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Multidimensional Beings, Subterranean Realms, & Age Old Mysteries
\\through ... the high all right her say cheddars if you dare to look but Michael life and greens you will find indoors boxes paranormal stir just a world full of weirdness far more interest show circus the tabloid news and political and find world the shadowy puppet masters would rather you just not know about affect made obvious by even the most simple of understandings of the societal lattice work on which we are shaped and grown the making illegal of any door opening compounds the complete lack of education or cultivation of natural journeying and meditation techniques engineering a culture of ridicule and doubt in which people are discouraged from even sharing their own experiences and the secretive and compartmentalized government that stone walls any inquiry into such silliness as alien races underground worlds or multi dimensional entities well lucky for us today's guest is not bound by the powers that be or disillusioned by the smoke and mirrors are shiny distractions meant to steer us away from such areas he is the legendary Brad Steiger author or co author of over 170 books and writer of over 2000 articles on the unexplained since 1956 his newspaper column the strange world of Brad Steiger could be found in over 80 newspapers in the seventies and he's been talking on the airwaves about such weirdness longer than I've been alive hot off the heels of 4 new ebook sin is real nightmare series the Papa bear paranormal Brenda man welcome to the higher side thank you Greg delighted to be here yeah it is a real honor for me I've definitely been reading your work and hearing you on shows like coast to coast going back probably to high school about half my life so I you know to have you here on my own show bit surreal it's very cool and you had this great career writing about weird stuff but like a lot of people in this field that you checked jury that really comes from a few unexplained experiences and your youth correct yeah yeah that's correct I really had no choice growing up in our haunted house where did it had been the old page coat stopped and that kind of me practically or you know that something might be hanging on and the old timers within the area would tell me how the the James Boyd date overnight there before they went out the door failed Minnesota where the big north very old ray and all kinds of stories that went down and there good night builders that we had but I might just there and I became an insomniac being awakened so many times and we joked that there must have been a lot of their parents and yours they'll change because there's still walking around in RO yeah it is so interesting that you note that you're farmhouse was built on the site of that old stagecoach that because you know one magical practice when you want to find spirits it's common to go to a crossroads and it seems like you gotta grow up on one absolutely absolutely when I was there there we lad accord there that night dream running by where the heart the good water so far it then and places where they could need and before we titled all that and then we had the pronominal gore's when we tie all the cream of having to cherish come up in the guard rail which operates went and the heavy rain I'm talking about how so it was that I played there there and then interestingly because people alas what happened what what happened today bill that whining well interestingly we tore the house down when I was there senior in high school way back in 19 yeah delivering and there didn't matter because being pro go Scandinavian Americans we used a lot of the tank and lumber and that seemed to have brought the entity there so we still had not so much the traffic where there going through at night but the pumping and the bumping and what we kind of call shadow people now but if you're interesting to know that somehow if an area is haunted it's staying that way and you can talk about you know as they do on some of the television shows you know doing extra there's some are having electronic devices that will but really they all know me instrumental that name yours and paint no there is no human brain there you are are where where the best goes characters and in terms of my life then it seemed natural for me to begin to write about subject study that object and go deeper and deeper until pretty soon people are calling me and my crew to investigate haunted houses I'm and that's where we encountered you know why range okay anomalous and not all ghosts are their name and you know little less pay honor to Greg none of us can truly define what a ghost then now it it seemed like they that it has something to do with their survival question survival after death but you're not really our parents didn't really grandpa is it really a grand appearing or your day a multi dimensional entity that looms that harm and mac guy though that we will feel comfortable maybe not as bright and there's kind of well I'm messaging that goes on that we now I might not be aware of that returning it was just one mystery after another which is why there the new book which will probably be talking about next Halloween is there a book on goals you follow up with 9 you know they couple goes books that I've done that again big fat book done very quickly well there's no need more introspective and ask the question not only might well but they'll probably every black investigator of what you're aware there I'd also and then you make a contribution and try to answer the question of what your goals really what are they really why are they why do we need them and we have been seeing them or yeah anymore 0 year because we have the pain painting that indicates that meant that brain of our development and even Vander tall dander continent you almost lake here they are doing the same thing that clearly indicate that there is a great spirit well or gold well in addition to the individual who is doing the painting so we've been playing goes burdening it out here right and I do love those cave paintings they are so amazing and you're right these intelligences are really hard to get a handle on are they lost that humans are they something else it really is tough to know but one of the phrases that I've heard you say before that I like so much as there's no dogma in the paranormal and that kinda speaks to exactly what we're talking about it really is hard to kind of come up with one answer yeah and Cherian I coined that where they are often because in the day when we would go out do seminars practically every weekend and be gone weeks at a time ... we met many people who are they wouldn't call it Dagobah the court they would call it through believe and waiting that began to wrangle look good that and we're not the argumentative type but we then began playing well there really can be no dogma and the paranormal and I really appreciate me have you heard that you remembered that yeah it is a great line and you know what are your new E. box we decided to focus this on is alien strangers and foreign worlds and I'm curious does a lot of researchers do blend the worlds of ghosts and aliens are consider that they might have more overlap then we used to think where do you come down that idea well yeah there where I well but we'll go back at the beginning lance I know we have the other plenty of time to talk you're hired not one of those where Russian have to do so many before the commercial constant so far on your program I get that sense we can just talk right absolutely no I well writing the biography of roadkill Ballon in now and I had made the acquaintance of the gentleman who had directed his fan club when you were young boy here in that manner some years now and I had my aunt who had been in show business on Broadway who do Rudy and and I began fascinated by this particular figure and the book really caught on in a major publisher had they come out initiative and staying in there and apartment while I finished writing that in that time that I met a number of senators from various publishing house and I really had it all one fellow from award books that have you ever written anything about UFOs and I did well not really I have the extent pylon you oppose and I was 11 when they 19 order whatever sightings occur and add Linux Levin your old boy I dad at a water cooler here but it turned out there and it but the more complicated than that and we can get into that but at that time then include well how about doing a book aren't you FOR so I had just committed I'd been doing that yeah here around if you ran across that name ... he was there world famous naturalist and writer and he had begged me he was editor of a holiday that make your book on poltergeist well I had already signed that contract go with another house but I've met with this problem I thought well why not UFOs so I wrote the book on your phone and then of course it well I shouldn't record levels jumping ahead of myself are gonna say of course then I went on terror but the book we had whether moving had to have that book where book channels there had to be there as well came out at the person died time that Cheney Allen Hynek if you remember in Michigan that that you were opposed where swamp yeah well you didn't really think that any didn't mean anything like that but it was picked up by the press and that was making all they had lying when my book came out and it became you know ... it bad paperback bestseller in 2 weeks which Pygmalion almost 25 percent look Bob look like at any rate that put me on the let me in of a writer of quote unquote note at least then they are you well Popeil's that name and I've never called my broker you colleges but certainly I wouldn't notice Adler UFO experts and traveling from city to city then they're talking to contact any who had their experience and it wasn't long after that that John Teale is your premier that nah and I were talking and I said you know I feel like I'm back spirit capital I feel like I'm back you know with the meaning of because I think people are talking about meeting alien bomb outer space from another planet up what they're talking about and the message yet they're giving yes what you read here and apparently can't yeah which I had attended many you know as part of research and so I began way back then in the 60 day you know do we really have entertaining from outer space or do we have been playing in all entertaining I have a feeling a little jealous of our interest in the higher saying Hey we can dress up in space we can play where promoters bang we can keep interacting with you may think you know we're smarter now do you think that the evolution of right ... archetype and now okay gore's we have ancient astronauts where have all they believe laying there interaction took place well here again there is no dogma right so but I began to suspect then and because the personal experience are here this is one of the most astonishing of my life and I I can't remember I hear they're told that on the air before room but after the book came out I was with I had taught high school and Clinton Iowa right on the nail clipping and a friend of mine ... we're still there writers grand well the family went down we were visiting XO boards and my friend were saying congratulations on this book on you opposed and then tear terrorist staying low you oppose and then we saw honest to god you oppose swooping through the sky and they appeared to be going out toward them that let me now when I lived there every teacher I had one particular place that I would like to go I don't want but I do enjoy your target shooting and it would be down by the river no one was there it put up and let you know I hope that they appear to be any going toward the river let me follow so we went down part in that play cars are made aware and we'll call you expose the ending to the ground and then you oppose taking off again we saw them soaring to the guy they would face each other and shoot Littleton tapping it looks like electricity or lightning bolt that each other now they didn't seem to be hurting each other by but there energizing well I'd love that complete show that many anything that would come under Star Wars I mean this was you car wars 40 years I had it not and they hold little player at my friend and I were just god will I and I thought you know everything I wrote it wasn't that the book is true very near never witnessed link yes there's got to be in the paper got be every papers all town the whole myth that let me go alley down there Clinton Davenport Rock Island they all have we have witnessed is bigger than that incredible panorama of this guy not a word not a word every turning into the other you people we were the only one we're stronger and it was so profound I had never forgot I can clean and pale and that appeared back in the in the middle there is great now it took me many years and back open toe sherry and I were in Peru and any other native ... guy read I will take you to a place high in the mountains where do you work all died again to the length every night well we had to borrow we would not marry and share in the background there reminded me are part of the journey we had to be blindfolded we came to their home late and honored regret never where were you will pose leading the lake going no maneuvers and we watched it all and then sharing why did you try she mentally adult them go to the lab go to the right and bang wild birds gesture or a manner that's when I realized and don't take their end improperly or incorrectly plea Greg but that some of their what whatever you wanna call it manifestation and being more individual in other words on the show and on the mir stepping do you do layered Perot weapons around Nicholas around in there where ... aboriginal people barefooted it was too cold for us to be there order but they were carrying their apply there perhaps then you're going to take to the market for that there they would stop and look but their primary was laying there you oppose going out every night so was no big deal to them but it was no big deal to us and Iraq provided there was another link to what may be going on well yeah that is a great story and I definitely agree with you there's a psychological component to these things for sure another fascinating thing that people should probably knows that your wife sherry also an author you worked closely with Dr J. Allen Hynek one of the people who of course is the official scientific adviser for the US air force's study and you are close yeah I guess she also served as his publicist or his nonprofit you up a research organization and in accepting the point that he died and that's pretty amazing that puts her pretty close to the inner circle I'm sure she's got a lot of insight from that proximity would you say well you're in danger your trailer but one that there made it happen that era hi Nick had that little cameo and and close encounters of the third kind well how at a public hearing that the problem sure how very cool and you being 11 years old during Roswell and all the weirdness of 1947 that's just so crazy to me you had to think that maybe our understanding or public acceptance would be somewhere different than it is right now and how has that your Jack jury involved to you is that what you might have expected you think we've had disclosure by this one your life well yes right near I like I had when I'm 11 years old and maybe people are making their report and my reaction was Yang they're here they're here they're landing we're going to make contact yeah but I have to add lumping because you know where they end do you recall of that I discovered a parable bar actor did in which I got and they pound doctor the village proctor my uncle and my father decided to make a run 2 surgeon and the morning yeah but there were no superhighway grand but they thought you might be able to I should say a word dying at work but they're there but the word what records that I was on the way well I had a near death experience there and yes we after the gig your whole hiding of which I was so exciting exactly well I don't think we came together well I was out of their body now interestingly again sharing this with you I didn't mean to collaborate tunnel I didn't mean you there quietly angels what I call whether geometric design that somehow both to me I would say you know birds I don't want I don't want to die and then the deadlines appeared which are understood you know don't worry if you do the world will go on a boat I did I realize that I was not integral to the earth survival but then I would ask questions that where the meaning of life and you're clear purpose like yes there are planned to like yeah paracord and every one do you signs would share and shape I can clean them today right now I'm talking to you and somehow they oh well I could understand I had never mean anything like that and tell sherry while doing their laminar on healing and so you had chosen to you variable geometric they're lying he had been guided do you mean particular geometric design and that one I was all they're designed many of them that I saw during my near death experience and people claim during their healing lessons will be able to hear again some claim to have that deer so whatever there intelligence is that communicate with geometric assembled under crying well yeah incredibly horrible and maybe what guy glared tire universe I'm yeah I right there with you with the geometric shapes then and can you give us any more detail about the meaning of life according to the shapes you know they're they're strange thing here I came back with what I knew well they're completely program or they continued in ... but I can't articulate when it was like I know I know when I came back at 11 and and it was a Roman Catholic hospital and but no underwear around my bed that night that like that you have then jump right now Helen Helen and I tried to tell them not in my room there was a little girl who was dying your parents were course borrowing green and then not that and here I am because we were there you saw we put all the others will die and I was glad that I don't remember now but I spoke to the couple that screening couple telling them where their daughter would be going and what will be taking place then it is that you're bringing which ways and now that it was a moment of happiness for their daughter because she was born with it weather situation that we're gonna ... tormented her all of her life I it would been a lifetime of pain and suffering for so I you know what it was strange because I'm 11 years old and here I am like a proper speaking to the grieving couple now aspired meaning of life I think we all know and we can all have their moment I I would not presume where to lecture someone on what's going to happen and so forth I hope I tried to do that in my book sharing I tried to do it in our book to give indication that and we're having you know we're having now and like our most recent book we're having top scientists Bernard scientists there and then with the Pentagon now retired and they're sharing with work when they're sharing their condo that because they have read everyone of my books one of our books and they recognize the truth of what we're saying amber getting arms is wonderful wonderful what I interpret mine too recognize the true of other world other conscious that other reality and other means intelligent being yeah becoming Mar it writing every day and now that I will be able to pick up a month I hope I'm I look upon all the things and it will it was so bad they look like I wouldn't 11 only yesterday and now that many decorating that many books that many lectures but that many sharing and I recognize again being your circle of life that we are all walking that we are all striving and again that we are given whether we recognize them at the time I made my father picked up there bad beard grow shattered boy it'll feel my sister going there returns seeing she was driving the tractor and she will eyeing and my fault I think she was only 7 years old but I there that you could drive a tractor and I'll do that as well I spell and roots run over by horrible energy green there really it may appear but ... I survived that and I realized then certainly I had a purpose and with the near death experience that was underlined for me what I I don't mean now in some of my better arguably that it was that I had been I looked around until that time but after my dear yeah but experience I left Lutheran church well I'm not I wouldn't have had oh I didn't have any idea and back I had been groomed to everyone in the little village lot are going to be a mentor there from the time I was about 8 years old well I would even more read below that I would become a minister because I could tell my congregation there really is life after death there really is something beyond that they'll look peers which we presently inhabit but it was when there I began to progress we get we get research and sharing it was on the staff of the Lutheran school of theology in Chicago ... we certain they have our spiritual base you're stronger than ever and we recognize that the teachings of all of our avatars have value and we okay dead kind of along with the rest of America and I and I say there's not been any judgment just as a matter of fact that church attendance is dropping and and all the variables that are shaking their Christianity I'm but dear Chilwell appear to believe and spirit and spiritual strength this growing stronger and stronger with every generation right and I think soon we will reach that point where we recognize that we can can you indicate directly where the but never let me entertain that are concerned about it and protect your absolutely I think you're spot on there because the people I just think have been disillusioned by the religious authorities but yeah instead of rejecting everything they have these personal experiences like you fat and you just realize well I can't throw everything out you know maybe I don't wanna listen to these guys at the top of the pyramid asking for money but that doesn't mean there's nothing going on after I die and then I'm sure being run over by a tractor is not buying but it's hard to put a price on a peek behind the curtain especially in that crazy year 1947 yeah that was a very very clear looking back at it just seems like one of the craziest years ever yet admiral Byrd you got Roswell you had this personal pain yourself it's done a real paranormal and strange stuff cornucopia that year court cornucopia it look very well and another great example of just how long you been in the game is the Shaver mystery one of my favorite stories but Richard Shaver of course is the guy who claimed to discover the subterranean human like read it's called the 0 they claim to be a slave race that now inhabits the underground cities of their anciently Marion overlords his just great stuff but the story comes from Richard Shaver sending his story to ray Palmer was the editor of Amazing tales and you've actually sat down with ray Palmer in person before he died in the seventies and talk to him at great length about the Shaver side it seems right yeah what a great guy very well I mean what a great guy and you know the first thing I I don't know you would know that but well you will a little person yeah I mean it could have been a Viking tall and so cores we originated pate bag green before curtain very polar took over and he was writing that list paying that science fiction magazine so and he was well Mister remaining story but he was also Mr you up all the credit card and when I can you know again I couldn't help but didn't say anything but they're just kind of my eyes widened and he laughed that car headed Larry had alright let no I know you've heard it enough yeah people say well you came and applying software you're now but of course we had rental here wire line working where the best during that so many of us have perpetuated he really was you weren't a little person and you were good giant it was really a giant and and such are ... armored and gentle man loving man at any rate I had actually gone over your visit here because of the rain you mentioned that McCartney now that the hollow earth where they and arctica connection that we had there great explorer who have all the good it did about me of yeah here research going over Antarctica and seeing this opening no I wondered if buying more about that nuclear situation but what we got injured then of course with the Shaver mystery because I just could not resist talking about it now ray actually that that he had gone through savers home and one night then you had heard when he was convinced what the voice the voice coming off from there subterranean world their pay and have it but I think you know I can't help lying how there is heart of our literature part of our mythology the hollow earth because if we look at the hand there's and we look at the many of the eastern religions and some of the area we look at the Roman they did lean and our world indicating right do you wear end that were survivors goes down Atlanta right last year now we're not saying it was lit lamp but it was a world that had been destroyer and then others record near as the home of the gods now it but I should mention that green or book were put together kind of as a Halloween surprise order me bye bye publisher and buy some of this that awesome it I had like the order might well I wouldn't put the chapter of the hollow earth I hating Megan or ancient green because I I guess I just like we do things there and out by order of things which are you know we all think we're the best one sure but I think we need to know that there is nothing new or our street the so but I mean that there are god now in the Hindu Buddhist tradition recalled on that now god and we have the Barbara Berra we have the rom and Jana and all of those words that that talk about the marvelous creatures at both magical and they're lying there that lived there and could you indicate whether they they're mentally or from time to time they walk among us so Richard chamber where he began to claim this particular experience what I have and need I'm not saying copied the idea but certainly we could debate inspired in there on one level of consciousness or another by this group of knowledge by their data there's racial memory that we have because even though you might say well I'm not in there and I didn't grow up in India I believe you know that we till we have that interest me me cabinet claims and whether or where that or not that's why we might go to a movie and you didn't watch it and it might be about a foreign country and we say this is really our main returning I actually like I lived there was some people saying I had at hand light their odds is that I'm but then other people that don't matter past life that maybe we're greeny are a group mind ... Wheeler buyer upon that buyer creek and we've got like a you know loudly needs out there not all that much better lying now and very nice that they're just astonishing that being the group mind against various lock it just the main how they were being quiet there will be not moving and all that the other might get let me take all your all one as one mind there's one burgers one pair of going and we can't really say we are you know we have so many of their land jeans were there of all the various creatures are Mercer some of them are and some of them left right and we don't know we can't break in there again there is no dogma we can't say how much of this is just group mind maybe win when we dream at night I'm sure we've all grant being enough for country you're speaking a foreign language and some people wake up in the end there's a residue of that they're still speaking bellhops worn down we probably recognize that and their children when they wake up sometimes at their they are speaking out important town and so their only awake well you know we laugh and say well that was a little babble but wasn't really are you know you could Abed relating week no dog but it could have been reliving a past life or he could be tuning into well someone of their own age when you're all alone and like and don't like his own passion and orders even when a spider look years though it might mean more to you and clear to him then then it will be when he gets older maybe will they need that well again the group mind with Richard chamberlain and that I was taken below but I knew that are detrimental robot then and we have the terror on the barrel and you know there's a connection with that land and the weekend a band that narrow who you know are are doing terrible things dealers we don't always know it this could have been just a combination ... past life memory but given our new lying through here's your partner our greatest tool as human I know you will agree yeah yeah are a bad your name wrong and we must learn to control that one of her children because we can't say when our mothers there's why are you late we can't play well in elephant nearly ran over me now we can't go that far but we do learn that our imagination can be used to create music there are power during and and even book about UFOs right I went yeah and so much of this and I think we really should pay a lot more attention to the clues we get from people at the beginning of their life with some of these kids you have right memories of past lives or whatever you want to call them they have some strange clues to something and then the people at the end of their life we also don't spend a whole lot of time talking to them because in some cases people do get insights or some kind of like knowledge downloads right in those weeks before they pass where they feel a lot more comfortable with that and there's probably a lot there to get insight from but there you also you mentioned admiral Byrd in the Antarctic up all that might be there to the earth that's another element of your long life I mean with all the technological advancements from the 19 forties to 2017 we still don't know a whole lot about that huge land mass that if we do it's all under the radar literally talk about us going there but it's a huge place our our do you and your tablet Greg that Antarctica is going to provide a lot of answers do a lot of classic there and I read area French novel years and years ago that dealt with an article and like in Atlanta that you try world that Dan was delighted when they ... makers sharp moment for 2 there Lester right the wrong time or whatever and it was covered with ice during the I think could be well I think that they both returned I any Robert up a lot of mysteries that so many of them and do it airplane cleo will be revealed when we blow our inner evil to explore Antarctica and some areas of the arctic now with me climate change helping and and belting out the IT I think that all I I don't want people to be blood especially you know those people I don't want to learn the lesson that you shouldn't be building you know right on their land pick because of the Pacific coast now well I don't want anyone suffering I truly don't know no you don't and and who does right but there's part of me in that let me know how long I Malcolm now because I think we're going to have a revelation they're that for many people the I just almost there are 10:00 I mean they just got a big knock on their heels playing all my got rid of their Israel does water banned all along perhaps my home is perhaps where and you know every week you're saying we're coming up with a new tattoo that millions of years old and you're definitely if not almost rapier definitely harmony it is not guerrilla it no animal that we know we didn't get that many any quote unquote Newman to work finding what Trent that's what parents and green that we're just bombed a couple weeks ago that indicate learners Austar argument all over again where did our needs the beau from Mohammed then you almost right here what we're Africa as we believe now permitting years backing or Eastern Europe we're finding more and more where they they're not live on again that pain well I mean to have then the nearly 3 meaning that was interbreeding with both homo sapiens and Neanderthals now years ago their their grain debate no no no and recall hopeless they appear they ain't never interact I mean never completely because they had it all after all was nothing more than any well we're now that that isn't true that they had a religion that they had no bullying degrading and no another world ordinary you know not another world that it leads to the lean and survival are something within them we created by the grains and so forth they didn't let the body rot they had that ritual they had Karamanids so those permitted beings that now we have to recognize them as being truly in the line up almost 8 here and they did interbreed well now there Dennis over here that we found Liberia it appears that they've been inter breeding where both they and their call then almost great beer and all the other hominid it between who does or does but this is happening we cannot blame and they appeared when I was in college that man involved there are certain time and Neanderthal work well records I had going to a Christian college and I did we were taught in Bible class that even being a body that had been founders Gallagher that had been found the earth was only of course by that 0 years old and means we're just people who had lived there back problems they were crippled by back problems they were not as being the they were not human well now of course that is maybe they'll cherished it retained by fire portion of our population but no where near that people are willing to accept that we have been here much longer that way I think and my book world of our own ... which you know came out before any of the other books down on that particular subject I have always been a favorite of mine because again writing yeah.while wearing a just lasting they Iraq me object that had been found where link chair don't belong where according to convention no history conventional archaeology couldn't have existed at that time and we're finding more and more it would be neat of body that indicate we've been here a long car I'm yes it definitely seems like the past is more like a super humanoids even things as small as pygmies up to giants it just seems like there's been quite a few life forms than they seem probably I would assume as intelligent as humans just deference you don't know and again the great interbreeding we kind of chuckle you know well I'm your blood so and so I don't know there's no human walking up there there okay okay yeah penny playing other than human I mean that your blood and so forth we see that the eastern invasion but wasn't there danger but wear green better go bond and other Harman Eyres we're discovering you can moving horribly Europe you can then Scandinavia and then moving down so that's when they're good date younger changing a very inter breeding just was raring accelerate and we're going to find more and more you know that well who are we applet speaking to army really that is that there's been all my life and again there that area of the mind the body and our spirit that has passed many and sharing we think you know so often that you know it when it comes to now there we go back to our early childhood and do you that we always believed that something in spite of what everyone else around that might be playing and you learn of course through and sometimes you keep your mouth closed but basically you're learn hopefully as writers you learned that that you put your I reticle I do year round on paper in a manner that people can at least read them and consider them they don't have to accept them but it me and ordered them yeah and in terms of interbreeding one of my favorite comparisons to get in the weird and the pool is Grays and fairies you know because a lot of the old series they can amass except for the cultural overlay of sci fi versus fantasy right there functionally the same story they check a lot of the same boxes and it's just very weird and the interpreting angle is interesting because maybe beans used to be very diverse Hindu and Buddhist traditions talk about that now I got as an ancient semi divine reptilian race that many elite families over their claim to have in their ancestry and it's not just in the east of course the war of Alexander the great said he was the product of his mother Olympia us mating with the serpent god and write the rumors still swirl about the wealth family in reptilian origin so maybe there's some real story there well there is certainly something there that we should respect at any rate your bow and we should never would bring here they think they're all that bunker ideas can handle that take a moment and and you can handle it if you take a moment to look at and let me check printing okay saying how you can and let them into your own world if you have recurring to recognize that you ain't always rank and man and of course you mean someone who compiles these strange stories and it's been getting reports for decades have you gotten any reports and modern times are heard recent stories that involved openings to the entertainer beings that live underground well I yeah I I really don't very turned their guns guards but that's really a problem Greg because I'll get it gari from maybe ... 