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"2017-08-15 10:30:00"
Bombshell Connection Between Charlottesville, Soros, CIA
\\we've been talking in recent weeks about a deep state coup underway to oust trump but what is that look like we see it happening in other countries but what does that look like here in the United States how would the people accept the overthrow of our democratically elected government here in the United States well obviously first you gotta get make sure the media and the people are in line with that plan and they need to shut down any dissenting voices and that great purge has already begun and it's affected my guest today investigative reporter at least ran a hand we welcome to the show I want to get it talk with you a little bit here in a minute about that courage and how it's affecting you they've started to shut down your YouTube channel but first I want talk about that really bombshell report that you dropped last night everyone needs to be following Lee on Twitter he can't even wait opposes articles the next day he wants to give it to you live via Paris goes you get that real news before everyone else Ali Stranahan people can also fine you're the co host at fault lines on Sputnik and saving journalism over at citizen journalism so welcome to the show I give people just a little bit of an inclination of what we're dealing with here well so I've been following his arm I'm used to be the lead investigative reporter prepper news I work with and her bright part I'm Steve man's favorite reporter and up Steve directed a film called occupy on mask back in 2012 that Andrew Breitbart Michael narrated and I've been following this very specifically since then the build up of these groups in the first term of the Obama administration you had the occupy movement in the second term you had the black lives matter movement and now in the trump administration you have anti fog the anti fascist movement but they're really all the same thing the Blacklock techniques that they've used and even the people of one of the I'm I'm one of the guys who was recently featured the Washington post's leg not up they they get a picture of him with a baseball bat okay well that's a guy who I profile back when he was it occupy DC so people have to understand this is a long term movement by the way it goes back much further the battle for Seattle this is the piece that's called Pete they internally they called the peace and justice movement okay and it's Soros funded everyone watches in poll wars knows and understands that but the thing a lot of people have missed these is how this is affecting things overseas once you understand how this ties into Ukraine the government of Ukraine you start to understand why Russia has been demonized and I'll mention that I I host a show on fault lines which is on Sputnik so if people don't think I'm the most objective source on Russia that's fine fact check me nothing I'm saying is at is conjecture everything I'm saying you can check for yourself so don't take my word for anything I always tell people that up but if you look at what's been going on the Ukraine I did it I did a periscope before the guy crashed the car into the people saying that what I see here is an education situation like we saw in Ukraine in 2013 to 2014 so real briefly let's look at who the players were okay Hillary Clinton state department put a lot of resources into the Ukraine George Soros spend $100000000 the Obama administration in Victoria Nuland were part of it John McCain went to Ukraine does that make sense and the media covered up what was actually going on there what was actually going on there is the U. S. sponsored a crew that was funded by Soros it was set up by the Obama administration set up through something people can look up a Hillary Clinton civil society to point no and not find a lot of material from the state department that's where the a Clinton state department trained cyber activist okay now so what Ukraine it's so it's another country what is apt to do with anything I want people to look up that that Schmidt doba S. B. O. B. O. DA's straight doba that is a right wing neo Nazi party in Ukraine look up sprint doba torch March and you will find pictures from 20131415 of should Noah doing these tiki torch marches exactly like we saw in Charlottesville yeah you're showing right now this is just a simple Google search anyone can do themselves now look at that top picture you see a number these pictures have red and black flags in them she got a Black Flag red and black flag up there you should write the top that picture there okay the red and black flags that's a flag that represents blood and soil okay blood and soil is a neo Nazi chant now this groups but nobody is not a fringe political parties now trying to try to do a search for spa doba McCain and if you do that you'll very quickly find pictures of John McCain with the leaders speedo but also find pictures of the spent over a guy zig highly okay yeah these we are Nazis are fine there in the Ukraine not exactly right so so neo Nazis are totally fine noxious that it took this is the guy no McCain came out with a statement condemning what happened in Charlottesville I'm gonna condemn both of them this guide the spin doba party is connected to a group called the Ukrainian insurgent army that goes back to World War 2 now when we talk about Nazis these are actual Nazi collaborators who killed about 60000 Polish people and Jews by the way the guy you see there Z. highland but Hey it's