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"2018-05-17 18:19:16"
Trump joins a long list of Republicans who liken immigrants to animals
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"2018-05-14 17:04:55"
May 14: Dozens of Palestinian protesters killed as U.S. Embassy moves to Jerusalem
\\ //
"2018-05-09 20:07:10"
Trump CIA nominee Gina Haspel refused to take a moral stand on torture at confirmation hearing
\\ //
"2018-05-03 15:36:57"
The precedents that enabled Trump to wage war on immigrants
\\ //
"2018-04-27 22:18:43"
Inside the "incel" movement inspiring mass violence against women
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"2018-04-24 12:00:01"
The ridiculous things Team Trump is spending taxpayer money on
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"2018-04-17 15:04:58"
Watch Michael Cohen's client Sean Hannity defend Michael Cohen
\\ //
"2018-04-12 20:58:48"
Diamond and Silk claim Facebook is censoring them. It's not true
\\ //
"2018-04-10 23:09:25"
Confused senators at Mark Zuckerberg's hearing asked confusing questions
\\ //
"2018-04-09 18:29:15"
April 9: Jared Kushner and the mysterious white knight bailing him out
\\ //
"2018-04-04 21:50:00"
Scott Pruitt’s shady condo deal and lux travel expenses, explained
\\ //
"2018-04-02 14:43:33"
April 16: Trump's fixer Michael Cohen is drowning in legal issues
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"2018-04-02 14:04:30"
My Event Title
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"2018-03-30 19:16:12"
Dozens of U.S. local news stations read same propaganda script
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"2018-03-26 16:12:04"
March 26: March For Our Lives and the future of the gun reform movement
\\ //
"2018-03-25 00:43:22"
What The March For Our Lives means to long-time gun reform activists
\\ //
"2018-03-23 17:12:02"
NRATV smears March for Our Lives students as political pawns
\\ //
"2018-03-19 16:21:53"
Team Trump fired Andrew McCabe. What does this mean for Russian probe?
\\ //
"2018-03-15 16:42:49"
A heated legal battle in Kansas could affect how you register to vote
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"2018-03-13 18:55:37"
March 13: A Day of White House firings from Rex Tillerson to Trump's Body Man
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"2018-03-12 21:39:53"
The one thing GOP and Dems agree on could lead to the next financial crisis
\\ //
"2018-03-12 16:02:34"
March 12: Gutting Dodd-Frank, risking another financial disaster
\\ //
"2018-03-08 20:39:57"
The Stormy Daniels saga is more than just a sex scandal
\\ //
"2018-03-06 22:59:10"
Team Trump admits it's not prepared to stop Russia meddling in 2018 midterms
\\ //
"2018-03-05 17:43:37"
March 5: The DACA deadline and what will happen to Dreamers
\\ //
"2018-03-01 19:41:52"
Sen. Rubio backs out of gun control promise he made to Parkland survivors
\\ //
"2018-02-26 22:00:17"
NRA's 24/7 TV channel turns public anger toward streaming companies
\\ //
"2018-02-26 17:09:03"
Feb 26: The growing movement against the NRA after Parkland shooting
\\ //
"2018-02-22 19:46:56"
Mental health was demonized at CNN's Parkland shooting town hall
\\ //
"2018-02-22 18:26:07"
Dear Olympics, "ladies" is an outdated term. Stop using it.
\\ //
"2018-02-21 21:32:52"
Hundreds of local students march to the White House demanding gun safety reform
\\ //
"2018-02-15 20:48:35"
Parkland school shooting survivors immediately call for action on gun violence
\\ //
"2018-02-12 17:52:20"
Feb 12: Domestic Abuse, and Trump's Infrastructure Plan
\\ //
"2018-02-09 13:00:01"
Maame Biney and this ice rink are encouraging children of color to play winter sports
\\ //
"2018-02-08 22:15:12"
Pyeongchang 2018: Let the games, destruction and debt begin
\\ //
"2018-02-06 18:22:13"
The "Fox News Memo" vs. the Nunes Memo
\\ //
"2018-02-06 16:46:40"
The "Fox News Memo" vs. the Nunes Memo
\\ //
"2018-02-05 17:40:12"
Feb 5: Devin Nunes memo, and...another gov. shutdown?
\\ //
"2018-01-31 04:51:12"
Democrats were not having Trump's State of the Union
\\ //
"2018-01-30 19:03:11"
Jan 30: What to expect from the State of the Union
\\ //
"2018-01-26 20:17:26"
Thank Trump for bringing back the racist term "chain migration"
\\ //
"2018-01-26 14:43:08"
Why is Cape Town running out of water?
\\ //
"2018-01-26 14:00:06"
Why is Cape Town running out of water?
\\ //
"2018-01-25 20:54:53"
Why is Cape Town running out of water?
\\ //
"2018-01-22 17:24:39"
Jan 22: The Government is shutdown. Here's what you should know
\\ //
"2018-01-19 20:07:01"
Serial predator Larry Nassar and the institutions that enabled him for decades
\\ //
"2018-01-18 17:58:41"
Residents of border communities are fed up with "military-style" security
\\ //
"2018-01-16 17:18:56"
Jan 16: DACA and Government Shutdown
\\ //
"2018-01-11 23:05:14"
As Walmart soaked up praise on national TV, local news chronicled devastation of mass layoffs
\\ //
"2018-01-05 20:21:02"
Trump's first week of 2018 was...chaotic
\\ //
"2017-12-23 20:26:40"
Looking back on a year of resisting Trump
\\ //
"2017-12-22 20:10:58"
Looking back on a year of resisting Trump
\\ //
"2017-12-22 15:34:11"
24 staffers who didn't last a year in Trump's presidency
\\ //
"2017-12-21 19:13:35"
Resisting deportation, these two immigrants are living in sanctuary
\\ //
"2017-12-14 13:56:02"
After 14 years, Dreamer reunites with family on U.S.-Mexico border
\\ //
"2017-12-14 13:05:06"
After 14 years, Dreamer reunites with family on U.S.-Mexico border
\\ //
"2017-12-13 22:27:23"
Fox News, GOP lawmakers are pushing for Trump to fire Mueller
\\ //
"2017-12-11 17:35:44"
Roy Moore's 8 accusers. The election is tomorrow.
\\ //
"2017-12-05 23:13:07"
Hundreds of protesters fight the GOP tax bill at the Capitol
\\ //
"2017-12-04 22:14:37"
How society silences victims of sexual harassment
\\ //
"2017-12-04 19:21:44"
How society silences victims of sexual harassment
\\ //
"2017-11-17 18:41:41"
The Republican Tax "Reform" Plan
\\ //
"2017-11-14 17:26:00"
Sessions has some memory troubles while testifying about Russia
\\ //
"2017-10-31 17:31:10"
Watch Fox News desperately try to spin breaking news in the Russia investigation
\\Paul metaphor for finding out which involved in shady dealings prior to the election and other breaking news Kevin spacey's today NTIA RO evidence of trump Russia collusion Papadopoulos what he did Hillary did 10 times worse now why have calls to investigate Hillary Clinton's connection to the Russians been ignored it for months smaller faces growing questions over his credibility is leading the probe and Robert Moeller worked for the Obama administration I think that's a major conflict special counsel Mahler is clearly complicit in the uranium one scandal the continued leaks in this story are highly problematic what about leaks duty Hillary Clinton emails that were deleted president Clinton all 4 of president Clinton wannabe Hillary uranium one detail uranium one scandal so new questions tonight about who paid what and when by the now infamous trump dossiers bolete fake salacious news dossier this cheeseburger emoji causing a frenzy online we've been talking about it all morning can you see what's wrong with this picture //
"2017-10-24 16:09:25"
Baltimore can't beat its opioid crisis without help from Trump
\\when the Baltimore city home test 600000 people the Orioles that nation's second largest aquarium and a public health crisis 2 people are dying every day from in the hope you would order if there is a drug that immediately reverses the attacks of the new deal so some people survive unless they are in need of her medicines picking yeah so you okay on okay I know what was going on help me keep its residents alive the city is trying to get this drug no locks out better known by its brand name or a candle into the hands of everyone it's a tall order and Baltimore definitely still have some work to do I don't know bio garden browse on a bus saying no I have I think that we paramedics came they've got a few minutes later I don't mean the and now this city is running how so we have enough money for think about 5000 units of North from now until July of 2018 if you gave me 5000 units of nor can today all be able to pass them out by the weekend that's how much demand there is in the 19 nineties terms he became the east coast distribution hub for South America overdose deaths tripled costing the city we provide 0 a year today the city's battling an OP would have like so many states across the country and the president has promised to help repeatedly battle drug addiction com that it's a national emergency we're gonna spend a lot of time a lot of that a lot we have been major now probably next week on the drug crisis I DO POD massive declaration of Stephen emergency room releases resources frankly I'm sick of us talking about addiction as through declaring a state of national emergency president could choose to prioritize a public health approach or 8 tough on crime approach or perhaps see good shoes they about was about when the federal government should negotiate the price of the locks on and make it available at a much discounted rate in the meantime the city has to ration aids dwindling supply why prioritizing communities that are most Arabs have you ever use it on anybody for actually I guess I am this is Baltimore's would you prescribe man it's been around for more than it then travels around the city right little needles insulin and there was a gentleman one afternoon that was ... in this vicinity and he was not cool herring at all like 3 you know shaking them soon blind Sarah's yeah and a couple of minutes later legislating Slater was able to get out one is on and it is a panicky situation because you have someone literally die but the word the for this it will be worked out there just aren't enough governments officials police officers EMT people to come back this alone for every 11 minutes of naloxone that we have down one unit is used to save one person's life 2 years ago arcade became more accessible in Maryland starting tomorrow anybody trained to administer a drug that reverses the effects of an overdose can get it without a prescription prior to June to first he needs a complicated prescriptions is training to get our time then on June 1 Baltimore city health commissioner doctor we went to sign that new order which would make the locks on available over the counter only need to do is bring in the I. D. go to a pharmacy pitch as like to have an archon but if you look now as yogi Berra would say it's so easy it's hard Norman since his customers don't know ask Bernard can torment make sure they'll eat with it anyway I have had their hands is better than that 7 the family down to the morgue to identify if they're living there still a chance that they'll get into a program between January and March I hear 100 or 8 people overdosed here with that same time frame brown bag to treat new where life so I'm just kind Arabs you get nervous and terrified no just my life this my life I can't just throw it away nor can vote solve today's multi faceted problem but ultimately no one can get treatment their god we who are on the front lines we know exactly what needs to be done we don't need help with getting it done except with one thing which is this a resource if we're running out of money for something as basic as often think about what else can be done if we just have the resources //
"2017-10-13 17:18:41"
Trump shows off his Christian values at the Values Voters Summit
\\we are stopping called the attacks on Judeo Christian values I did drive choose where is America is a nation of believers and together we are strengthened and sustained by the power of prayer I move like a bitch we will defend their faith and protect our tradition do not automatically I don't know where our values well into and when you're starving let's do it I do anything thank you to the van grab by the person //
"2017-10-12 19:06:19"
Harvey Weinstein was the butt of Hollywood jokes for decades. Now nobody's laughing.
\\are you right no I'm not afraid of anyone in show business I turned down intercourse with Harvey Weinstein on no less than 3 occasions and 5 Robert I just want to thank my agent Kevin you vain and god Harvey Weinstein the Punisher Old Testament as it ain't easy making him come to gloat Harvey the 2012 nominees for best performance by an actress in a supporting role are Sally field in Lincoln 0.5 away in les Miserables Jacki weaver in silver linings playbook Helen hunt in the sessions and Amy Adams in the master congradulations you 5 ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein for you here of your own free will as someone who works you into being here where you got Harvey Weinstein record but I'm I'm gonna fed up with her his behavior and please I'm still pinned under a passed out Harvey Weinstein at thanksgiving as a big mistake spike some some mistake //
"2017-10-10 22:56:57"
The consequences of Trump's repeal of the Clean Power Plan
\\you might have heard the EPA had Scott Pruett is repealing the clean power plan I'll be signing a proposed rule to withdrawal the so called clean power plan of the past administration but what actually is the clean power plan it was an Obama administration plant significantly cut carbon pollution by 2030 the very pollution that's harming our plan each state has its own achievable target and could decide the best way to get it was kind of a big deal each year the plant could have prevented up to 90000 asthma attacks 1700 heart attacks 300000 missed school and work days and 3600 premature deaths that's because for the last 40 years electricity generation because then the largest source of greenhouse gas pollution in the U. dramatically reducing those emissions could have saved Americans estimated $38000000000 the clean power plan was widely seen as the most effective way for the US to lower its greenhouse gas and but the top administration has made it clear that moving off fossil fuels isn't a priority in fact it's pretty much the opposite today I am pleased to announce the official approval for the keystone XL pipeline this executive order starts the process of opening offshore areas we're lifting the ban on federal leasing for coal production along with 22 other environmental rollbacks the clean power plan was crucial for the United States to reach its emissions reduction commitment under the Paris accord the worldwide agreement to combat claim but without any help from the US it is time to exit the powers who would it's unlikely mankind will be able to avoid the most catastrophic effects of climate change //
"2017-10-03 18:44:57"
In wake of gun violence, GOP calls for prayer & unity, victims call for change
\\there's a time and place for a political debate I but now is the time to unite as a country what is clear now as a from the moment for national mourning you truly hope that in a moment like this we can move beyond politics it's really a time we find what divides us to man named Caleb cuter he's the guitarist for the Josh Abbott band was on stage in Las Vegas just before the attack Keter a self described proponent of the second amendment he now says though in a tweet I cannot express how wrong I was enough is enough we need gun control we need it right now this is a club that nobody wants to be heard please could we do something with the assault weapons I don't know if it's spouses club ever get it added about burns I think I don't love you please politicians from the local level to the state level to the to the national level they side step the issue they kick the can down the road this can't happen anymore says my name is Natalie Oregon and I wanted to tell the president that only police officers in the military should you get guns people want to do it as a sport then they can go ship to a shooting range and the guns would not be able to leave that I ... n't I ... //
"2017-09-28 19:48:05"
The big tax cut lie Trump and his team keep repeating
\\we will ensure that the benefits are focused on the middle class the working men and women not the highest income earners it's it's not a tax cut for the rich not about people who are really high income earners getting a break wealthy Americans are not getting attacked them not the wealthy and well connected there which don't get a break at the expense of the hard working American taxpayers I'm doing the right thing and it's not good for me leaf for the wealthy get a tax cut or not the wealthy are not getting a tax cut under our plan that's not the evidence it out there so far //
"2017-09-19 19:42:23"
Obama never threatened North Korea like Trump did
\\no nation on earth has an interest in seeing this band of criminals arm itself with nuclear weapons and mess the United States has great strength and patience but if it is forced to defend itself for its allies we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime it's not something that lends itself to an easy solution we could obviously ... destroy North Korea with arsenal's 5 aside from the humanitarian costs of that ... they are right next door to our vital ally Republic of Korea //
"2017-09-19 17:30:45"
Trump at UN General Assembly: America first, except not
\\as president of the United States I will always put America first just like you as the leaders of your countries well always and show it all ways put your country's first there can be no for strong sovereign independent may nations that are rooted in their histories and invested //
"2017-09-14 18:30:19"
What is a health care block grant?
