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"2017-08-25 12:25:16"
Hillary Clinton indicted on Civil Complaint by Gregory Ackers - #PizzaGate #PedoGate
\\good morning everybody and welcome back to the tightest frost YouTube channel then today on my birthday I have some extraordinarily good news for all of you which is I received a birthday present in some form and a birthday present is the possibility that Hillary Clinton might be going to jail alright so yesterday I saw this pop up on boats and I first was alerted to it by the honey bee Melissa Zachariah treated it out when I checked it out and indictment of Hillary Clinton John Podesta Debbie Wasserman Schultz Jennifer palmeri Donna Brazile CNN Time Warner and the Democratic National Committee and right here off the bat Time Warner Time Warner Cable who works for Time Warner Cable that would be info wars which is likely why Alex Jones that controlled opposition piece of crap I apologize to James elephant us okay so Time Warner is a part of this and now you know why you know Alex Jones likely apologize because he works for Time Warner Cable Gregory Akers filed a complaint on 8/14/2017 or an indictment of Hillary Clinton John Podesta Debbie Wasserman Schultz Jennifer Palmieri Donna Brazile C. N. N. Time Warner in the Democratic National Committee for collusion and racketeering to mislead voters and put Bernie Sanders at a disadvantage in the 2016 presidential election yeah and we all thought you know the truth your community that Bernie Sanders was you know one of the worst candidates Alberta possibly run because his economic you know solutions were you know basically communism and socialism which would have ruined this country completely however because of his run we finally are getting a chance to get Hillary Clinton and all these other clowns into a courtroom for discovery to be done and this is what I've been talking about since the very beginning we need to get these guys no matter how it is done into a courtroom so that we can get what's called discovery down on them okay so this is perfect I couldn't be happier to see this happening right now can you see here you can see it's a civil complaint but thing about it is is long as they're in there and you can bring and I don't know who this Gregory Akers guy is I am tried finding I am on the internet I can't find them anywhere so I wouldn't get me in contact with him who Greg anchors at are at all have to ... send F. that's him not sure Greg inkers at I see that the first time so maybe ... that's is ... email there should send them an email after this video and trying to get him on for a I interview however he's the principal cleanup Burks's all these people I mean look at this Donna Brazile cable news network Hillary Rodham Clinton Democrat services corporation Democratic National Committee and the first thing I'm gonna say about Mrs my prayers are with you Gregory Akers and you better have some serious body armor and you know just keep your head down David right obviously you know the type of person that Hillary Clinton is in her long long body countless okay so the phones a civil complaint filed in this district as a diversity case in conjunction with the variety of separate districts inhabited by plane of and blah blah blah blah blah so you can see it here and just as a side note because it's kind of funny but are as we've covered before when they're dressing a person as a corporation they will put their names in full capital letters as you can see here so the rest of the document is not all caps when they addressed someone like Hillary Rodham Clinton in there Admiralty court which is what this is a simple court they put in all caps is they're addressing the corporation that is Hillary Rodham Clinton same thing here Democratic National Committee they're dressing the corporation Sameer John Podesta the corporation or it so when of course these people work within that system so there's no way they're going to use the you know to have a rant you draft thing to get out of this because that would just you know show how fraudulent the entire system is so you can read the case on March 2016 half 4 named committee in the corresponding persons therein did covertly and fraudulently trading transmit debate questions for a Democrat party debate schedule will be staging broadcast on cable news network on 3/13/2016 the debate questions are transferred from Donna Brazil's email account to that of the Clinton campaign's director of communications Jennifer call me Harry after mention presidential debate schedule be broadcast by CNN on the day of March 13 Brazil for up perpetrated after or said activity covertly and in violation of contractual rules can governing Democratic Party presidential debates Satan basin you know they're saying that arm Clinton was given the questions beforehand about debate and that was a ... no violation it grows on you can read the whole case arm can I link deveaux I've already links the vote saying India description box if you want to go and read through this entire arm you know document you can it's all in there you just click right here character Gregory Akers filed a complaint you click on that it holds up this I am Garak posts okay and I would suggest people download the severity downloaded this and saved it on my hard drive and everyone else should as well so that it this thing doesn't disappear I so presiding so they tried to get this into a ... court where you'd have on the jury that the judge denied that unfortunately however the cool thing is this case includes all familiar faces of the wikileaks emails Hillary body count and pizza gate scandal once this case is completely filed Akers may use a superseding indictment after discovery to being more charges of possible pizza gate slash peel gate involvement so what is a superseding indictment superseding indictment is an indictment that replaces a previous indictment these indictments are usually filed when new evidence has been found in new charges need to be filed okay so generally a prosecutor may seek to obtain a superseding indictment when new evidence has been found when a grand jury has this mistake previous indictment or when a motion to dismiss previous charges has been granted by the court with jurisdiction over the case there was a trial in the case in the top council need died and were dismissed the prosecutor can obtain a superseding indictment charged defendant with remaining charges now I'm not sure Ron and I read through this if you're allowed to go from a civil case to a criminal case where the best route we are something interesting for