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10 Craziest Ways Drug Dealers Smuggle Drugs
\\free but he knows that the illegal drugs are big business even though vast resources have been thrown at the problem over the last several decades criminal drug running operations continue to flourish and drug lord is still among the most profitable occupations in the world one law enforcement has made every effort to stem the tide there's no accounting for the creativity and fearlessness of drug runners these are some of the craziest and most unexpected ways drugs have ever been smuggled and for every one of them there's probably a dozen we just haven't heard about yet when notorious Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin el Chapo Guzman Loera escape from his prison cell in July 2015 officials must of been kicking themselves into next week because they couldn't of been surprised el Chapo escaped via a mile long tunnel come heat with electric lighting ventilation and a modified motorcycle track men terminated directly underneath his cell it was estimated to have cost around $50000000 and while this may seem like a needlessly elaborate escape plan the Mexican drug cartels have had plenty of practice with this type of construction according to U. S. immigrations and customs enforcement over 80 of the super tunnels have been discovered on the U. S. side of the border in just the last 10 years the cartels seemingly employ a stable of engineers logistics experts and construction professionals as it seems unlikely that your average cartel lieutenant would have the know how to pull off even one such projects let alone dozens tunnels like these account for untold amounts of drugs firearms in cash crossing the border every year the recent discovery of one tunnel linking warehouses in Tijuana and San Diego resulted in the seizure of 17000 pounds of marijuana 325 pounds of cocaine with a street value in the tens of millions another ingenious method of moving single multimillion dollar shipments has recently come to the attention of authorities while the Amazon River has long been used to move illicit goods smugglers have begun taking a comparably high tech approach to this Avenue engineers design fully submersible submarines then fabricate the individual pieces under cover of the rain forest canopy the fabricated pieces are floated down the river to a waiting construction crew who assemble the crude but effective craft and headed off to the smugglers although they can cost upwards of $1000000 these vessels are considered disposable if a smuggling crew happens to be intercepted by the Coast Guard a crewmember will activate a lever that floods the sub and dumps its cargo leaving the crew treading water waiting to be nabbed by authorities after all the occasional $0 loss doesn't sting very much when you're moving tens of millions worth of illegal cargo daily so in January 2015 Tijuana police check out a drone that had crashed at the U. S. Mexico border they discovered that it was loaded down with 6 pounds of crystal meth and well it was the first time authorities when intercepted drug laden drone bound for the U. S. it would be far from the last 7 months later 2 men were caught on border patrol security cameras retrieving a package from a drone that across the U. S. border near Calexico once apprehended they were found to be in possession of a whopping 28 pounds of heroin which illustrates a slight kink in the drone strategy while using drones as mules may appear to mitigate the risk of getting caught somebody still has to physically handle but drugs eventually authorities have also begun using their own drones to patrol borders and monitor smuggling activity as drone mules have only increased in prevalence over the last couple years some drug lords of even commission custom drums from cartel engineers capable of carrying more weight in flying higher or faster wars of the future may be fought entirely with robots but it's the drug war that they've been roped into first aside from drugs 1 of Mexico's main legitimate exports is fresh produce agricultural products accounted for 21 $0 in goods exported to the U. S. in 2016 and it stands to reason that drug smugglers would have their eyes on legitimate trade for possible avenues to transport their wares perhaps inevitably the cartels have taken to stashing drugs usually marijuana inside fake produce packaging it along with will produce in an attempt to get across the border in January 2016 customs officials tag to produce truck for secondary inspection at the border what appeared to be routine quickly turned into a major bust has an incredible 25 0 pounds of pot was found stashed inside fake carrots which were bundled right along with the real deal just over a year later a staggering 4000 pounds of marijuana was extracted from hundreds of fake lines in a similar situation non invasive imaging equipment along with drug canines were used to ferret out the stash 1 can only wonder how many shipments like these have slipped by undetected because there's simply no way to be sure the next time you're shopping you may just want to give that line a little extra squeeze to make sure that nothing unexpected made it into the produce section if funding we did a bunch of innocent looking fruit seem surprising imagine finding a bunch of cocaine along with some harmless looking doughnuts that's the situation but go to Columbia police found themselves in when they stopped a young woman at the pagoda airport inside her innocuous box of donuts was a packet containing almost 1000 grams of cocaine a pretty big hall but some smugglers have gotten even more devious with foodstuffs in one instance Mexican soldiers confiscated a shipment of boxes of pastry that were actually sprinkled with cocaine instead of powdered sugar Dana style pastries have also been intercepted that were injected with a methamphetamine paste instead of cream cheese perhaps it's because the humble pastry so seemingly innocent but drug runners employ this method but authorities are catching on so far these types of bus of only occurred within South America there have been no confirmed cases of drug laden pastries reaching the U. S. as of yet the in July 2016 a queens New York seafood importer found himself in deep trouble when authorities received information about the shipment of frozen fish that was arriving at Miami International Airport agencies the shipment then spent all day full laying fish after fish eventually extracting 20 kilos of cocaine from inside their frozen carcasses after collecting all the drugs agents replace the face in their boxes and allow the shipment to be delivered to the importer which was under surveillance bay then promptly busted the 2 men tasked with retrieving it adding to a mountain of trouble for the unidentified importer who was already under investigation for his possible involvement in an 82 pound shipment of cocaine which had been seized at the airport months earlier apparently the importer of fine seafood in drugs had decided to resort to more tricky means to conceal his side business but a federal drug agents can be even trickier you'll have plenty of time to concoct an even more ingenious scheme while he's serving time in prison Jamaican Herman Anthony Spence was a bar man on a princess cruise line ship and he had his own bright idea of getting around customs officials while in possession of a ridiculous amount of cocaine he was detained on entry to the UK and officials found 2 packages of the drug underneath the athletic trainer soles of my shoes along with 2 more packages which were simply stuffed into his backpack the hall had an estimated street value of over 430000 pounds more than 0.5000000 U. S. dollars others have attempted to move cocaine using similar methods in 2011 a passenger on a commercial airline was arrested after 4 pairs of shoes in his luggage were found to have nearly 4.5 pounds of coke sewn inside the insults officials only made the bus because the man had a few big responses to questions about his travel activities in one agent noticed that there was some new stitching inside the old pair of shoes in this case nearly 0.$25000000 worth of the white stuff was confiscated in 2000 1674 year old Florida resident Ralph souls was released after a 13 month stay in jail for narcotics trafficking having lost his home in facing a tough row to restart his life he figured he had nothing to lose telling his story to the press and it's a story that illustrates the devious lengths to which drug smugglers will go Mr souls was contacted through email by a potential investor in his company eventually befriending the man and flying off to South Africa for a meeting upon arrival he was told that the man had been called away to Fiji and Mr souls was asked to meet him there and bring along a mysterious suitcase which appear to contain nothing but clothes of course concealed within the bag with a stash of drugs and Mr souls had become an unwitting accomplice to drug smuggling this con has become more and more prevalent in recent years with elderly marks being duped into transporting such harmless items as candy tea and self only to find themselves jailed when their cargo turns out to not be so harmless according to US officials more than 30 elderly United States citizens are currently behind bars overseas after having gotten tied up in just such a scam in 2011 a Peruvian man was detained at an airport in Argentina attempting to board a flight to South Africa in his luggage was a heavy box of metal bolts complete with knots already screwed on to them something about the package arouse suspicion and upon examining it with a special scanner the bolts were found to be hollowed out you may be able to guess what happened next the hollow bolts were pack to the brim with an amazing 45 pounds of cocaine and the man was arrested before he could board his flying public camping now just how many times this boy has been used successfully it seems safe to say that this could have been the first time it's been attempting it seems that as long as there are legitimate innocent goods crossing borders drug traffickers will keep finding ways to stuff drugs inside them then again there are times when a more direct approach is favored when all other avenues of transporter deemed too risky drug runners can take a gamble by simply flinging the drugs as far over the border as they possibly can and if you have the right tools it turns out that you can get quite a bit of air under a bundle of narcotics in nearly 2017 customs officials discovered a working catapult mounted to the top of the border wall near the Douglas port of entry the catapult had enough power to launch nearly 100 pounds of marijuana clear over the border in into the U. S. a bundle which authorities discovered after 2 men they approach that the wall ran away well this seems like a rather cartoonish approach to drug smuggling it could be argued that with all the bizarre and unexpected methods that smugglers have used to conceal their goods presently flinging a shipment over the border with the catapult might just be crazy enough to work //
"2017-08-02 19:42:49"
10 MIND BLOWING Facts About Coffee
\\for we start we'd like to give a big shout out to the sponsor of this video bones copy company pickup the products they offer unlike any other and are some of the highest rated out there some of their flavors for example include French toast chocolate raspberry ginger bread man maple bacon strawberry cheesecake and many many more if you're a copy fan we highly recommend you check these guys out there thinks will be in the description NJIT has it that copy originated as early as 880 it was first discovered by shepherds in Ethiopia when their goats and eaten berries which had the effect of making them dance little did they know that it was the caffeine from the coffee beans the news of the strange effects caused by the very spread quickly and a local monk use the same berries to make a drink for himself it was then that he realized that Barry seem to keep him awake long after it's bed time did you know that the world's most expensive copies the copied the wok maybe sell expensive because it is not made by the common methods adopted to produce conference the company the lock is obtained with the Indonesian civet cat digest coffee beans in the feces are collected processed packaged and then sold to customers and traders all around the world after eating the Kathy berries this cat is unable to digest the copy bury seeds and sow the seeds get permitted in the stomach of the cat during the digestion process that takes place then secretes Alfa fermented seeds which are collected and processed to produce your all expensive favorite brand of coffee that's why the coping the walk is also known as the cat poop copy or civet cat copy this copy is world renowned especially by the ultra rich for its unique taste properties and medicinal value attached to it this copy variety is short demand and the most expensive an uncommon production methods and standards are used which gives it its very own special price tag and title as the most expensive copy on the planet what makes this copy variety special is that it undergoes its processing during a full moon and only solid gold pots are used for broom to copy these coffee beans are grown at a much higher altitude than the normal Kathy Bates and for just a pound of coffee it costs around $600 the word copy comes from the Arabic term for one of the bean for Qalat I'll boot that was then shortened to cow why after Cobb why it was later borrowed from the Ottoman Turkish in was called Cobb a bit Dutch followed after with coffee and then finally be English landed the term we all know today coffee NBI Ethiopian church band the consumption of coffee bites believers and members due to its harmful effects of induced in the long run in the seventeenth century copy was banned in Ottoman Turkey for political reasons and was associated with rebellious political activities in Europe if you are found drinking coffee the punishment was death in the sixteenth century the Muslim ruler band copy completely because it was discovered that Kathy was capable of producing some totally unusual stimulating effects in both men and women according to researchers drinking more coffee can actually reverse the effects of liver damage caused by over indulging in eating and drinking it only takes 2 cups of coffee in order to lower your risk of developing liver cirrhosis which develops when scar tissue replaces normal healthy tissue in your liver if you love to drink or eat you may want to go grab a Cup of coffee because there is no cure for liver cirrhosis and it can be potentially fatal an 8 ounce brewed Cup of decaf coffee actually has 2 to 12 milligrams of caffeine in comparison a regular Cup of coffee has anywhere from 95 to 200 milligrams that's a pretty big difference but that little amount of caffeine can still have an effect for example a 12 ounce bottle of coke has 23 to 35 milligrams of caffeine your body is believe to digest and eliminate half of the effects of coffee in about 3 to 5:00 hours after consumption however the complete effects of copy will take a bit longer to wear off did you know that your body can still experience the effects of a Catholic consumed even after 8 to 14 hours after consumption that's why you were advised not to drink too many cups of coffee in the day the effects of coffee are harsher on a person who is not a regular coffee drinker compared to a person who consumes copy daily it is a well known fact that if 70 cups of coffee are consumed by a 70 kilogram man he will die instantly I don't really think anyone would want that much copy anyway but I could be wrong lovers of coffee don't give second thoughts about where the beams of copy come from not many of them are aware of how the copy that they consume everyday is grounded mate Kathy beans from which we make our copier actually not beans at all it also does not come close to the taste of beans this is due to the fact that they are actually see copies of fruit and like any other fruity comes with a seat which is surrounded by a very which is known as the copy Barry you'll find Kathy berries on trees and these trees are generally grown on hill slopes in higher altitudes but Kathy berries are red in color it almost looks like red cherries on the tree this gives it the most common name of coffee cherries the harvesting is done with its seeds and fruit the seed of the copy or what we know as the coffee bean is extracted by passing it through a pauper to get separated from the first happy is the world's most popular breakfast drink in today's time 54 percent of Americans drink coffee every day although hundreds of years prior to the early 18 hundreds the English drank beer for breakfast in fact beer was known as the breakfast drank fellas because plain water was usually contaminated and coffee and tea were not widely available and also beer delivered cards you needed to get through the day ever since its origin coffee beans have been of 2 types arabica and robusta most of the copy beams around the world that the a replica copy be then it's what most of us consumer most every morning in order to start our day the robusta variety of copies a bit more bitter and taste and it has twice as much caffeine is a rather good beans bonds coffee company actually provides one of the best robusta based coffee products without sacrificing the flavor this is their high voltage flavor thank you all so much for watching before you go we want to remind you of our sponsor bones copy company links here in the description and if you like coffee you will love them I //
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10 Ways Companies Secretly Trick You
\\every commercial organization has just one motive in their minds and that is to grab the attention of customers and thereby increase their profits it wasn't quite the situation in early day school with an increase in liberalization and global industrial revolution the competition for achieving a greater customer satisfaction has also increased in order to achieve face and maintain their positions in the market companies are finding out new ways to trick the consumers fell apparently promising them a fair deal here are 10 crazy ways you are being tricked by companies well is there anybody who hasn't fallen for this trick companies make meals are combos cost less than the items bought separately let's take the example of McDonald's they have meals that are cheaper than the ala carte items obviously you prefer a glass of coke over double checking your burger at least your sub conscious mind way but look at it this way where you would originally planned to spend just $4 for a burger you are now spending 6 in the process you are actually increasing their sales and paying far more than what you had bargained for while entering the store companies have realized how your psyche works what you see in a combo is stuff at a cheaper rate but what they see is more sales you think your combos of the same quality wise compared to what they would have been bought separately not at all so the next time you walk into a store and are tempted to buy stuff like this ask your conscience if you really needed or not also known as the amount of chicken in your burger when you buy the next mail I this is one of the oldest tricks in the hat companies tend to create a scarcity of things they want to sell out faster remember those limited edition deals experienced only 3 remaining on an E. commerce website one Sir it maybe whip out your wallet faster than ever when we see that there's a shortage of a particular item we tend to think it sells more because it's the best that's what our brain sets we buy even if we don't need it whispering to our logical side that we may be that in the future this leads to hoarding where's your woman if she is in order companies have been taking advantage of this thinking for years of course this limited edition sale was followed by a back in public demand sales right companies just fake a lower inventory in order to sell stuff fast limited time remaining is just their way of creating a sense of fake scarcity don't fall for the next time you see this blaring sign of similar context on an E. commerce website beside a blush pink dress ask yourself if you really need that maybe plus pink doesn't even studio what a marvelous use of the study of psychology the left digit effect explained in depth in the book priceless the myth of fair value by William Poundstone comes in play here when we read a price tag that says 999 we tend to take it is $9 approximately whereas in reality it's a whopping $10 this leads us to buy stuff worth far more than our budget allows you to get to know the affirmation book town 99 cent stores make profits much higher than Walmart yes you read it right 99 cent stores are facade they just wanna rip out your Greenville's when we see a pair of shoes 1 of shopping in the other of shop be exactly the same in quality and physique we tend to compare their prices with Italian shop they reached $20 in that'd be reads 1999 we tend to go in for the latter or so in our immediate instinct our brain perceives that the latter shop is giving the same stuff in the $19 range whereas the former prices it at the $20 range this is the last digit defects in is 1 of the most common ways companies trick you into buying their stuff the moment we read this we are questioning the existence of unicorns we feel it's too good to be true our favorite brand on 50 percent off it's not even the festive season while you're right it is too good to be true when we walk into the stores we realize that immediately there's just a hand full of crappy out of fashion damaged goods that have 50 percent off their exorbitant price tags another handful of slow selling stuff has a mere 20 percent off well the hot selling beauties the new arrivals as they're called are on sale and have prices much above the range of our affordability but Hey what's the better way to show off those Monroe dresses that have just arrived a potential customers customer sometimes fail to realize that they aren't even getting a discount on the stuff they're buying when you go back to put up a fight the company would definitely show you the too small to be read disclaimer that says TMC applied's but CNC itself is a huge thesis that require a few 0 hours to read so sales aren't really sales and most of us have learned it the hard way ladies don't fall for the 34 percent often best value hoardings also order $50 or more to get free shipping doesn't really make sense if you originally required just a toothbrush get real ever found yourself attracted to the smell of freshly brewed coffee while you want even thirsty when passing a cafe coffee day set up but that's one of the biggest tricks food marketers use the giving customers yes the cinnamon smell wafting through the mall is not the smell of fresh Cinnabon stuff they use artificial fragrances to grab hold of your tummy and pulled the men go scheming little bakeries in those huge KFC set ups are all in the game the game to urge you to pay them and this applies not just to the food stores but also to others store selling electronic goods have seen a hike in the sales of albums after sprinkling apple pie fragrance in their stores it is a legit thing alleged way to make you pay faster and better Paco Underhill the writer of the book what women want says that if your salivary glands are active you tend to become an undisciplined shopper sense affect your mood beware you think this is unjustified in this list Ron the next time you visit the store playing music listen carefully debates would be slower than your heart beats and that has a huge effect on you psychologically it slows down your pace surveys have shown that this increases the sales of a shop by 29 percent no less don't get to see by music the next time you go shopping if you wish to be a successful shopper just focus on what you've come for by it and rush to your car no looking left or right no touching unnecessary stuff no listening to good music here yet never got disappointed by a packet of lays full of air and you know my pain buddy packaging is a deceiving thing trust me and I'm not just talking about potato chips but cereals protein shakes wafers pretty much anything that comes in a box secondly do notice the new packaging of bottles and stuff impressed with the latest design of your shampoo bottle well you better check the answers you may be paying the same amount for less of that stuff seems like companies change their packaging not just the cut down impersonating cheaper companies as economics teaches us but also to avoid customers catching the fact that they're now paying the same amount for less of the products this is the company's way to cope with the price hike up production costs don't trust me do you just check it out physically the next time you go shopping it's a well established facts in every consumer knows that the sheer dress won't look the same on them as it did on Miss America 2017 that the big mac won't actually look like what it does on the TV commercials but do we step is missing that those pills won't really make you lose weight the way the commercial projects we know it yet we fall for it every single time if you haven't already experienced such a failure just try ordering 1 of those super cheap dresses on eBay for a Christmas tree online you'll totally get what I mean companies often display unrealistic yet helplessly tempting pictures of their products in a way that makes it impossible for us to resist have you heard that just looking at food can make you want to eat it regardless of the fact that you weren't hungry if you're super active on E. commerce sites and do a lot of online shopping this point is solely dedicated to you all my earnest silverface now this one has a lot of theory attached to it how many of you have lost numerous gift cards over your existence I'm pretty sure all of you gift cards of the best way for companies to make money hal well go through the following scenario you receive a $3 gift card of a steam company scenario one you go home keep it on the dresser hours later it falls off the dresser is swept up by the cleaning lady and boom you don't care about it the company made $3 scenario 2 you go to the company outlet see that there's nothing below $30 you throw away the gift card the company made $3 effortlessly scenario 3 you go to the outlook see something worth $10 you use your gift card as well as cash the company got a rise in sales profit for them scenario number 4 you buy something worth $2 forget the one dollar remaining and throw away the card the company made easy money so a gift card is the number one way companies trick you into spending more than you bargained for the next time you decide to buy somebody a gift card do give it a second time this trick is used by almost all E. commerce websites to drag in more customers spyware and stuff do deserve a mention but what we are going to focus on would be default options and great changes have you ever decided to book flights through experience if yes you must have noticed that the very flight you're interested in gets a little more expensive after a couple of hours it happened so when we spend a few minutes on specific products the computer understands that we're specifically interested in it if we book it bearing then fine but if we decide to do it later on after consulting people involved the rates are increased by the website to incur more profits as insane as it may sound the incognito mode of Google chrome is excellent for looking up information without leaving marks however with the coming of cookies even incognito fails at times secondly default has helped us a lot it is definitely made us Lazier by the day but has helped the company's Amazon's one click by feature is popular with customers it saves your credit card number and everything the first time you make a purchase of that the next time all you need to do is a click and boom your stuff is waiting at your doorstep people tend to buy things from such sites though they cost slightly more than the others these marketing strategies have tricked us into buying so much more than we need without having to walk in the sun you're getting your favorite merchandise with a return option can life get any better and hence you stand tricked into spending dollars in dollars //
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10 Most Expensive Failures Ever
\\NBI average large corporation or government entity has probably throw more money down the drain than most of us will ever see in our lifetimes whether they're trying to fix a problem nobody has trying to sell a product nobody wants or getting investors to jump on board a poorly thought out plan the amount of money that can be thrown down the tubes in pursuit of nothing worthwhile can be truly shocking from entertainment to technology to the military here are the most expensive failures ever so while the innovative 1999 video game Shenmue had the misfortune of being released on the equally innovative Sega Dreamcast which was 1 of the biggest consul flops ever despite being a top notch system Shenmue had several features that were unheard of in 1999 including a vast open world environment day and night features and variable weather interactive objects and non player characters and many games the games slow pace and attention to detail divided players and it's just as likely to show up on the greatest games of all time list as it is to appear on lists like this 1 despite having a strong fan base the game was a dismal commercial failure 1 of the biggest ever in an industry which produced such legendary flops as Atari's ET a game so bad it helped to take the entire industry Shenmue reportedly lost as much as $70000000 which translates to about 100000000 in today's dollars when inflation is accounted for but thanks to the game's fanatical fanbase its legacy will live on a sequel for windows and PlayStation 4 broke several crowdfunding records in 2015 ending up collecting 6.$6000000 from over 73 0 contributors across multiple crowdfunding platforms its Kickstarter campaign alone with the 6 most funded of all time and gamers are eagerly awaiting its release later this year in Hollywood circles heaven's gate is synonymous with critical and commercial catastrophe its director Michael Tamino was coming off Oscar winning success with 1970 eights the deer hunter and was given free reign to make a movie of his dreams unfortunately the movie of his dreams was applauding for our epic about land squabbles in 18 nineties Wyoming that board audiences to tears despite a stellar cast including Christopher Walken Jeff bridges and Isabelle Huppert the story was a painfully confusing onion gauging mass that inspired some of the most vicious critical bards of all time New York times reviewer Vincent Canby call that an unqualified disaster opining that you may know it sold his soul to the devil to make the deer hunter and was now paying up the grade in famously witty Roger Ebert said this movie is 36 0 thrown to the winds it is the most scandalous cinematic waste I've ever seen and remember I've seen paint your wagon however he had the figure slightly wrong the film's final budget was it then astonishing 44 $0 over 4 times its original budget on which it only made back a paltry 1.3000000 United Artists took a loss of nearly 43 $0 around 100 27 0 in today's dollars which contributed to the demise of the studio just a few years later it may seem crazy that an upstart professional football league could ever try to compete with the NFL but in 1983 that's exactly what happened the United States football league or you SFL begin play that season with 12 teams playing in the spring so that football fans would have something to watch but as you might expect things quickly went wrong from the beginning teams were plagued by financial mismanagement the USFL had no salary cap in some teams were able to acquire star players but it cost them in some payrolls quickly spiraled out of control BNFL also cause problems for some teams when negotiating stadium leases causing some to settle for inferior venues or move to new cities after Billy's third season New Jersey generals owner Donald Trump convince the rest of the owners to move to a fall schedule to compete against the NFL directly and also to file an antitrust lawsuit against the established lead the court ruled that the NFL had indeed established a monopoly but shockingly awarded the U. SFL only $1 compensation which under anti trust laws was tripled to $3 the decision devastated the already reeling leak and a fourth season was never played all told the venture lost 100 63 $0 nearly a third of 1000000000 in today's money Las Vegas debuted at CityCenter resort complex in 2017.$5000000000 venture meant to update the Las Vegas Strip at its entrance was the $400000000 Harmon hotel a striking structure with the facade of blue glass that was to be its crown jewel but the magnificent hotel never side day of business and it never will it's completely gone now along with the truck loads of cash required for its construction and demolition the hotel suffered from problems with its construction from the very start as misplaced rebar within 15 of its floors weaken the entire structure a plan to revise the number of floors from 47 to 28 as a result didn't work out after a structural engineering firm found over 7000 defects which would have to be corrected a court subsequently ruled that the building could not be salvaged was a threat to public safety and would have to come down traditional demolition with explosives when an option as the structure was too close to other shops and businesses so it had to be dismantled floor by floor in piece by piece lots of people lose their shirts in Vegas but losing a $400000000 tower is another story altogether premier smokeless cigarettes with the bright idea of the RJ Reynolds tobacco company and have gone down in history as 1 of the most notorious marketing failures in history introduced in 1988 the so called cigarettes were odd contraptions that you still had to light but which produce no smoke so theoretically they wouldn't bother those around you among the many problems with the product was the fact that those most bothered by cigarette smoke on nonsmokers which were not exactly the intended target audience they were difficult and awkward to use and RJ Reynolds on president proclaimed after trying 1 that the taste left a little to be desired using language which we can't repeat here compounding these problems was a persistent rumor that the devices work better for using crack cocaine than anything else and a marketing campaign that made it clear that the manufacturers had no idea who this product was supposed to be for RJ Reynolds blue 300 25 $0 on 1 of the worst ideas ever about 600000000 in today's dollars for years urban explores could visit a site unlike any other just outside of Beijing China Wonderland was going to be the largest theme park in all of Asia a sprawling Disneyland knock off covering 120 acres construction took place throughout the nineties and actually got quite far before it was stopped in 1998 due to problems with the construction firms involved with the project the ghost park which never saw a single pane visitor set nearly unattended for the next 15 years only thrill seekers and the curious what set foot inside armed with video cameras to document the intense creepiness of the over growing abandon Wonderland talks of an intent to finish construction in 2008 fizzled out and all of the structures were finally torn down in 2013 there is no official estimate of just how much cash was sunk into the project but considering its size and scope and the construction costs of comparable parks such as Disneyland Tokyo which cost the equivalent of 1.6000000000 in 1983 it's safe to say that it was a lot the United States military had to make an appearance or 2 on a list like this 1 in 2006 the airforce decided that it needed to modernize its software in its plan was to tweak commercial off the shelf software from oracle to suit its needs the initiative called the expeditionary support combat system would have managed all of the air force's logistics and would have constituted a major overhaul of the system used by more than 0.25000000 employees but things went predictably Ron management problems abounded with a key issue being a lack of 1 single accountable manager to oversee the project as a whole the entire system had to be broken down and restarted from scratch 3 times in 3 consecutive years and after 6 years of development the airforce had absolutely nothing to show for their investment of time and money in 2012 an analysis determined that it would take another $1000000000 just to achieve a quarter of the capabilities that had originally been planned for the upgrade and it wouldn't even be ready for deployment until 2020 with $1000000000 already having been wasted the entire program was flushed down the drain in the 19 seventies at the advent of home video Sony engaged in a format war with nearly everyone else believing in the superiority of their Betamax format over VHS we all know how that turned out as Betamax became cultural shorthand for failed format but in 2006 another format war started to heat up in this time Sony would come out the winner in short order DVDs which can only display standard format was quickly becoming passe in favor of high definition video deceivers HD DVD was poised to square off against Sony's Blu ray with each company having a roughly equal number of backers in the form of major movie studios but a funny thing happened as the competition was supposed to take off it never did although the formats were technically equal HD DVD simply never caught on in the minds of consumers and over the course of 2 years more and more retailers gravitated toward blue rag the final nail in the coffin came when Walmart announced it would no longer carry HT DVDs in favor of Blu ray and in 2008 to see but announced they would no longer manufacture HD DVDs industry analysts estimate that in that short time to Shiva lost the cool $1000000000 throwing their support behind the doom format the Ford Edsel which was only produce for 3 model years is almost certainly the single greatest commercial failure of all time it was a stunning miscalculation by the beloved auto maker and absolute proof that market research can only take you so far Ford became a public company in 1956 and began making plans to produce vehicles based on current market trends their experimental vehicle became the most heavily market research consumer product today and during its development for but routinely tell the press that they absolutely knew based on their extensive research but demand for the new vehicle would be unprecedented and that the public would absolutely love it a year long teaser marketing campaign counted down to the vehicles release on each day 9/4/1957 when it debuted to an extremely confused public perhaps due to being too extensively workshop the vehicle was found to be poorly style then I'll be conceived and worse it had a clicking name also which shared many mechanical and engineering features with other Ford models despite the company's promise of a new type of car hype which it utterly failed to live up to all told Ford spent $250000000 rolling out the ill fated line an amount which translates to a staggering $2000000000 in today's money once again the military is no stranger to wasteful spending one U. S. army project introduced in 2003 was so wide an ambitious in its scope and yet so misguided in its assessment of future conflicts but its financial losses makes the air force's software snafu look meager in comparison the initiative was called future combat systems and it was to involve an array of new light networked combat vehicles that could swarmed the battlefield responding to enemy maneuvers in real time and effectively out thinking any opponents you may see where the problems arose the program had to undergo constant restructuring as America's military targets refused to comply with its vision for the battlefield of the future rather than large scale conflicts between armies U. S. military actions increasingly called for combat with smaller groups of insurgents and terrorists who use unpredictable means to achieve their objectives after 6 years of development and all the common amount of time for realizing that your massive project is going no where the army decided to pull the plug on the whole endeavor and rethink the assessment of the future of combat during a time period that included highlights such as her cane Katrina and the housing crisis it seems like there may have been better ways to spend $19000000000 yes //
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10 Craziest Prison Escapes Caught On Camera
\\nobody wants to wind up in prison and many who do spend their long days dreaming of a state some do more than dream they actively plaudits and others are quick to take advantage of an opportunity to go AWOL if one presents itself of course prisons and jails are heavily monitored places meaning that a lot of brazen escapes have been caught on camera here are some of the more outrageous jailbreaks you're ever likely to see in 2013 at a youth detention center in sao Paulo Brazil guards were taken by surprise 1 morning when what appeared to be a coordinated riot broke out most of the facilities 103 inmates helped take control holding 29 staff members hostage including the facility's director as mattresses burned in the yard right police took up positions around the detention center and then apparently they all took a coffee break at the same time amateur footage along with video shot by a police helicopter show dozens of inmates scaling the facilities walls and shimmy in down trees on the other side been darting across the open field like commandos in the brush in all 54 inmates more than half of the facilities entire population managed to escape but their freedom was for the most part short lives news outlets quickly reported that as many as 17 of the fugitives had been recaptured almost immediately and it's a safe bet for the rest didn't get very far not to be outdone inmates at the adult correctional facility in the Brazilian city a prissy face states their own massive breakout in even more dramatic fashion surveillance video from the outside of the facility Calvin unidentified man heard the depositing a package next to an exterior wall which then exploded creating a huge hole through which waiting inmates made their desk for freedom guards later told media outlets that they had been warning prison officials for some time that something like this might happen the prison was understaffed and only half of the guard towers were manned when this incident took place in this video footage a huge torrents of prisoners comes pouring through the crumbling wall an amazingly some can even be seen changing their minds and running back inside the prison as their fellow inmates go sprinting in the other direction these guys have the right idea while a total of 40 inmates were able to escape only one remains at large 2 were killed by police and the rest were recapture a couple of inmates at Quebec Saint Jerome detention center also decided to take the dramatic way out they had 2 friends hijack a helicopter at gunpoint then forced the pilot to land on the roof of the prison the accomplices then dropped the rope down to the waiting inmates below whose plan was to climb up to the chopper and make good their escape it didn't exactly go as planned mainly because scaling a wall using nothing but a rope is a lot harder than it looks in the movies as seen in this video the 2 inmates make it most of the way up but then begin having trouble they can even be seen having a chuckle at their situation in a few shots for the accomplices begin to get frustrated as their pals just can't reach the roof rather than abort the operation they improvise and simply take up with the 2 inmates still dangling from the rope they actually made it to freedom temporarily but with one of the most conspicuous getaway vehicles one could possibly bring to mind it didn't last long both the inmates and their accomplices were in police custody within hours I don't know inmate Nicholas Grove made an incredibly risky move in his bid for escape with corrections deputy only 50 feet away he bolted for a fence surrounding the recreation yard one that is topped with rolls of razor wire officials say that the last time in may try to get over this fence he cut himself so badly that he didn't make it very far but growth as seen in this video somehow manages to get over in through the deadly obstacle without so much as a scratch before the deputy can get to it it may be tough to tell from this surveillance video but this happened in broad daylight and Grove was able to sprint across the parking lot and disappear into the surrounding neighborhoods the dangerous felon who was in the joint for unlawful possession of a firearm and burglary tools was on the run for over a year before police were able to track him down all they had to do was keep an eye on his Facebook page Grove eventually relaxed enough to start posting selfies in references to where he was staying the video of his escape proves that he's exceptionally nimble but nobody ever accused him of being a genius Trinidad and Tobago are Caribbean island nations with a shared governments their capital city port of Spain is home to its largest prison which of course houses some dangerous and violent inmates the danger and violence are made playing on this video as 3 prisoners who have somehow attained weapons for cigar to the floor and make their escape footage shot by bystanders so some of the chaos that ensues the prisoners engage in a firefight with police and guards in which a constable is killed been are somehow able to get away police later killed one of the men on the grounds of a local hospital and another was discovered dead of gunshot wounds a short time later although it is unclear whether he sustained his wounds in the battle with the cots with his fellow escapees dead in the police closing in the third inmate turned himself in before long police bomb squads removed what was described as a hand grenade from the exterior of the prison in the aftermath of the escape meaning that the incident could have turned even deadlier Arkansas inmate Derek is still tried the oldest trick in the book behave look over their gambit in his bid for freedom an astonishingly it works of course he did have a little help the convicted arms bank robber can be seen in this video talking on the phone or pretending to in an area that inmates are allowed to have access to which happens to be 1 open window away from the public lobby he has an accomplice in this public area who distracts the 2 officers on duty by asking them questions and that's when the stale dives through the open window like Superman then sprints through the parking lot looking more like a flash a deputy is in hot pursuit but Estelle's girlfriend is waiting in a running car in a nearby alley and his escape is actually successful the accomplice was immediately jailed and Estelle's mother was also charged with aiding in the plot it's a police a couple of months to catch up to Estelle in Florida where they were able to take him and the girl friend into custody in 2015 the judge threw the book at him to the tune of 32 years in prison I at the Walker county jail near Houston Texas security camera footage shows what entailed after a couple of inmates took advantage of the kindness of the night shift guards persuading them to let them both make phone calls in the early morning hours when inmates are technically supposed to be out of their cells when one of the guards opens the door to the guard station the inmates force their way inside attempting to overpower the 3 guards on duty one of them Derek McClusky loses his shirt and the fight but the other convicted murderer Trent RG breaks free in the states police found Archie at a local residents just a few days later and his mother and 2 other women were jailed for withholding information that could have led to his recapture while no protocol violations are apparent from the tape officials admitted that their security procedures were in need of review as for Archie he won't be going anywhere else anytime soon after his recapture he was sentenced to 24 years for his escape along with his existing 40 year sentence for murder this incident which took place in Romania plays on the security footage like a comedy of errors 2 men are being escorted from a courthouse to a policeman but they're not so anxious to go back to jail one of them decides to make a break for it by hopping over the fence and the officer escorting him quickly gives chase leaving the door wide open and completely forgetting about the second man in his custody after mulling it over for a moment the second man says the heck with it and makes a break for it as well the 2 men run in opposite directions and their poor escort can't split himself in half he goes after the first man but by the time reinforcements arrive including what appears to be a court house cleaning lady armed with a broom they're both long gone one of the men was recaptured later in the day but the other is apparently in the wind and their escort just might be out of a job Oklahoma convicts Joe Greene produced another bit of unintentional comedy when he decided to bolt from a medical appointment rather than go back to the big house where he was serving a 5 year sentence for drug possession and assault with a weapon a nearby motorist shot video is green came sprinting by on the sidewalk barefoot in in his bright orange county jumpsuit with an exasperated deputy in pursuit incredibly despite sticking out like a sore thumb green managed to elude recapture for an entire half hour but he ran directly to his previous home which is presumably the first place officers checked and he was back in custody with an additional charge of escaping a county jail before long what team Kuzmin known as el Chapo is the notorious head of the Sinaloa drug cartel and was once considered the most powerful drug trafficker in the world he's escaped custody multiple times but only 1 of his flights from the law was captured on closed circuit video in 2015 el Chapo was in a Mexican maximum security prison looking at anywhere between 300 and 400 years and also facing the possibility of extradition to the U. S. you can be seen pacing around and doing something in the shower the only area not clearly visible to the camera then he appears to simply sink into the floor and he's gone it was later found that under the bathtub was a tunnel leading directly to a storm drain opening into which el Chapo climbed and allowed himself to be washed away just like earlier escapes this triggered a massive manhunt ending with the rates 6 months later in which all chapel was recaptured by federal police with help from the Mexican navy special forces he was extradited to the United States in January 2017 where he'll shortly be facing a trial on enough charges related to running the Silla cartel to take up another entire list Mexican officials like we had some advice for their American counterparts keep a close eye on this guy //
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10 Shocking Facts About the World’s Most Famous Landmarks
\\Barack travelers know that every famous landmark tells its own story but the stories that are widely known may not always be the ones that are the most interesting the landmarks will be looking at have little known sidebars to their main narratives that are intriguing sometimes baffling and sometimes downright shocking of all of Egypt's pyramids the great pyramid of Giza is the oldest in fact it's the only 1 of the original 7 wonders of the ancient world that is still standing and it was also the tallest structure in the world for nearly 4000 years impressive as it is what we see when we look at the great pyramid today isn't at all what it looked like in ancient times none of the brakes were visible that as the pyramid was originally covered with casing stones that give the appearance of being 1 gigantic piece with a smooth surface most of these casing stones were shook loose by a massive earthquake in 130318 and many of them can still be seen around the base of the structure however these aren't the strangest facts archaeologists have dug up about the pyramid the strangest 1 of all is something nobody has been able to dig up the identities of the great pyramids build their most scholars believe it was built for the pharaoh Khufu also known as chaos and there is some evidence in support of this but we're still not sure even though the great pyramid is 1 of the most extensively studied ancient landmarks we it took Michaelangelo 4 years to complete the painting of the ceiling of Rome Sistine Chapel central to the work are 9 scenes from the book of genesis the best known of which is this 1 known as the creation of Adam the scene appears to depict just that but Michelangelo had a secret 1 that he took great pains to hide in which wasn't known until years after his death he was an anatomist the fact that he kept concealed by hiding or destroying all of his notes on human anatomy if he made references to his knowledge and his work in 1990 physician Frank mesh Bergere published a paper asserting that the depiction of god creating Adam is a perfect representation of the human brain in cross section researchers in 2010 took this 1 step further by pointing out irregularities in god's next which appears Michigan in a way uncharacteristic of the artist on closer examination they say that this is a rather precise depiction of a human brain stem spinal cord and optic nerves it's no secret that Michelangelo had a falling out with the Catholic Church and had a more humanistic view of god that was popular at the time he may have been making a statement here 1 that has a decidedly non religious view of the nature of god with the valley of kings has been one of the most prolific sites for archaeological findings since the eighteenth century in this valley in Egypt at least 63 tunes in chambers were cut deep into the rock over a period of 500 years and it was in these that many of Egypt's most famous royalty and nobles were buried king Tutankhamun's tomb was discovered here and we'll talk about it more momentarily but the discovery that upended our understanding of ancient Egypt's Kenwood excavating the tomb of lady had no taller a noble who died thousands of years ago a German scientist found trace amounts of nicotine and cocaine in the mummified remains this is incredibly significant not for any scandalous reason but because the substances are not native to Egypt and in fact were only known to exist in the Americas at the time the finding indicates that not only were ancient Egyptians better seafarers than previously realized but that there may have been ongoing trade with the Americas thousands of years before Columbus the finding was later all but confirmed as additional mummified remains were also found to contain the same substances and an actual nicotine plant was also found inside the body cavity of pharaoh Ramses the second Egypt's pyramids may be the most famous but they're far from unique their ancient pyramids all over the world and perhaps the second most recognized are those in the ancient Mexican city of tail to what Khan from roughly 300 BC to 280 tail silicon was one of the world's major cities with an estimated population of about 125000 it's noted for its complex multi level residential structures and for the size and scale of its many monuments many of which are a complete mystery like Egypt's great pyramid tale to accounts 3 major pyramids the temple of the plumed serpent temple of the moon and temple of the sun are of unknown origin not only do we not know the architects of these massive structures but archaeologists aren't sure just to tell 2 accounts first settlers even were it doesn't help the cause that most of the city's major monuments were sacked and burned around the sixth century AD for a city that had an enormous amount of influence rivaling other great cultural centers of the time very little is known about who its inhabitants where and what became of their culture what the large hadron collider at CERN in Geneva Switzerland is performing some of the most cutting edge scientific research that the world has ever seen the mammoth particle collider is helping physicists answer questions about the very building blocks of our universe and the nature of the work performed there has some a little uneasy about what might happen if an experiment were to go wrong the statue in front of the facility of a dancing Hindu deity seems a little out of place and if you are concerned about the possibility of CERN opening up a black hole are casting earth into another dimension its presence won't make you feel any better the statue depicts the deity Shiva performing the time Dada a dance associated with the creation and destruction of the cosmos Sheba is known as the destroyer and in him to lower his dance sets the stage for the destruction of the universe so that it may be reborn anew the piece was a gift from India one of the institutions observer states so at least that makes sense but some of question why a statue of the destroyer is appropriate for a facility investigating the very nature of the universe through the most advanced means known to man one physicist explained that according to quantum field theory the cycle of creation and destruction is the basis of the very existence of matter making the statue an artistic representation of their field of study be that as it may it seems like a curious choice not to mention unnecessary fodder for conspiracy theorists in the heart of new York's financial district is a 3 ton statue that has come to be the very representation of Wall Street it's a giant bronze bowl gifted to the city by sculptor a true Damala 1989 the artist have been in need of some publicity I could think of no better way to drum sum up that did literally deposit his work on the front steps of the New York Stock Exchange this being New York City hall actually like the stunt and decided to place the statuary could inspire brokers and traders with its vision of a robust bullish market but some see a more sinister message in the statue they believe that it's a representation of the evil in ancient command that god Moloch who demanded sacrifices of gold from his people it constitutes a warning of the evils of capitalism it also bears a resemblance to the medieval execution device literally called a bronze bowl in which convicted criminals were burned alive like most conspiracy theories this 1 gets deep complicated and strange but suffice to say that either Mr Jamal was making a statement about the occult like weirdness of the city's founders or he just really wanted some free publicity the ancient archaeological site at a rapid in Pakistan is one of the most notoriously mistreated despite containing an untold wealth of valuable artifacts the site is seen great damage comes to important areas especially during the period when the country was a colony under British control bricks from the ancient city's ruins or even use this track ballast in the construction of a railway in the 18 hundreds and in modern times the site has fared no better plans to build an amusement park in 2005 were halted when construction crews began digging up artifacts immediately and the plan was scrapped only after a plea from the Pakistani ministry of culture the settlement is thought to be about 5000 years old and while it has yielded an impressive array of artifacts including terracotta figurines and clay and stone tablets with writing in a primitive script the people of this ancient civilization are a complete mystery known as the Indus valley civilization archaeologists hope that further dates will yield more viable remains and hopefully useable DNA but they can use to do facial reconstructions and genetic profiles of this lost people Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and one of the world's most recognizable landmarks the amazingly scenic 12400 foot mountain is taken on by thousands of climbers every year and is also a favorite of paragliders but Fuji is also home to another landmark a much creepier one that is a legend in Japan and has become more well known since the advent of the internet this would be the infamous say okay bahara forest more commonly referred to as the suicide forest is among the most popular places in the entire world the second most popular in fact behind the Golden Gate Bridge for those seeking to end their lives every year the number of suicide seems to increase from about 10 annually in the 19 fifties to about 30 today in at least 500 lost souls all have ventured into the dark forest and never returned the Forest sits at the northwest base of Fuji and as the climbers above reach their highest ties the souls of those that the locals say hot the forest below remind us how low our debts can be well the blend material park is 1 of the largest parks in Madrid having once belonged to the Spanish monarchy before being made public in the nineteenth century 1 of its most prominent features is over 100 years old the fountain of the fallen angel directed by school to Ricardo Belber in 1885 the statue that sits atop the fountain was inspired by a first from Milton's Paradise Lost and a few moments thought about the title of the piece reveals it to be a unique and interesting landmark indeed the sculpture depicts Lucifer falling from heaven which basically makes it the only public monuments of the devil in the entire world at least the only 1 recognized officially to be cell there's been some controversy over the peace in Madrid with 1 group going so far as to suggest erecting a competing statue of the virgin Mary in the area to counter any devilish influence the sculpture might cast in some wanting it removed altogether but it remains in place after over a century so while Lucifer may have been cast out of heaven it doesn't look like a beginning test of whatever tear apart anytime soon of all the ancient Egyptian archaeological sites none has generated public interest or captured imaginations like the tomb of king Tutankhamun commonly referred to as king tut with its famous alleged curse on anyone who dare enter but it's not the curse that interest scientists it's the evidence of some kind of G. illogical event that's contained within the jewelry of king tut's necklace the glass jam was found to be much older than the oldest Egyptian civilization and its origin was traced to mysterious chunks of glass found in the area one Austrian chemist stated that its composition was such that there's only one way it could have been formed in the ancient world by the high temperatures inside a meteor and American geophysicist chimed in that an impact such as the one which caused the famous 19 await him just explosion could have also done the trick and suggested that the jewel could be evidence of an ancient impact that scientists have not get catalogs but the more conspiracy minded have proposed another cots an atomic explosion which could technically also inform glass of this time they assert that advanced civilizations existed in the past but wipe themselves out in a nuclear war long before what we think of as ancient civilizations existed of course there's no scientific evidence to support this but it does have the benefit of making a devastating strike from a giant meteor seem less dramatic I to //
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Netflix
\\almost 100000000 monthly subscribers worldwide Netflix has become the new norm many people believe that Netflix is the best online streaming media platform period but I'm sure there are some things about Netflix that even the most experienced user doesn't know here are 10 things that you probably didn't know about Netflix the Netflix founders reed Hastings and Marc Randolph work together under Hastings software development for they want to sell items over the internet similarly to Amazon after a lot of brainstorming they decided DVD movies were the way to go they invested a cool 2.$5000000 to start up company and in 1997 Netflix was Bower although today Netflix's leverage streaming content the founders initially had consumers only renting DVDs by mail the streaming option wasn't ready into 2007 it's often said that Hastings started the whole business because he was spying $40 in late fees for Apollo 13 VHS he forgot to return to the video store even though it sounds like the perfect backstory it hasn't been proven to be true Netflix hasn't always been that flicks the founders had a bit of a hard time deciding on what to name their new company the founders considered names like direct replayed that come then even the name of Randolph dog at 1.they may be it kibble that calm until they could come up with something more permanent the 2 finally decided on a combination of the internet inflicts the US Netflix for a short time they fiddled with the rebranding concept they change one part of the company's name to qwikster they were trying to make a full transition from DVD sales to online streaming but customers were extremely confused and annoyed they would have to create 2 separate accounts forcing people to use Netflix for streaming and qwikster for DVD rentals the split because so much confusion and uncertainty for customers that Quixtar was cut and Netflix remains yeah I remember blood blister right the biggest video rental company in the world will be officially went bankrupt back in 2010 but did you know they could potentially save the company by purchasing Netflix Netflix made them an offer but they refused big mistake for a mere $50000000 blockbuster would have had full ownership instead they chose to partner with Iran yes that in run the corporation that was caught up in the 2001 accounting scandals yeah that was their second mystique in run ended their partnership months after the initial bill blockbuster must've realized the error in their ways we tried to compete with Netflix by introducing a DVD by mail service in the United States only to be sued by Netflix the stolen idea blockbusters profits started to slowly decline and since 2013 most of all of their stores are shut down a lot of their remaining open stores were bought by dish network yeah not listener definitely should've taken the deal because now Netflix is currently worth over $62000000000 weird creepy and downright strange are words we can use to describe Netflix very first original series it's titled example show to us it may be pointless footage but for Netflix it's part of their company's method to ensure their success because sometimes they have to make videos just to test new video formats that Netflix example show is a disturbing 11 minute video it include scenes of constant running fountain water in a random guy juggling jogging doing cartwheels the moonwalk and reciting Shakespeare the stats videos are the hidden gems of the Netflix website also if you type test patterns under the Netflix search bar you'll find a 2 hourlong test video with the cute little girl in the middle turn on English subtitles if you really want to get a laugh if you take a quick look at the urban dictionary under Netflix and she'll you'll find out it pretty much stands for booty call although the phrase didn't initially take on that meaning it has quickly gained popularity on social media the first person to ever use the phrase was the Twitter handle at no face manta in 2009 she tweeted I'm about to log into net Flix and chill for the rest of the night at that point it was an innocent phrase but by 2014 a portion of the Twitter community retweeted it and turned it into a dirty euphemism that we all know today the new meaning of the phrase started to spread like wildfire and pretty soon all of social media was quick to run with it so if someone wants to Netflix and chill with you don't ask them what movie they want to see that ain't what it means Netflix had his own original award show called the freak season 2013 it allowed customers to showcase their Netflix watching habits people could vote on multiple categories like best bromance best guilty pleasure and best TV marathon they could even suggest their own categories through the website it was specifically for users to cast their votes and ideas online the winners of each category were announced on 3/11/2013 however the flick sees didn't last long Netflix didn't take the award show too seriously and they discontinued it after the first year what do you do when you want to increase sales how did you get more customers to subscribe to your business in 1998 Netflix decided to provide president Clinton's grand jury testimony on DVD you know the Monica Lewinsky scandal that led to the president's impeachment trials during that time the case had game high amount of coverage on TV Netflix wanted to make sure that the court case was available to everyone they initially rented out the DVD for $4 but for 1 special day Netflix dropped the feed out to a measly 2 cents plus a $2 shipping charge the scandalous DVD with catalog into 99 chapters so that viewers could easily skip to the part they wanted to watch Netflix downplayed the situation altogether they claim that it was just a push to educate the public about history making events but during that time the activity on their website was massive now that's what I call excellent sales marketing net Flix be lurking in the shadows watching you do not the things they like to view the habits of people as the illegally download movies and TV shows from piracy sites why you ask well what better way to find out what people like to watch see what they download the most inexperienced pirate site user is determined to find their favorite stuff for free Netflix will use this to their advantage so they can turn it around to provide the best content for the viewers and the observations actually work for example the Netherlands didn't have access to Netflix into 2000 at 13 but when the service was offered it was a huge success in part to their stalkers wait the company knew that the show prison break was extremely popular in the Netherlands because they watch the illegal pirating activity coming out of the country okay Netflix should I be given a restraining order or in 2012 a chief content officer at Netflix stated that Canada has third world existed internet according to his standards and apparently everyone else's Canadian broadband is really bad he went as far as to say that it's a human rights violation extremely low bandwidth caps exorbitant fees plus copyright and licensing issues are daily internet dilemmas for Canadian surfing the web that makes it pretty difficult for Netflix how can anyone stream under these conditions Canadians use the internet just as much as anyone else in the world you would think that their coverage is first class unfortunately the issue is still a hot topic in Canada even though there are multiple internet service providers situation seems to be the same customers are still waiting for better service so they can stream their favorite movies how does unlimited vacation day sound to you sounds good right well if you work at Netflix it's a company perk Hastings has stated that Netflix has a freedom and responsibility culture the company would rather recognize an employee success more than the amount of time he spends in the office since their work is in recorded neither is their vacation workers are not required to show up at the office every day but they are still expected to be efficient and produce top notch work the unlimited vacation helps the company to incorporate a better work life balance for everyone Hastings has been setting a perfect example for all of his employees he takes a lot of vacations himself unlimited vacations isn't the only bonus though workers have access to valet parking free zip car rental and free catered lunches and snacks they can also bring their dog to work well excuse me I have a resume to fill that //
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10 Prison Escapes That Failed Horribly
\\thing out the successful jailbreak requires courage cunning and more than a little lock jails and prisons are built for security and staffed by people who are paid to make sure you don't leave until they say self however that doesn't stop people who possess none of the affirmation qualities from taking the chances in the hopes of an early an unauthorized release they're the ones who end up right back in the cell with time slept under their sentences for their trouble believes they do us the service of providing a good laugh he's a prisoner states that failed horribly attended by people who really should have just stayed put in early 2070 Logan county Oklahoma inmate trade beyond barber made a daring but ill advised attempted to stake when he was allowed to use an inmate bathroom that's actually private guards didn't think much of it when he was in the bathroom for quite some time but a red flag or 2 was raised when he came out as he was inexplicably covered in blood upon inspecting the bathroom guards found several ceiling tiles had been dislodged laying in pieces on the floor barber claim that the ceiling simply collapsed on top of him while he was doing his business and that he'd sustained his injuries while hopefully trying to repair the damage but guards quickly formulated another theory that barber had stood on the sink to reach the 8 foot high ceiling in a bid to crawl up inside and try to find a way out unfortunately for barber the ceiling was designed to prevent this very thing as its framework was specifically built to be unable to support an adult's way his hopes of freedom came crashing down along with the rest of it and he'll have to serve out his 2 year sentence for false impersonation along with extra time is likely to be slapped with for attempted escape and destruction of property a pair of young crooks were having a bad day at their New Zealand court appearances in 2000 91 it just been handed a 2 year sentence for assault and the other was in court for a parole violation along with press charges of auto fast but you were handcuffed together by chance while waiting and when they saw a chance they made a decision to make a break for it and figure out their hand cupped situation later however they only got about 10 seconds to think it over they stumble then got pepper spray but got up and continued to run then with the court deputy chasing them in the pepper spray undoubtedly causing problems but to fail to get themselves on the same side of a light pole that was in their past 1 went 1 way the other 1 another and the 2 criminals wrapped around the pole and cartoonish Lee slammed into each other's faces they stayed on the ground for longer than their brief flight lasted and were eventually halted their feet and led back to their cells to await new escape charges in 1989 drug kingpin Benjamin Barry Kramer was serving a life sentence at metropolitan correctional center in Miami 1 of the main prisons housing Florida's many major drug offenders in the eighties this campaign had apparently wants 1 too many episodes of Miami Vice because he attempted escape method that nobody would ever expect to work outside of a TV show or Hollywood action movie during your time 1 morning stunned inmates watched in disbelief as a helicopter lowered itself into the exercise yard a yard that was designed specifically for escape risks like those serving life sentences Kramer grabbed on to 1 of its skis and was ready to board but 1 of the choppers propellers came into contact with the wire atop the yards wall and down it went into dramatic crash both Kramer with a broken ankle and the pilot with much more serious injuries to his head neck and back had to be extracted from the wreckage by fire crews Kramer's escape plan was foiled but he did get to ride in a helicopter that day along with his pilot to the hospital an unidentified man in Brazil had the misfortune not only of his escape attempts failing but of looking really silly in the attempt and allowing the whole thing to be caught on video the man was waiting in a holding cell to be booked on charges of robbing a jewelry store something which he apparently wasn't really looking forward to rather than face justice he opted to try the Winnie the Pooh method of exit by attempting to squeeze through a hole in the door that was obviously much too small for him as if getting stuck in his precarious position worn enough he had stripped down to nothing but his purple underwear so that his clothes wouldn't get caught on the opening unfortunately that just meant that his skin and bones got caught on the opening instead after a long and painful struggle with chuckling firefighters wielding power tools the man was eventually freed from his self imposed trap but not from jail will probably be there for sometime in another case of genius escape plotting out of Brazil William alvez was working in the kitchen in the city jail in the country's northeastern region when he concocted a brilliant plan he would simply crawl into one of the kitchen's trash containers cover himself up with some food and scraps in late into the receptacle was picked up for disposal as they were every day it actually doesn't seem like that far fetched a plan but there was a slight problem the trash receptacle in question was not on the large side it was in fact just barely big enough to hold alvez even though he managed to squeeze himself all the way inside which must have been next to impossible there was barely enough room left over to cover himself up with anything and even if that part of the plan had worked it's ridiculous to think that main and staff one question why this medium sized trashcan mysteriously would weigh as much as a full grown man the play was quickly discovered an Elvis was hauled back to his cell presumably trying to play the whole thing off as a joke all the while if there's a theme to this list it's that Brazilian prisoners are fond of trying to escape incarceration using methods that are elaborate silly or ball in the case of Renaldo Silva it's definitely bowls silver was awaiting trial for drug trafficking when he instructed his wife to bring him several items during a visit somehow she was able to pass him one of her dresses a pair of high heels nail Polish makeup and a wig and that's when Silva put his plan into action as you may have guessed the burly would be escapees shaved his arms and legs did his nails and make up through on the dress wigs in heels and simply walked right out past the guards unbelievably this part of the plan actually succeeded but a sharp eyed cop patrolling the street outside the prison notice that this woman had an odd manner of walking because for all of his attention to detail silver had not taken the time to teach himself to walk properly in heels pickup followed him to a bus station where accomplices were waiting to pick him up but he never made it to the rendezvous account manage to take him into custody and drag him back to jail no pun intended in 2011 guards on duty at the osteo the county jail in Florida were startled by a loud banging noise of indeterminate origin at around 4:00 one morning after investigating all the cells without finding the source of the noise they check the security cameras that look in on the higher security inmates one of those was Hector Ruiz combos and guards knew something was amiss when they noticed the compost and covered up his camera with a sheet they suspected an escape attends and they were almost right Campo said apparently talked himself into believing he could become the whole because he was busy literally punching away at the bricks of his cell pieces of brick mortar empate were found on the floor and in the toilet and campus was sporting a battered and swollen right hand it was a determined attempts to become the first inmates who ever punch his way to freedom but the additional time that his escape charges will bring will probably hurt compost even more than that hand inmate or bill Morris turned up missing from Westville correctional facility in Indiana in may 2017 the working theory was that he had gotten out of the truck but guards were busy searching the facility and its 100 acres for any clue as to how he might have pulled off his escape while searching the pallets up where he works they came upon their first real evidence in the form of a strange noise coming from the ceiling above the shop as it turned out Morris had never really escape at all you decided to make his attempt on a Friday climbed up into the ceiling and then apparently couldn't figure out what to do next he sat perched among the buildings duct work for the entire weekend while prison officials searched the grounds but couldn't keep quiet while guards conducted their search of his work area in prison since 2014 for robbery Morris had been due for release in 2019 but thanks to his long weekend he signed himself up for a more extended stay in April 2017 at Virginia had Rico's jail east to inmates 1 in jail for grand larceny the other on meth charges decided to put their escape plan into action after apparently plotting it for some time they made detailed drawings of the jails exterior and somehow managed to get into the exercise yard after lights out they knew that motion detector lights with quickly alert guards to their presence so they only had a limited amount of time to sprint across the yard scale the security fence and navigate the razor wire at the top using extra clothes as a buffer the weak link in their bold plan was that both of these inmates were in terrible shape guards noted that it's apparent on the video that the run across the yard took some of the wind out of them in the climb up the tall thin sat most of what strength he had left by the time they found themselves dealing with the razor wire all they managed to accomplish was cutting themselves up so badly that they knew the escape plot was a bust out of breath and bleeding profusely but to simply sat down and waited to be caught in in may that Sydney Australia Silverwater correctional complex for women wasn't so lucky is the previous pair in her confrontation with razor wire the woman sized up the security fence at the maximum security facility decided she could take it on and attempted to make it over in broad daylight however not only did she failed the clear the razor wire at the top she actually became stuck in it it took hours for about 2 dozen prison guards paramedics a fire and rescue team and a cherry picker operator to extract the hapless woman from the deadly razor wire she was treated for multiple cuts and lacerations presumably slapped with an escape charge and became an unwilling teacher of a lesson that all prison inmates should be taught on the first day you won't beat the razor wire so it's best to not even consider it //
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10 Most Dangerous Stunts Ever Performed
