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"2017-08-23 18:20:45"
The ONE thing pre welcome video
\\Hey what's going on welcome to the awakening now this isn't the official welcome video this is actually the pre welcome video and it is really where I want to share with you reveal to you what this whole one thing is what is the one thing the main strategy we're gonna we're gonna do you throughout this entire Corson ... you know it to put it in in a good perspective for you it is really a simple tried and true method that you know if you people are doing to quietly mate you know commission and their own product sales online really really fast now just to give you a better idea what this is all about clay would most people think they have to do in order to become a big success online and make a job replacing in they think they have to you know go out create a social media post and a website I'm sorry social media page with the website a you tube channel and post free content for a year 2 years 3 years to achieve you know this massive list of you know thousands and thousands of buyers or people that are interested in them and what they have to say and then eventually monetize that's the thing that they have to work long long hours for months and years you actually gained notoriety and then once they gain notoriety anything they can then monetize that list true that's one way of doing it but lord who wants to spend all that time you know giving away so much value them in exchange for nothing the whole time so that eventually one day hope and pray that they'll actually make a full time income with this believe it or not most people do that most people go that route in really really irks me it bothers me when I see that because if your main goal is to make money online as fast as humanly possible you know if your main goal is to replace your jobs income or add additional stream of income to your current existing arm income streams online you don't have to go through that entire mess okay you don't want to go through the slogging away hours at your computer to actually bring about income that you can use to find your lifestyle and anything else you want in life arm so you know what that said what is that all about what are we gonna be doing simply put we are going to be using some very very simple and short videos tour gonna creates a very simple short videos very easy to do our I nothing technical involved then from there we are going to lead people into a arm into a little fun and I've got that all outlined for you discourse on pretty much can be giving you my whole final systems all you have to do is virtually copy and paste you know you just have to take what I'm telling you and showing you end just apply it and that's it you're gonna see results we're gonna use a very simple keyword strategy don't worry you're not gonna have to use you know Google keywords planner any of that I'm sure you how in just a minute or 2 you can identify the hottest key words that are being used in a specific niche market and pretty much emulate those key words you use those exact same key words to then put yourself on the face of a hundreds thousands and you know multiple thousands or more people on a daily basis this is going to create people are automatically going to be drawn to you an attractive to you and you don't want to have a special personality you don't have to be able or fight speaker if anything you don't really have to be a speaker all okay you just have to be yourself and you have to haul everything that I'm gonna show you ominously a couple of simple software is that you can use to make all this stuff happened for you you know how to build a website you know how to put together a crazy landing page you know how to do any of that are we're just going to get people to come to simple little videos using a very specific keyword strategy and then from there we're going to get people to pretty much take an interest in what you have to offer and say alright if you want to push a Camilla I'm sorry an affiliate product you can do that if you want to create your own product which I highly advise you to do in the future you can do that too but really you're gonna get enough people interested in what you have to say enough people my enough people I mean 600 people does not have to be that many people and you are going to put your offer in front of their eyes and you know if you do everything that I tell you to do in this in this ... video course they're going to purchase from you you know without a doubt ... a it's it's pretty simple it's pretty you know it's kind of almost magical when you see all this happen and I hope that when you do implement all of this and you take everything that I tell you you are you you son to say a little video shot a testimonial telling us how would help you how it's changed things and I'm gonna how much income you're making we love scene that is the reason why we keep doing this this is what we're in what we want to help you we want help you change your life wanna help you change the course of your financial destiny okay with that said I will go ahead go on to the next video are gonna welcome you officially to the course and I hope you knock it out of the park alright talk to you soon //
"2017-08-23 17:56:11"
awake vid 14 Curiosity email that drive TONS of sales
\\Hey welcome back so in this module we are going to be going now over it any email that's used in the same funnel as before ... one is part of the the ... the done for you sales funnels and this one are really it doesn't use it's a little different doesn't use here it doesn't use worried as he is a lot of those emotions that we talked about ... throughout the course this one is pure curiosity and that curiosity then leads into Tom and ease of use problem also we go for curiosity to ease of use chrome up and I'm gonna show you exactly what I mean by that you know if you're confused right now what the heck are you talking about don't worry let's just go over the email together so immediately subject line I'm is the stopwatch method of internet marketing and clean automatically gonna stop and say stop March method of internet marketing like if you've been in internet marketing for awhile and you've heard it all before writing affiliate marketing Shopify store Amazon FBA me and I'll I'll build an email list you know whatever on on on on published in the books you you you kind of familiar with every method of making money why tell somebody the stopwatch method of making internet marketer of of the internet marking people can a stoplight weren't stopwatch method like what's what's that all about so you really want to go out of your way to kinda like to really bring about this curiosity in somebody's you know somebody's temple when they're in their mind in their hearts and you do this by taking something that's seemingly totally unrelated or never heard of before on and including it in something that's familiar so what's familiar is internet marketing but its stock watch in internet marketing 2 totally different things right there to stop what's there's internet marketing now when we combine these 2 we kinda we get the insinuations insinuation is you can use a stopwatch do this method of internet marketing at least I came to my mind I might not come to everybody's mind people just might be curious like what's that all about maybe maybe there is a method of internet marketing the stopwatch let's figure it out so going to the email these emails are gonna know they're they're very punchy their short straight to the point and that's how I like you to construct most your emails now from my own list I tend to you go at length sometimes and that's just because I like to write and I know some of the people on my list our readers but if you're gonna make money online type of niche you want just damn get to the point as fast as you can so we're going to it and I arouse I I build on that curiosity little the more I say if I time you wanting one mile right now how would you fare I ask a question that kind of ... it presupposes an answer right if if I time you running one mile right now how would you feel when I go asik 5 minutes 7 minutes 10 minutes say you're an overweight smoker with art with chronic arthritis in both knees maybe 20 minutes so what I am slowly doing over here is I am creating it's colic a simile and that's where you take one thing and you begin to compare it to the other thing that will be your point I'm gonna show you what I'm talking about right here so we're comparing this whole running a mile thing using a stopwatch how long it'll take us a look if you're really fat and you have arthritis in your smoker are at the worst it's I take is gonna be 20 minutes then I go on to talk about the product right how about if I kind you with print okay and this is the this is gonna come to lead them into what I was leading them into before you think it'll take one hour 3:00 hours or 7:00 hours to implement to get results and I don't want to make the same analogy that I did with the last statement with overweight smoker chronic arthritis and all that I say well if you are a brand new internet marketer just like if you're an overweight smoker running your brand new internet marketer with 0 experience and a low IQ like you're done I'd say it might take you 12 to 2004 hours to start making some money so you see what I did right there I I mean I pretty much to use the analogy the metaphor of using a stopwatch time your mind when I said look if you're super fat and you have all kinds of ailments than it might take you 20 minutes but still you did the mile was here as a look if you're dumb and you knew the internet marketing you know anything about this stuff Greenlee you know it be it'll still work for you probably take about 12:24 hours you might not be able to do in record time 3:00 hours 4:00 hours 7:00 hours that some of these other more experienced people but if you're really really down and you're really not make an error you're really into this whole thing alright fine worst case scenario 12:24 hours so I put things in perspective frame things in a way that make it seem that very very attainable very very easy to do and I do that by using that metaphor at the beginning or that simile gotta get them all confused so many times but you kind of get the point of what I'm talking about now I'm going to say honestly you could use a stopwatch to time your success apparently don't believe me try it out for yourself put a stop watch on fall short models in record time so I'm gonna make a big promise over there right and and copywriting writing emails all about making a big promise in the delivering on that promise and that is like you put a stop watch on like a this method of making money online the whole idea of this method of making money online it is so easy to implement so fast to do that you could actually record the time you don't have to record it with the months on a calendar on the war in years but you can actually use a stopwatch it just goes to show how quick and fast this thing can be so this was a started off a curiosity in the subject line and we went to using a metaphor and analogy to paint a picture how easy how fast they gonna be any time you can use metaphors analogies arm you know when you can compare one thing to another ... you know this method of making money online is kinda like I'm a fishing upon where nobody else fishes it's full of fish armored they're they're hungry they're you gonna be caught on and yet nobody else know the competition around you just you in this part of matter fact I'd I'd use that ... same metaphor one of the emails that's in this final which if you get the OTO you'll you'll see it right there on its sides pretty interesting saw alot of metaphors and encourage you all be on the lookout for new metaphors using you know people love them they keep people entertained they keep people engaged and got a lot of color to your emails and make people just want to buy from you they like the fact that you go out of your way to make these analogies make these ... metaphors and bring these things together you know it takes samba takes a little bit of just mental thought not really that much unlike this email up in less than 10 minutes okay Iraq's I think I I think I could have put a stop watch on how fast they did this email it was probably about 5 minutes or so but it's very very effective it's short you can see your emails are not to be long and you can use a lot of the verbiage in a lot of the the structure the structure is really what I want you to take from this use the structure in your own future campaigns alright that's it for this video I will see you guys in the next one //
"2017-08-23 17:43:33"
Awake vid 13 printly 1st email Aff promo that makes people go mad for your offer
\\Hey what's going on guys welcome back to you this module so in this model we are going to look at ... the first email of a very very killer autoresponder that was ... our auto responder series a series of emails that was created for a very cool product culprit now this method of making money online that currently outline it was very unique you is very different and is a very lazy man's way of making money online with really appeals to people who want to make money online I wanna make money online with that one I have to learn a bunch of different things a bunch of technical things like about yourself you don't want to really learn these things and you don't want to actually have to have a huge learning curve still want to be able to put $6000 in your pocket every month right you want something for relatively nothing won't say from nothing to you say it's something for nothing people will never believe you okay you have to show them that there is some work and all but it is not that much work at all in these emails it really pin pointed that pain point in people they really really hit on that trigger now in this video in the next video on the show you are an email out one from one email each from the ... the print the auto responder series in case you haven't already go ahead pick up the arm of the yeah the sales funnels that we have ... it you know as a part of the OTO this ... this course they're really gonna help you out a lot you know you don't have to really think too much about me discount plug a man or use them as you want to go the O. Teo's are awesome emails from them but you know I just want to really harp on then impart that to you that these can be very deadly if you use them and if you apply them into your auto responder ... add the you know the way I showed you early on it they can really take your your results to the next level but with that said I want to just kind of show you the first you know in the next the young to show you another email that sits on a very very very tender you know tenderloin of your prospects so to speak so here we have you know one and the subject line is our new internet marketers doomed to fail online what have I done I mean really I created this kind of worried this fear for people with that subject line ... you know internet marketers always want to know at least knew what you want to know is that they're still opportunities ... our our things to competitive now is the world of internet marketing going down to you know crap and unfortunately we think like this arm it and it's not really true you now ... there are always opportunities out there is always gonna be opportunities out there I believe and this is just false thinking but never the less it is the way your prospect is thinking it is the way that they are are on it is their their you know their mind set so to speak I when you're talking to them so you can go against the grain with copy writing and writing emails you have to play to their existing fears and that's exactly what that subject line does then we go on and I'm just gonna read this for you and I'll explain exactly what I was doing so right you say take a look around what do you see nearly every money making method online is littered with people trying to do it what does that do it kinda causes some anxiety like all my got this method that I'm trying to do here this method of trying to do there all these methods of the promoting to me are littered with people right then I go down the list and I list off carmine business models that get promoted to my prospects in the get promoted to us on a daily basis and I'm gonna showing people that look a lot of those income models a lot of those business far long liner totally saturated I list them all very familiar business models and what he knows affiliate marketing Shopify scores Amazon FBA candle publishing digital marketing consulting I don't want to say now one of these models a starving for newcomers was unfortunately these markets and bees business models they're not yearning for new people a got so many people in on that your chances of success are really that hot right I'm really hitting the pain points of my prospects I go down the same fag newbies trying to land in these waters crash and burn daily so I really emphasize that point I'm going to say that's what'll students describers to stay away stay away from oversaturated niches and business models that suck your time in income dry so if you notice this line is slowly letting the transition to the product that I'm self stay away from oversaturated niches and business models I'm giving you a solution I'm telling you what the solution is the solution is to not go after these things to stay away from oversaturated mark alright I really hit them with the pain points at the beginning and now I'm working my way to the solution I tell them instead go after the smaller markets that are undiscovered and write with money making opportunities right now and this is the easiest one to get into so I have perfectly position currently the product as and that means that is not saturated at that thing and nobody's looking at right now at that thing that not a lot of people are really jumping into and basically telling the prospect that there is a brand new method a new opportunity not saturated not discovered yet it's like you know ... it's like guy hitting a ... an oil guys are oil thing thing like that nobody is really figured it out yet nobody's actually found that spot right now you can get into this this is easy for you so that email this email that we're talking about really plays on the pain point that a lot of us have that is is something getting too competitive is the opportunity going away will this work for me I'm really addressing all of those fears and of course the and I say but hurry up and sees a before it's a leak the by gurus and affiliates the world over some really adding urgency any chance you can get at some urgency your email you know this opportunity is slowly going away we we see that in the last email of an auto responder series where we tell people look this early bird price this is gonna be the last day so you know if if this is the thing that you want I would advise you to get on it now before the price goes up people hate to lose out on a good deal that's for like the last the last email but they're different ways of of ... using urgency this is one way hurry up before everybody in their grand mama gets their hands on this opportunity you don't want to be the one to walk this opportunity pass up you don't want to be the one to watch boom Pasadena people are always our breading like I think in the stock market people saw stock 5 years ago they they bought it but they sold it now today the stock is worth you know thousands of dollars and they could have made no have that regret you kinda want to put the future in front of their eyes like you will be regretting this in the future if you don't hop on this opportunity now it is a very very very effective strategy works all the time and I'm I I want you to incorporated in your emails as much as you can don't overdo it because whatever you over to a certain strategy or method people catch onto it and they don't appreciate that more so mine that when you're writing these emails I once again it check out D. O. T. O. on the on the ... 6 sales finals I believe we now have we added an extra funnel to it army gives you other finals are like this are slightly different and you can kind of ... attacked in very very different ways with each one of those funnels no one thought it was the same so check that out otherwise use this take this with you you can really get a lot of good stuff out of it alright that's the end of this medium see you guys in the next one //