3 or 4 people ... better group going clear carrier the exploring it and they claim to hear where your music and that Claire you're here machine now I I read their stories were buried under and sometimes that I'll leave then quote them and there's the possibility on one of the book which I have done but again I I do presented as are a lot of people make up then or the attention wait we can't deny that and some of their ideas present story you may have meaner to some ranchers are selling their Randall they because they claim that any answer coming and and molesting though I heating up there well Bernard now this is where you know I this type of thing way back in 19 there when I decided to you know expand we're not let both names then my writing and my thought do include you know that there could be sampling not separate there could be an extension of the type of letter supernatural being connected to that we're pulling 10 our problems with the years but the idea of news individuals actually having any dieting still maintaining it as we read now and you brought up lager yeah been person answering that green and detainees are there to bring it up use chambers tire where they have machine rating that they cannot you drop on novels or they can affect dismantling Macomber Jack means variables that are you vital to nest up our lives that began according to your and then the player aspect there's just been so much at risk so so the couple then ... I mean I've read their story we're trying to sell the farm now or their ranch yeah if they think they're so bring you were at all but the bed on either what made maybe that their plan but their story and pictures lo wai odor and low end and again why would we have independent from another will come down and deduct ranchers I mean there that they've got to be on the White House lawn they've got their green making appeal to our our like world leaders not beating up on ranches well I'm a little older brings you know it track record go back centuries then you're aware of that I'm I mean there've always been they all liars you feel that they're being attacked but they have to here in particular Tom and we had vampires we have where will we have all those creatures at our disposal and we use them whenever we feel no other explanation it has to be the devil or made under I'm well said and as we're kind of getting close to the end the line here since it is the Halloween season I want to ask you if you could maybe hit us with the story that you find out almost creepy maybe something that's gonna keep people up tonight oh well well okay I'm a personal story sure well I had because of that right there by haunting experience that the child there's no young person was that they might share their hair covered near goes but you know they don't really hurt you or they can't really hurt you or they don't yeah I had developed that area repaired 0 haunted that somehow haunted basically where are impressed on the atmosphere now perhaps some person there's dying there a painful death then returned to his bedroom in that bedroom then retains some of those vibrations are retained somehow on the way there Hillman's impressed by radiation somehow there's a ringing center research or radiation and that had really inclined a large number of the haunted we investigated as a teen and their lives one home that we were invited to that really had kind of a reputation blood work flow on the walls of the basement and heading here creatures I don't mean creatures but human to human creatures Memorial Day and and under particular in I was in the bank and the laws that in the basement where the hideous apparitions worker and I was with you know wonderful and breeding and like it I read you or you may have heard of years passed our sins among longer whether it's years picking up impressions that I was there recording them and then buying less close air my friend always right where they were the former green beret always felt comfortable having in their and he said you know there's darkly trying to close or what I had there it's great to go over the reps that meant that the bank but but it kept trying to clone trying to close our you know when I ring dinners had enough progress in sheet out from that called the we went up there and I said alright the Blankety blank then want there there are a lot ... close close the door and locked it which my friend there we went upstairs we hadn't been there long and we heard the door completely Maggie yes ripped off their hinges then we heard like gold ball coming up there like King Kong you're coming out and then we were all all the girls were lifted into the air and then drop now I realize there and make dogma about goes you there that their particular entertaining and intelligent could be offended I would be anger and good to me revenge ... or those who venture or non Halloween and you think you're here now or a bomb that you haven't heard before and you're wondering what it made me probably best not to curse that are installed but you may need to have an attitude of I'm welcome more okay you have your world I have mine and we later did yeah yeah it is a creepy strange scary wonderful beautiful world out there yeah then well this is just been so much fun I wanted before we go do remind people about the wide range the wide plethora of stock you got out there and where they can go to get it well the best player record there is there and their lan or Barnes and noble ... wunderbar marvelously mail order restored through them now hopefully it then your local bookstore but if not then the plate you get the book we at pregnant they're not have a website you care problem Terry and I like to think that we're love then universally revered but someone didn't think so and and there Tokyo website down and there somehow managed to destroy it so she's working on a new one and that will be up soon but we have nothing now regretfully but you can also contact where we like to hear from people directly I had to Brad and sherry and dates me are are why type your employee I. genie are I had to and there we where everyone a very low key and saying hello and Eric all well you are a legend in the field my man I'm so glad we could do this it's really interesting just that your your thoughts and reflections on a long career and a deep interest then this weird rabbit hole and I just loved it thanks again and take care yourself out there well I enjoyed might go it was a pleasure to be with your dragon take care sure then thanks so much okay as polkas and Hallelujah people I hope you enjoyed that ride like I said Brad Steiger is just a guy I've been familiar with in the scene for a long long time and I do occasionally cigar guests that are sort of fanboy fodder from my youth guilty the problem is that a lot of the time these older guys are really stuck in their ways with a particular perspective you see it all the time and so I'm gonna reminiscent re examine some of the conspiratorial glory days rat is the perfect dude for that because I love his no dogma approach I also think we gloss over the value of a life that she's been around for 80 plus years sometimes also I know that some people probably aren't a fan of the classic landline phone call quality but for years and years that's all we had and today that's what we get you know my original plan was just to run through the stories and his collections but we could really do that with a lot of gas and not everybody was around in 1947 not everybody sat down with ray Palmer personally and not everybody married an assistant of J. Allen Hynek so I switched gears and really just ask him more high graphical anecdotal questions for the general conspiratorial mint archive because to have seen Roswell and the first reality show president or just fill in the blank with any recent aspect of life and I just think man you know that get in when the events of 1947 are some of your earliest memories come of age in the sixties stick around to see the internet 911 just get a whiff of the collapse and then get out before everything falls apart that is how you pick a lifetime people I think about that it's hard to know if I picked it right yet because yeah I cause myself just enough personal hell of the decade of grueling retail at paycheck to nerve wracking paycheck wages and then found podcasting just as it was really becoming feasible but we'll have to see how the next few decades unfold maybe someone will be interviewing me at 80 because they can't believe I actually remember a time when phones were still attached the wall but also lived long enough to see the majority of humanity make the transition to cyber war we just don't know and another thing is I never ever really go for these shows on ghosts and a classic scary paranormal sort of sense I just think too many shitty ghost hunter shows ruin that for me I also think they interpret the experiences through just an overly simplified lands these are not all lost or tortured souls of dead people either way though I thought it was a fun show overall maybe not super Halloween themed began that an earth we got into those underground rounds you know I love that and of course I don't always planned episodes out to line up with conventional holidays but sometimes it happens earlier in the year I just happen to do an interview with Freddie Silva on the lost art of resurrection just as Easter was coming around that's linked up pretty nicely on its own and then you have situations like 911 where this year I just happen to put out the lawn Strickler show about the Chicago our men sightings on 911 and I got a decent amount of heat for putting out something like that on such an important day but you know I a jury what on in the middle of the year so what are you gonna do do you really need to be reminded of 911 every year Halloween just happens to be one of those holidays where it does don on me to try to do something somewhat scary as we're coming up to it last year we had David Matthiessen on to really talk about his work on the stars but also we dedicated a portion of the show to ghosts at west point where he went and the focus went a different direction today but I really like that we got into ghosts out of body experience communication with geometric shapes in the astral planes and UFOs just in the first 20 minutes but I did mention at the end of the last episode with Peter mark Adams great show that I had a hollowing story d'italia and it's not really my story it was told me by a friend about a girl who is in one of the younger grades in my high school or one of my high school is the one that kicked me out Saint Pius the tenth and Festus Missouri anyway so this girl was doing the classic baby sitting then she was a house watching 2 kids around 2 and 4 years of age and as the night went on the kids were put to bed and she was sitting on the bed of the parents room just watching TV killing time and she sees this weird life size clown mannequin doll fan in the corner of the room is just eerie right it's not her house she's alone at night so it keeps drawing her attention she keeps looking at it and eventually she swears that blinks and so now she's really weird out and she wants to put like a blanket over it or move it into the closet we also don't want to damage something that might be a family heirloom or just important to the family in some regard so she called my mom and she just says Hey everything's fine but I'm just a little freaked out by that clown stats you have in the room could I maybe should move better put something over it perhaps and mom says close the door get the kids out of the house and call the police because we have nothing that fits that description in our room or in our house or anywhere so this is where we start to get the chills right but the girl does just that she quickly shuts the bedroom door with the clown doll inside she grabs the kids and she gets out of the house and when the police arrive they go when and the clown is gone but the window was open and they find a guy dressed as a clown running through the woods and he says please don't arrest me I wasn't gonna hurt anybody I just like to watch and so this was an adult man dressed as a clown sitting in the corner of a room just staring lifeless way at this baby sitter for who knows how long Toulon that's for sure and the icing on the cake is that the older kid that she was watching had actually been telling his parents about his new clown friend that he met recently and I just thought it was his imagination or something but that's the story people one of the creepiest stories I know so enjoy the rest of the day I also remember that the higher side chats and tin foil hat are doing another night of conspiratorial comedy and podcasting also people been asking me if they can sign up for T. H. C. plus through patriotic and I have been hard but now you can I'm always gonna urge people to sign up through my system first because there's always the chance that one day pager on will say we don't like what you're covering so we can have you on our platform but I know it's a popular system and it is pretty clean and simple so I get why people like it and the higher side shots plus is now on patriarch you get the full archive there as well everything you get traditionally you will have to email me for a foreign law again but that's a small then so sign up if you're into the patriarch system already we got $26 coming in monthly so far so big deal this page and then also I'm putting out a call to see if the higher side chats has any listeners out there that are skilled in animation I'm not looking for free work I know animation is tedious and generally pretty expensive but I'm hoping maybe we can work out a little bit better of a deal than just hiring some random freelancer but I'd like to get some highlight clips animated to promote the full length episodes maybe just take some of the best stories or responses like 5 minutes or 10 minutes animate them and thrown out on you tube I think that would be pretty awesome there's some pretty epic things talked about and people would be drawn multi dimensional entities UFOs the damn aired himself all kinds of crazy stuff I just thing and be a good fun project you see a lot of podcast doing this now but it's always just animated clips of the host and guest sitting by the microphones and that's not what we're looking for just an idea but I thought I put out the call to the audience if there's someone out there just email me the higher side chats edgy mailed out and really if you think you have any skill that might work for some type of collaboration get at me I'm thinking of redoing the intro theme song but I just don't know exactly what to do I kind of want to do it yearly every year would be a different one and that would kind of be a subtle reminder to how old a particular episode is just some I'm kicking around but I also thought it instead of having to dedicate so much time to that project in like the musical direction and helping someone create something that I like and they like that I think it's for the show I think it be kinda cool if artists just took it upon themselves to cover the T. H. C. enter a song just use the same lyrics and make your own version that could be kinda cool to play a different one all the time with the word stay the same I'm just kind of rambling now but you know if you want the higher side chats plus and you can't afford it I do have the T. C. St TM you could just post new episodes on forums or wherever in exchange for plus I'd also love to see higher side means out there were people taking quotes in the shower and slapping them on a picture that's relevant if you want to work out a deal to do that instead of paper plus I'm open I do feel like we're at a point where we need to throw a little more gas on the higher side fire which is really my job not yours but if you can help and are willing I don't ask this kind of thing often it's my show it's my business and I try to take care of everything myself but a little push would be nice the more we grow the better guest I can bring on for you that's kind of the reason I'm doing this is there some areas where I can't get these gas forget the money some of these researchers just don't know about T. H. the or they think the name is silly that happens they are familiar with coast to coast do they know Jimmy church and they just don't see the need to do other interviews we got to change that perception and some cases so tell your favorite researchers this is where they will have the best showing because it's true no commercial breaks very lengthy I let my guest talk nobody at its like we had it nobody sets a guy up with an intro like we set him up it's in their best interest so let's make them an offer they can't refuse right is not the way it's done anyway as with every episode there's an extra hour today for paid subscribers of plus and with Brad in this episode we got into ancient megaliths an ancient aliens also how suspiciously popular that program is at least that was my point I was trying to make that it seems like a vehicle for indoctrination more than anything I used to love it but because it's now dominated history channel and that's really broadcast to its fullest extent it becomes a chicken and the egg thing did they really just play it more often because it did sort of go viral incense and money is money so screw it or is it a world view that they want us to have after that show with Chris Knowles and all the talk about the Babylonian cult behind the curtain I feel more suspicious of it than I used to it's all about Samarian stuff and Zacharias legends interpretation I'm not sure even if I love the idea of genetically created humans buyer space brother visitors you gotta look at these things anyway we also talked about Brad's thoughts on the Nazis to bat and those in earth stories how the hollow earth and channeling actually affected World War 2 we got into Brad's Fran the son of an American Nazi ex Pat and his alien contacts that's the kind of anecdote you know I'm looking for talking to a guy who's in his eighties and what else we also let Brad reflect on the common themes among the reports he's gotten over the decades and we talked about why the polarization and divisiveness of our age is more worrisome to Brad than previous decades why the flavor is a little bit different so I was always good times all around join the club and get more of the show you love so much the higher side chats or search for us on patron on think October's been a pretty solid month we had all a demagogue are talking about the Vegas shooting Susan Clark talk about 5 G. Chris Knowles and Peter mark Adams 2 of my favorite shows in a long time I hope you're happy and I'm getting out here your move alien invaders underground entities clown doll men and trapezoids of the astral plane your news WNED I in this time so from this no Louis V. those strangers Z. 9 sauce sheets or not I could he NDA love home N. saw Megan is calm all com do anything wrong Hans let me small we we I hadn mind the let's then all long all Khan we so this want to then have since //
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Peter Mark Adams | Game of Saturn: The Sola-Busca Tarot, Bloodlines, & The Demiurge Deal
\\through it ... all right hire such matters it's no secret that the conspiratorial crowd has made many claims about the capstone to ball on the ruling elite class of past and present claims that range from a fascination with the call art secure in power through magic in making dark pacts with demonic multi dimensional entities to selective breeding carefully preserving bloodlines and even that the psychopathic power players have some type of reptilian origin that might make them only half human and as we know it's very hard to find the smoking gun for these sorts of claims and we're left with the analysis of small bread crumbs strange symbolism and the occasional promotion of ideas and motifs that seemed completely foreign to anything we would recognize in the mainstream well folks it seems like a fifteenth century relic known as the soul of British guitar rock she has broken free of its carefully maintained chain of custody behind the curtain as an aristocrat class magical heirloom defined itself on display to malign museum in modern times and wouldn't you know it contains aspects of nearly all of those ... so strange conspiratorial claims lucky for us though the royal worldview is carefully kept close to the chest and putting such a relic in its proper context seems like a monumental task today's guest Peter mark Adams the brilliant oesa Terrick scholar Tero expert professional energy worker an occult symbol decoder that seriously dedicated himself to unpacking this deeply esoteric artifact fully drenched in the demiurge and it's released his analysis and conclusions in an epic and beautiful book titled the game of Saturn it's one of the most impressive pieces of work that I've seen in some time the implications are Damir unbelievable and I can't wait to get down to it serious honor and a pleasure a master of his craft Peter mark Adams welcome the higher side I degrade lovely to talk to you yeah man I am so happy to have you here scarlet imprint always seems to work with amazing authors and I'm really impressed with this book someone that yeah I is something I don't think I could put together if my life depended on it you know it's a really cute us do you thank you so much and you know to kick this off we really have to break this down for people but we're talking about an elaborately illustrated and decorated deck of cards that Matt structure of a class pterodactyl thing back to the Tallien run I guess is the oldest known deck of its type in existence but you call it a to Roache because outside of that same basic structure it doesn't really have much else in common with traditional terra was that right that's right there's about 3 cards in the deck that have split kind of passing similarity to the car's you'd expect see amongst the trumps in a Martin deck but apart from that everything else is obsolete I'm and it was that fact actually which really got me turned down to the task of trying to figure out why they got to such extraordinary cost investment of time the U. Solvay Renee sounds bar stir and graver and yet the thing didn't make any sense so this somehow to be something going on here which I I couldn't figure out and that really led me on down the rabbit hole to be honest I I started to disappear from day to day live because I got engrossed in this thing in there yeah and eventually I was working like 16 that as the day Los 7 days a week it took me about 3 years to break into the decks have early coded multilayered symbolism I'm at so provocative and the artwork on the cards they depict everything from fairly innocent looking figures to decapitation and holding babies over fire pits yeah but I guess what about the artwork is so special not only from a content perspective but a historical one as well yeah I mean this is the first it's the earliest complete tarot deck that exists that's one thing secondly it's being done by this renaissance master engraver so the the quality is absolutely superb and those 2 factors alone set the deck apart from pretty well everything else a third factor though it has no Krystian imagery of symbolism in it whatsoever I'm and that is that is really exceptional lobbying I can't think of another tarot deck in existence that doesn't exclude certain aspects of the Christie in theology right I found that strange as well because I'm a little bit familiar with the tarot and there's always that final judgment card at least we have is a very Christian thing that said Tara knows nothing like that in this deck out again that was another of the factors that drove me to trying to figure out what the heck is going on with this thing I'm this is another factor as well Greg which is really strange this deck despite being up basta piece of renaissance art has no provenance whatsoever I liked provenance is everything in the ark game where did it come from where did it originate who is who's hands doesn't mean that it does this is a deck of cards that survived in tact the 500 years and nobody knows where it's being poor at least 300 of those she so there's a lot of mysteries there's a lot of luck boxes and it's like a wet dream for the esoteric research you know absolutely I I I clung claimed to have cracked the whole thing I I think I got most of the trumpet court cards decoded but there is a substantial number of suit cards that still require work this morning I come always and so you know the main purpose of a typical Tero is Devin nation but is there an indication that that is not the same purpose here or is this just a different form of definition I think people have always used different things around them for divinity purposes you know whether it's coffee grounds all over but the original decks were created for gaming that's where they eat the tarot came from but of course because of the imagery because of its symbolic nature it lends itself 2 other uses specifically to divination I think that's if I'm going to like jump to the core of the thing that what we're faced with here is something like an elite grimoire all surgical draconian magic I'm okay if I just like some of the and part of my research and the question therefore is where did it come from how was it used and what was the intent of the designer it putting this thing together because it illuminates an aspect of the mug conspiracy well this this notion of a cult of Saturn yeah it illuminates the origins of this thing which before now is being very nebulous right and it is such a amazing piece of history an amazing artifact for that reason and I guess I would also ask you because you're not the first person to look at this deck what can you tell us about some of the theories about the deck and why it was created before you came along the things that you just mess well the obvious thing is that you know 9 of the trump cards depict figures connected with Roman Republican history so it's easy to dismiss the whole day as an educational day what's that's an explanation that just doesn't stand up how about the other you know trump cards how about all the court cards and the you know sue cart so you know the obvious explanation is too fast style to suggests that it's an educational deck also doesn't take account of the homo erotic elements in its imagery you know it's a Cristian stance and the fact that the trump cards that appear to name Roman figures have been spelt in such a way but you cannot immediately identify any particular person okay the Romans had a thing called the gens it was like a family name and because the Robert no leaks was governed by a very small number of families for a period of like 500 years that Jan's doesn't give you any indication of of which member of the family within the last 500 years you know who it could please I'm so again it doesn't actually fulfilling educational purpose on that score either the other explanation is that it's another wedding present to the Congress sumptuous wedding present like the Visconti Sforza deck but again the homo erotic imagery the baby getting cooked over the fire scenes of in Malaysia and I'm decapitation that that would be some wedding present right right here as good as that you wouldn't be invited back yeah true so they're the main lines that are being tempted to explain the imagery in this deck and they don't really work so there has to be a deep game going on another foundational thing that we should probably discuss with people are discussed for people is that there's also something that should be said about the historical context like not only the politics of the time but the attitudes about magical ritual in practice this kind of speaks to those homoerotic elements you mention what do you think is important for people to know in that regard to place this back in its proper context of what was actually made okay I mean if we're going to turn the clock back to fifteenth century Renee sons Europe and specifically to Italy magic in one form or other was pervasive at every level of society from the kind of folk healing folk witchcraft and Carla Ginsburg has done excellent work in documenting some of the long to live pagan witch craft movements in Italy the burden of that city in the north of Italy we have the possession cult of talent to smile in the south of Italy I don't talk of this you have a layer of what I would call grimoire magic so that you find clerical scholars students monks priests specializing in ritual magic for higher okay so you have any problems you go to them and they that you know that you need a demon exercising or you want to summon a demon and send indicate someone they use of attacks sorcery these would be the go to people for that and that we have excellent testimony from the inquisitorial records followed by Diana and Bologna which demonstrate that these priests ones who were recognized as wielding a lot of power in terms of demonic magic where very carefully protected by the elite they had major sponsors where the elite families in fact and that whenever an inquisitor attempted to take one to call have them defrocked or whatever they could do against them the elite families always stepped in and put the case aside so that they were well protected at the highest levels off the red base on society right so that that's pretty well the pyramid as it where the background into which this death which actually illustrates another strand and stream of magic coming from the east and today in 2 and merged with I'm yes that background makes it all the more provocative and when it comes to the decks influences and the world view and ideas that it seems to contain you kind of break it down into 3 parts because it can get pretty complex we talk about the ducks cosmology its metaphysics and its ritual use and I think that's a pretty clear way to talk about such a dunce item what would you say about it cosmology for example it's wholly malefic and and it identifies a series of planets fixed stars and constellations that all the most prolific in terms solve astral magic and it was this fact that gave me that you first indication that what I was dealing with was a grimoire off the lead sorcery all the doctors carried okay so that's the cosmology that we have here I'm the items you know you will find that men pick a tricks or any of those classic texts of astral magic but the ones particularly picked out and illustrated within the deck all hold Liebeler Africa so I guy I konk conceivable another use of those energies other than what they call Matt officium attack sorcery right it's pretty cut and dry when it comes to the things they were trying to invoke it's just negativity across the board it seems it's it's a nexus size and power I think when we look at these elite families to get no we need to realize that they were not like a Martin states they didn't function in that way they were far closer to the godfather you know the the film P. Basheer they had their beneficial side but they were capable of any kind of cruelty or evil these were the families from which Machiavelli drew principles of governing just by observing them so on the one side they would have dynastic marriages they would have you know agreements treaties and so on but on the other side the flip side of the coin is their employment of poisonous you know sorcerers assassins spy so you know there's like 2 sides to a corner and on this deck illustrates this is why it's such a rare artifact a very dark side of the dark side of the coin I'm but I want to qualify that and it's something probably we'll unpack as we go along great is is to say that what this deck is exemplifying is not the traditional grimoire sorcery okay okay like the sorceress these guys this elite employee had copies of like the key of Solomon and how the talent and those kind of tax classic grimoires you know this stuff is all that order above that in terms of its educational background this tradition and it's almost never being talked about in the context of the western esoteric history before or because it's come straight from the Byzantine elite while okay it's another thread it's not being taught about as far as I can see has not been identified as a major player amongst the elites of your a for this deck is depicting a tradition which goes from Orphism through the neo plaques in the US into the Byzantine imperial elite I'm from them to easily I'm that is you know no small band yeah dealing with an order of Lehrer nerds sorcery far above the popular grimoires I'm and so to talk a little bit about kinda how they view reality structure you talk about how their view the view that's expressed in the stack is that souls are reincarnated and kind of the symbol of the axes where they see the Milky Way crossing with the path of the zodiac and that's the portal between the worlds this is the type of world view our cosmology that definitely wasn't taught to the masses it seems yeah this marriages directly from Orphism so we're back in the eighth century BCE atleast I'm glad it's being picked up through figures like Farrah