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"2018-05-17 23:41:47"
I Should have done this MAJOR LAMBO MOD Years Ago!
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"2018-05-14 18:00:01"
We took the $2Millon Bugatti Veyron Mansory to CarMax
\\ //
"2018-05-12 23:30:00"
I was pulled over in my RENTED FERRARI
\\ //
"2018-05-10 18:00:03"
Somehow I ended up in a STRAIGHT PIPED LaFerrari
\\ //
"2018-05-07 23:30:02"
The NEW KING of Orange County and his Koenigsegg Regera
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"2018-05-06 19:00:02"
Casually getting pulled over for my illegal Audi R8 mods
\\ //
"2018-05-03 17:00:03"
\\ //
"2018-04-24 18:00:02"
MORE Million Dollar Supercars Seized by the Monaco Police
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"2018-04-22 16:00:03"
The Supercars of the Monaco Police Impound Lot
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"2018-04-20 17:00:05"
THESE Will be the NEXT MODS for my Audi R8
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"2018-04-16 18:00:03"
Would you take the House or the Supercars? 3.0
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"2018-04-14 21:47:56"
Crossing paths with the man who FIRED Me two years ago...
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"2018-04-11 19:00:01"
\\ //
"2018-04-07 16:00:01"
THIS is why I don't work on my supercars *Audi R8 Exhaust Install Attempt*
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"2018-04-04 19:00:07"
Idiot in Lambo TROLLED by 700HP Mercedes AMG GTS
\\ //
"2018-04-01 16:00:06"
You're NEVER GONNA BELIEVE Why this Cop gave me a ticket...
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"2018-03-27 19:00:09"
3 Things I absolutely HATE about my Audi R8 (and 71 things I love)
\\ //
"2018-03-24 19:07:11"
The ULTIMATE Surprise Gift for my Best Friend!
\\ //
"2018-03-21 18:30:00"
Drove my Audi R8 into a Ditch *STUCK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT*
\\ //
"2018-03-17 16:00:01"
The NEW EXHAUST for my Audi R8
\\ //
"2018-03-13 17:00:07"
NO ONE will let me film.
\\ //
"2018-03-10 17:00:04"
Meet the Owner of the Koenigsegg Agera RS NARAYA
\\ //
"2018-03-08 00:08:15"
The World's Best Koenigsegg Regera is HERE!
\\ //
"2018-03-04 17:00:02"
The MAJOR Jeep Mod I Should've Done Day 1!
\\ //
"2018-03-02 18:00:05"
Here's Why The Lamborghini Centenario is Worth $2,500,000 (Or More)
\\ //
"2018-02-28 18:00:01"
Here's why you shouldn't own a $330,000 Lamborghini in Hawaii
\\ //
"2018-02-23 19:00:01"
Ugh...This Cost me another $4,780.75 on my Audi R8
\\ //
"2018-02-18 18:30:00"
This is HOW MUCH $$$ I still owe on my Lamborghini
\\ //
"2018-02-12 19:00:02"
\\ //
"2018-02-08 02:07:47"
Introducing Audi R8 - 2.1
\\ //
"2018-02-03 17:00:00"
Made a Mistake Buying my Audi R8....
\\ //
"2018-01-27 17:00:03"
Introducing Audi R8 - 2.0
\\ //
"2018-01-24 21:30:00"
The Next MAJOR MOD for the Audi R8!
\\ //
"2018-01-18 21:30:01"
DRAG RACING my Lamborghini vs. my Audi R8
\\ //
"2018-01-14 17:00:01"
Why I Own $200,000+ in Cars but NOT A HOUSE...
\\ //
"2018-01-11 23:00:06"
NEW LOUD EXHAUST for my Lamborghini Gallardo!!
\\ //
"2018-01-08 21:00:06"
\\ //
"2018-01-04 20:00:00"
Drove my Audi R8 into the ditch, IT GOT WORSE quickly... *A Bad Situation*
\\ //
"2018-01-02 20:00:07"
Added 500 pounds....THIS is the new TOP SPEED of my Jeep Wrangler
\\ //
"2017-12-28 18:00:08"
MORE Mega Jeep Wrangler MODS!
\\ //
"2017-12-20 18:00:02"
My Audi R8 was in an Accident **disclaimer** it's not that bad, kinda
\\ //
"2017-12-18 20:00:36"
The Wrap is DONE! My new Brushed Black Audi R8
\\ //
"2017-12-16 17:00:01"
Revealing the NEW COLOR of my Audi R8!
\\ //
"2017-12-13 20:00:02"
\\ //
"2017-12-11 19:00:01"
Driving my $400,000 DREAM SUPERCAR
\\ //
"2017-12-09 17:00:03"
This is WHY I BOUGHT my Audi R8
\\ //
"2017-12-06 18:00:05"
The $2.7Million Batmobile that is Pagani's Worst Nightmare
\\ //
"2017-12-01 01:06:41"
I just bought my Audi R8. Taking it to CarMax....can I make money?
\\ //
"2017-11-28 19:00:01"
So...THIS is what happened to my Lamborghini **could be emotional**
\\ //
"2017-11-26 18:00:03"
You'll probably understand why this Cop pulled me over in the Audi R8 ugh
\\ //
"2017-11-24 21:29:15"
Buying my new Supercar in CASH!!
\\ //
"2017-11-22 17:00:02"
The Story of Taking $68,000 Cash into a Dallas Cowboys Game... *bit of emotion*
\\ //
"2017-11-21 18:47:47"
Buying this Audi R8 in CASH and THEN....
\\ //
"2017-11-18 18:00:01"
\\ //
"2017-11-14 23:31:11"
Let the MAJOR Jeep Mods Begin!!
\\ //
"2017-11-11 19:00:05"
You'll NEVER Believe HOW MUCH CASH I've Spent Owning the Lamborghini
\\ //
"2017-11-07 22:30:00"
Selling the Gallardo, Buying a Huracan?
\\ //
"2017-11-05 22:25:22"
Koenigsegg embarrassed Hennessey and Bugatti...WHAT'S NEXT?
\\ //
"2017-11-05 04:05:00"
Insane Koenigsegg Agera RS Breaks TOP SPEED WORLD RECORD!!!
\\ //
"2017-11-01 17:00:01"
Meet the new owner of the BUGATTI VISION GRANTURISMO!!!
\\good morning good morning welcome back to the channel welcome back to the blog to days ago I got the text message I've been waiting for for 3 months October 31 9 A. M. Los Angeles International Airport delivery date boys happy Halloween welcome back to America I've been trying to keep this a secret from you guys for about 3 months now is so difficult I first found out that vision GT was coming back to America back in August but the thing about the vision GT is a concept cars on a production car and so was first imported into the United States there's all this nonsense and red tape summer here at the Los Angeles International Airport heavy duty cargo de because so so sick vision great things about it since I cargo container right now moments under my car so so excited to see this is it true you record this is the only one in the entire world she's to the container unfortunately I can't film inside any longer you S. customs and border protection has arrived their course have to inspect the car make sure that nothing illegal is being imported and then sign off gracious why don't you get a role that vision into the wouldn't as for guys we'll NPOs hello diffusers great this is the most we'll do it right at her witness or going over there I we're good let me if you get a new my name is James ago by this would you like super cars if you the price even if you like third ventures we are now following the chart it's going to be delivered there to his car collection do no am you have no right here on the floor of 5 the victory to how does this cart ending up garage is third T. invader on video K. hell bug he wants they're in a race mode law for are you roots sit terrorize 0 match soon the vision Gran Turismo is going to be here as well of course share on to help you guys met Toby that is currently a senior right now so forcing won't be here to cross place one lighting is just amazing of course is only 20 of me Centenario roadsters in the world since the first one delivered to a customer in the world full exposed carbon 5 look at that and favorite part of the entire car a knife edged user this is the war coolest shrug and now we are all exit 2 days ago when I got that its message sitting in Tokyo there is a decision to be made do we booked a next day overnight trip from Tokyo straight to Los Angeles we made the right choice that's a good seller we need more here Bob yeah do you this is so sick Alaina great are you kidding me goodness gracious but I don't this wing design is so obnoxious and we love it not that's our favorite actor get on a car yet the French flag right there well ... it these go Jack's right here will use to rotate the entire card that's that's how it was done right there the numbers that not only was she well if you know medical maybe there is grand cables and this is center lock for for differ Mozart raise and lower this rear lights the here lights race for their lower the spoiler zantac our world for earlier we have here to rear light the remote rear lights so sick there you have jul Julia vision is just single seater it's really a race car so you know grand to snow Tory Bugatti Chris the wing mirrors you have the cameras right there and the display front and center if the cameras were turned on you can your last year right there and you're right near on that it's a race mode right there yeah it's so low stance nation I didn't present clear to it and you can have as a half the bear on tires on for around $40000 vision GOP has since Michelin racing's this only 2 sets of these tires in the entire world this set and got a corporate has another one if you want that second set looking at €80000 right guys here is this is the key to hyper car insanity it's like a books on Pataki was the first service on the vision Gran Turismo is a 20 grams of fat includes an oil change the clean the windshield by top awfully washer fluid and they checked the air pressure in each tire $20000 as you deal law Ferrari on the sea Ferrari scream per the best selling cars in the world Willis Laforet was so loud that it cracked the mere right there what Ferrari do it best what's it may see the dog blog what's up what's up I've been to some incredible garages all around the world but for a 5 car garage that also the 6 would be sure I'm right there I mean if you can get much better than this if you do choose one car in this collection which would you choose I mean obviously the vision G. T. but if you couldn't pick divisions anti forgery to go it I think I think it sets an aria I mean ups in the lamb of god through and through you guys know that you really can go wrong with any of these now you guys might remember I filmed the delivery of this change in our red stripe put a link to that video in the description Lafur are the P. one and this is one of his cars that we are we are surrounded by hypercard insanity and yet you can not stop staring at the vision G. T. I mean to be honest the very hard looks like a chump next to the vision is just so aggressive defenders are so exaggerated everything about this car is so sick on sale which this year on adding more of these elements the promise that I see stuff like this splitter is not very practical division GTE was designed to be serviced thoroughbred race car and that's why you have like the power kill switches right there you have the door disconnects and then you have this house right here to remove the helmet off the driver in the event of an accident we have an active aero back here this ruling is just obnoxious we love obnoxious too crazy thing about the vision G. T. from a performance standpoint permission nobody knows anything in the car is a complete mystery it has the W. 16 quad turbocharged 8 leader that is in the fair on as well as this year on supposedly it increases roughly 1500 horsepower don't quote me on that because Ansett ugly no and apparently it's capable of around 250 plus miles an hour we are we are literally in the land of unicorns right now centenary roadster won a 20 lot furry 1 of 499 P. 11 of 375 vision G. T. 1 of 1 and fair on 1 of 450 this year on 1 of 500 this is such a garage goals goodness gracious garage goals this is like a canvas printing you guys remember the hell beat if you don't there's a link to that video in the description below and also you guys remember the hell bug this car was taken to 235 0.7 miles per hour but the Sun Valley road rally there's a link to that video as well on hook you up a hook you up 2 days ago we had a decision to make here in Tokyo got the text message that the vision G. T. was being delivered here on how we create purchasing it overnight flight directly from Tokyo to Los Angeles there are moments in your life you simply cannot miss for example your wedding day you can't miss that maybe the birth of a child you definitely do not want to miss the delivery Jim grant 3 once in a lifetime opportunity massive massive congrats to the owner of just what he probably be cool his car in the entire world the best part is he's going to be sharing this car is going to be at some advances can be any museum on display at some point as well the one of one vision G. T. I hope you guys enjoy today's video if you don't like what we sure to smash that like button but just like that this blog's over animals //
"2017-10-30 18:00:02"
HYPEBEAST ft. The Japanese Lamborghini Halloween Run
\\I haven't even entered the vlogger artist but who am does approve pull her upon that is so close unfortunately super typhoon number 22 who has descended here on Tokyo I'm hoping that doesn't scare away all the land most Brecon perform on today I loved his back and I said every single time I see it I know it's true here in Japan as a way to kind of exhaust they get for their land as we have the start dropping the power craft this says the power cost those strip there have the star drop rate is 3:45 PM the official run begins at 430 this water started to roll a no I came here I can hear Vic from land I can pretty much guarantee it the ones on the morning good welcome to my name is Jay day is going to be cream kind of day here in Tokyo more Hoshi he is the leader of the urban outlaw Lamborghini Tokyo today is is how we run and voice goodness gracious the girl the Supreme girl that is the back end of this liberty walked events or it's rock and the star dropper exhaust that is the exhaust of choice for the more who she gang goes to like 15 to 20 grand you guys were here soon it is the craziest exhausts ever gets a member in yesterday's Wagner's describing the subtle flux this is not a subtle but this is just your pitch flexing we saw this gold chrome event here in the parking garage has a good as of samurai writing a speech on the front as you sport is gonna impale who's been here and lay that knife edge diffuser right there wise words to live by guys know Lamborghini no life as you do keep being yourself Ross world get a little walk Lamborghini her because right delivery Walker country showed up we hadn't put away both it's gonna be a dead boys mmhm is the new M. S. so 12 see from the parents the one stop right there Corbin absolutely hero style he wants minions liberty walked her because S. liberty walking of every so cool here on the back in Dayton job building the wide by they're into the rear fender audience that he did it first Jim guy artery here look the wheels there as you do you so how prior to wheels it today's veto gets 4000000000 lights I will be dazzled my wheels don't shoot the we do we have stirred Donald Trump second amendment rights I think I'm ladies and we are Greenlee rolling right now yeah man house WNED 0011 18 according to for Israel this here you see there so their appearances you I think I mean these culture here in Japan anywhere else in the so say Bob grant tonight quality or more somebody knocked down you can't we use it it has to go such an important decision and I'm going we have folks I think the blog is pretty much come to an end this zip handcart culture is simply all now this is pretty much the end of today's video but got if you're not subscribe to the channel be sure to subscribe because it a day or 2 I'm going to be filming the biggest video of my entire career we're talking sure on Chet and oreo this video is all the way here we think about it one does not simply fly halfway across the world for chocolate banana part phase anyways I hope you enjoy today's video if you did like squad be sure to smash that like button we're just like that this blog's over and about //
"2017-10-28 18:30:01"
The Mysterious Hypercar Collection of Tokyo
\\good morning good morning welcome back to the channel welcome back to the log and welcome to central Tokyo it's sunny it's 75 we had a super car collection one of the most pristine collections of all time it's like an hour north of Tokyo we have a train ride a monorail a bus ride guys who just got snake I I I cannot believe this there's an ice cream vending machine on the other side to drop should I do it approaches 10 is a smart man he just provided us with some very insightful Intel there's a stairwell right here we can walk walk down ice cream the food blog now rolling ... here we go sector board decision your boys yellow Ferrari F. 40 minutes to an F. 40 health and I always talk about how the wire is the ultimate transformer but in fact the Lamborghini Miura not only is it the original super car it's also the original transformer we have the Ferrari to eating GTO points to a Rosso barchetta Ferrari I think you'd be Lamborghini or reference on this is the original Lamborghini halo car is that we call it across the predecessor to the event may know and we send them out to you know this car's 10 years still looks good and then we had a one also finished in national because for our in this is what you subtle flaw you know trying to show we're letting people know that you're ball and this is the collectible one of Ferrari Enzo and this is a Rosso part for our ends up the clinics shel Ferrari 512 berlinetta check out the skins of the you still have the rap there on the steering wheel the bubble wrap their own the paddles yet the seat covers do and of course the mighty he 12 that is the Ferrari Enzo why the this is just this is hopeless it's so overwhelming I mean I could spend an entire day staring at one of these cars and I'm all here and they don't resale read that's the best part there one off colors like this Rosa Parks had it we got a yellow a 40000000 senior yell at 40 as for you know in the mirror I I can I can I can spend a day staring at any one of these cars and how all here in the collection is simply unreal this is probably the best selling car in the entire collection and there's there's really there's no denying that there's no doubt in my mind this is the best sounding car in the entire collection if not the best sounding road legal car in the entire world it's basically a Formula 1 car pres sure you guys don't know this the first call core that I ever got to drive was he Ferrari F. 51 record we don't ocean Avenue was 20 years old it was the most surreal experience of my life maybe the greatest car experience in my entire life and because of that the F. fifties always held a special place in my heart is really the the last of the analog Ferrari supercars that gated manual and boy I never knew this the F. fifties are number this is 22349 who I never knew that and as you can see V. F. fifties are built to be daily drivers here's your storage of put maybe a small little briefcase okay this is no longer a subtle flex my sister street flexing we're open up all the cars in the transformers mode it's gonna some kind of silly but I wish I could convey to you guys the smell of this Italian led their but the yellow tachometer right there front and center this is the only Lamborghini revving taught here in Japan courses a week 20 of them worldwide it shares the same 6.2 liter I sneak helping 640 mercy Lago so have the plastic cover of course the idea behind the reading Thomas to create basically a road going fighter jet and so you have the military green how can Tara do this curse 10 years old this is the definition of a mediation look how far forward that mediates really scooter and hear the back cover of hating an awesome look there the transmission the F. forties actually practical Google the storage right here course this is where the spare tire goes but if you remove it you can actually put a sizeable amount of luggage in there the F. 40 Helen look at these tiny little Windermere's little little baby mir's so you have fourty hell and that's basically the race version of the F. 40 take a look at the twin turbocharged V. 8 so here is commonly referred to as the original super car theft transversely mounted the 12 with Kurt on these re-attempt while and of course you get your spare up front different year of cars 275 looking sharp ladies and gentlemen I come to you from another undisclosed location just across the way we have the second garage now I've been to some incredible super car garages in my life this 1 might be the most pre steam the 599 GTO 1 of 500 99 next to its counterpart be 12 TTF 1 of 700 99 and of course naturally no supercar hypercard collection is complete without a will hinder Jeannie guy ardo here in incredible company who have Koon toss has been over here this one right here this is a factory prototype just check the sound guys this is so crazy I don't even know the score existed I can hunt down this prototype coon toss this holiday box vendor right here and held the Vance what kind of life closed up just you can't compare the 2 side profiles on the skin Tages that is so neat yeah here have the XJR 15 this is the predecessor to the extreme to 20 this is what I love about collections like this and there's a car like this and I'm familiar with but I never actually had a chance to check one out right hand drive to the scale caramel game is off the charts well is like every version of Ferrari right there he get the landers over there it's got the gated manual transmission Sam center blast where you at late of course no hypercard collections complete without Godzilla we have the Nissan GT R. R. 35 needs about course right hand drive that was my mistake in yesterday's blog 7 the other ends it has been all opened up as you can see fairies again more practical by the minute so this is the day we visited driver Enzo if you will why now this might be my pick of any car in this collection there you have it ladies and gentleman in the comments below if you could have just one car in this entire collection which one would it be for media beeping and so or the Ravenclaw I don't know I think I go inside the goings on you get stock today's blog was over but in fact it's only just beginning because I present to you guys for the first time the squad the van squad third gonna sound then can says a sound and where this isn't it so ticket sales are the blog is not quite over and that's for 2 reasons the first reason we found another ice cream vending machine and the second reason is we are here at Tatsumi Weber gave Diablo has declared 6 may need car show that they have because it it never actually ends its here at a rest area and there's tons and tons sonics they are a doing far what in the world Jay showed up do you what is none on your left this is a real hello 34 well as you guys know I'm a Lambo guy for good he gets the our 30 fours they are everywhere ... medium that I as you guys know that turbos boys gives her voice morning both ... at 40 just showed up or what triggered the squad doesn't have 40 I realize that your 4 squad it's my bad we heard leave your ... well if your issues in the calm below will headed back his way because he's Lupin he's Lupin there's enough 40 voice through a bargain we've been were bobbing and weaving there is a Ferrari 40 meaning the well I it's got the lights up everything do you picture this a rest area on a Friday night midnight it's sooner show and this man is blown out with his F. 40 yeah ha ha why search that right there would be V. exam subtle too hard but your leg you know that you're straight ball in but I just think it video today's good itself third and fifth 0 likes on Monday I think there you go I'm hooking up those spaghetti own Hey welcome after that you use at all noticing polite and those one last pull for the boys what an incredible adventure it's been video higher career I mean employee file way around the world a film shot face a tune if you're not so sure to see scribe I hope you guys enjoy today's video if you did I was about to end the blog and then we stumble across this could toss just sat here parked on a highway we have to take a better look at this thing is utterly absurd some type of leann hit on no says he's radio antennas out enough they function or not all a note there is 0 visibility now but goodness gracious voice a girl welcome voice to carry nation will I in Japan when the police show up you just move the meat to a different location the F. forties here as well jerking nation is I've been a night today 335 millimeters wide and guess who just showed up they found a school but they were getting sat down again only here in Tokyo does a Ferrari F. 40 show up to 100 rounds Courtney anyways guys I hope you enjoy today's video if you did likes what we sure to smash that like button we just like that this blog's over Adam n't //
