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"2017-09-16 17:43:52"
Intel Update - Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan (9-16-17)
\\good morning ladies and gentlemen this is still where birds do and ... today were going to a short briefing I've done it again on with me and as John we'll be talking about some trolls go ahead well we got it that now people right away then I am right now violence and events to take place that Americans all that ever happens in the American revolution they all have the I. division of violence now under level of education by various grand juries operate here that State Bank and this goes back over 20 years a prison 20 years of the 20 years of treason now you know I hate to get into a tit for tat with individuals on internet but it of course that we don't lose more to set the record straight at my postal well that their lives ... we have to our goods are girls very diverse as the it's a measurable has been all there and beg for money his name is Larry Nichols ... he's a 7 suppose no there was no longer going back to 1990 former CI a assassin and of course using it as well work for Kenneth Starr the alleged individual that was most remote corner problems not at that place and one of the reasons generally it was likely it is better to have a standard that we can't make the most they are eligible that 11:00 tomorrow and Monday Monday but ... he continues the family of Terry gel Jeff sessions just a little late for a moment revival of charge of just those namely high treason right now as we speak added by the graduate United States Donald Trump has produced or evidence and sessions off with your user I. not about the blackmail incredulous countries out of reach levels of our president origin but that medical it was hard for Canada star ... now he also worked with a guy named Ted got percent have the Activision number 5 does not mind that it might we get our report that the grand juries have evidence that Nichols memo whose time covering up were trying to do what we call pilot bitch evidence that would put Clinton emotion president going back to begin Arkansas deal room our products arms or prodigy counterfeiting aborigines knows no north in general John Spiro general Secord but got their careens in trouble because about Martin folks this book is well worth reading I helped get it printed ... the conspirators al Martin rolled out because it's got a lot of financial stuff it's got no men connected them and myself connected to Denver all the stuff he was involved with the was one of 1800 columns 2400 up died in 2073 alone and there were not very high identical size behind this I'm a religious ... born again virgin a bunch of most of the morning now real quick if I may engines were group for a moment on ... Nichols there's a tape recording on YouTube forward slash do web STD W. W. E. BB one the number one and look at don't listen to the audio it's about our our private tape we made because he thought he was going to dire claiming me but he talked to me about who he was talking to okay can't move and you know when BCC I bank credit commerce international what was suppose to have a blanket Jackson Stephens narcotics money longer to Denver and BCC I that's where they moved a lot of money ... earlier outlaw bank Jonathan baby I work with him time magazine matter practice there's stories you did for me that led to that by my blog FBI back during that period of time but what happened laws general John single of this group took over for general Secord which group now you're where John that Secord and Ted Gundersen both were answered the general John sing lots are correct yeah yeah yeah extract or even date most of central intelligence a you know that yes and I mean I was attacked by the gunners grout for Jesus for 5 years they were trying to ruin my reputation course it couldn't do it but there were more people to believe that this Gundersen because you such a bike you know but his sidekicks cross dressing Timmy white cross dresser but pin him like a horse without a license and a chorus gain that hal Moore drew's ass in jail you got to deal with the F. B. I. folks he was facing 5 years minimum federal offense reflecting grown marijuana in his backyard in a warehouse district okay arguably towards do not out in 6 months got to deal with the F. B. I. works for them destroy 0 hours a month and a computer all day drawn for people I can report that DR Rangers have evidence that numbers of actually investing in origin by the FBI vision of revival vacated Mickelson paralyzed albeit in that it and then to date the evidence was clear as well as hard path that Nichols and FBI division I'm 5 spent a lot of time all of Kevin's star 500 and vice president Al Gore somehow afraid memo that could have been some kind of religious political fundraising and I think that in order to have a have a process ... basically with the ultra columns assess domestic assassination teams has a continent portion Gundersen wants anything but work will still no doubt point right because of this hostile or can't you grab the need really died from this error as I I was told it was like in my opinion I don't know I'll tell you why he was it was it was assassinated for my sources ... I guess you know that that's their opinion he was not very good about the global level yet that indirect contact with that is very general Janet Reno it was actually an ally or against what distortion and the individual that was actually working for bush for getting tennis star in this FBI agent replied gain would be is that the parent General this criminal a driverless Eric holder Eric holder Eric holder regulated by along with George Stephanopoulos Kenneth Starr's all investigation obviously they got rid of Janet if you're going to close a deal recovery in a yard and they want to get day they wanted to get rid of of gore but what are the other clearly failed her junior taught in 2000 that's obvious beyond and in the end we got called me and here is ex FBI director deserve to be fired that was a slut over to justice department to the bushes and the Clintons and it was covered up whitewater if they'd look at whitewater which was casa Grande evokes casa CA essay Randy in Colorado right after between Denver and Dallas ... Colorado springs that was a huge chunk of the missing money fluffed from just a couple SNL's in Arkansas that was Millman myself Daddy bush Clinton's got a low COG I think she heard $10000 investment would go 100 grand on something you know overnight that year reported difficult photocopy well please is the fact that matters is that and a saintly life instead of as time has found nothing out looking like it's been this morning and I'm like in every single and people got to remember not a peep budget engagement with children and repository they inspectors all day for the Israeli Massad that you pass out tell me a credible activities up close at hand the bushes in the main Arkansas operation and look at him problems political assassinations now that's a bigger house in pain and Oregon senator Fred Thompson a live Republican from Tennessee ... that kept the evidence of the domestic trials colors bush both him and the argument vision number 5 assassination teams out of the Clinton impeachment trial because the most satisfying to read what we built designed to help you know be politically and heard more politically now tariffs and vital is I think that I have been around for years Thompson added directly to individual bank John Karen brown out of little rock Arkansas deliver those characters John Karen brown yes they want to cast our algorithms into that and they were out the style we don't want who had evidence that would have both Clinton and bush as president at that time look Lawrence Walsh who started this investigation when Daddy bush was still president and Ross Perot came in because use my stop I use doctor pokes all the time out more productive for awhile Margie slow numbers but he wouldn't take your calls return of all time when I call to get my column spot he ran around someone might evidence of theft of savings loan Hutton of stuff going on we push Daddy bush out step back and I called miss it would make Ross after giving you the information Dave for anyway point as he steps back in a race that injured interpreting in and they sting operation folks later on that I don't want to mention but each made Millman page you too far we're looking at that yeah well yeah I guess and and I remember that time period in the late nineties working directly with a lot of people in the US military closed out the motion look they've committed all these recall acts of treason sedition selling weapons and yet in one tanks fighter jets Apache helicopters everything through Saint Louis Missouri down there granite city steal the disappears data 8 that Prescott junior bush ... was operating still probably is shoving stuff down the Mississippi River okay in crates with U. S. kernels stamp in the approval fighter jets being shipped down there with a little lady timeline people there and that their pocket in the money back in the nineties when I am when they started this program 50 but basically I map if not we will but didn't share of their plan was amazed at the blue Jay Rockefeller vice president you can figure out a way to bring more so the earlier time period how I was like we all want that lead gore said that it was trying to get the 27.