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Inside the Barbaric U.S. Industry of Dog Experimentation
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“Israel Should Be Condemned” — Bernie Sanders on Israel Killing Unarmed Palestinian Protesters
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Breaking the Deal: A Town Hall on Trump's Iran Decision with Sen. Bernie Sanders
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Deconstructed: Is Trump Trying to Start a War With Iran?
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In a Crackdown in Argentina, Police Shot for the Head and Blinded Protesters with Rubber Bullets
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Tased in the Chest for 23 Seconds, Dead for 8 Minutes, Now Facing a Lifetime of Recovery
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The Intercept Live Stream
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Daniel Ellsberg and Noam Chomsky Discuss Nuclear War
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Secretly Taped Audio Reveals Democratic Leadership Pressuring Progressive to Leave Race
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A Brief History of U.S. Intervention in Iraq Over the Past Half Century
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The Battle for Paradise: Naomi Klein Reports from Puerto Rico
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"2018-03-17 13:21:46"
The Assassination of Human Rights Activist Marielle Franco Was a Huge Loss for the World
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"2018-03-07 01:40:34"
White Supremacy and the Second Amendment
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"2018-03-07 00:48:02"
White Supremacy and the Second Amendment
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"2018-02-27 20:08:25"
Blowback: NATO, Libya, and Suicide Terror
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Blowback: How Israel Helped Create Hamas
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The Hypocrisy Surrounding the FISA Debate
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Toxic Firefighting Foam Causing Cancer in People Living Near Military Bases
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Blowback: How Torture Leads to Terror
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"2018-02-05 23:05:43"
Blowback: Iran, the Ayatollahs, and the CIA
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"2018-02-05 12:54:31"
Blowback: Iran, the Ayatollahs, and the CIA
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"2018-01-29 16:32:24"
ISIS: Created by the Invasion of Iraq
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"2018-01-23 23:52:00"
The Ignored and Bloody History of the U.S. in Haiti and El Salvador
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"2018-01-22 21:20:50"
Drones Blowback: Recruiting Sergeant for Terror
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"2018-01-05 22:46:02"
James Risen Describes His Long Fight to Report on Government Secrets at the New York Times
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"2017-12-11 16:08:21"
Hunting Humans on Texas Highways
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"2017-11-27 16:18:19"
Jeremy Scahill on the U.S.-Backed Atrocities in Yemen — Intercepted Podcast
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"2017-11-20 18:06:31"
Wall Street Wants to Kill the Agency Protecting Americans From Financial Scams
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"2017-11-15 17:06:03"
Intercepted Podcast — Jeremy Scahill on the Value of Whataboutism
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"2017-11-03 15:37:25"
Rescue at Oakland slaughterhouse shows new, potent tactics of growing animal rights movement
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"2017-10-30 16:53:38"
Standing Rock Tim2
\\I'm Tim coming here and I'm from this area as were my ancestors were from after the camp was close to a came to work for fresh the freshet dress it is the 100 percent indigenous collective the bulk of my work has been connecting the water protectors that were arrested with the will help in letting them know that they're supported that the sacrifices that they made somebody seen there over 20 7 was a turning point but it had been building up that for awhile there were 141 people arrested most of them in the area that we called the north camp a lot of those people were simply sitting inside of the structures that did set up there and the police would go inside of the structures and travel there was actually and he'd be more like a sweat lodge that was happening at the time that the police arrived in the police went in there and into this sacred ceremony and pulled people out and arrested them first round of arrests when they're actually arrested to charges that they would do it were used the trespassing engaging in a riot the state had a hard has a hard time even those with with the state did was it convinced people that we were violent I love people thought that it was over after the standing rock and they didn't think about how this is years lot I mean this is just a different type of resistance now that people shouldn't forget about //
"2017-10-30 16:51:37"
The Battle of Treaty Camp: Interview with Mike Fasig
\\October 27 make everything and anything happened marked we're 20 seventh was our largest competition there was basically our last stand want I'm sure about there were about to purposefully appear and then matter how they did it getting care we're looking at is Carol Thompson driving through the debts with a lot of pedestrians on the road count counts in as far as I understand was a project manager for early in security and lane security was so they were hired to protect ... to court access pipeline got a call on the radio that there was a man he's mast as an air 15 white pickup truck on hi res he'd headed to the team stop so the first thing that I could think of those you know whatever this man's doing it can't be good if he's going to in broad daylight make that type of an aggressive move yeah any wholesome wasn't working out this cannot be good so I pushed him all the way from half way up that hill pushed him sigh ways of plot with no that finally finally he turned his truck and then I was able to get my my a front bumper of 2 is rare and and I done did not push them through the fence away from all the people and then just do whatever whatever I could do to aim to get his truck to come to a stop we know the truth here we are 15 in anybody's community if you have an unknown person where no matter when you're 15 that took the license plates office Trakya means going through addiction drive around people if the citizens in that in that city take him do everything they can to stop that man that's it whatever parade but when it comes to employees of the court axes doing anything like that towards native Americans we also become criminals //
"2017-10-30 16:49:03"
The Battle of Treaty Camp: Interview with Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier
\\October 27 there were individuals over camping in the ditches on both side of high we'd you know 6 and in our retail 6 just a 2 lane narrow road with very little shoulder it was a public safety issue we had many times you were down there and talking to the individuals asking them ... to move ... all he needed to do was a move back to the to the camp the last thing we want is a confrontation they moved into the private property in and saying that ... they were ... taking that over by eminent domain but it doesn't work like that slicks private property and at that point was owned by by any chance partners he had a 300 plus all law enforcement was there and this is a time where we put out the request for honesty officers to come in those officers were in North Dakota and were present at the time law enforcement is very professional very restrained it's a it's a situation where all you have to do is ... follow the law listen to law enforcement and if the they come up to you if you don't resist and then claim it's excessive force some of the the tools in the tool chest that we had at that point was in L. red system that was on one of us wants for some vehicles ... we also have just like your normal duties we have a OC spree that's available and also ... teasers the 1.I want to make is that of private security was present down there but they're not associated with law enforcement law enforcement and private security do work together depending on you know circumstance and in this case we did in that this is now come to the conclusion the pipeline is ... in the ground we're trying to to get back to a just a normal state if you want to call it that //
"2017-10-30 16:47:05"
The Battle of Treaty Camp: Interview with Joye Braun
\\October 27 2 really showed me the collaboration between the army Martin County all the other police forces that were there sheriff's departments you know we care that did you showed this turning point violence been there before we heard from our spotters ever walk to the police and the army and they were gearing up and Macedonia and on his own route through song comes going really well the school now focus group people homes all I could think of was the little clicking through all under the United States constitution it sells under article 6 that treaties are the supreme law of the land they broke the treaty they've the part of our nation we were forced onto reservations like hero and Iraq this is this is one of the reservations that we were forced on their their prisoner of war camps right now I need you transfer partners supposedly on Campbell round chain they have their their pipeline going through there but under 51 treaty that's my life how far will coca inducted people have this territory we needed to do something we had to stay peaceful we had to stay in prayer but we had to figure out some way to say enough is enough go the way you can stop the pipeline when they give that job to go in front of it there won't be another just like there won't be a wounded knee 73 there won't be another stand a month without 6 it was a singular time and place where are we stood out who said enough //
"2017-10-12 21:33:34"
The FBI’s Hunt for Two Missing Piglets Reveals the Federal Cover-Up of Barbaric Factory Farms
\\AMNH //
"2017-10-12 21:27:43"
Recordings Capture Brutal FBI Tactics to Recruit a Potential Informant
\\mmhm the it's to so this no one //
"2017-10-11 19:41:17"
Moment of Silence
\\before I begin my one minute I would like the house to take a moment of silence to remember the lives of those poor students who died at Columbine high school but the victims of the Orlando talk for the victims of the Las Vegas to talk let us join in prayer with that big efforts constituents in Arizona as well the chair asks that the house now observe a moment of silence in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack in Orlando and now I'm out of love for our country to lift our spirits were very pleased to have the San Francisco girls chorus sing about our beautiful country the US they and so one trump lady vice president pants and his wife mark the moment silence this afternoon on the south lawn of the White House and //
"2017-09-12 18:21:37"
Rich Port: Capitalism and Colonialism in Puerto Rico
\\vehicles will regain their report builder game NPO will put on a general general purpose job market with Johnny rejected workers you know all of you know one moment it Sawyer Canopus express shuttle police what political exile Sufian more low pay won't go blow up when they feel free to ask reporting on the Gen general himself over for political where are now this young hip among in Washington for go away it took on a hook on the counterfeit come first of all you have to remember that the whole promise a law was established because per week is a territory if per week aware state of 4 recall where independent you will not have any kind of power in Congress to enact such a law by someone isn't going on and went on a boat on the moon Chung so much suffering of yeah I see that now what are the audio and that I thought when you own a you know that as he hits the hope is that some men and their idea here but even thou gone flat and they sound moves or illegal no one that I learned I mean I'm going where and then there are the guy that I think that one of the things when they're running because what I'm okay benefiting the sauce young it already has a certain things in the air consciously modeled given them a government on them being Iran are the embodiment I'm way out nobody I know anyone out I hung in there same thing thong a inborn and a lot I go but no yeah don't annoy her grooming home and I'm a saving them for the long haul saving them as sort of a no going on but this Aaron you know also I am learning to hunt down along with the funds it's a perfect way to cut patients or cut education spending more healthcare spending they need to take into account where the numbers they need to take into account what's what the people need and I think that what this whole crisis and this whole thing with promise on the board sometimes they forget about that stuff this is the real government of Puerto Rico the fiscal board has its role don't get me wrong it is to make sure that we meet our fiscal ... constraints our role is to establish the policy so the promise along has a section that specifically says nothing in this bill will preclude the people of Puerto Rico from determining a path forward within the status question I know it I let us say are and that I want nothing and I found you yeah I want I want I think I've flown in sound I've been I think think think think I prefer going down and down that went on a call thank you never and I thought I had known that can come in and now in fact I think was one of the male clients into because they will be you are not alone in that plane yeah okay you know or maybe a grown up epic idea what a regal is in a very dire straits right now and it's mostly due to ... a long history of corruption import regal political corruption much of the money that has disappeared no one really knows what happened to it and no one really knows why ... political polls that much money I'm the yeah both no money for some don't know what we are waiting for the IT more but I will solve them of this thing on you because you own the costly new and exciting I am a proud American citizen but I love what America stands for 90 percent of the people aboard the because you can look at the polls value their citizenship and without a doubt when I do the analysis Spader is better for the people quickly I don't know yeah I well we but we if the well the problem with this plebiscite it's not really a plebiscite this is not a blah ... a plebiscite that's taking place by virtue of the congressional decree or a law that was passed and it's not being sanctioned in any way by the federal government's constant party opinion poll more than anything else see our house and maybe see them but because a very simple message in a particular part but again I stepped on morning lock Ornea ECS apart more or looking for that one perfect can you I stepped on one of our god allowed it will that he laid out in the heat the essay had very simple Abercrombie wilderness issue but part of the political angle media CCF it I don't know why they don't but if you can see on the scandal and went through it denoble want us going global pueblo the seeds in the cornea get up on it because it took almost feel a part of DC but is it really he doesn't really need the monitor going up on the bus you always up against him but it's on my boycott but I mean if a similar but I will delete them up all the time link up and this amount care looking but I don't see so we're just well give can beside him all will not be a ball game in the cloud of ecto mobile in Washington a place where it what can happen that'll get me hard to look at the table yet they want us with a look at the table who make all they would have looked like a perfect guy little hold you I single defensive cellular gift us apartment or farm and don't be scared of that Puerto Rico a guidebook on to read one obvious you can often see on our you can operate on the same area government assume that a professor you know rescind the full color and you and I don't know I don't have generally //
