in the email thing you could buy really cheap laptop and do that this really isn't like the perfect college laptop because it's so damn expensive but for people on the go like myself who want to edit outside the studio this is an excellent set up as always you can find a link to the macbook pro in this video subscription check out the different models compress sings out see what you think about the system overall if you're really in doubt about whether on a system like this is worth it especially considering the drawbacks I mentioned then not going your local store and test one out just you know get a feel for a build quality and the operating system I think those are the 2 biggest shocks for anybody entering the apple ecosystem also be sure to check out the other way down below forward slash sign studio for the 10 percent off any purchase within squarespace you wanna own your own domain run your own website your own online retail store would have you gotten mind squarespace can take care of it for you we appreciate them making this video possible we should give this video a thumbs up if you thought it was cool going to dislike if you feel that we often hear the inscribed hammering stay tuned for more content like this medium mashup between the macbook pro 13 inch and the dell XPS 13 this is science studio thanks for learning with us I and I the //
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I Read Ridiculous Craigslist PC Ads (Suggested by You!)
\\just a heads up before you start watching the videos in this playlist if you're easily offended by anything these are not the videos for you you have been warned I ask all of you this time around to link some of your own local re sale ads regarding PC so people whether built their MP Caesar got the P. C. second hand somebody else or purchased 1 from the store basically in a nutshell the trying to resell the PC unit using Craigslist or some other site to do that most of the asking prices were actually reasonable that's not what this video focused on primarily much shorter too good at just so that you know there are several of them out there but this we will focus primarily on those that are asking out rages sums of cash for their rigs take this bill for example no you has 1 from a song and all that see I 776 0 K. gaming PC 2 terabyte hard drive 6 do you buy ram GTX Tenney T. I 11 gigabyte V. already 1430 asking price you know this one isn't too bad just off the top if you've got the specs and that's a pretty solid asking price no trade no parting out a monitor included new computer built and it's got the specs here since 6 pre Ole you know I don't know which is more cringeworthy here the fact that he's got like a semi IT exflash in ATX motherboard on the things of the narrow was an I. T. exports of mine as well be you've got these cables just kinda like sprouting up from no where in the case and he's also got them wrapped like red white and blue like what what I mean at least he's the case cut outs that at least you did that nope never mind I found the most cringe worthy thing about this one he's gonna I 777 0 K. in there right and he's paired it first off within each 110 mother board which he cannot overclock on top of that he put a stalk in cell cooler on top of it do cringe I'm not trying to be PC elitist anybody could be 1 of those it's is it and it the body spilled over the smallest detail I just have problems with most of these prices you'll see how about Simone gets yep she alright so then you were also doesn this one here at C. gaming computer tower only Achilles's Ford about that $2000 asking prices better be a good a PC I 54590 as okay and then I was gonna GTX 780 in here anyone's to Iran I can tell you right now I'm at the look at the rest the specs here that is not rages asking price alright Kellin in the Kansas city Craigslist ad says that this 1's a pretty horrible deal here $1000 for a gaming desktop complete set up here includes a 32 inch Samsung TV not even a monitor gaming mouse keyboard desk turtle beach headphones all hook ups as well ... he didn't list the specs though Senate GT 730 and and affects 43 0 quad core processor just take that and for second GT 730 okay affects 43 0 and the guy wants $1000 to tell you what the keyboard ray here better be worth 500 Bucks grey sheep in Los Angeles says that this 1's a bit ridiculous ultra AMD ricin 7 liquid cooled gaming desktop with 4 K. monitor he wants 28 $0 so unless and this is right and 7 here not even looking at the specs he's gonna have to 1080 T. eyes for me to even just be entertained by this asking price for sale if he did have a picture the PC because rule number one if you're trying to sell anything online post pictures of the object you're selling not a list of what you're selling please see the screenshot of parts for the full picture of what is included in this PC when really call it a full picture buddy but basically it's a horizon 718 0 acts with liquid cooling and radar on a 588 gigabytes aware is getting this price for maybe things windows 10 pros like $600 and that's no wouldn't even come close to 20 heard asking maybe that's because of the somewhat fry's electronics this were 2000 Bucks only go there it is just too much PC for me that right there is a red flag too much PC come on Connor price says that ... this asking price on eBay is a bit ridiculous so apple I. back 27 inch a 1312 and a park or a 7 and it's my 726 0 and they want 900 29 pounds for it I got it I know why it's so expensive came from an apple product crackling ice in fort Myers in any beginning computer $1800 it's got a corsair carbide spec alpha case a case that's okay a serious and 5 a 97 I've had that motherboards pretty cheap AMD FX 8350 okay I'll log black addition ... yeah MSI are X. 488 giga byte card and 18 giga byte stick of DDR 3 he wants $1800 for this thing I know why though got their raise your logo should I call him and ask him why he wants so much to this PC he's got his number listed right there you have reached the mailbox yeah well we should go organum next door okay 1 from Springfield Illinois gaming PC for sale $500 it's got an athletic 63 16 gigs of DDR 3 a terabyte hard drive 120 gig SSD and a 60 watt power supply all it's missing is a video card you know he did right he wants all the court on eBay does he not realize that the ethics 63 0 house no I G. P. so unless the guy who's going to buy this P. C. brings his own video card he will have no way of confirming that the PC is in fact working okay this 1 is from Lexy your 4 K. V. are ready gaming P. C. asking price 39 $0 Damon post a picture of the PC room got specweb 32 gigs of dual channel DDR for 1 terabyte some some SST okay not too bad ... I 775 0 K. A. SIS prime 2 to 70 our districts tended to T. I. 650 watt power supply and NC XDS 340 elite I'm confused receive a $2000 ... even better V. R. bundle additional 3 grand what VR bumble cost 3 grand and I believe this 1 is Lincoln Nebraska custom gaming PC $1200 asking price he says that the condition is excellent and he says that is the full tower minutes okay looking bill we've got these random cable sprouting everywhere release got 1 of whom waits between a PCI slot listed literally listing his entire fan configuration it affects 8350 in there and a GTX 760 okay big man's gonna post from Seattle full set up a gaming PC $1400 selling a gaming PC which is in very good condition got AMD FX 43 0 quad core 8 gigs of ram and we gonna grab expedient GTX 970 dude what's $1400 for this thing Corey starts in Atlanta sent us this 1 here custom gaming computer liquid cooled $2000 knee goes sure no ball but firm on price so which is it has an I 74790 K. within water cooling very vivid description their critics 971 terabyte hard drive 8 gigs of system ram to to get the city acts like a course there 760 T. he wants to grant for that doesn't look like cable management was his strong suit cycle not has this 1 from Rochester New York 4 K. streaming gaming P. C. I. 716 gigabytes 250 giga byte SSD EVGA GTX 1050 TI what a title 1050 T. I. that right there is the Achilles heel especially in I 7 and there he wants $1150 for it we've gone for the windows 10 pro trial edition so they may choose an operating system of your choice you like windows 10 you can activate this copy and keep moving forward is not including operating system folks he's telling you that prices on you up Oleg dodgy he was with revealing the CPU cooling its we've got the shot which is like kind of revealing but not really in the need in and over to these front fans that is a stock air cooler on an I. 7 processor don't care if it's a lock skewer not that's still painful issue especially for the asking price okay Steven in Tampa has a thermal take you 27 custom gaming P. C. asking price 24 0 $99 that is definitely retail mark for you make PC G. caramel take view 27 game system scuzzy 2 semi bored I 777 0 K. 16 to go with your for a 250 gig hard drive none that's a city but is it an HDT 250 gig WD SST what is that screen gtech's 1088 gigabyte RGB what a screen condition gorgeous advanced cabling you sit there doing though they did this in the first video as well they're bundling these just off brand 22 inch 19 inch whatever 1080 P. monitors are not being specific about what brand what model because I'm I presume they're just trash and others trying to bundle with the heavy workload monitor so we cast 25 $0 now it's definitely justified when the bill looks fine to cable management spot on the case looks decent but it doesn't come anywhere close to a 25 $0 asking price and get another 1 from let's see 4 KV are ready gaming work station computer asking price 32 $0 but it's negotiable sees gonna I 75820 K. and he has to GTX 9 eighties in SLI doesn't like anything else in here would well that's a pretty expensive power supply that that was kind of over kill and 16 gigs of DDR 4 course X. 99 motherboards case doesn't look too expensive nothing fancy there and ... I mean the cable management pretty good at least they use the proper grounding cut outs but I don't understand from where the 32 $0 asking prices coming C. O. now included that price okay one razor Black Widow mechanical gaming keyboard okay 100 Bucks Max 1 a razor or a virus or embarrass whenever gaming mouse never actually said that word before Robertus that's why I'm going with and then 13 terabyte hard drive yeah there you go now that's why it's priced at 32 $0 that was a joke and we've got 1 more from gaming computer very good condition $750 still negotiable got 500 views about how he views that have occurred this video let's see FX 8 core processor Masoom 83 0 C. with specific are 76 yes 6 gigs of being around what would you like some ketchup and mustard with those fries Christopher Saunderson once he built gaming computer $1200 can I 54690 K. a GTX 970 and ... nothing else too exciting there $1200 asking price it's the oak cost him over $1700 from I buy power last year was I buy power even selling something with the GTX 97 you know last year Oren found us a few on offer up let's see $120 asking price ana G. T. for 40 video card take out folks I hardly used works and looks great asking or 120 Olbia yeah you better put that ... BO after that price okay $1800 asking price it looks mediocre at best case choice against pretty abysmal and the power supply Lucci such as like a fire waiting to happen right there not parting I get that like it okay you build a PC to work pretty hard on it and then all of a sudden somebody says Hey I just want that part of it and then nobody else wants to rest your parts you're stuck with you know all about to stop you can't sell sigh I get that I have a complete custom built gaming P. C. specs go as followed 66 0 K. GTX 980 that's about it leases got windows 10 install it including LG 25 you know maybe 5 which is the smallest ultralight LG makes and the second monitor is a vizio smart TV 45 inch still though 1800 box and not feeling it okay 1 from Cody Kessler in Columbus ultra compact gaming a rendering PC asking price 25 $0 in an I. 767 0 K. GTX 1080 for the win must sing that we've honored our price check point where does that add up with the specs right here while that is a super compact build though I give him credit again maybe because he's got that razor logo on there it raises the price by $1500 that's all I can think of alright one here from a more because he says gaming PC upgraded $1200 it's then I buy power AMD FX 600 processors get our exports than a gig and they're 16 gigs of ram only care for the power supply it's the only played CS go H. one and pub battlegrounds does that mean that like you can charge more for the only played these 3 games not see that the asking price is still ridiculous $400 unless he bought that are X. 470 on eBay for like $500 ... that this is not a good deal at all so let's all go up this edition folks I appreciate those of you who are very active this video sent links on Twitter and with much of a lot easier some some of these are mine but most of them were yours ... and I wanted to be the case from now on the copy us with it makes my job easier hunt randomly on Craigslist you guys know what deals are good and that in your local areas again eBay other sites are fine too as long as it's like up you know a P. C. build from somebody and not from a company that just this up charging because it's being sold from India I don't know if you want your suggestion to be featured on the next I read that you wish to follow me on Twitter it's where I get most of my viewer input also you can donate any amount via patriotic access to discords everyone done it a bit more get access to a person what's that chat and play games with me online we can talk about stuff you've seen past videos in the channel us in the future tech not just give my opinions on things so that's a way that I can interact with people who are willing to a conservative but more to the channel to make videos like this possible it like that it should give a thumbs up thumbs down for the opposite click subscribe to have already stay tuned for more content of the silly like this this is just something I do for fun every once in awhile and you guys seem to like the last 1 so I might keep this up once a week once every 2 weeks just let me know in the comments below this is science studio thanks for laughing and cringing with us the the and I //
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What the Heck is Tessellation?!
\\you may have noticed a toggle in few games and benchmarks that looks like this or this labeled tessellation what does it mean and will it crush your frame rate this isn't science so you can think of tessellation as the literal division of polygons that comprise objects that we see in games and other special effects the more divided the surface is the more detailed and accurate quote unquote the service will be depicted in game if an object is graphically depicted via several triangles than cutting each triangle in half essentially doubles the tessellation factor but this alone I should clarify it really changes nothing just because you had more polygons to an object that does not mean that it's going to look any more dynamic in fact if you don't do anything but tessellate an object you're just adding more work for the GPU doubling the number of shapes changes nothing if half the shapes or physically on altered from the original ones this to the representation explains a bit better just pictured on a 3 D. scale so the back door process often paired with tessellation called displacement mapping shifts in angles these newly created shapes nvidia describes it as a texture that stores height information and images that would otherwise look either blocky without tessellation or unrealistically smooth with tessellation but without displacement mapping now looks well accurate typically tessellation toggle includes a degree of this displacement don't tend you see back in the day traditional texture mapping involve a degree of off clues and explained in this video right here also minute science video in a nutshell certain pixels are shaded in attempt to fool the viewer into thinking that the shape as more dynamic than it actually is that adds a degree of artificial depth if you will this middle images shape is consistent with the original one on the left but incorporated shadows foster the illusion of depth so it looks like it's a rough bits actually just as smooth as the one to the left of the image on the right utilizes displacement mapping which obviously yields an accurate shape regardless of the viewing angle simply put tessellation without displacement mapping would not change anything about the object and displacement mapping without tessellation would make the object look extremely blocky so both are needed to a degree for games to look real and some cases like GTA 5 polygons are already incorporating large degrees of detail so increasing tessellation changes next to nothing in fact you'd be hard pressed in this comparison to tell which is which this is with tessellation maxed out and this is with a turned off the framerate delta is also relatively minuscule other scenarios however including heaven benchmark from you know John Popper stark tessellation contrast between Max and off presets check up the stairs cooking here just move the ramps now but even stairs anymore the dragon also looks completely different so depending on how the game is developed tessellation maybe one of the things you can manipulate a drastically impact its look and feel most of the time maxing out won't hurt much but running a frame a comparison like either in peace might should a bit more insight into GPU utilization I like to think of our patrons for suggesting the topic and today's minute science video you like to be a patron contribute in any way shape or form more active get personal contacts with me and others who work with me on this court servers on whats app chats all kinds of stuff you wanna play games with me patron is the way to go doesn't matter how much a living you donate if you do donate a bit more you get access to a few additional features you are coming science studio tee shirts are all that stuff is available will be available if not already on their patron links to check out my description below are so get active in other stuff on social media I appreciate you watching this video give a thumbs up a lot of school thumbs down for the obstacle described how her distinctive market like this this is science studio thanks for learning with us so I so //
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Clash of the RGB RAM! TridentZ vs. Night Hawk Modules
\\been a huge fan of G. still memory since the inception of this channel their tried and see DDR 4 Eliza's high quality sampling I season their best been stuffed rich or 4000 megahertz of course with cast compromises but that's beside the point more gamers are concerned with looks than they are with the performance of their DDR 4 partly because 4000 megahertz DDR 4 isn't going to change much in the way of frame rates in most cases and partly because well a gaming PC becomes furniture in your house if you build it right PC's are works of art are fortresses of solitude so what if I told you that another company has done it too taken subliminal dams RGB ified them this is the new team group night a hawk RGB memory module and it's almost every bit as capable as its trident Z. counterpart amount not sure how to review ram for compare ramming a video that we're gonna get a shot this video its I first like to start with the current champion of RGB ram and in my book that is the G. still tried and see module these are a beautifully constructed extremely well bend and capable of some serious customisation physically they feel sturdy sleeping premium brushed aluminum covers both sides of the PCB that 1 side is a darker shade than the other not too bad though keeps things pretty much monochromatic which is a big plus in my book especially for an RGB module no on coloring to throw off your custom rig subtle logos keep things on the D. L. as well nothing too ostentatious which is good as for the RGB array itself you'll find several multi color LEDs hidden underneath this light bar acting as a diffuser to yield this a beautiful and steady array of colors well dispersed looks like 1 big white bar with RGB support she's got a great job here the diffuser does a great job expressing light evenly across all LEDs prison that solid an uninterrupted strand of effects even the software is easy to use it's a bit buggy sure but managing to pull off RGB customisation via the SMBus is a feat in itself preschool themselves with knowledge of this and express concerns regarding the conflicting software running on the bus support's been pretty solid though from what I've seen in all current platforms are supported including X. 299 not so sure about X. 399 yet all contact the skill if they have an automated public and adviser in the video description my only complaints regarding trends the RGB ram for 1 the diffuser isn't super sturdy not that your models will be moving anyway that it be nice to have this issue addressed in future models it will actually rattle make a noise if you shake these back and forth the other complaint and this would not be a review without mentioning this topic is price now let's transition to the new kid on the block these dams are extremely appealing it cannot lie meet the nighthawk RGB memory modules from team group expect almost identically to the triton Z. stuff only 200 megahertz slower cast voltage and memory size are all consistent between the 2 though material for the nighthawk is also aluminum though this time exporting more a Matt finish than a brushed 1 I prefer this to be honest most components in around system will not have a thrush texture I mean which the graphics card and this case there's no press picture anywhere else in here the nighthawk doom is physically have your and taller than the trends the counterpart as well so it might feel a bit more premium in the hand but it may experience compatibility issues with some air coolers because it is a bit higher just something to keep in mind these are also RGB eliminated of course utilizing custom diffuser spanning both the top and sides of each module the dreaded disease do this to to be fair though there's is rather sub dude because it's just one solid diffuser it's not broken up by the frame itself instead on the night hawks the aluminum frame wraps around if users on both the top and sides to break up the LED dispersion this definitely reduces LED illumination and instead redirects much of it to the side switch yeah depends on who you are what you're going for software support though is where these modules fall behind the transit counterpart to see these have built in effects you can do rainbow effects fade in fade out all the good stuff prematurely frenzy ranking do the problem is tried in 0 utilizes SMBus which in itself is rather body but it least it's an option for you and they even have their own native software to control the LED affects these models don't have that native control what they've done instead is opted to use a suse or a sink which you can only use if you have an asus motherboard so you see what I'm getting at here this means that users of