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"2017-08-15 10:37:16"
Charlottesville False Flag Theory- Something Strange is going on. [Graphic Content]
\\welcome back to the Jews factory at midnight you to remove my Charlottesville video due to a lack of context surrounding the graphic violence in my video basically I didn't put the words graphic violence in my title soil also playing views and my comments for that video which makes me a pretty mad Kitty although I kind of wonder if they really removed it because I was hinting that the Charlotte still crash was a false flag love you too didn't like my last video they really are going to like this one because I have developed some theories on the situation and as a warning I will be showing images of graphic violence theory number one but the mainstream media wants everyone to believe a disgruntled white supremacist got pissed off and drove the car into a group of left wing protesters as a premeditated act of violence at this point it's still a theory not a fact and it is very possible I mean it's the simplest explanation but it doesn't explain everything and this comes out to be proven to be the case obviously that type of violence or heat on either side should not be tolerated theory number 2 it's possible that he got scared because people were hitting his car there are cracks in marks on his car that could be evidence that the damage was done before the incident and also here you can see someone is hitting his car and he breaks those are his brake lights there before slamming on the gas to that could show that he was startled or scared by having his car being hit any drives off kind of like how a horse runs after being whipped or perhaps that hit was some sort of signal to start driving if this is a false flag theory number 3 this is a viral marketing ad for Dodge Chargers and they did start a drag racing event called road kill night on the same day as the rally but I'm just going to hope and assume that that is just an unfortunate coincidence theory number 4 this whole thing is a false flag set up we all know that George Soros has paid anti von the past and has paid black lives matters in the past and this event happen on George sorrows birthday Happy Birthday to this evil piece of our beds and I don't mean to say that nobody died or was injured it does look like people were hurt and I'm in no way trying to diminish the tragedy that took place I'm just saying there's something weird about it and we should discuss it and here's my research to back up the false flag theory genes out still junior was seen here in a white shirt and khakis that is the uniform of vanguard America a white nationalist group in which he is seen standing with and the VA was handing out those shields that he's holding there for free to anyone who wanted one their uniform would be easier to say than a Best Buy employee and we already know that anti flower posing as Nazis so it would be child's play to pose as a member of that guard America which James Alex feels junior was not a member of the VA has said on their official Twitter that his name did not appear on any of their member registries but here is the news khakis and tinted glasses remember that for later now military records to show that James had a brief stint in the U. S. army joining August 2015 and leaving the army December of that year just weeks after basic training would have ended an army spokesperson said that he was released from active duty due to failure to meet training standards but I can't find anywhere that he was unable to complete boot camp I mean there is a long history of various intelligence and law enforcement agencies recruiting directly from the ranks of military than sending those young recruits off to join various white supremacist movements and or militias I'm not saying that's what happened to this guy I'm just saying that that's been done before it also might explain this black SUV in this white man they were parked down the street that leave as soon as the head happens now here's a picture that was taken of the guy who drove into the protesters it could very well be James but it's not perfect and also James was wearing glasses that day as he has worn in almost all of his other pictures obviously use sight impaired and was not wearing contacts that day it does make sense that he wouldn't have his glasses on for the mug shot as you would take them off for a passport or ID photo essay were tinted or had a glare and we know that his glasses were tinted what I'm saying is that is weird that James would wear his glasses all day and then take them off while driving there is a theory that the driver in the car is actually jeans G. field not James a field James do you feel is the captain and commander of an Ohio Army National Guard battalion and has seen combat in Afghanistan it would be easy to have 2 men in the military both with the same name from Ohio spot identities also under analysis of the picture the face bill does seem to fit a little bit better if James G. field but both teams fields have similar facial features all have hooded slightly down turned eyes short eyebrows a short nose and down turned lips are really could be either of them but to be realistic it is very likely that James A. fields was driving this car and at this point the jeans doppelganger theory is a bit of a stretch you have to have so much information to prove that this guy does random person with the same name has anything to do with this situation the only thing is this guy just looks a lot more like a driver to the person that they arrested I was also talking to someone who analyzes footage for a living and they said that the picture of the guy in the car looks pretty calm there's no shocked expression on his face he doesn't look scared or scattered looks like he's just doing a job like maybe a professional stunt driver or someone without fear he also looks like he drove like a professional stunt driver or has done this before in the way he drove backwards that fast I don't know if I can make an exit like that I mean probably if you work for the CIA and you're gonna participate in a false flag event you would practice your driving skills but here's where it actually gets pretty interesting there's a man named branding Gilmore there who just happens to be in the right place at the right time to film the Charlottesville hit and run and then speaks to the media like CNN well turns out this anti racist burning Gilmore was a previous CIA operative under the state department cover running special ops to suppress native uprisings in central Africa achei Coney 2012 is also the chief of staff for Tom peeler around though who ran for governor of Virginia and he also received a quarter of $1000000 from George Soros during that raised but I mean I guess is totally normal forest CI a operatives who overthrew African regimes and also is lying to George sorrows is money just to coincidentally meet a potential social uprising ... but he was clearly perpetrated up buys one of these ... racist Nazis who came to Charlottesville to spread their their their vile ideology ... and he targeted this crowd very clearly there is no question of anyone who witnessed it ... that his intent was to cause ... mass casualty incident and it's a domestic terrorist incident as far as what I witnessed stop asking questions and just focus on the neck beer that was driving the Dodge hash tag roadkill nights also the crisis actors here are lying backed up with everyone again there is a girl that was on the ground national data back us up and they did it again yeah yeah they would all she cares the all the videos show that the car did not back up and round them again so let's go take a closer look at the car in this 1 the crashed car has painted stripes on it James Alex fields carton not happiness strips on at least in this picture I mean it's possible that he could have had a paint job but I don't think he had a paint job between this picture in this 1 so this tells me that they most likely did 2 runs to get the right footage for using 2 different cars 1 into practice 1 and 1 in the real thing that way they could take the damage carp in the practice run and have it already waiting in a specific location to be apprehended by the police the old switcheroo and all this is probably cop in the surveillance helicopter and that's why they had to die but it does now we're both of the pilots were also friends with the governor Nelson none of the air bags went off these pictures just don't add up take a look at the signs now as a car moves closer suddenly decides appear so why would there be more signs that now with the car coming towards you why would anti filed moves toward a car instead of away from it again it's almost like these pictures were taken on 2 separate occasions like a practice run so everyone knew their part to play also there are a lot of random shoes in this picture 12345 this guy with the red shoes hit by a car pretty hard falls down I his shoe flies off in about 3 seconds later he's sitting on top of this truck so either he's Batman or this was taken and 2 takes breaking news has just come forward while I was making this video James A. feels has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and is on anti psychotic drugs so can we really say that this man drove his car into those people because of radicalized Nazi ideals or is it because he has a severe mental illness and was put into I've fairly stressful situation it's are definitely a twist to the story it still doesn't excuse all the other strange things that were happening though is just another piece of this weird puzzle to add into the mix something is a really weird here tell me what theory you think fits best also I want to thank all my subscribers and I hit 20000 subscribers yesterday thank you so much and thank you to all the people supporting me on Patreon a link to that and my Twitter in the description have a great night guys //

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