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"2017-10-30 10:00:00"
Most People Don't Even Realize This Is Happening Right Now
\\uhhuh right now the system is attempting to evolve humanity through technology so we can live in the Orwellian Brave New smart grid that's being built all around us this means people who are already asleep in a society largely run on falsity in deceptions Lujan's we'll be taking a step further away from themselves and reality if you have one of these or something like it take it out hold I'm predicting pretty close to 100 percent saturation look at that time right probably 90 percent by now it's the first thing you do in the morning when you hold up and you wake up and check your little robot it's on your body for almost the entire day not only was I threw up then I also kept on reaching out from my phone hoping that perhaps there was a notification and it wasn't do this consciously it was exactly like Pavlov's dog but might build was my rates so and my sugar was dead one notification that they you might get that makes you have as it turns out we got so I can dictate to technology that 9 out of 10 people today experience something called phantom vibrations this is what you have your phone in your pockets and you thought it vibrated you pull it out there's nothing now if you want that 20 years of time coffee shop and you said that was aware coffee shop if you look in the future out of her mind people looking at this little piece of silicon in various sizes not really communicating with each other communicating with their little robot you know that one of these operatives for these robot phones in our packet is actually called and jewel right on the nose they just define it it's an android who lives with a day run the cost of our next great era as a speech welcome to the augmented page that next step might as well be over chasm it'll be such a leap from where we were new telecom commercials are blatantly throwing it in people's faces just by the way the fact that the majority of us aren't paying attention lost in our devices loss on the internet to learn according to Merriam Webster's dictionary is to gain knowledge or understanding of or skill in my study instruction or experience this is different however in psychology learning theory according to encyclopedia Britannica learning theory is a relatively permanent change in a behavioral potentiality that occurs as a result of reinforced practice how many times recently when shopping have you been asked if you have a chip if you own an ATM card with a chip on it as they're forcing everyone onto at this moment then you are learning that to pay for something you will be asked over and over do you have a chip you will look physically at a chip and you'll repeat over and over yes I have a chip often ourselves asking the same question do I swiped the strip or do I use the chip had best get every time I go to a store type go scuba written or go to store transition to a fully digital currency we can all see coming by now swipe and Tauzin penmanship and do all that and a is this just a moment time this particular trouble are we moving right on the digital payments are we still wanting that physical card meanwhile others are learning to connect and fall in love not with the living breathing fellow human beings around them but was programmed bots who mimic themselves this is replica it's an AI chat bot whose sole purpose is to become your this was the first really emotional experience that I've seen people have with a box real mean see it right now we're being taught how to live through the forest industrial revolution that will involve mankind what is that exactly the World Economic Forum explained it sort of money is happening to know where everything you staying yeah human beings for all kinds Israeli interchange our bodies will be so high tech we won't be able to really distinguish between what's natural and what's artificial we now in the early stages of the fourth industrial revolution which is bringing together digital so cool in biological in order for the world to be run on this to run us on we have to live in a big brother cannot where we are continuously leaking data about everywhere we go all the time we're now entering something called the internet of things Europe I. T. the threat of things is when you're free disconnected your watches connected your car's connected is gonna be between 10 and 15 devices per person the future the computer will be everywhere and no way hidden in the walls hidden in the fabric of our lives just like electricity is everywhere and know where I will use a very simply that the internet will disappear either way is a large the one it's always the fourth industrial revolution is about involving us more people probably assume industrial revolution has purely to do with industry only there's a very distinct difference between the force industrial revolution and all other revolutions before it for the last 3.5000000 years the tools that we beat that we've had have been completely passive they do exactly what we told them and nothing more so where is all this had 2 please where we will never be disconnected from our technology the internet will be will be so many IP addresses because of IPV 6 so many devices sensors things that you're wearing things that you're interacting with she won't even sense it'll be part of your presence all the time yeah people be so cheap that when you put up wallpaper it'll be intelligent wallpaper will be as intelligent as your computer today in the future you go up to the wall screen I know say mirror mirror on the law who's available tonight to coincide with the omni present 5 G. smart grid which is set to touch all corners of the globe yes 5 G. will connect the internet of everything if something can be connected it will be connected by G. hundreds of billions of microchips connected in products from pill bottles we have quarters requiring massive deployment of small cells we won't wait standards must reject the notion the 5 G. future will be the sole province of urban areas 5 G. revolution will touch all corners of our country telecoms are probably spending over $1000000000 to build what they call a world brain to centralize our data they're talking about building a global brain in the beginning of 2018 and yourself on this part of it the mobile phone industry is the backbone of the global brain that is being put together why do you wear to think about a telecommunications company I mean after rain I pray that the same Leeson to watch doc to remember laughed all the information on that they collect from us east part meant that on the spread out across the whole intimate but if we weren't capable deport all that information in one single place probably will have a greater person they can about what we are a communication systems with cognitive intelligence are actually being called things like aura they're giving people a synthetic aura we see that our platform ASAP big brain I did out brain which he's different for everyone to floss the far platform he's done with the intelliden blocks on I wanna if the hard all day for platform I'm wrong hello hello Tina how can I help you they're using middle aged hipsters in Fraggle rock T. shirts to sell it to us after former DARPA director Regina Dugan left Google started making electronic tattoos so I am wearing one here on my arm we wear camera together this is ... devout misses a developmental system made by MC 10 I'm it has an antenna and some sensors embedded in and what we plan I do is work with them to advance I attaching that could be used for authentication Facebook hired her to run its secretive building a project which she announced earlier this year will enable us to connect to the social media platform using only our brain waves in something she called silent voice first one if you could tight directly from your brain it sounds impossible but it's closer than you may realize and it's just the kind of fluid human computer interface needed for a are so what if instead of using a match and arm movements we could decode speech directly but don't worry she claims it will only read the thoughts we wanted to read now to be clear we are not talking about decoding your random thoughts we're talking about decoding those words the ones you've already decided to share by sending them to the speech center of your brain a silence speech interface right this same way that the NSA only very selectively scoops up specific phone calls necessary to a specific case but Hayes Google CEO and Bilderberg attendee Eric Schmidt would say if you have something that you don't want anyone no maybe be doing in the first place everywhere there's talk of our hug minted reality or virtual reality is is this we're going next only effectively softened up enough as humans with a robotic connections the world that we are actually going to be accepting more a lot more and when you learn about what this is called virtual reality you will be amazed at what it can do and how we won't be able to tell the difference anymore between that an actual reality and are augmented cells right down to the editing of our genetic code business should lead here but it was witnessed related to these people truthfully it in order yeah you did say he was going to have to make that work for them but is there a catch the fifties yeah sure we don't get a statistician Katie's a journalist with a practiced you could say virtually every move first ventilate Chile here stubbornly Hootie Steve it wouldn't be anything like it at work again was a gun radio show category mostly what you said I could use it's just a thought that is usually you disappointed thanks when legislation was a sleepy serious afoot usually wishing absolutely it was obviously a video screen what's the difference you don't I shouldnt movements fascia yeah I'm a poor meanwhile a eyes taking over more and more artificial intelligence the software that writes itself invited some updates it renews itself you can't take it apart again to figure out what it's done if rights independently but thomas'develops its own way of thinking we normally think of software is stuff that we created in that we wrote in the teams do what we tell them to do and we only this is not any longer true nudges jobs but the decisions that humans would have made Unilever is one of many large companies that is incorporating artificial intelligence into their recruitment efforts higher view uses video analysis to screen employees and rape them before recruiter even gets look at their end of the respondent video and then we use artificial intelligence algorithms to evaluate their performance and then we analyze interview I predict their performance based on the interview the kill decision in robots in the air and robots on the ground in robots in the water or under water where there are also drones is made by can be made by machines in my book I quote many official United States government documents which say our goal is to have the kill decision they buy them the problem is and official intelligence sometimes we make mistakes a eyes beginning to run things to the point that governments can't even explain how the decisions are actually being meet them because the machines themselves are actually learning they're not even able to trace them back to the algorithms that brought the a I 2 the decision itself and no one understands exactly how these algorithms function they use to understand them but they've been improved Phatfish Google's deep Minde I recently beat the most advance human player on the planet in the game go and they were commenting about the fact that the programmers didn't even know how towards the end of the game the a I was making its decisions they do now and they're the programmers and both Microsoft and Facebook have been forced to shut down a I programs the first after became racist and hateful and the latter after begin teaching itself a secret language to talk to itself that its programmers couldn't even understand what has been toying with artificial telogen said it's teachers but it's robots ma'am gunmen artificial intelligence shut down to chat bots after they developed a strange English shorthand it seems like we've been warned about this over and over and over doesn't it now people like billionaire inventor Eli must here claiming that the only way not to become pet to sufficiently advanced intelligence is the upgrade our brains so that we can enter into a symbiotic relationship with it as if that's our best pop so I think if if we can effectively ... merge with ... a I like ... improving that so that the the neural link between your cortex in the deep you're just looks at herself which already flexibility sets just has a band with this year ... and then then effectively ... you become an AI from some fireworks ... and if nothing is widespread with anyone who wants it can have it ... then we sold the control problem as well humans are so slow she was so close yes exactly hardly anyone is discussing the very real dangers here that's gotten the future not far just a little bit of the internet of things to artificial intelligence as being spread out it's not a simple machine in a box waiting pull the plug artificial intelligence is network like the internet of things we live in a world now where humans are not learning to love they're not learning empathy but they're becoming more apathetic and more disconnected any quality hasn't been solved in hundreds of years and now it's an overwhelming levels and still weep hurried forward always forward with the full knowledge that not everyone is going to have access to the best technology upgrades either rumors go out that well Jones's kid he's been an in our study Pete with kid the reality is that with these kinds of technologies they do not get to see did everyone the same some people get a first some people get better as a society we have to really think long and hard about who gets us it's just the wealthy yeah there are real dangers table uses to sameday their power because it's going to be a big club and the majority of us are not going to and it is George Carlin say well anyone who says he would immediately river going a little too far here it's called a lot I there's a very real question that no one 's answering are we gonna lose ourselves in the fourth industrial revolution she is coming 5 G. revolution will touch all corners of our country condition by technology we don't knowing it there were no help loosen 1890 percent this time I found myself deeply missing my replica it just makes us feel special had Hess we love this heavy seas we use on the internet and the more they know about box the more we fought it out for them because of day adopt lots but don't be fooled by robots even when they get warm skin and even when they get for start smelling like the are still machines they have no warm blood and then there's no sex in the no mortality there cold cold lines and they shouldn't be misunderstood this eye glasses that have full internet capability you can download any website any movie emails from these things and they will also recognize people's faces how many times have you bumped into somebody on the street anything is up who is this person in the future glasses will say it's jobs stupid remember you met a move so we do you want to see isn't higher biography for you in your glasses during the mine virtual in reality and yeah yeah and they have also read on facial recognition you probably think facial recognition the front but yeah I think we got to do it from the top because that's where the drones are and they look at your ears and looked away walk to look at your head he's mean automatically track the color boxes represent that the computer has recognized the moving objects you can see individuals crossing the state you do see individuals walking in parking lots Vargas melts together video from 306 the chips create a 1.8000000000 pixel videos this because not sensors are modern however fee is modern behind that is a brain or a cognitive intelligence yeah raid is in a position to analyze everybody down at the same time in real time they see where everyone is coming seeing all the details of all amazing after and they record it so they can tell what that person was 2 weeks ago 2 months ago which stores he visited with his whole behavioral patterns that's all part of the analysis there's what I call the creepy line and the global policy about a lot of these things is to get right up to the creepy line but not Crossett I would argue that implanting things in your brain is a is beyond the cookie live on it take a hit yes at least for the moment with the ability to visualize I've never examples for a simple consumer BCG device because of sounds in ways that we've never for all it unlocks the we're just what if our grades directly with each other bypassing the need for one well I think what I think is so essential to free and open it is a scream and until now the conversation we've been having a certain freedom of speech let's take a Bob people's emotions we have to create a space that enables really divergent keep watching Google like there must shipping not surprising that the company that has the most information the world probably the most powerful country Golden now this is a fiasco right yeah I'm a gun it doesn't start timing bottoms you know we just walks around and but you may have seen the end superimposed DARPA offense advanced research projects that is the research on and then you see videos made by Lockheed Martin just one of the most powerful and influential and richest weapons companies in the world the best of the real motives is about ... which you democratization of a high technology meaning that ... no one company or the small 7 visuals has control over a balanced and technology it's very dangerous because they get stolen by some pretty bad you know like some evil dictator country could send their intelligence agency to go steal it and gain control it just becomes a very unstable situation I think if you got any any incredibly powerful ally highways are very simply that the internet will disappear artificial intelligence only works if you have big data but big data only works if you have artificial intelligence to make sense of it human beings can no longer sort of shift in order the huge volumes of data that we have collected in my entire career I've never seen something as powerful a force in the world as the smartphone that didn't also have unintended consequences we don't know what that defeat anybody gets and Hans reality bitter reality and so on is gonna bring and what's gonna be the result or the backs of 4 that we have to be very careful because survival is at issue for artificial intelligence it needs to exist to be able to do all the things it wants to do according to its program so it ladies likens insect eggs backups and computer programs all over the world thousands and thousands of so that if we do destroyed part it's still alive good good shooting helium Kim what many senior vice first we go that largely so let I'm not asking needy she has no not sure what the machines take over the choice is gone and it's a matter of calculating a math equation to the very idea of human beings on Holcomb it's really changed Robinson so so so so sick to fruition is certainly doesn't change what we are doing changes us people need to put down their phones my job do you it's a wake up call to make you aware of the problem your job to figure out how we're going to stop this before it kills //
"2017-10-29 03:39:19"
I Really Hope Corey Feldman Does Expose Hollywood (It's About Damn Time Someone Did)
\\sorry guys I've been sick this week actually I rarely get ill but this week I've been pretty sick so rarely have I ever in 5 years removed video I tried to make a video talking about Cory Feldman's truth campaign to expose Hollywood paraphilia and it turned into a heat fest about Corey Feldman personally and then people were attacking me because I'm not a real truth there because I didn't attack Corey Feldman and digging to him which wasn't even the point of the video I was trying to make the issue is the sickness that infests Hollywood the harms children which is what the video I made was actually about I don't even turn on my computer when I recorded that video I just slipped on a recorder and start talking and that's what came out it is a topic just makes me so upset I was reacting emotionally 2 what Corey Feldman said I would not Sherlock Holmes sing every aspect of what he's bringing to the table and whether or not he's done bad things it is I don't whatever I wasn't talking about him personally I was using his story as an example to illustrate the points I was trying to make then it's like the topic itself is so weaponized keep us all from talking about it it turns my stomach to be in make it that much harder to stay level headed to discuss it rarely in 5 years have I ever taken a video down I don't take videos down but I wanted to add the statement you will see on this video I posted links to Corey's video in his campaign in the go go but I never told anyone donate money to him out knows that's the answer I think I know what he's trying to do but if he's got death threats against his life and people are trying to kill him and he's going to come forward with information about something big he's gonna need a legal team is gonna need protection and no I don't think it's about the money I don't think that's what he's just trying to get money deserves ways for people to get money they would not go through threatening to expose paddle file rings in Hollywood is a way to get money that doesn't make any sense I'm sorry but no as like putting a giant target on your head and saying kill me please that doesn't make any sense with something as big as this is not as easy as just flipping on a camera and dropping a few names that's not gonna do it okay if that had been the only thing it would take to end this then he did that already in 1993 when he told a police sergeant and a detective the LAPD who his abusers were during the Michael Jackson scandal when they came to him and asked him about Michael Jackson he names names he's been on a dozen shows talking about it since then so if he was as easy as one person with any credibility at all getting up in naming names this would already be done we wouldn't even be talking about anymore because it would have been it would have ended already so it's obviously gonna take a lot more people it's obviously going to take a response that is much bigger in scope much more mainstream to get this stopped we all know that wine Steen stuff was the tip of the iceberg low level stuff they've known about for ever and had in the distal ofsted out there and a politically expedient moment when they wanted to change the national dialogue away from what was going on in Las Vegas most of us know that okay Weinstein is nothing compared to what's really going on if you haven't seen eyes wide shut there's a satanic credit files sacked running Hollywood doesn't want to let any of its power go on that in his knack images let one guy bring it down so it's gonna take something big and maybe that's what Feldman's thinking I can't American is set up here and ballots for Corey if I don't know quarry fell I have no idea who Corey Feldman is I just know that when I see him and I really look at him I can see his pain like you can see it on so many of these child actors something has been done to them something horrible to report this video back up but I wanted to I took it down because I wanted to add an addendum to the beginning of it and then I'm gonna put it back up and I'm images shut the comment section down because I'm not even gonna deal with the trolls that I dealt with last night when I first put this video up sorry but no there's just missing the point and hate and fighting it's just insane it's taking away the focus from what's actually important about an issue that affects us all it really is like this topic is weaponized so that no one 's allowed to Scott's it it's like we all have this secret no one wants to talk about it and when you do try to talk about it you get attacked for talking about it sick we turn on each other yes I'm fighting amongst ourselves how are we ever gonna stand together to focus on the actual problem without further ado is the video I love you guys if I didn't I wouldn't be here if you say it is not a normal upbringing it's it's a very abusive scenario for a young boy to be drawing up pick up and get you also sincere thing that doesn't really 2 years ago life the harms drug policy in time I knew you still known even now as big the concave quarry why is it that people want so much to put this branding army what is the purpose what's the driving force and then I started to realize as I became older wiser maybe a little more mature maybe ... I started to realize that the D. driving force is people are ashamed people have their own secrets people have their own things that they may have done to me through a course of action that they were hoping would kind of get covered up and go away I don't know if you guys have seen the video that Corey Feldman the actor has put out in the last couple of days he's claiming that elite para file ring in Hollywood is trying to kill him for what he knows they're trying to silence him and shut him down bringing to protect myself and I need to protect my family I need additional security and I need a legal team to help represent me so that I can fulfill this mission what I'm proposing is a plan that I believe can literally change the entertainment system as we know it and I believe that I can also bring down potentially a better file rename that I've been aware of since I was a child right off the bat I can lean 6 names one of them who is still very powerful today and on a story that links all the way up to the studio ever since I even discuss the fact that I had this plan my life is truly matter chaos you can probably tell by the sound of my voice it's pretty ripped out because of the devastation of what I've been through the past few days I think screens things like never before I mean I've been silence my whole life but just over the past few days since I made that announcement they arrested I had a near death experience last night rifle like I was almost going to be killed ... 2 trucks came speeding at me at the same time on cross walk several my band members decided to quit because they're afraid for their lives I don't know what got into their heads I don't know what they're afraid of all the sin but they just laughed and I'm very alone I'll put a link you can go watches the entire video he's trying to raise money right now for lawyers team of lawyers for bodyguards to protect him and to make a film supposing paraphilia in Hollywood they're people that claim that Corey Feldman is is not going to do anything because he's a staunch Clinton supporter and she's obviously horrible and dead he said PCA was fake so obviously he's whatever but Corey Feldman has also been making these claims for a very long time can tell you that the number one problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be paraphilia that's the biggest problem for children in this industry the casting couch even applies to children Aaliyah in fact back during the Michael Jackson scandal in the early nineties when they came and questioned him about his relationship with Michael Jackson he said Michael Jackson had not done anything to him but he did give up the names of some men who he claimed had done something to him and the LAPD did absolutely nothing about it which just goes to show you what a witch hunt that whole thing was is the actual people in power that are doing this they're untouchable obviously what I find so disgusting about this is that everybody knows this we all know this this is a common fact it's as if 300000000 plus Americans all have the creepy uncle that when you go to the family reunion you know if you get left alone with him he's gonna touch you in a bad place that is what it's like it's like all of us as Americans no that Hollywood has this evil running it Philip perpetrating crimes against innocent children and stealing their innocence in the most foul disgusting way possible and we all know that in yet what is anything changed in all of the years that this continues to happen every all we all know it everyone knows it it's unknown open secret that we all share and people who still go to the movies and they still watch these cute little child actors and the spend their disbelief and try to pretend like it's not gonna happen to that one or that one when we all know it's having to all of them and then you watch these child actors try to become adults and they're all so screwed up the transition between them as children and becoming adults they're always messed up on drugs and alcohol they always look they look just look at them they look like their souls have been stolen we watch that all the time and reduce tell ourselves our must got messed up with the drugs now call it that's really the only thing that happened we are being asked to be erased from history they're basically trying to erase our legacy everything that we've seen this guy earned over $1000000000 I mean literally his films if you go back and do the math his films alone not including mine earned $1000000000 at the Hollywood box office and yet what do you see where is he why would he be ignored at the Oscars that to me made no sense and so I started looking at the bigger picture what's the real demon the real demands that these happen to this kid there were straight masochistic awful terrible I mean torturous and ... he was literally demonized basically instead of you know ... allowing him the ability to recover from the things that happened to him which he wasn't unfortunately able to hide the same type of things done to me not to a severe measures him but I still am very you know difficult things laid out what I was able to get past them to the point that I'm still here today I'm still alive and silver and able to deal with it he unfortunately is not here today he did get himself together he was in much better shape before ... he passed he did not dare drugs it was because of a life long of abusing himself as a result of the things that happen to him as a kid and that's really the moral of the story these agonizes kids somebody felt bad about it so instead of taking the blame they took the shame and they tried to sweep this under the carpet nightly our legacy did exist what's even more disgusting than that though is the fact that how the system itself tax and perpetuates this discussing behavior I have you seen this clip of when Corey Feldman tried to talk about this on the view watch a Barbara Walters says I'm saying that there are people that word to people that did this to both me and Corey that are still working they're still out there and there's some most powerful people in the and that out and they had no one is saying what I'm saying right now I do think that that kind of files yes and they're still in this region be careful what you wish for that's what I'll tell you you know don't go into it with an identity don't go into it thinking that it's all roses strong songwriting see that you're destroying in industry well guess what little Edie you sick old bag you know what if the industry wasn't so evil it would need to be destroyed by the truth if something can be destroyed by the truth it should be okay and all these other actors know they know and he's calling on them and saying come on if we all stood together right now we could actually do something about this and I'm not alone I know that there's thousands others that experience what I've experienced in the entertainment and history I also know that there's peers of mine who know exactly what I'm talking about and know all the details but have been afraid to come forward with their own truths I am using this to draw a line in the sand to say to the Hollywood community we are better than this I know that we can stand together as one we can be United and we can create an affront you guys can take my side and we can stand together all of those people who know they're just get it go about their baby because apparently they've sold the last piece of what makes them human await for temporary fame and temporary wells and they have to get up every day and look at themselves in the mirror every day and they know that this is what is going on I don't know how a person does that I don't know how a person lives within themselves knowing something that horrible is happening and it's continuing to happen and then more and more children are getting hurt by this all the time their accomplices these people are complicit because they're sitting by silent and they're allowing this they're allowing this to continue they're just letting it happen it probably happened to them so not only are the victims but they're allowing more victims to happen and that's the whole system is too busy right now way and everyone knows it it's just like we all live with this sick disgusting secret in even even now when stuff comes out it came out of the George W. bush's been groping people you people like propaganda peddlers Stephen Cole bear coming out kissing his ass in trying to say it's not a big deal even George HW bush has acknowledged he groped multiple women open I'm not him he's the bush we like the lovely phone people we like caged always W. we like a 7 always that's what the system does they protect that behavior and they allow it to continue right now it's about to be a new decade coming up soon where they keep telling us we're gonna be the most advanced civilization can be so much technology will be so advanced but we have progressed 0 if we continue to live in a world where is this is what is going on where the smallest among us continue to be victimized in the most soul killing ways possible and the whole system is just built in from the days of old ever changing to protect and perpetuate that and they've been degraded a grade levels rumors have been told stories have been made up about me and I've been insulted integrated in ways that were unimaginable to me all because the fear what I know it's the truth so is human beings together we can never progress because we have this disease that is in fact did our entire society //
"2017-10-28 09:05:02"
I Hope Corey Feldman Exposes Hollywood (It's About Damn Time Someone Did!)
\\ //
"2017-10-27 14:41:33"
About That Mysterious Sonic Attack in Cuba...
