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"2018-04-06 22:53:14"
Dr. Steven Greer Interview With Carol Rosin | The Atacama Coverup PART 4 / 4
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"2018-04-05 00:07:49"
Dr. Steven Greer Interview With Carol Rosin | The Atacama Coverup PART 3/4
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"2018-04-04 03:37:42"
Dr Steven Greer Interview With Carol Rosin | The Atacama Coverup PART 2/4
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"2018-04-03 04:23:52"
Dr. Steven Greer Interview With Carol Rosin | (The Atacama Coverup) PART 1/4
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"2017-12-28 02:57:12"
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"2017-10-11 19:12:41"
Sirius Disclosure animated logo and music meditation
\\I the and yeah the the I we yeah I //
"2017-08-23 21:30:35"
Unacknowledged Sneak Peek: Alien Reproduction Vehicles
\\early research into anti gravity technology gained momentum in the 19 forties as Adolf Hitler poured tremendous resources into developing his secret weapon the so called flying now once we acquired they were augmented with the study of retrieved a terrestrial and we create only so called alien reaper this is where a bell labs was involved issues where General Electric was involve this is where I'm number of high tech companies gained their knowledge Lockheed Martin's skunk works an E. G. in G. and Raytheon E. systems and mitre corporation X. in Booz Allen Hamilton and on and on and on I know many people who work in these programs well we have things flying in and of that a desert that are 50 years beyond what you can comprehend if you seen on Star Wars or Star Trek we've been there done that or decided it wasn't worth the effort so that's coming from Ben rich then rich head of the skunk works between 1975 and 1991 this is the original letter from venerate Chantal like he did fenced aeronautics company letterhead I'm a believer and so was Kelly Johnson here it says dear Ben there are 2 categories 80 manmade your foes the extra terrestrial ruffles dear John yes I'm a believer in both categories I feel everything is possible many of our man made you a foes were unfounded our fraternities in both categories there are lots of kooks charlatans be cautious been rich we now have the technology it takes then rich CEO lock //
"2017-07-27 04:24:31"
Unacknowledged: The Alien Threat Hoax
\\I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world well the only problem with that is that if you look at that that permit for inter clan Terry interstellar travel it's 1000 times more developed than hydrogen bomb which if we were to have a massive exchange of nuclear weapons with leave most of all life on earth it's things therefore how could we possibly have armed conflict with another planetary system for more than a nanosecond and survive it they know that we could but it's a way of manipulating the public demagoguery of fear jingo ism false nationalism and creating a booking alpha space //
"2017-07-21 16:49:07"
Unacknowledged: Roswell Was Not The Beginning
\\Roswell was not the beginning it was a turning point we just dropped 2 bombs on a country and we had a test of that bomb a few months earlier for a few weeks earlier in New Mexico this probably was observed by these aliens somewhere whether they're doing good connaissance or how they figure so they came here today to observe try to figure out what the hell at the time of the crash shortly after the detonate the first time Nick went Roswell was the only nuclear arms squadron if you accept a multi dimensional area it's highly likely we don't have a lot of damage is somebody else's world and by the Vietnam War yeah the underlying theme that connects most of the disclosure project case by is the fact that these close encounters tend to occur near our nuclear facilities suggesting that these visitors are deeply concerned with our hostility and the existential threat that we posed to our cell once we learned to split the atom //
"2017-07-05 07:36:16"
UNACKNOWLEDGED: We have lost 100 years
\\we have lost 100 years of evolution on planet earth I truly lost century you to progress was made in the 19 twenties as Nicola Tesla developed energy generation technologies that could power the drawing endless free energy from the so called empty space around us so called empty space isn't really into it all it's actually full of energy a set of being the amount space time was tendered 10 0 is behind Jules and that's in the energy even in a coffee Cup to boil all the which politely away the acronym unidentified flying is a deliberately office term and what it really is is an alternative energy proportions they had a piece of they thought was plexiglas rectangle pieces Plaxico for years before they figured out it was the energy device and that it was connected in such a manner that this device could power very small watch to a city power was determined by what the demand on at once and so each craft had one of these the implications are free energy go far beyond keeping the lights on in your home or running your car without gasoline most of the calls of making anything from growing food to constructing a skyscraper is the energy used to mind the raw materials the ground ship process ship again package and do a free energy society in which the cost of manufacturing and agriculture move towards 0 would mean endless abundance for every they already exist it's not like you have to be invented you and I the taxpayers of already paid trillions of dollars literally in super secret black budget funding to develop the systems this is the society we could have had a century //
"2017-06-21 18:25:53"
Unacknowledged Sneak Peek: Dr. Edgar Mitchell- ET Presence on Earth
\\the disclosure project archives includes testimony from extraordinary individuals who are part of this great effort to explore other space including astronauts cordon and Dr Edgar Mitchell the 6 man to walk on the moon yes there have been T. visitation there have been a crashed craft there have been a material and bodies recovered and there is some group of people somewhere that may or may not be this point but that at this number and have been attempting to conceal this knowledge //
"2017-06-07 20:14:55"
Sirius Trailer
\\the problem is not proving that you oppose exists is when you begin to expose the energy and propulsion systems hi and how they're getting what scientists need to do is they need to look at the hard core ever saw I all my ET our review and then get over that they deconstruct extra ruthlessly a great enter lies Petra doll boil cold system and right now these tropic sociopath we're running the planet and governments I'm not far enough so we've decided that his people to form our own movement game right we are attempting to achieve as a device which feeds the perpendicularly we have so many modes of converting final vacuum energy or this possibly be was found in the attic comedy as a we have the best scientific never gonna be doing the DNA testing we have 1115 teams of CD 5 ambassadors I can attest to the fact that real phenomenon happens here and this is probably the most important thing going on on this planet today yet nobody talks about it so who's yeah if we come together we can make this happen in a matter of months not decade for this the destiny humana //
"2017-05-27 15:12:14"
Unacknowledged Sneak Peek: Marilyn Monroe
\\interestingly there was a man of my executive committee was a very well known actor and singer named up burl Ives and burl Ives feels the 30 third degree Mason so all of you people who think that all the secret societies everyone in it knows everything I don't know anything and he said to me is that we all know that Marilyn Monroe didn't die of of overdose who who beat to he said do you know why they killed merit program the late Marilyn Monroe and I said well I didn't until I got this document it's a virtual death warrant because he was found a couple days later 3 August 1962 wiretap of telephone conversations between reporter Dorothy Kilgallen who was looking into Roswell and other UFO issues and her close friend Howard Rothberg from wire tap a telephone conversation a Marilyn Monroe and Attorney General Bobby Kennedy Rothberg discuss the apparent comeback of the subject with till Domon and the break up with the Kennedys is referring to the fact that Marilyn Monroe had been having an affair with not one but both Kennedy brothers and it was coming conspicuously broke off Rosberg indicated in so many words that she had secrets to tell no doubt arising from her trysts with the president and the Attorney General one such secret mentions the visit of the president at a secret air base for the purpose of inspecting things from outer space now this is 1962 kid gohan said if the story is true be a terrible embarrassment a for Jack in his plants have NASA put men on the moon way cherish decked out in a mall in this decade and do the other thing not because they are easy but because they are hard the subject repeatedly call the Attorney General and complained about the way she was being ignored by the president's brother subjects threaten hold a press conference and would tell all it's a tragic situation because she is an actress you do understand the national security state and the viciousness of those who want to keep the source secrets //
"2017-05-22 21:32:36"
Unacknowledged Sneak Peek: Government Hoax
\\they could pull it off they could definitely know right now they have the technology to mimic the form fit and function of extraterrestrial UFOs they have the technology absolutely it's seamless and you can never tell the difference if they do have a false flag invasion they're going to use 1 of these this is the Hudson Valley boomerang this is 1982 to 1989 over 25 0 eyewitnesses reported this craft they can use the saucers the cigars the pyramids the triangles as a United coalition and that's how they're they're going to do it we're talking about 100 52 0 72 feet across for the Dennett coal so the question was some of that 20 4000000000 according to this sexy when the power of and when the accelerates ... it looks like a spark off so if they wanted to hopes they could do it do not know a //
"2017-05-19 17:18:59"
Presidents Acknowledge UFO and ET presence
\\and that morning into a lot of the English speaking newspapers there was a picture of 2 UFOs so I placed those on his table where he was going to be sitting and Isaac morning Mister president same doubts that we'd like to have coffee and juice and CDS so while I was getting that he's looking at the papers I came back here and president Kennedy says what do you think I looked at him I looked down at the picture and I says well Sir what do you think and with that magnificent granite fears he said I asked you first I said from what I've learned we can't be I only living be creation he says you're right young there he is it's suitable now the actual being if you FOR that we're aware of //
"2017-05-11 20:18:09"
Unacknowledged Trailer
\\we have 3500 where express or vehicles have landed in the physical traces we have 4000 cases where they have been tracked on radar and seen by pilots we have enormous amount of photo and video evidence and physical evidence there's more evidence for you oppose and there are 4 black holes most of the theories in astrophysics most of the evidence for most of the medicines you take I'm speaking now as a trauma doctor and yet we have this blockage in the mainstream media scientific establishment saying we're for we have 3500 where extraterrestrial goals have landed in the physical traces we have 4000 cases where they have been tracked on radar and seen by pilots we have enormous and now photo and video there's more evidence for you oppose in their most of the theories and most of the evidence for most of the medicines speaking out and yet we have this blockage in the mainstream media scientific establishment saying we're for //
"2017-05-10 18:01:17"
NEW Unacknowledged Trailer
\\we have 3500 where expressed repeated goals have landed in the physical traces we have 4000 cases where they have been tracked on radar and seen by pilots we have enormous amount of photo and video evidence and physical evidence there's more evidence for you oppose and there are for black holes most of the theories in astrophysics most of the evidence for most of the medicines you take I'm speaking now as a trauma doctor and yet we have this blockage in the mainstream media scientific establishment saying we're I and //
"2017-05-08 14:34:02"
Unacknowledged Trailer
\\are you hide implants right in 47 lines that have been found us is now in the possession of the army if you look at this document sent to Jacob Hoover 3 so called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico is become the number one document viewed on the FBI website there have been visitation and people have been attempting to conceal this knowledge we actually did recoveries of bodies that were involved with some of these crashes bush will you know to tell the public about it and he says no we don't tell the public about this there became to be this bifurcation that the separation between legitimate national security military operation the black programs that are unacknowledged if people think that this just the UFO issue there gravely mistaken this is one of the ultimate secrets that needs to be exposed if there was a project that was illegal the president doesn't know it's curry who's going to stop this from happening the moon of Mars there's a very unusual structure when people find out about that they're gonna say who put that there please deeper black programs have the technology to hoax and alien invasion they could do it and I could do that no way that's 100 percent it's very easy to set up a false flag operation concoct all kinds of false information we have people in bed it in all the major media change and affect stories if you tell me about this project this bullet has your name on it and it will find you strategy was that first for Russia for the enemy then terrorists would be identified then third world country crazy the last car Pacific bell park Paula is a lot yeah //
"2017-05-01 19:37:48"
Unacknowledged Sneak Peek: How it all started
\\I was 8 or 9 I saw one of these objects broad daylight there is a beautiful seamless desk in a blue sky but I became completely absorbed in this so my interest in this goes back to my childhood once you conclude that the real and they're of interstellar origin the next question is what we gonna do clearly what we should militia having service citizens effort much like the ability who are going Cold War started to say because to me sure enough killer successes this is that story //
"2017-04-27 17:27:40"
Unacknowledged Red Carpet Premiere - Livestream
\\ //
"2017-04-24 20:02:50"
2001 National Press Club Event
\\ //
"2017-04-19 18:15:54"
Unacknowledged Introduction: Sneak Peek
\\one of my biggest disappointments over the last 25 years it's those who lack the courage of their convictions one percent of the people who I've talked with met with a brief had that courage this would have all been fixed long ago I have always told you won't do it I will so here goes //
"2017-04-17 18:50:25"
Unacknowledged Sneak Peek: Eyewitness Testimony
\\paired that I have been locate where craft of unknown origin not originate on the face is there I am prepared to state that while I was there we saw all living dead bodies other entities did that were not born on this planet we had what they refer to as interfacing with those entities //
"2017-04-11 21:26:25"
These technologies can change the world forever
\\these are folks who have been involved in so called black budget for over 90 knowledge projects releases no we don't tell the public about this would panic the public these chronic knowledge special access projects are taking in at least 40 to $80000000000 per year and they are sitting on technologies that can change the world forever //
"2017-03-31 15:50:49"
OFFICIAL Unacknowledged Trailer
\\how do you keep something secret you hide in plain sight it is rich in 47 lines that have been found us is now in the possession of the army if you look at this document sent to Jacob Hoover 3 so called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico is become the number one document viewed on the FBI website there have been the team whose affection and people have been attempting to conceal this knowledge we actually did recoveries of bodies that were involved with some of these crashes I swear you know to tell the public about it and he says no we don't tell the public about this there became to be this bifurcation that this separation between legitimate national security military operation the black programs that are running people think that this UFO issue gravely this is one of the ultimate secret that needs to be spoke of if there was a that was illegal president curry who's going to stop the moon of Mars there's a very unusual structure when people find out about that they're going to say who put that deeper black programs have the 2 a hoax and they could do it and they could do turn away that's it's very easy set up a false flag on talk all kinds of false and you know they have both in bed in all the major change fact stories if you tell about this project this bullet has your name on it and it will find you strategy was the first for Russia for the enemy then terrorists would be identified then third world country crazy the last car is Italian cars Paula is a lot I live //
"2016-12-15 21:27:17"
The Cosmic False Flag
\\ //
"2016-07-12 18:51:01"
Dr. Steven Greer's NEW Documentary: UNACKNOWLEDGED: AN EXPOSÉ -- TRAILER
\\how do you keep something secret you hide in plain sight there were bodies that were involved with some of these crashes the also someone alive I swear to tell the public about it he says no we don't tell the public about this it would do panic the public and you know there's a new day unexplained aerial phenomenon I'm a doctor in an E. R. taking care shootings and stabbings and car wrecks and I'm being asked to brief the CIA director and stop because he and the president to be alive what's he said by the way we've discovered a base on the backside of the moon I said said who's 50 if the average person knew that the term UFO was actually concocted after they knew that they were extraterrestrial vehicles or man made anti gravity devices they would realize that for 60 years weaver had the solution to the environmental crisis the energy crisis and global poverty the most dangerous thing going on the planet today is an ISIS it's not a rat it's not Russia is not China it's a out of control covert group that is not being overseen by the people Congress or the president who have developed these technologies and or recklessly using track and target extraterrestrial vehicles the result of this is that we're in a crisis that is funny knowledge ironically because these projects I occasionally think Caro quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world there is no threat and we have to prevent the weaponization of space so you know they don't exist but if they are they're a threat so this is the 12 punch just been going on unfortunately for 60 some years he said do you know why they killed Meryl then the late Marilyn Monroe and I said well I didn't until I got this document it's a virtual death one when they found out that translate passed away they came in they had the manager of the hotel open the safe and they took all of tassels papers know lot of people say own will that's an urban myth or conspiracy theory I see like the hell it is I the the and this is like a bad you know conspiracy that this my life //
"2016-06-06 11:16:59"
Dr. Steven Greer - Interplanetary Unity
\\he WNED //
"2016-05-31 23:21:51"
Dr. Steven Greer - Importance of Consciousness
\\he WNED //
"2016-05-27 16:14:16"
Dr. Steven Greer - The Assumption of Non Hostility
\\ //
"2016-05-24 12:14:49"
Dr. Steven Greer - Pure Awakeness Conscious Intelligence
\\he WNED //
"2016-05-21 12:59:06"
Dr. Steven Greer - The Pursuit of Truth
\\he WNED //
"2016-05-18 12:51:03"
Dr. Steven Greer - Scientific Openness
\\WNED //
"2016-05-15 13:25:45"
Dr. Steven Greer - Hope
\\ //
"2016-05-14 18:10:18"
Dr. Steven Greer on Carol Rosin Show - NEW Critical Urgent Disclosure Information - May 2016
\\ //
"2016-05-13 05:32:25"
URGENT UPDATE! May 13, 2016 - Carol Rosin with Dr. Steve Greer
\\ //
"2016-05-11 18:32:07"
Dr. Steven Greer - Eye of Oneness
\\ //
"2016-05-10 11:48:40"
Dr. Steven Greer - One God
\\ //
"2016-05-09 12:46:04"
Dr Steven Greer - Conscious Intelligence
\\yeah //
"2016-05-07 19:59:41"
Dr. Steven Greer: What are "Unacknowledged Special Access Projects" (USAP)
\\we have many people in our network who worked in unacknowledged special access projects and this is very different from a special access project or special access personnel was reported in the media about Hillary Clinton having access to SAP's will course ever I mean many people do a special access project is simply a compartmentalized project within the intelligence system and you know they're only 3 levels of of classification confidential secret and top secret if the compartment that you're in that is key now Edward Snowden he disclose something how prism among other things prism was a special access project but it was acknowledged the president knew about it the Congress knew about it the key members of the intelligence we're talking about unacknowledged special access projects better funded to the tune of 100 to $200000000000 a year that are illegal because they will not tell anyone that is not in that compartment what they're doing and I have a number people who work in these projects and for example one navy gentleman was in one project that was between 2 and $3000000000 one unacknowledged special access project apartment these projects are exactly the fulfillment of what Eisenhower produce about when he said beware of the military industrial complex and so is for this reason that I want people to understand that what we're exposing are not all secrecy within the US government or all secrets within the British government we're only exposing this is going to be the greatest expose in history on this projects that power unacknowledged and are being run illegally I wanna make this distinction very clearly and so that people do not get confused a lot of confusion on this in the public and we stay on very safe ground when we are exposing projects that are being run illegally because let's face it if the president of the United States or the CIA director or the senior fellows at the Pentagon generals and admirals I met with and ministry of defense head in United Kingdom are being denied access and lied to about products is going on under their own command but that are unacknowledged special access projects that is by definition unconstitutional legal it violates all oversight requirements of the constitution and of the national security act so we want to be really clear that that is those of the projects that we are going to bring forward and let people know about and the reason these projects have such extreme secrecy around them is because the implications are so vast when I I started this project starlight initiative which out I was helping ... Lawrence Rockefeller and he he and I were ... in the early days in 1997 collaborating on this yeah I was at his ranch out in the Tetons ... and that the J. Y. ranch which had been the rock Feller branch out there and he he took me out one night down to the deck and he said you know doctor Greer the implications of this disclosure or so vast and so profound that no aspect of life on earth will be unaffected and I turned to Mister Rockefeller I said yes Sir that's why they're unacknowledged that's why they're so secret that is I see the problem if this were a trivial issue it would have leaked out in the in the New York times decades ago it's because the implications are so profound book these applications and the secrecy has become a threat to all life on earth first head of the CIA who after he retired Avalos go healing Peter said in a letter that I have that the secrecy around UFOs is a threat to the national security do you oppose are not a threat he did not say that secrecy is a threat and so it's not only a threat to the national security of United States and other countries it is now that was in 1961 it is now 50 some years later has become an existential threat to all life on earth because we are now destroying the biosphere and also created you political time bomb we are so much poverty and dispirited income that it can go in only one direction and that is a violent global revolution and lest we fix it and so that's why this issue is so important it is not a trivial issue //