tied these pipe that grosses teacher Plato of course and the neo platonic philosophy is after so there's a continuous tradition there until I'd like the sixth century C. E. so it's like 1200 years old tradition point okay and then there's an attempt by the Krystian am pro you know Justinian's it to stamp this out not very successful because the blues on time to lead time especially at civil service where thoroughly imbued with the values of Helena's to enter the civil service you have to have a relevant number of years study of Hellenistic classical literature and philosophy I'm with that's it's kind of you know in the kernel Ovitz is paganism your car extracted out of it if you're studying plate so you have paganism built in so to speak I'm so it Apache waited itself well into the fifteenth century and you have major figures in the Byzantine course at this target the imperial elite who are self declared pagans you know and again this doesn't quite fit in with our church written history all the times but nevertheless that's that's how things fell out right and you talk about a metric called which is something that I've had researchers dig up a 4 and they some suggest it's a thread that still continues in the background today but to have these nods to omit threat call at this time depth it is strange I mean just just what you're saying this call and these ideas should have been long gone by the 15 cent gather vet well alive and they have a huge revival is in the tenth and 11 sentry with people like Michael Cassilis who recovered much should the literature but again our history lets us down Greg because you know we see people figures like Michael to sell us to recover the Chaldean oracles as standing alone we don't see them in context Michael sat was hot teachers who it all graded his interest in these ancient texts and ideas and and they have teachers and you know the golden thread runs back and forth back into the past and forward into contemporary history it's never broken and I think there's one good reason why that's the case the world view that exists at the core of the system make sense in a way in which doctrinaire theology does not make sense okay it is I'm Lisa Terry expiry and shel approach to reality so that those of us who for instance work with energy you do regression where constellation where whatever the notion of reincarnation is a very real why you experienced people who recover past life information so you know you don't need a theological judgment about it it becomes part of your experience and the belief system coming out of altruism is rooted in real experience in this way it's liberating because it has this many lives aspect to it and it places the onus on your own Marle development rather than obeying somebody's rules okay so there's a dynamic elements at the core of the belief system that perpetuates itself from year to year from century to century and even if it was lost it would be recovered or recoverable right because that's the way things are okay yeah and you know these ideas you're talking about now very gnostic and in regards to the deck as a nonstick piece you say and categorizing the decks cosmology as gnostic we need to take care not to confuse this fact with stork we documented gnostic preoccupation with spiritual liberation nothing could be further from the world view of the nobles designed this deck yeah and obviously that's an important separation I guess what other aspects of gnosticism do actually make it into the dock everything is there have this this view that you should somehow clambered out of the cycle of met the psychosis and you know we're sending to a higher plane that is totally absent this deck takes gnosticism and converts it into a mechanism that or let's let's put it this way this deck as a gnostic artifact embodies the idea that if the machinery of the universe runs in such a way that subsequent lives a rise out of the way you worship way you treat day it's he's in this life then you can start affecting the trajectory of your subsequent reincarnation okay so this idea is is taken directly out of Plato's Phaedrus you know where in the day it is you worship in this life you went to their training and you went to their entourage upon death and you travel with them and then you kind of re enter okay now the key here is to reenter into a social circle that is suitable for your objectives and for these elite families the objective is to reenter I'm the lead family okay so in this way the ritual suggested within the deck is a way of controlling the trajectory of one 's own meta psychosis and this is where the notion of bloodlines takes on a new and deeper meaning absolutely that's so interesting because it's like we always see the elite as and the playing the long game and these multi generational mindsets and mainstream culture looks down says well that makes no sense you know people you only live to be 78 years old they're not worried about what's going on for a 200 year game plan but this context makes that seem plausible and it justifies why that world view would exist among the elite yeah and if you look at the ethnographic record around the world you find do you know plenty of places where this is the way things are are managed they take a lot of care with death ritual to try to ensure the Ripper subsequent rebirth of that let's call it soul back into the family group or into the community or whatever and it kind of reaches a high point with the buttocks lamas who of course attempt multiple subsequent rebirths into equally spiritual positions some monasteries yeah they have a mechanism for running that process and for them validating that it's working so it's actually the west in the satanic system that's kind of lacking this but clearly other elite level the awareness of it was still there it is amazing this is like exhibit a for the case that I have your heard people trying to make for such a long time without having any real evidence or proof I mean this is it's no small thing yeah and I guess we should address dead on why is it called the game of Saturn the figure of satin pervades this deck here at every level I got a quote here it's by Proclus in in this platonic theology says old Greek theology is the offspring of all flick mystical doctrine and if you look at the ... Frick DR Ginny it starts out with Chronos the great serpens gives birth to a ag I'm from the a it splits apart to trick the land of the sky and and within this is the figure of trainees wow and around by a large Sir so this is a very narrowly opponent that situates Chronos at the most fundamental point of creation okay I'm Chronos is softer I'm for the Carthaginian was he was bal how more added the Bible it appears as Moloch okay these old statements teapot different aspects of it so but this roots in the offer tradition Chronos becomes the central player he is the demiurge he is the creator entity so the serpentine or draconian form all of the day the is the primal want okay that's why the game of satin and then multiple cards within the day kind of replay of this speaking all of the separate past Saturn as the serpent as ball how mall on you know it so whoever put this thing together had a very good grasp of mythology and theology in the end cosmology of various faiths that is so true and along this line to quote you again you say the ducks theology embraces gnostic cosmology in its totality but never the less discards liberation in favor of the positive embrace of the demiurge is world the rulership is this to say that there is a mindset within the fifteenth century elite that says Hey demiurge I know you're the boss we figured this out so how can I get on your good side how can we work out a deal knives I got a guy couldn't put it better myself right data well that's it you got it why now it seems so in line with conspiratorial suggestions today that the elite have made a deal with the demiurge to basically be them management class on the earthly plane to opt out of the rebirth cycle and stay in these positions maintain these bloodlines and in exchange have vast amounts of material wealth and power I guess that's a world view that's pretty aligned with this fifteenth century elite heirloom and at side chain of custody I guess yeah it's the horrible realize a shin isn't that those conspiracy theories have their roots in a real tradition you know that's the bottom line with this reading of the deck this interpretation of the deck I'm it's horribly Briel I right and and that's kind of like what I just think is so provocative about it and you write about how they had this world view that each person or soul coordinates with a star in the sky and the deck contains references to a star kaput angle I guess it's not something I've I don't know yet guitar I've never really hear talk about what we know about this stars attributed characteristics where the references to the star mean to you it's the most malefic star in the sky bar none so if you want to do the heaviest kind of sorcery imaginable this is definitely one of the ingredients the energies of this you're the star that's why it's there that's why it's kind of highlighted in the deck I'm it's part of a group a dark blue well said at and because it's a fixed star whatever malefic intention you have it's energy will tend to fix it in place I prolong its activity at that's why to fix the fixed stars are important for that and a malefic fixed star kinda has the double action no adding to the dock brew while still maintaining its put base of the seats its influence its affect on people but I want it perhaps it's just worse while contextualizing what was set up to now Greg ghost recent ethnographic work has identified and opened out of phenomena called dark shape and isn't and for years now people especially in the west to be looking towards shame it is a mass this liberating force you know is this ecologically conscious and all on all these good things how we've kind of neglected the fact that there is a complementary shamanism which is correctly characterized as dark shamanism but those who want to follow this up there's an excellent collection of academic essays cold in darkness and secrecy by white head and rights and it very much concentrates on doc shamanism within the Amazon area but the core of this is assault sorcery and a kind of cosmological construct we can perhaps best described as a cosmology of predation I'm I'm at the core of this is that the shaman opens themselves to possession by the most powerful registry and city that they can summon I need not full may I the Congo out of body to wreak havoc or they can command lesser and to to to do their bidding okay so this is a core ethnographic construct now strange thing is that when we look at the car specifically one card called it Peyo it shows a monk with dragon wings okay out within the sequence of ritual cards within the deck you see a series that are intended to win Jukes possession buy a draconian and city is and that Carty Peyo actually depicts the monk totally possessed by the entity soak went just different grades of possession of course you know you have hold variety but complete possession means the total displacement of the persona the person will have no memory whatsoever host of what they don of what happened the possession is complete I'm okay so in the context of dark shamanism we're seeing at a ethnic graphically attested process whereby doc shaman open themselves to possession by these credits tree entities and then use that power so to speak to wreak havoc of what whatever kind they intend to do so that construct perfectly fits the imagery that we're dealing with I'm the kind of uses back this Renee songs elite would have yes it's this it's quite amazing and you know there's a lot of people even today we hear little nuggets of wisdom dropped by those who have kind of touch the fringes of elite circles or worked in certain industries like banking or politics at high levels and they come out and say you know these people are possessed and you're like you know you don't think that literally but that's a term that is thrown around quite often when describing the way these people act in the way it is to be the way it feels to be around them exactly and this is it now if we can only start connecting our you know ethnographic and historical information to the current situation we can begin to illuminate some of these things for the first they start to make sense when you contextualize them but you got to get the right background in place in order to do that absolutely and you know another element of that background is you say that the de Este world view entirely explains the magically oriented motivations of the dax design and use and de Este is a name that comes up a lot your book I don't hear it all that often outside of your book but tell us about that family and not ... their connection to the stack you yeah but a kind of a marriage out of obscurity and the you know tenth century also and this various branches of this family and you're on your right therapist your I certainly didn't have any particular awareness off them when I started this project I think initially they came to be the rulers off the city state of Harare I work closely allied with Venice and it's within that context that the deck was designed to create it now it turns out that the Italian branch as a cadet branch all the larger family in the Austro Hungarian area the Guelph Este and the other cadet branch of this family all the how the very end monarchs so let me put this in a historical context I think something like seventeenth century married to an estate of Madonna married the Duke of York and when he ascended to the throne of England she became queen of England okay out it was a short lived monarchy but then there was a interregnum and then the how the very end monarchs took over and this is George the first second third all of these people now we're talking about arc of history which leads from S. supremacy in the renaissance for about 300 years and then kind of switches saddles okay Justin tired to catch the rise of the British Empire I'm and if the end of that the tail end of that catches the star of the USA right and so the implication there is that there's ... maybe a network working with think groups that doesn't have the same allegiances as we might think and you know when one empire declines another rises some of these figures are what you might call the brotherhood of Saturn they seem to emerge in these new empires as well as the collapse in one 's yeah so you have to put all the points of view together you have to pile of all together to make sense of these kind of Patton's because they historically this so long lived and this takes us right back to I sent him again and where this pagan philosopher who introduce these ideas to Italy how'd I pagans school which talk clergy which taught ritual magic I was completely a pagan entity okay so what I'm saying is there's a tradition of a ritual praxis that was invented god knows when was alive and well in 15 sentry buys Antium and is now captured within these cards I carried forward and again how come we have these cards where have they been put 300 years is a mystery yes but they surface now we can't open the mount now and this is the story they're telling us it is amazing that is one of my questions for you is what what other insights can we get from penetrates in that chain of custody I mean I know we know the early steps and we obviously know where it ended up in Milan but other other nodes are bullet points on that chain of custody that you find kinda curious are interesting I'm really at a loss to fill in the gaps it's completely conjectural I'm I have this like 300 years where the deck is just invisible I mean just disappears thanks don certain marks I mean the tech was a great right and then they printed the sheets and then one set of sheets where painted and delivered to person cold barren Sanudo if a nation patrician and the curious thing about the marks that were placed on the deck is that it identifies him it identifies the fact that he was gay and it identifies the fact that almost certainly the Pharisees were able to manipulate him supporting him into betraying banus I'm so that the deck is like a payoff in a very important operation that Ferrara ran against Venice and it's also a reminder to him that it any time if he opens his mouth or stops cooperating they've got enough funding to see and burned at the stake I'm so there's that level of historical interpretation now again marrinson dude who was the who wear it while his mother's family the Venita family and the vendors claim to be descendants of the emperor valerian okay are then you check out the improve the Larry and then it turns out he is one of the child sacrificing empress of late Rome nice he was notorious for yeah I'm not brings you a back again to the card in the deck showing the child over the fire well what the heck is going on here I'm there's a disturbing aspect of this in in respect of the fact that all of the court cards the names club cards 9 of them all have one thing in common they depict think is related to the conception of Alexander the great not to anything Alexander the great actually did you know which is what most people are interested in but to his conception I when you look into the Alexander romance literature there's one characteristic about his conception that stands out his mother's intercourse with Baal how more I'm so that Alexander is like a demi god and again this is one of the connections that deeply woven into the texture of the decks imagery and symbolism you know can next Saturday Chronos the draconian force and the Carthaginian god Baal how long who's known for one thing the one thing alone is the sacrifice of small children mirrored kit was cold and it's from that word belt that we get the name Malik in the Bible while so we have these wine spots in the chain of custody of the deck can you maybe tell us how it got out of private hands and into the public sphere into a museum well let me just carry a touch on whatever I do know which is very little so it wouldn't take marron Sanudo died in Venice in the early sixteenth century and all his effects were auctioned at that point now there's a jump up like 23 0 years to a mill in these family the mark teaser Sir baloney as far as I can tell is only one connection between the Serb believe me and the Venice of the sixteenth century it was one of the early members of Sir believe the family 2 brothers it back one became pope the other became a notorious brigand and then got promoted as a hit man for Francesco Sforza so you know we was plying his trade and obviously got into trouble and have to escape I know these documented in various parts of Europe you know would no doubt further enhancing his skill set and to some point in the course of that act he got special recognition from Venice for services rendered we have heard it I I don't want to speculate what they may be but a kind of a noble to him wow so that's the one connection he would have been them banned us about the time that the deck came on the market was auctioned and as say the next thing is the deck turns up in the hands of the mark teaser center below eat dated about 18 to 36 antiquarian tounge chicka Nara who examined the cards at that weight and saying they were in the hands of the bar exists are below and rolling forward from that point a set of these parts where sent photographic images of the cards was set to the British Museum that in 19 9 I think I'm put on display there where public cold when Smith the designer of the popular waste Smith tarot deck would have seen them at least aspects of their imagery which you now find did pretty well every tarot deck well today so and one consciously propagated to the imagery solo Oscar into pretty well everybody's tarot deck and that seems to be how magic works right I mean these influences the power in them they seem to kind of Brad out kind of spider web out even if it's not obvious on the surface that's kind of an interesting aspect I think again you know from any satiric point of view we have to recognize that when we talk about these energies or powers that are the subject of esoteric work you don't many people talk about agency in that context you know most of us think of energy is like the light switch you switch it on the switch it off yeah house rules it baseball rules but in the east Terrick sense these energies have agency they're pretty well like you or me in many respects and that is the way in which the energies behind the deck would have been interpreted in the fifteenth century okay it's it's not some background buzz advantage right it's an agency work okay sorrow and that makes all the difference if you start conceptualizing au Zenit Jesus working through history in terms of agency debt and you have to rethink a lot to stop no doubt then so just to to follow up with the the leading edge of the cards what's the and book and for the past these cards a taken okay so around 1988 or so a German or Austrian terrorist got permission to photograph the cars and he made a reproduction deck and then what 2009 or so the Italian state stepped in Italian ministry of culture stepped in and bought the entire deck I believe from the descendants of the Serb Billy in the family hope though that has devastated I believe that that's and they boarded for 100000 Yoro and it's now in the prairie gallery in Milan it's held there I'm okay and our imagery in the book and I was you know the scarlet imprint are about to start shipping a reproduction perfect reproduction of this deck the imagery is being provided by the private gallery to us to make the book and deck okay so that that takes you right up to date it's just I love it man and it just to find this evidence of a continuity of elite power any consistency of occult beliefs among their ranks is mind blowing it's really like what a conspiracy enthusiast has been looking for for a long long time yeah I I think you got to get into the mindset not just of the elite but off what I call hard core oesa terraces of to get this you know yes and on that subject you know you mentioned Platonism a little bit everybody knows Plato by name but it's really interesting because you talk about his philosophy really does have kind of a linkage to empowering the elite or justifying the elite's power in that thread doesn't usually highlighted when you're discussing Plato in his philosophy but that might be why he is such a household name and why he's gonna been held in such high regard it's because as far as the leader concerned he provides a basis for why they are at the top and we're at the bottom yeah I think the whole way of which Plato's workers being handled or treated and certainly by educational institutions has varied enormously this like you know before the charge and after the church so in the ancient worlds Plato's teachings where from a very early dates you know he has all these dialogues that must be what 3040 dialogues people were coming up for ideal sequences in which to study these dialogues okay but they always started with the same dialogue outcome by at these now why is that okay buddies deals with one thing only and that is alphabet ID's is a very rich kid you his parents have died he doesn't actually have a clear sense of watch watch but he wants to make his mark on society and because of his well he's going to enter the political process in Iraq set K. so that that's the scenario that okay by dis the dialogue sets up Lawrence in his discourse always dialogue with Socrates Socrates is tempted to say to him you're looking for self aggrandizement but what about service okay so the whole theme of the platonic dialogues sick they touch on many things you know ethics theory of knowledge you name it but ultimately it's how can an elite governor society justly this is the core issue of plaques on this and in order to be able to just silly run a society you have to be entitled to do so you have to be totally selfless blah blah blah okay that part of that Plato's recommendations is that the elite should sacrifice all wealth and power they shouldn't hold any property for his no money they shouldn't harass anything they have to be solely dedicated to justice I'm part of becoming just is to become enlightened in your person selfless and enlighten this is the platonic ideal for the elite now you can see how far away we have so clearly getting anywhere near that but that was the inspiration and in order to project that kind of justice forward through the generations Plato elaborate at this system meta psychosis and spiritual internal growth so that you know within the platonic tradition they have this phrase of the holy pep talk just mentally the the illumined weapons people would actually seek to become illumined did the in that nature and therefore capable of dealing justly out of their very best and because they don't have these family ties these wealth this property they just do what's right okay this was the platonic ideal now do you see a tear gas specs about is that such and the lumen delete would also have the highest connection with the day of these and so on so they would drive the process of subsequent that's a psychosis of rebirth if you like okay so would become a self perpetuating beckons now somewhere along the line drag if this idea of dropping wealth property of family ties and not having that to influence your justice got lost I'd say so at a but I think it got lost very early in human history I'm so we're living essentially with a dark Latin ism it was not intended I mean as far as Plato's to mass is concerned the demiurge is a a day at the who is filled with light is not a doc and to tea a toll ha he looks towards the source you know of everything Plato called it the goods it's a socket impersonal riffle gin source and it's is filled with the beauty of that and Terrence and then creates after the mad at all of that now this is like fourth fifth century BC I named by the time we get to the first and second centuries species yes I am the first and second centuries C. E. this demiurge has now flipped over he's become a dark entity ignorance entity that refuses to acknowledge the source of his own power and thinks that he is the ultimate in terms of creativity and everything is beholden to him and everything is owed to him and this darkening off the figure of the demi Irish is a historical a fact which I don't think anyone is given an explanation now yeah it's very curious it's absolutely central to the understanding of how things got flipped over because from this point on you know you have the gnostic cosmologies all identified doctor meters at the need to liberate yourself from and therefore that gives rise to a dark gnosticism which is acknowledging the dark demiurge and working with him okay right but this is a historical phenomena it's it it was certain he'd never like that in the original platonic writing I can say one thing that would maybe this will help to contextualize it is that we can't just look at played a old we cannot just look at all of his you know there's a whole range off the dogs in these like has goats theology new you know the birth of all the different gods and throughout the Mediterranean basin you have a lot of different creation stories Hey I'm slow you got a very mixed bowl of starting put and depending on the starting point you take you end up with a different place now for the renaissance elite there T. influenster if I'm right it was it was George keep distanced better known this place up I'm and his conception was that it took a classical Greek or Hellenistic theology he says this you know absolute 3 entities you know like is to supply side and and and and he said heck parte and beneath them you have a set of celestial they had these at a set of cathartic day these and the cathartic day these are ruled by Saturn and they run the plant it's okay they bump this planet so this the Argentia yeah this is a little different problem what Plato it originally set out but it does tell us towards the primacy of Saturn in the world view okay and that's what I take place on it's like stepping off point from ancient tradition into this what we call the modern world pre mod world of the renaissance and that that's why satin features so highly with in subsequent Martin history I'm yeah it is it's so hard to get a real sense of why that polar opposite view would be taken on the Damir shirt just to say the creator of the material world like it's also just hard to wrap your head around because this is an entity that today it's like we can't really see we feel like we can't see it or we feel like we can't really get a handle on something that's so outside of our south but they seems to find some clues to kind of draw conclusions honor to build up personality profile back in the day and then for it to go the complete polar opposite ways just so curious it is strange and I can't you know it's it's like the answers are not going to be found it and digging through these 3 dodging these we have to think about our own specific situation now and what priorities we have a what what we have to work on I think the issue is centrally a moral issue that we're faced with today I'm so whether you accept the existence of a demiurge or not it's kind of beside the point I'm the energies that people work although with it practice are of a much lower order so that what we're faced with is a formal localized issue it's it in my perspective I see it as a inter dimensional penetration of this reality by other realities while at all one multi chewed multiple orders are being okay so in a sense the issue is far more complicated but it's it's far less theoretical so coming from a background of energy healing you tend to get the extreme cases I mean it's like if you work in the acts that they're emergency ward Friday night how tight Saturday night you're going to see extreme cases and it ascends energy healing also brings you come crunch you with pretty extreme cases prom night I draw the conclusion that we have a say this into penetration of multiple dimensions Arab and the crossover on occasion all the entities between this dimension and I think the anchorage is the fact that our our that consciousness is it my perspective a field you know it's not a by product of your neural activity right it's a feel methane which has a family context it has a community of has a historical context it's almost as though everything that several court or don co exist at the same time and that's the way we experience consciousness when we work with that in their energetic what he I'm thinking in terms of constellation therapy of course you know you get complete strangers in the middle of the room you put them in some positions to represent family and those even if the family members are dead gone 100 years ago doesn't matter those people will start to Matt fest source behavior of feelings of the people that represent take even though they know nothing about them so you know I mean I would recommend anyone to go along to Hoffa doesn't sections of constellation therapy and just try it out is going to change your views of reality tested that and the guy though while so other cases where we have one on one healing you know we have people who've to cease coming through to help in the healing process at other times I've dealt with very very very dangerous and difficult entities that's Joe horn people wow it's a very abusive relationship you know your map of this film the entity yeah ha ha ha so yeah there's some very dark stuff going on as some very bright stuff as well you know the role of higher order beings is not sufficiently taken account of it my experience in the sky spurs world I'm people are very much focused on dockside which is there is no doubt about it it's dangerous star but it's not the whole story right and ability to cleanse and purify cell from making connection with higher order beings is always an option I'm it's an option everyone and it brings extraordinary confidence and strength yeah I mean that sounds so interested in and it's something I'd like to experience more and experiment with more and it just seems like when you're a trace the evolution of ideas and things that have been projected into the culture it's like this most recent round of materialist science of atheism I mean this is like a deception that gets the culture even further away from not only the things you're talking about that just seem to be part of reality structure but even the elite belief systems that are hidden behind the curtain it's just another layer of separation it seems to be like one of the biggest deceptions of our time that any intelligent person would be a material atheist because that's the view that you know I kind of grew up with then adopted and then discarded after a crazy psychedelic trip that show that wasn't true but it just seems like a major deception to inject that type of worldview because it's further and further away from the stuff we're talking about yeah as well it would just isn't on the site to batch I think you have to be careful as well when you deal with a lot of conspiracy stuff it also tends to depress you Sir so actually closes down your awareness and it it it takes something away from you but still some big problem you okay so unless you're doing the compensator you work on the light side unless you're engaged in serious meaningful work you know like you do something in the community which is beating full unless you are taken up a lot of parent with what you eat and drink you're going to get bored you know that you strong dark currents can carried most people along right so you need to do a lot of recovery work on yourself and people around you I guess I've been very fortunate you know I've had the opportunity to see some very likes and cities that work I doubt is encouraged me to say these things to be honest sure yeah that's something we definitely don't hear about that often can you give us like a an example hurt or 2 of the white side of these entities I'll tell you one very stressed story because you know it baffled me as well I was this about 20 years ago I was dragged along to see this guy Tom candy and I'd never heard of him and he was apparently channeling these the sense is called the hospital wards I had my eyes were just like rolled up you know you so I you know it's okay I went along with this guy and you know we're sitting there in this like amber theater and Tom's city on the chair down on the stage you know I start singing well this guy has that I know 10 Oct taste was voice it is absolutely stunning beautiful and this was going on all of a sudden I saw were arranged in front of him 6 beautiful white columns of light and they were like glittering you know in these like 5 or 6 meters high Ayyash Sliwa hall is yeah it was like an overlay on reality that's a strange thing I then these figures the these columns just drifted out off the apron and out through the audience and disappeared you know and let it all out in the in this I was not a performance but whatever it is Tom Kenyon is doing with these and is it probably is getting advice and stuff somebody in the audience said well what if these half doors look what I can and Tom Amiga child when they manifest excess