"2017-10-26 18:00:01"
I've Been Demonetized....and the Mercedes AMG Project ONE
\\good morning good morning welcome back to the channel welcome back to the blog and welcome to the Tokyo motor show today we're really only here for 1 car that of course is the new Mercedes AMG project 1675 degrees it's a 12:58 PM now we're role we got our press credentials the observant here will note that my name is not hope you'll Kim sh sh prisoner gave me the wrong press credentials so or rocket is Kim today project 1 is being debuted in about 45 minutes sort of a freak creature tried to catch all the concepts but we also want to get to the Mercedes stand so we can get a front row seat for the project 1 course we had this Volkswagen bus concept Volkswagen please build this idyllic that's the dean of auto shows all these manufacturers build these awesome awesome cars many never build a Volkswagen get it done Lamborghini is unveiling their new sport S. U. V. the first week of December 1 gonna hook you guys up I'm gonna give you a sneak preview of the new Lamborghini curious we have the Audi you a sport I can pretty much guarantee the jurors will be nearly exactly the same as it proportions of the Lamborghini yours will be very very somewhere else Japan 2066 check this out they had been been machine ice cream machine are you kidding me goodness gracious goodness gracious Gordon make sense with the Mercedes AMG project on the world's first probably going on them long I'm snaking you guys I am enjoying the view that is the Mercedes Benz AMG project one there it is for the first but section the second time this car was unveiled in Frankfort like a month ago it's now here in Tokyo on its Asian tour this is the replacement for the CLK GTR which was built like 25 years ago section has a Formula 1 derived engine apparently every 30000 miles you have to go through some of an engine rebuild now unfortunately most of these cars are probably gonna end up here behind stanchions and a lot of collections maybe there's one here go out there that lacks you take one of these at the shore super trim better one that's a lot of for a car like that posted would you rather a new Aston Martin or like Koenigsegg here are I protect Koenigsegg I mean the swan fortunately we have here in Tokyo because for because same Tokyo to have it Smeal's run but unfortunately a Toyota Miller for I hook you guys up we're going in the largest Ferris wheel this side of the Mississippi where to get some awesome views of Tokyo Bay gave it's a little bit scared I know if you don't fall on its go at the rainbow bridge don't think we can see Fuji it's way up there in the distance we're up here 15 meters tall is the highest Ferris wheel in the world that could be wrong it also could be right he see the towers right there that's the sky tree that's the tallest point in Japan's tall structure in Japan so what's a what's up what's it worth remind me do you guys remember like 3 4 years ago Toyota can't cool concept one that was supposed to be the new super well here it is at the Toyota center unfortunately Toyota still has not built this car yet nor did they unveil it at the Tokyo Auto Show I know it's like the Honda NSX Honda unveiled back cars a concept 3 or 4 years ago took for ever for them to put into production it kind of wore out the excitement of the car this is such a cool concept that film this card pebble beach like 3 or 4 years ago thinking Toyota with chronic inability pretty soon and yet they still had not taking care of business OneNote what's what's what's up what's up it's so those little cousin does go 850 yeah hold so this is the world's largest gun them I didn't know if that wasn't so that promise to me 26 yeah big jet that's one of my goals in life a fly with a jet pack 3 Victor hello everyone allocating Chris no mmhm okay hammer Roland there are moments in life that U. S. of is one of them if you enjoy part phase which I'm sure most of you do what you gotta come to Japan but also if you like views well by god uses well front center Tokyo rainbow bridge way way out there in the distance is about Fuji what a beautiful day lots of real close to drive there amount cruises toss around in Japan what have you alright folks well it's official I have been inducted into the demilitarization squad the D. monetization hall of fame no secret window that no one can buy you 2 has deemed that video not suitable for most advertisers advertisers avoid placing ads on videos the don't align with their brand for example they may choose not to advertise on content that sexually suggestive includes bad language or is considered controversial if you think our automated system got this wrong and your video is suitable for all advertisers you can request a manual review it's an automated system now if you guys go watch that video put a link in the description below there's is there's nothing controversial about it you know one of the things that I really pride myself with my you tube channel is it anybody can watch my videos I have 3 nephews that watch every single one of my videos and I liked it there's nothing offensive there's nothing controversial there's nothing that their ears are going to hear that their mother and father would be upset about and I take pride in that the most recent comment on this video put a screenshot of it right here I'm going to abbreviate the comment I wholeheartedly command your use of the English language your videos are fun informative adventurous and completely accessible to audiences everywhere of any age this video has now been demonetized because YouTube has deemed it's not suitable for all audiences I did submit the video for manual review but what that means in the short term is that any views the video accumulates moving forward I will not be receiving any ad review on also there's a chance that the video will be rejected for monetization it's not a human that's marking these videos not suitable to bought it's a computer program that runs an algorithm and the problem is that once you've been de monetize once you're almost like blacklisted and so it moving forward I have a higher probability of being demonetized Casey nice that made a great video on it I'll put a link to that video on the description below be sure to go check it out this is this is the first video of mind it's been demonetized movie for in the future hopefully this isn't consistent it could be a mega update you guys constantly on every single my videos it's either monetize your demonetized I love producing this content for you guys and I feel so fortunate to be a youtuber it's really the dream job but at the end of the day I have to make money you know for to be viable because obviously trips like this to Japan it's expensive you know you have your airfare your hotel is your food no subway all that adds up really really quickly and as far as my monthly revenue YouTube out revenue makes up about you know 90 percent of it have a little bit a sponsor content I have the tee shirt sales as well but in general it's mainly ad revenues to moving forward there might be more sponsored content I hope you guys will be understandable of that you know this trip to Japan for example sponsored ... but you know most the trips are purely from ad revenue in the future if you do see more sponsored content you know we see we see guys have an understanding of maybe why that is this video is a little bit controversial so there's a pretty high probability that you tube is gonna de monetize this video so we'll see lemon only guys think in the comments below also what you guys think of the new AMG project one I think in black like a satin black or white I think it could look okay let me know what you think about in the comments below as well anyways I hope you guys enjoy today's video if you did like squad be sure to smash that like button but just like that this blog is over animate //
"2017-10-24 18:00:01"
Every Bugatti Chiron Owner Gets One of These.... *$25,000*
\\what's up guys welcome back to China welcome to a nother blog and welcome back to Tokyo the last couple days Tokyo was hit with this massive rainstorm a super typhoon Buckley we have survived the sign is now out and sign that you toss game pieces went up we get a big video we are hitting every segment of the block today we got a food log we got a dog locked and we have a super car collection that is never been seen while it's been seen now before we can really get we need some cable Aquarius stress the importance of before they get quite refreshing you can see Mount Fuji and there in the background I'm also concerned what we're gonna have for tonight's food log genocide if you know either Windies are chick fillet be sure to stay tuned //
"2017-10-23 21:38:32"
The Mysterious Underground Supercars of Tokyo
\\good morning good morning welcome back to the channel welcome to the blog and welcome back to Tokyo I hope you guys are enjoying these Japan hogs as much as I am about a month ago been Sarah collective they reached out to me because they want to partner up to create some of the coolest automotive content in the world we figured out we succumb to Japan obvious even serve collective it creates some of the coolest most affordable watches that you can get I think the best part about these watches it combines class with affordability can wear them to a business meeting you can wear out to dinner really any setting these will fit their casual yet professional they have this full green Italian leather pants a full Italian marble backing the competitor watch of this quality we generally range for about $500 you can pick up one of these for just a little bit over $100 it comes with free shipping as well as a 24 month warranty not only have they hook me up there who can you guys up as well in the late in the description below been Sarah slash strad man you can gain access to a 15 percent off discount code for the super super cool watches I can't pigments are cooked enough for this trip to Japan let's roll this is done on the Times Square at central Tokyo incidents got a massive massive video headed your guys way we are going to go explore the underground Tokyo be hidden underground that nobody has ever had acts will gain an exclusive access surly exclusive nobody knows we're going but these locations they're highly confidential so if you do know the locations please don't share with anybody whoa what is a or will this is yeah I totally see Koenigsegg repair it's me that had it's an awesome color the biggest failing designs loading their Carvey and easier news on 622. the singer and was really is no so I have to say there so the entire you're 34 boys the vans here in town you know as for the first time squad squad the Tokyo so obviously we have an almost 34 G. we are the turbos boys turbos turbo spooling up good gracious bush trouble we are going to you want with our 2 you know we are on the high were on a tour the underground car N. around since Tokyo Tokyo underground shopping deep into the gallows luckily we got our previous so we got E. vino 41 and 355 splitter do the Prius is perfect for this Gigi Paris improve Tokyo drift in real life Michael pulled after 12 back with TV all our war GT worries over there import GTS that's a nice color and experiencing spirit stirred debate 20 built more than 500 of us ghost it's charming that's a nice did this is like them he's working paper cards okay 640 roadster human being thanks that's really nice but Gordon Stewart fossil I think it does pessimism to door yellow pinstripe 50 Bernie depart Canada and 5 some fighting superamerica mmhm hall sitting that's cool old school new school mmhm 16 M. it's next to a 996 and GT through your office who 612 Max knocks we miss you when you don't watch my videos but if you did you but better all the he won with the labor you cover what color is that white light and it's non race mode left wing Richard F. 5050 her snake bite his curtains according to my own the password is a rude screw listen I speculate T. hopeful look like that who ... SLR such a mind law Zen tech institute or my boss that their own world it is about 6 of those in did this previous is coming through in the clutch we're just completely undetected you ghost Brazilian duos like John Wayne or whatever and mmhm none of those stripes can keep your stuff first and our hope her home spider well I yes I've seen soon now who in to rally in addition granted those gate 12 TDI comprised from another first Jim guy heard the original GTR for her the sketch out to to Paris in theory boon for so roadster very nice another might finally dition insolence owners Tim NGT for well does well if you he kissed me from the other day yeah TDF it's a dark green with the yellow stripe well I with his own life than seem to have been dazzled we gonna a semi fish why we stood around to the back no Lamborghini life whoa this diffuser they let me gold chrome exhaust it starred dropper pretty much all these members have the star Joplin exhausts who keeps his heels user so ridiculous gold for GRU's edit PDF is the meanest batters Ferrari in production right now that is so so sick uses a factory may happen greens Foley bag out liberty walking GTR obviously when you park for the night you drop it yes 3 make this quick boom much better okay the blog is pretty much over if you guys want to go on Airbnb tour at some point let me know in the comments below it's 2:30 AM jet lag is killer some going to bed but I hope you guys enjoy today's video if you did like squad be sure to smash that like button but just like that this logs ever at about //
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I Traveled 6,000 miles to see this Lamborghini Centenario
\\good morning good morning welcome back to channel welcome to the Vaughn and welcome to Tokyo a good flight about 12:00 hours good food good now I made a fatal mistake I fell asleep during desert you win some you lose some and you fall sick during desert weather forecast 0 percent range the typhoon is here over in Japan I'm in a parking garage deep in the gallows underneath Tokyo we found ourselves at some event the doors been SP over there in the back of this blue sea face of in store yes unlike looking around for security that I think that could be like you courtesy case there's that security guard he completely snuck up on us and he was not here you're gone we're just continuing our surveillance of all the underground garages skin is hooking up profound a Porsche 918 spider it's number plate 1 but apparently it's our there I mean we have this event to door obvious all these locations are high it's highly classified information most of keeping my voice down because security is on the prowl come around in a moment were good though first night in Tokyo we don't want to be detained that's really the main goal of today's clock DV Levin Scully was one identical specter this in Park City this man he knows how to park his Lamborghini this man with the events go though he he has failed come into your ownership one along the lift is up goodness gracious jet lag is starting to kick in but were relentless were tenacious we're never going to give up on you guys before aids but we're going to go to bed here pretty soon good morning good morning it's 2 inches in one vlog Israel I think it's Steen hour time change a separate 12:00 hours last night so I'm feeling better we're here in Tokyo for 2.5 weeks mainly doing car stuff we're under some touristy stuff for here a policy at the Tokyo tower there in the back we are headed off to Lamborghini day I like Lambert is you guys like Lambesis pretty fitting for the both of us so just walk away and really staring at me though either of logging and avoiding is proper in Japan it's it's 7 are norms let's never normally in Los Angeles is not normal and that awkward man talking to a camera Gordon's laughing at me it's okay there because it's Lambeau day reporter we pouring a bowl and I saw I think I think it's safe to say we are in the right spots you only got a mirror right there we got Diablos for days and got coon tosses it is raining skittles here in Tokyo taste the rainbow yet LP 400 curse scope of the original coon talks sat next to a Diablo GTR 1 of 30 in the world because of the original Lamborghini but 350 G. T. per usual we don't have any credentials or anything or not were allowed to be here Brett there's a bunch a tense over there and there's a whole variety of cool cars over there the seventies and eighties was an odd time for Lamborghini the filthiest Spata and they built the ramble Lambeau the elan 002 but check out this album this 1 is like rally fitted this is ready to tackle the Baja 1000 piece thing is when the kids yeah ... in 00 to Paris Dakar rally under this roof school goodness I mean if we run around the track had 2 extra spare you the scorpion Perrelli scorpion tires 345 millimeters wide girth nation round of applause random class have a Jack couple fuel tanks right there a shovel wasn't so who so sick it's crazy to think that Lamborghini built this car back in the late eighties early nineties is only 300 Halim's 15 over there this could talk straight here this may be the most valuable car in the entire lot LP 400 carats scope of the original tune tosser live this rear wheel arch so unconventional sin who Lamborghini have this extra little rear window right there as well he was making gotten tosses her days we got Diablos for days this is a whole week you know just like that we got our media credentials were rocking and rolling we are officially in the squad Lamborghini day Tokyo 10/20/2017 this is where the big cars are this is what we do we're getting a world exclusive this is how we roll we get the new of Ventadour as roadster the Japan edition there's going to be 5 of these bills all 5 have been sold out and they're only going to Japanese customers so there's only 5 of these in the world each 1 will be uniquely different representing different elements this of course is water which shifts from routine dark blue but then the roof is carving a course carbon is kind of considered this element HHS to alimento changing the polarization how it shifts from like moody dark quick look inside the interior course that is the Japanese symbol for water right there one of them fighters the new birth con su creature fail Ivo the school groups to that is why we give that is holy remain our style seen on this new body work with stick purity's guides which gets can deny Leo Mrs fully exposed red carbon fiber of warm light got here with you here just in the Nick of time they're great extension that off man this is got to be this might be the best precarious in this is the ninth one is the first one delivered to Japan there is a second one headed this way soon the veteran pass that thing is so good mixed in so perfectly this is the only color Cardin Centenario delivered in your world slightly at backing mix with his White House gracious guys the girl Kenya curtain a sock it's that portion of what we're going to go get some lunch later in the day we we were going to try to catch this tension are leaving tonight we're gonna try to hook you guys up gonna try to acquit self defeating seeking court pizza that sounds pretty good was not right here wishes and now the waiter knows order the home of that scheme know monolith facility standpoint on another world listen I had I had simply no idea what he was saying but I ordered a hamburger and fries so that's kinda what I'm expecting to see Japanese hamburgers you're gonna put on yeah ran to him yes a franchise that's in corn and guess what we have American social you think you so much do we get I think we probably do you I'm leaning towards this chocolate banana parfait well do it best got ice cream gabrowny we go with cream without a leaf bananas it's a lead that's what it is it's a decorative lead it's about men I made some big time decisions in my life but that chocolate parfait at Jonathan's cafe and restaurant goodness under Aitchison put both or commit dog clinics I you know I just I just got to meet this he ... of when her virginity I chose super down to earth when he found out I owned a manual guy or do you give me a fist bump what a cool dude also Tokyo drift in real life we have a peak of its door has speeder roadster actually looks pretty good you see Japan Japan does it best we don't get paid I think your experience there's this one has the 4 G. autos but it also has a star dropper exhaust is is is complete Lamborghini overload iras at 15 years old I was a car spot urban Oregon if I saw one Lamborghini once a summer I remember it for ever city be around this would like over 100 plus Slammers this is so crazy every color every iteration is here I'm tell you the color game here in Tokyo is off the charts got approval her con we got blue and was about orange Lambros we got a Diablo GT for goodness gracious part between a caravan and a Mazda 3 I due this will you come in what's but you and signature could you imagine purists Dniester something but no he didn't we got him paddles that rear view mirror kiss hinges on well yet the cellophane still right there what color the Lamborghini parade is about to do sand on it made town Tokyo I got my Lamborghini flag solar it's it's it's a pretty basic technique but you gotta be skill to do it well I we're doing our job promise you were doing now the it this so this seems like a qualified in the vlog differ stay in Tokyo was a be here for more weeks willow let me know what you guys do you why we're here let he's over n't //
"2017-10-17 18:00:00"
You'll NEVER believe the GIRTH of my new TIRES & WHEELS - Jeep Wrangler Transformation!