$5000000000000 along that vice president more we turn to the west green out and wishing well ... Eli Pariser around one at an afternoon in fact all the documents entire Kenneth Starr investigation dealing with the high treason by Clinton and bush bush and Clinton and suddenly out of nowhere I got a call reviews these Kenneth Starr Stooges out of little rock ark on Larry at that thought John and Karen brown basically I'm more houses actually that hard won at least a month and as you said that bin laden and want to fax me I mean within an hour I got a call from John Aaron brown and obviously they would have had my back bag that we that we have internet and she said I know you might have some low eyes I did you find those we're going to not one but I did finally went down if you but well we have back to the doctor tasty I was catching a lot of facts about and this guy is jazz stars not just on the verge of the probe arms but also just because Walter Thompson was also covered up yeah we'll have a live band against our it's a time to the Washington post about what works ... and had him so you know I don't okay well beyond that you usually don't have a job violent action. we have a shot yeah I mean that guy was a cover up my skirt that Lawrence Walsh had everybody in died including Daddy bush it was sealed indictment and they didn't release it until after he left office well by that time the judge would do craft Clinton's course gets rid of Lawrence Walsh and bring some stooge in for a couple months from the justice department he leaves and start takes it over I'm Robert echo Ewing Ewing Kaufman arguing Ewing errors were device name was down there was a one night I dealt with one time and that was enough and believe me I got a lot of heat talk like I okay but knowing let's say has arm which mainly really and a Republican from the state of Tennessee Wharncliffe Fred Thompson and all about it okay really was that he was shit and that's our site kobza album of all the okay besides the fact that out expects them to the vice president's office Jones is that he said the entire Kenneth Starr investigation that the vice president gore everything everything ... now at that point during the time we train in the transmission of the documents were taking place only for eating the that have the I. Graham who was a snow day Americal personally abortion clinic healthy tightly tied to the children's defense fund New York state the whole thing the whole Fairfax version yeah during the translation was I'm that's completely alright yeah that's a very long distance but Bob it's imperative that basically it was just a ball of shit out okay yeah and and I can tell you that ... back okay that that that that's what took place places a lot of Monty but can't get their apartment in the schools and I would like are that other than mentally ill lesbians no requested Attorney General Eric holder and shot up my porch step up okay designated them all take most of what was one politically so that they could keep clinical avoid paying off even the prosecutors always be and whatever the bush crime family we get like that I would like to set the record straight on and and and and the goals can go up on a challenge which is really the sad news and and and go vote we care to children a job search on the court case and told us that just shut alright and I think that's what it comes down to right now that's patrol what did your family here and pops about and I what else is available about it now well Brian we know that the best place whether directly illegal espionage against the United States of America including the best buys most this is only hello I I don't want to you know you know the celebration is a blast because the Germans to the Arabs within that 20 years and you know and so anyone that promotes to this guy it's probably a treat all individuals that have something okay not I struck you brought neck learned Nichols off that you've got to try to be in his group with general John sing law and I had Gundersen died general Danzig lobsters and pokes people who became my friend for a couple years and all this stuff and actually when he was down living and the Dallas Cowboys owner that died in his house simply not been dry and Billy nettle lady drive 80 grand over retirement money anime Newman if she was witnessing told me about being in Dallas Texas at the at the ranch working that day and the night before Kennedy got murdered and the day he got harder advice show back up got drunk was laughing about the killed Kennedy okay but here's Gundersen down there and why would the guy leaves the estate the Dallas Cowboys his personal state was left in the control of dead Gundersen why was that okay during a pretty time he says almost 2 I got nippy condo there on the fifth floor in Las Vegas I need somebody to watch it nobody's living there and all that that's my place so I I lived there for about 8 or 9 months you know moved out and he had this killer is that what you check this guy out this guy to chase people down streets charm from behind after they came to collect $150 he owed violence one moving some stuff from one house to another where he had inherited some junk and a place to live from his parents his mother was in a nursing home and Gundersen was gonna take over her trust he had it all planned out any kept promising this anime Newman well I filed a restraining orders against these people because they tried to have me arrested he had a swat team coming in here and after 4:00 hours interrogation they laughed and gave me a form to have the house specs I need to put the evidence back up on the internet it's already up Jeremy who just lets on novel when he was a troll share here trying to smash me and he's tried to smash several other people but Michael were college suitable in jail for open Anderson mouth about Daddy bush's Inslaw stolen installed software which was a prosecutor software which ended up in Daddy bush a satellite okay west star they can move light and sound in midair folks move it twisting turning whatever they want to okay that's the technology from Inslaw Gary moshling you're here right yeah and that you know technology comes it's just alien technology stone or stone estilo we any hyphen are that they shot Tom within me I killed our friend Otis Johnson with because said he'd been hit with that when he was in the hospital well you know I just want to say one more day news Daddy bush E. systems Raytheon Corp offense ... department fence contractor it needs to be shut down in these drugs come in from Afghanistan don I've learned here in the past couple days we're going to yeah but not noster Missouri with what Whiteman airforce base or whatever it is you're in Missouri but it isn't going there any longer gets worse going Jeb bush in homestead Air Force base climbed for drones in there from Afghanistan hello everyone else memorializing them all allow to connect the dots one more time that's my theory started his old basically destinations in advance ... would help wanted myself ... at 80 individual in Arkansas main they'll call her baby was about to blow the whistle you won't get moody insurance that moment stole from what about to unleash a bunch of documents to which would have negative bullshit quite incredible should put an end to this shit right then and there and he has contacted Bob Woodward of The Washington Post yeah but I Bob Woodward said I'll meet you at a restaurant Lockerbie song clearly now probably that high which was was leading the charge in a Washington post they have Al Gore investigated for regular fund raising phone call from the long will most ridiculous thing I've ever and at that so awkward by Sarah little rock Arkansas and of course what happens in the oval promoting and he's on the way to the last time that the documents in the back of his tongue he gets out of it's not it's not over by a car here that you did homeless behind the assassination of noble devoted FBI division number but Larry Nichols I can understand him like get the carriage star domestic jewel colors assassination so over gets all the documents somehow it's like baking watching DC every label voter appeal preventing no see Gundersen you can back up from Texas moves in there and I moved out I stole mail it because you know financial general John sing well you know does run there for a few days and I ask about it Osceola well that goes way back with me single of all this stuff well it's time Gundersen was pushing the patriots in the patriot community I call he was pushing this investment to buy a condo on a piece of ground in Baja California Mexico the blonde to general John sing log we're seeing large airplane caught fire 1 of the engines in 1990 I believe it was or not 89 or 1991 in that time frame probably goo and find it got caught fire for drugs DA was out there for you Mexican police whatever but the D. E. A. end up confiscate near general John sing lullabies back for 10 cents on the dollar buzz about in a corporate name but he was in the control of a general John sing lobs headquarters was a Phoenix Arizona on camelback mountain and across the hall from general John sing off with Warner Bros securities which was maps amount of security fraud by the bushes and water the nephew run into that needs to be investigated and down the hallway was a Lincoln savings I got drawn a blank right Christmas Lincoln savings who who is that don it wasn't that it was cracked all sports goal always advise my identity litigators says that their peers by an FBI division never by the office public health not in California Gardena excuse me 310-516-1109 I get the skull vote don you do too but ... Charles Keating Lincoln savings it was down the hallway so you had seen a lot Charles Keating and Walter bush securities all on the same floor and a buddy of mine I think draw blanks for some reason and I do have a concussion that's been doing this stuff but he was murdered in 2002 or 2004 whichever works and ... anyway he used you're gonna trash vehemently spew and found notes from secret service notes Daddy bush unbelievable stocking I don't want to tell you that said that we got notes about what we're against publishing of the Washington post and their connections that via vision of the cloud you know a lot I I did want reports people to go that that the president of the United States now from the legitimate president I might Obama's toward brought alive junior sodomite bush