you see the most tall white columns of life that's exactly what I saw were over there so while I yeah I was chosen to see these things I don't know I am a bit sensitive to energies but there they were there they were wow and the advice they give in I checked Tom stuff every now and again it's all about ascension it's all about you know cleansing purifying the channels it's all 100 you know it's all good clean stuff there's no doubt about it but if these higher order beings are indeed there and it looks like to me as though they are then there's some restrictions on what they can do on this play in and I would suggest that each person's moral or ethical behavior is the Cold War or the limiting factor I'm Arab member monolith king said you know the trajectory the arc of the universe is too long he says but it bends towards justice and that's what I see in the constellation therapy that we do that the caloric disturbances in reality arise from some form of injustice and when you explicate that injustice when you corrected you harmonize the feels I'm so this ongoing task good energy healers are are embarked upon on a personal honor community level we try to create that justice we're trying to eradicate cramps and the squeezes and everything within the fields of consciousness arising from injustice and its injustice seems to me the core characteristic of the elite I agree then such a noble goal that you're working with so this is the work drag you know you you get are out you do the work at night and in doing that works you rise above the fear and pessimism arising from the darkness well said yeah you can only stare into the abyss so long with a hug do and sort out the other side yeah you're going to fall in if you look long enough I have then I I just love this I feel like I could do it all day when I got to let you go sometime and I just really enjoyed the book and the conversation it's broken down quite well but it still requires so much historical context and lot of the players are pretty new to me so it is just a great book that unlocks so many new threads and peeks behind the curtain during that era of the Italian Renaissance and I think there's just so much to see behind it so great work and you know before I let you go I did while also ask you because you aren't energy worker and that's the expertise you have it did that come into play at all when you were studying the deck when you put your hands on this thing we're talking about the energy of it I mean did you experience that firsthand yes I did item number times are how they huge energy coming through right I mean I was like paralyze for like 4 days it was so intense and none of the energy work is a rough me could help could move it you know one of them tried to you know and and they almost trying to they have to go out of the room stat intent so I was aware that something was driving this and the way the clues came to help me break this code sometimes really strange you know right I mean I I'm not a great classics scholar or something for god sake I study philosophy okay university but I didn't study inch matter we occur for me you sometimes I I just felt like I was being led by the nose you know sure stick your phrase here look at this read that read this put 2 and 2 together okay let's move on this in our eyes armed and this was the results are and don't ask me why this is manifested at this time I don't know yeah like you mentioned before we really started recording that the story seems to want to be told at this particular moment salute me it's Alice is the big energy behind this fascinating so also has a rap and then sucking Iran remind the people where to get the book where to check out your website any of the other work you're doing that people might want to follow up on I'm sure they're very intrigued right now the go to people are scarlet imprints who I worked with on this project and they've done a superb job in designing the book I need in their general short rates a ship off this whole process it's been excellent been a pleasure to work with them so scarlet is the go to place the deck of cards perfect reproduction for the first time in 500 years with the imagery coming from the Brera gallery itself is just coming on line that starship Ian 10 days or so some of the work I've done on ritual on various aspects of entities is in the apparel anthropology journal a peer reviewed journal and I put it on my you page sounds like free essays there some bits of the book some of the essays that were formative very forward if in writing the book are also well there so you can read those for free yeah I think you just neither a registration ask for my personal website it's a disaster I'm gonna have it read I hope it's not you know how these things get out of date so I'm not going to recommend Randy what his point cool cool well you are right scarlet imprint I'm in an era of mass production they have preserved and artisanship that you just don't see often anymore it's a beautiful thing and it's great that you know you've written such amazing words and they were able to complement that with a great book so it's just automatic presentation is beautiful listener this so all around amazing stuff you've definitely contributed to our scholarly understanding of the occult beliefs of the elite and I salute you for it take care out there man thank you very much Greg it's been a pleasure you got it take care month you to sweet sweet stranger things people Peter mark Adams and the game a Saturn what a great subject and whenever someone asks me if it's possible that the elite might have come from a reptilian bloodline of some kind or do I think the elite make deals with dark forces how gonna say don't take my word for it let's just see what the Italian Renaissance elite had to say for themselves it's provocative and granted you can't see the art on the cards in an audio show but you can always use the links in the show notes or just Google attack it is really one of my favorite types of episodes to do where we kind of examine something that can move the needle in terms of making the case for some far out positions and really what is more far out than a deal with the damn years to bypass the reincarnation cycle and rule over man is the management class of this manifestation of course I can't say exactly why the deck was made but given the context of the times it's clearly a very special piece and I love that Peter really let me run with the speculation we pushed it today but you know that's what we do here Peter though what a knowledgeable guy great writer I just loved it to find this sort of physical evidence for a continuity to elite power and a consistency of occult beliefs among their ranks it's mind blowing I also think this one pairs really nicely with Chris Knowles last week 2 of my favorite shows lately per share if you don't sign up for plus now I guess you just maybe never will because these are the shows that I'd be looking for and the second half of today's we got deeper into the deck in several ways we focused in on the trump cards and why they point to northern Africa we broke down the mysteries of the suit cards the decks codes and multiple levels of encryption the science of the homunculus demonic fellatio cannot forget demonic fellatio also the details of the cards that reference human sacrifice what that's all about how Troy was once reference to as the realm of the serpent born also the court cards and the emphasis on half reptilian origins for certain elite bloodlines how to tell if you were pledged to a dark entity in a previous life the idea of the elite pledging large groups of people to demands and mass rituals dragons also just ice the cake and the importance of positive polarity for good measure I can lob it can't think Peter and scarlet imprint off also Gordon for having him on return soup and filling me in on just how fascinating this study was in other news T. H. C. is doing another live show with tinfoil hat this time I'm suppose to be doing stand up so we'll see what I can come up with in a week's time with no prior experience in crippling anxiety but it is what it is so remember remember November 8 at the la Hoya comedy store and this time I don't have to drive 3:00 hours back and forth to LA which is a beautiful thing we're gonna leave that to Sam Tripoli Ryan Davis and Eddie Bravo will all be there I got one more episode of the higher side to get out you before the end of October and it is more of just a fun one the original plan was to run through a bunch of paranormal stories for the guy who's been author in that world for decades but as soon as we got going and he noted that he was alive then when Roswell happened and also had an out of body experience actually just thought it was really interesting for me and a paranormal archive sort of sense to just hear the anecdotes and musings of a guy in his eighties who's lived and watch the paranormal and conspiratorial wheelhouse for literally twice the length of my entire life I also have a hell of a Halloween story to tell you on that episode myself but I'm getting out of here I'm still trying to convince the wife to be my hand made for Halloween for anyone who's seen the show because I could just wear a suit which is nice and easy but I don't think she's a huge fan of the application I guess I understand but I gotta keep making my case and learn how to write jokes so I'll see you soon your move step turning in brotherhood billionaire bloodlines and demiurge deal makers your no no but it's funny he's a bad news I ... and no one no slow this laughing he he but match he I isms he he we he feelings yeah and I blame you Kannur and shows the ... but he I since he no they both me the see but he and so he I see no I even that the send me the Hon //
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Walter Bosley | Trump, Tesla, Secret Spaceships, & NYMZA
\\well you true to say that ... when see the high side I right are there are palm our peer self break away civil program well with this again almost a year to the day is a great researcher in this van Walter by the product of a military family himself he's work serving as a counter intelligence agent for the FBI a special agent for the airforce and a consultant in the private sector is also uses training military inside an investigative skills to dig deeper into several pieces of the big conspiracy pie but most notably this very notion of a breakaway civilization and our last show Walter broke down how a group of hermetic Prussian nationalists known as the names are likely developed advanced technology based on the rediscovery of something ancient and they're aligned group called the Sonora aeroclub way back in the mid 19 century seems to have created exotic flying machines in the California desert that could've been responsible for the vast airship sightings 40 years later and might even resulted in a Tesla developed craft capable of making it to Mars in 1903 it's a lot to unpack but in the years since that interview new developments have come to light that very well may tie this underground network to the family of the president himself and that's what I call the sweet spot ladies and gentlemen back in the saddle for another wild ride the author of several great books that deep state decoder himself the man who knows the plan Walter Bosley welcomed a great it's great to be here looking toward yeah me too thanks for doing it your work is just really stuck with me and when it comes to tracking back the progression of secret flying machines exotic fuel sources in this connection to German nationalists you have made really huge catcher and rather than talking about the same old bullet points surrounding the Nazi Ballard the reverse engineering of the Roswell craft you have flashed out this story and filled in a lot of the holes there and it just seems to go much deeper and I guess in the interest of leaving no man behind can we get the people just a little more context about the names of Sonora aeroclub nexus and set up the story for the pieces were gonna add help maybe refresh their memories of that if you cut what we know about this group and that time period between 1850 and the early 19 hundreds well fortunately the book I'm currently working on is going to go in there greater detail that I've ever had or regarding this organization member so there's that to look forward to in about another month or so so this conversation kind really well it's going to kind of wet the appetite of the listeners but essentially what we're talking about the nineteenth century area reading into the 20 year we're talking about specifically the Russian national work who you owe your call themselves nigger and we're pursuing a development of a technology that it appears they've been renewed would give them greater leverage in pushing towards a unified Germany which course eventually happened and then went much farther in the early twentieth century rise out but not the party and essentially this nineteenth century monster according to the original source we have our Charles L. shall was any German headquartered organization that I had apparently several little groups under its wing under it ages and they would finance provide you know various resources or the little groups to develop that particular technology and the case in point that dell shall focus on word a little group of German immigrants in the United States that called themselves but Nora aero club and I operated out of the wall in the county your where are you remedy national park and the guy in the in thing acting were allegedly building what I would call group concept languishing okay I want you to enter the automobile okay the history the automobile and I want you to go back to the order model number your car right or real motor and a place and a steering wheel that basic car concept running particular when you compare that to cars 3040 years later on today that's what you but Nora aero club whining contraptions work group concept now where nearly pain and was that they were the group that had some type of oversight and all that which go readers that guy some or aero club ultimately rejected okay they ultimately did not want to go the way that never know what's going to go certain names that to be the first true military industrial complex you know in modern times that's really what they were putting together in my book site dear I expect I lay out several of the suspects that were hot industrial what you know and financial leaders and guys who were very much into alchemy and the occult sciences such do you have a guy that I lay out a suspect wouldn't bend the members up there Russian group NEMSA gang and they were really putting together literally there military industrial complex they were using their resources to develop this technology and what they wanted to do what happened to you guys nor aero club that you probably be others that we don't hear about del shell either gonna mention names or wanted them to equip the scoring machines for military applications weapons and such amber guide nor Eric what get 12 they projected that that whole interesting other story the leader of the us and our Arab but Peter manners ended up allegedly dying in an explosion and crash of 1 of the things possible because of the murder opening might make good there too you know escaping and the black returning looking at it now that it before the American Civil War so when the 1890 specifically in 961897 airship mystery emerges I personally think that we're back with the product of an American group that had been developing yeah airship technology but we have other sources I have nearly there are emerging in the New York esoteric up whole you know you up the 18 nineties or talk and John W. your year or talking Clara Bloomfield more when a book that you and that group and that included the German there but the car yeah and we we have never go allegedly still exerting it being all where things to do with this wind machine technology and of course blackmail you is a wanker interpret twentieth century early twentieth century German mystics who were and all where the guy who founded Benaki party in a course of rescue history so as you can see any and all of that younger in their shadow we organization that was really operating like a break away because they obviously had their own resources welcome now to be independent now when I say nationalist question national it they work and social you know there was no question single government because it was or Germany was unified even after the unified they weren't particularly you know what German government agency they were part of the German military grade were still there own thing so that's what we're talking about here that's what context it was very rushing in it membership it was crushing in its goals and objectives and its main objective was and you know by Germany dominated globally okay and when you see their route into the formation of the Nazi party it becomes obvious what they were about however all that said that context of 19 century and early twentieth century all that said I still where are the wonders to my book and I'm not sure actually going into the car but no one there was a near Mostar at what age bigger larger organization in the background of that in other words the question of the Charles del shall talked about it we go and talk about that when they go ordinance group within a larger more secretive group and I've already gone into that in stock but already done but like that your detailed much more how much for that well that is some great contacts for sure and I definitely planned ... have a few questions for you about that higher capstone group in this is a hell of a structure went like you said tons of subgroups but I also wanted to ask you a little bit more about the 1903 group I guess that's the term that you give them yeah I guess they came out of dissolving that's in our aero club and then turned into this other group tell us a little bit about them and I kind of how that ties then too the tussle story well and again this is how I people that together okay it you go to an excellent book by a gentleman named Michael but the title solving the 1896 or 8 in 97 I have to look at a book nothing funny solving the 1890 6 airship mystery but he provides some excellent data involved in all this stuff there will be going on around people seeing the airship in the skies over several city west of the Mississippi and the United States I mean they're all over the Midwest down the tax and out you talked California I mean it was amazing now remember we're talking the 18 nineties people in the 18 nineties near the difference between a hot air balloon a dirigible and the airship they were describing okay they knew the difference and when you really get into the reports and read the descriptions you'll see that there's clearly a difference in good detail are these things and how they operate and how they function what's interesting is RGB points out an actual guy is a photo of men in the book I manage Solomon Andrews who went to Abraham Lincoln's administration I believe the right link indirectly and he said he had developed a flying machine it would be good for reconnaissance and such and and I think that you eking 63 and Lincoln was intrigued and instructed it is war secretary Edwin Stanton so take a look at Solomon Andrews join contraption well according to the news reports of the day Solomon Andrews demonstrated this wind machine which he called the air on me a E. R. O. and the air on he demonstrated it or several officers from the war department and journalists Washington DC journalist that day they talk about it whining and its maneuverability and such not history tells us that Edwin Stanton hold and green thanks but no thanks or in the middle of this war you know I don't see where there's an application here thank you very much goodbye and were terrible story ends right there were salamanders an astonishing a concert well I disagree with that because 30 years later you have the airship mystery okay and there is a smoking gun which connects back in my opinion the US war department and this is why I think this was a result of the first American black project and that is that in the 18 nineties mystery there is a report of a witness who encountered one of the airship on the ground and had a lengthy conversation with the 2 men who were manning it we're trying and those 2 men were colonel Samuel Hellman US army and professor Amos dole bear now Amos dole bear you can look up both these guys by the way there on the internet welcome up they really let their shoulders of him the whole resume what they did dole bear one of the things he did one of his inventions was a telephone prior to Alexander Graham bell's version back I believe or buried even shoot bell over the issue so called there's a real guy in history filming U. S. army officer welter cartographer a geographer he was a chemist he was an explorer all good things there interestingly that are involved in the airship mystery regarding compulsion and how these things why Samuel Tilden was an expert in here that being commandant of west point when World War one brick at this is a real guy now people interesting in the 18 nineties answer that it is Tillman and don't bear who show this guy there airship explain how it works basically and often get much white and such and I mean these are human beings were real actual guys you know what's interesting is Tillman and don't bear its not like they were famous celebrities okay so why if someone's going to make this up they would call those guys out of a hat you know it's interesting got when you look at the fact that he was telling involved in one of these reports to me that indicates a connection somehow to that U. S. war department story and salamanders now the scenario that I extrapolate out there and I meant it speculation but the scenario I extrapolate out of it is that Stanton did not reject salamanders technology is that we were indeed in the middle of a war that had to be taken care of first and what I suggest is one square was over the U. S. government said Hey you know what let's do something with that now why would it be a black project why would it be secret well you know various political intrigues there were still countries in Europe and such that well we would like to see us fail there were British bankers there were pumping money to the confederacy privately you know they wanted to see the U. S. fail I'm so you know this was in those days where well we've got this technology that could be an edge what you keep it secret another angle could be that because the war had just ended we were in the reconstruction period how would it work if one the Catholic country needed to be rebuilt they're spending money on this contraption like something out of it you'll earn story so there are a few legitimate reasons why this would have been our first black project why they were kept secret and I say that between what Solomon Andrews demonstrated in 1863 or 4 and what people reporting in the 18 nineties I say you have 30 years of development so Solomon Andrews rudimentary Eron had developed into the more complicated airship like what torment indoor pair were reportedly flying around okay now there werent what's changing America was changing as we were leaving the nineteenth century and going into the twentieth century people could see the direction things were going and certainly I think some of the guys who were involved with these airships in the 18 nineties I don't think they want where things were going so we get into 1903 the year in question there is a legend out there a rumored legend that Nikolic has looked at that time to negotiate it you guys bill and possibly Luton Mars and they will weigh in they were never seen again now it's creeping in that sounds we do have had what having had worked on get ideas of anti gravity and wind machines and such so there is a sliver a marginal possibility that has low would have been involved in an attempt to do that now of course by 19 no 3 the 18 nineties airship mystery had been all over the newspapers someone could argue there hold hands my airship Ammar's thing was just a big fan of the inspired by that of course that is possible but we're talking about you know being with that context here that these things possibly happen and we had the evidence like Daniel Tillman being one of the identified pilot obese things so we go to the 20 century and let's continue on the whim of speculation insane that this theory is right that there was this you know group but it develop these things the next logical thing for them to attend I see would be flying one of these things off the planet memos op target would've been well known but why not Mars Mars had been looked at for years and all this interesting stuff imagine that proposed about it so why not more well supposing that they attempted this and it worked okay and let's say they survive what's interesting is that decade later or so handler right an article in which he talked about receiving what he believes were intelligent signal from straight from Mars a researcher guy named John and the teacher brought to my attention one day and yeah he suggested work in the Signal help who was talking about in that article work actually immunizations from this group that had been there like tomatoes what if they survive what if it worked Marion or why the little shit back possibility that I propose this break away that I call the 1903 obviously I called in the 1903 because that you're associated with this are you the story of a guy Winant has more airships Amar's you know if it worked my theory and they saw what they had who knows what they found on Mars consider what we think we're planning on Mars now don't just happen with that we just have fun with this let's say 104 years ago you guys really got there and they found the same remnants of that location that we think we're finding today okay what would you know what what they've done well I say that that was the decision point for that the turning point I say that when they would have looked at what they had what they found and that's when they decided to break away and make this technology very home because remember these are the guys who had developed these are the kind that you know they help kind of an ownership public and they were the ones who carried this part they were the ones doing it and that is kind of the basic background of how I came to this theory that they're in the breakaway that I call the 1903 I now if they just I don't know what they call themselves right I refer any 19 up 3 and philosophically in my opinion they would have been quite opposed to the ninja okay very much oppose the names right on so that's a great story that I love and quite a few building blocks now how do we connect the dots from from here to the current president or his family so that is the story that made my jaw drop and I can't Stephen Romano that sank well pointing it out to me Stephen amount around the gallery in New York and he and some other writers put together this book about Charles del shell which is primarily a large books full color plates Charles L. shells art is drawing to a peace flying contraptions from 1850 it much tarnishing book I recommend it highly to anyone really interested in that stuff and 1 day a couple years back maybe a year or so ago I I'd have to look Stephen asked me if I hadn't noticed this particular little back and drawing del shout get hundreds of these by the way I mean I have laid eyes on all of them still myself but Stephen pointed out but drawing which date back sometime between 1890 in 1910 that dell shout did well one of these flying machines from the 18 thirties which was designed and allegedly instructed by one of the original members of the Sonoran aeroclub okay and that man's name in the 18 thirties what trump T. R. U. N. P. and they're in his trying dating back sometime between 18901910 is the arrow and it has the name trump right there in the artwork I published an article on this course and I'll be including you know the discussion this in the new book but it's on my empire the wheeled up scroll down you'll find it you can't miss now so there was that and that made my jaw drop any could it be we know that Donald trump's family ancestors from Germany immigrated here in the nineteenth century was it possible that there is a connection between his family and this trump guy in the 18 fifties so nor aeroclub well you know it we just had that it would be this interesting little quirky yeah but there's the rest of the story and that's where the 1903 and now to give the quick background I argued that house Solomon injuries in the 18 sixties came to know about this anti gravity stuck in looking very possible he was associated somehow which members of the sonor aero club or one of the other groups that we don't know about you del shall just alluded to and so you might have had some of the Sonoran aero club guys involved in this black project is post civil war black project now remember Solomon Andrews called is boring machine the air on 80 R. O. N. and del shall you know he referred to the one the decade criers arrows any E. RO now I know that that's a prefix having to do anything aeronautical aeroplane you know and so are but it's interesting that there's a similarity in what the caller contraptions Hank now what I'm saying is if the pedigree up this black project includes guys from the sonor aero club in the 18 fifties interest black project that stood up post civil war in 1865 and was involved in the 18 nineties airship ministry we know that Donald Trump known ancestor was in the United States by the 18 eighties yeah he is also a descendant of the trump in the sun or aeroclub it's very possible that that show nor aeroclub trump you know had some contact with their something to do with Donald Trump ancestor that was here in the 18 eighties and that there might have been a trial involved in this 18 nineties airship mystery milieu okay now that's not even the interesting part we get to this 19 of restoring work hasn't was I said before allegedly you know an airship in design wise to Mars on on on so forth we you know subsequently know that has not gotten involved with secret U. S. technology as we got into World War 2 into that era we come to 1943 when Nikolic has what dies a he lived in a room in a hotel in New York City and the day he died federal agents showed up at his room and removed documents from his personal space okay now speculation is that the documents involved classify technology that he had been doing for the office naval research okay and the FBI wanted to take a look at the time at each papers so they hired or in which did an expert technical expertise to look at those documents this is history business practice no speculation here the FBI hired this individual with the technical expertise to look at has what's papers if they were allowed to see bipinnate okay and I believe the immigration service at the top that guy that they hired a look to tent most papers was John trump Donald Trump uncle you just spoke up on several occasions John trump what I believe in electrical engineering with an engineer and associated with MIT you can look him up real guy pregnant talk about him all the time he was the guy who would understand headless papers now we're told that John trump reported to the FBI there's nothing here that would be of great importance for the war effort right now you know but there are some interesting ideas I so that was a bombshell really that and the fact that there was a trump indecent or aeroclub so what do I extrapolate from the Senate it was strigulation I laid out for you how you know Donald trump's ancestors could have been involved in this whole airship mystery technology development of the nineteenth century yeah there were trucks involves when it your group I call the 19 lottery if there were charm that knew about what these guys have done in going to Mars okay and you know breaking away so establishing their own secret group it would be asserting their interest if they had their family member there guy John trump taken a look at tent was papers to see if there's any mention of this well what you want Mars or this 1903 group right and if John trump was involved in national played along you know you might have played it down United removed the part about any mention of the 1903 or make sure that that remained cheaper cost but whatever we didn't all speculation but we have the uncle of the current president United States and you know here you guy the FBI hired public intent was paid right we've got a slut which is well let your connections to the airship mystery you see the map an interesting man start to add up now people will obviously say did this have anything to do with dollar chart becoming president my a comment on that or this isn't it interesting yeah this guy yeah set aside personal opinions or whatever yeah I'm I'm not getting into a political discussion isn't it interesting that this particular guy who robbed so many people the wrong way and so forth on she takes on the 2 most powerful political family in the last 30 years right and they come across like blasted when grant nothing they try works there had it handed to them in their told thank you bye bye right and then you know Hillary hangs in there and look what it was she'd made to look like you gotta ask yourself wow who was powerful enough to where under the bush dynasty and the carton machine as important as they clearly Hey I mean look how soon jet was shot down oh my gosh tactics run run so you gotta ask yourself what's interesting is every person runs for president has a little mafia will say little and I don't mean the Italian mafia or you know whatever a little and you know they got a powerful group yeah power behind it and you don't ask locate who was behind truck with the Russians know that Reagan ridiculous okay I suggest based on all the stuff we're talking about this trump innocent or aeroclub here you know uncle John being well yeah I got to see the famously mysterious total papers like about that you've got this airship mystery history milieu you got trumps involved in that room maybe I'm right maybe there is this group that yeah I called in 1903 and it makes a lot of sense that mimic well would back up the Clinton machine that names would also at the same time back up the bush dynasty because when those 2 groups were talking about globalists we're talking about neo cons were talking you know about modern fashion socialist yeah 2 side and corny don't want to do the same thing with their power in the world they are clear name yet cut out in my perspective so you would have been into behind then what who could stand up tenant that theoretically with all the stuff I've said so far today who could stand up and then go well this month or group that's right this other group in 1903 that what I say about them before they would have I firmly believe they would have been do if they exist oppose names that and apparently they can match their power because I suggest that to the mafia behind Donald trumps waiting pregnant you back to it behind back to help him continent Lee take on I mean because look at the Clinton dynasty artbook bush dynasty and the court