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Circus of the Mind
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Life in Sanctuary
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How a Working Class Movement Held Wall Street Accountable—Over 100 Years Ago
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Ursula K. Le Guin: Listening to the Unheard Voices
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Rethinking Putin: A Talk by Professor Stephen F. Cohen
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OppArt: No Sexism
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OppArt: We Need To Build A Wall
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OppArt: Not My President
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OppArt: Trump Draws
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"2017-09-27 14:31:28"
We’re DACA Recipients, but We’re Fighting for All Undocumented Immigrants
\\ ... X. have recurring dreams where I was like being carried by this woman ... in waist deep water at night anda and that's like the only memory I have of us crossing mmhm I remember a specific occasion it was on it was new year's eve but at the time both my parents came in and there were confiscating their cars if they didn't have a license my Dallas I never seen my mom was crying and likely that cop had some compassion that she saw that my dad had a binge driving so she let us go where only like 2 blocks from my house my name is Hannah alumnus I am 22 years old I was born in Canada Mexico and I came to the United States when I was only 3 years old I am a doctor's and my parents they they Matt and no 1:00 though and I was born there with my older brother and stir my dad he was a recent architecture graduate so he firm at the time it was really able to successfully for us my mom tried going to get a visa that to really work out and so the only other path leaving everything behind and taking us with her to cross and I think I was just not that way we were one of those me so there's a we had come legally but growing up there is always the psych inherent sense of fear my parents always reminded me that they brought me here for a better life and that if you work hard you can see so I focus my life and my attention on trying to make a better life than my father my mother I graduate high school with a 4.3 GPA sports house by C. tend I got into you know my dream school T. C. Berkeley that's where becomes row where you're ready to hit the next step and your mind at that and all other ways you see yourself as American but the government doesn't the part that hit me the hardest is just really ... going to college I had aspirations spy initially like not wanting to go there and feeling really ashamed that I was going to like in a community college even though it had a pretty stellar educational track record ... clear colleges where this desire to organize into to fight an advocate for tuition equity for a document students I graduated and went to UCLA ... I can see that activism but like really rounded up started lobbying at the state level I live in San Francisco when a century city so I qualify for health care services here and as a gay male ... it's important for me because 3 years ago I was diagnosed with HIV and my ... medical services are provided to the city including my medication and what doctor being repealed they're still services I can get in the United States what it means is fighting for survival fighting for my health especially roll parts may god still extremely hard to be an out now much less an outlet with HIV so if our debate departed I probably couldn't survive and specifically get at all with so query mountainside stare and I still lack of understanding what it means to be HIV positive hunter got Dhaka I was able to be I'm self sufficient so ... I worked full time I want 1 or 22 jobs I was going to school full time I'm Matt Pengilly go services downtown and they're at low cost nonprofit law firm that specifically handles defense of immigration so all the clients we see are in different stages of deportation I do want to become an immigration attorney specifically and work is that a nonprofit or low cost firm where people have more access to the services they need and that's what why Pangaea inspired me there are lawyers were campaigns you know who used to be and are still undocumented who are working with these clients directly we can be the lawyers we can be the advocate says well we going to have to be the client's right there are moments where I felt like taco was something that I don't want ... because for me I felt like if I apply for taka I'm willing giving my personal information which means I'm giving my family's information to a government agency that also houses the agency that to ports immigrants implicitly my parents for being super criminalize for a choice that they felt they really need to make and I wanna end you know that like typical dreamer if it wasn't right parents oftentimes I think especially when others can conversation of on the deserving and the undeserving idea that I yeah we got Dr though only $800000 and it's important to remember that there's 11000000 undocumented right the maid who works at the at the hotel is just as deserving the the carpenters just isn't serving the man standing outside of home depot they just as deserving where human talk because really been beneficial these past 5 years for me it's really a blessing to get can you do the work I was doing as a student and now it was down in much broader scale meaning I have we more resources ... to be able to share the kinds of information at workshop size 40 sharing to commute ... and just have a broader impact I would have ever imagined I fight for immigration reform because where American we deserve to be because immigration is my life my mom it's my dad it's my cousins friends what doctor means to me is that first step not the last I've come to terms with the possibility of being deported and what my activism means and I I'm okay with that //
"2017-09-25 15:58:39"
Everything Equifax Did Wrong After Its Data Breach
\\I //
"2017-07-17 19:29:36"
People in Denmark Are Much Happier Than People in the United States. Here’s Why.
\\last week in Denmark the nuts and had a new baby girl they named at that same day the smiths had a little baby in the United States we called her Rachel right now they're just 2 little babies keeping their parents awakened by people in the U. S. and Denmark have very different priorities it's going to lead different futures for abba and Rachel it all boils down to this the Danes pay a lot more than Americans taxes and government fees they get a whole lot more back in the form of social services we as a result Americans end up spending twice as much out of pocket for the scene social goods and services in 6 months demo will probably enroll in pre school by law every 6 month old Danish baby is guaranteed high quality preschool and parents can't be charged more than a quarter of the costs parents who can't afford it they don't have to pay back in the U. S. the Smith leg too much to qualify for head start preschool program so they'll either have to part little rich wood Dale's mom or one of them will have to get a second job to help pay for daycare that little luxury could set the spittle back as much as 22000 it costs a lot to raise kids these days no matter where you live but that Nixon's will enjoy a child benefit that starts at $225 a month and when Emma hits age 7 go get 140 a month until she 17 and that benefit isn't based on how much money a family aren't it's something that everyone with the child back in the U. S. little Rachel learned some cool faintly tricks that you can get into a good preschool and land a spot a decent elementary school that will prepare her for a high it will help her get into college some American schools are world class but others often serving students from low income families you can write down there with those in developing countries that means the Smith may soon be shopping for a house in another school district a notion that it never even occurred to the net because republics we pretty much all world class yeah and Rachel are good students and Mel both go to college when they get a in Denmark almost every college student attends public colleges and universities don't charge tuition Rachel well navigator very different educational system she'll probably end up with a good deal of debt in the U. S. 71 percent of the class of 2015 graduate student loan debt averaging around 35 grams fresh out of school the young women enter the work force down there they all have different experiences to if Rachel is lucky will get 2 weeks a year of paid vacation but maybe not U. S. is the only industrialized nation prior am I like most of our workers in Denmark is guaranteed 5 weeks of paid vacation time and that doesn't include the 9 public holidays and many Danes and enjoy a 6 week of paid vacation around Christmas added up to and you're looking at 7 weeks of paid vacation really let you relax like things that Americans have similar incomes but Americans work about a quarter of more hours that means the Danes get to spend about an hour 0.5 hour each day on leader American when Rachel loses her job should qualify for unemployment benefits that covered about half of her income usually up to half a year demo will lose a job at some point to take it happens at the best of us but should get up to 90 percent of what she was making and she can collect that for up to 20 years and sometimes more now some people say those generous benefits create a culture of dependency and discourage people from looking for work but 73 percent of working age stains have a paid job compared with just 60 percent of Americans and Emma will always have access to excellent public healthcare system in Denmark everyone's covered American spent 2.5 times as much per person on healthcare is the Danes but around one later still uninsured some days hammer and Rachel will both have babies themselves evolved after praying weeping for job growth but Rachel will have to pay around $5000 out of pocket for a normal Rachel also lives in the only advanced economy that doesn't mandate paid family leave she can take some unpaid time but for most women there's no guarantee that our job will be waiting for when she gets back to work in fact one in 4 American women quit or are laid off when they have a baby so they lose seniority and end up with an uneven work history according to one study each child lowers American woman's earnings by 6 to 8 percent or ammo and her partner on the other hand will be able to divide a full year of paid parental leave in that many dames have union contracts that pay 100 percent of their salaries during that but if they don't the government will give them around 600 Bucks a week while they're on the this is one reason why the gender pay gap is around 3 times bigger in the U. S. than it is in doubt Emma and Rachel for walks and and then they'll look to enjoy their school to hear as an average American Rachel will work 2 years longer than Ammons pension will be about 2 thirds of her pre retirement income while Rachel social security checks will cover less than half Lucia so you get the picture ammo will have lived her life under the crushing burden of democratic socialism that combination of state funded education healthcare parental leave and plenty of other benefits has made the citizens of Denmark the second happiest people in the world and Americans we're number 15 but but I //
"2017-06-02 18:14:05"
Noam Chomsky: Neoliberalism Is Destroying Our Democracy
\\take a look at the recent history since the second World War something really remarkable this happened first the a human intelligence Sir created to to huge sledgehammers capable of terminating her existence or at least organize exist both from the second World War ... one of them was from a scientific thunderbolt gives a preview of it destructive for I as immediately well this is 45 the that I remember very well it was obvious that to sooner technology would develop it to the point where it would lead to a terminal disaster ... scientist certainly understood this in 1947 the bulletin of atomic scientists inaugurated its a famous doomsday clock no closest gonna intimate but and the environmental disaster which wasn't thought about much in 1945 but it turns out we know understand that at the end of the second World War of the world also entered into a new geological epoch school they enter prison in the epic in which should the humans have a severe infected maybe disastrous impact on the environment that was a sharp spike such activities and disaster after 1945 so geologists pretty much even formally date the origin of the anthropocene to about the same time as the nuclear age of observing that the analyst soon bulletins analysts in 2015 ... mentioned both then move to clock to 3 minutes to midnight the closest it'd been since 1984 immediately after the trump election late January the sooner the clock was moved again 22 0.5 minutes to midnight closest spins since 53 so there's the 2 ... existential threats that we've created in the case of nuclear war maybe wipe us out Jason who are metal catastrophes severe impa then some a third thing happened the beginning around the seventies human intelligence dedicated itself 2 eliminating or at least weakening the main barrier against the threats school do live religion if you ask yourself with that was a transition that period from the period of what some people call regimented capitalism fifties and sixties the great growth spirit egalitarian growth flow of the dances and social justice no that changed in the seventies with the onset of the neo liberal Europe that we've been living in since we did it deregulated the airlines we deregulated the trucking industry we deregulated financial institutions we do control oil and natural gas prices and we negotiated lower trade barriers throughout the world to get rid of needless and burdensome federal regulations each benefit nobody and what harm Oliver's if you ask yourself what this year it is it's crucial principle is undermining ... mechanisms of social solidarity and mutual support and a popular engagement in determining policy so called the which school does freedom if I'm not in favor of fairness I'm in favor of freedom and freedom is not fairness fairness mean somebody have to decide what's fair who but freedom means a subordination to the decisions of concentrated unaccountable private power that's what it means the institutions of governance or other kinds of association that could allow people to participate in decision making those are systematically weakened ... Margaret Thatcher said it rather nicely in her aphorism about there is no society only individuals she was actually a unconsciously no doubt paraphrasing marks who were in his condemnation of the repression in French well said the repression is turning ... society into a sack of potatoes but just individuals amorphous mass can it back together that was a condemnation for Thatcher it's an ideal Manila and that's new liberalism we destroy or at least undermine the governing mechanisms in which people at least in principle can participate it's not the side is democratic so we can them ... undermine unions other forms of association leave a sack of potatoes the main wealth transfer decisions too unaccountable private power the hole in the rhetoric to freedom well what does that do the one barrier to the threat of destruction is an engaged public can informed engaged public acting together to develop millions to confront the threat and respond to it and that's systematically weakened for people to become more passive them episodic and not to disturb the extra Motrin books with the new liberal program students so put it all together and what do you have perfect storm this is all very tool in front of era we have to do is look takes no profound intelligence takes no special insight to just look at what's in front of your eyes it's right there in fact I think a lot of people see //
"2017-05-25 19:10:20"
Travel To Cuba With The Nation
\\I've been a long long time so therefore my kind in the nation I would be surprised that I wanted specifically to I'm I'm not a historian and ncredible AKN around intellectual experts in human history college things I get to hang out NCARB but I also get a chance dissipate conversations lectures and cultural experiences that would n't what's happening that that's what makes this it's worth every penny //
"2017-05-08 15:58:09"
How Prison Taught This Man How to Play Chess
\\squares of the battlefield that territory dimensional rain I enjoy teaching and I teach for money now please back in 1982 when I was incarcerated I ran into this guy that was very very good I'd but that of the game levels of but he knew and ... hello that I tried to do so I got so frustrated ... a all of that could do is humble myself and ask him to show me how to play this game at the he told me that I'm never going to beat him so I went with that they think that I don't wear you down with a V. yeah but I could be the guy so knowing that I hope will my securities taught taught a different way about the game explain it moves and the I a deer in the theory behind the game to execute those ideas those thoughts those strategies that you can think of create to do in order to obtain it the objective which is checkmated the king and that would be victory in the victory of you women out beacon out maneuver in your opponent gives you intellectual and site and power you play very good by the way and to the other vehicle alright the later oil does anyone would soon money because we're good morning girl then be the lawyer if you see any black man now he has a street hustler trying to sell some you've been with him that is they eat with detail wore hideous crime but he has probably been locked up before all over the Christmas is you have says everywhere lot of guys that have been planned for the long pier to stay that they're there they come out very very good at the game very very sharp and they can come down here the rule this $5 to the winner 5 minutes from the closet unless you wish to go far you gotta protect that guy right there are you going to do it days ago don't forget the little key more right here right alright what is this guy's sent to the king check good job all right set him up again I I //
"2017-05-08 15:58:09"
The Prisoner Firefighters Battling California’s Wildfires
\\ //
"2017-05-08 15:58:08"
What Kind of Care Package Can You Send to a Loved One In Prison—That Won’t Get Thrown Away?