"2017-08-19 23:50:13"
awake vid 13
\\alright this is it guys we are parting ways but this is in no way in the end you know this is this is the beginning of your journey this you said in the beginning of something that could potentially be big if you do something with it are a like I said earlier in this course the reason why most people fail with these arm online courses that don't seem is because they just can't discipline themselves you know on a daily basis doesn't have to be a lot okay I mean you can literally be 152030 minutes a day thing don't do that consistently enough to get the kind of results that were after when they first bought the courts I don't want that to be you are and I want you to go out there fall when I am giving you any really really kill it I want you to be able to come back on the Facebook groups going to the forums and give other people advice and help other people out because you've been there done that all it takes is a little bit of discipline all it takes is a little bit of daily commitment that said it will add up trust me I started this you know little you to funnel system that I I've pretty much outline for you over here I started listening about 30 to 45 minutes a day you know I have my kindle publishing business my other affiliate marketing business I'm working with clients and a lot of things I was doing and I'm still doing and I just kind of did this on the site and it worked out for me and here's the thing I'm not smart I'm not brilliant I'm not a genius at this I have a very average IQ okay and to be honest that is more than you even need an average IQ to pull something like this off it is not unusual I mean getting to one to $3000 a day should come quite fast a lot faster than you might think like I said it just takes a little bit of daily discipline I I think of a really great quote that I once heard Jim Brown saying you might have heard it to it in really really is my favorite cold because it is so true you said something to the effect of discipline weighs ounces but regret weighs tons I discipline weighs ounces but regret weighs tons what will you regret when you don't pull the trigger on your own online business when you don't follow through with this system you'll regret far more then may be you know the night we are social gatherings at the local bar with your buddies are right giving that up you won't regret as much as say 30 years from now working in a factory job working in a cubicle job hating life in which you could have been something else wishing you could have done something else that way is far more then it you know letting go of your you know nightly social gatherings your fantasy football whatever be honest you can still keep that stuff going you just do it in moderation stick with this system first bring it to fruition 345 $0 in a month or more and then from there you gonna sit back and do a lot more passively or this does not have to be a full time active thing not at least you know initially it will be it may be but after you have everything set up after you have the system down and you have the little funnel down that I showed you had a mate it becomes maybe 15 to 30 minutes of work a day that's that's really all I put into it sometimes a little bit more sometimes none at all and I am able to make a full time income from this and there's like I said nothing special about someone to take that with you I want you to execute alright there's no sense in buying these courses and not executing honestly stop or any other courses Jessica followed this system in this approach only get something if you if you think it might supplement this system if you bought into the system that is to say if you bought into the idea which you should have because I've shown you exactly how you see how compelling it is to do this try not to we're off course don't get distracted by shiny objects okay this is the best advice I can give you far more than the mechanics of that have offered you here far more than any other technical advice I could give you the best advice is to not get distracted by shiny objects stay true to this be committed and after a little while putting it into practice Armenian will become a reality you're gonna be blown away one day you'll probably make in the course that's teaching other people how did you let me know similar system or something else that you might develop along the way because that's what happens you follow this course you do my method you start getting results and then start figuring other things out that you can a tribute to this whole space okay that's it I'm I hope you guys love them on behalf of ... you know adults in on Scott and Brendan mace and everybody else who the part of the creation of this course I want to thank you all want to congratulate you and like I said before reach out to us if you have any questions with anything arm look forward to future you know webinars and things like that we have really put a lot of good information out there and we want to see you guys succeed are there's no point in being in this business unless you're helping people succeed and I firmly believe that okay that's it have a great day have a good time in the future and send us your testimonial when you get some success and want to hear your story and wanna hear all about it alright I'll see you guys by //
"2017-08-19 23:30:20"
awake vid 12 deadly
\\alright guys we're getting close to the home stretch here once again like congratulations getting this far speaking with me and I hope you're soaking all this stuff and I who ideas are this hit you like a yet ton of bricks okay and I I hope that you really take this and put this in action because this stuff you gonna do itself you have to do it okay you got to do it you have to do it yourself if you want to make a bad life changing income if one replace your job income and you wanna live this lifestyle you're just you know a few short steps away from doing it okay this can usually be you there's nothing special about me I don't wanna keep restating this but do this stuff okay so in this you know I wanna talk to you about when you want to just send a broadcast email our ... to promote an affiliate products say it's not part of your big launch your Dick reseller anything like that you just want to promote affiliate products as they come and of course you are promoting affiliate products that have pretty good you know a price tag to products and you don't wanna you don't want to promote crap because your reputation we'll get tarnished because of that so this one I thought was pretty good I got a pretty good conversion ... I was actually promoting Brendan in Dalton's I copy paste paydays awesome awesome program I honestly I have seen stuff in that that course is very similar to another one that I paid over $300 for name mentioned that in this email actually arm was so it is a very very valuable for the price of selling it for I think they're being kinda silly selling it for that price at telling all the time to raise it but they just made their moms are good people what can I say arm so the title of this is too good to be cheap and that was the email that I or that the subject line that I put out too good to be cheap think about now this subject line is again it builds a little bit curiosity and it does something that a lot of professional you know internet gurus do people that get a lot of attention is they take a calm and sane and it may alter it in a way so this one I was altering too good to be true and I alternate the too good to each I I thought about you know how great this course was relative to another one that I paid a lot of money for and that immediately pop the idea for the the email too good to be cheap saw another affect a strategy for exocrine subject lines is to take Carmen saying a common expression armor you know ... there's so many other in anytime you want think what right off the top your head is a come to you good resources to get our like ... you know books that say American idioms like American Indians book ... metaphor is on there is a a book ... home colds I think it's road gets ... on what is it ... famous quotes and expressions things like that if you think of them or phrases that some people use all the time especially like American culture western culture is that those people to be buying a lot of your stuff and you take any flip them a little bit and you you make them sound like totally different all a little ironic ... people will you get people's attentions really really well so too good to be true I turned it to good to be over here I said listen I didn't start this newsletter with ambitions of turning into a spam letters on morning pretty much telling them I look I I don't plan on promoting the heck out of things to your arm but you know and then I go home once I got a believer that point a little bit I seen fact this list is more dear to me than Twitter is to trumpet the time of his email you now and still to this day Donald Trump gets all kinds of flak on the you know the news about going crazy on his Twitter so that isn't this is another example of where I used any event something that was popular rumor that website pop your owes you see things that are popular and I am Corkery added that little thing into my email and again it gets people to like how to relate a little bit more because that's been on everybody's mind I just can't use that as a little simile little metaphor over here ons I said use the more dear to me on Twitter is the trumpets when you know Donald Trump loves to just enough Loreena barrage of tweets on Twitter I mean the guy does all day long is a master at it so I I I threw that in there but I said if I seen on standing offer that may benefit you I'm gonna tell to the mountain now I know really nice of my good friends all it's gotten bringing me some particular wickedly good highly profitable course on affiliate marketing and I put a link right there you always want to make sure with affiliate campaigns put a link kind of em at the beginning or towards the middle and then once again towards the bottom and then again you could do yes include Alan Duke yes on this one and put it there so tour 3 lanes is usually good arm now tell me if you don't know affiliate marketing is simply are in passive income by selling other people's products why don't I tell them what affiliate marketing is well because this list might not know about affiliate marketing remember I talked about how their kindle publishers and I really affiliate marketers arm if you were selling to people who already knew what affiliate marketing was you know their say value your IT started a clickbank channeling getting people and that are trying to make money with clickbank with these guys know what affiliate marketing is he'll have to restate the obvious you have to be captain obvious or anything like that arm and I don't wanna for income streams I have in a surprisingly fun in the parentheses and profitable and passes okay so I'm just I'm stacking the benefits there arm is still on the little mad because this course is going for $20 even though I paid $400 for a high end course that thought the exact same stuff so I make that price comparison 20 Bucks versus 400 Bucks you can get 400 Bucks or $20 are people I think wow this is a steal instead of spending $400 are spent 20 get exactly what I would've gone for 400 so I am I'm using a price difference between 2 very similar courses and I'm showing just how valuable this course is considering how low you pay for it on this isn't something you want to use all the time especially if you're selling a high ticket products although you can't you know on the you could sell a $300 course and talk about how you went to a $2000 seminar that pretty much you know gave me the exact same info actually skin battle but the course you get for 300 to 97 is giving you more than the seminar was giving right so then ... I go on to say but enough venting here's a glimpse of what's inside I tell what's in there until all the things are gonna get another gone ahead and I restate like I haven't seen a course that's this comprehensive at such a low price ... they here's a little trick I said with that said there will be ups also you know some already telling people that there are upset because what is this doing in a way it is it's really building my credibility with that it's making me come off as an honest guy because I am an honest guy and I want to be an honest guy marketer but I wanna be honest marketer so I tell them I look and there are a few of sell the ball just so you know one of the totally transparent and ... and then I said in fact one other apostles involves that writing promotions for your email list on a monthly basis basically you create the list they sell to Lois it's a pretty sweet deal so I tell them I look there's a few up cells involved the one that I think is worth you getting is this first up cell where they write the promotions for you I'm gonna have to get the other up cells if you don't want but this one is vital so it seems very genuine very authentic okay I'm he's not gonna koosh every up so on us it's that's that other first up sell that's really worth the money and this got a good response about a 10 percent response a lot of people bought a lot of people raving about it ummm then I also gave them a little incentive I told me if you do get the course along with the up so send me a receipt and will set up a 15 minute coaching call to go over it so any affiliate marketing space sometimes are going to have you know a lot of people promoting the same product that doesn't mean you can't sell that product but it's always nice to give them a little incentive maybe set up another chichi or may be you know I'm a get apps yellow are you know public ... or whatever prior private label rights of so many websites tightened PLR on Google and you'll be able to find cheap little you know camp which you can give to people in exchange for buying your affiliate product are buying from your affiliate link arm you know I over a period of time if you feel like affiliate marketing is all you want to do I would highly recommend that you create a library of 3 check list you know E. books things like that arm of that you can give away to people in you know as incentive program from buying for our for buying from your affiliate link ... in this case I don't really have anything to give to people so I said you argue 15 minute coaching call cool thing about that was one of those coaching called lead tumbled t'pol coaching calls which I made another I think of the $750 from so that was really really cool arm that's it that's it for this I'm gonna put this down in the link below study and analyze it and use it at your disposal okay I will see you guys in video alright //
"2017-08-19 23:23:00"
awakening vid 11