machine you know clearly they're both willing to do root thing right okay and they look like so but again you know trumps machine that's true the one other element I wanted to bring up to I don't know if you saw this but John G. trump gave an interview for I school of radionics archival library you can find it on you tube it's an all black and white interview where they got a minute old age of you see in this no I I don't know it is amazing because they're so many key words in and he talks about working for Weston when that became Bell Labs when they change their name to bell labs he also mentions himself in the first person on camera he mentions consulting Vandiver bush personally on his thesis and then whenever recommended that you connect with another scientist whose name I can't remember hadn't heard before but another scientist who was working on some wild theories that Vandiver said he checked out and they seemed to have some merit so he has this problem he can't solve it is the says he goes to Vandiver bush and then ever bush recommends this guy who's working on wild theories so that key term wild theories and sets off all kinds of alarm bells in my head and it is so interesting to see that particular interview and it ties it right into this nexus but I guess my only fusion or contention that would be that it seems like maybe we have a criminal or underground network to just change the horses they are going to back because Goldman Sachs is funding both sides in a large way we have this interviewer John G. trump is working in the same building as Vandiver bush I wonder if for some reason they just set out with the old we're gonna go a different direction but it's still the same mafia or at least elements of it at the top things are so inter connected it's really hard to separate out to groups but you know you would know better than me all unless you come from the perspective I'm gonna share so maybe you'll eliminate this with an example now for 3 years when I was in Australia for my 3 years at Wright Patterson airforce base I was chief of a counter espionage operations branch what that is double agent operations okay now in the intelligence world you have a group of opposing factions many times working side by side in a third party group all I'm and so you know number one error in potentially a big explanation for what you just pointed out so we can be confused if you're outside the whole perspective you know what happened meet guys to work in the same place they must be in cahoots and that might not be in that case it might have been that you have group a in group B. okay let's say they want to infiltrate yeah BR now no one actually infiltrate they just want hair dye so kind of you know the whole match there and maybe move up the management structure right eventually some point have some influence over the FBI workgroup a recruiting their young workers their young candidates and you know they get them to apply and they get them to become agents and they help their career where they can now during the course of the day duty day these people yelling and what's a group leader thinking a group Randy oppose each other but they each have their own young folks becoming FBI agent okay now during the day where duty day needs agents on each respectively represent repair group be they are FBI agents and they go about their duties in an honest way there with Jim Lee following the long they're doing with FBI agents do such right behind them in which group from which they can you know recruited to become an FBI agent and where ever they hop around in their career be it yet ya get the military be whatever you know and it's ACA whatever they are still group a boy or will be all okay they're not being traitors or not telling secrets they shouldn't tell they just have that association now grouping grouping oppose each other they might each have their boys their respective agents on the same squad working bank robbers are working national security or whatever on the same squad you know from opposing factions but in the course of their duties they're doing in the FBI their opportunities they're doing it right there doing it legally you're doing it right yeah they're still associate with different factions to what degree there each you know these 8 representatives would be aware that they were really you know recruited by these groups that differs but what I'm saying is yeah I'm gonna say that goes on a lot more than people with real and that could explain why you have John G. trump the same place and Janet were bush and whoever else you know yeah the other issue here's the contention I have with my own theory if this 1903 broke away and this technology where the heck were they during the world wars sure we really couldn't you one during World War 2 especially and I of course argue it ends up being behind the Nazis you know never so well the real big enemy as well and not you in World War 2 where was it 19 up 3 well in my opinion the answer to that well they had just broken away in 1903 the person mensa had 70 or 80 years on them okay I'm when the 1903 breaks away they still had to develop themselves in their technology and make their things stronger this is why I argue that they emerged you know around 2018 in our political process because they finally could I argue that decisions when they finally stood up and said we're here and we're here to play hard and that kinda took the yeah by surprise so that too could explain how you have a guy like John trumpet is affiliated with the 22 working in the same place and and the guys who we know we're military industrial complex associated neo non neo Nazi associated name plus oceanic okay because in 1903 wasn't developing well insult back about it you get your agents your double agents into Westinghouse or excuse me bell labs or you you know you get them into the military industrial complex to see what they are developed because you know it's my contention that our military industrial complex obviously with each operation paperclip Nazi history in the foundation right I argue that that's an insult okay anywhere you see post World War 2 not the military industrial complex that you throwing them yet on there in the background so naturally at the 1903 is trying to build itself up you able to match then ends up and you know I'm not them well they're gonna put their guys as close to what names are doing in this military industrial complex they so that they can kinda you look corporate espionage so to speak I think what they're doing so that they can tailor their own development so that's the best explanation I can come up with so far for the question where were these guys during the world wars they just weren't able to take on them is a monopoly but wow not Batman you make a really compelling case and of course counterintelligence is your expertise so we have to strongly consider the way you break this down the way you see it and I wanted to throw on a couple added elements to the dell shower drawn that reads trump because it is so eerily similar to the way they stamp trump right across trump tower it's right in the very top yeah similar type font I mean there's just a real synchronicity in the way it's displayed and what is the deal with his trunk that just got to stamp their name on everything that seems to be something that's part of our their DNA and also another synchronicity that is just too wild to believe almost but this particular photo is in del showers series 4500 if I'm not mistaken and trucks the 40 fifth president up at all ain't that interesting that's a whole conversation right there great that has to do with the number 9 and that's a whole conversation and I am not surprised you know I was aware that the whole election that whoever would win would beat the 40 that president and just with the 9 going alone and not fact when Stephen Romano pointed those wake up to me and it went up 4500 years I laughed out loud and I said well of course now to go back to the name I would just think about something think of the exoteric magical implications of that name okay then aim crop okay I ask you what did Donald Trump you in the primaries what did he do to Hillary Clinton what did you do to all of them he prompting them just like in the card game and we use the term trucking it's been used for years as kind of a euphemism for I would yell at yeah so big gotten guy it names crop so when you plaster that name on your stuff you're bringing the power of that harm that okay misses magic perform amenities like a lot how yeah but it works you're saying Bluemont trump in you I trump you right and so when you see my name in all caps red letters goal going there it basically saying whatever you can do I will do better and how will your ass and to me there is why when you say what's up with the guy you know I'm venture to say we each had a name like that we might use it the same way I mean my first name when I was a kid and learn what Walter means strong ruler Barney oh well yeah I'd love I have fun with that all the time but why don't go by what were wildly I go by Walter because that strong yeah strong real army so I'm it's the same thing and I think that's why I don't know you know on-again inerrant where we'd demonizing healthy ego we demonized healthy aggression and you know we want to take it she's and the musculature off of the male in our society okay we wanna neutered make and gentle but nature says otherwise now I don't advocate running around being approved okay who bullied everybody and much more about what but this whole there is a healthy ego in Reno now the rah rah you know Arab I'm think that yeah then very productive in a positive way but we live in a time where we're supposed to denying that be polite denied that well you know my view is I'm almost 54 years old I gave up on that polite crap years ago but yeah I will not be needed we're not meant that some money brain that you know there's other got it when it early on and you're not gonna neuter mean look what I can accomplish and you know that's kind of my I think that I also want to throw in a couple elements of internet speculation here with this trump saga but and several situations we've seen fiction that mirrors real events in real covert projects 1 well known example would be the book about the mighty ship the Titan and it's crashing the iceberg written 14 years before the Titanic saga yeah well a parallel theme comes up in this saga too and I'm curious to get your thoughts on it because in 1893 it right in the heart of all this stuff a woman living in New York named Ingersoll Lockwood wrote a book called barren trumps marvelous underground journey where this boy goes down into the inner earth through a tunnel in Russia the same author also wrote several other books in this barren trump series including 1 called the last president which describes severely polarized American crowds riding and the riots start at a hotel on Fifth Avenue could that be trump tower that icing on this cake the book describes the riots starting on the day of November 3 which just so happens to fall on the next election day and 2020 so if the German last name of the 40 fifth president appears in series 45 0 of the secret German airship drawings what the hell is going on with this book series ... isn't that extremely delightful I love that kind of stuff look there is most definitely something going on what it is exactly I couldn't tell you the whole thing I will say the reason I am convinced of that in personally is due to things that I personally stumbled upon for myself years ago and that has to do with why I wrote and how I found the threats to pull in the empire the wheel books that I've written in really in everything I agree but I don't have enough to you know go forward and say template laid why I'm convinced there's something going on but in this kind of thing we're talking about the initial round books are just a tiny example ... it kinds of things that are out there some people have suggested time travel okay you know like there's some time travel machine and on and on so forth you know I don't mean to work back I do for you grinned in charcoal entertained possibility that you know looking through time within a remote viewing context you know well maybe there's something like that going on but indeed at first when I heard it I thought all these books can't be real this yeah speak no pun intended trumped up I had to buy one you get one yeah about a physical copy because I couldn't believe it and it's real right now it's real yep that's my understanding to its real well it could be what's happened with this which look from the remote viewing perspective you know by no means was remote viewing the basic concept of it nonexistent before the SR I guys get it for their it now famous army operation remote viewing it Contiki been going on since human again I would say meaning you guys were able to remote view across time I don't know or may be they understood something about the mathematics of reality fabric of reality and how certain numbers are indicators of destiny and fate okay and maybe they understood how to put in so to speak in the fabric of reality because the ripple down the line now yeah getting yeah also very esoteric things here but maybe they understood how to manipulate that now there is this concept I was introduced to it by century and forgive me I can't bear the name of the guy who originated it you got it from but there was this concept of the one you see if I get this right yeah the axis such circumstance and what doctor but denier okay now centuries interpretation and we have discussed at great length is that you have which actually circumstances are all aligned with the factors in your personal life they're out of your control like who your parents are like you know when you were a kid where they had you live and things like that right enough things in the greater world out there that you don't control most of the circumstances you would which in your wife you have to deal with that doctor of desire is the degree to which your will up tax your life within the context of those circumstances now maybe somebody in trump's family passed understood something about that factor of desire and how it could affect or culture worse yet yeah acting circumstances for someone down their line okay now we're getting into weird stuff because quite frankly the existence of that book is damn where players okay demand that we get we're and get way outside the box on the aspect we went what do I think is going on I'm not quite sure but I am certain something's going on there right some willing on their end I think it involves the true story of the 20 century Dutch group great mystery of our times you all these people say you know all you expose the greatest mystery of our time please give me a break the mystery of the U. appropriate a subset of something bigger right okay footnote you but ... is not the big deal slopes but it relates that that that's not original with me that you are both I think you said that you oppose or a subset larger hope extraterrestrial thing that you know that hopes that's not the end all be all answer to what we're talking here we're talking about something's been going on specifically for the last 0 in 150 years some guns angle one on that you can catch when he woke when you really look close Africa reality and it loosely I'm and and it just hasn't really you can listen for a reason and that because I think the way things work and somebody has figured out how to manipulate it and as I argue usually when I'm being critical of Chanel Caribbean will pocket all the alleged whistle blowers what I argue is you figured out how to travel each time or interest time or whatever I argue that you were like we going to consider not black thing it not going on that damn radio show what it whatever not just one court and saying I am a time traveler I mean that's why I really would be yes lag on those guys first of all if it were true they would have been silenced before they got to that point where they would've been silenced after the very first time they ran their mouth okay I don't I don't care what they say or what they're asking you to argue my point is somebody for the last 0 years or so has really figured out how then written down the line time and space and they've been messing with that and it's a deep deep secret yeah I mean I agree for sure and I wanna get back to your work specifically to but the last thing I want to say about this is that the writer of back to the future has also clearly stated that biff tandem is based on Donald Trump and it's probably the most famous time travel movie in history here most famous time travel series in history and that's a pretty interesting coincidence till when you think about it okay my question and I understand the whole thing about this but now when he becomes the not the second one my favorite one of those third one by the way oak tree it's in the old west and in retrospect we kind of feel like the whole summer aeroclub era ranks but anyway was the writer of that saying there beef pork near the whole truck became president era or is this been something he said after that I do think it's something that he said I mean this may be slightly before the election time but I think there's some similarities if you look at their hairstyles for sure if you look at the facts here if was a casino guy writing the movie has like a big trump like it well that that's what I'm curious because if you did what he's saying predates truck becoming president then that does indeed make that whole development of those 3 films all the more interesting you could be trying to capitalize you know just on a popular cultural motif you know yeah can't rule that out for sure right but when you add those elements of the hairstyle the attitude in general the fact that he has the casinos and the fact that he has that painting of himself about his does that's a very trump type but then so I'm gonna I'm gonna give it to him I think well I'm gonna be having it it's interesting hanging in the hall in my mom's house our total portal to my sister's thing and I okay when I had mine done I had put on a larger it's the largest picture help all of them in our hall it's mounted on you know like Gaia well not a picture frame but when you get your pictures I'm sorry I it might it be 3 year old mind I guess anyway you know I did it is a good and it's placed I what I did was when I hung up the hall it hang higher than all the other photos right that's what you get with the only boy in the family name Walter a moment and I'm gonna be having another large and a portrait side done from my official book cover author photo done and I do these things kind of halfway you know really as a group I even was joking with my sister there's a place online where you can get a Boston native yourself alright all that's going to be a Christmas present for everybody yeah yeah I totally get shot I did the same thing in high school I got my mom a cardboard cut out of myself and I got my dad a tie with a my picture and all over it so they so I get the appeal on yeah I I that's part of it that boyish bear and you know we'll talk about a guy like trump you know look what what I know they say all you got all these bankruptcies will not let me tell you something he's made a whole lot more money than I ever had or probably ever will you know so you gotta let roosters crow a little bit your money now and again not in political discussion but it's funny how when it's your own rooster 11 crow and sing all day when it's the other guy's rooster you want to shut the hell up right you know but are not well site in this both sides do that's what's really going on people was political magic okay where we're being divided for a reason that they don't want us really coming together that's true outside with you on the upper sure and I death also agree with you about the use of healthy ego especially humor in regards to that too but I guess I would probably just stay up for my own clarity that I probably split with you in thinking that no trumps motivations for his ego inflation are the same as mine were in that day or what I would consider to be something that's healthy but that's just my opinion I definitely agree with you also that they are working to divide us and that's probably the bigger issue but I also want to switch gears a little bit and get into some other interesting things that you've been talking about I know a lot of the inside information you have seems to come from disclosures you got from your father and a mentor that you had when you were working for military intelligence and since we last talked you wrote a book called shimmering light lost an MK ultra house of our new which talks about a situation where your father was involved in a crashed UFO retrieval and 1958 if I have this right he seems to have the impression that the pilots were an alien but a branch of humans that broke off from humanity in ancient times and colonized underground which seems to vibe with a lot of things we've been talking about you tell us a little more about the story there and how it ties then too maybe the larger saga sure to better define actually what's in there because it can get confusing okay he encountered under the ground humans that had gone underground during a circus cataclysm across the planet it is my understanding and I hope the book conveys this upon reading that the group that was civilization that was allegedly flying the plane that crashed at Roswell that was specifically a different group than the humans he encountered that had gone underground they were yes really based underground this group showing the machine but they were a group of humans up another civilization from another place that's how I get into discussing the way to demand because they may have then the group flying the device may specifically about a group of humans from some other place off this planet outside our world that came here in ancient times and I have stayed here and influences human civilization while China remaining separate from a certain I should say and I get into this in the new book they helped develop us for awhile but then they withdrew and became very selective with their encounters with us this is all the hearing speculation and dish matching the lore of this group called the 2 way Eden and I started and I go into this in the book I'm not gonna try to go into it here even put it up on there but I had started referring to them which way down into and I explain why in the book to show the distinction between the original group we're talking about and their human client tribes or cultures or nations that day backed up okay and that actually are the ones mostly discussed in the Celtic lore and history of what was going on and you know prehistoric Europe and on and so forth it is the group that came from the other world that I called its way to New that is in the context of who I think and exactly what my dad was describing did I confuse the issue more no no no because that Celtic lore is exactly what I was going to ask you about is its connection there because in one year you tube videos you describe the similarities between these quote unquote alien beings that people experience and very lower and actually some of the technology described in that lower matches what kind of shape shifting cloaking technology that's talked about his experiences and I am not first to go there really know first guy to go there that I was introduced to this concept by what a shock now way yeah in shame at the UFO investigator 6070 it in the eighties and into the nineties and he we really began to see the similarity and the more he dug into it the more he found this group specifically its way to know Twitter then and take it away essentially the same route attend their and what's interesting is that I'm not the only guy to notice this really after he reached a point where he began to see that similarity between the alleged extraterrestrials and that way and that's very lower and all that he really really kind of backed off writing about you expose and doing so much of that and I think that's significant and I'm not the only one who's noticed this and my understanding from people I know who have had very recent you know private conversations with and he still holds that basic position now that's not to say that either he or I deny the possibility or the existence of extraterrestrials yes of course I can't take this yes of course he thinks exist yes of course they are responsible for a certain percentage about UFO's so to speak but it cannot be discounted the kitten and the encounters which really reflect more this way group now that said I go into this in my book the original route of this Tway are off this planet Akhbar were let's say on our reality because they're either from another planet or another dimension oh boy I said and yes there are things that I've come across in my research and other things that make me speaker but confidently that I know I don't go into publicly out more right about part of that is because it there thing that I cannot offer any documentary evidence or or not that I feel it justifies you know putting it you know I want people I I'm not gonna ask people for money to buy a book just or what sure take my word for it speculation I try in my book and my talks to present the things that I can point to either documents or any known proven historical context to back it up right but in the realm of those things I don't talk about end won't talk about are the thing that convinced me well the direction I'm going with this serious way yeah well I am intrigued man I really do think you do great work I know there will be comments that say there is no such thing as an axe military intelligence guy and you know what all those guys I hope you're listening right now okay you know what I wish because I'd be getting a paycheck I'm okay if you're my house right now I need cabinets in the kitchen some of my drawers are missing they're facing yellow I just might might tiling I I just you know mark I live in a house falling apart I don't have the money to fix it up you know if I were in fact okay I wouldn't be you know my life would be a lot different manner okay so here's why I laughed at them they're ignorant they don't know what the hell they're talking about okay and because I know that I'm not you know that get info a jet and a court will say well you know he's going to say that but you know they've gone so far down the paranoia stream that they need to check themselves run but what can we do again that's part of it crossing the Rubicon they're gonna say what they're gonna saying maybe what I put out there is an important for them to consider you know I have to consider that to be just may not be anything they need yeah well I understand their perspective overall just because people you know the community has been burned in the past but I've always thought of you specifically as honest about your background honest about what's been disclosed to you versus what speculation and when your body of work is compared to the anti missile you know epic tales of jump rooms to Mars or Corey goods wild stories it seems way more plausible and that.seem to have some logic to their connections and it's based on more than just personal testimony so I appreciate and I put in a different category that a lot of that other stuff thank you I hope that it would be you know my background my honesty about it it does help with my credibility because I'm one of the guys with that background you know who really does have the background that I claim but who is not out there trying to sell you know all lined up or scrap you make a but you know there's things I could be doing that would be making me a lot more money I just found out recently that some of these guys get paid when they do these podcasts break I'm not to do any of you know what I'm gonna do a podcast gassed union we got a shot that down right now it like what does it what what do you mean you know there's a particular researcher said you know my age it makes me charge act number of dollars might want but wait a minute going on there's one I'm doing wrong well I will say that the only time that ever come up in the years of I've been doing this is ... the liaisons for Steven Greer asked what the compensation would be and I was like I don't know yeah I you know I look at doing these things as this is promotion you know I guess yeah it's a win win yeah I get to tell people where to buy my books if they choose to yeah it I you know I finally reluctantly put a donate button on my empire the wheel blocks by just because you know well everybody else do I and yeah I am black broken it would help but you've never heard me this is the first time I think I've mentioned it on your show ever that I have a donate button I don't push the hell out of it and it just recently tweeted at well everyone should get supported for their work and I don't think that we should segregate the conspiracy community and say oh if you're making money off work in this rom only that it's bullshit but yet every other realm of life people are supposed to do what they're good at and what they're injured what they enjoy right and no one else does it have any merit on their authenticity right and I think that's a serious issue for us I remembered my point my opponent get to it I do these podcasts because I look at it and promotions even when I speak it and then if I make any money from that and then you know they paper I tell them you need to pay for my transportation in my lodging and give me some space to sell some books that's where I make anything in it putting my book on a table I'm not paid to actually speak at something I haven't met that I recall or if I was it was like you know nominal impacting I did one TV appearance right just discovered that I productive mail and you know the taxing both thing they need to I guess Hey you know I I haven't even pursued what it is you know a nominal fee I spoke to get on that that shows you do I want to make money yeah but you know my perspective the and well people who are interested much stuff will hopefully by my books and that's how I make my money right I don't think of you every time I open my mouth or gain to appear you know before the masses that I get paid I mean I consider it I'm lucky that you're asking me to do this so that anybody who asked me to do their show it like how cool you know ask them to Haney in this thing I I don't know I just I feel very lucky to have great guests to I mean there's some excellent excellent research being done out there and the fact that they'll come on and spent a couple hours of me is very humbling to but it is a win win the media game we play yeah it is fun to think about the fact that we're addressing a crowd larger than the capacity of Madison Square Garden several times over we don't even have to leave the house and that's sad man big banks keep doing what you do I'm really looking forward to that new book coming out I'm sure we can talk about more stuff and more details when it does and until then keep it up already thank you Gregg for having me on and I look forward to talking with you again you got a man have to go on are you to and boom goes the dynamite good people the internet boom in deed Walter Mosley he's the god damn man and I don't know these critical enough of trump for half the year out there but when hitting a guy like trump is so fashionable you kinda gotta respect a contrarian I have a lot of nice things to say about any president but it is just funny when I know I'm gonna see comments like oh I had to shut this off when the guest started justifying charms behavior as if you couldn't possibly get past something like that to actually hear the super unique an interesting things that the cast does that to say it's like how do you deal with your grandparents or your gun loving uncle don't we all spend time with friends and family that have views on politics or philosophy or religion that's different than us does anyone actually just do a 180 and walk the other way we shouldn't be so rigid that's the only reason I'm kinda on this thing again many of us are pretty on edge right now in caught up in a particular identity your world view and I'm just trying to bring everybody to the table and say look I don't care what each of us thinks about trump is a man or as a president I just think it's fuckin amazingly weird that his name is on these Charles del shower drawings I think it's fuckin fascinating that his uncle had the career that he had was just hold hands around the digital campfire and take in those incredible facts and what they could mean I don't care that Walter is a bit more pro military as outlook I mean that's his world he grew up in that stuff worked in that stuff and that's the reason he has a lot of the insights the actually gets to share with us me I'm a week nerd is held a gun 3 times in his life so funny how works out right clearly our experiences shape us a whole lot and it doesn't make one person right and one wrong necessarily regardless I did like Walters explanation of how he sees the shadow government operating and that every candidate has its own small M. mafia backing them and you can't agents and double agents in the same groups because these operations in this espionage and these plants they are new so their strings are more and more tangled as time goes on that's how I see things to to a large degree but I'm glad we got to do this I finally got to talk to someone at length about the weirdness that is barren trumps journey into the and earth and all this tussle stuff and that's another trigger that's gonna set off some flat earth bands how can test will build a crap to Mars in 19031 space isn't real well we don't know what's real and what isn't unless we're talking about the moon landing footage but it has been all the CG I and fake stuff for NASA that sent me down the rabbit hole more than anything else and I think the more likely interpretation of that buggery is that we have shadowy groups that are much further along than they want us to believe and I'll cite Gary McCann and getting into the Pentagon computers and seeing a list of military astronauts stationed on space platform is more than a decade ago and there are many little conspiracy sagas like Gary McKinnon's and I don't think those of the sy ops I think those are the small tears and the veil of secrecy so maybe this narrative is possible I definitely like it and let's give Walter some props for all the aspects of subterranean life and lost cities that enters into his work in his anecdotes as this was going on I was thinkin what god damn Walter me have a lot more of a synergy when it comes to the aspects of the alternative world that we like to see most I mean even go back to the first show I ever did with Walter about his book latitude 33 the arcane science and hermetic engineering of the happiest place on earth that is a great topic right lay lines and natural magic word Disneyland this place and a secret mission series is right up my alley too so I think Walter deserves more credit and attention then he gets which makes me happy I'm back on the higher side and also on the subject of his books he did want me to mention that he pulled most of his books from Amazon you know we all fight our battles against the various overbearing Titans of industry and now he sells his books on that's al you al and then you can search Walter Bosley and find his whole repertoire but let him know you like this show thrown some love it's hard out here for a pimp we all want to feel appreciated once in awhile speaking of appreciation big thanks to everyone who participated in my reddit AMA 95 percent positive comments and questions so I can't complain over 100 cues were aid and another betanews people who have been hoping and wishing and praying for a higher side live event you need pray no more it's happenin the higher side chats with Greg Carl what in the tinfoil hat with Sam trip we are doing a joint podcast live in front of an audience at the ice house comedy club in Pasadena I am really psyched I am really nervous you don't want to throw a party that nobody shows up for and I got a bit of my reputation out there on the line and these comics are hoping I can actually put asses in seats and people actually might want to see me it's only 10 Bucks it's on October 10 at the ice house in Pasadena please please please come if you can I think there are tickets still available I did have a couple dozen people tell me they were gonna come just from the social media posts but you can trust about 10 percent of that usually I don't know how we're gonna do the guests I think Sam says we have Eddie Bravo for all the roving bands out there I've never met Eddie but I'm kinda site to so that's my deal signed up for plus if you wanna get twice as much higher side today with Walter we got into the underground chamber found below Carlsbad caverns and the remnants of an ancient civilization we talked about the story of his father and the humans he encountered that had gone underground what Walter's military mentor told him was found in Antarctica in the 19 fifties that's pretty amazing also David Wilcock and Corey good for people who know those names and then we talked about other stories from the subterranean realms all good stuff classic higher side stuff I hope you join the club the higher side chats I also posted a really interesting newspaper article I found from tassels day about one of his discoveries or inventions that I'd never heard of it and eternal youth chair where he's quoted in describing how everyone will look forever young when they get zapped by his electrical current it's really interesting kinda relates to what we talked about today but you can see the article on the plus forums and before I really get out of here there is one more thing I was watching Roger stone's press conference today and if you haven't watched the Netflix stock get me Roger stone wow you should talk about a guy who has some serious influence behind the curtain but he was talking to the media today about the whole Russian collusion thing and he made one pretty interesting remark I did you have any other application is beyond none whatsoever and I had made that public yesterday we released the entire exchange which takes place I believe queen August 15 and September night many weeks after the publication by wikileaks of the idea and see material meaning collusion with the ghost of her and the hacking and release of that material would be impossible unless I owned a time machine which I do not yeah you might not Roger which you just might know someone who does well that's it for me folks your move time traveling trumps names the Nazis in the secret order of the Martian colony your cock and yeah move only then yeah from the sky no Louis V. those strangers and as you know sausage could he so love home N. stuff they get home all phone do anything Hans hello small we I hadn might be let toon and long Khan and we so this want to then have since and in //
