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The Dynasty of Rothschild | The Only Trillionaires in the World - Full Documentary
\\let's take a look at the role of the Rothschild family the family sent to be the wealthiest in the world is the god of our time Rothschild is his prophet I know I kinda the mythology surrounding the Rothschilds wealth and power is 2 centuries old the resulting mythology has proved almost as long live does the firm of and am Rothschild and sounds it sounds ever since the second decade of the nineteenth century there has been speculation about the origins and extent of the family's wealth about their political influence not only in the 5 countries where there were Rothschild houses but throughout the world about their Judaism the 5 Rothchild houses constitute an early version of what later became known as the multinational perhaps the most important point to for most 14 little eloquent because they were array very soon portanto soul and can there are no fewer than one these are some 6 which bear the name Ross John burns 14 the rare slipper orchid Tapio pendulum Rothschild beyond them say nothing of 3 fish spiders and to reptiles the family is almost equally recurrent enthusiasm for the pleasures of the table has also bestowed the name on the souffle and the savory prawns cognac and re air on toast there are towns and numerous streets named after members of the family in Israel Rothschild them vineyards at tall and let the winds are drunk the world over numerous Rothschild built houses from the Vale of Aylesbury to the Riviera and there is even a Rothschild island in the anti the same time the Rothschilds energetically you would and the choir decoration titles and other honors securing the ultimate prize an English peerage in 1985 the third generation also threw themselves into and horse race those quintessentially aristocrat past time they also extended their patronage to include writers Benjamin Disraeli honore de Balzac and Heinrich Chyna musicians notably Frideric Japan Giacchino Rossini as well as architects and artists in more ways than one they were the 19 rings made each from the very earliest days the Rothschilds a bridge he did the importance of proximity to politicians the men who determine not only the extent the budget deficits but also the domestic and foreign policy so influenced the financial markets and politicians soon came to realize the importance of proximity to the Rothschilds good times seemed in this civil to the solvency of the states the politicians governments and who could always be relied upon to provide up to the minute political news when the former direction prayer director George Bundy do became prime minister in April 19 2 and later president in 19 the 9 look I'm not on Sunday commented simply R. F. equals republique francaise the bulls rod Sheard prayer similar echoes can be found in the British press to inferences were sometimes drawn in the 19 eighties the fact that the number of conservative politicians and work for it N. M. Rothschild and sons limited either before or after their political careers the time when the band was handling a number of important privatization in the 18 eighties and 18 nineties it's their advice on imperial matters was sought by both the Salisbury and the Earl of Rosebery glad stint successor as liberal prime minister indeed Roseberry was married to a Rothschild Myers stole her hand Rothschild influence extended to royalty as well it is extraordinary to find that the family's interests in the financial affairs of things George the board pre dated his accession to the throne by as much as here's how did Meyer and show them the bother of an obscure Manchester next come to acquire the bill on the brings me the likeliest answer is that he bought it from the electorate has capital made a number of loans to the sons of George the third in the 1790 10 years later with Nathan firmly established as a banker in London sons of Meyer and shelter into these other royal debts with the intention of making Nathan that feels somewhat old fashioned Brady's court banker in England no it was George the fourth the only member of the British royal family to make them less money in the 20 in 1824 for example he leads 10000 pounds to the Duke of York as well as giving him 100 complementary shares in the alliance insurance company the Rothschilds also look ahead to the next generation 1916 the only child of the prince regent princess Charlotte was patrol to a minor German prince Leopold of Saxe Coburg the youngest son the bureaucrats is Frederick the brothers at once recognize Leopold's potential importance not for nothing did 1 Rothschild writer at the 1848.out the similarity between the house of Rothschild in the house of Coburg Gotha those still extended German families which were to rise from obscurity to glory in the course of the nineteenth century indeed there's was to be an almost symbiotic relationship the 3.5000000 golden lend to this scope birds by the prank but house between 1837 and 1842 was only one aspect of the connection of greater importance was the support which the Rothschilds gave to those members of the family who left covering in search of new phones elsewhere not that the Rothschilds lost interest in the question of the British succession following princess