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"2017-08-27 05:22:49"
Slavoj ZIzek: Global capitalism generates moral vacuum, we need rational egotism to overcome it
\\yeah let's think seriously there so close that I think a lift most saying for a long time for a couple of decades from my youth that our prosperity peace or just a misleading Cup beyond human seed there will be crises and then with me I will moment okay now that he's sick arises that I've added votes and so on and so on I'm sorry back to no way will be booted but to be the set of the truth is it your impression that there is some globally left the beach knows what it wants I don't see these even so called creative ideas like working but it seemed they called that into Bosnia got the basic citizens income but are you aware of that this must consciously modeled by from parties the Belgian sociology says the way to to to to to to to safeguard it the leasing his Spanish East African is the only system that that only what so through thank the bicycle let's make it more just into one and so on so what they wanted to shape use her we are slowly becoming aware of how the seeker if peace to even imagine Betty other trains I lost on most beneath here and there and I was asking people all the time this simple stupid question what do you want not in detail of Cox but the lake vaguely division and they go basis very pure vague your replies like ... people shouldn't sort of mommy mommy soft surface people I said okay Hitler would have agreed with that because kids and what their set mommies controlled by Jews so we should take them from them percent of the German people and so on or whatever you know what I'm saying for me this Marley some of the left who financed through topic on the 6 bloating costs beauty I'm Josh and so on it's always a scene don't when you modernized politics no means you don't really know what you want because let's be Frank what do people want they want a martyr drastic I claimed that if you scratch the surface we had a student at the level office like when I was younger we were dreaming about socialism with a human face now even good Latics majority of the left I played dean's about simply global capitalism with a human face you know basically it's the same their scheme now and didn't even basically Fukuyama iced likely by this I mean silently liberal democratic capitalism is except that in each most basic and then it's just you know motto letdowns ... abortion gay Maddie Jeez social summit died in the early show with cat because all okay of course but the big question piece none the less the question over there system is stuck in the game how difficult it is hideously to even imagine the month deputies here a couple of months a couple of months ago a friend from China wrote me that the Chinese authorities and it's not a joke I double checked the that's a law which prohibits in Bab bleak me deok narrative media a novelist or seen them out DVD even call makes her or blocks which blocks stories which involve alternate alternate history co thinks may have been answered buying private the idea of loss as they boutique trainees huge 30 east to sublime I think DB submit that perception benefiting gains but everybody knows what it was about that leg they don't want people to even imagine a possibly different case study no I think maybe this is even a good sign for try not because people this means Vidisha danger no people are doing to do so let's prohibit the with us ... we cannot even imagine you did you notice how is my good friend Fred Jane some said a couple of times did you noticed how like for us it's much easier to imagine a mega train tonight and I scurried heating the air out of the end of your life we can imagine that but it's difficult to imagine even a slight change in copy the lease of no it's like okay end of life on earth no problem a little bit of social change impossible so what I want to address here is none the less the question that we should all come from weeks quiche the question of ideology in what ideological doing in Venice do we leave that we are in this sense blind or too big official topic okay us being here inequity in the quality we all know what is going on the gap between the rich and poor widening of new pointed toward but you know knowing is not enough you know dished wonderfully fetishist forum when a debate or be Hughes in French just IBM Michael Mann I know very well box you may optionally know something but you should spend its practical consequences you know I know it's like this this is typical for ecology today I played no we all that ... we all looked at abstractly no ecologically guys use may be but we cannot bring ourselves to really act again because we don't really believe in me which us actually know me to a game well I read this thing in our ideology so it would be I won't argue very pessimist talk with a little bit of hope idiot I would like to begin with the theme them week when people opened here knocking general distribution but probably at places like here around the garden out and Jaleco or the house didn't you should absolutely see now it had a part in the attic in it'll show in order to be in the Toronto festival and so on it's the act of killing ... Danish documentary directed by drove through our open kind met but if the film was shot in midtown Indonesia in 2007 and it's a box on a case of obscenity wheat retraced the expertise Earp the feeling it's a documentary on a guy called I'm a moderate tone golf and she's friends who are now at each respect that the politicians box in her 1966 when she got no better gene was overthrown and so comparable over maybe you know he's dead was then a must for the action against communists and generally Chinese citizens and if you speculate that that they don't to do in the house neon off alleged communist sympathizers mostly ethnic Chinese radic slot that there and the act of union is set documentary about this meta bedrooms one dang close then after that victory that is the car Derek that a blue exits went not relegated to the state this affair don't think he could you know for example I think us on race like this Neath as kind of a human and not the go to guy petite you know that if I am great every idiot can do great things like sacrificed himself even fight up to that 4 he's gone through but they expect to hear at all who do horrible things for his country to torture to kilo and so on that's the through theories but it's just remain as she could you know like trade me when he said some things that have to be done discreetly no there is no discretion fear this you guys seem pretty openly boast we'd nostalgia how they met doing Keith and describe it in detail I think I was recalled my cynical I think you're being fuel state seeing starring trains I was shocked for example demos depression product of the feeling you