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"2018-05-04 18:07:17"
πŸ”΄ Final Live stream On This Channel
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"2018-04-15 15:00:00"
10 Things You Didn't Know About CHINA
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"2018-04-14 20:11:41"
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"2018-04-14 15:00:02"
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"2018-04-13 21:00:02"
10 Facts You Didn't Know About The Celts
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"2018-04-08 21:26:20"
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"2018-04-07 18:05:52"
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"2018-04-01 19:07:59"
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"2018-04-01 18:03:07"
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"2018-03-31 19:25:59"
πŸ”΄ FORNITE KAHOOT | $1 Text To Speech
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"2018-03-30 18:01:13"
πŸ”΄ KAHOOT FORNITE | $1 Text To Speech
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"2018-03-22 00:00:46"
What The US President CAN'T Do
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"2018-03-21 19:34:25"
πŸ”΄ KAHOOT Day 1 of the 5 Month Plan to Secure a Restoration of Glory | $1 Text To Speech
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"2018-03-18 20:24:03"
What is the BIGGEST weapon of all time?
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"2018-03-18 17:14:07"
πŸ”΄ KAHOOT, A Referendum, and a Change in Direction ($1 Text To Speech)
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"2018-03-16 19:04:41"
πŸ”΄ KAHOOT IN THE TITLE ($1 Text To Speech)
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"2018-03-11 23:29:58"
πŸ”΄ KAHOOT IN THE TITLE ($1 Text To Speech)
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"2018-03-07 20:00:01"
10 Greatest Impostors of All Time
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"2018-03-03 16:00:05"
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"2018-03-03 02:08:34"
πŸ”΄ HOI4 Waking the Tiger ($1 Text To Speech)
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"2018-02-28 20:00:04"
What's The Deal With Sugar?
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"2018-02-28 18:30:18"
πŸ”΄ Writing a letter to Martin Shkreli and Kahoot in the Title ($1 Text To Speech)
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"2018-02-26 23:50:21"
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"2018-02-25 20:24:08"
Why is Communism So Appealing?
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"2018-02-25 00:48:01"
πŸ”΄ Kahoot in the title. Let's talk. ($1 Text To Speech)
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"2018-02-23 22:06:33"
πŸ”΄ People Who Have Demanded That I Play Kahoot Have Donated Exactly $0 ($1 Text To Speech)
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"2018-02-19 01:26:41"
πŸ”΄ PUBG + A lonely Friday Night of Trolling in Solace of the end of School ($1 Text To Speech)
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"2018-02-18 09:06:14"
πŸ”΄ PUBG + A lonely Sunday Night of Trolling in Anxious Anticipation of School ($1 Text To Speech)
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"2018-02-17 00:42:47"
What Is The Safest Place On Earth?
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"2018-02-16 23:18:00"
πŸ”΄ Hearts of Iron 4 Multiplayer As USA ($1 Text To Speech)
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"2018-02-14 19:18:53"
πŸ”΄ A Lonely Friday Night of Trolling Ahead of You ($1 Text To Speech)
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"2018-02-07 21:22:57"
πŸ”΄ A Lonely Valentines Day Evening of Trolling Ahead of You ($1 Text To Speech)
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"2018-02-03 22:20:21"
πŸ”΄ A Lonely Wednesday Night of Trolling Ahead of You ($1 Text To Speech)
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"2018-02-02 18:02:04"
πŸ”΄ Kahoot Sucks, ur channel is dying, I don't like most of you. $1 Text To Speech
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"2018-01-31 06:48:05"
πŸ”΄ Bitcoin $7k Today, I won't Play Kahoot, and I don't like most of you
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"2018-01-28 23:45:10"
10 Most Heavily Defended Places On Earth
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"2018-01-28 19:06:15"
πŸ”΄ Dying List Channel Livesteram
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"2018-01-28 03:27:18"
Did The CIA Kill Chile's President? | Facts About Chile
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"2018-01-23 23:13:41"
Who REALLY Discovered Australia? | Facts About Portugal
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"2018-01-20 21:52:44"
πŸ”΄ VR With Female Friend | Dying List Channel Livesteram
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"2018-01-20 20:41:31"
πŸ”΄ Is this the end?????
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"2018-01-19 21:42:12"
πŸ”΄ Dying List Channel Livestream -- VRCHAT
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"2018-01-17 18:24:51"
πŸ”΄ Dying List Channel Livestream -- The Map Game (HOI4)
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"2018-01-15 22:19:49"
SHOCKING Facts About United States Presidents
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"2018-01-15 05:19:43"
10 Things You Didn't Know About The Norman Empire
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"2018-01-14 20:19:53"
πŸ”΄ Dying List Channel Livestream
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"2018-01-13 23:19:59"
πŸ”΄ Go anywhere in the world with me - Google Earth VR
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"2018-01-13 22:01:42"
πŸ”΄ Dying List Channel Livestream - Also VR Chat
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"2018-01-12 18:30:02"
πŸ”΄ Dying List Channel Livestream - Also VR Chat
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"2018-01-09 02:33:08"
What Is Hidden At The Bottom Of The Mariana Trench?
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"2018-01-06 19:48:30"
πŸ”΄ Dying List Channel Livestream - Also Uzbek HOI4
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"2018-01-03 20:55:32"
πŸ”΄ Feeling Down .... Maybe Roblox Will Help
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"2018-01-02 21:27:05"
I'm Deleting This Video In 24 Hours
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"2018-01-01 20:27:56"
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"2017-12-30 20:09:06"
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"2017-12-29 19:05:07"
πŸ”΄ Give Me One Good Reason Why You're Here Trolling Instead of With Your Family
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"2017-12-23 20:06:51"
πŸ”΄ Give Me One Good Reason Why You're Here Trolling Instead of With Your Family
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"2017-12-22 20:30:25"
πŸ”΄ A Lonely Saturday Night of Trolling Ahead of You, also dirty paintbrush was wrong about Bitcoin
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"2017-12-17 20:50:42"
πŸ”΄ A Lonely Friday Night of Trolling Ahead of You -- Also I Was Right About Bitcoin
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"2017-12-16 17:51:09"
10 Things You Never Knew About Pirates
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"2017-12-15 19:09:15"
πŸ”΄ A Lonely Sunday Night of Watching A Washed Up YouTuber Play Roblox
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"2017-12-11 00:40:14"
10 Things You Never Knew About The Wild West
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"2017-12-09 22:21:13"
πŸ”΄ A Lonely Friday Night of Typing "ur channel is dying" For Attention Ahead of You
\\ //
"2017-12-08 20:20:36"
πŸ”΄ It's Saturday. You have nothing better to do than to troll here and say my channel is dying.
\\ //
"2017-11-29 19:48:48"
πŸ”΄ A Pensive and Introspective Lonely Friday Night Of Watching A Washed Up List Channel Ahead of You
\\ //
"2017-11-18 19:17:39"
πŸ”΄ A Lonely Wednesday Night Procrastination, Roblox and Trolling Ahead of You
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"2017-11-18 17:38:18"
10 Things You Didn't Know About Viking Civilization
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"2017-11-17 20:03:03"
πŸ”΄ SIMS 3: THE LIFE OF ???
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"2017-11-12 20:58:36"
πŸ”΄ A Lonely Friday Night of Minecraft and Trolling Ahead of You
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"2017-11-11 21:07:04"
πŸ”΄ An Anxious Sunday of Last Minute Roblox and Trolling in Anticipation of School Tomorrow
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"2017-11-10 22:03:29"
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"2017-11-10 19:54:40"
10 Things You Didn't Know About The Roman Empire
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"2017-11-08 21:43:20"
πŸ”΄ Thotwatch With The Narrator
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"2017-11-03 19:28:29"
πŸ”΄ 1 Donation = 1 Punch To My Picture Of Susan Wojcicki
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"2017-11-01 21:35:51"
πŸ”΄ 1 Donation = 1 Punch To My Picture Of Susan Wojcicki
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"2017-11-01 19:58:35"
10 Mindblowing Things You Didn't Know About The Civil War
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"2017-10-29 18:08:56"
πŸ”΄ 1 Donation = 1 Punch To My Printout Of Susan Wojciki's face.
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"2017-10-29 16:59:43"
10 Most Expensive Paintings Ever Sold At Auction For Ridiculous Prices
\\Pablo Picasso one cent painting is just another way of keeping a diary be as it may some of those so called diaries a wolf a lot of money paintings of sometimes sold for extraordinary amounts of money I'm Jake the voice pa these are some of the most expensive paintings ever sold it's very fitting that we commence our countdown at number 10 with a painting titled must it was painted in 1962 but the American artist Roy Lichtenstein leading icon of the pop art movement of the mid twentieth century the pacing features these words by a female character why Brad Darling this painting is a must to peace hi soon you'll have all of New York clamoring for your work how very which you've listed starting to write those words in a painting it was sold in 2017 in New York for 106 the $5000000 talk about an eye popping amount of money number 9 on the list is by America's most famous abstract expressionist painter of the twentieth century the mom was Jackson Pollock became an international celebrity in his lifetime force unique sports a painting technique the page in question is titled number 1948 so no need to guess which year Pollock painted it used oil summit 8 foot by 4 foot fiber boat initial reactions to the work well underwhelming to say the least but public would become some famous but his work was able to sell for no less than $166000000 in 2006 is clearly old the 6 is the year for public socks and number 8 we have how many ... muddy Clea and Italian artists was became best known for his sculptures although he was also a prolific and paintings and drawings his style was modest and his series of paintings of nudes caused an outcry in Paris in 1970 including this one he painted that year the painting is known as you crocheted old reclining nude it was also known in English as red and you the pacing was sold in 2015 at a Christie's auction in New York for the voluptuous figure of 100 and some $2405000 laughs a lot of money to see a beautiful French woman it did you I number 7 we go back to the famous painter quoted at the beginning of this countdown namely the inimitable and iconic Pablo Picasso the multi talented and Spanish board because so embraced many different artists styles of pursuit highly prolific painter sculptor Jamaica ceramicist stage design and even played right it is for his work in cubism because so is most well known including this painting titled fame does get all women of Algiers version 01 of 50 to the series he painted between 1955 and 1956 it sold for 181.$2000000 in 2015 but also always his own best salesman would have been proud we now come to the oldest painting now countdown deserving of its place at number 6 it's apparent full length wedding portraits but the Flemish Musta Rembrandts painted in 6 steam 30 full the parapet sings is entitled pendant portraits of Martin sold bonds and opium carpet and although painted individually at the time has always been showed and sold as a Pat which is rather fitting giving the wedding thing the paintings were cobalt in 2015 but the world famous Louvre Paris and the rejects museum of Amsterdam to be shared by the 2 museums the parapet things princely $182000000 Marc Racicot was a twentieth century less viewed born American painter who refuse to associate with any arts movement however he is generally acknowledged as an abstract expressionist Ross comes painting that comes in at number 5 on our camp and is entitled number 6 violet green and red I wish she painted inducted 50 walk like most of his work if features large blocks of color color delineated by hazy shades of all the colors the kind of mom nonstop so make Pat what child's doubles us out it nevertheless was able to fetch out very cool $188000000 in 2014 number 4 sees the return of Jason Pollock who is the only artist 14 of his works on this list of the most expensive paintings ever sold although he is most famous for his use of splatter paint known as his drape area is in fact only lasted for 3 years between 1947 and 1950 appears that Pollock became disenchanted with his a bit spicy but suddenly stopped his drip technique if painting entitled 17 day is from that period for which he is most famous and was done in 1948 like is of the painting of this top 10 it too was done with coils of fiberboard this one sold free from all other shoots $202000000000 our number 3 is Paul Galgo in a French post impressionist painter who possibly became most famous for his idyllic depictions of women in life in the market sauce islands of French Polynesia in the South Pacific what is good friend Vincent by golf gal can would only gave true fame and respect as an artist after his death his work which is today the third most expensive painting ever sold is from 1894 and is entitled Duffy I fought it boy boy Dave ponies you all what will you back pretty much in the primitive style that gal good sort of Polynesia the painting sold for no less than $212000000 in 2004 Paul Cezanne was like Paul go go in a French post impressionists pay his contemporaries included such hugely influential and celebrated nineteenth century painters such as cold morning PR Augustus Renoir Eduard Monday I'm Edgar Degas season was particularly famous for his still life and landscape paintings although his painting which is today the second most expensive painting ever sold is of 2 men play cards in a piracy above the cop players is a series of 5 paintings us exam date of people playing cards the one that makes a list of number 2 sold for an amazing 206 $0 in 2014 our number one is a painting whose price is breathtaking the artist is Willem de Kooning adopts American abstract expressionist painter who was part of the blame god of mum up paints is in mid twentieth century New York the painting in question is titled interchange other measures 79 by 69 inches they couldn't complete it in 1955 and he sought to evoke motion through composition in it it certainly attain the motion in the US market what it sold for the astounding price of $300000000 in 2016 even more expensive paintings will no doubt be sold in the coming years but for now this is the most expensive painting at the sold those that are 10 of the most expensive paintings ever sold for more top lists just like this special to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to check out our other top lists thank you very much for watching I'm thankful leading //
"2017-10-24 00:57:25"
Nuclear Detonations That Went Horribly WRONG
\\gnome Chomsky once said it's a near miracle that nuclear war has so far been avoided we've certainly come close more times than many people realize even more frightening is that nuclear detonations can sometimes not work as intended here that is our list of nuclear detonations that went horribly wrong we commit to number 10 literally with a big bag and a show of extraordinary foolhardiness on the part of the Soviet Union it happened in 1965 when the Soviets got the brilliant idea that they could form a new lake by using the nuclear bomb they bombed a new crater with a diameter of 408 meters and 100 meters deep they then dug a canal between a nearby river and the creator to form a late unfortunately it for god's sake gravity and radiation into consideration to this day letra gone in what is modern day because aka stun is massively radioactive and basically dead talk about cratered thinking our number 9 was admitted to in a report released by the U. S. government in 1987 an underground nuclear test dubbed mighty oak in a tunnel at the test site in Nevada would arrive in April 1986 the purpose of this test was to assess the effects and nuclear explosion could have a different types of military equipment there was a fault in the design of a pipe resulting in a bigger debt nation and the destruction of about 32 $0 worth of diagnostic equipment and other military material the report only hinted that it all could have gone much much worse number 8 was in the single detonation but a series of detonations over a number of years most of the debt nations would have been considered a quote unquote success for want of a better word however collectively these detonations were an ecological disaster the culprit was the Soviet Union and the place was Novaya Zemlya consisting of 2 islands approximately 250 miles from the Arctic Circle USSR conducted 130 nuclear tests there in the atmosphere underground and the surrounding oceans between 1954 and 1990 today it is the most radio active place in the arctic the nuclear arms race was just genius right number 7 is a prime example of a nuclear detonation that was considered a triumphant success at the time but in fact was an unmitigated disaster in November 1952 the United States detonated an 82 ton device that you envision estimated 10.4 megatons of explosive power that's almost 500 times the power of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki the place was you know what's hawk and the toll in the Pacific Ocean the blast obliterated islands and produce far larger quantities of fallout in the form of lethal radioactive particles than it ever been anticipated it was a success gone wrong it seems incredible but it number 6 we have 6 US Air Force officers who agreed to stand beneath an atmospheric nuclear test this is what happened 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas in July 1957 the men had unbelievably volunteer to stand in the designated spot and were filmed jointly doing it they even place a sign next to them that read ground 0 population 5 there was a bit of cheek says there was actually a 6 guy also standing in there the guy filming all the footage of course amazingly of all the men of course develop cancer most live into their eighties those were some strong genes I mention having a nuclear test to investigate the viability of nuclear weapons for mining engineering and other civilian projects that's what number 5 is all about store oxycodone was a shallow underground nuclear tests conducted at you go flat facility in the bata in July 1962 as part of a series of tests known as operation plowshare the detonation resulted in a radioactive cloud that separated into 2 plumes rising to 10000 feet and 16000 feet that Tess remains to this day the single largest contributor to nuclear fallout in the continental United States which gets nuclear bombs aren't great for money after all ha miscalculation of just how powerful nuclear detonations can be has been a major contributing factor to the many failures as occurred with our number 4 starfish prime was a high altitude nuclear tests conducted by the United States in July 1962 it was the largest nuclear test ever conducted in outer space and 1 of 5 conducted today's by the U. S. in space the polls from the detonation 250 miles to space was far greater than expected radiation belts spontaneously form and eventually crippled 1 third of the satellites in space the time it was a total hugely expensive disaster number 3 is the nuclear bomb to beat all nuclear bombs it came out of the Soviet Union and was a hydrogen bomb the Soviets code named Yvonne or volunteer the bomb has Estonian yield of 50 megatons of TNT the Soviets had originally wanted to be twice as powerful it was detonated on serving the island which is part of Novi via Zemlya a test site mentioned already at number 8 on our countdown it's fireball could be seen 600 miles away put simply the tsar bomba was the single most powerful device ever deployed by mankind its impact was on told and that is why this monster appears on this countdown number 2 is about a nuclear bomb that ranks as 1 the most famous of all time and that was an unforeseen catastrophe the detonation took place near the bikini asshole yes after which reviewing swimming attire for ladies was named in March 1954 the problem was that the thermonuclear device was 2.5 times stronger than ID been calculated as a result Paul was immense and local islanders suffered horrible radiation sickness and cancer crew on a nearby Japanese fishing vessel all experience acute radiation syndrome to this day this area of the Marshall Islands it's considered a dead zone by locals we've left number 1 for what is undoubtedly 1 of the worst disasters arising from a nuclear detonation fallout from a nuclear weapons tests by the Soviet Union at semi politicians get August 1954 engulf the industrial city of of ... scum and no cost over 100 miles away cancer rates dramatically increased acid infertility birth defects and mental defects around 200000 people were directly affected the horrors of that tests were covered up by the Soviet Union for decades to this day wanted 20 babies in the area are born with birth defects such are the radiation levels those that are 10 examples of nuclear detonations that went horribly wrong for more topless just like this be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to check out our other lists and thanks for watching and thanks ruler //
"2017-10-21 19:55:36"
πŸ”΄ An increasingly anxious Sunday night of trolling in fear of middle school tomorrow
\\ //
"2017-10-21 18:21:58"
10 Things You Didn't Know About Egyptian Civilization
\\ancient Egypt stood strong for over 2.5 millennium's but certainly did that civilization create the iconic pyramids and sphinx of Egypt but they also brought to the world's controlled irrigation boats some of the earliest examples of literature and mathematics while the ancient Egyptians achieved many great things some of the beliefs and practices I don't write shocking I'm shake the voice paw a visa 10 thanks you probably didn't know about the ancient Egyptian upon in Egypt's biggest slave was not as tough as it sounded contradictory to popular belief no one was forced to construct the great pyramids in actuality slaves could marry freely ... lambs employ sevens and mobile it is thought that slaves made up about 4 fifths of the population the definition of a slave has changed over time but back then they were pretty much hired for the job which in many ways is similar to the states of work is today one of the most embarrassing jobs was the royal backside Weipa although pharaohs would deem to gods by that people such what the bottom of a god wasn't altering deed still it's certainly not the kind of part time job you would want to get your hands dirty and what happens when you die you go to the afterlife according to the Egyptians that the last thing you want to do is to go unprepared when members of royalty or the wealthy passed on the organs were removed and stored and just to be buried alongside the mummified corpses he served the bodies all of that with the possessions went into the 2 from further check and clothing to toilets a beloved pets will put 6 feet under some of the would be lonely after reincarnation as for the sevens while most barrows took small models of them some of them were knocked out buried alive alongside the mastiffs credit where do you for that emphasis of preparation honey makes a great addition to a bowl of porridge packed with simple sugars slightly healthy alternative to the stuff you get from sugar canes reduces the risk of certain cancers of heart disease and strengthens the immune system the ancient Egyptians used as a medicine I'm to catch bugs the Egyptians were particularly experimental with testing medicine one effective treatment the ceiling a bird was to smear the wound it honey once the honey dries its antibacterial contents combines with the simple sugars commences the healing process studies have shown but it works just as well as your average but increase pharaoh Pepi to second hadn't all solution for catching irritating bugs surrounded himself with a few slaves smother them of honey in order to catch the pesky bugs warm just have to put those access slaves to good use after role speaking of that be the second after he got into power at 86 he requested a dwarf as a gift luckily he got exactly what he wanted when a caravan lead up but the name of hot cough managed to find one juror his adventures in Africa peppy was only 9 when he got his gift he read to hawk off stating how the dwarf would please the land strongly emphasize that his gift needed to be supervised at least 10 times at night while he slept how could have piggies message in grave doubt his 2 sounds like he really wanted to post even after death well camels can store excess water in their homes for long periods of time Egyptians did not use them for travel instead they used donkeys they were incredibly important when it came to farming don't keys were not deemed symbols of high status hence why there was scarcely portrayed in Egyptian all out on the other hand there were of great importance economically and what kept in good condition archaeologists in 2012 discovered donkeys were even buried within the road personal grades the nickname for a donkey and asks is a somewhat route insult leaves days it was even a case like that according to inscriptions of Egyptian texts one person wrote this about a lazy scribe violet like an acid taking beat eggs or harsh decades civilizations believe that 8 UF worm would shoot through the root canal of a tooth and consequently give a person to think the Egyptians a solution was rather unpleasant place a freshly slight rant on the affected gums likely to attract the fictional took work to the fresh meat balancing between the person's gobs what I can to dental hygiene between 3500 to 3000 BC the Egyptians factions brushes out of tweaks to scrub the teeth with us what toothpaste they crushed a mixed about 4 grams of dried iris flower full grams of rock salt 20 grades of pepper on H. grams of beads according to dentist Heinz Newman who said in 2003 that this was an advanced formula for its time quote it was painful my gums I made them believe as well but that's not a bad thing and afterwards my math felt fresh clean nasty but effective the iconic ferry to to call move was a big fan of hunting he didn't chase deer all slight crocodiles actually he love to hug hostages according to beat engravings on his tomb Tutankhamun will travel to the now ancient city of Heliopolis northeast of modern day Cairo to chase down and slay hostages in his chariots this was a small movie of royalty an ostrich eggs grandfathers would teams luxurious in fact his too was decorated would be spent those this was a dangerous although some egyptologists speculate Tutankhamun might have died from a broken leg from hunting dissident Egyptian doctors strongly relied on that text books after diagnosis that would read recommended shields for certain ailments some historians say that a portion of the queue was were actually quite effective despite their limited understanding of illness and diseases at the time not all of them worked though on the contrary many of them did little to help some of the more disgusting remedies include amassed pigs died which was used to kill blindness described as an excellent remedy from the scriptures birds blood mixed with Fleiss honey and fruit to be smothered a swelling of the neck mixtures of animal feces of wounds and so on some medicines were administered with laxatives to help the patients purge the bodies of the illness to help cope the sick we usually give it be a worldwide with the medicine which was deemed beneficial for the health the mummified remains of the Egyptians will seldom left the rest of since adventurous with finding so many of their preserved corpses they decided to put them to other uses the last thing that the Egyptians would've expected the bodies were being used for included stage props medicine which was the blood according to the fourteenth century merchants Terry a declarations and even as part of a policy gave unwrap the mummies bandages in retrospect it's not like they would have minded contraception was deemed taboo for long periods of time by many cultures but also with the Egyptians it was 7 best civilization used condoms made of I the oily linen or she protested around the mid fourteenth century BC these are some of the early is not examples of contraception in history almost full millennium's ago women were administered paced spate of crocodile an elephant feces mixed with honey date some of the fruits which was to be a deep within that genitals it's revolting bacteria Britain mass was thought to prevent unwanted child birth those that attend thanks you probably didn't know about the Egyptian empire the law itself lists just like this special to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to check out our other top lists thank you very much for watching am thanks for letting //
"2017-10-20 19:32:05"
πŸ”΄ A Lonely Firday Night of Trolling Ahead of You
\\ //
"2017-10-14 21:39:58"
πŸ”΄ A Lonely Firday Night of Trolling Ahead of You
\\ //
"2017-10-08 18:06:55"
πŸ”΄Please Play Uz marΕ‘ala Tita
\\ //
"2017-10-07 22:25:03"
πŸ”΄ An Increasingly Anxious Sunday Afternoon of Procrastination Before Middle School Tomorrow
\\ //
"2017-10-02 21:21:30"
πŸ”΄ Ricegum Implosion Stream
\\ //
"2017-09-30 19:05:11"
πŸ”΄ Aut's Syndrome Stream
\\ //
"2017-09-24 15:22:02"
10 Things You Didn't Know About The Greek Empire
\\the Greek empire was home to some of the most influential and brilliant minds in ancient history from mathematicians to philosophers things that come to mind include PI think Garissa Plato they revolutionized medicine competitive sports architecture I'm much more for centuries to come even the Greek empire was home to some old bull carrot jewel events and revolutionary discoveries that countless before they became current I'm Jake the voice power and these are 10 things you probably didn't know the group you're in maybe excess duty walks a 12 sub out bodies but Greek doctors believed studying the gold star was the best way to diagnose patients this included examining feeling at a good tasting the samples as matters of sales on occasions that diagnosis was correct inspecting urine help Greek medicine men recognize what the someone had for instance diabetes I seen by excess urination or internal bleeding a sign of kidney infection you have Hippocrates to thank for inventing Iraq Skippy a study of urine and for the stomach churning fact arguably the most famous figure to appear on this list I think Chris is the great granddaddy of astrology mathematics and philosophy I let's not forget the pie thunderous theorem the math equation used to measure the height news of a right angle triangle I thank Chris was quite a spiritual person he believed in reincarnation of us followed a strict vegetarian diets void of any meat fish and even beans he sets up a cult later in his life the brotherhood of pi thunderous reflected his ideologies it is said that when a tyrant was turned down from joining the cult it's weighted the philosophers form of friends to form a mob to murder him on the run hi thank Chris found himself at the edge of a bean field spent too much time debating on whether he should through a field of forbidden from too little too late the mob caught up and killed him taking a detour through the field would have believed a wise idea a gold medal so would the price for an Olympic champion the Isthmian games of Greece held events ranging from wrestling a chariot racing to slightly more unconventional ones like poetry reciting and singing which were the only events that allowed women to end task competitors Olympians who won first place in any of these were awarded a crown of celery there was no second or first place in those days salary was the equivalent of a gold medal I was deemed a very honorable priorities of the end of the fifth century was replaced with pine leads other more impressive prizes like odes or statue at least the prices were bundled with Douglas cash so it wasn't all bad news for those who backed themselves edible had kia some animals lately pigs were reluctant groom from upcoming sacrifice but would only have their throats slit stomach Scott's opened if they agreed to see gruesome fights sort of asking them Greeks would splash water on the face to see if they militant by which we actually mean footage the heads in the Baltic motion if so they were killed cult I'm attendance one afternoon picnic for worshipers in hopes that it would please the goats otherwise it was called off a modern day non religious equivalent would be the barbecue thanks to the inventions of microscopes we know that all things are made up of microscopic particles cold Assam's while solid objects are made up of close together liquid and gas is a made up of particles floating freely Greek philosopher Democritus how theory cut a piece of cheese to get smaller if you keep cutting it until it is so small that you cannot talk to see it's all cut to to be further then you have a single atom many scoffed at such an idea but he was very close considering this hypothesis was made in the sixth century BC Democritus was the first person to predict the existence of atoms roughly 2000 years before the first microscope was invented the sponsons what bulletin raised to be the toughest war is around education was often minimal importance compared to survival skills fighting and stealing the result tale about to sponsor boy who stole fox hit the creature under his tunic and what courts refused to admit to stealing anything however the fox had called his weight into the boy's stomach in a frantic attempt to escape thus killing him but the young spots and showed no pain I'm simply collapsed without admitting to courageous tales like these were told to children as young as 6 in order to emphasize the importance of the spots and white never give up without a fight used extensively by both the allies and axis powers during the second World War the fun throw it is a terrifying weapon capable of incinerating any poll soul within reach the Byzantine empire of the geeks created the earliest known iteration of the weapon in the mid to late seventh century what a concoction whose ingredients are some secrets historians are still trying to figure out its contents it's even stuck to water which could not extinguish the flames often mounted a bugs to be used in naval warfare Greek fire was attached to hollowed out battering rams which could spew filed relentlessly that were placed within a shelter with wheels the users from arrows on top of that's the flammable mixture was added to jugs of pottery effectively making them the earliest examples of heightened grenades in his what we think of wrestlers we think of iconic sports entertainers like John Cena and Dwayne Johnson the most iconic athletes of the Greek Arab was Milo of crota after leaving the crow today Tommy to victory over the side Barrett sees of southern Italy around 510 BC Molly became a wrestler during his time he won over 30 wrestling competition there are a lot of legends of mileage superhuman strength for example he carried a newborn box as a daily exercise I will continue to do so for use as the ox grew bigger and bigger according to Greek historians of the time Miley diet a humiliating death he stuck his hands into a small wedge in a tree thinking he could tear it open but is that he got his hands trapped BMI whilst Bates will live a bit of brain overbroad and situation could've prevented such humiliating and to milers Korea life wrestling was hard core stuff in the Greek Olympics notice pankration and introduced to the mid seventh century BC sports was a mixture of grappling punching and kicking outlawed lose included stopping opponents with fingers pointing and attacking the crew otherwise anything because it was very popular a lasted for over 600 years rule breakers were disqualified on the spot which was the case with tamoxifen I broke the rules by disemboweling his opponents crew you guess what his shop and fingernails creo guess would have been overjoyed to know he won by default effort he was still alive at the time democ sent us was the loser but at least he walks out with his entrails attack talk about a sore loser well sort of Diogenes is one of the most infamous and repulsive philosophers of all time when he wasn't lounging around on the streets he lazily snooze did a barrel Diogenes founded the concepts of cynicism openly criticizing the trivial miss a corrupt of nature of society family authority education he often interrupts elections and even human dignity he would excrete and masturbate in public if people annoyed him would not only mock them but also your dates a blimp legend has it that when Alexander the great's found the ocean he's lying on the street and asked him what he wanted dodging the school we asked him to stop blocking the sun so to route college get so wealthy honorable man Alexander Deutch the syndrome is named after the discussing philosopher and is attributed to hold us with little care for the road decency those that attend facts you probably didn't know about that recompile for more top lists just like this special to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to check out our other top lists thank you very much for watching thanks for letting //
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Singapore
\\possibly the most impressive country in the planet Singapore's a city state that is just full of mysteries waiting to be discovered by the inquisitive so get ready for the 10 things you didn't know about Singapore few countries in the world can match Singapore in terms of its unique origins and fewer still can match its meteoric rise on the plain view of the world in the realms of finance economics in technology so the question is how did all this come to pass on 4/1/1946 Singapore became the on 5/27/1961 Singapore was separated from the rest of Malaysia and on the lines of August 1965 it became a sovereign democratic and independent nation a massive industrialization program was launched with the extension of the Jurong industrial state and creation of smaller states the employment act and industrial relations amendment act were passed in 1968 to promote industrial peace and discipline among the work force the economic development board was re organize in 1968 as well and the drunk town corporation and development act of Singapore were set up in the same year in 1970 and the monetary authority of Singapore was established to formulate and implement Singapore's monetary policies and soon Singapore was on its way to become the economic superpower we all recognize today quite possibly the most incredible mind of the twentieth century Lee Kwan Yu was many things to many people savior hero despot ruthless pragmatist autocrat and more any epithets and accolades thrown his way have always been too numerous to count born in Singapore on 9/16/1923 make 1 you became the longest serving prime minister in world history raining from 1959 to 1990 Lee Kwan Yu was born into a wealthy Chinese family bed resided in Singapore since the 19 century after World War 2 the study law at fitzwilliam college in Cambridge in 1950 he was admitted to the English bar but instead of practicing law there me returned to Singapore to do so in the early 19 fifties Singapore buzzed with talk of constitutional reform independence and leave bonded with other like minds to challenge the governing structure of the country soon breaking from this group and taking a more radical stance in 1954 Lee became secretary general of his own party the people's action party in 1955 a new Singapore constitution was introduced and overtime Keyport Singapore into the force to be reckoned with that it is today by incorporating multiple traditions British Chinese and others forging a greater whole at of the many great and inevitable Lee Kwan Yu passed away in March of 2015 at the age of 91 unlike many countries that are economically successful and prosperous Singapore retains many rules and regulations that would have many westerners aghast if they had to live under them given the harsh and in the eyes of many excessive penalties for not adhering to them the reality of this however is that these laws and penalties are not anything novel but hark back to many of the nineteenth century rules and regulations developed under British rule chewing gum is banned in Singapore so leave it at home and packing your bags importation of chewing gum into the country's illegal the current set of regulations does not have any provisions for carrying a gun for personal use improper disposal of gum and carry large quantities of the band product will cost you a hefty fine of up to $1000 for first time offenders dear pours bent on maintaining its reputation of being impeccably clean with an active campaign against Littorina and stringent enforcement in place first time offenders with her small items like cigarette butts or candy wrappers are fine $300 for those who thrive bigger items like drink cans or bottles are considered defiant and are required to appear before the court smoking is prohibited in certain areas in Singapore the smoking prohibition currently covers all indoor places where the public congregates the band was revised in 2009 to include indoor public places that are not air conditioned such as shopping centers offices and shops outdoor public facilities like fitness areas sports courts and playgrounds were also included in the extension in 2013 the bond extend even further to include multiple purpose howls pedestrian overhead bridges covered walkways and link ways hospital outdoor compounds and a 5 metre perimeter around plus shelters the extension also includes common areas of residential buildings not flushing the toilet is more than just a preacher propriety in Singapore because he will also be breaking the law if you do so expect a pay a fine if you get caught vandalism is a serious offense in Singapore with penalties that include not only fines but also jail and 3 to 8 strokes of caning the acts constitutes damages done to both public and private properties Jay walking is illegitimate crime in Singapore as well that is fine and punishable most important however is the crime of drug possession most drugs palatini possession of a certain that crime wait carry with them a mandatory death penalty these include but are not limited to marijuana morphine heroin and just about everything else in excess of the designated crown limit which varies from drug to drug over the years Singapore's had difficulty figuring out where it belongs in the global time zone in fact since 1905 the city state has changed its official time zone no fewer than 6 different times its most recent switch in 1982 allowed Singapore sync with its neighbor Malaysia and 1 can only hope that they stay satisfied with that change few people realize just how significant time zone change it can be because of the massive impact it can have on the economy as even small ships in the official time zone can throw international business meetings and contracts into total disarray because of small changes which is another reason why it is in Singapore's best interests to maintain its current time zone of GMT plus 7 you can't just buy a car in Singapore first you have to win the right to own a card in option on the first and third Monday of every month the Singaporean government auctions off certificates of entitlement if you get one you're allowed to own a car for 10 years certificates owner Calgary a car can be sold for over $56000 U. S. D. the reasons behind the strict limitations are manifold for some of the most basic reasons our concerns about traffic and pollution we must remember that Singapore is a city state and if it were ever to become too congested with cars and traffic it would surely suffer in the same way that Los Angeles does becoming a foul smelling treated pillow smog in waste to avoid LA's fate Singapore has imposed a strict measures and kept the city clean and with breathable air Singapore is seated at the cultural crossroads of an entire food crazy continent by the numbers it's roughly 74 percent Chinese 30 percent ethnic Malay 9 percent Indian and 3 percent Eurasian as one of the wealthiest countries in Asia it's drawn workers in from everywhere and were large populations of immigrant workers go good food is sure to follow Singapore feel similar to New York in this way not only is it a glass towered metropolis of wealth it's also a hot bed for half a dozen or so ethnic groups making and cooking their way through the world as such you get all manner of regional Chinese dishes Malaysian as well as Indian and there's something for everyone in this incredibly diversity of ethnic cuisine as Singapore is situated only 88 miles from the equator the sheet is truly something to be reckoned with most people in the west simply have no idea when it comes to heat and humidity and then upon visiting Singapore find themselves in a sauna which is yet another reason why Singapore is a personal interest in keeping up air pollution has become from the exhaust pipe of cars in fact Singapore's Lois Rick with 66Β°F in January of 1934 so expect lots of humanity in rain to boot if you visit the place fortunately for those who live there their conditions are given in just about any area where the residential or corporate so you'll probably have air conditioning your hotel room there are only 3 city states in the world Menachem ... Vatican City and Singapore there are no other cities in Singapore other than Singapore sure their islands but Singapore city Singapore the country which makes it rather unique in many regards the interesting thing about city states such as Singapore is that in terms of country rankings they tend to do quite well in all manner of categories from quality of life economic performance and more but oftentimes this is more a reflection of the small size of the country and consequently the greater ease with which such a small area can be governed which is to say what works in Singapore might not work in a place such as the United States sitting on the roof of the soaring skyscrapers of the one Raffles place is one altitude which puts just a shoulder high gloss wall between you after Singapore sling and the 282 metre drop to the ground but you have to have good weather as the bar is a lightning rod during bad weather lucky for them they have the exclusive indoor ultimate bar just a floor below 4 places has a reputation for being very uptight and very strict is somewhat surprising that such a bar would exist in Singapore but Singapore has many such hidden gems that exists beneath its quarter balance surface virginity and regulation Singapore is one of the most innovative countries in the world according to a Bloomberg report of 2017 perhaps most importantly among those countries on the list for most efficient innovator of the world much of the sufficiency it can be argued is related to the fact that Singapore ruthlessly workers talent from around the world to be integrated into its economy in this sense the world is truly Singapore's oyster as top talent from every corner of the earth will be snatched up and made to contribute to the economic expansion of Singapore I guess there's a lot to be said for ruthless pragmatism at the end of the day for more topless just like this be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already and don't forget to check out our other lists and thanks for watching and thanks for learning //