gigabyte as rock MSI and although Foxconn mother boards will be stuck with the default rainbow theme that you're seeing here not a problem a 4 GB was Uriel scheme anyway but lack of customisation for most users it's a serious issue here you by Archie be components to customize them I don't even have an asus board on hand so I can't even show you what the effects look like I work with other vendors right now and none of them obviously support a 6 or a because none of them are a suits like I get the team group in a sitcom about it up here kindred said Hey let us use our software and you know your usual have access to our ram which looks really cool and it would be a good way for us to conduct communicate work together but the problem is you're leaving out I would say 75 percent of the user base I don't think that I'll maybe more than 2530 percent of you that they're using a suse board at least asus boards that support or a sink that have RGB support on board so this is a big letdown for me I don't think that it's like an end all be all you should just by trading Z. ram or some other RGB model out there I just think that the opportunity for you to buy these and be able to customize them is extremely limited so ID have a sport in which case you're good by these over the trends in ram dams because these are just more expensive and I don't think they look as good to be honest or just gonna be happy with the rainbow effect because that's all you can really do so my verdict then I'm gonna be pretty blunt about this I'm not worried about pissing off either company here Tim group does not have their own proprietary software with which to control their RGB affects their ram that's a big issue for me G. skill has other peripheral so they just kind of like you know bill tougher that software I presume it all looks pretty much the same theme wise anyway so this ram is just better supported overall you can tell this is still kind of the production phase in fact only recently did a suse officially are really software support for controlling the effects of these modules if you can find a lower frequency lower been kit of tried and see RGB modules for around 150 Bucks 16 a kid that's not too bad it's just it's way worse than it used to be but it's fine it's 16 Dicks for hired 50 is okay this market ... then I would say purchase these all day long if you do get that support no matter what platform you're on it's a shame I have to end the video this week but I can't compare software which would have been the deciding factor for me because teen group does not have their own proprietary software and that to me is a big problem but if I was going for just a solid all around like best looking them I would still be the team group her nighthawk ramp I think that it looks better I think that it's just this got a bit more flair to it if you just want RGB I think the G. schools already got his RGB on the tridents the dams is a bit more out the more noticeable it's just more obvious the entire diffuser spans the top of the module as always you can find both of these products link in this video subscription check them out let me know the comments which you think is that a better bang for the Buck despite the drawbacks of each this one has more drawbacks but still I guess the price you're kinda makes up for that this is a bit more expensive I don't know you tell me also should figure thumbs up if you thought it was cool thumbs down for the opposite click subscribe but if you haven't already station for more content like this this is science studio thanks for learning with this WNED //
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Xiaomi Mi 6 Review
\\throughout this video you might notice a strand of dog hair hanging from my cheek you can blame this creature right here every now and then on this channel we have the opportunity to review a smartphone this is about the fourth or fifth review on this channel but doesn't typically where you go to find your typical smartphone review speaking of which were not talk about its quirks it's weird features a number to take on the road and see how it shortly so the wrong channel but it we might still talk about its quirks it does have a few of those and it also looks familiar looks very familiar looks kinda like an iPhone 7 plus I'd like you to meet the show me me 6 a beautiful flagship from China this sorry this phone gets extremely dirty fingerprints dust all that just 6 to the thing like a magnet reminds me away of the iPhone 77 plus a jet black series phones they're just they're just fingerprint magnets and dust seems to find its way all over this device so for those of you who are unfamiliar with this brand this phone a particular show me is a very popular smartphone brand in China to actually 1 of the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world but we don't hear about here in the states because pretty much all of it takes place in China and the MI 6 is their latest attempt at a smartphone flagship I'm gonna say pulling out of the box using for a few days my impressions this is an awesome phone especially for the price I would've chosen this over my daily driver the Samsung galaxy S. 7 any day of the week exporting a snapdragon 835 octa core processor pretty much top of the line by this point 2017 to the comparison here between this and the at 7 and 6 gigabytes of ram which is phenomenally large for phone of this caliber 5.15 inch display it's only 1080 P. IPS but I would say the 1080 P. in this ratio in this US screen size is actually efficient you don't see any pixels anyway really can't see the difference when out of 1440 P. display let's get super super close and the fact that it's a lower resolution means it's battery life will last considerably longer than the S. 7 counterpart build quality is immaculate this is something that I'm always concerned about with Chinese knock offs if you will that this really doesn't give you that impression at all this is a phone that feels like it belongs in the top tier I'm talking along with the 1 plus 5 the Samsung galaxy S. 8 the LG G. 6 and even the iPhone 7 and the upcoming iPhone 8 and with the price of around 400 US dollars this has to be 1 of the best feeling smartphones ever that ever held the knife held quite a few smartphones likes to buy and sell on all the time on Craigslist this feels better in the hand the iPhone 7 and better in the hand then the S. 7 I can say that with confidence now let's talk about the screen a bit more up to 600 nits of brightness which is comparable to my macbook brightest that's pretty incredible itself and then down to a mere all 1 date of the orchard night mode display if you want this thing to get super dark on you that's not a problem here it's just be cautious you barely and go see anything Steven guy I care onboard to filter out the extra high energy visible blue light something else I have to say the contrast ratios IPS display is frickin awesome I was convinced at 1.I'm not going to lie that this was a superfamily display actually had to double check on line to make sure was IPS the blacks here looking very black it's really gotten the contrast ratios 1350 to 1 that's not infinite of course but it looks very convincing and a screen resolution of 1080 P. combined with 33 50000000 of our battery is you easily a full day's use I've actually had this last about twice as long by a 7 to date that's because my seventh battery spin slowly dwindling down to a mere like 6:00 hours of daily use it's pretty bad them only on this phone for about 6 months or so peta disappointed with how the better life has degraded so much over time ... if I have this phone in 6 months I'll be sure to let you be a follow up on this battery life as well but for now this is a bigger battery than the S. 7 and the screen sizes almost identical to get 7 so I expect that this phone ... will just have a longer battery life in general they're able to squeeze such a big better in the small phone as well and actually quite impressed with that not something I want to bring up about water resistance this is technically only splash resistant this actually isn't water resistant either this is just the IP 68 splash proof so you can dump this in a Cup of water in US post you but it would probably be okay this phone on the other hand is not IP rated as just splash proof so I am not sure I would feel as comfortable ducking this and a Cup of water although I'm sure it would be okay if you just don't fit in playback out there still connections are exposed there on this phone as well but I think this would bear just a bit better because it does have the IP rating now I kind of ability graphics performance in this video I understand that it's 14 same adrenal 540 the Samsung galaxy S. 88 plus and 1 plus 5 or the HTC you 11 every flagship for the most part you can think of by this point 2017 exporting the adrenal 540 it's of beast of a graphics processor and a mobile phone or on any mobile can you want I can see any hitch that all playing a few games I played on here now let's talk about this dual camera set up back here for a lot of people the camera is a make or break this is 1 of those things that kind of speaks to the build quality the phone at the camera quality is not that great in the whole phone just feels less impressive than this was going to be the make or break for me with me 6 I have to say though I am extremely impressed so each of these cameras is slightly different of course they're both the same 12 megapixel sensors but 1 has an extra lens pieces of the white and the lands it also has a shorter focal length and a wider aperture the second camera what they're calling the telephoto camera has twice the focal length of the first camera and has an F. 2.6 aperture so won't do as well in the light situations but it will give you twice the zoom of the first camera and you don't have to lose any resolution at all so this has the flavor of both the iPhone 7 plus and the LG G. 6 which I see nothing wrong with a pretty good combination the G. 6 and an ultra wide angle lens and a fairly narrow lens of the iPhone 7 plus had 1 camera the focal length of 28 millimeters the other with a focal into 56 that's how you get the school like double focus shots on the iPhone 7 plus now while this can't focus on 2 things at once which to be Frank isn't that big of a deal I think very few people are gonna use that feature on the iPhone sub plus this does have the ultra wide angle lens on the first camera to get quite a lot in your field of view for that first camera and then if you want to zoom in places far without losing any resolution you can do that by switching to the second camera as easy as clicking this button right here and you can see the despite having a smaller aperture on the second camera zoom feature does fairly well outside in daylight brightness and contrast look pretty good especially in auto mode I would say that the inside the bluish tint in these photos is a bit unnerving I think the white balance can be adjusted a bit more flora pictures taken inside the S. 7 though to be Frank has the same issue although its pictures had look a bit more green for some reason we don't really tell if you compare the side by side ... but that's just how these cameras are calibrated depends on whether calibrated and what lighting situations a negative feature both the S. 7 and the me 6 board though when it comes to color reproduction is over saturation on their rear cameras I would say that the S. 7 is a bit worse in this regard Samsung phones have always been this way though I found that even the S. 3 and the galaxy S. to Ted over saturate colors and this isn't too big a deal though and I think that the super applet screen makes things look a bit worse video quality also pretty consistent as phone you look at some examples now is the side by side comparison between Niimi 6 and the galaxy S. 7's you'd Pavlica 4 K. versus 4 K. comparison of sorts I will say though that the MI 6 is a bit strange in the way that it handles video I would say that the 4 K. 30 option is pretty much mandatory this point but it does not include a 1080 P. 60 FPS option only 1080 P. 30 in fact to get 60 FPS you have to go all the way down to 720 P. I would much prefer the 1080 P. 60 FPS option over the 720 P. 120 FPS option but and that's what they went with really only choice we have here the galaxy a 7 by the way it will record in 1080 P. 16 it was a fairly good job at it you know I gotta be honest here I did not test the front camera at all and we can get their own okay shop look to bad Laura it look it's guessing my age no way it says age 23 male there's no way of ice would think some older and if you do this from now on I'm gonna say well this isn't the most accurate thing in the world that's pretty cool that shows me how old I am let's check video quality in the front looking pretty good I have no idea where resolution this is but I don't know look decent on camera hopefully look decent on you tube as well that front camera by the way 8 megapixels I expect that the flagship also 1080 P. recording resolution now another trait of the music that will have the second guessing whether not they completely ripped off the iPhone 7 is a fact that has 2 speakers so it's gonna stereo speaker array and uses the your peace for the first and the speaker of the bottom I think the bottom right alright this 1 here as the second speaker this 1 is a bit louder but I will say that the clarity of both is satisfactory O. and something else you may have cut down here there is no headphone Jack so guess what that means folks yeah is 1 of the 3 here look this isn't the lightning to 3 and half millimeter headphone Jack but this is the U. S. B. C. which is the charging port here USB type C. 23 a half millimeter headphone Jack yep we are back to this and ... this right here is just screaming iPhone 77 plus I don't I don't know I don't know what to think about this I'm we keep this in here for the rest the video so that you know other traits the music shares with the iPhone 7 the fact that there is no removable battery but of course the peta have to expect that with build quality like this you sacrifice the removal back panel for just a better feel in the hand this glass here is not going to be coming on easily and that that's something I am willing to accept I will take the compromise of not removing the battery for the sake of having a phone that looks better all around me 6 also does not have an SD card slot instead has 2 sim card slots which I guess is cool for those who travel a lot but even my global a 7 only has one sim card slot instead uses the second slot for expandable storage this phone only has 6 forgave internal storage that may be enough for some that's enough for me but it might not be enough for you so having that expandable storage taken away is a bit of a downfall here a few changes from the iPhone 7 though this is also a deviation from the Samsung galaxy S. 7 this phone call that I are blaster so you can still control your TV assuming you have like a team that's compatible with universal remotes you do that on your phone this also has a volume rocker instead of dedicated often down volume buttons this is a bit old school here I'm not a huge fan of this just feels that she died rather have dedicated up and down but that's just me personally I'm used to about this point many US 7 Hatem the iPhone 77 plus Adam non aligned this doesn't happen the last thing worth mentioning about this phone the home button it resembles sort of kind of in a way the iPhone 7 home but it also kind of resembles the Samsung galaxy S. sevens home button so this is not a physical button you can't push it and so that's kind of like the iPhone 7's lesson a physical but neither but instead of giving you that fake button click this 1 just vibrates let's let's all it does but it's super quick check this out super quick negated recognizes your number right away only to click the home button or anything like that from the screen on all you gotta do is just gently rest your thumb over the home button and the phone will turn on and unlock for you it's extremely responsive and its recess slightly into the phones bodies you know exactly where you're pressing every single time so what I would read this phone a scale from one to 10 assuming priced pros and cons this is a solid 8.5 out of 10 and I say that with confidence I see that actually an egg in a good light I think that of the average is excellent for phone is holy about $400 this is probably the most expensive flagship you can buy with the exception of a few competitors that you'll find on Amazon elsewhere this show me me 6 is probably the least well known brand here in the United States ... that makes a really good smartphone this would be my daily driver if only I could use it with Verizon doesn't work of ricin very try that as always you can find the product of you in this video this is shall meet me 6 link in this video subscription which are check out we don't you think also leave a comment regarding I don't know maybe a phone match up this versus something else that you think is comparable for the price and for the specs I would like to review of the phones on this channel so maybe this will be a good start for that be sure to give the city a thumbs up if you like this one should give the thumbs down because the complete opposite click subscribe but if you haven't already for more content like this this is science studio thanks for learning this I yeah //
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Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 5 Review
\\at first glance of this but your thumbnail you might be thinking well 50 Bucks for this case what a steel but as always with all cases in this price category there are a few compromises this is the cooler master master box 5 light white so cheap find out the first thing I want to discuss what I thought when I first pull this case out of its box I knew was 50 Bucks going into this I only seen a few pictures of it to be honest I really wasn't sure what to expect especially for this price tag and I was actually pleasantly surprised so it looks great I think that it's actually won the best looking $50 cases on the market but there are few things cooler master did to keep the price down you'd only really notice if you actually are hands on with the case of the first thing I noticed was that the front panel here which appear to be tempered glass is actually only acrylic and it's a pretty flimsy acrylic at that so that's the first costly measure there the thing is though they make it look like a tempered glass panel which I don't have a problem with you can 50 Bucks make it look as good as you possibly can for the money so the websites not too specific on the material that they use to make the case ... this is a dark mirrors what they call it it's a semi transparent front panel so you can see LED fans and what not through the front panel just very tinted he thought in mind Mrs feels like a plastic it's it's nothing special definitely not glass anything of that sort but get price in mind another cool thing about the front panel though you can change the trim color here on the top and the bottom so I have white on right now you can change it to red and black and all 3 this colors are included in the box not something I am very worried about this case I have to be completely honest here is airflow I get that vibe when I look at the front panel the fact that there is no place to mount fans anywhere on the top of the cases do you cannot fans period and there's no ventilation of top not even little ... just grooves for air to pass through it's just a solid piece of metal that's it that's how he caught so absolutely no air travel at all in or out of the case on top you only get one included fan as well and if it gets decently loud around 50 percent RPM it's also only a 3 pin fans so only voltage control no PWM for that wider range the front panel also reveals that there's only a tiny slit of top for air to pass through and seeing as though you really can't put intake bands anywhere else in this bill night's gonna have to be an intake port up top also air can come into the bottom slightly wider gap down there but this is going to be probably more restrictive than the fantexts P. 400 ass front panel but lease that case has ventilation up top you don't have that at all here it's just the the 2 tiny will slip here and that's it you get it exhaust fan in the back not good enough there are tiny little dust filters as well but again you're only going to be able to pull so much air through the so the dust filters are kind of redundant something else to kind of pick on here cable management room in the back is not all that great so this case kind of follows a similar format that fractal cases do metropolis it way better so this is a slightly recessed front panel good for moderate cable storage room but back here we're talking maybe a centimeter cable storage space so try to keep as many your cables up front just tie them off if you have just extras can hang around especially if your power supplies not modular I would say this is slightly better than the course their 400 C. for 60 X. case internal cable management not to pick on course there that that case was that terrible cable management I talk about that in this video right here and then ... it's probably slightly worse than in NZ X. T. S. 340 I think in sixties cases there are better and we manage because they have a nice groove and is a bit more room between this back panel and the back of the case if this case that maybe half an inch of extra room it would be perfect you will find it to include hard drive trays in the bay below actually quite nice there to listen just unclipped this in the rear and it kind of expanded just a tiny bit in slide your HDD end and then put it back in place again completely tulis and they just slide back into the tray no tool necessary but there is a concern I have with this while I don't expect many custom Lou builders to be interested in the case of this cheap you have no space for palm because you cannot remove this Faye at all sexually bolted to the chassis even if you do have hard drive and just want the space for extra cable storage you can't do that either because you can't do anything with this difficult drill and remove it much snow not many people and I just drove through their brand new case I makes me wonder though if cooler master did this is sort of like a basement reinforcement so I wonder if it was too flimsy before and they just decided to bolt here to make sure that there was enough structural integrity offer the basement itself I guess I was kind confused because there is a cut out here in the basement for an extra long reader a 3 heard 60 millimeter a I owe would work nicely in this case also 3120 millimeter fans or to 140 mills going down I saw the cut outs nice for those things but in terms of like custom of compatibility it's just there for looks like it you really are gonna be able to do much with the smaller cut out here the cut outs on top of the basement are also a bit strange thing is though it's really not customer friendly so I guess ventilation was what they had in mind here but I am a fan of the fact that the basement stretches across the entire case that is nice I wish all cases in this price category did this other courts of the master box like 5 that I guess really can't call quirks if it's the miss price category you only get 1 SS beach rate there is room for a second month they decided to leave that out there is no cut out in the basement for an HD audio cable so good luck reading nothing and there are no river grounded sleeves anywhere in this chassis isn't just a bunch holes but this case does have many pros as well I'm a big fan first off of defeat this case stands very sturdily on any table that's also looked a decently off the ground too for adequate PS you airflow front I was also very popular to be reset switch headphone Jack microphone Jack power button 2 USB 3.of hugs and hard drive LED indicator I'm very surprised by how sturdy the chassis is well there's almost no flex no band anywhere and the panels are extra thick just a heads up though this case does not come with any LED strip as some of the pictures hung their website would suggest some of the pictures have a nearly strip resting atop the basement that is not included in this case the only things you get apart from what you need to mount the gear you can throw into the chassis up are the 3 different sets of trim to put on the front panel when one of the things worth mentioning this case totally rips off fractal designs PS you mounting system I guess fractal kind of ripped it off from NZXT's so you get the full power supply mounting bracket and into thumbscrews secured in place none the less it's nice to have let's answer the question then is this case worth 50 US dollars it really should be answered in the context of a strict budget if you're only going to spend 50 Bucks on a case chances are you're only going to spend around 56 0 Bucks on the internals of the P. C. usually the case is around 10 percent of the entire budget unless it's like a $4000 PC build this case is not bad for 50 Bucks I'll tell you that right off the bat if I only had to spend 50 Bucks on a case this is probably the first 1 I would get there plenty of cheap cases on you a DIY PC makes plenty of cheap cases they have a lot of compromises they don't look all that great to me Elise's 1 tries to pass off as a nicer case and it is I mean month than acrylics IPO looks like a temper glass side panel it's pretty cool pretty cheesy at the same time but it looks decent and apart from the fact that the strategy does not cut out for the HD audio cable you'll find this case is actually pretty easy to build and now you're not going to have to struggle with trying to get cables where they should go you have 2 large cut outs in the back panel to large cut outs in the basement and a large cut on the front for plenty of fans and a large radiator you just get the feeling it's begging to be built there's plenty of space in there for virtually anything you want and you could even customize it to an extent for 50 Bucks I say that's a killer bargain and even try to pass off its looks as a more expensive case than it is again I don't see anything wrong with that 50 Bucks this is a good deal check out it's like innovative description let me know what you think of this video begins when a thumbs up or thumbs down to putting on your mood be sure to click subscribe if you have any stay tuned for more content like this this is science studio I mean this this is the cooler master master box like 5 but this channel science studio thanks for 9 months the and I I //