"2016-05-06 11:50:08"
Dr. Steven Greer - A Call for FREE ENERGY technologies
\\a question of technology the technology we're looking for we have a couple of that are in pursuit close pursuit our technologies that we know there are thousands of inventors in groups around the world over the years who have been victimized by a new energy suppression and the federation of American scientists in 2010 a wrote a report on this their national security prod //
"2016-05-04 19:58:30"
Dr. Steven Greer Announces "The Campaign That Ends Illegal UFO & Free Energy Secrecy"
\\hello I am doctor Steven Greer and founder of the disclosure project and this is a a special announcement about a new campaign we're launching of this week and that is to end permanently the secrecy around UFOs and free energy devices all of you are familiar with the work we did with serious which pick on Netflix in the past year and I like to thank all of you for supporting that project of this project and the disclosure project launch into 1 at the national press club or really focusing purely on top secret unacknowledged special access projects the deal with the UFO extraterrestrial and free energy or fields and what we're doing with this campaign is not just advocating for the government to do something this is the campaign that will actually end the illegal secrecy and what's key about the words here is that we are doing this not the government I think you have to understand that the people are the government in a democracy and our government is completely filled us on this and many other issues and his dysfunctional and corrupt therefore it's incumbent on us the people of the world not just United States we come together to support this endeavor are we are now working with people from all over the world who have access to archives dealing with the UFO subject government top secret witnesses videos photographs and other material and we are asking you the public to support this campaign and you can go to our website serious or to the other links you'll see in this film is supported in a number of ways but one that the chief distinctions I wanna make between this and other disclosure efforts that are going on is that this is not an effort to ask anyone else to do it this is a campaign where we the people actually do it and we were there for calling this the campaign that actually ends the illegal secrecy illegal is the key word here and I want all of the military corporate ... intelligence officials government officials who who know about the operations that deal with UFOs ... advanced technologies such as 0.anti gravity gravity control and related subjects that those projects even though you know it may not be aware of it because you're in a compartment away from most of the other a leadership of the organizations that manage them are being run illegally I will get more into this in a moment what the public needs to understand is that future of our civilization not only in how we live on this planet and whether we have aids environment and egos of bio sphere an ecosystem live them will be here but also how we're gonna live into the future and what our relationship will be with the center speller civilizations is hanging in the balance so this isn't something that we can expect the next president or the next Congress or the next parliament new Englander who ever to deal with personally I have been involved at that level since 1992 whether it be top generals at the Pentagon the Clinton administration the ... CIA director for president Clinton etcetera and what I have seen is that there is enormous interest in those Carter's but for the most part they don't have access to these unacknowledged special access projects he word you sap and since they don't there's only so much they can do and so what we are doing is what perhaps they were either afraid to do don't have the courage to do perhaps it threatened when they try or simply feel that it's too big for them to take on one senator said to us what you're asking me to do is to reel in a 2000 pound whale and I have a 5 pound line I can't do it so ultimately what I think we have to realize is that this is the exactly the situation that Thomas Jefferson and others spoke of that periodically that people have to come together and make these changes ourselves and not be passive and sheep like waiting for the government to do it and it's for this reason that over the 26 years I've been involved with this this is by far the largest campaign I've been involved with and we're going to need your help everyone of you whether you can contribute a dollar or $100000 whether you can help network this to people on your Facebook page on your social media Twitter about whether you can help your scalp for us I find new top secret whistleblowers who were in these programs and who don't know that they're being managed illegally it may be a father it may be a uncle it may be a husband or wife or a friend or neighbor they are out there and what we are calling for his for everyone to come together and support this campaign this campaign initially over the next 6 to 8 months has 3 components a full length feature documentary film so serious sort of introduced the scope of our work to the public this is going to drill down in a granular way on these top secret illegal projects the technologies that they are hiding where they are who's doing it and how their managed and we will prove in this film with the European man is illegally what the purpose of that is is that this film needs to be seen by hundreds of millions if not 1000000000 or 2 people around the world and so we have put together a team commensurate with that task but to fund this right now we have no funding a fun this for any of the people to support it and you can go to our crowdfunding page and see what our budget is and also see that that is sort of the minimal budget in addition to this fooling feature film we're going to have a book that is a compendium to the film that will course be able to have even more detailed information and world renowned author ... Steve Alton who's a New York times bestselling ... all third also has a publishing company and his publishing company and I have joined to put out this book that will be the definitive collection of evidence and information that anyone wanting the proof on the subject would be able to pick up and and it will be distributed are in the mainstream distribution system for books so that is also part of the crowd funding campaign is a production for that new book ... and then the third component which is of being studied I can't say that we have all the elements in place that we have many of the elements in place is a global concert and announcement of that for the film the book and most importantly for these new energy technologies now here I want to make a comment and this is something incredibly important over the last month I have met a number people who have committed to not only putting on this concert event but who also have access to some of the most renowned musicians celebrities in the world we hope we can organize this in the next few months with both the film and the book but also a featured technology will be on the stage now this is something we are still running to ground I would do not want people to think we have it secured yet but were on very close to the acquisition of one or more of the systems even if they are prototypes and when I refer to these devices and technologies I'm talking about a closed loop free energy device something that runs itself the input is charged from the output and it is running empowering things putting out usable killer water power or Wantage we know these have existed for over 100 years since the time of Teslin before they have always been suppressed we now know that there is a support team behind us who have the financial ability to make any reasonable offer to anyone in the world with such a device so that their needs can be taken care of financially and we can open source this to the world me be very clear on what I'm saying we have the team in place to provide any means of support that is reasonable to any inventor or technology holder with such a energy device even something like Elian are the low energy nuclear reaction cold fusion systems 0.quantum vacuum we have these folks on board this project at this time and they are committed fully to open sourcing this our agreement is explicit that the people who work with us on this and are working with us have agreed to support the scientists the invent wars and the technology holders in any way they need to financially strategically my team will launch this technology and put it out to the public free of cost plans called intellectual property will be open source no patenting and no secrets so that the world him quickly adopt the technology and pull us out of the precipice away from the precipice ... that we are plunging down and that is the biosphere collapse due to our use of fossil fuels and nuclear power and the increasing have and have not impoverishment of the world dudes that is necessary unfortunately when you're using fossil fuel systems and sent for utilities half the world's population is an enormous poverty and this is an artificial result of the energy system and the basic infrastructure our civilization is using so as an act of compassion to our fellow humans we know that this needs to be moved in a way that doesn't fall into all the pre existing traps dealing with technology seizures national security orders Patton seizures corporate buyouts of technologies that them put them on a black shelf all of that has to be overcome and the only way to do it is the get these technologies have them independently reproduced and proven and then massively and I mean massively disclose so our goal is that this concert and technology announcement event would be a global celebration Bob us starting a new chapter in human civilization on earth a civilization that an indoor for hundreds of thousands of years without destroying the biosphere and is worthy I'm going into space boy and is capable then of having a just society so we find a way to make peace on this planet this is really the scope of the project and over now I would say the 26 years that I've been involved with this I have never seen the sort of support and up significant people who now get it and I think this is reached a critical mass of consciousness where the people who understand the problems that were in in this planet now or really on board and these are really substantial groups of folks ... not just in the United States but in the Middle East Europe Asia India throughout the world nothing carefully building this network for 25 years and it is my hope that this is now going to be the fruition of those endeavors but we really can't do it alone we not only need your financial support for this a campaign that ends the legal secrecy we need your networking support because the reason we survived the launch of the disclosure project is that there were millions of people watching or anyone who tries to do something like this in obscurity I was told in 1991 by a national security attorney they are all dead man walking however if we come together in unity 2 crew to do this together and bring millions of people billions if we can onto the platform we can watch this technology and wants this information away I simply cannot be stopped I. which is working through this which is the briefing packet that was done put together for president Obama it with provided to John Podesta who is provoke talk so much about how he regrets as in his long years in government not being able to effect you a full disclosure and as you know ... Hillary Clinton and others in the talking about this on Jimmy Kimmel and others what what I am quite sure of is that their inability to do anything about it is because of this nature and the structure of illegal secrecy so that's what we have to do we have to do this ... because the system here in Washington and by the way I'm speaking to you from Washington DC and looking right now at the Washington Monument and the White House ... it this is something for us we the people to do and I think that if we wait the government to do it will all be dead how be 100 years old before it'll happen and I think if the people lead however the leaders will then follow so we have to be the leadership effort are and that's what every person listening to this has to understand I would empower each of you to view yourselves as citizens of the earth but also serve the citizens of the cosmos and that is our charge is our challenge it's our task to begin a new civilization on this planet they can go forward into space in peace and using free energy and I have a just civilization on earth were we eliminate once and for all environmental destruction and punishing poverty which which is now so problem around the world only then are we worth the to be welcomed into the neighborhood of interplanetary an interstellar civilization so this is ... the great challenge of our time and you cannot have peace in this world when you're living in the system that is so one just that it guarantees half the world is in horrible poverty and for those of us who aren't in horrible poverty our very existence cannibalizing Mother Earth storing her this is no way for people to live so it's our time to do the right thing this is the time there's no generation to pass this on to 100 years ago your can skip down the road 50 years ago on the UFO in the T. issue cancer kicked down the road this is 2016 we will have another 0 years neither of the geo political situation nor the environmental situation can withstand another 0 years of inaction passivity and up cowardice so we have to find the courage to do this somehow and I think if we all work together we can do it ... it's nothing I can do by myself is nothing any one person can do but if we all come together and do it it absolutely can be done it can be done very quickly and what I've been feeling when I've been sensing the elements are all coming together very quickly there's been a building like this and now it's gone straight up in terms of the people institutions what have you that are involved in the project we've been working on for 25 years and I'm hopeful incredibly hopeful that this can at be done over the next coming months a couple of years so we're not talking about an event you're 20 years down the road we're talking about an event in the coming months and year to and I hope that all of you will join us your house will help us with the crowd funding at the site that's on the screen I hope you can help us with finding these the evidence of witnesses and that you know you'll keep what we're doing in your thoughts and prayers as we start on this enormous undertaking ... and do not doing this as we think about our children and our grandchildren and those who come to this planet after a sigh we say that we really have our starting another civilization will change that's a once in every few 0 year change and that there are thousands of generations in that great waiting room in the cosmic sky waiting to come to earth and waiting for us to get it right //
"2016-05-02 15:55:10"
Dr. Steven Greer - "Call for New Witnesses": UFO, Secrecy, Cover Up, Free Energy +
\\we're looking for people who are new whistleblowers and let me give you a little bit about what we need we are not interested first of all and second turn third hand sources unless the second or third hand source has documents war materiel from a secret lab government or corporate that would be dispositive then we want that ... but as far as whistleblowers themselves witnesses we want them people who are first hand they need to be able to corroborate to the extent possible who they are and where they did where they saw what they saw ... we're not interested in anonymous sources our own background perhaps but for the purpose of disclosure an anonymous sources of nominal value I have 600 nominees anonymous sources on working with already ... but they won't go on the record we need people with the courage to go on the record up and I want to talk about not just the courage but the genuine sense of patriotism I never forgets over use and I'm now talking not just of nationalistic patriotism but patriotism as a human being for their fellow human ... but even if you're talking about patriotism in your country it is not patriotic at all to sit on secrets that are being kept away from the president of the United States or the Congress the people's representative when we supposedly live in a democracy and a free society that is not patriotism that is going along with the fascist authoritarian illegal operation I would be very clear on that therefore the people who come forward are not at all violating their national security goes morally or legally now what do I mean by that very quickly and I didn't her for our workshop on this that you can see on our YouTube channel slash S. disclosure this brings up this question of how did we get the first 0 or so of the military and intelligence witnesses come forward 15 years ago this year in fact may 9 2001 because from 1992 until 1998 I went throughout the US government and other governments and proved that keep people in the CIA the director for example the CIA the president keep people at the Pentagon the head of the defense intelligence agency the head of intelligence for the joint staff the head of the ministry of defense in Great Britain on and on and this was not the conspiracy theory this with me meeting with these folks and learning that they had personally been denied access to these projects therefore those projects are unconstitutional and illegal the rogue so since they have chosen to opt out of the legal and constitutional system all national security oaths and agreements whether it's with a corporation or the us an agency such as the CIA or National Security Agency NSA or the Pentagon or any division of the Pentagon or any other government agency or null and void this assessment with sent to the heads of every agency in the United States government in late 1997 and we will show you this document and it went return receipt requested and other words we have proof that it was received and the way this was done is in the military there something called unless otherwise directed you in O. D. yeah military guys stuff like medical guys like myself love acronyms but you know the means unless otherwise directed to the way this letter was formatted under the advice of a very ... experience military analyst with that we sent this assessment but I had just shared to the key agencies and the United States government and said that unless otherwise directed we are going to assume that this assessment is correct the projects are illegal and all personnel documents and materiel meeting extraterrestrial or free energy devices biological sample samples of extraterrestrial life forms are liberated they're free to be disclosed because the projects that are managing this endeavor or themselves illegal enterprises that are unconstitutional from 1997 until now which is April 2000 1619 years almost there has not been a single agency or person privately or publicly to contradict that assessment and therefore all of you who are listening who work it behoove mesa so called area 51 Dugway proving grounds Edwards airforce base Lockheed skunk works in the queue pine gap a silly in Australia etcetera and so on you are not required to go along with any secrecy oath that you have signed I am asking all of you to contact me at witnesses at Sirius will put that up on the screen witnesses at serious disclosure rock com and you'll be had with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism if you have documents or materiel those can also be handed over so those of you who have of our witnesses ... to UFO research projects gravity control projects ET technology transfer operations and so forth I'd ask you to contact us on as soon as possible and I also would ask that those of you who have knowledge of the counter intelligence programs that have staged illegal mutilation an abduction projects also contact us and those of you with knowledge the best the I. the certegy fence initiative which has been piggybacking within it a operation to target extraterrestrial vehicles as they approach earth around the earth in addition civilian victims first hand who have clear memory or evidence video or otherwise of having been abducted or been witness paramilitary human involvement in military ... abductions and mutilations that have staged to appear as extraterrestrial please contact us immediately now those of you with such a claim will need to be able to have some sort of corroboration to prove it ... investors incredibly strong other corroborating witnesses to it but we know that this is going on we know that many of the people who have been victims of these operations ... I have been in a sense cannon fodder on a psychological warfare campaign to prepare the public for a false or cosmic ... company ... flag operation a false flag operation it basically is when covert military or intelligence operations stage something ... when there's no evidence for it in order to manipulate the mascot masses I mean this is exactly how we got into the Iraq war with evidence that didn't exist the Gulf of Tonkin and ... Vietnam was an exaggeration if not a complete falsification of an attack on our ships in Vietnam to stampede the Congress into funding that disastrous endeavor and we know from sources inside the covert unacknowledged special access projects that these plans are in place a hoax threat from outer space those of you who know of the plans or who have been involved in the tactical operations dealing with this hoax thing need to contact us as we wish also to expose those operations so that the public is not deceived again or can be or is the who said we won't be fooled again into another disastrous conflict which this time they were trying to create an interplanetary conflict so we want people who with knowledge of that from either in the civilian sector who've been victims of these events where people who have been operationally involved of whom I have interviewed about a dozen so far they have not been willing to go on camera we need these folks to go on camera and with evidence because this is very important if not we won't not included in the film we have to have all of this nail down to just positive proof so we're asking for cooperation on those ... areas also people who may be in the civilian sector who have inherited from family government documents parts of UFO craft if we know these exist are other extraterrestrial artifacts or evidence contact us up people who are in current projects who have this sort of evidence also can contact us or if you're retired it was expressed to me last night by you CIA ... figure very prominent who's retired he's afraid that his retirement package benefits would be at risk it is not a risk because you're not going to be punished for exposing programs that have been run illegally because and we can prove in a court of law that they are illegal since we can prove this what we have found with everyone who has come forward from the 19 nineties until now have been left alone every single man and woman who came forward and has come forward has been we we left alone they have not been threatened they have not lost pensions they have not had any repetitions at all because we did this unless otherwise directed strategy and it has worked so I would encourage you to find the courage to do the right thing and step forward on behalf of humanity certainly on behalf of the people of the United States if you're in America or the people of whatever country you're in and believe me these programs extend around the world is not just United States //
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SIRIUS: from Dr. Steven Greer - Original Full-Length Documentary Film (FREE!)
