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What Would Happen if Aliens Landed on Earth?
\\hello I'm Simon was like yo watching top tens that's in the video today looking at the top 10 scenarios that play out if aliens landed on half its time for some good old fashioned speculation what would happen if aliens deserve now the speculation and assumptions we're about to make all based on logic philosophy educated guess is probability and they I was of course saw Aaron history after all off frame of reference is quite limited when it comes the possible encounters with extraterrestrial life so well we have to imagine the most plausible scenarios as well as try to think outside of the box as much as possible if intelligent alien species were to discover us if they haven't already will they just take a look and decide it's not worth the hassle to deal with our primitive ways or will they enrich our lives with the knowledge beyond our current understanding we even recognize them as life in the first place or will they treat us like they would a nasty parasite number 10 aliens in history a biggest fair when it comes to alien encounters has a lot to do with al in history and what we know can happen if a technologically advanced civilization encounters an inferior one let's take a look at the age of discovery and particularly the colonization of the Americas at the turn of the sixteenth century as many of us know the Europeans were looking to find alternative routes to India given part of the break up of the Mongol empire which lasted until the fifteenth century and had previously in should safe passage for trade caravans on lance secondly they also wanted to do this because of the awesome in taxi took over the eastern Mediterranean and were hostile towards the Europeans as a result they took to the oceans virtually stumbling upon America or in 1492 you the technological differences between the native Americans and the alien Europeans walls at best a few centuries of costs about small difference proved fatal for the natives in fact with a handful of conquistadors a few native allies several horses and a few gallons Poland Cortez was able to single handedly bring down the mighty Aztec empire if an alien species wives visits us the same thing might happen but on a global scale off rule if an intelligent species is capable of interstellar flight since reaching the out from a faraway style system then you can be sure they're likely thousands of years ahead of us in terms of technology and like the Aztecs you had the numbers and the weapons to defeat courtesan is men they had little chance of standing in his way and if they did they would then have to spend their inevitable demise at the hands of the technologically superior Europeans who now knew of their existence even Stephen Hawking has a dire warning for the human race when it comes to alien species the history of advanced races meeting more primitive people on this planet is not very happy and as they were the same species on I think it would be a disaster number 9 the cultural shock in the ensuing panic if alien species ever decide to pay us a visit well several near seventies that what happened regardless of these aliens intentions towards us facilities if we were to wake up one morning with a huge space ship hovering above our house and then hear reports of similar sightings all over the world we can be fairly certain that panic wouldn't see you even if we humans are inquisitive by nature when not really fond of surprises is specially if Bob Magness use this reaction would stem of course primarily from past experiences in knowing history Maury them then they shouldn't come as a surprise we'd be hits with an enormous wave of cultural shock even in this age of technological advancements when people more connected than ever there are still large numbers of people who cannot and will not accept other people's cultures traditions or different ways of thinking but for better or worse we have a previous contacts with each other over the centuries and even though there's still no use to each other's opinions all points of view we all somewhat influenced in accepting of them do you a limited degree but what would happen if we come across a species which will most likely look takes any difference as maybe have a turn to the different view about life and it's well existence itself will they be religious or not sting they need to eat and if so to then use valves to do it there is a virtually infinite number of things that can be construed as different as if we still call to accept other people's habits and traditions that we can be sure that we wait except alien ones one thing is certain that when that civilians do you decide to contact us we will almost certainly forgets all of our current disagreements with each other no matter how difference or crazy they might seem today liberates us what they look like we're all familiar with the greys as the generic alea that well decorate to begin with that bipedal and have listened they've got big Ali's and big heads that got long fingers and the shorter in stature than we all then the very skinny but isn't this more of an interpretation of how we might look in the far future in fact some theorize that according to our definition re trends slowly but surely this is what humanity will end up looking like the first time these gray aliens made an appearance was in 1893 article man of the year 0 written by famous author HG wells the also killed as the title suggests with an interpretation of how humans would look 1000000 years into the future anyway the charts is all that aliens will attempt to be different from it's great it's that nevertheless for an intelligent species to evolve far enough in order to moss the space travel it will needs to be terrestrial as Fermilab physicist don Lincoln puts it they could be alien cavemen underwater that's true the Yukon smells metal down that this means that the dolphins if left to their own devices may one day become even more intelligent than they are today but because they live underwater it is highly unlikely they'll be up to develop any kind moderate the advanced technology Furthermore they could be on the similarities we chat with technologically advanced alien species Vira phenomena unevenly shinri biologists school convergent evolution this is a process through which organisms not closely related to each other independently involve similar traits as a result of having to adapt to similar conditions these include some organs like the I or behavior like pac predation humans have also developed some of the scientific and technological advancements won't