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I Read Ridiculous Craigslist PC Ads
\\what's up everyone it's time to turn on the savage studio mode there are some ridiculous PC Craigslist posters all over the United States we've got some from Jacksonville Florida of flagstaff Arizona Houston Texas Phoenix Arizona Chicago Illinois a bunch of these are all Craigslist posts that ... a bloody knife found is that we're just ridiculous like the DS there's people either asking way too much money or the P. Caesar trashy and they're trying to pass it off as the ultimate gaming P. C. so it's rather some of these and see ... just how ridiculous some of them can get okay let's start with the bottom one here okay so looks like in NZ X. T. S. 342 weeks and I 77 0 K. a single GTX 1070 anything he wants $2500 we receive like custom and GPU back plate with RGB lights bra do that's like a stalk a cease backplate I own that exact card is not custom but here we go another one I have to work sale my gaming rig is full RGB it's spotting a GTX 1080 founders addition graphics card able to hit over 21 0 megahertz on the course table congratulations 16 gigabytes of DDR for an Intel I. 57 0 K. laid inside Astruc see 270 co her asshole distance being very gentle how explains he inserted that CPU into that socket for cooling it has 6 course their fans already be also included is LG Blu ray writer this piecing ahead of anything you put added I'm able to play triple a titles like a battlefield 4 at ultra settings and 4 K. in hit 60 FPS all day long accepting reasonable offers please no trades do not contact me to sell new products any company that does will be people will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and will be reported All I Want to call this guy so badly you too many for its mother M. subwoofer just in case you did know he was throwing African dope so for $900 barely used no problems that is in great condition I'm I'm looking at this first picture right now I can tell you this PC is not barely used by these print outs of what his system specs and benchmarks that he printed out this shot of his cinebench score old while okay if you wanna see some overpriced cringe without even care about the fact the strong into monitors that's just an excuse to raise the price you're buying the PC not the display being give the display anywhere for pretty cheap look at how cringe worthy that cable management is that 24 pin it's just like he completely ignored the cable shroud there that needs the X. you through to the S. 340 that is so painful he's gonna affects 4350 and that's that's already outdated and nvidia GTX 1050 T. I. Lisa got forgetting variant the movie was originally asking $4000 for this that operate here even including a monitor I don't think so even if he is that a word for her and it's not even worth 2000 you really cut the price in half for you folks you know you get a good deal now lenses I 74790 K. GTX 97016 gigs around to get a creative soundblaster Z. studio quality high definition sound card installed comes with that tack to audio hub gets control units so don't is also monitors standard that is what I call innovation right there folks he's using it looks like textbooks notes got the Mockingjay Mockingjay is definitely a part of that well how much do offer this $1200 exit 60 senator Kerry 92 yeah that's actually not a bad price for that combo also including peripherals and a gaming monitor this would not that ... here's 1 it'll make you puke look at the cable management inside that beast this dude took all of the re seconds to make this look beautiful on the inside what's even worse is he decided to buy a window to case to get you know the your cable management can be trash do everyone else a favor in your house and cover that stuff up she's got an I. 554 0 case 6 gigabyte GTX 970 and further all shebang the dude once $1800 in Saint Augustine and I don't really think so okay so just take 1 look at this 1 right here 1 look at the set up 3 grand right now you might be thinking yourself always included a whole set up right monitors keyboard peripherals the computer tower but he says right here parts not included keyboard mouse or monitor so literally you're just paying for whatever the heck is in this see right here you're paying 3 grand for that folks that I 777 0 Kate Kate 600 will give the benefit out 350 ... AC strict security let's say 300 650 that's gonna 960 Ivo and they ate 50 Ivo and a GT extended the TI and that looks like it for the really expensive parts of his build still doesn't come close to 3 grand sorry dude it's good dope is 6 monitors set up I've ever seen I mean the price saying to you bad considering what he's got in there is that I 7 all I 7 but it's still decent private duty I or on some base again that that ATP praise god 6 means a lot of his like just take a log out only the lawn K. rule number one when it comes to Craigslist make your photos in these look presentable if you're trying to sell whatever you're trying to sell to random people that live around you based on pictures in your word in your text so most people if they're smart market can take your word for they're gonna look at the picture that's what they're going to use to verify what you're saying and if your first pictures of the budget cables sprawl behind a 3 monitors on the floor and you're not even showing the PC in the first picture you got a problem and then when you finally do see the PC you see that the cable management was pure trash and his specs or just not all that ... inviting for $1300 asking price states calling this PC are very upgradable for future developments I've just got a friggin H. 110 mother board in assets not overclock will so even if you wanna upgrade the I. 361 0 you got in there yuck appeal to overclock assume you go for the biggest and best I. 5 and I. 7 in this class ... and everything else in that for the most part it's just bare bones he's got all our drive 8 gigs of ram and what a 4 gig DDR 51050 T. I. yeah let's say okay we got a great everything in the system bowl my gaming P. C. $750 I don't care what the specs are in the system I'm not paid $750 for this friggin rat's nest you get a G. 30 to 58 overclocked of 4 gigahertz 2 GTX 950 to 600 watt power supply or wireless network card and 180 gig PNY SSD windows not included so ... yeah the O. S. is on you this is got to be 1 of the ugliest PC builds I've ever seen what is it with people wanting all of their money back with these pieces that they don't think they'd appreciate it all lately he's even got the price listed out your PC poor picker costume $1618 I don't think he has a he does have windows 10 included that he's got windows 10 pro and he's wanting more than he paid to build the PC's charging you about $190 to assemble this PC you could watch any of the tech tuber channels on YouTube and in 15 minutes figure out how to build a PC like this one if you don't even bother cutting down the tubes to size or you go the roads were on the outside of this case while our 2 there's so much room in age for for you why did you put the rest of or outside of it just looks so trashy I am sorry but that just look so bad what on earth would he do 0 yeah you know it's immediately worth 23 $0 when the title clearly says he has a single GTX 1070 in there clear course 74790 K. 60 gigs around 1071 to a hard drive and assist the motherboard MSI Z. 97 very high performance can handle most if not all games I need money for college only sold bundle so PC keyboard in ultra HD 4 K. monitor sorry bud but even with that old sure HD 4 K. monitor you out there this PC with this trashy cable management is not worth $2300 come on FX 8320 you automatically know this is worth 37 $50 when he's got it affects 8320 in there 16 gigs of ram I am care at this point the graphics for the 1080 found his addition that's cool but it looks like a 120 mil a I L. 37 $50 he's views Marcus up 3 times granted I don't even need to look at the specs there's no way this is worth to grab hold no he isn't I 75960 accent here what you like blocks X. 99 X. 6 gaming P. C. I'm assuming that's the motherboard 16 gigs of ram and it she TX 960 even a GTX 960 in the same P. C. as a $1600 CPU when it was brand new high end 8 core gaming systems are the GTX 96 years on a high and I don't care what CPU you have been there excellent condition use for only 3 weeks I'm gonna take a chance here and say that that's not true it really low and asking for grand he saying that is the 170 X. gaming G. 1 gigabyte motherboard was $460 plus he's including a $70 2 year replacement plan that is outrageous that motherboard is worth half that price my 767 0 K. 32 gigs of ram SOI EVGA GTX 980 TI's nope we're still not near 4 grand sound blaster he said hardly knowledge for sound card OCZ fatality 1001 gold power supply 200 $55 in his including the price of windows 10 at $90 chastity not not chassis chastity something tells me this do dishes pulling numbers out of thin air and sea here's 1 from my hometown gonna I'm by tower for $850 top of the line gaming P. C. I. 73930 K. and then hard 93 ATG you are yeah folks we know this is definitely a top of the line says it's worth over $1500 but it is really worth over $2000 and it doesn't list the price of the mother board which cost over $350 and with the same card costing over 250 and a few other little small parts he is a salesman ruined Perot this guy's asking $1200 for Cuba piece see it doesn't look all that inviting on the inside here 2 GTX 9 sixties muscle item Arda choice and ethics 8315 he wants $1200 for it this person did even listed the CP on a system has got a GTX 960 okay it's mediocre and 16 gigs of ram and he wants $1000 for it means that it's a G. 1 sniper be sick so what that's a B. 150 motherboards which probably either got a lock on I 5 or an I. 3 in there either way it didn't come out $2000 just another example of someone wanting all of their money back on a P. C. they build 2 or 3 years ago that's the and the last one of the day custom built gaming P. C. $1000 here graphics card has over 8 tera byte why it doesn't even list the graphics current anybody here know that storage what's so we're just because I guess what that is probably a 970 year 980 on a $4000 better be 9 eighties I'm assuming this is that I think 63 0 and ethics 4350 because usually paired with a 970 pro usually over the 8 core variant of the hypothetical a court and other video discussing that right here the difference when a true 8 core CPU and it affects 8 core CPU are usually those would go into the 990 FX series ports so nice that any pro now assume it's a lower and chips white pride did say what it was in the ad anyone's $1000 for it that that's ridiculous well if your faith in humanity was pretty low before I imagine it's a bit lower now he's Craigslist posts are a bit ridiculous now there are some decent posts out there some people have really nice custom loops that they're they're asking around what they paid for them I understand that they put a lot of work into those bands and stuff if you know show up to the person's place and everything looks nice and it runs properly then yeah that's probably okay investment you wanna do it yourself but for a lot of these like older PCS 345 years old they want their money back that's essentially what they're asking why Hey give me my money back this P. Siebel 4 years ago even though you could buy much these parts for cheaper on sites like eBay if you like this video me like the concept or just appreciate the savages look I'm gonna tell you somethings a bad deal you're gonna hear it straight from my face that it's a bad deal and let me know the appreciative again this video thumbs up give me some feedback incomes blows while I check out most comments if not all of them within the first hour or 2 of the videos upload time I'll be sure to click the subscribe button below as well that's that red button underneath the video box and click the notification icon that's will build their father let you know that uploaded more videos like this 1 this design studio thanks for hunting with us I //
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How to Troubleshoot a Dead PC
\\contact WNED okay it so before you even begin troubleshoot your P. C. recommend drinking a Cup of coffee have an energy drink something along those lines knows them a sponsor spot I'm being dead serious I drink something like this before you begin troubleshooting because you could be doing this for quite a long time everyone welcome to the video on the how to play list this one hits close to home because we've been following the channel for quite awhile you know that every now and then I do have something go wrong at some point somehow with one sees this 1 right here is no exception is an IPX PCS boarding and IT 576 0 K. ... 16 gigs of ram GT extend 60 and a fractal I think is a 400 450 watt SFX power supply all packed into the fractal note to vote to this is a classic example of a PC that will not post now that word is actually an acronym is not something we float around it means power on self test it's a checklist of sorts of the PC run Sir when you first powered on make sure all the components are functioning properly before you boot into your operating system this we will focus primarily on the post issue though I will briefly mention what you see do if your monitor isn't receiving any signal from your PC especially if the computer appears to be functioning properly these are just scenarios I imagine if you first time builders will find themselves in at some point maybe receive a delay part we just in wire something correctly I also recommend checking out the link in this but his description tied with homes hardware forum posted to beautiful breaking up what you should do with your PC is not posting or if your system won't boot in general no power ... or if you're not receiving any video output to your monitor right so for the sake of time the link this video because could be hours long if I want to address every possible scenario well I'm going to assume that you kind of already know what you're doing so you plug everything incorrectly maybe this isn't your first rodeo or you've used a YouTube channel like my owner website help ... help you along the way as you build your P. C. I'm going to assume that you've wired up incorrectly and that you're receiving power from the wall that you have intricate breaker anything like that the basics you got that so in most trouble shooting cases especially if you do know to some extent what you're doing ... the specs themselves are gonna matter as long as you're using the proper CPU for the mother board the proper Ramos DDR 3 or DDR 4 and a video card that's plugged in correctly and housewives delivering enough power to even boot the computer in the first place which usually doesn't require a lot of power not and then the specs really don't matter now it just comes down to what component if it's a hardware issue is causing the PC to either but Luke or just not turn on period in the case of this PC here new computer will turn on for about 5 seconds turn back off and then cycle again and again and again repeat the exact same thing the first thing that I recommend you do ultimately depends on whether or not this is the first time you booted up this PC so if your piece is been running for days months years it doesn't matter and now all of a sudden we'll turn on the first thing I recommend you do is clear seem off with that will do is reset all of your bios settings back to the stock configurations your motherboard had when it came out of the box let's say you had an over clock of 4.3 gigahertz on your CPU and if the core of 1.3 that might have been good a year ago but now thanks to the degradation of technology it's just what happens over time that CP might require a bit more voltage is not receiving that required voltage when you first turn your PC on it will continue cycling and if your mother boards a considerably all board then the bios won't reset itself on your board will typically warn you after a few cycles to say Hey we just reset to default settings because something your bias was forcing this PC to trip and turn off and on again now the older mother boards aren't usually going to do that for you so I recommend clearing your seem also find some kind of jump at the bottom you're bored ... your motherboard manual will tell you how to do that some newer boards will have just the but you can click you clearly see moss and reset the bias now assuming the up the case of this is the first time you've ever turn your PC on your getting a boob week system will not post in general I recommend starting first with system ram remove one them change the slots don't occupy all the slots just put one stick of ram and if it still doesn't work try each slot you might have one too 3 dead slots if you're for slots on your border forgiven extreme 99 X. 99 X. 7 onboard we have 7 dead slots in 1 good slot it is possible for peace of mind said I recommend taking 1 stick trying it in each of those slots ... and kinda narrowing down the possibility of a system ram error member could be the damaged self or the slot itself on the mother board either is possible I'll tell you right now the reason why this PC when post is because 1 of the ram slots on this board the ass rock fatalities into 70 gaming border targeted right here by the way died on me randomly just a fluke thing also had both of these models installed and all the sudden it just 1 time after benchmarking PC wouldn't turn back on I decided to remove 1 of the modules kept 1 in trade each slot I found out that the outside slot was dead and we gonna confirm that it wasn't the model itself that was bad was I try to pull another stick of ram just a completely different state from a different manufacturer and that would also not work in the outside slot but work perfectly fine the insights not so through a process of elimination you figure out which law is that if that is the case right so if we assume the system is not the issue reading the exact same errors on our P. C. from the second I recommend you swap out over moved to just test for the sake of testing is the graphics card remove the graphics card if you have an IGP you plug the HDMI cable into the motherboard directly ... to remove the graphics card as a potential issue if you get the exact same error again then you know that it's not the graphics card and if you get a poster even if you don't have an IGP you but you just turn the computer on anyway in the computer doesn't give you some kind of air coder doesn't boot loop then chances are the graphics card is the problem if you've to do so the graphics card is what is causing the boot loop you can either tried moving a graphics card to a different slot on the board maybe it's just the PCI slot that's giving you an issue ... you can also check to see if you have the cable from the power supply plugged in correctly either 6 or 8 pen or both ... if you're not getting enough power to the graphics card that can be a reason why you're not getting the signal to your monitor and if both of those fail then it might just be a PCB issue in which case just return the thing and by another court because you're not gonna be able to fix these really tiny ... things on the board itself now this point if you're still getting a P. C. boot area getting a post period then be prepared to get your hands dirty because you're gonna have to virtually disassembled the what you've already assembled in your case this is why we recommend building your PC outside the case first to make sure that your opponents of working is if you have to start dissecting everything in and troubleshooting individual components can be a lot easier to do if everything is not already assembled in your case now recommend