fraud as is the survival attempt to call him in the White House again the 70 ... that is that it yeah yeah yeah yeah your separation account against him was being basically scripted by this guy Kelly movies god in their chief of staff yep general carries a general go jogging drug it have a joint murder that's and we got a serious problem well we got everything it back that we would you know ... every now host of saying everything is piled up that one this all this stuff over the years is becoming a gigantic circular firing squad and he's he was going on right now is Kelli as compromise as we as we reported that they use programs the security of the present nightshade human that presents the concerns which intrinsic whatsoever because charity plight I like watch a lot of president United States average Joe Kennedy is nothing viable shampoo forcibly Daddy bush's junior junior the satellite fraud both raptors delay possibly got copies of those photographs and accords in 19821981 John Hinckley ideal bush crime family puppet show which ... was was hired at a church that through aptly I division number by Dennis yeah to assassinate president Reagan we try to place very deadly deadly the work order exactly what the White House yeah you know again and this was the way it if they can't eventually what they try to do they can't silence you if they can't blackmail you if they can't bribe you they kill you well I know that I mean look 2010 the canyon I Paul black trash not the 2 of them Stooges there have been you know hanging together phone me consistently and I kept nosing black people around me in different cars and then then the cars should resurface in log time sink tags to be moved to a different car and ... one of those games it turns out to be you know here they were able to slide right up alongside of me and bounce off the walls went right laughter wrote me on a concrete barrier broke my neck folks hospital no bed emergency for 2 days tense appear then 5 months later I heal up for 6 months later and go back to work I was able to work one year to date some bastard slams me in the ass and why am stopping I'd seen earlier at all earlier Kaelin me any slams me then Jackson Stephens cousin drug smuggler Jay Stephens of Kansas city Missouri who I laid up in 1990 along with 8 IRS agent that was investigating the Silverado house 0 plot accounts it would be special corporations in June I have discovered okay there is a stone look from the US treasury my Daddy bush been bringing in all these drugs using see I but she found the 0 caught accounts with Jay Stephens truck driving school couple trucks running from ... ... step towards warehouses down in Springfield Missouri up to Kansas city and Saint Joe Holland drugs now he's calling from Florida up the east coast according to gene chip take okay the guy runs under me at 65 miles an hour shows around me and bounces on my left side after tailing me and I intensely got off the freeway and back on and getting you to and he had to do in his body along with him behind it and I took all and I was going Spiegel okay all if any comes up slams me in the website and that did the upper part of my back twisted these barbers whenever stay in place I can't lift dawn heavyweight anymore it moves my back so you don't hear us so security disabilities Dr home orthopedic doctor as he but he says I see people all the time Mr weapon he says you came in here with documented evidence and he says you're definitely disabled they'll not available at the age now I had to back away from the suit recently because of them hitting me in the head no attorney to represent me and I was coming up to a time frame and the judge says you still happen to be your best web I will give you another year you have one more year to find an attorney but we're not going to even take this postponements one he says just reviled well I mean attorney books this attempted assassination by Jay Stevens truck driving school you member blown my tires out fuck back in 1990 doing the same thing in 91 to the IRS agent bringing heat down on your head on TV 5 member that punk every senior I'm a put of both your head which you know every match it got even and and a whole lot of money laundering and drug writing that I think made out of course patent singles was very not too drunk to take me out 2000 my love and I get we point out too that these grand juries have evidence now dealing with the assassination of the former governor Jerry terrain back in 2000 a car and had the evidence I'm we have military angle it was the governor of the state ... that was being used by pushing planets around their operation to Jackson's even little rock they lose military in fact the night of the final debate between then and now vice president gore and governor junior your father will be on call ... stayed hard and was about to fly that evidence given to Saint Louis and give it long before the debate I really never got there he was assassinated I was shot down by the true colors assassination which will probably continue to operate on American soil I do get rich except dumps and he has done and that's why that night of that debate the people we called for warm though which is junior fraud junior sodomite lot like you wanted to be sure that the member that's been going she knew right that that your father well the killer that he had dark government carinata best okay so that that's another snowstorm that now this is a legal form to be doing the ship period yeah I mean that folks you know I'm Adam that I learned if you don't drive if you drive a vehicle you stay off the freeway that's one thing what's your favorite spot okay second you better be having gonorrhea should somebody in the head they rarely intercept 11 right I can tell you right now a lot more it's morning that ... Hillary little lesbian a lot of human beings have to yell out of control and has put together a whole room to get what of people she wants death our people and close your myself that people she wants to use under you know there's out of control executive order 12333 that show your farm signed after 911 which basically using intelligence agencies all you're sort of in the CIA ordered the assassination without the consent of the present is that fair sold out drunk if you parallel to the White House yeah well under executive order 123333 that's the presently isolates itself is a domestic parents carousel enclaves now ha told us yeah you would not believe yeah yeah now the shifts gotta stop now folks I'm asking everybody take to order go to Donald Trump even if you don't have to water gap created to order can't go go look up pocus and real Donald Trump between drain the swamp half scared during the song see what's there post maybe there you hashtag through simple do we get our letter to the president it's up on the internet site children Twitter Twitter this week every by listen the show right in front of websites to letter did president Donald Trump from whistle blowers Domon Iran that if you have not read it you need to reach out I just lost but you know again we say that by the end yeah bush remains the most dangerous man or using as a scary technology he says the the tribe and his own country live decent living what they sell basically ... floating shelves they can incinerate the entire east coast it had never okay and hear certain many things explosives like and that lesson and then try victims and then dealt with ... incentives with strangers presidents my own feeling is that the entire bush Clinton crime family said they get blah blah should be yeah under extreme to prejudice so that they can have any one of them can ever does in this country what they had done to I'm in agreement with you don't all that they are they are beyond high treason the fact that a good charges can bubble beyond high treason and yeah I guess when they turned it into but I think that killed and population under their own country research whether alien technology now lurkers real folks the higher or a frequency project whatever and bush more paraded this within the government and it was the Alaskan pipeline oil which was you know them and our 6 corporations in front of British patrolling them now bill 6 corporations one on bush had won a mailman in moments take it all from up there to a refinery in California southern California here now that was off the book scrap is pure profit myself and control that fraudulent free oil now but that's the money laundering through the bushes they better bet this seal Meyer Lansky Jewish crime syndicate you know had just by for Congress in the seventies version the is is a recall his mafia one of the council of 13 the college which of struggling not to Satan himself appears when I go kill a baby and drinks blood Daddy bush's appointees pigs could do this one human each grandmother won't eat the baby drinking his blood to say this is one sick person in the skull and dealt with with extreme prejudice and I'm in agreement with you now this extreme prejudice Mekong before justice comes you may come in a different form of justice and where that closer going moment Alan our satellites that got a mama's Toro flies you know having that oral sex in the back of the limousine with their music Claire life story from K. and the mentally ill lesbian elderly breaking a 19 year old girl cast your mind more than that there were several girls he she she's a big Hollywood literature here ha junior Nazi bush tried adding Alabang injured again in the White House the bodybuilder evidence recently Victor Ashe the former mayor of national trend is unique and personal attack the eighties when he was engaging in anal sex what that was various individuals as satanic cult while the individually which have an intellectual and was happy and sad faces at base camp dawn so I mean this is a tactic that you deal with it by the way people say top my kids go with the goal scorer cooking that was in the hill hill beast