a juicy talks openly about Jews and all I wanna point out one thing about these white supremacist board we're doing some yesterday here's my view on Israel I am broadly pro Israel but they're not cost but they're the best country in that region are there the most western country so I'm pro Israel broadly but I'm not but I don't just go along blindly with anybody these white supremacist groups are actually pro Palestinian these groups up are explicitly pro Palestinian David Duke is pro Palestinian I'm definitely not pro Palestinian those of the Islamist okay that's who they are so I want to point out what's going on here is first off the people behind this McCain Clinton Obama Soros in the media all have a very different tune in Charlottesville very different kill now here's what I think is happening if you look at what happened Ukraine in 2013 to 2014 Oliver Stone why don't agree with on a lot of stuff but he produced a film called Ukraine on fire anybody can seek it out it's on Amazon prime watch the film he shows what happened in Ukraine was a giant protest in Adan square suddenly started to get violent now what happens when things start to get violent is there's a police crackdown right now the police crackdown creates more violence and by the way a group called right sector where the people behind that in the Ukraine the media here didn't report unless so here's what I see happening up there with a woman's March right after trump was inaugurated 1000000 people in the streets right that was a peaceful protest but imagine if there started to be violence because I've been to so many protests I can see what's happening they want the violence and they want to be able to blame the violence on the right the right you know it did that everybody in the media right now is trying to say trump is is pro white supremacist what strong position on Israel just ask yourself what's trump rip my opinion or your opinion he's pro Israel right these guys are pro Israel so you can't you know you can go over position these guys are openly socialist Matthew hime box he was one of the speakers unite the right I've interviewed Matthew he's with the traditional workers party their socialist if you ask him their socialist that's who they are there against capitalism so does this sound like the right you are saying right what they do is they cherry pick certain positions so a lot of people are worried about immigration so they cherry pick that position and they go all will see these guys repose immigrants and sword these guys I'm not even opposed immigrants I just want sanity I'm opposed to illegal immigrants and I'm like a sane immigration system up but I'm fine with a certain number of immigrants I think most people are up but that's what they do they cherry pick so what they're trying to do is you're trying to set up a situation where we can blame the right for this right now right where the one that's got a lot of people are talking a lot about the stand down there and I know you we can kind of get into that in in a minute because of course that allows allows them to to use that optic of hate trump needs are your people you see on the right are you racist white nationalist but there was a stand down there and of course he was the governor there who benefits from that stand down on but I want to get back to you were talking about these tiki torch marchers and this this slogan that they were chanting in the Ukraine you point out at last night so that you know this is kind about Soros handiwork happening in the Ukraine but now we're also seeing those same paid protesters here in the United States but then it also these are white nationalists in Charlottesville were chanting this exact same slogan the ... blood and soil and then they had the same tiki torches you pointed this out Julian astonish noticed it as well ... so is that just a coincidence or what do you think about that I don't think it's a coincidence I think there I think it's a neo Nazi chant I think that John McCain has no problem with it when he's standing on stage and the U. S. government literally supported anybody can look up that Victoria Nuland and you L. A. N. D. phone call where she said I don't want the head of the neo Nazis in the government but I want and consulted 4 times a week can you imagine if Donald Trump said we need to consult Matthew hime box in the traditional workers'party 4 times a week right that that that would be but if the press would go insane about going to trump supporters would go insane right so what there will also point out yeah sorry you also point out how they'd people would go absolutely insane if trump had had a a campaign stop where he was meeting with openly white nationalist groups like our former CIA operative that was also running for the presidency so this is an important thing that I found in my research last night and it's significant so look let's tie all this into another story had been reporting on for months which is the Ukraine DNC interference in the election I've talked with David night about this a number of times the short version is there's a a democratic operative named Alexander chalupa her sister Andrea Chilumpha's also a Democrat operative her sister Irene a chalupa works for Soros funded organization Alexander's an American she worked in the Clinton White House she's a DNC operative for years she met with the Ukrainian government the Ukrainian government then drop a a bombshell in August palm airport who was then the campaign manager for trump his name was found