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"2015-11-10 00:10:25"
\\how they got some right and right knowledge who snowshoe from the stoic shoot channel yeah that's right before I do yes that's the name of it named after me GS cost places a cost player costs layer your some photos says most of this is a male demographic here you go congradulations feed off after awhile anyway guys are ready to check out the day top 5 brutal anime deaths here we go ... Stella is really into animations and becoming more and also I thought this is perfect now this one 's subtitles quiet Ian but to see actual music I wonder no he I wish we could understand what was going on this right right swing the movie well how can you have something on his arm these questions religion yeah guild committee said the racist and were see my are you know yeah we'll go buddy so you get revenge take it or managed to get her CD alright so well thank you for putting their subtitles so we can keep up with the platoon you present a yeah I do you yeah Miley not because of your welcome yeah neither like if the easiest option of violence yeah I think give too much sun mmhm so moments we to really happened contact NQA n't I I all this is a costly read my passion sinister passion 6 good sleep could a real voice to this is Nnamdi I so I yeah I right I I as the work no they lie don't know what it is measures that you know expect okay the so this isn't a dentist this yeah yeah this is another reason why I watch to this all the time okay number that we've seen hokum off one P. Lisa came out a badass yeah it's better be brutal oh yeah they are off to a good start uhhuh Veronica has the same capability this ntfc mmhm it's better no no care never mind it was that the headless man yeah the so called Veronica for them that's shouldnt we got it how warm it is accredited by doing make but yeah yeah ... need those limits why is she so mean don't she's no way there I the since well the thing is that the the yeah I you know upon yeah well who you know her if which one was your fame ray I watched one I thought I was mostly him like if this was real life like a real life movie it might be kind of cool actually if there ever do like practical effects not CVI all about you so that actually look pretty sweet I think would be good as a B. movie type things and yeah so you would be practical facts these other ones are like really like emotionally disturbed yeah do it yeah on this innocent person it's not like oh this was some bad ass fight in the diet is a just now innocent little Israel that white completely over the top like unnecessary by its enemy Israel last month with a helmet that would be rad W. Raz really easy because if it's right out well actually you be surprise at home it is ... is like the goes into there's Russ the outfit but not nothing yeah lady trips and then got her mother there either throw all who know that seem like that could really happen and that's why the US because like the other kids like opiates I'm but woman just probably that's the first how they always well those are something unlike penetrate the road is yeah you don't wanna ladies that's okay I will vomit I have a pretty day so users to me thanks for recommending that harm baby if you're new to the channel you can subscribe today and become a reject Sam ... panic room and Jack was a tentacle Jack tentacle porn good anti and does it make a written reaction began to tug of war yeah for you to let me upload and how to censor it actually think took were is totally legal because all of it centered censored they have little censor bars on it to be doing them fun actually thought you could check out Stella's channel of logs cost play videos inches in becoming more anime so check out her channel now //

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