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"2017-08-24 20:08:11"
Hannity just exposed something really gigantic about Hillary Clinton.
\\right there are several ports tonight that increase the number of people who attended that meeting the Donald Trump junior had with this Russian lawyer in 2016 including 8 Russia lobbyists and by the way some outlets reporting the man has ties to Russian intelligence although he denies it and this comes as the hell is breaking another major story tonight about whom Donald Trump junior met with and how they're tied to the Democrats that's why the Democrats according to the hill this Russian lobbying effort has ties to 3 Russian businessman and the lobbying team included a former democratic congressman and a former government official now the report also details how these pro Russian lobbyists including 1 of the people met with Donald Trump junior also tried to me with Democrat and Republican members of Congress so in other words a lot of people involved in this and we're also learning tonight that back in March senator Chuck Grassley he published the complaint where he detailed how a Russian lobbyists in this story work with that group we've been telling you about fusion GPS member they published the fake document about president trump and that goes to the Ritz Carlton and that goes to hookers member all that but they were there to lobby Congress on the Magnitsky act member the 1 we're talking about that's the 1 that matters is also new information on how several Obama administration agencies allow this Russian lawyer to enter the U. S. back in 2015 and stay until through her June 9 meeting with Donald Trump junior so it sounds like John Kerry Loretta Lynch and Jay Johnson all have a lot of explaining to do tonight because after all of this Russian lawyer was such a threat like the left in the media's claiming all then why was she allowed into the country what if you get a special waiver allowed to stay once again as we begin to peel back the layers of this onion and learned more more about truth and facts this is now boomerang in back on to the Democratic Party plus a stunning revelation about the it means their financial ties to Russia and more potential evidence of a major pay to play scheme with millions of dollars now awaking leaks email allegedly from the Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta his inbox a staffer actually bragged about stopping the story that tight Clinton to the Magnitsky act and reached in part quote with the help of the research team we kill the Bloomberg story trying to link Hillary Rodham Clinton's opposition to the Magnitsky act in the bill to a $500000 speech that William Jefferson Clinton gave a Moscow by the way doubles normal speaking for a now the campaign was able to kill that story but the Wall Street journal reported that back in 2010 wild Hillary Clinton was secretary state and opposes particular act well quote Bill Clinton participated in a question and answer session at a renaissance capital investors conference worries paid $500000 and after the appearance Mr Clinton received a personal thank you call remove Vladimir pope potent than the Russian prime minister the government news agency tass reported that and in that same article a Clinton spokesman well did push back against that connection but this isn't the only evidence of paid to play in wrongdoing from the Clintons that they've gotten a pass on little expose that in a second but first the Democrats the destroyed trump media have for months breathlessly hysterically been feigning moral outrage in pushing those black helicopter tin foil hat conspiracy theories about collusion when in fact they now are the ones they have been polluting the entire time all in an effort to damage to de legitimize and all to believe overturn election of you the American people and destroy the president let's go back to the campaign member wikileaks they expose this unholy alliance between the Clinton campaign in the press there was a highly orchestrated plot between the Clinton campaign the media why they wanted Hillary elected and the evidence is overwhelming it's incontrovertible including member CNN 0 yes take news well member they gave the Clinton team debate questions ahead of time and by the way does anyone ever remember the poor Bernie Sanders was railroaded in the ex was in and was a ring primary now by the way this is why that Clinton was given a free pass by the media despite a mountain of evidence of felonies crimes wrongdoing in excusable behavior and it's why now the media refuses to even cover massive scandal like you know the American people need to know about dental care to search for answers that are looking for the truth they have political ideological interests and of course that's advancing that radical all the left wing agenda and of course hurting president trump I just take a look at this disgusting display from Democrats who just earlier today some of them they've been doing this since November night talking about the president an impeachment watch this so many of us by tempting in every way that we possibly can ... to unveil the criminal activity the unconstitutional activity of this president and his family so I have dubbed him the file criminal clay and a long time ago and I've only been reluctant it when the a clear the law is certainly clear on the fact clear other than this economy can make the decision and here's the thing when it comes to Democrats once again calling for impeachment it doesn't matter what does or doesn't happen this has been their goal for a very long