in a secret pleasure right shocking what they don't tell you is that on June 27 of this year the same prosecutor who said male pork was making was getting secret cash payments came out after the election said I know he wasn't getting cash payments is not imminent not mentioned at all oops now the New York Times The Washington Post is not reporting it but anybody can see Bloomberg in a story June 27 metaphors name was not in the lecture okay it was so who cares right I mean this is important but how does it tie into what we're talking about Andrea chalupa and Alex Chiluba artist Ukrainians they're associated with a group of American Ukrainians yeah that's that's it right this is the only major story about this it's a big deal look at you can see the headline that's pretty clear right but no evidence that's the same prosecutor why doesn't the Washington post tenure tensely will inform wars knows why we know why so they're they're hiding information okay September last year in Hartford Connecticut there was a meeting of the American Ukrainian Congress at that meeting they were greeted by Evan McMullen epic McMullen is the CIA Goldman Sachs person who was running as a spoiler against trump the whole goal was to have him split Utah so that Hillary would win does that make sense that was our strategy to shot trump was weak in Utah Mike Mullins a Mormon they thought they'd a chance to split the boat Hillary wins Utah they figured okay up when when he addressed the Ukrainian Congress if you look at that who Ukrainian congresses these are moderates this includes veterans of drum roll Ukrainian insurgent army it's right there in their own web page now remember what I said the Ukrainian insurgent army were Nazi collaborators who killed 60000 poles brutally other and when I say brutally they were murdering children I want you imagine just Leah picture for a second if Donald Trump spoke to a group of people and included former SS officers if you think there might be some controversy there not only did have been McMullen speak at that group but Andrea chalupa spoke at that group because she's part of it and just as importantly up a representative Hillary Clinton was physically there speaking to them so what I'm saying is but this spring doba group is not a fringe group during neo Nazis but they're not a fringe group at all they're not like let's say the white supremacist who were in Charlottesville who have no politicos guys have no political power whatsoever right these guys are one of the big 3 political parties in Ukraine and they're supported by Democrats like Hillary Clinton read independent Republicans like get McMullan a by the way I want to look at one other thing look ups but don't know CIA the CIA was actively involved in that Ukraine coup and but you know unfortunately I'm old enough to remember when the media used to report on the CI a and the people like me like every other people info Morse who are reporting on the CIA were considered mainstream reporters not fringe conspiracy theorist for pointing out that Jeff Bezos from Amazon is a $600000000 contract with the CIA but he also owns a Washington post something anybody can look up under percent true ... you don't need info wars for me to tell you that it's out there and Reuters the mainstream media this is really frightening what's going on because we see the same players it's Hillary Clinton is Barack Obama is John McCain it's the CIA it's the media it's George Soros all on one team and unfortunately it's patriotic Americans on the other team right and I know that you don't typically like to talk about false flags anything like that because they're very generalized and you make a lot of inferences but here this is something that's just a very interesting and we've seen on on the one hand these sort of agent provocateurs on the left who will dress up as Nazis and go to these trump rallies and do the Nazi salute on camera so that C. N. N. can kind of profile and or or show them in the background things like that ... so when you first you said that you were kinda reporting on what was going on on Charlottesville before the the white terrorist mode down some people know what what was going to your head is all this is is transpiring and you're seeing the logic you torture isn't I had just watched Ukraine on fire about 4 days earlier as part of my research and I not only watch it but I made like my wife watch you have you ever have that we watch your filming use just for show all your friends now again you know what so or I just seen it and I spend look again to cover a lot of protest you know you don't mention paid protesters or one be very clear on this most protesters are not paid most protesters are dupes they have no idea that they're part of a scene let me tell you something else about by Ukraine on fire people can watch this are in that film they talked very specifically about how in the Madan they needed martyrs she they need someone dead does that make sense because then they have a martyr so you remember the footage of the of that it's it's kind of amazing shot of the car speeding down the road you know I shot a spy guy name brand in ... well I'm back Calhoun I forget I'm forgetting his last name Gilmore I think it's his last name bringing Gilmore so it's come out to bring Gilmore was work with the U. S. the guy who happened to catch that shot with the U. S. state department are you also work for democratic representative but let me point out something else if you go to bringing Gilmore's page is Twitter