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"2016-10-27 10:53:15"
gabi's 60-90 second speech
\\the hardest lots of female gymnastics 8:08 it's called the old people it is a very hard to class and smoke a cigarette the hardest and most teachers fault ever it was first instituted by 11:00 this things have to occur the score of doesn't that get a high score or execution it is a very look up only fractions I don't it's 2 others have but since it is not completed to look at it Jim that's who have completed its that's it although it's 1060 public controversy started digital slanted almost fell returned it is called the bugs and because of its nature in high risk into yeah balls with the plots thanks to high risk I think it should be bent does that suggest that section race will shifts in //
"2016-10-27 10:51:15"
rebecca's 60-90 second speech
\\yeah so what is the even though you based on the since a large people remember something different yes something happened in a row that she that's like that the change that the conspiracy theory gained attention what we're sure they use the internet then you to get started making big for example many people remember the monopoly guys on this I felt that got its name from Nelson and I believe that he died but not recently then it's apple best middle 630 bigger said I am no and that you know I never said your all but no magically here small things like these that mess with people's minds creating more chrisley if you believe that there and that the medulla but then again it really well so it's up to you //

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