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"2017-08-20 06:59:08"
Rothschild Just SOLD Massive Amounts of U.S. ASSETS! Here’s What He Bought
\\the banking establishment has been talking about a bull market in equities they've discussed how this bull market will never end if you take the opposite side of the bat then you're causing the problem apparently one man is starting to take that opposite backed you came here for the truth today we're going to talk about the Rothschild investment trust to begin what we're looking at is report provided by our I. T. and you will see the difference of what 6 months can make so the net asset value by currency as in terms of percentage the end of last year 2016 versus just 6 months later the end of June 2017 significant reduction in their exposure the U. S. dollars US assets and instead they have increased their exposure to sterling see that right here as well as the euro things have significantly changed here it seems what I would say is that they're concerned the bull market may not team you see what the result there he is lord Rothschild we do not believe this is an appropriate time to add risk share prices have in many cases risen to unknown precedent did levels at this time when economic growth is by no means sure the SNP is selling a 25 times trailing 12 month earnings compared to a long term average 15 so of cover that here on channel 4 the adjusted Schiller price earnings ratio which averages profits over 10 years is approximately 30 types and it goes on to talk about monetary accommodation or Q. E. may well be coming to an end it's about the problems in the world and says that they are shifting towards the Far East they are looking for domestic consumption so that's what the Rothschild investment trust is to that's their stated goal whether or not they fulfill that I don't know but this is something interesting because we're talking about billions being moved around and it is significant sure also at the same time would somebody like Rothschild makes a decision like this you know that others will follow so it's something to really not look it China however when talked about Asian equities when you look at China never forget the look total debt the GDP and that is very very telling story no different than what we've seen in the U. S. and Europe every just look at the GDP of areas like Japan countries like Greece Portugal Spain Italy everything continues to rise it shouldn't surprise anybody it's never going to be reduced maybe for a temporary period of time the only way is if they're ready to crash economy so we'll see how that works out but I don't exactly know how they're going to get out of this mess they've backed themselves into this corner I don't see a way out bill gross said this global yields are the lowest in 500 years court history $10000000000000 negative rate bonds this is a super Nova that will explode one day it's a good word to use for it because the damage will be very widespread you know that everything surrounding this would be ruined at least for a period of time there's no way that they can restore this there's no way they can turn around it is inevitable now individuals may experience gains for the next year 2 years 5 years maybe even 10 years but when the crash hits it will affect everything that's the difference between this time and last time it's not just subprime loans it's not just adjustable rate mortgages it's not just company failing we are talking about the entire financial system think grinding lower junk bond yield is less than the 5 year average well junk bond yields Klein and the only reason I mention this put it simply companies buy junk bonds because the looking for higher yield they're looking for better returns when you get a junk bond you're taking a big risk because we're talking about the worst of the worst whether they're buying into all of the garbage that different types of debt that people have and I don't see it to be ever a good investment yet Jeanne funds wealthy investors in fact and all of these different corporations they buy this garbage because they need higher yields and they feel that this is safe because the government will be fair to be their safety net unfortunately my belief is that we need to have some major failures allow some people to get hurt so that we can learn a lesson to have what I call the economic detox this right here shows you all of the different corporations which have been selling their junk debt that should tell people what these companies are really had what are they doing at this time are they buying are they selling well to me we're talking about hundreds of billions of dollars here that are being changed hands it is not going into the same assets it once was the money's be shifted around so I think that's important I leave it there for today we found this video informative please give me a thumbs up remember that when you give me thumbs up when you subscribe to the channel when you comment on these videos you're helping me out push these videos higher up in the YouTube search rankings it is my belief that my videos are lease for the most part no longer included in the suggestions box so will become more and more difficult to have my videos ... really spread out there so any help that you can give I do appreciate that very much last but not least if you found the video informative I know you'll find my books the money GPS and a new release global economic collapse even more informative you can flip through these books at Amazon the links are in the description below take care once again I just want to thank everyone for all the positive comments want to let everyone know yet again that I am posting on 2 different websites now links are in the description as well one is deep to and that's the T. you B. E. essentially what this is is it operates on top of steam it which I know not everyone's interest then but D. tube is a de centralized blockchain based YouTube essentially it's like YouTube but it's not censored that's the difference so I decided that I'm going to post only videos on there how do you follow me on there as well I think that it is important to get on there not just because you can actually earn some cryptocurrency just by voting just by commenting but the fact that we need to set up systems that are decentralized maybe they'll get taken over the future I don't know I really don't know I don't know what's going to happen after this time I personally need to diversify so that's what I'm doing someone there animal envied me as well it's V. I. D. M. E. and you can check that inscription as well either one all I'm trying to do is diversify out of YouTube and I think that's an important thing to do the smart thing to do so leave it at that just want to say thank you all the care //

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