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"2017-08-10 16:27:29"
South Korean Military: We Are Prepared To ‘Sternly Punish’ North Korea | TODAY
\\now we are 35 miles from North Korea here on from its missiles it's a city that's been protected for decades by American troops on by America's nuclear umbrella but today it's feeling suddenly vulnerable south Korea's president saying today strengthen our defenses now it's called the world's most dangerous border and it's a little more dangerous today a war of words threatening to reignite the war that never finished here 30000 Americans among millions in the North Korea the latest show of defiance chanting ritual hatred of America and loyalty to Kim Jong moon and the nuclear weapons he says protects them from Donald trump's fiery threat of threat his military calls a load of nonsense warning that only absolute force can work on him people here in South Korea are use to fiery rhetoric from North Korea but never from an American presidents until now views here divided by but it's very reply irresponsible and the office I was quite shocked I think it's a good response to NCCU S. troops here exercise with south Korean allies regularly there's another one planned later this month North Korea says these are provocative South Korea that their vital it's president not calling for a complete overhaul of south Korea's military the war on words putting this city on edge like the American troops here to protect them they've lived for decades with threats from the north but in any conflict they'd likely be the first casualty the unthinkable this morning perhaps just a little closer well south Korea's president today saying stop stop ratcheting up the tension that was a did a message directed at the north but it's one that many in Asia are also privately directing a president from Matt Savannah they'll really install thank you today finance thanks for checking out our you tube channel subscribe by clicking that button down there and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interview show highlights and digital exclusives //

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