"2017-09-16 03:37:13"
Anthony Patch | Geoengineering, The 5G Conspiracy, & The A.I. Takeover
\\well you true to say that ... I how's it going good people the internet curriculum during smoke a little smoke and my head above water in the tub anyway go hungry Caro it into show by saying years this the most based approach to here's the way ever had and I on we was next you might remember Anthony patch appearing here before for a CERN portal to Saturn see show that I really really enjoyed even though I was well aware of Anthony paradigm then we were able to leave a lot of that bias out of the discussion because especially with this audience I didn't think a lot of us would hold that world view that said I think Anthony is a great speaker and is able to give a clear and methodical breakdown of the science better than most other available options but in this show the focus didn't just stay on the science I think I've been vocal enough over the years that listeners will know how I feel about that but I personally still think we have a really important show here and I hope people are able to mentally cut around the things they might not be into an extract some really useful information about the possible dark agendas behind new technologies and 5 G. in particular I would also say that I do understand from Anthony's perspective why he's not able to just leave the religious and spiritual implications off the table if he really thinks were approaching the time of revelation and the rapture how can he be expected to be quiet about it so I get it and I understand and I hope that he understands my want to brace you for some of that and to clarify that that's not me but really this is a podcast where I invite guests on to fully conceptualize their research and world views to us not then them to my worldview and it's actually quite interesting to get into this depth of the Christian paradigm in relation to the sources of Silicon Valley at least once and we recorded this just 7 days ago and of course the hurricane hype talk is kinda died down but I still think my comments on how to think about the super storms checks out you'll have to see so let's get down to it it's time to forced off the floor reason thrust ourselves deep into the abyss that is 5 G. technologies CERN crisper geo engineering and the other ingredients that make up the weaponized science soup with today's conspiratorial shop Anthony here we go our side shatters I don't think it surprises anyone anymore to say that the latest technology has some pretty dark implications and why wouldn't it when the first question is always cannot be weaponized most of it comes from the nexus of deep state military intelligence and the criminal corporations they work with anyway the story seems to be the same we have mind altering and people pacifying products like television and gaming consoles the unnecessary chemical engineering of the food supply crisscrossing of high frequency fields everywhere you look at an emerging picture of clarity that the internet isn't the savior of mankind but the slow roll of total control and a data collecting digital prison well when it comes down to the dissection of these dark agendas few do it better than the great Anthony patch he's a researcher author and speaker as well as the producer of untangled magazine who has been here once before talking about CERN the electric universe model and the agenda the tear open the fabric of reality and allowing some entity probably no one here it was a wild ride to say the least I'm psyched to see us strapped in for another one so let's do it decoder of demonic agendas and translator of technologies arcane language Anthony patch welcome back to the higher side well I don't think anybody could ask for a nicer introduction and not my friend and slow roll of control that whole era way to go baby thank you thank you I do what I can I try it's good to be back with you yeah man absolutely I think we all learned a lot last time and of course they've always got some new force to be worried about it has been 2 years since upper show even though it seems like just yesterday and for a little while look like you weren't gonna be speaking publicly about these things anymore it made some statements and I got a lot of messages from concerned listeners about it now it seems like you're doing quite well which obviously is great but I gotta ask you was there a period of time where things just seemed too hot to talk about they did and my good friend Clyde Lewis from ground 0 radio he and I were attending a conference that he sponsored called ground 0 university and we had a couple inches gentleman in the audience who met myself and then a few minutes later Clyde Lewis and basically asked us to stop what we're doing what they said to me was we like what you're saying but we'd like you to stop I got the hint and what really the icing on the cake was 20 minutes later they met with Clyde Lewis and they shook his hand interestingly they did not shake mine Sir 30 minutes there Clyde Lewis is in a hospital in the emergency room near death suffering from a transfer poisonings of the palm while so we backtracked that little of and a little bit determined where we strongly believe these guys came from and it was not an intelligence agency but I'm not gonna state the name of the private company which has to do with quantum computing that it was 2 gentlemen from this quantum computing company and I was talking about things there were about 6 months ahead of what they wanted publicly released and so that was a little bit of detective work to Clyde and I did on that but that's about as far as I'm gonna go as far as identifying where we suspect they came from she is well I'm obviously it's great you guys are both doing all right there's no shortage of people are thankful to have you fight the good fight and share in the stock with us obviously these are highly charged times we got a lot of things going on the west coast is burning other parts of the country are dealing with hurricane season one for the record books and we're recording just a few days before we really know where Irma is gonna hit but no denying its are records that are you know scary stopper people in those areas now yeah but in fact there are good friend of mine Dana week in 10 you may know of from geo engineering he has been on my show on true frequency radio a couple of times now and he has a outstanding breakdown on his YouTube channel Dane Wigginton's geo and engineering YouTube channel regarding not just suspicions but I think outright bold statements and evidence good evidence empirical evidence that this is a man made geo engineered storm on both this one and the one in Texas and I agree with them and we will feature Dane waiting 10 as one of my speakers said an upcoming conference that I am putting together September 16 and seventeenth and we will be speaking specifically about geoengineering amongst a whole host of other topics including my after mentioned friend Clyde Lewis will be talking about the occult origins of high technology I'm I saw that line up it does look great and of course being a conspiracy guy anytime some like this happens you know I get a lot of messages just like you do asking that this was up weaponized weather situation and I really can't say I really am not a big fan of generally over sensationalizing something when I got friends and family that are actually hit the road right now but like you said there are some indications out there and I've also seen I not to feel very confident that the military has the technology to move storms around and has for decades so if they aren't using it to protect Houston or the Virgin Islands or Florida well I mean that alone is kind of talent yeah we look at not only the present storm Irma with each track in its intensity Senate's formation that actually has a double wall why which is never been seen before so 2 concentric rings forming the eye of the hurricane much less the 85 mile an hour sustained winds for now well over 30 6:00 hours which broke all the records the previous was 13 hours I've sustained winds of 185 plus and then of course the track of the hurricane that went through Texas state park itself for 4 days over San Antonio and did a loop and headed back offshore which again that weather channel guys were all saying we've never seen this before this is unprecedented 50 inches of water on the ground I mean come on the evidence is there are not beating you up on short of being rhetorical here sure I'm just saying that the evidence is pretty clear cut that these are not natural and I think anybody observing us would agree the source of it being unnatural can we say it's actually the military industrial complex of any government around the world at play well you have to have the evidence but I I go to a guy like dating Whittington who's really focused on that and look at his evidence that he presents a geo engineering watchdog or myself I've focused on things like you know quantum mechanics particle physics DNA manipulation and quantum computing but I certainly concede the fingerprints not of the gods but of the demons involved in this if you will because I am a Christian and I look at things through the lens of biblical scripture so sure and also I think there's probably a case to be made that parallels war on terror if you're constantly saying that we have a war on terror then you're gonna need high profile Terrapins to support that claim if you're bringing the climate change alarm bells you're gonna need record setting storms to support that claim as well so it makes sense it's just hard to know what extent the manipulation goes when it comes to specific cases yeah it really doesn't you and I are on the same page in terms of fear mongering we do not want to promote fear were about providing information that then become solutions and guidance and I had zaap and I agree with your family I have friends literate Florida's well that are already on the road so yeah we're not playing around we're not trying to needlessly scare anybody I think your mission and my mission is simply to raise awareness through education right shares that one other point I wanted to make and as you know there's oftentimes Easter Terrick in symbolic aspect of these things and someone pointed out to me that the name Harvey is a French origin meaning battle where the and the record setting Irma is a German name meaning war goddess it's also a Teutonic name meanings serpents and does that sort of blew my mind man the meaning of Irma and particulars pretty on the nose yeah interesting that the theme is battle because the conference that I'm putting together with my host of speakers and their relative variance research is called full spectrum dominance which is a military term and it is a subheading of a divine battle plan and we are taking the principles and the theories and strategies from the art of war by sun shoe I think you'll agree with me Greg by your introduction here we are stepping into a battlefield were already engaged in a battle but we're stepping into our brand new battlefield and I'm just going to quote a short piece of scripture from the announcement and Anthony regarding this full spectrum dominance conference and that is Ephesians 612 for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers against principalities against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places no I think that pretty well sums it up we have a physical and the spiritual battlefield it we are engaged in and our purpose of this conference is to provide what we call tip of the spear brand new information never been released in public from each of the speakers we have David have honor who's a 30 year history of movie production and Hollywood talking about the media Allana Freeland who like with Dane wake antennas all about full spectrum dominance about geoengineering Allana house her slice of research on that Kathleen ... card is a public author will be speaking to the spiritual side Sydney burns and noted it engineer will be talking about his threat matrix which encompasses many of the things you and I are going to talk about today which has to do with quantum computing slide you technology artificial intelligence and of course Clyde Lewis talking about the occult aspects to high technology so we're giving you a broad approach of topics but were in a battlefield and we're here to provide people with information so that they can make their own decisions how best to deal with what we are being confronted with and from the Christian perspective we are definitely stepping into the last few moments of the last days dare I say we September 23 related to revelation 12 the birthing of Jupiter in the constellation Virgo possibly possibly indicates the beginning of the 7 year tribulation she hit yeah well I can definitely aligned with fighting the good fight of course not conference lineup seems pretty spectacular and you switch gears a little bit and get more into the things that are in your wheelhouse the reason we got together is that I recently heard you break it down that technology and gender behind the 5 G. roll out and I have to say that for awhile now I've had real reservations about cell phones and wife by I can't say I've done much about it in my personal life but how many of us would really be surprised if we found out cell technology became the cigarettes out cancer causing scandal of our times and now how kind of them they're kicking it up a notch for us aren't they they really are there many of the proponents in the corporate world that say that that 5 G. on a commercial and we'll see rollout solely rollout by 2021 in fact where I'm sitting right now when I log in to my wife my system I can see 5 G. systems why G. hot spots that are in my neighborhood already so that's just a taste of it but I have in my entangled magazine which is an online magazine that I publish every month with a number of notable contributors I have an article that I compost is entitled brain hacking and out is seen the entangled magazine September issue and there I break it down in terms of the topic of 5 G. which is a millimeter wave system well wifi broadcast lasting and merge that with the topic of mind control and I actually get into the specifics from the physiological side as well as from the electromagnetic spectrum side of how do you actually achieved through 5 G. systems of broadcast how do you actually target individuals and manipulate their brain such that you can direct your motor activity with their body direct their slots an implant thoughts and change memory summer break all that down in my article when entangled magazine well I mean that is an intense weapon but I guess really it seems like it's a 2 step process right because some researchers are stand we've already got these nano particles is nano particulates in our body and that 5 G. is what's going to activate them is that right absolutely yes when you and I last spoke to years ago I broke the the entire story in scenario of nano size particles that will actually be activated by a fly G. signal and those nano particles do you regard it and our bodies because we have inhaled them through the aerosol I sprained we have ingested them through the GMO foods we have absorb them through the skin because they are nano size which is a billionth of a meter that's the scale we're talking about and that will once those dormant nano particles are triggered by 5 G. broadcast signal will result in the activation and replication of a third strand of DNA which will then render the person under the full control of what is known as the Senshi and world simulation SW us wow so when 5 G. activates the is now particulates is this something that will be able to notice or feel when it's not actively being used against us no in fact what it does is it renders an individual completely unaware that they have been changed that they have been modified and this falls under the whole discussion of the hive mentality something that has been kicked around for a couple years now and the truth community if you want to call it that so to achieve this one world government one world religion one world dictator system in which they want everyone to be part of the hive mentality you have to have a DNA modification that also affects the brain and again I break that down to the physiological aspects the components and the processes even down to the quantum level I explain how the mind is physically changed and altered through these nanoparticles there are triggered by 5 G. while so there really is no limit if we're talking about control and someone's body intro in their motor function and their mind I mean full spectrum dominance is pretty much the only term that would apply yeah and again that's a military term in which you want to have control over the skies the seas and the land and that includes your of course electromagnetic spectrum of communications that you are able through all of the spectrum be able to dominate that in so far as blocking other communications cracking encoded communications and transmission of your own uniquely coded transmissions in my discussions I present things such as quantum computers that have the ability to have uniquely encoded transmissions while at the same time being able to decode decrypt the communications that have been encoded by quote the enemy so a lot of this isn't entangled magazine I've been published in this since June giving all the details of a one hit some of the key points here today sure and a lot of people are talking about the more gallons condition has been the first sign of seen these foreign things in our body they see them as fibers but is anyone really been able to show these nanoparticles in the body or in body fluid samples or anything like that well I think when we talk about more joellen's disease what we're looking at are things that are on the let's say the atomic molecular scale and the bugs Lewis sensually they're visible with natural eyesight unaided and also under a microscope but one we get into talking about the nano scale where you're talking about something that's 5 to 10 nanometers in scale that requires a scanning electron microscope to be able to CD's so the only time you're going to see a nano particle of that size within a sample of human tissue Beit blood or skin or otherwise is actually in the laboratory and they're certainly not going to allow us to label that those nanoparticles al's related to more challenge disease but the visible naked eye observation these are definitely growing from the nano particles those are the evidence of the smaller particles river RD embedded in the body what I'm talking about or nano particles that not only result on the skin but also are literally attached to our DNA in our bodies right now and once they're triggered will inch why in themselves as a third strand around each double helix goal strand of present DNA within our bodies thus controlling our bodies mechanically if you will but also from a psychological standpoint from a brain function they will actually be able to control our brain through 5 G. wifi broadcasting signals not only that triggered the activation of the third strand but also implanting thoughts on a continuous basis not just memories I'm I'm not praise activate a third strand of DNA you know a lot of new agers talk about that like it's a natural or positive change for humanity you probably heard him saying that but what is that activation really look like when something as simple as one chromosome difference is observable as down syndrome you would think a third strand entirely would be pretty radical it would because within the third strand is also information that is embedded DNA is nothing more than the database of the body it contains both historical memories and present day memories people think that memories reside in the brain the brain is the computer it is the processor of information that is extracted from our database which is our DNA when you hear the new age you're speaking of the ascension of humanity this activation through the kundalini process and this rising to the 10 sefirot of the Cup olive tree the tree of life process in which you're sending to the god like status which is the tenth sefirot this is really describing through the Kaballah practice or belief system in through the structure of the tree of life the actual change of DNA in so far as presenting new information that it is activated from the third strand that third strand contains data data that is activated so you can literally now have new memories that you're aware of that you think are your own memories and this is not science fiction this is just implanting data you can have existing thoughts that are going on in the present time and you can also have plots that will be presented as drains and suggestions into the future this is all done by the manipulation I'm giving you the short version the manipulation of the quantum scale of quantum particles called bosons farming onsen bosons by changing the spin of quantum particles think of a top a toy top it spends that's called a angular momentum when you change the spin or annular momentum of quantum particles in the brain you are actually changing the memories that are contained because the quantum particles these ferme aunts or where zeros and ones binary information actually is imprinted on fermions quantum particles by changing the span of the quantum particles you change the information this is what is embedded in third strand of DNA that results in these memories as well as present day in future day boss and controls the motor responses of the body another words the actions of the body but it is also then implanted within the existing 2 strands of DNA are inherent DNA so you have a complete change of the database and thus the database affecting the quantum computer known as our brain and how it operates as well while it's just such a detailed plan that is all culminating like right in this time ram and to bring another element in your I've also heard you talk about of course quantum computers and this D. wave in particular get tossed out this piece Spitzer yeah D. wave is the a communication tool it if you want to call it necromancy geomancy things like that all of the various forms are spatula man see there's water Nancy there's all these forms of what we just you do for most likely like to say necromancy or communicating with the dead can indicating specifically in this case with fallen angels this is inter dimensional communication that's essentially what do you waste quantum computers function adds and by their own public statements which I've reflected in the entangled magazine and several articles I have noted in fact last month in the August is a transcript of a video the courting rose one of the founders of the way just recently in the last month publicly stated that they are accessing literally up thousands upon thousands of parallel dimensions and that they are extracting resources information data and energy from these parallel dimensions this is actual communication with parallel dimensions that they are presenting to the public that they are actually doing this is not you know conspiracy theory this is not wacko this is not science fiction these are the actual builders of the machine saying yes work communicating with parallel dimensions through the lens of Christianity I look at the parallel dimensions as communication with fallen angels with demonic entities and what they're extracting and bringing into our reality it is revising our reality which is the title of my third book I'm and that as one slice of that revision of reality is manifest house they're Mandela fact right right yeah man and you know Christianity isn't necessarily my lands but I can see how the pieces that I mean you make a great case for it and it's so wild that those statements don't get more attention because there's plenty of on you know a I does seem like it's going to be the biggest issue our time probably before we know it and we have Putin making that comment about whoever leads in a I was gonna dominate the future and also grab this quote that I thought was pretty provocative but am I tease 2014 aeronautics and astronautics symposium yawn mosque said with artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon you know all those stories where there's the guy with the pentagram in the holy water and he sure that he can control the demand but it doesn't work out it's like that and again pretty on the nose I mean would you say well I guess we should take that statement pretty literally I absolutely literally all back it up with another statement by Gordie Rochelle founder and D. way from 2013 in which he said that when you stand next to one of these this is a public reason takes into scientists and venture capitalists that he's making these statements he said when you stand next to one of these which is the black Cuban closure of the computer it's as if you're standing next to the altar to an alien god how so you have to take these things quite literally and you know his statements are well crafted the words that he use our specific and he is telling us re read between the lines and you'll find out exactly what we're doing this is purely an advanced form of necromancy as I said while I'm there is us a long history of deep state projects that seems to knock on that door to the other side even from yeah okay alter days in the sixties when they were just experimenting with certain compounds I mean it wasn't long before and to tea started to show up and that seems to be where the project took a turn and they definitely follow that trail and maybe they've been following it for a few decades and this is where that trail has led you're exactly right in the early sixties so you know there was a lot of experimentation Bairam government on willing and unwilling subjects using L. us day and they quickly determined that the chemical route towards this communication system in this mind control through chemicals was too unstable they really couldn't control it and couldn't predict the outcome so they want to electronics the end result of that today are quantum computers as we're talking about and you know in my books and then the magazine I've been presenting and also on my own radio show I present the fact that D. wave their public development let's say a latest model computer that they've publicly disclosed that has been sold is the fifth model and it has 2000 cubits now keep it is a quantum bet it's not a transistor but it has 2000 cubits they started with 128 they've publicly disclosed 2000 cubits and the fifth model but I have presented in numerous papers that there are 4 teen models and the latest model has 1485576 cubits now let me just give you something that's a little more tangible when we go back to the fifth model that is 5 G. technology that has a direct correlation to what is called 5 G. but actually with the fifth model is 8 G. technology now this corresponds to human brains in terms of the number of human brains annexes from their own calculations in which they relate the number of Cubans to the number of human brains the fifth model which they have released now with 2000 cubits is equivalent to 28 0 human brains enough processing power well how then and to revisit the Mandela fact that you mentioned a lot of people are interpreting that as time line changes and physical differences in the universe or in the multiverse and like you said that's actually probably a misinterpretation right this is mental changes and these early threads that people are pulling on might be just the first indications of mental manipulation right absolutely you and your audience will be very familiar with things like a title targeted individual yeah there and there are currently over 7000000000 humans on this planet all of which targeted individuals all represented within the Senshi and world simulation that was produced out of developed out of Purdue University back in 2006 and 2007 the Senshi and world simulation is driven by D. waves quantum computing systems and within that system of 7000000000 people they are represented in the SWS as a note each person's given a node and an avatar according to Purdue's only white paper peer reviewed documented information okay I'm not making this up targeted individuals in terms of the Mandela fact is everyone of us we are all targeted individuals in so far as talking about the Mandela facts this is quite literally as you've done your homework I can tell Greg this is a psychological operation and by that I will define it because I don't just baixaki terms around I define and I'm defining a psychological operation taking us back to the discussion of changing the spin of quantum particles within our brains another words as they change the spin they change our memories and they change our awareness many of us have the memories of let's say of a piece of biblical scripture that we recall a specific way and yet one we read it in any one of the bibles we look out no matter the publication date or translation or version and it reads differently from our memory that is a psychological operation that is induced by changing the span of fermions in our brains so some of us see the changes some of us don't see the changes some of us have the history as to the way a piece of scripture may have read and yet we're reading it on the paper we thank thinking we see a physical change on the paper in the Bible when in fact nothing physically has been changed this is what is so insidious about this and this is the tip of the iceberg of the psychological operation itself it is not just the Mandela fact that is just showing you a taste of what's to come in terms of changing how we thank I'm it is so scary to think that if he is our first task cases of memory changes you know you could extrapolate that out and how crazy it again I mean there's a lot of small pop culture ones like sex in the city an interview with a vampire a lot of people remember it that way but apparently it sex and the city an interview with the vampire and they're just small little tweaks and it's easy to kind of dismiss that and say well people just remembered wrong maybe it flows off the tongue better that way and over time it just kind of morphed into that even though it never really was but this other angle is white concerning you know you've heard the phrase he who controls history controls today and trolls the future I'm paraphrasing what they're literally doing is changing history so that it doesn't exist the way that we remember it and when my generation I'm 64 years old when my generation dies off there will be no memory of how it used to be in the Bible or in the pop culture so I'm just being very simplistic with that statement what I'm saying is they are showing us because part of the agenda with the Mandela fact used to create fear it is becoming more apparent to the average person on the street that the Mandela fact is real and it is reaching a tipping point where the public will become so aware of it because it's presented in popular culture not just and you know the you tube community or in our internet blog radio shows but it moves out into the mainstream to where more people are aware of it and suddenly it takes them by surprise because they're not privy to the discussions that you and I are having and they panic and they look for a solution we're talking about the Hegelian dialectic okay problem reaction solution problem reaction solution picture the bell