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"2017-08-16 19:24:38"
The Charlottesville Psy-Op with Jim Fetzer & Dean Ryan
\\greetings welcome to a truth be tones press report I'm dean Ryan into them joined by professor James Fetzer many of you know that the a a developing story has been happening Charlottesville Virginia are its involves a a rally called unite their bright and there's many many groups involved are the KKK white nationalists black lives matter and and chief Jim I want to jump right into this because our people across the country in the world or are in grades Hanneke what we have so I witnessed over there there are television social media had all over the news of a car that plowed into a group of protesters killing one injuring more than 15 object would we know this time not with this story as it develops what do you know are increasing signs that this was a false flag attack very cleverly stage even including Photoshop there may just look at their switches that image that was set up around the world you have protesters flying in the air this talent for ground with red sneakers all the songs our New York times car here crowd after white nationalist rally in Charlottesville wins and violence but the entire New York times is great question real attack perhaps or talented acrobats and a bunch of slides speakers used to stage already I'll notice how lean and fit Jews somersaulting pedestrians are you don't you don't call numerology in the license plate whine whine whine whine and I gotta say dean there turns out to be a lot of reasons for their skepticism sure does there is one of the first indication something was wrong namely that fellow in the lower right change fields who's alleged W. but driver does it really look like the driver I'm not where is this this fellow in the upper right hand corner who is Johnny on the spot turns out to be all I see are they agent who just happened to be there look at that house yeah you're you have the son James they've fields in the lower right to where students and glasses it was there earlier in the day and so what if she's wearing those glasses notice the driver is not wearing glasses that's very odd all by itself well so this fellow James jeep 3 all in the upper right was 32 years old and at it militaries Mattera you obey NHTSA battalion in Ohio looks very much like the driver very much more so than Jane Seitz feel so we have this some brilliant videos study I highly recommend Charlotte's not false flag Yuri something strange is going on and that's not the half of it dean if we call Florida look at their house do you have discovered 2 different vehicles were used a Dodge challenger or charger one handsome black stripe on the right the other has no stripe on the last yeah denied by say one of the most stunning to me aspects of this was that after the report it crashed you back now with preternatural speed I was just astonishing how the driver behind the scenes was able to drive that vehicle backwards at high speed this seems to be highly inconsistent with her half see James Redfield who's reported to be schizophrenic and under anti psychotic medication but it's more it's worse than that the yeah there was this very photograph actually was Photoshop that they have in the background with all the signs of that lines not been there because look yes then the actual footage of the crash look at the background there you don't see any of those signs Raza and this is just moments before this takes whites you can see the whole video in that particular study solids non false flag Yuri very handsome stranger it it is Dana here's another circumstance it's terribly troubling the police were called to stand down in Charlottesville and did not see it as a war broke out you let me just chime in real quick Jim I I got to tell you ... watching this story line from all the live streams during the event I I certainly does the police seem very passive which is very unusual in this day and age police are very aggressive so you raise a good point I I saw no police involvement stopping any list well I'm from happening and is Mike reports from yester years to prove that ... is LAPD of told me under cover that they want a right they want disruption to bring in martial law do you think that's kind of what we're seeing that happen to take place you either go I think this is still a deliberate provocation by forces behind the scene who are allied with George Soros Hillary Clinton Obama holdovers if you sound very sinister unfair or I think that it's also got aspects that are reasonably whiter such that it becomes expose the American public are going to realize what rob again that's yours one sorry me are report out of Charlotte you know the events that unfolded in Charlottesville is Saturday we're tragic Caitlyn city estimate that late Saturday will go down in history as the day Americans hate reared its ugly face a group of the world is country is being not only that deep but it appears some of the organized or suspect themselves yours from the daily stormer which organized about Richard Spencer beatnik he was being dragged out of the park by military hops out of it it it's pretty fascinating because this time Richard's answer how's that dubious background your set yes I'm different reports on the anti New York Paul writes that he doesn't tolerate anti gay views it as the vets but is it is pedigree seems more establishment tearing them rabble happy graduate from Saint mark's elite prep school in Dallas before moving on to her job yes election night rally drive hailed draw it okay usual use of German term stake of contrived impostor at some yeah here we have a very strange under the old photo of him and his wife closely but Laura books which I think raises are a complete concerned because I know you are so rudely Jim if I may and I was not Richard Spencer about was a total ... informant used almost break up the libertarian movement that would that's been on the rise in the United States and re entrance are brought all I would hope Kessler agendas is just another suspect about interest you you put your you separate your bride audit I said brabus leader and Charlottesville Jason Castro was an Obama supporter it would occupy protester get there white supremacists and unite the right leader Jason castle was once reported a supporter and former president Bob in the occupied middle but according to the Southern Poverty Law Center an organization certainly no friend of conservatives Tassler revealed as political transformation around November 2016 a mutt that candidate Donald Trump on the presidential election it looks to me like he was asleep or he was just right insults right there's no better so I could be exploited on this occasion the right somebody does not turn for