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"2014-06-17 13:28:11"
How to Create Training Videos (and Instructional Videos)
\\what is not shown here think media TV and if I talk about this issue that we just did a show you behind the scenes of something here that we use and I'm here with John many honestly what's up John puts up everybody who bone John many ana so content is king and marketing is queen and she runs the household all starts with remarkable contacts know we started off with this ... teleprompter in the shoot is half teleprompter the intron the outro scripted and then the middle was freestyle but planned out in so I we use I've had it with this $5 teleprompter set up actually made with the ... the teleprompter box some glass this actually killed by Omar al Katori of chatter on Twitter and ... you open a link to the description or how you can build a cheap teleprompter just like this we use a teleprompter apps that actually ends up costing you a little bit more because spent like $15 but Hey it's worth it as you can see it is love shit in that as far as the teaching does it's kind of a cool way if you are looking to present content or you know teach on YouTube anyone to share some points this is a great method for doing it that keeps organizing keeps it high value high impact for your audience in this case may points are preplanned pre rendered and then hidden under no card so when you get to the next point you can just rip and no heart off and then it keeps you going through point by point as well as has people wondering what's under number 4 and wanting to actually see all the points revealed I revealed so keeps people engaged and then we also ... I wrote down a few points under each point just for my eyes only because this part was not planned but not scripted so I just talked to each point move through through the no cards down hit my main talking points with the white portion over there so I would just got John talk us through the year art so we shot or was on March you fight the way the whole series lead 44 to one of 5 which is nice because you can zoom in and and go why if you as long as you please now the way we're doing audio is that we got a little corner is appearing to a long table over here to a road my which parts of really nice because it's a directional Mike and for lighting we actually use ... soft box and it's a ... soft box is really nice because it is a really nice ... just pretty much overview as far as light a very soft so it's not harsh you know get any harsh shadows and it's just really nicely and we also have a reflector on the side just to balance lie on the other side and give nice back on he owes so they so much about video Hey do you favor and hit the like button leave a comment in the description below and subscribe to this channel for more technique he owes and things like that remember we include all kinds of ... links and everything talked about in the description as well as bogus information that we forgot to include pay big media TV thanks for watching helping move further faster in media absa //

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