people to look up any grand juries all does have you know are done in secret so as I've been saying if there was a grand jury against Hillary Clinton none of us would know about it they would be illegal for them to tell us about it okay so this is a great opportunity to use discovery which is a legal thing which allows you know the courts to access the financial records and all these things of the people involved in this case and if we can do that maybe we can get new evidence I come forward maybe someone at the DC police could come forward with the evidence that's been submitted to them in this case and presented now there's at least they can present it okay so maybe because these people are now finally in court we can get you know some action taken against these people and if they need I'm sure I can get hacker who broke in there to testify against these people if they're in court being charged with the stuff okay so this is great great news arm I couldn't possibly be happier bell this stand happen to come out the day before my birthday it's like huge birthday present to me honestly so illusions the pizza gay in the press on the same day the suit was filed Republican Paul now and lost the Paul Ryan tells sucede press that he believes that pizza gate is real you see here alright opponent says he believes pizza gate conspiracy house speaker Paul rand Republican challenger said he believes an unfounded right wing online conspiracy theory dump pizza gate cleanliness is what type of some lame duck bullshit article by who is this Scott Brouwer or 8 stop our you're cool garbage journalists piece of shit okay it's not unfounded alright why do you think people like this are saying he believes it's real because there is real evidence there's a real stop here this is a real situation children are being abused and you're covering up the people doing it Scott our you know you make me sick people like you are discussing pieces of crap that no one should read ever how you became a journalist boggles my mind is healing 0 journalistic integrity starting off with us I'm founded right wing I'm not even right wing knows when the main people covering the story has nothing to do with partisan politics asking do we people abusing children you lying piece of shit moving on all known voices opinion during an online question and answer session with boaters earlier this month on reddit you was asked what are your thoughts on pizza gate in response known wrote I believe it is real because it is no knocks claiming the August 3 session why believe the conspiracy theory but he tried to explain himself in a series of Twitter messages Monday could be associated grass I believe in the broader possibility that there are those in positions of power to which laws do not equally applied to them and therefore I pray Attorney General jap sessions unleashes the full power of his assets to root out and prosecute equally those who prey on children including human trafficking narcotics iris and those in positions of power great totally agree the law should apply to everyone equally and people who prey on children should receive the full power of prosecution against them and Jeff sessions you have the evidence to do we've also submitted evidence to you so go forward with it you know keep these people down throw them in jail what's make this right here you know her in jail in him as well a reality finally let's make this happen we hal the opportunity what's driving home and get rid of these people put them in the deepest darkest hole in human existence until they die go rotten health okay how LA times YouTube video I believe we need to read between the lines in many hi Paul that many in high level positions are getting ready to bring the elite half hour going down in the only way they can do this is through a major indictment by Gregory Akers yeah you know it's it's great also on the same day LA times posted a story about trump retweeting a tweet by Jack conceive it so you can see here trump retweets alright media figure pushed pizza gate and sap rich conspiracy theories by Colleen shall be another lying piece of crap journalists who has no credibility anymore and you know I mean who are these people who is Colleen shall be to say anything about the situation what research have you ever done on pizza gate ever Colleen none I I've done lots of research on pizza gate you knows names never come up until today York's why because you're not there horrible journalist working for a dining media organization and if you had any common sense whatsoever you would quit the only times in go independent in actually report real news instead of this fake news crap trying to make this into a partisan politics when it's not has nothing to do with it okay so you go through this another article okay and she she ties this than the KKK neo Nazis and white supremacists within the first 2 paragraphs of the article wake somehow it's yeah a KKK neo Nazi thing to be exposing pizza gate Colleen we were just absolutely horrible horrible you're kind of follow protector with this type article so go fuck yourself you're not a journalist you just a piece of crap hope you enjoy the money and you know answering for your crimes you remember the Dennis Hastert case nothing is more stunning than having serial child molester and speaker of the house in the same sentence what about axe president Bill Clinton you know what about ex First Lady Hillary Clinton serial child molester seem thing what about John Podesta you know and I can't wait to see if this leads anywhere what's hole that they use this opportunity do discovery on these people and then we get a criminal suit against them arm as quickly as possible and you can see here the civil suit has been granted okay so this is no longer you know is it going to happen you can see right here PDF archive where you found me in Akers granted civil case when you can see here is the document and here's the order think of Gregory Akers proceeding crow say we are seeks leave to file a civil action informer talk Horace mercury consulting amada where you can yourself if you're a lawyer please feel free to read through this and if you find any way in here too you know get some answers dump repeats again or something please let me now merit so that's pretty much shut when I wanted to report on today I just thought it was really good news I wanted to share with everybody I think Mrs are you know good information I just know this is actually posted by the honeybee so that's interesting good work honeybee armor just notice that so I didn't know the poster was the now do so great job