\\Hey guys a well come back alright in this video we are going to look at 2 other very effective emails that I used in the sequence after the last email in the last video that I showed you now one of these emails and didn't have the best subject line however got a really really good response ... it'll show you which one it is and I will move on to the second one we're going to dissect this one and we're gonna move on to the second one dissect that one and hopefully your mind gets blown when you see what's going on inside the emails and why they work so well I am so though the one that we're gonna look at first one that I did but wasn't too crazy about the subject line is this Kendall publishing verse everything else now this everything else powered this is another thing I want to get through to you to where I want you to really take from this ... everything else is just kind of a little old to general school too vague I'm I what I was trying to do here is hit another money making system against him the publishing and show how they kind of you know ... how they kind of ... stand next to each other how they compare next to each other obviously I'm going to show with the kindle publishing it better than everything else but you know that was just you was a little bit too unbelievable let's just say that so that's when you open ray wasn't as big I some re sent this right here SyncML publishing mercifully at marketing which one 's better this one I only sent to a subgroup of the list yet it got pretty good open rate just for that small subgroup that didn't open the first one arm and I I looked at my attracting when I saw that I generate more sales from this the 2.3 percent ... no no I'm sorry ... but that was on another email are the people that did open this actually generated great sales of 8.2 percent and then 2.2 percent right here so I kind of cleaned up right there and that's what happened here will that work there we go okay so we're gonna go to open this when the subject line that I like more and again I'm gonna put this down below the video so you can see well we're just gonna break this down a little bit now I don't particularly think these emails at least this one was the best but because of the previous one that is set is set the context for everything else these emails are slightly longer than the average generally I would say you know what your emails me more than 150 to 250 words or so however when you when you ... I have people are interested in what you're saying they really will forgive all they will read your email New York long long email they just wanna hear everything you the safe which is again the power of you to Facebook so I am this again I guess it is in the sequence of selling at the pre the product images coming out and now it's available now it's up for grabs so I basically go on to talk about at the beginning right I'm right about you making money online so you can quit your job and live freer than a red footed falcon is top priority something I found really effective just gonna break the ice and people ... dig it adds more color to your emails are using similes and like I said quotations in the previous email using a quote is always really good right here the simile is live freer than a red footed falcon as funny I was at the time I was looking outside the window in his ratings you know I saw falcon passing by and I thought it'd be kinda funny kind of calls they threw it in there album more than that you want to make money faster easier and more predictably than any other forms of online marketing allow song telling them that look I'm basically saying everything that they eat their yearning for arm they wanna make money online so they can quit their job they want to make it faster and they want to be predictable they don't have to wear their incomes in a drop one day and it's and go up the other day arm and so you know I'm basically hinting at the fact that other forms online marketing they fluctuate you don't know the certainty behind it however with kindle publishing ... there's no other system that gets as quick returns candle publishing does and arm it at as predictably as can the publishing does you know I basically show people that you can put a book out there and pretty predictably know that you're gonna get a server on that book which is really the truth that so I gonna kill publishing is a great opportunity aside arm and I talk about it ... in comparison to affiliate marketing I talk about silly marketing you don't have to spend ages are within a publishing I'm sorry not to spend ages building a good website you don't have to spend a lot of money you don't have to spend money on advertising you know how do I do surgeons checklist of other tax abatements for fear of Zomba find your try to be a little funny and your email like I said I'm up with those below so you can dissect it I'm going to talk about can the publishing what can a publishing I can take 5 to 10 minutes to thicken it should do a little research and I need to find a profitable topic I'm outlining what they have to do with in a publishing out Z. it is I'm making it sound so much is here relative to the other method I was talking about so this kind of convinces them that yes I do want to kindle publishing I do want to find out more about your course and of course have a link to the course right here capital link right over here in the capital link down here and always you wanna put out post script that kind of some people rush down here is look at your postscript they will look to your emails so always write a post script where you say I am where you restate the benefits of people publishing are you add another benefit to the thing that yourself I'm over here 6 yes 6 bigger posing as a deep discount right now become Friday the price will go up so please hurry and get access now I found a lot of people click right over here and I made a few sales just like that so this was this was good it was a little longer but it kept people kinda reading more and more arm so will go off that I put that down below let's check out another the one I sent after this so this one right over here is kindle publishing a bunch a hooey who is just kind of a goofy word that it out like it's like yes bull crap ... and again it is making people wonder if Kendall publishing is the right opportunity in a goes back to that the subject lines of worry a fear of curiosity you know and it's tapping into something that they really feeling right now they they want to know if Kendall publishing something they should pursue are not just like many your prospects want to know if I'm with you know the dog training methods that they're using are actually affected do they really work you know is the affiliate marketing system that they're following is that really you know worthy of ... of actually pursuing and so over here is is gonna publishing just a big crock is a bunch a crap and so you click on it click on it was go down this one got an exceptional return and for a few reasons I'm gonna show you why okay so number one it's really short it's not that long alright so that automatically is in our favor people don't have to like read this huge thing I really like that honest I would say this is this is ... there's been is like the epitome of what a good email is really all about or what when it affected me knows all about so I had a hard right at the beginning right at him with the number $6708.71 this is doing a few things number one it's it's putting dollars in their face right and when the people that want to make money online they want dollars right one money and including that immediately right there also I'm not just saying $6000 $7000 I'm being very specific $6708.71 when you're in that specific about an income claim or a number of steps or something like that people eat is far more believable and just sing 18000 okay excuse me and I'm going to say that's how much one short book has made me over the last 11 months alright I'm telling that's how much just one book has made me and I show them how to publish many books so that you got to do this in their head I while it one because generating that what if I had 10 books that were doing that 20 books that were doing that I'm going to say the returns you get within a publishing amazing but they also seem a bit unreal to beginners and people on the outside so what I'm doing with this statement right here is I am addressing objections people might say 6000 on a one book lattes that's unbelievable get out of here that's why our immediate family look that seems unbelievable trust me when you're not doing him the publishing things like this seem outrageous and it's flat out wrong and flat out you know yes so I say I look I felt that way too you know and I I don't want to tell them on its axis mac not hinge myself to see if I'm dreaming it's hard to believe even for me arm but yes the dream is real as the Caprio says inception of your person the movie inception it's all about getting into people's dreams and I made that metaphor a lot with conception but it's it you discuss the few things right here armor this again it breaks the tension also when you use pop culture when you use in movies when you books things that are very popular that have actually gained a lot of recognition in society when you incorporate those things in your subject line thing you nobody copy if it gets people to relate in a gets people to really understand what you're saying especially using metaphors and I had a funny metaphor here but yes the dream is realistic Capparis doesn't section and I have to jump through hoops are wild shoot out to make it happen all you have to do is follow a simple roadmap of the one about line 6 figure publishing's isolate you don't have to go through all this crap to make money all you do is follow these few steps that I have right here for and I don't want to reassure them that it you each take action follow everything I say I would be just puzzled look shocked residents are making money and so I thought don't stall get sixer publishing today either early bird price until it goes up and then I get my couple of PSS postscript in another post script ... you know new members already raving about the course and telling me it's cleared a lot of confusion for them what a relief considering I felt there was too much information some are gonna saying like look I I put too much information and they're worried about that but I'm also telling them that they're getting a lot of information and I'm going to also be thinking you mean expert to make money with them a publishing think again ask you know mine was followed everything outlined in the course already only $500 a month and it's just as personal okay and now I give him a link again so I'm gonna put this down a description below you can learn a lot from this email it's was a better you know and ... but like I said I have not done that original email lies Mike we're told me these emails would not of been affected so having that refrain that resell email where a few of them will really really build a lot of anticipation people will just say like just Jamie and send me an email with a link in the in the ... of body gonna have to write anything else and still buy nevertheless you want to optimize your sales one maximize them get the most you can so you want to cut incorporate these principles and their that's it for this video I'm going to see you guys in the next one alright by //
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awake vid 10
\\a action taker well come back alright so in this video we're gonna get into some next level need you voodoo missed a call you know ma'am irons this kind of stuff gonna get this all my favorite stuff over here so this this video is about a particular email that yeah pretty much set the stage for everything else that happened after an thank this one email is the reason why every other email could have been sub par yet still work to sell a high ticket products so effectively this single email is what set the stage is what convinced people it's what's sold people before before I ever even pitched a product of men the proof is in the emails I got after I sent this email and I'm gonna share one with you a little later on first before we get into this email we dissected we analyze it we do all that good stuff I want to say something about your you know auto responders finals and what the majority of we'll do so wouldn't because you're just starting out I'm assuming you're just starting with this method at least arm if you already have a you tube channel is doing pretty well in your corporation this I would still say stick with this now most internet marketers knee included we do something where we we created often page and we give people incentive to opt in just like we talked about people often and and then we put them through what I talked about earlier F. 5 to 10 email sequence pre selling them on some products that we do this to get back our our ad because you know we do this but we want to sell to them immediately we do this we're trying to make money right we create 5 to 10 emails and they're all kind of their old they all have their own themes have them and I'm each one builds on the last one and it works to sell you win you know at the beginning it's a soft sell an minute aggressively Yuri gets more aggressive and it's selling over time this is a very fake their this is an a very very effective strategy I employ it arm I'm actually doing some things were gonna be employing it ... with ... this particular email list but I'm doing it in a video sequence and you you're gonna do it to in the future however at the beginning as you get people on your email list the way we discussed I want you not to be focused on that so much at the beginning especially that can overwhelm you to put you know 5 to 10 emails in the funnel system after pre right easy put him in there what happened to me in the beginning as I rode out 10 emails I put in my final system it really convert that well later on I learned you know what I was doing wrong and I fixed it but it could be a little discouraging so you don't have to do that ... and what I would do instead is just send broadcast your lists okay single emails 234 times a week something say every day really depends on your market if you're doing a you tube videos and sending emails I find the 23 emails a week is plenty okay and I will send them stuff like this content emails you know fiction versus nonfiction here's what makes money I'm literally something a PDF or I just gave them nothing but value ... you know you gotta your message I just wrote them a little message in a link to a PDF at PDF takes into an article on not really selling them on anything now here's the thing the time will come where you want to promote something that many can be just a few after a few broadcasts arts in 234 broadcast of just good content sometimes a little bit more ... you know there is a 7 touch funnel system but a lot of people talk about where you son of 7 content emails you wait a few days and then you start moaning to them whatever you know whatever ... however many feel is gonna work and I usually say 345 emails of good content and then after that instead of immediately starting to pitch them you're gonna start letting them know about a product that's in the making it could be an affiliate product or could be your own product if it's your own product great you have a lot of control you can make a lot more money but you can also be an affiliate product and it does the key to this is doing an affiliate product that's that's a higher price you want to do something that is worth your time doing it's okay not a 10 or $20 course unless it has a lot of good up cells on the back here I'm but something you know at least $97 or so you could find I just went to the website Munch to find a lot of these courses that are coming out you know and now in the days to come and you can go and you can contact these people and ask them to be an affiliate get a review copy all that good stuff you know like $147 here is really good 77 is cool as long as there's some good up cells on the back and you know you do it with a lot of different like right over here 4767 he got a lot of stuff and you got a lot of choice you just want to review the product make sure it's pretty good and ... it has some good you know the some good money involved is like I said you want to make it worth your time for me I was promoting a $297 product and ... so the the amount of money earned on it was a lots and that's what we're looking for that's how we make a lot of money from a small list are we promote a high ticket products on the to a small lists and that's that's it here's the thing the amount of work that it takes you timer promote a very you know a small product it's gonna be the same or a low ticket products can be the same as the high ticket products I'll let you in on a secret it's the same amount of work alright at least in my experience been the same model we're gonna talk to many other internet marketers they all kind of agree and they say you know well anyhow missile $17 product or $97 product that you do the same amount of marketing mean there might be the case that your people by $97 product or the 197 all a product of the $297 product we you will end up making more money from those people and they also show a little bit more commitment to so okay I've talked at length over here about this what is the email what is that you know let's set the stage well let's go here we'll go to page 4 as this didn't happen that long ago okay actual is gonna page fires bear with me alright so about a week couldn't before I made the course available I let people know I sent them a message that updated them all my life and I told them that I have a kindle course coming out actually prior to that I was telling them about the kindle courts I was making sliding scene you are up slightly ... ... you know so word I'm looking for insinuations not really I was I was hinting I was hinting at a can of course in the making and you can kind of do that to you can kind of in your email say armored there is a system that I'm putting to the test there's a system out there that is working it's making a lot of people money but it's just not ready to be published it and I'm gonna let you guys know when it's available so you can build it like that now once I let people know that the kindle courses in the making right over here a few days later I sent this email out I'm gonna hitting myself in the head that actually how the product available for them during this email because I got such a huge response mean people responded back like crazy was getting emails left and right like I said I'm gonna I'm gonna redo the email after I we dissect this ... this email for you so the subject line look at that lies my guru told me controversy something that I can I was lied to guru lied to me people love to know this stuff you now we were comply okay so here I'm gonna we're gonna point out a few things and thank you for sticking with me so far I promise you it's going to be worth it nominal leave a link to this email below ... seeking can analyze it now in the Tyndale publishing this email is what I call the story of frustration email and it is very powerful when you employed in your emails it essentially is a story of me you