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"2017-08-31 00:41:53"
MSNBC ‘Loses Connection’ While Reporter Discusses Corruption & Big Oil
\\when people question the legitimacy of mainstream media it really comes down to who's funding them so for example MSNBC so MSNBC is owned by Comcast and Comcast takes on a large amount of advertisers and one of the big industries for those advertisers is the big oil industry now all some people claim that advertisers have no effect on the actual journalism it's hard to deny that connection when a number of weird things happen so for example recently are today on MSNBC how you felt she was talking with ... algae 0 Porter she however Tosi and he was talking about the connection of between big oil and climate change and during this discussion he was cut off twice no I'm gonna show you 3 different clips here ands in the third clip we're gonna talk about some some weirdness that happened during the second clip but first let me show you the first time that he gets cut off money has not been flowing into this region for the infrastructure for the climate change effects that we knew were in the inevitable because of the oil and gas industries activities on this card spline even also joined us just covering up what they the seventies I have to go on about this under your out the point so that is very striking difference here so much money has been made in this region shall pass husband shuttled to deal with the climate change that was never should have let us hold that thought for one second because on the screen we got a live after rescue okay so that first time the reporter gets cut off it seems like it may be innocent because MSNBC has a camera out there on a helicopter so they can go and cut to the helicopter whatever the somebody getting rescued so it also seems like a very convenient way to cut off any gas any guess that you have on the show but I'm not gonna read too much into the first time that he gets cut off here but there's something that you need to also be aware of that it so Ali Velshi the host I I think is actually one of the better hosts on MSNBC and I wanna go a bit more into that in after that after this next clip but you have to realize that it's usually the producer that is trying to cut the segment so it was an alley belches choice to cut to footage of the helicopter that was the producers choice the producer in the control room and then they cut to the footage of this person getting rescued so Ali Velshi has to move on and talk about what's happening on screen but now they actually bring the reporter back and watch what happens this time I thought what a connection between the oil and gas industry on climate change much much clearer near you were talking to someone pulled off we understand the larger screens oil refinery in United States import author is shutting down that might sound very true but what we know from experience is when now these refineries there's a huge amount of toxic dust Thrillist so we gotta watch out for all about in the past blowing dust of users got away with it covertly just like losing a lot of toxic waste emergencies like this witness this is not rocket science is on its edges when warned about for years by climate scientists ProPublica had a piece just lost here warning of the summit on this is bound to happen in the Houston area at the very at the very least I guess this is all coming I'm surprised I mean that's just that is all the preparations for a net so much money's been generated here the mag just to talk about how she spent $5000000 on roadways for drainage but it wasn't enough again there is more money here in Texas politicians can really have a lot to answer for because they're out on the I think I may just lost ... she Hobbes line there so how about that so that that video was a little more clear so the reporter if she had written scene gets cut off just after he says Texas politicians have a lot to answer for interesting so this isn't even just about the connection between big oil advertisers and MSNBC it's also the connection between the M. S. N. B. C. and politicians so one of the things that cable news is most worried about is having access to politicians so the moment they begin offending and pointing out how will Texas politicians are funded by the oil industry that's a good moment to cut the Mike and and the discussion so there is a real reason why MSNBC doesn't want to talk about that because they want to be able to have Texas politicians on the network it's all about access now there was a weird part in the middle of that video that I want to talk about so about half way there is some whispering heard over the audio at the very least I guess this is all coming I'm surprised I mean that's just the just know it's impossible to make it out will attempt to make out what the what are the person talking is saying it sounds like it alley Velshi talking to the control room so having worked in the newsroom this is what tends to happen the producer is in the control room and is talking to the host through their IFB now if the producer wants to move on to a different topic or had some suggestions or what to say something to the host they'll talk to them through the I speak now what was likely happening this is just my interpretation of what was happening through the very little information we have but if I were to guess what was happening the producer was trying to tell Ali Velshi to move on to cut the interview short and move on to a different topic and because of because Allie Velshi tends to be one of the better reporters on MSNBC my guess is he was pushing back and was saying no we're gonna stay on this I'm gonna talk about this topic now what ended up happening is the producer since he's in the control room any controls what the viewers see he got his way here she got his way and they cut to video of other rescue happening just in time for the Mike to the Mike of the reporters also cut off so the producer the producers behind the scenes are the ones who really control what's happening on air and the people controlling the producers are the bosses higher up so there are certain topics that they don't want discussed on television and it usually has to do with not offending people there that were friends with like advertisers and like guess so the moment that the reporter begins talking about Texas politicians after discussing the connection between climate change big oil and these politicians he gets cut off and that's my guess what happened now there's obviously no proof we don't know what really happened it's possible that that this reporter just got cut off because of a weird connection and because there's a desert and then a middle of a flood ands you know bad weather whatever lies maybe maybe maybe it is a big coincidence and just as he was talking about saxes politicians he gets cut off but but you know what I'm not a conspiracy guy I I don't I tend not to latch on to conspiracies but this there is a real data here I mean there is a real incentive for MSNBC to not have this conversation and they don't have this conversation this is an unusual conversation on the network or any cable news network talking about politicians and where their money comes from how they're funded and how that money might affect them when there once they're in office that's a discussion that's never had to do notice that that discussions never talked about whatever politician makes a weird choice art makes a weird voting Congress they don't immediately go to who's paying the politician who's fighting their campaigns that should be the first question but it's not so to me there is some funny business going on in this clip but again we don't know it's just all speculation but I think there is some there's enough circumstantial evidence to support where I think ... or what I think happened in this clip //

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