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Expose of the National Security State
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Steven Greer Contact & European Connection
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"2015-11-23 13:57:05"
William Pawelec Interview
\\what if you can if your name and threw a bomb ... just sort of euro us a short bio bio of your ... military government so he career Ankara and sure of a resume sort of way okay my name is William John Pollock and I am 56 years old my background initially started in the airforce in the mid sixties where I was a computer operations and programming specialist for first at pope airforce base after training and then in Vietnam the first event in my lifetime had occurred then that woke me to a new paradigm that paradigm waters that late at night a young lady and I we're in the woods and about 30 miles southeast of favorite Carolina and I had an unusual experience with a UFO at about 3 or 4 distance the UFO prompted before it showed up have all the frogs the crickets and all those noise makers late at night shut off like a light switch and it appeared 2030 seconds later and past bias and about 23 0 feet online only 4050 feet away from us heading from southeast from northwest direction about 1125 at night after disappeared over the northwest in the small lake we were by there was a continued code of silence from the 20 to 30 seconds and the frogs crickets and all the other noise makers at night wound up turning back on light from a given through a light switch that event was rather dramatic in my mind in that it prompted me to start questioning what was really going on in the world this was a late night clear night citing up close and it could not be mistaken for a helicopter or any other plane that I was aware of that the airforce had back in 66 from that point on I went to Vietnam and spent a lovely year there in a tropical resort community if not trying and got to meet a lot of nice people vertically the Vietnamese but in my work we became very involved with processing and signing on to Washington intelligence data this was in addition to our normal computer load of magnets reports payroll at center and in that situation ring became quickly evident that we could have fought this war at a much higher level and much more efficiently than was intended it became obvious to all of us that it was a political war and not to be one after that experience I'd left the military in spite of the fact that almost everybody in the computer science arena was asked to stay on Vanik the airforce encourages by promising this for your college degrees fully paid officer salary while we're in that center but not of a state several years later I got back into using my computer knowledge when my first wife passed away in 77 and I was asked to come and help get a firm to grow called Rusko electronics in this late seventies rustler trunks was the largest manufacturer and installer of access control equipment in the world a friend of mine had asked me help him yes she wanted to leave the company and start his own company and I said yeah I'd love to hear my wife just died and I was looking for something new to do and the quick became apparent that everybody in the security industry was back in the old relay days philosophically and technologically and that the invest the industry did not have very many people with computer expertise what it quickly occurred in just a year to us I went from doing corporate level work in the Denver area which at the time was growing like mushrooms to doing military work national work and got in my getting my security clearance back and activated again this led to doing a lot of work for the state department and eventually by 1980 realizing that the firm I was with was gonna but right to be left in the dust technological we tried internally to convince him to upgrade their technology and they would not and I started my own firm which whether engineers in Denver one from used at who was based at the time at Buckley Air National Guard base which is actually a primary site for reception of US satellite set and satellite data for national security purposes and another friend it up from lucky well it wasn't Lockheed Martin today but as mark Marietta back in those days we started the firm and developed within 9 months the most powerful electronic security system at the battle of the tongue in fact we pride ourselves on having a form of windows before Macintosh on our systems without any command codes punching click and move windows around and we did a lot of work we at 1 time were doing 1718 major systems around the country by we did 5 alone for ... federal express and we'd link the systems into a war room type environment back at their headquarters in Memphis but with the time call the pony farm through satellite like we were the first ones doing security sites systems that separate sites black through satellite linkages we time multiplexed with their data going back and forth for the shipping and this led to a lot of other projects and eventually even when that when I finally left that my own firm that we help start in 84 I started working for beltway bandit type consulting firms GB SFC tricor EGM J. etcetera either as a contractor for them or as an employee for a period of time and was it this time again that I realize that there was something amiss during this period of time when I was developing security systems out of a national security interest in addition to large corporate systems and I need to define a security system in this marketplace as something that is is is complex as any web network today and the systems would run from a half 0 to $25000000 just for the hardware the systems that we work done were starting to be placed in areas that surprised there was one particular project when I was a Nietzschean shade where we would pass for designing a system for a base but but it amused me at the time nobody seem to be aware of in Nevada called tall poppies east southeast of the little my old money cannot turn a profit and that this base was actually where the F. one seventeens were kept when they when operational they were never kept a groom like that was only for testing purposes and that the entire wing was based there at the time and our guys used to chuckle about the Revell model not being quite right and what concerned me was that time there wasn't a decision that we had to make on what was going on a total pro and that there was a lot of facilities deep underground there that we secure and there were elevators that would go up and down very large elevators ticket pick crap much like the elevators on the aircraft carrier but in on the land based environment and that these were very deep underground and that the equipment that we can see underground around was not that which would run a normal aircraft generators are conditioners etcetera there was a totally different type of equipment now 1 of the things that interested me after I left that project several years later was that they finally announced the F. 117 and one of the concerns I would have is what is being done with phone upon now because they were moved into her rush a very big Russian of remember the number right it was $75000000 spent in only a 9 month period prepare Holloman for the F. one seventeens now that's okay but why the rush to get him out of Joan of arc with some of the facilities are deep underground becoming activated on a full time basis not just for testing purposes and that they needed to remove those planes and those crews and support staff the Holloman add to prepare in a rather large rush for a new project brought in the but none of the indications we had or my staff had that would actually install the security equipment had was the was like any other plane even something as broad ranging as the Aurora that we have all heard about in to one degree or another but not I'm I need to back up a bit there is another subject I need to approach above and beyond the ufology subject that I got involved with that reverberates relates to this when we talk about alternative government control mechanism in that one of my favorite hobbies is always been tracking new technologies and hopefully so it benefits in business and in 79 work living and working in Denver I came across the company that if necessary I can provide documents for that I kept on file the of a company in North when Colorado which is northern suburb of Denver was developing implantable chip originally for horses because there's a major was a major problem then it may be still today of the showing of forces you have 2 horses that look alike and you put the dog in and you'd better against them when everybody thinks it's this fast one read reversed that and that against a and he wished attempting through good faith to develop a technology to do you have a unique signature to every single horse that pill if you want to call it that intelligent pill at the time was already small enough by then to implant under the skin with a hoarse needle a large hypodermic needle and I was shown these and they worked and we could return with a primitive hand wand type reader from about 7 or 8 feet away and this is still primitive technology excuse me yeah all the time in the security industry a lot of us had a lot of concerns about tracking and locating people would have been kidnapped particularly what was going on in Europe at the time where we were having NATO officers even the prime minister of Italy kidnapped and these people were drained or they were brutalized or both and one of the goals of the industry was to develop technology that would allow us to track these people or locate them quickly hopefully to save their lives banana secondary basis to from being drained of sensitive information and I brought this technology to a meeting in a skiff room in Virginia that was arranged by a friend of mine with the CIA and another friend of mine with state department at the time to introduced this technology to what we felt at the time were the right parties to use this new technology responsibly no I hadn't heard about the remnant or any other religious beliefs at the time that said that everybody was gonna be implanted with some sort of marking system of law the biester 666 I didn't I wasn't even aware that stuff and I was taking this is a serious solution to a potential problem at a problem that would not go away and it was interesting we met in this room and because of the type meetings we were involved with certain people would not introduced there give you the full name or where they came from I just had to trust that my 2 contacts had contacted the right parties to be there at the right time and that they would all be responsible individuals there was a mistake after that meeting I discovered to the people in the meeting had never been asked that yet they knew about the meeting they knew what it was about they know who is going to be there and later research indicated that one of them actually work for the part of agriculture and want to work for the department of the treasury what prompted are looking at these 2 men wise that the way they ask the questions the questions they asked the attitude behind him even the body language indicated that they had reasons for the use of this technology other than the one that was intended at the meeting and back there my largest concern was how fast we make a couple 0 of and could we each get if each one of those are unique identity number now this particular pill shaped device very minor have a lot of flexibility in its capabilities it was basically just a almost a transponder you're center frequency to it and it would respond back with its unique number which not could not be changed once the chip was my yet there were a lot of capabilities that could be added to this chip such as monitoring temperature blood pressure pulse and even waveforms how the brain and what that was for research down the road what was amusing to me a few months ago on a website ... that them like decree I collect articles on the unusual is that a lady out east had a chip removed from her body in 1999 they had it blown up on the website and it was a slight modification of this chip from Denver with some of its enhancements and it was put in her she believes in that either 1980 or 1981 what was amusing about this was that this gentleman never had to worry about money again and he quietly passed on a lot of this technology somebody we never know in this concerned my contacts in Washington because that never went anywhere with them somebody else took it and ran with it and we never knew who was now in 1984 I found another technology by just sniffing the web sniffing their their the literature of our industry and a dozen other industries and I found that there was a professor at the university of New South Wales who where I still have the files on that had discovered a way to make a microscopic lithium my abate chip and by accident he had scratched and he had a job RF transmitter there and he had a receiver on by sheer chance any found that and he ... certain frequency he could send that energy beam to the chip and it would respond back with a number he worked on that technology and that technology eventually I found out about we flew a man to Denver to our company just a group of Colorado and we did a test he had some primitive small chips he brought with him they're totally passive and very small 30 seconds of an inch and it only a couple 0 stick and by etching them you could begin create a unique signature in NYC each one and this one theoretically could fantasize about and the size of the etching could have a unique number in the billions and billions in fact the a test we did was amusing in that we set up a transmitter and a receiver based on removing a air grill from our drop ceiling plugging up our transceiver into that is our intent and we were able to read that thing glued to a little piece of plywood of a cardboard from 100 feet away with a piece of grow out of a drop ceiling which using proof primitive antenna because we didn't know what frequency was dealing with so we have come up with some crime instant generic intent we were so impressed with the capabilities of this it would read through thin layers of material like vin plywood and we were so impressed that again I felt that this was a technology that truly had some value because we also discovered in some testing that papers the papers work he had with them if we had a microscopic coil in China with this we can read this from a mile away and his later on analysis a few weeks later we got back to me and said that if we had an antenna to a coil intended to inches in diameter with a chip in the middle and that the what the antennas action does acting as an amplifier to what extent and that what we're sends back out as a harmonic of the original frequency that his numbers crunching showed that he could read this thing from 120 plumbers in space and that there were other attributes this chip that could be tied into special it was powered in some mine are my new way and given a lot more Kickapoo Jews well again I took this and a lot more care this time to a meeting that we had in Virginia at a subcontractors company that I knew that it does a lot of work for the Intel community this time I had the director of the security for all US state department there and again my good friend from CIA again we had at the last minute people walk in the door with the right credentials we do know who they were exactly it turns out again we had people true this time again whom we after the meeting we realized shouldn't bother and yet they have credentials that were awesome is it turns out afterwards I found out they had never been called by my to contact yet they knew about our phone calls they knew exactly what time what place and what we're gonna be talking about and supposedly my phone calls were made over secure phone lines what concerns me more about this particular event was that I have in my records again the name of a at the time of the head of security at state department and I got to know him well because I designed the security system at least a major portion of it for Maine state or the headquarters and foggy bottom in DC and so he and I know each other very well and that one of the things that Bob wanted to do was before he retired he wanted to have his family critically is 2 boys in high school experience what it is like to live off out of the country so we actually gave himself the Joppy demoted himself to head of security priest Africa and if they hear his family shortly after this event this meeting move to Kenya to Nairobi and here I quietly kept in touch through our other contact in Washington and ship probing who these 2 men were we were having a devil of a time finding who they were who they really were because our what bothered me was that a pressure all of a sudden got a giant grant the technology was transferred he never had worked in the rest of his life a friend of mine in San Francisco who I quietly told about this technology because she was involved with other aspects of national security and tracking please he got a project to do a physical security system access control cameras intrusion monitoring everything the works for a little company in Silicon Valley and he said it was eerie to him but what they were making they're looking eerily like what I described to he built the security system in this modern fab building billions visible chips he wound up a year later being asked if you want to buy the security system they're shutting the fractured after they'd made billions and billions digital chips and it was a division of a rather major European electronics for that had the plant seems and what concerned me was that they have built these chips and who knows what happened to and they built in the billions in volume because they're so small that you could take a 6 inch wafer and make hundreds of thousands of them on the way for and they've disappeared somewhere but in the process would concern me more was Bob did not give up trying to find out who these guys were and who they work for with their agendas work he and I had had long talks of now by the mid eighties but what was really going on in government who is controlling what what concerns he had Missy had come the realization there were a lot of things going on that work right and he had supposedly made some contacts to find out more what was going on he had contacted mutual friend at CIA another country long term contractor been involved since World War 2 the very founding of the CIA who got in touch with me said Bob's got some hot reach back in the country again on business we're gonna get a meeting a few days later Bob was on his way to work just after dropping the 2 boys off at a private high school I believe in Nairobi he was on the way to the embassy and it was broadsided at a stoplight 60 miles an hour by a reinforced Land Rover he was killed instantly the brick that supposedly was drunk at 6 in the morning 7 in the morning was taking the hospital immediately disappears and all the evidencia given away of documentation has proven to be phony as to who he was Bob skill it was a hit and it's always concerned me today that he had gotten a little too close to who had been involved with this implantable chip technology we've been trying to for a couple years and quietly trying to find out who would been doing it without our government realizing it was going on they get whoever it is has got total ability to penetrate anytime anywhere our government and locate what is going on instead what we research since the early eighties on my own and with some friends indicates that we have at least 4 power groups in the world they have wealth beyond all imagination they have advanced technologies they have taken over various programs check with black programs within our government and probably even the Russian government and the Chinese there politics to them as we know it is not the same and they have agendas totally unlike what our governments we perceive our government's agendas really are and that they are able to track unbelievably what's going on around add and in a minute level and who these people or we are my friends and I have given names but they they have no relevance to what their recall themselves we just simply called the 4 horsemen and that these horsemen work together inch at times and they work against each other times as of ongoing battle between them at a low level to who's going to be top dog in the world the one commonality to all 4 appears to be an absolute desire for control of everything and everything and that ... they someone have different basis for this from the point of view of it each room has our own philosophy and that core route philosophy guides them supposedly in their actions and we believe that this is what was causing a lot of strange things to happen in the battle we're experiencing in it and in the car on a strange way correlates also with what happened with these implantable chip technologies that I personally brought now I look at it the wrong people the government because we never got to use that technology is for what it was we really intended to be used for what do you think that these 2 men who came to the meeting what credentials that they show together what what they have FBI above and beyond that they were in essay and oral that's sort of credentials but we would later check in they didn't exist they did not exist yet their credentials were spotless even to the point where if it was an access control requirement the identification systems that they carried I'm past all the access control mechanism requirements we had be it biometric be a fingerprint via eyeball did anything even access code numbers they know it all they had a role in it was better quality than actually what the agency said which is most enlightening means on limited budgets you think these were in the south yeah privatized operations the international corporate or institutional back if they are it's at a level way beyond any of the corporate security people I've ever worked with and I've worked with all the major oil companies I've worked with all the major computer companies on designing via very high in securities and none of the people in the commercial arena there ever gave me the least concerned that they were involved in something above and beyond what their corporate requirements were or agendas were are they were truly corporate people now if they're cooperate people out there that are hiring private people outside the corporate chain of command to do specific functions I would not have known about that the one area that I will say that is strange and that is the aerospace industry in this country and that I did a lot of work for several the aerospace companies either in the way of physical design of systems or in the least consulting and there were times when I came across people that seem to know a lot more than they did and that some of the very good at controlling the body language but not perfectly and we would run across various companies particularly those in California and in the Denver area that had projects on going that they were doing security work for that was beyond black and I've been involved with those obliquely so I can tell the difference but certain comments were made over a long period of time and you bring all those comments together that on on their face one common doesn't mean anything for 5 or 10 comments over 45 year period start creating the storyline Korea and it the story line basically is that there's a lot of work going on in the aerospace industry that what Rick indicate that we have black projects that have gone even darker and that there is work being done on electric robotic on scalar technology etcetera that we don't even think that those in Congress or even in the military that approved black budgets are aware of they've been taken off line they're funded through some other mechanism other van in one case I know of one black project they got billions of extra money back in the eighties and I was quietly told that it never went over budget by more than 0 and there were billions of money funneled through that black project on to something else and then a gentleman admitted it to me corporations that was north for that was not plant 20 the but when you look at the scenario of the entire series of events it starts forcing you to take your head out of sand box and put your sunglasses on at least you can look at the bright sun and find out what reality is all about enter very extent because of what I was involved with and the knowledge from 85 that the Cold War was going to wind down as we know it back then it's just mutated into a new type war that I had to prepare to get myself plan to get