"2017-08-25 19:20:24"
\\as a civil war brewing in the United States of America where are the guys leaping lately barrier and actually disgusting and bust on they want to stifle free speech the heads of people disagree with it literally suffocate later outlawed policy openly they want yeah 8/11/2017 Charlottesville Virginia hundreds of torch bearing extremist demonstrate openly in favor of white nationalism campus of the university of the next day violence erupts sure the slow streets 32 year old heather higher is murdered by white supremacist white supremacy in America is nothing new from the KKK to the nativism that inflame Donald trump's presidential campaign hatred of non whites has long been a powerful strain in American politics but today's white nationalist movement has a more recent more specific history whose fortune the online culture wars over the last several years for the past few months we've investigated this history hearing from the so called old right and also from their adversaries the anti fascist activist known as a dipper we responded to the white supremacist direct with tactics up to including violence how did this happen how did a repugnant maligned ideology come out from the shadows and onto the streets of a college town the alright has particular origins and online video gaming and online message board culture where there's been a social capital for trolling your opponents tension all using inflammatory rhetoric are targeting and harassing an individual ought to make your peer group laugh the online trolling culture made the jump from the pages of the internet to the world world really in February 2017 that's when Milo you novelists who is a right wing provocateur feminism is a need spiteful nosti man hating philosophy went to Berkeley and there was a riot ... of left wing activists people who identify as anti fascist where antibodies are student protesters some anarchy is from what I can gather trying trying to breach the building right now wondrous that voice about here's by the police to the booklet the Berkeley of course being the home of the free and as the ensuing national controversy I've said all of the story of anger on the internet this scum of the earth will beat women and sucker punched innocent peaceful people and are convinced themselves it is for the greater good we have to form our own kind of ... paramilitary street protection people who identify with the strollers culture suddenly felt victimized and saw this as an opportunity to continue to go to Berkeley hands out protest claiming the mantle of free speech how often is there is a culture of sin on the left mean I am on the left and I can see that one of the typical preoccupations of the style of politics is ... an obsession with being hers and being damaged by words and in need of protection against offensive ideas that the definition of hateful speech is is has been expanded to a completely absurd degree so then when people on the right started to say you know we have this culture of political correctness we have been saying that for a long time but certainly a lot of people who would never have been so Tadic's about idea became more sympathetic folks who might have found this type of language or behaviour ironic at first have begun to merge with genuine white supremacist groups and genuine right wing extremist groups including on violent militias culture all NMAA on of being on PC could turn the far right from something I retrograde and and sort of you know certainly unfashionable it turned it into a youth subculture the particular character of the far right as it has emerged this time around at my house to be understood in terms of the online culture wars because that is where it came from this is really a battle of subcultures if anyone who's involved in this kind of culture of can anti PC trolling still thinks that it's a joke I think those people don't get that it really isn't a joke anymore one of the rising stars of the old right is Nathan Demeter founder of the white nationalist organization identity Europa amigo was one of the organizers of the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville gained its fame within the alright through political violence at one of the Berkeley free speech rallies when you are in the middle of a culture war if there are individuals who see themselves as the defenders of this priest class who hold the dogma of are a contemporary society with a religious fervor these are the same individuals who would be burning people at the stake ... several 0 years ago either they like to call themselves anti fog or anti fascist ... if these are a left wing violent anarchic terrorists these are individuals who are are are now freaking out because they are losing control they can feel their power slipping from their grasp these are the defenders of the establishment they like to portray themselves as victims I however every institution in our society reflect their values the values of anti white ism institutionalized anti white are you advocating I'm do you would you want a white only state I would like a state that would lead towards something like that yes that is the ... that is the ideal that we believe it is a place for people of European heritage the Albright's enemies anti fun are protective of their anonymity fearing reprisal by right wing how did you get involved in radical politics I got involved in the nineties ... out through the music scene and at that time ... there was a large chunk of its failure they were into punk rock music and all those a subset of that culture that decided they wanted to be on neo Nazis are far right back in the the nineties it was very clear because they had bomber jackets and they had the boots and they had the skinheads and they're easily identifiable and they were very quick to ... had their singing is whereas today they Vaux managed to blend in they like to ... making very or not you wish and try to blend in with ideas of free speech and free assembly and things like that but it's the idea of the day it's still the same message despite whether now today they have nice haircuts and polos it's the same messages they had back in the eighties and nineties when they're wearing bomber jackets and had skinheads another folk hero of the alright is Kyle Chapman also known as base stickman like to me go Chapman became a celebrity on the far right through political violence amplified on social media we E. are no more this isn't a game we are in a war does everybody know about based stickman there's a file phone number Kyle Kyle's name he's facing several charges including assault with a deadly weapon in writing there was a pro trump rally in Berkeley there were people on both sides in full I don't regalia I know what you call it they had knee pads shin pads basic man have on a gas mask the eye glasses to protect themselves and anti fought the pepper spray tax and you have a half of a flagpole that America American flag on it so they went in they meant to an open field engaged in battle the second battle of Berkeley I broke my hand I a I detach my biceps from my humorous completely knocking out an anti they're showing up arms there showed up with shields in other places in open hearing states they're showing up talking and watching as they possibly can in Berkeley they concealed or knife just enough to walk by the police if they even have to conceal it what type we any harm in this country that you actually start to have some advances around human rights being led by black and brown people then you have to concurrent backlash from the elements of weight power and not both white power white supremacists who were in the state house and they're streaming so some of this I would say is actually backlash to social gains and then at the same time you have someone in the White House who is very clearly sane do whatever you want it take it as far as you want I've got your back I'm on the same program we have the same goals and people very clearly are hearing not mean they are saying they're hearing that they're saying this is our time it's time to go for it comes on our back this is what we have to really wager stands and they are making no bones about saying that this is their time for trying to incite and build a race war I believe these people them targeted whites specifically the very progenitors of the western civilization are white people and we have been targeted for destruction and the fun is a perfect example of white guilt run among these are all white kids and all they do is talk shit about white people every college now has academic courses that teach you about white privilege they hit me with it over and over again junior high high school Alan white people are responsible slavery in the on the boots on the neck everybody else it was shame shame shame shame shame on you for you become a ... self hating chamber wipers and then you no longer wish to protect your culture civilization because all you associate when death destruction slavery imperialism colonialism by me people are are totally inspired by you we're pushing back the anti far and the liberals and the not bars in the films on this huge I've alternative media infrastructure massive Twitter following their own you should channels what's your name I Nathan amigo earlier sort of famous now ... apparently returning to become celebrities based off of this new of platform that they found when they're being you to word the social media platforms that they have so these are all gamers which is why we're seeing them showing a dressed up in armor and with with with United States flags on escapes in the calm of crazy outfits definitely reflecting the gaming culture the weird ski he subculture element to it like that you know mainstream audiences are totally baffled by becoming could be recognized and be get new names like a bass stickman obey spider man or whatever they they they come up with based on their outfits that they that they that they create look in Eastern Europe look at Poland Russia they are strong they are unabashedly proud to be Polish proud to be shoeless and they are Christians in police and they are willing to die to defend their culture one Muslim steps wrong in one of those countries and every Polish grainy and check man on the street we'll put that son of a bitch to set no one has to be cleared I just let me say something about violence and non violence hate speech and free speech free speech the first amendment was mainly to protect us against the state it wasn't name for the state to be protected it wasn't me so that the right wing or those that defended the state could determine who had free speech and who didn't for term free speech is being taken and twisted and manipulated by the all right as a cover for hate speech they're using people that do really care about of free speech and and their right to vote for trump and using them as pawns in their game to recruit for for actual fascist organizing there's no government interference there's no censorship or not being prevented from how theater expressing the ice these ideas they have claimed well funded platforms to do so what they're actually facing is community consequences for hate speech and trying to incite violence against members of the community and honestly it would be much scarier if they were being allowed to do that without any what brought you out here like how to get involved original you know I house kind of a part of survival is community always been big on the you know I voted for Obama for but I started really get their politics you know the older I got see my friends down here get work you know they're they're not able to have their meetings and Colter's get canceled that's not right man we need equal sides equal conversation you gotta understand that in TiVo an anarchist and bam if strike put yourself in their mind from their perspective watch their videos is not my words is theirs from their perspective they are in the civil war they are beginning a revolution in their minds that's their outlook you know we show up to the things in Seattle Portland in here you know first week we get rocks thrown at us we get you know LED sort out us we can't just have a conversation that's we can't have just a meeting like this where we can just talk we've heard about gods we've heard about you know I do type explosives one of our guys get killed that one of these rallies it is all that I can't tell you what some of these guys like you me personally I'm not going to do anything but some of these guys you know pick up arms go move out and you know I think we're on the verge of a civil unrest if that makes sense this whole Twitter war this whole internet war this war of words and physical violence needs to stop if it continues somebody's going to die in the streets we are in a moment where democracy in this country is going pretty pretty dangerous funny we have to speak out against the war on whites if we don't shut these events down now they will only get worse and there will only be more victims but they'll be victims of when these kids get drunk and then they go out on a Friday night in the tax ... ... same sex couple or the attack ... minority you know that that's what will be that's were translated then any other room in I will not right here now it's 3 groups on the left and the rise you have a pretty bad accident track record I mean before the rise of the Nazis this she was happy you must sacrifice you must believe that and some of you might have to at some point die we have lit a fire fire in the hearts of western men and all well the lawyers what society are are Miranda how awake enough area loose on the round a hearing aid they are a little so I didn and what we stand for them read on them H1N1 and that's //