completely isolated from each other things like basic tools and weapons as well as language writing the domestication of plants and animals and even mathematics but when it comes to the differences it's more statistically probable that aliens would live on habitable planets unlike us that will say look unlike humans again even though we don't have any of the frames of reference other than what we see on Iran policy this is still enough of physicists and statisticians to come to the conclusion that the majority of aliens the these hours that will be different than our iron charges all that be bigger than us roughly 770 pounds the size and weight of a pilot back worry that that be living in smaller groups that we need some 20000000 strong all less and on small upon its enough less than 80 percent of its size number 7 down most likely be machines there humans were able to invent the radio around the year in 1945 years later the first computer came into existence and now we're able to manufacture relatively cheap devices with greater computing power than even the human brain itself once more true artificial intelligence is not that far off on this trend senior astronomer the seti institute Seth's show stock bases his prediction that any advanced form of intelligence we encounter will take on the form of a machine he believes that any alien civilization capable of space travel will also fully this pop off he even says that that integrate technology into their bodies to the point where they'll be no more organic matter left it'll be like you build a 4 cylinder engine you put it in a horse to get a fast horse and it's pretty scene you say let's get rid the whole spots and just build a Maserati so that's probably what's going to happen he goes on to say that humans all the results of 4000000000 years of Darwinian evolution based on random variations with no particular goal must plan the machines on the other hands are tied to the difference Verhoeven Lucien is based solely on efficiency and improvements on all the models what's more machines they require a myriad of conditions in order to survive like in a flight habitable planets and they certainly would be tied to their ancestral homes as long as they have a steady supply of raw materials and energy some of which the university doesn't lack they will have no problems traveling great distance or even living in outer space and definitely following this logic show stock believes that the best chance of finding these machines is by looking at the center of galaxies weather's lots of available energy that's all just wait another 30 or so years and so we invented Sultana it's a life for ourselves number 6 the perfect utopia a first glance the best case scenario if aliens were to descend on math is for them to completely disregard operative and vengeful ways and take us under their wing they would then lead us towards a eutectic future when we not only live in harmony with them each other in the surrounding environments but also continually striving towards I investments both technologically and socially sounds pretty good right and hated by the sheer size of the observable universe and the seemingly infinite number of planets out there that could be at least a handful of alien species that have made it their business to seek out on developed ones like ourselves and lift them up from there uncivilized ways they could share with us new technologies and reforms full sorts of things in terms of medicine society energy education transport runs well whatever else we might think of the question here is whether this is the best thing for us in the long run beat because what you wish for rights because being exposed to much technology into much change too fast can have dire repercussions on society cultural it's agus incredibly short amount of time it from a nuclear weapons were invented see when we first used them all of the people it was during wartime but still the effects of radiation and radiation poisoning what badly on the stairs or how folks who feels they are indeed an incredible source of energy almost unequaled in times of caloric value pack pounds which is the reason we now struggling to find alternatives and because of that will somehow potential reviews them to the point that we now faced without pain possible self destruction indeed some benevolent aliens could take just to avoid these shortcomings and use powerful technologies responsibly but in doing so these aliens would make us completely dependent upon them and thus negates the whole up lifting thing in the first place number 5 remains observation or indirect guidance you can say without a shadow of a doubt that aliens have been visit us already or he could say that they don't actually still here federal Wes aliens could now be living among us and we wouldn't be any the wiser they could be a blessing upon its hidden from sight and studying us continuously avoiding interfering ends with the sole purpose of mapping out the universe and everything in it this was after all the primary mission of soft drinks and and surprise to map the Milky Way galaxy and not interfere with the natural developments of any life forms that they might think counts out there is of course the chance that these hypothetical observers might have a plan for us off to rule by infiltrating our society they could slowly but surely be influencing us in one direction or another they could be trying to direct us towards a utopian state without taking any of the credits or they could have a more sinister gold mines and if this were to be the case and they were trying to influence this in one direction then the chances are that the actions are not particularly aims towards up and well being regardless of their intentions number 4 divide and rule divide and rule is a political social military strategy through which one can gain or maintain power by breaking up other concentrations of power into more manageable pieces that individual top players any serious threats by causing in the 19 rivalries in generating discord among people into groups of people one can effectively break off existing centers of power or prevent small the ones from ever coming together Machiavelli identifies this idea was a military strategy in the sixth book from the art of war series every source about any military caps and ends how he showed by any means possible divide the enemy's forces beaver by making the other captain suspicious of his own men or to somehow cause them to split his I. nami becoming weaker as a result this strategy would make complete sense for any potential war like alien species the wants to take over us with minimum casualties