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"2016-11-10 04:03:03"
Tim and Eric Get Into a Heated Discussion | THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER
\\America I believe a little bit too much brave no I said stop for you know a man though disk yes in the debates and escalated today magic yeah I'm gonna trailer Jamie one dream about consumer model that I true even if they are on here because about whatever could possibly happen or you can dream big see what happens you know that all you can do is shoot for the stars if you don't make it you don't fucking make it you think being in the U. S. he's gonna fix our problems and they are promising is gonna fix my problems I think that I believe in god but I think he's playing on yeah had everything to do with some of the younger guys and and some of the more green guys they they think that ... getting in the UFC is going to solve all their problems I try to let him know that that's not the case ... I've I've been in the UFC I had a nice little run in all these guys just I don't know looking just like I you'll you'll never get out the H1N1 this show I'm talking about your journey now right over my kids my life everything what we're fighting for just for myself my kids and my wife and my life are gonna be the same whether I'm the fucking champion of the world not just the guy sitting it maybe it's not what you mean reality a throw money is what this world's about broke that's me that's not a grasp they wrote me a little bit wrong whenever he he tried to act like everything happens for a reason and ... and that everything was already predetermined and said stone shutting up fucking game for people like us well we're doing this for like you know I'm saying you know I don't think game for me I don't think this is again I got fuckin family defeat I got kids brother looking at something I can't I have other art road and go to school and I can do other shit you what do you find for you literally fighting for your fucking lie you come on let's say you're in fuckin minimize its a fucking like all this is not the end all I do this for fun all the gonna fucking broke I don't believe in that he puts me through this journey for reasons in a plan like I was able talk like that we got back home all we're gonna sit here and act like this is not then take it was somewhere else they're arguing with him deftly motivated me you know we see you know I just think there's more to this where I think we have a chance to make no difference you went 2 debaters job you get and you know it you get after that 2525 jul you know happens if you lose again don year that that's what happens you lose 2 fights in a row well that's the way it goes mostly I was just trying to mess with them get his head a little bit the general to much and I you know I'm I'm maybe even drank a little too much but I I didn't say anything that I did the whole heartedly believe yeah but everyone that ever to that number 3 number 4 guy wrote in your bag no I'm not a flat no because but at no not guaranteed nothing so all this is for nothing it's just for what it's like it's like you said it's like the lottery I hit it big you have the opportunity out here to great things and I and I truly believe that ... I do believe that if I you believe in yourself you can accomplish whatever you want //

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