"2017-08-03 17:40:47"
Texas Police Say “Show Me Your Papers” Law Is Damaging Public Safety — Before Even Taking Effect
\\well I think you all for joining me this evening as I signed a law they bill band sanctuary cities in Texas that's because our top priority is to keep our citizens said the bill but I'm about to sign does just police chief like myself are having to work 100 times harder now because of the bad policies they're being packaged as public safety when in fact it does nothing but harm public safety and I never saw officer has Suisun nobilis I was born and me to a gun may he called ... little city called I gonna I came to this ... country when I was a child it took me over 20 years to finally get my citizenship it's not as easy as people think most of us are out there to serve and protect most of us are not here with an agenda to to be looking for immigrants are undocumented people and most of us are not too excited about this whole situation because we do know that it's going to be a little more difficult to get cooperation from people on simple simple things here's the problem we have got a 9 year old son is at the school bus stop and some feel free sick peta file kidnapped that little boy and the only witness is the nanny that meant as undocumented or the gardener or the day labor or the poor person or whomever and now they're they're afraid come forward look at my face and tell me you made it safer we have not made it safer for the American people we made it less safe arming goal as a unit is to make sure that the undocumented community and Spanish speaking residents I don't have fear of the police we do school visits we bring a helicopter out to folks we get questions all time again as my papers and what if I don't have a license what what's going to happen to me will let them know don't be scared don't try to run from the cops to comply and and everything should be okay I'm gonna require my officers to write a report anytime the make that inquiry they're gonna detailed what little contact or detention and what was it specifically that because unless the court make an inquiry into somebody status because quite frankly how they would be very difficult to do so without racially profiled if I find Moffett the home depot harassing daily papers because he or she thinks that they're on document while we have people call stacked up for you know burglaries in progress home invasion robberies all these things going on this city the house is gonna have a problem //
"2017-07-19 14:28:51"
Mexican Journalist Carmen Aristegui Slams Government for Spying on Teenage Son
\\yeah many does he give any those that's yes but is that is the Menendez I do those like in his losses couldn't even in may he go when Odessa mining business said police then may he cool is TV got gotta gotten beat up as a 9350 that it be legal so I would get to school because he was pretty well as Sony benefit EDS portable Vietnam he got no it is it would have been a given abuse gobbled up by killer kid I meekly your the thick Thomasson Estes deliver loss is ms Zaki 6 but I don't because unless enough gone missing valuable commodity lose got than this you know lost ... ... those quotas at the press ... this is but just invest unless eve was glad of it they can suck mensae his ... them in that perfect moment they it chose but that doesn't come they leak can you tell if on the cell that I need apply our fastest a Kentuckians have is they need remedial but again it will be another the keeping in yet though Gidea Connell said yes I miss that is a school because you wanted us photography yes gas to give the city in people rally forgiveness was big asses it is senior still his massive scene has grown sees essay in going there they won't Corwin other listened to yeah no because in the moment unless he put up a lot of him a committee will mail formula better yeah ... bizarre when the female down like this in the ... come okay if we buy some less so than me as I've never yeah com okay a departure from the mind of god I don't guess implicated is to buy in this is it down and how long bill the statement that I cast a spell Otis it is with us in may he goal I produced this because you go us is he knows yeah but I think government there is you force him to this is what this I give other Elaine proving that he is suicidal Louis than me now but it would give them a grass yeah but it would give a shit //
"2017-07-13 18:08:27"
Naomi Klein and Jeremy Corbyn Discuss How to Get the World We Want
\\runs are gone shake your trains to us like you it's all on you so Jeremy Corbyn it is wonderful to to be able to see you again the last time we saw each other was in Paris during the climate summit to the climate summit it was a wet still may not know what a wonderful meeting we had a wonderful people it's been extraordinary being in the UK this week Alan and seeing the political space that you have ... and the fact that now we're seeing the Tories tried to poach some of her policies and scramble to try to appeal to young people for social justice and copyrighted pizza que I wanna talk about this this extraordinary moment where in where this project that really began under Thatcher in this country and Reagan in the U. last the whole so called consensus but never really was a consensus the war on the collective is crumbling it's also kind of a dangerous moment right when you have a vacuum ... of ideology because dangerous ideas are also searching so what is the plan to make sure that it is progressive hopeful ideas that enter into this vacuum I think there's a confidence developing particularly amongst young people that they can do something in the future belongs to them and also most older people actually certainty is that the system of real welfare and welfare security brings is something worth fighting for label it will boost the wages a 5.7000000 people earning less than the living wage 10 pounds an hour by 22 labor strife tuition fees and that will lift the debt cloud from hundreds of thousands of we just kind of a general election campaign in which we started in a very difficult political position and ended up ... gaining 3000000 more votes in 2015 ... the highest labor votes in England for many many decades and so that was a big swing to labor but not quite enough unfortunately was Apollo mission majority so we now in a situation where there's a huge confidence amongst those the campaigning for ending the wage cap on the in the public sector for investment in public services huge confidence that I'm a huge degree of uncertainty by the right to buy the conception Philip what your campaign has done is proved that when you put the ideas forward when you put the that the bold vision of the world we actually want not just the opposition to austerity you know not just the no but also picture of the world that could be so much better that we have it's when people get the skills I needed indeed the strongest message in the election campaign I said this is many many rallies events we held us at look around the crowd look at each other you're all different you'll unique you're all individuals if different backgrounds languages different ethnic communities but William I should Irina achieving what you actually want in the sense of a collective in society and I think the election campaign was a turning point away from the Supreme individuals of the right towards the idea that you're a better society when you have a collective good deprived and what about that picture of the world after we went home porn is that the picture the world is a crucial 18 is about what we do to deal with issues of injustice inequality and poverty and a bubble hope and opportunity for young people hope they get to college university of machine to get decent job well paid I am it's also about the contribution we make the rest the world in the relationship we have with the rest the world's I want a foreign policy based on human rights based on respect for international law recognizing the courses of the refugee flows the courses all of the injustices around the world to date the worst some awfully vents during the election campaign before the election started there was some attack on Westminster itself on parliament who was then the dreadful balm Manchester Amanda was a tracking number on quivering bridge you commit a kind of political heresy because you've talked about some of the root causes but yet that resonated with people I'm not in any way minimizing the horror of what happened all the awful things the individuals did but I said you got to look at the international context in which has been this growth and I can hear myself like yesterday on Feb the fifteenth 5000 small dance and Iraq well not to make things right it will set off spiral of conflicts of hate obliterate of desperation that will still know plus the conflict that terrorism like depression I'm the misery of future generations it's important for Americans in this moment to understand that you were able to say that in that resonate with people because they know it to be true because we don't know what's gonna happen during the trip administration but we do know that Donald Trump fully intends to take advantage of any crisis to push forward this incredibly regressive than a phobic agenda because he tried to exploit the Manchester attacks to say this is about immigrants flowing across our borders he tried to take advantage of the London Bridge attack to say this is why we need the Muslim band in the direct aftermath of the attack the president tweeted quote we need to be smart vigilant and tough we need the courts to give us back our rights we need the travel ban as an extra level of safety real so attacked the matter of London who's the first Muslim elected to Meryl office anywhere in in western Europe and ... it was a privilege extremely angry at the language he used to what civic com where you say to some other world leaders who think that they can only go so far in standing up to 2 you know like maybe they'll put out a sassy meme of some kind but ultimately they're going to welcome him with open arms out what do you think the stance of of other world leaders who claim to stand for progressive values should be in this world I think gonna meet trumpet now on and discuss with them as one would with any at any later I was shocks by the language he used during his election campaign to what about women about Muslims about Mexicans about other people in society I was also a pool language issues surrounding Paris climate change discussions I mean this is serious serious global issues what kind of world we gonna leave in the future what are we doing to this planet and he seemed to think this was an opportunity for promoting polluting industries as well as I said you are going to negotiate a better deal well I am not sure what he means well I've added Dale one but not the interesting discussion but it's ... having works like you have for a very long time on these issues the fact that finally India and China in a formal setting came on board with the idea there are limits 2 emissions there are limits to pollution until then the USIA having come on board under Obama then walks away and a trump it's beyond sat it certainly because they're going so Roque on crime and I think there is a responsibility for everybody else to do more in this moment not just truth okay his lower the bar so much that everybody look good in comparison and we are seeing examples of that we're seeing including in the U. S. were seeing cities stepping up and saying well we're going to speed up our transition ... to renewables and internationally yet we need to see the same thing as well and I think that the image of the USA's too often presented as the image of what Donald Trump has said day today was the reality look at the number of jobs in renewables in California alone runs into the hundreds of thousands look at the growth of renewable energy systems across the USA the number states and cities but a serious about protecting their environments and controlling what they can climate change talk a little bit about the way some of my friends in the United States are feeling right now hoo ha were very inspired by this election campaign in and out by your leadership bid ... out within the labor party I have to tell you the people are feeling a little discouraged right now in the United States they are up against trump there also up again against a Democratic Party that is fighting them on single payer healthcare and universal public health care that seems to want to keep charting that's very what they see as a safe centrist path but what we're seeing again and again is it's not safe because it's a losing half ... it's not speaking to peoples ... urgent needs for good jobs for for free public education and and affordable healthcare what do you say that to the people who organize for Bernie and are just feeling really frustrated right now Bernie called me the day off from election here those half asleep or watching something on television somebody comes up to say them weld on the campaign and ... house instantly campaigning ideas where'd you get that from less above you actually ... I'm gonna say to people is look don't be discouraged by the end of the day human beings want to do things together they wanna do things collectively that's the kind of society we are trying to create we went into election campaign in a