being an Obama supporter into being a white nationalist that simply aren't hurt you Jim it's like a any vegan turning extreme carnivore with that's a perfect analogy yeah yeah yeah don't wanna holdovers from Hillary Clinton's department of state that were involved in Charlottesville that apartment estate is now in the process of expanding the names of people who are involved in Charlottesville permits website when enough information was caught already done they'll them badly well are you that it would posted the terror attack was not but my 20 year old paths it wasn't stepped on by a 32 year old seasoned military veterans now it's been proven the car used was startled by the driver instead it was them provided by the US government it's a similar model but not exact a car the appeals actually don't have a sunroof clearly a better state record of this car use of the terror attack in la so I am a sloppy now dried her using a different car yeah holdovers really state department commenting on it and they got it explodes from the news you guys are not suppose to be there and we will start asking why what about that 1111 license plate a key player is this guy here branded Gilmore this is aren't we reflecting that the state department was involved in Charlottesville is trying to cover up this guy has a very interesting history do you get the US you work for the CI area now for a car this is a guy Johnny on the spot took photographs interviewed by CNN and MSNBC yes Sir are yours another report it turns out he was a chief of staff Brandon del bar further word on candidates were the governor to guess what the George Soros gave 250000 Tom hero low for the Virginia primary better so this guy who just happen to me there was a chief of staff for a go with it Torio candidate without 0.25000000 for George Soros you also coincidentally is a CI under cover off behind me this is very funny stop incredible in in general I'm there's reports that ... in there so many reports the day this ... van happen there's reports that a a police helicopter crash near by the actual rally and that's I think that's something that's kind of been under reported that's Hahnemann cotton desaturase should know you whole arrives to manage what we know about that yes Sir that's a great point dean because here we have a story about these guys they were monitoring the unfair there's speculation that they could have been taken down am according to the official narrative general because they knew what had happened better been 2 cars that this was a stage of rare on the other hand me when I look at the crash site and I've looked at a lot in relation to my research on mine the lab because we had claims planes that crashed in Shanksville and there was no debris whatsoever planes that crashed in the yeah a panic because I'm I was not of the massive pile of aluminum debris from 100 ton airliner there either yeah when I look at this what age it's very unclear to me that although this is supposed to be the fiery aftermath of the police helicopter crash in Charlottesville that the chopper exploded in a ball of flames in a residential neighborhood I gotta say I'm not quite convinced that this was borrowed a fight need further research no doubt will give us more on this aspect of the story very insisting on how I'm gonna change lanes real quick and you know summer saying this is not only the catalyst to true almost trample free speech events across the nation but this is another ... attach it shoe and another death blow to the president the United States is just going to be the the Trojan horse if you will that's going to take down own ... president trump and anyone hear anybody that supports him well let me give you several stories that would tend to substantiate what you're suggesting a radical left funded by George Soros is planning more racially fueled attacks remember we had during the campaign Soros was using black lives matter to disrupt and foment violence with Donald Trump efforts this site missile organization called it the anonymous anti fascism group appears to be in fact the embodiment of fascism it's very clever that they would attack is neo Nazis wells were protest in the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee was a national icon and great American under the guise that they were on democratic or anti American and what it's made themselves finance the rabid liberal left a great made for them who are very violent inept even made death threats against prop for some time now that's part of the story your school are now we all left is demanding that New York museum remove a statue of teddy Roosevelt can you imagine anything you are insane them that you hurt we get a report about it you all left is the man in the New York museum remove a teddy Roosevelt stats you daily why reported the protest organizers NYC stands would standing rock and equal colonizes twice also called for Columbus day can be renamed indigenous peoples day what we're talking about dean here is trying to destroy earth icons that represent the history of the United States if we no longer have the access to our identity we lose our character is a nation Donald Trump has spoken out quite brilliantly about this asking what snacks are we gonna take down statues of Thomas Jefferson for example who had slaves or George Washington who had slaves there are those who are attacking him from the lab for not being strong enough in condemning the the so called are extremists on the right but it looks as though this whole thing was that he engineered and manufactured by extremists on the left most stunningly here is the latest report me bombshell connection between Charlottesville Soros CI a same players involved in Ukraine overthrow working behind the scenes out strop published by IWB there says just calm outstanding stymied stopped me very incredible times Jim indeed are credible time in history ... will I I wanna concluded their jam because ... in essence I if anybody's it is putting this altogether is there's a racial divide that's being pushed by the corporate controlled media push by outside influences ... from from all over the world in it you know in my online time Jim and I it's it we've had the greatest racial harmony ever since the 19 sixties and and it's really sad to see that being destroyed by false narratives being crushed by are people litter related not pro American or pro free people so I'm gonna leave that concluded there Jim I want to thank you for joining us today you're in treatment holds a press report up for Jim Sasser that shooting Ryan we stay awake and we'll see you on your wrist let me see if I've got it this time being I hope so I'll cry hope so I can't make any promises on just you and I //

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