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"2017-04-17 08:43:03"
California Residents Leaving In Masses - 5 Million & More Leaving
\\so the California governor Jerry Brown is just destroying the state he signed a bill to take $115000000 away from people that needed it to pay for the refugees and again as of stated 1000 times in every video state of California the protection of Hollywood is to allow the peta files to rule and there are people even just they've always tried to make pedophile yep okay it just never happened inside the United States it was happening in third world countries where the people that didn't want to face and prosecute people that brewing children got away with it it was suck you know snuck into us here under Obama in 8 years and it was just ridiculous and it has happened since the beginning of time on if I was ever gonna put a theory out there I think that it it would came so back in the beginning where people that just saying you know I don't even around Adam even after that but let's just say the first you know families that were from after that had pedophile you with their children and then their children and their children and their children it would just go on through you know 20 generations and since nobody in those you know hierarchy families ever wanted to face that that was the family legacy they just kept repeating it and keeping it to themselves but as we've engaged in a vault it's so reprehensible and sickening and the victims of the of the newest families can finally speak about it where up past beyond that no way it was taboo you couldn't talk about it you couldn't even breathe it and you know who knows what would have happened to you if you spoke out so this is why it's ending with people who are normal but you're watching people fight it harder because they want to keep it and those 2 states are Massachusetts and California and a little bit of the mid myths states in between that are still trying to have sharia law in schools and sanctuary cities and all that but in this link people are leaving California because they can't stand what's happening and they're watching their state be destroyed and that is the loudest message is to help the tour stop coming the residents move out and make everybody wake up because if they're not suffering with any kind of loss financially they're not going to stop and everybody the only way to hit any of these people and any global situations are their wallets so this is amazing thing that's happening and it's the only way to make it positive I woulda left after I found out the people in my state didn't vote for Hillary so I would have already left California and California is absolutely gorgeous and for people that you know I will I went there a bunch and I stayed there a bunch a sort of live there for a short time I loved it and I always wanted my entire life to be there and I completely understand now why it wasn't and even though Massachusetts is that competitor of sins with California I was the only one that could take down that state and that was my destiny and that's an amazing journey but were gonna fix all this it just doesn't happen immediately they have to lose first they have to get caught first they have to have all kinds of things happen with consequences and that is finally when things start to change thank you //

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