myself out of the business because budgets by the late eighties we all assumed in the industry going to start right now and so during the late eighties I wound up just doing consulting work for SAIC a tricolor for ET out of several of the beltway bandits and slowly got myself out of the business and got into the consumer arena and believe it or not starting the cable company in 89 in the Mexico tell me a little bit more about you know the way that you see the for example these people that appear at the meeting and people who work at that level ... you see them as being responsive to president of the chain of command American public thanks to that talk about a little bit if you can about what you found the bell how the game is really played who's in who's who is okay Steve you brought up a good question about who what's the mentality which the attitude of these people would I would run into periodically that seem to be out of the loop they're not in the chain of command their attitude is that they look act and tastes like bureaucrats and having been around for 20 some years they have their own unique flavor what these people had a genders the run like any agendas that you would ever of run into if you're in the mainstream government ... an example would be then in the early eighties we worked on a project to department agriculture I and the state of Maryland for a period of time to try and convince him to get away from food stamps and let's go to a credit card machine this coupled to the cash register that would be an ID card simple swipe card or some other high level higher level of access control card if needed with the keypad pin number would be implanted on the keypad so that the person could only that person could get food off their food stamps because at the time and I believe even today there's a huge percentage of fraud perpetuated in the food stamp arena to the tune of billions a year and so we got to meet an awful lot of guys at a high level in the part of agriculture that hurt in control of this program and they are firmer familiar with access control equipment project left we got on educating and the limitations and capabilities of that technology to aid them and saving the public billions of dollars a year that project went nowhere politics at the time were such that they didn't want to solve the problem fact you wonder in the big cities were love the members of various committees or from if they want him to kick back at times but so we had a lot of interface with people in department educate of agriculture as an example yet the one we met at that meeting from part I felt sure had a level of knowledge far beyond what these people have and he had a different attitude it was a attitude that was almost a political it was pure technical and it was very cold and the questions would be asked was how fashion you make them how fast you settle factor to make them how many can you make a period of time how reliable would they be are there racial are there any negative aspects of them and when they're implanted the human body will the body rejected etcetera these are questions that initially no no the bureaucrats Everest they assume that we would have a contract to solve those problems ... overcome what do you think the indictment the I think they've been distributed I have indications in the military that ... a lot of our special forces units have been implanted over the last 10 years if not longer now and that there are other people have been planted such as I mentioned earlier there we had that lady that had one removed because there's a retainer and she had her surgeon remove it it turned out to be very similar to the technology from 19 79 that I've brought to Washington out of Denver ... how did she she doesn't remember she doesn't remember share members almost as in an alien abduction scenario she misses members vaguely some missing time back but I don't know the whole story of that we could do some research on that Steve and ... go back to that web posting and backtrack from there to who she is and who are doctor was and find out more going back you were talking about this to a ton of pop yes we are they move that 17 now give what what we've been well we had a base that was very modern and we had a base that little state of the art equipment along mixed in with the old stuff if your forced doesn't throw anything away but don't have to they're not a squib and rub nickels together it had to but the importance of that base can never be minimized it is very remote it is between look to low mountain ranges so from a land based positioning you cannot see into it actually it's more remote than till recently then ... what was going on at area 51 where at least the ... the ufologist could go up there and some mountain top and look at a contender 15 miles away this one literally cannot be looked at from any direction where you didn't where you work trespassing on federal property at Nellis range in fact the the concern for security in the mid eighties was so severe there that one of the generals that I'd dealt with through region in shape ask me what's the wildest idea I could dream up for doing it I perimeter security monitoring system they could look out 1015 miles without fail pick up an intruder and it was a funny one because I came up with the synthetic boulder that had a self powering system and where we had special cameras telescopes we literally could monitor a Jack rabbit at 10 kilometers in a moonless night and reliably catch in the camera and after take picture of monitor and that was tied in with even a some suggestions on how to have harmless roving guards out there on horseback but they would actually work for another department the government and this was the suggestions were taken very seriously and when it comes to the point of creating artificial boulders and taking a suggestion like that very seriously with a lot of very complex electronic putting these boulders in the boulders records placed in strategic cliffs up on the hills looking outwards away from the base and then linking them by underground fiber or buy a microwave hidden microwave transmitters back to war room at the base you do not spend that type of money on that type of technology and let your prime 8 long term program this the military does not waste money like that despite of the $65000 toilet seats did you get indications then that the US and other facilities have UFO related hardware project the indication was that what was in these underground facilities pride among the staff that I would have sent in from due to do the work they would remove it there was indications from England scuff marks on the floor you can look a lot of where usages on equipment that there was equipment in these facilities and they had removed it from my men were going to do the work an agency has a history of and deep knowledge in control of everything in southern Nevada it's it's common knowledge that they use to control and still monitor the test site itself they also have the could own the contract airline that takes the employees every morning brings them back every night the proposed Jerry 51 and to talk about so it's not an unusual environment we're dealing with here we could almost call that aging injuries backyard and the history of the of the company was from the nuclear testing phases during World War 2 and the initial testing afterwards it was a science company meant to do work for the government offline away from FO wires which is the ... one of the greatest concerns I have is that if we really want to find out what's going on out there legitimately or illegitimately in the black project arena we need to modify if we can get through Congress the president we need to modify the FY I regulations commit have no loopholes and to require that all government contractors even black are required to submit information through FY I system right now it is a it's a it's a sip a giant backdoor them purposely nor the request will be the Congress or the public what do you say to people who contend that and I encountered this a great deal and scientific that we can't keep secrets like that that if there is anything to these electric riveted crafting you oppose that ... everyone would know about the secret simply have not been a an army the ability of our government to keep secrets is actually has a long history of being very valid there's a lot of programs that were successfully kept quiet decades if not close to half a century and a in during the last 10 years we've seen a lot of announcements of programs that were kept very secret by our government ... example is the ... syphilis study and I believe it was ... Alabama back in the thirties nobody knew what really went on until the ... I was late eighties early nineties when that program was released and the fact that the Japanese had a biological warfare detachment working in Mongolia who we agreed not to punish even though they killed thousands hundreds of our own soldiers there were POW's simply so we can get our hands on the records the results of their testing that program was it released I I believe the full story that didn't come out to the nineties early nineties so that's a close to 50 year period where they kept that large project secret and there were unable to continue the research at 40 trick other places on a biological experimentation our own people so the ability of our government keeps secrets if the people truly believe in what they're working is it possible in fact more than possible licking gently 60 what concerns me is when the projects go beyond black and that we have pillar with people with ulterior motives that have gotten control of these projects and or the funding for and or the ability of what really is scary is to write their own checks unlimited checks with no recourse to anybody they're not even a budget item anymore they literally authorize a treasure to kind of check and this is where we need to have on audit if you want to call it that made on all these projects in a responsible committee start monitoring the flow of black money do you think this is just restricted to the U. S. or do you see that it that have international so ... I would say this is international in scope the projects that we have closely tied in with other allies government in fact I had been told back in the late seventies on one of the early classified projects I worked on once I got my security clearance back one is that there is a secret agreement between us and the Brits the whatever we invent they get whatever they invent we and there is no limitation of waters of our boomers look like whatever they look like the road bridge can make a duplicate and we don't hold back on any of the technology because of that secret agreement was cut during World War 2 and we have other allies like that and I believe that what we also see as we see a lot of cross pollination of scientists from different countries working on projects even in the most classified arenas in the United States I ran into these people repeatedly beyond ... group that area it is running a lot of covert projects where you see if the it chap I'm wired genders are operating ... what where do you come across by piecing together some of these experiences you have assault weapons purity I believe my I believe Steve that my initial view on what were the old the agendas were behind various black projects back in the seventies early eighties when I first became really aware what was going on above and beyond my own political attitudes on how the really world really turned was one of still of a good basis they were looking to defend the United States they were looking to to protect the free world but if you get into this situation more and more it becomes evident but they have agendas are independent of the the goals of the United States and that the attitudes seen anyone up control power and control and it's in the I guess you could call that almost the second oldest profession in the world do you are you mention this dreadful incident Nairobi with those the man that was yes apparently killed a do you have you seen other ever evidence when we course being maintain they are not as close as that of but do you think it has been ... yes absolutely where necessary issues because anything corporate by questioning your the ability of certain forces out there Steve to use force when absolutely necessary or other trolling mechanisms to ameliorate the danger of a leak true control those or maintain secrecy with our fear is always there what happened Bob and Kate in Nairobi is a situation where I felt that they decided that he was getting too close and he wasn't afraid and he was too powerful and they had to take him out and they take them out in the normal way not unlike strange events with the ... representative Schiff here in New Mexico who almost never went in the sun Izzy was living indoors just about all of life is a representative in Congress and yet he magically got an aggressive cancer there are ways to attack that problem I've talked to some people that were previously seals who went on some rather strange missions and I've talked to some mercs it would run across those types once in awhile who have been assigned are tasked with taking out people are affecting situation in such a way that they're using it as a control mechanism then these people because they are duty bound well literally take orders and do whatever they're told a good Nazi philosophy sorry so do you think of the for example of biological problems cancer could be ... inducer views to accommodate or to take someone out of the picture one of those Steve one of the problems we have in that arena is that it's kept very close to the vest and when somebody on the that's only on the periphery is looking at those control factors used to manipulate people you get the flavor of it I have not been close enough to actually taste it I don't know if I want to what what you have to look at is the psychological factors involved that if they can do one whole pro high profile it somebody in a specific way what it does it puts the fear of god into those that they want to continue to control so that they don't say anything out of tune they don't probe where they shouldn't probe like senator shift was doing congressman ship was doing ... we've seen in the last 10 years are ramping up though if one does even the most cursory research ... one of the ones that concerned me the most why is the ... death of art commerce secretary several years ago on a mountaintop in Yugoslavia where the hostess the airforce hostess on the plane survived issues similar jumps in the back and a certain British group went in their first and she was alive and healthy when she left the mountain and she got down to the airport she was dead she only had minor bruises and so many names to look into the influence that certain British commando units have and their cross pollination with other groups like them in the United States but what was even stranger was that his body made it back to Dover airforce base senator brown I I'm sorry secretary brown and there you discovered that there was a bullet wound in the top of the head depart the diameter of a 45 and that a preliminary actually indicated that there were shavings of some sort inside the the brain itself and that yet he was raced out of that are into a crematorium literally within a day so nobody could do a lot of serious autopsy and the people at Dover airforce base there were severely chastised for even doing what they did voluntarily but in the profession there is a way of doing this with frozen she are 2 bullets or nitrogen Bowers and they are there is no residue left except what the shattered pieces of skull cavity and this is of grave concern to a lot of us because this seems to be an ongoing process driven in the last 10 years it's become very blatant across the entire spectrum of our government nationally and internationally and I think we all can just follow the web tracks these days as to where this the implications are for that and the need for continuing control are getting more severe and the use of these mechanisms becoming ever more blatant where do you think this is headed what do you we are concerned that we're headed what my concerns are for the freedom of our country and of the free world sounds rather simplistic but we have to have a philosophy upon which we base our lives and Michael Las Vegas at the Republican form of government if we can get back to it in some way shape or form is the strongest form a government ever developed by man by basically allowing one event to occur and that is that we allow everybody to become a sovereign individual it's been proven in the last 200 some years particularly from the technological development we've experienced since the founding of this country it's a great extent has been focused first the United States that is the most motivating type of mechanism we can possibly have for our species to advance and yet there seem to be countervailing forces trying to stop it and if we don't find ways to neutralize these negative forces we're gonna find our lifestyles our concepts of life as a species nullified ... you've mentioned over courses have you a few parts we could which patients do you think are are heavily involved full after agencies and corporations a ... if Steve if you look at what layers of influence we have here either a government or corporate level I would say that at the corporate level we have to look primarily first if you're talking about new a potion technologies we would first only look to the airspace industry I've had deep discussions with some people over a long period of time who either they or their fathers had worked for various aerospace companies and had been directly involved with the research as far back as the early fifties on into the sixties and then by the seventies they felt they had overcome most of the problems in reverse engineering technologies from what initiative enough they never call your foes biblical ABC's alien visitation craft that means they know who they are it's just a question is what's the color their skin if you want to use a generic term but that these firms and you can name there all the top 5 in the nation they're all involved in in one degree or another and they have their black within black fact I wouldn't be surprised if we don't find another few years that a lot of these firms have company divisions that are even darker than the skunk works and that that one was almost a front for primary work in deeper divisions and we have other divisions of the government and there is so much in the way of how long did the NRO run before anybody even knew they are operational and then we get to the point where they're building their own headquarters in Virginia for almost $800000000 I believe and nobody even knew they were spending the money on their new giant headquarters which would have actually been larger almost the headquarters for the CIA so we have a situation here where somebody is not doing due diligence at the public level and at the government level and monitoring what's going on you know I would you invest in a company without researching it properly to see if your investment is well placed well we have people honor in the public in our government that are simply not doing due diligence and holding their oath of office for finding out what's really going on with our own government what what did that brings another question now what about the for statement media do you think that they would want seriously though this road going this subject Steve of the media from my viewpoint all it's a personal viewpoint there's I'm not intimately involved with the media dated a basis like some of the other people you've interviewed as one of having been in to a degree and looking at the outside and seen it is a total manipulative process with the media they have their own agenda is very liberal we know which way they would generally vote if you did a Gallup poll on the media we have an alternate media it's much closer to the truth particularly on the web these days but is purposely ignored anything of a serious nature is laughed at her org neutralized as much as possible a perfect example is the recent elections in this your bars 2000 where we have legitimately for 5 people running for president and they would never even have the debates cover other than the main 2 largest party that's a control mechanism that's rather Blake the people were really given a fair shake as to what's going on we would have all of the presidential contenders at each of those I bench on TV up when the 3 of them and we would have equal time in the newspapers and in time and the weekly news journal so if from the most mundane to the obvious in obvious it's obvious that the media was manipulated heavily and I wouldn't hate I would hate to be a White House correspondent and say something it's a president and find the next week my credentials are you so you just have that happen once and everybody there knows the limits to which they can go this is now happening throughout our system not just and the government and corporate reporting to she NBC is a prime example of only saying nice things about corporations to keep their stock and hence keep the cash flow going into the advertising dollars going to see in BC that's a bottom line problem where you are I what I want to ask a question about this ... pope airforce base going back to the notion how will perhaps ... large and what she feared for we object when it first appeared appeared as a white flag this and what was strange but was the whitest white I've ever seen either researching at its closest point Everest 300 feet up in about 50 feet straight line up from us over a tree line of pine trees away from the lake and it was a perfectly flat white disc of pure even white light you could sense there was a body above it of around structure the diameter was in that 35 maybe 40 foot range and it did not wobble it was dead steady and it was running into moving along almost coasting like you would skip up something against smooth water just like they was running on glass totally silent and it went about 2530 miles an hour it was almost like it was a terrorist watching a pre like we were at and but it has an effect that we we looked at our watches and when it happened and we looked again when it left so we know there's no missing time yet it had a fact that we were unaware of on all the wildlife around this and obviously they have an ability to sense something that we has almost sapiens have no ability to sense and it bothered him enough that they went quiet and it was eerie because in the south in the summer with the high humidity sound travels from my allergic you get a bullfrog growing you can hear him a mile or 2 away easily and what was interesting was that the sound within earshot website or not just in the media area and the other old Sam likes this was on those old saying gore's been turned into a recreationally and what interested me most was the fact that what effect this had on the one on one was able to penetrate out beyond our ability to pick up the sale which meant a mile or 2 away so was it moved along it was had it as an effect on the the insect life and what not that move with thing else you'd like to share not at this time that's your experiences not at this time yeah well it's great timing or right at the one hour mark the second part of that he Prometheus flashing you the record ... the German you work without it for September from Houston Marietta did they have any information or knowledge about the you know no that was primarily intelligence data they were working on this spy satellites I have one in one aspect in the other one was working on the electronics for receiving this by data and ... that was their specialty and we just use them they were brought in because of their high in electronics knowledge very good thank you very much thank you Steve //
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UFOs and the Security State - National Press Club (May, 2001)
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Crossing Point Part 10