\\Nnamdi of us would be utterly terrified at the thought of even attempting to skydive jumping out of a plane that is functioning perfectly and not on fire runs counter to our basic instinct for survival but there are those who claim that the rush simply can't be beat call those people crazy but if you do you better think of a different word to describe daredevil Luke Akins Akins a third generation skydiver whose grandfather co founded the sky diving school performed a stunt on live television in 2016 that few would attend without a gun to their head with the cameras rolling he stepped out of a plane 25 0 feet above the California desert with no parachute using only the air currents he expertly directed his body toward a 10000 square foot net about a third the size of a football field designed to catch him struck been that dead center on his back executing the stunt perfectly Akins is no stranger to danger he's done over 18000 jobs perform dangerous stunts for Hollywood films such as Iron Man 3 and he's even his safety and training adviser for the United States parachute association providing advanced training to elite military special forces in August 1974 Frenchman Filip a petite shocked the world with a stunt that was as illegal as it was dangerous he had managed to sneak out of the roof of 1 of the World Trade Center towers and as crowds of spectators watch he proceeded to walk across a steel cable connecting the 2 towers far above the streets of Manhattan and then he crossed it again and again before the police were able to coax him down petite had crossed the cable no fewer than 8 times he had played to the crowd by dancing laying down on the wire in saluting them from a kneeling position the event generated a ton of publicity for the twin towers in the forties were quick to drop trespassing charges in exchange for a free aerial performance in a city park petite was given a lifetime pass to the tower's observation decks by the New York Port Authority and his story became the basis for 2 Hollywood films to walk a 2005 fictionalized account starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and man on wire a 2008 documentary which won an academy award the 2008 motorcycle daredevil Robbie Madison broke the Guinness world record when he completed a 322 foot jump but that was just his warm up act a year to the day later he would perform a stunt on national television that seemed impossible and one that even he acknowledged he was lucky to walk away from as the crowd cheered him on he raced down a specially built ramp and launched his motorcycle 120 feet landing squarely atop the 96 foot high 40 foot wide arc de triumph but he wasn't done event dropped himself and his bike 50 feet onto a waiting ran the stunts appeared to go off without a hitch but there was a small complications during the drop on to the ramp pieces stained a gash in his hand that required 10 stitches to close Madison laughed it off saying I've broken my neck not my teeth out broke my collarbone punctured my lung broke my left wrist twice this is like a paper cut well if you build an extraordinarily tall skyscraper you can expect a visit from a lane Robert known around the world as the French spider man he's known for tackling all of the world's tallest structures from the Empire State Building to the Sydney Opera House using nothing but climbing shoes in a bag of jock into 4 he scaled the Taipei 101 at the time the tallest building in the world several days before its grand opening then when devise Burj Khalifa was built it's the insane skyscraper featured in the film mission impossible ghost protocol Robert didn't let it go on scale for long he completed the climb of over 27 0 feet up the tower space in 2011 it's 1 of his only climbs during which he had to use additional equipment but only because of the spire at the tower's top which would have been impossible to complete free hand decline took 6:00 hours to complete in the new tallest building on earth had been conquered but of course Robert didn't stop there in the years since he's ascended 9 more skyscrapers and the 54 year old doesn't seem to want to stop anytime soon in 2010 Austrian sky diver Paul Steiner completed one of the craziest midair stunts ever attempted with a little help from the Red Bull skydiving team their pilots maneuvered a pair of custom gliders with stone cold precision to allow Steiner to perform his act of insanity which was captured on can all over the to begin Steiner left the cockpit of lighter one walked out to the edge of the wing and had a seat then he hung by his hands off the edge of the wing while glider number 2 came along below to pick him up he made his way to the body of glider to blog lighter one flipped upside down in approach from above Steiner steadied himself as it drew closer then grabbed its tail fin linking the 2 aircraft he finished by simply jumping off the glider in skydiving to safety all of this took place at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour if normal skydiving just isn't dangerous enough for you the guise of the Red Bull skydiving team are ready to take your call Jeb Corliss is perhaps the premier wingsuit pilot in all the world he considers it his full time job as it's too dangerous to do just for fun in some of his jumps have truly push the envelope into 11 he glided through a 100 foot wide arch in the middle of China's Tiananmen mountain the sort of stunned practically nobody but core this would even think of attempting but he suffered a set back in 2012 during a jump at table mountain in South Africa as he's put click the rock consented crashing into the face of the mountain the incident left him with 2 broken legs and a torn ACL but didn't stop him from attending by far the most dangerous job of his career just over a year later in October 2013 during a break it intermittently bad weather he piloted his wings to through a crevice in China's 800 75 foot lengths in mountain this crevice is only 60 feet wide at the top in 15 feet wide at the bottom but cordless managed to thread the needle and complete the stunt event captured in the short film the flying dagger he called the stunt the most terrifying thing he'd ever done with the memory of the table mountains it's still fresh in his mind and said that he would refuse $10000000 to do it again Hollywood legend Burt Reynolds 1 set of stuntman dar Robinson in terms of sheer courage dar had no peer he knew what he was talking about for a scene in Reynolds 1981 thriller Sharkey's machine Robinson had completed a 220 foot freefall dropped onto an air mattress a New World record but the record wouldn't stand because Robinson couldn't stop topping himself since the construction of Canada's 1170 foot CN tower jumps have been performed from it only twice both times by dar Robinson he did it once with the American TV show that's incredible and again for the climax of a forgettable Canadian thriller called high point for which he was paid a whopping $150000 it was a 700 foot freefall that relied on the hidden parachute being deployed at the last possible minute and it went off without a hitch Robinson would go on to bring his brand of insanity to film such as William Friedkin's to live and die in LA and the first week the weapon which ended up being dedicated to him in an unfortunate fluke accident Robinson was killed while filming an inconsequential motorcycle stunt in 1987 yeah Robbie Knievel's last name is synonymous with high flying daredevil ray and we'll be discussing his famous father shortly but Robbie has earned his reputation as 1 of the greatest Daredevils of all time not because of his name but because like a dare devil of the comic books he is truly a man without fear his crowning achievement came in 1999 when he broke his own world record by completing an astounding motorcycle jump of just over 200 28 feet this is impressive enough but the consequences for failing this jump would have been a bit more severe than normal the job was completed across a portion of the Grand Canyon and if he hadn't stuck the landing he could have plummeted 25 0 feet into the gorge below but stick it he did with room to spare Robbie made the jump on an ordinary 500 CC motorcycle unlike the most famous jump ever performed by his father which required slightly more specialized hardware Evel Knievel is without question the most renowned daredevil of all time he completed over 75 daring ramp to ramp motorcycle jumps in the late sixties and seventies and ignited the public imagination with his acts of derring do but his most famous attempt was also 1 of the most dangerous stunts ever performed and it ended in failure evils attend to jump Idaho Snake River canyon in 1974 was 1 of the first offense to be broadcast to movie theaters he used a specially designed rocket powered cycle call the skycycle X. 2 which was really more rock if in cycle in which would take off nearly vertically before hopefully landing on the other side of the canyon while the craft did clear the entire distance evils parachute deployed prematurely causing prevailing winds to push it back into the mouth of the canyon before it could reach the other side the craft landed at the bottom of the canyon only a few feet away from a body of water which evil have been lucky to avoid as he likely would have drowned if you've landed in he walked away from the failed stunned unharmed and many Daredevils in the years since including Robbie have expressed interest in recreating the jump successfully in 20161 finally did professional stuntman Eddie Braun had idolized Evel Knievel as a boy and his September 2016 act of homage to his hero may very well be the most dangerous stunt ever performed using a custom built rocket nearly identical to the 2 called eva spirit run launched himself 1400 feet across Snake River canyon at speeds of over 400 miles per hour this time the parachute deployment happens right on cue and brown landed safely on the other side many had talked about it but brown was the first to attempt to recreate Knievel's famous job and the fact that he pulled it off is a minor miracle he told the press I feel like the no name third string quarterback of a junior varsity team that just won the Superbowl and added I'd like to say that I'm not doing something that evil Knievel couldn't do I'm simply finishing out his dream how many people get to finish the dream of their hero //
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Top 10 Ways You Will Most Likely Die
\\or I ... may not think of mental health is in that crisis suicide is common enough to be the 10 leading cause of death in the United States while women attempt suicide 3 times more often than men men are far more likely to succeed men are 4 times more likely than women to actually die by suicide and older Caucasian men are at highest risk nearly 0.5000000 people annually visit hospitals for injuries due to self harm alarmingly very nearly half of all suicides every year are committed with firearms at 49 0.8 percent it's been established by multiple studies that the mere presence of a firearm in the house is enough to increase an individual's risk for suicide as the actors often spontaneous there are no exact numbers on suicide attempts each year as many attempts go unreported but if you're feeling like you need help there are many resources available call the national suicide prevention lifeline at 1800 273 talk or visit suicide prevention according to the center for disease control over 44 0 Americans take their own lives every year chronic kidney disease is a much bigger problem than most people realize it's defined as any condition that causes reduce kidney function over time which can include chronic conditions like high blood pressure as well as serious diseases such as diabetes once kidney function has started to degrade the condition is normally irreversible without a transplant and the most common form of treatment is dialysis a costly and unpleasant procedure that artificially cleanses the kidneys if you or anyone in your family has a history of diabetes high blood pressure or heart disease a test for chronic kidney disease is a good idea even if you're not experiencing any symptoms but condition often doesn't present any symptoms until it is highly advanced its present in about 14 percent of the general population and African Americans are particularly at risk with an incidence nearly 4 times greater than Caucasians women are also it slightly higher risk than men nationwide chronic kidney disease is responsible for over 48000 deaths per year uhhuh lung infections like influenza and pneumonia are responsible for a staggering number of deaths considering that they're relatively easy to avoid injury influenza also known as the seasonal flu can usually be tempted bay by getting your annual flu shot but between 5 and 20 percent of all Americans still come down with the flu every year in many cases because serious or even deadly although most people shake it off in a week or 2 anywhere between 3000 and 49000 Americans die from the flu in its complications annually the flu is also a common cause of pneumonia although it's not the only cause many different germs viruses Fung guy and bacteria can cause an infection leading to pneumonia and it's usually much more serious than a simple flu older adults very young children people with weakened immune systems and those with existing serious medical conditions are much more likely to develop pneumonia a staggering 1000000 people are hospitalized due to pneumonia related complications every year and the disease claims 50000 lives annually diabetes is really 2 different but very similar conditions but both affect the body's ability to process blood sugar type 1 diabetes is diagnosed when the patient's body does not produce insulin the hormone responsible for breaking down sugar in the blood it's usually but not always diagnosed at a very young age and patients are required to take insulin every day to stay alive overweight and obese individuals are at the highest risk of developing type 2 diabetes which means that the body produces insulin but doesn't use a process it efficiently over 82 percent of type 2 diabetes patients are overweight and the condition usually occurs in middle aged or older people a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes can shave 6 years of a patient's lifespan even if properly managed unfortunately the disease is on the rise diagnosed cases increased almost 400 percent between 1988 and 2014 today the disease claims over 76 0 lives every year over 5000000 Americans are currently living with Alzheimer's disease the condition is especially cruel as it robs patients have their memories personality and vitality and it's the only disease in the top 10 that has no treatment whatsoever one in 3 senior citizens in the U. S. die with Alzheimer's or another form of dementia despite constant effort by the medical community to find ways to prevent the disease or even slow its progress the diseases burdens on patients and medical professionals is only exceeded by that place some care givers as Alzheimer's patients lose the ability to effectively care for themselves once the disease has progressed past a certain point women are at slightly higher risk been man and common risk factors for other serious conditions such as poor diet lack of exercise and high cholesterol also increase the risk for Alzheimer's however regularly taking part in mentally stimulating activities such as playing a musical instrument or learning a language has actually been shown to reduce the risk for all types of dementia every year Alzheimer's disease claims over 93000 lives in the U. S. is caused by a blood clot in the brain which may sound very painful but most incidence of stroke have mostly non painful symptoms leading many patients to put off seeking medical treatment this may be part of the reason stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in the country at risk patients and the public in general should make sure to educate themselves about the symptoms of this disease the most noticeable is a drooping on one side of the face caused by cutting off oxygen to parts of the brain those having a stroke may also experience weakness in one arm and may also have slurred speech or difficulty speaking at all other symptoms main clued sudden loss of coordination confusion numbness or weakness on one side of the body or a sudden severe headache those experiencing the symptoms should immediately call 911 stroke is the leading cause of disability worldwide and kills 133000 people every year in the U. S. unintentional injury due to accident kills an alarming number of Americans well most of these top causes of death a preventable to some degree accidental injuries are much more difficult to predict and can literally come out of no where according to the CDC 3 categories account for the vast majority of accidental deaths in the United States accidental falls kill nearly 32000 annually followed by traffic accidents at just over 35000 but perhaps surprisingly accidental poisonings claim more lives than either of those categories with nearly 39000 deaths per year for more information about potentially hazardous substances in your home you can contact the American Association of poison control centers at 800-222-1222 or visit a a taken together all categories of accidental injury deaths add up to a whopping 136000 per year similarly to diabetes 2 different conditions affecting the lungs are grouped together under the term chronic lower respiratory disease chronic bronchitis accounts for the majority of cases with nearly 9000000 Americans diagnosed ever a year the condition is a swelling of the lungs Airways that eventually leads to a permanent mucus buildup and it's characterized by persistent cough emphysema occurs when the air sacs in the lungs become damaged and the patient is unable to get a sufficient amount of oxygen cigarette smoking is the leading cause of chronic lower respiratory disease but regular exposure to other irritants such as dust chemical fumes and environmental pollution also increase your risk factor if you have an ongoing cough shortness of breath or tightness in the chest especially if you're also a smoker you should schedule a simple test for this condition with your doctor every year chronic lower respiratory disease kills over 147000 Americans far from being a singular disease there over 100 different types of cancers that affect humans the condition is characterized by abnormal cell growth with mutated cells spreading to other parts of the body it can be treated a number of different ways if caught early enough including surgery and chemotherapy but no cure has been found despite decades of research by the scientific and medical communities once again smoking is to blame for a great deal of cancer diagnoses nearly a quarter of them worldwide but cancer can be caused by a great many things alcohol abuse exposure to asbestos or benzene poor diet and lack of exercise exposure to radiation and many types of infections just to name a few also a small percentage of people carry a genetic disposition for cancer that may present itself absent any other costs in recent years many promising medical developments have been made including the introduction of vaccines for a few specific types of cancers and advanced treatments that are more effective than chemotherapy are constantly being sought nevertheless cancer claims a staggering 591000 American lives every year the second most common cause of death in the U. S. you are more likely to die from heart disease than any other because every year 735000 Americans have heart attacks 525000 of those for the first time if more Americans were aware of the early warning signs and symptoms more of these could be prevented from becoming a fatal episode most people know that pain in the chest and left arm signals a heart attack but there are other things to watch out for sudden pain in the arms neck back job or upper stomach area can also be a sign of impending cardiac arrest shortness of breath nausea dizziness and cold sweats may also occur nearly half of all heart attack deaths occur outside a hospital which means that far too many people fail to act on these early warning signs the overweight those with diabetes and excessive drinkers are particularly at risk but the disease can strike anyone and is the leading cause of death for both sexes and across nearly all demographic groups one in 4 Americans that died this year will die from heart disease the number one killer in the U. S. I but I //
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20 Simple Life Hacks
\\yeah can be a hassle so when it comes to everyday annoyances and problems you need a way around them as quickly as possible fortunately you can save yourself a lot of time energy and money by simply taking advantage of the ingenuity of whatever geniuses came up with these amazing life hacks there's very little time money or assembly required but they're guaranteed to make your life a little easier I it's an annoying fact of life it drains get clogged from time to time we tend to take them for granted shoving everything from food to hair down them some people especially those with pets are wary of using harsh chemical drain openers but you don't have to simply pour half a Cup of baking soda into the drain followed by half a Cup of vinegar anyone who has ever taken a science class knows what will happen but once the bubbly reaction has stopped the mixture will open up the drain naturally and quickly most of us wouldn't know what to do without our microwaves but as we all know they're far from perfect cold leftovers tend to heed unevenly especially in the middle meaning we have to remove them periodically to stir them around it can be a pain but the solution to this problem is blindingly simple just arranger leftovers in a circle on the plate leaving an empty space in the middle this is a cold spot since microwaves heat food from the outside in but if you leave the cold spot NC your plate will heat much more evenly that doesn't seem to be an easy solution to re sealing bags of food like chips are bagged cereal resealable bags often terror don't work right and chip clips can still let some area but if you often buy 2 liter bottles of soda keeping bag food fresh is a snap you want to cut off the top portion of the bottle and removed the cat but save it punch up the mouth of the bag and feed it through from the bottom once the bottle top is in place open the mouth of the bag back up and folded over then screw on the cap you now have an airtight spill proof seal and you can throw away all those chip clicks unless you have friends who are expecting or plan on immediately having another baby there are few options when your child outgrows the crib other than to throw it out unless of course you're thinking outside the box like the inventor of this hack the sides of cribs are easily removed so just remove one side in the mattress if desired you can spruce it up with a fresh coat of paint and some decoration and you now have a perfect desk for your toddler to draw color and create as an added bonus the new desk will look absolutely charming those of us who love to cook Italian food all share a common complaint cherry tomatoes deliver a much different slightly sweeter flavor than regular tomatoes in their indispensable in Italian cuisine but it seems like every recipe calls for them to be sliced in half which of course can be a major pain but it doesn't have to be in fact you may kick yourself for not thinking of this hack just put your cherry tomatoes on a plate in a single layer then place another plate on top of them upside down put a little pressure on the top plate and use a large knife to slice through the space between the plates and voila perfectly sliced cherry tomatoes Everytime painting your interior walls can be a lot of fun but it can also be extremely messy even if you lay down to Harper plastic to protect your carpet wiping excess paint on the rim of the canyon can cause the can to get junkie and somebody will inevitably set it down in the wrong place could you can nip this accident waiting to happen in the bud with a simple rubber band just stretch it all the way around the can so that a strip of rubber band is across the opening of the cans you can wipe your excess paint off on it instead of the rim and all of that pain will go back in the can where it belongs nobody like stinky shoes but we all have to deal with them commercial odor eaters are effective but can get expensive but if you happen to be a teacher Rinker you can deodorize your shoes in a much trickier fashion and just as effectively that's because teabags actually absorb odors placing one in each shoe in allowing it to sit there over night we'll have them fresh and odor free in the morning just remember to throw those tea bags away and use a fresh one for your morning Cup wrinkled clothes are a common problem but many of us especially apartment dwellers don't have space for an ironing board you mine iron your clothes on the bed for the floor and get poor results every time but with a little simple hacking this no longer has to be the case simply cut a portion of an old quilt to fit the top of your dryer then glue magnets to each corner you've instantly converted your dryer into a reliable ironing board that won't take up any extra space need your regal free clothes will thank you for keeping them off the floor I phones have pretty great speakers but sometimes you want to be able to fill up a whole room with sound and we can't all afford Bluetooth speakers this hack can fix that and while it may be a little silly looking you'll have to admit it's pretty clever just cut a slot the size of your phone's whipped into an anti toilet paper roll you can insert for push pins into the bottom of the world to keep it stable then slide the bottom of the phone into the slot you'll be amazed at how much the toilet paper roll will amplify the sound no matter how big the room you'll be able to hear your tunes loud and clear a day at the beach can turn into a pain in the neck if we don't keep a close enough I on our valuables beach goers can be easy pickings for thieves on the look out for wallets phones and keys but you can make sure they look right past yours just get a large cheap bottle of suntan lotion making sure it's the kind with a wide lead that can be easily were emptied out watch it and now you have a perfect incognito stories for your valuables that feeds one even look at twice your stuff will be safely hidden in plain sight and you'll have peace of mind during your fun in the sun keeping your drinking glasses from getting broken during a move is almost impossible without buying a bunch of expensive packing materials that's the common logic anyway but a little outside the box thinking will keep you from picking your intact glasses out from a box will have broken shards simply put each glass inside one of your socks even some pretty intense jostling what caused them to break and as an extra bonus you will have to pack your socks separately this is one of those hacks that seems so simple it's a wonder everybody doesn't do it already it's incredibly frustrating to desperately need some double a batteries only to find the triple layer all you have you can always run to the store especially if you're on a camping trip routing but if you're lucky enough to have a little aluminum foil on hand it's no problem if you want up balls of foil and use them to fill the gap between the spring in the batteries flat and the connection will be made in the batteries will power your device normally they will last quite as long as double a spot in the pits it's nice to know that you can bend triple a batteries to your will getting a new key on your key ring can be a finger shredding nerve wracking experience would be a lot easier if there were some tool that you could use to pry the key ring apart instead of trying to force the key and while wreaking havoc on your finger tips and nails fortunately there is just such a tool and you probably have one laying around staple removers are just as effective at doing this as they are at removing staples and you'll probably need to replace a remove a key a lot more often then you'll have to separate stapled documents in fact if they were marketed as key ring helpers they probably sell like hotcakes microwave popcorn might be the greatest invention since well the microwave it's so much faster easier and more convenient than using a popcorn maker that were even willing to overlook a handful of on pop kernels that always seem to be left at the bottom of the bag better than that burnt popcorn but you can easily have it both ways when you open the bag just open it partially at first Beavis let large enough for the colonel's the fall through but not for pots kernels shake gently until all the kernels are gone and enjoy your microwave popcorn with no threat to your teeth many white wines are best served chilled but many of us simply don't think to put one in the refrigerator or don't have the space with a little thinking ahead this doesn't have to be an issue just plan for the future and throw a bunch of grapes in the freezer inside a ziplock bag the next time you want a cold glass but only have a warm bottle use the grapes instead of ice cubes to chill your wine quickly they won't water the wind down or detract from its flavor and you might even want to try popping them in your mouth once they're all thought out electronics packaging is one of the bigger hassles of the modern age practically all the vices come packaged in plastic it's nearly impossible to get open using anything short of a hacksaw it's almost as if it's made out of metal fortunately you have a handy device in your home that's capable of handling that using a regular hand held can opener makes removing your device simpler than you ever thought possible just cut off all 4 edges of the packaging pull the halves apart and be thankful you never have to try to use keys or a knife again cleaning your gutters is not only a hassle it can be downright dangerous however if you have a leaf blower you can cut way back on the hassle and remove the danger from the equation completely with only a few dollars all you'll need is several lengths of PVC pipe a PVC you band and some duct tape tape the lengths of pipe together and the U. bend to one end and you'll have a tool that can fit over your blower a temporary strip of duct tape may be needed to create a seal you can blow all the leaves and debris out of your gutters from the comfort and safety of the ground and in far less time than the normal method here's a simple hack that could really come in handy if you have an older phone or one with a short battery life for as quickly as some phones can die it often seems like they take forever to charge but before you put your phone on the charger try changing one simple setting bones continue to use power even when they charge but putting your phone in airplane mode greatly decreases its power usage do this before charging and you'll find that your phone is at full power in no time flat nothing is worse than a warm soda or beer especially when you have a craving for a cold one putting them in the fridge takes forever but putting them in the freezer is risky you gotta leave them in there for a while the children but leave them too long and you have an explosive frozen mass waiting to happen the answer is simple just wrap a wet paper towel around your bottle the canned beverage before putting it in the freezer and you only have to wait 10 or 15 minutes water conducts away he'd much more quickly than air so it cuts the time needed to Chile drink by more than half a short enough time that you won't forget about it and have to deal with that mess we've all had to hammering a nail for whatever reason and we've all banged our fingers doing it you can try as hard as you can to avoid it but this only seems to make it more likely to happen once you know this tax it'll never happen again but you may slap yourself for not having thought of it is just no reason to endanger your fingers when you can use an ordinary clothes pin use one to hold the nail in place until it sufficiently tat in and if you miss and strike the close pin it won't yell out any choice words for your kids to over here it's //
"2017-06-03 22:56:26"
10 Craziest Police Chases Caught On Camera
\\being pulled over ranks pretty low on the list of enjoyable activities and going to jail ranks even lower but if you find yourself drawing the attention of the police even if you know you're breaking the law the last thing you should do is run for one thing you're endangering your life and the lives of everyone around you for another you're pretty likely to end up in a video like this one with your full hearty attempt to escape justice preserve for the whole world to see and laugh at just after 6:00 on an April morning in Long Beach California police responded to a call of a woman screaming at an intersection which is not how police generally like to start their mornings it would only get more bizarre and potentially dangerous after they responded as the woman driving 1 of those boxy Toyota science attempted to ram a police cruiser 3 times before taking off and leaving them on a long and strange chase the woman headed for freeway eventually ending up on the 241 toll road where she seem to encounter an error in her programming she can be seen on this video swerving onto a grassy area off the toll road before proceeding in the wrong direction narrowly avoiding the pursuing police cruisers she gets going the right way again but then attempts to cross over to a different highway driving in circles as the cops catch up to where somehow this ploy works and she manages to shake pursuing officers again but not for long they catch up nudging the rear end of a car to force a spin out and causing the bumper to fall off but still she keeps going her bizarre journey ends as he exits the highway gets T. boned by a cop and it's been boxed in by no less than 5 police cars the unidentified woman was taken into custody rantings yourself and onlookers amazingly nobody was injured during her ill advised morning drive during the 2013 holiday season an unsuspecting Kansas city fed ex delivery man got the surprise of his life during a pit stop at a gas station his truck along with its precious cargo of holiday gifts had simply disappeared it would take police a few hours to catch up with the stolen vehicle and when they did it only got weirder rather than the wild chase they were expecting the driver a 19 year old man needs Kayla boundary behave this any fed ex driver would obeying the speed limit and even using his turn signals that is until 1 officer attempts to approach the truck with gun drawn while it stopped in traffic at which point Mister Roby takes off as if he forgot his stove was on his flight didn't last long as police had placed stop sticks devices used to flatten the tires of fleeing vehicles further up the road Ownby try to stay on the move with flattened tires but sparks from the truck's ram because the vehicle to catch fire at which time he finally called it a day the man's family said that his actions were extremely uncharacteristic but that a fight with his girlfriend had caused his mental state to snowball out of control of course during the several hours before police located him he took the time to deliver several stolen packages from the back of the truck to relatives houses in the area a traffic stop in Louisiana earlier this year suddenly became potentially deadly the driver of a pickup truck after being pulled over for speeding got out to approach officers meanwhile 18 year old kid Mante Austin a passenger in the vehicle who was wanted for escaping jail slipped behind the wheel and blasted off officers handcuffed the other person in quickly gave chase concerned about letting Austin reached the main intersection of the small town while reaching speeds of up to 115 miles per hour officer set up a roadblock causing Austin to make the questionable decision to try going off road and that's when the young man literally took flight as seen in video shot by a passer by the stolen truck went flying in a majestic arc straight out of the dukes of Hazzard TV series landing directly on top of another car amazingly this car was occupied in its driver was not hurt at all Austin was arrested in faces multiple charges including out of fact as it turns out the amazing flying truck was stolen a pair of Cincinnati police officers were chatting in their parked vehicle in the wee hours of Tuesday morning in late 2016 when an SUV coming out of nowhere almost side swipe their car at a high rate of speed they pursue the vehicle which immediately reduced its high rate of speed but officers had no way of knowing that the car's driver was well just incredibly high 36 year old Brian brown was traveling with a great deal of marijuana and paraphernalia in his vehicle and was apparently just lucid enough to know that the police would frown on this as seen in this video he leads officers into a residential area going too fast for his own good here he smashes into a parked car sustaining major front end damage he continues on for a short time before veering into a telephone pole at which point the vehicle burst into flames officers describe the SUV as smoking heavily as they dragged Ryan who presumably knows a thing or 2 about smoking heavily from the wreckage he made a full recovery just in time to have the book thrown at him which is at least better than a telephone pole police do everything they can to avoid high speed chases for an obvious reason fleeing drivers are likely to hurt or kill civilians with their reckless driving in the case of archery Alexander who attracted the attention of Dallas police by carjacking a Dodge challenger it was this very disregard for bystanders that brought his flight from the law to an awesome and hilarious and officers quickly spotted the vehicle which led them on an 8 mile chase at high speeds down the freeway arriving at an intersection Mister Alexander as seen in this clip attempts unsuccessfully to squeeze between 2 vehicles smashing into the back of a mini van and pushing it into the intersection then amazingly the mini vans occupants driver Jessica liesman and her boyfriend Charles cook get out of their vehicle and approached the carjacker dragging him from the challenger in eventually wrestling him to the ground just as the cops show up to take over while this was not the safest course of action a gun was recovered from the stolen car it's safe to say that the citizens arrest was probably the last thing Mister Alexander expected when Los Angeles police gave pursuit to an armed kidnapping suspect in a stolen car in March 2015 officers might have been preparing for a messy ending however it got much Messier than anyone could have expected due to the suspect abruptly deciding he had had enough of the high speed chase viewers watched on live television as police pursued the unidentified man into a residential area where he suddenly stopped exited the car and confidently begin exchanging gunfire with the cops like a gun slinging desperado in an old western movie now officers were hit but the suspect was struck in the side at which point he stopped shooting lurched over to the front porch of a nearby residents and had a seat for still armed him profusely bleeding suspect help police off for about an hour before finally surrendering apparently deciding that going to jail was a slightly better option than bleeding to death in front of a stranger's house on live TV 20 year old Herschel Reynolds was a former marine who had been specially trained as a motor vehicle operator which makes his very public crime and arrest all the more bizarre Reynolds and a friend were suspected of a recent burglary by LA police they had nothing to do with this crime but Reynolds believed he was wanted for a prior taken so when cops attempted to pull them over he opened up his convertible Mustang and led them on a wild ride it had been raining heavily in the streets were slick but Reynolds and his friend were concerned as a disbelieving cameraman shot footage from a local news helicopter they stopped to do a few donuts on an overpass before speeding off through the streets Reynolds passenger can often be seen standing up and hollering at passersby even earlier in their journey which was broadcast live for over an hour but things got even stranger the longer the chase went on he shouts at puzzled motorist says Reynolds weaves in and out of traffic on the highway and the pair finally simply pull over shaking hands and taking selfies with citizens while waiting for police to arrive and take him into custody after being released on bail the next day Reynolds was asked what exactly he was thinking he replied I don't know I was asking myself that question while I was sitting in jail may 2016 an unidentified man led police on a short chase through Hollywood after being spotted driving erratically in his brand new range rover while the chase itself was on remarkable the end of it was the exact opposite after realizing that he was heading into an area which have been blocked off by police the man swung a quick left straight into a light pole as captured on this video he inexplicably tries to keep driving for a short distance while dragging the pole with the front end of his vehicle until the front and dramatically burst into flames at which point he decides that perhaps he should stop as police look on the driver leaps from the flaming truck springs into the street and promptly collapses he's amazingly unhurt and he's cuffed and led away as the cops try to keep dog walking pedestrians from getting too close to the burning car eventually fire crews show up to extinguish the roaring flames just another day in Hollywood in 2002 unemployed truck driver Bernice Wilson gave Dallas police the most tense 90 minutes of their lives when he decided to take a fully loaded lumber truck for a joy ride the truck's driver managed to disable its air brakes as he was pulling away causing the manual breaks to lock down but this would only add to the potential for catastrophe after driving around in circles for awhile then leading police on the highway with some onlookers cheering him on and even trying to give him high fives accounts managed to shoot out a couple of the vehicle's tires but then it's manual breaks inevitably overheated causing the back half of the payload to catch fire in this video chunks of flaming debris can be seen flying from the back of the truck and at of its tires explodes in comes flying off careening across a parking lot but truck briefly gets hung up on the highway median allowing one brave cop to get off a couple of shots of the cab yet Wilson still kept rolling although not for long he eventually gives up and gets taken down by an entire swat team and he wasn't treated any more kindly by the judge due to prior felony convictions and the extreme danger his latest stunt had posed to the public he was sentenced to 99 years in prison in April 2015 a Boise Idaho police officer stopped a pickup truck driven by Jose Manuel Sanchez after pulling over sense has turned his car around and ran the police cruiser pinning the officers like in the door and sped off the injured officer called for backup in a chase ensued by the time the officer shooting this descant footage arrived however it was almost over speeding down the highway the truck swerves wildly off road then Sanchez appears to rethink his decision and attempts to get back on the highway it doesn't go as planned and the truck flips multiple times rejecting Sanchez straight into the air in a huge plume of dust while not seen on the video Sanchez unbelievably ran away from this and was taken down by an officer and 2 civilians in the middle of the freeway it seems like you have to be incredibly lucky to survive this crash let alone walk away but his luck didn't help him avoid an 18 year prison sentence //
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10 Incredible Zombie Proof Houses
\\sometimes we all need to get away to escape from the rigors of day to day life of course if movies and television are to be believed there will soon come a day where you will literally need to get away to escape from the hordes of flesh eating undead roaming the streets in countryside in case of a zombie apocalypse you wanna make careful note of the following 10 locations doing so might just save your life if you can make your way to the southern coast of Iceland you'll find a cozy spot that the undead will have a pretty tough time getting to unless they learn how to sail a group of tiny islands are scattered here and one of them with sheer cliffs virtually all around hosts a house which is been the subject of all kinds of legends for one it was rumored that the house was a gift from the Icelandic government to pop singer Bjork hence it's informal title pure cast some say that it was actually built for the purpose of avoiding zombies or that it's the home to a reclusive billionaire but none of the legends are true house was originally a hunting cabin built in the fifties for outdoors men who wanted to back some of the patterns that are native to the area with plenty of fish to have been a constant supply of fresh water in the form of snow you can wait out the zombie apocalypse here for a good long time NBI if you're stuck on the west coast of the U. S. and nobody else thinks of it first you might be able to write art deco style in the chemist beer once called the most modern home in the world Vic hemisphere is an octagon shaped 2200 square foot home perch 3 stories above the ground atop a 5 foot wide because the pillar it can only be reached by using a special rail based elevator which the undead are unlikely to be able to operate also you have a 360 degree view out over the city of Los Angeles meaning it'll be easy to spot trouble coming from miles away film buffs may recognize the chemist fear as the house featured in the 1984 Brian DePalma thriller body double so many survivors you take in are sure to be impressed by that detail with plenty of room for supplies easy access to the city only during daylight hours of course into virtually zombie proof entrance pick hemisphere is a pretty solid option for stylish safety if you really want to go whole hog with the luxury accommodations while the apocalypse plays out you're going to want to make your way to raven's rage in Kansas there you'll find a luxury condominium complex built by developer Larry hall it has several advantages it centrally located in the U. S. it has room for plenty of survivors and it's built within a nearly impenetrable abandoned nuclear missile silo accessible only by elevator the complex runs an astonishing 15 storeys underground there's room for 75 survivors in ample supplies in the complex's amenities include a movie theater a rock climbing wall a dog park and a gym there's also a hydroponic garden and a fish farm for when the food starts to run low in every room has an HDTV which can either give your regular programming or a live feed of the view from outside helpful for when you want to make sure the coast is clear before going scavenging with all the comforts of the pre plague area space at raven's rage is sure to be in high demand which is why Mr hall is hard at work building a second facility in a different abandoned silo if you're truly worried that the outbreak will happen any day now you can purchase Shuto artists in Florida right now but it'll set you back a pretty penny the $11000000 mansion has been on the market for some time due to its exorbitant price tag the 8 bedroom 10 bath mansion sits on 14 acres of magnificent grounds with a private lake royal gardens in a giant toy upon it's no less than a modern day castle but that's not what makes it so attractive to the survival sack that would be the landmarks moat surrounding the entire property it's safe to say that nobody's ever seen a zombie swim in it doesn't seem like it would work out very well if they were to try there's plenty of space to grow food in the friendly Florida climate and a whole house generator will make sure that you continue to have power even when the lines inevitably come down there's even a boat house for when you need to make trips to the mainland but again please not after dark for those of you in the UK you'll want to keep in mind a certain location in the north Kensington neighborhood of London you should be able to spot it right away it's the only water tower in the area with siding and windows appropriately named tower house the 6 story converted structure currently has 2 floors with plans to add a third bringing the total floor space up to 5000 square feet there's plenty of room to stockpile food and ammunition and the windows give you an all round view of the city which will make sure you have plenty of advance warning of rampaging hordes in the area at the present time the living area is reached by fire house style stayers but plans are being made to install an elevator which of course is far preferable from a zombie deterring standpoint if you'd like to check it out first tower house can be rented on Airbnb right now just don't tell the owner your scoping it out for possible forcible takeover when the epidemic this it might be a little hard to reach but that's also one of the advantages of writing out the plague on Dunbar rock if you happen to be in the vicinity of Honduras when the dead begin feasting on the living you'll want to commandeer the nearest boat and make a beeline for the villa a lavish 6 bedroom estate completely surrounded by water it's also surrounded by tropical reefs which means there will be plenty of fish to sustain you and your band of survivors and the tropical climate means plenty of rainfall and opportunities to grow fruits and vegetables villa is also available for rent so if you're lucky it'll be unoccupied when the global catastrophe strikes what camp Georgetown lacks in luxurious appointments it more than makes up for in security fans of the hit show the walking dead and let's face it if you're watching this video this means you will tell you that a prison can be 1 of the safest places in a world overrun with flesh eaters camp Georgetown is empty secure and cheap it was sold to a corporation in 2013 for 200 41 $0 and they still have been done anything with it yet so they probably be receptive to offers aside from the obvious benefit of prison level security the facility can bunk over 250 survivors it also has the requisite prison amenities gymnasiums kitchens medical facilities and dedicated sewer system and a 150000 gallon water tank there's even pens where poetry can be raised and its bio hazard storage facility might really come in handy if 1 of your crew happens to get infected if you can pony up the cash to buy it before disaster strikes you want to get there fast with all these resources competition for the title of mayor of camp Georgetown is likely to be fierce located in Poland the structure known as the safe house looks like a fairly regular if ultramodern home upon first viewing but the house carries its name for a reason it was designed for absolute maximum security and also to be almost totally self sustaining first the large southern entrance has an enormous role down gate of anodized aluminum one of the entryways is also a drawbridge leading up to a terrace on the second floor but most impressively the building's concrete exterior walls and shutters can be moved into place to completely seal the house off from the outside world giving it the appearance of a giant solid cue the house is perfectly insulated in this state and it also makes use of solar energy and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery not only want the zombies be able to get inside but when the safe houses all closed up they won't even know it's a house this house in Las Vegas looks like any other upon first approach in fact billboards will probably have no problem getting inside but they won't find anything there because it's not the house sitting on this plot of land you'll be holed up it it's the house underneath this house where you'll be camping out and not even other survivors will know it's there unless you tell them unbelievably there is literally an entire 3 bedroom 2 bath house with all of the interior and exterior appointments including a patio in a pool very 26 feet underneath the house above built in 1978 as part of a failed business venture the underground facility was meant to withstand a nuclear blast and has such amenities as a 4 hole putting green a dance floor bar and barbecue area there's even switches that let you simulate the cycles of night and day to keep your crew from getting burned out during extended periods of time underground some doomsday bunkers might post all the comforts of home underground but only 1 is the real deal prepper Bruce speech believes that most people are too focused on personal survival in the event of an apocalyptic events and should be more focused on ensuring the survival of the species he has put his money where his mouth is and if you can get to the village of Corning's mills north of Toronto with the hordes arrive you can be one of the lucky few to help repopulate the human race beats built his shelter called arc to in the 19 eighties during the height of the Cold War impenetrable to anything short of a direct nuclear site the facility was constructed from the frames of 42 school buses which were used as a pattern for the pouring of concrete it's it's 14 feet underground it was designed to house up to 500 people for the length of time it would take for the follow up from a nuclear blast to dissipate which is almost certainly long enough for the zombie epidemic to run its course powered by redundant diesel generators for shelter features to commercial break kitchens a private well and a septic tank big enough to service a motel there's even a communications room they can broadcast on the FM band complete with a weather balloon mounted antenna that can be deployed from inside the shelter no detail has been left to chance in this life but for humanity so if you want to live to tell your grandchildren about the undead plague that almost like this out part 2 is probably your best bet well //
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Apple
\\apple has become synonymous with some of the most popular tech products in history but before the iPod and the iPhone apple was just one computer manufacturer among many and it took the company years to find their footing as the popularity of the IBM compatible P. C. exploded in the eighties and nineties today apple is a computing mobile in business juggernaut but there's a lot of interesting history to the company that the average consumer probably doesn't know here are 10 things you didn't know about apple there's been a lot of speculation over the years as to how apple came by its brand name it's thought that the name was chosen in contrast to the cold hard sounding names like IBM or even that co founder Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak 1 of their company's name to appear before Atari in the phone book according to Wozniak himself the idea came from jobs after a trip to an apple orchard in Washington state when job suggested apple computer Wozniak immediately liked the name but was concerned about possible legal action from apple records the label owned by surviving members of the Beatles tries they might they couldn't think of a name they like better in jobs biography he said that the name sounded fun spirited in not intimidating the name stuck but Wozniak initial thought turned out to have married the company was indeed sued by apple record several times between 1978 and 2006 with a final settlement being reached in 2007 well jobs and Wozniak are the 2 men most associated with apple's founding the company actually began with a third business partner when incorporation documents were filed on 4/1/1976 but contains the signatures of jobs Wozniak and run Wayne Wayne was originally a 10 percent holder in the company but his state was dissolved only 12 days after apple was incorporated in an interview with C. N. N. the 81 year old Wayne explained how he was essentially brought on to be the grown up in the company designing the original logo in mediating disputes between was the acting jobs even though his stake would have been deluded when shareholders were later added it's safe to say he missed out on a significant chunk of change but Wayne has no regrets saying there were absolute whirlwinds I was standing in the shadows of giants if I stay that apple I probably would have ended up the richest man in the cemetery the company's first product designed and built in 1976 was the apple 1 it debuted at the Apollo also homebrew club a regular meeting of home built computer enthusiasts in aversion hand built by Wozniak and housed in a wooden case to finance the build Wozniak sold his VW bus is only means of transportation and jobs sold his Hewlett Packard scientific calculator they soon obtained in order for 100 units from the bike shop a computer store in Mountain View California somehow they scrape the funds together to complete a $50000 order it delivered the finished product within about a month the machine was discontinued in 1977 after the introduction of the apple 2 which would go on to become 1 of the most influential and popular home computers of its era many of the original apple 1 machines were returned to the manufacturer in their circuit boards destroy making them extremely rare today apple would go on to be ahead of the curve by many years with several of their products and platforms the original Macintosh released in 1984 was the first consumer machine who's operating system featured a graphical user interface like the ones we are familiar with today it was the first computer to ship with a mouse and its window based point and click interface was an obvious influence on the development of Microsoft's windows operating system unfortunately many of apple's earlier products were a bit too ahead of their time for their own good released in 1993 Macintosh TV was 1 of the very first attempts at integrating home computers and television to reach the consumer market the computer component was based on the Macintosh LC 500 series married to a 14 inch Sony performer television display the monitor can be switched back and forth between the computer desktop and TV broadcast welcome display television in a window on the desktop it could capture stills from live TV to a file on the computer only around 10000 of these units were sold but the Macintosh TV serves as an early indicator of the forward thinking nature of apple for another example of this look no further than the quick take the very first color digital camera to be released to consumers in the U. S. in 1994 photography was a $12000000000 industry and apple was determined to be the first tech company to take a bite out of it the quick take was compatible with any Macintosh with the later model also compatible with windows in a connected by a simple serial cable resolution was very low by today's standards the highest available was 640 by 480 and the camera can only hold 8 stills at that resolution in its internal memory you couldn't preview the photos on the camera itself or delete individual fix only dump the entire contents of the camera's memory with a recess trash but it didn't take long for competition to reach the market and digital camera model sold by the likes of Kodak and Nikon brands the consumers already associated with photography far out sold apples offering the quick take was discontinued after only 3 years in 1997 in their collector's items today but you'll need an old mac to use it with because they're not compatible with iOS acts famed astronomer Carl Sagan rose to prominence in the 19 seventies with the original cosmos theories on which he famously used the phrase billions and billions with a great deal of regularity making this a catch phrase of sorts in the mind of the public when apple began working on their new power mac 71 0 in the early 19 nineties they gave the machine the internal code named Carl Sagan the idea being that the new machine would make apple billions and billions of dollars when internal documents bearing this code name lied to the public Sagan took issue fearing that could be construed as an official endorsement despite the fact that the name was being used only as an internal descriptor in response to an angry letter Sagan wrote to the magazine mac week apple change the code name of a project to be a day for Butthead astronomer at which point Sagan promptly sued the company for libel unsurprisingly the case was dismissed but Sagan filed another suit over the initial use of his name again an internal code name which was used only by company employees this suit was also dismissed the decision which Sagan appealed perhaps not wanting to be caught up in endless litigation with the astronomer apple settled out of court for an undisclosed sum in 1995 it's perhaps the single most recognisable aspect of all of apple's products the voice of Seery the digital assistant introduced with iPhone 4 S. in 2011 many of us can identify this voice just as readily as we would a family members or friends yet we seldom stop to think about just whose voice it really is while apple has never publicly identified the woman behind the iconic voice she came forward in 2013 to publicly take credit her name is Susan Bennett and she's an actor who has been doing steady voice over work since the 19 seventies when Bennett took the gig in 2005 she had no idea her voice would be an everyday companion for millions through a device that had not even been invented yet Bennett's voice work has also been featured in GPS systems and airport terminals voice actors like Ben it will record hours upon hours of nonsense words and phrases leading into engineers to use the individual syllables to construct automated speech if it doesn't sound like exciting work Bennett would agree she says I get extremely bored that's 1 of the reasons why Syria might sometimes sound like he has a bit of an attitude before co founding apple jobs and Wozniak had met while working at Atari the company that we give birth for the video game industry as we know it in the 19 seventies while working at Atari Wozniak had authored the hit game breakout a punk type game in which players bounce the ball against the wall to remove breaks over 2 decades later Wozniak would include an homage to his beloved game as an Easter egg and the very first version of one of apple's most iconic products the iPod made its debut in 2001 and quickly became a must have piece of tech for anyone who likes music which is just about everyone holding down the button inside the jog wheel on the first version of the device would surprise the user with a game of breakout an Easter egg that fans discovered almost immediately with the innovative backlit screen a feature missing from most other MP 3 players of the time you can even enjoy a game while listening to your favorite music in the dark it's easy to forget that only a couple of decades ago apple was hardly a dominant player in the tech market throughout the nineties the company was involved in several different legal battles with Microsoft over software and an agreement that was reached in 1997 might change the fate of apple forever in addition to agreeing to provide software for apple computers Microsoft also agreed to invest $150000000 in apple which was losing an incredible amount of money at the time this was done largely to avoid the appearance of monopoly on Microsoft's part as they were utterly dominating the PC market at the time the market in which apple pose no immediate threat of course 1997 was also the year Steve Jobs returned to the company in immediately began turning around its fortunes pressing ahead on research that would lead directly to the iPod iPhone and iPad in 2015 current Microsoft CEO Steve bomber called the investment the craziest thing we've ever done single handedly saving what would soon be their biggest competitor from certain doom to add insult to injury Microsoft it sold off all of its stakes in apple by 2000 34 years before the debut of the iPhone possibly the single most influential piece of consumer technology in the last 30 years today apple is not only a household name in consumer electronics and 1 of the most trusted tech brands it is 1 of the most successful companies on the planet to put their Titanic financial clout into perspective we can look no further than the first quarter 2015 apple reported that they had smashed their sales projections in this quarter causing a 5 percent jump in the company's stock that added 58 $0 in value to the company over night more than the total worth of the Ford Motor Company the company is worth nearly $200000000000 enough to outright purchase roughly a dozen of the hottest tech companies in existence companies like Twitter Pandora Groupon Shutterfly and yell without even spending all of their cash the iPhone and iPad continued to dominate their markets with no signs of slowing down with every new product launch generating another enormous influx of cash perhaps nobody put it better than J. yaro C. N. B. C. financial analyst and former executive editor of business insider apple is the Michael Jordan of business enjoy watching it now because who knows if we'll ever see this level of excellence again WNED WNED //
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10 Dumbest Government Purchases With Taxpayers Money
\\ //
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10 Hottest Daughters of Famous Celebrities
\\I when famous people have donors the whole world swoons and says are so cute but what happens when those women are all grown up and turned out to be smoking out we really shouldn't be surprised when you have 2 gorgeous parents their offspring of a good chance of turning it here's our list of the 10 hottest darters famous celebrities Hollywood movie stars Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are well known for their appearances on screen and their daughter the sensuous Kate Hudson is no stranger to acting herself all gold bill Hudson is her biological father due to their strained relationship paid has always recognize Kurt hazard when Kate won a Golden Globe Award for her breakthrough role in almost famous she was just getting started in 2003 she went on to star in the box office hit how to lose a guy in 10 days her first book was published in 2016 title pretty happy where she gets candid about her sex life she states for women it's about embracing your femininity and your sexuality in recent interviews she was asked about her relationship with Nick Jonas he simply replied that they had a beautiful connection 27 year old breathtaking Bria Murphy is one of Eddie Murphy's 9 children the gorgeous California native is a successful model with a career in acting as well once she was the face of the hair care brand dark and lovely you may also recognize her from the fields conflict of interest and the perfect match most recently she obtained a leading role in amateur night where she played a prostitute and at some point in the movie she goes topless noon okay it seems like she's single ready to mingle and down with the swirl in an interview with us weekly she says I've never dated a white guy but I want to really badly Ryan Gosling would be ideal just throwing it out there Brea also likes to keep it popping on the grail she has over 0.25000000 Instagram followers she loves to posts racy photos of herself in skimpy bikinis when she's out partying with friends or hitting the red carpet with her dead Eddie Murphy said that his eldest daughter Bria turned out to be a good person the beautiful Catherine Schwarzenegger has 2 famous parents Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger no one can forget parties famous role in the terminator and his memorable line I'll be back Maria Shriver is the niece of former president John F. Kennedy Shriver stays busy as an American journalist activist and author even though her parents of split Catherine says we do everything together as a family we've maintained very very close relationships Catherine is an author to in 2010 her first book was published she graduated with a degree in communications in 2014 years later her second book was published both books focus on helping the reader to build confidence and character beauty and brains poll you count me it so Laurence Fishburne's daughter is a sexy in seductive porn star Laurence Fishburne is one of the most renowned and admired actors today so you may ask yourself why did his daughter Montana Fishburne choose to become a porn star well she states I had a little passion inside of me to do porn I didn't really want to tell too many people because I was afraid of their reactions when I was younger she was inspired to go down this road because of none other than Kim Kardashian she said that's what I want to emulate having a sex tape come out and being seen as a positive person not just a porn star when she decided to make her first triple X. rated adult film at the age of 18 Lawrence and his friend scramble together to try to buy up all the dirty videos before the leaked out to the public but it was too late the DVDs had already been shipped in shared at this point Lawrence was still concerned about her well being so much so that he hired a private detective to follow her around to make sure she was alright when she found out about the P. I she faked a suicide attempt to try to scare her father looks like her immature stunt work better than she thought Laurence Fishburne wants nothing to do with her and is officially disowned her 28 year old daisy Lowe is a seductive English fashion model you may know her father Gavin Rosedale the lead singer of the rock band bush daisy was discovered by a talent scout when she was only 15 she appeared in magazines like vogue Italia W. L. G. Q. N. team vote just to name a few she's done runway modeling for companies like shemale Burberry and converse in addition to runway other campaigns like Marc by Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton and DKNY have developed her career she was also featured on the FHM 100 sexiest 2015 Phil Collins daughter it straight up gorgeous lily Collins is an actress and model she started acting in a BBC TV series when she was only 2 years old when she was a teen she wrote articles for magazines 17 L. girls and team vote in 2008 she was listed in Spain's glamour magazine as international model of the year came into 9 she was included in maxim's list of hottest daughters of rock stars you may recognize her from such movies as the blind side in abduction and in the film mirror mirror she debuted her singing skills it seems that Zoe Kravitz inherited her seductive and youthful good looks from her parents Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet Zoli is an actress singer and model she got her first acting gig and 2007 but her roles in the films like birds of America and yelling to the sky eventually helped her land more significant roles in films excluding X. men first class divergent and Mad Max fury road can even though her parents are divorced they continue to support so we together in 2016 Zoe was spotted with her boyfriend and both parents at the Los Angeles Saint Laurent fashion show Zoe is versatile she's modeled for fashion magazines created a jewelry line with Swarovski crystal and she's the front woman for a band Lola wolf can we say skills love her or hate her the sexy and beautiful Kim Kardashian west has always been in the spotlight she's an American socialite TV personality and business woman her father Robert Kardashian was the attorney and close friends of OJ Simpson her mother it's Chris Jenner and her step mother is Caitlyn Jenner formerly known as the retired Olympic gold medal winning decathlete Bruce Jenner Kim's popularity began when she was a friend and stylist to Paris Hilton but in 2003 her career really took off with her sex tape ever since then Kim Kardashian has become a household name her career is extremely diverse she's a model she stars in her own reality TV show she produces her own fragrances workout videos mobile apps clothing and shoe design in 2014 when she married famous rapper and producer Kanye west she carried her fame to a whole new level whatever she's doing it's working Kim is number 42 of the 2016 list of Forbes highest paid celebrities I liv Tyler is a hottie tend to add to that her dad was the lead singer of Aerosmith live was 8 when she found out that her biological dad was Steven Tyler when she met him she noticed a resemblance she shared with his other daughter mia which she asked her mother about the similarity the secret was revealed the truth about Tyler's paternity didn't become public until 6 years later in 1991 lives stated my mother was very young she had me and there was a little bit of confusion about where I came from she began her modeling career at the age of 14 but a year later she became bored with it and turned to acting Tyler first became known to television audiences when she starred alongside Alicia Silverstone in the music video for Aerosmith's 1993 song crazy she made her film debut in the movie silent fall in 1994 she is best known for her elf roles in the lord of the rings films in 2014 she became a cast member of the HBO TV series the leftovers she is currently married to sports and entertainment manager David Gardner and together they're raising 3 children I the sexy and beautiful Rashida Jones both of her parents have the combined talents of acting producing and modeling parents that skilled you have a lot to live up to her father Quincy Jones and her mother Peggy Lipton are no strangers to fame and success Rashida first gained attention with her open letter to to park in 1994 it was a response to his negative remarks about her parents interracial marriage she made her acting debut in 1997 in the film the last down into 0 she ended up with a more permanent role in the TV sitcom Boston public which earned her an in double ACP image awards nomination she's played in drama filled and comedic roles and she often leaves her voice to different cartoons ranging from adult swim's robot chicken to the Simpson's she's also starred in films such as the social network friends with benefits and the big year did I mention that she likes to write screenplays and seem to I guess she's showing her parents how it's done not to mention she's looking good doing I //
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10 Kids You Won't Believe Actually Exist
\\Warren 4 year old Lucy how from the Guangdong province of China has been called the world's fattest kid ever since he could first title around his parents have had a tough time keeping him from eating anything he can get his hands on at only 4 years old in 3.5 feet tall he weighs an astounding 137 pounds as much as many full grown adults doctors say that his condition will easily become life threatening by the age of 20 if he does not slow down but efforts to put him on diet seems only result in frustration his parents and caretakers have cut them back from 3 bowls of rice per meal to only one but he's known to beg food off of classmates and even steal it when they won't cooperate whose parents are both of normal height and weight and there's not even a history of obesity in their family lose appetite simply knows no bounds a weight loss center in Hong Kong has offered to help the family by using a Japanese technology to break down all the excess fat free of charge but even this could be an uphill climb all Chinese teenager who when he started preparing in late 2016 for a surgery later this year that could change his life at the age of 6 he was diagnosed with congenital scoliosis in an abnormal chest cavity and during further examination doctors discovered an unusual feature in the boy's neck or rather 3 unusual features while most people have 7 vertebrae in their neck who has 10 giving him an extremely long neck to put it mildly he's indoor teasing and bullying all of his life from classmates and peers and as if that weren't enough the extrovert a break give him severe pain and issues with mobility he's understandably have behavior problems and difficulty socializing but doctors are hopeful that they can pull up the risky procedure to remove the extroverted brain and give food the closest thing they can't do a normal looking and functional met when Richard said drac was a young boy he briefly rose to fame as little Hercules and just 1 look at his startling physique is enough to tell you why the son of the Ukrainian champion martial artist Richard began training at an early age in taekwondo and weight training which began with lighter exercises as a toddler but progress quickly to doing reps on full size benches and squat racks by the time he was 6 years old he was bench pressing 180 pounds and by 8 he maxed out at 210 Richard was still working out hard and laying claim to the title of the world's strongest boy in 2007 at the age of 15 but that year his father Pablo was briefly imprisoned after a physical altercation with Richard's mother he lost interest in working out not long after it today looks pretty much like your average 24 year old but he spent his childhood his little Hercules and he'll always have the 2009 Hollywood feature film of the same name starring him to prove it all it's this amazing boy in dirty condition all of his life that very few people on earth ever have Depok Kumar pass 1 was born with an underdeveloped malformed parasitic twin sticking out of his body looking as if it'd been jammed into his chest head first born in 1 of the least developed parts of India the young boy was venerated as a god in incarnation of the multi limbed Hindu god Vishnu to be exact by the people in his village this was just a little bit uncomfortable for his parents and they were eventually able to find surgeons who would be willing to attempt the incredibly dangerous procedure of removing the twin after months of consultation with a team of 15 doctors for surgery was performed successfully in 2010 although doctors feared complications with the boys intestines he was declared 100 percent fit after healing from the surgery and he's looking forward to living a normal an unassuming life among mortals yeah in 2012 the video went viral on YouTube that many assume to be a fake it featured 5 year old and the leaf called cynicism by his family mailing a flawless rendition of the notoriously difficult flight of the bumblebee on the family piano the video racked up to 0 views but many viewers challenged him in the comments to prove it so not long after the little boy did for an audience of millions on the Ellen DeGeneres show despite appearing a bit less smiley and lighthearted than he had in his viral video and being dressed in a tuxedo that could have been too comfortable some some 2 did a perfect performance before throwing his hands up in victory like an Olympic gymnast now 10 years old and he regularly uploads videos to his YouTube channel and while he still presses it on the piano he's got a few other interest these days he's also taking up the guitar and table tennis a in 2004 milagro syndrome was born in Peru with an extremely rare condition her entire lower body was fused together above the ankle and she had no external genitalia meeting her parents had to wait weeks to even find out what her sex what's the condition is called surrender Millia and it's almost always life threatening severe organ damage and kidney problems usually results in the little girl known as the Peruvian mermaid would need risky and difficult surgery if she was to have any chance of surviving for law at the age of 6 she underwent 5 of the surgeries in 1 year with the first 1 separating her legs and enabling her to finally start learning to walk by 2015 the 11 year old had undergone a total of 13 surgeries beating the odds by avoiding any major complications she will need an additional 3 or 4 but those will have to wait until she's 18 a Chinese boy names on she was born with a small birthmark on his face it was a tiny patch of hair which is nothing out of the ordinary except that as he grew so did the birthmark and by the time she was 8 years old it had completely covered the entire right side of his face in thick dark hair the little boy hadn't exactly had it easy to begin with his father died when he was 4 and his mother has epilepsy in struggles with mental illness leaving the responsibility of raising him to his grandparents as you might imagine he has struggled in school and as needed the regular help of a psychiatrist to come to terms with his condition some medical facilities have come forward with offers to help with the costs of the plastic surgery but so far there's been no news on whether cheese family has decided to accept any of these offers born in India Mohammed Colleen was born with a rare form of gigantism a condition that causes abnormal growth in Muhammad's case the effects of the disease are centered entirely on his hands which began swelling to monstrous proportions when the boy was only a toddler unfortunately neighbors in Mohammed's port village believe this to be the result of misdeeds by his parents and the boy was labeled the devil child and made an outcast the 8 year old boys hands reached a maximum weight of 28 pounds keeping him from doing even the simplest chores for himself in leaving him totally dependent on others fortunately there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for the poor kid a surgery on his right hand remove 50 percent of the excess fluid and tissue and also the growth plates in the arm making sure it won't continue to grow the boy's family hope to schedule an additional surgery for the left hand and eventually to get both hands down to a more manageable size a in 2013 a 5 year old girl in the U. K. gained media attention as the world's smallest girl Charlotte Garside suffers from a condition known as primordial dwarfism and at 5 years old she didn't look like a baby she looked like a tiny doll show that weighed only 2 pounds at birth in by the age of 5 only weighed 9 as much as a normal newborn baby and stood just over 2 feet tall children with this condition differ from those with regular dwarfism and that their lives are in proportion to the rest of their bodies giving them their doll like appearance in 2016 at 8 years old Charlotte had the opportunity to be a part of a conference in Liverpool that brought together children with primordial dwarfism from all over the world and meet other kids with similar struggles for the first time even though they came from as far as Australia Russia and Canada only 35 kids came to the conference so rare is their condition yeah in 2006 a baby was born with a condition that absolutely nobody could be expected to survive even so it wasn't apparent right away for her first 2 months baby Alex Simpson would cry day and night up to 20 hours a day and her parents that she was having problems with digestion but the doctors offered a far more alarming diagnosis Alex was born with high drain settling which means that she quite literally has no brain she does have a cerebellum which means that she has basic motor function and is able to recognize family members she also recognizes emotional cues and can respond accordingly but she's missing over 90 percent of the brain matter of a normal human being and her condition is ordinarily beyond grace most infants with it simply abort before birth and of those that don't virtually none make it to 6 months but even though she's had a couple of close calls Alec Simpson is still alive and as healthy as could be expected at 10 years old this this the //
"2017-05-02 22:27:33"
How BIG is Netflix?