\\you may have heard a lot of people talking about block granting healthcare recently block granting Medicaid block grant it to the state's large block grants working on a block grant issue when Republicans talk about repealing the affordable Care Act they usually mean replacing it with block grants but before we get to that let's take a step back what actually are block grants basically there ... fixed amount of money that the federal government grants to state first there are block grants for education transportation housing you name it and they work differently across applications and industries sometimes they provide additional funding that states what an otherwise how like money to combat you'll be a crisis sometimes their policy reforms packaged allies grants this is where healthcare comes in which that GOP has been trying to block grant for a long time I am we're proposing will substantially reduce the need for for hundreds the 5 pages of law you get rid of this you say the governor's ... you can in fact solve this problem time for action is now our approach is to end the onerous one size fits all approach to Medicaid financing lately that strategy has taken the form of obamacare replacement bells and that means costs and regulations are largely left to the states to work out feel like a bomb the care you want repaired you can if you replace it you can only it's not there are basic issues with block granting health care that are hard to ignore proponents argue that block granting would give states the flexibility to make the healthcare system work uniquely for that but clock writing proposals generally reduce federal funding from the get go it's to make matters worse brand proposals that's far give each state SR amount of money so when healthcare costs inevitably continue to rise the federal government won't give more money to the states to make up the difference so remember wind senator Gramm sad if you lack a bomb I care and you want repaired you can win these grants don't keep up with health care needs then states can either a rework struck budgets to try and keep obamacare eyes is for the the more likely scenario cut healthcare program costs meeting some people will lose coverage which brings us to another GOP argument for a block grant to healthcare cash strapped states will have an incentive to run a tight ship after all states will only have access to blabber much money they add to the pot and states have to balance their budgets by law feel have a race for a fish it addition city rather than just a race to write bigger and bigger checks but see it not all states are treated fairly for example in a recent time to known as the grand Cassidy bell the distribution of funds would disadvantage states that under the affordable Care Act expanded Medicaid and in world where people in the marketplace my goal is to make sure that you live in South Carolina you get the same amount of money from the federal government as you would if you live in California but because the bill in the short term use is funding for the Medicaid expansion Tara paper block grants states like California and New York and Massachusetts would struggle even more than states who didn't expand Medicaid it assumes that the cost of healthcare across the country should be the same everywhere so sure block granting could seem like a good idea I mean who doesn't want more flexibility and incentives to run more efficient programs but in reality the money just doesn't add up so after more than 3 decades of debating this strategy isn't it time we give it a rest //
"2017-09-06 13:45:33"
Kentucky's last abortion clinic fights to keep its doors open
\\the city of Charlotte both the weight babies are butchered a murder their doctor's office this and not be tolerated people can come out here in shame and it's him a and her ass it's going to the doctor this should be normal 5 have you heard this morning is about love really in a sense what it always is just to be with him to accompany them on this little bitty piece of returning for what it takes to get an abortion intact NBI Sir ... probably from the early seventies all I knew when Batman became governor I do that they would come up everything they possibly could the voters of Kentucky have been heard and they want a new direction for the commonness for the first time almost 100 years we can say Republicans are the new majority for the first I'm in state has Siri governor the state Senate and the state house of representatives are all controlled by the Republican Party within 2:00 hours of travelling start the legislative side there were 2 pieces of anti abortion legislation that were piled they were passed by the legislature day and filed suit following my in the midst of that litigation this state challenged couple of transfer agreements that the clinic had on file claiming that their technical sees those deficiencies needed to be fixed or else ... the license would be revoked a transfer agreement just means that hospital has agreed that it will accept your patient the hospital is going to accept our patient regardless and the ambulance agreement is that we have to have actually have a contract with an air ambulance none of that is necessary anytime anybody needs an ambulance what do you do you call 911 Donna that data for handicapped right the other side was a list of names call the next day were challenging the cost the law the most recent case abortion case that made its way to the US Supreme Court dictates how courts should be dealing with these types of laws unless you can prove that there is a benefit to woman's house and that that benefit is not outweighed by the burden of placing these laws on abortion providers unless you can do not the laws must be we are at the end W. women surgical center at one alive that name is what kind of surgery all these women here are they here to have some cancerous tissue removed this is an attempt the last remaining abortion provider and therefore in the state of Kentucky and if he MW can't operate Kentucky would have no abortion there'd be no place in a state where women could receive elective abortion that's an incredible burden it would be catastrophic to women and to their families and to everyone in Kentucky when MW was under threat of closure ... I think it's something that sent you know shockwaves through this community in this state people's lives are at stake it would certainly be a chill wind blowing throughout this nation because the history is when one goes then either start falling and so BMW will fight to the intent to be able to continue to provide abortion services and I know that every other clinic in every other state will do that to //
"2017-08-22 15:49:27"
Paul Ryan repeatedly refuses his constituents' pleas to hold Trump accountable
\\I want this president is succeed you know I want this president to succeed because I want our country to succeed I'm pleased the decision I'm actually pleased with the way he went about making this decision but I thought his speech on Monday was pitch perfect and I think he made comments that were much more morally ambiguous ... much more confusing and I do think he could have done better I think you need to do better so I do believe that he messed up in his comments on Tuesday when it it it's it sounded like a moral equivocation or at the very least moral ambiguity when we need extreme moral clarity this young man is an unstable person and I do think he should be called to account for his reckless rhetoric and I think that's what the president's trying to think the president in my own view of it he'd people //
"2017-08-18 19:41:32"
The sweet 16: Steve Bannon and others who couldn’t survive 7 months in Trump's White House
\\I am committed to the department of justice afternoon everyone this young lady has done such a fantastic job yeah those were lives plain and simple to know what the motivation I'm always going to be trump fan NBI very free //
"2017-08-15 21:56:35"
President Trump: “both sides” to blame for Charlottesville violence
\\you have a group on one side there was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent and nobody wants to say that many of those people were there to protest the taking down of the statue of Robert E. Lee self this week it's Robert daily I noticed at Stonewall Jackson's coming down I wonder is it George Washington next week what about the alt left they came charging at the as you say the altar right do they have any semblance of guilt you had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down of to them a very very important stat you and the renaming of apart from Robert de leads to another how about Thomas Jefferson what do you think of Thomas Jefferson you like them okay good are we going to take down the statue because he was a major slaveowner now we're going to take down his stature so you know what it's fine you're changing history you're changing culture I think there's blame on both sides and I have no doubt about it and you don't have any doubt about it either but I think all //
"2017-08-12 18:41:23"
On the ground at the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va
\\ //
"2017-07-21 19:05:43"
Sean Spicer's Greatest Hits
\\like a it was irresponsible and reckless it accurate numbers involving crowd size for also tweeted no one had numbers because the National Park Service which controls the national mall does not put any out this was the largest audience to ever witnessed an inauguration period these attempts to lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration are shameful and wrong well but don't claim that he's the most transparent I didn't say that I did not say god how can you do because president Obama but she dropped it when he was taking Russia Poland he was joking we all know that you know ... he's very products are absolutely stunning hotel encourage you to go there if you have them by and for someone to take out their concern with his policies on a family member of her at his is just is not except on the present has every right as a father to stand up for them we used chemical weapons in World War 2 you know you had a yeah someone as despicable as Hitler who didn't even seem to love to the to using chemical weapons cold Gaelic I'm not cake with let me answer the question why why haven't what but why have one collects here I guess you're right there you don't DO obviously I just with just to be clear I know that I try to think through this for 7 because obviously ... general flan but again I can write anywhere you want to and I'm not aware of any at this if the president puts Russians salad dressing on the salad tonight somehow that the Russian connection but every single person I know I well know that day share your agenda here but the reality is under a whole lot more know at some point reports of so that every single person who has been briefed on this subject has come away with the same conclusion Republican Democrat so I'm sorry that that disk it's you you're shaking your head high appreciated but but I'm trying okay but understand this that at some point so what they are I know so now you want to go back what I'm telling you is is that the reason that the president is frustrated because there's a perpetuation a false narratives a use of unnamed sources over and over again about things that are happening that don't ultimately happen I think that is troubling thank you guys //
"2017-07-18 14:09:46"
Arkansas won’t stop passing laws that make getting an abortion more difficult
\\back in 2009 Arkansas passed a bill that gives the parents of the deceased child equal rights over how the child's remains are handled well this year legislature passed in the sentient this law that includes fetal tissue so what does this mean I means women who see abortions to get permission from the biological father for begin kinder go the procedure according to the bill's primary sponsor part time legislator part time pastor Kim hammer the bill was only created to protect the fetus is remains what do you separate the unborn baby current medical weight but in fact it goes much further than just medical ways the tissue disposal Mandy doesn't just give the biological father legal standing to prevent the abortion it requires him to agree for the woman can go forward meaning if a woman has an partner a bad break up or just a one night stand she will be forced to get the man's permission for she can get an abortion ... course a lot has no exceptions for rape or incest this bill passed Arkansas house and Senate without anyone voting against it sign it's a lost if nothing changes Phillips after going to look back July 30 but it's possible that won't happen the ACLU of Arkansas in the center for reproductive rights filed a joint lawsuit this bill and 3 other anti abortion bill suit argues that the laws impose fear burdens on women's cost surely part it right to decide to end yeah I was just trying to come up with ways to ... entitlements medical see and burn her mind abortion care and not just Arkansas trying access to abortion according to the Guttmacher the first 3 months of 2 lawmakers across the 3 inch 431 measure stripping access abortion is undeniably legal lawmakers are still looking for creative new poll fix care away from those who need //
"2017-07-10 21:20:25"
A history of Team Trump’s categorical denial of contact with Russians
\\are there any ties between Mr trump you or your campaign as proof that his regime now if there are the odd that's absurd ... it of this new place they'll say anything to be able to win this I mean this is time and time again lie after lie it's disgusting it's so phony I can't think of bigger allies have nothing to do with Russia I don't have any jobs in Russia I'm all over the world but we're not involved in Russia there was a rush of absolutely not and I discussed that with the president elect just last night this conversations never happened did any adviser or anyone in the trunk any contact with the Russians who are trying to to meddle in the election golf course not was there any contact in any way between trump or his associates and the Kremlin or cut out my course now why would there be any contact between the campaign what we were very clear that during the transition period he did feel he did speak with the ambassador unplugged during the campaign I don't have any I there's nothing that would conclude me did anything different has changed with respect that time period unknown hall and once a web address with anybody involve what's wrong at any in body involved with Russia in the 2016 campaign no there's no collusion between me and my campaign and the Russians I have had dealings over the years where I sold a house to a very wealthy Russian ... many years ago ... I had the Miss Universe pageant which I own for quite awhile I had it in Moscow long time ago but other than that I have nothing to do with Russia //
"2017-07-07 18:38:20"
Louisiana's Long Awaited Criminal Justice Reform
\\did you know that the state of Louisiana currently incarcerate a higher percentage of its population than any country in the world well finally finally something is being done about this the governor signed not one not 2 but 10 bills that completely overhauled Louisiana's criminal justice we need all that big its mark on crime and that's what they tried to do states currently incarcerated 2.2000000 people up 500 percent increase over the last 40 years and Louisiana has had the highest number incarcerated individuals for the past 12 years I disproportionate number of them nearly 2 thirds are black and then there's the looming threat of recidivism one in 3 incarcerated Louisianans will end up back behind bars in their lifetime they serve a life sentence 6 months these bills are aiming to change that known formally as the justice reinvestment package they cover a huge range of issues from reducing sentences and extending parole eligibility to streamlining the re entry process and creating a debt forgiveness program that means fewer formerly incarcerated people will be punished for not being able to pay back that's such as child support or legal fees which is huge because the recidivism in the criminal justice 70 percent of the money saved from these reforms an estimated $284000000 will go directly to programs proven to reduce recidivism a port crane think that this bill was a welcome change from the gridlock that so many states including Louisiana are experiencing today it passed both the house and the Senate unanimously the state predicts that their prison population will drop by 10 percent over the next 10 years and because Louisiana's prison population is disproportionately people of color these reforms will disproportionately benefit those communities for a state where one out of every 86 adults is incarcerated that's a huge number of lives affected those lives are the reason this historic package was able to succeed it was a grassroots efforts from Louisiana citizens descended upon the capital to share personal stories when I left my silent when he was a teenager but trumped up charges right it wasn't to help him ice years later when he was murdered did not help unless this is about what is right and just and fair file for that remember the women that I left behind and they did not deserve some of the punishment that they receive there were hundreds more like these along with thousands of letters sent to pop in the state with the highest number of disenfranchised citizens people still found a way to make their voices heard //
"2017-07-06 17:19:07"
America's Food Waste Problem
\\Americans waste over 130000000000 pounds of food every year most of that food ends up in landfills where it decomposes producing greenhouse gases meanwhile one in 8 Americans struggle with hunger basically food waste is a huge problem Americans don't consume 30 to 40 percent of food produced thanks in part to a lot of confusion about cell by labels and an obsession with perfect Proteus according to the department of agriculture food is the single largest component of municipal landfills in the United States a cost of all that organic waste from growing it to disposing of it is roughly $218000000000 per year so some states have come up with a variety of ways to tackle the problem 8 states offer incentives to producers and retailers that donate to food banks hoping that usable waste can help combat food insecurity some create an additional tax credit on top of an already existing federal credit so smaller operations that can't afford to make regular donations will now get more money to do just that others create protections so donors don't have to worry about lawsuits over food gone bad 2 more states Maryland and Virginia similar bills up for debate then there are the 5 states that are focusing on a mission restricting the amount of food the producers can dump in a landfill Maryland New Jersey and New York are considering similar proposals but these restrictions aren't all encompassing 4 of the 5 states restrict the amount of organic waste from the largest producers only in 3 states exempt producers that are too far from recycling or composting facilities finally there's California Oregon and Colorado who are using food ways to create biofuel that by a fuel is then used to power say city vehicles in San Diego clearly these policies could reduce our reliance on oil and as technology advances the conversion process becomes faster and faster making it more efficient and composting and while states try to hammer out so can't businesses have stepped in them grocery manufacturers and retailers are working together to adopt standardized date labels on packages and some companies are claiming the role of middle man collecting imperfect produce from farms and restaurants and selling it to consumers at a discount are you looking for some of that discounted food there're several apps for that there also apps to help donate to food pantries and others that even let you donate a meal when you enjoy one yourself for years large farms and retailers have been at odds with environmental groups fighting over policies like bands on plastic bags and regulation over fertilizer use but reducing food and efficiency that's something everyone can get behind mmhm mmhm //
"2017-06-22 21:55:47"
The charter school battle just got worse in Florida.
\\as students packed up their backpacks and got ready for summer vacation Florida pass a controversial bill that intensified the fight between charter schools in traditional public schools so let's back up a second here yes charter schools are public schools but they're run by private institutes and therefore are not subject to the same kinds of regulations traditional public schools that's against the rules and you can't and because charter schools aren't as regulated their results have been all over the map sometimes they perform much better than traditional public schools sometimes a promise parents the world works yeah had a in fact in Florida charter schools have the worst track records in traditional public schools so what is bill me for education in the sense while the bill is huge 278 pages to be exact there's a lot in it including daily recess and expanding vouchers for students with disabilities which pretty much everyone can get behind but it's the bill's provisions about funding for charter schools that has caused an uproar districts have a certain budget millions of dollars across spend on school can this bill forces districts to share about money with charter this isn't an ego she it also sets aside $140000000 to build additional charter schools in low income areas so that they can directly compete with neighborhood schools house Republicans who crafted the bill said traditional public schools don't need the funds they are building $40000000 tossed halls up and down the state but opponents like the superintendent of Lee County say the money is essential for the public schools it is legislation that has a major impact on our public education system yet neither educators nor the public were ever given the opportunity for input the bill was written behind closed doors it wasn't even released to the public until 3 days before the end of it already extended session and since it's a budget bill the legislature couldn't debate or make amendments this is not a democracy chair accuracy I'm sorry I'm utterly in it only passed the Senate by one vote then Floridians started weighing calling a dangerous and a slush fund for charter schools some charter schools in Miami Dade County even offered students extra credit if they told the governor that they supported the and in the end governor Rick Scott chose decided I one of Florida's charter schools that will be receiving funding as a result of the bill look all the students use all the smiling faces and their lives will be better they'll have you ever seen live the dream what this controversial bill means for education in the sunshine state is yet to be but the fact is the bill is diverting money away additional public schools to a system that fails at a much higher rate still here it's over go home no //
"2017-06-16 17:23:27"
For these LGBTQ activists, pride isn't about parades
\\there's a lot of celebrating going on these days is not a lot of things celebrate now our rights are being stripped away from a flight as the trends and I never really had right as assist gay white male privilege I feel a lot of people in that same category maybe thought the fight for gay rights LGBTQ rights was over after gay marriage and it can be farther from the truth pride has never appealed it was never a place for me as a trans person as a disabled person and as a black person arm didn't celebrate images that that reflected what I look like we're building all of the art here we have some banners some sign is no justice no pride belief is that the backbone of the LGBT community is marginalized LGBT folks is trans woman of color for too long the movement that we see movement has has kind of had this trickle down approach to to rights that like once the most wealthy LGBT folks get equality then they'll help the rest of us and they got their gay marriage rights right and they kind of said all along like once we get gay marriage will fight for everyone and it's been a couple years now we don't really see that happening and so we're gonna demand that happens we have 3 different like a we will be doing a hard lock down in a hard rock down is where you and other people who you're taking action physically locked down using the equipment will be locking down chains as well using lock boxes or frustrated us going up there couple pride is almost going after institutional power in the city and trying to transfer that from those who have always had it to those I actually needed it really is catching on and resonating with I think what we see is like a long standing resentment of these organizations that put on these festivals with the primary goal of bringing in corporate money selling things to the LGBT community in this political climate we really feel like we can actually make our voices heard and get folks fired up about demanding something that's that's better much greens woman Holofernes I'm a trans woman first I am human first the choir translate a feeling came together after a response from the community to have a swing where folks for good remember that Pat was born out of resistance so indeed across the honor our ancestors on of those who have given their lives so that we can be here today it's the fun of it is not just some white gays skinnies this pedal normative recreation you know I love the Backstreet mania maybe perhaps them of that suit but let's not forget it bed trans woman of color have lost their lives as far in the streets have thought the police with their heels with bricks with bottles so that we come March today solicit not forget that didn't want to celebrate this year with sponsorship banners everywhere it it didn't feel right to me at this time of year no because they felt it was necessary for our community to mark nnova this is the most diverse national co chairs of any March on Washington the LGBT unity and I was intentional in one of those voices in leadership positions the political landscape that we live in right now he addressed it felt like you needed to he stripped down barebones grassroots harking back to the original pride as we March today I want to take a moment to remember transgender bisexual gay lesbian queer lives they cannot be with us here today there are issues that affect our trans community racial injustice immigration injustice these are all issues that affect our community and they don't get highlighted nnova fully on Sunday we inspire people to go home and you can use this mass mobilization and educate them to to take action themselves in their own local communities I truly believe that pride should be a protest even to this day there's there's a lot of protest in our community like Obama full power there would still be alive protests in our community this is a way to activate us to mobilize us to personally for me to dissipate democracy help these issues get out pride is not supposed to be a celebration is the most immediate of remembrance of the things that we have over crown and the fight that we still have problems unapologetically in our church if we really wanted to talk about what it means to support LGBTQ people that would mean starting with the folks whose needs are the greatest it would mean yelled really supporting the folks who need support not just doing the easy thing so that you can be celebrated as an ally //
"2017-06-13 16:32:52"
WTF is going on with North Carolina's voting map?
\\North Carolina has been in the headlines quite a bit recently north Carolina's congressional redistricting cases in the spotlight a major decision by the nation's highest court the Supreme Court ruled that north Carolina's districts were unlawfully drawn to delete the influence of black folks delay only towards justice and governor Roy Cooper has asked lawmakers to redraw the map but what a lot of people don't know is that a bill was introduced back in February that would create an independent commission to do just that in the bill is going be 200 create standards for redistricting that would eliminate partisan influenced in part by creating a commission that excludes anyone who hold public office and their relatives the bill specifies the district's ideal shape and population size but most importantly it explicitly forbade manipulating district lines to secure party control right now North Carolina voters are free even along party lines but Republicans have a super majority in both the state house and Senate this bill would help North Carolina better reflected its primary sponsors are Republicans and it's received bipartisan support we have to serve the people of North Carolina and we must make sure that they have full confidence ... in the integrity and fairness of our elections it is so rewarding for me to be part of a bipartisan group of North Carolina legislators who won the part crafting a bipartisan solution and North Carolina citizens agree 59 percent of voters are in favor of nonpartisan reduce only 15 percent are opposed despite the support the bill has yet to make it out of committee and that might not be an accident the committee is chaired by representative David Lewis who also chaired the 2011 committee the truth very maps that the courts just ruled on the bill has been gathering dust for 3 months prompting north Carolinians to hold the people's hearing on each be too hot at stake is the very heart of our democracy the rights of citizens to have their voices heard through the ballot box we have the right to vote we have the right to be counted in the election in Canada equally it's time for this to stop listened to your constituents and still crickets from the committee the fact is that needs to be redrawn when how and by whom is yet to be to WNED //
"2017-06-08 17:40:10"
Comey had a clear message during his hearing: Trump is a liar.
\\I was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature are meeting and so I thought it really important to document mmhm mirroring the administration van shows to defame me and more importantly the FBI by saying that the organization was in disarray that it was poorly led that the work force had lost confidence in its leader those were lives plain and simple this was the only president you felt like in every meeting you needed a document some point using your words he might put out a non truthful representation no threat are a separate white was set up at that very first meeting of that nature to write that memo when you're not done that with 2 previous presidents the circumstances but I was alone subject matter and the nature of the person that I was interacting with them I read of that person the president said in one case I called him in one case he called me is that an accurate statement now did you ever call the president no and it is press conference on may 18 the president was asked whether he had urged you to shut down the investigation the Michael Flynn the president responded quote no no next question is that an accurate statement I don't believe it is your summarily fired le an explanation or anything else what does an explanation I just don't buy as they used to say to juries and I talked about a witness she can't cherry pick you can't sell like these things he said but on this is that he's a dirty rotten liar you gotta take it all together and I've tried to be open and fair and transparent and accurate //
"2017-06-06 18:45:56"
Access to stem cell therapy is about to get safer
\\you'll never guess which state is on track to become the first to recognize stem cell therapy as a treatment for chronic illnesses I'll give you a hint it's former governor and our former president once banned federal funding for research on embryonic stem cells you guessed it the Lone Star state in the last week of its legislative session Texas lawmakers approved a bill that legalizes investigational stem cell treatments which basically means treatment but have been value added by and is regional review board have not yet been approved by the FDA keep in mind though this isn't about embryonic stem cells the cells will come from bank umbilical cords in the patients themselves will be allowed to pursue the treatment of a last resort so people who suffer from debilitating chronic illnesses like Parkinson's ALS and multiple sclerosis could see relief for Texas representative drew Springer this it's a pretty god every time I go to bed but every time I close my eyes but what day my wife and not for my sake the person I have the chance to have that opportunity to get to be able to walk the bill almost missed the deadline until he came to the podium after his plea it unanimously passed the house and failed through the Senate it now awaits governor Greg Abbott's signature and he's already tweeted his support for it but not everyone is on board 2 different stem cell research organizations have vocalize their opposition arguing that the lack of quote rigorous evidence of safety and efficacy will put vulnerable patients at risk but the reality is patients have already been taking this risk without the state's explicit authorization there are hundreds of clinics across the country that have been operating under regulatory loopholes at least 71 in Texas alone without regulation these clinics are completely unchecked patients who seek help there have felt the consequences they've been minded developed tumors and even diet after seeking unregulated stem cell treatment but with this new bill if something goes wrong patients have the right to see so there you go Texas creating accountability for stem cell clinics for the first time in the U. S. an unprecedented act predicted state //
"2017-06-01 17:59:26"
What's happening with pot legalization?
\\you know I was having a great year hot and the medical cannabis will not be legalized in Utah a big yellow on legal weed now but really you might remember voters in 8 states and the dish to Columbia legalize recreational marijuana between 2012 and 2016 well this year for the very first time I stayed almost pass a recreational pot bill through this legislature and this is not a novel and I think of public opinion is changing quickly back when less than 20 percent of Americans supported legalization and now it's up to 57 percent this isn't just a story of stoners getting their way marijuana is a lucrative business in Colorado for example pot stills totaled 1.$3000000000 in 2016 alone that made $200000000 in tax revenue most of which went to the public school system and in DC's first here legalization marijuana related arrest went down 85 percent saving the city more than just money so of course other states want to get in on that which brings us to Vermont Vermont had a bill that would legalize small amounts of pot for adult recreational it passed the house and the Senate if governor Phil Scott had signed the legislation Vermont would've gone down in history as the first state to legalize marijuana through the legislative process instead of at the ballot box however the governor vetoed it but not without recognizing a shift in public perception I'm not philosophically opposed to ending the prohibition on marijuana the matter isn't over yet if the legislature addresses some of his concerns during the summer session the green mountain state will get quite a bit green and Vermont is not alone as of may 19 states are considering legalization bill somersaulting committee others are making their way to a vote granted for have failed this year but the fact that these bills are even being introduced is a far cry from when Bill Clinton didn't inhale so really this is just the beginning //
"2017-05-31 14:49:06"
Rep. Maxine Waters is used to fighting injustice. Trump is next.
\\I have to attribute of to this president to drop that he so offended me that he inspired inspired me to do something about him I oppose this president I do not under this president I do not respect this president politicians oftentimes get to neutralize by protecting themselves and not wanting to step outside of the box for fear that they won't be reelected I decided to take the gloves off and let come what may I don't care about whether or not they're part of my district we're not gonna vote for me if they're not gonna both within a couple but this is a moment when I I really feel very strongly that we cannot sit back and allow this man to continue to lie in to start and a distracted and got better even what I'm doing as the ranking member of the financial services committee it was not enough it was not connected with enough people who is not doing enough to change people's lives ought to really connect with people to help them to know that you were fighting for them we protested in front of the south African embassy you were arrested we are live not earlier days when I was doing some of this fighting like fighting for the release of Nelson Mandela in prison I think you know people got we don't want anybody killed not when I fought against police abuse in Los Angeles people understood that when I worked on Katrina a when the cloud took place people can get that but in financial services you're talking about credit default swaps and derivatives and people don't get the connection between them and that markets that they signed off on it always made me feel as if I can have some handcuffs on but when trump emerge as the leader of this nation and I decided to take the handcuffs off it was bigger than my district it was bigger than just about a potential services and regulation of deregulation it was bigger than even about apartheid this ghost about not democracy this is about the direction of this country annnnd and //
"2017-05-19 17:11:37"
Shocked by all the scandals of the Trump presidency? We were warned.