\\good morning welcome back to another episode welcome to the blog and welcome to you Tom welcome to mail time plungers from New Jersey footage clips another one I'm starting to notice a trend this is from Vladimir in Brooklyn Paul yeah you know I haven't esctoday buffet goodness by yes no so cool it's got the 305 forged wheels as we nginx but that was an impressive throw James we know parting ways with your car is never easy out a decade of ownership and can its members formed in the driver's seat and it becomes nearly impossible I've I've wrote but this check that out posts organ plates they use to rock for 10 years with this thing due to Alvy Audi thank you so much is awesome someday when I have my dream car dealership this'll be hang in front center I don't have one last shot out to my man Vladimir writing a breakfast this morning I wasn't sure I'd have enough energy to film today's video but because of another batters he provided we're back in business wait for our clients fall we got the Titans boys got the 35 inch BFGoodrich all terrain tires the KM to use this to be a moment of law where it's a our role is Allan Rohan I want to give a massive shout out to my roommate Nick these tires arrived and I was in Mexico he home all the way down the basement for me Nick is significantly stronger than me but that's irregardless boys the courage bigger this could go bad but in your thumbnail my head's chopped off isn't it so and makes and models you there are well here we go 9 a people make them attacks occur the yes yanks Britain would the dirtiness I love it so these are relations race wheels you know so that it's a matte black finish how do you are a mix of 2010 Audi R. 8 twin turbo charge from gene G. racing pretty 745 course power at the crank 125 horsepower at the wheels check this out we have the elusive and exclusive dated 6 speed manual transmission this car is a unicorn cool $5000 for I I shit I've gone white tire lettering on the outside or black tired or not be somebody made the decision some not I'm asking you guys but I'm not really going to take your input I mean obviously because you're watching this video already done about as I watch irregardless nnova let's see how good Zaccheus on cue there hugs they can you guys this looks so incredibly one wait until it's all the lift your give you create sneak peek fairness as tai just say it is no longer a Barbie G. bring their anymore it's utterly perhaps it looks so good there they get scalped so it's a stock wrangler it does have the ATV 2.5 inch lift kit geometry is looking good were rolling I get I I did did what I did for aids wheels and tires goodness boys we have one we have won the day I don't even notice any difference with the on road performance during the result we stress slow and now it's maybe a little bit slower see you guys I see it I've been to a jeep record the squad that triggered squad keyboard warrior seat may seem I just did not love you guys so I have a food log pager guises way at 7:00 PM it's fine 20 PM quite possibly the nicest day after in the city itself you talk to in a building right there you get the ball call worry down Zoellick city I noticed 2 flaws are to performance what's the opposite of enhancements to performance and it was the opposite enhancements I can't think it's just so beautiful here inhibitors 2 performance inhibitors it takes a lot more force to stop the vehicle the brakes have to work a lot harder and then also when starting from a stop I have to give the jeep a lot more gas I'm starting to understand the flaw of the 35 inch tire set up and that is getting the car from a standstill to emotion I have to give it significantly more gas obviously the gearing set up as it is not set up for 35 star so make sense without being a case the gas mileage which is never good gas mileage is always pretty low on the scale it's gonna drop probably another tear but it's okay because it looks so good I'd welcome to Garth nation boys were made it big guy Argo the wrangler that both in the club welcome to the club now look the sorority whose ship where they have and the other 355 on Jack stands that pretty much summarizes the for our dealership right now the food blogs can be so good I I simply cannot wait unfortunately timed to go off roading or get the drone up in the air but how to get some photos because goodness gracious she looks so good I'm gonna post the photos on my Instagram I'm also going be updating my Instagram periodically during this trip to the Far East I'm so excited you can visualize wheels and tires all day long but until they're mounted on the vehicle then you know if you've done well we've done well boys the girl bigger thing vis BFGoodrich all terrain tires coupled with the relations race we'll 17 inch matte black bar to use they look so good and so I'm just so excited with how it turned out if I walked around to the back well they really can do is hang in my head in shame ago imagine all the people on the highway making fun of me roasting me creating memes about me because a spare don't look so bad dramas of the spare tire is not here to the door new 35 inch tires is so heavy I could bend the hinges super easily so there's an aftermarket rear bumper that I'm looking at getting the tire carrier is actually mounted to the rear bumper so patients guys this is temporary I know if he wasn't so dumb on 6 and also decent he's appealing soon as well what do you guys think you dig them I hope so because I'm loving and I'm absolutely loving it did you finally looks proper so good so so that I'm so thrilled also Pete the donut tracks right here correct me if I'm wrong but this always appears to fit a go cart I don't know I know so there are very very few things in life that I want to miss and a food log that is not 1 of them I haven't eaten anything since I have those Nutter Butters at 10:52 AM the fact that I'm standing up walking on my own accord and flogging to you guys really is a story for inspiration I got your back up the steps you can take this on the client side cookbook go now we'll roll we got the card is not a case of the year we got French fries unfortunately chips are gone because Mikayla mom the Yankees are winning 5 nothing itself place okay not judged by men jokes just for your own bomb alright attendee I really have no say except for his incredible that looks so good food coma the log is pretty much over one in that with one last thing have you guys seen that viral video of that red Lamborghini of Ventadour SP in San Francisco where the man jumps up on top of the car and runs down it the owner of them throws them off the car it's it's quite the video or the owner of that of in store as to be somebody sat down and interviewed him there's a link to that video in the description below you guys have to go check out because the owner shares his story of how he bought that car it's it's it's a super cool story I highly highly recommended it's a bit long the audio shaky but it's worth a watch we're guessing delight the ties do you like the wheels I hope so what do you think should be the next March to the wrangler after the tire carrier let me know in the comments below I hope you guys enjoy today's video if you did like squad be sure to smash that like button but just like that this blog is over animate //
"2017-10-15 18:30:43"
This is Where I've Been...
\\good morning welcome back to its shadow welcome to the blog and welcome to beautiful Mexico we hear on the Baja peninsula with BFGoodrich and we're about to experience the ultimate off road experience we got jeeps we got Baja cars we got raptors summer over there we headed off to Ensenada today I can smell the bacon and so yeah I mean there's bacon when there's baking you gravitate towards parking lots place to be a meteorologist with a little wind gusts come from the southwest around 6 miles per hour at northeast yeah right busted out now dear I was trying to sneak these guys now yeah I'm an accountant it's really only fitting that I would end up in a 4 door wrangler however this one is slightly more quick than mine mud terrain 37 inch tires I need these in my life boys Clark 40 minutes our role in another bad joke so as far as where we're going to where we're headed that couldn't tell yeah but apparently we're going to see the David Kay there that is the red our film and all of a can you guys I one of those shows up timid in one so just the wrangler you'll stop it appears this is something of a brush fire going on out there the thing is we keep through didn't what sophistry I bet up look it up it is the throughout all production vehicle its first off the new jail which is there will be a so option as well as a some cool rocks and I feel like we need to climb them now this is simply referred to as use voice I got some of you of the world taller than me he's axon is actually on top I've 11 ya it's 5 so I'm pretty sure I heard the food stop could be Mexico yeah if you're thinking about leaving the blog don't leave the blog the best parties comment this is Bonita we can hear you loud and clear and we are ready to rock and roll tell my job as co pilot is to man the radio and I keep saying we're rolling obviously when you're off roading rolling is not a good term some tried change my terminology but as you guys know we're rolling we are rolling do where are we were like this is a dead this is a been burnt alive well we made it a lot shorts not I'm an interview you cameraman excited for lunch earlier yeah yeah oh yeah cannot wait it's gonna be awesome I can smell the key studios was enchiladas maybe it's both who knows who finally the food logs back Sir how did you hear it them surprise on trial at midnight and the like action okay thank goodness we got some impressive group blogs but this location is to be the top the top appear on the Baja peninsula we got racing got beings who got KCBS we got conocida we got chicken lunch treated me very very well I had 2 portions I may have over extended myself especially because I just found out I'm going out for a ride with a pro Baja 1000 driver is gibi curious I probably stick around we might give a thumbnail you guys don't know flared use the YouTube expert in the fishing where there's a link to his channel in the description below but he's mixes audience just like I do teachers say he's about to go have lunch we've already eaten much you guys are some lines we had a thing about that I can't trust me we are connected we have full connection out here in the bottom we got internet access got the satellites right over there and appears at their powering the satellites off the battery on the 4 runner we have 18 megabytes per second internet speed pretty sure these are yuck I pretty sure these are ya because I have to score my biology for but I think this is a yucca plant liberty walked it would be contact home straight many miles called for the Chris a hill overlooking the still in full throttle you got you you're like Toyota by well yeah ladies and we are rolling open so young today alright ladies and gentlemen we are in the open we are I don't like we we did it that it's take over the you guys are going in the over to the go pro civil George was in this open wheel Bob no one could here in the grass GoPro the repair that hurts my because terrain in the world no one alone right really tell sorry it's pretty much a the hotel yeah this so we just go we're jump for rap I'm judging you know jump well you know here we go yeah but get interviewed because apparently I want some type of price it's a pretty big deal I get my major award right this is is the the victories the victories you actually that I wonder if I you are the one whoa damn 9 days just gonna hand deliver that's my house there's this this is my dogs and it does affect you talk to one another why don't I I'm officially a high vehicle Ariel special it's now thank you very few days thank you appreciate it guys thanks and one more interview this is the interview that will make or break this entire trips tend to I think what I want to say I can be well composed I got to speak softly to carry a big stick let's roll it out yeah here are I you know I like that that's how that's improper trip you know Jerry went in your face I'm Bob hot cars never done it before one is that your continued on like this last little stretch are you go so connect Regev so much confidence what they're capable of yeah it's crazy I talk to you guys all the time and yet when I get in front of it for those interviews my heart starts pounding starts right I get nervous and I start talking way too quickly there was help there's a raptor over there getting ready to jump so good yeah Steven get those angles I got the wide angle lens so unfortunately that zoom that's the best I got keep it straight now more IGN how No like seriously you got make air higher than anybody else I thought the knives out debtors Isay's I'm being sarcastic all you need to get off the back up here but a hot organized so I got my pre Neil warm up act somewhere on the net 10 nobody was paying attention I grabbed it and now bouncing into the bus home sweet home here we are with care we are straight ball in the check out this viewer in Ensenada that ladies and gentlemen that is the Pacific Ocean I just realized I'm going to end today's video look that backdrop that is a Mexican backdrop I cannot think BFGoodrich I now for this incredible operating experience I hope you guys enjoyed it I'm headed back to San Diego tomorrow flying back to Utah and next week I'm headed international again but you're just gonna have to wing find out exactly where I'm going so if you enjoy today's video like squad be sure to smash that like button but just like that these logs over an hour WNED WNED a //
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It Didn't go as Planned with the Lamborghini Veneno
\\good morning good morning welcome back to the channel welcome to the blog and welcome to Lamborghini of Long Island 2 days ago I made an educated decision to purchase the same day flight to New York City on the hunch that Lamborghini Long Island would take out the Lamborghini vin NATO's for the americana Manhasset concourse no unfortunately the show was today from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM the weather forecast well it's not working in our favor so the Lamborghini Veneno roadster it is a true barchetta in that it does not have a soft top you simply to you simply don't drive the car in the rain the guys here Lamborghini long under still gonna hook me up we're taking her calm perform on day 2 the show so that like still pretty good like still pretty good super early I've got here had a schedule I was up at 4:30 AM CPI so morning was never gone David and never to you are asked to but that or at ... now we rode hard waiting for the jury I like that mmhm there are Ericom this is we see older it never uhhuh part 6 rear deck so mean so why cars while Roland and rules great it's an Zulu downpour here and then have see we have a hero what is Lexus Ella fe and he's enjoyed it mmhm when your house I have all right let's let's no I'm you point out it is not do yeah do the trick finally works alright guys sort of a new church look at we're rolling Lawrence I okay Kurds in the to a little bit the weather's scared away really I do this is the road ahead error number but luckily long on the road what word what we the real issue during when when his the more girls than I love taillights Morgan you'll notice it we left on the effort that's right run a leftist one of the clean this P. ones I've ever seen here in the race node and then orange one don't mind if I do all I insurgents struck see what does happen then ends are just drove by hello the whole game I the I'm admits that so many times so if some food you the ultimate third log did your direction sit back I was gone for like 5 minutes to 9 they had a singer right there as well I apologize to the if you're right that's right you know you know I and visit and in the world we don't 0 because a lot of it alright I don't know if it does they read I my ears are still buzzing from that LFA so we like that so we like however I notice the it has zip ties holding the front splitter pawns in the car I have simply no idea what half is there was here yes my mom here it is 0 Bucks we now mmhm the what here at Lambeau long leveraging along I and they hooked me up all day you're getting one last I got a candidate can save lives we'll to hold on I got car hi the Lamborghini Veneno roadster I Dave thank you so much view I cannot get over this car purse the floating roof scoop right there allies on the cheek way is only 9 roadsters in the world and there's this 1 sat here we have the coop right there of course 918 spiders while could stare at this car all day long when my favorite features is this window this side one hour cuts down like that the welcome to Manhattan I don't know how I got so lucky with the parking situation I'm here next to the Ferrari store right now in New York City they are celebrating the seventieth anniversary a Ferrari and death will sources close to Ferrari tell me that the new 812 well it's superfast that was that was a bad joke I'm I'm working on new material more to come more to come 2017 is the seventieth anniversary of Ferrari is is it different for our stands all over Manhattan we're gonna go hunt there's a law furry appeared its locks that weight in 4 blocks to the right but the fact is he told superfast we got the GDC 4 lose self right next to it about to get hit this right here for you guys yeah some to duck and cover various think in the comments below you the new 812 I think it looks pretty good right so I'd love to give aid Ferrari I don't have to spend anytime on wikipedia look it up it's an info for you they got them alright here we got a V. 18 12 what else do we got what's the worst power also times I say I'm trying to hook you guys up I'm really trying to hook myself up and then share it with you guys but that's irregardless another bad joke somewhat unsurprisingly there is a massive crowd here at raw the filler center but he observed you're all know there's a lot very impaired hearing yeah it's since you you know you'd soon yeah a lot of it I can't see you later right there you have it yeah not very fair to right there 906 3 horsepower top a 17 to 60 in under 3 seconds little bit of knowledge draw for you snake yeah there's a placard right there 166 emerge house later the rent center at the lab parody you know we got fancy people we got Hey we got this weekend we got right he nothing like seeing the car in the wild 12 TV yeah man appears to be trying to steal a car I don't know so take a moment square and hope right I messed up guy I messed up so and why do I not a girl for her number yeah and that's to that's twice in 2 videos I have failed miserably but you know what shake it off and you keep at it that's the motivational quotes and today's blog here in beautiful Manhattan I hope you guys enjoy today's video if you did like squad be sure to smash that like button but just like that this blog's over that amount n't WNED //
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Using a RENTED Ferrari Limo to pickup girls
\\parkway find T. ladies and gentlemen that's about as high sort of walk I get money good morning welcome back to the vault welcome to beautiful Beverly hills California we gotta make a video for you guys we got Gordon in the SPR I never I never snake you guys I never snake you guys never well good day boys rodeo drive Blackwell 650 once again I'm trying to be all mysterious as if you guys haven't seen that title or the bundle today's the day we are renting via Ferrari 36 the limo we have an appointment at 230 it's 1226 so in 2:00 hours I'm hooking you up there's also probably a food log headed your way so sit back relax and grab some popcorn let's throw this is that not a beautiful sight right there that music copyright probably I think you guys I finished meal $58 40 you're right megastar only they sign there I just realized and lifted you never call your friend and left up don't worry I'll make sure only we are falling 90 all in its leader V. 8 for a 3 is really what set I know and all the other ones are barely see here go all the way through the and the right there we're stoked goes the extra this that's what to give you the the book takes ... take short at once well some joining soul yeah okay we got you got Ruth scores of acts very limo but all these electronics we we have the team right there and we have a button that says John you 30789 miles $20 outstanding we're going home alone that is so funny if there's an emergency this is our emergency he is there 1234567 what I got my stitching Avellino it's taken from an escalade but so it's a I'm all about race not a race then right yeah the day for 4 passengers waited 3 so we still have it opens Britney on rodeo soon start your own straggling there's only 3 of us saying what you want to come with us come on come on really I just the bright limo it does doesn't work is no hydration shin is Joel come on mmhm we're just I Boeing we she this job a limo re depends on your right no one right now your let's alright welcome read yeah why it's what we do what we do throughout Europe where artists all yeah yeah yeah well what I mean and but they the wow I have to catch a flight back it's all in like 3:00 hours I hope we can is only one of 3 Ferrari 3 the limos in the world curly sale on eBay for callers 400 so laws are on the as god and Ferrari limo they evoke he me right now can see the motorcycle cop right there is it a close over I'm not sure gonna make my flight can it do it there is got so Gordon kind was doing a hard pull honestly suit here the crackles kind for the video well first off for getting a speech hitting a speeding ticket right now and I think I left my car keys to the rental car in the Ferrari limo so it appears that I'm gonna miss my flight back to Utah it's a bummer there is a chance the keys are in my backpack which in the trunk but I can't go check because we're getting the ticket right now so yeah furry limit we killed without doctor do you guys want to see the interaction with the motorcycle cop be sure to go check out Gordon's channel that baby will be up month coming up right now so go check it out peace please be in the back Israel back this we we got to keep we got to get he could get the keys or like that fuel or not but only Gordon it's a doable alright they have the guys we are okay we're okay it's now for 26 don't know if I'm gonna make it thanks the I I feel better I feel better cold cereal kia optima very it is 48 minutes to LA acceptance isn't it fight we have time we can make you can make this it's 40 minutes to go 8.9 miles that's 2 boys okay yeah we made it yes it was this close close Ferrari limo for a limo yes all United it's yeah I got reject ladies there had a red ball so there is no there is no atom get out no known for say there is there is not you guys know when you get rid rejection and you keep that you keep at it does my motivational quotes and today's video shake it off shake it off something you know Mick is a very big terrace were fair and don't mind him swiftly swizzle pilot Katy Perry Gordon also got pulled over one of log I nearly missed my flight but we survivor back in Utah so I hope you guys enjoy today's video if you did like squad be sure to smash today's video right while okay anyways just like that slugs over animal WNED //
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Would you Take the House or the Cars?
