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Alien Invasion 2017 False Flag Full Disclosure Nibiru News Pole Shift Update
\\this is gonna get heavier and darker for a little bit till it gets better some bear with me ... and you know I don't know if you know who this is Lichtenstein's big banking empire the cow they funded a lot of Adolf Hitler's work in nam ... the crown prince's their king so this is a man that I've met with and dumb known for a number of years I think this is dated 1994 ... and Hans Otto von Lichtenstein ... in the first time I called the I was asked to call the the castle ... his Butler someone picked up in that he was merely put on we talked and he says why don't wanna talk on the phone too much but we should meet in these letters this than that you can go to the next one also ... ... eh was of medium if you feel a month later something ... was from the castle by dues some point and this is the actual letters ... he's and he he basically said to me you know let's get together and I think I read he was wanting me to come to Europe and I so want to busy I'm working as a doctor and ... and then it ended up in dollars not reflect in this letter he came to New York stayed at the 4 seasons psalm hotel therein ... Central Park and ... so invited me over and I had a meeting with them but is this from what I know of your assessment your assessment is correct about the group this Cup ball which is controlling the issue we discussed UFO I suspect they have very good reasons not to inform the public and therefore I am highly skeptical about your chances of success but he still wanted to meet so I said okay let's meet so this is where it's going to get into some shock and awe the 94 in July I go up and meet with him at the Pierre hotel 4 seasons and the reason he didn't think it could succeed is that he told me the E. T.'s one allow it he went all out they would allow disclosure to happen I said excuse me were making contact and it's clear that ... his will let me tell you what happened so he was involved with a lot of you in programs and also with the George HW bush the first President Bush and a man at the U. N. name Paris to quay are who was the secretary general at the time I had them briefings with ... the predecessor of the arm ... with one after Boutros Boutros Ghali and he said to me the reason by on the phone told you that it wouldn't be allow isn't that it would be allowed from the point of view of the government but the aliens won't allow it I so that's ridiculous I mean since we've been talking we've gone down the Mexico had craft command as there obviously wanting to make contact if we do it in a peaceful way in a military way is as well this was attempted before you started your organization but who are you talking about he says well in November of 1989 in the fall of 1989 president Ronald Reagan Mikhail Gorbachev Paris the quasar and himself this guy and others met with on a committee very sensitive unclassified to organize basically what I did with the disclosure project to announce that we were alone and in the secrecy and he said what happened is that Paris the quay are the secretary general of the United Nations was coming back from a 3:00 AM late 9 click planning session for this event when he was abducted by aliens from his motorcade in Manhattan and I said oh really and he proceeded to tell me your details of what happened so perished aquasar was he can somehow out of the motorcade onto an E. T. craft where he was threatened by the E. teas and told if you disclose this information we will abduct every world leader involved including the president of the United States now this is from a person who is at the table for this planning such to my ears now to you and I went oh come on really and he said yeah blew up like an atomic bomb in the bush White House subsequently I found out that up to Kennebunkport there were all these UFO zipping around when a bush was up there on the cigarette boat and they didn't realize they were ours so now we're getting into false flag 101 up to and including beer deceive members of magic and it took me a long time to get to the bottom of this mystery no people like bud Hopkins there was a real abduction case and I looked into it my found out that if you go back to the Roswell event there was a red headed sergeant who was the bad ass guy you threat to kill every one of us ranchers who saw this thing crash his son became a part of the magic security this renegade group this splinter group who was involved with abductions and stopping leaks within magic itself they he then went and was in the security detail that night and set up the electronics for this electronic warfare abduction of aliens who was all a hoax wasn't ET at all with 100 percent military ops and so when we're gonna get into this in a moment or how these operate and so pairs the quasar course not knowing about that end of the classified world at night would say Papa bush neither thought it was actually ET and it blew up as I said like an atomic bomb in the bush White House Gorbachev they pulled the plug on the plans to do disclosure and in secrecy in 1989 at the end of the Cold War and I think it's strange that in January of 92 months later it's when I had a contact have been at my house in North Carolina with an E. T. M. with with that said basically pick up what you dropped do this with what you what you left and behind as a teenager pick this up again someone's gotta pick this up but that maybe it's a coincidence but Paris to quay are thought that that was an actual alien abduction and I had that I sit well with your Highness with all due respect there are technologies that would facilitate this kind of deception and the military term so you know it is a false I NW or deceptive IW indication and warning and it's basically like the you know Gulf of Tonkin and then then the Vietnam you basically exaggerate a hoax an event that then mint manipulates policymakers so this was the ultimate take down of official disclosure which was about to happen in 1989 got it 26 years ago November 1989 so here we are 2015 and it took a lot the piece all this together and I began to to to look into what the electronics were ... with this and what kind of technologies they might have and ... one bit of insight that print the prince had he said you know so he told me that the reason he was funding the abduction groups is that he was convinced that there was an existential threat from outer space that's been the sub Rosa planned since the 56 and that he wanted people to hate the aliens enough to pay the blood and treasure of World War 3 and he also wanted it to be eschatological where it would result in the end of the world so that Christ would return and the good folks would go up in a flying saucer I guess with Christ now this is what he was telling me I'm just listening and I'm going whoa this is like who who ... and he was completely convinced that this is what needed to happen the sort of in