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"2018-05-12 00:30:40"
Iran did NOT attack Israel. Syria retaliated against Israel!
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"2018-04-27 03:58:42"
Proof #Syria-n air Defence Shot Down US missiles
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"2018-04-22 19:52:59"
US State Dept. Says They Are proud To Work With the AlQaeda Linked Whitehelmets
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"2018-04-21 00:56:15"
I'm The '#RussianBot' The Government And Media Warned You About
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"2018-04-20 23:31:13"
I Am Not A Robot - No matter what the media says
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"2018-04-17 12:58:45"
Compilation of Syrian Air defence shooting down US missiles
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"2018-04-09 09:45:03"
What really happened - Chemical Attack that lead to missile Strikes on #Syria
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"2017-09-29 22:19:18"
My Facebook Was Deleted After Exposing Election fraud in #KurdistanReferendum
\\hi everyone this is Syrian girl us in bad news my Facebook account which I've been working on for 5 years and just 75000 followers has been deleted it was out of the blue there was no warning or reason given last thing I posted was good you and photographic evidence of election fraud in the Kurdistan referendum which is happening in Iraq videos of people stuffing unlimited amount of yes votes in 2000 books since other people washing the purple off their fingers so they can go in and blows again and one guy even voted on behalf of his 9 dead relatives Kurdish regional government have also been intimidating Assyrian Christians and you ZTE's into voting yes threatening slow them with being thought of refugees if your call for my previous video currents are not the indigenous populations of Iraq and Syria and those supporting the creation of Kurdistan are supporting and lung drug with the side of ethnic cleansing of the true indigenous people effectively SO can Israel Alice looked just me or the Iraqi government saying it it's also many Kurds themselves who referred to Kurdistan as the second Israel all of this information of course doesn't suit balkanization of Gendo Iraq and Syria being pushed in the mainstream media I also happen to mention the Israeli you known PR and how they wanted to create a Kurdistan with a secret Israel all my Facebook of course the censorship couldn't result of masks lugging by people who didn't like what I have to say I emailed Facebook in the hope to get to the bottom of this up to get my compa if it doesn't come back you know why and you know that much of freedom of speech has truly dotted in the meantime I created an account on the Facebook alternative minds so that those who how minds can out of me I've been censored many times for it usually happens when I hit the nail on the head in terms of opposing mainstream media laws recently one of my you through the news exposing how ISIS got a hold of weapons shipments from US airdrops was censored fox was the masks you should Demona causation caused an uproar earlier this year I have been demonetized for 4 years those years ago I was curious and almost wildly count with unitized while other news media outlets and even alternative media were not I requested details about what exactly I was doing differently those closing this demon position I got a very bizarre reply of I'll tell you you too that leader never came and the case was close and I didn't open it again it's a little bit about the money for me I didn't want the money to tarnish the very important message however X. come to the point where in order to keep going and different muscles I need to us for help that's why I've opened a cultural account so if and only if you can afford it I would appreciate you sending you don suck and fuck the sensors and defend my name which sometimes can be amok through new sources and who knows where the censorship is going to grow the situation is precarious Facebook may only be the beginning but no matter how they tried to silence me I promise you one thing I'm gonna keep fighting //
"2017-09-12 06:59:21"
The Final Moments of Years of Siege on #DeirEzzour
\\so I think in but that they should get a sort of let it come as quite a lot yeah of punishment should I be suited how does that a lot got his automobile massive head as you will hear what what that ID finicky levels with the mark Harmon was set national lost all my I mean that is automatically yeah Minnesota also nice but I don't I don't know what that is minds doesn't always voted yeah well I it don't bother god how I love my little me it does not help no that's not there yeah no we don't see our yeah that's how decision what do you think about the Bobbi that's buried the body that's there have been a slot of days or a hot bomb steady glove that is going on no yeah hello I back okay yeah I ndpl //
"2017-08-27 23:20:27"
Terrorists Teach Children How to Fake a Chemical Attack
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"2017-08-27 17:04:05"
Prediction: Impending strike on Syria by Trump or Israel?
\\hi everyone it's during girl with bun and also the White House along with Sebastian Gorka and Michael soon lost voices against direct confrontation with Syria are no longer influencing trump this one has swallowed trump since buttons ouster there have been signs of an impending attack on the Syrian military either by the US or Israel possibly preceded by another full slug of course the US is already illegally bombing in occupying north east Syria and they're already been summit talks on the Syrian army but another might be on the way indications that there may be a chemical weapons full slug on the horizon are this photograph which appears to be a Syrian insurgent stop school children on how to act as corpses in fiqh Gaza talk photograph was posted on this insurgents Twitter account the White Helmand's also makes an appearance at the school and they're Fikri has been long documented secondly the media have been drumming of fixed stories about chemical weapons this is a headline from routers suggesting the United Nations intercepted and north Korean shipment of chemical weapons to Syria this of course fake news if you read the fine print it wasn't the UN the tool but anonymous independent UN experts whatever that means Furthermore the article states that they have no detail on what the shipment contained or women wear it even occurred nevertheless fox did not get in the way of a good propaganda story spring boarding off the story is a little story by the daily beast trying to lump not only North Korea Syria together but sticking you run in there too is there room for Russia and China another indication is the White House made a recent statement about how the world should not forget the chemical weapons attack in Syria cool how US ambassador Nikki Haley said that anyone attacking the Syrian people with chemical weapons can be assured that the US will blame us that without any evidence required setting the stage for further full slug talks but even if there isn't a false flag conclude talk you also is really still a talk the steward army regardless an indication that there will be the talk with Syria by Israel is the thought that Israel's president Netanyahu met with Putin a few days ago and told him that he'd prefer isis to win brother in Syria and Iran he then said that he would unilaterally attack Syria to prevent that from happening if you've been following my tunnel for awhile if you wear that Israel has been helping terrorists Syria's Golan Heights for years here's one such terrorist thinking Israel puts life saving aid it's also possible an attack on Syria may come from the United States Syrian army is approaching the liberation of their store which has been under siege by us is for years one of the previous times the U. S. atop the Syrian army was in there's sure while they were serial Tennessee being attacked by ISIS if the Syrian army reaches there is your city this will be problematic for the US is plausible because Syria in fact the US have been trying to slow down the Syrian army's progress to allow the crews to steal more Syrian learned they've been making deals with isis to allow them to you Rucka and move towards there is sure I think pressure on the Syrian military Russia has been bombing these US convoys however in 2012 I predicted on this channel that the US would create a false flag chemical attack in Syria to justify an invasion also the talk in August 2013 it interview with Alex Jones I said that I doubt that Obama would it talks Syria it would be more likely that he would disarm Syria of chemical weapons because the US never a talks or invade the country if they have weapons of mass destruction this is exactly what happened Syria gave up its chemical weapons in 2014 in an interview with the vice news I said quote no I predict that the US is going to claim that Syria has not completely dispose of its chemical weapons and use that as an excuse to ... struck army positions possibly after another smaller chemical up the talks setup this is going to be a similar scenario to the lead up of the Iraq war 2002 I believe the US will start air striking the Syrian military as well as all cuddling troubles effectively talking both sides of the war this is exactly what transpired in April this year now I'm not psychic but I know how the US keeps it works they're following the script they use in Iraq why change it barely anyone notices anyway thank you for watching be aware that you 2 has been censoring some old videos and they're rolling out new rules that will further stifle the truth regardless I promise to continue fighting the good fight here on YouTube so long as they will let me so please subscribe for more videos //
"2017-07-31 04:15:49"
Kurds Burn Down Churches and Liquor Stores in Iraq
\\or WNED yeah n't yeah //
"2017-05-12 15:34:33"
How Kurds Disarmed Assyrian Christian Then Abandoned Them To #ISIS
\\I I I it you WNED women you may meet and then it I I feel I and the content in it I don't I land many like the national debt how how about kind of like on the nonna but I I you got not I yeah I I the ... I ... //
"2017-05-11 23:11:30"
The Link Between The Wars on Iraq and Syria - Syrian girl Talk at Sydney University
\\because the other a serious journalist with a Mr but coming coming through seeing the wars in Syria I don't know how they can and ... first bold move if you abuse you have the same problem gun dogfighting prove ... book scene between change friends got to liberate people as of the you know superior but down it's beautifully locust on to the far very nations ... nobody seems to question however that most folks don't have it comfortable especially when you have it Priscilla's bush and it quickly and pushed what power and Pacific lord of imposing I think another ... war narrative that is often pushed forward for both this war through until morning rob are the W. these of the 2003 you have a well actually 1991 they forced him off to disarm both and the reason that would look up to 3 turned both buttons ... can you don't kill civilians but because these are 2 rails on the they ... they are basically Unser junior quickly they are cheap buys and that's what they call them weapons of mass destruction because if we killed thousands and thousands and tens of but people and the U. S. Columbus invading a nation or cognition when that nation has nuclear weapons or comes with and so this argument is pushed before any sort of ... but overtly critically took a nice long long throughout the song of of the U. S. done theater about comes about within our 2 dogs in it didn't in fact this caller ... that we are computed through 2 of these to look over and ... they use that as a quote unquote flood even got a you know the solution or any word from the OPCW reason and as another fought through this kind of cyclical so predictable that in 2014 in the interview I did with vice I really often live pretty open ... now that Syria begin of weapons plazas that I'm giving you a swift clearing the serial number both weapons and he's doesn't excuse to air strike army kissed possibly a threat on the small can look at the top it's up this is going to be a series of slides the need of the Iraq war I mean the west Mostar is striking Syrian military as well as all cuddly effectively talking books on I don't dislike it is just hardly worth it should be obvious right now and and you know that the other boy guards and stuff I'll push forward are what James of stone minority governments and at the same time have a good day 3 smoke haze Clark but they have to protect my only so you have to get rid of the minority vote for that have defined and fifth on schizophrenic as one of the things you hear Saddam city majority of artists you guys as that is otherwise majority extricity and no you know the fact that these governments are secular in their faces doesn't feature on the fact that you're Obama with lot and lots of people are going already United States didn't occur to him when he says the serial number now you what state pilot destabilize country you even get rid of this government then they move on to the second are few which is that they have to put the minority so you I'll give us is no longer currency outlawing recently isis Christian the new CD I believe that the and Syria tickling her but even in 2000 414 you have a phone wins that they were pushing for it being you narrative which is that they have to protect and even in other words I didn't even get a perplexing things was all along they were pushing for a car that's clear car with Syria I couldn't turn it off seeing Christians and other minorities is ridiculous another I guess because of the bit of a premature large push because the flooding was of both ways for Syria to be divided and for us out of to actually run away to the host wouldn't George you up otherwise are and if you do it so of basically disband the army does create a situation where of the U. S. who come in to save me otherwise I only wish to create a situation where you have to say the hard drive is to create distrust just very very so I don't I'd like to go to by now but maybe 5000 years of they're about with thousands of and just to see how Iraq and Syria ... but then you'll us Syria off works there and but then under the Assyrian empire they were connected they were ... needs a very famous a fiery what a lot of things of our society and then under the Roman Empire they were again it's very serious us to the prince came with it they always hustling sort of connection between them and the music like a significant if these people from 5000 goes let me people of their history is this businesses today are the considerations that existed way about this like this today I mean there are a few instances Syrian civil and all of those of us who were healthy 5000 years ago actually affecting without me not ... and could it be here because of spike speaker ... well let me open particle of course of sorenstam folks he proves me but ... William overman hurtful of basically the French and the British divided please amongst each other thousands of the artifice hunter pushed forward thinking via the Iraq and Syria far and shoelaces close the borders were drawn up besides fecal well in reality on the borders that were drawn up by a select people for wrong only you could 15 not Kurtz roots of the national borders so on purpose that science people hide his joy of these order excuse to charges as much as possible create non flux patients ... Lebanon and Kuwait were basically created as a way to restrict Syria and Iraq access to the Mediterranean and Gulf sees ... there were also designed to provide for patient centers from resource rich areas Kuwait holes of love all pictures and little holds a lot of water so this is a way to kind of ... make sure that people stay in poverty and of course finally did want to divide cooled 6 very lines and keep them fighting with each other work done trees are cut here Coleman ... Lebanon Syria were exactly created on the viewscreen just isn't very lives ... you know initially 5 tribes people want the truth even more divisions by the serial ... but all sorts of serious thought people before aggregate screen so if you look at the first month of that is in fact hall the site sequel was meant to be drawn up ... the year of it was suppose to be it otherwise he's over here and who stays the mosque is level was suppose to be divided but you anything that they thought she was the year of region of Lebanon could of of them are like position they're a bit as she thought mission underway next this Turkish part right here and if you could just keep this in mind and compare it to the U. Sykes Picot the ... new drawing up this is that I want to create you concede that it's very similar 2 of the states that will be the button on his visor of I'd say there won't move up and get there unless you want their crews thick this wealth and with Iraq you know the 15 sneezes she doesn't hurt and the only thing the different about this not to the previous bomb of which I look at it this way about Bruce ... isn't that the hottest British section here I don't so this first session would have existed back then sites deposed time with pushed open this year it wasn't nearly as significant the only reason boot Syria is on because of the Armenian and Assyrian genocide and the British appropriations involvement and hope Turkish government in 3 math and then subsequently vis a wars that were for against her multiple wars that were by courage uprising against her to try to ... you know to get there Penn state as a result of you with several boxes of humming Syrian territory which ... continued up until the fifteenth so ... this is something a little about my V. QNX tote but interesting things of this not here you can email is from the structure of the council of Long Beach much of the lots are drawn up I think I'm stuck of Washington government basically replicate by the seat of that doesn't seem to want to create not only her 0 Alexis upon the call to SUNY stuff and if you put very tough to the borders of work biases you can see that isis sake the soonest done that you want to create a thought the classes business social to all of you sounds ... because the certain more sectarianism hardened through war would not have been possible without the Iraq war it wouldn't have been possible without the introduction all violence and a look that diminishes and you should move sharply cities in Iran Iraq but not with the Iraq war and the few Essen Humvee rapport I fired lugar the team of the fed was saying was that we need to prove that this war and the U. S. is like they're going to school Butler 5 theme were opting to always underlined a unity of Iraq but introducing presumptive federalism fusion ... for a removing a secular government seeing a religion yeah I've got a part by this in franchising of 1 sex and it's harming another and take getting a move on you go from 16 to 5 young of cities that were resisting another of it also there would even go down to ... will of the savior Saudi influence also funding who's and finally on there with the easiest job to create a full size Huskies 2 men are essay is a soldier that record by the Rockies through you estimate it roughly look them dressed up as ours shooting it and this was a story that was quite hidden in the media Chris on us very same day ... British tells the story pi pieces to get used to it so you can see that they were already trying to of get so as a secretary tens of so I have been able one so Syria and Iraq you know denial of the foreign policy you papers are coming out with this area about this to the you shouldn't even consider they've this engine we base our U. S. Caulfield argued in the summer nations that are ... theme is open on the United Nations this basically that if this is the people this important artist is that psychical got it wrong and that's why there are wars and by separating these nations under sects this will be the end of course but in reality the words are happening because the fearless want to implement Sykes Picot as it was originally meant to be if I can further a lot of us ... here what would that be well of course his control of the tragedies if there's make sure their resource poor to make sure that continuously but inside each other and they want to I have a way to get your oil pipelines through the also state governments that don't control the non to get it published do ... not of the moon U. S. actually the building is evil military bases Syria and just what you know them also both close in based on the soft there of pipeline through you know perfectly well pleased the thoughts are both read Freud not really not so he's I believe go there either by school is ... the first time we met you votes math was yeah children that were diving off that suffering was just the birth caul if you please all that is it actually is created by the computer you own not which was made in 1982 which said explicitly that these patients have divided on fears that Clarion ethnocentric clients so that there would be a professional work with each other and Israel of causes 0 all conscious and in fact at the end of the day as one of the default on sure doesn't yes but there is this other and John W. given under the skin of of a greater Israel both 8 of the issue all ... expansion of Israel's up but it'll produce results of your this he's none of that is business thoughtless punk look up everything from a lot of reasons and of course the British borders the heart he brought all sides think tanks everything beyond the and that's what you have to keep coming in to Syria operation he's here because the new order this tells us how the has been found a long time float I don't know the the thing is though that these you know veto inbox might not be something touching smuggle care about orders but order to have the drug box ethnic cleansing house mix because in order to create areas that are designated for different sectors of society you have to get rid of the areas of both both ethnicity Tharp would you certain areas so ... for example to create a Kurdish state right now there interrupt on Syria of as the Assyrian minorities getting pushed out of there now buys you could be here you escorted ... I'm disease and ice is been like crucial to this because of what's the problem push missions are well armed the other if this keeps coming lines and no training in 1000 if you want him so ... depression dishes the president of without a thought if they do know this song I'm looking at this time recently about the rock where the peshmerga basically left of the Assyrians and easy to use the vice lust so I since has been basically inside the bill gave these are things understanding but I'd like to finish up with a little bit of love come through significant this things are not set in stone for example we have what they expected was for how hard is it to be too strong to overwhelm suitable Terry to begin to do what they promise just of the clean cleanse Christian and otherwise with equal plus for us a few months post and then therefore that could be saved her call close ... of create a lot of things doesn't succeeded because if I've viewed people over there who were running away from it all because of a majority of them are soon and where did they run they run to the post so this is actually the opposite of the you know the ethnic division of the once great but the I shave morbid units he thought the coast I'm the only thing that they have been ... wonderfully successful with is the creation of this producing enough cars are 1.5000000 people in Syria I'm listening 2000000 thinking lunch and no one August 20 to try to take over this swaths of non truck fuel oil and water ... so the thing that comes not from the south however is that Syria is planning to conduct public out there is or a coffee she and thereby cutting off what would have been a slice of Syria none of the that's probably the reason why the US air strikes on their resort this 3 army who kitchen with their you know it's been under siege by us use the radio about one full ... so this is what's happening now I will tell you know about a few closing elements of it and ... more specifically about which of areas of it McLuhan's my next folks I hope //
"2017-04-17 00:20:28"
Rebels Promised To Bomb Buses Evacuating Shi'ite Civilians
\\ //
"2017-04-09 11:28:43"
Trump Is Hiding In A Nuclear Bunker Beneath #Maralago
\\hi everyone this is certain goal reporting have you heard that trump was playing golf when the U. S. it talks Syria have you ever wondered why whenever the U. S. thoughts of war it always happens to do it while the president is on the golf course bush did it when he started the war in Iraq I think it doesn't 13 Obama along was at a golf course when he was about to start a war with Syria so how do you folks news said at the time glad our president is using taxpayers'money to enjoy goal after announcing the U. S. should take military action in Syria Chuck came out against Obama playing golf as well since he was worse than Carter for doing so during the strikes on Syria on the virgin World War 3 jump to went to a golf course this is because under these golf courses are nuclear bonkers in 1992 it was exposed that green yearbook course housed underground nuclear bunkers meant for congressman in the event of nuclear war as a result of the leaked info the bunkers were abandoned and open to the public hidden Cold War mantra for a handful of this 25 doors nuclear attack on Washington see 400 away president Dwight I cut a deal to build the bunker Nick zorz members in limited some even has his own personal golf course now watch as this White House stooge trusted part questions about why trump was at the golf course we got through eating that it was a nuclear bunker pop in his first 8 weeks in office president trump has made at least 10 trips to the golf course I'm he regularly used to criticize president Obama for spending time on the course how it's his golf game any different I think 2 things one is you saw him utilize this is an opportunity with prime minister Ave ... to ... take help for foster deeper relationships in Southeast Asia ... Asia rather and have have a a growing relationship that's going to help US interests how you use the game of golf is talk about secondly you know we went to on down to he added and many cabinet meeting the other day down or 2 weekends ago down it is is a club in Virginia I reversal Mitchell jumping to the conclusion is going out and playing with playing golf just because you go somewhere doesn't necessarily mean you that's on a couple occasions he's actually conducted meetings there he's actually had phone calls ... so just because he heads there doesn't mean that that that's what's happening so just because he had there doesn't mean that that's what's happening doesn't mean he's playing goal is hiding is the president going to consider curving some of his trips tomorrow Lago CJ O. estimates could cost $3000000 for a trip for the president Palm Beach no $13000000 of taxpayers money to play golf they must be using the money for something else no I don't your point that all presidents travel no president traveled so often and so early to their own private right there but so President Bush went to Crawford any their places off-again but the thought that song is going there more times than Obama and bush ever did means that we are closer to nuclear war than we have ever been before so no wonder why goals is the game of the it costs so much money to play but even numbers of them are run ogle golf club trump is playing out were barred from entry during this week so how were these photographs of trump singled taken they look like they've been taken in secret by a member of the public who happened to be at the golf course but if we look a little closer the person who took them is CNN's Kevin Liptak the White House producer they pay him to take photos with the White House with their permission photos stage trump isn't playing goal he's hiding in a nuclear bunker like a cockroach coward if you was a real nun start a war from the White House notes from the closet Congress and their family members all have a place in the nuclear bunker that's where they can start World War 3 with Russia without fear for their own lives just imagine precious baby girl Ivanka safe in her by so if one is interested in saving themselves and their families lives perhaps they would make it shipped to sort these places that the needs for and find and entered the nuclear bunker they could try to do that well then you start to full or they couldn't go there now and look Kate entry preventing the congressman from entering the book so that they can know that if they're going to start World War 3 and they're going to have to burn like the rest of us //
"2017-04-07 22:03:25"
Trump Attacks #Syria starts WW3 #Syriastrike
\\Siringo reporting trump has just a thought the Syrian army and airforce with 60 tomahawk missiles joining an entire air base that was being used to defend a Christian town from jihad is the talks essentially turning the U. S. into ice is defense force he did this without a UN resolution against the will of the Russian and Chinese governments which may result in World War 3 I'm not even the one saying this trumpets that is the trumpet for the deep state got to him distortion part is how quickly talk turned to 180 Chuck went for shopping fix news to believing all kind of fools floods because that kids make him saw the parity yes he doesn't care about the 300 Iraqi children he bombed today well I'm sure those beating hearts don't realize that this attack may result in the death of American children when the nukes start to fly but what isn't surprising is that what I've been saying all along for the last 3 years in the U. S. never invade the country without first removing is WMDs just like with Iraq's WMDs which were removed in 1991 the US leader came about cleaning the WMDs were never removed and use that as a cause Billie for invasion this is exactly what happened with Syria taking the chemical weapons in 2013 and now they've come back claiming that we somehow still have them there are rumors right now being spread by people to downplay our World War trajectory rumors that for example that no serious soldiers were killed which is a lie trump murdered our troops who have been fighting ISIS for years duck airbase was being used to defend the entire region from terrorists no Christian town your Hummer my full twice is were preparing a major offensive and we have no airforce in the region to stop them Okada and John McCain are cheering the air strikes and trump right now Joe went from saying Hillary Clinton created losses you're not following orders she also happens to be the one who gave the rebels disarm Goths to begin with no one looks to her but she told trump to talk the Syrian air bases and he did as I've said in previous videos Hillary has been calling for the a top of Syrian air bases for years so if you think is about chemical weapons or the fact that chemical weapons may have been launched from there you're an imbecile this air base gunned it has existed for years and remember when there is or air base was attacked by the US to help out isis was launching an offensive against that as well and the US claim that that was an accident 6 zones no fly zones all different names for balkanization divide and conquer the tough divide Syria while Syria still has an Air Force because they need all Qaeda to be able to ethnically cleanse the minorities in order to drive them into designated regions why because Israel wants this right now Israel are threatening Syria with war after spending years providing medical aid to all kinda Syria recently shut down an Israeli jet trying to bomb this inside of Syria Israel has always been a part of this war Israel wants Syrian land is it worth driving the US into World War 3 and spreading terrorism throughout the world the dipstick think so the ex CIA director was the justifies trump they also talk Syria and Iran at the same time the US ambassador to the UN also threatened to strike North Korea the dipstick know that if you're going for a global war yes to strike at multiple fronts at the same time anyone thinking just just one strike and all going to blow over and nothing's gonna happen is entirely naive is the calm before the storm Russia has just announced that it will be sending more troops into Syria and that they are no longer avoiding shooting down US aircrafts with the friendly fire treaty trump well talk Syria gain you definitely but when it and this will escalate I will end up in total annihilation this is the opposite of what Tom supporters voted for and I know so many of you are angry after working so hard to get him into power and I too believe that he would be at least a little bit better than Hillary and maybe that remains to be true because at least then you can be held accountable for the false promises statements that he made it may be too late to stop this war but we should at least try time for the media war is over we have already won the meet the war it's time to stop talking and start doing mobilized take action organize we must do something because we don't have much time left it's time to stand god speed to you and your family //
"2017-04-07 07:01:43"
Evidence Syria Chemical Attack Was False Flag -Syrian Girl on infowars