verifying that your CPU is seated properly and actually run to this issue a few times myself especially with exciting on next to 99 CPUs those are pretty large sockets the CPUs themselves are large as well ... and if you get any sort of improper pen contact then your PC will likely not post so remove the CPU cooler from your build also remove the CPU from the socket a penalty of LG or PJ layout most am D. boards will have the PGA layouts so you can check the pins physically on the CP make sure none of her bent what proper contact remember you get LG aboard usually with Intel and you check the pens physically in the mother board make sure that none of those are bent if they are I have a video right here that you can help you out I guess I mean you can try your best a worst case you can go an army it but if you can fix yourself I mean to say it city time long running off the latest long to have that bright shiny new PC up and running wants to ensure that the pens are not bend to go ahead and we see the CPU to the motherboard socket receipt the CPU cooler atop the CPU and then try booting again it could just be simple as removing the CP from a socket reasserting and even that tiny little movement change high is the difference between a post and no posts and that is actually something I've experienced as well literally within the CPU inserting a back into the socket for whatever reason fixes the post issue now at this point of this we only 3 or 4 other components in the system we can try testing and troubleshooting from just a general hardware standpoint not to determine which of these is providing a PC from posting I don't recommend starting the power supply of discuss that later ... and also you can kind of narrowed down to the to drive issue or not because if your SS de is this dead legislators died randomly most the times not cover it PC from turning on you're gonna get a post and your bias is either going to tell you that Hey we can't read this drive fortunately there's no boot drive present and it's just gonna keep cycling to her by us over and over and over so if it's a drive issue that's usually what'll happen if it's a hard drive and you have it wasn't hard drive ... oftentimes will happen if your hard drive starts failing is it'll boot up maybe for 1015 seconds you might even get into windows or whatever operative system you're running and then maybe it'll crash after that would boost me to death I could just be because your disk and spinning fast enough or it's just not spending period so drive trouble shooting is a bit different most the time I drive is not going to prevent your PC from turning on in the first place you could check again to make sure that you've put an adequate amount of thermal paste between your CP when it's cooler though even if you don't put any cooler all atop the CPU and you just try to turn the thing on usually go get a post ... and your PC might even stay on for a while it's just gonna thermal throttle hardcore down to like you know 200 megahertz or so ... that shouldn't boldly prevent the PC from posting in general even if you hit T. junction of past the junction you'll still get a post and it should still run for a few seconds at least so I wouldn't recommend going through the whole trouble like swapping CPU coolers I really don't think that's necessary for scenario like this at this point we've narrowed it down to just our mother board in our power to remember this this PC here that we just looked at grant slot but yet if you are still having issues in the front through the previous mention steps you've also been kind of running through the checklist on the toms hardware form then all you have left or the mother board in the power supply as potential hardware causes I recommend starting with the power supply first because it's just more straightforward you can either take a volt meter and test each of your connections all your peripherals make sure that proper powers being delivered to each of these peripherals ... that can take a long time now and you have to verify you know which voltage it's on which pin I just gets complicated when I recommend doing is removing this power supply and going to Best Buy microcenter just buying another power supply online if you have to ... and testing that power supply in the system if your PC boots then you've you've basically concluded that apparently I did there was already dead not deliver enough power to one of your peripherals but if your PC is posting but not sending a signal to your monitor then you can assume me in most cases your power supplies okay you can still swap it out just for peace of mind sake but if you're getting a post and no signal then your power supply is more than likely okay the last thing our checklist then is the mother board and this point all I can really say is best of luck troubleshooting this thing very narrow down the fact that your ram slots are functioning properly in that if you're an LJ board you know how many bent pins and the motherboard socket then you really ought to be able to troubleshoot much else on this board you can verify that the PCI slots are dead but that's why I told you to move the video card from the top slot maybe to the next 16 next slide a bit that's really it you could try removing the HD audio cable you can try removing the USB 3.okay what most the time those are going to trip your entire PC and prevent it from turning on its difficult to recommend trying a new mother board because that that you can't just buy anywhere you could buy those at microcenter few other stores but for the most part in your city you're not gonna have missed that that's the where you can go to to buy another mother board to try troubleshooting with which means you're going to have to order one online more than likely and completely rebuild your PC motherboards like underneath everything else in your bill now but if you've narrowed everything else down you're confident that it's not your graphics card you've plugged all these coupons into other PC's verify that they all work properly then yeah it's probably gonna be another board issue ... and even if it's not worse case the swabbing out you still get an issue at least you know that is not the mother ports of the old when you had as good just return the newer one at this point there are a plethora of reasons why your P. C. couldn't be turning on just reasons I would say are kind of stupid for most of us special equipment building pieces for quite awhile I could just be as simple as your power supply so it's not being turned on wondering why you're not getting the power period it could be as simple as maybe you plug the power LED header into the power switch header some example like that's you're pushing the power button on your case and you're getting the power because you wire that lead into the wrong header on the motherboard it could be as simple as maybe you plug a VGA cable an upside down or you plug a VGA cable into the EPS 8 pin cable up top in the mother board it could be as simple as maybe you didn't see the graphics card properly into the PC I slot it could be as simple as you didn't push the ram module all the way into the slot on the motherboard I've done that personally so check all the simple things as well you can check those before you under any of the serious trouble shooting steps up front again if you're confident that's why move on to the bigger trouble shooting measures but check the simple stuff to you know keep it simple and and don't work harder than you need to do so the most common issues are the simplest ones most often and I would say that now checking all your connections up front is a good thing to do again though if you checked all your connections cleared your sea moss made sure that all of these components work outside of this PC and other pieces that they don't work in this one it could be I don't know maybe you deserve a stand off with like shorting out something on your mother board I if the list goes on I do recommend checking out the link in this there's a script in those Hans hardware forum post it is a very informative I would say it's it's way more detailed in this video ... but this one is just kind of me talking about some personal issues I've run into one of my bill PC's awesome super simple things maybe have something that's more complicated like a dead Graham slot ... but start with ram start with the graphics are the 2 easiest things to remove also member clear see most first and foremost if you're not getting a post and check your basic connections if you like this video released appreciate the breakdown here gives him a thumbs up lets me know that I'm doing a decent job I appreciate that before click subscribe but if you haven't already that's a red button down below bells well by the way signification my post on the video like this one this is science studio thanks for learning this //
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How to Permanently Fix GeForce Experience & Share Feature
\\I picked so I'm making this video more or less for personal reasons but if you own in a video graphics card the chances are you've had negative experiences with the G. force experience program look we love the hardware we love the efficiency and with the exception of the current market thanks to crypto minors we love the prices but I think I speak for most here when I say that we hate the new software G. force experiences about a stable as my hand was when I painted this with the new 3.1.whatever version of GFE you're not only handed mounds of instability within the app and in game but you also have to do ridiculous things like sign into the program we have to sign into the software before we can use any of its features and I find that ridiculous just another way for a big company to take advantage of our data on top of that on a few occasions I can't even get past the log in screen to access the tools I use on a daily basis IQ shadow play because it has extremely low overhead is very simple to use its just a preference I had since the beginning you may prefer some other software desktop recording is also a very nice feature but with these persistent updates that we oftentimes can't control or keep from happening like windows 10 updates I found that a few of my PC's can't even open nvidia share this is where shadow play now resides my ex to 99 P. suffered this watery version 3 asked of my recent rise in 7 PC bill I can log into the G. force experience out without a problem for the money go to turn on shadow play the share feature it would just stay off it would act like it was turning on the check right back off again and it wouldn't tell me why it was unable to open the share feature so I tried on installing completely with Dee Dee you starting from scratch changing file permissions none of that worked but now I have a solution that filigree members can follow to rid themselves of the plague that has become the new G. force experience program the fix on install GFE install a much older version actually super simple the first thing I want to do assuming you've already installed an updated nvidia drivers is navigate to your PC's control panel from here click uninstall program and scroll down to the plethora of nvidia programs HD audio the graphics driver 3 division it should all be here look in the G. force experience program and on install don't worry this won't remove any vital graphic software you can play games completely fine everything will still runs a should you just won't be able to stream in the shadow play with then GFE until later because you will have a toll that at this point now to get to the link in this video subscription is tied to a Google drive download for much older GF version version I scanned for viruses and found no issues but skin again yourself just in case you can also find similar versions like this 1 elsewhere on the web just you know your typical Google search just be careful from where you download next to click the executable and nvidia installer should open up where you can probably install the older G. force experience program isn't this impressed the fresh air kind of like a throwback Thursday everything is very stable this version of GFE for both my rise in an X. 299 PC's and shadow play is just as functional and low profile as ever if you're on any other Intel platform that some my modern has well sky lake Cabey late you should be fine as well perfect for my daily needs both on you tube and in case I I love shadowplay I really do but we're not finished yet there are a few more things we need to do to work round invidious clever auto update utility so when you open the G. force experience the first time the new older version that version you're not gonna be prompted to update but if you close it out and then open it again say after you turn your computer off in the back on it's probably gonna force you to update to the latest reports experience is going to think you're just way behind the times and it's going to give you no choice so when you disable that within our services task bar first though set things up and GFE the way he'd like ranch icons in either enable or disable desktop sharing the hop on over to preferences disabled these 2 checked boxes down at the bottom of this is just a precaution but it's not gonna prevent thing from wanting to force an update then to be on the safe side now to get to the start menu within windows and type services press enter and this window navigate to nvidia G. force experience right click over the program find the service status bar and click stop now attempt to re open GFE if all is well the program should prompt an automatic update which is exactly what would have happened if we had disabled the service from here on out you should be good to go if nvidia somehow still forces the update then you can do one of 2 things you can either follow are there few extra steps in the description I might add them if if you'll be running to the issue where you are forced to update about what all put extra steps there that should help remedy that issue not and then you can also worst case just on install the new update then reinstall the old one just don't keep opening GFE just leave it closed on my shadow play run in the background like it does when you first of the PC and that should be enough right there I mean if you're only gonna shadow play and yet you don't need open G. if you want you set things up the way you like which apply told you that before we change the service status ... then that should be all you need to do just say Iraqis and you'll never have to open GOP again if you have any questions or concerns or if the link is broken let me know and offer up a few alternative links in the description again check those offer viruses though don't take my word for anything bargains are kind of spotty for now just follow the steps about land here and you shouldn't have a single problem with the G. force experience again if this video helped you out in some way let me know by giving this one a thumbs up I do appreciate that click subscribe if you haven't already statement from our content like this here on the channel this is science studio thanks for learning with us //
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I Switched to Ryzen for Gaming & Editing. Here's Why.
\\WNED with going on everyone so you read the title already have a good idea when they talk about here ... but I am going to be using Risan for my daily editing gaming PC this is the system behind me I expect a few things will change I build PC's and tear them down like the next week ... and I still have water weight 3 by the way at once not destroyed yet it's still a good functioning PC are but there are some in practicalities involved X. 299 I have been sound about that I think that the platform is extremely overpriced I think that some other CPUs don't make sense or should not exist of even though I had the I 97 0 acts in Walter white 3 ... I'm going to be personally using the rise in 1700 acts because I think it's a much more practical CP when I wanna come to set the example now so that people looking up to me but I I think that if I'm going to promote ... the best price to performance CPU on the market or you know a a group of CPU center decent for the money that I should be using those myself I and that's why I've been using my 767 0 K. for so long that CP was great for me and that I've had a 5020 K. 69 0 K. a lot of CPUs that are you know just higher core counts maybe higher frequencies what have you ... but I've just been very comfortable and I 7 because I feel like that's all I need for what I do I saw not going to just show off and I 97 0 acts and say Hey you check this out I've got this CPU all by the way makes no sense but I'm gonna use it anyway because that's not what I want the channel to be about I want it to be about the best bang for the Buck that's where I found of the channel on and I think that rise in 7 and resin 5 for that matter now are excellent choices for those were budget conscious that same time who want the most for their money 1 of the most power that they can get offer what they're paying the rising 717 0 is right now the best performance per dollar rising 7 CPU only because you you don't really get an extra 500 megahertz of overclocking headroom with the 1800 active just doesn't happen you you'd be lucky if you get a couple of well band aids heard actually digital poor 0.14.2 gigahertz good luck by I'd say 1 or 2 percent of you will get that decent overclock ... and be able to keep it cool enough with like a 240 mil a I owe something along those lines and even with this custom cooler here and my rights and 717 0 acts I still I can barely hit 4 gigahertz you that's with a whopping 1.45 volts that's a lot of voltage maybe recommends around 1.35 this anything above that's there not really recommending ... so in order to keep the voltage under control they want this to last me in the long run and I have to worry too much about the CP failing ... I've kept this 1 at 1.37 volts and 3.8 gigahertz I think I think 3.9 degrees it was cool in cinebench filled in on a 64 so probably failing video interactive Sabri pointy right now gonna motherboard can handle much higher than that of it really just comes down the CPU how opened it is minds not that great a 3.8 gigahertz across a course in 16 threats is pretty solid and like I said I didn't know the system only for gaming in fact I probably video I did more than I play video games just because I don't have a lot of time to do the latter so I think that at this chipper here's answer me very well it is an upgrade from the I. 767 0 if my video editing standpoint ... the a chorus are phenomenal video editing I do get a marginal ... decrease in rendering time for 5 minute tentative P. 60 FPS video file I wish of the same file on the same rendering time so I can see across the board here which CPU is the best by far and when you consider the price of the 1700 or in this case a 1700 acts it is the better buy for content creators over the I 767 0 K. now in terms of gaming and there's nothing wrong with giving arise and 7 CPR said up front ... the frame rate dropped out of experience converting from the I. 7 to our 7 is rather marginal though that may be at 1015 FPS delta or in that 1440 P. expect that to be a bit more in 1080 P. because it's a little more CPU intensive and and then I PC starts to really take hold there login to still relying on primarily for course having the extra force just future proofing at this point although we've been saying that since bulldozer that's an entirely different argument but the Marshall FES delta is nowhere near enough to make me regret switching from the I. 7 to rise and 7 is just an all around better CPU and especially for the price I would say though that a few select titles are still preferring SMTP disabled that's essentially the hyper threading equivalent Verizon that simultaneous multithreading so instead of just having a bit of course you have a course in 16 threats more hyper threading us and he's got the same way ... in this video right here so black ops 3 is 1 game that I've noticed that experiences rather infrequent F. P. S. drops in the middle of gaming's all over around 100 51 60 FPS in 1440 P. Max settings with the 210 eighties in here and then if I I don't do something that's pretty intensive on the C. P. side some kind of physics aspect of the game explosion maybe particles what not if you know a place where it's pretty heavy on the CPU it will drop immediately down to maybe 5060 FPS and then spike right back up to the consistent 13150 him around there ... and I found out about disable us on TV I don't have any spikes and drops whatsoever it's very consistent and that just comes down to optimization the developers have really Justin yet to than the rise in architecture ... very complicated technical things that are honestly be on me going to play that that because those spikes ... but I would say that in most titles you're gonna be just fine non black ops 3 an exception is just 1 that I've noticed so if you do play a game like that I would check forms it's where I found out that that was what was causing my random spikes and and Wessex spikes but random Dixon FPS are just check those if you play maybe 2 or 3 games he wants which to rise and that could be something worth considering disabling SMP and all you do is play games and that's what you would get just a more consistent framework that it's worth disabling a but I for the most part like I keep saying you're gonna be okay if you just leave it as is I maybe yourself assault overclock and you should be good to go other than that I'm very happy with the bill ... it's it's not prime get out if you hear like the flu churning there's an air bubble still Hungary you hear a song you don't flip the P. C. around a bit like that thing prime time it should be a bit quieter how did the bill looks I think look solid considerate I don't dislike a day 0.5 and it's going to scrap it together last minute because ... I I want to make the point that you look you don't need $1000 CPU to be comfortable editing icons and creating and playing video games at the same time rice and 7 in even I would argue rise in 5 US are both excellent CP lineups for are just an all around computer enthusiast I and that's why I'm going to be used in the 17 objects as my daily driver course the 210 eighties in there that's a bit overkill but I would say a single 10701080 or 10:00 EDT I will do just fine in most resolutions with that if you like this video or at least appreciate the Austin switch you should give us a thumbs UP I appreciate it give a thumbs down filling up at opposite I'll be sure to click subscribe and have already in St tune for I have an interesting ... experiment coming up something happened to 1 of my tiny TI's keeps overheating it gets extremely hot immediately under load and I know for a fact that water block is on there as it should be so I think I'm going to remove the water block put the air cooler back on and see if we experiences in spike's could just be a PCB issue we'll find out this is science studio thanks for building with us so I //
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Build a Beast AMD Gaming/Editing PC for Under $1000!
