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"2013-07-11 07:10:28"
2-4 Minute Speech Com 101
\\it is your audience governor Whitman that 3 there okay took me to okay ... click hello my name is Debbie Larson and a few years ago as I was driving down the road some kind the next thing I know they pull up next let me offer swearing at but I have absolutely no idea I found myself dwelling on this it was a little bug with myself because economy because why was I loved it's stranger affect me in such a way the thought came to me if something like this affects me hours later what would a compliment can you imagine what that would do random acts of kindness can change our Dave from a bad day it's regretful day to a wonderful what makes you stop and smell the roses is that seeing a 5 year old or a 4 year old get so excited about toy or is it seen older couple walked down the street can't today I'm going to talk about things that made me sweat ever since this incident her eyes started to pump and I smiled when I told them not because I have confidence in because of the smile that I receive I love knowing that maybe I helped them with better day maybe hours later they will remember that somebody thought their hair was viewed their eyes were that some stranger told similarly I smile when I see people do when I see a car broken down the side the reform pulls up beside to help them or what someone is stuck in the middle of the room and I see 3 other cars stock jumped out and help push them into a nother apart you I smile when I see someone give food or money to when I see a stranger bent down to help a child next I smile when you see us moment because he has a 5 year old tells me mami watch me watch how fast taking the remaining shares our side of the tells me thank you mommy thank you for many short toddlers their enthusiasm up everything everything to them is wonderful and it's me and makes me remember to smile and stop and smell the roses and remember that life is worth finally I smile when they see an older couple walking hand in hand or sitting side by side I smile because I think how lucky they are that they have waves the bowels of life and they have one with love on their side I smile because it reminds me of my grandparents too often sat side by side holding hands I smile because it does not sentimental for me but also because in life we can lose loved ones we can get depressed you can get of course we can be heard but if we look and find things to smile about again remind us that life is worth about it includes everything we do has a ripple effect on some if we get a conflict to someone or we do a random act of kindness for some I need can you imagine what it would do and how the smiles that we can bring forth just by doing one thing and the ripple effect has if they turn around and do for some imagine smiles you would see all around us stop and remember to smell the roses remember that everything in life as magical as 5 year olds in town there see it that life is magical and remember the next time you see an old couple holding hands think that life is worth about a favorite that blood is on their side life is worth it and small here because smiling makes it all worthwhile month yeah here we have here is to get pizza number //

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