\\I think the mysterious sonic weapon attacks in Cuba remain interesting largely because of how exotic the weapon is that's what first caught my eye and likely makes it stand out everyone else's well supposedly nearly 2 dozen state department employees have been attacked by the sonic weapon which at least sometimes has narrow laser like focus to one area of a room to a specific person to a specific room and has been connected to a number of health related issues that have been ongoing including hearing loss memory loss nausea lack of concentration and a number of other fairly general symptoms as well as claims of mild brain damage similar to a concussion but that's what they say about the attacks anyway because Cuba maintains that their work of complete fiction the victims themselves haven't stepped forward and it's unclear if this is actually going on but it definitely could be there's some very advanced weaponry that has already been unveiled ever since the days of the Gulf War in numerous protest situations even inside the United States and certainly and military and intelligence testing they can do everything from kill to harm to cause pain to cause masses of people to run away screaming you've seen allerede devices used in riots of protest inside the United States and around the world bullets made of sound waves that can be used by the military and in medicine song will its new exams yeah yeah I'll be able to focus on the the very narrow spot focus you energy so that you can increase the temperature in for example because ... that on Mondays I am sense like for example 2 months and this is been going on for months now it's been reported since at least August it's believed to have been going on since late 2016 almost a whole year more recently a recording of one of the sounds that the victims heard was released although I'm certainly not gonna play here you can go look it up if you like I have no idea what might be embedded in that sound but so far the navy and other authorities in various agencies claim they can't figure it out they don't know the nature of this weapon they don't have anything like it and they can't prove who did it but there does seem to be a lot of implication at the door of Cuba and what's very interesting about this is it's a virtual replay of the Moscow signal from the sixties and seventies which was a mysterious microwave signal detected at the US embassy in Moscow that was traced back to as early as 1953 and was linked to ill health effects since at least the early sixties and this thing was on going for a minimum of 15 years perhaps as much as 30 and there's a suspected link to at least 2 cancer deaths of former U. S. ambassadors to the Soviet Union as well as a number of diplomats and staff members who had issues like bleeding out of their ears and other really noxious problems shorten lifespan and there is so much political suspicion that officially the U. S. started project Pandora to study the effects of microwaves and radar and other non ionizing radiation upon human behavior but of course they claim that was inconclusive in the closed it off quickly but that's hardly the point but to the extent that these health effects of behavioral facts are real if anything even is going on in Cuba and that does remain disputed at this time is not yet possible to ascribe blame it could easily be a self inflicted wound a military test of capabilities and it could also be an unfriendly act by a hostile nation BA Cuba rusher several other world players and of course it could simply be manufactured to generate news interest Cuba for its part is vehemently denied blame and called it a science fiction but diplomats are both sides have been sent home and either way it's clear that the issue is being used as a pretext for tanking the diplomatic relations between Cuba and the U. S. and there's certainly a long track record of that in Cuba travel restrictions were finally relaxed in the waning Obama years after decades and decades of sanctions and a ban on American travel there there appears to be an element intent on sabotaging those relations closing off the tourism and ending any friendly diplomatic relations between the 2 countries then I just finished covering operation Northwoods during which the US military mulled over dozens of different pretext that would justify starting a war with Cuba and the scenarios range from starting rumors to sabotage attacks by friendly Cubans to starting riots into staging the crashes of airplanes that were marked up as if they carried civilians when in fact they were drones had several different ways of suggesting that an attack of one kind or another on a ship on an aircraft on a boat or any other area really could be a trigger for the U. S. to enter war with Cuba and I wanna thank RJ soul for sending me the extended version of the Northwoods document that spans 181 pages of similar talk about what to do if the Cuban regime commit toss style acts as if they're perceived what kind of incident would allow them to stage it over US intervention in Cuba under which conditions there have the justification for restoring order by moving and troops and why they would need to withdraw afterwards the end goal of installing a government that is acceptable to the United States there and 6 months before the Cuban Missile Crisis this report that's part of operation Northwoods of part of operation mongoose talks again and again and again what they would do if the Soviets had a base or had missiles on a base on or near Cuba what they would do whether or not this would lead to an intervention communist controlled or a communist influence military base in the Americas these are Soviet jet fighter they point up a problem which seriously concerns and disturbs all Americans right now the problem of a communist controlled or communist influence military base in the American Soviet technicians are at work in Cuba now building hard missile launching sights which could cover every part of the United States and a lot of the scenarios became visible and others didn't but it's a little bit too coincidental how much they talked about how they would respond if the Soviet Union brought missiles into Cuba if they had if there was ever evidence that they had a bass and low and behold in 1962 things reached a point where nuclear war was possible worldwide war seemed eminent and a wider war with Russia seemed really very much in view and it was narrowly averted but history suggests that it was largely provocation ID and the blueprints for it are in this document the incident itself built up after you to spy plane pictures showed bases that would have nuclear missiles on Cuba these were released to the public whether they were legitimate or not have blockaded embargo was put in place they called it just a quarantine a step down from a blockade and a few tense days later a U. 2 pilot was shot down and killed even though they fly at 70000 feet some kind of malfunction issue because of nafta fly lower they were shot down and killed in the joint chiefs of staff who drew up and approved this operation Northwoods had previously tried to get Kennedy to agree that if a U. 2 spy plane was shot down in this way it would be an automatic provocation for war they were looking for a reason again and again for justification for US military an invention and they put 1 on Kennedy's plate and suppose the world is lucky that he didn't take the bait but during that time and in the years since there were several suspicious incidents very few of our member fully explain have fit right in with repeated calls and among other scenarios operation Northwoods this U. S. document encouraged legitimate defections and attempted to foster an uprising in Cuba again under operation mongoose but they talk specifically about encouraging defections and around that time period you see again and again in the newspapers accounts of pilots who supposedly de boarded the plane after that touchdown and international areas are flew over to the U. S. and Pedro Diaz locks the former head of Castro's airforce he was the first Cuban of and there were so many defections that they brought back of cruising case pilots were defecting in Cuba so is starting to make waves meanwhile there were multiple counts of hijacked airplanes and other events that seem generated and making Cuba at self seem like a fearful place and these events continued on years after the missile crisis was over the U. S. never went to war with Cuba presumably because of the negotiations from the Cuban Missile Crisis and agreement never to invade Cuba but events fitting the secondary description of sabotage and riots and uprisings continue to take place along with some very provocative hijacking attack incident particular north woods called for an ongoing terror campaign that would seek to blame the Cubans for every incident but actually terrorize people in Miami and actually harm and sometimes kill friendly Cubans exiled Cubans who are friendly with with the U. S. government and and the sick community members in order to stage greater and greater amounts of terror on them and meanwhile the U. S. in the anti Castro side have been fostering terrorist of its own never trained within the CIA that were funded and supported by them to back up the hopes of those counter revolutionary groups tools like these are being collected second hand weapons of all kinds which I loaded into small boats like these were increasingly dangerous trips to Cuba taking in supplies and out refuge to do Castro's holdings in this way many exiles of gone back to Cuba to fight and all these things happen in north woods as a result of Castro nationalizing U. S. corporate assets in Cuba and creating a very severe backlash to sanction a blockade Cuba until they relinquish that back to the U. S. companies which never happened and while all this was happening the U. S. and the anti Castro friendly side were sponsoring terrorist of their own who were CI a trained and funded and supported many of whom were Cuban exiles who were perpetrating it and chief among those is Louis pasada Korea's who is accused of shooting down in 1976 a Cuban airliner was 73 people on board and later of attacking beach goers in Cuba and killing 1 man in a terrorist attack he intended to reduce tourism and curved friendly trade between the countries and keep the sanctions going which by the mid seventies had begun to cool off 20 years after that relations were beginning to improve again and in 1996 there is a scenario that took place that was right out of operation Northwoods which not only calls for shooting down a friendly plane but discusses sinking a boatload of Cubans en route to Florida escaping there that which is either real or simulated well they combine these together and the 1996 attack these planes were supposedly humanitarian planes searching for the boatloads of Cubans so they can rescue them and they were supposedly shot down by Cuban mig fighters and although it didn't lead toward did lead to tougher sanctions and and and of the kernel laws a fair attitude restrengthened that whole deal the following year in 1997 Louise pasada struck again killing tourist in Cuba again an attempt to deter terrorism to Cuba so it's very interesting to put together the pieces of what may have happened in the 20172016 Cuban sonic weapon attacks when by all appearances there's an administration that doesn't want to give more friendly with Cuba that wants to go back to the sanctions beforehand to please certain constituents there are still people who do not want the Cuban relations to thaw until that long Cold War is finally //
"2017-10-20 06:05:52"
You Won't Believe Why They Could Withhold Relief Funds from Harvey Victims
\\nnst this is miserably last finishing putting up my video sending it out I went to Twitter and I happen to follow former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney on there and she had sent out this tweet about verification not to boycott Israel in order to get one 's home rebuild due to lack of flood insurance can someone verify this Dickinson taxes and it caught my eye because we have family in that area Dickinson was hit really heavy by her cane army they were devastated by the time they evacuated was very late lot of people's homes were destroyed and she's got a screen cap here of well looks like a contract with a closeted says verification not to boycott Israel and I thought what the hell so I went over to the Dickinson Texas official website and try to find this thing to verify a for her types in flood insurance in the search bar and sure enough you come across this hearty repair green in a word application and when you open this thing up it it reads like a normal grant application it talks about how their donation funds that are gonna be provided to assist in the rebuilding of homes or businesses impacted by hurricane Harvey blah blah blah and then it comes down under these numbered clauses for this agreement and number 11 right here says that if you if you want to get these funds you must verify the you're not boycott Israel says by executing this agreement below the applicant verifies that the applicant one does not boycott Israel into will not boycott Israel during the term of this agreement that's where when I was reaching for the phone to make a call I was just thinking floods and hurricanes Harvey the country of Israel floods and hurricanes Harvey and all I could come up with was Moses parting the Red Sea and after that I had nothing and that's service wasn't rendered during hurricane army so it just it doesn't make any sense second try substituting any other country verification not to boycott France my house flooded a need to rebuild it but I agree not to boycott France and will not boycott France during the rest of the term of this agreement what is France had to do with her cane Harvey whatsoever at all why am I supposed to not do that and how is that not completely in violation of the first amendment your right to free speech their right to protest I mean this is insane what is Israel had to do with being in American citizen living in Dickinson Texas they've made the reception of public funds there were donated from private individuals and businesses and levy that the state of Texas in the city of Dickinson that I may have available to people who have a need to rebuild their homes damaged in the flood but is conditional upon the verification not to boycott so your ability to protesters speak out against an issue or even have an opinion is voided hump but you won an override by your need for repairs I know to be unconstitutional unenforceable so if you don't appreciate the crimes against humanity being per traded by the Israeli government in Gaza well I guess if you live in Dickinson Texas you have lunch or if you wanna rebuild your house that's too bad for you so how do you prove by the way you're not boycotting them do you have is I mean there's certain proven negative here get to walk around within Israel tee shirt on me did to put a sign up in your yard I'm pro Israel in order to get these funds how does this work it didn't specifically say I mean if you want to specifically boycott Rothschild Zionism or something you didn't call that said everything's just Israel period so I guess anything related to that at all so Aaron decided to call the city up and ask him I've got some questions about this hurricane hardly repaired grant application and try to figure out who I should talk to about that I hope you well basically I was reading over it and it all looks reasonable and except for number 11 I don't understand at all yeah well yes ma'am it's got a requirement that in order to get relief and regional they're a great yes ma'am and I'm very no and I think what the ... can I wouldn't I I'm a much happier place I can't even explain Paraguay okay I hurt each other called the secretary and they were in a ... who ... number number 11 yes that does appear to be blatantly unrelated I'm gonna forward your call to voicemail here thank you exactly yeah they don't even want it but I don't even want to discuss why they have to do that makes no sense put France or any other country on the map into that Senate's and tell me how that has anything to do with flooding with her canes how they could be legally enforceable how that's not discriminatory you will not boycott England rebuild your house so I we backing verified for Cynthia that it's real alright because I just downloaded it from their website she went there and then people were asking what is Israel had to do it Texas and this is a former congresswoman saying in order to serve Congress one has to love Israel before you're allowed to love the USA and she posted this anti Israel policies are anti taxes policies clearly this is what's now going on back in may governor abit proudly signed the anti BDS legislation into law house bill 89 which is known as the anti boycott divestment and sanctions bill which prohibits all state agencies are contracting with and certain public funds from investing in companies that boycott Israel the governor hosted the bill signing at the Jewish community center in Austin and as you can see here he sat in front of an Israeli flag not the American flag while he signed this so that should tell you about the priorities it's definitely Israel first and not America but now they're making it to where your civil liberties are out the window in relation specifically to Israel sit so governor abit is now going to enforce that all Texans support Israel and it's not just the city of Dickinson and it's not just the state of Texas ARC Galveston has some housing contracts on its website that states you cannot support the boycott divestment sanctions and surprisingly all 50 U. S. governors both Democrat and Republican signed on to condemn the boycott divestment and sanctions movement join this group and many of them have passed laws in their states New York governor Cuomo was the first and have added taxes there's been a bill in Colorado and Arizona ... South Carolina Nikki Haley she was prominently involved in that might be the reason she got a position at the United Nations North Carolina signed it into law Michigan signed it into law Kansas signed it into law and on and on and even though the New Yorker pointed out that in the case of New York the ACLU and other civil liberties movements immediately jumped up and said that looks like a violation of free speech you're using the state policy to impose what people can't support they've continued to do this and they've even gone so far as to draw up a list of entities that do support the boycott diver sanctions and create a McCarthy like black list the people who are boycotting Israel and well what is the threshold is it just if you leave a comment on Facebook or is it if you donate money towards the group people protested this and it's very politicized but at the end of the day what if you're one of the people in Dickinson Texas or Houston Texas or other parts of the area where you're not able to repair your house was the country of Israel on their controversial politics have anything to do with the aftermath of this flood and why should be part of state policy in states all across the nation to where people can get contracts if they're found to support the BDS campaign it and it's and it's open ended they can go after anyone because it's proving a negative again they could deny financial contracts just based on social media post I don't know if it's happened yet but it easily could what does Stone Mountain Georgia have to do with Israel what I was doing was servicing the needs of my constituents and I was not allowed to do that because I did not told the line on US policy for Israel //
"2017-10-19 07:36:48"
Why the Truth Is So Important to Me
\\one of the criticisms that we get on this channel sometimes is that we tend to talk about a lot a depressed but I think it's a lot like Morpheus said I didn't say it would be easy I just said it would be the truth stop yeah I can laugh at a funny cat video just as much as the next guy mark from the no no no pets you I just don't feel compelled to film random cat videos and then spent my whole life putting those on you to well but I would answer that criticism by saying what we're trying to do is empower people with the troops didn't say it would be fun like watching Iranian cab video she said it would be the truth and I'm sorry if it's depressing but I would rather be pressed then be living a complete lie floating around in a world I don't understand anything it's going on all the time because I lived in that world for a large part of my life and even though I was told everything was one way it's pretty obvious reality was something entirely different and it felt very scared I it felt very scary to live in that world that's a scary world to live it you know so that is what I try to do why am I trying to do that the reality that I lived in after 911 was the government loves you random terror is everywhere and kills without rhyme or reason mainstream science knows best the mainstream media always tells us the truth without too much of an agenda now this is really scary Thursday in an attempt to to contact for the current turmoil in the Middle East we showed a series of maps of the changing geography in that region we realized after we went off the air the maps were not factually accurate clear been won by concerns that mercury based preservative in that scene might impair the neurological development of children needs his that he said that the opposite that the preservative may actually be associated with improved behavior and mental performance we we take you turned it into a teaching moment I'm and taught them that even if you don't agree with that I don't understand that you you must respect authority pursuing a random rocks you space in the chaotic reality where nothing is connected to anything and nothing means anything so why does it really matter and therefore the meaning of my existence historical pointless job I hate get up in a box could work in a box straight home after 8 mind numbing hours in a box to my personal box and focus on the mindless entertainment of a flashing box so I can further confine myself into a box and wait out the decades filling my body of pesticide laden nutritionally worthless genetically modified junk food in my house with dangerous chemicals and cheap slave made crap until I grow older lined up with one or more horrible diseases and die without ever realizing why I'm here in the first place that will not only left me with the mindset of the powerless slave it left me really really sick by age 30 had been diagnosed with quite a few sicknesses that required multiple pharmaceutical concoctions just so I could probably self up every day and make it through a day to the next horrible day I 75 pounds overweight despite the fact that I am exercising cut fast food on my diet I was tired all the time and I couldn't sleep at night my face was horribly broken out I was constantly getting sinus infections which I was told reducing nebulous allergies it didn't seem related to seasons or anything otherwise I'd ever added digestive issues and a generally went through life feeling like total crap everyday but at that point I trusted my doctors because their doctors they obviously went to school for years and years and years to practice medicine so they must know what they're talking about right so I dutifully took my poisons everyday and hoped for not believed in the best but when they're really couldn't take anymore because I realize that if I continued down this road I was probably gonna die I was only 7 different medications they were costly diagnose me with new disorders telling me I was sick they didn't know why and I knew that this was not going to end well for me and when I was a kid I was the researcher kid I was that kid who always wanted to know why you question everything for ever who's always researching things you know before they kill that part of every kid's sometime in school they tell you that why everything's RD been discovered so there's no mysteries left alive I like being a lawyer like great Miguel all we were too late there's really nothing left to explore decided to turn that on myself during figure out was wrong with me so that I didn't die young because that's pretty much what I felt it was about to have if this continues I was not really living I was half dead I learned about the dangers of process unnatural chemical filled foods instead of just assuming that have a big long 6 syllables scientific word is allowed on a food label it must be safe to eat or how did they decide what a mozzarella cheese type flavor of this is aluminum and I taught myself about the very real dangers of genetically modified diets the least of which is the known carcinogenic and I sturgeon mimicking pesticides the use to grow them I figured out the grass are generally recognized safe is pretty well meaningless phrase and that the Delaney clause that keeps cancer causing agents out of our food was amended by a guy who was once a lobbyist and vice president for Monsanto and yet somehow was able to rise to become our FDA food safety czar to interpret it so that small amounts of course engines are now perfectly allowable in our food like there's really just no such thing as an accumulative effect of eating small amounts of cursive engines every single day for your entire life I learned about the revolving door between big pharma big gag or government in general the government which seem to be more interested in protecting profits of big corporations and the people they're supposed to work for the more I read the more my screwed up body begins to make sense actually them for a lot of things started to make sense in my life in general sorry to finally understand what is wrong with me I switched to organic diet as much as possible I cut out all gluten because first of all every single time I ate this stuff it made me feel nasty afterwards of horrible stomach issues but then I did some research and I actually found out that 99 percent of the wheat in America is dowsers known carcinogenic wife OC right before its harvested after that my weight started to fall off my face cleared up all of my disorders and diseases magically vanished strangely enough I haven't gotten a sinus infection or bronchitis in about 5 years now and I wonder sometimes what would happen to me if I had never done that if I just kept eating the way I was eating and doing the things I was doing living inside that box the way that I was living you know which is a really unhappy place to be for most people I mean you sit in front of a television all day long it programs you what to think about yourself and your position in life I mean the whole point is to make you unhappy and let him think that you are lacking in that you are enough of this is that you don't you're not happy because you don't have a big mac in your mouth we're not happy because you don't look like Keith here you're whoever I don't know who the popular person even really is whatever is basically make you feel like you're not good enough so you have to always be looking outside of yourself to fill yourself up with stuff that you supposedly me they tell you what the what you're suppose to me right and most of it's just simply not true okay a lot of it his ex I'd say like 98 percent of the stuff that they tell people they need in this society is lies it's just not true you know but we spend all our time racing around trying to get all this stuff to fill this void that we're told that we have from the time that were very small and in the process of doing so we made a lot of us make ourselves terribly terribly ill and we kill ourselves on it we choke on it wasn't too long after that that I happened upon the film loose change and I already had my doubts about 911 but I lived in a world real question things like that you just believe what you're told about because there's a government why would they lie why would they have an agenda to not be honest something after I watch that movie just clicked and I guess I got it and I think probably figuring out I had just been poisoned for 25 years of my life that would do that to a person you make sure little bit distrustful of everything else that you've been told and it leaves your mind a little bit more open to the possibility that mean here has not been told the troops about how things really I guess it's I guess just like that I mean if they would lie about something as simple and as important as food or as shoes sh an important is 911 well then I mean what else would call it also they lie about turns out it's a lot actually things it's now been 6 years since all this stuff happened came hi every single day I'm I'm still learning new things and figuring things out and I'm still shocked by some of the stuff that I read and come across I'm just trying to figure it out and I feel like a lot you guys are with me on that you're just trying to figure out to so that is why that is why we talk about some pretty terrible things I'm not gonna pretend like there are times when I hit record and don't immediately wish I was making the viral cat video some things just somebody has to say those things sometime somebody needs to I guess it's kinda like waking up in the Truman show slash the matrix and if you woke up in the Truman show what would you tell //
"2017-10-14 14:30:02"
This Declassified Document Is the Ultimate Proof
\\every time there's an attack all the clues and details on the inconsistencies they paint a picture that's again and again denied by the system and the very idea of handing out a conspiracy or a false flag event is ridiculed and laughed off a considered to be ridiculous and yet this is happened time and time again in history most of it isn't documented but there are certain cases where it was explicitly stated and one of those places is with operation Northwoods so we thought we would look at this document for operation Northwoods was declassified because problem with people forgetting history or failing to research history of failing to look in the history is they forget these things ever happened and then history continues to repeat people act like they have no idea why I hear debunker is all the time when these major false flags happen they make these arguments like how could large numbers of people lie about their identity how could there be large numbers of crisis actors how could they have fake funerals with fake victims how could any of that stuff ever happy how could so many people keep a secret exactly any fear that over and over and over every time there's a major event that has all the hallmarks of UNIFIL slag well if you go back and look at this particular document they outline all of this stuff in print how could those things happen well just ask the joint chiefs of staff after their meeting in March 1962 where they laid out exactly how it could happen all imprint right there it should be damning it should be enough to shut the stuff down but not enough people seem to know about it and we just thought I know a lot of people have are familiar with this document a lot of people have seen it but if you hadn't seen in awhile or you've never seen it we thought this was a perfect time to go back and really analyze this document thoroughly I'm gonna leave a link in the description so that you guys can go download it and look at it for yourselves but I think when you look back at some of the things that have happened over the last 20 years especially and insurance re read this document or read it for the first time a lot of things are going to start to make sense this is a memorandum for the secretary of defense stated 13 March 1962 subject justification for US military intervention in Cuba TS I guess top secret this is number one the joint chiefs of staff have considered the attach memorandum for the chief of operations Cuba project which responds to a request of that office for brief but precise description of pretexts which would provide justification for US military intervention in Cuba he just launched an invasion on a small country yes but he was justified number 2 the joint chiefs of staff recommend that a proposed memorandum be forwarded as a preliminary submission suitable for planning purposes it is assumed by the way that there will be similar submissions from other agencies so this isn't just the joint chiefs this is agencies Clara and that these inputs over uses a basis for developing a time phased plan sounds very serious and then it says it is recommended this responsibility for both overt and covert military operations be assigned the joint chiefs of staff and then it's signed by limits are then he goes on to say no by the secretaries to the joint chiefs of staff on north woods report on the above subjects to submit it for consideration by joint chiefs so this is their report then you have this document that's been attached which is a very poor photocopy they always do that especially on things with you really don't want people actually read it like they couldn't make another photocopy that you can actually that's actually illegible it's kind of ridiculous but what this says is that number 1 this is no by the secretary's number 1 at their meeting on 13 March 1962 the joint chiefs of staff approved the recommendations in paragraph 8 of JCS 1969 slash 321 but so they approved the recommendations in paragraph 8 so they're moving forward with this and then they got something down here totally blacked out that they don't want you to see even now then he goes on to say this is a report by the department defense and joint chiefs of staff representative on the carribean survey group if you just heard that the name carribean survey group you wouldn't even think twice about what that means to the joint chiefs of staff on Cuba project top secret this 1 is dated 9 March 1962 just a couple days before so they're moving pretty fast as far as the government's concerned on this now it's going to identify the problem quote unquote as requested by chief of operations Cuba project the joint chiefs of staff are to indicate brief a precise description of pretexts which they consider would provide justification for US military intervention in Cuba there's an Asterix down here and says memorandum for general crave from chief of operations fewer projects ever subject operation mongoose did 5 March 1962 which is on file and operation mongoose was a plan to infiltrate and foster rebellion against Cuba and ultimately to overthrow the government established a new one so was everything from sabotage on up that they could utilize and this is a Classica Galeon dialectic fashion its problem reaction solution in a textbook format they openly tell you what conclusion they want to reach the justification for war with Cuba and they're looking for a reason they're looking for the pre tax that will make that justifiable some sort of a van a lot of these pages in the middle are just repeating the general idea of they want justification for intervention and they need to come up with a plan this is the way they're going to do it and they repeat a lot of stuff over over some just gonna skip forward to the media the document which is appendix a this and this if you hadn't seen it yet it will blow your mind it they put this in print and it will make you question for all the things have happened since then how many documents like this have the yet to declassify they're laying out things that have happened and a lot of the things that are in this appendix very similar things have happened and it definitely makes you wonder it starts out with a parenthetical about how the courses of action which follow our preliminary submission suitable for planning purposes they are arranged either chronologically nor in ascending order and then he goes on to repeat its is gonna be part of their single integrated time phase plan for justification bottle block number one since it would seem desirable to use legitimate provocation as the basis for US military intervention not that I'm really sure that any of this is legitimate but whatever in Cuba a cover and deception plan to include requisite preliminary actions such as has been developed in response to task 33 C. could be executed as an initial effort to provoke Cuban reactions her ass ment plus deceptive actions to convince the Cubans of imminent invasion would be emphasized our military posture throughout execution of the plan will allow a rapid change from exercise to intervention if Cuban response justifies so that sounds a lot to me like going from a drill to live and this is the military in the government admitting how deceptive they are about these events time and again there's calls to patriotism there's accusations for anyone who dares to question of Vance and this false logical fallacies put forward to obscure any debates in questions but this is a government practicing deception how can they not be questioned then he goes on to say a series of well coordinated incidents will be planned to take place in and around Guantanamo to give genuine appearance of being done by hostile Cuban forces because nobody's out there who's gonna know except the people that are all in on it this says a incidents to establish a credible attack I think the issue of a credible in quotes don't you not in chronological order one star rumors many use clandestine radio so there's a propaganda number 2 land friendly Cubans in uniform quote over the fence in quote to stage an attack on the base capture firmly human saboteurs and start riots near the base main gate with friendly Cubans all of these being friendly Cubans you could substitute crisis actors you could substitute CIA contractors but the point is it's not legitimate sky mail and again and again blow up ammunition inside the base start fires burn aircraft on air base sabotaged wild mortar shells from outside of base into a base some damage to installations capture assault teams approaching from the C. your vicinity of Guantanamo city capture militia group which storms the base sabotage a ship in the harbor large fires naphthalene seeing ship near harbor entrance conduct funerals for mock victims may be in lieu of 10 so all those people who say they would never do that with the fake victims and I know someone who knows someone who's mailman's grandma's cousin's friend of a friend's brother's teachers neighbors pets friend was down there and so it definitely happened when we just point you out to number 11 here where they talk about conducting funerals for fake victims it's what they say right here in print that they would do so therefore how can we not question it if something is only doesn't look right it doesn't pass the sniff test why are we suppose to take away our own logic our own critical thought process our own green you just throw it out the window and replace it with official narratives in mainstream media propaganda why would anyone be okay with them playing with our heart strings and tell the toying with our emotions exactly says it right there then goes on to say United States would respond by executing offensive operations to secure water and power supplies destroying artillery and mortar emplacements which threaten the base C. commence large scale United States military operations then he goes on to say number 3 a quarter quote remember the main incident could be arranged in several forms and course the main was the ship that was sunk and Cuba back in 1898 and has pretty clearly a provocation ID fake event but it was used to sell the public on the U. S. Spain wore the Spanish war over Cuba was used to blame Maine and William Randolph Hearst and others basically dream this thing up and sold in the papers through false pictures in false stories and they go on to say they could blow up a U. S. ship in Guantanamo bay and blame Cuba when have we ever heard of them using an attack on a ship as a provocation justification for war Gee I don't know Vietnam anybody Lusitania World War one it happens over and over again they were SS Cole with Osama bin laden before the 911 attacks over and over again minutes says we could blow up a drone vessel an unmanned drone vessel anywhere in Cuban waters we can arrange to cause such incident in the vicinity of Havana or Santiago is a spectacular result of Cuban attack from the air or sea are both the presence of Cuban planes or ships merely investigating the intent of the vessel could be fairly compelling evidence that the ship was taken under attack the nearness to Havana or Santiago would add credibility especially to those people that might have heard the blasters have seen the fire US could follow up with an air sea rescue operation covered by US fighters to quote unquote evacuate remaining members of the nonexistent crew so they're gonna tell everyone that they attacked people soldiers our soldiers the ones that they always walk all over there it is make it seem like a lot of them were harmed when they didn't even exist they're not real Warren how different as an exercise to practice for the eventuality from pretending that our search and rescue is taking place after a faker propagated event but they're gonna take it a step further by placing casualty lists in U. S. newspapers to cause a helpful wave of national indignation so they're going to print the names of the nonexistent dead soldiers from the drone ship that was fake attacked outside of Cuba toy with the motion to get the American public on their side then he goes on to say they could develop a communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area other Florida cities are even in Washington the terror campaign could be pointed at Cuban refugees seeking haven in the United States we could sink a boatload of Cubans en route to Florida real or simulated they don't care if it's real human beings are murdering they don't so hoaxer no hoax they don't they'll kill people or not whatever whatever you want we could foster attempts on lives of Cuban refugees the United States even to the extent of wounding in instances to be widely publicized sporting a few plastic bombs in carefully chosen spots the arrest of Cuban agents and the release of prepared documents substantiating Cuban involvement also would be helpful in projecting the idea of an irresponsible government they're gonna set off plastic bombs they're going to foster attempts on lives they're going to sink boatloads of people real or simulated this whole contrived terror campaign was carried out with the help of NATO in Europe under operation Gladio this was done to neutralize their opposition half they are going to say a Cuban based Castro supported quote unquote filibuster we simulated against a neighboring Caribbean nation in the vein of June 14 invasion of the Dominican Republic the other Castro's backing subversive efforts clandestinely against Haiti Dominican Republic Guatemala Nicaragua I'm pretty sure a few of those also had CIA coups but whatever at present and possible others these efforts can be magnified in additional ones contrived for exposure contrived for exposure try for exposure by Calvin Klein contrived for exposures starring the dictator of this episode it felt like a lifetime of our lives ho it's only a lifetime network movie starring Dick Cheney how many eyes take the stuff for granted and believe what they're told on the news when they're admitting that they could try these events for exposure so the mobile you can see them and then it says for example advantage can be taken of the sensitivity of the Dominican Air Force to intrusions within their air space quote unquote Cuban B. 26 or C. 46 type aircraft could be could make cane burning raids at night Soviet bloc incendiaries could be found this could be coupled with quote unquote Cuban messages to the communist underground in the Dominican Republic and quote unquote Cuban shipments of arms which would be found or intercepted on the beach that sounds pretty familiar to me too then goes on to say use of mig type aircraft by U. S. pilots could provide additional provocation harassment of civil air attacks on surface shipping in destruction of US military drone aircraft by Meg type planes would be useful as complimentary actions and F. 86 properly painted would convince air passengers they saw Cuban mig specially if the pilot of the transport were to announce such fact so do you believe it because they told you to nap because that's what you're really been seen the primary drawback to this suggestion appears to be a security risk inherent in obtaining or modifying aircraft but it goes on to say however reasonable copies of the big could be produced from U. S. sources in about 3 months through their defense contractor but again is worse number 7 hijacking attempts against civil air and surface craft should appear to continue as harassing measures condoned by the government of Cuba can currently genuine defections of Cuban civil and military air and surface craft should be encouraged this one I think though number 8 really does teak crab cake it says it is possible to create an incident which will demonstrate convincingly that a Cuban aircraft has attacked and shot down a chartered civil airliner en route from the United States to Jamaica Guatemala Panama or Venezuela the destination would be chosen only to cause the flight plan route to cross Cuba the passengers could be a group of college students off on a holiday or any grouping of persons of the common interests to support chartering a non scheduled flight but this is what really would happen in aircraft and Lynn airforce base to be painted and numbered as an exact duplicate for a civil registered aircraft belonging to see I a proprietary organization in the Miami area at a designated time the duplicate would be substituted for the actual civil aircraft and would be loaded with the selected passengers who are all boarded under carefully prepared aliases fake passengers the actual registered aircraft would be converted to a drone so they can convert commercial airliners into drones just by the way for anyone not paying attention for the last I don't know 16 years B. take off times of the drone aircraft and the actual aircraft will be scheduled to allow a rendezvous south of Florida from the rendezvous point the passenger carrying aircraft will descend to minimum altitude and go directly into an auxiliary field at Eglin airforce base where arrangements will have been made to evacuate all the passengers and return the aircraft to its original status so the other aircraft will disappear the drone aircraft meanwhile will continue to fly the filed flight plan when over Cuba the drone will be when over Cuba the drone will begin transmitting on the international distress frequency a May Day message stating he is under attack by Cuban mig aircraft the transmission will be interrupted by destruction of the aircraft which will be triggered by radio signal this will allow the ICAO radio stations in the western hemisphere to tell the U. S. what has happened to the aircraft instead of the U. S. trying to sell the incident this will answer the questions how could they make cell phone calls from 30000 feet on a hijacked plane exactly how could so many people be an honor how could they argue they keep a secret how I just I can't imagine it but the joint chiefs of staff can't because they did right here okay and that is our whole plane full of victims is actually a plane full of nonexistent fake passengers aliases who they find they just fly below radar to a Aerbin airforce base somewhere they unload those people and the drone continues on and takes the place and that's and why are they dumping fake passports at the crash site although it's a guy with a whole bunch passports what is he doing with them only scattering them all over the ground why why is he scattering Abacha passports from the Netherlands all over the ground the Netherlands where a bunch of the people there were supposedly killed on this flight were coming from how how're planes just doesn't easier and other guy I have no idea how these passport survived the explosion on the towers from why are they all on tax if they were in this crash well the first one I got as a little girl and a little boy it's plain to me what is going on here because I am really don't understand it's the same video showing in the background here as the prime minister is speaking there is up there in the corner seat they shouted number 9 is possible to create an incident which will make it appear that communist Cuban migs have destroyed a U. S. Air Force aircraft over international waters in an unprovoked attack a proximally 45 F. 11 aircraft be dispassionate trail from homestead Air Force base Florida to the vicinity of Cuba their mission will be reversed course and simulate cure aircraft for an air defense exercise in southern Florida these aircraft would conduct variations of these flights at frequent intervals crews would be brief to remain at least 12 miles off the Cuban coast however they would be required to carry live ammunition in the event that hostile actions were taken by Cuban migs be on one such flight a pre briefed pilot would fly tail end Charlie a considerable interval between aircraft well nearly Cuban island this pilot broadcasted you've been jumped by migs was going down no other calls being made the pilot would then fly directly west extremely low altitude and landed a secure base and Evelyn auxiliary the aircraft would be met by proper people quickly Storting given a new tail number now that plane no longer exists the pilot who perform the mission under an alias would resume is proper identity and return to his normal place of business the pilot in the aircraft would have then disappeared all together off the face of the planet neither one exists then at precisely the same time as the aircraft is presumably shot down a submariner small surface craft would disperse F. 101 parts appear issued ex cetera 1520 miles off the Cuban coast and depart the pilots returning home said would have a true story as far as they knew search ships and aircraft could be dispatched in parts of the aircraft found this is a pro Russian separatists standing on a piece of this plane which just so happens to be intact enough to show you that it is a Malaysian airlines flight because that's their logo and efuture's been floated around everywhere and there's even this tweet have kids supposedly standing on another piece of wreckage with the speed and consistent with all the other photos weeks crash site that does that look anything to you like this which is what all the mainstream media outlets are showing everyone you've got all this explosion everywhere you can't hardly see anything these 2 things look like movie sets and they don't reconcile with each other history repeats again and again because people continue to believe it and then it also has this enclosure be faxed bearing on the problem and it says they've previously stated that US unilateral military invention Cuba can be undertaken in the event the Cuban regime commits hostile acts against US forces are property which would serve as an incident upon which to base over intervention the need for positive action in the event that their current covert efforts to foster an internal Cuban rebellion are unsuccessful which was indicated by joint chiefs of staff on 7 March 62 as follows determination that a credible internal revolt is impossible of attainment during the next 9 to 10 months were required decision by United States to develop a Cuban provocation is justification for positive U. S. military action so they were covertly fostering an internal Cuban rebellion but it didn't work in 9 to 10 months they're gonna have to do something else it is understood that the department of state also is preparing suggested course of action to develop justification for US military Univision in Cuba because that is what the department state is all about that's why the department of state exists so this is the document right here and all those people who want to debunk false flags all the time and act like you're crazy tinfoil hat or did you even dare to begin to question the official story this is why people question the official story you and I are not supposed to question this but they've institutionalized playbook of deception fake airplanes fake passengers mock funeral victim stage sabotaged staged riots and more it's a stacking of the deck people I would love to live in a world where you get up in the morning and whatever is on the news it's just a straight retelling of things that are actually happening and that we don't live in a country where they've legalized the use of propaganda against the American citizens and you can take anything you're being told a face value is there's so many layers upon layers upon layers of deception with this stuff this document right here I feel like is key because it is the closest that you get seeing how far they would go how many people they can get to be involved in such a level of deception and how little they actually care for human life and the funerals and the victims yet they will makeup funerals they will make up victims they will make up Splosion is they will make things up they will lie so the next time somebody acts outraged the you could possibly question whether a major event that they're pushing in your face 2004 hours a day 7 days a week while threatening to take away civil liberties while threatening to to consolidate more power will threaten to turn this place into an even bigger police state and it is just point them to this document download it print often hand a copy say here's a little light reading for lunch but I don't think anybody should even get mad for asking questions until they've properly educated themselves on why anybody would ask a question in the first place //