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Fascist Italy
\\after the end of the first World War fears of revolution and its leading doomed us the Italian Communist Party rapidly gained popularity poverty crippled the country for far too blown and the masses demanded change and said Benito Mussolini also known as he lied to us was really neat forced his way into power and ruled with an iron fist for over 2 decades overshadowed by Mussolini's German counterparts Adolf Hitler many have ignored the fascinating involvement during this war well maybe it's defense they've used during this period attention of course things ... bats change I'm shakes the voice these are //
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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Argentina
\\Argentina is quite possibly the most unique country in South America for a variety of reasons diverse culture incredible landscapes a wide variety of ecosystems and climates and much much more so get ready for the full spectrum of details of this incredible country by watching and learning about the 10 things you didn't know about Argentina infamous or famous depending on whom you ask court paid off I envy data can in arguably be called a legend of his time regardless of whether that legend is a positive or -1 Jorge had a fairly delta was born on 8/2/1925 in medicine days Argentina he attended a military college and had ancestors who fought in the Spanish American wars of independence however what he's most known for or his actions in the 19 seventies in 1975 Argentina's leader is about a pet dog named V. data as the army's general commander on 3/24/1976 me data assisted by general Orlando a moan outpost the of the airforce and admiral and you don't Masella of the navy ousted head on at the time Argentina was besieged by attacks from guerrillas in death squads so many welcome the data's move hoping the 3 man military junta would put an end to the violence business interest also felt that the economy is set by inflation might improve under V. does rule after the coup the data now president began a quote unquote process of national reorganization to remake the country courts for close political parties outlawed and labor unions band is sort of a legislature a commission of 9 military officers answering to the data was set up military official soon filled all important government positions the real terror however began with the so called Dirty War for the data another part of the re organization process was defending the country against leftist groups in addition to guerrilla fighters he considered anyone whose thoughts or ideas could undermine the government to be a threat this meant that union leaders journalists left leaning politicians intellectuals were among those targeted during Argentina's Dirty War government opponents were brought to secret detention centers sometimes after being kidnapped in the middle of the night what's in custody the prisoners punishments included beatings torture rape and summary execution perhaps most infamous with a secretive death flights were detainees were flown out to the ocean and drop to their deaths we della was eventually ousted and imprisoned and although the data took responsibility for the atrocities that occurred while he was in power he always maintained that his actions had been necessary remorseless he died in Marcos Paz prison in Buenos Aires on 5/17/2013 he was 87 years old even with his death the repercussions of the dead as horrific actions continue to affect Argentina to this day the geography of Argentina includes 5 major regions starting with the rain forest areas of the far north east along its border with Brazil the swampy and flat Choco plane before tile almost treeless grants lands of the central pompous the lengthy plateau of Patagonia that stretches to tear a day if we go and the Andes mountains along its western border which you day the pompous one of the largest fertile plains in the world covers almost one third of Argentina's land area bordered by mountains in the Atlantic Ocean legendary landscape of Patagonia displays huge forests sizeable mountain valleys and many cold water lakes Yanni's in Argentina contain advancing glaciers including the pentito Moran of leisure as well as several akin Gump was the tallest mountain in South America Argentina is also home to the impressive midwives who falls and over 250 additional waterfalls of size major rivers include the Colorado the Negro the patent lie about ana Salado and the Uruguay the Uruguay in public why flow together before meeting the Atlantic Ocean forming the basis of the Rio de La Plata where is most south American countries are predominately miss dito meaning a combination of a merry Indian and European Argentina really stands out in having large segments of the population that are predominantly European more so than any other south American country this is due to many waves of European immigration including but not limited to Italian German Spanish and Russian culturally you can see this in the streets and city centers strong Italian and Spanish influence further more in recent years genetic studies have been conducted on Argentines with startling results based on genetic evidence the average Argentina has a percent European contribution 19.4 percent in their Indian contribution and 2.5 percent African contribution making Argentines the Moshi European both culturally and genetically in South America it would be hard to make a video about Argentina without mentioning one of the most majestic mountain ranges in the world the Andes the Andes is the longest mountain range in the world and boasts some of the highest peaks as well the range is also known for its volcanoes ruins of long ago civilizations and the source of a malaria treatment the origin of the name and he's has not been definitively determined most agree that it comes from the casual word anti translates to high crest a minority argue that it comes from the anti sue you which is one of the 4 regions of the Incas who once inhabited the range located along the entire west coast of South America the Andes mountain range is about 4500 miles long the motion range spanned 7 countries Venezuela Colombia Ecuador Peru Bolivia Chile and Argentina and can be found between 10 degrees north and 57 degrees south latitude and 70 degrees 80 degrees west longitude it is up to 500 miles wide however most of the Andes does indeed reside in Argentina most importantly the ID's are the second tallest mountain range in the world after the Himalayas and the longest mountain range in the world with no other even coming close Arjun tying cuisine tends to be very European for reasons explained above with a hint of a merry India thrown in for good measure the way to Argentina's heart is through its asado or barbecue also known as Barry law that it is a crime to leave the country without spending a leisurely afternoon beside the warmth of a grill or open fire VC non copious grilled meats Argentinians give a whole new meaning to grilled cheese and profile data a consequence of the significant Italian immigration Argentina provide data is the country's variant on provolone cheese pungent and sharp slice discs are topped with herbs like oregano and chili flakes then grilled they nearly melted cheese is crispy and slightly caramelized on the outside do in smoky on the interior finally there's Duce do that shit this thick caramel is the result of condensed milk reduce slowly until sweetened and sticky and can be loosely translated as milk jam look for it in everything from a powerful Jana's desert empanadas to another national favorite and although or ice cream word is liberally drizzle then and used everywhere there are a few birds in the world is majestic and frankly speaking large as the Andean condor this bird is unique distinction of being the largest flying bird in the world when combined in terms of both weight and wingspan no other bird can top the Andean condor in this department some other birds have slightly greater wingspans but none has a total package that the Andean condor has males can weigh a staggering 28 pounds on average which might seem like nothing but you must bear in mind that flying birds are by their nature very light having bones that are lighter and more brittle than land animals compared even to such birds as the bald eagle which only weighs about 12 pounds the Andean condors a scavenger feeding off carcasses of deer in cattle and inhabits the incredibly high altitudes of the Andes mountains another incredible animal with even more incredible behavior there is a group of orcas it live along the coast of Patagonia display some of the most amazing behavior ever documented in animals these orcas will intentionally beach themselves in order to capture see lines and then swim back out into the water that might not sound impressive at all but you have to realize the credible danger this presents the chain is usually certain death for whales and dolphins as their heavy marine adaptations need them to being crushed by the weight of their own bodies been beached Furthermore the difficult skill of BC oneself and swimming back is something that mother orcas must teach their young to do as it is completely counter intuitive to them and unnatural what's more is that there is a man who's become known as the man who dances with orcas Roberto bus was a park ranger and plays the harmonica to these animals pets them and seems to have a personal relationship with them that has never been documented before in the history of human or correlations Argentina actually derives its name from the Latin word for silver were again tomb with the reason being that the Spanish had heard a rumor or legend that there was a mountain meat of pure silver in the Andes in what would later be called Argentina and they subsequently named this land Argentina unfortunate for the Spanish they never found the mountain made of silver but the name stuck and to this day we all call the country Argentina interestingly enough Argentina became famous after World War 2 for harboring Nazi war criminals and their collaborators infamous criminals such as out of Iceman Hitler strongman Yosef minga Nazi doctor an experimenter and on tape Pavelic Croatian regime murdered untold numbers of gypsies in the Serbs the reasons for this are fairly complicated but due to Argentina's historical background it retain close ties to places such as Italy Germany and Spain ended largely favored both the axis powers and the fascist regimes in Europe windows iras has more psycho analysts and psychiatrists than any other city in the world it even has its own psycho analytic district called view tried it is estimated that there are 145 psychologists for every 100000 residents in the city for more topless just like this be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already and don't forget to check out our lives and thanks for watching and thanks for learning //
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10 Books BANNED For Bizarre Reasons
\\American president Abraham Lincoln once said all have learned I've learned from books literature has been a source of information and entertainment for except for a long time long correct a book on the legacy of well books alas books of all kinds have been subject to censorship person truly mind boggling reasons I'm shake the voice ha these are 10 books that were banned for bizarre reasons a promise for shell Silverstein's children's book the giving tree simpler small boy enjoys playing with a treat Oakley grunts older post some the tree is happy to oblige when the tree is reduced to stop the boys asks once again latest perceived vitreous China rusty and some interpretations resulted in the a public library in Colorado he ate bandits accusing it of promoting other reasons include its criminalizing the forest an agency promoting sadomasochistic relationships parental exploitation and the mole learn to love to read from a generous we Maurice Sendak's where the wild things are has made the list at number 9 when the young boy dresses up as a wolf because of miss chief he is sent to bed without supper and wakes up in a jungle full of wild things ensign becomes the bone and released it was Pam the bottom to the U. S. for 2 he's a fictional child being sent to bed without supper was deemed psychologically home taken be introducing for young children yeah it's an actuality could prove to be very popular among some ducks critics used up over time and eventually shout it with praise number 8 is a quirky classic Lewis Carroll real name Charles Lutwidge Dodgson wrote his university friends dorsi Alice as the star of the tongue in cheek tale Alice's adventures in Wonderland one school in New Hampshire bandit from mocking authority figures but betraying the most clueless and bossy supposedly encouraging children to engage in sexual government some so general home she enrolled many children of the chance to delve into the wonderfully weird world of Wonderland because talking anthropomorphic animals betrayed us equals to humans would be disastrous for children some help George Orwell's dystopian science fiction novel 1984 depicts a grim totalitarian future led by brainwashing social surveillance of the mysterious big rather ... Welles masterpiece has stunned and captivated readers since its release in 1948 snacks seventh place on our list of banned books many scholars interpret the novel as a criticism of the oppressive you SSR under the rule of the ruthless and cold hearted dictator Joseph Stalin whose only Jackson County Florida ended up censoring the book in 1981 under accusations of being pro communist the beloved doctor Seuss and his iconic nonsense poem green eggs and ham his hero number 6 Daniel dislike Sam I am and his green eggs and ham but never gives a reason why after being pestered relentlessly he finally tries the colorful dish I'm loves it the people's Republic of China but I'm the book in 1965 for its portrayal of 0 Marxism and what the moral of the tale was in actuality an allusion to giving into homosexual temptation the ban was lifted after the opus passing 46 years later looks like China secretly craved for green eggs and ham after rule I'm number 5 is the wonderful wizard of oz point L. Frank Baum Dorothy's adventures in the world of falls was banned from a library in Detroit for promoting the negativism and cowardice so to libraries and schools refuse to Stockholm another tale under accusations of promoting communism almost every day would love to James Joyce's Ulysses problem before is a modern adaptation of homeless epic poem all to see from around 800 BC one of the most unique books ever written as the details almost every action I thought of too sexually frustrated gentleman across a single day one chapter even parodies countless righteous through time eventually degenerating into an almost incomprehensible mishmash of made up slang it was banned for 14 years in the UK and 11 in the U. S. for its difficulties and sexual content Ulysses fell victim to public book burnings and Joyce was a Benchley taken to court regarding his creation however one of Josh's detractors could explain how supposedly impossible to understand book could also be scandalous and tablet was well while critics of the time quite literally compared Ulysses to BC after the ban was lifted the book was praised by countless scholars and critics alike as one of the most important books in modernist literature making its way and number 3 is the diary of Anne Frank the teenage and Frank shed light on the difficulties of a Jewish family hiding from the Nazis 2 years the last entry was 8/1/1944 when she and her family was sent to a concentration camp shortly afterwards and sadly passed away but has 11 father published the heart wrenching diary 2 years after the war ended while the bacon middle school Corpus Christi in Texas band the diary in 1998 believing that it contained pornographic themes the Alabama state textbook committee really made a fool of themselves for moving it from schools for being quotes a real down expecting a book about life under Nazi rule to be anything but depressing is quiet at school is there any logical justification for the inclusion of JK Rowling's iconic Harry potter series and number 2 of our list of banned books in short countless religious families were uneasy of its depiction of devilish matching in which cry various religious schools in the United States as famously I Catholic school in Massachusetts disallowed its students from ever reading Harry potter ironically Rowling is a crew so it even to this day has series has been disparaged by devoted we need to poo is our number one entry on our list of books by and focus on a recent 8 a mills title focused on the escapades of a dim witted but warm hearted teddy bear as he and his stuffed animal friends explore them last 0 acre woods several institutions in Turkey and the U. K. on the book after believe improves friend piglets was accounted deemed too offensive to Muslims I'm blasphemous to Christians in 2012 the Russian government feared that the book was rife with anti semitic messages after discovering and arrested neo Nazi was a fan a drawing of poo with a swastika was found at the scene meaning the government for the honey Godzilla was a Nazi himself later in 2014 a school and toes in Poland decided to find the book they believe that who was a hermaphrodite since he only wore his trademark red shirts hope bomba so the old bat would likely say blows them all 10 books that were banned for bizarre reason more top lists just like this to leave a like describe if you don't forget to check out of the top lists thank you very much for watching willow //
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10 Famous People Who Probably Never Existed
\\history is awash with figures whose fame as truly transcended the limits of time and such figures are instantly recognizable by almost anyone who hears their name but what if the truth about such people were stranger than the fiction surrounding them what if such luminaries as Jesus Christ the Buddha and others were just legends and possibly had never existed at all to find out which famous people you always assumed were real but were not we present you 10 famous people that likely never existed the story of the Buddha is well known but just because the story is well known does not mean that it is true people know the story of Star Wars after all like the back of their hand but most sane people also recognize that the Star Wars story is fictional and it might be that the story of the Buddha is justice fictional beyond all the embellishments of his miraculous birth and the various miracles he allegedly performed there simply is no good paper trail that attest to historical man called go Tom of Buddha documents written about him were written centuries after his supposed birth many with deviations from other accounts of him and what is most damning ultimately is the fact that all we know about him or his teachings which are essentially parables with a human life attach them and parables are almost only symbolic not real since realized really conform to allegories as allegories are well crafted and intentional where Ginny wind human life is messy and unpredictable some might argue that it possibly does not matter that Buddha likely did not exist just the teachings of this mythical figure are what are most important and perhaps in this they are right all the stories have been trying their best to find factual evidence that could support the epic occurrences mentioned in the elite in Odyssey the presumed author of these magnificent works might not exist as all the primary theory that fuels the skeptical claim directly relates to how little we know about the life of Homer in fact his biographical accounts or lack thereof directly conflict with its impressive status as one of the most prominent writers from the western world as for later accounts the famed ancient Greek historian Herodotus had put forth his estimation that Homer perhaps lived around the mid ninth century BC other older sources place in close to the time of the Trojan War itself in the twelfth century BC while modern academics tend to believe the figure might have lived during the seventh century BC regardless of the actual time period of his alleged existence some theories also put forth the notion that he was not the sole author of the exalted epics but rather the combined work of many theoretical quote unquote homers regardless of the truth works of literature with us even if the man supposedly behind them likely never was another man of ancient Greece with much attributed to him the simple yet impeccable pie factors theorem has held mathematicians throughout the ages in awe unfortunately there's only sparsely reliable information relating to the names the creator of this geometrical dictum with most of the counts having been written centuries after is presumed lifetime interestingly there are many colorful episodes pertaining to the great pie Thackeray's with the stories myths and accounts interlacing together to paint a rather eccentric picture to that end he's also think you're supposedly came across musical notes that could be interpreted by mathematical equations he also believed in religious transmigration in which our souls go through various reincarnations initially turned immortal numerology and the bad effects of consuming beans and lastly as for the famous theorem there's more than a small chance the principles are ready use by the Egyptians Indians and Babylonians though the first proof might have been created by by Thackeray's or pie figurines King Arthur the greatest of British kings or was he King Arthur just ruler of the British people epitomizes the very essence of chivalry oddly enough though the annals of his eventful life relating to themes characters and deeds very from source to source would know stricken article version and indeed no direct contemporaneously mention of such a figure in any document from that time in the best case scenario Arthur might have been based on a Roman descended toward leader in post Roman Britain named Ambrose use hourly on those who fought against the devastating Anglo Saxon incursions but even that is just speculation in any case the earliest references to Arthur had been found to be from Welsh in Britain sources where he was mostly projected as a monster slain Brittonic warrior the first narrative account of Arthur's however attributed to Geoffrey of Monmouth the Welsh monk in this early in largely fanciful twelfth century Latin work historia illegal but it honey I or the history of the kings of Britain this embellished account details of the British champion Arthur went on to defeat the Saxons picks in Scott's even the Romans and usher in a time of unprecedented peace and prosperity thereafter none of this is to be believed however as we would be lucky enough to confirm the actual historicity of the Arthur figure because as it stands now Arthur was and will always likely remain a myth mourners Sunwoo sons who is generally considered to be the most influential Chinese military generalists trudges to ever lived who most probably live during the period ranging from 771 PC to 476 BC still the historicity of his existence or at least his authorship of the art of war remains ambiguous with skepticism mainly focused on possible anachronisms found in the tax many of these relate to evolve formulations technology in military techniques mentioned in the work that would have been far too advanced and sophisticated for 6 century BC China and there is another twist in the tale which suggests that sons whose descendants on bin also wrote a military treatise by the same name of the art of war and both of them were referred to as sons who in classical Chinese as her primary authorship of the original art of war skeptics attribute the writing to various potential candidates such as wounds each through a well documented Chinese general who lives around the same time or even an anonymous writer Jesus Christ is a name all will recognize and is taken as a given that he was a real historical figure indeed there is a whole cottage industry of scholarship that talks about the so called real Jesus and who he was but the truth is that the historicity of the Jesus figure is apocryphal is any of the figures already mentioned there are many theories underlying the strong similarity between the biblical Jesus and many other dying and rising gods of Christmastime but what is perhaps more down mean is the lack of historical documentation concerning an actual human being call Jesus the New Testament is not history but allegory and even so the earliest gospel is that of mark some 40 plus years after the alleged death of Jesus beyond that all mention of Jesus of Nazareth our century after the supposed fact of his life are far far leader the strength of religious sentiment in the world however prevents the subject from being discussed and revealed because it potentially topple Christendom as we know it which is why it is regarded as heresy and ruthlessly suppressed by all from academics to clerics and even Lehman William Shakespeare's actually believes to be a real person by most historians and accommodations the proof of his existence according to the majority of experts comes from me unequivocal mentioning of the author's name in most store pull records this recognition in then contemporary legal records and even his recognition by fellow playwrights and actors sounds legit right there as detractors propose it simply could not have been a man named William Shakespeare with potential candidates ranging from Francis Bacon to Christopher Marlowe and many others such arguments are mainly based on Shakespeare's promoted background as a commoner from the backstreets of Stratford and its incompatibility with his literary works that were mainly focused on aristocracy court politics culture and general disdain for dangerous mom's other cases that are brought up against the existence of Shakespeare generally pertain to the inconsistent spelling of his surname in various records and a lack of documented evidence that strictly portrays him as a writer all of these things lead us to doubt the historicity of a singular figure called Shakespeare a folkloric here and an expert archer William tells traditional legends starts with the foundation of the fourteenth century Swiss confederacy is literary reference was however mention for the first time in the late fifteenth century work called white book of Sardinian which gives an account of the famous apple shot and the assassination of Habsburg appointed Gessler in all likelihood tell is an allegorical figure meant to be of importance to switch history without actually being historical himself perhaps the most famous philosopher who never live some scholars regards Socrates as a literary figure meant to support the values of Philadelphia or love of wisdom rather than an actual philosopher who committed voluntary suicide by consuming hemlock the reasons for this are simple he never wrote anything down despite being a profound philosopher and being temporally close to Plato is alleged student group copious amounts some people think that Plato you Socrates is an allegorical figure to prove certain points but regardless there's not much direct evidence for Socrates existence when you buy Betty Crocker cake mix for 1 of the dozens of other products bearing that name you obviously don't assume that the company is still run by air anymore than Wendy's is still owned by Wendy it's logical to assume that way back when the company got started there were some actual lady named Betty Crocker just selling their cookies or what have you but it's not that she no longer exists as some might assume is that she never existed at all the name was created in 1921 to quote unquote personalize responses to consumer inquiries and her famous signature was chosen from samples submitted by female employees she was invented by St Gail Washburn Cosby's advertising director because he didn't think women would take cooking advice from a man for more topless just like this be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already and don't forget to check out other lists and thanks for what she'd man thanks for learning //
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What Happens When Your Money Becomes Worthless? | 10 Worst Cases of Hyperinflation
\\the United Nations currently recognizes a total of 180 currencies around the world as being valid legal tender in modern times currencies have suffered huge losses invariably due to hyper inflation in a country think of prices out of control and lots of zeros and bank notes I'm shake the voice pa the top 10 of the worst currency devaluations ever we commence our countdown and number 10 like being acts wohl hyper inflation and the allied devaluation of a country's currency often occurred during times of war or even in the off twelfth that Ralph that is what happened to Taiwan in 1949 with its all time when Darla the small island had just come out to the Chinese civil war and the nationalist quoting tongue forces have so to power in Taiwan we'll have destroyed Taiwan's economy about 1949 inflation was up 300 199 percent of notes of the value of 100000 words circulation the worthless cards he was replaced by the new Taiwan della the old tie when della quickly became a relic Argentina is the country we turn to at midnight it has had its fair share of hyper inflation the booth Luce currencies Argentina had began to suffer from extreme inflation in the late 19 seventies due to corruption of the mismanagement of international loans by the brutal right wing dictated known as that shot into by 1981 extreme inflation have entered into hyper inflation and the government was issuing bank notes to the value of 1000000 pestle small wonder about that job to try to divert public attention away from the huge economic crisis by invading the nearby British Falkland Islands in 1982 and losing what is remarkable about our country in the break is not that it suffered from hyper inflation devalued currency bots that it suffered from hyper inflation for 14 years about to have multiple devalued currencies like country was Brazil between 1980 and 1994 it was a time when annual inflation was consistently I either 3 or 4 digit numbers and which the country change currencies like on the way Brazilian currencies during those years included though cruzado cruzado dual core Santo don't vote Chrisette row and Chris a real real the miracle is that Brazil ever got after that makes the first place we stay in Latin America and number 7 as we tend south of the border to Mexico it was Mexico in 1982 that was the first of many Latin American and African countries that defaulted on international loans known a sovereign debt during the 19 eighties over spending on social programs are low oil prices were blamed for enormous public debt and an inflation rate that reached 10000 percent at its height Mexico's economy was in freefall how the country was so close to bankruptcy but the Mexican government was forced to reporter relieved nationalized all private banks in sept but 1982 Pancho Villa would have not been proud Poland is at number 6 and they have barely becoming newly independent country before being hates by the ravages of hyper inflation Poland had regained its independence in 1918 in the aftermath of the first World War yet I have needed to finance a costly wall ways to god's Bolshevik Russia and its economy suffered by 1923 inflation had accelerated dramatically and the Polish mock plummeted in response to the collapse of the German mark by 5/31/1923 the exchange rate was 52 800 75 Polish marks the U. Estella the poll polls could seem to catch a break in that early years of independence warriors its ugly head again not number 5 with the devaluation of the Greek drachmas towards the end of second World War Greece have been occupied by the Nazis and their economy have been suffering for some time however things got out of control with the Greek government in exile regain control of Athens in October 1944 prices rose by 15800 percent about month another 1600 percent in November the costs of war took their toll prices would doubling every full days by the end of 19 fourty full it was indeed a Greek tragedy probably the most famous case ever of a country suffering the horizont hyper inflation is not of the Weimar Republic in the 19 twenties coming in at number 4 on the countdown Germany had been defeated in the first World War I'm being humiliated and crushed by the treaty of Versailles the enormous costs of reparations devastated the economy of the new Weimar Republic by 1923 hyper inflation was up 29 500 percent a 5000000 mark calling with $714.29 in January 1913 was worth 1 thousandth of 1 sent by October 1923 no wonder Germans took to using that currency as wallpaper or making kite sense of it a country in near collapse with the currency in near total collapse is our number 3 via country which Yugoslavia which was beset by hyper inflation a near worthless currency the dyna this was all due to the breakout of the Yugoslav wars the breakup of the Yugoslav state which is always been precarious and general destabilization in the region by the early 19 nineties United Nations sanctions will also devastating the country things came to a head in 1993 with an inflation rate of 1000000 percent a month on the release of 500000000000 Dino bank notes it was the beginning of the end for Yugoslavia imagine living in a country with a monthly inflation rates have hit 79000000000 cassette that is what the people of Zimbabwe how to enjoy in November 2008 about is why Zimbabwe is at number 2 on this tragic countdown once an African success story that change when it's dictator president Robert Mugabe launched attacks in 2000 and property laws in the country within a few years the country was an economic meltdown I'm bank notes of $100000000000000 were in circulation no wonder the south African rand W. Estella became the de facto currencies of Zimbabwe which remains in poll economic shake number one on our countdown remains today to the worst case of hyper inflation and a devalued currency ever suffered by country it was just a year after the end of World War 2 and the small central European country of Hungary have been devastated by the war by 1946 a 100 quintillion Hungarian Pingo bank notes was in print daily inflation was up 195 percent which meant prices doubled every 15.6:00 hours it is estimated that when the currency was replaced in August 1946 but the total of all Hungarian bank notes in circulation equated the value of just 1000 one U. Estella the motion that's those that attend over the worst currency devaluations Aveh for more top lists just like this special to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to check out our other top lists thank you very much for watching and thanks for letting //
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Likely Pathological Liar On Overwatch Ragequits After Being Exposed | STREAM HIGHLIGHT