\\welcome to this live continuous of our broadcast on our Facebook and YouTube strains I'm David knight and joining me now is lamb back into an archtop topic of the day is what's happening in Syria gonna be talking to Syrian girl gonna go to her right away but Liane and this is deja vu all over again as net absolutely David and this this week is the exact reason why I have not owned a television or about 15 years now because of just the amount of propaganda they pumped us and it's the same thing wag the dog you know it's like groundhog day I'm do we not learn anything from the babies in the incubator are now we've got this ... best selling your about OAG the dog I would not want anything from what Bill Clinton did when he had when he would go and bomb ... Iraq when there would be revelations that would be damaging to him politically with Monica Lewinsky the very next day after the house comes up with articles of impeachment egos and bombs Iraq and so now we have these damaging revelations about Susan rice and this comes up right away at the same time they push out ban and who has spoken against a foreign policy this based on regime change that's what Donald Trump ran on if we go back 4 years ago as I said this is deja vu all over again right this is what we have a scene and we saw before let me read you 4 years ago to our very foolish leader do not attack Syria if you do many very bad things will happen and from that fight the U. S. gets nothing does Donald Trump September 2013 when this exact same scenario was created force that again he says president fill in the blank do not attack Syria there is no upside tremendous downside save our powder or another more important day another one the only reason the president wants to attack Syria is to save space over are very dumb redline statement do not attack Syria fix the USA that's why we have elections for we wanted to fix the USA not get involved in this disastrous policy of regime change now we have Donald Trump agreeing with Lindsey Graham and John McCain with another set up and that's what we want to talk to Syrian girl about right I mean and just a day before where he was saying that his he hadn't changed mine on how he wanted to deal with Assad we got Tulsi Gabbard was kinda like the democratic Darling she went took this secret trip to Syria where she actually met with Assad she got the opportunity and she said you know I was gone not gonna turn down the opportunity to meet with them and she really got limb bastard for that people were so angry with her for doing that but she said listen I visited Syria I met with the people there and are counterproductive regime change war does not serve America's interests and it certainly is in the interest of the Syrian people so now after this a latest attack she is tweeting out saying you know anyone who's responsible must be held accountable whether it be a side or or isis Iraq I or anyone who is in that area who is going to have access to chemical weapons so she's unnecessarily changing her tune from what she brought up back from that initial visit but she is also saying you know she's not making as much and abrupt of a flip flop so you do not learn anything 4 years ago as we did this whole investigation everybody immediately jumped 4 years ago and said it's Assad's government that's doing that's it seemed only way that this could happen ... investing yes and we have had gas attacks before in the area that they had found had been done by rebels there was an investigation that was eventually done it and we had not only the U. N. and Russia but also you S. investigators who said this is not there's no proof that this is done by the Syrian government so we had this discussion before and the thing that concerns me and as we're talking about essentially the civil war that's going on in the White House which they say is not happening but we can see the signs of this we know that they're different adviser groups there this really does have consequences they had to get rid of general flan who had explained everybody who understood that we had created armed and trained ISIS that we're funding them offer regime change we've seen this happen the disasters that have happened in Libya are creating more problems than ... ... they've solved solving absolutely nothing but let's go to a Syrian girl mouse hearing girl tell us ... ... what you're from your perspective what you're saying there with this false narrative ... last time in the 2013 I actually told Alex Jones ... doubts this full slug talk would result not in an invasion of Syria but basically disarmament this was before Putin even said anything about its armaments and the reason I know that is because I know that the US would never invade a nation that they know possesses chemical weapons or any sort of weapon of mass destruction and they had to remove those weapons in order to enter the Syrians fear and that is exactly what I said would happen that if you years down the line they would come back and claim that Syria didn't in fact get rid of its chemical weapons and they would use it as a cause Billie to invade and we've seen that happen with Iraq is exactly the same thing in 1991 Iraq got rid of his chemical weapons in 2003 in spite of the OPCW saying that Iraq no longer has chemical weapons the Iraq war still happened and we end up with ISIS we end up with terrorism around the world we end up with chaos and we end up on the brink of World War 3 was the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons this is that a organization that is passed by the security council the U. N. to go around and examine whether not these people had these weapons and as this happened the response from of the Russian a spokesman Zahar somehow Rola said it is crucial to call upon an OPCW fact finding mission in charge of investigating the use of chemical weapons in Syria to collect evidence of the incident after the following condition composition of the fact finding mission will be submitted to the U. S. like the security council for approval it will be balanced in terms of geographical representation so if we're going to go to war if we gonna set the area on fire for going to escalate this can't we at least have a reasonable investigation and hope that they're going to be up people from both sides taking a look at this and presenting forensic evidence before we just run off half cocked and start shooting the world up well wait a minute David ... Turkey has done 3 autopsies on some of the victims and the and they say sarin gas was used by outside so I'm sure Turkey is completely non biased here and they went and they did autopsies here on the 3 of the people killed so what let's just go ahead and take their toll on I'm sure these were not the chemical weapons that pass through Turkey ... via Saudi Arabia you want to comment on that Syria grommet that the response yeah see from that is that if it's weaponized that it that they would need to have full hazmat materials are they would die from that if it's a ... fully weaponized as you'd expect a state to be isn't so I completely agree with you up if it was our and it would have been homemade you everyone is seen the photos and videos of the white helmets using their bare hands us are and can be absorbed through the skin and it will kill you weaponize Soren will kill thousands the Tokyo starting to talk about resulted in 12 dead but 4000 injuries and that was home meets aren't alone if it was weaponized aren't we would you be looking to continue difference in are you ... obviously a it's very interesting that Turkey would come out and say that it is in fact siren because we've seen in the art of shift so many different times a first as it was sorry and then they said it was chlorine they can't quite decide on the narrative because if they say it's darn people then say well theory got rid of its aren't targeted the Syrians are so then it comes back to the fact that it's been multiple reports that the rebels hub in the cool weapons that they have started that Hillary Clinton ... brought Libya's chemical weapons to the Syrian rebels this is the same or Hersh article and in fact ... the United Nations said that they suspected yet talk to hop into 2000 at 13 was behind what the rebels were behind this was Carla delponte could also look that up so we have a lot of evidence that this is a false flag in fact more evidence than last time last time it was a very well timed because the OPCW had arrived in the mosque is the same exact day at the chemical attack happened and that was because they were brought to Damascus by the Syrian government to investigate a chemical attack that was conducted by the rebels in Aleppo I'm a month earlier and now we have also again perfect timing trump says I said is no longer a priority the next day you know 2 days later you get this false flooded talk and slowly trump is changing his June upright by Israeli border visors in place exactly and Michael Flynn he was one of the advisers the thugs but he believed possibly the rebel attack in 2013 was because it was a full slug ... and maybe that's one of the reasons he was removed yeah I do want to get into 2 things I want to get into that a little bit about the evidence and the law and a lot about the real agenda behind this and what we're gonna see if possible yeah let's talk about the false flag aspect but before we leave the Michael find a it is very clear that not only did they want Michael planned removed but they have tried to purge people that he brought N. the CIA made it very clear we've had a lot of media reporting ... both for and against trop reporting that the CIA has said that these individuals but when brought and were unacceptable to them why because they want to do this false like so let's talk about the evidence that this particular attack was a false flag well it you know putting aside the perfect timing Dennis Hopper in where they use the department just made a statement that they no longer seem removing us as a priority and the Syrian people must decide their own president ... aside from not a lot of the reports are coming from the so called white homeless NGO which is George Soros funded is receiving UK and US talks dollars and they've been filmed carrying Okada floods around a taking part in executions ... of hanging out with the child headers both good nor are thinking Group 1 of the rebel groups that the CIA vets who did and did weapons too which ended up having a child ... time for news featured a video of those tall betters hiding out with the white homes ... I own one of my tunnel Syrian girl war how the video of 2 white helmet members torturing a Syrian soldier like the white helmets as we now know very clearly bar the same individuals that are we all kinda it just put on a white helmet and suddenly they're no longer all kinda and prior to this atop a week before ... in the Christian town in Hama near near Hama there were actually 250 people that work could not ... so it's very clear that these rebels do not care about civilians and they do not care about children they've had children so why would they care and in the past they've use children as tools cones for this political agenda believe exist any British doctor to tweet it out that he had received a gas masks and he was holding interviews ... he was taking in every request instead of helping the people as injuries are coming and ... his name is Saad jul Islam what do you know about him well you know he was actually one of the people who was arrested on terrorism charges for kidnapping to British journalists in Syria and while they do not enough evidence on him and he because being a journalist couldn't testify and you run back away to Syria it was actually removed from the medical board because of this incident another interesting thing that was happening at the time is a one of these you know all cuddling journalists 2 are posted on his Facebook that tomorrow we're going to begin a campaign about chlorine gas a tux and then this happens so it once again the media's I'm sure there's chlorine north star in the count subtle on it but there's there's been on Connie ... the they can't possibly be psychic you know anything indicators that they've been pre planning this was bloody tug at the thought they'd been receiving a house not Susan and gas masks days before the attack happened so they must have known that they were going to use them ... the in the the the thing is that with trump you know there was signs that he we may be swayed early on you talk about safe zone people convinced them that safe zones were going to stop a refugees basically but safe don't zones were in 5 just another word for no fly zones is just a rehash of.which in in its entirety is the plan to balkanized Syria the the that's what we saw 4 years ago we had that they were saying we need to ground Syria's Air Force and so forth and so on and at the time remember we're talking about the false flag aspects which were identical to this at the time but that we're saying we're not going to be al Qaeda's airforce because we knew that we were we had ... ISIS al Qaeda the white helmets whatever they'd pay rebrand them as they wish as as people discover who they are they they come up with a new name but we knew what was going on there we had people like flying at the time telling us what was going on it was eventually exposed what they had been trying to do but they wanted us to essentially be their airforce and the purpose was regime change and if we're concerned about the deaths that are happening there we should all be concerned about that I mean people really died that's that's the issue it's it's not that this is a fake ... incident that people really died they died horrific pasos Y. chemical weapons are banned so we're not does saying that nothing happened we're not saying that this isn't a horrible situation what we're saying is is that this policy of regime change that been pushed by people like John McCain Lindsey Graham is really what is responsible for this and we need to back off of that aspect of it and we need to understand the tale tell signs and as you're pointing out you know the fact that this happens immediately after some significant that political events are happening here but also the fact that they immediately know who did this without any kind of investigation they've already got the solution in place just as we see one as a mass shooting and immediately they wanna write roll out their agenda of gun control well we know that that is a hallmark of a false flag operation when they immediately start selling their agenda that has been in place but we have seen this exact pattern 4 years ago that is what is so distressing about this and whoever planned this you know perhaps they were also the ones that planned in meeting with trump and the Jordanian king prior to the chemical talks to the meeting happened the day before after but the planning for the meeting happened before and Jordan is a key player because some are saying that the U. S. wants to in well the deep state in fox wants to invade through Jordan undone balkanized Syria and divide it in that way and you know I you I hear a lot of people sometimes they will what's the problem with balkanization ... especially in terms of the Kurdish issue the currents have been receiving very very positive media from all sides you never hear anything bad about them this this supposedly fighting ISIS in the north there and they're hanging out with the US military this real fact is however is that they've been ethnically cleansing the Christian population in the north east of Syria and Iraq because they are of the Assyrian ethnicity and they do not want anyone in their region to be open ethnicity other than Kurdish there in the regions that that they're trying to take our is our faith is filled with oil and a agricultural resources but because I'm not a majority in those areas there they only make up 40 percent and so to become a majority there's been basically continuous ethnic cleansing campaigns they actually are 1001 and tried to assassinate a second Christian a Syrian leader arm and then try to pin on ice's but because one of the people that tried to kill survived he was able to go until historians say actually it was the courage that tried to kill me ... they've been this arming the Christians in Iraq the US and confiscating their land just look up the Assyrian Christians in Iraq and see because of things that they're saying basically creating a Kurdish state is gonna expiate the end of the Christians in the Middle East because a ice is just you know the excuse that it to create these separate space if it's basically an enzyme it was always remained as a target and at the end of the day yeah target is balkanization and the town to balkanization unless they get rid of us out they get a UN security council resolution 7 just like Iraq was under so that they cannot be legally in there to legally like change the Syrian constitution because the Syrians do not refuse to put anything that is religious or ethnically sectarian or racist inside our constitution so ... unfortunately were the people who are in the deep state who refused to give up on this idea or are prepared to take us to World War 3 and you see them threatening ... Iran threatening North Korea threatening a Russia threatened China in those soft sissy maybe they know that if it this is really gonna happen it's gonna hop on all fronts it's gonna be a global war and that's what's hot sermon about all this is exactly a global war lessons concerning because we see people like John McCain who seems to only get excited when the possibility of massive war and bloodshed is involved and that's the thing that that concerns me is the fact that we now have Donald Trump who campaigned and one on the idea that we're not going to set the world on fire with regime change we saw what happened in Libya Omar Qaddafi was not a great guy is not a good guy nobody is saying he was a good guy but things are fairly stable there we didn't have the kind of situation that we have now which is an arms bazaar for terrorism total chaos in there in the area and we started that and we're reaping the whirlwind after that and they're doing the same thing isis was created I'd say rebranding of al Qaeda it people need to understand what it represents the Islamic state and Iran and Syria that is the goal of white ... we have John McCain involved and and and this is what Israeli concerning as I watch this is you're talking about the fight they set up the summit with the I. Jordanian king and so forth they're very cleverly isolating Donald Trump from his voters from the people from the agenda that he ran on and one with that's why he needs to hear our voices people in America need to wake up and understand that it's not just the Syrian lives are on the line it is our lives as well this chaos this death this destruction this enabling and equipping and training of terrorists is going to blow back on acid already is in many places in the west that is what is so concerned about this not talking about increasing our safety and security by continuing these regime policies were actually making it worse for Americans were not going to be safer by spreading this kind of war and chaos throughout the Middle East it's very complicated situations you're pointing out certain girl we have different ethnic groups have different religious groups we have different political groups they're all after resources in that area that is why the CIA is involved in this kind of divide and conquer policy and we need to push back against this deep state narrative that appears to be taking Donald from the couldn't defeat him in the election but could defeat these ideas but now it appears that they're going to surround him and isolate him always said that was the real issue that we're gonna have they were going to if there was a massive ground swell of Americans would push for this push for trump push for this type of change they would wait but that happened and then isolate the individual that was elected and that's precisely what it appears there successfully doing now yeah I would like to know what do you really want people to understand because you know here we have ... represent I've told C. Gabbard make to making that surprise trip to Syria and she says she spoke with Syrian people all over the country who are saying that there's a regime change is not that they don't want that there it's not in the interest of the Syrian people they won the west to State keep themselves but what the only thing that we are being bombarded with I is a 7 year old Syrian girl and her heart breaking please in she's all of blacks are all over CNN this is ... 7 year old Syrian refugee Banda about and she was the one that was that tweeting famously the 7 year old tweeting from the war zone and now she's in Turkey with her family and making this plead to a side and that's the only side of the Syrian people that we that we are given access to in the west are the people who are want to fight outside but people don't understand that there's it's a huge country ... so what can you help us understand about it the Syrian people and and what's in their interests well you know this poor little girl is actually exploited by her parents and her father is a fighter is you terrorists and her mother is the one making all the tweets and one of her most famous trees is that you know we need a war in Syria even if it means World War 3 this is a humanitarian voice that we're supposed to follow ... she and her of family you know there are live they want beheaded by US box moderate rebels there suddenly you know as an adult from having the last message coming out of Aleppo and we're I'm injured amid I'm duds I belive begun suddenly she ends up one or 2 guns locked in Turkey you know ... I have photographs which I will release of a their entire family inside Turkey in a playground ... it's claimed that this was before the war however bound that appears to be the same exact ages she is now a not 3 years old which what would happen before the war so it's I think it's a ruse and there's another one ... her name is ... Shami I believe another one of these voices that were supposed to represent the Syrian people you know and and and she is in her videos would try to ... open up to try to avoid showing you all the militants with guns ... the most famous one though is beloved ... with CNN reported him all the time he's an American in Syria and he's supposed to be the voice of Syria here was one of the people who are the last message ... for Syria few days ago he ends up on the U. S. kill list ... of terrorists so CNN wants us to believe the guy who is now on the terrorists kill list it was a joke social thing 3 people want the water and and they don't want terrorism they want a secular safe country right try they want peace they don't want to see the kind of horrific things that that we saw this last week and and that's what we need to understand our focus for second here on Turkey because you talked about the fact this young girl winds up on other ones lap when Seymour Hersh grew up you'll surprise winning journalist expose this a few years ago he was talking about how rebels had smuggled and chemical weapons through Turkey there's a Turkish connection again whether approval of Hillary Clinton and you mentioned that earlier and then of course we now have the Turkish government saying we have ... looked at these bodies and this is sarin gas and it only could have come from ... the Assad regime all of these things are bogus there lies and so at this this is the key thing I think we look at that as we look at the people who are pushing this narrative and it is exactly what we saw 4 years ago we see Turkey pushing us we see John McCain and Lindsey Graham pushing this who were you know the the Yap political arm of the CIA if you will in the I'm in the in the Senate I'm this is the thing that I find ... so obvious and and yet I'm very disturbed by the fact that Donald Trump seems to have been isolated from is not only his campaign but also from the of voice of voters from the voice of reason by the removal of Michael Flamm and others and now ... with with band and being pushed off of the National Security Council there's no vote there to speak against this insane policy about regime change throughout the world and it appears to be working I'd appears that that Donald Trump is is going to follow Lindsey Graham and and I'm glad John McCain and to step off into a World War 3 your comments during all well Turkey you know who the entire legion of isis and tourist Syria through Turkey they have been arming the insurgents the Islamist since the start or no guns government is Muslim Brotherhood a few weeks ago the US was talking about putting the with the brotherhood on the bond organizations lives ... they are the reason that terrorism has spread throughout the world ... trumpet I don't know if he's been threatened bribe or brainwashed but he is completely different to the trump we saw in 2013 who was saying that the stupidest thing you can do is a talk Syria yeah and it I think that there is a part of the US government who really doesn't want World War 3 and they've been pushed out you have no third postal who's come up again since this up atop to mention the fact that the missile shield in Israel is not going to work the iron dome that it doesn't work and I I feel that some of these individuals in power think that they can ... protect themselves or save themselves from nuclear war but ... that everybody else can pretty much go to hell and that they're fine with dots as long as they get full domination pull control ... caught up countries as as they like and greed roll mops doesn't matter how many people it kills whether it's American soldiers or American people or European people or Syrian people they don't they don't have the crop the it's all about money our that's it and I guess the thing that that Israeli concerning as as this article we had info wars yesterday the title was report Soros linked group behind chemical attack in Syria course are talking about the white helmets the al Qaeda affiliated group and you talked about that earlier but they conclude the article with us they say NATO governments are unhappy with the trumpet ministrations recent statements that they no longer see regime change in Syria as a priority and in response to that British prime minister Theresa may made a statement that Britain was still fully committed to regime change in Syria and so he makes a statement and then immediately after this happens we see a complete about turn and I guess that's the thing that really has is also concerned that we not only campaign and one on the issue that we were going to be fooled again by another false flag attack like we saw 4 years ago he was not fooled by it 4 years ago but then after he gets an office and the people who got him there get removed and are there it's very clear that he's being isolated Flynn is removed Ben is removed from the security council and then all of a sudden this happens just as all that is going on the headline from 0 hedge says it all on the same day ban and remove from the NSC crop saber rattles war with Syria I add this the people who surround the president really makes a difference and that's why I was so concerned with so many of his appointments early on everybody said just give him time he wants to have all these different voices at the table is like they're going to isolate him right from reality they're going to isolate him from the public opinion that got him elected and invest the the very disturbing thing that I see is this isolation that is happening and the abrupt 01 AT the Donald Trump did this week on the basis of this attack I I don't know I'm a clearly well from your standpoint that you have a lot of insights as to what's going on and in Turkey and I think it's very important for Americans to understand at exactly how bad is being at Spahn against us but it's also the NATO people better there is also the different wings within the at trump White House that are now coming to bear in this ... political move I want to ask how I wrote that article yeah I've yeah she's I do that's really the question okay yeah yeah excellent article and in one of those you're talking about these that the tweets let's talk about this a bit ... Sarah Abdullah said tomorrow a media campaign will begin to cover intense air raids on the hammock countryside in the use of chlorine against civilians tipping that this is going to happen the next day whoops summit on that between a little too early Sir I'm the lowest tweeting ... a Facebook post by this individual from orient TV is a journalist for in TV ... who made that post on his Facebook the day before it become a quick tug and again it was a campaign so ... it's very interesting that he should know it's very interesting that they receive these dots mosques and if you don't have a look through my ... ... article as well as you will see that some of the children actually hub like blunt force trauma injuries to their heads so I don't see how got screwed because the yeah ... it you know it's it's certainly interesting trump is being isolated of the question is though what are the worst public going to do because for a short time I you know I never believed that those US how the democracy that was a lie but I really believe that the deep state was competing control we had the ... Clinton in the bush and Clinton to bush and with trump's victory with all of its rhetoric we really thought that there was a chance that the world could change that do it could be some peace in that we weren't headed for this all out war and now those hopes have been dasha the question is what is the US public going to do because this is all unfolding before our very eyes yeah ... and we needed I put up we have to understand that now Donald Trump who wrote the streets are read the beginning of the hour I say do not attack Sir there's no upside tremendous downside ... Mister president ... you want to attack Syria to save face over very dumb redline statement and now he's putting out his own redlines statements he sounding like Jeb any sounding like Hillary any sounding like McCain and Graham and this is very very troubling and I want to say one more thing to we talk about the false flag aspects of this we had other situations where not only did it happen at a politically politically significant time not only did they have the solution quote unquote already lined up that coincided with their political goals but we would have a tip off the day before that something was happening that there would be ... information that would be on social media typically people would push back against that and say well that has to do with differences in time stamps and so forth and so on and yet in this particular a social media posting the guy said tomorrow and he did the day before so this is not some kind of a time stamp a discrepancy this is a clear prediction of what was going to happen and we didn't just we were just told us is going to happen a day before we were told that this is going to happen 4 years ago because they did exactly the same thing for years ago why would Donald Trump not fall for 4 years ago but now appears to be falling for it today and of course it is still a little bit of hope because they're saying they have not decided on a course of action yet and yet there is so much saber rattling coming from the tweets and from the administration it sounds like they have decided that they're going to do precisely what he spoke against Barack Obama doing 4 years ago with exactly the same scenario right it's very bizarre for trump to us suddenly say that he has you know ugh the emotional aspect of watching these videos have swayed his foreign policy when last month apparently the U. S. had a higher civilian deaths then Russia or Syria airstrikes and this is from the same people the same organizations like the Assyrian hates our organization that's run by a guy in a 2 bedroom apartment in Coventry that makes all of these statements ... trump is believing this source who at the same time you know said that the US was that killed more civilians than anyone down in March so why these civilians are more important than those civilians it doesn't make any logical sense and why did the 2013 civilians not affect him in the same way why exactly is he softly now just all emotion and no logic I said that last night when I started to read this news I said I start out with a story about what happened and to create Iraq but dozens of people that were killed there and I said oh women I thought this happen in Syria it's like oh yeah these are 2 separate stories you heard about the one story but you didn't hear about the other store you haven't heard about the bombings in Yemen by the civil war the Saudi Arabia started there and that we are a supporting you haven't heard about the attacks on hospitals in Afghanistan that ... went on for a very prolonged period of time that we went back to ... Obama's military so we have to understand this is being very selectively.were told that the Russians bear responsibility for this that they need to do something about it because they are at dominating aside there and yet do we not bear responsibility for what is going on in Iraq don't we ... dominate Iraq in the same way that Russia dominates Syria ... it you know Syria has no motivation to use the cost they don't have the gusts in if they supposedly had stashed away some of the gusts secretly you would think that they wouldn't expose the thug by using it on a random small town and I would have kept it in the case that there is an invasion or something to save their lives but I was supposed to you know because ... abandon like reality here at except this false logic and just believe this without any sort of ... thinking and if you try to think bill just pushed the photographs of dead babies in front of you you push for an emotional response and it doesn't matter who are the people who actually killed these kids doesn't matter how much evidence we have because if you try to get any logical argument into it they'll call you in human as if you don't care about children but it's the rebels as the terrorists if the deep state well been killing kids for the last 1520 years across the entire Middle East and the globe you don't care about children is as Madeline Albright when she was asked if these sanctions against Iraq are worth the death of a half 0 children should say we did kill half 0 children she said no it was worth it I think she had no problem with that and as you pointed out Leanne talking about the children dying they the babies that we were told it is why we had to I get in the first Iraq war that was totally I created script it was totally false and as I said we now have the trumpet ministrations sounding like a jab and Hilary this is that this is so obvious to everyone I think who has paid any attention to it I is just beyond belief but the OPCW the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons would go there would do inspections would say that they have removed their weapons would have an inspection 4 years ago as we were able to delay this immediately when it happened we were told we have to go right away we have to write and that's the push they want to make sure this is going to happen immediately because of people take the time and start to look at the evidence as we did 4 years ago you find out that the narrative that were sold immediately after the event is not really what happened exactly and the longer we can stall this the better the chance that we can get the truth out there talking to people like you ... Assyrian girl and I'm I'm just going back and looking at the evidence that we've seen in the past ... your final comments here about ... where you would like to ... see this happen and what what you think is the best way to up push against listen or we can get more information now from you as you discover about what's going on there well you know the heartening thing is to see info wars and of basically all of the people who were against war ... not full loop trump blind he does because they voted for him it's it's good to see that people are standing up for what they voted for which is an end to regime change and an end to these wars and an end to the funding of terrorists and the something is these white helmets ... they just a few a days ago when the U. S. stock a mosque which wasn't all Kreider meeting spot inside Syria it was the white helmets that were helping all Qaeda ... dig up all you all kind of room under the rubble and those white helmets called trump it war criminal so it's interesting that he now believes these terrorists the you know a is is giving them his ear and he supposedly the one who was against hers the U. S. is already inside Syria they've already invaded the north of Syria is under the pretext of fighting ISIS but the.but the dipstick doesn't care about that and still the case their objective is balkanized nation and to get the balkanization they might have to end up causing World War 3 and how do we stop that ... it would be great to show trump that his constituents will not stand for this how I'm not sure maybe it's gonna take going on to the street and protesting maybe it's going to take calling up congressman but the frightening thing is it doesn't even seem like they're willing to speak to Congress about this won't do anything innocent in the remotely legal way because they're even talking about bypassing the United Nations but I hope that you know we can all stand up against World War well I think people have to say that I should point out we have to stand up as we did 4 years ago and we have to stand not only what we're not really standing against trump was standing with them ... these people who are pushing regime change in Syria people like John McCain who went to Syria the beginning of the crop administration he went on his own he conducting his own foreign policy meeting with isis in Syria and he said that these people don't know anything about I've met with ISIS many times even talks about that so here's this guy who's pushing for regime change in Syria working with ISIS he is doing the same thing here pushing this phony Russian narrative and if we don't push back against the deep state that wants to have this continuous war here in America they will do regime change here bill do regime change against Donald Trump right and they're already isolating him and dad taking over by ... as in terms of the only advisers that he hears from are these people thank you so much Syrian girl and people can find you on Twitter at partisan girl and you wanna you have any other social media contacts websites to talk about Syrian girl partisan Syrian girl parties down is my you tube and partisan goal is my Facebook thank you so much for having me on but I do agree that at the end they gonna take all trump because it made too many statements that they can't live with us right that's right they're working on regime change or redeem neutralization here in America thank you so much a Syrian girl thank you and we're gonna take a quick break I just remind people that we do have our new toothpaste ... gonna write here super blue even though it is pink ... paper because his bubble gummy right we do have this in stock at info war stored I com it has a different taste one that is not as strong by a week but a bubble gum taste in there so you can get your children will love this it still has the essential ingredients like iodine and then ... so over that will fight bacteria and your gums add that other toothpaste don't have and it doesn't have fluoride instead it has iodine so very poor and have those bacteria fighting ... elements in there and not have something that is going to impact ... IQ are going to be harmful for your children and again the importance of fighting gum disease not only for bad breath but also for losing her teeth and heart disease as we need to be aware that as we get older and the likelihood of those things increases also we now have caveman finally back in stock info war start icon we have 33 percent off retail for a limited time you can see that at info wars we're gonna take a quick break and we'll be right back with more of our 3 to 5 live broadcast today we call it bone broth and for thousands of years our ancestors enjoyed its benefits before it became a lost or modern diets a process of junk we are now introducing caveman about imports the ultimate in true paleo nutrition with bone broth to americorps shotgun mushroom and 7 total primal super in a single great tasted formula shake my hand it's those people living in the wilds having to actually build civilization that are are superior ancestors we do everything we can to recapture that everyone news you used all the parts of the animal used the meat processing is the fat for cutting but you used the bones were strength from the outside structure full of minerals and chemical factors to the marrow that produces the blood for the body this year's the engine of the life essence I'm a long way from the caveman my ancestors were I'm sure as hell trying to get back to that essence that made us what we were and this is I know you're gonna want to checkout case ultimately self enforcement I //