\\I picked so there are a few weird things going on the tech industry right now the first being the graphics card prices are still extremely high thanks to crypto mining are the best make a hash for what cards out there right now are the 58480 from AMD also attend 16 the 107 which is why they are the most expensive so difficult to build a PC like this including an artist for ATV keep the price under $1000 because these cards are typically going anywhere between 3 and 400 Bucks which I think is frankly ridiculous but people are paying that for these cards something else you may have noticed a ram and storage prices are fairly high stiffness men aren't 60 Bucks in Manassas VA that only gets 220 gig storage where is your go that route easily got you 240 ram prices same thing going to spend about 80 to 100 Bucks that only get to 16 gigs of ram 16 gigs of ram your ago was around $6070 so everything is relatively expensive I had I'd just an extra 0 Bucks on the storage and Rambus to get what you would expect in a bill of this caliber and also the fact that the graphics card had to be bought on eBay for around 300 to heard 15 Bucks did help either because this card is only about $200 normally but you have to spend 3350 to get a car like this now because demand for these is so high and that's ultimately why the price of this build him out to around $1000 that's just the current market we have to work with and there's no way around that right now unless you have a good buddy who's willing hook you up with some awesome free stuff speaking of which the only thing that I did have to pay for in this builder that wasn't sponsored them including the prices of the sponsored stuff anyway ... over these cables up here so my friend Tony over his ... channel virility ahead at Lincoln description he's the 1 who made these awesome cables are not specifically for this bill but they do have a nice red white and black accents and that's why I included them here if that's what the whole AMD fame so even AMD R. 516 0 CPU that only cost $200 CPE prices are low and that's a good thing outside a gigabyte I. T. X. wifi mother board in there I reviewed it specifically in this car right here the cooler use was an a I know it's a deep cool captain to 40 X. in my favor a ... superior that comes in black and red could also get an all white accent as well find it also ships now with the rise in support now order to keep prices under control because this would have easily exceeded $1000 by 1 of the best of everything in its class I only spend 20 Bucks in the power supply it's the zone 600 watt power supply that are viewed in the court right here I thought we complete trash it's not it's actually fairly quiet and it seemed like it's efficient another militant 80 plus rated out to run a system like this I'm actually gonna be giving this PC away a kinda spoiled that was going to say that for later but I get this peace will be given away to somebody on the planet we're teaming up with hardware unbox Antec city each of us going to giving away 1 system like this 1 so this is my system that mentoring for the giveaway and I will have more details on that soon but I stay tuned because this will be owned by 1 of you very soon and last but not least the case I've chosen is the ins the ex commando does cost a little over 100 Bucks definitely gonna save a bit of the budget by going with the cheaper case but to an extent looks do matter especially via the side window which this 1 does I just took it off so that wasn't a glare and but ... this looks phenomenal this entire bill looks great inside of this case here that the cables McNiven Papa's well and I'm doing in the black and red color scheme so let's talk about performance for second I already reviewed in the R. 516 0 and detailed someone that's in here remember I compare it against the I 576 0 K. and the I 767 0 K. and the R. 5 performed admirably some sort of engine blew everything away and a real world performance at the become a pro it rendered ... 5 minute to the P. 60 up his file in a decent time a little under 300 seconds which puts it not far off from the I. 7's performance it mind you at 4.6 gigahertz the 1600 clocked in here is a 3.9 gigahertz that's for gaming performance what you might expect for PC of this caliber and for the price of Grand Theft Auto 5 in 1080 P. pushing an average a little over 90 F. yes which is solid 1 percent and 0.1 percent low staying around 60 FPS which is get that means no heart spikes and dips in the frame rate which could interrupt the average gamer battlefield 11080 P. looking pretty good as well average around EDF yes 1 percent in 0.1 percent Lowes also staying around 60 FPS I tested duman Vulcan because that's what the system perform best in and were averaging around 110 FPS this is really good for the altar preset in 1080 P. into the system normally would cost you around 800 Bucks blast I crush this PC with universe and box to an extremely CPU intensive game actually did okay considering thanks to its 6 cores and 12 threads looking at around 40 FPS on average 1 percent Los drop to 20.1 percent lows drop to a mere 15 but I should say that this game still looked fairly smooth while I was you know blowing stuff up look it's a solid PC for the price of all ahead of my budget was around 800 to $1000 to spend on components given this current market these are the parts that I would buy I would try it next upgrade the graphics card to possibly GT extend 77 wondering what I would have great next that would be it also probably the power supply at some point I reckon upgrading that ... storages okay for now to 40 gigs if you have your only gaming hard drive and you have to win this PC in the future give away American author on that and they're just to have your games on that and you can have all your media files you know video footage and music and your operating system on the SST you'll be good to go if you like this video like the build maybe like something about life you should of studio thumbs up thumbs down for the opposite or if you hate everything about like you should click subscribe button that's the red button down below it preachy that stay tuned for other content like this here on the channel this is science studio thanks for building with us more the for //
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BenQ EW2770QZ Content Creation Monitor
\\this is the BenQ EW 2720 QC monitor got a long name in a long list of features but are they relevant to you for all intents and purposes in this video I'll be referring to this monitor as the 272 because it's full name is just ridiculously law and as always you can find its wind in this video subscription this is a 27 inch 1440 P. IPS monitor that's beautiful sporting 2 HDMI ports DisplayPort built in speakers a headphone Jack and integrated AC converter which means no ugly block hanging from displays power cord but the 272 is not intended for gamers to make that very clear distinction up front its feature set is curved more toward content creators concern with accurate color reproduction of visually ergonomic experience most the time gaming monitors and focus on high paced experiences right so they push for things like higher refresh rates and low input lag and mother to seventies panel is only 60 hertz native its response times actually respectable 5 milliseconds great great I tested it that's about what I can not to hire like a millisecond but you won't tell the difference in most cases I can also confirm the input lag is virtually a noticeable via keyboard and controller of course these the kinds of things you look for in a gaming monitor right you don't have this we are drawbacks the only thing that's crippling this 1 known the reason why I'm saying it's not a good gaming monitors because only 60 hertz and for about 400 US dollars depending on where you look we find this and where you live it's just not gonna compete with the 0 fourty 4 hurts TN panel so you can get for the same price it's still gamble of course a good game a cathode ray tube display that for 400 Bucks this is right in the crosshairs of some tentative P. in 1440 P. 144 hurts true gaming panels many would argue granted most of those utilize TN technologies just cheaper color reproduction on those isn't it is good is this in this case you get a beautiful IPS display with 100 percent sRGB color space coverage this is where content creator ears perk up but at this point on the channel I script edit film produced my own video so I have a good idea of what it should look like when it's finally uploaded to YouTube for all of you to see from editing on a TN panel which I've been doing actually for quite awhile notes of some of my videos don't the same on a panel is a new 1 other mobile devices select my laptop this macbook here probably gonna show me a better color gamut then the TN panel won't like it it will for sure it's actually been proven a so I might see small imperfections on the mac but they don't seem to teen palate is not showing me a wide range colors so maybe a green tent is expose on the mac but but it's not exposed on the team panel white balance issues could also be at play here peddling this is not gonna let you down because color reproduction is literally spot on it just comes with the territory if you ran by teen panel chances are you 40 rationalizing color productions like to be the best you're probably gonna save some money by choosing TN panel over its IPS counterpart just because it's an older technology there other things that you should consider but if you're just gonna be gaming it's probably not gonna matters much whether you choose IPS our teams what I can say though that if I'm going to be content creating on just the monitor that I purchased this is the woman I want definitely IPS technology is by far the better content creation choice the 60 hertz refresh rate doesn't hurt in this case either any additional technology on board makes things easy on the eyes the first of these traits is what BenQ calls brightness intelligence plus which utilizes an onboard ambient light sensor to detect lighting changes in your room so when you hear this plane something environment dark and your surroundings the technology will just the display itself accordingly perhaps by slightly dimming the display and altering white balance to a warmer tone apple does a thing someone to this with their redneck enabled devices works well under most circumstances and is often times so so you won't immediately notice it and that's a good thing the best part is it's virtually hands free the monitors gonna just everything it needs to on its own let's knock over compensating washed things out is not going to darken the display so much to me like what the heck just happens actually pretty intelligent as its name describes and you likely won't have to go through the on screen display after you initially pulled out of the box the contrast ratio is 1000 to one eye pieces are gonna be the greatest when it comes to true blacks but they do appear much deeper in person almost amylin like which was nice to see and not a single speck of backlight bleed which I'd expect from monitor of this caliber other things will give this IPS technology are insane viewing angles up to 178 degrees from center and you won't notice a single color out of black tea and forget it that's not gonna happen and display right is a 350 minutes is plenty for even well lit rooms but this brings up an important issue with this panel in fact most IPS panels in general it's going to be super reflected a you see the light behind his earlier flicking off the screen on a TN panel that would be rather subdued ... this one also does not have a mac coating over it so they're actually sacrificing the glare for the sake of having a truer colour gamut because we put a mask over this a colored luckily as giving them a slightly washed out and that's just what you get when you choose a content creation monitor like this one so for this unit here I think it's a wise choice for going the math finished just keep glaring mind not a touch on the speakers I mentioned earlier yes they are integrated and the sound okay Alexi surprise they were even included to begin with but I would give them something like a 5 out of 10 in terms of just audio quality they get pretty loud but that's Mr getting now pretty messy and distorted Azami compare the the quality of the monitor to the quality of my macbook macbook pros that pretty good sound come as with 2017 models do not so much with the exact same song going from this and then this at about the same volume level and I can judge for yourself so the 27 Tues are satisfactory at least they're included in fact many gaming monitors don't even include speakers anymore because they expect gamers to use headsets are surround sound systems this also includes a headphone Jack which I'll admit many gaming monitors still don't include so this has feature sets that you would be expected to have considering it's not being targeted toward gamers but still doesn't make up for the fact that it's not a higher refresh rate panel but an aspect of the 272 that I absolutely hate I hate it so much is the included stand so it's super easy to assemble completely told us by the way but you can't pick the display left nor right without rotating the entire set up vertical picketing is also extremely limited a workaround here is base of support which this Munger definitely has but it's a shame to see a $400 display placed on such a terrible stand the last thing I'm grappling with right now is the price of this display at around 400 US dollars he comes across the bit pricey to some others might see it in a more affordable light it's all relative really but what is a relative is the feature set sure it's got some cool features in the 1440 P. panel true to life colors is sure to impress many I also am a huge fan of this virtually basilisk display it always makes things look more futuristic more innovative but I imagine manual contend with this price when I recommend the 270 for gamers absolutely not it's not fair question I wasn't really intended for gamers to begin with what I recommended to content creators though well it depends on how much $400 means to you could you do better probably but with the exhortation of BenQ probably not at least for what this monitor was intended as always you can find this product link in the video description check it out is tied to my Philly to come get me a small kickback I appreciate that the Amazon link is not there it's just not so on hands on hips all but something else there for the time being also I'm curious as to what monitor is your go to monitor which one 's your daily driver comment with that description down below it's curious since mine up what you think is good for the price if you like it's gonna be sure to give the thumbs up thumbs down for the optically subscribe if you haven't already in St tuned for the next in the channel arising 5 PC build plans are always dust in this room this design studio thanks for learning with this n't the the //
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White Custom Loop Computer Finale!