page you'll see he's got a picture of the young woman who was murdered and you know what it says martyr literally it's literally it says mark you can't be more explicit than that so here's what I'm saying I'm not a big a I'm not a conspiracy theorist my fact based journalist the facts or not however the Democrats have invested it investigated trump or a lot lash right la leche league called for investigations in secret meetings they would convene the FBI when you have this many things going on ... I think someone really needs to investigate now again I don't like to jump to conclusions I like to say I'd like to ask some questions about who this kid was wary came from what we know get it all out in the open but also point out that we can't count on the media to do this yeah if you scroll it keeps role that's this is the guy reading Gilmore and if you scroll down keep going all of its not too far you'll see the photo of the era of the young woman this is absent when I saw this ... a YA I was shocked but sold your little below you'll see it see keep going it keep going keep going if I can be able to click on its pictures to yeah yeah you're good that's really good way to do it no no it's a Yeltsin it's okay yeah and he got to the top there where it says neat and media I think yeah I keep I did a screen cap of it because I was so well I I think you may begin we'll come back to it it's a letter so what kind of if you go talking about it yet yeah I tell about the way his his bio if you look at this guy's bio it says he was at the state department and the fact that he called her a martyr and again I'm I I don't know but this is clearly getting the way she is being used to she's a Margarita the cause and again I'll tell people watch this I don't agree with everything in Ukraine on fire and Oliver Stone because he's a leftist does not tying in how this is the same as occupy Wall Street black lives matter he mentions Soros for about 30 seconds I would spend 510 minutes of storage but you'll be you'll be frightened and let me point out what's happening they are they win no matter what they do are they trying to get a clue I think clearly they are but if they can't get a clue they'll settle for impeachment and if they can't get impeachment bill shuttle per smearing trump and his supporters so much that they're able to elected other leaders does that make sense or other rich that desolation the consolation prize is that they win she because predicting something a cuckoo is very difficult right up there's a lot of factors that can go in there but it doesn't make any difference if they can get the coup they get the coup the best thing for them actually would be a straight electoral victory prison that's a clean win the actually the best thing for them would be impeachment if they can impeach trump which is what they're clearly trying to do and and and the media is clearly part of it this is why it's so important are that sites like info wars and audiences like info wars report factual stuff and tell their friends and neighbors about it because the media's never gonna tell him about this stuff and and that's why really she you guys have me on I I I really appreciate ... you guys staying strong through all this because as everybody knows is a lot of pressure on people I Jake tapper called for media we'd be investigated by the FBI on Friday my entire YouTube account was terminated this weekend but I've I've been doing this 10 years if I learned one thing pre under bright parts never back down south right well that's when you know you really are over the top target when you have people well that's the thing that I don't understand is is Jake tapper saying we need to investigate are people calling to fire McMaster but what about the investigating those people who are calling to fire Bannon because that's going around as well so all of a sudden the media likes one of trump's guys that he's gotten is it administration but it's still fine and of course we've seen there using what's going on in Charlottesville to say that this is the final straw you absolutely need to drop band and now they're totally trying to take what's going on in Charlottesville and let this be the big push now everyone on the right that doesn't disallow can be labeled as a Nazi or a Russian agent or any other type of smear on while they're not giving you that the facts there it's total double double standard there even this most recent article in ... New York times they they give you the string of right wing attacks that led up to Charlottesville better remember them doing that exact same thing with the string of left wing attacks and violent political activity that's been going on for the last year that led to a of a leftist going in shooting up the GOP our representatives baseball game that was that was a story that just that should've been a huge story and it went to the wayside in a matter of days it's actually the last 50 years this is a 50 year plan the same people in the sixties Angela Davis in the sixties it what was at the woman's March but let me give an example of this Leah I'm retribution the spot if you ever listen the Sputnik radio speed right now sorry can you have seen some of your stuff don't don't be sorry that but most people who listen to it from what you heard in the media what do you think it's political position on truck would be it's a Russian funded network what do you think its position on truck would be I mean I haven't really seen many other journalists are there speaking highly of trump