and if the crap that you went through to finally you know come across the system day you are selling today to the person alright it is like all of the alliance the yes everything you were told until you finally found the truth found the holy grail he found the true and now you're just bring that truth serum to your prospect that is what I call a story of frustration email so let's go over this right here when I first got into publishing was paid numerous lies also but you know gruesome courses I was told that I needed a market my books on social media all this stuff is true by the way ... these are things that get told to people and people hate it but did they they get told us if they're true things so I'm just pointing out to people something that's already been bugging me that is these these frustrations they've been having with what people are telling so I'm going to say I was told that I needed to market my books on social media told I had the good book reviews organic that was told I had to beg friends and family for book reviews I was told I had to submit books to directories for maximum exposure I was told I needed to get thousands of free downloads right and a chance heck I may as well have been told that big foot existed in he was in my town I threw in a little bit of humor right there to emphasize my points and I like I said I'm gonna put this email down below so you can kind of study it and analyze it I'm not gonna go too much into detail arm but I go on to talk about how you know instructors and people that are in this candle publishing space are liars you know like they they tell you need a bunch a stuff and once they convince you need a bunch of stuff then they try to sell you on a bunch of stuff that's going to work for that stuff you know so in this is very very true so I was basically venting out my frustration to people but at the same time ease with the frustrations that people also hat this is the beauty about when you create a you tube or Facebook page you kind of a U. starts people start telling you what their issues are and and usually those issues are some of the issues that you had in the time that you've been in that market the beauty of it is what I want you to do with your emails take those issues and pretty much put them in your emails talk about them in your emails people resonate with that they see that you're paying attention to what it is that's that's hurting them that's worrying them okay so I'm going to talk about you know ... I was led astray far too long had I not found the right path the publishing I wouldn't be here today to offer you my bison mentor ship and I discover the strategies I'm I kind of went a little too long with this email but it it's still nevertheless is pretty effective so I am I and had I not discover the strategies that work I wouldn't dare create another can the publishing course and feed you a bunch of lies so basically in a way I'm telling them like look there are a lot of candle courses out there but I discovered something that none of these courses ever talk about which which was the reason why I felt compelled to create this can of course and give it to you so then I kind of go on to talk about you know when I'm releasing it when it's going to be available to them this is not a course on the least on Friday the results of all my blood sweat and tears into publishing you want to talk about how much labor went behind the system that they're going to get and how it really is something unconventional it is not talked about too much yet it is the most effective strategy on planet earth that's the way you really want to position it and by telling them that it's going to be available on its not a male available it builds anticipation it builds this you're earning want for it I am I go wanted to talk more about the benefits so you know in an email you always want to kind of go from frustrations a story of frustration into you know of the labor that went behind it how nothing is really spared into really giving people all the benefits ... and you know I go on at the ins talk about how nothing is spared down and not to mention you know come to the Facebook groups are forever stuck yeah you you can you know ask your questions arm and did this really this system is so stupidly simple to follow that ... I'm all you have to do is go through it and you can start earning passive income right away you know I talk about that right over here I am with a cool little quote that kind of ... cuts any kind attention and downed it also it it builds credibility to what I'm saying you know I'm this whole you know was about allies that we're being told that kinda get ... perpetrated or they'd better permeated in in the space and I'm I I kinda and with this the Michael Jackson quote lies run sprints but troops run marathons as I tell my I'm gonna leave you with a little quote and that quotations can sometimes be powerful they're good little addition to your your arsenal of tools and weapons and that just kind of you know tells them that look the allies can go on for too much longer and down you know this lie and putting it to an end I'm finally gonna shut it down and I'm going to reveal the truth that's how you want to position yourself so did this there was a lot of good stuff that went into this email and I'm all you like I said below this video so you can tear it apart ripping apart analyze it study it and employed in your own you okay I'm on leave I guess work free and take this model it use it the way it's being used and generate some hefty hefty commissions and product sells for herself that's the end of this one in the next video on the show you 2 emails are all through in the sequence that built upon this one and really made it just effortless to sell the product I mean the product is gonna sold itself so I'll catch you in the next video look so humble foreign forget I wanted to actually meeting email one of the emails of the many that I got as a result of of ... this email that I sent out a just show how powerful this email was and how powerful it can be for you wings you choose use this type of strategy alright so this person responded to me saying ... of your Sir I do not read email messages a lot I just love peruse through them but starting with the subject and then message you got I'm hooked and you pushed 150 percent of my buttons I one of the no name of the program to buy it immediately you are so right ... and he goes on Sammy do you a favor a minute by sector you know massively this guy was super super ecstatic are so I just want to show you that anything the power something like this has arm and how well we can push people's buttons to get them to just want to give you money alright that's it this is finally it all right no more surprises and I will see you guys in the next video alright //
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awake vid 9
\\while you are freaking rock star the fact that you made it this far it says a lot most people who take trains like this take courses like a potentially change their lives rarely ever get this far so consider yourself you know head and shoulders above most other people out there now you just got to take the next step and ... would do the stuff we're talking about in this training and transform your life so that you can actually be in the top tier the top 5 percent one percent of people out there alright that's gonna be you as long as you follow along and do everything we talk about ... okay so this this module is all about getting your emails open crafting really killer subject lines that that made people say wow yeah I I wanna read that they don't even think about it they just instinctively you know they just kinda like boom they click on your email once they see like a first couple words also take that quick snapshot judgment and it's it's your email the right one if you've noticed there certain emails in your inbox that do that to you a lot of emails you overlook in there some emails is boom they pop out here's the thing crafting the subject lines is not that difficult I'm gonna show you few little tricks well hacks that you can use of resources that I used to pretty much give me ideas like you know yet within the first 30 seconds sometimes ... and now a word about writing emails in general and I covered the thank you page before this hardcover at the email sequences I used to kinda you know make over $3000 with a very small list I want to tell you something though these days I have been writing emails for that long these days it might take need 5 to 15 minutes to craft an email that gets put in my autoresponder gets sent to my list and cranks money for okay so to speak arm and I don't want you to think that this process is heart that you have to be really imaginative or creative as a matter of fact more creative you are sometimes the more that hinder your progress I can hinder your results I'm I don't want you to think you have to be some kind of you know email ninja are some like that not like that at all or it I'm pretty average of pretty normal I don't really you know I'm not that much of a of a you know a guru when it comes to this stuff but it just goes to show you don't need to be to actually make money from this stuff our man you know as we carry on I'm gonna show you little tips like I said and little techniques you can use arm so with all that said let's jump into what makes for a good email and I'm gonna do that the best way I know how the best way I think one should know how is by actually using my own examples so let's go ahead this come over here and my A. what recount now what you're gonna notice in his email open rates are are better than average and that is because of everything that we've done prior to this alright the you to following people and giving them value and then and you know sending emails to them that the whole process that outlined here for you reason why get such killer open rates is because people are they trust me they like me they trust me one hope they like and least they trust me I'm not the most likable guy all the time but even then they forgive me and they will forgive you to arm but you'll notice over here over all the pretty good now one thing I want you to consider is that this niche this one particular niche that I'm in is all about publishing kindle E. books and they're paperback versions on the audio bag versions of collecting passive income without actually having to write any of the words yourself okay I am I teach people how to out source books without writing for you know treaty inexpensively and I'm to put them up on Amazon and to start collecting passive income and they do that's kind of my D. ... beside some of the other stuff that I do and so people that are on this list they're interested in that so here is lesson number one about email subject lines when you don't see write a subject line that is a relevant or interesting to that person ... with regard to the market that they're in so the fact that these guys are in the kennel publishing I send them ... something that is about dog training my email open rates gonna be I'm there gonna laugh at me some people have an unsubscribe and some people are gonna ask me like sincerely do did are you okay you know that the it's gonna be like that partisan something about dog training a bird training or picking up girls or something like that they're not going to really be all that interested so the first rule is of relevance you want to send an email is relevant to exactly whatever needs it is whatever topic it is that you talk to them about that you talk to them about in the first place on you tube channel notice your I committed a sin over here ... actually no this is not the right page let's go to page number 2 I didn't commit the sin on this page but I will show you or I committed a sin okay so look at all these you know open right now at 36 percent appear 40 over here 39 and then we get over here to 39.3 now this was a re send the same email I just sent this email to the people that an open it called wondering why is this 30 percent then I got to thinking look these people that are on my list are in to kindle publishing however my email subject line states how to make money fast as an affiliate marketer anything that works these guys I'm someone care about affiliate marketing some of them just want to learn how to make money any which way they can but they did their main area of focus what they're really into what they really want to hear about a scandal publishing so look look what happens over here in this email subject line have kindle sales dropped you know 39.5 percent awesome awesome open rate we go over here untapped goldmine of profitable keywords profitable key words is a term that's used heavily in kindle publishing people are always looking for how to find better profitable keywords or more profitable keywords and so over here I let them know Hey I got an untapped goldmine a profitable keywords for you got a 40 percent open rate in a 24.4 percent click through rate on my affiliate links so that was beat that was huge ... over here KDP almost trash ran out because this one but it's still pretty good Kendall almost trash when will you guys want to know why did Kendall almost trash him you know what's he doing I maybe I should learn from his mistakes so everything that got a high you know open rate had high relevance now here is the second principle the type of emails that work the best the type of emails them really get like if their punches in the gut may make people just need to open them I have found are always curiosity driven or fear slash worried driven yeah unfortunately as human beings this is how we operate we if I tell you ... you know if I tell you like ... you know we can go out and go cross country in and you know there's a little place ... on in the east coast I know and then they might have treasure underneath ... and you know we can go on this little a treasure hunt together and potentially get a lot of money ... you'd be like okay yeah it sounds cool orris stories a bad examples would just it came to the top my head or I could tell you so you do have treasure in your house and I could not tell you like and 9:00 tonight some people are plotting to come in and remove everything from how strip you of your treasure and leave you with nothing like which one is gonna arouse more of an interesting it it's gonna be the end of the second right the latter it's gonna be people that are gonna come and invade your house you know burn everything down take everything you've gotten you any list and then frame you and then you know whatever yeah I think he weighs Sarvabad example usually I get a minute or 2 to think about these things before I I talked about them or write them by just one give you what's on the top my head so what I'm trying to say here is worried fear panic bees are big motivators if you notice right over here this subject line I got 39 percent I say have kindle sales dropped you know people are really gung ho about kindle publishing they're very excited to learn about it so when I tell them like hate have kindle sales dropped a light blue or kindle sales dropping scandal publishing over you know what is going on so they have to know what's what's happened ... again over here KDP almost trashed me this was just start just you know people need to know like Katie doing something that to look out for you know ... ... crap is I business the risk of being shut down and that is that that is an emotion that I played on now let's go to page one over here again look at this one getting tougher to gather candle reviews in my mind you know flagship course ... 