\\nmsiis the really important thing to know because if you're out into the stars I remember last year just before I had to take this trip to Australia and I was laying on the beach and I was ... with a friend who was view you see the whole Milky Way galaxy on the out I was on the Outer Banks ... and I was out there and we're talking about this stuff and this someone who'd never seen one of these objects and suddenly in the Milky Way an object about that big at arm's length issues pretty close a pretty big materialize and it was this will beautiful kind of crimson ruby red but it was a live it was like it was living it was like this thing that was living and moved in with the whole defense of the Milky Way galaxy it was an instantaneous that was there for a little while I don't know if anyone else honor saw it but we thought we were looking straight up and it was like it was alive sky was a lie the object was alive and I realize it was going right in the direction of Australia few days later I was wheels up to Australia so ... and I I think it was I told my wife I said I think they were telling me you know bone biology and will be with you there no it was a beautiful beautiful experience and it can happen that easily Klay you know if you open up to it ... and ultimately that the central science of all of this yes there's Cheerios there's electronics there's communication modalities Centro technology and understanding is understanding yourself thoughts your mind the meditative state how that can be used to make contact and in deep meditation you can on pretty much unfurl on gravel any you wish to I in the Vedic tradition there something covered with tambora Prague with Tom and it's a level of consciousness where it is very very deep just sort of like this side of unbounded some body state where Rick Tom is located where if you put your awareness you can asking kind of tend to know anything now of course I guess that the supreme being knows all things at all times but an individual can know this op this thing that thing this object you know one at a time or maybe if you're really brilliant 0 things at a time or 1000000 but not everything ... but I think that's the wellspring of it too intuition and that's resides within every single person so it's like this ... conscious quantum hologram for all of us apart this conscious hologram and every single one of us even the unique at the deep level consciousness were plugged into that I'm down and if we travel to that that's where we become one and if we begin to experience that deeply enough we can begin to experience that even while walking driving down the road in my experience in the ER Emmys have a lot of experiences where we just be this intuitive flash and I would know someone had a brain tumor or I would know someone had something completely hidden with no symptomatology and I would act on it the nurses coming a warlock ... but they're awesome in the North Carolina as it were the hillbilly nurses were great but they but they would say doctor rieders warlock and ... and so we would have these experiences ... at one time a man came in and I this why encourage people to do this I don't care for an airline pilot ... software engineer a business executive ... bus driver ... Dr whatever you are if you learned these principles of consciousness and the cities that go with that these abilities it will be very valuable in your life and ... there is this man they came in and he the 26 year old guy with a couple kids and he had the flu it seem like the fluids flu season and then I looked at him and ... I looked and I thought god he's got a big brain tumor and him have any symptoms of a neurological insult that all and I turned to the nurse and ... she is fat bubbles will bubbles he walked like this and have blue font ... them I turn to bubbles I said I need a stat cat scan of the bring which is it mom doctor reviews only got the fully I said just do it meadows in my mantra just do it I think I'd have to go through a bureaucracy insurance company or government I just think that should do it so we did it move radiologist calls back an emergency call back radiologists use the bother this guy's gotta astrocytoma that's like a pancake over his brain in its herniated his brain stem or that the brainstem going down to the freemen magnum gave him the fever chills the not all the symptoms but there were no focal neurological sin and so he went emergency neurosurgery lived on ice you seem periodically come occasionally but it was totally I'd say almost anyone who would it affect the neurosurgeon said how do you think that a cat scan because I wear it just might have the flu I said well I just had a hunch I couldn't say to handle actually remote viewed in sense that there was this thing but if I can know how gold retrievers have been trying to find below melanomas and stuff that humans we have this ability whether you're scientist or a doctor or a pilot or whatever and we we've shut ourselves off from our birthright of being conscious in white and beans and how it's so easy to get back to that you sit quietly do nothing do a meditative process and confirm that you can do these things and it will all just unfold and it's not like every single day is like that but it happens enough that your wife becomes wonderful magical and I would really encourage people to do that and when you're doing this contact work with the tease it means you can do this under the stars with 3 or 45 people that you're close to ma'am what doctor John found at Princeton if someone is in a state of of unified awareness and are bonded and they are intending with thought it has an exponentially greater effect and one person and so that's the power of group of people doing this so long as our harmonious and not fighting like a Wildcats ... ... and there's coherence in the group's so if you can create coherence in a group it's incredibly powerful because it's orders of magnitude exponential increase in the power of the thought consciousness and the effect to make contact and ... somehow someway the civilizations will respond if you let //
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Crossing Point Part 11
\\nnst so when you're talking about the suppression of this knowledge I guess my question to you is do you subscribe to any kind of idea like Illuminati ... you know curtailing mess and ... this any type of negative because ET presence so that where this kind of thing keeping it like try the question is is ... in terms of the information being kept secret is there some ... Illuminati type entity or perhaps even ET presence keeping it secret ... I doubt it in the way that it's the mythology the internet mythology would say it is ... I think it has more to do with the fact that there are with a call cartels interest groups that are also competing interests human not the that but don't want certain aspects of this out and there are points where they cooperate there points where they'd ... now there's something that the latest iteration of it I've been told from my from my intelligence sources is called sick SIG a senior inter agency intelligence group and the sick ... which you know from the old majesty and majestic Truman era are and ... some the documents I have it's it's Matt MH a IC ... classification of those are you know intelligence groups that operate out of normal chain of command ... they work with people different countries ... and then they will usually have representation on different enters such as religious technological financial ... macro economic Exeter and so on ... and so there's gotta of theirs overly simplistic view that they're sort of like one group if the builder burgers it's the Illuminati it's that this is it was interesting because I have a few years ago I was at a meeting in San Francisco it was after disclosure project launched and Henry Dakin who they can toy company is hosting ... sort of ... reception at his loft in discover and ... Judas cuts was there who was the original publisher of the course America's with Marian Wright and very big supporter in her husband's a carnal and she was friends with this man who had just been up at the Bahamian grow with the hope he aiming Grover like 2500 people and this issue came up and the issue of ... it gives a very wealthy European fiance here ... and so this issue came up about of disclosure because they'd all been in the news and they had someone there to get up on the stage tell everyone that they were part of a high very high governmental scientific entity that it looked into this the none of it was true that it was all just miss interpretations and the of swamp gas and Venus rising or whatever the usual blather and all those 2500 people took it to heart and believed it because it was their peerage so I want to talk about peer to peer ... so you have one group of peerage skull the U. S. Senate out of those 0 guys one or 2 people or read into her or know about this subject their task is to lie to the other 99 any Bilder burgers there might be a handful of them they like the rest Bahamian growth same thing so people have this very simplistic view of how secrecy like this would be maintained and that there's some sort of fast sort of conspiracy in the be all these people ... because the compartmentalize ation there be people and compartmentalize ation is where you have ... you know a very walled off area of operation where it's compartmented to that particular task a research and it is so narrowly focused in the people in their hapless blind they don't know what the person then cubicles never mind what the big picture is so it's very easy when you have extra marine apartment was ation to keep most people in the dark about what's really going on and then there be a handful of people who really know and they may the of this committee if you want to look at it that way ... this intelligence group might have 2 or 300 people from different countries who are themselves members of different elite groups and those folks would then lie to their brethren in that peerage to deceive them and that's their job and their train officially to lie ... so it isn't as if it so mostly I would say 99.9999 percent of everything I've ever seen that's out there on this trash dump called the internet ... isn't has any have almost no bearing in reality ... because it's just too I felt like it would not be operating now for a special compartment is you know top secret TSST I top secret special intelligence to operate apartment part it's not the top secret partner 980000 people in the United States with top secret clearances which means the comet is dirt ... if the compartment you're in all right so you may have Q. Clarence be the keel clearance for nuclear weapons but it doesn't mean that just because you have Q. Clarence you have clearance into ... electromagnetic Redick's in fact you almost certainly would not so and the same thing goes and for corporate ... same thing goes for I it was interesting that I was it than San Francisco ... at another time and there was a woman who lived in Pacific heights the end of Broadway where all the $0 mansions in of the Getty home and Larry Allison always people that she was hosting her neighbors for so long and I was the guest for this dinner party and you know I mean there are all these people the guy 11 side of me had been the chairman of SR I Stanford research international and they had had contracts dealing with this issue but he said I was only the chairman of S. R. ride so I didn't have a need to know what was really going on so because my I've never been in the government but I have all these hundreds of people who provided information from all these different walks of life over the last 50 years in terms of experience people going always back to the fifties 60 years that sort of I've sort of become a sort of a source for that so he was asked picking my brain here is the chairman of SR I and then ... across the table with the chairman of a TNT now a TNT has had a lot of contracts with the intelligence community dealing with this issue the chairman of a TNT did know about it because he was only the chairman of a TNT he was not read into ... took think it's compartmented a corporate governmental political and religious levels ... and ... it's not so simple that you do would be some one entity you can name and then you know sort of that your spleen that group is now the question of whether they're interstellar civilizations that are cooperating or Phillip heading that I'm very skeptical of but it could be theoretically possible that in the early days they were hoping that there would be some kind of ... ... rapprochement with leaders military or political and have had caught had had contact an ongoing level with that is less likely but if it is if it is happening then we need to see each 5 effort even more here's what I always say to people let's say that there are they say now 11000000000 star systems the Milky Way that have ... burst like planets around them and the Milky Way suing one of billions of galaxies the likelihood is that there are countless numbers civilizations out there you can't prove a negative I can't say everyone is that a state of enlightenment I will say that if they're become interstellar and even blowing themselves up yet or more involved and we are ... however it could be that there are some that have interests in ethical concerns that don't comport with contemporary human ones but that's where you would need to have even more of a diplomatic communicative effort and the worst thing you can do is relegate that the people in covert military operations because they're only looking at the universe with rose colored military glasses on and it's all about power troll and so ... you know it's sort of like a when not to use to be a ... U. S. senator from Virginia ... name John Warner not the current mark Warner no relation and he had been chairman of armed services and Intel various things I knew he was involved with ... majestic majesty and inject magic ... and he had been on one of the secretaries of navy way back I believe under sure the navy and ... one of his ... off of a member of my team who I dated him for awhile ... went out at its place in Virginia met with him and brought this whole issue up and he basically listen to her and said nothing stonefaced and where she left off the previous conversation to that exact word he picked it up and and just that issue was and much of my one of my military advisers had the same experience with Adam all Harry train who did the exact same thing ... when it was brought up though except he also sees that I am profoundly this and scuffing this issue dropped okay and that was the same admiral who is that Atlantic command when we went to 4 could zebra because of these craft off the coast of the eastern coast ... United States arm so I think that the you know they're they're very very disciplined about that ... and I bet with a number of these 3 characters and ... any if you have other people like senator Claiborne Pell who the Pell grants anyone who is really poor like I was who got a pilgrim to go to college ... ... I was at a dinner party with him if it my wife and I were were there in nam for no attic sciences institute and ... ... at through the dinner party we went out on on the patio this beautiful home in St were felled Nero George Lucas's place right next to Skywalker ranch in and we were there and and senator Pell and I were talking and he just sort of epitomize no blessed of bleach and was this wonderful guy very very genuine cross the aisle to harden the great things for the country Christian very quick and we were talking and you know he and he turned to me he says what doctor Greer which you comin and brief my staff on this isa washer anytime me too I he says because we've asked about this and no one 's ever told us anything he'd been on every committee and I and the ice and I was looking at him now look up at the stars and I looked at him and I said you know you've been deprived of dealing with the ultimate foreign relations issue and you're the chairman of the foreign relations committee and I pointed to the stars above my head and he looked at me through those horn rimmed glasses and this is what doctor Graham afraid you might be right so I am and it was really a poignant but really intensify but sad moment that here's this guy you know I'd been in Congress or the Senate since the fifties they've been denied any information on this who would've been a rate stellar diplomat and instead the why is the enlightened ... peace loving people who should have been handling this shop to the side relegated to the scrap heap of history and the war mongers and the control freaks and the misanthropic money whores ... I have few other edge additives I'll leave off our kind of took it over which is what happened I was Eisenhower famously said the where the military industrial complex to specifically talk about the fact he lost control over this and other issues in 1950 cents went 56 when ... Nelson Rockefeller the Rockefeller commission Lawrence's brother Nelson Rockefeller re organized the department of defense CIA under the Rockville commit in 19 6 so no president since 1956 has op has had even if they'd known about the issue have not had operational troll and out off the rails for the last almost 6 nnst //
"2015-10-13 13:20:10"
Crossing Point Part 12
\\nmsiis I am very interested in our work right past there was like every interest in her yes back and I got your half of the month or so ago and offers very curious when I got my energy bill this month because ... in October of 2013 my energy bills and our that's about 15 our less if you so that was the past October and I just was kind of wondering I mean that's possible but that seems improbable so harsh case you had any thoughts about that right ... she's asking about an energy bill being different from one year to the Nazis yeah right after using the app I've never heard this before I guess it's theoretically possible mob without all kinds of strange things happen ... but ... that's not a likely event it's probably a coincidence yeah yes Sir and I take a tracheotomy 100000 on popular third place yet people vast the value we put out the ... star challenge an award $100000 to someone you can bring a device that meet certain criteria at least one kilowatt of a tenuous power being put out what's so funny no nobody has surfaced ... with anything that ... meets the teria ... and there is still someone were going back and forth with but there's been a communication problem because the English is not their native language I'm not sure if the person has something legitimate or not but dancer today this that that still not been claimed ... they'd I'd be thrilled if someone did claim it but ... I do know that there but some breakthroughs with a Rossi with his ... divisive Italy where he's ... done some ... excess heat generation from ... technology he hasn't ... scientist a friend of mine who's a scientist ... a nose ... someone at the National Security Agency who have told them they have been watching that very carefully indicating that it does have promise now here's the problem with what Ross he's doing is that it's a black box people don't know how it's working tests are being done or by people who don't know the mechanism of action and so there's been no third party independent reproduction of the effect which is our first of all that the center unknown of science and secondly it's of the requirement that we have so he may in fact have something legitimate I'm not saying he doesn't but strategically it's almost certainly going fail because unless it's open source and can be independently investigated and proven by multiple third parties and then recreated by multiple independent third parties it's almost certainly never going to get out the gate and survive the attempts to a Questor it the sequestration of these technologies is very easy to do unless you allow it to go borrow ... and ... he's interested in and monetizing his research which I understand and normally you would do that whether it's an app or ... widget or in our minute windshield wiper circuit guy became a center by multi multi millionaire for inviting in that but unfortunately the way the world actually works is that you cannot monetize it that way by keeping the technology secret and ... if you do ... it's going to appear at some and probably you with it but ... it's a very dangerous game ... and also one that won't ... impress the scientific community simply because if people don't have the ability to test what it's doing and independently confirm it it won't be believed ... because the conventional wisdom is you cannot get more energy out put the end because the whole 0.equations have all been tossed out of committee physics ... mechanical electrical engineering ... and therefore ... the proof of the pudding is in the eating and ... the more you put a black box around your technology ... the more likely it is gonna be black shelves at some point our disappear ... that was a problem Stan Mayer head and he had a legitimate technology but he one of the patent it but he did want to put the real information in the past so he falsified hurts the site of the voltages and and the the cycles per second of the circuitry in the patent which was printed the patent useless because it vitiated crap that you made a claim in a patent if you can't recreate the device from what's in the patent patent is no avoid so he either had a very bad patch attorney or he overrode the patent attorneys advice and it secretly ... and what it means that everyone has tried to reproduce stand Myers technology from Patton have just wasted their money ... now I know a couple people who actually work with Stan Meyer who knew what he actually did ... but the point is is that those guys one was his twin brother who's scared to death because he's commits to admire who had this car running water was killed and another one ... doesn't want us to forward for his career being dammit is that electronics engine so but you know when Stan Mayer died for all effective purposes that technology died with so that's why I tell people so that not a wise thing to do if we don't learn from history we're gonna repeat it and ... that the because they are the corollary to that is the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result so is 100 years of history of the 3 technologies and there's a certain number ways in the that this last let a few months ago about 6 months ago I did a ... a seminar on this issue and went through all the different ways that this happened so the nature of the B. so we need to the change how we are approaching //
"2015-10-13 13:19:48"
Crossing Point Part 13
\\nmsiis I know that Maharishi university in Fairfield Iowa and David Lynch foundation put a lot into promoting TM with students and parents and all kinds of awards might they be interested in the C. 5 her goals we a lot of people in the meditation movements TMN otherwise are and in fact I've been invited out there ... I have I've never had the time to go but not a lot of people who do meditation and study the physics behind mind body and also the signs of consciousness fields our very existence ... so ... what if anything they have done with that or would want to do with it I don't know maybe a bridge too far because you know there's that they're sort of ... a nexus of disinformation and auto automatic kook factor the gets associated with anything UFO NET and that's been done the 19 fifties by the CIA and it's been very effective so a lot of people don't wanna lose their respectability by touching the UFO issue and that's just true I mean it's a psychological warfare is the term used in the C. I. document I have from 1953 ... where they specifically talked about the psychological warfare a value of the subject but also how it could be basically neutralized and ... even up to the point of of the listing ... very renowned scientist ... on the payroll the agency a doctor Donald mensal who was it's renowned ... Astor physicist at the Harvard ... I have a document weird names him and it says it cannot be known that he's working with us on this because then it would lose all credibility but he was the person who back in that era 56 with stand up into bomb call this and then there is a professor Khandan of the condom committee it you know university of Colorado that was in charge of the project blue book ... the kana commission to look into whether project Bluebook the airforce should be continued or shut down and so he was the chairman of the of the of the committee others call the condom commit seo Indio en professor condom work with doctor Robert woods might mention is one of our disclosure witnesses from ... McDonnell Douglas and when doctor what's kept bringing really hard data cases in doctor Condit went to the head of McDonnell Douglas old man McDonald himself and tried to get doctor with fire I have all this on videotape by the way and eventually you know and and of course doctor was was just so shocked that this man who was supposed to be in and fester looking into this was so biased after I met with the CIA director in the nineties I got a trial chief documents that named doctor content as an asset of this I a and it's it's a black and white so it's a very very well done from the point if you want to be Machiavellian and twisted but it is well done and for the right amount of money or threats or inducements so they can get the cooperation of certain people who have sterling reputations and who can then ridicule or take the subject now I thought so the problem usually is is that by Tom I amber's on the scene in the nineties the CIA already had a 40 year run on top of me of disinformation ... ridiculing the subject being sure that things were covered in the national Enquirer catapulting to the forefront of the field charlatans and cranks and all kinds of misinformation and disinformation and lunatic conspiracy theories and so the problem is your you know it's not like you're you're you're you're you're climbing Mount Everest not from base camp from 20000 leagues under the sea up to the top of Mount Everest and that's the problem with a lot of people who privately will express a great deal of interest in publicly would not would be associated because of the social opprobrium and ridicule attached to this nmsiis //