difficult political and we put forward a manifesto that was collective in its approach with specific in what it would do besides mending university tuition phase in the sense of raising minimum income and ... we gain the biggest increase in votes for our party since the second World War and ... we gain the support and participation of a very large number of people we didn't win the election I wish we had books in that campaign we change the debates in exactly the same way so the buddy Saunders intervention into the democratic nomination did mobilize a very large number of people now the last person in the USA did win the leadership of the labor party that campaign wasn't ultimately success within the Democratic Party do you think people should keep fighting for the soul of that party what is sold to the people isn't it and them is not for me to tell people what specific organizations they should or shouldn't have in the USA because the party system in the USA is very different to hear what we've done change the terms of debate but the other key points and this is what works on both sides the Atlantic is a mass of campaigning yet you know condors you identify voters that's key crucial books if you're saying solely through the prism of media that is quite right wing and quite conceptually it's views then all you doing when you knock on the door is hearing an echo of what people have heard on a right wing television station or through the printed media social media on the technology and techniques that are there through social media given opportunity that's never been there before to get that message across just think those people that were campaigning for social justice in Chicago in the 19 twenties the best they could do sprint there I'm newspaper thing could afford a whole psycho Stalin leaflet and take it round and handed out on bread cues I grew up in the era when used to print your only for single given my act you can now send out something of social media and you can reach potentially millions of people in 5 minutes the opportunities are there and it's not regulated it's not censored it's not controlled it seems to me that you have received just about as bad as media treatment sneers from elite media as is possible to receive good it didn't work and it it in fact it seems to backlash and just contributed to this feeling of loss of faith in many of these cuts via us think there's something in the after while a high degree of major abuse big makes you a figure of interests you talk about changing the beta and the debate and that's clearly happened and ... no one of the places we seen this is in there Grenfell power catastrophe crime scene and the way in which this horrific event I has been interpreted it seems throughout British society is as extreme evidence of a failed system that does not value human life that puts a kind of a hierarchy on life would expose was something about molten urban living this is the bar in London the is the richest in the whole country very very rich borrow and it's council gave the rebates to the top taxpayers last year gave him a little guy that that's how I had several 0 people living in it some of whom would tenets of the local council well barricades in Chelsea some flats I've been bored independently and they were sub tenanted or sub sub tenanted nobody really knew who was in the block the whole system collapsed the building went up in in smoke and the the result was a catastrophe and the deaths of a very large number of people we probably will never know the total number that died that the reality walls a product of insufficient regulation of deregulation and it was a towering inferno of the pull being burns in the richest bar in the country and that's a wakeup call about safety of buildings it's a wake up call about the idea you go forward to this wonderful free market Val howler of the future by tearing up everybody chelation like it's a denial of the opportunities for the private sector so the debate has turned full circle on this I went there following day and spent quite a lot of time talking to those that escaped from the tower and talking to traumatized firefighters and paramedics an ambulance workers and police officer who were getting ready to go into the building was then cooling from the 5 in order to bring out the bodies that the paper the real heroes in this there's a wall now I think you've probably seen it where residents have put up questions that they have for the authorities and with these questions are just completely heartbreaking their CEO kids asking who it is my school save there's 1 question for 10 year olds who said why does it take this to bring us together and that's a good question and I think we learned this lesson again and again during times of crisis when we were tested week we can either turn inward and against each other and we saw a lot of that after 911 in the United States where Muslims were scapegoated and we lost a lot of liberties in this country and around the world with these draconian laws pushed through wars were started in the name of that attack no surely response to racism response to public to response to deregulation is about the strength of the community and the collective suffer lesson comes Akram full it's going to be the one to ask you if there's been a moment that really sticks with you ... during the campaign or sense that has them most hopeful moment you've seen that where you could see see there the country that you want to live in a glimpse of it the gentleman came to our rally in Hastings which is south coast seaside resort fishing town ... he's aged 91 I jobs with them because I've been told he was 92 in the city I terracotta 92 leaves them in 91 he joined the labor party in 1945 been apart hockey member ever since then very active all his life he said this was most hopeful time of his life and told me his mother have been a suffragette to campaigns above his right to vote ... at the time of the first World War and his grandfather had been in the chart cysts in the 18 fifties M. which helps bring about said a some degree of democracy in Britain and I just thought this man has come back to a rally on a Saturday morning at that age because full of hope for young people we would characterize his election campaign that was full of young idealistic people yeah through a lot of young people that many of them would pretty anti deals and and brilliance imagination the rule so a lot of older people that you came there saying I want something better for my grandchildren I want something better the society in the future it was a coming together of large numbers of people but I really want to thank you for for your leadership and and for your boldness and doing that because it isn't only inspiring people in this country think it's inspiring people around the world who really do need some inspiration right now particularly in the United States gonna say thank you very much but it's not about your eyes individuals on people's minds are opened up there is no end to the possibilities //
"2017-06-13 16:18:30"
Naomi Klein: How to Resist Trump's Shock Doctrine
\\shop talking I don't think I could sit down right to you mean storica astounding shocking it's a word that's come up a lot since November for obvious reasons is gonna inject a shock to the system now I spent a lot of time thinking about 10 years ago I published the shock doctrine an investigation that spanned 4 decades for Pinochet's U. S. backed coup in 19 seventies Chile to hurricane Katrina in 2005 I noticed a brutal and recurring tactic by right wing government after a shocking image award coup terrorist or natural disaster like the pope suspend democracy please of we're going to cut the United States will withdraw from the Paris climate accord know some people have said exactly what trump has been trying to do true sort of but in all likelihood the worst is yet and we'd better be ready the administration is creating chaos daily breaking news Donald trump's national security adviser Michael Flynn has resigned tonight all of a sudden the White House is concerned about James Comey is handling of Hillary Clinton's email a Senate committee will question president from son in law and senior adviser Gerd questioner about his meeting with officials from a Russian bank if of course many of the scandals are the result of the president's ignorance and blunders not some nefarious strategy but there's also no doubt that some savvy people around trump are using the daily shocks as cover to advance wildly pro corporate policies that bear little resemblance to what trump pledged on the campaign trail save Medicare Medicaid and social security the White House released his budget for 2018 and among the $4000000000000 in cuts it proposes are billions upon billions of dollars slashed from both Medicaid and social security and the worst part this is likely just the warm up we need to focus on what this administration will do when it has a major external shock to explain maybe it'll be an economic crash 2008 maybe a natural disaster Santa maybe it'll be rific terrorist event Manchester or Paris team anyone such crisis could redraw the political map overnight and it could get trumpets crew free reign to ram through their most extreme idea but here is one thing I've learned over 2 decades of reporting from dozens of crises around the world these tactics can be resisted and for your convenience tried to boil it down to a 5 step plan step one know what's coming what would happen if a horror like the one in Manchester place based on trust fondness for authority here we can expect him to impose some sort of so action or emergency where the usual rules of democracy no longer protests and strikes roads and airports the ones that sprung up to resist a ban would like cleared a threat to targeted and determine just surveillance Iraq's an increase public signs of dissent suppressed truly talk to do list the problem bring in the fans St muscle journalism you know he's itching you are called to do courts trump would inevitably blame for the attack might well lose their and the most lethal shock we need to push for a full blown foreign and no it won't matter if it hurt no connection used to Iraq if you know what nothing preparing for all this is crucial if we know what to expect we won't be that we'll just keep him and that's important get out of your home and when governments tell people stay in their homes or show their patriotism by going shopping they inevitably claim it's for safety protests and rallies could for more attacks what we know from other countries if there is only one way to respond pungent such museums have been defying the curfew in the capital Tunis disobey that's what happened in Argentina in 2001 a country economic free fall the president at the time declared a state of siege giving himself the power to suspend the constitution the group validate though that he'd given both to be towed Eunice United he told the public to stay in their houses here's what they did instead resign and eventually new elections 3 years later in Madrid horrifying series of coordinated attacks on trains killed more than 200 people the prime minister Jose Maria Aznar falsely pointed the finger at asks that protested also use the tax to justify his decision to send troops to Iraq his rhetoric was classic shock. division war fear Daddy will protect you this is how the Spaniards responded he voted out on snow few days later many people said they did it because he reminded them of Franco Spain's former dictator which brings us to step 3 know your history throughout U. S. history national crises have been used to sit spend constitutional protections and attack basic rights after the civil war with the nation in crisis a promise of 40 acres and a mule to free slaves was promptly betrayed in the midst of the pain and panic of the Great Depression as many as 2000000 people of Mexican descent were expelled from the United States after the Pearl Harbor attacks around 120000 Japanese Americans were jailed in internment camp it's an attack on US soil were perpetrated by people who were not white and Christian we can be pretty damn sure that racist would have a field day and the good folks of Manchester recently showed us how to respond to the us we don't rainn something else we know from history step 4 always follow the money but everyone is focused on security and civil liberties trumps cabinet billionaires will try to quietly push through even more extreme measures to enrich themselves in their class like dismantling social security were auctioning off major pieces of government for pro today we're proposing to take American air travel into the future it's in those moments when fearing chaos are sucking up all the oxygen Willie most have to ask whose interests are being served by the chaos what is being slipped through while we're distracted who's getting richer and who's getting even poorer when the flood waters was still rising into almost one of the first official acts of the government did ... was to fire all the teachers what's happening is it a raid of the money set aside for public education given the private companies was it by happenstance was by design you saw the political manipulation ... and taking advantage of the crisis if we learn from this history we could we may cast with step 5 advance a bolt counterplan at their best all the previous steps can only slow down attempts to exploit crisis if we actually want to defeat this tactic opponents of the shock doctrine need to move quickly to put forward a credible alternative plans it needs to get at the root of why these sorts of crises are hitting us with ever greater frequency and that means we have to talk about militarism climate change and deregulated market more than that we need to advance can fight for different models winds grounded in racial economic and gender justice ones that hold out the credible promise of a tangibly better and fairer life in the here and now and a safer planet for all of us in the long term defensive actions alone won't cut it there has to be a different vision and it needs to be bold saying no to the shock doctrine is vitally important but when the shit hits the fan no it's not enough //
"2017-05-26 19:08:41"
Deported to El Salvador, Trapped Between the Gangs and Trump