honey bee on all that research I really appreciate it and it I couldn't be happier to be reporting on this today of all days so this is really good news so one thing I wanted to get into just for sign off is I'm looking into the Chester Bennington Armonk possible murder obviously at this point it's a death investigation because we don't know either way I'm obviously there is the picture of him that looks very similar to John Podesta thank you sweetheart yeah Johnson this got me coffee so anyways here's the Chester Bennington.certificate seems normal me up all that all as investigators the fami hold up can see here's the death certificate it took 5 days for them to do this he died on 722 17 and you can see this thing is tainted arm autumn here 725 so it's a 5 day long investigation I'm I'm not sure anything else you can see tall windows the name of surviving spouse which made it interesting also when I tried to find it the autopsy and toxicology report are not available for bending down just really strange on only those would be out by now that's you know Belmonts on rainy rocket Cody lab and you know in contact with regarding this hashtag shoots for Chris hashtag troops for Chester stuff I'm said he's thinking about filing a lawsuit against some of the media outlets that claims retraction rate was normal for Chris Cornell which it was not Tom say here you got beat up case information as well I pulled up LA county ... case information Chester Bennington now that's not really much in here investigator was chill late Qian's arm in the deputy medical examiner was a doctor Rogers so it's really hard finding any information about this case I can't seem to find any crime scene photos are you know on the scene photos so it's been nana really hard to investigate this one we've proven that Chris Cornell was murdered aren't you need to see that go back once the interview I did Randy rocket Cody where we went over the forensic evidence and witness testimony backing it up through that on obviously Roberts video here Linkin park one more light tribute to Chris Cornell is pretty moving in it he's talking about you know who cares if one more person is you know killed basically and all just repeat what Chester says in the video is I care you know I care that these people are being killed so hashtag truth for Chris hashtag truth for Chester you care as well yeah enchant Calderone says I believe we are in the twilight sun that's that's where we are we also were axew driver sentenced for molesting Scott still teenager and interestingly on the adjuster Bennington paying you have this tweet by tell Linda Pennington his wife who says he didn't tell himself he was already I think she means dad should dead before he hung himself I have proof niches never followed up on that's all be watching her in to try to get into contact with her see if I can get some answers from the Chester Bennington situation but his own wife is saying he didn't kill himself so is it okay for me to question if he is you know this death investigation and what's actually going on here I would say yes with his own wife is questioning it just like in the case of Vicki Cornell questioned that situation which you know Ben said to me if the non whites of this person is doing this and it's okay for me to question it is well in your your twin the Bennington saying he was not killed I mean he didn't tell himself that he was you know killed obviously I'm another you don't bring your attention Judas really quickly before and this is William Binney and barber Honegger did a interview with Inc Rockcastle nickel waters on her YouTube channel I tweeted out so if you want to watch this it's with William Binney the accent SA guy you we can you know told everyone across the world all the stuff that Edward Snowden did long before Edward Snowden did you know William Penney in actual axe gonna say operatives on you know blew the whistle on all that stuff so your check out this interview obviously it's a good interview and I just like to say here at the ends that you know sometimes these things these coincidence things like you know this indictment happening in nam me becoming aware that basically this morning on my birthday you know it's just another reason why they think they are so and I have a lot to think god for this year you know my first thought is grown up really well I'm I know I love my family love all of the you know great things have happened for me this year I'm I'm doing a gender reveal today for my new child that's on the way that my fiance is pregnant with and you know system an awesome year for me I'm just personally something arts Jesus Christ for that and I just wanna read you know 2 things here I think god in his son Jesus Christ for the restoration and its power to propel a magnificent way of of truth and righteousness across the earth Russell M. Nelson saying I agree with that wholeheartedly arm and I don't know Russell M. Nelson is that it doesn't matter on this quote here stands on its own so I do think god for all the help and the support and you know helping me you know to sigh in giving me discerned so thank you Jesus Christ for that and you notice thank you for 32 years I've been honest you know earth and thank you for all the help so the last thing I'm gonna end this way it is evening prayer father thank you for revealing yourself to meet to Jesus Christ I am overwhelmed with gratitude for reconciling me to you do the death of Jesus and lord thank you for giving me victory over sin and death through your resurrection from the dead I was created by you and for you lord I do not take that lightly teach me your ways and placed me in your will for my life as I live for you I wait in eager expectation with a heart full thanksgiving and praise our men and god bless you all I hope you have a wonderful day I'll be back ... likely tomorrow night would spitting truth with Titus on Saturday night at 9:00 PM we're going to try to get some gas and this week and I will be putting up the ask me anything question post on steam it later today and on page on so if you want to submit your questions on page your honor steam it look for those on my page John in on my steam log all posting those later today so you can add your questions is always this video will be married on pitch you on T. to an on fed me so if you can and you want to help me out with the fight against Google go watch this video on those platforms vote with your views just like you go with your dollars okay I everyone I hope you have a wonderful day and I'll be back soon yes //

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