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17 Most Densely Populated Places on the Planet
\\17 most densely populated places on the planet number 17 the slums of Kibera Nairobi Kenya sciberras the largest slum in Nairobi and the largest urban slum in all of Africa the neighborhood is made up of at least 9 different villages and most of the slums occupants make less than a dollar a day there are few schools clean water is scarce and disease is caused by poor hygiene are prevalent a great majority living in the slums are afflicted with HIV or aids due to the lack of basic necessities amount of people that reside in Kibera varies depending on which villages are included and where the cut off point start to 2009 census recorded the population of 170007 whereas others claim that there are over 1000000 people crammed together in about a square mile space of land number 6 a loon walled city in Hong Kong it makes our list because of the sheer amount of people located within the 6 acres of land at its peak there were over 33000 residents living within the wall CD from the fifties to the seventies the local triads control the city bringing about high rates of prostitution drug abuse and gambling all of which forced the government to begin demolition and 93 some historic parts were preserved but the majority of the city is gone and the land has since been converted into a park to satisfy those who wants to live there the Hong Kong government just 350000000 between the 33000 residents allowing them to relocate before the demolition began number 50 right there a bad impact I care about is the fourth largest city in Pakistan it houses a population just under 3.5000000 individual maybe 250 square miles in size but with the current population that needs 14000 people are living in a single square mile the city's an important commercial area that includes various industries such as tiles film metal working paper pottery plastics tanneries unornamented skills in the picture the 5000 public school students perform yoga in high Garabet number 4 gong Bangladesh if the bomb is not only a major port city but it's also a huge financial center for Bangladesh the city is home to the Chittagong stock exchange and many of the oldest and largest companies in all of Bangladesh the city is larger being 65 square miles holds an impressive amount of people to make living very difficult the population of 3175000 there are a little less than 50000 people per square mile number third Santa Cruz del is looking Columbia this land which is a little larger than the size of 2 football fields is home to over 1200 people Kylie can be accessed by ferry ride from the port of toll loop island itself houses little except the people the surrounding islands are used as cemeteries recreational areas and people travel to the mainland every day for work number 12 sitio man had New York the amount of people in the city at any given time fluctuates because of the sheer amount of businesses that are stationed in Manhattan going off to actually lives in Manhattan recorded 1619090 are tied to that list seeing as the circumference of the city's about 23 square miles there about 70000 people living in each square mile of the city number you know what I India the shale what is a city located on the banks of the Christian a river and homes over 1.7000000 people the city is seen as one of the major trading and business centers of the Indian state remains a vital part of the country's economy today detail what is also been recognized as a global city of the future by McKinsey quarterly with area of the city being only 24 square miles there are about 71000 people living per square mile number 10 kalian India Cali and may only be the 20 eighth largest city in India but people live practically on top of one another the total area of the city's 53 square miles and with a population of almost 3000000 the population density 78900 people for every square mile there isn't much by means of attractions or services are only too glad barks when nature park and one largest shopping mall according to trip number 9 dockside Dr in Bangladesh doctor as the capital of Bangladesh and is one of the world's most densely populated cities is also the largest city in the Bengal reach and the current population is staggering 70 0 with the size of the host one 12000 people for each square mile cities home to thousands of business and the Dhaka stock exchange is the largest stock in southeast in terms of market capitalization in treating all the city also host many festivals in city wide events throughout the year that focuses on topics such as literature art and culture number 8 city of Manila in the Philippines founded in 1571 the city of Manila as 1 of the oldest cities in the Philippines and was the seat of power for most of the country's rulers 2015 a record 1780148 people call Manila home cities composed of 16 separate districts but even then there are about 120000 people living in every square mile of this city numbers jungle island in Lake Victoria the territory was once claimed by both Kenya and Uganda but after consideration in 2009 the military forces of Uganda left and surrendered the island to Kenya island found in the eastern part of Lake Victoria isn't very big but that hasn't stopped the 130 residents from living on a piece of land the size of half a football field all the reason much as far services found on the island there are 4 pups number of brothels number on what was once fish pop created and used by local fishermen driving town she needs I knew Thomas created by filling in swamping areas with material and building thousands and thousands of tall buildings the government has since been criticized due to the lack of services and facilities required to meet the demand rapid population growth this way why is now home to 300000 people wall share the less than 2 miles spot of land number 5 St James town neighbourhood Toronto Canada the residential towers that are called home to most were built in the 19 sixties cities middle class over the next 15 years immigrants from all over the world flooded into establishing new beginning by 2013 there were reported 17000 people living in the point 09 square mile radius well all of the residential buildings were built sky heights accommodate as many people as possible the reason enough room and many of the buildings are falling into disrepair number 4 male island Republic of the mile Dietz mail is the capital and the most populous city in the Republic of the melodies Alan was first established as a residence for the king until the abolition of the monarchy in 19 he ate the name Maldives comes from its capital male male island is less than one square mile but there been talks about expanding the borders to landfills with recorded 133400 people living on the island it is one of the most densely populated places in the world Bella Rio de Janeiro favela is the Portuguese word for slum use in Brazil the largest of these being the whole scene have developed is located in south zone of the Rio de Janeiro between the south Colorado and they got bad districts most of the slums located on a steep hill surrounded by numerous trees the area of the neighborhood is about a third of a square mile houses almost 70000 people according to a 2010 census though it is a densely populated slums the neighborhood as a better developed infrastructure that in many of the others around the world tiny area has banks buslines cable TV and at one time even a McDonald's franchise number 2 the marine lines neighborhood in Mumbai India Arie was named after the military establishment built by the British in the early 19 hundreds neighborhood area measures to be a fraction less than a square mile and 0.7 square miles with a reported population of 202920 it is one of the most populated neighborhoods around number one OneNote Hong Kong less than half a square mile won't look houses almost 150000 residents and is home to one of the biggest shopping areas in Hong Kong there is a mix of old and new building types but most of the restaurants and shops being at ground level and the residential units built a blob due to its extremely high population density the Guinness book of world records called it the business district in the entire world //

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