\\in may of 2000 my brother died sentenced to 25 to life the time he got his prison was allowed to attend the and I have some news for this package it took me all day to shop around different stores to see this post on food store I got that all back to the house settle back out the house and yes the one box one that I that I carry that the box to the post office then I pay the hype was to shift at the post office then when my brother got the package maybe 10 or 15 percent of the items one through and it's all gone so I really saw ... I mean and I was pretty sure that I can fill that need so here we have ... boxer shorts boxer shorts have to be white they have that not have the elastic that some ... on though comments have ... Lee sells socks or stockings ankle socks clean socks here we have dealt the ... differences in ballots is requirements like I felt awful needs to be like 1.5 inches all laugh I think it's one I have in my between these people all locked up in the whole so by the time someone ordered this stuff when they got into a fight or whatever they did to get put in the whole they lost a package privileges so like this and they will get his packaged foods is back on July 27 they send the package back to us and then we send them back to them when they get out of the hole probably the worst part of doing your time is that the food a day so it was really bad that's why seafood is one of our biggest sellers families want to make sure that their their loved ones are eating and eating well ... there are some people I got when I was locked out does some people that don't even go to the mess hall they eat every night out of something like this I want her muscles right now we service 62 prisons and New York state alone we go on Fridays and Saturday nights to the family members that are taken bus rides to go on prison visit and hand out not only a catalog both chips Ahoy cookies or Ritz crackers I mean that's going to expire in a month probably the thing that I'm most proud of that very thing I've done is bringing music back to the prison system so we have a deal with universal music group and they make cassettes specifically for the inmates so this is is this on cassette they never made this anywhere in the world buffer sent a package they have to be in a clear Cassatt they can have the screws the 4 screws that are usually go in the corners of the cassette olden the shell together universal records makes this and the glue these together just for us it's pretty cool a lot of people accent why this why that I really have no idea and I don't even try to figure them out on the line for instance they make us do these cassettes may say that it's the most safest way for them to listen to music alone same day was a civilian complaint can make the cuts on my but along those lines they let me so tuna fish and that you know you pull off the top and that thing is metal like it's much more dangerous than a CD is my partner to a fish can instantly so I I don't know why they ... come up with some of the rules and they come up but we just try to stay within those guidelines it's this //
"2017-04-26 14:17:08"
Deported: A Father of Three Torn From His Family
\\ //
"2017-03-14 16:26:27"
The Score: The Truth About the GOP Health-Care Plan
\\ //
"2017-03-08 15:52:33"
The Young Turks Are Beating Major Media Operations—on YouTube
\\n't and that what makes the young Turk and what makes you young Turk someone who's opinionated strong passionate and doesn't worry about censoring him or herself ... Stephen back to you what do you think with the main media lessons from 2016 I'm very fragile with it with the mainstream media because I think they kinda created knowledge romp with their incessant coverage they are no longer doing journalism ... with any kind of mission ... minded this is all about ratings and and and core profits now I'm writing in that you actually I think he's one of what 2 people you've ever band off the airwaves that young Turks correct so at ... ever granted no we did because that's exactly what we don't want to reward reward people who save ridiculous over the top things just to get more attention so we had band and Coulter and dollar trunk door the to do what we can ... because we don't believe that there are honest about anything they're saying they're saying just get attention so I week but we couldn't ban him forever because he was going to become our president and he was winning the Republican primary so we had to rescind the ban and we covered him ... but we try to cover it in a way that didn't cater to his particular needs so Anna this goes back to us of trustworthiness in your audience and you're not alone in the house pose 536 oz everybody mostly those of us on the progressive side of the spectrum didn't call it right are are much esteemed colleague here Stevo was confident on election correct that ... Hillary was gonna win how do you come back from that and how you processing that fail as it were with your audience honestly I think that the pollsters the establishment media up a lot of liberals including ourselves unfortunately kind of spell into this bubble and disbelief that someone as hideous is on trial could never win even if Hillary Clinton was a flawed candidate even if she didn't really represent progressive values I think that everyone especially members of the media kind of falls into this ... establishment bubble and you know conservatives give us a lot of heat for being elitist but I kind of now understand what they meant when they said that you know we kind of look at individuals who would bolt for Donald Trump as if well we got undervalued and and we underestimate that well let me put you on that and the so you know on election night you were pretty angry at ... but trump voters and particularly women who I think you called stupid if you do if I remember correctly I don't blame you ... how do you how do you be a forthright voice with the strength of opinion that you have keep your base and do what many of us have been talking about since the election which is address exactly this population that you just said perhaps we've been underestimating and maybe we have real audience that that's right well I think that there is an interesting double Sander happening ways conservatives versus progressives and within certain areas there's no sense so we want to tell it like it is where fighters were strong and we're not going to censor ourselves and so they say some of the craziest things and now here he for like top slots at the craziest days yes no he for in fact that helped in election because individuals felt like he was absolutely correct and you told it how it is I don't regret what I said I think that these individuals voted against their best interest I think that members of the Conservative Party have so when it's time to time we get the see women as second class citizens I think that voting for a party that has those beliefs is voting against us interests as a woman I I'm not in its home down my rhetoric people either love them or hate that but I'm not really it's our stated in playing games in order to you know appeal to a broader audience what's your business models the does it depend on but going outside the pool of supporters that you have now explore our business model is to serve the audience first and you know ... that's got us in trouble with advertisers because sometimes you know our hosts say things that are not out Bob has a friendly and that's okay I don't want to ever tell someone to tone it down ... on it ask that they actually believe what they're saying the guy saying it's for attention or whatever it did at that you believe now in terms of your you out your business model what is your budget roughly and have did I know that you try to get you do get successfully members ... you also have underwriting in advertising I guess on you too correct ... and you wait here for an investor meetings of the ethics of thing yet so ... in our budget is ... roughly $0 a month ... and that covers all the employee expenses ... you know our ... our ... you know overhead facilities camera people there's a lot of travel ... so that's that's our budget and it's covered by a number of revenue streams ... one of which is advertising revenue that we get from from ... YouTube Facebook Hulu ... Pluto Twitter Amazon and these other platforms another big part is our subscribers so this is what's very poor and I we have people who pay $10 a month subscribe to our content and I suppose that pay more than $10 a month ... because they just feel so I connected to who we are and what we do what do you see as your mission and goal at this point I would focus on my main goal it would be to empower people and mobilize people to resist some of the policies and executive accidents that Donald Trump will explore or or sign sign in to government and I wanted to move forward is you Sir that the Democratic Party doesn't play the same games that they play during this last election but //
"2017-03-08 15:52:33"
Clean In: How Hotel Workers Fought For a Union—And Won
\\when the of Harvard Business School sisterhood of the traveling pants suits I'm so excited that Harvard is celebrating lean and I think in many other things have sparked a national we are having a national about gender I how I think that I think that yes good products I kind of believe how old are the sons of god I hope there's a sort of got a sick wife decide via if I equipment but at the what we honestly novels see use cool moment I don't know if that is still again I mean this give but the thing that most look yeah double double handle and this Dan yeah if you don't have a home would win I soul a place in my the get like one of me and I look problem I can't be yeah goodness I don't have a quick temper so nasty yeah must I hold get that animals because there's grow up will cost yeah most of this sequel but enough persona and that is just different now on me and I hope that may not accept the what does god time till and give direct I hope you know how long it would you can ask goals the leading see my man I so I said that there program must enemy about us little saying Mrs is that not good about them which so you would well I hope you'll come 9 minutes if I'm out of sight me look dumb one that I got bass I mean debacle this gentle can a bully out a win my did it lead us because you need so I will ship but then it gets sitcom okay yeah you come to my team and you work here and you want to have kids one day my door is open to get help you take a leave I'm gonna help you come back that conversation needs to start happening every workplace in America every single time a new the CM noble the NSF boy steps you'll call me look what can 0 sample we will also double their as good as I am but I salute you are not going and that they must meet most baby let he'll skip may not have added my book is really honest about how hard it is for me I still feel guilty about the choices I make got us get your stomach to handle Joe you're outta created said the act gave him meaning as them and believe little battle necessary impending unless you sign on people still say to me she should be working and I can't always say I'm 100 percent sure the answer is yes let us have probable safety in the in the US program versus by that noble the unknown format books and new yeah total most glorious by that made it without them there that we need is that a lot of us seem to see them up with the outcome that in these blossoms what can you do to advance yourself no one to love him no one thought much of this young girl want to watch a status to advance women you'll blow him up elected that I'm living in little items will be at the look at change the world just a little this is the most honest out orders I'll need normalcy and it already satins can make up the way they get white both please email me also Namik pitiable yeah many home unable to understand why if only for Q. don't come again please join us and how often if we okay yeah early in the yeah then it's not that hard 11 the sustenance to his and and workers in for the union hello so Harvard and property of okay with any hard since I've heard me changes every year died about $20000000 a year it's also mostly used by Harvard affiliates it's right next to the business school so it made a lot of sense for the workers to come to Harvard students and ask for our solidarity I'd smoother being horrified hearing that this was happening in this hotel my school ... needs in March workers and 10 students delivered it petition to manage banks and they want a fair process as any musician will probably or NPO but other cities I and I I when you are trying process essentially get open house workers can sign cards saying they want a union managers aren't allowed to link bully and the majority of workers sign a card saying a 1000000 you how do you and yeah the moment harvest season real engagement with doubletree workers crimson center containing addicts to every article that it ever written about the hotel going back to like 2006 I am saying Harvard it was via a mistake Harvard owns the building but not the hotel legally this really no distinction Harvard has a contract with Hilton to manage the company and harbor gets profits from the hotel operations not from rent the reason that Harvard has Hilton manage the hotel it's that Harvard never actually has to do with the work like putting that acts later Harvard's insulating itself any worker hi I'm Joe burger Jerry approaches the Americas for Hilton worldwide we understand the challenges of ownership why we're here to help you take care of your business Hilton can bear the brunt reasoning of sad workers having or we heard back squat workers having miscarriages nothing can handle at Harvard can make money and like nobody Harvard will ever have to really handle this but harbor is the one that we need telehealth and that it's time see how about about one month without up to see a process so Khaddam's BMW he looked at the man except that so what the world looks like what would the world look like if we got half our institutions and companies run by women and half of our homes run by men I'm not claiming utopia where everyone's wearing flowers and caring guitars and stuff even though I kind of think it might be that good watch a basis cables when you look at the stock idea get most get on his good job now was the scene that they did not present that those on Amala policia do women need to do more leaning and or do they need to be confronted with less pushing back uhhuh are you trying to reignite the revolution I think so not just a book not just a best selling best viewed talk but a move and you have sort of achievement one name stands you're now share people began to literally describe their action where as I'm leaning in I think I mean you know I've got a lot he you I what WNED the third thing we do is help people form circles and circles gangs in the if by so I could see me now that I look at look at Joe busting my ass and it was put child I know how you allow that I can just which I don't was double assessing cut by anyone can now look anything but until what struck me about the whole experience ... why is yeah how productive the lean in circle was ... which says more I think to that facilitating ability of down include his light headed through the circle then it has to do with the lean in circle itself it was 10 or law does it Aquarius around the land must also owns land use in residency there yeah for border could go beyond those dog by Saddam to free and they also discussed the drought most no says yes and then all that opens up with them haciendo pencil and and her butt is showing that a sound that can last housekeepers they double date stuff that's in the last week at the end of the musical idea I don't know too much about shows him very but I knew that she was coming from a higher class corporate world where it is possible to go to your boss and say oh Hey like I'd like to tweak this because you have a contract nobody's going to slander you nobody can just immediately prior you focus on the they thought they would be yeah yeah it'll jump right on the head they could be in the movie never I'm ... delighted to be here great have a chance to moderate on this panel of 3 such acts Jordan NAREIT man employee but to live in this part of this whole man soul but I must look to us for so long no one is that I want so soon I realized everything can equality okay currency fifth place sell it income inequality this is something I think we've all thought about you know I was working on that topic when I was still enormous sacks and in which direction were not critically think yeah like a lot of but well but yeah that is so this housekeeper they definitely would never say that women even like corporations and positions don't face problems because they are women but I think it's important for them to also be fat space and recognize that there are other women who face those problems just in a different way because what's the point of making change for people in higher classes if the people in lower costs is the people who don't have access to resources are still suffering you haven't solved the problem you've just solved your problem so how it works she rallies here pretty sure that rose Harvard students have never been first how we make it real high we Jones this yeah I think about it now begin thing I picked up the third one he he and then mommy's player will so that the because no for a man mom out Lucille done yet that thought about it then the MW in this book yeah the new we need about yeah this radical to me how many times these women have to get up and essentially re live all the terrible things that have happened to them just to get people support them accordion though the mean under a comma immigrating that'll be me nineties when I said some of the nineties I was running Phoenix my I felt how many to boil your life down into a story sometimes it gets lost in that is a page you standing up he's not somebody to be paid to so many whose brave someone you should respect and because you respect her that is why you should join this campaign we're gonna hear from another leader who is bad I thought was quite for almost 2 years now I like to call up the only lay most for yeah right I go where because within Neymar but well of course when we defeated the CDF set up with kit some obvious gun ownership workers had such strong faith in each other and in this the work of students were doing they were literally willing to risk their jobs the night before many of them cleaned out their lockers because I thought they would be fired he was that heavy rightly with a little pay rents food until tomorrow I the I what else can this things we then he'll get that or not the Los I mean our new partner more you put that he yeah hired yeah that yet only knows the handle okay yeah yes that thou will well my lady I met to learn more what I see overheard Harvard of tools held do what she did realize that workers where students from higher way and the call I no this every board room the country in every town hall on average shop floor our voices are not so what I said deals get by labels first I was badly gain that never office bed can although the law idea now what you are Harvard Business School graduate hi do you not automatically stay he you know you're going to check a hot body heat what kind of talk with them //
"2017-02-23 21:13:01"
Robert F. Kennedy: ‘We Don’t Treat Everybody Equally’
\\as a home or question of whether we are rolling the barriers with communism one side of the world where I mean and a proliferation treaty of full of atomic weapons in one part of the world in another part of where we're killing people because they come found been consistent innovative and car rather than the whole question of principle drug and we bass cigarette which killed far more people every year than marijuana I and then you know we there is and the second power because I don't so that we don't know what the deal with that even though okay here what 350000 people a year well ... I have there is there is this great wealth but I talked about and that we get it right poverty there are speakers made about the fact even treat everybody equally and yet we don't treat everybody equally there talks given and pronouncements Megan note written Mecca everybody going have an opportunity to have a job have people helping and yet 43 percent of the people that live in the city of New York and live in the city I went live in the lap pagan rundown housing benefit by that 17000 people but by that and make that poverty in rural areas worse so if we weren't there sanctimonious about it we weren't hypocritical about it and we didn't crap help untruth about I fell then I think the poor and and take steps to reality then I think our country be much better off cannot people would have much more confidence in those about to our public officials and in our government as a whole //
"2017-02-23 21:12:41"
Martin Luther King Jr.: ‘The Economic Problem Is the Most Serious Problem’
\\I guess I could use some of this time again and the pleasantries and talk about the many experiences I've had with you not only here but in Europe and other places what do you have in store for us this summer the good work well I don't know about the summer home I guess I should begin with what we have in store purpose during ... failed and we I am the most of the most critical care the economic problem is probably the most serious problem confronting the Negro community and I might say is the most serious from our problems confronting poor people in general and I don't want to be not are about this talking only about a black school and country because I'm mostly concerned about programming guns or Mexican American American Indians and Appalachian whites and we are confronting a major depression ... and the poor communities and I think the time has come need to bring her back more power but by red faction nonviolent direct action movie on the basic economic conditions that we face all over the country nonviolence is that of tremendous force and grappling with a social problem legal segregation and descend from of deprivation surrounding that system and of course there have been a major force in grappling with the political problem of the denial of the right to vote Britain winning Victoria's life the civil rights their research to for and the voting rights bill of 1965 around ... the issue of segregation and voting rights we discovered that ... vis legislative stride I did very little to improve a lot of the millions of negroes in the cattle and then the nation's Jenner now the words are very very little to penetrate the lower steps may grow deprivation ... and community follow //
"2017-02-13 22:44:39"
Trump’s Obsession With Manufacturing Is About Politics, Not Jobs
\\I and I the //
"2017-01-16 17:05:55"
Future Generations Need to Know Our Nuclear Waste Is Deadly. How Can We Tell Them?
\\nuclear waste is really all the things that come from nuclear power and nuclear weapons we can't leave it near people because exposure to it could result in cancer or death will this lead to some kind of contamination at some point time in the future and those futures end up being really far out often behind seitel imagination a lot of the questions around nuclear tend to be questions about the future the half life of plutonium is 24100 years we consider something gone after 10 half life's so 240000 years are we going to design a system that's going to be safe from those kinds of time scales I sometimes think it's just an impossible task but we have this nuclear waste we have no choice we have to figure out something to do with it this facility is not here because we're in the middle of a desert near away from people or all the things that you might think this site is here simply because there is a salt bedded salt member that is just almost unique in the north American continent because of the way it was bad and lay down and because of its depth 3 to 4000 continuous feed assault or about 900 feet below us I behind me is ... basically the legacy of the Cold War the Soviet Union ... free West I we produced I think close to 30000 weapons warheads and there's lots of plutonium and other fissile materials that are left over from the production of those weapons someone has to take care of it in some ways they still isolated that's what this facilities for Congress specified they cannot build the waste isolation pilot plant until a plausible marking system was established live for 10000 years would warned of the danger of the site and the and I been nominated to participate in a study of civilization's future digging or drilling into the site could bring radio activity to the surface you will identify what kinds of markers should be placed at the waste site to deter humans I'm accidentally entering it's a leap to imagine walking talking living people 515000 years from now but the future will come we can't stop there being a 10000 years from now and that stuff will still be there and will still be dangerous I uhhuh the the standing stones market area once used very radio active do not take here do not drill here these markers were designed to last 10000 years //
"2017-01-16 16:59:46"
Native Americans Are Fighting to Take Back Their Artifacts
\\they were so short of popular movements so we can get don't care to reform for they just left them alone I would say that's one for the Shoshone had never never would conquer I'm part of that clan I am a moment usually ... I ... ... I was born in 19 I remember round 56 the only English we I heard was that we had a radio badly radio they were speaking English and I'll listen to it turns probably not too worried but it was a lot of grown up this is the only English I heard we time I run into English was when I went to grade school it was a chore because I could speak English I couldn't read there are 2 in grade school student was caught speaking shortly teacher would tell him good on the black board I will not speak Shoshoni again 500 times what was described in a poem I or you could you know you but talks can live you want to uhhuh yeah I really don't NBI should to be farmers we want former sh we were only Robert came we don't look very screw right yeah ... drafted in the army I do know where Vietnam was are you sure under review well as soon I heard her tell ... it was communist Munier to take over the place we were here to stop that communism from Coney to it all but yeah known currently a good luck charm or testing every day how excited to health club okay graphic because they can put me anywhere in the world I heard of gossip people around me the life expectancy of a governor tower he was escorting some ground troops sniper put our and what price to our I don't it's going to come down crashed into she knows all jungle tick jungle you know governor or do you wish to have the perimeter for the child protection about 5 minutes after we landed I could hear voices they were talking Vietnamese or soldiers time to get to I admit I just live my mind I said that my machine gun and I'm not gonna go into prison camp I fight mmhm my good luck charm along with my don't take some they my great great grandmother told me well usually he praised P. freely so Rattana start praying we should try should be familiar with the worst feature and we would hurt each other page that way a printer creator I want to live okay so I told my creator chopper come by and river nearest we jumped on it caught up items have power as long as creators involved with I'm kind of confusion dangerous situation get me to say how mmhm sergeant a little it's kill or be killed and doctor to our heads there be some orders for us to she would hold on hold okay nobody's post what you start shooting you don't know what you're going to get the hearings should never hooch are you sure know somebody running my machine that they've tissue tall solar creation you can kill ratio make sure that we soon got more dirty sure puts a hooch is on fire creation I hate to do that come out there's your mind up text to you ... the good news Quebec from war 9 Mr the war I don't know what to do if every day that's what caught my door she looked right yeah man to come home I still feel that way you know Olympia prepared to die any day I never left the reservation because of that reason I fear do you think you have healed from those things I think are I have fueled you know I think it was better to 3 what bad things like song literature better you the we should be doing now a lot of things you know like this you know talk about his I don't try to recuse tree down you know I will make it better you know for all of the rest of children school we won't wonders could be important I good to mounds 2 birds would the you ... //
"2016-12-22 18:58:14"
Homeless in the Shadow of Santa Barbara’s Mansions
\\nnsl for more pay for our living in a car I see you know which show what true you've done that you can spot others you know it looks like I laughed because my ex and my son got until skull fight I left the house with my kids and went to the hotel for awhile friend's house for Juan then another friend sells for another 3 months and then another friends house for another 3 months and then I ended up back to the hotel rooms and then into the parking program there is a Santa Barbara organ and saying that it's illegal to sleep in your vehicle overnight we have 20 lots throughout this scene of our break area here so when you fall and there's like a parking lot here in here it's this back one you could Sir entering anytime after 8:00 PM with that you have to be up by 7:00 AM every morning the one thing else doing another soft drinks the street myself to Simon picked up were behind the cafeteria or be on next tennis courts you get off at 8 I get athletes all be there around 815 I wake up at 530 morning chop off my kids at school and I go to work from 8 to 5 go pick up my kids then I go to my other job at night it trying to find a place to spend the focal I I make the money I just don't have good credit my oldest son he helps me by watching them mom I work at night there's been times that nobody sleeping in the car while I'm at my night job the pecans come and knock on the window and they've asked what are they doing there hotel over rain from on the get off of 10 minutes and now it's gonna be 2 more hours we she shifted a barber for 40 years the unemployment for last 6 months I had a problem with my neck in my hand I just got my last check last night I knew were you the only I knew I was gonna have we lost our apartment so I bought that day and that we see fit to to search out and that's what we we got the safe part program and and that's what we've been doing hello Klay ... nearly no peace ... and I to so yeah if you right registration well we also have another a lot that we just signed we're in no church there's only 5 spaces there and they prioritize feelings the London YMCA I wish we'd wager showers here we go we're trying to I retune fairly normal I missed kitchen who is cooking yeah research a great job relearning she don't really remember what her mom looks like but that's all I can change for sure her moms can be get out of prison you know here you got brand you need cash now sat well I think right sure rusher letters and among writer back I don't just for you not in the spirit because among as if a church in which a diseased the phone rang okay at your little tingling I I I just want to know teams start yeah she did real well she had a judge and your spelling is yours are you referring to I get and I think that we can families living situations and invest the moment she's okay she's a trooper guess which one I am yeah though glam rock you know that was a thing I actually played professionally and went on tour with a lot of ... bands from the eighties and there's nothing more exciting than when you get on stage it's a rush ... worry on your in our twenties back and then as a lifestyle you just ... went to the rainbow at the troubadour whiskey now people know who you are the yeah yeah yeah I just had a pack everything up put it in here yeah and when I knew I was going to lose my apartment I'm thinking okay this is Santa by campy to balance my car for a couple months I'll be okay I'm going on 3 years I gave up the dream so I went from the rock and roll to the investment industry wearing a suit and tie and I did that for a long long time men and that recession hit and I threw us out mystery I cursor this is a body I'm gonna be your driver today I'm with captain Jack stores how you doing I just wanna let you know that I'll be coming by around 1030 inch a perfect day for why torture sure and what type of work you to him ... web content writer yeah it was like having a job and I agree with that yeah yeah how about you Chris and the sisters Santa Rita does 2012 yeah here we go revisiting the poor for today number I was telling you earlier played in the band on the other couples were good players they both fell asleep on the guy shows up what is the name of your of the band that you're going on tour rock and roll is making a comeback buddies are out their planet and it actually asked me get my plane a bore I can do that I know I can do that I've done it before if I didn't have that as that character of hope I I can't even imagine can you hear me for 5 fish if you don //
"2016-12-21 15:49:43"
Homeless in the Shadow of Santa Barbara’s Mansions
\\nnsl for more pay for our living in a car I see you know which show what true you've done that you can spot others you know it looks like I laughed because my ex and my son got until skull fight I left the house with my kids and went to the hotel for awhile friend's house for awhile then another friend sells for another 3 months and then another friends house for another 3 months and then I ended up back to the hotel rooms and then into the parking program there is a Santa Barbara organ and saying that it's illegal to sleep in your vehicle overnight we have 20 lots throughout the scene of our break area here so when you fall in there's like a parking lot here in here it's this back one you can Sir entering anytime after 8:00 PM with that you have to be up by 7:00 AM every morning the one thing else doing another soft drinks and straighten myself Simon picked up where behind the cafeteria or be on next tennis courts you get off at 8 I get out plates all be there around 815 I wake up at 530 morning chop off my kids at school and I go to work from 8 to 5 go pick up my kids then I go to my other job at night first trying to find a place to spend the focal the I make the money I just don't have good credit my oldest son he helps me by watching them mom I work at night there's been times that nobody sleeping in the car while I'm at my night job the pecans come and knock on the window and they've asked what are they doing there daytime over rain from on the get off of 10 minutes you know it's gonna be 2 more hours it's we you mean mmhm she's gonna Farber for 40 years the unemployment for last 6 months I had a problem with my neck in my hand I just got my last check last night I knew were you the only I knew it was gonna have we lost our apartment so I bought them they had initially fit that suits out that's what we we got the safe part program and and that's what we've been doing well pulling ... you know P. ... and I to so yeah which is I registration I love we also have another a lot that we just signed we're in no charge there's only 5 spaces there and they prioritize families the London YMCA wish we merger showers in the game we're trying to I retune fairly normal I miss it Chen who is cooking yeah research a groups I'm relying she don't really remember what her mom looks like but that's all I can change for sure her mom screaming get out of prison you know you know you gotta and unique as now sat well I think right sure Russian letters and among right you're back I don't just like you're not in the spirit I think because among as if a church in which a diseased the phone rang okay at your little tingling I I thought I just want to know the team starts I sure don't realize you have your judgment your spelling is yours are you referring to I can't think looking families living situation isn't the best moment she's okay she's a trooper guess which one I am yeah though glam rock you know that was a thing I actually played professionally and went on tour with a lot of ... bands from the eighties and there's nothing more exciting than when you get on stage and it's a rush ... worry on or in our twenties back and then as a lifestyle you just ... went to the rainbow or the troubadour whiskey now people know who you are it yeah yeah yeah I just had a pack everything up put it in here yeah now when I knew I was going to lose my apartment I think okay this is Santa by can't be too bad I live my car for a couple months I'll be okay I'm going on 3 years I gave up the dream so I went from rock and roll to the investment industry wearing a suit and tie and I did that for a long long time men and that recession hit kind of threw us out mystery I cursor this is a body I'm gonna be your driver today I'm with captain Jack stores how you doing I just wanna let you know that I'll be coming by around 1030 ishe the perfect day for one tour that's for sure and what type of work you to him ... web content writer yeah it was like having a job and I agree with that yeah yeah how about you Chris and the sisters Santa Rita does 2000 and well yeah here we go revisiting the poor today number I was telling you earlier playing the band on the other couples were good players they both fell asleep on the guy's shoulder what is the name of your of the band that you're going on to rock and roll is making a comeback buddies are out their plan and and it actually asked me I can do that I know I can do that I've done it before if I didn't have that as that character of hope I I can't even imagine can you hear me if a fish if you don //
"2016-12-19 15:53:22"
Obama Was Not an Economic Radical. Trump Will Be.