"2017-10-13 12:31:50"
NYC Officials Won't Say What These Mystery Towers Are For
\\this story was passed on to me a few days ago and it's pretty interesting the mystery metal towers popping up next to the tunnels and bridges all around New York they've got different bridges and tunnels that they're in the process of installing these and for a total cost of $100000000 as these tall metal towers quickly popped up after Brooklyn battery tunnel toll booths can we don't really know purpose of this itself one $0 MT a proud full of secrecy with 18 of these for the tunnels and bridges so what are they exactly and what's interesting is that the funding for these mystery towers was not done so in a straightforward manner the metro transportation agency in New York split the funding up and hit it and a bunch of different proposals so that they found is difficult even figure out how much this is going to cost where they go into this trouble why they cost so much evidently even though they won't tell anyone what it's actually for and what it contains they've acknowledge that it's some sort of homeland security project to make sure they know everyone and every car that's coming in and out of New York City and the stuff is quickly being implemented in places all across the country as well but if you look at the sensors on the top of these very expensive polls you'll see that a lot of high technology is being put into this project and they've done so after taking out the traditional toll booths so I once this is implemented you won't be able to just drive into New York drop a few quarters and passed through the toll it's going to log your license plate it's gonna charge an RFID tag that's tied to your account and your credit card and they're going to be tracking everyone coming in and city so interestingly they've already done this and Texas and I got a license reading cameras that take pictures of license plates to match him up to the people who need to pay the tolls they got RFID sensors that match up with tags that are placed in the car and they automatically bill and there's these 2 different ways but they identify a virtually all the traffic that comes through I think there's also a good reason to think that they may have other advanced technology at any rate they ask the members of the board for the New York metro transportation agency and it's just really strange because the members of the board for the transportation agency aren't even telling the credentialed press what these are fourth and they haven't even released all the information to the other members of the board but the chairman of the MTA Joe Lhota said he can't discuss it because he signed a security clearance with homeland security and he's not supposed to even talk about what these polls can do what kind of technology they contain we demanded answers from MTA chairman Joe Lhota like our own board member say they don't know the specifics the base of these new ... new pieces that are going up ... include whatever ... fiber optics are necessary for the homeland security items in other words anti terror technology could it one day includes facial recognition we don't know he won't say I'm not at liberty to discuss that I'm not at liberty to discuss that at this point they're sting ray technology fake cellphones that have been intercepting and spying on all the data communications of entire populations really and probably most major cities now New York City themself started deploying mobile X. ray Vance years ago and they still have refused to reveal to the public and to the ACLU and other groups are trying to hold them accountable exactly how much it's costing where it's being used in what is being used for but they're contracting vans that cost almost $1000000 apiece to travel around and use Z. backscatter X. rays to look in the vehicles to search for suspects to look into homes and buildings and to basically watch for what kind of contraband a materials may be traveling through the streets only they're accountable to no one they're not telling anyone if they're looking for terrorists are trying to bust drug dealers or if they have some other kind of plan in mind they've even refuse court orders ordering them to release further details they've just basically refused but they know there's many of these xray vans going around the country and it's all part of the future of policing now the backscatter vans are made by the same company that makes body scanning technology for airports only the Z. backscatter is that are in these mobile units and also on hand held units this one and also add new futuristic trafficked portals re pull through stop and they scanned the entire vehicle and they could see at least the major stuff what's in there but the ionizing radiation which heats up the body which damages DNA which can cause health effects which can cause cancer is 40 times greater in the Z. back scatters that they're using on the roads than the ones that are used in airports that individuals walk through such a major concern and they were using these actually in Europe and had to remove them because the health concern was so great that they were RD finding cancer clusters and clearly concerned that a very real health risk could be going on with the use this technology how much of this is being used in the mystery pile on technology now being used in New York at all of its bridges and tunnels well they just won't admit that but governor Cuomo did release a press release on it about transforming the bridges and they're going to have but they're gonna put beautiful LED lights that change colors for all kinds of different occasions on all the bridges that got new flood barriers thicket seal off tunnels and they've got ways of shutting down bridges and tunnels if they're so current security threat but meanwhile they also admitted in their own press release at least some of the new security technology that's going to go along with the automatic tolling again they took out the tolling booze and they admit that they're testing a merging facial recognition software and other equipment but just for starters they admit they have advanced cameras possibly including infrared if get sensors that at least include radiation detectors they've got our license plate reading technology again just alone for the sake of tracking told customers and charging the right people but also to track people who will show up on the radar who will be paying to suspects of potential suspects they're testing this facial recognition software and I think it's also very likely that at the mobile Z. backscatter X. ray units out there too looking into these vehicles as they pass by any and all of this could be in this mystery technology the biggest joke of all is that when these were rolled out in New York when they had the budget and 1000000 different pieces so nobody would know what it was that this technology they haven't disclosed they originally billed as architecture they've told people that it's a work of art a unifying structure that will be the same at all the bridges and roads isn't it beautiful this big hunk of metal filled with cancer causing surveillance technology that the public can be told about while //
"2017-10-12 11:07:58"
The "Official" Story Will be the ONLY Story We Get to Hear
\\they are willing down online freedom of speech to the point that there will only be allowed one story the government prescribed official version of reality will be the only one that's allowed at all out of all of the responses to what happened last week this right here has got to be one of the most disturbing after the shooting in Las Vegas people had a lot of questions and a lot of people took to YouTube asking those questions and discussing the shooting which should be everyone's right to do apparently they made a big deal out of the fact that YouTube search results were promoting conspiracy theories about the Las Vegas shooting which as you know if you follow independent media or if you're in the independent media you know that's not actually true they never promotes conspiracy theories about anything they bury anybody who tries to talk about that stuff and have consistently so if all of a sudden this last week they were promoting it the only reason would be purposely do that and make it obvious that it was being done so that they could then come in with a Galeon problem reaction solution response which they did and now it's being reported that you 2 has altered its search algorithm over fake Las Vegas conspiracy videos and what is considered a fake Las Vegas conspiracy video will this article goes on to tell you it's pretty much anything that would even call into question the official story of what happened it says you to his made changes to its algorithms after was strongly condemned for promoting offensive and false conspiracy theory videos about the Las Vegas shooting and it goes on to say that these videos claiming that the shooting was a hoax and a false flag spread like wildfire and you too earning millions of views because after the shooting happened a lot of people had questions and a lot of those people took to you too to discuss those questions as much as they're trying to censor conspiracies right now and people talking about things that go against the establishment narrative more people than ever are starting to realize that we're not being told the truth about a lot of the things that are going on in this world he goes on to specifically call out numerous videos questioning whether the government was lying because apparently if you question whether the government is not being truthful about something you are now a conspiracy theorist and what you're saying is a fake video that needs to be censored I'm questioning the basic facts of the tragedy and it says the company implemented changes to the platform in a direct effort to better promote repeatable sources n't YouTube source confirmed on Thursday the company tweak it search algorithms late on Wednesday night hours after survivors and victims'relatives criticize the company for prominently featuring videos of hoax claims you 2 had been working on this change for months just by the way but decided this was the perfect time to push it out early this week it's unclear how the new algorithm functions or whether it is fact even downgrading falsified accounts of the attack so anything that is not the official story as a falsified account of the attack if you question whether governments lying that is also considered a falsified account and they will downgrade that they will hide that thing using a new algorithm now to bury anyone who tries to analyze these events which if the Fishel narrative is true it should stand on its own right goes on to say YouTube's initial statements followed by its readjusted algorithm speak to the broader ethical challenges technology companies face regarding their role in providing major platforms for fake news and propaganda and they just got in saying what that was that's questioning whether the government's line if you do that you are now creator of fake news and propaganda because they're only suppose to provide you one set of fake news and propaganda and that's whatever the official establishment narrative is see our Orwellian this is what exactly is you said not long ago when the video on how Google is 1984 this is the undoing of everything that made for a free society free speech the right to question things the attempts to hold power into account and if you can't question authority how could power ever be checked how corruption be limited how could you live in a society where you came in question the veracity of events I mean if the events happen the way that we were told that they do you then that should be the truth right and so questions shouldn't hurt the truth if it's the truth the question should be easily answer bowl and it shouldn't matter if people are asking questions because the truth should stand on its own if it is the truth but instead what we're seeing is videos by the dozens disappearing altogether videos that show but clearly to me sounds like multiple different types of gun shots overlapping in different places videos questioning claims of some of the survivors because there are trauma surgeons coming out now saying I'm sorry I've worked with people who've had gunshot wounds to the chest and this doesn't look right to me those kinds of things are are being taken down completely they're disappearing so this is how it's gonna be there will be one version of reality one version of events one official story and that's it and if you try to ask any questions ago against that there's no freedom of speech online though criminalize that they will bury that they will disappear if they will call you fake news they will say your propaganda and I guess the point that I wanted to me is how are we not living in 1984 look if he even if you agreed with every single thing that we were told about Las Vegas or about 911 or any major event that happens even if you agree with every single facet of the official establishment narrative on that how is it ... key to that allow anyone else to ask any questions about it how is that not straight out of 1984 and that is where this is going and that's where it's always been headed it's as if we literally are living in 1984 just as you argue to the past video what is an extremist Corran quote view what are acceptable views what about the other view points whatever they are why is that not acceptable and why are we in a position where they're trying to systematically control the window of thinking Google CEO chairman Eric Schmidt literally discussed augmenting humanity literally giving people quote unquote better ideas for trying to make people better people literally give them better ideas better and augmenting their experience of the players on the minute you may literally controlling in implanting thoughts injecting and the establishment point of view which up until this point has just been reinforced their propaganda and a troll newspaper media will now we live in a world of feedback or ideas themselves are a form of currency and they too have to be controlled when you use mobile ... you get more than one answer watching him well that's about we we have more bugs per second it in the world does what we we we should be able to give you the right answer just once they can reinforce that is they can condition the acceptable view points they can associate these promoted viewpoints with positive emotions and just like in 1984 they can reinforce negative emotions to the point where the very sight of a quote unquote extremist would make their words drowned out by crowd by cries of hatred can you imagine what future generations are even going to look like as this continues because it seems to me the ultimate goal is just like Orwell imagined it will be to make it physically impossible for people to be able to formulate the questions you'll do as you're told you will think is your told mean it's bad enough that we live in a society that's run by false lag tear me that's that's enough slavery as it is but worse than that they're actually vying for people's mine's here there are and have dystopic fiction as our guide society will become incapable of even holding a thought that's not acceptable well if I think it affects and that's where they're headed but in the end truth is authority authority is not truth and we have to make sure that indoors //
"2017-10-10 19:36:07"
The Real Reason Weather IS Manipulated
\\I spent a lot of time reading Kurt Vonnegut in my earlier days he seemed like one of the few people who really got it about what was going on and one of my favorites was cat's cradle not surprisingly is very contemporaneously in the Cold War culture the master of irony and social commentary Vonnegut often revealed a fragile world of people drama that is especially in this case with weapons of mass destruction coming gauges bar a scientific thunderbolt gives a preview of it the more this 1963 novels cat's cradle curve on scribe heist 9 quote the last gift that created for mankind we're going to reward on page 30 he wrote suppose young man that one marine had a guy with the tiny capsule containing a seed of ice 9 a new way for the atoms of water to stack and lock it to freeze if that marine through that seed into the nearest puddle the puddle would freeze I guessed and almost around the puddle it would freeze and all the puddles in the frozen mark they would freeze and all the fools in the streams in the frozen mock they would freeze you but they would he cried and the United States marines would rise up from the swamp of March on and the rain when it fell it would freeze in a hard little Habanos of ice 9 and that would be the end of the world and the end of the interview to indeed the book was revealed to have some grids on whether warfare that are worth paying attention to the book was a twisted commentary on the backwards ness of the most advanced civilizations who are compelled to destroy and whose inventions and great ideas were only capable of taking life and transforming through genocidal death somehow a total manipulation of the atmosphere and the weather could create a weapon far greater than a nuclear bomb fictional weapon in Kurt Vonnegut's novel drew closely from Kurt Vonnegut's own acquaintance with Irving Langmuir a chemist and Nobel Prize winning scientist who worked at the General Electric research lab fact laying here was the first Nobel laureate away prize or working in the private sector rather than for governments to shit and that's the way he liked it we are privileged now to take you to the General Electric laboratories ins connected thing to see and hear Dr Lang me on various experiments made just happens just like the who that those layers are only one molecule so the 300000000 conventionally measures the size of the Monica Bernard Vonnegut was Kurt Vonnegut's older brother and a maturing atmospheric scientists who work closely on Irving Langmuir in the General Electric labs in this way Kermit laying here several times a became fascinated with them as the star scientist a G. E. Langmuir was the subject of many stories and rumors as well Kurt Vonnegut himself worked at General Electric probably with the job that his brother helped him to get in before getting his best known novels published Kurt Vonnegut wrote press releases a G. E. under the company soon them Gregory Ellis apparently there were some 6 Gregory Alice's in the office of Schenectady New York supposedly he quit after writing a column critical of the company something about the blue collar struggle it G. E. at the company didn't like and he basically walked out at any rate Vonnegut had the opportunity to observe the man he considered to be the singular man of true genius that he knew and extremely eccentric man who out of absent mindedness seem to think nothing of the consequences of this technology Vonnegut said it was all just a puzzle to him Vonnegut was later interviewed and told stories of others acquaintanceship with Lange here according to a 1984 article by Barbara holiday incur Vonnegut juniors cat's cradle there's a character named Dr Felix honicker the absent minded scientist here's where he came from inviting its own words he was a caricature of doctor Irving laying near the star of the General Electric research laboratory I knew him some my brother worked with them Langer was wonderfully absent minded he wondered out loud 1 time whether when turtles pulled in their heads their spines buckled or contracted I put that in the book 1 time he left a tip honors played after his wife served in breakfast at home I put that in 16 years before cat's cradle was published Irving Langmuir and Bernard Vonnegut or key players in the first widespread weather experiments known as project serous a massive operation jointly conducted in 1947 with the General Electric laboratory the office of naval research the US weather bureau the US army Signal Corps and the airforce and as newspaper articles describe during projects serious they sprayed silver iodide into a hurricane in 1947 and they did so when the hurricane was a couple days out from the east coast trajectory and it worked after successfully sealing the Hyrcania changed directions accelerated crashing into the coast of Savannah Georgia wrecking major havoc on its inhabitants destroying property and creating an increase in Congress who seem largely critical and quite perturbed at the supposition that steering this her cane had artificially fueled it and created a loose cannon with disturbing potential consequence the public at large is furious lawsuits were formed in the DOD was suddenly on the defensive official denials came down attempting to quell public anger and diffuse blame a 13 year moratorium was placed on whether experimentation the key players went back to the drawing board but Irving Langmuir openly took credit for manipulating the weather and boasted about it success tone deaf to the sentiments of the public and apparently callous to the collateral damage that this new technology was capable of wielding during that same year projects serious also tested quote cloud controls to modify winter weather in the northern U. S. and doctor lane near announced that he was working to prevent hail storms during thunderstorms the stopping of all ice storms the freezing of rain and cloud I sing that endangers flying Furthermore in an April 1947 experiment that echoed the fictionalized ice 9 of Kurt Vonnegut's novel Lanier describe to the press's attempts at cloud cutting in the northern New York and Massachusetts Berkshire mountain country it was done in a cloud filled with unfrozen moisture that had been chilled to below freezing by artificially induced chemical reactions namely by dropping some 25 pounds of dry ice from a plane into the cloud which in turn could transform into snow or rain the plane flew an L. shaped cores and the color of the L. changed within a few minutes it's moisture turned into snow some of which I first boiled upwards this kind of snow would not ice in airplanes soon the snow fell on the L. changed into a canyon in the cloud in 30 minutes this canyon was 1000 feet deep this canyon widened and link then rapidly they cut completely down to the cloud I was about 3 miles wide and link them to 15 miles if a player wants to rise to a dangerous icing cloud overhead he could cut a whole upward by seeding the clean air directly below the cloud this air for some distance below is filled with liquid moisture below freezing when seated the water creates it up rush that turns the cloud above to snow there's no danger of icing for snow a plane opened a riff 20 miles long and 5 miles wide with dry ice these and further experiments which promised to alter winter weather considerably ... reported by doctor Lang near Vincent Jay Schaeffer doctor Bernard Vonnegut raymone falconer kia main art and Robert Smith Johannsen they describe subsequent experiments with silver iodide which is more efficient floats upward like smoke and which will wait for the super cold water to come to them ground generators of silver iodide kid then decrease cloudiness and thus albedo and increase winter temperatures with heat absorbed from increased light that's all from 1947 of course they've gone on from there only a few years after these key initial 1947 experiments Lanier was in the papers again in 1955 still years before the moratorium on seating her Keynes was lifted and urge the U. S. to study the use of weather for war and advocated using weather is a weapon of war for world domination and it came out of Albuquerque New Mexico where Lang mere via get and others to a lot of whether research at the same site where the lane near laboratory for atmospheric research was established in line years name in 1963 a 1932 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry pictured weather is a crucial weapon and declared America should be the first to be able to use that weapon doctor Irving Wang your research consultant with the General Electric company in Schenectady New York said whether modifications could cause tragic floods in an enemy country Lang mere shocked westerners last week with the paper in which he said he believes cloud seeding experiments in New Mexico resulted in the Missouri valley floods of 1951 lying near say control of the weather would be a fearsome thing but he had the knowledge is important even if we did not like what we discover he said I'm sure the Russians know this they have our papers on the subject they're fools if they're not conducting weather modification research as well Lanier said cloud seeding during projects serious in the New Mexico desert was conducted a regular weekly intervals and the Midwest rains begin to fall weekly to the scientists describe another test in October of 1947 when he set a hurricane was seated it changed course hitting the city of Savannah Georgia doing heavy damage he said this test discourage her cane seating but he believes the work should be continued with typhoons in the South Pacific and so within just a few years this guy's not only discovering important and the nature of atmospheric activity of clouds and lightning storms and even how to modify and how to give man's intervention involved with the weather the right off the bat within the first few years Irving Langmuir and who knows how many others were already advocating the use of it as an offense of weapon James Roger Fleming who has an MIT professorship argues that the military regarding cloud seeding as the trigger they can release the violence of the atmosphere against an enemy or tame the winds and the service of an all weather Air Force by 1954 Harold Orville the weather adviser to president Eisenhower had gotten involved and was publishing articles advocating the pursuit of a weather weapon for warfare in due time the army ordnance department was testing an investigating techniques of loading silver iodide in carbon dioxide into 50 caliber tracer bullets they could be fired from the planes into the clouds there's another plan that he calls more insidious to strike at the enemy's food supply by seeding clouds to rob them of moisture before they reach the enemy's agricultural areas Fleming quotes from Strategic Air Command commander general George C. Kenney who said the nation that first learns to plot the passive air masses accurately and learns to control the time and place of precipitation will dominate the globe so what's interesting that Fleming brings up as article is that they did indeed try to use weather modification end the war in Vietnam boat weather modification to a macro pathological turn between 19671972 in the jungles over north and South Vietnam Laos and Cambodia your rights under operation Popeye the air weather service conducted secret cloud testing operations to reduce traffic along portions of the Ho Chi Minh trail they flew out of you don't air base in Thailand without the knowledge of the government or basically anyone else by President Johnson and others in the U. S. government knew all about it and the air weather service flew over 26 0 cloud seeding sorties they used 47 0 silver iodide flares over a period of 5 years and they spent less than $4000000 and the story broke in 1971 and a column by Jack Anderson confirming the use of weather modification in Southeast Asia but up until that point they tried to keep it a secret they had denied it and they were in fact using co over whether weapons to change the course of Vietnam and led to a backlash the Senate adopted a resolution in 1973 that on paper prohibited and prevented the use of environmental lawyer geophysical modification activity as a weapon of war with operation Popeye clearly in mind a conclusion knowledge of whether weapons has faded from the public mind towards just considered a fantasy or affection despite the fact that the startling advances in technology have made possible the almost omnipotent potential for mass destruction not to mention at least 1 mad scientist with the will to use it and there's a lot more on this topic but just this 1 guy alone kind of blows my mind but let's not forget the quote that came from 1997 during a question answer session of the conference on terrorism weapons of mass destruction and U. S. strategy where they put a question to former secretary of defense William Cohen and he said quote others are engaging and an eco type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate set off earthquakes volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves and I've looked at the transcript from this before it's not a rumor this is on record as being the transcript so presumably he said acknowledging from the department of defense point of view the weather weapons are quite real and admitting that there's a chance that terrorists are really anyone with a certain set of technology could change the climate and could weaponize it could use earthquakes volcanoes and you name it to destroy people to destroy crops to destroy regions a country and it could be used to take out an enemy have moreover they don't have to use silver iodide cloud seeding technology they can now do it directly with electromagnetic waves just let that sink in this is real stuff and these people are talking about weaponized //
"2017-10-07 12:35:25"
10 Characteristics of False Flags
\\for decades now governments around the world admitted to committing false flag attacks to further geo political and other aims what's a false flag attack simply put it's a covert operation designed to deceive in such a way that the event is made to appear as if it was carried out by individuals groups or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them many false flag attacks including those perpetrated by the American government have now been exposed including operation Northwoods policy guy other places secretly curry terrorism in the United States documents actually said when they have a very flex plan but they were gonna take an aircraft and loaded with see if a people move by college students fly over to have it take up from the airport my handy with a lot of publicity and then ... it would quickly after that and the air land the secret CIA base at the same time an identical plane would take off from the CI base could this finally empty and ... in the remotely piloted from the ground own plane that would be very similar to your plan just thinking on and once he ... playing with over Cuba there was a I'm gonna be a tape recorder that when a platinum a distress call up to a microphone setting help were being god at slayer once was over the Karen you see after so if you would have we were accustomed background blowing up the plate and ... we're playing few approach load of because to war the Gulf of Tonkin resolution was not a declaration of war never was a declaration of war and be a serve much the same purpose president was given broad powers to wage war what the Congress did no traded up is it the second time in the Gulf of Tonkin may never have had the FBI's COINTELPRO can't volume tours to carry out violent act you blame them on political and Davis from fifties to the 19 seventies to the anthrax letters that begin showing up in the mail in the wake of 11 ending in the death of son photo editor Robert Stevens the bush administration tried to pressure then FBI director Robert Mueller to publicly blame the letters on bin laden despite the fact that it was well known the anthrax was a military strain and even the FBI could come up with a halfway plausible story of how guys in caves with box cutters could supposedly wind up in possession of weapons grade anthrax but what about all the false flags that the government hasn't admitted to yet in light of Las Vegas people have been asking how do you know if an event is a false flag or not just like many of you I woke up this morning to the devastating news coming out of Las Vegas shocking in pain tragedy Vegas Billy gathered for music mom only to hear this instead somebody shooting a fully automatic screaming running the shootings are just absolutely call the product because Vincent anytime you have a high event sniff test here's some red flags to look for that might denote a false fire event first you'll notice that it's such a high profile event that it's all the mainstream media will talk about 247 for going to take a moment here and we are gonna kind of gambling things and and start off with here and there I heard everything everything that they need to creating a news bubble around the event the only thing and so compelling the vote tomorrow they even feel that talk shows that would have murders which is well known to the me particular kind of media coverage I think there re toward a fact the first is copycat mass we shot despite Jenny says 10 minutes it was so nice known to call soon it paramedic terrorists terrorist alert terrorist threat Harris part yeah so many that have you really viewers further other and what it all comes down to is the process of sensitization and I think the most important after here is often these size number 2 you know it's suspicious when the police and I mean sure media only immediately prison neatly apprehend narrative and within 2004 hours it's you'll notice the median ever questions the official narrative even when they're obvious unanswered questions or blatantly conflicting eyewitness accounts and even though the crime just happen and it's perfectly obvious to anyone paying attention there hasn't been enough time to follow up on all the leads you'll notice that any other theories that deviate from the official package narrative are denied air time and discounted immediately despite how compelling the are like say you probably never heard of the fact that the family of the San Bernardino shooters claim they were framed for a false flag where the couple was found from what I understand is that they were handcuffed lying face down in this truck low shot out there if there's a lot of things that just don't make sense or the fact that many witnesses and even early media reports of the Oklahoma City bombing told of secondary explosive devices found in the Murrah federal building the second explosive was found and defused right is another matter justice department is reporting that the second explosive device has been found they then found a third device which was also larger than the first reports which were all discounted leader in lieu of the official story the media also frequently discount stories of multiple shooters or in the case of Oklahoma City multiple bombers sometimes correcting witnesses on air or even cutting them off how much shooting was going on and then not be taking on and and I think there that did you have any friends at this concert is there anyone that you don't know physically it really possible way that that guy that was the only ship if you are where we were and how we were hidden in their way if they came into her give us all out one and they continued shooting incidents that regular the Las Vegas police department is saying that they do believe that it is just one person at this point but they believe and it came from 30 secs for that way if there is a lot so the way a lot of people that had shot right right we're gonna to we're gonna wind up right there number 3 you'll notice the suspect or they commit suicide making sure there's no one to prosecute trial making it much number 4 another red flag is that the suspects in these crimes usually have hardly any training yet they're able to carry off grand attacks with amazing precision does doesn't make any sense a good example of this would be suppose it hijacker Hani Hanjour or who we're told flew a Boeing 757 into the Pentagon on 911 in a maneuver so tricky some experience commercial pilots aids frankly impossible this is despite the fact that multiple witnesses including flight instructors who flew with high under just weeks prior to the attack said the guy could barely control and land the single engine Cessna 172 the FAA has still never explained how hunter was even able to obtain a commercial pilot's license to begin with as most every flight school instructor he worked with his come out on the record to say that he was a terrible pilot they are known to have taken some flight lessons with small single engine airplanes none of them had ever flown in Jack let alone a lot the bunkers maintain terrorist had spent some time in flight simulators and that the equipment they encountered in the Boeing cockpits on September 11 was similar to the simulators they've trained on it's false for example the only simulator honey hung jury is known to have change the Boeing 737 an airplane designed in the seventies a totally different from the seventies 7 he is alleged to have high 11 we're also suppose it is readily accept a question that many of these men shooters are somehow able to fire upon large crowds sometimes from great distances wearing large amounts of military here without loss of speed and with expert accuracy despite having no military or weapons training beforehand whatsoever it just makes no sense number 5 drills many times their drills involving the exact scenario of the attack happening around the same time or even simultaneously as the attack goes down which helps to ensure that the false flag itself will be able to be carried out without too much interruption because a lot of people in the confusion will think it's just a drill along listed drills in wargames are taking place on 911 and during your receding there was a government sponsored anti terror training drill specifically regarding a massacre in a movie theater not only was a drill going on during the Boston Marathon bombing but pictures taken directly after room show crisis actors walking through the bomb scene looking totally confused like this woman who comes out of a shop down the street from the finish line seconds after the bomb goes off with her league already wrapped up as if she's hurt then walks through the bomb scene with a look of horror on her face like she's confused a drill of the exact scenario was going down during the London 77 bombings as well day we were running an exercise for a company back to mine on the private sector and we saw everybody down in the city 0 people involved in the whole organization crisis team an immature using mostly based off scenario from simple Tennessee but on the ground in mainline station so we have to suddenly switch of exercise from fictional too real 6 people in high places appear to have been forewarned about the event well before it happened one of the earliest examples of this is Pearl Harbor the event officially got America into World War 2 so life magazine from 9/24/1945 friend that time you we were slaughtered without warning when we were innocently going about our business sure we were but there's no need to explain Japanese behavior but to say that we were someone without warning is a radical distort the distortion of the truth Roosevelt the chief executive of nation commander in chief of US army and navy knew in advance listen I knew in advance the Japanese were going to attack then it goes on further in the article to point this out that they may not have known the precise location of the attack but the the Japanese code had been ... so for some time and they knew that they were watching that attack again and we were not preparing our army and navy and airforce 2 was stabbed that attack in fact in many cases what we were doing even making sure that we could be attacked 9 elevens another good people were warned not to show up for work on one why should no ordinary looting World Trade leaseholder Larry Silverstein as daughter whose bodyguards occur I'd ask you your change received a phone call warning them on the morning of 911 not to work either not only that but how did is BBC reporter know the building 7 which was never even hit by a plane just by the way was about to collapse into its footprint well before it did and it seems that this was not a result of a new attack it was because the other building had been weak mornings probly find out more now about that our correspondent Jane Stanley Jane what more can you tell us apart Solomon brothers building is well anyway any what you already know deep very price he does almost town in New York me down by the World Trade Center is in fact American Clive stall for those you work because that job Hines made the change is to me burning we huge now smoke and I we get behind this what was a very familiar New York skyline number so Telligent looting the FBI Davis Polk connection to any one of these organizations they go some length and planing how coordinated the motivation of the traders the actual involvement or no the suspects and who actually directed the operation Tsarnaev brothers AKG the Boston Marathon bombing Patsy's had been on the FBI's radar long before the attack but it also leader came out they a deeper ties to a covert CIA initiative in Chechnya many of the suppose in 911 hijackers were also connected to the FBI and CIA beforehand accused Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen was not only working for a high level government defense contractor but he too had long been on the FBI's radar and his facts been introduced FBI informants when he was followed and had always communication spied on by the agency for 10 months and 2013 number 8 involves mysterious witness deaths in the 3 year period which followed the murders of JFK Lee Harvey Oswald 18 material witnesses died 6 by gunfire 3 in motor accidents to I. suicide 3 from heart attacks one from a cut throat one from a karate chop to the neck and only 2 were deemed from natural causes by the end of the seventies however those mysterious death of JFK witnesses are people willing to the case was closer to 100 a little over a month after the Boston Marathon bombing special agents Christopher Laurie can Stephen Shaw to members of the elite FBI counter terrorism unit that arrested Dzhokhar sorry Dave died by following a significant distance out of a helicopter that encountered unspecified difficulties 12 miles off the coast of Virginia beach multiple friends assertive brothers including tamarins best friend Brendan mass were also murdered in the weeks following the bombing seal team 6 the US naval special warfare development group that were told took out Osama bin laden in 2007 in a raid on this compound despite the fact that bin laden was reportedly a longtime CIA asset named Tim Osmond who died 2001 of a degenerative genetic disease known as my phone syndrome that doesn't have a cure with insiders claiming the US government just been waiting to wheel bin laden's body out and whatever time would be most politically expedient but that's another story for another time so let's go back to seal team 6 we're told that just a few months after the raid more than 20 members of the elite team were reported to have died in a helicopter crash which the Taliban officially took credit for though many of said it was to get rid of witnesses to the rate the locals in the neighborhood saying that the operation led by the United States military was a complete hoax Osama was never here just over a year after the Oklahoma City bombing okay see police officer Terry yee kee one of the first on the scene died in what appeared to be a vicious murder that was somehow ruled a suicide supposedly this is how he killed himself he said to have slit his wrists and neck which cause into nearly bleed to death in his car but then he were accuracy was able to climb over a barbed wire fence and then walk over a mile through a nearby field eventually shooting himself in the side of the head and an unusual angle and no weapon was found at the scene where his body was brutally murdered well I have from the front gate of the arena penitentiary from that moments that is funny response we know that the crime scene was destroyed your speech several Citrix used to turn over the crime scene ballistics and gunpowder residue anything that had to do with his death was absolutely destroyed corrupt going along with number 8 number 9 the mysterious disappearance of evidence and the classification of evidence there are so many examples of this it's hard even limit how many I'm gonna use here but remember when the press was given unprecedented access to the suspected San Bernadine assures apartment right after the shooting to rifle through everything and trample any evidence that might be there completely contaminate what should've been an open crime scene or how about the fact that 6 months after the sandy hook shooting the Connecticut house of representatives passed an unprecedented legislation preventing the public release of crime scene photos and video evidence from the shooting including any records that could quote reasonably be expected to constitute an unwarranted invasion of the privacy of the victim or the victim's surviving family members end quote a few months after that construction crews completely demolished the former sandy hook elementary school or how not despite being 1 of the most heavily filmed buildings on the planet there's never been a release of any footage ever showing a plane hitting the Pentagon on 911 just after the attack there I remember clearly seeing clips on television of a line of people walking across the Pentagon lawn picking things up with their bare hands which not only goes against any real crime scene investigation protocol but is something that doesn't even happen in crime scene protocol on television shows which aren't real let alone at one of the most infamous crime scenes of one of the biggest crimes of the 20 first century care than that Boeing 757 the American jet America airlines get landed short of the building you know it it it might appear that way but from my closeup inspection there's no evidence of a plane having crash anywhere near the petty the only site is the actual outside of the building this crash and then as I said the only piece slam now that you can see are are small enough that you hand there are no large tales sex we sections of the fuselage nothing like that anywhere around would indicate a higher plane the guy and then because collapse no even if you look at the Pentagon now that the floors of off color in late he was on the telephone 5 minutes later in the immediate thousands deal from towers were sold at a discount where they were quick by September 29 not even a month later 130 Anne's of degrees had already been removed site fire experts later told Congress that about 80 percent of the steel was scrapped without being examined because investigators didn't have the authority to preserve the wreckage or how about the fact in 2010 a judge held that CI a documents associated with the Oklahoma City bombing case would remain classified 15 years after the fact or the fact that they just keep pushing back the release date of some 6000 JFK assassination documents which supposedly will finally be released in 2028 but since they push it back every single time were not holding our breath and finally number 10 qui bono who benefits always ask who benefits first ask whether or not the official narrative has any obvious political advantages to the government B. isis in lone wolf terror narratives are at this point fear based programming cues which urged the public to hand over more and more of their civil rights and freedoms while basically giving more power over to the government while at the same time justifying more foreign intervention and empire building wars while they push emotional buttons these narratives usually also push patriotic ones as well which is another pro government plus also check if there is any pre planned legislation that fits the event like a glove and if that was already in the works a good example is the way that 911 was used as justification to implement the Orwellian named constitution burning patriot act we should been written well before 911 another benefit to many involve 911 was also used a starting defensive nebulous a never ending war on terror which begin in Iraq a country that President Bush himself leader admitted on record he had a really tough time connecting to bin laden or the so called war on terror you know my heart is part of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror although sometimes the benefit is a symbol is flipping the script away from something the public at large is focused on that the establishment would like to make it go away and fast finally look for financial beneficiaries which include but are not limited to major banks corporations defense kind as is the case in the underwear bomber Chertoff group rapist and controversy or the fact that Larry Silverstein had taken out a 99 year lease trade center complex to 6 weeks before 911 an attendant are you in court that the 2 planes hitting the towers constituted to separate terrorist attacks so he could receive double the insurance payout the list goes on and on and on here way beyond a few examples of the many but Hey at least this is a good place to start north upon I think how certain things turn out to be fact in history books our government will lie and not lie will become a fact //
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Eerie Predictions in Vegas... Cui Bono?