\\good morning good morning welcome back to the vlog and welcome to the channel section late afternoon here here at an undisclosed location deep in the heart of southern California got an SLR here in transformers mode rolls Royce to shore up the whole squad is rolling and have a little photo shoot just check out this house Joseph was just pointing out how well I performed it intro and he's afraid that was the first big guys here is the SLR supercharged V. 8 is the lack of that rolls Royce rates just take a moment to check out his interior the no more now we're rolling good on the S. R. closes it's like that I don't I don't really fit a rules race black badge but stars like and view that'll impress the ladies puts the umbrella what has the suicide doors this is quite a reach some is gonna go appear store and melodies yeah plush floor mats though the 4 minus 12 which will be we see this house is simply incredible but I'm almost more fascinated by the shrubbery looking this tree this is the most perfect tree I have ever seen that is a line can type tree right there they had a spirited Gordon is laughing at me again just laughed at me for the shrubbery blog is a very very equates open up the door on your Lambeau you unlock it and then he slowly move your arm away and let it do the rest but so you do have entered a one to one extremely careful getting into the SP sis has 1406 miles on it that nnova I apologize that Sears is a sincere apology we did check cars take a look that rolls Royce nothing chilly here they did a photo shoot what we've made it we have so lately killed it nicer secular live in the spring Venice is so nice but the wanted how hard is go although this may seem super cool history on this house use be owned by Walt Disney Jensen never like train tracks that went around the entire estate and this is what's remaining to it so I mean obviously we're going to go and get my flashlight here we go is never know where of logs going to take you up are you still know spider webs little nice and you know if you where we are we are now back at the house as you do because we have the dialogue in the body right there Gordon fell asleep in the spring of and actually but really use this is kind of our this guy his can work out wanted to aids come on not go to for the blog yeah Hey do that's the view Eddie Eddie good of a job Max what did this shot right here ladies and gentlemen they have it gorgeous asked me how my gonna get down you don't worry about that until that time comes I get so in the comments below which take the house for the cars and if you had to choose one of the cars which were to be that's me obviously I mean it's pretty obvious it's kind of really was it was that there's really no point asking that question just catching 12 this is a long ways what we yes yes in the SLR there's 3 different flex well this really to flex modes we have just our normal motions non flex note and then this but right here slides up and the windows pretty cool however there's a test mode let us down and then his testimony yeah he just goes up and down but I'm sorry it's all foggy sorry I don't know why the lenses all thought you guys that's really my bad right there yeah n't which I had an SLR got it once again just like the adventurous the same concept coolest thing about the SLR is the start of it's like a fighter jet mmhm this is great can read it okay take yeah definite stop he is supercharged V. 8 under clause source power here we go you there's not going to be while if obviously we we don't want to in the life of that later pretty sure this is it some are he will have most of I came here so our all I just realized flex mode so this but right here this is note no we've got obviously but it's a only all right flicker on who is cool seller what an so monsters take a look at this so long maneuver this the Mercedes so are you guys thought of law was over but in fact moment of log really nice which and it is so do the trick we're swimming again telling role that's we will wait for it we for it ladies and gentlemen it is look I to I all the old to me and care because Arabic Gordon 2 minutes back just guaranteed we are Beverly that he'd be yes if you Al Gore and shall he came up with air because so just but I have a few block here soon the ultimate Bruner you would grow such as a reaction yeah but there is so yeah goalie maxim the GTR Gordon I bullied him Max is right next to me and I kept if in the optimal and just do it fly by as the bad Max upon the squad is rolling deep got the SVR the off you know G. TI here okay see you guys this that's how you do it we do it back the observant here who's watching today's video you'll know we have dessert for dinner that wasn't really planned out but just like anything in life you gotta roll with it go man ice cream pizza a mansion jive an SLR a good blog a great thought I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did like squad be sure to smash that like button but just like that this blog's over an amount //
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My friend bought a $3.5M Bugatti Chiron ft. the Lamborghini Centenario
\\good morning good morning welcome back to the channel welcome to the blog and welcome to Newport beach California a peep the kia optima that's my record for the next 5 days if you guys stick around I'm gonna hook you up will do a full comprehensive review at the end of today's video if you guys are new to the chat on my name is James I go by this dragnet and I hope the world with Gordon and we chased the rarest hybrid cars in the world and yet this garage the stands above the rest this could be the best of the best yet we are or how it B. lot Ferrari and the wiring DC of course we have the glory and it's a great coup of course I'm tired I'm not really snaking you Kuwait but honestly you've seen the film is taking delivery of a book sheer on today's going to be here 20 minutes so it's gonna chill haunted him joy pretty much the greatest garage in North America there's 5 there's 3 trickle lorries and in play roadster this can be 5 Sheeran's there's 100 times more Sharon's in the world than there are cheap way roadsters course I got a lot for 90 the wider VC one of 20 the tension Ario coop one of 20 this would simply be referred to as unicorn heaven you know in the most common car in the garage is a law Ferrari do you sell pretty well leasing gentlemen here we go were rolling it is delivery day here on the Newport coast of California that's our Chuck it's Showtime sci garden that was Gordon sort I sold it directly from him the what all of the other local this of course was air freighted directly from Paris to San Francisco delivered through Los Gatos luxury cars I believe this is the 6 share on delivered in North America no lighting is tough it's actually fully exposed carbon black card in if they tear your this year on its no change in our you know but we still got some pretty good girth it's a rock in the Mitchell in sport coat to some 300 I've millimeters wide goals taking delivery fully exposed because I've been here on leader W. 6 team quad turbocharged 1500 horsepower hazing gentlemen Dan the man he is the hero is aware Cape but here's a have to this is the U. S. spec bumper off the sheer on he had been taken off before it was delivered it's actually carbon fiber it's pretty nice I wonder what's going to happen to this Wall piece wall piece here could you expect bumper a fisherman board person dynamite on this thing Botha won't be good use could use and this is the sheer on chest besides the big gaudy Speen key obviously a very bad if I trip somehow and fell Victoria Gotti so every sheer on gets delivered with their own chest there is the key and that right there is the speed hypercard insanity that opens up all 1500 horsepower cold syrupy optima we're behind Gordon as pure and there's this year on I just don't know if the keep it keep up let's go do that thing looks so sinister very go this is the opportunity of a lifetime gonna ride shotgun in this year on just look at this interior wow the lead there thing is France making you know course the tops yeah we saw earlier Cruisin right there yeah alright here 0 to 400 right this is the valley this other earlier it's nice no noise craziest it's a sin to speed it is which is right seen him in the right things Sharon recently broke the world record 0 to 400 kilometers an hour 0 42 400 kilometers an hour hundreds every mile it is a brand new car you have 24 Susan a key scores can full of 200 so let us go through a bunch rigorous high before it's delivered to any yeah terrible voice pointer it's just a day on the Newport coast it's right there Sir Dan Sawyer I share on because he's you can really do that acceleration that is a search earlier so that speak divorce part you know Gordon you know very to be be ours if car didn't no trees now trees out of the way are you kidding this is not the I know the place go go go go go go go go go go go but please well not now ladies and gentlemen very mind we are that's 20 staff irregardless is one of the wires sure because why walked away from home who mac the ride of his life look in Mexico so boys 9 days looks like it's you echo I'm here on the PC 8 the squad is rolling in right now what they ought to know it's V. are I wish you guys could be here to see this carbon fiber work sold so good so the carbon fiber and the sheer on it's a $300000 option black wheels are powder coated black 72 grand base MSRP is right around $3000000 so this is roughly 3 a half 0 by take a quick peek inside this year on stores are so light the whole body is carbon fiber have to be extremely careful getting an error you know this is the place to this year on while is it your engine start stop button election had the streaming cluster 333 look at that speedometer 3 sure it miles an hour is if you like here on I duties it also who was designed taxes light that interior light that illuminates Centenario this fully exposed carbon 200 Iran is also expose of course it glory which is blue colored car glory but share on here and schools are voice who bought even school Hollywood can a blog is force in an out being delivered keep me double doubles for days rise and course as you know hydration is could killing me ultimate ultimate food log you'll to occur for an incredibly rude for me even and you in and out though but what you guys think what do you think of dance here on this thing is the ultimate pack mobile in this garage is the ultimate bad TAFE with bumble software engineers we got to go back and forth you know I've been shut it down they could get it back up but I think it is officially Dame over not this year on its ear yeah sorry guys you're just chilling Schatten cars in his like have you ever heard is on a cold start up like no we haven't so here we go mmhm 445 kilometers this has fewer miles share on what we started up that Gloria minutes it will not serve the green mmhm John Ritter reading all these 406 guys can become hello sheer on mmhm call is right around 3.5000000 that's right around 2.5000000 is only 20 hundreds here on the and it's that was good but we're going to have log project which audio pop it in the nobody ever but this lyrics that we have a chance in our instead we I found herself here on the forum 5 mmhm I voice here's the full comprehensive review of the the first thing I love I love that are you aware here Abu well but planting this is all new that is if we approve losses which anyways the court Courtney okay so for American so we got some tape Greenlee we dream you log is the moment in the blog where Dave is a poll the video properly in nnova I like the just like that it's like he's ever n't //
"2017-09-27 18:00:02"
I've Never Posted a Video like this...**will probably delete soon**
\\everybody working to a special edition of this thread man good morning good morning welcome back to the blog and welcome to the jeep log the adventure while we're out here boys we are in the roost robber's roost in Canyonlands USA America you guys know Blaine Blaine was my first friend that I ever had in the city Utah restored together at the montage deer valley guys might remember him he's just enjoying some oatmeal we have special celebrity guest appearance one moment please we you guys haven't met grade yet BC the awkward man right there doing certain yoga pose that's great we like Greg n'gog strike out the and I the the I 0 pounds well deal for can never have too many rocks this is for my mother yeah I can only see if Michael of regret day well written but I once got caught a flash flood really spend the night under a rock look we did have a poncho but to put a link in the description to that video in class we're just trying to shut out his own YouTube channel no at that figure till all that's right there is no my channel that's on one of my channels you guys don't know about and you guys are never going to know about that channel there is a long time ago during a very awkward phase of my life I'm still awkward but if you can imagine I was actually more awkward it's irregardless speaking of dom dom and Lucy we miss you guys so much I guess this is an example of what to do yeah you're right goodness gracious great kids don't try this at home laser guided his number one is tied the rope around the front axle is is it boys we're doing this yeah I figured out what we're doing were repelling off the vehicles Donna that's like Kenyon well well the you can see the 2 ropes right there it's about 200 feet down to the bottom and and and great is getting ready to descend I mean be flying the drone so I'm actually give my camera to Greg in view of the only on the last I hear interests no I think it's very check everything it does look good Carrere also see me again as I live but or I'm being thrown LaFollette now yeah blank about yeah 5 Gregory thank you so much for filming were rolling now wrote in the living room you're going to continue down canyon this is basically the only way out is to go down with we are committed it always committed might but I've commitments lies will not have life it's called stemming right there and well unfortunately as a youtuber it's very difficult to stem and block at the same time they'll do for the blog the famous 5 words of every youtuber right before the end of the channel have this big massive DSLR camera I've never ever come can you hearing with a DSLR but it's hard to bring you guys on the journey this is the adventure of August tell you guys about please give me a fumble profile picture here down home before it's like I'm troubled the bubble yeah I didn't I for doing a partner assistance is extremely technical basically just when I'm I'm being chosen as the partner system include threat strat have gotten muddy creek as you're in luck because there's a link in the description below and yours doesn't come with my new thing going back now you know repeat we had a bit of a casualty so unfortunately my microphone is just in the mud sorry it's a good break Griggs a great guy he just dropped a microphone in the house it might be fine but because I don't know I all my I mean the charge gonna go do some recon for the group while they pull the rope we shall the chances that this camera survives today's adventure is pretty low is pretty low not home base or what we are stuck in the back but I tried to blame a chart for production quality now I'm stuck no grade certainly such an important task sorry hands area don't hurt yourself here alright this is called leap of faith and faith is imminent all does it well I know but let it go to your grave toss okay foods are high I but that's it trick triple back flip liberal that was pretty good actually tentative view from the Russian judge impossible to film in here we're going down to the dark where 300 feet deep right now so yes I think you join this water knots you omitted he's more often or less often our image clearing deep deep down in here and check this out hello broke but it didn't yeah I couldn't film literally any of that we are battered and bruised we just went through a maze it was almost like we were and how much was just they're killing it you guys gonna be counted as well as of this year right out of a GoPro footage that you had to do it that is from blame shout out to blame goes all immigrants to Graham I feel what sort of looking for a car if you feel so inclined be sure to go follow Blaine on Instagram as I almost die I don't want to spoil the ending 3 days blog but the food log could be our greatest after what premier premiere second greatest ever Christian bumper sex abuse it can ever be beat but we're done we're done just about we've now reached the curious portion of the blog in which we don't really know how to give up we're headed this direction this would be an opportunity for the helicopter blog but unfortunately none of us have a helicopter could hook you up because we're going to listen ethic drone footage Blaine is gonna Jarvis along this ridge as I find the drone breach changed our mind late has injured in a manual in quite a while we decided you know I probably should docket up off the cliff back up along the no I I got I got it uhhuh uhhuh move I ... so it famous yeah yeah Patty we have problem she Patty on top are you gracious so it's I don't you guys us just exactly the man who created between that's right just right yeah pretty much pretty much he was a top chef in Minneapolis what are you kidding there's cheese there's real provolone cheese inside that Patty I tell you guys we do it best well Justin kills and I I just said 9 joy but nevertheless I joined and I do it well now Cairo flaws he's you're for the blog perfect at Waco no it is I think your third grade getting through guys no matter how it would be rude absolutely rude of me to take a bite in front of you I'm gonna do it anyways I our role would Dustin cheers to Justin cheers to Justin to the food good to yeah so I hope you guys enjoy today's video if you'd like squad sure to smash that like button just like that this fogs over and about //
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How YouTube CHANGED MY LIFE ft. the $4.5M Lamborghini Veneno **500,000 Sub Special**
\\good morning good morning welcome back to the channel you guys looking extra sharp once again today absolutely killing it if this is your first time watching one my videos many ms James I go by the Stradlin and death well equipped like super cars just just ever so slightly we hit 500000 subscribers about 2 weeks ago and that was that was never supposed to happen that was not in the cards for this channel and yet we did it I cannot thank you guys enough for your support I feel so fortunate so grateful for all the opportunities I've had thank you guys really thank you guys so much today's video is not going to be a normal style of logs gonna be kind of a look back and that's because about a week ago I was filling up the guy or 2 with gas and a lady came up to me eventually she found out that I was a full time youtuber and near the end of our conversation she asked me if I could provide one piece of advice for her teenage son I told her that 4 years ago I was down and out the lowest point in my entire life I was living out of my Audi TT 3 years ago I decided that I was going to buy a Lamborghini guy Ariel I told my closest friends this and well pretty much have been laughed at me 2 years ago I boot strap my way into buying a 2006 Lamborghini guy Argo still people they they just couldn imagine what I was doing I was ruining my financial future about a half year later the company that I was working for went bankrupt and I was laid off immediately I had 2 options either area get several 0 Guinea and begin the search for another real job or be I could pursue my dream which is becoming a full time youtuber once again you can't even imagine nobody nobody believed in me closest friends family ever told me I was making the wrong decision that's gonna mess up my entire financial future every single day I get messages I get comments from people telling me that I should quit YouTube that I'm not good enough that I can't hack it now what do you guys think the chances are that I'm going to listen to him yeah I got it I told this mother that nobody's gonna believe in your sign and if your site has crazy enough dreams even you won't believe in him but if your son can believe in himself then he'll be Roland and that's what we are we are rolling the next 8 minutes is basically dedicated to the dreamers to those people who believe in themselves I want to pursue their dreams I can't thank you guys enough for him 500000 let's roll away 2000000 day 286 and when you guys I mon 0 we have a I let what well we made it here too absolutely and credible bring China this stand bold Turkey we may you know how your parents always tell you when you look back on your life remember just moments your wedding day maybe the birth of your first born child no I've never ever my right you know every to no avail earlier in the I told you day I read are you fair enough sitting behind the real the 2.5 $0 in our area mmhm you we for the squad it wasn't yours all 3 and I for I I know you I I've been going to sit share my higher life ladies and gentlemen I come to you from a garage undisclosed location orange Nathan spider the wiring van Jones 7 yeah I all I I I I we need to tie the tree down needs to uhhuh I if I one we now looking back our overall what one the ghost watcher is open sitting in his truck I already called do and is it now joining you in a hot pink yeah what's your name Gillian I'm James that my the chicken nuggets unfortunately there's no Cup holder income on Lamborghini I so I I and well we have it all opened out ultimate former who's the coolest car course it has to come on great here one door as nice as the strat merchandise is as a link in the description below we need something while we need something just a little bit but who I know I know it's weird even for me to see myself in a gesture birch hollow rob the most impressive fanciest hotels I've ever been to action or adventure enemy had at W. motors and sport is always a crazy heart disease his only 7 of these in the world this is the one that was in 3.$4000000 just actual you've got $55000000 to 50 GTO so this is nothing 420 9 minutes right there we have diamonds and there like I for support over here we have become exec squad to go squadron not to be outdone the Italians so I decided to bring a couple wider eyes and means Dan was like you know why let's bring out the big boys we got bitchin quake the cheap way roadster amateur glory this is actually the first chance in order roadster to be delivered in the world I hope you got enjoy today's video likes and where you are enjoy today's video be sure to draw is over it's the it's //
