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"2017-08-25 16:43:44"
\\below I've been awhile since we did a live video here on you too figured it was about time we did one so I got a few minutes today were gonna go ahead and feed the big tanks and I take a look and kind of do a bit of an update here how is it that these adjustments earlier but ... wait for a few guys to get in here to so you guys what's different here give you guys a bit of an update on the 375 gallon without the 230 rainbow face rolls going to take a look at the 2000 gallon aquarium and see how the Asian marijuana is doing as well as the rays and of course we're going to feed everybody no I just got done filming ... Sunday's video this coming Sunday is going to show you guys what I did with the ranking says how I set it up you know the steeping procedure and what not and ... than the following Tuesday we're gonna stock the first tank in the racks I'm pretty excited for that but I had too much energy today and I got a blows him off here in the live feed how the hell are you doing for maybe 1020 minutes when I say that we would do an hour but we'll see I I really I really don't have a ton of I get a ton of energy in the right now how so hopefully we're able to out so you guys if you think the public and take you off the try hard here in a second but that how's everybody doing good parking coming to my house that Joey aids to a place in the house is that a stuffed bear wanna he had his actually right here my son put it in here and now it's showing up in a couple of videos I keep forgetting to take it out but thanks to the market you wouldn't believe how many people thought it was a real fit in an empty tank looking like a stuffed animal laying on the floor what kind of fish is that because it would be those comments can be sometimes yeah I I read I read as many as I can respond to sound bites that at times they just kind of ridiculous like that that's kind of what makes you makes you too great so the fish are hungry the problem really hungry you guys over a little closer it's 4:00 AM lifted gamer by other secrets that ecliptic gain gamer by other super chat things rather alright so for those that don't know this is a 375 gallon tank we got 120 gallon some and like I'm going to remote control the flip these on biker keep forgetting to hook it up so I'm just going to click on ... the 3 days of a 5 gallon tank under 20 down south with the long 3 feet wide 2 feet tall built a couple years ago hot and then a some 0 even practical look here in a minute just give guys a generalized update inside this is all manzanita what we got a little phallus area in the I go to second then we got some spiky moss on top essentially says like a fancy gala marks ... and then some rvers don't they collected locally holding the wood down because it's still kind of think in fact it might not be seeking right now I simply haven't checked yet but just one think you tackle go ahead no remove most the rocks or at least position and little bit more aesthetically I'm looking ... that's it all the plants and everything in here is doing really well the mosque is kind of opening optics runners on the valley guilty going off track money or sex look ... and being the rainbow fish I had lost any in the aquarium so that's a good thing there are a couple ones that are kind of skinny but you know that's to be expected when you know once you know how and they're not at the local fast pets were getting fattened up in quarantine you're taking them straight on straight from an exporter in these guys came from Bangkok but I got through my local fish store one fish 2 fish in Dartmouth kind of my local fish store in fact the closest one to me but it's our way I call it my local fixed or even like a drive in power they each way ... but we've got 200 and 30 right rainbows I will with all one species for a couple of reasons one that's simply what appeals to me is a speech it's only tank and you know you might see that a lot with my parents but I do find that rainbow face in general display better swing their traits and behavior patterns far better in their own kinds know locking someone to add a bunch of this are a bunch of that we're going to do this why did you do that no bottom line is that I like these guys and I thought that once they get to handle coloration as are one of the larger ring well tank I'm going to need them to get quite large but I'm going with red meant ... and going with all one species meant that they're going to you know behave more naturally in the aquarium as opposed to a bunch of different types that may not get along that may not display properly I am not interested in having a smash of you know ... different types of fish in the tank is simply don't do well I did that at the beginning of my hobby you're 15 years ago we're past that ... let's go and take a closer look and then we will ... go ahead the seer to get off of this and then we're gonna go and feed them now for those that are watching this right this second ... for example leave for example Joey slowdown Leslie Williams Exeter this is live right now I get a lot of comments after these live videos go up ... telling me to improve my quality or you know it's a live video from my cell phone with these too long while I'm gone is live you got to join them in this lot different what different than ... experiencing a recorded video but anyways let's go and look so these guys aren't even half grown yes right we need to give them a tremendously more amount of time to you know truly displayed their cattle coloration ... both kind of take a step back and we get a better look at them now for example this year would be a female more silver early and color more iridescence covering the entire body then we look at look at a male you see a mere much darker right in the iridescence is almost like painted on him like a strike if we look at their heads from above you can also see the males will have that only a strike going right up their forehead or the nape of their head ... simply due to the contrast is not actually a strike it's not just the contrast and colors are so different by Tom you do need females and males in the tank females aren't that pretty but they're okay I'm in person this is these guys look way better I can assure you and even though they're not even half way grown they're already selling some good potential but I do think a lot of people I I did read a lot of comments and I do like to address the sex comes but why are they so we coloration right now now like we look at