\\date of February in the morning well we had an appointment with immigration at 9 normally the guy gets the paper and signed it off and says okay I'll see you next year this time he took us to the back and he started asking Jose some questions like what do you live whose houses it are you a criminal do you drink and drive and I stopped and I said why are you asking this question and he said oh you know with the new administration the rules have changed a protocol that's something we have to do I was sitting in the lobby with timing and I remember I was crying and I kept thinking to myself lawyer tomorrow actually I don't trust required several of our borders no the only such a shock let's say for gore like to ghost town or and which you must sell their somebody so money Michael Fuchs mean they came in for because I'm your on the door and on down the neighborhood they might take it all you know what this is from the all making you know how they try to get up and they pushed him down com I was reaching for him he was already Hancock and I told him what are you guys doing and they're like well you didn't try hard enough to legalize and I said Sir I'm not ordering a pizza or a burger here this takes time there's no pathway I call you know he says with the new rules you know and I know your president's looking for criminal of my home was not a criminal when I was a self employed as a contractor was making a 1120 130 0 a year our star paint census in 2005 call centers background that that is the only option that I see here probably John about us a month we're barely making it for calling the more just place so they can lower my payment people are saying well why don't you apply for food stamps why don't you apply for ... Medicaid it I never depended on the government and I'm I'm gonna start now the a few I the thing a little more is appalling best of luck do me a favor can you turn around so let me see your face you just heard founder of then it must yes you're going are yeah I think many Carmen I try to make sure losing their like we're eating dinner all calls a so he can be there we'll have our conversation like we always used to do when Walter goes so Daniel how was your day today her mom how was your day today and even in bath time you know on bathing the kids I'll call Hoseyn with a light water don't do that to your sister make sure you scroll behind your ears photo hype that markers because car made my mother paid that Wallace in that it makes stations farmer no no no you have to get on loyalty where they've done this you know I don't get that hopefully I don't I mean I don't people tell me fighting to Texas papers experience it is I'm like well it's not that simple each case is different if it were that simple he would be here right now when this new administration came it's a brand new playground the //
"2017-05-05 22:02:04"
Media Pundits Focus on Political Winners and Losers of Health Care Vote
\\ //
"2017-05-01 19:35:03"
Cybersecurity for the People: Signal
\\uhhuh and NMA social justice ADN no matter who you are it's important to protect your private data and your civil liberties while using technology use our phones a lot we test our friends we take photos we email co workers much of what we say very personal and very private your phone carrier and companies like Google and Facebook can read the messages that you send and receive this information can be accessed by police the FBI and spy agencies like the NSA this problem was bad enough under president Obama but Donald Trump threatening analysts and as president of the United States he has the world's most powerful tools of surveillance and those will promised I want surveillance certain if that's okay I want surveillance but there's an easy step you can take to make sure your private conversations actually stay private use and and encryption this means that anything you send to get scrambled in such a way that only the intended recipient can unscramble signal is a free open source APP than encrypts text messages voice and video calls there are others of such as what tap but signal is one of the best all show you how to get started go to the play store on android or the app store on and I found and search for signal private messenger by open whisper systems the first time you open the signal and you need to register your phone number now you can immediately start sending encrypted messages to any friend who also has via you could also use single to have group conversations and you can send messages to disappear from both devices after a specified amount of time so you know let's you verify that your conversations are secure by comparing safety number these are numerical codes that are unique to each one of your contacts if the safety numbers you see match the numbers your friend to seize the conversation is secure you only have to verify safety numbers wants to get started if possible verify when you're together in the same room you can do this quickly and easily by scanning Q. R. codes from time to time signal might tell you that a friend safety numbers have changed this normally just means that your friend switch to a new found but it's also possible that it could mean someone is attacking the encryption to be safe you should re verify safety numbers with different each time this happens you can't send encrypted messages to people who aren't on signal so get all your friends to install the optimal if you're an activist got everyone at your next meeting to install the if you're a journalist tell your sources and editors if you're running for office consider using signal to communicate with your campaign staff of course no out can stop someone from picking up your found and reading all your communications the only way to her and that is by making sure you lock your phone with a strong passcode we'll talk more about that in another episode //
"2017-04-21 20:15:46"
Cybersecurity for the People: How to Protect Your Privacy at a Protest
\\I am a dreamer and I'm a journalist I am a scientist I'm organizer with black lives matter I'm a social justice advocate I am and I'm Brutus is one of the most democratic things you can do government is supposed to be of the people but because of technology there's a higher cost to protesting than there ever was your phone is constantly leaking lots of information you can know that I was at the protest you can know everyone I text messaged every number that I called at that protest you know things about my walk facial recognition potentially your political views your motivations all of these things in seconds law enforcement protests use tools to transpire on people's phones you got arrested your phone might get searched so if you're going to protest the first thing that you should do to secure found is make sure that you lock it with a passcode a lot of people use their fingerprints to unlock their found but in situations where you have a higher chance of getting searched you should disable the fingerprint because when your fingerprint can unlock your phone people can just take your hand and put it on your phone to unlock your phone this isn't true with the passcode you need to actually have you cooperate you should also make sure the phone is encrypted our phones are all encrypted by default with android phones look at the security settings and make sure the turning corruption on it always makes sense to use an encrypted messenger to communicate with your friends and the app that is highly recommended in signal by open whisper systems it's a free download from your apps store and it's very seamless and easy to you can make a group with all your friends are attending the protest share pictures on there funny stories messages let people know where you are even send a map location it makes sense to document yourself at the protest his protest or funny you want now you're taking part in what is likely American history and want to show you were there if you want to document something that you see might be out of notes don't speak on the video don't mention people's names a careful where you post or send that perhaps sharing it with a trusted reporter or something along those lines it's you're right to film please and this can help protect people who are getting arrested at the arrest illegal there's a chance when you go to any protest no matter how licensed organized well planned that you can be detained or arrested stay calm if it's safe for you to do so turn off your device since your devices already been full disk encrypted it's at its most secure when its power to in order to search your phone police need a warrant if the police want to I know what your password is to get into your phone or want you to if you're found clearly illegal to refuse to do please ask you to do that you should tell them you want to talk to a lawyer and you don't consent to assert you're probably thinking am I really going to go through all this before I go to a protest think of it as dating properly have a condom Papa breath mint you probably are going to use them but you never know and would you feel better if that moment happens and you're ready //
"2017-04-12 16:45:31"
Naomi Klein — How to Jam the Trump Brand
\\you've probably noticed the Donald Trump has turned the presidency into an extension of his corporate brand would make the finest one and we have trump 6 doctors brand regard by about it doc and his wife's future plans to be a brand trump's lawyers charging that it put in peril her cloak unique once in a lifetime opportunity to make millions it's gross that's a given but for a moment let's set aside how Craven in CD it all is can get strategic if the president is a brand first than a politician a distant second that gives his opponents all kinds of leverage 17 years ago I wrote a book called no logo it was about how as companies and people morphed into Superbrands they faced new vulnerabilities going all out give me McDonald these core American brand became powerful precisely because they understood that they were selling ideas that a product because brand based companies derive their value from being tightly associated with the pre nuclear image or big idea if that image gets sullied there in serious trouble we used to call this culture jamming are advised flipping the marketing power behind a brand tell a competing story about the sweatshops in which the clothes were made or the environmental devastation left behind any brand can be jammed you just need to understand the image their salary now culture jamming fell out of fashion for awhile but with trump everything nineties is new again especially his core brand identity my specifically trumps brand is being the boss who is so rich he can do whatever he wants you're fired just with didn't each that's why the supermodels hangs but on your child then the endless shots of his private jet it's we trust relationship to gold is the inverse of Superman's relationship crumples if he's more than 3 feet away from something really really shy now that we know exactly what the brand is it's obvious how to mess with it step one fire the boxer it's back to this of course Mister president August images know lots of you have already figured this out trump's personal brand is being the boss but we did jam that is to make him look like a puppet this guy's puppet or disguise puppet or discuss puppet it doesn't really matter who's yanking the strings as long as the strings are there to be seen so why was Bennett demoted apparently trump is been bothered by the public perception abandon is actually the one in charge only god don't I'm so sorry I never I never woulda calls the band the president if I knew it her it's really so much more please anything that chips away at trump's carefully nurtured image of being the guy in charge step 2 make Richie rich less rich trump's brand is all about having bags and bags of money I'm really rich which means that the other way to tame his breath is to make him less rich I don't mean make him seem less rich no I mean actively take money from him by sending his branding empire into crisis this can happen this is already happening there's the grab your wallet campaign the clearinghouse for boycotts of trump's web of brands check this out and it's not just long ties in short skirts I'm back this guy since celebrity apprentice tanked because people didn't want to watch your sponsor show associated with the president of the United States but trump's brand fights back hard but again I hate in Russia here and go buy it today rebodied clearly unburdened by at and it may even be working even because company claims that ever since the White House turned itself into the home shopping network troops sales have actually spiked which is why it's time for step 3 go after the big finish one of the largest sources of revenue for the trump organization is leasing trump's name to real estate companies around the world developers pay millions for the supposed privilege of putting the big golden trump name on the facade of their buildings no trip is clearly betting that being president will drive up the price but what if he's wrong what is brand becomes such trash that developers are willing to pay to take it down actually already happened in New York City when tenants of trump place demanded that they're building manager de trump a Phi their home and this is what happened when the truck boys went to Vancouver to celebrate the opening of the latest trump temple if these kinds of protests keep spreading more developers could decide to de trumped themselves we know how well trump pandal Nordstrom dropping his daughter successories line how do you think you'd handle seeing his golden name dropped from giant phallic symbols from Vancouver to Manila I say let's find out step 4 be a nuisance boycotts and sidewalk protests aren't the only way to wreak havoc with trump's businesses what if a whole lot of people made reservations at trump hotels and resorts and then all those people change their minds right before the cancellation deadline now I'm not suggesting anyone do this of course just wondering what would happen and what if customers who really did want to book reservations had a hard time getting through because so many other people were calling to express their views on trump's attacks on the EPA or mass detentions of immigrants were losing their health insurance television repeal it and replace it within 64 day a long time now if you go this route please be polite a person answering the phone almost certainly gets paid less than they deserve and could be secretly trying to form a union if any of the strikes you as unfair please consider this whole reason we expect politicians to divest from their financial holdings or put them in a real blind trust is because you can influence a sitting politician through their business interests trump has chosen not to divest so let's use that to influence the hell out of him let's put him in some conflicts of interest he hasn't bargained for believe me this is trumps Achilles heel traveling to Washington having a protest to try to convince Republican senators to develop a conscience well it's worth a try I guess but systematically eroding the brand of a man who is banking on profiting from his presidency both during and after his term in office that will most certainly grab the attention of the grabber in chief grabbed by the person do any of the most important thing to remember is this absence of good branding is wrapped and the same thing goes for good brand jamming so go forth and repeat by salps the president is in a box he's a puppet president is getting less rich by the day if it's brand gets battered enough trump I just course correct on some of his more whacked out policies and at the very least screwing with his central pitch to voters trust me I'm a successful billionaire will hurt trumps chances in 2020 that is if his giant head doesn't explode before then have fun out there //
