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"2016-08-16 13:49:56"
Henry: "When Vardy turned down Arsenal, I was like…really?!” | EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW
\\when was the sea bed against against Josie ... seal all court is going to do club finally ... I believe the pool ... in the preseason proper preseason with them so you know what I did today was up to the top due to the fact that some of the fucking we all going to book about what once said about all the wine and and the bottles but you know now it's it's it's time for the Placido I see city winning it but just just my big hope as you can imagine is always awesome to win it that it becomes a whole mall one lawyer year year by year I hope finally you can be deceived but the thing since it will agent bobbing saying that you have beat teams that are not going to blame you 15 on the going to Plano back and then a bunch ... on the other side also before he manages going through a Marino and up above the law how long it's going to take for the temperature that seems silly to jail and IBM a vintage false no because the modules when they're there for a long time but it's only been a problem for awhile a globe knowledge of the preseason primary again it's been there so so are they going to take advantage of those guys the jetting right from the start but what about you did you did do a job right from the start so who knows what's gonna happen with it we don't have to wait and see but I I think that some of the teams on the going to playing Europe it's going to be a massive advantage intense thanks Watson dominates most of cultural NMO most of the child of everything is it's just a fence and also you have to be ready to be sent to cope with that if someone isnt ability to save himself after 24 years it doesn't stick to her own sometime ago because of the level of offensive to that house so all of this art form aspire no display this woman is the one to deal with what's been successful wherever he went yes they might tell me that's in the winter Pacific via Munich but that's all great is now is getting judge on winning on the chapter 6 so that those who don't have the level of the mind the try to get body the one for striker right and you turn it down ... I mean I respect the stars and everything and not on my that's but for me as a funny town arsenal down you know I thought I was like really but I mean family and good luck to him ... then you know there was talk of ... if you don't look like they were going for defenders but obviously you your full of what happened in big obstacle for one or maybe 2 and one thing I was so you know to try to get body and body tone it down maybe press such as a striker alone all fall all what I would like to see these such as the engine room you can see all of Europe can be great fun all right you want W. replying we agree as mine and that and we all know are great such as this whether his on the wing but often you can be more useful if it was in the middle like dis in the mall for a role when a player when you present to the high up on the field well we all know the morning going to want a plate of number 10 role what look I don't all all of us at a distance norms you know we miss him 18 might have tried some stuff you have to get up to make sure that those gloves were not enough in the frame of that fun causes them also be up to turns laughs about not only in his thing for him to deal with ... down on the side view so far by playing a holding midfielder time for friends of the euro I do the job you know but I think sometimes you looking who's is this focus when he got bored boxes in that you lose his focus when you have to run that way you know it as long as again it's one of the mackenzie looked up I think for me if you off but by now it's enough to use it as a as a as a as a 10 all one building too I you know if you know I mean look to wilting want but what about is what are your position in the wilderness so that they can be really full E. can see Abbas a skillful there's a ... southern congressman Barney you know he's always smiling then seen my scores does you know whatever he does ... haircuts but he believes thoughtfully can be a great a great platform on the night of having is great also for the water from a link on the planet that's people always talk about a price tag of this is going to be massive but this is not a sin itself just just selling shirts already covered the price of a of a of a ... upon by so it is ladies of him the very day all we want those guys is those guys to play but well famous and a lot of money to fund the recall much of my newfound you want you want to get to succeed in play well for you //

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