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Crossing Point Part 14
\\nnst I was just curious is very particular he civilizations that identify themselves your contact group on the internet like the Phoenix lights you're standing in that they would you do that unlike Yeltsin realization so just carry through particular civilization mediator identified themselves he's asked if there's a particular ET civilization that's identified itself or group natural is ... not one particular but a number and never different species in my under our purpose of our group is interstellar policy and bring in all of them together see so what we would want to avoid is ... a bilateral unilateral bear bilateral or bipolar Kosmos and you want to be multilateral and you wanted to be are all civilizations if they're capable of reaching this planet and in fact are here or near or in our solar system or have that capability we would want to have humans who are on a team who are interested in dialogue peace and what I call universal P. I mean world peace is it's like treaty of now the league of nations it is way too late for just world peace ... we have to go unfortunately straight to universal peace because it doesn't do any good if you have world peace but the world is United against fighting one or more ET civilisations that's not going forward that's going to oblivion so Hollywood notwithstanding and the latest Tom Cruise movie notwithstanding you you really cannot ... enter this subject if you're serious about they have a future at all without having a multilateral approach and so we have had very specific contact experience with different types of the season ... what have you and but my view is that over the years as many different different appearances heights shapes the whole bit even if some of the photographs we have but the the the the point I make the people that doesn't really matter that's the external appearance it's the fact that they're all conscious antient and that what we want to move to is a time of of universal peace ... that involves all the civilizations ... because you know you cannot go into if we're gonna leave the sort of the last era behind the Arab division in fighting and warfare were spent the primary organizing principal of this planet for the last few 0 years both financially and institutional has been war still it still the biggest industry trillions ... if you're gonna move past that and certainly for gonna move in the space you have to move into with a new concept as Einstein said no problems ever been solved by the consciousness that created it and for the consciousness of us versus them and picking and choosing and this and that so from the very beginning what I found is that we were having experiences with very different types of civilizations all shapes sizes everything and it's really beautiful and I think that's how that's by design the the the philosophy of ethical underpinning of what we're doing it's based on doing exactly that how serious is 5 I'd pay closed as the website and patience incident the money raised further cross element right and since I've notice it's sort of remain that 241 K. for awhile that's right it's pretty much after the release of having to stay there so ... which we've talked a lot about some very high level both ... military wealth lies as well as a security system whites is the real obstacle from utilizing those to get to me or talk about free energy $630 really not that much money I agree with you yeah he's asking the question with the numbers of people who have been interested in looked into these these issues why hasn't the amount in the race to create this sort of initial to your lab research project and nam you know you have to ask those people I know them I can tell you what they told me the people who were associate with governments in contracting they don't want to touch it because they're afraid ... there some high net worth people I've approached ... and I'll just give you one example I can give you this example you know my wife knew that the gory details of this and said my whole group ... and this is somebody who I live in Virginia not far from me but whose family or industrialists and there they had about a $750000000 hearing 5 private jets and I said use them some some of these planes to go to some the meetings as I approached the sort of the sign on the that the elder of the family really control the operation and I explain to him how we're right now time to get this dealt with them would he do this and help because basically the amount of money he blows out of the tail of his Gulfstream jet would do it and ... he said well I'll tell you why too dangerous and I'm not going to risk my children and grandchildren fly around my planes I say well if I'm doing it why are you at risk and he told me a very trusting story that back in the late the late 19 sixties he knew an executive with General Motors who was telling him about the ... 0.type energies they had an some the classified research at General Motors and that he felt it was time for that to come out so that every car coming off the assembly line was basically electric free energy card didn't have to be plugged in way past the Tesla there's I think in 68 ... and he said it 2 weeks later after he had was openly talking about this this executive was found dead ... and it looks like a suicide but this industrialist that I knew very well tell me that everyone knew it was nice and so I found that you know repeat the fear is the mind killer so you know there a lot of people who ... who know about this but they don't want to stick their necks out the public by and large is once the inner I would say that if you know you can launch an APP of you know Kitty cats plane pianos and probably Poland $10000000 in a month or something you know what is the candy crusher is some these idiotic apps and and video games ... but I have not found that the public the public is always no offense doing what you're doing and that is why doesn't someone else funded so it's a little late like that little red hen phenomenon where you know the little red hen cook want you know everyone wants to eat the cake or bread it but no one wants help cook it and so everyone's looking for someone else to do it ... if if this is like some ambience stabbed on the street of New York and everyone watching and no one wants intervene because the people who are high enough in in industry and finance know that your step on some big toes if you move into this and that masses for the most part mainly wanna be entertained by this a sort of a fascinating spears the theory sort of thing and so but you know and so that's been the problem that the masses haven't put in the funds as sort of a that the movie was crowd funded but you know it moving that from a few 0 to a few 0 didn't happen and then the very wealthy people for the most part are really afraid of touching the third rail boom sap ... but you know if you know someone who's got the courage it's all about courage and whether it's going out of making contact or maybe you know having the courage to explore your own capabilities and consciousness or doing this it's all about the courage we manifest and ... a lot of times you find the people who were quite wealthy uncomfortable do not want to step into something where they could be greatly and heart way ... and so ... that fear Kaneva created some containment now my own view of it is that I think it's an unfounded and I think there's a 0 risk I just think that it's mostly psychological with this ... and ... besides I told people I'm the Canary in the mine shaft phone some still twittering away should have too much to worry about but ... you know I there have been a number people I mean a few dozen when I say a few dozen people who have networth north of hundreds of millions to billions but I've met with that they do not want ... and what would be easier is the fine probably 10 or 12 people a more moderate worth who each put in 500000 but that hasn't happened either so we'll see I mean I all I say is that you know when the yet when people when that when there's a critical mass of awareness and I keep doing everything I can it's a single individual ... then it'll happen and if not then it won't happen it will get the consequences of that and then all happen in the aftermath Phoenix like hope to feed her pick it all up from the ashes ... so it's not it it there's no question my me mine it will happen at some but will be soon and can we avoid a lot of huge problems to me a badge and if we had not needed Mideast oil 56 70 years ago ... where we would not have had the hegemony of the presence in the Middle East it led to the mess we're in now ... never mind the biosphere being damaged and the pollution cancer rates skyrocketing and but you know again there was a fear of taking on the macro economic status quo and the macro economic status quo of me is like what we know the minister defense of Canada Paul how you and I were talking about this I was at his home is his then he with a macro economic person to start with he said basically that's the big problem is that this is not something that's just like creating another computer system or it's it's bringing out a whole paradigm of science technology that would change the entire Petra dollar system in the whole macro economic order and with it commodities markets hundreds of trillions of dollars of well if that somebody owns its the ground in the form of ... uranium oil and coal and what have you plus all the generating capacity goes with it so it's such a huge change that most people don't want to entertain ... and I've been you know I've talked people Goldman Sachs about I said oh yeah you're talking about basically wiping out $600000000000000 in an so 0 so I've you know and the whole U. S. federal government cleaning so security and all the entitlements is 3.5000000000000 so this is the longer we put it off the more the world is dependent on the old paradigm and the more cannibal isis into stories however and it becomes more more difficult to do it so it's kinda like captain off repairing a loop route you're a leak in the roof of your house and put it off and eventually them things going to cave in on your head but all I can do me no I don't have the resources to do it and ... is articulate what could be done hope there are some people who gather around that vision and we get it done in enough time you have to understand when I started this in my mid thirties and deny me I started all this by I thought well if I put the information together provided it on a silver platter tied up in a bow to the right people they do the right thing wrong so I got this abuse that notion very quickly of but the you know what was ultimately that's what we then said well disclosure of this information contact effort I never viewed the government I was so that is a citizens ... but then also the technology I realize would have to be so it's about organizing we the people so I tell everyone who's listening this share this information with the right people in your networks and into our site and through networking maybe the right folks will wind up to have the courage to step forward to make it a reality ... or somebody with one of these technologies who has one that's already operational forward and be willing to do some stir because the strategically and same thing to do is to do what Stan Meyer did and Rossi almost every other inventor I know had done which resulted in a catastrophe so ... all I can do is encourage and and yet but I do think you know it's all networking you know it's like networking and out there the way that I you know we've reached the people we've reached is through that so that's really key thing //
"2015-10-13 13:18:55"
Crossing Point Part 15
\\nmsiis ... stuff to be here goodbye honor so in 2012 there is said to be in a shift in the way we think and for me that was the case like consciousness or consciousness was in my head constantly in that we don't pathfinding work so this morning if you've noticed any increase in this kind of interest in your votes are key things just the grand scheme of the universe the bottom line well on about 2012 per se has in the couple years gone every all the interest in ... I mean to the point that you even have Lockheed Martin put not information that by 2020 something they're gonna have generator that'll run everything the past month so what what you eat things are moving along and it has been a big move up ... or what I who concerned about is sort of like that do you know the Hopi prophecy where there's one time line that terminates in there's one that continues on and what were we have to choose what timeline we want to be on it's called the ... prophecy rock or whatever it is etching that the Hopis have we seen it really cool ... or or disturbing the penalty look at it but ... but ... and I'm reminded also you know Colin Andrews is very very good friend of mine crop circle guy of a crop circle that appeared some years ago that had it was where is it was how all the planets would be in the year 2036 earth was not in it earth was it was sort of like a warning now this is 2014 now that crop circle appeared in life I don't know late nineties early 2 thousands but ... and I don't mean to be apocalyptic and when I'm saying I'm just saying that ... it's a wonderful Chinese expression goes unless we change directions were likely to end up where we're going where we going where we had it here so ... I think that's one of the really important things to realize and it can't happen very very quickly this kind of this like in physics and they talk about this ... with quantum ... systems is that you get to a certain ... critical mass the coherence like in booths fluidity in hell helium and like when one percent of those molecules or atoms of helium are aligned income coherent instantly all of them do and it because he becomes was co superfluidity and so you have this phase transition as call physics and so that can happen also with people and ... as Rupert Sheldrake pointed out ... you know in in the whole concept of more for genetic ... fields ... or destroyed hundreds monkey effect where certain population learn something and then when it reaches that critical mass suddenly ... monkeys on other islands in others they had no when your contact's start automatically know how to do it also so there's this non locality of learning in large social systems and they proven this with monkeys primates and also with humans so all I can say is that if all of us do what we should be doing will hopefully reach that phase transition and move over to this other way of functioning ... that makes sense yeah but it does seem to be increasing and so ... river showed great guy did some really great ... he's a biologist Oxford ugly ... who did some wonderful ... work on this to more frigid feels what's more popularly called 0 ... and ... it's a real phenomenon and and so we have to we have to view it in a very podcast why tell people like people going out doing meditation together making contact putting even the thought or the intent that matter what you see just intending to do the correct thing recruits you never know and meet it has an effect beyond what we can measure ... and ... and see and so you know it's more important to do to be in the moment and be in the intent and the process with a pure heart then to be worried about the outcome not that you don't worry about the outcome you want to see a good future but if you stay in that process it'll create a good future that makes sense yeah yeah yes Sir yeah Tarpley you're talking about representative synergy country and ... I figure 5 yeah hasn't been any development yes so he's asking about of one of the G. 8 countries who ... very supportive of the CD 5 initiative and ... it since it's been a couple years I'll talk about it very directly ... the country's Frantz and ... so there was a president a couple years the name ago named a Nicholas Sarkozy ... and Sarkozy's of people who that his intelligence and airforce people who briefed him on all this very very interested and one of the very old families France ... that actually organize the beheading of Marie Antoinette ... true ... heather's oldest state ... in ... Britney and ... invited us there so what we did years ago under the ruse of a training a of a weekend training is that nobody who came to this cepa couple of the my first my wife she knows everything ... yeah we had this thing and of course I knew that it was going to be a we use this 2200 acre estate and there were there was an admiral there who is very high up ... and also hit this admiral had PhD and physics ... and is also myself in Indy very very very wonderful man and a couple other people and the host for who purports to be very old French Foreign Legion diplomats a family of very very old ... and so we did this this is sort of a train was also so that the the government out that the friendly people in the French government could learn the protocols and see and so they were there and then I I heard back afterwards that ... they had the whole area not cordoned off but there is a security and observational security perimeter around it and they tracked ... craft coming over there at 200000 kilometers and but during the CE 5 it was just a group of novices most of them had never been out ... and we have some amazing experience including if you seen the photo ... we're setting up one evening and I see everyone on the side this part a circle or a person we saw this I was just setting up to do with this ... Sanskrit Vedic puja and there was this like this like a rainbow white became interested against that and so I had someone take a photograph and there is this sort of royal purple move colored fuzzy death covering right above the field it's in this photographs stunningly gorgeous not quite in this dimension but not out of it either on that in the but everyone looking at which you saw this thing flash in and ... and if we were sitting there one night and this object came over and then we have all the cars are like 30 cars in the field who have like 60 piece and they all started turning their lights on and off so this thing went over the vehicles up to do do do do do do determinative and it was like this like some out of a close encounters a third high movie and of course you know the admirals going holy shit you know and you know they were in deep meditation almost and we hear this it right next to where that beyond where the cars were this it was almost like a metallic thing brushing up again there was a craft that was because he materialized in the corner of the field and ... later I went out and there were these the little beans are about 5 of them and you could hear now the problem is everyone got up scare the hell out of you heard this get enough scampering off so they scampered off and then the materialized and then air through like that one that was in the crop circle Cup years ago where they saw the feet police all this Paul luminous white bean that was fully materialize and please god don't chase that and the footprint that appeared into the field then there is another case well I was right there when they have yeah it's near sober hill anyway these expeditions are awesome you won't come on but but the point is is that so they were very very interested now from there in terms of bureaucracy and her like in any government they're people who are part of this magic herb majesty group majestic different acronyms now so sick senior inter agency group intelligence group they somewhere friendly summer not friendly ... and we're talking about a government moving off the dime on this openly it's very difficult but it's a again it's an iterative learning process so way I view it is that see one do one teach demonstrated and then hopeful and I know that they're learning and probably there practice ... now that the ethical construct and the philosophical underpinning of it is that it has to be within the context of universal peace that cannot be done within the context of one national vaulted itself over another Exeter ... but I know that you know this is not going to be able to be done through the UN because we tried that you know back when nam Boutros Boutros Ghali was UN secretary general and I they were very interested his wife came to one of the songs I held in New York and then the ... secretary general after him Kofi anon ... when we did disclosure project originally they had committed to hold the disclosure project event at at the secretariat ... of the United Nations but some folks came N. with an all access pass and essentially threatened pull funding out of the U. N. about half of those certain numb it would and I was told I was called directly by ambassador who was attached to the UN secretary general we wish you well we support what you're doing but we cannot do it at the and that's why was held here at the national I have not told that story so you know I mean you look over the last 1015 years have been a lot of initiatives from that starts and stops in various governments and so yeah there's a lot of interest ... but if it's sort of like you know that old saying everyone wants to be first to be not every you know there's a hesitancy sticking neck out too far on some very controversial as I mentioned earlier but also on something that has ... not not just a social opprobrium but where there's some very powerful people who would our our not afraid of using their power and retribution against ... an entity that would do and this is why I tell people the best bit the year to me the clearest half forward contact disclosure and bringing these technologies out or the people masses of people doing a large corporations the very rich governments ... you don't want to be prejudicial against them which is why I'm like last year I was happy to go to Australia meet with all these folks ... but you don't expect you don't you have limited expectations you hope they do the right but what I learned starting back in the Clinton years is that everyone wants to know about this stuff very few people to do anything about so knowing about it and doing something about it are 2 totally separate things our and all we can do I think all of each of us can do is to provide the information the knowledge the vision and let that gather up amongst the populace and also with world leaders and other people and see where it goes ... and I've I have a very it has been a very realistic the fourth philosophy about that ... and you know many people said well you know when this disclosure can happen so what we did it already and people think I'm joking I said now when we started this up only about a quarter of their the people thought this was real now it's 50 some percent last year the Marist poll said that 43 percent of you know of Americans think that we're currently being visited by act interstellar expresso beans this huge number so I think in terms of the public is kind of there in terms of official dom and when I called the hide bound born the lead that this are inbred elite of the world of theirs you know that's a harder thing to get through I am no smart part because both power politics but also more easily as as as as one airforce ... witness told me he says the real way this is being kept secret is just sheer ridicule a subject that you know you really don't have to do or say anything it hides itself because people don't wanna be laughed at people don't want to be put down by their peers people don't want to be ... lose esteem amongst their colleagues and what have you so talk about courage the biggest courage it takes for someone who's interested in this is to speak the truth in a way that is appropriate ... you can't bring everything out to someone who doesn't know anything about it but I thought we put disclosure project the book in the videos together is so that anyone who at the low level of the most basic linear understanding I'll say boy where there's smoke there's fire because here's a lot of there's a lot of information ... from people who with sterling credentials yeah there is this sort of a strange hypocrisy ... with ... the mainstream media and that is if you have 3 people who would go on record with the New York times Washington post about a senior person at the White House having sex with someone it be all over I have 110 people on videotape in testimony with corroborating documents with their DD 214 did they start papers from the military wets the signed statements witnessed both that they would testify under oath before Congress with the penalties of perjury federal penalties of perjury it gets ignored by all the mainstream media you talk about a double standard so this is of course what we're up against ... because that the big mainstream media again not so much that some of them are tied into a quote the Cup ball if you wanna call it that the key to secret but most of them it's like this ... have a family member who you use the be the city editor of The Boston Globe and when she found out I was get involved with this that she says I don't care if you put a dead extraterrestrial body on my desk we're not going to run this story were a blue chip paper that belongs in the national Enquirer he would never appear in the boss and me just like that this a family member so and and this was not I assure you it's not someone on the payroll of the CIA Hey like Donald Denzel was or Condit so I think that we have to understand that it is a real educational process and ... putting together the disclosure project information with top secret documents and military witnesses generals and ministers offense and people who have credentials and respectability as it were pilots are people who were Strategic Air Command that's very important and that body of information is sitting there for anyone to take virtually for free I mean we have 60 some of these people's testimony up on the site on YouTube now for free you know so that is important and all of us you share that with folks ... when you get to governments in these G. 8 you know is very trusting 4 I went over there I regret that this was an actually and serious I got the director took it out I don't know why ... but I have this beautiful letter it's in French ... from this admiral and the team who wrote about commitment to make a long term commitment for this journey these visitors from other star system and amazing and if actually but from the ministry of defense of France on their letterhead sign it is the most important government document do you have a septic there it sits in my vault ... but thought so you know what I say to folks is that over the last that was years ago that that process can but it's usually very quiet nnsl //