zine economic value yeah yeah most of all because he does that all the other on his leg I hope you guys the media keeps attacking you know Michael Flynn though right yeah so that that that that that evidence was right in front of Mr sessions those I just can't do it defense session every local okay not general John sing law I mean he was tied in with Lincoln savings and and all that crap and they were all tied together I'm aware that I was aware that Gundersen was getting letters from asking why all these these one to get donations well now Gundersen had just fraudster they've been in jail for 18 or 20 years committed security frogs and they put together disponible onih ... new ... condominium project $0 down so much a month any actually got people to kick in that made by 100 grand off the off the patriots and here in America I thought you fucking crooks they are going to build this and I'll go that's general John sing logs property that's where the land the drugs so I thank you very much once again we brought you an emergency briefing today about how this country is coming apart and I just want to say to everyone out there being locked and loaded get ready to defend yourself you never hear subject George you have a constitutional right as early as we speak that's long gone we need to wait implement the constitution every day to take direct orders our forefathers George Washington Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine no we never what kind of job she said but it is very useful to have a problem the best friend of the slain man if it's got it's got that's what it comes down to like Yahoo even really brand not tell you that they need to be asking god to intervene and and and and buyer trump to arrest these people immediately yeah but I don't want to be I don't know we're going to have to do it folks I mean that's what it's going to come down to lose hope Congress Senate except for gabber from Hawaii and ... and ... there rand Paul the rest of them need to be arrested you need to start doing recalls it can be done it's legal in 42 states it's simple the pilot I'll put it up recalled dumping my site recall petitions Stargate read this Congress Senate they're not doing what they're told to do I would say this yeah of the highly charged range they the sight of each other where they can really know he's buying you have problems with violence constitutional rights the trick is can you describe the bill of rights call your local better and jewel through 2243121 and tell them that if you vote for this Kermit high treason against this country high treason everything and and and and and and and you will be that identified as a bunch very let them know that because they're scared back there they know they can they can they know that if you had to go in the town hall meetings had been screened out by the by the by the public us the owners of this government we are the government next time we're going to have to get physical to remove some of the satanic felt said there I put a stop to this crap miss Daddy bush in his Z. systems are right the owner department of defense toys that he's in control of needs to be stopped pollutant is given instructions on harp which is being run by a space ink our Colorado springs and they're keeping the records on everybody in possibly summit Missouri outer south whiskey and city idea underground out there just east of like wood or West Lake would everybody knows that you can't city and ... it's underground they got one down and you know Illinois my Saint Louis and I got one near Atlanta Georgia not at all ties in to gather with a lot of thanks Daddy bush and his E. systems folks is E. system spying on everybody listen everybody trap backdoors Inslaw with foreign intelligence and foreign governments it's got Michael recruit workers were conned shuttle imprisoned still a year 0.5 after his maximum sentence if he would have to do he still jail time ridiculous who put in there Ted Gundersen illegally seniors involved in a drug lab of which he was not and that wasn't the only one gutters have put into Robert booth Nichols I believe you will see a road of book about bastard okay so this goes way back Hoover boy you're talking about you talk about Larry Nichols General John sing lot will avoid okay tell me who told me the talks to Bibi Netanyahu about once we that's what I was treated as a war criminal here's a direct bearing in America yet inside of who's involved with 911 he wants Daddy that after his host president of annihilation he would know every western capital of western Europe because they basically at western Europe east of concern in the shade of Christianity address of the type of that last piece of shit details anymore he spied on Al Gore when there's a lot of their unethical and the Israeli Massad in 1998 0.5 after that somehow that there is any of those who love you dealing with that I mean I can only say 1 thing it was the media continues to be the director of the American people and that we discussed our previous I shall they are still up there lying in leaving their being paid $1000000 a year they look almost work as they get in the middle of the street the French Revolution seeing the different people things always arranged we call that Jack Benny and ray which exists only of the American and French cultures it's revolutionary rage the 2 countries that all that rated make them great revolution for the purpose well I'm out of that very problem jacket really arrange and Jack opinion rate when taken to an extreme will take all court jesters out of the street no I mean really lives in their own citizens covering up on behalf of the criminal on the Titans they get paid that's what these people face relate you know I wouldn't shed works I got nice shedding some balance just about right someone gave me as a gift and ... she pulling me ever cut your head off also I want to thank you again for allowing us to present this allegedly clearing I know you need help there did you tell is go online went back behind I give him a PayPal contribution given some help he really hates it and I think it helped delighted to welcome them to actually look at the wrong time grandchildren here I'm trying my best to get through this and my family lost that here and we've both been here you know lot lolicon murderous I mean yeah and knock me out split my skull and then hits me again a week if we get it they're not a week 0.7 months later seein double for 2.5 months I mean is it's been pretty well I'm back to where I could see story Michael doing stuff on the internet now Tom you were hospitalized McDonald's while I'm in here is certain kinds of people got to heal up and I think it take this for a long I'm still trying to capture my memory this is getting to be medically reckless and I've been occasional nice little spare myself here but I need help too final financial my whole career was destroyed by by people whose nation against many by the bushes and Clintons so I ask you brought up today ... Palestinian again Nietzschean you know China I'm at 1.806 allows straight he now you know apartment what a lot of that's how much she had on them aging and we usually don't travel one for example since glottal scream and yell and all other mollified band I yeah menu wire and then you lie and not for him 911 11 I was once again like to say a prayer here you can just change of Jesus Christ our savior toward the buying homes near it detective marathon that all my life to god and in this film but I haven't first of all gang of evil of Satan they have never hal Moore the righteousness very glorious victory we have our memory let's not seclusion bring has total liberation and eternal salvation but the light of god Jesus only name imminent thank you John yeah but you you do a Russian company has created a metal device like something out of Star Trek it's amazing you can now buy technology that was proven almost 100 years ago by royal rife and then covered up by a cricket medical system and the fake news on television royal rife was a brilliant scientist born in 1888 by 1920 and then and only microscope able to see a virus by 33 he created a microscope able to magnify objects 60000 time right figured out how to destroy harmful viruses and microbes by vibrating them at the resonant frequency in 1934 U. S. C. appointed a committee to bring terminal cancer patients to arrive San Diego clinic for treatment after 90 days the committee concluded 86.5 percent of the patients had been completely cure treatment was then adjusted and the remaining 13.5 percent procured within 4 weeks the total recovery rate using oil rights technology was 100 percent he was honored in newspapers around the world at first in the end Rives life work and equipment were seized bribes were given and Rives company was bankrupted in the corrupt legal so Roy rights work was forgotten and doctors went back to prescribe mean pills and potions that don't work those days are now closed Lawrence of the future imagine killing virus like HIV hepatitis even the flu demo tracks by shaking them to death well according to scientists it may be possible new research determining that motion at high frequencies could actually kill someone viruses this is a very interesting a mathematical model right now that was created al-assad's there are over 100 forms of parasites in the human body but they can all be cured now with the Russian device the Russian device proven to cure many diseases and clinical studies is amazing but it's just one of the things you'll learn about in my free ebook suppressed health secrets secret cures you must know get that suppressed health you can also get it using the link in the description of this video I want everybody to spread the word about this stuff thank you so much //
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Mueller Gave Comey Immunity! Webb, Heneghan (9-10-17)