6 figure publishing I teach people how to very easily get reviews for their kindle books and ... over here I'm writing is getting tougher now to get Kendall reviews some people are like who yeah well what's going on there some updating them about the situation in the market and it's usually something that's a little bit worrisome that gets attention of course when you get into my emails I'm not a negative Nancy and I always look at the positive things and I kind of tell people like Hey you know some emails are some reviews are getting deleted but not to worry I'm developing a system to combat this is a matter of fact when you join my course you will have access to that system so there's you know you can you give me hope and at the same time you tell them that ... or you sell your products sorry so let's go up over here alright so another type of subject line that I really like is something the canisters controversy so if you look at this one right over here clash of the gurus you know it's got a percent open rate I'm mad if I don't mind this one right I just sent this fight yesterday this actually getting really killer open right because look the future of review swapping I hold on hold that thought we get to that right after this clash of the guru so everybody wants to know the controversy over their guru clash are there you know are the product creators that are fighting it out what's going on so people need to know about this and you know I got a really high open right I took the opportunity in that to kinda lean people to my products and ... it works like magic now this one right here I sent out just yesterday the future review swapping has a 30 percent email open rate in this usually after 23 days it'll raise up more more more this 1's really good because some reviews swapping use that technique I was telling you about gathering reviews for your kindle books and here I'm saying the future of review swapping anytime you point to you make predictions you talk about where a market is going what's gonna happen what's gonna stop happening things like that and you can apply them in your subject line or even your headlines of your Laney this is key this is a very very very attention grabbing people need to know this stuff if you notice Osama you 2 videos I set in the publishing 2017 if you want to know what's going on 2017 next year 2018 all do the same exact thing arm and ... but in a legitimately give information about what's going on in 2018 but none the less it you know these these headlines are these ... subject lines the subject line is really almost like a headline they work beautifully worrying a fear controversy and a little bit of curiosity where people need to know a little bit more now if you're stuck or headlines here is in the most it's the oldest oldest trick in the book before the internet big time copywriters who were operating you know long 20 page 30 page sales letters and sending them people's houses they did this what is this well they got on other people's lists so they would purchase products in ever idea different markets just so that they can get the junk mail that those companies are gonna send after the purchase of the product that person's house so they could study them emulate them model them and I'll learn their takes an error there other you know the tricks arm today you don't really have to buy a product and do that all you have to do is open age email account or another email account right open a junk email account you're okay with getting a ton of emails to then I want you to going to the market that Europe is the clickbank market if Gillian ... marketing market if it's the dog training market I want to go find 5 to maybe 10 people that do their marketing really the well and I want you to opt into their email us I want to get their free reports get their free bribes and really pay attention to what these guys are doing this is exactly what I do over here you know this is my ... make money online little email list right here and I'm just I get bombarded with a 3000 sometimes 79 I don't care because what I'm looking for at the are the email subject line I'm looking at what really stands out to me and don't copy you don't want a copy anybody's subject line their emails but you wanna get ideas you know that the idea behind the subject line is really what you're trying to grasp is what you're trying to ascertain from I'm the person that sent you the email so this is like this is super powerful and I got really you know better I once a good bit better at email marketing and creating a compelling subject lines and compelling body copy just by reading other people's emails so you know we go now automatically this pops out of manic single are you one of these 4 types of people oh yeah I want to know that IBM and my one of these 4 types of people it's very curiosity driven subject line ... let's go down a good old over Indiana why I'm doing drugs all my god like you wanna talk about controversy on talk but you get to somebody's life that's another thing people are very we're very very nosy on and we like to know what's going on in people's lives any chance you get to tell people you're doing something that is conventionally raw right like doing drugs is not a good thing people want to know what's going on you know why I am doing drugs or why I why I was sent to prison or why you know I just got bailed out of jail used stuff like that like who you know what's going on there people have to know more about it ... I was a good one might change America's dumbest affiliate marketers like comedic in just gotta know again drives on that or is it song that full on the whole idea of being kind knows you want and know him dumb affiliate marketers especially if you're in affiliate marketing ... home see any others that pop out you get the idea you know I want you to get seated is what they call a seat at all these email lists and began exploring them really began getting into I'll inside how they're structuring things see if it if it stands out to you and it sticks out and makes you want to open the email subject line good chances is gonna make a market one also open it to lastly and this is more of a calm this is more of a website I go to see kind of what's hot in the world and what headlines are the most popular it's a website called pop your elves.coms copied it up your this is actually great for ... at your landing pages so the landing page copy that we're talking about I forgot to put it in that video so I want to clued in this video arm this website is great because it is showing you all articles that are doing the best that are getting the most buzz that are going the most viral in a variety of different niches both with news culture business everything and you can get great ideas even you to go will help us feed can always get great ideas just by looking at some of these I'll some of these headlines a 38 home products urban outfitters you wanna buy a sap like this is good stuff you know you are using numbers in a really gets people's attention so this right here pop your elves great resource and then get seated on his email lists and start studying them take 5 to 10 minutes every day and just look through these emails and you will come up with the idea after idea after idea for your email ... that's it for this video it's gone a little too long in the next video we're gonna get into the really really good stuff I'm gonna show you exactly how to craft emails at bat deliver money to you on alright I see in the next one //
"2017-08-19 21:59:59"
awaken vid 8
\\Hey everybody well come back alright we're getting into the stuff I really really loved it really fun stuff or you can start seeing the money happen alright this is where you start actually seen tangible results arm so what I am gonna want you to don't want you to go down click on the link below this video to get your a Weber account a Weber is that you know auto responder rate use it's very inexpensive only about $20 a month and ... it's I mean it for beginners it is the way to go even the most advanced people use a Weber on if you don't already have a Weber account you should get one is a very straightforward very simple to use I email auto responder is what's gonna deliver emails to your subscribers that's what's going to put money and your pocket every time I send out an email ... in money comes into my pocket not all the time because not every emails promotional I like mixing in content emails on which I'm gonna show you as we go further along but ... this this is where it's at like 20 Bucks a month and I'm you know you can have a type of 2500 subscribers so go ahead sign up and ... just follow the instructions get that you know you it'll it'll pretty much ask you what the ... that well what the list is that you want to put in and down you gotta put your you know the name of your your company's website whatever it is whatever the name here you can channel is what it is that so over here we are going to go to ... legacy follow up series it's your on your the list you got a legacy follow up series and you'll notice that I only have one email if you're the legacy follow up series is exactly that is they are the emails that your your ... made new email subscribers to every time somebody off since your email list this is exactly what they're going to get he's this whole little you know I'm auto responder series I only have one because I like to send broadcasts as of now I'm you can create multiple listen I have other lists that have sales funnels and ... if ... if you went ahead and got one of those ... T. owes you don't get a lot of different sales followed you can plug gaining a emulate model and all that but I only put one in and the one that I I put in is the free report is my checklist and after that once people signed up I like to send broadcast emails as new affiliate promotions come along new things come along I like to just send emails out and US only products to them but if we go ahead click on this guy actually let me back up let me back up go back in order to get this year all you have to do is to create new message Ukrainian message and then drag and drop email builder once you do that you're gonna come to this page and this is where you're gonna put in the email and I'm gonna I'm gonna go back on the show you the and added anatomy of the email the thank you email arm and I'm also going to link below this video to that email so you can see it you can calm model it obviously don't copy it because your niche is probably to be different but if you're in it was the same as the king of publishing niche don't copy it just kinda model it emulated okay so I'm gonna click on that guy so as soon as they signed up this is exactly what they get thanks so much for signing up the shop's profits newsletter you know thank them congratulate them as promised here you're free money making candle templates click the link below to download I put the link right here all you have to do is highlight a section right here and go up here and I'll ask you for the U. R. L. you put it you hit okay and boom you have and I'm not gonna do it because I already have it right here and the U. R. L. was what to your kid to the the template that you're gonna be using the check was that you're gonna be you on that PDF that we created in that we link to either a W. S. or who will drive then after that I say if you're looking for proven ways to make money online without spending a fortune to work yourself to death he's kept telling them the benefits I'm telling them that I see pointing out the problems that they're having ... and the thing that they want they want proven ways to make money online and they don't have to spend a fortune to work themselves to death almost like put that they're gonna guy good some good news for you I think the whole point of this is to get people to stay on the email list that's what you wanna do do thank you page you want to deliver the report thank them deliver the report and after that you want to give them incentive to stay on your list I tell them over the next few days I'll be sharing more profitable tips and advice sometime in the coming days they're gonna lot of good stuff ... as such as the 3 biggest myths of kindle publishing shiny objects in German how to beat on the number one secret to making $300 a day within the publishing stay tuned because as a member of my clan you'll get insider information but I don't often share in the public domain you see what I did right there I tell them that look as long you stay on my list you can get all this good stuff and I don't really share this stuff you know my you tube videos are or anywhere else I have shared in the public and keep it hidden away from the public only people that are on my list get that so they know they feel exclusive when they're on my list arm and it's true I mean all of this is true I send out I send out emails that tell people about little things that are going on in the industry that I don't normally share with other people and so I I make sure that I stay true to my word and I stay on and I want you guys to do the same thing too okay so were you we hit save and exit and that's it now you can from here go over here you go to settings 2 kid fall message track puts on website save changes ... no no no this probably was not what I was looking for go back in droves oh okay so yeah I'm basically automatically when you put this email in it will it will be sent immediately okay so as soon as the sun is gonna be sent immediately now if you wanna put more emails in here you can and you can actually when you go to settings you can now tell a Weber descended every day at this time or every other day at this time arm you know you can go every other day ... some guys decide to go every day they sent about 5 or 6 emails to or 7 you know sometimes 10 or even 15 to people that first signed up and you could do that to you or you can just create this report put it in there I'm senator every new subscriber and then just send broadcasts after that so you know how to do a lot of up front work you just do work as you go along that's it so that's it for this email arms you know I keep saying I'm down to so focused on who knows I love you you know so much emails are just such an amazing part of internet marketing they're really everything in there how you make money sauce same emails that's it for this module in the next one we are going to talk about the anatomy of these emails on a show you might give you .the proper words the proper formulas things like that to saying your emails arm and you'll also be given a little sheets to kind of go by ... so we'll look for that I go ahead and you watch this if you need to you and I will see you in one //
"2017-08-19 18:33:48"
awakening video 7 how to easily create and deliver your checklists
\\Hey what's going on guys welcome back to this model so in this module I want to show you the anatomy of the free record and how to conduct created ... nice and safe report if it's a template or check list because these are the easiest things to make and they're the most in demand things ... to make as well are now I'm gonna show you mine however I do believe I went a little overboard on my kindle templates on the little temple to get people on in exchange for their email address just because if you notice this is it right here in 16 pages long and I I think that that's the way we we we were we to law for these chi chi tech kind of through and you know I'm a little 1 close left for anything like that but I kind of got my story in here and I want to come to connect with people but you have time to do that in your emails you don't need to do it in your temples people want you to get the freaking point that's it so honestly a 12 even 3 page template we'll be fine it's going to be okay arm so yeah I'm gonna leave the these templates in the description below so you can kinda like Arnold and see exactly how I'd do it all I did was create these templates in Microsoft Word that's it I one of the Microsoft Word I put my main title there on the first page money making simple templates not all subtitle you know the temples checked us all that that I use arm and then I put a little table of contents if you do a 3 page 4 page ... checklist or templates 33 different you know ... diet recipes to boost your metabolism and get things fast you don't need even a table of contents so don't even worry about that you could just kind of put the title and then after that a one or 2 pages of your recipes check list your eat whatever ... and so I went on to kind of get my story and I start with an E. book description template and I mean I given the temple right here the job description for writers I give a brief overview on a given the actual template and on and on my gonna waste too much your time showing you this because you're gonna have it yeah below the model ... don't overlook this because this is bold this is money at this builds trust when people receive something valuable like this they really they bind you on any email you send them in the future will be open you know they'll open up my email open rate is usually 375 percent sometimes even more on the emails I send people only reason why more people don't open them is because sometimes might you know auto responder a Weber doesn't get through to every single email on it that's the case all re send some of the emails up on you know we'll talk a little bit more about that but this is it all I do is I make this in Microsoft Word and in word you should be able to convert it into a PDF you know you just go to la file options and convert to PDF or you can go to Google and type then ... PDF converter ... word to EDF conversion our converter and you will see a lot alike PDF converter PDF converter your word Microsoft Word if it's over 72003 and above it should already have a PDF converter if not don't worry about it now here's the thing when you convert it to PDF you're gonna have to deliver it to people in a way ominous certain way this took me for ever to figure out how because without a website if you do have a website you could upload the PDF to a separate page on your website and deliver it that way that's really great if you have a website you can just automatically you would you create a page poem I don't have a website going to deliver it to people Tom you know without using a website but I needed to have a link and all that so what I did is there's 2 ways you can do it one you could go to Google and you could go to Google driver Google docs you go to Google drive and you do a new document you upload that documents to your Google drive and when you do you'll have it over here and you can share it with people you know you can go over here get shareable link and there you go they give you a link right over here you copy and paste then you're gonna put it into you know auto responder which I'm gonna show you in the next email are I'm sorry the next module alternatively you could do exactly what I did this is what I did has a cool little service called S. 3 you do Amazon S. 3 ... S. 3 you go here it's like it's kind of a complicated system it does a lot of different things but I found out that it can deliver PDF that night she creates a link for you for PTS so just go here you can use your existing Amazon account if you don't have one just create one assigned to the console I'm already logged in and yet when I go over here we go to services and we got it S. 3 storage they ask you to create a bucket I've already created my bucket for Shaw's profits you can create a new bucket you create the new but can you put the bucket named region all of that I'm not going to do because of RD done it once you create that it'll create your bucket right there then within your bucket you can upload are you can create a new folder which I have right here for special reports so I click on that once you create a folder click on that then you can hit upload you don't even have to create a folder if we go back you can just go upload upload your ... PDF right there but I did that I uploaded my PDF right here I click on that and gives you a link right over here I open the link in a new tab and bam it's right there okay we go back so the when you upload here just upload that PDF that's it that's all it is once you have that link saved somewhere you haven't saved up here and in the next module I'm gonna show you exactly what to do with that checklists that free report that we just made I'm so yep that's it for this one I will see you guys in the next video //
"2017-08-19 18:11:53"
video 6