"2017-03-05 05:46:27"
Turkey steals Syrian land with new border wall #Syria
\\the capital of the us I'm amazed when I see them not want to hear that he's not here Robert it bull shit yeah my mom says that I think they yup he I not anon automobile occurred on this is not all or whatever I don't I don't I know my mom about it and I mean nobody the I don't know what not to you yeah yeah well I'm yeah well I'm but you're not like that though not like ourselves though did you learn how to do well but well enough //
"2017-03-05 01:40:34"
Bill Maher Defends Rape of 12 Year Old Boy
\\okay before this week got out I wanted to bring up this story which I think was one of the big stories of the week and I know people magazine agrees of make is they put her on the cover Mary Kay le Tourneau the teacher from Seattle who ... is in jail because she is in love that's how I view it ... yeah I admit that it's that it's unorthodox she is 35 the boys 14 she he was younger when they started but the big story environments that have I know he's our okay ... she is pregnant again that was a story this week with the second child by this way so basically they're having a family and they're keeping the mother in jail because she won't conform to what society feels should be the perfect American family yeah yeah that's perfect have might as part of your little one of them absolutely sickening what a sick woman the woman looks over 20 years older and she right this kid raped well come on she forced how do you know and how and when how do you know what they should be raped him how could a woman unless you how can a woman reprimand I think that I'm older woman can manipulate a young kid and I don't think it's really healthy I don't think it's healthy for a kid who's in the 14 with 2 kids out in the world I think the so children will grow up fairly damaged I think that kids going to grow up fairly damage so you're on her set yeah okay if it's an area soon be Omar damn shame I just want to say that the system up to one the sale TV alone time is a damn CA I see why they call you the entertainers it if you're in for a 13 year old girl I mean deciding what it's not a 14 year old ending this woman are you I am completely defending not a woman only but the boy is well I'm Oregon if you anyone to take her to kill all I would've been able to take care so it's better that she's in jail it's better that she's in jail but the way that you good things you think like that for commies are you even children have the emotional capacity to raise our children I mean like we have enough problems in our society as it was with with men but not being present family life are awesome in a 14 year old is a 14 are really able to understand what it takes to reach out and and be like a father mother and a man in most of societies in human history 14 year olds were fathers but we're not talking about a size no we're talking about our sick society talking about the are really knows how to raise kids exactly what it is a sick society away it goes back to why is it so hard I mean has taking over control of the families parents have no longer they see the United decision making anymore so this is what's happening now but don't you senator rape how does a woman raped a man biggest doesn't rape involve an erection actually makes actually we can be some sort of attack century can be consensual it's just that the reason traitors because the woman is under 18 years of age like and basically what it is that she may have said Hey I'm I'm ready to have sex you but the law says no you're not into 18 years old you are not break an erection how does guys 14 Emmys indirection when he done 11 a lot of time yeah a as your name is impeccable and that's that you got a good yeah I'm no I'm not your old one I wouldn't have kind visits like has your president no she was without her why she was out on parole on average their love was strong that they still wanted to see each other I don't understand why all of you who are still have what is like I define love if we could we would have but we can it's something that happens between 2 people and these are the 2 people but but love can be defined at least a little bit as a 14 year old really capable of of all things having 2 children and a family and a deep relationship with a much older woman it is is the cable processing all of that were you able to do that when you're 40 financing that the kids as well being as he gets ready to hit tenth grade couple that the alright well as usual the entire panel is wrong well god bless you //
"2016-12-22 21:51:14"
The Truth About #Aleppo : Victory Tribute
\\ //
"2016-11-08 04:02:43"
I'm a Syrian Muslim who prefers Trump over Hillary
\\I am a Syrian Muslim woman and I would still vote for trump over Hillary if I were American jumping south Syrians and Muslims but Hillary is actually killing them Clinton's policy with Syria is to help the so called Mordru rebels with weapons and air support so they can overthrow the Syrian government but those very moderates she was to take over Syria but alongside all cargo and have themselves conducted beheadings including the beheading of a 12 year old boy if Clinton is elected she is certain to continue her posts you've destroying Syria and her push for a no fly zone will end in a war with Russia I II World War 3 with trump there is at least a chance that things may be different so I implore you not to allow Clinton to win the next elections I love the rubber destruction of Libya and Iraq unheard jeans chains policies in Syria aren't enough to change your mind perhaps the latest wikileaks release will they reveal Clinton's campaign manager protest though is it better follow who is involved in a cult rituals Clinton under posse have been involved in the death of millions of Iraqi Nubian that Syrian children they have obliterated entire nations these people do not care about children whether American or Syrian this is human beings as nothing but play things and those blood sacrifices for their own sick gratification it would be shocking if they weren't involved in these ritual sacrifices and put a few you if Clinton is elected tomorrow the entire world is in danger //
"2016-09-30 23:31:28"
WW3? How the Ceasefire in #Syria broke down
\\hi everyone its Syrian girl things have been heating up in Syria between the US and Russia then we're getting ever closer to World War 3 there have been several US security council meetings at all had resulted in no agreement between the world powers Russia's UN envoy Churkin has stated that peace is almost impossible now //
"2016-09-17 21:45:28"
US Attack on Syrian Army Helps ISIS Gain Ground
\\breaking news Syrian soldiers have been attacked by US air strikes I thought that has allowed our sisterhood bounce insurgents in Iraq there's 2 since 2 soldiers were killed and 100 injured when the Syrian army base was struck in third dry mountain there's your where they were conducting bottles against ISIS I said huge escalation which I was further proof that the US department has been backing the terrorists all along there are many cases that this car was not enough the fact that the base was struck note soldiers often you the fact that there's a large number of cousins he's the fact that there are reports US airforce used in a tent helicopter as well as a 6 which requires being close to the ground and knowing what your targets are the thought that there were no US special forces or STF forces in the area or any kind of problems only arts is an Assyrian army you know the little room for error basically the US purposely bomb Syrian soldiers so that ISIS can advance there was also a simultaneous attack by the Israeli airforce against the Syrian army as the Syrian army was bustling Okada knew the Golan Heights and it is highly likely these attacks are coordinated with the U. S. talk because they were within minutes of each other both of which what is done to help the terrorists a few days ago certain airforce shotguns rating of 16 those think about the very same building it is important to remember that these talks as well the US is presence in Syria is completely illegal under both US law and international law in 2013 the US public other US Senate voted against the war in Syria soldiers came out in protest I will not go to war on the side of Okada Mysterians war just as I predicted the US administration went to war anyway using us as an excuse but they were slowly boiling frogs I don't know talking through an army and the funding losses except now no one really knows what's going on the US is entire presence in Syria is also a violation of international law and the sovereignty of a UN member states this comes 5 days into the US Russia negotiated ceasefire one of the requests made by the US administration in the ceasefire agreement is that the student airforce would be grounded in north Syria was the purpose of this survey could bombard defenseless Syrian army positions this is the same ceasefire that was rejected by the so called moderate Syrian rebels with that chose to openly joined up in a new home group with al Qaeda if your call the Syrian government agreed to give up their time weapons what assurances from Russia they would act as the deterrent preventing a U. S. or Israelis ha the thought that this attack happens during negotiations with Russia seems to be the USS where you are attempting to humiliate Russia I hobble Russia via //
"2016-08-21 23:04:00"
The Truth About the #Syrianboy Viral Photo. Its really a story of two boys. #OmranDaqneesh
\\I'm gonna tell you a tale of 2 Syrian boys on the run under the law one boy on run is alive and well today the other Abdullah how these heads slowly sliced off with a blunt knife by the US armed and trained FSA rebels but it was all rugs dust covered face which appeared in every headline from page every mainstream media outlets around the world while law does face was concealed and his story covered up just compare the B. B. C.'s coverage of the 2 incidents I'm runs photo is in the center and clearly visible in the other case the BBC actually cropped out of Donna's face completely in the photo that they used the BBC's headline was also an attempt to justify the beheading of a child the hunt full of articles that did cover the child's beheading also censored the child space from their front cover why is one child one face one name worth your attention while the other child was brutally murdered by CIA trained terrorist group how to consider using key was not the youngster is obvious NATO powers don't want their people to find out the nature of the terrorists that they support showing the world of the list face would have been too damaging to the terrorists rebels and have gone viral announced control claims that the only run image went viral on its own because of aesthetics are garbage this little girl from was the lipo was shelled by the rebels and that is similar photo taken over tossed covered face but the mainstream media did not user image a toll they never told the world her name room the mainstream media decides what goes viral they report approve stories in a coordinated manner they decide not to tell you that they're all cuddling troubles are shelling civilians and beheading kids and here is the most shocking part of the story that you weren't told the man who took the photo of dust covered on run in the ambulance whose name is no more the Sloan had taking a selfie with this thing child but headers you can see how he's wearing the same view shirt when he took on runs photo and when he took a smiling selfie with child betters the red arrows show the corresponding individuals one minute he's crying crocodile tears over an injured child and the next minute he's bluffing it up with child headers a selfie was posted on his Facebook and was taken 5 weeks after they beheaded the child showing that he approves of the deed yeah outright admitted to the telegraph that he took the soapy with the child the headers how could those in key rebel group but in his idiocy he tried to justify this but claiming the 12 year old Abdullah was actually a 19 year old war as though that makes the beheading okay in his demented mind in any case is beheaded friends disagree with his laying coverup attempts and also I thought my hi I thought you all consider your mother on the well I'm just about to melt value Meshell law by the land of the dead Doug yeah value all but this one a lot along in the humanitarian move just loans other Facebook posts he encourages suicide bombings one post reads with the suicide fighters from the land of bottles and butchery former Lippo we bring you tidings of impending jury another reads thousands of suicide fighters and tens of booby chops are being prepared for the great battle in Aleppo the first bottle were I see men weeping because the cost price dissipate another posts he seen wearing the colored head bones of the fighters he hangs out with revealing that he too is likely a fighter this is very interesting because my hood to Sloane works with the AAFP and is linked to the white helmets group his employers have a lot to answer to most importantly the world must know the story behind 12 world of the laws beheading by the CIA butted trained and armed rebel group how to cut those in key the CIA admits they gave this group tow missiles and trained them to this state the state department will not confirm or deny whether they stopped funding them with US taxpayers dollars the world must learn about this Douglas face must go viral I ask everyone who is watching this video to share his story to hashtag on Twitter with Syrian boy print out the picture with an explanation of what it is about the place it took every newspaper stunned all leave you with 12 year old of those last moments with the CIA trained terrorists for historical documentation though it does not contain the beheading or any kind of blow their violence I warn you that is disturbing a full trial live video will be posted on my war channel the untranslated video is already on live you now I like what I've done are like I but don't let them all go I don't even you get to wear them though a loner then he'll at human concrete well hello Jack gonna that mirror their little all our love Unnao yeah no need to go thank you that I don't know what hello I don't I do not know me you don't know who who well I don't know I don't very I believe that yeah the mentally ill are you are you know online they open you will you will be and that never really lived a little rock not //
"2016-07-16 17:00:32"
Problème du terrorisme en France et en Syrie: que faire?
\\so you just create one of farm civilian job Mukunda early on a couple of Han said the macaw Aleppo's don't play the Kisumu Diller members because you keep doing so hope both Capri Zoomer vapor probably the luck because the not her problem ditto these so popular in in exist the pot in the US phone call met a own simul owned a coolants irregular ESO car model prisoner would on a commercial estrogen utilities for heart exited good on them on the job how long does shed Micah dippy demean dues in other media release all city products suitable Vilmos Sylvia yeah man cool deliveries killer other means for Quinny provoking got you a printer and guide them it do you think the skinny guy the cleanest costly advise and you can yeah classrooms blood the eve of the trip deliveries I'm doing because vines auntie kena put don't be shady Japanese policy and the RCMP ga Nicole looked on impassively initial also conduct when left left costs in the hall issues on kind of gridlock look good on the Masseria hello I'm good business for the long haul just seeing a good on the roster up to pre it's a personal thing for that MP camera sitting in Hoboken conducted to Lisa Kahn erotica Middle East Denise Indonesian parisienne in in this area neon count just come up now Daniel looking a little stronger kidneys Athena city it would be hot separate multiple dis Kidada begun to die dole Dikhhla can you doesn't elicit following usual if you could fill a Newfie in essence who along not a bond you booking caution must impose some minor children left on Denise of on the New York City heated up Douglas UTEP hot offsets led deploying in her book WO full Sindona good for the Hudson unusual I'm gonna talk it it doesn't kill you could at the car ABCS of god you don't keep the Sheila send you clean the priest a busload semantically can I take the socialists and you came Jonathan about he or no formal Denneny I'm gonna learn to Tilly's did die delusions hall says so don't come to bust table city a few days off of juniper Syria left because 11 chic Sony did classified expectantly scorpion detail the small city left because it don't go for utilities never know what your best songs to Japan could a city known as you earn bombard us cause for a pop security Mr bond belong to a group they will lease on the BBC a fork to sugar trouble recently children in Los appeal could be utilities with the program so sure she swapped a bonus of that kill problems in him simply can't possibly know he's a pop band to put managed to hold these lessons to initial embedded into for many of the examples totally small city of all to book shows invented the scrutiny in the cool diesel Bob kinda cool but let me see him killer some folks peace to learn compassion Siouxland we live a very moral conduct silica foodies is system of a lot of me so beyond metal fact irreversible accrued interest to your own city go home phone cynical when the most city on kid this the biggest of all the more on coal piece Pauken sick call the pickers Cividale Oakland save one movie of //
"2016-06-10 18:38:27"
Interview with a Syrian soldier about Federalisation Talk
\\ //
"2016-06-06 22:21:52"
Why Kurds must not be allowed to control north #Syria
\\hi everyone this is Syrian girl over the last 5 years we have fought to prevent the US invasion of Syria but in the last few months your bum administration has since US special forces into north Syria the administration did this silently like themes of the lot without consulting the US public even though the public while he opposed intervention in 2013 and even though Obama repeatedly said for years that there would be no boots on the ground in Syria there would be no American troops on the ground this evening is even more illegal than the invasion of Iraq since there is no UN security council approval as your isn't under this chapter 7 resolution the pretext for the invasion is fighting ISIS in rococo I'm not sure that is what the US special forces believe they are doing but the real objective is to enforce Kerry's plan be welcome rising Syria troops are there to make sure that the Kurdish separatist forces the YP T. get to a rock club for the Syrian army does it is also convenient the ruckus has much of serious or you if somebody is just a copy of the you don't turn drawn up by Israel in 1982 it calls for the use of Kurds as a means by which to divide and conquer the region but just who exactly are the Kurds YPG the media claims are the most moral force in Syria but as usual the media logs but the media isn't telling you is the what the T. are directly affiliated with the PKK which the U. S. has designated a terrorist organization this is probably why the US special forces were told to move the weapons gene senior from their uniforms the state department knew it could become an embarrassment in future so as usual with the US government sees us terrorists yesterday our allies today perhaps hers again tomorrow incidentally the state department recently also brush up not to bomb all kinda in Syria the media is also not telling you just like ISIS Kurdish YB T. are attacking Christians in North serial they have shot and killed a Syrian Christian militiamen assassinated a Syrian leaders and bombed serene restaurants and just like ISIS could just wipe it she used tall soldiers the media prefers to show you only their use of female fighters some of these kids have died in combat and this March 2 primary school girls were kidnapped by YPG and forced to enlist when their parents protested they were beaten up and just like voices the Kurdish webpages ultimate goal is to still certain none and makes it of their own first going through the pseudo federalism route the leader of Kurdish YPG select Muslim they said that he planned to use rock call as a hostage in order to pluck Milton unwilling Syrian population into accepting federalism some of you might say book courage to serve their own state or curse deserve autonomy but I'm afraid you've been under a lot of propaganda when Kurdish history especially in Syria the word current simply means Iranian nomads in the same way that better one means Gulf Arab new mode you might keep fools like Bedouins gypsies and Kurds don't house these because by definition no must move around Ali Tahir Ibrahim and his family are traditional mats from the nobody tried going into that the only southerner villa Buddha cool he feeble positive of cut Kurds are ethically Iranian they speak any Iranian dialects unwanted other region of northwest you run cold for this time you can see from the smoke how the Kurdish tribes flowed also northwest Iran into Iraq Turkey and minimally into Syria this is why Chris people are divided between 4 nations they wandered into them not because a historic place called Kurdistan was divided by Sykes Picot there has never been a Curtis done or could a civilization in history no artifacts over it the areas of Turkey that the PKK Kurds claim as their ancestral home used to be our mania before the Armenian genocide and Syria is the birthplace of civilization this is why Iraqi Kurdistan is trying to claim the 5000 year old history of the Assyrian empire as Kurdish history otherwise they vandalize it and deny its existence this will make a lot of people angry and they will try to deny it in Colombia liar you can't deny history and why should there be any shame in being in a room out both currents and our bedrooms settled in Syria recently in comparison to serious history the indigenous people of Syria are enormous are Levantine ethnicity who adopted the Arbitron which up to the art conquest these are the people that built Damascus and Aleppo the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world while some crows are loyal Syrian citizens I serve in the Syrian army the majority of Kurds living in north Syria arrived up to 1920 as refugees from Turkey and continue to arrive in waves author each filled rebellion against the Turkish government effectively refugees who were allowed into the country are now trying to take a piece of it if you recall that's how Israel was created no wonder Israel is in full support of creating a Kurdistan it must also help the borders of the proposed produce state run Java perfectly lined up with greater Israel it's ironic that the people who claim to support Palestine are now supporting the creation of the Curtis done effectively another Israel off of Syria part of the influx of Kurdish refugees into Syria over many decades cars are still not a majority in the areas that they are trying to claim autonomy they are a plurality mix not only 40 percent of all has a peak at only 9 percent of Syria as a whole this statistic is changing however since the war has caused 1000 proves leave their homes become refugees there are no 1.2000000 Kurds living in Germany almost as many as in Syria I wonder if the liberals would support a Kurdish autonomous states in Germany and can those liberals explain how is it moral support giving 1.6000000 people the oil wealth of Syria that is meant to be sustaining 23000000 of its population because the YPG don't have a demographic majority required to impose an ethnocentric state the what you have been conducting an ethnic cleansing campaign trying to wipe out rival ethnic groups but on our bill Burgess had been burned to the ground an Assyrian Christian homes have been confiscated by the YP T. some YPG supporter will probably now claim they have arts in the Syrian spot to gain their rounds but these people aren't representative just like courage who fight for ISIS ultra presented of careers as a whole if you want to know what happens port it could've done just have a look at Iraqi Kurdistan where Syrian Christians are being pushed off their land you I'm well the there this is what US troops have been misled into hoping create just as they were misled in Iraq this is why it is imperative that the Syrian army win the race to recall and crushed the US terrorists once and for all but so long as they can reach total cut here based miracle first the army can reinstate serious air supremacy over roll call and there's sure good news is the army's already begun the offensive to retake Brokaw and are inching closer to have acquired please but there are some rumors going around on social media that say Russia won't provide air support used to having her own agenda involving the Kurds in Turkey there are also rumors that Russia and the US have already agree on how to divide Syria between them but so far it seems Russia is bucking serious offensive on recall duration is reminiscent of the end of World War 2 with the US and Russia were in the same theater of Germany forcing the same forces but we're still not William each of the side it makes one wonder what would happen if both sides nothing local Germany ended up being divided up to World War 2 but serious situation is very different and there are many forces at play determined to keep the country together Sir an army is not going to give up what any inch of Syria they're going for total victory no matter what a Syrian girl we subscribe if you wanna hear more //
"2016-05-13 21:11:07"
Clinton backed AlQaeda linked rebels Massacre Civilians in #Syria
\\hi everyone this is serving girl the US backed Syrian rebel group huddled Shyam have massacred otherwise civilians in the town of Zara in homes province how shall fighters are senior stepping on the corpses of women this mental seniors would be for those knowledgeable in the Syrian more but this is one of a handful of times footage proves a massacre was conducted by a U. S. buffed group not by ISIS or Jupiter Nostra which the mainstream media usually pins old Moscow's on all I shall I shall look good but I don't know what judge Judy hello hello hello yeah well I know a lot more when even the Syrian observatory for human rights which was set up as an idea said mouth piece how to port that's women and children were killed and kidnapped as war you recently at the UN Russia proposed her Shyam and uses them be on the terrorists this was vetoed by the US UK and France the AP article about the story even admits that the harsh ... fights alongside al Qaeda I had shown is what the premier think tank this year far cools Okada worth befriending I guess that the bus was taken by the US administration remember the parish ... was started off by a story who works for all Qaeda's sewer Yeary and this Daily Mail article admits that her show is a key rebel groups in Aleppo meanwhile the department of defense admitted that a cut of factions of the new stroke controls most of Aleppo that said is primarily Alicia who holds a level ... and of course on this you're not part of the cessation of hostilities self so who are the US government backing in the poem if all Kaiser function job within the struggling trolls look through and I had a shower is a key rebel group then the American government is bucking Okada and this is treason under US law but they're still getting away with please subscribe if you want more news like this also if you follow me on Facebook please note the Facebook sensors have blocked me from posting for 30 days because of this sarcastic picture talking arses it sounds like this week there's been a lot of crackdowns against political satire social media //
"2016-05-08 15:37:13"
#Clinton backed 'Rebels' admit to targeting civilians in #Syria
\\hi everyone discern goal reporting I have 2 separate videos of the so called Syrian rebels admitting that they bombed a school other targeting civilians in Aleppo this school was struck a few days ago in another video carries moderate rebels also admit that they are purposefully targeted civilians with makeshift cylinder bombs no leann leann it was he targeting civilians is a war crime under the I CC and since Kerry provides military aid to these rebels he too should face war crimes trials over the last few days the rebels have targeted 3 different hospitals in Aleppo one of which was a maternity hospital mothers and newborn babies were killed as a result the mainstream media is as usual portraying the rebels of the ins victims and heroes of the war in spite of the fact that they're working with al Qaeda the corrupt and also skip the story about the hospital makes it clear well what the I she Google you so yeah you WNED this on the mmhm it yeah Nnamdi yeah //
"2016-05-05 19:40:34"
White Helmets are AlQaeda | Official Trailer [HD]
\\the white helmets also known as Syrian civil defense claim to be a impartial non government organization campaigning for Syrians but despite the name the one who once was not created by Syrians nor does it serve Syria meets James the measure of a consultant for the UK foreign and Commonwealth office and former British Army officer so what is unknown Syrian British foreign policy consultant doing establishing a NGO in a foreign country does James really have the Syrian people's best interests at heart if Sir wanted the one whom it's cooperate solely in terrorist held areas why has the White home it's constantly cold thing to imitation of a NATO imposed no fly zone the same kind of no fly zone that is destroyed Libya for decades a no fly zone in Syria would only benefit those who seek regime change and ultimately hurt the Syrians who already targeted by illegal sanctions the fact is the white helmets and nothing but a propaganda tool for the US and UK administrations to justify military action against the Syrian government but the white helmets insists on being impartial and unarmed yet here is some footage that says otherwise well I he's where he gets interesting needs John it's on your car needs the what home what's inside Syria he was set to accept an award from interaction and the lines of international aid agencies but was refused entry into the U. S. shoots his visa being canceled on 9 4/27/2016 US deputy spokesperson Mark Twain I was confronted by a journalist madly about the white house's income see regarding the one I commend this group you're gonna continue to support them and yet you revoked visa hold their leader I don't think that makes 0 sense to me well ... words exactly and then when I asked who funded and supported one Marc replies yeah well I can tell you that we provide for USA ID about $23000000 in assistance ... to them $23000000 wait a second on the one home it's not and I quote seriously independent and accepts no money from governments so we have seen a group who is clearly not Syria not impartial and not independent do on arms and almost certainly sectarian maybe the walk home which was set up to facilitate execution occasions like this one the for the brave impartial one homeless arrive at the scene within 6 the ex as if they were on the stand really the body the white homes an engineer simply al Qaeda with the facelift //
"2016-05-01 12:33:11"
GRAPHIC: #Syria 'Rebels' indiscriminately bombing #Aleppo 2016
\\what about the more able put on yeah dorm yeah what I do you work on steroids it's so it's a book I don't know mum about it much because I think about it the cookbook was to build who might like them you can put me move Wilson who were not miss the people to put up a good idea the but yeah Paul I ... no you yeah it look so yeah yeah it you it no I don't think leann nothing got it well the the US sure so no about the who because somebody doesn't get one it's the well how do you know what with yeah well I think most of them don't even know what this the but legal well good luck nmls I think one of the months of 99 all //
"2016-03-28 16:46:09"
Battle for #Palmyra Victory over #ISIS : Tribute Video
\\the the on that night yeah John I got home and Rolla Haddad it's with Dawson what does that mean I can was about you know I'm a doctor even no I don't have elected me and I in a backdrop well who would end you how we do not yet final being them outside who will be men some behind little Maggie was said now did you put up yet the Hatanaka neither had he mom woulda latest data to help our image Jonathan budget Haddad articles you know but almost had to hide it would that be that yeah I will be doing is a young yeah and that's about it that that morning I bet that had been locked out of bonds whom as a multi legged woman could IT Daddy's hips when like we are with that angle I think the problem is that it have that outlook on the Kentucky to open it politically nephew to ID Iraq right now or not but a little farther to but you know she was up high with yeah let me know that what they want to bother them at all and in that month NMU Monrovia you know I'm properly can have you can bet on at the Pentagon what I can do about it but that would yeah like I want //
"2016-03-24 21:22:10"
Exposed: Plans to Balkanise #Syria