\\good afternoon ladies and gentlemen this is still Roberts do and it is and September the our tent I believe it Sunday September the death 2017 I have taught him to get on with me what's the latest with you Tom or do you hear well still earlier that morning large data many brands and where a lot of reports that yeah special counsel there yeah well not she has given James can help me get nudity from prosecution boy did I mean it ... now that basically that what that that loser liberal conspiracy between calming and relearn ... to basically have struck just as I'm every level exactly each takes the club on a whole bunch of them Mohammed crime badly so begin now we have to remember again that the special counsel supported by laws that this Israeli was balanced nutrition so solitary general of course I was once again a stone throw the ... mountains of the motions of mail bombs I'm we're hearing that he was appointed narrowly defined as family registrar that's correct called was Allison let's go for what he's done is committed countless dollars yeah abstracted just doesn't know we email investigation he gave 505 of these witnesses including an alternate Cheryl mills and the unity thanks for nothing ... she allegedly heard gain no self well I don't I just horrified laptop computers lesbians sodomite filled that ... also remember that never out there that well 7 you remember that you know that is the goal of our intelligence operation against that down trumpets family and millions of other Americans who were opposed to kill it ... striker by this bogus British telling about how she felt changed a lot as well as they show all of these people probably thought about why because it will come out of all these people that were about this alleged Russian things that are cut out for British intelligence and it doubtless looking guy happens that is I was a little chat representatives shall as good as representative trade out and it's sitting right out that a jury general sessions laugh that the I'll ask you the legal LSAT firearms GI is mine now it was triggered by this British intelligence basket but directly Islam and as say James clapper GI a John Brennan and not out of the church and I Obama's National Security Advisor so this whole operation was illegal unconstitutional they're all it is true Adolf Hitler Nazi Gestapo fashion no I don't have a voice and a state whistleblower Dennis Montgomery you just have to one will help the dissemination they shipped to lighten our Shabazz savages resigned his position in the U. S. calms lies he is being blackmailed by that by getting bush by the close knives and I have some stuff that there's someone is Tony it all about guys in with what you're saying don I'll send it over to you know later on we post folks if it's something that the need to go off go ahead yeah are you know this this is that we also have a more that charge users also have discovered now the fact that they individual not even Josip Broz all wallstreet journal orderlies parroted by the CIA and saying CI a domestic assassination things and it was a wallstreet journal reporter who was investigating 8 out 80 pharmaceutical drugs scandal involving once again that violence and their violation and it was about the match but beyond our means Vera 0 Paul Allen yeah Blatt and a double order shall come to anything guarded zealously now those massive $0 drug ... pharmaceutical drugs gamble was that ... . when they worship generation and members of British intelligence but the Obama administration allegedly had sanctions on Russian now this information on this latest barbecue in Islam I'm not mmhm ... now hiring call it global growth where why don't we show up anymore sure growing a lot of you what do you think yeah I think so I think so but apparently Clark I like him but Ramsey Clark I like to like hot breath 100 to turning Joni the mob the mob you know the location ballot and not well you're dealing with very very little yeah you know it had I mean let's just get worse and worse every day and this guy surgeons isn't it up to him obstructing justice I guess Clinton questionable all that I have Islam why did sessions get immunity from you I'm a little shaky the head of a monopoly game it's called go see Robert Mueller if you're part of the deep state and get your get out of jail free card I mean because that's what this is coming down this was banana Republic activity of the highest order no we wrote and you know I wrote a letter to the president the Attorney General Senate I can't say who the ... what one hears his I'm a former attorney that it's in there is on the front of the I just wanna say yes he says is read one paragraph so people get and read the whole thing several letters or pages long how former attorney that was involved opposing the monopolization hospital supplies 130 total of 3.1000000000000 U. S. healthcare Spain and Italy Stuart Webb was a son in law president George HW bush's college roommate Leonard Millman who took over the organized crime empire Meyer Lansky and laundered the bush family wealth acquired through the church in a public assets into private patrol protected by a vast network of governmental corruption now estimated to be of $100000000000000 and Tom him again was the opposition researchers were vice president Albert gore and work ... worked with returning the Reagan mitterand protocols to the US treasury we have written this letter to alert you to this organized threat to net to the nation and national security steps that need to be done immediately detect talked of real estate and real property Dido did the United States it provides majority of the resource is being used by this organization which we call the network against the nation and your administration now people need to take a look at this because is very serious and we need to be ... ... posted up on a Twitter and Facebook everything hit down drops a fair process anyway specialist Legler unless you know the other thing that is being covered up big time as the benefit of that's why they went after when let's go all the files on the debut of Polish Val I'm John tragic stretched out traffic they were looking all kinds of just satanic sodomite activity but I elaborate last about one tenth the ritual abuse I think they called or something you know that the psychosis or whatever they were going to enter the name they give them but comes down the bottom line may need to be taken out and executed for their crimes against humanity well you know we've got a lot of everything clearly transgender lighting Michael we shall now we've got good looking couple changes we got really rate of 13 year old girls that are complete job at that he's got the files on there and we could get get forget Michelle a gay Michael ... but in forget him and George 8 George W. bush fraud get on down there at that let the cops ... the funeral you know later on published that yeah we can now report that you have brought up by voters gauges sexual activity until you know why don't we leave well this is awkward dancing all high on cocaine and I'm like Chris get all excited and souls bush rode in on ours got a like a put up with this well what is your eyes bug averaging over coke addiction you know turn off our horses wages via television Robert White House Doug and major Asher's development course this guy Arabs we parted back in the eighties was part of a satanic cult you probably gave it an oral sex with this guy while he was a but while they what what is what is official while the individual 7 double time well I think that I can hardly be part of the guy who was involved in favor of the satanic cult yeah how is that we don't want people that were bought property that's what job you're probably living in Chelsea I'll mention that well you know lugar locally that goes on they ought to go see this raid by the ATF slash it gave me a copy of and ... it's very potent ... a blaster real plaster and up very potent and ... ... it's a satanic above grade are raised by the ATF FBI on a drug house and when the Rangers struggles a fund out there doing it ... ritual but ... market cut somebody's head off put it in a box the ship to somebody else and they got blood all over and to average looking women in the problem twenties thirties whatever they were and they find other great books on this video still just put gin satanic worship or whatever and it's it's in there have often bush's but there's a video shown disregard of activity when all you know Google search should be over that years ago basically said he had be 18 or over to watch it or whatever so I put it up on my side only every human being on the planet please these are being up a review on it because it's real this spirit cooking crap what he'll kill the beast Hillary Clinton AKB Hilda pixie speaks now. you know it's out of tell about spirit could okay station usually can't worship I'm not that familiar with the actual ritual itself is that the return of the light that that is basically what they're doing is they're trying to bring the devil to their questions initially got the person's face off isn't that true and then they put it on their face them with a mask and he'll just gets around with a big build all of stops at news there if he or she and you know where from behind is it lasers are dying and why they got their face on them that's sick that's sick shipped that that it was like bang bang problem result I was you know this is a lot of guys that Alger crawling British trade yeah I remember that that you know that and again as we have pointed out we conclude that what we like am I going at George Wishart can prove it will prevent a robot Gallup morning were there black now is that there was no less interference whatsoever he was election with all the shit out of and remember this whole espionage operation against the American people make on average get won the battle of the Reichstag fire engineers will charge like by like a on that one Vidalia patriot act enables act any final