\\that he it I for 6 percent so we agency has received more than 650000 complaints through the hot one I I I //
"2016-11-15 15:47:37"
More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters: The Revolutionary Life of Lucy Parsons
\\ //
"2016-10-21 16:26:55"
A Message From an Inner-City Black
\\big teeth Mister little hands down chemical you don I want to be happy I know you're busy get your ass whipped by that nasty woman let me hot you for a sec palm inner city black you know the kind always talking about the blacks and I got a couple of notes for you recently you said that black people are living and help you walk down the street to get shot done where are you getting this information I think you saw Boyz in the hood to many times maybe she was a black movies with a more positive message like the media fills not just kids don't do that but seriously I've never met a black person got shot and I wouldn't Brooklyn way before was boom and talk about Brooklyn so RIP dirty you make it sound like you're black you don't docking gunshots you must be bullet proof they are you living in a fantasy this it is not real don you gotta stop thinking of black people as a monolith the black people I know artists and small business owners and doctors which just people I once had a Korean waiting Jack who loved pickles I'm in the summer was a Korean bank I assumed it was a jap thing by the way Jeff if you're watching this you'll be 100 Bucks but you know my pick that interesantes and dawn was so was saying black people don't have jobs all the black folks I don't have too many jobs muscles to cut hair works at a doctor's office and sell sunglasses on eBay and that's not to mention the other full time job that all black people have navigating await racism and stereotyping because of people like you it's exhausting there's no growth potential and it's on page 8 don take a second and learn something about black people you could buy American days book how to be black or better yet talk to a black person doesn't work for you that's right amorosa doesn't count anyway worst a lot with the election call it out //
"2016-10-17 18:24:49"
Donald Trump Is Wrong: Trade Deficits Are Not the Problem
\\2 to it's to it's nnsl //
"2016-10-17 17:36:34"
Why Do Trump’s Voters Care So Much About Immigration?
\\just horse racing in and horses are our way of life every day pretty much consists of a new list of new horses that I have to check or take care of from when they're willing to that yearling they're they're handled like crazy from day one you know their feet tram then she put on their feet and their teeth done since their year old so they're well into their routine most everybody that I know that takes care of the grooms and hot walkers at the racetrack throw a spanking most semi from Mexico they're the ones get married 5 in them you know at 5 in the morning cleaning the stalls mark in the stall Jane in the straw feeding the horse tying the horse up cleaning the horse paving the horse feeding the horse they are the foundation those workers deserve the highest for god and some are legal some are undocumented you know and that that's the truth it's a 100 percent it's a messy situation it's a messy situation but we need to hit a star over point we need to have to start over point I don't have any problem with anybody being here from any country those who come here legally things just need to change they need to work their way back towards what the founding fathers wanted a country founded on laws not on a free for all which is it's just what it seem like it's been so I take offense to win every race is always trumps races he's never said it was his father's I'm stories never said a racist thing it's what people interpret as in being racist that I don't believe is a racist at all he has a total 180 you on how things need to go yeah he's brash and yeah he says things that that a stupid you know and that are just off the cuff but he also says the la area also says a lot of things that people wanna say they just don't I always think of the liberal media and liberals in general as just very just to add everything sunshine and rainbows don't get me wrong like everybody wants everybody wants peace nobody wants I don't want people run around the streets mon each other down shooting each other nobody wants that but sometimes is coming to the realization that things that are the most appealing and are the greatest thing to come to terms with sometimes I have to be done in order to restore you know civilization in a civilized way //
"2016-10-17 17:14:53"
This Election Is Being Rigged—But Not By Democrats
\\the US civil rights commission did a major investigation into the 2000 election in Florida and they found widespread instances of voter disenfranchisement and voter suppression they basically so that the election violated the voting rights act there was a dissenting opinion by Abigail fernstrom who was one of the conservative members of the civil rights commission third from said that the civil rights commission had focused on the wrong problem that instead of investigating voter suppression in states like Florida they should have investigated voter fraud this was a crusade by the administration to find instances of voter fraud that would then build support for more restrictive legislation that would make it harder for certain communities to be able to catch people that don't how voter ID's are more likely to be democratic leaning voters lower income voters voters of color younger voters wears those that vote absentee prickly out early voters and members of the military are more likely to vote for state attorneys general looked into the cases of voter fraud they looked at all the evidence and they concluded there just wasn't enough evidence there for them to prosecute and there was no examples of voter impersonation the type of fraud they were saying had occurred most often and was a type of fraud that a voter ID law what stops everyone said there's all this evidence of voter impersonation but when the bush administration did its own investigation then find one case of voter impersonation they can prosecute in North Carolina Republicans and Democrats decided some years ago that all we needed was signature attestation Gaza doesn't bipartisan decision you sign your name and if you lie you get a 5 you fell and they know that nobody is China and to go to jail over vote they also know then it ... in order to effect in the election through impersonating some bad the polls you would have to do something that is incredibly impossible number one you've got a friend now you in person number 2 you got to be sure they don't come to the pole number 3 you gotta hope nobody deposed notion now before you have to be willing to sign your name at least 5 years felony and then you gotta found about 510 down of the folk can do and keep quiet it doesn't make any sense at all if there was will be any real fraud would be in absentee ballot you have heard talk about speak Attila's had grown immense MSNBC in at mit after a reporter grilled there was they had no real evidence of for all that it was an issue they just felt like they needed dad well I think the people who are supporters of these ... restrictive voting laws have to be put to the test to say what is your proof what is your proof that we have integrity issues with regard to our election process where are the numbers where are the cases we define ourselves by ... giving people the right to vote and the notion that somehow some way ... you would let partisan concerns ideological concerns get in the way of people ... casting a ballot expressing their views about them but the country in the direction of the country that's not dumb that's not appropriately partisan come that's something that is a inappropriately political and that's not what this country is about it's known civil rights movement was about it's not what the ... the voting rights act was so what was all about is not what this country says it is so it's all about //
"2016-10-14 15:46:22"
The Post-Election Lives of Trump's Surrogates
\\by now we've all seen that taking down some of that bus living years ago and as a nation is like we've all been quickly grabbed by the you know what I am an independent contractor with 2 roommates I'm not saying that the polls looking pretty bad rule don't which got me thinking what happens with people after this this sorry gets guiliani Christie that one don't look like he's only labs his kids on Sunday you can not been a year trying to elect the worst presidential candidate in modern history and just go back to your life I mean I don't think anybody should get locked up locking up political enemies is trust bank but there should be some penalty right let's think Morty Giuliani America's mayor hero not 11 with this campaign season Morty vote for trump and his trumpet he attacked the card family gave a crazy commencement speech and seem to apply there were no successful tears attack American soil in the 8 years before Obama took office I said before I'll say it again how you will be the hero 911 and forget about 911 he doesn't get to go back to being a person whose opinion we take seriously in fact his post election jobs to be vice principal and a middle school is that not this way he still gets where tire every day and be around other some supporters but he has no real power also when every sport are you speak Chiron right down here that reads Chris Christie lower the turnpike is thought to be mean to Christy because Clark was already solved top one you may find this weight has gone for the P. imprint was told them go get your shine box Grupo still he has to be held accountable for the many many lies he told during this election post election job governor of New Jersey this brigade think it's any worse they don't throw them in jail also he still has to live in New Jersey and finally headphone the man who lots 1000 means technically he's an undecided voter but you rock and Matt's wetter and then mustache you'll patrol I don't even know what I want Kim Goldman do after the election he does make me happy //
"2016-10-07 16:49:02"
President Obama: In the Final Stretch
\\the nation's attention is focused on the election and how could it not be we go race between one of most disliked politicians in American history and Donald Trump while we weren't looking something incredible happened Obama got his groove back shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot Obama was elected folks are right here he be some kind of radical left is secret most Barack Hussein Obama not here Friday I was really hoping that would happen but that's not what happens Obama's pretty much got into the middle and let progressives wanting more with this last year 0.5 has been different so far he's seen his approval ratings for Jewish 7 year high one poll had at 58 percent last month 58 percent in 2006 thing that's pretty good we can't get 58 percent of this country to agree we should not let a racist as our next president Thorne is a normalized relations with Cuba business here if you ask well that'll be that was ever gonna happen he would say no way America's way to attach to the also was a good girl he's commuted the sentences of over 600 non violent felons which in addition to being the right thing to do is also help all Sean Hannity's nightmares begin when when he sang Amazing Grace in a black church on TV let me repeat that he sang Amazing Grace enough black charge on TV this is world news out of that service moments and that is when so many black people are calling their friends and loved ones that the cellular towers become overrun and you no longer have service on a black the scale of one to 10 this was up 35 finally we cannot let this moment pass without acknowledging the broccoli bomber is about to end the streak of 8 years with a scandal free administration the clothes the Obama's came to a scandal was a summer movie got caught smoking weed and talking at a concert bush's 17 the only thing scandalous was how bad her dancing was the only thing to make the spine one better will be a beer some in the rose garden with cow can't predict Public Enemy in the dune play Johnnie Cochran and the people versus OJ that problem was a revelation fairly well Mister president no more sneaking cigarettes or coursing fox news in private for you //
"2016-09-29 14:49:55"
Zack Moore speaking outside the DMV in Madison
\\ ... no I process once a 6 day weeks and I am amazed insane those rumors it ... I think what what documents did you take with you ... muso security guard my state I'd be right this Tom Rath residents ... paychecks and did you live with an idea about and so they said you can either bring your own birth and or what because and how to build disappointed that the government got to try to keep the vote on the house //
"2016-09-23 18:53:50"
How to Protest Without Offending Anyone
\\the police keep shooting on our black people you know what that means protests from athletes kneeling during the national anthem the black blouse matter marching in the streets but according to some these protesters are doing it all wrong so today I'm gonna show you how to protest not offending anyone let's start with kneeling during the national anthem look at this why is the backup quarterback sitting down doing man how much supposedly came after this I hear you easy solution crouching nobody hates crouching is that we're shore uncomfortable definitely confusing absolutely but most importantly you'll be protest thing without offending anyone and we know how those anyone's can get added bonus if you adult bounce your crouch you can really strengthen your core woke and small yeah there's another common complaint these protesters are so disorganized please have a list of clear demands and solutions to these problems where he shot up I can see how that's frustrating why can't these people just work day jobs to hear their families organized protest and public government how to solve these very complex problems there so simple solution from now on if you were a protest you have to bring proof of a law degree the best part is if you get arrested for protesting you defend yourself in court when when and finally we've all heard this one I got news for you you marches in changing anything you're just making me late for work I hear yeah well you know what really makes you late for work getting more about the cops you know really slow you down JK you do have to get to work how about this everyone most Pokemon what are we combine to great things only instead of hunting Pokemon we hunt for just this we'll just replace virtual reality monsters with virtual reality critic tops no more quiet up traffic just nerds and public parks and museums and even on private property finally doing something productive I think we might have just solved protests there's just one more thing //
"2016-09-20 14:49:27"
Exclusive: Zach Galifianakis Wants You to Know How Bad Gerrymandering Has Gotten
\\but we looking at here we're looking at a blow up of Cumberland County this orange part is Senate 19 that use to be my district Senate 21 used to be all in Cumberland County all in this area now it is this white paint spatters there's no rational reason for these arms that come out and stick out all over the place and right here this is not this funny little squiggle came down to take me out and put me into the district I was not in before do you think they look up your dress they were set up Margaret Dicks her address is and they're idiots there were a number people who were taken out of the district in which they had Ron this point here is where they can you see it from your house like if we go outdoors we can see so we're walking on your new district right now right yes we're in my new district Senate 21 my neighbors across the street or incident 19 my whole district you stay there okay we can well stay here all it's so much better over here Morrow no no no suited to anyone off a line from suited to anyone people feel like they've lost control of the process and in some ways they have out the redistricting is being done by people far away the advertising is being produced and paid for by people far away people we will never know I wish we could go back to the time when the voters chose their legislators instead of legislators choosing their voters through the redistricting process how hopeful are you that we can get back to that I think the pendulum will swing back but it's a question of how long that takes and in my view how much is how much damage is done between now and then //
"2016-09-16 15:28:12"
A Report from the Day After Trump Wins
\\hello and welcome to the nation news for Wednesday November night 2016 reporting from an undisclosed location foreign safety I'm calling rock mind announcers names the day many are shocked to see but black people saw coming a mile away moon is here reality star and open racist Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States well why folks who never got over the civil war celebrate literally everyone else's scared out of their minds we reports of riots in the streets as many fear that this might be the end of days airports in most major cities are overrun has a record number of Americans essentially the country that may prove difficult and what many are calling a despicable trump like business move flights out of the country been jacked up over 300 percent even spirit airlines even spirit airlines although flights to Mexico currently priced as low as they've ever been that's right a one way ticket to Mexico on JetBlue was currently $17 when I'm out there were no rights should take is available which tribe promising a little wall it's safe to assume that those who go to Mexico will not be allowed back in a record 3 our acceptance speech that was shockingly short on specifics from reform plans for a wall inhibited the military action to compel Mexico to pay for but some nuclear weapons are not on the table some also announced the radical plans replace US dollar with some peace an orange currency depends almost the trump as our new supreme leader I called day sounds like someone owes me 100 trophies wait this just men other folks lawnmower plan the police have been told through every personal brown skin between 4 feet and 7 feet either brought to national security that's right you put a little focus well I hope I was gonna need all the secret service agents current hair and I look like RQ sign off I'm taking a $30 in my pocket and hit combo I'll take my chances with it tells CME go for the nation knows Ontario's James and I'm from the rock mine may god have mercy on our souls //
"2016-09-09 17:09:19"
Top 5 Craziest Moments of the 2016 Campaign
\\this election has been crazy how crazy last time we looked at a black do with the most of the day and this election makes battle if you look boring Mitt Romney had by understood the women Donald Trump retweets white supremacists Sarah Palin conceived Russia from our house Hillary been one of our presidents and she was 7 years old this election is crazy I want to appreciate history as it's happening so we are the top 5 craziest moments from this election so far spoiler alert is multi front because you already know number 5 when 2 young ladies from black lives matter stormed the stage it's got Barney's microphone poor Bernie people he wasn't Seattle talking to his people and maybe 6 ran up on him that's what I'm doing was not make how you will be Hillary and let a couple slam poets pump you like that number 4 when Hillary went 275 days between press conference technically I thought a moment but Valeria the media was like arm excuse me are we like the Prescott and who was like. number 3 on single the mild Donald Trump posted a picture himself PDF tackle ball with the caption I love Hispanics trump is the Michael Jordan of sounding raises when he's really trying not to sound racist we thought well the spandex everybody said I bet you don't never change your Jack O. lantern full of hate number 2 when Donald Trump references big penis in the middle of a nationally televised debate and I quote believe me there's no problem there believe me the craziest thing is no one asked he just really want to stay you know what's even crazier than that that's the only number 2 and the number one craziest moment of the vote your conscience Ted Cruz gave a speech during the GOP convention and he hates Donald solves so much that he refused to endorse him you know all the movies during a wedding theme the pastor says speak now or forever hold your peace Ted Cruz did they our family them famous but mom said this is the while the selection I've ever seen and we haven't even had a presidential big yet buckle up action nobody asked him //
"2016-09-02 18:38:15"
An Alternate National Anthem
\\40 Niners QB Colin Kaepernick is sitting during the playing of the national anthem to protest the treatment of black people in America and they met who is they usual suspects one in black lives matter don't you mean Paul lies matter how come this by now white entertainment network Obama's the most people are burning Jersey which is kind of crazy that the copy will burn jerseys really can't afford to burn jerseys it's also great because insoluble critical these are the same people who railed our constitutional freedoms all the time live for your dad growth don't tread on me bro sift remembered Grove how you will forget about freedom of speech if the car's freedom that's my name of the Jackson 5 and started would you many let me put this in blue collar lingo our friends on the far right my if you burn cabinets Jersey but you love Muhammad Ali you know my yeah great also this another small issue with the star spangled banner the song celebrates slavery yeah we only ever sing the first verse but in the third verse no refuge could save the hireling and slave from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave and the star spangled banner in triumph don't wave or the land of the free and the home of the brave and no this is one of those times you wish you knew a little bit less about American history why are any of us standing for the song how bout this let's replace the star spangled banner with born in the USA the far left to love it because it's really a song about a disillusioned Vietnam vet in the far right I love it because they use the word do I say a lot probably saw no no we can't do it alone and stop burn those jerseys that's real money do 3 ball but only in the U. is they will call me in the U. is days now //
"2016-08-29 15:06:23"
What Is It Like to Be an Abortion Provider in an Anti-Choice State?