\\hi everyone this is Syrian girl this is one of the most important videos I'm going to make its about plans to balkanized serial I've talked and written about this numerous times over the years but now it has become obvious to everyone last month Kyrie came out and affirm everyone's suspicions he called for Syria to be partitioned exit was part of plum bee if negotiations fail but in reality this was always clung a plans to Buck most Syria and Iraq were laid out by former US secretary state Condoleezza Rice in 2006 into living it was called the project for a new Middle East this was a carbon copy of the ... did union plan Donna by Israel in 1982 plot is to create a bunch of weak mini series that will be in perpetual war with each other and never United enough to throw back their colonial chains powers who started the wars in both Syria and Iraq did it to redraw borders on a map the blood of millions of innocent people your songs are songs children was spilled over the subjective the very fabric open tire naissance ripped apart because of these people's plans well meaning people must say what's federalism doesn't sound so bad the point that these people are missing is of the borders of the federal states would be drawn along sick tarian lines looking whether states consist days population this means that a small amount of people will get all the resources and the rest will be left to starve the areas they're trying to carve out the coastal area of the top yeah and the region above has a keen Syria are were all the resources water and agriculture and oil is they want to leave the majority of the Syrian population in a landlocked starving from state and create a situation where there's going to be an inevitable perpetual war between divided Syrians ironically they tried to paint federalism as the road to peace because Iraq has been so peaceful since they produce federalism in 2005 brought it people say that Iraq was a mistake but I say Iraq is exactly how the neocons intended it to be they keep the following in Iraq and Syria introducing all caught up removing chemical weapons string oil infrastructure and general destruction so far they haven't fully succeeded in weakening the Syrian army as they did in Iraq with the army was disbanded nor are they fully succeeded is spreading sectarianism etcetera still doesn't allow religious paced political parties funny they look like they're failing on federalism yeah actions of the occupation Iraq drove Iraq into a civil war there were even caught red handed tried to ignore the sick during war British SAS were called dressed up as terrorists barring one Iraqi police in Basra pull brother American head of you all the time 50 Iraqi sock puppets that growth arisen into the constitution quite simply divide and conquer is the plan you don't even deny it it is literally in their headlines this reform Paul Simons zine the C. over which is linked to the CFR I think tank that Hillary Clinton has admitted to being here's another one from foreign policy written by X. NATO commander it's time to talk about partitioning serial what is the time wasn't scheduled in his calendar take a look at the words of Satan himself Henry Kissinger which I will paraphrase does balkanization is what I'm hoping for Syria is not a historical state it was a construct by Sykes Picot the lie that Syria was invented by France and Britain also used by USCIS in their propaganda videos to convince followers whites okay to recompose serial the reality is that Syria has been Syria for thousands of years the Greeks and the Romans empire referred to Syria Syria since before Christ Syria the Levant is the birthplace of civilization and the origin of phonetic languages the word fanatic comes from from OSHA which is ancient Syria say that Syria is not a historical state it's lockable Syria isn't the historical states no state is the only thing that sucks people borders were wrong is a historical Syria included Lebanon and it's come through the only federal Syria that would make any sense would be federal state of Lebanon that's incorporated into the rest of natural Syria you see these people don't want to control Syria they want to wipe Syria from existence and that includes erasing Syrian history this is why us is has been targeting both Syrian and Iraqi through sites the plan was to empower extremists the Muslim Brotherhood I'm bringing all colonizes who repeatedly talk about soldiering on the whites they were supposed to overwhelm the Syrian army and begin slaughtering other whites and Christians then they need to Buck media was planning on doing in the art of shift from evil dictator must be stopped 2 we have to protect the minorities ID give them separate states you can notice that some of the larger shift had already started to happen in 2014 when it was used to convince the US public that the US military needed to go to Syria but these federalize Isshin plans seem to a field they underestimated the pitcher to some of the Syrian people cert army protected the minorities from terrorism the people that not become desperate and accept division so when federalize Isshin was brought up in Geneva both sides of the stream called 6 rejected it the Syrian foreign minister unless you're in Basra to the United Nations both said that federalism isn't even on the table so if all Syrians are gays federalism why bring it up even the Kurdish groups among your position in Geneva rejected it you see there is a difference between a Syrian Kurd and occurred in Syria many of the Kurds came to Syria as illegal immigrants in the 19 twenties when they were hired by the Ottoman Empire to slaughter Assyrians and Armenian Christians Turk scrubs and the crew of the none of their victims as a reward then they continued to come to Syria from Turkey in waves but curry's are still not a majority in the areas that they are claiming belongs to them those areas are still inhabited by their insulin hope things this hearing Christians Armenians up our bedrooms not just skirts it boggles my mind that people want to give serious oil and resources percent of its population Syria is football through use and I'm going to make a video exclusively about this the US position has been clear or what about the Russian position in all this is that a lot of rumors criminalist spokesperson Dimitri Peskov said Russia is committed to the territorial integrity of serial Russia's deputy foreign minister Bob the no says it was nonsense to say Russia is pushing for federalism that such a large your would be up to the Syrians that Russia wouldn't recommend it so they have made themselves clear on the other hand when I said sit in it interview that every part of Syria will be returned Churkin who is Russia's representatives the United Nations so if they proceed on the basis that no ceasefire is the sorry I need to fight to a victorious and then this conflict was lost a very long time and that is terrifying to motion he could strictly have been speaking about the ceasefire but this statement came right before log roll read a statement about fertilize Isshin being okay with Russia if the series so chooses so it's leads to a lot of speculation on Russia's position the Russian and Syrian state how long reliable alliance this war begun partly because I said rejected a gas pipeline to you that would weaken the Russian economy the Russian people are also friends of the Syrian people there are 100000 Russian Syrians of mixed ancestry Russian soldiers have spilled their blood alongside Syrian soldiers so why these inconsistencies some people speculate there could be a fifth column in Russian politics influenced by the Zionist lobby work convinced .Israel and Curtis done would be better all laws which is ironic since Israel the kind of ally that talks you wouldn't come like it did with the US is liberty this kind of mentality is to the detriment of Russia and Syrian Russian relations should be rocket it's people like this the other reason that Serbia might be joining me to I also the Syrian soldier how he and other soldiers felt when they heard lover of a truth and statements of the time this was before Russia denied support for federalism through you under the sudden become unknown unions harm hate over one well I believe in the lot of you I love cannot be you to is that they feel Jim DeMint is issued on the Saudi Ukraine Jada follow you took money undone if you are low ... set off love wrote the inotes Clint's who really had their lives with drugs a scientific so look at this work tomorrow just out of you soon you will love Austin she loves shook up tied to a woodchuck description of rope in the city and doesn't condone for that are you what's your photos are awesome and stuff are some hostility as me done a share London stronger not keep written Hassan got off subject on the one hand on the shuttle bus somewhere but on how young enough she wonders Wilson that has no or good morning to her door it'll do it then Gunnell mobile are medically Subban like late one night and ... will sell them again the from Sudamerica can accomplish that it can overruled both because of the conduct of kia on but if the letter was meant to keep the we should not yell because sure it is J. solace with nam on exit off who see it in the studio doesn't croon go literally shot of whiskey on there but can mom I don't know them jet you will hopefully the sheet metal movement can know what listener and a kiss you sought out for the rest of the I'm not a good few nice young covering none none of these homeless is that there are usually say and so do you welcomed show who thought it up hello look does your earlier only does goodwill toward little place she had thrown the Astoria I don't I'm not for what what was the draw you in a couple of simple if you or shut it down here ... Vidalia so you get a good idea could don't disappear into the studio and to be on there and moan of conduct when he's up the knock here so it would upset the minister couldn't ... on Wall should of but on one as north to solve the holiday insult that seem awfully good on the font there should be a dear and more visual I don't know level not just in the story I'll north likely wouldn't shut up puck looked serious come of the unknown none of you sort out the window now I'm not dead can shop because your sh the sort of considered on here Fridays usually are some killer how some killer Medina selling gesture but are also got on what is your school is so awful remark on our mounted kilij issue is awful it all old it leveled homology it is already flooded here only shown fucking army not too often did she I'm still unknown gonna diminished on a med kit which bargain hunting the intimate club who would do in noticing Syria who is the Himalayas in Oakland New York sure if you had the she well I might look closely are glove get this way locally here is all ... but that to me if it doesn't clothes on he can be a fuller face staples are you although she will have monopoly up don't seem like the Dixie does it to so world or or partial darkness for local yacht sooner for the shift in global problem musicians don't but is it a good that no law alone will do so in that call you duffel on duty on the we in this alone took the others she good luck are you don't although you are you don't always have done perfect can't be moved up on the coffee double date with life and mom why you know they might have one young Scottish on my dog of calling me a story young miss hub studio he dumped off today because also it ... society hall can learn a lot about the hall where the B. mesons we'll give them a call to turn it off if you want to study on Catholic on father moved up on the bed do you know look to it at this geek there still are so it is really much more to it is a well yes buffoon lead by a doe audible the shop with us on how to you couldn't hear no no jeep dialog program to bar you ought to know to it to your own ... so lets you put it on you know you see a thing so that sort of not going sort of guy le club where someone put on office see 7 excellent please subscribe for more news analysis //
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NEO Vid: The Reasons behind Russia's Withdrawal from Syria
\\hi everyone it soon grow admitted with you about the Russian withdrawal from Syria and possible reasons for it for another child no Junoon eastern outlook issues left what should please click this link or click the link in the description you very much //
"2016-03-13 12:11:56"
FOUND: Evidence That NATO Funds ISIS - GIAnalytics Collab
\\evidence of the US government and its allies provide aid to us is was obtained by Syrian forces immediately after they push to liberate the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra from us control in cooperation with the Russian airforce a nearby area was cleared up the worst tears it was then that the evidence was found next to well fortified positions lay the bodies of 3 terrorists their pockets contained documents that identified them as foreign citizens from Saudi Arabia unto this you upon further examination of the area a field hospital was found quipped with the latest German made technology boxes of medical equipment produced by Hartman to national is German company another NATO country Turkey also seems to be providing aid she was even on this bug other words for the people of Turkey to the people of Syria brother it's is saved from the government of Turkey to isis the base was also used to manufacture explosives the components used came from Saudi Arabia the Saudi could have arms stomp on blogs that contain large quantities of TNT it exposes me here range from long lines to deadly car bombs given to you with Eastern Front general of mint he stated that at the beginning of the conflict armed groups only heard primitive more trees and simple hunting rifles but doesn't know deposits high quality it Kira who's which the Saudi government both in the mid nineties from disintegrated Yugoslavia it's GPS navigator was also phone showing the Lake District homes ISIS terrorists were going to take the US government help also should his clothes in this war even though they have tried to work in the shadows underneath the Syrian some the shadows betrayed them here is a recently captured drone it's recordings recorded but you've specialists Jimmy other ISIS mostly 5 at night they also wanted to the roads what opportunities to send oil truck safely across the border to Turkey then on to European markets up to such incriminating evidence new uniforms made in Saudi Arabia Turkey made the club little of no importance told but the question must be lost how did these humanitarian aid packages end up in the hands of ISIS when they were meant strictly proposed new citizens only Saudi Arabia's minister of foreign affairs although as you prove stick it in Washington DC that's uglier his leading circles are afraid that the Russian military will become more involved in Syria this inspired the fog that Russia's president Putin stated repeatedly that Russia will only be using it airforce 8 Syria in combating terrorism Saudi Arabia's fears is reviewing of how much it has invested in banking losses sister angle reporting from global independent and the mystics //
"2016-01-11 20:00:41"
Madaya: What The Media isn't telling you
\\the media is not revealing the whole story about Madonna there purposely avoiding mentioning the thought the Madonna has been overrun by al Qaeda offshoots not Isham and double tunes throw she was a nurse was listed as a terrorist organization by the UN I harsham was founded by a member of al Qaeda the same all because the groups that have taken over my Dahlia are seizing 2 towns north of Syria go Florida and school and have been starving them for years this is a case of the mainstream media selective few months you they cry crocodile tears over Madonna well deliver signaling through unconfirmed auto this is because France in the US are back he'll causing Syria I see it as their ticket to regime change there are pressuring Okada into leaving Madonna or allowing civilians to you set of pressuring akhada into breaking the siege on Good Friday and fool there are you advocating that the Syrian military should give up my guts will cargo wall cargo hold their siege on the other 2 towns it is no secret that the Syrian people are suffering through this war but the media on the government's folks humanitarianism is drenched in agenda and they must be exposed another thing that isn't being mentioned in the media is that the al Qaeda linked troubles and Madonna are stealing the aid going into the city I'm selling it for a high price the same thing is happening go fry to the residents of medallion expose this product but you won't hear their voices in the mainstream media I ugh Bob and I don't I don't pick it every hour on the job ahead of any limitless Afghan but I cool film on them yeah go to show love and if I was a very good idea but it's a fun show they've lost funds love and is gonna hide them yes when the sheet I'm CWC he'd given that I haven't had you know I'm like come from yeah shut up ahead unfolds Bowman is that it would mom never saw someone must ... suddenly there appeared over the severity of the crime would I'm on and nothing more Meg Levitz it is a problem set up here for a moment longer she uninfected officialdom looks she focused and how did that I'm in Americanism it cannot get over what a missed out on I had mansions of love we are nothing he'll miss what I Montel Dimebag Darrell you them then Bouchard who knew that my you've won the ... here we do not Yamato model though you're not a detective you were hot on the Democratic Party on the all of the but you did the hard under new I'm still not there on the corner that you took the Hogan got up here shuttle dying of hunger that data not that we're gonna do that after that you're gonna play upon data that I know who got the home garden on the other hand I'm good hidden in model does one thing I no no no but I'm I would bet you didn't met club I'm a little well but on other web took the project and know who or what got got him home hungry we are shouts this angry man as a fighter basically the rebels and they're globalists our laws are holding Syrians hostage as human shields starving them then using a miss hit the bodies for propaganda on that note there are few images of people inside Kaffraria Obadiah so the media has been using images of the music that people from other places to exaggerate the situation invodo a photo of this in basic that boy had been used by many sources including the Associated Press sterling news an intelligence spectator she claims it was taking in more dire but it is in fact an image that was released in 2015 and the original seems to have been stretched but intelligent spectator June hugged the boy skeletal frame B. B. C.'s Jim your posted a video of this boy claiming he's starving in Madonna the original video is a thought from Yarmouk come into 13 not my daughter the image of this boy posted by vice news and Donatello Rivera I miss international senior crusts adviser is not from a diet and the clean but was in fact first posted in 2013 this picture the others your claim to be from a dia is not even from Syria it's a random homeless man from 2009 this is the second time this little girl's picture was used for propaganda in the war the rebel supporters having stole her photo from Facebook it's time Allada via so the Arabian Sukla television cleans shoes of starving girl in Madonna but she isn't from a dia nor she from Syria toll he's from Lebanon the deficit money de la di similarly Musetta face repeal on other random photos the arctic before Madonna continue to emerge to make the crosses appear larger than the 2's the United Nations has reported only one case of death due to starvation in Madonna by a 53 year old nun but doctors without borders it doesn't have any person on the ground in the Dio are relying on the cloud is speakers the media claims that 40000 people are starving in the diet but according to a census linked from wikipedia the Dahlia only has 9000 residents this is what my dies population actually looks like well there are fluffy stray cats in the street well the media is claiming that people are eating cots the town hasn't been completely cuddles in December I didn't 26 people were evacuated it is said to be coming into the city soon but ... cuddling the Geraldo show home is going to take up a gun and they're going to continue their seen job of fraud and who will let's cut through the manipulation and gets the fox teaches hopping in war list we could get to the US government start 300000 Iraqis in Fallujah during the Iraq war but this is not an occupation you have one side that is formed back though cargo and one side that is the legitimate state in military if NATO the Gulf Arab states and their media Roxy's cared about the Syrian people they wouldn't be supporting al-qaeda's takeover of the place nor would they be sanctioning all of Syria which is basically a seat on the whole nation but all this talk of starving children was never about humans you this is one drop of truth in ocean of laws subscribe share and help it grow //
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#Madaya Residents Blame Rebels for Hunger
\\Marla diamond tell you then then Bouchard handed yeah my you've won the ... here we do not need to hear what all Yamato model though you're not detective you were hot on the Democratic Party you are the one on the but you did the hard under I haven't done that in order for the that you took the hobgoblin of little shuttle diagram because of their but that we're gonna do that after that you're gonna play pump data unplanned and yeah we don't know how that don't hidden in model does one thing I no no no but I would doubt that I would mind you didn't met club I'm a little well but don and I went to the project and who or what got got him home //
"2015-11-24 22:16:17"
WW3? #Turkey Shoots down Russian Jet
\\Syrian girl here with breaking news junkie has sucked under Russian jets over Syria since Turkey is a member of NATO we are closer than we have ever been 2 World War 3 there is no question that Russia must retaliate or she will lose her status as a super power failing to retaliate would open the door for more talks against the Russian military not just in Syria but across the entire planet Turkey has taken this risk on the hope that Russia will not to tell you this aggression is basically a test of Russia's Rizzle both in Syria and in this global position with this gamble is a catastrophic mistake on the part of Turkey Turkey's no running to NATO begging for support while claiming that the Russian shut had violated its airspace but this is unlikely the plane and the pilots crossing to Syrian territory in the truck when mountains also lucky that Turkey used adding F. 16 to shut down the support 24 which is what took his cleaning the US you 20 fours are usually escorted by as you through its he's you can shoot down of sixties before they even get within firing range of the S. U. 20 fours it is more likely Turkey use the I hope men 23 surface to air missile I shoot down the plane depending on the decisions made in the coming hours by Russia needs to historians may call this the spark that lit the hope fees of World War 3 however I do not believe that NATO will but Turkey against Russia even with Syria shut down its service jobs NATO refuse to stun with Turkey how likely is it going to be that they would buff Turkey against this super power and risk it all out war it's more likely that Turkey is going to be left drifts and Russia will retaliate against Turkey alone Turkey's often aggression leaves no doubt that Turkey and this need to monsters are defending all call them against ISIS in Syria the Russian judge was attacking these terrorists at the time that was shut down CIA Bucks mortars troubles shot and killed the Russian pilots as the partial to down they then found themselves touring over the dead bodies why not annnnd and there was I well I got a little I ... and the Madrid as I say not clean they destroy devotion helicopter on a rescue mission with the U. S. provided stall missiles if uhhuh the lead up to this aggression was not an isolated event Turkey's path are also some applause crime use electricity supplies Qatar was recently caught attempting to purchase upgraded S. 125 surface to air missiles from Ukraine for use against Russian justice individuals in the U. S. elite such as the big Brzezinski wrote that the US should retaliate against Russia if they don't stop attacking US assets body Okada Turkey might be operating on the hope that it has a card to play which will prevent the Russian a top which is to threaten to close the bus First Street and prevents Russian ships from crossing the Mediterranean effectively cutting off the supply lines to Syria but this would break international treaties such as the amended Montreal convention Turkey has bitten off more than it can chew the words coming from the Russian government increasingly point Turkey out as a supporter of terrorism suggests that Russia me a talk terrorist training comes aside Turkish territory but to do this they must take all Turkish until air defenses around the Syrian border effectively creating a buffer zone inside Turkey where Russian jets can operate safely Russia may flies he admission season with long range extradition missiles these were used in the 2008 closest teen wargames Georgia and we all know how that ended perhaps we will see some tight to ring in order guns near future please subscribe for more news //
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Moderate Rebels Use Women as Human Shields - With Translation
\\nnova I you bet all I what's that all about our lock me up we don't know yet I love and they had in the high after this we Islam I you know some yeah yeah I know and it would //
"2015-09-10 02:15:01"
#RefugeeCrisis: What The Media Is Hiding, Help #SyrianRefugees Go Home
\\this is Syrian girl the media's painting the refugee crisis as an acute issue but the student war and refugees have been there for 4 years and they learn wasn't the first child refugee to drown lost month and 11 year olds dream girl drawn off the coast of Egypt so why is there such a media push no well it's just in time for when France Britain and Australia were also joined the U. S. is war on Syria in fact the US also distribute to join his coalition a week before a lan died so they're using sympathy for this child's death to drop bombs on more children while crying crocodile tears over them as they run from those bones just look at this headline from the sun both Syria for a loan I think they'd make themselves less obvious this is the city that a loan comes from the area was blown to smithereens by the US Rupert Murdoch couldn't even wait for a lens body to go cold before he started exploiting it for more war in Syria Turkey is also causing the refugee crisis to push for the creation of a buffer zone in Syria as part of their continued attempt at regime change so before you wave refugees welcome while letting your government get away with murder there are few things you need to know the whole Syrian war and refugees were because in the first place because the US and NATO backed Islamist rebels in Syria in 2000 and oven in spite of this politicians and most media are blaming the Syrian president Assad for Europe's entire refugee crisis and using that to convince people that there needs to be a war in Syria but how can also be playing for the entire refugee crisis when the majority of refugees aren't even Syrian but other poor immigrant workers or refugees from other wars such as Iraq Afghanistan Somalia and Libya all the other places that have suffered US interventions in recent years if the media labels the mall Syrian anyway to convince Europeans that this problem can be solved by intervention in Syria they even go as far as to label sub Saharan Africans Assyrian because they believe their viewers are too ignorant to notice the difference how racist you have to be to confuse Asia with Africa Romania's Coast Guard rescued 70 migrants mostly Syrians and Iraqis packed onto a small fishing boat that was in danger of sinking as they attempted to make the crossing to Europe in stormy seas on Saturday the number of Syrian refugees is also being falsely convicted because other immigrants and refugees are simply claiming to be Syrian a throwing their original passports away Pakistani and Bangladeshi passports are being found discarded near border crossings 139 where where just just before CW really I'm sorry I thought all the rest of them are out they said I I don't leann anything so I where surprise must I don't have because of the government you'll get house that one you get food so it pays to be serious and some European politicians are exploiting the warrants Rio to push for an open border immigration policy so was it the Syrian government that because these refugees or was it the same politicians and their liberal interventionists the are now crying over the refugees deaths people like Angelina Jolie ironically the ambassador of the UN refugee program because these African refugees to drown off the coast of Libya because she's ported the Libyan rebels who ethnically cleansed them it was also on the scene to national who cleared the dog you is using black immigrants as mercenaries which resulted in their ethnic cleansing now I miss international are raking in the donations over their deaths it was the same liberal interventions who in 2011 supported all card affiliated rebels in Syria and they dare yell shame shame shame for not living in the serene refugees how about shame on you for ruining our beautiful country the refugee crisis didn't start when Syrians strive to cross into Europe book when Europeans try to cross into Syria to join ISIS Syrians are being pushed out of their country while multinational Islamic state moves in from all over the world but the so called coalition on ISIS is a lie the US and its allies have no intention of actually defeating arses sort of working with the Syrian army the only force capable of fighting us on the ground there preventing this year an army from doing their job only 4 years ago Syria was a wealth and prosperous country that's even accepted 2000000 Iraqi refugees now we've become the refugees Cerner VJs wants your help yes but to get back home to their own country almost half of Syria's population are refugees 3000000 also out of Syria and 7000000 of them are internally displaced inside Syria shutting refugees welcome while well meaning is not enough you're not going to be able to air live 10000000 Syrians into Europe spacing them further from their country is not ideal for anyone the refugees who want to come home here the mall for yourself help me away Mr Jacksonian within that can that can run on a one a nice clean house yeah yeah I know that soon enough but then by the and my name is it or not I was to come back to read the lovely country window lord we ends I like to move towards that NDEs just I can go to see my friends and my family honey the dumb we've heard you must recognize you with another yeah with no gel with no job what's happening now because you know my my you know my story are Syrian we are good people I do wanna the complete over life in Syria stop and look luckily she begins to get behind it known live bait now ... yeah IT 9 there's a higher you you just love the lord and he does love you don't show up to vote to you know to help them come hoon feed to pressure government to stop the war in Syria by stopping the US is Saudi Arabia Qatar and Turkish our laws from funding and facilitating offices by ending the political support for all cuddling troubles and by preventing your government from entering a war against Syria and the sanctions on Syria ilog curry's dubs infected teeth pushed him to try to get to Europe and fix them such as on Syria prevented his family from sending the $14000 required to fix them if there were no sanctions on Syria he would have got medical care at home and a loan would still be alive before the war but it'll care in Syria was free sanctions prevent Syria from rebuilding and fighting our asses off itself rebuild Syria for refugees to return concentrate on donating to organizations that help refugium inside of Syria this will decrease the pressure on refugee institutions inside of cereal and help external refugees return instead of getting on a crappy boat and droning on the way to Europe here are 2 such organizations well for relief and the Syrian red crescent stern government once refugees to return and have put forward a plan to do so they are pulsed for help in implementing the plan claiming the refugees themselves for the wars NATO creates is not the solution suddenly so many people are disrespecting Syrians but those people never noticed Syrians in their country when we were inventing your phone not to mention all of western civilization there are forces that want a strange people from their homeland and is old national identities altogether Obama and other criminals are trying to make Syrians a people without the nation a people without a nation suffer the worst humiliation look what happened to the Palestinian people one day it could happen to you so defending our national team doesn't mean disrespecting the national theaters by demonizing Syrian refugees right wing nationalists are hunting liberal interventionists moral victory on a silver platter people are sympathetic to the boy and his family and any group that dean realizes them comes off as being sociopaths and alienate everyone for example this UK are people to sin how to apologize for his statements the little Syrian boy was will close and well fed he died because his parents were greedy for the good life in Europe Syrians had the good life for the UK government interfered you know how the other I don't have I just no it's not interested anymore no you yeah yeah I know upon mafia buttons it goes higher a Steve if you can I shoot some law my own products like you a car you can drive it's really hard to drive in the sky we ate we still don't have a good job to buy a guy with a car like in Syria Gunn we need that sliding the US officers had been fighting off a block the I. mafia but it's not that hard is it too much in the who simply shut up and on the second floor we also in the movie knives does the same thing with this a lot inside them that is sung in a little fun if you have you know what's on the menu my insightful song on my father people are asked me what if the Syrian stay in Turkey well Syrians were used to a high standard of living get tired of 3 years in a tent in Turkey with no prospects of the future numbers are very high in the 0 and conditions are bad Turkey won't improve these conditions want to continue sending terrorists to Syria people are also asking waters Syrians being held by other Muslim countries well Turkey and Jordan have they can 1000000 each what this you are really asking is why aren't the rich Gulf Arab states accepting Syrian refugees because in the words of this Kuwait people the shin we Syrians have a different culture and ethnicity 2 arps they don't see Syrians as are and they don't accept them as there can since when have the Gulf lifted a finger to help Palestinians anyway was this true the people deliverance have as little in common culture new Arabs as they do with west Europe it doesn't change the fact that it is the Gulf Arab states that because the Syrian problem by blocking terrorists they won't invest in helping Syrian refugees because they are busy spending the money on isis and buying golden towards but why doesn't Israel take in refugees often role it's gone through its border and it's in the Levant Syrian people's historically done Israel is great also his image as if it doesn't even want consideration I guess Israel is the only country in the world that's allowed to be racist it's funny to hear scientists talk about how Europe need to accept Syrian refugees when they won't even let Palestinian refugees return to their own homes and villages I've also heard why Germany not Greece well I'll let the Syrian refugee tell you possible whole window my summit been going out and a month and then seems odd that what if you're certainly a Yummy muffins side shotgun that Saddam the most vulnerable are the Syrians to in Syria fighting for their country but how can one blame those that run if they themselves are fighting with a gun in their home it's time to point the finger inward save your nation has thought through governments from starting these wars //
"2015-08-08 05:09:28"
FAIL: Rebel Dies of Sarin... But Lives to Tell the Tale
\\is one of the people who got hit by Karen I was suffering from unbearable pain ... sensation of ... burning and through all over my body until ... my heart stopped and the doctors ... lately among the dead bodies after they thought I was dead it was a complete miracle that well she took Amanda wouldn't you go better yeah //
"2015-05-15 12:47:25"
Syrian Soldier Talks About His Oath to Syria
\\I have my support lose if you follow learn how to read my review deal because a hello someone about your silly myth in and had the fossil then no men's demise at how the I have a more even with all day it was so hard I I had a let and phone if I think mail in Canada when on how the how the fossil Ben no bands at how the why 70 shy thing of doing that one of so if they're Machon Comox announcing to disarm and I had a hard the way I know the high you know nozzles and have it will know what that's not good enough for them I don't beheading monthly shunya value issue for you when the commander could go numbers if not I still have a lot to ask I love Linux flag flew in low limit it to fill rate took another initiate the really hard other these are the harder America's base Leatherneck along with all the mother she said a cottage on slate better the clues in the hadith yeah he the managing who knows it which is the problem is laden with that allowed them through the unlawful use of drugs that are stuck in the you know the look of it in the middle of so that the further through the mail no running that file your legal let's go off the record a highly hailing the fur fly the flag value though I should and Cannella hundreds like fusion of numbing behave crude Lollapalooza they had that Kevin had like looking at another hospital asus's McClellan and then the next thing that end of collusion if any of the so they and we're done now numbers luggage is just out of suicide change the hate because it can they I had no I ultimately okay thank like the Phillips is if god is doing the same thing right WWI she father figure about on Jody idea a few months and I did take a lot happened down right out what why they keep elisa looked at how the somehow McDuff found them but oddly so I guess you got here items about it as the lan may stay ahead full Duffy what I shucking John is not ideal does with Howard I don't know how they are and how the how the how the city to what I had done knows that I have a at a hub only the button then this lonely after ms there's a little house a cash right now men out of it was registered to select a sentiment now that you know what I section without and in her book other hand not did you so ruled out the one that says that shaman is day just suffer got them a little but farmer the show how they got to know how did it go down on them but I don article but always you know that 100000000 if no one thought of the month when the US initiation in Atari and if we got a lawyer and you have a she //