"2017-03-20 15:29:32"
Edward Snowden Discusses Donald Trump's Wiretap Allegations
\\you don't from wants to take this seriously right he needs to fix the problem everyone in America's communications are being collected right now without hope and then going into the bucket and there are protected by very lax internal policy regulations right I think this is simply is not enough if he's worried about the fact that so many could been wiretapping trump tower ... that this could happen without a warrant or even with the warts right out of the problem is not old you know for Donald Trump your feet president right you should be asking questions about why was this possible in the first place and why haven't I fixed //
"2017-03-08 18:24:41"
13-Year-Old Who Filmed Her Father's Arrest by ICE Struggles With His Absensce
\\NPI done ... he's always like word and and everything for us even he always wanted us in sports he wanted us with good grades and was always you have a name you're gonna get rewarded it was used as an amazing that was taking his daughters to school which father does not relate to that which mother does not relate to that yeah mmhm I ... you when you hear 13 year old girl crying English she has seen this play out in front of her cool does not recognize dragons got that that's wrong the I I was heading back towards this area one of our staff members describe how fucking had just shown up was crying and just take her down I knew that Deana cousin was also very close I don't she had been born he told me that he was detained by ice agents on a couple of minutes ago and in that moment out my mom she's a single so he has always father for us shorter right lately mon Dieu afterwards that you have to wake up at 5 and 1 I take his daughters to running so we had a practice run on Saturday when we where like almost reaching my little cousin churches mom started crying and password was wrong she told me that it wasn't and I feel that she needed him to be there when she finished and the math on this and that like 2 weeks so it's important for this year so WNED seen a fallback we will not you will not endorse that we will fight now with this case and with every case if we went we witnessed in the video that fundamental ... on Tuesday of last hello Steve and are complicit in the act we've never been always been United we're not suppose to be parents and now it's like wait where are you at like they still need to some I I //
"2017-03-06 21:37:17"
A Closing Prayer for Standing Rock’s Oceti Sakowin
\\I was an emotional closing prayer in front of the sacred fire at a shitty shuck corn camp ground 0 of the movement to stop the Dakota access oil pipeline thank you all wouldn't all for being here for standing with the people of standing rock our world there would need to stand up for the water our land our treaty rights for hundreds of lived here quit with medical facilities kitchens security posts prayer lodges a building supply depot a school in a town the shitty was a native like community built by the no dapple movement as many walked out of machete for the last time smoke filled the air spiritual leaders chose to burn native religious structures is that of allowing the police to bulldoze them the North Dakota police had given water protectors at 2:00 PM deadline to leave the camp but more than 100 stayed behind refusing to leave land they consider there's the America wants to go to other countries China wonder bread plates readers with them when they can't even then their own treaties in their hometown in their home country at 4:00 PM the police advanced targeting both water protectors and journalists body that is up here right now yourself heroes credentials if you're not at least 2 journalists were arrested charged with obstruction of a government function they as dusk approached the police retreated promising to return in the morning to finish the eviction the following day a militarized force moved into a Chevy dozens of military vehicles armored personnel carriers and Humvees were accompanied by National Guard soldiers armed with automatic rifles some water protectors were pulled out of ceremony as they were praying this hurts it hurts to see everything go first be pushed back this is really that our live if they defeat nothing has changed at worst they have their weapons the killers and here we are on our facing an army you know as the camp in vision was taking place water protector sang and prayed from the opposite side of the frozen Campbell river some across the river in a final act of defiance it took us from our hall should children from their mothers and fathers this is my song this is my father Gordy said 46 people were arrested to me it looks like on G. 90 wounded knee though there were almost done her like that before you started slaughtering our people now dispersed the water protectors remove Fleischer shuck corn a recruiting other protest camps near the pipeline meanwhile court documents filed by the company building the pipeline indicate that oil could be flowing in less than 2 porting for the intercepted from the occupied a shitty shock going camp and standing rock North Dakota I //
"2017-01-25 22:17:58"
Seymour Hersh on the Trump Presidency
\\there's a circuit breaker we are transferring power from Washington DC and giving it back to you that people the idea of somebody you know greasing grave doubts about viability of the party system defeat the Democratic Party not a bad idea so this high and thing where you can say NBI such an outline who knows what's going to happen I'm America first Tom Merrick got very soothing I hope they would history to go back into the 37 the first thing you do is destroy the media and what you can do NCCU are fake news I hope we told I want surveillance over //
"2017-01-11 19:14:16"
The Intercept's Matthew Cole on The Crimes of SEAL Team 6
\\seal team 6 is very tactically good unit but the story is largely about some of the moral ... flaws I spent the last 2.5 years interviewing ... almost 20 current or former members of seal team 6 including 4 former senior leaders of the command to slowly but surely uncover I think ... fairly significant evidence of war crimes ... and cover ups probably the most disturbing is of a form of shooting that's called canoeing which splits open up a person's skull with a single round to ensure that they were dead one source said to me that there was no military reason to do it it was became a quite a form of sport and what we reveal for the first time is that that's what seal team 6 did to bin laden they can do them and that's one of the reasons why we haven't seen his photo ever released after he was killed in the raid was because it was it was deemed far too gruesome to to ever be made ... public but one of the things that becomes clear is that canoeing was kind of a form of branding ... it was of a wave of letting the other side know that they had been there ... and so at the end of the day seal team 6 branded Osama bin laden they are heroic and they've done some incredible things and in a very real sense they are the best of the best but there is a real dark side to what that reality looks like and ... and that includes criminal who tally excessive violence unjustified killings ... mutilations ... desecration is especially desecration is over the last 10 or 15 years ... and I've tried as best I can to document as much of that as possible //
"2016-12-08 22:56:06"
Trump's Labor Secretary nominee and fast food magnate Andrew Puzder on immigration and wages
\\Hardee's a restaurant operators in Midwest southeast often use the of the labor force in California as an example of what they would like their labor force to be it's a it's a very hard when they're very hard working ... dedicated duh creative people that really appreciate the fact they have a job where as in other parts of the country you often get people that are saying I can't believe I have to work this job with the immigrant population you always have that thank god I have this job kind of attitude CNW that are real different feeling now that that's that's a gross generalization there are many many people of all races and all nationalities to appreciate the fact that they have jobs on I'm generalizing and maybe that's a bad thing to do but ... but I am but I think it's probably accurate let's imagine and admittedly given the way the economy is going it could take a little league imagine that we're 3 or 4 days years down the road and we're dealing with a country with 5.5 per climate or 6 per apply meant instead of a percent employment what kind of problems do you anticipate with out any legislation passing from Congress that you would have been getting a work force to kind of work force you well it would it would be it would be more it certainly more difficult ... if we if we go back to those days where we're getting 2130 percent turnover the your ability to hire the level of employee that you want it when when you when you were in a ... in a business where you require low skilled workers were a truly entry level positions works how people get into the workforce I kind of obtain the entrepreneurial skills they need to go forward as places other businesses are are are attracting those employees obviously ... we have more difficult time if if however we were able to hire people ... who are current here illegally if there were a way to change their status so that they are here legally that would be a a big benefit I think to us and to everybody else that has to hire workers in that category than be a real boost to the economy //
"2016-11-22 15:05:28"
The Intercept questions Richard Spencer, "alt-right" leader
\\the United States so hope you still have in America European immigrants that correct I mean it's always been you know you said the children of undocumented immigrants should go home but many of them don't have another how many women spend the whole life you know what you want those people they can go home with their families I mean they can create a home and a place it's much better suited to their identities so if the children on the served in the U. S. no have you want them to 3 in and set up elsewhere I think you have more patriotic myths about the wonders of the U. S. military than I do can go home again and this is our home and I did this is their home this is their traditional what other tradition identity with a house they've been born here a question you can reconnect with who you really are usually yes I mean reconnecting with who you really are for a next an American would be about being in Mexico for our //
"2016-11-08 16:29:09"
Saudi Ambassador to the US vows to keep hitting Yemen
\\we get our use cluster weapons in Yemen sent my question on operating a wife but yeah yeah yes or no yes or no you know I thought about it because I'm //
"2016-10-25 21:01:51"
Police Viciously Attack Peaceful Protestors at the Dakota Access Pipeline
\\took the 20 second hundreds of people gathered at the dirt road leading to the construction site of the controversial to could access pipeline who 3.$8000000000 pipeline has been met with fierce opposition from native American tribes across the country I critics argue the environmental hazards caused by the pipeline and the possibilities of oil spill could be catastrophic standing rock Sioux tribe has also been fighting in the courts citing the pipeline will contaminate their drinking water and violate treaty rights as the construction has already destroyed some ancestral burial grounds sacred sites area in which the protesters are walking was once a secret burial site before pipeline construction workers destroyed it and created this road shortly after where the hello you I I the group just Clinton we're going to structured sites with their fellow activists chained themselves to bulldozers and other machinery being used to build the pipeline yeah it's not surprising we come in a good way with peace today we don't wanna harm can we ask for your comment away I'm a journalist I'm a journalist and easier like dress we have people locked in a there and we're on our way to go them when they route the all those Sam ... they're all holding tons and tons as you tell ... and I started day stopped us up at the top up there and started spraying in beating everybody on the frontline nnova treat sure that our people save yeah yeah and I yeah we get back that right now and I've been in the war we the war you know I the well yeah I leann yeah well yeah I know on the other protests police forces crew rounds the protest trapped shortly after these images I was arrested with the group in total over 140 people were arrested by the police that morning it's the largest roundup of protesters since the movement against the Dakota access pipeline intensified 2 months ago in that time close to 300 people have been arrested vannatter each person putting some standing wrong could //
"2016-08-10 17:28:14"
Marvelous City, Militarized City
\\is you have a history of a highly miniaturized public security in the context of our major export if any and I think greasy give me stuff human rights violation I would say that it creates the Burford recipe for disaster WNED //
"2016-08-02 13:37:24"
Como divulgar dados para The Intercept
\\ //
"2016-07-19 00:15:42"
Remember when the GOP was progressive?