Charlotte's death when the prince regents brother the Duke of hand set off for Germany to marry Victoria of Saxe Coburg he took with him a letter of credit on the Frankford Rothschild when the marriage produced a daughter Victoria once became next in line to the throne Nathan hastened to offer the proud father of financial advice and his exclusive messenger service Nathan sons continued to act as the Duchess's banker after the Duke's death relaying money to our brother Ferdinand of Saxe Coburg these tenuous links were enhanced by careful cultivation of Leopold of Saxe Coburg who later became thing Leopold the first of the Belgian nor was his nephew Albert about turning to the Rothschilds for financial assistance after he became story is prince consort in terms of Victoria and Albert's eldest son was on friendly terms with many members of before and after he 6 mother as it 7 the list of Victorian politicians were close to the Rothschild is a long one Lionel's campaign for admission to the house of Commons in the late 18 forties and 18 fifties enjoyed support from waves like lord John Russell and feel like it's like glanced at but also protectionist story is like Disraeli lord George Bentinck they were attracted not only did Israeli but also the lord Randolph Churchill Joseph chamberlain and thought about for even as late as the first decade of the twentieth century Emma partnerships continued to function in such a way that English Rothschild said a financial stake in the parish house and French Rothschilds a stake in the London house the history of the Rothschilds also helps to illuminate the long running differences between British French and German banking for the obvious reason that the various Rothchild houses worked in similar though not identical ways in the country in addition to the inevitable web of credits and debits with other firms which arose from these activities the Rothschilds also offered to a select group of customers usually royal and aristocratic individuals whom they wished to cultivate a range of personal banking services ranging from large personal loans as in the case of the Austrian chancellor prince Metternich to a first class private postal service as in the case of Queen Victoria and the Rothschilds were also major industrial investors an aspect of their business which has often been underestimated when the development of railways raised the possibility of transforming Europe's transport system in the 18 thirties and 18 forties the Rothschilds were among the leading financial backers of lines beginning in France Austria and Germany indeed by the 18 sixties James to Rothchild had built up something like a pan European railway network extending northwards from France to Belgium southwards to Spain and eastwards to Germany Switzerland Austria and Italy from an early stage the Rothschilds also had major mining in beginning in the 18 thirties with their acquisition of the Spanish mercury minds of on the Dane spending dramatically in the 18 eighties and 18 nineties when they invested in mines producing gold copper diamonds rubies and oil like their original financial business this was an authentically global operation extending from South Africa to Burma from Montana to Baku unlike modern multi nationals however this was always a family for executive decision making strictly monopolized by the partners who until 1960 were exclusively drawn from the ranks of male rock John there are numerous apocryphal businessman attributed to the Rothschilds for example to hold a third of one 's wealth in securities a third in real estate and the third in jewels and artworks to treat the stock exchange like a cold shower week in week out or to leave the last 10 percent to someone else the economic history of capitalism is therefore incomplete until some attempt has been made to explain how the Rothschilds became so phenomenally rich all 19 century states ran budget deficits and some almost always did and it was war and the preparation for war which generally precipitated the biggest in this is an expenditure court was by lending to governments or by speculating in existing government bonds the Rothschilds made a very large part of their colossal fortune the answer lies in the way these investments were carried out only a few years previously admire and shell had been arranging 620000 who've been from the elected to Austria to pay for troops and horses in the 1809 campaign against France shortly after my RM shells dad his son and showed was advancing 255000 cool didn't do purchase horses for the French army he simply back to both sides such a strategy has obvious attractions and it was to become a frequent Rothchild gambit in the decades ahead and chel was only half joking when he wrote urging Solomon do your stuff make the Frankfort house richer by 1000000 pranks the Paris sounds richer by 1000000 Louis door and the London house richer by 1000000 pounds you'll be awarded the order of the ground I may such transactions probably accounted for the lion's share of the profits the Rothschilds made in this decisive period in June 1814 Harris listed the payments they had so far made to Prussia Austria the French king and the British ami including money that had not yet been dispersed the total was 12.6000000 price more what's to come by now the markets were tending