"2015-04-22 12:24:39"
Syria ambassador to the UN replies to saudi arabia
\\in that moment I thought I would be at a certain idea let the F. but that will burn up to high island has me what hasn't it might not have allowed to be at the studio let the F. but that's what I do has to be what has we're also looking at ship got leading to a new adulthood and he said it was either the shabby SUNY I let the happy if it's a lot to heal up we'll have to fill her yet you love Kalama will be my a half of what I would have if you sue the yeah was an amity out all the how will help will be Abernathy had we both daily fee fi at him what the life he had woman I thought that you what had allegedly said I'm in a list zap me with a we've picked up a lot he that's a singer we might be that it can be and you gave it back to me it I economy to some but in Tempe via that's just how I hate yet in what's out .middle I last saw my team had a why that's a shabby studious Chucky hub author men do Saudia and be led the battle if attain Moshe well my full book what do they like Anna about will be no see I know that I don't know what I'd them in jail he lieth in CS your ThinkPad W. I had a Sony be happy be that where do I know but next year and I'd bend up tight in the clutch posted autonomy disobey the local beautiful city fall Barbacena what customers so you who met him in case we had the other day at the a Saudi else Leonia how much of the lighthouse what possible the topic is gonna hear flying them took off into the arch Michael by no rules liberals here thought offers a heated assessment what have you exterior was little house I would no because it out to see us at some would be a for profit the sifted the metal but if you feel multiple what's it that's far Thurman CSF feel healthier Dick I'm Anthony that he'd be dead what on earth but he added the out Dennis Saudia Mostar that he was sorry that the shop steward for her that you a key to I'm a double door how can he be dead if the I will be I guess Julia while and fill out the Saudia feet they need with them we with a body that had been and also being and what does it cost medically and how a lot of them well I said to him in a studio lob the mystical body shabiha in the Saudia Kenneth one doesn't what what then liftoff it'd come out here what I feel what have you that Nicole method for profit the soda eat also you India was that gonna disappear so would fairly sloppy it and you have to do that meanwhile because find any allow amendment and Hannah Michael Jimmy on thank goodness Saudi another facility and defied the buggy lead why does not fall yet the litter system that it S. would you listen while people Saudia B. MetaStock we'll consider it Goodman to a gym for your obvious so Soria Abana up the kilometers on a le mond to Guatemala the for the //
"2015-03-30 22:06:03"
AlQaeda Over Runs Idlib City - Analysing Media reaction
\\hi everyone and Syrian girl here with some good news Accardo sticking over at the town of it look at the city center itself and not the outskirts tones this would be the first time that a car is actually called captured the heart of the city but interestingly incentive that receiving international condemnation what you see in the media is almost a big congratulations because it's a blow to the Syrian regime as they call it ... if I were to read some of the headlines of Google search on its love I get from routers Islamist insurgents pick parts of serious ID love city notice there's no mention of all Qaeda in this headline or any mention that's all cargo that is taking over the city hit this from the BBC serious crisis ID love captured by Islamist groups again no mention of al Qaeda not only is the word of cardinal mentioned in the headline it's not even mentioned in the article itself is just complete wife warship of the events that are going on in Syria and other 0 close them the Syrian rebels how interesting the wallstreet journal even calls them the Syrian opposition what better assurance is there that the stern opposition is all kinda than this me only mentions of all cargo being the ones that take over the city would be from the Daily Mail Qaeda allies see serious ID love in you know to the regime and that will be a copy all of the AFP story which also had the headline because he's majority of series into so you know this is definitely a specific agenda to block I fucked that is me of cargo group does the can over into the they do not want the general public to know this this is a story that they draw the brush on the rug or paint us a Syrian rebel victory against the regime al-qaeda's takeover of the town has caused thousands of civilians to flee as refugees un I'd like to find out if the mainstream media's gonna give this story the same kind of attention that it gave to the refugees that ice is created when it took over a town of use yeti's but instead of headlines like Syrians flee its leg during a car this takeover of the town we get Syrians flee into the fearing government reprisals and residents fee is alert fearing airstrikes from forces loyal to the stream president Assad again no mention of the fact that the Syrians are running from all kinda the took over the town and that the Syrian military is fighting no it is truly insane the this entire thing is basically being either ignored or celebrated in the west when the Syrian people are suffering as all carded takes over the town and they've been driven out of their homes and some of them are being executed simply for supporting the army over all kinda and you know people would be forgiven in forgetting the a lot of people including myself warned about al Qaeda's presence Syria in 2012 and then it was fighting the army I'm all cold conspiracy theorists thinking of which the former head of the free Syrian army Salim Idris has publicly confirmed that he supports all kinda through his Twitter account so the US government claims that they have been supporting until Qaeda moderate rebels has not been completely and utterly squashed las week I actually wrote an article just before this a top cop and about a U. S. cuttery plan to rebrand all cargo ship with the new straw as moderates as crazy as that sounds this was when the CIA bugs and armed Syrian rebel group the husband brigades this bundle of and in fact many of them defected to all cottage of its nostrils so basically the US has once again directly aren't all Qaeda this house a brigade was really useful to ... create plausible deniability because the US could basically Armel cargo walls still saying they're arming the moderates because every now and then cousin gave with either surrender their arms so caught up or they would sell the arms of the U. S. was giving them to all caught up but Hudson we gaze this bundle together as a result of this the I answered that the US media and the US government gave was that they were skin every Brundle Clyde itself as Madrid ... all they had to do was get Joe buttons straw bale cartographic to drop their all cargo they will teach you going to read my article you sealed the sources are there ... did New York times actually suggests it John may cut Tauzin law cargo in the hope of receiving more military aid notice the word more launching the fact that Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been arming them all along quote sources in the group have said it worse considering severing ties to al Qaeda a move that could result in more support from Gulf states hostile to both aside and the Islamic state based drumstick meaning isis so the idea here is that somehow the button the straw is better than ISIS I don't see why they're just as extreme and brutal and conducting the same color beheadings us is doing so your own it's ridiculous I mean were we supposed to believe that they were behind September 11 if we go to the BBC ... and read the analysis of doctor David Crawford who suggests the Qatar funding and arming Okada may be a good thing the articles titled is cut are bringing the storefront out from the cold he says certainly in a storefront has pledged to concentrate its efforts on removing bush charm aside as opposed to attacking the far western states you know Okada has promised just to concentrate on removing a sub before they destroy America so we can probably safely on them that's what doctor David Roberts to sing egos of say on this point almost of what is a lan party with Qatar which is also implicitly against the Syrian government and fundamentally believes that the situation is Syria will only improve if Assad is removed because annul Carter supporting vassal state really knows what's good for Syria this is what color is hoping to bring the storefront out from the cold if the states and get the group to issue it's all cut affiliations another huge would probably moderate Islamist thought form cut our could officially consists commence with the western blessing supply of one of the most effective fighting forces in Syria so component doing the Okada is basically the main force fighting Syria un acknowledging that the US would bless all caught up if it just decides to you know take off it's all because shirt and put on a mortars shirt because that's all it takes really unfortunately the maternal strut refused they would rather keep they're all kind of label then get in US or cut 3 arms this article came out just before double DIN struck took over town so perhaps indeed they did begin to arm them a lot more and support them a lot more exposure the fact that they refused to remove their all because that label soldiers costs on to what the CEO farm road twitches probably the most extreme of all of the pro all cargo western media articles that came out around that time says a the the headline of this article is accepting Accardo this is from the council of foreign relations that advises the US state department and who Hillary Clinton herself said you know was the people she goes to to our create policy the council of foreign relations advise that the US must keep up card a float in order to contain arses so you go to support one terrorist group in order to continue others terrorist group which by the way you also created but unlike other articles this year for article doesn't even bother to try and save that Jabatan assertion whose dark cloud enable it just says that the American people and America should just accept all cried out as a necessary evil and just embrace it brace the the thing that they've been sending soldiers overseas to fight and die for Ford lost decade just just accepted I mean first it was East Asia knows Eurasia change the plugs and don't question it was a big committing a crime this isn't the first time achieve in the CFR wrote a pro all cargo let's befriend all Qaeda article because the in 2012 I believe wrote that the good and bad of all cargo why we should befriend all caught up however shown function how are shown being one of the other all cluttered groups in Syria you get a chance please check out the article and my analysis suspiciously down the bottom of the article you know one day the U. S. Skinner turn around the gun and see well no gelatin star fox the target that we need to go on strike in Syrian cities are gonna be undergoing a talk for many many years to come that's the goal unfortunately but the Syrian military isn't hope to fall apart or surrender this is a set back yes but it is a part of a strategy that is going to eventually take Buck the entirety of Syria and Iran a special or is always on the victory is going to be the end result of this war victory for the Syrian people and for this year and army so please hung in there with us and if you'd like to hear more about the madness that is going on in the world were all cut is actually being celebrated in befriended by the United States government please continue to subscribe to my toe thank you very much //
"2015-02-14 01:34:57"
The Insideous Message Behind SVU Intimidation Game #GamerGate #IntimidationGame
\\note however once a Syrian girl and this video is going to break down the law and order SVU episode intimidation game which whitewashed gamer gates and trust theaters the fact that as you go use hub enough pool to have it SP you absorb made should be yet another example of how far up description goes shows like SP you at home not security are useful tools bush the state department agenda and this is no different I had already warned the up soon was going to portray gamers this rapists and I said it was going to blow up in their faces that is pretty much exactly what happened so let's see what is the U. N.'s backers want us to believe this video contains our cousin long order professional victims unit I the theme is certain we are told that boys aren't guaranteed violent you know he's it's not a baby anymore is own person boy the last weekend we we have this playdates it's too adorable little girls and you know they they sat quietly and a little a party with their dolls and girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice you know within a half an hour I'm no I had broken the teapot ha and another one of their toys and then he fell off the the couch to split his lip and then proceeded to pull all of the books off the shelf that's like a boy boys run around the break things they hurt themselves it's in all their DNA no the cost of video games to make the viewer associate video games with violent manner as if to say women can never enjoy violent games will get hit well the episode women are presented as ignorant about video games and hopes up everything explained to them by a man okay I'm not can understand a word that anybody saying about this so often when you come with me to interview Sarah cops kill or be slaughtered first person shoot shoot them up game it's a game if I could use game a 2 of them they're just such horrible FAA al's nothing on a minute thing values in life toxins when you publish personal information phone numbers passwords on forms who plays the great games comment fulminate spew yeah I got every camper they are not new virtual reality virtual reality it's like you're actually inside I'm good an innovative new technology she's good as a woman she's presented as being about video games and gamers are presented as not children overgrown boy is like serious a basketball game in other words during when a physical bulls being thrown around is more socially acceptable than a virtual game the next thing that's presented is that gamers don't like women being in full digging out the no Sarah told me that the guys who did this don't like women in when their world of developers like god some guys are ready to give a girl that power yes you're right you seem to have no idea where the women have been game developers since the creation of games Roberta Williams since 1978 Carl shows since 1982 and Kim stripped the creator portal 1 of the most popular racing games of remain with the majority of gamers glow one these 13 years how these women never been it talked if gamers here we're in so much as these askew like his claim I think he's Rogers are so old and out of touch there was the person living in the stone age I'm being called the face of women in gaming in gaming but I expect all the training units coming through her game is to return why not me garbage she wore if you criticize a womans crop you gain the neurosurgeons woman is a lot haters out there think she slept her way to the business alright right she's engaged the venture capitalists even Catholic Tom okay so because her fiance had she has no even if it's wasn't concerns about nepotism and cronyism how did these people sleep at night this is exactly what gamergate is about and there was pushing it because they too are cronies job had bank the money man and I or get isn't supposed to be the equivalent of Zoe Quinn having a relationship with the game reviewer at that give her numb deem an award nobody cares who she's dating it only matters that there was a conflict of interest and it wasn't revealed to the public the whole Zoe Quinn thing is a red herring anyway the cronyism goes all the way to the top as seen by the strings that pulled off this episode well you know that your worker rooted in misogyny this has muscular side needs to governor why is he supposed to be on our side journalist hero Hey I'm here to discuss if the game isn't about feminism then was it called Amazonian warrior or social justice where they're trying to say that people are pissed off for no reason other than the fact that she's a woman he's got one ran a clean job out of the game just because she's a woman as he played hate games like green as he was now Amazonian wears as nonviolent and nonce you bed in other words women can only make games that are non violent does nothing to care for them to be angry about it you can choose how you play begin wage peace or war took this it was non violent or have a patriarch your major argue it patriarch hero matriarchy with no option where men and women are equal the garages are Lestrade I know I've read all contact do that it's that intensive 5 with the Brave New World expansion pack yes would mean that you could talk now we get to see Amazonian warrior which implies woman make games but creation rather than destruction is good all I alright the farm bill they say that history repeats itself right now you get it right know that women are in charge we can get it right because women aren't hurting on violent just look at Hillary Clinton yes we came we saw he died I the all alone of your own creation the goal to get it right this time how can we change the mistakes laser pointer wrote sounds so creepy and in cities not the associate gamers with violence and sexual assault by using amateur drunks tips it's almost like they're cheering it on NTIA a level that looking up in the game's equivalent to beating women yeah they were like you all on their own white but pale there were 6 what means like Chyna skinny as 80 percent of the crap you pass the kid the kid that's my son Anthony is away at college is like video games swallow your son plays video games then he's probably a violent rapists when you play you don't know what your sons are really up to in those basins even if he wrote these messages he wouldn't know for want great sorry none Nick think you know your son but is probably leveling up in your basement of the speak movies have been reading articles online where those articles but could talk who and it is this no US future adolescent boys play site or cowboys and Indians mothers be afraid your song may become a game you may play cowboys and Indians virtually in other words becoming violent rapists right I thought do you think that they're so following a gamer script Watson gay restrict Abed involves rape according to US me you rape is a moderate level 16 Akon Meyerson gaming or whatever it is you do that controller finally paid off the implication being that video games Newton good at shooting lotus training as a police officer ironically they going to say that it's gamers that don't know the difference between a video game in real life see I know the difference between video games for me those guys that level complete this game don't know what's real and what's a damn what don't shoot in a video game not act they alright meanwhile these SJW scouts of the dip the reality of the SP you absolute if it wasn't enough to portray gamers US woman hating rapists they also had to portray them as offices I realize now gaming is no place for females so ID I ... reason only is crazy is that though 60 George greens as a Syrian was countries being a talk by ISIS upon this both comical and in reaching showing the world that I'm intimidated by cyber terrorists he knows right do that a cyber terrorists win Swink she just uploaded through wrenching I well this is it gamers says associate dean all gamers with ISIS terrorists ... requests so that the pie lost their where I don't know wrong in I didn't notice them hug Billboard even the Syrian electronic army can do though nnova NYPD detectives were aware of or inside the park 0 at the time of the kidnapping the new new bar sink know that years have been sufficiently demonized you agreed that's shooting there would be no kidding violence is okay so long as the smoke virtual ones thank you rescue without important lesson that's it for me also you'll on the darkness //
"2015-01-23 17:36:35"
\\couldn't you are with us to achieve your curriculum stuff Kilwa is comical Quinn you agree he does she need courage though Dunsany 3 to Leon ginger saying no take a son does not show she marks what does she was Sundin pony what Pat day should be a couple goon ga some local Korea unrequited at the club picked acquittal she she's sticking our style is suitable Kakwa shooting arches Gingin knuckle what Dutch though she know Quinn you Chirac stay in months ... Grenache Sheila Kuehl Guggenheim's Toshiko but does your national critical what day subtle because that are taking much. London local Tony America say because Sheila Kuehl will grow on me hunt based purely Syria hunts a war no hunger on ya Islamic world she did she think they must Chris shortcut because on what the actual army this I couldn't even use them attacks yeah I think I this is pure rock money to get it you must yeah I gotta look damage that I don't watch much the good songs okay because on another was sitting on the stone date you much they knew I think though that 6 and the mascara a lot of you and I am sure this and and that is to look at IBM didn't matter had in that day you know I love you I love the most I wish a another brochure and some talk on the war bullshit that would decide but does anyone know me know son while she got me won't you you sure will not take additional and so it is in that email my CD anywhere in Chilmark it the land mass it but I see now consolidates the guy unless you bought CD anything data I eat them all unaccounted after that but ID mass and a CD on Amazon minds see that it cannot I guess you know I'm behind his what they could and that's it how did ya go only to ya again it wouldn't I look at it is that I it and its bookmark and I stick and I could the demo look understeer Skeena condena still because I go back this he does she ends up a lot that's not detail could talk green eyes and he looked familiar and consider it a little old and she got back in the days that how he got the was in one but I guess mask and get over that I don't know what Colosio no sense so we'll say show current Superbowl can queue they must on it a little known Meena son well who knows he can go don't know you need me to tell you must got Eric and you run on gas and no a humbucker skill box you can say okay quick Attica completeness it and once it took me about not gonna let you run this thing get a canal I've had I suggest it ammunition up you have that you don't like about you but I guess that might be a cool guy we're still gonna issue can recover it upon listen it you just you know you know I don't a although we click okay if you can you ought to take it echo you know because they had used it and what does that a 2 quick settlement you like singing and goes completely unnoticed cook who will cut it emotional to mistake here but I kind of thought that the equipment is the law incredible how you look at it and it only got snubbed at night are you in the morning okay exogamy disputed mall it I didn't notice it down if you know who that is not only restricts yeah look we're done I want neither of you know and a cool new ETX 90 do you see our current host era he'd yeah who won't be if you wish actor in la economically little concerned that you would need to equality it so well H. acoustic political gonna cheat yeah hi at a movie he must it is smoking if I even got it cut its dividend hike list that who are we to Oceania who won new cool cool she thought could go up okay no no she got in the stock mon den moment he she'll move she are going mean hiked a hush knocked off you call us on took quite a bit of both journalists I know who knows sue you out who come to beat dole might not notably the sword is now I'm going to come out who you pushed up to you to me Latin must get it on what do you wish you were not easy not they call us and to put a little I don't understand what lets me the cuddly duck you awaken this now I I I I agree with the okay maybe sound I have one question to ask you well anyways example is gonna have to deal with this problem so what do you think is the smartest away or a book Japan and international community well I think first of all distrusting count the pin because what will happen is that this money is going to go to isis or all karta and they're going to use it to kill people so while you might say these 2 men it will result in the death of many innocent Syrian people as a result so also it is against international law to actually pay for all caught up to release hostages however it's only and are the UK islands couple are have paid millions of dollars to do just that unnoticed rock which is another all kind of function in Syria to release hostages and what happens is they just keep taking more hostages I mean you've got as a way to get more and more money and I you know this is the first time that isis has actually requested money for hostages instead of just killing them and I think that's because you know department you know relatively is neutral and is almost as long ... why would you do this Japanese people to that as a whole country you know unless you want to annoy the Japanese government into some kind of action I think that the US government auctioning ones upon you to tune to make some kind of action or go to war which is the case the Japanese constitution and ... they would have done this to Japan during the Iraq war which wasn't a success and many Japanese people that not one of you will not so I don't think ... in one case I don't think it's a good idea to give money for other Robson because as you said these men especially the mom who went to fight alongside the rebels are responsible for their all of our lives and there's no reason why the Japanese people should pay and the Syrian people should pay for their stupidity on the journalist did have an opportunity to get a visa however he is an innocent person and my heart no goes out to his family no matter what his opinion was but I do suspect but the rebels that's cute came to Syria with are not trustworthy and they may have sold him to us is because they have done this to other journalists before him such as the ... American journalists are so close and well you were both sold to isis but if the city and there are other examples of the 2 Italian aid workers are another example of this so I think now that I've said what shouldn't happen what should have been I believe that the ward should be stopped the countries that are allowing this war to continue are the ones that want the Syrian government and the Syrian army to school and they're doing this by training the rebels giving money to the rebels Turkey is allowing fighters to cross the border in and out of Syria into Turkey and many of those fighters our arses a court order and Saudi Arabia are giving lots of money choose a botanist struggled hard to function and I think the only way to stop this a habitual war and to end these hostage taking crisis situations is to stop the war to pressure the government's this too up pressure the US government stop supporting them the rubble site in Syria which many times they defect to isis if not given their weapons and so hostages talks so it's like they pretend to be a games I've since bought me a lot of the time all their actions have resulted in the growth of lex's there was no such thing as isis in Syria until the U. S. interfered and started giving guns to the rebels so ... I don't know if the Japanese government to do anything about this because they are controlled basically by the US government since World War 2 and the US has many military bases so in Japan so I looked towards the Japanese people to put pressure on their government and also to recognize that no deposit by now 50 years more of Bob since World War 2 and they should be able to you know choose their own destiny and they shouldn't be drug into wars that really have nothing to do with them in a far away place both in the movies I and there was another was I munched on you I got to go that much though could you know because I don't know I did over them in stock and I any one //
"2015-01-13 10:01:58"
The Charlie Hebdo Attacks Exposed #CharlieHebdo
\\I wanted certain goal here no doubt you've heard tears that killed 11 people in parts including police officers and journalists working with Charlie Hebdo magazine and in their budget talks about hope and most of the husband is thrown at them this ties the talk was sent in response to Charlie had those depiction of the prophet Mohammed but just like other recent tears talks it has far more to do with the arts spring and what has been happening in Syria than it does it means it's your cartoon conveniently timed one day before the shooting there was a report that's frost sending its only navy aircraft carrier Charles DeGaulle to the Gulf to join anti ISIS operations it was so that's a long day is going to announce thinking //
"2014-12-17 13:49:33"
Sydney Siege - The truth About Who Is Responsible
\\hi everyone I want to comment about the Sydney siege as an Australian of Syrian descent on Monday also for not watching the tragic events unfold as insignia terrorists how the pachuco Faye filled with innocent people this sleeveless not wasn't the first however for the last 4 years I've been watching Syria my country of origin go through the same thing when the daily basis I was shocked when it started happening in a peaceful country like Syria just as I was shocked as I watched that happen in Australia innocent people who just wanted a Cup of hot chocolate on their way to work I know dead or injured it brings up the question of what is sponsor bull and how can we prevent it from happening again I was trying to touch on every where the responsibility lies but stay tuned because in the end when I argue that the people who are largely responsible for the ones you would least spect well the media blame Congress give the government himself he was clearly a mentally deranged individual the thought that what if his demands was an ISIS Flug because he seemingly forgot his at home shows that he was just a lunatic and that this wasn't a sophisticated operation another tip that he's a crock pot is he passed a new station an embassy and chose to hold up a chocolate coffee also he was charged with this series of criminal offenses ranging from plotting the murder of his wife sexually assaulting 6 women to put it out in the paper claiming that he was a spiritual healer who was an expert in numerology astrology and black magic the frequency change or it just sucks when he first came to show her he claimed he was seeking asylum from the Iranian bureaucratic government because he was too liberal then he sort of calling himself a shot XIV then it became as soon and then he went full ISIS does look good from it hissed to Catholic to persons to cause worshipper clearly he was someone who wanted attention more than anything so can this count as a terrorist up with a political message if he was just some lone psycho well if you must say that those were attracted to us is in the first place probably have some form of mental illness but some of the responsibility also lies elsewhere I say this as a Muslim but the Muslim community needs to do a better job of weaving off the psychos it might make Muslims indignant for me to subside this but the fact is you are not immune to the prevailing ignorance about what's happening in the world some of you are the worst offenders of the ignorance and you're drenched in your own bias and in the end you will lose out the most as a result of it I know some of you are not even interested in politics and are just busy going about their daily lives thoughts I know many of you are because I know them personally but simply ignoring what's going on around you want protects you from the consequences of other people's decisions and that doesn't just go for Muslims spoke for everybody when his battalion has anything in Sydney either getting an audience it's everyone's problem but mainly it's going to be the most in communities problem I know there are people is today wouldn't even leave their homes because they were afraid of about close close by the psychos auctions and to the individuals who are actually sympathetic to isis stop acting like the victims you're not immune to being imperious oppressors isis is main goal is to go overseas and kill people in order to steal their land and the most disgusting thing a hole in there after his though they're being oppressed while they're doing it so get off your high horse you mergers than usual poems and if you're some bogan who is thinking about a talking run the Muslims going about their day to day lives think a gun I know a headscarf do acumen does her justice today the petrol station what's her ignorance her also colonel to fund them is that Iraq has faced far more terrorism than Australia Iraq has suffered a constant barrage of car bombings that killed hundreds of people since the start of the Iraq war 10 years ago and that doesn't even include the U. S. bombings only last month my friend called me upset that her friend had died in a car bomb in Iraq so why would you blame the people who are bigger victims of terrorism than you are your ignorance is part of the problem and you're only going to provide the crazies with the propaganda they need to recruit smoke crazies so glad to see you got educate yourself before you Mister Richard reach you must think of blaming the courts who allowed gunman autumn bill you may blame the psychologists we didn't put him in an institution you may blame those who gave him asylum in Australia in the first place even though his original country you run warmest Julia Bolton Australia given asylum because he called himself illiberal running away from the Iranian theocracy the irony the sterling government which is anti Iranian found his rhetoric useful in fact he was interviewed by A. B. C. as an Iranian dissident so politics clouded our site there and a lot of the street just decides he's lived here but I told you that the majority of the blame goes to those who you would least but I think we can agree that what happened was unprecedented in Australian history and this is a reflection of the fact that the world has had a heightened risk of terrorism no more than ever before especially over the last 3 years but Muslims have been living in Australia for generations so what's changed I keep telling us about the rise of ISIS and the increased risk of terror that's come with it but as the media ever told you how ISIS came about if you're a cool 4 years ago was the start of the arts stream this German media told us but it was a wave of democratic uprisings taking the Middle East by storm in reality the uprisings were led by religious extremists I guess the only remaining secular governments with the Middle East and the United States supported them one of the first countries to go through in our spring is in Egypt Obama close on the Egyptian dictator Mubarak to step down but would you please him was the Muslim Brotherhood political party dead by Morsi over to Libya the next country word