time all these cries impeachment impeachment all the hysteria all the conspiracy theories it's really about distracting you the American people from real scandal but they're not reporting on that we're investigating and of course we will continue to investigate we will continue to expose them because you deserve answers the truth and people need to be held responsible for their actions for example back in January we've been telling you political uncovered a massive huge scandal much bigger than trump Russia here's the headline Ukrainian efforts to sabotage from or foreign government backfire key em officials scrambling to make amends with the president elect after quietly working to boost Clinton and that's stories we've been telling you it details how a DNC paid operative Alexander chalupa spread that she literally spear headed a plan along with Ukrainian government Ukrainian ambassador to hurt Donald trump's campaign and boost Hillary Clinton and political highlights in the play in the in the peace how chalupa once worked for the Clinton White House work to try to expose former trump campaign chairman Paul metaphor and they were successful including meeting with the Ukrainian diplomats in the Ukrainian embassy and chalupa said that the Ukrainian diplomats were helpful when it came to finding information they were researching it disseminating that information and the bombshell quote about Chiluba well she shared her findings with officials from the DNC and Clinton's campaign all that cold collusion but Chiluba's efforts didn't end there member she also said that you would help pull a lot of journalists there willing accomplices in the media and writing stories about mana fort to try to hurt the trump campaign and we've reached out again to Chiluba never heard back shocking now as we said last night on the program she needs to be called in by the Republicans they have the power to do this put her under oath maker testified to Congress what did she know when did she know it how did you get this information who did she share the information with and Congress also needs to hear from the Ukrainian ambassador she was meeting a member they sat down in the embassy and we can't stop there DNC they were briefed Debbie Wasserman Schultz she needs to be put under oath and tell you the American people what she knows about the scandal and on top of that if they breached the campaign which the report says they did alright bring in John Podesta put him under oath he needs to testify about the information chalupa passed out of the campaign Robbie move because well now this is a major scandal but only the tip of the iceberg of what needs to be investigated we still have the Russian dossier member Christopher steel at the former intelligence agent Great Britain he wrote that fake news dossier about Donald Trump and by the way pay for some of the information it cited Russian sources and then the group connected to Hillary ... that's fusion GPS member there was send them around and and the Democrats they were using that pony informational attack then candidate now president trump they all need to be brought before Congress under oath and answer questions then of course we got the former FBI director comi you want to pay this guy 50 grand and his removal of government information from the FBI leaking into the New York times and helping to get his friend to be a special counsel let's put him under oath in this and the special counsel ended up becoming homies buddy Robert Muller O. okay that he hires Hillary Clinton's attorney we've been saying this over and over again it is now time to start investigating the investigator in not hearing about any of this from the mainstream media now mother may be actually breaking out the law by carrying out this investigation when it's James call me is be a path is the key witness and Mahler's hiring let's see members to his team donating thousands and thousands to Obama and Clinton take a look at the graphic is investigators have donated tens and tens of thousands of dollars to the likes of Hilary and Obama what's even worse is one of the lawyers of Muller's team while he was working for Clinton and the Clinton foundation we've also learned that the former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch influence the investigation into the email server scandal pressuring James call me to call it a matter instead of an investigation that of course the 40 minute tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton when we got to put these people under oath it's gotta happen sooner than later and by the way the goal of all of this it includes you know re opening this is the most important part of what I had equal justice under the law re open Hillary Clinton's email investigation since we know well that in that particular case Lynch influence that investigation only a matter not really is also Hillary breaking the law having secret top secret special access program classified information on our server that's mishandling by definition and then destroying some that the corrupt uranium one deal members you serving as secretary of state approved the transfer of to 20 percent America's uranium the foundational material for nuclear weapons a real Russian conspiracy that goes to Vladimir Putin that goes to the Russians and people involved in that deal kick back as much as $145000000 in the Clinton foundation at call bribery where I grew up and while Bill Clinton double is speaking fees a Moscow nobody else is telling you this it's outrageous the double standard it //

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