\\my opponent has already revealed who he is it states has kept the peace through our alliances Donald wants to tear up our alliances trump was ... was badgering the Australian prime minister Merkel offering to shake hands for getting no response 1000000 people have signed it the petition asked the queen of England to withdraw a schedule of state meeting with the president front yeah you got there by Leon Latimer pollutant then the military and civilian intelligence professionals who are sworn to protect us president trump shared highly classified information with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador a president has a sacred responsibility to send our troops into battle only if we absolutely must and only with a clear and well thought out strategy our troops give their all they deserve a commander in chief who knows that the U. S. military now launching an investigation into the civilian casualties in that deadly terror rating Yemen navy seal William Ryan Owens was killed in action we once had a presidential candidate who like Donald Trump he encouraged crux to undertake espionage against the DNC in a presidential year to gain an edge in an election and that led to the impeachment and resignation of that presidential candidate president Nixon the disclosure that president trump allegedly asked Jim call me to drop it FBI investigation is raise the question of whether this may constitute obstruction of justice construction of justice was the main charge against president Bill Clinton when he was impeached in 1998 president Richard Nixon faced the same accusation before he resigned in 1974 he's elected president Iraq become secretary of state are you going to move to Canada or one of the architects I'm straining and strips and what would you try to try to prevent him from destroying United States //
"2017-05-12 15:15:53"
At town halls, GOP face outraged voters over health care
\\nobody dies because they don't have access to healthcare uhhuh you yeah single greatest threat to my family in the entire world you are the reason I stay up at night it's not a good we how how long my premiums are going to sidebar where there they will be allowed to you want to come back here if you want to know the term you might want to listen to what these people have to say yeah the budget office never scored this bill there's nothing to support any kind of fiscal responsibility inside this bill at all what was the rush you wouldn't have to be there is the problem and that is where you are failing all we ever do you I'm not done with you I got some and I'm not going anywhere tonight the power //
"2017-05-10 20:58:38"
After Trump fired FBI Director Comey, protesters feel 'democracy is at stake'
\\this is a very scary moment for our democracy president transpired homey last night which I find it just outrageous and frightening giving that Connie is leading an investigation into his ties to Russia I think call me should have been fired but I think he should have been fired on January 20 but now they call me is looking into Russian connections now you have the right to try and now we must go I drug ... is a threat to this democracy he doesn't want anyone to investigate his campaign's alleged collusion with the Russian government the American people deserve to know the truth and deserve to know if Russia and trump were acting together to include the presidential election replace to be beholden to president trump for his job and I think that can't not affect how the investigation goes I think we need an independent investigator he took advice from I'd ... AG sessions he was our cues from the whole investigation Sony someone independence because prosecutor have been takes over and get some answers are getting to the bottom of what's going on trumpet Russia really depends on the GOP's ability to stop defending their president they need to be valuing country over party and actually find out the truth no confidence at all in this year was that Peter because I think that this this fiasco so much worse than Watergate so much worse than Saturday night massacre this is not going to go away just because call me is fired I've been an activist since my since the sixties and I've always felt that there was progress in our country no matter how slowly things kept getting better and I but in any more that things are going to get better unless we stay in the streets //
"2017-05-05 16:07:45"
What is populism and how is it shaping global politics?
\\listen can be very hard to define because it varies from national context national context but one thing that parties Moomins politicians who are described as populist tend to share is this insistence that traditional weeds in institutions are ignoring the demands and the needs of the masses so there is a very us versus them quality of populism there really is haunted ways of other parties in institutions failures rather than the cause of that billionaire in this country with last week populist the enemy tends to be a sort of financial or business type of of the when Mexico sends its people they're not sending their best in a lot of other countries the enemy immigrants who look different than us people think different than us the social and economic problems that Europe is currently grappling with started decades ago and have sort of gradually increasing over time real he had was this kind of we shared a hug economic and social problems that I think bush a lot of orders race radical change talk to me Frank selections provide us with a great prism through which to understand the meaning and the rise of pop the National Front has turned herself into an incredibly powerful and I think interesting figure it down it is I will go even the music dissect will do it got we just 3 luck all did that Jew but should McCrone win I'm not managed to convince voters after was that his program can actually solve their problems we should expect her to come back the next presidential election Stromberg NCHA many along with France remains the main player the main powers in Europe so what happens there really hasn't act outside of orders the with his installed stuff of budgets and populist right the alternative for Germany was months ago you were quite well at the national election now it seems to have declined somewhat partially due to infighting and historically of course because of Germany's past there's been a real barrier to the wife of more right populism in Germany so the fact that we're even seems exhibit is really a reflection of how we the structural shifts in European political life go that their lands the populace there was pretty come out on top Wilder's did not wish it I did manage to vote so I would take up election results as a sign of absolute defeat but a sign that we have to continue to worry about underlying trends that bed these parties it's much more dangerous in a way places like Poland and Hungary because institute shows at the norms of democracy are much weaker and therefore much easier to you maneuver around or even overthrowing danger when populism right is that it ships populism 2 authoritarianism we've seen that happen in Hungary seen that happen in Turkey it also of course happened in that as well and people are very worried about something like that happening in a place like bullets let it be about populism as a consequence of rising dissatisfaction and the inability of traditional of weeds and institutions deal with it potentially be a silver lining I tend to raise issues that a lot of people are concerned about they tend to focus on problems that are not being addressed traditional hope needs an instant ships can walk at say 8 we'd better figure out better ways of and with these issues and concerns populist armed oddly enough find it back service if not then we can expect to get the populace to continue to to I don't support and probably the problem is not to be absolutely addressed politics is about getting your message it lists tend to be very good at this because tend to present routines all it off and problematic you contemporary problems //
"2017-04-27 13:32:01"
Will Republican infighting derail Trump's agenda?
\\well I upset if this to the big quite 2070 on the right coming all the way from Capitol Hill we anti establishment populist house freedom caucus and also on the right from Pennsylvania Avenue have the anti establishment populist president are you ready for the battle of the sexes read verses read right verses right rabble rouser purses rabble rouser let ready to you guys on the same team now we're going to be here to work lock step president elect true but the house free used to be as cozy as to servant of at it Toby Keith concert it's no surprise that on election day trope won every single district represented by a house freedom caucus member though in almost every case by a smaller margin of victory you'd think the to appease them up populism pod would have been a match made in a heterodox school having but when trump proposed a new healthcare replacement there was trouble in paradise okay air despite meeting with the freedom caucus multiple times in days leading up to the vote trouble couldn't secure their support that men first major legislation as president something he promised again and again to achieve was dead on arrival thanks to his own base if his own party trump responded well pretty much how you'd expect him to the freedom caucus and the Democrats make up a majority in Congress so if the president is fighting both at the same time he won't have the muscle to win upcoming legislative battles in Congress battles like the looming federal spending bill if so canopies I go far right or the left there will be a government shutdown the first 37 years when Congress was controlled by the party of the president the same goes for tax reform and infrastructure spending 2 issues trump has promised to win big Rome to trump's $0 infrastructure playin tough pill for hardline conservatives to swallow we can't keep our we we can't keep spending round 3 his insistence that tax reform include a cut to wealthy Americans will eliminate all Democrats from the negotiating table they don't need another tax break his legislative brawl won't be easy especially when it looks like the honeymoon could be coming to an end Ford truck how 3 talk to //
"2017-04-25 16:53:12"
Scientists are marching straight to the campaign trail
\\scientists are just like obviously like everyone else and just like everyone else not participating is its own state not participating as a political commitment when you do not participate you're committing to the way things are often you're committing to things getting worse something's been building for a number years a sword anti science anti fact anti information ... attitude that's been propping foreign conflicts legislative agenda and I think it really just went off the rails election department of environmental protection we are going to get rid of it in almost every form please EPA pick sued the agency 12 times the environmental protection agency with a proposed 31 percent cut trump took the first step toward a racing rules limiting carbon dioxide emissions from coal fired power plants and easing restrictions on new coal mine those attacks didn't start with the trump administration but it certainly has been a catalyst ... forward the scientific community to step up to get involved in electoral politics if you've never run for office I can be pretty daunting so I found a 31 for action to encourage scientists you run for public office but I'm really running for Congress here 20 second district during running for public office in San Diego so I need to do something beyond angry I'm a city council in Cambridge Massachusetts when an administrator hands me a report that says you should rubber stamp that's on my know whether there's my but look at the numbers in by looking at the report and I can tell when there's a report and that's being asked to find some creative problem solving so let's see how you doing with the nonverbal we've made cell phones and everything else much better year after year and it's not just dumb luck it's not that it's easy it's howl we the science community the engineers attack these problems and so this is a skill set right yeah I think I've built up and I'm not smarter than the average bear but I try to do my work here we went from a war on site and it's a really the place for us to be and as as a nation if you think I'm a liar ... then your cell phone doesn't I have great respect for the climate scientists but the challenge the help is because if it's a cold day then somebody Congress that was cool day today there for all the scientists doing this work are liars sort of trying to stick my neck out and maybe be a leader of the charge of the science meaning that Mike my breach of science goes right into the consumer hands it also doesn't sit well like me in public office we need people who understand the value of some I'm anywhere application right now and not just ... through society but are actually on the hill are actually in local and really advocate do you in order to be the change that I want to see I think we go out there out there is always has been whether no nuclear weapons or ... the fact that the earth orbits but ... what we've seen too much shows lately are politicians meddling in science and unashamed to to try to silence and I think the way we push back against that is to clean way far does knitting some of you needed a whole bunch of our nerdy computer various so I got a battery rock rock in the resistor hadn //
"2017-04-10 15:21:46"
Neil Gorsuch marks the first of a hundred judicial vacancies that Trump has to fill
\\for trump became president he inherited 107 federal judicial vacancies essentially twice the number of bombing that's in large part because in 2015 the Republican majority Senate began refusing to Anne of Obama's appoint remember Merrick garland well he's only one of 52 judicial nominees during Obama's presidency you never received a vote all told there are 874 federal judges in the United including the District Court the court of appeals and the Supreme Court trump's nominations only need simple majority in for these lifetime and with these vacancies alone trump Kaname about 14 all federal judges take into account the number of expected retire trump's picks could make up to 0.5 the appellate court well I'm going to appoint conservative judges I'm going to appoint people that have great reputations that are great with the legal profession like trump hasn't provided much can tell Angela point but we do know a little he promised on the campaign only pro life conservatives to the court which was instrumental in securing the evangelical vote and he's pledged that his judges will quote all be picked by the federalist society ... uncial group of conservative lawyers trump is looking to appoint judges who are young and have lost 6 chairing the president's influence on the judicial branch a decade and that influence greatest a fat circuit court level while the Supreme Court hears only about the 5 case a year a court of appeals decides to thousands which means that often the lower courts have the final say on the rule of law creating a far reaching sphere of influence over the daily lives of for example both of 2 travel ban deemed on first by an appellate court judge I district and just last month the District Court for the fifth circuit ruled that Texas is gerrymandering of their congressional districts unconstitutional because it targeted minority voters the judges trumpet nominates are likely going to preside over content debates like gun control voting rights civil liberties abortion to name a few trump's appointments will likely establish a new conservative press across the United States mmhm //
"2017-03-30 21:08:53"
Watch Nunes pretend he wasn’t in cahoots with the White House
\\yeah will be going to the White House this afternoon to share what I know with the president and his team ministration I think is aware of this so I make sure that I go there and tell them what I know they need to see it they don't have it they need to see today I briefed the president on the concerns that I had the president needs to know that this increase intelligence reports are out there and I have a duty to to tell him that this is information that was brought to me but I thought the president needed to know and I thought it was important for the president to know this that's why I've reached the speaker this morning and I came down here ... as soon as I could I think you'd like to see these reports and I'd be hopefully ... hopefully when we get on hopefully they'll get them to the White House also I would be concerned if I was the president and that's why I wanted him to know I felt like I had a duty and obligation the talon because as you know is taking a lot of heat in the news media I'm not just doesn't so I don't know why he would travel a brief the speaker that come down here to brief us on something that that we were briefed him on it doesn't really seem to make a ton of sense it doesn't really past that that's not //
"2017-03-27 15:39:05"
Trump and Russia: The controversy explained
\\we get exposed to more than 2000 additional emails national security adviser Michael Flynn forced to resign once again questions are being asked about 1 of Donald trump's key appointments once again it's all to do with Russia we know based on the findings of US intelligence agencies that Russia interfered in the 2016 election and they did so in order to help trump what we don't know is if and to what extent president trump and his associates what did the president know and when did he Z. for Russia having a friend the White House no pop today no pad is worth way more than millions of dollars they're losing U. S. sank Russia would like to have the return it's great power staff what Russia has been trying to do for me through a series of acts of into is undermined the web under mine what it stands for undermine the institutions that it has spent 70 years creating to call into question the value sad that we work so hard to protect and promote so what do we actually know there are several people directly connected to trump who also have suspicious types of crime let's start with Rogers to stone is a longtime friend of trump and was an adviser to his campaign early on in June Russian hacker guccifer 2.oh to a confidential DNC documents part of what intelligence agencies refer to when they say that Russia interfered in the U. S. select stone was in contact with the Twitter account after the hacking a quote unquote innocuous conversation for god's then stone began threatening Clinton's campaign on Twitter notice the hashtag days later wikileaks has posted thousands of emails hacked from Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman and tens of thousands of them throughout the point of it was to get these documents into the public realm and wikileaks was a perfect tool but it's clear that they were instruments of Russian intelligence and stone himself says he's connected I actually have gone out communicated with the sound the FBI is investigating still then there is Palm Anna Ford trucks campaign manager over the summer during his tenure on the campaign metaphor came under fire for his lobbying work for pro Russian entities in Ukraine a pro Russia political party set aside millions in undisclosed cash payments designated for Paul man of fort the controversy forced man forced to resign months later the New York Times reported that the FBI had intercepted because between manna for the Kremlin and then new revelation that man up for work for Russian billionaire pull like dura pasta alleged to have secretly promoted Russian president Vladimir Putin's agenda with mana Ford making millions the FBI is investigating map for and that gets us to Michael Flynn you may remember transformer national security adviser during the campaign when was trumps top military aid despite a 2015 speaking engagement in Moscow where state owned media company Russia today what he'd planned celebrate their tenth anniversary it's one thing to be invited to the celebrate Tory dinner of the tenth anniversary of our tea ailing scurrilous propaganda arm of the Russian government but for him to think of it as a retired eminence in the world of American intelligence he could go and participate in a party for our team is really is is really beyond belief fast forward to the month before trump took office the same day that then president Obama announces new sanctions against Russia for meddling in our election Linda spoke to Russian ambassador Sergei Keithley act about lifting US sanctions if the administration lifted the sanctions that Obama layered on at the end of 2016 we would essentially be sending a signal to prove that we don't mind that Russia actively interfered in our election we would essentially be giving him carte Blanche to do that again in the future as early as 2020 first when denied the allegations and vice president pens stood by him was strictly coincidental then Flynn conceding that he inadvertently briefed the vice president elect and others with incomplete information officials say Michael Flynn lied to the FBI is still under investigation given the fate of our relationship ... and the fact that we knew about the DNC hack and there was evidence that Russians possible for that I would have personally advise anyone on the truck transition team not to meet with any Russian officials on February 13 plan resigned it's worth noting that Flynn isn't the only trump associate who privately met with key slack here the other ones that we know about then senator Jeff sessions a campaign surrogate entrance current Attorney General we'll get to those meetings and Carter page a foreign policy adviser to the campaign also under investigation JD Gordon the campaign's national security policy representative for the are and see and Jared Kushner trump son in law and senior adviser well these connections were being made behind the scenes trump was making things worse for himself in part by openly praising Putin on the campaign trail could zip confident guy smart guy did say he killed reports I said really I he says he didn't other people say you didn't who did he kill boot you did call me a genius city set on the future of the Republican Party he says good things about me I'm gonna say great things about him simultaneously a former British spy begin building a dossier on drums alleged ties to Russia which became public in January according to this dossier the Russians might have a lot of compromising material or is the Russians college compromise entre NTU NUS for the first time US investigators say that they have corroborated some of the communications of most of it remains unverified meanwhile trump isn't interested in investigating Russia's role in the you shouldn't be doing it he won't be doing it Russia will have much greater respect for our country when I'm leaving it then when other people have let it and the White House has been scrambling to deny the media reports of frequent communication between trump's campaign advisers and the Kremlin trunks chief of staff asked the FBI to squelch these reports potentially instruction of justice let's assume for a minute that the White House was trying to exert pressure on the FBI to shape the ongoing investigations in one way or another that is absolutely outrageous and not at all in line with how our government functions and is inappropriate so what's being done about all of this US agencies are conducting multiple investigations I can promise you we will follow the facts were ever they lead but remember the FBI is controlled by the department of justice and trump loyalists Jeff sessions commands the DOJ during his confirmation hearings sessions was asked how he would handle investigating ties between trump associates I have been called a surrogate at that time the 2 in that campaign and I didn't have to not have communications with the Russians and yet as The Washington Post revealed Russians met with keys we act twice my sense is that the Russians knew that sessions was acting as a surrogate and was a strong trump supporter and they probably also knew that he had a chance at and receiving a high ranking position that trump administration being appointed so their motivations are clear what's not clear to me is what the motivations were of the individuals that were serving on the trump transition to sessions has since recused himself from the DOJ investigation but that doesn't change the fact that the investigation will ultimately be overseen by somebody who works for trump then there are the investigations in the house and Senate intelligence both led by trump friendly Republican Senate Intel committee chair Richard Burr served as a national security adviser trump's campaign there's not a separation between me and I'll try and chairman of the house intelligence committee representative Devin Nunez helped lead Troms transition the only serious crimes we have our leaks that have come out ... of of our government to the press and others did I mention the White House ask Burr and newness to publicly denounce reports of communication trump's associates and the Kremlin yeah burn Nunez actually called reporters intelligence agencies and the investigatory committees in Congress are both supposed to be completely independent of the White House on a matter like this and investigating the White House on a matter like this but apparently they're all working for the White House and trying to make the bad press on this go away if we had a separate commission handling this I would sleep better at night because it would remove this from any influence of the White House and put it in the public eye demands for an independent review are gaining steam but that fight isn't shaping up to be members of Congress pursue investigations that could harm their own president only if they're under a lot of pressure and where it seems that they are going to be embarrassed if they do not but without an independent review we may never know the truth about trump's alleged ties to Russia all of us irrespective of political party should be deeply concerned when another country tries to directly interfere in our election and so let's know what happened and let's arm ourselves to protect ourselves next time they try people need to have confidence that ... these agencies and instruments of out of the state are not being used for partisan the purpose and for a White House to begin to a road that used //
"2017-03-09 19:59:45"
New York City’s women strike to show their economic power