uprising took place the US stepped in with airstrikes to support the so called democratic rebels in overthrowing and inching Gaddafi and as soon as they did well I know kind of flood was flown over Libyan courthouse and says that they are kinda has been all over you then to Syria where the US supported beginning the Muslim Brotherhood I said this on the inside program in 2012 I also warned journalists at inside that this would lead to repercussions for Australia I said that I was afraid Syria will become another of Gunnison and what has happened since isis and Okada are wreaking havoc not just in Syria but all over the world the US and its allies are directly responsible the rubble of the US armed and trained took their arms and training and destructive Tokaido losses they even open he told the independent that they're fighting alongside all cargo to buttons from and just yesterday I'll call terrorists was pictured here with a towel weapon the U. S. gave the Syrian rebels and he was using it against the Syrian army see what's in the summer through yesterday Syria has been suffering form for 3 years one man in Sydney was able to stop the empire Sydney CBD Syria there a case 40000 like him what's happened in Sydney happens every single day in Syria and the terrorists are just taking cafes hostage they're taking empire cities hostage in Australia we are lucky to have professionally trained and well funded police force but if you can imagine how much this one incident cost the state of New South Wales a project.and it's you know it's a weekly occurrence it would crippled economy Australia is worried about the threat of tears coming in from overseas Syria is worried about the terrorists coming in from Australia but no there's at least 150 Australians fighting for ISIS in Syria some were captured by the stern army are and are in jail but I think Sidney Siller hotbed of radicalization and in the gun to fester at the start of the Arab spring are you finding it hard to believe that the US government supported the rise of terrorism well has without fear is an extremist movement in Sydney channel 7 film them letting their kids sing we want to be had Syria's president Assad along with a lot of other extremist rhetoric in 2009 Obama had one of his representatives meet with a neither of his without you along with members of the Muslim Brotherhood democratically US foreign policy of backing extremists to get rid of governments that are like goes back to the eighties in Gunnison same American politicians who were involved in backing terrorists in the Middle East as recently as today were interviewed on Australian TV yesterday to first there is sympathy over they Sydney siege they also interviewed Netanyahu the Israeli president a couple of weeks ago the UN wrote the report when guns and you know who has been aiding al Qaeda in the Golan Heights it's like killing someone been crying at their funeral and it's disgusting you must be confused right now because you were told that US is fighting assistant air striking them but even while they superficially bomb buses their NATO allies Turkey are allowing us to cross the border into Syria as they have known for years and their Gulf Arab allies Cutler in Saudi Arabia our funding millions of dollars into isis and double to muster a K. Okada so how do you explain this the US has only been bombing ISIS for 3 months if face saving measure but the Syrian army has been fighting us is on the ground and in the year for years but instead of support to Syria US has sanctions on Syria crippling their ability to fight all cloud well Syria bones arses the EU has placed a ban on selling Syria jet fuel I was watching the ABC and right up to the story about the Sydney seeds they run a story about the up kinda rebels attacking the Syrian army addicting overtone in Islam but the ABC failed to make the connection between 2 events and I felt like I was taking crazy pills so what is the connection to Sydney the gunman man her own was making tweets about Syria in particular against the Syrian president Assad so that also supporters were worse than on things he and Obama shogun Colin the media has filled his mind with ideas about Syria the cause him to sympathize with the fight against the government there it was made to believe that the us is is an all powerful unbeatable force she was sure that Assad Eurybia have been funding uncut those TV channel of 0 did the rest isis was born in 2006 in the fertile soil of the Iraq war Douglas Julia was drug into there was no Cardenio rug before the war began the violence that people were exposed to their pushed many into instability an ex marine ship docked in Pennsylvania yesterday and went on a shooting spree and although it's just a day said that we are a peaceful country but Australia is getting drugs into the Iraq war again because to our American allies who are there with them or else this is why our government hasn't been speaking out about the U. S. to pitch this policy of backing terrorism to overthrow governments the house because a car then ISIS to grow exponentially and has put us all in danger we see the Chris politicians don't care if they're pulls his because terrorism back home because they don't really care about their own people under the American people are victims of this also the police might care individuals much care but at the end of the day most purposes only care about one thing there seat of power and so this surely people are kept in the dark I wonder about the victims of the Sydney siege Tory Johnson and Katrina Dawson got nothing to do with this they didn't even know anything about it I wonder if the same pulled the shins that inadvertently caused their death are going to use their death to advertise themselves to promote the spread of moral warn chaos where is the justice in the anon are the wiser how can we keep letting them get away with it it's up to us keep a close eye on what's happening in the world because at the end of the day the responsibility we spoke about the start flies with dogs //
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Black Lives or Police State? Truth about Eric Garner and Michael Brown
\\I towards certain groups are intimate Jakarta jumps if Nick wars but the recent spate of police violence and subsequent protests in Ferguson and across the US this was before the court decision on the murder of Eric garner recently came from and resulted in mass protests across New York and particular Berkeley ostrich chokehold police forced Eric garner diets he told them that you can pretty all it's just a moment the and to it looks really but according to the court decision no one was guilty of a crime Ikari at the time of this interview had just come back from Ferguson but I want to ask a question is this about blocking one or is it just book youth violence and immunity to prosecution or even perhaps something more so he's over the sin and that's find out I Jakarta thank you so much for coming on to answer questions thank you may mean happy to be here well first of all can you just give us a bit of an overview about what's been going on right will back in August 18 I mean people try to turn this into a racial data which you know many other people Ferguson believe it was racially motivated to some extent but we see ... episodes of police actions happening to people of all races of all colors genders not done stories about white college girls getting arrested for Jay walking you know Kelly Thomas a white man in California got beat data in there's no kind it and it's a bus but going back to Michael brown I he was stopped in the street by officer Darren Wilson after Mike had previously left a liquor store having performed a strong armed robbery now that wasn't why he was stopped by deer also Wilson claims a Mike threw the first punch and then through a series of punches at officer Wilson and also Wilson was in fear for his life he said they can also Wilson gets out of his patrol unit he decides to pursue Michael brown even though you know by his own admission he wasn't fear pours life he called back up even now it was my colleague is his name the prosecutor out there in Missouri on this particular case you said Mike Braun Brande much farther than what officer Wilson claimed he ran which but a lot of ... question into after Wilson's testimony so since then there's been a lot of rallies protests even some rights including and I think a lot of talk about the looters yes that's that did happen built businesses were looted businesses were burned down others last time we were there just a couple days ago they were shooting at are part of some people you know I know the rights not to submit a lot of media attention but you know you also have to think about the people out there peacefully demonstrating although not burning down businesses are you know doing all these other crazy things they use their first amendment right to peaceably assemble and a lot of the stuff doesn't make it onto the mainstream television sets and that's what a lot of people in Ferguson are upset about and not only that they're upset about the continual live from Bergeson police department was let's say the police that are patrolling in Ferguson area not necessarily the person please but and that's one of the things because the police officers continue to lie about using things like tear gas and rubber bullets and this last time around when we went back just a couple days ago they were much better behaved and what's the word August referring to the police officers but they still continue to put out the lies that they're not doing things like shooting not tear gas and rubber bullets so that's kind of you know the the down and dirty version of it ... there's a lot of the rocket forwards in outside people going into plugs in Missouri with the intentions of just tearing up the city but by and large the majority of the people I met are nice decent people but scores of people normally don't make it out to tell us what's one of your videos from Ferguson in your post but none who called you a traitor a sell out all sorts of things simply because you're against those burning down buildings and shops your position is that it's not about black and white but about these buttons but is it difficult at all coming from an African American but prone to take that position because you my face men like clockwork whom you traitor have you felt anything like this I am really thinking that because the majority of the people I met and not just be by men for example 0 but people I've talked to about the issue and in general people are you know who may recognize me at the airport or whatever and they're just aware of the situation that's going on there they don't like the fact of the city's being burned down where they're from Saint Louis are not so you know opinions of that guy like the guy you said who I was tryna basically get me attacks and failed in his you know pathetic attempt to do so of those guys are you know few and far between are there people in this city who want one pretty doubtful ex wives the reason of course there are but you know most people I meet especially people in parks in Mike said people who don't normally make the news they just want the baby over they don't want any more I lu dean are burning down the buildings are any violence is one of the over in trying to heal the best way that they know how so you know it's not even so that it really concerns me as far as Gilbert backs instead of that guy out there that night okay that's good to hear also I heard about another case where 12 year old boy was shot from behind you for having a BB gun and I watched the video I think that the case is a lot more clear cut that the police were in Rome and it's far less polarizing than the Michael brown case so my question is why did this time Iraq's case let's look more clear cooks get a lot less media attention yeah a lot of people have been asking about that in not just that particular insist but just Wierd Michael brown cases gotten so much I'm momentum behind it you know because we have you know even from the early days there's a lot of you know he said she said involve the Michael brown case but we have other instances some of them that I mentioned earlier about the case that you just mention many other ones as well I believe there somebody a young man who got some California with a BB gun is either this year or last year things that are much more cut and dry but they don't get as much you know ... backing or media attention I'm not exactly sure why that is why people decide to gravitate towards the case of Michael brown but maybe just a timing issue I'm not exactly sure what so much prompting that but to talk about the shooting shootings of children now all Paul Joseph Watson who works over there at info wars with me he's done reports about no hesitation targets no hesitation targets and what this is is these are series of targets you know paper targets that you go to a gun range and shoot and traditionally you would see a paper targeting would be no the bad guy with the bandanna holding a gun or nice you know he sold some some victim in this course you shoot the bad guy but now in these are no hesitation targets they have targets of little children they have targets of pregnant women of you know of look young mothers with holding their child's hand you know things area I nontraditional rats you know if they're putting on this thing so I it's my concern that their training these officers to go out there and just potentially everybody is our enemy everybody is a threat to you even some solid with them of BB gun and in the case so some of these instances where people get shot with BB guns or with Kelly guns sometimes they do look you know realistic at a glance they may not have a orange tip or they just look very out very similar to a real functioning firearm but you know it comes to the case you know was the firearm aimed at you whether it was real or not and if not or especially in the case of it's a child you know is there some other alternative measures that you could use you know as horrible as it is you know to be pepper sprayed or shot with a rubber bullet that's much preferential than being shot by a rebel bullet any especially when you come to a child is there some other way they could be dealt with that not issue exile day so I think a lot of it just goes back to the training or lack thereof of these officers it is not you know a police bashing thing there are plenty of decent cops out there but it's just the training that these guys are being given that you know pretty much everybody out there is your enemy so just deal with every by with extreme prejudice I don't think it's helpful and especially in our modern climate here in the states I think so its students just watching a video it struck me as a an act of pure cowardice could have shot the boy and the need to help to ... but or even had least maybe give him more than one morning ... but yeah I mean it this time but things happen all the time here in the states you know arm people do reports about how you more likely to be killed by police officer here in the states and you are terrorists you know so it happens all the time in yes please do deal with rats you know real legitimate threats but I I'm just so concerned that they're just so trained that you know once you walk out there you have to be skeptical and you know it pretty much anybody kill you at any time is what these guys are being taught in yes their lives are in danger but I think it leads them to put other people in danger you know there's a shooting outside the Empire State Building a couple years ago I think it was in the officers was so panicked trying to hit their target they saw 9 other people who had nothing to do with the incident you know and then they they say that you know that god is the bag I will that guidance suit 9 other people the cops did as far as I know no longer any real hot water for that in the sub things happen all the time you know is nothing new but that's the issue you know they become so routine that people just like always not been to see here move along but you know something has to be done about this I really think it comes down to the we trained all these officers to federalize training and the equipment that they get from mom the Pentagon and so forth yeah a Ferguson Missouri is a perfect example like I said the cops were much better behaved this last time we were there in November but back in August they came out there with the heavy armor the military vehicles aiming guns at people in the crowd and you know got all this ... we know what race you are what neighborhood you live and you know if you saw my aim to go on it's you it's gonna piss people off so they had officers you know instigating animosity in the crowd and of course they come out and live out the stucco we did see it and I mean we have it on video on in all we right there wouldn't happen wait when they were doing all the stuff we're talking about the equipment in the train these guys get their given all this equipment and then when they actually use it I come out so yeah we gave all the stuff we don't think they're actually use it you know it's just the idiocy you know of these of these people are not of course they thought they were going to use this stuff they just don't want to be pin that have the blame pin on them you know the guys at the DOD at the Pentagon or or the governors of whoever better provided this equipment I guess all I wanna talk a bit about the the racial aspect of it as well because yes there is a lot of of police violence as yours you're explaining to us and it is against you know people of all colors but would you say that there is element of targeting or racial vilification or targeting of a specific race for example African Americans is there anything like that I would say yes are but the issue is you have officers who may have prejudiced against people for whatever reason you know whether it's I'll race you roll on where they live in a certain neighborhood religious thanks so they're all types of manner of discrimination in those things aren't you need towards law enforcement are there a large amount of cloud blacks in prison blacks being you know victimized you know for low expensive yeah yes there are but you know the thing I always try stressed of people in their own us trumpet earlier and you you doesn't understand me but for the people who don't you know these type of things affect everybody all across the board here in the states so while it does you know happened you know in certain minority neighborhoods more often than not we have our driving route driving while black driving while Hispanic you know people of those races being irascible over by cops because you know it you're driving a nice car you gotta be Hispanics you get pulled over you know as a reason you know are you doing some type of illegal activity OCI type things happen all the time but you know it is much less things do happen they happen to everybody so I don't so much will make it a racial thing but dance this short answer to your question would be yes that stuff does happen to minorities quite a bit I wouldn't article that said in Toyota some of the put this organizers actually Aust white people to say the Bach and not take the mark Fuhrman took in some cases not to come as old you know I've had similar experiences with some trophies organizers who organize one 's rights rallies that don men ... funded the perplexing because even if the police were targeting a specific race wouldn't you want people of all races to stand against it so do you have a sense of this option owned out there that want to divide people along racial lines I watched the vision I say most definitely no racism isn't restricted towards white people their races blacks they're racist no Asians whatever race out there so it's not you know everybody was I think here at least here in the states the symbol of racism you know is the KKK guys walk around in the white hoods in the White Rose but you know you have races of people of all races you know so about and speaking to these rallies and other things that happen there is that there is Arkansas so they can be a sense of division you know when I was in Fergus and the white people I saw were just as welcome as the black people also I saw out there of course they may need more black people being a predominately black neighborhood but you know I was out there I saw white marine there was a white aster out there are many white pastors out there members of the clergy and so forth so you know there were white people day here down there were some instances that I know of like a white guy went to a black church for some type of meeting and he got beat up in victimized out some people were some journalists were targeted I'm not exactly sure they were targeted because race maybe this just because they're members of the media but when myself and your big toe out there the past time this guy ran up to its use drones have cameras on all this stuff is it a sin god just try to jump me cog in the car with you guys give me about in the car go someplace else said yeah we said tells what have you seen it used this to guys came out really try to take my camera but I managed to escape so you know there are people being targeted arc are people being racially targeted I'm sure there are but you know by and large the white people I solved in Ferguson you know I didn't fill out any dread for their safety out because like the boss all local mayor cold mingling with everybody else and they seem to be happy as far as I could tell it's just arm from my experience with these so social justice warriors and trust use up never them actually say black people cut the races I've heard that option to say women cut mi succes anyway Dutton itself is sexist and racist because they're saying that black people or women are perpetual victims and they can never be a victimizer in in a sense they're saying that they're too weak to ever victimize anybody another itself is offensive they don't really see it up but I I you know Iraq not a little odd I'm not just with you know ... things such as Michael brown shooting but I go to many different top rallies up it's a gun rallies abortion rallies immigration rallies with whatever you name it and I count of these titles well my says that you're saying that you know this group can't be back be discriminated against what they can do what that discriminate discrimination out towards anybody else is like their own noon to whatever they're being victimized look and I don't believe that now I'm not saying all these groups are either being discriminating but they just feel that anything they do was in the right because they feel victimized by some other group well it's no I do mostly with international stuff and okay very was going on in the US to what's happened overseas and Clinton actually says AMISOM her words exactly nobody wants all industries 2:00 a war zone nobody wants to see our streets look like a war zone not in America seems quite how do you see the streets of Syria and Libya and the clerk war zone in what's your opinion on what Clinton said as sort of also what Obama's been saying as well ... because he's sort of trying to play it as if he's still on the block people side and but what was on his advisors side that's the side that he's on it as far as you know though they don't want our street so look like a war zone I mean as I said earlier the DOD the Pentagon is the people given all these shares in doubt police departments all these of military vehicles they even have a some these vehicles at our college campuses and school districts now you know so it's not so being that I think is going to go away anytime soon and as far as you know keeping our streets clean from that type of stuff as you know their army now ... rebels in the Middle East there army people with operation fast and furious Iran contra you know you're army people all of the world to go out and conduct these you know whatever operations but then they say they don't want this stuff to get final back to your home even though they're promoting it here at home by giving all the small talk small town sheriff and all these people this equipment so you know it's just it's just more smoke and mirrors is just politics that's all it is you know because these guys know there be war drums whether it's McCain or a bomber or whoever else it doesn't matter they're Republican or Democrat you know I don't fault that left right paradigm those the 2 parties that people can recognize here in the states you know ultimately a lot of these people they want to beat the war drums they understand the military docile complex the understand are keeping all the subcontractors happy and also we need in our more presence on as far as police and military so they continue to fund the opposition so we have some I to go out there and fight against the other army these drug cartels meanwhile you know they take the guns away from the border patrol it was completely ridiculous the way these people are operating but you know it's it's just politics that's all there is in that case you have a sense of what the US government want also this is just more control I would say home at a simplistic sense yes there are simple answer yes because I think they want a reason to have you know to make it normal to see the stock a tactic use on American street as much as they say they don't want it back you come home to their giving these guys the equipment they're giving these guys the train to go out and do these things and while the police by and large were much better behaved this past time we still have this equipment to go out there and you don't do these type of operations so and as far as the handling of the grand jury decision with officer Wilson I'll tell everybody you know house been working or leased out work the 10 days when we were out there you know every day about 8:09 is when the majority of the people gather outside the Ferguson police station you know to have a rallies in their protest most of time a peaceful there people who go out there and get arrested on purpose which is fine you know if you think that ... help your cause to get arrested on purpose is launching army buddy I don't have any issues that but they waited for the optimum number people to be outside in the streets to release the Darren Wilson part you know so they wait till 8:00 to release the Burdick when they know the protests don't get outside the Ferguson police station in mass till about 8:00 so to me I thought was very strategically placed as far as they're announcing number they can announced earlier in the day I believe then announced that they have the decision around noon that day but they chose to wait till everybody got off work so everybody got out school until everybody was outside a police station then they announced it and then have pretty much the officers by large hung back and let the people run while so my short answer well I guess that's long hair too now yes I do believe they do these things just basically to get more control it to justify these budgets it to justify this type of weaponry and tactics on American streets what do you think they would prefer not cool to announce it I guess it's easier to do when I was a violent minority then address the actual problem of police violence I wanted to ask you 2 questions actually the first being are people demoralized by Obama a lot of black people voted for him believing they actually cared about blood products what is people's opinion of a bomber now are the people in focus and still have any hope in his change or people actually realizing that wait a minute these guys just like the rest of them whoa I don't hear too many people talk about Obama this time around like it so much our speaks of that but I think slowly but surely when we see people are very high profile people where it whether it be ... or sesi model could be by high profile people people just got famous you know for saying something about Obama Weatherby Obama phone lady or the lady back in I guess was 2008 Hussein auto care Obama now he's gonna take care of me these people are starting to realize that all this hoopla that Obama said he was going to do it in a really do you know so you're maybe they got a free phone or something but that's about it and you know it's to the point where Obama so laid his presidency now but he can't keep blaming everything on the opposing party you know for the first you know 23 years or even his entire for first years you say the Republicans did this Republicans did that Republicans messed everything up but now he's known his lame duck presidency ready to ride it out for full 8 years and a lot of people aren't happy with the way he's been handling these things as far as ... I know a lot of people and not the city of Chicago they were very critical about Obama's immigration policy you know because armed is bring in outside people and to give them aid even though we know American policies are a lot of words driving people here you know like people coming from central and South America because of American policy down there with of various things that have a produce violence that drive people further north and you know they always try to tell people is you know is not and I will have to be against those people central and South America but just you know across the board ... immigration reform isn't stopping those conflicts in the central south American countries it is similar things we saw a large influx of people coming from Syria or other victimized countries where US policies Art Blakey I notes having all these people come and become citizens isn't stopping those policies that are going on in those regions so I think people are starting to realize this you know it's becoming are what have you done for me lately you know Obama he's a cool guy he's a very charismatic guy but as far as the hope in chains are key people are still open for the change and he said he was going to bring because nobody large things that would change you know 90 are railed against the policies of the bush administration he said you know like what Tom obey Guantanamo bay still open is anything like always for conflicts out he's adding more or conflicts in the list goes on and on and off recent fast and furious all types other things as well so the people get paid attention I would hope that they're not still fooled by by his rhetoric but the thing about you know here in the states on how it is in Australia where you are but people are so distracted you know by just all the glitz and glamour entertainment I'm not saying those things are bad but you know of people spend so much time on things that are touting ... little coal or you know spiritual arena whatever else that has actual relevance there so stuck in the entertainment world if they don't see you know that things are going on in the real world it's going to like that here as well more Sir was sporting heroes that yeah I mean they don't know what's going on politics and I'm not saying I know everything about everything I'm not claiming that one bit but you know I'm at least aware enough to see that things are going on around me and not just to blame that on the party that I don't like you know because that's something you know if you're a Democrat all your problems based on Republican if you're Republican all your problems are based on the Democrats even though it's a much larger political spectrum potentially but people just stay in that are left right paradigm so I hope I answered your question with that but basically more people are waking up to Obama hasn't really done anything ... of lasting relevance except for weasel recent immigration bill which you know a lot about Hispanic voters were happy about our own ... us was my final question thank you so much for staying as long I'm sorry norm to hell on earth is pretty great I've enjoyed it all and I think I am I know I'm taking away your holiday but I'm finally what would you like to see happen is there anything you want is like is there a positive outcome you'd like to see from these protests or do you have in your opinion on on the more I know you you're a journalist so maybe you well I mean I was so worried so what you are talking my opinions on it I'm as far as peaceful protests I respect peaceful protest in I'll ask always stressed the word peace for you know if you wanna marched down the street or you know how better hangings or something along those lines prayer vigils lighting candles all that's well and good I don't support the rides in the looting you know I'm not mad people America people Ferguson know is perfectly okay to get mad at the police and then go rob a cellphone store I'm like what is robbing the cellphone store going to do to the police department at all I agree we have an epidemic of police violence in this country I agree that the police need to be massively retrained I agree that out and they have to be one size fits all tactics a case in point earlier this year in Houston Texas ... 14 year old girl was thrown to the ground had a need argues you jabbing her face or janitor knack for the heinous crime of using a cell phone in the school you know it's me that seems like a tactic you would use a 64 guy who's waving a knife around but these the same tactic or you know I'm 98 pound schoolgirl is those type of things that need to be overhauled need be I'll look at so I mean I would like to see ... reform in the in the way out police in those done I'd like said I respect peaceful demonstration Donald wanna see any violence I you know because it's just me idiocy 2 well burned down a community sure firefighters who were trying to save burning buildings and then called police the agitators you know police down you know how many bad things but like I said earlier there are plenty of decent cops out there bite out of you know to it's like this violence on a community have been saved top so the only problem I think is just out I said we would say in the south west coast ass backwards so you have that has not best thing I like to see no just general overhaul in your continued peaceful demonstrations and likes about no issue with the people who operate in a very out peaceful manner well I guess in more and more so that all of us not only because I had no good here is our home a lot of people I meet who are calling for violent revolution are really the ones who are out front doing it and not speaking specifically to look Bergesen situation like slob it's all type rallies for this against that whatever it is usually 99 resume the people call for violets are rarely the ones doing it it's like Hey let's go burn down the police station and then they get a proud people go yeah than they had ever by also Molotov cocktail in there but they will you know one who brought us out here don't you wanna burn down the police station I know no you go ahead and burn down the police station or if they do start the pilots it's some guy who throws a break or a bottle from the back of the crown over you know 0 people says it hits the police so the police opened fire the guy who actually committed the assault is probably don't get away not be struck by the bullets are the tear gas or you know whatever comes next it is that type of caracal reduced that I like to see but you know armed and it's to the point in this country where a lot of people saying that ultimately the marches the demonstrations are getting the results that they want now I understand that and I respect that but when you go out and you start physically attacking not just police were like you know and what happened Ferguson the firefighters all it's going to do is ratcheted up the police state all you gotta do is get more MRAPs more heavy armor more tear gas more rubber bullets to go out there and be used against your community and then the the first time we went out to Ferguson it was you know a complete police over reaction but when you have a people now student at the police and for our sanity and other things like that that gives them the justification will we need all this heavy armor we need all the stains because people are are firing at us and indeed their lives were in danger so I still want to see any more of a reason to go out and have armed the police officers even more odd harshly trained or prejudiced or out of funded to go out and pretty much play war games on the streets defeats the main purpose doesn't yes and it has a lot of division I mean I mean on anything whether it's so you know racial whatever there's plenty of business out there but if people could just unify and you see it not even deciding that the police are our enemy inherently it's just me all the way they're being taught in the way they keep getting away with things even to the point where they just continually lie about things that are going on for exam like I mentioned earlier the use of tear gas and so forth does stop practices of AB got to go but you know you know violent revolution by people who are actually out there too car going to go out there to get the bots themselves not going to do anything not that you know I big borrowers with I don't think bars would really help anything anyway so it has just come up on about I mean a lot of that speech well thanks so much is there anything else that I haven't lost you were I didn't knew to ask you that you'd like to say whats equal and up Remus said my piece on all the ... the Ferguson things and now just like said the the epidemic of police actions which aren't necessarily violence in this country that can be things such as that acid or procedure you know you get pulled over less so you get 10 grand in your car for X. Y. Z. reason you get pulled over the cop says I think you're going to commit a drug deal someone's take all your money and you're not gonna get it back you have instances like that going on here in the states so not everything that I'm people being victimized from is so physical violence or other things that are on the rise as well the latter the loss of privacy out police pulling you ... oriole out checking your cellphone all those type of things well it happened here in Texas that 2 times that I know of just recently in the past year or so young ladies were driving down the highway they got pulled over and had a roadside cavity search with the officers used the same glove on both girls you know just wild stuff like that that needs to be stopped and it like that I would say the police aren't inherently our enemies but we need to have a better program in Iraq outreach programs better training for them as far as dealing with the public but also you know the people out there it's ready to kill the police you know running away rape their wives and so forth aren't really helping the situation there's a sense of injustice when the courts seem to always be taking one side especially when the other side is dead and toxic for themselves it's just hard for them to believe ... that what the police is telling them isn't true and I'm not saying that's the case in every case but like I said I mean old line about the tear gas in Ferguson you know they get caught lying about this is that you know various times I mean all around the country not just there they shot a homeless man in Albuquerque New Mexico I believe it was this year and you know right before the shooting one the officers were recorded you know brag about how he's going to shoot the guy the penis you know just all kinds of wild stuff that's going on and I said so often these things happen in little to nothing happens to the officers after work you know it's a slap on the wrist the notes are you okay suspension while they investigate and usually the officers back on the back on the beat so if we can to stop those practices and I think away you know I don't know who some summer starts on remedies but I think go away to relieve shake up these police departments when these incidents do happen when they find out that the officer was wrong in a court of law and maybe some type of judgment has to be paid out often times here in the states those judgments are paid out by the city or by the county they don't come directly out of the police departments are sheriff's department and I think if we had a instances with you know a cricket officer who was doing something they don't need to be doing and the judgment came out that if they took the money out the police department or the sheriff's department how the federal agency or whatever else that would you know make I straighten up and fly right after that happens to it 3 times is now they don't have money to replace that officer they don't how money for the new slot cars of the equipment or whatever else well well thank you so much Ikari for coming on in explaining everything that's going on you know someone was in there on the ground and under some something yes I've seen a few civil wars un puts a school room who my time so that none of the the connection owns a gun no thank you for bringing your expertise to my tongue okay thank you may raise rates to restrain my expertise arrogance just you know just things about which you know I've I've done many stories about police action whether they be brutality or other actions such as the asset forfeiture seizures and so forth so I'm but something not paid attention to and ... just things I like to see reform before things get any worse in this country of ours I hope so too well thinks look enjoy holiday I think you maybe you //
