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"2016-01-20 19:40:44"
A Short Motivational Speech by Steve Harvey
\\be successful here's something who have you have to check there is no way around you show every successful person as usual you got the job you got to take a leap of faith you got to dash off a cliff you got the job on this farm came now a lot of terms staying only clear for life interesting over so July and birds fly and you know they've gone over sounds prayers pictures you seem dressed like this sealed with you all you see a red line they fly by you know what discuss the crashing all but the only way to get your parents to hold certain console you got John that is a problem problem when you shop I can assure you one thing you're listening I promise you this the pressure would not open one no that's a very long what was your prayers will not only one way some sites and launch look check your back but you don't you won't let yourself go get one you don't just stop by but it's virtually pressure grew and you saw but here's a right 29 shown I'm Bob one that there's no so you say June so John //

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