executive order calls like order 12333 which is called all of the US government to see I Mashal security ... the intelligent volley 16 intelligent they were swept into one unit that's why we need a huge reporting extreme intelligence agencies all going forward watching that our marriage will also develop if they did they I'm a little about why villages they see I weigh in this not think John Brennan was also involved in the illegal Spock placard reading right alternativos wild rice has a test by the clapper perjured that relativity perjury get in front of our you have the FBI under 100 others I think patrolled executive order 15 believe greatly and a little set up this that's quite all night because Fabolous regular water junior bush junior nastygal Sean that well liked by the American people appointed by the Supreme Court with less thought willow was popular that is what we're dealing like Adolf Hitler to me I thought it really should have found he was appointed by now I should really verbalize that now you know interviews where Marshall lost same thing placing your your frog course above the bush family are not these does god knowledge base and they they were told that they should never log because of their of their freedom with a office somehow they got around that Lee Barton and mystery I ate because they brought in the nineties I laziness is looking at that's a lot of religion or philosophy but I what we're dealing with right now is that how the whole job to some degree watching this guy dealer grant immunity all these levels or bother you just define it drop to begin with and a little bit of problem solving themselves against the American people all that yet again you are that's all I ate out of the country school would've broken over the whole secret smile all the well let me ask when the customs large Oresteia a lot of money with a federal court judge in Colorado the flow by Larry Mize all along so I think it's just yeah yeah I have a I think we should write a book beyond about Adam I think we talk about we made books I don't know if it varies votes by 7 always take him out now interferes of cancer she has 6000 people vote for and we have your advanced managers without a driver's license and these people have never they have a residence in Massachusetts yeah voter fraud voter Friday same thing they were doing with Obama I'm aware that published things a lot of vehicles department of opponents over whatever it is I don't want to let everybody they don't all of that out of a motor vehicle in Massachusetts yeah my body ... you notice your your friend that you know he was still only about the voter fraud going on during an election is with Obama that Obama's had boys doing it ... taken people down to Indiana from up and out of Chicago and and doing voter fraud she'll grow same stuff around them and it was done well they got a lot of those that don't go back valvata red state left is now over 100000 people have been allowed to love the state of Florida during the 2000 election 100000 registered voters what does all that day which at home that I was at home in front of the voting places which were problems which were being controlled by our moral state or state police man I don't know you know what the what the situation is the word drain the swamp was one of the things if got the ... trump luck in the first time you made a speech to the public up in Wisconsin I believe it was immediately after always within 4560 days after he he had been elected or took office up you know the first rally he went to public rally where people attended besides inauguration what would they own a scream as he comes and drain the swamp drain the swamp locker up blocker a where is that I think that I mean that's the reason we a lot today help getting a lot well let me know you brought in a lot of votes talk you and I both love other people helped out an alias helped hopefully we may have to defend the sky you know we have to defend all of well during the war rule law we have to defend constitutional law if necessary yeah in god you know would drop says the everybody's equal under god's law and he says that under the constitution I said that here just about 2 weeks ago other examples of the truth of this one never quite as never inside the Democratic Party example of this community errors this travel is Canada's tribalism them but she lacked the mail evidence the president has that shit I like a lot legions of electoral college traitor and let me give you an idea of what to do that she has this mad cow either just because they mostly Helen Persson homosexual guy how are the 2 biggest ... individually les aspen bucket Bangkok and where they come from a lot of help from the west ... on the west bank in California the vision and she mentioned was tied to give a tax enter the mortgage backed securities a bobble 2008 that wrecked the U. S. account this here is I believe is he was a terrorist attack not working during a tornado is all about cover out Wednesday liability and help pave the way for the bush I think it's because the illegal drug bank bailout using results security trust fund US taxpayers money as a as a mechanism to deal with ... yeah radio they raided the California pension fund local law does spike mortgages that Larry Mize Ellen Millman we're pushing myself continued it click to 2008 after Millman that which is my ex in laws took over Meyer Lansky ... when he died into some dime to 0 for early 2004 not myself continue distraught clerk took 2019 we thought we were gonna putting the bankruptcy and it didn't happen but all they have to do is look at MDC holdings asset investors is on the front of my website because I already let him off in a letter to the Attorney General Eric holder at the time to his new commission at all this set up here to the mortgage crisis yeah crap and here are talking SEC attorney stopped in New York Attorney General talking mall there on the strike force except for Denver wouldn't talk to me course I figured they wouldn't dare revolving door whether Brownstein law firm ... it keeps things covered up form ... so you know all that needs to hear but idealism 2000 and I'm still buying they've stolen fall nearly 10000000 last time I saw summer saying it could be I was 12000000 homes from trickle and while the corporation myself run a big trust one is is done through our ... ... that bankers that the bank sacks Goldman Sachs but once you get passed through Jeb bush and and they're conglomerates they're just taking over the house see steel firm turnaround written underneath this conglomerate coal course I've got stuff on but I guess I've been watching the Vassar's how they they they always steal but if anybody wants any fed say it's right there in your face all you have to do is lock these people up it's the same people all the time and they're not above the law bang bang yeah if you guys that you know so you know during any people that want to train the democratic party's line I'll start with this they get married here ... individual this is a real city I know of the highest order Angie I behind her gender and race will boy being held accountable for being a squat but yes hoser bank loans and the Democratic Party this Volvo we saw Howard Dean let one time but most of the take little from out west bank a little crack up hardly know the Democratic Party was going mounted by have very much Andrew Jackson and ... from any on you as you and you know course now they're attacking him as a racist Thomas Jefferson to raise al Sharpton later take down their snatching well you know this race is saying we don't ever racial stuff air vice tribal in this country they've been that way for years that's we people are the black community's tribal the white community semi tribal it's not the whole bit Jewish amaze Roy tribal Arabs lunch tribal cultures July yeah it's human nature so you know I mean that well ... Catholics voted for JFK blacks voted for Obama ... white southerners voted for Jimmy Carter I mean that's just the way people are and that they're that they're not but that's why you have original material you go through if we needed on church every Sunday and when I got one of his own tolerant of something right yeah campaign calendars navigable Kamal that is right United's night I mean and that but that's what they say that okay thanks no does not have a credit card hope on the planet they call up the smart people like you really care you know and I warned so I should have never been quite good alterations your sections Lizabeth newborn because of information I gave to an attorney the Attorney nearly got assassinated by get oriented passing and she got brain damage in back damage in all kinds of stuff back into her car which blows up 4 way stop sign as a they ate rednecks pickup Vera ready mix truck full concrete was he had been following her for about 5 miles out of town and when she came up the highway Wainwright just tack happened not stop about 60 mile are crammed right now they're in that letter that she was talking Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Warren suddenly gets promoted to orbit around for send you know yeah well as Warren Christopher Hitchens cliches calling Planned Parenthood and you wouldn't talk denials to adopt females but she doesn't like males she's allows both she was like yeah Allison whose turn it was a female so she talked on I nearly got killed Democratic Party hopefully come home late term abortion which is part of okay now joint venture into the world them allowing our land literally at your leisure time do you believe that it is late term abortions now in 1990 the Democratic Party tried to start the try to move a little bit away from that abortion should be where legal and it should be legal safe but where of course there are possibly cover abortion but he already got control of the dish and bell bottoms and I believe that now does Bill Clinton is a foundation of the highest