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I'm being EVICTED
\\good morning good morning welcome back to the channel thanks so much for stopping by under what it is that you guys were you looking at your short today my life is about to change dramatically here in the next few weeks I want to share those changes with you guys maybe you can provide some insightful feedback on what I should do next if you're new to the channel you don't know this but male time used to be the fan favorite segment of the vlog but I messed up I messed up bad Viggo cards thankfully was not impounded but yeah it's ... that's a little bit emotional for me yeah we have a hero we have an absolute hero to the individual who has sent me this thank you so much like this is the most sincere thank you I've ever said in my entire life strong growth cottonwood heights that's a suburb of Salt Lake City thank you thank you so much open in the log this box right here we shipped all the way from the Netherlands here what a life full of food in here goodness gracious we had no thank you Ferrari 70 years there she is I challenge Stradale early this is from Levi in Oklahoma thank you so much man by another Lambeau from senator units we got another 4 G. T. please show on camera he says best sounding detains first Jan manual guy erato dude yeah yeah I mean that goes without saying Nutter butter the different delicious if you are this is not a paid product placement for Nabisco I am working on that and hopefully in the future it will become that but for the time being I dare I like Gary Gary and I would get along I figure you need to keep the haters triggered so here's your very own sentence audio band here just adding all on TV hyper card collection campus P. one now we're rolling this is legit this is from Mitchell in Denver Colorado and he drew his favorite cars that I've owned you OG subscribers you remember the laser blue lotus Elise cry familiar with the Lamborghini Gallardo Audi TT there's so many days where I regret selling this car no injure me this why Righi C. dude that is legit and but pretty set the end of his letter PS hope you find yourself a strat girl thanks man pay 2000 for Ferrari challenge Stradale Ali with the ski box the ski box will be back I know you guys been fright night been reading the comments the ski box will be back trust me I never let you down thank you guys thank you to everybody who sent me something I super super appreciate it where my own little Superkart collection now mail time is going to be on a temporary leave of absence for the short term because I'm gonna be headed out of the country here for a sustained period of time I can tell you guys where I'm going quite yet it's a secret not because anything secretive is happening but everything is in full attack not yet so I don't say I'm doing something and not do it my life is about to change pretty dramatically a couple things that happened in the last week or so so I don't own a house this is a bedroom that I rent inside of my buddy's house my buddy Nick he's let me live here for about a year 0.5 he's hooked me up given the super cheap bread I have to sign a lease and I can leave whenever I want well he's decided to list his house for sale on the market it could sell tomorrow it could sell next week could sell in a month eventually it's going to sell and I'm going to be forced to find another place to live I considered the move to Los Angeles a lot as of late I kind of put it on the back burner but now that I might be having to move anyways maybe now's the time to move to Los Angeles however there is a lot of other options in a minute we're gonna go talk about those other options so you guys obviously you're familiar with the parking garage where I parked my guy Artaud that is not underneath this house that is a whole different location entirely so although I have to move out of this house the guy Artaud I still have that spot leased for a bit very short bit though so this parking garage this is not where I live I store the car sigh when everyone a job guy Argo hop in my wrangler I drive down to the garage take the guy out come back to the garage dropped it off and then take the regular home I've been doing that for the 2 years well I just found out on Sunday of this past week that I am being addicted from this parking garage effective October 2 sent a matter of about a week I found out that I'm losing my home and my parking garage I haven't actually been addicted that's kind of a click bait the guy who owns this parking spot he has a unit just above us he sold that unit the new tenant needs this parking spot so that's why I'm being kicked out on October 2 I've paid all my rentap were all good there but when you say victims well it sounds a little bit more exciting so now there's a ton of different options that I'm considering including the move to Los Angeles so we're gonna go explore some of the local park city options so I think without further ado cold start up the yeah south if you guys don't know click this use the chairman someone on the lab I who grab my guy or purple last enter his new shop be ready to go what 10 days October 1 we pull detailing station right here there then there's a high were there too the CD home you guys might kind of be wondering why I'm showing you this right now today's what becomes of log will the unit next door it's available for Lisa's right there is cleans unit sooner right here is available to be some of you O. G. subscribers you might be aware that one of my dreams is to own a car dealership so this first floor is zoned commercial site dealers license the number one option that I'm leaning toward right now right now this space running my dealership and living here as well I think I could fit with no clear second fiddle to read for cars if find out a little right there it makes the nice thing is that it's actually some you used Airbnb alright here you get for it but here's like I guess is Cowichan office I'm not exactly sure what he says but we have a bathroom in here on the first floor right now you I this second floor honestly is this was the best Parker it serves us just you down to look at the cars because it's not actually usable space right here this story here this this you know third floor apartment I already doing costs for this is high school but to be very sick yeah I guess so do you think how cool would that be to own that sponsored a my dealership obviously financially it's a bit more of a commitment we could be there is a claim to have them south right south yeah I'm south got 5 I don't know if you guys knew that let it be pretty cool it's a big financial commitment and I have decided to year lease but what do you guys think about me running my dealership and show you that on the you and would that be interesting content obvious it would be running super cars are going be running events or through there because financially I can't afford 45 super cars but I get a lot of cool specialty vehicles you like maybe for example Porsche came and pull cords that jeep Wranglers credit cards that are are special but not super expensive imagine a go kart track around here yeah how could that be racing around these buildings beautiful is at get all the way over the full effect wow okay so we're headed down to Salt Lake City welcome to bountiful Utah we're just north the Salt Lake City and our goal is the top of one of these mounds I'm not sure which one but there's some there's some off roading share the goes up there as well like SideReel offerings a gravel road but we're gonna call operating so yeah Salt Lake valley that is pretty sick so warrior ramp there's the great Salt Lake we're currently at 6389 feet up sprite jobs is a bright the craziest part of the jar jiggle doled out all what I don't WNED difficult to film off roading are just hundreds I do apologize my drone unfortunately I had to send it back to DJ I because having those Gimbel issues once again hoping to get it back here pretty soon because the tracking feature right now on the edge of death would be sensational do that be so sick come on Tuesday I can I think we might be able to do a little bit of flex nation re situated the wrangler ever so right on the here we go it's called it's called route like 9000 feet you know when I'm going to introduce to you guys a friend of his tire from the strong my idea was to first don't blog up here but it's so cold we gotta find a better spot sars windy day haven't what if you hide promise I will come back here Sunday for a proper sunset and I'll bring the drone I promise you that one last look complex nation before it's too dark I'm going to try to in today's blog I just want to summarize kind of my 4 main options so the first option is to sell everything buy a van and become a bum and travel the world that's one option not really an ideal option the second option is to pack up move to Los Angeles fine place to live find a place to stow the guy are no positives of moving to Los Angeles this super car scene in Los Angeles is the best in North America and so from a content perspective I'd be easy however the cost of living is a little bit more expensive in Utah also I don't I don't know if I would enjoy driving the guy art around Los Angeles that much to be honest especially when you have these boundaries here in the state of Utah third option is the dealership option this is the most risky option the most exciting option and the most expensive option from a content perspective I think it could be pretty cool because I have all these new cars coming and going I'd be selling cars buying cars we go to auctions the fourth option just find another place to live find another garage to stow the guy Argo and keep doing what I'm doing the cool thing about that is that allows me to travel gone these international trips which which I have a lot planned if you're in the very near future free option has its positives and minuses I don't really know I don't really know too young kinda being forced into a decision that I've just got to contain just Chillin but now you know something's got to give some what do you guys think in the comments below what do you think would be the most interesting to you to watch is if your because you too will always be the priority even if I started dealership you 2 would still be a priority at still travel a bit but still hit up southern California hit the super car shows just maybe not as much as get windy I hope you guys enjoy today's video if you did like school I'd be sure to smash that like button but just like that this blog's over an amount //
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When your Garage Floods ugh...
\\we have a waterfall flowing into my garage it slowly meandering its way towards the guy erato lovely if you good morning good morning welcome back to the log and welcome to my parking garage that is currently flooded my car is kind of in the safety zone right now gotta figure out a way to move it somewhere because I'm I'm racing it in a 3 quarter mile drive race today decided rather than going out that door I'm gonna go out this store which is the wrong way I apologize if that's the flood water like alarm going off I don't know we're going to activate blood moon okay so let me go nice been officiated go there was we're safe the car has been recovered okay so in today's episode we're headed down to Spanish fork will just said listen up America they sent us a photo listen up I'm sure yeah yeah our yeah oyster so here at the Springville Spanish fork airport they've shut down the runway we have 3 quarters of a mile to test our top speed I'm not looking to really breaking records Scott have some fun much about the cars met her con Audi R. 8 there's a couple big boys back there with over 1000 horsepower they're using horsepower to like separate the cars into different categories nodded like the perfect group thing but it's a keg up 520 horsepower I'm pretty sure that 360 has 400 horsepower the neck iron office at 520 as well but he's rocking each year we got the manual got the new high tech exotic kevlar clutch I'm not really looking to take it all with 8000 but I probably will well do you big one already they haven't even run in they've already won the day I'd like to apologize to but there you don't know that I'm even doing this but if you're watching this video that that most likely means that I lived also like in the description below never go boys mmhm there was 144 that's in for me no he hit one for I don't run this is what sets rates the boys from what you guys it 1 of the 615616 do you get no 170 321 you the world in the world me rule we get firm quarters of a gracious horsepower there is a lot all right now but the I James store for fuel caller Verde be wrong for never see I own this color before color good well done mate well done the blog is pretty much winding to an end actually in fact over but I have a big big video headed Rio even more rare tuned video if you did like school sure to blogs over //
"2017-09-15 18:23:10"
Finally did these MODS to my Lamborghini & Jeep Wrangler
\\good morning good morning welcome back to the vlog I hope everybody's killing it today in today's episode we got a jeep mas got Lambeau mods burning incredibly late but unfortunately we started 80 miles to go for the 500 mile break in period this is this is simply too good of an opportunity what here makes involves pretty much my second home it seems like nowadays no it's a guys I got my Stanley fat Maxwell thanks to my buddy Nick's neck you know this but I'm boring your fat Max the first rule of super car ownership is you never get caught with your friend and lift up and ever since I got these new wheels I've been riding high so today we're in the car lowered we're not looking to join stance nation but obviously the car needs a slight lowering especially there in the back right now we have approximately 2 inches between the top of the tire in the bottom of the fender frocks mainly and inch 0.5 so this is kinda what I'm thinking I'm thinking we lower it a half inch in the front and we learned an inch in the back that's the tentative plan the last thing we ever want to get into the habit of is a moment of silence for my friend and splitter much clearance do I have right now I have a little less than 5 inches of clearance of course I had the front in lift which raises it a little bit more speaking of let's raise it initiated off road note we have roughly 7 inches of clearance so the front end lifter raises it to a really nice featured this car is and how small coilovers so it simply I take it tool and a little bit of adjustment here makes right up right now I only take a day Matt P. also has a rear diffuser and considering the girth of that exhaust pipe we can only assume this car's extremely loud we have been the rolling I'm hoping this is my motor vehicle but for some odd reason I don't get the impression it is I texted makes models about our ago this morning to see if they could get me in to lower the car obviously from a scheduling standpoint they can do it but the car will be done until tomorrow and so they give me this sick BMW loaner car diesel here is the next time we see the guy ardo stance nation stance nation not really but your information Eric makes that is gorgeous you know what get getting a check that out could this be the color that I wrapped the guy ordered this winter that is gorgeous while I'm jumping the gun fired off today I'll be picking it up tomorrow that still gonna be a part of this blog so by the end of today's blog you guys will see what the guy looks like when it's lowered but now we're headed back down to Salt Lake City where to go pick up a a part that we're gonna go pick apart for the wrangler so stay tuned perspective we got tons and tons of parking now that I drive a BMW I got the part that BMW drivers were here at 4 wheel parts were to go pick up well enough to find out consumer get picked up I'm just giving you guys I triggered you guys I could see you were typing comments up away were typing comments at the way don't worry don't worry say something didn't necessarily think this all the way through but I can make it work perfect street thanks man once upon this is pretty big news I got a date your boys got a date tonight obviously right now this is not very presentable gonna get a haircut rias thank right looks pretty good today's video copies film without my partnership with dollar shape of their hook me up and they're helping me get my guy are lower today for 5 Bucks only you can get the dollar shave club trial starter kit includes all your grooming essentials everything is mailed directly to you you say butter your body cleanser your premium razor plus additional cartridges and the one wipe Charlies book lights it's only 5 boxes for a limited time only leak in the description below dollar shave slash strat men as most of you guys can relate as a guy we literally no idea what we're doing when it comes to grooming select dollar shave club do all the work for you no longer do you need to go to the store looking for grooming products there's 1000000 different options everything appears to be the same now you just chill on a couch rather food blog check the mail dollar shave club we'll hook you up 5 Bucks only if you need more cartridges is just a couple Bucks a month dollar shave slash strat man this is a soft top for the rain that had come should about this maybe 3 during a summer rather than the first week of September but that's irregardless buttons nbadraft hard water in here strip before installing your soft top read all the instructions thoroughly a step one this is the rear door surround it's gonna go and like so there we go the current world record pace we got the front door surround installed the rear door or just cruising is all we do it this is what we do we wait for removed things are getting serious for cotton cut a horizontal slit the same width as the cable bracket in the sport for cover one quarter inch gloves if online before okay could estimate yeah so I kind of snake do you guys I've done a ton of work and haven't filmed any of it because Kevin offered spot to yeah band I right is awesome don't ever do that tailgate farmhouse the male it's yeah these are referred to as side boats and they have this quick release right here at 10 there we go we've discovered or the loss of life in the parking garage uniform Pacific over we hit the ceiling yeah that's how it's done but you know the phone is beginning words along the side windows yeah I think a lot of effort goodness you guys know how important hydration is it's not a paid product placement pledges generally enjoying this Gatorade how I thought I was done and then I realized I messed up he needs you leak the top of the rear window to the top of the soft top so I had to undo all this bottom stuff syphilis once again so close yet so far yeah that ticket that took slightly longer than 2:00 hours bush us we are done that we're finally finished the hardest part about it was the access ahead like a stepladder would maybe job significantly easier I love this slammed back here on the rear window though the mayor's I wanted a so easily remove it when the weather's nice starting to realize that taking the stain on and off it's gonna be quite a burden first thing in the morning we are going to get the land though what is that what do we have back there where is the gun no good afternoon welcome back to the blog accurate makes and models to I pick up the guy or 2 introducing stance nation I just saw the car go around the corner it there I'm snaking you I can see the car right now it's I was not expecting methods OJ yeah now we are ruling the most subtle difference in the world solve it wow drug program right maybe it's in the goodness gracious yeah so you good double dog what's going on right now we have done we have zigzag how the Lamborghini Gallardo should have come from it is the perfect stance there's no rubbing of any kind we don't need to do a moment aside square either roughly the job the front end about give or take just a little bit just to make it perfect what makes models Philip I'm so glad that I finally took care is and you guys thought I was gonna snake yeah no of course I know the facts figures the data do you guys know and love so we lowered the guy Argo and then of course we had to do an alignment as well complementary loaner vehicle the BMW 328 D. grits and shop supplies syntax how could or $512 86 cents that's 500 Bucks I've ever spent what you guys think should be the mix mod for the guy Artaud I personally have a savings account set up for an exhaust right now but that's gonna have to happen here pretty soon and in with the wrangler there's just an assortment of things they need to have hi who's putting the wheels and well tires are no good without the proper wheel so that is to come soon man declared a looks ridiculous anyways I hope you guys enjoy today's video if you did like squad be sure to smash that like button but just like that miss logs over an amount //
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This is the Cheapest Lamborghini Centenario in the Nation