\\Hey guys well come back alright in this short video I just want to show you some of the more technical side of how you connect your 3 be you know the world the report checklist that we just made to your item to your YouTube video so you know once you have your you to the count up your megaphone account up that you created your your template will check list and all that ... or the landing pages should say I'm the next CD you're gonna I'm gonna show you how to create the the checklists and you gonna be blown wide away by how you know easy it is arm and so does what's this for now and then in the next week you can go to that so all you do is you could upload you're on the main you to page you hit upload and that's it you just click this again and you could upload you upload your video if you haven't saved to your you know your files on your desktop or wherever you haven't saved on your in your library under computer that's all you do I already have a video uploaded so you know let's just go to my creator studio over here I behind this and I will show you a video on how I actually do this let's go down ... here's a video I have not published I probably won't publish it but ... I just want to show you when you when you upload a video to you to you know you brought to a page like this and you'll have a chance to put a description here to put your name on the most important part right here it's like I said the little key word that you use along with your catchy headline you know ... how to make money on clickbank without a website thing for me is can the publishing how to make money in the publishing you know without having a lot of money the ana we talked about that but here's what I do I have the video appear before publishing I go to cards and right here notice this bar now I like to put the check list about one or 2 minutes into the video that way if you know our prospects get ET de if our subscribers get 80 Deon they can't focus on the video for too long I'm I actually present them with the opportunity to get the check list immediately so maybe within like the first 50 seconds are you in a minute or 2 minutes as usual the longest I'll go all school is to about a minute right here all click on add card I'll go down to leak all the create and then I already have it paste it in here my U. R. L. another shahs profits a template right here all click on that guy out here next yeah I'll ask you to put ... a call to action I have a call to action in your free kindle template you can put you know 3 ... clickbank guide our freak at clickbank templates free headline templates 3 our conversation starters you know whatever in the teaser taxed I put steel my free kindle tools again to put another benefit grab these ... these free ... conversation starters right now something like that ... any hit create car sudden choose anything no tools create card and boom there you go right there you go back to your insulin settings and then you know you can hit publish from right there ... and that's really it so if I actually play this we play this right here what's happening does that mean quiet myself I love listening to myself but you know right now's not the time let's go to about 50 yeah we're at about 50 in seconds 55 so any moment now it should pop up mondo make me look bad there we go you see right there popped up we click on that and it'll be taken it'll take us right to our template so that's it once you have your YouTube account set up you just do that you tube was gonna ask you to like register the domain that your landing pages all you have to do is follow their instructions do it is very easy very simple arm and then you'll have it set into you to be a slow and you to be here that you put up you automatically have the link to your free template your free report it's there it's already there and you can just like all I have to do is literally just click on that line that you saw and I hit by but my free time let's make 3 say stuff and that's it it's all in there okay so that's the end of this video I will see you in the next video or talk to you a little bit more about how to do you or checklists okay see //
"2017-08-19 17:41:57"
awakening vid 5
\\Hey what's going on guys welcome back alright so in this module I want to show you exactly how to make a landing page without actually having to build a website or do any of that to this day I don't really even have a website all the online you know income streams that I make I don't even do them with the website arms so ominously exactly how to do that now there are 2 website or landing page builders that I use in that I really like 1 is called megaphone and this is probably the easiest 12 years although it is not ... it is not the most like adjustable you can't really I'm gonna show unicycle what I mean you can't really modify the pages in this as well as you can with some of the other ones ... another one is click finals and I'm gonna leave a link below for you to check both of these guys out like finals I really really like but it is a little bit more robust and it's kinda like the gold standard right now of vile of the landing page builders is not just a landing page builder this guy builds out entire sales funnels it is for those who are very serious about internet marketing wanna start selling their own products not just for Philly in marketing thing like that if you don't wanna go this crazy you know we'll click finals I'd highly recommend megaphone it is you're gonna see how does really really stupidly simple it is to use and they got a lot of really cool landing pages ready to go and I noticed not many people use the so you know you will set yourself apart sorry have account just you know make an account it's really easy go down below we got other templates and you have a whole slew of templates over here that are awesome and like I said they are very very easy to use ... you know you have like this guy right here the basic squeeze blacktop works credibly well ... you know you have this guy right here these Bambino's are fantastic I'm all really really good even have something as simple as this I'll tell you I got an extremely high conversions on a little landing pages simple as this okay so let's go ahead and we'll go back over here we're going to go ... use this template alright we're gonna give the template in a we'll call it ... a week where you can name okay each create page trust me you know this landing pages landing page builder let you make a far click finals they are a vital tools you need the you know I found it you're not gonna be spending too much money if any at all really the only thing I I'll tell you to spend money on a tall stool to spend money on is that landing page builder and if they're auto responder which is a web around to show you that too but first things first this guy right here so automatically you can just scroll over this and you can edit any part that you want so we go here get yours free I can already like that already now I'm gonna give you a very basic but powerful and effective formula you can use all the time for your landing pages they already have some of the record you like discover the unique and simple method that generated 3970 double opt ins in 5 days that's actually pretty good ... because if you notice arm these guys are are are saying that you know you can find a very unique and simple method that actually generates excitement of people that generated X. my people at 5 days for them so the good thing about this copyright here is it's very specific in other you very specific numbers 3978 specificity is key it's very powerful arm you know 5 days right here numbers are very powerful especially you show that you were able to do something in a very short period of time that is a very very powerful thing that people are automatically attracted to arms so we go right over here we go at it so you're doing a checklist of arm you know let's do health recipes alright you could go something why ... discover 33 unique ... paleo recipes that are easy to use and cost less then 5 Bucks to me most was the 5 books to make something has got a 33 unique Paley recipes are easy to use and cost less than 5 Bucks man as easy to use easy to make I should say you know something like that discover something you know benefit to the the reader that is easy cost less is less than 5 Bucks is less than this I tried and true formula that I like to use that I was actually telling you about is how to do something how to do a benefit without having to do something they hate I think Frank Kern calls it something like ... how did you ... awesome without suck something like that something we executed in action and the militia exactly I'm talking about say we are targeting a ... a ... sickness audience once again I'm going with the fitness example we can put something like you know how to dropped 30 pounds in 30 days with our but then capital living in the champ I dropped 30 pound 30 days without living in the gym simple and it hits on something that people were losing weight really all want and are also a freedom so people want to lose weight but they don't want to have to live in the gym people wanna lose weight but they don't want to have to give up their favorite foods people want to make money online but they don't want to have to spend 8:00 hours behind the computer people want to make money online but they don't want to have to pay for traffic people want to make money online but they don't want to have to build an email list price your knees are all things people want they want something without doing something and that's kind of what you have to do to get them in how to do something without doing the thing you hate and I'm gonna put a formula to put a few different formulas in the description below that you can pretty much use annually but always remember that people want something but they don't want to have to do anything for it that's the way humans are instilled a monkey your that chimpanzee part of our brain that you know kicks into high gear and that's what copy is this is really what copiers it's just telling people they can get something without putting a lot of effort in arm you know in the in the in regards to like checklists and templates which is what I'm recommending that you do you can always take the greatest benefits of those and really give it to people so say that you don't want to do how to do 30 pounds 30 days without something or how to do a benefit without something you can always do just a checklist with the checklist is ... so say you come up with 21 or let's say 17 ... ... conversation openers for guys to use ... when they meet women so something like ... you know get yours free 33 are 17 arm 17 conversation starters that will her interest oral sex to safe starters that will have her clean on to your every word .dot. something like that 17 conversation starters that will have a cling onto your every word so there's always something you're giving them and it's something that's going to benefit them you're giving them 17 conversation starters in in we'll have the girl clinging on to their every work or you know 33 on the dog recipes that will keep your dog healthy and happy and loving life you know I am 21 arm strategies for building a killer landing page without you know with only 5 minutes of time something like that you can get what I'm saying telling what you're giving them and then tell them the benefit of it or like we were using the example before tell them they're going to get something without having to actually do something how to lose 30 pounds in 30 days without living in the Czech ... you know how to make money online without a website or building a list and it takes you know one hour whatever or something like that these are all really good things that will get people's attention it'll get them opting in your your all you do from there is you hit save and it's pretty know you can hit preview right here and you have your landing page right here the domain they actually allow you to change the domain so you can notice right over here we have this weird megaphone domain all any date say are your your ... you bought a domain and it is I'll you know ... you know I found you know Big Bang profits or something like that or just whatever your your domain name is you could take that domain and you can actually put it here they they have a little tutorial for that it's really really simple item to convert that domain to your domain and they make it just brain dead simple to do then you know when it's done you had done and that's it you preview it again get yours free 17 conversation starters all have a cling onto your every word ... enter you know I just always like you can say the same download my record sick download the checks but checklist for the cheat sheets get mighty like that arm you can play with the wording test it out just know that when you start a you tube channel her Facebook account and you start engaging with people it is not as important to get the copyright on this ... on this landing paid because when they see you they know you they like you they will forgive your bad copyright skills are that's one thing I'll say right there you know have to be a master copy writer to make this work ... that is it for that you're going to want to look at ... know before we go actual want to show you a cool little tool right over here ... you go to Google taipan if you're really stuck on creating a headline typing headline generator okay and let's see it's a this one right here okay yeah so this is really really cool when you when you have what you want to create a landing page and you're stuck for words and just can't get it right this thing makes everything super easy all you do is literally just follow their directions right here it says enter either your product description a product me product description and they give you example weight loss program part time income generator miracle wrinkle treatment time saving software on let's see weight loss program ... we could just say product description is the ... noon 17 conversation starters we go down into your main claim our goal your advertising the claim ... we could say ... the tract girls instantly alright we will enter a desirable the claim is 70 hours which letter track Rosen and your desired result in the present tense see examples of examples star looking like a supermodel buying new Mercedes ... get hit on by a delivery boy star leaving office at 230 ... you can puts it results is ... it's harder because I hear my dog over there you just cancel cone around as Eliot neuter him and yet really sucks but he's just kinda messing around with that anyways I am the result would be to ... you get to attract girls instantly we can say yet day it's are hooking up Arnold just stay here 5 days you know what I 7 was to reverse this but claim get 5 dates dates a week and then over here the results ... down get hit on or cracked the rules and statistic that my orgasm is doing is off the cuff enter desirable result in the past tense in ziggs ample started looking like supermodel bottoming Mercedes ... so we could just say track did girls Stanley alright so now we do is hit generate headlines arrayed here how to get 5 dates we can attract girls instantly look at all of these headlines it's created for us all right ... 7 secrets to how to get 5 dates we can attract girls insulae one attract girls insulae here's how to get 5 days a week now free report reveals 5 dates to get by secrecy of 5 days a week you discover real how to get 5 days a week will sponsor get 5 dates we can attract girls instantly it's true you can really get 5 days a week and here's how do they give you a gazillion different little headlines over here and they're more proven headlines over here they give you this is really awesome so all you do is you go to internet Sir I'm sorry but a Google you type in headline generator you come down and you go to the one this is internet marketing course that's the one click on any just follow that's all you do you have more headline ideas and you know to do it so that's it for this tutorial go ahead check out megafauna left in the link below like I said as if it seemed too simple it really was it's really that some of the great a landing bay hawk all I use for my videos you know the landing page that I you this guy right here is you guys are saw ... you know that one right there I I'm actually about to you I'm about to test this one right over here I don't like this book added designer make this book use redesigning it as we speak at all like that book but you know steal my money making cable temples father still free get the exact cheat sheets template conscripts I used to run a $5000 per month self publishing business on auto pilot I'll leave a link to this too so you can see that notice I put the bullet points right here even description template to help sell more books writer NBA job applications and on and on I tell them what they're getting in this I mean I'm giving them reasons for signing up there getting my money making tunnel template same template so I used to make this much money per month and here's what you get with it and your name email that's all it is it is not complicated you could do this in 5 minutes all right it's very very simple sorry about that that's it for this video sorry if it went on a little bit longer than we wanted arm but I wish you guys in the next video where I I kind of get down a little bit more to the needy rid of all this alright //
"2017-08-19 17:22:25"
awakening vid 4
