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"2017-04-26 21:44:42"
Vegan Groceries for $35/Week | Healthy Vegan Grocery Haul Part 1
\\all I'm gonna say wow I just spent under $35 for the entire week on Grove street at the same from the grocery store where I spent just a little over $24 2447 to be exact and then I spend some more money a fruit cart fresh fruit for the whole week and then a little bit more just for other grocery stores for things that I buy I'm gonna show you how been 35 total healthy grass begin deliciousness higher we I costs $3 I chose them crunchy and and also because they're a lot cheaper than the main stream brand twisty does which I like $5 at least 10 years city $5 for a bag I would plug for cheated thirtieth chips healthy but at least they don't have all this extra added weird ingredients and then assist corn oil and salt that's it also that's impossible and to begin a song obviously I'm gonna eat those together the pasta was just a dollar 89 and it has 8 serving sentences that's pretty good and then the tomato sauce was a dollar 50 for this huge can one thing that I like to do is if I had extra tomato sauce are just put in the freezer and you know it the next week or whenever I have a chance because they don't want to go back and but I also don't wanna waste it turnout throughout life Labrinth I got 3 bags of legumes black please and Greenland and read the info causing other they only cost $4 obviously leg wounds are very healthy for you full of minerals and vitamins they're also full of calories to to help keep you full for longer and fibre fibre fibre in of course protein as well so they're all around great things you should be eating every single day and it's so cheap so much cheaper to buy them dry like this as a pussy can and we can actually eat these were probably longer than I also bought a bag of brown rice and then find the store brand because if we keep this option this is 2 pounds of right I will say that if I would have walked the 5 pound bag it would have saved more money but I was working with a smaller budget however that's the best thing to do if you're really serious about saving money don't just look short term look more long term and look at how much means grain sings a this cost per pound as well I got a bag of frozen mustard greens which have gone out specific of the minute cook them now and I love mustard greens I'm from the south here on the front it says southern selections they're really really good for you full of vitamins like vitamin K. vitamin a cripple minerals as well like calcium and they've got a lot of protein in them too I what frozen because first of all they're going to last longer yes Sir so just in case I didn't get around to pairing them that I would have to worry about like trying to figure out a way to cook them because they're in the freezer anyway ... also frozen is frozen at the a freshness present with schools and fruits are so often of you know you'll be in the grocery store and the greens of all wilted and like they've been sitting there for too long the longer they sit on the shelf the more nutrition they live so sometimes it's smart it difficult for the frozen greens as opposed to the wilted fresh ones ntreis then ... no more in like $354 1 festival so kale broccoli some carrots I wanna make sure that I have enough written by prince course I also had to buy my favorite sweet potatoes sometime at the scriptures are you can get as cheap as 6 since but isn't our pounded for 4 ended up spending 222 so great obviously I love them so excited to show you what I do at these in the next video great I for my other vegetables I got some carrots peace I'm for sure going to going to see there's rent then tells the scariest thing about them both obviously cost one dollar they're pretty large looking go along way I would say different types of onions sweet onion and a yellow since you know spontaneous onions are obviously a great things is having your picture and on hand and I also got a full of garlic isn't pretty day for 72 cents once again a little can go a long way on this soups right made the song to any stock tastes and I may even added to addressing probably draw I bought some broccoli crowns these 2 together because a dollar 23 pretty good size really nice and crash ... I often avoid the ones with the stocks however are not always because you can save the stocks and put them to duration things like that I think that's a really good idea of course I had to buy a big bunch of kale this hill was a dollar 29 oh no sorry this whole thing talk one dollar 2 cents big fight IGN it's a big thing to kill that I can use to make salads or I can even thought it may be and make kale chips I don't know one dollar that's a treat nnova gonna walk down the street to go buy some fresh air at heart I am so now we just hit $30 including pressure through the upper can be expensive the only part that I bought at the actual Gurdjieff start with this cancellous which costs a dollar 50 with big eyes and have me and Love Me fresh fruit snacks so I made sure to get a lot of I always get fruits as those approved part because it's too expensive to buy it at the grocery store c'est what lemons one dollar for 3 lines also one dollar for 3 thieves are great to have to water but you know since I'm on a budget a pro enough to be adding lemon to my water but I'll probably uses for just things to add to my soups ... you know citrus is just a great thing to help balance the flavor of whatever you're eating so I make sure to always have a lot on hand since members are in season and also picked up 2 of these from the proof car thieves cost one dollar so that's on the pricier and but they're nice sweet treat great snack help the delicious can even add them to you know your other meals opposes this evening Chris now and I spent $2 on bananas but ate bananas this is 682 on my way home bananas are great snag I had them my oatmeal in the morning I faith with them some I'm obviously there's so much you can do with bananas in there it's WNED so all of this costs just $30 but I did have to go through card to buy the freight because at the grocery store was more expensive got a better deal on the street same thing goes with some other things when you're at the grocery store you know even though it's a normal grocery store that I went to that has a lot of good deals certain things were more expensive there than they are even say what foods so a good example our votes so I went to whole foods and I but boats in bulk there only $2 a pound through says at the grocery store I just went to the cost over 350 a pound this is a lot better deal so it's good to shop around if you have the time and you know you can do it a lot of things we buy in bulk are like that they're cheaper in the bullpen than they are at a normal sheep grocery store so odes ... coconut ads nutritional yeast flowers sometimes so if you can search around and shop around I also had to go to a different store to trader Joe's to buy my soy milk that I like look so much more expensive to buy soy milk and a normal grocery store than it is at a place like trader Joe's it's I think it's worth just going to jaded does survive my cat food stuff Imbaba Lana stock up and get lots of soy milk this cost a dollar 79 in this at the other grocery store it costs for the guys for 59 can do it had a standard $35 so this all out that another thing that shaded throughs has for cheap are dry fruits and nuts this bag of organic raisins costs under $3 other groups to store the normal occurs store it costs over $4 for about the same amount same thing with not as you see I didn't buy any not no seeds this week because they would put me over my $35 limit just not in general I just really expensive same thing with like avocado coconut unfortunately so if you're able to buy those things in bulk to get a cheaper deal online they could not site com drive marketer websites like that to get a better deal than by you know in person at the normal purchase arm because it is important to be getting those things not seeds coconut avocado blah blah blah because they're full of healthy fats and are just part of that ... well balanced whole foods vegan diet also if you have a Costco in your area cosco is like the best for deals online not stride fruit things like that and if you absolutely cannot afford not that's fine you don't act eat them to be healthy you can still get by ... like if you're looking for help with that which of course is a part to your diet you can eat things like sunflower seeds they're cheap also flax seed is cheap especially if you buy it in bulk and grind it up yourself just add it to your opening on the morning salads or whatever you can you know make them into things those things are super cheap and they're healthy Jermaine Dupri isn't all that from and just the general great source of healthy eyes I hope this gives you some inspiration and help people understand that you can actually be being in the help they eat well on a budget even as little as $35 a week and I hope you got some tips and tricks in there as well for saving money in the best way possible have any more questions about this just leave him in the comments section below I will be Tekken amount seeing as many as I possibly can ... and also if you have more tips for how you save money ... and still be healthy and still be vegan leaves share them with all of us in the all out makes you subscribe to my channel because next week I'm gonna come back with another video showing you how I prepared all of these ingredients for the whole week things so much for watching I'll see you next week by //

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