I mean well yours alt culture what it is it's it's it's real simple we have a radio broadcast about a number of post you were looking at the entirety of the pro trump radio broadcasters and split neck I'm it oh okay any and your co host now that that is right I mean look at host and everybody else is on the left okay I'm everybody else in anybody don't take my word for it go look up Sputnik go listen to the shows go through and you'll see their shows like by any means necessary which is up a Green Party candidate socialist who's on by the way nice guy you jeans a nice guy and a recruiting politically but this is what Sputnik is doing it's so dangerous to the media they actually have a trump supporter on you see what I'm saying they actually and by the way my co host is Bernie Sanders supporter so think about that up I think a lot of people would like to hear that show because trump and Bernie Sanders said the biggest audiences right it's not pro trump I'm the and I'm by the way I'm only pro trump about 75 percent of the time I was in favor shooting missiles into Syria I'm not in favor of Jeff sessions policy marijuana can get on the list right I'm not a trial carry water for anybody but if you heard the media talking about Russian media and Sputnik and their pro truck no they're not in all anybody has to do is do the bravest thing in the world right now which is do the research yourself go look it up yourself and you'll understand that the media's lying to you and I think a lot of people are really starting to recognize that the media's lying just flat out lying to them but they have high and the brave thing in look into it themselves lifted to do little bit of research you know and just a little bit it's all laid out there for you it's not like back in the day where you had to go in your encyclopedia to learn anything it's right there on Google most the time other people out late such as least ran ahead of RT done that work for you they've laid the foundation you just got to dig a little bit and frankly it is the time to stand up and speak out about this because we're all gonna be labeled Nazis and Russian agents very soon it's it's something that they're already starting to use to ... force trump to a fire people in his administration because he doesn't want to be associated with this white nationalist movement ... Lee let me ask you what did you think about the the backlash for trump's response to what happened in Charlottesville did you think that it was a a good response or a weak response do you think you should have chosen sides or dis about both equally it's complete lying hypocrisy from the media the media's all the media's goal in this is to pressure trump in a way that they never pressured McCain distance yourself from a Nazi they never pressured Obama it why are you working with the neo Nazi why did we overthrow the government in Ukraine they never pressured them that big here's the game it's it's real simple I played when I was in college about 1000000 years ago where I was a libertarian in college okay and ... you're supposed to see her so thank it's like it's called guilt by association I'm supposed that so here's here's where you're with your world Julianne did you agree with Alex Jones when he said this with us right now then what I do is like pressure you and I get you into a corner right and then once you admit right something that I don't go okay well thanks remitting that that was honest with you I keep going and I say well Gee it took you 15 hours to admit that's what they did with trump trump clearly how many times is enough to say he's not anti semitic how many times has he say's not associated with these groups the left is never held to the standard never ever and Barack Obama who is simple example member when Baltimore burned right if you re Barack Obama's biography if you read his own book he talks about reading a up on offer in France but no F. A. N. O. N. France but no is I he wrote a book called wretched of the earth is one of the most important writers of the black liberation movement Obama talks about reading it for no said we have to allow but he said violence is a cleansing force for oppressed people I would say that again bono said violence is a cleansing force so in Baltimore when they said we need people to give space to destroy does that make sense member that right that shall retire Punic for them Dutch straight out of bono okay straight out of but no if Donald Trump in art of the deal said you know I was reading the works of Adolf Hitler and as she sat in minecon right yeah that would be all they talk about but but but no was literally in favor of violence again clinching goal go look it up golden listen to Obama talk about that this is his background he's never ever called to account on that the thing that I've done but one of the reasons are I'm a good a researcher is because I read Herbert Marcuse and the Frankfurt school in Plano right I can quote it as well as they do so when these leftist and by the way it's getting fun if not run it it's not fun reading a these are awful people who've been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of people he's gonna communist they're horrible they're awful people and up and but I but I study them because I want to know what they're talking about I want to decode what they're saying so when they talk about ... the abolitionist movement I know what they're talking about is literally getting rid of prisons they want to make no prisons and this goes back to the sixties