\\what is shaken my future internet rock stars hope you guys are fine and everything okay in this module I I want to go over a couple of things really quickly ... number one I wanna pretty much show you the strategy we're gonna be using it's it's very simple it's very easy to implement and ... you know when you have this in place you can you won't just make money you know ... fast or faster I should say but you'll make money for a long time to come this is the gift that keeps on giving this is truly doing something that is somewhat on auto pilot you regardless of what people tell you any passive income stream that you create we'll have a certain amount of involvement on your rent but I mean it might be half an hour 45 minutes an hour maybe 2:00 hours at the most a day and that that's talking you know making a full time income doing this so I want to lay that out for you I want to go over a couple of things I wanted I want to you don't lift a few you're concerned that you might have had up until now the first concern is that you know you see these you tube videos and everything over here and you're thinking okay I I need a and you have a bunch of expensive equipment I need to have this I need to have a professional studio yada yada yada ball tell you what most all of these videos that I have recorded I've recorded straight off of the software that's on my neck are a little photo booth software that I have one here is all I used to record these videos I mean you'll notice that when I when you play one of my videos that's the how the black bars on the side alright and that is because I can actually make it a full screen graphical software is the lighting is bad and a lot of my videos are and I don't really have professional lights now as I'm shooting this video with you I have one light right over your shining on this computer ... and I bought a set since then I have more money now I can afford to invest blood the queen is you you don't really have to have the best lighting or the best camera equipment you don't really need to have any of that are all you have is the ability report off your computer I don't even have a microphone you know with a lot of these things that use the Mike that's on my mind in that works just fine so don't think you need expensive equipment you don't think you need anything more than what you already have alright your mouth your mind and your willingness your heart I guess we'd say that that is on your determination so yeah I'm gonna show you one of these videos in just a moment ... I'm now another thing is when you do start making your videos let me show you the strategy that I you to pretty much take people from these videos onto a list ... and it put it kind of crimes them to want to do business with me alright let me show you exactly I'm talking about what's going on example of one of my videos our readers over this one right over here we wait for the US on the down I mean you did I see you see you don't talk about my videos very very plain Jane it is like a up the little bars on the side you know it's me standing up on my wall I'm not even shaved you know I look kinda weird but you know video ready as foreign 33 views and I know I get a lot of leads off this video so you were if you notice for 28 seconds 30 seconds in afforded just a little bit more just so you see what I'm talking about and also raise the volume a little bit so all right bone noticed this right here little so this let me rewind it a little bit date wish okay this right here is what's called a card in in in a video or 2 I'm after the next video I'm going to show you exactly how to do this this is our system this is it right here it is creating 1 of these videos that attracts interest by you know publishing of under a certain skewered that you chose inflict pain dog training you know how to get girls seduction things like that ... you gone any scene would be does a popular and you pretty much recorded 5 to 1015 videos of yourself this guy right here now we just saw again I will go back just so you can see it again you'll see you'll they you accomplish those things you just did not want you to see yourself doing okay so steal my pre Kendall tools poem we click it gone this it takes you to this page right here this is a little landing page and in the next video stardom pause them next week on the show exactly how to make this step by step the wording to use all of that but I just want you to know that's the system this is all it is video this thing pops up people click on it and they go to this now what is this thing what is this thing that I'm doing all I'm doing is I'm telling them that if they want my money making candle template I have a series of template that I put together that I give people for free in exchange for their in now alright this is the oldest trick in the book but here is the little spin on it and here's the good news for you I am using templates I give people templates that I have created right there not that many they're just a few and people really really like the idea of templates they are on the scene I think the days of the free E. book giveaway are coming to an end and people now they either come in one video they want to see a presentation or they want something fast they want something quick checklist the template and she something of that nature they they don't want long reports or anything like that honestly I have been given some 23 page templates that were phenomenal I mean there were a checklist of like recipes I can make I've done check list of bomb you know bodybuilding tips did check list template cheat sheets will take in maybe an hour to to put together maybe even less alright if you know the market pretty well so you have to do a little bit of research what a couple of videos just create your template so be it but I want to encourage that you do it that template or a check list to give away to your subscribers ... so say you are in the ... the body building that you could do you you know 33 Tom ... 33 bodybuilding moves to gain you know mass attacks without damaging her your ligaments or something like that island you know for a subduction report you could quit 33 arm or you know if you don't do that many you could you 17 tiller ... openers that'll get the conversation started and get her more interested in you know something like that arm dog training you know ... 33 dog training tips to make your dog or BT ends and ... look cooler from the people whatever was to get things off the top my head for me it was you know steal my money making can accomplish while they're still 3 arm and I don't want to talk about how you know I use these temple to my own business to run my business hour a week I put you know VA on a virtual assistant applications in here writer applications in there I give them a description temple they can use for creating copy of further you know you books I I basically took stuff but I was already using and Mike in the publishing business to them for free and I get their email in exchange for it and that's all we're trying to do we're creating videos giving people some content some value and then getting them onto our email system or doing it using these templates nominee show you exactly how to create pages like this in the next videography O. U. on exactly how to write your headline and you the template and all of that one thing I want to let you know before we go this method of taking people away from you tube videos onto a page like this it is extremely effective but I will say this you too doesn't necessarily like you taking people away from their website our aid they like you kind of keeping people on their website or bringing people to their website you know they're in this for themselves the I care less honestly if you make money or not which is why I'm going to recommend that your first 10 videos are so you don't do this you know make this little free report pop up over here just get people to the website or to your videos arming get people interested in you and then by your eleventh twelfth thirteenth video you know you can start putting these and or by your fifth sixth seventh grade you can start putting these I don't put these and all the time some video that just makes your content are all linked to another video on but then every other video I will link to one of the this guy right here my free money making table top let's I mean consistently I get you know 34 leads a day from this ... sometimes less sometimes more people come on to my email is the cool thing is you put a video up you put it once and it's done you put the video up there and that thing will just keep generating leads for you over and over and over and over you don't have to do anything anymore you ought to be their selves you can keep publishing YouTube videos and I encourage you to do that you don't have to you know like you a sprinter anything like that I may be published 3 or 4 a week and it maintains this it keeps bringing people into my email list keeps getting people to purchase for me arm and that's just one lists are right so I mean do this in countless listen niches and you can make multiple you 2 channels if you want but this is key this is goal this was gonna get money in your bank as fast as possible so the next video I'm going to show you how to create these landing pages ... I'm gonna give you some resources you can use ... to pretty much come up with headlines you know like that and lessons the seconds if you wanted I'm and then you're going to talk about what you do when you get them on let's all right sauce you guys there Bach //
"2017-08-19 16:59:16"
awakening vid 3
\\Hey guys welcome back to this model so okay now you picked a niche you know what you want to get into now you need to know exactly how to get you know your first 0 people to come to you and to show their interests and exactly you know what it is you have to offer what Libyan affiliate product or whether that be your own product you want to create you don't have a product don't worry about it use one of the many affiliate products on clickbank there's click sure there are tons of mother JV zoo warrior plus I'm their lot health affiliate networks out there we can do that is a simple Google search arm and you will find an affiliate network for whatever initiatives urine so with that said you know how do we get these first 0 people to us humor you don't need a lot of people to to actually make this work to make this whole system work you don't need people on your email list it's gonna be nice you know to have been especially in the future more and more people that we can make $1000 a day $2000 a day or more but you know with with what we're doing over here we are gonna be making as much money as possible for just a very few the very few people but shown interest in you and you know there are many ways to do it and I've tried many weights but I'll tell you right now the most powerful way that I know of attracting people to you very fast contrary popular belief is with a social media outlets and the specific social media outlet that I use that I started back at the end of March of this year 2017 is your all right now don't freak out and don't sound you know you don't don't start running away now it is the last thing I want to show you something you want run away closes computer do not because I'm here to tell you right now if you host between 5 to 10 videos the way that I'm gonna show you how to do it you will attract people to you people will like you regardless of what your personality is like you don't have to have a different personality you don't have to change yourself you don't have to fix your starter you'll have to do any of that you know you don't have to cover up the mole on your face people like you're flawless people like your resume this your rawness alright I I heard the first 5 videos I put up on you to tell show you here in a second they got such rave reviews and I have since then gotten better at doing you too however those videos people still love they love it because I was just so me and I was gonna stumbling and mumbling and I would drag on and I would do all this stuff that people still were interested in me and people immediately opted into my email list the way I'm gonna show you how to do okay so I'm gonna encouraging you going just start a little YouTube channel took to set up your account it'll take less than 30 minutes to do everything and to bridge a pretty much make videos the way I'm gonna tell you how to make now let's go to you too mind you this can work for Facebook if you want to just do a Facebook page ... that's fine too and Facebook is very very effective Tom and you can definitely do you do what you know we're gonna be doing here on Facebook starting a page posting on a daily in getting people to visit you I just find that when you put a video out there you put your face on it people are attracted to you like flies on garbage are a bad metaphor I know but that's how powerful it is now you can do you to without your face being on there you know you can go you can hire somebody to do videos for you got still finds powerful as this so okay let's say you chosen a how to make money with clickbank or you want to talk to people about how to do affiliate marketing navy are in the process of doing a flea marketing yourself your total newbie and you're learning about it as you go in so you want to actually share with people what you're learning so very very good strategy when people see that you're at the beginning and you start to have some success people loved so what do I do first I go here to you to go to the search bar got how to make money with click back okay so I want you to notice a few things right here number one how to make money with clickbank top result is what we put in but I want you to notice all of these longer tail keywords right here you too has pretty much provided you with your next set of videos because he's a long tail keywords right here are exactly what people are searching for right now and there is a very very good chance that when you make a video on these they will rank automatic I mean on your first video you could get 100 views just within the first few days this is you being a nobody listens you not having to you to following this and you not being a celebrity or anything like that and I'll tell you something 100 views might not be a lot in the grand scheme of things when you look at people that are having I have 1000 I'm sorry and they have like 100000 subscribers and they have 2030 0 views on their videos you don't need all that you know with 100 views to your video you're gonna get some subscribers out of a you're gonna get some people paying attention to you and I guarantee that you can tomatoes those those guys right away I was a little late monetizing them yet still I was able to generate a lot of income within a very short period of time so right here you got all your videos planned out for how to make money look like without a website how to make money with clickbank step by step right here how to make money without a with clickbank without a website people want to know how to make money without having to build that some complicated website and so that right there can be fodder for your videos right there how to make money with clickbank in Facebook you know how to make money with clickbank fast how to make money ... clipping auto colleagues are all good videos for you to start but I'm gonna go ahead to the first one how to make money with clickbank so all these videos right here that you see on the first page all have extremely good titles these are all titles that you can emulate how to make money on clickbank for free alright so what people want to know how to make money click thing without paying for advertising so there you go is a video right there for you make money with clickbank without a website as we know that's a good keyword right that's a good long tail keywords can use for a video right there all you do is you make a video on how to make money without quick bank with quick thing without a website you can go and watch some of these video see what these guys are talking about you can even put this into Google read some articles on it already you'll have a good grasp of exactly how to make money with that and about a website ... you know we go down how to make money welcome with clickbank 20171 of Brenda's videos right here you see he's ranked up here at the top people want to know what's current they wanna know how to do something in the year that we're in right now so that's a bail proof way of of doing it you know how to make money with something in 2017 ... you know how to make money with ... so I don't shop a quien 2017 you now case studies are was good how I mean 6000 with clickbank for free obvious economic in that month clickbank to worry about it onboard whatever you're doing so yeah how to make money clip things 0 investment people want people want something for nothing so you're appealing to that emotion right there this is I mean you're gonna get you to video ideas for days when you do this are any star watching these videos and you'll see like I click on you know how to make money on clickbank for free then I get all these other videos right over here on the site so because that and you get even more ideas for videos you now so let's try another example how to train them to go into the dog how to train your Labrador puppy alright organizing your dog unistar off like that I just thought of this right now stop my head training your Labrador retriever up up the Labrador puppy training how to teach your dog to stay in 3 steps you know you could do a video on how to how to teach your dog stay in 5 steps ... Labrador retriever puppy training overview you know on and on and on we go so now let me actually go to what I talk about which is can the publishing image that I've actually done pretty successful in is Kendall publishing let's just typing can a publishing mind you I just started this about 4 months ago are a I typing can the publishing we go down your I got all these really good keywords right here video ideas but look as we go down here's a video I just put up the other day can the publishing you know from 0 I interviewed a student of mine and already it's on the first page of its key words in the publishing I go down further it's in the Shawnee anymore love there we go here's another video of mine in the publishing 2017 again I use 2017 because people want to work some 2017 also these videos is can the publishing dead people always want to know if an opportunity is still good if if the you know the opportunities still bear and so when you make a title like this you know is can a publishing data at the end of in the publishing end of clickbank for the end of affiliate marketing you know it ... ... you know or you know ... dog a puppy traditional dog puppy training tricks just flat out don't work you know something like that ... when you're telling somebody that something has stopped working they tend to want to get serious about it I want to know more about it so yell on on we go I'm I haven't even been doing this for more than 4 months already to my videos on the first page of my niche terms can book publishing so this goes to show you that you can go into a niche and you can infiltrated put your first video like actual and tell you this video right here yeah can a publishing 2017 is gonna publishing do 1 of my first videos all right in this immediately put me on the map people showed an interest just off of my first videos I didn't luck out this is how you to work you to the open market right now you get on there make about 5 to 10 videos and you're already in business you started a business do not take this lightly okay also mind you this video since I first put it up some under 57 views that's it already generating income I am from from on the list I created from my list right now is less than 200 people okay why me the you know 3174 income which is grown ever since then I only had about 130 something people on my list and I'm gonna show you exactly how to get people on your list from here but I just want you to see exactly how powerful you to do is when you create these videos put them together and ... you start reading the following so in the next module I'm gonna show you exactly what I do behind the scenes to get people on my email list are writing that's gonna involve actually creating a little one page but sit in one page sigh without having to build a website and on integrating it with your other you to our Facebook not doing you did you wanna do Facebook fine you can still use this method it's okay Sino with with you to be a works like freaking gangbusters that's it for this video I'm gonna see you guys in the next one //