\\I'm a physician I should not be thinking about getting shot at work I'm not in the military I'm not a police officer I'm not in profession that requires that line of thinking but yet here I am thinking of state there's a lot of heat that people have for abortion providers everything else in medicine that I do is hunky dory but I provide abortions for an evil eye aim the murder deserve to be should watch my I never know what's going I will see god on judgment day and pay I didn't realize how career changing life she Jane being an abortion provider in Utah as I learned more about what my job entailed and what it may I I felt's the responsibility to my patients I felt like this can't stands this is bad medicine these laws actually force people to practice bad medicine and for sure now this is got a change so let's go to 34 Senate bill 230 for protecting unborn children amendments Rambo ramble thank you Mr president ... what this bill does is it recognizes that at the time an abortion is performed on a child that has developed stage of experiencing Anastasia would be required to be administered prior to forfeit in that life the motion to concur all in favor say aye alright any opposed that motion passes the bill's been read 3 times question is now well so the bill passed will cover senator Sam Adams Rambo Christiansen I thought a lot about how I would fill the requirements of the slot and what it means I just invite against the several physicians insulate testified against this and the various committee hearings while this was going through the legislature there is no standard of practice for administering fetal anesthesia does it mean that if I give my patient and ibuprofen that I've done given the fetus anesthesia do I have to stick a long needle into her abdomen to administer a medicine to the fetus requiring her to undergo not only a painful procedure but also one that increases risks of infection I don't know what this means what is adequate fetal anesthesia I'm not against regulations of healthcare I'm against regulations of health care that don't abide by medical practice we all want health care to be safe but you can't target just a portion there's a lot of shame and stigma surrounding abortion that Shaiman stigmata comes from silence from one side ands vociferous ness from another side so my intends and advocating and what I do and being so vocal about it comes from the shame that's silenced people that shame and stigma drives all of these bad laws drives the violence drives that person who shot mothers and fathers in front of a Planned Parenthood in Colorado springs so I'm trying to reduce that violence and trying to reduce that shame the negativity there's a lot going on in Utah politics and laws that are being passed that I see are very dangerous and have experienced the danger that it puts my patience and and I feel very strong responsibility to my patients well being that's why one and cool and I just I have to stay here and and make things right WNED //
"2016-08-26 15:41:18"
Gawker’s Total Knockout
\\hope hope became the top rope and took down Gawker facing a $140000000 jury verdicts oppose your sex tape a terrible Leah better known as Hulk Hogan I am ... real ... and every 10 stock although rats in the movie a everyman rolling so I had to is shutting down this week gotta change the way we read the internet they were the first I was to bring us rob Ford Toronto's crack smoking former mayor member hem he smoked crack on the internet thanks Gawker in 2013 Gawker helped raise over $200000 for the purchase of a videotape of rob Ford smoking crack this was huge because most people are like crack slipping it's still a thing even the end patera I am ... real ... and we can and who could forget Gawker stalker the celebrity tracking map aside ruled out in 2006 oh you forgot let me refresh your memory basically the plan was to take real time tips about celebrity whereabouts and publish them to the entire internet what could possibly go wrong ... everything that's a terrible idea to look you know I was killed I once saw mob chase al Roker to whole foods that I get an autograph sure that's what I was already there if Gawker hand gate that map we have at least 5 out bowling worldstar videos but is that we only have like 3 quite possibly the biggest like all the change the game and integration they were advertising names one minute you're mean about which hockey player is addicted the botox and the next minute poem you buy an $800 noise canceling headphones what I'll miss you trickery Gawker but at least I'll never have to listen to my neighbors world music all Brooklyn I am ... re ... mandrake can talk to push the limits of decency and raise the important question who is secretly gay way why is our business was gay or not I was that we not business was gay but god who did all politicians accountable and most importantly there was that time when he got Donald Trump to retweet Mussolini //
"2016-08-19 15:49:34"
Slam Poetry for Hillary Clinton
\\I'm not conventional make I never like slam poetry the earnestness the pacing the people no this Matt go wrong neat and she yeah it takes Seyss some girl who so self righteous it's mostly terrible well over the years I learned to appreciate some things about let's say you'll have any musical or comedic talent slam poetry is for you you know you have to rhyme plan poetry can make anything sound important where is my well I think and most of all people the poetry slams back they've been yours is better clapping which will always be funny that's kind of how I feel about Hillary there's some bad stuff she voted for the war in Iraq she called a super predators why is she always pandering and there's a few things I've come to appreciate she survive 20 years of attacks the GOP she keeps hops off in her bag and most importantly she's not Donald Trump unlawful act but in that spirit here's a slam poem about Hillary Clinton pillow re I say I say I ask that you don't love re queen of the pants some goddess opus found by topics this on the stump speech hot sauce and the only thing they don't pay asik drones prostate drones did did did drone strikes print Ghazi more like Fugazi but shell bag is number plate because you got should Churchill channel defender old women mother branded month there rueful as the earth itself it's 3 more like herstory justice don't do it drone strikes //
"2016-08-12 15:48:01"
5 Signs That You’re Paying Too Much Attention to the Election
\\yeah ... this week the election officially went crazy Donald Trump said Obama sounded isis and he seemed to imply the shooting Hillary Clinton was a viable option for those second amendment people that is you listen if you don't want to win boat donate organized by other candidates how I have ever on popular opinion alert some ya need to chill about this election it's turning you into monsters if one wants some supporter comes in my neck one Facebook I mean I'm a pacifist someone do not then bomb be real said you driving your friends your family decide pieces and a mail man crazy so I want to give in the top 5 signs that you need show about this election number 5 used in most your time on 538 or don't trust would it be it's no way to live it's a disaster go outside do some cat calling not really respect women step away from the internet unless you read the it's provocative informative and always worthwhile number 4 you are moving to Canada if Clark wins yeah I hear no you're not you said the same thing about bush twice and what have not that if trump wins you do any patient with do you write a very strongly worded Facebook post because we're Americans and that's what we do best it's terrific number 3 you find yourself having thoughts like this you think Hillary that penicillin CP Bernie Sanders McCoy Bernie mac she got my vote number 2 you know way too much about random counties in Florida Hillsborough County 75 percent white tremendous okay lots of soccer moms beautiful people keep an eye on that date county bottom retirees Latino and supermodels okay huge out to be a tremendous win okay Florida and finally the number one sign that you need to chill out this election you have campaigns arrests and your peppering peace phrases into all your conversation tremendous on mainframe incredible turn red pick cook it don't be this person everyone hates this person even people who are this person hate this person also trumpets encoding the latest projections about 38 give much 13 percent chance of winning said so chill //
"2016-08-09 14:07:50"
What if we just gave people enough money to get out of poverty?
\\2 to it's to it's it's I this //
"2016-08-05 16:19:01"
Damage Control in Rio
\\okay let's just keep it loose and have fun with it alright in fact listens to run to first okay great welcome to real rehearsal take one action welcome to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio during the past few weeks you made her disturbing rumors where to put those rumors to rest we could not be more pay for these games in fact let's stop on water as you can see crystal clear what you say in Rio moist all sue hall got it can we please fly some water in you seem a little part the good stuff please no not garbage water I spent okay let's pick up where we left off welcome to reopen rehearsal take to action some of you may of heard that Rio was unsafe the police are on strike people are looting in the streets all untrue real is very safe in fact when you come here you have thousands of people chanting same voce BR key votes a Bible rare the locals even of a fun gesture that means safety before we go any further let's address the accusations that were made by the Australians the leading village is not only a part all repairs were made in the entire village is a full week so still we're very respectful of the Australians the very spirit or as we say Adam is the box finally Busiek a virus reports of infection have been greatly exaggerated the last one though espa impact battles come to Rio I see god by key mark //
"2016-07-29 17:28:24"
A Post-Convention Guide to Workplace Conversations
\\I'm how Iraq month and I'm Terry's James and we gonna talk about the workplace with election seasonable swing lots of folks feel real strongly about the issues and not afraid to tell you to your face I will make America great again out with her the Russians it would not cause loss of power cord endangers conversations at your job don't worry listen to how not to get fired with some workers talking apples let's do some role playing his warm up a Terrence your Hillary supporter what you think or speech last night using the line me whoa whoa whoa whoa 2016 don't be sexist can we disagree thou being disagreeable let's try another one they call it don't you think it should be all lives matter I mean why don't black lives matter warn others races freaks all that bad bold your instinct is a slap is due I can't because like the people you fired and you don't want to get fired just as you say Chad always good to check how that might of course all eyes now what should we because we salary Plano racism we're often feel like our lives don't match so always sane is black lives matter to still don't get it it feels like discrimination ... chat when you say save the gorillas it means they're in danger so we gotta do something right these all lives matter people love guerrillas but that doesn't mean you don't care about other animals right ... when you put it that way now it makes sense thanks thanks for you and sue me sorry I was such an how long no problem Jed black lives do matter and I'm joining the movement fact I'm James money in the chat ex //
"2016-07-15 16:27:13"
If Wayne LaPierre Held a Press Conference
\\and now we're doing a press conference with Wayne lapierre executive vice president of the NRA wing something seems different about each day ha ha ha just got back from vacation in Jamaica mighty god bit too much sun what can I say business is booming let's take some questions you've defended American second amendment rights saw as kids like they are 15 members what do you say to those who want guys it's very simple guns don't kill people people kill people people with access to guns that we make it very easy to get what's that all people Wayne Wayne Wayne deaths what about the massacre post nightclub in Orlando another gunman with mayor 15 and scores more kill guys guys guys guns don't kill people people kill people people with huge guns yes but no people we have you already defend the second amendment rights of all Americans now can we please get some questions of substance I hear this Pokemon go things pretty pick yes what is your reaction to full Mando Casteel being killed by a police officer during a traffic stop how he had illegal firearms do you support Mr Casteel second amendment rights while now come on now see what happened was not intercity not extenuating circumstances thoughts and prayers not 911 he to see what had happened was Wayne Wayne what about Alton sternly another governor who was killed by the police while carrying a firearm do you support missus thrilling second amendment rights should more black people be joining the NRA called low wall little loner Zach case you had thought lots of I mean color I I mean bright brown urban our urban urban I next question one what is your reaction to the killing of 5 police officers in Dallas unknown gunmen with them they are 1510 more deaths well I got to that growth mmhm //
"2016-07-05 15:05:53"
Police Kill Nearly 25 Dogs Each Day
\\12/20/2000 fixed 15 hours 24 minutes and 16 seconds yeah got fired into a 1040 so I think that in itself anybody cared then away Mike keryx gave back anything up you lose Louise including ours you have so the movie you open the door you put it the door that's how their nickname what many don't I waited until close to a prize 7 policemen jumped on and looked in the face she was his favorite they want Armonk something like a word for the just blame he was holding Lipman other hands she invested a lot of love and and in the period of back and then I was taken away from them it was something that nobody to replace MGE in America we went to school mmhm airlines romantic the dogs out markets are okay 7 sat down right by the door and I gave him a note kits which are knows because does not now let him also he went outside Pete for a couple seconds then he enters national army try to come on to new like our current loud noises but I ran to the front I looked and there was a police officer Daniel reached up and pulled but a gun pointed at 7 I yelled at him please don't go to my dog he looked at me dead in my second yeah he we took a step and he shot someone had it's almost there was like ma'am I'm sorry your dog isn't gonna make it and I don't know right my life ended right there I and kneeled yeah he is please wouldn't allow me onto the property by 1.out those fires Los Angeles on a life away European they've looked up for my goodness knows okay loses still crying sign of where is she worse was saying was political Harry you you know those realms hoping it was really bad nightmare and I know what was going this is to use a Saint Bernard this afternoon his brother adult called 7 was shot and killed right by the front door by Hartford police police tell us they were here investigating a complaint about guns when the dog charged one officer ran to the street the other says he ran too but the dog lunged at him so he fired 3 times movies are investigating every Florida does not let any god Greta and that it wouldn't part of the family and when I got a call from Glen Harris originally city had taken away the dead dog and he was trying to get body back that's how it started what the police claimed is there a god of amazed rely what installment debt there what guns in an abandoned vehicle behind a house or have no address was specified they will go the second house on him so he could I take it and they happened on this property the police said they walked up decided I was and so on dog dogs around Iran here in they are never saw the police so as he ran down a driveway that that 7 Nov emaciated DR there was no reason why this dog needed to be killed there were no guns property at all even if that still did not overcome the need to get a warrant work for them the very least to work this hard lan decided on behalf of himself in his daughter 12 years old at the time to bring a lawsuit and to get to the bottom of all this I so many of my neighbors they live take the check and when something bad happens involved in your rights you got a choice between buying groceries or trying to pay a lawyer you know and food is going out 9 times out of 10 I make a decent living and I could afford to pursue action is worth it to me I take it as far as I can to make them at least have to pay a one time sometimes sometimes police need I understand that they are subject to the Fourth Amendment they're subject to the constitution to the extent that bomb Glenn said I want to pursue this I was happy to do so and we did so the the the case went to trial the jury was chosen file the police took the position of the did not need a warrant what particularly bothered me I I do have a number of civil rights cases somewhat familiar with the Fourth Amendment idea that need a warrant searchers and seizures and out includes your yard if you offend and yard they it's going to someone's living room or for that matter there bad it as the case preceded the officer's claim that this was an emergency that they acted based on the fact that guns are bad interpreted dangerous places and what was most troubling to me they took the position that people in Hartford have small yards you have a small yard and you can see some of the yard from the street and you have no expectation of privacy that people in the suburbs have more right people in this I found that particularly not only is it mind you I'm misreading of constitutional law accounted not only because it sounds just not just class based but it also sounded a little bit racist to me people on Hartford are people who are not as well do you know not from the suburbs there and they're just in the city we were in west Hartford parental influence odor anywhere else it would mean a whole different story if you are you know they don't care who you are and I'm here to help it's a hard thing to swallow I would say every child has some typos are this makes them unique whatever it is that turns the light on inside 7 diet she lost that sparks she lives in a shell of a person nobody has no she was empty I lived in a church 2 months after I just knew I wasn't the same I knew no one else to Mike and looked at me this time no one talked to me that I am everyone's and getting really depressed suicidal when you get a phone call that the school called an ambulance child on the way that hospital cool I don't know there's a great inherent in the world so I had to take it as far as it can I don't we're you understand the timeframe that this case was tried in 0 13012 tell people tended to believe police and give them the better the jurors were made up all of suburban jurors there were no city of Hartford jurors on this killer and ... we lost at trial you might assume that I was set by this verdict this seemed to me to be clear cut I can't comprehend the loss that is that they violated most what the member right how can a your me turn to sigh with the full you know and they say that you know trust in the system set on sales black people all the time we appeal the decision filed briefs in the second circuit court of appeals which ... that's in York city had our hearing in front analysts 3 judges ... dad worked with months to a year for them case they wrote a very long 40 page reversing I found that as a matter of law officers violated Paris is sent the case back to determine pot of what the damages well maybe how much those damages will be and whether the officers should be subject to paying Canada damages as well what's the value of a dog you know just the thing just an object of possessed with the value of the dollar I don't know how you quantify is the value of the members of my family have either died in Coney Island one I thought up please I have no trust for them I have no respect for them I realize not all of them are the same but with everything going on it's kind of hard to beat convinced that yeah they're on my side you took my best friend you're killing black people I mean like you can work with a dog how do we expect you to work with people police officers there's good news bad they're just like anybody else but being able to carry a gun for a living and having certain authority just based on your job brings with it certain other responses otherwise police officers are no different than gang members stopped on streets you more things change the more they stay the same no nothing that has changed and all the time I've been here a lot of things that even though I have no explanation I can't explain the you //
"2016-07-02 18:54:05"
Will Those Who Voted For Brexit Suffer the Most as a Result of It?
