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"2016-02-20 15:01:31"
Mehdi Hasan's Awesome Reply in a Debate
\\she thank you very much Mr president ladies and gentlemen good evening assaulted him lovely to see you all here tonight we're having a very entertaining not only not with some very interesting things being said ... from the other side of the house tonight and let me begin by saying as a Muslim as a representative of Islam I would consider myself an ambassador full is Sloane a believer in Islam follow up all profit so in that capacity let me begin by apologizing to and Marie for the Bali bombings I apologize for the role of my religion to me and my people ... for the killing of sea of on golf the 77 yes that was a lot of that was Islam that was Muslims that will depend on I mean establishing astonishing claims add to make in the very first speech not on a day like today where the conservative prime minister the United kingdom's I'm to come out and point out that these kind of views are not them and I believe it's going to stand for the labor party to go MP in Brighton if you do and you make these comments I'm guessing you'll have the wit withdrawn from you but then again you keeps on the rise they'll take you the BNP they might have something to say you'll do by the way by the way by the way as we know a lot about the sex hello on a factual point use of Islam was born in Saudi Arabia Islam was born in 610 A. D. Saudi Arabia was born in 1932 a deep sea early 1300 22 years off not bad not bad stockman but talking of mouths by the way among them I'll call it is me one of the greatest mathematicians will time a Muslim worked in the golden age of Islam he's the guy who came up with not just algebra algorithms without algorithms you would have laptops without laptops Daniel Johnson tonight when the bottom to print out a speech in which he came to berate of Muslims to holding back the advance and intellectual achievements of the west which all happened without any contribution from anyone else other than the Judeo Christian people of Europe in fact Daniel David levering the author of the Pulitzer Prize winning historian and author of the golden crucible point out that there would be no Renee songs there would be no reformation in Europe without the role played by Ignacy now and if no bush than some of the great Muslim theologians philosophers scientists including 30 Basra this being our university I will leave that to the imagination is who is our new is that I study here to I'm I just unleashing establishing sort of a speech is so far making this case tonight a mixture of just cherry picked quotes facts and figures self serving selective of Farah go of distortions misrepresentations misinterpretations miss quotations ... Daniel talked about my article in the NY state from which got me a lot of Flack when I talked about the anti semitism that is prevalent in some possible some committee which indeed it is ... of course I didn't say in that piece it wasn't caused by the religion of Islam in fact a modern anti semitism in the Middle East was imported from finish the sentence Christian Judeo Christian Europe where I believe some sudden bad things happen to the Jewish people in fact Tom Friedman Jewish American colonists new times told me in this very chamber last week he believed how Muslims been running Europe in the 19 forties 6000000 extra Jews would still be alive today so I'm not gonna take lessons in anti semitism from someone who's here to defend the Judeo Christian values of a continent the mode of 6000000 Jews at moving swiftly on moving swiftly on yes exact absolutely 100 Madre a boy got on the bus right about you know I really I agree with I agree with you 100 some that is likely I don't think Europe is evil about I'm very proud European I don't want to judge over the basin but if we're gonna play this delta game when we pull out the Bali bombing and the plot examples of anti semitism is not good for the schools are gonna come back and say well hold on I mean look let's be very clear Daniel who was a last minute replacement for Douglas Murray who have to pull out and Douglas and I have a well documented differences but to be fair to Douglas as to be fat I'm Marie and Peter I theists atheist see all religions as evil violent threatening what the problem I have with Daniel speech is a domino comes here to run this robust defense of Christianity forgetting that his fellow Christians people who said they were acting the name of Jesus gave us the crusades the Spanish Inquisition the anti Jewish pogroms European colonialism in Africa and Asia the lord's resistance army and Uganda not to mention countless also in bomb attacks on abortion clinics in the United States of America to this very day I would like a little bit humility from Daniel first before he begins lecturing other communities on the faith on violence terror and intolerance but no thank you with a we but I would say this to redress the gentleman very valid point here I'm not gonna play that game I don't actually believe that Christianity is a religion of violence and hate because of what the NRA does in Uganda or what but what crusaders did that to Jews and Muslims in Jerusalem and it took but a city in the twelfth and thirteenth what of sentry was I believe the Christianity like Islam like pretty much every mainstream religion is based on love and compassion and face I do follow a religion in which 113 out of the 14 chapters of the book on begins by introducing the god of Islam as a god of mercy and compassion I would not have it any other way I don't follow a religion which introduces my goal to me as a god of war a some kind of Greek god of wrath as a god of hate and injustice not a toll as Adam pointed out you go through the crowd and you see the mercy and the love and the justice and yes you have verses that refer to warfare and violence of course it does this is not a motion about pacifism and I'm not here to argue that Islam is a pacifistic faith it is not Islam allows military action violence in certain limited context and yes a minority of Muslims do take it out of that context but is irreligious we talked about what it Donilon I'm Marie of suggested that it's definitely religion that's behind all of this will actually what I find so amusing tonight they're having a debate about Islam and the opposition tonight have come forward we have a graduate in Laura graduate modern history graduate in chemistry at at and you know I I admire all of their intellects in their abilities but we don't have anyone is actually a an expert on Islamic scholar of Islam a historian of Islam a speaker of Arabic even a terrorism expert were security experts or Pollstar let alone to talk about what Muslims believe all think instead we have people coming here putting full with these views putting forward the sweeping opinions listen to professor Robert Pape of the university of Chicago 1 of