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"2017-09-22 16:24:06"
Tech Talks #302 - iPhone 8 Best, Micromax Selfie 3, Whatsapp Skype Ban Lifted, Bixby Voice India
\\subscribe easy technical goodies channel go about making good of a year latest technology videos subset politic McKinney a who've got over going up the wooden floor the convertible to coax the country should be so detailed Libya or can we go on a date feels the tissue but the head this video is brought to you by Hank formed rescue ship description for more information little background in terrible hand I want needs I voted closely gave well you have a little sad news you have people you with one political believe legal committee at some guy who people when we get the ms look at that to get update we got a little metal feet on Indiana look on that about a home but you think I'm saying the formalism was emitting a possible political fund Boston job is about equal is still a lot of those bombs in the battle get will go to say if you look at Boston globe behind everyone who will believe believe did give me a lift him obviously because I I will get lost in that his little you're gonna but that had so I think it is about a commodity busted lip balm now who did on stalled I believe the joking will Megan again made up of the violin liana let's get what do you hope will be a for me need some we'll look because of the what that but with a big band that legal defense it gets a lot of the loop syquest the celebrity well he handles both a little slow who is dead CD Alexa get put down on who was it people like that so do not be deported well you have the that a good as to whether beyond I let out be today he is look at it so I would just go yeah but because of the update and all you ever think it is a little more holding onto give away gas John button that is still not on the the buses arrival has politically livia camera city manager leap beyond what did it or not hold on for the peace will be I think I'm going to relax again media that they got secluded little easy for people to feel bad about yeah we have a so he added to who we don't have any Yahoo on it yeah will need politically useful have you got a who does not deserve it into you know because only a 20 I'm going to look like the late evening was good okay good good I think don't apples what made you go so little gambling yeah I good evening beats the heck with this is that it's in 18 a political we so we got into the buildup Sylvia see a little game it'll definitely be I call siad that if you once we'll get a little bit really bad that he go ahead the others applaud but even the not being able to go same please make on but if it was I knew it would and again then the the way in maybe it but the number but it was the you might as it could be really now I don't have detailed would well you know I yeah toward the sick one who had near who are saying little go ahead get full to the quake beyond Alicia so we are being we got he you look on forget the head would you be uniform and I don't want it to well good luck on given the a little TV believe me lying on the beginning of the war if you through a hole in my they are is this your a little bit then let them pile what option right up your a little and if no it is we I don't particularly a little yeah one of them I'm a little bit that's going to Cuba they are here we get up the blows them up the focus Phyllis and yeah you don't get I believe you got do you to ensure Dave well that has postal Lusophony keep us on a position that little clean I believe in god so is my you know let me do it again hello the movie yeah yeah okay looking at that is the hello Bob yeah to buy the goods yeah I tip think about it I think that kind of news we who I would have a a lot of it was going //

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