"2015-10-13 13:18:20"
Crossing Point Part 16
\\nnst why this setting continue to be funded or I finally demonstrating all this protocol like right in this out there for people just going if that happened and do it well yet doesn't matter what kind of evidence you put together even signals we get our images ... the subject again gets the bot ... but the other thing about that that the seti project it likes to show off the can speak they are carrying water for someone because you're either oblivion reigns you're either stupid or corrupt there's 2 things to choose from if you've really dug into this thing you're at that level ... at NASA or the seti project ... and I debated says Shostak on voice of America about this I had my military witnesses that judge John Callahan who had all the radar tapes and we basically cleaned his clock but it's at a certain point I said you cannot look at all this this positive evidence and proof and information and just dismiss it arm while you sit there and spend hundreds of millions of dollars saying your listing from a signal from space which by the way they've already received and print out ... now I'm gonna say something here because this is enough years after it happened ... a few years ago there was a show called down coast to coast with art bell and I was on the cover time magazine and I was one of his favorite guests ... when I'd be on that show the really let things up at certain agencies and one time I was on a show in a few years back out towards the end of his career there and this issue came up and I said well you know I have a source high up in city that confirms to me that they in fact have received enters interplanetary signals but in a kind of phase to not normal array with kind of post ... array and that it was kept secret and covered up and ... the city people are furious subsequently set Seth Shostak got on a show and you say well doctor was talking about he probably talk to some volunteer computer operator because we have a loose network of volunteers what the art bell did know and which they shot stick to it no which I'm going to say now it's enough water gone under the bridge is that ... the guys told me that was founder the project ... and and the Drake equation doctor great tell me that that they had had moreover a man who had been one across they can spend it's minutes ... affirmed it and he had been present when the well signal came in at Harvard ... so you know it's very frustrating for me because you know these P. in the theater people who one of them was an astronomer who was actually at the Georgetown Westin hotel in 1997 we were doing briefings for Congress but his presence there resulted in him being contact because he's to be the editor of sky and telescope astronomy magazine and had work without Carl Sagan all these people and he said the contacted my wife Camille after that he says you know I've been told that if I don't back off of this I will never have a working positioning I got kids in college so he'd one of her man wished us all the best left so that's how it works and you know I mean I gave up my medical career I mean people though my god and I said I give up 500 and some 0 nada but most people who are in this Jewish and like that who is an academic and what have you unless they're independently wealthy they really can't turn to the people who are hiring them as an editor professor and say but off ... and so this this brilliant scientists who have all this information who started to come out he never went publicly at the meeting with the members of Congress and these other initial witnesses we had in 97 when I was still trying to get the White House and Congress to do disclosure I would have to do it in 2000 and 1 right before 911 does the he was at that meeting but even been kind of out on this subject that much cause him to be contacted to be told don't or your career so and it was it was made very clear him you'll never work so you know there are a lot of people like that and so there is this ... if not so much some sort of Illuminati if this this oppressive ... condemnation of the subject along with abuse of power I mean it's quite illegal for the CIA to be infiltrating another alleged independent Air Force investigation at the university of Colorado and put someone on their payroll to prejudice the jury and kill the report on this subject in 1969 whatever that happened when the CI a is barred from having any domestic ... activities I mean this is illegal go read the law and it's also however why I've told people this is why everything we're doing is legal very different from say Edward Snowden who was disclosing information that the president knew about and certain members of the Senate select committee on intelligence knew about the house intelligence committee knew about stuff I'm so disclosing are things that the president is being lied to the head of intelligence joint staff who I briefed admiral Wilson was lied to the head of the defense intelligence agency with lie to a sitting CIA director was lied to chairman of key committees that I've met with senators and house rely too I can prove that a court of law Opry ori those projects are illegal and I have declared them Rogan illegal on therefore they cannot touch us ... and that's the difference how I want to make this a very clear point there's a big difference between disclosing something that's being kept secret even if it's wrong I'm not saying that what Snowden disclose was right or wrong he probably did a service in the in the in the long run but but that was being overseen by the appropriate governmental elected in a officials something like this that has no concert show oversight and is a complete criminal operation and wrote that and is right young Danny she hand who work with me right before disclosure project he and I discussed this he's a constitutional attorney who did the Silkwood case and the Pentagon papers herb in the New York times and and he said look you know given the people you've met with the fact that they've been denied access who are at the top of the heap not only in the United States with people like that I've met with in Great Britain France other places where they're completely been left out that is prime aphasia evidence of an illegal operation and therefore if it's an illegal operation if they can't cite the rule of law to protect themselves which is why our position was in the late nineties early 2000 anyone with documents information whatever about this you can come 4 with without any penalty of violating purity of now saying it and have people because they're afraid you know people have been threatened with death people meant but we did get enough people to come forward ... because we had a critical mass yeah I think come 4 with one or 2 I came for with dozens all at once so that was that was the power of unity in the power of doing it we really need to have another wave of that happened from people who are currently in government and not just retired people but the closer someone is a central operations at Lockheed skunk works or the agency or the NSA who know about this closer in time they're related to it the more free they are of terminate with the euphemism for what this guy the CIA is told me they call it what works with many blood know what works tweet so yeah nice my welcome to my world live in brief ... ever and that's why a lot of these people are very afraid if they're released currently in current operations it's not that they don't understand the legal principle I just articulated ... in other countries as if this minor version of the same thing so theme France you have friendly people just like there are here very interested in actually trying to do something within the be others who are in a compartment operation tied into this international group maintain secrecy and at a certain point they will be threatened and that's what happened we started we we actually had I was contacted by these people in France and said you know an official in the United States contacted the ... ambassador ... from France United States and said what the hell are you think you're doing after I got this document for the ministry of defense and this big outline of all the studies they wanted to do act post contact biological technological hope it's it's amazing document I and because I see so he is a grow your hair what little hair I have left to be curled but when I read it I went what how you believe I got this from a sitting government but they got that contacted in and basically they came to some kind of a truce where they said well you can do this with doctor Greer song she stay on French soil do not try to do it anywhere else fine fine fine so that's why we did it there //
"2015-10-13 13:18:02"
Crossing Point Part 17
\\nmsiis I don't feel better support now doing a big push ... the turnover most argumentation the congressman is asking people to contact their congressmen who have upheld a push for disclosure how often in your opinion what school moving to the us in the to bring about the slow sure close or well often mentioned we partied on disclosure the majority of people know this stuff is real ... I'm Tom at the masses if you did you do any poll more people believe this stuff is real then about a pretty president our lifetime the question is whether there will be official disclosure so less that's make 2 distinct disclosure by what we're doing as a grassroots entity versus some authority figure up on Capitol Hill or at the 100 Pennsylvania Avenue or the U. N. doing it the latter is unlikely wiry irony said that long time ago ... we had tens of thousands of people ... faxing and riding through their members of Congress after the initial disclosure project because I was the father of the whole global disclosure movement ... and that was 911 happened it's moved off everyone's radar screen my own sense is that the best way we're going to have more disclosure is to have thousands of people doing and making open contact we're become some cannot stop the intelligence committee cannot put that genie back in the bottle and secondly more people coming forward who are whistle blowers are insiders with documents in evidence the likelihood that any committee of the Congress or anyone at the White House will do this ... is I think very very low I don't care how many people right I'm not saying that we should encourage them it's their responsibility but I'm just saying I've already done that over the last 20 years very very thoroughly ... and a lot of people involved with disclosure now actually have never had sit down meetings with current members of administration thing I have and what you hear from them is that yes this is wonderful but let someone else do it I'll never forget meeting with a senator ... senator Dick Bryan who I'm Nevada who's state has now with airforce base area 51 the public because it ... Pahud mesa S. 4 S. 9 S. 12 all the top secret underground facilities and he and I met at McCarran airport and all what looked like a janitor's closet and it was just a broom and you have taken there in a cart and the door opened his his gorgeous conference room for VIP's that's how things are done by the way and I hope that things really happen this way ... I would make a great movie ... and ... so we go in there answer talking to this guy and he says yes he says you know I'm you know the Senate intelligence committee yes but this is never been brought to my it and I said well yes that's why a meeting with you I think I need someone like you to head out bring it to the attention and holiness hearing and he just and his chief of staff was there literally dropped is read the Wall Street journal dropped the paper and it's like and the center said I I don't think I really can do that but have you talked to so in other words he your Kissinger call this the hottest because potato in the cosmos so this issue and so basically our path to someone else though he gave me the name of someone else so passing of the Buck and this is legendary and I've met face to face people who are on these committees and and I don and you're asking them to do something about it ... which would entail enormous risk on their part I mean at you is one congressman said yeah I'd be known is congressman or you know in other words that that that the press would have a field day and and I think that that's one of the real problems in there for ... should we exhort these leaders to do the right thing yes of course and we continue to do I think that that's a likely way it'll happen the most likely way is more and more ... people from the inside with evidence and corroboration coming forward and thousands of CD 5 contacting critical mass were at then it undeniable event that can no longer be can spiral ... ... now I don't think that it's that don't take I don't anyone to take away from this that I that I don't support trying to hold our leaders feet to the fire his wife at this briefing together for the president why with Australian met with 20 leaders from around the world in minister defense of Australia and everything else I still think that there's a responsibility in you believe in representative government to ask your representatives to do the right thing ... but I'm just saying from a realistic point of view the likelihood of of ... change happening from those quarters and it's a little bit like after I you know did all this with the Clinton administration and you know the Rockefeller family was running interference with us and hosted bill and Hillary Clinton at the J. Y. rants right on out there and had all the meeting with all these spooks top secret people in ... and they you know there's a man who worked very closely with the Clinton thing came to our house as well as the working full time as a emergency doctor North Carolina and he came down and had dinner with us at the table and the he said well you know this is like mother to after my wife and I come up here to meet with the CIA director is white and I he said you know the president and the people around him were very supportive what you recommend I so good and you were having dinner around the table this house and back to her house and with all 4 kids were little kids back then the table one he says but Bob they really don't think the president can do anything about this because they're concerned he'll end up like Jack Kemp and I start laughing because I thought he was he is sort of a big fat but you know operative for the Democratic Party who is sort of a jokester very funny guy I thought he was just making sort of you know as he stopped me so now we're not kidding and I thought Kevin don't talk about this and the kids let's talk about this later so we went to the very later talked about yes No absolutely they think it actually too dangerous for the and I civil what do you want me to do about it I'm just a country doctor here in North Carolina rattling around any are and they said well what they they they think you should do it our eyes roll back in my head are you kidding me with this nothing imagine I'm in my thirties and so this is 1994 though my late thirties and so I thought well how I said and then I said well here's the real reason is that it is risky but you view the president is an expendable but I am he says that's right you're expendable very cynical very Washington yeah throw you under the bus who cares so I sort of vibe since then I sort except well I'm the Thruway guy career my life none of that matters because you know in this city you know it's everyone's ambition and ... you at the Rockefeller rants I know for a fact that ... when they were going through the briefing materials ... that we put together which we've made available to the public the disclosure bought has most of that and ... but that basically at that point ... Hilary stood up and said this is too dangerous and we really can't deal with ... and and so what you find is that they they're they are interest now young years later very very close friends of the of the of the the Clintons do you still live in the private quarters of the White House I was meeting at her home in okay she told me this hot hilarious story that even though the all the people around Bill Clinton Cloete that's why did what did not want him to deal with this the issue of the risks involved ... he kept the briefing document on the back this toilet in the private quarters and would have but one day he brought it out was sitting with this friend of the Clintons that I knew very well and had it open he was going through the document going well I know all this is true but they won't tell me a fan not a god damn thing just like that and we should tell me the story I just cracked up I went on my god you know but you know that's hate everyone puts their pants on one leg ... no one walks on water I I you know I think it's you know it's an understandable and ... but to answer your question have ... we continue to do what you're talking about but it at all authentic levels I don't wanna say thing disparaging about but authentic level because we have you know the access to the source both but where I think the action is is grassroots I think is that the actual disclosures with the people ... more people coming for her whistle blowers I think there are though it's with CD 5 teams reaching a critical mass of morphogen it field around the planet that then brings this to the next level and Doug with the energy the same thing technologies ... anyway and crafts that's how it should be if you look at human history no big really quantum leap a big check leap forward in human history ever come out of the centers of power ever it's always come from something in left field something unexpected bottom up it's never come from the centers of power because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely so the people who are in those systems by definition are trapped in the mechanism of the round of their devices you see and so in a sense word more liberated I'll never forget in 1992 the former head of army intelligence pulled me aside at a meeting and after we were in Florida and we were doing the C. E. 5 work and there were 40 people on the beach and that's when you've seen the video the the guy goes holy damn hot shit there for the fact okay you've all seen that was very bad Cameron there were no we did it's it's back then but they were really quite close you can't tell from the camera and that made its way over to the CIA and to this this guy who the head of army intelligence to doing covert stuff that's private contractor it was a general and ... his one of their best friends and others in an essay guy there also security agency guy and if they were really concerned about what we're doing very ... because he basically said you have no business I said well I'm gonna do it anyway ... as how I am nice until I'm not nice to probing into run you over but anyway of it and I said look you know why am I doing this is a civilian I haven't signed a security with anyone but my conscience got in my and the humanity so buzz off than your business ... but what was interesting one of their friends who is that this conference can't pull me aside later and I want to I want you to think about this in and take it into your own soul and said you know that they act like they're angry at you but they're actually really jealous and I said what do you mean jealous as the head of army intelligence is an essay they they they said yes but he said this without a countess from Europe member royal family and she said you're 40 to do anything you want and you can do these wonderful things they are not free they are in a system where they know that they are on a leash and they are controlled and they are in a black box and they really are jealous of you so don't give this kind of power more than you should to these entities you guys all of us have such freedom because we're not part of that that's the power we have these were not part of ... corrupt system either economically or politically or institutionally that strange what we want to do which is make contact it's close the information bring out these technologies so we have this freedom to operate that people who were in the system the Pentagon and the agency in the White House and Congress really find they don't have so it's a beautiful thought that thank god we've I've now I I've been offered he poured into that system and turned it down ... because I've I've and I will not sign a security by the way all these meetings I've had see I director had the defense intelligence agency members of the Senate head of intelligence joint staff J. 2 they've all been without me signing anything recorded 6 are and if someone says we want you to I will not go no one had the disclosure across nmsiis //
"2015-10-13 13:17:29"
Crossing Point Part 18