\\day we shut down one of the schools which is a young boy in one section and we provided services for that school and all pre school with glass less teachers idea but what I've noticed that the is that we have more support about what that the men came out disappointed teaches annnnd city for day without a woman was from our immigrants just and brothers would a day without immigrants and really showed the economic power of immigrants she where entire businesses and industries in many parts of the city were shot down in the solidarity that came out ... with our on document and by the these are so today we took our leadership and guidance from that I did it well that were happening during the anti lynching movements power that's another reason why I'm striking because we've seen through the national farm workers the Montgomery bus boycott and I slammed with both of the women straight there results and later and then building that groundwork for them to have the first woman in the world that economic solitary work packaging today at 1:00 PM when I shut down my Peter I felt very liberated and I like and ... walked over here and so though I didn't do an all day strike I did do a half a day strike and I think the symbolism of the strike is about the rights of workers up until 3 years ago I'd always worked as an independent contractor ... ands I'd never had a day of leave paid sick days paid lunch break it vacation absolutely no paid maternity leave ... so I felt like it was important now that my lucky and privileged enough to things and to be able to show up and I have that conversation though women's strike is messy and though is that all issues a women's league we're not a monolith where ovulation we work in many in the unless you paid unpaid labor we're seeing a resurgence of the feminist movement that is capable of speaking to the issues of women of the night I was most surprised at the people that are that are striking today are not the traditional left it's not just sort of like the most militant parties than labor movement is its people I'm an editor complex that I'm here with 30 plus of my co workers we basically just started emailing each other and discussing it and saying we want to participate in a day without a woman and died just confirming that we would stand up for each other if one was penalized ... that the other one of us would step in and stand up for what's right and we got a big enough group that they can't fire sloth though they supported us in the end here we are yeah you did it //
"2017-03-01 16:07:10"
Trump reads a teleprompter, pundits call him 'presidential'
\\I thought it was a decision by far the best gigs I've ever heard Donald from him ... it was one of the best speeches in that setting I've ever heard any president again he became president of the United States in that moment he walked into that room as the winner of a controversial he walked out present in our not only was she more presidential he was a politician read that speech from a teleprompter and much more effectively than he has in the past only have the dye think twice stuck to the speech in its entirety well but he was he was on script I don't live there and the most presidential of manners that we have heard from 36 added the speech to the joint staff ... Donald Trump reinvented it again to 36 years later no question I mean that with that speech was storing it was inspirational //
"2017-02-24 16:32:47"
Demonstrators are forced to leave Standing Rock, but they're not giving up
\\be strong no matter where we go because we're taking a piece of this fire with the this doesn't stop boxes were not going to stop us we're gonna go somewhere else and we're going to continue this fight because we all know donors line my name is Mullaney stockman my mom I had a few back the fact you Asian team ... where we work out on the south bridge we have a bias in several 16 passenger vans and we have a set up to go to a local church or to count all the people feel like they're pretty much immobilized right now they're just but packing their last last of their belongings retention is I closed the sound in a good way so we don't the hearts the place is going to be gone I believe it's always going to be in here it's always going to continue so now we're going to go into the park the tennis ball bridge when they want us the people that wanna go crossed a bridge there's people that are waiting on the other side responses for those of you that want to go and safety buses are on the other side we're going to perform matter fit tight projector Alderson Joseph drops are right up there on the road in 1806 highways there thank you all we've been a part of history this is not the government that this is our land this is true this is why we're still here to the very last second thank you all I hope //
"2017-02-10 16:10:46"
Reza Aslan on staying true to the promise of the Constitution
\\so I was wondering if you have any tips on like what ordinary people can do right now she I think that each one of us is a representation of what this country is supposed to be and so that gives us a great burden of responsibility to then make sure that not just in our actions but in our words that we stay true to the promise up the constitution the promise of the United States of America and so no matter how small your community is you have a responsibility to make sure that your voice is being heard that you're not going to tolerate up and when you hear misinformation or false information or or bigotry or seen a phobia //
"2017-02-10 16:10:28"
Reza Aslan talks Muslim ban, America's future and staying hopeful
\\there's obviously been a lot of Islamophobia things ... deal since the election ... and we've been talking about ThinkProgress ... but in response to the order we've also seen click a backlash to the backlash which is very cool ... in so you've seen the dialogue kind of change a little about like Muslim Islam which is something that's really surprising to me that I've been to protest might seem like allies from every community there is I was wondering what your thoughts are on how to continue changing that dialogue in conflict to just have it continue what we're experiencing in a way that I have not experienced in the United States since I've been here is a real moment of clarity it's very clear who the enemy is what the end yeah as I think the left in the center have been revenge for decades now by these ideological conflict and when suddenly confronted with an existential threat to the Republic those 2 ideological arguments just melt away and what you have as I say is the absolute sense of clarity that there is an enemy that needs to be defeated and everything else needs to go to the back burner and so you're right we're seen groups that don't normally stand shoulder to shoulder with each other like Jews and Muslims for it for instance up fighting back against prejudice that affects all of us regardless of who we are and I think it's nice because like most Americans probably don't know any must loans most Americans maybe don't know a lot about Islam but you're still seen these groups come together anyway which is like really inspiring I know it's like been a really hard week ... for a lot of buzz this Leslie covering of them as as it's affecting our communities and our friends and our family like what do you find hope and right now our how are you taking care of yourself and everything that's going on what I do find hope in and and optimism and as precisely as I say the the enormity of the resistance against this narcissistic sociopath I think what I've noticed and what is important to always remember is that we are the majority you know this is a man who is sitting now at 36 percent approval ratings and I understand that he thinks Mathis fake but it's a real thing actually and I think what we are seeing is not just the most unpopular president in presidential history but the fact that the majority is not willing to sort of say that this is somebody else's problems you know part of what American democracy is about is a recognition that we're all in this together and so if the president can come after one of us you can come after any one of us and I think that the only way that we're going to be able to fight back is precisely to have this all for 11 for all mentality and I've seen it in a way that I've never seen it before and and I think that's definitely cause for optimism so how do you think it's changed ... the perception of America abroad like are standing in the world I think it should dearly damaged are standing in the world it's damaged it with our traditional allies I mean if you you look at the department in the U. K. right now essentially blocking any kind of state visit or official recognition of the president of the United States all I would not wish to use you individually come to speak in the world gallery I feel very strongly but our position to racism for one of issue but more importantly even some of the countries on the banned list I mean we have to recall that other 7 country some of them are not just allies they are very close allies I mean we are right now as you and I speak we have American military personnel on the ground indie rock fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Iraqi troops against a comin existential threat and we banned all Iraqis from coming to the United States I mean it's it's astonished and it's just it's it's starting to go back and be the case I think it's an indication of precisely what kind of a threat sits in the White House right now if knew how Blake wind take away for people who don't know a lot about Islam a lot about Muslims are the people that are even being affected by this family because what would you want to tell them if you don't read a book don't you know get information data knowledge as things are important but they don't really matter in the end all that really matters is relationships you're not gonna learn about Islam and then suddenly change your mind about Muslims that's not how it works on the only way to change your mind about Muslims is if you get no Muslim should the matter of getting to know a human being as a human being instead of as a symbol for some other I am idea whether that be a religion or ethnicity or a culture or what nationality or what have you just get to know someone as a person that's always been the way in which we shape our perceptions and it still remains to be that the case today war yeah hopefully hopefully we can all agree it's out to one another find a Muslim yeah spices offload that somehow you have to do //
"2017-02-10 15:56:09"
19 lies the Trump administration told this week
\\people pressed to mine that you can borrow money let us borrow OSHA regulations I learned a lot about the automobile business I thought I knew a lot they are the shows we speak regulation and therefore in back January employment report shows that the private sector added 237000 jobs last month a lot of that has to do with the spirit our country now hadn you know I'm very much opposed sure cities they breed crime Nnamdi goal for people that are not citizens and thereupon the registration we can be babies you take a look at the registration you have a legal as you have dead people you it's really a bad situation trump is doesn't draw the distinction between problems with voter registration and voter fraud there might be voter registration fraud where somebody is registered in a couple of different places as it is Mr trump's all senior staff but dead people it's very hard to get people to vote for the law could not be more clear here John not only his constitutional authority to conduct foreign policy for this country but clear statutory authority in federal law today gives the president the ability to determine who is given access to this country and who is not npaci profession they have every right to do that again wrong but I think that we need to call it what it is it's not these organic uprisings that we've seen for the last several decades the tea party was a very organic movement this is becoming a very he ... astro turf type movement there's no evidence to support that claim of course but a lack of evidence doesn't seem to much matter to the trump administration have already saved more than $700000000 when I got involved in the negotiation well the F. 35 radical Islamic terrorists are determined to strike our home as they did on 911 as they did from Boston to Orlando San Bernadine all over your it's happening it's gotten to a point where it's not even being reported or on ... year 6 we've already given them billions and billions probably $150000000000 that story was so riddled with inaccuracies they all they all the press ology for the way that thing was in there they were just literally blade actual errors are others in the tells of the talking about we have not heard back murder rate in a you know 47 years the murder rate is not at the highest rate it's been in 47 years it spike the little it went up a little but it's still much much lower Suzanne reportedly declined to interview kellyanne Conway on Sunday because of that questions about her credibility minors anything retracted that you know I proved to pipelines stuck in limbo forever I don't even think was controversial he still is we have potentially 32000 jobs almost immediately n't from his not a political issue I got a job as you know she is divorce yourself separated herself so how is she being treated unfairly this is a direct attack on his policies I'd heard her name has it in and so that that there's clearly an attempt for him to stand up for her because she's being maligned because they have a problem with these policies Nordstrom insists it has nothing to do with politics they say this was a business decision for clothing line was not performing within the 7 countries I that we've talked about there's at least 20 some odd people that are the last few years have come into this country and been convicted ever charged with acts of terrorism I would respectfully disagree ... with her assessment center sections then and now ... his record on civil and voting rights I think is outstanding when Reagan appointed him for a judgeship in the eighties even Republicans in the Senate back then were persuaded that just sessions's record on civil rights and racism was too odious to let him have a seat on the federal bench that the president is doing is by large almost entirely highly supplied by both sides of the aisle yeah forget all of that //
"2017-02-07 15:43:46"
Meet the people whose lives were upended by Trump's Muslim ban
\\we don't we don't know we don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow there are so many unknowns for Morrow and I we can we can barely planned for next week and we can't find anything we can plan our wedding we can't let our future there's no sense of as you know certainty that sat as a green card holders on legal immigrants ... students folks with visas are completely safe and they shouldn't be worried no one has said that no one has said that these people should not be worried and they have all the right to come in or leave the country ... as long as they are leave I think you're being badly in the education in the and the ... back a program that I fight or it's not easy to understand how neat in one day wake up and your future gone I I felt like I was well comment I was safe I never felt that I mean I'm being discriminated against so publicly and and all of that is now going to go on right turn on the then use alright check venues online and everything that I see is just I attacks ... on me and my people and I used to feel a lot safer before you now I really want to make my one feel comfortable here this isn't just my home it's not just my family this is our family and this is our community we met in Turkey a couple years ago he's amazing ... his my better half he balances me the other day when my talk to my mom about the whole situation she acts of my one even wanted to still calm if it hurts when you have someone like this submission coming and saying that no your country we don't trust it you not allowed here everyday checking the news ... makes you feel like you do your best to go to work you do your best to it to to enjoy what you can but so was asking about your mind of could happen something else happened today announced that it you know like everything might just change right now not we need to get over I that I am being in the third or I mean mean schooling are my friends 18 suspect I don't feel like right now this is just an attack on ... yeah Muslims at Finn attack on everyone I I don't think it's time for people to really give up and do nothing and then I think everyone should right now play a role in what's going on right now well how how to be who we are and we're gonna show that story because this we're not just gonna toggle when do I owe this band completely like like that you know ... is gonna make is the fearful though in America and now we're gonna do not express about and quite fearful of like saying you know certain things and you're like Naaman appears on as I can for people to say I get diet you know bill that courage and say Hey I have a voice to you and I have to use the different story but here it is turn turn me I mean this is tough but in comparison to what I've been through it's really just just another pick up I've ... struggled so much and I ... for the past 810 years of our lives and it's not time to give up //
"2017-02-03 16:49:39"
20 lies the Trump administration told this week
\\and I really don't change my position very much Christians here it was impossible very very at least very very tough to get into the United States if you are a Muslim you could come with 26 Dane almost as many Christian refugees were admitted as Muslims source of income executed working here sitting in my Nnamdi not a Muslim 20 first announced that he said Muslim ban you call me out he said put a commission together show me the right way to do it legally I forget out very nicely I see that the airport you see it all over it's working out very nicely you have an extreme betting proposal that didn't get the vetting it should have had and as a result in implementation which in some problems former naval officer having the chief strategist for the president in those meetings one who has a significant military packrats to help make guide what the president's final analysis going to me is proof that he doesn't have any any real experience he was in the navy but any real military experience in terms of policy he doesn't have it to the White House expected there would be such a profound reaction to the president's executive action here well I think what you're seeing is a small reaction of a ball number of people that is outside the medical coverage that it get fullscreen process that both those through we're gonna have a very very strong and we're going to have screen credit before the ban on travel prospective travel for countries trying to prevent terrorists in this country the from all countries that have a a recent history of training and exporting and harboring terrorist but not a single terrorist has ... who if I had it attacking him in America have come from one of the fat in countries by and large you can place for they the president recognized tremendous loss of life that came from the Holocaust it's a shame that people were inconvenienced obviously with the end of the day we're talking about a couple hours I would rather you know I'm sorry that some folks may have to wait a little while NCLEX make up of the principals committee 2017 is exactly as it was in both 2017 as it was in 2011 understand identical except we add the word also the point and Mister Bannon is something which is a radical departure from any National Security Council in history as soon as the court order was received and they advise us on the implications we put a complete hold on anyone are being removed ... ins in connection with the executive order npaci will be appointing nominates and announces that staff members are cabinet level members are agency heads their job is to fulfill that and if they don't like it then then they shouldn't take the job but it's the president's agenda that we are filling ntfc has done a tremendous amount through both what he is said and done more importantly to start to bring this country together and its policies frankly are focused on keeping every American say NCCU said earlier if you're qualified for the position get confirmed that's not how America was treated in the previous administration there's never been a situation in which you have a ... a fourth term someone that lightning election cycle that it never occurred before NMSU the brother had a very cordial conversation with prime there's your trouble ... where they went through an extensive discussion of of this deal during a certain phone call between president trump then prime minister Turnbull of Australia the president are related concerns that he does not like this deal back talk to one source last night who said there were staffers inside the White House ... whose faces were turning white ... because they were aghast at some of the details are coming out of these phone conversations president Obama said probably well over 1000 illegal immigrants who are in prisons you referred to these people as illegal immigrants they're not the refugees to Iraqis came here to this country were radicalized and never the master masterminds behind the Bowling Green ask number one goal is not to target anyone religion //
"2017-01-31 14:33:10"
Jeff Sessions asks Sally Yates about saying "no" during confirmation hearing
\\all the Attorney General has the responsibility to say no to the president on a P. ask for something that's improper if the views of president wants to execute our unlawful should the Attorney General on the deputy Attorney General saying no and it senator I believe that the Attorney General or the deputy Attorney General has an obligation to follow the law and the constitution and to give their independent legal advice to the president have to watch out because people'll be asking you do things you need is the same now about //
"2017-01-27 19:36:03"
11 lies the Trump administration told this week
\\you know I have a running war with the media and they sort of made it sound like I had a few too with the intelligence community but just not true that there are you know look up on the internet if you don't believe me of many tweets from the president at many public comments ... on tape disparaging dismissing undermining the intelligence community audience ever witnessed an inauguration theory folks in person and around the globe very big awards on the I believe spread vote I believe that president trump falsely claiming once again that voter fraud ask him your vote he offered proof and there is no ultimately we a former by Mexico which of those yes but yeah absolutely does Dwight Yorke and the answer was yes absolutely NQA ndeb that is going to be very hard to come at right now it's very easy people that like their health health care and the doctor and where they went you had millions of people that now are nurtured and WNED WNED Philadelphia the murder rate has been steady let me just terribly increase NQA president of Mexico and myself have agreed to cancel a planned meeting scheduled for next week I believe that we have to be honest with the American people //
"2017-01-20 21:18:12"
Trump supporters have their own priorities for day 1
\\gangs that made up of illegal immigrants day one day going to be added here day one we are going to announce our plans to renegotiate nafta on day one we will begin working one is in trouble physical tall powerful beautiful son there now border wall what would you like bush on office your real obamacare I like him ... start to build the wall tomorrow I'd like to see before he gets to the policy I think the most important thing it's a sort of bring everyone together are there and it's the big things that you want its first day in office yes legalize marijuana in all 50 states without a doubt so you feel like that's something that he's going to do as a businessman I would hope so one to get a dog novelty just gets to work like you from city with tomorrow all anything anything effect I mean most politicians come in with a huge number of promises and end up doing almost nothing what he does funny little bit on his first days better be a vast improvement //
"2017-01-20 17:01:04"
Trump is officially violating the Constitution
\\does Mr trump wanna continue to own his businesses or does he want to be the president United States of America like to make sure that American presidents word making their decisions in accordance with what's best for the United States and not for any other foreign country the founders put in a clause in the constitution known as the foreign I'm arguments clause section 9 of the United States constitution the foreign emoluments clause states no person holding any office of profit for trust shout without the consent of the Congress except that any payment a monument office for title any hi and what ever from many caring prince or foreign state you need look no further than the trump hotel right down the block from the White House where Mr trump has aggressively courted foreign governments seeking their business their patronage and their task what about his golf courses what about his other properties what about the condos and apartments that he sells sometimes for millions of dollars we know we as a giant loan from the bank of China we know some of his projects have been the permitting process has started up since he was elected that can have a distorting affect on a president's judgment I'm able to sit a blind trust you cannot have a totally blind trust with operating businesses presidents Republican and Democrats alike have use these blind trusts or the equivalent to hold their investments he's broken with 4 decades of precedent this lawyer was also ran she said ... that it would be enormously complicated it's as simple as Donald Trump holding up a one piece page paper like this signing his name and assigning a trustee I don't think it's difficult for him to sign it over to a trustee but what if it works he decided to run for president he now has the most important most powerful job in the entire world it's entirely appropriate for him to make a choice the plan makes his conflicts worse is gonna precipitate controversy stand up corruption and a constitutional crisis from day one our one minute one of the trump administration //
"2017-01-19 14:57:08"
Trump's many forgotten campaign promises
\\if I become president we're going to be staying married Christmas at every store we're gonna balance our budget in our budget is a mess if I'm elected president I will push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members come president they gonna want I think I want everything that you said I'm going to stop the drugs are pouring across the border and that is a promise I will end to gun free zones and military bases so fast your head will spin it'll be the first day and at for years Gary but I will get over 95 percent African American vote I promise I tweeted today real Donald Trump by doing that set ourselves up don't worry I'll give it up bedroom president we lost without a lot of not presidential but //
"2017-01-19 14:02:47"
What should I do when someone is being harassed?