\\yeah //
"2016-06-22 14:52:32"
Call the Top 20 Recipients of NRA Cash in Congress
\\n't WNED I if yeah //
"2016-06-15 15:38:00"
What the Abortion Providers Who Work at ’Whole Woman’s Health’ Think About TRAP Laws
\\closing the clinics is not going to stop abortions women are going to have abortions it's just that they are not going to be siphoned Michael over half the states the United States right now have trapped laws trap laws are targeted regulation of abortion providers these are laws that states pass that don't there on a general law that might apply to all doctors in the state or even all OBGYN to this day they just zoom in on doctors who provide abortion services and they're designed to make it hard for them to provide the services in the past 3 years there have been hundreds of restrictions passed more than in the past decade combined yeah speech be to happen this last year which just I'm basically was enough to really crumble the service infrastructure please play by requiring physicians to have acted admitting privileges within 30 miles of the clinic with restricting the dosage and the route of administration for medication abortion so basically it means that every woman has to come in for 4 different visits with the same position with restricting abortion over 20 weeks and then the pending regulation that's going to require every single abortion even the abortion pill to be done in an ambulatory surgical center the combination of all those things were going from 44 clinics where you know highly trained physicians we're providing abortions and a license to environment down to 6 well now might be too is in full effect so our call volume increased tremendously in one day I mean we saw called my in double if not triple it within a matter of hours because everybody was all the patients are now getting those calls saying yes you have an appointment schedule today but unfortunately I cannot sing today you can only imagine that if you have 500 women to get into 6 clinics there was a there's a there's a waiting list right now there's a 23 week waiting list for women for procedure where time is of the essence mmhm and this is our operating room and the question we hear from patients all the time is I'm gonna cut me being that because that's when operations to hear that more times than not unfortunately this is the same exact building in the same exact set up that you would bring someone who's having open heart surgery no different no different same exact that a woman's health is the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit against the state challenging the ability or surgical center requirements at the same time we're scrambling to try to figure out is there a way we could stay open you know I can't do one without the other I can't raise money to help people travel by bus for 500 miles round trip without challenging the locked us in time because the bandaid isn't gonna work for a lot of women one of the biggest reasons that the first place for doubt most of our patients are you have a choice and there are the working poor either single or married moms and they're seeking abortion because they know very personally exactly what it takes to be it's not like something abstract it's something they live everyday with each restriction we see a larger and larger group of women sitting over here who can do it I can for 2 visits I can't 2 days off work I don't have enough money for hotel trouble with the closing of our McAllen office we're seeing a large spike in women who can't make the journey north to San Antonio one second Marva it's a 13 year old right next when we all race car from about 13 rape victim when a special thanks I mean you go section I made an appointment for a 13 year old minor today Santonio coming from the town I heard he had a 13 year old who was referred to us from Mecca and she is right at the cusp arm 20 weeks and 5 days today and in order to see her I mean to put her to sleep in order to do that I need a nice enough to sense and because this crazy law it is impossible to find people to work for us people know that our work environment is unstable and so now I'm down to one lone certified nurse anesthetists and I'm great basically held hostage by her schedule and she can't be there I can't see patients and unfortunately we have to tarnish on growing somehow reminded princely and she's 13 years old and she is a victim of rape and she drove 4:00 hours from McAllen to San Antonio and we had to turn away there was nothing I could do to save our and so that if she has a procedure many of his he knew she Chuck are going to Mexico and pay 5000 pounds and get their and spent 3 days they'll never happen we know about we you know in those cases I feel like it it's an automatic sentence to Paris we split sinister motherhood because well the odds are making the trip it's not likely ndem days ago we filed for a stay of the US court of appeals decision which would allow the Texas law to go to a fact and would close all but 8 or 9 clinics in the state so we're just hoping and hoping every day that we get an order from the Supreme Court itself very much sitting on pins and needles March I fear what's happening I I //
"2016-04-28 20:30:50"
Jane Sanders Has Some Harsh Words for Our Public Education System
\\and this is a campaign that is bringing the millions of people ends of the political process says I mean if you're going on in here with the nation magazine with Jane the right year long out city in queens ... and your talk about progress Haitian K. 12 points thanks much for being here there so talking about your child is going to Brooklyn I know one of the things that Bernie stalk bison in his interviews this amount of unstructured unsupervised learning a play that was happening yeah it was great growing up in Brooklyn I mean here the neighborhood the street and so everybody would get together after school on how somebody would set out a soup and then 5 other people and other people to come out games that Paul or few Pollard's ensemble all revolve around all the in or in or basketball or darts world so we have fun yeah we it was excellent because nobody was telling us what to do raided what we felt like doing at the moment ... we had to figure out on our own if there was any dispute that any sort we work that out as a group great I think it was really good up bringing how would you describe progressive education I would describe that as ... will pretty much under John DU 8 great just having have more of a say in what it is that they want to learn ... so that you might be studying philosophy or you might be studying math or you might be studying English but you're learning about what you're passionate right and instead of having their be prescribed set of study that has a person ... conveying that knowledge to you that the the teacher the professor is a facilitator right to try to meet your needs to get you thinking critically writing clearly communicating the fact and I it seems to me that progressive education is essentially the antithesis of traditional schooling in what we CMOS conventional schools are under a of a president Sanderson ministration and how would it departed education function of what would be the contrast thinks you what we see in the past couple of decades with a lot of steroids testing and permissive corporate educational yeah I was going in exactly the opposite direction no child left behind disaster ... I we really don't believe nice testing of it I think our our purpose would be I think and so yeah schooling is meant to on help people be creative to to ... have their curiosity stimulated ... and have them be actively thinking about whatever they're thinking about you know whether it's the stars the universe like you know climate change anything but having them be able to feel they can explore anything great 9 and on and so talking about me Bernie Sanders you did at the heart of every student see back down for them on the past decided to December all what is the use out here or with moving away from toward portfolio basis that yeah I keep talking about the old well I mean you know it's because we've made progress with ... my EP's independent right answer and I had or for a is that need extra help Everest in individualized expression right like I should only be for really out learn who is this person I had the when are they it one of their abilities and it's right the Bernie yeah more yeah some of the close your I I mean about that movie it seems to me that I first talked about the billionaires buying process and in education Bill Gates and I walked in yeah I brought our whole doing many same thing with charter schools and I some of them like Philip have very your motive right really want to help I I think they should be part of the discussion I really do right on but I don't that we agree with that department yeah we also I mean I I that people could be able to have careers that ... long they go through the same kind of things that I would like ... annnnd we I open last Gary where you can write on a I right what I find we have I have seen any more silly but I've seen that in a row while I need a large previous working conditions are morning edition what do you the Wall Jeter struggle for a where very one of the union out whether they right we know you say ... hold their members yeah so I point I think that parents in all one thing there's not enough building you know where everybody you for I'm you know it's a problem politics in and it there power and the by I don't know I think I have an idealistic yeah and if I may ask what I've heard some of your most influential here where the people most fired by I mean if you're following the work in really all ... ... no one in there yeah I like people that . people focus on a lot right under what is your or do we all I mean one thing that was a very Bernie wrote about a little bit I and I'm curious how that affected you in any way those writings to change your position on education on well I Porter Montessori right where very little for a year yeah ... all the way through apparently hit right I think where I live and ... I think they I think that is something that really it takes place in the classroom it all up leann respecting and ... Rosie and all that nowadays we but really a rewarding and right and you paid a very high rate as sellers sorry as right as soon as the most important work in the world and one then I'd like if I had when and where we're doing it anyway ... is look at all the different models of that phase of the world be like anybody laugh teenager knows that they don't like that classroom and lectured the report if you yeah yeah yeah ... but what they do like if they want play a meaningful role in one of the out part of our of their community right and we know now in every respect I've played it they can't get a job that there are no jobs and they don't seem so they have that is how it gets throughout their somewhere I have a right so that students go to school and they learn things but they also a few days a week they go out to work and they learn theory and practice and they feel like they are in salts in the community and the respect that they have different relationships with people outside through my things hands on learning yeah scenes are really bringing is bringing the gap between the community and I'm curious of minor scratch outs that so so that is my bias great great nam any any as if you were in a shame our very selective president what do you think your voice as First Lady here's secret passion I'm what I do is try to do the research mind around the world really working bring in not has out brings back and all of that as well I and going on and we yeah how my it appears the part that says and the honor he listening to the voices both here in America that are not Kurt and putting them out there here but also researching and learning everywhere all every letting them 3 make great I //
"2016-03-25 18:03:20"
The Syrian Who Wanted the Revolution, Part Six: The Visit
\\yeah done on my deathbed can yeah lead Steeler modeled however the fiance honey Martin definitely not for hunting Christina had can but hosts EDM so I think from Montel fighting the to the Mr Amish furniture for money chuckled W. the Hutch out from under the heading of but I wish you well done automatically loudly of closeness among which is a much fuller donate any the metal fragment is our CNN is fitted I mean I can laughs when I had my at the moment like I'm demand QT and aqua but let them have Chicago should check bloody the second such incident was in hopes of making so yeah my friend magnetic media high use the mechanism of action to Monica the mosque a passing until my sweat in America please list and had to conduct a Madonna multiple book Donia I'm looking for a job I thought that's what the media issue with anything for the woman can be inferred aftershocks but chairman Mao 5 Chafee wasn't that a link then walk bottom of the neatly so it's clear mode my fence Cleveland hello he put them on a particular person I'm excited to learn if they pleasant to see how much who hi Sally Hudson under you know something that I had no idea unlike after shocks me that I had that even had to get them second home etcetera payless that much easier what's what's the gymnasia Anat Molly active by some Iraqis no other option maturity TSRI then as a duo the ... of to tell you what I saw I hope she's hot and use of objects hot back a little what's the gymnasium can but familiar Williams yachting the danger is hosting how does Holly on Monday yeah I'm going to use it short Italy unavailable to link in with him the Soviet Union has been a model I wish I hope soon goodness mustn't April 2 Ohio synonymous in the second offense turned I'm ashamed broadening the ugly thought eyes yet up enough support to settle for Anna Jeremih with the Jewish diplomats and to whom by the absolutely beautiful of why name shadow but I might have a Scottish of wanna village occupied can and she the haggadah 50 let go the First Avenue our I know that I'm dissing perfect nominee and faith I venture comes in shops Adriana piloto naughty Maskhadov disk literally I just shifted on the only thing miss Rogers has to go see them beyond just young put this in the trucking directly but also doesn't directly directly so there's a we will hope you don't either they would conduct lines yeah Madoc dated a rhoa has her mind the self as we wanted a woman to look up the little guys who ms additional I had the kept women did plot Saddam it actually is that Saddam but okay as of now sounds good the United pilot looked love can't hear about yes ma'am Sierra what offered mother though projected on the bottom mondo I think the consumer a lot has to learn a lot of numerous mission is defending as a listener and in the conservative allies I mean they expect the mafia club I checked after on the whole yeah Jane can I wish what the management diploma talk soup so what the hell don't do it under the hard bit is out of on one of his heavily from his vision of my sadly though I took a lot of my life but how much of Helena was athletically has so the army getting out of her miss at them free apples I just leave it at that Michael has shifted it to them on the Hodson with me and pathos of London but day but days that I'm other single product had the really odd about it well if everybody Liza I would hold one of us should Halep analysts say the harder because of what they thought and make sure I so that is 0 degrees Yahoo when they almost 19 pacifists out I was the other conclude that then and the many other of monthly can it ship holiday modem that's deadly for a woman to me to keep it should delicious another condition they have sought counselling Jimmy shops that heart is a defect in the capital seems again I have 15 first on it and it the notion sit inside by Yitzhak to be subtle to Hana let with shifting I just did a lot of another photographer had the more for Hollywood chairman ownage Walkman all movement I will use your help with the children Xanax and I'm talking but just told us anything at all had made the Kenneth Allen died many of the Fifth Amendment of it other than what he is giving you well someone muscly that will house that was on Friday let me jump a slow modem Adelphia other machine head on earth and Alfie Thomas who should I think from behind the harm thought it might get fantasy again the first thing fear that she and her get into it was deleted can ping Fiala on the the other woman that lived here a little much initiative Shakey's one month ago Sean unwanted Faye efficent of underfloor moved well off and I is to shield you from ejecta solution and she almost nothing at home our job mischief with him a couple of items though sometimes my jet that it for the amount of work which one in the Afghan if policy and I think that's a miniature model chief added to my job macho that just listening of Marshall men shooting //
"2016-03-25 18:03:20"
The Syrian Who Wanted the Revolution, Part Seven: The Salvation
\\yeah yeah so what hums fundamentalist majority concision we'll have to act as can can possibly hope and only one that has a so it is only through either mon that we get the genus what what of commitment my lessons on how to care remains like much from yeah the major dissident if commercially the whole of this glove was appealing to me to carry the whole yeah Matthew Alexy SCO about us getting into a lot of check in the I found a suffocate them acquitted in this movie shipping for commander on you can tell I just talk on the whole enough today 50 meters hall hello ms white color gets a little under one if the door beatified you miser willing decided absent few few Lester would decline window by less okay Turkish passage in Manhattan he had not 11 hand in the city my ethnicity though in the mondo even just huddled behind in the cellar looking to set we they allow you visit her decision for now for 11 years ago la Los Alamos say I'm dumb blonde I mean sure myself I but officials when I receive a sort of a hobby of but getting it out on how did you guys have any muscles among them moon has seen my has spent a single massive Satan I Simpson on them why what had the Mexicans when is a demand for the moment in this decision for I would not Jim didn't want to send it to the highest //
"2016-03-22 14:53:20"
The Syrian Who Wanted the Revolution, Part Five: The Hospital
\\yeah is it not as much fun time should she not spending can learn about the key if a woman is not to say you had a huge sense should I just thought that it's about a my wife and I have a lot should I just as the phenomenon I'm a physics math was officially extinct with 200 foot drop be in the theater and his grandma Billie cattle trophy Mina that form but I was doing in the kennel getting shafted on the woman you must visit the southern have often the hopeless it demo album sting much wisdom aside sorry 7 them in there halted because I'm hot because of the eyes and 100 much one with any it gets a hobby that in general 7 duck and a man on a listen to any get that absolutely but a lot of fun at camp anybody anyone to use I teach it and what we what does that bug from that dictator what does that mean a mannequin immortal had kidney about Richard had not strategy come aside some can't get the 15 the title Madani a fatal FIA little formada sharing the for want of but it looked like he attended a face off yeah little tuneful from national the fatal flaw dining table once at the habitual offenders actually plan is in the house on earth was she Auburn indebtedness out lots of a job the hunger through local female attention Monday got himself out of a cinema Montel Michelin shown when the siege given that Douglas I took it that way welcome so he says that he thought that he has some Siamese even the United what shape would all be wooden shed decision Mecca and issue showbiz syndrome one already with tears possibly ms an ownership share massively conversely if the another individual Thelma until college I think I'm going to give one Donna hands that must have font size I invent Jim sighed but if you woulda went on deck under single American that had led him to another level of automation unknowingly him conducted photo ID on me capitalist unified but under better but I think that the more I think I'm second for some it will be a minute ... limit limiter so would I summit high security but he's the only shoot up a new CD I don't show them setting I'm no fan the other family daycare lining the facility issue Jack motion that had that many more looking at the office in the and again within a week mutual machine gun that was off the hook in my model feelings are much for mixing but John monotonous than that even some Socrates I hate you had about and it was on the job from the left bottom Holland a few of them and how long can innocent feelings inside clean usually meant that immediately facade exterior when the catalog immediately cam yellow hostile for life many of the collection so often they have definitely lifting weights other affiliate SRAM though another feature that can benefit if over under her job showing a lot of fun out of those in need fatal after the data that was fun can anybody in on the optimism because of you know the system that is in them Ken after he got injured he much like much of the high end of the ... enough to Herbert McDonald I could punishment will demand a little spot on his own make it a little monotonous etcetera and doubtless he momentum professing a limit you I feel Denisof universe would drop affirmative seek any them that I met with a similar template I'm gonna talk over them I'm a lot older than I I think it's a data out of a flaw had the first night didn't give Venus another one of the CMB professing other movie has a foundation that can either the Liffey Hyatt's but let the subpoena on them spot the thought of them thought about dogs only to examining table Jackie sketch guest language for autonomous doing with kids the misconduct yes Jones has a mechanistic impliedly Dino thunder but I thought I knew you had a hazard 6 gunmen had the lucky on his monkeys has a metal keys Mexico has a lot of the Moslem office has a face a massive gives up on what I liked what he had wars to me it doesn't actually comes in a lot of the how did that make us a little second Nike's and how do you know more maturity have to him that he should have isn't on our children that no one donation just sit them have done shouldn't but on the whole I'm a physics had to get 1000010 I live in a physician a set up by the side which I'm but the higher levels out of it find a way for well if you let officielle live on I mean the CEO soft for the high level she listened to just settle synergistic tomorrow I guess I guess since Hobson had it can move the market the usual flu button yet on the deep fat sugar and capitalism which were done as good she looked on the edge of town should provoke Dania frequent unchanged since he that's the case Russia will be having I quit on the Manhattan what thinking fifties but don't see other Duncan should Jenna often some exchanges as well Sean McMann ashamed descent can reach stinkin Jamie on Monday abolishing with many of the metal I'm suggests the option //
"2016-03-21 16:07:03"
The Syrian Who Wanted the Revolution, Part Three: The Punishment
\\yeah published because comply to mind a small flag let Hong Kong's Jonah in addition it well I the house ... incision is going Jay we date we had ship them ahead of time with them ... against us again gently took going into debt ... the highland them next year can Jesus them to another school someone at him on the side of town without even in some scenes Senado session a day chance to have a committee that how did he do so only Anna militia so the Masai Soto Saddam's on auto of showing photography Obama Ajit done giving to others on the defense side neovia Gladys and that if I didn't think Jamie older mac doubling del fi on canelo mama saved them followed the show I like how does even shut short Luigi dish several of the motor homes and lying on the mat and a lot of things like him like she but how do or southern leg hold on the house Faden there's never value doctor you thought of the microphone on a few and the water would have found you on the auction going but check my self network shootout was a jeweler amazing animal names my my feeling the hard disk that's what a letter she had so little about actions and I commit sodium hotheads it that much time for the someone up without fun when you don't even see the ultimate omitted later taught our Thomas and I like him but is it I'm afraid zoominfo that nobody there so the lean away but that up a little bit about myself is leading theory and yeah that himself Munim sucked can you Doug what hot tea the 2 younger model Madonna could be listened to Sheridan the team at the theaters Jo underwent much animal and under that is interoperable so general Kearney what how what might have hit on the head and not do it without him I should deal corsage Uncle Sam Nunn naked Mohyla Sierra well so long I said you get and have knowledge knowledge of Indian nominal massaged holiday hope here tenaquip Latina canelo sigh city in the early much of the US I the minute I mean that I'm mocking me look at them and then you know the music had on so much can make militiamen guideline alone the highlight of the debate team the longest on chemistry in let him close because of he had more than enough for cleaning deejaying but I mean you don't hold on to modify let's see if those 3 exterior what a joke on that another judge embodied the Germany Italy doesn't feel Miller seeking the Philadelphia lots of them lavender kept about based on my job to let me we would like people to know initial for Jeff and Hoffman and 400 but my company had the director of the Hudson to focus on line doesn't even and gentlemen don't even know about it I don't know how it is I mean we're going to 60 photo ID hold on much this is a much better job acknowledgement really when my shift ended Kentucky today Alicia comply feet of clay on having a family man sending and what kind of phone data set as a goal of hockey the high Kentucky Huffy feel well motherhood a third of all back in the summer alone would only on the field with a job Mona should let alone a lot marshalling looking jomashop hold on Monday or are but in a general had agenda item yeah the nephilim diplomats from the team much but the nephilim laughter Jules had the money which I would have had a hard has gotta get along for the thing itself what myself killed in the psyche can a fourth W. mena had hot was 70 4:05 in the fifties Chickamauga a journalism job on a but I didn't know she chef a hidden knowledge Jennison lunch money doesn't buy much fan get on the but just on the mush filled also you deduct however I do I gangly yet in Montana malevolence commitment of tenements academy such that it would have can have dischiave comes like a customer okay Jose can shop asked my doctor McCann I want them to have an effect on the show the fucking devil hunter volatility Giselle but I'm writing it //
"2016-03-21 16:07:03"
The Syrian Who Wanted the Revolution, Part Four: The Holiday