\\we've spent last year $113000000000 on illegal immigrants we have to do something about it and we have to start by building a wall this is the Republican Party as most people know it today the chanting his drill baby drill and that's what we hear all across this country in our rallies because people are so hungry for those domestic sources of energy to be tapped into my budget close the largest increase in defense spending in 2 decades because while the price of freedom and security is high it is never too high but the GOP hasn't always been anti immigrant pro war in fuel hungry time has come for man to make his peace with nature every man woman and child with a disability can now pass through once closed door into a bright new era equality into freedom our second 1953 America was home to a much more progressive Republican Party every gun that is made every warship launched every rocket fired signifies in the final game extent remote homeroom or not load more cold and are not books in 60 years ago the party's presidential pops 1 wanted to raise the minimum wage expand social security benefits and extend the 1953 refugee relief act so political party took such an aggressive turn well the answer may lie in the letter president Dwight Eisenhower wrote to his brother in 19 before should any political party attempt to abolish social security unemployment insurance and eliminate labor laws in farm programs you would not hear of that party again in our political history there is a tiny splinter group of course that believes you can do these things among them are a few Texas oil millionaires and an occasional politician or businessman from other areas their number is negligible and they are still but over the next few decades about tiny group group corporations became fast friends with the religious right and that partnership give conservatives the money they so desperately needed to call for an end to the government then the cost of campaigns began saloon and that put even more power in the hands of the well so with billionaires now calling the shots in US politics with the GOP ever get back to its progressive //
"2016-05-19 21:38:24"
President Dilma Rousseff Says Brazilians Need to Fight Against "Illegitimate" Government
\\she got was no point one to adjust to the crowd too but it was busy at ocean gluten clunker estaba van okay stuck clasper condo climate it is usual was Xander disobedience distribute it wash could go get changed because it you know but as you at look doc walked up with this stuff nickel ze'evi physics here what Bresson folders Congress sees this what reforms will be bought those outside of socii pretty miracle markets though the mocha divide will be USAC one does change so 6 shot margins a bit Jesus if Eugenia KCEN said you what subject has this if you have water debated looks at the funeral //
"2016-05-19 19:41:23"
High School students debate surveillance.
\\never oppose what is your judgment on the kitchen particles resulting in a profit WNED it you have to talk so fast that you are trying to say as many things as pop it's a little and you only have a limited amount every year there's a resolution it's like the United States found should do you act so this year it's United States how government see actually curtail US domestic surveillance students across the country are debating and double new credible detail about issues that ... Congress is really only touch the surface of so the debate was about it Tennessee encryption and their attempts to create backdoors so it's a lot about cybersecurity US but factors into products are you willing buyers like when a Chinese consumer buys an iPhone that's from the U. S. that technology has a back door and they can be story by the Chinese government I bet no one knew or cared about privacy before going into big camp after they did I know people who wear freaked out and just obsessed with that whole privacy care controversy I was unsure of what the government is doing but now I know which makes it even more to //
"2016-05-19 19:30:49"
Glenn Greenwald's Interview with Dilma Rousseff: Her First Since Being Suspended
\\I'm going green one of the intercepted I'm here at the presidential palace in Brasilia where I spoke with Brazilian president Dilma reset for her first interview after being suspended by the Brazilian Senate whose yes you know to presidentially up to god to put in 3 steps one G. again Altamonte Fawzi dole processor to impeachment no soprano tribunal detain OMC many what do okay Fordham up on doctors to PT single debtors peta Senora I can't attribute all the seniors to sizzling sound as you too much while they watch people as this is live Kebun All Things delegitimize it will give what he jerked back keep will do belong virus will go Nelson but I am usual goggle eyed a meal process of impeachment processor Jim beach measure gotten Rucellai up to the best getting busy age axis so a woman used to but is it then to the table now cool menus for live on docks go ahead it was bad kept but is it the answer live on dogs them mice it will heed to my ex boss who stand to process leisure suit so ... Senhora MPG 2 months and not to put you put your pedal September his at dar will defend your sick committee own commitment I sponsored a dodgy Tom Paine was soprano put Eddie apartado process so much out there go into ... soprano phase EPO Siva appeal process appears to send upon dizzy do so built a dodgy own Chertok should be knowledgeable pulled you Sarah Ingoldsby there's a big some do us boys this pump it up a major diffidence process belabored isn't it gonna squawking semi ill boss people here also but in the do Bruno you Fadi 124 adecuada but admit it feels must move that it is quite a lot nor people now Iraq today the school here damp of the sellout the same model to go now will fail about how do they cope lost fuzzy it there Scott you see 10 explosive demands 4 don't will have to manage your live on Bob's photo go head on then just see those movies that don't open it jade to do the fears of those that don't know more than you know my name among whom does it seem namely that they hope solo process law systems report images not not once again women locked myself out so nice stone Lucy but I am what you see at home or via marriage levar does all blends but it who usually is interviewed all manage it enough do you are you a Illinois seat dole doc a suspenseful due process our bodies did state owned usual got much better opportunity dodgy Petipa jeer kills ... soprano deafened me say commit day legatum deploy ship voice nauseous again she of what a song listen now to woman Istro Jamar mendacious spin debut on vested assault sobered a I asio navis K. passing ordered their little known or tomorrow at Exxon you can look at the source key Vietnamese so he penned Saddam are going to ask the Tribune honest I'm sick comport Dando como marked or pity chicka E. esse suspense all he needs your process or product in Tarragona are on best address all numbers out to a scene written quarter points to care significado desto suspense home well it it why should keep SO suspense out at least during poor kid opt out water bill till cyber name Roma are some video seeds SPS I think all a new milestones Bissell was in this regard this pillow lava I water ministers who my man's is no way I want it up at school and so predictable now so cable did not call for us to pull Dorsey interconnects this is bulletin de glancing towards Stephanie as Bob was a song won't go broke went to and mice if each of our management at the edge eh VZV all management at the edge of JD booming uses a madman's a new stock Dorman budget towards give won't say of what god this alone will do damp both dogs as but isn't it Maskey talks with you know but I'm still not enough what they'll steal boy spears ID with midgets what I'm seeing this you got to see this taking bold new game for example Bob Davis to go so I ski team put ego Aguada deploy suicide to save space see the site here key additional tentar into how are investing a salt the lovers after it Washu Kiev support just zoom on the asa my silicon chips them thinking this process from the lava dropped they moved us up towards it Dolno lash Ricky Sears all would give ya'll need to hire a live action it'll feel like knowing that built by someone she followed involved got our supply salute the tool knock Walt Whitman is dead will be No Way Out of in Chicago buzzy OB blood is that the peace see you in Chicago it will cause less body took us okay live what I'm want to think of it I mean they're built to kill but as you say shot Marvel Brookwood outdoors and old people be good you got it up to us at all about Jude to preserve nature Lula you'll date watching me dijo useful for precision and law school yams they have to do what is the just the race general manager pretty middle got used both Capel cannot doc Powell me steady pull beat my autonomy about investiga yeah if it does is processed using government government it what could you do you wish bullshit they waste the Buddha dubbed me this step will be what W. severe that'll well Siggy male jobs and we will do do food Seattle is ample will so predictable now will still be at your table and I'll just use a book that thing is signups went up disposes so just 8000 issue Gosselin's our water well went door does as he should be Swank's no one should result in a lot of the issue Ellie stocks seem Gee it well here's a basset blossomed we each go to a place though it does as he should be slight softening that was a fate worse dust bustled with each could if somebody OGSA song counter us in order to say key opens president she's going to a presidency Cardozo government orders whose album at the labs for Scottish a hearsay KO Austin ordinances to kill you open allowed us now Salton could limit expense but Dodge people didia just not gonna give me some good image I contend that my one lump sum could even gotten could he be brought up walk Samantha may not magnanimous so yeah managed now would meet U. K. F. Proby dual pedals a duh responsible to Dodge just because no one can know where previewed ability to his possibly Dutch disco will kick it is so much bigger Allah Samus each bit allowed the process shot mob to get it is to supplement the is he good at sprint.the previous 2 now lay off some of the idea ill put desirability of cement died you get it once used well seasonal SIGINT ge civil sit trivia Wes after Jeff hooked on that song specific no my soldier Gouveia was it danger day Jude what you desire SSS bottom PI soon dazed movie and audit it's been watermark ways a I warned you one joke will hear no is that perhaps the moon also been ordered it on our good to T. old blood is 8 foot be jubilant delicious juice bill people now eat acts that when my staff to depict about some will borrow it once after you got the only one that gave us the biggest Al Gore stadium homage there can no for a night at the feet to exclude you the possible boulders L. Moneim scriptable now simply feels skittle Madonna who knows for pimple going ... Senora fully open madam lia president tool political to Brazil E. sales substitute go into the you know me shut them are Samana pasado have little still got an edgy Quimby integration initiative Naomi normally are Naomh negative won't care so so be a spate of duh cortisol como here's your point of view O. S. acquit be done stop it but is Sam ekie is chip is to grow vehement dating him E. illegitimate it is said all over him at Boston's going save up to a new blood cells aspect new bids L. file to chicken don't move him Joni's buttocks Sameer goes Mumbai use Q. would you most sales self did raise me to death David what they got they got us all killed wash from what people think for a key scene what might seem quite the block Sampson Dick auto Jordan