\\America black lives don't matter grain no proof probably 2017 and people are scared but sometimes as a bystander there are ways that you can house here are 4 ways that you can be enacted by Skinner and respond a craft one be direct talks to the target 3 okay do you need help or the aggressor slutty doing it looks like they don't want to talk to distract they were attention away from the situation by distracting the harasser where the target new time it is excuse me where's the nearest metro or if you feel safe user bodies secrete a physical barrier between the harasser in their target 3 delegate if you don't feel safe you can find someone who does does the target have friends nearby is there someone who works there for July if you can't intervene in the moment offer support to the target after the incident is there anything I can do to help you deserve to be treated with 3 these are some of the many strategies for responding harassment at the for more check out collective action for safe spaces //
"2017-01-12 19:28:01"
Trump's Sec. of State pick Rex Tillerson couldn't answer basic questions at his hearing
\\do you consider what they're doing to the human rights violations I would need to have greater information you are you are familar with all that yes senator I'm familiar with all of that and ... so what more information would you mean you were you were there I'm asking if you had discussions about this or have a have a memory of it I do not can you confirm whether he has been briefed or not I don't know people who opposed by mere Putin wind up dead all over the world poisoned shot the back of the head and ... you think that was coincidental I would have to have more information you have no recollection of this is the CEO I don't I don't recall the details around that I'm not disputing the thing you're saying because I know you have access to information that I do not have this from the Los Angeles Times you believe these actions constitute war crimes again senator I'm not I don't have sufficient information and you think it was the right thing to do I don't recall the the instant so can you tell the committee whether these Disney business dealings with Iran did not fund any space state sponsored terrorism activities by Iraq centers I indicated earlier I I do not recall do you lack the knowledge to answer my question are you refusing to answer my a little of both //
"2017-01-09 20:24:08"
Republicans are playing with the future of the entire health insurance industry
\\since the day it was signed into law obamacare has been on the defense and in a trump administration it could actually be left in tatters only the Republicans don't exactly have a healthcare plan to enact in its place their strategy repeal and away they want to repeal obamacare as quickly as possible while giving themselves a 2 to 3 year grace period to come up with an alternative plan in order to expedite the vote house Republicans are taking advantage of the budget process which eliminates the democrats'ability to filibuster so what does that mean for healthcare the GOP plans are scarce on information but there are 2 major issues with the Republican approach one fewer people will buy insurance obamacare created the individual mandate which requires everyone healthy and sick to buy insurance remember healthy people balance out costs and keep premiums what Republicans want to abolish the mandate that means healthy people are less likely to buy coverage and sick people would get stuck with higher and higher premiums to your insurance companies will offer plans insurance companies have adjusted their plans to obamacare but without a replacement they don't know how to prepare for the future this uncertainty would likely lead companies to pull out of obamacare state level marketplaces with fewer companies in the marketplace premiums will rise and so begins the spiral competition decreases premiums rise more healthy people leave and on and on and on into the whole system collapses repealing delay isn't final yet and there are some Republicans who don't want it to be but in the meantime at least 20000000 people's access to healthcare hangs in the balance //
"2016-12-26 15:29:50"
Undocumented youth brace for a frightening future under Trump
\\if your family was undocumented you know what will you do they're bringing drugs they're bringing crime they're rapists and some I assume are good people if I'm elected they're going to be out of their day one who have lost built that wall Donald Trump has defeated Hillary Clinton to become president elect uhhuh what Jeff I couldn't believe it that meant the most motion they holding sure and Chuck if falcon nightmare you know because we didn't really think that this could actually happen I have friends are sitting around me making jokes saying oh I kind of go back to Mexico now and I was just laughing on the outside front side I was really scared really nervous for what's about to happen mmhm ... I ... order now the executive order gets rescinded and the here illegally they're gonna have to go they have to come back in lately we're gonna get rid of the bad ones and bad ones are gonna be out of here fast as far as everybody else would going to go through the process should I go into hiding I'm be able to come you working on working with in my going to there are many answers so there's a lot of uncertainty my god that is kind of like I see it we think we can and they say I you don't worry if your container you order your dreams always I help you family my there I don't know where the they give that strand by that maybe no may affect them watch a perky I yesterday my your the idea develop but open Saleh English the maps and the whole women's he'll say come west to 40 of your sake on was not the netting it up athlete gotta I want that I lack a single command displays soon will be 18 and after that you know adults I am not exactly sure what's going to happen with me and how I will be protected but for right now I feel that I'm okay I'm safe I want to state hopeful and I want to stay positive I think that's the best that we can do right now would have to wait until the dead the present then the they say something you know that I think that's what have the patience and keep believing in god then keep going the phone everything I'm an immigrant African American female and I am a Muslim living in America that's like magical //
"2016-12-15 19:09:41"
The bigotry of Trump's cabinet
\\these are really really talented African American assistant US attorney in Alabama testified that Mr sessions called him boy sessions was accused of racial insensitivity calling a black lawyer boy a white lawyer a disgrace to his race and civil rights groups like the and double ACP on American it right I am not insensitive black Jim conceivable to me that a person of this attitude is qualified to be a U. S. attorney alone the United States a federal judge I would not advocate that we put charges you think being gay is a choice absolutely why do you say because a lot of people of going to prison going to prison straight when they come out I guess I may have the genetic coding that I'm inclined to ban alcohol but I have the the desire not to do that can I look at the homosexuality issues to find one the Washington post reports that the Rick Perry family hunt once had a racially charged in the name is it a hunting camp was evidently call yeah okay ... but I've put this I know that you refrain from saying that word so I'm going to say that the word was in Iraq the name of the place was called nigger there is a disease inside of this no Islamic body it's like cancer and it has metastasized Goldman for facing claims of racial a nation in this complaint the nonprofits allege that one last left foreclosed properties in a state of disrepair in predominantly after American Asian American and with you know communities while keeping foreclosures in white neighborhoods in better condition you know we're not cloven hoof devils we're not nativist homophobic racist I agree American email and I am a Muslim living in America that's like magical //
"2016-12-13 18:45:38"
Cable news can't help but follow the bouncing ball
\\yeah friends for a long time long long Kanye west right easy arrived rapper Kanye west someone only cognac 9 US Conde a west money was normally can't we get our updates from Kanye west on TMZ Kanye west on yeah west Kanye west at trump tower on the west is here Kanye west yeah what meeting Conde store Kanye west Kanye west on Donald Trump and Kanye west for the news that is the important of the entire day Kanye west Tanya kind a western Kanye west Mister west rapper Kanye west Kanye west it was easy not saying he's a gold digger Kanye west there's actually some news going on today mmhm //
"2016-12-08 21:04:00"
American Muslims prepare to defend themselves from hate in a ‘Trump society’
\\the grin the primary can female and I am a Muslim living in America that's like magical that'll love that's what I defend myself and that's why I would like to see are the next generation the generation after that to be not afraid of being apologetic and clean who they are 100 I'm I don't shake shop calling for a total and of Muslims entering the United States I think Islam hates us it's like they're protecting each other but they're really doing very bad damage Donald uttering basic full of or even sandwich Klay justify their hatred towards call and give us thrives and we've had someone throw like a fake bomb you not only scared about who you are but would you believe in it's been there for quite a long time the only reason it hasn't been vocalized has been talked about as much is because we don't tally it that now people are not afraid to record it functionality Crandall downfall came don't you know that most of his commitment you can don't you know that seem existing farm servants I'm Bernard held in minority and created like ... Facebook for there we can use this technology to empower through you know raise our voices and raise over again that we decide to sell their services until we sit there we try to talk about the elections be open about it talk about its younger generations to empower them to have to be ready for this truck society you lied if need always to stand together and you to find ourselves can stand up for folks who is going to do it can we take this frustration and turn it into something good a lot of people think that the only way we can really defend ourselves in 88 fight this some society is by empowering only the Muslim community right annnnd loony anyway Allen through empowered ourselves and other religions other people together that way we have a bigger army that way we have I have a bigger voice the better that you have these coalitions working together the more progress can be done in terms of working towards uniting the country no longer have any idea I believe that it's like a test for us of how we stand by our faith and like how we help others well me for my Muslim communities is how little time for us basically to wake up what time for us to reach out to non Muslim people outside so we can have a partner who works with us open fight the good fight with us honestly I have been preparing for moments like this sense like I said before I'm ready for it bring it on leann how someone speak tonight directly to Muslims throughout the world we respect your faith //
"2016-11-15 23:23:33"
"We're here, we have something to say, and you should hear it."
\\I would tell him that he needs to protect people who are being threatened right now that includes women that includes people of color that includes people of every religion and he has not done that letting him know that we're here we're going to go out for the rest of his 4 year administration this isn't what we want this is what the people want but the things that you've said that the people that you're pointing at Subic office he does not want no I hear is not why I know has many funny ones and so they all he cares about is and so I was basically like acts like why are you doing reasons they're trying to protect our rights that we feel are being threatened and we want to stand up for what we believe and we will support the bigotry that he I know you want to be able to go remorse aircraft why yeah black children matter in America now more than ever and we're not gonna let him get away with whatever you we're here we have something to say like you should hear it like we could tell you //
"2016-11-10 15:32:56"
"I felt like I got punched in the gut."
\\I woke up and kind of pieces Pollyanna punched in the gut if we felt like a walk up in a bad dream I am scared of what the selection means for me I don't know that I've known heart ache but whatever I felt this morning felt like hardy I'm all be okay today it's a tough day for a lot of people just hard not to be afraid as a person a brown skinned with a beard I'm hoping that you know like as a clear person not my rights are taken away this what we stand for hurts you know you will lose so it's okay for to be tough it's okay to be disappointed than figuring out how do we move ahead I don't know I am a quite figured out what else I'm going to do but start I ... //
"2016-11-08 23:03:15"
Lines on lines on lines on lines on lines
\\ //
"2016-11-03 17:04:47"
The voter fraud myth, destroyed in 99 seconds
\\more and more Americans are losing confidence that the 2016 election will be fair according to politico over 40 percent of registered voters think the election could be stolen due to voter fraud and 70 percent of polled Republican voters we've the results should be questioned but how common is voter fraud really between 2000 and 2014 only 31 incidents were found among more than 1000000000 ballots cast meaning winning an Olympic gold medal is actually more likely fed one incident of voter fraud for hitting the same color on the roulette wheel 20 times in a row yep that's even more likely than voter fraud in fact becoming a seat is more likely yet in a continuing effort to combat voter fraud 14 states have passed new laws in place for the first time in a presidential election these restrictions make it harder for citizens specifically people of color to cast a ballot take voter ID laws in 11 states voters can't participate without identification Wisconsin is one of those states its idea requirements have been tied up in legal battles and potential voters have struggled to get the necessary identification before election day an estimated 300000 people could be disenfranchised or look at Texas a federal court eased its ideologue back in July but election officials are still providing misleading information about the rules nationally as many as 25 percent of eligible black voters don't have the necessary ID more than 3 times the rate for potential white voters so what's the real problem //
"2016-10-28 19:11:50"
Trump: It's not me, it's the microphone
\\if the subject exits sickness and start kissing the microphones at I mean to be honest I should you know should never have been on they also had a baby a defective Mike did you notice at the hi Mike was defective within the room I'm sitting in a house in Florida was a very bad ear piece that they gave me and you could hardly hear what he was saying by the way Alexis Mike whoever that growth is Mike system but the son of a bitch to put it outside the spirit me working that microphone was a hell of a lot more depth working cricket Hillary Clinton that it was I wonder why it was I would never give up microphone //
"2016-10-24 20:00:35"
Our culture perpetuates sexual violence. It doesn't have to be this way.
\\a baby what are you sorry for is a way to shore should have had so much to drill man always on house arrest with Drake can't be ray poison the moral your body is really a monstrous totally that's why can't you take a compliment you fight back this is rape culture and it's everywhere what did she expect the happened at 1:00 AM in the morning well I would give you I also give you one bit of advice don't go to parties where there's a lot of alcohol why do you not just get up and leave rape culture is hearing yes when someone says no explaining assaults on the person who's been assaulted or discrediting the victim story because they took too long to report they didn't fight back against their attackers they drank too much they were asking for it rave culture is when a person is sexually assaulted every 2 minutes every 2 minutes in the United States but perpetrators of sexual violence are less likely to serve jail time then the people who commit any other kind of violent any other kind of violent crime it's went to add 3 sexual assaults go unreported most commonly because the victims fear retaliation rape culture is built on harmful gender stereotypes where men are seen as entitled to sex and women are expected to provide it take a few classes it's a rolls Royce that's a promptly cut to girls in one night men are taught to treat sex like a conquest and if they don't well they're somehow less of a man the bitch a pussy right culture is so pervasive that we don't see it unless we know look for it but the evidence is everywhere everywhere everywhere everywhere in the meantime there goes another 2 minutes //
"2016-10-20 14:40:37"
Donald Trump's night of misogyny
\\nobody has more respect for women than I do nobody nmsiis thing I see has no respect for this person well that's because he'd rather have a puppet as president I know confidant notepad it's pretty clear how hot it's pretty clear you wanted nets now you have the Russians he has consistently denied what is wrong it very clear fact that long before the invasion of Iraq wrong and you don't start off with his dad is a millionaire when I started my dad as he thought he was nuts man we've heard this before I woman on the plane the one I think they want either fame for her campaign did he said that he could not possibly have done all those things to those women because they were not attractive enough for me I dance and the aside I did not say that believe me she would not be my first choice that I can have such a nasty rust funny let me looking for some Chris we don't retain any has all the rand is taking over or as a project like this illustrates it over us and we are a lot of driving bands we wanting to call if they did our surprise //
"2016-09-30 16:22:13"
One of the oldest laws targeting abortion access is finally seeing the fight it deserves
\\you might already know that federal funds can't be used to pay for abortion but did you know this policy was created with the explicit goal of discrimination I certainly would like to prevent if I could legally anybody having an a rich woman a middle class women or a poor woman unfortunately the only vehicle available is the Medicaid bill that's Henry Hyde the Illinois representative who created the Hyde amendment just 4 years after roe versus Wade and 40 years later hide is still disproportionately preventing communities of color younger generations and low income Americans from accessing abortion not only have women including have Medicaid insurance effect but have have been affected but military women women who were in the Peace Corps native American women immigrants ... residents in DC have all unfortunately suffered ... from the progeny of that of that policy that's an estimated 28000000 people who have to pay out of pocket for their healthcare which is supposed to be constitutionally and while Hyde has been around for decades most people didn't start paying attention to it until recently we have gone from people not speaking or hearing about this issue to one that's got the attention of members of Congress and grassroots activists across the nation and pop culture icon and some even have a presidential candidate who's talked about repealing the heightened so we've come a long way yeah you heard that right let's repeal laws like the Hyde amendment and that's not all as a result a national bill to repeal high was introduced in Congress last year and that goal was added to the official Democratic Party platform for the first time ever after 40 years of pride you can expect to hear a lot more about it I had an abortion that I knew very clearly that my obligation was to my 6 month old and I'm not gonna feel sorry about that having that abortion made it possible for me to build a career to get a college education too took to build up a healthy and strong and and whole life abortion stories are as diverse as the people who have them //
"2016-09-27 15:25:46"
At the first debate, Hillary got under Donald's skin
\\well Donald I know you live in your own reality n't you have no end all I do is I could ever ask you I have no plan a book about it it's called stronger together you can pick it up that's about all you can get a book store or an airport near you I don't believe that Hillary has the stamina let's let her respond well as soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiates a peace deal a ceasefire a release of dissidents and opening up new opportunities in nations around the world or even spends 11:00 hours testifying in front of vodka rational committee can talk to me about stamina let me say is nothing crazy is about not letting out there please bring that money back into their sockets misses us secretary points to Messi's yeah well let's start the clock again luster and we don't have the money because it's been squandered on so many of your ideas such as valuable account and you have been paid any federal income tax for a lot of years just listen to what you heard I think that I think Donald just criticize me for preparing for this debate and yes I did and you know what else I prepared for I prepared to be president //
"2016-09-21 15:07:01"
Politicians are putting fossil fuels ahead of your health (AGAIN)
\\there is a fight going on behind your power outlet the clean power plan is our best weapon to fight climate change but court battles have stopped the plan in its tracks 27 states and dozens of energy companies are suing to protect their fossil fuel industry but wait what actually is the clean power plan it's a way to significantly cut carbon pollution by 2030 the very pollution that's warming our planet to reach that goal each state has its own achievable target and can decide the best way to get there it's kind of a big deal each year the plan could provide up to 90000 asthma attacks 1700 heart attack 300000 missed school and work days and 3600 premature deaths that's because for the last 40 years electricity generation has been the largest source of greenhouse gas pollution in the country dramatically reducing those emissions could save Americans an estimated $38000000000 a year yet here we are stuck in a legal sense in order to protect called the 27 states with some of the highest pollution rates in the country are doing their best to block this even though more than 60 percent of voters in those states supported energy companies and politicians with the fossil fuel money behind them still playing politics with the air we breathe as global temperatures rise and polar ice caps mouth we're here to bring love and hope to user here part 5 reason you can be cautiously optimistic about the future of our planet //
"2016-09-08 20:02:30"
Did Matt Lauer go hard on Clinton and easy on Trump?
\\Telligent yes I did David anything in that briefing without going in this epic shock or alarm you yes during my learning new things remembering n't the best choice you're communicating on highly sensitive topics why wasn't it more than a mistake why wasn't it disqualifying people talk about you and commander in chief and not just secretary Clinton that some of your Republican opponents in the primary season and they wonder about your temperament they say does Donald Trump have the temperament to be commander in chief you have said you expect the Iranians to cheat you think they'll buy time and perhaps stay along their course to building a nuclear weapon if they cheat secretary Clinton will you have any course of action other than a military course of action let me read some of the things she said I know more about ISIS than the generals to believe me was that the truth will the generals under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have not been successful delight more about ISIS than they do terror attacks on right either directed by ISIS or inspired by it would your message as the next president in 9 states for potential next president be to Americans that we simply are living in the reality that those attacks will happen and can you guarantee people that after 4 years of the Clinton presidency they'll be safer on the streets of San Bernadine or Boston than they are today so is plan you this whole time asking someone else for their plan this is been an amazing evening //
"2016-08-09 15:05:45"
"If I’m the best, take me as I am."
\\combat sports a lot of people still don't think women should do it so they being quicker to sponsor men then women even if we've accomplished great thing when I won the gold medal in the 2012 world championships //
"2016-08-09 15:05:41"
"In between those, there’s a lot of people fighting"
\\I was actually in college when ... when I found out that the Olympics were added for women boxing for the World Championship there in all the ways they're like 1 of 6119125132 ... 141 115 to 165 170 a 200 into a 1 plus and normally let's say you win the gold at the worlds then like a few months later you had the Olympics and then you fight at that weight class but they only took 3 freeways to the Olympics not everyone can make 112 pounds I can't that everyone can make a lot of 32 pounds of now they want to make 100 65 pounds for those in the 3 way because of it that the chosen in between those there's a lot of people fighting I'm trying to get to a solid 100 32 pounds it many times but it it just doesn't work I would weigh in at 127 and 1:28 am by the time I re hydrated I'd still be like 130 with other girls fighting at 132 by the time they hydrated they'd be like 139140 about how we fought that night they be big monsters against me I love him then understand they thought when I won the gold at the world that I was going to the Olympics it's very hurtful feeling to know that I competed against every woman in the world in 1 gold and it was it wasn't that hard for me it wasn't easy but it wasn't like extremely hard for me and to know that I couldn't go to the Olympics and show you know showcase my skills it was a hard thing ... to swallow //
"2016-08-09 15:05:39"
"The world needs to know that we are just as capable as the men."
\\I hate when people say I'm a female boxer no I mean I'm a boxer I'm not a female boxer I think everyone's still see this as a household cooking cleaning or you know doing other sports where there's not no bloodshed the world needs to know that we're just capable as the men into a sea of what what our work and dedication allows us to do it's a great sport you know yeah Jana team when it comes time to fight is to you and the other person no one can fight with no one can give the ring with you your cold can just sit there and and and tell you what to do but at the end of the day is you in there I know in my going at it the adrenaline the determination I love doing it I never let anyone tell me I can't write shouldn't because its dangers there's a lot thing that are dangerous //
"2016-08-08 12:07:49"
"It automatically excludes people."
\\family was not exposed to gymnastics at all ... never really I knew much about it when my parents decided thought you know how I want to try this they signed me up and we got a quick education in how much it costs I mean very quickly it was a very expensive sport to start in ... and maintain doing it recreationally this sport requires parent interaction plus parents didn't volunteer their time then a lot of the things at the sports require when you get done so it's not what is the donation of parents have give so make sure this sport I I believe the parents have to make some really hard choices about the time commitment and the fine sport and I think it automatically excludes people because of those 2 on major areas //
"2016-08-08 12:07:49"
"I wanted to be a role model for kids to come into the sport."
\\the idea of seeing someone that looks like you is so profound and has such an impact on your understanding and capability of which a potentiality conveyed when I was doing it no one looked like me but when my children started to do it their experience of isolation completely was different than what mine was anybody ... you know not even Dominique Dawes and after that it was done instead people will like coming in floppy in like this is something that I can actually DO and after that say no more Gabby in the rest of them came being a mom having my children see it I was just ecstatic obsolete static that they can actually have a sense of inclusion and belonging that I did not have even when my kids left that I knew I was going to coach I knew I was gonna stay doing it not just because I love that I want to be a role model for kids who want to come into the sport //
"2016-08-08 12:07:49"
"I was probably the only black girl, African American, in my class."
\\I grew up on Long Island New York I was ... probably the only black girl African American in my class my family was probably the only family on in the neighborhood so it was very ... daunting at times ... stressful frustrating ... isolating and hurtful at times ... you know I think it was trying to fit in and realizing that I can walk into a room or classroom insists could see actually where I did fit in I had ... ... coaches who would say certain ... not so polite thing I do remember the making a comment about my my rump I bought my bike and ... I believe I had a little bit more well endowed maybe then another girl of ... I would defer ocean out see and ... I didn't really become self conscious of that until he actually brought to my attention and it was done in a joking way but it was in a joking way to me at all not at all there I think there were definitely things that the sport expected and I did not miss a fit the particular mold of what that sport ... required or expected I felt not even out right after I pursued it that I still have some kind of value that I can bring to the sport if I felt a certain way to support it didn't seem as welcoming right away I knew I could help other kids become more welcome or feel more welcome by staying in the sport //
"2016-07-21 17:12:35"
Not Following The Train-Wreck In Rio Ahead Of The Olympics? Let's Catch You Up.