\\nggas 2017 will mark the twentieth anniversary of the birth of Netflix the service that single handedly established the market for streaming video it can be easy to forget that Netflix began as a DVD delivery service only competing with blockbuster and other video rental chains a battle which it's safe to say Netflix 1 it's online subscription service debuting in 2007 has risen to become the dominant streaming platform worldwide and with its deep and ever changing library of movies all the middle along with acclaimed original films and series Netflix's wiping the floor with its online competitors and forcing cable companies to reevaluate their business models but just how big is Netflix for starters the size of a company can be measured in a variety of ways will be looking at a number of factors that make Netflix the juggernaut that idiots but let's start with the actual value of the company you might think that this would be expressed purely in terms of money in the bank but that's not quite accurate the actual value of Netflix and the explosiveness of its growth can be best expressed by looking at the company stock Netflix went public in 2002 offering 5150000 shares of stock at $15 per share a stated value of 77 $250000 early trading diminish this value considerably with shares hitting a low of $1.16 that same year fast forward to 2017 and Netflix shares are trading steadily at around 100 $43 an amazing increase of over 12000 percent over the last 15 years investing just $3000 in net flicks in 2002 would have earned you a $350000 return on your investment by today which of course is virtually unheard of another good metric for determining the value of a subscription based company like Netflix is its cash flow it's worth keeping in mind that Netflix has a Titanic operating budget costing around $6000000000 per year to maintain an up day with those kinds of expenses the service needs serious monthly cash flow to survive in Netflix certainly has that although its margins are not quite as comfortable as you might think in 2016 the company's revenues were about 8.8000000000 it might sound like a large cushion but being so expensive to operate any substantial dropoff in subscribers could effectively plead Netflix dry within just a couple of years the company's decision to raise its basic subscription rate from $7.99 to $9.99 between 2014 to 2015 was actually quite a calculated risk and it paid off the increased revenue was enough to make up for the relatively few subscribers who were turned off by the rate increase this raises another aspect of the company's overall value it's enormous base of paying subscribers currently Netflix as over 93 0 of them more than the entire population of Germany each paying an average fee of 999 a month this boost the value of the company considerable even without a ton of liquid assets in fact the subscriber base alone has been valued by investors that over $60000000000 to put that in perspective it's an amount equal to the gross domestic product of the country of Luxembourg twice the annual budget of the national institutes of health enough to fund the United Nations for 5 years amazingly be overall worth of the streaming giant is still valued at 46 times less than most other prominent online companies such as Facebook Google and Amazon but don't expect this to last if the growth pattern continues all those millions of subscribers are the result of years of sustained an explosive growth since 2012 when the service was sitting around 26 0 subscribers Netflix subscriptions have increased by 30 percent every year with so many other streaming options popping up during this time it's nothing short of amazing that this growth has been so consistent much of it can be chalked up to Netflix original programming which is so far clobbered competitors large and small in the quality department critically acclaimed original series such as house of cards orange is the new black in bojack horseman have roped in new subscribers every year and kept existing ones coming back also Netflix recently partnered with Disney to give them exclusive streaming rights to the newest blockbuster features from box office powerhouses Pixar and Marvel studios another draw that no competing service will be able to match another metric by which the sheer size of Netflix can be measured is in its bandwidth usage you may have wondered just how much of the internet over all available bandwidth is eaten up by binge watchers but even your while this gas might not come close in North America during primetime hours Netflix accounts for a stunning 37 percent of all internet traffic well over a third its closest competition YouTube accounts for less than half of that it just over 15 percent as for the direct competition it's not really much competition at all both Hulu and Amazon instant video take up around 2 percent of available bandwidth during peak hours this means that you could put together every other available means of streaming video online and Netflix would still have them beat by a wide margin the size of the Netflix library has actually shrunk considerably over the last few years the overall number of titles is fewer than who though and less than half of what's offered on Amazon prime video while the total number can only be closely estimated due to the libraries constant state of flux recent estimates put the total number of titles available on Netflix at just over 7000 however when different resolutions and devices are taking into account the amount of data storage needed to manage this library becomes truly mind boggling that's because Netflix supports over 1000 unique devices each with their own individual display resolutions and settings multiple versions of each piece of content for each device also exists for different reasons when your band with decreases in the resolution drops that's actually a lower resolution file that has been spliced seamlessly into the feed to accommodate the drop in bandwidth also many backups of each version of each piece of content exist on servers all across the country if you're watching an episode of daredevil on your iPhone in California while a friend in New York watches the same episode on the same device each of you are still accessing different files on different regional servers this keeps too much demand for one piece of content from causing pain with problems Netflix strives to provide an incredibly consistent user experience no matter how large it subscriber base grows in in order to do so it's services are handled by not 1 but 2 enormous computing systems the first of its own content delivery network of tens of thousands of servers known as open connect until recently all Netflix functions were handled by this network but in early 2016 Netflix completed migration of every aspect of its service except the actual streaming to the Amazon web service cloud this means that all of the catalogs organization menus and user data such as where you left off watching that last episode of Marcos is all handled in the Amazon cloud put another way everything you see and interact with on Netflix until you press the play button is delivered by the cloud in the actual video was delivered by the Netflix open connect servers as previously mentioned the servers number in the tens of thousands and store an unbelievable amount of data according to Netflix VP Yuri Israel asking these servers house tens of petabytes worth of video files with a petabyte being equivalent to 1000000 gigabytes for reference 10 petabytes is enough to store over 1.2000000 movies in full HD streaming that much video back to back without stopping would take you almost 300 years this is also roughly 10 times the storage needed to maintain the online role playing game world of Warcraft or to store all of the computer animation data for the movie avatar even minor ravages can cause major problems when your whole service is centered around ease of access and reliability to keep things running smoothly Netflix as anywhere from 3100 to 3700 employees at any given time with multiple headquarters in California as well as Japan Brazil Singapore and the Netherlands this doesn't exactly make him a top employer in the tech world apple for example has as many as 17 times more employees but for better or worse Netflix has served as many workers point of entry into this world they have by far the largest proportion among tech firms of previous employees to current ones meaning their turnover rate is relatively high but Netflix also has a reputation for being much more willing to take a chance on entry level employees than tech firms of similar size and stature so if you want to get a foot in the door at Netflix you probably can just hope that the door isn't the revolving kind so just how big is Netflix even though it's a part of everyday life for millions Netflix is not even close to being the largest tech company not in terms of profit cashflow number of employees are even user base it's dwarfed by the likes of Facebook even Snapchat but it established early on a model for streaming video that became an industry standard even early competitors like Hulu have struggle to achieve a tenth of the usage of Netflix its user base is growing exponentially and their focus on quality original programming in premium first run content makes that growth unlikely to slow down any time soon the first video streaming service has always been and will probably always be the largest provider of streaming video on earth and it could be argued that Netflix prove to the world that the streaming model was viable to begin with when it comes to international cultural icons Netflix is one of the biggest //
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20 WTF Facts to Blow Your Mind
\\the if it seems like a lot of people have appropriate faces for their names people who just look like a daily or Fred there may be a reason for this recent studies have shown that your name might somehow actually influence the shape of your face researchers ran more than a dozen studies in which participants were asked to guess the stranger's name given 5 choices they picked correctly 35 percent of the time 15 percent better than random chance there could be many reasons for this it's speculated that people might use their facial muscles differently depending on their name changing the face is shaped overtime for that some might use a different name such as their middle name if they're given name doesn't suit them visually there is a fruit that is so Fallon appearance taste and smell you have to wonder what was going through the head of the first person to ever try one it's called the durian in its volley ball sized melon like in appearance and is covered with spikes not exactly inviting to look at but by the time you're close enough to get a look you'll have already gotten a whiff of it's incredibly strong odor which is said to resemble that of hot garbage crossed with a dirty diaper the taste has been most kindly described as a combination of garlic and cream cheese not exactly what your average fruit lover has in mind but some foodie swear that the stinky is fruit can be addictive and can even give you a whole this image in like high if London England is one of the world's great cities but the bustling metropolis hides a strange secret in plain sight London is actually a forest you heard right with over 8000000 trees nearly one for every person it is technically considered a forest by the United Nations definition of the term there are many reasons for this aside from sheer aesthetics which in itself is significant as tree lined streets boost property value but almost 40 percent of London surfaces are concrete and all the trees play a critical role in slowing rainfall they also remove over 2000 tons of pollution from the air annually and call the city's buildings reducing their energy usage in summer months South Korea has the fastest internet on the planet and you may think that this would make them a leader in cutting edge web technologies but due to an old and outdated security law citizens of South Korea are severely limited as to how they accomplished their ultrafast shopping in banking for any financial transactions conducted on the web south Koreans are forced to use Microsoft internet explorer the 1999 live established digital certificates to establish citizens identities based on active acts on Microsoft plugin that won't work properly with any other browser it's a huge pain for everyone but most specifically for apple users who simply can't conduct any business on their devices government and financial institutions have dragged their feet for nearly 2 decades in response to demands to change the law and it doesn't look like it'll happen anytime soon if you've ever wondered just how much airline baggage goes unclaimed every year the answer is probably more than you'd think if you've ever wondered what happens to it the answer is definitely not what you'd expect if an extensive 90 day trace process to find an unclaimed bags owner fails it is sold to the unclaimed baggage center a private for profit enterprise in Scottsboro Alabama the items are meticulously clean and sorted then put up for sale in a 40000 square foot space with all the departments you'd expect to find in your local target while damaged and non family friendly items are donated the center moves tons of clothing and household items along with the occasional stranger dramatic find employees have seen car engines antlers and even full suits of armor along with the occasional piece of expensive jewelry the center employs about 140 people in sees over 1000000 visitors per year Alan tearing is known as the father of computer science and is 1 of the greatest minds of our time like most incredibly smart people he was a little bit eccentric in 1940 for reasons that are quite clear he converted his entire life savings into silver ingots and buried the looting Bletchley Park unfortunately when he went to retrieve the stash yet forgotten where it was buried and he spent the rest of his life looking for it to no avail this silver statue still there somewhere waiting for the treasure hunter diligent are lucky enough to honor thing in Iceland only 177 miles from the Arctic Circle there's a plantation that grow some unexpected crossed the winters here are freezing cold in summer temperatures only get up to around 60 degrees you wouldn't expect to find tropical fruit growing here but this plantation is home to the largest banana crop in northern Europe of course there's not much competition as bananas like warm and humid climates the Iceland plantation is made possible because of the area's many volcanic hot springs which provide a natural boost to the temperature and enable the greenhouse to state a balmy 70 degrees year round the growing season might be a bit shorter bananas are only harvested between April and June but the 100 or so banana plants produce good crops and live alongside crops of cocoa avocado and coffee puffer fish are rare and sometimes deadly delicacy unless they are prepared just right the nerve toxin that the fish use for self defense will easily kill a human being however in very small doses this toxin is known to have a narcotic effects which the dolphin kingdom apparently has figured out in the scene filmed for a BBC documentary a group of young dolphins is seen passing around and carefully chewing on a puffer fish before entering a trance like state the result of intoxication from the toxic the dolphins would linger near the surface of the water as if fascinated by their own reflections a producer for the series removes all doubt as to what was going on here saying this was a case of young dolphins purposely experimenting with something that we know to be intoxicating the crew was unable to determine if the puffer fish was brought from an older dolphin or perhaps stolen for my brother's pufferfish stash for in 2014 a hijacking drama played out on an Ethiopian airlines flight from idea Baba to Rome when the planes copilot commandeered it Italian and French fighter jets were scrambled and the hijacker announced his intention to land Switzerland where he intended to seek asylum in that's when the Swiss airforce did absolutely nothing the hijacker had either the knowledge or good fortune to commit his crime outside of office hours when the Swiss air forces simply closed it may seem like a bad joke but Swiss air bases are indeed open and able to respond to threats only from 8:00 AM until noon and 130 to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday they're closed at all other times for budget and staffing reasons Switzerland relies heavily on neighbors to help police its airspace during off hours and although they're looking into upgrading their airforce no action looks to be likely before 2020 in Roman Catholicism a patron Saint is the sort of heavenly advocate for those who engage in various trades and activities they're appointed by the pope and the list of patron saints is long and strange in addition to the expected ancient trade such as healers and stun workers patron saints have been assigned to such ought occupations as flight attendants surfers chimney sweeps and arms dealers in 1997 pope John Paul the second decided that users of the internet need the patron Saint to help guide them in its proper use he appointed St disability of Seville a scholar who has been dead for 1400 years the choice is actually somewhat appropriate as disability was the author of a 20 volume work cataloguing much of the information known to the world in his time Catholic web browsers would do well to honor him with a short prayer before jumping online or perhaps just use a picture of him as your desktop I Americans love Christmas but many don't know but it has its roots in ancient pagan celebrations from which many elements were incorporated into the Christian tradition for this reason celebrating it was illegal in the United States for nearly 200 years the state of Alabama was the first to legalize Christmas celebrations in 1836 and it wasn't made a federal holiday until 1870 the thought of Christmas being illegal seems crazy today although the amount of money Americans spend on it every year is downright criminal last year it was estimated to be close to $1000000000000 if you've ever played a video game in the modern era you've seen a health back if you stumble across a white package with a red cross on it in any game that involves people shooting at you you know what's your key to restoring lost health but you probably didn't know it's also inviting a lawsuit for the games developers that's because it's actually the trademark symbol for the international committee of the red cross the renowned human rights organization and using it for another purpose technically violates the Geneva Conventions act of 1957 the organization's position is that any use of the symbol without permission diminishes its significance in game programmers have moved away from using it in recent years for just this reason the manual transmission or stick shift was once common place as recently as 30 years ago 25 percent of the cars on the road featured manual transmissions but today only 5 percent of new vehicles come with a stick shift and they generally sell for about $2000 less than cars with automatic transmissions this is one reason why only 18 percent of Americans fewer than one in 5 know how to drive a stick shift today so if you live in a high theft area you could save some money by forgoing the expensive anti theft system and just buying a car with a stick chances are any would be thieves won't know how to drive it there are plenty of reasons why some couples choose to wait for a long period of time to get married after becoming engaged from financial to family considerations not every instance of getting hitched goes off without a hitch but according to the Guinness book of world records 1 couple set a record for the lengthy engagement that is unlikely to ever be broken Octavio gin and Adriana Martinez of Mexico City tied the knot in June 1969 after getting engaged as 15 year olds in 1902 it took 67 years after pledging their mutual devotion to finally close the deal by far the longest engagement on record this is apparently the amount of time the couple needed to make sure they were right for each other not 66 years or 68 but exactly 67 one in about 10000 chickens can spontaneously change sex from female to male this is a type of thing that is a little more common in marine life but practically unheard of among mammals and birds it's because hands have an unused ovary that produces testosterone in making chicken and become functional under various conditions while they don't develop primary sex organs they quit laying eggs develop all the other physical characteristics of a rooster and begin crowing it don there was a time in Canadian history when playing cards were briefly use this cash in the late 16 hundreds the region known as new France was dependent upon old France for shipments of cash to pay its civil servants and soldiers if the ships were later didn't arrive chaos could ensue one government official got around this problem by printing various denominations on playing cards in attaching the official government seal to ban the system continued in some form or another until the mid 18 hundreds with up to 2000000 libra the standard unit of currency in circulation when it was at its peak Indiana University researchers received an enormous grant to engage in an area of study that many of us participate in on a daily basis the $920000 grant bestowed by the National Science Foundation was spent on the study of memes it may seem strange to pay a bunch of scientists close to $1000000 to analyze Twitter feeds but means have gotten a foothold in social discourse that few could have predicted the study aims to track how means gain popularity and fade out and also to develop algorithms that can detect political smears astroturfing misinformation and other social pollution prince had a legendary talent was notoriously eccentric and was one of the biggest control freaks in music when it came to the rights to his songs he maintained a tight control over their use and famously claimed to have thousands of unreleased songs locked in a vault somewhere that were unlikely to ever see the light of day all that changed at the moment of his untimely death in 2016 prince neglected to create a will and therefore fail to let his wishes known regarding the rights to his catalog is a state represented by a music industry veteran and an entertainment lawyer is currently busy trying to milk these rights with an estimated value of over $200000000 for all they're worth pursuing streaming in merchandising deals which almost certainly would have horrified prince himself the estate insists that they're trying to keep his which is under consideration and are only following their legal obligation the Pentagon overseas 1 of the largest budgets of any government agency and the president has recently called for an increase of over $50000000000 this budget has doubled in the last 20 years yet Americans have never heard the results of this massive agency's latest audit that's because despite being legally required no audit of the Pentagon has ever been performed constant promises the Congress to do so have gone unfulfilled but Congress has taken no action to force the issue aside from a few strong words this means that since 1996 an astonishing $10000000000000 in taxpayer money has gone unaccounted for the assassination of John F. Kennedy is 1 of the most dramatic events in U. S. history and has spawned the single most resilient conspiracy theory of all time rumors of collusion between the CIA the mafia pro and anti Castro organizations or some combination thereof have persisted for decades and the controversy hasn't died down in recent years this may finally changing 2017 largely as a result of the 1991 Oliver Stone film JFK a law was passed in 1992 giving the government 25 years to release all of its files related to the assassination to the public that 25 years will be up on 10/26/2017 and conspiracy theorists across the globe might finally get the answers they've been waiting for I I //
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The Oldest Person In The World - Carmelo Flores Laura
\\on 6/9/2014 Carmelo Flores Laura died in Bolivia his life was unremarkable in uncontroversial except for 1 thing Carmelo claim to have been born in 1890 and had some documentation to back up his claim this would make him an incredible 100 23 years old at the time of his death in the oldest human being to ever live this claim was complicated somewhat by the fact that birth records were not kept in Bolivia until 1940 with baptism records used to record live births before then but in 2013 reporters were shown a police identification card and an entry into the civil registry showing Carmelo's birth date of 7/16/1890 although Carmelo himself sometimes had trouble remembering just how will the wise this is because his memory had understandably gotten a little foggy for his last several decades 1 of his earliest memories was fighting in the 1933 Chaco war with Paraguay an event which would have taken place welcome Mel was in his mid forties but which he remembered only dimly today Carmelo live for all of his life in an area of the small town of Frusciante a village in which time seems to stand still electricity has only come to the town within the last few years and farmer still till the soil with ox driven Klaus Carmelo and his wife who passed away about a decade prior to Camilla's death had 5 children all of whom he outlived except 1 his extended family included 16 grandchildren and 39 great grandchildren all of whom long ago moved away from the tiny town when it comes to his longevity Carmelo may have had a secret or 2 although they may not be practical for just anyone he went on daily walks without the use of a cane even in his final years and it may have helped at his village's drinking water came from the peak of mount a lump to 1 of the highest points in Bolivia Carmelo claim to eat only barley never noodles are rights and not to a drink any alcohol since he was a much younger man like many highlands Bolivian peasants you also had a daily habit of chewing on coca leaves which act as a stimulant taken help stave off hunger used to eat meat such as mutton and pork when it was more freely available but such luxuries are hard to come by in this tiny Bolivian village as a young man he remembered eating fox and other kinds of games but in his later years had pretty much stuck to barley in the occasional potato in his younger years Carmelo herded cattle and sheep any mostly attributed his good health to a lot of walking he lived in a thatched hut with a dirt floor in altitude of over 12000 feet with no modern luxuries but had never been seriously ill a day in his life since his age was not verified by original birth records some of question his date of birth but none in Bolivia including the director of the country's civil registrar who says there is no reason to think of the date logged in the national registries inaccurate if they are then the list of things that Carmelo's birth predates is truly mind boggling derive before motion pictures sound recording and manned flight Tchaikovsky Sleeping Beauty ballet debuted the year he was born he was older than the assembly line the gas engine and over 60 countries he's also the holder of a record that may never be broken at least without the use of the kind of life extending technology that is still only speculative at this point Carmelo Flores Laura died a month shy of 124 years old making him in all likelihood the oldest person who ever lived and perhaps the oldest person who ever will live I it's I //
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10 Weirdest Live Streams You Can Watch Now
\\ever since web cams have been around people have been pointing them at strange and unusual things some live streams are truly amazing you can watch the Northern Lights the famous Abbey Road street crossing won't kinds of other fascinating in famous sites in real time for you could spend your free time checking out these some of the absolute weirdest live streams on the internet south Korea's cats have a bit of an image problem far from being seen as cuddly but sometimes aloof companions like in the states south Korea's kitties have a reputation as pests they carry disease and bad luck and strays are sometimes dealt with in a cruel and inhumane manner but one live stream is doing its part to rehabilitate his image it's called cats Miaka bong and it's basically just a feat of an eating area for stray cats or is the streams owner puts it a cat restaurant it began when a man from a small mountain village put out some scraps for a neighborhood stray but it quickly ballooned into a few lines smorgasbord he now estimates that there are 17 cats who routinely even his feeding spot the web cam was set up as a way to monitor activity but it became quite popular and the founder of the Korean animal welfare group who said that she seen an increase in people wanting to adopt cat since the feed went live the live stream is tough to access outside of South Korea but there are plenty of highlights on you too 1 university of South Carolina live stream is focused on some creatures who are not quite so kindly set up in a science lab the feed monitors the activities of a large group of Madagascar hissing cockroaches they can weigh up to a quarter pound grow as large as mice and yes they actually hiss at you when irritated biologist Tim muso set up the cameras a joke way back in 1994 when web cams were still cutting edge technology as 1 of the first animal cans in the country it quickly picked up traffic and remains remarkably popular getting up to 10000 views per day university students are free to come by and visit the critters and even handle them but most would probably agree that the best way to view a giant mass of quarter pound cock roaches is remotely the bubble Kim was set up by a Florida couple named Indian Mike and it is exactly what it sounds like the webcam is trained on a high volume bubble machine in the couple's guarded impressing the websites bubbles button causes it to do its thing according to the site's FAQ the bubble machine was a Halloween decoration that might break to a remote control to keep it from running out of bubble fluid too fast and he wondered if it would be possible to operated from the internet and the bubble came was born it's been in operation for over 15 years and still lives over 200 visitors per day the site's statistics page keeps a running record of the number of times each user activates the bubbles by day and also how many bubble activations took place during each hour of each day all the way back to 2001 some live streams are about as exciting as watching grass grow but only one gives you the real deal the strings operator known only as Mr grass keeps an immaculate frontline and wants the whole world to know about it he said a web cam train on his yard for over 10 years day and night which can actually be a bit more interesting than it sounds for one thing Mr grass is known to break out some insane lawn decorations for such occasions as Halloween Christmas and the opening of baseball season he's apparently a pretty big Colorado Rockies fan for another the grass family children often help dad with the yard work giving longtime viewers an opportunity to literally watch them grow along with the grass fans can leave a message on the grass block which features appropriate comments such as I think it's grass and this is more interesting than the lecture I'm in right now for those who would like a more interactive but equally weird experience look no further been drive me according to the FAQ the site began in the late nineties as a home automation project that we completely off the rails this dream operator began by connecting his doorbell to the internet via his website than a lamp in his living room he soon added the ability to control an RC car started adding more lance and then the switch to control music around this time a radio station heard about the website and brought the operator on the air with the DJ asked what is this drive me he knew he had found the perfect domain name the website gets anywhere from 2000 to 10000 visitors daily and the operator is constantly retiring old controllable devices and adding new ones every time the devices remotely operated for example turning on the lamp it's insanity meter on the homepage go slightly up there's even an LED matrix sign that users can display personal messages on giving 10000 strangers control of your house certainly seems like a good way to drive yourself nuts but the guy has got to be used to it by now the webcam has been in operation since 1997 the big Texan steak ranch in Amarillo Texas has a long standing tradition legend has it that in 1962 a group of cowboys gathered at the restaurant for a contest to see who could eat the most 1 pound steaks in an hour the eventual winner shocked the competition by putting away his first 2 in 10 minutes then again by requesting sides with his next to by the end of the hour he had down 4.5 pounds of state a shrimp cocktail a baked potato a salad and a dinner roll in this is the gastronomic obstacle course patrons must complete to win that 72 ounce steak challenge each event is live streamed on the restaurant's website in they usually take place once every few days or sell who websites hall of fame lists hundreds of patrons who have successfully completed the challenge going all the way back to 1965 including a former player for the New Orleans Saints to demolish the enormous meal on 3 separate occasions truly fine whiskey takes a long time to mature nobody knows this like a master distillers at the Brookline the distillery in Scotland where they make what they claim is the world's strongest whiskey help explore it is 184 proof 92 percent pure alcohol by volume and it must staging a special task for 10 years one batch has been maturing since 2008 and whisky connoisseurs in those with way too much time on their hands have been able to watch it do so in real time on the distillery's live stream the site's homepage is sarcastic in the extreme promising users untold excitement and encouraging them to stay logged in 2004 hours a day to avoid missing anything as the webcam overlooks a plane unmoving cast for the humor impaired this site adds even more confusion with the smell whiskey online but promising to let users download the aroma from inside the casket they simply fill out a form promising that they are of legal age and stating that they won't sue if they become impaired or hung over another Scottish web cam feed comes from a familiar location it overlooks loch ness which for hundreds of years has been thought to be the home of unknown monsters that live in it's murky debts no hard evidence has ever been found and the many photographs that have been taken or other inconclusive or been proven to be hoaxes but for over 15 years this web cam is kept a close eye on one portion of the enormous lake 2004 hours a day the strings operator me go to college is very enthusiastic about the reality of the loch ness monster in believes firmly that it is a pleasure sore and aquatic reptile that has been extinct since the Jurassic period of course the feed has a snapshot button in case if you were happens the spot nessie and there's even a second feedback keeps an eye on the bay near Urquhart castle in area where she's made many appearances over the years so far neither feed is managed to capture anything but if the caller is to be believed it's only a matter of time a live stream that watches over a light bulb might sound about as exciting as watching whiskey mature but the centennial light live stream isn't concerned with just any old ball the fixture in question was installed in the California fire house in 1901 with a few exceptions it is shown continuously ever since for an incredible 116 years known as a Shelby ball it features a different design from the 1 we're all familiar with which is probably a big factor in its longevity the 60 watt bulb has shown it only for what's for much of its life in it switched off as infrequently as possible because turning light bulbs on enough put stress on the filament and causes them to burn out sooner it's been moved only once in 1976 with a full police escort to a different fire house in Pasadena where it remains to this day well there are a few no light bulbs that have been in operation almost as long including 1 in the Texas upper house that is burning since 19 away the centennial boat has been confirmed by Guinness to be the all this light cold still in use and it's also the only 1 with its own live stream the website real life Kim has a simple premise consenting groups of people are given web cams to set up in every room of their house and stream their entire lives 2004 hours a day 7 days a week if you've ever wanted to be a fly on the wall while random strangers cook clean and go about their daily lives this bizarre sight makes it possible of course some of the activities captured on these cams are decidedly not safe for work which is obviously part of the appeal for some users but for the most part the site participants are seen hanging out watching TV and using their computers probably the exact kinds of things you'll be doing while watching it seems the internet may have finally come full circle //
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10 Hottest Daughters of Billionaires
\\WNED I 33 year old Amanda Hearst is one of the heiresses to Hearst publishing dynasty is the great granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst one of the first media moguls in one of the most influential figures of the twentieth century Citizen Kane one of the greatest films of all time was based on his life although hers wasn't too happy about it although Amanda is drop dead gorgeous she's about the furthest thing from a celebrity debutante while she has appeared as a model in such publications as Harper's bazaar and cosmopolitan she's also worked as an associate editor at Marie Claire but she's mostly stayed out of the media spotlight in favor of concentrating on an issue that's very important to wear inhumane puppy mills she's been involved with the Humane Society since 2010 and she's been personally involved with multiple raids on these mails which raise puppies for large chain pet stores often in dangerous an unclean conditions she's never consider doing reality TV and you'll never see her throwing swanky celebrity filled parties speaking to the New York times she said you can see how far it goes in the news with someone misbehaves so I try to stay in line and not be a jerk virgin CEO Richard Branson has gone from independent record store chain owner in the seventies to multimedia conglomerate and billionaire today he's also become known as an adventurer and philanthropist but he won't be the face of virgin for long as he approaches retirement his strategy is to make his children the faces of the brand and daughter Holly has spent her entire life learning the ropes however 35 year old Holly is not just another pretty face but business philosophies instilled in her by her father have guided her throughout her life and she regularly writes articles and blog posts on how to build a successful business culture among her most important pieces of advice learn on the job treat everyone has an equal and surround yourself with great people tendency saw Nexium as her dad built virgin she's picked up Richard's passion for philanthropy as well having spent time teaching at an orphanage in impoverished region of Africa any case all of this is an impressive enough she's also a medical doctor 34 year old Arianna Rockefeller has 1 of the most intimidating last names on the planet she's the daughter of David Rockefeller junior a fourth generation member of 1 of the most influential banking families in history however Arianna has no desire to get into the family business she's a fashion designer and while her label bears her famous name she has no intention of turning it into a lifestyle brand her first retail location opened in soho in 2014 and the brand has slowed the gain traction which is just fine with Arianna she says she's perfectly happy building her brand piece by piece saying of the name of the label it certainly makes people take a look but it kind of stops there the clothes ultimately need to stand on their own a very pragmatic attitude from a woman whose family patriarch John D. Rockefeller maybe the single richest man of all time Ivanka trump was born into a life of luxury few of us can imagine but it hasn't always been a walk in the park for the stunning 35 year old but other of businessman former reality TV show host in current U. S. president Donald Trump was consumed with schooling for much of her early life finishing her primary education at the strict boarding school before moving on to Georgetown University and then the university of Pennsylvania where she graduated cum laude with a bachelor's degree in economics all the while she was dabbling in modeling for publications like 17 stuff and Harper's bazaar but her own business took off in 2007 when she established a baka trump fine jewelry which today has its flagship retail location in trump tower in Manhattan she's been involved in politics for as long as Donald donating to Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign and endorsing Mitt Romney in 2012 and today she has an official role in the White House is an assistant to the president Petra stunt was born with a much more famous last name she's the daughter of Bernie Eckel stone the British billionaire and chief executive of Formula 1 the organization behind the highest level of single seat auto racing in the world but Petra had no interest in following in her father's footsteps she said a lifelong ambition to be a fashion designer and decided to make her name in men's wear after finding the market for women's clothing to be too saturated she's had some success with her men's label form and an accessories line called stark but the lovely 28 year old is best known for her near constant appearances in the British tabloids controversy swirled around husband James in 2016 when his gold bullion firm was the subject of a massive raid conducted by British police in which 12 people were arrested for money laundering offense it's all the more shocking considering the couple's ultra lavish lifestyle they own a fleet of high end luxury cars in a $90000000 mansion in Chelsea in the UK and pets are recently put her Los Angeles residents up for sale known as the manner it's the former residents of the league TV producer Aaron spelling with 14 bedrooms 27 bathrooms and its own bowling alley it's 1 of the most expensive private homes in the United States its current asking price is $200000000 our monthly Ortega is the richest man in Europe and by some estimates the second richest person in the world behind only Bill Gates with a network of over 71000000000 he's the founder of into text group the world's largest fashion retailer which owns the enormously popular Zara brand among many others his 32 year old daughter marta is poised to take over as the face of the company when her father retires and she has just the look and business savvy to do it although she tries to keep a low profile and stay out of the media spotlight her looks in fashion sense it made this an uphill battle she's fond of her father's company stylish designs in the cameras just can't seem to stay away whenever she's out in public put marta isn't just being given the keys to the kingdom because she wears Zahra remarkably well she started off in the company as a teenager stocking shelves and helping customers in retail locations and she's worked her way up just like any dedicated employees she's also an equestrian who specializes in show jumping in interest she shares with her husband of 5 years Spanish equestrian star Sergio Alvarez Moya the strikingly beautiful Anna Schaefer was bored and I'm the same often she has a more interesting story than most her father is but see the any seem off a famous Russian metal magnate who worked his way up the industry in Soviet era Russia to become one of the richest men in the country with many holdings in aluminum a notoriously corrupt sector of the Russian economy Yeni seem a family was bound to encounter trouble and when Anna was 17 in 2000 her older half sister was murdered possibly as part of a business or political conspiracy and and I was sent along with her mother to live in the U. S. Anna's mother immediately struck it big in real estate and had ambitions to try to make a movie star at Evanna but for much of her early twenties and was more interested in partying hard on the New York social scene earning a reputation as the Russian Paris Hilton after cleaning up her act in dabbling in modeling in real estate she ended up with a few movie roles after all appearing in 6 independent films between 2010 and 2017 another member of the Hearst clan Liddy is the cousin of Amanda Hearst and the daughter of Patty Hearst was a teenager in the 19 seventies famously in door to kidnapping ordeal at the hands of terrorists only to end up sympathizing a cooperating with her kidnappers Lydia now 32 came along much later in Patty's life which remained interesting when Lydia was a child that he would take her along to hang out on movie sets with their friend director John Waters this instilled a love of showbiz in Lydia from an early age and she's been busy making a name for herself as an adult she spent her early twenties modeling shooting her first cover for the Italian version of vogue and she's modeled on the runway and in print ads for far too many top name designers to list she's also dabbled in journalism for the New York Post and tried her hand at lifestyle blogging it amassed an impressive resumes an actress in independent films in August 2016 she married at midnight host Chris Hardwick in a lavish Pasadena ceremony with a star studded guest list including the likes of a living a month Sarah Silverman Kristen Schaal in breaking bad creator Vince Gilligan British twins the Barclay brothers Frederic and Sir David are 2 of the richest men in Britain with an estimated 6.5000000000 pound fortune their press holdings company owns many of the major newspapers in the UK and their retail holdings including Littlewoods in Woolworths are nearly as profitable their aversion to the limelight is enough for them to be widely described as reclusive but their stunning 28 year old granddaughter Sophia doesn't have that problem she's told Vanity Fair that she's always wanted to be an actress and she's been trying to make her dream happen in New York while taking advantage of that legendary social scene for years the Westminster educated beauty shouldn't have much of a problem since much of the family fortune was made in media and being as photogenic as she is doesn't hurt either former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has interests in a number of highly profitable markets global securities mass media and computer software with a personal net worth of over 47 $0 he's been ranked by Forbes as the eighth richest person in the United States he's got a lot of powerful friends and his gorgeous 34 year old daughter Georgina is likewise acquaintances with a number of the children of the rich and powerful she's good friends with a vodka trump appearing alongside her on the HBO documentary bored rich and she's a member of friends of fan an animal rights organization headed by Amanda Hurst also she runs in the same equestrian circles as mark our take apart as she's a professional sponsored by ari at international and takes part in regular competition every season she won the 2015 Grand Prix at the winter equestrian festival in Florida and help the U. S. show jumping team win second place at the FEI nations Cup that same year she might be an easy going married mother who lives on a horse farm but she's also a serious competitor in the areas to 1 of the richest empires in the U. S. well //
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10 Mind Blowing Tricks Advertisers Use to Manipulate Photos
\\may have noticed that when you see virtually any food advertisement it never ends up looking the same as it does in real life even package frozen foods feature photos that have hungry consumers crying foul when the product comes out of the microwave but it's only sensible if a little sneaky for advertisers to make their products look as appealing as possible however this practice goes far beyond shooting an entree from its good side some of the tricks used by photographers to make food look scrumptious are pretty clever and some are downright mind nothing says hot and fresh like lots of steam if advertisers are to be believed when someone in a commercial splits open a dinner roll opens up a big mac Cartan or microwave popcorn you can be sure that the product will be steaming like a tea kettle of course we all know the commercial shoots are a long process involving lots of takes and that nobody is on set constantly cooking up steaming batches of products but the secret behind those steamy shots is as simple as it is clever most food doesn't have a very high water content so it stops steaming pretty quickly as it cools down but cotton balls can hold plenty of water and if so it's cotton balls are microwave they'll keep steaming for much longer than your average burger photographers will strategically placed them behind or around a product enabling them to get that perfect shot the gives that product that just cooked appearance mashed potatoes are the unsung heroes of advertising photography they're easy to work with a model keep for a long time and won't Meltzer run under hot lights over the years advertisers have found a number of ways to use mass potatoes to make other foods look better on camera they can be used to add volume to meat products like roasted whole chickens simply by injecting them into the desired area there also baked into pies to give the filling is 30 consistency that won't run when a piece is cut but by far the most popular use in advertising photography is as a stand in for ice cream ice cream is incredibly difficult to photograph especially because it needs to look ice cold the hot lights used in a photography set will cause it to start melting within seconds but mashed potatoes don't have this problem adding colors and mix ins makes the illusion complete and as long as they're the right consistency it's nearly impossible to tell the difference if you've ever seen a picture of frosty cold ice cream that made you just have to go out and get some it's almost certain that you were actually looking at mashed potatoes there are also a number of problems photographers encounter when trying to photograph milk it tends to look thin in not quite wide enough on camera and its most typical use in advertising as a costar in cereal ads presents even more issues serial has to look crunchy and freshen nets and as we all know it doesn't take most cereals very long to become soggy that is why the milk you see in these ads isn't milk at all its glow regular Elmer's glue retains its stark white appearance on camera and it's so thick that no serial itself be enough to sink inside the cereal bowls you see in these ads are modified to be only a couple of inches deep a thick layer of glue is poured in and a sprinkling of cereal is laid over the top photographers can shoot for hours in the serial will stay fresh and dry while the phony milk never loses its multi messed when you see an advertisement for a restaurant or a steak house the stakes always appear grilled to perfection you can tell because they're pink and juicy on the inside with distinct grill marks on the outside the marks of an excellent steak they may not always get it right in the restaurant but advertisers make sure that what you see on TV is as appetizing as possible can they do it in one of the least appetizing ways imaginable the stakes used in these ads are not even cooked on the grill at all it's too hard to achieve that perfect pink mist that way instead they're cooked in enough in or on the flat grill and then the grill marks are painted on with sewer boot Polish that wouldn't exactly be a tasty state but it sure looks good on camera whipped cream is it's difficult to work with his ice cream if you're trying to use it in an advertising share it doesn't have a consistent thickness tends to get running and will begin melting under hot lights in mere seconds fortunately for photographers there's a common product it looks identical to whip cream but doesn't have these problems it shaving cream and every ad you've ever seen featuring a milkshake parfait or slice of pie with a dollop of whipped cream on top didn't actually use whipped cream at all shaving cream holds up for much longer won't melt and is easy to sculpt in shape in whatever way the photographer wishes just like with mashed potatoes and whipped cream it's impossible for your eye to tell the difference if you're wondering if some unlucky crew member on a commercial shoot ever picked up the wrong drink by accident and got a mouthful of Barbasol well that's never been documented but the law of averages and Murphy's law both dictate that yes it almost certainly has distributors of fresh fruit have their own tricks for making the product look more appealing in person a lot of the fruit you find in grocery stores actually has a very thin wax coating to make it appear more shiny but this isn't quite enough for TV cameras so photographers have discovered another trick to make fruit really pop in advertisements if you're a little put off by that wax coating you can at least keep in mind that wax is edible in one harm you spray deodorant on the other hand should never come anywhere near food unless it's starring in a commercial photographer spray down apples grapes pears and practically anything else that has a skin with a liberal coating of spray deodorant to give them that ultra shiny look that we associate with being natural even though it is anything but one thing that is difficult to convey in photography is consistency and this presents a big problem if you have to photograph sauces at the correct consistency sauces tend to look fame in water down on camera and can also appeared dolor lacking in color some sauces can also separate over the course of a long shoot but photographers have found a simple addition that solves all these problems at once it's waxed simple ordinary wax with some covering additives red wax for example can make the color of a red sauce pop while making it appear to have the desired robust consistency on camera different colors can be used to tweak a sauces on camera appearance until it's just right and the wax will keep the sauce from separating over the length of the shoot it can also be used the thick in a sauce up enough to get those pouring shots which can be nearly impossible to achieve otherwise cardboard is second only to mashed potatoes as the M. V. P. of at photography whenever you see a shot of a slice of layer cake with perfectly even distribution of cake and frosting you can bet that there are a couple of extra layers photographers will insert pieces of cardboard in between the layers of the cake bent pipe the frosting on to the cardboard this helps ensure that there are no crimes in the frosting which is unavoidable when simply cutting a piece of cake and that the layers of cake and frosting look perfectly uniform cardboard is also used to make sure that every fast food burger you seen an ad looks perfect condiments like lettuce tomatoes and pickles are always position precisely in the shots and this is done by slitting a layer of cardboard in on top of the burger Patty the fixings have been meticulously position for the camera and held in place by pins you might complain that your fast food burgers never look like the ones in the acts but you really wouldn't want the one from the act unless you were looking for a mouth full of packing materials anyone who has ever tried to cook a perfect chicken or Turkey knows how difficult today's and advertisements whole birds always look plump juicy and golden brown and as you may have guessed it's not because advertisers higher world class chefs to cook up amazingly photogenic birds in fact the whole birds you see in advertisements would not be delicious they wouldn't even be edible the birds used for these photo shoots are barely cooked just enough to make them more sturdy than their typically stuff with paper towels to pump them up before being sewn shut areas that still look a little saggy can be pumped up with those mashed potatoes and then the entire birdies painted by an airbrush artist to achieve that perfect golden brown sound it makes for a delectable looking bird but this technique probably won't work so well for your next thanksgiving dinner a fluffy stack of pancakes with warm maple syrup is a great way to start the morning and advertisers know that this image will get your stomach rumbling the problem with getting this on cameras that almost all pancakes absorb syrup pretty quickly making it tough to get across how rich and think you're syrup is to avoid this photographers will spray down each pancake with a coating of fabric protector like Scott's guard keeping them for being too absorbent but sometimes even this is enough regular syrup can heat up and become runny under lights and doesn't always photograph well this is why many of these types of advertisements don't use real syrup that's 10 W. 30 motor oil getting poured all over those flapjacks sure they were already ruined by the Scots Guards but somehow that just doesn't seem right //
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10 Things You Didn't Know About The Office
\\we March 2005 in may 2013 NBC aired one of its most successful sitcoms ever the office adapted from the short lived BBC series of the same name while the well received British version starring Ricky Gervais set a stateside following of its own its 2 season run was absolutely dwarfed by the phenomenon that its American counterpart became over 201 episodes even more that N. B. C. powerhouses like Seinfeld and willing grace viewers got a whole areas and at times uncomfortable level of exposure to the hapless employees of the Dunder Mifflin paper company here 10 interesting things you may not have known about the office the show was created by Greg Daniels a veteran comedy writer who penned several beloved episodes of The Simpsons and also worked on king of the hill alongside Mike judge it spent time as a writer on Saturday Night Live from that experience he saw the value of having performers also contribute its writers which he kept in mind when building the BJ Novak was among the very first to be who begins the series as attend and becomes a consistent thorn in the side of his co workers throughout the series his experience and stand up and as a writer on previous it comes won him the role writers Mindy Kaling and Paul Lieberstein were also added to the cast in later seasons would see all 3 take on executive producer roles as well as directing several episodes of all the riders to work on the series Kaling is credited with the most so those scripts she's written 24 episodes in total the rest of the show's cast was filled out mainly with performers with strong backgrounds in improv as Daniel's knew this would help contribute to its documentary feel Steve Carell landed the role of Michael Scott due to his own areas and largely improvised role in the hit comedy anchorman but producers were interested in the likes of Paul Giamatti Bob Odenkirk and Hank is area before casting Carell voting Kirk even accepted the role at 1.but was replaced when Carell became available interestingly ray Wilson who would later be cast as Dwight also auditioned for the role but his audition amounted to a bad impression of Ricky Jr vase from the British series and producers wisely like him better is Dwight the rest of the show's cast might have also been very different Seth Rogan was in the running for the role of Dwight before Wilson was cast and Adam Scott who would go on to star in parks and recreation was almost cast is Jim this almost certainly would have happened if John Kaczynski who would eventually land the role that had even a little bit worse while waiting to read for Jim after the produce Dwight Kaczynski struck up a conversation with a man in the waiting room asked if he was nervous he proceeded to go on at length about how much you love the British series and how we just hope the producers wouldn't screw up the U. S. version too bad then put his foot in his mouth when the man introduced himself as producer Greg Daniels fortunately for Kaczynski he nailed the audition and got the part anyway in order to keep the documentary feel of the series as authentic as possible descent of the office didn't look so much like a TV set as it did an actual office this is because from season 2 on the set was modeled on a real office building the one that filming took place in for the entirety of sea in fact not only was this real life office created in painstaking detail on a is California soundstage but everything inside it except the bathroom was 100 percent functional they were working refrigerators in the break room and working computers on every desk and even the vending machines were kept stocked and really dispense snacks many of the knick knacks another set decorations were also gathered from real locations in Scranton Pennsylvania where the show is set take out menus chamber of commerce blacks baseball schedules and bumper stickers from local radio stations were all part of the core that transform the set into a little piece of Scranton in California in the first episode of season 3 gay witchhunt Oscar played by Oscar noon yes reveals the Michael that he is gay after Michael others an offensive slur Michael bends over backwards to try to appear accepting but being Michael everything he tries to do backfires horribly he organizes an office wide seminar on homosexuality that is a complete disaster accidentally outs Oscar to be entire company and when Oscar threatens to quit tries to get back into his good graces by kissing him full on the lips it's a hilarious moment in one that was totally off script only a hug was called for but after a few takes the scene wasn't working corral decided to improvise and despite the fact that the entire cast and crew were cracking up the camera man managed to salvage the take by staying focused on Carella noon yes and specifically on new year's genuinely horrified season 52 part opener brought to climax to the on again off again relationship of Jim and Pam after Jim briefly relocated to another branch and date of the different co worker in season 3 the pair began dating again in season 4 and producers wanted to give fans a set piece during which Jim would propose marriage the proposal was to take place at a rest stop in the pouring rain but using a real rest stop would have cost too much not only with producers have had to shell out $100000 to film at the desired location but they wouldn't be permitted to use fake rain which was a deal breaker they decided instead to recreate the rest stop on a sound stage which ended up being not only costlier than they had bargained for but over twice as much as it would have cost just to shoot on location when all was said and done the minute long sequence cost a whopping $250000 to shoot while Greg Daniels admitted that it was far and away the costliest shot they'd ever done he judge the bill to be worth it calling the shot the highlight of 5 years of storytelling well its ratings dwindled in this last few seasons the office still had a strong a fan base that more than one spinoff project was considered at the beginning of the ninth and final season show runner Paul Lieberstein stepped down from his position to focus on filling the same role for the farm which was to be a spinoff series starring rainn Wilson is twice the show's potential cast of characters were introduced in the seventeenth episode of that season also called the farm in which whites deceased aunt wills her farm to the remaining family members on the condition that they move back into running critics found the nature of the backdoor pilot episode obvious calling it a Frankenstein episode in also complain that the set up itself was just not very inspired NBC executives ended up passing on the spin off series gonna propose projects starring ed Helms is Andy in a family setting also failed to materialize I even though the office never got a proper spinoff the long running comedy parks and recreation could be seen as a sort of unofficial one in fact the idea for the series was originally to develop it around a character from the office before receded Jones who played James previously mentioned and 3 fling Karen Phillip Hallie was cast in the role of end on parks and rec created by Greg Daniels in office writer and performer Michael Schur parks and rec is a laugh track free single camera sitcom using the conceit of a documentary film crew with heavy doses of cringing humor just like its predecessor sure served as show runner in more than a few writers editors and producers who have helped shape the look and tone of the office did the same for parks and recreation Paul Lieberstein even had a last minute idea to link the shelves by having Dunder Mifflin perpetually faulty copier B. recall the preferred based and sent off to the Pawnee parks department but the new show's producers decided against it fan favorite Phyllis Vance had a vindictive center beneath her sweet motherly coding and actress Phyllis Smith spur trail seem tailor made to be the perfect foil to Carell's Michael but Smith got the gig purely by accident she actually worked as a casting director in the show's first season and was mainly responsible for doing readings with the other actors producers kept her in the dark when they asked her to do a special reading that ended up being her audition for the part of Phyllis which was added specifically for her before her time in Hollywood casting Phyllis had an interesting career in the 19 seventies and eighties she was a dancer and cheerleader for the NFL St Louis cardinals and even worked for awhile as a burlesque dancer she's gone out of her way to clarify that there was no stripping but she did wear plenty of feathers Steve Carell's return as Michael for the series finale was a complete surprise to fans well that was of course heavily speculated that he might appear producers went to ridiculous lengths to keep his guest spot totally under wraps for months with the level of secrecy worthy of a Marvel film all of Carell scenes were kept out of the dailies the raw footage used to sync audio and for editing purposes until the very last minute even NBC executives weren't told whether or not he would appear and cast members were evasive or outright lied through their teeth every time they were asked the question directly by the media Michael's lines in the script were even attributed to a different character just in case anyone outside the production managed to get a look when Michael appeared midway through the second part of a 2 part finale to step in as Dwight's best man at his wedding to Angela the moment brought tears to the eyes of fans who had been with the show from the beginning perhaps the show's most singularly weird character creed Bratton was a formerly homeless hippie with a drug fueled rockstar pass who may or may not have murdered several pre as thunder Mifflin employees his bizarre behavior constant non sequiturs and Sirius life outside the office made him instant fan favorite put the story of how the character came to be is almost as bizarre as the character himself that's because he's portrayed by creed Bratton an actual ex hippie who really did have success as a musician in the sixties and seventies his band the grassroots had a top 10 hit during the 1967 summer of love with let's live for today and scored several more minor hits over the next decade Bratton began dabbling in acting in the late seventies but it landed mostly minor roles before being cast as an extra on the office producers found him so odd in his backstory so unique that they wrote a fictional version of Bratton in as a low level Dunder Mifflin employee in the very first episode the rest is history and writers had fun throughout the show's run during together fiction and reality with the character of creed in 1 episode creed said that he was able to get rid of all his debts by transferring them to a fictional identity William Charles Snyder which is the real creed Bratton's birth name I I nnst I I //
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Top 25 Best Selling Video Games
\\I I I WNED the Nintendo Wii was the surprise hit gaming platform of the seventh generation of come its focus on motion control introduced in the counsel's remote mated the per platform family in part again fit Nintendo give consumers a way to exercise fun at the same time with their ballots board peripheral the game has yoga strength train cardio and balance game and has even been used in assisted living facilities to help improve posture in the elderly with over 22000000 souls we fit is the 20 fifth best selling game overall and third best selling single council gang Pokemon gold and silver with a second installments in the Pokemon franchise released in 2000 in North America for the Game Boy color the sequels were very well received by fans and sold almost as well as predecessors Pokemon red and blue with over 100 new species of Pokemon introduced in the games they quickly became a must have for Game Boy owners both among gold and silver comes in at number 24 with 23000000 copies sold we the Mario kart series is among the most popular in Nintendo's history released in 2005 for the incredibly popular DS handheld Mario kart D. S. literally put head to head action in the hands of players the game was praised for its sharp graphics and multiplayer gameplay and went on to become the third best selling title ever for the DS with over 23.5000000 units sold it's also the 20 third best selling game of all time the games that started it all Pokemon red and blue were released in Japan as reading green in 1996 they quickly took over game boys all over the country then repeated the performance when released in North America in 1998 fans are still crazy about Pokemon 2 decades later it's become a multi $0 franchise with new movies TV series and games coming out every year Guinness named Pokemon red and blue the best selling RPG of all time and it's number 22 on our list with nearly 24 0 souls Nintendogs is a real time pet simulation game released in 2005 it uses the consul's microphone to allow players to train their pets and use its wireless link up to allow players to interact with each other the game was praised for its innovation and its success led to a spinoff toy line which included plush dolls and trading cards incredibly the game is the second best selling title ever for the DS and number 21 on our list with sales of about 24000000 released in 2010 connected ventures gave Xbox 360 users a taste of the connector referrals capabilities the motion control camera was a huge success for Microsoft and connected ventures had the advantage of being bundled with the unit it's many games challenge players to use the full motion of their bodies to navigate obstacles and complete puzzles this party game went on to become the Xbox 3 sixties best selling title selling 24 0 copies worldwide with the 2012 sequel to call of duty black ops was highly anticipated by gamers the game was initially released for PC Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and also became the first title in the call of duty franchise to get a port for Nintendo's Wii U. it was the first in the series to feature futuristic technology and also improved on the previous titles multiplayer by allowing gamers to be matched with others of a similar skill level at the time it was the biggest entertainment launch ever it grossed a half $0 in the first week of sales and would eventually sell 24 0.2000000 units on its way to number 19 on our list yeah the most recent title on the least took the world by storm in 2016 released for PC Xbox 1 and PlayStation for over watch is a robust online shooter with a detailed mythology it fits players against each other in teams of 6 and it's notably the only title on this list that is exclusively online multiplayer there was no single player campaign mode begins creative character design infrequent free updates have kept the online battles raging and the game selling like hot cakes over watches the eighteenth best selling game ever after less than a year of release selling 25 0 copies I the Grand Theft Auto series will make multiple appearances here despite its title GTA 4 is actually the eleventh game in the series and was highly anticipated after the breakout success of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto vice city the 2005 Xbox 316 PlayStation 3 title was universally praised for its enormous and richly detailed open world although it attracted criticism for some of the illegal activities players could take part in during the day par for the course for this series some critics say the GTA for change the landscape of gaming and it's number 17 with 25 0 units sold I call of duty black ops was released in 2010 to practically every platform in existence technically a sequel to call of duty world at war blackouts outsold its direct predecessor 2009 modern warfare 2 by over 2000000 copies in its opening week the game expanded the zombies mode introduced in world at war enter controversy for a mission in which players try to kill a young Fidel Castro being banned in Cuba didn't hurt the release however as critics some players were enthusiastic to the tune of 26.2000000 copies sold worldwide call of duty modern warfare 3 followed hot on the heels of the previous century released across platforms in winter 2011 a direct sequel to modern warfare to the king suffered from several pre release leaks as some shipments were mistakenly sent early to retailers and a shipment of 6000 pre order copies was even stolen by masked gunmen in Paris despite these early bombs it's much was the biggest of all time until it was surpassed by black ops to the following year and it went on to sell 26 0.5000000 copies I released for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 in 2004 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is considered by many to be among the greatest games of all time the games physics in vast open world were a big improvement from previous centuries and it was also praise for its story even if it also drew controversy for some risque sexual content Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the top selling game ever released for the PlayStation 2 but top selling game console of all time with some critics calling it the consul's defining game it clocks in at number 14 with sales of 27.5000000 units we play was one of the launch titles for the Nintendo Wii and it made good use of the weeds unique gaming style benign many games basically serve to introduce players to the types of actions that could be performed with the women and some of these games even appeared as demos for the week at E. 3 in 2006 even though the game received mixed reviews it benefited from being launched aside Nintendo's incredibly popular consul and log in amazing 28000000 sales but I new Super Mario brothers we was an instant and smashing success with both fans and critics not only was it a great addition to the beloved series it was the first ever Mario game to feature simultaneous multi player gameplay some critics hailed it as a good reason to buy a week for those not interested in the more party oriented titles and it became the consul's fourth best selling title with sales of over 29000000 yeah the Diablo series is 1 of the most popular from powerhouse developer blizzard entertainment the first 2 titles gained a following among hardcore gamers as they were only released for PC and mac but 2012 Diablo 3 was also released for current and previous PlayStation and Xbox consoles and sales went through the roof the game was well received although some complain that it required an internet connection to play due to its digital rights management despite this and some initial problems with the game servers Diablo 3 sold an astounding 30000000 copies well but there's this elder scrolls series of RPGs had its fans before the fifth century nobody was quite prepared for the runaway success of Skyrim in 2011 the game ran on a new engine created specifically for it as the development team hadn't been pleased with the look of the previous century oblivion its artistic rendering combined with a deep story and the removal of the series limiting class system made it an enormous critical success and today it's generally considered to be among the very best games of all time it sold over 30000000 copies with more to come a port is planned for the Nintendo switching 2017 the released in 2006 when Nintendo D. S. handheld new Super Mario brothers was fairly well received by critics although some found it to be less difficult compared to other Mario games however it was considered to be one of the best games available for the D. S. which is the best selling hand held and second best selling console of any kind new Super Mario brothers became a must own for anyone who had a D. S. propelling it to sales strong enough for number 9 on our list nearly 31000000 units sold I we sports resort was bundled with the Wii MotionPlus accessory and was one of the first games to require the peripheral but 2009 sequel to the insanely popular we sports introduced a ton of new many games including fencing table tennis basketball and cycling the Wii MotionPlus makes movement with the remote more accurate allowing for more nuanced gameplay well that could be that any sequel to we sports would have sold the time we sports resort is a great game in its own right and became the third best selling title on the week with nearly 33000000 copies sold Tetris needs no introduction and it's the only title on this list to merit to separate entries 1 for general cross platform release and 1 specifically for the Nintendo gameboy handheld console was durable had long battery life in a deep game library all of which made it explosively popular when it debuted in 1989 Tetris came bundled with the council and found its way into the hearts of young gamers everywhere the gameboy version of Tetris alone clocks in at number 7 with 35 0 souls the second best selling game for the Nintendo Wii is perhaps the best installment in a consistently great franchise Mario kart Wii was released in 2008 to widespread acclaim from fans while some critics found it to be a bit boring gamers appreciated that players of any skill could jump in and play and it was also the first entry in the series to make use of the weeds motion control capabilities for steering it came bundled with the Wii wheel a steering wheel accessories players could use in place of the window fans were soul and Mario kart we went on to huge sales of over 36000000 units the 1985 any as classic Super Mario brothers has perhaps introduced more players to gaming than any other title easy to play difficult to master progressively tough and endlessly imaginative the game became nearly instant pop culture phenomenon and drove sales of its console like few games have before it single handedly revive the north American video game market following the industry's legendary 1983 crash and a pole 20 years after its release named it the greatest game of all time Super Mario brothers sold over 40000000 copies making it the fifth best selling game of all time the when it comes to open world shooters 2013 Grand Theft Auto 5 is the gold standard a series known for its constant evolution introduced several amazing new features including missions that deviate from the usual GTA structure multiple playable characters and the unique ability to switch between third person in first person mode with a stunningly huge world and lovingly rendered graphics GTA 5 quickly joined critical discussions of the best games ever made it's posted the biggest sales numbers of this decade so far with a whopping 75 0 units sold and it's the fourth best selling game ever well released in winter 2006 bundled with the Wii console Wii sports introduced gamers of all ages to a new way to play the wheeze motion control interface was like nothing brought to market before it in we sports perfectly took advantage of the new technology fun and easy to use the we brought families together to game like no consul ever had and we sports was usually at the center of the fun the game was widely praised by fans and critics alike and is the best selling game ever released for a single console nearly 83000000 copies the title briefly help Nintendo Wii calypsonian Microsoft in council sales and it's the third best selling game of all time we minecraft is 1 of the most unique video games ever conceived out its open procedurally generated world allows the player to build 3 D. constructs at a base building blocks and gives them no set objectives it features various modes monsters and methods of online play the keep it fresh and endlessly entertaining and became an instant success when it was released a pea season 2011 and consuls in 2012 it's huge online community and fan base keep it in the public eye and it's been made available for over a dozen platforms including mobile apple TV and the Nintendo switch with no signs of slowing down minecraft has sold a staggering 100 22 0 copies to become the second best selling video game ever the universally loved puzzle game Tetris destroys all challengers in sales numbers after gaining massive popularity with its gameboy release the game has to date been ported to over 65 platforms and has found everlasting success is a mobile app it's simple and addictive gameplay can now be enjoyed by anyone with a mobile phone and it's unbeatable sales numbers confirm its place as a cultural icon Tetris has been purchased nearly a half 0 times worldwide making it hands down the best selling game of all time //
