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"2013-05-23 23:21:59"
Phil Lempert's 2 minute Speech Demo
\\thank you all for not sleeping in after I heard about all the great fun last night I figured that you know warning I would be the only ones here thank you for joining us ... what my hope is and I'm very pleased to be with all of you in any I today my hope is that I can in our short time today get you to think a little differently especially about consumers especially about my world which is the supermarket and especially about trends so what I want to do is get started by showing you an actual advertisement from about 100 years ago a picture of a hog with a child's head on the body says makes children and adults is fattest pig no cure no pay price 50 cents Grove tasteless chilled tonic on the market over 20 years 50 cents 100 years ago we're talking about a very expensive product you anybody want to take a guess what's in that bottle Sheila now water sugar water whiskey we know what you were doing last night any other guesses cocaine back it was actually lower there's a picture my dad when I grandfather's milk trucks ... my grandfather was a dairy farmer and my dad taught me the most valuable lesson ever that the supermarket was my laboratory was my plaything but I could go into a supermarket my visit 10 to 15 supermarkets every week no matter where I am and I could learn everything about the people in that area and just never to be scared to walk up to them and ask them questions for me the food world our future rests in what I call the 3 cities catering to health and wellness creating a convenient and wow experience and celebrating food preparation taste will there be a manufacturer a former or retailer //

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