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Israel Attacks on Syria Did Not Destroy S300's or 'Hezbollah Shipment'
\\however one Syrian girl here Israel has once again attacked Syria because an unprovoked to talk without any UN resolution approval Israel is a rogue state but hasn't suffered a single word of reprimand from the UN to sauce was struck grown the mosques airport and muss and area north west is most because this was a day off to the Syrian army defeated isis in their attempts to take their resort airport was it a big Syrian victory against ISIS the entire life is you have to talk it's become clear Israel is using us is to coordinate the talks again soon airports with the aim of taking off Serbian air defenses but UN peacekeepers stationed in the Golan Heights demilitarized zone of come out of the report detaining Israel support for Ohio peacekeepers said they saw Israeli troops giving supplies terrorists as well as along the Mississippi River there were parts was armed groups in the report but just about the only groups fighting could I throw our jobs in the straw all kinda entices but all of the groups including will prove once called via per se have kidnapped UN peacekeepers to get funding from Quito indeed series their differences have been deteriorates vile cargo existing air defense systems were caught off guard by the southerners talk but 2 of the air missiles were fired at the king's unfortunately they failed to hit their target shown in this video however there is an image from the day the sun just but something was shut down perhaps a drone the small scale attacks are difficult to defend the gates Sirica not deploys full air defense capabilities for one plane as it would expose radar systems to talk by knowing the richer office Sir is full air defense capabilities can only be deployed in a full scale war this why Syria has been asking Russia to complete the contract for the US 300 MP you to type which have a much longer range and remove fox weeks prior to the time of the Syrian foreign minister one of them said Russia had agreed to send us through hundreds anti air weapons which must also have had a lot to do with its top but reports that Israel was targeting this 300 weapons in the order in Syria or it has below weapons shipments are ridiculous and fools and all of the mainstream media are repeating the laws what with Syria keep it has below weapons should be at the airport for training pilots and the serial Honda's through hundreds what would she used them to shoot down the planes that were trying to destroy them look at this from the editor of Haaretz who clean the target was stockpiles miss through hundreds stockpiles as if Syria is just connecting us through hundreds and then putting them on the shelf to collect dust this type of hydro claiming they are hitting is 200 or has below shipments are just Israel's way of explaining its robot talks as a defensive move it is far more likely Israel is just testing whether or not but show it actually gives Syria this through hundreds yes there is no otherwise there would have been activated Hobbes Israel is also very important they must have been on how to be the day prior to the time the Russian foreign minister both know met with was below Fishel's number them Russia condemned Israeli to talk at the UN also for an explanation but it's not enough Russia needs to never goes astray hundreds to prevent future attacks against Syria not just by Israel but by the US meanwhile Syrian rebels forfeitures say they were forced to side with isis and Israel against us up but that aside is still secretly working with us in his room the cognitive dissonance our hearts but those Syrians siding with Israel deserve to hung for treason I'm almost certain our Pete type to retaliate against Israel was 3 years ago //
"2014-11-22 02:25:27"
Syrian Girl Talks #ISIS with Australian MSM
\\hi everyone Syrian girl owes interfered but is chilling means she media programs to do 10 is a lot harder to show and I feel that there were 13 I also really like into the queen's room my past experience with the mainstream media hasn't been as good a hug like Mike cut by arts hidden underneath given article titled frost's words for debate you must keep in mind these hosts probably never came across an opinion like home for advice he questioned its which is great because I just want to those questions I think it's important to reach out to people who listen to the mainstream as well as the host so I hope you enjoy what was the war against these let Syria has full and even into loci if there is one goal 5 to expose she calls the truth before we made her let's take a look at her in action Laurent so sleepy I K. Syrian girl has gained a reputation for her outspoken views on the Islamic state they don't I mean Israel finding the high leann missing the fight to speak her mind roms controversial videos of more than 2 0.5 0 views on YouTube from U. S. from but we really need is for the money flow training to and with this a Obama's now it's just going to strengthen our yes click on the deadly you with with some kind of a World War 3 are you aware Iran Israel and they a ball of both I looked what does your is Syrian girl not police Walmart is certainly one controversial Syrian Golan she joins us post more I believe you said a lady said when leaving in a freedom we really not you mean by well I think that a does problems with all democracy especially when you look at the U. S. democracy which you know over the last 30 years we've had the bush and the Clinton and then the bush and the Clinton in power ... so I think that we need to recognize that you know we are not absolutely free and we need to keep fighting for freedom an elite that I'm talking about is of course ... they needs of people are rich and are sort of ... ... in power basically marron you ... postal out on you choose and you're very popular with the sorts of things that you say why was it something that you wanted to ... to setup a why do you think that your voice Leo particular opinion hasn't been heard in the past I think that ... but it's not something I necessarily wanted I never really wants to become a public figure but I thought I had a duty to speak out against a what was going on and ... I just didn't think at the beginning all of the Arab spring everybody thought this was a pro democracy uprising in it was gonna be great but in reality I knew that ... the the protesters a lot of them had Muslim Brotherhood ... ... backgrounds and politics which means that there was great potential for extremism and within a lots of Syrian people that were opposed to what was going on in Syria enough on that that wasn't really being portrayed in the media and that was basically where I started I'm heading towards creating strong ma'am it's maybe his speaking with you I'm interested at 27 years of age where do you get your views from her helps formulate your ideology Hey who helps some create a world view well actually ... I was very political since a young age I ... was protesting against the Iraq war since I was a teenager and ... I've formulated my world view from basically reading that I use every single day and having an open mind about ... what's going on and I think it's windows auto insulation from its its not just inside you who do you talk to test to Vietnam honest ... for a lot of well I talked to everybody everybody from all sides whether it be the office is sincere in Syria would there be Americans whether it be ... pro Syrians I mean ... I think that I provide more view to people from from inside me than people give to me now since 10 years of doing this I think of of doing a lot of that expertise I don't think what I'm saying is necessarily ... information that you need to be on the ground for thought like details of the events on the ground what I provide is global geo political analysis of what's going on just around the whole ... gloom and ... I only need 3 from now is to read the news to get an idea was Holland moments Gretel hit nice to be split speaking with you could you tell us we've referred to ideology here I am and what it is that just putting can you summarize for us what is your opinion of the American involvement in the Middle East what is your opinion all of Islamic state away the funding's coming from what do you think the future is because I'm just feeling a bit of an aide to actually understand the scope of your ideology I'm absolutely I think that's ... I'm not the only one who's saying this and it's become more and more clear over the years that ... the Islamic state is a a brutal cults and it's unfortunately arose when the U. S. pursued a foreign policy that destabilize states in the Middle East ... bison is now on the rise in Libya as well as Syria and Iraq 3 years ago beheadings in on certain streets would have never occurred that would have been something completely up out of the ordinary ... and now we have it almost as a daily occurrence and what has happened here is that the U. S. has funded extremists in the hope of overthrowing the Syrian government ... these extremist rebel groups have even the ones that are most now quoting moderates led by semalam not roof has since last week I've been working with all kind of difference in the straw faction the one that surround the been forgotten about now that's been overshadowed by ISIS buttons about single straw Qaeda has ... and cut him off on size jar he I just wanted to sign the U. S. is fun the authors yeah house on how ... actually I don't specifically say that the US is funding us is but the vice president of the United States Joe Budden actually stays in himself not their allies Turkey and ... Dubai and Saudi Arabia and Qatar our funding isis Turkey has been allowing ISIS to flood through the borders of Syria and they've been doing this for the last 2 years not just us is but all sorts of militia groups including to put the most all Qaeda and the U. S. has sort of let this slide because they wanted to overthrow the Syrian government of course this is no ... you know it has a presence in history because ... a cut it was created to ... oust the Soviet Union from of guns done in Yates in these terms so it's not too outlandish to see that they're basically using the same strategy I mean Clinton said on record that the people that we funded in the eighties of the people that we're fighting now and that's exactly basically what's happened in Syria archive thanks thanks mom Myron thank you so much for joining us we appreciate it upon this morning on studio 10 international celebrity news with and reset //
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#ISIS Rides Istanbul Metro Turkey
\\there's what come on story that he so a lot of yeah you NDA I'm not Trachsel barefoot down that and what I ... I I I it was all xinmsn and the other right of one there's a world not but a no no there's a come on story that is still a lot of our yeah I you NDA another //
"2014-09-24 18:29:01"
US Airstrikes On #Syria Are Not About #ISIS - Syrians Rejects Violation of Sovereignty
\\I think both the US and Israel have a talk Syrian sovereign land illegally without a UN resolution or consent from the Syrian government contrary to what you may have heard the Syrian government did not give permission and was not cost for permission by the US government simply being told that the talk is going to happen doesn't make it any less of a breach of sovereignty of consent is not given I'm here to say we the Syrian people irrespective of any politician shucks and resist this illegal war almost exactly one year ago the majority of U. S. chief who rejected the war on Syria that was when it was obvious that the US would be entry not war on the side of all kinda but the worst changing to sheep's clothing I know many people believe the U. S. is attacking Syria on the basis of fighting ISIS then you work harder but that is not the truth in this video I want to tell you exactly why and how these air strikes will not defeat ISIS the US government and military industrial machine have basically 3 excuses they cycle through to sell their wars to the American people number one democracy in regime change number 2 WMDs and chemical weapons another 3 fighting all cotton terrorism a decade ago in the lead up to the Iraq war all 3 of these excuses were used and these exact same excuses are not being used star war with Syria from WMDs to regime change and now finally fuzzing all cargo which seems to be the easiest one to sell so please don't buy it yes even lost the US was backing of Qaeda in Libya and Syria some of us already knew they would eventually use them as an excuse to start a war indeed it was the US foreign policy the creative groups like our system with no struggle Carter it was Obama's support for extremists in Libya and Syria the reluctant to devise all caught in these Clint they talk about moderate rebels but many of those Mundra rebels defected to losses or are still fighting alongside other vices or doesn't struck the other all kind of function you see the US government creates the terrorists that and then exploits US soldiers too far at not Hillary Clinton told her so I mean let's remember here the people we are fighting today we funded let's deal with the I. aside in the Pakistani military let's go recruit these mujahideen and it's great let's get some to come from Saudi Arabia and other places importing their Wahabi brand of Islam you see the US government needed groups like our asses in order to weaken Syria before they could talk Syria has a powerful air defense system and the Pentagon admitted that would make Syria difficult to talk so again I predicted that the US would attack series soil once isis picks out soon air defenses near recall I said this in a video last month public all air base near recall may contain Esther 0 unsere missile defense systems this is why ISIS the US government proxy army are now 3 everything the hub of the air base I have been for the last 2 days without this air base US airplanes could potentially flow without region without being harassed by a series air defenses and that is exactly what happened with that full of talk but air base a no US planes are flying over serious because outside of the reach of Syrian air defenses but even after all of this the US military is still afraid of stirring air defenses which is why they deploy the F. to interrupt yourself just for the first time ever it's probably also the reason Dick quietly whispered to this union buster at the UN they are going to talk but it didn't seem to help existence imitated we could only use tomahawk missiles not jets on the west of Syria with their differences are so strong it's a big joke that the US coalition against ISIS include surgery via the country was conducted war beheadings than ice is this month Saudi Arabia is an example of the kind of state that isis was to create mine is the McDonald's of course both coalition members Saudi Arabian coast or other means bottlers of all Qaeda it's no coincidence that Qatar had enough interest whose job was not struck to negotiate the release of UN peacekeepers he was airstrikes against ISIS will not defeat ISIS in third more and more of these idiots will simply join ISIS believing their cause against the US has been vindicated ISIS drugs will swell and the war is going to continue indefinitely if the US really wanted to fight ISIS they would stop their ally Turkey from giving them safe haven medical treatment allowing them to cross the Syrian Turkish border the US really wanted to fuck Okada they would not accept their ally is true provide all kind of jobs do not struck function with air defenses medical aid on the Golan Heights border and just today Israel shut down the Syrian make those targeting job within the structure in order to defend them it's ironic that for the last 2 years those liberal humanitarian warmongers who calling for US humanitarian intervention against Syria to save Syrian children when the US bombs arses and novels homes and kills babies in in the the so called humanitarians including I'm just international all the silent killing babies in order to save babies I think not these wars are not about humanitarianism or protecting minorities or fighting arses there are other objectives here the US government's real objectives in the talking Syria is to destroy it the Syrian state military on the country but get up into 3 pieces creating a scenario for virtual war they don't even try to conceal the subjective under toddler from the Washington institute this this agenda quite plainly the outcome of defeating ISIS will likely be a formal partition Syria a set in the west soon the center a christening north east he then states the breakup of Serbia will break up the Syria around Elian's these war planners believe all the votes it is worth it that includes a few beheaded U. S. journalists now carries claiming that Sarah didn't uphold the chemical weapons bargain just as bush accused Saddam of doing the same a year ago when we were facing a similar type of Syria I said that the US would know the talk was serious still had chemical weapons and that they would try to disarm Syria first this was before the scenarios even mentioned in any media and I just said you know that your government is not going to attack a country that possesses weapons of mass destruction they first talked to remove them I said the giving up those chemical weapons would leave us open to a talk later just like it giving UPS chemical was left Iraq and Libya open to a talk and almost exactly a month after the chemical weapons were removed the US begun a talking soon so just as I predicted well curious timing declaration that serial didn't uphold chemical weapons to you it sounds like an excuse to attack the Syrian army as well as isis eventually a corner touch retaliates though and one wonders what Russians reaction be this is the part that concerns us all and I sure you it is far more dangerous to your live hoods than ISIS will ever be in the bottom of all of this hot new U. S. truck that's Exxon Mobil do with Russia Russia has sent the cruiser to the port of part 2 so this points to the US tomahawk missile attacks from the Mediterranean Sea to a dealer Russia has provided Syria with new air defenses and have said that the U. S. airstrikes are illegal the US government has flagrantly pull gone getting approval from either the American people or the United Nations it is wise to remember the breakdown of the league of nations was what led to World War 2 are we now witnessing the breakdown of the United Nations to all those patriots who love their country in Santee I am for you to energize the seeping onto war movement stop this mess report and the soul we are the reason //
"2014-09-19 17:04:36"
What the Media isn't telling you about #GamerGate
\\hi everyone this is Siringo fixed tell you what you need to know about gamergate if you've been paying attention to the mainstream media you might be forgiven for thinking that dinner date it's all about sexist male gamers try to drop women item video game culture it could be further from the truth the media is just trying to starve people to conceal their own corruption would derogate is really about is confusion and corruption most journalists and members of the indie game development community done an agenda by social justice warriors to use video games as a medium for social engineering we're not talking about these social justice warriors I'm really talking about cultural Marxists and so called third wave feminists one through thought police are certain games politically incorrect promotion more information about cultural Marxists here the game is angry with the revelation of this corruption have been tweeting on the hashtag gamergate Darryl gates is not about big symbol in the form of bigotry many female gamers myself included are pulled by this council and the lack of integrity that these students have shown the evidence of this corruption comes through multiple scandals which I'll be elaborating on infections beginning with a so he grins personal relationship with journalists promoting her games the doi queens use over influence to crush a rival criminals and geo see the think tank dark Resnick's minutes give me the secret waiting lists of journalists but prove behind the scenes coordination inclusion finally he censorship of gamergate by but it's under the nose of Julius owns what does any of this matter is video games have become the greatest grocery media in the world overtaking film music television and books however unlike other mediums video games have nothing completes the quilted and controlled by the social engineers want to use them as mediums to engineers society what is deemed to be politically correct music film and television industries are now less about the 13 but what about the Sydney 2 genders although the military has been able to insert its agenda into video games by producing games that try to recruit boys into the arm the cultural engineers of thus far been unsuccessful in infiltrating video game culture I was I think is very exclusive and consider choose their reach finally this isn't about corruption just in game journalist media it's about corruption inclusion in medias everywhere knowing someone you evidence of the collusion social engineers have tried to use indie games to attempt to inject themselves into video game culture many of these in the games are known quality under oath paid by hipsters but each other potential soon bug for being so avant garde an example of such an indie game is depression quest designed by Zoe Quinn a woman who was central in gamergate it was discovered that several gaming journalists were up the contributing money Fizuli queens pension account including political journalists but could sure who had been donating to her for weeks prior to writing article about her game similarly many criticize criticize some designer Bowman alternate for having an alleged affair with cream while appearing as a jugs in indicate game competition which just happened to give an award to depression quests the game design but Quinn what makes this award astonishing is that depression quest is not even a game for something to be classified as game you have to be able to win lose or at least score that is the difference between a game and a toy depression quest is more like a choose your own adventure novel though it doesn't have the length of such noble and sometimes you don't even get to make a choice critics will give the person quest positive reviews said that this is not meant to be for entertainment but for education more like real education the idea behind giving awards such games is that games are no longer about obtainment but the dissemination of political agendas any game that falls outside this is no longer deemed worthy of an award the end goal is to utilize games in the same way that news is you clause supreme most people an example of this is the media promoted end game Syria game choose your own adventure novel masquerading as a game much like the person quest that basically fed people propaganda about the Syrian war queen also used to influence with these journalists crush arrival feminist project called the fine young companies that attempted to get more women into video game design the games that were made by the women in the fine young cop this project did not push a political narrative but for something fun to play that is exactly the opposite of what the social justice warriors want for this reason the fine young pap tests were sabotaged by queen presumably Quinn supporters hopped into the indigo campaign was a fine young cupped lists I shut it down learn more about the incident here this was really about gender equality video games than Zoe Quinn and any tests are season would not ignore many video games out there with strong on sexualized female characters portal is one such game designed by a woman I'm with a female hero and villain even since the eighties games such as Metroid how the female heroine these games are extremely popular to most female players games like this are out there but doesn't mean we need to control uncensored games that are not like this sexism in games isn't the real issue for the social engineers their problem is that they are not in control of the nurses for more on this matter watch this video by the factual feminist but Damon gate isn't just about so we cringe she is but the tip of the iceberg of a much greater conspiracy it isn't just about the conflict of interest between journalists and the subject that they are reviewing either this is also about an agenda to control minds and the connections are alarming so we Quinn's PR agent is my a creamer Meyer Kramer works as a public relations officer silver string media some Christian media is the main it's handy for the Duggar conferences Barbara is a think tank of cultural Marxists academics with the objective of reengineering video game culture and Barbara itself is funded by DARPA is section of the US department of defense Dogra unwittingly posted minutes of their discussion on Twitter in that they are discussing how they can push the video game industry stop creating video games with the gamers in mind buttons this create them with political correctness in mind in essence full policing video games the minutes also reveal that the media conglomerates rather than competes and has links with the think tanks but one day was broke up these minutes they were quickly deleted but not before someone saved them so if you're interested in reading them please click here Nick Jonas colluding on this are not just the ones who have a personal relationship with Zoe Quinn model you know put this of Braveheart exposed the secret meaningless of gaming journalists that proves behind the scenes conclusion co coordination and collaboration for political ends by gaming journalists echo ball of journalists are getting together and deciding and sitting with the narrative should be against the interests of the reader and any journalistic in these leaked emails journalists expressly state that they want to paint queen and sources in as victims of the range from such as gamers order to obfuscate the scandal of gamergate they even talk about using gamergate to promote Zoey queens games maybe we should just use this as an excuse to give more attention to our work I know I've been meaning to review depression quests since a series 30 minutes up to the thief emails and the existence of this collaborative mailing list emerged editor of Kotaku one of the media's involved in the scandal released an article describing hosts are cuisine was a victim of a bomb threat 6 months ago in March this is exactly what they said they were going to do in the NYC emails proving their authenticity now even the largest media organizations such as the mirror of the beast you see how cover dinner date in the completely biased way ignoring the scandal of journalistic integrity and concentrating on victimizing Zoe Quinn and demonizing games how deep does the conspiracy go the visit email ring has wider implications for journalistic integrity don't just think this is confined to a video game drones this is not the first time the corruption of the media was exposed in 2007 a similar meaning list cold journalist was discovered involving 400 journalists and led to a huge shakeup across the industry these click email rings prove everyone suspicion of journalistic collusion with the social justice warriors it was already very obvious that the collusion existed because in August 14 different game media articles were written at the same time with almost the same title stating that gamers are done essentially declaring war on their own readers it seems since games was made by the social justice warriors the indie games are not even games and nobody plays them no matter how many awards are thrown at them then they seem to inside nothing but disdain from the people who actually playing games is why social justice warriors decided they could not win over gamers against this out to the folk them all together by getting their media Stooges clear that gamers were done and the game developers should no longer create games with gamers in mind when things became aware of the scandal this started to organize and social media with the hot sun gamergate the media is in full such as Poland gone censored any mention of gamergate on their sites when the box plus for a 2 headed even but it censored any mention of gimmicky adjusting the kobolds even larger than just amongst game Jones when a user on reddit Amy Australian is songs what he thought of rid censorship of gamergate the comment was censored right in front of Julia songs anyone want footed were also showed abound even for shun the anything goes form of the incident sought to ban users the board of gimmicky I hope this video has provided some of you insight on what the game against gondolas all about the question of why the larger media organizations are putting their own credibility on the line to weigh in on the scandal a protector smaller cousins so just quit talk was not been answered just what exactly is the ground stars you play here in the next video I hope to answer these questions and to propose a plan to defeat the agendas of the script journalists and social justice warrior in the game developers I will explain the ideology that they often also used promote wars a corrupt society scribe to make sure that you don't insult thank you for listening //
"2014-09-09 15:24:06"
#Sotloff sold to #ISIS by 'moderate rebels'
\\and I understand you spoke to him just shortly before he was taken I was with Steve the morning he was are kidnapped I sama offered by 730 and then ministry for he was kidnapped he called me from inside Syria tell me that he was and and immense later he was kidnapped by ISIS he knew the risks and yet he did it I can't he repeatedly went out to tell people story while Anderson for the first time we can say Steven was sold at the border Steven's name was analyst that he had been responsible for the bombing of a hospital this was false activist spread his name around ... he was sold at the board yes we believe that the so called moderate rebels said that the that people want I start initiation to support one of them sold in probably for something between 25 and $50000 to ISIS and that was the reason that he was captured how do you how do you know this we know this paid from our sources on the ground the aid that happened so quickly that when he was kidnapped they didn't have the time to mobilize those resources somebody at the border crossing made a phone call to AFP to isis and they set up a fake checkpoint with many people and Stephen his people that he went in with could not escape someone who knew him Janine DiGiovanni is the Middle East editor of Newsweek magazine a former friend of Steven Sotloff and colleague she's in Paris France tonight and she joins rates let me ask you about what did he say about the risks of von reporting from Syria you knew what they were clearly he wrote me a rather chilling out message one of the last ones I got which is basically about how world very me on one thing you had told me which was again rather chilling words that he was concerned that he had been on some kind of a list arm and this was about the time that basis first turned up first started showing up I am we're taking a precarious checkpoints that had been management or by the Syrian rebels and he felt that he had angered some of the rebels he didn't know which ones are you taking footage of a hospital in Aleppo that had been bombed and he was very concerned about this arm but he still went back //
"2014-09-08 06:19:00"
End the Sanctions on #Syria!