the world eschatological eschatology is the study of the end of the world event and that's why he was putting so much money in and provide some US funding to ... Machen David Jacobsen you know but Hopkins and all this and he eventually Tony says I'm gonna stop funding John Mack because he's become too positive about contact and I will I only want a fun people who are going to put things out there that scare people and make them hate the aliens he said that's so I went all boys medicine and this is connecting adopted all of you better listen to very carefully that's the last thing you learned today and that is that there is an over arching agenda that was hatched in the fifties summit psychological warfare document and its value that was hashing fifteenth between 53 and 56 to create the specter of a threat from outer space that does not is this Werner von Braun stated on his death bed and we have the testimony of his assistant that what he then and and said they will first have the Cold War then we decided there would be nations that concern then global terrorism we have this testimony from before 911 then that would be followed by threats from outer space I'll start pump out asteroids and things of this sort but the ultimate one they're gonna play is the alien threat and it's all a lie all the hooks but in order for the lie to work they have had to create a body of disinformation false information and frightening scenarios an actual events that would be convincing to our policy makers like Reagan convincing to the average person and to the UFO public that consumes videos entertainment consoles movies except or and that is been lists 50 to 60 year plan don't forget that no less a figure than Douglas McArthur in his last address to the Congress said World War 3 will be interplanetary so they have been warning to provoke an interplanetary conflict for as long as I've been alive and I'm no spring chicken and alright so this gets into a huge problem love how people consume information and can be manipulated through here because if you look at the roots of human ... warfare the early days and even today it's people abducting people who what tribes women raping them abusing them sexually Exeter and so on this is all stuff that they are stimulating and saying that the E. teas are doing through this abduction scenarios it is 100 percent being done by military special operations that are this paramilitary force ... and this is the deep into the pot now when I discovered this back in 1994 now this is 21 years on I was told by some intelligence community don't talk about that because that's what's really dangerous for you and it's also what would discredit you an oak also calls them the heat you the most because your teeth banging their whole war plan the next big war is not terrorism it's a stellar and if you expose that it's a hoax it takes all the steam out of their plan I said yes but if we don't were cooked because his No Way you can have Warren that's interstellar and survive it be worse than mutual assured destruction because the technologies earth 0 times worse than a hydrogen bomb so I said look we're going to have to figure out how to deal with this and the only way I know how to do it is the sunlight in there and let people know what the truth is so a man came along if you go to the next slide nam and you probably have seen this this up on our website down when we first put it up it had over 600000 views the next day ... the intelligence committee went in and said there 6000 views by the way if you believe the metrics on Google and you too I have a bridge to sell you a it's it's all can be manipulated because it moves you down the search engines so when this hit within a couple days had 600000 views this man William Pollack that is pronounced Palach ... was a man very good man who gave me an interview only to be released posthumously after he died and not long ago a few years ago I got a letter from his wife significant other I guess they were technically married that I'd had at with a death certificate and a letter give me permission can he had passed he passed away and I have a lot of these you know and I honor my word about peace keeping a confidence so what happened is that he gave me this interview and end it he talks about the development of our F. radio frequency chip implants back in the seventies and eighties and this it when he was developed is it was totally an accidental thing that happens with the company that developed it it he then got called in to the CIA and they started doing special programs for the CI a to develop it and a certain point Siemens in Silicon Valley manufacture 2000000000 of them but the B. of these are F. chips and the way they work I mean they can be so miniaturize you could eat something with it it has of radio free and it can transmit only where you are but the really advanced ones have a miraphone capability to control thought behavior very sinister stuff ... so you can actually do a lot of psychological warfare with these are at frequency chips on that that was the early stages in the seventies and eighties now you figure no 40 years later they're more and more and more and more sophisticated and as I watched the whole UFO subculture sort of get involved with this whole fascination with abductions and and implants and went yeah but you know E. G. and G. is on the one of the plants is on the edge of the area 51 they're the ones manufacturing them plants that you're taking out of these abduction victims absolutely they're not coming from outer space they don't need that if you're interstellar your trans dimensional for trans dimensional you don't need an R. F. frequency plant chip to track in the body because our technologies a way beyond that I said this is human 100 percent and you better wake up and so powerfully gave us this interview and it was one of a dozen data points that I began to accumulate and then not many years ago I get a document the next one which is chilling it's never been shown from the Strategic Studies institute think tank and it's dated 1995 and I was talking about all kinds of global security strategies and you know you can look at it yourself coal program graduates blah blah blah who will be expected to participating contrived UFO abduction scenarios listen carefully well we need the next one up arm Strategic Studies institute is that I can't see the screen is it up all right so I lose everything that people because but this I will and number 2 create a global UFO cult which will involve this this is what she needs to be done in order actuate this false flag operation that will involve the abduction of citizens so it's the foster an illusion that this earth is facing an extraterrestrial invasion UFO abductees of preference we'll have been experiencing computer technologies since that expertise will be required in future technocratic are in a scenarios use of experimental drugs holographic projection capabilities directed energy technologies