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10 Extreme Plastic Surgery Transformations
\\is race tattoo artists Jordin James park has a slight obsession with Kim Kardashian about 4 years ago he decided he wanted fuller lips like him so we went in for a little extra definition then according to Jordan they just got bigger and bigger of course that didn't happen on its own Jordan had several more lip augmentation is performed along with botox injections and nose job and those strange eyebrows which are tattoos in 2015 Jordan appeared on the E. TV series boxed in which renowned plastic surgeons Paul Nassif and Terry brow trying to help patients whose procedures have gone horribly wrong Jordan and listed the duo's help with his lips began leaking college in out of the sites despite this he still wanted his lips to be even bigger but Missy and recommended to live stanice the brow even worn Jordan point blank it's all fun and until your lips fall off in you've got a mate the problem Jordan was hearing now saying that his leg and that he would be boring with if you're going to model yourself after somebody famous it's probably best to pick someone real another cartoon character with deliberately unrealistic proportions but don't tell that to penny brown she spent years pumping up the size of her breasts in her waist in an effort to look as her idol Jessica rabbit despite already having Muller waste penny managed to take her breasts from an H. Cup to an old cow shrink the size of her waist by a startling fit he did this by wearing a corset 23 hours a day for nearly 2 years which is known to be a health hazard a guess it will be moved your organs inside your body penny however says that this doesn't really apply to her perhaps because she thinks she's an actual cartoon character despite the obvious health risks penny's husband is supportive and says that her shape is exciting and interesting and even though her current look is rather extreme she says she still not done she wants to keep getting breast enhancements until there is big as they can possibly get while shrinking her waistline even more before deciding to transform herself lesbian model Victoria wild worked at a desk job the fashion industry and look like your average fresh faced an attractive young woman but after spending close to $40000 on surgeries and augmentations she's gone from girl next door to human sex doll a college graduate with a business degree Victoria decided that life would be easier and more interesting if you could explain her looks and sex appeal professionally or as she puts it it's easier to make money when you're beautiful she claims the constantly receive hate mail and even death threats from religious groups and individuals telling her she is going to hell for tempting men by being too sexy for their more allies well it's safe to say that there are a fair number of men who do not find this look attractive in the least Victoria is now making a 6 figure income performing in modeling in Latvia Italy and France born in Sun City in France or line always rendered in all capital letters has been a prominent figure on the international art scene for decades her distinguished career began in the 19 sixties and she is currently a professor at the surge upon till national school of art well she has worked in many medium she is perhaps best known for her work in plastic surgery in the 19 nineties that's right for line may be the only person in the world to be recognized for her use of plastic surgery as an artistic medium for project the reincarnation of Saint or lan began in 1990 involved a series of procedures that gave the artist different features from famous paintings and sculptures of women the goal is to attain the ideal of female beauty as depicted by male artists throughout the centuries for example see mother her chain on both the Chevys Venus and her forehead on Mona Lisa these exhibitions have been very well received as a bold artistic statement or lan describes her identity as nomadic you didn't shifting and deferring in her work as a struggle against the innate the programs nature DNA and got my DS is there now from Guadalajara Mexico is a former attorney and mother of 4 who saw tattoos and body modification as a way to re claim her identity after years of domestic abuse one look at her and it's easy to see why local residents simply referred to her as the vampire lady aside from covering nearly her entire body in tattoos Maria has had a number of body modifications that most consider to be quite extreme the gigantic hoops in her earlobes might catch your attention at first until you notice her forehead Maria has had no fewer than 10 sub dermal implants which look like demonic warns our bridges underneath the surface of her skin Maria travels the world with her friend and partner as a successful video jockey and gives talks to women who have also suffered domestic abuse she says that while neighbors used across the street whenever they saw her coming most of now gotten used to her appearance and treat her like a neighborhood celebrity but military moves says she was teased for being ugly throughout her childhood because of this she had always wanted to look like a French doll which you're very popular in her native Japan and are held up as a standard of beauty she spent many years in over $100000 to make it happen over the course of over 3 dozen procedures and the difference between her pre surgery appearance and her current look is nothing short of shocking vanilla appeared on a Japanese television show called is there something wrong with me wishy disturb the show's judges with her apparent addiction to plastic surgery and completely western appearance she says she is unlikely to ever stop having surgeries I she can never come close enough to being the perfect French doll not content with totally altering her face Bonilla even told the judges that she wants to get leg lengthening surgery which is an incredibly expensive painful and risky procedure all in the pursuit of being an actual living doll but the show's producers didn't exactly see her that way referring to her instead of a sideboard well there has been more than one contender for the title of human Barbie Ukrainian model bleary eyed look in Nova is probably the closest to the real thing even if she doesn't necessarily think so herself despite being the spitting image of the popular doll she says she just thinks of herself as a classy girl who likes makeup in funds the nickname degrading and insulting of course this hasn't stopped her from using the hashtag Barbie in a great many of her social media posts delirious seems to be of 2 minds about most aspects of her controversial appearance she says that people who take issue with her appearance aren't seen her for who she is on the inside an odd complaint from someone who has spent so much time and money altering her look bus is never detailed Oliver procedures she's admitted to having breast augmentation and it's been speculated that she may have had several ribs removed in order to give the appearance of a smaller waist line big human not Barbie also claims to be able to time travel and speak with aliens and the second person on our list to obsess over the enhanced looks at Kim Kardashian my lesson Annise may not have had the most bizarre surgeries available she has however taking her Kim fandom to ridiculous extremes first she dated Kim's ex Kris Humphries in 2012 after that relationship fell apart she spent an incredible $30000 on a number of procedures including breast augmentation lip injections and liposuction all in an effort to make herself look as much like him as possible the creepiness however does not end there myla put out her own sex tape starring herself in a Chris Humphries look alike during which Kim's infamous sex tape with ray J. is actually playing in the background she's also accuse Khloe Kardashian's husband Lamar Odom of hitting on her on multiple occasions in even recorded her own questionable pop single just like Kim Filipino Herbert Chavez is a man obsessed since falling in love with the characters a child he dreamed of one day becoming Superman and since the age of 19 has done everything in his power to make his dream a reality Herbert has spent a small fortune on a number of unconventional procedures including skin whitening John realignment and even pictorial in abdominal implants he's got him into trouble with doctors miss even to brow when Herbert appeared on boxed looking to have yet another abdominal procedure the doctors found that he had been using a very risky filler that is not approved for use in the U. S. and advised him that the risks of another procedure out weighed the benefits by far while he was disappointed Herbert said that he had no regrets about any of his astonishing 23 surgeries he regularly goes out walking around his neighborhood in full Superman costume talking to children and teaching them about good morals well many of his procedures such as his cleft chin implants require regular maintenance think it's a good deal in return for promoting his plastic surgeons practice and has no plans to turn his back on the superhero lifestyle anytime soon Christina Butte tell got the inspiration for her life's goal from the most unlikely of sources while on vacation as a teenager she had a caricature drying herself made an instantly became jealous of it she says that it looked glamorous in like everything she wanted to be so as soon as she could she began spending every last spare time trying to make herself look as much as possible like her own caricature starting at the age of 17 she spent an amazing $150000 on botox lip injections semi permanent makeup work and 5 breast augmentations pushing her current capsized with 36 K. amazingly she says she's not even close to being done in addition to more injections amount meditations she wants to move onto implants particularly in her rear ended let's that's because the caricature is always there to show her what more needs to be done and Christina says she won't stop until she's every bit as glamorous as the portrait bills beach front artists probably never go to work intending to change anyone's life but at least one day we'll let you decide if it was for the better //
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10 Hottest Wives of Billionaires
\\old jade foray began her career at the age of 13 appearing in a famous Belgian ad campaign for Levi's jeans and going on the catwalk for the first time for our money a marriage to Belgian footballer Emil them pens that when she was still a teenager ended in a quick and bitter divorce but the top model wouldn't be alone for long in 2010 jade then 20 years old met French businessman on all they got there 29 years her senior the billionaire heads up late got their group a media company with stakes in several American publishers a viral video //
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10 Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future
\\when you've been on the air for as long as the same since you're bound to have a few strange coincidences that line up with the real world events but some of the beloved shows gags have predicted far off events in such a specific way that you have to wonder if there isn't a genuine psychic or 2 on the writing staff from fats and discoveries to world changing events here are 10 times the Simpsons predicted the future the twentieth installment of the show's annual Halloween episode treehouse of horror aired in 19 a short opening segment featured Homer trying to use a voting machine to vote for Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election but the machine has other ideas it keeps changing homers vote to John McCain causing an increasingly panicked Homer to attempt to flee to alert president McCain to the malfunction of course this because many fans to scratch their heads just 4 years later when problems with voting machines were reported across the country during the 2012 election while the number of machines were indeed discovered to be changing votes for president Obama into votes for his Republican opponent Mitt Romney somewhere actually found to be doing the opposite the controversy over unreliable voting machines carried over into the 2016 presidential election as well and is likely to continue for sometime at least nobody's been sucked into a voting machine and mangle to death as happened to Homer at the end of the treehouse of horror segment that we know of so far the fourth episode of season 2 introduced Blinky the 3 eyed fish a recurring gag throughout the series entire history that Newton fish is the result of contamination from Mister burns nuclear power plant and it seems to show up every time a newspaper headline about radioactive waste or contamination is required unbelievably this turned out to be not so much a silly gag as a dead on prediction that took 21 years to realize in 2011 in Cordova Argentina fishermen came up with a bonafide 3 eyed fish while fishing in a reservoir near nuclear power plants it may not have Blinky is perfect relic 3 eyes the fishermen said they didn't even notice the defect at first due to the darkness but it seems that radioactive contamination just might because the kind of comical mutations that nobody but the Simpson's could have predicted in the classic season 10 episode the wizard of evergreen terrace Homer is inspired by Thomas Edison to become an inventor coming up with genius ideas like the make up shot gun and an electric chamar please don't go over very well but he's encouraged when one of his inventions a chair with extra hinged legs on the back that won't tip over backwards is actually praised by his family but it turns out that Edison invented it first causing Homer and bart to break into the Edison museum with Homer's electric camera for a little chair smashing of course Homer decides not to go through with it and ends up accidentally giving Edison credit for the electric hammers well this 1998 episode makes a surprising reference to an event that would rock the world of science 14 years later in 1 scene Homer can be seen riding on a chalkboard that has an elaborate equation written on it in his book the Simpsons and their mathematical secrets doctor Simon saying writes that this equation is just a tiny bit off from describing the famous Higgs boson particle discovered in 2012 doctor Singh writes that the math background of many of the show's writers is obvious in many of these kinds of references throughout its history season 5 Springfield or how I learned to stop worrying and love legalize gambling juggled multiple plot mines in its overall plot about the introduction of a casino to Springfield Homer gets a job as a blackjack dealer part starts his own casino for kids and Lisa struggles to complete a costume for a school pageant without the help of March who develops a serious problem with the slot machines in record time the event predicted by this 1993 episode was an utter shock to the world of entertainment and fans were quick to point out the morbid coincidence in the show a tiger taming duo named Gunter and Ernst are attacked in mall by 1 of their white Tigers this was an obvious reference to entertainers Siegfried and Roy who in 2003 lost control of 1 of their white Tigers during a performance the big cat dragged Roy horn by the neck resulting in the near fatal injury that required months of hospitalization fortunately he made a complete recovery and return to show business before retiring in 2010 Lisa's wedding is an episode that actually tries to envision what life would be like in the future and it got a couple things surprisingly right the episode aired in 1995 when the internet was still coming into popular use more people still had pagers them cellphones in some of the technology used by the future Simpsons must of looked downright crazy 7 the year 2010 the episode shows Lisa in March chatting on a video phone while the device simply looks like a monitor attached to a rotary phone you've got to give them credit for predicting the merging of phones with video applications and you might wanna throwing Skype in face time as well later in the episode Lisa's future boyfriend is seen having a conversation using his watch which of course is possible today for many smartwatch users finally during a scene in a dorm room devices seem lying on the ground which could almost be some kind of tablet computer well they certainly didn't mail all the details the simpsons'writers guesses about everyday technology in 2010 wasn't all that far off either the Simpson's began its habit of casually for telling future events early in its run in the ninth episode of season 2 itchy and scratchy and Marge the show takes a satirical jab it's early critics by having large become a crusader for censorship after seeing her kids copying violent behavior seen on the itchy and scratchy show March forms a citizen's organization called Springfield Ian's for nonviolence understanding and helping for Snoop for short while she succeeds in getting all of the violence removed from 18 scratchy she decides things have gone too far when members of her group urged her to boycott a touring exhibition of Michelangelo's David believing it to be a scene believe it or not this ridiculous scenario played out in real life when Russian voters were asked whether or not to close the replica of the famous statue in St Petersburg it was argued that the exhibition would be seen by school children and could be seen as inappropriate unbelievably this is one time that truth turned out to be even stranger than fiction in Springfield March believing that David's culture to be a masterpiece conceded that it's wrong to censor one form of art but not another in itchy and scratchy got their violence back in Saint Petersburg the vote to Clovis that you passed this season 6 episode lease on nice sees Lisa and bart getting into a ferocious competition as members of competing hockey teams it turns out that Lisa is a natural the goaltending and she helps lead up who's quickie Mart squad to their best season but in the climactic game against bart's team it all comes down to bart verses Lisa when bart gets a penalty shot as time expires in the tide game the episode ends on a heart warming out as the brother and sister remember all their good times growing up together lay down their equipment and hot ending the game in a tie of course this being Springfield the spectators promptly begin writing if you blink you might miss the clever reference to the future in this episode Nelson has an apple Newton a then new PDA that featured hand writing to text recognition when Nelson takes a note to remind himself to beat up Martin the Newton mis translates the note as eat up Martha anybody who has ever you series can relate but this episode aired in 199417 years before series debut in the episode bart carny Homer and bart end up as carnival workers after a mishap involving bart and some property damage when Homer gets a fixed gaming operation shut down by failing to properly bride chief Wiggum The Simpsons invite a carny family to stay with them and get tricked out of their homes the episode aired in 1998 and the carnival sequencing to predict a gaming fad that seemed ridiculous enough at the time to qualify as a sight gag a bunch of happy kids are seen playing on a virtual reality yard work simulator which is a pretty accurate description of the wildly popular social network game farm bill and others like it it might have seemed pretty silly to think that people would waste hours tending to virtual crops in 1998 but by 2011 you were being invited to do just that by seemingly everybody on your friends list this instance fourth season produced many classic episodes but perhaps none with so hilarious a premise as its twentieth episode whacking day it involves the same parts attempts to uncover the truth about a time honored tradition in which all of Springfield snakes are driven into the center of town and beaten to death with clubs if this sounds over the top silly it sounded more like a viable solution to Florida state wildlife officials in 2012 the state unveiled plans for its monthlong wildlife challenge which is notably far less comically blunt then whacking day but amounts to pretty much the same idea residents are encouraged to kill as many invasive snakes as they can with a chance for cash prizes of up to $1500 officials say that the contest is less about blood sport in more about raising awareness of the harm that non native pipe on species can do to the environment if released into the wild of course at the end of the Simpson's episode it just turned out that the whole thing started back in the 19 twenties as an excuse to beat up the Irish which thankfully doesn't appear to be the case here finally the eleventh season episode bart to the future is another future looking episode which sees bart being shown a vision of his future after the family makes a stop in an Indian casino it's not a pretty sight he ends up as a failed wannabe rock star living with Ralph Wiggum but it doesn't turn out so bad for Lisa who was the first female president of the United States this March 2000 episode didn't have much to say about future technology but it did depict in America that seem to be going slightly crazy and they got 1 thing devastatingly right when president Lisa Simpson informs her cabinet that they have inherited quite a budget crunch from president trump the episode of course received quite a bit of renewed attention after the 2016 election 17 years after it first aired I I //
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10 Lies You Were Taught About Science
\\ ... if I everybody knows that rod diamonds are formed when regular old coal is exposed to it really high pressure and he you may even been taught this in school and while the part about pressure and temperature is correct it may surprise you to know that coal is rarely if ever involved in the formation of diamonds specific zones within the earth's mantle are capable of subjecting minerals to the process that forms diamonds and coal seams are sedimentary minerals this means that coal will almost never be found deep enough under the earth's surface to be a part of the diamond making process also coal is formed from fossilized plant material in diamonds have been found which are older than all plant life on earth the diamonds that are formed in the mantle are brought to the surface by a rare type of deep volcanic eruption so rare that one is never actually been observed diamonds are actually made from carbon that was trapped under the surface of the planet at the time it was formed billions of years before fossilize minerals like Cole existed if you've never traveled south of the equator you've never gotten a chance to see the Coriolis effect in action it's a very real and well understood scientific principle caused by the spinning of the earth and it's responsible for things like the rotating action of cyclones it's also why cyclones rotate in the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere as opposed to the northern and most of us have been taught all our lives that it also applies to the rotation of draining basins in toilet bowls however while based on scientific fact the Cory all this affect actually has no affect on such small systems the effect is very subtle and can only be observed in much larger systems like weather patterns or other precisely controlled laboratory conditions under every day conditions such as flushing a toilet outside forces such as the injection of the water into the bowl at an angle are more than enough to override the Coryell is a fact so unless your toilet happens to be in a lab connected to sensitive scientific instruments you're not likely to see a difference when flushing south of the equator it seems like common sense to state that there is no gravity in space we've all seen pictures and videos of astronaut floating around in this condition is even commonly referred to as 0 gravity however common sense dictates that this can't be true gravity as a universal force of nature keeping planets and moons in their orbits in ensuring that the entire universe doesn't just fly apart so why does it seem like there's no observable gravity in space the answer can be found by considering the nature of an orbiting spacecraft think of an orbit as a constant controlled freefall the craft isn't weightless it has the same mass that it did on earth but the craft and everything in it are in constant free fall toward the earth at the same rate on earth we are being pulled toward the surface we are standing on and we feel this poll is gravity but in an orbiting spacecraft everything is being pulled toward the earth including the crass the astronauts and everything else inside it this is what causes the feeling of weightlessness gravity itself and not the absence of it not many things are more miserable than being stuck at home with a cold many of us like to try to make ourselves feel better with comfort food like ice cream but unfortunately we've also been told all of our lives that eating frozen food will only make our cold's worse even more unfortunately there was never any need to deprive ourselves of sweet frozen treats when we're sick because this is totally incorrect it's long been thought that eating ice cream or any other frozen dairy products increases the body's production of phlegm and can make your coffin chest congestion worse not only is this not true but it turns out that ice cream can actually help you feel better in a couple of ways first that can kill your sore throat and help to reduce irritation from all that coughing second everyone knows that having a bad cold gin up and put a damper on your appetite and ice cream is loaded with calories so if it sounds good when nothing else does feel free to indulge it'll probably even help speed along your recovery of course you wouldn't be huddled under blankets eating ice cream if you've managed to avoid getting sick in the first place it seems like common sense that going out in cold wet weather is a sure fire way to come down with a nasty cold but this really doesn't make much sense if you think about it this is because the common cold is caused by a virus and viruses don't care what the weather is like they're transmitted when an infected person sneezes or coughs in your personal space and of course this can happen in any type of environments cold weather also has no effect on your immune system however there is a simple explanation for why more people catch colds in the winter it's because we're spending a lot more time indoors in cold weather in close quarters with others creating an ideal breeding ground for viruses I almost one in 3 American adults suffer from high blood pressure to some degree or another this places them at much greater risk for heart disease and stroke and most doctors tell their patients with high blood pressure that managing stress is a great way to address the problem well it may be true that managing stress is an important component of good health there is actually no concrete link between constant high levels of stress and high blood pressure it's important to point out that stressful situations can certainly cause a temporary spike in blood pressure but researchers have been unable to prove that these temporary spikes eventually lead to higher blood pressure over all in fact it's far more likely that destructive behaviors associated with stress such as overheating excessive alcohol consumption and not getting enough sleep contribute to an unhealthy blood pressure level rather than stress itself nnst and we were all taught from a very early age that water and electricity don't mix if a live electrical source comes into contact with the body of water at the same time we are the current is going to move through the water instantaneously and give us a nasty shock because water is the ultimate conductor of electricity well that may be true that you should keep your radio far away from the bathtub but water is far from the ultimate conductor in fact pure water does not conduct electricity and all this may seem puzzling at first but remember that practically no water on earth is pure minerals gas is organic matter in practically everything else dissolves in water in any of these substances are highly conductive if you were to complete purify water in a lab with absolutely no traces of minerals or anything else you would find that electricity does not flow through it but current can easily flow through impure water as the minerals that are found in it are highly conductive in fact purified water is such a poor conductor of electricity but it can be used as an effective insulator there are many things about our sense of taste better not very well understood vision and hearing are both much more complex senses but more is understood about them than about what goes on with our tongue when we taste food you've probably seen a map of the tongue showing that different types of tastes bitter sour salty and sweet are tasted on different areas of the tongue but this is simply an old theory that was never properly disproved it's easy to prove this 1 wrong simply take a dab of salt and place it anywhere on your tongue you'll definitely Tay self even if you put it on the zone that's only suppose to taste sweeter better it turns out that the tongue map was based on faulty research published way back in 1901 in for close to a century there was simply nothing to replace it scientists have recently identified taste receptors that are located all over the surface of the tongue which are capable of identifying all of the different tastes different types of detoxifying cleanses have become very popular in recent years and juice diets were among the first of these facts to pop up the idea is that by only consuming one simple type of food for a period of time your body will cleanse itself of harmful toxins that can cause illness and low energy unfortunately for those who swear by these claims is there is absolutely no scientific evidence showing them to be effective and plenty selling them to be potentially harmful this is because your body already has an effective means to rid itself of toxins your liver in fact this is your liver sole purpose your kidneys and gastrointestinal tract also clean up whatever your liver might miss in there is nothing you can eat or drink that has been shown to have an effect on this process in any way also fruit juice has far less nutritional value than whole fruit juice thing strips away beneficial fiber which helps a digestion in the juice is loaded with sugar is an anti calories so as long as your liver and kidneys are functioning properly there's no need to worry about whether you should detox your body is already doing it for you on a daily basis I nearly everyone has dealt with acne breakouts at sometime or another they can be especially hard on teenagers and many of us were warned away from chocolate and fatty foods by our doctors during our teen years piece of long been thought to clog up our pores and lead to worse breakouts but there is only a grain of truth to this acne is actually caused by a bacterial infection which is why many popular acne remedies are based on antibiotics one reason for the misconception is that a high fat high sugar diet can trigger the body's inflammatory response which can sometimes but not always worsen an existing acne problem also a diet high in fats and sugars probably also means a diet low in vegetables and proteins which are needed to keep the skin healthy so while it's safe to say that a diet of fried foods and candy bars may not be great for your skin or overall health the notion that eating a snickers will make you break out is simply false I I //
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10 Incredible Acts of Kindness Caught On Camera
\\viral dashcam video out of Wisconsin got a police officer's unexpected response to a student's excuse for his speeding the kid tells the officer he's late for an important presentation in class and was only speeding because he'd had to stop by the house of a buddy who knew how to tie a tie unfortunately as we can see the body wasn't home and the poor kid remains Thailand's the officer takes the kids tie and asked him to get together his license insurance and registration while tying it around his own neck the officer councils the student at one of his insurance card has expired then notices that the tide is too short you'll have to do it again the second attempt is a little long but it'll have to do he since the student on his way with enough time to get to his presentation and a new found appreciation for police officers with the Oakland Cougars in Logan township alliance met for a game of youth football in 2013 the Cougars coach brought out a trick play he had been working on for so sometime in fact you collaborated on it with the head coach of the it might sound a bit on use but the whole plan revolved around of jewel and year old Jacob Steiner was a special needs taking a a coach and our football he had been all season but on this play you can see that the opposing players with as much subtlety is all allow themselves to be blocked run the wrong way or just fall down without being also make sure Jacob could know what it feels like to score a touchdown in a game experience he will certainly Greenville South Carolina grocery store employee branded Rollins was going about a day like any other when he saw an opportunity to help how frail elderly customer half his size was making her way into the parking lot and Brandon went out of his way to make sure she got where she was going safely he took her by the hand and walked alongside her not knowing that a customer was watching and shooting heart warming video bow graph posted his video to Facebook where it quickly went viral and earn brain in the spot on the local evening news both told reporters that he had approached Brandon after witnessing his gesture of kindness to let him know how much it was appreciated but that the kid had acted like it was simply no big deal which is both pointed out is really the kind of attitude that the world needs to see his Facebook posts concluded this is what America should be and hopefully this is the America of tomorrow employees at the key doba restaurant in Louisville Kentucky take pride in going out of their way for their customers among their many regulars is a woman that employee ridge quarrels describes as a very nice lady with disabilities who isn't able to get out of the house very often but loves to eat at her neighborhood to double when she care employees know her order by heart but one day when she was having a particularly tough time she had an unusual request for rage after placing her regular order she asks ridge if you might be able to help feed her and the young man didn't think twice before agreeing several other customers notice the exchange and one shot some video which he shared to social media but big hearted gesture brought local news to the friendly restaurant but ridge insists that he was only doing what anyone else would have done U. S. army lieutenant colonel Robert Riskin was out for a bite at a local Taco Bell in Alabama when his opportunity to make someone's day a little brighter presented itself he was approached by a couple of boys who were selling homemade baked goods to raise money for their family when Robert asked the older boy only 9 years old if you've eaten anything that night he answered no but Robert didn't have any cash on him in the youngsters were in a position to take credit cards so Robert brought both boys up to the counter and let them get anything they wanted to eat on him the video was captured by customer who decided that the heart warming moment needed to be shared with friends after going viral Robert was interviewed by local news telling them that the boys were just as much of an inspiration to him as he could ever be to them he also mentioned that they thank him not just for the meal but for watching over in protecting them in his role as a soldier Los Lunas New Mexico police officer mark group they responded to a call in late 2015 of a man laying up against a rock in the middle of a parking lot with no shoes or socks when he contacted the man he found his soaking wet socks drying nearby and old shoes that were full of holes officer grew they could have given the man a hard time for camping in a public place but his body came revealed that he chose a different course of action after making sure the man wasn't in medical distress and that even earlier in the day the officer went to a nearby Big 5 sporting goods store and came out of his own pocket to buy them in a new pair of shoes with warm winter socks officer grew they told the man whose name was also mark that Big 5 had hooked him up implying that he hadn't actually but the stuff himself in as if this weren't enough he couldn't leave without giving mark 20 Bucks to make sure he wouldn't go hungry that night officer guerrillas 1 cop who truly embodies the phrase to protect and serve in 2014 a man boarding a commuter train in Perth Australia almost lived out every commuter's worst nightmare as he was getting on board the busy train he lingered a bit too long and just as the doors were closing he slipped getting his leg caught in the gap between the train in the platform week thinking transit officials alerted the conductor making sure the train stayed put but were unsure how to go about freeing the man fortunately for him the car was loaded with compassionate passengers what's everybody was evacuated from the car transit workers organized a group effort by the huge crowd they piled up against the side of the car and pushed slowly rocking the car back into the gap widened enough for the man to be free the extraordinary effort was caught by surveillance video a transit spokesman said the occurrence was simply an accident and not the result of overcrowding and praise the actions of transit staff in all of the passengers who say the man from potentially serious injury we 23 year old New Yorker jelly resto noticed this shirtless homeless man sitting on his subway card he had the opposite reaction from everyone else on the car the guy was clearly not in his right mind and didn't smell so great and all the other passengers were crowded at the other end of the car as far away from the man is possible but Joe we saw a guy who was cold and disoriented on a New York winter night and decided that the only humane thing to do was to literally give him the shirt off his back the man was so weak that he needed help putting it on which Joey did before also giving him his hat another rider got video of the incident and posted it to Facebook wary quickly racked up an astounding 8000000 views Joey would later say that he offered to get the man something to eat as well but that after receiving some warm clothes he had promptly fallen asleep employees of a Vancouver Washington donut shop could tell that something was wrong with 1 of their drive through customers 1 morning in early 2016 the unidentified woman was visibly upset and when 1 young employee asked if he could help the woman can find it that she had lost her 37 year old husband just the previous night the 19 year old employee pierced done asked the woman if you could pray with her which she said would help amazingly several other employees drop what they were doing and leaned out the drive through window to participate in an impromptu prayer circle of the group only done explicitly identifies as Christian with another young man later telling reporters that he isn't religious at all but just wanted to try to help someone who is obviously in need a customer in line at the drive thru snapped this photo which garnered millions of views on Facebook the general manager of the Dutch Bros franchise commented that these are just the kind of people the company hires and that her employees do things like this all the time this unbelievably touching incident just happen to be caught on camera in the kids involved say that they just hope the picture going viral doesn't because the woman any trouble when 11 year old Colorado charter school student the lady Clements was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer her 9 year old best friend Cameron Renfro decided to show her support in a way most little girls wouldn't Delaney was losing her hair due to chemotherapy and Cameron decided to shave her head bald as a way of letting her friend no she wasn't alone unfortunately the girls charter school wasn't too pleased with her decision they suspended Cameron and sent her home for violating the school's dress code of course this terrible decision was roundly criticized after Cameron's mother posted the story above with this picture showing the 2 girls together to her Facebook after intense public pressure the school board called an emergency meeting at which they voted to waive the rule and allow Cameron to return to school with support like this it looks like cancer pick the wrong little girl the mess with to continue these acts of kindness we figured we do a little giveaway for you guys we've got 31 $0 Amazon gift cards in order to enter you'll have to go to the clean link at the top of the description best of luck and we hope to see you in the next video this //
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10 Celebrities Who Quit Acting For Regular Jobs
\\everyone is cut out for Hollywood some celebrities have had their time in the spotlight and decided to call it quits to pursue a normal life so you ask what are they up to now here are 10 celebrities that quit Hollywood for regular jobs Jack Gleeson is known for his character King Jeffrey on game of thrones she started acting when he was only 8 years old he made appearances in the film is reign of fire and that man begins but in 2011 he hit the jackpot when he landed the part of just read the psychotic king on game of thrones Gleason kept his role up until 2014 win spoiler alert his character was killed off during the famous purple wedding scene honestly if you don't know about that by now then you've been living under a rock he decided to kill his acting career at the same time he was killed off on the show according to Gleason he wasn't having fun anymore stating that he just stopped enjoying it as much as I used to in 2015 the Irish actor starred in the puppetry show called bears in space it was his last attempt to renew his love for acting although it didn't seem to work there's in space do really other than a few appearances at fan expose we haven't heard from him since twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse earned their first major film role in the 1999 comedy Big Daddy starring Adam Sandler but from 2005 to 2011 they successfully stole the hearts of pre teen audiences with the suite life of Zack and Cody at the time they were the highest paid Disney teenage actors raking in over $40000 per episode they were indeed living the sweet life with twins took advantage of their claim to fame by starting a franchise called the Sprouse brothers brain it included the clothing line a book series and magazine but they didn't let their superstar status stop them from getting schooled they both attended New York University from 2011 to 2015 and later in rolled into the Gallatin school of individualized study Dylan focused on video game design while Cole ventured into archaeology the twins are short of surprises both were appointed its international ambassadors of the call Yamada foundation in 2012 at some point Dylan was working as a host in New York City restaurant and commentating for some super smash brothers tournament in November of 2016 they did a holiday photo shoot for American Eagle outfitters both have stated that they're still open to acting in the future raad van Winkle better known as vanilla ice made his debut as a rapper with his hit 90 single ice ice baby it was the first hip hop single to top the Billboard charts between 1990 and 1993 ice was at the height of its success after his initial album to the extreme was released he debuted a second album in 1991 which received mostly negative reviews but that didn't stop him from dating Madonna appearing on TV shows and movies performing in concerts worldwide and serving as the spokesperson for Nike and coca Cola in 1994 ice took a break from the limelight during which time he became preoccupied with extreme sports racing and heavy drug use after a failed suicide attempt ice decided to turn his life around for the most part he did to music altogether lately he's been a part of a few celebrity reality TV shows he also has a passion for carpentry and now owns his own contracting company where he flips real estate investments Karyn Parsons is best known for playing Hillary banks the spoiled rotten Devo on the fresh prince of Bel Air the show lasted for 6 seasons and had huge success after the final episode she went on to co create co produce co write and co star on the fox sitcom lush life it was canceled after 4 episodes she took on more roles in movies like major pain and the ladies man she has also appeared on TV shows including Melrose Place and the job but it seemed that her acting career started to dissipate around this time she married her second husband in 2003 and they now have 2 children recently she founded the sweet blackberry foundation a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching kids about some of the unknown figures of black history in 1991 gelatin Taylor Thomas was cast as Randy Taylor on the long running series home improvement he is also known for voicing young Simba in Disney's film The Lion King it Otto I not that much a lot of what you know 1998 he left home improvement to attend Harvard University he was quoted as saying I'd been going nonstop since I was 8 years old I wanted to go to school to travel and have a bit of a break he didn't completely forego acting though in 2004 he had a few guest roles on several television sitcoms in 2013 his most recent guest appearance was on the last man standing reuniting with his previous home improvement costar Tim Allen Thomas has no regret about his decision to walk away from acting stating I never took the fame too seriously was a great period in my life but it doesn't define me Peter Ostrom played Charlie bucket in the 1971 classic film Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory Ostrom was only 13 years old during that time he was acting at a children's theater when he was discovered by talent agents once he was picked for the role he was only given 10 days to prepare for filming in West Germany after the success of the movie Ostrom was offered a 3 film contract which he rejected in a 2016 interview Ostrom said that he resented his role in the film stating I always denied my involvement with Willy Wonka I didn't really want to have anything to do with later in life Ostrom decided to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine and earned his doctorate from Cornell University he is currently working at a veterinary clinic in New York can a celebrity become a United States senator yes yes they can al Franken is 1 of many examples famous television personalities making the transition from the big screen to public office he started his career as a writer and comedian on Saturday Night Live Franken was very talented you received multiple nominations and awards for his writing and producing on SNL after leaving the show in 1995 Franken wrote and starred in an unsuccessful screenplay he proceeded to write for books which landed him a spot on the New York times best seller list most of his books focused on political satire during this time he started broadcasting his own politically based radio talk show in 2007 he erred the last show in announced his candidacy for U. S. Senate the very next year he was elected as a U. S. senator from Minnesota and was re elected for his second term in 2014 Sean Connery is most known for his iconic role as James Bond as a matter of fact he was good at it he played bond 7 times and even though the bond films brought cattery extreme success he was ready to try something new he grew tired of the role all together he was even quoted as saying I'm fed up with the whole bond bit I have always hated that damn James Bond I'd like to kill it Connery continue to act in films such as the untouchable Indiana Jones and the last crusade finding Forrester in the league of extraordinary gentlemen at one time he was offered the role of Gandolfini lord of the rings which he declined medicine Mart move Sean regardless he still earned numerous awards for outstanding performances throughout his career Connery announced his official retirement when he received a lifetime achievement award in 2006 other than a few voice acting jobs here and there Connery has been enjoying his time away he seldom makes appearances in public Steven Seagal is well known for his heroic action packed films but he started his career as a martial arts instructor on the set of a Sean Connery movie in 1987 he was able to star in his very first film above the law his other box office hits like hard to kill marked for death and under siege made him an official action hero in 2001 Seagal started filming and producing multiple straight to DVD releases the call surprised us all when he announced that he had been serving as a reserve deputy in Louisiana for almost 20 years he acquired the position while training some of their deputies in martial arts come back he eventually went on to star in his own TV reality series called Steven Seagal law made it centered around his daily duties as deputy the show ended after 3 seasons in 2011 Seagal decided to put his martial arts skills to further use by joining the Texas border patrol in 2016 he was a guest in the world no mad games held incurred extent he also has plans to produce Steven Seagal inspired blades and walking sticks he even managed to become friends with Russian president Vladimir Putin which helped him obtain Serbian citizenship he is still producing and starring in his own films but most go straight to DVD Kevin Jonas is the oldest brother of the trio the Jonas brothers and American pop rock band that formed in 2005 the group released 4 albums all of which were met with critical and commercial success during his time with the band Kevin made a few guest appearances on TV shows like Hannah Montana when I was 17 live with Kelly and celebrity apprentice when he married in 2009 he started his own television reality series called married to Jonas once the Jonas brothers ended and went their separate ways Kevin decided to focus on family life and became an entrepreneur he is currently the cozy oh of blue market a marketing company he also partnered with the C. E. O. of we hardly a video sharing that utilizing his love for building houses he founded his company Jonas Werner fine custom homes he put his experience to good use and build his family's very first home good for him I //
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Top 15 Richest Rappers
\\Nicki Minaj has made music professionally since 2004 first appearing as part of a group called the hood stars which was put together by eighties aren't being production group full force he was considered one of the hottest underground rappers for you until she was eventually discovered by little Wayne signing to his young money entertainment in 2009 per 2010 debut for the label pink Friday was so highly anticipate that it recorded sales of 375000 units in all first we she has gone on to set the standard for female rappers having sold 80000000 singles worldwide is a leader stirred artist and receive no fewer than 10 Grammy night Mickey is also appeared in several feature film including barber shop in Scott and ice age continental drift and for one season serve as a host on a lot singing competition Eric idle all these endeavors have combined to make her not only one of the most respected artists in hip hop but one of the richest as well her current net worth is around $70000000 I born William James Adams junior will lie and was discovered in the early nineties by infamous NWA rapper Eazy who signed wells group to his ruthless records label a planned album was derailed by easy's 1995 death leading to the formation of wills new group the black eyed peas the group would go on to record 6 albums which would sell a combined total of over 75 0 copies will is also recorded for successful solo albums appeared in several Hollywood films and found steady work is in a producer that role he has worked with the likes of lady got Justin Timberlake Michael Jackson and many more while the black eyed peas have been largely dormant since 2010 will's career as a solo artist and producer came to is to fly high he clocks in with the personal net worth of $75000000 well the rapper known as a con grew up in Senegal West Africa in the areas poverty made a strong impression on him as a young the son of a famous a con spent time between Senegal in Saint Louis Missouri and had a hard time fitting in at school he eventually fell in with the wrong crowd spending 3 years in jail for Grand Theft Auto once released he began making tracks in his home studio as a way to vent his emotions but a friend saw his potential getting a demo tape into the hands of a universal record executive in putting a con on a path toward stardom is 2004 debut trouble produced the single lonely which reached the top 5 in America and topped the charts in 3 countries 2 more albums followed in 2006 in 2008 achieving high sales and pumping up the wrappers bank accounts constant touring and wise investments of also contributed to his portfolio and a con has also demonstrated a willingness to use his wealth to help others if you 14 he secured a $1000000000 line of credit from Chinese investors for his company a con lighting Africa which has so far provided solar power to 16000000 African homes with his business holdings going strong and a new album due out soon his portfolio looks to keep growing and growing currently his estimated to be worth about $80000000 I James Todd Smith who's moniker LL cool J. means ladies love cool James first under the rap scene in 1986 with his debut single I need to be released on he was only 16 the combined sparse beats and hard hitting lyrics with a willingness to attend rap love songs that few of his peers shared the single I need love from his 1987 album bigger and death for was a massive cross over head and pave the way for L. L.'s rain is 1 of the most popular mainstream rappers of the nineties he's continued steadily releasing albums while carving out an enviable career in film and television with a breakout role in 1999 S. deep blue sea yes since racked up dozens of film and television credits and host of the Grammys 5 times after winning a couple himself at 49 years old the prolific personality shows no signs of slowing down despite being worth a cool $100000000 because Kanye west needs no introduction as he has very little trouble keeping himself constantly in the public the wildly eccentric rapper and producer is almost as well known for his outlandish public statements and behavior as his muse famously stating on live television that then president George W. bush didn't care about black people in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina and states crashing Taylor swift during her win at the 2009 MTV video music awards but throughout it all counties music has received consistent acclaim from fans and critics for his production and lyrics and he is also drawn attention for his elaborate stage shows peace 2014 marriage to Kim Kardashian has also helped to keep his profile high after producing hits for artists such as Jay Z. Alicia keys beyond say and too many more to mention Connie has become 1 of the most acclaimed producers of the 20 first century cementing his place among hip hop greats not to mention his 8 highly successful solo albums Connie is unlikely to stop anytime soon and his current net worth is over $105000000 all Brian Williams known to his fans as bird man is the co founder with his brother Ronald slim Williams of cash money records a label so influential that a total of 4 of its artists appear on this list among the labels early successes were juvenile in the 13 year old little Wayne who signed to cash money and scene 95 bird man and slim made at the group's big timers while BG juvenile and little Wayne formed hot boys whose debut album broke the label to mainstream success after attracting a distribution deal from universal records between 2001 and 2003 alone the label sold 7000000 records and the success only continue later in the decade when cash money came out on top in a bidding war for the right to sign Nicki Minaj more of the labels hitmakers appear further down on the list and wild bird man's career as a rapper has slowed way down please associated artists have kept the cash rolling in his net worth stands at about $110000000 all Canadian Aubrey Drake Graham first found fame as an actor on the teen drama Degrassi the next generation in the early 2 thousands not content with acting fame he quit the series to pursue a career as a rapper after his debut mixtape dropped in 2007 please mixtapes gained him quick popularity and signing to young money entertainment an imprint of cash money records launched his career to the next level his 2010 debut album thank me later debuted at number 1 on the Billboard charts and the rapper professionally known as Drake has had a place among hip hop's royalty ever since not only has he been cited as 1 of the most technically gifted rappers of his generation but he's gone on to 4 consecutive number 1 albums in the U. S. a whopping 27 Grammy nominations and 3 wins unlike many on this list Drake isn't a producer or part time film star meaning that his sales and popularity alone have garnered him his insane $130000000 fortune ... shade Jackson senior better known to the world as ice few is a familiar face to a whole generation of movie goers his filmography would make most actors green with envy with starring turns in multiple franchises including triple legs are we there yet barber shop Friday and the ride a long series of films his career as an actor alone has made him a rich man but of course his career in entertainment began when he was in his teens as a songwriter for easy's ruthless records this led to stardom as the lead rapper for the world's most dangerous group NWA and a successful solo rap career spanning incredible 9 albums with attempt on the way cube was portrayed by his son o'shea Jackson junior in the 2016 NWA biopic straight outta Compton in most recently appeared with Charlie day in the 2017 comedy fist fight with both of his distinguished career still in full swing ice cubes net worth of $140000000 is likely to keep growing and growing when former NWA rapper and producer doctor dray left reflects the start is a label he debuted his new sound with a single deep cover 15 song to the 1992 film of the same name that track introduced 19 year old Calvin Broadus the lanky drawing and see what the unlikely handle Snoop doggy dog to the world and the world quickly decided it wanted to see more skips featured role Andres masterpiece the chronic later that year would catapult him to fame with a startling quickness that few rappers before or since have enjoyed snoops influential 1993 solo debut Doggystyle produced by drag debuted at number 1 and sold nearly 1000000 units in its first week eventually recording an astonishing 11000000 units sold 13 more solo albums have followed in the years since and Snoop is also kept himself busy with a ton of film and television appearances and as the head coach of John A. Rowland high school's football team the beloved in famously laid back rapper helped change the direction of the genre forever and he has a 100 43 $0 fortune to prove it all as mentioned previously the career of Twain Carter junior professionally known as little plane began when he was only 13 years old this platinum selling debut hope the cement tax money records as a dominant force in hip and later solo releases helped Wayne to explode in popularity in the mid 2 thousands in 2008 his release the Carter 3 posted first week sales of over 1000000 units eventually selling nearly 3000000 copies and winning the Grammy for best rap album the famously eccentric rapper has recorded 13 solo albums including the 2010 rock album rebirth and has guested on too many hit singles the count like Drake Wayne is purely an artist and doesn't dabbling producing or seeking Hollywood stardom is dizzying record sales and sold out tours have been enough for him to accumulate an impressive $150000000 fortune all Marshall Mathers the MC known as Eminem is flat out the best selling rapper of all time can is also widely considered to be his knack for clever rhymes in word plays without equal as is his knack for over the top profanity vulgarity in the U. S. he has had no fewer than 10 number 1 albums with sales of over 45 0 units and he's won a mind boggling 15 Grammys as if this weren't enough he's also the only artist on this list to win an academy award for best song he's hit lose yourself from a semi autobiographical film 8 mile with all of this under his belt and has been slowing down a bit in recent years but he announced in October 2016 that he's working on a new album now that he has anything left of proof the self proclaimed rat got is revered by his peers still beloved by his millions of fans at the ripe old age of 44 and is worth an astounding $230000000 what the career of Percy Miller also known as masterpiece began in 1991 in rather humble fashion Miller sold copies of his debut album get away clean out of the truck this car but from those beginnings with spring a rap empire that rivaled cash money records throughout the nineties master P. released his recordings on his own label No limit records his 1997 breakthrough album ghetto D. and it's hit single make em say aha launched into fame along with his No limit cohorts C. murder and Silkk the shocker more successful releases follow in peak also a huge sports fan began to branch out into sports management and athletic gear however no limits popularity declined in the early 2 thousands and the label went bankrupt in 2003 he sold the labels catalogue but has since re establish the label as No limit forever records while his label may have suffered from poor management piece finances have held up just fine he currently runs his record label and several charitable organizations and has a personal net worth of $350000000 all John Carter for JC to his millions of fans made an instant splash in the world of rap with his 1996 debut reasonable doubt released on his own label roc a fella records he would go on to achieve a class of his own becoming a huge international star and releasing multiple albums that are considered landmarks of their genre since 2008 he's been married to Beyonce singles 1 of the biggest pop stars in the world any 2006 he was named by Rolling Stone magazine as the greatest rapper of all time Jay's achievement speak for themselves he has sold over 55000000 albums worldwide in his 13 number one albums are the most ever for a solo artist of any kind he has also expanded it to fashion with his Rocawear clothing line and is a certified NBA and Major League Baseball agent with his own agency roc nation sports although he is largely retired from music is business savvy is nearly as legendary as his rap career Jaycees personal net worth currently stands at $610000000 well Andre young began his music career as a member of dance pop outfit world class Wreckin crew before being recruited by become the house producer for ruthless records this of course led to a run that would seat dray become 1 of the most respected producers in all of popular music while Jay was known to wrap often he famously never wrote any of his own lyrics and preferred to let the other artists on his recording shine fortunately he consistently displayed an uncanny knack for spotting talent as previously mentioned he discovered Snoop Dogg and produce the game changing doggy style only a few years later he signed Eminem and would go on to a long and fruitful partnership with him in 2008 dray also founded the popular electronics brand beatsbydre now known as Pete's which was sold to apple in 2014 for $3000000000 drays innovative musical style an incredible business document have helped to make him 1 of the richest man in hip hop he's worth an amazing $710000000 I in the early 19 nineties young Sean combs was a talent director at small label uptown helping to develop R. and B. acts Joe to see and Mary J. Blige after being fired from that label he started his own known as bad boy entered and brought with him a young unknown who went by the name of Biggie Smalls after a quick name change the 1994 debut by the notorious B. I. G. ready to die was released on bad boy and hit the hip hop landscape like a nuclear bomb the follow up release shortly after Biggie's 1997 murder was titled life after death and performed even better but later that same year comes now going by the name puff Daddy released his solo debut No Way Out and immediately ascended to pop stardom nearly as many name changes as blockbuster albums followed throughout the 2 thousands including the platinum the saga continues under the name P. Diddy and the gold pressed play at which point it was simply ditty like Jay Z. counts is also branched out into fashion with a successful Sean John clothing line and is an investor in several successful companies he's appeared in films including a well received turn in the 2000 drama monster's ball owned restaurants designed a Jersey for the Dallas Mavericks you name it he's done it fortune and Forbes magazine have both noted his skill as an entrepreneur and he's got the bank account to back it up the richest man in hip hop Sean Diddy combs is worth $750000000 yes that's 3 quarters of $1000000000 //
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10 Creepiest Dating Websites