\\yeah talking but I had a lot of the legacy or eggs ha ha you mean a second hobby item we know from the combustion and real time being being me correspond about Tonya thus the minimum wage yeah hello putting on the good DMA number back to Hahnemann ms Sager hope little companies if you decide it becomes that in the movie that what kind of shocks on that enters other shocks he opens up a whole camouflage for the house Kuwait and Zach but I'm hoping but I'm hot feet my semester place the modular things to complexion so he left and my dad had the shots came as a whole army of my life as far as we can then softly that we had can thought hardly does it mostly remember that time that the dog I'm deranged foster with name counselors and I'm top once a month dividing us much I guess when the highland my job one toss it some of it virtually did and then the spot had occurred to him another one change the itself what Tim Johnson and that someone had the knife Musaeum the smallest what should be done I really want me before he mostly for a meeting I love she had no way that's going to the she had almost lost likely shifting moved from Aussie Canada Japan wasn't often magic when you have told salon listen I'm not can I mark clean what had been done off behind the custom why am indebted zilch notice how serious crime than many caring can touch him the whole round of the Honda I'm don't tell you can almost sense a for the husband untuk only going off condo lash still but that we yeah it'll condom over the customer that we 1815 font when the home in the middle of settlers from John Lott women are not in the know and considering the half unpacked and have visited us in that when modeling small I hope is a how does that for 6 was embarking upon under how do more closely in most likely in my dorm marked and so the one I'm Jennifer and then you just at the heart of should respond not a one of the one to whom should though the thought that a lot of us the less obvious of 13 horses Hoss the but I will admit too often so then the next Monday going to let him know that the total only thing that anyone can almost daily improvement atop a lot of hunter was from the heart out that maybe it's I've been looking for this man send them the Hamas and my jaw shift definite don't always it turned out we had the math and your my jaw shift the automotive that new numbers show left in the home channel awfully Tyson has outlived and had had a ugly in the Senate plan he'd hold it off and headed ... was a highly sit should be in the cabinet of stuff is a highly said Houghton WTF show but the dog government does not my job to any metal how they met shipping in the us then should the out of Africa placed my double effect of much activity meant and ... Denio somehow I don't know I think a few this method to Jack listen I looked in moderation Motson supply the whole story ultimately I was wrong but I hope that helps Daniel was somehow but I decided to be heavy them better fee money it is human to be Honda motive for killing my CD on the just for the whole agenda behind without sex thought of monsters tournament Jenna marches another random keep I thought I would just say backdoor better in this modest my job them with him on can you send that would have been on the stand came to sandy just give apparently don't move so d'amato one credential into your bed fee photo courtesy van babble when I'm another issue for now is that even though my job or the whole Congress Hudson hawk in on the left and Thomas said don't often I didn't know that then let me justice nearby you can if you are vitamins are logically said they would hold my job shift that it but on the job shouldn't much upset Marcia disciplined much movement Jenna then you somehow I can imagine I have your honor in the middle the Anaheim candle and much of what you can hike into Daddy home and hiding who cannot today attacking Muslims social so that set national Saddam but how come on the psyche is on and then we can you supply them to have complete solutions a missile launcher but I need some of them exactly how I'm the man doesn't mean I'm exactly but for that reason why hadn't I much from on but show me the gun while much speculate on this one your way hopes Canada home Defoe's tennis tournament the census functions kept up on the phone meant given Jenna kind of sick via the government can do not Adolfo Jenna hi I'm d'amato consider it is good jackass when I'm more likely but I'm not done can J. through the half a dozen of summits yeah but that idea I said mom I said I'm in the middle said he said but I'm not that ignited the meeting in the television show student had you //
"2016-03-19 13:23:45"
The Syrian Who Wanted the Revolution, Part Two: The Welcome
\\yeah touching I had this idea of putting them on the phone I think she thought Hana the Madonna Thailand should better can we should but the light shining fish were getting that month asking the other monthly can not fitting the fina's having to I mean on the one a front of me and I find out how people for Autolycus engine miss my other side next year metal Hyman houses in Sydney and in the name Gillette though they order prices for up to think I'm not going to claim that Mike after the hot coffee just send them a little soft and that may not mean for the indigenous I know who went on to sing them that often who hung in the cannot live sighting of Sydney moves across or harm in Islam that ... Donna island magenta for the other side of it away the some of the cotton club was I willing to hold a dome had left on her left mostly political what what that he meant someone had died but I have to let them do that but a good assessment and on top of which the man on the wing I better say that I'm not the one of the some of the signal to find who shouldn't have them listen because if he does not one minute she you know trucks but not long Sakoda I can hardly move behind them and the chief domestic scene but leads into often the how maps and were the whole metaphor so emotionally unless I'm unabashed work mass muscle might have the high line the second syllable part of non Han thought of management along through under Dennis I knew it Russell the hot air but before doing that jewel to what a piece of gum can not Mitchell what I Samaja with that he was so mean to that jerk move maybe they know then Jane mother settlers on that but that is photo injured beyond that women Cohen from corn which have had putting it out I don't know I mean Garcia so if you wanna shocks moment of somehow yet I'm a fan and how to I'm Heidi for most of the shots they were right yeah commodity think of the good the youngest son for me they what we showed them some of them will class getting this mark maybe to him among other things shoveled well I'm sure can make the impact while we're here but in about how the liable to homesickness for them in the day defy jeep chicken so if I'm we did a little hold on let it cool down the chicken Hey I think until we I get my gun out to some for that I am we started the person I want my job Wiley second can what the national flag of either or by yeah abuse religion that democratic politics in the kitchen the much hyped when my job that there was a lot some lucky for examination the semi had equipment Hudson design he ought to be a digitally a political stripes I thank you Hey I thought a Huffy them image close to me the moon I got a few items fighting outlook to harassment is outside the on this motion signaling that it just then sort of become we just need that to match other before too long less than the other than you forum say what online also find them another idea which I'd hit the one but hasn't housing can high level that has a look and I think it had the female hyena honey Hudson ripple throughout and I can I can touch of the flu dawn moon doesn't hide the because there's a battle scene home but across the country they're with us for the for side this into the hunt the moon looked about us but how did they thought I university constructed old Chuck button up something that was for me you knew what Hannah a July I think it has a with the showing on a hot yeah because there's a big I don't mind along with some of the museum moment for a job a short way to Kenji miniature bothers them to us all Joshua thunderstruck by this lady gentle capacity //
"2016-03-18 14:22:04"
The Syrian Who Wanted the Revolution, Part One: The Demonstrations
\\yeah Nnamdi that had a fever that all went to the side to Michigan yeah feet here doesn't hurt me again she never comes but I had fun chatting naked marta but it was 100 Bahama Mamas click that it wasn't like who's a high community however was about a community is can you imagine how can anyone yet I couldn't listening then just a hello Gavin was watching her dating politicking shops another boy had merely stolen Maja who Jamaat about the hot bed of Saddam and telling them who should get no good subsequently Malkin I hope okay shucks bluegene marking and make a father Janet number didn't think that the guy who was out that I featured them but she had the idea and the general one was a hot blonde Mina the ... don't that's not the and then they have to get sleep my up on get to get my problem and why dosha in the National League last election no longer ashamed at 15 I have to keep killer he's much more data that only added to have we need your attention this and also let me not a Honda yum Duncan nodded moves ahead of that's because it was added Rome job would all some fat I guess or something try not to harm but I find us a lot of their queue on how what in the diminishing shaspa discord arms of getting demolition more for it was I can to get we deny shame we can then rushing modest what I'm it was a lot most items on a guy who's a highway so what about that the one match my heart I am Todd can make use of the item I thought it was a homicide by then Eugenia give us of the somehow demon John Mohammed be sick do and general and the and give them the right to you enough supply yeah given how incongruent given any in Simeon my dilemma site this year mob autonomous and dish how to most of the ship a hawkish 0 that have motion on I think DR I would have to be determined on someone for the love no no no when I listen to shut it up and show like dynamite received a partner who's ahead of you hate the idea that we're on the same dish hot plug WTF momentum to kia the number of Armageddon the next shuttle to exile have messed it up lucky so rough yeah and get more than harm could see that movie that I could see that Diana Gabaldon jamming of Chuck's mother that I will pay for them his enemies don't mind if he's just so damn hot and notify you ought education cough might actually think I don't like the socks in the millennium it's lost a kit of portable Mohammed decline you can't lie not in got a lot of the kia and then the support we've had up Ogata tied at the bottom just hug in a general Julian another name Harjit McDuff CSE that the freedom to talk about yeah Hodgman Tuskegee chip you're going to other Mike that I schedule was it to him intimidating mother evas influencing me and the lower ShopNBC the hug and then with a helmet on I wanted to check the weather mission is to lock on one hand yeah and you can even listen chicken a la fin I need someone in this however the to the in god what a high wage so if you default when at the end of the dynasty in about 2 years ago hello hello hot documented in a contest among the alright I shut down in the middle and high up at a protest team //
"2016-03-16 14:04:04"
Why We Stay: Gentrification’s Damage
\\ //
"2016-02-19 16:45:15"
Eve Ensler Reads Emma Goldman
\\thank you Laura and I just want to say about Laura ... I've know Laura so many years we've been arrested together we've tied ourselves to fences together weaves reflecting radioactive dust together ... she is one of the most powerful true activists journalists humanitarians and lover of telling the real stories of real people and you should if you haven't seen her show Laura Flanders on telesur and on link TV Laura I'm so happy to have been introduced by her and to have been in this struggle with her so long I am so honored on to be here tonight on the 0 and fiftieth anniversary of the nation and even more excited ... to read an excerpt from my revolutionary mother and inspiration Emma Goldman ... and it was a prolific writer and activists and anarchists in crucial had a crucial role in developing an accused on philosophy in North America ... she was known at one time is the most dangerous woman in America and I think it's something we should all aspire to ... she wrote about militarism capitalism free sex and homosexuality and I think one of the things I love about her so much is that she understood that there is no revolution without sacks and dancing ... this piece this particular piece was written on during World War one ... when World War one began and the United States was about to enter it it was outlawed ... for anyone to speak out against it and Emma did that nonstop ... she was then arrested put in prison for 2 years and eventually deported from the only country which she really ever loved she then went to the Soviet Union to join the Russian Revolution and was completely disillusioned offer the revolutions betrayal of at the hands of the Bolsheviks and left there in less than 2 years and from that point on in her life she was essentially in exile exiled from the left exiled from a country in the world that had really stopped political activism and I just want to say there are many reasons I celebrate the nation but one of the main reasons is that they have always published exiles and the unpopular and that is such an incredible thing to think about to publish the exiled and the unpopular so the selection of hers that I'm going to be tonight is from the tragedy of the political exiles that was written in 1934 but if you close your eyes she could have written it today during my 90 days in the United States old friends and new spoke much of my years in exile it seemed incredible to them that I had been able to withstand vicissitudes of banishment and come back and broken in health and spirit with my ideal on marred I confess I was deeply moved by their generous tribute but I was also embarrassed because the plight of host of political exiles scattered all over Europe is so tragic that my struggle to survive was hardly worth mentioning the world carnage put an end to the golden arrow into the Kununurra hers then marks are a crook pop in and all the others could come and go without hindrance in those days who cared about passports or visas who worried about one particular spot on earth the whole world was one 's country not in their wildest dreams did it occur to these revolutionaries that the time might come when the world would be turned into a huge penitentiary or that political conditions might become more despotic and inhuman then during the worst period of the czars the war for democracy and the advent of left and right dictatorships destroyed whatever freedom of movement political refugees had formally enjoyed tens of thousands of women men and children have been forced to roam the earth admitted no where if they are fortunate enough to find asylum it is nearly always for a short period only they are always exposed to annoyance and chicanery and their lives are made a veritable hell the image is that's the end of Emma the images of along Curti the 3 year old Syrian boy lying face down on the beach as waves wash over his lifeless body refugees queuing for aid exposing the shocking an apocalyptic conditions endured by 20000 people trapped inside a devastated Palestinian camp in Syria please with batons beating fleeing refugees on a Greek island Hon Darien police tear gassing in using water cannons against asylum seekers 900 drown Syrians a tree in the Somalian refugees in the middle of the Mediterranean Donald trumps 5.anti immigration plan that involves building a great ball of America which Mexican immigrants would then be forced to pay for themselves employing 25000 guards and drones and making sure asylum seekers immigrants are criminalized in thrown into detention centers that are no longer cozy these are a few images of our times the UN refugee agency now says that refugees asylum seekers and internally displaced people worldwide has for the first time in the post World War 2 era exceeded 60000000 60000000 refugees asylum seekers and state with people millions exiled worldwide mainly because of war is in interventions instigated by the U. S. empire economic destruction devastation poverty brought on by a world economic system that serves the type top 20 percent and destroys the rest and typhoons droughts and storms bottom by climate prices created largely by the madly consuming developed world Invid being born X. amazing book on Emma Goldman she writes felt is the operative word I'm always claimed that the ideas of anarchism were of secondary use if grassed only with reasoning intelligence it was necessary to feel them in every fiber like a flame a consuming fever an elemental passion Goldman's radicalism an impassioned faith lived in the nervous system that feelings were everything in the name of my work radical mother tonight on this 100 and fiftieth anniversary of the nation may the suffering of are fleeing brothers and sisters live like a fever with an office maybe make reparations for the hideous policies of this country that compel those to risk their lives and the lives of their children fleeing without life preservers or a vision of where they were going may we awakened to the truth that in these perilous times each one of us is that every moment a potential refugee leaving and returning and may we openly and gratefully acknowledge that except for the indigenous people who were here every one of us was once an immigrant a refugee and asylum seeker may we melt the walls of our fear based borders inside us and out I live now as if the whole world where are kind thank you //
"2016-02-17 21:36:40"
Tony Kushner Channels Zona Gale
\\uhhuh after I'd agreed to read and reflect on an essay among the many in the nation over the course of the high 2 years of war peace famine plenty progress reaction justice banality failure triumph during which the nation has steadfastly provided our nation and exemplary reminder of what the working mind of a democratic society is supposed to sound like after I'd said yes to reading something of the nation's staff at selected I received 3 selections to choose among the first was an essay by John Paul Sartre Americans in their myths written in 1946 here's a sample from that essay there are of the great myths the myths of happiness of progress of liberty of triumphant maternity and then there are the Americans who though conventionally happy suffer from an obscure Milan's who are tragic through fear of being so through that total absence of the tragic in them and around them John Paul Sartre adds that perhaps no where else in America we find such a discrepancy between people in minutes between life in the representation of life is that really true John Paul I mean nothing life always wildly discrepant aren't day and in 1946 when you wrote that had you just come through one of the ghastly as examples human history has to offer of the nightmare that invariably occurs when people conflate myth and reality and by the way weren't we do need happiness addicted Americans there with you for a lot of that nightmare hoping out and did you really think in 1946 that Americans had only experienced the tragedy of refusing to accept that life is tragic it took a lot of courage not to say nerve to write that in 1946 John Paul and I've always admired your eyes are like your book not to play so much frankly but parts of being and nothingness are great and the insanely longs Freud screenplay ... and kudos to the nation from the guts to publish you but well maybe I this current moment that we're living through doesn't strike me as an especially auspicious our moment to turn to the old country for an advice on mismanagement ... the second choice was gore Vidal's 1990 SA notes are patriarchal state and I had to pass on that as well because well gore he's dazzling he's often very funny he knows a lot he was everywhere and did everyone and that everything and it's gorgeous and I'm glad you got the I and I'm indebted to him as a gay man and I've been an occasional SS I thought myself to be influenced by his arguments is politics and certainly his prose style but I don't like the way his dissent feels like a style not the way that is the way that is I. politics feel to me shaped and circumscribed by the dictates of form I agree with him that our state is currently patriarchal but don't go looking in gore's essay for any analysis of gender based depression or anything that sounds like feminism because the sounds of neither discourse would harmonize well with gore's perfectly tuned song of the weary exiled aristocrat mournfully morning literally for the small holders Republic at the age of the seasons have swept away instead what we get our senses like the 2 parties which I really one party cannot be put to use they are the country's ownership made carnival those are very nice sentences on gore's punishment for having written them ought to be watching GOP candidates next debate start to finish twice to make him do more than that would be in human ... and in my opinion Vidal really got link and that's just looks like anyway I guess I am legend the 2 essays I decided not to read because believing as I do that the nation has steadfastly provided our nation with an example of a reminder of what the working mind of democratic society is supposed to sound like doesn't mean that everything the nation's printed over the past 50 years have been correct what I find in it's pages in any given issue and I know this is an experience I share with all you loyal mission readers are things that will infuriate an exasperated as well as enlighten persuade and moved the voices of the writers of the nation the nation is published by human hands flawed but what makes the community the magazine has gathered always worth visiting worth engaging with over and over flaws and all for 100 years is that which in my opinion distinguishes the thinking of the left even when an error on that which makes progressive thought throughout history more reflective than conservative thought ... is of life as it is actually lived again not always with scientific precision are infallible accuracy but if you have a hope of understanding the experiences of human beings at any given historical instant you will try to discern the perimeters of the field delineated by those whose first loyalty is not to conservation but to transfer me not to the preservation of power but to its purposes and its dissemination so I decided to read the third option which is an S. exempt from ... NSA the United States in the artist by zona gale which the nation published on July 1 of 1925 4 years before she wrote this essay zona gale became the first woman play right to win the Pulitzer Prize for drama for playing this little batch it's a very good play and even better in its original form ... as a novel ... in its original ... dramatic form because ... zona gale soften the feminism of the ending to make it palatable for Broadway audiences her novel of the same title is even better than the play it's an extraordinary account of the awakening of an awareness of oppression has the effect of a series of small shocks disrupting a placid domesticated misery this gal was a founder of the women's peace party or participate in the suffrage movement ... and the lawful at progressive movement and through a truly remarkable in original run short stories set in a fictional midwestern town called friendship village zona gale promoted the agendas of both the municipal housekeeping reform movement of women's rights in of racial equality those stories are propagandistic schematic pedagogical and also formally enormously peculiar in part because of their absolutely unapologetic dogmatism in part because of the way Gail's lively and strange characters the members of the friendship village married lady cemetery improvements are validly led by a woman named calliope marsh complicate their creators political intentions and in part because of a kind of a radical refusal on the office part to allow struggles to result in pessimism and despair John Paul Sartre would maybe not have lights on gill's work so much but well we've already discussed that so get over 25 books over 300 short stories and god knows how many is married a listener called her one of the early prophets of America and for decades since her death her work has been terribly shamefully neglected that patriarchal state at work gore she might not be one of the great American writers perhaps better work merits real attention the essay the nation published isn't typical of her writing maybe of the essays ... which I'm not from the ... well that familiar with but in her novels and her story she is a chameleon what is representative of ... zone gals writing as I've come to know it in this excerpt is her way of playing with and on her just possession on grounds of gender from an acknowledgement of artistic mastery making it into a kind of wry slight of hand fluid in telegraphic look Yushin also typical is what I take as a toying with mastery itself manifest in a kind of transparency of effort authorial will and a willingness to be publicly ungainly to respond risk mistakes in the pursuit of truth it's from the United States in the artist buys only get Alan 1925 canon artistic zest and function freely in the United States I think that he can do so if he knows where and how certain hazards among us are to be conceited and survived others there are and if the artist as a Negro his difficulties are needlessly greater in this country than in any other way and civilized world in general the great United States handicap is none of these it lies deeper and is not to be conquered by praise or fellowship we're loaf and flask it I it is but it's so weird I it it is the lack in the national life of that in I find the book controlled by the ordered via custom to mellow the dreaming the old we know that we are not that we are without memories or echoes time is neither our asset nor our despair but merely I hope we are not the Old World take that John Paul if I were an artist assured in the light of my experience stay here and confidently expect to do my work I should know that from out the decays and Italy and the fatigues of France and the deepening impassive ides of Great Britain one could look and imagine no more challenging artistic adventure then waits in this land with the on imaginative name I know I should know that if in the ancient days I had gone questing for a field I should very likely have renounced everything in exchange for the terms of our unique life art seeks to interpret the human spirit naked in the universe itself without nationality or academy or learn it society or pension or past if then an artist looked out upon that spirit hard enough even in this land so lacking in the scrutiny the pattern or the label of the past albeit not without something of the fragrance of the universal breath it may be that he will forget the difficulties of keeping his covenant in the United States he will be in no illusion he will know sadly enough that he has turned from the flower debris the resident footsteps the delicate somnolence the emanations of genius and of ruin he will be in no Ilyushin and when our 100 percenters come and tell him that he has the best country on earth to ride in he will emphatically demure he will reply that there is no best country to ride there are only an Old World and then you you make your choice I //
"2016-01-29 15:50:51"
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Sports Taught America That ‘Bigotry Is Not a Cool Thing’
\\well when you look at the letter she goes sports is all over please it has enabled log Americans together in their head that ... other bigotry is is not a cool thing tracking Robinson's well trials and tribulations really help Americans understand what it was all about phone ... Jackie and moving some of the things they wrote city you know that here ... done something good when the white players on the Dodgers realized what was going on and they didn't like it because they I said you pick out some money you can't fight back which is really the basis of love what racism in America is all about and of he saw that that that the change in their attitudes and though he he realized that it was worth it //
"2016-01-15 22:19:03"
What Conversations About Race Do We Need to Be Having Right Now? Part 1
\\ //
"2015-12-17 21:34:39"
Tony Kushner, Eve Ensler, Bill McKibben, Melissa Harris-Perry, and More: ’The Nation’ at 150
\\ //
"2015-12-14 21:22:13"
What Does Climate Change Have to Do With Hunger in America?