\\nmsiis out ... wonderful as for all this started as for North Carolina also released for national ... I hope your way cheers yes I want to say thank you to everyone who sprayed it you know Emily had stage 4 cancer F. for 5 months ago I thought she was a goner she's completely clear cured yeah your frustration must be unbelievable because I know how I feel I'm back in 1974 I had pretty closely can't there is ... very angry also very large very good tally of Jack about 40 in the anger ballots 50 feet above my head yeah it was it was frightening it was fried was home alone and the 3 other people and the Great Barrier Mars where is the I. Massachusetts miss very very I place a 1974 it was ... it was something that inform the rest of my life ... but now I have that wasn't the answer is no right so no no one can tell me I did not see I do not know I can't tell you who live but I know that now the same thing happens to me there you are the same thing that has happened to me you had and the well the same thing is happening now in the nineties but through after better communication with Sarah that new feelings and I was hoping maybe you could give me some information on how both these things can be dimensional radio play you know because I don't know what that means really so I was wondering if you could cut something that I've never been able to cups groups is how do I know that you have I don't have and now I work with the 2 of them together so that I 0 votes and feel that it was the exploration is there any thing you can offer well how very abstract that have more detail of what she's asking is issues that you have experience with a fully materialize craft and subsequently has had experiences self looking consciousness with someone who's in the next world as it were yeah who who it passed ... and the thing is to understand is to look at it I call you know it in ancient times use me times that we call this the eye of one so looking at this in a unit of way ... so there it really is no distance between these dementia say the after life in the astral except what our minds can because your conscious mind is omnipresent so your conscious mind can experience something from an ancestor or relative who's in there astral body of light whatever in the next world or spirit being an ancient spirit being or an angelic being I know these all exist or an extraterrestrial spacecraft in this dimension or that has resonated to where it's moved in the astral very close to what you would call the spirit world now as I said when the the the locketts copper sky had his his out of body experience with the astron the hit the crap because but it and it moved it it was not as materialized but with over your head but it was there and it looked exactly like a crap like this but it is shifted just into that nearby culvert near ask vote trans dimensional energy field and if you understand that all of this is on a continuum we create these like barriers between dimensions so in a sense we create our own compartment so we have our bodies through the 3 D. world everything's linear and that's the myth we create because that's where our understanding but that's not what's actually operating all the time and so there will be moments where we can break into an experience something unconscious that's in this another dimension where there be the after life or an interstellar civilization that's resonating beyond the frequency of white matter before it steps down as it were into 3 D. but all of it is on a continuum and the only thing that separates our understanding it or make it look like it's a us versus them or not an us versus them ... again and Yang thing is the lens we look at it through for what we have to do is adjust our paradigm to understand that the whole cock that it the only camp it does and it does at all times and ... from a higher level of consciousness ... and perhaps from a higher level of civilization where you become interstellar ... this understanding would be very very normal and natural okay from our level at this stage are evolutionists aside and also as individuals it seems very strange but I think it will become less strange as it becomes more everyday if you hear me one more question I asked was invading which so I just and maybe it is maybe around snow but why is it that he's accepted protocol here and why don't they just but once ever over my head ... they were there for about 40 seconds let Satan when very honest person very costly CNN mark 3 right when a south of land and say Hey well the question is when they stop all you white what the crap stop them and say Hey they have some time to just told you Joshua tree we had a this this spear con man and there is a being there and literally waved it's on our website and the question is why don't they do this that you know Yankee Stadium during the the though okay aw this is like when Larry King asked the wealthy well the White House lawn I private ask that question of 33000 times ... and and the reason he but here's the reason for it and that and the answer is really about of important answer ... how successful has our misadventure been for instituting Jefferson democracy Iraq okay we're dealing with humans living in the same sense on the same plan kind of now the game started okay now the point I'm making without becoming politically incorrect is that if you have a civilization that is thousands to millions of years more developed than and they were to come in and force disclosure let's say IBM that open a couple things would happen first there'd the world would divide into I dala tree people would worship them like the people on the island making now ... of of of the plane the bite that the propeller plane or were demonized the military intelligence community would say we've been invaded and we're back to the movie independence day okay and it would galvanize the fear to me justify unifying the world is Ronaldsay Reagan said at the UN around an extraterrestrial threat so if I have figured this out with my limited capabilities quite sure these interstellar civilizations have it it out anything that is that frontal could be with with have blowback that would not be good so they let themselves be known in a number of ways they've tested how humans react to that but again over the course of the thousands of years of human history and particularly the last 50 years it's been quite a bit but they're still testing our risk and and so and so so I'm trying to answer questions so if I can finish so the E. T.'s do not want to do something that would precipitate either ... panic miss understanding and worse the galvanize ation of ... the military using it like a 911 event to create all kinds of boogie man space they know that that is exactly how an event like you're talking about would be I know what they know and so the only way that global open contact if you're discussing is that if it is under C. E. 5 protocol with a lot of world leaders involve this could happen we're working on ... it's done in a way that is invitational and coke and coherent ... if it happens the other way it could be something that would have a lot of bad consequences that are unintended to most people ... the other problem with it is that what would be the purpose in doing that if people aren't ... ready and you know how I think they're measuring how ready we are is how much we go out there pull ourselves out of you to and the television and Netflix and go out under the stars together and with intent and theory asked them to make that says to them that were ready and if we don't do that them were dilettante and we're sitting at home in front of our TV is being Philip tells so I think that you have to walk the walk talk it and I think that's what they're measuring ... and there is the of many people so we have certainly they would have cures for cancer and aids and and could you all kai said yes of course but the are covert programs have all the things already also they do not a myth so they're watching that there are certain types of humans that like to keep all the secret and other types of humans who are passive cowardly so how do we find that they are voice how do we find our ... our courage to do this in a way that is really a good event for Hannity and I think that's the measure now there are certain conditions where that may not happen I think if we had a massive earth change type of that or if we'd gone the mutual assured destruction a massive thermonuclear of it with thousands of missiles there are the skies would be filled with the T. craft find intervening but short of that sort of just cataclysmic stupid sort of thing they're gonna they're gonna want us to learn and to this is our plan where the children over and they're gonna want us to learn to do this to educate one another to care for one another to make contact openly and that's the measure that's the metric they're looking and even with disclosure they're watching to see how much makes it out that's true and how much of it gets folded into disinformation if you read the paper I wrote when disclosure serve secrecy if you haven't read it you shut down the website ... where disclosure information and evidence gets folded into the whole fear mongering that is the stock in trade of the U. office up ... so I think we have to be ... aware that this is being monitored by the civilizations who I'm sure work together ... there's no question about it I mean if we have coalitions and we work together is dysfunctional humans are you can be assured that interstellar civilizations work together with infinite more coherence then we'd that this is being measured and observed and there are certain metrics that I think they're looking at how mass society media political establishments react how military react how the public reacts but also water the people doing and it you know having been in the kind of the center of this for 25 years now 2015 will be the 20 fifth year since I found it all this ... what I what I've feel over over again is that the real action is with each individual person and then coming together and making this wave happened ... and I think that ... for that reason forced disclosure by the E. T.'s or item that happening from on high on Capitol Hill or the president those are the 2 least likely ways and this other path issues involved more effort and work ... but that's part of the west you know earth is a school house floating through space and we're here to learn certain lessons about self realization but also self actualization and creating a New World and I think that's really why we're here together well we're at a time thank you so much for being here and stay in touch I //
"2015-10-13 13:17:01"
Untold History Part 1
\\nmsiis I'd like to thank all of you for coming from all over the United States turns out for this ... I'm doctor Steven Greer and I'm the director of ... disclosure project and see city and serious and the Orion project these projects I'll explain very briefly in a moment ... the report purpose of this seminar today is really to go and share things I have not shared publicly about how'd disclosure has happened because it has happened and is happening and what the process was led up to that but I wrote first want to thank you guys for coming here and having the interest because this is the public that as actually made disclosure happened from the beginning although it was requested by some folks at the end CI a which will get into ... it's the public that's really enabled it including all of the now 550 the top secret military and corporate witnesses have come forward now I want to state that at this point the numbers are continuing to grow and most of those witnesses are people who've been in the intelligence community or department defense a some branch of the armed forces or corporations that deal with ... so called unacknowledged special access projects not super secret projects that deal with your photos and only about a fifth of them have consented to be filmed and have their persons identified to the public the reason for that is fear and concern for their own privacy and concerns over some issues that I don't think we need to worry about at this point ... around the legalities and we'll get we'll get into this over the course of the day and the main purpose of disclosure project was really dead ... educate the public that we're not alone in the universe and that this it's been known by highly classified projects for 70 years and those projects have unfortunately become illegal and unconstitutional operations that operate transnational no time like the transnational not international the secrecy that surrounds this issue is so extraordinary that most presidents are not briefed on it and if they're brief they're brief in a way that is ... perfunctory and very very limited and designed to control their actions ... for example Ronald Reagan was provided some information but only in so far as it was false so that he would support SD I the ... Star Wars missile defense program said that though he could justify the spending but up for the most part presidents since Eisenhower have not had appropriate access control know what I mean access control this means not only access to the program troll over them and people need to make a real I'm at the very beginning a very clear understanding between knowing and the note do anything about it so every single president has been interested in this famously Jimmy Carter as he was the president elect was asked by ... was asked to ask these out outgoing CIA director George Bush senior to brief him on this issue because he had had a sighting some of you may know this while he was governor of Georgia I have that report and president Carter president elect Carter was told by ... then ... outgoing CIA director bush that ... he would not tell him about this issue and he didn't say he did have information he said I will not share that with you and directed him to get it from the Congressional Research Service believe it or not to saying that to the incoming president of the United States ... and this is well documented in disclosure project witness testimony from people who were privy to what happened ... and I think that this is white folks have to understand that just because that someone is the president order the chairman of the Senate intelligence committee or for that matter the head of the CIA does not mean that they're going to even know about these operations now when I first started out on this it was an accident of what I my real initial love was and that is peaceful interstellar contact I started out doing what I'm doing ... you know while I was working full time as an emergency and trauma doctor in North Carolina ... because I thought it was time for humans show a different face the cosmos one that wasn't militaristic one that wasn't Xena phobic one that wasn't hyped up fear for the one that was hopeful and forward looking and so I founded the center for the study of extraterrestrial intelligence 25 years ago yeah it and see steady C. S. ET I to do exactly that and so we set up upon this project sort of just grassroots and right away by within a year 2 we had contact all of you know what happened near Pensacola where we were out on the beach with about 50 people couple of them were airforce pilots a colonel in another guy and there were 4:00 ET craft that materialized and vectored in and was filmed very poor film footage old high 8 now night scopes but it was actually quite close this ended up on the front page the Pensacola paper today and that at that point what I was doing up there on the radar scope of the national security state folks dealing with this this is the part the story most people don't understand I never intended to be involved with this ... aspect of it because what I really want to do ... was create a grassroots movement that basically bypassed the U. S. government or any other government to make contact with the civilizations as citizen diplomat much like physicians for social responsibility were citizen diplomats to the Soviet Union during the Cold estates but ... of the Cold War darkest days of the Cold War and but on it interplanetary interstellar level unfortunately I got diverted not stop from doing that other project the C. E. 5 close encounters of the fifth kind initiative which is when humans go out an intensely invite make contact but I was pulled into what I'm doing now with disclosure project because I was asked to so within a month of that have been in Florida in March of 1992 I was asked to go to a conference in Atlanta now I thought just conference I got there and it was half of magic that this covert group that deals with the office there the former head of army intelligence was there there and I say people there there were D. I. 8 people there my ex center and so on and they Prasat proceeded to sort of ask me what the hell do you think you're doing I said well doing what I you can read it's all public I don't have any secrets about it were a team to make contact with these civilizations ... outside of governmental channels because the government is broken and ... I was informed it was none of my business not to do it ... I said try stopping me so we kinda had a mano a mano was not pretty 3 in the morning in a hotel room and ... that you know and I said this is what I'm gonna do so there were people opposed to what the C. E. 5 contact program was from the very very earliest days it's been a while I sat on the other hand there's a senior official at the CI a flew down on a jet to my town in North Carolina Asheville North Carolina say do it and don't give up someone's got to do this because it's completely out of control and moreover someone's going to have to spear head not only making contact but you informing the public because the system is so completely dysfunctional now the person who was sent down with a man whose family found at the California institute of technology the most prestigious when the most prestigious universities in America and is associated with the NSA and CIA and I said well I'm a country doctor North Carolina rambling around any are and but you know I'm doing this sort of it's just the ad hoc group to to do this he says no well it will someone is going to have to do this ... but also is going to have to educate the public and I said well I'll do what I can in between E. R. shifts in raising 4 children and ... as things went well you know that was sort of the initiation and and by it my initiation into this sort of weird down the rabbit hole world of secret projects more why is this guy coming as an emissary of this very senior CI a person who's involved in this begging me to do something why don't they just do it anyway so you're gonna see this the late motif repeated over and over again over the course of today ... and at that point I said okay well I will do what I can and ... few months later ... there is a man named Bill Clinton I got elected to the presidency of the United States and I was immediately approached by people who are friends of his and ... who said well you know this is something that he's very interested in and it's well known that ... his good friend Webster Hubbell who was the third in command at ... justice department prior to being convicted of some other problems ... you said that the Bill Clinton asked him when he that he won the new about 2 things who really killed Marilyn Monroe because he had a fascination with Marilyn Monroe and who killed Jack Kennedy and also what is this UFO stuff is there anything really to it so he made a directed inquiry in as well Webster Hubbell reported in his book friends in high places if not you take read it and see they made in chorus in the subject and they will quote were not happy with the answers they were getting a polite with saying they know they were being lied to well at that about that time in a little bit before some of the Clinton folks approached me some military people who were friendly it's closure approached me who had had experiences either on battleships or at a teacher could ... Air Command facilities were nuclear facilities or make her for her purposes and said you know how many have had to help you and one of these men was a naval commander who was very connected up ... in the Pentagon and he showed up at my door basically and at at my home and I thought initially he was a spook spy and I think what this group is probably here to disrupt my project and turns out he was until these stand up guy who did everything he could to set up a number the meetings you're going to hear about behind the scenes deep background briefings that I did at the Pentagon ... subsequently and we decide to have a meeting I was invited by a former state department person to have a meeting up at the Monroe institute ... which is it ironically about 10 minutes from where my country home is now in Virginia to discuss how to put together a team of people a brief ... the correct folks in government and encourage them to end the secrecy now you have to understand this is 1990 293 22 years ago 21 years ago I was in my thirties ... a bit naive about how government worked I actually thought we had a functional constitutional government ... I've since learned we do not ... that that's all window dressing that's all the Truman show like the movie the Truman show where it's all sort of a fake ... and that there's a parallel governmental process that runs this and other important issues that are completely out of reach the people we elect a point but at that time so we had this meeting and it was decided that we should contact certain key people in the U. S. government to it in military speak the conflict I see said the contact teams from the airforce and other military operations so that they didn't interfere with us and would it interfere with them that was the purpose of it was to de conflict that because we don't want interference from those guys with what we were doing which we were getting a lot of interference we get helicopters jets all kinds of stuff coming in to our contact sites and we still do to this day have been filmed and documented so unfortunately we we said this is something that is really critical if we're gonna make contact and not have it become something terrible happens accidentally okay so my military adviser who came forward said let's see what I can DO run this up the flagpole ... and so he ... he knew the head of intelligence for the joint chiefs of staff an admiral who ... admiral ... Kramer with a C. C. R. A. MER and he ... went and had a meeting and said look we really need to have a meeting with the airforce and tell people at Wright Patterson airforce base to which the Roswell remains were sent and which still had what was called the national air intelligence center and then it became that foreign ... aerospace technology center ... it was always F. T. D. affair technology division of the Air Force back in the forties and fifties it's gone through many name changes the same facility it right Patterson airforce base in Ohio and he said okay let's ... well let's see if you can set up a meeting and the admiral no this is the head of intelligence joint chiefs of staff pushed back from the desk and that are you serious about UFO's an expresso intelligence and the commander military commander who was volunteering to help us said yes we're very serious and so the admiral said okay I'll do it so they refused to take the meeting now so what happened is that J. to what's called Jay to head of intelligence to staff called the head of Air Force intelligence and said you will make this meeting happened and doctor Greer will be received there because they have some to discuss with those folks and that was now the fall timber 1993 okay so it would that sit meeting was set up now in the meanwhile some folks working with Boutros Boutros Ghali the UN secretary general and Lawrence Rockefeller who was the sign on of the Rockefeller ... family who was the philosopher king of the family I mean David Rockefeller was sort of the money guy with chase Manhattan in shaping Morgan chase and about his nephew Jay Rockefeller was chairman of the Senate intelligence committee and ... Nelson Rockefeller who had passed away who'd been vice president ironically was his brother who had set up the Rockefeller 6 that completely re organized the department of defense and the CIA so no U. S. president could pain troll for penetrate UFO projects so that's Rockefeller family up to their eyeballs in this Lawrence knew that but he was on the side of the angels he warrants for clean for karma as it were I believe of that family and actually help so lot of people have of course attacked me for knowing a Rockefeller ... as proof that I'm sort of part of some pinball I said no they contacted me because he Lawrence knew that what we were doing was really novel and was effective because he had sent people it turned out to some of our events where we have had contact we did the CFI protocols and ET crap would appear and then disappear you went holy they want took up this information back to Lawrence and said this is no joke so Lawrence Rockefeller invited me up to New York and then invited me to his ranch J. Y. ranch and ... Wyoming and as you know but that's where the Clintons for the first couple years of their presidency would vacation in August well I was asked to go there ... in September of 1993 to a basically share what he thought would just be the information about the CD 5 initiative Lawrence did not Lawrence Rockefeller did not know about the initiative to brief senior governmental officials and encourage them to end the secrecy started a few months prior to that at this meeting and Virginia ... at the Monroe institute with a select number of folks that my military advisers had gathered together ... in that was July of 93 so they he thought it was going to be a discussion about the protocols of the C. 5 initiative cream remote viewing making contact interstellar democ diplomacy all of these concepts and so we decided that it was really time for us to go ahead ... and have some meetings like this with with Lawrence ... and I said okay I'll go