\\I'm debuting in 2001 aids matches very functionally similar to mainstream dating sites in fact there's not a lot to distinguish it from any of the more popular sites and apps except that it claims to be the largest online dating pool from may to December romances for those unfamiliar with the term this means that 8 matches used exclusively by older people who want to date much younger people and vice versa while this type of so called age gap dating can sometimes lead to successful partnerships this site's user base seems to skew a little bit more toward the creepy beside touts the benefits of age gap relationships for people of all types but it's designing graphics indicate that it's aiming for one type in particular review website sugar Daddy notes that the aids match user base consists largely of older men making it a good choice for a younger woman looking for a sugar Daddy type situation nothing creepy about that in case you're unaware of what a furry is we're sorry to have to be the first to enlighten you this odd subset which some claim to be a sexual preference as much as the king is a community of individuals who engage in all manner of sexual play while wearing animal costumes think of group sex involving sports mascots and you'll have a general idea of how the subculture is perceived by the mainstream of course some furries just want a relationship like anyone else only with funny costumes enter furry made which was founded in 2011 and claims to be the only free dating site that places an emphasis on actual relationships due to an unforeseen level of interest the site was forced to shut down shortly after 8 months to upgrade its servers and by December of 2011 claim to have 12000 members with very little advertising of course apparently if you build the website the furries will sniff it out speaking of odd sexually oriented subcultures adult babies are pretty much exactly what they sound like people who indulge in this fetish wear adult diapers and sometimes engage in baby and caretaker play with a partner while this may sound bizarre in the extreme more than 1 dating site has cropped up to cater to the fetish diaper claims to be the largest and most popular and a quick glance at their home page confirms that the site has nearly 35 0 members as of January 2017 most of the sites banner ads are for king size diapers that appear to be marketed specifically for this crowd in most of the images you'll find if you scroll down the homepage are of the type that we're not going to show you here as creepy as the average web server might find this page if they were to stumble across it we got to admit that it's probably a good idea to give adult babies their own exclusive dating pool this dark industrial looking side is as efficient as its name very little information can be found online about I would bang but very little else needs to be set the descriptor on the homepage sums it up nicely if you like the look of someone click I would bang them if they click the same thing on your profile you can message them it's basically the old hot or not app smashed together with online dating which seems like a decent enough idea for those who are interested in the relationship and just want to cut through all the niceties and of somehow never heard of tender but the outputting name and downright businesslike designed ramp up the creepy factor a lot more than its designers probably intended it's a little too direct for its own good but the same could probably be said of most of its members if Patrick Bateman from American psycho were to pick a dating website it would probably be this one my free might not sound like a dating site and it certainly doesn't advertises one it claims to provide a unique service member sign up is either ladies or contributors the ladies are in the market for breast implants and the contributors apparently have a lot of money to throw around contributors give cash gifts to the ladies of their choice in any amount they want in exchange for photos messages videos and everlasting gratitude well it seems like common sense that contributors to fake breasts would expect if physically interact with those breasts at some point the site doesn't claim to set up any meetings and in fact has a third type of account for plastic surgeons looking for new clients this site claims tens of thousands of members and millions of dollars race but its potential as a gathering place for rich Stockard seems obvious of all the sites on our list this is the only one that we can guarantee you won't qualify to join that is unless you're dead if you're dead and are currently ago strife between the realms of the living in the deceased then go is the dating site for you in fact is the only dating site for you because it caters specifically to ghosts as such an ass for information that's a little different from the usual dating sites before you sign up you only to indicate whether you're seeking a male or female ghost between the ages of 18 and 1000 plus years then use the drop down menu to select a companion who died either horribly mysteriously tragically or suddenly unfortunately there's no instructions as to what to do if your preferred mate died under more than one or even all of those circumstances but if you make it all the way through the sign up process you'll be greeted with a message saying that you don't qualify to join because you're able to use a computer and therefore are obviously not day people who have issues with their mental and emotional health need companionship just like everybody else the idea of a single site for people with such issue seems like an interesting a compassionate idea but no longer makes the leap from compassionate to creepy by stating explicitly that it is for those with serious mental illness in all caps even more specifically membership is restricted to those with the diagnosis of schizophrenia schizo affective disorder bipolar disorder OCD borderline personality disorder dissociative disorder and a few more these are the types of issues that can render somebody a serious danger to themselves or others in the website even suggest that potential members consult with their psychiatrist before signing up while the site claims to have resulted in 37 marriages it seems just as likely that it may have also resulted in an even greater number of situations that should have been avoided if dating the mentally ill isn't your thing you can always just go for the outright criminal meet an we'll hook you up with the currently incarcerated convict of your dreams letting you choose from an extremely deep pool of felons of course none of the inmates will be riding have access to the internet so your emails will be transcribed in mail via the postal service like all the rest of the correspondence the site claims to be a clearinghouse for friendships not romantic relationships although the image of a glamour model behind a chain link fence on the homepage doesn't exactly reinforce this notion it does help police state that caution should be used when writing and potentially disclosing personal information to convicted criminals which seems like common sense and again if common sense for your strong suit you probably wouldn't be trying to find a partner in the vast sea of inmates in prison for serious crimes which may sound like a Halloween theme dating sites set up as a joke but this is no gag the homepage advertises it is especially designed for witches Wiccans druids heathens pagans shamans and anyone interested in alternative spirituality or lifestyles disregarding the fact that alternative lifestyle could mean just about anything druids and pagans are generally held be things that don't exist anymore also the site's FAQ features a standard disclaimer about not sharing too much personal information including email addresses but it requires an email address to sign up and it's built on a standard HTML platform that is nowhere near secure never has such a bland and generic looking website seem more like a ritual sacrifice waiting to happen if you happen to stumble across awake while web surfing your first thought might be that a dating site for night owls seems like a perfectly reasonable idea it probably would be but this site isn't looking for members who are awake at night it's looking for those who are awake to the vast network of powerful elites were secretly plotting to take over the world awake dating things could be the platform for those who are interesting individuals of open minds in critical thinking but it just may be the exact opposite of bath because this is the dating site for conspiracy theorists of all stripes it's a place where people with socially inconvenient understandings can find others with the exact same set of understandings which if you know anything about conspiracy theories is probably much easier said than done since so many of these theories contradict or exclude each other it's likely that finding a perfect match on this site would be about as easy as finding a needle in a haystack since conspiracies are becoming more and more mainstream perhaps awake daters should just stick to match //
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Snapchat
\\might be 1 of the most popular apps in the world but Snapchat had humble beginnings it all started in 2010 when founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy met while living at the Kappa sigma fraternity house on Stanford campus the teenage software developers got the idea for the Yap from another fraternity brother Reggie brown who remarked that he was there was an app for sending disappearing photos after sending a picture to the wrong person the app was originally developed for PC's but switch to mobile to take advantage of smart phones built in cameras the app was launched on the app store on 7/13/2011 under the name peekaboo it was nearly identical to the Snapchat we all know and even featured the familiar ghost icon but by the end of that summer it had less than 200 users later that year a phone book company with the same name issued a cease and desist letter and the app's name was changed to Snapchat use the app started to show signs usage doubled over the superior 23 and by that spring had close to over one 1000 I before they have started to skyrocket in popularity the founders of the company met to discuss equity this meeting did not go well with co founder Reggie brown the one who had a reason idea for the demanding a 30 percent share in the come feeling that their efforts to develop the app far outweighed his Spiegel and Murphy were furious cut brown out of the company in 2013 brown filed a lawsuit against the company claiming that he had come not only the idea for disappear photos but practically every element of the N. including the iconic goes logo he asked the court for damages disclosed amount which industry insiders speculated could be over 0.5000000000 the lawsuit dragged on until September 2014 when it was settled out of court with terms that were not made public Snapchat issued a statement saying that they were pleased to have resolve the matter to everyone's satisfaction and acknowledging Reggie brown's contributions to giving the company off the ground well well that lawsuit was settled it's far from the only litigation Snapchat is involved in although its terms of service for big users from sending sexually explicit snaps it fails to warn them that explicit content on Snapchat discover is not filtered and some users have become upset that they or their kids and an unexpected run in with adult entertainment on the at celebrity attorney mark Geragos recently filed the lawsuit on behalf of a family whose 14 year old child came across pornography while using the app while other social media giants such as Facebook and Instagram have actively taking steps to prevent such things Snapchat claims that it's discover partners had editorial independence and should not be censored an idea which is likely to be a focus of the lawsuit another lawsuit emerged justice Snapchat was getting ready to make an initial public offering former employee Anthony Pantoliano claims that he was recruited to Snapchat from Facebook where he helped grow the pages feature he claims that Snapchat falsely misrepresented its growth metrics in order to recruit him for the job and did the same for investors in advance of the company's IPO in order to inflate the company's value the suit also claims that Snapchat targeted pumping on though for recruitment in order to gain confidential information about Facebook inedita since attempted to destroy his reputation and career what Snapchat has long had to fight the perception that it is simply a tool for sexting in its original barebone set of features has been regularly updated with new features and filters that greatly expand on this base function of sharing pictures 1 of these updates was rolled out in 2013 and features a version of the app designed specifically for children under 13 which is the minimum age for regular users the app is called snap kids into contains features for taking snaps captioning and drawing on them snaps can be saved locally to the device the app is installed on but cannot be sense and users are also not able to receive snaps or add friends this limited version for kids is aimed at protecting younger users from the potential pitfalls of using Snapchat so far the company hasn't released any data on how many users the companion app pass we an absolutely staggering number of snaps are sent through the Yap every single second about 8800 photos are sent on the average this translates to roughly 760000000 snaps every day Snapchat users share over twice as many photos daily as Facebook and Instagram users combine and if you were to view every snap shared by every user on Snapchat within the last hour it would take you 10 years to do so during the time since you started watching this video about 4000000 snaps have been share what Snapchat unlocked its own true potential in the summer of 2016 when it completely revamped discover a section of the app featuring curated branded content that is individually geared toward each user's preferences it combines the best of social networks television and magazines to deliver an all in 1 news and entertainment package that is easy to customize huge brands such as BMW Gatorade and T. mobile have gotten in on the platform's potential for advertising while content partners such as CNN ESPN cosmopolitan vogue and buzzfeed to name a few provide a huge array of content streams to choose from shared content includes not only snaps but articles and featured videos response from users has been overwhelmingly positive and it's likely that discover will undergo more tweaks in the future well since advertising has become big business on Snapchat the company has come up with a number of ways to keep track of its users demographics and to determine the reach and impact of its partners advertising campaigns it has deals with the famed market research firm Nielsen in its British counterpart Millward brown to keep track of the apps usage in the north American and European markets also Snapchat is making an effort to connect its discover content partners with com score a market research firm that specializes in online analytics getting comscore numbers would allow these partners like cosmopolitan buzzfeed an ESPN to name a few to include Snapchat in their pitches to advertisers this makes it easier for these advertisers to understand the reach of their online presence and can result in higher income for the partners and bigger business for Snapchat we the rise of Snapchat came justice Facebook was attempting to position itself as the dominant social network on the planet in April 2012 Facebook purchased Instagram for $1000000000 ending any threat posed by its rising popularity Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg was rumored to have offered the same amount for Snapchat at about the same time but the offer was said to have been turned down then in 2013 Facebook made an offer that was seemingly impossible to refuse sucker Burg triple his original offer to $3000000000 an astonishing amount for a social media platform keep in mind that around that same time Disney acquired Marvel studios the production company behind the most financially successful film franchise in history for $4000000000 the only thing more surprising than the offer was snapchats response once again Zuckerberg's offer was turned down in 2014 Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel told Forbes magazine there are very few people in the world who get to build a business like this I think trading that for some short term gain isn't very interesting Spiegel was criticized by tech insiders at the time but as of may 2016 Wall Street experts were reporting that the company is now valued at $20000000000 well Twitter was founded in 2006 and it's grown into 1 of the more dominant social media platforms by the number of active daily users it was second only to Facebook for years but amazingly after being in service for only 4 years Snapchat was able to overtake Twitter in 2016 with each new round of funding Snapchat seems to be able to greatly boost its user base because its interface and features are modern streamlined and intuitive it's very appealing to younger social media users something Twitter's own C. E. O. acknowledges that his app struggles with while similar apps like Instagram and whatsapp have been absorbed by the Facebook giant Snapchat has been able to remain its own entity and increase both its user base and its value as a company while introducing innovative new features that its competitors have struggled to keep up with what overall Snapchat statistics are incredibly impressive the company is poised to rake in nearly $1000000000 from ad revenue alone in 2017 and its growth does not seem to be slowing down in fact the chances are that you have Snapchat on your smartphone 20 to 25 percent of all smartphone users in developed countries do and 30 percent of all millennials who regularly use the internet also you Snapchat daily and well you too may still be king for now Snapchat users view 10000000000 videos every day on the up and spend an average of 30 minutes every day in Snapchat it may have had humble beginnings as ignored iPhone app with only a handful of users but smart branding wise business decisions and an instinctive feel for the youth market have helped transform Snapchat into a social media juggernaut Facebook may still be leading the pack but with over 150000000 users and counting it may not be long before it seeing Snapchat in the rear view mirror I I I //
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10 Famous Cartoon Characters Based on Real People
\\well well how Betty Boop was among the more popular characters from the stable of Fleischer studios in early cartoon studio whose shorts were distributed by Paramount Pictures vice our studios were also the first to produce Popeye the sailor and Superman cartoons but Betty was 1 of the first cartoon characters to run into trouble with censors she was a notably sexualized female character whose animators regularly placed her in risky situations and her first features were definitely aimed at adults when the haze code went into effect in 1934 severely limiting what can be shown or even implied on screen Betty instantly transformed into a more innocent kid friendly character but her initial sexualized representation made such an impression that it made her a pop culture icon which she remains to this day she began as a caricature of jazz singer Helen Kane who had a very similar singing style and was even known as the Boop oop a doop girl in the 19 twenties while a contract performer for paramount gains career was in decline by the time Betty Boop features were becoming popular it's even took paramount's and Fleischer to court over the unauthorized use of her likeness in 1932 however the judge ruled that neither canes appear it's not her singing style were unique enough to warrant a finding of infringement and the lawsuit was dismissed I in the late 19 eighties Disney was on the ropes with their animation studios under pressure to produce a hit that would rival those of the studio's golden years they delivered big time with 1989's The Little Mermaid a traditionally animated masterpiece that single handedly revive Disney animation its success paved the way for the likes of beauty and the beast Aladdin and The Lion King in the nineties which helped to build this thing into the entertainment powerhouse cities today particular little mermaid Ariel became an instant icon and 1 of the most beloved Disney princesses while it may not be readily apparent due to were flowing red hair in mermaid tail Ariel's face was based on that of a popular child actress Alyssa Milano who was 16 when the film premiered while the film was in production animators used all this is performance in the early 19 eighties sitcom who's the boss is a model for Ariel's features and expressions Alyssa had no idea this was the case until she was asked a host of making up a little mermaid special that appeared on the Disney Channel which she happily did well the creative minds behind the little mermaid also turned to a unique source of inspiration when modeling their villain the sea witch Ursula Disney's unsuccessful seventies and eighties features had like the experts songwriting of their heyday so Broadway songwriters Howard Ashman and Alan Menken were brought on board to give the production the scope of a Broadway musical while Aspin was browsing several early designs of the Ursula character one immediately jumped out at him one that resembled his good friend legendary drag queen Devine with assonance help the character was revamped to resemble the vine not only in appearance but in mannerisms as well unfortunately Devine whose real name was Glenn Milstead was unaware of the homage and died shortly before the film's release many who knew him said that not only would he have love the character but that he would have been honored to play the role himself I Disney's renaissance continue with 1992's Aladdin 1 of their most successful films today in fact it was the most successful film of any kind that year earning over 0.$5000000000 worldwide in winning 2 Academy Awards it's considered by many to be the best movie to come out of Disney's 19 nineties revival if not their best feature of all time and the late Robin Williams delivered 1 of the most beloved performances of his entire career as the genie when modeling the main character's facial features and movements animators began with a solid reference Michael J. fox specifically his performance as Marty McFly in back to the future but midway through pre production this idea was scrapped in favor of basing Aladdin on a young movie star who is quickly becoming 1 of the hottest in Hollywood Tom Cruise this is especially obvious in Aladdin's winning smile which almost perfectly matches Tom's toothy grin this change was made because the first model was thought to be too cutesy and the filmmakers wanted a more handsome cocky look that still projected boyish innocence cruise fit the bill perfectly and now that you know this good luck not seeing it well arriving just as the super hero movie boom was really coming into full swing 2004's the Incredibles hit a home run for Pixar it was a fantastic addition to the Pixar cannon a great superhero film in its own right in arguably the closest thing to an acceptable Fantastic 4 movie were ever likely to get the film's character design is typically spot on and though she appears only briefly Edna mode is one of the film's most memorable characters she's a live wire fashion designer who used to moonlight as a tailor to the super heroes and she's called out of retirement to fix Mister incredible suit but of course she ends about fitting the entire family her designing characterization were based heavily on Edith head a legendary Hollywood costume designer who won an astonishing 8 Oscars for her work her career began in the 19 twenties and lasted all the way until her death in 1981 many had speculated that Edna was based on the death as the resemblance is nothing short of uncanny put incredible director Brad bird who also voiced the character of it now later confirmed that this was the case it's safe to say that many of you watching this video have never known a world without the Simpson's over an incredible run spending 4 separate decades the Simpson family in their supporting characters have become ingrained in American pop culture and as the creators of South Park and tell you it's tough to find a comical plotter subject for parody that The Simpsons haven't already done a mainstay since the show's first season Milhouse van Houten has served as bart's best friend straight man and comic foil from the very beginning the character's first name is actually the middle name of little love president Richard Milhous Nixon but the entire inspiration for the character came from another beloved sitcom the wonder years which began airing in 1988 just a year before the Simpson's debut that shows main character Kevin Arnold had a dorky best friend named Paul Pfeiffer played by Joss Aviano their hairstyle glasses in general dorky looker all there and both characters serve the same purpose to be the loyal best friend for better or worse how speaking of South Park when thinking of the long running in ground breaking animated series one character usually jumps to mind Eric Cartman this scheming profane and unapologetically bigoted third grader became the show's breakout star beginning with its very first episode Cartman gets an anal Perot which is the only episode of the series to be animated using actual cardboard cut outs Trey Parker's voice performance is undoubtedly one of the most unique and hilarious and all of animation but to make a star of such an unlikable character Parker and partner Matt stone went back to the well of classic 76 comes Pacific we've a seminal Norman Lear produced comedy all in the family and it's loud and racist patriarch Archie bunker played by veteran character actor Carroll o'connor Archie served as the conservative foil to the show's liberal characters in views and Parker and stone invasion carton in serving the same purpose a legendary producer responsible for such shows as the Jeffersons Sanford and son and one day at a time told podcaster mark marinate in interview that he couldn't be prouder of anything than he is of Archie bunker's influence on Cartman Disney's The Jungle Book is among the greatest classics of the golden age and was recently remade as the very well received live action feature in 2016 in the original film a quartet of musical vultures are among the friends encountered by the little and mostly on their adventures these voters have very distinct mop top haircuts and Liverpudlian accents that give them a more than passing resemblance to the Beatles the biggest band in the world at the time of the film's release in 1967 in fact the vultures were meant to be voiced by the Beatles themselves and would've sung a pop tune entitled that's what friends are for unfortunately the idea was vetoed by none other than John Lennon who sarcastically remarked a manager Brian Epstein that they should get Elvis Presley instead the vultures ended up singing a barber shop number but kept the hairstyles and accents of their inspiration they were featured in the 2016 film and director Jon Favreau attempted to secure the surviving Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to provide their voices but was unable to do so federal express sadness that he can finally deliver the vulture Beatles but expressed hope for the sequel I in 1919 that New York journal began running the comic strip thimble theatre by cartoonist easy cigar featuring the characters castor oil olive oil and ham gravy the strip ran for a full 10 years before it found its star a corn cob pipe munching sailor man named Popeye the character became an overnight success and was soon starring in the previously mentioned Fleischer studios cartoon shorts on his way to becoming an American icon for inspiration cigar base many of his characters on people from his hometown of Chester Illinois wimpy was partly based on his boss at his first job in olive oil on the owner of the town's general store but a well known and colorful resident was definitely 100 percent of the inspiration for the famous sailing man Frank rocky fetal was a bouncer at a local saloon who had Popeye's characteristic squint corncob pipe and was always looking for a fight he once came out on top when 5 local boys try to gang up on him and when startled awake from napping in his favorite chair was known to jump up flailing his arms ready to take on all comers in a manner that cartoon fans would find familiar beagle died in 1947 at the age of 79 and his tombstone acknowledges his influence is 1 of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time how it might seem like the joker's partner in crime Harley Quinn has been a part of Batman lore forever but she was actually created in the 19 nineties for Batman the animated series she's 1 of the only DC comics characters created for a different medium to be adopted immediately into comic book canon and she's been a fan favorite ever since recently making her live action debut in 2016 suicide squad harlequin theme female foil for the joker might seem obvious but Harley's inspiration is as out of left field as they come her look and voice are based on actress Arleen Sorkin and specifically her performances calliope Jones on the long running soap opera days of our lives in the 19 eighties the soap was prone to weird flights of fancy and a dream sequence in which Sorkin squeaky voice character appears dressed as a jester stuck in my head of Paul Dini a writer on such series as transformers and GI Joe who would go on to write for the Batman animated series a friend of sorghum from college Deanie creative Harley based on his memory of this one sequence and offered the role to Sorkin who couldn't turn it down she has gone on to voice the character in over a dozen series video games an animated //
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10 Shocking Facts About The Playboy Mansion
\\hats during his playboy brand have been synonymous with upscale tasteful sexiness since the magazine's debut in the late 19 fifties for 5 decades hence permanent residence at 10236 Charing Cross road in Los Angeles the legendary playboy mansion has also become synonymous with lavish parties in tons of scantily clad women as with many things in the city of angels however appearances are not always what they seem here are 10 shocking facts about the playboy mansion that's your famously lives with the revolving roster of up to 7 buxom young girl friends at a time which will begin to a little more in a moment because most guys tend to scrub their place from top to bottom with just one girlfriend is on the way over you might think that the mansion would be kept spotless and you would be very wrong according to several of his former girlfriend's dimension is a far cry from the glamorous palace they'd envisioned before moving in Isabella James who arrived at the mansion in 2002 says the place was decorated with furnishings that could politely be described as modest with mismatched pieces in each room that could have come from a thrift store the mattresses in sheets on each bed were worn and stained the carpets and walls were grungy even after Isabella persuaded have to replace the carpets he installed white ones that were soiled the grubby again in no time flat in addition to this happened some of the playmates own several dogs that would regularly do their business in the house in her book bunny tales Isabella remembers everything in the mansion felt old and stale in RT the house dog would regularly relieve himself on the hallway curtains adding a powerful wave of your into the general scent of decay probably not exactly what you picture the 2011 there was an unusual outbreak of legionnaire's disease in the Los Angeles area the disease is a type of flu that can lead people bedridden for over a week and the bacteria that causes it are typically found in warm fresh water or hot tubs this particular outbreak was traced back to a party at the playboy mansion and the famous grotto which apparently is a breeding ground for the bacteria that man made world pool has long been the butt of jokes since this being the playboy mansion all sorts of filthy activity is assumed to take place there but the 2011 party sickened an incredible 200 people according to the Los Angeles county department of public health which said that the bacteria is spread most easily by inhaling steam from infected water so if you ever find yourself at the mansion you may want to forego a dip in the grotto and instead just take pictures from far far away to well nearly all of the mansion and its grounds are open to guests and have been extremely photographed there is one room that has never been seen by the general public it's called the Elvis room and yes the legendary king of rock and roll is said to have stayed there while the fact that very few have even seen the room give an air of mystery it's probably not much different from the mansion's other 11 bedrooms except of course that was once host to rock and roll royalty it also doesn't hurt that according to legend Elvis didn't sleep there alone well that's to be expected that the king would be popular with the bunnies rumor has it that no fewer than 8 playmates entertain him during his overnight stay it appears that this plus being one of the greatest rockers of all time is what it takes to get a room named after you in the playboy mansion speaking of rock royalty only the Beatles could claim to be bigger than Elvis not to mention another influential figure too after their break up in the early seventies John Lennon spent an 18 month lost weekend in LA during which he and singer songwriter Harry Nilsson consumes more alcohol and drugs that a reasonable person would think possible it was a time during which Lennon was famously volatile being separated from Yoko Ono and probably the wrong time for him to be invited to Sunday brunch at the lavish playboy mansion have recalled in a 2007 interview that John showed up already drunk and an extremely bad mood due to the circumstances of his personal life he proceeded to drink even more and started behaving badly while half was elsewhere in the man when he put out his cigarette on the valuable original Matisse painting one of has friends took exception was ready to beat the former Beatle to a pole fortunately have intervened and simply had John kicked out saying that John was one of his heroes that was obviously going through a terrible time in his life of course it could be argued that being defaced by a beagle may have made the painting even more valuable and it's still hangs in the Manson to this day that's doesn't just love dogs apparently he has a great fondness for animals of all types in the mansion's grounds are home to all types of animals that one wouldn't ordinarily see outside of a zoo in fact dimension actually holds a zoo license for resident exhibiting permit from the California department of fish and wildlife cat's pad is one of about 2 dozen private residences in Los Angeles county to qualify for a license of its kind but we're guessing that the others have a distinct lack of playboy models in bikinis the Manson's aviary features a stunning assortment of tropical birds including parrots cockatoos African cranes pelican's 2 cans and peacocks the grounds are also home to an assortment of monkeys there are over 100 squirrel monkeys alone in the mansion employs a 6 person animals department to take care of all the animals and exotic birds in addition to base the playboy mansion is the only private residence in all of Los Angeles to hold a year round fireworks and pyrotechnics permit if it's been married 3 times for the first time all the way back in 1949 his 2 most recent marriages have been to Kimberly Conrad and crystal Harris 2 of the many girl friends that have come and gone at the mansion over the years the divorce Conrad in 2010 after 20 years of marriage and 2 children and married Harris who is 60 years his junior in 2012 as revealed in former girlfriend Holly Madison's tell all book down the rabbit hole hence marriage to Conrad never held him back from constantly having a harem of blond buxom girl friends he would have up to 7 at the time with 1 special girl staying with him in his room after twice weekly club nights fueled by plenty of drugs half would bring all 7 of his current girls to his room where upward group sex would take place this would typically begin with have smoking pot in watching porn before taking short turns with each girl in finishing by himself Madison says no 1 was actually in the movie besides headlights or turned on in the slightest British twins Carla and Melissa how moved out of the mansion in 2015 and quickly spilled a whole bunch of dirt to the British press according to them living at the mansion is more like living with a doddering old Grandad in the fast paced life of glamour and excitement that it's made out to be between say that Hess movie nights which happened 3 times a week consists mostly of his favorite Hollywood selections from the 19 fifties which is sure to be a major turn on for his harem of 20 something girls all of his girlfriends are subject to a strict 9:00 PM curfew and are never allowed to have any visitors at the mansion especially not male ones also well hef's girlfriends used to get a weekly allowance that has also been axed and now they simply get free room and board if they break any of hats rules even once particularly curfew they are kicked out and never allowed to come back fortunately the twin say that at least test marriage to crystal has made an honest man out of it and he no longer sleeps with any of the girls beside his wife this was a relief to Carla who says to be honesty so old now I couldn't imagine him trying to make a move he has to walk with people around him because he's frail technically have never actually owned the playboy mansion it was purchased by playboy enterprises in the 19 sixties which had been leasing it to him for all these years for the astonishingly low amount of $100 per year however Playboys dwindling fortunes cause them to sell off the mansion in 2016 with the condition that hath will be allowed to live there for the rest of his life unfortunately for him his ranch has gone up just a little next door neighbor Darren metropolis the 32 year old heir to $1000000000 fortune bought the mansion for a cool $100000000 once heads tenancy ends metropolis intends to connect the property with his own combining them into a single 7.3 acre estate in the meantime however half will pay a whopping $1000000 per year to continue living in his beloved mansion iconic entertainer Bill Cosby has come under serious fire in recent years as over 20 women have come forward alleging that Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them over the course of his entire career of the many lawsuits currently pending against him one was brought by Judy who who claims that Cosby sexually assaulted her at the playboy mansion in the 19 sixties when Cosby was 37 and she was only 15 according to her complaints who then a 16 year old friend met Cosby and an outdoor film set where he invited them to a private club at the club they played pool with Cosby's condition being that they had to drink a beer for every game he won after they both had several because we said that he was taking them to a party which turned out to be at the playboy mansion he allegedly told both girls that they see claim to be 19 should anyone ask later that night who came out of a guest room bathroom to find Cosby sitting on the bed where he proceeded to force her into performing several sexual acts on it while Cosby has not been convicted this would certainly rank high on the list of scandalous incidents to have taken place in a mansion known for sleazy excuses if it turns out to be true if Kendra Wilkinson is to be believed there was one giant over arching reality if you have there in the playboy mansion it's all the giant facade far from being rich sophisticated and great with the ladies path is cheap shallow and his girlfriend's generally can't stand them Kendra moved into the mansion when she was only 18 at along with Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt was a cast member on the girls next door a reality show set at the mansion that aired from 2005 to 2010 cantor went on to further reality fame and basically confirmed all of Holly's cringe inducing details about health club and 6 nights were cast mates on I'm a celebrity get me out of here she even went into further detail saying I was usually very very drunk during those evenings I tended not to care about much until the next day I had to be very drunk or smoke a lot of weed to survive those nights it was like a job in clocked out it's not like I enjoyed having sex with them Kantor says she would even check into hotels down the street from the mansion during the day to sleep with other men not exactly a great look for a man who supposedly embodies the word playboy //
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10 Things You Didn't Know The Use For
\\the spoons come in many shapes and sizes but they all share one unique feature in everyone you'll ever encounter there's a hole in the middle of the spoon and no matter the size or shape of the spoon this whole will always be the same size most people assume that this is simply for allowing water to drink now but it's safe to say that most people also drain their pasta before serving it so this doesn't make much sense actually the whole has a very specific use that not many seem to know about it's for measuring the perfect amount of dry pasta fill that hole with uncooked spaghetti and you'll end up with just the right amount of cooked pasta for a single serving now you won't take up unnecessary Bridge space with leftovers every time you want to make spaghetti the design of aluminum foil and plastic wrapped boxes hasn't changed at all over the years it might seem like you could use an update at some point everyone of us is how to deal with the role of this particularly stubborn only to have it come flying out of the box when we pull harder there has to be a better way in their race already built into the existing design of the box you may or may not have noticed that every aluminum foil or plastic wrap box has small perforated tabs on each end you probably never gave it much thought if you did but their purpose is obvious once you know what it is if you break the perforation and push them in so that their inside the cardboard tube they'll hold the tube in place when dispensing products they're actually called and locks no more flying aluminum foil or ruined rolls of plastic wrap another design that stayed the same for as long as anyone can remember is the ball point pen the familiar camps have been chewed on fitted within used in games at elementary schools around the world seemingly forever but even though they've been a part of your life since you were a child you probably never gave much thought to their most important feature the hole in the tip of the cap serves a very specific purpose most people seem to think that it's to keep the egg from drying out but ballpoint pens don't have this problem it's part of their design but pens are often lying around the house were small children can get hold of them if the camp were to be swallowed it could easily blocked the airway and lead to suffocation the hole in the tip is to ensure that this doesn't happen the trustee padlock is a complex device on the inside but simple on the outside all the casing needs to do is protect the lots workings by withstanding punishment for many attempts to break it open and also from cold or wet weather every padlock you've ever seen has a tiny hole in the bottom usually next to where the key goes it stands to reason that this could be for oiling the lock to keep it working properly and many people use it for that purpose but that's not its main function while they're designed to keep moisture out no padlock and keep out all of it especially when exposed a heavy rains the hole is to allow moisture to drain out and keep the lock from being permanently damaged iPhone owners may have noticed another tiny mystery hole on the back of their device in between the primary camera lens in the flash this tiny hole has nothing to do with the camera however just like the iPhone features front and back cameras it also has primary and secondary microphones the tiny hole was a secondary microphone and it serves more than one useful purpose for one it helps eerie to understand you better by capturing fine details of your voice assisting with quirks of speech like accents it also allows for clear sound to be captured when the phone is in any position and allows for stereo sound in the videos you shoot but perhaps most importantly the fine detail captured by the secondary microphone much of which is background noise is filtered out when you're on the call so the person on the other end will hear you loud and clear and not whatever's going on around you denim jeans have been a fashion fixture for well over 100 years nearly 0.5000000000 pairs are sold every year and that's just in the United States where they've become an icon of American culture most pairs of jeans have the familiar tiny extra pocket sewn into the right front pocket you may have found a number of handy uses for this pocket from spare change to keys to an important phone number it makes a great utility pocket for small things that are easy to lose track of but this was not its original purpose genes have been around for so long that when they were first introduced pocket watches were still very common in fact the wrist watch hadn't even been invented yet pocket watches were often among an individual's most expensive and prized possessions so the extra pocket was there to make sure that the watch didn't come into contact with anything else inside the pocket that my chipper scratching the trustee swing stapler reads well a staple of any office its design is simplicity itself and staples whole documents together so well that a separate device was invented just to remove them but nearly every stapler has a hidden feature that makes this unnecessary you may have noticed that the metal plate that folds the staple in word is attached by an expose screw the plate could just as easily be glued into place but it's actually meant to be removed and turned around if you turn the plate upside down it screw it back into place staple was still secure the documents but will bend gently out word instead of inward this is very convenient for securing documents together that will have to be separated later rather than using a staple remover orange or the hassle of trying to pry the staples open the documents can simply be pulled apart if you've ever poured a bottle of wine you probably wondered why the bottom of the bottle had a large indentation all wine and champagne bottles have this and it seems like a way to fill up the bottle lesson give the consumer less for their money however this is not the case at all the indentation was started when wine bottles were blown by hand and it was to help make sure that the bottle would sit upright in did not have any sharp edges since one bottles are also typically sealed for a very long time the indentation helps to evenly distribute air pressure inside the bottle and keeps the beverage inside a consistent quality this function is even more important in champagne bottles a champagne is carbonated in the bottles have to withstand an even greater amount of pressure it's also interesting to note that this indentation actually has a name left over from the days when glassblowers first brought into use it's called the punt placing aluminum soda can in somebody's hand a mill instantly be able to tell you what it is an open it while blindfolded everyone of us has probably enjoyed more drinks from an aluminum can then we would ever possibly be able to guess and yet if you were aware that they have a special feature so simple and convenient that it's simply amazing that more people haven't figured it out for themselves as humble as it might seem the soda cans tabs an ingenious design with a dual purpose what the inside of the can is sterile the outsides could become covered in all manner of grime and germs during the transportation process for this reason many people are leery about drinking straight out of the can without washing it first but if you have a straw you won't have to worry about that simply pop the can open turn the tap around so that the hole in the tab is over the cans opening and insert the straw into the hole the tab will keep the straw securely in place anyone have to worry about where you can of soda might have been you've probably never given much thought to the head rests in your car in fact to call them headdresses questionable given that most of them are position too far back on the seat to comfortably rest your head on in the driver's head requires free range of movement anyway if they're not actually for resting your head on it seems like they could be done away with all together but your head rest disguise an important feature that could one day save your life every car's headrest is removable and the 2 metal prongs that slide into the seat and hold it in place are just use for adjusting its height their sturdy enough to withstand punishment and strong enough to punch holes in automotive safety glass if you were to become trapped in the car and were unable to roll down a window you can firmly hold the cushion head resting use the metal prongs to smash out a window and get to safety nnst //
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10 Questions Science Still Can't Answer
\\cats her is one of the more comforting sounds in all of nature it is long been thought to be an indication of happiness and contentment but animal behaviorists know that this is not always the case some cats also per win frightened or intimidated also in addition to not knowing exactly what causes cats to per the very mechanics behind the sound are not completely understood the knowledge we do have come strictly from observation while there is definitely a vibration of certain air throat there was no organ or set of money is that are you strictly for purring it was once thought that cats have separate sets of vocal cords from it's turned out to be false one possible clue may lie in the fact that most big cats such as the Tigers do not per justice house cats don't roar there may be some anatomical difference between the 2 types of cats that keep them from making certain so but if there is researchers haven't found it yet we've all experienced the disorienting sensation of being snapped back into wakefulness rabbits were beginning to drift off to sleep usually this is accompanied by sensation of falling and sometimes mental images are brief dreams will also be a part of the experience this phenomenon actually has a name it's known as a hepatic jerk which is not an ill tempered hypnotist but a sudden increase in muscle activity just to sleep is setting in while sleep scientists know that this is what happens it's the how and the why that they have so far been unable to pin down it's speculated that in the transitional stage between wakefulness and sleep there is sometimes a brief struggle between the systems in the brain that encourage slumber and those that cause you to stay away it may be that the wait for part of the brain over reacts to the relaxing of the muscles caused by the sleepy part causing the exaggerated tweets that jerks us out of sleep however this is all pure speculation it's unknown whether dreaming truly plays a part in causing hit NYC jerks and why the feeling of falling is so often present ever since potential new medicines have been put through clinical trials they've been measured against placebos look alike substances that have no effect whatsoever early medical professionals would you sugar pills comparing the results with the real drug in order to make sure that the medicine was having the desired effect before long physicians notice that sometimes the placebo could work just as well as the actual medicine put simply if patients were told that sugar pills would make them feel better a certain number of them would actually feel better as the years went on cases were recorded in which some serious conditions such as Parkinson's disease were successfully treated with placebos medical science has yet to find an explanation for this effect amazingly placebos can sometimes work even when the patients know that their placebos one study found that allowing the placebo effect to kick in over 4 treatments with a pain killing gel which was really only covered vessel green had some patients continuing to experience the pain relieving affects even after being told the gel was a placebo it's interesting to think about the fact that when we look up at the night sky we're seeing the same moon that our ancient ancestors saw thousands of years ago it's just as interesting if a little puzzling to know that modern science still does not know exactly where the moon came from one theory proposed by the son of biologist Charles Darwin is that the earth was spinning fast enough at some point in its history to throw a chunk of it off into space another theory proposes that the moon was an asteroid that was captured by the earth's gravity but some argue that the changed words gravity field because by this would be enough to eventually allow the moon to break free another rather far fetched theory suggests that the earth and the moon formed at the same time while orbiting a black hole but this fails to answer the question of how the moon came to be in our orbit the most widely accepted theory however is that an ancient impacts by an asteroid or meteor because the portion of the earth to break off but ultimately any or all of these could end up being false because they're all just educated guesses menopause is a monumental life change for half of the population it marks the end of a woman's childbearing years and comes with a host of physical and psychological issues that vary from woman to woman but can range from mildly disruptive to very dramatic interestingly humans are one of only 3 known species on the planet to go through this process with the others being killer whales and short finned pilot whales there is no biological purpose for it in researchers have tried for years to determine what if any purpose it serves in humans from an evolutionary standpoint menopause occurs when the ovaries undergo a rapid decrease in function stopping the production of eggs in resulting in the end of the menstrual cycle at birth the female human ovaries contain over 1000000 X. releasing one every month the hormones that cause this process mainly estrogen begin to dwindle after the age of 40 which is the beginning of the process leading to onset of menopause but nobody has figured out why this natural reduction in hormones happens at all everybody loves a good night's sleep a deep sound sleep usually leaves us feeling refreshed and energized and scientists have long known that ari and sleep the period of rapid eye movement when most dreaming takes place is the most restorative stage of course we still don't know why are you M. is so refreshing or why sleep is refreshing at all there have been plenty of opportunities for scientific study because every animal on the face of the earth sleeps in some form or another there are many theories as to why everything need sleep and most of them contradict each other one of the most widely accepted theories is that the brain uses the time asleep to consolidate memories throw out information that does not need and reorganize the kind of defragmentation of the brain as it were other suggests that sleep is needed to repair physical damage caused to the brain through oxidation while away to promote longevity or to regulate the brain's electrical signals and the animal's behavior so far none of these theories carry any more weight than the others in any of them could be correct or it could just as well be that none of them are when it comes to human beings few mysteries have alluded science religion and philosophy like the mystery of human consciousness humans appear to be the only organisms on the planet capable of self awareness yet no discipline has been able to pinpoint what makes us different however it appears that at least the right questions are being asked aside from philosophical questions about the nature of self in the meeting of free will some scientific studies have tried to address the questions of whether other animals experience consciousness and whether vegetative patients are capable of being conscious when it comes to the nature of consciousness the best guesses of science have to do with the electrical signals generated by the brain some researchers believe that some unknown master process integrates all of our sensory input in unique way that makes us experience the world differently one recent study even suggested after detecting tiny vibrations inside the brain that the human brain is actually a quantum computer science may one day give us a definitive answer but so far the very quality that defines our humanity has yet to be explained the properties of gravity are understood very well Isaac Newton define them centuries ago and using his understanding of gravity to design planes rockets in space shuttles have served us very well but even though the way in which gravity behaves can be easily predicted the reasons it behaves the way it does and its very nature have long been 1 of the biggest debates in all of science this simple force that Newton described was expanded on by Albert Einstein who treated gravity as a property of the universe and not of individual bodies he proposed that gravity is the result of a warping of space time caused by the mere presence of a body such as a planet the bigger the body the greater gravity's effects Einstein's theory was all but proving correct in 2016 when researchers discovered what are thought to be gravitational waves caused by a warping of space time further research is being done to verify their findings but given the elusive nature of an explanation so far they may very well come up short during the entire time biologists have been discovering in cataloging new species over 1.3000000 of them have become known to science it's astounding to think that we share the earth with such a variety of life but those in the field of biology admit that this is just the tip of the iceberg every single year an average of 15000 new species are discovered many of these may be microscopic bacteria or a previously unknown type of parasite that only leaves inside another animal some maybe native to areas that are only recently discovered like unmatched rain forests are unexplored regions of the ocean floor the best estimates of scientists said that as many as 7000000 species are still waiting to be discovered and of course this could be wildly off the mark with evolution continuing its slow March we may never catch up there may always be species that are unknown to us for as long as humans exist when it comes to big questions that science would love to answer another greater than the question of how life on earth began it has been speculated that in the warm primordial soup that was the ocean of the young earth tiny microbes could have developed different combinations over millions or billions of years eventually leading to the creation of are in a this self replicating genetic material that allows for life recently a team of Cambridge scientists came out with a study that strongly supports this theory they claim that they were able to reproduce reactions between such primitive microbes that could produce the 4 elements necessary to combine into our in a further they say their research demonstrates that this could have happened with all of the elements present on a very primitive earth perhaps giving science its biggest inside yet into how life on our planet could have started of course like all studies this research will be subject to lengthy review by the scientific community it may turn out to be one of the greatest achievements of our time or it could like so many attempts before it turned out to be just another pretty good guess //
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10 Naughty Teachers Who Slept With Their Students
\\Carly McKinney was a first year math teacher at over the high school in Aurora Colorado well it hasn't been proven that there was any funny business going on with students the 23 year old Carly came under harsh criticism when her Twitter account Carly crossed bear came to life Carly regularly posted not only inappropriate jokes having to do with weed in the jail bait status of her students she also saw fit to post half naked in rather suggestive photos of herself while she claimed that the Twitter account was shared with a friend it was more of a parody account than an accurate representation of her life she never the less deleted it after getting a phone call from a local news station of course since we're talking about the internet screen grabs the lower for 90 posts remain online many of car these young male students post appreciative responses to our photos before the account was deleted she insisted she never meant any harm but as a first year teacher still her probationary period the school district in waste much time determining her fate after a brief suspension during which it was determined there was no evidence any crime is taking place Carly was let go from her position male students a Kentucky's Dixie heights high school were probably thrilled with the administration hired Sarah Jones a former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader with knock out good looks after teaching at the school for several years Sarah who was married at the time became involved with 17 year old student Cody York as rumors began to swirl around the school they both denied the relationship but Sarah never the less resigned her post in 2011 however in 2013 charges were brought against Sarah for having sex with a minor if she went on national television to defend the relationship she admitted that she and Cody had been involved but said that she was never her students and claimed at first that she had never had sex with him while he was a minor jurors heard a number of very text between the 2 including 1 in which Sarah told Cody she had been in love with him since he was 14 years old in the end Sara pleaded guilty to sex with a minor and took a plea deal in which she received no jail time she divorced her husband and in July 2013 announced her engagement to Cody Lindsay Massaro was a student teacher of eighth graders at Frankford elementary school in Sussex county New Jersey in 2011 the father of 1 of her 15 year old students reported to authorities that his son had been carrying on an affair with Lindsay having sex with her multiple times at her house and in her car in the school parking lot the 23 year old college senior was arrested and charged with multiple crimes including sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a minor she'd been working toward her teaching certificate in special education but instead her life and career were completely derailed by a very public trial in June 2011 Lindsay was convicted on second degree sexual assault in order to serve 3 years in prison in addition she was made to register as a sex offender under Megan's law it will have to deal with supervised probation for the rest of her life a pretty steep price to pay for a fling but perhaps Lindsay should have been looking at her college classes for dates instead of the middle school classes she was suppose to be teaching in 2011 nude photos of teacher Michele prestin began circulating around Shawnee mission west high school in Johnson County Kansas while male students probably saw this is nothing to get too upset about police didn't feel the same way when the racy pictures were brought to their attention Michelle quickly came clean admitting that she had had sex with 2 of her students 1 of them at least 15 times and had made out with another 1 in the basement of our house Michelle was charged with unlawful sex with a minor but Kansas lies a little bit tricky technically although 1 is still considered a minor at 17 it is also the age of consent in Kansas and Michelle's dalliances had been with boys who were 1718 years old for this reason Michelle was unbelievably only sentenced to 36 months probation and although she was made to register as a sex offender that record was wiped clean when her probation ended the judge said that if any of her victims had been 16 or younger it would've been a totally different case shortly after her sentencing Michelle and her husband that's right she was also married while she was messing around with her students became the parents of a baby girl basketball coach Pamela Rogers Turner was a blonde bombshell who had been missed Monday nitro WCW wrestling's 1997 spring break also married to another basketball coach but 27 year old Pamela begin a torrid affair with 1 of her students in 2005 while working at Centerville elementary school in McMinnville Tennessee that's right the object of Pamela's affections was only 13 years old and in court she detailed they're extremely intimate relationship which lasted 3 months pleading no contest to 4 counts of sexual battery she received 270 days in the county jail in an 8 year suspended sentence but this apparently did not teach Pamela thing while out on bail it was discovered that she used her father cell phone to send new pictures and sex videos of herself to the boy she was convicted of having unlawful sex with and also communicate with him on websites and blogs her probation was revoked and she was ordered to spend 7 years in the Tennessee state prison for women amazingly in 2007 she had an additional 2 years tacked onto a sentence for sending new pictures of herself to the boy again some teachers never learn heather Dodge real was another blonde in her late twenties with a thing for much much younger boys but she met the object of her desire at the camp in which she was an 8 a Bible camp in the Louisiana for several months have that would pick up the boys from school without the knowledge of his parents and in the words of the police subjected to sexual encounters of all kinds heather faced a laundry list of charges in 2 different counties owing to her all over the map sexual relationship with her student who was also only 13 she must be either incredibly charming or unbelievably lucky because although she was sentenced to 5 years in prison 4 of those years were suspended meaning she only had to spend a year in jail Davis high school in Salt Lake City Utah was the site of another lurid scandal with 36 year old teacher Brianne Altes was accused of having sexual relationships with no fewer than 3 of her students all of whom were 1617 years old amazingly the original complaint against her alleges that the schools management had been made aware of her inappropriate actions with her male students but had not taken any action although school officials of course denied this in court facing 14 felony charges Brianne defended her relationships with 1 of the boys saying that she had no evil or malicious intent in that the students grades have improved during their relationship if that doesn't seem like a very strong defense the judge agreed handing down the potentially stiff sentence with an unusually wide range 2 to 30 years in prison the fact that she was re arrested for having sex with the same student again while out on bail might have had something to do with it as well added 2016 parole hearing Brianne expressed a great deal of regret saying that she had lost sight of her values and didn't believe what she was doing was wrong at the time current sentencing guidelines call for her to be released in January 2020 in 2015 a 14 year old middle school student from temple terrace Florida paid a visit to his cousin in a neighboring city is always a little bit alarmed to see him in the company of a provocatively dressed very attractive blonde woman who was obviously in her twenties and gave a call to the boy's mother under questioning the boy admitted that the woman was his 25 year old teacher Debra a faith and he had been having a month long affair with her Debra's case ignited intense media coverage though to the fact that most male observers considered to be very easy on the eye but her trial was derailed when court TV who would be covering the event life refused to protect the identity of the underage boy deciding that a public trial would be too detrimental to the boys well being the judge offered a plea deal in which step it would serve 3 years house arrest followed by 7 years probation but would not serve any prison time the decision was controversial to say the least critics accuse the court of funding Deborah to be too pretty for prison and question whether a man convicted of the same crimes would have received similar treatment she was briefly let off a probation by a trial judge in 2013 before an appellate court decided otherwise in order to serve her entire probation sentence 33 year old teacher Shelly to frame began flirting with 1 of her students at Louisiana's the stray hand high school during the 20142015 school year and even messaged him on social media when he was out sick the relationship quickly escalated and after Shelley kissed her 16 year old student while alone in her classroom during school hours quickly progressed the sax more than 40 times over the next several weeks things might have gone south right away for the scandalous teacher but things only got more scandalous when 25 year old fellow teacher Rachel represent out about the affair instead of blowing the whistle she let Shelly use our apartment to carry on the flying this eventually led to threesomes between the student and his 2 female teachers and if you know anything about high school boys then you know the situation didn't stay secret for long Shelley had a hard time finding a judge to try her because she is the daughter of a judge and one had to be brought out of retirement to hear her case incredibly she was given a 3 year deferred sentence conditional upon completing mental health treatment meaning she avoided jail time but another trial in a different county is set to begin early this year Rachel represent also be tried on related charges at the same time and she has pleaded not guilty to them all finally the case of Alexandria Vera is unique to say the least for Houston middle school teacher was charged with ongoing sexual abuse of a child after her relationship with a 13 year old student was revealed but apparently the boy's parents not only knew about the relationship but saw no problem with it Alexandria even pretended to date the boy's father to throw off suspicions child protective services became involved in January 2016 after Alexandria became pregnant by the boy showing up at the school in asking pointed questions she terminated the pregnancy soon after but the cat was out of the back and she admitted that she had had sex with the boy on an almost daily basis even letting him sleep at her house and driving him to school in the morning pleas for leniency from the boy's family and declarations of love from Alexandria did nothing to help facing 25 years to life she pleaded guilty and accepted a plea agreement that saw her receive 10 years in prison I WNED //
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10 Celebrities Who Married Their Fans
\\were of Tom Cruise Israel women across the world still fawned over the 54 year old mission impossible stuff his boyish good looks and charming personality has won the hearts of Mimi Rogers Penelope Cruz and Nicole Kidman but when he found out that Katie Holmes was a huge fan he acted swiftly to scoop her up while Katie was engaged to actor Chris Klein in 2004 the young actress told reporters I think every little girl dreams about her wedding I use to think I was going to marry Tom Cruise a month later tomcat were an item Tom Cruise was so happy that he famously when on Oprah's talkshow to declare his love for her jumping up and down on couches and boy was acting the fool but Katie's infatuation with Tom goes and deeper than that as a young teen in a private Catholic school her classmates would overhear her saying prayers for Tom Cruise at least 4 times a day she would also keeps photos of Tom Cruise in her textbook no I'm not sure of this whole thing is romantic creepy unfortunately her childhood fantasy was bittersweet homes filed for divorce from cruise in 2002 well no one knows exactly why she divorced Tom but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with his vehement affinity for Scientology the dark knight actor Christian bale in former hairdresser city plastic have been married for 16 long years which seems like a lifetime on the Hollywood scene at the time classic was working as an assistant to actress Winona Ryder who was a friend of bales in 2000 the 2 eloped to Las Vegas when he was 26 years old and she was 30 since then the couple has had 2 children the family reside somewhere in the hills of Los Angeles bail has always been extremely private when it comes to his family and seldom Lee makes public appearances with its kids bail known for portraying a very wide range of diverse characters on screen once told reporters that his wife is a good strong woman for being married to all of his different personalities over the years Matt Damon has had dates with celebrities many driver and Winona Ryder yet neither of them could snag him from bachelorhood but ever since Matt laid eyes upon the Argentine bartender named Lucia Bosan he's been off the market while filming the lackluster comedy stuff going you back in 2003 he was dragged into a bar by his friends to celebrate after a long day of shooting Matt ordered a drink and she served him a double shot of love potion number 9 the 2 seem to hit it off and actually got married 2 years later in a private ceremony in Manhattan they now have 4 children one of which was from her previous marriage during an interview on the Ellen show Matt states that he hit the jackpot when he met his wife I n't seems we're never going to forgive Tobey Maguire for his atrocious dance moves in spider man 3 but we can give him props for snagging a gorgeous jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer the 2 met while Toby was on the set of Seabiscuit at Universal Studios in 2033 years later they were married in reality Toby married his boss's daughter because Jennifer's dad is the president and C. E. O. of Universal Studios the same studio that was responsible for producing Toby's movies Jennifer and Toby have recently split in October of 2016 but her jewelry business has flourished not to take anything away from her accomplishments but I'm sure it doesn't hurt that your dad is a billionaire and your husband is a major Hollywood star America's sweetheart actress Julia Roberts has definitely made a name for herself in Hollywood she starred in many box office hits such as pretty woman runaway bride in Aaron Brockovich you would think that a star of her magnitude would be canoodling with another big time celebrity she instead has had a 14 year long marriage with the cameraman from one of her movies cinematographer Danny moder snatched up Julia while shooting the movie the Mexican back in 2000 mater was already married at the time so he in Robert's waited for the divorce to finalize a year later they tied the knot Julia Roberts out here Brigada marriages set at the height of their popularity millions of young impressionable girls would have jumped at the chance to meet the Jonas brothers but there was one girl from New Jersey that didn't even know who the Jonas brothers where that girl Danielle that Lisa ended up marrying one while on vacation in the Bahamas Kevin Jonas caught a glimpse of his soon to be bride strolling alone on the beach flower in her hair the 2 have been inseparable ever since they were wed in December of 2009 they now have 2 daughters Alina and Valentina and there is no doubt that Nicholas cage makes questionable decisions on the movie he decides to star in but when it comes to women he has way better taste he was once a way to American actress Patricia Arquette and also to Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa Marie his third wife was a little more unconventional for it Alice Kim was a former waitress working at the Los Angeles based restaurant kabuki Kim apparently loved cage's work the exchange numbers about a year later they were married and they had a son shortly after by the way they decided to name the boy cal L. yeah it's the same as Superman's Kryptonian birth name spelled the same way an everything unfortunately after 12 years of marriage they called it quits in 2060 it's kind of ironic that Hollywood superstar Jessica album would play the invisible woman in the blockbuster hit the Fantastic 4 because when she walks in the room she's everything but invisible all eyes are on her she especially caught the eye of cash warrior who gets his first name is actually catch a production assistant on one of her movies in 2004 the 2 met and had instant chemistry there were married 4 years later who guys across the globe stomp their feet in frustration the photograph of their firstborn was published in OK magazine which reportedly paid out 1.$5000000 menace a lot a damn money for babies first photo the jokester known as Conan o'brien met his soon to be wife while filming a sketch for his late night talk show back in 2000 he describes it as love at first sight and even says that there's a tape floating around the in B. C. vaults showing him falling in love with her or camera at the time Liza Powell was a license copywriter for an advertising company he said that she caught his eye because she was incredibly beautiful but also added more importantly she is very intelligent and funny and a really good person o'brien MP how were married in 2002 and have 2 children together Beckett and me while combing is quite the celebrity Powell is very private about her life she doesn't have a council social media like Twitter or Instagram she's not doing it for the light show movies like the princess diaries the devil wears Prada and the dark knight rises in Hathaway has had the world at her feet most men would do just about anything to get a chance to date that 34 year old actress Adam Shulman was the lucky son of a gun that stole her heart Schulman a jewelry designer isn't the most exciting the fellow as a matter of fact and loves their very boring marriage her relationship with Shulman is calmer and more laid back than the one she's had before she describes her current relationship to Schulman as mellow she also stated that it doesn't always make for a good story but it makes for a good life Adam breath you need to spice up their marriage before it's too late //
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10 Most Hilarious News Videobombs
