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"2017-08-01 17:00:03"
Watch! How Trey Gowdy Stunned All 6 of Them With a Single Question
\\HM it to tell America's gentleman from South Carolina Mister Gotti for 5 think was Germans German owner read a ... a regulation I would ask all the panelists to pay attention is little tedious but it's important if no or unanticipated threats or hazards or discovered by either the government or the contractor or if existing safeguards have ceased to function the discoverer shall immediately bring the situation to the attention of the other party that is that's a regulation well Mr Hess Mister IGN ad out where they're also contractual obligations in this round between you and a government there are ... and they would be what similar to that notice unnoticed provision I don't have an immediate recollection of these exact text but there it is civil rewarded okay I think it's helpful sometimes to define terms of particular for those of us that our little arts majors ... and don't deal with this right is a newer unanticipated threat or hazard Mister Harris but that would be a and in an indication of compromise of the system or or failure of any of the the system protections ... so when chairman Chavis was having a difficult time getting an answer to that question because the focus was on the loss of personal information and that's really not what that phrase means it's just a threat or hazard it doesn't actually have to be a loss does it but not not the way I would define it me either what about existing safeguards have ceased to function what does that mean Mr Hess no Sir I liked it's pretty explanatory explanatory they think they did strike me as being self explanatory it did of Mr janitors it self explanatory to use existing safeguards have seized upon now here's a really tough question and I'll let both of you weigh in on this one because it is tough what does the word immediately main without delay without delay did you nobody is there another meaning that you're familiar with I think that's a good definition alright so you have both a contractual obligation with the government and there's a regulatory obligation that of newer unanticipated threats or hazards are discovered by either the government or the contractor or if existing safe courts have ceased to function the discover shell immediately bring the situation to the attention of the other part this artillery arm I have heard this morning about a March 2014 data breach did I hear that right and when did you bring that breach the attention of either of Mr Hess or Mr Gina and you are welcome to turn on your microphone or else bring it closer to you I'm I would have to get that information back to you I don't have it in my notes of perhaps miss Seymour would know but if not we get that information back to you well do you know if it was immediately I would I would a I would expect that it was immediate Willis fondle miss Seymour do you know I know so I don't but I don't think that we I certainly don't think that we immediately notified our contractors of a breach to our network because at that time we did not ... ... have any ... question as to whether it was affecting them it was to our network at that time but Mr Hess Mister janitors at your understanding that they were under no duty to bring that to your attention not all at once I wish your contractual language and you're looking at the regulation do you think you should have been notified because of the March breach absolutely well why not because I just heard one person say she did know one another say was really 90 your business so why should you have been notified despite the plain language of the regulation in the contractual language why do you think it was important you be notified so that we could take appropriate or more appropriate actions to protect data were you notified were you notified immediately no are what you're saying about that missing more I believe that that's accurate Sir wait I'm I'm with you there I guess my question is why why despite the plain language of the contract in the plain language of the regulation why did you not immediately notify the contract we worked with side DHS and partners and other to understand the ... copper the potential compromise to our system us so that we could was he a motto certifications was the age of 20 or contractors a no Sir why didn't think so which that don't really help me understand the regulation because assess contractor dead say DHS so why did you notify the contract at that time we were still investigating what had happened in our network what does the word immediately made to you without undue did you do so no so we did not just the regulations say ... as soon as you figure out what happened or after you talk to D. H. us but it that is not in my version of the regulation is it yours I have not read that regulations are not you know why you haven't goes out one doesn't exist the one that says notify DHS or try to figure it out the only one that exists as to immediately notify the contractor and you're telling me you didn't do it and my question is why I can't answer that question who can I will take that back and get you to whom would you take it I believe I would take it back to my staff to see if we have processes in place you think it's staff's responsibility to notify the contractor we have processes in place for ... making notifications when we find these who's ultimately responsible for that process who fail to meet a contractual and regulatory obligations I would have to read that regulations are I'm not familiar are just read it I'd be happy to read it and I'd like to read the full context of it are you think the context is different from what I just read I would want to read the context about the contract and I read the contract I have read most of the parts of the contract Sir well I can't speak for the chairman but my guess is that he and the other members will be really interested and who fail to honor both the letter and the spirit contractual obligation and the regulatory obligation without I would yield back //

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