curve work coming up to the tip of the bell curve in terms of presenting the problem now we see their reaction and on the other side of the bell curve is the presented solutions by the powers that be so to speak they are trying to hide this Mandela fact up in were adding to it in the fact that we're discussing it we're trying to show the inner workings of it and the nature of it and words going what you're trying to do is induced in the average person a sense of panic and they want to know why are things being manipulated so if you can panic the population and then hand them a carrot hand them a solution the solution becomes the control mechanism of the greater population wow well said and scary thoughts but to tie and another aspect of the D. wave computer apparently one of its other primary purposes will be to control their macro portal that CERN will open up and we talked about this in the last show we did but what sort of progress have they made the last 2 years has anything opened up yet there's turned to your knowledge no in terms of the large what I call that freeway portal a macro scale portal that has to be controlled as it opens at the quantum scale it must be controlled by a quantum mechanism the Quan mechanism is the quantum computer from de way which now is like that is 14 models none of that scenario in terms of opening the portal which I'll take over to the Christian discussion from the biblical perspective it's the opening of the a bit us that obviously has not happened in revelation 9 states that Satan will be cast from heaven and he'll be given the key to the bottomless pit to the a best CERN happens to be located over that doorways in ancient Rome and temple slack to god Apollo abit on the destroyer they located it there because that's where they believe in their practices they believe that that's the physical location in which they will open your best the key I define then again I define everything that I can't I have to find the key to the bottomless pit as a encoded message a message that can only be broken by using a quantum computer this goes to the discussion of Peter Shor Shor's algorithm 2048 and as other algorithm 40962048 Shor's algorithm was broken it's a public key encryption code it is for our essay encoding the most widely used system of encoding communications in the world RSA is built on the premise that you cannot find all of the factors in shores algorithm of 2048 the only way to crack that algorithm so to speak is using a quantum computer to identify all those factors if you identify the actors you can decrypt a message without having the key his other algorithm 4096 is the same thing and that's where I want to focus our attention D. waves fifth model of computer the 2048 they just sold the Volkswagen temporal defense systems also their existing customer base which is Google Amazon Lougheed USC and I say okay all public information they're gonna move from the fifth model of 2048 which corresponds to Peter Shor's algorithm 2048 that's the number of cubits that's the number of factors in the encryption code of Shor's algorithm they're gonna go to the sixth the model which is the 4096 that's the number of cubits it is also the number of factors in Shor's algorithm for encoding the key to the bottomless pit revelation 9 open India best using CERN utilizing D. waves quantum computers to control the opening of that portal is the 4096 the 6 model of their computer of which they have 14 while it is so interesting how those pieces bed with a book that was written so long ago and I don't know how to exactly take it but even if you just look that allows something that the elite are using as their action plan there'd still be value in looking at it of course because you can extrapolate a lot of things from a book that it seems like they're trying to make manifest it's a lot to take in I mean I appreciate even yourself who you have exposure to a lot of very well educated yes you have people that do their own deep research and you've been in are exposed to a lot of different topics but even a guy like you that is so well informed it is difficult even for you to digest what it is that I'm just laying out here very quickly and very superficially and that's why I went to publishing entangled magazine to give the background to give the details so that you can slowly digested I know this sounds like you know I'm I'm doing an infomercial but I'm trying to say that you and I are doing a public service you are trying to present well research people and I consider myself you know Pat myself on the back I'm well researched individual I'm presenting factual information not hyperbole not conjecture from published papers from the universities from the laboratories all public information all it means is I've done the deep research to be able to put the pieces together and see the picture and see the agenda for what it is yeah I mean obviously it takes a lot of steps to make that case in the bill that case because it is such dense material and you do a great job with that enters the portal I know we're talking about a quantum scale we're talking about multi dimensional entities I'm sure to some extent things that we can't see what do you suspect will ever be a moment where we look around and we can clearly see that there are other entities are beans that of port en or are these gonna be are recognizable in more of a possession type sounds yeah these will be openly physical manifestations of demonic entities in scripture it talks about men's hearts failing them for what they behold I'm the locust army is one of the descriptions we will see physical entities not just the spirits coming through indwelling and people were actual creatures that we have never seen before that will be pouring out in this comes from biblical scripture so we are talking about an absolute revision to our reality not just on the psychological aspects of the third strand of DNA in the century and world simulation that were immersed in in this 5 G. technology or broadcast signals that were fully immersed in right now but we are talking about actual demonic entities coming out of the portal now you can call that our introduction all portal because we want to look at things that are tangible from a human standpoint we wanna look at it from the standpoint of science and call it a portal but these literally are parallel dimensions that are being opened user dimensions in which those demonic entities existem and that is what we're allowing some of them will come in and possessed people we know that happens all the time you don't have to open a portal to do that but I call it the freeway portal because now you've got something is so large it has never been opened before it is actually allowing the creatures from the abyss and if you want to define the abyss as parallel dimensions rather than saying oh they're opening the gates to hell what does that mean are they coming out of the earth that the coming out of the center of the earth do we have a hollow earth you know that whole discussion that we would have a flatter you know that's a whole nother deal flat earth the ideas is that they're allowing another realm to merge with ours and that's really the easiest way to present it we will physically CD's if we are still here this steps over into the theological side of talking about the rapture and if there is no rapture if it occurs I believe in the rapture I don't set any dates I do believe in the mechanism of the rapture I believe those that are left behind will be the witnesses unfortunately to the opening of this abyss writers of the next book of revelations yes man so went when we crossed this point no return the portal opens the third element of project blue beam here because Hollywood inside fi they've spent a lot of time building up the space alien invasion narrative has this been mental conditioning so that when it happens we don't look to blame the elite because those are demons they're aliens and how could the elite have known that these things were calm yeah I'm glad you brought that up because this is part of what in scripture god says he will send a grand delusion to the extent that even the L. lacked could be deceived the elect being those that have accepted Christ as our savior weird well of the Holy Spirit there's a possibility according to that scripture that even those that are saved maybe so deceived by project blue beam obviously the Bible doesn't college project blue beam but work were relating it to that yeah this is the holographic projections of aliens of spacecraft whatever you wanna call it and actual physical craft because they have been constructed and that's again a very deep rabbit hole of discussion but to just put the cap on art of project blue beam yes that is something that is part of this opening of the portal and the way they want to present it because they've tried to present it as you said in popular culture movies and what not is that they will try to present this as a benevolent so Daria that our ancestors from the stars have returned your call on the ana gnocchi whatever but they're going to try to say that all of the world's problems can be solved why the return of our ancestors from the stars that have been devil went intentions to help mankind to rid themselves of war and famine pestilence you name it all the way down the line and that if we pull together under one leader if we pull together in one religion and in one world government and follow the precepts followed the advice of our ancestors that have just arrived as project blue beam then we will have our golden age of Kronos we will have our utopia back in again the golden age of Kronos I urge people go look that up and study it from themselves because that is there are biting agenda is the recreation of that golden age which included the original lie in the garden of Eden that you shall be as gods the defeating of death the immortality your DNA modification that they're striving for here and I heard you say that it seems like we're rapidly approaching the age of no I get why you would say that and again not really a religious guy but I do think it's interesting that you could see how maybe we do keep repeating the cycle of being compelled to pursue technology getting heavy into the rounds of genetic manipulation and maybe being led along by something on the other side then building something that allows these entities into our world maybe even away that merges them with our bodies and at that point what could be done other than a system reset and religious or not maybe the Bible contains a version of that ancient story of this cycle repeating yeah and I appreciate and I've you know try not to be up too much of a preacher because I do understand that everybody has their own perspective on our reality with that said we are in the days of Noah we know that during that time their work what are known as sky America which is the mingling of human and animal DNA there were the now Fulham that lots of people in the prophecy sector talk about enough long talk about the you know mating of human women with fallen angels and the result being these giants that walked the earth and there's plenty of biblical scripture in evidence to these giants there has been a lot of information that has been covered up including the skeletal remains of giants that have been spirited away and covered up but if we focus on DNA manipulation in the laboratory as today what we are seeing in the laboratory of genetic modification all the way down to the quantum scale okay all the way down to modify and DNA and or in a through the digitizing of DNA this is the sequencing of the double helix opened a claim sides the side of scene why 9 at our 9 and by mine these are the building blocks of DNA it you can actually arranged the building blocks in the computer in silico into a pattern of your choosing and then grow literally this new life form from the DNA level up this is what god put an end to during the days of Noah and this is what he's gonna put an end to in our day here that is the repetition of that cycle now and I'm sure you look in the crisper technology to you it's pretty much just in line with what we're talking about but that's promising to open up a whole bunch of there is a genetic manipulation XP installed is something to eradicate disease and hereditary predispositions and they're even going so far as to say that we would be morally obligated to use crisper on the unborn if we know that we can make them immune from disease and that sounds so it's not really okay but it also sounds like a stepping stone to taking kids away from their parents who wouldn't want to partake in that similar to what they do with vaccines now and genetically manipulating the unborn against the wells of parents because you have some now duty to do so I mean that's a slippery slope ideologically to be put out there right now totally agree with you there's always a benevolent and I'm malevolent side to technology and I'm all for it if you wanna take crisper if you want to take sequencing of DNA and rearranging the building blocks and getting rid of these diseases and deformities I'm all for it you got to ask yourself with the technology that you and I are where a bit crisper sequencing DNA White House not all forms of cancer been eliminated right and other things Alzheimer's dementia whatever you want to go down the list of if we have the technology then we should be suppressing all of these things with people that are already alive right now if you want to take it to the sun are you you just laid out in terms of you know conception and then manipulation post conception that's where the slipper slope is do we actually modify that you know in vitro or do we wait until the birth of the child and then modify DNA at which point do you modify the DNA is part of that philosophical theological moral and ethical debate that really is not taking place to the extent that it should be so we pull back the 30000 feet like I like to say and look at the big picture do we see a lot of debate and dialogue on the moral and ethical aspects going on in the world of high tech science with DNA or any the others no we don't there's lip service given to it because the momentum the driving force behind all of this has been building up in and set the point now where you can't stop this machine and this goes over into the whole discussion that parallels that ask you a alright which I agree is you said earlier recording along must it is the largest existential threat to mankind because a I applies to DNA as well and a whole host of other scientific topics and disciplines we can talk about but going back to your DNA if it were purely for benevolent purposes to help mankind and I'm not talking immortality I'm just talking about the deformities and dizzy eases aspect then I'm all for it but we know mankind will usually and this history proves it again back to your cycle scenario proves that man goes to the malevolent direction because of the influences in my opinion the influences of evil yeah it just seems like a slippery slope to find where god would draw the line because I guess you'd be okay with us using technology to eradicate some disease and live longer but not forever and if we can use technology to eradicate disease is that plain god like should we let god decide what diseases there are and aren't yeah it just seems like a hard thing to figure out what he would be okay with and what he wouldn't take throwing deception on top of that if crisper why something that was gonna be used altruistic way I mean of course any other sensor gonna tell us that it just seems like god's gonna put us in a box that we really it just seems hard pressed to really work our way out of it is a tough and this really leaves our audience wondering okay hold the phone here Ivan heard about any of this stuff I've been watching football and basketball and baseball hold on guys you gotta slow this train down a little bit I don't quite grasp what you're talking about this is complex this is over my head and not I'm not putting the audience down here I'm just saying what I call the average Joe bag of doughnuts walking down the street has no clue and all of a sudden here is you and me talking about these things and they're scared you know what and that's not our purpose our purpose is to say the debates the moral dialogue is not taking place things are too far along this is out of control mankind is out of control god does not like what's going on in because it's gotten to that point he's gonna put an end to this now let's go back beyond 30000 foot elevation let's go to the heavenly elevation if I may be so bold show her and to say that all of this happens according to god's plan it's all under his umbrella of his planning his commanding and control and I I'm gonna be a little you know preacher here but Satan comes to him and says this is what I'm gonna do and god says thumbs up thumbs down and Satan if given thumbs up goes off and does it okay why does god allow evil in the world why does he allow these kinds of things like disasters and wars for massacres happened well it's a form of judgment and I'm not gonna get too deep into the philosophical and theological but I I'm just saying that none of this happens outside the purview outside the control of god the creator himself unfortunately we've not been given the mind to know god's mind they are not well Sir bring this back down to earth what what do you see the R. a lead doing when this all happens how could they possibly think this is a good thing for them bringing in a power that even they can't control you know that speaks to the level of deception that has occurred if you are going to promise someone in the scientific community that they can achieve immortality what do you want to talk about transhumanism you wanna talk about chimera you wanna talk about emerging your mind with a computer uploading your consciousness that holds an aria whatever defining scenario of achieving immortality that you want to select if you think you are working for the greater good of mankind that you're working towards promoting this ascension of mankind to a higher level higher plane of existence if you believe the notion that we can defeat death through technologies then you believe that what you're doing in your little compartmentalized area of research for which you received generous funding which is always enticing and puts the blinders on and pushes you into justification and rationalization of what you're doing in that compartmentalized box thinking that this is for the benefit of mankind and even down to yourself because people are motivated by their own selfish desires if you think even you might even achieve immortality before the end of this life then you're going to do everything you can to see it become a reality and this is where all the venture capital money in Silicon Valley and as one example goats to is the defeating of death now I just put an article out last week on my show talking about this sounds really gross so I just wanted to let people know ahead of time this may be a little disturbing but there are in this public article was published I don't have it in front of me but you can just go ahead and search it online you'll find it the elite in Silicon Valley your pain $8000 her transfusion of blood blood sourced from young people for the purpose of extending their life there's a company called ambrosia that was found it just for this process of taking the blood from young people supposedly you know donors they were generously compensated for their blood and that blood being transfused into people paying $1000 per treatment to do that this is all about defeating death right this is the age old live from the garden of Eden that you shall be as gods so the rude awakening getting back to your question the rude awakening is coming when the portal opens the guys that open it we're not gonna like what they see coming through and it's not as advertised when the defeating of death terms on them and they realize as it says in scripture in the book of revelation that man will be seeking death for 5 months but will not find it they will have 5 months of immortality I'm but they wish they could die because they will be tormented but the sting of scorpions that otherwise would kill you this is what we're talking about in the literal scientific sense that biblical scripture is coming to life pardon the pun right now yeah I'm not in that the blood transfusion then I've been here about that for awhile even popped up on the show Silicon Valley and a parity type sounds but it is a creepy thing it really seems like they've commercialized something that the conspiracy world has stopped the elite of been doing for generations but as were winding down you mention that conference is there anything else to say about that in the speakers in the subjects or anything else you got coming on down the line well I appreciate you letting me plug out again aren't I I hate to sound like a month infomercial but yeah I I it's important important conference Clyde Lewis from ground 0 radio one of my good friends and really the guy who launched me into you know being more of a public figure because I didn't intend to be a public figure but anyway he's going to be talking again about the occult agenda and origins of the technology and we've touched on that a little today we're gonna talk about powers and principalities and we divided it up under power since you artificial intelligence the internet of things 5 G. technologies geo engineering the media and geomancy in on the principality side CERN quantum computing international government intelligence the globalist Hollywood and the church now those are just big topics what I'm saying is that each speaker has committed to bringing the latest tip of the spear research that they have not previously released to the public so that includes wide Lewis Dane waiting 10 David have inner Sydney burns a lot of free land and Kathleen Urquhart my good friend calve Baker will be costing with me from truth we can say radio and I will be presenting things like why Jian artificial intelligence in a lot more depth then I have presented here along with the tip of the spear information so that's the sixteenth September 17 available Anthony registration just opened on Thursday today that were recording this on the 7 and it's only $10 per day to cover our costs thank you while men sounds like a great line up obviously it's a huge subject many connecting threats also tell people about your website or where they get your books and anymore places they get Anthony patch in their lives no thank you I again I appreciate the air time to do that Sir at Anthony you'll find my 3 books covert catastrophe 2048 diamonds in the rough those are both novels and then revising reality which is purely a scientific as well as theological work and those 3 are available there you'll also see the link to my radio show I'm on truth we can see radio on Monday Wednesday and Friday for 2:00 hours each of those days for a total of 6:00 hours a week awesome well you are busy and you definitely make a great case for the technological and times I guess all we can do is educate so mission accomplished great talking to you again and keep doing what you do well thank you and I appreciate what you're doing to reach out to other subject matter experts and researchers and bring their information out because we're all in this together folks it's one blue marble spinning through space you're so that our men have a good rest of the day thank you very much appreciate it right thank you there it is ladies and gentlemen there it is Anthony Pat I hope you enjoyed it if you're hearing me now you obviously state along for the ride I do think Anthony is a great great gas is just tough when everything leads back to a spiritual paradigm that isn't around but we do talk so much about other perspectives on the show I'm sure there's Christians out there that are just thinking cat finally I show I can get behind but don't get used to it I'm half kidding but I don't want to be disrespectful to the gas I just still gotta do me I also try to find ways to fold certain aspects of the stuff end like I mentioned somewhere in the show I think there are ways in which a book like the Bible could contain ancient truths of a secular nature without all the added stuff some examples of how that might work would be maybe the elite want to manifest it maybe a group who crap that it still holds some control so when times are people are leaving their religious paradigms making a few things happen that looked like a revelation would drive people back into the arms of the church they have manifested other books and we haven't built religions around them another possibility is that it does seem to be a book built largely on recycled stories myths and archetypes it could be a particular flavor of an eternal cycle in eternal struggle between the inhabitants of the human terrarium in the laws of the universe and somewhere along the line was compiled into the Bible but you can take the wrapper off and probably find something deeper and true underneath I'm up into some of that and then of course a gnostic perspective if I could be so presumptuous would question if our god is a loving god Mickey strikes this all down for the actions of a few because they climb too far up the technological ladder well that's not justice and that sort of tyrant or demiurge if you well isn't an entity that I think would deserve boil servitude anyway and maybe we need to just think outside of those boxes altogether I'm not sure I'm only pointing out angles that might bridge the gap between the data points of the Christian perspective and some of the other spiritual perspectives out there but you don't even have to bring a creator or theology into it to see some very creepy applications just from the data and the science of how these signals affect biological life that's really the important stuff here all indications for that seem pretty negative regardless of your thoughts on anything else like why we got enough going on I honestly don't feel like my phone needs to be any faster or more connected than it is now this is one of those rare areas where do you start to think that I might have to completely change my life and be a real weirdo if I am serious about this stuff if you don't have a smart phone if you don't use wifi if you only connect via cables and you use a landline phone you can't hide that shit from people I can think whatever I want about vaccines in Israeli can actually come up or I have to make a decision about it and I never really have to debate it if you have a cell phone if you don't uber I mean you can look in the rear Friday night might have to go to my wife and say you know Hugh Jackman an enemy of the state that's gonna be how we live bed I'm sorry I know you signed up for a normal life for the normal guy who happens to have a weird job but we have to go full compound and you're gonna have to do it too because we just can't have his goddam signals all over the place we probably can't even live in America actually she's the one who wants to move out of the country so maybe I got an angle there but this is one of those issues that you're really conclude that the stuff is damaging the ways in which your life would have to change I mean what would you have to do you would be the laughing stock of everyone you know which is better than dying it's better than brain tumors sure but depending on how you handle that kind of pressure not by much so it's like I can stay away from western medicine unless I have an emergency I can keep my kids from getting vaccinated I can go to the organic grocery store instead of the corporate one I can watch less TV by higher quality water but what are you gonna do to avoid this and I'm not trying to scare people any more than I'm scared but I'm addicted to this shit and I can't say I don't have real concerns that we are just letting them kill us lowly probably the toughest conspiracy right now to deal with right if you think there's anything to it I guess we're gonna need to start setting up some Wierd only communities so we can all feel like weird neo Amish together in fact the day that I'm recording this ending in putting the interview up was supposed to be the day I recorded another interview on 5 G. with someone who is a Harvard research assistant for 10 years so she's read suppressed studies she's dug out the buried date on a lot of the stuff and we couldn't record because a storm knocked out her powers she is on the east coast somewhere I'm not quite sure where but I was really excited to talk to a scientist on this and I hope we can reschedule but she did make me aware of a group called scientists for wired scientists the number 4 wired is their website but it's a group of concerned experts who are saying look we love modern technology we like the internet as much as anyone we just wanna do it safely and they have a fiber for all platform that we need to wire that fast as fuck fiber internet to everywhere like we did with the lecture city and that is how we move forward and so I'm kind of like 100 percent Feelin that compromise I just want to plug them because of that I think that's a feasible solution we would have to get pretty aggressive politically I mean go ahead and tell me how pointless that is but you need to make your local government aware highlight the issues and make fiber internet a public utility in your town if you want to go that route other places have done it and then of course in that bill you throw in some 5 G. blockage and once you do something about the infrastructure is going to be completely on your own you know these phone companies what even that just tech companies in general apple Microsoft of course 80 and he's been around forever yet Verizon the tech they use you know they're working with military intelligence you know they have to because they put in all those back doors and this stuff is so complex I think both groups are trading data they're actually working on projects together most likely in a nexus that makes them hard to separate and when the infiltrator corporation or you start one at the front you get a situation where the groups working on high tech weaponry are now running retail operations where you buy the things they use on you to collect your data to poison you talk right okay who knows you need to do your own research and grab the reins of your own life guys because I'm just telling you how I feel about it and I really am not an expert but I think it's an important issue and of course if you just heard the first Arab today show there is a second hour as always in this one we had a lot more logs the fire we get into the fall immersion and increased connectivity aspects of the plan the real power of Pokemon go what you expect from a I when it no longer has a need for man the personality traits of current a I I asked Anthony if there's any positive aspects the magic group is just all demonic and we talk about what Anthony sees between the lines of Amazon buying whole foods something that Gordon brought to my attention really in that room soup interview also on the plus show Anthony made a little prediction that didn't really come true as far as I can tell but it did closely parallel the Cassini space probe situation so consider that see how you come down on it I also did a reddit AMA last night asked me anything for hours of over 100 questions if you wanna know more about my thoughts on things go there Google Greg Carl would and may read it and you're gonna find it if you've never used read it before it's pretty simple as for supporting the show sign up for plus if you see the value in what I do I give you 5:00 hours for free 10:00 hours for 5 Bucks every month you take your pick I think you should get the whole thing but I might be biased big thanks Anthony patch once again and I'll see you guys next time your move Silicon Valley sorcerers of sinister science in the agents the technocratic apocalypse them this play no fan spray and on me crow yeah by they I was saying and she so the this to but I I which the read the you it's it's that's Paul I the yeah it's the they that's the I the I //
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Lon Strickler | The Chicago Owlman Sightings, Recent Abductions, & Other Strange Encounters