America's leading terrorism experts who unlike our steamed opposition tonight studied every single case of suicide terrorism between 19182 0 and 53 15 cases in total and he concluded and I quote there is little connection between suicide terrorism Islamic fundamentalism or any of the world's religions rather what nearly all suicide terrorist attacks have in common is a specific secular and strategic goal to compel modern democracies to withdraw military forces from territory that the terrorist consider to be their homeland and the irony is when we talk about terrorism the irony is that the opposition and the Muslim terrorist al Qaeda types I actually have one thing in common because they both believe that Islam is a war like violent religion they both the real now they have everything in common Osama bin laden would be nodding along to everything's a tonight no position but it really problem is the problem is that mainstream Muslims don't the majority of Muslims around the world don't in fact I just to make us on a quick deals oppose got tired of the biggest pulled Muslims on all of 85000 Muslims in 35 countries 93 percent of Muslims rejected 911 in suicide attacks on of the 7 percent who didn't they all when polled and focus groups cited political reasons for their support violence not religious reasons asks for Islamic scholars in what they say well Daniel talks about our university of Oxford will go down to Oxford center for Islamic studies get hold of a man named Shayk a fee fi ala Kitty who is a massively well credentialed a mile respect Islamic scholar who studied across the world who in the days off to 77 published a fatwa denouncing terrorism in the name of Islam corny for the protection of all non combatants at all times and describing suicide bombings as an innovation with no basis in Islamic law going listen to shake bottle poverty 1 of Pakistan's most famous Islamic scholars who published a 600 page photo op condemning the killing of all innocent and also supplements unconditionally without any if so pull ups there's nothing new here this is mainstream Islam mainstream scholarship which just said this for you and you don't go out and kill people Willy nilly in the High Street or anywhere else on a bus or a mole based on verses of the Koran the your cherry pick without any context any understanding any interpretation what any common tree please I well it's it's I didn't say it doesn't happen a toll I doesn't even have but I don't blame this on yes it's a very good point and a lot of us a lot of us are campaigning against I'm a companion against in the name of Islam we campaign against in the name of various interpretations of Islam armory comes in scales with a talk of sharia law I would like to see the book of sharia law it doesn't exist people are viewable for ceremonies anew and power while the extremists by saying there was only one version even probable I don't you could get in drugs and I'm very something you stay there for a moment rock'n we dealing with we could do not to be a point a to point here we are dealing with a 1400 year old global religion followed by 1.6000000000 people in every corner of the world a courtroom humanity of all backgrounds cultures ethnicities and get the opposition talk wants to generalize stereo type smear in order to desperately win this debate's and his my question for going to generalize and cement if okay people say yesterday's bombers and we got to be capital trial going on way yesterday's attack a sorry motivated by is a big debate I don't believe that well let's say they were let's say Faisal Shahzad the Times Square bomber was motivated by love let's assume for sake of argument ... that Richard Reid the shoe bombers in Israel if Islam is responsible for these kinds of Islam is what is motivating people and as long as they follow the religion of peace religion all that also self this question while the rest of us doing it why is it such a tiny minority of Muslims are interpreting their religion in the way that the opposition claim they are let's assume there 16000 suicide bombers and all their own let's assume there often is a good argument that 0.001 percent of the Muslim population globally what about the other 99.99 percent of Muslims who the opposition tonight either ignore or smear the reality is that the rest of us are blowing themselves up tonight the reality is that the opposition came in tonight not worried about the fact that me and out of my post below but a jacket to blow ourselves up in a good way follows a war like Maria religion which wants to take over Europe in Daniel's university the issue is this the series is the proposition tonight to be is it one of our great atheist intellectuals can tell us tonight Kaneka owns this question thought why don't the vast majority of Muslims around the world behaves violently in aggressively the tiny minority of politically motivated extremist then they might as well give up and stop pretending that anything relevant say about Islam or Muslims as a whole laser German let me just say this to you think about what the opposite of this motion if you vote no tonight I think of a way of saying the opposite missions that Islam is a religion of peace is a religion of war of violence of terra of aggression that the people you follow Islam me my wife my retired parents my 6 year old child that 1.8000000 of your fellow British residents and citizens of 1.6000000000 people across the world a fellow human beings are all full Louis promoters believers in a religion of violence do you really think about do you really believe that to be the case they say that in the Oxford union the most famous debate with a 1933 when I don't have to look out for the result of the canyon country motion when they voted against fighting for king and country and Hitler was listening out for the result well tonight 18 years on their 2 groups of people around the world who I would argue waiting for the results of tonight's Vict there the millions of peaceful nonviolent law abiding Muslims both in the UK Europe Asia Africa and beyond who see Islam as the source of their identity as a source of spiritual fulfillment of hope of solace and they're the phones the hate is the big gets out there who want push the clash of civilizations you want to divide one of us into them and us and hours in their lives you know but I urge you all not to fuel the arguments of the folks and biggest don't legitimate that division so digitalized to hate trust those Muslims who you know who you've met to you here who don't believe in violence who do want you to hear the peaceful message of the put on as they believe it to be told to the majority of Muslims the slum of peace and compassion and mercy the slum of the pot on not of al Qaeda later engines when I beg to propose this motion to the house I urge you to vote yes tonight thank you very much for //

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