\\into most exciting thing about the over watch lottery is usually the negative aspects because it's usually no how bad is your team gonna be any kills leading the group up are they gonna wanna be 6 troll the unpredictability of it all that's what's fascinating for you good evening gentlemen hello my friend that's quite Sunday there in our wall I'm Madonna nor walls as well and a project in middle school right at me calls I I I would be armadillo I had the normal interest on the one you know normal set 2 horns you're going to would Sarah I thought they only one you know that out on the island I'll armadillos there hunted for their skin and their close to becoming endangered species I was unaware of that then there's the ... does anyone really cute banks like a mix between armadillo and like well I person not only get on armadillo and Mike Lee here no no and I would it's impossible to know what I did I can't explain it I'm a bit we believe it is so adorable bell eat it's a kind of my own time or something enables working or would or will Simpson's high noon run and they hunted all that makes I know what you're referring to ... yeah I don't actually begins with begins with AP like are you are ever from pope on anything if anything yeah I think that's what he does I think athletes I think that month they stop iodine and it's it's very ... insectivore mammal history yeah yeah yeah yeah was alright gentlemen thank you for that area it's got a double Kellogg you for the very tomorrow we ... nobody followed me high right the surprise you at all reeling from Sinatra really yes okay like that vocabulary oh yes it's very impressive one of the best thing English isn't my first language I speak out of us impact it stopped the play with what is your first language ... Spanish room battle knowledge like the same thing no it's it's very different I live in Kenya you live in Canada your pin must be terrible to speak Swahili no I doubt most that's that's Olympian misconceptions about after there's a lot of lives and bring the camera several times so I him I didn't assume the strokes lawyerly but what are useful you're I saying I say a lot of a lot of it by my friends only speak English altogether it isn't just a lot of speaking with a heavy accent I don't because I'm playing video games since I was like 7 with Americans that were picked up about accent your loan mannerisms by near and I thought I might not like legs arms and I don't I don't kill them by now if you're the man of not my one group unveils usually now yeah we got this takes longer than it's just a change I think it's best can the target I wanna get this mercy just San but are mercy is that and this does this seem nice flex site out there proud of myself you're putting must be absolute rendus if you're on the air they served it's like it's like a hot I've and I had like 100 times I mean it's not possible on base in Germany and I have a hard the only good thing there were like it Ghana's they use terror ... us on a spokesman Adana yeah Arianna acting with my pay would be just that ... toward her left side makes absolutely Gary love run the point I'm going to die well this guy sounds like is completely full of shit risk Spanish Portuguese speaking can by his mother others paying who's as a fun thing to better than mine I got a star at a distance it's probably thousands of miles greater than mine I don't know why people feel the need to live us up like that receiving a connected component nice but I like an odd thing I mean around like a certain group of people like for like ... couple hours I'll start talking like they do you know I'm very good at voices and accents yeah absolutely positively no one attending Sir I'm applying was very curious I'll like this is god's people referred somebody had put the Mike some from Scotland to some it seems like it you know now how do you have a 110 things are yeah I allowed way people in Kenya ... it says it's not strange to see someone put it where you located attended by the way affluent minority are you looking at it goes both okay what what city or town ... it's a bunch of letters and I don't pronounce it basket is I it's a bunch occur going like not if you love that you have a 110 came from Kenya and they server you how is it that you have a 110 paying if you're in Canada any server because I honestly have no idea yeah I think it's almost yeah because I am as that could lead to beat yeah and and I don't expect that like this over fast staying with that right I you know yeah like that's so you get like that that's possible in action I think that probably Alex you hundreds of yeah you matched you on their server you see now you have over 300 yeah you have over like 350 if you have a yeah yeah yeah thing is better than lying on base in Europe by flying your plane is rather curious like I think it's also because I use in America yeah yeah yeah the the VPI does not like to do yeah does not have an effect on the actual distance the physical distance and I think it's I think it's this is the I think this guy's a pathological liar I just have in the settings because I think this is the pain that the server I'm connecting to it might be yeah whoever it I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure my VP allies span what else can I say server in this band uses all over the place whenever a a is probably some of it's true but the pink stuff is nonsense I was always testing them I mean I have been to Kenya twice those wondering if you'd are mentioned some cities all it's a bunch of letters okay and usually the name you have I think going through I think they're going through the moon the other in the mon guys I think and you Zahn Deaver on top because I'm in the middle of well I want to kill our gods guy god does and my my Kilmer's NCAC communicating voice channels on the moon but if you can communicate and also like if you run out in the barren and by yourself like they could clearly hear an issues are you going to our Fisher so getting here because in their blood test welfare Goodsir because I'm under some of the best allies are a mixture so he probably is partially telling the truth maybe does speak Spanish I would you know a lot isn't Karen there tell me what what what countries are adjacent to Canada Sir ... more black people there's like fifteenth entrees wives all exaggerate what 6 years I know I know there are so that I can honestly tell you what's the mall are really that's interesting yeah I know that I lived in buffalo New York so like 3 year 3 or 4 years and I want you to learn that I didn't even learned that Virginia was located in New York it's you nowhere near New York I'll be are you Papa logical liar or is it just that I mean what's the point of the line about all this I don't respond I've actually visited Canada and I know the countries that are adjacent to it and Virginia's not adjacent to New York at all is a no now here is do I don't know why why why why why would it be games Brian about you're kidding I mean that it was very bizarre I mean usually when people lie there's a purpose by exposing randomly lightly it's fun for you whatever you call do you know the capital of Kenya very good I got yeah I hope I call the Mountie let the gay like hngn yeah you get a good show each well actually I'm experience little wack shit in over watch this the point I'm gonna triple we lost the link to pop a logical liar got called out in yeah well I mean well we can see which just lined up why not exist lion on well it's I removed it's not because it's not in my account of my friends I sorry about that rush you know believe him if you should love lives son Michael I know I have my own relatively soon yeah well Byzantine this is a first time for me I've I've seen everything over what I thought I had this is the first I no can do so one how a problem is a base tonight on Ohio or something and have some emissions of grandiosity how much have I altered you can ... ... 90 percent at in contests I might be able to beat //
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10 Questionable Things About Los Angeles
\\Los Angeles is considered by many to be the epicenter of American culture and life were culture entertainment health things trendy ultimately come together and to find the rest of the country Hollywood stars live there gigantic YouTubers seek to move there and it seems as if everyone's dream is to live and work in Los Angeles but what if all the hype is just a Mirage behind a whole host of less than positive things what if it isn't true at all these are the 10 most questionable things about Los Angeles you often hear of California's great year round weather but in the case of Los Angeles this is questionable at best an outright lie at worst at least topographical situation is such that air pollution has always been a problem in the area on 10/8/1542 when Spanish sailors entered San Pedro bay and made the first written observations of the Southland they noticed some strange things in the air this early air pollution so impressed the sailors at their captain Kwan Rodriguez Cabrillo they named area by add the Los 4 loss for the bay of the smokes they is wasn't photochemical smog of course the internal combustion engine and modern industrial factories were still centuries away that invisible ceiling was formed by a persistent meteorological phenomenon that continues to threaten loans of LA's denizens temperature inversion an inversion layer forms when ocean breezes drop cool marine air on shore beneath a massive warrior above held in place by the mountains at shelter Los Angeles on the north and east the cooler than stabilizes unable to rise through the warm air above in essence the inversion layer acts as an atmospheric lead trapping whatever pollutants whether automobile exhaust fumes are smoke particulates happened to rise from the ground below on average an inversion ceiling hovers over Los Angeles to adjourn 60 days a year given this fact it is a wonder why people would want to live in smog ridden Los Angeles at all Los Angeles is famous mainly for one thing Hollywood films and culture beyond that people tend to underestimate the negative impact versus had on the world and people's relationships and beyond the glitz and glamour remains an unspoken and disproportionate layer of superficiality of endless chains of utilitarian networking for one 's own purposes and of cycling through friends as if they were thrown away so for this from the kia and the general obsession with trends appearance of plastic surgery Beverly hills which lies within Los Angeles has more plastic surgeons than anywhere else in the country the likely equivalent of 200 plastic surgeons for every 100000 people a testament to the amount of money that tension paid for the more superficial aspects of life and dating site surveys have shown LA to be the most superficial city in the country where profile stressed the importance of money looks and status in short if you want to live in a pretend world with lots of pretend friends LA's the place to be I look at Los Angeles from the outside choose the viewers a city of ought 3 pointed skyscrapers jutting out in no particular order and missed a vast suburban sprawl of poorly planned houses and homes that do little to contribute to the image of being a proper urban center stretching as far as the eye can see in addition to render in this city highly anesthetic it makes for a horrible commute for those have to work in the city's questionable center since driving in owning a car unlike a more sensible cities such as Chicago New York City is a must in a requirement something that makes LA more expensive and worsens the pollution that's already there there might be some chic bars and overly priced strip malls in Los Angeles but pretty and well planned it is not crime in both violent and petty is a major problem in Los Angeles and the police have trouble containing it property crime and theft is among the worst in the nation so that all the wealth and fame one might garner in LA might not mean much if robbers in thieves managed to take it away but that is just the tip of the iceberg as L. A. has no competitors in the area of organized gang violence compared to other cities it is in fact the gang capital of the United States and the bloods and Crips whose rivalry in violence extend decades back are quite possibly the most dangerous American based gangs in the country and neighborhoods such as Wilmington Lincoln heights in el Sereno are exceptionally dangerous and risky to enter beyond the veil of Hollywood entertainment illusion Liza dormant and dangerous world that few denizens of Los Angeles are willing to acknowledge going hand in hand with urban sprawl is Ellie's traffic problem in fact when it comes to bad urban traffic Los Angeles is the world leader people are usually willing to acknowledge that Ellie has bad traffic jams but few people are even aware that for years now Los Angeles has actually been documented as having the worst urban congestion in the world the denizens of Los Angeles spent an average of 100 4:00 hours stuck in traffic jams or about 12.7 percent of their total drive time according to enrich has global traffic scorecard a real time global internet service providing vital information on driving in traffic the cost of congestion measured in wasted time and fuel works out to 9.$7000000000 for Los Angeles for $2408 per driver based on the study across the U. S. the cost of congestion is estimated at almost $300000000000 with LA being the unfortunate leader in this less than desirable position only base YouTubers might look happy sipping their calf unneeded beverages in their fancy locales but the truth is they probably sat through 3:00 hours of traffic to get there in the first place Los Angeles it is clean is a great place to live however you might want to mind the trash the city's biggest landfill namely Puente hills is located in Los Angeles and was filled year round with heaps and mounds of waste and trash into what had to be closed in 2013 as a trash receptacle as it could no longer handle the burden of ever mounting rubbish and garbage being piled into it and this speaks volumes to the problem of waste removal in Los Angeles interestingly many of LA's poor neighborhoods rarely see trash removal services at all and want us to wonder whether the city is just too caught up in its own image of fame and glamour to even worry about these admittedly Monday in but vital issues as if to try smog and pollution or not enough Los Angeles's precariously on several major fault lines making a prime target for earthquakes the area in and around Los Angeles has a documented history of earthquakes dating back to the seventeenth century and that is just what is historically known earthquakes are a constant risk for anyone who chooses to live in Los Angeles and when they do strike they leave tremendous destruction and damage in their wake for example in 1994 the Northridge earthquake struck killing 57 people and leaving more than 8700 people injured what is worse is that there is no sure fire predictable way to know when an earthquake will hit 21 has to wonder why would anyone want to live in LA in the first place Los Angeles is proximity to Mexico has made for interesting times for one thing you can get cheap Mexican food just about anywhere in the city but there is a darker less pleasant reality to this as well millions upon millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico live and work in Los Angeles without pain taxes and making use of public services just the same but what is most shocking is that LA made 1.$3000000000 in welfare payouts to illegal immigrants in just 2 years paid for by American tax dollars that will never be refunded by the illegal immigrants themselves on the surface everything and everyone in Los Angeles appears to be picture perfect from the sunny beaches the flawlessly styled celebrities hitting the gym with a face full of makeup and a perfect blowout appearances however aren't always what they seem a fact that is evident when the thinly veiled facade of Hollywood glamour is peeled back to reveal an ugly truth that is dominated by rampant drug use and addiction with 32826 of the city's residents entering substance abuse treatment programs in the year 2014 alone of those 32826 people 80 percent were sucked into heroin addiction percent couldn't resist the euphoria of methamphetamine falsely promised 17.5 percent chronically used chronic and 16 percent hitting the bottle harder than newsy low and use it the Sunset Strip in particular Los Angeles his battle against methamphetamine since the mid 19 nineties a battle that is showing no signs of a baby with you sis trends up across the board for readmissions highest amount of reports from the poison control system most diagnoses from the non fatal emergency room cases and tied with narcotic analgesics found during drug testing the biggest issue that Los Angeles faces however is the active and concerted effort of all people who live there to engage in a cover up of its many flaws and problems perhaps feeling the need to lie to themselves about the alleged rancher and splendor of the city they've chosen to live it because let's be honest all major cities have problems but few if any cities in the United States make it a point to pretend otherwise and in this regard LA simply takes the cake for more topless just like this be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already and don't forget to check out other lists and thanks for what she'd man thanks for learning //
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10 CREEPIEST Websites On The Internet
\\websites come in all shapes and sizes is even a fascinating website that tracks the number of websites for online in real time the numbers taking up is like watching the national dept counter Laura over 1.1000000000 websites and counting given that among all of those millions of I'm Jake's the voice popped 010 of the creepiest websites on the incident please don't number 10 on with you shouldn't be a surprise that some of the creepiest websites online at those dedicated to death in one way or another plane crash in flow is one such so it offers transcripts of cockpit voice recordings of the final moments of some of the world's worst Amlin disasters you can even listen to MP threes on the actual recordings of some of the doomed flights so you can read or even here the last words before tens or even hundreds of thousands of people crashed to bed deaths it's morbid obsessing really stuff number 9 takes creepiness off the charts really because it's as if your computer stalking you some the site is called click click click I was developed by a Dutch company to raise awareness regarding online privacy so much to prove how your online behavior is constantly being monitored by your browser you went to the site it immediately starts identifying actions that you take in real time or anything from movements on the page 2 visits to other websites all accompanied by a voiceover sure its web advocates its most inside number 8 is a site called white enamel the visitor up on its right to guide the tool through a mental assault divided into 7 parts so it is presented as he walks through mockumentary you hear a mental patients babbling away to be active in very strange ways click here you click that and unravel more about the mental hospital and its deranged inmates is quite post with some good sound effects and a box of music school and some decent footage so nothing is held Rosa grow 7 and now countdown released we've email Flocka a humble megaman Kim hits a you 2 back 0 and stare at the camera for up to 30 sec people loved it stop the videos in 2000 and suddenly a website but the name of mac about appeared showing a highly disturbing video of a man riding on the floor in a cast my spliced with images of mac about accompanied with weird slogans and a disturbing sound track the question is where is my commode herself now even 3 on the stock website is freaky enough trust us but it doesn't answer the question number 6 is a simple one scroll down to a single page website and see some Korean anime doesn't sound too review right role when you land on the page you may think it's nothing more than just a simple Korean comic strip like any other except this one is based on an urban legend in South Korea and the packs quite a punch the trick is to scroll down very slowly and keep your volume up Lum the way you are sure to kind of jump scares in a real sense of dread this is one website you should visit at least once number 5 brings us to read it slight well known for its discussion boards where users can post and make comments just about any topic under the sun notice sub reddits discussion boards range from the sublime to the downright ridiculous slash are slash new sleep is a subreddit that is dedicated to eerie stories us up loaded and shed by uses posts of creepy and horror stories go out that way too and to each other all of which is the perfect way to enjoy a sleepless nights for anyone who is courageous enough to read the stories we all know that we live in a world of increasing surveillance the in succumb site has hacked into over 73000 security cameras all over the world and is at number 3 and analyst for a reason basically a visitor to the site click on any one of the links and instantly be viewing a security camera in the at the side of the world however not only can cameras from shopping malls airports and public streets be viewed in real time but also those inside people's homes the lack of privacy we have today has never been creepier number 3 on our account and is also about Tess this site is death dates its premise is quite simple you fill in certain personal details like your age height weight whether or not you smoke drink do drugs and just love that's a calculates your date of death you can even listen to a clock talking as the sec it's your life and the way not just content with death the site also has a reincarnation feature which forecasts well you'll come back as in your next life so few creepy obsessed about knowing when you're going to die that this site is just for you number 2 in our countdown is definitely on the sick side of creepy Joseph E. Duncan the third is a convicted serial killers and child rapist who published a blog prior to his arrest for murder the blog which he called the fifth nail chronicles went to great and vivid detail about his musings on everything from second vivid dreams to his thoughts on killing and child pornography amazingly the block continues to be accessible and is even being claimed that he still sends his writings to a fine of this to be a bloated even though he's in jail Duncan continues to sit on death row in Idaho twisted words continued to creep out the nets number one in our countdown of the 10 creepiest websites on the internet was chosen because it is the very epitope of creepy the summit is creepypasta been around since 2008 a creepy pastor is a short piece of horror fiction give it as the worst and online urban legends but include the likes of slender man and Jeff the killer the website itself was originally launched to collect all these infamous stories and memes from around the web but now it also hosts a missions in horror from readers stories and myths to be found and creepy passed a duck creek the hell out of you then nothing will those then attended the creepiest websites on the internet verbal top lists just like this crucial to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to check out our other list the body much for watching and excellent //
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10 Worst Crowdfunding Campaigns EVER
\\crowdfunding is the means of funding a new project or venture by raising money from a large number of people usually each contribute a relatively small amount it has become one of the most innovative ways of raising money in the digital age however some crowdfunding campaigns come down right many different reasons I'm Jake the voice Papa these all 10 of the bliss crowdfunding campaigns Atta we stopped our countdown campaign at number 10 with someone wanting the rest of us to fund her travels the lady in question was known only as Rebecca cheat from New Hampshire she went and go fund me to get funds to allow her to travel around the world on her own spiritual quest she called her campaign the spiritual journey and travel fog of those who donated was somehow also be spiritually uplifted by her travels yeah varieties of what she would also write a book about it at the end of the tool the world needs another version of crave love thanks number 9 which had to bail groovy lays a race I was able to raise an impressive for $1000000 for its campaign to launch a laser operated Raiza the company that invented the razor court scoffed it's got get it it was then switch to indigo go and raise defied the 400 $42000 even though the product hasn't yet launched Scott cold that product 20 first century shaving more like 20 first century wishful thinking perhaps a number right we have what was perhaps the worst crowdfunding campaign from movie ever made it happened on Kickstarter in 2014 on the film was to be cold twerk island a real contest movie the plot was to subs running famous rich girl who was organized a World Championship twerk slash dance contest on a desert island with 20 top dance groups Jace yep it was that bad the campaign asked for $1000000 worth of funding in the end it was able to raise just over 30 now that's a surprise day we go to Phoenix Arizona for number 7 assistant man who decided to raise money to protect his family from those who he believes wished him ha intrigued except the man in question was John Rhys Taiba who had organized an extreme right wing anti Islam and racist rally in the city and realize that perhaps it had been such a good idea to roll the man who spattered hate suddenly felt he needed to protect his own family to the tune of $10000000000 go fuck me yanks the campaign after just 6:00 hours online the best he hated that's and that was 6 now accounts and we turn our attention to the state of Alabama in 2015 and Alabama state sums up what the name of Paul Sanford came up with the brilliant idea of raising funds for the state's depleted coffers via a crowd funding campaign even people from outside of the state could contribute the fund well we thought it was a brilliant idea and this genius thought it was a bad terrible moral way of raising money simply raising tax the campaign continues on go fun to be with just over $1300 raised in 22 months yeah it's a winning idea sent us a number 5 the now countdown is a crowdfunding campaign for a product that was actually very successful omega so bad was what the competitive what's he raised all the money the product was a revolutionary cool cold around the board leave the coolest car and for which a whopping $13000000 was raised on Kickstarter however the entrepreneur behind its right Greta then how the court's request a further $97 from each investor just to get the product shipped because well he blowed all the millions that had already been raised that is like totally uncool dude but not before is the I find from we turn it's mostly the first tag locates at not to require a battery instead the I find was supposed to recycle electromagnetic energy stored in a unique power box which made the locating device environmentally friendly it was also supposed to have an impressive locating range of 200 feet the nifty device was able to raise $500000 in just over a week unfortunately doubts about its many claims soon surfaced to mention that it happened no believable working prototype sata soon to yank the campaign in the end the battery lists locating device find this way I number 3 was Europe's most successful Kickstarter campaign at that at that time the summer drone was a drug small enough to fit in palm of your hand I which would be controlled by a small phone at says out of the drug was beset with problems not least of which was it's often inability to get off the ground only 600 of the miniature drugs whatever shipped to customers while 14000 orders went unfulfilled the company behind the startup based in Wales went bankrupt and nearly $3000000 by Bacchus was lost I ask a real crash and burn crowdfunding style I wonder but to pick on this countdown is all about a little gadget called you dubbed the advancing Musa dream inductions system the soul pillar looking device was supposed to be attached to one 's forehead before sleeping would help the user how the most intense and use dreams all of this would be achieved tiny vibrations nifty little red Sox calls the ludicrous product was able to raise an excess of 306 $0 before Kickstarter yanked him for the obvious scam that's it was lucid dreams just don't come back to you ibid Sigmund Freud would have no bats number one on our countdown is a crowdfunding campaign that deserved its objects idea the campaign was launched by amber roof whose brother happened to be deliveries a crazed racist to gun down 9 African Americans on a prayer meeting at a church in Charleston in 2015 I'm but her fiance campaign to raise $5000 for her wedding and dream honeymoon so as to allow them to so called she'll in the aftermath of the massacre by a brother even crowdfunding investors know a gross campaign when they see it those that attend of the worst crowdfunding campaigns Aveh bubble top lists just like this special to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to check out our other top lists thank you very much for watching and thanks for letting //
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10 People Who Saved MILLIONS of Lives
\\the saving of even just one life can be in acts of bravery and supreme humanity saving of many lives could be inspiring or inspiring of those who haven't saved hundreds or thousands of lives but millions of lives I'm shake the voice pa these are 10 people who literally saved millions of lives we start our countdown with number 10 and a man that many consider to be the father of the modern computer Colin cheering was a brilliant English mathematician and scientist who worked as part of a secret code cracking teen pop Bletchley Park in England during World War 2 it was his tireless efforts that allowed the allies to crack the enigma code of the Nazis by doing so the allies will more quick cheering some and number 9 is an English search because no doubt caused millions of lives saved during surgery Joseph lista was a bold about high levels of death current the bid 18 he was convinced that these deaths were due to the terrible hygiene my surgeon I chose to sterilize all his surgical instruments hands all times and immediately noticed patients died his work was contributed greatly to the job theory of disease as we know it today surgery is now so much safer all thanks to Joseph lista and his obsession with clean hands a number right now list is the man that made blood transfusions safe for millions of people call lunged idea was an Austrian biologist and physician who understood that people could not just half anyone's blood transfused into that body it was thanks to his identification of the different blood groups in the 19 hundreds of people ever since has been able to get blood transfusions for that endangering the lives he was also the co founder of the polio virus no 1 to lunch so I know what the global peace prize for medicine in 1930 number 7 on our list is dedicated to the man who made antibiotics possible Scottish biologist Alexander Fleming may have been messy in his love Bawtry but it's thanks to that messiness but he was able to discover that certain bacteria cultures were being destroyed by thunderous penicillin have been discovered and with it antibiotics the almost overnight kewl previously terrible diseases such as meningitis Dick badea I'm new Monia millions of lives have since been saved all thanks to a brilliant scientist and his Bessie lab number 6 in our countdown is the little known story of a remarkable book a name was Francis old ham Kelsey that she was the drug researcher assigned by the food and drug administration the FDA in 1960 to repeal a new drug called thalidomide she refused to approve the drug on patient safety grounds however other countries allow the morning sickness drug for pregnant women that resulted in thousands of deformed babies being born worldwide except in the United States Kelsey's uncompromising F. those regarding drug reviews before the knoll and has subsequently saved millions of lives and number 5 is the second woman on the countdown Henrietta lacks was just an ordinary woman who died of cervical cancer in east Baltimore hospital in 1951 aged just 31 researchers immediately used has cells to create that he let some line which would be the first immortalized cell line I can reproduce indefinitely under certain conditions the healer cell line games another of Henrietta lacks continues to be invaluable in medical research to this day side is that lacks would never get to know just how many lives she helped saved no before now countdown is Neil's Bolan Swedish engineer and inventor he's the man given credit for having invented the cost safety belts as we know them today it was while working for Swedish carmaker Volvo them both and work to this design for a farm proved safety belts the design would become the 3.harness that allows no part of the body receive the full force of the crash he also designed the safety dog treed the side of the person rather fun across the chest auto safety experts agree that Bolens revolutionary single design has probably saved tens of millions of lives to this day and number 3 we have 3 men whose bravery alone is for inspiring the 1986 fire at the Chernobyl nuclear power station in the former Soviet Union was the worst nuclear related disaster dates in order to avert a full melt down the nuclear reactor have to be flooded however the water a bitch we needed to be drained unfortunately only humans could do the task the 3 segmental volunteered what Alex see and then co Valerie best Powell's I'm poorest bottles and they literally have to swim in radioactive sludge in order to drain the reactor the 3 men died within 2 weeks from the extreme radiation a millions of lives were saved across Europe appearing at number 2 is James Harrison on ordinary Australian with an extraordinary contribution to Bolton medicine it turns out that Harrison's blood is extremely rash enough to house the antibody to resist disease once deadly disease that killed thousands of children every year today a pregnant woman can have an R. hates test times if positive she is given a shot of antibodies from Harrison blood and her baby thus protected comparison has done over 1000 blood donations to dates and over 2000000 babies have been saved on 9/26/1983 a single band prevented the outbreak of nuclear war extraordinary man was Stanislav petrol Russian left tenant corporal in the Soviet Tommy who's in charge of early detection warning systems on that day the system showed that several U. S. missiles flew all the way to the U. S. S. R. Petrov refused to believe the data I didn't report it to his superiors it turns out it was indeed a goal it should the system and the false alarm pepper of single handedly averted the third World War vice is why he is known as the man who saved world about is also why he is at number 1 on our countdown those then all 10 people who literally saved millions of lives for more top lists just like this special to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already and if you get a check out our other top lists thank you very much for watching and thanks for letting //
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Flags
\\flags come in an array of colors designs and symbolic meaning rebate national flags or any other flags flags in one shape or another have been a part of human history for centuries I'm trick the voice paw these attend interesting facts refill you might like regarding flags I know that Sam is a flag used by the people of the bikini islands in the South the flag was designed on purpose to look very similar to the American flag as a protest by locals regarding the destruction of their islands by the gigantic hydrogen bomb test undertaken by the United States in March 1950 full the 23 starts to pick the 23 islands that comprise the bikini atoll with the 3 black stars signifying the 3 islands destroyed by the test while the 2 black stars represent the islands where the people now live the words no flag translate from Marshallese as meaning everything is in the hands of god we remain with the American flag but 10 from the South Pacific and head out into space but number 9 and now count down a total of 6 flags were planted by astronauts the moon during the polar mission all the flags were made of nylon by a company called and in flag makers I cost NASA just $5.50 it is still that's all the flags remains standing on the lunar surface all the radiation from the sun has moved slightly policed out all the color that means that all the American flags on the moon a probably completely white by now flags of peace perhaps a number right is the central American country of Belize which is the only country that has a national flag a full and prominent to pick all of it's like contains the figures of a black man a white man standing beneath a mahogany to the 2 men represent the country's locking it the country of Malta has an image of Saint George and its flag but in time Ellie recognizable full all of the British and French territories also depict humans but they are not independent states so believes his flag remains unique at least but there number 7 is a 77 year old mystery regarding the Olympic flag a flag that is instantly recognizable for its 5 colored circles it against a white background the very first Olympic flag 1 missing after the 19 twenties Olympics held an ounce what Belgium it was only in 1997 that's an American man of 101 admitted that he had stolen the flag on a day his name was how hate priest and he had won a bronze medal in platform diving how have kept the Olympic flag stashed away in a suitcase for all those years and readily offered up when incidentally asked about it at a press conference the ultra Mason went off old present number 6 is about the flags of Australia and New Zealand the respective flags are so similar to one another that's it is hardly surprising but they often confuse the fact that the 2 countries are geographically and culturally so close only makes it even more confusing Hussam but Australian prime minister Bob I'm Linda a full he was greeted by a multitude of New Zealand flags and former New Zealand prime minister John key once commented how under the Australian flight international funds hello from Bauer saying we have a funny flag story at number 5 of the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin Germany athletes from the top European tree of life gathered underneath what they thought was the aflac turns out it was the flag of the tiny Caribbean nation of high ET it was the first time the 2 countries have realized that they had inadvertently decides identical flags Leiston Stein mortified by the blunder immediately added to cram stuff like so as to make it distinct from that of high ET lance was an embarrassment of Olympic proportions the theme of similar flags continue for number 4 except on an even more extreme level a flock of the European country of Romania and the African colony of Chad a 100 percent identical both the national flags on a tri color with vertical blinds a blue yellow and red the flags of the tiny principality of Monaco and the southeast Asian country of Indonesia also identical in their red and white horizontal by the flags do have different select proportions to each other love a good luck trying to tell them apart on a normal day number 3 we turn our attention to the high seas treasures in all things pirates the jolly Roger also known as the skull and crossbones became synonymous with pirates and brigands the flight have become popular with English French and Spanish pirates by 1730 the origins of both design and its name however it's believed the name may have to ride from old Russia which denoted a pirates in England however it should be noted the powers of flight of the but it was probably the jolly Russia not struck the most via in the hearts of the material in our countdown is for what must be one of the shortest lived flags of all time it was the flag of the north Caucasian Emirates which is comprised of pots of Chechnya and Dagestan in Central Asia I was established put just months between 1919 and 1920 during the bloody Russian Civil War the newly declared country was quickly absorbed into what would become the Soviet Union you must also rank as one of the funniest flags abba even if intensely brings to it very much looking like a smiley face and the the last flag that we look at on our countdown is that's of Ceuta on automotive the city on the northern tip of Africa that belongs to see the city of Ceuta maybe Spanish but US flag is distinctly Portuguese it's black and white background is the exact flag of the city of Lisbon since the Portuguese corporate CEO to in 1415 and held it until 1640 the coat of arms to pick 7 castles and 5 shields noticed that scripture means what is the identical coat of arms found of the modern flag of Portugal you could call it a flag with a bit of an identity crisis those that are some of the most interesting facts about flags that we came across the more top lists just like this crucial to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to check out our other top lists thank you very much for watching flexibility //
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10 WORST Theme Park Accidents
\\Golden theme parks Coldham amusement parks they meant to be places of fun laughter I had a good time however sometimes things can go horribly wrong at theme parks I'm Jake the voice Paula of these attended the worst theme park accidents that have taken place we commence at number 10 with what was part of the most famous amusement park venues of all time namely Tony island in New York Cody island was the big apple's premiere outdoor fun spots for many decades and famed for a host of different roller coasters one of them was the rob the dip his name was it all right frantically on July 18 in 1950 one of the cars derailed flipped over so the 3 people plummeting to that death the rough riders no more we can see what number 9 with king's island amusement park at Macon Ohio unless of amusement park that has been in operation so 1972 however ... 6/9/1991 was a very dark day for the pa it started when a man fell into a pond in the pocket a friend and a park employee jumped in to try and save in a freak accident 2 of the men were at electrocuted in the poem just an hour later a woman fell from a park right minutes flight commander and was killed the number right we head north to Canada and the galaxy land amusement park situated inside west Edmonton mall in Edmonton Alberta the amusement park is home to the mind bend of the world's longest and tallest indoor roller coaster German designed and built it was thought to be extremely safe that is until the evening of 6/14/1986 one of the cars derailed and slid backwards and slammed into a concrete pillar 3 people were killed equally horrific is not throngs of people will be watching a concert in the park that night insult the whole tragedy take place before the burial sites another 7 we go halfway across the world to dream world the biggest theme park in the state of Queensland Australia located in the tourist trap but is the Gold Coast the theme park was just recently the site of a horrific accident the culprit was the thunder river rapids ride when it malfunctions on October 15 2016 I believe that one of the river rats flipped because in 2 of its occupants to be crushed on the conveyor belt well another to attract and drought all people in total does it's until Strela a country Britain known for its top health and safety laws into a state of shock belief number 6 takes us to what was 1 crook plug Libya's been pocket Nebraska that opened in 1895 the box found a friend Krug would refer to it as the complete amusement park its biggest attraction was a lumbering wooden roller coaster known as the big dipper unfortunately on 7/24/1930 both came loose of one of the trains and full costs filled with children and teenagers plunged to the ground 4 people died the city of Omaha immediately banned any roller coasters being situated within the city limits the park itself closed down a few years later but number 5 we had to London England on what was once back to see fun fact the amusement park was opened in 1951 I was hugely popular with Londoners during its run probably its biggest attraction was the big dipper roller coaster a rickety wooden 1 study that was fit to be dangerous its first hit by fire in 1970 but a real tragedy occurred on 5/30/1972 that day the train's got loose and rolled back at high speed the bank courage jumped the rails and 2 of the carriages crashed on top of it 5 children were killed but to see fun fact closed and within 2 years we head over to the city of shuns in China for outnumber full to an amusement park known as overseas Chinese town the writing question was the eco adventures space journey a bizarre quest to simulate a rocket launch by having a multi caught centrifuge Weldon sided dome screen the trade movies about space it certainly 7 dangerous and tragedy indeed hits on 6/29/2010 well one of the calls came loose an electrical fire ensued before plunging the time out of the sky 35 feet to the ground killing 6 of the 44 people trapped in the right space was never the horrific number 38 hour countdown takes us to burn in New Jersey and a water theme park called action pock opened in 1978 it quickly became a big hit however the 19 eighties so sick people die at the park in separate tragedies less than 3 people drowned in the tidal wave pool alone will fourth died while on the alpine slide fifth 9 got electrocuted while kayaking on the clock experience a 6 man died from cardiac arrest on the Tauzin swing the plot was temporarily shut in 1996 and renamed amounting creek waterpark Zahn leave your own is renamed action hog in 2014 we are back in Australia for number 2 this time in Sydney New South Wales you to park was a big attraction in its heyday but was hit by terrible tragedy on 6/9/1979 1 of the parks biggest attractions was the ghost train which had been in operation since 1936 that day the train called fire and soon a shoot fire swept through the park with flames as biggest 12 feet high 7 people perished in the inferno 6 of them children the fight was officially blamed on an electrical fault over the rumor that the fire was intentionally left has persisted to this day as a type of ghoulish Sydney urban we conclude our countdown of tragedies at number one with what was the worst theme park tragedy abba in America it occurred on 5/11/1980 full of the 6 Flags great adventure popped in Jackson New Jersey a fire swept through the hole to castle attraction which 8 teenagers became trapped all 8 of the friends died of asphyxiation shockingly they were also badly burns but they could only be identified by dental records there were accusations of Allison although the flank of the building have new active sprinklers didn't help fun so quickly tend to horrible night those that are 10 of the worst theme park accidents 2 dates for more top lists just like this special to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to check out our other top list but you very much for watching and sex were leading //
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What Will Happen In The Next 100 Years?