\\the year is 2009 Brazil is booming economist magazine predicted that the country's economy with the leap frog Britain and France to become the fifth largest in the world and Rio de Janeiro just won hosting privileges for the 2016 Olympic Games the whole country is celebrating let's fast forward 7 years and see how that pans out hit it's not great Brazil is facing its worst economic and political crisis since the 19 thirties president Dilma Rousseff's was impeached in may the games are 51 percent over budget and at least 4200 families have lost their homes due to Olympic construction in short Rio was close to bankruptcy prompting the governor to declare a state of financial emergency in July that means delayed salaries for civil servants including police officers who say they won't be able to adequately protect the city during the games meanwhile crime rates are surging and this city has seen a 135 percent increase in officer related deaths in the run up to the Olympics fizzled answer E. 5000 armed soldiers and police twice that used in the London games 4 years ago then there's the health issues for starters Rio's water is filled with raw sewage yup the very water where athletes will be swimming and boating the Associated Press found levels of disease causing viruses are 1.7000000 times what's considered highly alarming in the United States and a group of Brazilian scientists have recently detected drug resistant bacteria and we haven't even gotten to Zeca the mosquito borne illness linked to serious birth defects while the centers for disease control said it's unlikely the Olympics will increase global rests 0.5000000 people are estimated to flood into Rio and a lot is still unknown about the fire during the Olympics in Brazil 10500 athletes from over 200 nations will compete in 28 sports for a chance to win 306 sets of my what happens after the torch goes out and everyone Liam's //
"2016-07-07 13:14:05"
The Grief Of Alton Sterling's Family Is An All-Too-Common Reality For Many Americans
\\regardless if you know him are now he is not what the mass media is making him out to be if you've got flights a trash and I ask you the image of a man who simply transparently living to take care of his children as some may know I think so feeding it was nah bother anyone at the scene of the store owners as well and did that thing never caught it doing the 2 offices now if we could reflect on the measure of all the main this is not be judged on his grave the most active it mocks that a man no his life and what he let the lads but these children and this video has been share across the world you will see which Allah has how he was handed unjustly they kill without regard for that matter that he helped raise I for one why not raise why not allow him so be swept in the dark I say again I for one when I raise I will not allow yeah so sweet pill in regards //
"2016-06-29 13:18:37"
In Their Own Words: What It's Like To Survive Homelessness
\\it was really nice that banning the becoming stable not lost my dynamite got really bad had PTSD ... ... bipolar disorder and everything are frequently left jobs and ... lost places and that's a promise of ... homeless a lot and I was younger I was molested I must that by then and after I graduate how slow right and into the gun of all that's a plan badges left my mom I was 18 as magnificent department and from the 5 years and the new contractor opted not pick me up because of the medical liability shelters where that healthy for me so my pattern was to stay up for about 45 days and go to a hospital it distorts data for 5 days that I was going for Himalaya probably about 4 times a year when I had my daughter is very sick ... I lost about 45 pounds fast sports to ... the fourth emergency room visit out within 4 weeks ... came back that it was ... malignant cancerous tumor my pancreas I think that's just when everything just kind of hit me and I was assaulted several times while I was homeless ... I I had to I had to sever head injuries my job was broken in 2 places I have a split in the front and the back reminded at times I was discharged ... I contracted HIV has the guts to a place where I don't work with case manages to get help and you know I committee recommend that the hope that I can really buckle positive things that I've because a lot of that had been through you know set me going through it mean that's out gonna but I thought I wanted to change that and build it the right way I was really sick I got tired of being sick because my plan initially that last made with the kill myself something I mean was it by you just gotta not give up a lot of time that keep you moving but I thought I ebony B. M. I goaded as more of a purpose think keep things going and that's again that was in a psych ward and ... that's when it was towed to me that I had no choice but to take the sat the ... it's every man's I see people go through all these body changes taking these Madsen I had this great idea that may be applied jawga burn it out of me you in effect me so much and that's why did everyone else jumped around a bit I start feeling better nbae Donner shoes definitely my cheerleader so when she saw the apartment for the first time ... we step in the floor and her real together ... she was so excited she got a 6 like 2:03 in the morning with a lot we actually gets a move forward and I actually gets to have a place that my daughter gets to have a place a remote fifteenth marathon ... this past March and since I've been in housing have been 6 my relationship with my family has improved I mean my mother Brax about me too afraid she says this is my son he's a he was with 26 mile marathon via home at the fan and I you have nobody that the fans you about the poor that you never know what you can do some I live with my back had that you know smiling a lot of people that our homeless ... aren't drug addicts they're not crazy ... and they're deathly employable surface one thing that I could say it's it's look past the image that god promised sickly ... a happy thought that a person to a marathon runner and you know I mean I'm assuming cured but I'm still doing it you know I fight back but I thought I saw last Monday as me William with Phyllis sound with the listicle nationalizing leading cause //
"2016-06-22 15:58:21"
What Does Catholic Healthcare Look Like?
\\today one in every 6 patients in the U. S. receives care at a Catholic hospital more and more hospitals across the country are affiliated with the Catholic health system but patients don't always know what that means so what does Catholic healthcare actually look like well most of the hospitals are nonprofit corporations so they benefit from public funding like state and federal family planning programs and Medicare and Medicaid and while hospitals are not directly controlled by the Catholic Church the doctors have to follow 72 rules written by the U. S. conference of Catholic bishops the ethical and religious directives for Catholic health care services the Bible instructs Christians to provide for those in need and the directives do as well they mandate care for the poor elderly and sick regardless of insurance but there are also certain procedures that are prohibited by the directives including abortion even when the mother's health is at risk assisted reproduction of any kind like egg and sperm donation in vitro fertilization or surrogacy contraception assuming you're not married and looking for natural family planning and sterilization operations like tubal ligation and the sector means ... and doctors can't honor advance directives that conflict with Catholic teaching so assisted suicide or declining life support is out of the question at a time when hospitals across the country are struggling to stay open the Catholic healthcare system is providing care for communities that might not otherwise have any by patients at those hospitals might not have access to the services they need mmhm is your nearest hospital Catholic institution if you live in Alaska Iowa Washington Wisconsin or South Dakota there's a good chance it as //
"2016-06-22 14:10:37"
Is Your Nearest Hospital a Catholic Institution?
\\is your nearest hospital Catholic institution if you live in Alaska Iowa Washington Wisconsin or South Dakota there's a good chance it as more than 40 percent of the queue care beds in those 5 states are Catholic owner affiliated according to merger watch an organization that tracks hospital mergers it's a growing trend all over the country in 2001 the largest Catholic healthcare systems controlled 259 hospital by 2016 they controlled 384 as US hospitals are struggling morn morna merging with Catholic institutions now one in every 6 hospital beds is in a Catholic owned or affiliated facility for many that means certain treatments specifically in relation to reproduction and end of life care aren't available at the closest facility what's more there are 45 Catholic hospitals that are the only option for miles around meaning patients without resources to travel well they won't be able to get those treatments even if their health depends on it and they may not realize until it's too late more and more hospitals across the country are affiliated with the Catholic health system but patients don't always know what that means so what does Catholic healthcare actually look like //
"2016-06-21 13:58:57"
Dropping Out Of The Workforce To Care For A Child Is Astonishingly Expensive
\\O. M. G. are you serious well yeah I don't think I can afford that he made a decision before a man we ... had a baby that if we were gonna have a can we could only afford have one child the first person to find out pretty was pregnant was he at a daycare provider than we were on like 5 wait lists are and this is the pay what is essentially more than rent where just trying to kind of steel ourselves for ... I am very lean times we're going to definitely have to make sacrifices to pay for child care for 2 kids who are not yet in school fees and stay at home dad while I bring home the bacon please I'm a doctor and I like to pick up extra shifts when I wear mine any salary and we pay her verses my take home pay I basically work for children NDA more I work the more people I see tomorrow paid so the machine do you feel like you got time to see her no go and so yes so it's just really hard costs and failing to okay well I that is how high holy crap file yeah thank goodness I had family that was able to come in support ... because if we didn't have that and I would have had to stop working basically I we assume that I would have to take time off for a second child if we wanted to have as I can tell because just the cost care for 2 children greatly greatly away ... what I make even if I did have sort of an instinct that we couldn't afford for me to stop working even as it feels like we can't afford childcare it's just a really tough spot to be it if for whatever reason something happened that like her daycare didn't work out in anyway feels like I don't have a lot of our if something happens to me there where in trouble these numbers make me feel I feel super responsible to take care my family I I really would love to spend more time with her but I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to reenter the workforce to do work that I care about and you know later on down the road for a country that talks about like wanting to support families and like families being so critical we have way too few options the options that we have don't seem like it fits with like where we want to be as a country or playing crazy amounts of money and ... it none of us even feel good about where we're sending our kids were putting all the American families in this impossible choice //
"2016-06-16 21:00:45"
The Gun Lobby Knew What It Was Doing
\\how many thousands of people have died whose deaths might have been prevented if we had been able to answer those questions 20 years ago and all the questions since or self potentially meaning to policies I make it firearms that would have adverse of industry if I'm a vested interest and I'm concerned that research might be used true change policy in ways that are averse to my vested interest what better thing to do I choke off the production of the research in the first place it she did it was frankly really if the gun lobby she's the research as hostile to their position that's because they've arrived at a judgment that in fact the evidence is counter to their positions I'm a scientist I have not arrived at that judgment we don't at this point know what the outcomes of those studies would be //
"2016-06-15 13:52:40"
Every Public Health Crisis Has Been Addressed By Turning To The Research — Except Gun Violence
\\uhhuh country that ordinarily turns its back on science and innovation take motor vehicles 15 years ago now we faced an epidemic we've got scientists involved we gave them research funding for research we said give us answers policymaker stood ready put those hands policies programs 2 years later the motor vehicle related 3 has percent even though we drive much more we've done it for heart disease done it for cancer were in the in the early stages of doing this with opioids inherent there's this one there's firearm violence where we consistently consciously deliberately turned our back on the tools that we ordinarily use to address tough problems more than 30000 people a year die from firearm by it's more than from motor vehicle rates haven't changed in a decade we are making no progress //
"2016-04-22 12:33:05"
5 Reasons To Be (Cautiously) Optimistic About Our Planet
\\as global temperatures rise and polar ice caps now we're here to bring love and hope to user here are 5 reasons you can be cautiously optimistic about the future of our planet number one Cole is in retreat China has been reducing its use of Colson's it's gotten close it's last call planned in March not one 3 major coal companies in the U. S. far from bankruptcy in January to the economy is getting a book renewable energy inefficient technology are just approving they're getting cheaper and for the second year in a row the world's economy grew while CO 2 emissions from what that means that for the first time since before the industrial pollution the strength of the global economy is not tied to carve number 3 political pressure is building ingen the pup put out isn't that good golf on the moral imperative to address climate change and it had an impact all over the world meanwhile some U. S. politicians are finding it easier to admit that the climate is changing one raise them scientists are louder than ever about the real world dangers of inaction number 4 so world is standing up from Australia to prove the public is fighting for the planet Bangladesh has seen a wave of protests against several new clothes residents on one tie island successfully put a new coal project on hold twice and after public outcry feel Bahman initiation put on hold plants to grow 5 global powers are taking action in 2014 the U. S. and China pave the way for major climate negotiations between developed and developing countries as a result nearly 200 nations came together for the historic Paris deal agreeing not to burn most of the world's fossil fuels already some countries are making good on this problem so face during feel more optimistic that is well it's a start not nearly enough maybe now you'll turn off those lights when you leave the room accumulating in the earth result of human CO 2 emissions is equal to the heat released by 400000 here she might Tomek bombs sporting across the planet every single day //
"2016-04-14 18:55:54"
How Voting Restrictions Could Sway The 2016 Election
\\2016 Democrats face off with Republicans and millions of voters in 17 states faced new restrictions on the ballot box in 9 of those states early voting hours and the number of polling places have been drastically cut the results really really really long lines in one county in Arizona the number of polling places were cut from 200 to 60 some voters waited up to 5:00 hours and polling places ran out of ballots then there are the voter ID laws by the way nearly every state we just talked about also has voter ID Texas is law one of the most restrictive in the country is currently being challenged in federal court but the lost still stands for now and while it does an estimated 600000 eligible voters primarily poor black and Hispanic lack the required ID Wisconsin's in north Carolina's voter ID laws are also being taken to court as for the process of getting an ID well Alabama closed 31 driver's license offices in October and more than half of Wisconsin steam fees are only open 2 days a week combined over 114000000 people live in the 17 states come November these laws Consuegra zones I ... //
"2016-04-11 18:52:44"
The Refugee Crisis Is Not Just In Europe
\\every day more than 42000 people flee their homes according to the UN that means were saying more displaced the world ever seen the European Union experiencing the largest globally displaced people and its frontline states struggling under the weight to relieve some of the pressure the EU struck a controversial deal that anyone entering grace well be deported back to Turkey but the crisis isn't just you did you know that a number of displaced people in in the last Jane since October 2015 U. S. border agents have arrested almost 80000 central American children 25 and all over Africa IT persecution are driving more more 38000 people have already fled escalating there are 4 regions and it failed emperor Andi sports more than 220000 refugees despite your wars around the world violence and this global crisis shows no signs isn't that something 3 states the laws that criminalized HIV //
"2016-03-18 18:55:16"
The Unprecedented Obstruction Of Obama's Supreme Court Pick
\\one third of all US presidents appointed a Supreme Court justice in elections the last 1 was justice Anthony Kennedy who sits on the Supreme Court right now Kennedy was nominated by president Reagan in November of 1987 was confirmed in February 1988 that was the year that president George HW bush ran against Michael Dukakis for that justice Frank Murphy was appointed by FD are in the same year that Roosevelt won reelection Murphy it firmed just 12 days 319 0 in 1980 the average nominee waited only 59 days for since 1980 that average has jumped to 113 days but no nominee has ever waited more than 125 days to be firms are rejected by the same when president Obama nominated judge Merrick garland Obama had 309 days left in his term so clearly history was on the side of giving garland hearing and history is on the side of giving garland of votes and the American people on that to several polls show that a majority of the American people want the Senate to hold a vote before the election so isn't that so merely 6000000 Americans convicted of felony offenses couldn't vote in 2014 that doesn't just include people behind bars //
"2016-03-14 17:42:37"
Taking Away The Right To Vote Has Real Consequences
\\nearly 6000000 Americans convicted of felony offenses couldn't vote in 2014 that doesn't just include people behind bars 75 percent of those disenfranchised voters were on probation parole or had already completed their sentences and one more than 60 percent of the prison population are minorities these laws disproportionately affect people of color that's especially true in 4 states where if you commit a felony you may never vote began Florida is one of those states and almost a quarter of its black citizens are disenfranchised these votes are not inconsequential one study found that a Florida us balance had voted in 2000 Al Gore would have been president the good news some states are starting to reconsider well made in Vermont have always allowed voting behind bars 5 states have relaxed their license 2008 that includes Maryland which in February and restored voting rights to 40000 ex offenders isn't that something 2015 the number of hate groups America increased 14 percent in fact that's the first time in 3 years that that number has grown //
"2016-03-10 21:10:57"
The Endorsement Game: Ted Cruz
\\welcome to the endorsement de this week are lucky candidate is Ted Cruz so candidate Cruz let's meet your suit are over here we have no problems you might recognize him as the star of duck dynasty but bill is also known for calling marriage equality evil he enjoys long walks on the beach and thinks that black people were happy in the Jim crow south next we have Monday that goal Mike is an evangelical pastor he loves deep conversations and watching movies Mike once that Hitler was a hunter sent by god to go after the Jews who didn't convert to Christianity area it believes that homosexuality opens the door to the demonic realm and that Oprah Winfrey is the forerunner of the anti cry and we have jury Newman Troy is the president of the controversial pro life group operation rescue and a board member center for medical progress you know the group under indictment for secretly filming meetings with Planned Parenthood is hobbies include romantic candlelit dinners praising the killing of abortion doctors and calling women who have abortions murderer or and finally we have the linemen bag Glenn is a conservative radio personality his hobbies include spending time with his family and spouting paranoid anti government rhetoric he compared Al Gore to the Nazis the call president Obama our race there is also claimed healthcare reform was the end of the constitution the government use the census to increase labor a and white Americans are pretty much does so which endorsement will drag proofs use it out on the trail all of the crews campaign as a brace every single one of these men that's our show please join us again it's been an amazing evening //
"2016-03-04 14:33:01"
Criminalizing HIV Doesn't Do Anything To Help Anyone
\\33 states have laws that criminalize HIV these laws most of which date back to the height of the aids epidemic mean that a person with HIV can be sent to jail just for having any sexual contact without disclosing their status a recent study from the university of Minnesota found that most men who have sex with men don't even know if their state has such a law basically manner having Kondylis anal sex at the same rate whether there's a lot or not however those who believe that their states criminalized HIV actually engaged in higher rates of risky behavior and that's not all 2 earlier studies found that these laws actually dis incentivize people from getting tested just to avoid liability that makes it even harder to fight the epidemic it's not just that the laws don't work they're totally out data for example we now know that treatment significantly reduces the risk of transmitting the virus these laws don't have anything to do with promoting public health we're just convicting people living with HIV for having a sex life isn't that something in 2014 just 2 percent but ESPN SportsCenter coverage focused on women's sports that figure has remained flat since 1999 //
"2016-03-02 16:40:25"
How The Republicans Paved The Way For Donald Trump, Explained In 2 Minutes
\\this is been an amazing evening you have to be born in the country spares no birth certificate is only a certificate of live birth which is a totally different thing in a much much lower standard ... being in that Donald trump's magnificent hotel and having his endorsement is a delight when Mexico sends its people they're not sending their best they're bringing drugs they're bringing crime they're rapists and some I assume are good people I like Donald Trump gold he's brash I salute Donald Trump for focusing on the need to address illegal immigration are you could see there was blood coming out of our eyes ... outlet coming out of her wherever and I think it's a it's a net positive for everybody and I also think it's an indicator that there's a lot of folks out there that are just sick and tired of Washington and I think Donald trump's tapped into that negotiating with with Japan negotiating with China what these people walk in there that are safe well hello how's the weather so beautiful outside they say we want deal Mr trump told me yesterday he supports you over Hillary Clinton if you get the nomination would you support him yeah I would of course Donald J. trump is calling for a total and complete shut of Muslims entering the United States I understand why Donald made that proposal clearly he's the front runner ... he's saying things that a lot of people agree with this trump sweeping 7 states now vowing to unite the Republican Party see the point that I was just on the US me then the sound of political move not because you run across even more male cast of his have taken 9 you not quiet //
"2016-02-26 19:25:06"
States Are Wasting A Lot Of Money Drug Testing Welfare Applicants
\\10 states spent over $850000 drug testing welfare applicants in 2050 tennis is a federal program that provides temporary cash payments to needy families but states administer the money this particular states passed laws trying assistance to screenings ever test comes back positive or can't be completed assistance is denied in 2015 about 100000 citizens applied for assistance in the states just 321 test came back positive in Arizona and Michigan not one test was positive in fact the results show that the general public uses drugs at a higher rate than these tests came back positive and where is all the money coming from well screenings are usually charge to the states which you're already operating on a limited budget but at least one state fuel protests to Medicaid don't worry there is some good news at the end of 2014 court rulings forced Georgia and Florida to abandon their and the recent trend of proposing similar laws and stay across the country seems to be slowing down isn't that something we signed up for overdraft protection from their bank are more likely to pay fees than those who don't that's because overdraft protection means the opposite of what it sounds like //
"2016-02-25 19:36:49"
Election 2016 shouldn't be a high school popularity contest
\\I agree that al Sharpton here's why I'm angry we are in a personality primary season rather than a policy people are ignoring the serious problems that are giving people paying and giving people display on the ground we got to stop acting like this is a high school most popular in class election and deal what was real on the ground cool //
"2016-02-24 18:58:15"
More And More Women Are Unwilling To Accept Shame For Their Abortions
\\the more that we hide and ... act like we have to whisper it and act like it's a secret it furthers the the sense that it's it's so bad in some way or it's wrong I believe it's my friends well for a long time that it's hard to get pregnant turns out it's not true then about 1995 I found myself with a 6 month old child and ... my husband went to work 1 day and he didn't come home when I became pregnant I wasn't a super mentally healthy I had very little money I was working a job that was I think $5 an hour I didn't think that I could be the parent that I wanted to be at that time with the sports that I had so I had an abortion a couple weeks into this I discovered that I was pregnant I had an abortion that I knew very clearly that my obligation with my 6 month old and I'm not gonna feel sorry about that having that abortion made it possible for me to build a career to get a college education to to to build up a healthy and strong and and whole life abortion stories are as diverse as the people who have them it's part of our culture and it's important for us to ... not hide it it's amazing to me that it is so stigmatized and it's treated as some sort of aberration when it's really a part of everyday life for for so many women we have been raised and lived with 3040 years of anti abortion rhetoric and the cacophony of shame and hate that's thrown Antanas the stigma the shaming the bullying it has no place in our society any longer there are a lot of us out here and we're stronger together but I thought I was just on the US me for the damn Phyllis found with the lowest common not because you run across even more male cast of his 529 you not played //
"2016-02-19 20:53:27"
There's So Much Hate, We Can't Even Track It All
\\2015 the number of hate groups in America increased 14 percent in fact that's the first time in 3 years that that number has grown so why so much hate well according to the Southern Poverty Law Center which tracks hate groups the increase in membership can be at least partially attributed to hateful comments made by college that's Donald J. trump is calling for a total and complete shut down of Muslims entering the United States and this Islamism is a very specific and a profoundly dangerous threat with these groups aren't just growing there moving online that makes them really really hard track that 14 percent number for 2015 those are only the groups how about Southern Poverty Law Center actually thinks hate groups away we figured so was the political mainstream continues to spew hateful xenophobic rhetoric trackers expect these numbers to keep going up it's not something 0.3000000 citizens live in households with undocumented immigrants the very same immigrants who qualify for president Barack Obama's deportation relief plan //
"2016-02-18 17:13:46"
Republicans Make The Case for Confirming Judges During an Election Year
\\good strong leaders people who share the same spirit about the need to get confirmation done quickly starting with the Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell democratic college contrarily talk about the so called Fuhrman rule under which the Senate supposedly stops confirming judges in a presidential election year perished no such rule we as members of the Senate have a responsibility to move judicial nominees we should not be playing games there are plenty of examples of confirmation judges in presidential election years during the fall the reality is Senate has never stop removing judicial nominees during the last president's trial as president I have a constitutional responsibility to nominate qualified men and women for public office and now my call to the United States Senate is yes rise to your responsibilities give these nominees the vote they deserve and confirm them as soon as possible //
"2016-02-12 16:02:45"
Meet the minors risking their lives to come to America — alone.