Black Panther 10.platforming Angela Davis and George Jackson and this connects to the black lives matter movement because Eric Mann was the mentor Patrice callers who started the black lives matter movement blah blah and I went through that stuff real quickly just to drop some names but anybody can look up what I said Patrice colors one of the founders of black lives matter her mentor's Eric Mann Eric Mann was part of the weather underground he wrote a book on George Jackson George Jackson was a bug was the hero of the black liberation movement so I can talk this language with leftist most conservatives don't know who George got me again you're you're smart you know George actions now not at the time my head and you're smart person who does this for a living and so I'm not saying that to make you feel badly I'm saying that some nobody feels badly because I didn't know George Jackson was until a year ago when I drove heavily into this stop spent 5 weeks in Oakland interviewed people who knew the black Panthers and you know I I live and breathe this stuff and it's not fun but the reason I do it is so I can can kind of concisely explain it to other people so I write like there's so much double speak lately and I'm just a re arranging of meetings it is important to know what we're dealing with with and that the foundations that they've been building up for decades and training their people and and we see it's still happening their pain well paying jobs to be a professional up protesters here now right kind of nice let's let me clear the organizers and then and then there's thousands of people below the more pages that make sense right exactly is really bad and also the useful idiots as well who are so trapped in their identity politics they got nothing else going for them they are realizing they're also useful idiots as well a part of this overthrow of this country that they ... as far as the white nationalist groups out there they're being useful idiots and helping to overthrow this country they think is so great worth saving your actually helping to destroy it are is is it leaves out of area politics there got all they've done is substitute black or white they believe in identity politics their socialist like Angela Davis the pro Palestinian right they share a lot in common up with these with these groups but they never talk about that and she again this is where the hypocrisy of the left comes and they were there white identity and this is where a lot frankly this is where a lot of regular people get very frustrated because they go what do you like I don't have a problem with someone saying I'm proud of being black in the in the way they shouldn't be ashamed knowing should be ashamed of their race does that make sense nobody had no control over it you're right all over you should be ashamed of your best shot accomplishment yeah it's not that's right and so I would do right I'm not I'm just a dude I'm a proud I'm proud and men done bad things absolutely does that have anything to do with me no not at liberty ship sank are responsible for me and show up I'm I have no problem with showing being proud of being black in the sense that I'm not going to be ashamed of being black add and illustration for a long time some bad blood people were ashamed of being black the same way some white people in pink cast our shame to being white right now I love but I'm not ashamed of being I just don't think about it I'm I'm Irish I guess but I didn't grow up in a house where we cared and I think a lot of people don't I think a lot of people just grow up in a house where there much right right I guess I'm I I guess I'm Irish I think you're some Swedish but I don't think about it but I'm not ashamed of being white but I don't make it my whole identity and right yeah I got in the other area where these white ... the lease white national shared something is their victims they want to talk about how victimized they are you know what this is America but yes affirmative action is unfair and yes there is such a thing as racism yes that's all true but you know what shock it up go out and work hard because clearly in this country you can succeed if you're black white Hispanic Asian does make it a Moslem Christian atheist you can succeed if you work hard if you're you act smart you can at anybody there's countless examples of people who succeed in this country of every color of the rainbow every sexual orientation everything you can imagine stop depending in your identity and start taking some responsibility for yourself right now knowing that you have a thank you and knowing that you have to ... you know you have to be up to see yourself as a victim in order to be ... to be a part of one of these groups is identity politics is so important to be a victim so that's why we're really seeing ... just even I the upholding of that by the media where they're kind of playing into these SJW kind of identity politics because it's such a powerful thing tube to move people who are it who that's you know really important to them ... tell us a little bit about and you have a documentary coming up on that's going to be all about exposing George Soros tells a little bit about that and I also want you to let people know where they can find more information and follow you and support you especially since we see you to now try to shut down your channel that actually gets they did shut you down they terminated my channel I lost 10 years from work including reporting I did from Lebanon but let me just talk about