\\in the next 100 years the face of humanity will change and new technologies will erode vocally transform what it means to be human as well as how we conduct ourselves in the world and go about our business to gain insight into these changes we present to you the following humanity changing thing that will occur in the next 100 years 3 D. printing already exists on a limited scale but what the future holds with regards to this goes far beyond the current boundaries and applications of this technology needless to say 3 D. printing just won't be a thing it will be the thing in terms of copying and replication technology the technical term for 3 D. printing is additive manufacturing and the future we will see it on every corner and it will be even more common than paper printers are today police will employ 3 printed mug shots of criminals generated from their DNA Rita printed models of babies and mothers wombs will become common custom printed clothes womens makeup and more will all be part of this let's say you want a copy of a pair shoes you have well in the future it will be as easy as copying documents at the printers cars or an abundant transportation resource ticker early in the United States we're in the vast majority of places you cannot get anywhere without having a license in owning a car but that dependency carries with it extreme risks in the year 2015 for example there were 35092 automobile related deaths and in earlier years there were even more human fallibility plays an enormous role in car accidents as humans are far from perfect require food sleep and are just naturally prone to error well Google has already been working on self driving cars for years now and the future in this area is both bright and dark automated driving will be an inevitable part of our future as a I drivers require neither sleep Noreste nor food or anything else of the sort the positive aspect of these is that the will be far fewer if any accidents as the factor of human weakness infallibility will no longer be in play but the negative aspect of this is that entire industries requiring humans to drive vehicles will be forever changed as tens of thousands of people will be laid off I put out of work forever season they're human weakness over to superior a I drivers in the ensuing decades virtual reality will not just be an appendage to the reality we know and live it but it will become the ultimate reality that is fully integrated into our lives there will be V. are dating sites were all stats be the appearance income or anything else can be drawn up in V. R. detail video games as we know them will forever be changed as each and every game will be personalized and appeared reeler than life itself films will make the biggest advances as BR becomes a staple of the industry and the audience becomes integrated into the film in ways never dreamt of before there's of course some resolve this as the VR world might ultimately become more appealing than the so called real world and people might begin to neglect their health and well being but regardless the March of time is inevitable and so was the technology that comes along with it you might visit a dietitian these days and get what is sometimes called a tailor made diet but the truth is that in the future our understanding of metabolism and above all individual metabolic prophecies we'll be so great and so precise that diets and nutritional advice will be perfectly aligned your own body metabolism and within that framework preferences guaranteed to work as long as you follow the guidelines until that time diets will be if he hit or miss endeavors characterized by trial and error beyond this and more important is that medicine we personalize at the level of the genome with patients entire medical profiles being uploaded onto huge databases and document in the most detailed matter no longer will doctors have to guess as will always be known many people have heard of the now retired Concorde airplane the only commercial airplane to have flown at supersonic speeds it was hugely effective at getting people from New York to London and Paris in just under 3:00 hours but ultimately due to the attacks of 911 a very well documented crash and just poor financial performance it was retired from service in favor of the slow jumbo jets that have been the mainstay of aviation for 5 decades now but there are things to look forward to in the future cost noise in fuel efficiency have all been issues in the past but in the not too distant future much of this can be solved rather than supersonic aviation engineers are aiming at hypersonic travel and altitudes that could potentially put passengers near the stratosphere all with the goal of getting people from 8 it be that much faster in the current year a flight from London to city can take an entire day but imagine it taking less than 4:00 hours that is what the future holds in many of you viewing this will leave to experience it vegans and vegetarians will be able to breathe a sigh of relief in the future because it is an almost certainty but laboratory created synthetic food above all meet will be available for public purchase and consumption the advantages of foods and specifically meats that are cooked up in the laboratory or many there are no longer any ethical concerns regarding the harm of animals so people concerned about that could eat meat in good conscience mass production of wholesome nutritional food will be easier cheaper and more effective than conventional farming and livestock rearing and finally scientists will be able to specify the exact nutritional components of each type of food Taylor units of the customer's needs automated driving is one thing and many people think that this is something reasonable and sure people will lose work but it is just a few different sectors right the truth is that a I will not just be any factor but the factor that will change the face and she poked the employment landscape in the coming decades a I will become so creative flexible and crafty that even jobs regardless traditionally being inoculated against the intrusion of a I will not be spared these include but are not limited to secretarial work medicine programming music and art translation and much much more which means that a whole lot of people even the smartest people will be out of work because a I will be smarter more creative and above all tireless in more efficient than any human worker ever could be which leads us to the next inevitable development because a I will be replacing otherwise intelligent and capable workers in addition to unintelligent and incapable workers governments around the world will see the necessity of you be I or universal basic income as a means of not only maintaining their respective populace whose but also and perhaps primarily as a means of staving off open rebellion and political chaos at the same time there will be difficulty in procuring tax revenue as people will no longer be in a position to earn a living and thus most likely the very wealthy and richest people will be overtaxed possibly leading to capital flight and other dangerous outcomes but the truth is that some form of you be I will be a necessity it upwards of 70 percent of people are put out of work due to the coming onslaught of a high you BRI is coming sooner than you think so brace yourselves genetic engineering is already available in certain forms but there is more to it crisper cast 9 is a genetic engineering technique that makes use of the cellular machinery that bacteria used to recognize and edit the DNA of harmful viruses his 2 key components kasnije in an enzyme that can cut a double DNA strand at a very precise point Nick it or blockage gene expression and Chris for a short stride of Orani a chemical messenger the crisper helps guide the cast 9 enzyme to bind with a specific sequence on the genome where it will make a specific kat crisper is the beginning of a complete revolution of human evolution in that it will be implemented in successive waves to address many biological limitations afflicting human beings it will begin with the treatment of rare genetic disorders then move to more common ones and then move on from there to cosmetic athletic at hand the final application will be to genetically manipulate humans such their intelligence is enhanced beyond current limitations this is not a question of if but when limits the boundless optimism of future developments in technology is something that always looms on the horizon like a poisonous vines sappy in the strength from the greater garden whatever progress we make however much technology pushes us in new directions we will likely always remain the stupid instant driven apes we have always been and this is been a recipe for disaster in the past and will probably be an even greater liability in the sure because the truth is that in the next 100 years we are likely not going to be able to survive as a species due to a range of possibilities including destruction of the atmosphere war celestial collisions such as asteroids over reliance on fossil fuels and a host of other possibilities so live it up for now because you and your offspring might not be around that much longer for more topless just like this be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already and don't forget to check out our other lists and thanks for watching and thanks for learning //
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10 Historical MYTHS People Believe
\\it is said that history is written by those who win however sometimes history can also be rewritten to the extent but the truth is left behind history abounds with myths I'm Jake's voice pa these 1110 historical myths about people think of facts when they are in fact anything but true we commence our countdown at number 10 with a historical myth but comes short by being a rob full title everyone has heard how Napoleon Bonaparte to the great French and press and military leader was a short man with a huge sense of self importance and arrogance to match is proclaimed stature has been used to describe what is known as the Eden a pillion complex which is the idea of a short men tend to be overly aggressive I'm over compensates for being short however Napoleon Bonaparte wasn't facts 5 foot 6 which was actually about average for Frenchman of that time soap 1000000000 was no shooting the law school guillotine a bloody for you know I she was despised for what many saw as spend a chill include some other luck I'm told that people didn't even have bread to I came into my declaring at the BK I call this quote became synonymous with the crew she never set it was only after death scholars believe the myth was actuated to further take hold twin at the number 8 returned Wilmer in history and one of the most that is a famous old not ride of Paul Revere of however the ride only became famous 8 I've use later and it how it by what's with long fellow wasn't even mentioned it reveals for another review did not run a lot how to get least 2 of the horsemen accompanying him and he would never have shouted the bridges are coming since it was a secret mission seems obvious another American historical myth comes in at number 7 one of the most persistent images of the mid nineteenth century wild west is that of the cowboy where his Stetson in fact Stetson's wonderful pots of most cowboys outfits because they were only invented an agency the 5 when it became popular at the end of the 18 hundreds instead cowboys of the wild west tended to web bowler hats also known as the Darby as can be seen by the iconic photograph of the wild bunch cowboys even more sombreros but at the height of the wild west it was anything but Stetson's for those hard living rooms of the western frontier we stay with the theme of head gear for our and number 6 this time we had to Scandinavia and the infamous helpless wall but the Viking who the hell that spot invariably depicted with holds however this is historically incorrect since no hold Viking helmet has ever been found the myth can be squarely blamed a professor called email do occur who's the costume designer for the very first production of Richard Wagner's epic Oprah denting did me balloon gotten in 1876 it which all Viking helmets were depicted with holds it is a visual myth that has persisted ever since number 5 is so close to the heart of any American but to think of it as a myth seems like treason all Americans are quite July the full of the day in 1776 which the declaration of independence was signed heralding the formation of the United States however the truth is that the document was never drawn up and signed in one day the process began in Philadelphia on 7/1/1776 with July 4 being only the ratification of the declaration it was probably signed on August 2 leave it then nobody told the delegates of the second Continental Congress so it is not even July 4 has its own few things a book the bloodlust ancient Roman Empire like muscled often enslaved gladiators fighting to the very death in the Coliseum countless Hollywood movies have depicted gladiators fighting themselves and even wild animals before throngs of blood thirsty Roman citizen paying for that blood and cheering wildly at all the goals except that's our number full suggests otherwise records from ancient Rome show that gladiators were revealed by Rubens and could enjoy a long and successful careers that we even attended by physicians and trainers shame on Hollywood for its rosewood myths number 3 is up a system myth about a very famous person that has been set enough times to become believed by many what's on stone was one of the most brilliant scientific men of all time he became synonymous with having the mind of a genius a system of this mathematical genius failed math in high school this is fact the only reason he failed his entrance exam into the Swiss polytechnic in Syria was because he was just 16 and scared of displeasing if Papa it is simple truth Albert Einstein was always a treat number 2 concern Sir Walter Raleigh an English explorer of the New World and the favorite of Queen Elizabeth the first Rollie was a hero during the Elizabethan era but many myths were actuate about him including that he was handsome which he was not however possibly most gracious a bull is that rally is credited with introducing both potatoes and tobacco to England both of my potatoes were already being grown in Italy and introduced in England from that in 1585 a year before rally returned from his travels and tobacco was introduced to England's not via the New World but fire drugs sorry Walter old chap I'm number one is one of the most enduring mix in American history the Salem witch trials of 1692 up lots of American folklore but even literature as exemplified in Arthur Miller's famous play the crucible myths about 1 thing also those on trial for witchcraft were women since 6 men were also tried for another not a single of the alleged witches will bow to the stake rather Asmus custom then nearly all of them were hanged one crushed to death by heavy stones Salem was simply not a case of barn which but I'm those that attend historical myths but people still believe to be true football top lists just like this special to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to check out our other top lists thank you very much for watching and thanks for letting //
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Thailand
\\Thailand is often thought of only in terms of its food tropical climate in vacationing but there is a lot more to the southeast Asian country than meets the eye so get ready for the 10 things you didn't know about Tyler behind the smiles and sunshine offer to tourists Thailand has been and continues to be a politically volatile country for things can change in a moment's notice since the introduction of Thailand's constitutional monarchy in 1932 the country's armed forces have been the most powerful force anti political life regular coup to toss it replace elected governments have gain legitimacy is part of the political process in fact from the year 1912 to 2014 there have been no fewer than 21 whose involving the overthrow of a leader no longer deemed flirty the country might have been subject to even more if not for the fact the military is rule for extended periods Thailand's propensity for 2 stems largely from the fact that the military has always played a leading role in politics and democracy has never really taken root what such coups occur there often accompanied by claims that is being done with anti la tradition the military then claims that goes to restore stability and not take the country in a radically different direction there are some distinct features of Thai military coups the contrast them with others that have taken place in the world in such areas as Africa or Latin America they tend to be executed without heavy bloodshed and the king historically has been the stabilizing forces the military takes over and the government ships this allows the country more less function despite such instability as mentioned previously the king has been a stabilizing force throughout all the political instability cues that if checkered Thailand the past century and up until recently the monarchs liberal ideology have ranges along his ruling king in the world and one without to support the various factions attempted to seize power in their coup d'etat us would likely fail the death of ... mobile Andreas deja in October of 2016 was regarded as a national tragedy and his posse and was widely in deeply mourant even as his son Mahabat your along corn took over to continue the Tennessee because of the political fissures that constantly threaten the established order in Thailand the king is more than just a monarch in the typical sense is a symbol of stability for this reason the Thai king is a truly for love it figure in the eyes of the Thai public held in far greater esteem than any politician or military ruler and is perhaps for this reason that proper democracy as it is known in the west has never really taken hold in Thailand and likely never will Buddhism has had a long history in Thailand and remains important today it is by default the defective religion of the Thai monarchy as well as the Thai people specifically Theravada Buddhist the oldest type of Buddhism in the world and Buddhist traditions remain as important today in Thailand as they have for centuries in the pots so much so that Thailand is often referred to as the land of Buddhism these all throughout the culture from just stick relations to the day to day routines Buddhism has left its mark Buddhism is so revered anti culture that is often considered a tradition for Thai men to become months at time in their lives even if only for a short period of time temples are considered secret ground with it unitive who in Thailand commit unsavory acts on temple property 1.about Buddhism in Thailand that has been brought up is that Thailand has a 2 tiered system of religious organization with knobs on top and lay people at the bottom this of course is not something unique to Thailand as Buddhist monastics are considered part of the reveal triple jam in those respective aspect of Buddhism regardless it is highline strong Buddhist culture and reference for Buddhism this aspect is notably strong in Thailand often leaving the common people with a feeling of being left out Thai culture as a whole puts monks on a pedestal almost like a noble class many Thais don't just lightly respect loans but are afraid to do anything the line to months for the most part in fear of karmic consequences the lay lifeless tie Buddhism focuses on living ethically in the worldly life while it is okay to enjoy the conveniences and joys of the material world one should live ethically and not cause suffering to others lay people should also still be mindful of the love and purchase and that all things must come to an end the key to true happiness comes from within through personal practice not through material enjoyment more so than perhaps any other cultural or historical force Buddhism is part of high society in the same way trees are part of a forest completely inseparable like many languages in the region attire language is a tonal language consisting of 5 tones in total defined by whether they are low me how I run easy for finally in addition the Thai language is written in the unique and vastly complex script there's not really an alphabet but rather a system where each consonant can invoke an inherent vowel sound within this system there are 44 consonant letters 15 valve symbols that can be combined 20 different Val forms and for so called diacritic markers indicating the tone of the word needless to say if you are used to western languages such as English French and German learning Thai can be considerable challenge hi food is generally well known in the west for spicy and aromatic nature became heavy use of Chile's curry's knots and often coconuts but that only scratches the surface of Thai cuisine is what you get in the Thai restaurant in the U. S. is not what you can get in Thailand entomology or the eating of insects is very common and in this devilish food Norman Tieline in the markets of Thai cities you can find cricket spiders beetles and eggs and much much more concerts are cheap to cultivate and produce and pound for pound have more protein than either beef or chicken and lust entomology remains a staple of Thai food culture and language whiskers should consider adopting to for generations elite Chinese minority has been in the upper echelons of Thai society virtually imported by the time art dealer accounting jobs the Chinese have been mean lasting presence and the descendents retaining strong Chinese identity all remaining in the economically most prosperous group and highlight it with the same time means well assimilated in matters of culture and language one of the great legacies of Buddhism is the near ubiquitous presence of temples in Thailand there are thousands of them but some of them rightly have the reputation of being more famous than others and more visit chief among these temple of the emerald Buddha and banks are claim to be almost 2000 years old the phantom Grande stork apart his Camaro temple complex that is located on the extinct volcano located in the eastern region of Thailand was constructed out of sandstone laterite between the tenth and thirteenth centuries and the water route for temple of dawn in Bangkok is considered to be one of the most beautiful temples in fall of Thailand Thailand is a large range of animal wildlife accounting for one tenth of all animal species in the world 285 mammal species and a whopping 925 bird species called Thailand hope for the sake of comparison the entirety of Europe only houses about 300 bird species some of the mammalian wildlife can your heart is quite impressive such as leopards and Tigers and the incredibly intelligent Asiatic elephant like in many parts of the world Thailand's reinforce and similar places are in great danger being destroyed along with the animals that live within interestingly enough encontrado stalwarts around the neighbor countries Tieline in all its history has never fallen under European colonial rule it is the only country in Southeast Asia who've managed to avoid this this was achieved by attempting to mimic the European model doing things at least ostensibly which is claimed spare them the mark colonialism regardless this can be rightly regarded as a great accomplishment after the many complications the colonials and brought with it in other countries in Southeast Asia tourism accounted for 17.7 percent of GDP in Thailand in the year 2016 and it is a vital and essential industry in Thailand attire known for being warm and welcoming unfortunately for them this mentality helps make the country the incredibly popular tourist destination that is today on various occasions in the past few decades Bangkok the capital city has been the most visited city in all of Asia signaling its importance as a tourist destination and that combined with wonderful wildlife Templeton food like Thailand a worthwhile place to visit for anyone with the time and inclination for more tough list just doing this be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already and don't forget to check out our other lists and thanks for watching and thanks for learning //
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10 Most EPIC Ways People Have Quit Their Jobs
\\2 of the most beautiful words in the English language are simply ani Kuwait's most people quit by sending an email about telling the Boston person the some people quit in ways that all critics walkie or downright I'm shake the voice Paula piece on 10 of the most creative ways people have quit their jobs we commence at number 10 Downing though with a video game designer names Jared woods who quit his job at software company 2 K. Australia in a way only a game I could defines woods vacate fobs told his bosses the news via a flash game based on the classic Nintendo game Super Mario buttons he reaches demo to flash microwaves Everytime Super Mario got to the next level the message at the end of the game reads you gave me a paycheck an incredible project and the world class team to learn from but Mike princess isn't enough castle but on second ambitious going away gift but subtly creates number 9 is about a guy who really hated his job and quit in style Joey DeFrancesco quit his job at the renaissance hotel in Providence alright all of the assistance of a marching brass band he also had a film you could check out the video online something that millions of others have done to date once the video went viral different Cesco clearly had a blast quitting one that's the look on his men into space as Joey hands over his resignation letter is priceless talk about taste this is what is called checking of the hotel will get thank I but number right we have another musical farewell it turned out it was Khloe doing all the Doug Walker decided to tell his employer went to get off by jumping onto a table ripping open his shirt and revealing the words I quit written across his back chest and all of this accompanied to the White House and musical and however also sponsors are worse welcome then switched to queen's bohemian Rhapsody distance on him to sprint out of the office by security we think Walcott happened last laugh those pretty mercury would no doubt I we now turn to number 7 in our countdown some people may use marching bands to quit opens may jiggle appear case but Greg Smith decided to go cerebral and brought his resignation in no less a newspaper London New York times this Smith did in March 2012 when he returned OPEC open letter to his employer the wallstreet investment bank Goldman socks Smith didn't mince his words he basically called the bank unethical and greedy beyond reason at an institution that had put contempt for its clients when a short Smith ever worked on Wall Street again but who cares writes good view Greg some people like cal last entry may decide to resign Bob that New York times while others like and number 6 entry may turn to social media the case of Jonathan Schwartz decided to quit his job between from Twitter except this was no lonely drone working in accounts happen to be seen you know how the computer giant sun micro systems his tweets was in the form of a Japanese show poem or haiku it reads financial crisis stole too many customers see no no more so may have found a clever of those pretentious just the sun setting on the career of another corporate executive we guess number 5 in our countdown is one that hit the headlines and made a quick to both famous and infamous the man in question was Steve Slater the jet blue flight attendant to famously decided to quit his job would be L. line via the PA system after the flight had just landed at John F. Kennedy airport in New York City slide to the ground to be as open the door and slid down the inflatable slides like only a flight attendant with a great sense of humor could pull off now that was to be a flight never to forget for those passengers number 4 shows us but not full goodbyes to deploy the to be vicious Opata sometimes quitting your job company well suite for example take Chris Holmes when he resigned from his job with Botha force at Stansted apple outside London England he faked his management a cake with reasons for resigning piped in the case and that he had like his job and colleagues but decided to take the plunge and start up his own business making cakes even included the web address for his new cake company Sally got we can only hope that Holmes fan sweet success with his new business one of the 3 is not on this can then because it was a particularly creative job quitting football because of its sheer historical importance Richard Nixon had been a very important president of the United States after having being elected in 1968 and reelected in 1972 however I went up in smoke once the Watergate scandal hit in 1973 he resigned in August 1970 bowl you don't get many resignation letters but we like this do you miss the secretary I hereby resign the office of president of the United States maybe now you understand why we included this particular resignation a number 2 is the resignation of not just one person but nearly all of the staff at a fast food joint it happened in September 2014 Abacha Popple stone in the Pennsylvania State University the store's employees resigned on mass Jew to what they call brutal working hours and being on the stage so who the basically close up shop Hassan agreed to customers that morning rats want to know why we closed asco corporate offices why their employees are forced to work in Portland sweatshop conditions almost the entire management and crew have resigned ouch how noble one was creatively done by a very creative man the quarter was none other than legendary American alpha adventurer and iconic macho man Ernest Hemingway he was in the contract with a publisher that he didn't want so having waited nothing less the brunt of a publishable book in which an American for the case it with native Americans did hallucinogens and pretended to be the president of Mexico the contract was quickly and it I'm so Hemingway was able to skip off and become a real writer now that's a class quits on those then of 2 of the most creative ways people have quit their jobs the law itself lists just like this special to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to check out our other it's hopeless thank you very much for watching and thanks for letting //
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10 Places Where Animals Rule
\\there are a few places on earth what humans do rule the roost but there are some places where it is animals a ruse because they all islands remote locations or have thrived due to conservation efforts I'm Jake the voice quality and this is our top 10 list of places where animals creatures I will count and starts at number 10 in Australia which is known for its weird and wonderful wildlife the clock is one such policy creature it is a small marsupial meeting it's related to kangaroos on Wall obeys Dutch marines who first sighted Calkins full they would giant rats that is why the island which clockers how proliferated in death it's cold right derived from it would rusted rats Rottnest island is off the southwest coast Streda a place where it is not kangaroos but quite good scoring show a number 9 we stay in Australia on this time head off to a remote island 1600 and 50 miles northwest of puff Christmas Island is barely 10 miles long but it is home to one of the most extraordinary mass migrations of species every year some 40 to 50000000 red crabs migrate from in land to see although land the cramps these beautiful crustaceans lay their eggs in the ocean which explains the migration most of them Allred the name with some being orange or very rap purple Christmas Island it may be but the scrap island is all the way number 8 on our list is the first place but I'll list that is actually named after the animals that rule it's the place is seal island and it's a tiny island located right in the middle of false bag a few miles from the beautiful city of Cape Town South Africa the island is home to as many as 64000 Kate first seals at any one time known for that allow them Rocca sparking bumping seal island one noisy place the world's greatest concentration of great white sharks circled the island trying to attack the seals making the area referred to as the ring of death the seals may rule seal island the sharks move towards I'm number 7 we stay in Africa would go from the frigid Atlantic Ocean off South Africa to the warm tropical waters of the Indian Ocean the place is algebra I told one of the furthest potholes that comprise the island nation off say show the full coral islands that includes a lagoon are close to 150000 giant tortoises it is the single biggest concentration of what are the largest reptiles on the planet algebra I told was a UNESCO world heritage sites but only a handful of ranges and scientists live on the axle in a place ruled by these ancient gentle giants number 6 in our countdown is about another giant reptile and this also another place named after a double untenable the place is Komodo island in Indonesia named after the Komodo dragons what's up the largest lizards in the world well the island is not overrun with these giant lizards the other biggest premises and to rule the place Komodo dragons also known as monitors auditory Asli aggressive and have been known to attack humans sometimes resulting in fatalities they were even the inspiration for the story of King Kong kind of sad Kubota's do rule the silent number 5 in the countdown we moved north from Indonesia to Japan a small island off Tasha Regina is off the east coast of Japan although inhabited by people the island has a large population of hundreds of straight the cats were introduced in the 18 hundreds to help the island silk industry combat morass that often 8 the soap world's the cats proliferated ever since then today the felines outnumber humans by more than 6 to one under a big tourist attraction new talks are allowed on the island and we should all rats Profeta stay away we remain in Japan for no before now count down and now we go inland the special place is near the city of Sharon she's a city in the mountainous Tohoku region of northern Japan it's cold self fox village and is a natural reserve that is home to no less than 6 different species of foxes have a special place in Japanese culture because they are considered to be messengers of the Shinto dietary in not equal commie who is the god of fertility prosperity and rice the folks here roam wild but adult soil a much loved and much visited the Japanese goats would be policed number 3 is the only American entry in this countdown acid T. Guilin's is just off the coast of Maryland and is home to a herd of wild horses known as passive T. courses they are also called Chico Teague ponies given the rather small stature which is due to the raw the poll habitats in which they live the island is actually fenced in Hough between the states of Maryland and Virginia of about 150 horses living on either side of the fence their exact origin is still debated but one thing is for sure these horses indeed run free we have possibly what about cutest entries at no but do the island of big major cay in the Bahamas is inhabited and is home to a colony feral pigs how they got that no one knows but they now rule the island so it's little wonder that it's also known as the pic island and pick me as luck would have it the island has 3 fresh water springs the pigs are often frolicking in the crystalline waters of the surrounding sea or romping away on the beach they have become a huge hit with tourists one thing is for sure these on no doubt the luckiest pigs on the planet the number one and now accounts and we returned to Japan for the third time the countdown has included reptiles and crustaceans and cut some fox's and now it's the turn of those cuddly used a little creatures rabbits the place is all Google Sheba which is located in the inland sea of Japan the her Russian the island was once opposing gas factory and after World War 2 ended many of the rebels that have been caged for experiments managed to get 3.5 since proliferated into the thousands today the island is known rabbits island the rub is co could in the end as nature so often does those that are 10 places around the world that are ruled by animals from all top lists just like this special to leave a like and subscribe if you until ready don't forget to check out our other top list thank you very much for watching and thanks for letting //
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10 Commonly Misused Phrases
\\the English language can be a tricky beast simple words can sound exactly alike but me completely different things such as there and then or it's he so it is with certain phrases that are commonly used incorrectly in English I'm Jake the voice pa this is a list of 10 commonly mis used phrases we start off at number 10 with the phrase that is commonly misused by Americans and Brits alike when a person says I could care less as in I could care less what you think about my new hand style what it actually means is that they do care in fact they seem to care very much about what you think about the new head style all them will address and so whatever the creek phrase is actually I couldn't care less loves and now they don't really give a damn about what you think gotcha many people say this phrase the Monado now canton usually assertively them with a knowing look you know I love a cocky busybody who organizes the annual school jumble sale it's also completely incorrect what first come first serve denotes is that whoever writes list will have to keep serving whoever comes how are not quite what we expected the correct phrase is best come first serve the dip which means what most people think of shit that is what it comes first will get served first I found one like it and number 8 we have a common phrase that since the English grammar police into a near frenzy saying you did good may sound nice of reassuring to someone but it's also the grammatical equivalent of a stink bomb the correct phrase is you did well people think of the words good and well are interchangeable but they are not is a precious tip use well as an adverb describes a verb and use the word god as an adjective to describe and nailed so for example the boy swims well and he is a good boy now you know that what's well may not necessarily good people often use the phrase at number 7 when trying to explain that something has been done by stealth as if by magic however using the phrase a sleight of hand is incorrect the correct phrase is actually 8 sleight of hand which means something that is done with cutting and dexterity the phrase does indeed come from the world of magic which the use of the hands and a dextrous in cutting way is what allows the magician create the needed a usual a slight in the incorrect phrase is a noun that actually means an insult live exactly have the magic of the correct turn of phrase our entry at number 6 is one of those phrases that sounds so good when you say it you know like I made a 306 degree change in my life it sounds like you made a complete change rights Rome this is one of those mis used phrases that just one needs to stop and think about very clearly about it becomes so obvious that's right if you go 360 degrees you've made a complete circle I land right back where you started correct phrase is of course to make a complete 180 degree change in one 's life now you're exactly opposite to where you started it's elementary as in elementary school math number 5 now countdown is another one of those that just sounds so right yes it is unfortunately not sought to the phrase is to whet your appetites which sounds right because it conjures up images of saliva getting your appetite juices flowing well it does to us how about the correct phrase is wet your appetite which the hate in wet is silence it's so silly but the word went with a solid hate is an Old English word that means to shop in will stimulates which is exactly what the phrase is supposed to mean ... dumbass silent hatch in English her the phrase we have at the before is another one but to see so right when one says it and many people do the phrase how did is used what someone wants to say that something is being closed off as in where honing in on a reason why your cable is not working unfortunately it is wrong to say that since to Houghton is to improve all perfect some I said who do get a skilled the correct phrase for moving in on or getting close to something is to home in think of a hoagie pitching getting closer and closer to well hope dancing home begin and you could have followed his in laws sisters in laws and brothers in laws to the list the role supposed to be many people plural brothers sisters mothers and 5 but the role unfortunately correct these commonly mis use phrases are at number 3 and I'll list because they actually offer up a really valuable lesson in Granta the role in making plurals from compound males is to what an ass to the now that house the multiples what you have of many mothers or fathers assistants know many laws that for the correct usage would be mothers in law sisters in law and so forth you get a family drift number 21 a list of commonly mis used phrases is 1 that just sounds so good people say that they want to nip it in the box about actually picturing what let's say you wanna take a bite out of someone's behind that is that it the credits phrase is actually to nip it in the bud and is a common gardening term which means to prove plant at the but to keep it from flowery what's like the phrase which means to cut something short behinds have nothing to do with it and there will be no ifs or buts about facts we left number one on the countdown for the trickiest one of the most people say it all the time when Chester sizing of the person you've got another thing coming well believe it or not that's not the crime rate is the correct phrase is actually you've got another think coming as in you have a thought what you were wrong and now you can have another think about it in fact the free sunlight that actually makes more sense right we but you didn't see that one coming don't worry targeted wage those that are 10 of the most commonly misused phrases in the English language football top lists just like this special to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to check out Alan Alda top lists thank you very much for watching and flexibility //