\\good morning good morning welcome back to the blog and welcome to beautiful Fresno California now I've read the comments you guys have been begging me to do a full video review on the super below take so without further ado cold start up at city I I told you guys today we are filming the super of a low che Trinity so obviously we can't drive both mercy espy's at the same time summit hopping this orange one we're gonna go drop it off at the owner's house Landau maniac go check him out we're gonna be spending the day in the Verde if the coin you can hear the car alarms going off early 0 RPM well maybe while no it's just we've heard clearly right below 50 our our I rock in the mercy and he's done before mmhm number one for ever Lamborghini only build a high 31 here I am a maniac to whom he owns to mercy you go do that now 150 it's 14 they didn't build the remaining 6 for they wanted to in mercy per bring in the new of the the door making his car complete unicorn there's 11 hung events are as he's in the world there's 186 mercy espy's green one is number 325350 sabzi they would build 100 86 of the 325 is kind of a a random number if you will the sun has around 9000 miles on it they 6.5 litre V. 12 670 PS we sincerely apologize to anybody walking through the parking garage and only yes leann or don't have the Arini Exxon mmhm say so I've silicon it's in my yard dollar gas don't forget everyone saying that so much but a single clutch transmission is so much more just because it's now back in as many we're headed over to a game right now I'm a maniac it's immersive this is never that's what my also I you according is this sounds I well you know to be true mercy but all of them that's so the unicorn Lawrence annual mercy roadsters only help me sporty no roadster in the United well there mercy doors nor does Anglican 30 there is a better so much more you you guys can use is a lot moreover it's I right now going Harris moderate blew out the sick a roadster your chance probably per the greatest color at her the labor unions have herpes day portion of the Fresno in the US only other car again in the world that can pairs today green put Ganis on like this and that the 2 Karzai seen the footage yet I'm going to a college I as I was in the roadster there is so much wind noise have no idea how the audio wise telling you it was ear piercing in this letter is being filed we'll pass go check out Gordon's channel I guess I pre sure he's it's a harder you to hear this fair market value one of these cars is around callers telling you couple years from now 0 $0 you very if the cat 3 worldwide if you're wondering why in the world we are at no because they have the only Lamborghini chanting oreo for sale in the entire world gonna go check it out there is a huge areas but one of them on their as of now is a lousy job could here is here is the only Lamborghini chanting oreo for salient hibernation courses going 20 coops this one has 46 miles on the odometer original base MSRP 2.25 $0 this car is currently for sale here at Porsche Fresno for a cool 4000000 curtain this is the most powerful production Lamborghini ever the LP 77 for this is 100 more horsepower approximately then the mercy as he there's only 40 lucky individuals in the world who got the right to pay score there is a line of people who put down deposits on this many of the most of them were turned down so if you're one of the fourty fortunate people chosen by Lamborghini it's like money it's like free money in the bank 2.25 0 original base MSRP they're asking for $0 I'm seeking asking the price you want doesn't mean that's what it's going to sell for but it is pretty obvious these cars are only going up and down who is only 40 of them and that's what it's all about with these high because it's all about exclusivity it's all about production numbers if you're there are the more people want to be in the comments below his attention are you is it worth $4000000 today is like these cars are so exclusive they're so rare that there's no market but how how how can you say this car is not worth $4000000 forget the Ford GT the 675 O. T. spiders or 500 of these spider form but the Ford GT is further girth nation on the scale of one to 0 girth nation is this in the nineties I think I think this might be it 88 on the girls'nation scale Centenario is the king currently occur mention that we've seen that's in 98 so close gauges the switches and of course that manual transmission Parker Parker most sincere thing I've ever told you if you ever need help putting your Ford GT in reverse call me dude do it could've log pick the craziest part about these hyper cars is that everybody is Jones and to get on those exclusive list because you can make an absolute fortune if you get one of these cars from the manufacture 19 spider why sack pack base MSRP on one of these cars I don't know they're asking 1.75 $0 1.75 $0 it has 1800 miles on it these cars are investments he later touch Mario to get the right to buy one of these cars you have to be chosen hand selected by Lamborghini another guy he wasn't selected he's selling it with 46 miles on the odometer is labor you get a cut him off is that it's probably I think I think that that could be it so he's done the best part about today's blog is we just go from S. V. to has to be were now back in the verse as the glowing torque baby they're headed back to Los Angeles but I think a food log might be making an appearance also Pete the CarMax I'm giving you a second opportunity if today's blog gets 78424 likes we will take the versa SP to CarMax you guys failed in the Las upload slash I like but likes what you hook it up thing now now the food logs back Jennifer Gordon would cut a good each other in Fresno on our wish drive around to it yeah we had we had to click for lunch maybe a burrito biggest decision will make all day how tough the Grande Jordan tells me this is the best Mexican and all of president Ford thank you so much art is on top he said as you guys know the importance of hydration cannot be undervalued el taco Grande very very good talk is why was enjoying this tacos one fact that Lamborghini Chen scenario that is the cheapest Lamborghini chanting are you in the nation it's also the most expensive neighbourhoods Centenario in the nation because it's the only one cold start up the summers SP the yeah feel the burn build up turn and Los were there 3 21 make up Gordon I 2 minutes ago we looked at each other like the flute dog a blog so here the habit burn go I can you know she more to come more to come before we get hit by this escape so hybrid though I think I mean it about 6 British Army mode check I did it well worth it nothing quite like a child shakes in the blog because today's logs over so I hope you guys enjoyed it mass shout out to Lambeau maniac for showing us those incredible unicorns and also what you guys think is a Lamborghini checks and aria really worth $4000000 leave it in the comments below I hope you enjoy today's video if you did like squad smash that like button but just like that this bugs over an amount //
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Introducing the Billionaire's Club of California
\\good morning good morning welcome back to the fog we're here in beautiful southern California in the land of palm trees generally I save the best footage in my blogs towards the middle to the and I usually spew nonsense for the first handful of minutes I'm sorry for that but today today I'm hooking you up because I present to you guys for the first time my rental car for the next 5 days the Nissan versa super bundle of Jay do you guys remember to log when I told you if you live in southern California you have to be here at protective film solutions for the hypercard show of the year well if you're not here if you're watching this the show's RD over what you missed out because as you can see hyper card insanity is ensuing here in Orange County this is only the beginning we're here 3:00 hours before the actual show begins so we can see all the cars up close and personal we had a Bugatti Veyron right here full carbon I'm gonna do you one better though we have the healthy people got to see her on Helvey has if you're watching this video Sir you are a hero not all heroes wear capes has he doesn't wear a Cape pretty remove the U. S. spec bumper offers share on it looks so much better I sort of snake you guys and I sprinted past these cars but this app 40 goodness gracious look how low it is moment silence antibiotic that well part Adam we'll keep quiet item doesn't respect the moment silence but you should and I apologize for that we all need to just take a moment right now and appreciate the girth that is the back end of the story and so I'm Jeffrey not complaining but I wish there was an F. 50 between the 40 and the Enzo this is sick which one of these 3 would you guys take I think you know I'm a little older maybe sorry I think it'd be Enzo I think it took the ends up but honestly I did pretty content with all 3 I know you guys are speaking outside that was utterly insane think all the billionaires of Orange County decided you know what was going on a commercial it shut it down here we have the Koenigsegg squad to go squadron but not to be outdone the Italians the Italians had to show up turned aside to bring a couple wider eyes and then Dan was like you know whites let's bring out the big boys we got bitchin quake bitching qua roadster I'm at your glory this right here is unequivocally no one unequivocally unequivocally I don't know I know this is the greatest car in the world right here he picked on me Zonda Ching quake coup for this one is 5 of 5 just take a moment to look at risk looked at that issue nixie at 55 urgently we got the stanchions right here but it makes sense because these 3 cars in total are probably worth life $20000000 maybe maybe the headlight cluster of psychic clown face I was there the knows there are you smirk commitment smug grin our British mates didn't want to be out done so I brought up the P. ones and a sudden here in race mode looking at color on this first yellow one second acid yellow have the volcano orange one as well but it's sick my current understanding of the situation is that this entire law is going to be filled with normal exotics when the actual show starts so you know as V. roadster got a 570 rolling and yeah all look you just rolled in look who is here to show off now we're really shut me down that take care brings greater cooler in the direct sunlight Siemens knowledge for 5 wow since then Leo this team of girth nation it's no I love my you know I love even more we're gonna go get some chick flick is we what we need are energy tonight is in the crazy we decided the best detective film solutions Gordon are gonna go in an appraisal on his at various air over to harm so we can tell it for that we should get the versa only should try to hide if today's video gates 92484 likes we will take the verse as needed CarMax and see how much we can sell it for I don't think hurts will mind I think I'm gonna go for the number one I might get a shake I might more to come more to come awesome translate but it it is yours thank you I mean I I always get the same thing because I never regret it number one chicken sandwich surprise surprise the food log is over chick fillet they killed it once again also a martini night 18 showed up I but there's a mass throughout everybody's going to go check out fun except good opportunity what's up dude we don't a good opportunity holding his cards yeah the event to doors doubts this mercy OPC sporty I know guys what do you think sorts of cars are showing up got a Lexus LFA arguably piece greatest sounding V. 10 ever made of course the first in guy ardo well the version got out it's got to be number one this would be the portion of the blog where I'm being sarcastic this sounds better than a guy are no but they're still doing some bad but now affair I mean now that day Yamaha Lexus they work together to create a symphony symphony and gain stuff we got cal you drove who drew the wrangler to your artistic we get Kate with the guy our roof he sent me back to thank you guys so much and check out how you shoes what rock and converses golf and in my own video you think you yeah it was a nice win during the show yeah yeah 99 lots of time I get far too carried away calling a car a nice this one is in fact though in nice spectacle plum purple react green breakout as you do as you do this also so listen to us purple color that is of syrup date Morgan VIP Wheeler came here today unit here no we are on the record because this is on the radio right now we're borrowing now we're ball he exerted your will note the eggs yeah it started yet so pirate one just joy stand further back I feel it is you find what is it yeah we're gonna stand alone for the back WNED we there yeah I don't I the all the old to me welcome I may reporter wait for a week for it you know just missed an electric burnout I messed up that's that 918 Spyder crew just it'll burn out in electric mode and I wasn't just left rubber electric they never forgive me for that there it is alright P. RIP the show is pretty much bring up starting to meander their way out sure what's up so hard around get all the footage sure I'm sleeping but so well I under but he so much Mr here guys my good a bit of a coup Logan put you know you know check out if the real diffusers here on these on this done this in a blog give a moment of silence for the rear diff you he is a member of the church just the only light color carving parent until is only to these in the world Susan we're getting the full X. get all the scars to for news world right there this is so cool this love this kind exhibit here are S. BB I don't know what's going on Logan's invite we meet over I'm hoping I'm hoping it involves cookies and what's we had bears every other more see what I mean wira these are the song becomes a hero ogsi improve if you yeah yeah I worry ocelot Ferrari right fair you know it's do you would you have you are remain the Koenigsegg is an object used and then of course we got share on right there when 4 G. T. that's the first Jan and generate their what would you showed up that hell be his jaw shut down the show Welsh RD and but you know I mean look at and staying at the height goodness there's very few cars are run for a healthy to help us get be near the top of the list full moon that was so cool post that was so close but little ladies and gentlemen might've been the so I've your life mean the sheer volume of height solutions I hope you got joy today's video if you did it's over //
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Pulled over by the Police in my Go-Kart **emotional**
\\this morning downshift and there I mean we are going to go throttling right now right now right what's up guys good morning welcome back to the I Susanna regarding the ... she did what she did whatever they knew fear Susanna I want 3 interesting facts get 12 seconds governor go I love popcorn yeah can drive stick annnnd yeah Susannah called me the other day and she's like when I got to drive the land but what's the deal as it will if you model my new tee shirts maybe just maybe I'll let you drive it and I'm quickly regretting that decision because I actually heard the tires squeal on an all wheel drive Lamborghini that's pretty tough to do she ... she out he likes to say hush tech save the manuals now obviously Susanna's Hilton way way better than you just kind how rose I'm sorry I apologize but you guys on the shirt there's a link in the description below go check out but guess what guess what we have no shirt and Suzanne has graciously offered to model it this is what I've deb the so it should because that it's a Lamborghini silhouette if I wanna drive any more yeah still for all you do is you put your left foot on the brake well you're right on the gas and just read it it is set number kind of the official end of some throw 91 set our role now I'm Rowland they it's like it was meant to be which you need to put a go kart parking only sign right there and will be maybe it's time I so now this is a code those guys might remember we got some time chilling just you guys saw the last blog I sold my book the dollars wow npaci okay stop what's it not so I just noticed I and live at that there's like 10 minutes I burn through all the fuel so I got to look and I did it only has a good it's like 50 and alright so obviously we only only get the we'll go with the 91 great pressure how much we need not around 35 so it's like quick is is no suspension I like the feeling of 35 when you're on the ground feels really really great okay very good we got sense point 089 gallons I'm it is also clean you know faith you know some of our aluminum rod right now moving in be going through a full what my legacy was going to it's it's it's follow Clayton's you guys the default ringtone you know what cars underneath and so we're gonna start a moment but it's not really too because video and then see before you upload anyways that's here regardless that is irregardless we are going to unlock the car also another fun fact another fun fact in the last blog I see irregardless it's like an inside joke it's not a real word she a real word checking all right here is so it's like yeah I tungsten great with with with the times informed about graphite graphite was a graphic I'm sure there's an aficionado because to top I don't know you guys votes here I'm pretty hungry so I think the food logs back radio take the go carts and on the graph for for for well so you n't but okay I live right there is doing just like Lou per ounce that ... because we just did some work on yeah but that's our hunger pellagra now I'm a youtuber so we just bought up in Idaho and the steering got all messed up to solve we got a much assault murder consultant bearings well the bearings are in here about took it apart Lou get out and now the searing it's better but it's not quite there what's your job it's called the strat man parts automotive YouTube channel so I have the limo that Sir yeah you so that puts me are of one or 2 on that thing against tell me you 2 were so yeah yeah it was purple this winter yeah but the ski box set us back to orange arm downward words mark but where will really class we're not on the carpet in the building okay yeah yeah I guess it's just part there right now because now it's orange again cargo well I couldn't not say anything are carried out so yeah yeah I don't take it back it's right over there do you mind if I go through the drive through yeah particularly excited a little bit yeah okay okay what a got a test it's not so okay yeah yeah day okay Sir I think you you can't NBER this I can't drive stick it alright with you guys we really just said I hope this video get he okay because my biggest concern for the drive thru is I don't know if this is heavy enough to get the censored but very was like 253 and it counts but any honored 50 garden work why would I should be able to get in the car well that's right that's right I our next modesty sh bun start though prisoner idling it's so incredibly loud and it dissipate so much heat but they may need to restart after hop out and start up again so work in progress what's up dude get yeah okay thank you so much thank you so much thank it but watch so we got any break yeah I can't it yeah perfect nice park the car ultimate food blog we got a coke we got the classic if he's burger economics and good by I thought about it some so I think the department a go cart is done a good head back hopefully I'll get pulled over again all that stuff I moved to the other side to guard you guys have noticed a clean no longer here either he's moving to shop any day now yes all this nonsense here over there so tell very spot partner participation report new homes I think everybody seems to take a moment though to Chris cheers girth just like look at the original intent of these tires was to stop them enjoy the character and it still could happen its almost winter Thomasina time can't remember if I showed you guys this car before is my neighbor's Ferrari right underneath the covers mail time so if you guys are going to send me mail there's my PO box right there pulled out for their new ... nice then I'm just going to be collected Lamborghinis about Haiti Lamborghini of Ventadour very cool thank you this is from all we got another one he noticed that post sick we got a reference on dude we are ruling prevented or Levantine right there trim Mary Jane and Jackson Jackson's 14 Jackson dude shot at you thank you so much for watching the videos follow me I think I think the blog might be over the 4 week in today's video tomorrow I'm headed down to Los Angeles for the protective film solutions open house on Saturday is going to be the car show of the year if you live in southern California you gotta check it out sensing oreos Saunders why risk you name it it's gonna be there check out a put a bunch of information right here ... users the go kart getting pulled over it was kind of inevitable exhorting new but to publicly the officer was awesome so anyways I hope you enjoy today's video if you did like squad research to smash that like button but just like that this blog's over that amount WNED //
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I took my Lamborghini to CarMax: This is the cash they offered me
