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"2017-08-20 17:46:44"
\\why would buses lining up in the same place then drop people off so many people down on black lives matter shirts and some people got old KKK Sir now when have you ever soon so what the KKK Sir now we know we see people with black lives matter Sir Gawain and you've ever seen so when we take a gazer and then why would she said these buses were bumper to bumper dropped everybody off and took off all the buses were the saying it was a well orchestrated no Hey I don't give miss enough that it's yeah I but I'll be anonymous donors pseudo back to back think well think think share this think and share this video this was all set up they understand the whole thing first of all you're not gonna have won a KKK teaser and you're not gonna have on a black lab mad Caesar did not the same brand of buses park back to back we talk about bumper to bumper not the same area bumper to bumper I'm glad that the one who told me this is okay because she was in that alley it was not only speak with those people die here it was in an alley and only being the stock this Dow with the pardon car not because somebody into the park Carly was an alley she seemed the 87 year old man get her and said you know they go to Sunday school every day 80 plus this was telling me no this is seen as second this question her mind I want to do a live interview with her probably tomorrow night best dinner mine back to back 6 of us back to back you tell me the KKK and black lives matter are going to get on the same chart above really I might be some done but I love go that I was born at night but it was the last night I love movies going own job but it's not as good questions these bullion route up they just seem to get the other day when I still go how looks outside plus I did not like that outside the white but it won't turn then go to the mall snow well those the stores in the area you see light weight both very cordial and nice to each other so by trying to make ya do bottle some reason now I don't like Democrats that is true but I don't hate to I mean not that I can't sit down and talk with yeah ignorant then I don't need to go to a Democrat I hate you because you need but ... like Democrats are the way they did move beings but I'm accomplishing you hit I like group now I'm not because I might run into folks all the time and we talk people use it aim week we just we disagree with them going on buses donated we have 3 songs think about this man they try to make you all think that the world of the American certain weight when is that pull is selling this man who is selling this why are you buying who's selling this and why you buying 6 charter buses same company back to back out wish somebody would have been feels it is the people in this is that they can milk quick fast and got it they came in quick same spot not the same airy seized anywhere back to back all the people got out so mad on black lives matter teasers some add on take UK teasers so like a day ago seen from Jerry Springer wheezes put people together and watch the reaction will see what happens why would you put a KKK personal most days were black lives matter person and not think that will go ahead why would you do that unless you're looking for ratings are some the habit it's it's you know it takes a man last she hit me up to date map because you know I know some basic don't own termite selfish I know some days ago I know I dozed beta bull going owner rely on that cursing on it because I don't know Facebook had any got a reason the good news video all I want to have David got a reason take this video down rate this video man I'm telling you something we need to start thinking bubble waiting it's a big house that adore this since about trying to beat ourselves up with each other up because this is crazy cousin next time don't get worse and I wouldn't doubt it I've heard of this before somebody told me about this book lawsuits it is pay attention in that area we all see anything that's like this video it I know I've said this before a couple years ago some that have been in the war bus then so many violent pay attention then go see the stuff going on video it they put it online is so people the world is not true what's going on with this on you all the media's an honest man all of so I mean but I'm not really so all that they had since man I'm out of here don't have a blessed day and don't often have been added sell 53 not that don't know it //

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