for the DC each a TV show one of stakes TV station in Medan in the student isn't she did a kind of a talk show in front of a large Poblet like yet reduce meta Dennis cute and a nice young woman ... more than 8 data oz's them questions about what type of a questions questions like menu Hecht's book Bartram deputies are nervous looked what approaches did you take that one guy said well you know we discovered that the most efficient way to break down the guy is that you bring chichi store model rife in Europe cut and tortured him in front of her his eyes and then he said you know it took us weeks to reach their beliefs works the most efficient way of this type of a tape and then he describes shamelessly how you have a no they didn't you bullshit the woman only if and a guy self cut on the other side of the table with wire announcer neck and now comes the U. for Keith to believe it that becomes the order hopes anything when the moderate that after the guy tells how he did it the moderator says amazing let's give Mr unlock longer around of applause before history 8 they've approached and so on and so on I mean it's kind of a ethical nightmare you know what they mean like no shame you publicly say everything more peace now even more important now comes the really bad news is that the earth the feeling actress amount that adult because relationship between fiction and fantasy mainly live with them or something which is not bad news but maybe even gives a minimal hope to us most of us are elect even the I wouldn't boot or my mind the betting corny but that is I think really this shouldn't pencil snow like the 5 minute to be ordered them to Kenya before to stake out your eyes or what they about it when I would have some minor difficulties to put it mildly so the problem is how do you bring that into DVD decent people are half decent people to do it you may portend psychoanalysis we called up a protective screen you know some it can be bought at 3 but it needs a sneeze or some symbolic identification we can evade provides so I'm busy coordinates which allows you why you are doing 20 both beings who perceive yourself in a more agreeable light here it's very interesting in that book blaming Felim bottle 40 will comfortable grip and so on they lobbied they all explained this group that when they're very young they want all the time in late fifties these feelings like you know ... demonic comfortable got you know like a big sleep and so on all of them and they said that their bread they're going to talk to him keep day you know this stuff language and broke the scenes in feel about it that they imagine themselves yes main them aerobically charm comfortable graft and so on that that's how they experienced a themselves now Earp yeah well my idea here might but I DR is that weeks should be very careful here on whom do we whom do we blame on the one side we should avoid these scare him prove undue extent that did you all you see they copy Cordy vote so it simply they integrate that the corruption of western societies on the other hand of course we should also avoid the bassist at that you know that you see how Indonesians lack the basic model sentimental whatever you want and so on and so on but they think opinion we should ask although it was a limit that phenomenon this but nonetheless it depends some big cumulative things are popping up all around sow east something like this Buffy but I gained it's fair to say without personalizing digging that detox while expect both global capitalism east to generate a kind off literally very naively in old Russian patterns morale zakhu now how is this moral vacuum structure mon Alicia keys reactionary modernists even some liberals attending class all it's clear if it's simply there it but you know ... you equities German post mortem had no needs them but in the CVP with Kevin acquire tomatoes values and so on and so on I didn't do violently disagree with this version Luke could be I DR I'm speaking now in March very but I spent on CS I DO type how does an ideology EP could but I think the least work she's up here she is up simply not an echo beach on the contrary you know usually the word of the day day and night they are doing that effectiveness it's almost like vulgar Binyamin set that capitalism is effectively a kind of but overlook that religion I don't capitalism is not the head don't but probably the least can with even sleep work spent the hours spent days or position insanity to ruin his friend Mimi Shepley mess whatever just so that capitalism calculates fat about so I shaved ren follows ecologists I don't but I think to make us feel guilty indispensable your federal needs a good piece you see only immediate pleasures no no the problem I think if what we need to fight for ecological costs is precisely model rational agrees that I mean this is I think the perversity of so called consumerism consumerism is not really what they speak it's like you you are caught in this sort of thing wouldn't psychoanalysis because super legal injunction Dewey consume blah blah which does not think the boy we got us no reflection of what is good for you of enlightened equities them so this is for me may be the best that met the far off literally to somehow excessively may be the ethical madness of our times that you know that it's very it's not only that we don't believe in equity Stein's better be only care for ourselves and so on but the train almost the most difficult thing to do today Scooby it through the national advocates no no that's not a petition is our ally because I think competition precisely the greatest enemy of a book these 9 what sense a classical because without a young like the songs rock will solve new DS you know she or both extinguish between a more defined a more proper to tie itself they got the same one the spirit at a a yeah I moved the small Beatrice you simply like yourself to bond the best for yourself but he says there's nothing bad in need because you soon established at what the school 20 weeks mostly good for the artists and so on and so on but he says that the one danger he spoke a more proper is supportive but that a book diesem weta yeah like it you perceive other Spanish obstacles but then destroying the are better means to you more than your own happiness it's like maybe we Slovenes I come from Slovenia are by nature something like that because you know when serving up have a wonderful saying a fatty some magical stupid being comes to a farmer intense scheme I will give you one cow but they work on you every gift your may but it'll cops and the seventh Ottoman says no no grief that either of the other way around key my cow but just so that you can to crouch over the neighbor you know that and I think I think it's incredible to what degree competitors on earth works ladies so let //

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