\\mmhm my job just to introduce our moderator and boy are we lucky are there any people who //
"2015-12-12 23:55:29"
Naomi Klein: The Climate Deal in Paris Is Nowhere Near Enough
\\this is my final video blog from Paris where smear reading right when we started street this action is called red lines streets have been redline to signify the fact that the deal that has been negotiated across multiple red line scientific redlines equity redline legal redline it's up people have come together to say that our politicians even though they're saying so many of the right things about climate change even though they're expressing solidarity with the most vulnerable people even though they're saying we have to keep temperatures below 1.5 degrees warming what we are doing in the exact opposite there is just such a tremendous Gulf between what politicians are saying and what their policies will deliver which is a world that catastrophic warming that target yeah well I change it's you'll in between and it okay politician that there the most in if we are going to try I won't do it I'm going to already working hard really I know it's you will die re double our efforts do more at home to do more to build the next economy based on energy democracy and energy justice based on public transit and White Plains livable city I'm based on agro ecological farming out the kind of industrial farming that is been celebrated inside the Sunday Logan up today that is we are nature depending himself I'm not where you did the earth we're here to protect nature but we our nature and the fact that we understand that reason why our leaders there in a world view that doesn't allow so this is we know the deal is not enough to keep they good news have a movie that is ready to fill the vacuum left by our leaders so hard to change the dynamics of and they get to yeah there we have a way better deal //
"2015-12-12 15:34:04"
Naomi Klein: Climate Change Will Destroy These Countries
\\so last 2004 hours of the negotiations let's zoom out going into these negotiations for the most vulnerable and the poorest countries there were 2 really key issues one was the need for money to pay for the impacts of climate change now this is often called loss and damage the money that's already I it's already costing out poor countries to deal with droughts to deal with massive storms the other issue is that in Copenhagen in 2009 ... there was a push to set the temperature target ... at 2°C government said we would not allow temperatures to increase by anything more than that this was incredibly contentious at the time because the slogan of island nations with 1.5 to survive that was their slogan because 2 degrees would mean disappearing beneath the waves so there's really been incredible pressure ahead of pressure put on these vulnerable nations in these negotiations by dangling the prospect of keeping warming below 1.5 using very very vague language they are being asked to give up a huge amount including the right to sue for compensation for the impacts of climate change in exchange for this they've got some vague language and a commitment for some money down the road and you know that what we know is that desperate countries do desperate things I mean look at greets ... but I don't think I've ever seen a situation where countries are being negotiated to accept the terms of their own annihilation so going into this negotiations we knew that governments warrant bringing targets that would add up either to 1.5 or 2 degrees we knew actually that he did the math it brought us to 3 to 4 degrees but there was still hope that what this summit could do was send a very very clear signal to the fossil fuel industry that your days are numbered and that he ... get the key part of that tax that we were looking at is what's called the long term goal out there has been a big push for that long term goal to be to get to 100 percent renewable energy and to get entirely off fossil fuels and there has been a big debate about the time line of that demand but there's been another sleight of hand in that slight of hand is that now rather than getting off fossil fuels are getting to 100 percent renewables it talks about needing greenhouse emission neutrality that that is not the same as getting 200 percent renewable or ... it's really seen as a lifeline to the oil industry in the coal industry that they can continue business as usual but get big subsidies out for carbon capture and storage and then declare that they are carbon neutral ... so because this there's a growing climate movement that is demanding that we keep the carbon in the ground we're going to see a very big protests in Paris tomorrow and I'll be reporting from there //
"2015-12-10 01:17:24"
Naomi Klein: Sane Climate Policies Are Being Undermined by Corporate-Friendly Trade Deals
\\so we are here in Paris we are entering the final push for the U. N. climate negotiations on and while people have been pouring over the 900 brackets still in the tax ... figuring out ways to lower our emissions in a meaningful way which means burning alas fossil fuel I'm a cramp bombshell came from the United States which is that we learned that Republicans on Capitol Hill are pushing hard to lift the ban on crude oil exports which is about obviously digging up and selling more oil which is exactly what we need not to be doing so this has a lot to do with one of the topics it's being debated a lot here inside and outside the summit and that has to do with how smart insane climate policies are being potentially under mine by a wave of new corporate friendly trade deals like the TPP the trans Pacific partnership like T. tip which is a huge new trade deal that's being pushed between Europe and the United States arm and also a similar deal between the European Union and Canada now this relates to oil exports and and as well as gas exports out because a deal like T. tip that deal between the US and Europe is being ... push for by companies like Exxon and chevron because they see it as an opportunity to expand their markets for gas and for oil and even potentially as a tool a very powerful tool to undermine or lift that ban on oil exports so tradition me the other worlds of trade and the world of climate haven't really spoken all that much to each other sort of 2 solitudes I'm but they're coming together in their coming together because there have been a wave of trade challenges of multinational corporations suing governments under existing trade agreements when those governments to do the right thing in the face of the climate crisis Germany's energy transition is facing one such challenge ... Kaback which banned fracking is being sued under nafta Ontario which ... introduced an ambitious green energy policy which challenge at the World Trade Organization for supposedly discriminating against Japanese and European companies are so there are all kinds of examples of while governments are at summits like this one in Paris where they're all sort of accusing each other of not doing enough to roll out renewable energy in the face of the climate crisis then in other summits that actually have a lot more power and a lot more weight the same governments go and add to the World Trade Organization and try to knock down each other's windmills it doesn't make a whole lot of sense the most damaging and controversial part of these negotiations happen before they even began and that was when the US government announced that whatever deal was negotiated here in Paris could not be legally binding because they could not bring a legally binding treaty in front of the Republican contract controlled Congress and everybody here is just supposed to take it as a given that because of the incredible power of the cook brothers and other fossil fuel companies we can't get a legally binding climate agreement the ultimate irony is ask these kind of negotiations go on the negotiations before I did that European trade deal with the U. S. in the trade deal with Canada continue as well in in those spaces the fossil fuel giants are pushing very very hard to have the most legally binding possible agreement that will allow them to sue national governments when they tried to do the right thing and actually as I can you pass me ... yeah I there's a quote that I just think sums it up so well which is from Joseph Stiglitz the Nobel Prize winning economist he memorably she said should you let a group of foolish lawyers who put together something before they understood these issues interfere with saving the planet we understand the issues now and we're still doing it and it's Matt //
"2015-12-06 23:56:54"
Naomi Klein: Is Exxon Being Held Accountable at the Climate Summit?
\\how fun shows that this is the third of our video have blogs how from cop 21 and and this one 's a little bit different ... because we're doing it together because there's so much going on that no one person can even begin to cover it you have just come from the book J. which is where the official negotiations are taking place and and this was a really big //
"2015-12-03 21:37:59"
Naomi Klein, Kshama Sawant, Dave Zirin, and More: ‘The Nation’ Live! in Seattle
\\good evening everyone thanks for being here that's a little bit more of a glitzy intro than we usually have a town hall and I love it ... my name is Edward will Sir I'm the curator community programs here tunnel Seattle and this is such a fantastic honor for me to welcome you to this evening's program for the 0 fiftieth anniversary of the nation magazine presenter but yeah there's gonna be a lot of nation applause lines tonight so we want to make sure we have time for a real program I this out program prize presented by the nation magazine in partnership Seattle I as part of town hall civic series a series parted supported by the Boeing company that RealNetworks foundation the true brown foundation with media sponsorship provided by the stranger and KO W. also couple quick announcements are the feature film that we just saw a clip of is playing tomorrow night at the Seattle public library hot type is the title of that film ... that's rings at 7:00 PM downtown and it's free arm there is a bookstore table set up in the lobby tonight ... our friends at university bookstore we're good enough to bring selections of a number the author's he'll see on stage tonight so make sure you go ahead and browse down there tonight's program is more of a magazine on stage format so we will be doing a few things differently than a standard townhall talk or not going on //
"2015-12-03 18:50:59"
Naomi Klein: Breaking the Back of Our Carbon Economy
\\so what we just had this session on the league manifesto here in Paris power we had about 500 people here to learn about this experiment that ... that we launched in Canada //
"2015-11-30 01:20:08"
Naomi Klein: Making the Paris Climate Talks Count
\\so we are here in Paris on the opening day of the year and no that's 21 year along the street that should be bill with hundreds of thousands of yeah organizers wraps meaning that they may even have 1000000 people to demand private action and just this much bolder than what politicians are delivering on the opening day of the I say we have our red lines and those red lines are the equitable legally enforceable you have to be ambitious ... we know that we can get to 100 percent renewable energy we know that we can do it much faster than a politician telling us so let's do it now plan and then came the attack of November 13 and after that French government declared a state of emergency obviously security is a huge issue crap ... by the French government has really pushed back to eliminate ... protest during the cop they said that get March of the canceled that March they canceled ... protest demonstration anything they describe it outdoor activity so really what we're seeing here is a show of defiance because there are 5000 people in the street everybody came here had no idea what to expect we didn't know whether we were going to rest get arrested ... we didn't know how the police would respond even the organizers were able to offer any assurances him anyway out and I you know I think that this is a really important message and that people are spending on the first day of the they all security matters it's not just here he then security if there can be no security in our world we what I mean by when governments powerful you the very real price in right Israel to push through things that they would want it to anyway and we are pre but there was already a desire ... to restrict privacy ... and and now those those laws are being pushed back and there's more a basic surveillance going on I think we also knew that the it was very nervous about what they science has over the militant protests and had they were already pushing back against and so now they really are I think we are seeing a pretty classic example of the shock doctrine where ... state of emergency in ... to the court did to the to silence demonstrators ... you were inconvenient anyway but what's happening here is that people are ... we've seen preemptive maintenance out of activity there is an activity housing ... 24 activists have under house arrest up for the duration of the summit I'm a kind of a pre crime unit that we're seeing where people are being arrested for things they have done yet ... so your this is the third atmosphere under which this demonstration you know I think play well you know when you go to you and find it someday ... they're incredibly bureaucratic great and will the languages you if you're not a crime it wants it's very hard to understand all of these United Nations acronyms you and after he you know all all all of that said and that's just easy stuff then you have the temperature target the emission reduction targets underneath all of that all that jargon all the talking about our human life that is what is being debated lives slightly each jurors tradition there when island nation I in the Pacific low lying island nations say we need a temperature target of 1.5 to survive which is smoke in a violent nation ... during previous summits ... if you know that they are fighting for give that if this is the most effectual bite that you could imagine right would tempt went when the target of 2 degrees with fat in Copenhagen in 2009 yeah many African delegates marched through the halls of the conference center and it said that it was a death sentence for Africa you couldn't get so hot that the land would become I live alone so there we are morning where the lock why tightly it's about saying that that if there is anything wrong those back their credit report there an expression of the value of life but I think what needs to during the summer that circle of warning that circle of value it might large everyone //
"2015-11-02 19:32:25"
‘The Nation’ Live! in Portland
\\NQA WNED I the the I //
"2015-10-30 23:01:34"
The Nation | Teddy
\\greetings teddy Roosevelt here you know back when I was writing the planes with my band of rough riders nothing kept me abreast of the times like the nation magazine even though they made me mad enough to eat nails all this anti imperialism nonsense picked up spewing about me and my wars bunch of border respecting Smarties anyhoo the nation just mark their 100 fiftieth anniversary and to celebrate you could drive 4 issues for me plus you can subscribe anywhere you like just go to the slash my way and choose any 1 of 3 offers like a 6 month digital subscription for as little as 95950 Rachel's knows little taxes for reals it's a heck of a deal and if you're not happy just right no fix on the bill pay if you can't trust a guy whose head is carved into the side of a mountain who can you trust //
"2015-09-18 17:07:40"
The Children Who Live Under Israel’s Missiles
\\I for a moment how I feel about that you know surprised that more now below that letterman fun fun then you can then I love him sure but the tool land then the lock into local public eyes you Shilcutt above flood with the possible Mona's echoes what I watch on there let me and I was shocked when it gets hard to start of up to one the letter was widely you don't have the annnnd we yeah and women out of the high evenness it's a little the dental gonna come across very subtle Sutter dilemmas fearless and that that'll because 9 London's I won't look of love there's no but you know what's law tonight live I'm so I sat silent the Sierra Club wants to look at this look at that surgical robots or something some slayer soon Jenna do you well look on the little gonna have you got shot I had no idea man that that's so that's not a little more but then now he'd there are a lot a lot of them well I don't have a second has slipped acquittal saw so it'll a lot of trouble and really or what of going on up on a date with what if someone else what about all of is it a good decision one of the better suited up and puts them in still stimulative to stuff them in a snow turned them about that a little tough conditions both women tell well yeah well I'm not I was that bad in this Shifa existing GBA but what does a X. hopefully yes you heard me everything you heard that when the husband misdeeds Willis says just how men but a bucket since the war you know lead when when I'm going to have it done again so why do we have talked a lot of the stuff I want to let you know get it needs a county my dad can never get enough now I it data glove listen I the lab are have enough Jim how what if you had the shoe when I had the issue from the chef mail in a sub I admission that he met in the Senate so so I had on behalf problem for the unit you mean the Harlem company only but the first 11 of us who knew she had no but we have one that when there they don't know that the least little bit and this Michigan had idea behind me some of the how did not see it that and it please visit who does she do yeah I'm if you do not have Ranma would believe I live in I never thought you might shoot me any help purpose of god knows I love him and I said then again what atrophied humble one of the Clinton just so you know yeah yeah simple machine have to put the whole little day model still I have to show the but also the love the Jaffe the how about that 11 again in after motherhood on Buffy jumbo hopefully you will find it up on somehow I'm certain but fashionable dug a hole the Unabomber the bully on a word no so it wasn't and then yeah yeah the little boy we yeah yeah yes Sir and it's known the dams the Senate is right now it looks if necessary because of that the whole goal then I thank 3 species I Alice hello they would let us stay on here that I shouldnt Lewis of her yeah 0 what if the gunmen who love no question as a you know you know how many other how will be ... Palash equivalent from it is like a headless let go of what we should well Sir good luck with and the few who feel about that is that but that face it you know but I don't so I'm about 4 movie upset that's yeah but sue Ellen what will who have a book I think I'm gonna yeah a lot now that's not Melissa had asked also smoking some through her head then the news she she hadn't heard was that government news she should they acquittal who first the value I'm the shuttle up the little Butler had fish good because that fish Libby I just look at the bottom and I do not vote you see those 3 that what we make it from the children or the shivering from Gaza are you able all of I if anything I believe a semi help number went that none of us see the how do I OneNote as well done good no matter how much all of them well a lot I right I mean you can thank where the //
"2015-09-02 14:20:51"
US Special Forces May Have Gone On a Murder Spree in Afghanistan—Did the Army Cover It Up?