the tank first can we give them 68 months to grow up I think today I got asked why are they showing their adult color racing at you guys are not adults it's pretty simple now member when I told you guys I want to keep feeding them on the side of the tank so they stay in the open that backfired on me because now they only come over here unless I come over here I want them to swim through the wood that they will come over here as I do did they don't stray far from that area because they know that like no no there's no food over there so it's kind of funny that way let's see Frank this video on my kitchen Frank because the lights and quit and I've just filming sellers know there's no room for that right now ... in the future video I mean he was just in yesterday's video ... and there's a light on that tank not reveal to sell it so and get nothing but reflections yeah these guys are doing fantastic looking good I go and feed them now ... hope probably put you guys on a tripod to do that though Hey yeah Frank's tank still have never light on it so you know in a live video I can't bear the camera can get any with good lighting angles I mean nothing but collection WC in there he's fine now he's watching me right now you know I was a little thing I so where can we feed these guys we will close their I like that you guys are just getting a basic all purpose flake food for right now it's all I had I don't have a lot of flake food here I got some coming but down until then we're just gonna wait when I got the most like we're gonna feed them I don't have any flake food or any small food they feed you know doing a self foods that big chunks of fresh food and you know sometimes if the pallets and what not but ... I haven't had a ton of tiny fish that is no reason for me to have flakes I think I'm I I have a little bit safety is the first big dog would pretend to put it in but what what if you want selfish little pace how much is evolving into first they they take a swipe at my hand up first like some of them indefinitely but that when I first put it in the law diverted to ... yeah try to nip bad think it's food or whatever but they get over that pretty quick I that big pile of fish have I was a fisherman sprinkle of if used him to school have been at thank what a fresh filet I think so the key here is when you feed your fish specially lot of smaller fish and tiny fish is what people over feet because it's fun to watch them you should feed them smaller amounts several times none of the food should be touching the bottom of the tank unless they are a bottom feeder and you know if you don't know what type of feeder your fish are what type of food to feed them you just look at the shape of their mouths so a rainbow fish for example has you know a man with that kind of forward in slightly pointing out which if they're midwater to top water fish you know and then he know the shape of the fish's mouth is typically at the pics where they're going to swim and how they're going to he ... so these guys I would imagine if I drop in the flakes they're gonna eat from the top and some might reached no quarter of the tank but they definitely shouldn't touch the bottom of the tank it breaks cuts the bottom I'm feeding too much or the sizes are too small now of course some a little bit of shelter takes that might get to the bottom but I'm definitely not that feeding too much in fact I give them a little bit more and I prefer to feed you know since I'm here all the time I prefer to feed several times a day rather than ones where although if I had a busy day coffee the ones I don't mind fasting them as well if they can go a day without eating even tiny little face that's perfectly fine let them flush of the digestive system of them build up that that hunger again and maybe you introduce a new thing like that but so every time you add the food they're not going to be as aggressive time goes slower will slow down or more especially with flake food and pallets you also want to give it a little bit of time in the offering the food because it does need a little bit time to ... saturate with the water and expand as it's in their stomachs you know you can feed them a tremendous amount you know potentially hurt their insights yeah it's kind of like ... kind of like goldfish were alive people single person that memory they can he constant legal is that's not the case goldfish actually an intelligent face now one of the most straight face in fact one of the most studied fix but they don't of the stomach they just have an intestine that keeps going so they can keep eating and eating and eating and as it comes in one ending goes at the other with these guys think you have a son you want to be careful especially would dry foods ... dehydrated foods like flake foods do they get wet going to expand imagine a piece of bread you know it's not that big they put in a little container of water next so I think that's enough I I feed them enough so that they continue to look for food you know how I don't want them to become secretary or anything like that but this is good that's fine maybe later on today are feeling again let's take a look at the 2000 gallon now and we'll go ahead and then as well at the movies and stuff of the way first guys and come with me I guess I'll say Frank if you can actually see him Frank right if I go without a camera film role but ... men I'll admit you know I love a lot of my face and Frank was an impulse buy and to be entirely honest kind of low quality flower worn but for so many people to love him I was a little bit jealous little bit upset like out of all the fish that I've shown you guys in all of the you know incredible animals that I've had on this channel you guys go in like my little flower worn I'm gonna put the decorations in there as well as a nice light in there ... in time but that for now he's doing okay thank you bill one ... this bright lights at the mall break their oral one news I switch it around mom Franco barrel buddy along fell they're all watching you you can't perform under pressure rookie alright I actually got the food for the raise everything already ... they're probably hungry guys get to look when the U. K. me okay I guess all that right quick ... for those in the United Kingdom on coming to London ... England about 15 minutes from the ... the airport there is where the meet up is I still gotta get details still collecting data and information for you guys but October 14 I will be there I'm doing the media yeah edited location will be disclosed soon I'm gonna do you ... some