will get into that moment induced auditory input these are the nearer fans I mentioned that Werner von Braun said the most dangerous thing is the miraphone non local things that can be done to keep to make people think they're having experience when they're not ... input experimental aircraft latches the euphemism for manmade UFOs and special effects costume main and stage craft among other things will be used to persuade the abductees of the reality of their sort since official denials regarding these events will employ reverse psychology to ensure that all such denials are taken as official confirmation of an imminent and or on going extraterrestrial invasion this the next page UFO abductees will be persuaded to worship her anticipated E. T. conquerors and cold and forced religious passion you poke hope network to be controlled by U. S. intelligence to limit infiltration and ensure that dissidents do not disrupt UFO long term coal old long term agendas uncontrollable dissidents will be assassinated preferably by directed energy means dissociative satanic cult graduates will handle all such executions I E. when not actively lending logical and theatrical support T. UFO abduction operations number 3 directed energy surveillance and weapons technology of all types in caps will be used for purposes of spreading fear and confusion in the population at large under deniable certain for eliminating persons deemed adversarial to US national security interests and for spotting assessing and manipulating potential res recruits to the army crop because neuro cybernetics and other psycho technologies will be used to sap so confusion and hypochondria in the population the symptoms and effects produced by these and other directed energy technologies will parallel the effects produced by various microbes viruses and chemical imbalances that's compelling a large segment slightest the medical intervention which in turn will be a basis for their being used for medical experimentation under voluntary circumstances psychiatrists and psychologists will play an important role in these experiments particularly were denying the efficacy of Nero cybernetics psycho technologies is concerned compare citizens who complained of hearing voices will be used as a basis for generously government funded schizophrenic related brain research on and on and on it goes on now if you're not falling out of your chair yet what I want to tell you is that all of that has come to pass and came to pass between the 19 fifties in the 19 seventies a man that I worked with before his death had developed a know what tronic system in 1956 or 5454 that would enable someone electronically to remote view anywhere and could also affect on the some of these ... been called radionics psychotronic weapons and they were developed decades ago now how hard is it to deploy them not hard had no not used every day they're used enough to create a ground swell of conviction but there's an alien threat so you take that capability combine it with man made UFOs combine it with this information in general about the subject and also certain chemicals and you can see launch an entire contagion of fear that's based on please Lee man made false events so this is the false flag event I wanted to warn you about it hit and people say when is that going to happen I said it's happened already 30 happened the media the film industry any UFO conference you go to is going to be filled unwittingly usually not always on Whitley but usually with information that is this kind of disinformation designed to create an us versus them dynamic of an alien threat and the reason for it is that that is the only way to grow the military industrial complex you know Leon Panetta the CI director and then secretary defense when you see I director said you know we're spending a $110000000000 a year chasing down 70 how Keita members in Afghanistan ridiculous ... and it ordered to sustain the level of expenditures and grow the military industrial intelligence laboratory financial complex you gotta have another enemy and as terrible as the terrorism threat is and it's real it's nothing compared to what they could do like in that movie independence day where they stage an attack using man made anti grabs it looked very ET with this kind of technology that there is a threat or an attack on earth so heads out Werner von Braun on his death bed warned that this would happen and it would be hoaxed we've had so many people I have met with one man I can't get him to come forward and then another and then another and another who spoke of in the early days they had used I know this sounds terrible but he was a little guy and it was a little he was so short and they basically did like you would in a movie suit and head in math to make him look like an alien and he would be there'd be military choppers nearby but he would be one of these flying discs man made and go win with a chemical canister in some electronics abduct people he says oh yeah I was on a deduction squad was way back in the sixties they've gotten better into by say better in these and they become more efficient because over the decades they develop little creatures that look like an E. T. they may look gray or like a reptile or this and they actually become a walk like this they have this robotic weird walking if if you look at the ... I saw the video this then Romanek head of the one that came into his house that that basically a film company bought up and black shelled nobody has seen this I was at his home and the one that came into his house was exactly one of these so called gray like creatures and the way it moved with this very robotic is so obvious that it was a bio machine and if you go into the brain it it is physical may has of biological component but them it's lace that the neural cortex is laced with integrated circuits it's completely under control these military operatives but he thought it was an alien I so well was an alien but not any tea so I use the word alien which is has a very xenophobic rain to connote the man made ones and the E. T. is are the ones that are interstellar the aliens that are man made are ones that are completely under the control of these paramilitary operations and the stage craft if you use the language of the Strategic Studies institute document is so good that it would fool anyone the present at the CI you could abduct and they did they abduct appears to quake or out of his limousine using that stuff and he thought it was ET and that's why they killed the initial plan to end secrecy at the end of the Cold War Gorbachev was onboard Reagan was on board Paris the quay are head of the UN prince Lichtenstein was involved Exeter and so on children now now where did I did this I know is where everyone's going can this man had lost his mind everywhere until he was true this is the heart of the secrecy how do you convince people there's another species I hate //

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