\\all true to say that ... when see the high side you know right we're hi known as because like it or not thousands of well over the years of big button dog man to lizard and they tear well I find this one of my biggest it's about the fields that were oftentimes digging up stories and accounts from decades or even centuries ago times far removed from our own with entities that should be long gone but today is a special case people because as you may not know we are in the midst of what seems to be the largest concentration of strange group that sightings in my lifetime and probably the largest sense that saga of the end miss moth man appoint pleasant back in the sixties as it seems one or several wings humanoids have taken the skies of the windy city and have been seen by far too many people now to be ignored well lucky for us we have one of cryptozoology is most well known and respected Fortean researchers and investigators to give us the scoop his name his lan struck where the man behind the legendary phantoms and monsters blog author of several phantoms and monsters works host of arcane radio mystic at astro perceptions and the guy to talk to you when it comes to situations like we have in Chicago I know on site to find out what's going on here as well as with several of the other open an ongoing case got on the books ladies and gentleman Pennsylvania's own paranormal person of interest keeper of the 40 in piles and explore of everything lawn strict where my good man welcome to the other side thank you have your own great yeah this is a real treat for me I've been a fan of bands and monsters for probably around a decade now and I just can't believe we're havin such a situation where many people in one area or see in something like this than to jump right into it what's going on in Chicago winded this string of sightings first start rep to around 30 year 40 at this point right well right now we're right 40 for the year and I just worry about yesterday and actually this started back in 2011 there were 3 sightings in the late summer early fall and I stretch for about 3 months there was a photograph taken no Lasky road area and the time to look like world what the person who just know what I saw was a sure glad our lord sugar glider you know sugar gliders one those things you sit on your hand yelling a flying squirrel yeah flying squirrel and this looks you are it's harder job big it was but it had some size to what but some of the witnesses that we have and getting this year have been saying that some of what they solve looks very similar to that well right now to get there but a lot of differences in some of the sightings so our first report the first report that I saw when this year what is in early April and that was originally Orgel move farm and it was by a a rational woman who was walking her dog again oz or in Chicago and she came across this black dean but 7 foot tall standing in the middle of our and you know what to make of it withdrawal patiently in the dog reach you try to stay awake you know back up behind the witness in this a Jack carrier Russell so you know I do notice things for you Weiss easily you know I'm sorry anyway this thing that you described as about 7 what are lacking color and they had wings on his back order Hardage back and no wings actually stood about a foot 0.5 a blog this thing so all you're pretty good sized wings so I she stood there and watched it it turned and it looked at her with you right red ruby eyes well you know that was that she'd you just had to wear reaction to it and it looked at her it took off like a rocket just straight out and we got to the apex Tara you know was still on the air on fora which wings flapped demands gone at a pretty good rate of speed yeah it is just so I'm Mazin and are I guess I've been here in some descriptions are saying in our man some that are saying about man what do you hear and moreover they equate it more to an hour or more to a bad in most cases well yeah first signing was fourty similar to white the mall man sightings wore white lies that have had other Schumer savings all over the place but mostly and yeah Ohira rally where anywhere the next couple sightings actor that citing work tribe is large you mean the word out almond they were you know I bought the same size anywhere from 6 to 7 foot in height 20 to 12 what wingspan the both of those the next you work or as well and several witnesses solid and you would just flap its wings and take all but as time went on one the siding started to be more like a large back people even describe the wings like dragon wings but that membrane type wing up next to me with those as well were others their heads rounded wings wings that look like an insect Dora butterfly malls or whatever but does size really didn't change a whole why so I you know I some of them had this red eyes some open did you there were others that were should they have like a small rest on its head I had a sighting just a few days ago words reported that there is a quest that went from my head and stand along the back well this thing so far there have been some variation right yeah there's variations are super interesting and I mean I guess some feathered creatures tend to malts we could be dealing with a a malting creature that now looks more like a bat that are now but I guess I've heard you say based on the descriptions it seems like you think there might be actually 3 different bands that have been unleashed on Chicago somehow right I think it should least 3 man I would even venture to say there may be up to 6 or ones what I'm saying I I'm pretty sure it's at least 3 at this point have you been able to triangulate the sightings on the map and try to find like a source for where these things might be coming from a nest if you will yeah we've tried that you know you take in the sightings Natalie Portman chronological war and nothing really hand data that I mean go we have had areas where there have been more sightings and others and of course yeah but a lot of sightings downtown along the lake what they're about all the sightings as well in South Chicago in 2 Indiana and we got an interesting area down our that we're looking into as well well you know I I don't know these last couple sightings we had this week war along water both of them one was a long beat as plain rarer and yellow orange long schlock reach so there are I don't know I mean this last sighting was made mere possum hollow would you drop by la Grange or and the woman who solved this was actually an admin urban rack your watcher and that's exactly what she was doing when she saw Lois thanks you look. and out over the park or so read you saw this huge what you describe is a huge wind shadow and you know being a bird watcher and knowing the raptors and birds in the area she was amazed by now okay and you're getting ready to take off photograph well let and by that time this thing took a dive right into the woods and she should go so fast you just what believed you never see going dieback which you see when I went to the words the barge in the woods Dutch scattered you can I ask you very why did she go into words were actually use alongside the road one more thing lagrange road show you were actually couldn't go in there unless you yeah her homework or rail on down a slope so yeah it's just around wait for this thing Auster come out it just didn't but she was almost one with me about what parents how all of image it to say that like the first sighting as around April and we've had 40 cents then I mean this is mind blowing stuff are there any other major commonalities across the site inspection that we could point to that add to the overall credibility for the skeptical ones out there I guess red eyes does seem to be one that comes up quite often that's a weird detail the ad unless you actually saw something like that yeah I think the sightings that had been seen in night the red eyes really show up and I don't hear that much in the daytime sightings make sense that might be one aspect no wait I am not a fact that it does come out during the day has been seen during the day and is not afraid to be seen though it does seem to move off quickly I purge been seen it people about having a double time trying to get a photograph this bank you know they'd have they camera out and it would just take all so quickly I'm or that it would be a night time not enough light and some have actually snapped photographs and nothing was Senora now so I don't know that's you know something I believe that there's some type right supernatural aspect these being you know I think the flesh and blood I think there's something that may actually keep them from being photographed as well yeah it's a popular opinion in the crypt and world and I have seen those photos that have been posted so far you're right a few people have snapped off some shots but cellphones just are not good at a distance or with moving objects you can't Arabs really see that much but I guess is there any evidence worth mentioning that does go beyond just the reports of sightings well we had a couple sketches and that's about it and I tell you the one thing that has really been a big part of this for me is that when we talk to the witnesses they don't deviate from what their original record is I have had so reports were of the witness would write down send it to me by email and and you know have me contact them but I don't and they just will not embellish they just stick to what they originally sad and they stay with that I even after I've tried to get them to embellish the sighting or what they saw the description that never deviates and that's a good sign and in terms of commonalities I guess some other ones are I've heard in more than one report that the sound it makes this I like screeching similar to train breaks I've also heard of course like you said 6 feet tall and with a 10 foot wingspan that's a pretty on point number here for multiple people and I guess a few others have conveyed a sense of doom or some type of internal feeling I'm sure it's a scary thing to see but I guess there are reports of some feeling I don't know if it's being projected into them or just that's what happens when you see the unknown you know some of the earlier sightings the witness has had that type of emotion where they felt like some were boating are freer the first sighting that we had received that had any sound was on the counter river where are a man who saw you were rushing her dish reaching sound great so like the wheels of a train screeching but then we had another sighting in there Auburn Gresham area of the city where was actually see but you please stoppers that a crowd flag down and this thing was on top of a 3 story building and when I took office they heard a screeching sound the other sounds that we have heard about working there was encounter when a man and woman who wore down at north lake shore drive would you hunter north lake shore drive and this name through across their path we're not building side of a building not good near the top and just rose gold midair what you were looking through a window many leaned back to god big dive into the trees they saw that they were going back toward building because she they were there visiting her mother and she lived in that building a condominium and when they turned a corner and head toward the entrance this thing ascended right from the them like midair and the wings route and it was a flapping its wings it was just like was offering and they stated that they heard a vibration like out and are you sure all is well but it was coming out like a homing coming from the lakes the legs were vibrating are that you want a sound other sound that we have heard about that's so interesting because I think possibly that could be a key whenever we talk about multi dimensional entity is the idea of portal opens or something is always talked about and vibrations seems to be a pretty big key in my comes to wave lengths and the possible crossing of multiple dimensions who knows but vibration is an interesting detail there for sure yeah it is interesting I started thinking that this may be an extra dimensional being early on because around the same time as some of the earlier sightings there are huge flashes of light being seen south of the city in the area around Chicago heights and there was another large flash just gross motor water and Indiana so are you know I have noticed you wore when dealing with cryptids that you know there would be flash a light sometimes an orb scene during a sighting of like a big order some other type of being our Edgar investigator were going to the area they'd seen these orbs in the same area so I don't know if it's related but I believe it is really yeah I I don't know that's where they originated from I just don't know but a lot of these that were seen downtown they seem to be coming from under one of the overpasses on lake shore drive so I don't know if that's where they're hanging out or are there some tunnels in that area as well yeah you lot underground that area so I don't know I don't I really don't that's so amazing men and I find this extra exciting because I know Chicago pretty well and I spent some time with the interactive map you have and I'm shocked that so many these sightings are deep in the city many of them are right along lake shore drive I mean that's a tourist hot spot I mean that is a a real corridor of a lot of action there we have sightings both day and night that's a little unusual right usually these things are on people are alone in the back woods somewhere but to have multiple people sometimes couples seen these things in the city while it is unusual most times when I get to read work over the years it'll be your one witness or a witness for their kids are in are something like that going down a road also leading citing what now deciding as had been brought up fairly large crowds and several of the sightings have been verified by more than one witness so right yeah I it's it is unusual and I gotta ask I would like to think that people have the sense to be able to tell the difference between a bat human hybrid and something like a person in a wing suit or a drone but you gotta ask that kind of question is there any reasonable explanation for this outside of some cryptic creature we have looked at every possible explanation you know what this thing has been seen along the river downtown along those high buildings if I am somebody in a squirrel suit Nader stunned us black on one of the buildings there's just no way they could to stop and look crossed the river under bridges over bridges 8 agents would have been possible as far as a grown I just don't see that being possibility because it distinct brackets wings and would charge and and it knowledge of people that I was going by and come back in you all kinds of strange removers we actually have a sliding out on the lake where there were 2 of these things seem together while and they were doing figure 8 and you're going to round each other in stock and took all so yeah you know the the maneuvers that this thing has demonstrated and the way it has flown and the speed as well you know I am if you're drove you to hear so I I just don't believe that's what it is all and as far as wildlife goes you know I've had people say well I may be a Saint no rain or a blue heron well I haven't seen any 6 or 7 or cranes in our green doesn't get any better maybe 30 pounds and you know they don't have a wingspan of 10 or more so now they also don't really have the shape of a person either now yeah then I just love it and you mentioned earlier that we have a few police officers who have seen it I feel like that adds a little credibility they don't want that kind of trouble but in terms of the local media or the local police how much attention is this getting outside of the cryptozoology community are people in Chicago actually wake up to this then or would you say it's more of under the radar media blackout well there's there's somewhat of a media blackout what the residents are getting the word it's traveling word of mouth and I've been saying not the last barber 6 weeks and I was on the phone with someone just before you call I I'm getting anywhere from 10 to 20 calls a day or just regular residents Chicago wondering what this is worried about what it is one you know what I think it is and you know I don't buy into that or Bridger doom Terry all this must all you know even if I did I would say it and I try to dispel as much yours I can with people but this is in a sense we had to please our who were to gather that earlier we had state police officer and his son near the lake front see this thing so you know guide to such a police officers you had city workers you have seen that I've had city workers you contacted me even people you are involved the political side of the city tell me that so we all grapple knows about it and the major media just try to stay away from as much as possible makes sense another interesting element that I've heard you talk about is that Chicago tends to get a lot of UFO sightings or at least a fairly steady amount but since these our man man bat sightings these other types of sightings of kind of come to a halt right yeah that's something that we discovered early which house again I have you know he's mostly into your clothes and we've been keeping an eye and one be reporting centers and deciding June around the Chicago area and into over the lake have really Wayne since this started you know that it was nothing to get onto the CMS you move on CMS are the new or reporter recording Wall gan C. sightings in around Chicago everyday that just hasn't been going on now I don't know if this is the reason why bought a ETS interesting and I've had a couple paranormal investigators also tell me that the actual holster Graham or hauntings and what other type of bacteria hasn't been as strong as as well so far maybe this thing is affecting all that I have no idea right I mean that's interesting to note for sure how is MoveOn respond to this and ... cryptids aren't really there we'll house but I think all the stuff is connected are they get in on this with you and Hannah helping to try to get to the bottom of it you know that's a long story but I will say this when the first sighting came out and move on I jumped on it and reported it then after that they had actually gotten altogether about worry works and I'm not gonna name names but person in charge of everything in and stay out Illinois contacted me and wanted to work together you know I've had my issue move on over the years and you know I told him I said well you know if you're gonna business there about this and share information I had no problem with that well that didn't last long so I told them I said I'm not able to share information you know I don't wanna be a ball of fire on this and for the most part they've been staying away from it now they had a problem with people who were following reports not talking to them and they were getting frustrated and getting upset will allow us thinking that we were telling them not to talk to him well I don't how they do that goes I don't have any other contact information so I wasn't talking to these people there later on we did have warned the which is contact us I called MoveOn were investigating whether right not as stringent think they'd be all about this but you know you mentioned that a harbinger of doom theory that you're not really into of course that is the closest association to the Mothman sightings in Point Pleasant popularized by John keel he kind of brought that theory out that it was some type of omen for the silver bridge collapse and I'm sure some people wondered the same thing and in this case because there are some parallels then it is interesting that Chicago is the gang violence cop role the country earning that that nickname of Giro hack could such strong emotional and negative energy manifest such beings do you think there could be some energetic affect somehow that's making them come into existence you know I think it's possible yeah I have been following this phenomena for years now and it does seem that these things show all at times when people are having personal issues just function and quite frankly I don't know of any city in the United States is dysfunctional Chicago at that moment so that may very well be something bar yeah this harbor juror Doonesbury yeah Apache way to buy junk you I believe right and in the residence of my pleasant when they're gonna bridge collapsed image because I like an excuse for what happened I believe but there were other things going on we're all in the men in black UFO sightings and what other strange things associate with wall man well that's a weird area anyway because you know stuff still happens there I get reports out of when it was all a lot in fact I'm dealing with our couple now believe that day were somehow affected by the moth man or some type of other entity at wireless GNG cones somewhere years ago but still sticking with them so I don't know how much it has affected them though I do believe people have been affected by some things that go on that McClintic area at the Clinton reserve area where the gene G. plants located so yeah I out and also supporters is forbidden juror Doonesbury there have been disasters where people will claim after the fact that they had seen something the Mississippi River bridge in Minneapolis you're bitching about your noble there were people that will come out at the words and say I in Oslo lying being about where this happened while but it's always add back so I don't you know I really don't know if that's true or not yeah I mean things happening there and 18 T. facility is kind of interesting because a lot of times people suggest that signals and there might be doing something to cross over into opening portals to other dimensions that again I might be some kind of frequency based then but a TNT Bell Labs Lockheed Martin how often do you find these big companies have been some kind of facility nearby because that's something I would probably think about yeah I have looked into that the only thing I can think though I need Chicago area is that they have a CERN white a collider that's been in the area for about 40 years now I was up in the north western or I won the suburbs northwest news sitting Barrett I have had people tell me that they've seen some bizarre things in that area but we haven't really had any sightings there it's just something that we're looking into as well it was god look at everything not really I mean because you sightings have been spread all the city was as far as 2030 miles outside the city as well so you know we're taking every words and just going with it trying to come up with berries people going into areas in checking them out so yeah we got a few possibilities I mean we mean got to the point where were using I'm using car and what your channelers to try to get an idea what this is I even have an RB group that I've been working with as well so well I'm right you know why I'm almost at the point where I you know I will take any little bit information see a buying discern any type of decent information from it your I heard you talking about working with remote viewers on this and trying to do some sessions around this creature these creatures has anything interesting come out of those you know we've got a few possible pieces of evidence that may help us what I do present time I haven't really seen the connection it's something that we're keeping on the back burner in case this thing shows up in some ways where these are being used in pointed you know right just I really don't want to say a whole lot about it unless we get something that conduct coincides with what we're hearing sure sure but you are right about those hot spots in just looking at every possible angle I mean you gotta look or DARPA facilities in the area of military bases and you know it's kinda hot spots because my first thought would be that this would be some kind a deep state project on wrong or some kind of a cult ritual that got on our hands it really does make you wonder I know there's museums right in that area I mean possibly someone broke open an ancient statue in the history museum our ancient Egyptian curse or something else not I don't know that I had you know that's a new angle I have heard anything about that but you know the Chicago area doesn't really have a lot of military installation as opposed to some other cities there are some government projects in around the city so maybe panda projects associated with the government we've been doing some checking I've been doing some checking and other talking to people that live in this in a I don't know your with things that are going on are have been going on so you know I got a huge list of things or my check list that just not at this point it's really hard for me to how I what connection with these that you know and I am now the thing is you check out the witnesses as far as maybe there's a connection between witnesses this thing going to certain people so far we really haven't made that connection here while well it's not really fascinating and maybe it is hard to peg it's anything but in terms of it being a flesh and blood creature versus having a paranormal aspect has anybody seen it materialize or do you materialize or anything like that now not manifesting our or just appearing no nothing like that it usually seems to come from somewhere quickly the moon walk again but nobody ever sees work comes from our work goes to I'm medicine man and also we talk a little bit about the coverup angle of it at that media blackout night kind of thing I don't think we mentioned this yet but it's in my notes I guess it's been for freedom of information act to the Chicago police all coming back nothing reported which I would think seems odd considering how many reports you they'd have to have some all they've got among quite sure how the police officer Alberta Gresham stated emphatically that he pottery or now right you know just because you powdery or doesn't mean they're going to release it you know you normally when you were in a freedom of information act request it takes several weeks before you even hear back we're getting responses within a few days just being well we have nothing on record there's nothing ever been reported I made a request or at 911 logs that was denied so you know I I'm pretty sure they are keeping a lid on it and I've heard a lot of reasons why you know one being tourists because most of the sightings are downtown I don't know bash true or not I just believe what we're Chicago is right now with as many issues that they do have I just feel that they think that they don't want a Powell or something else right right near you know there is no more a whole lot of people ask them questions about what's going on while denying those requests is definitely a bit of a red flag that shows some kind of fishing us going on have there been any other red flags the investigation that we haven't mentioned yet that you've come across well yeah I talked to a few reporters in the city with television stations for the most part and I had a least one verify you knew about it but I have read other people that he worked where are they work with that simply do not it so you know I don't know I'm still trying to figure out what Yang was on that I don't know I mean it just seems that there is a concerted effort to keep this thing quiet for the most part what people are talking about it I mean I talk to people call me and I ask them well you know a word you hear about it and that's all it's all over the neighborhood you know people are talking about on the internet you know so yeah the words out there's no doubt about that mom and I guess it does seem to be more creature than manner more animal than man we mention those feelings of fear in those sounds of screeching but sometimes encrypted encounters people seem to lock up in sync up with these things and get some type of telepathic messages anything like that come through well this last sighting seem to be like that the woman who was watching this thing she stated that it seemed like it was where she said you're like a whimsical reactions citing no she was Roy Kalman aren't all your she said it seemed to her that there's one being wanted urban see it and I was giving her message hello you know I don't know what you got rated take the picture that thing took a dive so maybe just didn't want to be seen but she you know she didn't have any sense of fear and then from that but when she said when cigar that was the first I heard at Joe I don't know some people have said well I have felt that you knew that I was watching it somehow some of the people where are you one couple in particular this was only a short drive as well so this thing flew over top of them you are turned it scared look back at them with the red eyes turned on a dime making right back to work again like it knew that they had seen it yeah I and I and of course the one I mentioned where this thing sanded slowly and harbored in front of them the reaction they had now there were people there on the other side street in fact you didn't mention that you noticed a flash or mock phone jammer celebs at night time but her reaction was when this thing took office and away from them she'd just felt her knees her husband had actually drag her back to the condo so there have been reactions like that there was an encounter out blowing brought where this woman came across what you describe is what you thought what you people are bracing on a path by a playground the park it was at night and it was aura remember routine I take a walk out there and which you came across this thing she should declare her like I like a slurping sound sucking sound you know what it was it wasn't lab she noticed it but one thing she did notice that Arab read your bet was about 7 where are but it was why her first reaction was that was 2 people embracing Gellar because it seemed to have something wrapped around it which I believe are probably the wings right and she didn't notice any eyes write anything I'm thinking it was probably asleep or something her no I did Shorin towards our as you was standing she got about within 15 ito but you know I am when she realized that it wasn't to be boss you new around in the grass that you get you get us out are as she was walking away game very very tired you say is like all the energy was sucked out of it you had to sit down you know she kept her eye on this thing or see where was that when she was able to get out she had a right straight in your house so I did have that effect on her song I don't know yeah I'm so interested Manimala someone is made this their livelihood this has to be super exciting because we're talking about the scale of something maybe that's even surpassed the point pleasant sightings at this point and we're still talking about that and we might be in the middle of something that people are talking about for decades to come well I believe this is historical as far as flying humanoid tied being used sightings part of a larger group of sightings one general area just one wasn't now you know I anytime grids very rare that you get a multiple number sightings like this the reason why it's happening now I have no idea but yeah it's pretty remarkable and is probably most like your historic will grant yeah definitely as man and I guess I would ask is there anything else we should note about this Chicago situation before we look at some of the other open investigations you have going on that's just about it I mean it it one of these things where I just got a wait and see what else comes in and maybe we'll get a break ghetto good photograph dar you know get some other type evidence that helps those distinguish what is theirs words coming from where it's going to whites around right has it is kind of tough to say much more than people are seeing something weird but that alone is just so fascinating and to get into maybe alien abduction of that and one blog post you talk about David Jacobs is a big proponent of the hybridization theory that humans are being abducted for reproductive and hybrid making purposes but you go on to say contrary to David Jacobsen assertions I have an opposing opinion and reference to alien abductions based on testimony and research I've conducted over the years can you tell us about that opposing opinion what's the why behind abductions based on your research you well you know I hear match that you have a chance ... basically body snatching is that adoptees have been reporting center experience recalling column details you know I really don't know if he's ever gotten gaze our mention a case like I had gotten when I was working with David Eckhart his family I don't know if you're familiar with that case ought oh yeah I'm lead right into it that is how the case definitely tells a little bit about his well base you lied they lived in the Pensacola area not wait for the ball breeze weird you know you're from lawyer called reason all the crash sightings with David look contractor he had built up beautiful home when he called the homeowners dreams and in his family had lived there for maybe a year so when they started encountering small beings that were coming somehow into the bedroom I saw them but you know they're so quick leading sightings well over the years you started placing cameras in the bedroom to try to capture these things called me in and out I mean these things rapture destroying some of the cameras it got to the point where you only way he could keep a camera from getting destroyed was mounting what are those Warner mirrors that security embarrassed and shining you know I have the camera would just on that and take the reflection off of that thing home that seem to be the only way they could do it and he would use Wrobel why it's on a lot of other things but he did capture it he captured a and I have it up on my Facebook page but it's being video of this being a war weighbridge bathroom but when the abductions started these beings plus what I believe was in overboard alright Chilean type being we're coming in through a portal in the better my and I know it sounds ridiculous you shall just so fantastical but I'm telling you you know you know I'll I'll be honest with you I for the first couple months I had a hard time believing David you well but you can work with more more evidence about these beings action taken and other locations Shaw underground locations to underwater locations on this planet even if you are a robot World Bank Jason rheumatoid arthritis it's just a fantastic story run and this is actually one want robust 10 years I mean is family was being abducted as well but he was always taken somewhere other than where his family was taken in a knowledge that that they be taken someplace else well he was seeing all kinds of they were shown it to him it was almost like you know we're gonna pick you up let's take a tour Ryan do you know they were showing him underground caverns where there were other alien beings acting basically as slave labor there were also human beings that were working as slave labor it seemed at ease reptilian type being worthy over towards what this one Rick Jordan was the one who came and got and each and every time that occurred for about 10 years by the time he talked and ate it was almost over with and in fact they still check up warning but usually it's like maybe twice a year around 8 wrong once another time in November seems to be a cycle where they just come back and check up on me well it's a bizarre story but I'm telling ya I and there's a lot of it I just really had not released I mean there's some really horrific things you saw described in there while can you give us one of those crazy things that he saw well I guess one of them would be when they actually took the man to a and area out one of these facilities where they need would die so that humans living here Mazon in their world await and these were reptilians were doing the actual dissecting and they were always cutting them on the back or men damn and you saw all be area now where they disposed of these bodies it was like a huge foreigners but they would descend slowly into this cauldron or some type and that's how they would those dogs while and I told him I said what did they ever explain to you what they were doing is and now he said for what he was told most people just never made it back they were taking her blood based and he said there was another don't YC had seen where they would take humans and 8 had other beings as well and they put him in like a cylinder goal type O. trains were but a small they were actually shrink this thing shrink your was ordered in there and when you do you please stand do this device several other these so blunder O. pods whatever they were this is what they used to transport all planet not as I was like you know stargazer something affect but he was able to you know here is very good at drawing in because it was work and such and he I remember some of the symbols in seeing you draw sketch of this whiteness yet also written down a bunch of warm the laws that we're projected Julian telepathic way I have taken these forms are still a lot of different people they can't figure out what it is wow yeah it's an amazing story you know David was long that paranormal files track your rate show with Ben Harris and when name and then they have moved out the house by then but when they were there they tried to recreate some the things a day reclaimed and quite frankly when I talked to Danny told me you know I have to believe the guy you see I really can't just do what you do claiming I mean I have him on our radio show because we set the show was aired because you know I had to be issued waste toner things were shut up he told me he said right over the railings I can not dispute what he said I mean I could tell he was faking or not there was one instance that really freaked him out that happened into something that David told me before when they had the truck outside it wasn't my time and you know they had the production crew unerring out this truck outside the house David was in the house so David told me before