to follow the Rothschild lead as Carl noted when we buy everybody by this reflected the widespread belief that the Rothschilds were acting on behalf of the English government and that this was being done in order to force the rate of the pound sterling up that we succeeded very well in doing so right now let's return Paul because nothing else in history more aptly demonstrates the ingenuity of the Rothschild family than their control of the British stock market out the water below in 1815 a year after the end of the war of 1812 in America Napoleon escaped his exile and return to Paris just as the brothers appeared to be Bonaparte's date is plunged Europe back into war storing the financial condition in which the Rothschilds said Hitler to thrive this time not only Russia and Prussia but the previously aloof Austrians found they had little option but to accept payment from the Rothschilds as did a gaggle of other states including Bob wouldn't there the varia sacks Weimar has Denmark inside India all together Harris's account with me then 1815 amounted to 9789778 pal in this the Rothschilds had invaluable accomplices in the allied powers themselves naturally wish to pocket as much it could be for peace was signed and the subsidies seat as their father had taught them the brothers were always careful to make their terms attractive not only to governments but also to the individual officials with whom they were negotiating or but profited from the dramatic events of the 15 is central to Rothchild mythology by obtaining the first news of Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo before even the government itself Nathan was able to make a huge sum of money on the stock exchange this is the water little battlefield about 200 miles northeast of Paris what today is Belgium here Napoleon suffered final defeat but not before thousands of French an Englishman gave their lives on summer day in July of 18 the outcome was certainly in doubt in fact that Napoleon attacked a few hours earlier he would probably have Rothchild station the trusted agent a man named rock work on the north side of the battlefield closer to the English Channel once the battle and then decided rapport tough on the channel he delivered the news the Nathan off both money more hours or Wellingtons carrier Wellington had been defeated and Napoleon was loose on the continental can Britain's financial situation really that to the you the room lit a lot what but send the not a drop I think he was having a get a bombs people in setting something like other nervous and she saw the Bronco the only thing polling must one the market everyone was so they're British prices but then Rothschild started see really by souls who is agents they're worth our speed I I it yeah the yeah lose you I don't know room which was very came on you no you know what's even more interesting story some authors a day out battle of Waterloo matter of hours Nathan not only the farm whether or not the rock troll at the time first European nations well is certain mid 18 the Rothschilds with the richest the world bar Monday that the new just real like France and Britain the central and east European states emerged from the war with dire financial as which could be addressed only witnesses upon pap as do Israeli leader put it in his novel Coningsby after the exhaustion of a war of 25 years Europe must require capital to carry on peace France wanted some Austria more pressure a little Russia a few 0 moreover the policy of the holy alliance was bound to read additional financial needs from which the Rothschilds good also profit but the principal aim of the alliance was to avert a recurrence of the revolutionary epidemic because such upheaval in Europe between 1789 and 1850 if necessary by military intervention that implied further expand the Rothschilds were notoriously the ally of the holy alliance the German writer Ludwig van and they were the nation's worst enemies they have done more than any to undermine the foundations and it is unquestionable most of the peoples of Europe would by this time full possession of liberty if such men as Rothchild did not blame the autocrats support of their capital moreover the Rothschilds were also Senate to list he says in in and Monica had been another liberal goal of the need they even appeared to be in a position to influence the decision as to which prints with I therefore make more sense to argue the child's would shore up the European the first major post war loan which the brothers succeeded in making was depression end of the Napoleonic period with burden of around one the 0 taller can you to run large step 50 and 1870 the size of the floating debt reached 20000000 taller by the autumn the government began to contemplate raising the loan in London banking the third lord Rothschild once remarked consists essentially of facilitating the movement of money from point game where it is 2.3 where it is needed I all banks and history is that not all have their histories research in Britain only the Rothschilds however have a mythology I worldspan the Rothschilds on the wonders of modern and then submit your if you 1000 years hearing above the rising higher than a bruise and holding the whole cock hello their hand the Rothschilds government world now the cabinet moves without their advice