\\typical approach with total will go up depends on the age to yeah yes okay the primrose but people you know assignments so I thought I sent last Monday as me then the sound of political move not because you learn a lot because even the male cast of his 529 you not played in any network address muscles not on his balls well yeah I mean my no woman etcetera not a lot of fun you get concerned about that in one of those you know you know how the scuffed half crying has some of that message about the Hennessy has assembled because I'm in a cell in one I am I gonna shown us our own shoppers Anne this for their summer thing and that to me at all I for because the national what are the US ... soon innocent and gone from you okay because look at that house fought okay just also deep story nothing after an article again in the theater and as I like about Amir and is this the end as he was about Tommy and but it's not bad color you learn how to share memories because heck he I have little less Sandoval because comes up against an article meal as a bubbly feasted on gays my book without getting all the but I ask okay tell god that don't want this is quite a lot because so much of our.fatal mis hit the mountain in the us a couple meals canoeing cautious can only hope when my father she he I come rushing water crime does just act but be a heck it either I'm really I'm just vice we get a jump on C. has burning in studying my daughter Jessica Redfield galley ... was killed in the Aurora theater massacre it took me saying 6 people dead on the sidewalk eyes open mouths gaping fingers curled before I said to myself time for you //
"2016-02-11 14:14:27"
Follow the line: Does raising the minimum wage hurt the economy?
\\I ... maze economic yeah for the very people that tried to have would have to liquidate very work that the federal minimum wage was intended 8 will find himself out minimum wages because movies in an employment than anything since the Great Depression youth unemployment and black unemployment will drastically ride are gonna be a lot of young people will lose their job in a lot of black the minimum wage increase cost our industry since Paul was the only person with the votes to be speakers he had the leverage to secure family Jessica could not I felt like I'd done something wrong //
"2016-01-29 22:29:12"
The Environmental Disaster Nobody Is Talking About
\\California's gas lake has released almost 90000 metric tons of math and since October that's the equivalent of $14000000 worth of natural gas and the environmental effects it's about equal to putting an extra 1.4000000 cars that's right this is pretty much California's biggest league so cal gas which owns the leaking storage facility doesn't know what caused the rapture and stopping this volcano of gas it's complicated expect it'll take about another month but don't worry the west is the largest consumer of natural gas in the world we have about 400 storage facilities like this so it's just a matter of time before this happens again isn't that something on average 22 veterans die by suicide every day that's due to stigma and issues in the mental healthcare system //
"2016-01-27 21:16:18"
Your Water Might Not Be That Much Safer Than Flint's
\\you've heard about the water contamination crisis plaguing flint Michigan well now another U. S. city is grappling with similar problems get its leaders ignore warning signs pointing to dangerous amounts of lead in the drinking water you may be surprised to learn that the problem is an isolated to just those 2 areas in Houston county Alabama 58 percent of test the children showed signs of lead in their blood and 9 other counties told the federal government that 10 percent or more of their lead poisoning tests came back positive and those are only the cases we know about in 201450 percent of counties didn't even report their data meaning that many more children supposed to wed and suffer irreversible brain damage I love this exposure conscripted kidneys and nervous system and even cause death one by the way it lead poisoning impacts black children more than twice as frequently as Rachel this problem is 100 percent affordable so why the heck haven't we done something about it Donald Trump is out with a tax plan that he claims will create a rocket ship for the economy but it is in fact trump's family that may stand to gain the most //
"2016-01-22 15:30:58"
Roe vs Wade: A Bittersweet Anniversary
\\in the last 5 years 31 states have passed 288 laws restricting access to abortion in fact more abortion restrictions have been passed it's 2010 than during any other 5 year period after roe versus Wade these laws require women to undergo mandatory waiting periods medically unnecessary ultrasounds and much more and the cost of these are checked are transferred onto the women themselves 69 percent of whom are low income that hardships is more than some women can bear for example in Texas a state with some of the most restrictive laws in the country at least 100000 disenfranchised women have taken matters into their own hands I tried to self induce an abortion roe versus Wade turns 43 this year but women especially low income women have been denied the full benefits of this landmark because she's not decision for decades isn't that something n't women earn less than men in every single industry and every job //
"2016-01-15 18:21:29"
The Solar Industry Is Driving The U.S. Economy
\\2015 the American soul and street at a jobs 12 times faster than the rest economy in fact it's going 100 23 percent since 2010 in the industry keeps expanding last year Obama announced a new program to train veterans to work in the solar industry recently Congress actually extended a tax cut for Solaris with that tax credit some estimate that by 2020 the US oil industry will double the number of jobs now after puts capacity it was not something California just became the first state to ban antibiotics in livestock no longer with the state's primary spiel to pump their cows chickens and pigs it's human antibiotics to spur growth and prevent the spread of disease and I'm healthy living conditions //
"2016-01-12 18:57:01"
15 Years of Gun Mentions in the State of Union...In Less Than 2 Minutes
\\I ask responsible leaders in the gun industry to work with us on smart guns and other steps to keep guns out of the wrong hands to keep our children safe breaker I'm speaker vice president Biden my 2 months since new town more than 1000 birth dates graduations anniversaries have been stolen from our lives by a bullet from a gun citizenship means standing up for the lives that gun violence steals from us each day I have in my 6 years in office I have seen America at its best but more with grieving families in Tucson the new town lottery Jessica Redfield galley ... was killed in the Aurora theater massacre it took me saying people dead on the sidewalk eyes open mouths gaping fingers curled before I said to myself time for you to //
"2016-01-07 21:00:48"
My gun violence story could become your gun violence story.
\\having stood there on the stage with president Obama street day it was surreal very very surreal and very very profound for me because I felt like I was finishing the work of my father that I too would be approach create stimulate some some wonderful change for this country that was going to save lives and that that would be my son's legacy uhhuh I Jessica Redfield galley ... was killed in the Aurora theater massacre it took me saying 6 people dead on the sidewalk eyes open mouths gaping fingers curled before I said to myself time for you to I'm the mother of a young man who shot and killed in Jacksonville Florida and I was never involved in gun violence until I lost my 6 year old son Dylan at sandy hook school our daughter Allison was murdered on 8/26/2015 on live television Obama's executive actions that he's taking are so welcomed I think we are all very proud that he did something when Congress wouldn't and he stood up when Congress want president Obama has taken this action because Congress fuses to get out of the grip of the NRA 50 years ago or even 30 years ago the NRA was not of organization it promoted safety sensible use of guns if our legislators are not willing to be accountable to the citizens of the United States and keeping them safe so that we're not in fear of being gunned down then what else can he do for the people in the GOP it's all about money and it's all about being indebted to the gun lobby and for the president and for us it's about blood I can't think of any reasonable person that would object to trying to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people unless we move forward and an axe safer gun laws in many different measures my story can easily become your story mmhm //
"2015-12-31 14:19:43"
The space program has revolutionized our daily lives.
\\NASA's on a journey to Mars that will lead American astronauts to an asteroid in the 20 twenties and the red planet in the 20 thirties as you view this astronauts are living and working in space aboard the international space station paving the way for long duration space missions to destinations like Mars NASA continues to develop the technologies that will drive space exploration these include the Orion spacecraft in the space launch system rocket the foundations for a journey to Mars these technologies we developed for space exploration have many benefits right here honors in a relatively short period of time the space program has revolutionized the way we practice medicine purify our water wear eyeglasses obtain television and radio signals stay safe on our highways protect our firefighters fear babies power our electrical grid and lie down for a night's sleep just think of what will come up with next and imagine what it will be like in the 20 thirties when American astronauts take their first steps on Mars now isn't that something //
"2015-12-18 16:40:02"
Hey Sports Fans, You're Being Screwed!
\\in 2014 just 2 percent but ESPN SportsCenter coverage focused on women's sports that figure has remained flat since 1999 meanwhile coverage of the big 3 men's boards football basketball and baseball is actually increased over the last 5 years the good news is that since title 9 was enacted significantly more women participate a greater number of sports and when Americans can watch women's sports on TV they do in the rose the unequal treatment of women's athletics perpetuates the notion that watching and playing sports is inherently mask and that that only marginalizes the mock Latics it limits the experience for sports fans of all genders now is not something women earn less than men every single industry and every job //
"2015-12-16 18:07:30"
Profiling Doesn't Work
\\right yeah I get I food that you can go into Russian bar could have friends all over the world there there's really no other place like I love American culture because it's even we will say it like it is but we also respect lots of different people NPI I'm here a practicing Muslim I'm I'm a Hindu and Muslim I'm a Sikh which is ... an offshoot of Hinduism I'm a sick American pie and was no sooner Shia sect doesn't matter I am Muslim my religion is Islam I'm Muslim my religion is sick is a most 0 refugees who have been resettled in the United States after the 911 attacks not one has been charged with domestic terrorism //
"2015-12-11 19:35:55"
Why President Obama Is The Biggest Driver Of Gun Sales
\\the biggest driver of gun sales in America is president Obama that's right people buy guns after terrorist attacks or mass shootings but folks really rushed to the stores after president Obama cause for expanded background checks sales have more than doubled over the last 10 years in we'd buy more guns than anyone else anywhere else in the world according to federal background check data compiled by the New York times gun sales spike every time lawmakers call for greater gun restrictions including in places like New Jersey Maryland and New Orleans after hurricane Katrina we're in a vicious cycle gun violence leads to calls for greater gun restrictions calls for greater gun restrictions we took god sales spikes in gun sales spikes lead to even greater gun violence that wasn't that's 6 3000000 citizens live in households with undocumented immigrants the very same immigrants who qualify for president Barack Obama's deportation relief plan //
"2015-12-10 19:09:08"
How Republicans Became The Party Of Islamophobia
\\mmhm someone speak tonight directly to Muslims throughout the world we respect your face the terrorists have hijacked a peaceful religion and what does your family live only in the name of Allah blaspheme we welcome global face in America RJ chop is calling for a total and complete chapter of Muslims entering the United States until high contrast representatives figure out what the hell is going on America regex bigotry after mass shooting we as a nation debate the merits of strengthening gun safety laws or improving the mental health care system but what if we could do //
"2015-12-08 17:50:49"
Judge not lest ye be judged, the quiz game
\\I ... I ... the 700 0 refuge who have been resettled in the United States at not one charged with //
"2015-12-03 16:46:01"
Thoughts and prayers are cheap unless you're the NRA
\\senator Mitch McConnell this loss of innocent life in San Bernardino defies explanation our thoughts are with the victims and their families representative Ken block I'm praying for the victims in San Bernardino as well as the safety of law enforcement officers as they pursue these evil doers representative Rene Elmer's the San Bernardino shooting victims their families and first responders are in my thoughts and prayers this evening representative Steve Womack praying for San Bernardino representative Bob Goodlatte my prayers are with San Bernardino please keep this community in the victims and their families in your thoughts representative Darrell isa my thoughts and prayers are with those impacted by the senseless shooting today in San Bernardino representative Peter Roskam please keep San Bernardino in your thoughts and prayers this evening our hearts are heavy for the victims and their families representative Louie Gohmert my thoughts and prayers are with those in San Bernardino representative and house speaker Paul Ryan please keep the victims of San Bernardino California in your prayers //
"2015-12-02 18:50:18"
Why The Paris Climate Change Talks Are So Important
\\the heat accumulating in the earth as a result of human CO 2 emissions is equal to the heat released by 400000 here she might Tomek bombs exploding across the planet every single day this month nearly the entire world is meeting in Paris to hammer out a global agreement that would ameliorate the consequences of this kind of climate change but this is just the beginning the nations of the world have agreed to keep long term warming of the planet below 3.6°F the bare minimum for avoiding disaster at sea level increases heat waves and massive food shortages before kicking off the Paris conference participating countries submitted pledges that would hold temperature increases 0.3°F insuring that nations will have to crank up their commitments over time we can all reduce our carbon footprint with actions like taking one or 2 if your plane rights per year even list need trying for miles internal the lights off when we leave a room but for real change league governments to come together in Paris and take action n't water solar news the cheapest it's the cheapest it's the healthiest it's the cleanest and its existing technology we can do it right now in fact 3 American cities have already become fully Sistine //
"2015-11-30 13:45:55"
Obama's Immigration Actions Could Decide The Election
\\6.3000000 citizens live in households with undocumented immigrants these are the same immigrants who qualify for president Barack Obama's deportation relief plans in 20161 0.5000000 of the citizen relatives will be eligible to vote by 2020 and that number jumps a 2.25 0 as more and more children reach 0 age and these voters comprise sizeable and potentially decisive portion of battleground states like Nevada Florida and Colorado rapid demographic changes are providing voters of color with great potential to influence future elections an eligible voters with a direct connection to undocumented immigrants who would qualify for deportation relief could very well swing the next election now isn't that something npower foreign yet is the third and by far the largest states passed automatic voter registration beginning in 2016 every eligible Californian who goes to a D. M. V. to gather renewal license or state ID will be registered to vote unless they opt out //
"2015-11-23 18:04:42"
Women Earn Less Than Men In Every Single Industry
\\women earn less than men in every single industry and every job they get lower salaries right out of college and will make less than a minute agree education level in fact that cap expands a decline of the education ladder women with page dis for example earned 5.4 percent less than men the same coffee find out why this is happening economists have control for every factor from work experience to college major number of hours worked and found that some of the gaps campy explained and may very well be due to plain old disco but there's a glimmer of hope on the horizon California has passed a bill to require employers to pay men and women the same for similar work and to let workers talk about their pay with each other and now a Republican senator in a tough reelection race has introduced similar legislation now isn't that something for draft banks are more likely to pay fees than those who don't that's because overdraft protection means the opposite of what it sounds like banks are protecting your money protecting your pride for charging //
"2015-11-19 16:55:53"
The Most Passionate Plea For Accepting Syrian Refugees, From A Member of Congress
\\my name is Luis Gutierrez and here's what really pisses me off when I see human tragedies like the terrorism that occur in Paris Paris murder sassy and then see politician exploit that tragedy and that that create a tree bigotry against poor Syrian refugee Muslims being a sock being about isis and saying there's no place for them in America there's a place for them really pissed me off when they use a human tragedy create even more image I'm //
"2015-11-17 21:11:53"
The Case For Accepting Syrian Refugees...In One Minute
\\of the 750000 refugees who have been resettled in the United States after the 911 attacks not one has been charged with domestic terrorism in the aftermath of the Paris attacks 25 governors called a moratorium Syrian refugees arguing that we can allow terrorists to slip through the cracks but the families who are fleeing ISIS are the primary victims of its tear they experience a Paris attack every single day in there intimately familiar with the explosions that beheadings and the torture that ISIS unleashes America's complex and multilayered refugee resettlement program can take up to 3 years meaning it's the least likely pathway for terrorists determined to enter the country stigmatizing Moslems undermines global anti terror efforts and refusing refugees entry into the United States the roads American values and plays right into the hands of terrorists or trying to divide us I travel to the third largest mosque in America and spoke to imam Mohammed Majid community leader who has already cancelled several teenagers away from joining the terrorist group they use the most ... distorted concept of into between Texas and his son like this //
"2015-11-16 21:23:05"
Paris Attacks Unleash A New Wave Of Islamophobia
\\I ... new at 11 protesters fan out in front of a Portland mosque blaming Muslim members for Friday's deadly attacks inherits the caller threatened a violently killed the entire congregation means of a fire at a mosque near Toronto is being called a deliberate act of arson this was the seen this morning in a suburb outside of the city we have to put political correctness aside Chris we have to have surveillance in the Muslim communities well you did after watching the study the mosque because a lot of talk is going on at the mosques and I think we should have ... and focus our efforts as relates to refugees from the Christians are being slaughtered are you concerned at all about the backlash that can create again also breed hatred and the hatred the fact creat is already hatred Richard is incredible you think they take with great people that it's that it's already there is a very very sad situation multi culturalism as defined by the waft is providing a profound danger to all of the society's values that were fighting against thyself for more precisely that we do we don't discriminate against people because of their faith //
"2015-11-13 16:54:15"
Care To Gamble Your College Debt On A Game Of Beer Pong?