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10 Things You Didn't Know About The Empire of Japan
\\in 1868 a civil war between the summer I led by the traditionalist pull who got what shogun and I'm from major use Bobby took place well the show good wished for the country to remain secluded from the barbaric countries the great improbable to twist stylish an imperialist empire by trading with other countries I'm claiming lend after the show god's crushing defeat the Japanese empire was bold standing strong for over 8 decades its history spanning from the late nineteenth century to the end of the second World War its history is truly fascinating yes relatively obscure Otamendi I'm check the voice pa the result 10 things you probably didn't know about hi I Japan view full mentioned motion war of 18 estimates and with no problem Meiji standing tall as the Victor previously American traitors urged the imprint to sign a peace thus shed new and powerful weapons with them these illustrious inventions were products of the industrial revolution taking place in the west consequently the new technology for cabins to guns gave them the upper hand in battle 2.5000000 people who lost their lives in the conflict was buried in the imperial shrine of Yasukuni no detail has been so bad every last one of them house of written record featuring that names places of origins and even the time and place of the passing all available to read if so your family was big may see the great have 5 concubines they served as mistresses that would give birth to as many healthy baby boys as possible they would also give sexual pleasure to the and try if you wanted as a result they gave birth to a total of 15 children one child was still bored however of the mother lady death some coke lost her life while giving birth still that's a lot of mouths to feed western defenses of the nineteenth century usually portrayed as geniuses of the road right yes according to the Japanese about various historically prince they were booted foot many hardships for instance Richard Clarke writes adventure of that water pallets spinning frame supposedly lost all this money would trying to invent the machine to which is better wife destroyed the Audi prototype and run away miraculously she repented and became a rich man also and philosopher Thomas Carlyle was said to have lost a manuscript one adult and knocked over a lamp but it takes Carlisle became very sick from depression yes everything is explicable ito dealt well with no details explaining how his dramatize stories up particularly unusual about half the message that the Japanese want to stress was not those who persevere in times of strife will eventually 6 well Japan did fight alongside Germany in the second World War vetoed a much smaller role in the great war fighting against them Britain wanted to defend that Asian colonies in the Bahamas so they established an alliance with Japan they attacked areas the Pacific and China which one of the job control and help to school British supply ships heading across the Mediterranean to share with Italy and Greece I talk about they also fought alongside the white movement in the Russian Bolshevik revolution not only did Japan's seize control various Jeb possessions they established themselves as a greater power to the world and it showed some short term prosperity only to succumb to militarism soon after they became an integral part of the second World War but this time as Germany's ally but the United States for no way through Japanese territory during the Pacific War being strangers in a strange land they suspected that wild dogs was secretly spying for the Japanese empire and by that we don't need peering through binoculars and corralling for radio schools it was rumored that they supposedly past messages on to that road is by blocking a loud blast code over great distances to which the enemy would decipher these messages and intercept the abating squads of course this was not true though it didn't stop the Americans from killing some of the dogs as a precautionary measure after the events of Pearl Harbor in late 1941 when nearly 2.5000 Americans were killed by Japanese forces the United States finally decided to join the war I get revenge what pilots Masafumi out ila it spawned the imperial army to conduct kamikaze rates after he told his allies he attended and crashing into the targets in order to kill them strangely Reba vanished no reports of this played actually crush as frightening as the suicide attacks were most of them well I the shutdown will simply just missed their intended targets in actuality approximately 15 to 20 percent of pilots did successfully crashed into the enemy regardless just over 300 allied ships were heavily damaged I just under 50 would destroyed by kamikaze attacks fun to get forests and jungles was very risky also for the baby United States during the second World War visibility was pull the chances of being ill was high a long range combat was near enough impossible the Japanese have the advantage via not only did they set deadly traps many of the more quipped with Gillie suits to camouflage themselves within the greenery as well as rival Bayliss to give them the upper hand close quarter combat but many contempt with rations they hunted frogs snakes mice whether eels rats and even venomous tones shooting them was not very stealthy I would waste bullets so that stab them with the bayonets since starting it can't fly in the jungle was risky they often a them roll Japan all known for the top quality tanks quite the opposite there were atrocious the Japanese take should shoot down ambled special forces squad experimented with a prototype version of the other bats and actively named special double 3 like tank cool grow it's white was reduced from 7 tubs to just under 3 I'm glad it was attached so that it could be dropped off from carrier planes and courageously labs in the field the project was a failure for a variety of reasons the London would have damaged the tanks tracks and maneuverability the F. was awful because of the weight of the vehicle a total blast things were already going from bad to worse the Japanese since resources will be depleted fast and the United States were conducted numerous and rage against the thus the project was scrapped it was far too late in the war to start experimenting with propitious above questionable weapons like this one food goes all fine balloons were attached to just over 10 pounds of incendiary explosives which would just about roast anything court and it's a blast it was surprisingly fast wasn't towards the United States in hopes of starting forest fires frightening as they were they cost very little damage well the military was unable to destroy them some lucky civilians managed to shoot them down themselves what American family was killed by 1 of them in March 1945 after a child from a trial balloon I decided to kick it the food goes would deem to nothing more than a waste of resources and due to a lack of body compelling evidence regarding their effectiveness would discontinued within 6 months nevertheless the walk in front of the Betty in the United States the second scene no Japanese war took place between 1937 to 1945 mostly overlapping the second World War Japan for China so graciously it prompted the Soviet Union and the United States to step in and help the poor country out the Nanking massacre in 1937 was some act of sheer Bob buried as a because the Japanese destroyed old records regarding the incident scholars have disputed with the Chinese what the death toll was estimates range from 30000 to 300000 civilians killed including women and children bodies were mass buried will be left to rot in the streets for weeks horrifically the Japanese army took the opportunity to loot homes and raped tens of thousands of women prompting historians to name the Mexica the rape of Nanking this would have things you probably didn't know about the empire of Japan the lord told lists just like this special to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to check out our other top lists thank you very much watching and thanks for letting //
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10 Most Remote Places On Earth
\\sometimes the crush of humanity around us can get so bad that we use and to be somewhere as remote as possible there are indeed some very remote places on the planet literally in the middle of nowhere I'm shakes the voice pa and this is the list of the 10 remotest places on earth we still talk him down at number 10 with Rapanui which is better known to most of us as Easter Island it's the islands in the South Pacific famous for its giant human shaped rocks cultures called my why that does most of the island it is also a very remote place being nearly 3000 miles away from the nearest landmass which happens to be chilly twitch Rapanui belongs today it's only about 70 square miles in size and hung to just 4000 people this mythical wonderful line that is like a tiny speck in an enormous blue ocean I'm number 9 aeronautical lego of islands called the cuddling islands the red no native people on the islands and the only settlements of those a friend scientists since the islands have been claimed by 4 the only other living settlements on the islands is a herd of berry wrapped French capital that's almost staked Franz the islands off set to be located 2051 miles from the closest civilization making them a decidedly remote place no wonder that none of these islands in the extreme southern Indian Ocean are also cold desolation items I'm number rates we are back in the Pacific Ocean this time of islands that become famous thanks to probably the most infamous mutiny in history pets can islands were entirely populated by Fletcher Christian and his men who abandoned that after they tried to mutiny against captain Bligh on the ship called the bounty in 1799 today the tiny island of just 2 square miles has less than 50 inhabitants orders for food must be made from New Zealand which is 3000 miles away I can only be placed every 3 months now that's living remotely the place known as it's a quarter minutes comes from the Inuktitut language and is one helluva tricky name to pronounce it's up number 7 on our list because its remoteness is due to it being located in one of the coldest and most in hospital regions on earth it's located on a peninsula in eastern Greenland itself the largest and one of the least densely populated islands on the planet home to just over 400 people the peninsula is only accessible by boat for 3 months every year think of that place with that unpronounceable name was a the middle of the vast tundra of the far north I'm number 6 is blue violent a tiny place in the Southern Ocean that belongs to Norway and is inhabited by no one some people refer to prove a island as the most forbidding place on earth thanks to respect stream Coldham being closest to Antarctica hardly full of people itself and which is 1000 miles away to the south 93 percent of the island is covered in a chalazia and is utterly devoid of any trees shelter old landing places you can draw a radius of 1000 miles around Bouvier island and not touch any land that is so incredibly remote today's speaking of the great white south we tend to be and Tom took pole of inaccessibility at number 5 a pole of inaccessibility is the point of a confident that is the greatest distance from any ocean in any direction it makes sense that the most remote and desolate pole of inaccessibility on the planet is on Antarctica the Soviet Union trying to make it the exact location of that I'm toxic station in 1958 but they have to abandon the endeavor so horrible was the location however not before the Soviets erected a statue of Lenin at the site surely rank it as the most remove statue enough we turn to number 4 on the town of loud Rinconada in Peru a small gold mining sound that is considered to be the highest inhabited place in the world been located nearly 17000 feet above sea level the town is located on a public chalazia in the Andes mountain right and the roads to get the are treacherous in the extreme in fact only purpose built vehicles are able to make the trip being so high up and so difficult to reach is what makes love Rinconada such remote and desolate place altitude sickness is a search for a first time visitor to this place Tristan da Cunha is number 3 in our countdown I'm prides itself on being the remotest island in the world the British territory is located in the south Atlantic Ocean and is 1242 miles from Saint Helena yes that place when Napoleon Bonaparte died and his 1740 miles from the nearest mainland being Cape Town South Africa the island's approximately 200 and some to residents are visited by a mail ship from Cape Town just once a year all the inhabitants on Tristan da Cunha shed just 8 surnames between them while the islands is financially self supporting thanks to fishing on the sale of postage stamps Tristen is a remote place indeed you may never heard of our number 2 but shine tank is a huge area stretching almost 1000 miles across the Tibetan plateau as part of Tibet is known as the roof of the world and with good reason so high up and so vast is the landscape is populated by a pneumatic people called the chunk pa and is completely cut off from the rest of China in 2009 the European joint research center named the Tibetan plateau as the world's most remote place after compiling a map showing it to be the least interconnected place on earth so Cheng Tong formerly deserves its place on this countdown a number one on our list is the remotest place in any ocean on the earth named point Nemo in honor of a character invented by the great science fiction author Jules Verne is situated in the South Pacific Ocean point Nemo is simply a point in the ocean it is 1450 miles away from the 3 islands closest to it all of which are pretty remote and all uninhabited themselves by the way Nemo means no man and left him which is very fitting name 4.Nemo and for all the places on this list for that matter those then all 10 of the remotest places on earth more top lists just not this special to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to check out our other top lists thank you very much for watching and thanks for letting //
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5 Greatest Obstacles To Human Progress
\\there's a view of history in human civilization that is characterized by the idea of unmitigated progress technology gets better people improve their knowledge and skills and it is just a rosy power forward the truth is far more is that and former don't change as well maturity might have brought us many benefits but it also has created new problems and issues for these are the 5 greatest obstacles human progress the nineteenth and twentieth centuries characterized by increased mechanization mission textile workers in the nineteenth century a group of English workers called Luddites rebelled against the replacement by machinery by destroying said machines of all the factory conveyor belts automobile manufacturers were once filled with human workers the twentieth century saw to it that they would largely be replaced by machines doing their jobs many people lost their work as a consequence their livelihood as a result of this yet at the same time it is hard to argue against the fact that automation and mechanization have on balance made our collective lives easier after all cars and tractors are more efficient than horses and oxen had ever been but the next set of work related on a mission change that will sweep over humanity will be far more consequential than any that I've ever taken place before because for the first time virtually everything will be automated and more importantly replaced by capable and functionally I guess you heard correctly virtually everything even as you listen to there is music being composed for commercials by robots stories being written for news outlets and websites by artificial intelligence and check out lines in supermarkets and her fully automated requiring no cashier and this trend is not stopping quite the opposite it is greatly increasing creative people in highly skilled workers might think they are immune to this but they would be wrong when robots are creating music and art that is indistinguishable from and is some cases even better than what humans can do and doctors and others are not safe from this either already there a Isaac undiagnosed illnesses and diseases as well as treatments with lightning speed pinpoint accuracy an encyclopedic knowledge that far outstrips anything in human doctors capable of truck drivers and cabbies will be replaced by self medicating cars was far lower accident rates and the list goes on and on the truth is that although this seems like a form of progress is also a deformed regression since in the long run the vast majority of people will not just be unemployed but completely unemployable since robots in AI are faster less prone to error and leaks cheaper for companies to use the infallible frail and weak humans this is truly one of the most illusory forms of progress man has ever known the best way to counter the above mentioned problems would of course be to become more intelligent than machines but the truth is that overall intelligence shortage that affliction Mandy has historically and currently been an even greater problem and automation put it this way the US military is desperate for a cruise and always willing to take almost anyone in with emphasis on almost close to 10 percent of the US population has an IQ of 83 or lower and the US military is created rules and made official statements to the effect of not being able to accept such people because there's nothing that they could do that would not lead to mistakes inefficiency in the military ranks but this is just the tip of the iceberg for centuries humanity has been led by the select few less with extraordinarily high intelligence for the purpose invention scientific progress that to some degree that remains true but by and large we collectively remain a bunch of stupid hairless apes hurtling about on a chunk of rock in space in a tiny solar system on a planet that is doomed to destruction elite way out of this mess would be to get smarter and devise a means of escape such as the Chinese are already working on ways of genetically enhancing people specifically working towards making them more intelligent but we've contrast such research is frowned upon in the west and thought of it's ungodly in the United States regardless lack of intelligence and stupidity are some of the greatest obstacles to developing a truly advanced civilization was a trendy thing to say be environmentally conscientious and worried about the impact fossil fuel and its derivative technologies have on the earth's environment there are many more problems concerning fossil fuel reliance than just the environmental related to human history and progress itself as we've discussed in previous videos there's a real risk of something happening I could either wipe out humanity or send us back untold centuries if this were to happen there's little to no guarantee of being able to get back to where we are now and the reason for this is fairly simple the largest contributing factor to human progress over the last 2 centuries has almost certainly been the discovery and use of fossil fuels hope that with these being finite resources that have already been used and exploited excessively is quite possible that just something set us back it would be impossible to retrace our steps forward dysfunctional fuel availability will be close to nonexistent and much more difficult to access because where did exist it would be far more difficult to get compared to the past the us we can be trapped in a world of the primitive forever if something were to ever happen to humanity on a mass scale politics really seems to matter to most people especially in the United States where one 's political allegiance can have a huge impact on one 's interaction with family friends and more but the reality is that our current political systems are little more than bread and circus shows repeating the same acts over and over well it is true that political decisions can have an impact on society at large the cyclical nature of politics indeed checks and balances leads to a state of near permanent gridlock where politicians just repeat the same slogans over and over and voters actually think that whom they vote for matters with it all and you know be in the same bunch of nonsense at the end of the day our current political systems are largely based on the notion of democracy is the last and best destination of political development and civilizational progress but the reality is that democracy is a messy and static system that does little to actually advance humanity forward a reliance on cherished notions of political systems and ideals and our reluctance to challenge them and they are probably not working for us could be the final nail in the car actually moving human beings for well everyone pretends is engaging in the same set of failed monkey see monkey do politics is the answer by far the greatest obstacle to human progress is human nature itself because of the evolutionary context we evolved as a species having evolved as hunter gatherers equipment limited senses and only the most basic desires of survival and reproduction we are unimaginably ill suited to living in the modern world biological evolution takes untold millennia if not millions of years to unfold and bring about change but technological progress has been far far more rapid in the last few decades than anything ... involve nature and behavior can cope and keep up with the results of this has been counterproductive maladaptive behavior that keeps us from advancing forward couple by a maladaptive physiology is explosive far more stress and modern illness that our bodies can possibly do with been wedded to a very specific biology and psychology is the greatest obstacle to human progress because most of it is innate and sub conscious and most the time we're completely unaware of how we sabotaged ourselves as we are after all this time just aides who got a lucky role of the die millions of years ago on the plane for more topless just like this be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already and don't forget to check out our other lists as for watching and thanks for learning //
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10 Amazing Polyglots You Won't Believe
\\a polyglot is a person who is able to speak many languages some polyglot seem to have a knack for picking up languages that is little short of breath taking some people who speak multiple languages already famous while others became famous for that incredible linguistic abilities line shake the voice pa these are 10 amazing political office Cleopatra ruled ancient Egypt for 21 years I was immortalized in the writings of ancient historians as well as by writers like Shakespeare she famously had an affair with mark Graham city of Rome I was know to be a skilled political tactician what is less known is that Cleopatra spoke 9 languages which included Greek Egyptian lots in Hebrew Syria puffy and arms bowl the drawn to lady of the Nile was known for without a quarter Veda its own number 9 polyglot and as a Dutchman who was an ordinary guy with extraordinary language abilities but many children in the Netherlands he has looked for languages in school its native Dutch English German and French but has since been able to muster a total of 18 languages this is a guy who was able to learn Portuguese exactly an easy language in just 2 months here you can see court event on you tube as he walks around and speak different languages to tourists in Amsterdam I'm number 8 we have John Milton it was a seventeenth century English poets was most well known for his magnificent epic poem Paradise Lost not only did Milton write poetry in English Latin Greek and Italian P. was also fluent in a further 7 languages but included French German Greek Hebrew Spanish Syria and Old English Wilson was eventually appointed as secretary for foreign tones by England's council of state in 1649 Milton also invented over 600 new words in English including the words enjoyable fragrance and terrific I have 2 words describe John Mills will surely be Karelians Vladimir school Teti is an ordinary guy from Slovakia who comes in at number 7 because of his extraordinary ability to speak different languages make that 20 languages 2 dates the Slavic linguists unsanctioned speaks English his date of Slovak Hungarian Czech Mandarin Chinese Russian German Italian French Spanish Serbian Farsi Polish Portuguese Romanian Dutch Taiwanese Japanese I'm Cantonese little wonder about the likable skull tattoo makes a living as a translator and interpreter Hillary is showing off his amazing language skills on you to poke it it's there musician in fact you know what I mean bones a windows yes now seem so it's not gonna get past that seldom that and now look at the rug and a loss that get hurt musically as you are not a whole Egypt had Cleopatra as its polyglot queen while England had Elizabeth the first the torture of Henry the eighth was a formidable and ruthless Mula who reigns for over 40 years she could also speaks 10 languages namely English French Spanish Italian Dutch Latin Welsh colder Scottish and Irish the VA national Basto once commented that she possessed these languages as if they were her mother told me that is why the virgin queen as Elizabeth was known deserves her place number 6 on our list Timothy Dona is at number 5 and as a young guy who was clearly very smart and very precocious I'm just 17 he was able to already speak 23 languages I'm very well the New York City native is mostly self taught and even more amazing is that he speaks some problem unusual languages including is he shook Sir from South Africa walled off from West Africa Swahili from East Africa and the native American language of a chip we it should come as no surprise that delta has become a big hits on YouTube us he amazes people with his impressive skills as can be seen in this clip of his signing step I'm on a said premiums for all so the dome of those lost since I yelped nobody but I you know I didn't but he got on a launch got my mom would give GP it may make you sick and how long before is a man who created an entirely new language language was Esperanto which the Polish don't delude figs almond Hoff invented in 1873 Esperanto remains the most spoken artificial or constructive language in the world to the state with roughly 2000000 people able to speak it unsurprisingly Simon Hoff was himself a decent polyglot being able to speak in English French German Greek Hebrew Latin Polish bullet took his native Russian and Yiddish teal estos Mirinda that means that's amazing in Esperanto Daniel tenets is our number 3 polyglot who's a child prodigy diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome and is set to be one of fewer than 100 prodigious savings according to doctor Daryl trust it M. deed goes the world's leading researcher in the study of savings time it is a bestselling author who speaks English Finnish French German Lithuanian Esperanto Spanish Romanian Icelandic and Welsh in fact he famously learned how to speak Icelandic in just one week in order to be interviewed on television in Iceland this process can be seen on YouTube in this fascinating documentary British television ... since and fitted make he was so fucked like next out number 2 there is hardly a good Ole fantasy literature up often enough to isn't crazy about middle of us south African bull J. R. R. Tolkien was the literary genius behind the lord of the rings epic novels and that the works of Tolkien was such a lover of language but he invented no less than 15 entirely new languages for his books including the elvish languages of Quenya and Sindarin Tolkien was such well spoken Latin French German Middle English Old English finish gothic Greek Italian Old Norse Spanish Welsh and medieval Welsh Gandalf would surely have been impressed we left the number 1 spot in our countdown for a man who made the Guinness book of world records in 1982 for his ability to speak no less than 42 languages fluently yes last correct fluids in 42 languages a native of Vancouver in British Columbia Canada he was able to speak 13 languages fluently by the time he was 18 in order to qualify for the world record journalists have to pass a 2 hour conversational fluency test with a native speaker for each of the languages a process that took a month to complete watch him in this YouTube video Powell Jim knew this is without a doubt a polyglot extraordinaire I will you look at most of our great what once would you know what was the single bullet that while one you certain houses those damn all 10 of the most amazing polyglot the world has ever seen from ancient times to this very day football top lists just let this be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already done forget to check out our other top lists thank you very much for watching and thanks for leading //
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5 Things Australia Does Better Than The US
\\the US might prided itself on its can do attitude and Americans might think that the USA is best at everything but this is simply not the case in fact many countries surpass the United States in a great variety of activities Australia is one such country a huge country yet sparsely populated Australia outstrips United States in a number of areas and to find out what those areas are we present to you the 5 things Australia does it better than the United States when it comes to dangerous venomous animals no country in the world can be done stria and certainly not the U. S. A. not only disastrously have more deadly snakes in the USA is the most dangerous and venomous ones in the entire world with //
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5 Biggest Risks In Marriage
\\marriage is a human universal and most cherished institution in the world most people dream about their wedding day from childhood on words and oftentimes no expense is spared in fulfilling that some people even make finding the right partner and spells their primary goal in life however as wonderful as the in a division of marriages there are some potential risks involved so get ready for the 5 greatest risks in marriage one of the greatest risks in marriages distinct possibility of it just not working out in the end with marriage ending up in divorce although most people do go into marriage with the best of intentions despite a great deal of hard work and effort sometimes it simply cannot be salvaged in the United States and in many other countries there's approximately a 50 percent chance of the marriage will end in divorce the reasons for this are many unhappiness infidelity financial insolvency and sometimes that romantic spark just dies and the marriage with it in today's world people just don't take their marriage commitment seriously anymore because the stories of their grandparents of how a lasting marriage can work no longer seem applicable there many theories attempting to explain why divorce is so prevalent these days but no one theory can account for this trend interestingly enough about 70 percent of divorces appear to be initiated by women although the reason for this is a great mystery despite many theories offered to explain this phenomenon by both academics and lay people if it weren't and fortunate enough that so many marriages end in failure that failure is often just a starting point to a long series of both personal and legal trials marriages risky business and divorce is an expensive business because there's a real risk you could lose a significant portion of your assets or even everything there is a term called the divorce in history that grew out of America in the last few decades describes how lawyers aggressively pushed our clients to pursue the most uncompromising and vicious divorce settlement in order to get the most money possible with some demanding billable hours will ensure the high hundreds of dollars if not thousands divorce court has become so cruel and brutal that in recent years a term divorce rate has come to the surface to describe the situation when a person is completely ruined area divorce whereby the person loses virtually all assets some states also have policies in force lifetime alimony which means that if you are on the pain and of a divorce your former spouse will be the recipient of a nice salary for the rest of their lives no work required in the worst case scenario you can even be jailed for failing to make alimony payments no matter where your health or financial status maybe at all in the hall marriage is risky business one of the worst consequences to result from divorce is the fact that almost universally one parent gains custody while the other has at best visitation rights sometimes this includes frequent and regular visits a case of friendly as couples and even joint custody along the lines of 5050 custody but the truth is that such cases are far rarer than the streams as usually only one parent gets primary care and custody and the other parent is limited to the role of bill payer and alimony provider in many cases the pain parent can only see their children once or twice a month despite covering the lion's share of childcare and financial matters this all might seem theoretical but if you happen to be in the tuition it's hard to imagine anything more painful than not being able to see your own children and being relegated to the role of chief bill payer was nothing else to show for it who gets the children as often framed along the lines of the quote unquote welfare of the children but more often than not the criteria for this seem arbitrary and are not applied as a spirit of the policy was intended to be when we speak of statistics and trends it is easy to get lost in the numbers as we tend to forget that real people are involved as the infamous Joseph Stalin once said quote a single death is a tragedy the death of millions a statistic end quote this isn't all too different when we get lost in the numbers of an unpleasant matter it's failed marriages divorce is never a pleasant affair and if one of the former members of a marriage gets the short end of the stick in a divorce losing access to children home as well as having to fork over all of their assets the risk of depression is incredibly high and even the risk of suicide grows exponentially many people come out of a failed marriage having lost virtually everything they had worked and cared for and feel like there's nothing left for them to live for after they've lost their money children and have even become homeless in such situations suicide seems an appropriate answer and many people successfully undertake this transition from life to death by their own hand others drift by in a state of perpetual limbo feeling nothing but misery but to paralyze to take any action either positive or negative and the US there's a very real risk of not coming out on top in a marriage and even death as a real possibility under certain you might think that suicide in death of the worst possible outcomes for a failed marriage but what about marriages that last many if not most marriages are maintained for the sake of stability for the children and even for the basic reasons of financial stability but not because the marriages themselves are feeling more than that marriage is not a fairy tale romance as people are often told growing up as is effectively another job after the job he already have shouldering multiple responsibilities for multiple people leaving the persons involved drained tired depressed and just generally unsatisfied while many people grow up with far fetched tales of true love and soul mates the reality of marriage is more likely than not one of drudgery worked exhaustion and the best case scenario tolerable boredom given these truths is it not hard to understand why so few people these days even bother with marriage opting instead for non official long term relationships or avoiding such relationships together for more topless just like this be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already and don't forget to check out our other lists thanks for watching thanks for learning //
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10 Strangest Ocean Phenomena
\\oceans cover 70 percent of the earth's total surface oceans are fundamental to all known life from the planets and also she usually influence climate and weather patterns yet the oceans remain highly mysterious as only about 5 percent of them have been explored online shakes the voicecon and here are 10 of the strangest phenomena of the oceans the maybe 6 different world oceans but there is in fact only one continuous ocean of water and sometimes referred to as the global ocean the distinction between the oceans is very much a human one however there was one spot on earth with the meeting of the to see is self evident it's in the north Atlantic Ocean what the Baltic and North sees meets the convergence point can be clearly seen in the water and is said to be due to the difference in density rates between the 2 cities forget about a line in the sand this is a line in the water crop circles are legendary being referred by those who believe they are evidence of extraterrestrials while being denounced by others as nothing more than elaborate fixes however so called crop circles can be found underwater as well some of the designs are simply stunning however there is no mystery to these oceanic sculptures there thanks to mail pufferfish quick spend huge energy in creating the designs in order to attract female pufferfish Mosel some very artistic fission DEET the Caribbean Sea is actually part of the Atlantic Ocean like any body of water become be a noisy place interests have picked up a sound emanating from the carribean that's is unlike anything that they've ever heard before although we cannot be heard with the shoe India it can actually be picked up from space thanks to waive skimmed the earth's gravity known as the Rossby whistle it's believed to be due to the pressure escalations of the ocean calls by the residents of a strange type of ocean wave called a rusty wave or you can call it Rossby strange deep sea divers have often marveled at one of the most spectacular underwater phenomenon the pirates so they look like incredibly strains cylinders outcomes and translucent white or blue green as they glide along in the water usually at up the debts they look otherworldly which is why they have been called the boldness of the oceans Piper so is not a single creature but is actually made up of a colony of hundreds of thousands of tiny creatures known as soon voice colonies can vary from a few inches to several feet in length alien blokes have nothing on these underwater colonies that was a time when rogue waves also minutes freak waves monster waves all killer waves would dismissed as me if however oceanographers now knows that rogue waves all very real they are unusually large and red waves that are defined as waves the heights of which a more than twice the surrounding significant wave height not to be confused with waves caused by tsunamis rogue waves are incredibly dangerous I'm 1 of them is no 12 calls the sinking of the M. V. Darbyshire in 1980 which is the largest British ship ever lost at sea speaking of waves the world's longest waves actually take place on Brazil's legendary Alison Riske noticed the polka Rocca these waves are thanks to the convergence of waters of the Atlantic Ocean a slick surge up the Amazon River the waves only occurred twice a year during February and March and have become world famous with surface who ride the long never ending run of wakes the waves are so powerful that they can be heard up to Hoffman Alec before they reach the rebbe you can call it so I'm bar on the rest NTSA injuries countless sailors in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa spoke of how the ocean go load the extent of this glowing milky see also known as buy real is enormous sometimes reaching up to see 6000 square miles insights and glowing so brightly they have been pictured at night by satellites orbiting the earth this luminescence has only been partly attributed by scientists are being caused by bioluminescent bacteria however even that doesn't explain how the glowing ocean come be of such a huge scale I last for up to days at a time we associate lakes and rivers with those in land and online however the very depths of the oceans are filled with deep water lakes and rivers house not so the national oceanic and atmospheric administration and ... OA explained that these a cut would see what to see through the thick layers of salt which then forms depressions in the sea floor the dissolved sold makes the water in these areas densa and so do the dance of water settles into the depressions creating what are known as Ryan pools yes they even have waves she gets on the water lakes and rivers even more astounding is that narrow waterfalls beneath the oceans yes Warsaw pulls the angel falls in Venezuela are considered the US highest above ground uninterrupted waterfall at 3212 fees well the Denmark strait cataracts which is an underwater waterfall in the north Atlantic has a drop that is a whopping 11500 feet that is more than 3 times the height of the angel fulls the Denmark strait catch right carries almost 2000 times the amount of water that Nigeria falls does at its peak flow sake but yet Pedley terrestrial waterfalls our last strange oceanic phenomenon is also the most recently identified what is known as the Pacific below was first identified in 2013 by oceanographers and is a large mass of relatively warm water in the north Pacific Ocean off the western coast of North America set to stretch from Mexico all the way up to Alaska scientists remain unsure as to what actually causes it some believe it may be caused by the el Nino phenomenon of those that it may be a cynical events in the Pacific what is known is that marine life doesn't seem to thrive in the warmer waters this is one unsettling mystery of the oceans in the modern era those then out 10 of the strangest ocean phenomena verbal top lists just like this special to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already doe forget to check out our other top lists thank you very much for watching and thanks for letting //
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5 Things That Are Secretly KILLING You! (Facts About What's Killing You)