stretch their hand with equal ease Petersburg to Vienna to Paris Paris to London in London for washing Baron Rothschild the head of the house is the true king of Judah the prince of the science so long by this straordinario he holds the keys of the sort of war blessing or a curse they are the brokers and lives of the Europe and the real American what more can they desire Niles week stir 35 6 whatever it's a as for Russian politics the 18 Russian loan was without in a watershed in his free of the European it and as contemporaries came to recognize firstly the loan was not to be in taller but in sterling interest payable nearly not in Berlin but in London secondly there was to be a British style sinking fund to ensure the amortization of the low this deliberate anglicisation of a foreign loan was a new departure for the international mark now it was much easier to invest in foreign far the fact that throughout the century old foreign government bonds paid higher yields than British consoles meant that who did the times did not exaggerate what it later described Nathan as the first introducer of foreign loans into Britain moreover in the loan was issued in London but also in Frankfort women I'm damn Indiana in other words it represented a major step towards the but completely international bond markets stipulating these conditions and not only succeeded in making the Prussian love the track the British little bastards he also established a model for such no bond issues which would swiftly in his book on the traffic state bombings 5 the German legal experts Johann Heinrich Bender define this as one of the Rothschilds principal contra the mother neck and development any owner of government by collect the interest that being in since several different places with the effort and so forth an investor could be Austrian mentally the Apollo wrong or any other Rothschild bombs in any of the Rothschild house although the terms of the loan were heavily criticized in Berlin there n'gog and rotor were impressed Roger went further the Rothschild in this he has no double influence on all finance appears here in London is it being close to tightly regulate this power is a banker is enormous an unpublished back job the go I know sought to analyze the sure of the Rothschilds power more here he acknowledges that in the short term that serve to shore up the reactionary regime revolutions are generally triggered off by the Rothschilds system may serve to preserve in Europe or rather Rothschild it's in tears still provide foundations for such does not inhibit one state war on another exam for it does make because for the people to overthrow a stab already religion is no longer able to the governments that the will remain go the Rothschilds system of loans upon the task much better it possesses the moral force or power which will as long as as a surrogate for relief is a new religion when the old religion he goes on there it will provide some for its practical blessing Leonardo it is once again Jews who invented as early as 1928 prince the most go referred to Ross child without whom no power in Europe today's gore in a multi polar world did powers with so to resolve internet without resorting for the Rothschilds acted not so much to ensure as to underwrite once it the case was put in a more sophisticated form by the left leaning liberal J. a Hobson's author of the classic imperialism study 19 no 2 like many radical writers of the period Thompson regarded the Boer war as having been neared by a small group of international financiers German in origin and Jewish and rates Rothschilds in his view were central to this group does anyone seriously suppose he asked serialism the great war could be undertaken by many European state or any great loan subscribe house of Rothschild and it's going that their face against it share that made much the same one from a German nationalist given his history house of Rothschild has arisen from the bottles between state has become great and mighty from war fortune of states and peoples has been youth sport English examples can also be found in refusing glanced request to me the line of the Rothschild appear toria ex and whether one who owes his great wealth to foreign governments for loans what do successful speculations on the stockings fairly claim a British peerage a good illustration is John Reeves is book the Rothschilds the financial rulers of names which returns a typical verdict the Rothschilds belong to no one nationality they are cosmopolitan they belong to no party they were ready to grow rich at the expense of friend and foe alike the central dilemma which confronted the Rothschilds lay here because of their wealth other Jews look to them for leadership in their pursuit of equal civil and political rights they themselves had no desire to forsake their palatial town and the residents or better in Palestine one of nephew Victor struck a similar note about government when he addressed a meeting of the ... Baldwin fund for refugees low murder of 600000 people he told his audience it's an act which has rarely happened in his yeah you want on in spite of humanitarian feelings we probably all agree that if something unsatisfactory in refugees and coaching on the privacy of our country even for relatively short periods of time even in 1946 speaking