\\by Sports Erin Andrews was the victim of a video bomb that went viral in 2013 she was reporting live during NFL postgame coverage a couple of guys in the background found a way to quickly draw viewers attention away from the lovely answers over her right shoulder one guy makes an exaggerated show of paying attention to what she sang while another fixes on the camera with an open mouth dead eyed stare it was eventually discovered that of looking video bombers were friends named Brocken hunts from Lancaster Pennsylvania who'd been traveling the northeast on a shoestring budget looking for good times finding themselves in the crowd after the game in New York they seize their opportunity when some space opened up behind answers that she was broadcasting the 2 became separated in the crowd immediately after the viral video hit the internet and by the time they come up with each other only an hour later they were already internet famous another Australian reporter got a surprise as she was broadcasting from outside Sydney children's hospital where the fight cancer foundation had just started up a new program a few Australian celebrities also attended the launch including Wolverine himself you Jackman that's reporter Jessica Turner found out the sneaky actor appears out of nowhere with a mischievous look on his face shouts photobomb advantages as quickly as he came Mister is amazingly only briefly distracted calling after Jacqueline that it was the best kind of photo Bombay for quickly returning to our segment nice strike you you might be a hunky international starve screen and stage but Jessica Turner is apparently the consummate professional the 2014 Fox Sports Australia reported Julian to stoop was hard at work during the live spot outside the headquarters of the Collingwood football club 1 of Australia's most popular teams without warning the broadcast was intrude plan by what the stoop took to be a couple of rowdy fans of the team he barely pauses long enough to look annoyed mother get off boys and push one of the fans aside before getting back to his newscast obviously failing to notice that one of these fans happen to be lugging along the NBA championship trophy distilled would later admit that he was too focused on the live segment to notice that the video bombers were none other than Patty mills and Aron Baynes Australians who are huge stars for the San Antonio Spurs the reigning NBA champions of the time the reporter had a good sense of humor about the incident noting that the bright gold trophy probably should have tipped him off Los Angeles entertainment reporter Doug cult was on the scene shooting a spot about the release of Cesar Chavez a biography of the labor leader that was highly anticipated among LA's with you know community a bystander that wandered into the shot however had another movie on his mind the 19 eighties comedy classic the Goonies fans of the film about a group of young friends who stumble across a meant to hidden treasure will remember the infamous truffle shuffle a humiliating belly centric dance for 4 by the group's resident fat kid chunk if you don't remember what it looks like this video bomber is all too eager to remind you soon after the performance starts coke looks over his shoulder toward the feeder where Cesar Chavez will be premiering in it's tough to tell whether he spots his uninvited guest or not as his delivery hilariously never falters for a second the cameraman certainly noticed though panting hard away from Mr chunk in allowing Kulka finishes spot free of inappropriate background dancing when NBC affiliate in San Jose California was sadly task with reporting on a school shooting veteran correspondent Stephanie Chuang was dispatched to the scene as he delivers a sobering rundown of the local police department statement on the shooting a woman drifts into frame who is the exact opposite of sober at first she appears to just one a mug for the camera which is bad enough but this apparently gets boring after a few seconds so she begins to do a ridiculous little dance forcing the ultra professional miss trunk her yup with her script in the camera person to cut away early back to the studio as Stephanie wraps up a report anchor Janelle Wong can only sit in silence looking like she just swallowed a fly just keep in mind that she was probably forced to keep watching that dance routine for several seconds longer during a news report for the largest public broadcaster in the Czech Republic anchorman Daniel to kat's fell victim to one of the strangest video bombs ever for a few seconds as he read the afternoon report an image of a penis was clearly displayed on the monitor in the background right behind the head of the oblivious anchor this was clearly unintentional and producers later explained that lots of different sources are used to fill up the bank of monitors used in the newscast the image was part of a documentary in its appearance during the daytime newscast was a simple case of unfortunate timing while many startled viewers called in to complain the crew themselves hardly seem to be in a panic about the situation many of them can be seen laughing in the background is Mister to cats continues his report unaware that he has just been video bond in the dirtiest and most public manner possible reporter David Williams was reporting live during a segment for Good Morning Jacksonville when his day took a detour into the surreal the house behind him it caught fire earlier in the day as some construction workers had left flammable material on top of the house nobody had been seriously injured but it was still a rather serious topic to feature a sudden appearance by a unicorn mast woman wearing leotards in a 2 to the ridiculous intruder dances around in the background for a bit but she seems to feel like she's not calling quite enough attention to herself Mister Williams remains absolutely poker face the she invade his personal space flailing her arms and making a strange clucking sound that is frankly a little bit terrifying Mister William somehow manages to finish his report is they'll absolutely nothing out of the ordinary had happened everybody knows that reporters have to be ready to deal with the unexpected but the unflappable David Williams goes above and beyond in 2014 the east coast was rocked by a gigantic lizard a local ABC affiliate in New Jersey sent a new steam out of the street at 6:00 in the morning to show viewers just how bad the weather wise which was probably not the assignment they had been hoping for in the first place but to add insult to injury they ended up in the right place at the right time to fall victim to the best heavy metal video bomb ever from out of the darkness a random guy runs up behind the freezing reporter and even though it's early on a dark and stormy morning this guy has no shortage of energy or enthusiasm he proceeds to put on the air guitar performance that would soon be seen around the internet inching closer to the camera as he realizes that they're actually continuing to roll amazingly he grows bored of rocking out before the spot even ends and the blissfully unaware reporter continues updating her audience on road conditions as he turns and wanders back off into the driving snow with sky news correspondent ashes Josh he was dispatched the UK house of Commons to report in the prime minister's plans for legislation reform he probably didn't count on becoming a viral internet sensation the magician team known as young and strange had other ideas it seems that somehow they knew not only where and when the spot was going to be shot but also that it would be long enough for them to break out one of their signature tricks in the background during the minute long spot the pair we'll the specially constructed box into view behind the reporter after one of them climbs inside the other collapses the box together until it appears that only the head in the feet of the man in the box remain they have just enough time to wheel the box completely around to show the audience there's nothing hidden on the other side then extend the ends back out and restore the men in the box to its proper size declines out just as the segment is ending a masterful display not only of magic but of timing in 2011 the people's party won an absolute majority in the Spanish parliament in response to years of economic hardships the party promised to put an end to wasteful programs and get the economy under control but many Spaniards were wary of the party's conservative stance on many issues just like the U. S. the conservative leadership has a less than progressive view on topics such as gay marriage a fact that was certainly not lost on the couple who video bomb this al Jazira news report on the elections as a live correspondent explains just how decisive victory was and how crushing a loss it was for the outgoing socialist party to men spring into the background over his left shoulder and promptly begin making out like there is no tomorrow this goes on for a full 20 seconds before they exit the shot their mission seemingly accomplished it just goes to show that even in uncertain times and during dire events if you point a camera in any direction it will take long for somebody to notice their opportunity to make comedy goal //
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10 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms In The World
\\yeah the city of Dubai has emerged as a major global city within the last couple of decades capital of the emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates he is known for its upscale shopping thriving nightlife and decadence scrapers one of these the hotel bursts out a route is the fourth tallest hotel in the world it sits on an artificial island off Dubai's coast its priciest sweet the royal suite is a wonder to behold perched on the 20 fifth floor overlooking the Gulf in only accessible by private elevator the least of its impressive features is its absolutely staggering sites 8400 square feet with a marble stairway greeting you with the entryway and massive pillars all covered in 22 carat gold this week is divided into areas theme for men and women and also features a huge dining area private library and 3 spot while the bathrooms with marble and gold fixtures of course there's also a private movie theater and if you don't like the selection of pillows just pick different ones from the pillow menu this incredibly extravagant suite in the heart of the Middle East most vibrant city goes for around $24000 per night Tokyo is one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities and is known among travelers for its unique blend of the traditional and the ... from other travelers who know their cuisine also know that Japan's capital is absolutely second to none in the international dining scene the Michelin guide which award stars to restaurants and hotels for excellence in service awarded 100 91 total stars in its guide to fine dining in Tokyo that's nearly twice as many as Paris the closest competitor accordingly the Ritz Carlton suite at the 5 star hotel of the same name has modern luxury written all over it the massive 33 0 square foot suite 653 stories up offering spectacular views of the Tokyo skyline in the imperial palace garden the east meets west aesthetic echoes that of the city itself with luxurious bedrooms and 2 stunning bathrooms with marble surfaces complete with all of the amenities this week's location atop one of Tokyo's finest hotels also offers easy access to some of the most acclaimed dining theater and museums in the world plan your perfect night out while overlooking this amazing city and if you can afford the Ritz Carlton suite it had better be legendary one night in this pinnacle of ultra modern luxury will set you back $25000 speaking of Paris the French capital has been famous for its cuisine since the eighteenth century there are over 9000 restaurants in the city and many of the most famous French chefs owned restaurants in Paris it's also been the capital of high fashion for centuries continuing to dominate trends in the fashion industry even today located near the Eiffel Tower the historic hotel plaza after me has undergone several renovations within the last decade in 2012 it's luxurious royal suite underwent an upgrade that made it the most spacious and expensive hotel suite in Paris being credible 48 0 square foot suite contains 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms a full kitchen and an office be updated interior design features a blending of classical and modern style and of course the decadent bathrooms are a main feature their fixtures are made from Italian marble imported from Verona and 1 bathroom features a full jacuzzi and a steam room while the redesign has given the space a more modern feel the antique furniture is from the era of Louis the fifteenth and ties in with the big corps for a distinctly classical by the appropriately named royal suite is in D. fit for a king and it will help to be 1 if you hope to afford the going rate of about 26 $0 per night when it comes to major historical cities very few type visitors to the ancient past like the majestic Italian capital of Rome the city's history spans well over 2000 years and it is seen as the birthplace of western civilization producing many of the first great achievements in arts science education and culture today it is the fourteenth most visited city in Europe with millions of tourists every year coming to see its museums in ancient monuments well as western Excelsior hotel has been called one of the most luxurious hotels in the entire world well some of its rooms come within shouting distance of affordability its luxury suite called the villain like a pullback comes with a head spinning price tag it features an unbelievable 5 floors a 5 star luxury totaling 6100 square feet and if that seems excessive keep in mind that it doesn't include the balconies and terraces which tack on another 1800 square feet this suite has its own private elevator leading to a fitness area along with a private theater and a total of 7 bedrooms marble Italian walnut in hand painted frescoes are among the elaborate and expensive to tower antique chandeliers a private to pull out your own wine cellar the luxurious appointments are almost too numerous to list of course you can simply put the matter to and check it out for yourself when in Rome if you don't mind the $30000 per night rates of course if you're looking for over the top luxury without having to dig out your passport look no further than the American capital of decadence Las Vegas is billed as the entertainment capital of the world and it never stops trying day or night to live up to that building the internationally renowned resort city and its famous strip are one of the hottest tourist destinations on the planet and Vegas has long been a leader in the luxury hospitality industry as such it's most expensive hotel suite is simply job dropping in its extravagance this guy villa suite at the palms casino resort is located 30 stories above the strip on 9000 square foot palace in the sky with private Butler's attending to the needs of you and your guests along with all the expected luxurious amenities this week features a glass elevator to the master bedroom which has a spectacular 360 degree panoramic view of the city a private gym and massage room and the ultimate show stopper the pool the private heated pool is located on a 2 story terrace overlooking the city that transforms into a private night club complete with neon lights in surround sound stereo system it's little wonder that a parade of rock stars and celebrities have stayed here and it's only $35000 per night it may come as no surprise that phrase is 1 of only 2 countries on our list to make a repeat appearance the city of 10 on the French Riviera is of course world famous for its international Film Festival perhaps the most influential Film Festival in the world in an important showcase for international cinema the city is also known for its ultra upscale aesthetic in as a playground for the rich and famous and is home to a number of luxury hotels and resorts the hotel Martinez acquired by Hyatt in 2012 was opened in 1929 and quickly became 1 of the most respected luxury hotels in France it's penthouse suite is 32 0 square feet of luxury located on its seventh floor with an astonishing view of the bay of conference private terrace which believe it or not is almost as large as the suite itself at a mind blowing 29 0 square feet be incredibly spaces bathrooms are outfitted in marble a sweet wide both sound system caters to your every music need and a Butler caters to any other need you might have luxury like this in a city known for its love affair with all things Red Sea is bound to come at a steep price 37 $500 per night the rosh palace was once the oldest in 1 of the largest mansions in India and in 1996 it was converted into a stunning luxury hotel in this hotel every sweet is grand luxury each 1 has its own private many museum in their decorated in priceless antique furniture the hotel's dining room is even home to the world's largest chandelier but the crown jewel of the ros palace is the most expensive hotel suite in all of Asia the presidential suite also known as Maharajah's pavilion before story sweet connected by a private elevator close in unbelievable 16000 square feet of space the first floor contains the private lounge and bar the second house is the private museum with walls intricately decorated with gold leaf in mere work and also overlooks the courtyards and gardens the third floor has a lavish dining area adorned with priceless decorations in the fourth has a private rooftop terrace with amazing city views private spot an entrance for your private Butler staff bathrooms have sell the gold and silver fixtures antique furniture is crafted from silver gold and ivory every detail of this opulent sweet screams luxury and well it should to live like the Maharaja for just one night it'll cost you $45000 the only other American entry on our list is located of course in the Big Apple requiring no introduction New York City is simply the cultural and financial capital of the world the global leader in commerce technology fashion and more and home to its fair share of world renowned luxury hotels opened in 1993 the 4 seasons New York is a 5 star hotel with a sterling reputation for service and luxury even the least expensive of its guest rooms will set you back $1200 and it's Ty Warner penthouse located on the 50 second floor is at this time the most expensive hotel suite in the United States named after the hotel's owner the 43 0 square foot suite was a collaboration between designer Peter Marino and famed architect IM pei who came out of retirement to work on the project adorned in 22 carat gold in featuring sweeping 25 foot cathedral ceilings the suite amenities are positively insane in addition to the personal Butler personal trainer and private show for its features unlimited global calling and TV's that can receive literally every channel in the world this week's the chorus absolutely impeccable walls inlaid with mother of pearl gilded bronze chandeliers and 4 French doors that opened in the most perfect view of Central Park in the city you won't find a more luxurious or expensive stay anywhere in the U. S. a cool $50000 per night if there is one major city that can overwhelm visitors with its connection to history even more than well it is Athens Greece 8 site has been inhabited for thousands of years with its recorded history alone going back 3400 years and it remains an important international trade up the grand resort like in this city is a beach front 5 star hotel with an international reputation for peppering its guests with only 18 sweets the level of comfort ranges from luxurious to mind boggling the ultra luxurious embodied in the second most expensive hotel suite in the world the royal villa the 4400 square foot suite boasts all the perks and then some marble bathrooms private massage area Butler service private parking heated floors and a grand piano complete with pianist as if that weren't enough there are 2 heated private pools one indoor and one outdoor and a beautiful 7000 square foot private guarding this beach front suite has practically everything be insanely wealthy could ever want in although cost is $50000 per night finally the royal penthouse suite at the hotel president Wilson in Geneva Switzerland has recently been recognized as the largest and most expensive hotel suite in the world located on the eighth and top floor of the hotel the stunning 18000 square foot suite is rumored to have hosted such international celebrities as Bill Clinton Michael Jackson and Bill Gates sweet takes up an entire floor in features an incredible view of Lake Geneva with multiple master bedrooms and living rooms and a dining room that can see 26 this week has more than enough room to entertain famous guests it also has its own private board room a 1700 square foot terrace with a telescope a private media center and billiards room in one of the few existing 103 aunts bong and all of sudden flat screen televisions with hand picked original art the highest end appliances available in only the most upscale furnishings and the core this we also keep the needs of its rich and famous occupants in mind with an emphasis on security aside from the bullet proof windows motion detection system and armored doors the hotel even throws in your own private security team during your stay all of this adds up to the most extravagant of all hospitality experiences the royal penthouse suite is the ultimate in luxury hotel rooms and the priciest of them all at $80000 per night //
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10 Most Successful Shark Tank Businesses
\\since 2009 suck take it's been giving entrepreneurs the chance to get their products in front of some of the savviest and toughest investors in the world they include businessman Kevin o'leary investor and columnist Barbara Corcoran businessman and motivational speaker Daymond John and theater chain and sports team owner mark Cuban as you might expect they've invested in some ideas over the years that have gone on to make their inventors and the sharks a truckload of money here the 10 most successful well money was sorry was only 18 when she made her debut on the selling 2013 but she had already been honing her craft for almost 5 years she began developing her simple sugars facial scrubs with no harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients when she was only 11 and by 13 she turned it into an online business she'd already grossed $50000 in sales when she threw her simple sugars into the shark tank and received a big bite from investor mark Cuban he gave the small business the shot in the arm to the tune of $100000 in exchange for 33 percent equity in the company money would need to cast a helper expand quickly as sales of our product nearly quadrupled the first day after her appearance on the show her concept for all natural facial scrubs has since grown from a small online operation to a national retail presence with over 500 locations doing $3000000 in yearly revenue she's also greatly expanded her product line and partnered with retailer destination maternity to produce a line of products for expectant moms well inventor ray copper took a dramatic spill in front of the judges while making his entrance in season 3 but it was all part of his plan he was demonstrating how these products which he called the Reddy rest could securely fastened the wears eyeglasses or sunglasses to any part of their body without the risk of damage the demonstration work perfectly and he pitched the ready rest as inexpensive and easy to market investor Lori Greiner known as the queen of QVC agreed she thought that the product would resonate with viewers of her home shopping network and even went so far as to say that she was uniquely positioned to make copper a millionaire for a whopping 65 percent of the company she agreed to invest $150000 and to feature the product on QVC her prediction turned out to be right as the ready rest sells like hot cakes on the network to this day since hoppers appearance on the show in 2012 his company has posted sales totaling over $8000000 not only did Reiner made good on her promise to make copper $1000000 several times over it's safe to say that being 2 thirds owner of a profitable company that sells its products on her network has probably worked out pretty well for her also well children's products have traditionally not fared very well in the show but 1 notable exception is the Monica invented by the husband and wife team of market had a limb inspired by their 9 month old daughter it was designed to be an improvement on a regular Sippy Cup for toddlers with a spill proof design in a straw that's designed to capture every single drop the product was also intended to be easy for any child to use and was BPA free markets you've been in Canadian investor Robert Herjavec bid on the idea offering $100000 in exchange for 40 percent equity before their appearance on the show the small business have been struggling with fewer than 50 accounts but that is since grown to over 650 including giant retail chain Walmart the law the Cup has racked up over $1000000 in sales making it by far the most successful children's product to be featured on the show the limbs have had 2 more children since their appearance and apparently they're still looking to their little ones for inspiration their company introduced a fun and functional glass baby bottle in 2015 well mother and daughter duo Danielle the lodge he and Tracy Newman hit the show on season 4 with an interesting culinary creation gourmet cupcakes in a jar that are shipped to their customers calling them wicked good cupcakes they had gotten the idea is an interesting way to take their local bakery nationwide they knew the presentation was going their way when everyone of the judge's barely managed to get muffled complements out of their mouth while starving the sample cupcakes they were given while they were offering 20 percent of the company in exchange for $75000 investor Kevin o'leary had a different idea he agreed to provide the cash in exchange for a royalty arrangement instead he would receive one dollar per cupcake until he broke even on his investment and then 50 cents per cupcake thereafter it turned out to be a great arrangement all around as sales of wicked good cupcakes have grown to almost $5000000 annually since their shark take appearance it doesn't take a lot of math to figure out that o'leary has made an absolute killing from his initial $75000 investment and Danielle and Tracy have gone from a small struggling operation to a multi $0 brand well Travis Perry was a music teacher who had a stroke of inspiration as he was trying to teach his young daughter to play the guitar he created a device that attached to a guitar's neck and has color tabs that help beginners learn the right finger placement for courts always the most difficult part for any guitar student to get the hang of the youngster learned how to play so quickly that Perry knew he could make a ton of money if he could just get in front of the right people of course that led him to shark tank impressed by a story in the $150000 in sales he'd achieved so far Robert Herjavec made a deal to put up a hefty $175000 in exchange for 20 percent equity in the company Perry was able to help his cause significantly by securing John rates of the country music do a big and rich as a spokesperson for the products and that combined with his TV appearance an influx of investor cash was more than enough to set the company up for success cord buddies annual sales are now topping $2000000 well in season 51031 productions owner Melissa Carbone also found herself in front of a shark who was in a unique position to help companies succeed the company holds live action horror themed Halloween events that make your standard haunted house look like a soothing daydream by comparison at the time of her appearance on the show Melissa was confined by her company's budget to only operating in her home state of California but with his deep pockets in multiple holdings in live entertainment marks you can turn that situation around in a hurry Cuban gave Melissa the richest offer ever extended on shark tank to that time and I popping $2000000 for 20 percent of the company of course he was also able to secure her ticket distribution contract with live nation virtually guaranteeing that his investment would see a healthy return the TV appearances helped 1031 productions to over 400000 paying customers and their projected revenue grew to $3000000 in 2014 and $5000000 in 2015 the gigantic investment appears to slowly but surely be paying off well season 5 some more than 1 huge payday inventor Charles him secured $650000 in funding to market his breath aumentar a portable breathalyzer that featured a plug that enabled it to connect to any smartphone it's easy to see the potential for saving lives and property and no fewer than 5 short takes investors decided to jump on the opportunity you've been John Greiner o'leary and her Sevak all women on funding for a 30 percent share of the company team has made a number of smart business move since his appearance on the show he managed to secure an additional $2000000 in funding from other sources and partnered with the Cleveland Clinic and the design firm behind the Fitbit force to help him nailed down the right design for the life saving products his latest designs are Bluetooth enabled and more accurate than the version shown on shark tank and also feature a built in that to help users call an uber or cat for a safe ride home the company sales grew to $10000000 by 2014 the last year for which sales figures are available and were projected to double to $20000000 by 2050 well makers of the finest ugly Christmas sweaters around tipsy elves was founded in 2011 by Evan Mendelssohn and Rick Morton the online enterprise was doing fairly well by the time the do about their product of a shark tank in December of 2015 their online enterprise alone had brought in close to $1000000 in only 2 years in that figure was enough for hers of act 21 a piece of the ugly pie be invested $100000 to help the company move into the retail market o'leary also made an offer but his was royalty baseball hers of act was willing to take a small 10 percent interest in the company sales immediately took off after their appearance and the company was also helped by a feature appearance on the 2015 comedy film the night before starring Seth Rogan Joseph Gordon Levitt and Anthony Mackie the Christmas themed movies producers made a deal with the company to license a mass production of an ugly sweater 1 by rogue in the film tipsy elves was projected to make $2000000 from the exposure according to TMZ and ended up making $390000 off the deal on the opening weekend alone hers affect with later disclosed that the deal was the most successful he had ever made during his time on the show the company made $7000000 in 2014 it was projected to double that the next year what another husband and wife team struck gold with an idea for a web based photo service in season 3 Brian and Julie Whiteman came up with groove book a service that lets users curate up to 100 photos per month from their smartphone which are collected into a down fiscal photo book and mail to them monthly the photos are high resolution glossy prints perforated for easy removal and standard size for framing the innovative idea was pounced on by Cuban into Leary who provided $150000 in capital for 80 percent of the licensing profits the service in 50000 subscribers after the broadcast and would have been a wise investment even if that had been the end of the story but in November 2014 group book was purchased by web based photo giant Shutterfly for an amazing 14.$5000000 with the white man's entitled to an earn out based on future performance this makes group book the first company featured on shark tank to be purchased by a public company and the app has now been downloaded well over 1000000 times well when Aaron crowd stepped into the tank in season 4 to pitch the scrub Daddy he did it with style this presentation reminded the investors of the classical infomercial pitchman and his product was as in geniuses it was simple a smiley shaped lemon scented sponge that is much more durable and hygienic than the average sponge also it softens up in warm water and tough ends up in cold water making it the perfect funds for any application while Krauss its struggle to reach the $100000 mark in sales he also found his perfect match in QVC queen Lori Greiner she instantly saw the potential for her network and made a deal to fund the venture to the tune of $200000 in exchange for a 20 percent stake to say that it paid off would be the understatement of the century in addition to becoming a staple on QVC scrub Daddy can now be found in major retailers like bed bath and beyond in Walmart and Krauss has moved in astounding 10000000 units since he first made his pitch banks the shark tank the muddy little sponge has gone from a struggling businessman up hill battle to a nationwide favorite household products bit is raked in over $50000000 //
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10 People Who Accidentally Made Millions
\\in so many social casino was in the middle of a summer promotion in August 2013 when a random customer's name was drawn for a $1000000 giveaway the lucky casino goer Kevin Lewis came down to joyfully collect his prize in was awarded 1 of those giant checks we've all dreamed of receiving right there on stage but we casino employees begin the process of verifying his identity they quickly realize the mistake you've been may they had the wrong Kevin Lewis the actual winner hadn't even been present in the casino at the time needless to say Kevin number 1 was crushed at the prospect of having to give back that giant check but the mistake you've been understandable not only did the 2 men have but they were roughly the same age similar in appearance both frequent visitors to the casino and lifelong Cincinnati residents and were even both engaged to be married fortunately for Kevin number one casino management decided that the only right thing to do was to let both men keep their winnings it was the night to lucky guys named Kevin became instant millionaires but only one of them did it totally by accident Glenda Blackwell of North Carolina was sick and tired of her husband scratch lottery ticket having the couple wasn't exactly rich but her husband but he wouldn't listen to reason even though he never won much of anything one night as they were arguing in a gas station Glenda decided to teach buddy a lesson by buying a ticket of her own which she was sure would be a bust to demonstrate that he was wasting his money her scheme did not go exactly as planned Glenda could hardly believe her eyes when the ticket turned out to be $1000000 winner 6 is probably safe to say that but he couldn't spent that much on scratch tickets in several lifetimes it turned out that is have it may not have been such a waste after all Clinton admitted to having to eat her words while pointing out that they were actually pretty good words to have to eat in the couple use the money to pay off their house no word on whether buddy has continued playing the lottery an unidentified man in Adamstown Pennsylvania got the surprise of his life after buying a simple painting of a country scene found at a garage sale removing the painting from its damage frame he found what appeared to be a copy of the declaration of independence in fantastic condition hidden behind the canvas of his $4 purchase the man show the document to experts at the famed sold bees auction house will not only verified its authenticity but were able to determine some interesting details it was printed on 7/4/1776 by John Dunlap in is 1 of the original copies intended to go out to each colony it's 1 of only 24 known to exist and 1 of only 3 that are held in private collections at auction the document was sold to the president of a fine arts investment firm for a whopping $2420000 by far a record for any piece of historical americana well it was not disclose the amount that the seller had hoped to get for his fine auctioneer David reading said that he thought the man was going to be rather stunned to learn how much it'd gone for in 1998 the world of Major League Baseball was transfixed this to once in a generation home run sluggers mark McGwire of the Saint Louis cardinals and Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs competed to see how much damage could be done to the single season home run record which for 3 decades had stood at 61 while Sosa ended up shattering that record with 66 McGuire ended up victorious setting a new record of 70 home runs which still stands today 26 year old Phillip Mazurskie was attending the historic game in which McGuire set the record well he might have expected to see a little history being made he may not have expected history to come flying right Adam in the form of McGwire's record setting seventieth home run according to Phillips account the ball bounced off the hand of somebody who leaped in front of them ricocheted off the wall and came to rest under the bleachers in the ball ended up writing his hand auction house currency held the knots in the next year during which several historic balls were auctioned off an anonymous buyer picks up Mazursky's lucky cats for $3000000 the easiest and biggest money ever earn for a day out of the ballpark while the buyer would not disclose his name or hometown he did make a statement through a representative tell them I'm a heck of a baseball fan back in 1994 most people were still not quite sure exactly what the internet was or what it was supposed to do for us it might seem strange now but the idea of shopping watching movies or ordering food delivery on mine was completely foreign to the public so when 29 year old Chris Clark picked up the domain name for $20 it probably seem more like a gamble than an incredibly smart investment nevertheless Chris paid the annual fees and retained ownership of the domain for 14 years by 2008 smartphones it hit the market the internet has become an irreplaceable part of our daily lives and Chris decided to see what his purchase might be worth he put the domain up for auction with a starting bid of $100 and by the time the auction closed he was a multi millionaire the domain was bought for an astonishing 2.$6000000 one of the largest sums ever paid for a domain name to an individual while this is certainly a life changing amount of money Chris did admit to having one small regret not buying more domain names when he had the chance in January 2015 revere Massachusetts man Richard Mille was running late for lunch with friends he knew they would be splitting the bill and want to pay in cash but all he had was $100 bill so he ducked into a nearby convenience store to make change but he had to make a purchase since he was on his way to lunch he had no need for a snack and instead decided on a couple of scratch lottery tickets it turned out to be the best off the cuff decision of his life 1 of the tickets was a $10000000 jackpot winner enough for Richard to buy a nice house make some investments and pick up lunch for all of his friends every day for roughly 100 years not only was his life changed forever by his refusal to use a debit card it also turned out pretty well for the convenience store clerk who received a $50000 bonus just for selling the winning ticket Charlie 8 years it's been 7 years in the restaurant industry and was quickly approaching burnout in 1996 while taking gigs as a personal chef you lucked into an $80000 per year job working for a wealthy family in Silicon Valley unfortunately although the money was great he hated his clients through his girlfriend he heard about a small tech start up that was looking for a chef for its cafeteria the job didn't pay much at $45000 per year just over half of what he was already making but there were stock options and other benefits in Charlie decided to take a chance to say the risk paid off would be the understatement of the century the small tech start up was Google in within the next 10 years it would rise to utterly dominate the internet Charlie became its executive chef and stayed on until 2005 when he left to pursue his own business interests well he never disclose what he made feeding the employees of the world's largest tech company during his last several years it's safe to say that his decision to take the initial pay cut was a smart one at the time of his departure from Google his stock options alone were worth $26000000 in 2015 an anonymous scrap metal dealer from the Midwest paid $14000 for a giant load of scrap in a jumble sale among the objects he found a tiny exceed 3 inch ornament that he thought may have some value hoping to melt it down and get perhaps $500 for it he contacted several buyers but was turned down everywhere he went in frustration he typed the word egg in the name engraved on it background Constantine into Google and discovered that his life was about to change forever he founded daily telegraph article describing a frantic search for the third imperial leg may buy Faberge for the Russian royal family in 1887 it had been thought lost after being auctioned off by the Soviets in 1922 but had recently been recognized by Faberge researchers in in 1964 auction catalog somehow it had made its way into the American Midwest and into the hands of an incredibly lucky scrap metal dealer the man flew to London and had the X. offenses to be confirmed by Faberge experts it was purchased by a private collector for an undisclosed amount but it's value was initially determined to be over $30000000 73 year old Terry Horton a former long haul trucker from California came across an unusual piece while shopping for a friend in a thrift shop the dinner table size painting was an abstract piece with an explosion of colors and was on sale for only $5 unfortunately was too big to fit into our friend's trailer so Terry took it home sometime later the painting ended up in Terry's yard sale a passing high school art teacher noted the resemblance to a work of Jackson Pollock the famous abstract painter whose original works himself for millions Terry decided to check it out in in doing so ignited a fierce debate in the art world she spent years attempting to get the painting authenticated and for a long time it appeared she would be unsuccessful many experts to examine the peace felt that it did not have the soul of a Pollock plus it was unsigned and had been discovered lying around in a thrift shop however a forensic expert was able to match a fingerprint on Terry's painting with those onto authenticated works by the artist as well as a can of paint from his studio it appeared that Terry's find was genuine after all it even though she received an offer of $9000000 from a Saudi Arabian buyer she turned it down she says she will not budge from their asking price of $50000000 in many experts believe she'll eventually get it in the spring of 2000 antique collector Rick nor cijene was scouring neighborhood garage sales looking for a barber's chair to decaying boxes in the corner caught his eye if he discovered that they were full of old style glass photographic plates noticing that some show images of Yellowstone park a favorite destination Rick picked up both boxes for $45 store them under a pull table at his house and forgot about them for 4 years that's when the plates were discovered to be the long lost work a photographer Ansel Adams whose photos of the American landscape in the early twentieth century have become iconic they were shot between 1919 and 1930 making it even more amazing that they survive as the photographer's studio was almost totally destroyed in a 1937 fire in fact fire damage on some of the plates help to verify their authenticity some of the shots are even identical to well known Adams prints nor stygian allowed the place to tour universities and museums around the country before storing them someplace presumably safer than under the pool table while it may take years to sell all of them experts value the entire collection of plates at a staggering $200000000 I //
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Gigi Hadid
\\over the last few years Gigi Hadid has become one of the hottest stars in the world of modeling her striking ad campaigns friendship with Kendall Jenner and eye popping Instagram account have kept the 21 year old beauty in the public eye as she's poised to make the leap to becoming one of the biggest models in the world here are 10 things you didn't know about Gigi Hadid Gigi signed with IMG models while still in high school in 2011 however she waited until after graduation in 2013 to move to New York City to pursue her modeling career since arises been nothing short of meteoric many of her fans are aware that she remained serious about academics Gigi enrolled in private research university the new school shortly after moving to the Big Apple in the fall of 2013 enter studies there are ongoing she's apparently looking down the road after her modeling career is over saying it's not just okay anymore to model until you're 25 and then stop and be a housewife her major is criminal psychology so crooks take note once Gigi stop showing up on magazine covers and billboards she might just show up at your door with a warrant a as you might expect professional model wasn't the only career option available to young Gigi while in high school she was captain of Malibu high school's varsity volleyball team and was also involved in competitive horseback riding in fact for some time she was split between attending a New York School where it will be easy to focus on modeling and a west coast school where she could pursue a pro volleyball career Gigi took the sport very seriously and at 5 feet 10 inches tall is built like a prototype women's volleyball player but in the end her dream of becoming a model won out and she was forced to drop volley ball while attending college in the less sports oriented east coast maybe she could have brought home Olympic gold but it's safe to say her fans are probably not disappointed with their decision as if having supermodel looks pro level athletic skills and a mind that can wrap itself around criminal psychology were not enough Gigi could probably kick your butt as well one of the most important parts of her workout regimen might come as a little bit of a surprise it's those arms legs and ABS tone by participating in full fledged boxing workouts at New York city's Gotham gym Gigi let fans in on her secret with a video for demonstrating jabs punches and upper cuts like a pro she says that she was drawn to boxing because she just didn't know very much about it and it seemed like one more thing she could drive herself to be good at she may never climb into the ring for a paper view match but this is one supermodel who might have less fear than most about walking the streets of a big city alone intimidating good looks are one thing but after seeing that video were actually a little bit intimidated in general Gigi stepfather David Foster has had such an interesting life that he ought to be in those seconds commercials he started out in the early seventies as a keyboardist for pop group Skylar scoring a top 10 hit with their song wild flowers he went on to become a studio musician and producer for such varied artists as earth wind and fire the tubes and Chicago he married Linda Thompson in 1991 and the 2 formed a song writing team collaborating on Whitney Houston's hit I have nothing from the bodyguard soundtrack Thompson had previously been married to Bruce Jenner now Caitlyn meaning that foster was at that point the stepfather to Brody and Brandon Jenner who sisters Kendall and Kylie were not yet born after divorcing Thomson foster married model you wanna be's whose daughter Gigi would one day be best friends with Kendall and Kylie Jenner foster is now respected composer and personality on such shows as American idol in the view he also happens to be the father in law of pro tennis player Tommy Haas who is married to his daughter Sarah a cousin to race car driver Billy foster and an uncle to singer clay Aitken son Parker yeah Gigi's mother Yolanda Borneo bond abandon Herek is also a former model who was born in the Netherlands she was signed to Ford models and what runways all over the world for 15 years after meeting Mohammed had beat in 1994 she settled down in Los Angeles to have a family however this was not her last brush with celebrity she was cast in season 3 of the popular reality series real housewives of Beverly hills under the name Yolanda foster it was a regular on the series through season 6 in December 2015 Uganda announced that she and David Foster had agreed to divorce and soon after she stated that she would not return for the reality show seventh season she has since changed her last name back to had beat to match the last names of her children a rise of Gigi star over the last few years it's been quite a sight since 2013 she's walked runways for a virtual who's who of major designers including Chanel Marc Jacobs Versace and Tommy Hilfiger to name just a few she's landed coveted magazine covers like vote tally in Vanity Fair hosted the American music awards became the face of Maybelline and even earned her wings as a Victoria's secret angel but even though she might look like an overnight success Gigi's been modeling longer than many aspiring models have been alive her first professional gig was at the age of 2 in a baby guess campaign she did more work for the brand over the next few years but stopped to focus on school before returning in 2011 in 2012 she was named the face of the latest guess campaign and even today she continues to do work for the brand that lots for modeling career when she was only an adorable toddler for most of her fans think of her as the sun bleached blonde from Malibu with Gigi has a very unique nationality her father real estate developer Mohamed Hadid is a Palestinian American making Gigi half Dutch and half Palestinian through her father she is descended from a mid eighteenth century ruler of Palestine many people also don't know the GT has a very large family her sister Bella and her brother Anwar also models if she has 5 stepsisters from stepfather David's previous marriages in 2016 Gigi and little sister Bella became the first sisters to be featured together at the annual Victoria's secret fashion show with the cameras catching Gigi having an unbelievably proud sister moments because she seems to have such an easy time looking flawless many fans assume that GT's beauty regimen must be completely out of touch for the average consumer however according to a recent Marie Claire article nothing could be further from the truth Gigi claims to say no to practically all expensive make up brands and she's put her endorsement money where her mouth it's aside from being a quality brand Maybelline is pretty easy on the wallet and as such it's spokesperson Gigi isn't shy about using their budget friendly products her Maybelline highlighter eye shadow mascara bronzer in pallet combo all clock in at under $30 combined not everyone can be naturally stunning but Gigi proves that you don't have to be flush with cash to have the beauty routine of a supermodel one of Gigi's obsessions is working out and it's a good thing in order to stay in supermodel shape she has to maintain a sterling work ethic because she'll be the first to admit she can't resist the siren call of greasy burgers and French fries in one interview Gigi reminisced about going on a European tour with then boyfriend Cody Simpson the Australian singer and songwriter the pair lives for months in a cramped tour bus eating practically nothing but McDonalds not exactly ideal for keeping up those killer ads she says when I got back I wasn't feeling amazing I had to have a vegetable we suppose it's one of the benefits of being young athletic and built like a model if Gigi hadn't come clean her secret weakness probably would have stayed secret forever Gigi Hadid made her runway debut in 2014 and in just a few short years has become 1 of the most sought after models in the world her winning combination of beauty brains and athleticism has top designers and brands lining up to work with her in even though her career is only getting started she's already worth an astounding $4000000 in case you're wondering she's currently dating and is rumored to be engaged to RB star and former 1 direction member Zane Malick and also Gigi is just a nickname her real name is Julia Nora ID //
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10 Video Game Easter Eggs That Took Years to Find
\\areas are objects in video games called Easter racks have been around for almost as long as video games themselves game programmers have a variety of motives for including that from recognition to simply messing with gamers but they're generally found fairly quickly except in cases like these which took gamers years and in some cases decades defined Tom Clancy's splinter cell double agent was released on multiple platforms in 2006 strangely 2 different versions of the game were released from 2 different subsidiaries of game developer you be soft 1 for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox and another for the later generation PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 the games had different engines in different versions of roughly the same plot the Xbox version featured a secret mission slipped in by a U. be soft Montreal level designer in the guard room near the end of the prison a level a gold coin can be found by shooting open an unmarked locker inserting this coin into a vending machine found earlier in the level initiates the most bizarre mission in splinter cell history as the machine dispenses a baby seal named muffin who thanks you for freeing it and ask for some food a nearby cold storage area helpfully contains a box marked seal food and giving this boot him up and we'll send you off on a quest to find the rest of his brothers wall made a series of odd favors in exchange for secrets about the game rescuing all the seals and completing all of their instructions leads you to a cut scene in which it's revealed that the seals are of course aliens who is sent to the skies after telling you they'll never forget the help they got from the splinter seals this insanely cute mission wasn't discovered until 2000 104 years after the game's release Batman Arkham asylum is generally considered to be among the best superhero games of all time its innovative combat system and mix of stealth and combat game play along with the chance for gamers to play as the dark knight made the game a huge success and spawned several sequels Batman Arkham city released in 2011 was praised for being an improvement upon a near perfect game the sequel contains several Easter angst but 1 in particular took a little ingenuity and 3 years to find the villain calendar man spends the entire game sitting in a cell and has a lot of unique dialogue but in 2014 a video was posted to YouTube showing the villain reciting dialogue that fans had not heard before since there'd been no game update gamers concluded that it had to be hidden within the game itself fans guess that the calendar theme villain secret dialogue might be accessed by setting the council to a specific date and trial and error unlock this secret date of 12/13/2000 for the David developer rocksteady studios was founded it's likely that the video they gave the first clue was posted by a member of the rock steady team frustrated that nobody had yet discovered the game's final secret the third entry in the metal gear solid series was released in 2004 for the PlayStation 2 console widely considered to be among the very best video games ever made its final boss battle is an epic confrontation between protagonist solid snake and the end a legendary sniper who was over 100 years old spake must use every weapon trick in technique in his arsenal to beat the boss and finish the game unless he uses one of 2 alternate methods earlier in the game the end is seen boarding a helicopter in the distance if the player has obtained a sniper rifle by this time it is possible although very difficult to 0 in and get a kill shot eliminating the boss in skipping the final battle this is pretty tricky but there's an easier way to defeat the boss without even firing a shot as soon as the final battle begins the player must save the game and set the date on their consul forward one year when the game is resume snake will find that his elderly enemy has died of old age maybe not exactly the way snake wanted to win but if you're going to take advantage of this Easter egg make sure you get the date right setting it only a week forward will result in snake falling asleep during the battle in being imprisoned this relatively simple Easter egg took fans for years to uncover one of the most popular games released for the Nintendo Entertainment System Mike Tyson's punch out has frustrated gamers for decades the opponents you face in this boxing games that'll increase in difficulty and the later ones require absolutely perfect timing to Dodge their attacks and deliver your own knockout blow one of these later characters fall ball features a signature bull charge move that is extremely tough to defend against the player has to when Lisa got punch at just the right moment but for a very long time gamers were unaware that the game itself gives you a clue as to when that moment is when ball ball begins his charge keep your eye on the crowd in the background you'll see a camera flash from one of the spectators near the front row on the right and that's your cue to throw your punch if properly times bald bull will be down for the count although the flash is tough to notice it's still amazing to think that it took Nintendo's dedicated pace of gamers nearly 30 years to spot this Easter rag wave race blue storm is a jet ski racing game released for the Nintendo GameCube in 2001 although not exactly considered a classic begin was praised for its water effects in physics that were unmatched in racing games of the time perhaps it's because the game came and went relatively unnoticed in North America that gamers long overlooked an Easter egg that may make it quite a bit more fun to play depending on how high your self esteem is to access it you must go to the games audio options and enter a modified version of the famous Konami code then back out and start the race using the default character the game's announcer who ordinarily offers encouraging comments and helpful messages will now be replaced by a sarcastic abusive version who will hurl insults at the player throughout the game the presence of a complete alternative voice track is a pretty big Easter rag but it took the gaming community 9 years to catch on since then it has become one of the more appreciated videogame Easter eggs for its ingenuity and humor and also for giving gamers someone to hopefully insult their game play with their friends can make it over 1 of the most popular and acclaimed games ever Grand Theft Auto 5 also has its share of secrets 1 of its biggest was discovered in 20163 years after the game's release when the locations of secret peyote plants were discovered within the code for the game only spawning at certain times in certain conditions players had to eat these plants in order to play is Big Boy but that was really only half of the secret triggering big foot's roar in certain areas will get a roar in response from a mysterious elusive beast that must be tracked down this beast is incredibly difficult to even lay eyes on but once found it reveals itself to be none other then teen wolf the player as big foot must then take on the beloved Michael J. fox character in a life or death struggle that is every bit as hilarious if it sounds if teen wolf is defeated the player is rewarded with its skin which can be used to play as the character in the game's director mode the Atari 400 was the first home computer produced by the video game giant in the early eighties its port of the arcade classic Donkey Kong is considered to be one of the best home ports of the game despite the fact if programmer Linden dire coated it with practically no helper even reference code to go on like many early game programmers did dire slipped a hidden signature into the game but created conditions so specific for finding it that nobody had a clue was there until he told the midwives over 25 years later dire himself couldn't even remember exactly how to access the Easter egg but dedicated gamers founded by examining the game's code first you must play a game setting a new high score of either 110000 or 77000 points then you must kill off all of your remaining lives making sure that your last death is by following press the options button 3 times then wait for the game to cycle through to its title spring after Kong jumps across the screen the letters LMT appear the programmers initials perhaps it's a little underwhelming but the steps required to find this Easter egg are incredibly random in the Atari 400 was not exactly the most popular computer of its time considering that even the programmer could remember how to find it it's amazing that this secret was ever on earth super smash brothers melee released for the GameCube in 2001 brought in 10 does whimsical cast of characters into the world of fighting games it's unorthodox and fast paced combat system made an instant success and it still enjoys a wide fanbase today being among the more popular fighting games among tournament players the final boss of the game's single player mode is the master hand a gigantic white glove that is nearly unbeatable in deals devastating attacks it's of gamers 9 years to discover that due to a glitch in the games programming the master hand is actually a playable character in essence the player must advance the game's menus to a state selection screen without selecting a character this is done by connecting the controller to port 3 in placing your cursor over the name selection field without first using a character pressing and holding a and B. then quickly releasing and pressing a again at just the right time will advance the game to the state selection menu starting the game in this fashion causes it to default to the first character stored in memory which happens to be the master hand its entire move said are available in 6 it has no health meter it cannot be beaten few games have had as great an influence on modern first person shooters then 1990 sevens goldeneye double 07 it's multiplayer mode added in by the games developers as an afterthought spawn countless imitators and is still appreciated on its own merits by fans of the genre today 6 years after the game's release fans discovered code that seem to refer to an unused portion of the game using a game shark they were able to use this code to discover 1 of the spooky a secret areas in all of gaming at the end of the first level in island can be spotted far in the distance across the ocean begins programmers originally intended for a boat to be docked here that you could use to access this island but the area was cut from the game rather than deleting the island however they simply deleted the vote using the game sharks no click mode will allow you to simply walk over the water to reach the Citadelle a ghost of a compound with abandon terror its length gray walls and floors that seem to disappear occasionally ghostly enemies will pop in and out of existence running around and tortured circles and ignoring your gunfire the level it's utter madness and since its discovery has become something of an urban legend among the gaming community trials evolution is a 2012 motorcycle racing game not the sort of game 1 would ever think to look for Easter eggs and not only does the game have a secret it may be the single most elaborate secret ever devised by a game developer a series of wooden planks found in the game contained lettering that spells out a jumbled code would put together win deciphered it revealed instructions for performing an in game maneuver that unlocked a hidden song this song must be recorded and fed into a spectral analyzer to reveal hidden Morse code this code led to a website where in 2013 a strange series of images began to be published daily the images formed yet another site for which had to be decoded in entered into a box on the website this some locks for coordinates for for physical locations in Sydney Australia bath in the United Kingdom Helsinki Finland in San Francisco in the U. S. dedicated gamers found ornate wooden boxes hidden in these locations containing fees as well as other unique items metal plaques found in each box contained an inscription stating that 1 of the keys will open a box underneath the Eiffel Tower in the year 2113 while this rail surprisingly only took just over a year to 1 mock the developers obviously have a much longer game in mind nobody will truly know what secrets are held by trials evolution for almost 100 years //
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Top 10 YouTubers Who Were In Movies
\\I since 2011 on a kana has been making hilarious insightful blogs with a strong emphasis on the empowerment of women among her comedic rants are also a series of short documentaries and while her channel is going strong with over 1.5000000 subscribers Anna has recently begun to focus more time and effort on developing her skills as a filmmaker this all started early in the days of her blog which she challenged herself to make 1 short film every month she ended up taking 6 of these films to Hollywood resulting in a deal to produce the webseries missed 2059 with Ron Howard's new form digital production company but along the way on this face began to pop up another media as well she appeared in the music video for Katy Perry's last Friday night and guested on the MTV series awkward but she stunned her followers with a surprise appearance in 1 of the biggest films of 2015 at the end of Marvel studios ant man Scott's motor mouth buddy Lewis narrates a montage in which another friend strikes up a conversation with and his character a stupid fine writer chick at a bar even putting this description in the mouth of comics legend Stan Lee who cameos as the bartender it turns out that Anna's writer is actually a journalist contact for the Avengers and he's the one who helps the falcon recruit and men for the gigantic airport brawl in Captain America civil war and has appeared in several films since including the video on demand release kids verses monsters in the independent feature dirty thirties with fellow YouTubers memory hard Hannah Hart and Gracie Selby Kian Lawley is a member of the dormant collaborative YouTube channel our second life as well as a very successful solo youtuber in his own right Tiernan is owed to well cohorts Connor Franta Ricky Dillon Sam poto if JC Caitlin and Trevor Moore and have a combined total of well over 15000000 subscribers and have done it all with the kind of every day off the cuff gags pranks in absurd activities that teenagers can relate to in 2015 Kian was picked to star in the chosen a supernatural thriller about baby stealing demands and human sacrifice while the film was released directly to major streaming services it did receive fan releases at theaters in Los Angeles Houston Dallas and Philadelphia all of which sold out Kian and his you 2 friends got to take selfies with hundreds of screaming fans of the LA premiere and while he admitted that it was a terrifying experience jumping platforms key encouraged other YouTubers to give it a try and said that he's definitely going to do more movies epic meal time is a Canadian cooking channel with over 7000000 subscribers host Harley Morenstein in a revolving cast of friends in guest stars prepare epic meals usually involving plenty of bacon and plenty of Jack Daniels the web series even received a spinoff on the F. while I'm at work epic chef inspired by the Food Network series chopped in which competitors have to use the requisite bacon and alcohol along with their basket of surprise ingredients to create a great days hardly began dabbing in film after striking up a friendship with filmmaker Kevin Smith who had been a guest on epic mealtime his first role was in Smith's comedy horror film tusk the first in Smith's Canadian horror trilogy Harleys lecture on Kennedy was in 10 adults to star Justin long was a comedic highlight and pave the way for roles in Smith segment of the horror anthology film holidays and also the second installment in his trilogy yoga Hauser's which stars Johnny Depp Justina sorry better known as iJustine is a U. to personality with over 3.4000000 subscribers Justin rose to fame as a life caster streaming her daily life to her millions of fans her popularity increased with a viral YouTube video in 2007 and her channel has been a hit ever since but many of her fans don't know that she's been dabbling in acting all along in addition to several TV guest spots including law and order SVU in 2009 and criminal minds in 2010 she landed a cameo in the hit Kevin Hart comedy the wedding ringer in 2015 she is also since made appearances in the indie comedy laser team and the sci fi original movie shark made of the fourth Joseph Erekat better known as Fusi too has built a following of almost 10000000 with the combination of pranks sketches and skits and even rap songs through his blog channel dose of Fusi which has nearly 4000000 subscribers of its own Busey is known for addressing personal topics such as struggles with bipolar disorder and depression on his YouTube channel and for popping up on drama channels every now in 2011 he promised his parents and fans that he would 1 day be in a Hollywood film and though it took 5 years his dream finally came true in 2016 Yousef was cast in a featured role in blue on the D. a Halloween the eighth entry into other Perry's Madea franchise the film also features fellow YouTubers Kian Lawley JC Kaelin and Jimmy tax row in smaller roles Yusef appears to have caught the acting bug he'll be starring in the romantic comedy we love you which is being produced by AwesomenessTV for the U. to bread platform Michael Gallagher is the founder of totally sketch a weekly you to comedy series which features a rotating cast of internet personalities in comics in 2012 he decided to dive into feature filmmaking co writing and directing the psychological horror film smiley and choosing Toby Turner and Shane Dawson 2 of his YouTube friends to help round out the cast Turner better known as to Busquets joined YouTube all the way back in 2006 and his quirky comedy exploded in popularity when he dropped his infamous don't tase me bro remakes of video footage of his classmate Andrew Myer being tased by police he's perhaps best known today for his literal trailers of popular films Dawson became popular for his off the wall original characters in celebrity impersonations and has also had a minor music career on the side between the 2 of them they boast over 30000000 subscribers and brought their familiar faces to be in the project unfortunately the film received almost universally bad reviews but Gallagher has continued to hone his craft he's worked as a writer and director on several web series and recently returned to features with much more well received a thinning a dystopian science fiction thriller for you to bread Joey receta began his YouTube career in 2007 at the age of 16 and has since built an audience of over 9000000 followers between his daily vlog channel in his gaming channel he's proven to have a diverse range of interests creating web series performing pop songs releasing a line of crystal jewelry and even co authoring a young adult novel in just the last 3 years he's been nominated for 18 choice in Streamy awards winning to inspire many in a may 2015 video posted to his blog which he came out as gay it also appears that Joey has aspirations of being an actor after appearing on screen in several web series and short films it was announced in 2015 that he would feature in a cameo in the third installment of the wildly successful insidious series of horror films he appeared as the ghost of a psychotic Vietnam veterans but unfortunately the brief scene was cut from the finished film Michael Gallagher directed a companion music video for the film that was positively loaded with YouTube stars including Eric Acala Britney for line Meg de Angelis and Christian delgrosso Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox better known as the comedy duo Smosh are among the most successful and influential comedians on you too but it has been posting videos of flash animations online since before YouTube existed and Smosh immediately became 1 of the platforms most popular channels after it was launched in late 2005 with over 22 0 subscribers the channel has experienced 3 different months long periods of being the most subscribed channel on the site more channels followed with the do a producing sketch comedies sick comes trivia shows and other vehicles for their witty back and forth and rotating stable of guests their popularity became so great that in 2015 they became the first YouTubers to receive a theatrical release of their very own movie appropriately titled smush the movie the sci fi comedy buddy film was released to generally positive reviews and featured a zany cast including Harley Morenstein Michael Ian black and stone cold Steve Austin the film also had the distinction of being directed by none other than Alex winter who played Phyllis Preston esquire in the comedy classic bill and Ted's excellent adventure the film opened the door for an even higher profile job for the duo the very next year they were cast in small roles if the voices of how and bubbles to bickering birds in the Sony pictures animated release the angry birds movie Smosh continues to work on new film projects with their film ghost mates being released to YouTube bread in December 2016 Ryan Higa and partner Sean Fujio she got there you 2 careers going by posting videos of themselves lip sinking to songs while still in high school they quickly progressed to comedy sketches and other types of videos sometimes with the help of other U. 2 personalities due to their frequent parity's Ryan and Sean ran into trouble with YouTube several times between 2008 in 2010 with their popular videos how to be a gangster and how to be email both being pulled multiple times before being made public again the duo had their first taste of movie stardom in 2008 when producer Richard von fleet helped them get financing for their first feature Ryan and shuns excellent adventure the cheaply produced indie which show that a few theaters in Hawaii and California a series of web shorts including ninja milk and agents of secret stuff followed in were well received any 2016 Ryan got his chance to star in a Hollywood film tell me how I die is a thriller about a drug trial gun horrifyingly wrong in which Ryan plays the lead although the film received mixed reviews many critics found it to be 1 of the best new horror films in sometime in praise Ryan's performance in particular the film was released theatrically in select cities and was also released to iTunes and video on demand British you 2 personalities Casper leaf who's to channel standard over 6000000 subscribers and KSI who has a whopping 15000000 subscribers of his own partnered up for the 2016 buddy comedy late in America the film received premieres in London in Hollywood before being released to digital platforms and was a fairly straightforward comedy aiming for the same team audiences movies like American pie in super bad however the pair would soon discover 1 of the pitfalls of releasing content to their audience must pay for when they are used to getting it for free only weeks after the film's release KSI took to his YouTube channel to post a 7 minute rant titled we need to talk in it he used every curse word he could muster while calling out his own fans of subscribers for downloading late in America illegally while the rand didn't seem to cause to many subscribers many responded in the comments that KSI had once been found to be using illegally pirated copy of Sony's Vegas video editing suite to produces videos to which he responded with an appropriate image the I //
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Child Stars - Where Are They Now?