giveaways summer apples you know ... gonna put on a talk and there's a competition between me and somebody you know I guess are trained for I can't believe I open my mouth to this person and you know with my idea and now I'm kind of us you know kicking myself in the butt because I think I'm about to humiliate myself in front of thousands and thousands of people saw the film in it but you know I'm gonna need your support and we need your help I'm gonna put a video out on this soon but ... yeah London UK October 14 uncommon ... reason being is because when I ... I was checking my stats like last month and like 1000000 of you from the U. K. tuned in to watch me last month an absolutely was blown away by that I knew I had a huge audience there I didn't know the support was like that hadn't had a chance over the last 5 months or so to kind of like look deep into this stuff but ... like 1000000 of you watched my videos and and have always done it states for example this year I think I've gone to the states like heat times for them ... and last year was like close to 10 or something like that would have been of the state like 20 times plus and never gone to UK in UK is more popular for me than my own country Canada they definitely got to get there I definitely got to ... so my appreciation to put on a fun event and that's exactly what I'm doing so more on that in the in the weeks to come but until then ... follow me on Facebook and Instagram I tended to updates and live videos there all the time and that's what I legal lot of this information and what not but that's what that's where everybody's talking about it because I talked about on Facebook Instagram but Tom alright not to me take is looking good come to BC of love to go to PC Frank is gone now is I I literally just showed him I look for the air one there she is pretty narrow she's like in that I do notice this goes beyond the wood where she's probably going right now that's what that's a buddy used to do right through that space I see or hear that the first time I kind of got a little choked up was what would you do it don't do what he did bad enough you're in here the razor in the back there looking for food I drop food here in a second ... what do you guys think I should name the air wanted she needs a name I have a few ideas but ... when this video goes live like ... actually uploaded and you can and you can leave comments leave them there so I can read them you guys a commenting too fast for me right now to see anything but with the right back in the background so much of the current he's fine she was I think I'm sick he that the boy he sees claspers that's a that's normal they do that they do the air bubbles and everything sees belly out spotted as well as a note the black on it's ridiculous yeah are you guys already coming up with ... comments are it will her coming up names rose I like a lot of your guys names if I pick your name I will need you in the video how about that when I announce it but ... yeah when this video goes actually uploads that's when you can leave those ... names as well I'm not gonna be able to see what you guys are comedy now chat disappears alright food so these guys are getting ... some chopped up shrimp and some ... little bit scalloped and have a lot left so so a few pieces in there but see here slash couple this one over I alright who's hungry nobody it still comes in just for a few pieces sit the racer taste and that's just like out of 4 pieces I wonder if anyone will taste income over they should it's on the ground there I see the pearl behind the wood there guys up on the wall still Muslims over here how he takes it so coming out he's blow right past it swimming between 2 pieces here I am trying to tell everybody how intelligent you are like that with their own founded they're one of only 2 but I got a drop in a bunch once they'll go where they come is that a good here's new mall these guys have definitely put on size since we've been in here yes that Perot yeah trees getting did Frank Frank early today on my feet again fight fight fight still I no must know you guys are watching I want to be on camera just for a chance of looking for that other one annoyances down quarantine still alright as to the rest water and Cameron couldnt puts his ground the dish disabilities now signature on it Friday the money with me here she last night though one you for I like this detail is that what I see from my office a but there's an 8 inch drop down so you don't see her haste there's 3 of them down there but you don't see you know was a cool of you tell Hamas is really growing and see Osage what's her name I no visit the mails per colors on the pros colors a lot better now do a little one he taking pictures could this is gonna take a couple years before she colors out you know ... read their huge investment that way that's the most expensive type of these narrow wanna you know this once like 3500 plus tax but ... it's also like the biggest risk because you don't know what they're gonna look like 2 years and it takes a couple years before they show that red coloration alright I was feeding ... Johnathon how the ... 375 planted tank wasn't schedule to come on and I turned it on manually but only overrides affiliates when 15 not 2030 minutes when you override the settings Nichols back to its schedule I ... these lights are intense incredibly powerful and you don't want them on too long needed algae issues and that's kind of what I started to get my go but our guys this is grand I enjoyed myself I'm all out tuckered out realistic look at this very quickly lights on some of them running so if you look the same I put lids on it stop humidity no one humidity in here interesting fact that briefly talk about is like ... turn late on here is that inside these tanks yeah like inside these tanks ... all of the ... everything sealed with silicon so no humidity Novak rations coming out of there at all let's let's and you know you might be wondering what about yeah oxygen in the tank the water falling to some backs and all that provides it do you believe their tanks wide open wonder whether it costs so much to run them with Heaton evaporation constantly topping often wondered why the tanks are fluctuating constantly cover much especially if it's something give some cover month is that ... some can provide plenty of ... oxygen in the tank sorry guys 25 minutes his 5 minutes passed by and ... been planning but I will see you guys this coming Sunday thanks to the guys //

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