\\what is going on everyone I know you're ready to get right into the Walter white 3 Phil lost so without further ado I present the finale and the finished product WNED what's up everyone welcome to part 2 of the welterweight rebuild blog this was actually supposed to be the end of part 2 but as you'll see here shortly I have a problem with that of it very small leak somewhere in the reservoir preachers come from atop the sewer 30 stained ... the the whites colonel like top tier of the reservoir and I'm a try clean that off but there's a leak somewhere behind here I don't I'm not sure if it's the the little cap that I have on the opposite side opening over here or if I'm missing an O. ring up topper what so we have to during this entire loop and find that the source of the leak it somewhere back there I'm not I'm not exactly sure if it's coming from the opening or if it's coming from the CEO will figure that out right now Sears something I find interesting I have owned one of the ports in the bottom of the reservoir just a small little to hear that runs to ... valve that axes my drain valve so all I need to do as long as it opened up top which will allow air to flow down and kind of push the fluid into on the spot here is ... just turn the dial you'd see fluid flows there we go start draining okay so what have done here I've taken apart the radiator reservoir combo took it out of the loops of the loan think really renounces one band from the GP to the CPU block now and I actually disassembled the rest of our blocks on both the top and bottom and swapped out the O. ring configuration so it premature how you do it they have you put to our rings inside these ... it's all white and basically fasteners here and those 2 oranges both prevent fluid from leaking out the bottom of this acrylic and out through the gaps and I believe that's why we were getting liquid build up here because liquor was somehow getting through this or rings passing between those are rings and of the acrylic cylinder itself I think the way I have it set up now the fluid won't be able to get through and that's that the point after all at once leaks in the system assorted kinds configuration out see if it works I don't think this is mandated by primo chill but it wasn't working the way that it was set up originally so we're gonna try something different and see if it holds up the I I nnst I yeah the I I and alright so I want to point out that I removed the rear 120 grad a few of you pointed out that it was covering up this did here on the far left so I just altogether it will make blurs well so for tubing instead of 6 which I which is nice to make things easier in a sense we all have to worry about typing moving over here but ... because we're gonna have more empty space I want to do something kinda crazy here I wanna do you like it a helix twister something or have one go up and and down and the other one to the opposite I don't know something crazy to kind of fill up this gap so we're gonna have we are to have this one and this leads up to the top of the of the reservoir we have the tube in the back that I showed you earlier that runs up into the radiator so the flu it's gonna come sorry from from up here to the CPU now one of the few the CP first so this tube it's gonna Gnana do something crazy right when he gets to this point either loop around or I don't know just do somethin somethin weird you know something that looks cool that did just like is the signature signature move for this bill the I I I I nnst the the I NMO okay and while the PC is priming I just have the pump turned on obviously the rest the computers not on because power supplies not installed yet we're going to do that we're going to install the C. sonic focus 8 and 51 FX fully modular power supply ... if you aren't familiar with the sonic specifically they actually manufacture quite a few power supplies that are rebranded by other companies including corsair cooler master EVGA I see sonic is 1 of the best out there fix us the site also includes their own zip ties there branded by the I'm flick super cool Ali also includes that ties just for regular cable management you know with super fancy with these here ... and you also get your for standard PSU screws as well as a cool focus branded sticker now 1 of the huge selling points of this particular unit from C. sonic is the fact that it is actually super compact so it's a full size ATX PS you no doubt but it's not very late the meaning it won't take up a lot of space in your basement which is good if you have hard drive trays or if you ... have something like a pump and a welterweight 3 skates so we can actually put this and even the most compact case ... and still have plenty of room for cables to be stored in for hard drives in and what not so I will like the fact that super compact is also very efficient to at 80 plus ... gold and another poor Naturi worth mention this is a fully modular power supplies we only have to install what cables we do need for our particular build the cables themselves included in the box are also black sleeved and the the cables are black as well so no ugly ketchup and mustard combos so computers then prime for a 30 minutes or so I'm confident enough in in my own abilities to bend and connect tubing and what not that I'm a call this a good enough I don't see any leaks and I don't think it's going away anytime soon ... given the way it is set up now but if this is your first time building something similar to this I do recommend you just powering the pomp like up down here don't power anything else in the system because of something does leak deal damage those components to just keep the pump on for about 2004 hours or so come back the next day if you still have any leaks then you should be good to go for you know quite a while ... that 30 minutes I'm confident enough of my goodness all the power supplies are gonna turn this off and actually turn the entire computer on now miles is the biggest buzz kill whatever scrappy tempered glass sticker it's all this residue on the glass itself when you pull it off soul this building was extremely complicated frustrating not only technically but because I had a few issues that were expected that really shouldn't of happened in the first place that made this build take much longer than it should have outdone by day 3 if it wasn't for that the issues that I had one of which you saw in the previous footage in this video but you didn't see something else I didn't film this because I was just so angry that that happened and I was just worried about fixing as quickly as I could and it's difficult for me to say this because premature all is a major sponsor of this video series so they sent $1000 worth of custom of gear here they they've really hooked us up but I cannot hide the fact that the D. 5 pump they sent was dead on arrival I confirm that because not only did I swap that pump with another D. 5 palm and that one worked perfectly fine but also because I swap power supplies to to make sure wasn't power supply compatibility I'm somewhere like that I narrow down all the variables I make sure this thing was dead ... and it was it was just kept clicking like there was a really or something clicking in there but it actually wasn't powering onset of fluid was being churned in the loop that's an issue because you always need food to move to take the heat away from your CPU and GPU heat sources so I had to drain this build not once but twice unexpectedly because of 2 issues that really shouldn't happen the first game at the pump died the second being that the reservoir itself was leaking especially from the topic did leak from the bottom slightly as well and I'm not sure if this were just because the O. rings were positioned correctly or if I didn't tighten the seal all the way I like to work those things those things were on their ... but nonetheless the fluid still managed to find its way out of the reservoir it into just the open space in the case that's not good at all you will be period his I could damage other components in your PC and another thing premature I think that the flow chart even clued on your website along with the installation pictures are not doing this thing justice I think that you are confusing the consumer by showing arbitrary pictures when labeling things but not showing which orientation from what you're looking at the reservoir also you mislabelled something here this should say I think the opposite because you're saying that both ports or the intake that is making isn't all that confuse me I was kind of questioning whether not even had the intake port on the right side of the aisle take port on the right side so I I think that that needs to be a bit more clear that can confuse consumers I was worried about that but everything else that I have to say about premature is positive so I had to DO a pump and I do not really know if you can just blame premature specifically for that because they don't manufacture little bill the poems they just rebrand pop so's kennel looking to draw just happen to be that I got a dead punk that's kind of expected I guess at this point harm the channel but I would like to say I'm a huge fan of the premature Waller fittings I think those are the best fittings period hands down there well designed easy use they look awesome you can get them in whatever color you want practically ... you know just a single ... rain between the fitting calf in the fitting itself the G. quarter fitting protect whatever else you want to integrate into your loop so huge sums up for me in that respect I recommend promotional fittings over any other things that use to dates are the other thing I wanna mention the reservoir pump combo looks really cool I think that premature done a great job at incorporating the 2 into a single unit are usually concert combined with some huge block followed by the rest of our top need to see a bunch of that lock the door medicine appealing doesn't look very good for this case you see pretty much all the fluid that's it you even others a pump attached you think it was a a separate unit somewhere else in the loop so I did a great job they're aesthetically as well as functionally the fluid doesn't have a problem moving through the loop as is apart from that though you are you know how the I. nines doing gets running really hot despite having a custom loop in here the CP was still running around 8085°C under load and that's only a 4.2 gigahertz overclocking to be core of so yeah I mean you boost that to 4.6 in 1.25 the thing probably hits 9596°C and start thermal throttling so this is pretty much the buried here getting a 10 core CPU 4.2 gigahertz itself is impressive before 0.6 is really pushing it most AI owes can't handle it Neva custom loop like this with a single 360 millimeter rad is barely enough you could say ... if it's throttling it's not enough period the pump is just ... not able to keep up with the amount of heat being dumped by that CPU now many if you ask the one on earth I do with these P. season once I put them together like will work where they go into the ether they just disappear do I use them personally for a long time usually bit of both obviously the latter followed by the former saw uses PC for maybe a week or 2 I'll tear down that's the whole point of us maybe 2 weeks ... now recycle these parts look it's no simple task for any company big or small so the $0 worth of components especially now custom loop here like this ... to attack reviewer so I'm going to take advantage of these parts as much as I can before something is released in the novel put together new filled with newer premature part the for now the stuff is is excellent I recommended all you can find a link with the description by the way along with the fantexts CPU and graphics card blocks that are also beautiful that's that's what you're saying in there those are lit up themselves they have LED strips RGB integration ... all built into those blocks which is a really nice for the next PC build on the channel gonna stick with AMD rising to try to put something together for under $1000 it should be a solid 1080 P. in 1440 P. gamer along with that a decent video content creation editor all that stuff pretty much an all around excellent PC especially for the price or gonna try to do 1 that's now I would call a budget PC but an all around solid PC for under $1000 Seton for that on the chain also an excellent case coming from fractal design well I got hot randomly CP is like 74 degrees that's normal for 99 that's pretty normal but anyway with that if you're a bit of sugar plums up thumbs down for the opposite click subscribe but if you haven't already not catch you in the next video gonna monitor from BenQ interview next this is science studio thanks for building with us //
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How to Bend and Cut PETG/Acrylic Tubing
\\so this marks my fifth or sixth custom Lou build and all them within the P. teach you to me if you have asked for a tutorial of sorts I think by this point I'm experienced enough to give me some pointers especially for first timers used I did not have a smooth this first time experience bending PTG tubing I should also note that acrylic for the most part will behave similarly it's it's a bit easier in some instances a bit more difficult depending on what you're trying to do ... and some will swear by acrylic some swear by Pete to do this right here is P. teaching to being ... but both are excellent //
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What's the Best Value CPU/Graphics Card Combo?
\\wow this is much camping in this as there is a Cup of coffee it's 4:00 am so perfect I so today on Twitter my set up a queue and I want to know what all of you wants to know either about myself for the channel or the tech industry in general and if you ask the exact same question that I thought was very intriguing it's a subjective question I get asked this a lot but I've never actually thought about perfect combo the perfect graphics card CPU combo you could possibly conjure up in this current market now I'll admit the CPU part for me wasn't all that complicated when it comes to bang for the Buck how much you get how much performance you can squeeze out of any given CPU for the price I think that rise in its current state is the way to go I think that Intel's life 5 lineup is pretty much dead at this point I think the I 7 still have a competitive advantage in some cases 77 0 K. is still the best in gaming CPU on the market but it does cost around 300 Bucks so it's difficult to justify that CPU for marginal FPS increase in most games over a CPU that on AMD side has more cores more threads not the highest frequency which is its Achilles heel at this point but is much cheaper as well which is what most people consider when they're buying a CPU how much money do I have to spend to get the performance that I'm looking for so let's do that let's talk about the CPU choice first the 1 that I think is the best bang for the Buck and will throw the graphics card all talk about why I chose that 1 is coming all around contender just for in terms of resolution refresh rate 30 okay 4 K. gaming life for gaming 1080 P. no problem again refresh rates of 200 44 hurts most of those resolutions as well abba for the CPU I think that the best value chip you can currently buy is the AMD R. 516 0 now I see that for a variety of reasons not only is it a decent gaming chip obviously thought 6 course 12 threads and okay overclock it's it's not gonna get anywhere near Cabey lake but until then refresh in the exact same crap for the past 3 generations of now they should be it fucking hurts by now but the 1606 cores and 12 threads will do justice you won't find a thread bottleneck for the most part I think battlefield 1 of the top my head is 1 of the only games it'll probably get somewhere close to mac CPU utilization on 6 core CPU of that's an exception I don't expect it to become the norm anytime soon so yeah don't worry about that not only that though the rising 516 0 is proving to be an excellent content creation CPU as well which is pleasantly surprising my daily driver the I 767 0 K. which the $300 CPU mind you renders a 5 minute 1080 P. 60 FPS file in around 4 minutes it's usually around a minute per minute of footage to render in that resolution and frame rate the are 516 0 but a really good job keeping up here I was very impressed with the tuner dollar CPU almost all performed at 300 RCP when a task that is pretty intensive for all CPUs in general I expect that the R. 5 to render times more dependent on the CPUs frequency than it was the core count none the less I can say with 100 percent confidence if I at 300 Bucks right now on the table and I had to choose between an I. 767 0 K. and our 516 0 I would choose the armpit 1600 any day of the week I pocketed extra 0 Bucks or spend it elsewhere maybe like a better graphics card and that leads us very smoothly into graphics card choice now please it's a pet peeve of mine if you're gonna say which GPU should I buy that's that's incorrect you don't say which GPU should you buy because that implies the only gonna buy the graphics processor itself and not the whole PCB like the whole car but the cooler on a team that's called a graphics card folks that's not a GPU but I think the best bang for the Buck graphics card right now is actually from the green team is a GT extend 70 now I know the graphics cards in general right now are extremely hard to find especially a semi decent prices because of minors everywhere thank you but you get your hands even on a used GTX 1070 for around 300 Bucks that is gold my friend has an excellent graphics card me tie I used a 1070 for like 6 months straight because that was all he could afford and that car was a workhorse it did so much for me I grin and I paid 400 Bucks for back then but it was still worth it to $400 keep in mind I'm stating this without taking into consideration resolution refresh rate of the 2 things I think you should look at always first and foremost before deciding on a graphics card to buy but in a general sense I think that the best bang for the Buck hard right now if you can find 1 is a GT extend 70 nvidia real he did a solid here even upon initial release they gave us a $400 card that was on par with the 90 T. I. which mind you months earlier was a $600 card the Pascal architecture gives an excellent performance per dollar ratio we weren't paying as much money to the same performance as we were out of mac and on top of that with more putting as much power into our cards to get the frame rate that we wanted so efficiency went up that's always a good thing again this is entirely circumstantial this assumes that you don't have a fixed budget that you're just looking for the best bang for the Buck out there that's what a lot of people ask me about they don't assume that the only a 400 Bucks to spend they just say well how much do I need to save up to get the most for my money that's a very powerful question and I think I hope at least this video kind of answers that for you I think that in our 516 hundreds a solid middle ground CPUs actually above average I would say the current market the GTX and 7 is also an excellent graphics card that you would probably find use for around 300 Bucks even if you can't find it used by 1 for 350 new now it's still an excellent graphics card I would do it all over again that way now by the office 1600 navy text and 70 and be completely fine with almost any resolution gaming solid refresh rates of 200 44 hurts and most importantly I will feel the buyer's remorse like it didn't get what I expected for the money that I spent so if you got let's say a $400 fixed budget you can't go over that you been saving up for 2 or 3 months and this is what you have to spend you obviously can't go with this combo here these 2 units alone would send you over that budget but I do think you should consider the R. 516 0 cut like a goal for CPU choice like that this is I hate using the term future proof but it is it's a future proof CPU for 200 Bucks and that's insane that 5 years ago that that didn't exist and he's giving us what Intel's been giving us a significantly higher price and that is powerful into open do 1 of 2 things at this point ignore everything happening on the red team which I think would be unwise where they can lower the price of this 6 core CPUs in which case competition and you know capitalism at work so that's it that's where I stand on this issue I think people are still gonna probably say well he was paid off by AMD or will he has no choice now because I am 1 spring much bitching until this point X. 299 what the heck was going on there I just point value Bryce see value in a recognized along the ridge we subscribe to the channel for that budget oriented process right you wanna know what the best bang for the Buck configuration is look money is just as important as the products on which you spend the money with that if you like this video should give it a thumbs up thumbs down for the opposite click subscribe if you haven't already know catch you in the next video this is science studio thanks for budgeting with us //
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Walter White 3 Custom PC Build Log
\\this video is brought to you by primo chill and fantexts check out their links in this video subscription fee or simple and complex PC building needs and once in a white filling up with someone on this board that the arctic camouflage is just too intense what's up everyone I would like you to meet potentially one of the whitest PC builds on you tube this is part one of likely 3 maybe 4 depending if include benchmarks and up part but yet the idea here so we're gonna put together a very ... height PC it's gonna have Brimage everything sporting some sort of way accent if not the full on weight thing here so this is all in you know 24 principally white ... reservoirs completely white women use white fluid from premature all the custom Libya are you gonna see here with the exception of the graphics card water block and the CPU block will be from premature supreme a chill has really done us a solid here sent us a ton of stuff to make this bill possible on the go through in detail all these parts here soon out that they have you know the White reservoir they have the white radiators favored sent over Kuwait cables and then on top of that we also have an SI X. 29 on tomahawk arctic mother board this was just released it is a solid listen us out as quickly as they did so huge thanks to them as well and as I mentioned earlier fantexts this is their glacier GTX 1080 TI founders addition water block this has RGB integration built and so are we can install that block probably in this part I and part 1 we also see some power supply 80 plus gold see sonic is you know when the most reputable brands around when it comes to power supply so are they were very cool since 1 of those over ... this is pretty much it for what you haven't seen before we've got a trade in Z. RGB DDR 4 kit this is a 32 gig kit 8 giga byte dams and us a list of the 4 in here and we're gonna set the color preset to white that's where it's going to stay because obviously I mean yeah would make much sense to go with anything else at this point and lastly the CPU that will go inside the X. 299 mother board is going to be the I 97 0 X. why not are you a box opener I don't need another 1 so let's go and broken here make as over kill as possible it creative MSI nailed it with this board's looks I disdain even tested this thing that I know of it works frankly I'm sure will they Verity run a few tests with this board back in their HQ habit this thing looks absolutely gorgeous white PCBS for them where the only extra 9 on YP CB on the market and unlike other white PCB competitors this 1 isn't any those weird ugly tan accents raining it's just as all white or some shade of white that's you look so good when paired with all of this from premature here's a close abilities killer primo chill G. quarter fittings you can get these in pre much any color you want on their websites like in the description if you wanna check things out or stuff for your next custom PC build a you get on virtually any color you can have them paint your fittings cream of all of them your radiators which is a new thing it's also super cool course along with white in this case you go with blue black whatever read and you can even get your reservoir accents painted and you can design some custom cables fear built as well again all on their website was really cool that pretty much unifying the entire custom build experience so the plan for this bill brings a 240 millimeter reservoir with the D. 5 pound attached below this is gonna stand up right in our fantexts P. 400 asked we have a 360 millimeter radiator up front and a small 120 at the rear now the last few pieces I want to show you before exiting and building our from fan Texas sent over the P. 400 S. tempered glass edition this is the white version I reviewed in a card right here how the F. they also have the weight special edition which has a white basement and white accents but it's actually a black ... outside coating so I I didn't go for them because I wanted a white case on and we'll have black accents apart from just the basement 1 on anyway so the so the rat fins are black I so it's gonna be okay to be a white black thing but mostly white not now the other 2 things that they send that are super cool and I'm glad that these are available now this is there CPU water block with RGB integration this is our home beautiful looking blog I cannot wait to put this thing on and just see how it how it fits the rest of the build and then at 10:00 EDT I block follow suit in design this one is also gorgeous check that out what could that looks I can't get over ... just the clean aesthetic here fantexts is an excellent job with this just design overall I does not come in the back plate which is a bit disappointing I will admit that I have a few extra ones lying around good for reference cards and this also has RGB support so white LEDs in here and also white LEDs in the CPU block so we got quite a bit of work to do I expect this to be an 8 hour day 3 or 4 day project hopefully it pays off aesthetically though I think this will be one of my clean is built today and I'm gonna love the white color scheme once everything is in here the white with a black contrast should look pretty dope everything kind of scattered all over the place is more stuff in the hallway outside of this room let's get a building I WNED the I and if this and if I I the I the I deep sigh of relief this is day 2 of the ... bill processes where I'm at in day and as Roma call it quits for part one one with a backlit is don't worry I have the works the to use as is to work out aboard care of don't worry say one thing about for the best so although show you guys nailed it to the you are sick color is from co you one for say about the reservoir because the I really fluids exit to there and maybe it's just horse on vertically deal for so to tell we yeah I don't know you're no clue yet we're gonna 2 along with fluid part duration and what part for //