the victimization thing we just rebuild we move on you know what you don't you don't act like a victim ... it's it's difficult but we're gonna appeal it I'm gonna try to at least get my work back the because literally I'd I'd stupid example we lost my wife said we had videos of our kids up there from because we were using you to result a safe place to store them right while that's difficult right but you know what it's like if you lose everything in a fire I'm in the red shirt Kipling if you can you know if if you lose everything just start again shot up and move on Zen make sense don't be a victim of half the stuff so up so that happened and it's difficult and we're still figuring out what we've lost but we're we're moving on I am website a populist.TV that we started I started that after a quick break part when they kick me out of the White House up for trying to ask a question about crowd strike we're seeing right there populace.TV we do a lot of fact based reporting you can see right up top there reached about the Soros documentary were I'm a filmmaker I worked in Hollywood for about 30 I've been doing videos about 40 years which is right now since I was 14 years old and up well I I and so we're gonna surest documentary that's meant this is really important to me I'm not trying to do this documentary to intimidate people who are already on our side is that makes sense this documentary is aimed at waking up people and moving the needle that's what it's aimed at and if you go to that whether they keep showing picture me drinking water so that's my own fault but the but I'm trying to hydrate but dumb but but the reason we call a populist.TV is we're trying to outline the philosophy populace were trying to do a different kind of journalism it's not left that's not right that straight factual right now we're trying to expose new people to ... the reality that the media's line items that's what we do there and we also citizen journalism will strip buyer right laid out the factual case against McMaster leave the White House phone number and what else did you ask me about something else too yeah just different ways people can can stay in touch with you and follow you and support you you're a very active on Twitter and then fall lines is shown Sputnik and we we broadcast that everyday on periscope ... my son's help me with a lot of this stuff we hope my wife and I home school for a long time us so my 25 year old my 16 year old son both work with me ... and they're they're they're great and ... where Jack went kinda just anyways there is good if it is right has done a lot well fine looking young man and the heads up up Jackson Jack helps me with stuff we've been office here in Washington DC and that we're just trying to let's spread the truth out here I'm the guy who got Roger stone into the ... I'm the guy who introduced Roger stone to go server thank you arm but Sputnik isn't the Russian network that I that I work for a weaver showing up again listen to you'll hear on the only pro trump guy on there anda and ... when you and your body weight we just say one other thing do you know why I am the only pro truck guy on there because Republicans are chicken the people on the left are like whatever all work for Russia people who are Republicans even if they think the Russia which China is a load of be yes are afraid select ... I don't want to be associated with that does that make sense like well yeah we are seeing how they've tried to demonized people for going on our TV that's right and I I've been on RT and all going our to you again all go anywhere that date because here's the thing they try to demand I should they demonized me when I was a bright part they're gonna demonized we preparing an info wars right I've been on CNN all any any place with a microphone that wants me I'll do it this is true I'm not joking if people have a podcast and they have 10 listeners anyone interview me all do the podcast because I don't keep 2 sets of books in other words I say what I say where ever I say it I don't look at the microphone go away it's info wars so I want to tell them one thing ... N. O. G. C. N. N. slowing to be nice you're right I'm nice stellar to their audience yeah yeah I'm I mean I don't go on to to bicker with don lemon and call out everything he's ever done I think is bad but if he says something it's not true about people like Steve Bennett I corrected him forcefully and I'm that's what I do and so ... so I I like to point that out because I I it's very sad to me that Republicans are so skittish and it's the same thing you know what it's like you have people who aren't here on imports right who are just like absolutely ... we don't wanna I it's chilly it's showing her I will include I don't really think it was a separate I don't need you and I outgrew everything everybody says so exactly know and that's how I feel about it you have to have your own mind and and feel free and know that there are some outlets out there that are the only outlet they're going to be giving you the information that they have verses ... just sort of selecting what you're allowed what you're allowed to know in order to name them push certain narratives so we just kind of closing comments ... with with all of your ... history in the research that you've been doing with these ... the revolutions in the overthrow of what do you want people to understand about what's happening with the band and and McMaster and what is that look like for this country if they are successful in not taking down