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"2017-08-08 19:04:37"
Judge Jeanine Pirro Makes An AWESOME And TOUCHING Statement! THIS IS AMAZING! VIDEO
\\judge Jeanine Pirro makes an awesome and touching statement this is amazing video during the presidential campaign Donald Trump was attacked by all sides mostly by the liberal media only a few reporters stood behind him one of those reporters was judge Jeanine Pirro who defended Donald Trump no matter what she was also one of the happiest people after trump got elected as our new president because of her previous connections with him she also made one epic statement on her shell and she shed some tears during gas she said at 10:30 AM today I received a phone call from president elect Donald J. trump who has known me since my time as a country judge and elected district attorney he stated that he looks forward to beginning the process of making America great again anti thanks justice and all her viewers for their support yes of course it's good to hear especially after the constant attack from the liberal media towards the conservatives in the United States in spite of it all we all even though we felt forgotten alone and beaten down we all came home because this was not an election it was a revolution we came home to where our forefathers in their genius had always planned back to America back to who we are back to the constitution Justin trump signed a new law that changes the whole game liberals lost their minds we all know that during Barack Obama's presidency we as citizens were not allowed to protect ourselves he clearly made some of the weakest emigration enforcements even though we had some of the best protecting laws Obama Lauer the authority of our border patrol agents and immigration and customs enforcement ice who are known to fight illegal immigrants who commit various crimes like murder rape theft and of course selling drugs it looks like Obama wanted these people to walk our streets it is a good thing that president Donald Trump stepped into office and now our line Forsman agencies can start doing their job the way they should the liberals organized protests on the streets to oppose Donald trump's policies but no matter that ice is doing its job to delete illegal aliens from our streets perfectly according to the daily wire immigration and customs enforcement I see E. arrested 248 foreign nationals across a 2 week period between February 27 and March 10 in the states of Pennsylvania West Virginia and Delaware in a statement published Tuesday ice shared noteworthy statistics of the aforementioned 248 arrests minus 120 or 48 percent had a conviction and or pending charges 88 of which had criminal convictions and 32 of which have pending criminal charges minus 50 illegally reentered the United States after previously having been deported minus 6 have been accepted for prosecution for deportation by a federal immigration judge and I don't get it how these liberals still tried to undermine our government's ability to apprehend and deport these despicable creatures they want to make president jumped out to be an enemy of immigrant families and while ignoring the very clear distinction between legal immigrants and criminal aliens they do the same thing when we try to confront radical Islamic terror apparently the left thinks we are coming against all Muslim even though most people understand the difference we call this identity politics the liberal media tries to create the image that president Donald Trump is against Muslims when the truth as he had a lot of business partners in the Muslim world he does not have anything against them he just wants the illegal immigrants out of our country the liberals obviously cannot make a difference never mind this we are glad that ice is going it's job perfectly and I can say that these 250 captured illegals are just the beginning freeing our country from these criminals is a tough process but the job will be finished in sometime just end trump signed a new law that changes the whole game liberals lost their minds president Donald Trump signed a new law this Tuesday that is probably going to send a mission to Mars till 2020 according to Daily Mail Donald Trump signed a law that will send a mission to space and that is going to be NASA's goal for the next decades the good thing is that this bill was accepted by a unanimous vote in the Senate and house of representatives this law also includes the space capsule Arion which NASA develops in the moment and if everything goes as planned this capsule will be able to carry humans deep into space more that any space ship in history not law says that NASA will continue to develop the fully integrated space launch system including an upper stage needed to go beyond low earth orbit in order to safely enable human space exploration of the moon Mars and beyond over the course of the next century Donald Trump supported this law and said that it will reaffirm our national commitment to the core mission of NASA even gave respect to our astronauts for the heroic role they had in the past years and hope for an even better relationship between NASA and the business sector in favor of even bigger exploring of the space what do you think of the S. share your opinion rand Paul confirmed trump was officially spied on Coney is doomed details when you look at the Monday's hearing from an objective perspective you will see that nearly nobody believed a word FBI director James Comey said his testimony can be multiplied by 0 if you ask me senator rand Paul R. ky didn't believed calmly as well so he decided to break the silence and spread the truth eventually Paul has decided to appear on live TV to tell his views about the lying director of