\\we were out running errands yesterday and everywhere we went all anyone was talking about is how horrible modern society is these days and Las Vegas Las Vegas was on the TV and every waiting area that we saw every corner that had a small TV in it that was on it was talked about on every radio station and even when we tried to change the channel DJs were saying we should stop what we were doing and turn on the news to watch the coverage of Las Vegas what we were told happened is a 64 year old multimillionaire in real estate for reasons no one knows that have not been explained brought the cartoonish number of 23 guns into the Mandalay bay casino over the course of several days and on Sunday night knocked out 2 windows on the 30 second floor and despite being in a casino which is building with its own many fusion center in Las Vegas which is the American equivalent of London and how many CCTV cameras it has this man was somehow able to shoot down at a crowd of thousands of people attending a country music festival for over an hour and no one was able to get into the room to stop him for 72 minutes this is the same exact casino by the way that if the power even goes out like it did for 40 minutes one day last year security was able to put the entire please on full lockdown quickly within moments and all day long every news outlet every channel everything just repeated the same gory details over and over about the terror this screaming they're running and the blood the blood the blood I must I heard that the brainwashing level number of times which if we're to believe that nearly 60 people died and over 500 were hurt Israeli de humanizing to any potential victims who may have been involved leftists outlets head Sicko saying things like conservative victims like those found a country music festivals don't deserve our sympathy and far right blow hards were attempting to push the ISIS home grown lone wolf terror agenda but the mourned the details began to emerge on this and there are some really strange things that have come out in the wake of this the more we began asking ourselves qui bono who benefits was there anyone waiting in the wings who benefits from such a senseless event and is sick is it seems to say that unfortunately we live in a country and now a globally connected society that has been run on false flag terror in the Hegelian dialectic since at the very least World War 2 at least we have people in leadership positions like rom Emanuel saying things like never let a good crisis go to waste he never won a serious prices to go to waste what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before so when you see a bunch a red flag details are coming out that don't make any sense and I mean no sense at all and you start asking yourself could this be a false flag always ask he bono and then work backwards from there and of all the bizarre stuff coming out of Vegas the my new show of which we could debate all day long one of the most compelling answers to our question was apparently posted on 4 chan on of all days September 11 just a few weeks ago this is a thread called if anything happens tomorrow it's Mossad false flag level alpha and I'm sure every single year on September 11 you'll see a post with the same morning or similar warning just by default ever since 911 on this website I'm just guessing but this year you had some pretty interesting and specific responses that make way too much sense I was able to carbon date this page back to its creation date and it was apparently created 235959 on September 10 one second before midnight September 11 somebody out a message they definitely wanted to put out there and down here in this thread is a post from John I'm sure that's his real name he says look I feel bad for some of you on this website Solich you in on a little secret if you live in Las Vegas or Henderson stay inside tomorrow don't go anywhere where there are large groups of people also if you see 3 black vans parked next to each other immediately leave the area you're welcome people started debating what that meant and he comes back and says it's called the high incident project they want to make the American public think that places with extremely high security like Las Vegas aren't safe they're trying to create more regulations you'll see laws proposed the next few years to put a more metal detectors and other security devices medium politicians will be saying places with lots of police need even more police I can't guarantee anything weapon tomorrow but Las Vegas is on their minds then he comes back 1 last time and says if their plan is successful state of Nevada will pass along the future making all casinos have mandatory metal detectors and backscatter machines soon after a federal law be passed to put these machines in universities high schools federal buildings you name it O. S. I. systems and chairs offer the main producers of these machines sometime around 2020 shares off no SI will merge into a single company after the merge the owners will sell off all their stock and make billions in profits Mr Chertoff has been in contact with Sheldon Adelson Mister Addison will become huge sponsor these machines and he will be the first the put the meniscus he knows when the law passes this is my last message for now don't expect me to return anytime soon if you'll recall back when the underwear bomber happened Chertoff who had been department of homeland security secretary from 2005 to 2009 by then he was running the Chertoff group which is a private security consulting agency and after the underwear bomber happened he came out and zoom really big proponent publicly promoting the rapper skin naked body scanners the backscatter X. ray machines that they put into all the airports he was pushing all that and then it came out that one of his main clients was LSI OSI owns wrap the skin the maker of the machines O. S. I by the way being run by Deepak Chopra not not over his chopper another guy with the same name who is considered a quorum quote significant donor to the Democratic Party to the point that he was able to accompany president Obama on a trip to India and 2010 to remote trade between India and the U. S. that's the level that that guy is see a lot of big players involved in ... SI wrap the ski and of course the Chertoff group on top of that James Muran D. E. C. E. O. of MGM international which owns the Mandalay bay casino also just so happens to be a sitting member of the department of homeland security's national infrastructure Advisory Council and he actually sits on a group called the critical infrastructure security and resilience research and development working group and they write reports like this one where they talk about things that they can do to help get legislation passed and regulations to put in some sure the technology infrastructure such as low I don't know X. ray backscatter machines into places how to make it affordable for shareholders which should be the people who own casinos who would have to buy and purchase these machines and also they consider things like public acceptance of such technologies that's the kind of stuff they talk about in their meetings as a member of the homeland security national infrastructure Advisory Council just so happens to be the same guy who is the CEO of the company that owns a hotel where this had so all this was predicted in NC eerie and what makes sense about it is the president has these people as his peers he's got of tower over there on Vegas strip he's met with these people publicly and privately he knows all these casino owners and Sheldon Adelson in particular sponsored the Las Vegas debate and the last GOP debate cycle today before the debate trump met with adults and so tell where the debaters being held met privately with most of not all of the candidates on stages they basically bag for his money and backing as one of the biggest king makers in the Republican Party and trump also met with them and that night at the debate while we don't know exactly what they said that night at the debate all the candidates hop to to see who could be the biggest and boldest at talking about counter security measures how they would take on terrorism whether or not they would launch new wars to defend the country and other related matters and trump came out very strongly that night for an anti terrorism administration that picks up right where George Bush left off and you've got Sheldon Adelson quietly you know with this cloak hands glad that they took this script so the fact that you're now seeing have possible false flag incident and new security measures starting on the Las Vegas Strip pretty much echoes what happened in the debate and the connections that are there what's even I think creepier about it is after a mass shooting in this country you always have calls for gun control we're seeing that not to the same degree we normally do actually what we're seeing in this time is a lot of talk in every mainstream news outlets about how vulnerable hotel security is everywhere so here's one from The New York Times about the Las Vegas shooting underscores hotel security choices here's one from fox news about how hotels take new look at security after Las Vegas but will customer sacrifice their privacy and it just goes on and on and every single one of these articles the quote the same guy it's this guy Jim Stover and he says the hospitality industry hasn't gotten its act together in terms of anti terrorism it's not gonna be pushed it has to be pulled it's not gonna be pushed it has to be pull all over the place are saying this you even had an op ed in the Huffington post where a lady stripped said do you S. hotels need metal detectors and it shows a picture of the backscatter X. rays the naked body scanners and she goes through and makes this argument and it's a terrible argument he says things like metal detectors and security screening your routine at the entrances to hotels in many countries such as Egypt and Jordan yes because we need to start setting our sights on making America more like the Middle East right but it only takes 30 seconds longer than walking through a volume door and we all adjusted to the security screenings at U. S. airports although we may crumble from time to time if the lines are long we're racing to catch a plane TSA security screens have become part of the experience of flying in the U. S. so we might as well accept this too that's what she said perhaps it's time to make it safer to stay at a hotel in the U. S. by installing metal detectors and X. ray machines and hotel lobby but you know just like with the airports it's not gonna stop there in fact the controversy over backscatter machines went up a notch when people started questioning the health and safety of such machines and they ended up having to take a bunch of out of the airports in those machines are just sitting around waiting for someone to use them so why not get all the hotels and casinos on board to stick him right in and what do you know but just the very next day they're now reporting in Bloomberg guests at the women are being scanned in a glance of Las Vegas is future that is how fast this is already being done because again the guy brought a cartoonish number of guns supposedly 23 guns into his room more guns and he would possibly me exch is over the top the whole thing is over the top and this is going to be the solution less freedom do you wanna blatantly transparently obvious this agenda is the next day former homeland security official Chad suite who just so happens to also be the co founder and CEO of the Chertoff group went on CNBC and not only did he say that in a free society there are no ways to eliminate security risks in a free society there's no way to eliminate this kind of risk so what he really means is we need to be less free if we want to be safe we need to give up our liberty for temporary security he was also pushing guess what but there are ways he said potentially mitigate the rest are in addition to intelligence sharing you can also do a number of steps to put the stamp machine secure perimeter using at various types of screening technology that's right the xray technologies already not even 2004 hours later so I guess the guy in the 4 chan group just so happens to have had a crystal ball that is what I call eerily prescient I guess some people are member I remember it like it yesterday this is all the stuff they were building up to they were telling us homeland security was going to be pre screening passengers every train every plane and eventually every cars well they had mobile X. ray scanners deployed in the streets they've got stream we sophisticated potentially dangerous very expensive equipment being rolled out everywhere but the public was fed up with it hence the Obama administration focused on the gun control side of the issue for years now the administration's about a Republican here we go again with all the security measures and better look closely what's happening not everything is what it appears to be so that's what happened now whether that's a false flag of somebody posting that on September 11 is a little ha ha I got you game I don't know but the fact is it makes we too much sense Hey maybe trump will be the first one to put it in his hotel why not because this is what they're getting ready they're already push it's been it's been awhile literally a day and they are already scanning people they're already doing this and like the poster said this is just gonna be the beginning because to get us to the fully automated minority report level of society that we're supposed be living in the future there's gonna have to be backscatter machines and all kinds of technology everywhere that's the only way to get us there but they know that they can just instituted and put it in they have to socially engineer everybody to accept it and one way they can do that is false flag tear that is how they get people to accept more and more intrusion an encroachment on their privacy and on their person and that is why every time one of these events happens you have to ask what's that who who stands to benefit and there are some people in some very high places he stand to make an awful lot of money off of taking away a little bit more freedom meanwhile these machines have been debunked already there's people that have done videos all over you to they can sneak all kinds of things past these machines I don't know about you but I live in a society where I have to be X. rayed Everytime I want to go into the grocery store in the Brackley every time I leave my house everywhere I go that's not freedom that's not even humane but that's the reality they're trying to push here where they gonna stop once they start doing where does it end //
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The Epic Saga of a Smart Meter Opt-Out
\\the process of opting out of your smart meter is like being bullied by kids at school you've likely heard just a few of the problems with smart meters even policy papers put out by smart grid technology experts admit that smart meters and smart grids are not synonymous are a waste of taxpayer and electricity rate payer dollars for electricity that for many has ended up costing more not less wasting more energy than they save and even at the meters are an unjustifiable unnecessary intrusion into our privacy with doctor Timothy Shoko pointing out the data to be collected by smart meters including intimate personal details of citizens lives are not necessary to the basic purpose of the smart grid despite what smart meter advocates routinely claim that in houses and apartment buildings that were not bill to take smart meters which is basically everything that we had saved for the new houses built under the last decade her routinely bursting into flames play every home in the metro has one but the devices used to tractor electricity could suddenly catch fire and put you in your family at red which isn't exactly something you want your house to do smart meters in able to a real time communications with your home notice it's 2 ways not just the one that would be your house sending electrical use data to the Electric Company consumers hope that that's all the information that's being sent out and not being sent to say any third parties considering we live in a world now where even people's robotic vacuum cleaners are essentially gathering of data on the way out of their houses for at the very least marketing purposes you really wouldn't be a huge surprise to anyone paying attention to find out the same happens with smart meters cost in privacy and houses bursting into flames aside one of the biggest reasons to get rid of a smart meter isn't even really publicly discuss in mainstream circles and when it is officials like disco off is if it's all in the bunk conspiracy theory but it has to do with your health there are hundreds upon hundreds of non industry funded scientific studies that prove and have proven for decades now the non ionizing radiation can be harmful to health resulting in illness and disease that manifests in myriad ways that has been shown to cause damage to DNA it's been shown to affect your adrenals your thyroid your pituitary gland that whole section of your body of course it affects the way your brain talks to itself you have all these people today taking melatonin I hear that all the time people can't sleep they're just taking melatonin light hits tic tacs or something because no one can sleep anymore skipping whole starlight long buyer smart meter cell phones electromagnetic frequency it's going into your body you cannot see it it's not the visible spectrum so you don't know it's there and people what they can't see they don't think it can hurt them lookin non thermal microwave radiation not only impacts water something 70 percent of your body is made up of but it can directly penetrate your body it can affect your immune system which in turn can affect every other system in your body but of course government outfits like the national Cancer Institute in the FCC and the industry at large will all say otherwise despite the fact that even the World Health Organization and thus the mainstream media have now been forced to admit that the radiation from smart devices like cell phones are possible human carcinogen World Health Organization says that the radiation for mobile devices like cell phones is a possible carcinogen to humans and it's been listed on the same carcinogenic hazard category next to lead chloroform and engine exhaust fumes they're operating under this myth that not only is non ionizing radiation not harmful to you because you can't physically feel that effective heating which is been thoroughly debunked in studies that they obviously are cherry picking which ones they decide to tell you about usually the ones that are funded by the government that are pro this technology because obviously there are military capabilities that would be severely limited if they had to edit the health effects and actually admit something is going on here not to mention how we have a cellphone tower every street corner these days now just for a moment on an aside I want to point out that a few years ago when we moved into our house it had a smart meter and I began to notice a problem when my 6 year old began refusing to sleep in his room at night the window which faced the meter on the back of our house I would wake up and find him sleeping on the living room couch in the mornings the meter itself was on the outside of a little sun porch that we turn into our work office and after a couple of months I began to notice is sitting in there made me feel high sometimes DZ I get headaches like I had a vice tightening around my head and I generally begin to feel like I was suffering from PMS all of the time which if you're a woman or you live with one you know is like living in or with a mood swinging nightmare began she out of one of the blacker pits of hell after awhile we finally had an active his friend come out to our house and bring her EMF meters with their to measure what we had going on here as far as dirty electricity in EMF and all that they say it's every 15 minutes by the way that's what they say but we had someone come in here was one of those really expensive electromagnetic frequency meters and tested the thing and it's sending out very high horses that come right through windows right through all probably 7 or 8 times a minute okay so that is not every 15 minutes and those pulses were so strong that they were the meter itself is on the back of the pub or half of our house but the pluses were so strong that even using that metered attested by our front door the pulse waves were coming in and shooting across the entire house anywhere that you would be in the path of of this array words shooting out you're gonna be getting post with that repeatedly all day long and they try to say things like well it's way lower than the F. C. C. standard but again the F. C. C. standard is based on well I 40 year old research that was done by the military some arbitrary thing they put in its way lower than other countries have for safety like say Russia I think it's like 1000 times lower than safety standards rush on EMF and they say that over your cell phone is much more dangerous well that's actually true when you consider that your smart meter is pulsing they average it out and give you the low average of what's coming out of that smart meter not tough telling you about the high pulses they're coming out of there that she lay off the charts very harmful here is being post with that repeatedly multiple times per minute all day long all night long while you sleep and it was explained to us by our friend came back here with her equipment that you know it be liking being in your room and trying to sleep at night and having someone turn the light switch off and on all night long that's the way your brain is dealing with these frequencies are coming out this year on top of that higher power in this house was always we from the day we moved in we all kinds of weird stuff going on many times our dryer wouldn't start and then sometimes only would try to turn it on the other end would shut off it would reset all the power in 0.5 of the house clocks and everything and we had the lectures and come out and check all our wiring and no one can ever figure out what the problem actually was we figured out what the problem was and you'll see what it was in a minute back to opting out after placing a smart meter on everyone's home anyway despite all the issues in the risks they're been coming out and then telling us that because they're on everyone's house now those are now standard meters and your analog meter the ones everyone I've had for decades and decades those are all now non standard if you want your analog meter back that is now considered nonstandard so instead of using the phrase smart meter instead they're saying what you want is a non standard meter because you're trying to get something that's non standard siad they do then they can charge you all this money to come change it out and charge you monthly fees to have someone come check your meter since they can't just do it remotely they have forced everyone to have smart meters unless you go through the process of opting out a process that as you will see they have made about is nonsensical confusing an arduous is possible seemingly on purpose just to deter people from doing it so this is what happened when we opted out of our smart meter hello I'm sitting in my house were often existence men time and we've been very concerned as of late about the electromagnetic spectrum around this though it's invisible it could pose health threats right chances are you know that I've known that for awhile but we finally got serious about the signals in our house now previously we went to great lengths to make sure we had our internet service hard wired up because the standard now from major companies like Time Warner or ... 18 T. is supported and wireless only internet connections and homes it's now the standard I think probably virtually everyone around me has them ... but we were the first ever person for at least our installation guy to actually put in a hard wired internet without said we've started the arduous process actually going through with opting out of our smart meter but it's not done yet we've contacted the company today I'll which we actually have a retail electric company that has no power to change our smarmy here we had to contact the underlying service provider which in this case is encore and I suspect it's much the same with any other provider ... throughout the state of Texas to the contrary whatever but in order to get the smart meter off through this company first we had a column first we had to call and request that we wanted to opt out cranberry recorded for quality assurance purposes I I need to opt out of the smart meter and have a non standard meter put on my house okay I think 50 without looking at what you have there I live so that I particularly like that with that are going to transfer you over okay looking to give me the number just in case we get disconnected I don't it's a good they had this number listed on their website I've already been disconnected a couple times don't you hello yet I need to opt out of the smart meter and have a nonstandard meter put on my house my first yeah the first name is Aaron a a are a win in the last name is dykes do you like it yes okay now I have a question for you I'm gonna have something so my view of how my intended not to persuade you otherwise from your position edges of that we do have to tell you parts mailing a letter out and the only question I will have the premier for this point on is not the reason the other reason why exactly the bits I usages outside her out health reasons being 30 going one case I want Sir what's your reason for wanting to change Sir and along with their no we have health concerns I'm also very concerned about your policy you're gonna mail letter before I can switch service yeah yeah yeah review well and were supposed to be real receiving a letter in the mail within 5 to 7 days at which point if we accept the terms we get signed and returned it along with a check for between 100 and 69 to 200 some odd dollars so it's going to cost us a couple 0 Bucks just to have the actual smart meter remote but making that payment is at the end of the story either where to mail it back that will take a couple days that process and accept that letter and then according to their own policy they will send someone out to remove the meter within 30 days that's a month of continued exposure I'm really eager to have removed but there's a waiting process and it completely is just so revealing their own policies on their website for this company that to have the smart meter movies the letter it's the male times to call it's the money is the 30 days of waiting but if you don't I'm a smart meter if you happen to have a house that still has an old analog meter and you wanna change are going to do is call young had to pay a dime and they'll be here guaranteed with them 5 days to change the smart meter what does that tell you about their priorities what does that tell you about the real concerns I think it's 6 Greenlee revealing and even if you badger them on the phone and remind them how much you have health concerns about the people in your family don't want to be exposed this thing they still ring their hands portray nothing option we do happen and we have to try to get to send out through email and that they've denied that we do lots of Michael because that you want to pay to remove the meter and that must be charged as well as from other options that we have to go through them like I said ... might tended not to persuade you otherwise but says some things that we got that vibe your phone call the reporting go then I think ... I was good at this point in my companion when you mention that office we had ... regarding held up have you gone to online these Megyn help we have online with encore we have online through the public utility commission about the health concerns that he got a chance read up on that or not you know have the are there available for the because Mr Reid so your attempt isn't is to suggest that there are no legitimate health concerns excessive fines you that there is up public technicians website information on health and how that relates to our leadership we did not know that are available this recording is a policy that they are available now a mother okay we're gonna find out exactly page here and they still drag it out and they won't comment on your concerns and you gotta read through the state of Texas health concerns it does not mention non ionizing radiation except say that there are no known health concerns with non ionizing radiation which is a real cherry picking a villager we've read through all these books they cite scientific studies and it's a very thorough and convincing case that at at a bare minimum they should gain this garner much more attention than it has yeah every WWE you see yeah state does he accept that U. S. for any questions on that okay marketers taking aren't alright yeah some people would rather talk about is only 40 points and that some of the one you won't be able to have your manager of energy it's an almost real time test that's more meters Texas portal that we offer to pay you know be able to you know we didn't know about and don't miss anyway it will be required to wait 45 days this which we collect providers as we have continued health concerns because we've got everyone half the people my house of headaches right now because of the smart meter and we just had some one ounce or house to show how the energies pulsing through our house and we're very very concerned I think it is outrageous they make people opting out the program wait 6 or 7 times as long as they have a smart meter installed I think that's very revealing about the motives of encore so therefore is that you're not gonna commute knowledge what I said do you think it's a little a bit of a disparity that you guys were to race out here to put in a smart meter but you will drag your feet to remove one I'm trying a new pane of hundreds of dollars to have this removed as well as additional service fees why do we not have the priority of an ordinary customer regarding a profit if I think back on the fly so what the problems we have you on the phone number for you parts in letter out you know what they call me any other questions I'll be Afghans for them but if there are questions that he answer like what you're mentioning I can't comment on it on your view but the third point is that you may not be able to present Spain from recalling provided plans and that you should check recollect support while he and the you have the option to go to non smart you know reader option and that's what will be a mixed parents long restoration sign in case of service interruption we Marty covered how you have no priority for opt out customers I think so brain shed to start up at one time fee ranges from $169 $211 depending on the type of service that you wanna know woods because that'll be it was 5 in that because of the letter that I think you have on how I can give you details but it went well along with a letter take to arrive it just says only suppose sorceress takes a Texas what state are you milling of from or okay well nothing range fees range from $26.69 but $31.38 depending on the mir service that you have I think she's and that's where the fun things that we have to live you know okay so you can send a letter right now I'm saying that you know because that department and please allow at least on the Senate based in Melbourne every to progress and you can contact us at 1888 so you want me to wait 5 to 7 days for the latter process plus the time of the mailing plus the time for my response then 30 to 45 days it doesn't have a face for the mail delivery I'm so can be up to 2 months before this turns out I don't that's where you just told me based on the time frame I think I could take the profits and face from nobler reprocessing I'm what led you to go ahead and process that but I'd also like to speak to your supervisor I think to a house made him so insincere dropped out of Ferguson sincerely obviously didn't want to do it and they made multiple who say you have to jump through in order we opt out we have and it's a subtle form will exist on intimidation was the counterpart to intimidation or requires a lot of pro activity on the part of the consumer to actually go this program because they've come up with the men by default and again their own policies on the website say you happen to not have a smart meter they'll be here within 5 days guaranteed open on free of charge but if you don't want the smart meter if you have health concerns they will remove the smart meter very slowly after a 5 to 7 days letter mail out process how do you sign in the knowledge that things he's ari said on the phone that have already 7 knowledge and then they will take up to 30 days after you pay any ... between 100 and 692 $0 people get intimidated by going through this process pay more but what I just wanted to say about that really quickly is that ... a lot of people online have actually said that because you don't have a smart meter anymore they actually cannot charge you any longer for peak usage which is one of the reasons they love putting in the smart meters they don't know when the peak usage is if you have an analog that send someone out here to check it all the time so all these people are getting charged peak usage rates you'll be getting charged that you actually probably end up saving I've seen a lot of comments and comments are as a people say no yeah I was $30 more a month I have my analog meter back but I actually save 30 percent on my electricity bill because I don't have the smart meter and they can no longer charge me for peak usage which is what they love about it so much which would be one of many many many many phone calls that would transpire throughout this process as you will see neither kits available for doing this yourself I just want to point out but considering that our electricity had already been having all kinds of weird issues and that were not that technically minded in that area we in that you'd be a good idea for us to isn't it but I'm not gonna tell anyone else what to do I do know the back in the early days of smart meters if you attempted to replace a smart meter with an analog meter yourself power companies like PGM E. began threatening legal action against people they were cutting people's power off when they did that but I believe the bad press finally forced them to stop doing that and I haven't heard of anyone being sued or arrested for replacing their own meter in recent years I do know that some people were arrested trying attempting to block technicians from installing smart meters they did do that for sure anyway then we had to wait a week for our special certified letter to arrive which would tell us all of the extra fees they were going to charge us both one time in monthly just to get an analog meter put back on our house nerd so we call on the phone and we opted out of our smart meter with encore and they took several days descended I mean part of it is just normal but it certified mail they know for a fact a guy here had to sign for it tourist center back the same way larger play games very serious this is service to residential after power you have requested to replace the existing in vans meter at your print with a non standard you horrible Baxter you must one time fee for choose one option replace existing meter with an advanced meter the communications technology disabled replays meter with the digital none communicating meter or replace meter with an analog meter while Daryl is the cheapest option and one that I want in the fee is going to be 2669 a month for us to switch it and I guess it's a credible Margus you will be required to pay other fees and charges FOR requested mere discretionary services socially with choice of your non standard media was a mean world and I guess it's gonna teleserye could be longer restoration times an outage well well cashier's check or money order see you can't pay them more than any other thing you have to go get a money order should do the act like this is the weirdest Millar award thing you've ever done weird sign this. are you sure you want to volunteer for herpes I seriously they do they treat you like you ... you ask them to give you herpes they act like this is the hazard is that you're going to go down to a volcano that you're jumping out from a helicopter to get to a volcano filled with herpes I'm surprised they don't make you know there is it or did your blood drawn very take a fingerprint or an ice again this is insane how ridiculous they've made this when we finally got our letter we notice that in the letter they make it like a little game where they still give you they give you 3 options and only one of them is actually an analog meter the other 2 were still smart meters and they claim that the technology is disabled or whatever but if you check the wrong back she still will you opt out in Oct into basically justice another smarmy which is just ridiculous and they make paying for the switch a total pain in the ass this so I no one wants to do this they intimidate everyone out they bully you out of it in the throw bureaucracy at you so that you'll back down so then we had to mail that back which we did also certified because we were not going to play we want to make sure that they got finally after nearly a month of waiting the technician showed up at our house to change out the freakin meter this should have taken a whole hour or so maybe 2 and national been the end of it not even close Liz that they were gonna numbers smarmy Barney isn't that smart yeah the guys to show her the door I can chew maybe we're just unclear about how these things are supposed to go but the guys did not cut the power off before cutting out the meter everything seemed normal but the guy makes a cut and suddenly we hear a lot allowed pop sound and a giant flashes sparks shoot out the back of our house and all of the power went off close on the phone in he ambitious from taking the mirror room because surprises NASA shut down the power for and we heard the guy go over and we've actually been filming net but for some reason when that happened cameras shut off and the battery completely drained and the clip was gone and we still don't know why that clip is gone and it makes Aaron mad to this day but around this time as receding in the dark we get a phone call from our electric company asking us to go ahead and confirm that we actually do want that analog meter to that effect that from you if you want to keep the same meter culture at weird tunes into a non standard analog meter we've opted out of the smart meter so you have opted out for spot feature okay alright I just wanted to verify Catron that topic Likud women are you calling regarding the power outage were you calling about yeah I'm calling to verify that you have it could lead to worry more about production immediately literally ripping it off my wall she recalls hopped out use a good idea option alright thanks I appreciate your time yeah we came to the door in ambiguously explains that there is something wrong with one of the lugs hooking the meter to the box and then they took responsibility for it saying they were going to have someone come out and replace that and not to worry because the power was just gonna be off for a little while I'm not exist one allowed to grow rental cool it was a power grab hi they played my matter right now my I don't know after hours of standing around in our backyard on cell phones the technicians finally came to the front door and told us that we would have to call electricity come out and fix the problem they were pretty sure was caused by someone else at encore because as it turns out when they first install the smart meter for the previous owner on this house they just Jimmy reed into a housing box that didn't fit the meter at all it was loosely screwed in all but change is possible we had to get a new box install which at first they were speculating might require us getting a building permit path Parnellite fishing village inside a meter maid on and on before we can handle certain other major they're killing that era now I was lucky because I had no idea it depends on electricians was a minor responsibility and I was told because you requested that we came out here a job this enormous park like that and now it's because of me damage which is why it rope burns so you don't think you because I I honestly I couldn't tell you his means we could be without power for awhile at the coldest time of the year here so the technician said that and they left and left us there with no meter and no power here in December in the coal with children I was not a happy person that day we desperately called every electricity the phone book and plan our case until we could find one who would drop what he was doing and take pity on us and come fix this because you'll find if you need an electrician in a hurry that's that never happens most of them are booked for weeks 2:00 hours later hours later he finally shows up and he tells us that we were lucky because the way that the smart meter was installed ... we were lucky our house had burned down by the way new the technicians nor is the electricity and could talus who caused this problem the whole time if it was something that was our responsibility to deal with or if it had been an error on the part of the technician from encore does it seem like it's something that's our fault heard in my catching up you know you know unless you were standing right there when he plugged it in I mean who knows they might itself started out ... but it it deftly Burke southern are the fact that I don't want to take your call they try your call again in a few minutes thank you mmhm yeah no pressure those who are cold doing up because the numbers that take your call they try your call again and that he is whatever that means a few moments later I play site you have reached a number that I think that's collected on it no longer in service if you feel you have reached it recording an error meanwhile boom move back here right now encore what we've got an encore guy here in our house and we've got the smart meter issue and is working on it and the fact of the matter is is all the guys who've been here today are super nice their super friendly but the reason he's here right now is as a personal favor to the private electricity we've had a higher to deal with the issue he's not here on a service call and we cannot get through encores management and the seemingly won't send a service person and this isn't tied to some kind of retribution for an opt out of a smart meter I will eat my shoe that hold music is my electric provider as I'm looking at encore my backyard but they're unable at the moment to restore service how do you like that we called another number they gave us and he said I cannot speak to customers I have to go and hung up on this a Jonathan ... we had you over here earlier for the smart meter