\\researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the United States most visits to the hospital our lifestyle related and 90 to 95 percent of cancers are caused by environmental factors that means we can live a lot longer by adjusting our daily routine don't smoke don't drink alcohol don't abuse drugs you get the idea but some things that we consider normal healthy parts of our lives may also be killing us so stop what you're doing and watch this video it just might save your life we all need water but depending on where you get it you may be inviting some unwanted chemicals to your body in 2016 the environmental protection agency of the United States published a health advisory for ground and drinking water containing the chemical compound per flow ought to know like acid they do not pay me enough to pronounce words like that even if you avoid tap water you're not completely safe bottled water can also be dangerous before 2008 water bottles used to be made from a toxic and carcinogenic chemicals so while trying to get some vital hydration you risk getting breast cancer prostate cancer indeed even brain damage fruit juice can also be just as harmful a lot of so called 100 percent natural drinks contain preservatives artificial flavoring and almost as much sugar as some sodas you're probably watching this video because you want to live a happy and healthy life but it turns out your wishes may be a paradox according to the longevity product 880 year long study by professional psychologists and is considered to be the most extensive study on living long people who are happy and humorous live shorter lives than their pessimistic peers this is because people who are optimistic are more likely to engage in risky behavior okay so you'll stop being happy that's not a big sacrifice ill just keep watching our videos about all the apocalyptic scenarios that may unfold in your lifetime in the comfort your couch unfortunately there's no escaping death there either for every hour you watch TV you lose 22 minutes of your life how can I finally figured it out and you go outside and soak up the sun and some nice athletic activities and now sunlight contains harmful UV rays so if you bake outside for too long you can develop skin cancer ... but they're sunscreen slap on some SPF 10000 and you'll be fine well maybe not so much well you will be protected from UV rays sunscreen also blocks the central benefits of sunlight like vitamin D. which is good for your bones and immune system there are also some agents and sunscreen they can get absorbed into your body and to store your blood cells which can also cause cancer so you thought you could just avoid all the hazards of the outside world by living indoors you've got Amazon prime pantry you're set for life except the air you breathe in your own home is actually 4 times more polluted than outside air pollutants come from plants candles carpets your kitchen stove paint air fresheners and yes even air purifiers there's just no escaping the clutch of death when even the air in your own home is killing be sure to leave a like and subscribe to our channel if you haven't already it's the least you could do for saving your life be sure to check out our other videos while you're here and thanks for watching and thinks relearning //
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5 Shortest Lived Species
\\we've talked about organisms that can live for untold thousands of years and that is certainly incredible but what about organisms I can only live for a mere few years or even days well that too is incredible in its own right which is why we are bringing you the 5 shortest lived organisms in the world there's a strange yet mysterious relationship between the simplicity of an organism and its age but where as we observed in our video on the longest lived organisms that the simplest of organisms tend to live the longest we can also it seemed observe the inverse because some of the shortest live organisms are also some of the simplest nowhere is this truer than in the case of the Castro street marine microorganisms that inhabit the world's oceans as well as the lakes gastro streets are tiny by any standard measuring a maximum of 3 millimeters and possess a transparent body structure which is swept back and forth by waves of water interestingly enough gastro strikes have both male and female reproductive organs allowing for a sexual or hermaphroditic reproduction which probably is in the same city given the fact that these creatures can only live a paltry 3 days before spiraea which means a guest restaurants are probably never going to make it on time to be able to hand in that mid term assignment the forgery for them they don't have to are the delightful housefly who is not familiar with the irritating and annoying creatures that blows in our ears and pester us when we want to be left alone these animals are ubiquitous can be found in virtually every continent most of the time you spend trying to keep our homes tidy especially during the hot days of summer to keep out these fell animals because if we do not we know what they will lay their vile aches and that will lead to maggots well house flies in their frenetic buzzing as well somewhat gross reproductive cycle have a reason to be this way which is the fact that they don't have much time to do it with only 4 weeks to a life cycle housefly needs to be that annoying creature we hate so I can complete its business on earth report Mouzon 4 weeks is not a long time but it sure is long enough to get on our nerves chameleons are members of the reptile family there are distinguished by their ability to blend in with their environment there's cycle Dactylis feet mean to toes are pointed forward and 2 backward perfect for their lives in the trees as well they're long sticky tongues and stereoscopic allies allowing them to quickly scanned their surroundings one species of chameleon particular does not have a lot of time on the earth and that species is called the panther chameleon living no more than a year the path 13000000 has the shortest lifespan of any reptile in the entire world as a consequence can reproduce very rapidly in fact Yatala chameleons are often dead before the young chameleons hatch a relentless pest to many eating food leaving feces and spreading disease a cute rodent that reminds me of Mickey Mouse or others the house mouse is a contender for the member with the shortest lifespan in the world rarely living over here but in that time being able to give birth to 3 to 4 young per litter and 5 to 10 letters in that one year of Therion biology referred to as our in case selection theory would describe this is our selected reproduction which is characterized by a short life expectancy unstable environment large letters or numbers of offspring and low parental investment which favours larger more long live mammals such as humans whales and elephants characterized by longer life spans fewer offspring more stable environments and greater parental investment the may fly as the shortest lifespan of any animal on earth with no exception there sometimes referred to as day one in 6 because they only live as insects for a staggeringly short 2004 hours in the best case Inori before passing on their 2500 documented species of may fly and some even rarely live past a few hours however in some sense this is not the entire story because most of the mayflies life though it is technically not a may flight this stage is spent in the water is a nymph or in larval form with a singular purpose of evolving and growing into an adult that will breed and die only a few hours later having fulfilled its purpose for more topless just like this be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already and don't forget to check out our other lists and thanks for watching and thanks for learning //
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\\working a regular 9 to 5 time be a drag whether you're shuffling papers all standing in front of a classroom Sundays you probably start to question your sanity motion that was self well if you feel the working man's blues coming in take a little solace in the fact that you don't have to tackle one of the scary jobs unless you do and in that case we raise a glass to your bravery I'm Jake the voice car resolve the 10 scariest jobs in the world we owe a lot to what we know about predicting whether to the courageous folks who jump in to try although I'm still while here the you it gets about one tornadoes in 2 killed 553 people stone chases monitors the weather Amtrak the storms to make observations about that patent some chases focus on hurricanes a lightning storms too while most chases say that this profession isn't dangerous they'll weather experts and know how to stay safe fame chase a Tim some iris Cole and his partner Carl young died when an F. 5 tornado hit that call in 2013 while it may not be as dangerous as some other jobs the idea of getting up close and personal with nature's by outside is enough to make most people quiver this job may have a little metal box them fight with the relatively low mortality rate of an average of one death per year is a lot safer than it looks still hanging hundreds of feet in the air a little more than a small platform requires some balancing skills and a stomach for heights some washes even repel off the top of the roof to get to the workstation spot the stomach churning height the average high rise window washer only make $15 an hour added risks include bad weather and work is well underway full refused to follow safety protocols if you're afraid to fly take comfort in the numbers your chance of dying on a commercial flight is about one in 29.4000000 unfortunately that's not the case with bush pilots the mortality rate for this cake is much higher at 53.4 deaths per 100000 pilots unlike airline pilots that fly into an ounce of hype regulated apples with much smoother landing strips bush pilots take to the skies over mostly barren wilderness areas are often land on uneven terrain bush pilots operate with very little help I must monitor weather conditions closely risks include flying low to the ground which means less time to recover hissing animals and fast changing weather conditions pay varies widely from $6000 per month to $20000 per year if you don't mind being the basis for a 2400 pound muscle machine that can run at speeds up to 24 miles per hour for the low price of $150 per show a career as a rodeo clown might just be the job you're looking for a radio clam provides entertainment for the crowd and helps protect a cowboy by distracting the angry bull wants a ride a house full into the ground while many of these clients now have the protection of a heavy duty caves the bulls had the cages hard enough to cause dents and potential injury to the occupants inside Joe my focus be where a field epidemiologists doesn't just study infectious diseases on a computer screen there often in the field evaluating recent outbreaks will travel all over the world is a perk of the job the scientists aren't hitting the sand and surf some of the job duties include observing a outbreak collecting data including blood another fluid samples and analyzing the potential spread the small guys average at just under $70000 per year if you think this doesn't sound via scary read the whole slow docking close spaces are a hallmark of this career choice Lewis recognize hasn't of this Korea a cable switcher terrifying enough working 12 hour shifts beneath the surface of the F. presents a few of the dangers too including floods gas explosions chemical leaks and electrocution mine is also put the health on the line as exposure to harmful chemicals can cause poisoning a long term damage to the log did we mention that mine is literally what hundreds of feet on the thousands of pounds of dirt and rock this scary and dangerous job has gotten a lot of attention with various television shows documenting the drama of this Korea the job ranks at one of the most dangerous jobs in the world or the mortality rate of 300 deaths pack every 100000 employees because cool winter temperatures present better fishing opportunities crews had to seize during the winter onboard the vessels they navigate freezing water icy temperatures select decks heavy machinery I'm very little sleep toss in a winter storm or 2 and things on deck can get scary fast some fishermen on these routes make upwards of $100000 in a season which makes for a nice incentive to get over a fear of this job imagine spending 12:00 hours a day locked in a giant building full of drug dealers thieves and murderers if this sounds like a typical day at the office you might be a corrections officer but many people monitoring hundreds or thousands of inmates sounds a little terrifying and with good reason from 1999 to 2008 the industry reported 113 correctional officer fatalities and 125 0 non fatal work related injuries reports attribute most of the deaths 2 fatal assaults including suicide they also attribute most of the injuries to assault and all violent acts by prisoners all co workers what you got brave technician walk sweat from his brow as he carefully decides which wire to cut may make for good entertainment but it's not a job for everyone one advances in technology have made a bomb techs job a little safer there is still plenty of risk awhile mistake could be devastating in addition to responding to bomb threats and suspicious packages technicians also remove unexploded ordinances from old military bases military members who work as bomb technicians face an even higher level of risk during times of conflict the average salary for putting your life on the line around $54000 a year if you love your cell phone mobile device and cable television you can thank Aktau attack friends sharing your gadget gets proper reception whether it's repairing feed lines or antennas or changing a light bulb someone must climb to the tip top of those Die wasn't do the work attendees this Korea terrifying option for most people it also has a high mortality rate than compatible industries averaging about 11 deaths per year over the last decade talent Lima's tackle heights between 200 and 1800 feet in many cases the hands feet and the climbing rope is all that keeps these brave souls on solid ground because the job requires them to call on you so high tower text come free climb some areas this saves time and energy but leaves them unprotected stormy weather I'm cold temperatures only add to the already substantial danger from all told lists just like this show to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to check out our other top lists thank you very much we'll washing and sang for letting //
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10 Things You Didn't Know About The Soviet Union
\\for almost 70 years the Soviet Union dominated a sizeable portion of the world by force however because of the nature of the Cold War and the careful restriction of information many people know very little about what life was like on the other side of the aisle and curtains this is a shame because the history of the U. S. Assad is a fascinating one for that what countless of Ben's discoveries and the like that many US Delano went off today I'm Jake's the voice pa these are 10 things you probably didn't know about the Soviet Union as political correctness spiraled out of control these days the P. C. dogma is usually frowned upon especially when forced into video games comics and the like surprisingly it was Russia who first coined the term initially the Communist Party used it to describe appropriate political opinions mid twentieth century American socialist used it as a degrading term to shun those who blindly followed communist political opinions while ignoring any logical argument that opposed that as some familiar obviously the meaning of the term politically correct has dramatically changed over the past few decades now meeting at the top of speech that could be perceived as insensitive however it's important to note that this term has its roots in both Stalin and the Soviet Union go along swell labor camps that what does T. cramped void of food and over populate death was a slow but painful process of the Russian football and ice hockey legend Nikolai starburst skin was sent to the gulag for bribery and for stealing sports equipment his time at the camp was not as horrific as it should have been gosh really liked it would chat with about coaching teams sports related anecdotes and wall you spent most of his time in the gulags coaching to when he was released he didn't stop later in his life he wrote in his autobiography quote it is really sad 12 lost these years in the Ku Klux but those years would not wasted and thank you a lot of things in life helped me to learn gave me the opportunity to know my own country family is a fan everywhere Joseph Stalin ruled over the Soviet Union what I am faced I have millions of his own father was killed well he was certainly a frightening powerful figure he was anything but as a child Stalin was bullied a lot because of his stunted growth he grew up to be only 5 foot 4 in height small pox permanently scarred his face while blood poisoning resulted in his left on notably short on the bright well the lesson Stalin was quite the book web at school he also spent a lot of time hiking through the great outdoors yet despite his intelligence he dropped out of college his story was because he wanted to pursue a revolution however his mother said it was because of poor health which sounds a lot less courageous countries under totalitarian dictatorships are subject to strict censorship any piece of media would be suppressed will simply removed from the public's access if it expressed any harmful anti regime ideologies Stalin did the same with his photographs if an ally was branded a traitor all had a political fallout with Stalin he was to be removed from any and all photos and films senses would you some clever tricks to punch a person out of a shot editors did the same to Stalin's fights scars on the dictator space were removed after all these would have been perceived as a sign of weakness the last thing the regime wanted was but the masses to believe that Lita was anything but powerful good recovery arrest sputum self proclaimed cleric but master well defined womanizer while his charisma and supposed powers made him a charismatic figure sex alcohol and bribes some of his notorious Rasputin's enemies knew of his corrections so he was invited to a party as a guest of honor it's fed poison takes which didn't affect him eventually he was beaten stabbed and finally shots yet this wasn't enough to stop the map book the assassins accounts say that Rasputin got up at fullback despite being smacked in the face and shot in the back multiple times it was said that they have to finish him off by drowning him low historical sources say he died before his corpse was dumped in the icy cold river this was true in like something out of a horror movie if you will call ugly duty pictures in Soviet Russia you would have received more than just a wide of the finger all school 228 of the criminal code of the Russian Soviet federative socialist Republic outlawed everyone creating and selling pornography this did not stop smugglers slipping in filthy pictures and videos into the country though it was until 1988 for the first uncensored movie depicting sex which showed in Russia surprisingly it was one of the most viewed films at the time full communists women would restricted from participating in World War 2 also about 1000000 Soviet women don't many roles on the front lines anti aircraft gunners to snipers many of them put their names toward some of the deadliest missions available such as that night witches flew behind enemy lines and bombed the Germans to smithereens these women developed quite a name for themselves for instance do you admit up Pavlyuchenko was a sniper who plotted over 300 kills Russia commemorated would like her like treating her face alts with the Soviet Union made an agreement in 1924 to allow dogs to aid the military that we use to send supplies explosives aids to those in need the rest decided to take it a step further and turned them into deadly weapons in the 19 thirties canines were packed with explosives I was sent forth towards the enemy attack remote explosives were expensive and time bombs were risky see they were trained to detonate the bombs themselves since the dogs were trained to chase down Soviet tanks the ignored the enemy during tests often the senses would be bombarded with so much accident no ease some simply run away only to be put out to that misery another unfortunate side effect on the docks trading with Soviet tanks was that many bomb carries simply brushed back and their allies we shot down out of there were numerous instances when the Cold War almost developed into a full blown willed one lesson known instance place during the Cuban Missile Crisis it lights up Tobit 25 to the coast of Cuba Soviet submarine B. 59 was hit by American depth charges as an attempt to force it to rise to the surface the U. S. want to weather was shaking up a sub armed with nuclear payload spot identification of the Reds were to debug the water to realize what was happening captain voluntad stuff leave ski thought a third World War broke counts I wanted to launch a nuclear payload in retaliation if it wasn't for Soviet navy officer Billy C. out of people arguing against his comrades nuclear war would have occurred thankfully the crew decided that's the low power and folding and conditioning it was time to surface I've had a black coat in September 1983 the world was once again threatened but all out nuclear war if it wasn't for the cool headed left tenant colonel Stanislaw petals the Soviet union's military intelligence division of the secret service Russia and the U. S. would've glowed with radiation after an officer overseeing a nuclear strike operations Bucca became sick that Prof took his place it's Hara the computer started to black out sirens and warnings American nukes what incoming it was time to alert to the higher ups but one with that only a handful of nukes detected both sides have the potential to make the sky rain involves so why wasn't this the case turns out the satellite was mistaken in clouds football games the Soviet Union were more paranoid Marist than ever but peddler of save the day using common sense his reward reassignment to depose actually he was praising documentaries and awarded money after the millennium though he remains humble about his actions to this day after all likely didn't do anything all told lists just like this show to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to check out our other top lists thank you very much for watching and thanks for letting //
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5 Worst European Wars
\\war is hell but some wars have been worse than others well it is not easy to gauge how catastrophic awards been and it heavily depends on historical context things like death toll brutality suffering and retraction all play a role in evaluating just how bad a war's been Europe has a long and rich history but a great deal of that has been checkered by introducing wars that have devastated the population to understand just how bad these words have been we bring you the 5 worst European wars the most protracted war efforts have been hot on European soil the 0 years war actually lasted not 100 years but 116 years being part from the years 1337 to 1453 an incredibly long conflict between the dynastic powers of England and France the 0 years war symbolize many things it was a war for claims to land emergence of a distinct French and English nationalism and militarily transformative but above all it was brutal and seemingly never ending the 0 years war inflicted untold misery on France farmlands were laid waste the population was decimated by war famine and the black death and marauders terrorized the countryside civil wars and local wars increase the destruction and social disintegration despite numerous brief pauses tensions would continuously flare up which would result in mass death and human destruction the death toll for the 0 years war sits at 3.5000000 which might seem to be a small number given the duration and protracted nature of the call but one must also take into account the fact there was no modern technology equivalent to say World War one or World War 2 and the way you died on the battlefield was often particularly unpleasant if you are on the English side you would likely be run down by mounted cavalry with your head smashed in by a blunt melee weapon impaled on a pike or simply crushed underneath the trampoline whose forces if you are on the French side you would look forward to watching a hail of arrows from Welsh Bowman knowing that you're going to die and wondering just how many arrows with pepper you and where they would line as if this medieval conflict were enough the concurrence of the black death or bubonic plague which wiped out a third of Europe's population maybe even worse because even if you were to survive a battle defeated touch of the black death would surely claim you sooner or later all these factors made the 0 years war one of the worst in European history with an estimated death toll of more than 4000000 and even more if you count the fact that the Napoleonic Wars took place beyond just your these conflicts were far more brutal than is often thought these wars were largely a continuation of the war sparked by the French Revolution of 1789 and they revolutionize European armies and played out on an unprecedented scale mainly due to the application of modern mass conscription which is 1 of the major reasons it was so deadly while it had been the case at times of peasantry and unqualified soldiers had been conscripted into service in the past it was not terribly common place until the polling came around and put into practice in the us if you're an able bodied young man you might have had an excellent opportunities to die in battle for the sake of 1 man's ego and there is nothing pleasant about being on the receiving end of a volley of musket fire sometimes referred to as the first modern war the 30 years war can be remembered for its unprecedented brutality and like them breath which spanned many countries across the continent of Europe beginning is 1618 and ending in 1648 there were many territorial dynastic and religious issues that figured in the outbreak and conduct of the war the extent of religious motives has been debated but cannot be dismissed particularly in explaining individual behavior throughout the war they were shifting alliances and local peace treaties the wars a whole may be considered a struggle of German Protestant princes and foreign powers namely France Sweden Denmark England and the United provinces against the unity and how were of the holy Roman Empire as represented by the Habsburgs allied with the Catholic princes and against the Habsburgs themselves the death toll juicy struggles ranks at 7.5000000 which is an incredible number given the time the states that comprise Germany at the time we hit the hardest with 20 percent of the population perishing during the war and no war has affected Germany to this degree into work work to the war was characterized by marauding bands of mercenaries that wandering the countryside of Europe without any lower commander rape me Murray and pillaging since the conflict seem to instill in people the idea that anything goes whole villages were razed the ground cannibalism became widespread and Europe was thrown into chaos one of the primary issues during this war was a lack of military logistics and goals to say it was highly and directed stead the 30 years war was primarily about survival and indulge in some of human nature's worst qualities the Russian Civil War which raged between the years of 1917 and 1921 has the dubious honor of being the worst civil war ever to have been fought in all of human history the Russian Civil War was a multi party war that occurred within the former Russian empire after the Russian provisional government collapses to the Soviets under the domination of the Bolshevik party Soviet forces first assumed power in Petrograd or mother see Petersburg and subsequently gain control throughout Russia the total death toll of this conflict was close to 9000000 including over 1.5000000 soldiers and many more 0 non combatants and civilians who died to famine disease and military bluntly hello world were 1 spanned more than just Europe it was primarily a European conflict and the combination of modern technology brutality and sheer number of people involved mark this is the worst European war effort to have taken place World War 1 was a major war centered in Europe that began in the summer of 1914 and lasted until November of 1918 it involves all the world's great powers the time which were assembled into opposing alliances the allies and the central powers more than 70 military personnel including 60000000 Europeans were mobilizing this brutal conflict and more than 9000000 combatants were killed largely because of great technological advances and firepower without corresponding advances in mobility World War one was made all the worse because of its many strange antiquated practices in England women would walk up to under age boys and give them white feathers religiously indicate their cowardice forcing them to enlist to hide their shame them often losing their lives in the process men would run out of trenches certain death of enemy fire knowing the likelihood of their survival was slim to none and the use of mustard gas was deadly in the extreme as it caused untold suffering and extreme just figuration no other war in Europe can rival World War one for its brutality modern means of killing and frankly willingness to hit below the belt get the job done for more topless just like this be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already and don't forget to check out our other lists as for Washington and thanks for learning //
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10 Rarest Dog Breeds
\\the American kennel association estimates that there are over $73000000 in the U. S. of which the 5 most popular breeds are the Labrador retriever beagle poodle German shepherd and filled up but there are also some very rare dog breeds that you probably never heard of these are the 10 rarest breeds of dog he also is a sleek rakish dog breed that originated in the Sahara desert in Africa they were used to hunt down his dell another fast animals of the desert regions have a remarkable ability to change direction suddenly he also walk breed has never become popular outside of North Africa and the Middle East because it notoriously hates cold weather isn't very sociable with people the also the space to roam and run making apartment living impossible for them this dog breed is certainly the one with the most difficult name to pronounce top 11 pronounces it show low needs quickly although it is also known more simply as shallow or the Mexican hairless dog this dog breed was venerated as being sacred by the engine as take my hand and told take people's there's been no inbreeding or other manipulation by breeders with this brief making it a very short freed of dawn is therefore a hearty dog not prone to the sickness of other dogs even if it does remain a very rare and unique breed the police are dog breed native to Hungary and what kind of mistake it for any other breed of dog thanks to its huge coat of not it for the hair that makes the pulley look like a giant ma another coat can also be mistaken for dreadlocks the pool is a proud history as a sheepherder in its native hungry and has even been featured on him Gary and stops lotus intelligent and agile the pulley is a rare dog breeds owing to the immense grooming that requires that code is indeed absolutely unique in the dark world the partial Navarro is a Spanish hunting dog that is distinct for having a divided knows that is often compared to a double barreled shotgun it's unique nose was prized by hunters has been very sensitive for picking up on the scent of praise it's been since proven that the nose of the stock is no better to think in snow than that of other breeds it was thought to be almost extinct by the end of the Spanish Civil War in the late 19 thirties however version of our breed has survived since then although there are only about 70 pure breeds in the world this is a small breed of spaniel from the Netherlands that is pronounced Google India it was prized by Dutch hunters for the unique way in which it was able to leave doctor specially designed tract however by the second World War the breed was almost extinct it was only due to the efforts of the Baroness on harden group from farmers told that saved the brief in fact the Baroness even help allied pilots who escape from Germany by using the dogs to lead them to the what's the safety of the Belgian border their lack of popularity however is puzzling the Corcoran yeah he's a very loving and loyal little doubt unlike many doubts on this list that you know is not an ancient breed of dog in fact it was specifically bred in the early 20 century to be a sled dog which explains why it is a very muscular and solidly built dog bred by just one man Arthur retrieval Walden the breed would become so rare that only 11 pure breeds remains by nature long it's since been saved from extinction one notable fact about that you know is that it is the official dialed for the state of New Hampshire not many dog breeds can boast an honor such as that the local totalement Odo was bred in order to hunt waterfowl leaks of the Romagna region in Italy and its name meaning like dog of Romagna is in the Futian free and is thought to possibly be in the original ancestor of all water dogs including retrievers it can even be seen in the 1474 masterpiece of the meeting by the renaissance painter on the via month Pena today the local people Romagnolo is even more prized for its ability in picking for it's also a dog that never shed its hair with assets like that this is a dog breed that should remain rare for much longer it was reported in March 2014 that Chinese millionaire businessman I paid a whopping 1.9000000 for a dog the dog breeding question was a rare Tibetan mastiffs which had been likened in a rarity by the Chinese their famous panda bears this breeders once uses a hunting dog on the plains of ancient to bet I can go the massive and way over 200 pounds they have a reputation for being very aggressive which along with their some ways explains how they remain rare that hefty price tag surely doesn't help its popularity I the Neopolitan mastiff is an ancient dog breed with a long history these massive strong dogs were used in battle during the Roman Empire to run under horses and do some follow them they're also used by the Romans and later centuries debate fares bowls and large wildcat amazingly this mastiff was almost extinct after the second World War and was only saved thanks to the breeding efforts of Italian painter butros goes beyond the Paulson mastiff remains a rare breed today owing to its large and powerful size its need to be properly socialized and tendency to attack other dogs that's one formidable canine the Norwegian Linda who initiate like no other dog Linda hunt has at least 6 toes on each foot critical closes gears to protect the you're cannot from dirt and moisture is off label bandits head backwards over its shoulders so that the forehead contestants back this is very useful for when the dogs of turning a tight spot it's unique physique is what made the London and so perfect for hunting and for various places or in particular the hunting of puffins on steep coastal rocks in his native Norway distemper and crossbreeding nearly killed it off as a pure free of the plucky Luna is slowly gaining in popularity for more topless just like this be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already and don't forget to check out our other lists as for watching and thanks for learning //
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5 Oldest Organisms
\\not all organisms are the same and this is especially true in terms of their lifespan some organisms can live only for a few days but others can even potentially lived for centuries such organisms often fly under the radar of most people's awareness but give you a sense of just how close many species are to immortality we bring you the 5 longest live organisms in the world the tricky thing about long living organism is that oftentimes the longest lived species are often among the simplest of life forms in terms of biological complexity this is especially true which is a type of sponge made up of a skeleton consisting of so on base speckles structures peculiar to sponges that act as a deterrent to predators this is in itself not very remarkable but what is astounding it's just how long they can live found primarily in the East China Sea at great depths of almost 3000 feet these incredible sponges have been documented to have been alive for 15000 years and possibly even 23000 years something some experts thought impossible no individual part of clonal colony is alive in the sense of active metabolism for more than a very small fraction of the life of the entire colony some clonal colonies maybe fully connected via their root systems almost are not actually interconnected butter genetically identical clones which populated area through vegetative reproduction however as a collective some clonal plant colonies can remain active for amazing record periods of time which in the case of the clonal plan called Pando is a staggering 80000 years which is absolutely incredible as clonal colonies tend to fit the description of being more active than alive to get a truly living and unique plant organism with an incredible lifespan we need to turn to the Great Basin bristlecone pine found only in the states of Utah Nevada and California at higher altitudes and despite being the only medium size overall with it rarely reaching over 50 feet in height the Great Basin bristlecone pine as the truly honorary distinction of being the longest living non clonal organism in the world with the older specimen having attained the remarkable age of 5066 years which means it is far older than the United States itself and many many other countries in the world created by human so far we have only discuss plans and clone organisms which is to say organisms without brains spines and other more complex structures but what happens when you get to more complicated organisms and how they measure up well you get the green land shark this large shark is one of the few sharks in the world to be able to exist and thrive in the cold waters of the Arctic Ocean they can grow to be over 20 feet long I can weigh more than 2000 pounds perhaps it is it's unique adaptations to its frosty environment that have made the speech you so long lived perhaps not but the truth is that the shark has the potential to live over 500 years although the average tends to be between 300 and 400 this makes the green land shark the longest living first rate in the entire world as we move up the complexity ladder and onto the land one species of giant tortoise stands out above the rest and that is the L. brought a giant tortoise native to the sea shells of the Indian Ocean this tortoise involved in great isolation from other types of its kind in this might be one of the reasons they can live so long while it might seem like a drop in the bucket compared to clonal colonies Persian trees of all the terrestrial land animals in the world the L. brought a giant tortoise has the longest lifespan able to live an unbelievable 255 years it sure does not seem that much but when you compare it in terms of an organism's general complexity and the fact that it is land dwelling that is in the stallion age to put in perspective the longest live human on record was a French woman who lived 122 years which seems like a lot but compared to the L. brought a giant tortoise it's clear that we humans just don't cut the mustard for more topless just like this be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already and don't forget to check out our other lists and thanks for watching thanks for learning //
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10 Airplanes That VANISHED