trump that's a great question Liam what I want people to know is that it's up to them to do something about it sitting back and being cynical and saying no well I guess it's over you're being a victim at that point pick up the phone to a 24561111 that's the White House phone number it'll take you 10 minutes between 9 and poor eastern leave a comment tell the president what you think this is a president that nobody thought could win the primaries and you did nobody thought he could win you don't mean by nobody them the experts I right that's what I mean by nobody a lot of Austin up the reason he won is because he heard the voice of the people what they're trying to do with trump right now is to separate him out from the people and from the people like Steve Banham who know what the people want trump supporters need to make their voice heard pay attention to what the left us constant activism constant activism and don't fall into their traps don't be a hypocrite don't be a liar right if given date if they refuse to call out the communist that's okay that's them you call out not I'm I'm opposed to Nazis for the same reason to oppose the communists I'm opposed to big state governor you know status governments that murder people call me crazy but any straightest government that murders people I'm opposed here right I'm opposed to the deep statement posted June or over reach but I'm not opposed to law enforcement I I like police officers it's not their fault if the politicians tone to stand down we cannot give up activism at this point you cannot get cynical you cannot be the victim and the other thing I would say and I say this as a reporter ... and as a as a Christian without getting the illogical is don't give into hate I just I'm not don't I just don't do it visit zillion reasons you don't get you don't need to be a Christian to say that a but it helps us but don't give into hate don't given to hate you know what you're seeing in some cases people are really giving into hatred and they're gonna will this and by the way that's exactly what they want you have to understand who do you think Barack Obama was trying to agitate the left for the left and the right do you think he was trying to to make you mad too because he was he wasn't just trying to make the people in Baltimore man of the people in Ferguson Matt he was trying to make the Republicans Matt there's a reason he didn't call it amount there's a reason he never did that it's because if they get people so frustrated that they lose it and kill people although left loves that so much they love it when you kill people they love it they love it when you say racist stop you see I'm saying that's what they're waiting or so up they they love it what they do is they poke in the Pocono poke in the Poconos poking the poke and then if they get somebody like this guy in in ... in Charlottesville apparently we don't like and he's not convicted yet but it he sure seems guilty to me but it's still a legend right but okay don't give in to hate on that don't give into hate and just go okay yet I was wrong he's wrong he's a collectivist is ideology was wrong is very similar to the anti Bob people who were fighting him really and I let's let's then move on and and and answer this stuff with love and reason because that's that's the way to win all I really believe that I think so till I I just myself I think I know some people get so frustrated yelling at a wall or yelling at people who are so attached dogmatically to their ideology I just kinda want to tap out most of the time gotta it but that's part of the plan as well just Allah exhaust people so much that they just check out and say you know what fine you want this country you can take it I don't even care I'm just so tired so you know that's not gonna solicits advice and get a bridge it's better yeah I think it should clearly if people get frustrated just get a pigeon spreader and dance around like Alex was that was the best of videos on stay sane Willie thank you so much for giving us your time today and will definitely stay tuned off you got me more bombshells will be glad to have you back on we we have more coming actually have more stuff in Ukrainian she can't talk about right now because I resources afraid quite frankly Andaman will have that coming very soon Leon thank thanks so much of the time god bless thank you thank you mmhm nmls most of you already know I am a voracious consumer of news and information and in the last 45 years doing more more research I came across the fact that the lead the establishment the science community just fully aware of the fact that our ancient the cases better to that we do day and our ancient sought out bones of the animals that they were hunting killing processing that they want for the bones first knowing that they were full of the vital essence get amero but also the bone structure itself and so I set out working with the top for me later in the country to develop caveman but to not just have concentrated bone broth check it but 7 other shipper food ingredients known for cleansing and super charging the body info wars is it just fighting the globalist we're getting results and we're expanding in the face of the complete media assault and winning because of your support because of you praying for the broadcast because if you find the products of financially supporting the transmissions so please secure your caveman today at infowars or by calling toll free triple 82533139 //

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