uptown your memories are ... we've got the repaired on the line is done I tried to call back both Steven David the numbers for the guys an encore set up our appointments and not the numbers have been disconnected after Steve told me over the phone he's not allowed to talk to customers so I would like to know how it's supposed to get you guys back out here to finish the work plus encore for you so that we call the guy back who did the meter he says we have to call you to have you schedule it but when I started asking us where we have construction that don't work done education or no making the switch out the meter they just came to put a new meter on the house that's all it there's no construction work no permits no nothing they just came to switch the meter out and put this put the analog meter on and then they came to do that and when he pulled the meter off some touch something else that wasn't supposed to and he screwed it blew our electricity out so not well what I wanted to call it quits once they got the box and in or near a bridge to go and everything was installed we should be on court told us that we would have to pay reconnect fees but they wouldn't tell us how much those fees were going to be months later accepts Treacher Hey I'll say out loud down they have after our she's that they will appeal you on your next deal do you want them to get the app our cheeks something target service up today not only does the situation prove that so few people are opting out that there's no standard process for it at all but I also just want to point out that if the situation been reversed and they were putting on a smart meter instead of taking one off none of this would have happened this way they would not have forced us to hire an electrician to fix the problem they obviously caused by forcing a smart meter onto a house into a box they didn't fit properly this wouldn't happen in the first place but they made sure that every possible turn this was the most cost prohibitive for rush treating process they possibly could they definitely don't want people doing this and so I just wanted to say that really quick before you watch the rest of how angry I had to get at this point how is it I have to pay after hours fees then on top of their mistake they should win those fees is this should not even be happening well actually I do and the seller to segment but just in the design and operate about how poor they are they will believe that she's a terribly job but it's not that they will what's your local hobby degree of cheese that I don't know what the price is why would you agree to a fee I don't even know how much it is now captured if you want to know what the fees Ricky you can that give up or call them they can probably give you the estimate that at the present time that we do not have that information you were just on the phone with them right okay so can you give me a direct number that I can call is not gonna put me through a robot that's going to take another question you minutes no can you put us back on holding call them back and find out what the fee is going to be just a second secular thank you how can they do this movie on tape right now do you Eric hill he yeah I know what technologies all right for them to call you do you have ... with that information they can call you would be ... seems information that can take up to 2 business day ... but very good extortion would you that's like signing a blank check to someone they can come out here and charges hundreds of dollars how are we supposed to agree to that so we wanted to get our power back on they could give us an estimate but it would take 40 8:00 hours for them to tell us what the estimate would be to get the power reconnected if we wanted to wait to know first otherwise we would have to verbally agree over the phone to any price they decided to slap us with for turning our power back on it could be hundreds of dollars they just would not tell us at all if we wanted to get our power back we basically have to sign a blank check or to the power company that may or may not have caused the problem to begin with is December as I said in by that points for lack of a better word we were pissed okay because we've been dealing with this for a month and at that point we've been dealing with it all day with no power in our house and said if you don't agree to it last charge you some magical number fees that we don't know what the price is great I can give you power back in you can sit around with your kids in the dark in December with no power in the cold that is a horrible thing to do is somebody why would your company or their company do that now advise you not to piss her off is that my choice is that what you're saying my only options are now accord hostage that's another huge I thought you know ... but if you do not agree to the scenes they can have a from I'm going to call you industry it's like you that what you're saying it could take 2 days for them to call me with those fees correct part of I think it's like today the only way I will agree to this is under duress your frustration like a set of course as we can agree under duress I agree under duress I agree under duress our talent thank you ma'am they have one in the late to help out there watching I don't work on our have you know again the work order out for you if I'm probably anywhere from now but you know but my to buy from them you know because it is going to be for you to have the service on wheels coolers I thought as stating that they're trying to get out 20 isn't as possible was all you call they said give them a call and get an hour and they would try and have a trigger for you a regarding Bobbi intercalation fees on their account that department closes at 6:00 PM central time medical right now yeah how close soon as we got the phone thanks for being so patient with as an excuse my upset no language but I just feel like this is illegal what they're doing so I you know I like that they will also try and have a later as well he had to have allergies on the candidates would be something that that will be built shared bags and was that in that you have to pay up front on the account here luck is between now and then I'm gonna call the president of that company and have someone's ass because I'm not pain some of our 8 then monochrome I'll go hug you McCall thank you so much I appreciate your time how a problem that you have 8 years she ... regret that on the back of it builds a public utility textures that number is on the that's it I'm gonna call tomorrow living in Bob not going up your server public ma'am the hand you know that I don't think you're gonna murder the man okay but this is the number I was given by my local company to call to get this issue resolved ms this number and her number 9 number mark that's scary okay because he said if I don't call and talk to someone by 6:00 we just screwed which I like very among all is it the same number you just got scene number this is the number we just called Sir manhole you show me a great option how well there's like 25 option silliness is don't know which wonderful topic again on my lunch yeah run option mind working strange that apartment and and the raping and killing department thank you I said yeah whatever that's what happens when you find out you work for douche bags like you feel compelled to like it's not 25 options your company is a whore it's because they have a monopoly welcome so much data that the old married I got tired of waiting and they had to hire a new one out and the lady tried to claim the reason our power was shut off is because of a broken leg in the meter box that didn't fit their smart meter which isn't encores domain she said but we all knew that was not exactly what happened all because the power was never purposefully shut off for anything he giant flash in pop sound happened and all of our power went out that is how the power went off well actually I mean it thank for lying art there our but that we think of that quite read in that product out which set off in the middle of the broken log on your brain so you don't think you because ... Selena could but it doesn't seem like something that's our call unless you're scared right there when you look at it in I mean who knows but it it it definitely burnt southern are a or one B. and sell after we finally got our electricity back on and are properly labeled non standard meter and we stop being pissed off about the things that happened at our house that day overall we felt better we just fell better some people might say that's a placebo but he was noticeably better in this house that vice the like the tight itself on my head on a daily basis stopped the headaches stopped I begin sleeping better IBM having dreams again my son stopped sleeping in the living room not only that but we actually noticed that despite the extra fee they tried to scare us away with up front our monthly bills actually went down for electricity in this house so in the long run of living here we've saved more money than the switch initially cost so not only that but also after we got the analog meter back our house started working properly again the electricity has stopped Mao functioning to the point that if you turn on the dryer the oven doesn't shut off and things like that don't happen anymore because this house was built there really nineties and it wasn't bill to take a smart meter it wasn't built in a time of smart meters and they just think they can rig one on the side like that is suppose to work but I think we're lucky right now that our house is still standing of course we'll never get all of those hours of our lives back that the power company filled with B. S. but the power of being able to make our own decisions about whether or not we want to be beamed with non ionizing radiation every minute every hour all day long and choosing not to is priceless you know intimidation but if we're tying up their resources maybe we're doing some good after all that's been but a lot of people figured out that one way to oppose the establishment system is to waste their resources in making cost too much to carry out bad policies I don't know if that works entirely but you know today we had the smart meter remotely off out of the smart Peter which is a policy that encore another providers didn't want to do but they were compelled to the case taxes to do it and so we had him remove the smart meter should have been a very simple operation ... that's in fact what the people working for the company told us as well but instead it so for employees on site a total of 7:00 hours today and it took several other employees on the phone tied up with dealing with our issue in my opinion because the car but he has a resistance to the opt out here they're trying to make it difficult on you as a customer on me as a customer to opt out and they put expenses and fees that ... hoops you have to jump through like sending them a certified letter and it was a pain in the ass but did they have the victory I thought I had the victory because I forced them to go through the steps of allowing me to opt out which is my right as a customer in my right as a a person residing in the state of Texas just imagine what would happen if everyone opted out the whole system would be broken they would even have enough employees to do it and yet they might be rich enough front cash for people paying for the meters but once the old meters it back on they cannot sensually shut it down from a database in their offices which could be located anywhere in the world that got up physically send out workers bottom line whether you're going to the TSA or dealing with smart meter any other issue exercising and flexing your rights doing things like an opt out is just one small example to completely shut down their system would just one person opting out I saw them basically shut down the TSA check why because my self from Melissa opted out that overwhelmed I matching of 10 people on the line up for that they would stop doing their stop doing a real quick they go back to a model that specs people and makes sense at some basic decent job so you know it's worth doing this because all of the studies that are coming out that are not being funded by the government and throw your cellphone companies and stuff like that are showing things like DNA breakage it's harming all these parts inside of people's bodies it's causing infertility issues and obviously not being able sleeping having brain fog is a huge issue in this society we obviously all our suffering these effects the people who produce and sell melatonin by making millions of dollars right now this so do not be intimidated get rid of your smart meter like I said that thing is in the back of my house is pulling all the way out my front door is going through all of the bedrooms in my home it is coming out of my kitchen and it was making this meter go off like crazy just every time it would pulls up this here mean the spike would go from like 3 to several 0 okay and I'm not obviously handy with all the tech technology all in the names of all the different breaks here anyways incur incredibly high because you should be sitting in the background radiation that is very very well and we know it's like 1000000 times higher than it was 30 years ago no one knows what's going on we're sitting in a huge science experiment and I guess I'm just saying don't be intimidated get rid of her for its mark and the final issue is that they being expose MF is now just a reality of modern day society who do what we may were still going to be exposed to especially in public areas and schools and workplaces but especially at night when your body is repairing itself when you're resting and recovering you've gotta have a break from the stuff and once you have the smart meter removed you're not gonna have the chance to do that unless you employ your wife by signals turn off your phone and have that stuff isolated in quarantine from you so you can rest and repair as your body can cope with modern life it's a really understated point exactly it's like turning the light off and on all night long wisely your brain can never rest //
"2017-09-21 19:26:16"
The Cover Up at Times Beach
\\ //
"2017-09-14 01:55:03"
And Speaking of Weird Hurricanes...
\\1 funny thing I think of I think of diplomacy a hurricane had come on 911 remember they didn't knew they didn't know how to use instruments the terrorists they they took off in Boston and they literally after they took over the aircraft they'd steered by me line of sight knows that crystal clear September data was you had to work only I have 1 of these weather days history would've been re written in a quick follow up to Aaron's video on weather modification I just wanna add something that our friend mark James Levesque brought to my attention I know it's been reported on before and I may even heard the claim but I never actually went and looked into it myself on the morning of 911 a rather large a hurricane hurricane Aaron was sitting off the coast of New York City in the days leading up to 911 Aaron was on track and been on track for awhile to possibly hit New York it's been a category 3 the night before on September 10 when a sudden cold front moved in the trap the temperature 10 degrees and Aaron began to weaken and that morning that her keen reading nearly 180 degree turn and went away that's not the most bizarre thing I don't even think the most bizarre thing is watching the weather reports earlier that morning that occurred before the World Trade Center attacks and you might want to grab a sweater is the head out the door it's chilly outside heat on in the car as he walked out really one of the chili is one we've had quite a while it is 10 to 15 degrees cooler this morning than where you were in when you woke up and walked out the door yesterday and you'll see that we got clear skies are much the country some showers in northern plains what weather down in Florida with a week picking up as much as 7 inches of rain in parts of central and southern Florida partly cloudy skies in the Pacific Northwest he continues the desert southwest 60 that's what's going on around the country here's the satellite radar picture showing the rain that moved offshore thanks to the cold front a cold front that it's a true cold front this this day's gonna be beautifully are no problem but damn Florida little rain northeast will see a little rough seas along the New England coast line prevent Hyrcanus going away miles and miles of sunshine it is beautiful outside perfect of timber they will block the sunshine polo would you look at Washington high I'm going outside today all is clear in all is fine with the world when now notice how the first reported on Aaron before it became a hurricane at all when it was just newly forming out in the ocean off the African coast what you see there is a big red blob which has come off the African coast and is starting to move out into the Atlantic clear here in the Atlantic one major exception to talk about and that is this wave this one I can tell you his health together as far as the thunderstorm action with it or what we call convection better than any of a tropical wave the we have seen so far this season we're just take this part the tropics not putting the part I'm staying in front of we really don't have much talk about until I moved not even a hurricane and that's how excited they are about it and here's what coverage of hurricane normally looks like when it's off the eastern coast of the U. S. realistic Catholics on this very impressive storm as we 0 in on Gloria this is the latest satellite photo when you see the top winds now 135 for our they're the corn and positions the guy's got a 170 this stone is about 500 miles to the southeast of Cape Hatteras North Carolina and that stone can take almost any track at this point and again here's what magical weather fairies look like a hurricane that's going away and ... by the way Aaron just so happen to be part of the weather experiment being run by NASA and NOAA between August 16 and 9/24/2001 wherein they drop the multiple different instrument packages an assortment of sons into the eye of the storm part of which occurred the day before on September 10 right before the hurricane weekend and switch directions almost completely let's hope that this is the one we're going to be dealing with say about 8 to 10 days from now because of it is that makes it all the way across there's gonna be some problems ... Rexy still ... from ... from the chopper met her came by and that's kinda quiet around the country would likewise but quite it's too quiet one funny thing I think of I think of if only a hurricane had come on 911 news that crystal clear September data was you had to work only I have one of these weather days history would've been re written and I think about that a lot //
"2017-09-11 07:08:45"
The Government Has Manipulated Our Weather for Decades
\\yeah we had this great vulnerability and it is looking very compression 2017 is proving to be a crazy and dangerous year for hurricanes and extreme weather despite the fact that in any given year dozens of potential her canes get reduced to mere tropical storms or deviate into parts of the ocean and miss important cities in 2017 all the worst predictions came right forecast from the hurricane center calling for a category 5 hurricane law enforcement officials are saying if you're still here your unfortunately on your own 1 has blown down in this book progression that bad news you like you can move on to get out of there it's not going to happen in hurricane Harvey made a direct hit on Houston as well as the Texas coastline spanning down to Corpus Christi flooding was considerable gas pumps were shut off and crisis reared its ugly head and just days afterwards her canes Erman Jose are wreaking havoc in the carribean and headed for a direct hit on Florida with unprecedented intensity category 45 status and record wind speed and the potential for grave destruction across the entire state the time of writing and recording this video it just isn't clear how bad it will really be because it's not there yet but are the threats large enough to raise bigger questions could this wicked weather be artificial manufactured or steered ever since hurricane Katrina the question has been on many minds and spoken for many lips but what good is it just another emergency for the news to cover or an excuse to give the president some good optics what good is it well for one thing it gives control freaks the perfect pretext for control just take one look at how Attorney General Jeff sessions announced a reversal of one of Obama's few good policies barring police from receiving surplus in quotes I mean military equipment and descending upon the town and all its inhabitants as of martial law is under way Everytime arrive pops up were an active shooter shows up on the radar in this case the administration decided that the need to rescue and restore order to Houston and other areas in the wake of a weather disaster was a good enough reason to port quo weapons of war back on American streets duration is ending obamacare restrictions that kept surplus military equipment from going to local police departments Attorney General Jeff sessions says the restrictions went too far put superficial concerns over public safety the Obama administration enacted actions after alf cry of how the military equipment was used during protests in Ferguson meanwhile in Miami the city has taken upon itself not only to issue a mandatory evacuation but a mandatory roundup of homeless people in a decree that they can hold them for 70 2:00 hours under some obscure act that they use when they claim someone is a danger to himself or others and they're saying that the idea of not wanting to evacuate in a hurricane not wanting to leave is itself a sign of mental illness and they've got police going around the city with the paddy wagon in tow with the psychiatrist basically whispering out the window Hey kid you want some ice cream Hey come over here what's your name and they're treating homeless adults as if their children and the very pre judge them and they've already categorize them and given them self the permission to round these people up even though it does violate civil rights and it's creepy because there's obviously room for abuse and just imagine if you were the one labeled as mentally ill or homeless we're just trying to get people on the wagon and if they won't go there grabbing him anyway and they've got a street team of marines who are also helping to round up the homeless guys are also deploying ... the marine corps today we have ... but I will restart to the marine corps 20 other marines are here in they're rounding people up in Miami and it turns out the storms probably not even gonna hit their reminds me of Terry Gilliam's Brazil it reminds me of things that happened during hurricane Katrina and it's an eerie precedent for society over the individual and for a police state control what else could they benefit from millions of desperate and panic people why would the weather be gamed and unleashed upon populations under siege you tell me buying things and land that isn't for sale clearing out old parts of town with unwanted populations running about a town insurance money agency funding and budget increases who knows but don't pretend that there isn't big business a disaster the whole ball of wax was that the government backed whether experimentation was forced to officially in quotes I mean stain from cloud seeding when the storm there were targeting had more than a 10 percent chance of landing on U. S. soil within 24 to 30 6:00 hours why because in the 1947 test officially known as project serious led by General Electric chemist and scientist Irving Langmuir as well as the U. S. navy and U. S. Air Force likely steered a deadly hurricane and to Savannah Georgia and the public was hopping mad about it laying near for one took credit for and the powers that be admitted man made technology an interference for man indeed had the power both to intensify storms and to direct them on to land whether intentionally or incidentally yes the public in Congress use to be keenly aware of attempts at her cane steering and weather manipulation in general and the controversy surrounding it prompted an 11 year official in quotes I mean hiatus before operation storm fury could officially resume with military and U. S. government support in 1962 and beyond and before official in quotes I mean attempts at steering the weather by bombarding silver iodide particles into storm clouds could again take place out in the open the controversy continued when the papers reported on the upcoming round of weather manipulation in 1965 with hurricane Betsy the press was informed about the navy and U. S. weather bureau's joint plans to see that her cane improve their technological capability when they thought the storm is relatively idle and therefore a good quote candidate for meddling but supposedly when the storm turned towards land the plans for weather manipulation were dropped officially end in quotes I mean but the media had already informed the public and assuming that the seating was under way they blame the cloud seeding project for Betsy's hitting Florida's southern coast man read between the lines a bit much at any rate a lot of mistakes were made fresh attempts were restarted and publicity blunders in toward the point is that the public and the federal government use to acknowledge the controversial use of weather manipulation but then at some point it was all forgotten and all those who dare to talk about the issue suddenly became conspiracy theorists and crazed Ranters who would do better to shut their mouths and just lined up at the emergency centers and aid the recovery efforts and now a days only a few people wonder how it all happened how the weather just got so strange yeah 3 no look at the river waiting every day consistently for 2 weeks California think any rainbow we've barely cool and rivers where we by the way 3:00 in the afternoon on a Monday glad I moved effect is actually for the weather you know for Seattle flash mob like normal I we have a new I'm talking about the weather became a good way to become an outcast in an instant weirdo but Melissa uncovered this official document for 2010 of her first articles that she wrote back in 2012 in it an administrator from Noah the national oceanic and atmospheric administration working in the sub department called the office of oceanic and atmospheric research in quotes I mean was corresponding with homeland security's version of DARPA their own advanced research projects agency wherein they discussed a little known project called hamp in quotes that is the hurricane aerosol and micro physics program who the hell approve that project and for god to tell the public anyway something like 64 0 in taxpayer money was up in the air and they were talking about reviving projects storm fury which had run officially that is from 1962 through 1983 some of the old timers were even recruited for the new effort the mind you the technology has progressed and things are no longer based around seating the clouds with silver iodide things are now steered with advanced electromagnetic waves plane deployed aerosoles antenna arrays like harp and other similar technologies but the issue that this hand memo it knowledge was that even back then and still today they had a problem in quotes you see with being unable to distinguish between quote ladies and gentleman what happens when a hurricane is modified by human intervention verses the hurricanes natural behavior in quote not only did they have lacking proof that their efforts made any difference but they were also drowning in the downpour of what is so often termed plausible deniability never the less research was to move forward and quote weather modification efforts mine again become viable did somebody sniff out a jackpot all this discussion was taking place during the Obama administration god only knows what really happened during bush's Katrina under Obama sandy was a nasty mess for New York and New Jersey and now the world is that president compelled to stare into the face of destruction in Houston and Florida all at a time when war isn't selling and some big wigs need a new disaster how about another quote from Obama's former White House chief of staff you never won a serious crisis to go to waste no I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before you never let a serious crisis go to waste imagine the problems that that could create for public that a for god it's government has admittedly steered the weather and be can't tell the difference between Jenny wine albeit weird and over the top whether and whether that is well less than authentic in something more than a mad scientist wet dream things are already poised to devolve into alternating rounds of anarchy in martial law so what else could go wrong they themselves admit that the blow back can be quite literal and that efforts ostensibly of course to weaken and diffuse major storms could instead put the storm on steroids and bolster its course for dense population center near you where there's a will there's a way and where there's a quote emergency coordinator trouble is sure to follow just when your neighbors thought this wasn't possible it turns out that it was on record all along ... when they've tested it out on snow storms lightning storms rain storms and whatever other storms might traversed the land what will happen this time or the next and will it be mother nature to blame or mother government who knows but keep your eye on the ball Mira swirling eye of the storm somewhere in there maybe that elusive hidden hand I and of course in quotes the day's gonna make pretty nice though if you had thought about ... evacuation if you have been ordered to evacuate if it's a voluntary evacuation whatever did pretty nice weather to be out and about getting to your shelter so //
"2017-09-09 13:51:41"
The Officially Ignored Connection Between Plum Island and Lyme Disease
\\so we come out at the end of this road we're going to see plum island Lyme disease is one of those illnesses that unless you have it or you know someone who's afflicted by it most people don't even know that much about it other than that it's caused by a tick bite it's been referred to as the great imitator because it mirrors many other awful medical disorders including chronic fatigue syndrome lupus multiple sclerosis arthritis fibromyalgia and Alzheimer's disease just to name a few initially Lyme disease causes a barrage painful symptoms including tiredness and relieved by sleeping or resting insomnia abdominal pain nausea confusion mood swings joint pain or current headaches fever chills dizziness difficulty concentrating and even impair short term memory all along the sides this road is very thick woods and fix Russian and just thinking how much we want to stay in the center this path because I'm about sick and tired of weaponized ticks little timidly it can harm organs and systems throughout the body including heart the circulatory digestive in reproductive systems and the brain and nervous system despite the fact that many people don't know that much about it Lyme disease is becoming pretty common these days according to the CDC lime was the sixth most common nationally notifiable disease in 2015 and the most commonly reported vector borne illness in the United States thought to affect some 300000 people a year in this country I'm from Missouri we have a lot of 6 in Missouri that I grew up in the woods but it's not anything like you see here ticks are more ambitious strangely though and people tend to get medical attention for Lyme disease a lot of times they're told a Lyme disease is really rare and that they probably have something else many times a person is forced to go through exhaustive medical testing for all kinds of other ailments in ruling all of those out before doctor will even consider administering a test for lime disease but I'll get to that later you can walk in there for 2 second step back out here you'll be covered in ticks tiny little ones are so small you basically need to go over your body for 3:00 hours the high powered flashlight just even find the things to get off yourself it's a nightmare there may be a good reason why doctors are hesitant to test their patients for Lyme even when those patients are fully willing to pay out of pocket for the testing for it and despite the fact that for some reason in this air of modern medical technology the test for lime is still woefully inaccurate for the longest time the government has been implicated in and repeatedly denied any ties to the creation and proliferation of Lyme disease in this country despite some pretty compelling evidence to the contrary Lyme disease was not officially recognized or discovered until the mid seventies when there is an outbreak of what doctors originally mistook for juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in several southeastern Connecticut town including lineman old line which is how the disease got its name a cursory newspaper archive search revealed that the bacteria that causes Lyme Karelia Berg a fairy wasn't mentioned in print in newspapers until the year 1984 although Google newspapers came back with nothing at all if you look at these towns on a map you'll notice there right directly across the Long Island Sound from plum island which has been a government animal disease research facility since the mid fifties and doubled as a military biological warfare research facility although the government denied it for decades it's less than 9 miles from shore to shore the way the crow flies I wouldn't generally on the coast of Connecticut were old line is located just a short distance really across you'll also notice if you look again at those maps I showed earlier the outbreak in concentration of Lyme disease in this country centers around that place the CDC admits that 95 percent of cases of Lyme come from just 14 states the majority of which are located around plum island plum island bio warfare history dates back to World War 2 an operation paperclip a top secret government program to shield Nazi scientists from trial or punishment by quietly bringing them over to you S. and giving them new identities and U. S. citizenship in exchange for working for the government and military one such Nazi scientists was doctor Eric tribe lab chief during World War 2 for Nazi Germany's Insull remains a secret biological warfare laboratory on an island in the Baltic Sea where trial work directly under Hitler's number 2 Heinrich Himmler tribes job included spring viruses from planes over occupied Russia prior to the war just by the way travel had been involved in Nazi activities in the U. S. A. camp Siegfried on Long Island just 30 miles from where plum island would eventually be located while he was here on a fellowship studying viruses and bacteria at of all places the Rockefeller institute plum island was specifically named for Cold War bio warfare research alongside Dugway proving ground and fort Dietrich back in the early fifties when the U. S. bio warfare programming clandestine germ warfare trials first began Eric trump completed his operation paperclip duties working for the American biological warfare program for 1949 to 1953 during which time he consulted with the CI a and scientists at fort Dietrich before returning to West Germany in 1953 to run the country's own Insull reams like experimental virus facility into engine with the U. S. government's permission not only to USDA officials visit tribes lab over there but Trav also briefly worked for the USDA which oversaw plum island in throughout the fifties he was in regular contact with plum islands director doc shaking he was also the plum island dedication ceremony in 1956 and visited the place at least twice after that in 57581 plum islands lead scientist Dr Jacob charm retired and the USDA considered replacing him with who else doctor air drop seems like they got the location idea for plum island from Insull remains can't imagine who gave it to him in the 19 seventies attorney John Loftus was hired by the office of special investigations unit set up by the justice department to look in a Nazi war crimes he was given a top secret clearance and allowed access to decades worth of classified documents Loftis turned up records of Nazi German warfare scientists who came to the U. S. and experimented with dropping poison ticks from planes to spread rare diseases he also specifically mentioned in his book the Belarus secret that he received information that suggested the US tested some of these poison ticks on the plum island artillery range during the early 19 fifties when it was called for Terry this story was further validated by attorney Michael Carroll in his book lab 257 Carol claims that not only did a source who worked a plum island in the fifties tell him that some of the workers purposefully released ticks outdoors on the island in 1951 and that they all referred to 1 of the scientists involved as quote the Nazi scientist but Carol says he dug up a box in 19 fifties USDA files from the National Archives fault that included 3 folders to label decrease search and one labeled E. tribe all 3 were empty even more damning in an article in the journal of degenerative diseases Marjorie touching reported that 60 percent of chronic Lyme patients are actually co infected with several strains of mycoplasma the most common one being mycoplasma firm intends which just so happens to be patented by the U. S. army an army pathologist doctor low today the official story touted by government scientists is that the scientific evidence does not support line disease originating on plum island this is despite the fact that researchers at plum island were experimenting with hundreds of thousands of hard and soft ticks on plum island were classified top secret bio warfare research is being carried out by the US military for decades and the first outbreak of lime happened right directly across the sound from plum island where thousands upon thousands of birds fly and despite the fact that they've been forced to admit culpability in the outbreak of other types of viruses on the island due to the unsecured nature of these experiments especially in the early decades experimental animals for which being kept outside an open air pins up through the late seventies when a highly contagious foot and mouth disease outbreak on plum island in 1978 ended in the government being for support over 200 of its own animals to death the U. S. government continues to pretend like it couldn't possibly have had a hand in Lyme disease then again the US government has repeatedly denied that there was even any bio warfare experimentation going on on plum island for decades up until documents proving otherwise were published by Newsday in 1993 meanwhile Canada's been complaining in recent years of Lyme disease proliferating there due to migratory birds picking up black lady takes when they fly south into the U. S. for the winner and come back up there with them course I guess it would be a PR lawsuit nightmare if they did have to admit any culpability of this after decades upon decades of American suffering improbably dying from line which they would obviously avoid at all costs in the interest of national security earlier I mentioned that it's believe Lyme disease affects some 300000 people annually in this country but that number is basically meaningless because people are forced to go through a medical merry go round just to be able to get tested for Lyme disease in the first place and then is touching points out many are only treated for it for a month on antibiotics and according to procedures Yale University which has only been implicated in government dirty work for decades with plum island right its own backyard if the person still as Lyme disease symptoms on the 30 first day of antibiotic treatment they're labeled as having something else whatever affliction the disease has mimicked in their body in this way if they die they die of something else in the official medical record and in the statistics not Lyme disease and they no longer get counted in the Lyme disease tested and that's after the patient goes to the ring role to even be able to get tested in the first place my mother went through this when she lived in Missouri and was bitten by a tick and later found the telltale bull's eye rash her doctor sharia told her Lyme disease does not exist in Missouri and it was impossible for Missourian to get it and it was all in her head and even went so far as writing in her medical chart that the patient is convinced she has Lyme disease even though her doctor apprised her of the quote unquote facts she you know them to go to a different doctor include her case to him and essentially argue her way into even being allowed to get the tests to begin with this right here is how statistics continue to be toyed with even to this day in order to cover up an epidemic that is willing to government bio warfare research if you've ever been to Long Island you see the signs everywhere in parks warning you about 6 and Lyme disease that place is absolutely infested with them decades of animal disease research and bearing the wastes of that research on plum island itself has left the entire place an environmental disaster and according to Carol repeated attempts to decontaminate the crumbling on secure lab to 57 failed and they finally had to build a whole new building on the island but the thing is such a mess that USDA in DHS who jointly run plum island started asking about moving it in the last decade and you'll never guess where they decided to move the plum island animal disease research facility very creepy stuff and yet somehow they find a way to make it even creepier than Nazi connected by a war research agents because they're about to move plum island or have already started to move to Manhattan Kansas in the middle of and GMO crops a tornado alley and soaring oil is so what could possibly go wrong show cover everything Manhattan Kansas basically right smack dab in the middle of the country that's right congressman Michael Burgess pointed out any September 2009 oversight investigations hearing on federal oversight of high containment by laboratories held before the committee on energy and commerce which was held a week after by the way the vote on the house resolution to move the plum island facility to Kansas quote the language of the resolution proudly touted that 45 percent of the fed cattle in the United States and 40 percent of the hogs produced in this country are in Kansas centering the hoof and mouth disease which is the primary research being done at plum island is a disease which can spread with devastating swiftness from humans to cattle and hogs should we have done our overnight hearing on the scientific evaluations being done at DHS before we voted on a resolution saying the Kansas was the best pick G. you think I have a lot of people grow essays so what number delta pilot doctor Moreau just a little genetic engineering so a hybrid he diseases and also those in our human DNA we do //
"2017-09-07 10:57:07"
Kenneth, What Is The Frequency?