using offer this in the age ball no deal memoria in the old days neighbors know via a watch key lost a soon myself to myself did sweet god wouldn't buy is was seized by William I see notified idea fee will brassiere Siegel ... fiend did the markets here no no in Judea arch particularly GTX should go off in the democracy both give Oishi as it should be Swank's Ellis body out there deal abolish my zealous so my sordid this Dixie machine ill damn orgy you can't kick off their school movie and we lose each what it really is usually damped fickle body a somebody month do not distilled walking when they demand to the manifest also do Judy to display some it is filled with gold mosque that imam imam it wasn't good G. up at church what doc program associate ice interrupted prevent our geology don't go there no kissing Nordic plus feca hormone it is you tomorrow I should care court have Tokyo's busy arrows little compressible vandal clone disobedience yes a vehicle combustion or a phase da boys so Colby does have some copper you ask solicit busways faded intend to my age or don't let a judge ordered the album was our disobedience yes it bill potter to talk longer as again a acequia stress on just a dividend just my cigar most no point to point at just difficult to but it was busy at ocean gluten clunker estaba van okay stuck class become to come it is usual was Xander disobedience distribute it wash could go get changed because it you know but as you yeah look doc walked up with this stuff nickel ZTV Elisha cook is here to see if what Bresson folders Congress sees this I swap is simple Schubert bulldozers itis ASCII almost unlimited amount of public implemented government of giving up this will sit right digital display could out this team now my jeep does will be a genius to see views and it set it up look the spoken at this hospice Lois won't did some will be desire how does my use of it and it's a body on the swans so citron margins a bit Jesus if you manifest us twice you Judy Exxon said you were exhibited has this if you buy water debated looks indefeasible double the dumbest team which episodes are going to Kish going to know who wish but a protest on so would phase it in the face of the democracia kissed only to pre op bothers kos boredom Sarah and quad Rogers nah they'd go into to her usual care Senora ... so do wish ms the prize approval Ikhwan too and wanted to stay it was president Judah Amish Pasargadae energy security up compress a label K. dar put Dennis potable there no desk NASA Saudi oche E. better goals ours E. S. houses data I'll booze which I'm going to ask a dentist on a mouse to alter our presidential I K. foyer and how to keep us in your approval lesson I knowing the last supper good book it bothers us woozy things Kiera been romantic possibility idealists who rules over if they SLA for provide them fungus it alleges his fate was running pianists Allah employees must have you said you know you play zealot numb thing Delano thing demand self promotion Mansell see I'll name manifest also put LA school Zeba match but I activities for those of us boys of me will discordance moss victims and don't seem to point it would I yield they might get a division as a presidential rule it dead yet thought the hot zone see Ella to vast issued to suss on how the conveyed bull bear home timbre G. secure by 4 bar ... Abbas a familiar banish noise sink percent dole might pull British what I said on pop duo desi Kamel all popular solved by peers you're not so Pinot it what could Egypt revealed in what do you paparazzo via yeah she hulk bookie if for constant book simpatico quorum not bias do do Sampson rejoice special wasn't equipped me joints sit there you sink back Sam said he'll be as we like or should both of our media Alberta sh Dolenje but if they said to me you is this cool books about meters in Beijing them bit I can get iffy even though my fate by what do if fate fundamental meant but the US we'll get all the points to another doctor this program I levaquin us a place called Vasan not yet 1.I so would you flinch when you should not schedule seems mostly Dodger front you only use law school comes next club the US is cannot know we'll party school a book and I think qualifies it with each Cup opinions since his death Bourzat Dolch blasphemy Desprez monks Easter water for tea more strict about a minute to come up got out did you hit process 16 but duties do you mean injured at least ... medic on a bus out to 1 week to temple no Brasil Alex father riskiest prevail Marchi gone all Washington post threesome managed 5 call us mon Shetty como OP Terry per day you are scrubbing all daughters DNA upon Tokyo PT transfer whom we do Maddow plateaus 0 audios punishment she goes potter's Granderson pleasers in a mesma temple employs Majeed store toward it I said a dodgy brush much popish apple because a desolate put it you could scale grungy party duh Bosnia dosu part she'd to say J. abandon all Alberta primitive washed up just rip off to anybody on the planet you scare but in our statute a point on the big you know thing views to ease took the view spill pointed out at the movies from ground up boy dell'abate estimate but should go up as Berkeley system but as he walked he in the bush Israel gods this process for my good to have a rich and also this rubbing one day and then people who do the most and when I 0 commute don't spy is the moon stifled them but I bought it a package capitalist miss wavelength.I could is it going on off them managed one looks at Dayton process which is but my father this invention to seek with going on you know not like a cinch was it bad distro maps because it would each could seek Lazio almost falls in love with each going to seek out on the doors that that is a couple look up was a NAS as book them which unlocks the Cup was about she scowl deposits of bleach is damaged garage right out of our children we tool which begin audio show some pays garage star semi speak I want to go over the beagle not a good edge if worst idea book it Boko signature nausea physicals ajuste Buck walked up programs to throw must present votes we both have 1000000 but is it what was a pony president Obama's a fiasco but as it evolves I want to put each Cup up again the good will do it will program a deck is the soldier demands but as it evolves all the finance young man but I asked the good will to the PLO but is it the bums I lost a political but I would yeah baculum ball but I need you don't wear 6 don't want them GC on schedule Misha commerce stuck on should we don't go then ... hope of analog modem which server door it's a bank idiom leader does support be cool videomovie don't us a copy E. campaign door some honest eyes or Edward upon you for office Dowdell on a presidential presidency up a causal crops home pork key escalate your asses doors personas como on the outer stopped awesome there's a big ill thought out there were young boys who wish no but I was still sitting process your good you'd get all this elders my eyes just spoke seeds bemoaned all mapped the when the marriage but gypsies they're much Gummidge you got the VS which movie Amazon Bruce's uncle Jim my spot you just perform ma I my we have seen yeah my you did bush the of the parliament set they just kill my Bazalgette yes well but my water bottles just yes want to mammals airport each Guido large command jutting up you don't will sit by sub did it Jeff gostaria yes is would boil bliss if some process just in my marriage for blacks I leaned used to pay more to collected used if she woke if you think that we need we did now where well president Jean dating if I am albeit on a somehow we did at will present then to duck gum 48 Aguada and start off I stopped what does not the mice and started again legal Gooch's if you need it it Eminem to manage really present them settle bossy about I am a manageable size voice say what they all week to temple now alma it it yet view when Jada Pinkett yet of the past should sampling Walt Disney Lavin take Lavin thing off well strike a moody posed via it in no way zig map is still pot to the complex even though we had the signal a lead them back to the dole lodge double digit break the and the flopped Jackie damp despite should supply of gold VV as my eyes defeat its gothic they'd used it it unix sort I feel manage yeah it's by enthusiasts buzz me what ya lost miss so much debt they need to do is to bring me ever G. into milk or via email sbcglobal via how long would the mill primitive with him lost via was up that each system out go SO Marcus don't get more people think you'd sing danger the pocket he via Zhuk is it in the in the Irish about it in a month so I still have those imia moved won't judge you lost that happens and helping out this inaudible dansa double their known the dollar down to sell dope it's crashed down ... Puji project car all Hassall do Brasil calm bush bricks E. medical school it was spared cannot form yet don't asci it's absolute look barnacle bias spare occipital bone loss to cool math course will use bricks some good school districts Barbara's you people get perceived bias but the journey of photographs you nope do you my philosophy state well spike is the one who close by is the medical school eat asked a good answer cool peace bottom more chill out that I use in queue for his big scale what emitted Dodge Elmont demented Dodge it it will wash I said yes and no menu no I mean my good and you notice good and you know it just yet us in order to decide which of these is Steve vai notar outdo phenolic the process of doom Pete my sacred there impeachment he proceeds aside here I okay a midi or kill me show Tamera ... fee gonna put their same improve assault and 8 around ... Terranova cemex image survive me been each inch because Paul Davies predictable how can I think I am going to look at it and both of us have identical needs more button CEO coral got my guess don't they assess but I mean he still needs more bit isn't as you know an Arab cling to cede to come home with them fame fortune he G. seem which is vases can now obtain about us all under the case so frail Matsushita estoppel to send Aguada my age S. ecclesia bane door to puddle by usually products in our company que estar a fake down to a seniority tumbling into a familiar but it will ask you I felt this I felt the ball to diffuse the best while the what did you see supra GT no objective site it's not going to sell but is it then took us on hope ghostly feet up but is identified Cheever but I've seen yet is each at it wasa TFF then was again seen chewed going justice the obvious aquasar mice mais de diffuse you put all my pistol a simple thought I leaned outdoor but to answer the book to it Sears angels Jeez Kate both give was difficult almost school with such a vast sea what is my my GT go out it is by Saddam detention damp it's fun out of people who added that this so and when we have the wash gets super zankyou puja himself kick it skid you'll go hymns okay Amir but is insane quality woman thing quantum state you Jim if you got on blobs obvious you mean could he see bupropion don't know must seek quarry vehicle calypso my best quizzes did you think I should do it it will get and little GCC she got a movable prep global wealth gap ways that people have to I usually just use of this the fact I'm just disappointed each good I was just a pistol I felt dumb enough at them if I mean if that that does not E. D. O. illiterate judges go out of the 2 men no mercy and she had to da Vinci among the second feature my sob each month they just use if a victim of injustice your president you more to bring out the Pentagon //
"2016-05-19 01:13:32"
Excerpt of Glenn Greenwald's interview with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff
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