in the house of lords Victor defended the policy of restricting immigration to Palestine the only logical solution with that fortifying from alternative territory for that used to go to now keep them proud for him Madagascar item number frame time a pilot house 42 new port a proposal to purchase 200000 acres unprepared marta Grosso and another effect which used in Sudan up on mount valley Kenya northern Rhodesia and Diana were also can only at the eleventh hour it seems that the rock charts recognize to meet with me refugees into Britain and France this was broadly the argument of the early Zionists like Theodore Herzl who came to believe that the only solution to the Jewish question was indeed for the Jews to leave Europe and found their own you it's only the succession of attempts to win the support of the Rothschilds in the belief that they were about to liquidate their vast capital is a response to anti so attacks but his 66 page address to the Rothschild family council I sent as he concluded from and rebuffed that they work vulgar contemptuous egotist Rothschilds he later declared where a national misfortune for the Jews even threatened to liquidate them more to wage a barbaric campaign against them if they opposed him if a scientist could use such language in the perhaps not pricing that the radical anti Semites who flourished in the defeated states of central Europe after the first World War did so to a good example is Dietrich Eckhart's address to all working people in 19 the house of Rothchild owns 40000000000 they only need to administer their wealth to see that it is not a place they do not need to work it's not what we understand by work but who provides them and they're like with such an enormous amount of money who does this you do it nobody but you that's right it is your money hard earned through care and sorrow which is drawn as if magnetically into the coffers of these insatiable people another early national socialist to cited the Rothschilds as examples of the Jewish problem he pledged to solve was Adolf Hitler in an article in the Nazi Turkish ship they'll doctor in may 19 the one great apple he named them as one of the group of Jewish capitalists who controlled the socialist press on at least 2 occasions in 1922 he gave speeches in which he referred to the significant difference between the achievements of a man like Alfred group who has the queens that immense national achievement through his indefatigable work as an innovator and the rapacity of a rough childhood financed wars and revolutions it brought the people's into interest servitude through loans the television preacher and Republican politician Pat Robertson's book the New World order published in 1991 states that the Rothschilds were polluted by the occultism of illuminated preemies and that ball warbird architect of the Federal Reserve System was a Rothschild agent from a completely different political milieu believe Mohammed a former assistant to Louis Farrakhan the leader of the radical African American organization of Islam has repeated the suggestion that's the Rothschilds financed Hitler and needed his and policy a cursory search of the internet reveals a plethora of conspiracy theories the Rothschilds arrange the murder of president as his post war policies would have wrecked their commodity speculation the Rothschilds financed the rise of Hitler as a bulwark against the Soviet Union the Rothschilds are interwoven with the Catholic Church and jointly with the traditional mafia and the American CI a pro Nazi they are the hidden power which controls other well known banks such as war birds shoulders and Lazar's as well as being American financiers such as JP Morgan the Rockefellers low income fires and the Leeman not to mention the bank of England and the Federal Reserve System obvious Rothschild front through this network of global power they have been responsible for among other things the boy wore the creation of Israel to control the oil of the Middle East the Russian Revolution cool on Russia by the United States financial I'm largely troll by the Rothschilds and even the floating of the dollar by president today they and their associates in the the servant of party in the press stop plotting to monopolize the world's energy and is there interest in electricity coal and gas privatization it might be thought that a serious banking history should scrupulously avoid reference it is impossible to appreciate for a scholarly history of the object if one blindly pretends such exists I ... in 1823 the twelfth thirteenth and fourteenth cantos of Byron's Don Juan were published in London a time when they're all there was embroiled legally is approved in the Greek struggle for in the nevertheless the verses and an awareness of the power of money Pacific Lee of the new kind of financial power personified by Nathan Rothschild who hold the balance of the world Byron in the twelfth canto who reigned over Congress whether royalist or liberal who rows the shirtless patriots of Spain who keep the world both old and new in pain I or pleasure who make politics run liberal shade of Bonaparte's noble bearing jul Rothschild and his fellow Christians bearing to Byron Rothschild in bearing were the true lords of Europe whose every loan is not a merely speculative hit seats a nation nor upset