order personality over 7 his wife was one of it along with the bush Cheney got wrecked this country don't let me put it and how he was blackmailed by is all white she has more dirt on our old house angel peppered cancers I don't play 0 Albie the 1991 at the present and she was supported directly by the name of that organization about that of mistakes like Susan Estrich that I think yeah that's true they get their energy and about 6 or 7 very slips and they keep doing nothing not that and and and that is also true for me test that I hope someone out on Yahoo wipes them I can usually LA spies on the vice president I've made like he did in 1998 but there there is no such thing as being and I think that's a haunting you that's all that you know that we will not send he is a Nazi do not Yahoo now he's died and is white ... .died and and just this past week I'm pretty banged up yet gonna wait to see what comes out but we know that Larry Mize else tied to a bride there is any I don't do my Zelda bride would not Yahoo yeah that is why it was that day that I had and it goes to the bank of Israel Stanley Fischer who is now resigned as the other vice chair of the federal reserve recently added because this investigation Israel the almost daily closure now the former are the president ... Omar of Israel was indicted and and aids Bennett died about 12 times 13 I got some up on my site about it ... but it it shows in their ... who one of was a bank of Israel that he was charged with but he got off at their Supreme Court okay and out of the indictment now he served 6 years you've just said is about 6 months ago maybe 9 months ago so now it was tied myself in the bank of Israel in the sale of the bank of Israel to Larry Mize al and and ... NBC holdings in Denver great west life and and to us that ... Seagram's 7 Mossad agent was his name ... man ever since I smack my head I got these periods of time but US Seagrams 7 brought and then another guy out in New Jersey that was under U. S. federal indictment at the time pending charges was the third buyer of this like yeah now they got a greased like 20 banks locations sense right off the bat they're always looking for a place to narcotics money laundering shot a lot of money narcotics yeah well it's out west bank were really looking into that that may have a link to the Larry lives all this page may change character and their members of the U. S. Congress that are taking them on yeah member folks Caesar he's in APEC director yeah American Israeli pack which is espionage against the United States of America and Larry myself and his attorney Norman Brownstein it's Daddy bush's Attorney that hides the assets and so so on and so forth form ... your dummy corporations and all the other stuff ... they're both a pac directors they called brown Steen the 0 for senator I'll ask the question why does he have an office in Mexico City much at all Salinas was his first customer that I could see where he was on the board of directors City College that moment alone and he went up my answer questions why was Citicorp laundered money ... for silliness the former president of Mexico his drug must anyone so yeah yeah elections but that's Norman Brownstein you're a pair of Iraq hamper Selena's life it was just what she Z. no dizer it's right there Salinas the testimonies already been done nobody was ever prosecuted everything was always buried under national security as they usually do all the president has to do is get the ball and he has the right to do so everything's or not and just gave these people all they need is just the presentation of this I would be happy to accommodate the United States Attorney General's office can get that done ensure the church the swamp is drawing nigh no Tom him if it would you need to look at our letters to the president and the letter to the Attorney General at the time it's been done and these people are simple but take out his name is Daddy bush all are in my zeal Hilda beast Bill Clinton and their spouses other sons daughters I don't write dying right or amnesia is paraphernalia every day and I lock them all up the treasonous addition very don rally at the age yeah it was popular because the president's state because basically pave the way for the bush family and again and ran the Democratic Party white that's exactly little ball and that you know we live in a very good job of accomplishing that the banks are now probably about the wreck both political parties yeah you know what is George Washington wore those little cards are in danger this whole special counsel act is totally unconstitutional why they got a special counsel because they so politicized it's all black probable back there they can investigate just go there also be interested in all of the last 25 years or more Greg Greg Laughlin I think I started a lot better shortly as I ever saw gives our industry like that was not of the bureaucratic yeah yeah sure whatever you don't you know people need to understand in look up their loss in their own states go to these are you know ... like UMKC universe in Missouri Kansas city law school and look up and walls and look up on different Harvard different once the codes are in there and look up what it is about citizens arrest okay you see somebody being robbed in Walmart parking lot immune you buddy run over there in the house the guy you know he's got a gun you take it away from me and one every gotten coughed holding down tied up or whatever until the cops show up not sure what any hauling off and you're having you fill out paperwork and signed a statement to the hope that you just made a citizen's arrest well I think very easily that was darker than I would have the documents with me and America's global dragnet and the ... operation real world and a narcotics foreign currency and ... narcotics are and more energy out counterfeiting operation a man I'm beat Arkansas that there's little pitch dark Alberta their lack of postage and that is to protect the bush would cause that's what he did no I mean if you can't beat it all global former Arkansas even his larger problem because Roger von just because there's more happy I ate at a hard you know so that you have a day just Kenneth Starr belong to the first so you know I think that really crappy gives a little political operation nothing more nothing less Netflix Nigel comprobar there is a very clean certain things about me and then since is damn a bush crowd kill Kennedy has moved from that point forward it was actually World War 2 change at the brown 2 boys a 79 of Monday happens velar a Larry Mize does not want a milkman was so was Daddy bush agenda so anyway Kissinger and a few others to brown shoe boys to 79 at member carry your body do you murdered ... because of me ... George HW out here in Las Vegas yeah no I remember those things fucker eventually carry a Jack Gerry alone you know not that peer reviewed another one who's a friend of super spooky was one to 79 you know side of head about it barbershop for all I know because none of those things Israeli vitality of junior college work there because you probably did each other off probably I mean this is that they're sick their satanic ritual abuse as a chip that as children were brought up in this manner folks to kill people eat people drink small on special holidays abuse of power and all this crap to sell their soul to the devil in the skull bone that screech other amps that whatever ... I can't lay down in coffins in and beat off and all kinds of crazy stuff that they have to go through in these rituals ... do sell shoulder to double and then they got all the money and power that they need all they need to do is get off their lazy asses and go to work and they could steal from people all day long in their protection well it's like and if you got it likes or world it's off all the there's no doubt you should take a few minutes and read the list some of their teeny have he's committed so much treason sedition him advise Alan and Brownstein and Daddy bush and the Clintons they all need to be handcuffed and their administrations directly you're there the people directly get were under medium attorney general's ... ahead of the FBI had the other agencies all of me be mediocre whatever investigation period and put the note and everybody's in there now needs took early retirement right now ... given their paycheck why they're under investigation and see what they were covering up instructing because I tell you the attorney general's office Clooney inspector general David man who was the last one I saw on there yeah bribes coming out of out of Tom Bergen turning in boulder Colorado tied to boulder bank but they were laundered through M. L. business machines okay and then remove money Macy's department stores moving money MNL Emmanuel was a money laundering operation for moment okay it collapsed okay needs be look at it faded navy $0 fine never went to jail 2008 myself pay 10000000 myself you've had more than 3 strikes and you're still walk in the park and streets palm and this guy sort of miscues me like nursing gentleman I'm showing that I I was gonna say that I thought I hated that there's been a fair chance was appointed and now mom and what the future they never do very few 0 he was actually buying and did a lot of the ... yeah evangelical ministers were promoting junior prodigy should know how well that the love that those people a lot of them walk up to him I'm getting credit the America people finally twisted you knows about 33 years ago this coming January it happened I sell to us that Holy Spirit I hold everything thing about that is today I guess who was given I mean if you George Soros with with financial backing Dr Nancy there has been ... certain percentage the demand out of all those that other than the Roman Catholic just a little idea like that yeah yeah no no no but if the gentlest gives money that downloads district itself itself slipped out of it it