"2017-08-19 16:25:49"
Awakening vid 2
\\Hey guys welcome back so now before we can actually put the words I'm gonna show you to put on a page that converts people into ... you know into subscribers and eventually buyers we have to pick a niche now I don't want to freak out I don't want to scurry off now and say oh I knew this was coming he can manage is a very simple process to many people over complicated too many people think that there are some hidden niche that's going to make you rich true all there are some niches that come over time you know there's some trendy niches niches that are evergreen but not so exploited arm and then you can make a lot of money with fast there are some proving tried and true niches niches where even though there is competition there is so much I opportunity in there so much room for more and more people to get into it at a different voice to that you don't ever really have to worry about competition or anything like that and you don't really have to think too hard about what your niche is going to be I'm now obviously the more specific we can get the better but I'm gonna show you how to do that too and here's really All I Want you to do with taking an H. if you already are good at something if you have something in mind say you are an expert bass fishermen you're an expert dog trainer ... say you ... know how you know seduction work so you're really good with women and you know how to pick up girls or your girl and you know to pick up guys you know that's beautiful because you already know your niche arm you already you already have the knowledge to communicate in that niche here's the thing in here people get it twisted your get it wrong and that is that they have to be some sort of expert in a needs to actually do really really well you can go and infiltrate a niche or infiltrate a you know a specific specific niche where you have no knowledge up are you can infiltrate their nature after just reading about it a little bit watching a few you 2 videos reading a couple of sales letters you will know more about than needs than most people that are my you know are are interested in it but don't know and so I don't want you to really think that you have to know anything about anything alright I'm gonna show you a few different you can get into arm when using an affiliate platform at your to probably know or to go to in just a second but I want you to understand something you do not have to be an expert a ninja or anything like that in any these niches are to this day I've been getting into niches that I know nothing about and I'm you know it's it's very very simple so first thing we're gonna do you gonna open up your web browser gonna click right then we're gonna go to the affiliate market place sorry my internet's a little slow on kind of out here in the countryside will hurt so having your own online business you can live wherever you want but I do warn you if you're gonna live in the countryside research internet ... internet psalm providers service providers in that area because there are none were and that and it's just god the internet is slow and it costs a lot of money so you know I always consider your options there so okay here we have all these different categories right here I'm gonna tell you the big 4 new probably you might already know them you might not but you know if you get into any one of these niches their their failed her car at the evergreen is always gonna be demand arm and it you can make a lot of money at either one or any one of them are the first one obviously is business and investing E. business any marketing health and fitness is huge armed self help is another good one their subjects within self help like 18 which is something that I really really like is a hot hot niche with a lot of income potential and the ability to really really get customers tension very quick ... and then you know there are tons of other spirituality all that I'm like hell I like well I like ... I like you know relationships dating hobbies is another good one too you know hobbies out like let's see over here sometimes a fine on the home and garden ... sometimes you'll find them in cooking and wine things things like bass fishing I would working ... you know dog training is I really kind of a hobby but you know it's a need that people have basically you wanna go to needs or people have a very very hot button for the information in that niche or for products in that niche ... you know past Fisher is like you know the the past and and you know small strategic little methods of actually catching more bass on people that are in make money online they want to learn how to make money online they want to have a better life they want free so they don't want to and they don't want to be you know at the mercy of the man so to speak so I'm gonna encourage you to stay in those niches although there's plenty out there and good chances that there are clickbank products that are being sold on these niches that it's a good needs to get into so just for argument's sake what's going to business investing ... let's go into it's going to small business entrepreneurship so over here you'll notice it says by popularity I like to go by gravity gravity means and you probably might already know this that a lot of people are promoting the product because it's a killer product in it converts really well like this one right here would profits ... teaches people how to do woodworking ... this product is selling really really well because I have the gravity of 45.759 usually over 15 over 1315 gravity means it's a great product your tie Lopez's 67 steps you know this has 21 0.9 good gravity arm then there is the freight broker profits now smaller gravity so it gets less and less and less let's actually go into E. business any marketing E. business and E. marketing has crazy crazy gravity like right over here you know anything galls I'm yeah he has his course the big unit marketer to 1 in 1.93 CD passive income in 113.28 is are all awesome gravity's so you busy marketing would be a great niche I'm I know like ... cut my cash flows that we will point 32 yet get paid for your opinions yeah all that ... what's it called them by taking surveys and things like that anything that has to do with business opportunity is always a great niche even selling on clickbank is a really really good niche so you know once you figured out what your niche is whatever you want to be whatever you have a slight interest and I like talking about money I like teaching people how to make money online therefore I gravitate towards that niche so just pick one needs that you want to get into our a Weatherby selling clickbank products ... you know how I mean affiliates how to ... how to make money with ... how to make money with E. commerce how to build your own email business how to make money you know I I I talk a lot about how to make money with the publishing there are so many I want you to kind of explore what's on clickbank see something that interests you make sure you the products have a good gravity and you're gonna know right there what needs you want to get into it is a simple as that it's as easy as that okay that's it for this video next we're going to talk about exactly I am we're gonna talk about exactly what to ... what you on do in order to get people to pretty much gather up and be a part of your little community okay that's it for now //
"2017-08-19 15:44:32"
Awakening video 1
\\Hey what's going on guys this is she need to Hasani and on behalf of Brendan makes Dalton Scott and everybody was behind the scenes working on this amazing system I want to thank you congratulate you and every other cliche thing like a possibly tell your little intro arm in just so you guys know a little bit about me you know I started in internet marketing back about 2014 I wasn't really going into the passive income you know email lists building route I was actually freelancing I was freelancing for clients and I was doing a lot of grunt work trading my time for money and it was about 2016 or so or you know what I just got fed up with that I've had enough I wanted to make passive income so I got into publishing E. book on kindle and that turned out to change my life and you know in a in a big way at the time it wasn't until after after I publish my E. books that I decided to talk about how I published my E. books with a small group of P. that things are really began to explore and I got a taste of what real money really it's so instead of having to go the long you know 2 to 3 year ... growth cycle that I had to go through unnecessary in order to avoid that and the kind of leap frog all of that bypass it make it so that in the next 4 weeks 5 weeks 6 weeks you're potentially earning a full time income online I'm going to show you exactly what I figured out you know in in recent times that really makes for a powerful internet marketer with very persuasive skills and the ability to really print money on demand because that's that's what this is all about and that's what this system is all about ... no I don't want you to get things twisted I don't want to get things wrong and in thinking that you're gonna make money in the next 10:00 hours you know our 10 minutes or whatever all these other sales messages always look sales letters out there I promise I know you and I both see them were both explosive then we both probably been held captive by them too and I want to for you with that I want to make it so they can see reality you see the truth for what it is is also isn't to say that you have to you know you have to slave away for the next you know your to read in the next few months to actually start earning some income that could actually allow you to quit your job to bring extra money into your bank account to take a vacation to get a car to do whatever it is you want to do that kind of money can come a lot quicker than you think it has for me it has for hundreds of thousands of others that I talk to people with no special skills people with no special powers people with horrible technical abilities all like myself you're gonna see in this video court's eye socket technical stuff alright for that reason I'm gonna show you a beautiful resource that you can use to do some of the things we're gonna be talking about some things and I want you to do arm and the eye socket technical stuff I don't like technology contrary to what you might think it is kind of ironic need that I use technology to communicate with you via the internet but no technology scares me almost much snakes too arts are crammed snake lovers out there snakes are great but this here some of us so this technology and so I don't want that to you immigrants I don't want your ability to speak English or not speaking English or whatever it is B. hindrance you I know people from third world countries who learned how to speak English with any you're too and were able to put a few words down on paper that actually brought them income and that's exactly one of the show you on the show you you know the emails that I use I'm gonna show you how to get people into my email funnel I'm I'm gonna show you exactly how to convert them when they're there it's or simpler or easier than you might I think and I'm gonna show you how much of a dumb dumb I okay when it comes to actually doing this stuff arm a lot of the time I figure this stuff out the trial and error I bought it forces like you may have and most of them this collected August are and I don't really or create a lot of them I just kind of went with my gut on certain things and I figured out some things that work and now I'm here to kind of relate that to you Armonk now another thing to take to take into consideration is to not take this course lightly I have gotten very accustomed to creating high ticket products you know I saw a very high take a course on how did you keep a publishing I sell aren't really high ticket stuff on you know affiliate marketing I like selling high ticket because I like the income potential when I sell something that's extremely expensive I know that the person who bought it is actually serious so in doing this course I know you you might have paid $152025 for I'm not sure where you bought it at what period of time but I want to tell you something I will impart something to you I did not look at this course as a $20 coarser $15 course I didn't say in my mind okay we'll we're gonna be selling this thing for 20 Bucks so many given $20 worth of information no that's not it matter fact I don't really want to give you I want to give you something you can are not you're not buying this course for information you're buying it for a very specific approach a very specific system that renders a very specific result alright that's it you know we don't really need any more information we need a solution and that's exactly what this is so I don't want you to think that because you need a low price for this that this is some like read it and feel good are watching and feel good type course that you never acts do anything the fact that this intro is gone on 5 minutes 27 seconds already enough warm and fuzzy in for me if I want to get to the meat of it I really wanna show you what I'm doing and when you see how simple these things are you're gonna be inmates don't over complicated understand it is this simple understand that I have the mind of a monk you when it comes to technical abilities and when it comes to writing and things like that however I still made this work and you can't to alright I'm really saying that I've this isn't just something to keep going in to keep you all excited and motivated arm you know it's a to keep watching course or anything like that take what I'm going to tell you and apply I guarantee I guarantee you you stand the best possible chance of getting results that's already took me just a few months until I was making over $100 a day and I could have done a lot sooner than that and I have known what it is that I figured out later on which is what I'm gonna be sharing with you anyways and that is enough of that treat this course was some seriousness I'm I agreed to do this for this crisis because I believe in Brandon mesa believe adult Scott these guys are great they don't really trying to help and if you're on their email lists and you on their Facebook groups these guys are trying to get you mensa about at all times you know along with the product promotions they do they give a lot America what you bring in a little while back on you to know that while this guy is great is given so much information I watching golden back in the day and actually see this guy wanted to help people I actually hired him for coaching you know back in the day taught me a lot I'm at a very reasonable price at the time to sit back and is in stages so don't think you're gonna get the same price I but what I'm trying to say is these guys are trying to help and the reason why the price these products were so low is unnecessary so more of it is because they want enough people to have access to this information so we have to really control me they have to twist my arm to do this course because I I didn't want to fall into the hands of the wrong people or I did not want to to really take cannot so serious that I hate that I hate that when I put something out there that is life changing for somebody and they knew nothing with I don't want that to be you I want to take what I'm gonna tell you that I want to do it now another thing before we go on to the meat of this video on course is that if you do have any questions along the way if you feel like something is with missing or something is left out because courses you know they they can't be I really comprehensive all the time I'm I I want you to reach out to a send us your questions also I'm going to make it so that any questions that you have anything that I'd like course if I did miss something is easily you know research apple online you just go and say now how do I uploaded you to thumbnail or face book you know in major something like that you could do that my goal is to give you good good strategy very specifically not a bunch of okay this ... or you could possibly do this or you could even do that or you might even want to consider doing this it's not a bad it is do this and do it in this way and you will get this resolved that's it that's it for this video guys I am going to see you in the next one where we are going to learn how to put some words on a page that make people you in their information this is the one of the most important skill you can have in you are going to learn it in probably the next 5 to 10 alright I'll see you guys there by //

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