so thrown republics also get involved a bit Colombia's stock have folders not unknown on even though I silver soil Peru must get itself discounted by in June but Byron could suggest even satirically that Nathan Rothschild held along with Alexander bearing the balance of the world requires some explanation in April 1825 the market began to slide the heaviest falls were experienced by British industrial securities and Latin American bonds such a severe asset price deflation was bound to bring a banking crisis in its wake as it was 73 out of 770 country banks failed the country came within 40 8:00 hours of putting stop to all dealings but a man and man except by Barker much of the time the thing was a buyer or borrower of gold and silver in December 1825 however it was the other way around the Rothschilds gave the bank their goal applying the old lady of threatening if enough speed from the continent to avert a suspension of cash payments of course Nathan would not have made such immense deliveries goal without asking for a generous commission and turn the operation has to be seen as part of his campaign to establish himself as the dominant force in the London bullion mark the rescue of the bank was a remarkable it which showed everything the international sure of the Rothschilds operation effect the brothers were establishing that system of international monetary cooperation would later be performed routinely by central banks on which the gold standard came that increasingly their position in the international bullion market will becoming as dominant as that was for national bond Byron was therefore not far wide of the mark when I just did in Don Juan that bearing across child reigned over both royalists and that their loans good the donation or upset her throne you heard only in regarding the 2 bankers as fine in 1815 they had been I 18 the 5 they were not if there was a sixth great power in the 1820 was no longer bearing the Prof Dr at the same time by dint of their size the Rothschilds came to see themselves as bearing a degree of responsibility for the stability of the banking system as a whole this explains their reluctance to see their rivals fail you know this the Rothschilds were increasingly beginning to think in a way fundamentally similar to that characteristic of central bankers the central banks of England and France continue to be partly private institution in terms of their financial resources they were in fact the only banks the problem with the Rothschilds so of course they were national where the Rothschilds were international the Rothschilds had no interest in resisting their monopolization of note issue the relationships between the Rothschilds and the European central banks with us almost always close in symbiotic I growing importance as a non exclusive source of financial information and misinformation in this period was of course the press it might be thought that the proliferation of newspapers in the 3 tended to a road the advance ge's which the Rothschilds were able to derive from their private the cation on the other hand the existence of pine and all pages and news and new opportunities for influencing the markets which the Rothschilds were not slow to exploit Nathan responded to early press attacks by establishing what was to be an enduring relationship with the most the wind chill of all British paper the time the times correspondent reported from Peter's bird that the mere appearance of James Rothschild that the voice was a most Russian bond prices by the summer of 1825 therefore the Rothschild said 6 he did triumphantly in establishing themselves as the leading specialists in European public finance not only European new fiscal need Klay arose from political crises the set the Spanish and Ottoman empires in this period it was this need which Nathan and his brothers successfully met the system they developed enabled British investors and other rich it lists in western Europe to invest in the deaths of those states by purchasing internationally tradeable fixed interest transferable von the significance of this system for nineteenth century history cannot be overemphasized for this growing international bond market brought together Europe's true capitalists that lead to people wealthy enough to be able to tie up money in such assets true enough to appreciate the advantages of such assets as compared with traditional forms of holding well land me in a law office and so on bonds were liquid they could be bought and sold 5.5 days out of 7 on the major bourses of Europe then traded informally at other times and in other places and they were capable of accruing large capital gains if investors bid up the price of a government stock that government could feel secure its stock that government was quite possibly living on borrowed time as well as money but this reason bond prices and the significance which historians have to sell them spelled out they were it might be said the kind of daily opinion poll expression of confidence the given regime of course they were an opinion poll based on the highly unrepresentative sample by modern democratic standards only the wealthy capitalists got the boat these capitalists were less to a large extent Europe's political class indeed the kind of people who held government bonds were very roughly