was never recalled that junior broadly that become energy when in reality between all of these beautiful ideas because they don't like a lot of them now and that goes back to what the I have a document but then I remembered 2000 on it and I remember talking with Christians to stop people that I knew in Las Vegas and they they had voted for George Bush I said you did what I sit with all the preaching I've done out here and everything near me on the radio in the hope that he listened to me but yet you voted for bush I can't believe that hopefully my preacher so we need to they had judge would pre spoke run around I got one the desks someplace buried course ... ways but it's a desk willingly to professional thing trying to you know probably sorrels behind it looking behind it I I forgot who it was but it was tied to fox news Rupert Murdoch ... yeah around background put out this thing on our board to make you look like you review some DNA of the devil I mean of the anti Christ that he was going to be the future and decorous it was bizarre to watch this thing I mean he really was but these these judge what priests had infiltrated a friend's house in order and you know per group we had gone anyway here they are playing this video so I got a copy of the but you know that is our incentives or the crap that they were doing infiltrating on the streets and you know how they did it folks it went into a town any Fitbit Christian radio station they went down there said all you know on moving to Las Vegas and I'm trying to get a hold of different prayer groups that are in the house skits the Ripper warriors our churches most of mine houses get together house shows yeah lately document anything that that can exit out of that is the brand as possible trust which is a Jesuit at the bank Vatican bank the full control Francis Astrid visible props props we major jazz with and that is what she yeah yeah yeah and that really really fast dissolves watch part is if it's basically loaded up which sold if you wish treasury bonds not back to one of the pregnant around problem and when you take and who was in charge pope Benedict and he's won the council of 13 the call folks these of that wall bloom nobody in the double appears before and when they get when they eat a baby at children drinks blood dual Sudanic ritual hers and hand and they appear now that the pope Benedict resigned because he was being exposed apparently his pedophile yet in Germany was coming out or will Britain where ever the hell was all vanity yeah bill Bennett was not a black yeah yeah but he is one of the the the the 12 Illuminati and then you have you have ... William grace you have ... David Rockefeller Meyer Roth child Larry myself Daddy bush ... ... grace grace who got me bill grace ... you have ... which queen of England answers to him by the way ... you have different layers of offers but to 12 ... idea pope Benedict ... and swore bench reading had rabbi in Israel and ... ... Warburg Warburg Russia got his first name and then Patrick woo that likes the whole Dallas Texas here's why you and W. spells both ways ... those who the 12 Illuminati now I don't know how many I just named off but it's pretty close be in there drew 12 well actually there is no way you know that's just when they own 95 percent of the US economy folks with 400 men being there buffers the golf cart out fronts whatever you call buffers is a real word all that you know I mean so you know years volunteers and you get to the truth of that but then I ask the election this morning after the repairs users mobile exactly and I will explain it again gore was unacceptable to them because like Jimmy Carter Janet Janet Attard Lebanese unnatural yeah his father was an anti Vietnam they had the CIA had a mild bother driving Aaron destroying so you know gore regimes in which it was collected no gore's a good guy I mean I respect him but you know a cow Lou out when he stood up for he'll be scores you did that to show our many supporters he really had the one for her ... yeah I don't think he likes you well I'll say that you know that he likes the old movies in the morning everybody else that nobody likes killed these men all politicians and I'll answer it yeah we safely out of 8:00 hours since the ... logic small problem solving not going hungry so it's not a safe you know I'm trying to pretend that I just say one thing that's very clear nearly every president I don't know if he showed up at we never would have it at our transcription dreaded we never would have now 11 no trying to anyone who acted well that's $3 be prepared as saying that we stole during Chinese mainland the whole that money it will never last particularly of staying lasting not just about the perfect action so you don't have your social security like that that's why leisure get what your body builders cleans out at night with the federal government but he had more like that is very large Virginia thank you do see her in court yeah and then take it the Supreme Court just like 8 of how many or and then sprinkle or had nothing do with it says in the constitution if there's a run off is to be done for the Congress and the Senate vote alcoholic drink lower Idolator's you do actually do Republicans right before we find yeah yeah in RuneQuest ugly was on there and he was see I under me Daddy bush request he would not I find out that was there Leon as well it was the best recently in a scumbag nearby things listen going a little slow in Manhattan yeah yeah well that's a very good you feel about banning one barely right now we're dealing in the central train wreck as we got this guy Delage given everybody who committed crimes at all and that is how many years immunity from prosecution I had sent you the arming himself one if our grandson well you know what my attitude is their day of reckoning is coming it's around the corner it's not far off we're gonna have to arrest these people or rest a whole bunch of all wants his next going to have to happen America people going to rise up and take your business okay well so I I just wanna let them like Donald Trump is new Attorney General because it is his other one needs to be arrested to run along with the rest of us recover enough instruction put a stop to a scrap I would I was very very up to date I bought a new Democrat he's a very valid but it right because of the fact that and ... Robert Kennedy junior but I'm not if you look at New York I put them in as who interviewed gentle enough it's crap like that you know about that yeah it's right that's right that's right now would be to excellent attorney general's yeah but I have a problem but get out is that we got it apps will benefit it's total credible sessions I'm the abolition but anyway so I want to thank you very adept at my house I'm done being I once said you donation I know you're hurting and I am too and I want to thank all those that have donated ... in the past few months ... India's help believe me believe me and some of the I have any center thank you back this could mean seem to send one back but intend on but darn it does that dies painel couch right there for you and I am very ... found it again aging LPGA's Jan and I met 14806 the lottery 80 algol part of it won all 5 van Nuys California VA yeah you why us 91411 that I'm here again AJ and you change AJS 14806 Donald street PGA Alegria no Barbara wildfires they and I California yeah you fly as 911 one I would like to illustrate right now that will be very god be with us it always terribly strong the justice of the chaplain fashion diet almighty every American people will be like orange trust the lord president god the rest of your page regret Shelby Shelby that left side of the lord if you don't show the day after Halloween the law I got a job change in the name of Jesus and buys blown strides as he man thank you John very much have a good one a Russian company has created a metal device like something out of Star Trek it's amazing you can now buy technology that was proven almost 100 years ago by royal rife and then covered up by a cricket medical system and the fake news on television royal rife was a brilliant scientist born in 1888 by 1920 he invented the only microscope able to see a virus by 33 he created a microscope able to magnify objects 60000 time right figured out how to destroy harmful viruses and microbes by vibrating them at the resonant frequency in 1934 U. S. C. appointed a committee to bring terminal cancer patients to arrive San Diego clinic for treatment after 90 days the committee concluded 86.5 percent of the patients have been completely cured treatment was then adjusted and the remaining 13.5 percent procured within 4 weeks the total recovery rate using oil rights technology was 100 percent he was honored in newspapers around the world at first in the end arrives life work and equipment were seized bribes were given and Rives company was bankrupted in the corrupt legal so Roy rights work was forgotten and doctors went back to prescribe mean pills and potions that don't work those days are now those who lords of the future imagine killing virus like HIV hepatitis even the flu demo tracks by shaking them to death well according to scientists it may be possible new research determining that motion at high frequencies could actually kill somebody viruses this is a very interesting mathematical model right now that was created al-assad's there are over 100 forms of parasites in the human body but they can all be cured now with the Russian device the Russian device proven to cure many diseases and clinical studies is amazing but it's just one of the things you'll learn about in my free ebook suppressed health secrets secret cures you must know get it suppressed health secrets .com you can also get it using the link in the description of this video I want everybody to spread the word about this stuff thank you so much //

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