on that policy off rule even hurting Cortez broke off parts of the Aztec empire by touring various people to his site first before bringing yes the grandpa to its knees one small piece people rallied themselves we've Cortez in favor of the ruling as tax and it up sharing the same face and by looking at the world today we can more or less CV strategies being implemented even though statistically speaking this is next to impossible but still a faint chance that we are completely and utterly alone in the seemingly infinite universe number 3 we all rely on or maybe just the fast even though statistically speaking this is next to impossible but still a faint chance that we are completely and utterly alone in the seemingly in for you know the US governed by the natural laws of physics and with vast quantities of stuff around some say anything that is possible according to these laws house already all well enough to happened this idea how it weakens the claim that where a line even further doesn't it but even so often almost 14000000000 years of the universe since the Big Bang space seems devoid of life with the exception of us to be fair they we've just begun to stare into the abyss but given these many opportunities for life to arise in the ample time it's had at its disposal to develop should we see alien spaceships zipping by on the galactic highway at least on a daily basis this seemingly inconsistent situation may have something to do with the Fermi paradox this principle states that complex life may have a way tougher time a developing that we previously source and the chances of one advanced civilization emerging are very slim maybe the exact conditions for complex life when's that until up until fairly recently in the universe making also among the fast if north Viet your vast intelligence these is to emerge or maybe there are still some unforeseen hurdles ahead of us or even some cosmic a highly advanced alien traps that were not aware of that's which any civilization developed enough to reach them would be instantly destroyed if that is the unfortunate case then according to I mean level of technological developments decades after actual space travel in several centuries before interstellar travel we are now place a tool and is a speech and to our inception number 2 forever lab rats reality is as many of us already know you inside our heads and more importantly reality is what's the collective society believes it to be any deviation from the collective consciousness is seen by others who don't want to share in it as either outdated barbaric backward illogical but we've been downright crazy this idea also comes to us 3 places allegory of the cave anyway drivers in the F. you call your friends and possibly even yourself could just be your own perspective on what they are and they could be a multitude of other faces to those particular points humanity wasn't handed any sort of guide book about life from where it's going say we have to make the rules ourselves as we went along but did we really these sorts of questions can spot endless debates and may never be answered fully your even fully understood but for the sake of argument if we were to take a lab rats and somehow tap into its mind and understand its thoughts as simple as they may be what do you think it would consider reality to be let's assume that he was bred in captivity environment is nothing else except the cage she was bred in the remake cages in as the scientists he passed by how do you think that he would perceive the world in front of him normal everyday reality of life would be the right talents they have that piece to say that we're not currently living in our own cage living else on normal everyday lives well under constant scrutiny from an unknown intelligence performing all sorts of experiments on us and who's to say that we have to die in the first place after all scientists have discovered a built in self destructs timer now very genes so if this is actually the case and we are actually lab rats in the strict control from something or someone else that do you think we'll ever escape lock condition and I spoke to this point would have to ask the wraps all well the scientists themselves number one the natural laws of physics song alive it's theorize that the universe came into being approximately 13.8000000000 years ago with the Big Bang subsequently life on earth did nearly the instant the pilot's forms according to a new study this happened 4.1000000000 years ago about 300000000 years earlier than previously believes the between vis to cosmic events of as an almost 10000000000 year gap in which we call really say what happened in times of life but what happens if life actually began somewhere else that saved 5000000000 years prior to life here on earth that's a pretty big head start imagine you could go back into the past 200000 years while driving a 4 by full wearing jeans holding a small plane and was handing out candy bars to all the anti human you meet how would you appear in them unease in mines now think about how a phony or 6 or 8000000000 year old alien civilization would look to us policy you because no one really pound but some people can theorize we could be staring alien life in the face right now and don't even recognize it astrophysicist Caleb Schaaf even goes as far as saying that the entire universe and all the physical laws of nature to go with it all possibly alive and are a result of billions of years of technological evolution this could explain why we haven't yet encountered other life in the universe regardless of the council the planets that it could have sparked on he also states that given the possibility of of the building blocks suitable for life to exist outside of molecules an alien civilization could then transfer itself and it's in hi a physical world into this new form by this logic all universe could just be one of these new forms of existence shop also points out that in about 5 percent of everything out there is naturists we know it won't 27 percent remains mysterious an on scene this is what is known as doc NASA bands well let's every web even right here on nafta doc Lawson is what holds the universe in its current state and here alien life could exist being all around us but aways hidden from our site so I really have become Affinia interesting if you did please do you hit that forms a possible air and don't forget subscribe Braniewo videos just like this every day of the week also over them all the rights a couple of other videos that you might enjoy if you enjoy this one and as always thank you for watching //

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