\\Danika McKellar played the role of Winnie Cooper the longtime crush of main character Kevin on the wonder years although d'amico sister crystal was also considered for the part as the series was aimed primarily at families dedica became the first crush of many young boys throughout the show 6 year run for acting work since the series and has mostly been in lifetime channel movies and small independent films but she has kept her profile raised in a couple of other notable ways in 2005 dedica wanna stuff magazine poll asking which now a star readers would most like to see the resulting shoot was absolutely stunning but dedica wasn't done proving to average former child star she holds a bachelor's degree in CLA and is the co author of a math for that would probably make before you even reduction a for all of the equations she's also written several books on math teenagers and it's even won an award from the joint policy board for math for encouraging team is to be more interested in math the long running sitcom family matters introduced us to the Winslow family and their nerdy next door neighbor Steve Erkel although Julia white became the breakout star of the show due to its annoying yet somehow endearing portrayal of oracle the character was defined by his unending love for in relentless pursuit of the old this Winslow daughter Laura played by Kelly Cindy Williams Kelly landed the role when she was only 13 and grew up in front of our eyes over family matters 9 year run after the show ended in 1998 she move to the Washington DC area and started a youth arts group the Kelly Williams program which health area youth to produce their own TV shows which could be picked up for on demand airing on Comcast the Kelley Williams program ceased operation in 2008 but in 2012 the organization was in the news for a possible connection to a DC council means embezzling scheme councilman Harry Thomas junior testified that for individuals whose names were not made public helps him to embezzle more than $350000 through kickbacks from charitable donations based on his testimony it was speculated that one of those individuals was Kelly but she was never charged with a crime the fox sitcom Malcolm in the middle was a hit when it debuted in January 2000 its young star Frankie Muniz became an instant celebrity at the tender age of 14 and his role as Malcolm led to several movie roles during the series 6 year run these included the successful films big fat liar Clifford the big red dog an agent Cody banks but since 2005 Frankie is only appeared in minor guest roles and is mostly stepped away from the spotlight however he has kept himself busy mostly due to the ongoing popularity of Malcolm in the middle in syndication Frankie has a net worth of $40000000 and has been able to enjoy a wide variety of pursuits in addition to writing and producing television projects and playing the drums and several indie rock bands he has carved out something of a second career for himself as a race car driver Frankie began racing professionally in 2004 while Malcolm was still on the air his most recent ranking competing in the Czech kar Atlantic series in 2009 was night overall having finished in the top 10 in every race he's participated in though it was never a hit with critics the CBS sitcom 2.5 men was 1 of the most popular shows in the United States throughout its 12 year run the show focused on a boy living with his father played by Jon Cryer in his irresponsible bad boy uncle played by Charlie Sheen the half man of the title was played by Angus T. Jones who was 10 years old when he landed the role in 2003 by 201017 year old Angus was the highest paid child star on television signing a contract worth nearly $8000000 but during the show's ninth season Angus character was given more adult story lines which he stated in interviews he was uncomfortable with with ratings already suffering due to the highly publicized departure of Charlie Sheen Angus gave an interview in 2012 which shocked the show's fans in it he affirmed his religious faith saying that he recently been baptized and despite having received yet another raise only months earlier that he no longer wished to be a part of the show he went on to call his character meaningless in the show itself bill saying that he did not want to be a part of the enemy's plan apparently referring to Satan Angus somehow kept his job although his character was quickly demoted from a main player to a supporting role but was let go for its tenth and final season although we gave another interview in 2014 sticking by his words and saying that he felt like a paid hypocrite for being on the show he never the less return for a cameo in the 2015 series finale Jonathan Lipnicki made his film debut at the tender age of 5 in the smash hit 1996 film Jerry Maguire starring opposite Tom Cruise the biggest star in Hollywood at the time in a successful film nominated for 5 Academy Awards instantly made John if in the most famous 5 year old in the world Johnson appeared in several films over the next 8 years mostly doing voice work for films like doctor Doolittle in Stuart little between 2004 in 2011 he took a long hiatus from film and today appears from time to time in small independent features but the new career he has carved out for himself is rather unexpected the cute little boy who melted Jerry McGuire's heart has made a successful living as a mixed martial arts trainer his family owns fight sports entertainment a promotion company that holds amateur MMA fights in California and many of their featured fighters are trained by Jonathan he's competed in several Brazilian jujitsu tournaments holding a purple belt in that sport as for getting into the MMA ring himself he's not sure whether he ever will but does not rule it out Johnson says that acting remains his passion and that he would love to 1 day combined his 2 interests and make a film about the world of mixed martial arts Marla Sokoloff was cast for the seventh season of the beloved family sitcom full house as GM a hand the arch enemy turned best friend of middle daughter Stephanie the 13 year old made quite an impression in the role and after her 8 episode run ended she continued to pop up in minor roles and guest spots in both film and television well Marla hasn't been a household name since that brief time in the nineties she briefly re entered the spotlight in 2013 thanks to ex boyfriend James Franco whom she dated for 4 years in an interview with radio shock jock Howard Stern Franco admitted that as teenagers him Marla made a sex tape which has never been leaked to the public apparently he wasn't concerned that going public with this information would upset Marla singer was an innocent thing they made for themselves and that everybody already knew about it Marla herself is never publicly commented on this although she's not the most high profile actress she's continue to get steady work since their full house days interacting resume has dozens of credits she most recently appeared in the Netflix sequel series fuller house few child stars became as famous as quickly as Haley Joel Osment having appeared briefly is the son of the title character in forest Gump his breakout role came in 1999 is the sixth sense it was the debut feature from 1 of Hollywood's most promising new directors M. night Shyamalan and starred Bruce Willis 1 of the most bankable stars in Hollywood but it was Osmond's astonishing talent pick up all of the attention is authentic in creepy performance made the film an instant classic and was at the center of 1 of the most memorable scenes in film history this led to more starring roles in films such as AI artificial intelligence and pay it forward but shortly after turning 18 Osment was involved in an incident which brought him the wrong kind of publicity while driving near his home in 2006 he struck a mailbox and flipped his car suffering numerous injuries including a broken rib in fractured shoulder blade no other cars were involved in the accident announcement eventually pleaded guilty to misdemeanor DUI and marijuana possession charges after his recovery he enrolled in New York University and studied experimental theater there for the next 5 years he's continued to take small parts in a recently announced his intention to return to acting full time starting with an appearance in the Kevin Smith film yoga Hozier's lark Voorhies got her break in show business when she landed the role of Lisa turtle on the Disney Channel sitcom good morning miss bliss which only ran for 13 episodes before being canceled fortunately the series was purchased by NBC in rebooted is saved by the bell which ran for 4 seasons and made stars out of many cast members including Voorhees Elizabeth Berkley Tiffani amber Thiessen and Mario Lopez wildlife work steadily for years after the shows and appearing as a guest star in a variety of TV series and films she's began to make headlines of the wrong kind in 2012 she appeared in an interview with Yahoo is the yellow show in which she sported a bizarre new look with very heavy and uneven makeup failing to hide a strangely puffy face in interview with people magazine a few years later race further questions as lark pas frequently to stare into space or mumble incoherently threw herself her mother Tricia with whom the actress lives has gone public saying that lark suffers from bipolar disorder which Larkins denied saying that her mother is well intentioned but wrong in December 2015 mark revealed to her followers on Instagram that she's been battling lupus for 8 years and stated again that she has no mental health issues as part of Nickelodeon stable of child stars Amanda Bynes appeared in the popular sketch comedy show all that in later her own spin off the Amanda show she was able to parlay this early success into a successful adult film career appearing in such films as she's the man hairspray in the acclaimed comedy easy a Amanda's troubles began in 2012 when she was charged in several traffic incidents within months of each other to hit and run accidents in a reckless driving episode in which he sideswiped a police car while driving drunk the deal I was eventually dropped as part of a plea deal but Amanda was sentenced to probation and her license was suspended for 2 years unfortunately things would only get worse the next year Amanda was charged with marijuana possession after allegedly throwing a bomb from the balcony of her 30 sixth floor apartments only a few months after that police would find Amanda in the driveway of a stranger's house where she had started a fire Amanda was admitted for treatment of mental health issues and her mother assume control of her finances she was released from treatment in December 2013 but would be readmitted less than a year later after a series of bizarre tweets claiming sexual abuse at the hands of her father been changing her mind in saying that there had been no abuse but her father had planted a microchip in her brain to force her to make the accusation after her October 2015 release she had some unkind words for her parents on Twitter including the return of the sexual abuse allegations but since then has largely stayed out of the public eye when Star Wars episode 1 the phantom menace premiered in 1999 it was perhaps the most highly anticipated film ever its star 10 year old Jake Lloyd had landed what most young actors and young boys in general must've thought to be a dream role Anakin Skywalker the young jet I who would eventually become Darth Vader but the role took a heavy toll on Jake for 1 thing fans considered his acting sub par in the film as a whole was not as well received as expected critics and fans did not hold back on the internet and the added stress of promotional appearances in interviews also made Jake Star Wars experience less than pleasant but it's cool J. claims he was bullied mercilessly and this is what caused him to retire from acting in 2001 at the age of 12 he is never appeared in another film and it was revealed in 2015 after a DUI arrest that Jake has struggled with mental health issues of his own in April 2016 he was admitted to a psychiatric facility for treatment of schizophrenia //
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5 Billionaires Who Lost All Their Money
\\just and your goal for Goodman sin was one of the most famous figures in all of Iceland and only the second person in to reach billionaire staff he made his fortune in the 19 seventies and eighties and shipping publishing and communications in the 19 nineties he was prosecuted for bookkeeping offenses having to do with his shipping company hop skip receiving a suspended sentence and putting a sizable dent in his fortune amazingly he was able to make back all of the sizable amount he lost over just the next few years starting a successful brewery in Russia this operation draba brewery international came under scrutiny for possible ties to the Russian mafia particularly after arrival St Petersburg brewery burned to the ground despite this brother was sold to Heineken in 2002 for $400000000 later that same year Goodman's and returned to Iceland and entered his most financially successful period in addition to holding a large stake in Iceland's biggest publishing company and a 45 percent share in its second largest bank the former football player was able to acquire 90 percent ownership of western United of the English premier football league during this time he also became known as his country's biggest philanthropist making him a well known and popular public figure his donations to arts programs universities and sports organizations help to fuel his country's culture but it only took the blink of an eye for the national hero to become a national disgrace during the worldwide economic crisis of 2008 Iceland's banking system underwent an almost total collapse I swings media singled out a few key figures in their national banking system that helped contribute most of the collapse and Goodman sin was front and center among them is enormous fortune evaporated within a few short months is the value of his holdings plummeted in March 2008 he was named one of the richest people in the world by Forbes magazine by December of that year the same publication declared him to be worth nothing in 2009 he declared personal bankruptcy to the tune of $750000000 still thought to be the largest individual bankruptcy claim ever filed worldwide even the international press took notice in 2010 time magazine named Goodman said 1 of the 100 most influential people of the year due to the role he played in destroying Iceland's economy Alan Stanford first began to build his fortune in the early 19 eighties as the Texas oil boom was coming to a close the area was in an economic recession and Stanford's investment group made a killing buying up real estate in depressed areas in strategically selling them off after the market had recovered with seed capital from this company Stanford move to the Caribbean and started guardian international bank on the island of Montserrat but was soon forced to move to Antigua due to a British government crackdown on shady offshore banks the newly renamed Stanford international bank under the umbrella of parent company Stanford financial operated for the next 2 decades in seem to offer impossible returns on investment Stanford had amassed a personal fortune of over $2000000000 when it all came crashing down beginning in early February 2009 based on statements given by a former Stanford financial executive the securities and exchange commission announced that they were launching an investigation of Stanford financial questioning the ridiculously high returns the company was offering its investors the former executive claim that purely hypothetical financial data was presented to potential investors as facts and that Stanford himself had claimed that his certificates of deposit were as good or better than the U. S. governments by late February Stanford financials offices were being raided by federal agents and Stanford was being charged in a massive ongoing $8000000000 fried SEC investigators would later describe it as a Ponzi scheme siphoning billions from investors well lately falsifying records to make it appear as if investments were generating a profit in reality the SEC claim that the company had no income and that its bank statements were complete fiction while awaiting trial all of Stanford's banks in business holdings were taken over by various governments after several health related delays he was finally put on trial in early 2012 a jury took only 3:00 hours to convict him of 14 charges related to his outrageous broad in addition to fines and penalties totaling more than $12000000000 far more than he was ever worth Stanford was sentenced to 110 years in a federal prison his earliest possible release date is in 2105 provided he can manage to live to 100 55 still he did get less than half the sentence prosecutors had asked for Patricia Kluge was once incredibly rich but her fortune was not exactly self made it came through her marriage to media mogul John clues whose company Metromedia had gained ownership of a large number of television stations by the mid 19 eighties the 1986 clue sold those stations to twentieth century fox making them the backbone of what would eventually become the fox television network for an astounding $4000000000 at that time John clues was the richest man in America he had married Patricia a former exotic dancer 35 years his junior in 1981 during their stays at John shooting range in the Scottish Highlands Patricia tried with a limited degree of success to make friends with neighboring royalty disaster struck however when the British tabloids got their hands on new photos from purchasers passed after the couple were asked to host an event for prince Charles and princess Diana this force the couple to retreat from the public guy it was only a few years later that John asked for a divorce indicated his willingness to pay up the divorce settlement may Patricia an instant billionaire speculated to have been worth 1000000000 in cash alone in addition to several extravagant homes 1 of these luxury estates all Morrow house in Charlottesville Virginia was to become the ultimate Drano Patricia's fortune on its ground she hosted lavish parties for celebrities in elite friends and decided that the grounds other feature their own winery she spared absolutely no expense in making this dream a reality employing pricey consultants in French wine masters and filling hundreds of imported oak barrels with wine that as it turns out nobody wanted to buy Patricia made only the most half hearted efforts in marketing her wine failing to establish a regional market before attempting to go national with a marketing campaign that barely existed predictably her entire $0 fortune along with the value of most of her assets was sucked into the black hole of the winery after filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy Patricia finally had another stroke of good luck when in 2011 the winery was purchased for about a fifth of its original value by none other than Donald Trump it continues to operate today under the name what else trump winery John Quinn began building his fortune in 1973 with little more than a $200 loan he began extracting gravel from his family's farm in selling it to local builders and before long the business had expanded enough to allow it to transition into cement queen use the profits from this business to gain financial interest in an impressive number of diverse sectors by 2008 his queen group employed over 55 0 people and had interest in hospitality glass real estate plastics and health insurance and Sean Quinn was the richest man in all of Ireland with a net worth of over $6000000000 unfortunately 1 of his boldest investments would also be his ultimate downfall Quinn in his family having gotten their starting construction were eager to capitalize on an Irish construction boom in the early 2 thousands they begin funneling money into Anglo Irish bank the single biggest lender to iris construction companies and before long the family owned a 28 percent stake in the bank a fact which they kept secret from other stockholders in all the family comes over 1.$3000000000 into the bank and Sean Quinn would later admit that he illegally use derivatives known as contracts for difference to invest money back into it essentially this means that Quinn was gambling on the fact that he shares would go up as a contractor difference or CFT allows an investor in a broker to pay each other the difference in the value of an asset as it changes over time this gamble failed spectacularly as the financial crisis of 2008 because the value of the bank's shares to dramatically fall and lead to its nationalization in 2009 effects totally wiping out Quinn's investment he was declared bankrupt in Ireland in 2012 in that same year serve 9 weeks in jail for inappropriately stripping the assets of his company and failing to cooperate with government officials not only did his entire personal fortune go up in smoke but all of his business holdings are in various states of Caesar as well because he still owes a whopping 3.$5000000000 to the bank in which he once had partial ownership born into a success I get but he still was the son of Brazilian engineer at the ends of a tease for the Silva who worked in the energy department of the cabinet in Brazil's government and was responsible for helping transform the mining company Vale into 1 of the world's largest at 18 I K. enrolled in college at the university of Aachen in Germany but dropped out soon after to pursue a faster path into the business world returning to Brazil in working in gold and diamond trading at the age of 23 he had made his first 0 and started a gold trading firm that would be valued at $6000000 within its first 2 years between 1980 and 2000 I could exist as companies generated over $20000000000 from gold and silver mines in Brazil Canada it's you that my 2011 he was named by Forbes magazine as the eighth richest person in the world with a net worth of $30000000000 the 50 eighth most powerful person in the world and the second most powerful person in all of Brazil behind only the president however Batista's forays into the oil and natural gas industries would swiftly lead to what many financial experts would later call the quickest destruction of wealth in history but he's this company OGX was involved in the exploration for and production of natural gas in their initial surveys indicated that they were sitting on deposits that were worth up to $1000000000000 this turned out to be wildly optimistic as most of the company's wells were found to be complete diets similarly the company ridiculously overestimated the amount of crude oil its petroleum facilities could produce speculating that they get pumped out 750000 barrels a day when in reality they could only ever manage about 15000 OGX was forced to file for bankruptcy in 2013 but this was simply the largest factor in what was called the perfect storm a financial catastrophe a serious downturn in the precious metals market at around the same time combined with poor management decisions and fluctuations in the economy led IQ Batista's personal net worth to plummet to negative $1000000000 in only about 18 months he has written in the Brazilian press about his regrets in mismanaging his companies in fortune and claims that he will leave no creditor unpaid //
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10 Everyday Things You've Been Doing Wrong
\\nnst joining us take out containers are not the most convenient for eating out of especially if you don't favor chopsticks they tend to be deep and narrow but most people are unaware that these containers have a secret feature that makes eating from them much easier first you have to carefully remove the wire handles from either side of the box on each full that side of the box gently pry the flaps apart removing the staples first if there are any once this is done the box will easily spread out to form a handy place this can be done with practically any cardboard take out container and makes life much easier for those of us who just can't get the hang of chopsticks modern productivity requires the ability to effectively multitask if you pride yourself on your ability to skip between open tabs and tasks with ease it might be helpful to know that there might be a better way to maximize your workout put studies have found that rapidly skipping between multiple tasks creates a low level of distraction that keeps us from zeroing in on any one task effectively instead the recommended method is to give all of your focus to one task for 30 minutes and then take a 10 minute break which allows the brain to reset and prepare to focus on the next task this not only keeps you fresh air but it can help to prevent costly mistakes in oversight that might harm the overall quality of your work even when they are cooked perfectly which is no small task in itself hard boiled eggs are almost always annoying to peel the shell tends to break into tiny sticky fragments that can pull off chunks of the egg white as he pried them free however if you follow this simple process it's an annoyance you'll never have to deal with again first simply boil the eggs normally for 12 minutes then cool them in an ice water bath with one teaspoon of baking soda added when the eggs are completely cool break the bottom of the shell and discarded then do the same with the top keeping a grip on the shelf form a seal with your lips around the top of the egg and blow make sure you're over a bowl a ready to catch it the egg will come flying out of the shell no peeling required the limited space inside a microwave has always been the trade off for not having to wait for your food to reheat in a conventional oven you may be able to microwave uptight of leftovers in just a few minutes but if you're eating a food for 21 person is always going to be left with food that is cool down during the time the other students in the microwave the solution to this problem is simple it simply doesn't occur to most people that all the space inside the microwave is good even the space above the platter to reheat 2 plates at once put the first played on the microwave splatter over to 1 side next to it place an upside down coffee mug the second plate goes on top of the coffee mug this allows you to make the most of your microwave space reheat all of your food at once and make sure that nobody is stuck with Luke warm leftovers microwaves can also be quite a pain to clean splatter from over heated food can get stuck on very quickly and it's not exactly easy to get inside the other to give it a good scrubbing from all angles but this technique will allow you to forego the scrubbing altogether a gentle wipe with a damp sponge is all you'll need just take a microwavable container a glass measuring Cup is ideal and pour a Cup of distilled white vinegar put it in the oven and microwave on high for 10 minutes when it's finished a sponge or paper towel is all it will take to white even the dirtiest Alvin sparkling clean acids in the vinegar combine with steam will make short work of even the most stubborn stuck on mass according to yoga masters and natural health practitioners humans have been pooping all wrong since the invention of the toilet they contend that the standard sitting poses neither normal nor healthy and propose a different pose that was the norm before the invention of the toilet and still is in some cultures swatting there even products resembling modified steps tools to help you adjust to this pose using a standard toilet while it may take a week or 2 to adjust to the feeling of pooping in an unfamiliar position it is thought that the squatting pose results in full the opening the call in and producing more complete eliminations in other words you will simply have a better more satisfying poop getting your blender clean after your morning smoothie is enough of a hassle to turn some people off of smoothies they have to be completely disassembled all of the rubber washers have to be removed and cleaned and even with all of this effort you might still be left with a funny smell the next time you go to use the thing the solution to this problem is so simple but it's hard to believe it hasn't always been done this way since the blenders invention first fill the blender about half way with hot but not boiling water then add about a tablespoon of dishwashing detergent blend on high for about 30 seconds dump the water out and rinse the blender thoroughly that's it no disassembling no mess and no funny smell it's tough to look civilized while eating a cupcake there to tell the fit in your mouth without giving frosting all over your face in trying to approach it any other way always results in bytes of nothing but frosting alternating with bites of nothing but Kate of course there is a better way after removing the cupcake from the paper Cup carefully separate the cake cap from the frosting half then place the cake half on top creating a cake sandwich with frosting in the middle you won't get frosting all over your fingers it's now easy to compress that actually fits in your mouth and every bite is the perfect combination of cake and frosting all of which ends up in your mouth and none of which ends up on your face the tiny paper cups that ketchup is served in at fast food restaurants can be a king size pain after about a third of the ketchup is gone they become hard to manage sticking to your fries it's almost impossible to use all of the ketchup and bigger items like burgers are impossible to dip just like with Chinese take out containers these problems are easily taken care of if you're aware of the paper Cup secret function the rim of the Cup can easily be pulled apart section by section if you do this until each section is separated the couple easily flattened into a small plate for your catch up now you can get anything you like and mop up every day out of Ketchum so you no longer have to try to figure out how to carry 10 of these tiny cups back to your table as food container designs go the potato chip bag isn't bad it can be easily clips giving your chips fresh and it's no problem to pass around the living room but as convenient as the trustee chip bag is it can be made even better all you have to do is open the bag then slowly start rolling it from the bottom working from the outside of the bag in as soon as the chips appear at the top of the bag you're done you've created a handy reasonably sturdy bowl for your chips that anybody can easily grab from and will sit nicely on a flat surface //
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10 Kids Who Sued Their Own Parents
\\in September 2016 an unnamed Austrian teenager made headlines around the world when she took her parents to court for refusing to remove pictures of her which they had posted to their Facebook page according to the 18 year old her parents posted upwards of 500 pictures of her over the years including shots from her infancy and childhood she claimed that her parents had no respect for boundaries are privacy throughout her childhood it had posted pictures of her sitting on the toilet in her underwear and and other such situations for all of their 700 friends to see although she said she had repeatedly asked her parents to take the pictures down for years they refused to take her request seriously and so she decided to take legal action the minute she turned 18 as for the parents they maintain that the photos of their property and that they are free to post them anywhere they please although the case is ongoing the girl's attorney has said that he believes he stands a fair chance of winning the law is murky in Austria but it is not so in many other European countries in France the country with the strictest controls 1 could face a fine of close to $50000 for posting pics of anyone without their permission in this includes parents posting photos of their children a Facebook related case of a different sort made headlines back in 2010 when Arkansas mother Denise knew was taken to court by her 16 year old son for tampering with his Facebook account specifically he claimed that his mother locked into his account without permission to post slanderous remarks about his personal life been changed his password so that he couldn't undo the damage the trouble began when lane knew who had lived with his grandmother for the previous 6 years called the police on his mother when she became violent with him after he refused to return a house key that evening Denise logged into our son's Facebook account posing as him and posting the message check this out I went to mom's house deliberately started a fight and called the police on her she almost went to jail how cool is that king court jurors heard a voice mail from Denise to lane stating that the fight hadn't been her fault because he bruises easily in announcing her intention to change his Facebook password and continue posting is lame in one message she says how fun with all your little friends responding to what I posted on your wall lane won the case and Denise knew was sentenced to 30 days in jail and a year's probation for harassment in 2008 an unnamed father in the Quebec province of Canada resorted to grounding his 12 year old daughter after she repeatedly broke his rules about using the family computer he said that the girl had figured out how to bypass the security measures and log on to web sites that she was permitted to visit and had posted pictures of herself that were inappropriate for a girl her age in response he grounded her meaning that she could not go on a 3 day school trip that she had been looking forward to the pre teens all to adult response to the situation was to sue claiming that the punishment was too harsh and did not fit the crime unbelievably the girl who had in the meantime gun to live with their mother won the case the Quebec Superior Court ruled in the child's favor in overturned the father's punishment a largely symbolic ruling is the child was no longer living with him still the father's lawyer expressed concern for what type of precedent the ruling might say saying parents are going to be walking on egg shells from now on I think most children respect their parents it would never go so far as to take him to court but it's clear that some wood and we have to ask ourselves how far this will go Stephen and Catherine minor were raised by their father in a 1.$5000000 home after their parents divorced in 1995 although they were provided for very well they took issue with the fact that their mother Kimberly Garrity wasn't the nicest mom in the world and didn't send the money on their birthdays as soon as both kids were over the age of 18 they decided to take their mother to court for intentional infliction of emotional distress among the supposedly damning evidence was a birthday card with a thoughtful inscription that Stephen minor deemed inappropriate because it didn't contain cash or a check he also accused his mother of smacking him on the head once saying he still suffers headaches from the incident enough threatening to call the police if he didn't buckle the seat belt when he was 7 perhaps predictably the court ruled that none of this behavior constituted extreme or outrageous conduct and dismiss the case Kimberly guarantees lawyer speculated that the suit may have been an attempt at some type of revenge by Stephen minor senior the children's father in Kimberly's ex husband which may not be so far fetched he is an attorney and represented the children in their case against Kimberly Long Island student Jordan's sidemen was promised $5000 from his maternal grandmother at its 2007 bar mitzvah the same gift she had given his siblings at their celebrations Jordan have long had a strained relationship with his mother surely sidemen who was not invited to the bar mitzvah but came anyway Jordan's grandmother gave the $5000 gift to surely to hold and Jordan never side again in 2014 Jordan by then 19 decided to sue and the case dragged on for a year 0.5 surely Seidman tried to claim in court that the money was never promised to Jordan but in I owe you for $5000 in her own handwriting proved otherwise in the end the judge ruled that surely was liable for not only the original amount but 9 percent interest over the 8 years the money had been with health as well as attorneys fees a final judgment of about $11000 in Jordan's favor the 2014 New Jersey teenager Rachel canning left her family home and went to live with the family of her best friend whether she was kicked out or left voluntarily remains in dispute but shortly afterwards she decided that if her parents didn't want to pay for her private high school and college tuition she would try to force them to through legal means the case made national headlines as Rachel's parents claim that she left voluntarily after refusing to follow simple rules such as doing household chores in being respectful the lawsuit was funded by Rachel's host family who said they feared for her future without her parents assistance Rachel asked the court to declare her not emancipated independent on her parents and to order them to pay her tuition and living costs however her request was denied by the judge in March 2016 and shortly after the trial Rachel move back in with her parents in September Rachel announced via social media that she would be attending western New England university on a scholarship amazingly Rachel Cannings case was not the first of its type in 201320 year old Caitlin Richie also sued her parents were divorced for college tuition the case has a few similarities in that Caitlyn filed suit after going to live with the relative with their parents claiming that she left after refusing to follow their rules or deal with the alleged drinking problem her mother Mara McGarvey whom Caitlin had been living with says that Caitlyn was told multiple times that if she were to move out no more child support would be coming in she would be on her own to find funds for college in court the judge ruled that Michael Ritchie and more McGarvey we're liable for $906 to cover Caitlin's community college expenses but it didn't end there after transferring to Temple University Caitlyn filed another suit against their parents to the tune of $16000 to pay for her tuition at the much more expensive university this case was also settled in her favor in the parents were ordered to come up with the money in October 2014 they've announced their intention to appeal as soon as they can afford to they've been trying to raise funds for an appeal through go fund me ever since the court's ruling the man now known as Shawn Russ had 1 of the most publicly troubled childhoods in modern history for most of his childhood he was Gregory Kingsley a troubled boy with an alcoholic father in a frequently homeless mother who was used to living in cars and never being in the same school for long at the age of 8 he went to live with his mother in some relatives but the arrangement only lasted a couple of years before Gregory was sent to foster care he was living at a boys ranch when he was found and taken in at the age of 10 by the Russ family whose home gave Gregory the sense of belonging he had been missing all of his life then when Gregory was 12 his mother Rachel decided she wanted him back and Gregory decided that legal action was the only way to keep his new family life in a highly publicized 1992 custody trial that the media called the divorce Gregory asked the court to terminate his mother's parental rights and allow his adoption to go forward while Gregory's father didn't contest is adoption by the Russ family Rachel fought a losing battle for her parental rights the court ruled that Gregory had been neglected and abandoned in that it would be in his best interest to grant his petition full custody was awarded to the Russ family and Gregory spent the next 20 years trying to live a normal life in the aftermath of the landmark case before finally speaking to the media about it in 2012 a 2014 lawsuit in the UK was filed on behalf of a 7 year old girl against her young mother the woman who had been 17 when she was pregnant with a girl allegedly drank heavily throughout her entire pregnancy and as a result the child was born with fetal alcohol syndrome the child has severe brain damage and problems with development and memory and her current caregivers filed the lawsuit partially to compensate for the additional medical care she will almost certainly need during her lifetime the court heard evidence that the young mother drank up to 8 cans of beer and half a bottle of vodka every day while pregnant despite the court's admission that the mother's behavior was wildly irresponsible it found that it could not be legally considered criminal as it had not been proven that she had inflicted grievous bodily harm on a person by the legal definition of that term the case was dismissed in December 2014 while countless lawsuits have been filed for wrongful death only a handful have ever been filed for wrongful life 1 of these is the case of the peta verses the peta 1 of the first ever such claims which was filed in 1963 the case involved a boy who was suing his father for damages due to the very fact of his existence the boy allege that his father had coerced his mother into sexual relations resulting in the boy's birth despite the fact that the father was married to another woman there for the boy was born out of wedlock he sought damages due to the emotional distress and societal stigma of being an illegitimate child the court threw out the case finding that it could not be proven that the father had acted with malice or that the boy had been harmed by his illegitimate status in its decision the court pointed out that while they were sympathetic to the boy's argument they had to consider the possibilities of the floodgates opening on lawsuits brought by anyone born under conditions that they didn't like this case has often been cited as precedent another wrongful life cases in the years since //
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10 Inventions That Could Stop Global Warming
\\global warming is mostly caused by the emissions of harmful greenhouse gases and is one of the most serious challenges facing our planet today fortunately great scientific minds are at work all over the world finding ways to offset the damage caused by global warming and prevent further damage from happening here are 10 inventions that could put an end to global warming transportation alone is responsible for about a third of all greenhouse gas emissions efforts to invent new environmentally friendly means of transportation are seen as being extremely important and maglev trains are at the forefront of these efforts this technology has been in development for quite some time mag Lev or magnetic levitation trains work by using a series of electromagnets which ... laid along the length of a rail these magnets are controlled by alternating current and they repel magnets which are housed in the train itself pushing it forward along the track which the train never even touches most models of mag Lev trains are also able to recover the energy generated when the train breaks and recycle it into usable power not only are the 0 mission trains much greener than traditional forms of mass transit they are also much faster in 2015 a Japanese mag Lev system broke its own record by reaching a top speed of over 370 miles per hour while efforts like these to reduce emissions are vitally important other inventions aimed to tackle greenhouse gases that are already present in the atmosphere one company global research technologies is developing an artificial tree made from a special resin the resin reacts with carbon dioxide in the air trapping it in removing it from the atmosphere the CO 2 can be released and then stored by adding water once the trees dry is again ready to absorb a full load of gas it takes one of these artificial trees just one hour to become completely saturated with CO 2 the manufacturer proposes placing them alongside busy interstates or anywhere else where there's a heavy concentration of gas emissions in addition to the carbon sucking artificial trees the company has been working on a larger scale machine about the size of a shipping container which can remove even greater amounts of carbon dioxide from the environments in a similar technology scientists in the Netherlands have developed a technique to tell concrete with titanium dioxide to create eco paving which behaves just like an ordinary paved surface accepted the chemical coating causes the concrete to absorb nitrogen oxides another greenhouse gas the trapped gases are converted by sunlight into harmless nitrates which washed away in the rain in our then absorbed by the soil this material has been tested in several areas in the Netherlands which have reported up to a 40 percent decrease in nitrogen oxides after a short time while the treaty paving costs 50 percent more than regular concrete these results are promising especially for use in large cities where air pollution is always an issue the methods of capturing CO 2 from the air may soon be used alongside a new technique that changes the way the gas can be stored in recycled which is always presented a challenge this process involves pumping CO 2 gas under ground in allowing natural process is to turn it into a solid stone which is a very safe and efficient storage method and takes less time than one might think the gas is converted to a solid in less than 2 years several other companies are exploring uses for the solidified carbon one Canadian firm uses the solid rock to produce pellets which may have a use as a fuel source another company based in Switzerland is working out a method to turn captured CO 2 into a fertilizer well capturing harmful carbon emissions from the atmosphere is extremely helpful one science minded Texas teenager has invented a device which may soon be standard equipment on all non electric cars 17 year old Peron job he calls his device the algae mobile and it's an aluminum cylinder that can be inserted into a car's exhaust pipe inside the cylinder is a colony of algae which through photosynthesis converts the carbon dioxide in the car's exhaust into oxygen Peron's project was chosen for more than 1500 others at the Intel international science fair by the environmental protection agency his invention for which he has filed a patent has won him over $8000 at various science fairs and is made his biology teacher extremely proud while new inventions like these may be very helpful they are not our only weapons in the fight against global warming some technologies that have been around for decades may also be making a comeback nuclear power has long been hailed as being cleaner and cheaper than many conventional power sources but questions about safety along with the occasional high profile nuclear accident have kept the technology on the back burner but new methods of producing nuclear power have emerged in recent years which may put the safety concerns to rest one new type of reactor which has been designed bill not yet built uses multiversal to cool the nuclear reactor instead of water the molten salt has a higher boiling point than the fuel and it expands under high heat spreading the fuel out in cooling it down this type of reactor would be much smaller than a conventional one and could produce up to 20 times more power another new reactor design uses thorium instead of uranium to generate a nuclear reaction in conventional reactors the solid fuel cannot be objective in case of a meltdown but thorium reactors could operate with the fuel in a liquid state allowing for easy disposal if a reaction were to get out of hand smaller safer more efficient nuclear reactors could help power the world while reducing the need for fossil fuels another alternative power technique has been around since the 19 seventies but it's since become much more cost effective than it was then it's known as osmotic power in it generates energy by using 2 tanks of water each with a different salt content but 2 tanks of water are separated by a membrane that can be penetrated by thinner flew it's less salty water is drawn through the membrane into more salty water by natural chemical process which results in a change in pressure in the tank this increase pressure is harvested by turbine which produces power the main barrier in using this process on a wide scale is the cost of the membrane which is made from a highly customized in very expensive material but researchers at the Massachusetts institute of technology recently discovered a way to reduce the size of the membrane by half while still producing 90 to 95 percent of the expected power output natural bodies of water or even waste water treatment plants could soon be converted into osmotic power plants applying vast amounts of clean energy some scientists are focusing less on new sources of alternative energy and more on smart distribution of the energy sources we already use in 2007 Congress passed an act authorizing the creation of a new generation of smart power greats unlike traditional power grid smart grids use modern technology to adjust to the power needs of individual areas in real time and are able to draw on a variety of resources including clean energy sources smart grids use modern processing power in even artificial intelligence to communicate with themselves among different power stations they use the exchange of information to balance the distribution of energy producing output to areas of low demand while increasing supply to high demand areas without wasting energy some of these grades even use local renewable energy sources such as nuclear power plants are windmill farms making intelligent decisions to use the sources when demand is very high or when it is more efficient these types of grades are already in use in many European countries and of a handful of U. S. cities including Austin Texas and boulder Colorado the European Union sees them as a key component in its energy strategy for the future but cost concerns are causing delays in the United States in an attempt to find a way to combat global warming in the most direct way possible a team of California scientists have proposed a technique that falls in the category of geo engineering the direct manipulation of the environments they call their invention a cloud whitener and they say it does exactly that the device injects very very tiny particles of sea water directly into clouds which causes the clouds to become more reflective in the flick more light away from the earth the machine was recently tested on a small scale at the university of Washington although some of the scientific community say that the potential side effects of such geo engineering techniques are not known in 2004 researchers at the university of Manchester in the U. K. stumbled upon a new type of carbon graphite the material that pencil lead is made from which they say could lead to an explosion in new green technologies this material called graphene has the quality of allowing individual positively charged atoms to pass through it while remaining impenetrable for example while hydrogen items will pass through hydrogen gas will nights this is incredibly exciting to scientists although the many reasons why are a bit too technical to break down here but just one proposed application shows graphemes potential a machine which can extract hydrogen from the air and converted into water and electricity with no waste products to //
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10 Riddles That Will Blow Your Mind
\\if you consider yourself to be a great outside the box thinker in this video will put you to the test these brain teasers have solutions that are not immediately obvious but will require creativity and indirect reasoning to find the answers get ready to test your brain power and also to pause the video before we give you the solution a man comes to a bridge guarded by a warrior the warrior says that to cross the bridge to man must make a statement but if the warrior thinks the statement is true he will cut the man's heart however if he thinks it's false bill chop off the man's head the man is able to pass leaving the warrior stunts what statement did he make answer you will chop off my head if you had a hard time coming up with this one we're guessing it might be pretty obvious now the warrior will only chop off the man's head if he thinks a false statement has been made so the man statement puts the warrior in an unbreakable logical loop if a man statement is true the warrior must cut out the man's heart which would make that statement false but if the statement is false the warrior must cut off a man's head which would make a statement true there is no action the warrior can take which makes good on his original thread so he must let them and pass what starts and ends with the letter E. but contains only one letter answer an envelope Israel stumps many because we tend to think only of the word that starts with the letter E. not the object represents and of course there is more than one type of letter the word envelope indeed starts and ends with the letter E. in an actual envelope contains one letter the kind that you write in mail away it turns into a different story what is it answer a spiral staircase this riddle is also a tough one to crack because we tend to assign specific meaning to the words turn and story when the statement is phrased this way but we're not looking for something that becomes a different story of the time you read in a book a spiral staircase literally turns into a different story of the house it's built into only extremely nimble outside the box thinkers got this one right away how far can a dog run into the woods answer only half way here's another question that doesn't seem like it should have a specific answer but it does the woods must refer to a florist in forests are only so large therefore a dog can only run half way into the woods after bad he's running out of the woods there was a plane crash in which every single person on board died yet many passengers who were on the plane at the time of the crash survived how is it possible answer because they were passengers aboard who were not single the phrase that trips many people up on this number is every single person which our brains will tend to automatically assume means everyone but in this case we're going by the other definition of single not married so despite the fact that every single person died this extremely unusual plane crash did indeed have survivors all the married people a man lives on the tenth floor of a building every day he takes the elevator to the ground floor and goes to work when he comes home he goes to the seventh floor and takes the stairs the rest of the way if there are other people in the elevator Ortiz raining he goes directly to his floor he hates walking why does he do it answer because he can't reach the button for floor 10 this classic riddle take strong deductive reasoning to solve we must look at what we know is true and use the evidence to find the logical conclusion our best clues here are the conditions that allow the man to ride all the way up to his floor we know that he can reach the button for the lobby with no problem if there are other passengers in the elevator the man can have one of them presses button for him if it's raining he'll be carrying his umbrella which you can use to push the button himself on all other days however are vertically challenged man can only reach as high as the button for floor 7 and must take the stairs for the remaining 3 floors 3 frog sit on a bank one of them decides to jump in the water how many are left answer all 3 pay attention to the clever wording of the riddle just because one of the frogs decided to jump doesn't mean that he actually jobs maybe he'll jump at an hour or tomorrow or next week did you got this one right then you know that the questions that are not S. can be more important than the ones that are there is a room with 3 lights which is outside inside is a light bulb you can turn any switch on or off but may only enter the room once how do you find out which switch controls the light bulb although this riddle seems very difficult at first it simply requires that we give a little bit of thought to how light bulbs actually behave a bald remains warm for several minutes after it's been turned off so the actions we must take the find the rights which are simple first turn on the first switch for 5 minutes then turn it off turn on the second switch and enter the room if the ball was off but warm to the touch the first which controls the ball if the light is on the second switch controls the ball and if it's off but cold to the touch it's the third switch a man is stranded with no tools of any kind on an island the island is completely covered in thick forests with steep cliffs on all sides one day with the wind blowing from the west a fire starts on the west side of the island it will quickly consume everything in its path how does the man survive answer this is another riddle that requires us to look at the conditions we've been given then think about how a fire would behave under the circumstances in order to survive the men must use a burning piece of wood from the fire to set another fire a safe distance away from the first one close to the side of the aisle the wind will push the smaller fire east quickly burning out the east end of the island and providing a safe shelter for the man is the main fire approaches there are 2 doors one leads to heaven and one to hell each is guarded by a man one will always lie in the other will always tell the truth but you don't know which is which you may ask only one of them one question what is it and Sir different versions of this classic brain teaser have stunt people for decades but the answer is actually quite simple the question you must ask is which door with the other guard tell me is the door to heaven then choose the opposite one is the reasoning if the guard you're asking is the one who always tells the truth he will tell you correctly that the other guard would point you toward the door to hell however if you're asking the guy who always lies people tell you incorrectly that the other guard would also send you on the wrong path so whichever guard you ask the opposite door from the one they suggest will always be the safe one //
"2017-01-27 23:37:06"
7 School Punishments That Went Too Far
\\corporal punishment is still up for debate in its necessity in the school system some actions of retribution go too far here are some of the most bizarre an intense way students have been punished for acting out in school I Constance McMillen faced an uphill battle with her school district when she decided to sue her school for not allowing her to attend prom in a tuxedo with her girlfriend McMillan's family stated that this was unconstitutional and that she had every right to attend the school event with whomever she wanted so long as they fit the age requirements set by the school well macmillan one the initial court case and was allowed to go to the prom the school district got concerned parents in on a humiliating ploy they created a fake prominent nother location claiming it was the real one when macmillan arrived at the fake prom she realized she had been and furiously took the case to court once again unsurprisingly the court ruled in her favor stating that the school district in local parents had gone too far in attempting to school girl and she was given $35000 a fairly have a settlement discrimination is sadly a common event in the school system and affected a handful of Hispanic students in 2009 after accidentally spilling water on the floor while trying to refill a near by cooler 7 Hispanic fifth graders were ordered to eat their lunch off the floor for 10 consecutive school days they were not given trays or plates but were forced to eat off napkins on days where soup was the primary meal they resorted to eating only strips of cheese when parents found out the school system claim that the reason for the students eating off the floor had nothing to do with punishment but was in fact the result of not having enough chairs in the cafeteria the school sought to increase funding but the court saw through their rooms and slammed them with the discrimination lawsuit the students then split of $500000 settlement between the 7 of them at $70000 a piece Americans are not the only ones whose bizarre school punishments if captured the spotlight one of the strangest acts recall the young girl who published a photo of her legs to the internet showing the damage she received when she was forced to kneel on frozen peas for hours at a time indentation scattered all around her mid legs and knees and what looks to be an incredibly painful state after posting the photo the social media the young woman was forced to kneel on frozen peas for an even longer period of time and the punishment has only gotten even more popular in Asia sense even though the food often varies between frozen peas and frozen rights hearing how effective the kneeling punishment was in Asia to Florida grandparents decided to put it to the test by forcing their grandson to kneel for 9:00 hours for 10 days straight while were unsure of their any repercussions to this strange and painful punishment we can assume there are much better ways to use your food well the next punishment isn't necessarily as mean spirited as the rest it did lead to some questionable responses after 2 students were cut brawling in the hallway they were given an ultimatum they could both either be suspended or they could sit down and hold hands for 15 minutes thinking that the second punishment was easier the boys opted for the 15 minutes what they didn't realize was that their peers would be allowed to jeer in mock him the entire time taking photographs and videos and uploading them to social media homophobic slurs were called out in the boy's masculinity was consistently called into question worse yet they were bullied and made fun of for the rest of their time in school often called gay in a negative light the mesa Arizona school was vocal but they believe principal Tim Richard had not practice good judgment when he offered up the punishment but many parents praised him for the decision it's entirely possible that giving fourth graders too much say in crime and punishment can lead to some fairly disastrous results when fourth grade teacher summer Larson decided to give her students reading tests and assignments she likely wasn't thinking through what their punishment would be if they fail to reach their goals what's he decided on was a choice she gave her students they could either skip recess for a week or they can but other students draw on their faces with permanent marker in a decision that will likely shock no 16 of the children opted that they would rather have things drawn on their face they returned home later in the day covered in markings and in 1 case some fairly crude drawings the teacher was suspended from her duties for a few days without pay she eventually returned and apologized that were punishment had already taken effect the majority of the kids consider themselves failures for being unable to reach their reading goal in their morale never recovered then your campaign was described as a fairly carefree 7 year old before she was actively humiliated in front of her classmates one day while sliding the beads in her hair up and down she was called to the front of the classroom by your teacher the teacher quickly whipped out a pair of scissors and cut the braid of cannons hair from her head in front of the classroom he claimed it was a punishment for Kamin distracting the class was she tied by mia returned to her seat fighting back tears while the class laughed at her and told her mother what had happened when she returned home the teacher was fined $175 for cutting the first graders hair without our permission but no other action was taken against her Houston Texas a preschool teacher found herself in hot water after news of her punishment rocked headlines across the country after reading a story to students about monsters that live inside closets and devour those who break the rules a young 4 year old names telling Cheney was found acting outing yelling in class in order to silence him the teacher led Cheney to a nearby unused janitorial closet and told him that it was a monster closet where all the evil monsters lived she locked him inside and turned off the light when other students protest that she placed them inside the monster closet as well terrifying them all Chaney eventually threw up on the other children at some point throughout the day meaning that all of them were stuck crying in a dark closet for hours standing in the boy's puke when it was discovered what she had done the teacher was swiftly fired from her position as she was deemed mentally unfit to teach preschool children shockingly some parents in the school district praised her means of hushing the children claiming that schools have become too relaxed with how they deal with unruly students //
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10 Hidden Messages In Famous Logos
\\yeah if the logo is a famous companies are usually the result of a great deal of thought ideally a logo should be visually striking yet simple and how to communicate with the company is all about but the locals will be looking at in this video are bit more clever than most these logos contain hidden messages that might escape your eye but have a lot to say about the famous brands behind them Amazon has been a trusted brand since the early days of the internet beginning as an online bookstore founder Jeff Bezos grew the site into a vast online marketplace that is currently the most valuable retail operation in the United States nearly anything can be purchased on Amazon any 2000 their logo underwent a subtle redesign that helps to get this idea across while the sweeping line underneath the word Amazon can easily be seen as a smile which is an intentional part of the design it's also intended to look like an arrow which runs from the letter 8 to the letter Z. indicating that everything from a to Z. can be purchased on Amazon it's an eye catching way to convey that Amazon's inventory contains everything under the sun while still keeping the logo simple but I always a Japanese computer manufacturer that was owned by Sony until 2014 many of their computers in the U. S. still carry the Sony branding and the company has become known for high end P. C.'s with professional quality video and audio capabilities file was originally an acronym for video audio integrated operation and the theme of integration is also cleverly referred to in the company's logo the V. in the A. are intended to look like a sine wave or analog audio signal while the eye in the ... look like a one in a 0 representing binary code for a digital signal electronics manufacturer LG has become 1 of the most successful brands for consumer electronics and smart phones in the world founded as the lucky chemical industrial corporation all the way back in 1947 the company eventually merged with it's own subsidiary gold start to form lucky goldstar formally renamed LG in 1995 to better compete in western markets the logo chosen to represent the LG brand in the west resembles a very familiar western symbol the smiley face which has become even more familiar since emoji have come into widespread use sharp eyed observers have also noticed that with only a very slight tweaking of the logo's elements it can also be made to resemble another familiar icon pac man double of a video game character the BMW company for Bavarian motor works is a worldwide symbol of automotive quality but they're striking logo is a call back to the roots of the company which manufactured some of the first airplanes to be used in combat during World War one at the end of the war the Versailles treaty prevented the company from continuing to produce aircraft so they instead shifted to motorcycles and later to cars BMW even produced airplane engines although no complete aircraft during World War 2 since the 19 fifties the company has built its brand as one of the world's most trusted automakers but it's kept its logo as an homage to its past it is meant to represent a wide airplane propeller against the backdrop of a blue sky the design of the N. B. C. network's logo hasn't changed much since the mid 19 eighties it's rainbow colored array might be taken to represent a number of things such as diverse city in its programming or its roots is one of the pioneers of color television you may have also noticed that that looks like a peacock in the resemblance used to be much more obvious you can find the head and body of the peacock in the negative space between the colored areas earlier versions of the logo which first appeared in the 19 fifties had a much more cartoon like bird and its tail was indeed meant to show off the rich color of N. B. C.'s broadcast the network was even informally referred to throughout much of the twentieth century as the peacock network 1 of the most popular candies in the world Hershey's kisses were first introduced in 1907 and haven't changed very much since although they now come in many varieties the plain milk chocolate versions are still the best sellers thanks to their bite size goodness in their distinctive flat bottom teardrop shape marketing executives found a way to subliminally take advantage of our love for the shape when designing the candies modern logo another clever use of negative space the familiar kiss shape is hiding in between the K. in the eye this 1 is easy to mess but I've seen this logo ever gave you a sudden craving for those milk chocolate morsels this might very well be why Baskin Robbins based its entire advertising campaign on its fantastic variety of flavors during the company's rise to popularity starting in 1945 the ice cream shops offered 31 rotating flavors so that customers could try a different flavor every day of the month they've introduced hundreds of flavor since then and the idea of an ice cream shop with a lot of variety isn't as novel as it once was but the famous 31 is still hiding in plain sight in the modern version of the Baskin Robbins logo well it's also easy to overlook this 1 becomes very obvious once you know it's there the pink portions of the logo the left half of the be in the right half of the R. form the 31 a reminder that any day of the month is a good day for rice grain in the 19 seventies federal express was the first to open up shipping to competition they were the first carrier to operate all of their own facilities and airlines and today fly more cargo by weight than any airline in the world fed ex's they've come to be known has developed a worldwide reputation for reliability and their logo takes advantage of both their instant name recognition and our tendency to read things from left to right stylize fed ex logo contains an arrow pointing from left to right in between the E. and the axe even if it is only picked up subliminally our brains associate this with forward movement and continuing onward communicating the reliable and consistent nature of the company service the distinctive taste in shape of Patel around bar has made it popular around the world it said that the shape of the Swiss Alps was the inspiration for the bar shape and a representation of a mountain can be found on each package but this drawing also hides another tribute to the company's origins but is not so easily noticed the candy comes from the burned region of Switzerland also known as city of the bears are hitting drawing of a bear can be found in the negative space of the company's mountain logo well this one may be one of the more difficult to spot it's also uniquely artistic very fitting for a similar they unique and finely crafted candy based in the Netherlands and London unit lever is a giant multinational company that owns over 400 well known brands including dove Lipton best foods and Ben and Jerry's ice cream they're the third largest producer of consumer goods in the world and produce more spread such as man Aizen margarine then any other company you know levers logo might at first appear to be a random collection of images but each one is a reference to the company's manufacturing and business practices for example a lock of hair represents their many shampoo brands a tea leaf was added when the company acquired leptin and a recycling logo refers to the company's commitment to environmentally sustainable practices this is one logo that may continue changing and growing in the future as you deliver itself continues to do //
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10 Richest Kids in the World
\\Rico Rodriguez just recently turned 18 but he got his big break at the age of 11 when he was cast in the ABC sitcom modern family which became 1 of the most popular shows on TV he got the acting bug is an 8 year old with his older sister Raney begin landing small roles in film and television since modern family began airing in 2009 Ricoh has won 9 awards for his role as glorious sun Manny including the prestigious Screen Actors Guild Award as part of modern families ensemble 5 times the young actor has worked steadily in TV and film ended 2012 even wrote a book entitled real life lessons so far Rico's hard work and dedication to his craft of paid off as he currently has a net worth of around 4.$5000000 Jaden Smith has the advantage of being the son of 1 of the wealthiest and most bankable stars on the planet but he certainly hasn't let it hold him back from placing his own path he began his acting career at the tender age of 8 alongside his father well in the film the pursuit of happiness any since enjoyed a successful acting career in film and TV his roles in hit films have included the day the earth stood still the karate kid and after Jaden also launched his own clothing line in 2013 and is dabbled in music as well he's been featured on hit singles for Justin Bieber the black eyed peas and childish Gambino among others any 2012 release the solo mixtape the cool cafe cool tape volume 1 an EP titled this is the album followed in 2015 and he is currently working on his first full length release given his megastar parents James Smith could easily afford to never work a day in his life but he has shown determination to make his way as an artist an entrepreneur and he currently has a personal net worth of around $8000000 Dave Elaine hope Marshall Birkhead is the daughter of the late model in playboy playmate Anna Nicole Smith she was the subject of a famous paternity case has a paternity was in dispute almost from the day she was born Anna Nicole died when deadly was only 5 months old and although at least 5 different men claim paternity DNA testing eventually revealed her to be the biological daughter of anise former partner Larry Burkett Damelin inherited $700000 from her mother's estate as an infant and began modeling at the age of 6 for gas which her mother had also done modeling for in addition to a modeling career she's appeared as a personality on access Hollywood and entertainment tonight and featured in some bit parts in cameos on various TV shows at only 10 years old dental in has amassed a net worth that would make many adult models and actors jealous she's currently worth $10000000 in her career as a model is just getting started the daughter of actress Selma Hey can businessman fence while Henri Pinault 9 year old Valentina Paloma but now has mostly stayed out of the media spotlight although she has made a few red carpet appearances with her famous mother and is sometimes the object of fascination by the paparazzi high X. long and successful acting career has left her with a net worth in the neighborhood of $80000000 from her 1995 break out role in desperado to her voice work is to reserve a taco in 2016 sausage party Valentina's father is the CEO of curry a French holding company that owns many luxury lifestyle brands including Alexander McQueen Gucci and Saint Lauren Paris you know had previously dated super model Linda Evangelista prior to meeting hack in March 2013 Forbes magazine reported his net worth at a whopping $15000000000 although Valentina obviously has no income of her own she does have a gigantic luxurious stayed in her name giving her a net worth of $12000000 you might think that the children of Bill Gates founder of Microsoft in 1 of the richest men in the world would be looking forward to a ridiculously large inheritance but you would be wrong the famously charitable gates has pledged to leave all of his estimated 76 $0 fortune to charity when he dies and his kids 20 year old Jennifer 17 year old Rory in 14 year old Phoebe are apparently just fine with it bill told business insider in 2016 that the children have traveled with him to see how is charitable donations are put to good use and are proud of his decision to use his fortune to help the poor bill is also said that he believes it doesn't do children any favors to give him huge amounts of money saying that it distorts anything they might achieve in doesn't encourage them to contribute to society nevertheless bill and his wife Melinda have pledged to give their children a relatively small inheritance of $10000000 each despite his sometimes odd public behavior and strong ties to Scientology Tom Cruise has been 1 of the biggest stars on the planet for over 20 years his breakout eighties roles in films such as risky business in all the right moves led to a string of blockbuster hits in the nineties and into the new millennium including the lead role in the mission impossible franchise currently at 5 films and counting well he has 2 adult children from his marriage to Nicole Kidman the birth of dollar Syrian 2006 created a media frenzy his relationship with actress Katie Holmes 16 years his junior has been widely publicized in their child has been world famous from the day she was born cruise and Holmes called tomcat by the media married shortly after series birth but divorced in 2012 the pair of largely tried to keep Syria away from the public even as they split over Tom's controversial involvement in Scientology was the subject of constant media attention well sorry of course has no income of around her parents have a combined net worth of nearly $400000000 in series wardrobe alone is said to be worth over $3000000 Annie and Max Anthony are the 8 year old twin children of international pop superstars Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony the couple have been seem concerned about keeping the adorable twins out of the spotlight the first photos of the kids were sold to people magazine for an incredible $6000000 a record for celebrity baby photos and they also featured in a Gucci kids ad campaign when there were only 2 years old their godfather is none other than Tom Cruise who threw the twins a $200000 party when they were born although the couple divorced in 2014 they both remain in the public eye in the twins have become social media sensations on day those Instagram while Marc Anthony is worth a cool $20000000 Jennifer Lopez has been 1 of the most successful solo pop stars for almost 20 years and is worth well over $300000000 the daughter of pop royalty 4 year old blue ivy Carter will never grow up wanting her father JZ is among the most successful rappers of all time having sold over 100000000 records and 121 Grammy awards he's regularly mentioned as 1 of the greatest rappers of all time it is worth over $600000000 but is largely retired from music his wife fiance mills however is currently the single biggest pop star in the world her personal net worth is about $450000000 after an incredibly successful 2016 which saw her lemonade album selling over 1000000 copies enter formation toward grossing over a quarter of $1000000 while the couple have always been unusually low key about their relationship the birth of their daughter in 2012 was heavily covered by the media despite speculation that the first pictures of blue ivy could easily have broken jailer when Marc Anthony's record the couple instead chose to introduce her to the world on the blogging site tumblr for free blue ivy Carter was born into the lap of luxury and will almost certainly never know anything else per power couple parents have a combined net worth well over $1000000000 which seems likely to keep growing year after year 13 year old Millay Hassan is the crown prince of Morocco the first in line to the throne he's the oldest son of king Mohammed the 6 who is also Morocco's leading businessman his business holdings are too numerous to list but his family controls 1 of the world's largest fortunes king Mohammed himself is estimated to be worth nearly $3000000000 Pelee is only been appearing in public since 2015 when he started showing up alongside his father at some official engagements he's mostly been seen acting like a typical kid looking uncomfortable in tailored suits in resisting having his hands kissed by soldiers and dignitaries the future king of Morocco who will rule is a son the third when he takes the throne is just barely a teenager but he is already said to be worth $1000000000 the wedding of prince William Duke of Cambridge to Kate Middleton in 2011 was 1 of the biggest media event of the decade nearly 300000000 people worldwide watched the event on television and the photogenic couples 2 children Prince George and princess Charlotte were just as eagerly awaited by the media 3 year old George in 1 year old star that were absolutely find over by the press in 2016 and for good reason the royal toddlers a cute as buttons and have a habit of stealing the show whenever they're out in public altogether the royal family has a combined net worth of 87 $0 with little Prince George said to be worth over 3000000000 all on his own but princess Charlotte is worth even more she may still be trying to master walking and talking but her $5000000000 net worth would make most Hollywood moguls and CEOs blush and //