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Intel Core i9 7900X Benchmarks: Everything You Need to Know
\\this is Intel's first or I 9 processor the 79 0 acts it's a 10 core but he met with hyper threading for a whopping 20 threads as well as solid overclock ability this EP is based on 14 nanometer skylink architecture and utilizes the LG 2066 socket the 2011 V. 3 successor the mother but I'm sporting here is the ass rock acts 299 type sheet model of been a huge fan of since the first Taichi implementation in X. 99 you can also find X. 370 NZ to 70 variants linked in this video description so this video is all about that core I. night let's talk first about power consumption and overclock ability as a general rule of thumb the higher the core count the more difficult it is to push that CPU to a certain frequency in the case of this particular 79 0 X. unit I had a study 4.6 gigahertz at 1.25 volts this mind you with a 240 millimeter a I owe which is severe under kill for CP of this caliber and a single 810 EPS power delivery format a few in the tech community have pointed out temperature issues along the 8 pin cable when a supplementary 4 or 8 pin are missing this board only has a single 8 pen and my cable does get very hot on the back but I don't think that that's the point where things are gonna no catch fire it's something we'll dive deeper into in a separate video and speaking of power according to Tom's hardware the I 979 0 acts draws a whopping 230 watts a loan from the wall that's just the CPU pulling 230 from the wall that's more than most graphics cards which are essentially tiny PC's themselves tweet P. states bring idle consumption down to insanely low lows but so really relevant when seen in the context of the CPUs intention to begin with this is a workhorse costing roughly 1000 USD and will liberally consume power such none the less the type she maintained a solid 4.6 gigahertz overclockers mentioned earlier thanks to 13 phase power delivery system and solid UEFI I must say this board also looks pretty sweet especially love the school geared chipset heat sink in R. G. B. LED array integrated wifi and overclock support but the I. nines bad news does not stop here thanks largely in part to Intel's decision to throw some choice and garbage thermal interface between the heat spreader and the die of the chip things get very hot this is typical Intel by this point and it's pathetic the crippled their 76 and 77 0 case with the same Tim approach temperatures reached a staggering 93 degrees and I to 64 approaching T. junction where we expected that a thermal throttling at 4.7 gigahertz in the same voltage CPU did thermal throttle almost immediately after starting the test I should point out this is due largely in part the CPU itself and my choice only over the 240 mil a I owe here not the motherboard most motherboards will fare well in this regard just mind your B. R. M. temperatures all the benchmarks you'll see in this video will be with the CPU clocked at 4.6 gigahertz where no thermal throttling occurred the ram config with 16 gigabytes of course they're dominator platinum throwing in quad channel 3000 megahertz frequency but just effortless for the tight she even the expect that the next thing I know I'm bored Graham scored occupying 1 of the boards for fooling PCI slot for the reference GTX 1080 T. I. from PNY running at stock for comparison sake I also permanent I 767 0 K. with the same ram configuring adult channel versus squad and the same GPU as well as the same 4.6 gigahertz overclock so without further ado the benchmarks for stuff the cinebench R. 15 scores the I 767 0 case scored an impressive 1019 despite its for physical course but the I 9 giant demolishes the competition with 2400 42 that's a 140 percent increase from that of the smaller counterpart and check out all those threads working together so well this is pretty cool feeling right here just watching this not in line with the crunch for the gap narrows significantly but the I 9 still easily wins over something else to note the I 7:00 in the slightly more powerful CP from a single course standpoint hence the 8 percent increase at the bottom but at the end of the day who really cares these are just numbers they don't mean anything let's throw the CPUs into a ring in which I'm familiar that's adobe premiere pro rendering the same 5 minute 1080 P. 60 FPS file with the YouTube 1080 P. preset the I 7 finished in just over 4 minutes whereas the I 9 completed the same task in just under 3 know this point if you ask me with price taken into consideration this margin isn't justified the law of diminishing returns applies this is an optimized for 10 course clearly in core count does matter less and less as you pass about 4 course in this case it will vary from program program but for the most part and I would say anywhere between 4 and 8 is your safe zone so if you want something slightly better than the I 7 but for the same price as the I 7 and go with a rise in 7 the 1700 do you just fine this isn't a matter of red versus blue folks I don't care who is on top 9 of them pain you know them and talk to me I just want satisfactory competition member don't pay attention to the company pay attention to what the company offers so now let's jump into those gaming benchmarks I tested and 1440 P. for solid GPU and CPU leveraging the summit argue that any P. would be the better choice here it's more common by the way I still think that if you're gonna pay 1000 Bucks for CPU you should probably try to bump your resolution up a bit I think 1440 piece probably the bare minimum for how much you're likely to spend on this platform there's attended the T. I am here remember so graphics card bottle necking is relatively minimal user settings by the way that I expect anyone with this kind of PC to opt for in the real world first on the slow as always GTA 5 this game is beautifully optimized and leverages a fair amount of both the central and graphics processors don't let anyone tell you this game is not a good port it really isn't utilizes resources accordingly a benchmark in the same settings every single time so you can hear these over to other videos on the channel as well you'll find averages here and point one percent in one percent Los and I apologize next time all star them in descending order not ascending order across the board the I 767 0 K. took the cake with consistent margins with GTA 5 your sweet spot is for physical course anything past that and well you have a few left over for streaming that's about it both frame time charts were extremely consistent too which is good save a few spikes here there which both CPUs experienced at some point you'd be fine with either platform the scenario likely even when streaming but the cost of X. 299 makes it difficult to rationalize a $1000 CPU and roughly $300 motherboard doom was a similar story was the first time a benchmark in by the way even in the orchard preset the I 9 just couldn't keep up these framer differences were actually very consistent with GTA 5 surprisingly though doom is slightly more demanding all around by the way I intend to run a few full contest with this game very soon about leverages resources and eventually to see how AMD fears into this mix now let's compare a physics intensive scenario and 3 mark fire strike most of these calculations are unloaded on the CPU predictive pathways particle collisions explosions all of these we utilize CPU threats to a solid extent and this case the I 9 crushes its competition hands down more chorus more friends for something like this anyway when to be nice to ball games work this way well maybe not since most gamers still rely on tour for physical force wouldn't make much sense to cripple a majority in favor of a minority from a developer standpoint now would it utilitarianism for the win of next is universe and box to my love this game it's beautiful we can do anything you want practically and it crushes CPUs click this card right here for an example of that so how does a 10 core CPU fair well not well actually worse than the 4 core counterpart which I find difficult to believe given in these frequencies right denticle I'm the head of the developers on this 1 CPU utilization is fairly high consistent across all 20 threats to which is a good sign more on this in a separate video the last benchmark on our list is witcher 3 okay this game is extremely GPU intensive what does that mean it's not gonna matter as much what kinda CP we have our system as long as it's not some single core processor from 2002 we should be okay that's an exaggeration but you see my point is switching from an I. 5 and I. 7299 should matter too much in this regard because it's really our GP that matters but I spoke too soon me I 7 still pulls ahead here which is strange because the I 576 0 K. actually performs almost as well in this game as the I 7 counterpart so this is a bit ridiculous if you ask me sure average frame rates were neck and neck but for the smooth gameplay one percent and point one percent Lowes reveal a different story your best bet in this case is without a doubt the I 7 not the I 9 again springtime grass confirms of course things were a bit scattered here for the I 7 remember we want smooth lines low on the Y. axis but this sign 9 mile my all over the place and that's where I'm going to end this video if you're a gamer don't buy the I 9 like I don't know why you would just say you have it that's really all I can conjure from this whole thing is that you want the I 90 so you've got a 10 core overclock will process I guess you can spend 1000 Bucks I mean to give the CPR the benefit of the doubt it is $600 cheaper than the 6950 accent core processor from the previous generation so Intel did lower the price significantly it's worth noting that still 1000 Bucks for CPU especially in a ring that can be primarily used for gaming is downright ridiculous now if you want to stream go with Verizon at this point better bang for the Buck but this this is just unacceptable content creators should also look elsewhere the I 767 pay serves me well but so has the rise in 1700 acts it just comes down to bang for the Buck from what I can see the I 9 is not an option packets just a money pit hot money pit be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you thought it was cool I sit up all night to make this video was running benchmarks that 247 sexually daytime again so if you have a sympathy thumbs up forming appreciate it thumbs down if you feel the complete off about the whole video working hate everything about life beautifully described if you haven't already know catch you in the next video some super cool stuff just made its way through the door so they can for that video this is signed studio thanks for learning for //
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Why Do PCs Still Use Binary?
\\welcome back to another episode of minutes science women doing here its ask a question from Google search why don't computers use base 3 this is an interesting question so a base is essentially a number of value any number of possible outcomes based to its binary since only values 0 and 1 are possible base 3 incorporates a third value our basic number system is based tense since we use 10 values 0 through 9 to create a series of numbers ideally the higher the base the more information can be related per line but in order to understand the premise of the question we should first briefly run through how data is transmitted today binary code is the most powerful language on the planet but it looks like this just a bunch of ones and zeros however the arrangement of these digits denotes specific instructions and values the medium of exchange in this case is the operating system coding and decoding commands dictated by the user a C. P. U. utilizes up to its billions of transistors in order to process this data hence its name central processing unit fundamentally a single transistor other acts like an on off switch or an amplifier for all intensive purposes in this discussion an on off switch will do in its open on state a certain voltage is allowed to pass this is the threshold voltage in its closed 1 it is not electrons will still leak through a close state but not above this voltage threshold assigning 1 to open an 0 to close any command could send a series of what you will signal to the CPU to be executed by the logic unit GPU the list goes on so you can see why binary code and say the modern try gate transistor work together so well you only have 2 possible outcomes for signal interpretation open and closed 1 or 0 0 but a signal can also be well half open incomes base 3 or a third state exists the benefit of base 3 involves data transmission theoretically the higher the base the more information can be transmitted but every transistor in the base 3 system would require a new power identifier way to discern between 2 voltage threshold versus one this increases the risk of error this would require additional resources amplify not only by the sheer number of transistors in a unit but also extreme size constraints binary systems are relatively self correcting so signals degrade over time and voltage fluctuations become more and more prevalent a base to system will be a sensitive to those fluctuations because the threshold is usually pretty big in comparison but as we increase the base number to face 3 base 5 especially when it comes to something like base 10 those systems become more and more sensitive to tinier and tinier changes in voltage or go a certain value based on a specific voltage might be interpreted as a different value because of that small degree of variance precise engineering is only so precise in overtime operating systems designed around hire based code would degrade a signal noise inevitably increased so there are undoubtedly massive barriers between modern computers and hire based computation the short and sweet answer it would cost a lot of money and require extreme levels of engineering to design systems accurate and reliable enough to replace modern computers we do have base 3 adaptations in a few forms of flash storage or someone forms of pointed out the idea of consumer grade systems utilizing anything other than binary at this point is unrealistic if you like this video thought of a school something new be sure to give this one a thumbs up thumbs down for the opposite click subscribe but if you haven't already in state in for more videos like this this is science studio thanks for learning I if //
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Gigabyte AB350N ITX Ryzen Motherboard Review
\\this is a rising IT ex be 350 mother board from gigabyte it isn't the first ever in this form factor but it is 1 of the best you can currently buy despite its odd quirks we're gonna cover all of that in this video including overclock ability feature sets and pricing first like to address motherboard features most the stuff you can just read online to say that pretty much every mother border VV you know at this point but there are few strange locations a few placements that might have you scratching your head starting first with the rear I know this is pretty much typical stuff HDMI DisplayPort for AMD A. P. use 7.1 surround sound but no optical support 6 USB 3.1 port to which you're Taipei and a single RJ 45 port au and appears to port though if you're still using the some 2017 and I don't know a huge selling point of this mother board though onboard wifi that's a huge plus especially in this form factor now onto the internals this board layout is a bit on orthodox sure the CPU socket is centered but ram slots are off to the far right with the 24 pin and CD usually are gigabytes done this to make room for stocking Andy coolers which can be a bit bulky see the slot occupy the far right side of the board so everything that would normally go here in a typical mother board including 24 can say like I said that's all been moved that up here most coolers fit pretty snug but it's no different on Intel side with its squared off lay out the typical format had to be altered to get what's in a fair job on account of the new socket a few extra compromises have to be made more so than what I mentioned in this video right here you always lose a few features but in this case a few mandatory features had to be moved to strange new places on the board takes 24 pin for example so at the top of the board so you have to route your cable through the top of your case is not the right side where it usually is routed and here's the 810 EPS doc way down here behind the mosque that heat sink super strange indeed these locations could drive you crazy USB also up top as is the front I owe doc and all say to ports potentially a cable management nightmare depending on which case you choose none the less I cannot go without stating these downfalls in this review ... and I suppose also having only 2 fan hubs is pretty negative you'll have to find a fan hub without a doubt the plan using a case like the NZXT's manta but don't worry this is where the quirkiness stops everything else about this board is what you might expect from gigabyte by this point of the positives for 1 overclocking is consistent actually decent for board of the size and also consider the fact that it's only be 350 chip and not the X. 370 supremo overclockers chipset it the exact same over talks with both my 3300 X. ricin CPUs 3.9 gigahertz of peace that I hit with the force X. 374 as far as I'm concerned the systems are stable of the frequencies even under heavy load and I 64 my ram frequency is still a bit finicky though I can't pass 24 0 megahertz despite bios updates though I'd point to the youth of this platform is the cause since most manufacturers are still dealing with these repercussions new eggs even pretty blunt about this on their website something I did not expect with the AB 350 N. was it's full on RGB support not only from just the hardware standpoint of LEDs can a line in a full right side of this board but also peripherally the RGB fusion software gives users a variety of color presets which can be mixed with different pulses and cycling affects it's a nice touch for a board that won't break the bank another pleasant surprise with the RGB W. LED header near the PCIe slot it for extended late strips with a dedicated white LED hence the fifth pen sport also supports a single slot around the back which is always nice to 90 X. board and onboard Bluetooth 4.1 for wireless device connectivity now many of you are asking for bios UEFI tours and mother board review yes so here you go this is giga byte signature bios you why pretty consistent across both Intel and AMD platforms at this point in time you find all the overclocked settings here on the far left page you also have a fan control software built into the bio so that you can and a visually manipulate your fan curves and as mentioned earlier you'll also find the RGB fusion after you can manipulate motherboard colors and cycling FAQ's the simplicity here's key I'm glad to go but hasn't changed too much with this particular UEFI it's very easy through which to navigate and it's not a bug it all happened at a single crash since I've started testing this board look I know it has some quirks and I don't know how much of the giga byte could really control given the youth of the platform in the form factor this is one of the first on the market by the way but it has the typical gigabyte flare it has the the the beauty a look that has the RGB integration it has the steel reinforced PCI slot download has onboard wifi you get that out of the box it's it's a nice board it just has a few quirks that are gonna be difficult to get around for some depending on your case choice like I said but I still recommend it maybe not for all IT X. builds it would look pretty weird and in 16 manta due to its strange I owe placement but it worked nicely in something like a fractal know to go to a true small form factor build the AB 315 is also a decent price just over 100 US dollars which isn't an extraordinary figure given the form factor smaller pieces tend to cost a bit more especially when it comes to power supplies of having a board at this price with all the features the gigabytes included is very nice so if you're in the market for a small form factor rising PC billed as most budget conscious consumers are and should be don't look any further than this mother board right here just have a plan for dealing with these weird power and peripheral placements as well as the sheer lack of fan hubs with the gigabyte AB 350 and gaming wifi the pros definitely outweigh the cons as usual we can find this product link in the video description is tied my hands on feel the count business market that lets me make more videos like this 1 and to appreciate it if you like this better be sure to give it a thumbs up thumbs down for the opposite click subscribe if you haven't already know catch you in the next video this is science studio thanks for learning with us //
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How to Install a Graphics Card Water Block