\\Malaysia airlines flight 37 though was a scheduled flight from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to Beijing China but simply vanished on March 2014 no discernible traces of the flight for any wreckage that Ralph has been found to date what people don't know that it's not plane disappearances a surprisingly common I'm shake the voice pa and these are 10 airplanes that simply vanished Glenn Miller was a icon of the big band music era of the 19 thirties and forties he and his band were famous for such huge hits house in the mood Miller joined the war efforts in 1942 out behind to this the letter T. to be the leader of the U. S. army's band he and his band were on a flight from the royal airforce base in England to Paris by 12/15/1944 to play it's a benefit in the French capital the plane carrying Miller and his band for some mysterious reason never arrived it was still wartime and rumors were as rampant as to what happened but the plane was never found we may never know what happened to glance it was 12/5/1945 in what was now post World War 2 a scorcher enough 5 of the U. S. navy's T. and a bit of bombers took off from fort Lauderdale airforce base in Florida and what what perfect conditions none of the planes arrived 2 planes was sent out late about day to look for the missing moments one of which also didn't return to base a total of 6 military plane sipped vanished in a place off the coast of Florida but would now become even more infamous for its strange phenomena it was to be mute a triangle also known as the devil's triangle the difference but moved a triangle is said to have claimed another aircraft on 12/28/1948 the airplane was a Douglas to come to DC 3 Hadi and will build workouts of a plane that was perfect for sure whole island hopping flights flight was on its way to Miami Florida from someone puckering go with only 20 minutes left for the flight it was never heard from or seen again extensive searches recovered nothing of the plain old the 31 who were aboard flight conditions were perfect and the flame should have been flying above what would very shallow water since new wreckage was at the spot is it I purchased some American Airways flight took off on 1/30/1948 Portuguese islands of the assorted is on route to don't ever done but Buddha like many other ill fated Bermuda flights things quickly went wrong had a malfunctioning heats rumbled so it was decided to fly the aircraft and the extremely low height of just 2000 feet above the waters of the north Atlantic Ocean the plane on its 25 passengers and 6 crew never arrived at the destination not a shred of any wreckage that could be attributed to the stock tiga flight has ever been found since parents of this plane remains a mystery less than a year after the stock tiger disappeared over the north Atlantic just another plane operated by British south American Airways disappeared without trace this time it was the stock aerial on a flight from Bermuda to Kingston Jamaica thought vanished the date was 1/17/1949 I'm flying conditions were perfect it was presumed that the happy to catch profit failure on board which crashed the plane not a trace of wreckage bought any of the 20 who were aboard whatever recumbent Canadian Pacific and lines have no less than 10 accidents which resulted in fatalities during its 45 years in operation however the Canadian alliance most bizarre incident a cut on 7/21/1951 this flight was from buying Kuba Canada to Tokyo Japan with a stop over at me anchorage Alaska the DC for at craft disappear in 19 minutes after taking off from anchorage to what was very poll and I see whether this is what they have to say in the final report on that flight in 1974 as no traces of the aircraft or its occupants have been found to date the calls of the disappearance has not been turbans whom Eric was once the national airline carrier for Brazil and strangest flight paths to be flight 967 I was a very good Boeing 727323 C. cargo flights but took off on January 49 so the 9 from now Lita International Airport in Tokyo Japan of a final destination off Rio de janiero Brazil the cargo played along with its 6 crew disappeared and no trace of it ever found on board the fateful Varig flight with 53 paintings by the Brazilian Japanese artist Minobu Bobby value that now will put to full 0 Dulles the ox it was forever lost somewhere over the Pacific Ocean Indonesia is a country of 206 1000000 people a compromise is more than 17000 islands it's also a hugely popular tourist destination know what about Indonesian literally hundreds of airlines that fly between the many islands of the region 1 such airline was met got into some kind of an airline scuse flight 6715 for the towers of Bhima to retain appeared on 1/10/1955 between ought to 300 plate with 40 people aboard is suspected of having crashed in the blue straight up the sow Busey during bad weather however nothing of the flight was founded searches of the water and the violins I also compiling this list the most recent disappearance of attack craft a code on 7/22/2016 the plane belonged to the Indian airforce and was a crime to love a and 32 twin engine turboprop transports us with 29 crew and servicemen on board it disappeared over the bay of Bengal to the east of India well on its way from Tampa Arab airforce stationed in the coastal Indian city of Chennai to pope bless situated on the Andaman and Nicobar buying them it resulted in the biggest maritime such to date India's history ships have reported possible debris below the water but no wreckage of the plate has yet been recovered we have left 1 of the most bizarre plane disappearances at but the last a Boeing 727 that formerly belonged to American Airlines on 5/25/2003 from the 1 to International Airport in Angola even contemplate has not been cleared for takeoff I'm has been seen veering haphazardly along the runway it's transposed had been switched off American pilot Ben shells Padilla had been spotted boarding the plane possibly along with another man a global search for the CIA and FBI rented nothing both the 2 men and a large and craft it simply vanished those that attended the books baffling and craft disappearances ever verbal top lists just like this special to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to check out our other top lists thank you very much for watching Adams thanks for letting //
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Spain
\\Spain is a land filled with history legacy and tragedy but most people only think of oranges and beaches with a thick of space to inform those not in the know about the many Spanish marbles we bring you the 10 things you didn't know about spayed the Spanish empire the greatest empire through ever existed size and scope was unrivaled first time in his legacy is one that can be seen and heard on the faces people right conquered in college at the peak of its power in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries of the Spanish Habsburgs and at its largest under the house of blue color in the eighteenth century and it was the largest in the world the empire spanned 5 continents at its height including north and South America Europe Asia and Africa also infamous for its cruelty and mass murder of indigenous populations as well as the inadvertent infection of those selfsame population historians incomparable like look back at the Spanish empire //
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Tea
\\what the wholesale cold tea is the most popular beverage in the world it is estimated that about 6000000000 cups of tea are consumed each day in the world eyes nearly one Cup of tea for every person on earth every single day only water is consumed more bike I'm shakes the voice pa these are 10 of the most interesting about the wonderful beverage cold and number 10 is the origin in the 8 states pre dates because by about 3000 years historians believe that team plus harvested around 2700 BC you wouldn't region of China where it was drunk for medical purposes the earliest written records of T. are also from China it would become a popular recreation will drink tearing the Chinese Tang dynasty the seventh century AD I was introduced to the west in the sixteenth century by Portuguese priests and traders T. sure is warm Oldham riverbed little drink no but now I know now list brings us to the different types of there are 5 principle varieties of tea black green white doc and who lost the old come from the exact same plans namely ever dream that grows in warm moist weather cold camellia sinensis what distinguishes the 5 types of tea of the various degrees of processing and the level of oxidizing should that each type goes through TV needs undergo natural chemical reactions which results in the taste eye color changes up then developed into distinct the majority of tea that is drunk in the U. S. is of the black and green varieties iced tea as we know it today is definitely an American invention I comes in at number 8 legend has it that it was first invented by an enterprising tea merchants policy drink hot day of the 1904 world's fair in Saint Louis Missouri however our records show that iced tea was actually invoked in the southern U. S. states in the late 18 hundreds today about 80 percent of the tea consumed in the U. S. is iced which has no doubt been boosted by the huge growth and canned iced tea drinks in fact Americans chug through 1.7000000000 gallons of ice tea in cans 2006 alone and on the seventh we have what is known as height high tea is often a combination of team with the most scrumptious cakes patisserie is I'm sandwiches and is usually reserved in the finest hotels ironically high tea actually originated among the British rural and working classes you would have tea with meats salads and desserts the end of a hard day's labor it was cold high tea because it was served on a high dining table swanky and expensive though heights he's today it's roots were decidedly working class number 6 is a conundrum regarding the amounts of coffee harvested in the world this is the amount of TV harvested if you thought you'd heard that a lot more coffee than to use harvested then you would be quite correct about 8.5000000 tons of coffee is harvested each year versus 4.7000000 metric tons of teen however it takes 5 times more coffee beans to make a Cup of coffee that it does tea leaves to make a Cup of that full there are 3 cups of tea drunk for every one Cup of coffee tea is still sobs the surepos or ethnic tribe who live high in the Himalayas mountain a power they're famous for that mountain climbing skills and immense bravery they'll also famous for shed a petit also another US ship a paucity sue shock it shut but nourishment and to keep warm bitterly cold weather the tea is made by proving who loan and Donna Shilin team leaves yak butter salt and milk as well as some which is made from barley flour ingredients like that's the one to the ship also Hadi inside fates number 4 is all about herbal teas which is certainly popular incumbent endless varieties unfortunately the name is very misleading as they are not actually teach but he's not a T. if it doesn't contain any leaves from the camellia sinensis plant herbal teas are in fact infusions from the roots flowers leaves and seeds of different plans there are properties that are infused with other places such as chrysanthemum tea popular in Korea and China as well as Earl grey tea it is infused with fidelity oil these still remain T. number 3 on a list has to do with it which says the team is to be saved she quickly and quietly as possible gulping it down is a definite Linda however it's been argued that slipping you'd see way to really states sometimes slurping allows variation of the team that by releasing its flavors of creating better fusion with your taste buds who knows if there's any truth to it but it is true that some professional tea tasters celeb that teens get voluntary yes but how does one slip tea with sending this number 2 no list has to do with banks well tea bags today tea bags of one of the most popular ways for people to make a quick enjoyable Cup of tea however their invention is more recent than you might think and that would not even advanced by design Thomas Sullivan was American team merchant who had no way to know 8 provided his customers with samples of tea small banks made of so some customers pulled the bags would be put directly into hot water just like that's the team I was bored quite by accident we left our number one interesting fact about tea to be all about the money it's rather fitting that the world's most expensive T. should come from the hope of tea China the TV is a red Chinese variety called T. had wanted it's named after the Buddhist I am goddess of mercy and isn't who long that can one final $500 so expensive because the variety so red and it said to be fertilized by panda droppings it's also supposed to taste heavenly which is just as well of that type of price those that are 10 of the most interesting facts about T. the whole top lists just like this Mitchell to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already David get to check out our other top lists thank you very much for watching thanks for letting //
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10 Amazing Predictions THAT CAME TRUE
\\a prediction is a forecast about a future event thing or person it could also be called a prognosis even a prophecy sometimes even the wildest predictions that seemed unbelievable at the time can actually come true making the people who made these predictions seem to be visionary geniuses I'm Jake's billboards pa on these are 10 amazing predictions that actually turned out to be true this Serbian American inventor Nikola Tesla was a scientific genius not only did Tesla invents an electric current that was fast safe on the on the electric current invented by Thomas Edison that we still use today was also a renowned futurist he was obsessed 2 of wireless applications including wireless electricity I'm like sick he predicted cellphones 15 years before they were invented and also predicted wifi technology and even more astounding 19 you before it became a part of our lives Nicolette Tesla is an example of a mind that was too advanced for the century he found himself in I of John Elston Bruce Watkins was curator at the Smithsonian institute in Washington DC what he wrote a most interesting article in 19 hundreds that was titled what may happen in the next 0 years some of his predictions were astounding for men of his type in the article he envisioned everything from satellite television to the internet not to mention digital photography I'm even ready cooked meals Walken's even mentions how quotes wireless telephone and telegraph circuits will spam the world how a simple man could predict so much ahead of its time is indeed amazing especially because he was able to accurately envision a realistic future society well another prediction of the instead decades before it was invented came from a very unlikely source this time it was the English novelist U. M. Forster Imus for elegant books about the class system such as how was send where angels fear to tread items up passage to India forced a roast a most unlikely sci fi story in 1909 titled the machine stops it which he describes a woman being in a room based by light in front of the machine full of switches which she could communicate with the entire world even though she is not physically connected to anything cycle sounds a lot more compute is on the internet of today I'll buy it expressed through archaic terms on language I Logan Robison was an author who wrote a short story in 1898 about a gigantic ship that was considered unsinkable and yet was sick with great loss of life a bold after hitting an iceberg that's of course exactly what happened in the famous sinking of the Titanic which would shock the world 14 years later in 1912 the ship and Robison's novel it sank in the frigid waters of the north Atlantic near new found land in the month of April as precisely did to the Titanic most eerie of all was the name of the doomed ship in Robison story the ship was called the Titan speaking of Titanic things 1 of the giants of American literature is undoubtably boxed weight was the alsa famous for such legendary carriages as Tom Sawyer and huckleberry Finn was also well known for his shop in drawing awaits and observations about life and the human condition another thing Twain come be given credit for is knowing a visionary mind when he saw 1 of twin was friends with his contemporary Nicholas Tesla they even exists a photograph of Twain in Tesla's technology however predicting Tesla success was not the only thing Twain got right twin was born in 1865 a year in which how is called it appeared in the night sky and he predicted he would die when it next came round in 1909 he did indeed died that year just 1 day after the comet returned to all but the US for ward's hill Lehman was a good friend and confident tells president Abraham Lincoln in a biography that Lehman roads after Lincoln's assassination recalls a vivid nightmare that Lincoln had shed with him Lincoln recounted how in the tree he walks into the east room of the White House and Sora dead body lying in state I'm surrounded by crying people Lincoln will be told in the treatment but it was he who had been assassinated Lincoln how this to stepping dream just 3 days before his assassination by John Wilkes booth at the fox theater in Washington DC the first World War was known as the great war and the war to end all wars the peace treaty known as the treaty of Versailles the officially ended the war demanded very high reparation payments by the walls biggest loser Germany some thought the treaty was too harsh in Germany Marshall 13 on full show friends was 1 of these people I was critical of the treaty when it was signed in 1919 I was famously quoted as saying this is not peace this is an armistice for 20 years second World War would break out in 1939 exactly 20 years later for and Jonathan Swift was a remarkable Irish rights etcetera poet and which is often closed for his famous line may you live all the days of your life swift's most famous work was Gulliver's tales and epic satire on human nature and the book chronicling Gulliver's adventures I'm troubles Swiss maybe a session of moss has 2 moons no 1 could have known that in 1726 when the book was published since it would be another 100 42 years before it was confirmed the mas did indeed have to move and get case was a famous American mistaken psychic I was criticized for being a quark as he was reviewed for being a man of vision and even the inspiration for the new age movement what cannot be disputed is not some of his predictions were eerily accurate perhaps his most confounding 1 was that when the earth's magnetic poles shifted between 2000 and 2001 which case have correctly predicted to be exact decade back in 1936 case I'd also correctly predicted the start and finish dates of both the first and second world wars one cannot simply make a list like this without including the most famous future profits of the mole yes Nostradamus the sixteenth century physics yin is world renowned for the huge amounts of complex prophecies that he made during his lifetime many happy put his predictions over the years some believe he made accurate predictions about events such as the great London fire of 1666 French leaders such as Napoleon Bonaparte and chose to go and the hellish Ronnie's of Hitler pull top lists just like this sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already deaf get to check out our other top lists thank you very much for watching and thanks for letting //
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Vietnam
\\there are a few countries in the world that evoke the same contrast of images is Vietnam War and communism but also delicious food and exotic culture to unveil this mystery and cover the many topics that encompass Vietnam we bring you the 10 things you didn't know about the Vietnam War might well be termed the forgotten war because it has largely slipped away from the consciousness of most people in the world as the years have passed and the generations that remember it vividly. //
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Japan
\\Japan is an island nation that many people think they know since Japanese culture and arts have become widespread throughout the rest of the world but the truth is that knowing a bit about manga final fantasy just doesn't cut the mustard when it comes Japan there's much much more to this strangely exotic country for this reason we give you the 10 things I didn't know about Japan one of the most interesting trends movers in Japan recent years is the lack of interest in teen sex and marriage in both the male and female population in fact one poll cited information suggesting that 46 percent of Japanese women have either new interests were displaced 6 with men falling slightly lower percentages it's not clear how this came to be but their own theories one theory suggests that the stressful nature of Japanese work life along with marriage is preventing young people from engaging in traditional date in a meeting interests well another theory suggests it is related to the high financial cost of both dating and marriage as well as children the Japanese government itself is called it syllabus he syndrome is actively looking for a solution to this problem well beyond government coercion force it is unlikely any solution is on the horizon related to the disinterest and Davey in marriage and sex is the phenomenon of her before man a term first coined by Japanese academic some years back Ross 0 referred to in Japanese or not so small percentage of the male population with little to no interest in any of the traditional roles expected of Japanese men much of the grass either phenomenon to be understood in light of Japan's traditional salaryman economic structure and work life in earlier decades it was expected that Japanese men on graduation spend the rest of their lives working longer work weeks often into the wee hours of the morning coming home exhausted and feeling awful upon coming home and many of the cross your men grew up observing their own fathers engaged behavior and actively father realize that such a life might not be the best for them additionally insulated previously marriage and children are very expensive prospects in Japan and it is difficult to realistically par the money to be able to support that sort of lifestyle grass either men typically are viewed as very effeminate and girly kicking the can interest in here including styles but many are just reclusive and really leave their homes some estimates suggest that as much as 60 percent of Japanese men in their twenties might be considered per before men which is a startling number if you think about it regardless unless something drastically changes in Japan at the societal level the grass eater phenomenon might become the norm in the next few decades Japan is situated in the collision zone of at least 4 litho spherical plates the Eurasian Chinese plate the north American plate the Philippine plate and the Pacific plate the continuous movements of these places generate a lot of energy release from time to time in earthquakes and tsunamis of varying magnitudes of facts written records of strong earthquakes date back at least 1600 years until the nineteenth century however Japanese naturalists were less interested in exploring the concert wakes the effects of such an extraordinary event and mythical mystical explanations prevailed regardless because of Japan's unique geological situation earthquakes have become a part of its history as well as having been woven into the very fabric of Japanese society it is not uncommon to experience tremors on a weekly basis in any major city and things that would throw off many people living in larger European cities are just taken for granted in Japan due to its earthquake prone nature because of this the Japanese government has invested a great deal of time and infrastructure into earthquake detection and damage prevention below it is impossible to fully protect the population from this deadly natural occurrence one that happens far too frequently in Japan one of the more fascinating aspects of Japanese cultural history was a phenomenon of sept who sometimes called haddock Cutie in the west said who was a form of ritual suicide that originated with Japan's ancient samurai warrior class this brutal act typically involves stabbing oneself in the belly with a short sword slicing open the stomach and then turn the blade upwards to ensure a fatal wound some practitioners of cepa who allow themselves to die slowly but they usually lists of the help of another warrior would chop off their head with a katana as soon as they've made their initial caught the entire process was accompanied by great ceremony in palm among other rituals of the doomed individual often drank socket and compose a short death Paul before taking up the blade separate who first developed in the twelfth century as a means for somewhere I to achieve an honorable death warriors perform the ritual to avoid capture following battlefield defeats bit also function as a means of protest and a way of expressing grief over the death of a revered leader beginning in the 14 hundreds typical involved between common form of capital punishment for someone I would commit crimes in each case it was considered an act of extreme bravery and self sacrifice that embodies bushido the ancient warrior code of someone I there was even a female version of separate group called G. guy which involve cutting the throat using a special knife notices tanto typical fell out of favor with the decline of the someone die in the late nineteenth century and the modernization of Japan but the practice didn't disappear entirely the most famous case in recent history concerns Yukio Mishima a renowned novelist and Nobel Prize nominee for committed ritual cepa who in 1970 after leading a failed coup against the Japanese government it might seem nearly superfluous to mention Japanese food because every Tom Dick and Harry these days no sings like sushi and teriyaki but if you thought that was the be all and end all Japanese food you'd be very very wrong Japanese food can be far more exotic than just and there are many Japanese visual tease that are only available on perhaps the most exotic thing you can do Japan for blue fish special care must be taken in preparation station because of the inherently toxic nature of the fission question and if you want the conservationists are you might want to try and win of dolphin meat which me risky too because of the high levels of mercury found then there's the themes Kobe beef which is a type of being taken from the wild keep cattle a group of Japanese candle breeze that produce very high quality finally while you might think that the sushi near you is just fine it cannot inflict handle to listen she prepared in Japan self which might be a good reason to this excluding human beings who Japanese macaque is the northernmost point made in the entire world found from the southernmost islands of the countries of the northern most tip of the main island one true this curious monkey is renowned for its intelligence highly social behavior and his favorite past time of the evening in hot springs in the cold winter months Mulgrew mean the other members of troops he's curious little primates are possibly the most interesting animal to be a rather depressing churn use to describe the period of recent Japanese history when decades of economic growth and prosperity ended when the late 19 eighties abnormalities within the Japanese economic system had fuel a speculative asset price bubble of a massive scale the bubble was caused by the excessive loan growth quarters dictated to the banks by Japan's central bank the bank of Japan group policy mechanism known as window guides this led to the collapse of the tremendous economic growth in the 19 nineties some economists historians even go as far to call this period not a lost decade but the law school work for 20 years and believe that Japan has never fully recovered from this series of economic blunders well the list might have an open door policy on the loans of immigrants into its ranks with some countries being more liberal than others on this front Japan is have the opposite strategy Japanese people are very concerned about the preservation of their culture and heritage fear that allow you know check influx of immigrants might be harmful to its continuation the consequence the Japanese government is exceptionally careful about whom it lets him in only the most skilled low skilled workers have even a chance of getting a working visa a minority found only in Japan specifically on the northernmost island Hokkaido yeah I knew people remain a mystery in terms of their origin and where they originally came from although it is safe to say that their presence predates the arrival of the Amato or Japanese people morphologically culturally very distant from the Japanese yeah I knew had all but disappeared from the scenery of Japan and most of what remains is kept up through artificial preservation intervention the I knew like many minorities have become a casualty of history like many modern countries Japan has been struggling with low birth rates and few solutions to the problem generally speaking it can be observe that low birth rates arise everywhere there is modernization and industrialization and thus a solution cannot be easy some Japanese think the use of robots might be a solution while others believe that government tax credits to incentivize couples to reproduce or better regardless no country has found it actual workable solution to this problem and thus the long term future of Japan might very well be called into question for more top list just like this be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already and don't forget to check out our other lists and thanks for watching and thanks for learning //
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10 Things You Didn't Know About New York City
\\the Big Apple the greatest city on earth these are just a few of the names and descriptions given to the United States the largest and arguably most important city but to many New York City is just a name and even for those who visited the only get a brief glimpse of a complex urban microcosm that often defines the tears understanding to remedy we bring you the 10 things you didn't know about New York City the ritual New York was New York at all but in Amsterdam new answered in the early seventeenth century this Dutch settlement was located on the tip of the southern part of the island of Manhattan and was tiny by today's standards it was originally acquired through purchase that would be deemed cheap by any standard today $24 and trinkets another bobbles and even adjusted for inflation it was still pretty cheap as in today's money it would come to just under $1000 later on in the infamous Anglo Dutch wars the English conquered the island and settlement and took it for their own names it after the of York however a great deal of the older districts retain their original Dutch names and remnants of the earlier Dutch presence can still be found throughout the city if you look hard enough in contrast to many cities in the Old World such as London or Paris which were built haphazardly without much planning for the future New York was built up in a much more systematic manner what is meant by this is that virtually all the streets and avenues with a few exceptions follow a formula of civil counting from one to 100 and beyond this means that unlike in London even as a tourist was completely unfamiliar in New York City it is very difficult to get lost there's almost every street is numbered in a linear fashion does not require rote memorization and the degree of familiarity needed for other much older cities many things are difficult to do in New York City but getting around is not one of them although it may be surprising to hear New York City has the largest Hungarian community in the world outside of the capital city of hungry Budapest with a certain area being referred to sometimes as a little hungry there between 4350000 home Darien's in New York City and most of them live in the district alluded to although there's been a Hungarian presence in your city since the 19 century the population grew exponentially after the failed Hungarian Revolution of 19 6 with many Hungarians who have the means flee into New York City to escape Soviet oppression if they could since then Hungarians have remained and indelible presence in Manhattan with many restaurants bakeries treacherous and other cultural testaments dotting the landscape of the city your city might be the last place most people think of when it comes to median Ontarians but is actually the second best place just after Budapest well almost everyone in the world is here to Hollywood and regularly associates the film industry with it one little known fact was the earlier prominence of the film industry in New York City in fact the heart of the American film industry was based on the east coast of the country before the birth of Hollywood in the early 19 thirties specifically in New York City major cinema companies including Paramount Pictures the second oldest surviving film studio in the country and fit the list in the world base their operations in New York where several films such as the first Sherlock Holmes sound film the return of Sherlock Holmes were shot at Kaufman Astoria studios in queens they start studio built in 1920 was declared a national historic district in 1978 and was where other major Hollywood films including Goodfellas and Carlito's way and several classic American television program clean Sesame Street and The Cosby Show were later shot if there's anything someone coming to New York City must know it is that no where else in the US and possibly the world is there the degree of variety cuisine if you have a craving for something be conventional such as New York style pizza or something more exotic such as authentic Indian food New York City will definitely have it and this is what differentiates a city from everywhere else in the country as you can literally feel your palace desire on a whim they merely Google in the location of whatever cultural and ethnic cuisine you want assuming you have the money this great accessibility is of course a product of the ethnic melting pot that New York city's become over the years where so many people from all over the world have come settle down speaking of ethnic melting pots New York City is home to more than 800 languages spoken on its streets of course English and Spanish on the most common and more less official languages but merely venturing out into the streets of any of the boroughs of New York City will expose you to a breathtaking array of languages the vast majority of which most people cannot even identify the borough of queens in particular has more foreign languages concentrated any place in the entire world really walking for a few blocks can expose you to the sounds of a new town probably have never heard before in March 179220 fourth New York city's leading merchants met secretly course hotel to discuss ways to bring order to the securities business and to wrest it from their competitors the auctioneers 2 months later on 5/17/1972 these merchants signed a document name the buttonwood agreement named after their traditional meeting place a buttonwood tree the agreement called for the signers to trade securities only among themselves to set trading fees and to not participate in other options of securities these 24 men had founded what was to become the New York Stock Exchange exchange would later be located 11 Wall Street this was the beginning of what would later become the financial capital most of the United States all of the world and though it is taking I'm hits wallstreet remains dominate the minds and memories of all were financially it might be an arguable the New York Stock the world even in the year 2 Washington might be the all of the USA but in many ways New York status is a the world people might joke around and call New York the concrete jungle but there actually is a surprisingly creation of wildlife there's a wealth of wildlife to be across the the jungle such as the world's highest comes peregrine falcon I said to set up their nests on bridges and sky scrapers around the same thousands of animals are found in the city parks eating in Staten Island which hosts a diverse selection of wildlife hundreds of bird species 2 white tailed deer cottontail rabbits and snap into one of the largest water turned other animals to be so coyotes in the possum north America's only marsupial skunks said to prefer the parts of northern and baby bats comments be that's New York the first Chinese immigrants arrived to Manhattan but it was part of the former 5 points need each kid to be known as one of new York's worst slum areas played by crime to in a red light district known as the mulberry the first person to have highlighted the devastating conditions of this part of New York was English author Charles Dickens and this travelogue title American notes prompted several upper middle class new Yorkers have this the area to glimpse the self today housing nearly 150 residents 2 square mile plot of land Mineta's Chinatown home to the largest come creation of Chinese people in the western hemisphere it is one among the 12 Chinatown spread across the New York metro area including in the neighborhood tri state area of New Jersey Lavigne forms the highest population of people outside of Asia with nearly 812410 Chinese residents the 574900 in the I Burroughs near city alone the New York Chinatown the largest America most of near Chinese population resides in the borough of queens we're flushing is home to one of the few it's growing in largest chain these new Yorkers have something that no other inhabitants of any other city in the and that is a search stubborn on religion hi so complex that often devices is not even well understood by new Yorkers self sure new Yorkers will complain about rush hour and try the rent being too high and just about everything else under the sun that is blotted out by the skyscrapers that populate the place but at the end of the day and Yorker feels a sense of attachment most people just don't to the concrete jungle in world city they call home for more topless just like this surely a like and subscribe if you haven't already and don't forget to check out our other lists and thanks for watching and thanks for learning //
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10 Things You Didn't Know About COFFEE
\\it is said that 2.25000000000 cups of coffee a consumed every day worldwide last 26041 cups of coffee being drunk every second of every day that's a lot of coffee the world clearly loves coffee I'm shakes the voice pa here are 10 of the most interesting facts about this hugely popular beverage there was a terrific legend that it was in ninth century Ethiopian cope heard a cook county who noticed the effect that coffee house on his goats we don't seem to dampen single jumpy after reading coffee berries a local monk decided to make a drink of the coffee berries and found that it kept him awake all night and so the very first Cup of coffee had been made it makes sense but a much been bad like coffee was discovered given that to this day among the best coffee beans come from Ethiopia it's fitting that the cradle of coffee a cut in half cradle buying because coffee is very often referred to as Java or a Cup of Joe the origin of the word Java is simple it first became popular coffee was mostly found and cultivated on the Indonesian island of Java so the name stuck one is called a Cup of Joe is far more contentious some linguists believe it could be a corruption of the wood chip okay which was itself a combination of the words Java and mocha Buffy historians believe it could have been a reference to it being the beverage of ordinary people that is an average Joe call it shall I call that show it's called feel the same many people do not realize it but coffee is actually a fruit I'm not a beam what are known as coffee beans are actually the pits of a cherry like Barry that grows on stunted looking bush's I feel plans once the berries are read to publish and nicely plump they'll picked processed and dried they are then roasted to varying degrees depending on the flavor that is desired you're the reason that the a cold coffee beans is because they are similar in shape to beads so think of coffee is just above the fridge black ivory coffee is considered the world's most expensive coffee brown you can re tile for up to an astonishing $700 pound it is produced from Arabia cut coffee be not much of being eaten and digested by elephants and collected from the waist you heard that right they collected from the dawn of elephants it is said to be exceptionally smooth due to the fermentation process that occurs inside the elephant's eye which break down the enzymes that make the call better little wonder that it's a very rare coffee Americans love their coffee according to the international coffee organization about 45 percent of coffee in the world is drank in the U. S. however on a per capita basis U. S. ranks only 20 second in the world with an annual average of 8.8 pounds of coffee drinker American lance doesn't begin to compare with the biggest coffee drinking nation in the world witches Finland on average fins drink over 21 pounds of coffee a year 2.5 times more than the average American fiddling got hold him coffee when alcohol was once banned in the country those are some serious caffeine addicts the bottom web cam is everywhere I have any idea what the world's first remote camera was full security at a bank you might think well in 1991 scientists at Cambridge university invented the world's first web cam to watch a clip you bought located in another part of the building because they didn't want to walk to the plot if it was MC therefore the first come streamed over the internet was cam all thanks to some lazy scientists who needed that coffee fix Irish coffee was invented in the 19 forties by Joe Sheridan head chef from country Limerick in Ireland he decided to add whiskey to hot coffee and offered it to American tourists who had arrived in Ireland on a particularly cold and dreary winter's night on a pound and boat played Sheridan immediately dubbed it Irish coffee and the passengers obviously loved it Irish coffee was first served in the United States in 1952 of the Buena Vista cafe in San Francisco the owners gave the word what is undoubtedly the most popular coffee based cocktail there have been various attempts to buy me coffee it was first bands in the city of Mecca in 1511 because of religious leaders believe that it stimulated radical thinking in 1623 the often lead up Murad the full created the first punishments for coffee drinkers which included being beaten up even thrown into the sea its sixteenth century Italy Klug even successfully Pam's coffee because they believed it was the drink of the devil how about pope Clement the seventh love coffee so much but he reversed the ban and even have coffee baptized 0 the first coffee filter was invented by a housewife in the list in Germany called militant benefits Frau Benz was tired of the coffee that was greasy and also bitter she needed boiling water to be poured over ground coffee resulting in a filtered liquid will have coffee grounds and prejudice she found the best material to use with the platoon paper Hassan used for school the patented hot coffee filter and filter paper in June 19 to wait and started the bullets of Ben's company with her husband later that year the rest as they say is coffee history coffee may be great for that much needed morning pick me up but got old Java has many of the benefits and uses in terms of health numerous studies have shown that coffee it helps to prevent Alzheimer's Haas disease get out and type 2 diabetes it's also helpful in combating Parkinson's disease although strangely only for men but do you see it is also known to be an excellent moisturizer and exfoliates a while Sonny got and it will tell you it's excellent as a fertilizer it is even said the copy can make you a hand showing little there's a lot to appreciate when it comes to coffee those that are 10 of the most interesting facts about coffee the more top lists just like this be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already dove got to check out Alan all the top lists thank you very much for watching and thanks for letting //
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Nazi Germany