\\no and I admit I kind of sad now it's been a good car 10 years 10 years when I made the original video I was like going to so to subscriber so that I can see the car occasionally this is not the last time we're gonna see this Audi but it's going to a new home Adrian deliver test drive was like well all by it only only under one condition he let me drive your go cart self or let Jack the go cart seaman he later I don't know why this is a car raises a coroner why you get emotional I guess I just think back to all the memories I lived in that court 1. arguably the day I bought that car was better then the day of good morning good morning what to the log as he saw sold my beloved the local Serbs SAT you so if so some regular later on squadron now before we can see today's at cold start when beginning Garrett reader comments on the last upload I had a 147 call from you guys telling me that I need to sell this 12 year old money paid a yes a piece I even had one of you guys tell me that I should drive it off a cliff skillet for my you tube channel because I would earn more ad revenue in this car is worth one hook you up today hooking you up because we're headed down to CarMax to get a free appraisal to determine the value of this car if you're unfamiliar with CarMax it is a dealership network across the nation where anybody with any car can go get a free competitive offer 30 minutes to an hour later walk out with cash in hand depending on how much CarMax offers for my guy are today theoretically I could walk out the door with a line full of Benjamin's as far as the eye can see or according to some of you guys I'm I just have one link it but in the comments below what do you guys think what is your appraisal on my 2006 Lamborghini guy ardo it has 39000 miles speed manual transmission fair market value on this car in my opinion once again $9200000 of course CarMax they going to offer me a wholesale competitive offer they're in the business of making money this really isn't their target market this car's not gonna sit in their show room they're simply going to send it off to auction so CarMax is around an hour drive let's all this orange in the direct sunlight absolutely stunning so it's never my style to just barge into a dealership and start filming so when I set up my appointment with mates I told Moses you tear that I want to share the appraisal process with you guys he contacted their PR department they've approved it so we're good we are good announced the better place to buy and sell a car how's it going J. I see changes to one of the government thank you I said the better place to buy and sell a car I like that one too but that was a bad case it works too if they both work yeah format way car buying should be my man venator right here is our appraiser for the day first time appraising Lamborghini it is nice is that ... we've done ... that's Mari some DTR yeah the first time in limbo thanks so gray color thank you I love the orange we walk around the vehicle we try to see if there's only pay work that's been done to it than any accidents of course and they will take it for us for a test drive okay awesome go from that district check the transmission we can ship good fortune and have the Lambo doors I have a normal lines it looks great he had it for Jennifer 2 years but also on the second owner first owner had it for 10 years okay first I'm going to have both done a scissor I want a man to get the manual gearbox and yes so he right and left that raises the nose if that happens shut it down so now it's okay so now we're good here wait this man David sifter as always you telling them about that takes amazing that was from Lambeau Newport beach about is it almost to the day portion is now over to go inside be like look for the lady got so what I want to do it did that ... sold some cars of course yeah ability is Indians down gets more than what I am sure a little bit I don't so you think you one of the things arguing it earlier is that not only about exclusive king with his car sorting you're in a may annual and also the color that orange color orange more than by Chillin cars with looks pretty good degrees in get some photos of the car like I'd been tell you guys the unicorn there's so few examples in the nation better equipment to this call to get some pictures gonna send it off to some of the regional guys here CarMax try to get a proper value of this car ladies and gentlemen there's a catch here is the cast CarMax made a cash offer I accepted this is kind of it they're just cutting the film sort of my loss or walk around here is the car Max cash the guy Otto is gone they got Benjamins for days so this very there lays a gentleman's this this is $3000 this is the proceeds from the sale of my Audi TT so I sold it for $3000 and I've been meaning to deposit this money but I thought it would be great for a are a CarMax thumbnail one last thing for CarMax generally you show up within an hour you have an appraisal offer in hand the guy auto it's such a unique vehicle that location has never seen a guy I don't ever also it's a higher dollar figure than most the cars that show up so totally bit longer they just email me the appraisal honestly this is way way more than I was expecting so let me I cover up some information but there you have it $80000 I'm impressed like that is a very very competitive offer theoretically I've been saying theoretically a lot I can show up a car Max with the guy I know right now and walk out with $80000 in cash well they brought write me a check but I think you know I think that's it regardless irregardless once again that's an inside joke had a buddy years ago he said all the time he's to make fun of him that's why I said I know it's a real word I'm sorry $80000 though for example let's say I found a challenge to Dolly today that I had to have I need to sell the guy Otto a CP I can walk in this appraisals good for 7 days and I get $80000 tries to start on my own freedom consigned it at a dealership maybe if you get a little bit more but it might take a month or 2 where is this I could have immediately what you guys think is the time to sell the guy are to let me know in the comments below poll is this more less than you expected I was I was in the neighborhood of around $70000 this is not a paid product placement is thought to be a fun video but I do want to give them a shout out every single person I interacted with there was awesome so friendly such good dudes to CarMax shot at you guys quadratec for jeep vehicles I just realized I ruined the excitement you guys can RTC what's in here we have the all weather floor liners promotion necessity right so these are the back during a drive on some now we're ready this is the cargo liner the quadratec cargo liner this is an improper cutting technique don't try this at home kids the real what but I think he's hit the car alright we got the stock OEM headlights on a jeep wrangler are notoriously terrible white at the zoo quadratec LED headlights now Roland now Roland before we installed a new quadratec LED headlights we need to take the jeep outside just making sure you guys how bad these OEM headlights are at night I'm going to forewarn you guys is not the most scientific experiment ever concerning the strength of headlights but we're going to give it a shot we're using that 30 mile per hour sign there on the right is our point of reference there's the brights stock OEM headlights let's go install be quadratec LEDs we have the installation guide it looks fairly simple willing a couple screwdrivers but as you know it's incredibly important that we stay I dreaded throughout this process so but it's so good business strawberry it's the thirst quencher but might might thirst my thirst has been quenched these tabs right here and use a flat head screwdriver lift these up and the whole front grille listen the actual tilt forward that's the goal what yeah okay yeah here you go just like that the grill is gone that was so simple one my favorite things about the wrangler is that it's so easy to part we band I gotta admit this is going extremely well this is my kind of project headlight harness adapter the new headlight is gonna plugged into this and I get great satisfaction out of this look how shiny these new headlights are before putting the Grosmont let's make sure the headlights work I yeah now our role in yeah no one in your headlights so in the last blog I was telling you guys have not very mechanically inclined I can do this no problem you obviously can do is also example I have a feeling it's gonna make a big goodness quadratec moving your point your LED headlights are far superior to ... yam here's the brights for reference I'm going to put the OEM up top the quadratec on bottom as you can see yeah quadratec has a beat right there goes down as the single greatest Maude I have ever done to a vehicle obviously I haven't added the vlog yet so I'm not sure how it looked from your guises perspective that compare contrast but trust me from my perspective I can now see at night thank you so much quadratec also massive shout out to CarMax I also just realize that today's blog is the last blog ever that will feature all 3 my car's the Audi the wrangler and the guy I don't anyways I hate to end today's video on that's it is but I hope you guys enjoy today's video if you did like squad you sure to smash that like button also also should I sell the guy ordered to CarMax let me know in the comments below but just like that this blog is over an amount //
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It Cost HOW MUCH $$$ to replace the clutch on my Lamborghini!? **emotional**
\\good morning good morning welcome back to the vlog I hope everybody's havin an awesome day today now if you're new to the channel you may not know this but I own a Lamborghini got yard too in about 2 weeks ago the slave cylinder spun a leak the car broke down so I brought it here too makes and models unfortunately replacing the slave cylinder and a guy or 2 is not very easy if to pull off the rear bumper job the exhaust drop the transmission to access it there's a lot of labor involved so we decide to swap out the clutch to thank you this is the new pressure plate we have the high tech kevlar performance clutch and flywheel combo this is the old OEM 139 0 miles on it so I got really good life out of it but said well it's time is done it's time is done okay so to catch you guys up this is current state of the guy is my main take he's always got it takes care me here makes and models so the rear bumper had to be fully removed sat right here next to the mercy roadster exhausts had to come out and we had to draw the transmission as well so quickly extensive amount of labor that's kind of why it's time for a new clutch the Lamborghini form that's very much my primary resource for anything Lamborghini every single person on the form who had a high tech exotic clutch 2 thumbs up to but I can't 2 thumbs up 2 thumbs up new flywheel there's the older right there you can see all the gruesome raises one buttery smooth so we just threw is in right now so I can't fake make some calls enough for letting me stick around their garage and watch the install obviously how much their clients don't do this some kind of that I'm at in knowing client can't think you guys enough toss something close many times who there she is you fly with a new clutch this I'm hoping this is the last time I ever see my clutch on my diary hopefully ever because this should last 3 times longer than OEM got 40000 miles on the original clutch 20 thousands do you guys remember how you're always making fun of me for driving an Audi I have some bad news you're right you're absolutely right here on the transmission work Audi Audi Volkswagen transmission we do about the racing more lease that I take exotic clutch and flywheel weighs in at 27 pounds where is the OEM clutch flywheel that weighs in at 30 pound so a 3 pound weight savings doesn't seem like a lot Julia rotating at you know 67 0 R. P. M.'s 3000 significant is a fun fact for you this is the original clutch this is the original brought very which one of these do you think would be more expensive $4500 $4600 this is this is the component that failed you see this little toe ring right here the skate sent a ring this is the cause of the leak right here that's all it takes when I got the news that the throw out Barry to replace it the part was $4600 I don't vomited so high tech exotic they got this one for me this is actually an E. dear throw out bearing that they've converted to a manual they got me this for $1000 throw bearing say sooner it's one unit and that's the cause of the weak is the big time component here's the new throw out bearing slave cylinder now I think yet its stock for lunch the food vodka food blogs back because the next step is to lift the transmission up obviously we have to have our energy will and I'm not doing anything Ty has to have his energy but we're gonna go pick a Philly cheese steak is what I just heard so tight tells me this is the best really state and all of us Utah right type all that's a lie big expectations big expectations the world's greatest artist Utah 3 way been rude of me to show the Philly cheese steak to you guys because it was so good I can hear them land though from like a mile away I'm gonna so you see so we sent her a card game you showing up down these 2 callers is they're both wrapped but I sat as a recognizes her Conklin summit auto out he did the audio scheme rap on car color sensational gore Steiner carbon fiber wing and it has plenty of power vehicle engineering soup charger we got it right around 8 100 horsepower all right bands just like that the transmission is any we're cruising you can still see clutch right through there right now because we have to still buttoned up everything I keep saying to us Ty Tyson here he's the he's the master technician P. hello I goodness gracious 12 in my life back this guys this is my exhaust right here this monstrosity OEM back Lamborghini Zahn we you can see the clutch that's it hi is installing these Carter now the oil tank so take yes we have to drink out all of the journalists or get an oil change today to cars and for as well take Dan its mission now here were rolling we are is the moment of truth we're going to bleed the stand can go well this go poorly pressure lord good news good news great news tie just bled the clutch life there is no error in the system now we're rolling now rolling right oil change there is the old dirty filter right there it's not the easiest thing to access yeah that is done is probably going to get to 3 dozen times now not on my car course but as as far as things I'd like to do a muffler delete be a good option delete another good option good morning good morning it's a new day which means I'm wearing new close but that is but some irregardless just to take a moment to girth end of the land would you guy Argo I write voice that finally coming together starting to look proper wait to right this thing but unfortunately breaking around for thou IBM's or do more than 50 if final I missed it there you go though there which is what I that's the new F. 30 replacing sitting there doing tests hill Air Force base is I direction so they just Stanley I overhead I and I can now awaits that's and if you looking for for a quick the thing is good they it's yeah that's it like to see that's what I like to see is it all the way to start up the but you the clutch feels so much better I can't even begin to describe how great this clutch feels it feels better than it ever has unfortunately like I was telling you earlier there a break in period I can't take the car above 4000 RPM's untuk put 500 miles on this new clutch so basically I don't drive this car lot preclude omitting 38896 the number we're looking for is 39396 also D. realizing that 0 our demands gazing not being like this is this is 38 hell yeah Acura TL and so we feels so incredible card back ed 4000 RPM's is like we imply I mean civil but basically your throttles cut so I got a rack of those 5 in my as I look a good over there so this right here this is the moment you guys have all been waiting for that of course is the cost breakdown so for parts we had the clutch flywheel the high tech exotic kevlar clutch flywheel combo that we $6500 then we have to throw out bearing slave cylinder units and that was $1100 the throw out bearing on a 6 speed manual guy are doing OEM throw out bearing is $4600 for the throw out bearing only on the manual guy artists the eager guy or is there $1600 I think it's the only part on a manual guy out of the taxi more expensive than in you dear so high tech exotic they saved they saved my bacon and that was $1100 for the throw out bearing so all out the door parts out the door 7000 $600 now as far as the makes the malls and voice obviously this is all labor there some fly wheel bolts they had to purchase for $49.60 as well but total labor $2790 we had some sales tax for around $200 grand total $3002.58 there it is $10600 to get the new kevlar clutch as Ozzy throw bearing installed on the guy artists that is approximately well it's a significant amount of money so varied now I'm sure there will be lots of comments from people asking me why don't just do it myself now you guys have seen the videos I'll work on my wrangler all do all the main it's on the wrangler a put a lift kit on a modified the Lambeau though I mean just this job alone I mean 70 percent of it was parts of the most they could save was $3000 however the issue of working on this car myself and I'll be the first to admit I'm not the most mechanically inclined is that in the process of trying to swap out the clutch on this car weaver break something in the event that I break something it's gonna end up costing me way way more because the parts on this car so expensive words I can almost pass off the liability to make some models they have to do all the work if they break something you know of course they would replace it obviously they're professionals then breaking think the car is running flawlessly I'm so excited to have this card back I gotta put about 450 miles on it here pretty quickly before I can take it yeah above 4000 RPM's $10600 a ton of money don't get me wrong I kind of expected it's a financially you know I've been propping for it's totally fine ... but still 10 grand so anyways I hope you guys enjoy today's video if you did like squad be sure to smash that like button but just like that this blog is over I'm out n't //
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Somehow I found myself in the new 2017 Ford GT
\\good morning good morning welcome back to the log I hope everybody is having an awesome scientific so much for stopping by the channel today I come to you from a particular the figure up to the Saint Regis deer valley here in beautiful Park City Utah if you guys like Ford GT's today's videos for you you see I told you I told you it was a beautiful day here in Park City Utah if you can see the last video before G. T. owners club is hearing you talk for a couple days today's the last day of the event they're going on a drive gonna hop into one of these GT's I'm not sure which one quite yet but tech well you really can't go wrong with any of them things are starting to happen for teachers everywhere I am telling you once again goodness gracious Montana Montana here is here is if today's video gets 150000 whites I'm taking a supercar road trip up to Montana I'm gonna hunt down some hybrid cars and it's so cool that sort of awesome dude all right this right here right gentlemen this is my ride we got wrong we're shutting down Park City before GT squad because a little bit of chaos here there is a car show in Park City today so naturally before we go on the drive up but we we got a giant mind just say hi doesn't it I never again America what Florida state it conveys sound I need to this car is it's not millions of it breaks boys the brakes wow mmhm it's right there once again it it's not breaks I was just in the diaspora so there's some guys are never going to forget this on a sounds a it actually feeling during see full out loud America America deathly net server getting my first time going full throttle into 20174 G. what if you were here in the Wasatch mountains just about parts in goodness good this portion of the blog this is to all the Ford execs who are watching this video which is none of you but you guys have to build a roadster second Gingee from a design standpoint I'm not sure exactly how it would look weather just be you know like an open top roadster or should have you know retractable hardtop I sort if Ford did this to build a road what are they going to do but you're so there's actually 2 being you can inter cooler right here in this and take into the so it's it's functional not just from an era standpoint so can a series just delete that but imagined just imagine the look this course this was in here and you said these since it could be so if you own a first Jan and you get a second Gen you sell your first you know you keep it because you want both the Carter so dramatically different this of course has the semi automatic gearbox the first gene has the manual transmission this has the butterfly doors that has the V. 8 this has to be 6 let's say you want both that kind of goes about saying does it make it who didn't hook ups but in the inside information yeah knowledge through lessons on a windshield washer fluid right here that is no no retrieving his that no that's Billy Johnson okay here several months okay thanks and if we screw around here back when you look at the blue so I can see V. I. D. overture car really you think about it says the police interceptor 8 K. that Enzo Peter to I but I do not travel with the patching kit come by to pick up and now it's leaking out which patch the tire you driving us back to Texas right as writer miles home god bless Texas yeah I if this angle they call us time after I've gotten a shot deadline vultures Ford GT in the van it's the work based the so all the new stories all over the interwebs yellow she okay my profile bumble they weren't very happy and they're really not going to guarantee one owners our high 4 G. yet for why are a much freer to say thank so obviously this is a male doors open at 4 G. butterfly doors Vieira who the base of mount Timpanogos in there's a grill down this path somewhere in general in my limited experience a term grill it you a good that means burgers that mean steak grill usually means a good thing big that black Angus Reid you really sure what wag you is but some didn't anybody back you it's a big idea Kobe be there really out pretty sure that I could be okay who could be more to come we're gonna find out you know they get yeah but not integrating my visitors and I got a big it's all good yeah the when it when it is all going to yield up the bacon smart man to handle the GT's are starting to assemble were growing this color this guy can get over it yeah sure there's a wearing sport mode is a couple different moods also note that economy settlement 0.6 poorly cool you meet each taillights they're actually flus threatened his yeah that right now a bright see it's a bit love the cool designed to don't mess this one also has the carbon fiber real option 15 grand for the carbon fiber wheels but now you need you need it Levin 0.5 hours are pretty much in it it's a small tank yeah it's like 1313 down south and maybe what kind of mileage known the track normally gets a bad 1718 are bad here on the TT is really cool I love the get the carbon fiber back really nice you that 3.6 liter V. 6 and naturally another GT pulled up next to us they have got that manual transmission and all the cool gauges the difference which is and what not is a much more analog so recorded in the second Gen really really cool can be careful get now they don't bump your head though these doors like a guillotine credit hi this is the this is your lifting system A. K. race mode your suspension settings traction control engine start stop button is this GT number 40 is the number 40 critical agape especially got that one does all the cool dimensions really make this interior got how Qatar everywhere carbon fiber overload just like we like it get your different driving modes right there your blinkers youngster will as well get your radio consoles all sorts of all sorts of stuff and I love these your shifters just the cool design the cool design of those paddles this has 1721 miles not bad for like what 2 months of ownership I well this is a track right here our jobs it was racing reference work right now so you're boring normal so we Ford GT the most American ... ever and if you can see cert on this do you it's one or as a right there stars and stripes course keeping up with that game hello 4 G. David up join today //
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72 Ford GTs SHUT DOWN Utah!