speak even the people who were represented politically and their opinions with the opinions that mattered in a stratified on democratic society the singular beauty of the bond market was that virtually every state including as the century advanced all the new nation states and colonies and sooner or later to come to most states had sizeable amounts of tradable death in circulation the varying fortunes of government bonds provide a vital insight into the political history of the period they are also the key to understanding the extent of the power of a bank like Rothschilds which for much of the nineteenth century was the prime market maker for such bonds what determined the ups and downs of the 19 century bomb mark the answer to this question is central to any understanding of the history of the Rothschild back obviously economic factors played an important part but the most important factor was political confidence the confidence of investors and especially a big market making investors like the Rothschilds in the ability of the bond issue in states to continue to meet their obligations that is to pay the interest on their bonds there were only really 2 things which might cause them not to do so war which would increase their expenditures and decrease their tax revenues and internal instability ranging from a change of ministry to full blown revolution it was for indications of either of these possible crises but the markets and the Rothschilds more than anybody watch 3 things would give an investor in edge over his rival closeness to the center of political life the source of news the speed with which she could receive news of events in states far and near and the ability to manipulate the transmission of that news to other investors this explains why the Rothschilds spend so much time energy and the best possible relations political figures of the day it also explains why they carefully developed a network of salaried agents and other key financial markets whose job it was not only to trade on their behalf but also to keep them supplied with the latest financial and political news the Rothschilds communications network gave them an important advantage over their competitors even after they lost this age they continued to exercise an influence over the financial press through which news reached the wider public indeed it can be argued that by modifying the existing system for government borrowing to make bonds more easily tradable the Rothschilds actually created the international bond market in its modern for as early as August 38 the Bremen delegate to the German confederations diet in but it had the conversation with his Austrian counterpart down to blow which acutely identified the unrivaled extent of the Rothschilds political influence in Europe this house has through its enormous financial transactions and its banking and credit connections actually achieve the position of a real power it has to such an extent acquired control of the general money market that it is in a position either to hinder or to promote as it feels inclined the movements and operations for the aids even in the greatest European powers in fact the rest of the nineteenth century was known as the age of the Rothschilds they financed Cecil Rhodes making it possible for him to establish a monopoly over the diamond and gold fields of South Africa in America they financed the Harriman's and railroads the Vanderbilts and railroads and the press and Carnegie in the steel industry among many others by 1850 James Rothschild the air of the French branch of the family was said to be worth 600000000 French francs 150000000 more than all the other bankers in France put together it helped us imagine called Perrier just east of Paris then home the first on scene and exclaimed kings couldn't afford this it could only belong to Iraq job another nineteenth century French commentator put it this way there is but one power in Europe and that is Rothschild by the end of the nineteenth century one expert estimated that the Rothschild family controlled half the wealth of the world despite this overwhelming well the family has generally cultivated and are on again visibility although the family controls scores of industrial commercial mining and tourist corporations only a handful bear the Rothschild may there is no evidence that they're predominant standing and European or world finance has changed idealistic terms jet things were getting back to normal in 1945 would want in county terms Moore's normalcy now Saddam was in place built by lego became one of London's most like Sirius com another Rothschild residents in Kensington gardens not constitutes the Soviet Russian embassy and in France the Titanic man sat to move long term and last like Concord has gone the way old Titanic Manson's Sally alone had lived there before into odds of us she is moving in when I do I put it on the market only one customer could afford the price Uncle Sam it began the European headquarters of the Marshall Plan the day's tendency by the United States mission to NATO and the European regional organizers all we do not see this huge place at 33 would go for bog sounds on the plan not houses the sex club you can evaluate and see it's national diplomatic in the same state the United States embassy in taking have a number 41 goes