\\I don't Hitler and the Nazi party's tyrannical 12 year raid over chibi has gone down as some of the most horrific tides in human history from failed experiments to a cruel prank against one of Hitler's best buddies these are 10 things you probably didn't know about bill Jimmy presented by Jake voice Germany's economy was severely crippled by the treaty of a site after World War one after being stripped of countless billions by the allies inflation increased dramatically money was noble valuable that the paper it was made of Hitler decided it was time for a coup notice the music be hole punch after much gives way to media correspondent of goods by his side plans were thwarted after a violent clash with police subsequently arrested for treason strangely headless jail time was pretty lax for one thing he was given permission to leave his cell be visited by his allies and could freely move around the prison it also gave him a chance to persuade the media I'm public that he was the country's only hope for economic salvation by writing his autobiography Mein Kampf a pulled off a prank that went too far if you read himself pulled a nasty one of one of his own form of best friends well W. even make a you tube pranks to shut up German businessman Ernst could see how that struggle befriended the great dictator 1922 it's a it's wrong to bits with minister for propaganda Joseph Goebbels in 1933 but put see was out of Hitler's good books good later Hitler on some of his advisers established because a practical joke could see was given fake orders to parachute into space and fight alongside general Franco against the communists puts it was miffed when he discovered that his plane's pilots what he discovered that the pilot dropping him off was actually just circling over Germany pretending that they were heading closer to the red zone as a result puts he defected to the United States in retaliation against Hitler Cuba told to write a comprehensive book of sensitive information regarding his former friend for President Roosevelt it's foolish to think smoking any sort of drug hubs new dam sights but what people don't know is that advanced dulce research first discovered the lake specifically between smoking tobacco and lung cancer they also dispute about smoking didn't help of looks healthy all fertility admittedly they did exaggerate by saying cigarettes corrupt the quote job germ plasm however they were correct about the dangers of past smoking a tub that the first call this led to a country one campaign to stop smoking we have mostly disappointing results even after banning tobacco advertisements and unfolding the nation of it's hopeful qualities fi pamphlets tobacco consumption EJB rapidly increased between 1933 to 1937 before dropping to 2 bands of the I'll be resting the drug still when it came to tobacco regulation Nazi Germany piety into that field assault rifles are a staple of almost any abi these days though which was dulce job who invented the first of its kind the stub of a out of field of view to seek translated to the stalled rifle or better yet VS T. G. 40 full was fully automatic sometimes pad with telescopic sights along ridge combats in 1943 JW researched and manufactured the crow blouse old curved barrel the attachment was made of a 30 millimeter cub barrel and a periscope the shooting around cold it's am from safety unfortunately not only was it bulky and heavy the crumb left would be destroyed after firing between 60 to 150 rounds that's just a handful of clips right there while they were intended to be best produced they would discontinue after a short period of time thanks to its dubious reliability call but Goebbels decided to bust pretty radios for the masses so that they can hear the furious charismatic speeches from their homes these were to be the sole things to listen to on the airwaves but Hitler himself thought this was a rubbish idea who would want to listen to nothing but politics in Nazi Germany and the adult radio stations that would not subject the sets were outlawed anyone caught in the act listening to forward stations jazz music or the like was sent to concentration camps re for the firing squad the shop's deliberately sold radios that could pick up these broadcasts so that the Gestapo would be Gibbard secret police Bruce out traces unless some stuck with a reliable prewar radios elicited to allied broadcasts crit women who gave birth to numerous children during the second World War were praised by the nation I will also add additional funding and metals those with terrible children were bestowed a golden cross of ana of the job Mutha a salute for it leaves it wasn't what you'd call a rousing success Daria extracts from job but as of the time revealed that some would be really took the gift what noble patriotic them beforehand some still secretly expressed doubts about the government spike could fully to the country's expectation all you'd race biff insisted not physically fit blonde head blue light bedded women which ethically superior compared to all the races in 1939 0 qibla was given the task to mastermind the kidnapping of hundreds upon thousands of children with all your qualities from Poland Europe amble believing they were descendants of Germany after a checkup by doctors warily scanning for any Jewish features like hope doses or disproportionate faces the children would be taken away without warning packs of the bush shoved it tight train carriages with no food and water it would undergo what feels process cold Germanization why they were indoctrinated into job culture by force abusive parents and cruel children would publish a bully them for speaking anything but German what shocking case they were forced to witness a young boy be executed with a butcher's knife simply refusing to Khloe many people do not know just how desperate the situation was for Nazi Germany its final months of existence Hitler in a heinous acts that is not given enough attention by history ordered the use of the Hitler youth child soldiers in April 1945 Soviet Russia was already deep in Germany Hitler did not expect such a colossal retaliation from salads lobby after invaded the Soviet Union 2 years prior children as young as 8 were armed with antitank weapons a famous film real even shows the dictator shaking the hands of some of these you yet the Red Army showed no mercy those who were killed in combat well I captured and executed some to labor camps if the Nazis have a chance to construct space planes things might have turned out differently you can sambas concept Simba Vogel all silver bird was unique because it was designed to travel beyond the ad and give to suborbital flight a lot of work was done on paper for the Silber vocal in 1942 the plan was to have a vessel drop a nuclear payload upon either New York or Washington and that led to the Japanese place London was also considered targets however a miscalculation resulted in late discovery the vessel would be destroyed by extreme temperatures if it re entered orbit this combined with the fact that Soviet Russia were retaliating after being invaded by JB resulted in the project's cancellation the sangha after moving to France for a while he moved back home and continue to research into space travel technology until his passing conducted 6 for you have him to thank for vital mechanical concepts like engine coolants but I have to come bargain Oct bouts better known as ironically the banks was a prototype tank constructed in 1943 and waited a monumental 108 tons bridges would have crumbled address bass so it was constructed to be water tight allowing its travel through rivers as deep as 25 meters that's 11 feet tall 12 foot wide and over 30 feet in length the mouse's think 200 millimeter armor rented it theoretically invulnerable to tank shells meanwhile it's cannon was intended to Pierce even the toughest of times over 3500 feet distant it was not without its flaws its size made it difficult to conceal making a big target for artillery and airstrikes only a few costly prototypes were made one of which was destroyed when the others have made their way to modern day museums from all top lists just like this special to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to check out our other top lists thank you very much for watching and thanks for letting //
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10 Things In Your House That Are Dirtier Than A TOILET
\\if you had to name the absolute duty useful Jimmy's thing in your house would you guess the toilet most people wards and why not it would seem obvious that the twists function leads itself to be quite a gathering place of nasty bacteria butts compared to some other areas of your home the toy that is quite clear thanks to careful Cletus who some of toys the scenes and bowls with household cleanses well no one is suggesting you host a candlelight dinner and Lou there are a few of the places around your home the hosts a lot more bacteria you may never comes I'm Jake's voice Paul these are the top 10 duty as places in your home via keyboard run up in front of your computer has up to 2 100 times more bacteria on its surface computers in a public space like a library has even pull bacteria like E. coli staff a dominant keyboard huellas the reason for this case pull hands come into contact with our keyboards I don't ever see a plastic surfaces are often crawling with the worst kind of jobs a bacteria around in the year 2000 more than 100 North Carolina elementary Steve staff contracted the no real virus the CDC reported that the outbreak could be attributed to keyboard some in the school it's a good idea to clean my computer keyboard at least once a month this one is overall the disturbing because this item routinely comes into direct contact with your food which is a recipe for food poisoning both plastic and wood cutting boards present some problems with Jim retention gems conceit down into the woods and into cracks on a wooden bowl plastic doesn't allow the chips to settle anywhere so you're more likely to pick those bacteria are up with your knives the big problem with cutting boards is the risk of cross contamination always wash your cutting board with hot water and soap between uses especially the cutting up rule means the next time you should order a drink at a restaurant you might want to ask for it with out the ice study results from the U. K. showed that I served in restaurants often contain more bacteria but toward the water the bacteria found in this price includes jobs typically found on the hands of someone who didn't wash their hands after using the facilities sources of the bacteria could be from scoops up on clean glasses cups and sometimes the machine itself regardless ice cubes are a surprising haven for jobs what should often be avoided the remote control your home is probably teaming with Germans while this is a risk you're willing to take what you want to watch your favorite show you might want to think twice before grabbing the TV changer when you hit the hotel rooms a study from a scientist at the university of Arizona Tuxen revealed that about one third of hotel remotes contain traces of semen in addition to more common trace elements on this remote controls a very lightly bit deceased thing in your hotel room thanks to the raised buttons and lack of cleaning by hotel staff well just snoozing away you could be inhaling dust mites fungus Poland and dead skin cells pillows on average contain saab 350000 bacteria colonies what's more average pillows contained roughly 100000 lives east ambled colonies fun fact men's pillows average twice as many bacteria colonies compared to women's pillows all the pellets hold more jobs and a lot of people don't even wash the pillows ever it is recommended that you toss pillows after loading them for more than 2 years and to wash the pillows you do have at least twice every year shockingly that fresh pile of laundry on the couch waiting to be folded might not be as fresh as you think this really no delicate way to say this but your underway is to accommodate your washer which in turn contaminates your clients front loaded washes all the worst offenders with top load is coming in a close second what happens is that the water use bug a washing machine pulls out all the bacteria and germs from your clothes and won the will to settles in the bottom of the washer those same germ sit back and Vesta once the washer is finished it's recommended that you leave the door open to and try the closed still inside you worry about your little ones playing in the toilet water when you might want to worry about the plague of the carpet in your living room gross factoid the average person chats about 1.5000000 skin cells every hour and the bacteria in your carpet looks away on the debt cells estimates say that each square inch of carpet is home to at least 200000 bacteria Dracula vacuuming pays great but it's not enough you'll need to hire a professional comically to once a year to keep bacteria levels lower you likely think twice the next time you slap a small rectangle of job hell tia face was about a 16 percent chance that your phone has fecal matter on its most people don't even think about touching bathrobe on the bus to the office to the doctors or to the bathroom when's the last time you cleaned yourself for much like the cell phone a lady's purse because pretty much everywhere the bathroom floor to bus seats the living room carpet and the floor of your car when you consider that you'll probably grabbing the handles of your purse with unwashed hands it's not hard to see whether bacteria comes from are you case studies swab different pots of handbags the handle us more jobs than the average toilet seats items in the back like hand lotion what almost as bad as the handles keep bacteria at bay by cleaning out your posts once a week and wipe down the handles with rubbing alcohol wipes regular hand washing will also help bonus tip keep the dirty tissues extra tennis shoes I'm food wrappers out of your posts that $10 bill you've got in your wallet is probably did see money cash is a major source of bacteria and all the nastiness that rumor you've heard about money being contaminated by cocaine true those bills have at least some particles of the powder it that fibers drugs are the only thing you'll find about no matter in the form of Staphylococcus I found a 94 percent of the money 10 even worse news believe it paper money can actually carry life flu virus up to 17 dates so what John Smith sneeze all over its prince money that $10 you got a change from the restaurant could make you sick paying with cash may be good in your budget but maybe not so much for your job sensitivities wash your hands after handling cash the little top lists just like this show to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to check out our other top lists thank you very much for watching I'm thankful leading //
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10 Strangest Ocean Phenomena
\\oceans cover 70 percent of the earth's total surface oceans a fundamental to all known life of the planets and also she usually influence climate and weather pattern yet the oceans remain highly mysterious as only about 5 percent of them have been explode I'm shakes the voice pa here are 10 of the strangest phenomena the oceans that may be 6 different world oceans but there is in fact only one continuous ocean of water into this sometimes referred to as the global ocean the distinction between the oceans is very much a human one however there was one spot a nerve with the meeting of the to see is self evident it's in the north Atlantic Ocean when the Baltic and North sees meets the convergence point can be clearly seen in the water and is said to be due to the difference in density rates between the to see forget about a line in the sand this is a line in the water crop circles a legendary being referred by those who believe they are evidence of extraterrestrials while being denounced by others as nothing more than an elaborate hoax however a so called crop circles can be found underwater as well some of the designs are simply stunning however there is no mystery to these oceanic sculptures there thanks to mail pufferfish who expend huge energy in creating the designs in order to attract female pufferfish those are some very artistic fish a deed the Caribbean Sea is actually part of the Atlantic Ocean like any body of water become be a noisy place but scientists have picked up a sound emanating from the carribean Dutch is unlike anything that they've ever heard before older we cannot be heard with the shoe India it can actually be picked up from space thanks to waves in the earth's gravity notice the rusty whistle it's believed to be due to the shop escalations the ocean calls by the residents of a strange type of ocean wave called a rusty wave well you can call it rusty strange deep sea divers have often marveled at one of the most spectacular underwater phenomenon the pirates so they look like incredibly strange cylinders outcomes and translucent white or blue green as they glide along in the water usually at up the debts they look otherworldly just like they have been called the boldness of the oceans Piper so it's not a single creature but is actually made up of a colony of hundreds of thousands of tiny creatures nota su wards colonies can vary from a few inches to several feet in length alien blokes have nothing on these underwater colonies there was a time when rogue waves also minutes freak waves monster waves all killer waves were dismissed asked me if however oceanographers now knows that rogue waves all very real they are unusually large and red waves that are defined as waves the height of which a more than twice the surrounding significant wave height not to be confused with waves caused by tsunamis rogue waves are incredibly dangerous I'm 1 of them is no 12 calls the sinking of the M. feed dasha in 1980 which is the largest British ship ever lost at sea speaking of waves the world's longest waves actually take place on Brazil's legendary Alison Riske notice the Pakuranga these waves are thanks to the convergence of waters of the Atlantic Ocean I think so just the opposite river the waves only occurred twice a year during February and March and have become world famous with surface who ride the long never ending run of wakes the waves are so powerful that they can be heard up to Hoffman out before they reach the rebbe you can call it some bar on the river centuries countless sailors in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa spoke of how the ocean go load the extent of this glowing milky see also known as buy real is enormous sometimes reaching up to 66 0 square miles insights and glowing so brightly they have been pictured at night by satellites orbiting the earth this luminescence has only been partly attributed by scientists are being caused by bioluminescent bacteria however even that doesn't explain how the glowing ocean can be of such she would scale I lust for up to days at a time we associate lakes and rivers with those in land and online however the very depths of the oceans are filled with deep water lakes and rivers how is that so the national oceanic and atmospheric administration and ... ... any explained that these a cut would see what to see through the thick layers of songs which then folds depressions C. flow the dissolved sold makes the water in these areas densa so do the dance of water settles into the depressions creating what are known as Ryan pools yes they even have weights against under water lakes and rivers even more astounding is that narrow waterfalls beneath the oceans yes waterfalls angel falls in Venezuela are considered the US highest above ground uninterrupted water full 3212 feet well the Denmark strait cataract which is an underwater waterfall in the north Atlantic has a drop that is a whopping 11500 that is more than 3 times the height of the angel fulls the Denmark strait catch right carries almost 2000 times the amount of water that Nigeria falls does at its peak flow tag that yep Pedley terrestrial waterfalls our last strange oceanic phenomenon is also the most recently identified what is known as the Pacific below was first identified it 2013 by oceanographers and is a large mass of relatively warm water in the north Pacific Ocean off the western coast of North America such a stretch from Mexico all the way up to Alaska scientists remain unsure as to what actually causes aids some believe it may be caused by the el Nino phenomenon of is that it may be a cynical about in the Pacific what is known is that marine life doesn't seem to thrive in the warm waters this is one unsettling mystery of the oceans in the modern era I was then out 10 of the strangest ocean phenomena for more top lists just like this be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already Joe forget to check out our other top lists thank you very much for watching and thanks for letting //
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10 Most Unique Flags
\\I national flag is a profound and she usually important representation of a nation its people and its very high density many national flags are quite straight forward into a stripe symbols and colors but there are also those that a decidedly unique I'm Jake the voice pa and here are some examples of national flags that are unique in the roadway depictions of weapons are found in the flanks of some countries these can include different sold sign an axe as rebellious and spears which appear on the flex of Kenya open and Swaziland I go to has a machete on its flag but the only country with a modern weapon on its flag Mozambique prominently depicted on the south East African countries flag is the A. K. 47 the I. K. 47's versatility and reliability is credited with winning that day tearing Mozambique's bloody civil war in the aftermath of its independence from Portugal in 1975 so in honor of this Russian weapon it was included on Mozambique's flag remains that to this day when one thinks of a national flag one thinks of it as a rectangle and that would be correct since nearly all find some nations all rectangular in shape however Switzerland and the Vatican both have flags although Switzerland does have a rectangle version like at the Olympics the most uniquely shaped flag has to be that of the Asian mounting kingdom of nay pile which comprises a combination of 2 triangular shapes no less pendulums it is the only known quadrilateral meeting full side it national flag in the world are unique shape must make the Nepalese flag full us and like no other there are plenty of flags with religious symbols such as Islamic crescent moons I'm Christian crosses just as there are even more that feature a wide array of animals birds and flowers however there is only one national flag that is unique in having a type of head via featured prominently on it the tiny landlocked southern African country of less so so is that country as a so so people centered on its flag the mountain kingdom voted to introduce its revised flag as recently 2006 although it did change the marquerite load from brown to black so better as to signify that list some folk is an African country the national flag of the south Asian country up Bangladesh come be slightly disconcerting you see one looked at straight on the bright red circle in the middle of its flag definitely looks a bit off center and you would be right the red circle on the Bangladeshi flight is indeed slightly to the left against the green background why you may ask the answer is simple the circle is offset in that way so that it will appear to be perfectly centered with the flag is flying from a flagpole this makes the flag of Bangladesh one of the most intelligently designed flags in the world the social media site Facebook made one of its biggest gaffes ever on 6/12/2006 when it posted a picture of the flag of the Philippines to celebrate the country's day of independence unfortunately the country's flag was depicted upside down many people did not know was that when the flag of the Philippines is upside down it means that the Philippines is in a state of war I'll section 10 of the Philippines as Republic act 8491 states quote the flag be flown from a flagpole shall have its blue field of top in times of peace and the right field on top in times of war Facebook's mistake highlights the interesting that national flags can completely change pending on the circumstances emblems on symbols adorn many national flags each of them with the road special significance but only one country in the world hasn't actual map of the country on its national flag that country is the Mediterranean island of Cyprus not only that but the map is tilted as an upward angle in exactly the same way as it would appear on a world map Cypriot flag which was designed by a teacher is also a highly symbolic one if that's it depicts olive branches symbols of peace and the flag is mostly white McCullough associated with Pete even geography Balkans kinda confused with flags that appear to be mere images of other flights take Norway and Iceland it always flag is a Blue Cross bolted in whites against a red background switch the blue and red and you have the flag of Iceland then that's Thailand with its alternating horizontal bands of blue white and red stripes again switch the blue one Reds and you have the flag of Costa Rica Poland's flag is divided into a simple pop of white horizontal band and leveled red horizontal switch the white and red and one lie you have the flag of Monaco national flags tend to be very colorful however it nearly all of the facts of the world have at least one of 3 colors in them namely blue red or green only 2 countries flags don't have any blue red or green of the the flag of the Himalayan nation of Bhutan is divided diagonally in yellow and orange with an impressive thunder dragon named rock and blazoned on it the flag of the Gulf state of Qatar is more room of a paroled white 9.serrated found to the left in fact Bhutan's flags used to be yellow and red but that was changed in 1969 to yellow and orange Qatar's flag meanwhile has never changed all flags have one thing in common they are identical on both sides well that's all flags but one because the only country in the world that has a flag with sites that are not identical to each other is the south American nation off Paraguay both sides do feature a horizontal tri color of blue white and red stripes what a difference on the 2 sides of the flag all the emblems on the one side is the country's national coat of arms while the other side the picks its treasury seal pity the children of Paraguay who have to learn how to draw that flag the last countries flag that we all know on our list is that of Denmark the Danish flag is unique because it claimed to be the oldest flag design that has been in in the world freckled show that the flag was in use with the kings of Denmark in the fourteenth century and it is even claimed that the flag was first introduced at the battle of Lynn donosi 1219 Denmark's flag has also been used as the template for the flags of Iceland Norway Sweden and Finland all hail the mighty down a blog the great I'm very old flag of Denmark does that also of the most unique national flags the world football top lists just like this special to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to check out our other top lists thank you very much for watching and things were learning //
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10 Simple Ideas That Made Millions
\\we've all been there just sitting and watching infomercials and you suddenly see the simplest product for sale anything to yourself use what you know I think of that I'm Jake the voice clock and these are 10 simple idea Mays it seems ridiculous but it took so long for someone to realize that maybe people didn't want to have to wait until thanksgiving or Christmas in order to chance the lock with a wishbone can a roadie was the man who fought to make plastic wishbones available year round what a full that people would want to buy a toy we it was made of plastic and could only be used once not to mention that they cost 399 a packet yet so they did in the millions which is how much a Roni was able to eventually sell his business full lance is one lucky entrepreneur who hasn't come across a slinky in the lifetime the coil like contraption that literally slinks around the world thanks to the simple laws of motion and gravity is one of the biggest selling toys in the world it was invented by Richard Jenkins a naval engineer who was inspired 1 day in 1943 when a spring he was holding accidentally fell to the ground and seem to stroll along the floor literally hundreds of millions of slinky's have sold to date which has made the James family $250000000 all that's simple spring coil Swiss electrical engineer George they missed corral when walking 1 day in 1948 with his dog in the woods became fascinated by the prickly buzz that clung onto his clothes and the father of his dog you realize that he could replicate the hoax and loops of a book by using synthetic materials like nylon he named the new material velcro which is a combination of the words belittles and crocheted which a French for development and hooks it was NASA not made velcro I hate and today velcro generates $100000000 a year that's a nice walk in the woods the 19 seventies was a time of crazy fashion crew raise you have styles of some really crazy fats but few fans were crazy in that era of bell bottoms and platform shoes them pet rocks it was the brainchild of Gary dulled who hit on the idea of placing a small post rock nestled on some types of hate in a small box the gimmick was that a pet rock was that perfect pads need to be fed of Walt based all grew and it would never misbehave become ill or dying crazy gimmicky idea made Gary dull 15000000 that's a 19 seventies Dulles the snuggie is the epitome of that item that one sees being advertised not seem so incredibly obvious yeah someone have to think of how a blanket could also double as a warm right round piece of clothing I'm not person was Scott Boylan sleeved blanket snuggie brand became a pop culture phenomenon during the winter of 2008 and 2009 largely thanks to late night infomercials and celebrity endorsements 20000000 of them sold in the first year so one can imagine just how wealthy Mister Boylan became thanks to snug he's is there anything more annoying than not being able to get those last globs of catch up after the bottom of the bucket how simple then to invent a vial that would allow a bottle to be kept upside down and allow its contents to be easily dispensed I'm not converged at the very bottom that is exactly what Paul Brown did 81991 companies as diverse of NASA shampoo manufacturers and the S. Hines the ketchup makers and mediate Lee snapped up his nifty early design bottles brown was able to sell his design rights for $14000000 that's how to become a billionaire one little squeeze out of time what woman wouldn't want to wear unfunded Govinda could smooth that's all have bombs and actually flatten her figure it seems so obvious which is what Sara Blakely fill about her invention when she needs spanks however she would be rejected by manufacturer after a manufacturer until eventually the folks at 9 and Marcus liked what they saw Blakely's perseverance and believe in her products to mention the vanity of women all of the world paid off today her company is valued at over $1000000000 all thanks to some nifty hosts a refund ladies making lists some short notes us remind is is something that people do all the time every day it was genius for someone to think making small notepads the have pages that can be peeled off and stuck anywhere it was also so OBS all for Friday and spends a silver with the 2 guys from 3 M. who invented post it notes Freud came up with the idea of the adhesive glue so that notes could be stuck to his head book during choir practice and post its initially came out in yellow because that was the only color paper about stockroom have does little post its have made millions for 3 M. since being launched in 1980 bill Dickinson had a wife who was a disaster in the kitchen constantly cutting and burning herself while cooking it motivated Dixon who worked for Johnson and Johnson to invent a bandage within that he's of strip in 1920 the company was so impressed with the new products but they soon become much producing them mandates have become a part of people's lives and met some cabinets for decades now in 2001 Johnson and Johnson declared that they had sold over 1000000000 bandaids all thanks to a wife who was once in the kitchen possibly the only thing that is more you bitch west on a box of band aids in the hope is a box of Kleenex tissues nothing comes in handy at the Kleenex would someone have a cold or simply needs to wipe up something Kleenex tissues were initially invented in 1924 as disposable face towels for ladies to remove makeup and creams from the faces however they really took off as a product when rebranded as disposable tissues but could prevent the spread of colds I'm like Hey fever a little more bearable today the clinic's name 11 is valued at over $3000000000 invention of disposable tissues was there a simpler idea that blacks those then all 10 of the simplest ideas that went on to make millions hello top lists just like this ritual to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already dove forget to check out our other lists you very much for watching and thanks for letting //
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5 SURPRISING Things Women Find Attractive
\\it is difficult to understand just how important an impact evolution has had on human beans given our modern surroundings and comforts but tend to mask our true nature yet despite these many things at the end of the day we're still just a bunch of aids hurtling about on a chunk of rock in a tiny solar system within the vast universe human evolution has never stopped is still with us today deciding what is attractive to us and what isn't so get ready for 5 surprising things women find attractive one of the greatest evolutionary challenges facing male mammals is the issue of paternity assurance which refers to knowing whether or not one 's offspring has in fact been sired by the male in question and human men are no exception to this women of course since they become pregnant and carry children within themselves always know that they are the mothers and because of these differences men of all certain tools to aid them in making sure that they are not being cuckolded which is to say spending time and resources on another man's children one of the more interesting things to have arisen from this male dilemma is strong evidence that blue eyed man almost unilaterally prefer blue eyed women but blue eyed women display no eye color preference whatsoever now the genetics behind eye color involve multiple genes are fairly complicated as you can still have brown eyed children even if both parents have blue eyes but the chances of this happening are dramatically lower if both parents have blue eyes this primitive tool allows blue eyed men to instinctual a partner with women that will give them a higher chance of paternity assurance blue eyed women by contrast mean women need no such assurance of the trial is theirs and thus have no eye color preference birth control which was introduced in the 19 sixties was possibly the most revolutionary thing to have ever occurred in the history of humankind for the first time in history sex was no longer tied to reproduction and women were freed from a tremendous potential burden however one of the consequences it has been discovered in recent years is that the birth control pill can distort a woman's ability to smell a man and sent is an incredibly important factor in finding a mate women you sense of cautiously to determine things about a potential mate but the pill short circuits this and can lead women astray in their search for a partner specifically hidden in a man's smell are clues about his major historic impaired ability complex or M. H. C. genes which play an important role in immune system surveillance studies suggest that females prefer the scent of males whose MHC genes differ from their own a preference that is probably a Volf because it helps offspring survive couples with different MHC genes are less likely to be related to each other than couples are with similar genes and their children are born with more varied MHC profiles and thus more robust immune systems studies have shown however that women on the pill undergo a shift in preference towards men who share similar MHC genes the female subjects were more likely to rate these genetically similar men's sense via tee shirt that men had worn for several nights as pleasant desirable after they'd gone on the pillows compared with before although no one knows why the pill affects attraction some scientists believe that pregnancy or in this case the hormonal changes that mimic pregnancy draw women towards nurturing relatives consequently women who start or stop taking the pill then may be in for some relationship problems as women paired with MH see similar men are less sexually satisfied and more likely to cheat on their partners than women paired with MHC dissimilar man so woman on the pill for example might be more likely to start dating and MHC similar mad but she could ultimately leave her less sexually satisfied and the relationship or marriage could end in disaster being tall can be more beneficial than you think and there are good yvolution are the reasons for this on average tall people earn more than 15 percent an average or short people and are looked up to for leadership roles tall people are more generally treated with great respect and better than people of average or below average height this above all applies to men the reasons for this might not be obvious but these modern benefits of Thomas are a product of our yvolution any past when height was associated with strength protection and the ability to lead men were taller preferred as media partners by women for the reasons cited previously and even today if you look at dating profiles many women will not date a man below a certain height of course being tall does not guarantee that you will be a good leader or even capable at your job but what is being played out here is a legacy of human evolution in that the perception of competence which is a shrine in height often deceives us into reaching a proper evaluation of a person's abilities however it isn't all just sunshine and rainbows if your tall because their disadvantages to for example if your tall you're more likely to get cancer because your body has more cells in it due to its greater mass like many things in life being tall has both its advantages and disadvantages but regardless all of it can ultimately be traced back to our evolution many behaviors derive from yvolution A. prophecies are completely sub conscious of the fact that female preferences for men change radically during ovulation is one of them studies have shown that heterosexual women whose partners have less masculine faces report more attraction to other men during ovulation women with masculine looking partners said their eyes wander less perhaps because the traits women tend to find sexy when they're for tile are already present in their partners however it is important to note that this phase passes and that it is not the criterion for long term partnership the reasons for this seeming paradox are simple unlike men women need to look for both genetic fitness in a mate and the ability to provide resources oftentimes one man cannot fifties dual criteria and thus the different preferences during ovulation women are maxed out for genetic fitness but outside of this window they are maxed out for looking for resource provider women and men play a very different reproductive game and men unlike women have to compete against each other in direct often physical and sometimes mental ways in order to gain access to female mates this is what is referred to as the dominance hierarchy and as with any higher heat some men are relegated to the top and others of the bottom because of the challenges men face in the reproductive game men have of all the different IQ distributions compared to women generally speaking there are more male idiots and more male geniuses than there are corresponding female idiots ingenious women tend to occupy the middle grounder average of the I. Q. bell curve more than men do and the reason for this is simple women are chosen as mates primarily on the grounds of beauty fertility in health but women who choose mates only partially for these reasons and the other reasons are related to capability and capacity to deliver resources and thus men had to compete against each other in active ways weeding out the middle ground with the absolutes prevailing on both ends yvolution works in mysterious ways and this is just another one of them for more topless just like this be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already and don't forget to check out our other lists and thanks for watching and thanks for learning //
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10 Dumbest Ways People Got Themselves Arrested
\\there are so many different reasons why people might get arrested well told people who break the Laura coming all clever invites the offset is usually the case I'm Jake the voice park and these are 10 of the dumbest reasons why people were arrested Monty Simpson walked into a convenience store in Pelham Georgia and attempted to rob it but instead of wearing a balaclava all helmets for the hop decent means of discussing his face Simpson chose a milk crate instead yes skies was a milk crate over his head with this is observe that he kept lifting it to see what he was going while waiting for the money from the cashier everyone saw his face when he flung the milk crates off in the parking lot and he was probably arrested by police within 2:00 hours Brian hopelessly robbed a bank in Portugal Oregon wearing a striped sweater angle asses that make him look a lot like the way as Waldo book character and then he made a blunder of covert book proportions basically publicly updated his Facebook page with a logic defying confession writing the words I'm now a fine Karabagh a friend of his even replied somehow find all surprised even less of a surprise was up the wall they'd look like roba was soon arrested by police what a Wally it takes a special type of criminal to be arrested on the way out of course for a prior arrest that was the case of Elsa house into a 27 year old who had been in court in the Swedish city of Manitoba on suspicion of shoplifting the magistrates took pity on the hard look story of the pregnant Elsa and gave her a we probation however she was probably arrested when leaving the courthouse and charged with having just stolen the first coat of one of the magistrates in her case