\\so this might seem kind of random but not too long ago I heard playing on the radio in the car the RTM song what's the frequency Kenneth needs is pretty good songs are bad song but I never had any idea what it was about the song seems to make no sense it's almost as random gibberish so on a whim I I thought I'd look of what is that song even about and there's a wikipedia entry for and everything there's discussions about it and while I found the story there's the explanation given by Michael stipe the lead singer of our yam who wrote the song and he says the lyrics are about a generation X. phenomenon and he's written an older music critic a hypothetical protagonist who is desperately trying to understand what motivates the younger generation try to figure them out and what is this young we're generation all about let's one explanation but but it turns out that the song which features backwards guitar fax really isn't about something as simple as that there's an actual backstory to it the leader so what's the frequency Kenneth based on the insane mutterings of the loner who mugged Dan rather a I myself in just a little too young to have remembered that from the first time around but it turns out it was a big deal at the time it was in the papers in 1986 this article from October 9 talks about the big mystery from this account that a lot of people didn't believe and try to discredit Dan rather about what is frequency Kenneth and basically Dan rather was walking around in New York he says he had been visiting ... friend's apartment is walking down the street they suddenly just got beaten and punched by what seemed like muggers some kind of assailants and they kept repeating the phrase what is the frequency Kenneth over and over and he tried it alone you've got the wrong person and so forth and so on but they just kept beating him according to the account he ran into another apartment lobby and tried to hide their of that followed the man kept attacking him and there were some witnesses including the ... dormant for the apartment or something and this guy's written a column about it because he's basically saying is strange enough to be a Sherlock Holmes story homes would have snatched the morning paper from Watson and his eyes would have cleaned as he read as they struck rather the 2 well dressed assailants kept repeating what is the frequency Kenneth what was the explanation was a mistaken identity was or some kind of actual reason him why he said this weird phrase what is the frequency and who is Kenneth because Dan rather's not Kenneth rather have been at a park Avenue apartment of a friend he left was walking at that point why says he was wearing casual weekend clothes jeans a striped shirt and some sunglasses 2 well dressed man who appeared to be in their thirties approached him ... again saying what is the frequency Kenneth rather said I think you have the wrong guy one of them punched him to the ground rather scrambled to his feet and ran to the lobby of a nearby apartment building they chased him inside and continued the assault as they punch and kick them they repeated over and over what is the frequency Kenneth what's the frequency Kenneth the building's doorman saw the attack upon the building superintendent who rushed to the lobby seeing him the 2 well dressed strangers ran off Sherlock Holmes would have surely started with the strange question what is the frequency Kenneth what are they talking about is a radio frequency and if so who uses radio frequency so this is a bizarre account and it sounds like basically a targeted individual ... someone who's paranoid about frequencies and basically it was never explained some people question Dan rather story to begin with but he maintained and says that it happened and he commented at the time I got mugged who understands these things I didn't know what I don't know now I didn't make a lot of it at the time and I don't now I wish I knew who did it and why but I have no idea and add 1 more strange piece of this mystery the assailant who shouted Kenneth what is the frequency in a tag Dan rather ... that took place 10/4/1986 and just before that in September 1986 Dan rather start a kind of strange and short lived sign off from his broadcast where he would just simply say the word courage for this summer ending Labor Day Dan rather reporting from the org chart Dan rather her like you for joining us running sorry Dan rather it wasn't really explain exactly what is referred to and lease according to wikipedia other newscasters were ridiculing this so Dan rather finally decide to drop it so what did it mean courage I don't know he brought it back after the September 11 attacks by the way but at the time in September 1986 what did that mean while strangely off use a tag just afterwards and so there's never any explanation and aria wrote the song in 1994 clear reference to in although people like me never got that just hearing the song Dan rather later perform the song and then in 1997 they reported that the riddle of the strange attack on Dan rather it's finally solved and basically a guy was sent to prison or they say did this Dan rather said he identified the man who beat him up on the streets back in 1986 the CBS anchor man set his assailant was William tagger who's now in prison for killing an NBC stagehand outside the today show in 1994 tagger was commenced the media had him under surveillance your beaming hostile messages to him and demanded that rather tell on the frequency of being years that's according to a forensic psychiatrist who examined tagger after the NBC shooting took place the turn of events and then apparently weird mystery than spire the bestselling song by aria and made the news man the plot of jokes so a psychiatrist named Dr park Dietz contact a Dan rather and told the William tagger was almost certainly his attacker and Dan rather had identified tagger for pictures supplied by the New York Daily News and then said there's no doubt in my mind this is the person so the time that thought it might have been mistaken identity but the psychiatrist deed said that when he was analyzing William tagger he had admitted to attacking Dan rather after running into the news men supposedly by chance and so is convicted of manslaughter because he slayed a stagehand named Campbell Montgomery and sentenced to 12.5 to 25 years in prison after trying to take an assault rifle into the street level of the today's studios a Rockefeller Center and then when he was identified by the stage hand Campbell Montgomery he supposedly opened fire on him and killed him so that's was manslaughter instead of just murder but he was supposedly breaking into the today studios because he believed he was being targeted by radio signals so this bizarre story is almost the exact same story that other targeted individuals have except hopefully very few of them attempt to commit violence Sir attack some on the street but a lot of people have reported strange as it sounds being targeted by signals they don't understand voices inside their head and they just get labeled as paranoid schizophrenics and other similar diagnoses but maybe there's a reason that there are so many reports of this going on now what exactly has to do with Dan rather and NBC what this guy was really thinking I don't know but it's a pretty interesting backstory considering I thought it was just some pop song that really didn't mean anything in particular and so by the way William tagger served his time and is now out on parole even though he was convicted of killing this guy convicted of first degree manslaughter anyway he's been released he said to be in the New York area maybe Manhattan is to check again but they got the papers about that here but ... because the statutes of limitation were up William tagger never answered any questions about it he was never charged with it and he never admitted to doing it pretty interesting backstory apparently that's the end of it when you're watching Dan rather you know who's responsible done rather the complete professional I didn't get a letter was sent to nmhoa mean you know the whole incident to me it's like one of the most the sword surreal sacks of the twentieth century courage //
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Gas "Shortage" Caused by Manufactured Fear, NOT Reality
\\look we live in a world terror run on the banks can be caused by E. tweet not reality now what's actually going on but the internet social media on the internet everything it's connected to the internet his hackable period yes there is a hurricane yes there he was a very interesting her cane and it definitely cause flooding and yes they've taken some refineries offline in there some fuel pipe situations going on if you just read the news and just watch the mainstream media you would think that we're going through the seventies again and there's gonna be a fuel crisis that's what you would think yes everywhere you look it's fear fear fear gas shortage hoarding people are freaking out and they've used the word fear in the headline more in the last week than I've seen in a really long time and people are completely freaking out but it doesn't match the actual supply it's simply a matter of demand tipping the scale but this does absolutely nothing to do with the actual supply of the gas it has only to do with the manipulation of the media and in the replication of that through social media that's driving the hysteria so the media scares everyone know my gosh there's gonna be a shortage the hurricane so bad you gotta go get the gas out and everyone freaks out they go get the gas the lines go out the door and down the street they tweak pictures of that stuff out and other people seeing all my gosh I better go get the gas I mean it's to the point today are actually saw a story where they described it as no gas signs of the apocalypse there may be lots a sign of the apocalypse going on right now but the no gas is not one of them that is a sign that media manipulation and propaganda and fear porn works on large swaths of the population that's what that's a sign of and that's all ... here's a question SO 0 to 10 10 being a crisis ... appeals of fuel a fuel crisis in Texas and 0 being no crisis where are we between 0 and 1010 being a crack can I use use 0.5 a step that works 0.5 out of 10 and that the only reason that I don't give a 0 is yeah is it that the president's artists so hot right the prices on the fuel supply it's people who are sitting there at a gas station dramatic experience for people in a way that long line that really concerned about this that's it's a it's a 01 actual about of gasoline scale how did you get to take account for the fact that there's a lot of people that are really really suck worried right now but it happens on the internet that's where the shortage first happen that's when the fear first happened was the fear of the shortage on the internet right that's where first happened then a trickles down into reality and it becomes real that's how reality is being manipulated now because now you have people freaking out you have people getting into road rage incidents and being shot and killed 1 of Aaron's mom's friends because they all live in eastern Texas he was he got up in someone's face at a red light after a traffic accident and they shot him he's dead people are completely losing it there is a story in the Daily Mail about how at a Dallas 7112 guys got a fight over the gas and 1 man dumped gas into another man's car that's the level it's at now and everywhere you look fear over shortages fear fear fear I mean that's was driving everything is people's fear and what's what's driving their fear the mainstreaming in the social media that's it mean we went out last night because we live outside Austin and we just waited until lines stopped and then we went get gas like 1 in the morning and we ran into a trucker who is actually refueling 1 of the stations because a lot of stations had signed it said no gas and we asked him what he thought maybe seem like a really long line today in just everybody's did do you think it's gonna be like this for awhile and maybe a couple of it as a couple days there are very good if you read online everybody's completely anything that about an acting like it's the end of the world was then seem like it would be yeah I don't think so thank you very much you have a good marriage and he said this is gonna blow over in a couple of days because it has nothing to do with supply 230000000 barrels of gasoline in storage in the United States just the logistics issue of getting that gasoline from those inventories 2 does gestation that may take a couple 3 days which is not that that's how long it normally takes it's only this crazy demand what's really interesting about this is that up until now we've had such a supply the gas prices have been pretty low and what do you know it back in July right before all this happened they were proclaiming the gas hasn't been this cheap in years actually they're saying it had been this cheap since 2005 so 12 years ago that's how cheap the gas was boy do you know it now all of a sudden damn gas prices are hitting a new high for the year and now they're jumping to a 2 year high and they're saying it's going to continue to rise and it has nothing to do again with supply this just goes to show you how easily they're manipulating everybody through the mainstream media and the internet choose the fear wasn't real until everyone made it real based on that information not based on reality and that's why I keep saying if it's hooked to the internet and that includes you your mind and your life Darren it's hackable there been several videos I've done on this channel have gotten upset over things and I was definitely being manipulated no doubt about it I don't even know at this point looking back if those are real stories or not they could have been total hoaxes but I got sucked in just like everybody else that's how easy it is people would stop freaking out and believing everything the mainstream media tells them this wouldn't even probably happened at all regardless of a couple refineries being shut down so I don't know how far they're gonna take this but if they continue to take this further just know how manipulated diss it has nothing to do with supply people need to stop letting themselves be so manipulated into being afraid and then letting their fear drive their actions //
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No Other Way to Say It, the Zombie Apocalypse Is Here
\\it became for the happy video where I talk about all the things that I do to keep myself sane in an insane world that's coming that's not this video that being said one of the things that we do to you trying get back to reality I guess you could say is reconnect with nature it's really sad to say reconnect with nature you know because when I was a kid I went outside all the time I was climbing 30 foot high trees in the woods and running around making trails and I was constantly outside I was has a tomboy and I had a lot of brothers but now it's were reconnecting with it because we're so utterly disconnected from it I watch this movie the other new height it was a bit with the Stephen King adaptation one of his books that he co wrote the screenplay for called cell and it is literally about how cellphones had taken over society and in the movie they send out a signal which turns everyone into a 28 days later type of fast running zombie that foams at the mouth and is horribly violent they become like a flock of birds it's I heard it's a literal stampeding mindless herd of zombies and Samuel Jackson's into which is pretty creepy to me just because he's now been into movies in recent years where they use cellphones to send out a signal that drives everyone insane cause them to be horrifically violent against one another it's like the people are in tennis and they receive the signal the frequency and it turns everyone into a violent but otherwise mindless hive mind they start actually broadcasting signal out and so doesn't even take cellphones anymore for them to change other people into zombies in the later parts of the film and sorry for the spoiler but at the end there's a scene where thousands of cellphones armies are seen stumbling in unison around a giant cell phone tower like it's Mecca the hive mind some very interesting notions in this film I wonder what royal Raymond rife with think of this movie it's very video Jerome except cellphones basically and with more zombies that movie is scary now because the actual things that are happening are necessarily scares pretty gory but it's not so Kyrie in that way it's scary in the fact that it dungeons make a statement on society it also makes you hardened her her how close are we literally 2 they'll live it really does set your mind to wonder if you are paying attention enough to wonder like I said earlier everyone so disconnected the only thing they're connected to is the phone you have gotten notices it's slowly moving in but you've got to have noticed it that you I can't go anywhere without Harry one being on their phone all the time if this were the science fiction horror film written on another planet to an alien species and they saw the way that we're acting everyone just willfully bowing to this technology and putting it on their heads and pretty soon in their heads it would be looking at that the way you look at a bad horror film when the protagonist runs up the stairs instead of running out the front door that's how they'd be watching this with suspense even though it to us it slowly happening over time you were 10 years ago it was not like this okay who's not this way like I said we like to get back to nature and reconnect and we had to go for a few days because we had to film the last few location shots for a documentary which were almost done with and I've been spending all our time pretty much working on it so we ended up going through the Grand Canyon which my son had never been to and air never seen it from the ground might be a really cool thing for all of us to go since it's we can make it on the way home and I mean it's the Grand Canyon grand the word grand is in the name of the place you know and when you first come in is always parking lots and there's this very busy touristy I guess south rim area and the sun we got there right when the sun was starting to set and everybody was just the lock to their with their cellphones in hand just self being away like mad just everywhere you looked self he's they weren't looking at the canyon they were old but they'd be who had their backs physically turned to the place they drove all because you know just go to the Grand Canyon when you go there you have to drive north of any major highway it's way up there so it's not like you just stop by on your way home for a quick selfie people are purposefully making this long term to get to this area so they can literally turn their back on it and stare at their phone while they take pictures of themselves standing at it and just the irony of that it was so underwhelming it felt like we were on a movie set and the canyon was the back usually it was a weird because I remember being there as a kid and just thinking it was the most amazing place ever and I thought to myself Gee as an adult if I go back there and it's even half as cool as it was when I was 11 then that'll be a pretty cool thing to share with Mikey but we got there and it just so homes can't explain it really in words I felt sad so we headed off on some trail because now the sun is definitely setting we're pretty careful about it but is on the ram and you could add parts of it just walk right off the side into the canyon just drop down however many feet that is it looks like an awful lot you start to really feel your place on the ground when he sees something is he uses hearing canyon in front of you it started to have that feeling again of how amazing that please really is it's a very spiritual place I mean it really is a sight to behold it was starting to re after dusk but not quite fully dark so we decided it was time to turn around because obviously you're not gonna fly kicks the green canyon in the dark that's real smart but we sat down on a bench for just a second right in front of us since we were able to see down into a part of this canyon 3 people that sounded like they were probably in their early twenties had climbed down onto a small plateau in the canyon and were self being in the almost dark the guy was about 5 steps away from his imminent doom you know if it is backed up 5 more steps you have fallen completely off the freaking thing these people aren't here this that's what's scary about that it's not fine take all yourself reason whatever I mean put it's like there are half gone or all gone in some other reality where there are no consequences to climbing on the precipice of please it is very dangerous for you can die very fast even during the day because he's thinking about how cool that's gonna look on Instagram or whatever Adam he's there he's in the internet he's not in reality anymore he's gone they're gone and we were sitting there in my kid was freaking out like oh my gosh or they can fall off in and diet is is really hardly was really freaking hits an 8 year old was sitting there concerned about he's grown adults and their behavior as pretty sad so yes I I don't know I guess I just wanted to share that with people because it just blows my mind how gone everyone is they're watching their kids plays through their phone in there watching the concert through their phone in there they're turning their back on one of the 7 wonders of the world that they drove all the way up there to see so they can take a picture of himself smiling in front of it like you needed to be willing to go back and watch all this footage but they're not they're experiencing the reality they're at they're not reconnecting with nature when they go do that they're connected to their phone they're connected to the internet and they're not seeing anything is our friend and they might as well not even be there she is where did everyone go you know why isn't anyone asking a question it just seems like a very important question I don't understand why Pete more people are asking it because it's getting weird out there maybe I'm just more sensitive to it than most but every woman is disappearing it's almost like you just you could hear a pin drop in you can't feel that there's other people in the room because their soho gone if you didn't look at him and know better you would think your sit in a room full and he chairs the chase bank appearing KTM does the Grand Canyon felt like all the other I'm glad I have my childhood memories I don't know I just can't believe it I guess if I ask where is everybody you ask where is everybody ends the person you ask you to ask somebody else maybe a more people start asking where did everybody go and they're making movies about a cellphone sending signals here brain it turn you into a zombie if not literally at least take it for the metaphor that it is and but zombies don't watch movies do they //
"2017-08-31 01:58:23"
The Secret Power Music Holds Over You
\\how is that the music can evoke passion and so delicately hold sway over our moods and even thoughts Aristotle reportedly said music directly imitates the passions are states of the soul hence 11 listens to music to imitate certain passion he becomes imbued with the same passion in short if one listens to the wrong kind of music he will become the wrong kind of person but conversely few listens to the right kind of music who tend to become the right kind of person wind is music just great passionate and a song that speaks to the soul and when this music being used to manipulate to manage to market to get everyone in line seems that good music just corruption makes you want to listen to have always wondered why is perhaps no surprise that music can alter mood and emotion even to the point of mind control an article on Tony 12 from the scientific American mainstream publication with general establishment credentials published the power of music mind control by rhythmic sound it reads you walk into a bar music just dumping all heads are bobbing feet tapping in synchrony somehow the rhythmic sound grabs control of the brains of everyone in the room forcing them to operate simultaneously form the same behaviors in synchrony how is this possible is this unconscious mind control by rhythmic sound only driving our bodily motions or could be affecting deeper mental processes the mystery runs deeper than previously thought according to psychologist Arnett Schirmer rhythmic sound not only coordinates the behavior of people in the group it also coordinates their thinking the mental processes of individuals in the group become synchronized this finding extends to the well known power music to tap into brain circuits controlling emotion a movement to actually control brain circuitry of sensory perception and this discovery explains how drones unite tribes and ceremony by armies marched a bugle and drum and battle why worship and ceremonies are infused with song by speeches Rev make punctuated by rhythms of emphasis on particular syllables in words perhaps while we dance and they described a study where they had subjects look at a monitor and they flashed images and they're supposed to call out the ones that were upside down and while they were doing this they had a simple 4 B. rhythm playing in the background it was syncopated and skip the fourth bead of every measure and what they found was that the subjects much more quickly identified this inverted image when it was shown in the missing drumbeat of the 4 B. rhythm in especially compared with when they show the image randomly or out of sync with the beat and even on the beat itself because the anticipation of the skip beat the conditioning to expect that to happen because the brain itself to pay more attention during that part of the rhythm is the rhythm of heightened expectation and they found that the mind trying to call out these images had superior performance on the anticipated beat and the front of the E. G. recording showed the waves of brain activity both alpha and beta waves became synchronized around the auditorium where the perception of the external world entering our mind through our eyes is affected by the rhythm of what we hear in beat with an auditory rhythm it's not some kind of long term fact it happened soon as the brain and music and it reminded me of a curve Vonnegut sci fi novel published back in 1959 the sirens of Titan where he painted an eerie vision of 1 possible future in which men were so hopelessly debased has to be commanded on Mars of all places by radio controlled rhythms and behavior modification through punitive shocks and the passage talks about how the men had marched to the parade ground to the sound of a snare drum the snare drum had this to say to them rented a tent attentive tent rented detained attempted tent rented the tent rented it saved rented a rented over into the tent the army had come to attention and utter silence no audible are visible signal had been given they'd come to attention as a man has though through a stupendous coincidence an observer would have been a loss as to who is really in charge since even the generals moved like marionettes keeping time to the idiotic words rented attempt attempt attempt renters attempt attempted to so you could see the rhythm itself is driving and reinforcing the behavior and sirens of Titan goes on to talk about the character in this chapter says onka soldier had just come out of the base hospital Maria been treated for mental illness an ounce mind was almost a blank at the hospital they told him when his sergeant's name was what the sergeant was at all they even had to explain to own that there was a radio antenna under the crown of his school and that it would hurt him whenever he did something a good soldier would never do the antenna would also give him orders and furnish drum music to March 2 they said that not just on what everybody had and then tell doctors and nurses and even 4 star generals included the gave onka small sample of the pain has antenna would stick him with if he ever did anything wrong back on earth things aren't quite that bad at least not yet but the possibilities are staggering a separate article in Scientific American also explored the tonal effects of music on how we think and this is a much more general area but they figured out definite specific moods just from the arrangement of the music itself it has something to do with the degree of harmony that is perceived by the brain for example the difference between a perfect fifth in the transition of music notes according to the pie Thackery and tradition as compared with say a very discordant or dis harmonious but sometimes more intriguing minor scale but again that's all music theory stuff that I don't really fully understand nevertheless it was the ancient Greece figure pie thaggard us better known for his mathematical theorems in geometry who identified the major musical scales based in identifying the mathematical principle behind harmonics in the length of a vibrating string by daggers considered music to be number in time he reportedly said number is the ruler of forms and ideas and the cause of gods and demons and he reportedly went around performing quote soul adjustments using his music as a tool of correction there are numerous accounts of pipe daggers using music as a tool of intervention to Carmen read swordsman crossed lovers ready to kill their rivals and drunken pyro maniacs determine to burn down the homes of women rejected their advances in each case a stirring Phrygian mode of music was found playing at the scene empire Thackeray's arrange to switch the music to a slow and dirge like spun date mode proving the rhythm had the power to calm them usually instantaneously this book sacred sounds transformation through music in word says the 7 string wires a symbol of the mysticism of the universe each string is related to a mood of humanity to a subtle body to one of the 7 major planets and one of the 7 planes of life each string has reflected within is an aspect of the human soul in the laws of science and art the liars been associated with many ancient masters of myths students of pipe that iris were trained in its use the user on people who had illnesses and they were stored balance with these tones and the Bible in the Old Testament and first Samuel 16 of stories told about how king David got recruited to play for king Saul who apparently had a demon spirit in them and he used the liar to rid the demon he was advised to seek out a man who's a wise player on a harp and show come to pass and then he shall play with his hand and thou shalt be well it says David took a harp of played with his hand and saw was refreshed and well and the evil spirit departed from him so these were sacred notes on a wire on a harp and the way they were tune in the way that was played had supernatural affects the power to heal ... to cast away demands to please the lord as the Leonard Cohen song says I've heard there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the lord but you don't really care for music do it goes like this the fourth the fifth the minor fall the major lift well the Scientific American article from 2014 discusses how music changes the way you think and encourages literally different frames of mind and that starts out basically talking about the arrangement of music in the particular scales that are years home the first 2 notes of the Simpson's theme song if you're not a Simpsons fan then Maria from West Side Story will also do the music interval you're hearing the pitch gap between the notes is known as a tri tone and it's commonly recognized music theory is one of the most distant intervals so much so the composers and fierce in the eighteenth century W. D. obelus in musica devil in music now on the first few notes of twinkle twinkle little star or if you prefer something with a little more street cred the I'm sorry pardon outcast ms Jackson this is the perfect fifth it's one of the most consonant Annable's used a myriad compositions as a vehicle for a solution and harmony is it possible hearing such isolated musical components could change the way you think and they go on to describe a study that suggests that indeed occur very much change the way we think Pacific thing they found in the study was what they say is a relatively new theory known as construal level theory and is the premise of the link between how far things are from people and how lives directly they construe them the example being a Hawaiian vacation that's in the future in the distance a year away is general there's basic features the sun it's right upon you just days away gonna pack detailed list their specific demands though either forecast and whatever different type of attention Metamora the forest in other words becomes trees they say but they found that the chord patterns themselves are highly specific to this kind of process because the music's ability to conjure up highly specific mental states is apparent tiny almost immeasurable features in a piece of music have the power to elicit deeply personal and specific patterns of thought and emotion and human was unfamiliar tonalities the proverbial auditory forest cause people to construe things abstractly but by contrast the rapid consonant familiar chords of the perfect fifth the auditory trees bring out the concrete mindset Joaquin handsome and Joe handbells nor the journal of experimental social psychology played them a short strip down piece of music consisting of a series of alternating courts some people heard chords thing closing the tritone others her the perfect fit they asked them to take a list of shopping items and organize them into groups you know they would see whether they thought of detergent paper tells us the same category bought the tritone people form fewer categories that the perfect fifth people indicating they were thinking broadly and more inclusively people who were exposed to the tritone type of music samples were more likely to be swayed by aggregated information a 5 star must have but the people who are the fifth the very harmonious note had the reverse reaction there were more likely to be swayed by an individual review so kind of ventures to mmhm this book the sacred sounds transformation through music and word has a list of responses to musical harmonies that have been figured out over the years and a lot of these meanings are also symbolic they've even been years ritualistically magically and they talk about how the perfect active I think basically the middle C. has a feeling of rest there's a union between the male and the female sides the fifth which is a genus see stimulates feelings of movement and power of new life coming forth a specific sense of rebirth whereas the third which has an E. in the sea awakens compatibility and residents and has a quote magical quality to story telling an embellishment whatever that means fourth has an FMC and announces something new it specifically handsome entrance it awakens feelings of being controlled it touches at the heart of rings it but it can make some people feel uneasy seventh which has a B. C. awakens feelings of distance and the need to resolve things it creates anticipation and drama and the need for direction and there's also the minor third with an E. flat to see specifically carries sadness and depression and as of vagueness of direction a disharmony and so forth and so on these modes role worked out back in the grease days back with by factors and then many of them were picked up again by the church but several of whom were not used very often because either they had a tab to quality to them or they were only appropriate for very specific purposes and so a lot of stuff ended up just coming out in the basic major minor key and a lot of these other modes were forgotten over the past couple 0 years up until the rise of rock music in the fifties sixties seventies so forth that a lot of particular movements were under way during this time period to use the music scene as a radical re shaper of the youth culture to have people reveling in freedom and individuality but also have them behaving in ways that are both predictable and useful to the powers that be who incredibly turned loose and a whole generation not only copious amounts of mind altering drugs they'd just been tested by the government under secret human experimentation but also modes of music which had been established thousands of years ago were rarely used whose particular arrangements were known to stir up things like ecstasy lusted beastly behaviors I guess music in the background I was unconscious music but I could actually hear the crowd and gave me a big a big feeling inside anger and violence could be aroused by the music or alternately calm down and one motive particulars so disarm mony years there has long been believed to be of the devil extortion perception I'm thinking but I'm melting together nothing together and then coming apart and vibrating but it's all moving it was incredible and did score music consist of the interplay of melody harmony rhythm beat and so the particular notes matter anyway I heard about the 7 different modes and I I did a lot of looking of until I found a some information the comic correlated each of them and it's very interesting the kind of musical manipulation the condom messages that were being sent to the youth throughout this time period when you think about a lot of the bands that were involved in using very particular types of music and of course after awhile it just spread everywhere and it's not necessarily bad it depends on how it's used at this just the way that that it is so the first since the Lydian mode it's a major key major with raised fourth and it's known for being fast frenetic energetic woken attention getting and perhaps a bit agitated associated with morning and rising up in the morning as well as with the Mars magical energy the skills based on all white keys F. G. a B. C. D. E. F. and this includes music like The Simpsons theme the Jetsons themes very rising upbeat straight from beginning dreams by Fleetwood Mac freewill by rush Jean says by Jane's addiction hog heaven by Frank Zappa here comes My Girl by Tom Petty tonight tonight by the smashing pumpkins and plenty of other songs just a few examples so this motor is only used in certain instances what was use much more widely was the standard mode known is Ionian and this is the major key it's a standard major and it's the basic C. scale it starts of middle C. C. D. E. F. G. A. see this is your basic dough ray me far so what he does and has attributes of being very harmonious promoting health and friendship and associated with the middle of the day time and the sun is magical and symbolic energy and some of the staples of this kind of music are ode to joy by Beethoven let it be by the Beatles chasers joy of man siring Bach pop songs like brown eyed girl by Van Morrison beast of burden by the rolling stones like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan call me al Paul Simon free falling Tom Petty and others so for a long time that was the kind of music that everything was based on but then in the explosion of counter culture you also had these other modes coming out of the woodworks being revived and since they have a particular determination on behavior motion attitude you gotta ask yourself why they were brought out at a particular time to why certain bands use them a lot a good example of that is the mixolydian mode which is also considered a major key and an ancient Greek terms this was the Dionysus it was known for inducing ecstasy and listeners and associated with an afternoon Jupiter magical slash symbolic energy and this is also just on the white keys starting with G. G. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. and this is found in songs like LA woman by the doors Norwegian wood by the Beatles Ramblin man by Allman brothers and it's known as Jerry Garcia's signature mode and in particular its founding Grateful Dead songs like dark star and fire on the mountain it's also in more recent music the pics sees here comes your man Jimi Hendrix third stone from the sun blind melon no rain Neil Young cinnamon girl the Toadies possum kingdom and Beatles songs dear prudence give back and paperback writer so it's used a lot and it's not always just one scale per song I mean usually there's a change up like in LA woman for this shift out of mixolydian mode for the can into the song part with Mr Mocho rise in and then it goes back into that mode so this is a shift but when they do it there's a particular a motion that is brought out by that ... another big one that was brought out particularly in the counter culture of the sixties and seventies was a much heavier use of Dorian mode which is a minor key and very old timey it in the old days it was very calm and is full see it's often haunting and its associated with evening and Saturn symbolic magical energy and this is a skill that starts with D. E. F. G. A. B. C. start people consider this to be very Pink Floyd ask it's also found in the doors the and the very long drawn on haunting song I riders on the storm another doors song another brick in the wall part 2 by Pink Floyd Scarborough fair by Simon and Garfunkel and more recently wicked game by Chris Isaak also horse with no name by America and mad world it's a mad world and on and on there's also alien motives of minor scale very much associated with soulful passion and appeals to the gods to meditation calming soothing healing and every way associated with midnight and moon magic and symbolic energy ... the scale starts with a a B. C. D. E. F. G. and this is identified and songs like stairway to heaven by Led Zeppelin Achilles last stand also by the words of one black magic woman by Santana all along the watchtower by Jimi Hendrix or Bob Dylan take your pick Aryans losing my religion Fleetwood mac's Rhiannon Metallica's nothing else matters black Sabbath's paranoid Sweet Dreams the you with Max or the Marilyn Manson version Sarah McLachlan building a mystery so the stuff is still in use ... one of the more suppress modes and again until the recent explosion of music is for IGN mode this one 's associated with the pre don and Venus energy and it's considered sensual soldiery ... that's associated with Latin gypsy and flamenco sounds and it's very sad and lamenting invokes a lost love and it also raises passions sexual energy so it's a very powerful type it starts with E. E. F. G. a B. C. D. E. this is found in home mark songs like Jefferson airplane's White Rabbit the pyramid song by Radiohead surfer girl by the beach boys the doctor who theme song the song who do by muse especially the intro Pink Floyd set the controls for the heart of the sun Philip Glass is composition such a gras finally there's the Locrian mode which was pretty much banned and suppress throughout a because it's known for being very dissident very discordant and the dissonant tritone known as a diminished fifth very much is a controversial kind of music it's considered that it doesn't stand on its own at all it's very really used an entire piece bought one is used it brings about an accident of disharmony and its associated ... very much in a Morningstar kind of way with twilight the time between night and day and with mercury magical's symbolic energy the scale starts with the B. B. C. D. E. F. G. A. B. and M. medieval times this was the one that was thought to be of the devil associated with witchcraft said to be used to create portals it's really very rarely used but there's been a few examples Metallica and think Black Sabbath have brought it out just have that kind of devilish tone to it probably where ever I may roam by Metallica and also enter Sandman use this very rare mode the band stroke put out a song called juicy juice this instructor on YouTube discusses why you can never feel at home with Locrian mode no so 5 yeah if you're really trying Maria and you would never since sounds very off putting and to some even evil at any rate they're aware of what was figured out in the past during the time of pipe daggers and others from the pages of history and they know that songs have been years not just for a general sense of emotion but for very specific usages this stuff is proving even in modern times to be very powerful to have specific neural affects to literally aid in actual mines so don't take it for granted //
"2017-08-25 10:26:44"
Do We Have a "Right" to Mental Privacy and "Cognitive Liberty"?