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7 Shocking Courtroom Moments Caught On Camera
\\nnst so I during the hearing for rapists in serial killer Alfred gainer one of the most violent courtroom outburst took place after sitting through days of gainers trial the son of one of gainers victims finally leapt into action and attacks Gaynor as his defense attorney spoke of the harsh conditions gainer faced in prison the man charges that Dana right full speed drags him across the courtroom with vicious punches and even slams a large chair against the man at full force Gaynor was said to have raped and killed the man's mother in a particularly gruesome fashion and the details were too much for this man to today after the beating gainer is seen limping out of the courtroom with the help of an officer the courtroom is then evacuated until order can be restored after the incident the man was charged with disrupting courtroom proceedings and Gaynor was charged with 4 life sentences in prison October 2003 van Nuys California in the midst of a difficult murder trial attorney Gerald curry leaves the confines of the courthouse one day to return home to continue preparing his case outside he is met by Williams dryer a man curry never had claimed to have met strider withdraws a gun and quickly shoots curry in the neck curry manages to scamper away and ducked behind a tree as strider continuously fires at point blank range but missing every time after he runs out of bullets dryer gives up his attack and tries walking away as if nothing happened only to be attacked by local guards men outside the courthouse while curry never claim to nose dryer before the assault he does believe that he was connected with the previous case curry thinks dryer was hired as an amateur hit man by a local firm that hired curry in previous years and failed to deliver strider was eventually charged and prosecuted after his first trial declared that he was mentally unfit to stand trial curry went on to practice law for years after his attack in one of the most bizarre courtroom instances of all time convicted arsonist Michael Maren not only succeeded in his plot to burn down his home for the insurance money but also in his own suicide during his own trial for his crime previously a well known Wall Street trader in millionaire Marin believed he could buy and sell houses for a major profit in a lottery system that he set up where he would purchase homes for cheap in that auction them off for a higher price when the state learned what he was doing they deem the lottery illegal and shut his project down furious he was now stuck with the home he did not want Marin birth the home down to make his money back after being caught and placed on trial Marin swallowed a cyanide pill which took effect on camera his body convulsed as violently as he chokes back in falls forward into the arms of his defense attorney Marin was rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment but he was pronounced dead upon arrival one lawyer went to a fairly extreme length in order to get his client off at an even stranger court hearing in 2003 Walt Disney World worker Michael Chartrand was going about his daily routine dressed as one of the park's characters digger from Winnie the Pooh charge and was stopped by a mother and her daughter and ask for a photo which he happily obliged but during the photo the mother accused Chartrand of groping her daughter and took the incident up with park officials jar trade was swiftly arrested and put on trial under the care of defender Jeff Kaufmann in a last ditch effort to ensure that his client would not be found guilty Kathleen done the ticker suiting court himself to show the jury how it might look as though a man in a Tigger costume would be groping someone smaller but how in actuality no physical contact would be made he also argued to the costumes limitations and peripheral view and movements which seem to be enough for a jury as they claim chartering not guilty and he was free to go on with his life in 2013 a man named Peter to Koenig was charged with the brutal murder of Ronald Russo as it came out in court to Konig reportedly stabbed Russo a total of 69 times and left the man to bleed to death before eventually being caught by local police at his trial when the details of the codex heinous crime were read out to the jury Thomas Russo the victim's brother leaped up from his seat in the viewing area in charge toward the defendant he was so powerful in his attack that they called for multiple officers to restrain him in the ensuing fight one officer was injured and sent to the hospital Thomas Russo was then given his own arraignment court date for the interruption which he later said he regretted I in one of the most infuriating court cases of all time a court martial named Ron thoughts was charged with sexual assault after reportedly fondling and groping Monica couldn't say yes when she appeared in front of a judge for a standard divorce case meeting after watching could say is talking with the judge he asked her to follow him to a back room so he could search her for drugs there he patted the woman's but oxen breast before forcing her to lift up her shirt constraints reported the incident to the judge but judge don injure ignored her pleas in rage that can trace was reporting the assault he proceeded to arrest her on the basis that she was falsely accusing an officer of the law which as we should point out is not something one can be arrested for contrasts was hauled off to jail and eventually released she later sued fox and spurned an internal investigation which found Marshall Ron fox guilty of what he had been accused off the removal of judge don injure and contrary as $200000 richer after a healthy settlement for her troubles in 2014 a Florida judge named John Murphy randomly struck issue with public defender and June Weinstock and proceeded to antagonize the man after he attempted to get his client a faster trial Murphy and Weinstock proceeded to yell and argue with each other in front of the camera before the judge informs Weinstock if his desire to fight Weinstock leads the way out of the courtroom with a judge following in the 2 can be heard physically fighting in the hallway outside the judge eventually returns to his position as if nothing happened and continues his work with the other charge defendants and was removed from his position a year later for his altercation with Weinstock I it's //
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10 Shocking Videos Caught On GoPro
\\if there was ever a moment in recorded history that looks like a scene out of an action movie it would be this go pro helmet cam footage of 2 king airplanes colliding mid flight the fiery scene which unfolded 12000 feet in the air above the sent one small plane careening into the ground while another live safely back to the runway fortunately the 11 passengers aboard the planes were there with the intentions of going skydiving meaning that everyone involved in the rack had come aboard with their very own parachute for then the collision resulted in nothing more than minor injuries to 2 of them the crash happened on a bright Saturday evening over superior Wisconsin near the Minnesota state line the 2 single engine planes were maneuvering into a position called the tracking died which is when one plane is closely following the other just before the sky divers prepare their jump however a scene captured on the camera's one plane ended up flying underneath the other in the confusion the pilots unknowingly quickly close the gap between the 2 planes and slammed into each other causing catastrophic damage to the plane's propellers wings and bodies in addition upon impact Daniel Chandler one of the skydivers was pain between the planes and then thrown into the open skies after which the rest of the divers followed suit one by one they poured out of the wreckage into the safety of the sky befalling cameraman turns to look back at the debris just as the lower planes engine erupts into a fiery site at that point the pilot realized it was a lost cause any scene diving out of the wreckage using his emergency issue despite that the other pilot chose to remain inside the cockpit of his plane luckily for him the plane he was piloting hadn't caught fire it was able to live to a safe landing as for the rest they parachuted down safely into an open field much to their relief the abandon plane spiraled down into an empty field as crazy dangerous as it seems on the GoPro footage of all the mid air collisions to have this one probably happened in the most ideal of circumstances although the farmer whose field was ruined by a crashing plane might disagree they say justice is best served cold but sometimes it chooses to be served as to red hot boletes on Saturday 10/12/2013 in sao Paulo a helmet mounted GoPro captured a Brazilian robber getting shot after trying to steal a motorcycle the footage went viral after it was published on YouTube and shared on social media sites the camera man riding on a motorcycle is seen approaching an intersection when another motorcyclist and his passenger pull in front of him the passenger on the other motorcycle points a pistol directly at the camera man who quickly steps off the bike the biker hands over his keys to the gunmen who then attempts to flee with the newly acquired motorcycle however before he is able to drive off my man exits the car sitting next to them pulls a gun and shouts of a thief the heroic stranger turns out to be an off duty police officer the officer demanded for the thief to step away from the stolen bike instead he retaliates by pointing his firearm at the officer the officer responds by unloading 2 shots into and the bullets hit the robber in the abdomen and leg causing him to drop to the ground after the video ends an ambulance rushes to the thief to rush the young man away the 18 year old survived wounds but was slapped with a long prison sentence how Russian paraglider experience the fright of a lifetime when his parachute accidentally nab an additional passenger while he was soaring miles above the Indian Himalayas demand an experience paraglider nicknamed parable of god by the paragliding community was enjoying his glide down back to work when he had the misfortune of colliding with an adult griffon vulture vulture became entangled in the ropes and compromise the effectiveness of the parachute before he knew it pal of off go was descending toward the ground at an alarming rate luckily he managed to open the emergency parachute which greatly decelerated his fall and help him regain control of the deadly situation which saved his life still the Russian man was destined for a crash landing into the trees miraculously he only received minor injuries and one safely on the ground he was able to radio his friends for help as for the large bird it was still tangled in the ropes but none the less it was still alive peta both go was kind and caring enough to free the spook bird not an easy task either the claws had become tightly tangled in the canopy finally when the bird was freed it flew away presumably to harass more parishioners the dangerous flight or fall if you will was caught using a GoPro attached to the gliders helmet typically when you have this type of nightmare you wake up just before you hit the ground but unfortunately for Stefan ager he wasn't going to wake up because he wasn't dreaming he had actually fallen off a cliff in the impact would be very real captured on the helmet mounts a GoPro the video starts off with the experience here in his partner enjoying the scenery atop a snowy mountain peak at which point he peers over the cliff side unknowingly foreshadowing the fall he'll soon be taking then ager makes his way back to his skis but is acre goes to clamp and he loses his footing and stumbles backward directly off the steep edge of the cliff the worst part of the video was his audible our as he realizes he's falling within witness from a first person perspective as he plummets on the jagged rocks protruding from the snow in violently smashes about as he fruitlessly attempts to save himself amazingly he survive the rocky incline and eventually rolled into a snowy patch where he then let out a gasp of pain before looking up at the route he had fallen down after releasing the footage online acre became a global internet sensation after his astonishing escapee said he is thankful he is still in one piece if these 2 Daredevils are out to prove anything it's that they're not afraid of heights which they do ... demonstrate by climbing the second largest building in the world the Shanghai tower pieces one video you'll be holding your breath for the entirety of the video was shot during the construction of the building and starts on street level with a masked man speaking Russian to the cameraman the 2 then travel to the base of the tower scale a wall in illegally gain access to the site from there they stealthily work their way up to the barren interior being careful not to be noticed by the night guards first they start their sent the easy way by taking the stairs all the way to the top floors which other than breaking a few laws doesn't seem so extreme so the derring do a step it up a notch by nonchalantly dangling themselves over the ledge of the 650 meter tall building so high up that even when the camera man attempts to look at the ground his view was obstructed by an actual cloud after deciding that wasn't daring enough they proceed to climb a construction crane but they don't just climbed the crane they climbed the raised arm as well which just happens to hang over the building site the further they claim the more apparent it becomes how dangerous it is as they scale vertical scaffolding and horizontal ladders one slip up in either of these band could easily fall to their death the video ends once they reach the top of the crane so we can only assume they made it back down safely otherwise would have uploaded the video this is one good deed that didn't go unpunished almost tracker releases a young this calendar the wild only to have it come right back at him swinging moose are one of the most dangerous big game animals in North America every year people are malting killed by the giant mammal this attack he cut his life threatening experience on a GoPro camera the moose in the video with states to be released after she'd been properly tagged the tracker had her brought out to a secluded opening in the forest so he could remove her restraints however once removed instead of running away as he planned the most chose to confront the man raining on its back legs then moves aggressively pushes him down kicking him numerous times before backing off the man states surprisingly calm even joking about the cat's anger issues which must have struck another nerve with her since she attacked him again knocking him back down demand attempts to shield his face but the effort is fruitless against the over 400 pound beast soon it backs up again but the tracker had stopped moving and we begin to fear the worst luckily the man was not seriously harmed it was able to stand up and distance himself from the moves he quickly snaps another well time to joke at the moose who still seemed to dislike his sense of humor this time before it is able to charge again the man grabs a nearby fallen tree and chucks it at the moose's head the moose finally gets the punch line shakes its head and runs off allowing the video to end on a happy note let's use that I'll in Stephen loud are both experienced years used to tackling the most rigorous mountain tops but 2 of them both agree that they just weren't getting the same adrenaline rush they did from their beloved sport they decided the missing element was impending doom to complete this the duo set out to find freshly snowed mountain tops in actively attempt to start avalanches with the attention of out skiing it at the start of a video nothing seems out of the ordinary the to stand at the top of the mountain inspecting the landscape ventured out starts using his skis to push snow down the hill little by little the snow builds engine out hops down the hill to out race it a minute into the video we get another big reveal they were skiing directly toward a cliff all planned of course skier flies off a huge drop deploying their parachutes and lighting safely away from the now massive avalanche the avalanche actually beach allowed to the edge meaning he was mere seconds away from being buried under the crushing weight of the snow and list off the ledge the adrenaline junkies landed safely away and excitedly celebrated their successful brush with death Felix Baumgartner became a household name in October of 2012 for becoming the first person to break the speed of sound and reach an estimated speed of 800 33 0.9 miles per hour without the assistance of a vehicular power the entire event was sponsored by Red Bull who broadcasted live using GoPro cameras he accomplished this feat by riding a specialized helium filled balloon up 100 28 100 feet the outskirts of earth's atmosphere where he then jumped back down the jump also celebrates the 60 fifth anniversary of when Chuck Yeager first broke the sound barrier flying in an experimental rocket powered airplane Felix's entire trip back to earth lasted 9 minutes and 9 seconds with 4 minutes and 22 seconds of that time spent in free fall countless millions of people around the world watch live through the GoPro's broadcasted to television and the internet at 1.during his free fall Bumgardner appear to spin rapidly out of control but having trained for this moment for the last 5 years he wasn't exactly about to let that moment ruined him at first he thought he'd let himself spent a few times and that it would fix itself but then he started to speed up at times the speeds were so brutal bomb Gardner thought he might lose consciousness he quickly regained control and moments later opened his parachute as members of the ground crew cheered in viewers around the world heaved a sigh of relief Baumgartner said he was so focused trying to stabilize himself to be completely missed the boom of him breaking the sound barrier he'd have to wait until he landed to find out if you really did it or not but once the parachute was deployed to ride down would prove to be relatively uneventful bomb Gardner was able to land safely in the designated area where his team ecstatically greeted him later Baumgartner was informed he had successfully broken the sound barrier forever cementing his place in history if there's anything to be learned from these videos it's that winter is not quite the Wonderland we thought it was the 5 minute video features John Freeman and experienced mountain guide in rope access supervisor living in Canmore Alberta Canada who survived one of the craziest ice climbing falls ever caught on camera with about half way up a pillar of vice Freeman swings his climbing axe 5 times into the ice before the entire face splits off the mountainside the split occurs right where the axe lands on the fifth strike it instantly sends both freemen and 100 pounds of frozen water hurtling 60 feet down to the hard snow the shattered ice carry such a momentum that it drags him for 30 feet down the mountain slow Freeman miraculously survived a near death experience with nothing more than a sore bottom while he sits stunned from the aftermath he turns to look for his friends which gives us a clear view of the carnage he left behind chunks of ice the size of his torso lie scattered around him some even as little as 3 feet away but not one had hit him on the way down this kind of experience would be enough to convince most men to never climb again but Freeman is not like most men he told press after the incident he skied out went home and climbed the next day this dashboard mounted GoPro captures one of the worst case scenarios to encounter on the road during a rush hour in Binghamton New York on route 17 a fast approaching transport truck loses control and crashes into 10 cars the accident occurred on a section of the highway dubs kamikaze curve due to its limiting visual of the road ahead because by the constant construction in traffic the car with the dash camera was the first of 10 to be involved in the pilot and slammed into the back of the car knocking it into the side railing from what is seen on the footage the second car gets pinned between the transport in an S. U. V. crushing it completely when the transport truck passes we give an unobstructed view of the destruction a Kara fire terrified people and wrecked rides scattered about a little in the video happens as the survivors and bystanders collect their thoughts before they realize people are still inside the burning car quickly the group jumps to action puts out the fire and freeze the passengers amazingly there were no deaths or permanent injuries //
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10 Things You Didn't Know Actually Cause Cancer
\\yeah if you're spending a lot of time sitting every day either in front of the TV or at the computer you may be at higher risk for developing certain types cancer according to research published by the American cancer society a study found an additional 2:00 hours a day of sedentary behavior was linked to an 8 percent increase in colon cancer risk a 10 percent increase in endometrial cancer risk and a 6 percent increase in risk for lung cancer those who sits stationary for more than 6:00 hours a day have an extra 10 percent greater risk of getting cancer than people who sit for just 3:00 hours this study came back inconclusive on if extended periods of sitting have the same connection for breast rectum ovarian prostate cancers or for non Hodgkin lymphoma sitting is not the whole conservationists it's the accumulation of different causes paired with excessive stationary behavior when you're sitting you are exercising you're more likely to be snacking and several other factors researchers came to these conclusions by analyzing 43 existing studies that included more than 4000000 study participants and 68 900 36 cancer cases they measured the relationship between our spent sitting and certain types of cancer another study in 2012 conducted by the national institutes of health concluded that even if you are physically active after sitting for several hours the effects cannot be reversed researchers found even exercising for at least 150 minutes which is the generally accepted public health guideline for physical activity cannot reverse the negative effects of sitting down for hours if you have an office job that requires you to sit all day it is recommended that every 30 minutes you get up and have a quick walk around the office everyone dislikes having to work the night shift the frequent tire some long late night shifts can really wear a person down but did you know they can also lay the groundwork for many diseases including cancer having constant late nights can increase the risk of both breast cancer and heart disease several studies implicate other diseases as well night shifts are so detrimental to general health because they mean that you don't have a regular sleep schedule when you have a consistent sleep schedule helps your body to naturally repair itself and keeps or hormone levels regulated without adequate high quality sleep your body doesn't have the same opportunity to repair itself and so cells are more likely to develop into cancer cells who would have known all those late night YouTube watching sessions would turn out to be so deadly it is recommended that a person drinks between 1.5 in 2 liters of water a day which is roughly one average water bottle a day water helps with weight loss maintains healthy joints helps with keep skin healthy however not drinking the recommended amount of water will drastically increase your chances of developing gastro intestinal cancers various researchers say staying hydrated can this risk of colon cancer by 45 percent bladder cancer by 50 percent and possibly reduce breast cancer risk as well but not to fret if you fear you are not consuming enough water there are many health tracker apps that allow you to do so in once you realize how little you drink you'll be a little more inclined to carry a bottle of water around with you scraped your knee lately I want to get that one treaty quickly are you might be inviting cancer into your body that's right getting an infection can result in a spot of cancerous cells untreated infections are a huge source of cancer but not many people realize it in developed countries with good access to medical care infections because approximately 6 percent of all cancers according to the World Health Organization contracting viral infections hepatitis B. and C. HPV and Helicobacter pylori all greatly increase your risk of getting cancer in the liver cervix in stomach respectively if you're up to date with your vaccinations and don't have a recurrent or untreated infection whether contracted sexually or otherwise spin in infection is unlikely to result in you developing cancer but being aware of the risk factor will help you to prevent it in the future if you happen to label yourself as an introvert you might one day find yourself being labeled as a hospital pace because staying inside for too long can raise your 10 is of developing ... later in your adult years being cooped up will cause the 70 hydro cholesterol which is a derivative of cholesterol to become president your skin it will begin to build up and eventually develop into cancer ugly it's pretty easy to prevent this from happening is all you need to do is get some good old fashioned sunlight when the vitamin D. from the sun hits your skin it converts the D. hydro cholesterol into a healthy dose of vitamin D. 3 having an adequate supply of vitamin D. is essential for general well being as well as reducing your risk of several types of cancer it's not possible to overdose on vitamin D. from exposure to sunlight however if you spend too much time in the sun you will burn your skin directly damaging your cells and in turn significantly increasing your risk of getting another type of cancer skin cancer luckily we have sunscreen as long as you apply sunscreen speaking of sunscreen you're not quite out of the water yet sunscreens have been around for nearly 100 years the goal was to block ultraviolet light the harmful rays of the sun but what is supposed to protect you from skin cancer still gives you cancer just a different type of cancer research strongly suggests that at certain exposure levels to some of the chemicals in many sunscreen products it may cause cancer in people many of these chemicals are considered to be hormone disruptors hormone disruptors can affect how estrogen and other hormones act in the body by blocking them or mimicking them which throws off the body's hormonal balance because estrogen to disorient the hormone receptors breast cancer can develop and thrive on the imbalance it is highly recommended that many women choose to limit their exposure to these chemicals that can act like estrogen but unless you are spending hours upon hours in the sun with a healthy code of sunscreen you will more than likely be fine meat lovers beware grilling or barbecuing your favorite meats may result in the formation of carcinogenic compounds called heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in layman's terms they have been found to be a mutagenic as in they cause unhealthy modification in DNA that may increase the risk factor of developing cancer later in life these compound unit Jetix are formed when the proteins in sugars in your food deformity high temperature so far these compounds have only been found in grilled meats grilling vegetables and other food doesn't seem to carry the same risk as with meat polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are the same chemicals found in cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes that make them so bad for our health so you can understand that reducing the amount of food you barbecue is a good stepping cutting your cancer risk women using birth control pills have been found to have a slightly greater risk of developing breast cancer than women who have never use them with possible signs being increased out of developing liver and cervical cancer the risk seems to go back to normal standards for women who have stopped using the birth control pill for more than 10 years all studies concluded they do not appear to have any increase breast cancer risk anymore hormones are likely the culprit experts warn as many birth control contraceptives tend to suppress or alter hormones this can lead to a development of cancerous cells on the contrary there are other benefits to the pill that you should wait up for example on top of being a very reliable way to stun pregnancy it is also proven to lower the risk of ovarian cancer if you're considering using oral contraceptives but are worried how it will affect your body experts recommend discussing the potential risks with your doctor if the risk still doesn't seem worth it you may also want to consider alternative forms of contraception or try to engage in healthy lifestyle behaviors to help ballots other cancer risks for instance exercise eating a healthy diet and having children before the age of 30 or breast feeding have all been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer it would be a tough choice to choose between body odor and the risk of getting cancer unfortunately new research suggests that the common ingredients found in many antiperspirants have a potential link with breast cancer doctor Philip adar break a cancer researcher at the university of reading says the latest research suggests the common ingredients found in many over the counter products could trigger the development of tumors she believes compounds of aluminium and zirconium in the cosmetics could affect hormone levels raising the risk of cancer the substances help prevent sweating and roll on and spray under arm antiperspirants though some simple deodorants designed just to mask odor do not contain them most do antiperspirants prevent sweating while the utterance are simply designed to make people smell more appealing unsurprisingly manufacturers insist products are entirely safe they declared themselves baffled by doctor dar braced conclusions doctor dar break claims the strongest evidence for the theory is that disproportionately high incidence of breast cancer in the upper outer quadrant of the breast where antiperspirants are typically applied most tumors in both sexes occur in the upper and outer section of the left breast since the invention of deodorant and it's rising to becoming common practice the proportion of cancer in that dressed in that area has increased from 31 percent in 1926 61 percent in 1994 strong movements are being made in order to force deodorant manufacturers to forgo the use of these ingredients in favor of searching for an alternative with the fear of a P. R. disaster many companies have been quietly working on finding that alternative so fingers crossed 1 day soon we may not have to worry about our deodorant increasing the chances of us getting cancer if deodorant and birth control seemed about as bad as it could get then you're in for a world of hurt a new study has sadly found that frequent oral sex raises your risk of throat cancer this sex acts can pass on the human papilloma virus to the performer which can trigger a specific type of throat cancer in both men and women if you're concerned about oral cancer senior general practitioner it has fairly clear symptoms and your general practitioners should be able to see them by looking in your mouth you can also check yourself by looking for identifiers inside your mouth the symptoms of oral cancer include neck massive swelling your pain painful swallowing almost like something is stuck in the back of your throat sudden development of snoring difficulty eating harsh vocal changes sore throat enlarged lymph nodes or unexplained weight loss it's not all bad news now huge breakthroughs in HPV prevention and treatment are constantly being made but the biggest way to prevent oral cancer is for you and your partner to remain responsible and practice safe sex if that can be accomplished you shouldn't have much to worry about //
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Who Owns the Internet?
\\well it may be difficult to perceive the internet is a vast communications center for over 86 scent of a populated world connecting the busiest cities to villages of only 4 or 5 people and considering the mass amount of business transactions that take place as well as social media interactions and just general communication it stands to reason that the internet as a whole would have some sort of centralized owner keeping everything running whether it be a government or a corporation or pay even a team of really devoted internet elves but the question of who owns the internet is likely more fascinating and nuanced than you ever expected to break down internet ownership you have to look at it in specific terms as it stands the force that is the worldwide web as in the massive broadest definition of the internet as a functioning connecting entity filled to the brim with information does not have a singular owner this has obvious benefits in that it ultimately keeps the idea of internet usage free to everyone without prejudice but it also makes a few things a bit more difficult for one the competitive market for internet ownership sometimes has difficulty not lining up with the country specified politics the United States for instance has internet that is run by specialized companies to charge for set up usage connectivity and data these are companies known as internet service providers like a teensy sprint or Verizon other countries like China have strict regulations and censorship laws to their internet providers in order to stay on good terms with the Chinese government on an even smaller scale we find cable and DSL companies which exists to connect you the consumer to an internet provider such as 18 anti sprint or Verizon these are companies like Time Warner Cable or spectrum in are the people that you generally called up and yell at when your internet isn't working that's the basic structure of the internet with I. XP's or internet exchange points that connected intertwined some of the larger businesses in order to make sure there is full coverage and yes that means lots of big money trading hands in very secretive the yells self if those of the companies that effectively own the internet who was responsible for regulating and for that we turn to a number of organizations and entities that function both privately and publicly on an international scale to make sure that the internet as a whole functions properly these agencies such as the internet engineering task force or the internet architecture board each for fill a specific duty that specializes in internet security or managing the basic structure of websites and online traffic in a world where hackers and cyber terrorists continue to be a growing threat with literal millions of attacks daily these organizations help more local agencies like the FBI tracked down and neutralize the cyber attacks so the next time you're thinking about the endless corners of the universe and you're curious just who is behind the strings and just how they make their profit know that the world has effectively come together to provide one of the greatest services possible and the people making a profit off of the internet's a maintenance can never officially onus //
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Overwatch
\\blizzard entertainment's massively multiplayer online shooter over watch debuted to nearly universal acclaim from critics and gamers alike in may of 2016 within 5 months of release it had 20000000 players and leads were being organized for professional competition the game has an unusual history and despite the fact that it features no cut scenes or campaign mode how rich and detailed story today will be taking a closer look at 10 interesting things that you didn't know about over watch the idea for over watch came in 2014 after the cancellation of Titan a massively multiplayer online RPG which had been in development at blizzard for 7 years while tightened already had solid game play mechanics in character design project director Jeff Caplin felt that its development team had lost passion for the game and it was suffering from a lack of innovation and that would suffer by comparison to the popular call of duty and team fortress series the team was scaled down and ask to come up with a new concept based on the work already done by Titan and they began with a single arena map in a modified version of the character tracer who was part of Titan's roster of characters within a very short time the team that added more arena maps and 3 more characters and also tweaked the graphic designing gameplay mechanics in order to better compare with competing game series this version featured gameplay so close to what would be featured in the finished game that blizzard considered simply releasing it with a scaled back roster of heroes but reconsidered with over watch was revealed that please continent 14 it marked the first time in 16 years that blizzard had unveiled the new intellectual property with the last being starcraft in 1998 the game was released in a closed beta in late 2015 and its open beta release in early may 2016 through nearly 10000000 players key January 2015 only a couple of months after the game was announced blizzard hit a snag a different companies in of this lab set already trademarked the name over watch for their mobile application which added augmented reality components to real life game such as paintball matches since this app also fell squarely within the realm of gaming it look for some time as if blizzard was going to have to give up the name in Elvis filed a trademark infringement suit which dragged on for most of 2015 leaving the title of wizards game up in the air however it was announced in November of that year that the lawsuit had been settled with undisclosed terms in that I know this had agreed to surrender their trademark while the terms of the settlement have never been made public speculation in the industry was that blizzard must have paid a hefty sum of money for the right to use the over watch name the hero character Ginji is a cyborg ninja warrior with an array of abilities best suited for offense according to the game's official story the character Hans always get Jeez brother after a disagreement over the direction of their late father's empire the 2 engaged in a fight that left Ginji near death kids he was then rescued by over watch and turned into the cybernetic assassin we see in the game however during the game's development Getty and holds a were actually the same character the hybrid character called Ponzo featured a mass much like the one Ginji has it was extremely powerful so much in fact that the character had to be split into 2 because it had too many abilities concept art of this character is easy to find online yet few players are aware that 2 of over watch is most distinctive character started out as one I overwatch features an enormous amount of dialogue which helps to reveal parts of the game's backstory many lines of dialogue or references slipped in by the games script writers for example Winston appears to enjoy putting both William Shakespeare and the incredible hulk the characters are you also often says credit to the team which is a line used by the character heavy in team fortress 2 a heavy influence on over watches design it all about 7000 lines of dialogue were recorded for all of the characters in the game 12 times over there are a dozen language settings meaning that it all over what's contains well over 80000 recorded lines of dialogue the game contains a number of Easter eggs which referred to other blizzard releases many of which are pretty difficult to spot for example a random comic book sitting on a table in a bar located within the route 66 map is titled crap from the stars an obvious starcraft reference for the players dedicated enough to inspect every detail of this location I checked pinned above the cash register in the same bar is also sign with the name Deckard Cain a character from Diablo 3 other less obvious references include feign hieroglyphics that can be found in the temple of Anubis map which contain the symbol of the horde from world of Warcraft and the market place that sells an adorable pic Jada which looks a lot like Diablo 3 spheres some held these but the programmers seem to be particularly fond of hearthstone blizzards mobile card collecting game based on the world of Warcraft hearthstone is seen being played all over the world of over watch both as an actual card game and the familiar mobile game I the game's detailed backstory was told in 10 animated trailers that were released by blizzard at about the same time as the release of the game taken together they fill in much of the story of over watch which is a United Nations organization that was formed to combat the growing menace of onyx the robotic artificially intelligent being seen in the game according to the story the onyx took over the facilities at which they were produced and began making weaponize versions of themselves intent on wiping out mankind while over watch was able to contain the threat for many years infighting between 2 of its leaders eventually led to the downfall of the organization the game takes place several years after over watch was outlawed as former members begin reorganizing into defiance of the law in response to a potential new crisis involving the onyx brewing in Russia in addition to the animated shorts a series of comic books were also produced which were picked up for publication by Dark Horse Comics in November 2016 the game's creators chose to use these innovative tie ins to help tell the games backstory rather than forcing it into the game itself lizard is also announced plans for an over watch movie end animated series which will surely add to the games already rich mythology the character of tracer one of the most popular in the game as perhaps its most inventive backstory as revealed in an animated short dedicated to origin the time skipping adventurer is technically considered to be a sort of living ghost having been involved in a teleportation experiment which malfunctioned tracer disappeared and was presumed dead but reappeared months later in a greatly changed form as a result of the experiment gone wrong tracer suffers from crumbled disassociation a separation from the flow of time when she initially return she was unable to hold the physical form for very long and would disappear for long stretches of time her condition seemed grave until the genetically modified ape Winston who by the way is a scientific genius invented a device called a Chrono xcelerated which not only keeps tracer anchored in the present but is also the source of her time travelling abilities all overwatch was released with a cast of 12 playable characters that has since been expanded to its current roster by way of free DLC content when the game was first released some critics including critic any this RQ zein criticize the fact of the body types of all the female characters were nearly exactly the same in all were portrayed as being extremely slender wizard it stated from the beginning that diversity was important to the games developers and they show that they were tuned into the criticism when they introduced one of the expansion heroes the characters Daria is a female Russian soldier who also happens to be one of the strongest women in the world ... design is quite different from the rest of the female cast enter classification is take one of the strongest in Heisman Durrance of all the character classifications while this move generated some backlash as well with some seeing blizzard is giving in to pressure the game studio simply stated that they were trying to make games that can be enjoyed by everyone and had no problems with listening to suggestions from their audience some of the heroes in over watch are based in some way or another on real people the most obvious of these is the character of Jesse McRee who shares his name with a blizzard employee who was actually a lead level designer on world of Warcraft the real life McCree seems to enjoy inserting references to himself in the blizzard games the scarlet lord Jess Orion McCree a character and more crass just might be one as well also Zaria has a distinct punk style pink hair do and facial features that closely resemble those of tomorrow about which eva a member of the Diablo 3 design team who is originally from Saint Petersburg Russia while the connection has never been acknowledged by blizzard it seems a pretty unlikely coincidence when creating the game's characters the writers were surprisingly specific in the details of their biographies in fact each character actually has an age except for 2 reaper in soldier 76 whose ages are unknown if you've ever been curious about just how old your favorite hero is he was a complete breakdown from oldest to youngest the German dragonslayer Reinhardt is 61 master of weapons toward your is 57 remorseless killer road hogs 48 alternates are brother Hans that was 38 outlaw Jesse McRee and healer Mercier both 37 younger ninja brother again she is 35 deadly sniper widow maker is 33 dutiful soldier farro is 32 ice master may is 31 former on Nick soldier Bastian is 30 genetically engineered guerrilla Winston is 29 reality benders Symetra and strong woman sorry are both 28 times upper tracer and famous musician Lucio were both 26 plosives obsessed freak junk crap is 25 on that month Zenyatta is 20 and pro gamer and make pilot diva is the youngest in 19 I //
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Victoria's Secret
\\n't I for Victoria's secret was founded by Roy Raymond in San Francisco California on 6/12/1977 agreement created the store with the intentions of making a place where men could feel more comfortable when buying lingerie Raymond first had the idea 8 years prior to the stores founding when he found himself becoming over the embarrassed trying to purchase lingerie for his wife you recall but he was faced with racks of Terry cloth robes and ugly floral print nylon nightgowns and I always had the feeling the department store sales woman thought I was an unwelcome intruder that experience led him down the path that created the multi $0 company that now holds a monopoly over women's lingerie whatever store Raymond had visited that fateful day must be kicking itself now most women wonder why the founders chose this name and the story is quite interesting many would probably assume Roy Raymond shows the name Victoria and Victoria's secret after his wife when in actuality his wife's name was gay so where did the name Victoria's secret come from the start there is no Victoria ramen chose the name as tribute to the Victorian era you believe the name would invoke the feelings of elegance and responsibility that the Victorian era did Raymond was quite fond of the era a great part of the interior design for early Victoria's secret stores were designed after the English look with dark wood oriental rugs silk drapery and large archways the secret in Victoria secret however is what's hidden underneath the clothes unfortunately for as much as Roy Raymond accomplished in his life the story comes to a tragic end in 1982 after 5 years of operation Raymond sold the successful chain to limited brands for $1000000 by the early nineties Victoria's secret have become the largest lingerie retailer in northern America grossing roughly 1000000000 a year 2 years later in 1984 Raymond personally invested 650000 of the $0 into starting his next company my child's destiny the business sold high end children's products from a single store located in San Francisco which can also be purchased through mail order catalogs due to the poor location and the products being viewed as superficial the store went bankrupt in 1986 for the next 7 years Raymond struggle to make ends meet as he watched limited brands nurture Victoria's secret into the major success we know it as today justice things couldn't possibly get any worse in 1993 Raymond's wife gay filed for divorce against him during the divorce hearing she demanded full custody over their 2 teenage children Raymond had finally reached his breaking point on August 26 of that same year he was witnessed walking toward the Golden Gate Bridge later his body was discovered washed up on the shores of Marin county it's been speculated by his ex wife and medical professionals that he suffered from undiagnosed depression brought on by both his professional and personal failings bringing the curtains down on the story of Roy Raymond who would want to look like a Victoria's secret model there's nothing wrong if you wanna feel confident however the brand has been under fire for years for promoting unrealistic body standards specifically when they Photoshop a lady to the point where she is missing body parts the worst offensive Photoshop mishaps is when the brand launched an ad that was supposed to promote the undergarment of their newest line of lingerie but somehow during the retouching process one of the models but sheets went missing even though these types of ads go through multiple people before being released no one realize the mistake Beavis to say it looked like the model wasn't the only 0.5 ass in her job as expected the internet exploded victoriassecret received major backlash and was accused of photoshopping air brushing their lingerie models many believe the veil had been lifted on the beauty in history now many movements are taking place that push for Photoshop free ads one of the most famous of these movements is the dove be your beautiful self fats that promote natural healthy bodied women in keeping with its upscale British influence public image the company opted to list its main headquarters address on their catalogs as number 10 Margaret street in London even though Victoria's secret is owned by an American company that was actually headquartered in Columbus Ohio the company actually has no real connection to Europe other than the false presents they've set during the Victoria's secret fashion show each year they reveal a fantasy bra the most expensive one of the show usually the bras decorated with pricey Jules diamonds rich poor in silken other clocks the most expensive one ever produced was worn by angel Giselle Bundchen in the 2005 Victoria's secret fashion show this would also mark the second time Clinton would receive the honor of wearing the fantasy bra composed of 2900 pave diamonds 22 rubies and a 101 carat diamond center piece set in white gold the splendor fantasy came in at an astounding 12.$5000000 the bride self was more expensive in the entire fashion show which rang in at 11000001.5000000 less than the bra in 2006 when the first Victoria's secret fashion show was held in Los Angeles the city of Hollywood under the event by presenting the current angels to lead it Eubanks Karolina Kurkova Isabel Goulart other sons are OB Rocio Adriana Lima and Giselle Bundchen with the key to the city after the media coverage when the 12.$5000000 bra was revealed the year before the city was hoping to receive the same or even more positive feedback in return of course it didn't quite go as planned the media criticize the city stating that there were more deserving of the keys still the fashion show went off without a hitch and all of the models performed wonderfully the companies at the forefront of digital process even Victoria's secret has entered into the wearable technology business bringing bras into the 20 first century for just over $70 customers can purchase incredible by Victoria's secret which is a sports bra that is compatible with common heart rate monitor devices according to its website the high tech undergarment comes in either hello lovely pink or black gnarled a grey and black tone version perfect for running boxing and high impact workouts are truly incredible maximum support sport bra is on the front lines of fitness with sensors that attach to most heart rate monitors according to the product description on the website interestingly however it comes with heart rate sensors but no monitor use with most click on heart rate monitors by leading brands the description continues at the time Victoria's secret was the only company to encompass this type of technology into a sports bra since the release knock offs in alternative versions have been made by competing companies but none of come close to the success of incredible by Victoria's secret speculations have been made that the company was using the sports bra as a test run to see if women were interested in comfortable with built in electronics on their undergarments with the overwhelming positive feedback it seems Victoria's secret will continue advancing the electronic rock well the store may have been originally made to appease man the angels are picks based on which ones are most likely to appeal the most whether women if you think about it it makes sense why they would do this women do make up the majority of the audience tuning into the fashion shows the angels have to be liked by their largest customer base as that's how they would make the most business for example Heidi clue Miranda Kerr in Tyra banks are all previous Victoria's secret models were now love by women worldwide being a Victoria's secret angel is not all it's cracked up to be to become a model you must first meet their unbelievable standards then just to keep the job you must not only maintain meeting the standard but you must now follow their rigorous exercise and diet plans which are subject to change at the will of the trainers next you must also be perfectly okay with undergoing constant extreme full body makeovers to get the modeling Geoghan angel must not be shorter than 5 foot 9 and their figure must be 34 inches by 24 inches by 34 inches they must also be over the age of 18 no exceptions but that is simply how you meet the qualifications to be an angel there is a whole other aspect of building their career prior to turning 18 most of had a strong modeling career for years have strong connections in the industry and most importantly for a future angel be willing to work at the drop of a hat once they get the gig things do not get easier now the models will have to surrender themselves to the intense mandatory exercise regimes 2 weeks before every shootin shell the models will work out twice a day which is moderated by personal trainers hired by Victoria's secret they will also forfeit their dietary plan in favor of Victoria's secret restrictions sure they already eat healthy but imagine having someone else control what you consume yet that's just another part of the Victoria's secret lifestyle they're given trainers that tell them how much wind to lead and how many calories they can have even after meeting every standard made by Victoria's secret each model will still have to undergo hours of alteration they'll receive fake hair extensions airbrushed adds an airbrushed golden tan and of course make up applied to their face most models will spend hours being touched up before a shoot //
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10 Famous Celebrities Who Ruined Their Careers
\\it in 2004 Ashlee Simpson was riding high on the strong sales of her debut album autobiography her older sister Jessica who also had a music career as well as a hit reality TV series with much more visible in the media but Ashley's brand of thoughtful introspective pop helped push autobiography to sales of 400000 units in just its first week and then in one stunningly awkward moment before an audience of millions on national TV it all fell apart Ashley was the musical guest on the 10/23/2004 episode of Saturday Night Live and she was using piped in pre recorded vocal tracks over her live band her first son went off without a hitch but the wrong vocal track was briefly played for the second track confusing Ashley the band and the audience Ashley danced a brief Jake before exiting the stage and stepping into the giant torrent of negative publicity her actions following the disaster didn't help she blamed everything from her band to acid reflux for the incident and was booed by the crowd at the 2005 Orange Bowl after her off key performance of her song lala even though a return to Saturday Night Live the following year with much better her career never recovered to later album sold poorly in got weak reviews and she has since almost entirely faded from the public eye X. rapper in new school are in the singer CeeLo green became a huge media present shortly after his collaboration with DJ and producer danger mouse their release under the name Gnarls Barkley produced the worldwide hit single crazy and launch CeeLo to international stardom earning him a judging spot on reality singing competition the voice and his own TBS series the good life but in 2014 his career came crashing to a halt when he pleaded no contest to a felony count of furnishing a controlled substance the club drug ecstasy to a woman who later woke up naked at his hotel with no memory of the evening to make matters worse he then unleashed a series of tweets that seemed to imply that rape was not possible if the victim was unconscious saying if someone has passed out there not even with you consciously and people who have really been raped remember his TBS series was immediately cancelled and he was also let go from the voice though he has since returned while he may have been able to keep from completely destroying his career his profile is certainly not as high as before and his public image may never recover in 2014 Iggy azalea had 1 of the hottest careers and wrapped her debut album the new classic became the first by a female solo rap artist to top the Billboard chart in its single fancy also topped the singles chart for 7 weeks but justice her career was poised to really take off Iggy began using Twitter to cause as much damage to it as she could she began beefing with more established artists such as Nicki Minaj an azalea banks which was seen by many as a way to boost her fangs it also had the unfortunate effect of putting Iggy into the middle of the national conversation about appropriation of black culture by white artists which Iggy did not handle well with legendary a tribe called quest rapper Q. tip took to Twitter to offer his respectful informed views on the situation Iggy responded by tweeting that nobody was forcing Q. tip to support her style of music which completely missed his point and that is opinion just didn't matter to wear more beef sim Barris in public incidents and racially insensitive comments only added fuel to the fire she was dropped from her label by protege Tiantian 2015 and her once red hot careerist all in the late 19 nineties the 4 stars of the popular sitcom Seinfeld with the highest paid actors on television when the show ended in 1998 all 4 had trouble finding similar success Michael Richards who played wacky neighbour Cosmo Kramer tried and failed to launch his own sitcom the Michael Richards show but it lasted only a few episodes and Richards was making his living on the stand up comedy circuit when disaster struck in 2006 Richard responded to a comment from a black audience member in a racially charged fashion and making further remarks that reference lynching and the Jim crow era of racial segregation video of the rand taken by someone else in the audience quickly went viral and Richards was the subject of an intense media backlash overnight in awkward apology on David letterman's late show with Jerry Seinfeld by his side did nothing to help and Richard's job prospects banished his work since the incident has been limited to cameos guest appearances and some voice work is only starring role was in the 2013 TV land sitcom Kirstie which was canceled after 12 episodes hip hop RB duo milli Vanilli had 1 of the best selling albums of 1989 their smash debut girl you know it's true the album produced 3 number 1 singles and 2 more in the top 5 and made fab Morvan and rob the latest international stars in 1990 they were given the Grammy Award for best new artist but this win was the beginning of the end of milli Vanilli in may 1990 singer Charles Shaw came forward to claim that he was 1 of the actual vocalist son milli Vanilli album and that fab in route had not saying on the record at all rumors swirled until November 1990 when producer Frank Farian admitted that the pair were impostors and had been recruited only to act as an attractive front for the work of others 4 days after this announcement the group were forced to return their Grammy various attempts to record new music with their actual voices failed to interest the public and rob the latest turn to drugs and petty robberies as the group's star faded in 1998 on the eve of a promotional tour for a new album Palladius was found dead of an overdose of prescription drugs and alcohol in a hotel room in Germany the CBS sitcom 2.5 men was among the most popular shows on television for all of its twelfth season run for 8 of those seasons Charlie Sheen portrayed Charlie Harper a reluctant family man based largely on gene's own bad boy image he earned multiple Emmy and golden globe nominations for his role and at the time the trouble began was the highest paid actor on TV but between February 2010 and January 2011 she checked into rehab 3 separate times causing the show's production to go on hiatus twice he became widely known at this time for making bizarre public statements introducing the phrases tiger blood in winning to pop culture but crossed the line in an interview on the Alex Jones show in which he made anti semitic in somewhat threatening remarks about 2.5 men producer Chuck Lorre who is Jewish in response CBS pulled the plug on the remainder of 2.5 men's eighth season leaving 8 episodes on produce sheen's contract was terminated and he was replaced for the rest of the show's run by Ashton Kutcher while scenes career is currently nonexistent any is cool down on his bad public behavior in recent years the final episode of the sitcom in which a sheen lookalike has a piano dropped on his head because the new round of terrible remarks with Charlie saying that Chuck Lorre must feel safe where he lives in that he doesn't care whether Laurie lives or dies Hoke Hogan had been a fixture in the world of professional wrestling and pop culture in general since the 19 eighties is reality series Hogan knows best was among the highest rated in the genre and his wrestling contracts alone made him a millionaire many times over but a 2014 viral video show the side of the holster that most fans wish they had never seen in it he complains bitterly about the fact that his daughter Brooke is dating a black man dropping and words left and right book which is that at least she had picked a rich black man like a basketball player and concludes with the words I guess we're all a little racist the rant because world wrestling entertainment to not only terminate his contract but describe any mention of him from its website Hogan released a pleading apology to the media but the damage was done adding to the demise of Hogan's career was at least 2012 sex tape in which his partner with someone other than his wife the tape would lead to his divorce and a lawsuit against website Gawker in which Hogan stated that his legacy and entertainment had been severely damaged if not destroyed as a result of the leaf and that his global brand was forever tarnished Tiger Woods was consistently ranked among the top golfers in the world for over a decade he also benefited from a squeaky clean public image which allowed him to take on a massive number of product endorsements making him one of the highest paid athletes in the world but this image took a bizarre turn for the worse on thanksgiving night in 2009 when a domestic dispute between woods and his wife model Elin Nordegren got crazily out of hand the day before tabloid magazine the national Enquirer had run a story complete with photos on Tigers months long affair with night club hostess Rachel you to tell tiger had been forced to confirm his cheating to his wife and the night had ended with Nordegren smashing out the back window of Tigers SUV with a golf club the story quickly went viral but the trouble was only starting more women began coming forward and by 2 weeks after the thanksgiving incident it was reported that woods may have had as many as 14 mistresses he quickly lost all of his major endorsements dropped out of an upcoming tournament and checked into rehab for sex addiction Tigers game seems to have completely left him since the scandal while he still collects on a few endorsements he has not won a major tournament since and Ellen left him in 2010 in the 2010 NFL draft the New England Patriots selected 2 tight ends on consecutive days the first rob Gronkowski would go on to all star success in championships but the second Aaron Hernandez would extinguish his promising career by participating in some horrifying crimes after 2 productive seasons Hernandez was given a 5 year contract extension in 20121 that featured the largest signing bonus 12.$5000000 ever given to a tight end but in July of that same year 2 men were killed in Boston when shots were fired into their car Hernandez would eventually be charged with a crime but he continued to play for the patriots while under investigation then in June 2013 a friend of Aaron's named Odin Lloyd was shot and killed in an industrial park less than a mile from the tight end's home Hernandez quickly fell under suspicion with the patriots barring him from their facilities and he was arrested less than a week after the murder at trial Hernandez and 2 accomplices were found responsible for the death although Hernandez himself never admitted to pulling the trigger he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole the downfall of American icon OJ Simpson began on 6/12/1994 with his wife Nicole brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman were found stabbed to death outside Nicole's home the shocking crime captured the imagination of the public due to the involvement of the star NFL running back and beloved TV and film personality OJ famously led Los Angeles police on a bizarre low speed chase in his white Ford Bronco before eventually turning himself in an event tuned into by millions on live television Otis contracts evaporated overnight and he was put on trial for the brutal double murder in what was called the trial of the century although he was not found guilty a decision which divided the public he was later found liable for the deaths at the civil trial in order to pay over 33 $0 to the family of Ronald Goldman but ... Jace problems didn't end there in 2008 he was convicted of multiple felony charges stemming from an incident in which he and several other men threaten to Las Vegas sports memorabilia collector with weapons he was sentenced to 33 years in prison but was granted partial parole on some of the charges he may be released as soon as 2017 but he's not likely to find many career prospects on the outside //
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Everyday Objects
\\genes have been among the most popular items of clothing in the world for decades in the United States alone 450000000 pairs are sold each year 0.5 pairs for every man woman and child in the country those small metal things that look like button snaps on the pocket there such a familiar feature that most people don't even notice them anymore and they don't really appear to have a purpose but if they weren't there your genes would fall apart much faster pickles rivets in their sewn into the jeans at the point where every day wear and tear is most likely to cause the fabric to break down this was the idea of Jacob Davis a tailor in the 18 seventies whose riveted denim trousers became such a hit that he partnered up with dry goods dealer Levi Strauss to help produce them the rest is history and even though dozens of clothing brands have imitated their iconic design Levi Strauss is still the best selling brand of jeans in the world yeah it's very common for Scherzer trousers to come with a small extra piece of cloth the garment is made from most people assume that it's a patch just in case your shirt give threat but the reason it's included is actually quite a bit more clever you're supposed to watch the extra peace with your regular laundry before washing the garment itself so you can see whether or not it shrinks our fates if it does you might want to try a different wash cycle or just the water's temperature that little extra piece of fabric isn't there in case you ruin your gloves it's there to keep you from ruining them in the first place I just about every pot in pain in the world has a hole near the back of the handle most people use these for hanging their pots and pans on racks and if you don't happen to have a rack you might think that these little holes are useless it turns out that they're not actually for hanging in all it's meant to be used as a temporary holder for your stirring spoon freeing both hands up so you can add more ingredients are tend to something else the whole is wide enough so that the end of the spoon can rest over the pa keeping your utensil from drifting all over the stove what many styles of men's dress shirts have a small group on the back these loops appear to be decorative but they're actually left over from a time before it became common to use coat hangers in years past clothes were often hung on pegs or hooks the small groups were first used by sailors to hang up their shirts inside their lockers which is how they came to be called Barker loops clothing manufacturer Brooks brothers began including the loops on all of their shirts and the trend quickly spread most people rarely think to use the loops for this purpose today but this knowledge might come in handy the next time you're at the gym I the long neck style of beer bottle has been around for over 100 years beer bottles come in all sizes shapes and colors although most brewers prefer to use brown glass because it keeps out the most ultraviolet light and keeps beer from quickly going stale the short nectar study design has become more popular over the years but the long that has a very practical purpose it's there to keep your beer from warming up too fast if you hold the beer around the outside of the bottle the heat from your hand transfers quickly through the glass and into the beer however if you hold the bottle by the long neck the heat transfers into it and then rises out of the bottle's mouth in your beer stays colder longer yeah the hole in the middle of your spaghetti spoon is useful for draining off water if you don't happen to have a strainer however this is not its intended use at all you may have noticed that they can be very hard to guess the right amount of uncooked spaghetti to make one cooked serving you always seem to end up with too much or not enough this is what the whole is for measuring the perfect portion the amount of uncooked spaghetti that can fit through the hole will make the perfect single portion every time this handy feature can take all the guessing out of cooking pasta and reduce the amount of leftovers in your refrigerator all the little mini pocket inside the right hip pocket of most pairs of jeans comes in handy for a variety of uses many people use them to store changer when they need to keep track of jewelry or other small items but when teens were first being produced in the late 18 hundreds their purpose was much more specific this was before the invention of the wrist watch when the most popular type of time piece was the pocket watch pocket watches were often valuable and prized possessions in the mini pocket made it simple to keep your what's safe and separate from whatever else might be in your pocket first designed with cowboys in mind this feature became standard on Levi's jeans and still is today all if you've ever flown on a commercial airplane you may have noticed that there are tiny holes near the bottom of every window this might seem strange since we all know that airplane cabins are highly pressurized commit even tiny holes such as these should be very dangerous however these holes are an important part of an airplane windows designs each window pane is actually 3 paints the other pain is on the outside of the aircraft in the middle pane separates the 2 it's the middle pane that contains the tiny hole which is called a bleed holes as the plane climbs higher in the sky the air pressure outside drops which makes the air in the plane's cabin want to expand the hole in the middle pane allows this added pressure to bleed through to the much stronger ather pain and keeps the air pressure in the cabin stable the whole also keep the window from fogging up allowing you to get a great view during your flight what pink and blue pencil erasers are familiar to anyone who has ever gone school shopping but many people wonder what the blue part is suppose to be for much denser and harder than the pink side the blue side seems to only be good for tearing up paper and does not correct mistakes made in paint despite what all of us seem to have been told his children in fact the blue portion is meant to be used with a heavier grade of paper regular pencil marks a very difficult to a race from thicker types of paper like those used in art because the soft pink eraser tends to crumble away the tough blue part can stand up to figure paper in is very useful for artists making pencil sketches but not so much for your average student or most running shoes have an extra set of islets the holes for the laces up near the ankles that seem unnecessary standard methods of lacing don't require them and they don't serve any decorative purpose but it turns out that he's extra eyelids have a very clever function that can actually improve the performance of your shoes begin by lacing them normally thin thread each place back through the extra idly closest to it leaving a small blue then cross each place overthrew the opposite loop and since then down you can then tie your shoes you regularly would this locks your heel into place creating an extremely snug fit and preventing blisters //