\\nbae fellow Americans it's not a one talk to you about Syria why it matters and where we go from here stabilized both militarily and economically militarily by the death squads sponsored by NATO Saudi Arabia Qatar and Turkey economically by the sanctions imposed by the United States the European Union and the Arab league corporate media has reported on the humanitarian crisis in Syria without addressing the issue of what's causing it often charities and NGOs will encourage dynasty send money to refugee camps in neighboring countries like Jordan Lebanon or taking that the vast bulk of the humanitarian betting is carried by the Syrian state which is currently providing for 3 of the 6000000 internally displaced persons say the Arab league's foreign ministers have imposed unprecedented economic and diplomatic some Syria Basha al-assad's regime will not hold on in saying on the ground in the sense that they don't affect a sickness food the sanctions have risked imports of both food and the raw materials self sufficient made it somewhat resilient to oil refined electric 12 people have been killed in a bomb if a city Syrian I'm blaming students in the attack first college all could check the visions college caused by mortis fired by apple's I since 2011 NATO backs armed groups have to medical more than 2 thirds of serious public because it does and have no did she blacked or injured more than 300 health weekends we all yeah you got I'm about a problem alone but who can hello on I'm doing a lot I I my the was and later 20 second of far in fact terrorists full health would go world I they the war on Syria is not only a minute she will the one Hong Kong like it's very rare that they well greater press does the largest also I music as were sent ongoing unrest erupted years ago Harjit Syrian day by day 33 the reason is also playing the Arab league some and western cereals doubled and post on a side issue the prices are on blue family is a small I barely buy might be government raise the salaries enough so we are coming the government markets where that our sales impact the livelihoods staple foods the number of living in pa tenuously but place lots of France homelessness food prices are the proof Bob the government the government so it's no the population varies more we believe are working sanctions price on Iraq in the 19 mainly affects as was said to have course the death of more than 0.5000000 Iraqi children Robert are you president militia for is my lotus and we live I'm going with a development the sure happens anywhere powered by yeah that sanctions honey just indiscriminately in the fall often illegal seems we serious humanitarian we urge you to speak out against the economic sanctions imposed on Syria by Straneo USA and several European countries help the Syrian people health and I I //
"2014-09-03 20:17:16"
#StevenSotloff Beheading: What You're Not Being Told
\\heard one Syrian grow here there's been another beheading of U. S. journalist by ISIS in Syria the journalist Steven Sotloff was kidnapped in 2012 along with James Foley by some insurgent groups and artists are being sold occur description ended up in the hands of ISIS the following video will give your insights you won't find in the mainstream media currently the media's promoting all of the stories written muscle close but there is a story which he didn't get a chance to review subtle believed the Syrian rebels possessed and possibly used chemical weapons on a little and wanted to write a story about it before his kidnapping in 2012 American foreign fighter and jihadist sympathizers mother bird dog who pulled alongside the Libyan insurgency but also want to 0 in a pro Syrian rebel mission revealed to so close that he had information that Syrian rebels possessed chemical weapons before they were used in Harlem lost Aleppo in 2012 the conversations were lead by the spirit of tonic army who helped run dogs in mill and Facebook account as zip file of several hundreds of documents forming the next conversations come be downloaded on the internet here Bandai because confirmed that his Facebook account was hot and has also confirmed that his conversations about chemical weapons were whew you also testified that he stands by his statements and still believes that rebel had chemical weapons other journalists have also authenticated political positions for voting really in another conversation Sutcliffe told brown dog that you believe being picked up file card group to become a stroke would be a way to earn their trust Dundalk agreed claiming some of the best connections is made with all cargo was after being arrested when fox news interview done by cobalt's lookbooks ductus today didn't ask him why he courage so cool to be a book did well Carter nor did they ask you about his intermission that rebels had used chemical weapons and another conversation Bhandup was eager to measure the accord approved a pittance struck a network within this might reveal the circumstances before the kidnapping in fact it's quite discerning beds these guns didn't think twice before embedding themselves with these extremist groups Austin Thomas stated that he was scheduled to reach up to no struck days before he was could not toss was a US marine and he admitted to trading the Syrian insurgents in the US of broken propelled grenades let us recall that in 2012 the media was repeating the claim without question or punk that these men were captured by the Syrian government there are a lot of similarities between the James Foley beheading video and this more recent one of suck though like with fully the videocassette cloak also did not contain an ox will be heading and no blood was seen on the non once again this is very strange says ISIS has never shied away from publishing extreme violence and very graphic videos of beheadings and yet we see the same on president Clinton level of such a ship across all news once again the censorship is shockingly hypocritical Twitter is budding graphic images of the beheadings the media saying if you work shirts if this respectful and you're letting the terrorists win on the other hand when a Syrian soldier gets beheaded Timoney scene gives think pictures an award you might argue that it is the barn loft and humiliating imagery all Americans the what mainstream media is trying to censor since there was no actual beheading to censor however this is contradicted by the fact that CNN was habitual footage from the video open dialogue another similarity between this cookbook unfolded videos is that they're both occurred at the same time of the day and in the same location from this we can ascertain the videos were lucky film at the same time about US claimed the video was accidentally released too early this proves that both videos were pre filmed probably simultaneously and the US is waiting for the right time to release them and since Foley's been your stage it's likely that so close but there was also staged it may very well be that these men were killed awhile ago or perhaps a little because the video footage itself is not proof of their data if Tonya was chosen to release the videos is interestingly also the right time for Obama how to put its been released when the men were captured in 2012 it would have made things very difficult for the US government and Obama to continue supporting the Syrian rebels and fucked the video was first obtained and released by the site intelligence group an organization that researches terrorism does strongly against the White House a department of homeland security the organization was responsible for releasing a fake Osama bin laden did you we deployed old footage and you would stop over them one of sites founders retek paths father was executed by Iraq for being an Israeli spy so just singing so Israeli intelligence I had a journalist solo also heartening sues true being you US Israeli citizenship is the fact that the US is strangely ignored in their propaganda could you in 2013 the US public wasn't happy with your 2 year old intervening in Syria on the side of a Qaida now in 2014 the US since the picking its democracy in WMD rhetoric is going back to the good old Accardo causes both the pro war course if the US government truly wanted to stop ISIS all they would have to do is also there are laws in the Turkish government to secure their border with Syria and to stop giving arses and other insurgent groups refuge but that would mean no reason to further destroy a country with bombs these videos in the subsequent media coverage about them reminds 1 of the 2 minutes of hate in George Orwell's 1984 please subscribe to my channel for more news and then on the th I have also written a piece about this video on my books for //
"2014-08-23 21:45:29"
The Weird Thing About the #JamesFoley Beheading Video - And the #ISIS Casus Beli For War With #Syria
\\there is something odd about the jeans fully beheading video if we can call adults because it's missing the actual beheading the partisan stirred by the alleged to group that released the video this is unlike any other losses Joe Paterno stroke or offensive beheading video that I've ever seen and I believe I may have seen the moral it begs the question why would a group mark for its brutality who has shown thousands of beheading videos before suddenly up squeamish about showing this wound I will be showing the video but you're able to achieve self you understand what I mean here another strange thing about the video is the butter knife used to call police neck didn't appear to draw any blood this is just before the screen fades to black and we are shown a gruesome image Chloe's decapitated body but that's just it it was an image not a video while most film the off to mouth but the beheading like any other I suspect you as a film is it perhaps because the images are easier to fake than Phil the video may very well be for real however we need to start asking more questions another strange element about this is that the British police forum that's even watching or sharing the video could be a terrorist offense Twitter has also been bunny accounts for sharing the video why only this video and not the beheading videos of the hundreds of Syrians and Iraqis that were being treated over Twitter perhaps Syrians and Iraqis are sheep wiles westerners are human beings according to Twitter the world is so suddenly shocked and outraged by Jews for his death but they didn't blink twice when Syrian news anchors and civilians were being executed and beheaded by the US stock troubles while to their bond James Foley's beheading video out of respect a video filmed by time magazine over Syrian soldier being beheaded one award I do feel for full his family but this is but a slice of what the Syrian people have been feeling for the last 2 years due to the foreign policy of the US government which ironically pull himself supported but in 2012 use media were claiming that James Foley was captured by the Syrian government global post later admitted that the new twist the rebels and not the Syrian government to how fully but never cooked the story on that by school authorities I eat the US government in 2013 their Celtic ask me and the former spokesperson John Makdessi if there was any info that the Syrian government hard on James for his whereabouts we were of course hub to help but unfortunately there was no such information Foley entered the country illegally without a visa and hence unfortunate took the ultimate risk some media outlets continue to claim that the strong government had a hand in all of this all are contradicted by his homeland security statement which cities extremists had him all alone even as early as 2012 James Foley's mercenary terrorist loving friend Matthew vandyke believed shuttle struck kidnapped him and was going to awski's Jodhi friends in Libya if they could help get him released there are also questions about whether or not fully was simply a journalist or hurt other motivations in Syria Libya what he was also held in captivity along with Matthew vandyke but Doug was not the only dubious figure 14 you he was also friends with Austin Tice another American being held hostage by a cart in Syria awesome ties claims to be a journalist but was in fact ex military uprooted that he was teaching rebels how to use an RPG the external rope will return that James for you was also a number of US aid federal government agency where he worked on the top tier projects in Iraq the Dutch your project is the US government efforts to help occupied Iraq buildup is bureaucracy we have to consider that the beheading was released in the backdrop of the U. S. salivating at the prospect of intervening in Syria as it has been they're striking you rock in recent White House statement on a talking Syria was we're not going to be restricted by borders hypocritically on Ukraine the same what house said the motion humanitarian aid convoys going to Ukraine was a provocation of borders the US state department are now using Foley's beheading as a pretext for war no doubt they would like to convince it previously on winning public that it is in their interests to intervene against offices the once again the US has created all cargo in order to use it as an excuse to intervene in nations it is exactly as we said it would be this is not a global hawk because the US state department knew exactly what they were doing when they were actively supporting extremist groups and helping them grow undoubtably the US government intention is not to defeat boxes but to control the war in order to Buchanon of Syria just as they are doing now in Iraq if British none kills an American thanks to US foreign policy and yet it still ends of somehow being serious problem there are any of this is going to go over most people's heads so to my American friends and anyone listening to this please understand we don't want you to intervene we do not want to place in our skies even if they are supposedly targeting our all we want is for your government to stop undermining the state unstuck providing support for terrorists this your defense minister said we consider any air struck by the US and Syria know much of the pretext wasn't up to war but there is one thing standing in the way between the US and their strikes over Syria publicado air base near Rockall may contain Esther 0 US air missile defense systems this is why ISIS the US government proxy army are now 3 everything the heart of the air base I have been for the last 2 days bosses are basically Zerg rushing total cut air base but the Syrian military's holding them off without this air base US airplanes could potentially flow without region without being harassed by a serious air defenses Syrian airstrikes against losses had barely been mentioned in the mainstream media when they begun some prostitute journalists thought that the air strikes were conducted by the U. S. and chewed them hence they describe them as being extremely accurate a targeted with few civilian casualties when they thought they were conducted by the U. S. but once they realize that they are strikes were conducted by the Syrian Air Force they claimed that most of the cousins he's were civilian their bias is comical at the time of this recording us has suffered massive losses against throws defenders the airforce and the army //
"2014-08-11 21:51:04"
Is #Ebola a biological weapon?
\\everyone the Syrian girl with the ongoing Ebola Austrian today announced the question is Ebola a biological weapon well the short answer is yes a simple search on wikipedia will turn up that diplomacy cuts agreed a Bible school this according to the bio security in bioterrorism journal of science up until yesterday Russia's federal medical biologically to see where the statement about the bulls possible usage as a biological weapon hence it is sloped grounds to question the root cause of the card off pre I was a little sausage with people as a team and what I learned from Barbara books was that is was a super virus that it's only fitting was it kill people so quickly that it didn't have a chance to strut therefore strains of Ebola the most dangerous the people of the year which is the mortality rate of 90 percent where's this industry we are told the cause of the card offspring struck me as a little strange that the card operate because the mortality rate of only 55 percent however it's possible that this moon rises the disease bush league teams scores Furthermore this all Briggs had unprecedented spread put it into perspective before this the biggest outbreak of Ebola Zaire was in 1976 when threatening 18 people contracted the disease in the current outbreak there have been 1603 at the time of this recording which unfortunately will likely climb also comes with this changing their business for what mainstream media's explanation for this improve survivability our movements medically destruction however their explanation for the scale of the spread in the single tennis he poor infrastructure how could things have gotten better and worse at the same time was it perhaps invitation is the incubation period longer are people surviving longer to spread the disease to their family members but the virus ERISA laws better could be coincidental that this involves into exactly what was needed for it to be a more effective followed schoolwork or is this something more we are privy to there's nothing wrong with reasons question because right now no one has the answer all only have theories it's also interesting that the 2 American aid workers who contracted the virus those chickens brunch he and Nancy Vipul were injected with a secret serum experimental cure called ZMapp yes dear refused to comment about this year citing confidentiality the map is made by mouth pharmaceutical company which is working in conjunction with the US government according to this article discern what the result of a long standing research program by the US government and military so it's not a conspiracy theory but a simple thoughts that the US government it's been experimenting with people search the US for weapons researchers are already it's your your how different years so then the first tee lower the US army medical research institute are its hearing room Jimmy and Liberia for the impulse purpose among others of detecting the future use of computer virus as a bioweapon the question is how far does the experiment go swath and office role if nuclear weapons have to be tested one of biological weapons as well certainly affected communities in gaming in Liberia you there needs someone to talk they are accusing healthcare workers particularly doctors without borders off purposes fighting the disease a maybe lovable a face value perhaps they have reasons that we are not being told about but with a biological weapons test look Clark I motion party that would involve testing emergency procedures of western countries in airports and their ability to control the spread of the disease perhaps like a fire drew if all is a most of the recent discovery first off break being as early as 1976 in the Congo however a little earlier enough in 1967 was the first ever recorded outbreak of the Marvel cars the boa and mark both our releases and are the only members of the fiddle for day family of viruses interestingly the first outbreak of mambo did not the current of coal but in Germany and Yugoslavia what causes these outbreaks ought to do none of these questions but I have also today have been posed nor answered by the mainstream media but I don't believe anyone should be ridiculed for Darren's Austin certainly those who have suffered and lost loved ones deserve no less thank you for watching please subscribe for more news in those //
"2014-07-17 12:11:04"
The Truth About #ISIS - Interview with Paul Joseph Watson
\\I how does the fall some wind info what's okay to geo political analyst and Syrian activists Mimi Alahan otherwise known as Syrian Gil Siringo welcome to the show I pull things for having me now because of the past month we've seen ISIS jihadists completely over on the Iraqi military in many areas of the country they've stolen this huge arsenal of military vehicles weapons including stinger missiles that got chemical weapons they seized tams committed atrocities and now lead destroying mosques so where did this group come from who's responsible for its expansion how did it become so powerful well actually assist was formed in Iraq in 2007 it's so one of its capture leaders in fact admitted that for the first year of its life it solely existed on the internet but that didn't stop most of the foreign media especially all 0 kudos satellite TV station from promoting their existence ... in the group was basically designed to crush any unity between Sunnis and Shias in Iraq so I got up do you resistance would be divided in Concord basically even you know in in in 2003 we were then told that Iraq I had a car that would be in it that okay it was operating in Iraq but as you know that was involved in live but there was no cutting you off until the US voted their off to the invasion ... we were told in 2000 for that a boom cycle of the car he was in Fallujah even though no one had actually ever seen him there and any prudent was interviewed at the time said his his his never meant appearance and he's very much like it W. M. D. I'm only subs are because he was the then leader of all cargo which at the time didn't have the name I see so I saw him I guess un today it referred to him as another WMD basically something that is an invention just to create a pretext for war I'm and that it was only by 2006 that this wires or isis group emerged and pre existing functions in Iraq which worry this is woman that will use the unified ... but wouldn't more nationalist meaning took us in but to be a threat until the beginning cost with it but US is proved too strong squash a numbing us to the question why is ISIS emerged as the most powerful of all the groups and you have to offer forcible is it possible that this could happen without the state Bakir you know up I think that in my opinion it is not ... I think that there's definitely an organization that is blocking use I screw up and if you look at who benefits the most of the introduction of the Maliki government off true the full of Iraq up basically hundreds Iraq to Iran's influence so it was largely influenced by of a sort of it unholy alliance between the U. S. in New York and you run that sees me at the time and know that this influence has overtaken the US is in the region ... the obvious ... beneficiaries for the monkey government can be destabilized and weakened and you're going through is to be we can also are the usual suspects Saudi Arabia Qatar and the United States and Israel ... Clinton in fact recently cold remote because that down now at the worst possible time to do it though so it would is basically citing alongside us since ... however you know in spite of all of this I don't actually believe the US is as powerful as the media is making them out to be because they have a perception of invincibility and that perception of invincibility is could you telling won't members and more people being recruited because though the lock of Clark T. behind who is bucking his group driving easily manipulated you introduction to believing that isis is blocked by god like that must be the secret to its strength and you'll finally us isn't sort of you're either with us or against us policy there's no middle ground with these people they will with fear and barbers and so up even if if this shakes may secretly give the money they unless they publicly support stick their support for us is USCIS considers them enemies and off a few actually they get many defections so basically you're saying that this whole PR campaign based around I ceased being very powerful very militant very influential in the region of course is making many even in the west going traveled to join ISIS we've seen many stories about la the result of that now is people flying through apple's in Britain and other countries on the way to America that being harassed more and more because of wall as he said seems to be a PR campaign on behalf of the western media in fact is bolstering guy 6 to a level which is otherwise wouldn't achieve is that correct descendants they told us only a few weeks ago that isis was going to be in Baghdad in a weakened bug that is about to full I believe I I read in some media and yeah I system but it's certainly not a strong in the mid you ought to be 13 not invincible and the yup I think that we'd be groups that get the most attention are usually the groups that go largest also so given what we know about ISIS is that takeover of Iraq really a failure of US foreign policy as it's being characterized or did you know did it take Washington by surprise or is there another a wider agenda behind its growth I don't believe it is a against the US agenda but I don't believe it was on none too I'm predicted I know that you know on the surface a lot of people think that the US takeover of Iraq appears to humiliate U. S. foreign policy in the short term ... they fill to create a stable viable Iraq and now this is this is of militias are taking it over but in reality of this was all by design if anyone was observant during the US us tradition of Iraq even though the media was claiming that the US was tried to build a viable state and wanted to end any kind of sectarianism everything that they did was to push divide and conquer and to put it she doesn't see the gates each other they're force hope the Dawa party all of of that you were in the Iraqi Shiites which is a movie over religious part you out rather than a secular party to get into power and of course with their unholy alliance with Iran ... about god the the current either of us since was actually released from Iraqi prison in 2009 ... in Basra some but just troops were cooked dressed up as Arabs is a special forces troops ... just a bizarre to shooting Iraqi police James still generous general Petraeus and Robert Ford bill conducted OPB of Salvador option in Iraq they created these death squads like butter grades and the train them in torture and then those witnesses actually join the Interior Ministry of the Iraqi government the torture that they committed was actually suppose the people these groups are sectarian Shiite groups that when your own cutting off heads of Sunnis who just so happen to not like the Iraqi government or the occupation so they created all this hatred and this tension I moved on the others skip thought about going was they created ISIS and hope to grow alongside Saudi Arabia and so any sort of ... nationality that existed in Iraq in 2004 where she doesn't Sunnis were protesting against the occupation uned I remember the time folks use I don't excuse my language said the Shiites of it the fun any sort of units here but in 2004 was crushed it was turned into a solely sin if ya war and at the end objective is to turn Iraq into 3 states a Kurdish north soon the center and the Shiite saw an exact thing balkanization start you is playing out in Syria a Kurdish north a otherwise of coast and a Sunni center so this is the idea is to create a perpetual war between states divided along religious lines without any nationalist of cultural and historical connection I'm on the subject of of balkanization you know given the relative success security and prosperity of the Kurdish area of Iraq post 2003 some would see balkanization is a good option for the Iraqi people I mean why is that not the case in your view well balkanized nation as we so with Pocky stolen it when it was of cut off India basically resulted in a perpetual war with it resulted in an arms race it resulted in a Hindu is burning with them is alive and Muslims up a talking Hindus and you know the hatred just just built up from there is because of external forces in India was was one before the the occupation and the divide up its but can I sing these countries is not an end to war it's beginning of war with the Kurds up what with with the anyone apart from the Kurds you do you do anything that would divide that would be slight religious affiliations that ... I have no basis in culture or history or national old wheat real nationality the Kurds to have an opinion of their own national but the circumstances by which of a coup to stun might occur cannot yet the expense hello weak nations or at and it cannot be it ... gonna be unreasonable either their lungs but the could make clear to the do you know how sucky belong to them and just did just happen to be oil rich I mean I think that ... Israel once a day ally in the region announced by the car you want it could just done as well but Turkey if you notice is not the one that's being destabilize it even though it has the largest population of Kurds balkanization if you're nationalist own it is not a solution now turning to Syria itself which of course is what I see is really got a power in the first place you of course were very accurate last year when you predicted the false like chemical weapons which would be you to justify the attack on Syria not was derailed at the last minute that we had the MIT ripple of this compound confirming that you know the narrative the asset was behind the due to attack was basically complete nonsense it was no evidence for it in terms of the I. 6 crisis do you think that this is gonna be hijacked by night so by the U. S. as a pretext for second bite of the cherry when it comes to an assault on Syria well if you do recall specifically what I did say on in to enforce at the time was that off to the can click on the talk the US were not of the US military government stay up wrote this we're not going to attack Syria they were going to use as an attempt to disarm them of chemical weapons the reason I thought that the possibility that you talk could happen was I didn't expect Syria to actually agreed to disarm so I was thinking that might may result in a regional war but I did some of the heat not believe that the US we ever intended to attack Syria as I repeated many times ... I thought it was too strong just pick one just because of the WMDs and aunts air missile and onion and it's all laws of force but ... that's exactly what happened and now I guess I have to repeat it a little bit that ... the US many interpreting little bit in terms of us I think the Dutch legal have drones flying over Iraqi skies and they hope to have your drones flying will resurgence guys as well but luck with Pakistan owned they don't actually every once in defeat the S. of extremist groups they just want to but keep keep things going just enough to maintain stability and have their foot in the door so I don't think that ... we're gonna see the U. S. I have a full blown of invasion again but of that does look good to stop the US the government from killing people with drones Mara said again it goes back to this idea of needing instability needing tension in the region which is why you know that the global war on terror needs a steady supply of terrorists to justify it to justify the military industrial complex the sales of all those weapons and that's precisely why ISIS is providing at the moment Obama recently announced that the US would be sending $500000000 to so called moderate rebels in Syria we've heard that many times before given that the U. S. actually trained ISIS members in Jordan in 2012 can we really trust the white house's judgment on who it considers to be quote moderate it's really interesting because Obama's himself recently told the media that the idea of a in the south cool the idea over but the motor force that we can arm that can have any chance of defeating string government is a fantasy so was he dropping off $1000000000 owed to a fantasy so we can safely say that they're not ignorant of the fact that there is no of one drip force that has any sort of influence ... ignorance isn't driving US policy they know where the money's gonna end up you know that the moderate rebels will either effect to license I'd take the money with them or that they will be killed and the money didn't you poke the bus anyway or it's gonna go into the hands of corrupt individuals which is you know New York happen to look but ... the interesting thing though that even if a the money and training