\\care to gamble your college dead on the game of beer pong let's mean our players on the right hailing from the great state of New York via the state department it's Hillary's new college compact and on the way from the green mountain state it's Bernays college for all whacked with tuition increasing 1100 percent of the last 30 years the average student isn't tens of thousands of dollars of debt OneNote or Hillary's plan the federal government will throw in 17.$5000000000 a year it states that agreed to be part of a compact insuring that families don't have to take out loans to cover tuition at a 4 year public university families would contribute to tuition based on how much they can afford though they probably have to take out loans to cover living in under Bernie's plan you're basically chugging until all the tuition is gone his plan would throw $47000000000 of federal money per year to eliminate all tuition and public universities benefiting everyone including the wealthy person not even a Cup left to re rack both Hillary and Bernie would allow students currently shouldering 1.$2000000000000 of debt to refinance it at more affordable rates and they would both pay for their plans by increasing taxes on the wealthy but even with Hillary super complicated plan in Bernie's really expensive plan students would still pay a pretty penny for books housing and all those other college costs Donald Trump has an immigration policy that matches is hot rhetoric the proposal works like this number one build a wall and make Mexico pay for it //
"2015-11-06 15:29:43"
Your Food Just Got A Little Healthier
\\California just became the first state to ban antibiotics in livestock no longer with the state's primary spiel to pump their cows chickens and pigs if human antibiotics disparate growth and prevent the spread of disease and I'm healthy living conditions those drugs can create super bugs that won't respond to regular antibiotics and end up affecting 2000000 Americans each year and killing 23000 the Golden State is home to the third largest livestock industry in the country by California's meat producers remains neutral on the ballot in just 7 lawmakers voted against the growing number of restaurant chains have also been to meet treated with antibiotics from their stories adding momentum to the movement insuring that drug free me become a reality now isn't that something average 22 veterans die by suicide every day that's due to stigma and issues in the mental healthcare system //
"2015-11-04 16:47:57"
This Federal Employee Challenges Paul Ryan Over Flippant Family Leave Answer
\\here's the newly elected speaker of the house Paul right he's the father of 3 young children I cannot and I will not give up my family time on the left is just ... for a federal employee with her son Jack I had been a federal employee for 7 years and stayed up all of my vacation in all of my sick leave and then at that point we started thinking maybe we should have a kid since Paul was the only person with the votes to become house speaker he had the leverage to secure family time Jessica Kahan I felt like I'd done something wrong because it shouldn't be that hard in the most developed country in the world America is the only industrialized nation without a national family leave in fact just 12 percent of Americans receive family leave from their employers the rate is less than half of that for low income families as a result wonder for first time mothers quit their jobs or are fired after having a baby having a child and my job was an inconvenience not a celebration now lawmakers have introduced legislation that would give mothers like Jessica up to 12 weeks of paid leave through an insurance like program that's jointly funded by employers and employees but Paul isn't buying it so if you're asking me because I want to spend I wanna continue being the best dad and husband and speaker I can be getting that work life balance correct means I should sign up for some new unfunded entitlement that doesn't make any in 2009 Paul voted against a bill that would have provided Jessica and other federal employees with 4 weeks of paid parental so I guess the one thing which will younger self was to take a vacation because it would have mattered anyway I did everything right and it was still hard so people who stumble along the way I can only imagine how much worse it is for them Jeb bush wants to big you'll Primerica he's putting his own twist on his brother's classic tax cut pie recipe preheat your oven to 350 degrees and follow along //
"2015-10-30 19:24:59"
Overdraft Protection Isn't What You Think
\\people who sign up for overdraft protection from their banks are more likely to pay fees than those who don't that's because overdraft protection means the opposite of what it sounds like banks are protecting your money protecting your pride for charging you say stop for a Cup of coffee but you've only got 40 cents in your checking overdraft protection make sure the guy at the register doesn't know you can't afford a Cup of coffee but the bank takes $35 and no don't this article I got a copy to write confused don't worry you're not alone polling shows that overdraft protection is poorly understood and so reformers are asking the government to make some changes including requiring greater transparency and putting limits on the fees that banks can charge for the short term under the current system America's 3 biggest banks brought in 1.$1000000000 from overdraft fees alone in the first 3 months of 2015 they're on track to NET 4.5000000000 from the fees this year that's almost $20 for every American and I wasn't that something more than a third of the food produced worldwide is wasted each year but some 1.3000000000 tons of food //
"2015-10-28 19:16:14"
A Hotline For Homicide Prevention
\\early reports it could of been a tear gas that was so that and number of the military's most admired we do not know the gunman's identity or motive force yeah after mass shooting we as a nation debate the merits of strengthening gun safety laws or improving the mental health care system but what if we could decrease people's desire to kill James Campbell junior a psychiatry lecturer at Yale University I believe that we can do just that created saving a homicide prevention website saving Kane was intended to engage a would be shooter in a split second of dialogue for that person goes out and Kimmel see some mass shooters as revenge seekers craving justice through violence modeled on suicide prevention websites his site offers a crisis hotline for those getting ready to act for others there are more tools including something called the non justice system in an imaginary courtroom Kimmel's non justice system asks revenge seekers to role play as the judge or the defendant and the prosecutor the non justice system provides somebody who is craving justice in the form of revenge with a safer way to gratify that creating without harming themselves or anybody else and then be able to move on past according to know something about resisting violent urges while growing up in a Pennsylvania farm he was relentlessly bullied by high school classmates until ultimately his police killed his dog and blow up the family mail box after all of these years I'd had enough and I grabbed a loaded revolver and I jumped in my mother's car and I chased after at the very last second I had this little flash of insight or inspiration that if I killed them ID killing myself and that was just enough for me to take my hand off the gun close the door drive back down that lane and go home it saved my life that little flat duration putting people with the tools necessary to control their aggression should be a national priority Kimball says what we as humans owe it to ourselves and know it to our future generations to begin to ask the question what is our motive to kill and what can we do stop it in the 5 years after bush signs tender ground into law justifiable homicides in Florida triple from an average of 12 killings per year to 36 killing spree here //
"2015-10-23 15:53:12"
Automatic Voter Registration Could Save States Millions
\\California is the third and by far the largest states passed automatic voter registration beginning in 2016 every eligible Californian who goes to a D. M. V. together renewal license or state ID will be registered to vote unless they opt out automatic registration could boost the state's low turnout rates California was ranked 40 first in turn out in the 2012 election and bring a 6.6000000 citizens into the democratic process lawmakers across the nation are working on modernizing the election process 18 states plus Washington DC are considering similar proposals in an effort to reduce the burden on individual voters it states no longer have to spend millions of dollars fighting and registering voters they can use that money instead educate them make sure they actually show up to vote isn't that something //
"2015-10-22 22:06:21"
Hillary's Day of Mansplaining: Benghazi Edition
\\I mask has a simple pretty simple yes or no question I guess and I'm happy to let you expand happy to bring breakfast Dan but what we ask yes or no question it it should be helpful if we could get to that answer that's for it when the trick question at all a report to you and you're the chief diplomat at the United States go ahead and read the note if you need to if I I I have to ... I have a not so much done with my question I'm just giving you the courtesy of reading unknowns that's alright alright let me share with you my perspective if you need is a good time to read a note I'm happy to Paul's and I can pause while you're reading your notes from your staff well go ahead you finish reading and I'll start talking madam secretary I talk a little slower than everybody else so I lived in Arkansas a long time I needed as arbiter congressman's I clearly said that it was an attack and I also said that there were some who tried to justify a claim the pulses on the basis of the video congressman and I think about it real quick scolded attack is like say in the skies blue of course it was an attack I'll go ahead and and let you know ahead of time why it's relevant you knew that this was good for you or you just recited the Clinton doctrine to us and let me tell you what I think Clinton doctrine you don't want a secretary or anyone dipping in and out maybe making decisions based on factors other than what the professionals decide at least that is my very strong opinions yes ma'am leaders lead n't //
"2015-10-16 15:15:23"
22 U.S. veterans die by suicide every day
\\on average 22 veterans die by suicide every day that's due to stigma and issues in the mental healthcare system finger prevents veterans from seeking out the help they need it but even for those who do seek treatment many lack access to consistent quality care of big because it's the VA massive mental health providers shortage in 201360 percent of its Medical Center has had a hard time recruiting or retaining mental healthcare providers lawmakers in Congress have introduced legislation to set of mental health residency centers in rural and underserved areas that veterans are just waiting for the government around the country veterans are breaking down sigma by becoming mental healthcare professionals themselves now isn't that something //
"2015-10-14 16:12:19"
This little yellow pill can help you stop overpaying for your medications
\\mmhm do you dread going to the pharmacy only to find out the cost of your medication has increased by double digits are you fed up with paying higher premiums to cover the rising costs of prescriptions for your friends and neighbors luckily there's a better way called negotiation with negotiations the government can leverage its large customer base to bargain for lower prices negotiation has been extensively utilized in Canada and throughout the world reducing prescription costs by half and when negotiations not enough ask your secretary of health and Human Services tie the price of drugs to their effectiveness and to stimulate pharmaceutical companies to invest more in drug development instead of marketing your secretary can also institute monthly out of pocket limits on drugs the solutions are not for everyone pharmaceutical CIOS their investors and the lawmakers who benefit from their political donations may experience lower profits side effects may include a reduction in government healthcare spending and better drugs for patients if you and everyone else you know experiences a significant decrease in your premiums know that this is a common and very important scientific please enjoy Picasa my prescription skyrocketed before I discovered negotiation now I can afford my life saving medicine and take the time to enjoy the small things again don't forget to ask yourself if negotiation is right for you //
"2015-10-09 20:16:37"
Name That Democrat!
\\ //
"2015-10-09 14:10:43"
Here Is Why I'm Pissed: Rep. Keith Ellison
\\you know my name is congressman Keith Ellison in a pissed because we have so many children leaving shelters and other places where they are homeless going to school every day all across the United States in my home state of Minnesota in the city Minneapolis we have literally over 4000 little kids who leave shelters and go to school every day they're homeless children it doesn't have to happen not knowing which is country in the history of the world if you look at the mortgage interest deduction if you add up all the money it's 4 times more than the whole budget of high what if we decided house little kid save for a bowl //
"2015-10-08 15:57:38"
If Global Food Waste Were Its Own Country, It Would Look Like This
\\more than a third of the food produced worldwide is wasted each year but some 1.3000000000 tons of food if the greenhouse gas emissions associated with all that running food was a country it would be the third largest contributor to global warming behind China and the United States but things are starting to change just last month the US government issued its first ever target for reducing food waste 50 percent by 2030 I'll be the same as taking more than 24000000 cars off the road isn't that something //
"2015-10-05 16:21:33"
Here Is Why I'm Pissed: Robert Reich
\\here's why I'm pissed that we have in this country right now more income and wealth concentrated at the top and we've had since the robber Baron era of the Gilded Age but it's not just income and wealth it's also political power that goes with that income and wealth the real problem is the vicious cycle that's being created went changes in the market rules give that political power even more income and wealth so you see where we're heading and the only way out is really if the rest of us get United politically active and take back our economy into my //
"2015-10-02 17:24:21"
The most painful moments of Obama's presidency
\\there's been another mass shooting in America mmhm how this is become routine the reporting is routine my response here at this podium ends up being routine the conversation in the aftermath of the we become none to fix it is for fun fire it's not surprising that today Gabby was doing what she always does been to the hopes CERN's for neighbors that is the essence of what our democracy is all about my daughters go to the movies what if only inside should ban at the theater as so many markets do every day ... the show mildly fortune enough to hide our girls alongside her tonight I'm sure you will do the same with your children the majority of those who died today were children beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old they have their entire lives ahead of them birthdays graduations weddings kids of their own so ... we're confronting yet another mass shooting and today it happened on a military installation in our nation's capital any shooting this trouble obviously this really opens the pain of what happened for 5 years ago I had to make statements like this too many times communities like this that had 2 indoor tragedies like this too many times it is a heartbreaking circumstance for these individuals who served our country right now it the to be killed in this fashion this is a political choice that we make to allow this to happen every few months in America we collectively are answerable to those family //
"2015-09-30 17:02:43"
This Trump Sock Puppet Explains The Donald's Tax Plan
\\Donald Trump is out with a tax plan that he claims will create a rocket ship but the economy is in fact trump's family that may stand to gain the most here's why trump is worth 8737000005 $40000 current law when trump dies his children with pain estate tax and the portion of his estate that's valued above 5.$5000000 the tax impact the states of the wealthiest 22 percent of Americans and generates $246000000000 in revenue over 10 but if trump were to become president I'm really rich he would repeal that tax as a result trumps kids would save as much as 3.$5000000000 in the state taxes and sure could be a huge national revenue gap but I'm gonna make America great again trump isn't the only candidate who thinks a huge revenue cuts will have the middle class Jeb bush very low energy marker Rubio too young and almost every other Republican wants to repeal the estate tax everybody takes me very seriously //
"2015-09-30 12:57:20"
Here Is Why I'm Pissed: Lawrence Lessig
\\so here's why I'm pissed I'm a member of the Democratic Party my party has all the right values from Wall Street reform to taking on the problem of climate change but we're in the middle of a government that cannot fix these problems and until we fix that democracy first we cannot get onto the amazing things that we have to do as a democracy so I'm angry that we don't have a democracy just at the point that American needs it so desperately //
"2015-09-22 16:41:20"
The Biblical Case For Fighting Climate Change
\\as the pope urges Americans to fight climate change by replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources he's hoping to inspire more places like this one the Florida Avenue Baptist church in Washington DC Christian theology has encouraged the church to go one of the tenets of our faith we have to take care of creation that was early on in the book the first book in the book of genesis and so we have particular kind of cheers in fact some religious scholars pointed biblical passages such as numbers 3534 quote usual not defile the land in which you've lived in which I also did well it's racer whole consciousness of battle duh sustainability fat people at church upon solar in their homes scientists say this change can happen on a national scale the conventional feels are actually costing twice as much because of the healthy climate because of a mark Jacobson the scientists at Stanford University believes the United States can go completely green in 35 years his idea would look like this in 201381 percent of the power we generated came from fossil fuels like petroleum natural gas and coal the remaining 19 percent was sourced from nuclear hydro power solar wind and biomass under Jacobson's plans all 50 states with power their entire infrastructure their album Tricity transportation heating and cooling systems with the wind water and sunlight by 2050 80 percent of that conversion would take place by 2030 worse people aren't aware of what's technically and economically possible when water solar news the cheapest it's the cheapest is the healthiest it's the cleanest and its existing technology we can do it right now in fact 3 American cities have already become fully Sistine Hawaii has pledged to use 100 percent renewable electricity by 2045 just a couple minutes ago the Senate passed governor brown's landmark climate change legislation and California passed a bill controlling that renewable energy makes up half of all electricity sold in the state by 20 third so as these panels become more ubiquitous they'll help in short that since the lord god took the man and put him in the garden of Eden toward get that we could actually keep it Hey if you like this video and you want to see more scribe to the thing progress video YouTube leave a comment below or check out some of our other clips //
"2015-09-16 20:28:07"
Have A Slice Of Jeb Bush's Not-So-Delicious Tax Cut Pie
\\Jeb bush wants to big you'll Primerica he's putting his own twist on his brother's classic tax cut pie recipe preheat your oven to 350 degrees and follow along first you'll need a Cup 0.5 of lower taxes top brackets some 3 tablespoons of tax cuts on investment income rack in one tablespoon of earned income tax credit expansion add a pinch of standard deduction expansion for the entire mixture into a 9 inch pie shell bake for 45 minutes noon cuts cut this baby up the top one percent of Americans whose incomes average more than 1.7 $0 give more than half the pie and everybody else well they get a little sliver and that's not all this special bush recipe calls for lowering the corporate tax rate from 35 to 20 percent which mostly benefits those at but it eliminates the estate tax paid by only the wealthiest pushes quite of the tax cut pie will be nearly $100000 in higher after tax and how big will your might be Hey if you like this video and you wanna see more described the ThinkProgress video YouTube channel leave a comment below or check out some of our other clips //
"2015-09-11 16:47:23"
Why are American Catholics more progressive than Catholic doctrine?
\\pope Francis has shaken up Catholic traditions with this new more progressive approach to theology but as he embarks on his first visit to America the beliefs of most American Catholics may come as a shock to the holy father when the pew research center asked the largest religious group in the United States whether contraception or homosexual behavior sinful Catholics were as or even more likely than the general population to say no and though 57 percent of Catholics said that abortion is sinful less than half believe that it's essential to their religious identity here's the reason behind this so Catholic social teaching prohibits same sex marriage and abortion but actually pretty progressive on whole host of issues Khan in the environment so a lot of Catholics to why fetuses and use it James to sex and sexuality regardless of whether or not research and stuff like so not alone Unitarian Universalists evangelical Lutherans Presbyterians Episcopalians all are tipping the scale towards more accepting beliefs now that's something we can all celebrate //
"2015-09-01 15:32:15"
What Makes A Hero?
\\job for Superman he always seems but when do we mere mortals are you alright I think that most people actually have a first impulse help others Yale professor David right studies human cooperative behavior and analyzes why some people are willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good he has a theory if you recognize this is a situation where people need to be helped you have an impulse to run towards but if you stop and think about it you might realize overweight there's danger involved in running towards I should probably run away to show how this theory works we invited 4 ThinkProgress reporters to play a simple game designed by professor you're gonna be asked to write a number either 0 to 10 each person is $10 to keep or put into a canal apply the money in the pot doubles in is divided evenly between so you always make more by keeping but you're scoring of your neighbor Karen Jack will immediately write down how much stock laurel and Ian will think about it first ready set go got some of the same time 123 damn you are all the about rating 10 and I I really wish that do it medially MHS it really ... but I wasn't sure if everybody else was gonna put the money in and you think about $5 war is yes not that and percentage wise classic over deliberation but what happens when the stakes are higher say life or death an amazing story 2 U. S. marines credited with preventing a massacre today on board a packed train the heavily armed gunmen tackled as he was loading is A. K. 47 so they act impossible I didn't really happen paper or at a time it was really a conscious we just kind of action there wasn't much going on the start line and now I don't doctoring and found that the last time people have to deliberate the more likely they are to cooperate with the group but that doesn't mean that using your intuition will make you more altruistic my theory is that you're sort of intuitive default response depends on your life experiences so if you're a kind of person who in your daily life it's typically advantageous to help others then you internalize helping as your default because that's what typically works well but if you come from a place where you know in general people don't trust each other it's not safe for you work in an organization that rewards being cut throat ... then you may wind up ... internalizing not helping us your default because that's the thing that typically works well so what they are on the train playing games with your coworkers or trying to save the world unless you think the better off everyone else //
"2015-08-28 20:05:28"
Father Of Slain Journalist Makes The Most Compelling Case For Gun Control
\\we're joined now by someone who was obviously deeply touched by this Allison's father well you know hurt her life was cut short she had she had so much potential and you know it it's it's senseless that her life in Adam's life were taken by a crazy person with a gun and I you know I if I have to be the John Walsh ... gun control and yeah hi look I'm for the second amendment but there has to be away to force politicians veteran cowards in in the pockets of the NRA to come to grips and and it makes sense that have have sensible laws so that crazy people cannot get guns it can't be that hard and yet politicians from the local level to the state level to the to the national level they side step the issue they kick the can down the road this can't happen anymore because hit it up Allison was one of you guys this is got a hit home for journalists and if a journalist he get of journalists there are are are in our targets and we're not talking about ... you know someone's going to Syria being in the there is a vital in about kids that work to young people that were doing about 9 story about a marina opening or R. or celebration and and and someone in an a crazy person with a gun shoots them there's got to be a mechanism that gets put in place for that and I don't think that's unreasonable to do but steps and you know how many how many new towns are we gonna have how many same because how many people how many Allison's are going to to you know take for it is this going to happen to you before we stop it and it and it is you know I'm challenging you the media because again this is one of your own and yet I know how the business works I hear this is gonna visit that's a great story for a couple of days and then it goes to the back burner and nothing happens but I can promise you and I can promise the American people I'm not going to rest until I see something get done here //
"2015-08-20 15:42:13"
Donald Trump's Immigration Plan Debunked In Under 2 Minutes
\\Donald Trump has an immigration policy that matches is hot rhetoric the proposal works like this number one build a wall and make Mexico pay for it finance construction trump would increase fees and Mexican visas in impound remittances but cracking down on America's third largest trading partner would depress mix was economy undermining American businesses and possibly sending more people north number to deport undocumented immigrants okay but even if the government could afford the $620000000000 price tag of sending back 11.2000000 undocumented immigrants doing so would tear apart communities and significantly cripple the agricultural construction and hospitality industry shrinking the nation's labor force by 6.4 percent NBER 3 ending birthright citizenship this move would require changing the constitution's Fourteenth and the department of homeland security would have to peer into every delivery room to ensure that parents of documentation and that all new births are properly registered one study estimates that parents would have to pay a birth tax $600 per child to prove citizenship now trump doesn't stand alone aspects of his immigration plan have braced by fellow GOP contenders but gentle sky Walker ricksantorum Chris Christie rand Paul Lindsey Graham all in late addition Ted Cruz after the 2012 presidential election Republicans wanted to avoid a big emigration fight thanks to trump it's no longer the elephant in the room Nnamdi if you like this video and you want to see more subscribe to the ThinkProgress video YouTube channel leave a comment below or check out some of our other clips //
"2015-08-14 17:10:50"
The Truth Behind the 'Female Viagra'
\\one of my life back no more avoiding snacks are having duties that NDA wonderful loving husband and no sexual feelings whatsoever Shangri between us NMA suffer from lack of sexual desire and now a new pill developed by sprout pharmaceuticals could significantly improve their lot under the right most women are just sucking it up so to speak after years with no FDA approved solutions flibanserin popularly known as the female Viagra may soon provide women with treat in fact women's health groups have joined with the pharmaceutical company to create a new campaign called even the score the campaign is lobbying the FDA to approve flibanserin it's about time right even the score it's full of lies knowing me willful lies one such why the campaign strongly implies that the drugs so much Viagra but that's just not true men take a little blue pill when they want to have sex to increase blood flow to the penis women will have to take what bands are in daily and that works to convince the brain a desire sex also as one of the panelists advising the FDA told us the drug isn't nearly for anyone that my clinical practice of 15 years and general internal medicine I've never met a woman that fills the formal diagnostic criteria for this disorder and for the few premenopausal women who do qualify they would have to make some major life changes the only way I could take this product as a woman is I have to stop drinking I have to get off the my prescription ... contraceptives restraint they'll know anti fungal medicines for vaginal yeast in fact of anything like that stop that okay bye and I have to take it at night Ryan and over a 6 month period I my during some point of those 6 months experience a slightly heightened desire to have sex right in fact the few participants who saw improvements made such a small increase in their sexual activity that we had trouble characterizing and many participants experienced adverse effects that the expert panelists feared would only increase in the general population if you faint while you drive a car you may kill yourself or someone else these safety concerns in light of the very modest effectiveness benefit together don't present a favorable package the FDA rejected flibanserin twice in this third time around they requested additional study of how the drug interacts with alcohol company neural 25 people 23 men in just 2 women and later claimed that they didn't have the foresight to enroll more women sprout pharmaceuticals ... set off to do the right thing I believe but they then went astray when the FDA said we're still not convinced do you still haven't answered all the questions about safety then they started investing really pretty significant amounts of money into this marketing campaign after a full day of hearings the panel voted 18 to 6 to approve the drug though not without conditions and some serious reservations women suffering from Asia TD deserve better than that I think we all wish that it was a drug that was a better one there are serious safety concerns as somebody else's conditional this where the 7 drug in the class I think you'd be a very different discussion so will this trip really helped women is not perfect the drugs not perfect the FDA is not perfect we accept certain imperfections to move progress if the FDA approved flibanserin I will be convinced for ever that it came about as a result of of brilliant marketing campaigns and not as the result of good science and I but afraid women will suffer as a result //
"2015-08-07 23:40:55"
Ferguson activists one year after Michael Brown's death
\\when my worst fears is there I will hear about the next black man being killed by police because it would be me or so this is why I can T. fight and even though the work may be local my life matters and black lives matter the Ferguson rebellion is the longest rebellion against groups police brutality in the history of the United States it is 3 months longer than the Selma campaign and it is second only to Montgomery in terms of the ways in which a community has galvanized it's up to this is the various forms of repression that we experience inside the American for me it actually hearkens back to it images global formato flags dropped out when the same email was lynched mom I really think that's actually the condition living we see in we see it sort of says where the state is allowed to take our lives without consequence mmhm we do will be another 200 police Sharon's this year by the end of the year when the hash tag is no longer trending and another tragedy occurs how do we continue to see port and honor those communities how the ... //
"2015-07-31 12:15:39"
The Deadly Legacy Of Jeb Bush's 'Stand Your Ground' Law
\\remember when George Zimmerman was acquitted of killing Trayvon Martin back in 2013 let's because back in 2005 then governor Jeb bush signed the nation's first stand your ground statute for ever change Florida self defense </