by the threats novel and more Rothschild monograms still con the great portals but lost northeast that year crown jewel among Rostow possessions no one was rich enough to buy nor did the French transformed initially a great deal of labor went into untangling the various pre war again on which countries like Chile and Hungary had to focus new issue with like the 1951 offering all 5000000 pounds coughed up for the international bank for reconstruction and development usually known after World Bank have to be shared with other picking houses the old Rothchild predominant in the south African gold market I don't ready been reasserted 3 years previously when the international gold market we opened once again the workload cried with formally factor in new court cooking room through a string of holding companies new court could not attack monumental Mumbai power mineral to get uranium sources and Winston Churchill appreciative of the scale of the pain attended a grand imperial concept I'm Dancin is dead his 2 nephews Edmonton lap of took over together with ants in his son even in addition even Pat on the board have Beatle book newspaper economists and make it a calligraphic P. our feet Edmunds the senior partner stuck out in still other directions as owner and operator of the royal mints refinery as code agents of the bank of England I'm as much in Bangkok store consolidating still further and new courts position as a key part in broken English common about and laying the foundation like pregnant preeminent position in the Australian box over corporate market Muqtada Australia account for around a third of the NM Rothschild group profit it retained its longstanding interest to go even after the break down of the gold who as a consequence oppression talking back on the dollar biography it no more above all it was the country's aka developing European Economic Community a farm club most part 5 double what could not count climb play new power and he called the Yoko European competition based on the values of ninth may 2 European currency for Lana after making a cue and euro in September 1967 channel study group performed along with Morgan Grenfell like don and fattening in an effort to revive the old Victorian dream a turbo under the English Channel NM Rothschild maintained interest in the project I wanted out of life that European Channel Tunnel which initiated the pregnant channel in 1981 it was at around 8 times 50 beheaded the parish house with being couched in some quarters as IFI banker Rothschild the French rough seas because I Richard still that become richer faster since about one key issue over the reins of the death of his father and Dr with similar aggressiveness you has fortified position of Doug Ross she is via the largest private banking for his main instrument gap is the company do you know the railroad network became family property on the denounced James financed it into existing through it railroad 10 and investment the family contro adopt the Nazi not mac controls again mining corporations metal plots oil interests chemical industries and many other this sort of set up because a few rule and legions yeah I hope promises that have been on the rocks choppy wrote forever century correct tentative step in that direction were taken in 1950 when an embossed child and more breadth creek 340000 pounds shared in the organ pipe deal come on the London market perfect German shaft because in London the war then there is dis cousin had known he is faithful enough to family discretion to keep the portals of number 45 will deploy books on someone sign lists and anonymous from his headquarters he runs the company peanuts yeah a worldwide organization which bills billers hotel pipelines in Israel dries up John housing projects in parts finances banks and calm factories in Brazil it greatly enlarged family holdings on the slopes of Mont Blanc completely ski lifts swimming pools tennis courts and night he also on the rights and develops not many hotel but in time you tourist region in Boston by the new that's kind of been good lord Rothschild his partner he is responsible for the flouting of Israel's luxury car whistle season Edmund James Rothschild memorial group contributed $1000000 to the bites man scientific institute in Tel Aviv gave $3000000 towards the construction of the Knesset and puts the bill for many of Israel's archaeological expedition pre 1914 link to Japan or settling you light up my the made half of it between 1962 and 1969 arranging euro dollar bond issue in partnership with no Moolah security by number of Japanese companies including Hitachi and I need the logical way of advancing button financial integration with the continent to establish some kind of cross channel in future noting the creation of wealth top continuation holding AG after 3 St parent company what's in there man pregnant with historical significance to recreate something like the fifth month international partnership which have been them off charge greatest strength in the nineteenth century the other arm lockout group if not a multinational and more than 50 percent of the crap that are now held outside the UK with a wide geographical I got them in that particular house if what you think about it by my I'm sure after 1815 //

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