\\I what I don't know though so I don't know about that all of us as possible is a form of so have fun with it it was a fun I so all of the other point I would rather go to another group of development news room because I was in the mood or a foot to promote Iowa from the from do you just have you know this and you know just say you know not there mom left him view melodica just go over and visit him because if you look at that from a poem about you before but you can get the high school with companies recruit African universities we have ever duh dum duh economy shadow and the room was set up for ... away trailer of the film is the more I'm ... up would have criticized the truth tub fellow you know confident that there is some good us so that when the harassment if if you're if you really look at little sort of but I felt really comfortable unless someone people often put on the line here but given them with all of them because you know when you with the help of people under the pinnacle if you were the one who actually that type of Alicia Mundy velco from federal much improved home plus with a commission on your fellow if you can look in my hoof from then on hooking on to give us a little bit of that I McCormack so my my did you my god I'm a fellow for more formal put your foot in the or from a homely they prefer the okay one of number for this issue from a few 0 year well that's a lesson that I will put from there are few if gosh we will provide you have if you want a real big in the really hope well except for Kimberly will collect enough could you know conducted ... yeah ... because of the villa Santo we'll give you for this sniff me or I'll leave you to this document you're listening to your listener Virginia chatroom for best fare if forgotten with if Kyoto fairyland but soon with a critical mind if I do so who knows above the giver who want the us if we're gonna screw chip you know the Logan is similar to the most beautiful little part of the federal from your little of the faithful well you will vote on ... me not the other novel in Russian vilagra you have on your hands you put which I hope they'll fully was really care less could view the local if non color so forgive me for another model //
"2015-08-11 19:05:24"
Gunmen Fire Upon Migrants Aboard a Train in Mexico
\\I but when if with I for //
"2015-06-23 15:23:58"
The True Story of a Prison Riot: Inside Willacy County Correctional Center
\\I so I //
"2015-06-18 14:45:40"
Naomi Klein: Climate Change Is a Crisis We Can Only Solve Together
\\what does Demetrius my personal engagement with impairment of politics began a long time ago in Bolivia my home country if I had to choose an exact date will probably be the day that my parents took us to it denying national park located in that moment things outside of which I'm a CD as soon as we arrived my sister and I jumped out of the car and into the snow banks we were in excesses playing and jumping put of Joey for like 20 minutes before we were back in the car with our bull ades frozen and our lips turn blue as for other reports back to jump in the car unfortunately we're not dressed for the cold I like here in bar harbor winters in Bolivia only get down to about 40 degrees find it ... these are the first day that I had ever touched no as you're driving back home me that explained that only 15 years ago this month and had snow year round and you didn't have to drive so far to find it I asked my mother why was she why was this happening and she responded its climate change the planet is warming up and that is why I just know it's melting things will be a lot different but it's time you have your kids now they're driving home from the mountains marks the beginning of my personal engagement with environmental politics a process which eventually brought me to do work no McLean no McFly needs no introduction the repetition wasn't as an extraordinary writer top influential thinker I'm prominent activist is legendary her work speaks for itself I will resist the temptation to talk about her internationally best selling books to prise her amazing work as a frontline journalists or to catalog the kilometer long list of awards and prices she has a committee headed throughout her career I said I want to tell you a few things about why known his work has been so inspirational for so many of us here it's you a first anyone who's familiar with her work knows that her approach is holistic foregrounds the inter connected at ways of thinking that has been a hallmark before time here at ceiling this is I believe one of the main reasons why her work is so influential and often groundbreaking it is not simply because she discovers a new problem but because she offers a perspective that makes connections between apparently unrelated issues that orders have missed no me house pioneer some of the very ideas that we now take for granted climate change is not just about covered emissions but it's also about our current economic system under related capitalism or the damaging role that corporations can have on democracy secondly no me is a model of how we might all parents to get her the demands ... of theory and practice her work and her thorough research on sharp writing is coupled by her by her equally powerful role as an activist she doesn't pretend to be a positive and a Dutch observer should take a stance she uses her voice her writing and her social and political weight put bombs causes that she believes on whether that is speaking up against Iraq financial system in the streets of New York City during occupy Wall Street or by participating in a process that got her arrested in front of the White House finally and most importantly for me she reminds us that these big competitions are at the core also personal in her last book this changes everything nami reflects about how being a martyr house tunes her outlook on climate tunes how having a son has made it a lot more concrete for her it was no longer enough took idea of how climate change will result in environmental catastrophe the problem now had an additional meaning she confesses that she was afraid that her son will never have the chance to see a move in the wild or someone running running upstream and this idea that we cannot forget the human face of social environmental problems such as climate since is perhaps the most powerful Mrs in her last word it is what buys everything else together my short experience as an active use wood earth in brackets have thought me dad inspiring people to take action is the most difficult thing to do statistics drops blogs speeches want one conversations we tried all in the end I believe there is nothing more compelling than realizing that the problem is in fact personal that it will affect someone or something you know where that is the snow packs in the month thing outside of your hometown someone's running upstream or even something us every day US public transportation only when the problem becomes personal can it become real and that changes everything so please join me welcoming someone who has been a source of inspiration and courage for so many you'll pass budgeting today Namik line right thank you Eritrean for that amazing introduce maybe a little choked up and congratulations you and all of the graduates and to all of families who raised you and the teachers who guided you true privilege for me to share this very special day with you I also want to thank my fellow ana congratulate my fellow honorary degree recipients polygraph and Robert Kates ... it is also an honor today to share this day with you I this is not going to be I hope your average commencement address for the simple reason that it has come to my attention that the college of the Atlantic is not your average college I mean what kind of school let students vote on their commencement speaker as if it's your day or something I mean what's next right leading undergrads design their own degrees women choosing that they're gonna marry I mean wherein who handle this madness and I'm no I do little research into the commencement address jar and ... most of the speeches try to equip graduates with a moral compass that will guide them through their post university life you hear stories that and with clear life lessons like money doesn't buy happiness or don't be afraid to fail but I get the feeling that very few of you are flailing around trying to sort out right from wrong quite remarkably at a very young age you knew you wanted to go not just to an excellent college but to an excellent socially and ecologically engaged college a school surrounded by tremendous biological diversity and suffused with tremendous human diversity with a student population that spans the globe you knew that strong community mattered to you more than almost anything that kind of self direction ... is more than what most people have when they leave graduate school yet somehow you had this when you were still in high school which is why I'm gonna skip the easy morality lessons and get down to business the historical moment into which you graduate climate change well concentration and racialized by violence all reaching breaking point how do we help most how do we best serve it's broken world and we know that time is short we all hear the climate change clock picking in the background but that doesn't mean that climate trumps everything else it means that we need to create integrated solutions once that radically bring down emissions while closing the inequality gap and making life tangibly better for the majority of people this is no pipe dream we have a living examples from which to learn they're not perfect but Germany's energy transition has created 400000 jobs in about a decade and it hasn't just cleaned up energy it's made energy fair so the energy systems are owned and controlled it by hundreds cities and towns and cooperatives the mayor of New York City just announced a climate plan that if implemented would bring 800000 people out of poverty by 2025 that's as many people as live in San Francisco by investing massively in public transit in affordable housing and raising the minimum wage the holistic leapt we need has never been closer in reach we know that and the best part of it is that there is no better preparation for that grand integrated project then you're deeply interdisciplinary education in human ecology you were made for this moment but that's not quite right you somehow knew to make yourself for this moment so much rests on the choices that we make in the next few years don't be afraid to fail maybe standard commencement address fair but it doesn't quite work for those of us who are part of the climate justice movement we're being afraid of failure is actually a pretty rational thing because let's face it the generations before you used up more than your share of atmospheric space we used up your share of failures to the ultimate intergenerational injustice now that doesn't mean that we can't still make mistakes can we will but early cigars that one of the incredible founders of the black lives matters movement talks about how we have to do is make new mistakes now sit with that sentence for awhile make new mistakes let's stop making old mistakes here are a few but you can mentally add your favorites to the list rejecting messianic fantasies on to politicians thinking the market will fix this for us building a movement made up entirely of upper middle class white people and then wondering why people of color don't wanna join our movement tearing each other to bloody shreds because it's easier to do that then go after the forces most responsible for this mess these are social change cliches and they are getting really boring we don't have the right to demand perfection from each other but we do have the right to expect progress to demand evolution so let's make some new mistakes let's make new mistakes as we break through our silos and build the kind of beautifully diverse and justice hungry movement that actually has a chance of winning winning against the powerful interests want us to failing so with this in mind I want to talk about it old mistake that I see reemerging it has to do with the idea that since attempts that big systemic change have failed all we can do is act very small in individually some of you will relate to this some of you won't but expect that all of you will have to deal with it and some level in your future work so a story when I was 26 I I went to Indonesia and the Philippines to do research for my first book No logo and I had a simple goal on that trip I wanted to meet the workers who made the products the clothing that my friends and I bought it I did I spent many evenings on concrete floors in squalid dorm rooms where teenage girls sweet giggling 16 years old spent their scarce non working hours 8 or even 10 to a tiny room and they told me stories about not being able to leave their machines to pee about bosses who hit about not having enough money to buy dried fish they knew they were being badly exploited that the garments they were making were being sold than for more than they make in a month 117 year old ... woman said to me we make computers but we don't know how to use them so one thing I found slightly jarring was that some of the same workers that I was meeting with wore clothing festooned with knock off trademarks of the very multinationals that we're doing this to them Disney characters or Nike logos and at 1.I asked the local labor organizer about this wasn't this sort of strange wasn't there some kind of a contradiction it took him a very long time to understand what I was even talking and when he finally did he looked at me like I was completely nuts you see for him and his colleagues individual consumption wasn't contest sitter to be in the realm of politics at all power rested not in what you did as one person but what you did as many people as one part of a large organized and focused movement for him this man organizing workers to go on wildcat strikes for better conditions and eventually it meant winning the right to organize even an export zones 230 unionize what you ate for lunch or happen to be wearing was an absolutely no concern no this was striking to me because it was the mirror opposite of my culture back home in the university campus on which Mike politics had been formed where I came from you expressed your political beliefs firstly and very often lastly through personal lifestyle choices by loudly proclaiming your vegetarianism by shopping fair trade and local and boycotting big evil brands now these very different understanding of how social change works came up again and again once I published the book a couple of years later I would give talks about the need for international protections for the right to unionize for workers in exports owns about the need to change our global trading system so it didn't encourage a race to the bottom and at the end of every single talk the first question would invariably be what kind of smokers should I buy what brands are okay where do you buy your clothes what can I as an individual do change the world I thought I would building a movement and I ended up being a shopping advisor 15 years after I publish no logo actually still find myself facing these questions not as often but fairly often these days I give talks about the how the same economic model that super powered multinational corporations to out that cheapest and most exploitable labor in countries like Indonesia and China also super charged global greenhouse gas emissions and invariably the hand goes up yes but tell me what I can do as an individual or maybe as a business owner now the hard truth to that answer and I have started actually answering that question this way is not you can't do anything as an individual and in fact that very idea that we as atomized individuals even groups of atomized individuals could play a significant part in stabilizing the planet's climate system is objectively nuts we can only meet this tremendous challenge together part of a massive an organized global movement the irony is that people with relatively little money and power in the global hierarchy tend to understand this far better than those of us with a lot more privilege the workers I met in Jakarta knew all too well that governments and corporations did not value their voice and didn't even value their lives as individuals and because of this they were driven to act not only together but to act on a rather large political canvas to try to change the policies in factories that employ thousands of people in exports owns that employ tens of thousands of people or even change the labor laws of a country like Indonesia with 250000000 people their sense of individual powerlessness led them to be collectively ambitious in contrast here in wealthy countries we are told all the time how powerful we are as individual consumers or even as individual activists and intellectuals we live in a system that endlessly flatters us and the result of this is despite that relative power and privilege we often end up acting on campuses that are unnecessarily small a canvas of our own lifestyle maybe our neighborhood maybe our town meanwhile we too often abandon the structural changes a policy and legal work to others and I want to be clear this is not about belittling local activism and small scale work local activism is critical local organizing is winning the most significant climate battles right now local activism is stopping fracking it stopping tar sands pipeline and local is showing us that the post carbon economy it's possible it's showing us what it looks like and feels like and it's making it desirable small examples inspire bigger ones the college of the Atlantic was one of the first schools to divest from fossil fuels and you made that decision I'm told in a week now if you still feel very proud about that it took that kind of leadership from small schools that knew their values push more shall we say insecure institutions a follow suit like Stanford or Oxford university which has recently announced that it is divesting like the British royal family like the Rockefeller family so local matters but locals not enough I got a vivid reminder of this ... when I was researching this changes everything I went to New York ... in the immediate aftermath of superstorm sandy and I went to red hook which was one of the neighborhoods that was hardest hit I went to a place called the red hook community farm which is an amazing place that teaches kids from nearby housing projects how to grow healthy food provides composting for the entire neighborhood hosts a fantastic weekly farmer's market doesn't CSA program that's as good as any I've ever seen they're doing everything right they're reducing food miles they're staying away from petroleum inputs there sequestering carbon in the soil they're reducing landfill and they're fighting inequality at the same time and building food security but when the storm came none of it mattered the entire harvest was lost and the storm water made the soil toxic now they can buy new so well the first couple of times this happens but the farmers I met there knew that and left other people were out there fighting to lower emissions on a systemic level that this kind of loss would have keep happening over and over and over again so it's not to say that one sphere is more important than the other to say that we have to do it all the local and the global the resistance and the alternatives we have to say no to what we don't want and at the same time we have to build the acts all of the asses that we do one but before I leave you I want to stress one thing and please listen to this because it's important we really do have to change everything but you personally do not have to do everything this is not all on you I say this because one of the real dangers of being a brilliant sensitive young person who hears that climate clock ticking loudly in the background is the danger of that same inflated self importance that danger of taking on too much I thinking that every single life decision whether to work for a national NGO or work on a local permaculture project or work with animals or work with people or go to grad school or start it start a family seems to carry with it the weight of the world and I know that many of you are struggling with these types of decisions right now I was struck by a you almost impossible burden that socially engaged young people are placing on themselves these days when I was contacted ... recently by a 21 year old Australian science student named Zoe Buckley Lennix ... she's the kind of person that would end up at a school like this she actually she lives in Australia at the time she contacted me though she was camped out on top of shell's arctic drilling rig in the middle of the Pacific she was one of 6 Greenpeace activists who had scaled this giant Rick I'm sure many of you have seen images of this huge wreck this is before it got to Seattle it was right in the middle of the Pacific ... they they they climbed up the rig out to draw attention to the insanity of drilling up in the arctic just because climate change is melting the ice and making that possible so it's only in the others lived up there camped up there for a week in the howling winds I and after she reached out I arranged to calls only up on the green P. satellite phone just to give her a pap and tell her up that I was so impressed with her and thank her for her incredible courage and kickass climbing skills so we're having this conversation where she's up on the top of the brick on the satellite phone and I'm in my office and you know she's like chaos you question if the church she said how do you doing the right thing and she was I mean there's divestment there's lobbying there's the parrot Paris climate summit I'm not kidding this is what she said and I wanted to weep I mean here she is doing one of the most incredible things imaginable freezing your butt off trying to physically stop arctic drilling with her body and she still beating herself up when during whether she should be doing something else and so I told her what I will tell you which is that what you're doing is amazing and what you will do next will be amazing to and you don't need to do everything because you're not alone you're part of a movement in that movement is organizing for Paris and getting their schools to divest and trying to block arctic drilling in Congress and the courts and in the open water all at the same time and yes we need to grow faster and we need to do more but the weight of the world is not on any one person's shoulders not on yours not and so he's not on mine it rests in the strength of the project of transformation that millions of people are part of that means you are free to follow your passion to do what you love and most importantly what will sustain you for the long haul you're free to make new mistakes and it even means that you're free to take breaks in fact it's mandatory that you do so which is why I'm going to skip yet another commencement address tradition the one that somberly tells graduates they have finally become adults because my strong sense is that some of you have been adults since your early teens if not earlier than that so what I really want to say to you is something else entirely make sure to give yourself time to be a kid and make sure to enjoy this tremendous accomplishment thank you many thanks Naomi for coming to college of the Atlantic and duration her words provide every I now have the great pleasure presenting an honorary master of philosophy degree in human ecology to Naomi Klein there soon by the power vested in me as chairman of the board of trustees of college in the Atlantic is my privilege to confer upon Naomi Klein the honorary degree of master of philosophy in human ecology her name will be joined to the distinguished group of honorary degree recipients thank you Naomi we are delighted to honor your contributions to human ecology //
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The IMF Won’t Save Ukraine
\\the deal as far as I know is that the IMF agreed to provide Ukraine with 17000000000 are innate in 2 tranches over 2 years with ... them I think getting 3000000000 immediately ... well that's strikes me as as being about half as much as they need I Sasha yeah so I'm this is unexplained explain that part to pay Russia Ukraine owes Russia a lot of back payments for gas that it's ... bought and didn't pay for ... then Ukraine tried to replace out Russian coal with ... south African Tomorrowland it didn't pay for that either so nobody will sell to Ukraine because it's the most corrupt country in Europe ... and Russia made a loan to Ukraine from the Russian sovereign fund and there was a statement in this loan that if Ukraine's debt rises above I think something like 80 percent of its ... GDP the entire $5000000000 loan falls look ... do immediately so Ukraine may suddenly have to give its entire gold stock to Russia if if the IMF doesn't give it enough so the IMF did not give Ukraine enough to pay the debts that it does Russia and it's keeping it on a very short leash so that it could control it now what kind of democracy can you have if your government is always in debt always obliged to let your economic policy been dictated by the IMF and the World Bank which means by the US treasury which means basically by NATO by the American state department politically ... if you're kept in a short debt leash democracy becomes meaningless but this is only until the debts are paid off the ones that are paid off but they can never take a headache they'll so much money they can never quite alright because they can't export cut the you the way you pay off it foreign debt is to earn foreign currency either they export and ... Ukraine says we're not going to export to Russia anymore we're not going to export our resources to Russia so that it can invade us we're not going to help us military industry ... and nobody else wants their exports so there's only one thing Ukraine has to export half of its population if if you're between the ages of 20 or 30 you're going to be exported you do have many you who are very interested in seeing their country I invented again it's been incredibly corrupt from day one could you tell us what what was wrong with Ukraine at this point okay you what what what what are you so upset about what would they like to remake while living standards are incredibly low so for instance a per capita incomes are half of what they are in Poland so if you want to start a business you have to engage in all these payoffs so you have a population that