the FBI so he went on an interview with Neil Cavuto on fox news he had his comments on the testimony comic gave before the house about the Russian hacking the 2016 election he also made statements about trump's accusations that Obama administration has illegally spied on the trump tell a private property call me however refused to admit trumps allegations of illegal spying on him during the presidential campaign according to the western journalism Paul cited the incident with former national security adviser Mike Flynn as proof that some sort of surveillance took place everybody admits that somebody spied on Mike Flynn and he was part of the trump campaign Paul said it sounds like what the president said has already been proven to be true the senator then clarified today's definition of wiretapping saying it no longer means placing an old fashion bug on someone's telephone if you haven't looked recently most of our telephones don't have wires Paul remarked adding wiretapping is a broad term for surveillance Flynn resigned February 13 after reports he misled vice president Mike pence and other White House officials about the nature of telephone calls between himself and officials with the Russian government during the transition between the Obama administration and the trump administration Cavanaugh conceded there was surveillance of flan but he pushed Paul on whether surveillance was conducted on trump personally fully explained that the problem is not if it was trump or his campaign that was spied on it is the act that's the problem I think most of the conversations are that they had surveillance on the trump campaign at large said Paul adding that as a result Mike Flynn was forced to resign his position president trump accused Obama's administration of wiretapping trump tower on Twitter on March 4 I think wiretapping to Donald Trump probably meant spying and I think Donald Trump or the campaign also probably meant Mike Flynn Paul said somebody listen to Mike for lands conversation and revealed it to the press which is a felony and you don't do that unless you eavesdropped on his phone conversation Paula added Sean Hannity on the brink of being fired from fox calls for fans support throughout the presidential election the mainstream media was convinced that Hillary Clinton was going to win many Republican leaders were ready to throw in the towel Sean Hannity on the other hand stood firm in his support of Donald Trump this week reports surfaced that some fox news executives were outraged that Hannity refused to say that Clinton would beat Clinton at 1.they even considered firing him as most of the publications themselves clearly state the sample obviously can't be representative of the electorate because they only reflect the views of those internet users who have chosen to participate said executive Dana Blanton another problem we know some campaigns groups of supporters encourage people to vote in online pills and flood the results these clicky click items do not meet our editorial standards you've got this list of polls Donald Trump wins Hannity said the online polls show you guys won an overwhelming margins Brian kill me you got it what do you think do you take your hat to Hannity for staying strong under pressure as it turns out he was right all along breakout a stands up for America representative 3 dowdy R. a C. came riding into bring sanity to the Intel hearings today on the hill sure we all want to get to the bottom of the Russian saga the investigation has been going on since July do you really believe that if Obama and his administration had information that would have torpedo Donald Trump and installed Hillary Clinton he wouldn't have used it only a starry eyed liberals still drunk on the hope and change flavored kool-aid would believe it and even then it would take quite a few glasses H. T. W. and P. conclusion there's nothing there nothing nefarious to the investigation Russia may have done it but to say trump did anything other than sat back and laughed his ass off and thank god for his luck is ludicrous so it was good to see thread count a stand up for truth and justice when he grilled in a respectful manner as is the rays way James Comey about the investigation but as is the raise unique style he came at it from a unique angle earlier Comey told the house intelligence committee hearing that he had received authorization from the justice department to confirm that there is an ongoing investigation into possible coordination between president Donald trump's campaign and Russia Galatea then turned the investigation around and ask to call me about the leaks intelligence leaks are very dangerous and must be taken seriously so Thrace simply asked calmly to reassure the American people that the FBI is investigating the leak which brought down trumps national security adviser Michael Flynn I can't comi responded but I hope people watching now how seriously we take leaks of classified information but I don't want to confirm that by saying we're investigating it I'm sorry I have to draw that line I just think that's the right way to be Downey shook his head in response clearly agitated through a ever the gentleman said he wouldn't argue but quieted the room with a withering line saying that he and calmly agree the release of classified information is most definitely a crime the threat a went on the offensive asking call me if you brief then president Barack Obama on calls involving Michael Flynn call me declined to answer gal they went further and asked whether former Obama administration officials James clapper John Brennan Susan rice Ben Rhodes Loretta Lynch Sally Yates had access to unmask lens name //

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