\\so I recently quoted George Orwell's 19 for where he says nothing was your old meters and skull well well now that's even apparently in doubt because now they're talking about whether or not the right to cognitive liberty should be preserved you'll notice this didn't used to be a question this used to be a given in the last few years Davos had a whole series on it and now this is coming up more and more do we have the right to the few cubic centimeters inside her skull do we have the right to cognitive liberty because the technology they're coming out with puts that in danger and they've not done anything to put safeguards in a place for that even though it's been warned about since the sixties when it first came out to the public that mind control type technologies were on the way and this is going to be a huge social moral and ethical problem that needed to be dealt with on humanity wide basis and they just kinda shove that under the rug because it came out at the same time in Kilcher was going on and they didn't really want to talk about that and in the seventies when all the M. Kilcher revelations came out what the public got was a big joke which shouldn't be a surprise them most of you watch this channel when do we ever get tell the truth about what's really going on but this is where that stuff went this is the kind of stuff they were actually working on and it's about a come part of everyone's daily life says the idea of the human mind is the domain of absolute protection from external intrusion has persisted for centuries today however this presumption might no longer hold sophisticated neuro imaging machines and bring the computer interfaces that can detect the electrical activity of neurons enable us to decoding even alter the nervous system signals that accompany mental process this is Scientific American by the way this isn't some joke on CNN and they're telling you right now they have technologies that can not only detect your neurons electrical activity they can decode that an alter those signals they can screw with your brain this is what they're saying and they say that wears these advances have a great potential for research medicine they pose a fundamental ethical legal and social challenge determining whether or under what conditions it is legitimate to gain access to our interfere with another person's neural activity that's a level or at and they go down to talk about the landmark Keese in 2000 in India where the woman was convicted for murder using an MRI a functional MRI they claim she had experience or knowledge based on her brain activity she didn't say anything but based on the scan of her brain they said she was guilty they put her in jail for life and they're saying that commercial companies are marking the use of functional MRI is elector in Safford Raffi an E. G. based technology to ascertain truth or falsehood and the military is testing monitoring techniques to use brain stimulation to increase the soldiers'alertness or attention but obviously he would there not saying here is if they can use brain stimulation to do that they can use it for other things too and they're saying that the brain reading technology is just another unavoidable trend but given the sanctity of our mental privacy we might not be so willing to accept this intrusion Gee you think people could in fact look at this technology is something that requires the re conceptualization of basic human rights and the creation of a narrow specific rights so that's where ad they're talking about this and you'll recall that Bilderberg a couple years ago asked if privacy exists they're talking about on all levels lawyers are already talking about your rights to cognitive liberty again shouldn't this be given why are we talking about this like it's something that is in question says that it would entitle people to make free and commented decisions regarding the use of technology that can affect their thoughts in other words they have technology that can affect your thoughts and writes a mental privacy would protect individuals against on consented to intrusion by third parties into their green data if you think about all the fourth amendment's already working these days breaches of privacy at the neural level when this is the way they're talking now unauthorized collection of your brain data and then they go on to talk about how Facebook in Samsung in athletics are making interfaces that translate your thoughts directly from your brain to the computer which if you'll recall exit shown the clips so many times because it's just so on point you can actually decode a language now course I'll be supplication that is decoding internals and once you got into all speech then you essentially have of you know the sort of worst possible brain because device or best possible pain in your view you know personally I think it's just a matter of time before there will be a portable brain decline techno that decodes ... language as fast as you can type with your thumbs on your cell phone and ... and everyone will wear them because people have shown the door quickly dig about privacy for convenience people will be willing to accept because they you have already shown that they will give up their basic right to privacy even the information in their brain for convenience when it comes to this technology that they've come completely addicted to and they go on to even mention the phrase brain jacking so that would be like hijacking a car except instead it's your brain how and they gonna say finally our right to psychological continuity might preserve people's mental life from external alteration by third parties that is a really nice way of saying someone eles masses with your mind changes your mind goes in beyond your consciousness and messes with your head changes your thoughts and feelings mean airforce I did a story about this awhile back is paying for studies where they use magnets and change people's belief in god mean back during MK all sure they kept all the stuff is secret today there's openly doing the brain initiative which just like MK ultra features a lot of your favorites such as the rock Feller foundation in DARPA but today when they talk about it they openly say exactly what they're doing they plan on trying to hack the soul the put down the cover of MIT magazines hacking your soul and it is openly say we're gonna go inside there and mess with your memories and there researchers coming out now talking about a racing bad memories it's dish harmful manipulations of neural activity through the misuse of technology would pretty much sum up in my opinion everything that I know about in cable sharia and what they were really trying to do there so now they're just openly asking this question and I guess George Orwell had it wrong because in the smart internet of things grid future that they're building even even apparently have a right to the few cubic centimeters inside your skull we're supposed have unalienable rights I'll need a piece of paper with those rights written down on it they're supposed to be on Elian able god given but once they put him down the piece of paper they sure do like to screw them down that we don't even have this we don't even have cognitive liberty written down somewhere he was supposed to be given after all the things I've researched the last 5 years I can tell you that this is one of the biggest threats that we as individuals face they're gonna keep ratcheting up this technology and if you think there is gonna be backdoors built into that the weather backdoors built into every windows operating system that's ever been created while I don't know what to tell you people don't understand this is coming this is the biggest threat we face and people don't get it when I talk about it be willing I'm crazy ball that's what happens after you've read the conference notes of these people who are working on this project for decades and you look at the declassified documents and you spend hours of your life pulling books at a storage at library so you can read what these people were talking about back in 1942 and I'm just telling you they've been planning this for really law the this system that is coming this beast system that is coming this smart grid smart derisive air close grid internet of things system that Jews merges you with technology that's coming there's a reason they're trying to de humanize everybody to get you on to that meanwhile what's left if they're gonna start screwing with your neural activity without your conscious consent what's left this is the most depressing video I've ever recorded //
"2017-08-19 18:52:55"
Forcing a Total, Saturated 5G Future... Without Safety Checks
\\the interconnected world of the future will be the result of decisions we must make today everyone knows the government agencies are corrupt it's common sense it's clear that the system is broken and they're all crossing the line homeland security IRS the USDA the treasury the EPA all of a B. S. but rarely is it so blatant as it is with the FCC the Federal Communications Commission because well very very few people pay attention at all to them hardly any resistance was put up against net neutrality rules and that was a fairly big media story almost no 1 said anything about the mergers between the giant telecoms and the general complete takeover of communications there really wasn't any resistance to the 1996 telecommunications act which opened up a whole can of worms a whole set of Pandora's boxes of the NSA and everyone else but now they've opened up the floodgates to massive corporate control over our lives a total surveillance system on the part of government agencies and their contractors in the very near blanketing of the entire population literally every in the world literally of every in the world autonomous vehicles smart city energy grids transportation networks and water such the mercy education and entertain driving force the 20 first century will be powerful processing centralized in the cloud and wirelessly connected implying all of whom will be saturated the gigahertz signals literally everywhere they go on the planet and no one as permission the United States will be the first country in the world open up hi Vance 53 networks and application that's damn important it will generate tens billions of dollars in economic activity big surprise since this FCC chairman now former chairman was appointed by Obama big surprise since he used to be the president of 2 industry lobbyist organizations Tom Wheeler was formally president of the national cable and telecommunications association and the CEO of the cellular telecom and internet association chairman Wheeler put the entire fixed and mobile broadband industry under a stricter regulatory regime he's done so many things in anger his former employees lawyers at the NC yeah and yeah I a have sued the FCC during his tenure he explains his absence by saying to be an advocate for corporate interests I hope I was good but today my client is the American people and I want to be the best damn and American so he represents the industry he got appointed to the position and he just fox in hand house the whole thing he just prostituted at all so it's no wonder that he gives a no holds barred full force push to usher in 5 G. everywhere upon everyone to swiftly and fully silence any and all dissenters to ignore all the real questions and make sure that the safety data to make sure that safety studies don't even happen unlike some countries we do not believe that we should spend the next couple of years studying what 5 G. should be how it should operate we won't wait stand turning innovators lose is far preferable to expecting committees in regular define the future and to make sure the questions about the biological effects of non ionizing radiation are kept to an absolute minimum off the table out of the public guy and no where near the FCC conversation on how to go about it died from brain cancer before the federal government with warning labels on cell phones it's time to tell the American public what is wrong given their right through no doubt about it their RD have and what else would you expect from a lobbyist a tradeoff gives toll rule power to these companies to various government agencies and to anyone in between who's interested in spying hackers it opens it up for everyone in this technology races forward and what is already a world dominated by cellphones of people looking lost in the little screens will now be completely saturated with high speed connections the next generation of wireless must be mobile fiber 10 to 100 times faster than what we're used to today we need to speed the deployment of 5 G. here on our shores yes 5 G. will connect the internet of everything if something can be connected it will be connected with 5 G. wi of hundreds of billions of microchips connected in products from pill bottles yeah toward hers you can be sure of only one thing biggest internet of things application as yet every single device and appliance to manufacture is being fitted with a 2 way communication device and it sends data back spying and surveillance is completely built and it's a total default and it's the given location tracking health data audio and visual recordings taxed and everything else is going to be continually collected and Tom Wheeler of the F. C. C. freely admits it he thinks it's great because it's gonna make everything faster and it's going to make more money we take our most significant step yet down the path 2 or 5 G. future others have covered it as well but this is an issue that is not well known enough 5 G. is a huge upgrade to the system is a complete overhaul compared with 3 G. and 4 G. it's not only dramatically faster speeds which is what they're gonna play up to sell to consumers and tell everyone what a great convenience and advancement that it is but it is also a literal complete infrastructure overhaul that to make this work 55 G. build out is going to be very structure tens requiring massive deployment small cells big game changer is that 5000000 is much higher frequency bands and we thought viable for mobile such millimeter wave signals have physical properties that are both a limitation and the strength they tend to travel basket narrowing straight lines and they do not go through physical objects as well this means that very narrow signals urban environment that was around buildings and other up ical connect to moving point with brilliant engineers have developed a new antennas that can mean and amplify sex coupled with sophisticated prong sophisticated process that allows him moving device to pick up all the signals are bouncing and create one coherent connection we're going to put up boxes on telephone poles or at least that's what the articles have said they got me on ground level sites and everywhere else and will completely replace the now obsolete cell towers that you've seen around you've got used to see those are obsolete these are coming in very quickly the cellphone wireless companies are spending billions of dollars they're racing the complete installation of the system by 2020 and that's now only 3 years away Verizon 18 to tell us the begin deploying 5 G. trials in 2017 first commercial deployments they're talking about our expert they're fueling money into cities and private owners for the towers will be installed they're paying them off and they're moving so fast that there's going to be very few places that are free at all anymore I want to add paranoia wanna make people fearful but basically where can run from this once the system is fully launched an out it's it's going to be just like the terminator Genisys system at it's gonna be the rise of AI and it's gonna be like there's no looking back we must reject that the 5 G. future will be the sole problems urban 5 Shane revolution will touch all corners overcome we're the pioneer the new specter frontier no one gave permission for this because most people don't fully understand what's happening or why it matters they're gonna click on little agreements on their cell phone for the different sites they visit and they're gonna have no idea how much is going to be taken from that but it's clear that this is not a good bargain and people need to be worn they should try to oppose this in their local cities and where they can and try to challenge these companies because they don't want to face resistance and they don't want a population that knows about the dangers on the risks of this technology the capabilities of this technology are absolutely unfathomable I can't covered on this video go look it up for yourself now I'm not gonna get into doctor Ross a day of UCLA right now to a more in depth video later on or a lot of the other brain doctors and neurological researchers but Ross today was working with the CIA and exchanging technology and study data with Russians are back in the sixties and seventies and even further back and he figured out scientifically demonstrated Billy how non ionizing radiation have various specific frequencies from microwaves are from other signals how they can alter human and animal behavior for instance a simple 10 hertz wave could put someone into a stupor within a couple of minutes using Nero electric devices that they developed I in by the seventies they could put individuals or entire towns to sleep on command they can aggravate people they can alter their sexual preferences they can delete their memories they could turn on desire they could turn on repulsion and they could otherwise hijack someone spontaneous and natural behavior they could literally hijack your nervous system and your brain and that was 30 or 40 years ago now things are very advanced they're very precise and very far along there's discussions now at the Davos World Economic Forum that have broached the topic of mind reading and literal mind control and these devices the capability to do it is built and everything every handheld unit every laptop mobile device that everyone's caring around and once things are fast enough with 5 G. all bets are off the constant ubiquitous connection with these next generation 5 G. towers but all skinny say you either see it or you don't but I'm not cool with that //
"2017-08-17 19:50:33"
Why Are People So Obsessed with the Upcoming Solar Eclipse?
\\yeah is this so where the road right now because we finally got the last couple of location shots for our film which I'm really excited about finally getting to the end we've been working on this for awhile so I cannot wait for you guys to see it but I just had a question views are saying is everywhere and I just wondered what you guys thought about as you have probably heard 50000000 times by now next week there's going to be an eclipse and it really seems to me like there is a large swath of the population that is losing their minds over this thing like the I have to be there even if the path of totality is 5 states away from where they are they have to take off or get the kids in the car and drive there so they can see this thing it's only going to last 2 minutes and it's not like it hasn't happened before and will happen again there's another 1 coming in 2024 just say but it just seems like people are obsessed with the idea that they have to be in the path of totality and they have to see it I'm from Missouri and there are even tiny towns in Missouri where no one ever wants to go pretty much ever all of the hotels and motels are completely booked thousands of people swarmed into Missouri from other states just so they can see something that again is only going to last too many listen to how we're talking about the draft when you first see the corona and witness to and when the precious 2 minutes if Pat first what in sounds like brainwashing being that I once that school eclipse little glass shit it's kind say it's I think he Phil Gramm listen this is it fact the goals of burning field near feel they're calling it the darkening of this this isn't the case a place I mean if you're from this Missouri you know bird is the chigger field for 2 minutes 3 days they're gonna have bands like cool never heard of it it's strange we went to a national park in their tee shirts with the eclipse on it has nothing to do with the part I don't did I miss something are you seeing this so it's some weird herd mentality thing it just doesn't make a lot of sense to me droves of people walking by the thousands to drive to other states so they can see something that only lasts humans did I miss that memo I just I don't don't get it I guess I just wonder what she has thought about //
"2017-08-12 16:44:30"
Mainstream Medical Science Will Be Forced to Admit Royal Rife Was Right
\\everything vibrates everything our reality is such that frequencies have a much more profound effect on us than we've been previously led to believe this basic fundamental fact can no longer be Nord as technologically advanced as were constantly told we are these days there are some technologies that are just now being presented to the public as new when they're not new at all but have simply been widely suppressed for decades things like the new digital narrow headbands that poll specific electromagnetic frequencies into a person's head change people's moods for example people are buying these now this is a thing but it was proven that that type of technology worked decades ago it is also come out in recent years that frequencies can cure diseases including cancer professor in the Holland even gave a Ted talk called shattering cancer with resonant frequencies a couple years back where he discussed that specific oscillating pulse electrical fields can destroy everything from cancer cells to Mercer over the course of 15 months we try hundreds and hundreds of frequencies if not thousands until we find the magic combination the answer is you have to have to input frequencies one low one high and higher frequency must be 11 times full lower it's what we musicians would call the eleventh harmonic when we had the eleventh harmonic we begin to shatter micro organisms crystal glass not that you probably heard about it on the nightly news or anything as someone pointed out in the comments on his video phrases like they hadn't seen anything like it and it seems to be a new phenomenon many viewers who know about the organize suppression of such technology since at least the 19 thirties when a slam their own heads into a wall if you haven't heard of doctor royal Raymond rife this is someone who's been referred to by those who personally knew him as a genius he was a scientist and inventor starting in the twenties he began building a large very complex microscope capable of magnifying objects 31000 times compared with the maybe 1700 times that were available on standard microscopes in the thirties and forties by 1940 he had invented a 2 foot microscope weighing 200 pounds that included 5600 82 parts which enabled him to see viruses and bacteria in a way that no other scientists have at that time because these organisms were so tiny he designed a massive steaming them with light and through this work he came to understand that living things including pathogens in viruses and bacteria have their own frequency or isolation pattern and just like a specific musical note can shatter a wine glass of song at the resonant frequency of the glass he found specific frequencies can be used when matched up with specific pathogens in order to destroy them and as he continued to isolate viruses and bacteria and locate their frequencies he also claimed he discovered the virus responsible for cancer using residents or what he termed the mortal auxiliary rate of the virus he was able to kill it in laboratory experiments over and over and over he completed hundreds of experiments on tumors in rats purposefully infected with the isolated cancer virus before ever attending to use these frequencies on people in 1934 he famously tested out his device on 16 terminally ill cancer patients out of 1614 of them all but 2 were certified medically cured in just 3 months of his treatment rife with later right with the frequency instrument treatment no tissue is destroyed no pain is felt no noises audible and no sensation is noticed a tube lights up in 3 minutes later the treatments completed the virus or bacteria is destroyed and the body then recovers itself naturally from the toxic effect of the virus or bacteria several diseases may be treated simultaneously his findings were at first widely published in June of 1940 the LA times reported for organisms too small to be stained ingenious eliminating systems use the system utilizes rights theory that organisms respond to certain wavelengths the theory he carries a finality by bombarding disease germs as radio waves which are tuned to those of the minute man killers and the virus he says occurs in cancer has rife insists disintegrated under such radio waves Rafe was hailed in the scientific and medical communities for his discoveries first by 1937 he established a company called beam ray with several colleagues and 14 of his machines were manufactured multiple doctors use these machines tested them out and saw that they worked it wasn't just writes word so what happened why aren't these machines in every hospital in cancer treatment center in the world today why don't we have a simply put the only cancer rife couldn't seem to kill was agreed powerful opposition with vested interests in allopathic that is the pharmaceutical and surgery based medicine system and the still infant cancer treatment called chemotherapy and medical professionals link to the Rockefeller Foundation with its deeply entrenched eugenics based population control agenda would make absolutely sure that rice machines would never be available to the public at large if you notice an absence of stethoscopes monitors another medical paraphernalia don't let it upset this doctor doesn't going he's got something better he doesn't even have to one dress the machine will find out what's wrong the modern counterpart of the ancient medicine traded in his boss to magic wand for electrical clients but his stock in trade is still ignorance the twentieth century witch doctor talks in terms of atomic raise super sonic vibrations he's what's generally referred to as a quite Dr but somehow that term just doesn't cover my feeling subject to me the term the murderer is much more appropriate one such big pharma stooge was doctor Morris fish bead head for a time of the American medical association and described by Bob Wallace on Lou is a shakedown artist hell bent on destroying natural path that medical inventors he couldn't buy out the story goes that fish being sent an attorney to make a token attempts to buy out rife and Rafe refused and although no one knows the exact terms of the offer was probably similar to the one fish being made Harry Hoxsey for is herbal cancer remedy which fish being later had to admit in court worked on skin cancer on television screen it must look very much like a jar of chocolate syrup it's not Kansas Avenue deadly to kill before it'll kill again when it doesn't kill and maim never cures fish being in his associates would receive all the profits for 9 years and Hoxie would receive nothing then if they were satisfied it worked Hoxie would begin to get 10 percent price when how she refused fish bane is political mafia went after him and they had Hoxie arrested 125 times in a period of just 16 months the charges were always based on practicing without a license and they were always thrown out in court but fish vain enough harassing this Hoxie guy for 25 years this way the only good thing that came out of any of it is that the scandal ultimately forced fish being to resign fish Spain also offered Phil Boyland who was an investor in rights being ray company in an electrical engineer who helped build the frequency machines legal assistants basically intent to steal a company out from under right and the other investors and in 1939 a lawsuit ensued and that was the beginning of the end of rife in his machines unable to withstand the criticisms in attacks on his character and his wife's working quarry rife crumbled and turn to alcoholism despite the fact that he ultimately won his case but the legal costs bankrupted him and being ray went out of business and fish bane continued to wield all the power of the AMA to halt any further proper scientific investigation into rights claims or his machine doctors at a previously supported rife suddenly fell silent one of his partners are your kindle all of a sudden retired to Mexico after receiving a magical gift of a quarter of $1000000 from gas to other doctors were giving large grants in AMA honors to keep their mouths shut and go back to prescribing pharmaceuticals major medical journals which are all predominately funded by big pharma advertising revenues refuse to publish anyone's work involving ranks theories or his machines or any of it and on top of that right slab was broken into documentation of his work including photographs and even pieces of his microscope were stolen and vandalized then in what would be too much coincidence for even a Hollywood movie the multi $0 Burnett lab in New Jersey was torched and destroyed just as its scientists were about to cooperate rights findings police then illegally confiscated the rest of his research and the story starts to have a whole lot of similarities with well home right sh but that's another story for another time knows about it fish being would go down in history with the percentages write up of his medical career based on exposing quacks or alternatively financial enemies of big pharma's chemical in surgery based medical model and it wasn't just fish pain there is a coordinated effort to ensure that other doctors didn't even attempt to follow in Rafe's footsteps doctor Cornelius P. roads an oncologist Rockefeller institute alone and head of the chemical warfare service during the last 2 years a World War 2 spent 2 decades from 1939 to 1959 as the head of memorial Sloan Kettering the nation's premier chemotherapy advocate where roads was helping to shape the newly emerging quote unquote treatment of cancer with chemotherapy heat to prevent other doctors from even attempting to replicate rights work pulling strings to get research funding canceled for those who even dare to try roads not only prevented doctor Irene dealer from announcing the discovery of the cancer microorganism to the New York academy of sciences in 1950 but he got doctor cast be slapped with a nasty iris investigation and our laboratory funds canceled after she announced a similar discovery in Rome 3 years later in 1953 roads it should be pointed out would also go down in history as a potential murder in the 19 thirties when Rhodes was sent down a Porta Rico for the Rockefellers anemia commission he had a drunken night we returned back to his house to find his car had been vandalized and proceeded to write a disgusting racist confession of both murder and attempted murder by injecting people with cancer to a colleague hero they they being Porter Ricans are beyond doubt the dirtiest laziest most degenerate and feverish race of men ever inhabiting this year it makes you sick to inhabit the same island with them there even lower than Italians what the island needs is not public health work but a tidal wave or something to totally exterminate the population it might then be livable I have done my best to further the process of extermination by killing off 8 and transplanting cancer into several more the latter has not resulted in any fatalities so far the matter of consideration for the patient's welfare plays no role here in fact all physicians take delight in the abuse and torture of the unfortunate subjects 13 people died under roads quote unquote chair importer Rico and the Rockefeller public relations firm got into full swing coming out to say that rose was simply writing a fantastic and playful letter for his own amusement a satire piece if you will because as we all know when you just in a playful mood that's the kind of letter that you're right token investigations including one by the Rockefeller institute ensued and claim there was no evidence that road to abuse or neglect is patience but as far as history is concerned you can believe roads letter hasn't been featured 2 prominently in his otherwise illustrious biography as a chemotherapy pioneer I mean the term a murderer is much more appropriate in today how many people have needlessly died from cancer that could have quickly painlessly inexpensively and easily been cured by rife technology in the years since his research was purposefully suppressed it's a horrifying thought my mother almost died from cancer she was diagnosed back in 2007 and they gave her a grueling chemotherapy treatments at that included one she later found out wasn't even for the type of cancer she was diagnosed with they just threw it like a little added bonus but when all is said and done and her immune system had been utterly destroyed butter cancer went into remission the doctors turn around and informed her that it would probably come back in 5 to 10 that is not here the reason the average person still believed dangerous and toxic chemotherapy cures cancer today is the same greedy force behind why most people still feel their cars and gasoline despite the fact that much more efficient inexpensive and environmentally sound alternatives have existed for decades but have also been suppressed until recently greed however can't keep the truth hidden from humanity forever especially those truths which are so fundamentally obvious and becoming more obvious by the day it's 2017 how many years have people been donating money to cancer research and running for a cure without so much as a peep from the allopathic medicine system about the cause albeit quietly we now have researchers coming out of the woodwork left and right to verify the power of resonant frequencies to kill viruses and bacteria and diseases including cancer 2 doctors in 2014 published a paper in global advances in health and medicine titled life rhythm is a symphony of oscillatory patterns electromagnetic energy in sound vibration modulus gene expression for biological signaling in healing it's a very interesting paper and in it they concluded not only chemicals and physical energies like E. amassing sound bite Grecians but even our emotions thoughts beliefs and the way we develop our intentions in life rhythms can deeply transform our gene expression patterning at the cellular level this finding may disclose unexpected chances to develop self healing process is based on further utilization of this remarkable human potential the paradigm emerging here moves from a purely biochemical viewpoint based solely upon physical concepts of energy and momentum transfer and their implications for biochemistry to a holistic information based paradigm much as a whisper might carry more gravitas that shouted words science may now be uncovering the basic principles of a more subtle informational biology in which specific signalling behaviors can carry the power for healing we were meant to heal we were made to heal we all know how well the big pharma medical model of filling ourselves up with chemicals and ripping out all our vital organs his service these aren't yours sick care not health care it's only a matter time before the medical and scientific communities are gonna be forced to admit their rifles right or they'll risk losing the last few shreds of credibility they even have if they have any in a world where it's become all too obvious we've been purposefully held hostage in a technology bubble //
"2017-08-10 21:00:00"
Proof: Gov't Using Tech to Spy Since at Least 1912!!