\\good morning good morning welcome back to the log today's blog takes place in Utah were back we're back now the observance your will note that the guy who is missing we just have this sad pathetic looking ski box some inner tubes and it just your mind here I have memories gone by my neighbor just picked up this very very classy Ferrari 599 GTB this 1 has the handling package very nice additions to the garage as of late now maybe 4 GT rally to go chase but before we can begin today's episode we have a special guest appearance yeah be quick though because well the court one of the flaws of the go cart there's no really we the locket survey could walk up stealing I nice score well now it's that's going to be curious awesome thank you yeah I really know what to say I didn't paid quite think this all the way through this is poor planning right here is what this is there's all sorts of flaws with the go cart one of me doesn't reverse yeah well I things and and mail time the go cart you are list like you make me so you make me so proud because all we do a month ago ordered up the way a handful remember she well you early school you for anybody the rest of you are in luck still share the link in the disco blow the first 2 months now what a skilled I'm website video tutorials so maybe you want to become we're going to to learn how to courses adobe premiere pro all of these more to story telling a food log yeah let's go skill share coronary core the link in the disco below because I do want to admit that I well I I don't quite know where I'm going very good woman I should because well the last thing we need is an duration Quayle to point out so yeah I'm kind of sneaking you guys because the view the view in front of me I just got it I got a moment to enjoy summer here at the say Regis deer valley and the Ford GT squad the Ford GT squad has brought out all the cars in full force apparently there's around 60 or 70 GT's every single iteration you can imagine we got your first Jan we got your heritage we got Mahdi GT's over there we've had a sneaky second Gen so it's so cool to see the second generation GT and first Genji team next to each other you can see the evolution but we did get cheated by force from a design standpoint them in the cars are clearly different just this massive intake great here we see the radiators all green frog green is that a term we can use this as a frog green but a boot to the ideal road trip car Kristin UGT it has the ecoboost 3.6 liter V. 6 still produces 650 horsepower quite impressive I'm not sure if this is a fun fact or a dis heartening fact so these guys came out and ... 506 my guy artisan 06 the base MSRP on my car was on $190000 the Ford GT's back you know 5 or 750 grand 150 grand this 1 this is a heritage this is worth around $500000 now the guy Arto as worth maybe around 100000 see anything said absolutely skyrocketed in value Sony's twin turbo charged and just take a moment take a moment to understand the girth of this rear wing I mean I can fit in the camera frame now I I'm I've been I've been reading I've been reading the comments I've been getting a lot of hate for using the word cursed but just you guys gonna try saying it is just fun site it's one cigar throws an account I'd say wit but I'm not I'm a youtuber so I do apologize for triggering you guys but I'm sorry mates check out that twin turbo charge now your stock OEM Ford GT is super charged 550 horsepower I don't I don't know the power output of this car but I'd imagine it's brought it's brought be adequate if you guys were sick of all the GT's we just saw we might wanna cook way because there's even more down here in the park I look at it this way it's a mate wall I almost died door open he doesn't want clean stark wow this is such a 6 color Riviera bloom the best GT of course things detail in it for awhile I thought the frog green was good and this is known as 4 G. T. had been there are 4 G. teases far as the eye can see every single spec every kind of G. T. is here this is also we get to see the engine bay of course the first Jane GTO has that 5.4 liter supercharged V. 85 50 horsepower it's an absolute monster this heritage GT it's all the way from Hawaii while could you imagine seeing one of these in Hawaii this 12 C. is also on Hawaii plates it's Catholic as a black chrome it looks chromatids income as a dark tend to it hands check out guys check he we got more more and more I don't know what to say I mean what can I say the lights are slowly turning on as we make our way down ladies and gentlemen I do you Marika the ultimate American vehicle the stars and stripes word and GT while post there is there's no lights under here I'm so sorry but that his dad is a cool cool spec G. T. and tec doing here in the back corner we have anything to do it S. well there's some lights only Courtney Kennedy lights exists that is it's it's which is making their way down more GT's more GT's lotus Elise more duties I don't I lost track I don't have account you guys its own set same Riviera blue check out Montana plates telling you guys have got to get myself to Montana the cars they must just be off the charts they're everywhere second gene G. tia heritage now I was cold there's there's a GT somewhere down here in this color combination but has 130000 miles apparently the guy he drives it across the country like 3 or 4 times a year now be observant your will note that this GT is slightly different it is actually a roadster it's an aftermarket conversion this piece right here is fully removable I also have your twin turbo this is not a factory conversion this is actually done a market leaked holy totally killed the design Ford why did you not offer this your customers it's so we can visit get better been open top roadster for GT now I don't think so Mexico you had to put one in reverse how was it clear I thought was cool as that may I like you although the left one unlike vehicle virgins claim to once you a lot of hers Ford GT wrangler goals wrangler goals right there well look some are forged don't get me wrong it's cool to see so 4 G. Neeraj who in their sat it's like still Ford few a whole different ballgame these things look like votes guy right here in sky is the ultimate ball where U. S. did up in every show off I'm giving you all the tips and tricks of Ford GT ownership notices first Janice got you S. safety bumper so visualize that no one second okay now visualize this man this hero from Texas he remove the bumper look the extent of those exhaust pipes pick it it's Christmas in August let's begin Ben is from Massachusetts he's been watching my videos for over a year any Jew this for me that is so cool that so sick baby Ben I appreciate it is from June to no avail got Jefferson drew lives in Colorado he's trying to decide between a Ferrari 430 and a McLaren 12 C. 12 sis got the doors Ferrari's got the sound I mean a VA Ferrari can't beat that should you buy a 430 or 12 see but in the comments below these are from John APC purifiers apparently it's like an air freshener like an air freshener thank you John cruciatus yeah here we go we got the package this is from Steve in Oregon I love organ I miss organ but I need to get some scissors what there we go scissors yeah this is totally White Christmas he sent me a case for my maverick you pull out this piece of foam and the matter goes right there do thank you so much I just realized I forgot to in today's video I have an update for you guys on the guy are coming up very soon Nick's video but I hope you guys enjoy today's blog if you did be sure to smash that like button but just like that this logs over and I'm out //
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Bugatti Chirons Shut Down Monterey Car Week
\\good morning good morning welcome back to the blog I hope everybody is killing it today we're here at the Pacific Ocean the mighty Pacific Ocean in pebble beach California I hope you guys are enjoying these moderate car we could use just as much as I am now this year's moderate karmic would not be possible without my partnership with LastPass if you're unfamiliar with LastPass they're the leading online password manager in the world used by millions and millions of people with us but you don't worry about your past was getting stolen not dori about forgetting your passwords or resetting your passwords I'm sure all of you guys can relate I don't have a good 3 dozen passwords right Instagram got pace but we got you to we got email addresses but all these passwords it super easy to forget especially you have to reset the map like 30 days or whatever so that more swap it out eighties for ampersands or swap it out once for exclamation points before you know you forget your password you get locked out of your account and then you have security question I remember when I worked in accounting I can remember all my passwords I have sticky notes can just plastered all around in mysterious places in my office so nobody would see them but what I forgot them I'd had with LastPass you not to worry about that anymore you only have to worry about having 1 password that's your last pass password because you import all your different all my passwords into your LastPass account and they take care of the rest there's a leak in the description below be sure to go check that out moderate karmic could not be possible without their partnership so I hope you guys are enjoying these videos there's tons and tons of cars as you guys know the goal of moderate curry is to see as many cars as possible let's roll I've been trying to convey the magnitude of moderate car which we have a 1 of 400 99 Freud for freight specially a pair does dump between a Volvo and Mercedes Spanish paper back the valet law is out of control it next year to 20 still sat here now between a Ford explorer and a bit we've been tega their way through the parking lot we got this very nice DB 11 will of course be 56 Hollywood Hollywood came in script a parking lot like this we have a whole row of skittles I'm hoping that pink 720 will be here because I promised you guys it would be and if it's not why don't face consequences but what Perot's are still here I I'm speechless I didn't really know what to say unfortunately the matching 720 yes is suppose to be right here it's not this is the definition of tastes the rainbow that range rover that that's really showing up every car here you guys are starting to realize that that side of the valley law that's I don't call the poverty side you know is law Ferraris offer as a parent is one not but decide this side of the valley out of Spanish bay this is where the big boys play we have the sheer Han and the wiry be seen here last time I was here we had the ring gear up and the Acura RSX unfortunately the front and left is up on the BC if one of 21 of the sea breezes paid who got the sheer on because of where this car and it was when you guys like better Dick the yellow and black one where this classy classy Bugatti what is your spec it is you expect but it's on manufactured plates really sure on owners if you're watching this video please at your convenience remove these you expect bumpers wait we don't need those on the cars remember Hollywood Hollywood can't even script this we have another cheer on another share on it's here it's been a spate what that what is going on car wreak car we another classics back very classes that yeah I don't even know what half sure on spec the little old for a little bit more so 81 blue card yeah we have we have a new sure on this one is Corbin carbon we also a blue car been we've on the wire is a little bit get the got a little bit more girth he's right there alright in the coming below which you why would be so share on then that's it so would you say the Italians in the fray show it off so our British mates to make an appearance here right L. T. the valet is right on the spot I don't know we're gonna put making the worthy range rover just I'm not sure I make that what would that mean I don't know what they're good healthy callers no the roofs wow at that painted bright did user right there you can argue a case this is also a better spent LTV caller the louvers and the roots it's if you want yeah it may become Hey guys got very hot well the guys they know what they're doing MSO 6 I don't see it's no good gears up P. one of this is the $0 where they gonna put a better front center Kartik when your job Perot's for pecan it's all been done told me do it for the blog as always but but what's a little quick god she gets the interior on this PC look at this thing that is ridiculous and is sold so cool only here but will beach day of 4 wires in a row we get the king jasmine king jasmine this interior look at this teaching this interior is just simply fantastic I mean we have another why we saw this morning earlier blog goodness gracious and then we got the king as well why no we combos first to be aired what's until mean that they're just you know I mean a role with his car is rocking a verse as he has the nose pallets on 25 is the McLaren F. one guru never raise and there hi everyone I see turn around and walk you through the force the beach at 350 3 why is it you want to race mode is only 349 if is in the world we got 3 seats right here leave us at the plate bush had big plate ever fitted on a Ferrari we get the sweet at 50 this one right here this is serial number one the first F. 50 if you look at the Geneva photos back in the early nineties this is the car will notice is yellow pinstripe that is unique to serial number one P. one set here in race mode double 07 through irises well we saw these 2 earlier on 70 mile drive this one we saw when I was getting kicked out of the Quayle as well cool one of his beautiful beautiful setting where point Lobos state park this car is so so good that we've seen so many wire is we have a really stumble across any few ones of course we saw one earlier today smog but wow re the he's getting a ride back to his car at the walk is it race mode warnings and race anyway if you don't follow Adam swords he's giving me a ride back to card straight Hooray no goodness she what made what I made the British to so I so old show up gold wheels wrong work strong strong words take 100 and is in the world the vet reject manual ... nights like a goal how so we got 670 S. V. we got a first Gen manual mercy and we have a yellow piece that was a 48 spider I believe I'm yes my ears again I feel that morning to you guys remember the 488 to just put my ear drums out a lot and those of us 75 what's it may cause of Povich 5 no okay in a pre determined alright neither horseback okay alright there you have it but time is what we're driving the car I don't know how it happened it's like Logan say the more pop you never have even though it has the road still yeah 12 sacks I my right up the red car the nice according what's up guys how's it going well it we got Justin enjoy curry comb yeah yeah it's yeah not bad no looks you're over is here way what what so well I this is a manual LP sporty roadsters unicorn of unicorns score 3 with about 45 there all so yeah a little bit bigger events or now we are rolling we are properly rolling down ocean and I let him go we know last not the way we live Jeanne squared it's a great night that's the best there is I mean there really is our mothers others for giving us such edible names Jim exon this buy a Scottsdale saw call Rambo performance still okay it's yeah one here hope we're gonna read it Nnamdi and my name is barb wire log yeah that day that right read it for you ... I part van to a part deadly industries go follow we are about to go and enforce Patty hello see what I mean see what I mean Gordon hero I'd go follow a good force in the all dear Gordon I ... George well you just lost my camera but were okay today goodness gracious Gordon the savagery whole squad is here now IBM for Chris Morrison catty we got the SL somewhere over there really go get one think about lunch it's dinnertime get hip check we want things so ... wants your organs well the that he be wide 10 next week in 1994 those are the days I was 5 years old a lot of as long as he wants Mongolian beef you do you not bad how nice the same thing so yeah true and what of log what a blogger who beat enjoy the site your odds full of wire is P. ones think we have one more plug coming they've kind of out of order editing so I hope you guys enjoy today's video if you did like squad sure to smile like button but just like that smog is over and I'm out //
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The 20ft Maybach Land Yacht that could SHUT DOWN Rolls Royce
\\good morning good morning welcome back to the blog I hope everybody is killing it today we're up the pebble beach concours de Ella Goans I did those who has been very very good French you know it's a fancy day when I'm wearing a nice shirt was almost cars in the parking lot we at the Malibu LTZ we got the accord V. 6 we have a bluesy first Lamborghini chant in are you we have the Cadillac escalade McCaughan pass one thing I just noticed check out this event rate here Nick said the headlight closer it Sunday at his pebble beach there are more cars defined so really this tender oreo to be maybe someday what a car but we got to continue on we've made I turn my if there is a however you'll notice well we have a stance in right here can you TDF birds eye view F. took TDF 799 that's a pair to 80 offer a 490 offering a pair take 9 course power for our it took 606 feet of torque knowledge for you I I do Ferrari became a company in 1947 it's 2017 do the math is the seventieth anniversary a Ferrari and so there's a whole area dedicated to Ferrari some 275 G. TV we have a 250 Luso 275 nart spider 275 G. he beat an over on this quadrant we have some unicorns have a black Ferrari and 50 there's 44 black if fifties in the world these are the ultimate modern day for our unicorns the F. 60 America and the Sergio like there's 10 of those there's 6 of those never were never going to see this court ever again there's only 6 of them worldwide stars and stripes right there so these cars were only sold 2 north American clients you can see the 1 of 10 batch we have the TV yes and we have the 1 off we have a 1 off for are the only 1 in the world SP 275 RW this is based off of an F. 12 berlinetta Ferrari has a lot of their 1 off cars and some of them as summer kinda shaky break this when they really really did a great job he reminds me of a modern day 275 GTB I would never ever lied to you as founded the patriot 720 yes the white interior the first immense no 720 I gotta be honest I would wear my blue jeans in this but I would totally rock caller ID sensational no trying to build this don't even hesitate just do it do you imagine if the surf and now we with this in your chanting oreo every year pebble beach is that one card that one car that makes me stick around the entire night is waiting to get the start of quick I'm going to do for you guys hooking you up but here it is here it is the new crew gonna Zonda sorry seal jottings personal car celebrating his sixtieth birthday and nobody's of hurting her excuse says he highest point on the entire car yeah low selling math skills whimsy on that is exerting quite good here is I yeah sorry guys I'm gonna hook it's not about sex card film as well not that right does the hell beat I told you many or various other old class guiding the exact color scheme we've arrived here to the A. M. G. apparently there's a steel cage we are well well long the way dear to back corner the AMG be with you very poor great if I see okay prime I really promise story I am going in in its day so I say also call really so in our head the Mercedes Atlanta I'm wearing a business soon could mean terrier on this thing alright goodness gracious Mercedes Mercedes I rolls Royce tropic you owners done for Mercedes builds this Somers we got severity score they have ever seen he's a 24 inch wheels 24 inch reels not bad not bad the thing is insane looking to me correlative bill car now when no matter right why don't we yeah I why don't the interior on this car it's a manual transmission HP barchetta worn 3 Israeli Brady's bill worldwide at the floating roof skew while what an opportunity this is I see this car right here HP barchetta goodness right that is unbelievable I love it yeah low front windshield goodness gracious I've heard the rumors of fish team $0 that's around 3000000 more than the sweat tales and I hope to talk to those arms ours but that's what I've been hearing so so cool yeah we got the wiry BC right there all so we scrapped the HP because the food water gets the food logs back in full force and we hope the I think one of these thrones and have myself to blog the H. P. is right over there the blog is right here thank you so much problem guys their garden following this channel is a hero and he's getting kicked out big so much garden that spot all of I'm you you know the driver thing so a gaudy current gaudy owner was telling me that on the sheer on you want wheels as in dollar on that's why we haven't really seen any right I just realize the front and left is a come on pick it's going to be bumble shop down but the lift is up