\\what's up everyone has always let's jump right into the meat of this video I have right here a reference PCB 1080 T. I. from accelerator card which I reviewed in a video right here burn a place the stock air cooler for a thermal take water block this is an acrylic block the copper basin similar to the ones they use in a drama for the 10 eighties in there and this is of course compatible with the reference T. I. PCB is a pretty straightforward process you'll see that wolf coming up right now so pretty much the only thing we're gonna need for this entire tear down replacement process is a small tool kit now I I recommend having some corkscrews and hear some very small ones just in case you never know what your particular card ... who wanted you customisation torturers and come in handy but I think just for the regular teardown process a few sets of small Phillips heads will be sufficient maybe a flat head you're there just to help pry things up need be I don't expect with this card will have much difficulty also moving the cooler and of course everything else that we're gonna need for the replacement process is included in thermal take TI box now before we even touch what is inside this box we're going to need to tear down the air cooler taking off strip everything down to just the circuit board I recommend getting a good look for what we're gonna need to remove starting first with what it looks like these 4 screws holding and media the air cooler itself the surround the GPU usually so it looks like yeah just that 4 screws hold its entire cooler in place also bear in mind you will have probably 2 or 3 fan cables to disconnect as you're removing the cooler from the circuit board by the way a magnetic screwdriver comes in very handy and instances like these alright so those 4 screws are off now let's see if we can there we go what is a better for sometimes the stock thermal paste is a bit sticky so I don't pull too hard you might have a screw it still holding things together but if you have everything off you're sure about and just gonna give it a gentle nudge and there you go in this case the entire air cooler is removed with a simple 4 screws now this point you want to use preferably a lint free cloth to remove the stock that will compound from the jeep you die I'm using toilet paper that's just because I know how to win free cloth around at this point it's okay you're gonna have this tiny will microfiber is everywhere they also gonna want some isopropyl alcohol preferably 90 percent or above and maybe something like a Q. tip to get the small crevices around the die cheddar with much of the stock them a compound as possible prepping it for the new compound were gonna fly here in a second undue maybe we'll somethin that right there and you can take a cue tip I rolled around the negative soak up as much as possible we're gonna clean die sure looking nice and shiny when it's all said and done once the dye is clean and dry use your own thermal compound there will take includes their own so that's what we're gonna do here no matter what you do with this pattern you're always gonna get shop somewhere in the comments so whatever will make it look like that the wave function people have reason to complain again those long as it's covering the whole thing by the time the sandwich the cooler on it's okay if you had a little too much it'll be fine you'll be good to go from a thermal perspective it hits them attack by the way we're not down to the bare PCB at this piece right here needs to be removed as well as the back plate although I guess in this case you could leave the back plate on it's not really hurting anything but for the sake of consistency here you might have a backlink that is incompatible with your acrylic block we're gonna go ahead and remove it all okay there's the back plate no longer needed that looks like the last thing we need to remove here is the heat sink over the arms and must let's okay this is taking a bit of force and be careful though there we go so they're just a bunch of the thermal pads on the backside is sometimes it gets sticky just like the stock room compound will also just be careful not to bend the border break anything on the board in the removal process so that's it this is the bear 1080 TI a reference PCB nothing else on here except what belongs on the circuit board itself so with that we can go ahead and open up the ... box that the multi gave us apart from Larry pulled out chairs just the ... included adult school driver here and the thermal compound everything else in the box we now need so what you get in this thermal take kids funds are manual fixes the back plate for the NICET include one of those underneath the course member you get the other driver as well as the thermal compound you also get a couple of these ... chi quarter inch caps and the Scrooge set a bunch of thermal pads and lastly the acrylic block check out how beautiful this thing is I love the way it looks especially on camera you guys again while Danielle such a solid right now check that out and here is the copper base underneath with the aid nickel plating now the next step according to the manual one to place them a pads here here here is that the V. ram models by the way and then back here over the mosque that so we cut these down to size you just do this by hand is kind of eyeball it's okay if it hangs a little over just make sure that you're covering everything lay one down right there our second one right here in front our third 1's going here so this is 11 gigabyte hard right 11 days of the ram so each module is a 1 gig module so we have 48910 look blank here would be 12 this the GP 1 or 2 card there's the eleventh 1 if not bear my weakest of the plastic on the top here will take these off once we are preparing the acrylic block okay there's our next 1 and the manual says the last piece needs to be right here a bit thinner okay there we go that's it just pull off these plastic tops try not to touch these with your bare hands you get oils on them and that will impede the ability for these pads to transfer heat okay time for the merch at this point go and take your collect block now align the cut outs in the acrylic itself with the caps on the board if you can use the 8 and 6 pen as well depends on the work that you have not you should use things that are cut out in the cold to align it properly disconcerted on urgently this is a pretty heavy block most of them will be hold the block in place once it's aligned flip it over Baqir fiddle at the block fall when it's upside down take then plastic washer and then one of the screws or with the springs included and all lined up as best you can screwed in place and there you go the plot should be relatively stable this points coming to menjadi just the whole the acrylic block up yourself to somehow guy to screw into that hole at first one 's always difficult but once you get past that first one blocks pre much in place certainly other screws and where they belong and you'll have a secure acrylic block and there is number 4 alright 4 screws around the GPU check other recipes threads are here for added stability don't miss a single one of them where you'll have a sagging water park definitely not good okay now the rest of these threads of this one here here here here here and here are for the back plate so we can install the back plate next the sport is pretty straightforward just match up in the threads and you should be good to go now doesn't have any thermal property so it will get hot but what Paul he specifically away from vital components on the board none the less it is still nice that they're mostly included one and there you go that is literally the entire installation process again not very complicated I don't even use it's it's pretty straight forward with any block that you use some of special wiring instructions on of installing a fantexts block onto a TI here soon ... that comes with included LED kits and what not but ... this right here is the pre straightforward are rudimentary water block all we're gonna need now let's check out some thermals not disclaimer I did not yet installed the 10:00 EDT I water bought into a custom loop it's a lot of work to do that so I'm I'm saving that for separate video of it this is the tenth 80 just a regular old 10:00 ET water block before and after install so the first temperature saying here in yellow the 69 degree low temperature was with a ACX 3.oh EVGA cooler on the courts just an air cooler and then we swap that for the thermal take tentative block those temperatures lowered under load to 61°C some else important to know to be idle temperatures did not change at all and this is because I recorded idle temperatures after of the low temperature so you don't get really true I will temps until after you've let things settle down after a pretty long day of intensive tasks and those temperatures leveled off for both the air cooler and the liquid cooler at 28°C a piece this mind you with with a single 360 millimeter a I owe for the thermal take block and just the regular stock fan RPM settings for the EVGA cooler now keep in mind that a degree delta doesn't seem all that compelling especially when you consider the price of a full on customer can cost upwards of $2000 for a full custom with PC build not just in the custom lived here alone depending on how fancy you wanna get with it so I don't want you to look at just the temperatures to Pat rationalizes custom loops are always going to be a bit excessive they're not gonna be the best price per dolerite thing you can do with your PC but another factor to consider is sound when you custom cool graphics card apart from the fluid actually moving through the card which you won't really here unless you put your right next to it a custom called card is pretty much an audible where as if you had an air cooled card things would get pretty loud as you put that graphics card under load now that's not to say that because only PC's can't be loud it depends on your fan care settings depends on how big your radiator is how big your fans are and you're over clocks but generally speaking you can move the sound away from your graphics card to somewhere else in your system and a typically lower your fan curve to that of a much more tolerable RPM the addition of this point still won't justify the price ultimately a customer PC but for those who have already set aside the money who are determined to spend that much on custom your academic pretty awesome looking PC's with custom parts ... then installing a graphics card what a blog is pretty much mandatory unless you just want to clear CPU in which case I don't really see the point all that much unless you just want it to look cool and you want really stellar CPU over clocks but not worried about graphics cards but it's a gaming PC you should 9 times out of 10 choreograph experts to which cases video would come in handy for most of you if you like this video by the way be sure to give it a thumbs up thumbs down for the opposite click subscribe if you haven't already know what catching the next video will be reviewing a gigabyte ITX or ricin mother board looks really cool and it won't break the bank is also the small form factor this assigned studio thanks for building with us //
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How PCs Utilize Resources: Ultra vs. Low Graphical Presets
\\let's jump right into the meat of this video are in a series of in game benchmarks using the Andromeda PC bill behind me more details on it in the cart right here in the 1080 P. preset which is pretty standard for most steam users now the catch is that I ran the first set of benchmarks in the highest possible preset so old truck Max where we wanna call it I turn the dials up on everything the high so they would go for each of the game's tested in there in the exact same set of benchmarks again in the lowest possible presets the point of this video is to analyze CPU and GPU scaling how those changes in game settings change also we look at ram allocation system ram not be around it's pretty obvious I'll be around more to this point ... but this system ram change as we change in game settings and then we also take a look at frame time frame rates for a few against tested as well just so you know you can I get an idea for a system stability this this point we have to 10 days in here and I 767 0 K. so we'll see which games bottleneck which part of our bill so without further ado let's jump into our first benchmark which is as usual Grand Theft Auto 5 we're looking at here are average and minimum frame rates don't worry our frame times will be in the next graph also tell a better story than these 2 parameters alone well now intended to be ultra 19 FPS on average the jumps up by 50 FPS only lowered everything about our minimums are a bit interesting so our lowest F. P. S. reading was 31 far low preset but I jumped up to a whopping 80 when we set everything to ultra in a nutshell here's what's happening when you lower in game settings your graphics card will as a result not have to work as hard not having to include as many textures will have to be as detailed with each frame right anti aliasing all that it does have to worry about so that in turn puts more stress on the CP because now the graphics cards as well I can process more frames because he's friends are as detailed so CPU semi war France the process in the Seabees lay off I'm trying I'm trying to can't keep up that's how you get frame skipping the take it the severe drops in F. P. S. like we're seeing in GTA 5 and we can see that happening in this graph here both were GPU usages were cut in half as a result of lowering those settings or CPU usage also dramatically increased which give us that CPU bottleneck we can see this happening from a frame time perspective as well the wax is indicative of time it's the time in milliseconds it takes for each frame to be rendered the blue track is the altar preset we don't see many spikes high up which is good we see the high spikes that means it's taking longer free trade render that give us a lower F. P. S. frame times are literally the inverse of F. P. essence and France per second it seconds per frame now the low track which is an orange resulted in quite a few frame time spikes which is not good all of the spikes here indicate some severe stuttering check out these toward the end when we were on the ground driving the Hummer these are incredibly large spikes in comparison to what the normal track is down below if you don't take anything also from this graph remembered this more consistent line and lower the line is 20 the better this is not get over here not at all the next game on our list of cities skylines now this game utilizes resources in a completely different way than Grand Theft Auto 5 dozen we see that first off with our GPU usages right off the bat GPU twos usage was extremely low in both scenarios which tells us that the game is not properly SLI optimized the CPUs usage throughout was also very interesting it was 91 percent on culture even our graphics card was also being utilized heavily that didn't change much we lowered in game settings only jumped up by 5 percent but to be Frank there's not much more room for the CPU to ... to be bottle like anymore than it already is this game is extremely CPU bound and that's why I like using it for just typical gaming benchmarks an interesting note though when we look at the frame rate graphs we know that we're not getting the whole story because we just looked at utilization source CPU usage with pretty much maxed out even though we did see a pretty substantial bond in frame rates across the board also our second graphics card wasn't being utilized would know that either if you were just looking at this graph here some of you might remember this next game universe and box to actually do a full on dedicated video on this game how bottlenecks the heck out of most CPUs check it out in this court right here if you haven't already to be short and sweet this game doesn't utilize graphics cards much at all I imagine we could just swap these 10 eighties with like 9 fifties and the frame we would probably still be similar to what it is on the next graph 86 percent per CPU usage though on the altar preset the jumps up by 10 percent will be dropped in the lowest possible preset giving us according this graph here a higher frame rate the much higher CPU usage also notice that our graphics card usages didn't really drop by all that much I'm terms of just proportionally percentage wise when we lowered his in game settings so this game is extremely CPU bound no matter what but again if we were to just the frame rate graphs we would know the full story nonetheless given a list is the complete opposite in terms of what it utilizes universe and box to took advantage of the CPU heavily didn't care much about the graphics cards crisis takes advantage of as much graphics card horsepower Pratt please you can throw at it and doesn't care as much about the CPU check this out our CPU usage did not change from 20 percent only lowered settings from ultra to low while our graphics cards experienced a more than 50 percent cut in usage across the board CPU just doesn't care and while this is an nvidia Optimus title I am pleasantly surprised by how well this game handled in SLI 1080 config despite its age again those same story with our average minimum frame rate graph we saw huge frame rate increase especially in the averages only loading in settings that we would have no idea how or CPU or how our graphics cards were responding to this frame rate jump if we just change things didn't look at usages in particular but before you go on thinking that the crisis developers had no idea what they were doing when they were you like in the CP was much they possibly could have here's the frame time graph despite or CPU usage of not changing only lowered in game settings are framed times were extremely consistent and a bit lower than our old church which makes sense because our average frame rate for low run was considerably higher than that of our culture frame rate so this is a good sign I mean this is actually a really excellent carafe for crisis considering our CPU wasn't being heavily stressed much at all back my temperatures for my I. 767 0 K. 4.5 gigahertz didn't pass 50 seat at all at this point something else I want to talk about that I mentioned earlier in the video how system ram is allocated when we change in them settings and how that varies from game to game for this reader here GT 5 utilized by far the most system ram about 9 gigabyte that dropped to about 8 gigabytes we lowered again settings city skylines on the other hand actually increase in its system ram usage when we lowered and and settings perhaps because our CPU usage did substantially increase never send boxed really didn't care how much ram we have the system to be Frank and neither did crisis but crisis is a considerably older game against CPU usage was extremely well and universe and box relies on physics calculations which the CPU typically handles but not much memory is having to be temp we store to be drawn later it's just space it's pretty much empty and alas we've come to our final compiled the data chart I have ram usage CPU and GPU usage all in here not frame rates there because those are typically a lot higher than usages by percent if you want to download all of the data that I've explained and showcased in this video you can do so by clicking the link in the video descriptions tied to my Dropbox account you can download the excel sheet there and use it for your own testing your own videos whatever you say we got the stuff from because if you don't and simply ask you a pretty detailed question you're gonna look kind of stupid when you don't know the answer lastly here are all of the average frame rates just make note of the system specifications which are also in the video description if going to use the somewhere else with that if you like this video appreciate the data presented be sure to give this one a thumbs up thumbs down for the op cyclic subscribing to be having already how catch you in the next video here's a special treat the I 779 0 acts I think it's stupid for 99 issue percent of you but I'm gonna run some tests on it anyway what the heck here right this is science studio thanks for learning with this //
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Deepcool Captain 240EX RGB AIO: A Worthy Upgrade?
\\I regard deep cool is one of the most underrated PC tech companies on the planet they make excellent cases air coolers and A. I. O.'s and now made even better with RGB integration I've already reviewed the regular captain to 40 X. in a separate video you can find it via the link right here the good news is the captain to 40 X. R. G. B. doesn't deviate from the regular captains design I so let's discuss features you'll still find the uniform CPU block to be identical good stuff can be rented any which way thanks to the absence of one way branding as well so no upside down text something up always liked about the captains the to blink however is a bit shorter than normal this is how it is with all cabins by the way you may be forced either mounted up top or in front of your case depending on its dimensions TF one twenties covered the 240 millimeter radiator an all black which is nice they do an excellent job dissipating heat but they are quite loud past roughly 50 percent so tweak your fan curve accordingly deep because opted for an aluminum fin array for their captain to 40 E. exes and the RGB model is no different actually good choice many will swear by copper but aluminum will release the heat Quakers copper tends to conduct and Kerry he longer wants to hold on to that he not release it as quickly you will find a copper base under the CPU block there which is good in a nutshell you want something to conduct he quickly away from the CPU hence the copper here you want something to release the he quickly from the radiator hence the aluminum but to be Frank swapping either side with the alternative won't change much this config here isn't a concern from a thermodynamic standpoint now let's dive in the key differences between the regular captains and the RGB captains the first of these of props most obvious the fact that you can change the color inside the CPU blocks rather than just the blast they wait for the red you get with a regular captains you get to choose the color yourself here there's a catch to this we'll talk about it later of the fact is you can practically changes color do whatever you want and that's a good thing for those who are looking for customization and just RGB in general colors are fairly accurate in modes are easy to distinguish near the bonus equal also includes an R. G. B. LED strip to sync up with the water block prequel if you ask me so now you get case lighting and CPU cooling in the same box good guy DC the cats that I mentioned earlier those if you want to change the color of the strip in the CPU block they don't act separately so if you change the color of one the color of the other will also change you have to use the wired remote the problem with that though is that if you want to use the wired remote you have to have access to it obviously and if you put your cables in your case you have to open up your case to change the colors so kinda sucks there are a few ways around that you can run and included adapter into an RGB header on your mother board a cease or for example but not every board post this feature keyboards forget it nightsticks configs are sure to be left out unless you're willing to spend hundreds of dollars wireless system would have made this the perfect cabin upgrade but the cable in my opinion is extremely restrictive the Achilles heel of this entire unit unless you're content on 1 color period changing modes will be a bit of a hassle now I suppose the counter argument to this would be well if you were to have a color scheme in mind why would you want to change it midway 3 PC's life right that's a point of RGB if you want a red color scheme you decided to read that's it that's when you do see only to change it over and over where you decided to the rainbow effect and let it do its crazy thing my counter argument to that counter argument would be well how do you know what color that strips can be set to out of the box you don't know if it's at the blue green red purple yellow you've no idea so you have to actually plug a strip into ... into the whole system here and then change that color before you even build inside your case or just kind of work with it as you're building but it's still paint you know having a motor simple and I'll think of cost that much more to do that you know that that's just what they want us to keep that in mind changing colors is a bit of a pain with the new system again though I don't think that for most of you can be that big a deal if you have a color scheme already in mind but other than that Cork which I would call anything other than a quirk or cost saving measure everything else this kid is satisfactory calls about as well as the previous generation despite claims for 10 percent better heat dissipation of the block and stronger pump but that's beside the point you'll still have excellent clock speeds on unlocked CPUs and keep core temps nice and cool remember you won't reduce the heat coming from the CPU with this a I opened you will better mitigated that's the point of areas in general the 240 X. was already a great 1 as was the 120 counterpart confined for good prices to recommend that you buy them they're they're excellent I owes for the price but the 240 X. RGB and the 120 millimeter counterpart at the extra customisation that many were asking for special with RGB frenzy going absolutely Z. nowadays it's an improvement that won't break the bank even get added benefits like an RGB LED strip and a fan of the dimension earlier so equals throwing in things that they don't have to throw in to make this a better building experience better user experience for all of you twilight people so much bang for the Buck this is the company for you if you like this but it should give the thumbs up thumbs down for the opposite click subscribe if you haven't already I will catch you the next video as always links to the product showcased here down in the video description they're tied my Amazon links or get a small kickback if you produce something via the link I do appreciate it is assigned studio thanks for wanting this //
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V8 Audi S5 + Armytrix Exhaust = INSANE Growl
\\perfect alright I am here with a just and his family ... has been super awesome they've let us borrow their live we're gonna replace the stock exhaust on the Audi S. 5 with ... an aftermarket kit this is an army tricks exhaust kit made specifically for the S. 52012 era and and that's all it right there were gonna tear it all down in gonna raise this thing up swamp everything out should be at the most a 2 part series got exhausted before gonna do 1 after obviously with the valves open and close a lot of cool things involved with this particular kit here it's why wanted army tricks in the first place so without further ado let's get to ... swapping and alright we get the car lifted we are in the process of attaching the down pipe from the headers notes and you really cannot awkward angles alright this is the stock exhaust kit to pipes as you can see everything as well that there are no bolts anywhere so just was one big piece of wood Justin and for ... and it's empty but the new kit place the old one Sir video when you do it I did it on my just a little tiny it is leann we assuming there is a that there one last the scroll through here underneath everything looks ugly and old except is asking again all the way up to the headers starring the downplayed working our way back so we lowered her and wire in the vacuum hoses that opening close the valves on the muffler cable you can pull it through ... just talk about like in that little sex for the last then he looked he fobs here or ... opening and closing the valve the summer on the car and and unless it's really cold start no any different we didn't I little yeah a yeah