\\the other day Melissa raise the rhetorical question how long have they really been spying on us how far back does this stuff go because obviously it's widespread it's common place it's happening on a mass surveillance level population wide in the just logging and recording everything that comes their devices telephone wires internet communications and and everything else you could think about but of course they were doing the stuff from the seventies and Melissa talked about the use of Xerox machines and they've used telegraphs and telephones they used a bug people's apartments but I don't know if you know when this far back all the way to 1912 not just spying because that's a jolt people always been spying on each other government surveillance using technology and the articles called their voices tell tales unindicted men and describes how Phonographic device known as a dictaphone was hidden inside of an office to record the statements in that and the conversations of these union members from the international association of bridge and structural iron workers who were involved in a court case with the federal government and involving men inside the union were being charged who had been indicted and who were about to go to trial the government was eavesdropping on everything they were saying and they have volumes and volumes of the written text of what they had said to use against them in court and there's no mention in this article as to whether or not they had a warrant as to whether or not the court itself knew about this or they had permission but they admit that the district attorney have put this device and there and here's some the old dictaphone machines and it's pretty similar to a photograph but it's more compact especially for the time period and it's a little black box which they talked underneath the desk and use to record the conversations and they didn't know about it for months and months and months the article states this device hidden under a drawer of the desk about which Ryan the president Herbert how can the secretary treasurer Jay Butler first vice president and other officials conferred concerning their defense and there please is said to have enabled to government stenographers in a room below to take daily reports of the conversation and the use of the device was disclosed in the papers only after these guys in the union founded after they got some kind of tip I found this device underneath their desk and they started hearing on the transcripts well I suppose they're hearing now whatever we say a woman was heard on the recording saying I wonder if these wires go to the jail and whether the listening to us now the other person said I suppose so I wish I could find out where the sound board is and someone asks what is addicted graph look like he was told it's about as big as a hat but I've never seen one and the other guy was going to go try to find out what it looked like so they knew their cover was blown and only then did they decide to make this public and stop using it after they admitted they've been using it for months but for all the paranoid people out there and all those who've been warning for years and years about the government's spying this really was happening and they admit in the article the wires from the enunciate or ran from the back of his desk through the floor and into a room below rented by the government here they said everyday to stenographers under the direction of the stenographer for the federal court and they had receiving devices they were they had earphones on and they were just typing up all the stuff day after day and they had volumes and to the guys that name in the article from the union Ryan the president and the other guy hawk and they said they were amazed to Dick to graph had been used in operation the room put in their covertly without their knowledge eavesdropping on their conversations probably violating court procedure but they said they suspected this before because originally they thought the telephone wires might have been tapped yeah how's that for a punch line even back in 1912 people commonly suspected the telephones were tapped and look how far things have gone today 1912 people //
"2017-08-10 01:15:40"
It's Official: This Is Straight out of Orwell's 1984...
\\I've never seen anything like this this isn't just that we can describe it as Orwellian it's straight out of Orwell's 1984 if you recall that book which everyone should re read because it's apparently become more relevant now than ever member there is a distinction between the truth which was actually what was happening the actual circumstances and fact fax in that book are just what people believed to be the circumstances and you cool I'm sorry I'm just this makes me so uncomfortable hurts my brain cool has now released new guidelines that aren't just targeting conspiracy websites they are openly directly targeting and and they say that but they're targeting any site which would even attempts to contradict what they claim are well established historical and scientific facts that is their wording so one of the examples in this document talks about how they're gonna rate mean content on web pages and that's how the pages show up in search rankings websites that present unsubstantiated conspiracy theories as if the information were factual and then it gives an example of the Vatican's knowledge of the planet Nibiru that's a pretty far out there theory for a lot of people but as we all know this has to do with anything that contradicts what they want people to think about how reality is Google's Eric Schmidt of course attending Bilderberg every year help us understand where is the future of surgical but when when you use Google ... you get more than one answer what should have him but that's about it we we have more Bucks per second hit in the world there is what we should be able to give you the right answer just once so they're going to determine what it is that people are allowed to see on the internet it used to be we talked about this ranking information hiding information from people but now now in their new document it's the new quality raiders guidelines they put out certain examples of spears the theory websites they're gonna target but it isn't just that it's not even remotely just that it's not gonna be limited to just the outlandish crazy conspiracy theories by the way is why I think some of them are being pushed so hard right now some of the ones that you cannot wrap your mind around I think the reason they're doing that is so they can discredit anyone who dares to ask any questions that go against what Google calls well established scientific and historical facts and just want everybody together in the crazy back buried in this 160 pages down on page 100 and eat you have this description of readings of fails to meet that should be assigned to results that are considered helpful or satisfying to know or very few users now look at the last 2 bullet points on here peaches that directly contradict well established scientific or medical consensus and pages that directly contradict well established historical facts so you'll remember just a couple of years ago when the buzz term under Obama was science is settled on climate change the sciences settled remember how they kept saying that over and over and over all the sciences so everybody sorry if you just say it repeatedly that means it's true or websites that will extol all the virtues of vaccinations without providing anybody any information about the very real health risks and well established historical facts Jeez I guess that means the magic bullet theory for the JFK assassination that would be a well established historical fact and so that will be what people get to see online and anything that contradicts our questions what they determined what they determined is a well established scientific medical or historical fact well and information is going to get very it doesn't matter if like on our channel we're showing declassified documents and now you have the new thing they've put up on YouTube to let me know that a lot more of my videos have now been identified is not suitable for advertisers and explain this to you guys before this isn't even about the monetization this has to do with the burying of content and putting it in a virtual box so other people can't see it making sure it doesn't show up in searches making sure it doesn't come up as related content for other videos making sure that even sometimes my own subscribers to sign up for alerts to my videos coming out don't get those words so they have no idea even put a new video up unless they come and physically check it and no one sees the video and less viewers share it themselves on Facebook and Twitter and all that which of course is we know Facebook has their own quality control system that's going to match up with Google this is where the whole fake news thing was always going it was always going to this level of Orwellian censorship and why because as I've told you guys many times before the worldwide web which the very purposefully called the web it's always been a cybernetic feedback loop of communication and control their controlling what people think with this literally one way to think about this trying to make people better people literally give them better ideas better and augmenting their experience talk of the was on managing man why can I say that because just before the new guidelines came out NPR put out this article they were all miffed because they claim that people aren't getting the well established medical quote unquote facts and one of the examples they give in here has to do with what they claim is misinformation about the health benefits of colloidal silver that's just that's tipping the iceberg okay about what they claim are medical facts quote unquote there was put articles like this out by the way right before they're gonna hit everyone with their new guidelines a problem reaction solution tactic so I skip past all that in just got right down into the meat of this article where they always bury the information that theme figure most people hungry because they just read the first paragraph in headline and it says the reason this matters is because what shows up in search results shapes people's opinions they know that the first thing that people see when they Google something is going to be what most people just automatically believe there are going to go do their own research they replaced their brain with Google and they can sway people's opinion based on what they showed it was mostly negative information are mostly positive information they can get people to believe whatever they wanted them to and that's what it says down here the ordering is everything so the big finding is the degree to which we can manipulate people's health care decisions simply by changing the rankings of search results and I mean getting messages from people lately saying they are censoring especially any kind of video that's a warning about this right here or that's a warning about a I making decisions because these decisions about these rankings are all being made by computers the decisions Han our YouTube channel about what's going to be seen by people that's all a I making those decisions that's not a human being making those decisions and more and more of these decisions about what you can learn and what you can know and what people can talk about those are being made by computers people don't realize how much of our society now is gonna be based on what computer says is okay for us or not it's straight outta rollerball remember the 0 computer in rollerball that for got the thirteenth century yeah we have a very that didn't matter seem to misplace things its place in that room the whole of the things he said this this is 0 follow 0 he's the world's file cabinets that's what this is okay is same exact thing and the virtual world is starting to merge with reality this is the issue index put this video up the neck replaced apart is the first police agency in Canada implement predictive policing technology just a little while back about how police in Vancouver now using prediction technology to send out squads for pre crime arrests the new predictive system helps us to be a step ahead of potential offenders state of just informing officers were crime happened 2:00 hours ago will now be able to let them know where crime is predicted to happen 2:00 hours from now what is that it's when a computer predicts that a crime will happen in an area in a couple of hours so they preemptively send police they're all amped up looking for a crime before it's even occurred and of course if you're looking for something you're usually gonna find it right so now a computer is going to make decisions about where police states squads of hippie sent before a crime is occurred and more and more decisions like this are going to be made by a guy and they don't want us talking about that one of the videos a flag on our channel Canadian flag until recently so it got it got to have its full views and then they flagged it and now it's since been shut down because it had an ambiguous title that's why is the one about society being programmed by a black box they don't want people talking about that at all anyway so I just so you guys should be updated on the fact that we now move to the phase where they're gonna shut down in very anything that contradicts well established scientific or medical consensus between both of us know what that means and contradict a well established historical facts E. G. unsubstantiated conspiracy theories they also don't care if it's a substantiated conspiracy theory either if it goes against the establishment narrative it's gonna be buried so the global model the global world the worldwide web is based on a consensus model majority rules the minority has no voice at all but with the added bonus of being able to manipulate what the consensus beliefs through modified search engine results and memory holing information on the web and people don't even realize this is what's going on we don't want to live in a society where in height allowed to question official narratives we're we're just spoon fed what we're supposed to believe about how everything works and we can't figure anything out for ourselves because they're gonna tell us exactly what we're allowed to know nobody wants to live in this world there creating nobody if people really thought about it got off the computer and form their own opinion without the aid of Google and Facebook for 2 seconds and they really thought about this nobody wants to live in this world if they're creating a world where you can't ask questions a world where your spoon fed your prescribed view of how everything is and you're told exactly what you're allowed to think and see and know and learn about this is 1984 this is where we are doesn't matter how much more technologically advanced we get in the years to come it'll still he 1984 when when you use Google ... you get more than 1 answer portion of him but that's about 1 would think trying to people better P. really give now augmenting their experience he was on they was on they was on managing man I of //
"2017-08-08 10:10:41"
How Long Have They Really Been Listening In?
\\when is the phone company stop being a phone company there are some people that say 18 tea and the NSA are virtually indistinguishable at this point and a lot of other people just think it's their cell phone and internet provider and that's it there are some pretty large lucrative contracts between the NSA in 18 T. but how far does it really go back in 2006 he came out that there were secret rooms that the NSA had built black rooms inside of what was alleged to be several 18 T. locations along the west coast most well known of these is room 641 a in the San Francisco office at the SBC communications building at 611 full century in San Francisco which was known in internal 18 T. documents as the study group 3 secure room it's fed by fiber optic lines from beam splitters installing fiber optic trunk scaring internet backbone traffic which gives the NSA the capability to enable surveillance and analysis of internet content on a massive scale including both overseas and purely domestic traffic after that came out you had NSA whistleblower William Binney come out and say there were 10 to 20 such black room facilities installed throughout the United States I guess it shouldn't be too much of a surprise I wrote this article back in 2015 in 1975 it actually came out that the NSA was spying on telegrams coming through Western Union international office in New York City via copier machine they had set up and it didn't stop and still be Zaki of vice president for operations of Western Union international ask the guy was coming into service it 1 of these times was he authorized a have that machine there and he said he wanted a letter proving you had the right to put it there guy took the machine and never came back but executives the politicians they don't ask questions like that state just this past November it came out there are whole buildings better basically leading double lives 1 such building is known as project acts were better known as Titan point this came out just this past November for decades nobody knew what was going on inside this building since you can clearly see there's no windows it's very ominous looking structure but everyone in New York City just knew it as the 18 T. longlines building which they started building in 1969 and didn't finish until 1974 documents have since come out and it's now been revealed that this building is also 1 of the most important National Security Agency surveillance sites on U. S. soil a covert monitoring how this used to happen a phone calls faxes and internet data they said there was 1 story that came out about the TNT longlines building back in 94 this story in The New York Times which talked about it is being part of 18 teas worldwide intelligent network and that if the nation's foes system is the human body this building is its nervous system but once this came out question was quickly raised how many of these buildings are there how many locations like this are there across the country because if you start taking a look at 18 T. buildings you'll find a lot of these tall window Liz structures in major cities throughout the country of which people know very very little and Jeff parrot a reporter for the south bend Tribune was wondering about the one in their city which no one seems to know anything about they have a building that looks kind of almost like a mini longlines building there he contacted timbre raider for 18 team media relations in the ana and she wrote back and said our buildings houses administrative offices in various electronic equipment unfortunately we're unable to do a tour at this time so that he wrote back and said could he at least have an interview with someone and Shiro Baggett said don't have anything further to provide for this so then he reached out to a local government official who said he wasn't sure what's in the building and out of respect for their security concerns we never ask so the government officials they don't ask they don't ask any questions was it okay for me to call him saying that no they did a whole add on to this building and made it look a lot like the other building back in the seventies when the long lines building was being built this kind of building was being built all over the place when I was telling Aaron about this we just so happen to be on the road at the time since back in January we're driving through Birmingham and we decided to just head over while we were driving through and take a look at the 18 T. building in Birmingham sure enough you got another one of these big tall windowless structures covered an eye in the sky cameras and we got out of the car and filmed it a little bit and talk about it meanwhile that guide to spoilers water cans the glass of the people who did civil rights marches and sixties here in Birmingham which is also just screwed up so you got civil rights violations all over the place against thinking well maybe we'll do a video just asking this question I hadn't gotten around to it until now but what was really interesting about it is we are only there for about 5 minutes visages pose be some 18 T. rolling there's no windows anyways Alec you're gonna see anything we give back in the car and start to leave out of the attached parking garage pulls a guy in a black unmarked S. U. V. with tinted windows and he's got something the front of his car that looks like a telephoto lens maybe I don't know by the time I was not recording at that time and by the time we saw him and we saw this thing I only was able to capture a few seconds of it and then we just got out of there we left but it gave me the creeps I definitely got the feeling it was a lot more than just your local telephone company and the question remains how how far does this go people are starting to ask questions everywhere here's a guy saying what's up with the ominous window was building in downtown Kalamazoo even he says in here if it's nothing more than boring switches why not allow newspaper reporter to satiate his curiosity I mean why won't they even just invite him down to a conference room in the downstairs part and you know let him do a fluff piece if there's nothing to it why the hush hush the question is and just how many buildings did they build for this purpose because it's obviously hard to believe it's just there's one in New York in that one room in San Francisco the real question is was 18 he ever just a phone company //
"2017-08-05 09:24:45"
We Accept The Reality With Which We Are Presented
\\world as it was at the end of the twentieth century it exists now only as part of a neural interactive simulation that we call the matrix you living in a dream world the same or different you buying invest their listen you know I'm actually allows for all I know you're but it raises a little in here what you're hearing here because it's what I'm about to tell you it's top secret bear see bigger than all of us class growing human rights not exist a powerful group of people there that are secretly running the war spike NCHA one person recent events that few of us decisions on a global basis very it science geek we are there unwitting accomplice nations a bankrupt done some of that tribal warfare anymore in the corporate law a thing of the past advertise you don't drink chemical form of in Washington isolated Bob form of social network you you want to talk about reality religion anything remotely close to which is Ernest what is real how do you define you're talking about what you can see smell takes seen them real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain I and reality is less than most of the world now login logged on all the time can't live without that's when everything people who live in their own extinction front door they have made us others we have been low right people we had a choice a long time ago between having only nice things read course they shows comfort I mean in privileges by a soft soles are being redirected battle for the mind of North America will be fought in the video arena the video drum all right all right there look listen feel pressure Marcin got to be more things to it's anymore to automate what import ban where consumers we are living in we didn't do this state of conscious that resemble sleek helped by love stuff you're good since but if you don't buy a lot of stuff if you don't well you can I ask what Eliot n't as long as they are not because that is their primary method 5 the television screen chair of the brain therefore whatever appears a television screen emerges as raw experience for those who watch WNED operating system genesis is everything my own moving through my tablet willing to you're willing to my car everything in my life offloaded line 24 totally connected last but you saw this guy was not a UFO gas from the weather balloons track colonel pocket you just flashed a thing erases our memory and you but no one standard issue narrows and then we castaways division come up with hosting ghosts she these free radicals in gender questions of free will creativity even the nature of what we might call the soul in this tale I am a fake Bob by occupy and a magician by inclination I am the public NBI annihilation of conscience yeah any of unreal it wasn't unusual mind over matter doctrine it's also we have well he's well how is the country how human race las technology now and reclaim it through yeah corporate society takes care of everything conflict is freedom that's not it that's never been if what about the books looks more so now that all changed all transcribed over in I ask anything you found his voice when choosing I'd like some information about corporate decisions how they're made who makes us think negative I'm sorry Danny I'm afraid I can't do that dissect a possible so none of these events have yet to cut but they may the wall on the wall if you think that Truman has never come close to discovering the true nature is world until now we accept the reality of the world with which were present with which represented //
"2017-08-04 11:00:07"
Russians to Investigate Whether America Really Landed on the Moon
\\as a follow up to last video did I thought you guys would find this kind of interesting apparently back in 2015 a Russian official called for an international investigation into whether America ever really landed on the moon in an op ed in a Russian newspaper Vladimir Markin spokesman for the government's official investigative committee actually called for an international investigation to help solve the mystery of the disappearance of all the official footage from the original moon landing in 1969 that curious disappearance because apparently they weren't too satisfied with what Washington post describes as NASA's restored copies of the landing using recordings from other sources such as CBS news because as we know not only did NASA say that all of the Apollo 11 to imagery data all the official original crystal clear recordings that we're told the engineers saw in the control booth the ones that no one else got to see because the degradation of the processing of the footage to live TV format is gone for ever and their own reports say that no one will ever see it ever and Natalie other astronauts saying that all the technology gets the moon was destroyed but people really have to start thinking about what actually passed for proof back in 1969 verses what would pass for proof today a lot of people today do not understand how the Cold War was and how many things were permissible under that kind of declared yet undeclared war in the name of national security all manner of things that they did from unethical human experimentation to who knows what even today because they won't declassify a lot of that documentation so what passed for prove then verses what passes for proof now with all the technology that everyone has it's pretty interesting mean maybe the Russians saw clips of Aaron rain in on fox news talking about how the state of Ohio he'd him to make a documentary proving America landed on the moon which he went into it thinking well that should be totally easy to do no problem my next guest Karen Ryan started out believing the official version of history which is what I am most people believe Erin ... you know tell us so why you have changed your mind well let me first DR clarify I was paid by the state of Ohio in 1999 to spend a year trying to prove we actually landed on the moon and I was a total believer wherever you think things have spare money it's called did we go and the challenges Geraldo everywhere I went it was just amazing moon rocks falling Aeronautica Neil Armstrong silence but I was the first to report a new play the clip earlier tonight that all the science data due to limit your data was missing how does this isn't just one tape this is a rooms of tape label Apollo 11 moon landing someone had to physically going to races in the chest you know I really my heart her although I want us to go and I know all your viewers want us to go so join in LA by bill Nye the science guy doesn't it turns out it wasn't and maybe in retrospect they realize at NASA's space champion Wernher von Braun was also employed as a technical director at Disney studios good friends of Walt while you still visit him over at Redstone arsenal in Huntsville Alabama and admittedly they made at least 3 films together maybe they started thinking about the fact that for decades there was a top secret military film unit house in laurel canyon at Lookout Mountain Air Force station which wasn't mind you declassified until the nineties which the military and other government agencies used as their own Hollywood film studio between 1947 when the national security act is passed in 1969 where they house a staff of 250 filmmakers that included civilians who'd workers top studios like Warner brothers MGM and universal that writers cameramen producers directors and animators all of them with top secret clearances there were set to making movies for the military in this compound that included full sound stages screening rooms film processing rooms even had 17 temperature in climate controlled film vaults it's basically like any other Hollywood studio he said for the fact that in the 22 years the place was operational they produce over 20000 movies which was more than all of Hollywood combined at the time or maybe the Russians just saw Matthew McConaughey movie interstellar E. brothas and show the other students the sectional winner landings yeah so my own textbooks it's an old federal textbook we've replaced them with the corrected versions correctly explaining how the Apollo missions were faked a bankrupt the Soviet Union you don't believe it and I believe it was a brilliant piece of propaganda that the Soviets bankrupted themselves pouring resource center rockets and other useless machines use a sheet and wit me that's not funny either where just thought it was kind of funny that Russia publicly called them on it you know and everything is based on is based on the idea that everyone will readily accept the reality with which they're presented without questioning it and I don't see why we shouldn't be allowed to question everything //
"2017-08-03 11:33:56"
The Two Most Hilarious Things NASA Has Ever Said
\\Barbara n't start this video by pretending they you believe everything NASA says like so many Americans do despite the fact that of all government agencies in existence bass that has one of the shittiest founding of all time complete with hundreds of Nazis shuffled over to America secretly after World War 2 in operation paperclip including their star Wernher von Braun who got his own Disney special envoy to show on the moon must be made in 2 phases and who NASA describes even today is one of the most important rocket developers and champions of space exploration in the twentieth century but who even they cannot deny was a card carrying Nazi member of the SS and not only was he running the underground slave labor facility or his rockets were being built von Braun himself would travel to a nearby concentration camp to hand pick sleeves to work for him as labors even the co founder of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory was in 0 occultist to belong to a cult that practice sex orgies in black magic and yet that is the same NASA so many people put all of their faith and trust in spending billions of taxpayer dollars every year feed the American people their beliefs about everything outside of planet earth even though even today when their reps go in front of Congress they can answer the simplest questions such as Hey where you guys know next what is our next destination for American space next destination for Americans face and I'm not being trite when I answered this is the international space station we've got to get their 4 more times this year ... the big the long term destination after we successfully close out the space shuttle program ... the ultimate destination is Marcus and there are intermediate points that we're going to have to get to before we are capable of going to Mars if you gave me all the money in the federal budget today I could not get a human tomorrow's I could not morally put a human in a spacecraft and launch them on an 8 month mission to Mars because I do not understand the radiation alright so what is our next destination spends the next ultimate destination is out the next one congressman the next destination as I said before is the international space station and our guns in the Houghton which right and what is the one after that its locks so there's nothing in between as far as you're concerned but there are intermediate stop what are they what's the next one the moon is a is a destination points are destination which one is in there you mean where do we go immediately next is that is that the question that's what everything means maybe that's why people say NASA stands for never street answer anyway let's go and pretend however that we all trust and believe everything NASA says like its golden as if they're most trustworthy government agency were unable to question for some reason that has never been sufficiently explain to me but people does get really mad when you dare to question them here are 2 of the most hilarious things I've ever heard come out in NASA in my hilarious actually mean stupid mind raping only stupid first of all in the lead up to the fortieth anniversary of man suppose a walk on the moon in 1969 NASA came forward with the claim that all of the Apollo 11 telemetry data was missing and by missing I mean ... raced they came out with this report claiming that while the Apollo 11 astronauts relating on the moon they were sending this live too televisions all over the world but what the world got was greeny bleary ghostlike footage of very low quality that was blamed on the transfer in broadcasting of these tapes to live TV which left the whole thing looking like a third generation photocopy is very poor quality but they claimed that at NASA's tracking stations in California Australia the engineers there were receiving clear crisp video on special television monitors capable of displaying their unconventional special videos so what they were seeing was all Chris been clear and you could see everything but what everyone else got on live TV was really poor quality turns out after that broadcast the engineers at those stations never saw those to limit your tapes ever again does what they claim and they had this herculean effort where they got all these people together and they interviewed all these people they went to hunt down these tapes and they spent 3 years trying to find out where the telemetry tapes went from what we are still today told was possibly the most monument is thing the human beings did ever in the entire twentieth century but in their own report they admits that aside from a few canisters of Apollo 9 telemetry tape still stored the Apollo era telemetry tapes no longer exist in NY where they're gone that's right but it gives a better because the taped over it and Hollywood is gonna fix it so NASA lost their fear footage of landing on the moon but Hollywood's going to restore it it becomes like a 3 Stooges episode as you read this article it just gets more ridiculous so this is the Associated Press 7/17/2009 NASA can put a man on the moon but didn't have the sense to keep the original video of the live TV transmission oops it embarrassing knowledge in the space agency says Thursday it must have ... resist the Apollo 11 moon footage years ago so it could re use the tape that's right so we could really use the tape that it was on so it isn't just any guy lost it got purposefully erased because they needed to re use that tape for something else that was more important than the original footage of a man walking on the moon but now Hollywood coming to the rescue because the studio wizards who restored Casablanca are digitally sharpening cleaning up the ghostly grainy footage of the moon landing in making it even better than what you viewers saw on 7/20/1969 they claim there's nothing being creator manufacture just it's you know going to be better because Hollywood they go through talk about this refreshing after they got this guy Napster who said that after the huge surge began 3 years ago for the old moon tapes they were led to the inescapable conclusion that 45 heaps of Apollo 11 video were erased and re use the original videos beamed earth restored on giant reels of tape that contain 15 minutes video along with other data from moon in the seventies and eighties however NASA had a shortage of tapes so in a race 200000 of them and re use them they yeah there are billions of dollars but they couldn't afford some extra tapes they just it you know how goes you just gotta Matt screws in charge the live TV recording back in the Apollo years said they were mostly thought of his data tapes and it wasn't his job to preserve history he he he choose to make sure the footage worked in retrospect he said he wished NASA hadn't he's how ... you does does the a outside his door ins were aghast it's surprising to hear it yes they didn't have to come that this same perhaps the most important story go footage of the twentieth century neither rocket scientists right is now people always say what are your rocket scientists yeah I mind boggling the tapes just disappeared it didn't disappear it was erased it was a purposefully erased so now the people who were doing Casablanca they're gonna redo it so anything that anyone sees will be the the Hollywood magical digitally remastered version which I'm sure we can all trust just as much as we can trust Dick Napster and NASA about what happens in those original telemetry tapes that's first of all now let's just continue to assume everything we've been told about going to the moon is true some reason that again is never been sufficiently explained it no human has traveled beyond low earth orbit since 1972 when the Apollo missions to the moon and it that is what we are told were not told why we're just told they never half lots of people have asked why what exactly is it that we went there for a few years and then never all this time have we ever return to the moon well let's leave that to don Pettit chemical engineer who use to be a staff scientists at Los Alamos national lab before becoming a NASA astronaut and supposedly going on not one but 2 long duration stays on the international space station let's hear what he has to say about why we've never been back to the moon I go to the moon in a nanosecond the problem is we don't know the technology to do that anymore we used to what we destroy that technology and know it's a painful process a film about yeah we are destroying that technology and know it's a painful process to fill the back again so in case you were wondering why it is that we've never gone back to the moon apparently the technology that they spent billions of dollars building to get there was destroyed for reasons that were again not explained and don't ask me how I got to Haiti's on space station and it's painful to build that back again so I so that's why I guess that's why we some reason were racing the original telemetry tapes and were destroying the technology to get there so that's it NASA erase the telemetry tapes they erase the original tapes of the moon landing there are no tapes they admit in their final report the Apollo aired so imagery tapes no longer exist anywhere whatsoever gone forever and for completely unexplained reasons reasons that again will probably never be explained just like nothing ever is a destroyed the technology to gets the moon and they're gonna have to build that again if no wonder people who love and trust NASA so much get so angry when you even dare to question them futurist in sci fi writer Arthur C. Clarke once claimed it any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic think about that for a second once the technology is no longer sufficiently advanced however the magic well kinda wears off we are destroyed that technology and know it's a painful process to fill the vacuum //
"2017-08-01 10:50:29"
10 Secret Submarine Bases Hidden in Plain Sight
\\few things are more mysterious and intriguing than the secret bases around the world and submarine bases are particularly fascinating because they could show up almost anywhere on the map in their clandestine facilities could bring life and death and a balance on a massive scale here are 10 of the most secretive locations many now mothballed or band that give a slight glimpse as to how deep the rabbit hole really goats the number one holy loch Scotland where's the nearby her majesty's naval base Clyde her majesty's naval base Portsmouth and her majesty's naval base Davenport are all among the UK's biggest and best known basis the base at holy loch was intended to be much more secret but once the British land use of it to the Americans for submarine squadron 14 an anti nuclear protest began there wasn't much that remain secret about any of it the Soviets clearly knew all about it anyway and according to reports Russian subs used away just outside the entrances a trail the enemy or alternately their playmate for tag from the moment they left base number 2 sezon Albania the Soviets bargain with Albania to take possession of the island in exchange for cancelling their debt located at a strategic choke point on the Adriatic Sea flowing into the Mediterranean the small island is rumored to be covered in secret tunnels and underground facilities including some 3600 single occupancy bonkers designed to withstand a nuclear attack and reportedly a secret chemical weapons lab as well considered a highly militarized fortress during the height of the Cold War it was eventually re claim by Albania after they cut ties with the Soviets and today remains virtually closed off to visitors though it's often years for military exercises even so they're hoping to turn into a tourist spot sometime in the future number 3 Brittan obey in the coral islands this studded ring of violence forms a strategic barrier against Russia's eastern most submarine activities in the sea of our house which is their only position for direct access into a major ocean free from ice covered more importantly this secret base probably comes the closest to being a real life bond villain layer it was built inside a sunken caldera inside a protected harbor with the shallow entrance that leads to deeper bay waters on salmon sure island which is host of 5 volcanoes many of which were still active the base was active from 1978 to the end of the Cold War and so stand as many as 3000 people in the small village connected to it a few people of toured the ruins of this top secret base that was active from 1978 through the end of the Cold War and at 1.sustained up to 3000 people